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Hmm, feel like I've read this before. Have you shared this already a few years ago?

I feel like Chris has packed a lot of paranormal activity into a short time. Don't kids sleep on the floor in daycare, like a thin mattress on the floor?

Perhaps I'm not the right person to comment on this but it felt a bit err wrong.
So glad I don't drink anything half an hour before bed. Really hate having to go pee, ghost or no.

Hi SweetNova,

My thoughts were along the lines of Biblio's. I wonder in these kinds of moments if the mind fills in the information that it expects to receive, your brother's voice, without actually hearing your brother. Like if you could replay what you heard you may clearly hear it isn't him. But because it was likely him you took it for granted it was. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for sharing. Despite the comical aspects, I can well believe it would've been creepy, and kind of nasty too.
As silverthane61 said, I see physical contact as inappropriate. I once woke up because something was shaking my foot, and was shaking it insistently, but I just shrugged it off because I don't like the idea of acknowledging it. I think that just ignoring it is the best and it doesn't trigger any other physical contact. This is just my opinion because I think it worked for me.
Hello ghostsarecool, welcome to YGS. Like Miracles, I also enjoyed the narrative and every bit of your experience. People, who have departed, come back to look after their loved ones and make their presence known. And I like your name, ghostsarecool.

But, not all ghosts are cool.

With respects to you.

Also, [at] en_chu: you do not need to apologize for the kittens. Pretty sure you're not capable of such cruelty.
Hi, en-chu.

I am going to be physically ill, happily not with Corvid19... At least I hope not. Not been exposed yet and now self isolating, so...

Normally, I oppose the death penalty, but in the case of what happened to these cats, yeah... I'd willingly do it myself.

[at] Melda: Ghost breath. Poetic! I loved ghost breath as a bratty kid going to festivals in the summer. 😁
Hi en_chuu, I have read the experiences in the school. The first one which you had, it is quite difficult to brand it as paranormal without more inputs. As far as your sister's experience is concerned, I would like to say it might be that she sighted something paranormal. But since you said that the stairs and mezzanine were creepy places and give you haunted feeling, it would rather have been better had you investigated more about the sighting of a black lady like if any of your classmates or schoolmates had seen a black lady. It would have given more credence or inputs. And you might have actually got more information about the creepy experiences.

With respects to you.

Hi Rajine, I would like to read the other experiences from which your mother might have categorised the scream as that of paranormal. Difficult to find out if it was paranormal or not without more information and inputs. I agree with lady-glow. Hi Sceptic-Ari, happy to see you are back.

With respects to you Rajine.

Hi Cizzy and Fate_did_it_all, I want to first eliminate the notions about Kundalini. I know a bit about Kundalini. But what has been depicted in the books in Indian and Foreign languages have got nothing to do with Kundalini. Awakening of Kundalini is one of the ways of attaining Mukti or Moksha in Hindu culture. The awakening of Kundalini can be taught only through a teacher and with rigorous practices. It is not just that easy. So don't be carried away by the books that say anything about Kundalini and form your notions please.

Having said that I agree with lady-glow and there is nothing wrong in having a medical evaluation. On the other hand, for the safety of yourself and your family, please do the cleansing method as suggested by Rook.

I have not been contributing to the site for quite a long time now but as far as Rook's cleansing method is concerned, it is quite useful and powerful tool to ward off negative energies. I have used it and I advised it to others also.

But, better be careful since as Rook said, we do not know whether the spirit on the other side is harmful or helpful.

With respects to you.

[at] miracles51031

When my mum did get married and move in with my dad there were a lot of unexplainable things that happened to her there (some scary and others just plain strange) this is just one of many unexplainable things that she had told me about, the rest I will cover in stories to come.
[at] silverthane the biggest and major wildlife that we have in our wooded areas around our suburbs are snakes (all types of them and quite a bit of a problem) mongoose, monkey's and this large type of bird we call a hadeda apart from that there's nothing else. And the noises that they make doesn't resemble a human in any way that I know of.
[at] melda we are from kwa-zulu natal, Durban in a little suburb called Reservoir Hills and yes back in the early 70s/80s crime was almost non existant and people wouldn't hang out in the woods late at night, when I did ask my mum that maybe it could have been a person or animal that made that noise she was quite adamant that no one could have possibly entered that area of Bush without my parents knowing and also the animals that roam around aren't capable of sounding human.
Hi lady-glow yes it was a creepy experience for them, however animals common in our bushes are snakes, monkey's, mongoose and those big hadeda birds, apart from those there has not been any other sort of animal that would sound like a shrieking woman (well not to my knowledge) and as far as it being a human it would be very unlikely because the back yard connected to the bush area and the only way to get in and out there would be through our yard.
harrypotterrules in The Goddess Of The Inn
All I can say is that next time you see her, if you ever do, you could go up to her and try to talk to her. That might work if you're trying to get more information as to what she's doing here.

Also, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is North Korea, not South Korea. South Korea is called the Republic of Korea.
Miracles - I just had to respond to your "cotton candy" comment. I love it! In SA cotton candy is called candy floss. In Afrikaans it is called "spookasem" which means "ghost breath". So take ghost breath, floss, cotton AND fluff - quite interesting? πŸ˜† I wish I knew what candy floss is called in all the other languages in SA but unfortunately I don't.

En_chuu - I hope you didn't mind that little interruption. In response to your comment, I can handle a lot but when it comes to kids and animals I tend to show my cracks.

Regards, Melda
Hey Jubelee, welcome I like reading in general and u write quite well on this site. I've written 2 mini ghost stories of my own, tried to send to some publishers but they rejected. I do aspire to make a career out of writing fiction. Hmm, though my style for horror is not spooky enough yet.

Wanted to sub to this site, but the words fewer than 1500 not allowed
Love your story! Can you imagine how much he must've loved his job? Wish that for more people.
Hi there SN, and thanks for the smile inducing story. I'm obviously a mom and, well, let's just say that sounds a lot like my house, without the ghost, however!

Let us know if you see anything else weird. And next time, be more assertive about the bathroom. I'm so sorry you had to hold it so long! 😳
Miracles51031 in The Goddess Of The Inn
Lealeigh, yes Socracy5 was previously both darkfox and Hilarygosick. It really make things confusing sometimes when an o/p forgets their password or something and creates a new account.
Miracles51031 in The Shadows Near The Tree
Socracy5, did I miss the part where you and Rachel tried to enter the house? πŸ€”
Now I am confused too. Is "darkfox" also the same person? They are in the comments of the story that lady-glow provided the link for - along with "hilarygosick".
Hello Socracy.

I know this is irrelevant to your experience but, may I ask if you are male or female?

Based upon your first submission, there are few points that make me think you are female:

"We talked mostly about the girly stuffs when she"

At some point, it seems, your screen name was Hilarygotsick, and Hilary is a woman's name.

Hilarygosick (guest)... 2 years ago (2018-02-10)

"Well,the thing that made me believe Rachel can sense ghosts is from our childhood"


But the present narrative, in my opinion, seems to suggest that you are a man, otherwise I find it difficult to understand that you would share a room with two guys. And by this I don't mean that I consider this wrong, only that it seems rather unusual for a woman from a society as traditional as the Indian culture would stay in the same room with two men not related to her.

Also, what do you mean by "with a feverish complexion in her toes"?
Hello Kezza.

It seems like someone wanted to end that seance ASAP.

Do you still keep in touch with Monique and her brother? I wonder if her brother and his friends ever experienced anything similar when using the OB or if, perhaps, they knew how to perform a proper Ouija session but you girls didn't.

Anyway, I'm glad that this story wasn't the beginning of something more sinister.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS and congratulations on your pregnancy.


In my opinion, though there seem to be some paranormal activity in your house, this doesn't seem to be negative nor threatening.

You haven't mention if you are a religious person, if such is the case, you could ask for the help of a religious leader of your faith, if not you could look online for different methods for the cleansing/blessing of a place and do it on your own.

There's a member of the forum who has developed his own cleansing method, you can find it in the following link:


Pregnancy, specially for the first child, can be an stressful period in a couple's life, you do not need to add any more tension to your routine. Perhaps you could start by acknowledging the presence of the ghost and asking politely not to disturb you and setting some limits to what they are allowed and are not allowed to do.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Good lu
Hi Sterben24!

That was so wholesome to read, and I share your sentiments about your first experience. The part about the babies being escape artists made me chuckle.

Thank you for sharing your story!
en_chuu in Clothes Pegs
Hi edenchan,

Condolences for the loss of your grandmother. It's a very solemn story and it's heartwarming to know she still visits your dreams from time to time. I had lost my grandfather almost two decades ago, and I have a similar experience with dreams where he'll pop in to say hi or too tell us something important. ❀
I'm with Melda on this one. Elevators tend to stop wherever they're called. It's quite annoying as a passenger if someone calls for it, then decides not to wait for it thus resulting in numerous stops.

Having been a Philippine local, I can attest to the creepiness of certain areas and infrastructure that would also send me into a panic in this situation.
Hey Melda!

I know for a fact some of the kids I went to school with loved to exaggerate! Especially if they had an audience full of skittish girls. My sister rarely says anything of that nature as she's easily spooked, so I thought, "hey it may actually be true!"

Thank you for braving through the story even after the kittens' part. ❀
Hey Ruskin!

They are very possibly just very nervous schoolmates. I recall being able to spook them with whatever acting 10-yr old me was able to muster. To be honest, the closest thing to a haunting I've ever experienced at that school was the first story with the chair.

Out of morbid curiosity my friends and I examined one of the poor things after our third encounter. To save you the grislier details, we found maggots popping in and out of the fur. Very unfortunate to find that it was an actual kitten.: (
To everyone: I apologize for the kittens! I've seen them so many times while I went to school there that I may have become desensitized.
Greetings, SweetNova, and welcome to YGS.

Yes, there are plenty of narratives on this site about spirits duplicating the voices and/or appearances of the living. People may tell you it was a doppelgΓ€nger, which is a likely candidate.

However, it sounds to me like it was just a spirit that got a kick out of making you uncomfortable for as long as possible. That would place it within the realm of sentient haunts, but not necessarily anything "evil."

Have you seen this entity since that first time? Has anyone else in your family interacted with apparent duplicates? Was this a one-off event?

Hey Twilight!

Congratulations on quitting smoking! I quit smoking in January but it's been a struggle. I am constantly surrounded by smokers.

I look forward to your next story!

- Maria
Lealeigh in Clothes Pegs
Hello edenchan and welcome to YGS,

I am sorry for your loss. I understand the disorientation that comes with accepting the loss a close family member. I believe you are right; the clothes pegs bundled up on the bed in their usual routine was a sign that your grandmother is no longer suffering. She knew that the clothes pegs would be a sign that would be clearly understood.

Thank you for sharing this bittersweet story. It brings to mind the experiences that I had in losing my own maternal grandmother.

- Maria
Hello Socracy,

I wonder why the locals associate good luck with the goddess if she sometimes lures people away to their death.

I'm glad that you and your friends were okay! Thank you for sharing this interesting story.

- Maria
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Sorry for responding back to this post so late, my cellphone I used for this site, decided to work when it felt like it lol so it made it difficult to get on line. Now I'm back with a new phone, so hopefully no more problems on getting to this site now 😊 To DarriuxDarkk and LuciaJucinta, my yard still has its nights where it's creepier than others, but with me no longer smoking cigarettes now (which I'm very proud to say), since the end of last September that is, I no longer have a reason to go out at night as much. I was relieved to know I wouldn't have to worry about what's outside with me, when I was alone smoking. But unfortunately I know it's still out there 😨 I plan to write some more experiences I've had lately, and how now my oldest son is telling me about seeing these black and white figures around our home, including outside, even during the day. He has also mentioned a dark figure outside his window at night. It seems for some reason, things are starting to pick up again around our home, that I'll be sure to share with y'all very soon, while the details are still fresh. To answer your question about ever seeing what's outside, no I have not seen it, only feel its presence when it's near, but my youngest daughter sees "them" (we have more than one spirit outside) and will point at where they are, running to us to get away from them. I have 3 kids, and only 2 have been able to actually see ghost, unlike me who can only feel their presence, which honestly I prefer to feel them, versus seeing them lol as I'd doubt I'd be able to be brave enough to face them. It's easier to ignore them when you can feel them, but not see them, at least for me that is.
Nightrider, it would be best to write up your account and submit it. That way, it will get the attention it deserves and not detract from andraelayne's account. Sounds like you have more to tell 😊
Fenrispro in Shadows On Sentosa
Hi Jubelee, Yea lousy 444 number. Many people like staycations there still. Do u come to sentosa after 2018? I went with my school as a kid on monorail and all that 😁 guess I'm much younger haha. Then prices rose, I only went to Resorts world for 1 concert last year.
I nev got invited to chalets outings, used to be sad but when I hear such accounts / classmates in Thailand seeing ghosts I'm glad didn go!
Ahh ok. I watch paranormal witness, yea some mention dormant spirits can be angered when people make changes to their house without telling them. The psychics interviewed said before starting anything is better to explain to the ghosts first. Wonder if it wld be better?
I have just read a few of your comments but felt the need to share my experiences. It started when I guess I would say about 6. There at night in my room window every night was a dark figure, large and it would call to me. This was so frighting that I would not sleep in my room, my parents would find me sleeping in different places, closet, living room, kitchen etc. I don't recall if I began to sleep walk before this or after but my parents had to put a lock on the front door due to my sleep walking where I ended up outside on the porch. This is just the beginning of my experiences which I will add to later. I am 53 now and can still remember the dark shadow in the window like it was yesterday. More to tell later.
Hi Fenrispro

I'm not sure if the landlord or landlady ever knew. I wonder if that why it was newly-renovated? Was it an effort to cleanse the place and attract new tenants? Or did the renovations stir up trouble and cause some previously dormant spirit to be cranky at being disturbed? πŸ€”
Thanks for coming by, Fenrispro. I've been to the beach at Sentosa when I was in my teens, long before the monorail and big resorts were built. Never felt comfortable there - now I know why when I learned how many people were killed during Operation Sook Ching.

My husband and I have wandered through the streets of Sentosa at night but it felt safe enough to us. But our hotel room had the number 444 (3x death! 😨). We were fine. 😊

I've included my answer to you in my comment on 'Children At Cairnhill'. The house was pulled down to put in a carpark at the former Cairnhill Hotel. It's now a big condo.
Fenrispro, I think when it's an account that has been posted some time ago, the OP could have moved on from YGS or not be checking in regularly. But that shouldn't stop you from commenting if you feel the experience is still valid today, and you are sharing something that might be helpful to others.

I'm no expert on the Third Eye, beyond a passing knowledge on the various Chakras. But if you are seeking advice on how to cope with controlling your level of sensitivity, I can share what has worked for me. I went for counselling to strengthen and discipline my mind, as well as learned meditation from qualified teachers. It is about finding that balance between mind, body and spirit.

What we fill our minds is as important as the food in our bodies. Healthy mind, healthy spirit and healthy body. If we are constantly bombarded with negativity, it will wear us down after a while. For me, this means taking time to go sit by the ocean, watch the rain come down, sit in a park, listen to soothing music, not watching violent movies or reading scary stories before bedtime.

Having such sensitivity isn't always a comfortable thing to bear. When I was younger, I used to pray hard not to see or feel anything scary. But now, I feel that it isn't something to fear because it is part of of who I am.

I hope you'll find a way that works for you and you're comfortable with it. Your faith will help you through whatever comes your way. What we are given might not always be what we want at the time, but it could be what we need. It has taken me years to realise this. Life is a constant learning experience.
Lealeigh in The Stones

Thank you! I knew that I saw it somewhere on this site. I believe it to be the truth.

Last summer, I was having a very difficult time. I went to the beach, down in Florida, and went swimming. I was eventually scared out of the water by a huge piece of seaweed that touched me...

That day, I was very sad. The next morning, I woke up and I could swear that I was a different person. Since then, I have given the credit for my change of heart to this visit to the ocean. The change of heart was permanent.

- Maria
Don't worry your English is fine. Just one part when you mentioned you could not 'tight sleep' meaning cannot go into deep sleep anymore?
I'm glad about this: I felt better and my cat got healthy again! I didn't felt watched and the dog acted normal when he stayed at my place.
I think my black cat scared away whatever followed me.
--- Glad no harm came to your animals, I saw a US true story in which the evil entity killed the pets

😘 Gruesome and spelt danger for all of them
Miracles51031 in This Is Real
Cherubim, just checking in to see what the Big River Paranormal group's findings are.
Miracles51031 in Catlike Humanoid
Solveig, what a beautiful account ❀ I am one who has not been blessed with seeing anything/anyone like that so I always appreciate reading about other's encounters.

I kind of chuckled when you told about his expression when he saw you. I can just imagine both of you being shocked and wondering what the heck you were looking at πŸ˜†

Thank you so much for sharing this.
andraelayne, Shadow Men/People are a particular interest of mine, as well as others on this site. There are many stories about Shadow People on our site if you want to read about other experiences.

From most accounts, very rarely does the Shadow interact with people. There seems to be a common thread that they appear when someone is going through an emotional time. Most often, from what I can recall, teens are the ones who see them. But not always. There have been children who have seen them.

I, personally, don't believe they appear to cause trouble. I'm not even close to figuring out why they do appear, but am hoping one day that will be answered.
Rex-T in The Stones

I am fairly certain that you are recalling a conversation that we were having with Sleeping-with-steve, quite some time ago.

Most Aussies, that have lived on the coast, love walking barefoot in the cool wet sand (including me). This practice does drain away tension and purify the soul.

There is definitely some form of affinity with moving water.

Just don't wade out too far and get caught in the rip.

Lealeigh in The Stones

I don't know anything about the properties of stones; but I have an opinion about negativity.

Part of Rook's cleansing method advises you to stand in the grass, without shoes and let Mother Earth drain the negativity from you. Somewhere in the comments of another story, Rook was talking to someone who had been to the beach and reported feeling better and more positive after being down in the water.

I think that throwing the stones in the river might have been this kind of cleansing if the OP had thrown them in the river with that in mind; but I read no indication that she had any other wish for the stones, beyond being rid of them personally.

Ha! Maybe they are waiting in the mud of the riverbed like "The One Ring". Sorry, my sad attempt at making a joke.

- Maria
lady-glow in The Stones
A question for anyone who may have an answer:

In a case like this, is there a better option than just having to throw the stones into the river? Wouldn't that cause for the waters to get contaminated by the negative force that was in the gems?

Would it have been safe to use the stones after washing or cleansing them with water or some other method?

Well, that was more than one question... And a pity that the OP couldn't use the stones to create something beautiful with them.

Thanks in advance.
easyforcheez, as Lealeigh pointed out, when submitting a story only the location of the story and state area asked for. As for punctuation, spelling, format, etc., they can be done on a smart phone. I have one.

Run on sentences, lack of punctuation, sentences and paragraphs make it very difficult to grasp what someone is trying to say. It is just as easy to add a (.) at the end of a sentence as it is to hit the space bar.

Like lady-glow, I am very confused by who saw what where. Even reading through the comments that tried to clear it up, I still am confused.

I believe in dopplegangers. I've seen one. But I am having a very hard time believing easy2 saw her doppleganger covered in blood.
Miracles51031 in The Stones
sophiethunder, did you cleanse the stones when you got them? When
I bought my first amethyst, the shop owner emphasized cleansing it before using it. Who knows how many people handled the stones you bought and what energies attached to the stones.

I would definitely have tried cleansing before tossing them in the river. πŸ€”
GreenWitchx3 in The Stones
Hello ❀
I am interested, do you know anything about the stones or the person you bought from? Can you get info if you do not.
Also, I am a pagan priestess and if your open to it- I would love to guide you through a proper spiritual clense of both your space and the stones.
Please, if possible do not do anything with the stones until after a cleanse.
Nonliving things (like stones) cannot be possessed or alive or anything like that but spirits or energy can attach themselves, especially crystals. We use crystals a lot in witchcraft and spiritual healing as they important and carry a lot of energy.
If you have any time, I'd love to speak with you and hopefully help u sort this out.
Miracles51031 in Our Strange House
GreenWitch, thank you for clearing up my dealer/healer question and the phone number.
GreenWitchx3 in Our Strange House
Hi miracles, I meant spiritual healer. The number that I gave is not my personal number, it is the number I use for tarot, rune and pendelum readings, for anything regarding the spirits basically, cleansing, healing... Almost everything but I understand and will not five it out again.
I've studied since I was a child, my mother and grandmother were both priestess and healers in the voodoo/hoodoo religion. I have studied hoodoo but am more of an eclectic practitioner, but I hear stuff similar to this quiet often and would love to speak with her. I have a few questions about the activity and would love to help him/her. Its important for the author of this to know I'm no devil worshipper, and if he is comfortable I would be able to help or guide in the right direction. If catholic or christian, I also can guide you through the proper channels to bless and cleanse the house in accordance with christ, if that is your religion. Not just pagan healing rituals.
Miracles51031 in Demon?
lmb6262, you have received some amazing advice from our members. Please get help with your personal afflictions before trying to take care of the paranormal.

I'll be honest. I am surprised y'all didn't have a poltergeist due to all the stress and negativity in your home.

My daughter once asked me if I thought the entity in the home we lived in when she was little is the reason her dad was the way he was. I told her that her dad was already that way (long story but very similar to yours) but I believe the entity fed off the negativity and amplified her dad's abusive and destructive personality. Sounds like this might be what happens to those who live in your old home. 😟 I hope whoever moved in after y'all moved out knew to cleanse it before they moved in.

You said, "...have fibromyalgia, my back goes out almost monthly, I hear projected voices, most resent a boy calling for mom..." These could be my words.

I wish you well.
SylverioSanchez, I have nothing to offer that hasn't already been said other than sometimes just having someone else tell you they witnessed the same thing is enough to know you weren't crazy or seeing things.
RedWolf, I Googled and Ocean Avenue, Amityville, NY immediately came up. Satellite images show 112 Ocean Avenue, 108 Ocean Avenue, etc. Ocean Avenue exists. The home address may have been changed, but Ocean Avenue is still there. πŸ€”
Miracles51031 in The Figure
Keajen017, I know this isn't going to make a difference in how you felt about the flat but from what you have told us, it seems to me like whoever it was, he was just trying to get your attention.
Miracles51031 in My Grandma's Ghost
ghostarecool, I love this. Truly love this. I normally read all comments before posting my own just so I don't say something that has been said more than once by others. But this time I want to get my thoughts out before reading the other comments.

There is no doubt in my mind that it was your grandma. I believe that we can feel with our hearts and minds, our souls, and believe that is how you knew it was your dad's mom and not your mom's. Even if there is no visual, audible, or olfactory clue to associate with them, I believe sometimes we just know.

One day, when I feel it's time, I'll share my sister's visits. I believe some of our loved ones find it easier to communicate with us in our dreams. Maybe it's because some people wouldn't be able to handle seeing their deceased love one in spirit form. Or maybe because our minds are less busy and they can get through easier. I'm sure there are probably thousands of other reasons why but those are my thoughts.

I don't know if it helps or hurts to think if you hadn't looked away, your grandma would still have been there. I would believe whichever helped me feel better.

Thank you for sharing this ❀
Miracles51031 in So The Rumors Were True
Melda, I like your "extra layers to the cake" πŸ˜† I call if fluff or cotton candy LOL
Rajine, was there some other reason your mum didn't think it could be a woman screaming other than it being that late at night?
Miracles51031 in B1 Floor - Parking Lot
Melda, I hate when they do that. Even if your comment isn't what caused ATARAH to close his/her account, it can certainly make you feel like it, huh?

My opinion is very similar to yours. I get that way in hospital elevators. They freak me out, especially at night and when I am by myself.

I also think if the o/p thought there was someone on B1 who was rapidly approaching, maybe that person is the one who hit the elevator button and had wondered off a bit until the elevator reached the basement.

Then again, I have nightmares of being in a hospital elevator, at night, going to the basement where I had my first MRI. Scenes from Michael Myers in Halloween stayed in my mind the whole time 😨
Miracles51031 in The Battle To Come
CPTBlood, Tweed touched on something that you should keep in mind. Throwing punches around could very likely stir up something you don't want. I'm assuming sometime in your military career you have had someone take an unprovoked swing at you. Most would swing back. Even the most benign being would get a bit pissed off and start retaliating. "The Battle to Come" makes me think you are ready to go to war when it may not be necessary.

From what you have said, there is nothing that makes me think you brought something bad home with you. As Tweed said, "Fear of the unknown and all." Without knowing of your girl's experience, and what scared her friend, it is hard to get a feel on whether or not there is something in your place that needs to be gone.

If you and your girlfriend truly think there is something that needs addressed, you can start with cleansing (the sage you mentioned), the use of holy water and also by establishing some ground rules. Be firm, be consistent, be emphatic. This is your home: your rules. Just remember, the sage and holy water may not get rid of something that isn't malevolent.

I would be very interested in your girlfriend's experience if she would like to share it with us, either herself or through you.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar, because I have an 18 year old son and am raising my 6 year old grandson, I have seen a zillion episodes of Teen Titans and do know who Firestar is LOL

I agree with both Melda and lady-glow. I don't believe your cat took a selfie, wrapped it and wrote you a letter. I do believe, though, she may still be with you in spirit form.
Miracles51031 in Our Strange House
GreenWitchx3, I meant to ask this question of you before I posted my previous comment. What is a spiritual dealer?
Miracles51031 in Our Strange House
GreenWitchx3, we strongly discourage giving out personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. You may not be a nut but that doesn't mean there isn't one on our site.

DanielG, of course you are free to take GreenWitch up on her offer and discuss what is going on in your home. I am assuming, however, that your home belongs to your mom not you, so before doing anything like that, you should consult with her. There are also cleansings that are free. After consulting with your mom, if she thinks this is something that needs to be done, or she would like to look into, we can provide you with one from one of our long-standing members that others have used, including me.
Thanks, Lealeigh, Sceptic-Ari.
(Hello Sceptic-Ari. Thought I'd explain my 'translation' skills 😊 your profile doesn't have contact information.)
mel8763 in Ghost Auntie
Hello, En_chuu. What a lovely story. I hope you have more to share in the future.
This is the one of the examples of children being more sensitive to 'this side of the world'.
I see it as a beautiful experience, but sad at the same time, because like others said, it is sad that a child became trapped, without being able to do what kids normally do. I find it beautiful that you, kids, were not afraid of her, I think it was a happy time for her too when you were playing with her and showing her that she can be seen and communicated with.
I don't think it would be a frightening experience for your kids seeing her. I, as achild, I had some encounters which did not scare me at the time but if they were to happen to me now, I'd surely run.
It is beautiful, as well, how she'd been there and making herself present to different generations.
hi it looks thrilling, but if you split up into more paragraphs would be easier to read
VelvetHorrorYT in Black Mass And Mimic
Hi, can I use this story to narrate on my Youtube Channel?

Hi there and thank you for the story!

I have a question (and it's because I am a teacher): is there a reason you say "an velvet bow" instead of "a velvet bow?" or "an fish wand" rather than "a fish wand?"

I truly do not mean to correct your grammar, but I have a great curiosity about it. Perhaps your part of the country says it this way? (though I'm originally from Nebraska and have not heard this before). It's so unique... I also imagined it might be because you are a very unique person!
Lealeigh in Our Strange House
Hello GreenWitchx3,

You said:

"Blessed be sister"

That is nice; but I believe that Daniel is a man's name. Posting your phone number, for anyone under the sun to pick up, was another great move on your part.
Thank you, Lealeigh.

(Though to be honest I think either my dad, or a homeless man who lived in the alley behind our house left the note rather than the squirrels. Still, it makes a nice story.:)

And to Lover of Firestar, I partly agree and partly disagree with Melda and Lady Glow. Someone in your family put the present together for you, and it was a gesture of kindness and affection.

And it is quite okay if no one will admit they are the one who did it. It is likely enough to be true that they are not the *one*.

It is enough that you and Katie shared affection.
GreenWitchx3 - Please post some of your experiences. It seems that you have much to share.

Regards, Melda
GreenWitchx3 in Our Strange House
Hello, I am a priestess and spiritual dealer and what you have sounds like negative residual energy although the shove when you mom touched the table wouldn't fall perfectly inline with that so possibly both strong residual energy and an intelligent energy or spirit. The reason that the upstairs is so strong and oppressive is because old furniture was most likely an everyday part of the houses past. A place where people would spend a lot of time, most likely negative time. You need to cleanse this house asap, probably do it once a month after an initial cleanse... A few ways we can do that, which are not terribly difficult nor expensive. I would love to speak with you, I have a lot of experience with the spirits and strange activities.
Blessed be sister. If you are comfortable and would like some guidance, reach me on here or by email; vanessamarienixon [at]
Or text 959-210-8037
I promise I'm not some nut lol
ATARAH - Have you closed your account because of my comment? I apologise if I offended you.

I was simply giving you my honest opinion. I really didn't intend to come across as critical or nasty.

Please understand that it's only MY opinion, other members could perhaps assist with similar experiences they have had - oh, a number of theories.

Please reconsider your decision.

Regards, Melda

Melda has said exactly what I think.


I'm sorry for your loss.
Though I empathize with the sorrow that comes with the loss of a pet and have experienced the visits of more than one of my departed pets, and absolutely believe that she comes to visit, I doubt Katie would have acquired any human skills after her passing.

Unless you saw her writing and taking selfies during her life, it's hard to accept that she would do it in her spirit form. It is more likely that she got human help putting that present together.

"Siempre hay mΓ‘s belleza en una terrible verdad que en una linda mentira" (A terrible truth is always more beautiful than a nice lie).
In my opinion, you deserve to be told the truth about who put that present for you.

Thanks for sharing this bittersweet and lovely experience with us.
Kayleh - I do believe that Katie has come back to visit you. I have had too many experiences with passed pets to disbelieve you.

Now I am being totally honest with you, perhaps brutally so. I do not wish to hurt your feelings and I am certainly NOT calling you a liar.

My honest feeling is that a member of your family or a close friend organised that gift for you from Katie. I think they owe it to you to confess to it.

I have walked this earth for many years now and I still remember every single pet that shared my life from my childhood days. That's how precious they are.

Believe me, you will find more animals to love as much as you loved Katie and they all of them retain a special place in your heart and in your memory.

Regards, Melda
Yuck dishonest landlady. How can hide a dark secret and cause fright to the tenants?
Dear Rajine,
I have never lived near the woods ever in my life, still I have been fooled and scared by nature's sounds, as I have already narrated in one if my stories.
I hope that was the case, and no one was hurt.
Since it was your Parents' experience, we never shall certainly know whether it was paranormal; but it must have been very scary & unnerving 😨
I agree with the opinions of silverthane, Melda & lady-glow.

Cosmos in She Has My Face
Dearest Maria,

Thank you so much for your comment. Likewise, I really enjoy your comments too. You nicely articulate your points, always gentle towards others and yet you have that critical eye that notices missing pieces.

Like on this comment the moment I submitted it, I knew that there was something was missing with it, the conclusion. Wrapping it in a way that make sense to the readers.
But your comment couldn't have complimented better.
As you said, this post could be merely a good plot line from a book like the novels from Anne Rice.

Once again many thanks for putting it into this context.


Going back to my typos, I can already see a few. Such as directors was supposed to be doctors, and the deep note is missing and I.

I am aware that every now and then I am missing words, I make punctuation mistakes, I have typos and sometimes they are not even grammatically correct (before Biblio writes anything let me do my self critic πŸ˜‚). The reason these mistakes happen is that because at night we take turns with my wife to feed our baby and change her nappy. Often times I find it difficult to go back to sleep. So, I read the posts on YGS, and enjoy the valuable comments. Then sometimes I quickly type a comment without waking my wife. So, usually I am on my mobile, all lights are dimmed, and especially when I am sleepy my language skills are impaired. So, once again apologies for these typos.
Lealeigh in She Has My Face

You are too humble. ❀

As far as I can tell, you have perfect English and it appears to be better than mine!

I have enjoyed reading your comments, whenever you write them.


Every time that I have visited this story and it's comment section, I have had a nagging feeling that I have read this before.

I don't mean anything terribly critical by this; but a miscarried twin growing up in ghost form, alongside their living twin, is the main plotline of one of those old Anne Rice books. It is called "Blackwood Farm".

- Maria
Cosmos in She Has My Face
Hello Emilia and all,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I must admit the discussions around it are interesting.

Before I start I just want to take my seat and move next to Lady-glow. There are many things with this narrative that don't fit smoothly.

Apologies for bringing the discussion back to where LuciaJacinta left it.
I am a father to an eight months baby and during my wife's pregnancy I was next to her at every check-up. I clearly remember one of the most crucial inspections was done around the baby's heartbeat. Dr. Listened to it carefully, took a print out and checked everything to ensure the baby was a health one.

Emilia correct me please if I am wrong. Your comments indicated the below.

" I was supposed to be a twin. The doctors never told my mother and she never saw it in any ultrasound"

"She didn't go to the doctor until her NEXT ultrasound and either then or shortly after they induced her and I was born very very early"

I would be interested to know, at the first ultrasound if the directors checked the baby's heartbeat. Because that would be the time they would detect your twin immediately with the multiple heartbeats.

Let's consider that at the first check up one of the co-twins was already miscarried. Perhaps in this case, doctors wouldn't be able detect the second heartbeat.

Let's go with this case, so, we may be looking at a vanishing twin syndrome. Usually in these cases the miscarried fetus is either absorbed by the co-twin, mother or the placenta. In the event of a vanishing twin syndrome, especially when it happens at the first trimester, (although there maybe some complications) doctors predict that the risks to the remaining one is minimal.

However if this happens in the second or third trimester there are increased complications to the surviving one (which I don't assume was your case otherwise the second hearth-beat would been already detected at the first check-up).

I personally find it hard to believe a miscarried fetus aging in tandem with you and haunting the whole family.

I apologies if I my comment quite direct, I don't mean to upset you, it's just my unfiltered opinion.

Thank you for reading my comments and once again thank you for sharing this story with us.

Ps: Apologies for any typos and other mistakes. My poor English is even more challenged when type on my mobile.
Fenrispro in Shadows On Sentosa
Yea sentosa is super haunted, I heard that's why better not to stay there at night. Btw I asked something on your cairnhill story too
Oh hey Jubelee 😁 😁 wow u replied! Thx. I was wondering if anyone here check their messages, coz most of them don't. And no inbox notify. I see, how do u cope with 3rd eye? I heard temples can help u to close it.

Hm I suppose god helped me in that aspect, but not reality as I still can't get an ideal job and my parents Ocd πŸ˜•
[at] miyuki Do u still check comments? I have a question, since Philippines is mostly catholic in belief why are there still rumours of Aswangs, vampires etc in the woods? Is it very common for people to see them? Wonder why they don't Rip?
Fenrispro in Townhouse Apartment
Haha I like the part where u wrote I'm always trying to continue my rpg game when things happen. Similar for me, though my house isn haunted, my naggy old folks would interrupt me on the Most thrilling moment!😐 after all we game to escape from crappy Reality. I still think ghosts are possible to deal with, at least can choose to deal w them.:/ Unlike my insane dad who alw keep junks but dw to improve.
Lealeigh in Our Strange House
In my last comment I said:

"I believe it was anxiety that triggered it."

By that, I was speaking of the reason for my own case of "fainting". I did not mean to imply that your mother was suffering from anxiety at the time she fainted.
Lealeigh in Our Strange House

That is strange. Did you guys eventually get the dressing table downstairs?

I have heard people say that old furniture, that has belonged to people who have passed on, can sometimes have energy or entities attached to them. I don't think that I have ever experienced it myself with any of my furniture; but I have heard it said.

I don't think your mother fainting was due to any malicious or hateful intent on the part of any entity that may be in the house. April 2019, I caught my cat running out the back door (he is not allowed to socialize with the vast population of feral cats outside). As I walked back in the door, I had a seizure and blacked out for a few seconds. When I came to, I was sitting with my back to the door frame, I was missing a sandal and my cat was free to go anywhere he wanted with the door wide open - he didn't go anywhere because he was busy, smelling my shaking hand. I was told, by my niece, that it looked like I fainted.

I believe it was anxiety that triggered it. Maybe there was energy attached to the dressing table and it triggered a similar kind of reaction with your mother. I am not an expert in these things; but this is my line of thinking.

Your mother seems very strong willed and self sufficient; but maybe it would be good to keep a watchful eye on her in case it ever happens again.

I get the impression that whatever is in your house and attic is probably not malicious. It might just be curious about you guys.

- Maria
No, she doesn't have a history of fainting, at least as far as I know and hasn't fainted since.
ledoux69 in Red Eyes!
[at] Manafon1, yes I didn't expect to be talking about owls like I don't know about owls,lol!
Thanks for the update, that's the kind of info I'm looking for!I'm gona see if I can find that story.
Lealeigh in Our Strange House
Hi Daniel,

I have always heard that renovations can "wake up" activity in locations that have been empty for many years. It wouldn't surprise me if something was disturbed because everything, that thinks and feels, can develop a sense of "territory". I especially think this is what the footsteps were all about in your house. They quieted down after a while; maybe the entity was curious about the changes.

I read your other story; does your mother have a history of fainting? Do you know if she has any issues with her blood pressure?

- Maria
I, too, feel saddened when I hear of children trapped in this in-between place where they are only able to watch and not experience life, never to grow up, have children of their own, or grow old and die.

It sounds like, despite that, she has managed to carve out a bit of fun for herself, playing with the children in the household. But how sad to think of the decades between generations when there are no children with which to play.

If you no longer fear her, I am sure she would be delighted to play with your children now and hopefully they would feel no fear, as well.
Manafon1 in Red Eyes!
ledoux69--I understand completely what's it's like to have seen something that can't be easily explained and feel frustrated when prosaic explanations are put forth. For a site like YGS it just makes sense to attempt to eliminate the mundane possibilities first. I believe you saw something bizarre and that you're convinced it wasn't any type of animal. I've seen a lot of weird things throughout my life that can't be easily explained.

With that said, I did find an interesting case on the Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal website that seems to have some parallels with your account. A mother and son driving to a McDonalds in Richmond, Illinois one evening witnessed something that has stuck with them. The mother stated, "we both saw something very tall (6-7 feet) hunched over with the brightest eyes we've ever seen. It looked as if it were floating or hopping."

When a guy from the webpage contacted this woman, she told him, "The eyes were similar to 2 very bright lights, that emanated from within the creature." The brightness and the "floating or hopping" aspects reminded me of your account. Although what the creature was remains a mystery, it's always interesting to find similar sightings.
I am not familiar with the native wildlife of South Africa. Here in the US, it is very easy to be fooled by the screams of bobcats, panthers, foxes and birds. If you are not from the countryside, then many have been fooled by wildlife that sounded like women screaming, babies crying and the like. I wonder if that is what you heard?
There is no need to sob dear. You're Katie loves you and will stay with you in this world and the next. She's made it a point to stay and let you know she's right by your side all of the time. I know it's weird to think like this but she's still Katie, your beloved cat, still meows, still purrs, still snuggles up to you. She's still your cat albeit in a non corporeal form. She's still here and that hopefully warms your heart.

I too have cats that decided to stay, one cat physically left us three years ago but as soon as he passed from one form to the next he was right back with us the next night. I see him, I hear him, my fiance sees him as well. Even his little brother cat sees him, they play around the house just like before. My fiancee has another cat here as well, she left her corporeal body in 1991 but to this day she's her, sleeping in our chair next to the computer at this very moment. You and I are blessed. Smile and call for her, tell her you love her. Everything will be ok. Trust me.
ghostsarecool in My Grandma's Ghost
Tweed, I like the fact that I still sleep on the couch too. It's a tradition for me at this point, and like I said, it would just feel weird to not be on the couch. In fact, this Christmas, I was really tired earlier in the day, so I fell asleep in my bed, and when I woke up and saw that I wasn't on the couch, I got up and moved out to the couch. I am planning on keeping my inner child alive for the rest of my life, don't worry. Silverthane, I like to think all my future ghost experiences (if I have any) will all be positive because I'm an EXTREMELY optimistic person. That's one of the things I love about myself. I try to be an optimist no matter the circumstances. 😊
VeronicaMarie in Red Eyes!
What a baffling experience, and the kind of thing that doesn't go away, no matter how much time may have passed. It seems that other people have had similar experiences to yours when they were young.


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