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Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Jubeele,

So nice to see you. How's Rex-T doing?

I was startled, but I'm strong enough these days not to be scared. I'm not going to let spirits stop me from being positive and happy.

It was cool which was unusual for the time of year.

I'm going to stick with Rookdygins cleansing. I slackened off for 3/4 weeks. Lol. 😊

Thank you for stopping by and my best to Rex-T and yourself.

Time to cook dinner (Curry and Jasmine rice) and watch 'Bold & the Beautiful'.

😘 ❤ 😘
Hi Miandra, it's good that you feel stronger and not as scared as before. I often sleep with my hand under the pillow. A few times, I must have shifted in the night, causing my hand to slip off the bed and waking me up. Maybe you moved in your sleep and ended up at the edge of the bed, dislodging your hand? Just suggesting that possibility.

The cold feeling in the room is strange though. There are cold snaps at the start of Spring, being change of season. But 26°C (79°F) is hardly cold. When you woke up, did you feel frightened or startled? Our 'survival instincts' usually tell us if we need to get away from a potential threat. If there wasn't any fear, it could just be you moving your hand in your sleep... Or someone was trying to get your attention.

Cleansing should help to clear away negative energies that might build up over time. Whatever is left should only be those that mean no harm. Do continue with Rook's cleansing if you find it helps you. Take care. Our best to you. 😊

Jubeele and Rex-T
Dar77 in My "two" Sons
I have no advice, but wanted to say how creepy your story was. Thanks for sharing
I really enjoyed your story! I think I would have moved out immediately after your first experience. The crosses in the wall suggest that it was evil and meant harm. I look forward to reading more about this apartment.
Jubeele in Hello Lovey
Cherubim, thanks for your lovely comment. 😊 Oddly enough, I had a dream about my MIL recently. I was standing at the top of a staircase and she was coming up the steps when she stopped, a surprised expression on her face. Maybe I wasn't expected to 'see' her? It was good to see that she looked healthy and happy. Curious coincidence: her birthday had been just a few days ago.
Jubeele in Bathing Princess
Hi Bart,

Over the years, my family has shared many strange happenings as cautionary tales for our safety. Perhaps such accounts are handed down in families, gradually evolving into folklore and are thus preserved for the benefit of later generations.

I've read that the orang bunian are supernatural creatures akin to elves, the "hidden" or "whistling" people. They are not like jinn and generally do not have ill intent. There are stories where they have helped people like bomohs or shamans on spiritual quests.

Since your grandpa tried to seal the well, what other things happened there in the past? It seems to me that your grandma was wise in her ways and "that's what happens when someone doesn't listen to her". Glad your father listened to her advice after that. A reminder to heed warnings regarding such matters and to be respectful with the spirits.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us. All the best to your family. 😊
Cherubim in Step By Step
Wow, spirits seem to be attracted to certain people for some reason. I lived in a haunted house for 3 years then moved. It's all started again! I had an investigation done and was told I have 3 spirits in the new house I moved in. I was told to "sage," maybe that will work for you. I was told to be firm and tell the spirit it's my house and they will have to leave. It seems to work for a while, but something is still here. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤
I believe there was a man playing with your son. I think spirit shows themselves to children because they are so innocent. I guess he knew if he bit your pants your son would laugh his head off! 😆 Maybe he lived there at one time. Thanks for sharing. ❤
Lealeigh in A Haunting
I liked your story.
My sister is the type that tends to name anything paranormal the work of a demon.
Her religious beliefs don't allow for anything else.
I don't believe things in the world are so cut and dried.❤
Lealeigh in A Haunting
I used to hear something like that in the master bathroom of the house I lived in when I was seventeen.
I also would hear the water going full blast in the sink in that bathroom.
When I would check it out, the faucet would be off but water would be everywhere.
I was on the phone once with a friend and someone at the end of the house mocked me when I answered the phone. It wasn't my voice and I was alone.
Nothing bad ever happened though. I thought they just wanted attention.
silverthane61 in Weird Incident
I think your sister and brother-in-law (Jijaji) might be a better judge to determine whether or not the baba was real or fake, since it was they who brought the priest into your home. In any case, it seems the whole set of events has had an overall positive effect on your life, and as such, maybe the baba was real after all.
silverthane61 in Creepy Floaty Faced Thing
My family has a history of banshees that go all the way back to Scotland. What you described does not resemble what our family recognizes as a banshee. Rather, what I would say is that it describes an elemental. Elementals are also described as the "wee folk" of Britain and have been described as elves, gnomes, fairies and sprites. Then again, who knows what you really saw? I would be thankful that there was someone else there to witness it with me.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello MichaelW,

I've taped myself sleeping before. A part from snoring not much happened and I gave up. Lol. 😊

I'm not the most patient person. I guess I need to persevere with that.

Thank you for your suggestion and for reading my post.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
A ghost is possible. As far as movement happening when sleeping that happens more than we are aware of. You should put a video camera on yourself while sleeping and see what happens.
MichaelW in A Haunting
It sounds too playful to be a demonic entity, at least one of any strength. A trickster is usually either a poltergeist or a human spirit trying to get attention. This is assuming its actually paranormal. Strange things happen apart from the supernatural.
Melba-thanks for your kind comment.
Because of the "Darby O Gill" cinematic version I have been terrified of banshees since I was small. I had terrifying banshee dreams when I was a child but who knows if it was from the movie or actual banshees belonging to my Pict or Celt bloodlines, as Augusta suggests is possible. Which is to say a wee sleep tablet is understandable.

I do not think what we saw was a banshee, it just looked kind of like that movie version. Augusta has a good idea about it's size- but when I saw it my brain would not believe a "Ghost" could be so small. My brothers and I refer to this story as "K's Banshee at our Bannock house" but only because it sounds cooler than creepy floaty face thing.

I may have been more scared when this story happened if I wasn't trying to help K calm down. I wrapped her up in a sweater and gave her water, but when our buddy got there he saw her and went right back out for his kit. She wouldn't talk about it later.

Last I heard she still lives in Idaho. I think the hospital bought and demolished that whole block for parking.

With my regards
AugustaM-thank you for your comment. We were definitely a messy rowdy bunch. The prim and proper idea seems to fit real well with how it felt at the time, kind of like when your nana catches you in the company parlor on her nice sofa.
As I understand the houses and neighborhood had been very very posh in "Old West" times, brothel next door and all. I wish I had historical dates or photos.
Looks like two research projects have hatched for me. You have me curious what cultures have "little" ghoosties.
Bettina - Well a shared frightening experience will certainly get the conversation flowing during an awkward silence. Unfortunate that K had to be treated for shock. She must really have been terrified 😲

As Augusta says, banshees are not known for their silence. In fact when I hear the word "banshee" the first word that comes to mind is "shrieking". As far as I know they are female and precede the death of a family member.

Quite possibly the shrieks of a banshee would be drowned out by the response of its audience!

Personally, I prefer ordinary ghosts such as humans and animals (if I really have to endure a visitation from anything). Having to try and figure out what has visited me and why, is just too much for me. I need a sense of normality even when my teeth are chattering!

With my luck I'll be dreaming of banshees tonight 😟 Perhaps I'll go the sleeping tablet route.

Regards, Melda
From the way you described your ghost, I just get the feeling that she was the type to do things precisely in the way she found proper. Seems to me as though perhaps she found that to be the proper size for a proper ghost. And I think the reason for her appearance was that she found that her home was being used *im*properly;-)

By the by as immigrants bring their beliefs with them, the resemblance to a banshee may have been because that was what, in life, our little lady believed all spirits to be or... Mayhap it actually was one but, to my knowledge, banshees are rarely the silent type.
MohanIyer - I doubt whether your sole reason for joining this site could have been to trash ladyglow.

I'm quite sure if you have some interesting experiences to share we would all be very happy to read them and provide you with our opinions. Please bear in mind that you probably will be asked for clarification if one or two aspects of your submission aren't clear. In my humble opinion it is preferable to participate in a discussion.

Regards, Melda
Cherubim - Although I know children have very vivid imaginations, I never discount what they tell me. This is due to the fact that I had some very scary supernatural experiences as a child plus my son had a "friend" when he was a toddler. (If you're interested, I posted that story "The man bites mommy's pants") There were some very interesting comments from other posters which you might like to read.

I'm not trying to promote my own submissions but in lieu of your experience you might like to take a look at it.

By the way, the little girl and the dog sound quite charming 😊

Regards, Melda
Melda in 1 Last Cut
KingHillQueen - I know you're convinced that it was the same man but is there perhaps just the slightest chance that the man who passed looked very much like Larry and had the same first name?

Did Larry have his hair cut at your salon on a regular basis?

I apologise if I come across as being a bit sceptical. Some weird and wonderful, not to mention inexplicable, things happen. I've had some experiences which even my family don't believe. So I don't doubt for a moment that you believe it was the same person but there could be other explanations. Anything further that you could add?

Regards, Melda
Melda in A Haunting
Surferwoman - Unfortunately far too many people are super quick to label anything supernatural as a demon.

Firstly, if that had been a demon it would have been a whole lot more scary. In my opinion you were being visited by either an attention seeking mischievous spirit or one which was trying to attract your attention for a totally different reason, eg it might have been unable to find the path to its ultimate destination. In other words, it needed help crossing over.

Blessing the house, according to your religious beliefs, might have done the trick. There are also cleansing methods to help a lost spirit or send an offending one on its way. Look at Rookdygin's page for a very good method. I have used his method myself, as have many others members on this forum.

No, that was no demon.

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Cherubim,

Thanks for your comment and reading my post.

Yes, I know the history of this unit. Apparently a very old angry man died when he fell and hit his head on the corner of the tiles in the bathroom which runs off my bedroom. This was before I moved in. I've been here for 2 & 1/2 years now. Also the man next door died a couple of months ago. He was angry and drunk most of the time too. The 2 blocks that are on either side of mine have also had deaths.

Cleansing has to be done regularly here to keep on top of the unwanted spiritual visitors.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Cherubim in Talking Black Cat
It's good he didn't go with the cat! 😲 I would think it might have been demonic if it told me to follow him and run away too. Really scary, thanks for sharing.
Cherubim in Black Hand
Wow, that IS creepy! I've never heard of such a thing happening before. I think there are just mean entities out there that like to pick on good hearted souls. I say this because you spoke of God and maybe that's partly why it happened, although it happened when you were a child as well. 😳 Do you ever "sage?" That's what I do, along with prayer. I'm more spiritual than religious too like you and believe there is something in the universe that cares about us and will protect us if we ask or pray. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
Hmmm, I wonder if you can find out who lived there before you or any history about the place? I've had "happenings" since I was a child and used to be very fearful too, not as much anymore. That would definitely make me get out of bed if I felt my hand being flung from under my face as you did! 😲 Yes, it sounds like a cleansing is due. Thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in A Haunting
That is strange and scary! 😳 I would have sold that house too. I lived in a haunted house here in Oregon for 3 years. I was glad when we moved. Thanks for sharing your story.
Sleeping-with-steve in A Haunting
Hello Sufergirl,

I used to be scared too. As time goes by I've become stronger.

Do you think a deceased relative or friend was trying to communicate with you?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,

😘 ❤ 😘
Oh my goodness, I LOVE your story and believe you were meant to save this woman. Your story proves to me that God truly does work in mysterious ways. ❤
Thank you everyone for all your feedback and comments and i'll try to answer some of your questions here,
1. Why are the nuns are more active during or after people leave? We honestly don't really know! They just seem to like us and not many other people. I wish I knew. Sorry!
2. The creepy frightening experiences. I'm still not going to go into great detail because it's something that happened to my sister and she said she'd prefer if I didn't recount it. But it was something that was in the garden, circling the house with an unpleasant energy. Sometimes "things" just visit for a while and then leave.
3. How we ended up living in the house? My father got a job in a nearby town and we came across the convent, we're renting.
4. The painting in the guest room. No my aunt did not witness the activity and knew nothing of it until we told her.
5. History. It only stopped being a convent in the last 5 or years. And the actual history of the place is unclear, what I do know is that at one point there lived 22 nuns in the house!

So I hope this answered some of your questions and excuse me if I didn't. I'll update on anything new I learn regarding the house and it's history.
aussiedaz in Odd Energy
Hi Karla

You may well be in the early stages of creating a poltergeist with in your own home and the source of that creation may be coming from you? Seeming it follows you to work. Our entire reality at the fundamental building blocks of nature or at the plank scale of the universe is energy and it flows on through a river of consciousness and presents itself with the illusion of physicality through the power of observation as like the double slit experiment has proven over again and again.

Our homes are full of the same atoms that make up the universe and when we interact with our homes through the power of our mind and consciousness we can unlock certain channels of energies with in it's foundation that present themselves to us as a separate entity.


Do you suffer from depression?
Has anyone in the home suffered depression?
Is anyone in the home a victim of a crime they can't get over?
Have their been any problems with relationships with in your immediate family?
Is there something else related to these accounts that are too embarrassing to admit?
Are there any strange marks on yourself you can't explain?.
Have you ever suffered from sleep paralysis?
Have you ever had bouts of lost time?
Does the energy tingle above your belly button?
Has your mother or father had similar accounts of any sorts?
Have you ever felt a snip or sharp pain in your left calf muscle?
Have you ever seen any colourful lights in your home?

There may be more questions depending on how you answer these.

Regards Daz!
AugustaM in Odd Energy
Also in checking in on this thread for any activity, I had another thought regarding the tingling. If anyone in the household has recently stopped or even started smoking (products with nicotine, specifically), that could've caused the tingling as well.
One last thing about the eggs:
The small egg never went with the other ones when they were at her house. It looked like she spent more time engraving details in it and I think she was probably more proud of that one. ❤
I thought of moving the other eggs to join it just to see what would happen but the biggest one will block part of the tv. So, I won't know if they will move by themselves because a living person will probably move it away.
Like: "Hey...down in front!" 😆
They say people that have passed on like things the way they were and don't like change. Maybe working on his house stirred up his spirit and he came "home" to check it out. If I were your grandfather I would have went hone too! Great story, thanks for sharing.
Cherubim in Hello Lovey
Very "lovely" story!" ❤ It's wonderful to have our loved ones check in on us letting us know they aren't really gone.
That's terrifying. I know this story is seven years old and there isn't much of a chance that the OP will see my comment.
It makes my blood run cold to imagine being adrift in a small boat even without the music and the whispering. 😨
To be honest I'd rather that the story not be shared anywhere else, I'm not so sure that the hotel would like this story to begin circlating around. The whole reason I chose this site was that I know it's largely US based and wouldn't draw negative attention to the hotel.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading though Tainted Princess ~ ❤❤❤
Taintedprincess in Evil In The Store Room
Hello fellow South African. Thank you for sharing. You were so young and must have been so terrified! That thing sounds like it is so evil! My mother experienced something very similar to that whens he was a little girl, and it haunts her until this day! I have started my own paranormal podcast and would love to share your story? If that would be OK with you?
Regards Taintedprincess ❤
Taintedprincess in A Haunting In Drakensberg
Hi there! What a great story, I have heard plenty of stories from that area. I am from South Africa as well, I have just started my new paranormal podcast and was wondering if I could share your story?
Regards taintedprincess
Taintedprincess in The Friendly Cemetary Ghost
Hello my fellow South African. My name is Taintedprincess and I have just started my paranormal podcast. I enjoyed your story and would love to share it as content for my podcast! Thats if it would be ok with you? Please let me know ❤
Hahaha! That is wild! I have things disappear and reappear all the time over here. I used to get upset over it but don't anymore. When I hear things like you've mentioned it reminds me that the veil between worlds is lifting. Maybe it's just your aunt's way of saying HELLO!
This story brings me back to 25 years ago when my cousin was staying with us in my Grandmother's house.
She said that she saw a face reflected in the glass of the window at night. So did I, but I had learned by that time not to look at the windows at night and just go to sleep.
My Grandmother wouldn't allow us to close the curtains because she said it made her house look sloppy from the outside.
It was the faint reflection of a man reflected from the inside of the room and it wasn't always there. Nothing in the room could account for it.
I was thirteen and she was eleven. It was as if he was sitting on the floor because I could only see him from the shoulders up.
The other day I inherited a trove of my aunt's trinkets from her house in Dahlonega.
Many of them are wildly eccentric "objets d'art". Some books, pictures, vases that she made and painted and three eggs that were made of polished stone. She made those with rock shaping equipment.
I set them on the tv stand from smallest to largest.
Yesterday morning the smallest one was sitting alone on the opposite side of the stand. I moved it back.
The small egg repeated that action five times during the day yesterday so I'm just going to leave it there. It was just me in the house. It's obvious that I'm not going to have the final word here even though I want it to sit with the others.
It is awkward looking in the place where it keeps ending up and it galls me when I look at the tv stand but I don't want to bother it anymore.
I thought you might like that. 😁
Cherubim in August Rush
Maybe you saw this apparition because you were so young and innocent. Perhaps it was another child wanting to play? I was very young as well when I saw my first one. Like you, I was very frightened. No one believed me, they all told me it was just a dream. Maybe some of us have "abilities" we are unaware of. Great story, thank you for sharing. ❤
Cherubim in August Ritual 2011
How wonderful to know your mother is watching over you! Our first reaction to the unknown is fear. As time goes on we can realize it's only the caring presence of a loved one. I have a mixed bag of spirits at my house, one is not so nice. Loved your story. ❤
Haha, I never even see phone booths anymore. 😆 We are lucky these days, and I feel even luckier that my favorite aunt was there for me when I was so lost and really needed someone. Thanks Daz for your kind words. ❤

Those dreaded days of finding a phone boot, I do remember them all so well btw, how spoiled are we today with technology at the tip of our fingers and yes, there are no such things as coincidence's...your Aunt heard your call and pulled a few strings, they really do watch over us in ways that keep us safe.

Regards Daz!

Colours do have a very special meaning in the spiritual realm it may well have been your guardian angel, I saw a blue light of which I'm pretty sure was my spirit guide.FYI, (new souls radiate white aura's) just a question for you if you don't mind. Did you lose a very wise old parent, grandparent or friend in the last 12 months?

Regards Daz

Your response probably validate what you both have felt for a long time (a deep soulful connection) right, sorry I went back and double checked your story and you did confirm what I do suspect? Your current husband is your twin flame and Scott's mission was to bring you two together... Kind of a strange way to do it right?...however from the spiritual realm we can see what lays ahead and it's all a part of the plan picking the characters that support the mission. Did you have any dark thoughts after Scott died? I'm trying to figure out your purpose of growth? Perhaps something may have went real wrong in one of your past lives and you had to go through what you did this time? We all hunger for spiritual perspective and do confront any short comings as a result of our actions from previous lives. Perhaps the reason you traced your ancestors was more of an intuitive hunch looking to dot the I's and cross the T's searching for answers?

Anyway, Direct Soul Groups are usually comprised from 5 to 25 souls who basically come into the Earth Matrix integrated in close nit relationships. They may be your boss, a close friend, brother or sister or even a villain on an odd occasion.However, generally when you discover your twin flame you know it deep inside. Soul Groups do work with cluster groups sometimes up to a thousand souls. When we cross back over to the other side we usually gravitate our frequencies among these cluster groups living in community's adjacent to each other. We do all have spirit guides who prepare us all for the next mission.

Thank you for your kind words relating to my own accounts.

Regards daz!
Taintedprincess in Wedding Couple
Rahulsanjaysoni,thank you for the permission. I hope you have a fantastic day further.
I was just saying on someone else's story that I too lived in a haunted house for 3 years. I think you are spot on in describing your situation and maybe it is a child or someone that lived there once. Do you know anything about the house? I wonder why this kind of thing only happens to some and not everyone? That's good it doesn't seen negative. Thank you for sharing. ❤
YES! I lived in a haunted house for 3 years and have had similar experiences. I've thrown things away only to see them out in the open on a table months later. I've heard a mans voice yell "HEY" twice in the bedroom. I also saw my name scratched in a bar of soap, that REALLY freaked me out. We moved soon after only to have these kinds of happenings happen in our new home. I don't feel so alone now. 😐 Thank you for sharing your story.
That's great you recognized what was happening and was able to deal with it as soon as you did. I go thrift store shopping too, I'll think twice about that now. 😳 Great story, thanks for sharing. ❤
I love this story and can relate! I had a window decoration just "jump" in the sink one morning while making coffee?! I also heard my moms favorite Eagles song come on the radio as I was passing the street she used to live on before she died. I just found this site from a book I was reading and also have stories about family members that have passed away. I truly believe it is someone you know trying to get your attention. 😊 Great story, thanks for sharing. ❤
Wow!I wouldn't have married him either if I had to live there! Do you know who the Mexican woman was? It seems like you went back in time or something by seeing the pin stripped coat. Or maybe "remote viewing?" I would have been praying too. So much going on in that old farmhouse. Great story. ❤
Dar77 in Jensen Street
MrsRamsay- thank you for taking the time to read my story, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your story of a strange pin drop is peculiar to me... Definitely not just the normal sounds a house makes. Is that the only thing you've experienced in your home?
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Good morning tainted princess. Thanks for reading my experience
❤ You can share my story on your paranormal podcast
Thanks a lot ❤
MrsRamsay in Jensen Street
I read your story with interest. Once, shortly after moving into the house we're in now, both my husband and I were awakened at the exact same time, though we didn't know why. Both of us lying there, listening (I somehow knew he was awake and vice versa) we heard what sounded like a pin drop (not kidding here, it was a very strange, faint sound in the dead silence). The next morning we both started talking about it at the same time. We both knew it was coming from our daughter's room at the top of the stairs... Our room is at the bottom of the stairs with a two story foyer (so it's very open and sound travels actually better between our room and the upstairs rooms better than it would if the rooms were all on the same floor). To this day, we have no idea what it could've been. But we'll never forget it. Amazing how one small sound in the middle of the night can stay with you!
I'm intrigued by your comments (and checked out your interesting stories as well). Regarding a "soul group," a term I've not heard of before though the concept is familiar: I'm also into genealogy and have traced our ancestors back in quite a bit of detail. When I started about 8 years ago, I did his side first, wanting to make my research a gift for his elderly mother before she passed away. I got tons of great information for her, published it into a book and moved on to my own family. I have a really great memory which was helpful as I started uncovering some amazing "coincidences." Our families/ancestors have been connected by time/place or event going back centuries! At one point in time, around 1700, his ancestor (his 10th great grandfather) actually owned my 10th great grandfather, a slave! Their grandchildren were married to each other and then the families diverge again. It's well documented, but I find myself doubting even now that it could be true, as it just seems amazing. This is my second husband, not Scott, who I talk about in the story here. And within his own tree and within my own, our parents' paternal and maternal ancestors in more than a couple cases were connected. I realize there were many fewer people in the U.S. In the early colonial days, but some of the coincidences are AMAZING. In our tree, his ancestors were followers of my own ancestors' religious group starting in the mid 1600s and track all the way together through almost the Civil War. First they fought for religous freedom (this was in the New London, CT area), were jailed together, intermarried and supported each others' religious philosophies... And by the 1840s, they were abolitionists fighting for the rights of the slaves, including those from the Amistead (there was a movie... The slaves of that ship were given a trial when they reached the U.S.) Anyway, getting too longwinded, but this topic is fascinating. Since I discovered all of these coincidences, I feel my faith in some higher power has been strengthened quite a bit! (there was an episode of the X Files once where Mulder was remembering his days as a Civil War soldier and I think that's where I first saw the idea, and I've often wondered if I just snagged it from the show. On the other hand, maybe the reason I found that episode so intriguing -- I was not a huge fan of the show -- is because something about the concept was already familiar to me!) Thanks for reading and commenting!
Spockie in Light Man
Your account of how this being moved reminds me very much of the "men in black" who sometimes turn up following UFO sightings. They are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon. What you and your brother saw was a spiritual entity, and they can appear in any form they choose and behave in any way they are inclined to at the time. They enjoy frightening people, especially children and also creating confusion and doubt. Whatever it was, was probably only there for a short time, just passing through as it were, and just doing and manifesting as pleased it at the moment.
I wonder if the footsteps had as much or more to do with the belabored pipes of the boiler system groaning and popping under the strain as the paranormal. I have lived with systems like that all my life and though I've never heard one explode - I have heard one under strain and even under usual operating conditions, it does make some interesting noises. As example of one such phenomenon, Google "air hammer."
Hi AugustaM,

I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment, which I found very perceptive by the way! Also, thank you for the thoughtful compliment ~ much appreciated.

About a month after I submitted my story here, I met a new neighbor who had some pertinent information about my house and its past occupants. According to my neighbor, she said that an older woman had lived and passed away in our home about 14 years ago. Supposedly this older woman loved cats, and lived alone. My neighbor also mentioned that the older woman kept to herself, but seemed friendly whenever she encountered her. I never mentioned this in my original story, but on several occasions I have seen a partial apparition of an elderly woman pass through my kitchen. Each time I have seen her, she does the same thing; she walks through the kitchen over to the sink and then disappears. Never once have I felt threatened by the sight of her, and I feel as though it may be residual energy left behind. I'm left to wonder if she ever slept in the room that was once my daughters bedroom?

My neighbor went on to say that years ago, my house was once a duplex; the two top floors were a separate apartment from the rest of the house. After talking with her for about an hour, I gathered that my house had a lot frequent renters, and several home owners during various decades. So, it got me thinking: maybe all of the strange stuff we've encountered could be chalked up to so much human activity that took place over many years? I suppose it's a possibility...

Otherwise life is good here at the house, odd things still happen from time to time, but it's nothing that we can't handle so far...

😉 LightMight
Taintedprincess in Wedding Couple
Rahulsanjaysoni, Thanks for sharing your story. And I'm sorry for what happened to your family! It almost seems sad to me too that the couple will be stuck getting rides with strangers for who knows how long... Being stuck on earth like that breaks my heart. We have a similar phenomena here in South Africa, about a ghost lady that lost her life and the life of her husband in an accident. She roams the roadway and catches lifts with people, then just disappears! I would love to share your story in my paranormal podcast, if you would give me permission to do so?
Regards ❤
Taintedprincess in He Hears And Sees Us
Cherubim, Thats great thanks! And of course your name will be mentioned! I wouldn't have it any other way!
Regards Taintedprincess
Lady-Glow, Hi there thank you so much for your comment. It is very respectfully done, and it doesn't make me feel like I am being accused of something. Thank you for the insight about the story, it makes total sense. I didn't look at it in such a way. I will make sure that I comment on the story, then ask for permission to use the content! Thanks lady-glow! ❤
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
WOW! 😨 Talk about noisy poltergeist, I would have been scared out of my wits! It's good that you have Letty, she seems to be heaven sent. Has your mom ever considered selling the house and moving? Fascinating story, thank you for sharing.
I hope someone has advice that can help. 😨 I personally would just want to leave if at all possible. I've saged before and was told to be stern and tell that entity it has to leave because it is your house now. I've also had a paranormal investigator at my home before and was fascinated at what was found. I believe there is a directory here to find one. Sending healing prayers your way. ❤
Cherubim in Fairy Lights
Such an enchanting story, loved it. I too had my tonsils out at 12 years old. I DO actually have a few pictures of orbs, one is pure white above my hand waving hello to the camera. I love how one of your fairy lights stayed by the car with you that evening on the drive home. ❤
Haaaa, that is funny! I read "It" also. Yes I think you're right. There was a home there once and it's still active. I lived in a haunted house too for 3 years. Hopefully they're friendly spirits. ❤
Yes Taintedprincess, as long as you put my name on it. 😉 I'm glad you stopped by to read my story, thank you.
Yes silverthane61, I have a serious condition with my neck and have had surgery. I lost the doctor that treats my condition due to insurance so I have worried a lot. I will always believe my prayer was answered when he said "don't dwell on it anymore!" ❤
I'm sorry for your loss. ❤ I believe our loved ones are always with us.
Faith - I apologize if my comments seem to be critical, the truth is, a healthy skepticism never hurts.

It is only human to make mistakes, and the fact that you acknowledge that you "must have gotten the names mixed when writing the post", plus being aware of your dyslexia explain a lot.
As a side note, until I read the basics about this condition, I had always thought that dyslexic people's only problem was switching the position of letters when writing, hence, having trouble reading words too, - how ignorant was I!

Nevertheless, I think it is important not only to straighten up the information regarding the names of these women, but to prevent anyone else from 'spreading' this misinformation in the future.

Just imagine what Ms Rachel Phillips, and/or anyone that knows her, would think if she/they ever learned about herself not only committing suicide by hanging, but her own spirit supposedly haunting the place where her partner died?!?! - She's ALIVE.

I'm sure Ms John's death left an imprint at the hotel, and I don't doubt her spirit is still there and that's who you saw. Give it some time and it's possible that some other people will start reporting their own experiences at that place.

Regardless if you decide if taintedprincess is allowed or not to share your story in her podcast, I think people deserve to know the right information or, even better, if the names of these women were left out of the narrative out of respect for the feelings of the living... Just my opinion.

This story touches me as well. A beloved aunt of mine died three years ago shortly after a stroke. She was one of the only members of my family to go out of her way to build a relationship with me. I feel her presence sometimes too.
Taintedprincess, actually it has nothing to do with 'empowerment' and everything to do with the site's 'rules'. I refer to the Comments Guidelines, especially this part: "Posts that are abusive, vulgar, insulting or spammy will be deleted. If a person persists in posting such messages numerous times, they will be blocked / banned from this site. We also reserve the right to delete comments that are juvenile, off-topic, very poorly written, unintelligible, incoherent, messages all in UPPERCASE or with every first letter capitalized, and anything that looks like promotional material." Your posts are falling into the 'spammy', and 'promotional material,' areas. Asking you to actually comment on a story and then ask for permission to use it, makes total sense.
There is definitely water in the well. There are many things in that general area that indicate that a house was once there. Everything is right over the edge of our property line.
I think that my grandfather was saying goodbye in the dream but maybe whatever was out there in the dark is attached to those other things outside.
I have also heard that water is a conductor for activity. In fact, while I was looking up at the stars, the place where I was sitting is directly over a sewer where rainwater drains.
My mother said I was crazy for sitting there because she's still afraid of that clown from the Stephen King book "It". Whatever lives down there would have a time trying to drag me down into that particular sewer because I won't fit. 😆
Dear lady-glow, you're right I must have gotten the names mixed when writing the post, it was a while after finding the article that I wrote this, and I have stated before I am dyslexic, it's difficult for me to read and spell, but even if it wasn't the girl that I saw, there was definitely something wrong in that room.

Thanks for reading anyway ❤❤❤
Tainted princess - even though I agree with valkricry about your comments becoming spam, I can see your point, you only comment on stories that, in your opinion, are "great".

Still, it would be greater if you stop for a visit at the comments guidelines of the site and, even better, to pay attention to the 'mod' (moderator) little word following val's screen name... She's only doing her job - thanks Val!

One last thing, it would be a good idea for you to read not only the stories, but the comments' to those narratives too, specially since you want to share them somewhere else.

The problem I find with this particular story is that the information provided by the OP is not exactly accurate.
And by this I don't mean that their story is made up, only that a medical condition might be the reason why the don't match their narrative.

Would you like to include/share something questionable in your podcast? 🤔
Valkricry I post the same comment because I am wanting to say the exact same thing for example: This is a great story, may I use it in my podcast. I cannot write a different comment if I want to say the very same thing? Doesn't make sense right? Otherwise my comment would be on every single story, but if you notice, its only on certain ones. Please delete my comments if you should feel that, that would empower you ❤
Regards Taintedprincess
Taintedprincess, what you are doing is known as spamming - the exact same message over and over. Please say something pertinent to the story or your comments will be deleted.
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in He Hears And Sees Us
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in My Old House Was Haunted
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
miyuki23 in Checking Us
Hi Haven,

Sorry for the very late reply.

We did asked my mom-in-law but she said she have never experienced anything from that house. Even my husband's siblings never had any of those experiences beforw in that house.
I really liked your California ghost stories, especially the ones about the three knocks and the doppelganger. California seems to be rich in paranormal stuff! Thanks for sharing 😊
Taintedprincess, thanks for reading! I am so glad you enjoyed it. As far as sharing my story on your podcast, I thank you for wanting to include my experience however I feel it be best for it to just stay on this site.
Bru- thanks for reading and I enjoy knowing that it affected you as it should have, because when it happened I was pretty scared myself. That's why I wanted to share, so that others could sort of experience the fear I experienced. I believe however that it really was the grandfather, who had become restless because of his gravestone being busted. Also when I had told my ex mother in law the details of the figure I had seen, she explained that it fit the description of her deceased father in law. Thanks again for reading and for the input
Dar77 in Jensen Street
Silverthane61- I believe you are right about that! They seemed to really enjoy the affect it had on me. I'm just glad that I finally found the documents and that we no longer live in that house. It also seemed like they caused a lot of abnormal arguments amongst the family and also played on some of my personal fears as well. Thanks for reading and again for your input
Dar77 in Boot Steps
Silverthane61- there was no doubt an extreme amount of bad ' ju ju ' in that place! Thankfully I was not there very long! Thanks for taking the time to read my story and give input as well.
I guess ol' Grandma had the last laugh! You did mention that the activity concerning the clock eventually did die down. I wonder if there were other artifacts/heirlooms in the house that you discarded that caused any other disturbances?
I read the link given by lady-glow and it seems to confirm what you experienced in the hotel room. As an aside, I find no better validation than seeing a die-hard skeptic converted after a particularly hard-hitting paranormal encounter. Maybe this will happen to your boyfriend in the near future.
silverthane61 in Jensen Street
Playful (hostile) entities are said to draw energy from fear and stress. I cannot think of anything more stressful than refinancing. Add to that the dilemma of losing your certificates and I can see those entities gleefully enjoying the smorgasbord of stress being offered them. I get the impression that this house was a house you lived in in the past and that you no longer live there. I am willing to bet you have several stories to share about this home!
silverthane61 in Boot Steps
It takes a lot of energy to cause objects to apparate out of thin air - of course I am talking about the maggots falling on the plate. Violent deaths always seem to leave a lot of bad "juju" in the environment from which scary haunts seem to draw energy. Good story!
silverthane61 in He Hears And Sees Us
I choose to believe that it was the power of prayer that helped heal your neck. Eve though you may not have had all the pain removed, I believe that it could be very much worse without you asking for relief.
Taintedprincess in Busted Headstone
wow what a story, I just started a new paranormal podcast and I am in desperate need for content. Would you mind if I shared your story?
Regards taintedprincess ❤
Taintedprincess in My Grandma's Visit
Hi there, what a great story. I am currently looking for content for my new paranormal podcast and was wondering if it would be ok with you if I shared your story.
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in The Unknown Entity
Hi there, amazing story. I have just started my new paranormal podcast and I am in desperate need of content and your story would be perfect. Would you mind if I share it on my podcast? Thanks
Taintedprincess ❤
Taintedprincess in Skeleton Shadow
hi devilhorns1432, Thank you! My podcast is still very very new so not too exciting at this stage. Will forward you a link asap. I think its such a great idea to ask if anyone has had any similar experiences!
Also if you have a friend or family member that has had a personal experience, don't hesitate to email me I need as much content as I can get to actually make decent length episodes! Taintedprincesspodcast [at] ❤
One of the best stories I've read in a while. Had me at the edge of my seat. I feel like it might not have been your ex's grandfather. Seemed like an angry, or miserable spirit. Then again, I don't know the person his grandfather was.

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