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Hello LilCat21310,

Thanks for replying and explaining about the emojis.

I hope you get to the bottom of this.

Best wishes,
Where it happened
I mean which state
Have he saw her again
Bibliothecarius, I totally agree with your idea, (im reading this at 5:51 in the morning for some odd reason even tho I have school) Ill start by writing what happened this night and from there. This creeps me out cause I have a fear of ghosts and paranormal activity. Tho Bella seemed to calm my nerves while in real life i've always had that fear. But I feel calmer about this Bella situation.

Though I have nothing to say about the twin tapping on door. Logic basically left the world when my friend said the same thing happened with her. Don't know if its a coincidence or something else tho I do think the tapping by the door is connected to when Bella came two nights later.
Tell me what you think if this random info could be true,
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
You definitely are a good person wanting to help others. I'm sure people appreciate your help. I certainly do my friend.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
I've been going through some Australian members profiles and I've added a few including yours. I will start reading some encounters little by little. There's so much on this site that I thought by starting with Australia, I might be able to relate to the places members write about. (No prejudice intended)
Dreams fascinate me. I could discuss that with you for hours, and still want to know more of what you have to share. I do have a dream/spirit encounter that both my sister and I had the same time. She would have been 10 years old or so and I would have been 21 years old. I married at 19 and she had a stay over at my house. This dream still haunts me up until today. (I will submit that situation when I can)
I believe what you 100% when you say if the bond is strong we will reunite on the other side.
(I'm not ready to go yet though) πŸ˜•
Hi CrimsonTopaz

Thanks for sharing. Personally, I've feel I've made contact with "deceased" loved ones in my sleep state, through encounters which I can't put down to being just ordinary dreams due to their vividness and the intensity of them, and how these encounters have stayed with me for decades.

I guess everybody has their own individual and unique experiences of sensing departed loved ones, for example it's very common and well documented that the appearance of certain fragrances associated with that person can signal that they are always close to you, bound by an eternal love for you.

I say this to you; rest assured that if the bond of love between two souls is real then you will be reunited on the side because love is the most powerful force that permeates this infinite Universe.


Greetings Cman710,

Thanks for posting these experiences.

For me, the true horror that you, and everyone that's in this Burger King should be most terrified of would be the "food" that is dished out...

That will cause you more long-lasting and real harm than these etheric beings EVER could πŸ˜‰.

Take care!


Mack (Not Big)
Thanks for the clarification, Lillie.

The first step in dealing with Bella is to keep a dream journal. You've admitted that "I sometimes forget little details after a while," as is normal for people; however it is ten times harder to remember dreams after just a few minutes. Every time you wake up, you need to write down as much of the dream about Bella as you can remember. If you develop this habit, your dream journal will start to fill up with more and more details that will help you to solve the mystery of Bella's messages.

The fact that Bella vanished for a while but returned with more scratches has me concerned. There are several phenomena that can communicate with you through dreams, including your own subconscious mind. I don't want to leap to any conclusions without a foundation in facts & details that you will be able to provide by keeping a journal. I do not think that Bella means you any harm at all; I suspect that she is a protective voice/spirit of some kind. This suspicion can only be validated or invalidated by your journalling data from your dreams.

Please begin to record the details of your Bella interactions as soon as you can, and keep track of the dates on which the dreams occur.

Sleeping with Steve, its totally fine! And when I said "she was shocked she had a bunch of shocked emojis and I wasn't drinking my juice the entire time it finished it after the first knocking.

It was my front door were the knocking was, my living room has a staircase leading down to the front door. And the tapping noise was only by the door, I didn't hear it anywhere else. And no I didn't follow Clyde cause I was too tired to care (I think the apple juice I was drinking made me tired, lolπŸ˜‚)
Hello Cman710,

Sounds like activity has ramped up at your Vegas BK; either Helena has some friends, or perhaps a portal lies somewhere on the property?
Spirits are often drawn to areas that have a lot of energy, such as restaurants, shopping centers, etc because they can use the energy to their advantage for communication or manifestation. I like what Rajine mentioned about protection; that's a very good idea.

Something to keep in mind when you are faced with spooky stuff: when you live without fear, in your heart and in your soul, nothing can have power over you. With that being said, I'm glad to read that you guys haven't had anything serious happen (like any injuries), just remember your safety and sanity is more important than any job.

Thank you for keeping us updated - excellent part 2!
Hi CrimsonTopaz

No I don't own this site lol, I just find it really insightful and informative also being able to interact with different people from all over the world and get their insight and advice really helped me as I hope it does for you, and if my insight helps others then I know that I've done something good,

The insomnia is not going to get sorted anytime soon but I've learned to manage.
Hi, Dontes.

In my opinion, many things are best left unknown. This, I think, is one of them.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Rajine my friend,
I hope you are sleeping better.
You own this site. Your replies and situations saturate these threads. Members are fortunate to have such a helpful person like you participating.
Im sorry for your loss of your father my friend. 12 is such a young age to lose a parent, or anyone. No matter our age the void is great.
I was told once, 'we ache because we care, we miss them because they made a difference, and never forget, always cherish the joy they brought into our lives'.
Rajine you're very kind to reply and what you say makes sense. Our departed loved one's visit in a way that is comforting to us.
Hi CrimsonTopaz

A really touching story, especially for me as I lost my dad when I was 12, no matter how old we get losing someone, that empty feeling never goes away, but we just learn how to move forward, I believe that spirits of our loved ones are always around watching and guiding us with an unseen hand, I also feel that they will present themselves to us in a way that is comforting, each experience will differ with each person, like you feel his presence whilst your sister sees his shadow, but he's there.
Maybe a rosary or something that you feel will keep you feeling safe
Hi Cman710

Truly a crazy experience for anyone to have to go through, I suggest that you should wear something for your protection, but I feel that these spirits know that your'll can see them and they want to scare everyone, so far it hasn't gotten physical, thankfully.
Hi and welcome Dontes0817

The incidents you and your family and friends experienced sounds really terrifying, I'm glad that your'll decided to move, I'd like to know how the dogs reacted to these incidents I'm guessing that they were in the room with you when you felt that one of them got onto the bed, usually animals can sense things we cannot see.

Also why didn't your'll get a clairvoyant to come over or do a home cleansing ritual?
Ive had a similar experience, in a hotel. I believe when this happens, you are experiencing the emotions of a certain spirit or entity. Even though, giggling... The emotion may not have came from her. I too, started sobbing out of nowhere, but I first felt anxiety, with my experience.
Sleeping-with-steve in Child's Giggle In My Bedroom
Hello Darkscapez,

You haven't replied to the comments here so I hoping you're ok.

I don't know about the ringing in your ears, but the crying is very worrying. I have had dreams where I've cried bitterly during my dream and after waking up. Do you think you were dreaming?

All sorts of people we know or don't know pop into our dreams. If it was some sort of dream, it would be worth googling to see if you can find some possible interpretations matching the scenario you have described in your post.

If on the other hand you're convinced it was some spirit, then YGS is the right place to seek help.

I really hope you get to the bottom of this.

Best wishes,
I can't imagine your fatigue from other people's emotions constantly draining you. I'm guessing it's like being very tired. Have you tried searching online for a shielding method to protect yourself from losing your energy? I hope things have improved for you.
CrimsonTopaz in Lady Ghost Or Dog Ghost
In India there are many scary tales whispered around.
I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for you.
Thank you for replying and I'm so sorry for your loss last year.
Hey, guys first of all I would apologize for replying so late as I was trying to comment through my smartphone but I was unable to do so as I was logged in through my pc.

Rajine, Well, there are many instances when a spirit is witnessed to change its form. In India, there are many stories of that type. Also in YGS, I have read such stories.

Lady-glow. You have asked a lot of questions but I am sorry that I am not in the position to answer those. I do not know if my Uncle ever saw it again or followed it, or any other idea about that dog. I could have asked more of it from my Uncle but sadly he passed away due to covid-19 last year. Yeah, but definitely I will talk to the villagers (when I go there) and get some more light on this matter. CrimsonnTopaz and lady-glow sorry to disappoint you.
Great tangent folks, I personally love any and all angles to be explored when it comes to the paranormal/mystical/esoteric, including explanations that could be regarded as more grounded. I do believe drugs can induce doorways to other dimensions/realms just as much as I believe sometimes they are simply hallucinations stemming from the drugs themselves. I've never felt it was one or the other.

As for alcohol, I have had my share of it throughout the years and I can tell you none of my paranormal or spiritual experiences has ever taken place under the influence. In fact, if anything, I think it closes the door and numbs me from the more subtle/finer energy realms. However, I can completely see how a spirit can attempt to take influence over someone who is heavily intoxicated as our willpower is down and easier for that to take effect. Like my take on drugs, I feel the same about spirit influence over intoxicated or high individuals. Sometimes hidden aspects of their personalities are exposed under the influence, and sometimes I do believe a form of possession is at play if the situation presents itself.

I used to live with a step father who I've literally seen his eyes change into a very dark, low-level entity when drunk or sometimes just losing his cool on one of his violent rampages. When you witness it, it's unmistakable. All of my family members witnessed it as well.

To simplify, I think under the right setting, spiritual centeredness, preparation, protection plan and research, one can use certain drugs to access spiritual planes and dimensions and contact spiritual beings and loved ones. Yet another tool to reach higher levels of consciousness. Equally, I believe under completely different circumstances, one can find themselves under the influence of a dark, low level entity or even demonic force if their vibratory level and energy is already polluted and darkened while intoxicated or high. Yet more angles to ponder!
Thank you I am relaxing when I get a chance to, yes there's plenty of really interesting experiences others have on this site.
Thanks for explaining further.
Sounds like your family are gifted.
I'm slowly going through members situations and have come across some very interesting one's.
This one of yours is fascinating because I have reoccurring dreams too like your mum.
Try and get some rest my friend. Even it's spasmodically.πŸ›ŒπŸ˜΄πŸ’€
In our beliefs, certain people are blessed with being able to go into a trance, there's only a handful of people who have this sort of powers, like my cousin he also has divine possession of different gods, we have many different God's and goddesses for each aspect of life, a goddess of wealth, of education, warrior like God's and goddesses, guardian deities, gods related to the planetary system, of strength and courage.

But apart from that we also believe in ancestor worship, in fact that is more important than anything else.
Hi CrimsonTopaz

It's always good to make new friends, well South Africa is like any other place in the world, but I have to admit the crime rate is quite high, we are currently experiencing winter but in my city of Durban it's not really cold, like right now even though it's cloudy and it rained and even had a thunderstorm at 8am it's a bit humid, I've tried almost everything for my insomnia but nothing seems to work, guess I just have to keep trying πŸ˜†.
Rajine my new friend,
Good to see you again. South Africa is so far away from Australia. What's it like? It's easy enough to lookup weather online but it doesn't give you an insight to how a place is.
Yes, the world has many things going on.
I'm sorry to read you can't sleep. Have you tried a chamomile tea? I'm not a medical or health professional so I'm unable to help you with sugestions there. I hope that area of your life improves.
When I read in this article that your cousin has powers of divine vision where he goes into a trance. I was fascinated. He is occupied by spiritual possession by your gods and goddesses? That's amazing Rajine. Tell me more. What gods and goddesses? My religion sounds different to yours, so I'd like to know.
Take care and get some rest my friend.
Hi Cman710

Indeed this is a really creepy crazy story, you mentioned that your older co-worker said that your place of work was built near an old cemetery, I'd think there's more than one spirit if that's the case, nonetheless your experiences are a scary thing to happen to anyone.

I'm really looking forward to your next encounter.
Hi again CrimsonTopaz

Yes there's so much happening all around us, stuff we see and hear, sometimes feel, it's both exciting and scary.

Here in South Africa it's almost 3am and I can't seem to go to sleep.
CrimsonTopaz in Lady Ghost Or Dog Ghost
Ladyglow has many interesting questions that makes me wonder if I should stand by and wait to find out more from you first. This is a really good read and like ladyglow, I want to know more please.
I agree with my new friend Rajine. No one has told me about changing ghosts before. You are in a position to share this incredible insight with everyone and maybe get some closure.
I hope you solve your situation.
You're my first reply on YGS. I have been reading a few situations on here and there's so much going on in people's lives. There must be 1000s and 1000s of encounters on here. I'll never get through them all. πŸ˜•
I have a couple of favourites so far and I might just start with reading them.
Rise and shine for me. Time to get started with all my Saturday jobs. πŸ˜•
Hi CrimsonTopaz

It's not necessary but I get your point 😁, one thing I learned is that one should never have fear.
Hello LilyCat21310,
I owe you an apology for my previous comment.
As CantUnSEEit has said in his comment just now, we were all young once and it's not always easy posting experiences at any age, but more so if other things are going on around that I should have taken into consideration. So please accept my sincere apologies.

I really do hope you work things out with Bella and find out what it is she's trying to tell you.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in Floor Squeaker #2
Hello CantunSEEit,
You have opened my eyes to youths posting their experiences and what you say is so true. Their minds race, the pandemic is in their thoughts and they don't need to feel bad about their writing skills. Yeah, we were all teenagers once and we need to be more understanding with our youths and relate with a little more patience instead of picking their posts to pieces. I refer to myself and no one else when I say the hypothetical 'we'. I just recently commented on a young OP's thread, and I shouldn't have commented at all as you said, because I didn't have anything positive to say. I'd like to apologise to LilyCat21310 for not being more understanding. 😭 Forgive me for forgetting that I too was young once, and I should have helped you instead of critising you. Thanks to CantUnSEEit, my eyes are open.

CantUnSEEit, back to your disco ball orb that scared you out of your wits. Just for the record, I would have run faster than Speedy Gonzales if I was there. Especially with all the loud squeaky floorboards.

Thank you for sharing your post. I'm going to read more of your experiences after this one.

Best wishes,
CantunSEEit in Floor Squeaker #2
Just before typing up this story I was reading a teenagers story. Don't forget your mind raced, you were easily excited when you were a teenager. And then trying to type you feelings. In this pandemic you notice a story that is not easy to follow don't be negative just don't comment. You know they didn't type there story just so they could feel bad about themselves, or their story telling skills.
Sleeping-with-steve in The White Lady Of Burger King
Hello Cman710,

That was such a spooky post.

I couldn't help but feel like the lady was wearing a bridal gown and perhaps she was trying to communicate something that happened to her before she had a chance to marry her groom. Perhaps that's why she still wears her white gown still hoping for her groom to come?

I look forward to part II.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀
I've got a huge part two coming. I've been going through some stuff or it'd have been up already. But be prepared.
TravisCannabis in Lady Ghost Or Dog Ghost
I don't know man... Maybe that woman was a b*tch during her life. πŸ€”
Did your uncle ever go to the temple to confirm that the dog the lady turned into, was the same dog howling at the temple?
What was special about the dog that made the old man think that it was the same in both situations?
Did he ever called the lady before she shape-shifted or would she turn into a dog regardless if no one had talked to her?

"the lady (in dog form)... Howls as long as the prayer continues and then goes back."

Where would it go back and then, what?
Did your uncle tell you if someone ever saw the dog turning back to human shape? Did it always go to the same place? Would it be possible that the howling dog was only a normal animal perhaps waiting for it's master outside the temple?

I imagine that an event as constant and shocking as the one you are narrating would be common knowledge to most of the villagers, if not to all of them. How come your uncle wasn't aware of it?

If I were your uncle, I'd had gone to the temple every day and followed the dog until I could be sure that it wasn't a living, normal animal. And would had stayed up at night waiting for the apparition to show again.

I'm not suggesting that your uncle's story isn't true but, in my opinion, some parts need more information in order to make sense.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi CantunSEEit

I have to agree with LightMight, perhaps these spirits are attached to you for some reason, a home cleansing might provide some help.
Sleeping-with-steve in Baby Boy Stay On My Mind
Hello SpookyONE69,

Sorry if my sister Faye confused you by using my member ID to comment, it won't be the last time because she visits often and jumps on my PC. She's using my computer at the moment and I'm logged in as SWS.

I've introduced Faye to YGS because she like me has lots of experiences to share.

She's enjoying commenting and probably getting carried away.

Thank you for sharing your experience, it's intriguing.

Best wishes,
SWS. 😘 ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Baby Boy Stay On My Mind
[at] Spookyone,
I had to google ring light. I had no idea what that was.
That's a scary situation. I hope things have settled.
Faye πŸ‘΅
CrimsonTopaz in Do I Help The Spirit?
Heya Lilly,
I agree with Rajine. OBs are not toys, and can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
Thanks for sharing your situation, I thought it was interesting.
Heya Curious Dee,
I used to eavesdrop on my parents too. They used to get the OB out often and do seances. Those were great times to eavesdrop.
Hopefully George isn't bothering you any more.
Faye πŸ‘΅
Heya Rajine -
I've starting reading your situations and find them interesting.
I might have to close my windows after reading this.
Heya insomnia-
Really interesting situation. Can you upload your photo? I'd love to see it.
Thanks for sharing.
Crimson Topaz πŸ‘΅
Hello elinee2

Has anything happened prior to this specific experience and has anything happened after?

My guess is that something or a spirit followed you (I'm assuming if you have been out) we have a belief that if someone is out usually late into the night spirits and other things can follow you home, that is why if we have to return home late at night we usually light a match and throw it behind us before we enter our home.

You should do a home cleansing for your peace of mind.
Hi BajrangSays

It must have been really creepy what your uncle witnessed, I've never heard of a spirit changing its form, maybe it's something that's not from this world πŸ€”
LightMight in Floor Squeaker #2
Hi CantunSEEit,

Another great story; thanks for providing us with the Squeakquel - it's helped answer a few questions from your last story.

I understand you're not participating, but I do wonder if you've had multiple spirits attach to you in different locations? It's awful when you get the feeling 'something' has been waiting around for you to come home, but then maybe this thing feels a connection to you? Something obviously was trying to get your attention, thankfully it didn't seem to have malicious intent toward you, or your wife.
Welcome to YGS.

Hello elinee2.

In my opinion, it's hard to get a whole picture of what is going on based on the little information provided by your narrative, hence I am going to ask some questions, not so much for you to answer but hopefully they will help to put some dots together.

" I have been really stressed out"

Could this presence be trying to comfort you? Did it make you feel afraid?

Has anyone close to you passed away recently? If so, were they smokers?
Is there a smoker in your family?
How old is your house? Has always belonged to your family? Do you know if someone died in it?

In my opinion, the meditation/relaxation state you were in made contact easier for a spiritual being; don't be alarmed neither let your guard down.

It could be a protective spirit trying to help you go through these stressful time, or someone trying to get your attention.

You could try talking to them and ask not to scare you again and say a prayer in case they need one. At this point it seems like the disturbances are not dangerous but you don't want them to escalate.

If you are a religious person, ask a priest/pastor/rabbi for assistance.
If not, look in the internet for rituals of cleansing and protection that can do on your own, or look at the profile of a member of this forum: rookdying, who has developed a cleansing method very effective on keeping nasty entities at bay without banishing the good ones.

Good luck and keep us posted.
May be you saw bell in real time because if we see some one in dreams
We have seen in real time πŸ˜•
Hi Lilypopsavage33

To be honest, I've never used a Ouija board (OB). The spirits seem to find me easily enough, whether I want them to or not. It is my observation that the OB operates as a focusing tool or a channel, like Tarot cards. If someone has no sensitivity to the spirits, or is not open to the possibility, nothing at all would happen. But for the person who has even a mote of sensitivity, then I'd advise caution with such things. Some spirits might not be who they claim to be, or omit certain facts to their story.

At fifteen, this is a period of change and growth, charged with lots of emotional energy. Without meaning to pry or sound preachy, it might be that the friction with your mother could be part of learning to deal with changing family dynamics, and finding your place in the scheme of things. The negative energy created could be attracting something, and the use of the OB could be like opening another doorway for it.

Might I ask how you came about using the OB in the first place? Are you still using it to communicate with "Carol"? What other information did she tell you? Are you sure "Carol" is really a ten-year-old girl? If so, when did she die?

Have you tried looking into the history of the house to verify her identity? You can Google on events in the past for the region, like war or outbreaks of diseases, famine, flood, storms, accidents etc. Or maybe contact a historian from your local library. Anything that could possibly have affected a young girl living in the general area.

Someone I know was once approached by an angry spirit of a young woman, who had been brutally killed, and left to die in a forest. I won't go into too much detail as my friend subsequently found out her identity. Suffice to say that by the time the spirit contacted him, the men responsible were already in jail. But her vengeful spirit wanted them to suffer a lot more. This worried my friend, as he could see auras. The more focused on revenge she became, the darker her soul seemed to him. He spoke to her and prayed over her. It was not without difficulty, but in the end, she agreed to let go of her unhappiness and pain, and was finally able to be at peace.

It might be best to pray for "Carol", that she be free from pain and negative bindings, and be at peace to move on. With your affinity for plants, you might want to spiritually cleanse your house, including the yard, with purifying herbs, like rosemary, sage, thyme or whatever you prefer. I find burning sandalwood or Dragon's Blood incense works for me. And also, a Blessing afterwards for general well-being.

Maybe your mother might be more agreeable to having the place smell pleasant and fresh, as opposed to having the yard dug up. Take care and be safe.
Macknorton, it is interesting in these cases, in any and all supernatural or paranormal encounters how it works with guides and negative entities. My understanding is we have to ask for help from our guides and angels, but there are those cases where they seem to intervene on our behalf. That may be due to whatever agreements or contracts we make when we come here to incarnate in the first place depending on a person's beliefs. The unknown factor in this is our subconscious. The way it's programmed is why we have so many issues. It's why people who for instance want to break an addiction struggle with it, yes some of it is substance addiction, but the rest seems to lie in some kind of subconscious programming or beliefs. In any talk of the law of attraction for instance, if you want say a million dollars, but your subconscious mind harbors a belief you cannot have it for whatever reason, it sends a conflicting signal to the universe and the universe invariably goes with your subconscious belief. The subconscious is still part of your free will. Frustrating as this, people struggle to lose weight and break addictions because of these subconscious beliefs. In terms of being involved with any kind of negative entity if we need help, we have to ask for it and even then it's not guaranteed I think because of the subconscious. If it were that easy why do people struggle to rid their houses or lives of ghosts. It takes cleansings and outside help and sometimes the spirits return. I think it's because some part of the person may not necessarily want the spiritual encounter to end. It's why people read these stories, go on ghost hunts and some take it further like using tools such as Ouija boards despite knowing the risks. Anyways I don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole on this, but hopefully I've made some sense since you bring up some really good and valid points. It ties into this story and every other one we've read and our own personal experiences.
Greetings, Lillie, and welcome.

I have a few clarification questions, if you don't mind.
1. When you "heard a tapping noise by the door," it was the door to your living room?
2. The stairs outside your living room lead into the basement: was there any other direction from which the tapping sounds could have come from (a kitchen, a bathroom, etc.) near the staircase?
3. Did you only check the basement staircase because that's the direction Clyde took?

I'll hold off of addressing your Bella dreams for now, as I'd like to get a clearer mental picture of your surroundings first.

Hi Lillie

Maybe, just maybe that spirit followed you back to your house when you went to visit your friend, I'm assuming that you did not get a bad vibe of her, just fear, perhaps she needs help, if you know of any spiritual people who can help you talk to them and see what they have to say.
You start by saying, "you weren't asleep, it was around 2am but you weren't sure what time it was but it was around that" You say you only see Bella in your dreams but all through this post you are awake drinking juice? (Confusing) πŸ˜•

Then you say, "Two days later I was texting my friend who at the time had a house with two ghosts in it, but she moved to a different place that's still close. When I told her about the taping by my door she totally looked shocked and said the same thing happened to her the same night around the same time." Arrrrrrrh, How can you see if your friend looked shocked if you were texting? (Confusing) πŸ˜•

I don't have any questions. I guess I don't want to know. I'm probably likely to get more confusing answers.

Maybe other members can help you with this dilemma.

Best wishes,
SWS πŸ˜•
Hi Lost Voyage

Yes, it does raise that question about influence from "The Other Side". I believe that the more earthbound spirits that seem to cause all these problems (but keep this website pumping!) are closer to this plane because they still want to experience aspects of Earthly life; usually the more sordid activities such as drug use, violence, sex, intimidation etc.

So, just as in Earthly life, they would be drawn / attracted to those individuals who have the same desires in the spirit world, as well those still manifesting on this plane where these activities generally require a physical body.

It's got to be incredibly complex just how much influence these negative entities would have on physical beings. There would be so many things to factor in. And also, if you believe we all have guardian spirits or spirit guides with us from birth to death, then where do they fit in to all this?

Do these guides "ward off" entities, or are they as potentially as sordid as the person they are supposed to be attached to and "guide"? And also, if we have free will as we do to an extent, then how much could these guides intervene and let people "learn their lessons"? It does my head in...Lol!

Apologies for getting well off track here from Aros's original posting.


Lightmight, thanks for the link, interesting stuff, I love these discussions as they add to the unknown dimensions of these encounters and deepen the mystery, it's part of the journey and the fun.

Macknorton, thanks for sharing your personal account, that does bring up some interesting questions, does alcohol truly lower our inhibitions, or allow something else to take over? What you brought up regarding the account the individual had as an out of body experience certainly is intriguing and reminds me of another similar account I had read about, I'm not sure if it was here or on another forum though.
The individual in the account, had been out of work and due to financial concerns (paying the bills and supporting the family) he took a job offered by two friends who had set up their own adult services streaming site for adult videos. He hated it, as it wasn't within his moral boundaries but essentially did it again out of necessity. He became aware of a darker presence in the building, one which his friends mentioned instigated the entire enterprise they were involved in. They laughed about it, but after he had a direct encounter with this entity, he learned that like your story of influencing people to drink more is it could gain control, it influenced people to watch these films and extracted energy and control over the people watching. In fact the more they watched, the worse it got, like an addiction. It would start as curiosity and develop into watching more disturbing and violent films. It's like the people watching were changed. This entity seemed to feed off from it. The individual involved, quit immediately after his encounter, he already questioned his moral boundaries, but this was too much. I can not validate the experience and apologize to the mod's as I'm aware stories of this nature are typically slotted in a different category, but it was related in response to this post and I did not use any graphic language or descriptions to keep it clean. It makes one wonder how much of what we do is really our decisions or influenced by something else.
I told my dad I'll be on his side, even when he isn't. Like when he tried to regift something mom got him for his birthday as a gift to mom for her birthday. I mention this only because the help we may ask/be asked for is not the help we need, or should get.

I would start with Lady Glow's suggestion. See if you can find out if there's a missing girl that matches Carol's description. And there probably is not.

If it turns out to be something, I don't think your family would 'lose the house' but you'd certainly get a lot of attention, welcome and unwelcome. But silver lining: perhaps the hole that would be dug up could be turned into an in-ground swimming pool?

Anything that would be done about digging up the yard would require parent (s) approval. So I would suggest your first action should be trying to get a better relationship with your mom.

This may not be possible, but try.:)
Lilypopsavage33 in Do I Help The Spirit?
She and I don't get along well at all. We constantly fight and scream at eachother
Me:*reads title*
Me: I think my basement is creepy at night tho my grandpa sleeps down thereπŸ˜“
Lilcat21310 in Do I Help The Spirit?
I say go with your instinct, do the right thing (Btw, my grandmas name is carol, and no she's not dead). I have these dreams and in every dream there's a little girl named Bella, with blonde brown hair and a flowery dress with scratches on her face and she says remember me at the end of every dream and I go with my instinct and remember her, tho I also think she's a spirit that died at a young age
LightMight in Could She Be Me?

I was actually thinking the same thing: what if dopplegangers just hang about - but wouldn't that be more like a guardian spirit of some sort? Hmm, as far as I know I'm healthy πŸ€” I just had my weekly Covid test...
I see my friend this week, I'll probably try to have her come over for coffee sometime soon and have her conduct a 'walk through'...
Hi Lost Voyage

Yes, I agree that whole area of connecting with a higher power / God / Spirits by ingesting drugs is very interesting indeed.

The unknown factor remains of whether certain drugs actually open "doorways" to spiritual beings / dimensions etc or whether it's an entirely drug-produced experience / hallucination. I have read a lot about DMT and psilocybin (magic mushroom) experiences whereby people have had a connecting experience with their spiritual sides.

I'm sure individuals who have sampled a wide range of drugs, both recreational and medical, have their own personal experiences of a spiritual / religious encounters.

On this subject, I remember reading a fascinating OBE experience which I believed to be genuine, (I can't quite recall who it was but maybe involving the name "Muldoon"?) whereby he found himself out if his body in a hospital after being declared "dead" and proceeded to go on a journey over a city with a ghostly guide / being.

They travelled (as in; flew as one tends to do when unencumbered by gravity) to a bar where they stopped (hovered?) and the OBE guy could see very intoxicated people, surrounded by passed-over spirits who still craved alcohol and were influencing the humans to drink more, and as these flesh and blood humans got more and more drunk, their own spirits became more unattached to their bodies so these spirits were able to impose themselves into the physical bodies of the drunk people in order to experience alcohol once more.

Now this struck a personal chord in me as my Father, now deceased, was an alcoholic and every night around 8:30 pm when he inevitably reached a particular level of intoxication, it was if another personality took over him, as if he was indeed "possessed" by another person. A rather vulgar, aggressive person unfortunately.

Now, one could reasonably argue that the alcohol just "brought out" an aspect of him that lay dormant, however the personality change was so dramatically noticeable, and coupled with the OBE account, that I believe due to alcoholic intoxication, his body was made more easily available for a spirit to "take over" for their own gratification.

Anyway, all interesting stuff to ponder!



Check this out:


From what I've come to understand, any medication can have side effects, nothing is foolproof. Everything you've mentioned makes 100% sense.
Are you sure she's who she claims to be?
Ouija boards are like the internet... Anyone can pretend to be something they are not.

The first thing you should do is research if there is any report of a missing person matching the description of this girl.

Where and what kind of plants do you collect? Any hallucinogenic one?
Is she following around? Does she communicate with you through means other than the Ouija board?

Has she told you what kind of revenge she wants once her remains are discovered?
I hope she won't expect you to hide her skeleton in the closet and help her kill her killer!

Do you get along well with your Mother?
Does she think that you tell the truth or that you lie? If she's so religious and you talk honestly to her, it's possible that she will love to help that poor lost soul.
Lilypopsavage33 in Do I Help The Spirit?
Hi Rajine,
Thanks for the advice I should've not dabbled with it and now I feel bad but hey, I'm a stupid teenager you live and you learn 😜
Hi LightMight

Do you think perhaps since the first time you encountered your doppelganger in the hospital it has always been around but it's presenting itself now for a specific reason?

It's always a good idea to get a second opinion when in doubt, hopefully your friend will be able to shed some light on the matter.
It's interesting that it's been stated that medication of any type (if it's not natural) actually dims a person's ability to connect with spirit/source. What Aros has proposed (and what I'm about to mention, which is no offense to anyone suffering from or connected to anyone suffering from any kind of mental illness) if indeed what a patient hears and sees is part of a greater spiritual connection (much like empaths being able to feel energy/emotions from others and their environment, then taking meds would dull that ability and actually allow them to live a 'normal' life as it were, but at the cost of those gifts. It's also interesting to note that many who post their ghost stories and supernatural encounters on the other hand, if any drugs or alcohol is involved in the experience, it's usually automatically dismissed, the experience is assumed to be induced by the drugs/alcohol. Many may forget that in the past, our ancestors used peyote to have 'vision quests' substances like mushrooms etc to pierce the veil. The experiences were profound and altered the individuals life but it's still debatable as to whether they truly experienced something spiritual or was it purely a hallucination? People nowadays use that tea brewed from the amazon root to experience something similar. Fascinating that natural substances can open us up to the spiritual dimension as it were, but man made drugs and substances can have the opposite effect and close the same door. Perhaps more in depth research should be done into the whole mental health issue to understand it better. They have already made some groundbreaking research/discoveries in studies on autism and that spectrum. It could really open some doors.
Hi Lilypopsavage33

I think you should firstly speak to someone who has more years of experience with this sort of situation, ouija boards aren't a very good thing to dabble in if you don't follow the instructions properly or it can result in just about anything coming over, speak to someone you can trust and perhaps get them to come over to your place and see what they pick up from the surroundings.
what if a ghost asks you to help find its body and it died by being buried alive?
Pretty interesting subject you guys have bridged to, and I don't think anyone here that has commented has risked offending anyone that has lived with, or has known someone with Schizophrenia. There's a lot of misconception floating around out there about people who live with mental health disorders, it's a shame really because in part Hollywood has misrepresented what actually happens in the life of someone who lives with delusions/hallucinations. Because there is no cure for Schizophrenia, and other diseases such as Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's that can cause visual illusions, auditory and tactile hallucinations many people who live with these diseases take medication in order to help ease the symptoms - there are still symptoms, but they aren't as severe. I've worked in long term residential health care and in end of life care for over a decade; I really love my job because I've met the most wonderful people who have taught me a lot about life, many of them live with chronic mental health issues. I work part time now because I've gone back to school. Things have changed drastically over the last 20 years in regard to mental health care; thankfully there's far more of a holistic approach to the care that is provided for those who seek treatment. More people are able to live at home now, with the help of assisted care and treatments such as meds and therapy - it's come a long way! I have the utmost respect for people who live with mental illness because you've got to be a very brave, strong soul to live with a disease that affects them daily. I've often wondered what the residents/patients really experience when they're receiving external stimuli during a visual delusion - I still think there's a lot of mystery that surrounds that still.
Macknorton precisely. I feel quite strongly in my convictions that most people we label as mentally unstable are folks that happen to have a direct hard wire into other realities. That's not to say many are not simply suffering from true delusions and hallucinations but I have a sneaking suspicion the majority are far more dialed in to other realities than we would ever suspect.

Sometimes the voices in his or her head are just that. Voices. Auditory hallucinations. Other times? I think they are true voices that come externally, they prey on the weak and strike when the iron is hot. Vulnerable humans are wonderful hosts for deception and manipulation via low level entities and dark spirits.

It saddens me to think how many humans have suffered over the years, chained to their tiny rooms, their spirits muffled day after day from medication that numbs them to the bone. All because they simply were experiencing real phenomenon, external from themselves but tricked their doctors into believing it was all disillusion.
Hi Again Aros

You wrote: "Although I am quite convinced many many people we have labeled "schizophrenic" and other mental disorders are people that happen to be very much in tune with other beings/dimensions/realities. It's not all just "in their heads" as it were."

This is interesting to me that you should write this as I recall watching a very well-made documentary on schizophrenia a few years back.

Let me firstly state this: I am definitely NO expert whatsoever in this area of mental health, however my take-away from watching that doco was that to me, these poor people APPEARED to be possibly psychic mediums who for whatever reasons either don't understand what a psychic medium is and therefore can't "shut off" from the spirit world and /or haven't quite got their gifts under control, or they are blessed as being psychic medium but with some actual "faulty wiring" in their brain that means the literally can't process, or control the incoming information in a meaningful way, even if they wanted to.

Again, no disrespect or insensitivity intended to anyone who has friends, family who suffer from schizophrenia, merely just a THEORY based on the similarities of the experiences between people who channel spirits, psychic mediums and people who suffer from schizophrenia.


LightMight in Could She Be Me?
Hi Rajine,

Yes, I agree, freaky for sure! Although we've had many unusual things happen at our home (most have been cleared away with bi-weekly spiritual cleansing), I have never had the experience of hearing a voice that so clearly sounded like my own. To be honest, I really don't like the idea of my doppleganger hanging around my house, mostly because it sounds a bit creepy! I've actually had one experience with what I believe was my own doppleganger, many years ago when I was severely ill with bacterial pneumonia. What I saw was a very solid version of myself sitting on the edge of my bed looking extremely worried - it was at that point I knew something was wrong. They say seeing your own doppleganger can be a precursor for serious illness and/or death; I ended up being hospitalized for 2 weeks after my doppleganger experience. So, I guess in a way, you might say that particular doppleganger experience may have saved my life... As far a getting any menacing vibe from these recent experiences; no, I really wasn't feeling anything negative at the time, but it's not something I want to experience on a routine basis either!

Like you, I've had my fair share of unusual encounters, which often doesn't bother me but I prefer some balance and harmony when it comes to my personal space. I really liked your idea about having a clairvoyant come to my home; I think I'll give it a go! I do know a very good Physical Therapist who specializes in Reiki Healing, she's also very in touch with her intuitive senses and has visited my home before. I'm an insomniac also, I don't suffer from it because I've learned to appreciate the peacefulness that abounds between 2am to 4am - I do some of my best studying and research during those hours!

Thank you so much for your input, I'll keep you posted if anything new arises!
According to Michael Newtons work of whom put some 2000 subjects into hypnosis where under a deep trance they explained their life between lives. All of them pretty much explained the after life the same way in most details. If an individual committed evil acts here in the earth matrix they would be taken away and re energised and then probably volunteer themselves to come back for another life experience.

There is no punishment except your own soul filtering out the emotional processes of all the wrong doing and people we hurt along the ways of our travel.

We can look back at our lives in holographic blocks and actually relive the good and bad.
We may share this process with our spirit guides and often do.It's not punishment as I said,it's a part of spiritual growth and enlightenment. We do have a sense of humour over there and actually do all sorts of activities you wouldn't think possible. We also choose to live in small communities and Energy work is used in ways that make our feelings here seem very basic and low level...I've been blessed in a sense to experience the actual tapestry of some of these energy fields they are amazing.

P.S once you send through your email address I'll cc you in with Aros.

Hi valkricry, Our home was built in 2004 in a new development neighborhood. We are original owners and to my knowledge there was never anything here before but woods. There are historic towns nearby but this particular plot of land was just dense woods to my knowledge. "Carol" has a bit of back story. When my daughter was around 4 or 5 years old she started talking about her. Through the years she has described her as blonde, older teenager and friendly. Recently we we conducting a dowsing rod session and picked up some strong energies. At one point I asked if "Carol" was really my sister D'Lea and I got a strong YES from the rods.

It would make sense that my sister would be a guardian angel to my daughter. She would have been the world's greatest aunt to her, I know it. However, I am not sure if it was another spirit just saying what he thought I wanted to hear? We have deduced that there is a teenage boy that hangs around our house. So far he seems friendly and harmless. My daughter says she has seen him in her dreams and she doesn't feel afraid of him but I am curious why he is hanging around our house. So far we have figured out he lived not too far away, and committed suicide. Anyways, that's a story for another time... As far as Carol goes the verdict is still out and I will add a more comprehensive Carol story here in the coming days/weeks.

The_Lost_Voyage_11, I certainly agree on your points... We have it hard enough just living our regular mundane every day lives let alone evolved wisdom of our true natures. Although I am quite convinced many many people we have labeled "schizophrenic" and other mental disorders are people that happen to be very much in tune with other beings/dimensions/realities. It's not all just "in their heads" as it were.
aussiedaz, I'll send over an email as soon as I get a little freed up. That is interesting about sleeping when we get back to the other side. My understanding is that we don't need to do many of the things there that we do here, sleep, eat, intimacy (to put it mildly) but we can do those things, we just don't need to. For purposes of 're-acclimating' as it were to being back 'home' it makes perfect sense we might continue to live life there as we did here. I do believe from an experience I had and from some independent research that people who have had a rather traumatic life or experiences go through a healing phase when they go back, and some of that may be about 'living' in a way congruent with the things they did in life, so it's not such a shock to the system. On your comment as to why some may still dream on the other side, it may be as you said, it may be a reason or catalyst to some hauntings, but it may be too that's how we have the visitations we have of our loved ones in dreams, they may dream too in order to connect with us in that way, if that makes sense. We know here on this plane of existence that many times, someone pops into our heads and a moment later they call, it turns out they were thinking of us, so it's not a far stretch to imagine that our passed loved ones may also be dreaming of us and show up in our dreams too. Many of these dreams have them in familiar surroundings, sometimes the past and they seem delighted to see us, but not always in a way where it seems they are purposely visiting us, more like, how nice to run into you here, like when we see someone we know at the store, but didn't plan on running into, Hopefully I've articulated that well without going too far off the beaten track. Also perhaps many of the 'hauntings' we see, especially the residual ones may actually be a glimpse of life in these other dimensions, like the vibration that holds them apart weakens, much like they say the veil between the physical and spiritual realms weakens at certain times of year? More to ponder, all good stuff!
Hello Aros, I think you definitely hit the nail on the head with why we don't 'remember' who we are or where we come from when we arrive on this plane of existence. I mean we have enough trouble (overwhelm) dealing with our daily tasks, our responsibilities and expectations, maintenance from day to day living, and all the electromagnetic stuff from wi-if, and cell towers etc, to try and add all the spiritual realities, it's too much! I also believe though that 'amnesia' gives us a unique perspective of reality and life that cannot be gained anywhere else. The only real drawback is that souls that pass from life, cling to that, without that 'memory' they are afraid to move back to the 'other side' and can be stranded here for some time. All good stuff, fascinating to ponder!
Hi LightMight

Definitely sounds like freaky stuff is happening in your home, here I've had a similar incident where I heard my neighbors daughter's voice crystal clear, but the weird part is that it happened around 3am (im a hopeless insomniac) I brought this up with my neighbor and she also confirmed that she heard my voice or what sounded like me calling by her front door around 6am so when she opened the door thinking it was me, she sees no one there, we have this belief that spirits can mimick voices of people around us, but what's baffling is it usually occurs at odd hours, however your experience is different because whatever is in your home has now taken a visible form, I suggest you get a clairvoyant to do a walk over around your home, it might give you insight to what's happening. It could be a doppelganger I'm assuming, do you get a menacing or malevolent vibe from your experiences?

Thank you for sharing your story and please keep us updated on your situation.
Ooers, Aros! I meant to comment on this earlier. Full bodied apparitions are not as uncommon as we think (or so I believe) for that very reason; "It was as real-looking, as solid as any family member walking in our home."
I'm curious as to whether you've done any research into your home and this 'Carol'?
valkricry in Freaky Fishing Trip
theisland, considering this account is 10 years old, it's no surprise that the picture links no longer work. But maybe someone out there does have the pics...
Thank you The_Lost_Voyage_11, yet more insightful thoughts to ponder! I have long been fascinated with the concept of our true selves being multidimensional in nature. I often think one of the many reasons we are hit with amnesia as Souls reincarnating into our next life is because the human brain simply can't handle such astounding truths of our existence, i.e. "The Bigger Picture". I once had a "dream" I woke up and began telling the person I was with about this "dream" I had and began describing my life! So to this version of myself, the "dream" I was telling was not a dream at all but my life as I know it!

Upon waking (this version of me in this life), I immediately felt that I had just gotten a glimpse of one of my other parallel selves and for a moment there was a bit of a peek behind the curtain of sorts. How can we quantify that we are merely one of countless versions of ourselves, living countless parallel lives in countless parallel dimensions? Rabbit hole indeed!

Thanks for the great feedback and thoughts!
Hi seemayadav, I am not really sure who this person is or was? Like mentioned it came across to me looking like my daughter but admittedly I didn't get any real good look of the face or anything... I sensed blonde hair, around the same size of my daughter and was wearing a white shirt. If I knew in that precise moment (the total time I saw it from when it first appeared to my vantage point to the time it walked into the bathroom was perhaps 2 seconds, maybe a touch more) I was looking at something extraordinary and not just my daughter going to the bathroom I certainly would have focused and scanned everything I could to get as much detail possible.

So many possible explanations, many which have been illustrated beautifully here by others commenting. Maybe one day I will have some kind of answer? Thanks for your comments!
theisland in Freaky Fishing Trip
https://www.flickr.com/photos/86774097 [at] N08/7941702780/in/photostream/
theisland in Freaky Fishing Trip
Does anyone have the actual pictures shown? I know this place and would like to see the pictures now.
TLV 11, If you can send me an email, I'll share it with you too mate, not a problem.

Interesting thoughts on the purpose of sleeping, apparently when we cross over in transitional phase (according to my own research)... We still continue to have sleeping spells, where we rest and have dreams.

We don't have to have dreams in the after life, my guess is it's might help us adjust to our new surroundings and it probably soothes our souls with nostalgic memories of our life just lived? Perhaps the catalyst to some hauntings occur through the dreams of those on the other side rehabilitating their lives once lived?

BravelyKegger in Collection Of Hauntings
It's likely his possessions somehow kept a door open to the spirit realm.
Hi Aros, great story, thanks for sharing! Talk about going down the rabbit hole with the ensuing discussion. I agree with Lightmight, it could have been an astral projection of your daughter and perhaps as you said, the ghost she sees, "Carol'. Maybe it wasn't any of these, but a 'time slip' or viewing briefly another dimension of reality where your daughter did get up to use the bathroom, there are many possibilities here. To what aussiedaz mentioned with living in different realities, or the multiverse as it were, being possible with one soul, this could be possible with what they term as bilocation, being able to be in two places at once. My understanding is angels can do this, particularly archangel Michael. It would make sense, he is considered one of the leading angels and is called upon all over the world in any given second by thousands (if not more) people for help. To be able to assist in that fashion he would have to be capable of bilocating. If our vibration is the only thing that separates us from these multidimensions, then we would only have to shift it to shift dimensions, in theory, where we reside in this multidimensional universe in any given moment is based on what life choices we make, and subsequently where our attention is focused. The story is, if we can conceive of or imagine it. It already exists on some level of reality and the so called law of attraction is just aligning with the frequency of what we imagine or dream of, a new career, relationship, money, etc. Kind of like changing a radio station, don't want to listen to country, then you want to switch to rock, maybe you have a tune come into your head, you imagine listening it it and change the station and voila, you've now 'tuned' to the frequency of that you want to listen to. This is an oversimplified version of how we exist on this multidimensional plane. Now in regard to what you said about how solid this 'person' looked, this dovetails with my comment on your other story. It's amazing how solid any of them can look and how many times in our life we may come across people, perhaps in a store, or in the park, and we may actually be looking at a ghost, but they appear solid enough to fool our eyes, but maybe not our other senses. I believe how solid they appear and how much they can interact with the immediate environment, ie pick up or move objects is actually a feature linked to how much energy they've absorbed from the environment and people around them, the more energy the more solid they become. This is how we perceive cold spots around us or see interruptions int the flow of electricity, when they draw this power to manifest. There's certainly enough evidence to support this. Anyways, this could get too much into an in depth discussion on quantum physics, so,I'll leave it at that, a few more points to ponder as to what you saw and how it could be. I look forward to reading more from you!
Hello again Aros, your story sure has sparked some interesting conversations! I agree with Macknorton's outlook on the functions that sleep serves, with one addition. I do believe our spirit/soul roams as it were while we sleep for various reasons, but I believe the primary one is that it's kind of like a reconnection, a recharging if you will. Much like we plug in our iPads or phones to recharge them, I believe our spirit/soul does the same, after all we are considered spirit having a human experience, to make sure we don't 'lose' ourselves too much in this 'adventure', our souls need to reconnect with its true nature. Without our constant 'presence' at night, it leaves our minds and brains free to download and process everything it's taken in during our waking hours much like you said Aros. As far as the astral journeys everyone's shared, especially traveling through solid matter and interacting with physical matter here on this plane, all fascinating stuff! It's got to be similar to what we've read in many ghost stories, they too seem to pass through solid walls, although in many cases we usually find out there was a doorway in the area we see them pass through at some point in the past. Makes one wonder what 'version' of the house on what plane of existence they are interacting with, but that would open up another discussion, best to stay on topic. They also maneuver objects all the time, making things like keys and jewelry disappear for any length of time to pictures floating in the air, and it goes on. I liken it to the fact that they are much closer to this plane of existence than their true essence, after all, they may have passed, but they remain behind for some reason or another attached to their former life, former home and former possessions. Their vibration as it were then is much more closely aligned to this physical plane. I think the same is true of some of these astral journeys/projections, we leave our bodies but are still connected to them and to this dimension, so we are able to interact more with those bodies and physical objects in the environment. We should also be able to shift our vibration as we're caught between two worlds making it so we can pass through solid matter but be aware of its existence/presence as it were, pick your term, we can feel it and sense it. It's a theory or mine, but seems to be solidly backed up by many of the stories, research and personal stories I've come across and a strong intuitive feeling. The interesting thing about ghosts appearing solid has made me wonder many times, how often when I see people on the street or in a store, how many I come across that may not even be of our world, especially when they seem to disappear a little too fast.
Aussiedaz, if you don't mind, I'd like to collect your email address as well, to interact more, I find your theories and the information you share thoroughly fascinating and thought provoking, much in line with the stuff I'm discovering, and would enjoy exchanging information if you're up for it. I like you would be glad to temporarily put up my email address for any who want to further discuss anything of this nature. I realize I may have drifted off topic, but everything we've all shared as related to Aros's experience has provided information to truly ponder as to the nature of our supernatural interactions and what they may mean, I believe the true nature of what this site and forum was intended for.
aussiedaz I have your email and sent you a message. I added my email to my profile as well for now, and probably will take it down as well after some time.
I suppose that whatever it was, maybe the doctor's spirit, was probably attached to his belongings, certain things and objects are like conduits for evil entities to gain access to our world, especially since he may have killed his wife.
Buttercup4 if you still get these, did it ever go away? Did you make it? My daughter has talked of a red man since she was 2. From 2-4 she'd talk about it and now she is dreaming of him again. She's 9 now. She said the red man would take her away in the woods. Please help if you can. I do think she might be slightly tuned into the other side. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
Aros, If you go into view profile on my account page you should find my email address, i'll leave it up for a day or two before removing it... I may not respond straight away as I do have a few things on this weekend but mate, I"m happy to share it with you, because we both pretty much see all this stuff from the same angle.

Regards Daz
Sounds like your grandmother wisely gave the 'doctor' the boot after she did a little spiritual house cleansing - clearing out clutter is usually one of the first steps, when you want to get rid of negative energy πŸ˜‰
BravelyKegger in Collection Of Hauntings
Everything but the floating heads, the orbs, and bed shaking happened across the street, everything else happened there. I think once the doctors stuff was thrown away all of the hauntings went away, our neighbors living there now never mentioned anything weird happening.
Macknorton I completely agree that sleep has two primary functions: Rest and rejuvenation of our physical bodies and Soul travelling into the Astral. I don't think every dream is astral projection... Sometimes our subconscious simply needs to process the day-to-day activities of our conscious minds. But in many instances I do feel we are traveling to other dimensions, times, and even popping into our parallel lives that are all happening in the NOW moment.

The thought about how we ourselves may be appearing as ghosts to others depending on where we are is a thought I have pondered as well and it's highly likely the case. I suspect if we were to be given the key to all knowledge of Who We Are it would be nothing short of extraordinary and profound beyond anything our human brains can even begin to quantify.

Aussiedaz, I would love to hear your story sometime, offline perhaps, not sure how best to facilitate that. Are there PM's through these network of sites?
Do you know
Who was she?
May be you know her
Any way thanks for sharing

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