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Hi Alina5,

This happened many years ago. As far as I know and remember, the only person "possessed" was the young girl (between 16-18 years old) that lived in the house.

I have not watched the movie exorcist but I still remember the grin as if it were yesterday and I still get chills.

Stay safe.
Wow, that's really something! Happy birthday!

What an awesome moment, I think Melda's spot on.

Aren't you the twin of a nonbeliever? I wonder if, well I just wonder!

I had to laugh at you realising it was your bday. It's really hard to keep track of the days lately. Those on the other side never seem to have trouble with what's important. There's something eternally humbling in that.
[at] Melda: It is possible your mom did, or at least tried to, give you a kick. Sometimes, we get so caught up in grief and anguish at the loss that we shut out the world. This is thing we should never do.
Melda--Your message touched me--"That way there would be no mistaking who your well-wishers of the day would be." That's exactly what I felt when it happened. Tried to upvote you but was instructed to vote for someone else so I give you one from the heart.

VeronicaMarie--Thank you for your sincere and kind comment.

Lady-glow--Love is indeed eternal!
VeronicaMarie - A very thought provoking experience.

The message your mom conveyed to you is so very true. This experience of yours has really hit home for me too. I was truly devastated when my mom passed away and I now realise that I must have been very selfish in my grief. I also hated Christmas, special days and so on until I gradually learned to live with it. I wish my mother had given me a kick in the butt during that phase, or at least a good talking to!

Be very grateful to your mom for that wake-up call.

Regards, Melda
Manafon - Belated birthday wishes from me.

How fortunate you were to have that very special moment. It almost seems as though your parents were waiting in the wings, so to speak, for you to acknowledge them before they made their presence known. That way, there would be no mistaking who your first well-wishers of the day were.

A lovely, touching experience.

Regards, Melda
Hi Cunobelinus,

Both my son and I saw two people in a car disappear in broad daylight a few years back so I can relate to these types of accounts that do happened all over the world, so you are not alone mate, nor are you going crazy if that thought crossed your mind.

Based on my own experience, research and string theory, there are many, many universes co existing in suspended states of existence with in their own vortex of energy that converts all potential to macroscopic giving us the illusion of existence we see and know as reality. (THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS? THERE IS NO MATTER)

Atoms have a funny habit of popping in and out of universe's and occasionally, these fields of atoms can mesh together and occupy other universe's with in the normality of our own space, time, continuum, giving you the shared experience of what's going on in a universe almost identical with the one you are in.

Often these accounts only last for seconds or minutes before the atomic structure of that given universe unravels the microscopical content from physical and pulls it back to whence it came. So yes, we can interact with people in other universe's and we are usually none the wiser. Btw,

(I won't get started on the Mandela effect, however, IMO it does offer evidence as to what I'm suggesting here).

The gentlemen you saw jump probably did hit the ground in some other universe.

The little old lady was probably as shocked as you was to find you were gone?

Perhaps, this place you are in is more subjective to a universe shift than most other places?


Just my 2 cent worth here mate, some of the other posters may also be right in what they're entertaining in relation to it being a residual type of haunting, that is also possible.

Regards Daz
VeronicaMarie in My Stalker's Ghost
Alina, I can't even imagine how horrifying this was for you. I'm no expert on the paranormal, but what came to my mind was the thought of how completely disturbed (to put it mildly!) this guy must have been in life and if all his negative energy was still replaying itself or something. But I guess that doesn't make sense, because I would think a residual haunting would stay in the same place, not show up in a different city. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of this kind of thing can give you some insight. I'm just so sorry you went through this.
Maria, RCRuskin, and Rajine, thank you so much for your messages. They all lifted my heart, and moved me away from the 'oh, it's just wishful thinking' thing that I tend to do.

RCRuskin, that Dickens essay was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so very much.
Happy Birthday, Manafon! And what a wonderful birthday present. Wow, I am bowled over by the fact that the sound came exactly where you'd been standing, thanking your parents. I'm actually sort of stunned into silence, and that doesn't happen very often with me. 😊 Thank you so much for sharing that.
I agree with Biblio and the others about the suicide being a residual haunting. If so, the spirit may not even be present; it could be a recording in time. If a spirit really is trapped there in a loop, he's not aware of anything except his reality and has no ability, much less desire, to harm anyone.

As you and your girlfriend live at the top floor of the highest building in the area, you know well how expensive and out of reach many of these apartments can be. I am sadly sure his was not the first suicide due to money troubles in that area, even in the space of 10 years.

You also mentioned that elderly people have passed away in your building, so the old lady may not even be a haunting from the hutongs that were torn down. Let's face it, if she was evicted from her hutong that may have been in her family for generations and watched it be torn down in the name of progress, she probably wouldn't be smiling at you. She seems benign, so think of her as somebody's granny.

As for WHY you are experiencing these things now, there could be many reasons, most of which we may never know. One belief is if you recently experienced a near death experience, you open up a third eye and can see the dead as you've pierced the veil between worlds.
Hi Haven,

That's a scary childhood memory to hold onto for the rest of your life. I'm sorry. I am glad that the girl is said to have recovered. I hope she is leading a happy life that is full of love - and far away from the jealousy of the small minded.


The blood stain interested me, as it interested you as a child:

I lived in a house in Chicopee, Massachusetts in 2008 that had blood stains on my bedroom wall that wouldn't go away. It was a problem for me in a house full of problems.

Our landlord painted over the spots with primer before we moved our stuff in - I remember smelling it. When we began moving in, I saw the stains - at the time, I was a fan of that show "Dexter" and it looked like how they showed "high velocity blood spatter"... Maybe I'm too willing to go to a dark place...

Anyway, we painted over those stains, with primer, no less than six times and they always came back in a few days. I guess it was because they were sunk deep down into the sheetrock.

- Maria
Lealeigh in My Stalker's Ghost
Hi Alina5,

I am sorry that you had to go through what you did. How terrifying! I am sorry that you still live in fear. I have a question about the stalker's actions while he was living:

"whenever I used to turn around to check on him he just kind of vanished."

How did he do that? Did you ever get a chance to notice any of his features before he vanished - or was he just gone when you turned around?

- Maria
Hello VeronicaMarie,

What a wonderful story! I think you are right in trying to explore all avenues to find a logical explanation. Not for the sake of being a sceptic; but, like you said, so you won't mislead yourself when the message is so important to your heart.

I think the coincidences were too great. You were in a low place and you didn't want to face the season without your mother. I believe she sent you this message and I believe you interpreted the way it was intended.

- Maria
Hello Cunobelinus and welcome to YGS,

I understand how troubling witnessing the first incident must have been to you. I think, like Melda and Biblio, that it must have been a residual haunting. If I had been in your place, I would have been upset at having to see someone re-enact something so personal as a suicide.

I think, even though these were your first experiences (that you know of) with the paranormal, you must be sensitive to the feelings of others - whether they are living or not. Maybe there were other times, while you were living in England, that you saw things that were like the old woman in the lift; but maybe you didn't have the opportunity to recognize them as such. I am just speculating.

- Maria
Happy birthday!

It's so wonderful that your parents came to visit, definitely, love is eternal.
Greetings, Cunobelinus83, and welcome to YGS.

'Ghost' and 'haunting' phenomena are catch-all descriptions for paranormal events. This does not mean that all ghost encounters are the same variety of haunting.

In the case of the jumper, Melda wrote, "he was repeating something which had led to his death." This is one type of experience: a "residual haunting." Residual hauntings tend to follow the same pattern every time they are witnessed because the apparition is locked into a behavior. It is often the behavior that led to the death of that individual; the spirit has no recognition of the fact it has already died, so it continues upon the path that it had determined to take while alive. Psychics often refer to this as being "trapped in a death-state" and I have no better terminology to offer. This can happen in cases of suicidal people or in cases of accidental death when the deceased had no idea he or she was about to die and was intently focused upon whatever he or she was doing.

Sentient hauntings, on the other hand, are events in which the deceased is aware (to some extent) that he/she has died, but has chosen to remain here. My guess is that the old lady is in this second category. It is my conjecture that she lived her entire life in the hutong, died peacefully, and decided to stick around as a guardian ancestral spirit for the younger generations. She may just be curiously exploring the new buildings that occupy the space of her old neighborhood; she would then constitute a "sentient haunting." While the Chinese and American film industries often depict sentient hauntings as terrifying, evil presences, they are most often protective or unobtrusive entities. Your seeing the old lady was cause for surprise, certainly, but I do not think you have anything to fear from her.

You may, over time, get accustomed to dealing with the ability to witness these phenomena. As Tweed expressed, I'm sorry that your first sighting was horrific & traumatizing; it was a rare event that would have shocked *any* member of this forum had we witnessed it. I hope that the information I've described here has helped you to understand your experiences.

Hi all on YGS--I just quickly wanted to add an addendum to this account of mine. Just last night, around two in the morning as I was getting ready to turn in, I realized it was my birthday, so I said a quick "thanks for everything" to a photo of my mom and dad on a buffet just to the right of my kitchen. They are now both deceased but as the account this comment is attached to shows, they do make contact from time to time. At any rate, just as I turned back to the kitchen, there came a series of loud rappings from within the buffet.

I then felt an undeniable presence in the room. It wasn't as intense as the feeling I describe in the above account but was very strong. I then realized it was my parents acknowledging the significance of the day. It was also the first time in quite awhile that a visitation from my mom was accomplished through sounds other than ticking. It was a great present!
Charles Dickens wrote quite a few Christmas focused ghost stories, though only one seems to have any sort of following. "What Christmas Is As We Grow Older" is a lesser known one, but a favorite of mine. He writes in it how we welcome friends and loved ones into our homes on this blessed day, even those who have passed on to "the shadow of a vast City where the withered leaves are lying deep? Not the shadow that darkens the whole globe? Not the shadow of the City of the Dead?"

You can read the whole story here if you wish:
Hi Cunobelinus,

Really sorry your first experience was so awful. That is NOT a common ghost encounter. It made me a bit angry at the ghost for making someone experience that, and I don't care how insensitive that sounds.

The lady in the lift is a fairly commonly reported ghost sighting. People report seeing people out in public who do inexplicable vanishing acts. In my opinion a location needn't be old, or have a heavy history to be haunted. Anyone can have a weird experience anywhere at any time.

But the jumper is one of the scariest experiences I've ever read on here. Words fail me.
I believe that it was definitely a message from beyond that was sent to you by your mother, departed family members are always watching and guiding us, all we have to do is look around us to see the small signs.
Thanks Melda,

But this just confuses me even more - hutong buildings are generally single storey. Why would the ghost of a lady who had been a hutong dweller appear on the 21st floor of a block of flats?

The other thing is, if I have a 'sensitivity' to the supernatural it seems to have only developed recently. I grew up in a small market town in Suffolk, England, which is full of old buildings. It's basically your stereotypical ghost-story kind of place. My parents' house is even from the 1840's, yet never once in my life did I experience anything paranormal until I moved into this complex. I also haven't had any other experiences since the old lady in the lift and that was a couple of months ago now.

It certainly has me thinking!

Thanks again, Cunobelinus83
Cunobelinus - There you go then, hutongs! Lots of old history there I should imagine. That would explain the old lady to me but not so much the guy tumbling from the roof.

Thanks for the info.

Regards, Melda
Hi Alina5,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't even know how I'd go about researching the history of the complex, whether there were any accidents during its constructions or whether there were any previous suicides etc. Here. My girlfriend has lived here for several years and says there have been none that she's aware of. The only deaths in the complex that she's aware of have been natural deaths of elderly people, which is normal for any large residential complex I guess.


Hi Melda,

From my understanding the land that our complex was built on was previously occupied by traditional Beijing hutongs which were demolished to make way for more modern development, a process which is constantly ongoing here in China.

Thanks for your input!

What a bag of mixed emotions this is.

The lavender smell could, I'd say is likely, either the real scent of lavender trapped in wood or other materials around the home and it's structure. Or a paranormal scent of lavender, presumably intended to communicate calm and the identity of a particular someone or somebodies. Lavender has been a staple scent for many centuries in western cultures, and others. It was used extensively by aristocracy to cover up BO, (gross), and also to cover up odours of the dead (gross). As well as just being a nice scent. If the home was near a cemetery at some point, residents may have found little glass bottles in the garden soil, or stashed away. Homes near cemeteries went through a heck of a lot of lavender (gross).
Smell can permeate material for an amazingly lengthy time, given the right conditions, and then emit in the right conditions. So it's possible it's forever part of the house. But then it's just as likely a ghost's chosen scent in a place like that.

As for the radio ghost. I wonder if that ghost was able to do that, and did, when that disgusting man was about. Knowing what we do about her family life I also wonder if someone was trying to scare you off in a good way.

Leaving behind old, outdated habits is a good thing. If inviting someone back into your life fills you with doubt, for whatever reason, listen to that feeling. You may be able to help her. She may have left her recklessness behind. But if not she could easily drag you down a path of pity, one where you become her therapist in a way. That's probably what's behind your apprehension. If you decide to reach out to her, decide what you are and are not willing to tolerate. There's no shame in self preservation.
Cunobelinus - Do you know what was on the land before the high rise buildings were constructed? Are they all blocks of flats? (Apartments to Americans) Perhaps vacant land or other older buildings? Just because the buildings are only ten years old doesn't mean that there might not be some ghosties hanging around!

I also tend to be sceptical about seeing unusual incidents before I brand them as paranormal. I do believe that you saw this guy jump (or perhaps fall?) from the building and nobody else witnessed anything because, quite simply, he was repeating something which had led to his death.

The old lady in the lift is quite possible as well. It's amazing how life-like spirits can appear and how capable some of them are of interacting with us.

You obviously have a sensitivity in this regard and perhaps your girlfriend does not. Then again, she wasn't there when you saw the guy jump, nor was she in the lift with you and the old lady.

If possible, I would like to know what was on that land before the high rise buildings.

Regards, Melda
Haven - What a terrible situation for that poor girl to have been in. I think incidents such as these must scar people for life.

It sounds like demonic possession to me. I know witchcraft can be extremely damaging and disruptive so I won't argue that she was not a victim of witchcraft but in my opinion this sounds like a classic case of demonic possession. I'm prepared to be swayed by other members who are more au fait with the subject of witchcraft.

I can well understand why your grandmother was angry with you for disobeying her orders. She must have been extremely concerned for the safety of her grandchildren and didn't want them to witness that horror. You know that now!

I'm happy for her that she was cured of whatever caused this devastating event in her young life.

Regards, Melda
Hello Haven,

I've to admit I'm pretty scared with this one. Lately, I've been coming across a lot of stories on this site about witchcraft/black magic, demonic possession which rather than being done by a supernatural being are an outcome of the jealousy of a human. How damned this humanity is becoming!

I'm glad for your safety. But do you by any chance know exactly
Why this house is prone to these paranormal activities?
More like a demonic cult house...
Is the possession happens to everybody passing by?

Definitely resembles a house straight out of a horror movie... For a brief while as I read the grin of the girl in your story, I got chills. Remembered the scene of movie "exorcist".

Overall interesting thanks for sharing.

Jessenia in His Bite
Hey Alina5,

I'm no longer in the house as I had finished my study abroad and returned back to London but I was living in that house for more or less a year.

It was my first time experiencing first hand something like that. And haven't experienced anything since then.

I had asked the people around the area (mostly store owners or restaurant ajhummas) and they said that ghost sightings are common in Seoul especially near universities. As unfortunately due to the competitive nature of their culture and high expectations an unprecedented amount of students commit suicide. And I was basically living opposite Korea University.

As for the building itself I am not sure about it's history. It is a fairly new building. Mostly rented to students of Korea University based on how close it is to campus.

And from what I've been told by landlord, the people who used the room before me were a Chinese male, Japanese female and two Korean males (chronologically). That's all I knew.

Jessenia ❤
Hello Cunobelinus83,

Hope you're doing well.

I can relate to your experience to some extent as I had a stalking case few years back and had posted the story here. It's a little similar to observing figures in the building but while we try to communicate or look into more they vanish.

If you're building is not old enough... Have you tried to research a little about its background like:

Any accidents while construction?

Any suicide cases or any deaths reported in the building prior to your experience?

The "jumper" case seemed more like a suicidal one but I can't say for sure.

Or do you recall any such recent incidents which had lead to this so far? Since these instances are sudden, I suppose?

I've dealt with many stubborn sceptical people, my husband is one of them. But I still believe you should consult your girlfriend about this which she's in a good mood. Maybe she'll understand. And you can figure out something together.

Wish you the best!

Jessenia in His Bite
Hey Melda,

Deffo not a good entity. 😭 That laugh itself was enough to give me chills but breathing on me as well was a big no no. It only happened once. If it had happened more than once then for sure I would have told the Landlord. But as it never happened again I eventually forgot about it (or for the sake of my own sanity refused to dwell on it) and focused on other things. This happened 2 years ago.

Regards Jessenia ❤
Thank you Gabi Franz for your reply. It was a new insight of occultism for me, thoroughly interesting. I'm glad for the improving lifestyle of Juliet and am hoping God to always guide her that she never crosses path with that monster again.
GabiFranz in Apparition Souvenir
Hello Alina!

I'll try to explain what I mean in that sentence, "I couldn't stop thinking she was somehow calling the guy".

I've been learning about occultism for quite some time now. One of the first things you get to read is the way words-thoughts-emotion work. When you combine thoughts with enough intense emotion, the thing you speak about inevitably shows up somehow. You know, there's always someone who keeps talking about their problems, and that's all you get from that person. Have you ever wondered why things keep getting worse for them? What are they attracting? Words fuelled by emotions are super powerful. That's why I thought she was "calling" him. Hope I've explained it well.

I didn't get to see the apparition long enough to recognise the guy. It was a dark figure. Juliet described him as a dark figure too, before I told her about what had happened to me. And yes, she would ocassionally experience apparitions in the middle of the night and would have nightmares.

I haven't talked to her in a long time now, but I know she's doing ok. She turned to Buddhism around the same time she escaped from him, and according to her, it changed her life for the better. Apart from that, I can't say much more.
Life itself is in charge of making that guy pay for everything he's done to her and the kids.
GabiFranz in Apparition Souvenir
Hello Lealeigh! Thank you for your welcome:)
I stayed in touch with Juliet after I went back to Buenos Aires, but she wouldn't mention the guy. I do remember her telling me that recently she wasn't having as many nightmares as she usually would. Eventually she moved back to her hometown, but haven't had the chance to meet her again (we live very far apart from each other). All I know is they're alright now, and she's in a new relationship.
Greetings, lookin4answers, and welcome back.

My first question is with regard to the lacquered jewelry box: Do you still have it?

My second question is predicated upon the idea that you no longer have the jewelry box: Why do you believe the phenomena to be related to the first narrative you submitted over a decade ago? You describe some of the events as "some strange experiences," indicating that they are not the type of experiences to which you've become accustomed.

Is it possible that you have run into a different set of phenomena in your new home, but because they're happening to you, you've presumed that they are connected to earlier events? If we look at the evidence objectively, the only connection between the experiences of your past and the experiences of your present is that they happened to you.

I'd suggest that you are a much more open to the spiritual side of human existence than you know. People are sometimes frightened by their experiences, so they try to ignore that part of their brains. Repressed psychic abilities tend to manifest in various ways, including becoming like a beacon to spiritual entities. I'm concerned that this is the case, but that the spirits are now bothering your son, also.

If you feel that my guess is in error, please let me know *why,* as it will narrow down potential advice and solutions from other contributors to YGS.

blckwdnsdy in Transforming Shadows
Hello, Biblio,

My parents' house doesn't have much history itself. From what I know, it had been built by my grandmother's godfather. He lived there with his wife and daughter, who eventually grew up and moved to another place. He continued to live there with his wife. I don't know when his wife died, but from what I know, he died in that house. The thing is, when I was about 5 years old, I saw an apparition, he spoke to me, I didn't freak out, I replied to his question, which was "How are you doing" and later, when I was a teenager I recognized him in a family photo. But I didn't see this apparition in my parents' house, but in his daughter's house. Maybe it can be something connected to him?

Anyway, yesterday I went home and spent a little time with my parents. Nothing unusual happened there, I didn't see anything while I was in my room or any other room.
Alina5 in His Bite
Hello Jessenia,

My prayers for your well-being!
I agree with Melda it certainly tried to harm you, which I believe is not a good sign. But I don't want to scare you as we maybe unaware of the true state of affairs. I've a few questions if you don't mind clarifying it:

How long you've been in the house?

Is it the first time you've experienced this?

Is the house known for paranormal activities?

Has anything happened in recent near your locality which you can relate to this incident? (Death or something)

May God bless you!

AugustaM in Baldur
I actually took a different scenario away from this story - I hope I'm not venturing into any territory too personal. In your account, there seemed to be some serious negativity coming from your husband at this time. Perhaps the emotions that created manifested a poltergeist energy to protect or at least buffer you.
Thanks for sharing Taintedrose,

Don't have anything useful to say, but I really enjoyed reading this. Look forward to any others you want to share.

The kid may have been there during the 70s, or more recent, not necessarily belong to the former farm. This may explain his/her confidence running amuck, bless.
Rather than the story itself I'm more disgusted by the father, how can he do that to his own daughter?. First of all, he has lost his right of being called a "father" for heaven's sake. I feel no surprise if he be found guilty for marital rape!. My heart breaks for those kids who feel unsafe in their own house. He most possibly deserves a halter to hang himself with. I hope your friend is alright now. She deserves some happiness after going through such hell.

Your story was interesting overall thank you for sharing

May God guide you and your friend!

sophiethunder in The Stones 2
Sometimes I'm just not very good at explaining what happened. It makes sense to me, but obviously not to you. My retelling needs work.
Hello Looking4answers,

My well- wishes!

I can imagine the trouble you've been through for all these time changing residents and different stuffs is a lot of pain. I've been there.
If these incidents are happening even after moving to different houses can you possibly recall any reason for this to have continued for so long, 12 years is a big deal honestly.

I'm honestly quite disturbed by this sentence and desire your safety.

"It felt as if someone is directly near my ear making an eating noise"

I preferably say, if it's bothering you much then you should perform a cleansing ritual. I'll say consult with a psychic well experienced in such cases or a priest if you follow any religion, it might provide you a little more insight on this matter and might help you to figure out which type of ritual will suit you best. A complete cleansing following the methods properly helps in the removal of these malevolent spirits without heightening anything.

It's something I believe.

But I'll say I'm not a person experienced in cleansing so I'll advice you to wait for the response of other fellow posters who I know can offer you much more insight than I could. I, myself am interested in this topic as well as to how others perceive it.

Till then, take care

Hello GabiFranz,

My prayers for the well-being of you and Juliet.
I couldn't understand this sentence in the story, if you would mind clarifying it well.

"I couldn't stop thinking she was somehow calling the guy"

Did the apparition resembled much to Juliet's ex- husband?

Did she ocassionally experienced such things?

I advice the best is to consult a psychic well experienced in such cases. That guy is mentally torturing Juliet for heaven's sake through those awful cult practices. I fear he might be a potential danger for Juliet and her kids.

I'll say it's better for Juliet to file a complaint against this man and go somewhere far out of his reach. I can't imagine the impact this insane dude had on those little kids.

May God bless her!

Hello taintedrose,

Hope you're doing well. I am fascinated how you tried to comprehend the situation properly rather than jumping into conclusions like many people do now by calling shaman and priests and cleansing activities now and then without realising the true need of it.

I'm awed by the innocence of the child, consider me as an emotional fool but I believe the child had grown to have feel that you're her family thereby, on occasional basis it was playing joyful antics to make you feel it's presence or rather was trying to play with you.

Such a pure soul. Hope the new tenants are not baffled by all this and have tried to throw the kid out. I just want that kid to get someone to love her, that might help her move on.

Thank you for sharing your story

good-ghosts - I'm sorry to hear about your accident in which you were so badly injured.

Please don't try to link the accident to your unpleasant experience with a nasty entity or sleep paralysis, whichever it might have been. You'll drive yourself crazy if you let your mind wander in that direction. I've had accidents (motor vehicle and others) and have had quite a number of paranormal experiences. I can assure you that none of my misfortunes were linked in any way whatsoever to any ghosts which might have been hovering around at the time!

A cleansing of your home might be in order. Do you have religious affiliations where you can seek assistance for a blessing of your home? There are also some good cleansing methods online. Then of course there's Rook's trusty method (which "sells" like hotcakes)! Have a look at this link:

I get the impression that you're very frightened. If you experience anything else unnerving, try not to show too much fear. Tell "it" to get out of your home as it does not belong there and is unwelcome.

Regards, Melda
Alina5 in Alcatraz
Hello akasier,

Hope you're doing well. I will not be trying to give a possible explanation or claim Alcatraz to be promoting such hoax, but would rather like you to listen to my experience.

In my maternal house, we used to have a temple and occasionally on festivals all residents were supposed to gather there and submit an offering to the Goddess. I will not say that the possible route was haunted but occasionally I will hear someone calling my name and random conversation while the road would be completely deserted.

Rather I was accompanied by my friends sometimes but I will be the only one hearing these voices.
I would say maybe the paranormal beings and myself somehow knew that either of us are not meaning any harm to each other, or maybe are unaware that we could sense each other's dimensions. I always felt they were just ignorant of the fact that I could hear them. But who knows!

You had a fun experience I believe you should cherish this as an unique experience of the park which most people didn't had.

Looking forward to hear more from you until then...

Hello Rajine,

My well-wishes to be with you. I always tend to process this thought not uncommon but sore to believe how humans are becoming much terrifying than ghosts, the negativity which we try to blame on the other world for in our blind notion, often lies in our surroundings or even in our close ones which we are completely unaware of, honestly ironic, right?. How strange this world is becoming!

There's a saying in my community that "no matter how dark the night is, the morning always arrives". We should only have hope. Therefore, "how strength the evil might poesses it is always overpowered by good". This thought somehow gives me the courage to go on in my darkest times.

"Except for occasional unexplainable incident now and then, everything is fine"

I'm curious to learn to about them someday. Until then...

Alina5 in Face On A Wall
Hello Melvin,

My prayers for the well-being of your sister.
I am not positive of giving you an explanation of this incident unless I'm aware of the answers to these certain questions.

Was it all a sudden occurence? Or anything relevant have happened in the past to cause this?

Was your sister prone to experience paranormal activities before?

Has any paranormal activities happened in your house or to any family member prior to this?

Does your sister still sleeps in the same room? Is she experiencing it repeatedly or was this the first and the last?

I'm a little scared about this entity being malevolent but I'm not jumping to any conclusions.

May God bless you and your family

Alina5 in The Stones 2
Hello Sophiethunder,

Intriguing! I was just going through the first part of your story before submitting my analysis. However, the other posters have explained it better than I could. In this matter, I agree with MrsRamsay and Lady-glow the dots somehow are not connecting as to how the stones were so peculiarly visible to Oceana.

It is an odd habit she got of swimming in the river as the flow of the currents is not unidirectional neither is it uniform as well. It is hazardous as one has a greater danger of drowning, the choice of swimming in a small pond sounds a little safe than the former.

Nevertheless, I could say by digging these stones into a person's house seem to be a spot prone to their near discovery than throwing in the river. Maybe, they can be discovered during plantation, otherwise if Eddison has siblings they might as well dig the ground to hide something (I used to do it a lot as a kid). During heavy downpour, the water results in soil run off, unless you have digged it deeper there are chances for them to surface.

I do fear for the worst but am wishing your good- will.


+1 upvote for MrsRamsay and Lady-glow...
Hello good-ghost,

It was a terrifying experience indeed. I agree with the previous posters that mirrors have always been associated with paranormal activities and often are deemed "portals" to the other world by some cultures as well.

I obviously abide by the fact that the probable cause of the appearance of the entity is the mirror. However this one thing strikes my mind if you don't mind my intrudence.

"I was more concerned about my son as he was the one to experience all the paranormal stuffs"

Can I ask you what kind of experiences your son had?

Did your son experienced these activities in your house only?

Did he ever mentioned anything in particular about an entity or probably the mirror?

Lastly, do you or your son feel somehow uncomfortable being near that mirror? Or is it just the normal?

I believe digging a little into the background can provide some clearance to the above incident. The paranormal maybe has more sides to which you're unaware of. Didn't wanted to scare you with that. Don't take my word for it.

I pray for the well- being of your family.

He deserves to rot in Hell, for sure. I hope he's already there. I actually did touch base with her 10 or so years ago just before Facebook took off. She wanted to get together but as others had told me her sad history since high school, I decided not to as I'd moved on from that time when drinking and smoking pot were the norm. I didn't want to get sucked into that drama. Now I feel bad; thinking I could have maybe helped her. It's truly a sad ending to a ghost story, far worse than any ghost can conjur.
At least the spirit never made you feel afraid, which is good. Nobody should be afraid in their own home. I kind of hope whoever is there now plays some children's movies for the child so he/she can be entertained, if it hasn't moved on yet. Thanks for sharing your story!
Some of the people here are well experienced. Could you tell me how to avoid such things in future. Please. Please.

You said, "So there's a gap between your pillows and the mirror. Have I got that right? If that's the case then I understand how this entity reached you in the middle without having to lean over your husband or son."
This is absolutely how the placement is. There is almost a feet's gap between my head and mirror.
I am so sorry. You might even have a friendship with Jade now, if she wasn't always trying to escape from her trauma. That's all it is, or will ever be - The older boyfriend, drugs and alcohol.

I don't understand how a person can look at their own children and conceive such a notion as rape. The thought comes from Hell but it is no use trying to understand HIM. I am sorry that you don't have her as a friend.
Bibliothecarius in Transforming Shadows
Greetings, blckwdnsdy.

As you are more aware of the shadows, now, and you have not seen them in your boyfriend's apartment, the question that comes to mind is "what do you know of the history of your parents' house?"

When you return to your parents' house, you may want to be cautious. It is highly likely that nothing out of the ordinary will happen. You will see the shadows out of the corners of your eyes as usual. This would indicate that they are simply there doing whatever it is shadows do. There is also the less-likely chance that the shadows have missed you & will want to cluster around you; that could be a tense/scary experience. If the second of these events does occur, then I'm strongly in favor of using Rook's cleansing method to move the shadows out of that location. I'll include the method below.

Take care,

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
Melda, that is a good question, about the parlor. I cannot say for sure but I think the furnishings were done by "Jade's" (not her real name) mother, before she passed away. Most of the house had older furniture but nothing else was fancy like the parlor, just sturdy, real wood pieces that were well-used.

The family did not seem concerned about the haunting at all; it was clear she was a benign presence that they were used to. I think it's why her younger brother and sister didn't say anything when I described what happened. They didn't want to scare me off, either, as there was no reason to be afraid.

Maria, I told her that the experience was not frightening to me at all but rather puzzling, so it definitely would not deter me from staying there again. However, she moved out shortly thereafter to live with her older boyfriend, who still lived with his parents. Jade was only 16 and I couldn't believe her father let her move out. She had her own bedroom in her boyfriend's parents house, so it wasn't like they were letting them "shack up". It didn't make any sense to my 15 year old mind, coming from a family where my parents were still together and cared very much for us, until several years later.

Jade's younger sister went to the police when she became a teenager and turned in her father for raping her. It all came together then; why Jade left so young, why she was desperate to have me sleep over, why her boyfriend's parents let her move in with them. Her father had been raping her for God only knows how long. Years, probably. And when she escaped, he turned to her little sister. Or maybe it had been both of them for a long time.

I suddenly remembered that when I slept over, we shared her big bed. Her father opened the door at one point in the night, sticking his head in and seeing us both in the bed. At the time, I assumed he was being a parent, checking to be sure his child was safe at home in bed. After I knew, I realized with a sick feeling that his intent was likely far worse than I ever could have imagined.

Jade struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for a long time from what I heard. We lost touch after she graduated and I hear she owns a liquor store. I cannot even imagine how hard her life must be. I remember her as being very smart and funny, and it makes me sad to think what could have been if she'd gone to college and had the support of her family.
Thank you for taking interest.
As far as sleep paralysis is concerned, I have only read about it, never got a chance to experience anything of that sort. If it was sleep paralysis, this would be my first experience.

Within 15 days of this experience, I met with an accident which resulted in a fracture in my skull and one in my nose, 7 stitches on my face and a blood clot in my brain, all of which is giving me a hard time.

I don't know if I can link the incidence with my accident. As I am a good driver (many have complimented my driving). And I don't have any memories of the accident.

Till now, I had experienced paranormal things only because my son was sensitive towards it. This time it has happened to me. So I am a bit confused about it all.

Anyway, thank you very much for suggestions.
In the past, few people here have been really helpful. So, thought of sharing:)

And one more thing, my bed is placed to the wall, head towards North. Some knowledgeable person said it is not good when your feet is towards south, so we sleep sideways on the bed, head towards East.
good-ghosts - There is a strong belief that mirrors can act as portals.

From the way you explain the set-up of your bedroom, my understanding is that the bed which you share with your husband and son doesn't touch any wall whatsoever, including the top. So there's a gap between your pillows and the mirror. Have I got that right? If that's the case then I understand how this entity reached you in the middle without having to lean over your husband or son.

Have you experienced any paranormal activity in your home before this incident, or has it only been a single event?

As Leahleigh mentioned, it could be sleep paralysis. If you haven't researched it before then I would suggest that you google it. I went through a stage of what might be described as sleep paralysis. Although I think that in some instances what I experienced probably was sleep paralysis, at other times I was convinced that it wasn't because I did have paranormal activity in my home. So, I don't believe that it's always that cut and dried.

Nevertheless, rather an unpleasant experience for you.

Regards, Melda
Hello en_chuu,

Maybe the the idea of the window being a conduit for paranormal activity is like the belief that people have that mirrors can act as a portal.

I like the way you describe your actions upon meeting the ball in your parent's bedroom; you apologized for disturbing it... That sounds like something I would do. When I am surprised by something, my first reaction is not usually a normal one.

Also, I love Hello Kitty. Who cares if I am about to be forty years old? If I look through my belongings right now, I promise she will be found in some form.

- Maria
blckwdnsdy in Transforming Shadows
Hello, AugustaM

Thanks for commenting.
I would do the thing that you suggested, EVP, but the interesting part is the following.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Romania is currently under some strict conditions, such as not leaving the house without a good reason. For this reason, I decided to move with my boyfriend in his apartment. The thing is that I've been there for about 2 weeks and all this time I haven't seen them, not even once.
So that makes me think that they are not entirelt bond to me, but more with my parent's house.
Hello good-ghosts,

You had a terrifying experience and I am sorry for it. I'm about to put forth an opinion that has proved unpopular in my past comments on this site.

Are you familiar with sleep paralysis? This may be what you experienced. I, myself, keep a journal and make entries in it in an attempt at learning to control disturbing dreams and nightmares. On February 3rd of this year I had an episode of sleep paralysis and it went something like this:

I woke up early and had coffee but I fell back asleep in my room with the lights on. Close to an hour later I woke halfway up with the feeling that someone was sleeping against my back. My back was intensely warm but, even half asleep, I knew there was no way it could be real as I have slept alone for a long time. As soon as I tried to make a move, this "person" behind me grabbed me with there arms and legs and I couldn't move. They were missing their hands and that was my big clue that I was having sleep paralysis. I stopped struggling and it gradually melted away to nothing.

Ruined the rest of my day.

I am not asking you to take my word for it. You said that you had only been asleep for a short amount of time. I, myself, cannot tolerate sleeping in a room where there is a mirror visible from my bed. Since I was a child, I have thought of mirrors as gateways.

I put forth this opinion that it is, maybe, sleep paralysis so it might be a comfort to you. I would rather face my own subconscious than the malevolence of an unseen enemy. Other people will comment and have valuable insights.

- Maria
Audgera46 - My humblest apologies! I see both lady-glow and I called you Audrey. Sorry about that.

Regards, Melda
Hello GabiFranz and welcome to YGS,

That sounds really scary. I would be amazed at my ability to roll over and fall back asleep if I were you too.

In the two years since then, have you heard any news of what is going on in Juliet's life - from her brother maybe? I do hope that she maintained her distance from that guy. I hope she didn't go back to suffer in that relationship.

- Maria
Hello LFrog,

That does sound like an interesting place. It doesn't sound like it was forbidding at all; just thoughtful maybe - except for the loud radio.

Did you spend any more time with Jade at her house after you were told that it was haunted? Was the rest of the house furnished in an old fashioned style, like the parlour?

I like your style of writing. I have enjoyed reading the thoughtful comments that you have left on other stories on this site. Thank you for sharing yours.

- Maria
LFrog - I'm rather interested in learning a bit more about the parlor which you describe as fancy, had an air of disuse and was very dusty. Do you know whether this furniture originally belonged to the previous owner of the house, or whether it was furnished by Jade's parents? It might have a bearing on the haunting.

Possibly the family became so accustomed to the benign paranormal activity that it didn't bother them too much.

I wonder what future owners or tenants felt about the activities in that house. I can't imagine that many people would have been comfortable with it.

The smell of lavender? Only a nice entity would spread that around. Whenever I get sweet, flowery aromas I'm sure that my mother or one of my sisters is with me, just to let me know that they're still close.

Regards, Melda
Audrey - As lady-glow pointed out, some additional information would be welcome. I'm going to assume for the moment that you have not been living at your present home for a long period of time.

I believe that it's very possible that three cats share your bed with you and that you have become accustomed to this. They're simply doing what they used to do in life. I've had my passed cats sharing my bed with me too and I've always known which one it was because they had preferences about where they settled down. I had one which used to walk over me to lie at my left side and when he visited me in spirit form, he did the same thing. As time passed, the cats no longer visited.

Tell the human spirit in no uncertain terms that it is not allowed on your bed and to keep its hands off of you. In fact tell it that it is not welcome in your home. Be very firm and try not to show any fear.

It seems that your home needs a good cleansing. Do you belong to any religious denomination? If so you can request a blessing or cleansing from your church. Alternatively, a highly respected member of this forum, Rook, has an excellent cleansing method. Many members on this forum recommend it. This is the link.


Scroll down his profile page until you reach his cleansing method. (He has some other interesting things there besides his cleansing method btw)

Good luck to you!

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in Playful Coexistence
Hello en_chuu

Interesting experiences, not scary but definitely hard to explain. It seems like there was a fair amount of activity at your place in the Philippines.

Was the church from your last experience close to your house?

Thanks for sharing.
Hello LFrog.

That sounds like an interesting place to visit... If one is into creepy stuff. I understand why she didn't want to tell you about her house being haunted, even if the activity was not evil.

I imagine the invisible resident was an inhabitant from a bygone time still hanging around her home, possibly trying to be kind to the orphan children.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Hi ccmerlin--Your description of locking eyes with an unseen boy under a sheet is a great example of a percipient (you) picking up on telepathic impulses sent (directly or indirectly) from the spirit. If we assume the car, the woman and the two unseen boys under the sheet were apparitions, there is every reason to believe the mental hallucination that was brought to life, as it were, by the telepathic link between you and one of the boys, could also extend to "seeing" beneath the sheet.

I hope I'm making this rather complex theory of apparitions intelligible (it was loosely taken from Prof. Hornell Hart's 'Six Theories About Apparitions.') The main takeaway is that if you did share a telepathic communication with the spirit of one of the boy's under the sheet, it would explain how you could lock eyes with someone whose eyes would otherwise be concealed.

This telepathic link could also have been at play if he was flesh and blood as well. Hope this provides some food for thought.
Hello Audrey.

Your experience is fascinating though, in my opinion, it would be great if you could provide some additional information in order to understand what is going on.

Did you move recently to this house or have you lived there for a long time?

If the former, what do you know about the history of the place? Could it be possible that a previous resident and their pets passed away at the premises and now they have welcomed you to their space and keep doing their own routine around you?

If the latter, are you aware of a relative/friend/neighbour who may had passed away around the time the activity started, specially a person with pets?

Regardless of the answer, it seems like they do not mean any harm and know you are not afraid of them.

Don't worry about anyone here thinking that you are crazy... We are here because this is a safe place to share and talk about weird happenings.
Welcome to the club!

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience with us.
Melda and Manafon1,
Thank you both for your kind comments. It can be difficult to make sense of some of these things. One of the first questions in my mind was whether the priest had grown so old and weathered before or after he passed on. I guess if he was growing old afterwards then that would lend argument to this "residual" idea that ghosts might fade after time. After pondering a few philosophical arguments for ghosts fading I'm now opening to that idea, but certainly don't have the answers. I feel like writing about it has helped, though.
I'm still confused with my feeling of looking into one of the kids' eyes that was in the small car and under a sheet. I've searched my memory and do not remember any holes in the sheet for eyes yet I felt like I locked eyes with a boy on the left and it really gave me the willies.

Hope you are all safe and well.
Haven in The Stones 2
I had a friend that bought some old toy at a flea market. It was a monkey that played the cymbals, I think it moved his head and eyeballs and it yelled like monkeys do (not sure what that's called). Anyway, she gave it to her 4 year old daughter who kept it in her room. My friend and her husband were woken in the middle of the night by this monkey going off. They walked into the daughter's bedroom, turned it off and went back to sleep. A few minutes later it happened again, they turned it off and went back to sleep. Then it happened again, only this time the little girl was cowering in her bed scared, she had been asleep the first two times. So, they take out the batteries and throw the damn monkey in a toy box and go back to sleep. The damn monkey started playing again, now they're freaked out. They grab the monkey and toss it out of the front door. The monkey was not there the next morning. A few days later, the family goes to have dinner at a friend's house and the first thing they notice... Yes you guessed it. The damn monkey is sitting on some kind of glass curio cabinet. The lady of the house had found it a day before but I swear to you I do not remember where. This happened many years ago. I do remember that it was in some random place close to her house. She thought it was antique or vintage and picked it up and put it on display in the cabinet. Of coarse my friend told them what happened to a toy they had that looked "exactly" like that one. The teenage daughter that lived in the house almost jumped out of her seat and told her mom "I told you!" Apparently, the monkey had kept her up most of the night. She was too tired to go turn it off. When she told her mom the next morning her mom didn't believe her because the monkey did not have any batteries.

So, I'm not really sure what the deal here was. Maybe it wasn't the same toy monkey. Maybe it was the same monkey and it was just a coincidence that someone picked it up from in front of my friend's house, drove with it across town and threw it out where the other lady found it. Or, there was something seriously wrong with the damn toy monkey.

I have another story very similar to this that happened to me with rosary beads. I will put that together and submit later.
Twilight1011 in It Comes At Night
I would be unnerved if my pet refused to come in my room like that 😨 as for what's happening here, going to sleep at a decent time doesn't really make a difference right now. Whatever is messing with us is affecting my dreams, to where I'm normally being scared awake between 2 & 3 am. I would like to just dismiss the bad dreams as just a bad dream, but with how it normally feels, and with my husband even seeing the same thing I saw before falling asleep, hovering over me before I woke from my nightmare, makes me think otherwise. Luckily no actual harm has been done from whatever it is, just some scares. I'm mainly curious as to what it is, and why is it doing this now 🤔
Hi Twilight,

It is nice to hear from you. I'm sorry that you are going through the same thing. I haven't had much activity since this last experience. Actually, I had not felt or heard anything since then except for what happened a couple of days ago. When things are "active" in my room my cat refuses to come in. Even when carried in, as soon as I put him down he will run out of the room. Then I notice when I stop hearing and feeling things he will come in and sleep on my bed and pretty much follow me around the house. So anyway, a few days ago I was sitting on my bed reading with the door open and I saw him standing right outside the door. I called him and patted the bed so he would come and lay next to me. He just stood there and didn't come in, then I noticed that he was looking at me but at something else. Suddenly he ran to my son's bedroom and hid under the bed. My son was trying to get him to come out but he was not having it. After about 30 minutes he was coerced with some treats and came out but ever since then he will not come in my room. This happened a few days ago and I really haven't sensed anything strange but then again I've been exhausted these last few weeks and have been falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I will start working from home next week, my desk and computer are in my bedroom so I will be spending a lot of time there.
Hi Aameer, thank you so much for your kind words and suggestion.

Stay safe.
AugustaM in The Stones 2
This story still isn't adding up quite right to me - there just isn't enough to support some of the more fantastic claims. I am afraid I'll be joining the peanut gallery on the fence - hidey-ho there, folks!
AugustaM in Attachment
It's always wise to be cautious just in case though I don't find it unreasonable to assume this is your mother. If it isn't against your personal beliefs, have you ever considered visiting a medium or spiritualist to see if they can detect anything about the entity attached to you? You could also try a personal cleansing (according to your beliefs, of course) - if the entity is benign, it should not be effected but if it's negative, that should at least weaken it if not totally remove it (sometimes multiple cleansings are required to get rid of a thing entirely).
sds in Baldur
Hello Red, sorry for the loss. When I was reading the narrative, towards the end, I had the feeling that Baldur gave up his life to stop something that was trying to hurt you. Val put it correctly in her comments.

But, a sad end to Baldur.

Regards and respects to you.

lady-glow in Baldur

That's because today is April Fool's Day and some words are programmed to change for something funny and colorful.
Rajine in Baldur
Firstly I am sorry for your loss [at] redwolf it's never easy losing a pet that is like your family, but I believe that every living thing has a soul and when they time is up they cross over and guide and watch over us be it people or pets.

And secondly why do random comments have the word clown replacing some of the words? I've noticed this often today. 🙄
tace in Baldur
I am so sorry for your loss. So hard to lose a fur friend.
Thank you for telling me about why a dog buries it's head in your lap. I always thought Rocky does it to get a good smell. LOL 😁 I am watching him closely now... Checking him to see if it's something more. ❤
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
I forgot about the clowns on April Fools day. What an awesome surprise. I saw the words "purple pants" somewhere too. ❤

Did you know that when you actually type the new words they turn into more words.

I want to see if they go further - bear with me...

Purple Pants
Twilight1011 in It Comes At Night
Hey Haven, it's been awhile since I've responded to one of your stories. I haven't been on this site as often, so I'm trying to catch up now. After reading this last experience of yours, it in some ways reminds me of what's been going on in my room, and home. I really just need to submit that experience, as it's quite a bit to tell, but the way you described that shadow figure moving, as if ducking or being sucked up, makes me think of how they seem to move around here, as if trying to hide from our site. It can be unnerving at times for sure. Apparently this new year has seemed to have brought more activity, which I'll be writing soon about. The solid feeling one you mention sounds creepy, and makes me curious as to why it felt solid 🤔
Maybe I am missing something in my history here, but, in my defense, I did do a bit of googling to verify - whereas there is some evidence of Cherokee presence in Virginia, by the time of the passage of the Indian Removal Act, it doesn't seem like they were still in the region. All maps and documents I could find on the "Trail of Tears" don't place any of the multiple routes' starting points further North than North Carolina. Weber City, Virginia is near the boarder between the states to be sure but doesn't seem to be "on the trail." No matter what I search, I can't seem to find any reference placing any root of the trail squarely in Virginia.


There was, however, a great deal of raiding back and forth between white settlers and Native American groups during the early period of white encroachment into the area.

With regards to the antiquity of "the finger" it does seem to have a long and storied history dating back at least to the 16th C. So it does seem at least possible that a spirit of the past may have picked it up somewhere.


The group at the table seems to have maintained a materialized state for a quite long period of time. That's quite remarkable and, from what I have read, highly unusual. It seems to me that it would have taken them a great deal of energy to have maintained that state for that long - I wonder if there is something on the property acting as a power source.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gretel And Moe
oh that's why, I thought it was 31st of march, my digital clock is wrong,
firestar - Today is 1 April. This happens every year on this day. By tomorrow everything will be back to normal.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gretel And Moe
what's going on? Almost everyones comments say clowns, is the website hacked? Even my bio says it, no I don't mean clowened or purple pants. But the hacker will pay
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Katie My Dear With The Bow Come Home
funny, the cat is way too adorable, your comment just had me laughing so hard that you were corrected by your 18 year old XD
Tweed in The Stones 2
I wouldn't swim in any river this time of year, wetsuit or no.

As for the stones, I read the first part to this when it was posted and it makes zero sense. I'm not an expert on gemstones but I know a bit, and this is like so far out there I can't guess what belief system or even superstition it's based on.

I'm just going to type words cause it's totes April first and I'm curious what key words are programmed for the lols
Rook's cleansing method
Bell Witch
Ouija board
Grim reaper

Wow that's a lot
lady-glow in The Stones 2

The haunted stones are stunningly stoned!

I wonder if the rocks were holding hands and dancing in a haunted circle at the bottom of the river.

Spirits, ghosts and goblins... Take the coronavirus away.
VeronicaMarie in A Ghost I Can't Escape
I can't judge if your clown is true or not, since I've only ever had a handful of experiences that I can't explain and that haunt my memory forever after. And each time there has really been only one thing odd that happened, not a whole passel of them all at once. But... Stranger things have happened. Probably.

Regards, and hoping you decide to trade in your clown car,
Candy Linda Vista
Melda in The Stones 2
😜 😊 🙄 April Fool's Day and the clowns will be running riot! Keep them rolling! Check your comment lady-glow.

Regards, Melda
You have a point as it is I've been up since 1am downloading movies and reading through stories here, and I've been hearing this rooster going at it since 3:50am,that's why I am wondering how great grandma woke up,

In my opinion, the problem with your narrative is that the "vivid imagery" is leaning toward fantastic and, at some points, nonsensical.

I really will appreciate if you can clarify the part where:

"Lucas grabbed the paper in the bowl- it was ice cold. Seconds before, it had been burning violently"

I know I have already asked this but, didn't the paper burn under the fire?!?

I'm sure that the opinion of all the people who have read your story could change IF you answer our questions and can shed light on our doubts.

Thanks in advance.

You ask a good question because, to my limited knowledge, roosters usually start crowing at first light. In my mother's neighborhood, however, there is a rooster who crows all hours of the day and night. We don't know what his problem is (and he is a bit irritating as he is very close to her house). His is probably an isolated behavior. Just thought that I would add my two cents.

- Maria
I can imagine how unnerving that must have been for your great grandmother, but at 2am did she hear the rooster crow or did she wake up on her own? Because as far as I know roosters usually start crowing from around 4am onwards.
To all those who think my story is fake because it's too 'cinematic', should I have written it poorly so that you all would believe me? An experience being written with vivid imagery and formatting doesn't make it any less real. A knack for writing true experiences doesn't negate the experiences.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar, I feel like an idiot 😜 I was telling my 18-yr-old about your profile name and that I mentioned I knew who firestar is. He looked at me and said, "Mom, you mean Starfire?" Yeah, I'm embarrassed LOL

Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled Firestar. If it's the cat, I understand. That cat is gorgeous 😊 ❤

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