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Okay, aside from the seriousness of what you were dealing with, your post made me laugh...

"I recall that my reaction began with "How DARE you..." I know that my tirade included casting aspersions upon the moral character of the entity, speculations about the cheap promiscuity of the entity's mother, indicating where within its own anatomy the entity should place its hand in order to tap its rhythm next, and my opinion of spirits who wanted to haunt my apartment without even pretending to be helpful." -Biblio

That was probably my fave! Apparently I'm not the only one that storms through the house cussing and issuing threats. And to top it off... You kicked it off the porch too! I can only imagine it felt fully evicted. It just goes to show you, it's not the size of the Dog in the fight, it's the size of the Fight in the dog.

(Still smirking to myself)

Didos, it takes awhile for pictures to show up on the site. Once it is added to your story, Martin will leave a comment stating it has been added so that everyone can see.
Unfortunately, if your cousin will not accept your help, there isn't much you can do. I do know with a strong entity (or in your case curse) it isn't unusual for things to be worse before getting better. That's because it is fighting back, and trying to scare you into stopping - you've 'hurt' it! Repeat the cleansing, as often as you need to.
Since your cousin rejects your help, but the rest of your family seems to at least willing to try, perhaps you can find someone to perform a binding spell on the person you believe to be the cause. It will not cause them any harm, but it does prevent them from causing further harm. Best thing is the suspected culprit doesn't even need to be present. A picture will do.
Do not forget, your cousin is in a sense of mourning for her lost love. She is older now, and feels it much deeper. She will react differently than in the past. All you can really do is stand by her as best you can, and let her know she is still loved. The curse is affecting her more than the others because she was already weakened.
Can you not arrange this "Lead Melting Ritual", yourself?
Just wanted to say, wonderful story! I know the feeling you talk about when you first went into your family's church. I've felt it in my dreams when I dream about my ancestors (which is rare, but especially prevalent at the outset of my doing research on the family tree). As an ancestry buff (actually, I'm more obsessed than anything) I find these "coincidences" throughout my tree that I no longer believe are coincidences. There is a pattern to it all... Families tracking with or near to each other over centuries, only to come together with certain marriages. My husband and I are 7th cousins, we grew up a continent apart and found each other in our second marriages. But 9 generations ago, his grandfather owned my grandfather, a slave, who was also his grandfather's companion and helped him raise his children after his wife's death. THEIR grandkids married, thus linking the families. And hundreds of years later, when our moms got together, they were almost like sisters. There is definitely a pattern to our ancestors and we are influenced by them, I'm certain of it!
I'd say it is far more likely that he is trying to get your attention and growing frustrated because you just aren't getting "it" than his being truly angry with you or any behaviors you are currently engaging in (unless, you have recently picked up a predilection for any activity that stands a solid chance of really hurting you - then I can see a loving family member being angry over that).

My late grandmother contacted my mother after she had cleaned out their house after their passing. My mother was about to lock the door for the final time before handing the keys to the realtor when she heard her mom calling her name in that unmistakable "you're in Trouble" voice. Long story short, there was a hidden envelope with their life savings inside that would've been lost otherwise.

I feel that it is worth mentioning that there is the chance that the negative energies generated by grief in your home may have attracted some form of baddie. There is a contributor to this site called Rook and a quick search will take you to his page and trusty cleansing ritual. As many believe cleansings don't affect positive entities, it in theory should at least serve as a sort of litmus test.
AugustaM in Odd Energy
I'll second the advice for positivity and solidarity within your family and individual relationships. The more good that surrounds you, the less appealing to baddies you'll be.

And perhaps I missed it but does this entity give anyone it interacts with a distinct sense of threat or is it merely unnerving because of its inherent weirdness? I say this also because there is a fairly commonly held belief that positive entities are frequently unaffected by cleansings. As this entity has not budged through multiple extraction attempts - maybe it really isn't bad.

Can you pinpoint anything at all around the time this began? Life changes? Job upheavals? Tough times with family members? A visit to a site that may have been haunted? A local tragedy? Even perhaps something as mundane as having picked up a used item? I lean more towards you or someone in your family being haunted rather than your home as this thing seems to follow you about.

Living next to a mass grave, our place is haunted - it is a fact of its being as much as it its having been constructed from brick and mortar - it simply *is*. No amount of cleansing is going to change it. However, in my experience, it can be mitigated. We have "House Rules" for our paranormal roomies (ex. No hurting any one or anything. No freaking out us or the cats etc). When things seem to be getting out of hand, I remind them of the rules and they almost invariably pipe down right away. So if living without them isn't an option, perhaps peaceful coexistence might be.
lady-glow in She Has My Face
AugustaM. That mini-story of yours is so touching and bittersweet.
It makes me wonder if the spirits of all unborn children stay around or if they have a choice to move on and, perhaps, get another chance to live.

I'm sorry for your loss.
AugustaM in Ghost Train (s)
Honestly, I think most anything has the potential to be haunted - we have plenty of stories about haunted trailors, why not train cars? Plenty of novels, Anna Karenina for one, have featured train ghosts and I would dare suggest the existence of even more urban legends of entire ghost trains. By my way of reasoning, there wouldn't be so many notable iterations of the theme if there wasn't some kernel of truth to it.

It seems to me what you have experienced could be a residual haunting as it doesn't carry with it any emotional clout, doesn't interact with you and seems to repeat actions. Certainly enough strife has occurred in those tunnels to have whipped up some excess energy.
AugustaM in She Has My Face
Years ago, I ran away with my first love to San Francisco. Things did not work out and I came home an utterly devastated emotional wreck- "heart broken" just doesn't seem to go far enough. Within a few weeks of returning home, I also discovered I was pregnant. I knew right away that I would not tell him until I was firmly on my feet -no matter how long that may have taken- because I didn't want him back out of a sense of obligation. Sadly, once the panic had given way to allow in a bit of excited anticipation - I miscarried. Ever since then, I have seen her in my dreams - she grows and matures just as she would have in life. It took me ten years to finally tell tge father. There was a long silence afterwards then he shook his head and said "so that's who she is." He too had been seeing a little girl growing up in his dreams. I am still shaken by that confession.

Sometimes things are meant to be - sometimes they aren't. But just because they weren't "meant to be" doesn't mean they know that. After all these years, I don't get the feeling that any one of us, OP included, is plagued by demons in this guise. Perhaps if you all sit down as a family, acknowledge her existence, let her know she is loved and maybe put up a small memorial for her to show she existed - she may be able to find peace.
silverthane61 in Knock Three Times
I have read that entities that knock three times are sometimes preternatural and do so to mock the Holy Trinity. I note that the events also seem to happen between 3 and 4 AM. I have also read that this time period seems to witness the highest number of preternatural events. I hope this is not the case in your house. Good luck with your house and I hope you come to find a answer.
silverthane61 in Jacey's Sight
I have always believed that some people have a greater ability to see spirits than others. Often in a mixed group on a ghost tour, there might be 1 or 2 people that might see something anomalous but nobody else seems to notice it.
The ability witnessed by your Jacy is unique. She lost it after the 2d grade, but do not be surprised if it comes back some day. Best wishes!
Dear Bibliothecarius, and everyone else

Thank you all for your help, for the nice comments and the A+.:)

The part with the personal things for a curse:
When I saw the picture, I first thought it was my cousins hair, because she is blonde. But I guess a photo would be enough for a curse. Maybe one of the hairs was hers, since the woman we suspect often comes to our apartment. (And had many opportunities to get some hairs from her brush.)

We cleaned the house with vinegar acids and opened all doors and windows. I asked every day for the "Lead Melting Ritual"... But my cousin said "will do tomorrow, I will arrange it" and then disappeared.
Obviously, we never got to make the ritual.
She, however, went to the hoca once a week for a prayer ritual and he made her a "muska" after she told him about the happenings in our home.
Now, she even goes to sleep with that talisman, still with all the lights on. I didn't see any "new" bruises on her. Only a few fading ones. Maybe it works? She didn't want to talk about it like I expected her to do.

What I find most disturbing is her character. She got those blue rings around her eyes. She looks paler and lost a lot of weight. Even though she is a very beautiful young woman and usually in good health, she is different. I am not sure if I can say that she is crazy or not. Considering she starts laughing while everyone is silent. Or starts shouting. She is usually a very energetic and positive person. Now she is gloomy and very negative. I first thought it was because she parted from her boyfriend. But comparing her this time with her last few times when she got separated, there are huge (!) differences.
Her aggressive behaviour is one of the many (and most prominent) differences.

I wasn't allowed to install the camera since it gets too much attention, especially with night vision and the red lights around the camera. We coulnd't do the Lead Melting Ritual. And I parted from my fiancee three days after I entered that house... Strange coincidence? Curse? I don't know.

Back to topic...
Now, I can't do anymore. Seeing as she doesn't listen to anyone, except those fake mediums who tell her stupid stories like some djinn is in love with her since she was in her mothers womb and whatnot crazy stuff. She changed so much, I don't recognize her.

Now I am not sure if I can help her at all. She doesn't want my help. Or anyone. She goes to her hoca, some crazy medium with probably romantic fantasies with different creatures and pays a fortune to feel a bit safe.

We shall see what happens.

[at] Eerie69
I can send you a picture...
I have already sent it with via Email to "yourghoststories". But the picture did not get uploaded... And I don't know how to put it here...:< But I will send you an Email.

I will make a second post should there be something new going on. And I will have to wait just like everyone else who is interested in this problem...:<

Again, thank you all so much for your help and sharing your knowledge with me. I will definitely check them here again, should she allow me to do something I know and feel safe of.

Have a nice day.
In case you decide to participate in the discussion, I would like to ask if your Grandmother was related to Tomasa Burton.

Nice read.
Interesting story, thanks for sharing. I have a question, I suppose having to do with your age, because you don't write like ANY kid I've ever taught. Your word choice and style seem way older, even sort of old fashioned. I'm not questioning your story and can't even imagine why you would say you are 14 if you aren't. Guess I'm just commenting on your writing style, which is actually a complement. Just from the writing, you seem to be much older and more experienced. "Dreadful." "Parents'" with the apostrophe in the correct place! You should thank all those responsible for your writing abilities!
Greetings, Bigwilly, and welcome.

I had a quick look around, based upon your story, and found this: Is this the grave you saw?

Just curious.

8-bitDemigod in My Parent's House
I wasn't going to include this because I didn't want to seem to be jumping to conclusions, but after thinking about it I decided to post it and let you guys decide.

I think I was scratched by something while sitting in my room about two weeks ago.

I had just gotten done helping my dad outside, which involved laying on the ground some to work on my mom's Jeep. After I was done I was sitting at my computer desk when I felt a sharp, stinging pain on the back of my left shoulder. Thinking it was an ant or something I just swatted at it and tried not to think about it, but it kept burning. I reached back and lightly rubbed the area to see if it was swollen or bleeding, but didn't feel anything, so I asked my mom if she would check to see how bad it was. She said she couldn't tell because I had already scratched it raw. I told her that I hadn't scratched it at all, just rubbed it.

Later that evening as I was getting ready to take a shower for work I checked in our large bathroom mirror and sure enough there were two short, red marks roughly the width of my index and forefinger at an angle that indicated reaching over the left shoulder with the right hand. I never scratched that area and if I did there would have been one large red mark and not two distinct marks.
Bibliothecarius in Shook From My Bed
Hey, Rhino!

Thanks for the update.

"I felt whatever it was kind of leave, if that makes any sense?!?" Hell, Yes! That means you're being successful at asserting your personality, your spiritual "self," over your home environment.

I think you're dealing with a tenacious little bugger if it tried to show up within your home *after* being forced out by the cleansing process; it may just have been testing to see if it *could* get in without being noticed. Good job catching it in the act & giving it no options!

If pushing the light all the way to the boundaries of your property is exhausting you, or taxing you unduly, I'd recommend that you definitely focus on the house & porch as your primary concern, and perhaps include the property line on alternate cleansing rituals. This is, of course, up to you and your comfort level. If pushing all the way to the property line is getting the results you want, then keep doing it, but pace yourself.

If you're interested, I wrote an account of removing an unwanted spirit from my grad school apartment, called "A Clash Of Personalities." (Link: I know what it is like to deal with something unpleasant that has tried to invade your space.

I don't think that anyone who has been through the situations described on YGS will ever laugh at anyone else for giving a kind and thoughtful entity a cute nickname. I *usually* caution against giving nicknames to spirits until the attitude of the entity is made obvious; however, she gave you a present the moment you put effort into removing the hostile entity. I believe you're doing the right thing; keeping her presents where she can see that they are valued will only lead to trust and appreciation. It's a little odd that she gives you metal presents, but she's not hiding them next to the bed or the shower where they might hurt anyone; so long as you look at the middle of the living room floor regularly, there shouldn't be a problem. I have read several accounts on YGS in which a spirit left coins for someone to find (and a couple of instances of tarot card decks, now I think about it) but never one about metal odds and ends. Ultimately, as with any present, I do believe it is the thought that counts.

Glad things are working out for you.

What an amazing story. My husband lived for years on Okinawa, he was a U.S. Marine. This reminds me of a side trip he took to Iwo Jima with a group of his fellow Marines. They were on the main beach where the U.S. Landing had occurred in WWII and apparently it had been quite rainy there, when the sun finally came out and he said everyone was incredibly reverent, thinking of the many thousands who lost their lives in that very spot. They were in the process of pulling out the flags they had brought with them to fly on the beach when one of the corpsmen (docs) reached down and plucked a U.S. Dime out of the sand near the water's edge. The date on it was 1945... The same year that the battle took place. My husband said all the men in the group were in awe and had chill bumps at this. Was it purely a coincidence? We don't think it was!
OMG, THANK YOU! I could never remember the name of the song and I went and watched her awesome video (which I had not seen)! The minute it started I got such a chill, and this incredibly happy feeling, and all the lyrics are so perfect. We used to go dancing a lot when he was alive and I don't know if this was one of the songs we danced to or what... I know it was never on my radar until AFTER he died. Wasn't Janet great back then?!
If I may ask, what shocked your gg mom? Curious to know!

Melda in Mama Mia
Cups - Have only just seen your comment. As Lady Glow says, I have also been absent for quite a while. I became a little disenchanted with this site but have decided not to allow my personal hater, who down votes just about every comment I make, to get the better of me.

Good to chat again.
Oh, I forgot to say, I hope all this stops before you have to go back to school or you'll be loosing sleep in order to clean up the mess, though, in the other hand, this would give you a good opportunity to show your parents what has been happening.

There's no need to go through this alone, I'm sure they will understand and will help you...or, at least, you would not be expected to keep your room tidy if you're not the one trashing it up.
Have you considered to record all that activity? Perhaps you could ask a few questions before going to bed, leave your phone or some other recording device running during the night, and see what happens... Disturbances and EVP?

After that, please don't forget to share the results with us.
I sincerely thank everyone who gave me advice on this. I failed to realize my experience had been published until tonight, so I hope you'll all forgive my late reply.
For starters, I'll address the age confusion. The site saying I was a young adult was the result of a simple misclick, I accidentally selected the wrong year while setting up my profile. Clumsy, I know.
I'd also like to address the other confusion regarding my experience.
LuciaJacinta, I do wish I could provide you with answers regarding the noisiness of the activity in my bedroom. Unfortunately, I'm never awake when the trashing of my bedroom actually happens, and the movement is silent enough that I stay asleep, so I'm assuming it's not noisy enough to wake my parents up. As for the two hour clean-up, I do agree that is ridiculous, but it is simply the truth. Admittedly, I don't spent two hours STRAIGHT repairing my bedroom every morning. I do take breaks in between- if I didn't, I'd lose my marbles pretty quickly.
My grandpa's ashes are located in a marble vase atop my fridge (horrible spot to put someone's ashes, I know, but this was my parents' idea, I suggested we spread them along the coastline) - the ones me and my parents got, at least. Most of my family members acquired a portion of his ashes, and I'm not certain where the other ashes are.
Bibliothecarius, I will admit that I failed to consider the possibility that my grandfather may be searching for an item he intended to give to me. Thank you for bringing that possibility to my attention.
I would like to thank you all again for your advice. These past few weeks have been dreadful. I think I'm going to pay a visit to my local church later today.
However, before I do, I am going to attempt to make direct contact one more time. At this point, it couldn't hurt to try.
I will keep you guys updated. Thanks again, and once more, apologies for the confusion.
Hi Bibilo and Luciaj,
I apologize for not checking back in for awhile. It's been a little hectic around here. I have saged the house again, just before my fiancΓ© moved in. Rook's recipe seems to work pretty well. Airing out the house and letting the light in was a good plan. It needed sweeping metaphorically and literally, both. The candle visualization is calming, and probably cathartic. I like the actual candle, but that's me. I'm still working on shielding to edges of the property. That seems a little more of a challenge for me, I feel a little tired after.

As far as offending me Bibilo, I have really tough skin, so not at all, hence...Rhino, LOL! I do keep a few items from the past I probably shouldn't. Not ready for them to go yet. It's a process.

Luciaj, so I looked into it further on the cremation boxes. The were human remains, with full names and date of death on them. I imagine that they are spread at my pond, it's pretty there, where there is a giant pecan tree. That's only supposition on my part though.

I've had a couple minor experiences since we've corresponded last. One was similar to the feeling I got, like when the bed shook. The feeling lasted only for a moment, I was reading in the living room and "felt" something negative in my bedroom a couple of meters away. The air became very still, There was an attention draw to the open bedroom door, towards the darkened room. I confronted it by saying aloud, in a command voice, you are not welcome here, only positive energy may remain. I felt whatever it was kind of leave, if that makes any sense?!?

The second recent is, I definitely have a little girl playing on the porch and in my kitchen, when I'm in another room. I'll hear tiny steps, I did acknowledge the rose rock, and keep it on the window sill. I was told by the same person who suggested the initial sage, to give her a nick name and address her when she's active. Acknowledge that I hear her. So, (now don't laugh at me here) I named her "Zuzu Petals" like in "A Wonderful Life" She keeps leaving me pieces of metal in the middle of my living room. Basically in the same 4 tile square spot. So far, I have a finishing nail, a tack, a small machine screw, and coke pull tab, a bit of foil and a small drill bit. All at different times, over the past two weeks. I know I've cleaned, and swept so they weren't there before. Anyone have any thoughts on that one? Her collection I keep in a small bowl next to her rose on the windowsill.
Hope this finds you well, secure and safe.

I personally experienced horrible side effects of any medication that messed with my hormones in my brain. I was a completely different person on birth control... Mad at the drop of a hat, aggressive, b*tchy. (I swear I'm pleasant now! Lol)
I'm diagnosed with OCD and a few other things. Side effects of certain medications make drastic changes to my brain and create side effects far more noticeable than in most people.
I honestly think there is something going on affecting her brain chemistry. I think she needs to see a general physician or psychiatrist and discuss changes in her behavior, any medications, diet, lifestyle. She may also have an underlying mental health issue that is worsened from any changes in her diet, lifestyle, etc.
I hope she feels back to her old self soon! ❀ I'm sorry to hear of her traumatic experiences. I wish her, you, and your friends the best.
lady-glow in Knock Three Times
The good news is that this belief/superstition hasn't come true... The bad news is, you and your family will have to keep waking up until finding out what keeps knocking on the doors.

Has anyone tried to ask politely to stop the knocking and let you sleep?
mel8763 in Kitten Ghost
Bastet, I have to agree with Fuchsia. I think your entity may have possibly chosen to take the form of a kitten. It could very well be, the spirit of the stray cat you befriended! Blessings to you for that! 😊
mel8763 in Odd Energy
Karla,a member here, Rookydgin has a method to cleanse your house that other members swear by. I hope I spelled their name right. Please consider it. Best wishes and good luck.
I also want to add that I too experienced this as a teenager.

It was only one time. I was on the phone talking to my friend and I was describing what I was seeing. Just like what you saw, it was looking at me through the window.

She didn't believe me and got mad at me and hung up. Saying stop making up things. I even went up to the window to see if there was a body and there wasn't. It was just eyes. At the time, I felt no fear at all. It was just weird. It never came back again.

The next day in school she said after she hung up the phone she couldn't sleep at all. I promised her I didn't make it up. But she still denied I saw what I saw.

I'm kind of amazed that this is a thing that seems others have experienced too.
I forgot to ask, what was the picture/painting of that flew off the wall? Where did it come from?

How are things lately?
msforgetmenott in Phantom Bat
Hello Silence,

After my Dad died, my Son was helping me clean out the home, for selling.

My Son was twenty and six feet plus. Working out in the gym with his friends had made him pretty nice to look at. He also looked much like my Dad was, when young.

He (Son) was in an enclosed area of the cellar, called the cold cellar, where my Dad had stored vegetables and such. It had one small dirty window.

Suddenly he burst out of the room, and with his hands to his sides, shaking in a panic, repeatedly saying " animal, animal". Curiously I asked to see, he said over here, and again ran out.

Where he pointed was a topless, cigar box, on a shelf. A tiny bat lay there with the biggest eyes! How could this cute little critter, frighten an adult 200 pound man? I lifted the box carefully, finding under, over $200 dollars.

During those times, I often thought of my Dad, standing beside me laughing.
It seems as though you have gotten some fantastic advice already so I have very little to add - my chief reason for commenting is just to say that you are wonderful for thinking to grab the cat on the way out when things started going sideways ❀ *hug*

Aside from that and addition to the tried and true cleansing methods already recommended, in general, the best way I know to combat evil is with good. Fill the house with items that make you feel happy and proud - a baseball glove from when you were a kid, pictures of a childhood hero, pictures of family, keepsakes, art that speaks to you etc - absolutely everywhere and anywhere you can work it in. Fill the home with light - open windows often as you can (within the bounds of what is safe for the cat, of course). Keep things orderly - as disorder can cause depression. Do things that bring you joy and give you to other people - if these things can be done in your home, even better. The more good you can flood into that house, the less appealing it will be to any baddie floating about.
Melda in Phantom Bat

I understand that it must have been a shock for you especially at a young age when the imagination tends to run riot!

Believe me, you get some really huge moths and I've often wondered what kind of bugs they eventually become.

I think it was a moth - no guarantees, just my opinion.

Regards, Melda
Lucia - Once again proof that our loved ones aren't gone forever when they pass. So pleased that you had this special experience.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in Phantom Bat
Dracula or Batman?πŸ€”

Welcome to YGS.

Although I believe that animals have souls and based upon the many stories in this site about depared pets visiting their human family, I'm not sure if what you saw that night was a ghost bat or if it was a living one very good at hiding and sneaking out without being noticed.
I'm inclined to think the latter.

Good to know you haven't seen it again.
Karla in Odd Energy
Thank you silencerecited. Your input is very similar to what the Shaman had told us. He said that we may have manifested this energy by accident from a feeling of dred one of us may have been experiencing, So my husband and I have both had a couple healing sessions with him. We try only to have positive words while in the house. Thankfully the summer months have allowed us to spend our days off outside were the energy is less active.
SilenceRecited in Odd Energy
Hello Karla. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. For some reason I felt compelled to comment because I have seen many people recommend calling on Jesus to rid you of your dilemma. That is all well and fine, especially if it gives you peace of mind, but I have heard this rarely works. Especially since you have said you pray and have had a priest try to assist you in getting rid of this entity/energy. This reminded me of a paranormal podcast episode I listened to once where they had a guest come on the show by the name of Shane Sirois. He is a paranormal investigator who has helped many families over the years get rid of problems of the paranormal. He is said to have a 100% success rate. Some of the things he mentioned were that most hauntings or situations similar to yours began during a major life event or something that sparked a lot of intense emotions within the person being afflicted. Whether it was a new baby, moving into a house, avidly working on a project that brings in a lot of stress, or even remembering a past trauma that can literally manifest into a haunting. Can you think of anything that may have sparked negative emotions for you and your husband during the time this energy started affecting your life? This man, Shane, has said doing positive things and resetting your mind to think positively is one major factor that can help get rid of negative energies you may be 'feeding'. I know when you are in the midst of something so stressful that can be hard to do but meditation might be useful, or family outings in nature. These are just minor things I can think of for you to try to bring some positivity into your environment. What I can suggest is maybe try checking out this man's website: or do a quick google search of his name. On his website he has listed his phone number and email, it looks like he is based in New Hampshire but I remember him saying he is willing to travel if someone needs his assistance. I see you have tried a number of things to get rid of this entity plaguing your family and just thought I would give my two cents. Maybe he could help you out? I really hope you can find peace from what you are going through because I cannot imagine having to live with that.: (❀
Ditto with lady-glow. I would have asked to see the replay of the camera footage. I immediately thought of the "Men in Black" but I know this is not a similar case. Good story!
I think it may be possible that this could be another manifestation of the Shadow Beings (Hat Man, dark blobs, shadow animals, etc.) Whether you believe these entities to be good or evil - or somewhere in between - is a personal choice.
[at] noor
Not being blunt matey, but in my opinion it would not make any difference as you can notice that author has nowhere written that she is being troubled by sleep paralysis or demonic possesion.
So, I still believe that it's not a case of a demon, incubus or a vengeful spirit.
As you said demons are usually attracted to head i.e., brain. Then keeping an animal's head near the author would only bring trouble by attracting unknowm spirits which would be really harmful for her.
I can understand you made your valuable response for helping the author but think yourself, does your idea seems scientific? Doesn't it sounds like what people call bizarre? Doesn't it seems like witchcraft or black magic?
I also think that it is not ethical in anyway to kill an innocent animal for your own betterment.
Jaxxxanator in Odd Energy
Hi Karla

Thank you for sharing your story, its definitely an interesting one... It may sound dumb or obvious, or both, but did any of the mediums give you guidance as to why or who the spirit is? None of them communicated with it?. A random thought- is your house REALLY old or built on ancestral ground perhaps? Was there any specific event that would have triggered it to make its presence known now "out of the blue"? An anniversary? An event? A milestone? Anything really that it might have latched onto.
Jak_Mangan in The Unknown Entity

Laperal house is not open to public all the time. As I'm writing this, I'm in front of the building waiting for a cab and yes the bldg is closed.
Jak_Mangan in The Unknown Entity
I'm from the city but I haven't had any ghost experiences in here. Fact is, my house is just below the Laperal house and I pass by it even in the late night hours. No feelings of uneasiness or whatnot. Neither the Laperal house nor the Diplomat hotel is haunted. Foreign paranormal investigators already proved no sightings on both bldgs. I guess it's more haunted in the lowlands with aswangs, tiktiks, tikbalangs, white ladies, you name it. Again, Baguio has lesser ghost compared to other places in the Philippines.
Great story, thanks for sharing. I personally would love to go and check this place out, especially the room at the top of the stairs. But I feel certain that the best time to truly experience the hauntings would be after hours with just a couple people.
it's the same thing with what I experienced but this was with a person in the middle of the night. It was one of my weirdest experience. I too am baffled with my experience if what it is.

I actually made an effort to ask my mom about it casually. She definitely thought I was weird for asking things that happened a long time ago lol.

Anyway this is what she told me. Apparently they decided to just fire him and let him leave our house. She didn't report it as abuse to local authorities.

She even asked me "why are you asking these questions? Are you going to find him and put him to jail?"

I just laughed at it and explained to her it was just a random thought. Well she I definitely weird her out.

I asked her about the demon face driver if it was also real, she just brushed it off saying it's just my imagination. I guess it wasn't real. I'm just confused though, how come I still remember that exact details of a story if she hasn't told me about it.

I don't what to believe anymore.
Thank you to everybody for sharing their personal experiences/beliefs as to seeing or experiencing unexplained strange otherworldly stuff which is still mostly being considered 'taboo' It really helps, as the selfdoubt and denial sometimes obviously takes the upper hand.
Not to get too far away (or esotheric) from my honest & somewhat confusing experience and the basic 'red eyes' story as I described.

I feel as if, at the time when I was young 'open' and vulnerable, this negative energy was attracted to me. I always held a fairly healthy curiosity towards transcendence and 'darker' occult stuff. A medium at a seance once told me I was like a guide to lost spirits? (I don't really know what I was to think of that back then, and still) I've had my unhealthy share of OCD-like behaviour, but by means of 'enegry' guiding/influencing me. (i've grown stronger since) Back then it was like I was being toyed around up to a point where I didn't want to go out in public or mingle anymore. (I still hold a safe distance towards other people) In a sense I feel as if this 'negativity' couldn't get control over me and therefore played/plays other 'weaker' people on my path like puppets to play against me, like hurdles in life (like temporary devils minions) My life has been a real struggle and still is. I never gave in though. Like trouble that keeps distracting me away from becoming who I am supposed to be, or getting to my destination. (Bet that does sound esotheric, weird? I'm glad I haven't felt anthing like that in a long time now, but every now and then in a milder fashion, when i'm mentally exhausted or troubled. Anyhow... In a nutshell some of my 'esotheric' experiences/secrets
Hi Darriux, it is possible that your helper was posessed, but impossible for anyone here to confirm or deny that. We can only speculate.

Any way that you could find out what happened to your helper after he was fired?

Is child abuse a criminal offense in the Philippines? Did your parents report him to the police?
Greetings, J.L.M.
(I hope you don't mind the abbreviation.)

I can't believe I missed this when it was posted! I just read your comment to MG's "Glowing Red Eyes Staring At Me" (story=26765), so I thought I'd pop over and read your narrative.

While it was undoubtedly scary for you at the time, I got a great laugh out of your description, "I had my head under the covers and stayed still... Then I moved and kicked it off and it made a loud heavy thump on the floor." Take *that* mysterious beastie!

Since the medium you met told you "that this thing thinks you can lead him to this place so this dark figure can take revenge," have you tried telling it that you can't take it to where it wants to go? While "dark" spirits may be good, bad, or indifferent, something/someone seeking revenge (even justified retaliation) isn't healthy to have hanging around. Call it "bad karma," "sinister," or anything you like, but the idea of getting caught up in the revenge fantasy of "the most powerful thing [the medium] has ever felt" may not be in your best interest; even the vague description that "it's not here to hurt anyone but it needs you to take it somewhere," is not a reassuring set of parameters for dealing with an unseen presence.

Does this entity still linger outside your room? I strongly recommend being polite about getting it to move on, but having it around your home, especially if you've got a son at home, is not a good idea.

Karla in Odd Energy
Hello to all of you that were kind enough to respond! I am a little confused on what your saying. I do understand that Jesus is the sure bet but we have been praying and praying and friends have had prayer groups and yes it was a catholic priest from my church and even he has more or less given up on us. He blessed the house and my family 5 different times and gave is each confession. Is there a place on this site to add videos? I have a ton of crazy orbs in every room.
Hello MG, very interesting read about the glowing red eyes and very scary as well but the same thing happened to me when I was about 8 years old but mine was in the loft and still scares me to this day thinking about it.

J.L.Mellings πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
Hi Lilpeachy,
I'm so glad you posted this story and reading the great comments have made me realise I'm not so 'odd' after all! 😊
I came from a good Catholic family, but stepped out of the Catholic church in my late teens. There were many reasons for this, but one in particular which I won't go into, as it still has the power to make me very angry! I looked at other religions and it took a while before I began to realise that though they all 'look' different, they all have the same purpose. That's when I stepped away all together and I've never regretted doing so.
That's not to say I don't believe though. I pray often and whenever I'm afraid, such as the few occasions I've had sleep paralysis, calling for Jesus or Michael the Archangel works immediately every time, just as praying worked for you.
Best wishes to you!
Lady-glow πŸ˜† you are a woman after my own heart! And that is truly something to ponder on. Believe me while we were living IN the situation, my main focus was my son and getting out of there. But I myself have wondered many things about George and that piece of wood in the well. If you're ever traveling and wish to investigate the property further or deeper the address is 911 Baxter St. Neosho, Mo. It would be the property at the top of the hill πŸ˜‰ please do let me know if you find anymore answers 😁
Luciajacinta, I am glad you enjoyed reading of our experience. As far as my writing seeming theatrical, it is my way of talking/writing. My children also take after me in this way. I quite enjoy it. You ask how my ex husband was able to climb down in the well and where he found the wood in the well... My life has been riddled with unbelievable and unexplainable things, just weird all together and my ex husband fell nothing short of this. He just kind of climbed down the rocks, in the dark & found this wood marker. I'm not here to try to make anyone believe me, I just simply enjoy sharing my experiences with others 😁
Eerie69, it definitely was unsettling and something that will follow us for the rest of our lives! As for the wood we discovered, it looked pretty old. I wish I had more answers for you but I do not, however I have personally wondered these same things. The original property where we lived is either torn down or just sitting abandoned at the top of the hill. When you type 911 Baxter St. Neosho, Mo. All you get is a small newer little house they built at the bottom of the hill. I am curious if the house on the hill and the old farm buildings still remain.
Unexplained, thank you & I am glad you enjoyed the read 😊 I have also wondered about George and wonder if anyone other than my family had to deal with him! As far as my boy explaining how George could verbalize whilst missing his head... The thought never crossed my mind. Perhaps his head was somewhere near by πŸ€” Not sure. I figured my son was already traumatized enough as it was [at] 3 that the less I discussed George, the better.
ErickYanez, I too truly hope that George was able to find his head! Considering that the property is no longer inhabited, I highly doubt it. I am glad you enjoyed reading of mine & my son's experience & appreciate your invitation, however I will have to decline. I am a humble woman and only wish to share our story here and with family and friends. You could say health and age keep me tied down. Thanks again!
Luciajacinta,I am glad you enjoyed my experience 😊 In answer to your questions, I was a troubled teenager and had a mess of problems at the time & didn't want to add to it. Oddly enough I thought that perhaps I would some how be accused of having something to do with her demise, as I was always treated in that way. As for anyone finding her remains, that remains unknown to me.
Lady-glow, those are all very valid questions & I wish I could give you answers but I cannot. For personal reasons I left that place many years ago and will not return. And yes I was an exceptionally strong girl when I was young 😁
Hello hawaiifemme, I am glad you enjoyed my story. It took place in Clearlake, California in 1992.
I think this sounds like a nice visit from your Grandma. If you have any more experiences with her, please share them. I have had a few with my grandma that I need to share sometime.
Ded3280 in Odd Energy
I believe you need to find a pastor to bless the home, rebuke the demon and pray with you. The fact you have brought in reiki practitioners, mediums etc will only make things worse by opening the doors to more bad energies/spirits. The name of jesus and his protection is the only way you will rid the home or your family from this. I assume you go to a catholic church? Find a Christian church. I suffered demonic torment for a long time. The only thing that stopped it was two pastors praying over me. I understand not everyone believes this but it is the truth.
anastasiababina2000 in Girl With The Blonde Hair
Yeah I have weird blonde experiences happen to me too. When I was little I went to this kindergarten and there was a blonde girl there. She grabbed me by the hand and said, we are friends. She then told me about this television show. It was like with this blonde girl and a garden. I don't remember the girl's name now. Also once... I went on this website... And there were pictures there of a girl with blonde hair that looked like she had plastic surgery done, as well as the same girl with differnet coloured hair. When I looked up her name online, there was a picture of an old woman and a grave!
AugustaM in My Father's Story
Sounds like a rather unfriendly type passing through. Maybe he had been attracted by their youthful energy and their stories. Glad he doesn't seem to have stuck around - kind of sounds sorta demon-y to me.
Hello Zaruje,

OH I think I also saw a similar episode from MGB (Magandang Gabi Bayan) about covering white cloth to a mirror but I can't exactly recall the reason for that. Anyways, I appreciate your feedback 😊 ❀ ❀ ❀
There was a lot of negative energy in the house, I think it might have been living there before my parents moved in, or it might have been summoned by all the conflicts. I was depressed and struggling with the knowledge of dying through events and doctrine of religeous affairs. I was tested for epilepsy because I woke up with scratches from time to time. Things went sour. I believe i'm an empath, with all the troubles in life I had to endure, never being understood and always (unnoticably at first) drawing negativity towards me. It always has a way of finding me without asking for it. Almost feels asif being cursed. I soak up bad energy when e.g. I'was at a friends house. They'd get relieved from my visit and I turned sick. But it has gone the other way round as well as to me being able to cast mysery or illness onto others when someone treated me really really bad, with myself also going a bit ill. At other times a sudden awareness came over me and saved me from very bad accidents... And much more stuff not directly related to the 'red eyes'
Greetings, MG, and welcome to YGS.

It is good that you tried to find alternative explanations, first. As an 8-year-old, you must have been quite brave not react out of fear.

Dirt Creature makes a great point, "People will say that they are demons or evil spirits... It doesn't make sense..." Some supernatural or spiritual beings appear in a manner that we find scary, but it tends to be the *unfamiliarity* that upsets us.

In nature, there are terrifying things that look harmless, and harmless things that look terrifying, too. I happen to be scared of spiders; however, most of these disturbing arachnids are interested only in eating flies, moths, and mosquitos. One spider that *didn't* frighten me was the black widow! Instead of scuttling around, crouching, jumping, etc., it walked very slowly & elegantly across the wall of my bedroom; It knew what it was doing and it didn't react to my presence at all.

People tend to associate red glowing eyes with "evil" or "bad" because it is part of the "uncanny valley" phenomenon that is easy to depict in art, television, and film. It is unsettling to see something or someone familiar with just one or two details that do not look 'normal.' Sometimes, people have witnessed phenomena (such as glowing eyes) that an entity uses to provoke fear on purpose; however, your spirit/entity does not seem to have had any bad intention. Sometimes, odd things simply happen.

As you mentioned you've had other experiences, I'd like to read them, too.

Greetings, Gladden124.

Are your parents experiencing this, too? Have you told them? Has your brother or your sister told them? If your grandparents are alive and well, would you consider discussing this with them?

Is your family religious? Do you have a religious leader whom you trust?

Some of the phenomena listed in your narrative could be the result of a child over-thinking a situation and panicking; have you discussed any of this with a doctor?

MG ~ I too have seen the glowing red eyes and it scared the bejeepers out of me and was in my 30's. In my case it turned out to be the reflection of the coffee machine power indicator reflected in double pane glass, but for all the world they appeared exactly as you described them. I'm not saying that's what you saw, but as an eight year old it would have scared the brown stinky stuff out of me!
Thank you for giving some opinions. Yes I agree that maybe that helper of ours were probably just tired but it was just weird how he was sitting and staring at me that night.

Also that male helper of ours was abusive to us. I remember he used the flat Iron on my baby brother's skin (the one who got sick and went to the hospital) which resulted in 2nd degree burn with skin sloughing off on his right thigh. He also deliberately closed a door on me while my fingers were on the way. Needless to say he got fired because of that.

I just couldn't help but think maybe the things I saw that night maybe his evil side I don't know for sure, paranormal or not.

As for the story of my mother, I do agree I can't verify that for certain since I didn't experience it first hand.

It's just that, on that particular night, something was really off and weird which made an impact for me all this time.

Would it be possible that our helper was possessed by a demon?
I have seen 2 green glowing eyes without eyeballs staring at me from the ventilator around midnight. Before they appeared, The dogs howled in a chorus as if they acknowledged a presence or welcomed someone.
Geez! I wish I had known that's the way to prevent kids from asking to come for sleepovers at my place!
...a squeaky closet door opening and closing in the middle of the night!
Welcome to YGS.

Darriux, in my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative as to say what you saw that night.

Just because the tricycle-cab operator didn't want to drive by the church doesn't mean that he was afraid/avoiding it, perhaps he knew that the road was impassable or unsafe under those conditions. As for "his face morphed into like a demon like being with a scary grin", -who could know for sure? What if he suffered from Tourette syndrome or some other medical condition that causes abnormal and uncontrolled facial expressions?

As for the houseboy's red eyes, perhaps he is the only one who knows the answer.

Since you consider yourself a sensitive, it's possible that the impressions and the feelings you registered at that moment hold the answer to your question. Maybe your parents asked him to stay awake and his eyes were blood shot for lack of sleep?

I don't think anyone could give you the correct answer, only opinions.
I have seen this as well. You described it perfectly. Two red almond shaped eyes but red all the way through. I saw this in my closet and I was not having sleep paralysis or waking from sleep either. I had just slipped into bed and was not tired at all. Then they appeared. I have always wondered what it was that was watching me. I was about 7 or 8 years old.

People will say that they are demons or evil spirits. I respect other's beliefs but that answer has never been enough for me. It doesn't make sense why this red eyed entity would watch over me for a night and disappear out of my life forever.
I am about to board a flight so I am dashing this out but I have a few possible leads. Wiki may be unyielding as in the USA we are accessing "" not ".uk" - maybe each has a few of its own differences. Though potentially tethered by my geography, I have found 2 sites that may prove productive.

Could this be the crash?

Or could it be found amongst these?
(Manston is very near by)
Hi Aella! I don't remember the title but it was a documentary by Jay Taruc. It was about this old house rumored to be haunted. Then the psychic concluded that it was because of the old mirror that was hung inside the house that causes the spirits to move between worlds. Since no one from the owners family resides in that house, he (the psychic) told the owner to place a cloth on that mirror (I forgot why).

Z ❀ ❀ ❀
Hi majarlika012,

I haven't got the chance to speak with anybody from the new building where our house before was built but I'll try to ask our neighbors/friends there if they heard anything about the lady in white. Will surely update you guys when I hear anything about her (lady in white).
Hello Zaruje,
Thank you for your feedback. We still have the mirror with us even if we have transferred home and yes I must say, it still give me creeps whenever I look in it but my mom doesn't want to give it up or dispose it hehehe Can you still recall the title of that documentary that you saw? ❀
Thank you for sharing your story. I believe we lived before coming to earth to gain a body. I think your dad got to spend time with these granddaughters and did come to see you at this special time. May your family be blessed. ❀
LuciaJacinta in Mama Mia
Since this got bumped up, I had the chance to reread it. This is just a really nice story of Mia. I remembered reading it right away.

I agree I miss *seeing* some names around here. Cups, I hope you're doing well. ❀

I didn't see some of these comments until now. R.C., I hope your Facebook friend is doing ok. I do think it's harder on the children, spouses and family members then it is on the patient.
Thank you for this wonderful story. I am currently carrying my first and had the urge to find stories on pregnancy and seeing beloved ones. I sign into YGS and there it is. Again, touching and wonderful story.
majarlika012 in A Lady In White At Home
Hi Aella, same reason why I get to discover this site. When I was on night shift, this site kept me awake:) Now that I'm on fixed MID shift, it's my hobby now to check if there are new stories uploaded.

To your story, I agree with Zaruje. Maybe the mirror was a portal to spirits. If ever you hear anything from the current owner of the building or from the tenants and/or workers, please update us:) I would love to hear if the lady still haunts the place.
I know the exact song you're talking about. It's called "Together Again" by Janey Jackson. It's one of my favorites from when I was a child. πŸ˜‰
Forgive my ignorance about technology but, if you saw the two men through the security camera, - why didn't you check the footage instead of arguing with your grandfather? Aren't security cameras supposed to be equipped with some sort of memory?
Hello Aella! Welcome to YGS! Is it possible that the old mirror was some kind of portal between worlds? That's why you saw the white lady walk through it? I came up to this conclusion because I saw a documentary in channel 7 (Pinoy din ako 😁) about an old mirror residing in an old house etc.etc.

Thank you for sharing!

Z ❀ ❀ ❀
Bibliothecarius in The Men In The Trench Coats
Greetings, Coh123, and welcome to YGS.

You're really good at setting up the atmosphere for your story, here!

I can understand your grandfather's desire to keep a family secret, but --as the phenomenal Dara O'Briain pointed out-- that's in the past, now. What's the worst thing that could happen? You've discovered you're descended from a family of patriots. That's neither a reason to be ashamed nor to fear retaliation.

I'm curious as to how your great grand uncles *became* hitmen for the fenian brotherhood (which is off-topic) and how they came to be a pair of ghosts haunting the lane to the family farm. Were they betrayed and ambushed during a mission? Were they pursued by the British military after a successful hit? What led to their haunting the lane, and not necessarily the house?

If I'm being nosey, I apologize, but I do think that your grandfather could give you a bit more family history to pass on to future generations.

lady-glow in Mama Mia

Hello, it's so nice to "see" you around!

Since the beginning of this year or so, several of the regular posters have been silent, including Melda. I hope to see them soon.

I'm glad you're back. ❀
lady-glow in He Lost His Head
I wonder if, somewhere else,there's another headstone with the inscription "George's head cannot rest until he finds his body".

What would be creepier to witness walking/rolling around - a headless body or a body-less head? πŸ€”
LuciaJacinta in He Lost His Head
I really enjoyed this story. But, it seems a bit theatrical to me. I don't see how your husband could climb into the well. Were there steps? Or did he just hang on to the side? Also where did he retrieve the headstone from? Was it in well water? How could a wooden headstone not decompose in water or in general over time?

The inscription seems odd too. I believe a name and date but the part about losing his head is weird.

If this is all true... Pretty scary tale.
Pinksweety in The Voices I Hear
Edonojie word I too hear voices at night while I try to fall asleep... Latest I heard was a male voice telling me not to hurry in konkani... Next to my bed. But I dnt hear anything during daytime.
Lady-glow, I've missed you. Lots to get caught up on here. ❀

Biblio, I'm anxious for the response! I'm so happy to see everyone still at it.
Good to see you again, Biblio! Jacey and I have had discussions many times about things that have happened, and even my experiences (especially our Louisiana home and I still need to write down my experiences there). She is a teen now and it is interesting that you mention this and the moods. Recently, she has been moody and a few light things had happened that I wrote off as coincidence, but now it makes me wonder.

I have no idea why a spirit or ghost would stay in a cemetery either as I always thought they were not a place frequently haunted. Maybe it had something to do with a certain day or time when it happened. If she could still see, I would keep track of days/times. I hope the funeral you attend goes well and sorry for your loss.
So I've been thinking. What if whatever it was, was me? Or a part of me anyway. Like my soul/spirit/subconsciousness? A part of me died that day, I denounced my religion within days of it happening. It's as if whatever it was killed off that part of me and my life and set me free...
Lilpeachyghost ~

I tend to think that what you experienced was more likely psychosomatic than spiritual, but I'm hardly an expert on either. In the end it matters little what I think of your experience, what matters is what you think of it. Do you believe it was spiritual?

That said, I am glad that you are at peace with yourself. The only true source for your happiness is yourself. To have a happy life you need to be comfortable in your skin.
Violet-Tartan in Spirits On The Hill
Just scrolling through all my local Oregon stories- That's why I'm commenting on things so old LOL

Anyways -
The thought of a child terrified by something supernatural. And REAL... And being tormented, and knowing it's real... And having their parents shut the door, specifically so they could t hear the child's screams of LEGITIMATE TERROR
- It just BREAKS my heart! 😭
Bastet in Kitten Ghost
Fuchsia - yes, I get the same feeling too! I believe spirits can choose any form the fancy - so they appeared as a kitten! I assume I would be scared to death of a sudden sense of anything else in my bed πŸ˜†
Hi Adove, It was very interesting to read about your experiences in the house! It was bit similar to the story I once shared here:
What I didn't tell there was that I had heard that one of the builders who worked on this apartment construction had hanged himself in our apartment. This info was overheard and not 100% approved, so I went to the police station to investigate - but they appear not to keep those type of records that far back. The apartment always had atmosphere of overwhelming sadness and entrapment. My Mum was always depressed and attempted suicide once. I totally get how you feel about wanting to help the wandering soul; I myself in last few years (when visiting the apartment) said few prayers and left candles there. I hope it helped!
Wow. This one was really terrifying. Thank you so much for sharing. I am also here in Oregon
Zaruje, I have seen a pair of fluorescent green glowing eyes without pupils staring through the window pane while the street dogs all howled in a perfect chorus. It was around midnight & I was trying to sleep. I guess it was a warning signal. The fact that even the dogs acknowledged its presence is very baffling as though they were welcoming it.

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