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Melda & silverthane.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I appreciate your kind words.

Melda - yes, the coffin was taken to the altar. I imagine that Grandpa's spirit was beside his children listening to all the phone calls they did asking for a funeral mass for him only to get rejected over and over again.

I like to think that, once inside the church, he was able to see that what was waiting for him in the afterlife wasn't brimstone and fire, but love, forgiveness and compassion.
Awww, 😢 such a bittersweet story. I'm so sorry for your loss. I personally believe it was both your parents reaching out to you. It is so interesting about the marble, I assume you kept it. This is a beautiful story just before Christmas. ❤ I have a Christmas story of loved ones that have passed on as well. Sending you some Christmas cheer, thank you for sharing.
lady-glow and Melda,

Jubeele is busy hunting down food for T-Rex and Christmas, so its my pleasure to reply to two of my favorite ladies on YGS.

Firstly, our best wishes and prayers are coming your way for happy times over Christmas and the New Year. Always look forward to reading your comments and either pondering your words or sometimes having a quiet laugh.

Riding the "Rocky Mountaineer" is still on our bucket list and part of the attraction will be trying to spot somebody wearing a "glow in the dark suit" waving at us from deep in the crowd.

Jubeele has received and responded to your email Big Sis, please try to stay in touch.

As far as the items that go missing are concerned, its a matter of spiritual training. For instance, I have to take anti-reject drugs everyday at roughly the same time. When these items "go walk abouts" the joke turns serious. Fortunately, there has been several lectures on this subject (as my growling and cursing have not worked) and no further disappearances have occurred.

Peace to All on YGS this Christmas
Jubeele & Rex-T

I have another thing to add; my mother told me that, after I learned to talk, I carried on endless conversations with someone called "Pactus". She said that, when I was pressed for more information, I gave her to understand that Pactus was a green man who lived in the trees in the backyard. I told her that he was "swampy" looking but he was very nice and he told me to always listen to my parents because they were my best protectors.

I carried on talking to Pactus for the whole time that we lived in Louisiana. When we moved to Georgia, she never heard me talk to him again.

We moved to Georgia when I was five years old; I have a very hazy recollection of Pactus. What I can recall of him is attached to a feeling of warm benevolence.

I wonder if Pactus was real; maybe he was related to your guys in Florida.

- Maria

That thing under your bed would fit my description of what a nature spirit might look like. It was lying in the fetal position; if preternatural beings have feelings comparable to that of a human being, I would have to say that it was frightened to find itself where it was. Maybe it was akin to the shadow people; maybe it was one of them.

I'm about to suggest something that might seem completely off the wall:

After considering the details in both of your accounts, I am thinking that the darkness blocking your hallway might not have technically been an obstruction. It could have been an entry point for these shadow people and, therefore, not a bad entity like I had suggested in my other comment; not an entity at all.

Perhaps, when the shadow people were filing past your door, they were going into the darkness and if you had arisen from your bed you would have been able to see the darkness at those times too.

Here's the part of my idea that might seem off the wall: The creature under your bed could have been left behind for some reason; the entry point had vanished for a time and it was afraid and hid under your bed. Maybe, when the entry point vanished, this shadow creature was cut of from it's environment of shadows and was forced to assume the shape that you saw it in; perhaps it took its shape from the organic fabric that it had observed in the woods.

As for your dreams; I don't usually give a great amount to thought to the content of my dreams. I have kept a dream diary for many years and there are so many entries in it that are unreasonably bizarre and unaccountable that I have been forced to accept "bizarre" as another form of normality.

I do admit that "Kromon, The Creature King" is quite elaborate for a seven year old.

Have you ever considered keeping a dream diary? It is quite helpful to me; I don't have nightmares anymore and I think it is worthwhile on it's own merit as a form of entertainment.

- Maria
Its funny that you should mention "Nature Spirits" because I had another unusual occurrence that I talked about in a previous post. Please read "A Case for Elementals" and give me your opinion.
Lealeigh in The Mountain

Thank you for your kind words. I love reading stories here and commenting; I have been reading stories on YGS since 2012 but it was a long time before I registered.

I seemed like I was complaining but the reality is that it is difficult for me to manage writing a comment for anything in less than three paragraphs. In the real world, I don't have as many words but I have plenty of thoughts.

No hijacking took place here! 😊
- Maria
Sleeping-with-steve in The Mountain
Hello Lealeigh,

Try not to be concerned about your karma points. Not everyone is going to vote you up OR down. Most members just read the Post and comments and move on, OR comment themselves.

I went through a stage of voting you up to the point I gave you over 160 points and I know I don't get those 160 points back but still I do it.

With regards to the trolls and karma points, YGS is about discussing real experiences karma votes or not.

You DO contribute in the comments a lot and you WILL eventually get points OR lose them. That's just how it goes.
Stay well and Happy.


I've been trying to read members old and new post and I promise you, I have voted you up so many times that I have lost count. Once again, I don't get as many points back, buts that's ok. I will continue to read as many posts and up vote every single one, or just scroll past. I have up voted every single comment of Lady-Glow, Jubelee, Rex-T, Curious Dee, Mrs Rizzo, Biblio, Rook, Silverthane61, Zarurie, Cherubim, and so many other members here, its hard to list them all.

Lealeigh I'm sorry to hijack your post.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Miracles51031 in Ghost In Our Building
talib - when a submission is full of mistakes, including only one paragraph, as well as spelling, grammar, confusion, etc., it does get returned. If the poorly written story fits our guidelines, we do recommend editing and resubmitting. If it does not fit our guidelines, we will return it for poor writing.

English is the only language I can communicate in, and I will not even pretend to understand what someone, to whom English may be their 2nd or 3rd language, is trying to say if the submission is full of errors. I don't try to edit it because I could be completely misinterpreting what the author is trying to say.

We don't ask for perfect English. We do, however, require the submission fit our guidelines. Poor writing is a valid reason to reject a story.
Lealeigh in The Mountain

You're right; I am going to adopt a fatalistic attitude on the whole business of trolls. If they won't speak up about what's bothering them then I have to think that they have nothing to say. I'm not going to look at anything that isn't a comment, story or bio from now on.

This is the last time I will ever talk about this subject; I promise never to bring myself into it again.

If anyone comes across this comment and wonders why it is here: it began in another thread but I didn't have any wish to keep cluttering up another person's story.

Thank you. I have said this before, Melda, but you have a very kind soul.

- Maria

PS: I googled "Lealeigh" and the blonde lady that comes up in the results is not me. I don't know who that is. I should have checked to see if that name was out there first; thank goodness it wasn't worse!
"What you are, what you were, and what you are to become will always be with you." Q from Star Trek.
lady-glow - It's sad that you didn't really get to know your grandfather due to his lifestyle.

He must have been very unhappy to have taken his own life. So many people are judgmental about suicide but how can anybody who hasn't been in a very dark, deep place in their lives, from which they feel there is no escape, possibly understand.

Was your grandfather's coffin taken to the altar for his funeral service? I ask this because I know that a number of churches (in South Africa at least) do not, or did not, allow the body of a person who committed suicide at the altar. In fact I don't think they were allowed anywhere in the church. I sincerely hope this attitude has changed in the meantime.

It could be very possible that your grandfather knew of this practice and so was resisting being taken into the church and particularly up to the altar.

I hope I don't sound negative but having been raised in the Catholic Church (which I seem to think you were as well) what I described was in fact the practice with suicidal deaths.

However I don't doubt that your grandfather has made peace with his life and his passing wherever he dwells at present. In fact I think he proved this by moving the candle.

Regards, Melda
Talib - Believe me, very few people speak (or write) perfect English, whether they're English speaking or not!

Regards, Melda
Jubeele and Lealeigh - The trolls are here to stay. After all this time I'm still being targeted, usually on older stories but often on recent ones as well. End of stoty. They get thrills out of doing this, they've become serial trollers. No assistance available for serial "whatevers".

Jubeele the missing and returned items intrigue me and I have also found that when you talk to the culprit nicely and tell him/her that you really need something for a specific purpose it often turns up somewhere. The worst were my eye glasses. I spent almost three weeks without those and it wasn't a joke although the perpetrator thought it was, considering where he left them. (Vic)

I'm going to send you a test email to your ygs address and perhaps you would just let me know whether you receive it.

Regards, Melda
Rex-T - I think somebody "out there" is aware of your particular skills and has been testing you on them! Pitting his knowledge against yours so to speak. If this had happened to me I would probably have had to call in an electrician 😟

The missing items can become infuriating, particularly if you need something specific right at that moment. Once you stop searching they very often do reappear and at times in very strange places.

Go well -
Regards, Melda

Thanks for the extra information. That place really sounds like a forbidding place; it would have made a heavy impression upon me.

I somehow forgot to mention this (my long winded commenting style does not help me say everything, for some reason) but my mother has a rental property in Bradenton.

That is quite close to where you were living in Wimauma. I have been to her place several times; the dark places in the swampy woods of that area are pretty scary to me.

I wouldn't have done well as a child if I had to try to sleep there. Bradenton is fine but all swamps give me the creeps. I lived my first five years of life in Louisiana so I have more than one reference point.

Maybe, I could suggest that the things that harrassed you might have been some kind of nature spirits. I say this a lot but they could be a kind of Native American guardian keeping an eye on that specific territory. I don't think that they were ghosts of once living people because there were too many of them. I'm no expert but I can't imagine that ghosts congregate with each other to perform any actions.

I don't know what I think the featureless mass blocking the hallway was; that entity seems to be the only one that was genuinely "bad" as it was cutting you off from your parents and any feeling of safety.

Maybe the fire happened because you were being forced out; no one will ever know.

Now that I have finished writing my book here, I'll consider going on tour.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

- Maria
No the group I saw the first night had no discernable facial features. When the paraded by they were all "rank & file" past my open doorway and were different sizes and shapes. Their movements indicated looking in my direction. Leaning and pointing and seemingly communicating between themselves as they passed by.

The entity that came by later was always by himself and was the shape of a taller man in build and always came either from my closet or from my window area.

The darkness that blocked be in the hallway filled the hallway and wouldn't let me pass. I never saw anything discernable from it, it just filled the hallway by the bathroom door and completely blocked the entrance to my parents room and left me completely terrified. As for the trailer's layout... At the far end was a small dining area next to the kitchen with the living room next to that. My small bedroom was in the center next to a hall closet followed by the bathroom and my parents bedroom was after that at the other end of the trailer.

Much of that time of my life during my sleeping hours was spent holding a Bible and wearing a cross as I slept. My radio was left on so as to block out any noises that I was hearing in my room and with some form of night light.

The fire always seemed "coincidental" to me, especially since our home was the only one destroyed. Almost as if we were being forced to leave there.
Hail Talib!

Please do not distort the meaning of my words, I have never denied that English is my second language nor that I write/speak it poorly... But there's a substantial difference between using poor English grammar and writing it on a way that is as clear as mud.

Auf Wiedersehen.
The grammar nazis like lady-glow on this website should take a break. People come here to read good stories and experiences, not just stories crafted in perfect English.

And mods of this website please don't reject a story for poor English or grammatical mistakes, we readers don't want to miss out on a good story just because some people on this website don't like a story because it's not how they want it, in perfect English.
Donald_Trumpet in The Ordeal
Two young chicks living alone, a perfect target for a fun prank. Are you sure the neighbours weren't trying to scare you?
AugustaM in Always At Bedtime
Oh she still sees the man - now he seems to freak her out a little though... Perhaps she has reached the age where she is old enough to start seeing the unknown as frightening not just curious.
Rex and Jubeele.

I'm sure that whoever it is staying/visiting your place does it because you two are very fun to be around... They might find your company even more enjoyable than the afterlife.

A big hug and warmest wishes to you for this Christmas and the coming year.

Glo (w) ria. ❤
Hello ax10s,

I would like to commend you on your great writing skills, considering that this is you first! There are minor errors but don't worry, even professionals make mistakes.

As for your experience, I believe that you have encountered a Santelmo (Apoy ni San Elmo) which is based on Philippine folklore. A Santelmo is believed to be a lost spirit in a form of a ball of fire that appears in rural areas. Other stories said that if this ball of fire spots you, it will chase you. A Santelmo that is found in the water can be dangerous because elders said they can kill you by drowning.
Hello silverthane61!

Thank you, I'm not sure how it works either, but I'm glad they helped me find my earring 😊 I believe it was a genuine paranormal event too! 😱😜
Hello Lealeigh!
I'm sorry I haven't seen your comment earlier, usually I get a notification but for some reason they've stopped! Thank you, I love the symbolism too! It's like I'm telling people when they look at me, but if they don't know what the puzzle piece represents, they don't catch on to what I'm saying 😜 I agree with you on that too, I wouldn't climb into my bed carrying just one of my earrings, and why would I take them there of all places 😂 I'm glad you enjoyed my story anyway 😊

I do regret not doing anything about the rocks and just leaving them at my hotel, not smart on my end.
Wow, thank you for sharing that with me!
My family has a history of ADHD and OCD and I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age but I believe I have overcome most of it. I am unsure if I have OCD but it will definitely be something I look in to.
The feeling that you encountered at culvers is very similar to what happened to me, straight up disgusting and uncalled for. I am thankful that I haven't that feeling lately.
Thanks again for you're feedback!
jabond99 in An Angel Saved Me

I believe angels exist, and it seems you have experienced one first hand. I hope your life has been enriched by the experience, and that you will live your life all that much fuller because of it.

By the way, I avoid durian not because of the risk of one dropping on my head, but rather because of the smell. That means more durian for you!

James Bond
Thank you all for the advice and theories! I truly appreciate your input
friendlyclown in The Scream
I would PEE MY PANTS if this happened. I believe maybe it is a spirit in mourning? Did any of your family members die gruesomeley?

I have read much about the Battle of Antietem; most of it has been from the perspective of overview. I will definitely make use of your recommendation and read that book! I will let you know what I think.

Thank you very much!

- Maria
MrsRamsay in Always At Bedtime
Hi, and what an interesting, ongoing thread! Just wanted to add my two cents about ceiling fans. When I first moved into my current and much loved home (where the older couple had both passed away in the months before, though at the hospital) I had a strange incident with my bedroom fan... I could not get it to turn off one day. I chalked it up at the time to my inexperience with the nuances of the house, no big deal. But a couple years later, sitting where I am now at the kitchen table with the nearby living room fan on... The fan seemed to slow down and surge forward again in a strange manner that fully got my attention and we've never had ANY electrical surges or weird things happen in our seven years here. Perhaps the energy from the fans makes them a good focal point for "visitors?" PS Did anything ever happen with the little girl who was so generous with her cookies? Did she grow out of seeing her friend?
AugustaM in Shadow People?
Many cultures use drugs of various stripes to render them in closer contact with the spirit world. Who is to say that hallucinations born of modern science couldn't have the same effect? Especially a drug designed to put you to sleep, a state in which many believe it is easier for the paranormal to get through to you.
AugustaM in Always At Bedtime
Ok, here's a bit of odd synchronicity for you - in nearly any other home, I might shrug it off but here I have reason to take pause and consider. As I have mentioned before, our nearly 100 year old building has no central air - as a result, we have ceiling fans in nearly every room. (This incident focuses on the one in the living room and the one in the dining room.) The one in the living room was installed incorrectly leading to damage to its motor - so for the last five years, even though it should be able to run at slow, medium or fast, it has had only one speed: slow. Yesterday evening, the radiators were rather outdoing themselves so we switched on the fans. As we were sitting on the couch, my husband looks up and points out that the living room fan is on high... As in it is spinning much much faster than it has in years... Motors don't just "get better." Anyway, we shrugged it off thankful for the cool breeze, finished our evening and went to bed. So last night at 2:25 AM, I woke up. As I lay there, I couldn't discern anything in particular that may have woken me but these things happen so I laid there waiting to fall back to sleep again - when, out of the clear blue was a godawful bang followed by crashing, breaking and one penultimate boom. I was instantly up and terrified - had the Christmas tree fallen? Seemed far too loud for that. Were the cats ok? As we emerged from the hall, we could instantly see what had happened - the dining room was a disaster. From the looks of the wreckage, one blade from the dining room ceiling fan flew off first and crashed into an antique shadow box on the wall ultimately landing on the buffet below then the rest grew so unstable that it almost instantly shook itself free from the ceiling. It managed to take out 6 antiques, severely damage the shadow box, and put a few nasty scratches on the buffet... Give me a panic attack and leave one of our cats, Vera, in staring shock. As I crouched on the floor trying to get my breathing and blood pressure back under control, I looked up - the living room fan was back to its sluggish self again.

Sure, could be some weird mechanical fluke that lead to one heck of a coincidence. But given our location, the activity here and that we have had entities play with our ceiling fans before... I tend to lean towards "not a coincidence."
I know this is off the subject of rocks (and I did really enjoy this story about taking the rocks and kudos to South Dakota, home of my great grandparents!) but did you all know there is an actual registry for shoes found in walls in Great Britain? Interesting article here:

Wisconsin Lady, Just three days ago I watched some show about a girl renovating a house in Georgia who'd found a pair of shoes in her walls. Though I didn't stick around for the whole show, I believe something spooky was happening relating to the shoes. Just cannot remember which show it was (one of the "ghost guy shows" as we call them).
Laleigh/Maria, if you are interested in the Civil War and the daily concerns of people who lived through it, there's a pretty good book you might be interested in. It's called, "Too Afraid To Cry, Maryland Civilians in the Antietam Campaign" by Kathleen Ernst. I'm not connected to this book in any way, but found it while researching my ancestry (some of mine were the founders of the old Dunker Church that stands very near or on the Antietam battlefield). The great thing about this book (which is a quick but memorable read) is that it's written about the people who lived through the battle, the farmers and townspeople just trying to survive while these two, huge armies moved through as well as the horrendous aftermath, which we rarely hear about. While there's just enough about the battles that you can understand what happened, it's really all about the people, very well researched, and shows a different side of history (which is usually all from the generals' perspectives or even the soldiers). Recommend it highly!
Hi Melda

I've found that places seem to reflect the energies and emotions from the people who have spent any amount of time in them. Happy, sad, angry or peaceful, they all leave their mark. My mother believes that over time, this results in a form of spiritual sentience or in her words, a "house spirit". What emotional energy we 'feed' into the house will define the nature of this presence. Maybe that is why we feel welcome when the household is a happy one and uncomfortable when the occupants are at strife.

Rex thinks the smell could be from the water table shifting with the seasons and weather changes. As the cottage was built into the side of the slope, he wonders if the damp odour could have come from that.

I'm just thankful that we didn't encounter anything particularly nasty. Just a vague feeling of general crankiness about the place. Haha - I wouldn't be surprised if Anton thought I was bonkers too. 😜

Thanks for coming by. You're welcome anytime to visit with us. 😊
I once lived in a home that was an electrical death trap. I was in a bad mood one day; after I finished vacuuming, I yanked the vacuum cleaner cord out of the socket and got a shock that sent me into the wall behind me; I knocked a portrait of Miles Davis off of the wall and didn't get the feeling back in my arm for more than a week. 😆
You live; you learn.

The other time was my harebrained adventure trying to repair the charger cord on my laptop. I couldn't let go of the cord.

I can still feel both of those events like they happened an hour ago.

- Maria

You're part of the YGS family and have taken the time and effort to leave a comment. The least that I can do is reply.

In my younger days, I was told to not take electricity for granted, as it can kill. After getting thrown across a driveway while carrying out some modifications to my mate's car, I took this advice very seriously, hence this latest prank really did catch my attention.

If elephants never forget, imagine how long an old dinosaur's memory spans. Particularly one that has stared a few extinction events in the face. It certainly changes one's priorities and outlook on life.

I look upon this human condition with fascination as no matter how much these individuals try to hide their footprints, they always leave tell tail signs. I understand that this can be unsettling but us old dinosaurs have one other thing going for us - we have very thick skin and sharp teeth.

Aka Rex-T
Piscesian in Too Late For Recess
Hi Ax10s
Interesting story, I think every campus has their own history and ghost stories. My campus also has its own share of urban legend and particularly some naughty and mischievous entities as well. A friend of mine, slept in the Drama club room and woke up in the yard in the morning, and the Drama club room was locked from inside; something shifted him when he was asleep. That wasn't the only incident, we have a room where a set of gamelan was kept and in particular night (mostly Thursday night) 'something' plays with those gamelan, knocking on gongs and such. Once, father of a Drama club member came for a visit and he is known to have a 3rd eye. He said that the entire courtyard between the C building and the clubs building (the campus were 8 buildings marked alphabetically), is a palace of the other realms and they are walking around in ancient clothings. History said that the ground where my Campus is, used to be a palace ground of an ancient kingdom of Kanjuruhan which was mysteriously disappeared after a natural disaster. Well I guess they actually re-appeared in another realm.
My grandma told me that when you can see the entities from other realms, it was actually their bad luck that's why they try to scare us, that's why we should remain calm and pray. I tend to believe it though I find it difficult to remain calm if ever I encounter with such entities 😁 😁
Hello masongloc9,

You're saying that this thing followed you to your new home? Do you, by any chance, have your father's computer from the old house.

I saw something almost exactly like this in the home that I lived in as a teenager and young adult; I never saw it again. A neighbor across the street tried to tell me that he saw it too; to be perfectly honest, I didn't believe him. He was a few years younger than me and I thought that he was just trying to provide interesting conversation to a "young woman" or he wanted in on the "mystery".

- Maria
Oh my god It's been 8 years since I posted this.

An update:

I lived at the house up until about 6 months ago, (I have since then moved out of the island to look for work)

I wrote this when I was around 15, so I'm going to update this again.

The house is old and creaky. It has two floors, the ground floor is made of concrete and the second floor is made of wood.

The being is actually in a form of a silhouette, no distinct features since I only see it in the corner of my eye. The being shows up peeking around the corner through the open doorway.


This image would best describe what I see in the corner of my eye.

This sighting has been backed not only by my entire family, (four of us) but also by visiting friends (around 6-7 college classmates).

It basically just did that. Peeks around the corner and disappears the moment you look at its direction.

I've grown accustomed to it and it's not as frequent as before (used to happen at around once a week, now its as rare as once in every few months.

I still have no idea what it is but I've gotten used to it.:)

Don't worry. Some troll has gotten me for over 200 karma points in the last two weeks (I'm not sure how). This person doesn't ever say anything; they don't have anything to say. They're an online bully who resents us for trying to be a community.

They're hoping to make you and I (and maybe others) feel like we're being rejected by the community so we won't feel good about commentimg anymore.

It's okay; have fun troll. I don't even look at people's karma points anymore since they're so arbitrarily taken away.

It's sick, really. It's ridiculous that someone spends their time being a troll to people they don't even know.

Get a hobby troll. Keep doing this; It makes no difference at the end of the day.

Sorry for the hijack into Fantasy Land, Jubeele and Rex-T. I wanted to say that I enjoyed this story very much! I understand enough about electrical currents to have been mildly electrocuted in my own home twice; your account does seem strange!

- Maria
Cherubim - have you ever thought of putting that popcorn tin next to your Xmas tree, perhaps with photos of your loved ones you used to share Xmas with? You might just have a few more beautiful surprises 😊

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Isn't it strange how one picks up the vibes just by looking at a place, whether it be residential or an open area? This has happened to me a few times as well.

The chances are that the lady you saw was in fact not Mary and if there had been a strange woman walking around, she would have had to have passed Rex-T. I draw my own conclusions from that.

The smell in the sink? I'm not sure what to think about that but I have experienced similar bad odours which seem to hang around an area for a while and then simply dissipate.

Perhaps Anton is just a total skeptic who won't accept that anything paranormal exists even if a ghost hits him over the head with a cricket bat. Possibly other people have related their experiences with his rental place, which is why he became agitated. At some stage he has to admit that not all his guests are bonkers.

Regards, Melda
Oh my, I see my personal trolls are active again and targeting comments from a while back. Wow, they're still taking an interest. Since they dislike my comments so much, they really should let me know why. 😉

There have been many occasions when I've been 'contacted' by someone who is protective of us. The 'knowing' to check for messages, be suddenly alerted of a running tap or an iron left on upstairs, or wake up just in time to find a leak somewhere in the place. Now, I've sensed family before and have had occasional signs from them. But I also have someone else who was part-Choctaw. A friend who knew her in life, of Cherokee descent, had asked her to watch over me; she has been visiting for the past few years.

She's been making her presence known by little pats on the head, feathery tickles on the arms, legs and feet, or a warm glow like a hug. We've seen the occasional shadowy wisps or flashes of light. She plays little pranks on us. Drawstrings of bolster slips would come unfastened a few times a day and have to be retied again, and again. Glass windows or doors would crackle loudly even when there's been no temperature change. I'd hear something fall over in the kitchen but find nothing out of place.

Things go missing from their usual spots and when I ask, "Ok, where is it?" - it will suddenly be there when I didn't see it just a moment ago. Last year, a purple ball of wool went missing from downstairs. Months later, I had the thought to pull out the camphor chest from the bedroom upstairs and found the purple yarn there among the dust bunnies!

Others might dispute all these frequent happenings as coincidences or simply our imagination. But even sceptical Rex is now of the impression that we've got a positive and fun-loving guardian spirit. 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Playful Spirit?
Hello Zaruje,

I don't know how I missed this post. I enjoy reading about your experiences.

Have you found out anymore on your friendly spirit?

Please keep us posted.

Best wishes, and thanks for sharing your run in with the giggling ghost. 😊

😘 ❤ 😘
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] silverthane61

That's a quite different take which I had not thought of before, and an interesting one too. Regarding time travel, I do not think that I traveled through time, or even got a peek in the past or future, as I have mentioned that I was in the exact same state as my physical self, albeit a little damaged. But your theory of a breach between another dimension might have something to it, like a multiverse thing. But if it is true, and I "vibed" my own self from another dimension somehow, I really feel sorry for him for being beaten up so brutally, and in such a messed up situation. I have it much better here.

Thanks for taking the time to read and for your views. 😊
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] ajonverge

Thanks for taking the time to read brother. The reason for me bringing this here was to actually see if someone had experienced something like this and probably had some explanation to it. You are right in saying that our mind is a powerful organ and has the propensity to play tricks with us. This is one of those times when I realized that it is so powerful that it will show you things even when you are asleep and make you feel more awake than when you actually are, dreams excluded.

Thanks for your comment once again. 😊
Similar to the other posts to your story, I lived 5 years in Hawaii. The State Board of Commerce regularly receives many rocks from tourists who feel they have been cursed for taking these objects. There are tourist ghost towns in the western and southern regions of the USA that also claim to possess a curse for any tourist who takes a item away from the place. Do I believe it? I don't know, really. But why poke a sleeping lion? If you felt better after leaving the stone, then nothing more need be said. Good for you!
I feel sad for your Grandpa - he seems like the kind of man I would have enjoyed knowing. I know that some faiths refuse to participate in any religious rites for the dead who have died due to suicide. I believe this is a tragedy dumped on another tragedy. Maybe the weighted coffin was your Grandpa's way of protesting the very church that refused to grant him a religious ceremony.
silverthane61 in The Trail Runner
The "40-day" rule is one of the beliefs among many Catholics concerning the fate of those who have passed. The prayers offered either are supposed to ease the soul into or out of Purgatory or into Heaven. There was another story on this site where someone wrote about seeing a phantom dressed in a white barong and black slacks - or maybe I am mixing up 2 stories. In any case, the facelessness of the entity also means different things to different cultures. Very interesting story!
silverthane61 in Family Guest 2
The 3 AM encounters and the facelessness of the entity are worrisome - but your events, shared by your mother, are undoubtedly happening. Different faiths have different beliefs on spirits and ghosts and I do not want to get into that. Whatever your belief system, these events are obviously continuing. I would worry if the instances start involving physical attacks as this seems to be the progression with negative entities (ie, infestation, oppression, possession). Hopefully this entity is only a harbinger of bad omens to prepare against and nothing more than that.
silverthane61 in The Ordeal
I am very familiar with the Aswang. I believe them to be negative entities. I do note that the knocks appear to come in threes. Any veteran ghosthunter (of which I am not) on TV will tell you that this is often done in mockery of the Holy Trinity. If this is true, then the entities in your home were obviously diabolical and no doubt were affected by your strong prayer.
silverthane61 in Sleep Paralysis
This is the first time that I have read of a case of sleep paralysis coupled with a sighting of an entity occurring simultaneously with third parties (in this case the janitors) present and with the lights being turned on. I am curious whether other people sleeping in the same area have also witnessed a similar event.
Hello Veylre,

I wanted to get clarification on the incidents with the shadow people. You said that the first groups of them filed past your doorway, each pausing to look at you. Did they have any faces, features or eyes or did you think that they were looking at you based upon their movements?

I ask this because the later entity that you describe, the one who came alone, had eyes that you could see.

You did say that you remember that you were unable to sleep the first night so I won't suggest that the shapes and sounds in your room were part of an unusually vivid dream.

The most alarming part of your narrative, to me, is the description of the darkness blocking you from going down the hall. It makes me want to ask where your bedroom was located; many mobile homes have a master bedroom on one end and one or more bedrooms on the opposite. Was your bedroom the only room to be blocked by this thing?

I have read from several scattered sources that water can be some kind of conduit for paranormal activity; some people say, even, that it can act like a mirror or doorway. I don't know if I believe that but I read it from somewhere (much of Planet Earth is covered in water so if it's true then we're in trouble); it might be a superstition. I only mention it because you said that the place where you were living had been a fish farm with many pools of water around.

I am sorry that a fire destroyed your home; at least you didn't have to remain in a place where you were uncomfortable and frightened.

- Maria

I know you jest with the play on words with 'marbles', but I didn't feel any negative or bad feelings during this encounter, so no need to lose any marbles. I mostly felt an intense curiosity and was drawn into staring at the marble until it came to rest. I didn't even try to justify or rationalize it in any way at that time (afterward, of course I tried to find explanations).

Thank you for reading and commenting.

James Bond
fence_sitter in Haunted Tunnels
These so called "magnetic hills" that seemingly pulled vehicles that were engaged in neutral gear uphill are also common here in the Philippines; however, these were debunked when some scientific investigators just poured water on the road and noted their flow direction (water became the ideal choice for this experiment since water is non-magnetic). And in all cases, the water flowed towards the seemingly "uphill direction". Their findings proved that these seemingly uphill portions were actually sloping downwards and the uphill appearance were all optical illusions all along (some even went to the extent of doing engineering leveling work on the area just to prove that these places were really going downhill. Just my two cents worth...peace.
Hello Silverthane and thanks for reading.

I'm an communications technician by trade, of which, electricity plays a significant role. To be competent in locating faults, one has to apply a logical approach, which in my case, suited my skeptical approach to nearly all situations.

Indeed, twenty or thirty years ago, I would have reacted in a similar fashion (except saving myself the embarrassment of complaining to a fellow electrician). Yet there were a couple of instances where I had to apply Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) logic - "Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth."

I'm only certain of being correct when the facts are overwhelming, but sometimes suspicions are all that we are left with.

LottiTheSeer in Rattles & Drums
Thanks silverthane61 for your comment and I'm trying to find out how I can upload and share some of these audio clips.
LottiTheSeer in Rattles & Drums
Hello Cherubim, and thank you for your comment and question. Yes I've researched the history of the house and I've researched the Native American history of this area.
I found out that the Native Americans that inhabited this area are known as the Kumeyaay. It was when I was researching the Kumeyaay on their website that I ran across the photo of Cinon Duro Mataweer, and realised that this is the man I've seen in my room and other locations in some of my astral travels.
As for the drums, I also wondered if they were residual however they are all slightly different, sometimes forty-five minutes of rattles and then drums, and sometimes drums only. Sometimes there are other sounds, sounds of some sort of flute or wind instrument, sometimes it sounds like he's spinning the rattle, and sometimes there are what sounds like whispers, words being said or repeated.
I've also heard what sounds like gunshots, my husband says they sound like black powder. I've asked the good people at YGS how I can possibly upload and share some of these sample clips so you all can hear for yourself and I can maybe get some feedback on what others think it sounds like. Thanks again for your comment and question. One more thing, yes getting my feet grabbed and slapped did indeed scare the crap out of me.
LottiTheSeer in Rattles & Drums
Hi Biblio and thanks for your comment. I agree with you and I do not believe Cinon is responsible for the sexual attacks, I also think he would be more likely to be a protective entity and I hope that is the nature of his presence.
I would like to upload and share some of these recording samples so people can hear for themselves what this sounds like.
So if there's a way for me to share some of these please let me know. Thanks again for your comment.
silverthane61 in Someone Is Having Fun
Electricity is not my strong point especially when it comes to electrical outlets. I have to confess that if the same thing happened to me, my ignorance about all things electrical would have not led me to believe in anything paranormal. I think I would have just complained to an electrician. Please do not misunderstand me. You are obviously better versed with electricity and I am sure you are right in your suspicions.
LottiTheSeer in Rattles & Drums
Hello and thank you for your warm welcome and for everyone who commented. This is the first feedback I've received on this topic aside from people I spoke with face to face.
lady-glow, thanks for your question. The first time I experienced an OBE was when I was very young and that happened spontaneously, from my teen years to now there has always been intent on my part to leave the body, except for a few times when I had the sensation of being pulled out.
As far as research, I've done an awful lot of it trying to piece this all together and the bottom line that I keep returning to is, positive and negative energy as a frequency vibration. This high or low vibratory frequency is connected to your emotions, your thoughts, and your intent.
So your emotions, thoughts, and intent will determine what environment you find yourself in, so controlling my fear, in the face of darkness and learning to raise my vibratory frequency through positive thought and intent, I've been able to escape some scary situations.
There has been times when I've struggled, when my fear took over and I tried to fight physically however this just fed this entity and that just gave it more strength. Sometimes I return to my body and wake up.
A medium once told my Mother that I had an attachment, this was when I was 18 and dealing with some issues. Looking back over my life, the possibility of having a parasite makes sense. I think that my spiritual growth and positive changes within myself might be making it harder for this entity to feed off my energy, and maybe I've got a guardian in Cinon Mataweer Duro as well. Thanks again for your comments and questions.
silverthane61 in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
I cannot say it any better than ajonverge above. This story is unique in that I have never read anything even closely similar as to what you have experienced. The only guess that I can offer is that it somehow either involves time travel or a breach between another dimension.
silverthane61 in Haunted Tunnels
I would not be surprised to know that many other states have variants to this legend. A vehicle rolls uphill, or over train tracks or across a bridge, etc. I do note that the difference in your and your sister's experience is that your vehicles apparently rolled in 2 different directions - at least that is what I read. Is the tunnel road sloped in any way?
silverthane61 in The Missing Earring
I do not know the science involved behind the apparent ability for objects to apparate similar to what happened to your earring. This seems to be indeed a genuine paranormal event.
I would have lost my marbles if I had seen a marble behaving in such a weird way.


I'm sorry for your loss, it's very sad that you lost both your parents in such a short period of time.

A puzzling and fascinating experience. Perhaps someone knew that crying would help you to release some emotional steam?

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words and for reading and commenting on my story.
Greetings Miandra.

I really appreciate your kind words.

"Settling in place after place may have been his way of regressing the pain and loss of his love."

I have always wonder the reason behind Grandpa's chosen lifestyle, I guess it wasn't easy for him to have survived two wives and, though in appearance his life was comfortable, perhaps he felt that his wings were stronger than his roots and resented having to settle on only one place.

I only hope for him to be at peace.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my experience.
Jubeele - It's interesting to know how different funeral rituals can be from place to place. In Mexico people get buried within two days after their passing, the vigil lasting usually one day and one night.

I'm not really aware of all the details of Grandpa's funeral, I don't know how long he was kept at the morgue before the burial.
Mom has mentioned to me that, given the circumstances of his death, it wasn't easy for my uncles to find a priest accepting to perform a mass for him. I imagine his spirit was full of regret, not only for the decision he had taken, but for the way this action affected the rest of the family.

It makes me wonder if all four of the pallbearers felt the increase on the casket's weight or if only B and T experienced it.

Thanks for reading and for your kind words.
Bibliothecarius in Haunted Tunnels
Greetings, all.

I think that there is a fair amount of 'urban legend' in your narrative, which you readily admit: "It is unknown if this actually happened or if it was just a hoax that got out of hand" and "The myth is..."

Since I first read this story, yesterday, I've had a nagging feeling that there are familiar details in the first few paragraphs, about the school bus trapped in a cave-in, though my brain is telling me the narrative I'm remembering was in Washington State. Does anyone else on YGS remember this? (If not, perhaps it was a documentary I saw.)

The legend of ghost hands pushing a vehicle uphill has been attributed to multiple sites around the U.S. & elsewhere. While the road appears to slope upward, that's only in relation to the background visible to the naked eye, which your brain uses to orient itself. However, the sloped road may only *look* like it slopes uphill, when it actually slopes very slightly downhill; the much more severely-sloped background thus provides a disorienting frame of reference, and the "uphill" motion is a convincing illusion.

I don't doubt your experience, Ranaychristine, as you are so matter-of-fact about what happened, but I do question a supernatural cause for these events.

Hello Lady-Glow,

I couldn't help but feel for your grandpa. He lost his wife and was unable to continue in poor health to the point he took his own life. 😢

Settling in place after place may have been his way of regressing the pain and loss of his love.

I'm sorry for your loss lady-glow. Hopefully he is reunited with your grandma. May their souls RIP.

Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Hi Cherubim,

Our gut instincts do send out warnings to us. In the past, I've ignored them and later regretted it. I'm learning to recognise these little cues and nudges. I felt this dislike about the place before I even got out of the car, which made me take careful note of the details around us. I knew there would be a reason for it.

Wish I could be a fly on the wall when Anton spoke to his wife Mary about it... 🤔

Thank you very much for reading my story, and for your comments. To be honest, it took me a long time to write this story (and I almost didn't post it because it was personal). Perhaps this gave me a lot of time to edit and re-edit it. I am glad you have found enough in it for you to favorite it.

James Bond

One day (hopefully in the far future), I will ask my parents if they sent that marble to me. Thanks for reading.

James Bond

Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I will indeed remember this experience for the rest of my life. And I know that my mother was there for my father when he needed he (just like he was there for her 12 years earlier). After he was gone, she didn't have to fight her illness any more. Appreciate your comments.

James Bond
Jynxer in Sleep Paralysis
Hi Maria,

The incident never came out in public to protect the company's name. The family agreed with the company's settlement deal and they were paid handsomely.

Bibliothecarius in Rattles & Drums
Greetings, LottiTheSeer, and welcome to YGS.

From what I've learned of assorted Native / American Indian cultures, the use of drums often signifies an event or a ritual of great significance. As you've seen at least one Native American in your astral travels, the drums may be a residual effect from his awareness of being on a spiritual walk or quest; that is to say, *he* expects to hear the drums, therefore they are audible. This would partially explain why some of your audio recordings suggest that the drums started *before* you began recording.

*IF* the individual you identified as 'Cinon Duro Mataweer' is indeed the entity you've seen --and he has not reacted to you in either a hostile or a defensive manner-- I'd suggest that he's participating in a ritual that is protecting you & your family from harm. As he was a medicine man in addition to being a tribal leader, his first concerns would be the welfare of people and the preservation of the natural world. I would further suggest (also based upon your initial identification of this spirit) that he is *not* the entity responsible for the uncomfortable & inappropriate behavior you've experienced. This other, offensive entity may be why he seeks to protect you on a regular basis.

These are just ideas based upon your (tentative) identification of the individual you've seen repeatedly. I look forward to hearing the recordings from your night-cam.

I never personally saw whatever it was. I probably could have had I looked but it was just something inside me that knew I shouldn't look because of what I might see. Looking back, part of me wishes I had but I still remember the fear and how extreme it was and I don't know if I ever could have looked if I had a chance to redo that night. The one feeling I can't express enough was that feeling of knowing something was there and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. In fact it felt like this overwhelming sense of doom. It felt evil. I've been in the presence of other spirits before and there were ones that I had an urgency to get out of the area/building and others that felt harmless (as creepy as it is encountering a ghost lol). From what I understood from the guy that was with us that night, he was tall, lanky, pale, seemed out of place, and had a high pitched voice like a male child. He never said anything about him being naked so I'm assuming he had clothes on otherwise I feel that would have been something he brought up. The one other thing that was noted was the way he ran so easily through the terrain (especially since he wasn't the one with the flashlight). I often imagined this thing looking like slender Man and have even researched slender Man which seems to be a made up figure that started on creepy pasta. Also people who have reported slender Man often describe him as faceless which I don't believe was the case here.

For all I know it could've been a native spirit but the feeling I got was anything but nice. I have been back to that place during the daylight and I get that gut wrenching feeling that makes me want to leave as quickly as possible. Although I don't know if that's just because of my past experience or if that thing still roams there. I've thought about going back at night but I'm definitely not brave enough to do that when the place now scares me in the day time! Also, I want to say that this thing seems to be somewhat new there. When the wooden bridge was still in tact it was a place a lot of people would hang out at all hours of the night. It was also once a great place to go fishing. But once the bridge burned, the road closed, the place was left to get overgrown, and it pretty much seemed forgotten for the most part.
LuciaJacinta in An Angel Saved Me
Really enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing. Your English is just fine. Good job. I believe in guardian angels as well. We are never alone. ❤
LuciaJacinta in Haunted Tunnels
I liked your story and put it in my favorites because it's a great ghost story. But I have to admit, I think it's just a campfire ghost story. There are at least three locations here in PA that I know of that have the exact same urban legend to them...there's a bridge, tunnel etc... You put your car in neutral, the car moves uphill even sometimes, you see dark figures at the other end and baby handprints on the car. I think it's pretty standard.

I believe this all happens but logically in locations like this there is a lot of natural metals that could potentially draw the car forward in neutral, the handprints could be any number of things from small animals to just dust... Who knows.

Now, in the one location in PA, I admit it is down right creepy but I attribute that to the evil acts like you mentioned like maybe a rape, etc... That most likely occurred there.

I like your story though. I would love to visit there one day.
That poor woman. 🤔 It would be nice if someone could help her move on to the other side. I would have been frightened and ready to move! I think owners should be liable when selling haunted houses. I hope your sister and family is okay now. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
I haven't been to said park in many years. Well before I started dabbling into the paranormal. Methinks I will be visiting soon being that I might be moving in the near future. Thank you for the story MrsRamsay.
Oh yes MrsRamsay... I DO know! 😜 I had a teacher in school that always ended his class by saying "everything is connected." The older I get the more I realize how true this is.
Cherubim in Rattles & Drums
Have you ever researched the place where you live? WOW! 😲 I can't imagine having my feet grabbed while sleeping. The orbs are fascinating, I've seen them too. It sounds like Native Americans once lived where you are. I wonder if the drums you hear are residual? It would be fascinating to hear those recordings, I think you are on to something as well.
I've gotten a foreboding feeling in strange places as well, I never ignore my gut instincts as I've gotten older. Strange how Mary's husband got so agitated when you told him you saw "someone." Maybe he knows it's haunted. I always say prayers for protection as well. ❤ I don't think I'd want to go back to that cottage again either.
Haha! Every time a see those pop corn tins during Christmas I think of this story as well, 😉 thank you Jubeele. 😘
Thanks Daz. 😊 Yes, I've always heard everyone is 30 years old on the other side! As far as having things materialize, that's been happening before anyone I ever knew died. Then sometimes as long as 4 years it reappears again. 😲
Nice narration brother. I really cannot explain what it was. Without raising eyebrows, it is safe to say that r mind is its own place and has the propensity to play tricks with us too
Right now, Hawaii gets a lot of lava returned. 😁
The ghost town of Bodie, CA kind of cheated, because their legend was started by the California Department of Parks and Rec to keep people from stealing! But they still get little pieces of metal returned in the mail about once a week. 🤔 I believe that if enough people think something is real like that, it could become real. But that's completely off topic for this story!

There's also this superstition about shoes in walls...Don't get me started on removing old shoes found in walls! That's a real thing!... And they need to stay where they're found! 😆

I'll look up some words in the search box and see if I can find some of these stories. There has to be at least one more. ❤
Jubeele in The Mountain
Hi Lealeigh, my mum and I resolved our differences thirty years ago after I got married and left home. It took me a while but I eventually understood what drove her at the time and she meant well, though I don't agree with her methods. She's in her mid-eighties now and I go back to visit her in Singapore when I can.

You said there were matches with the shoes? Just found these on getting rid of old shoes and someone making a political statement:
Greetings on a rainy night in Georgia! Thank you all for the comments...YES, I have been quite into synchronicities for awhile now! Guess I'm the same way, just seem to notice them all the time, but some are larger than others. It is truly to the point that sometimes I can almost feel my loved ones whispering in my ear about something, but not really. It's now in my imagination though. One more quick thing about Mom. I don't know how long after her death -- I had cleaned out the small items from her desk -- and on her calendar the day she died in her own handwriting it said: "Not here." That's the one that will haunt me like crazy. She was NOT supposed to go anywhere, we were close enough that I knew her schedule. She went downhill so quickly after her diagnoses, I'm almost positive she wasn't writing in her calendar. I know she always doodled when she was on the phone at her desk, but this was spot on the day she died. And then I FIND it! Another synchronicity?! (By the way, Mom knew I had these beliefs about...spirituality. She was somewhat a skeptic but she always listened to me when I told her about things that have happened. Sometimes I think she knows that I KNOW. You know?:)

I have today off and when I saw LuciaJacinta's post I attempted to find what she was looking for. I gave up; the task was far too daunting. Apparently, the words "rock" and "national park" factor into far too many stories. 😜

It makes me smile to know that the national parks of the world get rocks in the mail!

It's information like yours that helps me to progress happily through the day.

- Maria ❤
LuciaJacinta, there's many parks around the country (and world) that get rocks mailed back to them. The reasons are usually: negative energy coming from the rock, a string of bad luck after taking it, or a new haunting in their home after bringing it home. Also, I like your idea of putting it back in the ground! I didn't think of that.

I'm sure there's probably another story on here about it. Now you both have me interested in finding more stories about this on YGS! ❤
Lealeigh in The Mountain

I look back with love for my father; not only because he always had benign punishments for me and my sister. He wouldn't hurt a fly (literally; he once reprimanded my sister for killing ants with a magnifying glass. He said: "They work so hard and never stop and all they get in return is more work.).

I remember that you and I exchanged a couple of comments on a story called: "Blood Vein Jade" where we talked about your mother; the things she used to say to you saddened me. I have to think, however, that she somehow meant well. Her values were from a different time.

Because of what happened with the voice, I too believe in guardian spirits. I can remember the voice the way it sounded (or, at least, I think that I do) and it sounded like a clear spoken young man's voice. The word was said loudly, quickly and with authority.

I have thought of it in the years since and I have never been able to remember if I had ever heard it at any other time. I never heard it again and I certainly never tried the same kind of stunt again; I just came home with my report card and faced the music.

Another thing that I am still curious about, even though it is silly, is: I wonder what all those shoes were doing there. They seemed out of place and, when I heard the voice, I was about to look more closely at them. It isn't important and I will never know even if there is some compelling story behind them.

Thank you for reading my story and for your thoughtful comment!

- Maria ❤
Hi Lealeigh,

Kiama is also famous for the lighthouse and the Blowhole. The countryside is very pretty. We enjoyed going into town and looking around. Hopefully, the next time we'll pick a more welcoming place.

Anton was so edgy about the mysterious woman that it made me even more curious about the whole thing. I'm now wondering if others have mentioned a few strange happenings too.

Well, I tried to give you an upvote but it says to vote for someone else. But here's one anyway: +1. 😊
Jubeele in The Mountain
Oh Lealeigh, that was quite a frightening ordeal for you.☹ Growing up in SE Asia, my mother was what has been described as a 'Tiger Mum.' She would check my math exercise book and give me a stroke of the bamboo cane on the left palm for each wrong answer. Ouch. I've been afraid to go home whenever I got less than 100% on my report card.

I believe in spirit guardians. Once, I've received a warning, clear as if someone had spoken in my ear, saving me from harm when I fell off a horse. I'm so glad someone was watching over you and you didn't come to any harm. A BIG hug to you.

Have you ever thought about who that voice could have belonged to? Some relative or friend perhaps?🤔

Rotten lemons with fruit flies? Eeeuw!
Hello Jubeele,

I was just looking at pictures online of The Kiama Hinterland. It is very beautiful and tranquil looking; like paradise.

It doesn't surprise me that Anton wasn't very forthcoming with any history of the paranormal at his place.

- Maria ❤

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