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Saggubear in The White Hand
That's an amazing story baby❤️💞 You'll always have something to amaze the world. I hope you'll write more and more in upcoming days ❤️
OOps... Not Ryanlaser111... It's Ryanlesner111... Blame autocorrect for the confusion!

Would you be able to provide any bibliography or any other material of reference backing up the subject of "these shadows are made of decaying bio energy", and "you can use a laser pointer as a weapon
Against a ghost"?

Also, what makes you think that it would be a good idea to pass a haunted object to "a sexually frustrated teenager", as a solution to someone's problem? Wouldn't it be better to, at least, try to banish whatever negative energy instead of making it someone else's problem?

After reading all your comments, I cannot help but to think that you are a teenager looking for attention in this forum.

...the time around Halloween never fails to attract some trolls to the site...

TSD23. My apologies for using this thread of comments to address Ryanlaser111.
TheSweetDevil23 in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi jt_from_ct. Thanks for your positive response and liking it so much. It came from a place of my own fears which I had faced that night. So I hope you do full justice to my paranormal encounter when you recite it on your YouTube channel. Also please read my other experiences as well. I hope you like them as well. 😊 You many even get me as your new subscriber as I am quite active on youtube.
Hi Ryanlesner111. Interesting, very interesting. As for research, I cannot do that anymore as the college is shut down as it ran into lots of problems. But thanks for your insight. I will keep your pointers in my mind 😊
durai44 in 3.30 Am
Nalla Humour Panniga Bro 😅
You suffered from sleep paralysis after the restroom encounter 😳
Ghost are harmed by laser pointers.
If you sweep the laser over your bed it my help.
a laser pointer created electromagnetic radiation.
Ghost are made of decayed electromagnetic energy.
So a laser is made of a similar material.
If this guest is a demon you need to mist you bed
With holly water.
Or simply get rid of what it wants.
This guest wants to drain you of your pent up
Sexual energy in order to extend the life span
Of it's current form.
However if you use up all of your repressed sexual
Energy your guest will choose a new food source.
Dream demons?
As someone who doesn't remember
Their dreams I have never experienced
Such a thing.
However ghost are harmed by laser pointers.
So if you sweep your bed with a laser it may help.
Listen ghost are commonly attached to objects.
Low level demons will conceal themselves
By acting like ghost.
They do this by attaching themselves to objects.
If it is a ghost it is made out of electromagnetic energy.
Which means it can be harmed by green lasers.
Green laser produce electromagnetic radiation.
If it is a demon you need to use holly water.
Holly water blesses any item it touches
And last for a year.
A sage cleansing ritual forces the demon out of the space
But the cleansing effect fades after a month.
So the demon can return eventually.
You must find the object that the demon is linked to
And gift it to a teenager who would enjoy the demons
Ryanlesner111 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Ghost are made of decaying electromagnetic energy.
Laser pointers create electromagnetic radiation.
So if you like you can use a laser pointer as a weapon
Against a ghost.
However if this guest is a demon.
You will need holly water to use weapon.
However most ghost are linked to objects.
I encountered a sexual ghost that was linked to a crystal.
So if you have found an odd 1980 Nickle
Or a family heirloom hunting knife in your home
And you can't remember the history of the object.
You may want to get the object blessed.
I personally would find the object that this
"friendly " ghost is linked to and give the
Object to someone who would enjoy the attention.
Maybe you know a sexually frustrated teenager
Who you can give the object to.
A lot of people may hear his guys events
And wonder if the events are fact.
Well let me tell you about an event
I experienced and tell me if you still have questions.
My friend Bill got a house from his uncle.
Everyone in his family refused to take the home
Due to the experiences they had in the past.
Everyone who slept at the home encountered violence.
You would be asleep and suddenly feel a sudden thump
On the arm or a sharp pain.
I laughed at the idea and upon a $40.00 bet I agreed to
Stay for a period of four days.
When I arrived I found the house fully furnished
With out of date furniture.
As a joke I spent the first day completely nude.
But spent the next two days in a t shirt and boxers.
Now the first night I encountered nothing.
The second night I encountered nothing.
But the third night I woke up suddenly for seemingly no reason.
However I returned to sleep.
Now I woke up at least six times that night and didn't know why.
However eventually I slept soundly.
When I woke up in the morning the sun was filling the room.
As I got out of bed I discovered my entire body
And the bed sheet was soaked with a thick sticky
Fluid. As I looked at it I realized what it was.
I had some how ejaculated all over the bed.
Removing my clothes and the sheets to put them in the washer.
I discovered a pink crystal inside the fitted sheet.
I took a shower and changed my clothes.
I put the crystal in my back pack when I got a change of clothes.
When I stayed the required time limit and got my $40.00.
I went home to my apartment.
The crystal ended up on a night stand.
Yes the ghost followed me.
Yes the night time events continued.
Where is the crystal now?
I gave the crystal to my teenage nephew.
He keeps it on his night stand and has a sleeping sock.
Yes the ghost seems to have become highly sexual
After encountering me.
Ryanlesner111 in Alone With A Poltergeist
As someone who has been invited to many haunted homes in order to get my opinion of the events.
I have encountered a sexually interactive ghost, a banging sound ghost
And a stealing keys ghost.
All of these ghost were linked to objects.
The sex ghost was linked to crystal.
The banging on the wall ghost was linked to a rug.
The stealing ghost was linked to a murder weapon.
So if you can't remember where something came from ask about it.
That family handed down blanket may have been through the washing
machine after spite full angry great grandma was covered up with
when she died in her sleep. Any object in your home or hidden in
A wall could be linked to a ghost. If the ghost is linked to the
Home itself because a floor board is soaked with blood
And concealed with thick carpet.
You can use a simple to obtain technology against a ghost.
Ghost are made of a decaying electromagnetic energy.
Lasers generate electromagnetic radiation.
So yes you can use green lasers against ghost.
It is pretty much like a punch to the face for a ghost.
You live in a college of course this is happening.
Humans emit a bio energy when they are alive.
If you got you doctorate at that college and
Spent every spare hour watching television.
A massive amount of you bio energy would be left behind.
So of course it would be viewable given the correct conditions.
So given the age of the building and many different people
Who spent years of their youth there. It isn't shocking that
The building has soaked up all that prime of life energy
And has most likely created a time loop for someone who
Died after spending a ton of time on the grounds.
But a large amount of community colleges are placed
In repurposed remodeled buildings.
My community college use to be currency storage bank.
You see all the un useable currency would be stored in
Five bank vaults until the treasury hulled it away.
In 1985 six men were killed trying to rob the exchange.
Maybe your college is built on the remains of a hospital
Or a hospital for the criminally insane?
Simply do so research on the building.
How do you deal with the shadows?
Yell at them.
You see these shadows are made of decaying bio energy.
Ghost are made of a unique electromagnetic field.
So they draw energy from anything that has a speaker in it.
Because speakers contain magnets.
So of course an overpowering bio energy such as emotional energy
Or if you don't want to be annoying to you room mates.
Try a laser pointer.
You said that turning on the light made the shadow
Vanish right.
Light energy is a kind of kinetic energy capable of
allowing various forms of lights visible to the human eyes.
Light is known as a type of electromagnetic
Radiation produced by hot objects such as lasers, bulbs and sunlight.
Plus if ghost are made of decaying unique electromagnetic field
And the laser creates electromagnetic radiation.
Then a laser pointer would be like dropping a
Slush filled water balloon onto a normal water balloon.
Both objects are made out of nearly the same matter.
So a laser pointer is pretty much like a slap in the face for a ghost.
I can't believe I have to explain this.
You are a minor so your a virgin.
You are more pure then the virgin marry.
The purity gives you a perspective of the world
That isn't seen by other people.
As a child and a virgin I was very keen to the spirts
Around me and I was desired by the spirts because I
Was a virgin and my pure blood was a key compound for
Them to regain the life they lost.
A virgin sacrifice.
However the only thing better than a virgin sacrifice
Is corrupting a pure soul and bring it over to the dark side.
If they corrupt you enough they can use you as a vessel.
I know this because I was possessed by a demon.
However given that I am a very will full person
I was incredibly hard to control.
Basically this ghost or minor demon wants to ignite
Your sleeping sex drive and corrupt you.
But as long as you have a strong enough will power
To keep yourself pure you should be fine.
Listen carefully I recently went to a friends who encountered a very physical ghost. A ghost that was linked to a crystal. I know the ghost was linked to the crystal because I relocated it to my Apartment and the ghost also relocated. So in my experience when humans die due to violence they become attached to the murder weapon or an object that has been soaked with at least 80% of their blood.
I once was invited to my uncles house who was encountering a ghostly banging and discovered a rug that was completely soaked in blood. I used a black light to search for body fluids. After I removed the rug the banging stopped. My other friend Tim invited me over after his entire key chain vanished four times. While at Tim's house I found his keys using a key fob finding Application. All four sets of keys were found in the gun cabinet. Tim would lose his keys and have new ones made. Lose those keys and get more made. All four sets of keys were in a hand guns drawer next to a trigger locked hand gun. I asked about the gun. Police auction. The gun was found on a guy who Over Dosed on drugs. I simply said " Sell the gun." The point I am making is check the history of the Apartment and the history of every object in the apartment. Wouldn't be shocked if you found out your stake knife was used to kill 12 people.
jt_from_ct (guest) in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi there:) I just read your story and I really enjoyed it! I was wondering if I would be able to get your permission to narrate it on my channel? Let me know how you feel about this. Thanks:)

If you'd prefer to check out my channel before making a decision, you can find it at
[at] RCRuskin
I am already moved away from the village but according to my old neighbor, she is still occasionally showing up. Back in the late 1990s when she first appeared, the werent enough street light in the area though she always stood under one of the street light in front of the entrance the cemetery. The government recently fix the road as well as putting more street lights in the area. People in the neighborhood could only make assumptions on why she brought these drivers into the cemetery. Like I said earlier, probably because her family already moved out from that village or because she's in a loop, constantly repeating the last moment of her life (packing up to go home before her husband killed her)
ladydarke, thank you your comment means so much to me. I'm sorry I haven't seen it until just now and I will respond properly tomorrow because I think I will have a lot to say. Thank you!
We discussed the incident with the clerk at the hotel. He suggested that they were guests who wandered down the road. I pointed out that they were inside a bush and wearing vintage clothing... He seemed to be more interested in not alarming the other guests. My fishing charter captain, a lifelong resident said, "Ya Mon, they are all over the island!" The feeling of calmness washing over us was in line with other legitimate reports I've read about over the years. Unlike those sensationalized TV shows about ghost hunters.
Hi rustbkt

A Very interesting incident that you and your wife experienced, maybe the locals would have been able to shed more light on the mysterious couple, have you perhaps discussed this with anyone else?
It's fascinating because the two of you saw it together. It makes it all the more real because the idea of you both Imagining the same thing at the same time that day is almost impossible no matter what psychologists say about mass hallucinations.
I'm betting that's an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your lives!
MrsRamsay (guest) in The Sailor And His Wife
Wow, a really memorable story and amazing!
I wonder if they somehow purposely showed themselves to you two... A happy couple who seem to understand the area. But how could they know, right? Who knows, it's all so mysterious. I wonder if others locally have ever seen them. Thank you for sharing this compelling story!

Selamat datang - welcome. My father grew up in Malaysia, but it has been years since I last visited though I still have family there.

From what I remember, a surau is an assembly building for Islamic studies or prayers. It is rather surprising that those boys were allowed to play "haunted games" at a place of religious learning. Or did they sneak them in? How did the teachers react when they found out that the boys were involved with such activities in a surau school? Apart from the games being banned, I hope that those responsible were made to understand the importance of keeping spiritually clean.

Personally, I've not heard of blood rituals being called for in using a Ouija board. But the thought did occur to me that this could have been a case of bullying, under the guise of being some ritual. The whole ordeal could have caused some poor boy to lose his senses in panic. It was unsettling that the situation had not been nipped in the bud, at the very onset of trouble.

Blood rituals have to be performed with care, especially when they could result in nasty infections. Not a good idea to include as part of a game. But I also wonder if they could have been attempting something darker, with unfortunate consequences. And where did they get the idea of using a blood coin? It would be interesting to know if the same players were involved in the events, or there were more than one boy reacting with violence.

I am glad you were wise enough to stay away from the trouble. Stay safe and take care.
As someone who's had some somewhat scary experiences with spirits in the past, I can agree with Rajine and say that those games are dangerous and in my opinion should never be played.

Also by the way, for those of you that don't know, a surau is a sort of prayer room that's typically seen in Islamic/Muslim schools, especially in some parts of Southeast Asia. I was a little confused so I looked it up, and thought I'd do you guys a favor.
Welcome to YGS.

The good news, games like Charlie and the pencil, and Bloody Mary, have been debunked and are more of urban legends than reality... One shouldn't trust nor believe all those videos posted on YouTube...

Could you be more specific about the place and time the events described by your narrative happened? Was it during recess time? Were there any adults around?

I'm surprised that there's no mention of any teacher going to the classroom where the commotion took place, specially since it seems like the students were causing a ruckus.

"I'm not sure exactly what the game was. I believed it was the Ouija board but my friend mentioned something about one of the students cutting their finger to drop a single droplet of blood on a certain coin."

As far as I know, 'playing' the OB doesn't require of any blood. Do you know if the board was a handmade one and they were using a coin for a planchet?

"The events occurred again and again"

Did these events happened always in the same classroom? Same players? Same student turning violent?

If it was the same kid always, would it be possible that he was having seizures? Are you aware if they got medical treatment? Perhaps he was faking the whole thing and enjoying being the center of attention?

Was there any paranormal activity reported before the students began playing these "haunted games"?

Although the Ouija board is a tool of communication with the spirit world, it doesn't guarantee resulting in a contact every single time it is used, specially not in a place with no previous history of paranormal activity.

I'm not implying that the events described in your story didn't happen neither saying that there's nothing paranormal about them, but it's always a good idea to investigate and consider other more mundane explanations for the matters we don't understand.

Also, are you still attending that school?

I'll appreciate your feedback. Thanks for sharing.
Hi MrWafirius

You know there's a saying, "curiosity killed the cat" I always believe that one shouldn't attempt these types of games unless you know exactly what you are doing or if you have a experienced person with you because you will never know what can come through.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Fiddler On Church Steps
ladydarke, I read your post with complete fascination. Thanks for the input and the incredible story!
ladydarke in 3.30 Am
Hey Yogesh,

Thanks for sharing your story. Having gone to sleep with a closed and latched door and awakening to find it standing open is the paradigm-shifting aspect of this experience. Previous to that...

The sound of crying probably was a cat. Occam's Razor states that the most likely possibility is probably accurate, right along with other statements like if you hear hoofbeats don't assume a zebra before a horse. When it comes to the paranormal, it's generally best to err on the side of normal without dramatic evidence otherwise. Sometimes that 'evidence' is pretty subjective, to be sure, and most often comes in the form of picking up on strange energies and feelings. The cat sound seemed to come only with your own fear without any other manifestations. I'm sure it was unsettling indeed, but it's best to go with cat. As this happened in 2016, it's a bit too late to suggest you investigate repeat happenings!

I further want to say that hearing a cat that actually was a cat doesn't rule out paranormal happenings for the rest of the night. They're separate occurrences.

Going by your timeline, next you latch your door, go to bed, and fall asleep. You then awaken feeling a weight, experience paralysis, and can't fully awaken. This is a pretty textbook explanation of sleep paralysis. It happens when a cognitive glitch allows us to become conscious while still dreaming, which we then experience as audio and visual hallucinations. We're all chemically paralyzed by our own biology (because brains are cool!) while we sleep so that we don't act out dreams. That's why we wake up still partially paralyzed. The cognitive glitch corrects shortly and we either wake up fully or just go back to sleep. Everything you described is entirely in synch with sleep paralysis.

But. There's a but. Like with the ketamine experiments done to recreate hallucinatory effects seen in near-death experiences in the lab, causing subjects to see the same tunnel of light, thus seeking to debunk near-death visions as the oxygen-deprived hallucinations of a dying brain... Just because something can be replicated in a lab through artificial means doesn't indicate it isn't occurring in nature in a different context. For instance, menstrual cramps can be simulated in the lab with electric charges: yet they also exist in nature with hormonal rather than electrical stimulus, connected to endocrine and organ structures, and serving an important purpose. So perhaps also with sleep paralysis.

Outside the sleep laboratory, the lore teaches our souls can leave our bodies during sleep and wander the astral plane. There is a silver cord attaching the soul to the body, which is our anchor ensuring we can return to flesh on waking.

The white line you saw, especially with your comment elaborating on the description, sounds an awful lot like the silver cord. The "burden" you felt can be explained as the reassumed weight of your own mortal clay. Disclaimer: I've never had an out of body or astral event, so ima just recite some lore there. Perhaps this happens to you regularly - it is said that many dreams are astral journeys and such travel is common for everyone - and you just noticed it tonight due to being meditative from the music, or having senses on edge and sleeping lightly because of the crying sound.

As for the door: can you be utterly positive that, after going back to sleep, you didn't make a groggy half-asleep return trip to the bathroom and not bother locking the door again? A trip that didn't register due to being tired from such a disruptive night, so you're not remembering it? That's really the only possible debunk. If not that, then my best guess thrown out there would be that, given the possibility that you were the ghost wandering around astrally that night and had energetic stuff going on, that you also opened the door through essentially poltergeist activity, which is generally considered to be uncontrolled telekinetic discharge. It was closed when you woke up after seeing the cord going through the shut door, right, so that would have you back in your body. Then you went back to sleep with the door shut, so that rules out your astral self opening it.

It's an intriguing encounter. Honestly, the reason I commented was because of the open door. Unless an unremembered sleepy bathroom trip, then it certainly shifts the focus of this encounter to something paranormal. Bibliothecarius mentioned he has thoughts percolating about your cord sighting; his take is always informed and I'm curious to hear it.

Hi TheSweetDevil23. I have suffered from sleep paralysis myself many times during my 12th standard to graduation. It's really scary. Hope you are doing well now.
JoJorocks in 3.30 Am
For the crying part, maybe what you heard was truely a cat or any kind of animal since many times proven that some animal sounds almost sounds like human voices. Have you tried searching for cats or any kind of animals in your area? For the part were something is sitting at top of you while you're lying on a bed, it's hard to tell whether you're really experiencing paranormal or just a sleep paralysis.
Hello SleepDemons,
I found your story and abilities to be quite interesting. I personally feel that everyone is born with gifts and abilities that they learn about and use over the course of their lifetime. I'm a firm believer that everything has a purpose, so I'm curious to know if you know the full purpose a spirit has with passing through you. As BravelyKegger mentioned I would implore you to accept Jesus Christ into your life so he can protect you from demonic spirits and their false agenda.
"I met a fiddler at the crossroads," he said. "Is there any folkloric reference?"

Start here:

You mention a stop sign right in front of the church, hence an intersection: hence a crossroads. Crossroads themselves are important in a number of traditions. In Europe, suicides and others denied burial in consecrated earth were buried at a crossroads. Gallows were erected there. Numerous magical traditions around the world dispose of workings at a crossroads.

And, of course, there is the devil at the crossroads who will teach you to play the fiddle, or guitar, or to dance, and so on. If you read the article linked above, it goes into detail about how what Christianity has come to term "the devil" has roots in an ancient pre-Christian helper spirit who would teach a skill. If indeed you saw not a regular lil' ol' man but a spirit of the crossroads, it would likely belong to the ancient class of nature spirits like the fey, which would in turn synch up with your fairy ring. (Very cool pic btw).

Intuition counts for a lot in these situations. If you felt that "weird pricking of your thumb," as the saying goes, it's likely there was something there. It does seem necessary to note that it's not always a spirit at the crossroads: sometimes one of us plain old embodied people is asked to step in. I myself have been called to stand at the crossroads and pass on a message. Sometimes it's even a literal crossroads.

As you asked for stories, There was a time when a fellow traveler on a country road in the middle of a ice storm came out from a crossroads, right when I most needed it, and let the way. You see, my alternator had suddenly started to fail. My car would start losing power, lights dimming, engine dying, then kick back on for a few more minutes of travel before repeating the cycle. It was storming, poor visibility, roads covered in thick snow, slush, and ice such that a small car like mine had to stay exactly in the thin and fading tracks left by other cars - except with the conditions and my dimming lights, I couldn't even see them. No one else was on the road that I saw. There were fields and woods for a long way around, no houses, the worst possible place to break down especially with a car that lost power and as such would have no heater. I called on my guides and guardians for help, and that was when the power got steadier, and this other car turned on the road in front of me: a big heavy old school boat of a car, it was. It made tracks for me to follow, navigating flawlessly through the blackness of icy rain and sleet, it drove at exactly the speed I felt safe at, and it took my exact route through the country roads to my small town. This car turned off on the final backroad leading right into my town - this one was finally clear, plowed and salted, with the occasional streetlight. Immediately upon making this final turn, the car I followed pulled over onto the shoulder. There was nothing there, no driveway, no mailbox, no reason to stop. Conditions had suddenly improved, so no reason to stop for that. The only thing that changed was that I didn't need a guide anymore. I hesitated, then slowly passed, looking across at the driver. He was the sole occupant of the car, an old man with a hat pulled low almost like a deliberate attempt to obscure his face. He didn't acknowledge me as I passed. The mechanic looked at my car the next day and my alternator belt was shredded, held together by threads. It was pretty incredible I made it home.

So, with your old man at the crossroads, if that is indeed the interpretation here - what skill had you been trying to learn? As he had a fiddle, was yours the traditional desire to be able to play anything you desired? If not that, what knowledge had you been seeking?

From your recounting, he seemed surprised you didn't recognize him, or the moment, and that you chose to breeze on by. Ah well. Perhaps you weren't ready. In some legends, King Arthur breaks the sword in the stone, then gets Excalibur from the lady in the lake. We see there are sometimes second chances.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Those are some scary happenings you experienced there for sure. Seems those kinds of places are ripe for paranormal experiences. I had to go to a nursing home during Christmas years ago. I couldn't stop smoking and it was making me very sick. So I prayed to God for help. I was crying and also asked for my guardian angel to be here for me as well. Weeks later I was at church for a friends funeral and fell all the way down the stairs! 😳 My ankle was broken so badly the bone was almost through the skin. While I was in a nursing home recovering a young girl came in very early in the morning and loudly said "GOOD MORNING!" I rolled over in bed and glared at her (I'm NOT a morning person) then turned away for more sleep. Strange, but I never heard her enter or leave? Later I asked about her, I was told there was no "young girl" like that working there. The building was very old, and it used to be a home for girls.

Thank you for sharing your story, that gave me chills when you reached your arm in the room to turn off the alarm.
Your poor grandma! 😨 I always wonder why spirit shows themselves to some, but not all of us? I would have ran out of the kitchen screaming too. Hmmm, that's interesting about the dry onion and garlic skin. You say your grandma never saw the faceless spirit again, so I'll remember to try that method myself if needed. Thank you for sharing your spooky story.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Fiddler On Church Steps
That's a beautiful church! I'm going to stick with my "ancestor watching over you on your late night drive home" narrative.

Or an angel. Yeah. An angel!
All the best, stay safe!
You are definitely under demonic attacks, and on a great level to. You mentioned reading your Bible so I assume you believe in God, I would like to invite you to read about the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the cross, when Jesus died and resurrected all power was given to him, satan was stripped of any power and authority he once had as the lower case g god of this world. When you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ I promise you all of these horrific things will stop happening to you. Movies like the exorcist teach us that Christians have no power over evil but the total opposite is true, through Christ all things are possible and we share fully in Christ's authority and the freedom that brings. Do not fear the devil for he was a liar since the beginning and he is already a defeated foe trying to bring everyone down with him while he awaits the appointed day of his destruction. Cling to God while you can my friend and be set free!
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Cherubim,

Thank you for your kind comment and prayers.

Yeah, it was alarming but nothing scares me these days. I've experienced a few different types of paranormal encounters, sleep paralysis, and various visits from family members and total strangers.

I have become strong and it's helping.

The voting system is a bit tricky. If you can't vote for Rajine at moment, it's because you must have given him the allocated amount of votes that a member can have (5 or 6), Now you have to vote for others until the system let's you vote for Rajine again. (15-20 votes for others before being able to vote for Rajine again- I think). I hope that makes sense. Lady-Glow did a bit of research into this and can give you a more precise calculation on the amounts. I'm just giving you an approximate. I think there's also an amount of 30 or 40 and then you'll get a message saying you've exceeded your daily votes. Once again, I stopped counting and this is an approximate.

Lady-Glow? If your reading this, please help me out with the numbers.

Best wishes,
Sorry for my late reply. [at] Yogesh_Pandian, Thank You for the wishes:-D. I know that is Common but we lived in that house for 11 years and we didn't experience anything. But at the last year I used to hear Kolusu (Anklet) sounds. So I felt weird about it. Thanks for reading my story.:-)

[at] Bibliothecarius, Greetings:-D, I'll tell you the meaning of Yogesh Pandian's Comment. 1) That is common to hear Anklet sounds in our City 😜. 2) I too used to hear those sounds Many times near my House. When I asked to someone they used to say that is the sound of God.
I apologize If there was any mistake above thank you.:-)
and here actually is a picture of the church I am talking about 😆 the exact location where I saw the fiddler actually. Okay I swear I'm done!

All right sorry for the manic posting but I found the picture I mentioned in my previous comment. Thanks for making me feel comfortable as a first time poster on YGS 🖤

I think it's worth mentioning that one of the only true, full fairy rings I have found (as in a circle of mushrooms/toadstools) was in the grass directly across from this church. I even have a picture of it that I may be able to dig up.
WOW! I've learned so much on this thread. 😊 I got this feeling that I'd read this story before and commented, but nothing here. Then I saw Rajine say he posted a similar story, so it must be the story I commented on. I know this is irrelevant to your story, but I've tried to upvote Rajine's comment AGAIN and I keep getting the message (Please vote.)?! 😲

I personally haven't tried Rookdygins cleansing yet, but did copy it. Having my hand pulled out from under my cheek would certainly alarm me! I would start praying asking God to surround me with His holy white light for protection. That's what I do all the time when I have strange occurrences. That's good that you're not scared. I don't get as scared as I used to. I wish I were more helpful for you. Thank you for sharing your story. Hope it doesn't happen again. Prayers sent your way.

Your story really tugged on my heart strings. ❤ It's wonderful that you came from a loving family. We all have different learning styles, maybe it's that way in the spirit world too, they come to us the way we'd understand best. My brother and sister died young, I was close to both of them. My brother comes to me in dreams often, but I've never had a dream of my sister or felt her presence. I often wonder why I never dream of her like I do so many other family members that have died? Life and death sure are a mystery!
Cherubim in The Boarding House
What are the odds that you and your housemate both saw the same entity?! Did you only dream of the shadow man when the window was open? That gives me chills! There seems to be a fine line between dreams and reality to me. Finding out about the history of the house would be interesting. Thanks for sharing your story, it was spooky good!
Rajine in 3.30 Am
Hi Yogesh

I'm looking forward to reading about your uncles experience.
CrimsonTopaz in He Turned Into Light
I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts go out to you. JR was taken to soon and unexpectedly.
You both obviously cared greatly for each other and that friendship extended his passing and into your dreams.
I couldn't help but feel sad when he disintegrated leaving your hand empty.
I enjoyed reading this so much that it's in my favourites.
Rob, I LOVE that story! I like that both of our stories have a shared theme of music and its presumed ghostly source. Yours even has a folkoric aspect to it, which I LOVE 😁 And I think I can say that even if the ghosts in neither your wife's story or mine are real, they are still quite fun and interesting.

I have certainly seemed to have gotten MrsRamsay's imagination going 😊 thank you once again for your engaging comments, and to Rob for sharing that lovely story.
robmkivseries70 in Fiddler On Church Steps
Hi [at] goblinkwain,
I have a story from the Mrs which turned out to have a more earthly explanation. As a kid, she would lay in bed of a summers night and hear this most beautiful horn music. As it worked out, her house was a city street and a couple of properties from the local college music building. Going into HS, one of her friends was able to solve the mystery by mentioning that her dad, when he couldn't sleep, would go down to the music building and play his French horn. Of course he was seen by some students who had no idea anyone could be playing music well into the wee hours of the morning; thus, he became known as the Ghost of Solarno Hall.
Hi Rajine,

I haven't encounter any faceless apparition yet, and I don't think I want to hahah

But it is questionable. What are "they"?
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11, Thank you for your comment and yes I do agreed that their unclear distorted face could be all of the reasons you stated up there. They can be really scary as we are so used to seeing people with faces. ><

As of that night, I am pretty sure it is not a human as there are guard dogs outside the kitchen area, and they would bark very loud if they see strangers closed by.

I just hope it doesn't come back anymore.
Sleeping-with-steve in 3.30 Am
Hello Yogesh_Pandian,

That must have been a very scary ordeal for you.

It's common apparently to experience paranormal activities after midnight but more so around the 3am mark, 'apparently because that's when the gates of hell open'.

The sound of a baby crying could be a cat, but that doesn't explain whatever sat on your chest. From what you say, it's a combination of sleep paralysis and paranormal activity.

Is there any known murders, deaths, in that area? Is there someone who might know the history of the place that you can ask?

I'd love to know more about the history if there is any.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience and welcome to YGS.
Best wishes,
😘 ❤
MrsRamsay (guest) in Fiddler On Church Steps
So very interesting about the Irish ancestry. I wonder also if there is anything significant about him playing on some church steps. If I should try to think of a narrative for you to consider, I'd consider that perhaps you have an Irish ancestor you aren't real familiar with and he was keeping an eye on you on your drive home, maybe even wanted you to see him?

You describe it as both spooky and magical... Isn't it interesting how our intuition can throw a wrench into things? You could also look at it like... Maybe it was a seriously evil guy just trying to lure someone. Yikes! Glad you didn't stop!
Yogesh_Pandian in 3.30 Am
Hi rajine, yeah you know my uncle had this type of incident too but that was way more serious than mine... I will share that too...
Yogesh_Pandian in 3.30 Am
Greetings mr. Biblio, First, I am literally a person who doesn't even watch paranormal movies alone... That's why I described myself as easily sacred but I am always interested in ghosts I study about them that's why I got those ghost thoughts all the time. I have never had a thought that that hostel is haunted until I got experienced myself. Second, yeah That was like a string half blurred like a ray of white beam looks like glowing white rope which moved to me like a snake... I' didn't remember starting and ending point in that... But one end came from the doors gap and other end is like attached to me... My eyes were half open that even I can't open it full... This happened biblio a far strange encounter in my life...
Yogesh_Pandian in 3.30 Am
Thank you [at] MrsRamsay and remember that "a person who believes is easily scared but I got scared which made me to believe" sorry English is not my tongue but goin to Canada soon!
Thank you both SO much for reading my story, and responding with experiences of your own. As I said, it is what I love about this website.

You both do make a solid point about it being a strange time and place for someone to be out and about playing violin.

MrsRamsay, I did not look closely for a vehicle the man may have had parked. The hat does have a bit of significance to me, I feel like a lot of Irish people wear those type of hat, and I come from Irish ancestry. My grandpa was a musician but a drummer, not a fiddler. Thank you again for sharing your own story with me!

Rajine, all I remember is him stopping to stare at me until I was gone/had stopped looking back. So as far as I know he did not vanish. Both of your experiences you shared are really spooky, even more so at night I would imagine! Thank you so much for recounting them to me!
Hi thegreenmachine

I believe that perhaps something was attached to the house, but from your incident and that of your friend it seems it wasn't very malevolent, but still creepy nonetheless.
Hi Goblinkwain

That definitely is creepy, I don't think someone in their normal mind would stand outside at around 2am playing a musical instrument for no reason or rather for no one and that too being an elderly man out late at night.

As you drove off did you look back to see if he was still standing on the church steps?

I've had a similar experience where I walked past a man who literally disappeared a split second later, when I turned to look back he was gone, and another where I was walking down the road and I could hear footsteps behind me and when I stopped to cross the road to get home I still heard the footsteps walk past me but I saw no one around, both these experiences happened after dark but not as late as your incident.
Rajine in One Year Later
Hi Limey

This is definitely a very interesting incident, and I totally agree with you when you say that there's a lot going on that we don't know about, I think your ex wife wanted to make amends and apologize in order to move on.
Rajine in 3.30 Am
Hi Yogesh

It's now 3am here in South Africa and I still haven't slept a wink (hopeless insomniac) I'm sure what you experienced must've been terrifying for you, which didn't seem to help your already hyped up mind, it's easier said than done but in certain situations it's good not to show fear.

I've come across a lot of stories where weird stuff usually happens within the 3am hour, even me to if I do manage to get a few hours of sleep I automatically wake up at 3am.
Bibliothecarius in 3.30 Am
Greetings, Yogesh, and welcome to YGS.

First, I realize that you claim, "I am normally an easily scared person and I have this Ghost thoughts all the time." That said, did you have any reason to believe the hostel to be haunted *before* your peculiar experience?

It is odd to me that you could "see a white line passing through my door to my bed," but that when you woke up, "it was wide open!" Was the white line moving at all, or did it seem like a long, tight string?

I'd be grateful if you could clarify these two points for me, as I'm trying to better understand your experience.

MrsRamsay (guest) in 3.30 Am
Yogesh, Thank you for this story. Apparently English is not your first language, but you did a great job and you are so FUNNY! Your personality shines through.

My mom used to say, "Nothing good happens after midnight" but I didn't believe her. As I get older and hear more stories like yours, I am starting to believe.

God bless! Stay cool!:)
Hi Lost Voyage, and thanks for your thoughts. The main thing for me is, there's so much crazy stuff that we don't understand, and there's really no point in trying to. We have to just accept these events for what they are... Unexplainable goings-on. One day somebody might say "Well Limey, this is how it works...". Until then, I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.

I have one more story that I've been meaning to post. Just as vivid as this one and just about as unforgettable (as Nat King Cole once said).
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in One Year Later
Hello Limey, good to hear from you. I believe that people can visit with one another in dreams while still alive. It is often said we astral journey/astral travel out of our bodies while we sleep. I've had visitations in dreams that were bizarre and validated in some form or another from people still alive, in fact I have more of those types of dreams than I do people who are deceased. I've also read of people having dreams of loved ones during emotional distress (as thought the person is distress were reaching out to them in their dreams) I'm not sure on the significance of the date and the appearance, but from what I understand, spirit has no sense of time. That could hold true in astral projections as well. Science is beginning to uncover that time isn't as linear as we thought. You are right though, answers lead to more questions, it furthers the mystery of life for sure! Good Luck!
I have absolutely no idea what you are rambling on about with mentioning Jimi Hendrix, but yes I did spell Lilibet wrong. At the time of her birth, the papers here were calling her Lilly, Lilli, Lilibeth and now (Lilibet - which is the correct spelling). And yes again King George V starting calling the Queen Lilibet because as a toddler that's how she said her name. The king affectionately called her Lilibet from then on and so did her husband. (Sry to hijack your thread with all this dribble)
Hi Lost Voyage; Yes she maybe getting her affairs in order as you suggest, but how does she connect with me in a dream? And why the year out of sinc with reality? Why exactly a year? We could thoeorize that it was simply a 'time slip', but what is that? How does it work? Just more questions.
Hi Mrs Ramsay; Yes, so many years later, and nothing is any clearer. Your story sounds very interesting. It would be helpful if you could post it.
Hi Cherubim; the brain tumour theory is one I haven't considered, and one that wasn't explored by the doctors at the time. But if that was the case it wouldn't begin to explain the events of the dream. Your own dream involving your brother also sounds intriguing. Please post it.
[at] Miracles51031 & MrsRamsay,
I understand your concern and it's the internet after all. The reason why I am willing to help SleepDemons privately only is because I just don't feel comfortable telling him/her how to banish that demonic entity from my personal religious perspective publicly. I have no ulterior motives. What does SleepDemons got to lose if he didn't like my proposed solution?
I really don't care what you think and I sincerely want to help. You are not being smart by doubting my intention, because you are -simply- wrong.
Cherubim in One Year Later
Hi Limey. Yes, there is so much we don't understand! I have a friend who said her husband started acting very hostile towards her when he used to be so kind and caring. Later they discovered he had a brain tumor. 😢 He died months later.

Maybe your wife developed some sort of mental disorder that went undiagnosed? She came back to say she's sorry, she's okay now. I also got a visitation dream from my brother who is on the other side now too. Thanks for reminding me of it, I may share that story soon.

I really enjoyed your story and am glad she apologized. ❤
That is so very strange! I was stabbed with something very sharp and my calf bled a lot. I never got to the bottom of it. You were saying that in your dream you were told that prayer won't work, but I think it did work since you woke up from your terrible "dream." I think the best we can do is pray for each other... Prayers sent your way. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.

P.S. When I try to upvote one of your comments I get a message that says "please vote." 🙄 Don't know what's going on with that. I don't think I fully understand how to use this website anyway?!
That is very scary! 😨 Thank goodness your grandfather could not see in to his eyes. I don't think "shape shifting" is just about entities. I have material objects that have also "shapeshifted." Thank you for sharing your story. I'm like your grandfather, I pray for protection all the time.
Greetings, Scary_Annabelle.

Like Val, I'd like to understand Yogesh's comments.

Yogesh's messages are in Tamil, but "Google Translate" had trouble with the second and third sentences:
1. It is the nature of our town to hear the sound of the Kolusu 😜...
2. Where there is more urla and cake next to the house...
3. Please tell, what's the story of them [sic.] big puppys [sic.]...

I have no idea where "big puppies" would fit into the narrative, nor into the response. I can only imagine that the use is idiomatic and the algorithm is being literal.

BaiAnina in The Boarding House
Sounds to me like the house might have a bit of history. And it doesn't help that some corners cannot be reached by light too! Anything can happen within those 20 years, and sometimes there's a reason why houses are converted to paupahan (rentals) instead haha.

I'm glad at least that whatever manifestation was in there didn't hinder you from keeping up with school at the time. Some entities after all could get so emotionally draining.

Do you think you can find the history of the boarding house? Is it in the province by any chance? 👀
Hello JulieK,

I actually think that electrical problems are not an excuse. Maybe a surplus of electrical currents are like a beacon or maybe even a source of "nourishment" for something or other.

I don't want to lead you on. My day job is battling shoplifters and balancing payroll.
We sell a shirt in my store that says "Jim Hendrix" on it with a xeroxed picture of the man.


I don't mean to be a stupid Yank; but isn't she called Lillibet because of King George's pet name for her Great Grandmother?
Holy Crap.

Hello CrimsonTopaz and thank you for this opportunity that I never thought I would have...ever.

Forgive me for quoting one of your passages from below:

"PS: Congratulations to Meghan, Prince Harry and little Archie on the new addition to your family with baby Lilly Beth."

I never thought Meghan and Harry's babies would ever have anything to do with me.
And, if I may make an editorial statement:

Keeping a dream journal can be a source of cheap entertainment.

It's like I have a nightly B-Movie marathon... Forever.
Hello chartygirl,

I'm going to hitch a ride with "occulting" and just say that you just tell it to go away. This same practice works with human beings too. I don't know if you need any "gear"; but just be direct. Make use of your spine and set boundaries.

I'm a big proponent, when it comes to keeping a dream diary. I won't, however, say that anything that is scaring you is a product of an awesome imagination. At the top of your entry, it says you are middle aged. I think you may have your ducks in a row and can tell the difference. A dream diary can serve you as a tool to monitor things that happen when you are vulnerable.

There isn't an entity, living or otherwise, that prefers making an attack in broad daylight.
Hello Baguettewithaconscious,

Have you ever considered keeping a dream journal? In the past, I have suggested to a few people that keeping a dream journal might help them to get a grip on patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I don't know what religion your family has; but, if they are deeply religious, it could be that they are reluctant to speak or admit to anything that might be going on with them. Just an opinion in my mind that shines like the sun.
Yogesh, please post in English, so that all may understand your comment. Thanks!
Namma oor la kolusu sound kekrathu iyalbu thaanae 😜... Enga oorlayum kekum adhigama veetu pakathula... Keta saamy nu soliruvainga... Belated birthday wishes too ❤
TheSweetDevil23 in My Grandfather Saw A Ghost
I agree with Rajine totally. Its something which I guess universally we all believe in to never let people in our vehicle for lift at midnight hours. Since you never know it could be also a person will malintentions. We all had come across such news where hitch hikers just took advantage of innocent and kind people... And to see such a thing by your grandpa at such an odd hour, must have scared the daylights out of him. If it was me, I would have fainted right there. Your grandfather, even if spooked, had presence of mind to speed away his bike. The story was well written... Take care and stay safe from both virus and such boo boo things... 😊
thegreenmachine in The Boarding House
Hi TheSweetDevil23,

Thanks for reading my story! The house was around 20 years old at the time the events in my story happened. Nothing extraordinary or historic came to mind about the house but maybe I'm just not aware. A few families had lived in the house before it was converted to a boarding house but unfortunately I did not know them.

Maybe it has something to do with the design of the house. It has a lot of dark corners where sunlight could not reach even if we open all windows. Or maybe I had drawn the paranormal in? I was such a temperamental and emo teenager who loved to be alone most of the time. My negative energy may have attracted the woo woo stuff.
Hi, LaurenNH13.:)

I've been checking in on this story periodically, wondering if Saltlick would ever comment further. I have a question for you from your comment, and maybe you could answer, maybe not.

I know that after death, when the chemical reactions that we call life cease, decay begins. I also learned that this chemical death can take, sometimes, 12 or more hours to complete as different parts of the body cease to function.

Can a person die piecemeal? (Gross question in many ways, but would part of a body cease and then another part, etc.?)

And unrelated followup question/comment: One would think the Grim Reaper would know who to collect at a given location, so why would it check each patient by smell?
MrsRamsay (guest) in One Year Later
Agree with the above comments and so glad you wrote down that date! So many unusual things are out there all the time, but I think we have to only recognize them when they do...

My mom died in 2013 and a few months later I was going through her calendar and desk things. I was amazed to discover that the note on the calendar for the day she died said: "Not here."

She was diagnosed with cancer at a very late stage after believing it was some kind of flu throughout the month of Feb. Because she'd been sick, she wasn't making too many plans in the weeks before she died, and what are the chances she'd make THAT note, in ANY case?

Many other interesting things happened at the time, and even in the years since, but that's the one that has me wondering. Because I'll never know. Did she have a premonition? Was it written somehow after her death? Was she randomly doodling months earlier? Who knows? I also think she came to me in a dream warning me about someone after her death... And my daughter and I both had a dream relating to the execution of her estate... Same dream, same morning.

Glad you got your apology and I'll bet your kids get some comfort from that too!
MrsRamsay (guest) in Fiddler On Church Steps
Goblinkwain, that's a pretty wild story and I'm going to say I believe it was supernatural, if only because of the late hour and the unusual circumstances of it being a church. Most seniors aren't out fiddling, dancing, partying or anything that late at night. Do you remember seeing a vehicle of any kind?

It reminds me of something that happened on my way to my aunt's house a couple years ago. It was about 7:30 in the morning, and my aunt called to tell my my beloved uncle had died that morning after a long illness. He was at home, so I got the kids off to school and left asap, as the drive was almost an hour to get there and she was alone except for one nurse who'd been helping.

On my way, I had to pass the local homeless ministry, which is never a big deal. There are always a half dozen homeless headed to or from to get their latest meal or whatever, some of them have bikes and some just walk, but all are recognizable because this is a suburban business district and other people's clothing is obviously different.

As I slowed for a traffic light, I had been thinking specifically about my uncle and how much fun he had been when I was young. He stood in for my Dad sometimes on special occasions or holidays (because Dad was killed in Vietnam) and though I am in my late 50s we've always been close. I was pretty composed up until that point, but as I approached the stoplight, I was starting to feel the tears fall. I actually spoke out loud to my uncle, saying something about "oh I'm going to really miss you!" Immediately upon completing my sentence, I happened to look to the side of the car through the passenger window where I met the eyes of an older homeless man walking near the intersection. It happened SO fast, but our eyes met and he gave me the MOST BRILLIANT SMILE I think I've ever seen in a homeless person (frankly, don't think I've ever seen one of them meet anyone's eye let alone smile). It was surreal. In that moment, I felt like God or an angel or someone had made it happen. It was like out of a movie, and the piercing gaze, the best way I can describe it, was SO brief. I almost didn't believe it really happened. But then, I'm starting to recognize spiritual or unusually unusual things when they happen, and most often they occur when someone I know dies. Was I getting a message from someone, trying to tell me my Uncle was ok? Or that they got my message? I could not stop or turn around to see what the man did next, had to keep driving, but felt like electricity had hit my car!

Was there anything going on in your life at the time that might be interpreted as a reason for this... Is the type of hat significant to your family or ancestors? Did any of your family or ancestors attend that church? And finally, even if it makes no sense to you now, something could happen ten years from now that clarifies the whole scene. I recommend you write it down (with more detail if you can remember any) and keep it in your "memory file" just in case!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in One Year Later
Hello Limey, thanks for sharing your experience, its always good to read these types of stories that add to the mystery. It's possible that what you experienced was premonitory. Its also possible she somehow knew or sensed her time on earth was coming to an end and she was getting her affairs in order, so to speak. Emotions are powerful energies and maybe if in that moment you had the dream that she truly was sorry for what she had put you through, it could have come through to you in your dreams. Its fascinating just how connected we all are to each other for something like that to take place and science is just beginning to really explore that!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Sleep Paralysis Over The Years
Hello TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you again. The answer to your first question about a guardian lies in a post I made on your other story, the one, where you experienced the entity pacing outside your room and the one that appeared inside your room near you and you felt its anger. To try and give the short response here, if I understood your experience right, it seemed as if the one that appeared in your room was the more harmful entity, and the one you left behind that was also unable to follow you to the room you moved to after your experience. The one pacing in the hall and living room seemed more docile and when you mentioned it came to the entrance of your room and stood there when the other entity inside the room interacted with you, sparked my interest. The pacing kind of reminds me of someone on guard duty. I believe its presence also kept the more malicious entity from following you to the new room.

You mentioned that you felt the presence that had been pacing when it came inside the second room and touched your mattress, had a soothing effect on you, it was more peaceful than the encounter you had inside the other room and the other entity couldn't enter this new space. This is where I get the impression of a guardian or protector. You can go back and reread the initial post I made and it may be more clear.

I think this entity was a kind of protector, whether a previous resident, a deceased relative, or a guardian angel, it knew of the more malicious entities presence and seemed to be watching out for you. I believe it kept it at bay in the first room you were in and shielded you from its presence when you moved to the other room. I just get the image of the restless pacing as being akin to a security guard on patrol and in its response which was very quick to the other entity when it invaded your space in the first room and tried to hug you. Hopefully that makes sense but I will be glad to elaborate if you need me to.

To your second question, the presence you feel. When you sense it what do you feel? You're sensitive to the supernatural, that much is clear, so you could be coming across spirits any time any place they are, that is a gift that will be with you always. It's also possible depending on what you feel when you sense this presence or presences that it could be the protector/guardian I mentioned, letting you know now and again that its still there. It is also possible it could be the entity/entities you've experienced before, waiting for a moment when you may relapse so it can feed from that negative energy again. It is possible it could have attached to you. However if this is the case, I believe if you continue taking care of yourself it will lose interest on its own. I'd have to know more about the circumstances of when you encounter this presence, is it familiar to you, how does it make you feel? That would be a better indicator of what it could be. More importantly what does your intuition tell you it could be? It's always good to look for the logical solution for sure, to reason it out, but I find my intuition/gut instinct is always correct and that usually defies any logic. The more you trust your gifts, the more you can work with them and much of what you encounter will make more sense. Take care and good luck!
Oops a small typo error in my last comment. I meant I love to read others experiences just the way other YGS readers and writers do 😊
Oooh my my! I just came across your posts and let me tell you... Your story spooked me the way Valkicry's posts does. 😨 for some weird unknown reason,. Whenever someone mentions seeing shadow figures, black figures or figures totally hooded or covered... They make these disturbing images in my mind. Plus it always reminds me of my own paranormal experiences some of them which were totally harrowing for me in terms of emotions... I just got reminded of something bad in my own life while reading your post...
Please keep on writing more. I love to know about others experiences just like other YGS writers, mods and readers behalf as well. 😊 please stay safe and healthy...
[at] Cherubim, Thank u for your wishes:-D. I didn't do any research but, That is a Old house built before 50 or 60 years. And we have lived there for 11 years And anything didn't done Any harm to us. Thank you for reading my story:-).
Pinaynay in My Grandma's Visit
Your grandma loves you very much. Do you still feel her? Pray for her always. May her soul rest in Gods care now. Thankyou for sharing.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Boarding House
Oh wow. That was eerie 😨 Even I used to often ignore such sounds and voices at the beginning of the paranormal events that'took place in my life. Did you ever found out anything extraordinary or more historic about your boarding house? I feel there must be some secrets about the place. Or maybe the presence of kids being at one place draws in the attention of such entities... Who knows 😨...It is just an assumption from my side...
As someone who works with palliative patients, there is a smell the emits when someone is close to dying. It's an odd sweet smell.

But as everyone has stated could be a hallucination from those Benzos and alcohol
Hi Rajine and The_Lost_Voyage 11. To address first query from Rajine, yes I know where n when n why this problem of mine started. I had already pointed out various things in my post. Some are already mentioned as also again pointed out by Lost Voyage as well in the above comment. Spiritually I believe it lies somewhere down to my being agnostic as well... Till now I tend to question a lot about my beliefs and the experiences I had years ago... Some of it baffles me to date even now. It was already tough for me to believe in spirits and energies but as I mentioned before in a reply to one of the previous post that it creeped and bugged me that whatever I had felt, experienced and gone through during my early 20s had been validated through other people's experiences. It's different to expereince paranormal but its even more difficult to have sleep paralysis and study about it years down the lane and learn that it has something to do with my own paranormal experiences... 😨
Now coming to Last Voyage... Something about your comment intrigued me.
Your comment about me being protected by the presence of a guardian or guardians made me curious. Can u let me know how you came to that thought or deduced something like that? 🤔
Also yes... You are right... When I became more positive about my health... I realised those entities had loosen their grip on me. Also I have a question... After I had those experiences in Agra in 2011, I had felt a presence sometimes randomly n rare like once or twice a year in some random places... Is it just my imagination or can it be possible that something is attached to me or maybe I can feel a vibe here and there once a while? See I am asking this because despite facing so many things in my life, paranormal, abnormal or even normal stuff, I had realised it's better to question rather than just believe in something randomly... It had helped me a lot this way and made my life easier... Waiting eagerly for your responses...
You helped a soul I'm sure wherever she is, shes at peace now. Maybe you'll encounter one again. Youre gifted and brave. God bless!
Pinaynay in Julie's at Peace
Thanks for sharing it was very touching. Youre such a caring person I can say. May judie find justice and may her soul rest in Gods care now. God bless...
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in My Friend John
This is another favorite encounter, one of the best shared on this site and really heartwarming. I hope you are continuing to do well stonegate3.
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in The Sandbox Ghost Girl
This is one of the best encounters on the site! Absolutely. She is probably one of the unfortunate souls laid to rest in that nearby cemetery. Her lack of eye contact or answering is common for children of that period towards adults. It is heart warming to think she is still able to enjoy childhood joys like a sandbox.
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in Haunted By A Demonic Doberman
This is true and I am amazed I found a story here I have a weak link to! My grandfather worked in Cincinnati when that suicide happened, he even talked about the dobermans and how it was impossible for somebody to hang three dogs that weighed almost 100/lbs each and still have the strength to kill themselves as well. The dogs must have been drugged or dead already, making them seem even heavier. So many questions about this, and yes it was covered up quickly, cops dropped it because of whispers of satanism or occultism but locals did gossip about it. That poor lady, to be murdered sadistically by her own son after experiencing such loss earlier. Makes me tearful.
I am sad the original poster has left, I would love to have made contact. That is an amazing ghost dog encounter.

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