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Hi Tweed.

I enjoyed very much reading your story. In my opinion, your father and his wife sound too defensive and in denial when it comes to dealing with the paranormal... Perhaps they think acting this way will protect them from whatever they might have experienced but don't want to acknowledge.

I wonder if C sensed her mother's presence in the car, but is unable to see her.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Tweed

I've always believed that once a person passes on, their soul/spirit becomes what I'd like to call "perfect" again. Perfect in the sense of being free from all the earthly issues, sicknesses or otherwise.

But after reading your experiences, it proves that we don't really know the supernatural/spiritual world that well, it certainly seems to move by its own set of rules that we fully can't begin to comprehend.
Cheers, I'll have a read of that Topaz.

Time, time, time, not enough of it.

[at] Valkricry,
Thanks for your assistance
And Thanks for reviewing all the comments in the post 😊 😊 😊 ❀ ❀ ❀
Thanks everyone for your lovely posts and kind wishes for my family. ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
Bengali9899 in Woman On My Bed
This was good story. And please tell more about the story ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ˜† ❀ ❀ ❀
Ken, This article is interesting. Maybe you'll find it worth a read.
Hope you solve your paranormal issues.
Dasher, Sorry, that comment and link was meant to go to Ken on his story. I clicked the wrong one.
Ken, I found this article interesting. Maybe you'll find it worth a read.
Do you think you were depressed Ken when your partner was out? Maybe you were feeling down until your partner got home and maybe that's why it only happened when you were alone.
As Tweed said, *Maybe the house needed a fair few parties, lots of good music, laughter to really work that energy/mood into a positive one.*
Thanks for sharing and welcome.
Sorry to hear you were made redundant from your UK Sales Manager position Dasher.

The old man sounds like he was paranormal of sorts. It would be interesting to know where he came from and where he went.

Chin up lad.
CrimsonTopaz in A Scary House Experience
Bengali9899, Green sauce and sandy food is deal breaker in my eyes. More importantly people going mental or being found dead? I'd be avoiding this neighbourhood. Sounds like a lot went on there. You and your wife are out of there and can look back knowing you made the right decision to move. Thanks for sharing and welcome,
Hi guys thanks for the warm welcome!

[at] amon I didn't actually ask anyone directly about previous experiences. It was only my 2nd shift and wasn't sure how some would react but I will ask as time goes on.

[at] ladyglow yes it did appear off and a bit strange when it happened but it only really registered the next day

[at] Tweed that is a very good quote and something I totally agree with

[at] rajine yes it isa bit scary and a little disconcerting as I have had experiences in the past but never seen a full figure but the spirit himself was not scary at all

[at] raseco I am not sure it was anyone from my family as I got a good look at his face and did not recognise him
meerabaiyadav in A Scary House Experience
iam just asking thuis whole matter or experience happened because they dindt follwed griha pravesh rituals
RCRuskin in The Dancer
Tweed, I'm wondering the same thing. Also, what language is it? 😜
Thanks Biblio, a quick search online seems like it's not available in Aussie. I'll ask the vet though. I think there's an arthritis cat supplement called Paws here.

Finding McCubbin's connection to Box Hill was a real trip. I always imagined his paintings to be of the hazy start of a day. Except for the last panel of The Pioneer, which I imagined to be afternoon. No idea why!
Bibliothecarius in Behind My Screen Name
Greetings, Tweed.

I wanted to post when I read your narrative last week, but I couldn't think of anything useful to add to the conversation. I, too, admire Frederick McCubbin's Pioneer triptych; the first time I saw it was in a documentary about Australian art. McCubbin's later art shows clear influence from his admiration of Turner.

Anyway, on to my helpful suggestion: Leo may benefit from Dasuquin for cats (available as a chew or a capsule to sprinkle into wet food). See if it is available in Australia; my oldest cat seems to have benefitted from it as she no longer makes grunting noises when she jumps down from furniture.

Good to see you back here.

Tweed in The Dancer

What is an 'intangible human' and a 'justice phrase'?

I am a supernatural intuitive with Channeler intelligence for Supernatural and frightening paranormal circumstances.

I recommend stopping thinking about your apparition as a friendly ghost.

Your ghostly tells me that it is a no-nonsense intangible human who is posing as a pretender to make you feel as if it is a family member.

You should tell it " stay away from me and mine" this essential Justice phase is for intangible people who plague your living space (home) and to bounce off from all your significant sides.

Visit my website:

Feel free to email me with your paranormal concern, and I will also update you with the extended Justice phrase.
Indeed, he is an intangible human; we are metaphysical people who, at the time, we reside within a metaphysical dimensional habitat.

He is most likely a significant Elder from your lineage; for instance, a departed grandparent, or uncle.

Still, as in human consciousness, we accept them as "ghosts πŸ‘» "; the sort of apparitions that are the eerie presence of paranormal skeptical circumstances.
Hi Dasher

It's amazing and scary that you encountered a spirit in full corporeal form and one that spoke to you, I think he doesn't mean any harm and just wanted to spend some time at his favorite watering hole.
Links supporting the story (or refuting it) are fine. This is what the guidelines say: Do NOT post links that would be inappropriate for the general public, or are against the law, to sites about p0rn, gambling, software pirating, virus, spam, etc.
meerabaiyadav, please post in English or I will be forced to delete your posts.
Hi Dasher and welcome.

Had the same thoughts as Lady Glow. Also that you thought more about it the next day I'd guess is an indicator of the nature of this occurrence.

Your experience reminds me of something I heard a paranormal bookstore owner say once:
"No one can say for sure they've never seen a ghost. One could walk by you in the street and you'd never know."

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Lady Glow thanks, great to see you're still posting here too!

Leo's with me, I live in Australia now. He's been really good, adjusted really quickly. Which was a massive relief for me.
Have moved countries four times in my life but never with an animal. Moving with a pet was a long complicated process I never want to repeat again. Wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. Have some friends in England who were willing to take him. But they have pets and young children. That would have stressed Leo out. Most of all I didn't want him to think I'd abandoned him.
He's just started to show his age, as of this month. Arthritis and signs of kitty dementia showing. Came on pretty sudden, I think a few hot days didn't help. Vet gave him an injection to help the arthritis, he'll likely need more. I introduced some cooked salmon (a safe fish for cats) to his diet for omega 3, which has helped. Blah I love him but pet ownership is so complicated!
meerabaiyadav in A Scary House Experience
achhi kahani thi aur

Grah pravesh ke niyam naa manane ke karan yah hua aisa lagta hai ki
meerabaiyadav in Ghost Girl On The Street
ka punah nhi dekha use tumne wahan aur ab wah wahan hai atva nhi
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, this gentleman was a person from the past that still enjoys visiting the restaurant.

It seems like you sensed from the beginning that something was off, but didn't register what it was. Makes me wonder how many times the departed ones mingle amongst us as any other living people.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Tweed.

It's so nice to see you around!

Fascinating experience. I agree with the idea of Tweed being a sort of guardian, or observing you for a long time. He definitely cares for you.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. How is Leo doing?
Hi Dasher,
Out of curiosity, did you ever ask any coworkers if they had any paranormal experiences while working at this restaurant and did you ever ask about the history or do any of your own research about the building?

I'm aware that neither Brent nor you recorded any video but, using your own words:

"Hi Rajine

My friend and I saw a ghost in that particular area of my school in the dark. I remembered watching a video where the ghost they saw was almost the same as my friend and I; it appeared like a white sheet thingy but is indeed a real ghost that haunted the school."

That's the video I'm talking about.
Who is "they"? Did they capture this video the same night you saw the ghost or did this happen on a different occasion?
Is there a way for you to get the video and share it with us?

As for "posting the link about the teacher's death since its content might be against the guidelines of YGS.", the guidelines of the site establish that:

"If a picture / video / web link has an significant role in your story, it is important that you share it. Note: you need to own the copyright or have legal permission to use any of the media files you send us so we can have the legal rights to publish them"


I don't think it would be a problem to share the link about the teacher's death, though one of the moderators can clarify if this would be acceptable.
BelieverDude11 in Creepy New Apartment
Well, Taqba... I suggest you do what you did at the window. Tell whatever is doing these things to leave and never return... In the Name of Jesus Christ.

I'm hesitant about posting the link about the teacher's death since its content might be against the guidelines of YGS.

And by the way neither of us recorded any videos back then while in that room, but if I manage to access that room, I'm going to take a photo to see what it looks like in broad daylight
Hi. Welcome to YGS.

Being a believing skeptic, I do like to be a contrarian especially when it comes to pointing out that senses do not work like many people think. Just as an example, here's a video to watch with a very short quiz at the end.


So assuming you watched it instead of just continuing to read my post, did you notice the other 2 things happening in the video?

My real question, however, is: Is this man's photograph hanging on the walls of the restaurant anywhere?

I'm afraid your statements are a bit confusing... You either saw a ghost or you mistakenly assumed to have seen one.

Anyway, in my opinion, it would be interesting to read the link about the teacher dying in the school. Since this information is already available in the internet, it wouldn't be a problem to share it with the members of this site.
With some luck, other people from the Philippines have attended the same school and experienced the same as you.

Would you mind to share the link?

Also, what about the video of the ghost captured by your friend/classmate? Can you share it with us?

Thanks in advance.
Pelatiah Thanks for the comments, since my last post I have no attacks on my feet. I have told this spirit to leave and you are not welcome here. Its really hard for me to write this because I am a skeptic of every thing. I belong to UFO groups, but until one lanes in front of me, I am afraid its just a evening out. My friend and I had a mutual observance of a spirit on his EVO devise where the energy level spiked into the 5 and 6 range,, which was very high, as we both sat, a cold wave of energy passed through both of us and discharged our phones and made them flash at the same time. I am afraid what ever that entity was, it attached itself to me that day. I have considered moving, but looking into a medium first. Thanks for replying.
Hi CrimsonTopaz

Brent (my classmate) and I did see a real ghost back then in that room, but since we're no longer allowed to go inside the gymnasium nowadays, we did not know what was in that small room that made us mistakenly assume was a ghost standing still in there
FearMeNot3000, You just said, you're unable to see what you *mistakenly* assumed to be a ghost? So you didn't see a ghost? Did you just realised that or did you forget to put that in at the end of your story? Regardless, thanks for your honesty.
Hi lady-glow

I searched on google about the teacher's death in my school and it turns out to be a true story. A teacher actually died. And speaking of the room we students are now not allowed to get inside the gymnasium (where the room was located) unless necessary, so I'm unable to see what I mistakenly assumed to be a ghost. The room was quite abandoned and the school authorities are always busy so the room may have been left unvisited nowadays
FearMeNot3000, I'd love to see any footage you have too. It's always nice to see what the lense captures.
Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
Have you investigated if a teacher really died in the school, or if this is only a rumour?

Did you check the next day and under daylight, if there was something that might have been mistaken for "the ghost" in the room?

What's the function of the messy room? It's not unusual for schools to have storage rooms that tend to be anything but neat. Maybe this is the case for this particular room.

It would be interesting and give some validation to your story if you could get the video of the ghost and share it with this forum.
CrimsonTopaz in Behind My Screen Name
Hello Tweed, That was a long read and worth every word reading.
Thanks for sharing.
Hi Rajine

My friend and I saw a ghost in that particular area of my school in the dark. I remembered watching a video where the ghost they saw was almost the same as my friend and I; it appeared like a white sheet thingy but is indeed a real ghost that haunted the school.

Yeah there are stories of people who witnessed the exact same thing when they stayed in the school gym for practicing purposes. Speaking of the poltergeist, it was haunting the school by making door-knocking sounds in some areas of the school. It also moved few objects around which may have explained why another room was messy
Very impressive footage! Definitely not dust particles or bugs. Could be activity related to your land or the region based on your information. Thanks for sharing!
Hi FearMeNot3000

I'm not sure what you experienced exactly but I I wonder why that ghost decided to appear in a white sheet over it like something out of a cartoon...

Apart from you and your friend, has anyone else seen or experienced this ghost, you mentioned a poltergeist, tell me more about it
This feeling is so similar to what I have experienced Stevep74. All the feelings you describe here are so familiar.

Are you still commenting on this dialog?

I would like to know if you experienced those feelings when you were on your own or all the time in that room. I know you said your friend came to the room to help you pack but he did not go in with you. Did he see the dark aura or sense the same feelings.

I never witnessed any dark auras as you did but everything else was pretty much what I've experienced and that is why I would like to converse some more.

I too was being jovial Tweed about not getting natter and accusations. [smiling]

I appreciate your feedback on the style and presentation of submitting comments.

Illusory palinopsia or afterimages are created by immediate environmental factors, like over use of a computer, watching too much TV or even gazing at a switched on light for lengthy periods.

Perhaps that is what you experienced, thus rubbing your eyes made the shape vanish. Then again, it could well have been paranormal. Hard to say.

Hi KenS80

Not to scare you or anything, but from what I've read online, a cold feeling is a sign of a ghost in the house that you and your partner lived in, but since you mentioned that the cold feeling only comes when your partner is out, this may or may not be the case
Hi Ken, thanks for the compliments. I enjoy any kind of nostalgia. My English grandmother related stories from Birmingham in a way I could smell the city and feel the ground through tattered ill fitting shoes. She was very well spoken and believed the way you hold yourself is the way to get ahead in life. It was a working class thing. I think that's where I get it.
Now when I convey something I want people to feel like they 'know it' too. So it's cool you felt something.
My experiences aren't usually as long as this. Only the ones that span many years. I have to take breaks to from reading lengthy experiences too. It's the best way to digest the information, I think.

The way I signed off was more of a joke, I don't worry about nay sayers. Same with the reference about 'the same pink figure from the police report' (or whatever I said) In reality I don't believe the police took it seriously enough to write anything official, and I don't think anyone else will. But it made me giggle to put 'from the police report' lol.

The site guidelines aren't that ridged. They just want submissions written to the best of our ability and the comments to be understandable. No internet shorthand etc. One of the mods, Miracles, writes her experiences in a diary style, with quotes from her journal. So just be yourself. The paragraph on your original comment was fine. It's lengthy comments/submissions that are one block with zero paragraphs that are a big no no. Sometimes people comment like that and it's really hard to read.

Manafon, That's interesting about the Welsh angle, I'd never considered that. I forgot to mention his height. In the tree I assumed he was adult size, but I may have assumed wrong. In the two pink sightings, especially the one in the yard at my grandmother's, he appeared adult size. Against the wall in my bedroom I'd guess he was 5'6" maybe. But in the dream he was much taller than me, maybe 6 ft.

I'd say the coat is some kind of farming attire. The fabric is very dense, looks heavy and hangs as such. The style of the coat I linked to is similar but the one in the link looks more elaborate. I don't think his has any buckles. Regardless of skin colour a Bwca is a real possibility. I'd imagine there are a lot of variations to what's been documented over the years, given how long it takes to collect information about these things.

When I was a teenager and into my twenties I learned a bit of Welsh. Inspired by some of the music I was into. Had a Welsh dictionary so I could translate Super Furry Animals and Catatonia songs lol.
As an amusing aside about a year ago I randomly got interested in the origins of the Welsh flag. (Wouldn't read too much into that as I often get obsessed with random topics, and that was the latest.) Well I learned about the red dragon. But also, at that time, the good people of Wales had decided their dragon should have his, how shall I put it, manhood. Dragon apparently has his manhood on a few coins thus far. Only in Wales!
I will not know for sure Rajine because I'm not living there these days.

I have got to say though, that crossed my mind.

It would be interesting to know if the current owners are having similar issues.

Hi Tweed--The description of this tweed-wearing guy reminded me of a creature described in a book I've mentioned on YGS before, A Field Guide to the Little People, which details regional stories and characteristics (such as they are) of nature spirits and the like. One that shares some similarities to your tweed dude is the Welsh Bwca, or Bwbach. To quote, "The Bwciod are about the size of Brownies (just under two feet). Often invisible, they are very good at hiding and are virtually impossible to find unless they decide to show themselves. They have dark skin and dress in coarse Welsh farmers' clothes. Most have long noses."

The long nose and clothes seem similar, as "coarse Wesh farmers clothes" could include a tweed coat. You stated what you saw has pale skin, and the Bwca have dark skin, but I imagine with most "little people" there will be a lot of variation. This creature is just something to consider. Gotta say that it's very cool this fella pops in from time to time. He seems to appreciate that you enjoy his visitations.
Hi KenS80

Perhaps it was just a random spirit that was passed by...
Well Tweed, this is an exquisite entry. You have described your life's joys, woes and memorable moments in absolute detail. It allowed me to step into your experience and share your feelings somewhat. If that is even possible.

I'm still going through the links you've shared, but I thought I would comment before I get side tracked.

By the way, it literally took me hours on and off in stages to read this entry. It's very well written and expressed so thoroughly I do not believe you will get any of those accusations and natter you are expecting. (+_+)

I thought I should resend my comment with paragraphing, to keep with the style the site requirements.

My apologies webmaster. My previous comment left prematurely and with hast.
Well Tweed, this is an exquisite entry. You have described your life's joys, woes and memorable moments in absolute detail. It allowed me to step into your experience and share your feelings somewhat. If that is even possible. I'm still going through the links you've shared, but I thought I would comment before I get side tracked. By the way, it literally took me hours on and off in stages to read this entry. It's very well written and expressed so thoroughly I do not believe you will get any of those accusations and natter you are expecting. (+_+)
Sorry the comment got published 2 times. Pls ignore the old one comment 😨 😭
Thanks [at] Rajine, [at] The_Lost_Voyage_11 for your lovely comments,
Now let me answer the questions asked by you

No permanent damage was done by Evil spirit or by the entity. But there were some strange incident happened when we were shifting, When we were shifting. After regular intervals the lights were flickering and sometimes there was also low voltage and the workers also got scared because continuously tapping sound was coming from the locked room. (by the way it was afternoon not in night) Second question, Yes, The house is there in that location until now, We have visited a nearby durga puja famous in Kolkata. And we have saw the house. And a nearby restaurant owner told that until now no-one can live there for more than 2days otherwise the person who lived there will be mental or found dead (if he stays with his family especially with any women). Yes the room was locked but we thought when we will rent the house the landlord would give the keys to us. 3 questions, As we were at a young age firstly we don't believe that ritual and that day we forget that we have go and live there for 3 days.

Again thank you for your lovely comments and please let me know that if you are justified with my answer

😊 😊 ❀ ❀ 😘
Thanks [at] Rajine, [at] The_Lost_Voyage_11 for your lovely comments,
Now let me answer the questions asked by you

No permanent damage was done by Evil spirit or by the entity. But there were some strange incident happened when we were shifting, When we were shifting after regular intervals the lights were flickering and something there was also low voltage and the workers also got scared because continuously tapping sound was coming from the locked room. Second question, Yes, The house is there in that location until now, We have visited a nearby durga puja famous in Kolkata. And we have saw the house. And a nearby restaurant owner told that until now no-one can live for more than 2days otherwise the person who lived there will be ment or found dead (if he stays with his family especially with any women). Yes the room was locked but we thought when will rent house the landlord would give the keys to us. 3 questions, As we were at a young age firstly we don't believe that ritual and that day we forget that we have go and live there for 3 days.

Again thank you for your lovely comments and please let me know that if you are justified with my answer

😊 😊 ❀ ❀ 😘
I just started reading behind your screen name and after the first few paragraphs, I wondered how I could not type enough words to enter my experience without the site saying not enough words. You sure have that in spades Tweed. (*_*)

Thank you for the information. My partner is very effervescent to say the least and as you said, that is why I do not feel any negative eerie feelings when my partner is home.
Hi Ken,

Sometimes I think locations can emit their history. If these walls could talk, well they kind of sometimes do. But not everyone picks up on it. Being alone in the house you could probably receive/pick up on some negative energy from the past inhabitants. There doesn't necessarily have to be a death or other tragedy. It could be someone suffering depression or a hardship. Something to have a profound impact on someone or some family's life. This might be why sage etc didn't seem to work longterm. Maybe there was no entity to banish. But a heavy mood, long term could have attracted, or even formed into some kind of presence.

Having your partner home too, or any visitors in the house, could have been enough to reestablish the status quo, mood/energy wise inside. Maybe the house needed a fair few parties, lots of good music, laughter to really work that energy/mood into a positive one. Whenever I feel a heavy mood in a new location I fill it with music. Doesn't matter what kind it is, just so long as you love it. 'Tis a great stabiliser.
Hi Lost Voyage,

I've always been drawn to Anglo and Norse folklore, so I tend to view things through a fairly ancient prism. Since I sent this to YGS I've been reading up on Irish folklore, because of the tweed style. One possibility is he's a selkie, might explain the long nose and later human form. The selkies have ties to Scottish and Irish folklore. This got me thinking about the Scottish part of my family.

My grandmother, on the Scots side, had a commemorative vase, a family heirloom. It was red glass with gold trimming and a gold depiction of, what she called, 'a cargo ship'. (Her polite way of saying/evading 'pirate ship'.) It showed a ship crashing against rocks and waves. It was a depiction of Bell Rock off the coast of Scotland. There's an historical lighthouse there now. She said the 'cargo ship' was part of the reason for the lighthouse. The vase came from the 1800's, she told me who made it and who commissioned it but I'm borked if I remember that now (I was about 12 or 13). So he may have a connection in that way, trade/raids on Irish ships perhaps. Or part of the settlers and artists movement in Box Hill.

I'm beginning to notice how he's been there in key moments throughout my life. But only with hindsight lol. I agree, he's some kind of guardian.

Hi Rajine, I agree, he showed himself for a reason. Be good to go back and see what I was doing leading up to the first sighting. Might reveal something, or maybe it was just the right time to say 'hi'.
Hi Tweed

A very fascinating story, I feel that "tweed" revealed himself to you for a reason, sort of a guide or protector.
Hi Bengali9899

I'm sure landlord was aware of this, if the neighbors know about it then surely the landlord did as well, I wonder why he didn't do anything about it...

Personally I believe that the negative energy was not necessarily a human spirit.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Scary House Experience
Hello Bengali9899, fascinating story, thanks for sharing!

I am curious, did you ever find out what the story was regarding the locked room? In following your story, you recalled the day you first entered the room, was this the same room the landlord required be kept locked? Also you and your friends were going to stay for the 3 nights following the ceremony but didn't?

It sounds like those few things could have gotten the spirits attention and not in a good way. I'm curious to who she is and what her story is. If she doesn't like other women, perhaps her lover spurned her for another woman? It definitely sounds like she was antagonizing your wife and driving a wedge between you by altering the taste of your food, so you would think it was your wife. It's sad how she seemed to cause other couples to divorce.

I've heard of these kinds of things happening, families breaking apart, people taking on personality changes, even declining health due to living in a place with negative energy and spirits.

It's good you both got out when you did before any permanent damage was done. Is this house still around? Have you heard any more about it? At this point I have more questions than answers in order to arrive at any answers, but if you have more to share, I'd like to hear it.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Behind My Screen Name
Hello Tweed, what a fascinating read about the origin of your screen name. You certainly have a curious nature and a rather deep introspection of yourself and your own nature, even your observations as a child.

I feel this entity you call Tweed is definitely familiar to you. I'm not sure of the extent of your beliefs, but I believe it goes beyond this lifetime. The Irish roots may extend into another life. The Tweed and your curiosity about it as well as other aspects to his appearance seem to be clues left behind as to his origin in your life. Whoever he is, it feels like a companion of sorts, maybe a guardian angel who's assisted you far more than you know.

The amount of research and thought you've given to these experiences is truly impressive! I also believe you are spot on with what he meant when he said 'You're beautiful, I see you'.

Most of all, from your first encounter, the way you described how it changed something in you. From the way you've written of your journey, it seems he has continued to have that affect on you through your life's journey and I suspect will continue to do so. He seems to especially be around during key moments in your life, whether you realize it or not.

Relish the connection, it has served you well, great share!
Hi Pelatiah,

What a wonderful connection you've made! Glad you got the translation.
They say you dream in a language when it becomes ingrained in your psyche. I speak Danish and dream in it sometimes. The way you managed to make a note in his language I think speaks to your connection to him, and him to you. Like a mark of respect and fondness. Great stuff! He may also be wishing you well in these crazy times we're living in.

Thanks for sharing.
Sjn, what a lovely encounter. Had the same thoughts as Lady Glow, he really appreciates your visits. Did you find his headstone that day?

Thanks for sharing.
That is intriguing. OBE? Out of body experience? Was your wife communicating with you when you saw her?
How do I find the story you recently wrote about seeing your wife floating out of her body? That would be a good reading.
I have experienced this several times over the years with a few different family members. On this one account. I was walking to the bathroom somewhere through the night when I saw my wife walking around our kitchen looking quite house-proud going about her business. (as she does take a lot of pride in keeping our home spotless.)

I don't believe it was a doppelganger as such. I believe what I was observing at the time, was her residual energy imprinted into the consciousness at the plank scale of the home we lived in for some 30 years.

I wrote a story recently about seeing my wife floating out of her body. Again it wasn't a doppelganger IMO... What I witnessed was my wife having an actual OBE account.

My theory on a doppelganger... String theory suggests we exist in many worlds/universes of which some are nearly identical to ours. Sometimes these universes mesh together bringing two individuals into the same macroscopic location where they are interacting with the same influence of nature.

I think perhaps what you saw was your sister having an OBE.I'm sure you asked her and she had no memory of it right?

That is quite normal too, most people don't.

Regards Daz
Talk of doppelgangers interest me. But I wasn't aware they vanished like spirits. Looks like I need to read-up somewhat!
Interesting apparition. ('-') /
Hey'a, not sure if you're still about. I share similar apparitions. Not recently, but similar. Hope you've found a cure.
ヽ ('β€Ώ') γƒŽ
dazybloop in Dreadful Encounter
Hello CrimsonTopaz,

Thanks a lot for sharing this! I've read it and it's really interesting and somehow helps me as well! And it's something new to me, the multiverses and simultaneous living phenomenons, i'll be searching more to clear my doubts.
Sleeping-with-steve in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Hello Tweed,

Thank you. It's been difficult to talk about mum without bursting into tears. Last time we visited mum and dad's grave, we had a laugh remembering some things mum would say. I guess the pain is finally easing.

My parents are buried in the same grave. They purchased the lot when dad was alive. It's quite lovely that they are buried together for all eternity. May their souls RIP.

Enough of the sad chat, hope your well. Good to see you back online.

Best wishes,
CrimsonTopaz, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. Love to you and SWS.
Hey Cole, Guess we're really close. I live in Schenectady:0
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Thanks for the lovely analogy of my father's passing. I never saw it like that but now you have explained that he doesn't want scare me and just wants me to get on with it, that does sound like something he'd do.
We lost our mum just 12 months ago and SWS is still waiting to see mum. May they both RIP now they're finally together again.
Manafon1 in A Ghost In A Hurry
So great to see you active on YGS again Tweed! I do believe my brother seeing the "photographic negative" figures was a big reason he's become more open-minded regarding the paranormal.

I feel strongly that the voices Julie heard were another manifestation of the spirits that were so active in that house. Yeah, I wish I could've seen the clothes pulled from the attic too. Sadly, they were gone when I heard about them.

I did want to ask the homeowners about all the activity in the house but decided not to. I have done so with two other customers, and one was very interested and receptive (that was the house where I heard ticking on multiple occasions and heard their recently deceased cat meowing several times), but the other was the house my wife and I heard a disembodied woman's voice talking to us in the middle of the night. That homeowner was a believer in the paranormal but was seriously freaked out about what we told her, as her husband traveled a lot for work leaving her alone in the house. I felt the couple who lived in the house described in this account might be in the same camp so remained silent. That said, so many things happened there I'd be surprised if they never experienced anything.

Again, it's cool to see you back.
Hi CrimsonTopaz,

Your father sounds like a really great guy. The way you describe him might also answer your question.
Something that's been said on here over the years is 'as in life, so in death'. Meaning who we are now will continue on in the great beyond.

As your father was a hard working man in life who needed to know the kids had eaten enough before he could relax, this might be just the attitude he's taking on the other side. So, you kids have grown up, you're independent, (you've eaten), and his job is done, now he can relax. Not that he doesn't want to make himself known, it's his work ethic, his priorities in life might be the same now. He also might not want to bother you, or scare you, this could be a generational thing with him.

The bond of love doesn't change. If anything I believe it gets stronger❀️

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed in The Dancer
CrimsonTopaz, Flighty with the cushion LOL
When I was little I loved getting up at night, then I grew out of that and the cushion thing happened🀦 Lime green, brown and white, those were the colours on the cushion. To this day if I see that colour scheme I shudder. I love this ghost but she really succeeded in terrifying me.

I was thinking about this ghost recently because I saw some crap that Madonna had been posting online. Was like omg that's our girl Madonna, what the hell is she doing?!... Oh well.

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed. I like reading peoples experiences in chronological order as well.πŸ™‚
CrimsonTopaz in The Dancer
Tweed, provocative Madona pictures in your CD booklet definitely would have shocked granny. I enjoyed reading your retelling of events. I got a bit on edge towards the end when the dancing girl spirit got a bit flighty with the cushion.
Then I read the comments and oh dear - plagiarism and all sorts from unknown visiting members.
Your mum sounds very supportive with your sightings and that's a huge help. Nothing worse than family not believing because they don't understand. I have no idea why I started reading your list of experiences from the bottom up. I'm glad I started with this one. It's well written and thorough in detail, which took me right there.
CrimsonTopaz in Dreadful Encounter
Dazybloop, Here are some really interesting YGS members sharing there knowledge that I think you'll find helpful.
Read Rookdygins story and then scroll down to AuzzieDaz's comment. He has a link in his comment which is also interesting.
AuzzieDaz and Rookdygin I don't mean to step on toes here by putting up your information, I just think Dazybloop will get so much from your experiences.
Hope this helps Dazybloop. Also a member called Last voyage 11 along with AuzzieDaz know a lot about multiverses and simultaneous living phenomenons.
Augusta, bloomin' heck! As my grandfather would say.

This is why everyone needs to listen to their gut. You may think of this time as overwhelming and dangerous, and hell yes it was (!), but I got to say well done to you for nipping this in the bud, seriously! You were aware every step of the way. When most people who come to this site (myself included) would be like 'no, this isn't happening, no I'm imaging it, excuse, excuse' and then find themselves in a world of paranormal BS which is REALLY hard to banish.

You should be proud of yourself, I hope you are! I'm going to link people to this now, anyone who questions their gut and ignores the little signs. (Never ignore the small things people)
dazybloop in Dreadful Encounter
CrimsonTopaz, I don't mind you making jokes haha, it's the only way to cope with these like I can't be afraid forever. Coming to your point, well i'm sorry if I confused you but I did really see the girl on the roof while walking down the road, it wasn't anytime I was sleeping and I dreamt about that. It happened in real, I saw that with my eyes and there's no way I was having a sleep paralysis and the house was not 3-4ft but it was 3-4 meters which is still small, but yeah I haven't seen the house since then! I'm hoping for someone to come with a explanation of why is this happening to me.
Miracles, this is really cool. We've talked before about the randomness of why person A would connect with person B, and what the heck did I predict that for etc? I think it makes sense that you'd pick up on Manafon, someone you're familiar with. It might be over the internet but contact is contact and maybe that's all that's needed for a psychic link, or whatever you'd call it.

I had one totally random thing years ago where I predicted something about a wooden peg right before I read someone's experience about a floating wooden peg on here. But this person was like a YGS blow in, I don't think they stuck around, just wanted to share their experience. At least you tapped into someone you could confirm something with.

I believe peoples abilities are very unique. You have this pillow talk ability and roll with it when most people would just dismiss it.
TheNorthStar in Ghost Girl On The Street
Hello CrimsonTopaz.

I agree, it was quite tragic. I hope they're in peace now.
Biblio, how odd. I've heard of clouds of mist moving from here to there, defying logic as they go. But nothing like this. Did anyone on the street seem to be reacting to it? If not I'm guessing it was such an unusual occurrence everyone dismissed it en masse. Maybe you witnessed a residual object. I'm sure there's a better term for that, but the static shape makes me think some static object was once there. Or will be there one day, like maybe something redirecting traffic, a temporary road sign perhaps?
Manafon, was this the thing that had your brother questioning his beliefs? Interesting that yours and his apparitions both had a lack of colour shall we say, monochrome and photographic negative.
There's that water theory again. Would've been interesting to see some of those clothes. I wonder if your wife heard the voices of some of these souls. Are you able to ask the home owners about any of this? Or maybe it's best not to lol. Sounds like a cool house.
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Greetings CrimsonTopaz wow that's so nice thank you! Your sister is Sleeps with Steve = SWS? Glad she's still posting, always a sweetie. Look forward to getting to know you too.

Val Message board ping pong, just replied to one of your posts I'd not read, high five!
Val, a phantom cat, I know this one! We had like a million cats growing up (not by my request I can assure you, but anyway) feeling an invisible cat on the bed was something we all experienced at some point or another. I always chalked it up to one of the cats who had passed in the house.

A friend of mine has a ghost play with his dishes in the sink. He calls his ghost 'Ed', apparently 'Ed' doesn't like dirty dishes. But I don't think he's ever stacked them, wow!

The bubble sounds gorgeous, orb perhaps? Think we can rule out Santa. πŸ˜‰
CrimsonTopaz in Strong Ghost
Tweed, my sister says hi (SWS). We've been up watching the Oscars. I recorded it when it was on earlier. She said... Good to see Tweed back online, and that you're lovely. I'm looking forward to reading your experiences.
valkricry in Strong Ghost
Tweed, just running of here to say 'Hi'! Great to see you around again 😊
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Cherubium, L Melb, the piano probably has a few attachments by now, but in a healthy way. I believe pianos have souls as does music/songs, that there's a life force behind all things, especially hand crafted things like furniture and musical instruments. That they collect and transmit energy.
Could the lid have been carried by its own energy? Goodness knows. There's a possibility the lid was lowered by my grandmother, who was my teacher. Or maybe one of the other ghosts who visit. I've thought about it a lot and I just don't know.
The static on the one note was likely the string settling the tuner said, it happens a lot apparently. Part of the process of the tension distributing across the cabinet as the pitch is corrected. So that explains that at least. I didn't tell him about the lid lol.
I had some weird static on a demo about a year ago. Started to write about it for YGS but never finished it because there's really nothing to tell, static on a dodgy iPad recording being the highlight.πŸ™„ There could be a really mundane explanation to it.

(Sorry for the super duper amazingly late reply.)

RCRuskin, merry holiday of choice to you too!
CrimsonTopaz in Ghost Girl On The Street
North star, it's really terrible to hear about what happened to this poor family. May they RIP.
CrimsonTopaz in Dreadful Encounter
dazybloop, Don't be embarrassed. I still can't convert stones to pounds. Γ· by 2.2 Γ— by 14? Or maybe Γ· by 14 Γ— by 2.2? I never get it right. I'm glad you added the part about the house not being there the next day. That really makes it all very frightening indeed. Especially with the dwarf's miniature house vanishing with the little princess snow white sitting on the roof reading a book to her imaginary friend. It could well have been a dream or sleep paralysis, but then again I'm definitely not an expert, so I won't go there. I especially won't go there on teleportation. A few members here on YGS are really good with their knowledge on multiverses and talk from their experiences in that area of your encounter. I hope they surface and give you their take. Please keep us posted and ignore my silly humour. I shouldn't make jokes, because cleary your are concerned. I'll stay tuned.
dazybloop in Dreadful Encounter
Hi ladyglow,

OMG YES!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I definitely meant meters, i'm sorry for the confusion...
Don't get me wrong tho, I was sleepy at that time I guess, now I feel quite embarrassed πŸ˜‚.
dazybloop in Dreadful Encounter
Hello Rajine,

It could be because since the moment I saw that, i've been feeling there's always someone watching me.
lady-glow in Dreadful Encounter
"The house isn't that big, it was a 3-4ft house I think?"?!?!?!

Meaning no offense but, I'm afraid you are confused about the measuring units... Or that's the house of the seven dwarfs and Snow White.
Perhaps you meant to say METERS?

Thanks for the laugh!
Hi again Tagba, I have also mistakenly called you Panama, sorry about that, I don't think today is my day πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Hi Panama

I wonder why your daughter would call whatever that thing is "mommy" and the handprints on the ceiling is very spooky, I know that evil entities leave scratch marks on its victims as sort of a warning, perhaps learning about the houses history will shed some light on what you experiencing.
Hi dazybloop

Perhaps what you saw when you were walking down the street followed or attached itself to you

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