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No problem! I would have just posted one link, but I wasn't sure if it would work. All the videos on the list are "unlisted" Only people with links can see them.
Maybe someone else with more knowledge will comment. I haven't a clue really.
valkricry in The "colored Man"
Very interesting, billyj. I agree, very odd that such a wee child would use a term not heard around the house, and I find it unlikely your Grandfather would refer to himself that way if he spoke to her, just wouldn't make sense.
You mentioned a "house that was always a full of relatives," so am I correct in assuming she was never left in say child-care, or with outsiders? If so, that really narrows the field/likely-hood of hearing it else where. Very puzzling indeed...
Gotta say, impressive vocabulary for a one year old! Mine weren't nearly that articulate at that age.
Cole Harris, thank you for making a playlist of the videos. Makes it easy to watch.
Residual-Hauntings?; mmmm, interesting, perhaps this phenomena explains the phantom farts I keep hearing in my bathroom; every time I hear a phantom fart I go in my bathroom and there's no one there 😳😳😳
billyj157 in The "colored Man"
The man seemed to be sleeping because he was dead. He was lying in a coffin. It was a picture taken at his funeral. Withholding of comments on this would probably be in the best interests of all concerned.

No, he did not blink. A infant interacted with someone she had never met, known to be deceased and identified them in a photo.

My sister was the only child we are aware of having an experience.

From the "comments guidelines" of the site:

"This site offers discussions on the topic of ghost experiences, with people coming from various cultures, so please avoid proselytizing or preaching, unless the author of a story specifically asks to receive feedback from that religious perspective...It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact."

What you say is already there... One would expect and hope for a everyone to consult the guidelines before posting any religious advice though, on the other hand, the problem is not (any specific) religion, but the way some people practice their religious beliefs.

Just my opinion.
VeronicaMarie in The "colored Man"
billyj, I'm curious to know if your little sister was the only grandchild to be born after your grandfather died. Because it's so interesting that she was the only one to see him, or at least, the only one to let the family know that she saw him. And the picture where she asked if he was sleeping, is there something about that picture of him that would make her ask that? Like he was caught on camera right when he blinked his eyes?
FART-EXTERMINATOR in My Admirer Came Back
While I don't have an opinion or any contribution to make regarding the above real-life experience, nevertheless I have an opinion I would like to express about a topic relevant to YGS: I have an objection to those members who in their comments bring up the topic of Christianity as a solution. Anyone who believes THEIR religion has a monopoly on the truth about god are ARROGANT DELUSIONAL NARCISSISTS. From my personal experiences atheists know more about god than anyone who believes in the bible. Out of respect for those who don't share your belief in the bible, and most people here do not, it would be polite to mention god in general terms, abstaining from mentioning Jesus, Mohammed, or any specific deity for the sake of being neutral and considerate of those who don't share your beliefs.
billyj157 in The "colored Man"
Some comments are clearly made by those who don't understand. Other comments are made by some who THINK they understand.

Please enjoy my story, as I will enjoy the comments. I really appreciate the explanation of polite terms for My People. I don't have a degree so I just prefer my name. I think my ancestors did also.

Others came up with the "polite" terms.
I believe there to be a plausible scientific explanation behind your glass of water sliding across the table: I have noticed that if a drinking glass is wet at it's base and is placed on a smooth surface the drinking glass does tend to slide, especially if the surface upon which the glass is placed has even a small puddle of water.
Lealeigh in The "colored Man"
Hi Billy,

I just wanted to say that I was the first person on this thread and I said nothing about candy. I grew up in Georgia and I know what the term means. Alina5 is from India and I don't think she knows what is meant by it. Billy, I am sorry that you even needed to clarify.
Bibliothecarius in The "colored Man"
Greetings, billyj157, and welcome.

VeronicaMarie's observation make s a lot of sense. Back in the 20s & 30s, "Negro" was the acceptable term, "Colored" was the polite term post WWII through 1960-ish, which was followed by "Black" during Civil Rights & the Black Power movement. There was some overlap with the timeline on using these terms, but "Colored" may well have been the term your grandfather was accustomed to using just as you use our contemporary term "African-American." (My Master's degree was in African-American Literature, and my historical quotes needed a LOT of contextualization to avoid offending anyone.)

This is a rather sweet story, knowing that your grandfather was still active around the home and that your sister was looking out for him.

billyj157 in The "colored Man"
This is to no one in particular but, must be stated. The term "colored" was and continues to be used when describing African Americans. It has nothing to do with candy, nothing at all.
MrsRamsay in The "colored Man"
Really enjoyed your story, and can relate to the "riding out" of a deployment overseas (I'm an Army brat). We used to go to my mom's hometown when Dad was overseas. Perhaps your grandfather was there watching over you all while your dad was gone! It's really neat to think that our small grandchildren might be able to see and interact with us after we die, right?! At the rate my kids are going, no babies in sight after a few years of marriage because they want to travel... I might have no choice but to hang around!
I think so, Daniel. For myself I think our personal belief system plays a large role in the paranormal, and Death wears many faces.
There are a good many reports of folks near death claiming that some deceased relative is near to show them the way, and one's like your Mama's, where Death has come calling in 'person', as it were.
Both cats are roughly the same age. The cat that died was only about 2-3 weeks younger.
πŸ€” Intriguing to say the least. Looking forward to seeing the video. Just for clarification, are both cats roughly the same age, or is the surviving cat a year or 2 younger?
I'd liked to have seen him try to reach the door handle.

Maybe it is the sprit of a confused resident.
Thanks for the advice AugustaM. I'll have to look into it. However, I guess I should state, that the instances where he "sees things" are the only behavioral changes he's exhibiting. He still eats, plays, and drinks like he always has.

A quick update to the story. I actually caught it on camera this time! He started watching something off the end of my bed, so I immediately pulled out my phone. I also managed to catch something else on camera too! I have lamp above my bed that I use for reading. I had it on last night when I was recording. A couple hours ago, I went back to the footage and found something I can't explain! For the first few moments of the video, you can see on the bedspread that something is blocking the light. A few seconds later, whatever is blocking the light, moves away. Because of how I sit in bed, there really isn't any way it could have been me. The part that scares me the most however, is that my cat was watching something at the foot of my bed, and whatever was blocking the light was RIGHT behind me.

I'll be posting the video shortly, and will comment with links to it, and all of the other videos I managed to catch of him "seeing things."
WontTellYouMyName in Care Home Incident
Hi Lorenzo,

Are we sure this wasn't the work of a neighbourhood cat? Haha.

But on a serious note, I feel like it could've been the result of a residual haunting. Especially considering the flashing of screens in empty rooms. Maybe just a friendly / confused spirit.

[at] Valkricry
Seems very plausible, and would make sense she would see a Mexican deity as we are Mexican. Could it be that the way we are taught to envision the grim reaper is what shall appear before us? For example in the USA they picture it as a skeleton with a scythe and that is how they shall see him, but then there is the Mexican version which is a woman and so we shall see a woman? It might all depend on how we envision it and it will appear to us as it is most familiar to us.
valkricry in A Knock On The Door
Welcome back,sanjubhat.
It is not very often that we're treated to such a complete accounting. Generally the endings are rather open-ended if you know what I mean, the mysteries behind the event forever shrouded. Very satisfying to see one where, not 100% solved, seems closed.
I enjoyed reading this very much.
sanjubhat in A Knock On The Door
Thanks Alina and good-ghosts for your positive feedback. Feels good to be back 😊
Perhaps whom she saw was SeΓ±ora de la Santa Muerte, or Santa Muerte.
She is a female deity of death, or a folk saint in Mexican and Mexican-American folk Catholicism. Personally, I don't know a lot about her, just what the locals here have told me.
Often she is pictured wearing a white robe or shroud, carrying a scythe (long stick thing with a curved blade on the end). Some say she carries the Book of Life, which tells her which way to escort your soul (don't know how reliable that tid-bit is, but is what I've been told.)
[at] Lealeigh
I also wonder who she saw, from what I know her whole family was very sensitive and she had sisters that have died before her. All in all it was creepy to hear.

Thank you for replying.
[at] Valkricry Yes I suppose that would not be advisable. Your experiences has me believing more that I actually met my son before I ACTUALLY met my son. Pretty crazy.
In the days and sometimes weeks leading up to the passing of a pet in our 100 year old building, we get sightings of phantom black cats - we have learned they are harbingers. They always go right after the passing. Perhaps your home has its own set of harbingers - you just can't see them.

Elderly cats can also develop dementia just like elderly adults so they may be "seeing" and reacting to something that just genuinely isn't there. They also tend to ingest less water as they grow older due to our feeding practices and sometimes the discomfort of bending to the bowl or the inability to see well enough to know where the water level is and dehydration can also cause odd behavior and hallucinations.

Or this could be something entirely out of the box and might as well take a few simple precautions just in case.

First, check for natural causes - they could be chasing fruit flies that you just aren't seeing or other pests just under the floor boards or in the walls - so check for droppings under furniture, in kitchen drawers etc and maybe set a few traps in safe places (roach motels, humane mouse traps [they are safer for your cats], a glass of vinegar w a drop of dish soap covered w cling wrap with a few holes poked in for fruit flies). In case it's dehydration, talk to your vet or do a bit of googling - it's pretty easy for you to check if your cat is dehydrated. Try a pedestal bowl (or just prop up his/her existing bowl with another beneath it or a few books), place multiple water bowls that are changed and cleaned morning and night around the house, offer broth or wet food [if they are unaccustomed to wet food, go with something stinky - Tiki Cat makes a good one with sardines], even try a cat fountain if you are so inclined.

Lastly, for the paranormal options - I think setting up the cameras is a good idea. There is a free app called Alfred that allows you to slave two devices together (ie 2 tablets, 2 phones, a tablet and a phone [old phones no longer in service work too so long as they can be connected to WiFi]) and use them as surveillance cameras - one becomes the camera and the other the viewer. The "night vision" option is pretty decent and there is a motion activated setting - you can even set it to sound an alarm if the motion activation is triggered. That way, you might be able to get some insight into what you are dealing with. Then cleansing time!
I think it Must've been a ghost.
I wonder how he died. Maybe he was happy about finding a hawfinch.
You think it was perfectly natural then?
Nothing paranormal about it?
I live in Guwahati and visited the Taj last year, I really never knew that place was haunted. And also about the deaths (Murder/suicide) in the hotel was never published in the news. Well you never know what's hidden behind those huge, beautiful places.
Hello sushantkar. After reading many posts about how a coin could be used for a planchette to communicate with the other side, now I am actually thinking may be there was some entity which wanted to talk to me, it might not be a bad one because it never tried to cause any harm.

And yeah changing the hotel was actually a wise decision 😁
Hi AugustaM, I really hope it was a good sign from the other side.

I tried to research a little about the hotel but as it was a really small hotel, there was no such information in the internet but I'll definitely try to interact with the local people there if I ever visit Shimla again.
good-ghosts in The "colored Man"
Hello billyj157,

It is such a great feeling when you know your loved ones still visit you even after they are not physically present in this world. They must have loved us too much to part their ways.

Great story! I can connect to it since my grandma came to visit my son once. Only he could see her then. He kept playing with her, throwing smiles and kisses at her.

Wonderful experience indeed.

Hello Sanjubhat,

Your descriptive narration is indeed praiseworthy. The amount of details used to explain the situation of every passing incident is what makes this account much lively, in a sense that I could passively picturise the events in my head as if I was accompanying you there.

Visiting Lonavala is like every person's fantasy during monsoons even though I had visited the place last year but the frantic imagery and blossoming natural beauty left me craving for more.

A mystery dating back to almost 70 or 80 years! I was wondering how did nobody tried to investigate it? Just a thought, even if it's a murder hiding the corpse at the place of the victim's guest house is risky and everything being unnoticed is quite surprising. Yeah, we can blame the lack of resources and technology in the colonial era and the the 1930s are accompanied by a lot of revolutionary moments in the struggle for freedom.

You indeed are quite lucky to have a luxurious ancient architectorial resort to stay.

good-ghosts in A Knock On The Door
Oh my God, you have finally come back! I was and still am a fan of your stories sir.
I wondered why there were no posts from you for all these years.
Thanks for the condolences. My cat passed of natural causes. He was 15 years old and 16 is the end of a cat's natural lifespan. I had suspected for quite a while that he was living his last days. According to my Dad he hadn't eaten or used the bathroom in days, and had spent two days straight laying beneath his desk. In truth he had never been very healthy. We adopted both cats as kittens from a shelter. They had just finished a bout of kennel cough when we picked them up. The cat ended up suffering with tendon issues for his entire lifespan (he was never very flexible and actually struggled to clean himself), and spent close to a year before his death completely blind.

Strangely enough there is one instance I can remember that happened just a few nights ago (I would post it to the site as a separate story but there just isn't enough to the story to make the thousand word minimum.) I was sitting in the living room staring at my phone when I saw him walk through just like he used to. He stopped in the doorway that lead into the dining room and disappeared as soon as I looked up. I was sitting in a recliner with the foot rest up, so I really only saw his tail and back end, but it was still enough to freak me out a bit. Oddly enough it seemed to quite literally be just his back half, nothing else.
VeronicaMarie in The "colored Man"
Really intriguing story, billyj157. Since your grandfather died before the Civil Rights Movement, it makes sense (in a paranormal way) that your sister would use the term 'colored man,'because she might have heard her grandfather using it. I agree with Maria that there is something so poignant, and very endearing, about how compassionate your little sister was towards him. It really does seem that your grandfather came back to bond with his little granddaughter who he never got a chance to meet in life.
Hello Lorenzo,

The turning of door knob can be explained on the grounds that the bolt of the door knob might have become loose, it once happened in my house the door to the kitchen was unlocking itself on multiple occasions at a time, I was a little freaked out but the mechanic solved the issue claiming that sometimes the knob handle or the bolt of the knob sometimes get loose or rusted due to certain factors such as loosening of the coil in the bolt during the winters if not plated properly or wrongly turning the knob several times can result in such minor issues.

I believe no institution is open about any paranormal incidents in its building since it will soon be subjected to rumors and can hamper the business, so there would be no way any staff would openly talk of this. It is better to research the background of the area yourself for any clue of it being haunted.

As a matter of fact, since these entities are not majorly interfering with the work I believe there is no need to be much concerned about them.

Hello billyj157,

Along with Maria, I also enjoyed reading your account. It still not understandable why she referred to him as the "colored man". Probably she see him loaded to candys and stuffs. Children do have a creative mind to express their words.

On a point of view, it is kind of heart warming that your Grandfather was stil visiting your house even after all these years looking after his daughter and grandchildren.

A beautiful narrative indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Cole_Harris,

Pets do have a better ability to sense the paranormal than the humans. Since you already have the knowledge of your area being prone to hauntings, and the senstivity of your cats in your house especially your room is probably not indicating a good sign.

My condolscenes on your loss of a beloved pet. However, I was wondering

Did your cat had any subjective illness leading to death?

Why he died all of a sudden?

If this entire even is the impact of any paranormal being then I'm afraid that it can be potentially malevolent towards you and your cat.

My only recommendation is performing a cleansing ritual in case, to prevent any active hauntings.

Rob27; I like your account of your experiences; I believe what you experienced is known as 'Missing Time Phenomena'; it is widely believed that those who have experienced this were abducted by aliens. Therefore I recommend that you undergo hypnotherapy, to uncover any recollections you have buried deep in your unconscious mind about what may have happened to you during those 100 minutes you can't account for.
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Pleading From Beyond The Grave
This is a great piece on a alleged paranormal experience. Different spiritual paths (not religions) have different views on how long it takes for the soul to leave it's physical body; I used to believe that the soul leaves almost instantaneously upon death; however according to Hinduism and Buddhism the soul can take days to leave the body, if this is true then your account of the funeral you attended confirms that the soul really does take days to leave. But then again I have also read witness accounts of seeing a ghost standing beside it's own corpse in a mortuary or a funeral parlour; I don't know what to believe.
Hi DanielJZ,

I think that the spirits that come to take people to the other side can fit into an infinite amount of descriptions. There are a lot of stories that people have told that loved ones sometime return to help people pass.

"The Grim Reaper" is an entity that was thought up during the days when Bubonic Plague was sweeping through Europe and bodies piled up everywhere. He looks like that because of the dread people have of death; but, I don't believe that a real guide to the afterlife would ever come to a person in that guise.

Still, I wonder who it was that visited your Grandmother.

- Maria
Lealeigh in The "colored Man"
Hi billyj157 and welcome to YGS,

I really enjoyed reading this. This story makes me a little sad, though. I guess it's because your sister seemed to say things that were so caring. I wonder why your sister called him that. If he died in 1961, he was probably born in the very late 1800's. Do you think 'colored' was a word he might have used? It's strange. Thank you for sharing this story!

- Maria
Daniel, unless you blur the face, I think it's ill-advisable to post your child's pic. Never know what kind of ramifications it might illicit.
I'm not sure about reincarnation, but I do know that premonitions about babies do happen. While pregnant I had a vivid dream, that was utterly black. Couldn't see a thing, but I heard someone say, "Don't you want to see your son? 10 pounds!" Then there was a crashing sound. Jarred me awake.
Fast forward, emergency c-section. I'm still 'under' and nurse is trying to rouse me, "Don't you want to see what you had?" Into the darkness, because my eyes were still closed, I hear myself reply, "Boy, 10 pounds?" I hear her gasp and someone dropped a tray saying, "How'd she know?"
I have a niece who heard a baby crying both times prior to learning she was pregnant. From there to someone kicking your seat, is a very small step for me to believe you received a small preview.
My guess is she meant "know what I mean" when she said "know what I'm thinking." She isn't expecting telepathy but understanding when she speaks or acts. When folks have been around one another for some time, there is a certain expectation of understanding that passes between them as so much exposure to one another ought to have given them insight into where that person is "coming from"; ie some of what informs their perspective. In it's simplest form consider when you see a certain look on a friend's face -the look you know they make when they are worried or get a big idea etc- you "know what they are thinking" because you know them well but it isn't telepathy it's awareness, empathy, familiarity etc... All reasonable expectations in a healthy relationship.
Miracles51031 in Pillow Talk
If you are reading comments and find some of them don't make sense or they seem to be missing something, it is because a comment or two was deleted.
Miracles51031 in Unexplainable Ability
FART-EXTERMINATOR, that is what you got out of her submission? Did you read the entire account or did you just stop at that point? I can empathize with curious123; however, I agree with LeaLeigh. As a woman there is no way I would want a man to know what I'm thinking. I don't think anyone would want someone to know what they are thinking all the time.

Since this story is almost 10 years old, you may not get a response to your comment so I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that maybe curious didn't mean it literally. Maybe she meant she feels like boyfriend doesn't listen to her, especially if she has to tell him something more than once. It could have been a figurative wish rather than literally meaning she wanted him to know what she is thinking 24/7.
Jethalal, nowhere in the guidelines does it state you have to comment on a story you don't believe. No one is going to know you read it and didn't express your disbelief. Nor will anyone accuse you of believing the submission because you didn't leave an obnoxious comment on it. There is always the option of just moving on.
lady-glow, once again thank you for your support and for speaking up on our behalf. ❀
[at] Bibliothecarius
I understand what you are saying and it puts a whole new perspective on what happened to me. If it is reincarnation I would love to be able to prove it, but I think we are still far from that ability. To be honest my family is very sensitive to to the spiritual world, some more than others. My grandmother was the most sensitive of us all, and boy do I have some stories there, my mother as well. I would post pictures of my son so we can compare exactly to my mothers dream but I don't know if I'm comfortable enough to do that online, no offense. Strangely he also loves to push/kick the back of my car seat to mess with me/play around.
[at] ALina5
Thank you for reading my story, I appreciate it. It is crazy thinking back on these two occurrences, and as far as I know there have been others within my family who have also experienced this. I just found out of a cousin this also happened to.
VeronicaMarie in The Calling Of My Name
FART-EXTERMINATOR (having a fit of maniacal giggles just typing that), that must have been an eerie experience. Do you remember if you asked your brother if he'd happened to be thinking of you right at that time?
FART-EXTERMINATOR in The Calling Of My Name
Hello FreddysGirl. I once had the exact same experience as you. I live alone in a one bed apartment, even though I live alone I am never lonely. Nor do I ever take illegal drugs, I occasionally drink, but on the day of my experience I hadn't drank any alcohol. On one Sunday evening back in 2005, I was seated in my living room in complete silence, when I heard a clear and vivid voice come from my entrance hallway, this 'voice' was unmistakably perfectly identical to that of my younger brother who at the time was 24 years old, the voice called out my name; upon hearing the voice induced terror in me and sent a chill up my spine. To which I reacted by fetching a large knife from the kitchen, before going to the hallway to investigate, but saw nothing.

I usually enjoy reading most of your comments on this site; but, alas, I have found an exception with your last one:

"this is a highly irrational expectation all women have of men."

I do not ever expect anyone to know what I'm thinking, whatever their gender or age. In fact, I would like to think that no one knows what I'm thinking without the benefit of asking me. Woman, though I am, I am great at communication with clear vernacular. I really would hate being around someone who could actually read my mind.

I agree with you: if anyone expects telepathy from another person, they are being unreasonable.

- Maria
AugustaM in Haunted Loft
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 🀣 Well played, cat! Well played!

*slow clap*
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Unexplainable Ability
In your account of your 'unusual experiences' you stated that you wanted your boyfriend to know what you were thinking?; this is a highly irrational expectation all women have of men, therefore the problem lies with you not your boyfriend; your expectation of wanting him to know what you're thinking is also CHILDISH.

"I've thought about this dream many times, and continue to do so. To me, seeing future events in dreams can mean only one thing; our lives are mapped out from day one. How else can the act of seeing these events be explained?"

Yes, Albert Einstein hypothesised that time is an illusion the past, present and future are all concurrent. The variable? Our future is a probabilistic one of which we can change by our choices. When we are asleep we can subconsciously move around the field of consciousness and see some of these probabilistic futures usually the one we need to take.

I would say your life is on course, finding yourself on the road to what you dreamt all those years ago.


I do play the lottery from time to time however I have no wish to cheat my destiny by dreaming them up lol. It took me a long time to understand that (Karma)

Good luck to you though, I hope you win a million... Send me a case of beer!

Hi Satyabrata,

God I can't even imagine being a kid and experiencing what you did. Just the two of you. Just glad nothing untoward happened.

WontTellYouMyName in Haunted Loft
Hi Lorenzo,

I was fully prepared to fear the worst after reading the story but I only just saw that it was your neighbour's cat up in the loft. Kinda anticlimactic but hilarious nonetheless.

WontTellYouMyName in The Victorian Home Part 3
Hi Jb66,

Going by this and your previous accounts, it seems to me that the activity is getting malevolent in nature. Maybe a thorough cleansing could help?

Thanks to each of you for your comments.

I've thought about this dream many times, and continue to do so. To me, seeing future events in dreams can mean only one thing; our lives are mapped out from day one. How else can the act of seeing these events be explained? Or at least it could be argued that the people that have the dreams are the few that happen to have a glimpse of their futures, by accident or by design. Unlike those of us that have seen ghosts however, the dreamers never have the benefit of a witness. I have had another dream since this very early one in which I also looked over the fence so to speak; but this time it was so traumatic that I felt the need to make a note of it, and the date. I'll write it down.
That is so sweet. I would've loved to have had an experience like that.
sushantkar in Night At The Hotel
Hello Rose97, I would reciprocate the same what AugustaM had pointed that different cultures have different interpretations
Sometimes coins are often used for Planchettes and other mediums to communicate with the other side and often it is very hard for the people to identify or impossible to guarantee what or who you will be communicating with.
Coins used for such purposes are often associate with dark practices can act as a medium through which malevolent entities might tries to possess the person who touches/came across the path.
It was a wiser decision to change the hotel... Not because of the coin of course but for the poor hospitality 😁

I know exactly what you mean - except my experience happened in reverse; I dreamed I was in the actual place then later while awake saw the photograph that matched exactly - rather "predicting" a past I had no way of knowing than the future. I wrote of it in my story "Coming to Say Goodbye" (https://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=23168).
AugustaM in Night At The Hotel
Traditions are different all over the world but in the West, at least, having coins materialize is a positive sign often taken as a greeting from a late loved one.

It would be very interesting to find out what the history of that hotel might be or the ground it stands on!
Sleeping-with-steve in A Picture From The Future
Hello Limey,

Wow, you predicted your future. That's amazing.
Thank you for sharing your post. I enjoyed reading it.


I'd love some Lotto numbers from you. LolπŸ€”
I will definitely go straight to the newsagents and buy a ticket. πŸ˜‰

Hi Alina5,
Thanks a lot for your comments, well!... Most of my encounters belongs to a certain place when I was a kid, so I guess that entity might be a common one. But here I didn't witnessed anything, while Lulu was trying to show me something.

Clubhouse is almost 2-3 km from our home Which is at one corner of that cricket field. Also I would like to clarify one thing that the entity was running around our play ground not the paddy fields as the ground is in front of our club house, Lulu saw things clearly.

Later We heard from our local members that such entity is common in that place many of them have witnessed and called it's a "Brahm Rakshas".

And to your final query Lulu stayed there as we both were responsible for those rented utensils and in case anything missed, we both going to face penalties that's why we both stayed there without informing our families. But they knew normally during feasts or parties we used to stay outside with our friends was not a new thing for them.

Hope I clarified.
VeronicaMarie in A Picture From The Future
aussiedaz, not to deflect from the original topic, but I really am fascinated by what seems to be a psychic ability that you have. I see that you have some stories here, and am looking forward to reading them.
Hello Limey,

This narrative is going straight to one of my favorites. I've always been fascinated by such events capable of defying the rules of time. I've a similar experience but not exactly same which I am planning to post in a while.

For you to remember a dream from the childhood is an evidence that it was indeed a significant one which stood out from the rest.

Amazing one! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Limey,

In 2015 just before I travelled to las Vegas from Australia and caught up with an old friend from here on YGS I had this powerful life like lucid dream I was at the Grand Cannon looking down into it... I was memorised by the beautiful mountain colours to see this flowing creek at the bottom of it. I could even feel the wind so life like was this dream.

When we arrived in Vegas a few days later we went to visit the grand cannon it took me a little while to find it... However when I did, I knew it was the vision from my dream with out a doubt, so I can relate to your own feeling of knowing what you dreamt all those years ago is what you'd experienced.

In my youth, premonitions and precognition's were almost a daily event... I would go to bed at night and somewhere in the next day my dream would show itself, however long term precognition's are a little more rare.

My account in the Cannon was about 3 months in the making.

I do have a theory that I have probably written here a dozen times over, anyway, thank you for sharing your story,btw... I once dreamt the lottery numbers but never put a ticket in and they came out. Lol

Regards Daz
Hello Cunobelinus83,

I do recall in your previous narrative that the area of your current apartment was previously occupied by Beijing hutongs and there you go a lot of history to find honestly. I know you must've came across similar statements in your previous account as well.

If you've lived in that apartment for long enough and are experiencing "paranormal activites" now, then it is possible that you're going through a spiritual awakening, therefore, developing sensitivity to the energies surrounding you.

I can understand your current state of mind that certainly having to experience such activites on a sudden instance are certainly not pleasing to you. But I can assure you the more you'll try to understand these things better then gradually you'll be least disturbed by such things.

Just a few questions if you won't mind:

Have any of the tenants of the neighbouring flats had such similar experiences?

What about your girlfriend's cousin? Did he ever mentioned of any such encounters?

Since these activites are not only limited to your house but you've also witnessed them outside as well hence, it can be possible that someone other than you might have seen it.

I believe performing a cleansing ritual might help in curbing the growing activites inside the household considering you're pretty disturbed by all this.

Welcome to YGS.

Your experience is very unique and interesting.
I guess "The Simpsons" are not the only ones who can predict some events that will happen in the future.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello DanielJZ,

Overall,I'm quite astounded as my first reaction after reading your account. I don't have much of an expertise opinion as Biblio since I don't have any vivid level of knowledge on this context whatsoever.

However,the possible idea of reincarnation seems quite fascinating to me.
A certain family member being born back again in the same family and many such abrupt "coincidences" where people get a glimpse of their to be born baby is what makes me wonder of how easily we are defying these barriers which science claims as impossible and fills me with the immense void of learning the truth.

I always tend to question the reality often hearing of these narratives. It was indeed a strangely amazing one.

Thanks for sharing

Hello Satyabrata2009,

I have to admit that most of your encounters have these "jumping entities" as a common. This entity resembles much to the description of a "monkey man" or whatever was it called.

How far were the houses from your club house?

A 7 feet entity appearing at night and moving around in circles along the fields which were supposedly paddy fields must've caused certain damage to the crops.

Was your village prone to the appearance of this entity? Or was it the first time this creature was seen or heard?

Considering the strictness of Lulu's parents in the first paragraph regarding cricket, They allowed him to stay at a club house for the night which is quite far from his home?

Just a few queries regarding your curious account. Hopefully, you won't mind answering them.

Fenrispro in The Spirit House
Oh this is a new story, I just saw it on the front pg! So the banyan tree had really been haunted? I didn know spirit houses exist here and definitely won't go to thailand. 😟 I had a cousin who went to Thai, got sick went Icu and then became mentally challenged. Voodoo
Bibliothecarius in Baby Kicking My Car Seat
Greetings, DanielJZ, and welcome to the conversations on YGS.

I'm going to address your narrative from an oblique angle, here. I've been mulling over your story for the better part of the last 12 hours, so please bare with me.

I do a lot of reading on a wide variety of topics; the first thought that occurred to me as I read your description was a book about reincarnation. In it, the author discussed that people who can remember past lives can also, from time to time, recall information from the time in between those lives. Now, I'm skeptical of the whole idea, however, the author claimed that some of the people he interviewed remembered *choosing* the families they would be born into.

What if the explanation is that your family happens to be exceptionally sensitive to spiritual visits? It may be some sort of e.s.p., or precognition combined with the enthusiasm/anticipation of the spirit.

I also remember an ancient Jewish tradition that souls waiting to be born are stored in the seventh heaven in the "Guph / Guf" or "Otzar." This theological point has resurfaced from time to time in branches of Catholicism, though I suspect that it was deemed a heretical belief because Christianity teaches that God puts the soul into the embryo (Creationism) or that the soul is created by conception (Traducianism).

I realize that --logically-- I'm way out on a limb here, speculating based upon second-hand information, questionable theology, and the limited data of your experience. However, my intuition feels like this fits together. Let me know if you think this makes sense, or if I'm just plain wrong.

Hi, Cunobelinus83...

Wow, wish I could think of an explanation for what you experienced, but I am stumped. I wonder what the lady meant by, "Ok, that's enough. Stop it now." My first thought was wondering if she was trying to protect you from something. Like maybe you were about to slip in the shower or something like that. I have never seen an apparition, but there are people here who have, who might be able to shed some light on this. It's especially hard to figure out, because you know the entire tenant history of the flat, and your only experiences like this have been in this flat. Maybe it's something about the building itself, since you saw that other old lady in the elevator previously. And maybe you are very sensitive to paranormal phenomena, and never knew it before, possibly because this is the first place you've lived where something very different is going on for some reason. Thanks for sharing that fascinating story. Keep us posted if you experience more!
VeronicaMarie in A Picture From The Future
Hi, Limey...

What an amazing story. I can't even imagine how blown away you were when you saw the exact same scene. I am gobsmacked. For so many years you just knew that one day you would see your dream. It seems really significant somehow, and hopefully someone here has an idea of what it might mean. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic experience.
Hello Jubeele,

Earlier, I was a non believer too. I would read the stories because it fascinated me and not because I believed them.

But since the things started to happen around me and most importantly around my kid, that's when I started to strongly believe in paranormal.

There are things which we don't completely know.

Well, few days after my grandma's visit on 19th April 2020, my grandfather passed away. He was 103. They both loved each other too much.
I somehow feel that she might have showed up to say her final goodbye.

Not sure though. I always imagine them to be happily together now, since they had led a very stressful life.
Hi Lealeigh,

Actually my grandma passed away in 2004. I was the one out of my 14 cousins who was closest to her. For the few early years after she passed, she would frequently visit my dreams whenever I faced some difficulties. Later on, as years passed, her visits became lesser. Though she would be there most of the times during my hardships.

For the past 3 years or so, I stopped dreaming about her. I would wonder why she isn't paying any visits.

And this incident happened...

As for the incident where my boy saw her, it is submitted here.
If you would like to read it is here

Very sorry to be not able to answer your comments and questions. I am joining late in the discussion. Apologies.

I am happy that some of you didn't look at the story in doubtful way. Appreciate that.

Even if you are doubtful about anything it is fine with me. But accusing the incident to be a work of fiction is not acceptable.

Whatever happened that day, I penned it down as sincerely as I could.

As to the visitations of my grandmother are concerned, they have always been in my dreams. She never once spoke to me. She would just stand or sometimes smile. But that's all she did. I am surprised that this time she spoke to me and most of all glad that I could hear her voice, though it was in a dream... But it was very true for me.

And the shadow did not disappear then and there. It appeared for few more nights. But somehow it was less fearful.

That's why I say, whether it was her (as I believe) or just a dream (as few might believe) it gave me strength to fight back and soothe my mind which was much needed after the trauma I was suffering from.

Thank you all for taking time to read. Really appreciate.

Jubeele in Haunted Loft
Lorenzo, that's good to hear. I trust Ms Kitty is safely back home with the neighbours and out of mischief. 😊

Still, the information you've been given is a good guide on how to assess such phenomena in the future. My childhood home was built over a former graveyard and it wasn't a peaceful place at all. My mum still lives there and although I keep in touch, I avoid the place as much as possible. 😨
Lorenzo in Haunted Loft
We found next doors cat up there. I guess there's no ghost...
Hi good-ghosts

That was quite an ordeal, 7 facial stitches and a skull fracture. I know from one of my cousins, a neurologist, that any trauma to the head is a very serious matter. I'm glad to hear you've recovered. Perhaps the medication and your injury somehow lowered the usual conscious barriers, giving you a glimpse beyond? People who are very ill can wander closer to the Veil. When my husband's heart stopped twice during his operation in hospital, he had an experience that widened his perception of things beyond the norm.

Regardless if it was a visitation, a hallucination or the effect of the medication, the thing to remember is that you gained the will power and strength that helped in your speedy recovery. I think that was the main purpose of your grandma's visit. A reminder that love endures.

I find it comforting to think that our loved ones who have gone before, continue to watch over us from wherever they might now be. We need faith, hope and love more than ever during these times. Thank you for sharing with us.
Jubeele in Haunted Loft
Hi Lorenzo,

It's awful not to feel safe in your own home. As others have suggested, first thing to do is eliminate the mundane causes. Like checking the loft for signs of chewed items, scat pellets, fur or musky animal smell. Or if someone had broken in, with things moved around or valuables gone missing. Does your house creak when the temperature changes, causing wood and metal to expand or contract?

Since you have lived there for 10 years without incident, did anything happen recently in the house or in the neighbourhood? An accident in the nearby street, the passing of someone known to the family? Are the residents in the house having any problems or going through a stressful time?

Over a period of time, houses can absorb the emotions and energies that are emitted within its walls, with echoes that can be perceived by those who are sensitive enough. Many YGS members have found Rook's cleansing method to be very effective. Hopefully that will prove the same for you.

Be well and stay safe.
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in My Sister's "lookalike"
That's cool and creepy, I wouldn't like to see my sister's double, she's very annoying! I love her though. πŸ™„ ❀
This story is very interesting. My grandpa says that his Jaguar Vanden Plas will be mine when he passes away and that he will pull my hair if I don't take good care of it. I want grandpa to live forever. 😊
[at] Jethalal, just want to add my 2 cents to "So youre telling me not to criticise clearly fake stories which are published on a site where people are supposed to post "real stories"?"

Well, there's a better way and a worse way to criticize.

"I find this story hard to believe," just by itself, would be a better way to criticize.

"And for anyone who claims that people in this site posts only "real stories" just go through this story once and reply to me."

Have you read the thread of comments to that story? If so, you should know by now that nobody believed it.

The moderators have explained many times that they have to follow some rules before publishing a submission, even if they are rolling their eyes and not necessarily believe it.
Being a new member, you haven't seen some of the drama some people have caused because their stories have been rejected.

You are entitled to your opinion and no one is trying to change it but, unless you have a point to discuss or question, you have already said enough about this story.

Just my opinion.
AugustaM in Haunted Schools
Golly, I guess I must have been distracted by something before my last post was fully published. Anyway, it had been to say that I had searched the internet for a while looking for any crimes of that nature in the state between approximately 1930 and 1970 and found only a few haunted schools in Las Vegas sporting either too few details in their backstory or backstories that didn't line up at all and one school in Ohio where the story was quite similar to the OP's but for that tricky little part about it being in Ohio. Perhaps the OP could give us a few more details about the history of the haunted school.
"So youre telling me not to criticise clearly fake stories which are published on a site where people are supposed to post "real stories"?" Not at all, what people are trying to tell you is to explain why this is your opinion. You would be surprised on how many might find you astute, rather than formulating a low opinion and writing you off as a troublesome negative.
However you need to understand that someone else might say totally different, and articulate why they find the event believable. Their 'take' on it as it were. It's called a discussion. Most folks who do believe in the paranormal value them, even if it debunks the experience. If you put your disbelief as a question, giving the o/p a chance to explain what ever caused your disbelief, you might find there's a plausible reason. It's called growth. Something someone with a shuttered mind is incapable of.
Hi good-ghosts,

I am sorry to read about your accident. During the earlier times of being visited by your grandmother, did you see her or sense her only? You said she was "always there". How did you know that your child was reacting to the presence of your grandmother, if your child was a baby at the time?



This is a site for true paranormal experiences. The events in this story are true to the writer. In the comment section you may then ask questions about the parts that you find to be "sketchy" (as you say). Or, as an alternative, you can give to the writer your own interpretation of their experience.

It seems like the part that you are having a problem with is the interpretation that the writer has made of her dream. This battle of good against evil happened in a dream, as far as I can tell. But the point is that, after she had this dream, the shadow in her room began to go away and she began to recover.

If you have to say anything about the "truth" in a person's narrative, please wait for them to answer your concerns.

- Maria
Jethalal - There have been a number of stories which have been published which I have been hugely skeptical about. In fact I have at times commented that I don't believe their stories because to my mind they were "stories".

Perhaps you should focus on publications which interest you and request further information in a polite manner.

Don't blame the mods, they are far from stupid and in fact they do not publish all submissions.

Please try to keep an open mind and offer informed opinions on the subjects which interest you instead of blatantly searching for glaring inconsistencies. If you find these inconsistencies, fair enough, either offer your opinion as politely as you can or don't comment at all.

Regards, Melda
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Midnight Snack: Attacked By An Aswang
Now I'm afraid to go to sleep. Eating a live bird with all its feathers must be gross, it would make me puke. 😲
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Aswang - Life Changing Experience
This is very scary! I hope it doesn't give me nightmares tonight.😨

I was going through your profile page for an instance but it feels like not only you are stubbornly skeptic of this narrative but other narratives as well.

This is a site where people post their "real experiences" not some fabricated random movie plots for fun. You have to understand the author's emotions attached to the experience. Every horror movie do have some base on real life experiences.

I apologise if I came up as rude, however, as a paranormal believer I consider this story as a authentic one.

That was my take too, Veronica-Marie.
It's widely held theory that 'bad-ghosts' feed on our fears, and I feel that it's quite possible that Grandma's 'visit' defused good-ghosts' fear in reality. Perhaps Grandma was not so much actually defending her physically but giving her the mental comfort and strength she needed. A very real, "you aren't in this alone" knowledge.
But looking at Jethalal's reasoning I can understand why he feels like it isn't so. As many of you know, I've had quite a bit of 'experience' with the other side as it were, and I have had spirits intercede in my behalf against physical threats. But I can't claim to have had the experience of good spirit vs evil spirit on my behalf, nor has anyone that I know of, take place before my eyes. Doesn't mean that no one has, but it does sound a bit... Too fantastical. However in dream visitations, often what we see can be symbolic, or an indicator.
On a personal note, I like to think that I could still be protective over the ones I love, once I'm gone, against the baddies of this earth and from the other side too. I know I try hard to do that now.

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