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RSAChick in Scary Events
Hi ravenswood, what makes you think these events are paranormal?
The Philippines has frequent seismic activity. I think it would be quite possible for something leaning against a wall to fall over during an earth tremor.
Or for a wooden structure or the tanks to move during such a seismic event causing the knocking or tapping sound.

If paranormal, do you think something or someone was trying to get your attention? Your father perhaps?

How did you feel around the time of these events? Did you feel threatened, afraid, startled, or annoyed?

Lastly, can you recall anything happening after these events? Did you become sick, have a fever? Or was it an omen for anything bad that happened?

A side note: perhaps a slipper is not your best weapon against rodents! πŸ˜†
lady-glow in An Invisible Friend

"This is not really a terrifying, traumatic experience"

"The muscle spasms I still had, more severe ones now too, ones where I'd feel the pain the next day. I'd end up walking into the door, slipping in the bathtub, getting shampoo in my eyes, mistakenly cutting too deep with the nail clippers, getting bad grades in class, and many more."

" I saw what looked like a giant head of long black wispy hair. A head as large in diameter as me perhaps."

I can hardly imagine anything more traumatic that all that, specially given your age!

" a giant head... It was far too big to support an equally large body that could fit my sister's bed,"

Isn't always a body the one supporting the head?... The only exception I can think about would be an octopus swimming towards the bottom of the sea.

Creepy...very creepy.
Slyester in Eternal Love
It was really a great story good ghost and don't pay attenttion to negative comments like lady glow they are immatured who disrespect other religions
lady-glow in Graduating Ghost
Hello alitanna and thanks for replying. Though it is up to a poster to decide if they want to take part in the discussion, it can be frustrating for a reader to know that there'll be no answer for any unclear aspects they might have about a story.

"The school I attended to is one of the oldest running schools in our country and is already well-known in the field of ghost haunting and the paranormal."

What else do you know about the history of the school?
Are you aware if someone died tragically there, perhaps during construction time or at some other point?

I imagine not all information would be accessible to just anyone asking for it even if documented but, with some luck, there'd be some registered data about the history of the building and the most important facts that have happened there.

I'm not suggesting that you should try to find if the ghost is, indeed, that of the sick student, but it would be interesting to find out if it is her or if there's more than one resident ghost at the school.

"After sharing, my teacher then told all of us that this story was not new."

Do you know if the ghost is always seen at the same spot and doing the same thing you saw, or if there are reports of it manifesting at other areas and causing any disturbances?

When I was in elementary school, there's a rumor about the gym being haunted by the spirits of the kids that the principal had killed for misbehaving. I never saw anything but, with time, I stopped believing that was true!

Anyway, since the school seem to have some religious association, I hope an effort has been done to try to help that spirit to go to where they belong.

I apologize if my first comment came like a reproach, I just felt frustrated at the thought of not having a chance to learn more about such an interesting story.

I'm looking forward to read more of your submissions.
msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie
Hi Valkricry,

Good to hear from you! ❀! My Dad was special, I miss his teaching moments and am convinced that because of him, my love for history is still strong today.

My Father in law was almost unable to speak because of Parkinson's disease. We would walk him in on the common, that was just across from the Nursing Home, where he spent more than a year (locked in his silent life). He could, however, point. Whenever he saw something from his wheelchair, his crooked pointing finger would go in a direction. He found a face in the knot of an old maple tree. When My husband and I again would point out this face, we would circle the tree, and his Dad would do a little (in the chair) dance. It became a tradition. From this we are always looking, and have found many nature similarities. We still do, even to sitting on the deck, finding different shapes in the clouds.

Great to hear from you as always, Val

alitanna in Graduating Ghost
hi, lady glow! So sorry about choosing to not participate in the discussion. I'm new here and didn't know I had to choose to participate.

Anyways, "Did the teacher say if the girl died before or after his time as a seminarian?"
- it was way past before my teacher's time.

"Do you know if the seminarians were required to wear cassocks? If so, would it be possible that the figure you saw was not a female spirit but a male one?"
- the seminarians in my school wear slacks and turtle neck short-sleeve polos so it shouldn't have been a seminarian.

"Are you aware if the apparition was first seen after the girl's passing?"
- I am not sure about this.

"As far as I know, spirits tend to get trapped within their last moment in life, I hope the girl died peacefully at home and not at the school."
- I hope so too because we never knew where or how she died. My teacher just heard about it from stories as well.

"Lastly, I hope you made it back within your limit of three minutes, it sounds like a lot of stairs to go up and down after a hard PE session."
- sadly, I didn't make it in 3 minutes and came back maybe 5 minutes after
Hi Jan,
I've been meaning to leave a comment for quite some time, but every time I'd try, I'd get all wistful and my mind would head back over the years to when I was very young. I'd simply get lost for a bit!
I think, perhaps seeing faces and objects within patterns is more prevalent in artistic people. After all, we are taught to break things down into their geometric shapes to draw them, it only makes sense (to me at any rate) our minds would do the same in reverse; assemble shapes into things.
That however, doesn't explain the funny face you'd see. What are the odds in hay falling the same way to produce the same effect on many occasions? Now add in the blue eyes and tongue - imagination? Ok, sure, but Papa seeing the same thing as a kid? Odds get even more astronomical and the pareidolia theory seems even less likely. But what a special bonding he gave you and your dad!
Hi Jan,

This morning, I was reading the online news from Australia's national broadcaster and came across an article on Pareidolia. That is seeing faces in random, inanimate objects. The link as follows:


Here we are discussing this subject three days ago and this article pops up out of the blue. I can assure you that I was not looking for this type of story, so I'll put it down to synchronicity.

As Tweed has pointed out, there is probably no paranormal overtones in this phenomenon (which does not include faces that move or wink 😜) and the article suggests that it something that we all possess, in certain amounts.

What is comforting (for me) is that the origins of Pareidolia are vague. That is, a survival instinct, strong religious beliefs, an overactive imagination, or maybe the experts aren't experts and are speculating.

One thing I know for sure; if I could make a toasted cheese sandwich that sells for $28,000, I would be very happy. 😁

lady-glow in Graduating Ghost
alitanna - in case you change your mind and decide to participate in the discussion, I have the following questions about your narrative:

" my Religion teacher (which was a seminary graduate and was a previous seminarian in our school in his time)."

Did the teacher say if the girl died before or after his time as a seminarian?
Do you know if the seminarians were required to wear cassocks? If so, would it be possible that the figure you saw was not a female spirit but a male one?
Are you aware if the apparition was first seen after the girl's passing?

As far as I know, spirits tend to get trapped within their last moment in life, I hope the girl died peacefully at home and not at the school.

Lastly, I hope you made it back within your limit of three minutes, it sounds like a lot of stairs to go up and down after a hard PE session.
msforgetmenott in Down A Dark Hall
Jemn63, well a big Hi from another frustrated writer,

For the past several years, I have had a fiction book bouncing around in my mixed up little brain. In my case I had some help, to come to completion. It gets easier in time.

Your introduction has generated interest, and that is good. I too, am interested in your long experience. It sounds like your home was (is) an interesting place to live...

Keep up the good work, you will find a way to let all be told. Welcome to YGS.

Bibliothecarius in Down A Dark Hall
Greetings, Jenn63, from a fellow English Teacher!

1. I think it is important that you respect your children's wishes and *not* publish their names on YGS. I'd suggest using letters (e.g.: A, B, and C) or create new nicknames based on fictional characters (e.g.: "Huck" "Ishmael" and "Boone") so they cannot be traced back to your children directly. It's great that you're willing to share, but don't over-share personal information that could be traced back to people who may feel hurt, even resentful, despite your good intentions.

2. If by "previous life experiences" you mean your son could recall events from a previous incarnation, you're getting close to the edge of what will be posted on YGS, but I believe you're still on the safe side of the line. It's up to the discretion of the mods, of course, but we've had narratives that incorporated elements of reincarnation published here before.

I've been looking forward to your next installment, so -please- get typing!

I am truly grateful to those of you who have commented and asked questions. My knowledge of the history of the house and its former families clouded my writer's vision and caused me to leave out details that my readers would need in order to get a full understanding of what is taking place. I will try to
Clarify a few things.
First of all, I was raised in the house next door and babysat Tracy and her brother when they were small children. Tracy was a round-faced little girl whose blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and radiant smile could light up any room. Even during her illness, she maintained that loving spirit and strong desire to live. As a small child, she loved animals, especially cats. Years later, after suffering many misdiagnosed illnesses as a child, doctors finally determined that she had a rare lung disease which eventually led to her death.
When we first moved into this house, we did experience simple, unexplainable things like hearing giggling sounds in the hallway and in the bedroom at the end of the hall which had beenTracy's room. At the time, we were using it as storage space, so we rarely went in the room. We also had some occasions where objects would be moved from one location to another without a logical explanation. Many times my oldest son from my first marriage, who was eight years old at the time and is now 29, would often mention that things in his room were out of place. We just thought he had moved them himself and forgotten about it.
Tracy's room became the baby's room after my second son, who is now 19, was born. No one in my family, including my mother, had ever discussed Tracy around my children due to the circumstances of her death and the amount of time that had passed. All three of my children were extremely articulate as toddlers, so the words spoken by my 2 1/2 year old in his squeaky little voice full of Southern drawl were completely normal. I am an English teacher, so I take all the credit for their intelligence! (My husband does not always let me get away with that claim!)
I had a couple of other ideas about how this piece was written, and I would like your opinions. I feel that the story would have flowed better if I had used quoted dialogue and my children's names, but, at this time, they are not comfortable with their names being publicized. My middle child, who is now 19 and was the 2 1/2 year-old in the story, began speaking of his previous life experiences at the age of 3 1/2, and this lasted until he was around five years old. I was going to include the details of these experiences in my next piece. What do you think? Thank you so much for your time and suggestions.
lady-glow in Graduating Ghost
I have some questions but, what's the point for asking when knowing that you won't answer? 😠

Disappointing... 😠 😠
Bibliothecarius in Have You Seen Her?
Greetings, Erin, and welcome to YGS.

I apologize if this question seems odd, but was the little girl wearing gloves or not? This is a detail that may help to narrow down the era of her clothing.

Was she standing on the steps, or was she standing next to them and waiting to board the bus? How old is the bus? How old is your school building?


Addendum: School busses have to endure a lot of abuse, but if you can smell the diesel fumes it means the engine is not very well maintained. Rudolf Diesel's precision engines were designed to obliterate the fuel, producing power, some heat, and one by-product: steam. The engines he built ran on what we now call "Bio-Diesel," because he fueled them with peanut oil.
Slyester in The Temple Ghost
Guys I am sorry that was some typing mistake I meant that it's a good story and a scary one. My mom once told me that when she was pregnant at the time of my Birth, she was included my some sort of negative
Slyester in The Temple Ghost
It's a very good story and a scary one my mom once told me that when she was pregnant at the time of my Birthday she was also included by some sort of negative energy
Thank you all for the welcome.
[at] ladyglow my grandparents never mentioned him. I knew nothing about him until our mom showed us the pictures. For some reason, neither my sister nor I mentioned it until then.
[at] Augusta (that was my great grandmothers name too) seemed he was a good man and just wanted to see us happy.
[at] bΓ­blio I imagine it could get lonely with no one knowing your there and kind of hanging at the back of the house. Still no idea why we said nothing and just played. I clearly remember playing and looking up at him and smiling. Best part was when I said Mr W and my mom said that's your uncle William. We never spoke out loud to him. We just knew and heard him
PinkSparkle in Red Orb In Bedroom
❀ Thank you everyone for all your kind words and comments. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about your orb experiences, that was really special. I have not seen anything like that since. Our house has been very quiet and peaceful. HUGS to you all xoxoxo ❀ 😘
Slyester in We Shouldn't Have!
Hii harsha thanks for sharing your experience it was really great and you narrated it well. Don't go to cementry again those places are full of negative energy
Greetings, Mel-D72, and welcome.

I liked the simplicity of this narrative. I had the impression that the old fellow was happy to have company in his room. It may have been a bit lonely for him at the back of the house if your grandparents' living room was at the front, along with their bedroom.

I think I'll add this to my "favorites" list.

How wonderful for you and your uncle that you were so unafraid - you both gained such a memorable experience because of it. Sounds as though he was a good fellow ❀
Cuddlebear, thanks for the recommendation. I looked up that film and it sounds right up my alley.πŸ™‚
Hi Jan, I think of you often too, especially when I wear dark blue.❀

I'm relating the stone structures to the drystone walls across Britain. So I guess the builders of your mystery structure used the same technique. A tall thing like that sounds like a farming thing, probably remnants of a once larger thing. I say "thing" because I'm no expert lol. As for the random crystal includance maybe some kind of marker or a repair patch job. No clue. Anything drystone is ancient as far as I know, dating back to the dawn of time almost. So it's possible your early settlers did uncover a bridge made in the same manner.

I'm in a nice lull at the moment, but I'll get busy again in a couple of weeks. Can't believe March is nearly upon us! How have you been?!

No idea where Rook is, didn't know he was awol lol. I've read his name in the last couple days so he's around.πŸ™‚
Sleeping-with-steve in The Man Is Back
Hello E6Bee,

After reading Biblio's comment, it has opened my eyes to a couple of things.

I've never known anyone to be scared of, or feel sick at the sight of the bible. I too am interested to know if other religious things make her feel sick as Biblio lists in his comment.

Perhaps as Biblio says, it may well be Psychological. Try putting a different cover on the bible and read it to her that way. Perhaps she will feel less bothered. If all else fails, maybe read something completely different for a while.

Keep us posted.

😘 ❀ 😘
Bibliothecarius in The Man Is Back
Greetings, E6bee.

I don't like to type until I have read everyone else's comments, first; I had to wait a few days until I had sufficient time to read and to consider the suggestions.

I have a question that has been bothering me since I read your narrative: Is your Bible the only religious item that has caused your girlfriend to react badly? Travelling through almost every human settlement in North America will include passing a church, chapel, or cathedral. There are religious bumper stickers on cars everywhere in the U.S.; American money is adorned with Christian slogans; additionally, people wear religious jewelry, t-shirts, hats, etc. Has she reacted badly to any of these symbols, mottos, or buildings?

If the Bible alone is the *only* source of discomfort, the greater the likelihood of her reaction being purely psychological in nature.

Just a thought.

Tony - Please consider submitting your experiences separately. I for one would love to read them and I'm sure many others would as well.

Regards, Melda
Welcome to YGS.

Mel-D, this is such a fascinating experience. It seems like your uncle really enjoyed watching you play in his old room.

Do you know if your grandparents were aware of his presence?

I guess the spirit's energy was calm and positive, and that's why you girls didn't feel in any danger on the presence of this stranger.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi everyone, I was there in 1990. The client let us keep our dogs there. He was happy having about 5 extra dogs on the premises and it was ideally located for wimbledon. We had to look after centre and number on court. It was also free accomadation! A massive bonus. However my room overlooked the old morgue. You would hear constant banging and the sound of footsteps. The worst was letting the dogs out. Into the basement You would go through the old outpatients dept which was just like time had stood still in 1940. Past Pathology and out of the back door into the grounds. Here was the old nurses quarters, a dark foreboading building you had to walk past. I couldn't get back inside quick enough. It was a horrible place. You would constantly hear doors banging and the sound of feet running on the upper floors. We just ignored them. I swear I heard screams and laughter in that place. I was only young. Pete and sammy were the official two on duty but there were about 6 of us in total. I also worked the London hospital in whitechapel. They had an old one storie swimming pool. A big fish would spout water into the pool at one end. Swimming alone bare arse naked in the pitch black your mind would be doing overtime. Locking up the museum where the elephant man statue is kept was a whole different ballgame. Heads staring at you preserved cadavers etc etc. I saw a suicide still alive come in on two stretchers. Of the two the London was the creepiest. Deeepest darkest whitechapel at 3am is a wicked place to be. Mark winpedder was the area manager for the company called securiguard. I also worrked the old BBC Lime Grove another building with its resident ghosts. Happy days lol Would love to hear back from anyone.
silverknight ~ Hello! No problem, I thought it was just a typo (and it was kind of funny, "seaward" haha). But anyway, thanks and yep, it's all well and good now, though my senses are still kept in check. It seems these things are, like others mentioned in the comments, brought by one's own thoughts; "you get from the universe what you send out [...] your interest may have opened up some kind of a door or attracted something to you." So yeah, I'm keeping my distance from those things (though I still like reading those Tobias & Guy comics! Haha).
msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie
Hi Tweed ❀ ❀ ❀

I thought of you when I told of funny face. I thought he might have been around in a time before the first barn was built. Sky blue eyes and straw matching hair. I felt wonderful, after my Father believed me, my Mother would not hear of it. For the rest of my Dad's life, we shared events, and conversed about many things.

My Dad took time in my early years to show me the unusual. At the top of the highest land was a fifteen foot stone structure. (now replaced by a home) He pointed out this, as his Grand Father had shown him. Each rock fitted without cement or glue. What was it's use? He told of a room underground, formed with rock walls also just by fitting. In the base of one wall was a stone in a triangular shape. This stone, he described as pure white crystal. The room was plowed away for potato fields, long before my time. A bridge stands today made without cement, described in the town history as found by the earliest settlers. What are your thoughts.

I think of you a lot! How are you? Is the busy time over? I have missed you, I miss Rook also, where has he gone?

Great to hear from you,
Hi Jan,

I love when adults open up about something unexplainable from their youth. What a lovely moment you and your Dad shared.
I used to see faces and all sorts in our carpet as a kid, but that was just matrixing, nothing paranormal. I have fond memories of that. But I would have jumped through the wall if something like this happened! You knew instinctively this boy was friendly. Perhaps you and your Dad could feel him there more than you were aware. It seemed very natural.

Sorry if I'm commenting out of context with the thread, I'll read all the comments when I have more time.
Hi E6bee,

Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, as I've not read the comments. Please have your girlfriend seriously consider counseling, or therapy, for her past traumas as this is likely enflaming any negative entity's hold on her. You and her could even look into, I believe it's called holistic therapy, they take into account a person's spiritual beliefs and generally treat the person as a whole, not just the problem.

Just like living folk, supernatural creeps chip away at sore points.
Nectarvore in The Man Is Back

This is the last comment I'll make on this thread because E6bees thread deserves to stay relevant to his story.

My response is not a kind of aversion to Christian methods, it is more a reservation - regarding posters girlfriends lack of consent.

Is consent a core value for you?

Your answers are thorough, well thought out and intelligently composed.

I sign out with this.
I am prepared to respectfully disagree on this one.

Maybe a middle road is if the poster asks his girlfriends permission to read psalms aloud over her while she sleeps?
Seeing as she clearly voiced her discomfort about him doing it while she is awake.

Boundaries... Don't leave home without them.

I feel the " it's for her own good " (elbows out) approach is possibly likely to alienate her and make her lose trust in her partner.

Trust is important if a person has had trust issues all her life. Its likely she has trust issues - as she has a history of abuse.

Ain Soph Aur and keep up your care, Integrist. Heartfelt.
Hello sedward. Glad to hear from you that things are well and your senses are in check haha. Sorry about misspelling your name on my first comment, I did not notice the auto correct while I was typing. 😊
Fairyhead in The Back Room
hi Augusta. Hi Nectarvore. I was wondering about the water as well. I feel that it was significant, since the house was surrounded on three sides by the creek. I remember going down there once or twice (even though I was told not to) and I felt uneasy.
Was it stronger during certain times of the year? I don't know. I was so young, it felt like it was happening all the time. Maybe it was worse during Winter. I remember how cold it always was in that room.
AugustaM, well the story told by my Grand father and for him it was a Ghost.
These night shifts were going on from small days to my Grand father and his brothers.
Sometimes there might be a very good scientific explanation for most of these cases on YGS same as mine. Well who knows. We were not there! 😳
rookdygin in The Man Is Back

Excellent answers all the way around. It makes sense about 'cleansing' the medal before Blessing it, and to be honest I should have thought of that...It's like cleansing crystals (or any ritual object) before and after their use, so their energies/connections/influence remain 'focused'.


msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie

Some of the newer homes have what can be called great rooms, without doors leading from kitchen to dining then to living space. These homes are great for entertaining. Would I be less forgetful if I lived in such a home. Probably not, but I would love to be living in such a home, anyway!

Jan πŸ˜‰
lady-glow ~ "Perhaps some guardian/protector spirit is trying to tell you to stop reading that kind of material and stop fantasizing?" I'd just hope that was it, but in any case, that's exactly what I did and it's gone! - so maybe I did do something right? ^^
RCRuskin ~ It actually could be similar to your bed/headboard thing, but *whatever* it was, thankfully I hadn't to "rationalise away" what *could* be something very dangerous going on. I'm just glad it's as good as gone!
Rex-T ~ If you mean I may possess some kind of "gifts" for "sensing physical or spiritual phenomena" around me, after what I felt those days, and having these seemingly all but gone, then I'm glad I'll have no need to "further understand" whatever! I get scared easily of those things, no wonder why I'm an agnostic atheist - "It's probably best not to know!"
New research from University of Notre Dame Psychology Professor Gabriel Radvansky suggests that passing through doorways is the cause of these memory lapses. "Entering or exiting through a doorway serves as an 'event boundary' in the mind, which separates episodes of activity and files them away," Radvansky explains. Nov 16, 2011. Lol it even has a name. 😜
msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie
Hi Tace,

Yes, actually it has happened when I was much younger also. When life is so busy and your brain goes on information overload...
silverknight ~ You know, that's the kind of stuff you never seriously think about and then, like, once in a lifetime you look into it and it turns out horribly? That was it, I really don't recommend that to ANYBODY. And it wasn't fun - at all!
Cuddlebear ~ Yeah, right? I swear that's exactly the first thing that came to my mind when my head suddenly "tried" blacking out that day, something like a voice of conscience, "Careful what you wish for! I warned you, but you didn't listen!" Really creepy stuff.
I heard Msforgetmenott that when you walk through an opening like a doorway it can make your mind go blank... So when you walk from one room through an entrance, you tend to forget why you are in the new room... Lol... I experience it all the time so... Hopefully nothing more then just a fluke for both of us... ❀
sunsetsister ~ Whatever it was, I'm really not at all curious to find out! I'm just glad it's as good as gone!
MondFee ~ And I completely agree with you. One thing is what AugustaM and I were talking about (comics, fun stuff). ANOTHER is the real... Darker... *thing*. So yeah, totally agree, anybody would better not meddle with that kind of stuff, things can get really dangerous, like, "No time!"
Anno_Domini ~ Yeah, it did fade with time, you were right on!
AugustaM ~ About that link on Imgur... LMAO (the comments section is priceless!). Thanks! ^^
Hey, guys! It's been a long while since Jan 29, and I believe I can safely say now that, whatever it was, it came, stayed for a few days, then I started to ignore it and fill my head with other stuff, just forget about anything that had to do with "SOMETHING" creeping around my bedroom, and suddenly it's gone! All seems to have come back to normal now, I guess.

That said, I'm still not *entirely* comfortable looking back or stopping when I'm walking in the dark around the house (I mean, who knows what could be there lurking in the dark, and I'm definitely not the one to find out!). The lesson I took from this whole *reeeally* creepy incident is: "Don't mess with what you don't know or don't understand!" It's probably best to just stick to the comics and all *fun* stuff, but no more than that, and CLEARLY no digging about whatever!

What I felt those days was an unexplainable kind of danger, a horror of you "feeling" that there was something happening around you and there was nothing you could do about it. I felt powerless, and I simply had no idea if there was anything to do! And with so many of those who deal with the paranormal all advising not to meddle with the unknown, that it's a dangerous game and that I could really get hurt, then I think it's probably best to hear the words of wisdom of those people.

It gradually faded with time, thankfully. I don't know if it was me ignoring *whatever it was*, or if all of it was just something my head simply made up - though I know what I felt, and the horror was real; but I'm glad it passed and not at all eager to find out whatever happened to me. It seems somethings are best left unknown.

Thanks to everyone who've commented over these three weeks up 'till today, your insights are enlightening and I'm much better reassured now than I was that *fateful* Sunday looking for things I'd better not have over the internet. Thanks for your support, it's really important for people to find a community like this, one can quite easily feel alone and scared when these things suddenly happen to you, and it's been a huge help reading a few dozen articles by other members, going down the comments.

It's helped me a LOT - it can be harder than one thinks finding relevant info about paranormal activity, almost all of these I got from posts and comments by other members, pieces of info scattered all over, and I'm deeply grateful for it. If it weren't for these pieces of insight, I'd be in complete darkness about what could be happening, or what to do, and a community like this one proved invaluable for those who may find themselves needing urgent help, like I did those days.

All I can say is: "THANK YOU!"

And about "incubi" & stuff: "Yer kno nothin', Jon Snow!", i.e., "STAY AWAY! - or not, but just so know, you do so at your own peril and you're most DEFINITELY going to regret it later (like I did!). And you'll also regret it later. Have I mentioned that you WILL regret it later? Yeah, better repetitive than sorry."
Integrist in The Man Is Back
[at] Nectarvore,

I am not sure I follow the reasoning behind your opposition. The fact that it is to be done while she is asleep is for two purposes:

1) to test if her negative physical reaction is psychosomatic in nature (perhaps due to aversion to religion in general) or if it is indeed caused by another source that is evil, which has latched onto her.

2) If it is psychosomatic, then her being asleep will cause her no discomfort. And there will be a better way to help her.

If it is the case that evil has latched onto her as OP thinks could be possible, then "respecting her wishes" could be the wrong thing to do. Likewise, the exorcist does not respect the "wishes" of the possessed when the demon acts through the person and says "No". Unless, we know the cause for her negative reaction - whether it is actually her not willing it or something else pushing her - I would not be too quick to judge a calm reading of the Psalms over her as being "disrespectful".

At times, we need to do things that people we care for do not like. This is not about disrespect, it is about finding ways of assisting her.

Partly also the reason why I asked E6bee if she has the same reaction to pagan and new-age rituals being suggested here at times.

Certainly, there is the option of just leaving the Bible out altogether, and avoiding any possible discomfort, and just letting "the man" do his thing - whatever that may be.

Ultimately, we propose possible venues of action, and E6bee, who clearly wishes to help his girlfriend, will decide what he thinks is working. I simply picked up that from his story, the Bible did push away "the man", who is seemingly attached to his girlfriend, and this same Bible - when read from - causes her physical discomfort. Now, you can just ignore that there may be a possible connection, and leave out the very thing that to them so far has proven itself to work, or you could - cautiously - test whether there may be an attachment, and if that attachment is the reason for her negative reaction.
Integrist in The Man Is Back
Hi lady-glow and rookdygin,

I'll address your points in this response, hoping that it does not derail the conversation. I suppose it may be helpful for the OP as well to understand where people are coming from, and why certain things are being suggested as opposed to others.

>Don't take me wrong, it's not like I doubt this particular saint can offer help and protection but, - wouldn't any other saint, archangel, the Virgin Marie or even a crucifix offer the same service?<

Certainly there are many holy things, and of the Saints and Angels, none is higher or closer to God or feared more by demons than the Blessed Virgin. I could have for instance suggested the use of the Rosary, of which is said - as recounted by St. Louie Montfort - that it had the power to cast out 15000 demons at once from a possessed person.
However, I cannot assume E6bee to be a Catholic, and to thus know how to pray the Rosary, and also have the patience to do it: meditative prayer takes its time and a lot of patience.

So, we have here two questions really: why St. Benedict and not any other Saint, and why his medal and not any other sacramental?

The first question ties to the second: in this case, because I suggested his medal: practically speaking, this is probably easier to come by than e.g. A medal of St. Gemma Galgani. Further, the Benedict Medal is often put on a crucifix as well.
And not every sacramental is the same: sacramentals - for them to become holy objects - require blessings. Some have a "general blessing", while others have more specific blessings hinting at their use. So, for instance a Green "Scapular" is used to obtain the grace of conversion for another, whilst a St. Benedict Medal has a blessing with exorcism prayers specifically made against evil. The medal itself has an inscription of a short exorcism prayer.

You can read about that here:

Certainly, someone could also use a Crucifix, a Medal of another Saint, a holy Icon, a statue, etc. However, I cannot suggest everything, and need to make a choice, and the St. Benedict Medal - with its purpose in mind - is a trusted sacramental by many exorcists, and so I suggest its use against any diabolical oppression.

"I don't know if all comes down to the strength of a person's faith"

Sacramentals - as opposed to Sacraments - work "ex opere operantis" - by the working of the worker. So, in a sense, the person making use of the sacramental - with the Church's blessing - will make more effective use of it with greater faith and confidence. The type of blessing - depending on what the sacramental is used for - also has an impact on the efficacy of the sacramental: as an example: Holy Water made according to the revised ritual is not as effective as traditionally blessed and exorcised Holy Water according to exorcists. The former works, and one can use it, the latter just works better. So here: it depends on what you the sacramental is designed for, how it is prepared for such use, and who uses it and how.

I do not know about wearing red or even placing a statue upside down. We would reject those things as superstitions. Obviously, most who are not Christians would probably disagree.

When you ask why this and not that: one could also ask: why is Sage here so often suggested by others? Is one plant inherently better than another when it comes to use for spiritual purposes? And if so, how comes? Why is red supposedly a protective colour, and not e.g. Blue or green? Or why diamonds and not emeralds or just plain pebbles?

In my view, a certain telos has to be given: a purpose. The more a creature is used toward its purpose, the better it is. With the sacramentals, the purpose is given by the Church's rites. What about the Sage, the Diamonds, the colour red?

And now, I get to your excellent question, Rook:

"The basic definition of exorcism is removing UNWANTED SPIRITS and/or their infulences... Why would you want to remove the 'positive energies' from a Blessed Medal? Or am I not understanding just what you are trying to say. Just curious."

There is a difference between minor and major exorcisms. The casting of of demons from possessed people would be the latter. The former, on the other hand, is used to take creatures - living or not - out of the dominion of the "Prince of this World". This is not about removing "positive energies": any sacramental prior to being blessed has no "positive energies": they are materials from a fallen world under the dominion of the Adversary, Satan. The exorcism here (as you will be able to read in the English translation provided in the link above) basically purifies the creature and takes it out of the dominion of the Devil to then prepare it for grace, and to make is a sacred object - set aside for pious purposes or for Divine Worship. The traditional baptismal rite for instance includes a couple of minor exorcisms:

I hope I was able to answer your questions. This will give E6bee some background information as well.

Jubeele ~ I agree that whatever (or whomever) we met was not intending harm. I don't recall thinking the voice was in anyway sinister. So I'm not concerned on that account.

As to the Church's house I really don't know too much about it, we are not members of that congregation, though many of our neighbours are. We have seen several different renovations of the house since we've lived here. The current work seems to be mostly exterior, but the addition of the propane tank would lead me believe some work is going on in the crawl-space at least. During other periods of renovation I don't recall seeing anything abnormal.

I have mentioned to some of our neighbours that I saw a man I could not identify walking around at that hour, and there has been sort of a neighbourhood watch established.

Tweed ~ Glad you too checked in. I agree the world is a wonderful and exciting place, if you look for it. Have you ever watched the movie The Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao? If not try to catch it, it delivers that message in a most wonderful way.
msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie
Hi Lady-glow!

Why is it I can remember something as far back as the age of 4, but I can't remember what I walked into the kitchen to get? Am I getting old.

Funny face was special, he was there each time I looked at the base of where the loose hay lay. I was distressed when the farm bought a bailer, as he would be crushed.

My Dad told me some believable tale, explaining somethings no longer visit after too many birthdays.

My Dad has been gone over 20 years, but I still miss our conversations. How fortunate I have YGS.

Nice to hear from you, Lady-glow
It is possible that Edmond suffered a mild stroke or aneurysm on his walk after Sonny peeled off to relieve himself. The breif experiences of the blockage and possible subsequent bleed could conceivably have caused an hallucinatory event. It is also possible that Edmond was already sick and didn't know it yet. At first, cool air would've felt good on a fever then as his body temperature dropped, he would've grown colder faster than Sonny and the fever would've grown exacerbated. High fevers will first cause hallucinations and as they climb, will eventually cause seizures. In either event, the effects could be lasting.

Health crisis or ghost? Hard to say!
I don't get the impression that the OP is fantasizing about demons because they read the Tobias and Guy comic strip. I read it too because it's funny! It reminds me a lot of the cartoon "Ugly Americans." Here's a link, I highly recommend:

As for the possibility of having attracted an entity, I think Cuddlebear has a great point with the tulpa notion. (They are a great google by the way especially the theories about Big Foot and Nessie being cultural tulpas - nifty stuff!) But even though a tulpa is manifested by the mind, if the entity is fully conceptualized, it is a physical force that can have very real effects - at least, according to the Buddhist belief.

Could be that, as it is said, you get from the universe what you send out and like attracts like etc etc that your interest may have opened up some kind of a door or attracted something to you. But, knock on wood, if that were the case, I and many other members of this site would be haunted senseless - and, while most of us have had our experiences, it's not the set of Poltergeist.

Maybe just take a breather from paranormal stuff for a month or so. Try a cleansing according to your beliefs. And get out doors as much as possible - hang out with friends, do things that make you feel happy, engaged and alive. Hopefully, then, you'll shake whatever's hanging around you.
It is such a lovely gift when our loved ones are able to grant us such peace when faces with the grief of their passing. My grandparents came to say goodbye to me - I wrote about it in my first story on this site - I'll always be grateful.
Reading your account - it reminded me of a woman's experience that was shared on a podcast I listen to - she was also followed by an entity from childhood and found a way to free herself from its pursuit. Here is a link, you may find it helpful:

I am glad you are reaching out to folks around you for help - realizing you aren't alone is huge:-) I am in a similar place religion wise with a leaning towards the old Roman ways - in terms of finding a religious authority somewhat in line with such (what I consider pantheistic) views, I would recommend a Spiritualist Church. You can also look up Wiccan groups in your area. Also, find your local spiritualist/new age stores, they are usually as much about the community as their wares and can be great sources for contacts and information.

Good luck and keep us posted!
sherm784 in Rock Isn't Dead
Haha. Loved the story and that is an awesome title. It sounds like that's him, coming to remind y'all he's around in a funny way.
This is a good story and you narrated it very well this story sends shivers down my spine. It's good that you left that house I like to suggest you something I pratice meditation everyday early in the morning for atleast one hour mediation helps us by boosting our positive energy. Our mind and soul becomes strong and because of this no spirit or any form of negative energy can affect us. If you are suffering from problem like hearing sounds just pratice this and never let your mind being affected by negative thoughts. All the best to youπŸ‘
Nectarvore in The Man Is Back
Sunset sister... Great to know about white sage essential oil. My partner hates smudging and I've been searching for an alternative. Excellent advice.

Being an Aussie, my preferred smudge was Blackboy resin/sap.

After a really hot summer, or a small bushfire, you find dark, ruby red spheres of sap, bled through the spiky bark at the base, and hardened. Like amber. Chip off and dig out with a knife blade.

I have used this in unwanted entity banishment with great success.

Intergrist... If I woke up to my partner reading psalms over my sleeping self, I would be weirded out to the max.

If she doesn't feel comfortable with psalms read aloud while she's awake, it makes sense to respect her wishes while she sleeps.

I sense that your advice is offered with a genuine desire to help.

I don't know, respect for one another's opinions on here is crucial... Still.

A good rule of thumb is if something brings no comfort, it's not for you.

Continue seeking.

One mans bible is another mans sigil protected circle...

Said with a soft tone, writ lacks tone.

Just sayin.
rookdygin in The Man Is Back

I understand using a blessed medal... Be it a Saint Benidict or ANY of the other Saints... However I have a question concerning it being exorcised...

The basic definition of exorcism is removing UNWANTED SPIRITS and/or their infulences... Why would you want to remove the 'positive energies' from a Blessed Medal? Or am I not understanding just what you are trying to say. Just curious.


Hi zlocestivuk81,

I'm actually curious as to why the authorities would build a new road, through a forest, that ends before a cliff? The usual reason for building a road would be to connect 2 or more places which are highly travelled. In this case, to clear a forest and build a road to nowhere seems very odd.
Tweed - it's so nice to 'see' you around!
I have always been an animal lover, to the point that everyone in my family were expecting me to become a veterinarian. Instead I joined the Faculty of Chemistry... I knew I wouldn't be able to control my feelings when tending a suffering animal.

Though a carnivore, I couldn't eat any animal that I had seen grow. I know the way of nature, everyone eats someone else or is someone else's food, still, I wouldn't like to do the killing part.

Thanks for reading and for commenting on my story.
msforgetmenott - thanks for the, as always, good read. I'm glad that these encounters weren't scary and that you even seem to have enjoyed them when they happened.

Nice to see you around. ❀
lady-glow in The Man Is Back
Integrist - I'm curious about your constant advice on the use of exorcised St. Benedict medals. Don't take me wrong, it's not like I doubt this particular saint can offer help and protection but, - wouldn't any other saint, archangel, the Virgin Marie or even a crucifix offer the same service?

I don't know if all comes down to the strength of a person's faith, I have heard of wearing something red for protection against evil eye; wearing diamonds to repel bad intentions, and even placing an image of St. Anthony of Padua upside down if one needs help on finding love!
And I know of people that are sure all those things work and have helped/protected them when used.

I read the information provided in the following link but there's nothing that seems to point to St. Benedict being 'the best' when it comes to protection against negative spirits. Interesting life, though.


Haven in His Favorite
Twilight, my dad had Guero for about 6 years. He was little when he got him. Guero was not sick and he was very well taken care of, we don't know the reason he died. We also heard they live a long time so we were surprised when we found him dead in his cage one morning.

I get really worried and paranoid when it comes to my youngest daughter. One reason is because she has had sleep paralysis and has woken up screaming, she says it's nightmares but I think it's more than that because I remember going through something similar. Another reason I keep a close eye on her is because a couple of years ago she started hurting herself. Her dad and I were going through a really bad time and we lost sense of our priorities, our children. She would not tell us how much the fighting was affecting her, she didn't looked depressed, to us she looked like her normal self. Until one day, my oldest daughter came to me and told me she was worried about her sister because she had found some pictures her sister had taken of her legs. She said at first it looked like she had used a red marker to write on her legs but that the more she looked at it the more it looked like they were cuts. I was so shaken, I'm crying as I type this just remembering. I couldn't believe this was happening with my baby. I had heard of teenagers doing this but my daughter was only 12! I got her help and she has never done it again but I have never stopped worrying.

Thank you so much for your comments and advise. ❀ ❀ ❀
Actually, I wasn't looking for any mark, just what may have made the 'bang'. I was gob-smacked by the handprint! If it wasn't for the fact I 'look' at that section of wall everytime I'm using the restroom, I probably would have assumed it was the roomy's, or left unnoticed by some visitor, and you're right, now I wonder how many 'proofs' through the years did I blame others for. Lol
Yep, movie interuptous - how annoying!
Integrist in The Man Is Back
Thank you for your response E6bee,

Have you asked her why she has an aversion to anything religious? Would your idea of getting sage fall under this category as well? As in, do you think she will react negatively as well or have you two spoken about it already?

I thought about it for a bit when you said that she feels unwell when you read out from Sacred Writ. Having read the other opinions, it is possible that there is the power of suggestion at work: i.e. A sort of defense mechanism developed during the bad times of her that convinced her of the real existence of "The Man" as substantial, external entity. But that is one possibility.
What speaks against this is the fact that you have experienced some sightings as well. Though, perhaps the fear is contagious.

And I am assuming her that her negative reaction came when you were reading out from the Bible whilst she was paying attention.

So here may be an idea: try reading the Bible (calmly) over her as a prayer (plenty of Psalms that would be very fitting) when she is asleep, and then see if there is any reaction - from her or otherwise. If there is no reaction, then it may be a case of suggestion that has become somewhat contagious. If there is a reaction, I would say in agreement with Anno_Domini that it is probably a case of demonic oppression. In this case, you will want to ramp up your prayer life, and get yourselves some sacramentals.

Another thing you could consider is to get some properly blessed and exorcised St. Benedict Medals, and to distribute them around your house.
sunsetsister in The Man Is Back
Hi there,

Just wanted to give you a little info about the White sage. I too have recently tried looking (in Australia) and have found it hard to get. However, I was told that 2018 marked the end of a bad 7 year cycle and with the new year, came a lot of people cleansing. So there are some alternatives if you can't find a smudge stick. There is white sage essential oil. 3 drops in a spray bottle and you go around the house smudging. It leaves a very prominent scent and you can more or less perform the same ritual. There is also palo santo. A Wood used traditionally for this purpose. Also you can use salt in all the corners of your home and around the boundary. But I would suggest doing this after you cleanse as the salt is more to keep things out, I'm not sure how effective it would be alone.
I have very recently been needing to do a smudging ceremony and found these things out. I'm only going by what I've been told or read online. There are others on this site with a bit more experience in these matters but I hope this helps you. You can also buy White sage sticks online.
Hi Cuddlebear,

You left a message under one of my narratives pertaining to this one. Must say I'm coming up with the same conclusion to your experience as I did with mine. That is, I just don't know what to think about it, ghost or physical person, could be either. I agree with Melda, you may never know.

In reading things on here and thinking about my own encounters with odd over time, I think unexplained, weird and wonderful, albeit confusing things happen every day. It's a combination of luck and our own alertness as to whether we notice them.
Hello unquiet,

Apologies for being a bit late to the Rock Concert.

I'm so happy that your son considered that the situation was "pretty cool", and your title says it all.

In 1980, I was devastated when I learned that Bon Scott (ACDC) and John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) had died, in similar circumstances to Jimmy Hendrix, ten years before. A wise friend told me to remember and honor them, ensuring they would live forever in peoples' hearts.

While reading your account, a picture of a T-Shirt, mounted in a picture frame, hanging on a wall, kept trying to push itself forward to get my attention. If you or your son still have that t-shirt, have you ever considered having it framed and mounted?

I'll close with a famous Tommy Lee Jones quote from Men In Black - "Elvis is not dead, he just went home".

Hi Val, this is one of those experiences that makes me go 'huh, what'd ya know', because I'd have never thought to look for any marks on the wall. I guess I take for granted there's never going to be any 'proof' that anything remotely strange happened. But it makes you wonder what else ghosts might leave behind that we simply don't notice.

As for ghosts and finger prints, the photo reminded me of something that I shared, actually the first thing I shared on YGS, about a dancing ghost. One of the things she may have done is left a hand print, or partial hand print, on the stereo. The print was in some dust that accumulated around sections where no one touched. It may have been left by anyone who came through the house. But it was an odd place to put your hand. We thought she might have tried to use the stereo while we weren't home. Anyway that hand print was kind of like your picture in that the finger tips looked kind of smudged or dragged, indicating some kind of movement.

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!
Bit rude of them to interrupt the movie. 'Yeah, you like scary movies do ya? What'd ya think of this' BANG BANG. What a numpty.
Nectarvore in The Man Is Back
Hey E6bee

While reading your words I had a very similar impression to Rooks theory that the being could be a manifestation of your partners fear.

The words that came into my mind were similar but different. I felt, a manifestation of her trauma (spanning her life)

It is possible in magick, to create an elemental. One visualises what their elemental looks like, then imbues it with power through visualisation, meditation and intention.
When it is humming with power (not free will, a synthetic elemental has no autonomy of its own) it is given a purpose by its maker.

Both dark and light magick can be done this way... What separates them is the intention of the person doing the creating.

If this is possible through conscious means, it is also absolutely possible through unconscious means... And lifelong trauma is a lot of unconscious manifestation.

It is possible the being is an autonomous, intelligent creature with its own agenda, one that attached itself to her. Possible.

It could possibly be a lower astral being.
I personally do not believe in demons, only in lower astral planes, or higher, like the angelic realms.
I do not believe in heaven or hell
Only in different planes of consciousness.

The important part here, for you both to understand, is that you hold so much more power than you know.

What I think? Is it the being is manifested into reality by her trauma, she can unmanifest it.
She has the authority.

Likewise if it is an actual intelligent entity.
Either way... She is still in charge.

The fact she feels fear when she sees it is undermining her authority

And that power is given to her by her birthright of being human.
It's given by God, if you believe in God.
You don't have to believe in God to ask for protection

Begin with asking your higher self

Begin by believing that if lower astral entities exist

There must also be higher, angelic beings who desire to help and protect

Did she ever consider that maybe she is protected? Because was born into violence and danger and later abuse, but, she survived.

Her life is a gift.

Bright blessings
Hi Recurring, yeah what Nectarvore said! Seriously cool observations/advice.

Recurring, wanted to let you know that it's pretty common to feel/be attached to a former home. Ask around, your friends, family, co-workers, everyone has something lingering from a location. It's just not spoken of, stiff upper lip and all that. But most people experience it. I say explore it. Maybe not visit the place, or contact the current occupants, if it doesn't feel right to you. But certainly explore your thoughts/feelings about this home, the hallway and piano room.

I'm a pianist and in my opinion they, pianos, have a commanding presence in a home. Even if there were no pianos when you lived in this home, a piece of their magic would linger, I like to think. So I was kind of cheering things on whilst reading your narrative, 'yeah, go hang out in the piano room!' I don't mean to make light of what was a very scary experience you had, but it truthfully was my reaction to reading it. Maybe you've been coming at this from the wrong angle, just maybe it's not the home but the instrument you're drawn to. Hey, it's never too late to take up an instrument.

Yeup, those be some rather bias concluding thoughts from me!
Hi Lady Glow, wow that poor rooster, and you poor kids! I don't want to sound over the top but that's got to do weird things to a person. I know a couple of families who do this kind of thing. Got to shake my head in dismay. They're both farming families, seems like it goes with the lifestyle. I still don't get it though.
Cool you got to see Jon the rooster pecking around afterwards. What a great way to learn about animal souls/spirits too.

You obviously form strong bonds with the animals in your life to receive their messages, as you did with Buggy and Mr Spots. I'm fascinated by how that works, when animals touch base from the great beyond. It's very humbling.

Thanks for sharing!
I send my warmest and sincerest wishes for you both. Do let her know how truly brave she is, to have survived all that she has.

As someone working with children in challenging situations, I agree with so much that Rook said. Reading your comment felt so very soothing, Rook. I hope that energy reached her too.
rookdygin in The Man Is Back

Is it possible to have your girlfriend share her experience (s) with the 'skinny man' in her own words? I ask because I am an empath and there are times where I can pick up on the 'feelings and emotions' of the individual posting them.

As you have told it I have a theory based on what she has let you share which I may be able to refine if she tells her tale. Here is 'my take' from what you have shared...

The 'thin man' may have been a manifestation of her fears and emotions while living at her Aunts, the reason they stopped before her Aunt 'asked her to leave' was because she had somehow come to terms with the situation, or she already knew what her Aunt planed and the reason she stopped seeing him was because knowing she would soon be out of that house brought her some peace of mind.

So the next question is, why start again, why now? Simply put, the uncertainty of the situation, the chance things may not work out and she ends up on her own not saying that is a real possibility, but it's a fear she has and because she is a sensitive her worries, fears, nervousness and negative 'what if's' are manifesting as the skinny man.

Just my opinion though... As far as the reading from the Bible making her ill... It could be the sign of an attachment, OR it could be a sign of your Faith being strong enough to 'drive' the negative manifestation of her 'emotions' back 'inside her, where they (it) generated from and that negativity is what made her ill. The fact that keeping the Bible out seems to be working, to a point, is a wonderful indication of how much she cares for you and has Faith in you that you can keep her safe.

Everyone has offered Great advice, I can offer something that, while it comes from my Religous background it can be applied by someone who is not a Christian as well as those who Believe...

Believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all; indeed, we may say that we follow this admonition We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

An individual need not believe in Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ to live life in a Positive Manner. Like begets like, if your output is positive then what comes back should be as well...Yes, bad things happen, its how we react to them that can make them positive moments or negative ones.

Again, this is simply 'MY OPINION' I may or may not be correct, but it's something to think about.

Please keep us updated and please ask your girlfriend if she will share with us... She need not create an account, simply write it up so you can post it for her on yours.


Twilight1011 in His Favorite
Haven, I truly feel for you when it comes to your daughter, on her not wanting to come to you about what she experiences. As a mother, I know how it feels to want your children to trust in you, and to be able to come to you about what's troubling them, paranormal or not. From what little you've told us about your childhood experiences, and not being believed, I can only imagine how it must bother you, to want to be there for your daughter, but her not wanting to come to you over what she's going through. I hate that it's like that with her, but hopefully in time, she'll finally come around, and start coming to you about it. All you can really do for now for her, is let her know that that door is opened with you, and whenever she's ready, you'll be there waiting for her. I'm curious about your father's parrot, and his passing not long after your father passed. I remember reading before, and will relook into it in a minute, about the life spand of parrots, and if I remember correctly, I want to say that they can live up to 70+ years? My question being is how long did your father have his bird, and if you knew about its age when it passed? Not that my question has anything to do with anything, I was just curious on it.
Haven in His Favorite
Hi, Jubeele -

I hope you are right about Guero. We were very sad when he died, because we felt that he missed my father and was heart broken that he wasn't around anymore. "Love does endure beyond the veil", beautiful words and so true. Thank you for sharing them. ❀
Pasindu, just so you know, we would not be able to publish the myth about Mahasona. We try to publish only real personal ghost experiences.
Haven in His Favorite
Hi, Twilight

Thank you so much for your kind words, as always.

To this day, my daughter does not talk about what she was seeing right after her grandfather passed away. I also know that she has seen and heard other things that she does not like to talk about. She reminds me of me, I never use to talk to my family about the things I saw. Part of it was that I didn't want to scare my mother, another part was that I had tried before and was ridiculed. I try to make my daughter feel she can talk to me and will be believed, still I get nothing. The only thing she will admit to is nightmares and sleep paralysis but I know it's more than that. Maybe one day she will share her experiences with me.

Take care.
This is so strangely familiar that it brought tears to my eyes. I have been followed by a cloaked entity with a white mask like face (have only seen the face fairly clearly once) for about 18 years. That's not the weirdest part though... A couple months ago I woke to an older man leaning over me, watching me. He looked angry and had a reddish tone. Almost like a very old picture but a little more red. As far as I can remember he was not wearing a hood. I didn't think these 2 were related until reading your post. Please let me know if you find out why it is following you or how to get rid of it!
Thank you all for the feedback! I have been in contact with a group that I found on this site and I'm hoping they'll be able to help, but I'm also looking into a medium and possibly someone well-trained in reiki if I can find someone that I feel I can trust. To answer the question regarding religion, I can't say I devoutly follow any religion. I take things from many faiths but I'd say I lean most toward wiccan. But I am not sure how or where to find a religious authority based in that faith. I am afraid to take this on without direct guidance of someone far more knowledgable than myself. I have a family to protect. As of right now, this entity is only causing us discomfort, I don't want to mess up and put my loved ones in danger because I thought I could handle it myself. It has been recommended by the group I've been in contact with that I do a '7 day candle cleanse' but I'm not sure what all that entails and if it would even be wise to attempt since I feel that doing anything right now is only going to provoke this entity if it's not effective
unquiet in Rock Isn't Dead
Hi Melda, so glad you enjoyed it! I did tell my son and he thought it was pretty cool, not afraid at all. My brother was very intelligent and mischievous, it would be very much like his character to provide a sign like the one in the story.

My son loves ghost stories and music as well so maybe my brother picked him for that reason. There is one other odd music-related event in connection with my brother & son that happened shortly after my brother's death that I'll share soon.

Thanks for the feedback, it's nice to hear others opinions of an incident.😊
huggybear ~ Great name by the way

The Video is very compelling. I'm glad you answered many of Bibio's questions. I too would like to know what happened when you stopped the bead from swinging. I have a similar experience with a chair in our family. When I've stopped it it just stopped, nothing else.

Hope to hear more from you
sunsetsister in Dead Battery
Hi Silverknight,

Yes thankfully nothing since. The more I think about it the more I believe you are right. It was darker than I probably was willing to believe at the time. I am a big "mull it over" kind of thinker. I often find I need a little space to come to my own conclusion or feeling. And looking back I had such a bad, ominous feeling about being at home during that time. I didn't want to come home from work. Didn't want to be there. In fact after my sister hit the lamp post, I went to pick my son up, while I was out I phoned my partner up on site and told him I just couldn't go back there. That I had this awful feeling that something terrible was going to happen. That these were bad omens. My partner, the ever protective man assured me that nothing was wrong that I was safe and it was ok to go home. Otherwise I was going to mums lol. I had already decided haha. But I stayed. I also am a believer in not giving power to things that seek to oppress. For instance I may have been trying to gloss over what was happening so as not to fuel fear and energy into this being.
Most definitely, the dogs scared me the most. I am a very practical woman. I like logic. I couldn't logic the dogs reactions away. I could logic seeing things out of the corner of my eye or a "feeling" but I couldn't logic the dogs away. Especially when they went ballistic in the bedroom that night, I was terrified.
The batteries were something else alright. I am a car fan. I know my fair share. I have never seen or heard of anything like that happening in such numbers or at the same time.
I found this same article when I went googling for information. Very interesting read.
sunsetsister in Dead Battery
Hey Rex-T,

You know I can tell you for sure that what ever it was had plenty to feed off of during that time. It was very stressful emotionally and financially to have to move so quickly. As we are building we are also paying the mortgage on that house as it comes along so coming up with thousands to move was devastating and placed us in a bad situation. We are coming back from that now a few pay cycles on but we were very angry and we felt totally defeated. The more I think about the kind of energy that I alone would have been giving off the more I realise that we were an easy target for something attaching itself to us. And yes, while I would typically consider myself a pretty tough cookie, my partner being away does still make me feel more vulnerable. Also we just had bad luck during that time. I know it's Murphy's law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong but this was in the absolute extreme. Things breaking just before you're finished using them etc.
When I left for the last time, I saged my car and myself and have done the same at the new place. Thankfully, I had already contacted someone to do a cleansing ceremony for us for the house we are building and she wrote back telling me that it would be wrong of her to come and charge me for it as the place we have been building is full of love and light with no trace of darkness. That we would be truly at peace in this place. So that is a relief.
lady-glow... 😊, No no. You got it all wrong, its about a Demon named Mahasona (The most scariest demon of all time in SL), a head of a bear and a body of a human bean (If you want to know the myth about that story I can post it on YGS)...this story about two families fighting over a land so one family send Mahasona (using some evil way) to destroy the other family by bonding Mahasona to a little girl pinching her hear by needle.
All I wanted to tell you is that these things were real in Sri Lanka those days but when ever old people get scared they think its the Mahasona.
Pasindu - I watched the linked video... Though I have no clue about what's said, it looks like a combo of "The Exorcist", "Dracula" and "The Werewolf", I hope not to dream about it!😱

Are you suggesting that what your grandfather witness that night might have been a curse or a spirit sent by some ill-intentioned person?
If that's the case, did anything else other than Edmond's epilepsy happen to anyone else in the family?
Did anyone else experience anything unusual during their nights taking care of the paddy field?

Anyway, I hope that there weren't any possessed flesh-eating people in that village.
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Hello AnnoDomini,

I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Hi sedward welcome to YGS.

I agree with the others about the power of suggestion and the ability of your mind to project and extrapolate things that you've read, and do think that this might be the case. In such instances these "disturbances" gradually fade with time. If, however this keeps up for a sustained period do come back here and let us know.
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Hi E6bee, I was going to refrain from commenting as I saw that your girlfrind was not interested in a religious solution, however I read on to how you stopped the "entity" with the bible.

I believe that these entities are demons, who interact with us in different ways, some can be our "friends" or "guides", some can do the opposite and oppress us (like in the case of your girlfriend). Do take a look at my profile for more insight to my view. I would suggest that, if things continue or get worse, you should look for a pastor or priest and they should be able to assist you.

I also echo the view of Integrist, I would even go so far as to say that there may be some level of possession of your girlfriend, and I suspect that there's more than what you have revealed so far. The discomfort that she feels upon seeing the bible is due to the demon's own malaise and it taking it out on the possessed. Many times possession involves the gradual surrender of one's control over little bits of one's life, due to deceptions of the demon (s). I feel that it would be unwise continuing down this path and intervention is urgently needed.
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I love reading stories with multiple parts but hate the suspension lol. Can't wait to read the next part!
Hi lady-glow, for him it is a paranormal, Srilanka is very famous of doing all these Evil and demonic things to people (Older days).


Check this video, it's just a movie but in real life (older days) people used to practice these kind of evil things.
Hi valkricry, See, for my Grandfather it was a ghost who had followed him and that's the reason he got scared and fell. The shock he got made him sick for the rest of his life. Maybe a ghost or maybe I don't know.
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Hi E6bee,
I have read elsewhere on YGS about entities being attached to someone. Sometimes they go 'quiet' and only make their presence known upon the arrival of someone new. It seems that this spirit went quiet until your lady moved in with you. The fact that she felt ill when you started to read the Bible indicates that this demon is attached to her. You do not want to have a good relationship with your lady go sour. There are Pastors who are well trained in this sort of thing and would gladly help to rid her life of unwelcome spirits. I recommend you go that route? Blessings!
Hi there zlocestivuk81. If that voice was indeed someone who fell off there, then I think it's strange that it calls your name specifically. We can say your mind might be playing with you. If I were you though, I would play it safe and avoid going back there. You mentioned you felt uneasy there so your senses might telling you something isn't right there. I have been told that forests are usually home to many unseen beings.

I have a few questions if you do not mind me asking. What time of the day do you usually venture there with your dogs? Do your dogs behave differently during those times you experienced the voice calling you?
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Hi E6bee, perhaps you can try a cleansing ritual from one of our members, Rookdygin. He has designed it so that someone who is non-religious, like your girlfirend, might hopefully benefit from it. It is meant to be performed as often as you feel it's needed.

Once you have cleansed your home, your girlfriend could also do a self-cleansing if you are worried she is being troubled by an attachment.
"Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection)."

As an alternative suggestion, there is the use of anointing oil, as taught to me by a Christian friend. It is prepared by heating cold-pressed olive oil with crushed fresh garlic and a dash of red wine. Simmer for a while. Turn off the heat, say a prayer over it for God to cleanse, protect and bless. When it is cooled, filter it through a clean cloth into a container. I add this oil in my cooking, as a dip for bread etc. You can dab it to parts of your home that you feel are troubling you. The oil, infused with your prayer and good intentions, represents the Holy Spirit and is meant to remind you of God's Grace and power, and to help you strengthen your faith.

These are some options that I hope might be helpful for you and your girlfriend. Stay safe and take care.

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