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The_Morrighan in No Eyes All Tongue
I'm probably going to sound like I ought to be wearing a tin foil hat here but I've been reading the OP's accounts recently and noticed a few things that lead me to believe he's not being...Transparent. His 'wife' writing and editing some accounts seems to be inconsistent. The use of language suggests that English isn't his mother tongue although he implies he was born in the USA and his account is registered there. His desire to execute Le Grand Flounce at every opportunity suggests a desire for consistent positive affirmation rather than a desire for his narrations to be 'heard'. I just feel like he isn't the real deal. Only my opinion and I may be being harsh. I also agree that there are likely other factors at play.
Augusta, unfortunately I commented emotionally, spontaneously without first reading the comments on another one of the OP's narratives. When I was reading through some comments I was really taken by how quick to temper the OP was. I don't remember what was said but it was directed to what I thought was a helpful comment by Manafon. From there it just spiralled into attacking pretty much everyone.

I don't feel the OP is a liar either and I tried to keep an open mind. But on reflection it appears whatever this was isn't strictly paranormal.
Tweed in Strong Ghost
As I was saying on some pianos there's a thing called duplex scaling or the aliquot bar, same damn thing. What it does is add extra harmonics to the notes. How it works is by adding an extra speaking length to the string, the part that vibrates producing a note. So the long struck portion of string makes the note, then other sections of the string muted with felt then the other end threads through a silver monopoly hotel (what it looks like) and the section over the monopoly hotel, the aliquot bar, produces a harmonic. It adds depth to the overall sound.

The aliquot bar in my piano runs all the way down to the copper wound strings. This means as it's been brought up to pitch the aliquot section could theoretically sympathetically resonate with lower notes in its harmonic group, down the octaves. If those notes are at the same out of tuneness lol. So when it sorted itself out, it wasn't the long speaking length which was freshly tuned, but the small one. When I turn the pin, I hear the note change but the aliquot section is brought up to pitch at the same time. However this is steal at high tension and often notes take a minute or so to settle back to where they should be, the steal develops a kind of memory. So the static sound very well could've been the section of string over the monopoly hotels, which doesn't get muted, before it settled into its 'in tune steal memory'

Info overload nerd alert!
AugustaM in The Knott Family
Part of me thinks - WOW! I would have been over there every day after an experience like THAT! But, in reality, I likely would have reacted far more the way you did! Did your friend ever mention anything about the Knott family? Could the name have been spelled any other way or perhaps a misheard variant? Did the entities ever speak to her? Did she have any impressions about them?
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Aahhh Biblio harmonics is that what you mean? That bloody explains the static I think! The duplex scale. Equal temperament. Dang. I need to go eat, I'm starving. But I think you just nailed it! Will research, explain randomness in a bit.
AugustaM in No Eyes All Tongue
Ok I was confused when I read this account (and the others by the same contributor) and I am now absolutely bewildered having just finished reading the comments. I think there is more going on here than we can truly appreciate in this medium. No one has criticized the OP but merely asked questions germane to the details of the narrative and relevant information regarding its author. It is not the place of the author to determine which questions are relevant or to judge those who have innocently posed them. Nor is anyone asking these questions angling to have anyone "kicked off" the site. The anger that has been offered in response to civility in this situation is a bit shocking.

I'll be the first to say that I am a bit on the fence about this account - it simply strikes me as improbably over the top. I can see this having happened in a dream or even a waking dream but I just have trouble accepting it in any other context. Add to that difficulty the OP's reactions here in the comments and my doubts are only heightened. I am not necessarily calling anyone a liar - I simply think there might be things going on here that can't be explained by the paranormal.
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Thanks everyone! I'm glad this was easy to follow, I had a devil of a job typing it up.

Melda, wow thanks for the lovely comment! I also admire anyone crazy enough to dare make their passion their life. It's really not glamorous though. I enjoy solitude so the 'lonely' nature of practice hasn't deterred me after all these years. I can't speak for your sister but it's very common for people to leave music in favour of a more socially enriched path.
I think you've probably put dance and me together because of one of my other posts about being distracted by a presence while exercising. I keep a ballet exercise routine, I love dance, but I'm not a professional dancer. Being a pianist is like working in IT, you can quickly develop poor posture and a Kardashian butt. Trust me I can't rock one of those and get away with it!
I'll update anything interesting the tuner says. But if he goes into a full blown account I might have to point him in the direction of this site instead lol.

Val, I still can't figure it out. When I checked the dampers there was nothing there that I could tell. I lifted them up and down a few times to dislodge anything. Also the hammer felt looked as fluffy as the others, no harsh grooves. I looked around for a bit of paper lying around. Because sometimes sheets of paper can catch certain frequencies and vibrate, I've had this happen many times. I like practicing with the music rack off, and printed music sheets resting on the pinblock which is how a lot of people practice. Sometimes the paper acts like a bit of a speaker I guess and makes a staticky umm. It sounded like that but on one note, with no sheets of paper lying about anywhere.

Daz haha, actually I believe pot and certain other naughty substances can be used to gain access to the other side, if used wisely. Some cultures have been doing this for eons. Pity these substances just don't agree with me! But there's plenty people who have success with it.
Lol I want to just play the damn thing too! It's great to be as self sufficient as you can but blimey tuning is boring. Actually that's not fair sometimes I quite enjoy it. But the thought of doing it always sucks.
I never thought of the static being heard by only me. That's really given me something to think about. Thanks!

SWS, thank you, your comments are always so nice! I need to take a leaf out of your book sometimes I think.
What you said about learning reminded me of something I heard Tom Cruise of all people say. He was asked once what's the hardest thing you've ever done for a role. I think everyone was expecting home to say 'jump out of a building' or something like it. But he said it was when he learned some piano excerpts for the film Interview with a Vampire. He said he still can't believe people can actually play the piano lol. It reminded me of what it was like to learn, which is what your comment just did. For some reason remembering what it was like is oddly profound, so thank you!
Bibliothecarius in Strong Ghost
Greeting, Tweed!

The only thing that came to mind as a practical explanation was the strings' capacity for resonance. The three strings of the note would all vibrate at precisely the same pitch, in reaction to that note being created elsewhere. This would generate a faint humming, *not* the static you heard. This acoustic phenomenon also fails to account for your experience with the lid. Curiouser and curiouser.

Sleeping-with-steve in Strong Ghost
Hello Tweed,

Playing a piano is one thing, but being able to also tune it? Wow, I really admire that.
I'm not musically minded. Unfortunately a part from having 1 piano lesson when I was 10, that's the only bit of music I have experienced playing. It was mainly learning the keys that day, and I still have no idea which key is which. It's very hard, and that's why I admire anyone who can read music, write songs, and play an instrument.

I really enjoyed your post and a couple of others you have posted so I have saved them to my profile. You'd be surprised how much more you get from reading a post more than once if you enjoy the experience you are reading about.


Yet another funny comment from you. I'm picturing you play piano with 3 fingers with hand and one finger with other 🎹 🎢
(I can upπŸ”Ίvote again, woohoo)

Melda, you are just as talented and I'd love to hear all 3 of you play.

Best wishes,
outofthemirror - That is a beautiful story.

Please consider reopening your account. I truly believe that you have much to offer.

Regards, Melda
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost
Hello Tweed,

Why am I not surprised with your submission of being a pianist,

I have this suspicion that most musicians are more opened to psychic phenomenon than the average Joe perhaps due to their ability to tune their own frequency toward the vibration of the greater universe or something like that if their not high on pot.

I'm a self taught pianist who use's three fingers on the left hand for the root, 3rd and 5th note as I pluck through the melody on the right hand with one finger' πŸ˜†

I won't be offering my services anywhere anytime soon however, I'm good enough to bluff the grandchildren into thinking I'm

Yes, some ghost would be strong enough, the question is who and why?

My Guess? This ghost is a musician who enjoys your music wanting you play the damn thing instead of just tuning it... If I'm hanging around the earth matrix after I take my last breath, I'm probably going to go chill out listening to other musicians after I stop haunting my bank manager and a couple of others on my hit list.

The faint static noise you heard may be your own ability in picking up on our friends in the other realm, if it happens again maybe ask hubby if he can hear it just in case there is a science behind it?

Thank you for sharing

Regards Daz
valkricry in Strong Ghost
Static humming of the strings you can't reproduce? πŸ€” How deliciously weird! I assume you ruled out dampers, or anything small getting up under the string? But then with being a one off... Weird.
Sleeping-with-steve in Her Squeak Toy
Hello Seekings,

That's a lovely comment you've left.

Sadly, it looks like outofthemirror has deleted the account.πŸ™„ πŸ€”

Best wishes,
Seekings in Her Squeak Toy
Hi outofthemirror,

How lovely that your beautiful Gem had a great life with you after your mother's passing. I can just imagine her carrying her Orca round with her and squeaking it; we had a rehomed GSD who came to us with a bright yellow very loud squeaky duck which he carried around and loved but which drove us mad... It " accidently " lost its squeak after a few weeks. He still loved it though until it actually fell apart.
My feeling is that some of Gem's energy or essence was still there with the home, the people and the things she loved in life; perhaps Yorkie sensed this energy around her Orca toy and that contributed to his excitement. It seems that in the house and safely on the shelf is where Gem wanted Orca to stay, I'm sure she's happy you still have it.
A Happy Christmas to you and yours,

The_Morrighan in The Ghosts Of Gettysburg
Hi Amena,
I would definitely say that what happened to you was an empathic experience. I'm an empath myself and sometimes the sheer inundation of emotions can be quite startling to say the least. As Tweed has said you're not going nuts! There are a lot of us out there.
Melda in Strong Ghost
Tweed - I realised that your career was connected to music but I was never sure in which capacity. In fact I was under the impression that dance also played a part. Well you know, one makes a few guesses and assumptions about people you meet on the site and it's a bit hit and miss!

I always love to hear of people who manage to make their passion in life their career. You obviously worked hard to achieve what you have, so I sincerely congratulate you on that.

I mention tongue in cheek that I come from a somewhat musical family. (Extended family as well on my mother's side) The one who always stood out was my older sister who was an excellent pianist and violinist. She was beautiful, talented, married at the age of 21 and had babies. (A huge tale to tell there but it doesn't belong here.)

My brother and I were the "untaught" singers and dancers. We just had the rythm and the beat. We were always the two party animals that got the music, singing and dancing going. Good yearsπŸ˜†

You're way out of my league when you talk about tuning a piano. Our piano was a definitive part of our home while I was growing up but all I ever looked at were the keys and that piano wouldn't be anywhere close to the quality of what you own.

Quite possibly you had an extra pair of eyes and hands which were trying to nudge you in the right direction. If that is what you felt, I wouldn't question it. I'd be very interested to know what the professional tuner has to say.

Thanks for sharing another good experience!

Regards, Melda
Thanks [at] Tweed for your lovely post. I appreciate it. I've always heard the term empaths but didn't know really what it entailed. I'm going to think about sharpening my skills. It's interesting I've always felt different in places with energy now I know why.:)
Thanks again for your comments. Stay safe and well.
Sleeping-with-steve in I Caught More Spirits On Video!
Hello Cole Harris,

Thanks for posting the videos of your sightings.

The images appear like auras, different colours. Is that because of the camera filter?

Anyway,Thank you.

Best wishes

Hi Amena,

The short answer is yes! People can feel this way in locations like Gettysburg. If you take a look under your narrative you'll find a lot of other experiences from this location. So you're definitely not alone.

It sounds like you experienced what empaths go through. In paranormal circles an empath is someone who feels the energy and/or experiences of a location or object. They literally feel the loudest emotions, or echoes of a place or thing, usually the history. Many believe that everyone has this ability but may only experience it once or twice. If you've never experienced anything like this before chances are you won't be bombarded with it suddenly. That said, a person can also choose to sharpen these skills or even to shut them out if they feel them coming on.

Hope this helps. Don't worry you're not going nuts!
I do believe your prayers are being answered Sherm, most likely by your spirit guide without trying to offend your religion.

The variation in your vocal chord is probably a means of validation for you to know you are not alone and don't let these bigger life questions get you down in the dumps.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience on the road to greater enlightenment. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger as if we really do die in the first place... You can't change the world however you can change yourself.

I can't help sense your spirit guide is working hard with you keeping you on your path.

Just my thoughts take them with a pinch of salt.

Regards Daz
Tweed, the videos actually came into play close to a month after the sighting

The sighting itself is partly what convinced me to try to make them in the first place.
Probably doughnuts and getting downvoted.

Fifty character minimum... Ruins comic timing.
Cole thanks for the uploads! I'm really bad at this kind of stuff, can't ever seem to find anything ghostly. Don't know what the filter was originally intended for but I think there may have been some shadow abnormalities in one of the first vids. But it might have just been the camera adjusting itself. How long from seeing the apparition to taking the videos? Not that it matters just curious if the same ghost may have still been around you.

Great to see a beautiful old grandfather clock. We have a pretty garish Louis XIV style grandfather clock, but it was made in the 1970's, still older than me lol.
Your cats seem pretty laid back about the whole affair, always a good sign.
jaddu_bhai - Your comment on a story which was published four years ago, with very few comments from readers, is rather surprising. The OP never replied.

From your comment I take it that you are a paranormal expert. May I ask you exactly what that is?

Regards, Melda
😭 😭 😭 what is this? Paranormal expert be like, what the f*** is this.
Merry xmas SWS, may you have a wonderful xmas and a happy new year!
I finally got the videos up! Don't mind the music, I had to block out the background noise from the original video (there were several in my Dad was talking about his work, and I didn't want to risk getting him in trouble.)

Add to my post: if this were my story, I would probably track down the living descendants (easy enough to do) and find out if they want the gravestone so it can be put back in its proper place. I've heard stories of people using stolen military headstones as pavers for their patios and whatnot.

For example:
Hi LadyMonticello,

I did a quick search on (free access through my local library) and found a lot of information about Theron Sylvester Wilbur, son of Clyde L. Wilbur and Jennie Root. He was born in Pulaski, Michigan on March 8, 1887 and died in Jackson, MI on January 2, 1945 (very close to the dates you wrote... Is it possible the text was worn and you misread?). He was married to Marie E. In Bay City, MI on July 28, 1915 before enlisting in the army on September 10, 1918. His service in the army ended on December 17, 1918, and on January 21, 1919, shortly after returning, he filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion. He married Hazel Shire Purchase in Lansing, MI on March 10, 1921 and they had two children, Clyde LaMar Wilbur (January 27, 1925) and Lilah Jean Wilbur (1933). He then worked for the City of Jackson police department, and filed for social security benefits in September 1941. He died on January 2, 1945, after which his headstone was ordered. The official military headstone application specifically requests a marble headstone to be placed in Concord Cemetery near Jackson, MI. There are several cemeteries with the name Concord near Jackson, and I was unable to find a record of him being at any of them, but perhaps that's due to his stone being used a step on a front porch! Hazel died on August 10, 1988. Their son Clyde (also Theron's father's name) died on October 22, 1989 in East Lansing, MI. Clyde served in the Marines in World War II and has a military gravestone at Maple Grove Cemetery in Jackson, along with his grandparents, Clyde and Jennie (Root) Wilbur.

It doesn't look like I can post images here, but all of this information is freely available if you can get access to Perhaps with the knowledge of where your son's home is located, you'll be able to follow the trail and solve the mystery of how the gravestone got there!
I don't know why but, for whatever reason, I'm getting the impression that the redheaded woman may have suffered from some form of mental disturbance. Rather aggressive spitting is a fairly common side effect of many forms of mental disorder - and doesn't necessarily mean that said individual is prone to any other sort of violence or even is regularly aggressive, just every now and then when circumstances disagree with their perceptions, the frustration manifests itself in somewhat unconventional ways. It could be that she rarely left that home in life due to her troubles.

Maybe she spit at you in a moment of pique because she saw in that scene while you stood brushing your hair, a time from her own life when she was young and everything was simple (age of onset for many mental disorders is 18-25).

I could be completely off in this thought and, believe me, I am not trying to cast aspersions on anyone managing mental illness. This is just the way the situation read to me.
AugustaM in Black Mass
You have DUCKS! ❀ I used to raise and release mallards! They are such precious creatures and so much smarter than I ever realized before getting so involved with them. I remember the hoops we used to jump through to keep them happy, healthy and safe (up to and including ordering night crawlers in bulk for them... Try opening up a box about the size of a mailbox to find the ENTIRE surface beneath one wriggling ball of's something straight out of a horror movie lol but they were worth it)! They were a lot of work but I absolutely adored them.

I am glad the cleansing seems to have helped. I might consider putting something protective over the dog/duck house - do a little googling and maybe go with something that strikes you as meaningful - anything from a crystal to a gargoyle to a crucifix etc; what ever resonates to you as being effective (and impossible for the babies to hurt themselves with). I'm just afraid that the entity has keyed into how much those ducks mean to you and animals, I feel, are a bit easier for a spirit to mess with. If it did damage to them, that would cause a lot of negative energy from you that might open up just the door it could be hoping for to get back in again.

Give those ducks some love from me!
My great grandfather was born in 1886, he served in WWI - by WWII, he was 53 and not really an ideal candidate for active duty. He passed in 1962. Still, he is a WWI veteran and was eligible for burial as such. The family may have wished for him to have been interred in a style similar to his fallen brothers.

Sadly, graves are often forgotten and neglected especially those placed on private property. It is still legal in rural areas of Michigan to bury folks on private land (ie the back yard). However, when families move away or pass away in that region, and the land passes from hand to hand to hand, these graves are often swallowed back up by the land or fall victim to erosion. When the wayward tombstones turn up, often folks have no emotional or genealogical attachment to the name engraved thereon and simply make use of the stone in some other way. It is more common than you might think, particularly in older areas. Just down the road from me in Portsmouth, I can think of at least one home that has tombstones in the stairs. Up and down the James River, it's not wildly uncommon to come across a human bone while beach combing - the police are called - and it's usually a bone that has washed out of a grave in an old forgotten family plot along the river... Sad but true.

Good on you, Lady Monticello for helping your kids with that house, I am sure they are VERY grateful - you sound like an awesome mother-in-law! And here's to an older home being rehabilitated, I love hearing that! ❀
Hi MrRiggs,

I don't think it's a trick of recent memory, not after all these months. The timing seems significant. In just over a week from today, it will be the anniversary of her passing. Perhaps she was indeed saying "hello", letting you know she was there.

But it doesn't seem as if your friend senses her presence though, which could be why she reached out to you. Sometimes, these happenings could be intended for us to pass on a message of comfort to loved ones, who might not be as receptive. You will know in your heart the right words to say, when the time is right.
On December 8, 2020 I called an old friend around 8:00PM. His wife answered with her usual cheery "Hello." About the time she hit the "o" in hello her husband answered on an extension.

My friends wife died on the 21st of December, 2019.

I asked who the woman was as I thought l heard a woman's voice. There were no women there, he said. He wasn't interested in another woman just yet.

I've known that couple for 49 years. We have shared thousands of telephone calls. His wife normally answered the phone. I know her voive as well as I know my own. She said one word - "Hello."

The dead are not nearly as dead as we think they are.
He'll AussieDaz,

When you say, 'I'm probably a little guilty of talking too much, however, it beats talking to mysel.' I'm guilty of both. Lol

Merry Christmas to you too, and your family.

I can't up vote you and few others at moment. I usually go helta skelta with the karma arrows and then have widthdrawls because the system says, 'please vote for someone else'.πŸ₯΄

Best wishes,
Miandra/SWS πŸ˜˜πŸŽ„
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
To all YGS members/friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Eat wisely, drink in moderation, and be safe.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in I Caught More Spirits On Video!
Coke Harris,

It's always intriguing seeing images of paranormal activity.
Thanks for getting back to me.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Best wishes,

You can catch out a fake medium or psychic hypochondriac who claims they can channel the dead quite easily by asking them how it feels when they invite them into their vessel.

I have watched a real medium channel another being into her space interesting enough she started off with her own mantra by saying to spirit "I am not frightened"...

Only once in my life would I say I've had an full on account with a ghost jumping into my body with the intent of possession and that account was pretty tough to deal with in it's event... ''Make no mistake about the sensation of discomfort''... For the record it was the deceased boyfriend of my then girlfriend of whom I'd attempted to enter via her dream.

So it was either the Karma I deserved from her deceased boyfriend or perhaps he was trying to channel through me to get to her who knows? 6,1 or half a dozen the other.

Theory: We have 56 trillion cells that make up our physical being each of them have their own antenna's that relay between the self and higher self...soooo, when a ghostie decides to enter our macroscopic self the energy fields between two beings of light struggle for the control of the atoms hence causing the discomfort.

I would say the real deal mediums leave their body and allow the other to take control.

To the author, if your account didn't feel uncomfortable when this face went through you then more than likely it was S/P...I've had those types of accounts too there is a distinction.

What ever you do don't go down the road of believing in demons it won't be too long before they start believing in you,


I'm probably a little guilty of talking too much,however, it beats talking to myself, wishing you all of the best.

Sleeping-With-Steve. Ya, I was planning on having them up by now, but life has gotten a little crazy. XD

I'll have them posted by the end of the week.

I'm in stitches here about the visitors scaring us, resulting in us having to wash our undies twice a day. Lmao

I'd disappoint my visitors, if they frightened me into telling them where the lollies are. I don't have any to hand over, but I do have home made banana cake. πŸ˜‰

Once again you have made me laugh with your sense of humour. (Thanks)

I can't imagine having that floating OBE directly above a person. That's clever. If only you had enough time to merge into your girlfriend's dream. That would have been a post on it's own.

Once again your comment has provided insight and a good laugh. I hope CaitlinMirren appreciates the effort everyone is making to help.
Best wishes
Jubeele in Elephant
Hi Morrighan,

This was really moving. Elephant sounded like such a lovely, gentle soul. There are special people who touch our lives and brighten our days, and we feel sadly diminished when they are gone.

I think that Elephant knew of your grief and came back to comfort you. He gave you the thumbs up to reassure you that all is well with him. As long as he remains in your memory, he isn't lost to you. He's just gone ahead. For now. 😘

"Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done.
Lay your weary head to rest,
Don't you cry no more." - Kansas
Hi Tweed, Thanks for asking (I always enjoy your comments).

Yes, the plate in question is an antique majolica plate that I inherited from my mom when she died in 2013. She loved those plates. Now that you mention it, the event could have been Mom trying to let me know that she's around for the kitchen re-do. Since husband was in Afghanistan when we moved in here 8 years ago, Mom and I spent a good amount of time together that year decorating, furnishing, etc., something we both really love to do. And some of our budget for our kitchen re-do comes from my mom... I think she would be/is VERY excited about it as she really loved my home and felt comfortable and good here and knew 8 years ago we wanted to re-do the kitchen one day. AND... She felt the same way about my sibling's homes and my sister in law tells of things that have happened at her home also since Mom died. One occasion, she had painters do her large, two story foyer and when my sister in law came home it first smelled of paint, but as she walked through she smelled Mom's perfume so strongly she said the paint smell wasn't even discernable. Just Mom's perfume! Mom had always told me she wanted them to paint and had planned to gift them some $ for that purpose the year she died. I know in my heart she knew and was thrilled and wanted to let us know! They also got Mom's two favorite chairs (that she and her late husband had sat in to watch tv). My sister in law had them recovered to match her living room and her dogs are frequently seen sitting there by the chairs, almost as if Mom was sitting there. Once, during a phone conversation with my brother and sister in law, I could hear some exclaimation in the background. When I asked about the commotion I was told that an old birthday balloon that had been stuck on his ceiling had started to come down during our conversation. He and his kids had been watching it slowly make its way out of the family room, through the foyer and... When they started pointing it out because of the unusual way it was moving... It floated into their living room and poised itself on one of the chairs. How about that weirdness?! Long distance for me, but they were freaking out (he's in law enforcement and used to be very skeptical, but now is a believer in the spiritual things). Sorry for the length of this reply. You don't really think you have that much to "report" on this stuff, but when you start thinking of it all, it's quite a bit!
Hi Wabisabi,
Your story is so interesting and one thing struck me most: the fact that your mother only sometimes remembered when things happened. Of all the things I would consider "strange" that have happened to or around me, I would say many of them are fuzzy. Some I forgot about for years but then would be talking with someone who was there and remember. My theory is that we are not supposed to be able to see or hear from the other "side" and when we do... We might only sometimes remember or note them. Thanks for sharing your story. Best to you!
Hello SWS,

It's a good question you raise about hearing something static I was hoping the author would respond to what she felt when this face went through her. From experience the feeling is not a comfortable one. The static noise may well be the effort of someone in the spiritual realm trying to get through?

I'll share this here in hope of shedding some light for the author to think about and I'm sure I wrote about this account on one of my stories without going back and finding which one it is.

A long time ago when I was around 21 I was sleeping with my then girlfriend when suddenly I found myself on the ceiling looking down at the both of us.

I had this crazy idea of trying to enter my girlfriends dream as I knew I was out of body and was wondering how to validate my account and how cool it would be if possible.

So I descended from the ceiling down toward my girlfriend basically face to face as our faces met and bodies were aligned and me thinking the next part would be entering her dream state she basically blurted out a dis-comfortable groan that actually woke me up from the physical to listen to the last few seconds of her discomfort laying next to her.

I believe this account at the expense of invading my girlfriends space validated my OBE however it's not the right the thing to do if you are out of body/ ghost even though the intent is not to harm the individual you are engaging with.

I've had visitors come into my home and walk straight through me and on the this one occasion walk through my wife as she slept next to me and she too made this noise of discomfort.

Here's the deal, just like my intent was not to hurt my girl friend when I descended from the ceiling (out of body) their intent to interact with us is not always about them doing us harm or trying to frighten us in to showing them where we hide our lollies.

The fight or flight instinct we feel is quite normal, I have chased them away from my wife a couple of times as she slept because it's human nature not wanting to see a person in discomfort and on the last occasion something decided to get into my space I felt like I was having a heart attack.

I told it to fark off on this last occasion Enough is enough right? I'm getting too old for this shiat, lmao
I know there trying to communicate with me of which I do understand however, it's a little like that movie the six sense... They don't fully understand or realise the person they are reaching to is frightened and will probably start wash their underpants twice a day and go on and develop sleep paralysis.

Regards Daz
The_Morrighan in No Eyes All Tongue
Outofthemirror - I really feel that you're being paranoid now. Not one member of YGS has been insulting towards you yet you seem determined to act the martyr. I think perhaps you need to read back over the comments and adjust your attitude.
Spockie in Good Ghost
The campus was a reformatory school and spirits seem to be attracted to places like this; places where there is a lot of inner turmoil and strong emotion, both good or bad. This is also why a lot of spirits are attracted to churches. What this spirit was, I cannot say. It might have actually been protecting your family from attack by evil spirits.
I've over voted you and can't give you up votes at this time.

AussieDaz, it's so good to see you posting again. I've missed your intellect and sense of humour.

Rookdygin, do you know anything about static followed by a suffocating feeling and how CaitlinMirren can overcome that?

Sorry I can't help further CaitlinMirren. I hope things work out for you.

Best wishes,
Hello CaitlinMirren,
I know first hand how scary it can be to experience SP. I don't know why you hear static and feel like your suffocating. Maybe an other member could shine some light on that.
You said you have been experiencing this for the last 2 years and then you said you've been having dreams for over a year but more constant in the last few months. I didn't understand the two different time frames, regardless, have you spoken to your doctor about the suffocating feeling? Maybe it's some medical condition? With regards to the SP side of things, being frightened by something entering you is giving me chills. You are very brave going through this.
You have many useful comments to help you establish what's going on.
AussieDaz, your comment is so informative. I learn so much when I read what you have to say.

Caitlin Mirren I hope you get to the bottom of this. I've been doing a regular cleansing which is helping me. If you want to know more about how to do that, refer to Rookdygins profile page. He's a member here on YGS and I have found his method very helpful.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in I Caught More Spirits On Video!
Hello Cole-Harris,
I was expecting to see some videos on your post. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until you upload them to YouTube.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I can't wait to see the footage.

Best wishes,
lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue
Huh...are you okay?
This is the first time in my life that I have come across someone who finds birthday good wishes offensive.
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Lady Glow Here is #8 that has nothing to do with this story. If you can get me kicked of this site than do it. 2745 posts. You need to start collecting stamps or something. I will take questions on my amazing happening that's why I take questions. I am just here to help someone with like experiences.
Christianwilson92 in What Does This Mean?
My younger sister passed the 5th of September. This morning my tree of life memorial necklace that has her remains in it did this. There is no damage or bend. I just had to take off the chain and retread it. I don't know how to interpret it.
I understand what you are concerned about however, the more you fear your experience the more likely it may evolve into sleep paralysis, easy said I know. You may be suffering from sleep apnea? Perhaps you should have a test? It will drain your energy and make you feel tired.

If you can't afford the test, perhaps look at your diet and eliminate most of the sugary content. Try exercising if you aren't doing that already.

Set you alarm for a time to get up each more and go to bed at the same time.

Read a book before you sleep and sleep with the light on if you can't control the fear.

Check with your doctor relating to my advice just to be safe, I'm no doctor!

Regards Daz
Thank you for your answer.

Since these strange things happened I am more tired than before, I often fall asleep on my couch and it's very difficult for me to wake up / get up, no matter how long I sleep I have no energy to do my daily activities, or like I'm unconscious except around ca. 3 o'clock in the night I can't sleep anymore.

I have to admit, I'm afraid to go back to my apartment because I can't get this shadow figure moving my curtains out of my head and I sleep at my mothers place and I sleep the whole time but still have no energy to live my day what worries my mother a lot because it's just not normal to sleep so long and she said that I'm talking while asleep and nothing like that or OBE ever happened to me before.
Today I'm going to sleep at my place and I'm afraid I'm going to see this shadow figure again...

The building where I live isn't "ancient" and I've lived there since 2010 and never experienced anything like this before. I don't know if it's important, but for the past 1,5 year I have lived somewhere else and it all happened just after I moved back in.

When I think about it, I feel like I could even handle the OBE and my dreams, I'm more concerned about the shadow figure and why it wants my attention. Like I said, I tried to "talk" to it to find out what it is and what it wants, but there was no reaction. It reacted only when I wanted it to leave me in peace and started with prayers... And it was still there, didn't want to leave even after hours of prayers I think it left only because the morning and daylight were setting in...

Do you have any ideas what should I do if it will come back tonight when I ll be home again?

How should I deal with it or at least protect myself?
Interesting account, I have heard of similar, my 86 year old mother in law was only telling me a short time ago as she was playing golf she had an out of body experience.

She was basically walking along side herself as she was playing golf wondering how she would get back in her body.

The crazy thing about her actual performance she won her division of scratch. My mother in law doesn't drink, smoke or is on any medication that would make her have this experience so yes, you are not alone on this one, they are rare and quite amazing to have imo.

I'm theorising toward the duality of mind we have most likely have as spiritual beings who have a separate state of awareness we use more predominantly in the waking state, Hearing a voice say (it's not your time) suggest to me your own higher self put this number on for you to have.

Don't let it worry you.

Regards Daz
lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue
"It's not easy for some of us to tell our stories."

Exactly! - Not all members of the forum write like the bard of Avon, pair to this the fact that there are people of different nationalities whom might not be very fluent in English; that's the reason why people will ask questions... Not because they (we) are doubting or attacking your stories but because they want to understand them better.

About the age, it seems like you just had a birthday. Happy belated birthday.
Hello Halston.

Welcome to YGS.
This is an assortment of interesting encounters.

The first one sounds a lot like an out of body experience. You seem to know that this wasn't just SP but something else was going on. During an OBE a person is crossing the threshold between the physical and the spiritual realms, so there's no surprise if the cloud was an ethereal being and your Grandmother's spirit roaming around your room.
Although, in theory, since body and spirit are attached to each other through a cord that prevents risking a person from not getting back into their body during an OBE, I understand your Grandma's protective reaction when she saw the cloud ready to attack you.
Have you experience OBE before or after this time?

In my opinion, it's not easy to answer who/what the shadow figure is or what it might want. Perhaps a little more information could help to understand its nature and intentions.

Have you experience any other events beside these? Do you know the history of the house? Perhaps these entities are attached to the place for some reason or, maybe, they feel attracted to you.

It would be a good idea to keep a journal of these experiences and se if they follow a pattern, and to tell them to respect your space. If you are a religious person you could ask for the help of your church.

Thanks for sharing.
outofthemirror - You joined for the right reason. It just so happens that 60 is considered senior, even in my country. No problem, just enjoy reading and commenting!

Regards, Melda
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Melda I'm just irritated there's 7 comments on age here. I feel Senior citizen should be 65. Oh I'm still reading, no 2 stories are the same, I joined Real Ghost Stories for the stories. I must learn to be more tolerant.
Hello MrRiggs,

There are some clues in your story of which makes me feel this watcher who interacted with you on this day was an extraterrestrial?... Possibly an Pleiadian being who are our closes neighbour in the galaxy. Most of the community here are not ready or willing to go down this rabbit hole with you mate however, I have no issue putting my thoughts on the table on this topic because I feel the sooner we accept we are not alone in the universe the sooner we'll get to the bottom of the ultimate truth of knowing who we really are.

The two clues? You received information in blocks, yep, that's how they communicate with each other and what lays ahead of us when we can finally evolve to the point of using all of our brain power with the fundamental nature of consciousness being the tool and supplement of skill.

The fact that you was able to decode it offers an example of the potential we have in some future generation.

The other clue?... Is when you were sensing it was a being 8 ft tall? Yep,
Pleiadian's are on average 8 feet tall, actually if you look at some of the drawings around the Egyptian pyramids, you can these beings sitting down with humans bringing them gifts, if they stood up in these drawings, they would be around 8 feet tall.

You're not alone with your experience I have heard it from many others, the fact that you were so stubborn not to take their advice is why they kind of gave up in the end, although through a precognition they gave you a bo-peep at your future later on that night. Have no regret in one sense, every earthly experience we encounter serves it's own purpose via the choices we make.

Who are they?

They are extremely intelligent enlighten beings who are assisting us in our spiritual evolution. I would say you are probably a star child? Someone they have selected to keep an close eye on, you may even be one of them put on a earthly mission to do... AB or C?

I have interacted with them on several occasions and keep it personal to a point, I don't really care what people think anymore, the truth is more important than my ego or coming across as a tin hat weirdo, people are entitled to their opinion. There is an abundance of evidence out there to be examine anyway,

For mine, what you have presented is enough evidence for me to to believe it is them who are watching over you.

Regards Daz
The_Morrighan in Three Thumps
Although I don't advocate breaking and entering to do it LOL
The_Morrighan in Three Thumps

I don't think it's insane and I've done similar things. Human curiosity coupled with the courage to step out of one's comfort zone have driven some of mankind's greatest advances and what is the supernatural if not another frontier to be faced and explored?
outofthemirror - I think you are way too sensitive. Nobody has criticised you, nobody has said they don't believe you. So what if there was a mistake with your age? It really doesn't matter. Read my stories, read the stories of other members of this site. ALL of us are questioned and at times there are the few odd remarks which do not pertain to the experience we have posted. Most of us get along very well because we don't take these things personally. Just a word of advice.

Regards, Melda
Yup. All that you have to do is stand your ground. It isn't a tall order.

I scare living people and I am 5'3 and weigh 98 lbs. Napoleon Complex.
From my own experiences, theories, research and facts.

When we open our eyes during, after or before sleep and everything in between the only thing we see are photons of light (that's a fact)... Our eyes are just basically lens filtering in information from the Higgs field via the neurons down into the cortex and presto, you are watching your own personal 3D movie where you are the centre and star of your own universe... We basically see reality with inside the walls of our brains the universe at it's core is just energy, waves of potential (that's another fact) where consciousness is fundamental and impossible to measure (theory at this point).

There is a little gland in the back of the brain called the pineal gland, this little gland allows you to slip your mind in and out of what seems physical (the macroscopic) and then let's you slip off into the alpha, delta, theta state of mind where we use our minds to create our own dreamtime experience where we don't limit our imagination or experience by Newtonian logic and allow these dreams to enter our bedroom via what we call sleep paralysis... Usually until the pineal gland works out you are not dreaming anymore of which can take up to a couple of minutes.

Ok, why are you having these experiences mostly when you are sleeping or just waking up, is it sleep paralysis or something else? First of all, there are no such entities as demons in my opinion, otherwise peeps would be dropping all over the place, it's amazing how we all live to tell our stories?,btw, the previous advice about laughing at them actually works I have done that a few times in my few interesting accounts with these demons your boyfriend has seen, when you start laughing they actually do disappear, yes, I'm not mocking your experience I've had them too.

Is it a malicious of prankster ghost using your own imagination against you for kicks and laughs?possibly?

Is it Sleep paralysis? Possibly? (I felt something go inside me, face) what did you feel? I know what it feels like to have an entity invade your space however I need you to give me more details before I can work it out.

Is it your spirit guide? Possibly... I need to be careful here, I certainly don't want to plant this seed in your mind, however, do you see yourself being with this boyfriend forever? Sometimes our spirit guides will interact with us to try and nudge us back on the path again... I may be entirely off the mark here take it with a grain of salt, however, our spirit guides will sometimes show themselves as to what ever we want to see them as? Mine showed himself as Jesus, I shouldn't laugh about these experiences you may not know this. They have a huge sense of humour on the other

Apologises in advance if anyone takes offence to what I stated.

Regards Daz
Fenrispro in Three Thumps
Thats insane, why would you want to enter a dilapidated place with stone gargoyles and that kind of eerie hostile atmosphere? Obviously should stay Far away from it
Fenrispro in Catlike Humanoid
I believe in fae like beings and greek myths. The new series by netflix Blood of Zeus.
Since u had watched the Avatar movie your mind may have panicked at the moment?
Hello CaitlinMirren and welcome to YGS,

It seems like you have more going on in your environment than Sleep Paralysis; but I think that it would be helpful to you if you would keep a detailed journal of your dreams and patterns upon waking. Acknowledging certain patterns could possibly give you strength or peace of mind. Dreamland is an extremely wacky place on its own. It is also the time where you are most vulnerable to anything around you too.

It will be okay if you can remember that anything that attacks you in this way is not strong enough to attack you in the light of day. If there is an entity messing around with you while you are asleep, I don't think it's confident enough to face a strong individual.

I wish you good luck and peace.

- Maria
YOU MUST OWN YOUR SPACE.DON'T BE SCARED. LAUGH and say GOT NO TIME FOR YOUR SHXT. IF you don't stand up it will only get stronger. A 14 year old spirit can get in your dreams. Try telling it, were sleeping tonight go tip some cows or something tonight, we don't want you around, If your not going to be nice. NOTICE IT, TELL IT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. BE FIRM. IM sorry for you but leave us alone. ITS in your house, Write down what you feel put it on refrigerator door he will see it. RISE OR FALL. They don't have to be demons to possess mind bending skills. I send you peace love and courage.
Hi Lady-Glow. Thank you for the comments and the welcome! I have not looked into the alleged murder. It was mentioned by the owner of the hotel. I also remember her saying that they were trying to find records to see if it was true. It used to be a bank decades ago. Van Horn was essentially a ghost town (no pun intended) and the hotel was the only business open at the time.

I figured if people enjoy reading such accounts, they might like to listen to them with a soundtrack and SFX. Coming from the ad world I've learned that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. It's been a blast putting it together!

Take care!
The_Morrighan in The Uninvited Passenger
Aedeboni, with all due respect I believe the OP was inviting questions about the paranormal experience itself and not about his personal life. Remember that this site is called Your Ghost Stories not True Marriage Missteps.

These events were meant only for your ears. Have you tried to confirm if the murder is a fact or only a rumor?

Nice publicity strategy... Not sure if it helps to attract new customers or to scare away potential ones. I wonder if Zak Bagans has heard about this place.

Welcome to YGS. Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Good Ghost
Welcome to YGS.

Hi jhollowell.

This is very interesting. It's hard to say who or what this figure was without knowing the history of the place but, since you mentioned it was an old, it wouldn't be a surprise if it has seen its share of events with the potential of leaving an everlasting energy trapped within its walls.

Perhaps a previous resident used to pray on that spot during their life and was just doing the same, minus a physical body.
If this is the only activity you and your family witnessed, it seems like it wasn't negative nor was trying to harm anyone, though I imagine it was frightening to see something like that, specially for a young kid.

Thanks for sharing.
Well, it's a genuine question/concern and OP did state he's open to all questions. Seems like fair game to me.
Hey Mr Riggs,

Hope you are feeling OK and are busy working on "Part 2" of your experience.

To me, YGS has been a place to read people's extraordinary experiences and sometimes some outrageous stories. Questions will always be asked and advice given to those in need.

I believe that passing judgement is risky on any site where reliance is solely on the written word. There will always be areas where OP's may not want to venture or what seems to be clear, will be misunderstood by members of the audience.

Sometimes all is not what it seems.

I agree with "The Morrighan", about focusing on the entirety of the experience and also apologies for using your account to jump on the soap box.

Hope to hear from you soon Mr Riggs.
The_Morrighan in The Uninvited Passenger
Aedeboni, you slate members of this site for being judgemental and 'snippy' but then tar yourself with the same brush. In this instance perhaps divorce wasn't an option for the OP due to religious reasons or other personal beliefs. Regardless I don't see that your comments were particularly germane to the account. My apologies to the OP for this brief hijack.
This is such a depressing story. So am I reading this correctly that your marriage is horrific, you've been miserable for 50 years, and you were cheating? Why not divorce?
aedeboni in Night Knocker
Personally I think this was a great story, and that we should be welcoming to people like OP and happy that they take the time to post here. This site wouldn't exist without them.
aedeboni in Night Knocker
She definitely didn't open the door; I thought that much was clear. People should really read more carefully before making snippy comments about "plot holes".

All the mean, accusatory comments on this site are such a turn off for someone who just wants to enjoy reading the stories. That's something I've wanted to say for ages but I never bother commenting.
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
It's a shame what happened here. It's not easy for some of us to tell our stories. I will not answer any questions on this story. Your Posters own it now. I thank REAL GHOST STORIES for letting me get my true stories out. Peace and love to all.
aussiedaz in I Am Not Insane
Hi Sane,

You should watch Russel Crowe in a beautiful mind,
Normal people can have hallucinations it's when they control your life and you become paranoid is where they usually break down mentally and need medication and family support.

You probably should take the advice of your friends and start a dialogue with a doctor who can keep an eye on your progress.

My own theory as to what causes these hallucinations? Our universe at it's base is energy where consciousness is fundamental to our physical reality... We construct our reality through the processes of our minds and project what we see with in the walls of our brains.

Our eyes only see light and nothing else most people don't know this... So there for, if you have some sort a chemical imbalance with the neurons of your brain it may be distorting your reality where you are having these experiences and interactions otherwise living a normal life where others aspects are fine and grounded.

The_Morrighan in Elephant
Hello Tweed and Bibliothecarius,

Thank you both for your responses. Elephant was a nice gentlemen in life and I think you're both right that he is in death.

Tweed, you're absolutely correct. I'm not a Christian but my Mum used to say 'there but by the grace of God go we'. It does sum it up; due to my own break up of an abusive marriage and all it entailed I ended up living rough four years ago. Thankfully only for a week but it was a harsh lesson. It's why I volunteer now.

A postscript to this narrative is that I bought a bunch of flowers and a miniature whisky yesterday and popped them in the shop front where he passed.

Bibliothecarius in Elephant
Greetings, Morrighan.

Tweed's reaction is right: a residual haunting would be caught up in its own affairs. Elephant interacted with *you* deliberately. My guess is that he was expressing gratitude and support for your work.

Tweed in Elephant
Morrighan, thank you for sharing.

It sounds like Elephant wanted you to know you're still in his thoughts and to show his gratitude from the other side. He may even be looking out for others who find themselves in similar positions.

It's hard for many to imagine but all of us are mere circumstances away from being homeless. None are immune to the possibility. I have heard it said some people are so overwhelmed for what ever reasons they simply can't pick themselves up. Or that some go through periods of flip flop, reverting back to destitution for whatever reasons. None of us can know what's behind a person.

I'd like to think Elephant finds comfort in your glimpsing him that day. Perhaps he understands that you'd be cool with him showing up like that. This doesn't sound much like a residual in my opinion. I hope he's at peace wherever he is, he sounds like a cool guy.

Thanks again for sharing.
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
AH! I see what you did there, lady-glow! Interesting. However, not done with edit profile function. (You are WAY too smart of a cookie! And, YES, I had missed that! Lol) Just goes to show, nobody knows everything.😊 Least of all me.
lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue

Not trying to be argumentative, but I remember that one time some one had to changed their birth date. Sorry, I'm not good with words but I had to try it to be sure and now...I'm a teenager!

He Turned Into Light

By lady-glow Add lady-glow to your favorite people
(13 stories) (2740 posts) (the author is a teenager)
Date: 2020-10-19

I'll change this back to normal in a few days.
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
I'm curious, when you say,"... My old boss and spoiled son on same street," is that your old boss's son?
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
Ok, guys - you can't change your date of birth through your profile.
One scenario I can well imagine is submitted the event when still 60 (middle age), turned 61 (senior) week or so after publishing. Personally, I don't think it's much of a deal, especially when one takes into consideration 'senior citizen' usually means 65 or better, but then you have places that at 55 they figure senior discount... πŸ€” Anyway, point being YOU can't change your age. We assume folks know their own birthday, and got it right.
aussiedaz in The Pool Incident

Don't take it the wrong way mate, when you stated:

Many believe that we're just not supposed to know certain things from this side. Lord knows it doesn't stop us wanting to know.

I couldn't agree more with you, my remark was with intent to support your post. I won't let it go Tweed, I need to know as much as I can, however the more I know, is the less I know or something like that.

lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue
Tweed (and all).

Yes, I noticed that, before PoliexterLy commented, the OP was a middle age adult.
I think it is possible to change ones age by using the "edit profile" option offered somewhere in the menu.

... Either that or the OP turned 60 after the above mentioned comment?... No, wouldn't be that, he clearly says to be "over 60 years old"...
Maybe we can put it down to the full moon but as of right now I'm reading it says senior adult at the top of this. Didn't notice what it said before. Can you change your date of birth on here? πŸ€” second time in a row I've used that emoji lol.
Daz I don't know why you've addressed me like that at the end of that comment. But I liked your comment to Jess, so ah, okay. πŸ€”
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
Actually, our age group is selected by the system based on the birthdates we supply.
To help with the age categories, I have copied Martin's explanation.

"The age categories are pretty broad, I didn't want to be overly specific for privacy reasons:

20 or less = teenager
20 - 40 = young adult
40 - 60 = middle age adult
60 or more = senior adult"

Hope that helps!
aussiedaz in The Pool Incident
Hi Jess, " But why would her great grandmother lock us out"?...

Answer: Because poor old grandma has been waiting for a sign for 8 years with no luck Jess that is why.

Jess, when we cross over from the earth matrix and leave our avatars behind it's not that easy to come back to our loved ones and leave them messages, if it were, you'd be hearing screams in the neighbourhood 24/7 from an avalanche of paranormal activity, if I were the great grandmother I'd be doing the same thing.

Locking the door was additional information to help grandma realise and believe her mother came through, it wasn't intended to be taken any other way or to frighten you guys.

I was fortunate enough to talk to my mother after she crossed over on the 5th of may a few years back. At the end of that conversation she said to me, Darren, it's my birthday:)

Here's the deal, it wasn't her birthday or at least her earth birthday, she was letting me know through those final three words she is happy after a 8 month horrible experience with cancer.

Hi Tweed, and yes, I believe we come into the earth matrix with total amnesia, otherwise there'd be no point being here if we knew what the gig was about prior, furthermore I also believe our ghostie friends who are talented enough to come through are limited by perhaps spiritual laws not to give too much away... Lol

Disclaimer, My opinion and beliefs may or may not be correct? Take them with a pinch of salt.

I don't believe I'm suffering any mental conditions at the time of posting my response?

Regards Daz
PoliexterLy in No Eyes All Tongue
Just a question! You're 60 but how come on here you put you're a middle aged adult? Just something I'm curious about 😊
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Tweed At the time of these happenings I felt lucky to have experienced these lost souls. Now being over 60 years old and wording these experiences I feel pressure in my chest for a couple days, so I am getting the mind benders out fairly quick. Thanks for reading.
Hi Jess, it's too often that paranormal encounters leave us with more questions than answers. I want to know every why and how too, like I could crack some secret code. Many believe that we're just not supposed to know certain things from this side. Lord knows it doesn't stop us wanting to know.

I hope that woman got to experience the orb eventually. Maybe it was floating around erratically trying to find her.

Thanks for sharing your experiences I'm enjoying them.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Tweed Maybe Medium thought I was being reckless, she said more and I told her more than in this story. She Probably tells most the same thing. I still giggled and laughed when I Noticed or heard something. Motorcycle guy, that never crossed my mind. But he had that look. Thanks for reading.
Hi MrsRamsay, that iPhone live thing is so annoying. At least someone's found a good use for it! Well things are definitely busy around yours. Does that plate mean anything special to anyone? Maybe someone was trying to send a clumsy message using its significance.
Any chance you could upload your pics and audio somewhere?

Our place gets a bit odd on New Years. I think distant firecrackers must rouse the ghosties. Did you have any fireworks around your area on the 4th of July?
Hi Outofmirror, Ghosts definitely watch TV and the like. Most regulars on this site will agree. I'm fascinated that colour is very vivid for you with your encounters. I think sometimes paranormal experiences can come through our strongest supernatural senses, for you it seems colour is coming through especially strong. Interesting stuff.

I hope you get to a place where you can feel okay discussing these things. I'm sorry it's become stressful. This experience would stress me out too. It's cool to take a break, there's no rush or pressure.

Melda I forgot all about that experience you linked to, wow blast from the past!

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