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silverthane61 - I had a similar thought that there could be some elemental entity tied to the land, dating back to the time when there was a rainforest and swamp. The Spring Creek Wetlands are nearby. You could be right about whatever it was limiting its activity. On the last morning, I had this niggling feeling that something was just biding its time, waiting for us to leave. It wasn't exactly nasty in nature - just didn't welcome me there.🤔

RCRuskin - Brother 'Brat', if YGS ever held a convention, it would be at some reputedly haunted location. Like an ancient castle, historical hotel or if in Sydney, the Quarantine Station. But we should probably ask the spirits for permission first though. Just to be polite.😉
Lealeigh in Haunted Tunnels
Hello Ranaychristine,

You are right. There is no data to back up the claim that the tunnel collapsed upon a bus full of kids.

I found some information here:


It says that the tunnel did collapse but there is nothing to suggest that anyone was harmed during the event.

I will say this: They started building the tunnels in 1897 and I can assume that the safety of the workers wasn't held up to the standards that we have today; I am sure that there were many accidents that were either undocumented or their accounts have not stood the test of time.

The tunnels probably are a place of restless energy. I do not find that hard to believe!

Thank you for sharing your story.

- Maria ❤
Bibliothecarius in Marble From The Dark
Greetings, jabond99.

I have neither an explanation nor a good guess as to the cause of this phenomenon. However, it is a clearly written and moving account that I'm going to put into my favorites.

For some reason I swear I remember reading a very similar story on here concerning taking a rock from a national park. I'm not sure it was Badlands though. Might have been another park. Does anyone who has been around here for a while remember a story like this about a rock?

Regardless, I totally believe this one. I'm not sure how or why to explain this phenomenon.

I personally wouldn't have left the rocks. I would have returned them. Or at least buried it in the earth where I was if I couldn't return it.
Lealeigh in Family Guest 2
Hello Tellanizer,

I have read both of your accounts; I hope you don't mind if I write the comments that I have for both of them here.

I will start with your first account:
I think that the spirit shape that you saw first was another thing. I don't think that it was Frikkie. Did it respond to you or to anything else at the time?

You said:
"For weeks he would stare at me while I slept and then disappear for months. He would just walk through the room, but strangely never would walk in the hallway as if something or someone was keeping him from doing so."

Maybe, you were dreaming this specific encounter in response to an emotional feeling from seeing this being between you and your uncle; with children, it is very uncomfortable when unexpected things happen and it would not surprise me to know that the sudden appearance of an unexplainable "person" would get into your subconscious.

I feel like this is the case with the dream that you describe yourself having; a response to a feeling of being shaken out of normality (I have this theory about children and comfortable routines because, fifteen years ago, I used to babysit a three-year old girl who watched: "Dora the Explorer"; all the songs are repetitive in a very obvious way; those songs put me in a state of mind where I had to find the answer).

I think at the time of your life that Frikkie makes his debut, after the death of your uncle, you were in an emotionally fragile place; death of a loved one is not easy and leaves young people preoccupied with questions that they never had to consider before. I think that Frikkie is a different entity because his actions are always attention grabbing.

It may very well be that Frikkie is your uncle; your uncle died very suddenly and died young. If it were me that died in the way that he did, if I was on Earth with energy to pitch a fit, I might do exactly that. I don't know. I might demand the notice of my loved ones; though, most of my loved ones are quite stubborn and would probably ignore my antics until forever.

Comments for your second account:
I'm not sure that Frikkie is able to predict future hardships; it may be that he can, in some way, sense illness that is in it's early stages and hasn't yet come to fruition.

His actions make me think more of an entity that childishly wants your attention; not so much the "helpful" variety. I think that he is using the energy that you and your loved ones are producing during all of your times of upheaval. I am pretty sure that it centers around you and is only noticed by others when things are particularly agitated.

I am very sorry to read about the deaths of your loved ones, human and animal. I, for one, do not take the passing of my loved ones with any grace.

One more thing: is there any way that you might be able to speak to the woman who painted the picture that your mother has? I would be curious to know what prompted her to paint the black figure.

I hope things have gotten better for you since you submitted your account.

- Maria ❤
Thanks. Makes more sense now. And the presentation is a semi-annual thing: June and December. Dates vary and we won't know more than about a month in advance.

I shall light candles and say prayers for you.
Well, I couldn't think of anything to say last night. Don't really have any questions now either. Though, for some customers, a haunted B&B would be a selling point, others not so much. 😁
I don't think it's an entity at all, especially a demon, as demons have to be properly called/evoked and need you permission to possess you. Demonic possession is also not permanent. I go through cycles of depression and weird thoughts and actions all the time. My friends used to call me Captain mood swing. I think this is what's happening to you.
silverthane61 in The Chocolate Man
I am curious. Does the entity actually produce chocolate for the girl to eat? If so, then that is truly remarkable. I cannot escape the claim that the entity hits the little girl. If so, then I do not care how friendly he is, he should be stopped.
silverthane61 in Rattles & Drums
Fascinating! The Native Americans predate all of us so their hold on the land possesses greater spiritual power - whether the energies are intelligent or residual. Please keep us updated and I look forward to hearing your recordings.
Hello Juliette,

You might not remember because it was a long time ago; did your mother also wear a white bathrobe sometimes?

I am sorry that you had to live in a state of fear. Your mother and Jeff have since divorced? Am I understanding that point correctly?

My mom is now married to her fourth husband; during my childhood, she also had several boyfriends who presented themselves in the beginning as decent people to have around your children. Most of them turned out to be substance abusers and monsters; I remember how it felt to be nervous all of the time and worried about my mother.

I think that the thing that you saw in the hall might have been brought on by your own energetic fear. I mean that I think the thing in the hall had more to do with your personal discord than with your stepfather's bad energy.

I don't "know" anything because I don't know anything besides what you have written; I think that I understand a little bit about your feelings at the time. Do you have any siblings?

I am very sorry and I hope your family life has improved. You are so young and young people can be very resilient.

Best Wishes to you and to your family.

- Maria ❤
silverthane61 in The Lady In A White Robe
I have the habit of focusing on the minor details concerning apparitions such as no feet, transparent, shadowy, etc. I note that your apparition had no face. I wonder if this is important in light of the fact that you seem to possess paranormal senses. I can only infer that maybe the entity did not want to reveal itself to you - however, your guess may be better than mine.
silverthane61 in Marble From The Dark
Sometimes faith is a stronger force than the need for scientific proof. Your faith in the belief that the motive force behind that marble was caused by your parents is a noble one, and in my opinion, one in which I choose to believe and agree with. I only meet with my dead relatives through my dreams and have not had the honor of even a small contact in the waking world such as you have had.
silverthane61 in Unwelcome At The Cottage
The entity may be tied to the area but limited its activity due to the power of your prayers. I don't know, but I suspect that any new visitors to the place may be witness to some strange hauntings.

Sorry Bro, I'd love to come visit you but my liver specialists still won't let me leave the country. Maybe next year and Jubeele is insisting that you have to bake some of your famous gooey chocolate chip cookies.

The power board plugs into the wall socket and the switch on that wall socket is the one in question. The bed lamp plugs directly into the second wall socket and its switch was turned on.

The bedroom ceiling light is a low voltage halogen down-light which is controlled by the light switch near the door. The power for our apartment's lights are on a different circuit to the power outlets.

Hope this helps.

There is a Jungian belief about the collective/universal conscience that is inexplicable in causing unexplainable coincidences called synchronicities. In short, it is a coincidence so meaningful and statistically impossible to duplicate by chance that there exists no other explanation other than by an unseen, omnipotent force being behind the event. Your story detailing this collection of events, I think, certainly qualifies for a synchronicity. It is also a very beautiful story.
Hi, Rex, my honorary brother-in-law. It seems we will definitely have a White Christmas (tm, copyright, etc.) this year. Also next week, Saturday 21, is a talk by one of my favorite speakers, free and open to the public. Will you come?

Anyhow, thanks for the information but I'm not sure it answered my question. Is there a wall switch that controls the outlet the power strip is plugged into?
Bibliothecarius in Too Late For Recess
Greetings, ax10s.

I'd like to clarify one point in your narrative. When your friend saw that the child did not have a face, did you mean that the skull was visible (yuck!), or that there was a smooth sheet of blank skin where the face should have been?

I saw a blank-faced man driving a car through an intersection two days ago, and I've been telling myself it was a simple trick of the late-afternoon sunlight.

Hi Cherubim

Your account is actually not that unusual it falls under the umbrella of a spiritual apport where the deceased transport materials into the rooms of those they love. It can be jewellery, flowers even photo's so I guess your aunt found away to send her hair.

I also know we have the ability to appear what ever age we like on the other side unless we are stuck here in the moment with unfinished business? Your aunt made it home no doubt about that.

Nice story thank you for sharing it.

Regards Daz
Cherubim, I shall be thinking of you and your pictures when I see a popcorn tin now.🍿 Our loved ones do send us messages from the Other Side. Thanks for adding to the Christmas cheer with this lovely account.😘
Hi Cherubim,

I think there is a grain of truth in the philosophy of a little older and a little wiser.

I believe that not all "encounters" are demonic or even scary. In the cool light of day, we usually know in our "heart of hearts" what means us harm, what is really not interested in us and those that perhaps want to cheer us up or help.

Good to see "Someone" is looking after you.

Oh, this is a very sad and tragic account, lady-glow. All that unhappiness and regret he must have felt. ☹ It does seem as if your Grandpa wasn't quite ready and was dragging his heels with the pallbearers, so to speak. Maybe he would have preferred a vigil so he could be more prepared for whatever was to come?

When members of my family passed, we kept vigil by the side of the deceased for 3 days and 3 nights. Rex and I did the night-time shifts at my father's wake. The ritual gave us some closure even as we grieved. I like to think that on some spiritual level, it provided comfort for the departing souls of our loved ones. Allowed them to come to terms with their deaths, preparing them for the next stage of their journey.

I'm sorry for your loss too, Lealeigh. My heart goes out to your family and everyone else who has faced such tragedy. May there be peace for their troubled souls. Sending Light and Love to all of you.❤
Hi lady-glow,

Odd how I got an instant aversion to the cottage. First time I ever got that feeling before I even set foot in the place. I also suspect that Anton knew something but didn't want to talk about it. Some people get uncomfortable at the slightest hint of anything out of the ordinary. He might not want their B&B to have a "haunted" name. Or maybe they had trouble with flesh-and-blood trespassers in the past? It's a mystery.

Thanks for coming by.❤
Lealeigh in The Mountain

I remember the lemons well. That was my dad's go-to punishment for the errant teenager. Before I started, he armed me with a fireplace poker (to "spear" the lemons from a distance; even I don't deserve to inhale fruit flies); why he even bothered to have a fireplace poker is beyond my mental faculties. A fireplace is largely a decorative item in Arizona. The poker was there only to complete the look, I guess.

Times were kind of bad when I was a kid in Georgia. I would have been much better off had I stayed in Arizona. I thought that my mother needed a protector; I came back here before long and had new struggles but they have made me into the person that I am and I can't imagine being a different person with different baggage.

Thank you for reading my story and for your kind words.
Sounds like you have a very playful spirit over there! 😁 Once I went to lay on the couch, it took me a long time to transfer myself from the wheelchair I was in at the time. After I was finally comfortable I wished so much that I had turned the lamp off. My leg was in a cast and it was so hard for me to get around. Then all of a sudden the lamp switched off?! 😳 It's not an easy light switch to manipulate either. I just laid there and said "thank you!"
That is a beautiful story, [at] MrsRamsay.

If I had a dollar for every event such as this one that has happened to me... You know the rest.

Of course it was a message. A tender, touching message, and it came at the exact time that you needed to hear it. Unexplained? Certainly. Unexplainable? Not if you believe.

Again, wonderful story. Really enjoyed reading this one.
lady-glow in Rattles & Drums
Hello Lotti and welcome to YGS.

Your experience is fascinating.

"I've been having out of body travels now for most of my adult life"

Do you have any control over these travels or do they occur spontaneously? Regardless, it would be a good idea to research a way to protect yourself during these experiences. It is possible that an unwanted and negative energy has crossed a threshold using you.

Looking forward to listen to those recordings.
Fascinating! I wonder why they stay there? If I saw anything like that I would pack and leave. Since you are alright now I'd say they probably weren't evil. Glad you and your brother are okay.
Oh, I'm so sorry about your grandfather. 😟 Maybe he was sorry and didn't want to go like you say. I hope and pray he is at rest with your grandmother now. God bless him and your family. ❤
lady-glow in The Mountain
It seems like you were going through a hard time, fortunately you were not completely alone and had a chance to learn that not all people react the same way.

You really made something good out of those proverbial lemons that life had trowed at you.

Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us.
Awww, 😟 I'm bummed out that I missed the Halloween party! Wish we could get notices here of such things. 😜 Thanks Val and Martin. I had my speakers on with I clicked on the link and nearly jumped out of my seat!
WOW! 😳 Reading this was a bit like dejavu for me. My mom died on Mother's Day in 2012. She was back home in NC when she passed. There was a book out about a little boy who had a near death experience, his father is a pastor. The name of the book is called "Heaven Is For Real." My cousin called me days before her funeral service telling me she found that book behind her couch and has no idea WHO it belongs to?! I put on a brave face and drove with my boyfriend to his mom's house for Mother's Day, he said I didn't have to go but I didn't want to be alone and went. I was in a daze and really wasn't "there." Before leaving my boyfriends mother told me she wanted to give me something that might make me feel better. She handed me a book and it's title was "HEAVEN IS FOR REAL," I will always believe it was my mom telling us that from the other side. YES, I believe you received a spiritual message as well. ❤ Wonderful story MrsRamsay, thank you for sharing.
Cherubim in The Chocolate Man
Hmmm, that's really not too old for a house. Of course for a young person such as yourself it would seem so. 😉 But all kidding aside, does the little girl show any marks on her body? I think the reason young children can see spirits/entities more often is because they haven't been conditioned to believe they don't exist. Has anyone there shared with the adults what is happening? Maybe you all should. Sending healing prayers. In case you're interested, here's a video of a young child chatting with a spirit, then she gets quiet. Https:// Thank you for sharing your story.
Hi EJ3the1! Thanks for sharing your story. I have been to the Badlands many times. I love it!

I feel like I can relate to your story in 2 ways:

1. I have definitely felt feelings of "don't take that rock" from certain parks. I've gotten that feeling at the Badlands. I'm not sure why. I'm a geophysics, so I'd sure love to take home as many new rocks as possible. But sometimes it feels wrong.

2. I immediately thought of Pure O OCD when you described the thoughts and feelings you had. I'm not diagnosed with Pure O OCD, but I have had a few episodes of it in my life. I had one for sure in middle school and then I didn't really have another Pure O experience until I was about 31. My friends and I had been up north in WI doing fieldwork around a rural lake for a few days, and stopped at a Culver's on our way back to Madison. As I was giving my order to the girl at the counter, I got (what I can best describe as) tunnel vision concerning reaching over the counter and doing something to that girl. I could barely tell her my order. My brain focused on this awful thought. Focused. After we left with our food and got back to the vehicle, I slowly began to feel better. I'm intrigued that we were both passengers in cars and adventuring in nature around the time our experiences happened. I'm not sure if you had a Pure O OCD experience, but I know mine was. I thought I'd share this with you, just in case you can find it useful. ❤
Thank you RCRuskin. That was a nice Christmas story by Charles Dickens.
Silverthane61, sometimes we get signs but don't notice them right away. I believe you will see them too. ❤ Thank you for your comment.
Yes lady-glow, 😊 it sure was one of the best Christmas gifts EVER! Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Valkricry, I'm delighted my story made it here in time for Christmas. I will always believe they were with me during the Christmas holidays.
Hello RC

Long time no hear. I hope you and your family are well and Christmas brings you peace and a mild winter, in these times of extremes.

To answer your question will involve describing the "setup" of our bedroom, so here we go!

As you enter the doorway to the bedroom, the light switch is on your left (near the inside of the door-frame). The feature wall and bed face the doorway on the far side of the bedroom. On either side of the bed are double power outlets, about a foot off the floor.

On the night in question, light from the hallway and Jubeele's beside lamp provided enough illumination for me to find the charger cord and plug the mobile in.

There is about an eight inch gap between the bed and the bedside table, so enough room for the hallway light to filter in and cast enough light on the double power outlet for me to see if the switches are on or off (providing Rex-T doesn't get his big head in the way).

Hope this helps set a mental picture.

What a wonderful memory you have to cherish! Almost as if they were joining you at Christmas. 😊
Lealeigh in The Ordeal
Hello omerta and welcome to YGS,

Were you and your sister really living on your own at such young ages? If so, then I feel very touched by your situation.

I used to make tents for me and my sister. We would bring magazines and snacks and I would make up stories for my younger sister; about unicorns and fairies and such. I used to write them down but I have lost all of the journals that I used for that.

There was a feeling of being protected in the tent.

It is very unnerving to me that you were attacked in your home, alone and vulnerable; it is a testament to your strong will and intentions that you were able to ward this thing off.

Best Wishes to you and to your sister.

- Maria ❤
It sounds like such a lovely place... But I wouldn't like to go back either.

It seems to me like Anton knows more than he was willing to admit or to tell, go figure what was making him nervous.

Definitely an unforgettable trip.

Nice to see you around. ❤
Hi Cool_Bus,

#1 - When you mentioned "footsteps on the roof", my first thought was that you had possums or some rodents (eek!) making a nest there. Then I wondered if prior to 2006, there had been an older and taller building on the site. A friend of mine goes to a dollar general store that was built where a motel used to be. The people working there kept hearing footsteps on the roof that used to be an upper floor.

#2 - I can never tell where noises are coming from in our building complex. I've often mistaken sounds to be from the floor above, but they were actually coming from down the hallway. Those murmurings were shushed though. It does seem as if you weren't meant to hear them and whatever it was didn't mean to scare you. Apart from the strangeness, it doesn't appear to be threatening.

#3 - It almost seems as if someone heard you when you said: "let's go see if we could get anything to happen". The coughing sound from the locked closet made me think of someone clearing their throat politely to get your attention. "Ahem, excuse me..."

#4 - It certainly took a significant amount of energy to yank out the extension cords. Maybe that display was meant to get your attention or to show off for your girlfriend. Like someone was saying: "Hey, look at what I can do!"

#5 - I also think the shadow man at the bedroom window was keeping watch, as he "stood there with his hands behind his back looking out the window". Since he didn't react or respond to you in any way, it might be a residual echo, a memory of a routine he used to do.

I get the impression that the building was like a hub or 'waystation' from all those met their end on the highway. Somewhere to pause for a while before crossing over on their final journey. Perhaps all they needed was someone to say a few words of comfort or a prayer for their souls to rest in peace.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.
That was the best Christmas present you could have ever gotten! This was just a little way to let you know that they, too, were thinking about you during the holidays.

Thanks for sharing this lovely experience.

You asked:

"Are you sure there wasn't a nocturnal animal, perhaps fighting or trying to mate with the ball?"

That was really amusing and it is a valid question at the same time. "Trying to mate with the ball". I couldn't help but picture your suggestion in my mind.

That brightened my evening up a few watts. God bless you.

I will fade back into the woodwork now (dinner time, it is).

"He suggested that it may be irritated when there's too much noise. I closed the backyard only to be played by me and chosen few. Before we play, we always pay respect and create a small bonfire."

What or who is "it"?
Please correct me if I'm wrong but, by the way you say it, it seems to me that you were aware of some sort of spirit or presence living either at your backyard or on one of the trees.

Did you light a bonfire before using the playground that day?

"I always have this cold breeze on my feet waking me up. I always leave my windows open for ventilation purposes."

Do you mean the breeze comes trough the window? Was it windy that night? If so, would it be possible that the wind was moving something that could make a noise similar to a bouncing ball?

Are you sure there wasn't a nocturnal animal, perhaps fighting or trying to mate with the ball?
Some animals see enemies on some inanimate objects.

I find your story quite interesting though, in my opinion, it wouldn't hurt to investigate a little before assuming this was a paranormal event.

One more question, - did your dogs/cats react in any way that night hearing the ball?

Darn, I still cannot vote for you!

You got it right, it was her second wife. I should have said my step-grandma to be more specific.

One can only ponder on what goes on during the last moments of a person taking their own life. I think it must be very difficult to act against ones survival instinct.

I have been told that Grandpa's health wasn't that great and that he had been saying for some time that he was tired of living.

Perhaps he thought too much about his circumstances ant too little about the existence of an afterlife and the possible consequences of his decision. Who knows? - I just hope that, wherever he is at, his life is better than what he left behind.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my story.
silverthane61 in An Angel Saved Me
I have seen pictures of a Durian tree and I marvel at the size of the fruit that it produces. It does not surprise me that the weight of the fruit on the branches of the tree would cause a branch to shatter. I am a big believer in guardian angels. By the way, I think your English is very good.
I am gobsmacked! To have that type of connection with your loved ones who have passed is amazing - I am totally envious. I do believe that I will see my passed friends and family at some point - probably when I pass. It seems that you are among a privileged few.
Hello Lady-glow,

This is only an idea that I have in my head at this moment: I am thinking that, depending upon the manner of their death, the spirit of a person who commits suicide might be, for a moment, confused about the finality of their passing.

Maybe things don't look so clear from the other side of the veil. Maybe he wanted to avoid "sealing the deal" by avoiding being brought into the church.

Maybe he didn't want his life anymore the way that it was after his second wife died (I do have that part right? It was his second wife?); maybe he wasn't ready to leave comfortable surroundings and the warmth of his mortal body either.

My thoughts on suicide are that few of the people who kill themselves actually take a very long time considering it as an option; it is more of a snap decision. I think that, for a brief moment outside the church, your grandfather wished that he could take it back.

I'm not trying to be depressing or act like I have any psychic gifts; your story has made me thoughtful and I pray that your grandfather is where he loves to be now.

As a related note: my great grandfather (also in Mexico) killed himself. He was a great dancer in his youth. He and my great grandmother were sort of renowned in the community for dancing beautifully together. He killed himself after he lost a foot to diabetes.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

- Maria ❤
silverthane61 in I Thought It Was My Dogs!
The sounds of dropping balls remind me of the many times that I have watched youtube videos of this very phenomena. I am not totally convinced of what I see on the TV, so naturally I do not have any explanations for what you have witnessed here. I will say, however, that of all the senses, hearing is one of the hardest to fool. Where vision is the easiest to fool.
Lealeigh in The Mountain
Thank you Silverthane!

I agree. The neighborhood that I was wandering around in was very sketchy. At the time, the schools in the area had a program where the police would visit and talk to the kids about gang violence.

My father has told me that things in Avondale have improved and it's not really like that anymore.

I think that there is a very good chance that something bad could have happened to me if I hadn't met the police on that other street.

Thank you for reading my story ❤
silverthane61 in The Mountain
This story I would like to submit as proof that guardian entities exist. Had that voice not scared you into running, then you would not have made that narrow window in which you were able to meet up with that police car exactly when you did. Think about having to walk home late in the evening by yourself in some questionable neighborhood. Like I have mentioned in a previous post, sometimes your guardian angel effects your behavior by subtle means, and sometimes your guardian angel is more overtly obvious - like in your case.
I really enjoyed this story!
silverthane61 in Too Late For Recess
Sometimes, it's not always a "good" thing to be the only one that is able to sense things that others cannot. That ability tends to work both ways - it also seems to attract strange energies like a beacon in the dark. Those individuals always seem to experience more than the "normal" amount of paranormal events.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Trail Runner
Hello Omerta,

Your post is quite intriguing.

You say, 'He was just there, staring at the distance, not moving a muscle as I slowly approach him from behind'. If you were approaching from behind, how could you see what he was staring at? 😕

Also you say, 'After some time, his ankles have become less visible until it reached his knees and his torso until he was just more like a haze'. What do you mean by his ankles reached his knees and torso? If he was a haze, does that mean he was like a white shadow or transparent like fog?

Sad that an old man was murdered and left in his hut. May his soul RIP.

Perhaps tell him to go towards to light if you see him again.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
lady-glow in The Trail Runner
And I hope the criminal is back behind bars.

Were you able to confirm that the man you saw was the same person who had been murdered?
Lealeigh in Sleep Paralysis
Hello Jynxer,

That breaks my heart to read about the man who fell down the elevator shaft. I can be as absent minded sometimes, though, I haven't had anything serious happen to me.

I am trying to corroborate the account with news stories online.

Can you tell me when this accident occurred?

- Maria ❤
Hello KT432177,

I love the symbolism that you have assigned to your earrings. It's kind of beautiful in a simple way.

When I was a teenager, living at my father's house, I had the same style of bed; futon/desk on the bottom; twin-sized bed on the top. I took glow-in-the-dark paint and painted my ceiling to look like the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere.

The only difference with the bed was: my father fixed a narrow, glass bedside table to the wall. I used to hit my elbows on it when I turned in my sleep.

I agree that it wouldn't be likely that you would get to the top of a set up like that while holding on to your earring without knowing.

I think it was placed in a place where you would surely look soon.

Thank you for sharing this story.

- Maria ❤
Hi, Rex! Guess I will comment here, first?

Was just wondering if the switch for the outlet the power strip plugs into was next to the switch for the ceiling light, or whatever provided general illumination to the room?
Hi jabond,

I am so sorry for your loss. The way that you describe how you were comforting your daughter while you yourself were crying really tugged at my heartstrings.

I also believe that your mother passed after she felt that it was okay to do so; she was the one caring for your sick father and, after he was gone, she felt at liberty to succumb to her own illness.

Who knows why you were approached by them in the way that you were. It may be that it was done in that way to cause another bond to be struck with your daughter.

If that was the case, it worked; you will probably remember this experience clearly for the rest of your life.

Thank you for sharing this; it has warmed my heart in a bittersweet kind of way.

- Maria ❤
Daryl Manchopaay
Eut Lourdes

At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest. For the clear path was lost.
PLAGIARISM is not acceptable in YGS.


Your comment has not only NOTHING to do with this story but are the copied words from someone's text in the internet... As is your profile intro.


So, Hitler loving person, perhaps this forum is not the right one for you.

Go troll somewhere else.
It a very physical act, but the build up to it involves so much more than just your body. It all starts in the head. Sometimes with your own imagination, sometimes with a gentle touch, and at other times with an innocent, albeit kinky whisper.

From a little guilty viewing to using sex toys, during this intimate act, whatever floats your boat is allowed. While some get stimulated by talking about the things they want to do to their partner, others choose to watch a few videos to get in the mood. But have you ever thought of reading something to get your juices flowing?

Mills & Boons would have counted a few years ago, but now, as adults, you need to up your ante a little. So let these 11 naughty stories do a little something for you.

Go on, read them. And we hope you have a little fun tonight.
That was very scary and I enjoyed lot. I have no words actually... Just woooooow very scary 😠
aussiedaz in Back In Time

How does something come from nothing unless that nothing is something?

The double slit experiment basically lends us a clue in this regard... When particles (something) are not being observed they collapse into a wave field of (nothing)...the wave field is basically static energy of potentiality waiting to be observed to transform itself into matter.

The most logical assumption in my view is that our 3d world is a sub set inside a greater reality of which most likely the 4th or 5th dimension the place we know as the spirit world.

I also do surmise as the dimensions go deeper and deeper 5,6,7,8 etc... We hit pure consciousness or what you hear people refer to as the source or God I'm fine with either one.

Most likely, if what I'm suggesting is correct, the source separated itself to experience all there ever was and all there ever is, the collective consciousness is the source,

I do except what I am saying may not be how it is however I feel pretty strong about us being inside something that was created for a reason.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience inside a physical illusion created from thought.

Regards Daz
Interesting story but the stress contributes to the feeling of being watched. But nonetheless, that is creepy!
Lealeigh in Back In Time
Hi Daz,

I know that you were not addressing the last comment to me but your comments and this discussion are of great interest to me.

I certainly do not believe that our universe is an accident of nature. I can't believe that any part of the chain of events was arbitrary.

What does "wave function" mean? Some people say that, before The Big Bang, there was nothing. I cannot understand "nothing". I will try during my lifetime to come to terms with the concept of Oblivion but I like that you mention that something was there in place of that.

I have read and have had conversations where I have had to consider that time, as we experience it, does not exist; as if it were a purely mortal concept because we live and die and see other things around us "going from point A to point B" and, because of that, we "invented" time.

Maybe these things have nothing to do with each other but it seems like they do.

- Maria

I have a couple of questions about your experience, starting with this...

"We moved eventually to the other side of town to a new house, things by then had settled down for me because I would constantly sleep with lights on. But because we moved I started to loosen up and turn the lights off and close my door, unfortunately I woke up one night by a text from my mom. She had texted me to see if I was awake because the dogs were barking at noise that was coming from upstairs (her room was on the bottom and ours were on the second). I then decided to look through my doorway to see if I could see anything or hear something, when I looked through it I saw a girl laying down in the top of the stairway. She had long black hair and was pale but I couldn't see any other clothes. I felt fear because I could see her even though a light was on and I could feel she was asleep, I'm not sure how but I knew I didn't want to wake her. So I just laid back into bed and quietly went on to my phone to try calm down, I heard my mom start to come up to use the bathroom. I waited to see if she would react or see anything but she didn't, after she went downstairs again I looked again and didn't see her."

You stated that after the move you started to once again sleep with your light off and the door closed? What was different about this night... From your description it sounds as if your door was open... Another question is... How was this 'sleeping figure' illuminated? Was it glowing or was there another light source?

You state you have moved twice since your first experience when you were 10... Which leads me to think that these 'sounds and manifestations' are more associated with you... Let me explain...

The things you may be experiencing could be 'outbursts' of your own energies as your body and mind develope from 'child to adult'. Called 'psychokinetic outbursts' these energy outbursts can cause poltergeist-like activity and in some cases of 'untrained sensitives/psychics' possibly ' unconscious astral projection...

I am not saying this IS what you are experiencing only that it is possible. I do have questions about some of the things that you describe... Some I have asked, others I have not... And I will wait to see if you respond.


aussiedaz in Back In Time
Hi Caz,

The collective consciousness in my view, is basically driving our reality without it our universe would probably collapse back into a wave function like it was before the big bang and as demonstrated via the double slit experiment... Robert Lanza's theory on biocentrism pretty much touch's on the belief our universe is no accident of nature, reality is born out of the collective consciousness.

Robert Lanza was voted by time magazine as the worlds third smartest scientist of the last century...btw, he is not alone,

Many other very intelligent theoretical physicist are saying exactly the same. We are all connected as one acting out a game of separation in a Matrix made of matter... Think of it this way, the ocean is a sea of consciousness the wave heading into the shore is your soul and the little chick riding a wave on the surf board is you (the physical).

Yes, I too have had enough of the ride and don't want to paddle back out for another turn ''oh please no''... However, your soul is always connected to the greater consciousness reality being the sea of consciousness and it loves to surf.

All those great memories you have created throughout your life will never be forgotten your higher self will examine all aspects of what you have accomplished so far and in that processing won't be in any hurry to return back to the hard school of knocks,

We all work together in soul groups and we do all chill for a few decades when we go home, anyway.

To tune into the collective consciousness you should try a life regression via hypnosis? Or meditate every day seeking that connection anyway, enjoy the ride home, I am fortunate enough to know the year of whence I return and I'm also fortunate enough to have felt the tapestry of energy that awaits me, the love on the other side is almost indescribable I can't put it into words.

Regards Daz
Lealeigh in Shadow People?
Thank you Caz!

After the episode that I had with the neighbors, I was shy around them until I moved into my own apartment at the end of that year.

I am just thankful that I had shoes on and my regular clothes. It would have been worse if I had been wearing pajamas.

- Maria ❤ ❤ ❤
OOPS! Just noticed my spelling mistake Lealeigh! I must've hit the wrong key. DOH!
Very inteesting comment Lealeigh! I'm having to tell you this, because I'm still not being allowed to vote you up! Arrrrgh! 🙄
Hello ax10s,

How can you be sure that the watcher on the 10th floor doesn't mean any harm? It may be one of those things where, in the beginning, nothing much happens; it may think that you are wandering around on it's "turf". If you continue to go there, maybe, you'll find that it has other actions.

There may be nothing there and it could just be a case of your feeling uneasy being in a disheveled office that sees no regular traffic from the living.

I don't know what to say about the elevator except that sometimes when I'm in an elevator, it makes a movement like you have described in preparation for going either up or down.

Maybe, it might make you feel better if you were to announce yourself in some way or greet whatever you think is on the 10th floor (unless you are, for some reason, with a co worker; that way you won't look silly in front of a person that you work with).

If there is something there, if you pay some kind of respectful gesture, maybe they won't feel as if they are being intruded upon.

- Maria ❤
ax10s -
Interesting story! I almost wonder if the 10th floor is vacant because too many people who worked there had similar personal experiences. You should ask the guard to tell you why/how he KNEW you had been followed. I would! Let us know!
LuciaJacinta in Shadow People?
Interesting. I'm not sure if it was a hallucination or the medication caused you to tune into the paranormal. Do you see things while not on the medication?

My husband took Ambien for awhile due to a sleeping disorder while we were living in an actively haunted home. In his case, I don't think he noticed any of the paranormal stuff going on while he was taking it. It turned him out. But, I will say his behaviors during that time period were really out of his character. He no longer takes it. I'm sure it helps people but you just don't know how some things will effect you.
Lealeigh in Shadow People?
Hello Julielion,

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am very sorry that you had to go through such problems when all you were trying to do was make use of your motivation.

I am 38 now but in 2004, when I was 23, I also used to take Ambien. It was very helpful to me if I made sure to be in the bed, actively trying to sleep, after I took the medication.

There were a few episodes when I would take it and continue to sit on the couch, watching television. The first weird episode that I was ever told about (I had no recollection) was by my next door neighbors. They said that, at about 11:30 pm, I walked into their house and started eating grapes out of their refrigerator. They didn't say anything to me and I only ate a few before I turned around and left. They said that I closed the door behind me.

Another time, I sat on the couch for hours; downloading dozens of stupid ringtones on my phone, which I had to pay for later. I don't remember doing that either.

My question for you is: after you took your medication, were you trying to go to sleep or were you just hanging around in your house, waiting to feel tired?

I learned very quickly, that with Ambien, I needed to be lying down in my bed by at least thirty minutes after I had taken it because I was going "offline" in thirty minutes regardless of my circumstances.

Another example that I have comes courtesy of my mother. She took one of my Ambiens one evening; she didn't try to sleep. She fought the effects of the medication and the effect of this was: she rearranged the kitchen items until dawn while in full conversation with more than one invisible person.

I watched it happening until I went to sleep; after she said something, she waited for a moment as if she were listening to an answer. She did remember talking to "some nice people who helped rearrange the kitchen" when I asked her about it the next day.

I hope that this is helpful to you in some way. I don't know if I can advise to you about the veracity of what you have seen, one way or the other. I can advise you on the effects of Ambien.

Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope very much that you are doing well with your studies and with your health!

- Maria ❤
It seems as though your negative energy is what these entities are drawn to. As though you are a lighthouse of sorts powered by negative emotions. Few things in this world are as stressful as moving at Any age and these things tend to manifest during the time of and just after a move and begin to taper off a bit as you settle in. I think you may well have some form of psychic ability that if channeled properly would grant you a bit more peace. Maybe look into any spiritualist churches in your area - they may be able to provide you with guidance.
Thanks for that Daz! I may not have understood all of it, but I'm sure I got all the important bits, though I have to say I hope this 'theory' is just that! Once I'm gone, I'd much prefer to stay gone. Don't misunderstand me, I've had a great life. I believe I was lucky enough to be born into the best generation ever, from good old working class stock, so not rich, but we never wanted for anything and I can't even begin to tell you the fun we had as kids. Now I have my own lovely family and grandkids, but I worry about them constantly, as I look around at how much the world is changing.
What I'd like to do is connect to the collective conciousness, which is where I believe we belong. Do you have any ideas about that?
aussiedaz in Back In Time

It may explain accounts like this one and others like Doppelgangers?

Imagine playing a virtual reality game where you are these multiple characters always knowing when the game is over, you are you... Perhaps a little wiser and smarter for the experience? 80 years of a living would be as long as a yawn to an eternal spiritual being who probably enjoys the notion of loosing themselves in the drama of life.
aussiedaz in Back In Time
Hi lady-glow

Lol and no offence taken. There are slight variations from universe to universe.

In one universe they spell berenstain bears, berenstein bears.

In another universe the Addams family was spelled Adams family.

In another universe there were only 4 in the car with JFK in this universe there are 6?

In one of the universe's dolly had braces in the James Bond movie Moonraker and in this one she has none.

When I was in my 20's the Ford logo was a replica of Henry Ford's signature in this universe the f has a pig tail and the o looks like a u.

In the movie Silence of the lambs, Anthony Hopkins no longer says good morning Clarice... And in the movie the Matrix,

Morpheus no longer says to Neo, what if I told you everything you knew about the universe etc.

I could go on with the Mandela effect of which some sceptics are putting down to just a bad memory? Not a chance in my view, I do believe it is proof of the many universe theory as hard as it is to comprehend.

We are limited by our human experiences, Newtonian principles and lack of understanding behind the science of consciousness of which understandably make some theories seem impossible to be true. However through quantum mechanics we can identify the weirdness and mathematical insanity of which Einstein referred to as spooky action at a distance for these geniuses who hypothesis the many universe theory. Granted I'm throwing in my own 2 cent worth relating to the soul basically being the complete part of the hologram and the I (ego) just a part of it... However it does make sense to me.

Regards Daz
Lealeigh in Back In Time
So, after the last avatar dies, our souls will possibly be able to perceive a much larger picture?

And maybe the multitude of separate avatars might be a good reason for why people sometimes have strange experiences out of nowhere?

- Maria
Lealeigh in Back In Time
This discussion reminds me of a "Dilbert" cartoon from a really long time ago:


- Maria
lady-glow in Back In Time

Do you mean that, perhaps, one of the OP's avatars is participating in the discussion for this story in some parallel universe?

It would be great if their consciousness could concur with ours on this reality.

No offense intended, I just have difficulty imagining that another me/s could be doing something like sunbathing on a beach and I'm unable to share the enjoyment of such a gratifying pleasure.
It sucks!
aussiedaz in Back In Time
Hi Caz

I'll do my best not to confuse you anymore as I throw in my own 2 cent worth on how it all works.

According to Bruce Lipton (biologist) every human being has about 56 trillion cells that all have their own individual antenna's that pull the individual together on the macroscopic level (or in the Matrix) that allows us to all function and interact as individual human beings as we go about our lives almost non the wiser to the greater reality hidden behind this one.

Our higher self (soul) is the being responsible for projecting it's energy into the Matrix of which these 56 trillion cells are receiving and acting on instinctively... So basically we all are avatars existing in the physical arena playing out the drama of life as the soul kind of takes the back seat for observation in many universes.

Here's the cool part (if I am correct), you (caz) are one small physical experience of your own hologram that your spiritual higher self is projecting in multiple universes concurrently connected through the field of consciousness to maximise it's spiritual mission of growing itself on the path of enlightenment.

What separates you from all those other physical avatars is the uniqueness of a cosmic transducer that restricts your own consciousness to react in the given physical state of being therefor allowing you free will and opportunity to make different choices.

However, the higher self (the projector) has the ability to take in all possibilities of you (it's projection) and other projections as it expands the hologram of it's own uniqueness, I do suspect if one of the avatars dies the journey still continues until the last avatar stands alone.

Does that help explain it?

Regards Daz
Daz, I always love your comments, especially because you're not afraid to talk about the matrix we all live in, which I know is real! However, I can't quite get to grips about this 'String Theory'! I know there are many other universes, but if we all have dopplegangers, how does that work? Do they all share the same soul? (confused)
Thank you Mrs.Ramsay. Very kind of you to say so! As far as military quarters are concerned, I suppose they're much like any home. Some may be haunted, but most are not. My sister stayed in many over the years, but that was the only one where she had an 'uninvited guest'! The only other incident she had, was when she was watching tv with her son during the daytime, when a bright ball of light flew out from under the tv stand, turned sharp left and flew straight through the closed window, never to be seen again. They both saw it!
Mahanglin, there's a show you might've heard of, "Ghost Adventures." You can probably find the show about that lodge, I'm not sure what year it was done.

After a couple experiences, I got hooked on that show. In my house, we call them "Ghostguys." Kids tease me relentlessly, as I'm a more than middle aged mom/journalist/teacher, usually glued to that or Dead Files. It's a great escape from politics, haha.

You have inherited a treasure! I am very jealous. 😊
I would count myself very privileged to be able to read about the every day concerns that people had even though they were living through such hectic times. The cares and natures of people are largely the same, no matter what what era.

From another angle, I would enjoy seeing the differences in patterns of speech/writing and peculiarities in vocabulary.

- Maria
silverthane61 in Spitting Ghost?
Paranormal manifestations of water (or liquid) appearing out of nowhere run the gamut from small droplets or "wetspots" to falling rain indoors - sometimes this rain falls horizontally. Other manifestations include seeping walls, crying/bleeding statues, and even streams of water flowing/gushing forth from a orifice with no apparent source! Why water is so involved with the paranormal is anyone's guess. I have read of several occasions where droplets of water (or in your case, saliva) appear seemingly out of nowhere. I, too, have experienced this. Nothing ill ever came from it, so let's all hope that this is another isolated paranormal event.
I had the same experience - I submitted it to this site a few weeks ago, but they haven't posted it yet.

CLEAR AS DAY - Exactly! I walk into the Brookdale Lodge in California, at around 2am, and I see a little girl sitting on the fireplace, blue & white dress, blonde hair tied with a ribbon, just looking down sadly. I was 10 feet away, she was totally real. As I came around the fireplace she disappeared instantly, and there was no way she could have left without passing by me.

Look up "Brookdale Lodge ghost". Her name is "Sarah" and she drowned in the creek that runs the middle of the lodge back in the 50's or something.

Real as real can be, you never would have known it wasn't a real-life person.
Mahanglin, Wow, you are so fortunate! To have primary sources such as that would be a dream for me (I'm just a writer and historian and value such things perhaps a little more than many people). Add to that... What you say... And yeah, how amazing. I felt the same way about ten years ago when I inherited my second great grandfather's family Bible (that I never knew existed). One night, late, I sat on my bed and went through this huge, old Bible which my grandfather Elijah (had never heard of him before) bought in 1849. It listed births and deaths (he had twin daughters in 1860, one of whom died at birth) and handwritten notes about others in the family. It was absolutely haunting for me to sit there and read about people I never knew or imagined... Little did I know it started me on a big time journey into my family ancestry that's become a wonderful hobby for me.

Caz, the story about your sister and how you moved in with her is sort of amazing too. My younger brother moved in with me and my husband while husband was in flight school years ago. It was a REALLY fun time. We lived in these beautiful old quarters in Pensacola (yes, just a block from that shooting that happened last week)... The quarters didn't seem haunted at all, but I heard other quarters there are haunted. But I digress. Glad your brother in law made it back safely!
I tend to agree with jabond99 on this one. Although I would like to add another twist: I think it is possible that many of the events in the firehouse are residual. Even the one where the voices said to "shhh" when you got near could be a replay of a similar incident that occurred in the past. You have to wonder how much paranormal energy is concentrated in that place to cause so many paranormal events to occur. Good stories!
I recently inherited around 200 hand-written letters from the Civil War, from both sides. My wife and I have been reading them for months, and I'll just say that we get some very eerie feelings sometimes while doing so. Temperature drops in the room and just a feeling of being watched. Very interesting.
Mr Bond,
I'd hate to fall out with you, as you seem like an ok kind of guy, but the thing is, if you do some research, you may find that some governments do or have 'dabbled' in the past and I doubt it's for the good of the population, living or otherwise, which is why I was a bit horrified at your suggestion! However, now that you've explained it was rather 'tongue in cheek', I hope we can at least co-exist on reasonable terms!
I was very pleased to read your comment shortly after you posted it last week. I was the first to vote you up, but I never had the time to respond until now. Your brother sounds like a very kind, caring person. I'm sure there are others like him helping the homeless in my country, but I don't know if they're government funded, charities, or just good people. I agree wholeheartedly that countries do need a standing army, as how else could we defend ourselves if need be!
Several members of my family were military too and my sister like you, was a military wife. She loved the life and the opportunity to live in different countries, where she made many friends amongst the locals, as well as the other wives. She loved to learn about the different cultures, traditions and foods. The only time it wasn't so good, was when the men were sent on unaccompanied postings, but the wives stuck together and supported each other.
However, there was one time when they'd come back on leave after some time abroad and were staying in our family home, when her husband was then posted into a seriously dangerous battle situation. My sister applied for quarters, only to find the nearest available was quite a long distance from our home town. She had a baby at the time and I didn't want her to be alone, so I moved with her and I'm so glad I did. The quarters was in a fairly isolated rural area, with only two other families (military) within hailing distance and to top it all, our quarters were haunted. We were pretty terrified at first when we heard the babies toys being moved around in the night, but eventually came to the conclusion that the spirit was a small child that never bothered us otherwise. We later had that verified and decided we could live with it, so we made sure there were always toys available. There were other things to worry about anyway! My sister was afraid to watch the news every day, as it was never good, but she felt she must, so she did anyway! I was just a teenager at the time, but I saw the terrible toll it took on her. She became very ill due to stress and that was a great worry. I've never forgotten it.
It must've been nigh on a year before her husband returned safe and sound, at least for the most part. Much luckier than many. I learnt a lot during that period of my life, which is why I'm so against wars.
PS...The other thing I'll always remember from that time, is having my first paranormal experience! 😉
Spockie in St. Elmo's Fire
St. Elmo's Fire is an electrical charge that builds up on a fence post, a pole, the horns of a cow, etc. It is attached to that particular item. What you saw was a Will o' the Wisp or Ignus Fatuus which is sometimes caused by vegetation decaying in a marshy area, or by internal pressure and friction underground (often seen before earthquakes occur), but sometimes they are the mischievous spirit orbs you describe, that lead travelers astray and cause all kinds of mischief.

That is strange then! For a moment I was thinking that the lights flickering could have been because of the draw upon the electricity if it was an electric guitar.

Thank you for the extra information.

I think there is always some kind of energy to be found in places like hospitals, where people die every day.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

- Maria ❤
Hello silverthane61,

From what I know, the university may have been used as a barracks or some sort during the WW II. There have been stories in the said university about crying voices and headless people randomly passing by the corridors at night. That is not my story to tell though.
Hello DarriuxDarkk,

I am from Palo, Leyte, but the place/university I was referring to is in Tacloban. The place you are referring to is called LAC or Leyte Academic Center. Anyways, the university is near ashore, so there may have been a lost soul who died there during Supertyphoon Haiyan.
Hello lady-glow,

To answer your questions, What I know about the place is that it used to be one of the army barracks/hospital during WW II.

And, the singing was not bad at all.:D
Hello Maria,

Thank you! I was using my friend's acoustic guitar. I would have loved to bring an electric guitar, but I don't think my trainer would have allowed me to play with it in the training vicinity.
The entity of a small, pale girl with long, black hair (often covering her face) and wearing a pale dress is an iconic image that is well know in more than one country around the world. If the being dissipates from the presence of light, then you have an effective countermeasure to keep this thing at bay. So far, it does not seem as if this thing has attempted to harm you, though it may be feeding off your fear. I hope that by ignoring it, then it may eventually leave you alone - if not, then the help of spiritual healers may be the next step.

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