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The following morning, as soon as I heard J finish in the bathroom and go downstairs, I had a quick wash, got dressed, made the bed and packed my few bits in my bag, then quickly followed him down. The whole time I was in the room, I was sure the spirit was still nearby and I was afraid, so while I packed, I spoke to him. I apologised again for swearing at him, but I also reminded him that he'd scared me pretty badly by waking me up as he did and asked him to please don't scare me anymore. This was all said in my head btw, but I think he heard me and took it onboard, as he never bothered me again and it was only a matter of days until M rang me and told me 'he' was still in our mum's house. This was after she'd visited my mum, who'd just came out of hospital.
I never told J about what had happened that night until much later, as I didn't want him to be afraid in his own home. M arrived early to to pick me up when she'd said and I gave her the full story on the way home.
Still a little more to come guys, which I think you'll find interesting. No more big scares for me though thank goodness! Two big scares in such a short time is two too many for me!
I'll post the rest when I can!
Mack - Hang onto your 2010 BS detector. Yours is the best model. I know because I owned one and early one evening a few months back, while I was skimming through the posts on this site, my BS disappeared in a puff of smoke. Needless to say I was shocked and horrified.

I live in Pretoria, South Africa and my sister lives in Cape Town on the fringe of the Tokai Forest. Over 1000 kilometres apart. Within half an hour of my loss, my sister phoned and told me of her amazing experience:

She and a friend of hers had been sitting on her veranda enjoying snacks and iced tea. My sister doesn't drink alcohol at all, so she wasn't delusional. Their leisurely evening had been interrupted by the sudden appearance of an object, alien to them, on the table between them. My sister scooped up this object in a small gardening spade and ran out onto the lawn, uncertain how to deal with it. She and her friend were hugely traumatised.

The burden of indecision was soon alleviated as a baboon swooped down off the roof and grabbed the spade and its contents. Remember, she lives very close to the forest and baboons are rampant. To crown it all, the baboon plus my BS and spade disappeared before their very eyes!

She was extremely apologetic after I told her that she should have phoned me before allowing my BS to be placed in the hands of an innocent. However I'm still slightly annoyed.

Which brings me to this:

"... As if she can make herself disappear. I starred back at my PC then after less than a minute I starred outside and she's there again, as if she can teleport."

Oh yes, people, animals and objects can indeed teleport. Besides the disappearance, reappearance and once again disappearance of my BS, I had a very vivid dream of a baboon living it up on a passenger liner in the Caribbean. My dreams are always true.

NB: Please never consider the 2020 version of the BS detector. It comes with a word mincer and a mosquito repellant. I don't believe in mincing words and the mosquito repellant is cheap at the local supermarket.

Regards, Melda
You respond to comments the same way you posted your question, dimetime 😊 There is no replying to a comment like on Facebook, where you answer each underneath them, instead if you want to answer, let's say LightMight, you address them at the beginning of your comment.
Hi JojoRocks

Please don't be offended, but this to me, is another piece of rather poorly constructed fiction. Changing the story, or adding details in your supporting comments to answer fair questions doesn't lend your experience much credibility to me, personally.

Others may be hanging of each sentence and feeling "spooked" or "thrilled", which is of course, absolutely fine. We all have different levels of settings on our individual "B.S detectors".

Reading this story, the warning gauge on my "B.S detector" (which, by the way, is the 2010 model which comes with a really handy swiss army knife and built-in deodorant disperser for when things get REALLY stanky) is flashing red so much that it's starting to spark and produce actual smoke. Luckily it's still under warranty.

That's just my 10 cents worth, for what it's worth.

Best of luck. Keep 'em coming! 😁


Anyone know how to respond to comments? I'm new at this so I'm a bit clueless.😋
As a diehard Seahawks fan I was drawn to your story having seen "Seahawks" and "Russell Wilson" in your account. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, a diehard Seahawks fan since 1976 and an eager student/witness to the paranormal all of my life. At any rate I found your account very interesting and couldn't help but think "PORTAL" when you described your mirrors and how they face each other.

Since mirrors can be portals, I believe having mirrors face each other creates a very powerful energy portal indeed. I hope any spirit sightings and events are and remain positive for you but I might be motivated to consider changing that setup, but again if it remains a positive experience then I'm sure it's fine. Thanks for sharing and Go Hawks!
aussiedaz thank you very much for your comments. I do believe it was a chosen exit point on an unconscious/Soul level. I have a much better understanding of things of that nature then I ever did before. I know one day my time will come to pierce the veil of the afterlife and see my loved ones again, and all will be remembered. I'm not in any rush mind you, but it gives me terrific comfort knowing we are eternal beings with LOVE being the string that unifies and binds us all.
Hi guys,
Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, but I'll do my best to get this finished tomorrow... Not that there's much more to tell anyway. As I said before, this happened in 2004 when I was in my 50's, yet this was the first supernatural experience I had ever encountered, until the night I was with my brother. It did make me wonder that if once the door has opened, it stays open. That did worry me for a time and I have since had a few things happen in my own home, but more fascinating than scary. Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow, but for now, I'll wish you goodnight!
Hello Aros, you nailed the reason behind your own awakening... It was your sister and if I'm right, you also know that your sister chose her exit point?... You have made her so proud by your own awakening and it is most probable, the two of you planned this together before coming into the Matrix if my own theories and conclusions are correct about the afterlife and all that jazz in between?

I too strive every day to be a better person so I do resonate with that aspect of your story. Thank you for sharing it, I'm so pleased you were able to pull together the bigger picture with your sisters help from an account that may have destroyed you, had you let it.

Regards Daz
BravelyKegger I appreciate your opinions and beliefs. While I do not prescribe to them, I respect that they are your own. My experiences have more than satisfied me knowing that our loved ones spirit/Soul/consciousness continues after death. That God/Source is pure, unconditional LOVE for us all. Yes, there are demons/negative spirits but they feed off of fear and other negative emotional states. When you are in the presence of, or given a sign from a loved one in spirit there is no fear, no negativity, only love.
Hi BravelyKeggar

Thanks for offering your opinion.

I see in your profile you declare; "...this world can be so boring so I get so excited by ghost stuff..."

Forgive me if I'm somewhat confused by your the apparent obvious contradiction to your posted comment and your profile.

Respectfully Yours,

mitch2021 in Missing Money
This thing is what exactly happened to me. It started way back 2018. And first it started missing from my wallet. I like to carry cash just in case and the 100$ bills are the ones that disappeared. My husband and I bought owned a safe. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE COMBINATION, and MY HUSBAND AND I AGREED TO THIS. MY HUSBAND WHO WORKS AND THE MAJOR EARNER GIVES ME THE MONEY FOR SAFE KEEPING. I work as a writer and what I get paid stays in our bank account. WE ARE THE ONLY 2 LIVING TOGETHER AT HOME. Don't get me wrong, we have money in the bank in both checking and savings account. We have debit cards as well. But I don't like to put everything in the bank and I feel safe having a pile of cash at home.

Same as your Dad. I am a big saver. I put different denominations in an envelope in amounts of thousands. Then put them in the safe. I put the date when I last counted them. ONLY THE 100$ BILLS ARE MISSING! I lost thousands but everything in the safe is still there. ONE INCIDENT IN 2018, ANOTHER IN 2019 AND THEN, NOW. My husband and I are so Discouraged and there's no logical way this can be explained. This must be the work of an entity.

And from what I've researched so far, there are witch doctors who employ entities to steal money from others. This is quite rampant in other cultures. Now I'm contemplating if I need a Shaman's services for clearing and for protection. I am not keeping anymore 100$ bills and exchanged what's left into 20$ bills before all of our hard earned cash disappears!

Would love some comment or feedback or suggestions. I literally just signed up to comment on this thread because it is similar to what I'm experiencing. And putting this out there helps me to move on...
Hello, sorry for the late reply.

Lady-glow- I was alone during the first encounter. So there's no point that she's waiting someone in the internet shop at that time.

Macknorton- her clothing is odd. All white. That's made her weird. Plus in my second encounter. I winked and she's gone. As if she can make herself disappear. I starred back at my PC then after less than a minute I starred outside and she's there again, as if she can teleport.

😨 😨

Rajine- actually, the owner recently admitted that few more people had seen her.
BravelyKegger - thank you for respectfully offering your opinion. If another member states a differing opinion, please remember your desire to not debate this issue.

To all Members: I will be watching this thread and if the comments take a belligerant, argumentative, etc tone, they will be deleted. As has been said many, many times, YGS is represented by multiple cultures, religions, races, beliefs, etc and we hope our members can be respectful of each other.
Melda in Haunted Ring
BravelyKegger - I have read your response to Aros:

What are your feelings now regarding your mother's experience? You seem to have undergone a rather significant change in attitude since you submitted this story three short months ago.

Being a devout Christian doesn't come into the equation as far as supernatural events are concerned. Also, people experience paranormal events at any time of the day or night.

Why do you classify anything which is paranormal as being demonic? Who have you been listening to? Good spirits abound.

Are you suggesting that a demon was haunting your mother because of the ring? I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but I cannot imagine that salt (which you say your mother used) would rid anybody of a full-blown demon. There's a difference between a negative entity and a demon.

I'm not criticising you because of your belief system but I was rather surprised to note how you seem to have undergone a metamorphosis since posting your mother's experience and your reply to Aros.

Regards, Melda
Personally I do not believe in ghosts, I have a strong Christian faith and the bible very clearly says the dead know nothing, they have no more partaking in anything under the sun. I believe these calls are purely demonic, the fact that it starts at 12 am and ends at 3am which is the time when they say the spirit world is closest to ours. Listen I know it brings you great comfort thinking its your sister but I would warn you to be careful. I do not wish to start a debate with you, this purely comes from love and me wishing you the best, I said my piece so take this how you will, I hope you find the truth you are seeking.
Thank you Rajine and The_Lost_Voyage_11 for the kind words. Other ways she has contacted me through the years are particular songs that come on the radio suddenly when I am thinking of her, and butterflies were a common theme in the years right after her accident, among other things.

To answer your question about the caller ID, unfortunately the phone did not have any identifier like that... It was a standard phone with a chord. I do agree that the static was likely vibrational/frequency differences and that is how it ended up sounding to me. Thank you again for the kind words!
[at] RCRuskin she's not malicious. According to the elders who often hang out with my father during night watch, on why she took the drivers into the cemetery, they think that she's one of those lost ghost, stuck in loop of the moment before she died; she had already packed her luggage and about to go home to her parent when her husband killed her. She took them into the cemetery because it's her home now.
It's very sad actually, I heard that her family also sold their home and moved away from the area. Probably that's another reason why she brought those drivers into the cemetery.
Hi Jubeele
Well it's 06:30am here and I still didn't sleep a wink.

My mum has heard the crying baby a few times and we have discussed it but couldn't find anything conclusive, in my family there's no incident involving a baby, even the history of this house is relatively recent (house was built in the late 80s early 90s and the couples children grew up and moved out to other parts of the country so they decided to move to) I know the previous owners personally as well and all their kids are alive with kids of their own

The fog is a mystery, I will talk to the neighbor who owns that car when I get a chance and will keep everyone updated on what I find out.
Are you sure the woman wasn't just looking for her husband, or her younger brother, or any other game-addicted male wasting their time at the café?

I wouldn't be surprised if your buddies didn't see her... I have seen how distracted people can be when playing those computer games.
Hi JojoRocks

Could you please elaborate on why you thought the lady with the baby was a ghost the first two times you saw her? A lady seen carrying a baby on the street doesn't scream "supernatural" to me... But I guess everyone's different, right?

For me, unless she was levitating, transparent, dressed in odd clothes not of this era, or disappearing / appearing as you observed her, she would appear to be a normal "flesh and blood" human?

Oh, and this clearly proves that too much "Call Of Duty" is definitely bad for you young people... 😉


Macknorton in The 4th Floor
Hi AussieRedDog

Thanks for sharing this. From your N.Z neighbor from across "the dutch"; Bonza mate! ACCA DACCA! Strewth! Chuck another shrimp on the barbie maaate! Etc...etc...anyway...

I felt Lost Voyage raised some very perceptive points, but a couple of aspects of this got my attention.

One was that you wrote: "when a man appeared from one of the offices, pushed by me then went into another one..."

Did you physically feel him push against you?

I also couldn't marry you being a middle aged gentleman with the style / tone of your narrative. You seem to be a lot younger than you are?

Anyway, interesting stuff, although I admit to left feeling quite befuddled after reading your encounter!


Hi Rajine,

I've read about the creepy events you have experienced - your place is certainly active! A Hindu friend once told me that some souls shine in the darkness, which is why they can attract the spirits, who come to them for attention, or help. His guru advised him to pray over the spirits and wish them peace, encourage them to move on. Maybe your soul shines brightly. 😊

If you don't sense any threat from most of these events, then hopefully, these incidents could just be attention-seeking. But I find the sound of a crying baby quite distressing too. Not sure what that means. Has your mother heard the crying too? Do the dogs react to it? Could there have been some illness, or tragic death involving a baby from the past? But the dogs howling at 12am and 12pm is odd. Their senses are much sharper than ours, so they could be hearing something that bothers them, like electronics beyond our hearing range. Or something else.

The white fog is interesting, especially since it did not behave like a normal vapour or smoke, staying over that spot, instead of spreading out. What's more, your neighbour saw it too. I wonder if it's a spirit or entity of some sort. Maybe you can start a journal of these activities to see if they show a pattern, like location, time of day, or a date etc.

But above all, stay safe and I hope you'll get some decent rest soon.
lady-glow in The 4th Floor
I had to check your profile just to be sure I hadn't missed something. I'm not sure if you have immigrated to Canada and had this experience while backpacking through the country as a resident.

If that's the case, I guess I rushed giving my opinion on my previous comment, otherwise I still doubt that anyone would hire you if traveling like a visitor.
lady-glow in The 4th Floor
Huh... Really?
I'm surprised that the cleaning company would hire you if you entered the country with a visitor's visa... Highly improbable... Hard to believe, if I may say.
It was a long and tiring experience but I always knew that there was a spiritual world out there but I just didn't know that or rather what extent people can go to, to harm someone else.
Hi Sleeping-with-Steve

My room is abit small so I can't really move my bed around, I've tried it but it never worked out
Hi Justwanttotellsomeone.

Thanks for sharing. It can be somewhat alarming when we encounter spirits who appear then disappear.

I agree with Biblio that what you saw does not mean your house is necessarily haunted. And I certainly don't think that this particular manifestation was an "evil entity', nor a "soul eater".

I've re-read your account and for the life of me I can't see how this image behaved in any way, or gave off any "vibe" to indicate any malicious or malevolent intent other than just standing there.

In my opinion, to suggest that this chap in the hat was anything like that is simply grasping at straws and probably adding to your paranoia; a very good point that Biblio made, and one that, I would hope, other folk here shouldn't want to exacerbate.🙄

To add another angle / theory, these apparitions that you and your sister witnessed could be residual hauntings whereby for whatever reason, people leave an image of themselves, a bit like a film that plays over and over. It would appear that these residual hauntings can be inane things like someone walking through a wall where a door once was, or someone sitting on a toilet, as witnessed by your sister. Or even someone standing in a spot and staring, for example.

These could be just imprints in the ether with no consciousness behind them. I have NO idea why some people can see these residual hauntings, why or how they are imprinted in space and time, and why some seem to keep replaying and others not.

Can you please elaborate on the presences you have felt, and also what caused your Mother get the Holy Water out? Was it solely based on yours and your sisters experiences, or did she have some of her own?


Hello Aros

Firstly I'm really sorry about the passing of your sister and dad, it's never easy losing a loved one but somehow we learn to live without them.

I do believe that your sister did contact you for one last time sort of to say that she's at peace, loved ones that pass are always looking out for us.
I've heard about the top hat man, and it was all negative, I don't think it was a ghost but rather an evil entity, I also think that there's more than one spirit in your home (your narrative suggests that) I think this top hat entity could be some sort of soul collector 🤔
Rajine in The 4th Floor
It could be a residual spirit playing out the last scene of his life possibly, the other two guys as you put it "turned pale" so maybe they experienced something or the other, did you ask them if they have? Also did you find out about the history of that building
Maybe that ghost was only meant for you or the owners to see since you say that your friends didn't

And I'm pretty sure that everyone knows what computer shops/Internet cafés are.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The 4th Floor
Hello AussieRedDog, thanks for sharing your story. What an encounter, I wonder if you experienced something residual, a scene replaying itself from the buildings past (which I'm more inclined towards as 'he' didn't to notice or interact with you) or an actual haunting? One thing I was hoping you could clarify was the other two employees response to your experience. They told you it was impossible for anyone else to be up on the 4th floor as it was closed off, yet you were able to easily access that floor via the lift? Their response was curious, they even went pale, did you ask them if they had seen or felt anything in that building? I'm wondering if they knew more than they let on? Thanks again for sharing!
Hello Aros, thank you for sharing your incredible story and I'm so sorry about the loss of your sister. She sounded like an incredible individual with a strong presence, so it's no surprise she was able to reach out to you after she passed. It must have really been validating to get such confirmation from your visit with the psychics as well. As you've continued to evolve and grown beyond her death, it continues to prove that love doesn't die, it lives on stronger long after our physical bodies cease to function as such. It also proves our loved ones continue to stay connected to us even beyond the veil. So much out there we still have yet to understand, but the mystery of it is part of the fun and the journey. One question I did have, is I know you 'knew' it was her calling, but were you able to ever see 'where' the call came from? If it was a cell phone, did it display a number, or caller ID if a regular phone? I know the vibration of spirit/soul in their realm is much higher than here on earth. That probably explains why you couldn't make out what was being said, why it appeared as white noise. The vibration of the sound was too high for our plane of existence. Many have mentioned hearing Angels and departed loved ones speaking to them in higher pitches or squeals or ringing in the ears, just a difference in the vibration between dimensions. Thanks again for sharing!
Bibliothecarius in Black Suit, Top Hat Ghost?
Greetings, Justwanttotellsomeone, and welcome to YGS.

Your attempts to identify the source of the spirits you've seen are commendable. I suspect, however, that your research has led to people claiming to see a phenomenon they refer to as "The Top Hat Man" during sleep paralysis; this figure almost always has a blank, dark space where his facial features should be. Your description of the individual you witnessed suggests to me that you simply saw a spirit of an ordinary man wearing a top hat, perhaps from approximately 150 years ago.

Your description of your experiences suggests that it may not be your house that is haunted. You may be witnessing entities that are simply "passing through" and want someone to acknowledge their presence. This is a speculation on my part, absent other evidence, and my be in error. Your clarification of "I feel like I'm being watched" would probably help determine if my guess is accurate or not. Goodness knows I don't want to add to your feelings of paranoia.

Rajine in No Moon Day
A lot of people believe that all sorts of bad things things happen during no moon nights, I know the older generation in my family believe this and would always warn us not to go out during those nights.
Rajine in Back Again
It's really interesting to see how those marks were were in the exact same place on the newborns, I also believe in the concept of reincarnation, thank you for sharing your story with us
It's believed that evil entities leaves its mark on a person, I and a few people I know have experienced three line scratch marks on our backs mainly some on the neck and other places where it would be impossible for us to scratch ourselves
Hello Sleeping-with-Steve

Well as far as the baby crying sound I'm not really sure what that is, my neighbors on both sides of me don't have babies, I won't know anything else except that I hear it on a regular basis, and it sounds like it's directly outside of my room window.

The running on the roof sounds like a big sized person stomping as it's running, to heavy to suggest that it could be an animal.

As for the fog/mist thing I won't say that it was slow or rapid in its shape changing, it would change after every minute, it looked like a mix of white and Grey fog mixing and swirling together, very dense and solid in appearance. And it was changing from round to oval in shape.
Sleeping-with-steve in Updates On Usual Encounters
Hello Rajine,

The sound of a young baby crying is sad to read about. Where's the baby's mother/father? Why is the baby crying? What is wrong with the baby? Is the baby sick or is the baby teething? So many questions were going through my head whiles reading your post. You're convinced it's not a cat or bird making the crying noise, so perhaps it's the spirit of a baby.

The running noises in your roof are more concerning. That would scare me for sure.

The fog on top of the vehicle is by far the strangest occurrence. When it changed shapes, did the shape stay for a while before it switched to another shape or was it quickly changing from shape to shape? Reason why I ask, is because fog moves slowly and if it was some sort of entity, it may move slow or fast.

It will be interesting to see what other members make of these occurrences.

I'm intrigued to find out more about the fog over the vehicle.

Please keep me posted.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❤
PS...I meant to say too, that it never even crossed my mind whether that spirit followed me from Ms house or not, until much later on, but I guess we'll never know anyway!

SWS, Sorry! I meant to thank you for commenting earlier and then forgot, so I do so now. Thank You! 😊
JoJorocks in The Singing Child
Hi occulting_
War spared no one even children. I feel sad that most of the victims of war were innocent civilians. Have you tried contacting whatever this ghost child is? You said that this entity is not menacing at all. Maybe you can try to communicate with it.
OK guys, as I said, I was still pretty freaked out, but it did give me some comfort to know I'd be sleeping in my mothers bed and J would be just through the wall in the room next door, so up I went. I was delighted to see a pic of Padre Pio on the wall, as I'd read a book about him and had great admiration for him. I switched on the TV with the sound turned right down and left it on all night, just for the company and I left the bedside lamp on all night too.
Even then, it still took a while before I eventually managed to sleep.
However, that was not to last! Suddenly, I realised I was hearing a 'ticking' sound and I became aware I'd been hearing it for quite some time before my sleeping brain finally picked it up!
I was confused for what must've been mere seconds before I recognized what it was. It was the sound of fingernails tapping on wood! 'TICK TICK TICK'...'TICK TICK TICK'!
My eyes flew open and at that moment I heard a voice (male) speak very close to my ear and as long as I live, I will never, ever forget those words! It said in a quiet voice, "A GREAT WAY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS!") I'm a bit ashamed of what I did next. I shot up in the bed and shouted "F***K OFF" and then I spoiled it all by saying in a wee small voice, "I'm sorry! I'm very tired! Please let me sleep!"
And then I lay wide awake and terrified until the sun came up, but thankfully, I never heard another word!
To be cont...
Thanks Daz, yes she was! She often 'knew' what was coming in the future and she was always spot on! She saved her husband's life one time because of that, but that's a story for another day! See you tomorrow. Good night and God Bless!
To cut a long story short, my sister dropped me off at our mum's house, where my brother was waiting and told me she'd pick me up in the morning. She came in to say hello to our brother J, but only stayed for a few minutes. I knew why she was anxious to get back home!
J and I visited my mum in hospital in the afternoon and stayed chatting with mum for as long as we were allowed, as it would be quite a while before I would get to see her again. She was in great form and it was good to know she'd be coming home very soon!
On the way back, J asked me if I fancied a kebab, as his local shop was 'the best', so that's just what we did and it was the best kebab I'd ever tasted!
Over dinner, we talked again about what I'd told him earlier had happened that morning and I asked him if he'd ever experienced anything strange when he lived with my mum in that house and after thinking for a moment, he said yes... He did! He told me he once woke up in the middle of the night and seen a 'soldier' come through the wall into his bedroom, walk across the room without even looking at him and walk past the bottom of his bed and straight through the opposite wall! He said he thought it looked like a military man in full officer dress and when I asked him what he did, he told me "Nothing! I just went back to sleep!" LOL... I reckoned he must've had a pint or two that night! Hmmm...'
Having had only a few hours sleep over the past two nights, I was very tired but my adrenalin was still up, so we stayed up chatting until around 2am before finally going to bed. To be honest guys, I was still pretty freaked out!
To be cont...tomorrow!
your sister was one in a million Caz, those souls are few and far between, I've been reading between the lines since you started, anyway, please continue!
So on with the story...
When the noise had stopped and all was calm, M suggested we have a look at the pics I'd taken, so we all flopped down on the setee for a few minutes, to catch our breath, but there was nothing much of interest except one which looked rather odd. This was the pic I'd taken of the linen closet from the bottom of the staircase before going up. It showed quite a strange jagged white light, in front of the closet door. However, there was a window to the left of the closet with the sunshine streaming in, so I suppose it could've been that! I still puzzle over that pic though, as I never saw that when taking the photo. Maybe it was just the flash after all!
Anyway, it was time to go, so I picked up my bag just as the phone rang. R answered it and after a minute, it was obvious he was talking to a girl, so we told him we'd wait in the car. In the car, M told me R hated being alone in the house, as he was very sensitive just like his mum and he'd had a few scary encounters, but after a few minutes, he appeared at the door and told us just to go on. I called to him that we didn't mind waiting and there was no rush, but he insisted. (Obviously still on the phone we thought)
His mum asked if he'd be ok and he assured her he'd be fine, so off we went!
To be cont...
LOL Daz, If you'd ever met her, you'd have loved everthing about her. She was kind, funny, generous to a fault and very brave, even when she was afraid and by the way, she was extremely beautiful! She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I'm not the only one to say so.
Oh and she could swear like a navvy if she got really angry! 😆
She once told me "Caz, if anything ever scares you, (meaning spirits), just tell it 'where to go' and it will!" So when I said to her that I thought praying helped, she said yes, it does, but swearing works faster!

Hi Rajine

What a horrible thing to happen! Sadly, there are people in this world who choose to do evil things and wish ill on others. It is especially hurtful and a worse betrayal when they are related to your family. But I'm very glad you discovered the source of the negative influence bothering your family, and your health is much improved.

Do take care of yourselves. Peace and Blessings to your family and yourself.
Jubeele in Ghost Gold
Helvetica - I do think it's likely Damon dreamt of his grandparents. He might have felt guilty for upsetting his mother because despite their argument, they generally got along. That could have been weighing on his mind at the time. Still, it was a bit unnerving that the dreaming intruded into the waking world. Last year, I had a similar experience, in that someone in my dream grabbed my ankle, and I woke up with a swollen foot and the bruise to show for it.

The gold is the thing that really gets me. What are the odds of such a find in a busy marketplace? I'd have thought it would have been swooped upon at the first glint of it! Like seagulls on a chip at the beach. Thanks for your input. Glad you enjoyed this account.

Melda - It had taken Damon ages to save for Egypt and he wasn't keen to spend the lot on airfare to Sicily. But family obligations are hard to ignore. A tricky situation.

One of Rex's aunts used to visit old cemeteries and take charcoal rubbings of headstones. She was a history teacher and would research into the lives of the people laid to rest there. Could be just my whimsical thought, but I wonder if spirits of the departed only come by the gravesites when people visit them. Maybe most of the time they're off checking on loved ones and favourite places?

Great to hear from you. Take care of yourself. 😘

Macknorton - Thanks for your encouragement. I'm just glad all those hours, during my school years, poring over Roget's Thesaurus did pay off. 😊
Hi occulting_

Thank you for your explaining the history, it is quite a tragic thing to happen to anyone, but I guess the ravages of the war spared nobody, I suppose that even as spirits kids will be kids, pranking people for a laugh.
Caz, I really do like your sisters humour and seeming you gave me the green light to share my own theories and belief systems here no matter how much you may or may not disagree with them and with the possibilities of coming under attack from the karma fairy's...I do having something to offer that at least makes sense to me... However, I need to wait until the end of your account of which I hope finishes before 2022 😆 I have grabbed two containers of popcorn at the intermission.

Jokes, take your time mate, your commitments are a priority.

Hi guys, Sorry to keep you waiting, but when I've been working all day, I'm pretty much exhausted by the end. I can't stay too long, but I'm more anxious to get this finished than anyone!

As we were running down the stairs, the noises suddenly stopped! Total silence! M was first down and she peered around the corner to see into the lounge, but there was nothing to be seen or heard, so we all very nervously went into the lounge. Everything was quiet, however, no sooner had we all got in, when an even more horrendous noise started up, but this time it was coming from upstairs, right above our heads! Someone was jumping up and down and by the sound, they must've been wearing hobnail boots! The ceiling was shaking and I could see the light fitment swinging like crazy. No surprise that the room above the lounge is the master bedroom!
Honest to God... I was so scared I almost 'had a wee accident' 🙄 and I started shouting up to the ceiling "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to upset you! Honest!"
Then, it was M who nearly had a wee accident___laughing__at me! And then the noise stopped and still laughing, M shouted up at the ceiling and what she said horrified me! She said "Caz is leaving in a minute! You can go with her if you like!"
I'm like "No no M! Don't tell it that!"
😟 So then she told me "Oh...don't worry! Nothing will follow you. It's me they like!"
But little did she know...
Too tired for any more tonight guys, but I should have more time tomorrow!

Mrs Ramsey... Thanks for posting! 😊
Wow,some really excellent detailed advise here from a number of members and I agree with the general consensus, that due to your omission relating to mental health we need to be careful offering you unqualified medical advice of which makes it's a little difficult here to share my own thoughts on this topic, because I do believe 95 percent of these experiences are developed through the thoughts of ones own mind and only around 5 percent of them are actual sexual interactions from conscious entities that reside in some other dimension... However yes, inter dimensional sexual relationships of all sorts have been occurring since Adam was a boy based on my own thoughts, experiences and theory.

I have been experiencing these accounts since I was 16 and I'm turning 56 this month, I have a healthy marriage, 3 children and 3 grand children and live a normal life (although some of my friends would say I'm not normal,lol). It has taken me a long time to figure out most of these account are not real and border line on the edge of sleep paralysis (without the paralysis) through talking to others and doing a lot of research and picking up a clear distinction that separates both types of accounts of which I will not disclose.

However, I feel based on what you have described and the way you are responding to others you probably do (with caution in saying this) fall into the 5's probably not going to hurt in the short term as long as she don't start screaming at you to take the garbage out, however in the long run mate, it will be better for you to move on with your life and look at having a normal relationship with a real person... With the depression, please seek medical advice and keep on top of that.

Regards Daz
MrsRamsey, I see your point about covid and yes on a long list of reasons why it would be there, however, I've been noticing this trend for many years, half of the down votes would probably also be from children under 15.

SWS,Your father had good taste in music I often listened to all three of those Artist you'd mentioned. Actually, Blonde has a worse down vote stat than Louis Armstrong on one of her songs.
I'm hanging on your story too, so rooting for you to get it submitted!

On the "Wonderful World" thing, I wouldn't go immediately to "racism" but more to covid. So many people are so over the whole thing and mental health isn't in as good of shape as per normal times, so I think the downvotes are purely about... It's not a wonderful world to people who are hurting.
Hello AussieDaz and MackNorton,

Sorry to intrude on your conversation, but I just clicked on your link AussieDaz to, 'what a wonderful world', and loved reminiscing to when my father was alive. He used to play Nat King Cole, Blondie, and Louis Armstrong a lot.

Hello Caz,
I haven't read all your comments so I can't get in on the conversation. (It looks interesting, and I'll try and read the comments from the start)

Once again, sorry to intrude, I just had to say thanks to AussieDaz for bringing back beautiful memories of my dad.

Hi AndyPandyTellEmGhosts,
I know this post is a few years old, but if you're still reading comments, I enjoyed your post.

Best wishes to all,
😘 ❤
occulting - I've just read both your submissions.

You say you feel no negativity whatsoever from these entities but I know how unnerving it can be to be confronted by something unknown and unseen. It is of course possible that the unfortunate woman and her twin daughters have long since crossed over and that you are experiencing somebody (or something) else entirely.

If you ever feel negativity from this spirit it would probably be a good thing to have your house cleansed. If you look at Rookdygin's page on this site you will find a very good cleansing method, otherwise google online.

On the other hand, perhaps the spirit would dearly love to cross over and doesn't know how to. If you have absolutely no idea how to help it cross over try to find someone who does. Not just anybody, but someone who knows what they're doing and has empathy for this spirit.

(Whatever you do, don't let anybody convince you to haul out a ouja board 😟)

Regards, Melda
Melda in Ghost Gold
Jubeele - One can't really blame Damon for not wanting to change his travel plans to Egypt in exchange for placing flowers on graves.

Perhaps it's more of a ritual than that and I don't mean to be disrespectful. I personally really enjoy visiting cemeteries. I find them calm and peaceful and whenever I visit my home town I always pay a visit to the family graves and besides placing flowers, I have a chat to each of them, even though some of them died before I was born. I know only their bodily remains are in the graves but for whatever reason, it's something I like to do.

Who can say what actually happened that particular night? I think it is possible that Damon's grandparents appeared to him in a dream. I'm quite certain that I've had interactions with people who have passed whilst I've been in a dream state.

I hope the jeweller didn't cheat him on the value of the bracelet. Nevertheless you shared in a part of the proceeds 😊

Thanks for sharing Jubeele and keep well.

Regards, Melda
Helvetica in Ghost Gold
Hi Jubeele,

Thanks for sharing this story! I wish I had deceased relatives bribing me with gold 😁 Seriously, do you think it could be possible that Damon dreamt of his grandparents. Perhaps subconsciously he felt guilty for disappointing his mother. I'm just wondering if this came up in conversation when he told you about the occurrence.
If it did happen as he believes, then it is creepy to think that a visiting apparition could cause such physical pain.
occulting_ in The Singing Child
Hi Rajine, they didn't feel evil or menacing just like they were joking around or trying to scare me on purpose. I'm going to explain the history briefly because I don't want someone accidentally finding my address but basically it was during I think 1916's or around that time and a German bomb fell onto my house, the only people inside of it was a mother, her twin daughters and I think the mothers brother who helped the two twins escape out of the front window, he tried to save the mother but she was already dead from her burns, and the two children also had burns but it took them a few days or nights to end up dead from them. The husband was at work when it happened so he managed to survive it, the story is kind of well known in my town especially to my primary school because the two twins actually went to that school and they were around 10-14 when they died. I've never felt something evil in my house before just mischievous and "I'm bored so I'm going to scare you".
Macknorton in Ghost Gold
Thanks for the explanation Jubeele. May I say, in my opinion, you are too hard on yourself regarding your English. It's pretty much flawless. You write extremely well.


Jubeele in Ghost Gold
Macknorton - Hahaha, methinks I could be the confusing one, since English isn't really my native language.

Damon's mother told us that the elderly couple sounded just like his grandparents. Damon had the impression that he had thick chains of gold placed about his neck. When he found the gold bracelet, he took it to be his reward or incentive to do the right thing by his family. The gold bracelet reminded him of the gold chains about his neck. He believed it was a gift of gold from ghostly sources, because the timing of it was so soon after the visitation. It was odd to find gold jewellery, waiting to be picked up, in the busy marketplace at Cairo.

Thanks for coming by and dropping a line.

RCRuskin - Dear Honorary Brother 'Brat', your honorary sister does indeed like this tale. 😉.

I think Damon was sensitive to the spirits in his own way, because he knew something was amiss at the chalet on Sentosa Island. He grew up in Australia, but his family is very Sicilian and proud of it. His folks often had animated discussions to clear the air, where everyone was encouraged to speak their mind. Whenever I visited with Damon, his mother - wonderful woman - always fed us well. 😊

Rajine - You could be right about Damon being scolded by his ancestors. His mother thought so too when she heard about it. Damon's younger sister ended up going with his mum to Italy. I hope he eventually went with her on another trip to make her happy. It's my belief that family who have gone before, do check on us from time to time. I still get the occasional visit or message from family in dreams, scents, odd shadows or flashes of light.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my account.
Mack,I'd say a portion of it is racism, however it's not unusual to see many great classics and other sorts of kind enjoyable links from the most nicest peeps on the planet, be so heavily bombarded by keyboard warriors and Karma Trolls who have an issue with the content and apparently no life!
Holy Cow Daz! That's GOT to be simply racism right there...
What is wrong with people? 🤔
Louis Armstrong received 9,800 down votes for this classic masterpiece "What a Wonderful World"... At the intermission, as Caz finds some time to pull the rest of her story together.

Sing it Louis (:
I'll chip in here too Caz. You've already shared so much of your experience, you have to complete it. You can't just leave everyone hanging! We want to read the whole thing. Half a story is not a story...

Come on now. 😊 Down votes; schmown moats, I say...
i have a horror story yt channel named fearalarm... I think am going to use it... Do check me 😉
Thank's Val! That's very kind of you, but don't you worry about me, because I'm not going too! 😊
Don't worry Melda! I'm not that bothered about getting downvoted. It's their loss and I know you've been voting me up, so thanks for that and I've been voting you up too, but I know we can only vote for the same person so many times, then you have to vote for someone else! 😆
Caz, I'd only pay attention if you were getting a good deal of negative votes. 1 or 2 is NOTHING. Folks get bad hand eye coordination and click the wrong arrow, or any number of reasons. Or like Melda said, just being jerks. And you well know no matter how truthful we are there will ALWAYS be a doubter. So take heart and continue.
Hi Daz, I haven't had the time to write anymore so far today, but if I can't, I'll make sure I do tomorrow! I think you've hit the nail on the head with the vortex by the way! That's where 'T' closed one in the walkin closet. In that very room!
See you soon!
Caz - Unfortunately we have one or two nasties on this site. I up-voted you every time so am now unable to vote for you again.

Please continue, I'm sure a number of us are enjoying your posts!

Regards Melda
Hi Caz, I'm still waiting to absorb your whole account, very interesting the part where the flash didn't work. It sound like some type of negative energy vortex? Anyway, please continue!
Hi occulting_

Indeed that must have freaked you out of your mind, did you feel that maybe this spirit was menacing or malevolent in any way?

You mentioned that the history of the house included a mom dying in the house and twin children dying in the hospital. I'm a bit curious, If you don't mind could you share the history with us? (only if you want to)

It's sad when kids have to die, young lives ended even before it started.
Rajine in Ghost Gold
Hi Jubeele

It seems like it could be his ancestors scolding him for not wanting to visit the Graves, or him being disobedient to his mother 🤔, no matter where we are our late family members are always with us.
RCRuskin in Ghost Gold
I think my honorary sister would love this story! I must tell her about it. 😁

As I was reading this, I began to wonder if your ex was from Italy. I can see in my mind's eye the gestures and hear the accent since friends from my hometown are very Sicilian.
Hi Val... Thank you so much for letting me continue! (HUGS) Sorry I never even thought to ask! In my own mind, I was just continuing the story of my sister's hauntings! This particular event happened around 2004 and I would've loved to submit it, but somehow I felt these stories weren't mine to submit, even though I was present on 3 occasions when things happened. Then this afternoon, I saw I'd been downvoted twice, so decided not to continue. No point in going on if people doubt what they're being told, so thank you!
The reason I'm speaking out now, is because my lovely sister M passed away with cancer, just short of two years ago and I know now she wouldn't mind!

Melda...Thank you for your comment! I'll continue as soon as I can!
Macknorton in Ghost Gold
Hi Jubeele

Sorry but I'm confused (that's not unusual) but why was that bracelet "ghost" gold?


Dimetime99- Thanks for sharing this interesting story. I feel bad for the previous family; what a tragedy. Did you ever find out anything else about the girl or the family? By the way, is your username a nod to Dimebag Darrell? If so, coooool.
Caz - I wasn't joking. I am enjoying following this thread 😊

Regards, Melda
I just want to interject here, I find it fascinating that there's actually an account that can be confirmed by a long standing member! 😊 Since it's confirmation, I'm letting it 'bend' the rules and be under this story instead of saying, 'Submit it!' VERY interesting, Caz.
CantunSEEit in Almost Missed Them
TravisCannabis-My bad I wrote black skull. Thought that would pretty much explain it's color. 😜
LOL no Melda! This is no joke! This was real and I was absolutely terrified and this entity wasn't finished with us yet! There's much more to come, but I'm pretty busy right now, so I'll post more when I can!
Thanks for commenting!
Caz - I eagerly await the continuation of the serial every day. Is there a punch line?

Regards, Melda
TravisCannabis in Almost Missed Them
Cantun. There's no need to get defensive man I asked because u didn't say nothing about stick guy's bones been black. I wasn't there, u could have explained it better. 😉 😁
I took one step into the master bedroom and stood just inside the door, pointed the camera at the dressing table and clicked,, and the flash didn't go off! I tried again 3 or maybe 4 times without success, meanwhile calling out to M and R that the flash wasn't working, so I stepped back out, turned and took another pic of the landing and the flash worked perfectly.
Then I stepped back into the room and tried again, but again no flash! I must've tried 2 or maybe 3 more times, but each time the result was the same! Into the room... No flash, onto the landing... No problem! That's when I started to feel a tad uneasy. M and R (my nephew) didn't look very happy either, so we very quickly went round the rest of the upstairs rooms, with me taking just one quick pic in each at nothing in particular and the flash worked perfectly in every room!
When we were back on the landing, we stood there for a minute looking somewhat bemused,
When all of a sudden, there was a terribly loud banging noise coming from downstairs!

It sounded just like my washing machine when I've put in a fairly heavy load and when it goes into fast spin mode, it sometimes kind of catches and makes a helluva racket. I'm sure any of you ladies reading this would recognise that sound.
Anyway...M gave a little laugh, but she sounded a bit nervous, so I told her it was just the washing machine!
Then she said "Caz...None of the machines are on! That's 'IT'! So at that point, we all ran down the stairs, to see what was going on, but there's no way I intended to go and see. It just so happens that the front door is just across the small hallway at the bottom and that's where I was heading!

To be cont...
Macknorton in Almost Missed Them
Hmmmm...seems to me like you had a "brush" with death CantunSEEit 🤔
ForestShepherd in Is Anybody There?
Sorry to say I have no way to upload the recording it doesn't have a way for me to plug it into something
meinmein in Devil Beside Me
I had same experiences when I was younger.
Just like you, the best word that describes what I saw is the word "devil". I am just staring in the tall grasses. Then a thing just walk across out of nowhere in the tall grasses. It doesn't have a hair, it is color red from head to toe. I can remember it wearing a violet sando like jersey. It is really creepy and the image is still clear in my head. I wanted to find out what that was.
meinmein in Beside Me

I am sorry. (T.T) is just an expression like this 😭. Also thank you for your opinions/advices.

Just some sharing...
I just wanted to share even though it is some week ago, after that experience, the next night while I am washing the dishes, I sense something again and caught a movement in the corner of my eye. I confirmed it, a black shadow after it pass again the second time, but I just ignored it.

And after that, no more encounters. I think sometimes we just need to be positive and don't let fears take over.

Thank you again. ❤
The following morning after breakfast, I'd packed a few things for my overnight stay with my brother and was all ready to go. There were only 3 of us in the house by that point. The girls had been invited out for an 'away day' with their friends and the friend's mother and M's husband was out at work long since. So that just left M, my nephew who was a big strong lad of 17 and myself.

I had a brand new digital camera with me and M thought it was a great idea when I suggested taking a few pics around the house, before we left, just to see if anything might show up.
I remembered I'd recently read somewhere that ghosthunters would talk to any spirits who might be present, to reassure them that they were friendly and were not there to cause problems. So I thought I'd better say a few words before we start.

So there I am standing there talking out loud to the house and feeling like a right lemon! 🙄
I said I had no wish to disturb anyone and only wanted to take a few pics and I also said if anyone would like to be in the pics, they'd be very welcome.
I started by taking some pics of M and my nephew all around the ground floor and then we'd go upstairs. I took one of the linen cupboard at the top of the stairs and then we proceded up.
On the way up, my sister whispered to me to make sure to get some pics of her dressing table in the master bedroom, so that was the first room I entered. I believe she'd been seeing some rather odd things in the dressing table mirror!
To be cont...shortly!
Macknorton in Soviet Sanitarium
Hi Dreyk

Thanks for taking the time to respond with these details. You have "fleshed out" a lot for me.

This following discussion / thread may go on a bit of a tangent, but to me, it's interesting as it's often a topic that many people tend to not agree on, so makes for good discussions & sharing of ideas and theories.

In terms of "overwhelmingly spiritually charged" areas, you put forward a theory around "the particularly high amount of death and suffering which occurred in the region (Siberia) through the centuries compared to other places in the world. If you look at some of the most "haunted" places in the world, they tend to be the site of some major trauma. Take that trauma, multiply it by 100, 000 and you're getting close to what Siberia has seen..."

I suppose one could put forward the argument that just because a human being experiences a violent death, or has suffered, that does not mean that they will automatically be drawn back to the place of their suffering / death to haunt / materialize to flesh and blood humans. Taking that logic further, one could then look at where humanity has sprung from and been present on Earth. Africa is considered to be the birthplace of humans, who then spread into Europe and then across Russia. One could argue that Africa, with it's immense and blood-filled human history, should be a veritable constant light show of spirits / ghost etc.

Personally I've never understood the whole "haunted graveyard" thing - to me, once the soul / consciousness has left the body, why return to what is essentially now a decomposing old coat that you no longer require? Plus, generally speaking, a graveyard is not the scene of the death / suffering of the passed individual.

Through personal experience I believe that events, both good and bad, can be somehow "recorded" in the ether and some sensitive souls, in certain conditions, can pick up on these feelings. But that's different to full blown manifestations of spirits that can be seen by multiple witnesses.

Stalin was "responsible" for far more murders than Hitler, but that's not a well known fact. So yes, there has been immense death and suffering in Russia, but one could argue that Europe itself (and Africa) has seen a tremendous amount of death and suffering also, not only through war but also disease, plague and pestilence.

My final point is that I do honestly struggle to understand how you went from no psychic abilities to suddenly having a lot because you simply shifted your physical location. In my opinion the spirit world is all around us, and therefore it shouldn't make any difference where you are; you either have the ability to sense, see, communicate with spirits to a certain degree, or you don't. I believe that for the most part spirits consciously and deliberately reveal themselves to us for their own reasons, no matter what happened to them, or where. That's merely my opinion. After all, what do I know, right? 😊

I hope I'm not coming across as argumentative, that's not my desire; rather your vivid experience and subsequent comments have got my mind stimulated, which is great!

I hope that through discussion, we can all learn more about what lies beyond "the veil" and try to better understand our often fleeting interactions with that world.


CantunSEEit in Almost Missed Them
TravisCannibus-WOW you were not there. You have no idea. Every bone was BLACK. Good luck out there. HA HA HA.
TravisCannabis in Almost Missed Them
Makes no sense to me dude. How could you see its bones if it was all black? 🤔
CantunSEEit in Almost Missed Them
MrsRamsay-It was see through black. It's arms and legs were the size of old style broom handle, about the size of a toilet paper roll. Which made its feet look really long. Could see all bones in hands and feet. Really creepy. That image is Burnt into my brain.
OK...I've already spoken about my journey North and the first day, which went well. As I said, M and I stayed up chatting and having a laugh, after everyone else was in bed. We were to sleep in the downstairs bedroom, which is behind the lounge diner at the back of the house. Actually, that was my nephews room, which he kindly gave up, so that M and I could sleep together. When we eventually retired for the night, I asked M if we could leave the small bedside lamp on for the night and this is what she told me. She said "Caz, if anything is going to happen, it will, no matter what. Light, dark, daytime or night, makes no difference to them!"
So there I lay wide awake, beside my sleeping sister for most of the night! Thankfully it was summer, so I did manage to get a couple of hours sleep, once the sky had lightened.
To be cont...
[at] Macknorton

Wow, a lot to cover. Happy to flesh things out a bit. The purpose of our visit was to visit and explore abandoned locations in former soviet nations. It's part of our wider interest in Urban Exploration or Urbex... YouTube it... You'll find millions of people around the world do the same thing, most in locations in FAR worse structural condition than we were in this instance. The purpose is to make a connection to the past in a much more physical and tangible way than one can do from reading about a place in a history book. There's also a significant paranormal investigation draw, though that was not the primary purpose of our visit there.

The region I was referring to as being "overwhelmingly spiritually charged" was actually Sibera, which is the location of most of my stories up to this point. Mostly it refers to the particularly high amount of death and suffering which occurred in the region through the centuries compared to other places in the world. If you look at some of the most "haunted" places in the world, they tend to be the site of some major trauma. Take that trauma, multiply it by 100, 000 and you're getting close to what Siberia has seen. Kazakhstan too has seen its share of death and suffering in relatively large scale. Haunted locations in the US generally can't compare if for nothing else than their relatively short existence as a well-populated area.

I've crossed through MANY border crossings between the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. It's pretty obvious which ones are popular for land crossing by tourists (typically bicycles and back packers coming in from Western/Eastern Europe). The Industrial city of Chelyabinsk to Kazakhstan is NOT one of them. Chelyabinsk, although large, is not particularly popular with foreign visitors. Russians and foreigners will generally fly from location to location due to road condition and often (false) rumors about police corruption and bribe attempts. Foreign tourists also don't tend to speak Russian on their visits. Russian is necessary to complete a border crossing here, they do not have English speaking staff. I'd say, from the traffic we observed while waiting at the check points, the bulk of travel on this particular crossing was freight. All of this doesn't even cover the difficulty of visiting from another country, to enter Russia, then travel to another state. It's hard enough to get a foreign visitor's visa to enter... To get one just for a couple days, then to cross into another country, and try to come back... Talk about red tape.

There may have been an increase in tourism to the major cities in Kazakhstan following Borat, but that really has nothing to do with tourist travel in the provinces, which is virtually non existent and has no infrastructure to support it.

As for leaving the documents behind. Sure, the Soviet Union was notorious for secrecy... Sort of... Oppressive? Also, sort of... These are records regarding a holiday resort, not a weapons lab. Also, the Soviet Union was over. With the fall, went all that infrastructure and organization. The ethnic Russians living in the area who were overseeing administration were given a few days to pack and leave. Not to mention the chaos of them trying to return to their own homelands throughout the former Soviet Union as things were collapsing around them. Lots of documents were simply left, the documents, the equipment, anything that wouldn't fit into a briefcase. We've found abandoned documents in various buildings we visited in the former USSR. We found piles of abandoned documents in abandoned buildings in the USA as well. When exploring the California State Asylum compound (before it was demolished) we found hundreds of abandoned patient records.

Large metal items are stolen for scrap. It takes a LOT of iron to turn any kind of profit. A stairwell, a catwalk, the window frames for an entire floor of a building? Absolutely. Some filing cabinets? Nope. Lamps? Nope. I'm sure a ton of things were taken as souvenirs over the years, but a government institution like that would have had bulk of everything. Again, search for Urban Exploration on YouTube. The stuff left behind in these old buildings are insane, no matter what country you're in.

I didn't plan on writing a tourism guide for the former USSR, LOL. I hope this answered things. If not, let me know!
Macknorton in Soviet Sanitarium
Hi Dreyk

For me personally, your narrative raises more questions than answers. I have a rational, logical mind (which could be argued is counter-intuitive for me to be interested in Spirits / ghosts / paranormal, ((or this site)) but there you have it) so I was hoping you could "flesh out" some aspects of your adventure?

Now I'm probably not alone here in wondering: Why on Earth would you and / or your girlfriend want to venture into an obviously derelict building, covered in graffiti etc? Were you not concerned about encountering squatters / degenerates or your (and your girlfriends') personal physical wellbeing in a building that is in the process of falling apart? What were you looking for that outweighed the obvious risks?

Your comment: "I've never experienced anything close to paranormal in the US. Not growing up, and not when I returned for a couple years recently. I don't consider myself "sensitive" and I think it's more a matter of this region of the world being so overwhelmingly spiritually charged that I see or feel anything at all."

Are you able please elaborate on your thoughts on this? Personally, I'm not sure Why Kazakhstan or it's surrounding areas be "overwhelmingly" spiritually charged as opposed to any other area on Earth where humans have existed? I have never heard of this theory before. Also, I would imagine that people who are sensitive to spirits would sense them everywhere, as the spirit world must be all around us and is not restricted by / limited to physical geography?

You also wrote "It was obvious that very few "tourists" or even European Russians passed through this crossing." According to many sources, since the "Borat" movie was released in 2006, tourism to Kazakhstan has increased 1000%. So I'm sure that the border guards would be quite used to tourists on that major road. Also the significant road you were on where you found the sanitarium leads to Kostanay (pop. 215, 000 in 2019 census), a reasonably large city in itself which also then leads to the capital city of Astana (pop, more than 1,000,000 people and which was renamed Nur-Sultan in 2019). This road would be well used, I would have thought?

Another aspect that doesn't make sense to me was the documents everywhere "Between the rows of cabinets, sat a dozen long tables with piles of old documents scattered all over." Now, to me, unless the inhabitants had to leave in a hurry (trust me I've seen what "leaving in a hurry" looks like after experiencing two catastrophic earthquakes here in Christchurch, NZ about 10 years ago) why on Earth would these documents be left behind? The Soviet Union is notorious for secrecy and oppression so unless the staff had to vacate urgently, why wouldn't they take all these, no doubt confidential / sensitive, files with them? Maybe you can't answer that but, to me, it seems odd.

If a building was so easy to access and had graffiti all over it, then I would have been surprised to see chairs still there, paintings on the wall, filing cabinets, desks, projector lights left behind etc... Surely these would have been looted a long time ago? Jeez... I dunno...

I'm sorry for so many questions but your writing is so good, the story has so much strong imagery/ detail and your mastery of English is so good that this story really drew me in and I became fascinated by it. Please keep them coming.


Seekings in Soviet Sanitarium
Thanks for your reply Dreyk. It's significant that these experiences only started with the move to the country that's now your home, so I think you're right to feel that its past history and cultural beliefs somehow resonate with the paranormal. Your description of the whole area as 'spiritually charged ' makes seems spot on!

I hope you have more stories to tell


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