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Hey buddy.
My family also believes in and follows Shri Swami Samarth. My advice would be to take her to a place like Mehndipur Balaji and consult the priests over there who specialize in handling such cases.
Letting her live alone is extremely risky. Do not take a chance, sort it out once and for all.
God bless you.

I discussed it with a European history professor and he was quite firm on the purely legendary status of Henry's authorship. However, the story intrigued him and he said he would look into locations of known baby farms, Magdalene establishments and homes for unwed mothers. He said a slightly more specific location would be helpful but I understand if the writer does not wish to provide it. Shame on me, after the long discussion we had about everything else, I forgot to ask about the clothes!
Junglecat in The Easter Bunny
Hi Elaina Maria,
Because so many children believe whole heartedly in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause, I've wondered if that could manefest these myths into tulpas. If so, you might have seen one that night. That's my guess, anyway.
Anno_Domini in Night Security
In my part of the world, we have this acronym NVNT which means "No Video No Talk". Similar to Val's request a video would be much appreciated.
Great research AugustaM. I agree that the baby's clothes in the wall must be a very local or familial thing.

The_Morrighan, welcome, your history on Henry VIII seems accurate. Could you please give us references to the strong primary sources regarding Henry's authorship of Greensleeves?
I have read the same as AugustaM - there is no documentable evidence of him writing it. The style is Italian. But my research is based on Wikipedia 🙈
The_Morrighan in The Loud Growl
I totally understand that this would have been immensely disturbing but like comments on other posts I agree that there could have been many rational explanations. I'm a country girl and know what foxes sound like but was once walking my friends dog in an inner city park and heard a vixen screaming. Because it was out of my usual context at the time I was convinced a female was being attacked and spent an hour searching for her to no avail until rationalism kicked in.
The_Morrighan in Greensleeves In The Walls
Sorry to be pedantic but there are strong primary sources indicating that Henry VIII wrote Greensleeves during the courtship of Ann Boleyn.

Also Southern European influences were present in England long before this. The most relevant one I can give however, is very close to Henry VIII; his first wife Catherine of Aragon who was daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabelle of Castile therefore there were already very strong familial links with Spain.
msforgetmenott in The Red Lily

I was able to up vote Lady-glow for you. I have to say, you needed an up vote also.

RCRuskin in The Red Lily
Dunno why, Lady Glow, but it won't let me upvote you. Guess you have to stop making sense?
Cuddlebear in The Loud Growl
Adove ~ Greetings and welcome to YGS. Great site with great people.

I'm with LadyGlow on this. Any one of a number of things could cause a growling sound, even a cat... If this was a one off event I'd not let it worry me, on the other hand, if it has happened more than once that would be worrisome.

My immediate take away from this is that Mr. White is a bit of a schmuck. My experience with babysitters leads me to believe that he should have walked you home, not just watched from his door. Point of fact had anything happened to you there is little he could do to help from any distance.

I can fully understand the event still giving you the willies after all of this time.
8-bitDemigod in Intuition

I agree that it seems a bit shady to not participate in a conversation about your own story. That and the fact the auther didn't even mention why they had an intuition to go to the cemetary. Just comes off as a bit "hmmmm"
lady-glow in The Red Lily
I find it very disturbing that a 7-8 y/o kid was wandering all by himself around such a dangerous place and such early in the morning without his parents wondering where he was.

So, you held to the boy's hand for 3-4 hours, and after jogging for few hours, right?
Keep the good work, I bet you are buff enough to make Salman Khan feel jealous. 😉 (Just kidding)

I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt... Other than your heart.

Are you aware of any history and legends/paranormal activity registered in that area, particularly in the culvert?
Junglecat in Spirited Workplace
Thank you for sharing your story. It's pretty scary.

It sounds like you witnessed far more than ghosts or benign entities. With all of the activity you describe, were there any regular personnel at this facility that *did not* have a paranormal experience? Did anyone with the required stripes (this may not have been you) seek to address the haunting while you were there, perhaps with the clergy that invariably come through?

My question stems from the premise that a retirement home's first mandate is to protect the health, safety and welfare of it's clients. It would be challenged to do that while the residents were being psychologically terrorized by paranormal entities. You are very strong. Just imagine how frightening such an experience must be for someone who can't speak and who may have limited mobility.
To answer several questions, yes, it was under a different account cause I keep forgetting my password. Here is a link to a previous story about a paranormal encounter while working. Https://
Junglecat: It was a little of both I suppose. Kind of like my body responded to the presence by tensing up, sorta the fight or flight response, and it's "will", I suppose I'll call it, kept me from turning around.
8 bit,

I think I see it differently now. Are you saying you froze rather than felt restrained from moving? I misunderstood that. In that case, strike my previous remarks. I really don't know what you experienced but appreciate the very creepy feeling that tells you you're not alone when you should be.
valkricry in Night Security
Since all you saw was a dark mass (often referred to as a shadow person) obviously we can't use details like clothing to help date the poor fellow. The 'small head on a large torso' hints that he may have been a sufferer of microcephaly.
If you could get a copy of that footage for us to see, it might prove useful. Who am I kidding? It would just be awesome to see!
8-bitDemigod in The Opened Door
Those Pyssla beads sounds like something I use all the time called Perler beads. You make your pattern then melt them together with an iron and wax paper.

About your story: I don't want to sound paranoid, but I think what occured was because of what you were thinking about making with the beads, the "satanic sword of revenge". Even if it sounded cool it's not good to joke around about making something like that.

I speak from experience.

I tried to make a ouija board twice out of my Perler beads because I thought it would be something cool to have. Both times I would get so far and something would happen that would cause it to be destroyed. The first time I was reaching for something and my hand bumped the board I had everything on, it wasn't a hard bump, but it still somehow managed to flip everything onto the floor. The second time I had the partial board sitting on my desk when our dog came bounding in like she normally does and bumped the desk, knocking everything off.

I took that as a sign that I shouldn't try again.
Hi all, sorry for the late reply. I'm still getting used to checking on here frequently.

Junglecat: I don't know what it was, whether demonic, angelic or just spiritual in general. It didn't really feel hostile, just imposing. Like it was sizing me up or something. My reaction was more of awareness that something much larger than me was there and less of being frightened.

Lady-glow: You may be right about that, they probably thought I was just slacking off 😁. I was just glad that none of my residents were the cause of it or were hurt. As for the tall presence, I'm still not sure what to make of it or why it happened when it did because I had been there for at least a year already and in that room dozens of times before and never felt anything.

Nitrofuel765: Yeah, I don't think there was any ill intent in any of the events, but I still get goosebumps thinking about whatever was in that room.
LuciaJacinta in The Loud Growl
I'm not so sure she needs a full blown therapist over one memory. I think the op is just expressing her fear and looking for support among others that experienced the same. It's ok to be scared sometimes. We're only human. Just validating that it happened may be enough to move forward.

I wasn't there so I don't know... But was that all the happened? Never had any other paranormal events? Did you watch any scary movies that night? Did you ever babysit there again? What was the day/month?
LuciaJacinta in The Red Lily
Wow pretty intense. I enjoyed your story. So you think the woman was an angel?
This sounds creepy but whatever it was doesn't seem very hostile. The 3rd event could've just been it making sure you weren't a threat to it or it's peace (as lady-glow said).
I hope you are still online. We installed an inside camera in our living room. Just last week the camera was diking throughout the night, when checking to see if something was going on there was nothing. The next morning we rewind the camera and saw orbs shooting by from different areas, all going straight up to the ceiling, all were white. For the last week my daughter and I would wake up between 3-4am and watch the orbs float around. I said to my daughter isn't it strange they all go up, as soon as I said that we caught on camera twice an orb going down. This around 3am we decided to have the voice recorder on while taping orbs. We spoke softly asking the orbs if they are good orbs and here to watch over us, we didn't hear anything while sitting there, but when we rewind the voice recorder we heard a man voice say yeah. We were in shock and somewhat afraid, but the plan tonight is to go buy a better tape recorder and sit in the living room longer. I will join the page on facebook and post everything we collect.

Yeah I now know the lass who died name now. She was well known to the police so probably some kind of addict. She seemed to OD so yeah not to bad an actual scene not a lot of mess to be sorted aswell. Was pretty dodgy walking in on it though.
notjustme in Night Security
Hello Marine. Thanks for sharing your story. I am curious, did any of you record the incident on your phone? Like record on your phone off the camera?
Marine1 in Night Security
Hi Haven - I do believe in the paranormal (less the aliens and cryptids, although I keep an open mind on these). I also believe that most occurrences have mundane explanations while a few others completely defy reasons. I may not have the same amount of experiences as my brother but I have had my share of "that-was-weird" moments.
Marine1 in Night Security
[at] Valkricry - I was actually on the radio the whole time arguing with the other security dude. That probably accounted to why I seemed to be "talking" to whatever was there.

The building is relatively new, completed sometime in the late 90s. Other than the fact that a train station used to stand there before it was blown to smithereens during the war, I don't really know the history of the land.

Glad to be back
notjustme in Bringing Him Home
HI Lady! Thank you so much my friend! It's still very early but we are ECSTATIC! It wasn't easy for us to conceive this blessing so I am being extra careful and staying positive, through good thoughts and meditation.

I too gave that a thought. I have watched and read many reincarnation stories based on real people's experiences. Many signs include; birth marks, scars, afraid of certain things that had to do with their deaths, likes and dislikes. Derek loved sports cars, he died in a car accident, and he loved fishing. Of course, I am going to love my child for whoever he/she is going to be but I will be keeping an open mind 😉
lady-glow in Bringing Him Home

This may be a long shot but, - would it be possible that Derek was trying to tell you he'll be reborn in your child?

Nice to see you around.
Fascinating experience.

The first event in your narrative makes me wonder if this was a previous caretaker (deceased), reminding you that it was time to make the rounds.

I'm inclined to think that the tall presence was a previous resident still trapped in the frame of mind in which s/he was at the moment of her/his death. Perhaps s/he saw you as a threat or someone coming to put them through an unpleasant situation.

I don't know if Mrs. Lindsey saw your guardian Angel or not, but it's reassuring to think that there're angels watching over us.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Loud Growl
Welcome to YGS.

Adove - Junglecat's advice is very good. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the possibility that the growling could have a natural and mundane explanation.

You mention that it was windy that night. Can you be sure that the friction between air and some unknown object wasn't producing the growling? Perhaps the limbs of trees bumping into each other?
Do you remember if any of the neighbours had a dog that could have growled at you without barking?

When we are scared, our senses grow sharper making us see/imagine things that are not there.

I'm not saying that this wasn't a paranormal event, but, in my opinion, it doesn't seem like you have even considered another possibility than the paranormal

I'm sure this was scary but, fortunately, it didn't cause any harm at that moment, - why let it keep on harming you after almost 40 years?

Thanks for sharing.

That is frightening. It is not an angel that attacked you and definitely not a ghost. I actually once saw what appeared to be a satyr-like demon prevent my 83 pound dog from standing or moving. My guess is that you encountered something like that and it was not attached to you. That entity may have been no stranger to your place of work which would also explain the angel. Whether it was protecting you or someone else, it was probably protection from that. Thus, I would have expected Mrs. Lindsey to make the comment about seeing the angel *after* you were attacked.

It may be gone now but I'm glad that you don't work there anymore nevertheless.
It sounds like you either have more than one entity, or a single entity that is both mischievous and shape shifting, like a puca. Either way, it seems to be causing no real harm. When it is messing with your hard work as it did with the mats, just leave them and fix them later.
Junglecat in The Opened Door
Agreed, creepy. How old was the house? For certain, your mother couldn't explain it either and wouldn't want to heighten your alarm. I imagine that put you off making satanic play swords.
Junglecat in The Loud Growl
I won't venture a guess at what that was. But here is what we do know. (Let's just assume it was paranormal for a moment.) It scared you. Maybe it would have hurt you if it could and wanted to do so, maybe not. We know it did not hurt you. Thus, either it can't hurt you and can only scare you or it can and was sending you a warning for being in that place at that time. There is a possibility that frightening you was the only purpose of the growl and if you continue to be scared, you just help the entity further that goal.

I just don't think you have anything to fear from what you have shared so far, even assuming you encountered a dark entity. You would continue to hear the growl if you were still being threatened. So please do not hold onto fear anymore. If you weren't safe you would already know. But if you can't logically put yourself at ease (and camomile tea doesn't help) here are some options.

Jet, black or snowflake jasper are said to be very protective stones, if you believe in crystals. You could wear a bracelet made of any of these. Quartz intensifies the effect of other stones so I often mix stones like that with quartz in my own jewelry. It adds visual interest too. I feel uneasy about a few things I have encountered this year myself and now wear one to bed every night without fail. I can only say it's not failing.

If you pray, then make a point of praying about this specifically and asking your god for help and protection against future attacks. This can be surprisingly calming, in the same way that is meditation.

I have read something on this site about creating self protection around your body. It is out of my expertise so look around here for that. Some people do it daily.

Lastly, if you are suffering from anxiety over this, you could see a psychiatrist. I assure you s/he will not throw you into a padded cell for hearing a growl one night. But do read doctor reviews before choosing one. Depending on where you live, better doctors may be working in private practice or as part of a hospital network. Where I live, they are in public health but that is unusual. Unlike the general populace, a psychiatrist can differentiate between what you experienced along with the anxiety you feel and any serious illness and help you accordingly. That said, I would only recommend you see a psychologist or therapist about this instead if they practice ACT therapy instead of the 1960's style CBD therapy, which is far more common. (Most practitioners in the field don't seem to be trained in contemporary techniques.) So in my humble opinion, a phychiatrist who is an actual medical doctor is a better bet, even if you have to wait for the appointment.

Best of luck!
valkricry in Night Security
Hmmm... I can't explain why you appeared to be talking to it. Unless you were mumbling to yourself? Something in the vein of, "Who does this guy think he's kidding? There's nobody here."
You could try researching the building a bit to see if there's some clues. Like the age of the building, how long has it been offices, things of that ilk. The fact that you saw it pass through a glass door, suggests that door may not have always been there.
By the way, welcome 'home'. 😊
Hi, Marine1 -

Sounds like you saw a ghost. 😲

I have heard several stories of ghosts being caught on camera but were invisible to the naked eye. I don't know why that is. In fact, it was suggested to me to install cameras at night in my bedroom since I often sense something there and I have seen my blankets move and have felt and heard someone sit on my bed while trying to sleep. I am too scared of what I might see. How freaky is it to see something was standing or sitting next to you without you knowing at the time it happened? Too weird and crazy for me and trust me, I know weird and crazy...

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you Ladyglow.
The loss was many years ago. I'm glad that I was able to clarify my experience.

You are correct; my dog had not made up her mind until he forced her to lay and then it was decided: there was nothing she could do. She is technically a Shiloh Shepherd, (rare and quite similar to a GSD) which if you Google that, will explain why she is more inclined to ask questions first rather than attack. It's in the breed. That said, when she is in her back yard and another dog passes by the house she feels that she has all the information she needs and starts "resource guarding" all her bones, the house, the treats inside, me, etc. That's fairly common dog behavior. I.e. She acts exactly as your dog did with the larger dog. But this only seems to happen at home and with other dogs. I've been trying to train her not to carry on about other dogs by the house in that way to absolutely no avail. She is oddly welcoming of people in my home. She will greet workmen at the door, sniff and stare them down, and then follows them around the house as if she's looking over their shoulder to "make sure they're doing it right". I'd be curious to read about how your dog does around paranormal entities.

Come to think of it, it might be because the creature was unfamiliar- not human, not exactly beast that she took a cautious approach. In retrospect, that was a wise move. She's quite a smart dog (though she definitely fakes a comprehension of plumbing or electricity).
Haven in Intuition
I had written comments and questions for Davida68 when I noticed he won't be reading the comments. So I deleted them, what's the use? I'm going to start scrolling down and reading the authors' expectations before I read the stories. Something about not reading comments to your own story loses credibility. Just saying...
NitroFuel765 in The Opened Door
That sounds kind of creepy. Also, I know what it feels like to be told a lame explanation for something like that. Has anything else happened like that again or was it a one time thing?
Junglecat - thanks for the explanation, it definitely helps to understand better your experience.

I'm sorry for the loss.

I ask this sincerely, and not with any ill-intention: have you considered checking first if there may be psychological reasons for your experiences?
Or are you experiencing lots of stress perhaps whenever you have these experiences? This is simply for you to check to rule out any natural causes.

Now, if there be no natural causes, I would advise to get in touch with a priest, and have your room blessed - seeing as you have already been hurt. (I am guessing you're Christian as you are from Greece). If not, my apologies.
I too, like Haven was wondering about any earlier posts, since the page indicates here that this is you first story/posting.

Random question/curious: do you all take/have to take breaks in your cars?

Mel-D72 - I agree with you 100%

Thanks for reading my story. 😁
Thanks for answering Junglecat. I was very curious as to you dog's reaction as I recently shared an experience with my dog, Sadie Mae. Sadie is not as big nor as imposing a creature as your German Shepard, but she is an Icelandic Shepard and, save the size, shares many traits with the GSD.

The actions of your pooch still puzzle me. When Sadie senses a threat she attacks, regardless of the size discrepancy. She once chased a Rotty, who outweighed her by nearly 100lbs (45kg), under our trailer to the extent that the Rottie's dad and I had to crawl under there and coax/pull the big boy out.

It seems as though your dog could not make up his mind about this thing.
A similar thing happened to me. I wrote the story (called 'The Invisible Fiend') on this website but I'm still waiting for it to be published. The way I got Eric of it was simply by talking to it asking it to leave. If this doesn't work, then you should try something more sophisticated.
NitroFuel765 in The Easter Bunny
It's been proven that if your tired, you can sometimes see things that you think about a lot in the dark. Hope this helps.
Perhaps she had been there comforting you but when she sensed your feelings of disgust, she got angry interpreting it as a lack of gratitude. Could be that in life, she had been very self conscious of her teeth. Could be too that one of the major reasons for her tooth decay had been an eating disorder similar to your own. Had that been the case, that could be why she was drawn to you and even more reason for her moment of pique when she sensed a lack of understanding from you. Interesting too that she chose to shatter a mirror. Having battled with an eating disorder myself, I know well how the mirror was a veritable instrument of self torture reflecting an image in my mind far different from reality. So, according to my theory, this spirit of a deceased relative drawn to you through feelings of empathy to give comfort comes across you one evening weak from the depredations of your disorder - for the first time you see her and all she recieves are feelings of disgust so in a fit of frustration and hurt she breaks the instrument that tortured you both...

Maybe I am over thinking! But that's the feeling I got.

What gives me shivers is the mention of little girls being "checked" to verify whether they were on their periods - I hope the school had some non-invasive way of doing so!
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's
Thank you! That at clears up a bit the question of how they came to be there!

I agree that it sounds like your other stories will be quite usual for this site so please don't hesitate to share. I too have an item that follows me. A plastic coin which reads "Poohs Lucky Coin". It came with a pair of socks when I was 4. Silly, eh?

I also don't think that the lady in blue or the lady in white are angels. They sound like people who either have been or will be alive. You may have encountered *their* human spirits. I don't know what would make them cross the veil as you described. Perhaps there is some unusual miricle in your birth. I hope you will find out!
Athena_Star in An Evil Fay?
Hi Twilight1011,

Thanks for your question.
Just an FYI- Originally, the title of this story that I've created suppose to be "An incubus or Evil Fay?". Since YGS is doing a little edit/update before approving and posting our stories, maybe they eliminated the Incubus word.
Also, I came up with the title "evil fay" because as you mentioned:
"different cultures have different beliefs"
So, that's what I believe.

Hope this answer your question.
RCRuskin in Christmas At Dad's
Junglecat, either of those would be exactly what I mean. Thieving, breaking in to spend some quality time with their 'friend of the evening', moving in, breaking in to consume 'certain substances of an illicit nature' and Graham Chapman of Monty Python put it. Or just young people messing around with things they should not mess around with, and so inviting in something that should not be present.

Wow! That's kind of amazing. It the forest weren't haunted I would have rushed out to see if anything was on the ground below where the fireball had been.

NASA (the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) considers fireballs to be meteors and the ones that are far off in the sky are certainly so. They also believe that most break up and stop burning before they reach Earth. But here is the thing, if a tiny piece of star reaches Earth (water comes from stars apparently, so I guess it happens) we have a floating gasseous orb. Such a rare event might behave just as you witnessed. It's a pity that nobody made a photo of it because then you could find out for sure.

NASA has a cool map of fireballs that is worth a peek. Https://

Thank you for your questions.

I had a sense of what the creature wanted by reading the room and by the way it glared at me. The creature did not speak to me. No paranormal creature has ever spoken to me. Maybe I'm thick that way.

So there is stress, such as the fear that one may feel at any sighting of a paranormal entity, or the skipped heart beat of a fire alarm going off unexpectedly or someone sneaking up behind you. Nerve-wracking, for sure. I'm describing an incident where my heartbeat, normally around 55 beats per minute, went up to approximately 170 beats per minute for the full 5+ minutes that the creature was there.

For me, getting my heart rate up like this takes a full 12 minutes sprinting full bore on a treadmill, as if my life depended on it. I know this because I have had a stress test. It is super unpleasant. You feel like you are almost about to die when the techs decide that you're done. It was extremely difficult to get my heart thumping like this when we were trying to do it in the hospital. Of course, during my experience in the hotel room, I was not on a treadmill going full bore for 12 minutes. I was lying in bed. It felt identical to the stress test in the hospital, just at the point where they let me off the treadmill with my heart at a sustained pounding which is why I did not describe my experience as nerve-wracking or frightful.

I should rather have said for clarity, that it is good for me that the entity did not choose to slow my heart rather than speed it. When my mother died of heart failure, her heart simply slowed and then stopped pumping. When my father had his heart attacks, his heart pumped harder to push blood though blockages. I don't have any blockages myself, which is why I have some confidence that I am not a good candidate for a heart attack.

Also, although I was afraid, I was not terrified. This is now the worst entity that I have met. It is dangerous. It is decidedly aggressive and I had little power against it. But somehow having encountered other entities on occasion, (a while ago, most of the rest don't merit stories) I'm a bit less shocked at them as I once was.

My apologies for the confusion. I hope I answered all your questions now.:)

I should add that I don't know why my dog would be familiar with this creature. She was addressing it as she might a horse that she hasn't met- with cautious curiosity. I do walk her in wooded areas and grasslands in summer but have never seen her behave strangely. The only time we saw something similar together was the week prior (other story) and it wasn't an aggressive thing as far as I could tell.

Thank you for your great questions. My dog was curious, initially unafraid. Yes, the creature did force her down. Her paws had been making noise as she walked around him. She seemed at that point somewhat fearful and did not try to fight with him.

Bright lights are terrible for migraineurs and fluorescent lighting specifically, is the worst. But if it is indirect, it is negligible. This hotel room had only fluorescent lights in the room and I could not turn them on, not even if I had to find my way to the bathroom at night. So I threw a towel over the fixture in the bathroom (so it would bother me less when I was in there) and left the door reasonably open so I could find my way back there, if needed.

Indeed, I did mean elicit. Thank you for the correction! I try to catch the spelling on here but invariably miss one or two!
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's

Thanks for your reply. I doubt my father would have even left a workman alone and he wouldn't have give anyone the key. Someone could have broken in, though. My parents had a century old watch in a bell jar in their living room. I recently asked my brother if he had it or knew where it is. He doesn't, which left us perplexed because dad doesn't move anything around. He wouldn't lie to me about that because I would want him to have it. We're not one of those families that fight over valuables.

Is thieving the kind of behavior you mean or do you suspect someone tried to live there for a few days?
Pasindu in An Evil Fay?
Hi Athena_Star,

Sorry, there is a typo in my comment.

Ust see if you are applying perfume at night after getting cleaned for bed (Sleep) and sleeping with your hair untie, do not leave your under garments outside at night even to dry.

These things can ATTRACT Incubus unless you are been bound by someone else to take revenge or something.
elaina_maria__ in The Easter Bunny
Hey guys! Just to answer some questions, this is a true story. No I was not scared of the easter bunny, I'm still not scared of him. It was only my mom and I in the house. My house isn't haunted at all. The way my house is at you can't see cars driving past. I hope this helps.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Fay?
That really sounds very unnerving to say the least, to have happen to you. As a mother, I understand getting angry over it messing with you while your child is with you. I do have a question though, as from what I got after reading about your experience, I'd have just thought it was some kind of sleep paralysis, or an incubus like others mentioned. But why did you name your title to this an evil Faye? I understand that different cultures have different beliefs etc, so was there something that made you think it was an evil Faye? I see you didn't mention anything about it being that in your submission, so I was curious why you choose that as your title? Thank you for sharing your experience with us here, as I enjoyed reading about it 😊 hope to hear back from you soon.
What a beautiful and sad story -and a lovely statue. It pains me that they plan to destroy the house - I always hate to see the old buildings go... Something even half as graceful and lovely is never put up in their places.
I tried posting a reply earlier, but for some reason it didn't send.
Fist, thank you all for reading and replying. This does seem exactly like something she would do. Just so when I hear the song or someone says it like my husband did the other day while letting a bee outside (he was speaking for the bee Haha) I think of her... Not that I could ever forget her.
Second, thank you all for the condolences. It's been tough.
Third, Haven, I just read your story from last year about your dad and his cellphone message. My condolences on the loss of your father. Your story sounds incredibly like mine. I am really starting to believe that people whom we love contact us again to let us know they're ok and it seems to be when we need it most.
Athena_Star in An Evil Fay?
I mean hair uncombed, damp and untied. =)
[at] Pasindu. Thanks again. I appreciate it so much.
Lady-Glow ~ It's hard to believe that English is your second language, you seem to have a much better grasp on it than many native speakers, myself included.

With the passing of many of my elder relatives I rarely get the opportunity to speak or write my second language, but I recall hearing my grandfather tell tales of the black forest in his native tongue, a language I rarely used.
Cuddlebear - I don't know if this happens to everyone reading something in a second language, but I usually have to complement my poor and broken English with movie-like images. Sometimes it is easy for me to understand an unfamiliar word based on the context of the text I'm reading, but some other times a known word alters the mental image playing in my mind.

So, I was visualizing this "short burly man with a long torso and short dark, possibly furry legs" and the word "illicit" made my mind to dress him in a black-and-white striped shirt and a mask covering his eyes, walking on tiptoes while tampering with a bleeding heart!

Junglecat - in my opinion, it would have been more fortunate for you if the entity's strategy was to try to elicit heart failure rather than heart attacks. The chances of living with the former are higher than surviving the latter.

Athena_Star in An Evil Fay?
Hi Pasindu,

Thanks for reading my story.
When it happened that night, I just finished taking a bath then laid down with my head uncombed, damp and untied.
Also, everytime I do the laundry, I will just leave my undergarments at the balcony when it is not totally dry yet.
Sorry to hear about the divorce.
There is actually no documentable evidence that Greensleeves was written by Henry - in fact it's musical style is more reminiscent of Southern European styles, which didn't reach England until the time of Elizabeth.

I looked about trying to find any information on a tradition of immuring baby clothes and this is what I found:

Turkish traditions regarding treatment of baby clothes though not necessarily after death:

Another regarding Turkish birth traditions that perhaps hint in that direction but don't go directly there:

An American article dealing with articles commonly unearthed in historic homes in the US including baby *shoes* in walls for good luck:

There are UK and Egyptian (and possibly others) traditions of burying babies in and under homes.

I could find nothing directly pointing to the existance of such a tradition on a cultural level. Dissecting it logically based on historic realities - losing a child was not terribly uncommon in days gone by. Moreover, resources could often be scarce leading to more reuse and less discard. It would be more logical for those clothes to be retained for use by the next child. But grief does often cause us to place sentimentality above utility.

Perhaps I missed the key reference or the tradition was more local or even familial.

Do you know the history of the home? Has it always been in your family? Has it always been a private home? Could be that it was a home for unwed mothers or a "Magdalene Laundry"- such institutions were infamous and dreaded - the infant mortality rate often quite high. Interestingly, from an article I read about the "home" in Tuam, the young mothers often viewed the period of time waiting for the day they would have to leave (almost inevitably) without their baby as that of the Holy Mother awaiting the crucifixion. If you take the tune of Greensleeves paired with its (perhaps more) commonly known modern lyrics regarding Mary and her infant - the whole thing starts to make eerie sense.

In spite of whether their clothes are in the walls or not, it is a sadly quite safe assumption that young children have passed in a home over a certain age. Perhaps your grandmother is watching over them now - maybe the lullaby was her.
I wonder what they could have been? Did they seem humanoid? There are many legends from the region - if you give us as detailed a description as you can, we might be able to match one up!
Lady-G ~
I think the OP intended the word "elicit" rather than "illicit". Could be a function of some weird auto-correct or I could be totally wrong...
Sometimes tears are part of the process and love softens the hurt - do what you feel is right. Grief is primal, your instincts are your best guide.

Wow RSA... I understand your skepticism but wow that "lady" is far easier to make out than many "ghost" images I have seen! In this case, *if* she was there, given the driver's blood alcohol level perhaps she was less the cause of the accident and more a harbinger or spirit collector. Either way, the end result is as devastating to those left behind.

I hope there are some changes at the intersection in question here. Sometimes the smallest element can be at fault and change a simple intersection into something very dangerous.
priya- in Psychic Circle
Session was not closed properly. Spirit was reluctant to say goodbye. Cleansing is required in such cases. Hope your friend and her sister is still doing well.
priya- in Ghost Summoning
Checked all comments but I guess its just me, found last sentence of the story so funny -
"But instead of answering, ghost was keep writing poems for them, praising their hair color or eyes."
Poet Ghost! 😁
Jelly91 in An Evil Fay?
Hi. I did encountered something like this. I called it sleep paralysis instead of incubus though. But what matter to me is next time don't close your light if your daughter play on tablet. I worried it may ruined her eyesight. Hehe...
Hello oohfreaky, as per story in both events no one is harmed or scared but puzzled... I think of mischievous entity.
Check with other students if they encountered something similar.
10cm away from my face? I would have fainted right there. Thats too much to handle.
JungleCat - after rereading my previous comment I realized that it came too harsh, my apologies.

Still, I find the part about your heartbeat and your heart condition a bit confusing.
I'm glad to hear that a medical team is looking after you.

It's always a good idea to read our narratives and comments several times before pressing the submit/publish button in order to prevent future misunderstandings.

It seems to me like praying is working well for you. I have nothing else to suggest but to keep doing it. 😉
Hi Chey,
I think joining a ghost hunting group might be putting the cart before the horse! Do you know how to control your gift? Do you know how to protect yourself and others? Do you know how to stop a negative entity from following you home from a hunt?
It may be better and safer for you to join a good development circle and learn these things before jumping in feet first. Just a suggestion. Good Luck!
Hello Mel...
Like Haven, I don't believe in coincidences either, so my view on this is when you spoke to your friend, she listened!
Are your board exams over? 🤔

Hope to hear from you soon.


"My heart rate is always rather slow... This is why I had some amazement that the creature in my hotel room could increase my heart rate to the point where it felt like I was having a stress test."

The truth is, any "stressful, exciting, dangerous, or threatening situation" would cause a rush of adrenaline in your body regardless of what woke you up (a loud noise, a burglar braking into your room, an alarm going off, etc). Or in any other nerve-racking circumstances (a bad driver cutting you off, an earthquake, gunshots, etc); speeding up your heart beat.
Why is it amazing about getting frightened at the sight of a stranger in your room? And on top of it not just any stranger, but a demon?
Though it is possible to control the way one reacts to a stressful situation, neither a person nor a demon would be able to curb the reaction of the body at a rush of adrenaline.

"It is fortunate for me that the entity's strategy was to try to illicit heart attacks rather than heart failure"

Illicit: illegal or disapproved of by society.

Did you mean induce?

How did you know the entity's intentions? Did it communicate with you telepathically?

This post is getting too long. In my opinion, your comments are not helping to clarify some obscure aspects from your original narrative.

I have nothing else to say.
Pasindu in An Evil Fay?
Hi Athena_Star,

No, the Incubus comes for non Virgins too, my ex wife had the same issue which we end up getting divorced.

Just see if you are applying perfume at night after getting cleaned for bed (Sleep) and sleeping with your hair untie, do not leave your under garments outside at night even to dry.

These things can attack Incubus unless you are been bound by someone else to take revenge or something.
Hi, Tbeartuff -

Wow, seems like this place was/is full of energy. From your previous posts, I understood your place of work to be a care facility for older people. Is that correct? If so, I pretty much understand all the activity that goes on, you probably see a lot of residents pass. But, I wonder about the little girl that is often seen, what is her story...?
Hi, Chey558 -

I have a similar question as RSAChick. This 'girl' you sensed, is this who you considered your spirit guardian? Why? The house you think she was attracted to, did you live in that house until you got married? Have you been back to the house? Is she still there?

Sorry I'm asking so many questions, I would like to understand your situation better. I'm having trouble understanding or sensing anything.

Have you tried helping anyone plagued by evil before or would it be the first time during a hunt?
Hi, Mel-D72 -

I don't believe in coincidence, this was perfect timing. Go with what your heart tells you. You knew your friend, ask yourself if this is something she would do.

I'm sorry for your loss.
LuciaJacinta in Spirited Workplace
I really enjoyed this series of stories. You must be really brave to keep going into room 7. I'd try to bless myself before I entered that room. I was most creeped out by the spirit behind the curtain. Sometimes it is what you can't see that is scarier than the figures you can. Something about what's hiding behind the curtain is just unnerving to me. Kudos to you brave soul 😘
JungleCat ~

I'm somewhat confused on a couple of points.

"I was woken but groggy when my dog jumped off the bed and walked ¾ of the way around it, sniffing it. It raised its muscular hand, turned outward and hooked it in the air above my big shepherd. This seemed to make my shepherd lay down on her belly right there next to the beast."

It seems that your dog was not afraid of the apparition. What was your dog's reaction? Do you believe the thing in some way controlled your dog? Does it seem that your dog is familiar with the thing? Or am I totally misreading what you wrote?

While I am not given to migraines my kid sister was. I noticed that lights caused her pain. Given that it seems odd that you went to be with the bathroom open and the lights on. Did the thing turn on the light, or did you go to sleep with the light on?
Cuddlebear in My Friend's Message?
Mel-D72 ~

I am sorry to read of your loss. Losing a close long time friend is hard, especially in one so young.

As a skeptic I would assign the incident to coincidence, but that is me and that is what makes me comfortable.

To a large extent "perception is reality" even if what is perceived is not true. We act as though our perceptions are valid, it is the only thing we have go by.

So I would say to you if you believe that this was a message from your friend, or perhaps on behalf of your friend from another entity, and that makes you feel better, go with it. No one has the ability to say with assurance that you are wrong. You will never know in this life, perhaps later, if there is an afterlife, you may find out.
msforgetmenott in My Friend's Message?
Hi Mel-D72,

Through life, every once in a while, something happens and I am left with questions as to if it was a message or if it was not.

I guess it is what you want it to be.

Her Finace' and I were talking a few nights ago. We are both leaning towards her sending that song so it pops up and we don't forget about her. (Not that we ever could).
I like to believe that we see our loved ones again; that they come to us in dreams; and that they are waiting for us when it is ultimately our time too.
The song we always sang was "Lean on Me" so I was kind of surprised when "Thank you for being a Friend" played right then.
Thanks for your replies.
I rather prefer "The Wind Beneath My Wings" but "Theme from the Golden Girls" is also good.

I'm with RSAChick. It is probably a coincidence. Or not. 🤔
RCRuskin in Christmas At Dad's
Well, it is my bias showing, but I don't think anyone actually said 'Come on in' to anything.

My suspicion is that someone not authorized made entry and did something there that attracted unwanted attention. And by not authorized, I mean someone either broke in or someone who was given a key behaved in a less than professional manner, if you understand my meaning.
Hey I also had the same experience. But after I woke up, the tingling or electric sensation lasted for 3 hours and my hair on the area where the spirit touched me and hug me stood out for hours too.
I got weird dreamt two weeks ago. I met two foggy entities approached me and touched me the way that entities or spirit touched me during sleep paralysis. I don't know how but I just knew that both of them are the ones who touched or hug me during sleep.
Even in my sleep and drean at the same time, I felt that my legs being lifted and being dragged away. Almost like someone or something want to pull me somewhere.

Can anyone give me information?
Hey I also had the same experience. But after I woke up, the tingling or electric sensation lasted for 3 hours and my hair on the area where the spirit touched me and hug me stood out for hours too.
I got weird dreamt two weeks ago. I met two foggy entities approached me and touched me the way that entities or spirit touched me during sleep paralysis. I don't know how but I just knew that both of them are the ones who touched or hug me during sleep.
Even in my sleep and drean at the same time, I felt that my legs being lifted and being dragged away. Almost like someone or something want to pull me somewhere.

Can anyone give me information?
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's
Hi Twilight,

Thank you for your questions! That reminds me of a detail that I left out about my father's neighborhood. All of the houses on the opposite side of the street back up to a large ravine with a brook, grassy spots, mostly woodsy flora and even morel mushrooms. I can't say that I have ever particularly believed in fey (or staunchly not, for that matter) but if they exist, they might live there. I played there nearly every day in the warm seasons when I was a child. When I saw the satyr (or fawn?) it was so dark and fast that I thought it was a demon of some sort but I suppose any such entity can zip around like that?

That second creature that I saw that morning looked like it was at least half animal. I would have thought that brownies were humanoid and smaller than the one I saw. In retrospect, I wouldn't be bothered about it at all except it was sharing my father's house with another entity, and that one was nasty. And also, my having encountered a very dangerous entity exactly a week later with a similar, albeit somewhat larger profile makes me just a little suspicious of the first one, and if they are connected. But that could possibly be coincidence.
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's

Thank you for your comment.

My Mother actually died in this house of heart failure in 2002. But this girl was definitely not my mother. She didn't look like my mother when my mother was young and she certainly didn't act like her. I originally thought she was a poltergeist who was trying to pretend to be a lesbian until I read about succubi here on this site and it explained both the buzzing and why she was so pervy.

The brawl was mostly her jumping on me and me throwing her off. It was really excruciating for me when she wrapped herself around my head and at that point, I wanted to kill her. In fact, I still would if I could if I encounter her when helping my dad clear his things from that house to sell it. (If I don't help him do it when he's alive, I have to do it myself when he's gone, which is why I'll need to clean it, assuming prayers haven't already done the trick.) That said, it will take years for Dad to be ready to put the house on the market.
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's
Cuddlebear and RCRuscin,

Thank you for your comments!

I would like to say that dad keeps the outside up but in October of 2017, I am aware that he received a note from the police reading that they had entered his home because his shrubs had become so unwieldy that they were afraid he had passed. This tells us that the place is well policed. I fixed the problem with the shrubs at that time but they will grow back. He does keep the lawn cut. He lives in a single family residential development, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots built in the 1960's.

I suppose that my father has had repair men in the house from time to time. A toilet and shower have been repaired in the past two years. His girlfriend also steps into the back door but she never goes very far into the house. My brother might go into the house with my dad if he absolutely has to do so. He thinks the house is creepy.

How does one "invite" in a demon, or more to the point, be certain that they are not followed into a house?

Also, where do I find out more about these landscape triggers for demons? It kind of makes sense, since it indicates where people aren't. Exactly one week after this event, I had an even more frightful experience (I posted about it on this site) and I want to be very certain that I don't put out a welcome to my own home because my shrubs are out of form.
Dear Lucia and Ladyglow,

Thank you for your time and comments.

I do take several preventative Rx for migraine and hallucination is definitely the first thing to check off the list. Only one of my Rx could have that side effect and in quantities much higher than I take it, also only immediately after taking it and not seven hours later, as my experiences did occur. Lastly, since hallucinations aren't generally felt physically, I eliminated that possibility first. That includes migraine aura which I rarely get but are just stormy in nature, affect only vision and are always followed by a brutal migraine for me. So I had no consistency there either. I have even seen a psychiatrist and a sleep doctor to make sure I'm not crazy because we all need a second/ third opinion sometimes. So according to the two doctors, I can check schizophrenia off the list of explanations.

My heart rate is always rather slow. Slow-normal when I'm healthy, too slow if I get sick. This is why I had some amazement that the creature in my hotel room could increase my heart rate to the point where it felt like I was having a stress test. (You know, where techs put you on a treadmill and test your heart to see if you have blockages/ if you are near to having a heart attack.) Except in this case, I was simply lying in bed. I eat a healthy diet and have a healthy heart. My chest was sore for the rest of the morning. It is fortunate for me that the entity's strategy was to try to illicit heart attacks rather than heart failure, which is why I was expecting that his attack should fail if he didn't have any other tricks.

I suspect that it wasn't just the hymns, per se that sent him off. I suspect that it's because I wasn't afraid enough of him and thus his attack failed. He wanted me to be scared, I could feel that. To that end, the hymns gave me strength.

I was not followed back to my home after visiting various relatives following that episode, but I did drive back home to Fargo during the polar vortex. Nothing was outside, on or off the road when it was -30 outside. Maybe something will show up when spring comes next month? Hopefully not. I just proactively smudged my house even though it was a bit chilly. Either way I am not looking to returning to my father's house, even for a cleaning after this last episode.
Bodi-Gundamma in Haunted Stall
Madam, I will share part 2 story. That story will clarify your doubts.
Unfortunately the incident in my case happened two years back, the location I can pin point but there are no videos shared.

Shan's family was a three Brothers family, Shan in the youngest and the one who died is the second,

Recently I visited them and his mother loves me so much since I am old as her lost son Gihan. Every time she see me, she burst out of tears. So my wife said not to go there anymore, I might be hurting Shan's mom when visit there.

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