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Hi, Rook!

It was parent-teacher conferences tonight, so if you've got a stash of the cocktail onions, I could use a Gibson, straight up, and no need to bother with the fancy glass.

I realize that it was a different conversation that was being shifted over here to the Miss Demeanor (out of her garage for the second time in two weeks!), but I do have a question about your post to Cherubim's narrative "The Crystal Ball" ( The reason I'm asking outright (besides my usual bluntness) is that I think you know more about this topic than I do, and I'm concerned that I missed a key detail.

I had thought that Cherubim had seen the eye in the crystal because of the opening of her "3rd eye." Following this train of thought, anything that she experienced after that point would have been more obvious to her because of her newly-heightened awareness.

You stated --in essence-- Cherubim had opened a door that needed to be closed in order to being about a more peaceful resolution to the narrative. Was the vision of the opening of an eye symbolic of some greater power awakening? What was it I missed? I know that you've had a great deal of experience as a practitioner & student of a range of skills, whereas I've grown up with a hodge-podge of abilities, knacks, and gifts, aided by a heterodox approach to development/growth in this arena.

Thanks, in advance, for taking some time to show me where I erred.

Bibliothecarius in Too Much Time Frog-gigging
A quick note to Val:

Thanks for the etymology lesson. While I've heard the word in the past, I had no idea it had such a fascinating origin.

Always happy to learn,
Very interesting. I did hear about paranormal experience of missing time experienced by group of people. But this is very vivid and you wrote so well. Thank you very much for sharing. I do have questions.

When you got back in your house, didn't you see your ma? She probably fell asleep waiting for you, or did she ask you about the incident?

About the flash, how detailed was the surrounding when it occured? Like daylight? Like overcast daylight? Or like a flash of lightning?

And your pa's story, you can try submitting it or sharing it in this comment. Surprised he shared that story with you when he was really stern about you not talking about what happened that night.

Again, thank you and feel free to share more.


To all the recent posters: I regret to admit that all of you are correct in this not being "ghostly". I even thought hard about this before posting it. I the 40 or so years since this event occurred, I have done some extensive and thorough research into the UFO and alien abduction area and have come to a persona conclusion that the events such as described within, RUFO's, alien contacts, abductions, etc, share disturbingly close parallels. Often ghost reports and UFO activity go had-in-hand. That being said, I promise to share those events that I have experienced that are more ghostly in nature. Thank you all so much for the insightful comments and please if there is blame to be assigned, blame me and not the Moderators. Peace all.

Apart from Hollywood's "bupkis" plot line in the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die", I have had no exposure to Tarot Cards.

So, from an outsider's perspective, I was drawn to BadJuuJuu's crackpot theory of the deck of cards. The notion that a group of seemingly inanimate objects evolve into an entity that embarks on a journey of growth (possibly helping people on the way) is a fascinating, yet disturbing concept.

Initially, I had a chuckle thinking of the havoc that this deck of cards could cause in a place like Los Vegas but then realized that a person could walk away with a lot of money or be taken on a tour of the irrigation pipe system in the desert (like in "Diamonds are Forever"). All on the intent of the cards and the user's judgement.

I think I'd rather be sitting at the lower deck bar of the Miss Demeanor, drinking (non-alcoholic) mead, listening to Blue Oyster Cult (possibly Van Morrison and Uriah Heep?) and discussing pressing matters with the YGS family. Like how come Jane Seymour still looks like Solitaire at 68 years old? Is this some paranormal effect from the Tarot Cards?

rookdygin in The Crystal Ball

Caz makes an interesting point, and if you had only seen swirling mists and the images (before the eye appeared) then I would agree 100%. However, you saw the eye and you even stated that when you came across it again... "So for the heck of it, I continued reading. It said, "you'll know you're on the right track when you see your crystal ball awaken. You'll see an eye slowly begin to open!" πŸ‘ That's exactly what happened..."

It is, therefore, my opinion that the ball needs to 'return to sleep' or in other terms 'be closed'. If you still have the book it should have instructions on how to do so (I hope πŸ™„) if not then all that is really needed is to 'reverse' the process you used to 'wake it up' (with the exception of dropping it of course πŸ˜‰) Once you have done that wrap it in the protective silk and put it away, sell it... Give it as a gift... Whatever you want to do with it. You may 'feel' some resistance... After all, you did drop it AND simply put it away so any awakened 'energies' may not wish to 'go to sleep'... But ultimately you are the one who 'woke it up' and you are the best choice for returning it back to sleep.

Keep us updated, and please ask any questions you may have.


ghosthunter9876 in Ghosties! Here We Meet Again
Could be negative energies or spirits trying to dissuade you from living in those homes. So if possible try to find out more about those houses you lived in from local people if possible.
Rook, bupkis is a word, which comes from the Yiddish word kozebupkes meaning, "goat pellets, droppings" but used for 'nothing' in general. As in, "I tried hard but got bupkis for it." In impolite company it's harsher translation is manure (as in the 4 letter word).

RC, we have multiple editors, and being human a lot of times editing just plays into the 'take' of the story. Sometimes, a mod might be a stickler for 'the rules', others perhaps not so much. I can't speak for whomever rejected your story because of 'no ghost',but I do know there have been times I've rejected for that reason.
Perhaps this will illustrate what I mean about 'take' on a story. I have this 'thing' about stories that are submitted saying it's in parts, especially when the reason is 'it's long enough'. There's no word limit, you could submit a bloomin' novel, we only have a minimum for words. I'll read the submission, but unless it seems complete, I'll send it back asking for it's completion, based on we have no minimum. Picky of me? Perhaps so, but I also know that for many of our regulars, stories submitted in parts raise a red flag as to truthfulness, and I can not guarantee the next 'chapter' will be published, just as I can't be sure I'd be the editor for it. I can imagine their confusion when another editor does publish one that comes in parts though, and how they feel when that doubt I spoke of is voiced in comments. I suppose one day, someone might try and call me out on that, however to me, my action is completely logical.
There is also the 'take' of a story on how it is comprehended by the person (editor) reading it - the interpretation of what the writer is conveying.
Cherubim in The Crystal Ball
Thank you for saying it was never activated Caz. Yes, I think I've been "activated" most of my life. I'm not afraid of the crystal ball and like how the sunlight reflects off of it when I have it in the window. It's in a cabinet now, I don't plan on throwing it away.

Thanks Biblio for all this wonderful information. 😊 I've never thought of using it again as I still have happenings, and it seems like when I start talking about it things become more active. I don't get bad vibes from the crystal ball at all.

No Rook, I didn't set any boundaries because I didn't know any better. I can't remember if the instructions said not to touch the ball or not now? I was fascinated with the colors that started swirling around so I picked it up. I was turning it in my hands and dropped it. This incident took place over ten years ago and I have since moved. We lived behind a graveyard at the time. If you think I should still "close the door" I'd be interested in knowing how. Thank you! ❀
Hi MrsRamsay, I do remember your story about the knots in the cords for the window blinds. That's amazing! My dad was a navy pilot and I'm familiar with some of the jewelry. I'm so sorry you got stuck with the pin?! Do ya think it was your late husband being a bit jealous? 😜
Puff Bayram pulls up in the psychedelic painted double-decker bus, lovingly called the Miss Demeanor, and after parking it he opens both bars (upper and lower decks) turns on the hot tub to ensure it is heated nicely and then attends to the sound system... Blue Oyster Cult, Don't Fear the Reaper fills the bus, and indeed the surrounding area with its melodic tones...

Puff sets the music selection to 'auto' and then draws himself a Pint of Mead from the bar on the lower deck (Thorin's Viking to be precise) and slowly sips it while enjoying the music and waiting for others to arrive.

Puff Bayram.

I can see that your mind is made up, despite the category the Mods chose to publish this under. Perhaps you could re-submit your investigation experience and explain that there are times that no matter how prepared the 'hunters' are and no matter how 'haunted' a place is supposed to be you sometimes get bupkiss (is that a word? It is now). Just because someone's experience does not include spirits/ghosts/goblins/ZOZO/Slender Man or a shadow wearing a Hat does not make it 'less' paranormal.

YGS is for those who have experienced something they can not explain and are searching for answers or at least someone who will believe them. Those are the reasons I have remained a member for so long.

So, everybody, deep breath in... Hold it... Let it out slowly... And please follow me to the Miss Demeanor for drinks and lite banter...



Does anyone here have definitive proof that this experience was absolutely the work of extraterrestrials and not ghosts? Sure the time loss phenomenon has been commonly associated with UFO encounters but individuals have also experienced time related phenomena without any alien interference - take time slips for instance. The area where this occured has been rife with human activity for hundreds of years and, based on other comments, clearly has a reputation for unexplained phenomena - the experience at hand may be a ghostly occurrence somewhat unique to the place. Fact being that none of us can say with any degree of certainty what was behind this experience but to say that it was paranormal - "beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding" - therefore, I see absolutely no issue with its presence here.

Sounds like you three had quite a fright that night!
To be fair, I have submitted stories that does not pertain to ghosts directly but more of weird unexplained events and the mods approved it. I also submitted stories that is somewhat pertaining to psychic experience and the mods didn't approved it.

All I'm saying is that I trust the mods with their decisions.

Also I've read this story, to be honest I really liked it, especially the weird thing that happened on loss of time and the bright light. For some reason that really stuck to me. I believe this story deserved to stay on this category of misc. It is a good read.

Thanks and God bless
Well, no, actually. YGS has no place for it.

Here is where I am coming from: I went on a ghost hunt, wrote a report, submitted it, rejected because 'no ghosts.'

Here is a story with no ghosts that gets published.

Seriously, mods, how do you let non-ghost stories through while also rejecting non-ghost stories?
DarriuxDarkk in Cross Necklace

Thank you for the comment. I don't think there was an entity playing with the cross necklace. It was a holy item as it was blessed by a priest and every time I go to church, I always place my cross necklace into the holy water.

And I think I've said before on my other posts that I am somewhat sensitive to energies. I once tried placing the cross necklace on the palm of my hand and just get the feel of it.

I don't know how to describe it but I'll try. It felt like there was really a strong static pressure radiating from the necklace and I can feel it on my hands like it was tangible aura that is circular in projection of it's energy. I tried to sense that feeling, just to see it's boundaries and it is circular, surrounding the cross necklace itself. That's the physical sensation of the energy but the emotional side is overwhelming. It was hard to describe, it's like your heart is racing but I can't tell id it's excitement,joy, or something else but definitely positive. I didn't feel any negative emotions at all.

That is why that cross necklace is so special, I always feel protected. Yea that's a good term I can describe it.

Thanks and God Bless.
DarriuxDarkk in The Pressure
From a medical point of view the pressure sensations from your legs progressing towards your upper body and unwanted or uncontrolled movements of your fingers does sound like a seizure or it cam be something else like Guillian Barre Syndrome pertaining to lower extremity paresthesia that progresses upwards.

Alcohol intake or drugs does not help at all in terms of health issues and conditions.

I agree on one of the comments here, have a check up first to rule out any existing medical issues that is going on. They can be very debilitating if untreated or unmanaged.

If it is not a medical issue, I think I can relate on the pressure sensation especially the static kind of feeling. I experience that often if I sense things out of ordinary.

Thanks and God bless.
gypsyking410 in Her Creepy Smile
Hello RanGv,

Can you please share those photos with us, and did you visit her apartment?

Please share the photos.

Ret-T and Caz,

James Bond is my call sign going back to my military days. Any resemblance to the actual James Bond is in the eyes of the beholder!

As I think back on this experience, I am coming to the conclusion that there was probably no malice intended and it does seem like a playful sequence of events. I fully concede that I may have over-reacted to the situation. Given time to reflect on this now, I will be better prepared if any such occurrences happen again.

It is nice to have validation in the form of actual hotel reviews from other guests. One reviewer even stated that he/she thought the ghost was not "mean".

silverthane speaks well 😁 and I agree. To me a poltergeist can be one of two things... Psychokinetic outbursts from and individual during times of 'high stress' or children as they enter puberty. This is due to the 'energy' levels in our bodies being 'different' than under 'normal' conditions. This is also more common for childern going through puberty... But can happen around adults depending on 'energy levels' based on the stresses being experienced.

The second one is that an actual spirit has been attracted because of the 'energy level's' with-in and individual going through puberty OR within a household. Again as soon as things 'settle out' the spirit (s) move on.

Just my 'two cents'.

Thanks for sharing. Please ask any questions you may have.


rookdygin in The Crystal Ball

Just read this as I catch up with some of the recently published experiences and I found yours interesting for a couple of reasons.

First: you mention that your instructions stated to place the ball on black silk and to not let it roll around, so you used the wooden circular stand that came with your ball. You then mention you dropped the ball because you had picked it up to get a better look into it closer to a candle... Did the book 'say' anything about handling the ball while 'scrying'? I ask because I have friends who used crystal balls and they never touched them directly... They always moved the ball when the silk was on it, never making contact with the glass itself.

Second: Well I will quote your text for this part...

"I've since heard once you open that door you can never close it. Someone here on YGS reminded me of this story so I thought I'd share it."

Ummmm, yes you can close that 'door' as a matter of fact you SHOULD close that door. I personally feel this is how rituals began so that steps would not be forgotten during 'contact' with the other side. While the spirit realm can 'cross over' and make itself is known to us in the physical realm it is easier for them if a 'connection' is made by an individual (s) here in the physical realm. Once 'open' communication/crossing over' is easier for them. Boundaries/Boarders are set by the individual (s) 'opening' these 'doors' however if opened with no boundaries/borders set and the 'way' not being closed by the individual (s) who did so then ANY spirit may find an easy point to cross over.

I hope that makes sense, I am glad your crystal did not crack when you dropped it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for sharing your experience with us.


If I read this correctly this large cat was crossing the doorway and not walking down the stairs in front of you, correct?

If that is the case I must ask this...

What had you been doing prior to walking down the stairs? I ask this because if you were in a relaxed state, like just waking from sleeping, or perhaps meditation then there is a good chance you saw your spirit animal 'on patrol'...simply making his rounds within the house.

Mr. Bond is correct, the more details you provide the more individuals can offer advice or help you with any questions you may have.

Thank you for sharing and please ask any questions you may have.



With all due respect...

By silverthane61
(1 stories) (106 posts) (the author is a middle age adult)
Date: 2019-10-25
Country: United States
State: Oklahoma
Paranormal Category: Misc

I think the MODS covered their butts on this one by placing it in the Misc Paranormal Catagory. So Yes you are correct, no spirits, ghosts, hags, shadow people nor even the 'hat man' are present in this experience however YGS has a place for it. 😁 😲 😁


rookdygin in The Pressure
First question from me...

How long before falling asleep had you 'smoked'?

Second Question:

How much did you 'smoke'?

Third Question:

Is there a chance your 'smoke' may have been 'laced' with something (even by accident...)?

Fourth Question: You mentioned that it helps you sleep, is this a medical prescription for use or is it the use of a 'non-prescription' drug so that you do not have to take a prescription?

(Ok, Ok to many questions about the marijuana)

It is possible that the relaxed state induced by the marijuana could have allowed you to be more receptive to the 'spirits'. It is also possible that what you experienced was something 'physical', as others have mentioned.

I agree, what you have described sounds like 'old hag syndrome' but it also matches the description of a seizure (which is why seeing a Doctor is important). The paranormal can not even be considered until all natural/medical causes are ruled out.

As far as your son is concerned, ask him if he has had other experiences (good, bad or otherwise) children are naturally closer to the veil and actually can 'interact' with 'spirits' easier but as they (we) grow older we forget/are taught how NOT to do so. If he tells you more has happened please get as many details as you can and if possible have him draw a picture of anything he might have seen. Time of day and weather can be important as well as if you were awake or asleep when his experiences have happened. I have a 'feeling' that for each experience he shares with you that you were asleep 95-99% of the time... Just a 'hunch' I got while looking back at your experience as I typed this (If I am wrong about that then the odds increase to this being more 'mundane'...but its just a hunch).

Thank you for sharing and please keep us updated if anything new happens.


Caz, I have nothing against the poster. But this story does not contain anything 'ghostly' in its content. That Silverthane did not know this is ghost or UFO is not too relevant. But the moderators should know what is ghost and what is not.
Oh...I think that's a bit unfair RC! I'm with Spockie from the start, because I've researched UFOs ever since my mother saw a huge silver disc sitting in a clear blue sky with 6-8 other witnesses in 1959, but the poster didn't know this was a UFO story and there's no reason why the mods of a 'ghost site' should know either, so give them a break!
thelangs9 in The Pressure
I'm no expert in these situations, but I know for a fact there's evil entities out there that thrive especially on fear, break that, u break them,, they've been known to start torturing victims from while they young, so its easier for them to return and invoke the fear they once did, cause paralysis to some intense extent,, I've had to deal with that shiat some previous years, its no fun,, maybe u should consider deliverance, do wish u and your son to stay safe and be freed from these turmoil causing entities.
That's so cool,, my dad used to visit me too in dreams just after the kicking of the bucket, but we still did things, we did what we did when he was alive, eat ice-cream and go on long-drives and hangouts, and u know, as a kid it really helped having him check on me like that, gave me closure and the impression that i'll see him again, be in this or the next life.
Interesting experience, but question to the mods: why did you let this non-ghost story through?
LuciaJacinta in An Evil Presence Outside
Since this was bumped up a few days ago,I'll comment again. This story has stayed with me. Really relate. I've felt a lot of these same feelings and attempting to write my own story. It's really hard to convey how scary something can be that you can't see but know is there. That "something is out there" feeling is terrifying. You did a good job of writing it out and detailing your feelings. And I totally understand about being brave for the kids sake,that's me too.
Hey Meeester Bond,
Being a one finger typist, would you think me awfully cheeky if I just called you 007 from now on?
You can blame T-Rex, 'cause that's where I got the idea! 😜
Good Evening Meeester Bond,

While James Bond in Bangkok brings back memories of "The Man with The Golden Gun", I don't believe that Nick-Nack was hiding in the bathroom, with the intention of causing you discomfort or grief.

On the contrary, I once found myself in a similar technical situation while attempting to track down a fault in a telephone service. Like you, I used the process of elimination but there was no logic in the result. This continued for several weeks, with the Customer reminding me that the resident ghost was playing tricks on me.

Although I eventually learnt to expand my skeptical horizons, I found myself deep in your experience; throwing up ideas (blown fuse, tripped earth leakage unit, etc), only to discard them, as I traveled on your fault-finding journey.

If you had feelings of frustration, rather than panic or dread, it is my opinion that what you encountered was a playful entity, that had no concept of important meetings or sleep and was probably disappointed when you vacated the room.

As for changing rooms, I have done this several times, at Jubeele's request and I find different hotel owners and staff's reactions fascinating when we tell them the reason why.

Thanks for sharing your experience on YGS and you are not alone.

I think it is clear the management know something is going on.
In hindsight, I regret not pressing the hotel for information when I stayed there.
James Bond
Mrs Ramsay,

If you search for "Old Post Quadrangle", you will find many stories related to this area of housing which officers and families still use. Do you know if you were living in the Old Post Quadrangle when you lived on Fort Sill?

James Bond
Wow, yes, that's sort of what I was afraid of, Silverthane. I remembered one more thing about that place: it's where I first saw Dark Shadows!
The jaguar I understand is the 3rd largest of the "big cats". Some jaguars are born all black so I think it is entirely possible that you had a visit from your spirit animal. Do you have Native American or Central American roots in your family tree?
silverthane61 in Ghost In Our Building
The old woman's ghost apparently bonded with your relative through eggs prepoared with ghee. I wonder if anyone else in your family has had an encounter with this woman.
MrsRamsey: There are a lot of old ghosts that frequent the old post housing areas. Growing up in Lawton as a kid we were told many stories of the old haunts not only on Fort Sill proper, but also in the adjoining Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Sounds to me like you and your friends may have channeled some residual paranormal energy in your home.
Interesting story. I also read your other one which is very scary. Perhaps the two are related and you've had things like this often? I've seen a weird panther thing like that in my yard once I wonder if it was paranormal?
Wow, following this story here, amazing the management inadvertantly admits some kind of activity as they talk about the religious rituals! I read the Shining as a teen, so am weird about hotels period. It's nice to be able to sort of brainstorm these things with people who are interested, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.
Hi guys, I had read this interesting story last night and checking in this morning see that it's Ft. Sill. I was born there in 1961 and lived there again in about 1967. I didn't know there were ponds off base, sounds like fun... We lived just up a small hill from the officer's club (Dad was a Lt. Col. At that time, preparing to go to Vietnam) and most of my memories revolve around that swimming pool. But also, now that you mention paranormal stuff... The housing we lived in was unique and old, nice inside, but... Each building was huge and divided into four apartments. The basements were shared, with different "rooms" assigned to the different families, and I seem to recall rock walls, not the cement like we'd see today... And that NOBODY stored anything down there. It was almost empty, dark and very spooky. And then, there were three floors above the basements, including empty, third floor attics, accessed by a back stairway, that were even scarier even though they were very bright, with a dormer window in each. We peered in one time and I remember thinking it was really, really scary. Mom might've agreed, because we never stored stuff there and she forbade us to go up or even to that stairwell again. (I wish I could ask her what she felt there, but lost her six years ago). I have a vivid recall that both the attics and basements were completely empty. I remember playing "Star Trek" one time in the basement with our gang of kids, but it was the ONLY time we ever played down there. And here's the weird thing: I remember that our game rapidly turned into people either talking about torturing some kid or actually trying to tie some kid up (remember how Captain Kirk would sometimes get captured?). But the game got out of hand scary and it made a HUGE impression on me... I remember specifically telling the other kids I was leaving because they were scaring me so much and I knew my mom would not approve (and I was not one of the followers of this "gang" but one of the bossy girl leaders). I remember they had some kid lie down and were looking for something to tie him up with. None of us could've been older than 2nd or maybe third grade. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I think that memory may have been my first "strange" and possibly paranormal experience. I've always remembered how alarming it all was and sort of questioned whether it was just my imagination that our play got out of hand but moreso, why has it stayed with me all these years (I'm 58 and have thought about this before every now and then)?

Of course, there was also a tiny jail cell on base that had a likeness (like an old mannequin) of Comanche Chief Geronimo in it... Which scared the heck out of me. Ft. Sill is apparently where he was held. So yeah, I believe there's some weird stuff there. However... I would like to also mention... If you all saw a big light, could it have been a helicopter squadron roaring overhead? Because that's what the Army does at night and I could see something like the light maybe causing a big scare out there, although that doesn't account for the lost time. (If it was a single person, I might say seizure, but three people can't have a seizure at one time!)
Hi Biblio,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your very interesting comment, as I'm still not allowed to vote you up! πŸ™„ Every time I read one of your comments, I seem to learn something new, such as Tasseographer = tea leaf reader, so thank you! 😁
RSAchick, thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate the support.

Zaruje, I also do not know what happened to us. But there is an interesting side note: The very same thing happened to my Dad while he was fishing alone on Fort Sill, but since I was not there, I am uncomfortable telling that story secondhand.
Jabond99, yes, indeed the area is Fort Sill. The event occurred right past gate 6. As for the reasons behind the silence, I also think that you are spot on as to why they have not talked. My Dad died at an early age, so any info on that night that he may have been willing to share went with him.
Bibliothecarius in The Crystal Ball
Greetings, Cherubim.

Caz is absolutely right about the crystal being a tool. Scrying tools only "work" in so far as they are a point on which to focus your concentration. Nostradamus used a a bowl of water in candlelight; dowsers use rods; tasseographers (also 'tasseomancers') use tea leaves; your crystal sphere presents about as much spiritual danger as a similarly-sized brick. People who choose to work with glass, leaded glass, or crystal balls simply feel attuned to them. The only exception to this rule that I've been told about is obsidian (black volcanic glass), but I'm not sure I can remember why.

If your crystal sits on a table and projects rainbows around the room in the afternoon sunlight, that is all it is doing.

I understand the sudden appearance of an eye shocked you, as you were not expecting it, but it was only a visible manifestation of your own consciousness, *not* the Eye of Sauron looking through a palantir to spy on you. As you now know that the eye phenomenon was *supposed* to occur, you may wish to try it again under calmer circumstances.

Like psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counsellors, I believe that our brains work on a subconscious level to influence our behaviors. Additionally, I happen to believe that this is true of our 'spiritual' or 'supernatural' selves; we are drawn toward specific tools or practices because part of our minds intuitively knows "I can do that."

If you still feel uncomfortable with the idea, then don't force yourself to use it for divination, but I'd only throw out the sphere if it is sending bad vibes into the room instead of little rainbows.

Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello LeaLeigh/Maria,

I'm not an expert on SP, however I find reading up on SP really helps me understand what it's all about.

From what I've read online and quote, 'It is often genetic, and it is most common in those with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or panic disorder. Lack ofΒ sleepΒ or a shiftingΒ sleepΒ schedule can alsoΒ cause sleep paralysis'.

I've found the following links interesting:



There's a lot of interesting websites with members commenting and writing about their experiences, however, YGS is certainly the top of my list.

Hopefully you aren't going through too much stress. If you are, submit what you are able to talk about and the YGS members will definitely give you advice, support, and try and help you. I will email you over the weekend.

Night from Australia. 🐨

Best wishes,
Miandra. 😘 ❀ 😘

These kind of stories are very common especially those living near nature areas with lots of trees or shrubs.

I think it is very common in the Philippines to experience apparitions from the elementals or nature spirits. They have a lot of folklores surrounding these type of creatures or beings.

If I am also on their shoes, I wouldn't go investigating on my own towards mysterious sounds or sightings especially in a middle of a bank or forest, or wherever these elemental creature resides.

They tend to end very badly at most cases. This is where people get lost and never found again or in some cases these beings latch into you and makes your life miserable and at worse case possesses you.

Elemental creatures or nature beings can be very nasty at possession. It's not only demons can inflict that kind of negativity in ones life. You'd be surprised at how many stories some natives share about these creatures.

Thanks and God bless.
Hi Cherubim,
You shouldn't worry about your crystal ball 'still being activated'. It isn't, because it 'never was'! It's merely a tool to help those who wish to become activated, by focusing their concentration. I don't know why people talk about 'activating the crystal ball', when it's the user who becomes activated, which by all accounts, you already were.
The ball is not dangerous as some ouija boards can be, so you can easily sell it, give it away or chuck it in the bin with a clear consience and not worry that it'll turn up back in your drawer the following day!
OK, I have just looked up the hotel online and I found some very interesting reviews that have been posted. I can not correlate my room to the room that these other people stayed at, but it seems there is some interesting activity at this hotel. These clippings are from the actual reviews of the hotel:

"Haunted by friendly ghost-the ghost doesn't seem mean. One night there I woke up in the middle of the night to sounds coming from the bathroom. I thought my roommate was moving around toiletries but when I screamed her name, she was still in her bed. We were both terrified... As soon as we acknowledged the ghost, it seemed to have stopped. This happened again one more night... Once we greeted the ghost, the noises slowly stopped. Ironically in spite of all of this, I would recommend the hotel for the location and cost and overall helpfulness of the staff."

And one more:

"Ghost- There is ghost in this hotel. The last night in the room, felt the pressure on the corner of bed during the night, around 2-3:30am, smelt something stink not sure what it was but never smelt anything before, and heard footsteps, sound was from inside of the room then slowly moved out to the hallway."

I also find it odd that the management responded to both reviews in the same way. Seems they may get enough reports of ghosts that they have a prepared response for it!

"Thank you for your feedback in regards to your experience at our hotel. We take your comments very serious, but I can assure that we do not have any ghosts in our hotel. Our property follows all religious rites required to ensure no disturbance from any kind of paranormal activities. However please contact us directly to inform us in which room you stayed so we can investigate further."

Thanks for reading and commenting. I have just finished a 7-year stint living in Singapore. Enjoyed both Singapore and the rest of Asia for which I travelled extensively. I will really miss it.

The one benefit I had from this encounter was that the hotel did give me an upgrade to a suite for the rest of my stay. Despite that, I don't advocate using a ghost as an excuse to get an upgrade!

James Bond

I meant also to say that I have had quite a few incidents that I judge to be similar to yours.

I have been having weird episodes that I cannot imagine as the unconscious doings of my own mind.

- Maria ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello Lealeigh/Maria,

Thank you for your interest in my experiences.

I have many experiences to tell you about. I don't know where to start without sounding like a broken record. I've talked and talked about my experiences and have had so much support, help and advice from members here on YGS. In fact I have made some new friends here who understand what I'm going through which has helped me tremendously.

I tried to up vote your comment here but It said, 'please vote for someone else'. I have voted you up too many times this week and have to wait a couple of days before up voting you again. I will come back to your comment and vote as soon as it let's me.

How often do I have sleep paralysis? Oh wow! Often enough to not worry about it anymore. There's a difference between SP and spirits, Hags and shadow people. Ufortunately I have had more unwelcomed visitors and unexplained occurrences. I use Rookdygins cleansing ritual fortnightly which is working. If I leave it longer than that I have visits from a spirit who has been very persistent.

Thank you for your comment.

Best wishes,
Miandra. 😘 ❀ 😘
Silverthane61 I love reading this story. It seems you had a really fun childhood.

I don't have any clue to what happened to you but I do hope to read more stories from you.
I remember those control panels. We see them in Singapore as well as Thailand. Thailand felt very welcoming to me when I visited. A part of me felt as if I'd come "home".

Have you looked into the history of the hotel or its location? Were there any events in the past around the area? I'm reminded of an experience shared by a past YGS member, roylynx when he encountered a spooky room in Thailand. They found an amulet tucked away in their hotel room. From his description, it sounded like a Taoist Fu talisman, as if someone was trying to dispel bad energy from the place. I wonder if the hotel staff had received other complaints about that room. Https://

But if you had felt unsafe or unwelcome, it might be easier to simply request for another room. If there's one available, that is. When I've been in rooms that make me uncomfortable, for whatever reason, my husband now knows it's better to change our room. Even at the cost of an upgrade if we must. I've found from personal experience to trust this inner "warning system" when it comes to such things.

Thanks for the interesting read. Safe travels to you.

Is the post you refer to Fort Sill? I believe that army base has many paranormal stories associated with it, ghostly and otherwise. It is an area with long history, not least of which involve Native Americans. You probably know better than me about that.

It is too bad that those experiencing the same event would not talk about it and discuss it amongst themselves. I could understand why your father and uncle may not want to have discussed it with others, but I think the three of you could have hashed out what had happened. I can only think that your father was trying to protect you in some way, in his mind not having you get caught up in something that he found unexplainable.

James Bond
silverthane61, I enjoyed reading this! You told it well and your last paragraph gives me hope that there is more to come... Soon please!

I have no idea what it could've been πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
lady-glow in Her Creepy Smile
I would like to know, if possible, how the guard happened to know/recognize the girl if she wasn't one of the locals. Does he live in the same area where you live?

How do you know where she used to live if, according to your narrative "she looks new."?

Could you share the pictures of the girl?

When I was reading the part about your first romantic dinner with your future husband it literally put a smile on my face. How very sweet. I'm sorry that you had to get a tetanus shot. Maybe it was Scott's idea of a joke.

In the house that I used to live in before, I was always wondering why there were knots in the cords for the blinds. Though, I suspect it was only the work of one of my buzzard nephews.

Best Wishes to you and to Cherubim,
- Maria ❀
Hi Miandra,

I read in your profile that you have many incidents involving sleep paralysis. I was wondering how often this occurs with you. Is it more than once a week/month? I am extremely interested in this subject.

I am interested in it because sleep paralysis goes hand in hand with Lucid Dreaming. For many years I have been "all about" this subject.

I don't feel very comfortable airing out my reasons for my interest in Lucid Dreaming as they are kind of lame and might paint me in the light of an injured spirit.

If you would like to talk to me, my email is on my profile page. All I want is to learn. The internet can be something of a scatterbrained counselor.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
WishesDoComeTrue in Military Ghost Story
Wow what an amazing story. Very detailed, and well written. First I want to thank you for your service. I have always wanted to live in Hawaii or atleast visit bit I do hear a lot of creepy paranormal stories and such about it. I hope all is well with you, nicole and the animals now. I would be so scared to do what you did, with my luck it would of turned out way worse lol. Anyway thanks for sharing and I hope to read more of your stories. Thanks
Hi Cherubim,
Your knot situation really hit home with me, as did the pin situation! I've mentioned in a couple stories here about my husband passing away at a young age. One of the first things I noticed after he died that was out of the ordinary was that the window blinds in our home would often become knotted (the strings that hang down). It was just myself and two toddlers living there, and I know it wasn't me (and they could not reach them). Here's the kicker: prior to Scott dying, it was in the news a lot about babies being strangled by mini-blind cords. He had been an Eagle Scout growing up and was very good with knots and very concerned about our girls' safety, and he would always put this knot in the blinds that would keep the strings up high so they couldn't be reached. I don't know the name of the knot, but you could un-do it simply by pulling once. After he died, every now and then I would notice knots in the blinds, but I didn't really get it. It probably took a couple years to make a connection, both with the paranormal but also with my late husband. Now, 25 years and four homes later, I still find my blinds knotted every once in awhile... The last time it was in my son's room. I feel that this is Scott's way of letting me know he's watching out for all of us, even my two children by my second husband (who was his friend in the military a long time ago)!

As for the pins/jewelry box thing: Scott had been a military pilot. The wives are given these tiny gold wings to wear, with two sharp points that you put through your clothing and then you put those little caps on the points in back (like earrings). I always kept mine in my jewelry box. Well, I had just moved to a new home (this was about six years after Scott died) and my jewelry box was in a moving box in my new closet (the moving box had been opened, but not unpacked yet and the jewelry box had not been taken out). I had met the man I'm married to now and this one Friday he was driving up from a nearby state to spend the weekend. My children were safely at their grandma's house, and I had cleaned my house, did the pre-cook on our first ever romantic dinner, and had taken a shower. I stepped out of the shower and walked over to the bedroom for something and felt a sharp stick in my foot. It was my little gold wings! I had to pull them out and believe it or not, had to go to the doctor just before closing to get a tetanus shot (it had been such a long time!) The entire weekend, my arm was killing me (sort of ruined the planned romance!) There is simply no explanation for those wings being outside the jewelry box where I could've stepped on them and I've always felt it was some kind of commentary from beyond. I've fortunately never experienced anything scary, but wanted to relay this.
MrsRamsay in Her Creepy Smile
It's AMAZING that your mom called you just at that moment, and you had the wherewithall to remember how loud the ring was. It's your perception of things that intrigues me about this incident, and that your fight or flight kicked in. Stay safe, and be careful at night by yourself (that's the mom in ME!)
Hi marlagx,

I would like to second jabond99 about wondering about what the conditions were like inside your house.

I was wondering if you had any lights on in the kitchen. From your description, I am guessing that it looked as if the animal was on it's way into your kitchen from the direction of the stairs. As if it had maybe been quite close to you before you noticed it.

At some point recently in my life, I have looked up the habitats of solid black panthers. My stepfather thought he had seen one around here (South Georgia) and after I looked, I found that they are nearly extinct in North America.

There are some Native American beliefs that say that black panthers are very powerful and courageous spiritual guardians.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Maria ❀
Hi Rocky-sur05,

You said that your Grandfather built the place where you are living in 1950 and that the woman who met with an accident or foul play was a worker who was connected with the construction.

I was wondering if she was connected to your family in any other way. Like a family acquaintance or something.

When your Grandmother confirmed that there had been a death of a similar woman did she tell you or did she tell your aunt? Has anyone else reported seeing her?

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❀
I am very much in agreement with Lealeigh on this one. I have my own thoughts on sleep paralysis. As for me, I always sleep with 3 large dogs in my room. This does wonders for my piece of mind. I am happy that you have stopped having these encounters. They do not have the earmarks of a bad or lucid dream but of a genuine preternatural event.
Cherubim in Her Creepy Smile
WOW! 😨 What an experience, and please keep us posted if you find out anything more about this girl. I wonder why she "showed" herself to you? It fascinates me how only some of us experience paranormal happenings. But then again I've heard it said that the veil between worlds is being lifted. Thank you for sharing your story with us. ❀ I'm like your mom and pray all the time for myself and others, may God bless and keep you safe.
Sounds like a poltergeist haunting to me. You mentioned how you got it in your mind to try the light again and it wouldn't turn on. Sounds like this entity was messing with you and didn't want you there. The noises you heard would have made me want to leave too! 😳 My sister was married to a man from Thailand, he was an excellent cook and his friend owned a restaurant in Los Angeles. I love Thai food as well. Thank you for sharing your very spooky story.
Spockie: Yes, I have researched the possibility of abduction. I have not regressed this specific incident, though I have regressed other episodes in my past (but that is another story) I do not rule out the possibility, however.
Lealeigh: I live here now, and I see the specific pond every time I drive on post.
Incidentally, my Uncle is still living and he has since finally opened up about that night. He agrees it happened, but he does not know any any more than what I have shared with you on this page.
Cherubim in White Eye Entity
WOW! 😳 I can't imagine seeing something like the picture you took on your cell phone. Maybe we will all get a chance to see it some day. I'm so sorry for the passing of your father. That's fascinating how you see colors like that. I've had crying spells and very dark negative thoughts when I lived in a haunted house too. It didn't get better until I moved away. I still have "happenings" but they aren't as intense as before. Do you still live there? It sounds like the house needs a good cleansing. I've used sage before telling entities this is not their house and they have to leave! I just talk like I can see them. There are other ways for cleansing the home as well. I also pray a lot and ask for protection. ❀ God bless you, I'm praying for your safety as I write. Thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in The Crystal Ball
Hi James. I've had a few experiences with strange happenings since I was a child. Having said that, I do believe crystal balls are like ouija boards in the way that they are conductors for paranormal activity. Many years had gone by for me without experiencing any "happenings" and I had all but forgotten them until I used that ball, so I'd say something must have come through that I never anticipated.

Thank you Caz. I thought it would be harmless fun, but not so sure now. I still have it and it sits on a wooden stand I bought for it in my living room. It scared me and I won't be using it again. That makes sense that the images would come from within. I had been worried about my kids at the time. It could be "natural" for me? I've seen images on television sets when they had glass tubes. I've only talked about that to a few people, I was dumbfounded!

I sure hope it's not still activated silverthane61?! I've never tried using it again. This happened back in 2007 and really freaked me out. I may have woke something up without realizing it.

It seems to me, though you yourself are unaware of what happened, that your father and uncle knew at least something since they were both so adamant about hushing up your questions.

Have you had the opportunity to revisit the pond since then?

Thank you for sharing your story. I found out on that my Great Grandfather's father used to be renowned for frog legs in North Carolina. It was very entertaining to find that detail in their database!

- Maria ❀
Lealeigh in Her Creepy Smile
Hi RanGv,

Did the pictures that you took of this woman appear strange in any way?

I am looking forward to reading about what comes up in your research.

- Maria ❀
Sounds very much like a UFO abduction experience. It would be interesting to know what story would be revealed if you underwent hypnosis to help you remember.
RCRuskin in Her Creepy Smile
Hi, RanGv. Something dramatic like this would tend to occupy one's thoughts. Your fever was probably just the stress of what you experienced. I'm wondering if you know anything more about the girl's suicide?
silverthane61 in The Crystal Ball
I am simply awestruck over this entire story. I know nothing about scrying and it is not a subject that I have pursued with respect to learning more. I have to say that seeing an eye materialize right in front of me is a little disconcerting! I get the impression that you will not be using the ball anytime soon. I wonder if the ball stays "awoken" even it has been out of use for a long time, or if you have to "re-activate" it after a period of inactivity. Please let us know if you decide to use it again.
There are many commonalities present in those poltergeist cases that occur from "out of the blue" with no apparent cause. One of the more common threads among these events is the presence in the family of a pre-teen (most often a girl) individual just beginning puberty. No one seems to know why this is the case nor can anyone with any evidence trace any causality, but the poltergeistic events seem to fade away as soon as the teen passes the onset of puberty. There are articles that ca be accessed on the internet and it is a really interesting subject. I am happy that these events have stopped occurring in your home.
Hi Cherubim,
Having read your story and knowing nothing about crystal balls, I too did a bit if research. What I've found so far, is the images you see in the crystal 'are not being shown to you by the crystal'! Apparently when you focus on the crystal, it helps your concentration and with practice, your third eye will open, so the images can come from 'within you'! That's what I read on several sites anyway, but maybe someone on here with real knowledge will tell you otherwise. I think you did really well seeing the eye and your kids, so maybe you're a natural! 😁
jabond99 in The Crystal Ball

OK, not your eye or your eye's reflection.

I tried to find other stories with crystal balls as a source for supernatural occurrences. I couldn't find so many. I am wondering if a crystal ball is similar to a ouija board in terms of attracting spirits. I have no experience in that, so I'm wondering what others think.

Can this encounter with the crystal ball have opened you up to the ghostly encounters you experienced in some of your other stories posted?

James Bond
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello Alex_Beast,

Thank you so much for returning with suggestions.

I will definitely check out the link you posted.

Thank you so much again. I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
GreenGhost1985 in The Hunt
Maria I agree 100 percent. But also live and was raised in a farming/ranching community in Montana. If your interested you can email me and we can discuss all that lol. But it seems to me lots of people eat meat and just don't want to know where it comes from.

Respectfully Philip.
GreenGhost1985 in The Hunt
*Edit* Sorry for the grammar. And other errors. Hope everyone here is doing good. This website has really helped me and I'm also hoping Wiccan or Pagan or anything else of the nature can help me. I am intrigued by what I have read by comments and stories by Rook/Biblio.
GreenGhost1985 in The Hunt
I hate to take away from OP's comments but I had a question for anyone who is still active on this site. I was trying to see if Biblio or Rook was still active because from the comments I read they would be the most obvious source, but I'm not very good at or can not find the search for names of posters. I'm looking into reading and researching any Pagan/Wiccan/ or anything else of the nature because there has been a lot of turmoil in my recent years. My mom died at 48 my step dad who was in my life for about 12 years I took take of until he passed at 60. And I've feeling a lot of negativity, I sometimes get angry for no reason which is way out of character for me. I feel like these may help me if I give it a try. I grew up as a somewhat Christian. I don't believe in going to church or organized religion however. So I was wondering if anyone could help me down the right path in which spiritual aspect I should try first? I am currently reading The Witch's Book of Self-Care by Aaron Murphy- Hiscock but am at a loss at some of the points they make as this is all new to me.

P.S. Should also point out I believe I am an empath due to the fact I could read my mother's moods (which I had to learn every aspect of her attitude due to her being a diabetic and needing to know if her attitude or anything else was off). I also don't think it stopped there with her it seems to have carried on. I was also interested if anyone has opinions if your born an empath or if certain situations can make you develop the empathy. Sorry for the long comment but I couldn't search to find who I wanted to ask.

Take care Philip.
Cherubim in The Crystal Ball
Hahaha! Well it didn't pop out staring at me while I was examining it for those cracks. It slowly formed and then was as clear as ever. As I've also stated, when I finished reading the booklet over a year later it said when and if I see an eye I'd know I could "scry the ball." There was no reflection of my eye, the room was darker than that. YES I've thought of other "scenarios" and it's why I don't use it anymore. I thought it was awesome that I didn't know I'd see an "eye" and read it later after I DID see one! I saw swirls of different colors and other things that I didn't feel the need to mention. Thank you for taking the time to read my story James Bond. 😜
jabond99 in The Crystal Ball

I'm not doubting that you saw something in the crystal ball, especially as you say you saw your children.

But I am wondering if the eye you saw could somehow be a reflection of your own? It seems you were looking into it pretty closely to see if it had any cracks. I'm just wondering if somehow the optics align such that there is some distance away from the crystal ball that is the perfect distance to reflect back the viewer's own eye. The crystal ball manufacturer may know that this is likely and therefore may have specifically listed it in the manual.

That would not explain the vision of your children, however. So I comment on this just as sort of a "have-you-thought-of-this" scenario.

James Bond

Could I ask for a few more details? For example:

- what time of day/night did this occur? I would think that daytime would make it easier for you to identify this as a large cat.

- If night time, what were the lighting conditions? Lights off? Lights on?

- You say you have four dogs. Where were they during this encounter? Could it have been possible that one of these dogs were what you sighted, especially as it does not appear that you saw the head? Are any of your dogs black?

- Did any of these 4 dogs have a reaction? Even if they were not in the immediate vicinity, did you hear them barking or show any other indication that they sensed anything out of the ordinary?

- Which level did you see it? Was it on the first level, or 2nd or 3rd?

I am a believer that details support the experience, and are the only way to determine if it is an actual encounter or if it can be explained by another way. I'm not doubting what you saw, I'm just asking for more details.

James Bond
Hi FNoblesse,

I would like to preface my comment by saying that I believe you when you say that there are shapes in your house.

In my late twenties and early thirties, I never wanted to leave my house. All that I would ever do was go to work and come back and play video games.

I kept an immaculate house. In retrospect, I believe that I did that to make up for my other faults.

I am not an expert, but I think that the negativity that grows upon a person when they are a shut-in is a very fertile environment for paranormal activity.

It is good that you haven't seen your friend since your sleep paralysis episode. I wonder if you will ever find out if it is the little girl.

Sleep paralysis used to make me afraid. I have bern trying to train myself to dream lucidly for many years and these days, sleep paralysis does not scare me any more. I welcome it as I am aware that it is one of the necessary stages.

Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes, Maria ❀

I can not say for certain what caused the noise when the lights turned on/off by themselves. I can say for certain that the noise never happened when I turned the light on/off. The noise only happened when it came on by itself.

I have thought about if the noise was caused if the wires were short circuiting (actually making contact and sparking). While possible, if it was throwing actual sparks behind the wall, I am sure that a fire would have started (or will start soon). I certainly did not smell any burned electronics, a very distinctive smell that I'm sure I would have noticed. Anyway, I have heard wires short circuiting before, and this did not sound like a short circuit to me.

There must be some electrical switch somewhere which was controlled by the control box (i.e. Not the manual switch on the wall). It is possible this was located behind the wall and the switch itself was malfunctioning to cause the noise.

Like I said, I usually do seek rational explanations, so I am open to any explanation.

Thanks for the post.
James Bond
I don't even anything to add as I have not had any major paranormal things happen to me. But what an amazingly and truly terrifying story! Thanks for sharing.
I'm not a military brat and was born in the 1980s. Granted, I had heard the song before and I like the general genre of music (amongst many others) but its by no means something I listen to regularly (in fact, I haven't listened to music much in the last year or so as I've been on a podcast kick). I can comfortably say that I had not heard that song in well over a year at least.
AugustaM in Ghosts Come & Go
Sounds to me like your place may be a portal. Interesting that you never see them coming back through the door but maybe its an exit only. If there is any way to nonchalantly ask your neighbors about such things, it would be interesting to know whether they are experiencing anything.
Cherubim in The Old Farmhouse
I think the older a house is the more likely that someone has passed away, even before Sassy's mom. You say something came over you to leave, I know that feeling and never ignore my gut feelings as I've gotten older. It's also good you both went back to the house since that blow dryer was on, 😳 how strange! I'll bet it wasn't a mouse, they don't care about how they look. 😁 All joking aside, you just may have saved the house from burning down. Great story, thank you for sharing.
WOW! 😨 That IS scary. I will always wonder why only some of us experience these strange happenings.
What a touching story. I'm so sorry for your loss. 😒 I lost my mother on Mother's Day as well back in 2012. Our relationship wasn't that great either. I'm glad your dad got to see your last born baby and it seems he wanted you to know. ❀
I've never heard of such a thing and would be terrified if I saw it! 😨 Well you've helped me stay safe, because if I ever hear something on my roof I'm NOT going outside. Thank you for sharing. ❀
Cherubim in Creepy Afternoon
Some of us have "gifts" and spirits know it, maybe that's why you became aware of this entity first. Then your mom saw a woman. Maybe she used to live there. Maybe you can do some research on the house to find out how old it is and who lived there before your uncle. ❀ Thank you for sharing.
Yes DarriuxDarkk, I think it's more than a mischievous ghost too. I've also been jolted out of my sleep with a long burn across my arm! 😨 My boyfriend was so freaked out he wouldn't sleep with me that night after seeing it, he stayed in the spare room.

I was told by some paranormal investigators there is more than one ghost/entity in my house LuciaJacinta. They aren't nice at all.
RSAChick in White Eye Entity
Hi Jaiseeta, sorry for the loss of your father. The purple light experience during your father's passing is fascinating. Is it his spirit that was leaving his body? Or something to do with his aura?

You mention you see the lights a lot. Is that around people or anywhere?

Like the others that have commented I would also like to see the photo.
You can upload it to one of these image hosting sites and post the link to the photo here in the comments of your story:

Alternatively you can send the image to the moderators of the site to add to your story, but I know they are busy and it might take some time.

You seem to be open to cleansing. Perhaps you should look into cleansing your home and shielding yourself further.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Lealeigh in The Hunt

I agree that a directory would be good. I read "Jacob" about two years ago. It was before I registered on this site. I found it in the favorites on someone's profile page. I can't remember who.


I have been party to many "deer waiting" sessions in the freezing elements. Although, I have never fired a weapon of any kind. The only time I have ever held a weapon was to move a crossbow as they have the great tendency to be in the way when they are propped up against the wall.

In case anyone would like to know what I think about deer hunting, it is this:

I have better feelings about a situation where a hunter must pit his/her skills against a wary animal. A deer has the chance to run and outwit a hunter and many times they do. A cow in a field has no chance and they are bred to die in a slaughterhouse. Plus, I like venison. We ate everything my husband shot or fished out of the lake/ocean.

Best Wishes to both of you and to Lou,
Maria ❀
GreenGhost1985 in Military Ghost Story
Wow! What a creepy story! Very well written as well. I hope you and your wife haven't had anymore such experiences.
LuciaJacinta in The Hunt
Yes this is a good one and all of Lou's stories are terrific. I was just thinking of one of them a week ago. They have stayed with me. I came across them more than a year ago but didn't want to bump up. I still say there should be a directory if must read authors/stories on this site. If you go to posters favorites and see the titles that pop up and when you keep seeing the same favorite posters and titles then you know it's a goodie. But, it would be a lot easier if there was a favorite story bar/sub division. "Jacob" is a must read. Old dude is really good too as a poster.

Search this site: