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I have read that dreaming that your significant other cheating is a sign of insecurity. As lady-glow stated, these dreams might be the result of insecurities he is experiencing due to his current situation. He may fear losing you.

As for him physically seeing you, I agree with lady-glow that you might be projecting yourself to him. If not, could he be experiencing sleep paralysis?

If he is open to it, he should look for protective charms just in case. Keeping lapis lazuli or amethyst (there are many other stones out there) under his pillow might help soothe his dreams. Black tourmaline is a great stone for keeping away negativity as well. I wear it all the time. If this goes against his beliefs, every religion has its own means of protection.
I was in Poland and went to Auschwitz Birkenau and felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness and grief. Ended up going to our motel an not doing anything else for the rest of the day. Very exhausting experience... And other death camps I visited and memorials... Never had same type of experience.
Cuddlebear in Hug From A Spirit
Angie ~ Welcome to the community!

I echo much of what Lady-glow has to say. I do have a question though: In your physical encounter you describe your contact as a hug, yet you describe it more as a squeeze - so tight you could not move. You then began to pray. For me a hug is wonderful, loving thing yet you seem not to have been comforted by the "hug" - or am I mis-reading your story?

In any event I too am glad that your encounters have been mostly positive...
Well to tell you the truth, at first I didn't believe, then that turned into being excited about it, like discovering something new... And it was new for me, in a way. Then I've had a tiny feeling that suggested this all may not be as much fun, so I began with my research, finally ended up here, then I spooked around the site, dropped the occasional comment and read many others. Finally I have pieced together a picture about how a simple attachment could start out like this... Small things, and it may never do much more, just start feeding itself off of me... Aaand I guess that's not something anyone would like to have around their life. So I took charge and did a cleansing on myself and the house. Activity stopped, it all feels cleaner in the sense there seems to be a silent oppression missing, a sort that isn't noticed until it's gone and even then you only notice things turned to the better, well a tiny bit at least.:)
hi pinka,
But kali is not evil but infact she is godesses ie female power in her raw form.

He has said he has been practicing satanism... And use of cross. As a hindu when iam readong this story it feels like satan workship and not of kali.

Kali yes I too agree some people use this power for bad things but its not good and its not kali who is doing it... They actually pray to kali and under her power I think these tantriks will falsely make an wondering spirit to do things for them... In return they tell the spirit that they have the power to make them see ir talk with thier loved ones... But these people they simple use these spirits and in the end they also suffer as usually they don't fulfil the spirit wishes. To bring these spirits under control they pray to maa kali
Ayush Milan,
I stopped to comment for a couple of reasons. I understand being defensive. I have found it best to lay down clear boundaries in my telling and when responding to comments. Some things are not up for debate. My son's death for example. However, there are comments that readers may make that I see as an opportunity to improve upon my writing vs being offended or feeling attacked. If your story is true, you should not allow it to get to you. Simply answer the questions and matter of factly. See it as a chance to learn.

I am impressed with your writing style. I do very much like it. Here are a couple of key points I would suggest changing in any later reproductions of your work somewhere else, and I do hope you publish it other places. It is a very good story.

In reference to this: "Now, he was asleep, but, he suddenly woke up and found himself in sleep paralysis. He could not move his body, even he was not able to utter a single word from his mouth. His body was full of sweat and his heart was beating like a drum. He noticed that the lights were switched off and the door was locked from inside by itself (as he clearly remembered that he had turned on the lights and had also kept the door unlocked). But, the worst thing was, that he was feeling that someone was continuously moving around his bed. He was trying very hard to hold his cellphone, but he was completely paralyzed."

Excellent use of physical description to convey terror. My concern, however, is It is quite difficult to see that the door is locked from the inside according to the way you write it. I am familiar with the lock and style you reference. You say he is in a state of sleep paralysis, and that the lights are now switched off. How can he see in the dark across to the other door and see that it is locked when he can't even lift his dead to view it through the inky blackness, not to mention he is in the dark. Lastly, why is he trying to hold his cell phone? If he went to sleep with it in his hand that is odd, but just clarify that when you write it for another publication.

The story falls apart a bit when you move into the 2nd and 3rd night. The second night, okay he wasn't scared off. But has been now warned of death by something on his chest. Need to maybe ask uncle and give a more detailed account of his motivation.

Lastly, it is not common to provide a room for someone that has always been locked. Your story completely falls apart there. It matters not what country of origin, it makes no sense. Maybe say if he had the key but it didn't work on the lock. That would be a passable reason.
My dear these are holes in your story that when you publicize it again, it will be picked apart. I believe you that you believe it is true, so I am trying to help by offering up what needs to be improved upon to fix the skeptical voices in the room from picking you apart. This is a very kind and understanding group. Everyone is asking trying to help and we do respect you. I think you are a very good writer my friend; a very good writer indeed. So go easy on us. We are your friend, I assure you.
Welcome, and I hope to see more from you soon.
My apologies if I caused any offence Lady glow, that was not intended
RSA chick, haven't you ever herd about external locks which are put in handle of doors, gates, vans and shutters? So, this was the same lock which was broken by my uncle hence the door's knob was actually unaffected and it was the external lock which got broken. However, if you are still confused about the structure of an external lock, then, kindly search 'link locks' on google.
Poojabose in Kashi Milli
I never heard about Kashi milli ever 😕
What is that explain!
lady glow i've nowhere written that the hotel authorities didn't let the forensic team to let in what i've written is that, in any situation they would never allow any paranormal investigator to get there. And after all these all information about mysterious deaths were given by the hotel manager so, actually even my uncle wasn't convinced by the manager and that was the reason that made him to stay there for remaining period. So finding the actual links about those deaths is quite difficult as this incident happened around 2002 or 2003. That's why finding the appropriate links isn't possible. But, if you wish, I can give you the link of facebook profile page of my uncle, so you can visit there and confirm that this is a true incident which happened to him. Your reply is appreciable...
2nd1st- thanks for your input though, in this instance, I wasn't talking about ghosts in the room but about the fact that the deaths seem not to have been reported to the police or, if they were, the hotel staff wouldn't let the forensics team enter the room and do their job.
At least that's how I understand the OP's comment.

I have no problem understanding the 'need' to deny/hide paranormal activity, but hiding multiple deaths and getting away with it is a bit hard for me to take since someone would be bound to look for a missing loved one (or more). 🤔

As a side note and in response to your experience with the broken lock at that hotel, - how terrible, they deserve a very bad review!
The worst thing that has happened to me was to have to wait 45 minutes for a front desk attendant to figure out how to calculate the 10% tax due on my bill...grrrr! 😠

Anyway, it's nice seeing some participation going on... YGS has been too quiet of lately.
Had Lady glow, as for sweeping things under the rug to control rumors, I actually have a situation near me where that very thing is happening. In this case no deaths or disappearances yet but a highly active site. Staff are being told not to talk about it, managers are telling staff they are just being stupid no such thing as ghosts, even though some of those same staff have had encounters. This is the head office of s major government agency and they are trying very hard to stop the rumour getting into the public space.
Ayush - with all due respect I'm going to suggest for you to include as much information as possible in any future narrative. If you read your story carefully you will see that there's nothing hinting to how long ago these events happened, only that they took place when he was still a student.

I understand that, like me, English is not your first language and know how frustrating it can be to put ones ideas into words. I think that you are doing great expressing your thoughts and are doing your best trying to explain/answer our questions, but adding more details to the original narrative would have helped to focus only on the paranormal contents of the experience.

I find your following statement really disturbing:

"I don't think those officials would ever allow investigators to enter that room as this would spread a rumour which will ultimately ruin their business..."

I really hope that the death and disappearance of several people wouldn't go unreported and that the staff of the hotel did more than just 'sweeping the dirt under the rug' in order to keep the business running... What could have they done to hide and dispose of the bodies?!?! (shivers!)

I guess this is not the place to discuss such topic.
I signed up because I just saw this same figure in my dream last night. I have frequent dreams (at least of the ones that I can remember) that I am back in my childhood home, always in my room, with my grandmothers room next to mine. In these dreams her room is always vacant though, she is never there. It was night and I was looking out the window, and all of a sudden this figure showed up in the window. The windows in the room were full length windows that were basically doors with a huge pane of glass on them. The figure was towards the bottom of the window so it must have been very short. It was entirely black but with a porcelain white mask. I fell back scrambling and it sat there in the window staring at me for about 5 seconds before dissipating into the air, in a kind of electrical looking mist. Seconds later it reappeared inches from my face. I can tell it was porcelain because a moment later it was inches from my face. I could tell the mask was some type of porcelain because it was extremely smooth but I could see the texture on it when it came close.
So I just saw the same thing. But mine was more solid. I work at Walmart and it was staring at me. 6/24/19 I live in Oklahoma.
Ayush, sorry for nitpicking about the lock, but your link to the video about the Indian style door does not shed much more light.
It is a style of door lock common in my country also.
There may be two handles, one inside, one outside, but still only one locking mechanism that can be accessed with the same key from both sides.
If your uncle damaged the lock from outside, the entire locking mechanism would most likely be damaged.

I think we are misunderstanding some of the details as this is a second-hand account of what happened.
You should instead relay your own experiences on this site. It will be easier to remember details and to answer questions.

As you rightly say, this happened 15 - 20 years ago. Finding articles or remembering details (even from your uncle), will be difficult.

We look forward to reading your own stories.
LightMight in Mini-tornado
Hello Biblio,

I'm leaning more and more toward the idea of this being an elemental, or nature spirit, which follows what both you and RCRuskin have recently suggested. Aside from what you've detailed in your description of the elemental spirits, some of the material I've read about elementals do fit the situational factors (newly developed business zone built over farmland in a growing city). Although, I too find it very strange that it followed me home from my workplace. From what I've gathered in reading, some people believe that elementals are mythical, and some believe that these nature spirits actually exist. I suppose it depends on how 'open' one is to the idea of earthly spirits. I was young, open minded, and have always been a nature lover, so maybe I was vulnerable to this type of experience?

Thanks again for the detailed info. 😉 ~ LightMight
Hi, Iowahaunting.

What a scary experience. I watched the movie and liked it very much, I did not know the bridge was haunted. I will look it up later and learn more of the history of the bridge.

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, I do believe that my age had something to do with my inability to see them after a certain point. I thought you may be interested to know that after I posted this, about a week later I was brushing my hair when I was hit by the same sharp smell and taste. I couldn't see anything but it felt like something was watching me. Maybe it was just my imagination after thinking about them after all these years or maybe I'm only now realising that they may be everywhere. I've heard of similar stories like the duwende, but these seem to be more malicious. Of course there's every chance that I could have upset them when I was so young and just don't recall the event.
I think many people are doubting my story. So, dear concerns I just want to say that please kindly mail me privately so I can provide you a link to the Facebook profile page of my uncle...
Unfortunately I am noticing that some people are having trouble in understanding of the working of a typical Indian style door, so I have found this video on YouTube which can help you understand the structure of knob or handle in an Indian style door... Https://
Lady Glow, as you said, (... I find the need to have a set of two keys to open one door knob not only mysterious but unpractical) it seems to me like you still don't have a proper vision about the working of an Indian style door, let me clarify this... Unlike Western style doors, a typical Indian style door (which is mostly found in Indian houses) generally doesn't contains a single knob but contains manual handles (both inside and outside) means, you don't always have to use a key to lock or unlock the door, i.e., they can be easily handled manually without a key, however if you still found this confusing then simply remember the doors which were shown in the Harry Potter movie, those doors resembles to a typical Indian style door...
And now coming to this, (
Would it be possible to find a link about these mysterious deaths and when they happened? I'm sure that multiple deaths must have made some noise in the local news.) So, if you read my story carefully then you will see that I have mentioned that this incident doesn't happened recently but a long time ago when he was working as a student (probably 15-20 years ago) so, it's quite difficult to get some links or resources for those incidents, hope you understand... Now to this one, (Assuming that his dreams had something to do with the last moments of the deceased people, these would point to a violent homicide), yup! You may be right, but my uncle didn't know the exact reason, after all it was those staffs who told him that there were some people who died mysteriously, so those staffs were the only ones who really know the truth, not my uncle... (I'm sure that even the most rookie investigators would see the telltale signs pointing to what really happened there.) I don't think those officials would ever allow investigators to enter that room as this would spread a rumour which will ultimately ruin their business... (Perhaps he only experienced sleep paralysis and hallucinations, and had a repetitive nightmare after learning that the room was believed to be haunted?
) My uncle had this similar though, that's why he spent more nights at that room to clarify whether it was a hallucination or a real haunting... (I'm not nitpicking at your experience, I just find it fascinating when it is possible to corroborate a paranormal experience with historic facts.) Off course! I also found this fascinating when I herd this for the first time... And now I hope l have done enough to solve your confusions. However if you have any other questions regarding this matter, please feel free to ask them dear...
Thanks again
Ayush Thanks for answering my question. It makes sense now. Your uncle sure was brave for staying three nights! Take care and good luck with everything.
Ayush - thanks for replying. It must be frustrating to be treated in such poor manner by hotels' staff just for being a student.

I have always thought about India like the land of mystery... I find the need to have a set of two keys to open one door knob not only mysterious but unpractical... This would be a problem for me if I ever travel to India, I probably would misplace not only one, but the two keys for my room! - At least I would know that carrying a pointy and sharp object would come handy!

Would it be possible to find a link about these mysterious deaths and when they happened? I'm sure that multiple deaths must have made some noise in the local news.
When did they happen? It should be easy to find this information since the events occurred about a month prior to your uncle's stay at the hotel.
I have been google searching for possible information about your narrative and found this:

The hotel in the previous links isn't 'The Taj', but if this made it to the news I don't see why the case at your uncle's hotel shouldn't leave a trace.

"it was most probably a suicide but know one really known how they died,"

Forgive my little knowledge about Indian legal procedures but, wasn't there a crime scene/forensic investigation and autopsies performed to the bodies?
Were not there any relatives asking questions about the way their loved ones died?

To be honest, I don't understand what kind, if any, of paranormal event you think your uncle experienced.
Assuming that his dreams had something to do with the last moments of the deceased people, these would point to a violent homicide ("we had already warned you to not come back here again, but you still managed to come back again! Now as per as our warning we are going to kill you this time, now we're going to kill you!") and not to a mass suicide. I'm sure that even the most rookie investigators would see the telltale signs pointing to what really happened there.

Perhaps he only experienced sleep paralysis and hallucinations, and had a repetitive nightmare after learning that the room was believed to be haunted?

I'm not nitpicking at your experience, I just find it fascinating when it is possible to corroborate a paranormal experience with historic facts.
I am so sorry everyone for taking so long to answer. I don't know if tags work here but going to give it a shot.
[at] RCRuskin
I don't know why it has me listed as a young adult. I will go and look at my profile again to see why.
I have never seen Watership down.
My son's best friend would not look in the back seat during the ride because the rabbit was scaring him. My son was driving. He could only glance up and view them in the rearview. When they pulled up to the location to drop them. They turned to tell the men goodbye but no one was there. I apologize for lack of description but it is all that was told to me.
Yes, I have heard stories about ghost hitchhiker, but these guys were at the rave.
Biblio, I don't think I am middle-aged, but I will look at the profile again and list it as such if necessary. I guess it never crossed my mind that it was an issue.

Trentinray okay thank you, then yes that is why I am not 40 yet.
Lucia, it has been quite some time ago on the video game. I will ask my kids if they remember which one it was.
Bibliothecarius in Mini-tornado
Greetings, LightMight.

I was curious about this series of events, and my thoughts *initially* tended in the same direction as RCRuskin's. In my experience, though, elementals tend to be highly territorial spirits, in that a specific natural landscape or area is *theirs* to patrol, maintain, defend, and cultivate. Sometimes, these nature spirits will remain after the habitat has been "developed" into new housing, highways, and the like, and will announce displeasure at having been supplanted by modern human infrastructure through sabotage or intimidation. Such angry behavior, through, tends to be immediate in manifestation & continues at that site for some time (they seem to experience time on the same level as trees or geology, not in days so much as *eras*). To have one follow you home to appear only once is well outside of "normal" behavior, though not beyond the realm of possibility.

Looking for resources on the idea of elementals presenting as "dust devils" (or Warner Bros.'s Tazmanian Devil), I can only find connections in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons fantasy gaming. Most of the elementals I've studied appear as abnormal, hybrid, over-sized creatures or as manifestations of ambulatory forest life (see D.C. Comics' Swamp Thing, especially as written by Alan Moore). The behavior of the entity as a whirlwind/dust devil calls to mind the Djinn of Islamic lore than it does anything from European or American narratives.

A bunch of my folklore resources are currently locked in my office, so I can't get at them while I'm at home, but nothing from Native American lore leaps to mind. Those that I can find tend to be in the American Southwest, especially in the mythos of assorted desert peoples: the Navajo call dust devils "chiindii" and treat them as dead tribal members who were not buried with proper rites; the "Siwulogi" of Arizona's Sinagua Indians and the "Remolinos" of their Latino neighbors; etc., etc.

The peculiar point about this is that Washington State, where your narrative takes place, is hardly renowned for its deserts. Rainfall, logging industry, Cascade mountains, serial killers, and coffee shops: yes! Broad swaths of desert sands: no.

I'm a longtime student of elementals (like RC, I'm not an expert), but to have one follow you home, wait until morning to surprise you, and then never appear again is really, really odd.

I do hope you've found something in your searches; if you have, please let us know!

Dear sushantkar, I have read your stories. But why do you think that the story which I narrated are far away from reality? Just because an author is a teenager means he's a juvenile? And when it comes to ygs, I am reading stories from here from five years,so, just because this is my first story here, that does not necessarily mean that I am juvenile or tyro. However, if you are really finding some elements in my story which is not convincing to you then, please let me also know, I would try my best to clarify your doubts... Anyways thanks for joining the thread...
Poojabose, thanks very much for finding my story interesting, and yes! I also had some paranormal experiences, which I would share in my other stories, Anyways, thanks again for joining.
Take Care 😊 😊 😊
Dear bandet888, you asked, "May I ask one question? How did the door lock itself if your uncle had broken the lock to get in? Did the lock repair itself" the door about which I mentioned in my story is not a Western style door, but is a type of door which is called Indian style door. A normal Indian style door has handle both inside and outside, i.e., there are two different Lock for both inside and outside. So, my uncle just broken the lock of outside part not the inside one, right... If you want to know much about Indian style doors then, just Google it "Indian style door with a handle" then you will get some clear idea about that incident... And so sorry brother for replying you so late, as I didn't get any mail from your ghost stories about this so I didn't really know that my story was published, hope you understand... Thanks for your comments, take care... ❤ ❤ ❤
Hi lady glow, now I would reply to your 2 nd comment... "I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation.
" As I told you previously my uncle had visited to that hotel as a student not as a guest, so it's very normal for those hotel officials to handover such haunted room to students and not to guests. Maybe you can find this behavior a rude one, but for them behaving to students in such manner is very common thing, at least, here in India... "Do you know if they committed suicide or if it was a murder/suicide case, or if someone else enter their room and kill them, or if all of them perished from illness or some other unfortunate event like carbon monoxide poisoning (to say something)?" lady glow, it was most probably a suicide but know one really known how they died, that's why I have written in my story that they died mysteriously... "Are the events in the following link by any chance related to your uncle's experience?

Https://"; no, lady glow, these are all different incidents which have nothing to do with my story... "Hello Ayush - to be honest, there are few points I don't understand about your story and would appreciate if you could clarify them. " So, I have done my best to clarify your doubts, thank you... Take care... 😊 😊 😊
Dear lady glow, sorry I didn't have much detail in the above story due to which you are finding some contradictory points. Anyways the answer to your question, "If nobody knew where the key was, why would they send a guest to such room?" I would say, during that time he was still a student of IIM guwhati who was sent to hotel for training, and this type of behavior is very much common especially to the students, so I hope that you understand he was not a guest but a student... And "How did this guy knew such information?" I don't think this is so much information to know his friend just enquired to told him what he herd, that's all... "Do you think one month can be considered a "long time"?" Yes! Off course! Why not? Maybe not that much long but off course a considerable time at all... " it seems like this particular hotel had stopped renting the room ("this was an abandoned room").
" Maybe, but he was just a visitor so he was not told much about that place by the officials... "My point is, I find these events contradictory " now, I hope you get some idea about why my uncle was sent to such a risky place... "Anyway, I'm glad your uncle didn't get hurt during this ordeal." Thanks dear, take your care! ❤ ❤ ❤
LuciaJacinta in Roseman Bridge
Interesting. I had no idea it was haunted. Nicely written story.
[at] lady-glow The link what you have searched and sent is a terror attack that happened in Mumbai. So its not related to the authors uncles experience which he says happened at Guwahati.
This is the first I ever read of something that describes what I am going through. Now I am aware of 'targeted individuals" and "gang stalking"

Although this gives me some sort of relief that someone else is experiencing this, I'm also worried that perhaps I have not lost it and this is somehow real.

It first happened about a year ago, about 3 days straight, the last being the actual real harassment that almost had me take my life. It happened again about 7 months ago which lasted a full 24 hours, this time so very much more intense. I hope you have rid yourself of this and are doing okay. Could you please share something as far as an update? I have trouble every night wondering if this will be the night it comes back. Around the time of the first infestation of this I had been diagnosed with cancer, lost my best friend to suicide, my parents divorcing, fell into deep alcoholism that nearly killed me as well as several other things. I feel like I'm back toward myself before having dropped the terrible behavior that invited this in the first place but I still struggle.
Hi Dennis,
I enjoyed your story, especially the groovy part 😆 Sounds like you had an old groupie from the '60's visiting you ~ at least 'it' had good taste in music! Glad to read that the cleansing worked.
It sounds to me as though the black mist and man in the top hat are the same entity. I think it has been trying to gain entry into your home but has been kept out for whatever reason - maybe the lady in blue, maybe your dog, maybe a previous resident set up some form of wards. If I were you, I might want to firm up those wards - lines of salt are fairly simple and said to be pretty effective.

Also, "Top Hat Man" is a fairly known and commonly occurring entity/phenomenon - search for him on this site and you will find plenty of accounts - he is a bit of a baddie. It would be interesting to see if you find anything similar to what you have experienced.
I was almost 30 before I had my first (and to date only) dream about dying - sure I had experienced nightmares before where something dreadful was happening but I had always awoken before that critical moment. I had always feared that something awful would happen in reality if I died in a dream - I think I was nearly as afraid of dying in a dream as in reality. Then one night it happened. In the dream another woman and I were running from a killer. She stumbled and I knew that when I went back for her, I would have no time to escape. So I got her up, told her to run and with calm that I never would have expected, turned to face my fate. The man threw the knife and it struck me in the neck. I felt the impact, felt the blade go in, felt the blood pumping from the wound, felt my breath leaving my body. But I felt no fear, no panic, only peace. As though I had faced the worst and found it not so fearsome at all. As my surroundings faded, I felt surrounded by presences that I could not see but could feel their welcome and a sense of embrace. As I awoke, they were still there for a few moments as I took in what had happened. Unlike what you experienced, I could not see them only sense their presence but just as you related, they felt distinctly tied to me not my home and their presence gradually faded away.

I think there is more to some dreams than simple synaptic fancies. I think when we let down our guard and surrender control of our minds in sleep, it allows the paranormal a window into our minds. Sure, some dreams are fairly meaningless - the mind blowing off the stress of the day or working through problems etc - but others are, I believe, something more.
I have had six black or black and white cats in my time and I adore them. I heard somewhere that black cats were believed to be able to frighten away evil spirits. Granted, I can't point to where I heard or read it but, just the same, I figured it was worth the mention - as they seem to have always served me quite well in that respect ❤
lady-glow in Hug From A Spirit
ANGIE - welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, the hugging could have been sleep paralysis, and waking up at the same time could or could not have any significance other than the way your body has adjusted to your job shift. At what time is your shift over? Does this happen during your nights off?
Nevertheless, if you are in doubt, trying a blessing/cleansing of your house according to your personal beliefs wouldn't hurt.

What a better place than a hospital to experience weird events? Do you know if any of your coworkers has sensed the same presence and seen the shadows in the same rooms as you?
Perhaps saying a little prayer and telling this spirit that it's okay to go towards the light where their loved ones are waiting for them would help them to cross over.

I'm glad to hear that these encounters are positive.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.

Hello Fran - this is a very interesting experience though, in my opinion, it would be helpful to get more information in order to get a clearer idea about what this could mean.

First at all, I don't think you are in any danger.

Were you asleep when all this happened? Have you heard anything about out of body experiences? Do you remember what you dreamed that morning/night?
Have you considered the possibility of you visiting your partner in spirit form? This idea might sound over the top, but sometimes our souls can 'travel' out of our body during our sleep.

As for your partner (you don't need to disclose this information), was he under the influence of any medication/drug that could produce hallucinations as a side effect? Would it be possible that his situation is making him afraid of loosing you? Is this the first time he has experienced a visitation from a living person?

Have you been to the shelter?
Is he aware of any deaths at the premises? Has he any enemies among the other residents?

I would suggest for him to keep a journal and register any weird events and, if he is religious, to ask for protection according to his personal beliefs, either by prayers, or a blessing or wearing a blessed religious symbol.

I hope this is helpful, please keep us posted and try not to worry too much. 😊
Quick edit: Situation solved by cleansing.
No musical instruments were harmed in the process 🤣

Yeah, but I'm still open to see what anyone has to say. Thanks for reading.
LightMight in Mini-tornado

My curiousity is now piqued; I'll definitely be spending a few hours learning more about elementals in order to see if I can draw more of a conclusion. Thanks for your insightful input!
😉 LightMight
2nd1st in Shape-shifter
Wow... That is pretty unsettling. Wonder what/who might have been?
ero94 in Shape-shifter
2nd1st, I completely understand, I would be skeptical too. It was pretty late at night but there are a lot of street lights around where I live so I could tell the overall look of a person not incredibly far... Plus I've always had really good vision... And when I looked straight at her smiling face we were only about 10 feet apart so I was extremely aware of what I saw...
Kindly_refrain in Roseman Bridge
Hi Iowahaunting, I have nothing to add but wanted to say that every now and then an experience on this site comes up that really grabs me. Yours is such a one.

Nicely told, It had me there, in all the weirdness, with you.

I may have to check this site out on a cross country trip I am hoping to make later this year. I won't be going in alone mind you.
Hello 22centuryboi,

I know this post is a few years old however, I was drawn to it.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandfather. It's very sad you all weren't there.

The atmosphere in his room when you sat on his bed after he passed away is not a coincidence. I believe it was your grandfather.

I'm not an expert in afterlife by any means. I'm always here on YGS asking for help and advice. Regardless, I have had many situations from an early age and I do believe spirits visit us for various reasons.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Channel Surfing Or Poltergeist?
Hello 22centuryboi,

You asked about my unit:

It's a one bedroom unit in the middle of 2 blocks of units. I'm on the top/1st floor. There are 4 units on my level and 2 units downstairs.

The blocks on either side of me are set out the same way. People have died in the blocks on either side of me.

In my block, on my floor a guy died 2 weeks ago.

In my unit prior to me moving in, the previous tenant died in my unit in the bathroom. He fell and hit his head.


Over the fence there's 2 more blocks of units on the left and 5 blocks of units on the right. Lots of beautiful trees and a high fence separate the blocks. The trees are full of lorikeets, cockatoo's, magpies and sparrows.

At night there's a family of posseums that go up and down the trees. I sit on the balcony a lot and have a cappuccino and watch the wildlife. It's so beautiful.

I hope that gives you a better picture of the set up.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Where Did My Sandals Go?
Hello 22centuryboi,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I agree, it's a possibility that I left the sandals outside on that occasion. However, I never do that. I walk straight inside and take them off near the French doors inside.

One of the previous tenants died in my unit. He collapsed and hit his head in my bathroom. Other tenants have died in the blocks next-door on the left to me and on the riggt to me. Just recently, the man right next door to my unit died 2 weeks ago.

If you need to attach a photo just email Martin the webmaster on the email address at the bottom of this page or reply to the email saying your story will be published.

I would take a video of the events but I don't know when it will happen. Once it happens and I get my camera out to video, it will look like I've done it.

If you need to know anything else, please let me know.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
RCRuskin in Mini-tornado
Hmm. 🤔

Time slip events are more my specialty, not that I have any specialty in this area... Just a curiosity. A "picker up of shells on the shore of that great, unknown ocean." -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Well, he was talking about science at the time.

You saw the same thing in two different locations you report: the office and at home. As Lady Glow points out, something could have followed you.

You weren't on anything likely to cause hallucinations, unless perhaps it had been a stressful day at the office. That might cause you to see things.

"Logic!" said the Professor half to himself. "Why don't they teach logic at these schools? There are only three possibilities. Either your sister is telling lies, or she is mad, or she is telling the truth. You know she doesn't tell lies and it is obvious that she is not mad. For the moment then and unless any further evidence turns up, we must assume that she is telling the truth."
― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The experience seems to most closely match encounters with elemental spirits. Guess that some air spirit wondered where the trees went, while visiting your office park, and then followed you home.

If someone knows more, I'm listening.
LightMight in Mini-tornado
hi RCRuskin,

Thank you for commenting
I journal a lot, mostly about my experiences that seem unusual, and this experience was one that I definitely kept notes on because it struck me as profoundly weird. With that being said, I can provide a few more details. I'm not assuming this was a 'haunting' necessarily, but it was certainly unexplained in my opinion.

Aside from the height (3 feet tall from the ground up), it was around maybe 5-6 inches wide at the bottom of the 'tornado', then it gradually grew wider toward the top. I didn't have a tape measure, but my guesstimate would be about 2 feet wide at the top of the funnel shape. So around 3 feet high x 2 feet wide at most.

Something else that struck me as very odd, was that I could see (within the funnel itself) that there appeared to be flashes of sparkly energy inside of it while it was rotating. I didn't 'feel' any presence when it was near me, or at any time when the 2 incidences occurred. The air did feel prickly, much like static energy feels. I'm no expert, but I couldn't really say if 'it' had a consciousness, or not.

The weather during that time, was typically warm and sunny (nothing unusual for that area). Both incidents happened during daylight hours, in fully lit rooms. I was not on medication/drugs, either was my husband to my knowledge, nor were we drinking anything alcoholic. At the time, I was not living in a 'haunted house', there were no strange happenings at that rental home. As for the business park I worked in, it was a newly developed zone, built over orange groves and orchards from what I know of that area.

Anyway, I'm hoping maybe you, or someone else, can shed some light on my experience as to what this thing possibly could've been? 🤔
RCRuskin in Mini-tornado
Hi, Lightmight!

Speedy Gonzalez was not my first thought. Either a dust devil, which is pretty much the same meteorological event as a tornado but on a much smaller scale, or an elemental spirit.

Since I don't think you have strange air vortexes around your TV, I'm inclined towards the second option, but more data would be nice. This was 30 years ago, though, so probably no more data to be had.
the22centuryboi in Where Did My Sandals Go?
Hello Miandra,

Sorry it took me a while to read one of your stories. But you do know what had been happening with me. With regard to the sandals incident, I am not sure it is an entity that is doing it, though I must agree it can be. Something I always think about is reasonable doubt. I remain a skeptic to this day because of it. It is actually possible your mind paints images for you that may not be true. Imagine you always leave your sandals at the same place. That image is imprinted in your mind I bet. But one of those days you happened to leave it outside. The mind plays the image that you left it just by the door like you always do. I have had this happen to me a lot with keys. I keep my keys in one particular place but some days the keys end up on my bed. Though I would have left it at the center table by habit. I believe it could be one of those times. Liked your story. You should record a video of the TV changing channels. Of course critics will not accept that it wasn't you who was doing it. Hope things have gotten better. I would love to know more about where you live. I mean about the house. The layout and the past if possible. Energies in house tend to vary with the layout as well. Do reply. Sorry if I am veering away from the topic, but can you tell me how you attached an image to the story?


Prashanth J.
Ayush you said you would participate in the discussions. I still would like to know the door locked with a broken lock?
LightMight in Mini-tornado

Well, I suppose it's possible that it could've been Speedy; after all, L.A. Is extremely close to Mexico and home to many rodents...

As far as I was aware, no one close to me (or my DH) had passed. I don't recall feeling threatened, but more perplexed and definitely creeped out by the second appearance it made.

Thanks for the chuckle!
lady-glow in Mini-tornado
It probably was Speedy Gonzalez... Or the Tasmanian Devil? 🤔

LightMight - welcome to YGS.

What an interesting experience!
The fact that the little tornado follow you home makes me think that it was trying to get your attention.
Are you aware of any relative or acquaintance passing away around that time?
Shock aside, did the tornado make you feel threatened?

Your experience is so unique that it's hard to say what it could have been, but it seems that it didn't mean any harm to you.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Kashi Milli
Hello Rownin and welcome to YGS.

What you experienced fits to a T the description of sleep paralysis.
During sleep, our brain paralizes the body in order to prevent us from 'acting' our dreams and sometimes a person wakes up still under the effects of the paralysis, sometimes hallucinating.
Though scary, it is normal and it goes away after a short time.

The following link might help you to understand this condition:


Thanks for sharing.
lovebugs16 in Mobile Legends
Hi there! I'm from the Philippines as well and a huge fan of the game:) The only reason why I happen to read the story is because of the title which I found somehow misleading. I thought that the story was really about the game and all so yea. Anyway, I love the story. I used to hear cries around our house so I can totally relate to this. Looking forward to read more of your stories. Cheers!:)
LightMight in Roseman Bridge
Hi Iowahaunting,
Great story; I have to applaud you for being brave enough to walk through the bridge a second time! I have one question: did anything strange turn up in the pictures you took that day?
I've heard a few people say the same thing about that museum. I've always wanted to go there. But everyone I know who went keep telling me that they felt lightheaded and sick the whole time there. I'll get there one day.

Incidentally, my daughter went to Auschwitz. She said as soon as she went inside she was overcome with sadness and grief and sickness. Especially while looking at the shoes as well.

I don't totally discount your theory but I just attribute it to the fact that humans leave impressions upon places and things that we touch especially in times of distress. Therefore, our impression will be that much more noticeable if we are in severe distress.
Hi, Glaziola-Nacht

Thank you for sharing this with us. It sounds like you had an empathy experience. I know you said that nothing likes this has ever happened again but have you ever just felt suddenly sad, angry or in pain for no apparent reason? Then just as suddenly as those feeling start they go away? Are you a highly sensitive person? Being an empath or having the ability to feel the emotions and energy of other people can be very overwhelming especially as such a young age. I understand your need for prayer during times when you feel something is "just not right". If it brings comfort to you then you should do it regardless of who is bothered by it. I may not completely agree with what your father told you that day but I 100% understand that this is a way to explain things to a child. I think I would have said the same to any of my children.
Glaziola-Nacht (you play Poke-man at night?)

I am deeply troubled by the actions of your classmate Jason. I'm and atheist and grew up in a very Christian community. As an athlete in HS school we had team prayers. As a coach my team asked if they could hold team prayers and I said yes. I've never been "hurt" or felt uncomfortable around people praying. My philosophy is "whatever gets you through the night".
Nightbreed ~ The loss of a sibling is very hard, you never really get over it.

Please let us know how this turns out. Wishing you the very best
majarlika012 in Baguio Hauntings
When we went to Baguio during the Panagbenga Festival, I was really looking forward to experience scary moments. But, I felt none. We stayed in a transient house inside the Teacher's Camp. We, in fact, went out at night and visit the Laperal's White House but we found none. Though Baguio is still the coziest place for me. Warm people, cold climate.
Greetings, Glaziola-Nacht, and welcome to YGS.

I have yet to see the D.C. Holocaust Museum; however I have been to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. The exhibit that had the most immediate emotional effect on me happened to be the display of shoes within a glass coffin set into the floor. They were so damned *ordinary* looking; every day objects that were taken off of Jewish corpses. I had to sit down for a while, there, just staring at the shoes and feeling overwhelmed with hopeless loss. (I still don't know if that was a natural or a supernatural experience, but --in this case--I don't think that matters.)

Physical reactions to super-emotional stimuli, such as you describe here, tend to occur to people with innate psychic/spiritual tendencies. Your prayer, which was interrupted rudely, is a perfectly normal way to set up some protection around yourself before going through an emotional experience. Jesus told his disciples, "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;" (John 14:16, KJV) the new "Comforter" generally being understood to mean The Holy Spirit (read the entire fourteenth chapter of John for greater context). You were praying and seeking comfort that would help you to get through the emotionally moving and upsetting historical displays; that is EXACTLY what you needed to do. Your instincts were right; if you have to pray in silence to avoid calling the attention of bullies to your prayers, do that.

While I am agnostic, I'm going to disagree *slightly* and as politely as possible with lady-glow's statement, "I highly doubt that our good Lord Jesus would have inflicted such a cruel and painful test on you." I will stress that I agree with her next statement, "it's more likely that you had an empathic connection with the spirit of a victim of the Holocaust." However, religious peoples of many faiths have suffered and died for their beliefs; that's how canonizing Catholic saints began.

Bibliothecarius in Unexplained Phenomenons
Greetings, again, reneemarie:

Did you follow up with RSAChick's suggestion of cleansing your home? If so, how did the cleansing work out for you?

Have the closet light and the attic noises escalated, or have they remained at approximately the same level?

Have you seen the bird-like entity (or any other entity) again? I was concerned that this entity may have been monitoring you, or spying on you, because it had been commanded to do so by someone/something else. Do you know anyone who is involved in (or obsessed with) ideas of the occult & paranormal? I don't mean wiccans, witches, or tarot-card readers; I mean someone who seems to be drawn toward the creepier side of power & manipulation. Such a person may not be immediately obvious to you as "sinister," but would probably be a person whose behavior makes you consistently uncomfortable whenever you interact with him or her.

Spirits, such as the bird-like entity, would normally be called "fae," "fairy," or "elemental" in nature; usually they observe the balance of nature in a specific area of wildlife and work to protect it. *Presuming* that my initial guess was correct, then the power-seeking person in question has essentially "kidnapped" a minor spirit of some kind and is making it watch you. I do KNOW how damned odd this sounds, which is why I gave it a week or two before returning to give you my suspicion.

When they're alone in nature, these innocent supernatural entities can also occur around sites of great power or significance, such as a spiritual portal --an idea that I still have some lingering doubts about, I admit--or a holy site. Presuming that there is no such portal in your apartment (nothing in your narrative suggests that), then I suspect you may have upset a person who fits the description above.

I do hope that my ideas were clear, here, and that I didn't type something that upset you or caused you any grief.

Please let us know how you are getting along.

Haven in Checking Us
Hi, Mijuki23.

Looks like your father-in-law paid a visit. Have you asked your mother-in-law if she's ever heard anything?

Thanks for sharing.
I suffer from regular sleep paralysis. It used to be absolutely terrifying but I have had it so much that I've been able to train myself how to react to it when it occurs. When I have it, I focus on wiggling my left elbow. I also remind myself that I am experiencing sleep paralysis. Since I've started doing this, I no longer see scary things and I'm able to snap myself out of the episode fairly quickly. I don't know if this technique will work for you but I recommend trying to find ways to pull yourself out. It gets easier with time and now my sleep paralysis is just a nuisance.
MrsRizzo2429 in On-the-job Training
Thank you for sharing your story! Very creepy experience. Have a great day!
Gayatrishiva in Possession Of My Brother
mostly in india I have seen these pose [at] ed people it takes over immediately I have seen my aunt got possessed and the effect was seen within 3 or 4 days in full swing. But in west iam seeing different trend.
LOL...Cool story JB! Mrs. Smith sounds like a really lovely lady! Thank you for sharing!
freakedoutfreddy in Blue Pale Figure
Dude, that sounds like a a bash... Nobody sent the 5 year-old birthday boy to bed before midnight! 🤔 😁
Hello Glaziola - though I believe that a collection of so many objects from such a tragic and shameful period as the Holocaust would likely have a lot of negative energy and even one or more restless spirit/s attached to them, I highly doubt that our good Lord Jesus would have inflicted such a cruel and painful test on you. In my opinion, it's more likely that you had an empathic connection with the spirit of a victim of the Holocaust.

"I didn't feel right, so I took out my rosary and started to pray for protection"

Do you usually pray when you don't feel right?
What made you think that it was necessary to ask for divine protection at that moment? Did you feel threatened or in danger?
What made you decide that the lightheadedness and pain you felt were not a medical condition?
Please don't think that I am being critical of your actions, I only want to understand the reason behind your need for praying.

I feel like giving Jason a good smack on the head for his intolerance though, sometimes, it's better to keep ones beliefs private... I would have used my fingers instead of the beads of a rosary. 😜

Anyway, I'm glad that your discomfort stopped after exiting that area of the museum.
chloe26 in Baguio Hauntings
Hello, Kababayan! Thank you for sharing your story. I don't know what it is about Baguio but I've always felt uneasy staying there. We also stayed at a transient house near the grotto once and just like you and your group, we had a hard time sleeping too - this considering that the place we were at was really cozy plus the Baguio climate. I didn't experience the "tummy touching" and didn't see anything worth noting though, just experienced the heavy eerie feeling.
Hi, Zetroc.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Seeing your brother's doppelganger twice seems scary. Your second experience does not seem to be paranormal. It seems as if you were just dreaming. There has been times when I wake up with a soar throat because I dream I've been screaming or yelling. Or I'll wake up and there are tears on my face and pillow because I've been crying in my dream. I have dreamt that I get hit on a certain area of my body and when I wake that area is sore. I once had a dream that I was holding on to something really tight and when I woke I was clenching my sheets. A friend of mine told me she had a dream she had fallen off a cliff and when she hit the ground she woke up on the floor in her bedroom.
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
AugustaM, with some of the residents I believe that is likely the case, with those in advanced states of dementia they may believe they are hallucinating or may not even be able to perceive what was happening, this to me, is a lot of why management disbelief in anything happening exists
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Junglecat, to my knowledge no one ever tried anything but it may have occurred when I was not on shift, though as far as I am aware management always scoffed at the idea that anything was occurring
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Oraclemache, the lady who appeared 10 cm from my face was certainly confronting but I never really let the situations get to me, though the last one with the figure that disappeared after watching me from the fire door, that made me finish my paperwork extra quick and go around to the A wing nurses station and stay with the staff there for about 10 minutes
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Jelly91, it was almost a change of underwear I'll freely admit that
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Haven, yes my previous place of employment was an aged care facility where I encountered many people passing. There was also a cemetery directly across the street, so that may explain some of the spirits, and I am unsure what was at the site previously as I cannot find anything online but may be looking in the wrong places, it was only the fact that 3 different people described her so similarly that sparked anything off for me
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
LuciaJacinta, I was more upset by the being that was at my house in my other posting, he scared me
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
RSAChick, room 7 was always fun, never knew what or who to expect
Hi Littleboxes,

So if I understand correctly, the lighting in the entire room would change but apart from that and the presence of the boxes, it was essentially the same room, correct?

I don't know what the creatures were but you may have seen something. As we age, the way our minds processes information changes so this could account for why you did not continue to see them as you aged. To be honest, it didn't seem to be a friendly interaction anyway and leaving it in your rearview was for the best.
The container was simply just tupperware. Sorry for responding really late I honestly thought my story wouldn't get published because how bizarre it is. Haha
Thanks to Biblio for passing the link.

I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to normal and Frosty is up to the normal husky shenanigans of demanding treats. Stay safe, friend.
Interesting. It is common to hear accounts of such things being seen on stairs.
Also I believe there is folklore on "between spaces" but I am unclear on it's basis as everything is between something in some way.

Also took, not meaning to digress but what method do you employ to achieve OBE and what's your success rate like? I've not had any luck in that area
In response to Rook's questions about stairways, doorways, and windows being areas in which spirits can manifest... I have noticed that my experiences with seeing full apparitions have occurred in doorways or on stairways. I wonder if it is because these are places of entry or exit or, as others have said, places of transition. It would seem "natural," since we use these to enter/exit/move between rooms and floors, that the spiritual realm may use these areas in the same way.
Bibliothecarius in Ghostly Apparitions
Greetings, zetroc.

In your story, you wrote, "I saw my brother's doppelgänger 3x." You describe "after I opened our gate I bumped into my brother" (that's 1), then "immediately saw my brother entering our dirty kitchen's bathroom" (that's 2), and you inform us "I saw my brother right there playing with our PS2" so you "told my brother about what happened." I understood this to be your real-life brother, relaxing by playing a video game, to whom you told the story of what you'd seen. This, however, leaves out doppelgänger 3. Was the version in your room was doppelgänger number three? If not, where was the third sighting?

I am genuinely confused by this.

The second point of confusion is your reaction to seeing the second apparition was that you "already knew that this is a doppelgänger case..." How did you know this? How did you know this was not your brother who had been in the kitchen and suddenly needed to relieve himself? There must be a point of clarification that you did not include in your story. How would your brother have reacted if he had genuinely entered that bathroom & you burst in to turn off the faucet and the light in pursuit of a doppelgänger? If my little brother had done that to me, I would have been **furious** with him!

Please clarify these details, as I hate when descriptions of settings and behavior give me an incomplete mental picture. Usually, as I read, I can "see" what is being described; in each of the above paragraphs, there are blank spaces in my mind where the details should be.

Hi Lady glow, just to anecdotally chip in

"I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation."

I had such a situation on a recent business trip. The room they gave me had a lock malfunction so the key wouldn't work. Rather than giving me another room, the concierge gave me a screwdriver and a butter knife and left me to it
TLB, I find your experience to be really interesting, and given the age you said you were able to see these curious creatures at, and the age you say you were no longer able to see them at, makes me wonder if there's a reason why that is. Like with the paranormal world, it's said that children of a young age are more acceptable to see spirits that older people are unable to, unless they have the gift to. I've read other accounts that have talked about the in betweeners, that is said to be seen in doorways etc. It's supposedly like a portal to their world I think. Not implying that that's what you saw, but just that with that said, I believe there's a lot more to our world, than what we can see. I believe there's other worlds that are around us, but we're blinded to see it. So maybe what you saw is what people grow to be blinded to as they get older, from what we're told is real, and what's not. Perhaps at that time, those little people you saw allowed you to see them for the time being, until you reached a certain age. These are just some ideas I have, so don't take this as me claiming to be certain of it. But like I said, I really do believe there's more to our world then we can see and know, so I don't dismiss the oddities that happens as not being real, or just an active imagination. You never know what's right in front us, that we're just too blind to see. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I hope to hear back from you soon 😊
I often try to keep myself away from commenting on those stories / experiences which are written by juvenile writers. Mainly because of the stories written by them often do not have any sence and they are far from realities.
The word paranormal itself is not only a serious subject, but it's interpretation requires a specially contemplative mind that can distinguish between real and paradoxical worlds. Juvenile mind doesn't have that contemplative compatibility, sence and strength. Unless the person is god gifted.
The author probably does not understand the seriousness of ygs. It is not merely a medium to publish literary articles. This is a platform through which the world maintains the spirit of a global family, while sharing their experiences on the supernatural subject, also helps the peoples in need.

This is so Scaring
Did u faced any paranormal activity ever? 😨
Hello Lady Glow. Thank you for reading my story. When I saw an apparition of my brother when I was a teenager, it was like he didn't changed at all. His clothes at that time, as far as I can remember, was still the same clothes he wore when we had the accident.

As for my parents, I never inquired nor asked them about my brother. Maybe we were both trying not to talk about it.

Best regards
Another thing, couldn't your uncle just simply unlocked the door from the inside as most locks you don't need a key for the inside, however some do. In any case the lock would have to be working which it couldn't have been since you said your uncle broke it. Did your uncle repair the lock after he broke it but still decided to leave it unlocked after it got repaired?
May I ask one question? How did the door lock itself if your uncle had broken the lock to get in? Did the lock repair itself?
Great story. It sounds like Derek was a good man in life and remains a good man in the spirit world.
Bibliothecarius in I Don't Believe, He Does

First, my condolences on the loss of your brother. Family can be a difficult topic at the best of times, so thank you for being clear about that relationship as a factor in your response.

It appears to me that you're taking the best parts of the advice given by each of us. I do hope that this brings about positive growth and openness between you and H. It can be frightening to open up to another person when trying to explain how having paranormal abilities of some kind has affected your life or why it is proving difficult in the present. Taking H seriously on this point will build great trust.

A tip of my hat to you.

Your story does not suprise in the least bit. No doubt the Roman Coliseum has a ton of residual spiritual energy. Being a child, I see how you were lightening rod to spirtual energy that day. From my own experiences and people I talk to who believe, I found the majority of us had experiences when we were young, usually before age 15 or so. I had so many experiences when I was kid, but I gave up telling my parents or siblings because, "You we're imagining things" or "You had a bad dream". Or "You didn't see that". It is a good thing people are more open these days because I never discount a story involving the other side.
That's quite similar to my own first series of experiences. You can find them through my profile.
The feeling you describe in your second paragraph - I know exactly what you mean.

Read ing your account was actually a little triggering for me:)
First of all, I want to thank you guys for the advice you've presented me. My goal is always to try and understand/work with others, not judge them or prove anything, so I do try to be as open-minded as is possible.

Cuddlebear- I think the way you described your relationship with your wife probably comes closest to my relationship with H. I want very much to preserve our relationship, and I'd have no problem with carrying out a cleansing.

Dennis191- Let me just compliment you on your taste in music, first of all. But you also made me consider a few reasons why H might be specifically uncomfortable with my music collection.

Bibliothecarius- I was worried that H was trying to manipulate our shared space too at first. Since I submitted my story, H and I have talked about the specifics of what freaks him out. H's mom and mine are friends, and before we were introduced, H met my big brother, who he always felt uneasy around. My brother was a troubled man who could be unpredictable and toxic at times. He died last April of a drug overdose. So he was still alive before H moved in. At the time I wasn't speaking to my brother, because he had become too chaotic of an element in my life.

It wasn't always this way; as a teenager I spent a lot of time with my brother, who introduced me to a lot of the music I love, and a lot of my favorite movies. He loved Metallica, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, and most of all Iron Maiden. Number of the Beast was his favorite album. It's mine now, and I suppose I feel connected to him through that. I also have two of his favorite movie posters, Scarface and The Shining prominently displayed. It's my way of remembering the good times, and honoring his memory.

H confessed to me that it is these three items that frighten him, because he believes my brother's spirit is attached to them. He worries that the shadow person he's seen is my brother, and like I mentioned, my brother made him uneasy in life. H is concerned that my brother is a negative presence, because of the way things ended. H has indicated that he would feel better if I did perform a cleansing ritual. So thank you for informing me about Rook's ritual, I plan to try it.

While I doubt that my brother's spirit is actually here (if there is an afterlife, I like to think he's moved on from his corporeal troubles), maybe it would be cathartic to cleanse the apartment, to just say "I know you tried, and I forgive you. And you don't have to worry, H is a good man." to my brother. It won't hurt me to do this, and H seems to think it could help take care of whatever is happening. I'm just hopeful that it will make H feel more secure living here. I'll update you all about how this goes.
Chesscat, that was a great story. Can I ask, was your haunted house old, and what area of the UK was it in? It's strange how you didn't feel afraid despite how creepy the experience was, but for me that just makes it more credible. I have only seen a ghost once, I think, but strangely I only felt puzzled. My husband has seen a few but just brushes them off. If they don't mean any harm what's the point of being scared?

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