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johnmillertimes in Personal Haunting
Great feedback guys I really appreciate it!
As I have mentioned before activity has really ramped up and I am not very anxious to find a solution. Activity happens wherever I am now and is extremely blatant.
The picture is basicly of a chair and there was nothing on the chair when the picture was taken and yes it is quite possible that my finger did encroach in the frame but I was wearing a long sleeved shirt at the time, the chair is a metal straight back with two metal supports that arch up to the corners.
I have so many videos of what I believe are orbs, that are basically little bigger that a pin prick, but very apparant to not be something natural.
Manafon - Your mom has certainly chosen her mode of communication with you.

You realised the first time that she was making her presence known to you, so the obvious way to communicate with you again was via the clock method.

Do the two dates of these incidents mean anything to you or were they just random?

Regards, Melda
Manafon, very interesting! Was there anything going on in your life, or perhaps at that house, that may make your mom feel like she needed to reach out? How were you feeling before it happened?
Nalchen, I will take it as a deep compliment that you confused me for Rook. 😁 Rook knows way more than I ever shall on this subject.

Overall, and tragically, I don't think this was a haunting, so much as your family hearing the murders happen. It is a relief, though not a great one, that no one else in your building was murdered that night.
[at] RCRuskin, my sincere apologies for not getting the name right in the previous message. I was reading about Rook's cleansing method as well to go along with Biblio's salt sprinkling method and I just confused the name while typing the message.

Hi Rook,

Thanks for your message. The bodies that were found were that of my neighbours. The cause of death is murder, but how, - investigation is going on. Cops did their round of investigation at my house over the weekend, as we were opposite to the apartment where the murder happened, but we were not of much help to them.

With what I heard from the cops, the murder happened 8 to 10 hours before the cops were called - I think, this is from the autopsy report. (Not sure about the correctness of this info, as I heard it from one of the cops during their interrogation at our residence).

I can answer the last question only if there is more insight on how the murder happened. They are still questioning the suspect, but no progress on that front either.

Am sorry I couldn't be of much help here. I will maybe post updates as soon as I have more answers from the cops.
Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your message. Yes, absolutely, no safe world to bring up young kids these days. Its a nice locality and the neighborhood is still in a state of shock about this incident.

Wall seperating the crime - True. I was wondering about it as well. Maybe it was easier for the spirits to get my attention this way. Nevertheless, I am happy if it never happens again.

Hi Biblio,

Yes indeed, been quite some time. Ya, I think I have this intuition from my mother. My mom has always had her ways with supernatural.

I really hope that me calling the cops helped them. I can bare anything for me, but not for my family. Just worried. Though I haven't felt anything in the last few days, I still have a sense of insecurtiy (Not sure if its the right word), but a sense of restlessness.

Oh Biblio, No problem, any help that I can take at the moment.:) I haven't really heard about the Salt sprinkling method. Thanks so much briefing in detail. I will try it tomorrow. If that can ward of their entry into a place, then very well, I might use it at the entrance of my apartment. Everytime I open my door and see the door of the opposite apartment, I have an uneasy feeling.

Once again, appreciate your offer to help me in this time of distress. Thank you so much.

[at] Augusta - Thanks for your message. It indeed sounds right. I have been religious through out and we did do some rituals which seems to have calmed me down a bit, but the neighborhood still keeps talking about it, which in a way, bothers me at the corner of my head. If the feeling doesn't go away, I have no other option other than to seek for a new apartment.

I just had a paranormal experience on Saturday night (December 15th) at around 7:30 PM that I wanted to add as a follow-up to the account this comment is attached to, which occured four years ago. I have been staying at a customer's house for the last two weeks and was alone for a few hours. I was sitting in a comfortable chair writing an email on my laptop in the large living room, when I suddenly became aware of a ticking, like that of a medium sized alarm clock. Simultaneously, and exactly as with my original experience, I felt chills from head to toe and that a presence had entered my conscience.

I stood up and walked towards the bookshelf where the ticking seemed to be coming from and it moved off a couple of feet to a window to my right. The ticking then seemed to be coming from the just the other side of the glass. I said out loud, "Is that you mom?", and the ticking then moved back to the area of the shelves and then seemed to move in front of me and then, as I focused more on it, to slowly fade away.

I then simply returned to writing. Only later in the evening did it really hit me that I had been visited again by what I believe to have been the spirit of my mom. As with my first encounter with a strange clock ticking sound, I have found comfort in what I believe was a visitation from my mom.
KankokuMochi in Interference On Camera
I will soon post the picture of the squiggly red dot and the dancing man, but the picture of the usual background on channel 3 will be up soon.
fence_sitter in Angel Of The Dark
Hi Kirbyp,

Like stargeezer, I agree with you regarding your views about dogs. I hate to quote a cliche but I believe that these creatures are truly man's best friends. Like you, I have cried in the past whenever one of my dogs died due to old age or illness. You treat them right and they will do everything to protect you and your loved ones. My latest dog, a pitbull mix, even when she was 3 month old puppy would always stay infront of me, my wife, or kids when she senses an unknown visitor, whether it be human or another animal. Unlike some of my dogs in the past who would either growl behind you or some other place away from you, this particular dog would always stay in front and stay alert or growl until the visitor or animal was gone or was acknowledged to be friendly. I hope you find another dog as protective and loyal as Harley.

Have you tried making peace with this entity that is haunting your place? Maybe, try contacting it through meditation or simply talking with it when you are alone, and just acknowledge their presence and making peace with it? Based on your accounts, the entity doesn't seem to be malevolent or harmful (and I wish it truly isn't). I believe Harley was just acting on its defensive/protective instincts and neither of you where physically hurt by this presence. This is only a suggestion. Just my two cents worth. Peace.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to give some clarification about what happened.

I wrote this in a rush before I had to head over to jury duty that day, so let me explain a few misunderstandings.

For those that are curious, we don't live in an apartment, we live in a one-story house.

Second, the reason I have extra beds in my room was that I wanted to keep the tiny bed I had before next to my new bigger bed at the time.

Third, the reason my mom and my brother slept in my room that night was that they wanted to keep me company while I do my schoolwork and projects. Sometimes, they do tend to fall asleep in my room.

Lastly, my brother's bedroom was next door to the right.

As for the voices, I suppose it might have been my half-asleep state, but I could have sworn I heard their voices.

And as for my brother and my mom ditching me in my room that night, they explained that they just moved to my brother's room groggily. They didn't hear any voices.

And yes, they did help me make my beds.

Hopefully, this will shed more light on the story.
Just one question: did the bodies found belong to your neighbors?

What else I want to know would flow from the answer. If it was your neighbors, when did they die, just as an example. How did they die?

Assuming the experience to be a ghostly one, were your neighbors begging you for help that night?

As of now I can't think of anything that would have caused it. I will update this comment section if I can think of anything.
lady-glow - Don't worry about anything you write getting lost in translation - 99.9% of the time you get your point across very clearly ❤

Regards, Melda
Melda - "
What rather surprises me is that your mother and your brother might have been scared by some or other entity and just hot-footed it out of there without even waking you 😕 "

That's exactly what came to my mind in Spanish, but got lost in translation when I had to put it in English. 🙄
TimeTravellingStoryteller17 in People In Our House
hey, I have a Youtube channel dedicated to read stories that not a lot of people know from writers from Asia,

Would you mind if I could read this in my channel? 😘
Kanko - I don't want to make a big deal about the three of you sharing a room. Were there perhaps other unpleasant occurrences which caused you to do that?

I've just read your previous submission and don't pick up that the three of you decided to sleep in the same room because you were all frightened by paranormal activity, or anything there which might have scared your mother or your brother (okay the dancing man which your mother saw).

What rather surprises me is that your mother and your brother might have been scared by some or other entity and just hot-footed it out of there without even waking you 😕

Perhaps you need to provide further details.

Regards, Melda

Thanks for sharing your story. That is pretty unnerving to say the least! I'm glad you finally did get the courage to go down into the room to see what was amiss. Had you let fear get to you and stayed in the room, you would've never known if it was actually an intruder hiding in your house or something paranormal, especially after seeing that shadow (which was freaky enough)!

I wonder what the source of music was that you heard through the vent in that bedroom? Then when you heard the angel going off in the closet...ugh! I would've took off after that.

I'm glad your dog was aware of something. That is one reason why I swear by having a dog around for their uncanny ability to sense spirits. That reminds me of a particular experience I witnessed 20 years ago when my dad and I were standing at the side door in our kitchen one night watching a dog aggressively bark and attack something that was trying to come up our walkway and enter the house, and it was only a few steps away with only a small dog between us and it (and that's not the only incident either, but I'm not getting into all of that)!

I favorited this story so that I can come back and read it again. I look forward to reading the other parts to this whenever you have a chance to post.

Thank you!
Hello Haven,
No the angel wasn't new it looked pretty old to me. I think someone gave it to my mom. I think if it had been newer it would have ran on batteries too instead of just a cord. I don't think the angel was haunted, I think it was just being used as a conduit, because a week or so after I got rid of it, my haunting continued.
Oh man, I feel sorry for your friend for having to go through that. Those monkies give me the creeps like they are. I couldn't imagine how I'd react to seeing one move on it's own Brrrr! Thank you so much for commenting and sharing that experience with me.
Hello Stargeezer,
Yes I am so thankful for Harley that night for being so brave and for protecting me because I'm not afraid to admit it, I was scared, especially when I found out it was something paranormal. I cried my eyes out when I lost Harley, he truly was my best friend. Thank you so much for your comment!
Hi AugustaM
Yea that was a pretty scary experience and when animals are growling at something we can't see makes it a little unnerving to say the least. Thank you for sharing that similar experience. Even though your dog is smaller she still did her best to protect you, that's awesome! Thanks again.
Hello there!

Is it possible that you were still half awake upon hearing those voices? I have to agree with lady about the three of you sleeping together in one room. I think more information would give light to your story. Anyways, thanks for sharing

Hello nalchen,

It is late here so I will try to be brief.

As I read of your event, when you felt someone around you or behind you. I thought that someone needed your attention. The banging on your door and such didn't work so they had stepped it up a bit. Clearly someone or something needed your help.

When all else failed, that worked. You ask "why you" the answer is goes two ways, you are open to the paranormal, and only a wall separated you from the crime.

I think I would want to get away from the inner city, but that is just me. There is crime everywhere in this world.

Stay safe,
Greetings, nalchen, it's been a while!

Spiritually, you are open. I don't know that I'd go so far as to call you a beacon, as such individuals experience near-constant activity throughout their lives; however, you are sensitive to the supernatural. Your apartment's proximity to the scene of the crime simply made you a convenient conduit for the desperate spirits of your deceased neighbors.

The stressful events of their murders would have made the spirits desperate for attention; they were panicking and you were attentive to their distress. Your calling the police should have resolved some of their issues as they received the attention they needed.

Feeling watched in your room, though, is not the positive after-effect I'd expect. Did you know them at all, or were they the sort of neighbors you'd just nod "hello" to as you collected your mail? They may have some pent-up aggression from their murders and the fact that you reacted the first time may have tempted them to attach themselves to you and your family. I'd much rather that they vent their stress by stalking the person responsible for their demise, but their being locked into their apartment may have given them a psychological limitation in their ability to travel.

Augusta has given you some great advice for bringing about a peaceful resolution to this situation. However, I'd like to add an odd idea that occurred to me as I read your description. I suspect that you need to reinforce the shared wall of the two apartments; as this is the master bedroom, there's little chance of this worrying your children. Boundaries are significant, but if their desperation led your neighbors to move through the wall to alert you, then they may be continuing to enter both apartments whenever they feel like it. I seldom render this type of advice to anyone, as it borders upon the superstitious; I have made this sort of recommendation twice before, that I recall, since I joined YGS. Please take this with my good intentions, but I can't compel you to follow any of this advice if you feel it would be ridiculous.

Salt has been used as a protective barrier in several folkloric and religious traditions; I recommend purchasing a container of salt to sprinkle along the bedroom carpet next to the wall. You should lay a continuous trail of the salt, about one inch (2.5 cm) wide, for the length of the wall. I'd use sea salt or rock salt, for example, but that's up to you. The laying of a boundary line should establish *in your mind* a "safe zone" in your apartment (there may be just as much a psychosomatic effect of the ritual as a supernatural one). However, the line of unbroken salt should serve as a reminder of where the departed neighbors should be, versus where they are not permitted!

As I stated, this is unusual advice for me to give to anyone, but I got the impression from your narrative that the neighbors' spirits needed a solid reminder of where they do not belong. If it seems silly to you, then it will not work, no matter how hard you try. Please do give it some thought, though, while you seek a more permanent solution.

Geez...The last thing I'd have wanted/liked during my nights as a university student, would had been to share my room with my mother and siblings!

Kanko - you admit to be groggy at that moment, - would it be possible that the voices were only part of your not-so-awake state? How far is your brother's bedroom from yours? Do your brother and mother talk in their sleep? Did you ask why they move to the other bedroom? Did this happen in the same house from your previous story?

Is there a reason why you three had/have to sleep in just one bedroom? I mean no disrespect but, that just doesn't seem 'normal' for a family living in a house with enough rooms for each member.

Anyway, I hope they helped you to make up their bed/s the next morning.
Hi Rex-T,

Your comments are always appreciated and I don't consider them late actually (they are most welcome anytime). I am happy that you are back on this website and happily clicking away on your keyboard.

I totally agree with you that these spirits have been here long before humans arrived. And like them, I totally agree in keeping the solitude and silence in our immediate environment. Good thing they have never harmed any members of my family and we have tried our best in making peace with these beings. In a way, I consider this relationship as a blessing.

Like ghosts or poltergeists, I believe these spirits are also forms of energy and this might explain why they are able to influence objects such as motors or switches. I have already accepted their existence, totally accepted them as a facet of our existence in this world, made peace with them, and just co-exist with them harmoniously by avoiding any disturbances or noise in our place.

Just my two cents worth; and my prayers and wishes for your total recovery. Peace.


Hi RCRuskin,

I totally agree with you. Like you, I also side with the elementals in keeping the silence specially in our own personal "fortress of solitude".

Like you I also suffer from tinnitus because I have been a Type 2 diabetic since I was 40 years of age. I believe that I have found the solution to this problem when I practiced meditation (right now, I am using the breath meditation technique of Theravada Buddhism) and I just condition myself to accept that the ringing sound is just an element of my natural environment --- a sound that has been there since the primordial times and just accept it as it is. I just embraced it, I don't get annoyed by it, I accepted it totally, and made peace with it. During meditation, all I concentrated fully on is the observance of the breath at the present moment --- no distractions from the past and no dreams, plans or expectations about the future --- just concentrate on your inhalations and exhalations at the present moment and accept that the ringing sound is just a friend that your mind has accepted to be present at all times. With practice, you won't get disturbed or annoyed by the tinnitus in your daily life. It worked heaps for me.

Just my two cents worth and thank you for the comments. Peace.


Personally, I would sure want to move both for fear of the paranormal and living beings... If you are set on staying, couldn't hurt to take a few precautions. I would have the home blessed/cleansed by a religious authority. I would also look up methods of cleansing (according to your beliefs) that could be performed by you and your family after the professional has done his/her thing - and make a habit of cleansing every week or so for a few months. I would also pray for the souls if the victims next door and wish them peace. For all else, a security system could be a solid investment and perhaps self defense classes for the children and your wife. More than anything else, such measures will help everyone feel more self assured and confident, which will stand them in good sted against most anything.

I hope the case is solved soon and the baddies all locked well away from you and yoir loved ones! Be safe!
Maybe the entity you were seeing had some sort of goal to achieve here on earth in a certain period of time and on that day in 2014, his time was up and he was sucked back down to whence he came? It does sound as though you were the one haunted and not any particular location. Can you think of anything stressful, angering, or in any way traumatic or upsetting that may have precipitated his visits? Or anything in that vein that may have happened in the days just after his appearances?
AugustaM in Angel Of The Dark
*looks nervously around the room*...everything in the apartment has been gleaned from various thrift stores 😬...Goodwill included!😬
Who me, worry? 😅

Yup, that would've gotten me going! I had something similar to that happen when I was younger. It was one of the first few times I had been left home alone. I was watching TV upstairs on my mom's bed with our devoted little rescue poodle (Annie) beside me when she started to growl with uncharacteristic menace, her eyes focused on the door to the hall. Then I heard a plastic clatter from my room at the end of the hall. I knew what it was - the "life size twin" doll that stayed securely tucked into the corner of my room. Annie wasn't pleased but only weighing 12lbs, there was little she could physically do to prevent me so she went with me to verify. I had been right. No sooner were we standing in my room gazing down at the toppled doll now in the middle of the room than we heard a clatter from my mom's room - the remote falling. I scooped her up and we ran downstairs. I stood holding her in the foyer and heard a few more noises from upstairs before grabbing a hand full of coats from the closet and opting to wait out on the front steps in spite of the cold for my mom to come home.

Strangest of all, mine was a completely isolated event. Frightening to think that it sounds as though yours may have been just the beginning!

I looking forward to more of your experiences!
Hello fence_sitter,

Recent circumstances have meant that I'm a little bit late to the party and a lot of my initial thoughts have already been covered by fellow YGS posters.

I get the impression that these elementals are ancient and are (understandably) trying to preserve their environment in its original state - pristine jungle. It stands to reason that they would not take kindly to pretend "Easy Riders" with overtly loud Harley's. Getting the bikes carted off in a pickup truck is hardly in the spirit of "Born to be Wild".

I have experienced and read accounts of engines cutting out in similar circumstances, only to be deemed undamaged on closer inspection. In the majority of cases, the cause was electrical interference. I'm wondering if the elementals have a close affinity to energy and can influence an electrical circuit - in this case, the electrical impulse to the spark plug.

Hey, got to agree with Augusta on this one, I live in a large apartment block and would willingly rent out a few elementals to impolitely pacify neighbors' sound systems, from time to time.

As for Ruskin's mobile boom boxes, we call them "Doof-Doof" cars and in Australia, they can be pulled over by the police, the owner fined, and the car defected on the spot.

In a way, fence_sitter, you are fortunate to have your own neighborhood sound police on active duty.

Ok -not an event that happened at my house, but today at work I had a male voice clearly say "hello" in my right ear as I stepped into my office. Nobody was anywhere to be seen and the building was virtually empty.
Hi, Fence-Sitter.

I have to agree with these elementals. I do not understand why some things have to be noisy, or why just have sound on in the background? And this is even with my tinnitus. Sometimes, I'll put on a video of ocean waves or something similar, but never anything loud.

And let's not bring up... I forget what they're called. Cars with 5 billion watt sound systems. Boom cars?

In summary, I agree with the elementals.
stargeezer in Angel Of The Dark
hello Kirbyp,
Interesting and creepy as h**! And since you haven't sought help/advice (which I'm no expert in, even if you have) would like to reflect on your brave friend Harley! How he got inbetween you and the whatever! Sorry to hear you lost him!
Ever so reliable Dogs, they will take on an elephant (yeah, with those enormous ears of theirs) if it comes to that. To protect you! Not like some friends who'd look west when things turn south. One thing I know from experience in a situation like this, you should also be brave not panic (yeah easy for me to say from over here) Because dogs can sense our nervousness and put them in an indecisive mood too. But when the pack leader (that's us lot) is game, they get into that 'let's go kill something vibe! I find it amazing.
But also you should know to back off and call him off when it finds a poisonous snake or something similar.
Hope to hear more stories from you!
Hi Kirbyp -

That's sounds like a very scary experience. Was the angel new when your mom gave it to you?

This reminds me of when a good friend of mine had a toy monkey that played the drums. That thing would go off on its own all the time. She had enough one day when she woke up in the middle of the night to the noise of the monkey playing the drums, she came out of her bedroom to go shut it off (even though there was no batteries in it) and she found it right outside her bedroom door. She lived alone and had no kids. She was so scared she grabbed the darn monkey, opened the front door, and flung it out into the street.
I'm glad I'm not alone in this regard. I have seen this phenomena twice in my life, first when I was about 4/5 years old and once when I was 17/18. On the first occasion I was at a house belong to a friend of my Mother. I was left in the living room of an old farmhouse whilst the adults were talking upstairs. There was an old wooden door in the room that seemed out of place, a different design and style to the others. As a curious child I went and opened it, a white cloudy mass was on the other side and passed through me, screaming uncontrollably until my mother returned to comfort me. The memory is still vivid after 40 years. The next time this happened was in the early 1990s. I was walking with my girlfriend and her dog near an old ruin, being a bit of a showoff I decided to scale the partially destroyed wall to peek inside the derelict upstairs window. I as looked through, the same type of misty smoke appeared and shot towards me. Taken off guard I jumped and fell back onto the hard ground. I am in my 40s but haven't experienced anything since.
lady-glow in Is That A Kid?
Any more information about Jenny would be appreciated. Is she a sensitive or did she jump to the conclusion of 'the portal at the base of the stairs' after something that may as well have been only a dream?
Did any of you girls check if the boy could have been a reflection of someone outside?
Have any of the members of that family experienced anything else that supports the theory of the portal or other kind of paranormal activity?

This event happened nine years ago, has anything else occurred ever since?
Are your cousins still living in that house?

In my opinion and based on the little information provided in your narrative, it's hard to say if what you saw was a kid, much less if there is a portal in that house. 🤔

Thanks for sharing.

No. I'm working in a call center in Cebu. But I think I heard rumors about a kid that died here but I'm not sure yet.


None that I am aware of.


I haven't gather information about the building yet but I will try to ask around.
Twilight1011 in Mr. Riggs Walks 2
Mr.Riggs, I'm sorry to hear this about your wife 😳 it makes me think of my Papaw, who we believe has a type of dementia as well. It seems that ever since we lost my Mamaw (his wife) last year, he's only gotten worse with his memory. He's gotten into arguments with us (my family and I), over what he thinks is happening, when what he believes to be real, is not. He's argued with me over something as small as a barrel he had in his garden for so many years, to not be his, and swearing that I'm lying to him over it being his, because he forgot that it was his. That argument had me in tears unfortunately, not being able to convince him that I was not lying to him. So I understand how hard it can be to have someone you love, and shared so many memories with over the years, start to forget. He's a very prideful man, and not being able to remember certain things, or to confuse certain memories, isn't easy for him to accept. It's difficult as a loved one, to have to get use to, as well as accept the changes our loved one is going through. Personally I've had to tell myself many times, that what he has said to me, despite how hurtful it may be, isn't really him. As in him not being in his right state of mind. I'm glad you choose to share your experience with us, and appreciate you sharing apart of your life with me, as I know it can be hard to talk about at times. I wish you and your wife the very best, and hope that ya'll have a Happy Holiday 😊
Melda in Mama Mia
Cups - Why have you disappeared? I hope you read this. Please come back!
Mr Riggs -

Once again, thank you for sharing this with us. My family cat, Boots, is going on 10 years with us. He is our baby, I cannot imagine how hard it's going to be on my kids when he leaves us. I will share this with my kids, I'm sure it will help them even though we will always miss our precious pets.

I think I know what it is, I have done plenty of research on this. I believe it is a normal man with something inside their body or brain that is "controlling" them, whoever it is. Now the next part seems weird but based on the story you believe in the weird. The thing inside the person is called "dark essence" it is the root of all evil. Usally it is no problem but sometimes it finds someone to use as it's pawn, whatever the person does it's a mystery why. So I think you were visited by what some consider the root of all evil.
Hopefully this helps.
I think I know what it is, I have done plenty of research on this. I believe it is a normal man with something inside their body or brain that is "controlling" them, whoever it is. Now the next part seems weird but based on the story you believe in the weird. The thing inside the person is called "dark essence" it is the root of all evil. Usally it is no problem but sometimes it finds someone to use as it's pawn, whatever the person does it's a mystery why. So I think you were visited by what some consider the root of all evil.
Hopefully this helps.
Cuddlebear in Mr. Riggs Walks 2
MrRiggs -

Your response to Haven was heartwarming. Hearing of a person losing a pet is heartrending, especially to those who have experienced it. But I would never give up that pain if it meant that I had not had the companionship and love that they offered in their lives. My heart goes out to your children and your family. I know too well that pain.

I do disagree with you response on one point, and it is my biggest soap box point - YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Either we are the result of 4,300,000,000 years of evolution (perhaps longer) or the product of a supreme being - in either case all living things are special. We are the combination of elements created in the furnaces of stars - we are star stuff. In all the universe there is nothing that can identically replace you (or your pets). We are all unique in a universe the scope of which is beyond human understanding.

Whenever I get down on myself I remind myself of these simple facts.

Be well.

I want to share something with you that might be helpful.

Yesterday evening our daughter called in tears. Her beloved 15 year old cat had become lethargic and inattentive. She took the cat to the vet, who drew blood for analysis, and speculated that the cat was in kidney failure. Test results would not be in until today.

We talked at some length. My daughter was in a lot of personal pain at the prospect of losing another cat. This was the 3rd that would be leaving her, and always in December. I told her of my experience, my story on YGS, and my feelings about the process of death. She listened politely. I don't know how much she grasped in her emotional state.

Early this morning we received a text that the vet had put her cat down. My daughter was heartbroken as this cat had a special meaning to her. While writing this paragraph our daughter called, and she and I talked for 45 minutes. Her heartbreak is tremendous and we were both in tears. She does understand about Mr. Riggs, and was able to find some comfort in the significance of his return.

What I want to share with you is the comfort and confidence I have discovered in myself as the result of Mr. Riggs' returning. Not just once, but twice. He is not dead, as in ceasing to exist. I have no doubt he lives, though he is no longer in the flesh.

While I find it terrible to hear the pain in our daughter's voice, I cannot sorrow for her cat. That cat is as alive as it ever was, and as alive as Mr. Riggs and Rascal.

I can imagine the comments of the doubters and disbelievers. They were not with me to share my experiences. I will never doubt the existence of an afterlife for pets. As far as I can see, there is simply a continuation of life minus the flesh.

I have no doubt your beloved friend is as alive as my dogs are. I am no one special, nor were my dogs special (except to me). Why should my dogs live and not the dogs or cats of another person? There is no reason. Our pets live, though not all return.

Not only do I not grieve for our daughter's cat, we may be losing my son's old bird dog, who we are pet-sitting for.

Should that happen we will share his pain. She is certainly a very good dog and will be missed. We will all hurt at her passing. But I will not cry for her. Why weep for the living, even if they are without a body?

Haven, take heart. I'm sure your dog lives. I think you will meet again.

Johnmillertimes - It would seem that you do indeed have one or more entities in your home.

I'm not being critical but the room in the photo is rather cluttered, which could lead to some confusion. (I have some clutter myself!) I do see a face but it would appear that the round object, which at first glance seems to be sitting on the left shoulder of the apparition, might in fact be part of the wooden structure behind the face. I don't know whether what I said makes sense.

Could you perhaps describe the piece of furniture, desk, chair or whatever, which is behind this face?

Regards, Melda
Well, hello, Twilight1011. Thank you for commenting and your very kind remarks.

Your question is truly valid and gives an insight into my life. There is a struggle that I am experiencing that is growing more difficult with the passage of time. My wife has lost much of her memory and I believe she has developed a form of dementia.

While she remembers her childhood and her good friends, most of the details of everyday life are not imprinting within her mind. I have not asked her about the Fredericksburg ghost girl lately. She may not even remember the house we lived in.

She reads her bible every day and falls back on her religious beliefs often, especially those of her childhood. Those beliefs deny the existence of ghosts or non-religious spirits. That said, she was certainly aware of the Fredericksburg ghost, and sometimes spoke to it (a teenage girl). She would comment to the ghost when doors would open or close, or before vacuuming, though I do not recall what she said. As there was never an indication of negativity, we befriended the ghost and were polite toward it. Looking back, I'm glad we were kind and accepting of the ghost. To this day I hold sorrow in my heart for the drowned young lady who disobeyed her mother, and then payed with her life.

Today my wife would deny that. She also refuses to believe in the psychic experiences I have had, or that I have had out of body experiences. I just let it go. There is no productive purpose in trying to convince her of these things at this point in her life.

Today's reality consists of "I fergit," "I forgot" and making left turns while driving without being in the proper turning lane. We are in a new world at this point. Things are very different.

What I can add for you is that I sometimes wonder if my small measure of psychic ability has any link to the return of Mr. Riggs and Rascal. I do not know the answer to that question.

Thank you for responding to this story. I was somewhat hesitant to present it to YGS readers. I finally felt compelled to share it. These things did happen and I think it would inappropriate to keep it to myself.

Please do not feel ill at ease for asking your question. I'm glad you did. Although my reality is somewhat unpleasant it is not a secret. It's just something I have to deal with, so no harm done.
RSAChick in Personal Haunting
Hi Biblio, I now cannot un-see the button! Thanks for the suggestion.
The creepy face looks like knitted braiding to me now.
The end of a sleeve, perhaps.
How it got in front of the camera I don't know.
Mr Riggs - thank you so much for your comments. I'll admit I cried a little but they were tears of happiness because I know my darling Charmin lives on and one day I will see him again.

That was soooo creepy. And that's very brave of you, to not shout and just pray.

Twilight1011 in Mr. Riggs Walks 2
Mr.Riggs, I'd like to give my condolences to you, for the loss of your very much loved pets. There's no shame in being emotional for their loss, as they were members of your family as well. It seems they all lived a very happy life with you, as I'm sure they all felt very blessed to have your love. I do have a question I'd like to ask you, about your wife. I see you said that she does not believe in the paranormal, but I remember reading in one of your other experiences on here, about your home in Fredericksburg VA, you said that ya'll became use to living with the spirit there, and accepted its presence there. Did your wife still not believe what ya'll kept experiencing there to be a spirit? How did she react to living in that home with what all would happen there? Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and giving us your update. I think your writing skills are exceptional, and enjoy reading how well you describe your details, giving an amazing visual. Hope to hear from you soon 😊
Jubeele ~ Great news about Rex-T I hope all continues to go well.

Spaulding was clearly the dominant pet as he gained sisters (including the dog I might add). We were always pretty sure that the younger cats got on the bed when we took Spaulding with us, patches of fur and indentations on the bed are a pretty certain give away. So I don't think it was his scent that kept the other cats off the bed. It took them between two and three years before the younger cats would get on the bed.

Oddly, in retrospect, Mrs. Emma Peel (the cat who now travels with us to Hatteras) has never shown any hesitancy to get on the bed in the trailer, or any of his favourite spots. Not sure what to make of that.

If any of our furkiddies are visiting us in our home I doubt we would know, the living pets would get the credit...

Again the Cuddlewife and I are wishing you and Rex-t the very best.
Hi! Were the white lady and man in the window seen just once, or for a couple of times by different people?

I have the same question as karpkarpkarpmagikarp. Saang lugar 'to sa Marikina?
Hi! It's nice to know some Filipinos here!:)

Good story! When I read the comment section, I saw this Hypnopompic Hallucinations thing. I think, how you saw the three men were very much similar to my experience when I was still working in a BPO Industry (call center). I was taking a nap in the training room before the start of shift, then I saw a female figure, wearing a black top and pants. The image was also wearing a black veil. I was so scared that time, but I realized it was not real. Just part of my imagination when I was waking up.

I'm not saying that what you saw was not real. Just want to comment on Hypnopompic Hallucinations. Thanks and looking forward to more stories!

Best regards.
Rex-T - You're worth every word of well-being and prayers which were sent your way. You're still on my list ❤

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-steve in The Time I Died Twice
Hello Rex-T,

Good to see you back.

I hope you're well. Jubeele kept all of us posted on your well being. I have to say I'm really glad your better.

Look after yourself and take it slow.

Best wishes,

😘 ❤ 😘
Thank you fence_sitter for another (fascinating) perspective on my experience.

Many years ago, I enjoyed discussing the concept of Samsara with a work colleague, who was a practicing Buddhist from Sri Lanka. I found the different realms both strange and, somehow, familiar at the same time. When I joined the YGS site, I could see how some of these realms (for example: The Hungry Ghost Realm) could manifest themselves into peoples' accounts.

Back then, I knew nothing about NDE's, and I would not have expected to look at my experience from my friend's perspective.

I think your "two cents worth" is a lot more valuable and (once again) I thank you for your input.


Thank you for your condolences and comments.

Rascal had developed a chronic illness and was growing old. Under a vet's care, and developing complications, l knew what was coming. I had seen it before. Rascal was the last of my 3 companions. They had been called the 3 Musketeers by their vet. Once the givers of much happiness, their passing gave birth to much sorrow, and heralded an unexpected joy. Yes, Rascal has gone, and departed sooner than I had expected.

Now to answer your questions.

When Mr. Riggs walked across our kitchen floor and drank, everyone in the house heard it. That included 2 houseguests who had just arrived with their 2 Schnauzers, myself, and my 2 remaining Schnauzers.

Upon hearing a walking dog in the kitchen, the 4 dogs snapped into a barking spree not far short of pandemonium. The guest dogs, who are younger, led the way, instantly followed by my older dogs. My guests and I raised our heads, I looked at the water bowl, then looked to my guests. All the dogs were accounted for, so what strange dog had walked across the floor and drank?

The 4 dogs leaped from their owners laps or the chairs they occupied and went straight to the water bowl in the kitchen, with humans in trail. All we saw was an empty room and 4 bewildered dogs. We 3 humans traded puzzled looks. Very little was said, though I knew it was Mr. Riggs.

What I very clearly heard was Mr. Riggs. He had been with me nearly 13 years. Both his walk and drinking style were different than the other dogs. He was more direct and businesslike as he went about his daily routine. When I heard those sounds I knew exactly who it was.

My wife has heard none of this. She is seldom home and does not believe in the paranormal. She enjoys our pets but our relationships with animals differ. They are closer to me. I love them without reservation and treat them accordingly. We are pals and more.

I am not troubled by Mr. Riggs' return, though I never expected it. What I cannot grasp is how a spirit can manifest sounds. Or, more significantly, how a human female spirit can open a locked and sticking entry door to a house, and throw it open with considerable force. I was present when that happened. How Mr. Riggs could create toenail tapping and drinking sounds I do not know.

Some time ago my cat, Daisy, choked on a hairball and died. I heard her in the house for a month. She mewed, walked and jumped from a bed. I declined to believe it myself, though I did tell my wife I thought Daisy had returned.

Then there was the episode with Mr. Riggs. I though he had returned as well. When he drank from the water bowl I was convinced of his return.

I never considered Mr. Riggs as the source of the hallway sounds in this last event. It had not occurred to me that Mr. Riggs would ever be back. Frankly, I thought him dead.

The clincher was Rascal's return. Now it is not possible for me to doubt any of this. It would be foolish to encounter pet spirits 3 times and deny what is for me a new reality.

Early in this response I mentioned my 3 passed dogs have become a source of joy. It's true. Now that I understand my dogs and cat still live, there is no need to sorrow and mourn. Yes, they are gone and I miss them, but now I know they live on. I think we will meet again.

Speaking of meeting again, I see your husband has returned home. Congratulations to you both. What very good news this is. I wish you both the best.
Hi Cuddlebear,

I think Spaulding must have been a "dominant" - that's why he kept the younger cats off the bed. It seems as if he continues to make his dominance felt. It's unusual that the other cats wouldn't get onto the bed after he was gone. From experience, cats love to cuddle. Our bed is the best spot for them. Warm, comfy and full of nice smells (our scent). Perhaps they detect a lingering sign of Spaulding around your bed if he had scent-marked it in the past.

But your Cuddlewife (love that name too) could be right in her gut feeling that Spaulding is still around. Love knows no boundaries. It's comforting to think that our furry loved ones visit us now and then to keep us company. ❤

Thank you for commenting.

I am sorry to learn of the loss of your dog Charmin. I know how difficult that can be.

Be of good heart even though he is no longer with you in the flesh. My experience has been that pets live on, and are as alive as you and I.

I cannot imagine why my friends returned. I am certainly not alone in the experience. YGS has many animal related stories. Other websites have their own accounts.

My sorrow for all my passed friends has ended. They are no longer with me, that is true. But I know now they live on. I think we will meet again. Physical death is just a temporary parting.

Perhaps we have misunderstood death far too long.

Rex-D & Jubeele.
What wonderful news!

Those sharp, pointy teeth sure look nice when you smile. 😁

Sending you both a humongous hug. ❤ ❤
fence_sitter in Strange Man In The Woods
Hi beingtrish,

Your account on the replacement of the cadaver of your high school classmate's cousin with a banana trunk is quite common here in the islands of Negros and Panay --- however, local folklore stories indicate that this only happen to enkantos or fairies who assume human forms and die while living with us mortals. Is it possible that your classmate cousin was possessed by an enkanto? Just my two cents worth. Peace.


fence_sitter in The Time I Died Twice
Hi Rex-T,

Based on your description of the bright orange light accompanied by this calm feeling --- I am suspecting that you have possibly experienced what Buddhists call a "Jannah" moment. If this is true, you are very fortunate since this is one of the phenomena that sentient beings experience when they are nearing enlightenment --- Buddhists usually attain this state after accomplishing long periods of breath meditation. Some Buddhists even describe this experience as a preview of what is going to happen immediately after dying, the transition that happens before experiencing rebirth in the cycle of life (Samsara). Just my two cents worth. Peace.


Ya! That's great news, I'm so happy for you, Rex-T and Jubeele! ❤
Hi Fence sitter -

Yes, you have answered my question. Thanks for answering! 😁
I had the exact same thing happen to me last night. I was in bed (it was around 11:30) and I'm having a restless night. I felt VERY hot and it was weird because I live in Minnesota were it is currently 10°F. I finally found a position to sleep in that was comfortable. When I say laying down I felt pushing underneath my pillow. My bed it right next to the wall, so I know there wasn't anything behind it. I should mention that before I heard crunching from the snow around my window at 11:10 (about) and when I checked there were long footprints leading to my mailbox. We are assuming it was a bear. I hope. But anyway after a bit (2 minutes) of feeling the pushing. I sat up and was on my phone for a bit. I layed back down and the feeling was... Gone! But it was paranoia that got me next. This part is normal. When shaped form together and make faces and stuff. But if anyone has a theory to what this is please message me on Instagram ( [at] lilachopp) thank you!
You know, with a few illustrations, this wouldn't take too much to be turned into a cracking children's book! I read it to my 6 year old nieces a couple weeks back and they are still talking about it! It's just spooky enough to be fun and so funny at the end! Not all great stories have to be fictional - it's a great lesson for little kids and this would be a terrific example! ❤
Hi Haven,

So far, these beings are just bothered by loud noises (mechanical, firecrackers, loud human voices, noises from altercations and arguments). They don't mind animal noises --- specifically, those made by chickens, cats, and dogs. Regarding firecrackers, based on our experience --- these bring misfortunes and accidents rather than good luck specifically during New Year's eve. They always come back with a vengeance a few hours or a day after these loud firecrackers are lit up. That's the reason why my family has totally abandoned this particular tradition that we inherited from the Chinese.

There was also the time I raised white, broiler chickens in our backyard --- this happened during the early 1990's --- I always lose a chicken from every batch that I raised. Due to the size of the cage I used, I only managed to raise 30 chickens and these were harvested after 30 to 35 days. I did this for a year and half and believe me, I was never hit by any pestilence or malaise that would wipe out my small brood of chickens --- but these beings would always get a single chicken from each batch. And, these unfortunate chickens are always afflicted by crooked, malformed legs --- every chicken that died had this characteristic. Really weird...

Thanks for the comments and I hope I have answered your question. Peace.


msforgetmenott in The Time I Died Twice
Yeah! Rex-T is home, Jubeele got an early Christmas present, I have prayed for you both. Still sending many well wishes.

My best,
MysticFrance in A Parting Gift
Maybe granny was commenting "good girl!" on your words, Val. Haha. I really laughed at what happened to Mitch.

'Til the next story. Regards.
Bibliothecarius in Personal Haunting
Perhaps a shirt button?
I can't figure out how it would have gotten in front of the phone's lens...
MysticFrance in The Last Duet
Oh, Val! This story made me feel emotional! I've read your previous stories and it's like reading a book series. The more I read, the more I learn about you. You're such a great writer!

After that event in "The Shack", where did you go? How did you survive in the streets?

God bless you, Val. Best regards.
MysticFrance in Mirror, Mirror
Great story, Val! Thanks for sharing this story. Best regards!
Hi Val! It's actually my first time to read a real story about a bogeyman. I don't know if we have this here in the Philippines, because parents would always tell their small children that they shouldn't leave the house and go to the main road (national highway) because there are some guys carrying sacks and abduct children. That's what Mom told me, too.

Then, there's only 'aswang' (literally means witch). We have 'manananggal' (a lady with only half of her body, lurking, searching for pregnant women; 'tikbalang' and 'nuno sa punso' (I think this is our version of a brownie).

Anyway, thanks for sharing your grandma's story.

Best regards.
Hi MrRiggs,

It's so good to hear from you. But I'm saddened to hear of your loss because I know how much your fur family means to you. Their simple unquestioning love and devotion are precious gifts to our hearts. Each parting is utter heartbreak, tearing a small hole in our lives. I believe that a person's generosity of spirit is shown in how we give of ourselves to others. This includes the bonds we form with our fur family.

I'm glad you decided to share your experience with us. When your friends visited you with their dogs ("MrRiggs Walks"), did they also hear the sound of a dog drinking from the water bowl or they only noticed that all the dogs started to bark? Did your wife or anyone else ever hear or sense the presence of any of your departed dogs or cats? I'm wondering if it is the loving bond that makes a special difference.

It seems to me that your Mr Riggs did return to herald the passing of Rascal. One coming back to show the other the way beyond. I don't know if it is a lingering memory or a shared bond that had brought him back to you. Perhaps it is a bit of both. If Mr Riggs still walks and visits you, then it's probable that Rascal in turn came by to see you.

They have departed our homes but not our hearts. Remember them with love and be comforted that they're not forgotten. Nor have they forgotten you. ❤
Just like to personally thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.

While catching a "super bug" is a scary proposition, it is heartening to experience all the support from family (you guys) and strangers (medical teams) who have combined to help me win the battle.

Apart from glowing in the dark, there were no paranormal experiences this time, so I'd better jump off the soap box.

Thanks again
Cuddle Rex Dundeesaurus 😉
Hi Melda, Haven, Dee, Miandra, Jan, lady-glow and everyone who kept us going,

Rex-T is finally back home! The first thing he wanted was real food - which was a positive sign. Lol. 😆

Words aren't enough to say what I feel. Your various messages of support, prayers and healing thoughts were comforting and helped us so much. We feel really blessed to be part of this wonderful YGS family. ❤

Warmest regards

Jubeele & Rex-T
[at] rags:
Hi rags. Thanks for sharing your experience.
I guess you've already covered pretty much the complete story in your reply to lady-glow, chawl being demolished and people forced out. May be some little boy sadly passed away during the event and you saw him on that night. Or maybe he's just some normal boy who was messing around with you. It's just a speculation.

I just have a very small doubt. Did that boy actually mention the name of the place or he just said that he knows where you live.?

About that tree, well no one can really say. Anyone will assume that there's something wrong with tree with the condition you described.

Thank God you are safe and sound. God bless you.

[at] sant22:
Fair point but atleast make a habit of being courteous. OP is sharing his experience here and I'm pretty sure, he's just requesting other people's views and thoughts on the same, and not the exact answer. It's just a case of communication gap.
My point is, be polite.

Thank you for commenting.

I applaud your remarks regarding "They were just dogs."

You see, I have heard those very words from inconsiderate and unthinking people who have no concept of the loving bond between humans and and their animal companions.

In their ignorance they sought to help me along by diminishing the worth, the value and the loving relationship my friends and I shared. After all, how could you possibly care about a dog? It's just a dog. Eliminate the value of the dog and you eliminate the need for sorrow. They could not have been more wrong.

I heard those words decades ago regarding dogs now long dead. They only added to the pain that takes place at the passing of an animal friend. "They're only dogs" was hurtful enough that I remembered it yet again when Rascal left me. It is a bitter remembrance.

People who feel that way cannot know and do not understand the love shared in that very personal partnership. "They're only dogs." comment I heard so long ago still evokes an emotion in me than I cannot articulate. Perhaps it is the child of bitterness and hostility.

It may be that my friends and I were joined at the heart, if not the soul. We shared a great mutual affection, and each was a rescue that was provided a loving home. All were given a new life and most were saved from an early death. Perhaps that is the reason that they linger here.

Thank you,

Hi All,

Thanks amor. Yes, I used google to translate "sitsit" and gossip is the result. "Psst!" is using here in the Philippines to call someone attention.
Well thanks to anyone for correcting me. Hehehe!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and interesting replies!
RSAChick in Personal Haunting
Hi JMT, photo is blurry, but I can see the face you are talking about.
I'm thinking it may be something in front of the lens. Not a finger, but maybe your sleeve or something else.
Maybe someone else can come up with some ideas on what this resembles?
So, I think the triangular bit and round thing in the bottom left corner is something in front of the lens. And not a creepy face.
Hi, Berggraf -

My condolences for the loss of your father. I don't believe that what you experienced were coincidences. Your father was visiting you and letting you know he was still around. He certainly kept his word about "messing around with people". 😉

Mr Riggs - I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved pets. I know firsthand the pain and sorrow of losing a pet. My dog Charmin died September 2017, and it is still very painful to even think about him. It's really comforting to know that they go to a better place, even if my beautiful Charmin never came back to let me know he was okay, reading these posts reassures me that he is okay.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
Hi, Fence sitter -

Wow, very interesting. I wonder what other occurrences or events these elementals are bothered by. Have you noticed anything else they don't like? I'd love to hear more about them.

Thanks for sharing!
Hi Deyanna -

Do you know how old the office building is? And, do you know what was there before the building was constructed?


Thank you for your kind words. My condolences to you and your husband on the loss of your cat. I know how very difficult that is. My own cat passed after choking on a hairball. I could only get halfway through digging her grave before someone else had to finish. You see, she was my friend, and even now telling you this is difficult.

I wrote this story for two reasons. The first was to follow up my first story, which told of Mr. Riggs return. It seemed appropriate to do so. Second, and more importantly, what I described actually took place in the manner and sequence I told it. YGS seeks real encounters and here it is. In fact, I maintain contact with a YGS member, and passed this information to them as events took place. I wouldn't fault them if they thought me daft. It was a difficult time.

Things are better now. My friends have gone on but I feel so much better. I rescued a 2 year old male Schnauzer who had been found on a roadside. We are all a lot happier. He lives and dines well and, in turn, keeps us so busy that the worst of the mourning has passed. Love for the friends who left us abounds.

The return of my friends, now two dogs and a cat, has given me personal proof that their lives and love continue on. They may not be here in the flesh but they are not really gone. I find no reason have lingering grief over the undead, nor do I have any sense of being haunted. The bond of love is far to great to see any negativity in what happened.

The best thing to come of this was comfort from an unanticipated source. I searched the web using "ghost dogs" as my search term, and found something unexpected., a website for dog owners, not paranormal enthusiasts, ran a story on ghost dogs. There were twenty responses/inquiries regarding the story. Most of the pet owners that posted a response described their experience with a ghost pet encounter. Clicking toenails and tinkling dog tags were described as having been indicators that a deceased pet was present.

With that information I feel reprieved as well as comforted.

Thank you for commenting, Melda. It is good to hear from you again.

Oh my! It's good you didn't eat the food the man offered you. Similar thing happened to my high school classmate's cousin in the province in Philippines (around summer of 2003-2004) but it did not end well. Families and friends of hers (the cousin) believed she was taken by an "engkanto". She went missing and later on found her lifeless body laying next to a big acacia tree close to their home. According to the pathologist that did an autopsy to her body, they did not find trauma or any indication of diseases that caused her death. Just like what Amor have said on her comment, it's like she was just sleeping when they found her body by the tree. Local people believed an engkanto took her. After few days the body was replaced by a banana trunk but they couldn't find the body in the coffin. It's so similar to Amor's story, that I, had to share mine too.
Just a side note here; in many places (America, Canada, England, and probably more) gossip means casual conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. For me the use of the word 'gossip' for the sound 'psst' or hissing for attention, was really interesting, although by the usage, I understood what unknownmouse meant.
By gossip she meant calling her attention by making "psst" or hiss sound, this is very common in the Philippines. Gossip is not the right term but whisper (just a little louder though) enough to hear someone calling your attention from a far.
My condolences for the loss of your father. I lost my Mamaw who was like a second mother to me, in June of last year. I too started to notice little odd things happening around us, only a few days after her passing. I actually just submitted my experience with her, so hopefully it will be up here to read soon. I've been wanting to share my experience of her for a while now too, but like you, putting it all down to tell others about, took me some time to be able to finally do. I'm sure to some, they would look at our experiences we had of them, as like you said, over thinking it, or wishful thinking during our time of grief, but for me, and it seems you as well, you just know that it is them trying to get your attention, and with the timing of having these types of things happen, it's hard to just write it off. So I believe if you felt that it was truly your dad checking in on you, then it was him. I know for me, I believe what I experienced was without a doubt my Mamaw checking in on me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, as I'm sure it was a very meaningful one. I hope you and your family has a Merry Christmas!
Melda Thanks for your kind words. We have been fortunate to have shared our lives with the furballs we have had. Whether they visit us or not I really can't say, but Cuddlewife is sure they do.

As for The Famous Cat Named Spaulding, if he is in our trailer, he's likely watching the cardinals that nest next to our galley. That thought warms my heart
Cuddlebear in Mr. Riggs Walks 2
Mr. Riggs - our sincerest condolences on the passing of Rascal.

We have witnessed the passing to pets and I agree with RC, they are not just "dogs and cats". They become parts of our lives and when the they go they take a part of hears with them.

By taking them in we pledge to care for them, protect them and love them. That investment of self requires we mourn them when the pass.

I don't know what to make of your experiences, I hope they help to bring you peace.
Paranormal or not, it doesn't seem like anyone took the time to investigate what was going on and instead decided on getting scared.🙄
In response to Majarlika, well, let it go. He probably used Google to translate 'sitsit,' (which is some sort of calling someone's attention here in PH using some kind of unvoiced laminal/hissing sound). Well I'd say good to know some people don't know what 'gossip' is;)

To Unknownymous, thanks for your story. Although what do you mean by that 'dead river'? A biological dead one? Because if it is, there won't be much life forms, let alone thick trees and riparian thickets you described.

There are weird sounds in the woods. The hissing sound to call your attention could be just an animal/insect or something. And because you got afraid, you imagined people calling your name from other sounds in your surroundings that time.

Although the kapre story of your mom is really scary. But again, you said it was dark so how can she possibly see a man? Also where did he go when she didn't go home? But I would say I also saw a shadow kapre in a giant mango tree. Weird.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Good to know you are all safe. Take care.
Ugh! I live next to a fairly busy street with residential buildings all up and down it. On nights when one of those insecure inconsiderate block heads on either a loud Harley or a car with exhaust pipes modified specifically to make noise tears down the street with a godawful noise loud enough to wake the dead - I have often wished for just such a super power as your resident elementals seem to exhibit! Such things may technically illegal here in the states but without any form of enforcement, that doesn't stop anyone. 😠 if only we had elementals like that here!
RCRuskin in Mr. Riggs Walks 2
They are not 'just dogs'. Or cats. Or scorpions. (Yeah. Someone I know is heartbroken because his pet scorpion recently died.)

They are pets, animal companions, fur-babies, fur-grandbabies, etc.

They are friends and part of our lives, so it is not, in my opinion, any shame to mourn their passing.
Has there ever been any sort of laboratory company in the building or perhaps a building nearby? A lot of what is going on could be explained by a rat running about the premises particularly a white one.

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