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[at] aussiedaz Greetings Daz, I'm starting to believe too. I looked into metaphysics and some strange things have happened to me recently that I rather keep private for now but I do believe that something was communicating to me. I thought it was something natural but the knocks clearly replicated that of a human knocking. I'll update the story if and when a similar haunting happens.
freakedoutfreddy in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
[at] Ocean.
I think valkricry is right, after all you say the baby stuff was yours, then it must be old. Maybe the baby slept pressing his hand under his cheek thus making the red mark and you thought some body had slapped him. πŸ€”
Ghost knight,

From my experience and research, our thoughts are not as private as we think they are, some theoretical physicist are claiming we live in a thought based universe and some studies on telepathy are basically proving we have a tool with in our minds capable of extracting information?

I once lived in a home for 29 years where on many occasions some spirits would communicate to me through knocking on the wall however, it's usually three knocks for some reason?... When you jumped up after two, I'd say it probably still does vindicate an intelligent haunting rather than the moisture expending in the timber of which can be a logical explanation involving measurable physics?

Sometimes I would ask through my thoughts for three knocks and they would respond tic for tac. Often when something tragic was going to happened... Like a loss of a friend or relative, the knocks on the walls would be pretty intense for a couple of days prior of which was always a concern, that had me in a silent panic wondering who it was.

Regards Daz!
Oceana, personally I don't trust baby monitors very much. If you have one of those newer ones that record, you might review the footage for clues. With the older ones (audio only) it's like short-wave, you can pick up all kinds of stuff not even in the room with the child, by the same token not hear more subtle sounds. How noisy can a mobile be? Those dangly bits are usually fairly light, and could have easily 'bounced' as they struck ground.
I'm sure, as a mom you know babies can scream a blue streak for multiple reasons, and sometimes that reason is only known to them. (Back in the day, diaper pins springing open and sticking them, was often the answer, or a super stubborn burp.) As for the red mark on his cheek - there can be several explanations depending on baby's age.
You might cleanse his room and the nursery just for peace of mind if nothing else.
Ghost Knight, I'm posting simply to suggest the knocking may not have been connected with your thinking. That it maybe just timed that way in the moment. If you notice a pattern with activity and your thinking, well keeping an open mind, I guess it's possible your ghost friend has magic 8 ball qualities. Jokes aside, I do think that's possible, just more probable to be a coincidence in my opinion.

You may consider keeping a journal of activity in the room or house. A pattern will no doubt emerge if there's someone trying to communicate through knocking.

As for hearing the voice when you're dozing off, I've had that too at times. I think it can be the product of dreaming a lot of the time. But I've had a few times which I think were in fact a ghost communicating. Point being you'll have to be your own judge at that. A journal can help there too.

Thanks for sharing, hope you keep us posted.
I didn't take any photo's of the handprint.
It was a tiny handprint.
My boyfriend is a very deep sleeper and doesn't sleepwalk.
Obviously I have been keeping my son with me a lot. He's been sleeping in the cot in my room so I can keep an eye on him.
TravisCannabis in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
Are u sure your boyfriend don't sleepwalk and he's the one braking the mobile and slapping the poor babe with his tiny hand? You'd have kicked his arse for not waking up when the baby was crying. 😠 😁 😜
mayank_holmes in Something That Followed?
Thanks for reading [at] macnorton. Since I don't know any genuine paranormal expert, I couldn't figure out what the entity was. I thought about a few times. From the blanket incident, it seems the entity could be of a dead homeless man who was still roaming around the road and wanted some comfort in the harsh cold. (Don't know if souls can feel cold temperature)
Sleeping-with-steve in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
Hello Oceana,
Congratulations on the arrival of your bubs.
You poor thing, it can't be easy on you having to nurture a little bubs, keep him safe, and ensure he won't come to harm. You must be overjoyed with your little bubs and at the same time concerned that there's a possibility of paranormal activity in your home.
Cleanse your home Oceana. You have made the right decision to keep your little bubs in your room until you know it's safe to take him back to the nursery.
Please update us on what's happening.

Best wishes,
TravisCannabis in Something That Followed?
Idk bro... What if the sparkling sand was gold powder? πŸ€”
You snooze you loose. 😜
Hi Mayank

Thanks for taking the time to post your story. Yikes!😲

What conclusions have you drawn from this experience?


Hi Oceana

Thanks for sharing. You must be worried.

Have you or any others in that residence experienced any activity that can't be explained, or 100% ruled out as "normal"?

Has anyone experienced a "feeling" of something "off" or malevolent in that residence?

One aspect that you could clarify if possible; for a definite hand slap (hand print) to appear on a small baby's face, it must be a very small imprint? Did you take any photos of it?

Or was the mark a generalized red area? I ask because if you were spooked by the mobile being on the floor and attributed that to spiritual activity, then you may have then attributed the redness on your son's cheek and your child's distress to a malevolent spirit attack.

May I ask how old your son is? Is he teething? There may be another explanation for a baby's distress and red cheeks.

Sorry for all the questions but I try to steer people into a more "normal" less worrying / frightening explanation as we often just default to "evil ghosts".


Melda - Hi there, thanks for your comment and yes I do agree with you that some spirits seek attention and joy, after all they were once human too. Ahahaha I have more stories regarding to odd sounds or voices that I can only hear, stay tuned:)

DaveM - Thanks for your feedback Dave! It's good to know what you are feeling when you are reading my story. Hopefully my story gives you goosebumps hehe! Stay tuned for more:D
Hi MrsRamsay,
Thank you for the kind words ❀ Our stories sound very similar; both of us have dealt with losing a spouse while raising kids, and both us are renovating 1990's kitchens. I've kept the same electrician and handyman hired on for all of the latest remodeling that needs to be done in my kitchen, and both men agree that my house has "attitude"! We've run into several setbacks and weird little glitches since work has started...

You, and the OP, will have to keep us updated if any new activity crops up at home - meanwhile, good luck and stay safe 😊
Hi Lightmight. I just wanted to offer my condolences on your loss. My first husband passed away at age 33 and I raised two daughters alone until they were almost out of high school (and then remarried). It's a tough thing, and I'm really sorry to hear about it. Your story is super interesting... The house sounds pretty super though. Many good thoughts and prayers from Georgia!
[at] LFrog1386 Hi there, this happened last year in 2020 haha I write this comment on January 17th 2021. I'll tell you if it happens but I won't get my hopes up. It's certainly very strange.
So? Did you find a girlfriend that year? 😁 It could be something affirming your thoughts and letting you know it heard your wish.
Thanks ssexyca, I really enjoyed this story, so compelling and well-written! Your opening pulled me in: I could see the room, the semi-bunks and Dia turning off the lights. I could hear the BANG, BANG, BANG! On the door. My favorite part is the four of you silent, looking at each other in the semi-darkness, lit only by your phones.
...And your ending! It left me with a chill and a gripping question: Why do some hear the knocks, and some don't? Perfect!
I would like to add a tidbit about house cleansings for the OP: something to keep in mind is that you may need to make this a weekly routine depending on the severity of the negative energy you're dealing with. House cleansings aren't just performed for clearing away spirits, they're also very useful if you need to clear away any general bad vibes (or negative energy left over from the living). You might want to search up a few different ways to spiritually house cleanse before choosing a particular one that you like (there are several online options). Keep in mind that you don't neccessarily need to be a religious type to conduct a house cleansing, but you do need to have a firm belief in what you are saying and doing during the cleansing. It is your family's home, and by the sounds of it your family has spent plenty of time at this house and money, right now is a good time to stake your claim on this property.

Speaking from personal experience, routine house cleansings can often make a noticeable difference. About three years ago, I purchased an old 'historic' home w/my late husband. Within a week of moving in to the house I noticed odd, unexplainable activity. It was small stuff at first, but then the activity became more apparent over the following months while we updated certain areas of the house. To make a long story short, both my husband and I decided to conduct weekly cleansings (we used sacred white sage candles and salt during the first few cleansings). We found that these cleansing made an enormous difference in the activity and overall vibe in the house, so we continued this routine up until last Spring. After my husband passed away, I became so busy with work, raising my children, and going back to school that I stopped the weekly cleansings altogether - I simply became too overwhelmed with so many things going on.

Fast forward to a month ago, I decided to hire an electrician to work on the third floor of my home because we were having issues with the lighting (flickering lights and dimming). About a week later the electrician had everything running smoothly again, and during the afternoon on the day he finished I went into one of the rooms to thank him as he was packing up. Within a few minutes of our conversation, the ceiling lighting fixture went completely dark (turned off). The electrician looks at me and says, "Hmm, let me go check something out". He then walks over toward the switch plate for the light, and as he does this the only door into the room slams shut so hard that the windows rattled and the floor shook - It startled both of us! This old wooden door slammed shut so hard that the latch went past the strike plate, lodging the latch into the wooden door jamb. How the door slammed shut with such an extreme force was puzzling to both us for a few reasons: no one else was home at the time; no other doors or windows were open, and there didn't really seem to be an obvious answer as to why this happened? I'm not saying this was 'paranormal activity' taking place, but the timing was certainly odd. After that recent experience, I've gladly decided to go back to my routine weekly cleansings 😊
I too experienced this recently, I had a dream of a painting with lovers kissing posted on instagram. When I looked at the art account to check it, I couldn't find it, I was confused. Months later I seen the painting that was posted by the artist after we had a falling out, even the comments were the same from the dream. She recently went into a relationship and painted the pic of her and her boyfriend. I feel it is destiny to see these things and have deja vu with them. I was told to pay attention to them, eventually the lovers broke up and I would later fall in love with this woman.
Just my 2 cents here; I do believe renos can stir up activity, but I also think sometimes it amplifies pre-existing activity. Recently the wall to wall carpeting was removed from my apartment, leaving bare wooden floors. You wouldn't believe how much it changed the acoustics! It could be your hallway has always been paced, but without the carpeting the sound isn't muffled anymore.
My gut says this might be a different entity than from before, judging from your dog's reaction, and the not nice behaviour. Seriously, whipping a light at your dad? Doesn't exactly say, let's be friends, and I wouldn't categorize it as mischievous. You really should consider a cleansing.
MrsRamsay in Screamed Awake
Thanks for your latest story! I might've missed one or two, been busy, but wow. What you are missing in typing speed, you're making up for in being screamed awake.

It seems like many of your experiences are around and during your sleeping state. I guess you must be pretty wide open at that time. Has your wife ever been able to hear any of these voices?
Hey, good evening! I'm interested in your story because we're just finishing up a big kitchen reno, we've been torn up since mid-October, and something happened a couple months ago that leads me to believe your hunch is right. I've always sensed that the couple who lived in our suburban Atlanta house previously, its first owners who both passed away a few years ago, are sometimes hanging around. It started when I first moved in and had this OVERWHELMING feeling that I should clean the chandelier in the master bathroom. It was filthy, but I was in the middle of a big move with two preschoolers in tow and husband deployed in the middle east, so it's not like it SHOULD have been a priority. I cleaned it, and found myself reassuring "Florence" that I'd take good care of things for her, and I bet she'd been wanting to clean this thing for a while now (I remember hoping to get on her good side by doing this... This is so weird because I never thought much about "ghosts" before then/living here). Anyway, during our kitchen reno, we updated partially by removing these 1990s greco-looking columns that separated the eating area from the family room. I had kind of self consciously spoken out loud just before the reno (while I was alone) that I hoped they/whoever would not be too put out, but that the kitchen was falling apart and it was time to get a new one. So the evening the columns came out, my son and I were watching tv, and I notice he glanced at the fireplace mantle. Right then, I heard one of my majolica plates move. This is displayed on the mantle on a metal plate stand and hasn't moved in 8 years. I asked my son what happened and he said the plate "layed itself down" on the mantle... It had to twist and fall to the side... If it had just fallen forward, it would've fallen off the mantle. Son said it was very gentle. My kids tease me about "ghost stuff" so he automatically said, "Ghost stuff" and I agreed. I think Florence had loved those columns -- she built this room and put them in specifically -- and was letting me know she saw them come out. We've also had some minor glitches in the electrical, for example, the range vent hood worked perfectly when it went in, until the next day when it wouldn't. So the builder pulled it and there was no juice in the line, but when the electrician came a couple days later, it was fine/hot. We'll put it in again on Monday, and will see how it does.

I do think I'd freak out if I kept hearing footsteps. I think it must be wild to live in England, where so many houses have existed for such a long time. Your history is amazing (many of my ancestors were actually from England).
LightMight in Screamed Awake
Hi CantunSEEit,

I think you should add a voice activated recording device and a night vision indoor security camera to your shopping list. You never know what you might find? πŸ˜‰
wow this has been 12 years years since I posted this article! Its actually been 18 1/2 years since my family has lived in that home. I think about this old home quite often. Once in a while I drive past it but don't stop anymore. The hair actually stood up on my neck as I read what I posted. All true but with time you tend to forget some details until you read it and its as fresh in my mind now as it was when it happened! I was never a believer in the paranormal until this happened to us.
ssexyca - Knocking on doors and other surfaces is a very well known paranormal phenomenon. Many people have experienced this, including myself.

If you are certain that this was not somebody pranking you, it could be a mischievous spirit looking for attention, which I don't believe is anything to be afraid of.

Speaking of pranking, when I was in primary school I used to get together with a few friends just before dinner time and we used to run along a corridor of flats (apartments) down the road from where I lived and we rang every doorbell as we passed. Originally we really annoyed the residents but once they started ignoring us, we had to find something else to amuse ourselves with.

I think some mischievous spirits also seek greener pastures if they don't get the desired attention!

Regards, Melda
Greetings hellokitty, at first I thought this could be a spirit that likes you or is guarding you but it seems to be negative. It's either there are 2 spirits, the one that you constantly feel and the one of the older man's voice. Do you feel and disturbance or fear? Like a feeling you must escape in both circumstances? This could be a highly negative force that is masking their voice and playing tricks on you. The more attention you give it, the more power it will have. Use salt, pray to any religious figure you worship or pray for positivity to the universe. Do not show it fear. If this carries on seek help from trusted sources. Hope everything is ok by now.
Hi User3246,

All good advice below and food for thought, I'll add a couple of my own experiences for you to have a think about when drawing down on an conclusion that makes sense to you.

It was Christmas 2011 or 12 From memory? We lived in a home we built in a suburb of Sydney in 1991. We decided to move our furniture around in the lounge room where we ended up positioning the christmas tree directly behind a wall that was adjacent to a room in direct line of a hall way. So basically if you ran down the hall wall and through the wall you would find yourself tangled up in a christmas tree if you can picture the setting?

At that time, there was a lot of paranormal activity going on in the place and on this one night, it may have been the night we moved the Christmas tree, I was laying there awake listening to our resident ghostie making a commotion through our home as per usual.

It may have been around 1 am when I heard this loud thud to hear a second or two later, the christmas tree fall over in the direction away from the wall and splatter on the floor.

I jumped up to investigate with my wife not far behind me to see our christmas tree tipped over on the floor and my first thoughts were... Oh you silly bugger, you had no idea we moved the christmas tree. Now here's we it get interesting in the sense of further validating my thoughts on what happened.

My youngest son (14) was half asleep on a sofa in the room on the other side of the wall. He was a little bit shaken and half asleep when I asked him if he seen anything.

I do remember him saying to me, he saw this apparition come flying down the hallway and go through the wall of which I believed, made sense to my suspicion of what happened?

So yes, resident ghost can be confused by renovations based on my own experience.

I think TLV_11 is touching on something else that may be a valid point. I do remember on this other occasion, I woke up to visit the toilet in the early hours of the morning to seeing my wife (out of body) walking around our home as if it was daytime looking left and right and satisfied with what she was seeing. That look a woman has when the house is clean as a whistle, if there is such a look? My wife is extremely disciplined in keeping our home looking like gold,anyway,

She never noticed me at all, as I'd probably walked near enough for her to see under normal circumstances, the following morning she had no recollection of what I saw. (bummer) although when she was walking around one of the walls made a thud?

I thought for years on what I saw was her walking around out of body? However through years of persistent research and keeping an opened mind, I now believe (what I may have witnessed) was my wife moving around our home from some other multi verse that is supported by String theory?

Anyway, I hope these account are helpful I do have a couple of questions coming from another angle, but i'll reserve them for the time being, as you may be satisfied with the feed back and other thoughts to follow if any.

Regards Daz
it sounds like a case of poltergeist, maybe he is angry or something because some poltergeist can be aggressive, some just playful, I am not sure how to ask them to leave but I am sure a medium can help or talk to someone who experiences the same
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Ghost Angered By New Decor?
Hello user3246, great story and thanks for sharing! It does seem when you cull through the multiple stories on this site that there is a common theme of supernatural activity being kicked up whenever renovations take place. Since there are ghosts interacting with people, much as in the case of your brother being yelled at, it's reasonable to assume they are aware enough of their environment to notice when it changes. People when they are alive as a general rule don't like change (take a look at the response in the world around you to the current circumstances) so as ghosts they retain those same personalities and preferences. Since they are still here, and may consider it to still be their 'home' as it were, that makes it worse, as now they have these 'strangers' tearing out their beloved carpet and they have no say in the matter. That being said however, there is ample evidence that their interactions with their immediate environment may take place on 2 planes of existence, the current home and the home the way 'they' remember it. I have read stories where people see an apparition 'walk' through a wall right in the middle of a hallway and then come to find out there was once a door in that very spot! There are other stories too where people hear footsteps in the dark, but the footsteps sound like they are on a wooden floor, but there is carpet in that area now. Of course there were once hardwood floors there and while that sound could be residual, some of the stories have the people able to 'interact' with the invisible intruder, so that dismisses the residual theory. In my own experience, a family home I spent time in, had major renovations done, including moving the stairs from the kitchen in the back of the house to the living room in the front of the house. Prior to this many family members heard footsteps on the stairs at night. For a brief time after the stairs were moved, it was quiet, then the footsteps started again, apparently the ghost found the stairs again. In this same house my brother one night observed a man who after waking him up purposely, proceeded to walk up in the air to the second floor right where the old stairs once stood. I make a point of the ghosts direct interaction so that there is no confusion about this being a residual event. It seems that these earthbound spirits remember the way the house was when they were alive and interact it with it that way as well as with the changes. Fascinating stuff for sure, hope it helps.
Hi User3246,

One of our neighbours is a massive fuddy-duddy, when it's his time he'll surely be 'one of those' ghosts. You know the ones you hear of, or experience, who do really bizarro things that make no sense. I can just picture him doing everything you describe. He loses his temper at other neighbours who mow their lawn while he's washing his car. He's a total prat. Well, I hope that paints a picture of what he's like. Everyone knows one.
I suspect you're being haunted by a fuddy-duddy. Mainly because the activity is random, and nonsensical. If it followed a theme, like only in hallway or only when loud music is on (for example) one could argue it's a legitimate complaint which could be negotiated by the living inhabitants, potentially.
But there's probably no negotiating with fuddy-duddys so try a cleansing. Or just yell at them to stop it, this actually works!
Sleeping-with-steve in Astral Projection 2 Stories
Hello Moonlitpath,
I think I'd be way too scared to try that. I'd be worried I wouldn't be able to come back or that I'd float to far away

Thank for sharing your experience. I'd like to know more and have started Googling Astral projection to get a better understanding of how it feels and how long you can float without losing your way back

Hello Tweed,
If you look at my comments, you'll notice my karma points are always zero, one or two. That doesn't bother me. I still vote every single comment I read. I read daily.

I think I know who you mean when you say there's a member with multiple ID's. Martin would know by the ISP that it was the same person. Hopefully Martin would delete the accounts if that ever happens. I can't imagine anyone having 5 ID's, what would be the point?

Sorry to highjack your thread and rave on about karma points.

Best wishes to all,
Night from Australia.
😘 ❀
Thank you everyone for your kind words! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to respond but I'm just returning from deployment and finally settling back in.
Tweed, it's been so long that I've lost the key. In a similar thread of finding things, I've got a tendency to find dimes wherever I go. I keep them in a jar at work and I've got a few dollars worth by now and I only realized I was finding them about two years ago. They make me smile.
Hi Tweed, it has been a while since last we spoke.
I did not know about the information disc but as you said it may be far out (pun intended).
It is confusing as to the identity of the spirit. Although we assumed that the noises in the basement, while my mother still lived, were perhaps my father's spirit it was stumping as to why he would do this and make my mother afraid. So... Perhaps it was him or... Maybe not and the latest happenings may also not be him but another spirit altogether.
It is difficult enough to understand strange noises, the moving of objects and ghostly appearances but how are radio programs harnessed or recreated for playback, without using any mechanisms?
These feats of "technology" are beyond me in a mechanistic as well as a spiritual sense.
Tweed: Thanks for reading and commenting. Trolls are a really big thing in Norway. Especially in my village. We have a big "life-size" one on display in front of the local store so people can see it while they drive by on the main road.
I definitely didn't get a troll vibe from the thing that I saw though. πŸ€”

That's the guy's experience. The discussion about the troll appearance is in the comments. Unfortunately the links to the paranormal index with those illustrations are now defunct. I'd suggest researching Norwegian folklore but you were in California at the time lol.
Hi Unforgiven,

Thanks for sharing, I'm very interested in these kinds of experiences. Having a strong emotional reaction like that is understandable and pretty common in these kinds of encounters. My theory is that we're overwhelmed by information and scared to the core at being confronted by something otherworldly.

Some years ago a former military man reported an abnormally tall figure with a bizarre facial structure. He saw this while on a training exercise. He had the same strong reaction you did. A few of us did some digging and the man identified what he saw from an online index of entities. The entity he identified was listed as a troll. According to legend some kinds of troll can be extremely tall, not like the billy goat gruff type we think of. The entity he described acted like a troll, it was guarding a forest, and did not approach him. It did however appear to be psyching him out.

So I don't know what you experienced, it matches a troll's appearance, but definitely not the behaviour, aloof, on guard.

Omg these comments. Daz, you do go on!

I also thought of street performer, but your reaction to this thing was too familiar to other encounters. Hey, at least they were friendly. Plus they've kept their distance since, so that's a good thing.

I'll see if I can rustle up that encounter with the weirdo by the trees. I'll link it here if I find it.
I'll be 40 in June. When I read the daughter being old enough to hold a phone I imagined an 80s rotary phone and pondered how a photo would be taken. That's how blonde I can be.

If Redwolf still posted she'd have some words about back surgery.

I've never been prego but apparently it does bizarre things to your thinking. Regardless I'd have thought survival instincts would kick in if something grabs you from under the bed. Maybe the couple had a cheeky cat?
Hi Kindly, gee the details of this only confuse matters, I'm stumped lol.

Maybe a far fetched theory but perhaps a random ghost wants an update on modern space exploration and is dropping hints with the moon landing.

And if that doesn't sound like clutching at straws this will...

Elvis and the moon landing have only one thing in common that I can think of. It's a disc which contains random iconic information about Earth which was blasted into outer space a few years back. Some Astro physicists theorised if anyone's out there they'll find this disc and, based on some universal physics, be able to play or extract the information.

That's honestly the only cultural connection I can make between Elvis and the moon landing. Other than that I'd go with residual but that seems unlikely given the details of your family's habits. So I'm back at the beginning only more stumped than before.

Thanks for sharing the confusing experiences are all the more interesting!
Little pig, in case you decide to comment, and I hope you do, the plastic sound is relatively common. I've heard it at odd times, unaccounted for, and many others describe similar. So it seems to be 'a thing' in the supernatural realm.

As for the orb, dream or no, that was an intense moment. Have you a history of vivid dreams?

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys. Normally I don't give a fig about downvoting, even find it funny most of the time. Been so touchy lately it's kind of pathetic. πŸ™„

Sorry for hijacking your thread with all this nonsense Moonlitpath!
To Tweed, Lady-Glow, Jubeelee and all the others getting down votes, which apparently includes me, but I don't care.:)

I just want to say we should not feel so hurt or personally attacked because of these downvotes. That some of us do, now or in the past and yeah, I was one of those, just give these trolls some power.

I have my opinions, some of them based on facts and personal experiences. Agree or disagree as you will, and I welcome informed disagreement that can be discussed reasonably.

The rest? Whatever.:)
DarriuxDarkk in Strange Hotel Experience
Hi Alma,

"Empathic ability is always good, right?:) "

It depends on the situation or the person. It can be very overwhelming to other people to some extent that they get drained all the time especially if that person is constantly exposed to negative energies surrounding him/her. That is why some people who don't know they are empathic in nature suffers depression or fatigue especially if they have no idea to shield themselves from this negative energies on a daily basis.

It is good in a sense that you can actually use it for the benefit of other people. I am a Nurse and there are certain times that I can feel my patient's pain, especially the ones who are unable to speak for themselves, the bed ridden and very sick. At those times I may not be able to heal them supernaturally but I know I can alleviate their pain by giving pain medicines and it does help them.

" it was so intense but at the same time I oddly felt 'it'would not hurt me physically. So that was some kind of comfort I guess."

Most probably because the room was not haunted by an entity at that time? What you experienced is a residual negative energy picked up by an empath like you. That is my opinion though, I could be wrong.

"I hope someone capable will try to cleanse that room, try to get rid of whatever lingers. If it's possible that is. I don't know if it's possible to get rid of memories if that is what it is?"

I am speaking based on experience here. In regards to negative energies being picked up by empaths on a certain place, the only way, if there are no entities actively haunting that place, is by providing a positive energy. By just simply imagining and projecting a feeling of happiness, love, excitement, or any positive emotions on that place do help a lot on changing a certain vibe on a place. As simple as opening curtains and letting natural light flood homes and just simply be happy, cancels that overwhelming negative energies.

Thanks for sharing your story and God Bless.

Empathic ability is always good, right?:) Yeah the feeling was negative, it was so intense but at the same time I oddly felt 'it'would not hurt me physically. So that was some kind of comfort I guess. I hope someone capable will try to cleanse that room, try to get rid of whatever lingers. If it's possible that is. I don't know if it's possible to get rid of memories if that is what it is?
Hi User3246

Thanks for posting these happenings - I enjoyed reading them. I'm not sure on your knowledge of spirits / ghosts so I don't want to state the blinding obvious so I apologise in advance if these thoughts are a bit: "well...,duh!"

From what I understand / believe, (but not experienced personally) is that when certain individuals pass over, they either don't understand that they are "dead", or they really don't want to leave a certain area, for a wide range of reasons, I imagine.

I'm basing these comments on the assumption (but a widely held belief) that we are spirits expressing ourselves through physical bodies. Spirits with bodies, not bodies with spirits.

So these individuals feel very much "alive" and are kicking around in their house, or yours, for example. Now, what I don't understand very well (or at all to be honest) is what, exactly, our physical plane of matter looks like to those in spirit. I don't believe it looks as it was to them, unless they have built a mental construct of the house in which they are existing.

So these individuals may not understand what's happening when renovations are carried out to "their" house. They may want to express their anger or disapproval by moving objects around or making noises etc. They may be aware of physical humans in the house but I don't know how we appear to them. I've read our physical bodies appear shadowy from a spirits point of view but our spirits are the main visual aspect. Who can say?

I've gone on too long again but the other possibility in your situation is they previous owners / tenants come back occasionally to visit and make a "scene" then depart again to their new existence.

Have you considered talking out loud to the spirit (s) and explain that you are not taking over, and you respect they feel attached to the house but you want to improve things and that they need to accept the changes? Might work. Or you might get an ashtray in the side of your headπŸ˜†.

Anyway, I'm throwing ideas around here, but maybe others can add a different theory or another angle of advice to you.


Hi User3246,

I'm sorry you're still dealing with activity (I recall your last story). Have you and your family ever considered a spiritual house cleansing, and possibly a blessing over the property?

To answer your question, yes, many people believe reno's can cause activity to increase in a home.
Tweed - you've been here long enough to know not to pay attention to the votes. 😊 Questioning it just proves to the KarmaTroll (nod to Lady-glow) that it bothers you. Brush it off, ignore it, don't draw attention to it. 😊
DarriuxDarkk in Strange Hotel Experience
your description of your experience regarding the sensations of heavy feeling, negative, and discomfort somewhat suggests of empathic ability in nature. You may have picked up a strong negative energy on that room.
Hi Tweed!
Thanks for commenting. It's probably possible that heightened alertness might make you feel/experience things that you usually don't. However I didn't feel particulary anxious there and then (at the location itself). It was a private room with a functioning lock for the door in a pretty small hotel. I've stayed in far worse places while travelling and still not experienced anything like that. I have also had some other possibly paranormal things happening to me over the years but nothing as unpleasant as this. That feeling of anger was something else.

There's nothing wrong with your comment... Just KarmaTroll, still sore since who-knows-when, getting a high by down-voting anyone who has hurt their feelings in the past.
And doing so through several of their alter egos (at least five, as far as I'm aware of).
T_L_V_11, Yes, that would be my first mouthful of advise to anyone opened minded enough to want to reconsider their belief systems. Throw away everything you know and start again, especially Darwinian's accidental fluke of nature of which is dying an agonising slow death of a thousand poisoned tips of contradictions... Only a handful of stubborn materialist are hanging onto the concept probably more concerned about their pension fund than re writing the history books. String theory is basically closer and not a bad start.
Hi Unforgiven, hmmm, this part of your response to my question on dreams is super interesting...

("but I have dreamt of future events and people who were yet to be born whom later were born exactly as I dreamt them")

I wrote this part in my first response U/F about this being you saw on that day.

Previous Quote: ("It may also be the case that this individual is preparing itself for it's next life here on earth")

Wow,can you dot the pieces together? You have a gift of seeing people in your dreams of whom are born at a later date? Btw, that's some gift you have. Lol

It's making me lean back to what I stated earlier, this being you saw, although not able to take human form is probably preparing itself for a life here in the earth matrix and it is probably someone who knows you?

The reason I asked these questions on dreams was to try and gauge your soul level of experience.

According to my research and own theory there are three levels of souls in the Earth Matrix.

New, intermediate and old... Most of the people here in the Earth Matrix are new and intermediate souls with a few old ones to give the consciousness of mother Earth a fair balance.

I would say you are an intermediate soul due to your gift. I do theorise the more psychic a person is the more likely hood there higher self finds it harder to contain itself with in the Veil... I did see where you wrote you are a passive person that makes sense to me as well.

To give you a comparison on soul levels, I was told by a Rekei Master I have lived 51 previous lives however I would consider myself an intermediate soul here in the Earth Matrix on the scale of spiritual evolution... Although I would tick all of the questions I put to you of which probably means some off those other lives have been in other dimensions with different types physics.

Of course I may be totally wrong you may have to take it all in with a grain of salt? However, I feel reasonably confident in sharing my thoughts on your account.

Unforgiven1, thank you for the additional information about your dreams, of premonitions and of events occurring synonymously as the dream. This dovetails with what I said about the Titanic, people dreaming about the sinking prior to and during the event. Births and deaths carry a lot of emotion and you seem to be sensitive to this level of emotional output. Kind of like an antenna if you will, a focal point. From what you said about your dreams, they all involved relatives and friends, people you knew. This also fits in perfectly with what you observed during your encounter in the parking lot, this being seemed to know you and was excited about it! If it all ties in together it should validate your encounter even more to yourself! It could be someone from your 'past' or 'future', or from the spirit realm, like a relative. As I said before, if they were vibrating at a much higher rate, you wouldn't have been able to see them clearly or distinguish any individual features like their face. It would be like trying to make out the individual blades of a ceiling fan while it's spinning. I have read that people who hear angels, hear them as a high pitched ringing if it's only perceived as auditory, due to the vibration difference between their realm and ours. Again it makes a lot more sense, and I hope it helps! I look forward to hearing more of your stories.
Aussiedaz, 'tis true, I'm reminded of a quote that I learned when I was much younger but its like a mantra to me now, "Everything You Know Is Wrong". I rather enjoy these conversations with you because they stretch my level of understanding of truth. They do create more questions, but they broaden the mystery, which makes me think and explore more. I love the possibilities. To add to what was said regarding these time slips and other universes is the fact that emotion may play some factor in it as well. The magnetic resonance imaging on 9/11, the fiction book Futility written in 1898, detailing a large passenger liner called the Titan, which struck an iceberg and sunk with a massive loss of lives aboard, 14 years before the Titanic. In fact the Titanic had many dreaming of events surrounding her sinking prior to and during the actual event. The same is said of 9/11. I understand Dean Koontz wrote a book detailing a pandemic years ago similar to this one, but I haven't actually researched that one. The books were fiction yet the striking parallel to reality, of events yet to come is remarkable. That would suggest events which involve strong emotions can span what we think of as space and time. Emotions are energy and perhaps enough of it can cause a 'rip' in what we refer to as the space time continuum. Who knows what could come through?
Unforgiven1, I apologize if it seems like I'm hijacking your thread, these theories/conversations are actually possible explanations for what you witnessed. What I mentioned regarding the high level of emotion could be how this 'being' visited you. You stated how excited it seemed to be in interacting with you and in waving, that high a level of emotion may have been what gave it temporary access to our reality as it were. Your strong opposing emotion of fear may have actually cancelled the effect and closed the opening, hence it's sudden disappearance. No way of knowing for sure but fascinating nonetheless, I'm hoping all of this will aid you in better understanding your encounter.
Aussiedaz, always a pleasure, I do look forward to more of these exchanges!
Aussiedaz & the lost voyage: The things you bring up are interesting! It definitely seemed like something very out of place was happening, whether it was a time slip or something like that I don't know. But I should really look into this. Aussiedaz asked me some questions about dreams. I haven't dreamt of being a giant or being a small person (I'm already pretty small in real life, haha) but I have dreamt of future events and people who were yet to be born whom later were born exactly as I dreamt them. I've also dreamt of things happening while they were happening in real time, but not to me. For example, I once was dreaming I was a driver experiencing being in an accident. I was the driver seat and the car was just rolling and rolling. When I awoke I found out that my friend was in a car accident earlier that morning. My friend passed away from his injuries. So I have experienced dreams like that, but to think about the clashing of multi universes... That opens up A LOT more for me to think about!
Macknorton: Thank you for reading and taking your time to comment. I understand that you want to find a logical solution. I've wanted one myself for years. It wasn't a man on stilts or a performer. It didn't make any steps toward the car, it appeared there instantly. I've tried so many times to break it down in my head but I have to just look at the experience exactly as it happened. As for your question about if I've had other bizarre unexplainable experiences - I have posted a story previous to this one about seeing a shadow man. I have also been able to dream of loved ones before they were born (my little sister, my daughter, etc) and people who have passed away have contacted me in dreams as well. But I am passive about it. As in, I have never tried to tap into that or explore it further. I can just say that is has happened most of my life sporadically. Again, thank you for taking time to think about what happened to me that day.

Hawaiifemme: I KNOW, it was so freaky! To answer your question - it happened in La Verne, CA.
Hi...Ishaan again... Iam back on the site somehow.

How have you been man...?
Hi Alma,

When we stay anywhere away from home there's probably a primal survival part of our mind that kicks in, especially when we're about to sleep. Something of an internal security alarm. (This is my theory it's not any proven fact to my knowledge). If true, a heightened alertness, however slight and unnoticeable, could have allowed you to sense things in the room you otherwise wouldn't have.

Hope that makes sense.
Huh? Can someone please explain to me what the heck was wrong with my comment? Three downvotes for that? 😳

Only checked in to see if anyone else had piped up about hearing weird voices with this kind of thing, god blimey.
Spiritwaiting, I took a break from the site and missed the video. (The link says it's removed.) No big deal if you don't want to upload it again.
I really wanted to apologise for my conduct over the last week or so. It's been bloody deplorable and I'm sorry for that. I have PMDD which is not a direct cause for rudeness nor is it an excuse. I've really wrestled with whether or not to say that, because I fear it would seem contrived. Please don't take it as a ploy for sympathy either, I want you to understand that it's really me at fault and NOT you. Regardless of where in the month I may be.

Miracles, oh god, Jubilee again. Look, I've been thinking about this during the week and I really think I got it wrong with her. She joined around donut time and that flipping idiot that consumed the site for yonks. Jubilee was sickeningly nice to everyone when she first joined and it eventually made me suspicious. But you know what, she's just like that cause she's nice. Some people are naturally sickeningly nice. Nothing wrong with that. I latched onto my suspicion of her, and Rex, (thought they were the same person), and didn't let go. But when I thought about this during the week I realised my suspicion was outdated. That I was living two years or whatever in the past. Reckon I was at fault there too. Because when I think about everything I've read of her now there's like nothing wrong with it.
Think I'll send her an email about this sometime in the near future. Feel I owe her that.

Umm, so in the interest of keeping things on topic, because that above was pretty long winded. Spiritwaiting, I've noticed a house theme in your narratives. (Think I'm remembering that right) anyway I think I've picked up something I don't know how to express but it could be empath related I guess. Are you the kind of person who remembers locations more than, or just as much, as people? If so the energy in your home could be allowing you to fire on all cylinders. Also the voice in the recording, maybe you're making it out because you've heard it before. Subconsciously you recognise it's there. While the rest of the forum can't hear a peep. Hope that makes sense. It's just that sometimes people swear they hear things on recordings and others can't. Maybe it's more of a psychic link between individual and entity unknown rather than a physical capturing of voice phenomena.
I did some googling and I think I found the lane you mentioned - and the Captain Ellis for whom it was named ( Given the age of the development, it seems reasonable to assume that the street may have been given this name after the family who lived on the premises. Little is to be found on their private lives but for the fact that they did have 8 children - perhaps there was an accident involving one of the kids or a tragic disease (that's presuming, of course, that the ghost you saw was associated with that family). The appearance the child presented seemed like what the body goes through during decomposition - perhaps his burial plot was nearby (you may not have seen headstones as often family plots are quietly removed... Meaning just the headstones and turned back into farm land by later owners). The captain was buried in a church cemetery but that doesn't necessarily mean that the children were too - also if the child died in the winter, his body may have been kept in that shed (or a building that had stood in or near that spot) until the ground had thawed enough to bury him either in a family plot or in the churchyard.
you hear crying sound from bathroom no one at the πŸ€” inside the room may be ghost try to tell about covid more horror going to happen

I think the more you and I converse, the more questions we come up with however yes, again you have added some food for thought, the other phenomenon of which I'm convinced relates more the the clashing of universe's as opposed to a bad memory is the Mandela effect? (I'm 100 percent convinced the phenomenon is the real deal)

Tom cruise wore sun glasses and a pink shirt in that famous movie risky business?.

Dolly wore braces in that James Bond movie Moonraker?.

The Ford logo?.

The Matrix, what if I told you?.

Laurel and Hardy: Another fine mess?


There seems to be some sort of over lapping glitch that actually has a cause and effect reaction to our history where it literally changes the details.

In 1977, Phillip K Dick called for a meeting with the press where he made this claim "we are living in an computer simulation"... In his statement, he said the only clues we have are when there are small glitches in the system...I'm pretty sure he was referring to the Mandela effect?...he was laughed at by everyone however today... There are some serious smart physicist basically claiming the same as Phillip K Dick, even Elon Musk believes we are in one.

Donald Hoffman who wrote a cause against reality, basically claims we are tuned in for survival not truth, Consciousness is fundamental and our reality is basically a virtual reality. This guy is basically the next Albert Einstein, check him out he is brilliant.

The interesting aspect of the Mandela effect, is the fact that not everyone remembers it differently. For example, I only remember 4 in the car with JFK, however some folk remember this evidence of two universe converging as one where the mass of consciousness wins out at the end of the day? It only ever seems to be 1 or the other?

On a side note:It makes sense to me why the mass of the population is tune in for survival not truth, I don't believe we are meant to know the whole truth because it may defeat the purpose of being here, I can't help myself, however the more I learn, is the less I know or something like that.


Wow mate at this part of your reply:

"One day a child of a visitor started speaking to unseen persons to her left and right while sitting in the middle of the couch. When asked who she was talking to she said it was the man and lady. My sister showed her the most recent picture of my parents and the girl said, "that's them, but their not that old". When she was shown a picture of my parents on their wedding day she said that is what they look like".

The first time I saw my father after he passed away K_R, I was around 35 years old, it looked like him, however his face was thin of which gave me some doubt until my mother showed me a picture of their wedding day and that confirmed it was good old pa, he was around 20 when he was married and about 11 stone ringing wet. This apparition of him outside, was him as a young man.

When he died he was around 17 stone looked much older and face was basically more round liked shaped due to being over weight plus mom never kept her wedding photo's out on display, so it was kind of neat seeing that picture to validate who it was exactly.

Yes,my mother hugged me and spoke with me, however on another occasion when I seen her walking around outside she looked about 40. She visited me just about every year after that around about the same time with different types of validations.

What I have since come to research and learn via other mediums and research. We have the ability in the afterlife to look as young or as old as we like, usually we pick the age we look at prime of our life. I do remember reading somewhere, only those who have crossed over into the spiritual realm, have the ability to reappear younger as those who don't cross because of unfinished business or refuse to believe they have died.

Thank you for sharing that added information and take heart in knowing they are completely in the spiritual realm watching over you guys.

Hi Unforgiven

Thanks for deciding to post this experience. It certainly must have been unsettling for you.

My logical mind first thinks: is there a rational explanation for what you saw? Here's my two theories; the first one is you had some kind of hallucination. However this theory is improbable if you were / are not susceptible to hallucinations and have not had any since this experience.

My second theory would be that it was possibly a flesh and blood human being; a street performer type of person, wearing a mask on stilts "performing" in the Mall area, who decided to "perform" for your "pleasure". You mentioned this figure seemed to get to your vehicle quickly, however if it's matter of 2 or 3 car parks away that could be achieved, on stilts, in one or two strides which would take a couple of seconds if they were adept on them.

The fact that this figure then seemed to disappear completely adds some additional weirdness to the already bizarre experience, but there MAY be a possibility it did lope away to "delight" another unassuming person and you maybe just missed seeing where it went?

Full blown spirit apparitions with such detail, and for the length of time, out in broad daylight, and in such a public place are extremely unusual, as far as I'm aware. If this figure was, indeed, of spiritual nature, and it was manifesting in this busy carpark for you to observe it, I wonder if anyone else saw it as well. If not, why not? It's the kind of thing people would remember seeing in a Mall carpark (as you have).

Have you had any other bizarre unexplainable experiences in your life other than this one? Do you feel you have any psychic abilities? I ask because generally folk who have these kind of vivid spirit / ghost / otherworldly being encounters tend to have a whole raft of other abilities and experiences as well.

Thanks again for sharing, it's certainly a head scratcher, this one. I hope I've added another viewpoint that may help with you understanding your experience.


At aussiedaz, good point, that's an interesting observation regarding the reports of doppelgangers. It's also a theory that is behind the sightings of the so called shadow beings, their apparent lack of ability to manifest as anything other than a shadow. Many believe they are from another time or dimension. Your comment about the multiverse and time slips got me to thinking of the various times of year when it's said the veil between worlds is thinnest. Most believe this refers to the veil between the spiritual and physical, but what if it could refer to planets, other universes, other 'times' as well? If everything is in a vibratory state and what some theorists state is real, that many universes or times are overlaid, one on top of another, the only difference being the vibration in any particular 'reality', then it opens up some interesting possibilities and perhaps explanations as well! The being from the OP's experience could have been a result of such an event!
aussiedaz, getting a hug from your departed mom is amazing.
My sister did not get a hug but has had many goings on in her home from what seems like multiple entities, some good experiences some not.
One day a child of a visitor started speaking to unseen persons to her left and right while sitting in the middle of the couch. When asked who she was talking to she said it was the man and lady. My sister showed her the most recent picture of my parents and the girl said, "that's them, but their not that old". When she was shown a picture of my parents on their wedding day she said that is what they look like.
My sister has also had strange phone calls full of static and the sense of many people there generating background noise, such as at a party. Through all this she has heard what sounded like my mothers voice. This has not happened for a while though.
My wife's experience was that, a couple of weeks after my mother's death, she awoke in the middle of the night and saw a blue flower floating beside her. When she focused more she saw it was my mother holding it out to her in her hand. My mother then faded away with the flower.
I would love to hear your other experiences, this was such an amazing story, thank you for sharing, I love the descriptive details too- ❀
Also, what town was that in? I lived in Southern California for a long time.
"When I turned my head away from it, it was immediately at my window." 😨
That part is so freaky that I had to put my phone down and deal while a couple of tears came out. You were very brave.
Hi Kindly_Refrain

I was fortunate enough to see both of my parents after they died, my mother actually mustered up enough energy to hug me as we had a brief conversation on one night of which was quite amazing to experience, I'll treasure those accounts until the day I die and go home... It probably doesn't matter which one of them it was and I hope you don't over think the style of music and the Artist, just being able to turn on the radio alone takes some serious amount of concentration and energy from our departed loved ones.

I do remember not long after my father died in 1999 I was having a conversation with my mother over the phone when she told me an Elvis ornament started playing love me tender right in front of her whilst she was grieving... This is the man who stormed out of an Elvis movie?

Anyway, take it as a sign, I would based on what you have written.

Hi Aussiedaz, my mother was also not a fan of Elvis and referred to his pelvic gyrations as silly. She loved symphonic and choral music. She rarely even listened to the radio except in the mornings to see if the night's snow fall cancelled our school bus.
As far as these being signs to my sister, she has made herself known in much more definitive ways at my sister's home (and once to my wife at my house). My father has joined in as well.
The moon walk date of July 20th has no significance to my immediate or extended family, but my dad was very keen on the space program and its culmination to that point especially.
In short, I really do not think it would be my mom making herself known in her former house as she has made better "appearances" next door. My dad... Well maybe.
Although Elvis did not fall into his interests the moon walk certainly did.
unforgiven1 - Out of curiosity, if I can ask you these questions (: have you ever dreamed any of the following?

1. That you can fly?
2. You were able to breath under water?
3. You were a giant?
4. You were a small person in a land of Giants?
5. Lucid dreamed of talking to people you never met before?
6. Dreamed of future events?

TLV_11- a couple of good added points there we only need to look on this planet to observe the weirdness of living creatures, we shouldn't think the human shape and level of intelligence is at the top of the tree in a universe billions of years old with billions of potential planets and countless multiverse's. I believe String Theory is close to the mark in some aspects?... On a side note, Doppelgangers may be the clashing of multi universes in a time slip, there are a number of stories here where folk have reported seeing or someone else seeing their double. This account here may also fall under the category of clashing multi verses where the other being was intelligent enough to understand what was happening and tried it's best to come across as friendly.

Hi unforgiven1, great story, thanks for sharing! I can certainly understand your response at sighting this 'being' whatever it might be. As aussiedaz stated, it obviously seemed to recognize you and was excited to interact with you. There are many theories of us being in a sort of multi universe, as aussiedaz also said, many planets coexisting with a variety of life forms in this vast expanse called space and time. That being said beings from a different world or dimension as it were can have a different vibration to them lighter or heavier than our own planet, The so called laws of physics that define how matter behaves on this planet may not necessarily apply to a visitor who's home and vibration may be different. It's akin to how men walk on the moon since the moons gravity effect is very different on their physical structure, if you think of it this way, then this 'visitor' may have a higher vibration enabling not only the faster waving but the ability to move so quickly from a spot, several parking spaces over to right at your window in no time. The vibration difference may also explain the appearance of the 'melted' face, it's physical appearance also affected from the fast vibration. Think of it, if someone set you to vibrating up and down, very fast, would your face be clear, your facial features would appear to melt together. You had said you didn't look at this being long before you turned away. It knew you could see it, and wanted to interact. My feeling is that either it knew it was freaking you out or that you were indifferent to it's presence so it left you alone as quickly as it had arrived. You had mentioned you were terrified more or less, but that seemed in your story to be due mostly to its appearance, size and the fact your mind informed you that it shouldn't be there. Thinking back on it, did this being give off any kind of bad vibe at all, or was your fear mostly produced by your reaction to it? If you can re-examine the encounter from this perspective, it may take take on a different meaning for you. Hopefully this helps, it's another explanation and I'm willing to clarify anything I can. Thanks for sharing!
Kindly Refrain, I read through your other story "Oma's denial of a guest house"and made a couple of mental notes about the activity your mother picked up on before she passed away... Your mother said this:

""sometimes at night she would hear sounds as if someone was working at the workbench in the basement. She would also hear the sound of the vice being used. She quickly followed this by saying, "You know... House noises"

Ok, Did your mother like Elvis? Probably a silly question, just about every woman on the planet around that time adored him as most of their husbands turned green with envy, my father stormed out of a picture theatre as my dear old mother was screaming her lungs out for Elvis back in the 60's.

I think this latest activity is all about a sign for your sister from her mother. After the last time there were noises in the basement, both of you investigated it and then your sister heard banging noises in her own home of which was probably your Dad trying to let you guys know he's there? After all, all souls try to send messages unfortunately they are always not received or interpreted due to certain conditions, belief systems etc.

Your mother probably knew the neighbour would relay the odd account to your sister and she's hoping your sister will take it as a sign via a channel of music that she likes and not your father's style.

In relation to the Moon landing?

Is that date of any significance to your family? Birthday, Anniversary etc?

If not, maybe that one is for you mate?

Thank you for sharing,

Regards Daz
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: What it looks like to me is that there was initially just a small dirt road encircling a farm, with several houses around it. Then, the main road was built years later, and it runs adjacent to one side of the farm. So the farm and its surroundings are still there, but the main road now includes the addresses of some of those houses and the farm, which were incorporated into the main road.

The farm looks empty and abandoned, but it is part of someone's property.
Hi RCRuskin, by the time my brothers and I were into music it wasn't on my dad's shortwave/ AM radio and Elvis was not on our "play list".
If the music my sister's neighbour heard, instead, reflected the sounds coming from my basement bedroom stereo it would have been Supertramp, ELO, Blood Sweat and Tears etc... Or even the reboot of the radio murder mysteries that were playing in the later 70s.
As for a time slip, I would grant the possibility, but I would think that the chance the program would have been as noteworthy as the moon walk (or Elvis for that matter) is slim. I would have more expected a radio ad for soap flakes or some other inane thing.
I believe the content of what the neighbour heard was not a random "blast from the past" but that it was specifically chosen programming for him or someone to hear. I do not, however, know the reason why or with any certainty at all who caused the play back.
Kindly Refrain, you said your dad would not have listened to Elvis, but what about you and your siblings? The moon landing bit seems odd, but this just strikes me as a time slip more than anything really ghostly. The speaker, you did say, put out sound over a wider space.
Lightmight: Thank you, and yes it was so frightening! It wasn't a prank or hoax though because no one can just appear and disappear like that.
I can see why it reminds you of that clown craze a few years ago but this took place around 16 years ago.
I know I'm the one who mentioned the word clown in my account but it was just to explain how it was waving obnoxiously. It wasn't a clown, just reminded me of one with the insane waving.
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Melda: Yes, it actually felt like that. Like I was being pranked by this thing. The way it was waving at me crazily and then appearing at my window the instant that I tried to ignore it. And just dissappearing into thin air. Seemed so trickster. I can't wrap my mind around it after all these years.

Aussiedaz: I really like your explanation. It takes away the fear aspect. Because whatever it was - it was horrible to look at. Melted plastic looking and no eyes... And the eagerness it had at getting me to look at it was really unnerving. But you're right, it certainly acted like it knew me. Who knows from where and when though...
Hi Unforgiven,
While I was reading your story, I had the distinct feeling that this being recognised you and was delighted to see you, so now having read the comments, I have to agree with Daz on this one.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if you met this being again at some point in the future, only this time, you'll recognise him and be delighted to see him! Thank you for sharing such an interesting story with us!
lady-glow in Menacing Entity
Hello Mimi30.

I'm having trouble understanding several parts of your narrative and have the same questions as Macknorton plus some of my own.

"As I came out, he whispered and asked to turn on the light"

"Our daughter was old enough to hold a phone and take pictures. She took 3 consecutive photos"

Do you mean by this that your daughter was taking pictures in the dark while your husband was squealing on bed, or did she take the pictures at random some other day?

"He was frozen in fear. He asked me to look at his chest area to see if there was anything, like an indentation."

Was there anything abnormal on his chest? If not, have you considered the possibility of him having an episode of sleep paralysis?

Did your son ever see the black mass in his room?

What made your husband think that the black mass followed you after moving away? Is it still with you? If not, did you do something to get rid of it or did it disappear on its own or, perhaps, stayed behind after moving again?

How long has it been since all these events happened?

Just because the house was newly built, there's no guarantee that the land was squeeky clean.
Have you researched the history of the area?
Macknorton in Menacing Entity
Hi Mimi30 - thanks for sharing. Can you please elaborate on this paragraph:

"...something grabbed my foot and I fell to the ground. Luckily, I was able to lean towards the bed and bent my left knee to prevent falling flat on my belly. I was more concerned with the baby that I didn't investigate what was there. I convinced my husband not to take me to the emergency room, so I quietly cried myself to sleep while monitoring the babies movements. Apparently, I broke my back and needed surgeries to correct the injury but only after the baby's delivery..."

Is it just me or is there so much in this that I don't understand that I kind of don't even know where to begin.πŸ€”

Someone grabs your foot from under your bed but you, or your husband, don't feel it's important to maybe investigate for an intruder, at the very least? I have 3 children and when my wife was pregnant, on all 3 occasions I was extremely protective of both her and my unborn child. Maybe that's just me...

You have a "broken back", 7 months pregnant, a possible intruder under your bed but you don't want to go to get medical or police help? You actually convinced your husband not to take you to the ER? Why? You just cry yourself to sleep? Why? Surely you must have been in excruciating pain; broken, fractured back or slipped disc...

I also can't visualize how falling forward from a slow walk (more probably a waddle being pregnant), I assume partially onto the bed, and then down onto your knee, actually break / fracture your back? I've played a lot of rugby in my life and I know what the human body can endure.

Are you 100% sure something grabbed your foot, or did you simply trip over something? Did you discuss what happened with anyone, for example your husband, a close friend or the medical staff who would have no doubt asked: "What happened?"

Sorry to ask so many questions and no offence intended, but to be honest, for me personally, this is one of those recounts that just creates more questions... Are you able to please fill in the gaps?


Hi unforgiven1,

I'm going to agree with Melda; freaky indeed! I am not a fan of clowns. That being said, after reading your story, I can't help but think about the 'clown sightings' and 'clown craze' that happened years ago.

Do you think that it's possible that someone was pranking you? Hollywood is a major player in So. Cal., a place known to capitalize on "reality" drama - maybe you were part of a tv hoax?
Whatever the case may be, it sounds frightening either way, and I'm sorry that you had to experience that!

There are a few clues in your story of which offers me some ideas as in forwarding an explanation that may explain your account.

Most people are familiar with reincarnation and comfortable with the notion that when after we die, (depending on your belief system without preaching to anyone here) we spend a few years kicking back with our homies and loved ones and then after a while, we muster up the courage to put on our big girl or boy pants, dump our previous identity and ego, put on our comsic transducer then roll dice with the earth matrix and SHAZAM!... Here we are as spiritual beings inside a material vessel with almost total amnesia, (usually up to 5 years old) running around like headless chooks, with our fight or flight reactors and social religious or non religious beliefs systems stranded in a sense to do it all again (oh boy I hope I'm wrong, one life is enough pffft)

Here's the deal or theory, the earth matrix is only one of many countless planets, universes our higher self choose's from to spend a lifetime in on it's road to greater enlightenment or something like that. On a side note: The earth matrix is one of the toughest planets a soul can spend a life time in if not the most punishing... Or rewarding depending how you look at it... In a 1942 wartime expression, it's like being sent to the Russian Front.

According to Micheal newtons work when drawing down on my own conclusions on that elusive greater truth... We all belong to a soul group of anywhere between 5 to 25 other souls.

I would say first up, this 8 foot figure knows you on from the other side past life or different universe, you are both probably quite good friends and are maybe even in the same soul group? Or maybe you don't know each other and this friendly being from another timeline and place is getting it's rocks off through the fact you could see it? If it looked like Brad Pitt, you'd probably would have accepted it a lot better than you did rather than seeing an 8 foot clown waving a hand vigorously at you.

I can understand how this account would unnerve you and you're are probably wondering why I'm going into depth with an explanation? But ask yourself this question: imagine your own excitement, if you had a chance to wave at someone you knew 100 years from now, no matter how scary or indifferent you may look if you had a chance?...apparently, there are many planets to choose from where the apex of creatures are around 8 foot tall or even taller all shape and sizes, different physics etc"the good news is for those who believe in reincarnation, on some of these other planets, you do retain your previous life memory of which makes me think, this individual found an opportunity to track you down in this life to burden you with that excitement?

It may also be the case that this individual is preparing itself for it's next life here on earth and is casing the joint out in pre excitement, you were just unlucky enough to tune into that check out?

Anyway food for thought, I can elaborate some more if you have any questions, it's a lot to take in and accept I can understand that, however I get the impression at some point ahead most likely when you return to our spiritual home you'll know who or what it was.

Regards Daz
unforgiven1 - What a freaky experience! It almost sounds like Candid Camera with a difference - no one rushing forward to point out the hidden camera and no giggling bystanders.

For all you know somebody else might have encountered this weird character and simply hotfooted it out of there.

What was it? I have absolutely no idea but I hope one of the readers can come up with something logical (or even not so logical).

Regards, Melda
Hi, I've been eavesdropping on this thread, and have found all of the topics fascinating.

Personally, I've often wondered about poltergeist activity being confused with, and possibly intertwinded with the effects of negatively charged energy vortexes. Most of us know that poltergeist activity can be attributed to active kinectic energy that can manifest into physical diturbances, having noticeable effects on nearby surroundings and the living. Similarly, energy vortexes can affect nearby surroundings and the living by emitting constantly charged energy (positive or negative) that can cause disturbances which can be physical, and somtimes emotional influencers. There are differences between the two of course; poltergeist supposedly being manifested stored energy from a living source, and energy vortexes acting as portals for energies to pass through. Although I've often wondered if one can enhance, or intensify the other. Personally, I believe I've worked in a home (for an EoLC patient) where I may have experienced both simultaneously. I don't know how often they may occur together in the same environment, but I can only imagine what type of impact that might have on 'sensitive' or 'very aware' people who have to live within that same space...

Thanks to the OP for being so gracious while we share πŸ˜‰

I do agree spirits and physical beings can project vibes of positive or negative energy however, I'm fascinated with how a poltergeist works? There are some scientific studies and theories that suggest the transposing of emotions from human to home is what causes a poltergeist although they do fall short of claiming the action of cause rest in the atom? I did however read a study on Dark matter of which this one particular lot was moving things around the comos like a poltergeist?

Anyway, I better get out of here in case one of our members takes me to task on physics we may end up with more questions than answers and me ending up with egg on my face.

You make some good points Aussiedaz.

Pondering further; I wonder why an atom would absorb a particular kind of energy and then proceed to emanate that energy outwards? If the negative / positive energy is not a "living" thing but produced BY a living thing, then one would imagine that the energy's actual energy (ouch my brain) would eventually cease to exist in that form?

I don't know enough about molecular science or energy so I'm just being imaginative and am probably way off the track. Bear with me...

We don't understand, from what I know, is how we get a "bad vibe" off people even when they often appear to be perfectly normal (case in point Ted Bundy). What energy, exactly are we sensing?

Perhaps the vibes we get in houses, places, are a host of unseen entities who are gathered in the spirit realm, that relates to a physical point on our material plane, unseen to our eyeballs, but sensed by our higher self.

I imagine people still gather together in groups and organisations in spirit as they did on Earth. Maybe when there's a concentrated collection of these entities, both positive and negative, we can really sense it?

Taking that further if we believe in spirits guiding and even influencing people; artists, musicians, reformers (and all the bad people too) then perhaps large groups of spirits are attracted to an Earthly individual in order to influence and guide that individual to help carry out that earthly individuals goals and desires? Whatever those desires are, good and bad.

So in summary, I agree that this "energy" certainly could be absorbed into our physical plane but also it may be lingering, or vibrating at a higher rate, in the ether (which if air is atoms, then they are moving around a lot right? Which further complicates some theories about "vibes" in the "air") around us and we simply cam't physically see it, but psychically sense it?

Just what that is, and what it binds to is still a freakin' mystery!

It's food for thought. Thanks for setting off my brain!


Just to add my 2 cent worth relating to sensing an energy with in a home.

When you consider Timber is profoundly made up of Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms as is the human body made up of Carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen, I do theorise just like experiments demonstrate with intangible particles that interact with each other across space and time and if consciousness is fundamental to our reality?... It may be the case, if a house has a happy tenant with positive energy, some of that energy may transpose itself via the oxygen atoms and into the walls of the given structure alas why you were picking up a good vibe at Jacko's house?

On the contrary with phenomenons like a poltergeist or a negative Nancy occupant, I do surmise it is the "atoms" with in the structure of a home to be the culprit that basically projects human negative or positive emotion?

It's probably also the reason cleansing a house works? The new occupant is basically flushing the negative charged atoms out of the joint and replacing them with positives atoms and a belief the house is cleansed. I would surmise the power of the mind/belief makes it work for those who feel they have succeeded.

Hi virulentpeach, thank you for the additional information. That 'out of place' feel makes more sense, if the road and surrounding streets were built around this farm, it would make everything there look a bit out of place. I am curious however as to why the farm wasn't purchased and then knocked down, so that a better street could be paved and more houses built? That's usually what is done in these cases. Is this road on the outskirts of the town? How old is the farm? You had mentioned in your story the ages of the homes on that road were more recent like the 50's to the 70's, but the farm itself? Was it/is it inhabited or abandoned? My feeling is that something, or perhaps several things happened on that farm property at some point in the past. Something doesn't quite add up about that farm and the area of that road, I'm sure the houses there now were part of that whole farm at some juncture in time. I'm sure your imaginations figured into your encounter, but in most cases, something trips that off, something the mind picks up on but cannot rationalize, then it gets carried away. I believe most of what you related was just as you perceived it. Keep digging if you will and let us know what you uncover, I will be most curious as to what you find, there's a deeper mystery here!
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: so I was looking up the layout of the road and the history of the region and it appears to me that the farmland and the houses around it belong to a small dirt road that were all once one or two properties which have a small, now blocked, entrance on the main road and that Captain Ellis Rd itself is a newer addition because the houses further down are much newer and look like all the neighboring streets. It appears that the farm already existed and the street was built alongside it and the other dirt road circling it, which is why the entrance to the street looks so out of place next to the other roads. So there is some history there most likely that I have yet to uncover. I felt the footsteps sounded like an adult, not a child but it was so long ago I cannot be sure, I was too busy being creeped out!
Hi Virulentpeach, great story, creepy encounter. It maybe a mix of overactive imaginations and the overall creepiness of the road that tied in together, however it seemed to me that you noticed something 'off' about that particular area long before the Halloween adventure. It's no accident that there were so few homes and the road and farmland were so desolate. I have a feeling the streets residents also felt the vibe in that area. From what you stated, it didn't appear any of those homes was set up to receive any trick or treaters that evening. I suspect too that even though Jenny's mom didn't want you on that road because it wasn't lit well, that the real reason was the overall feeling she got from that street, the reason she didn't buy a home there to begin with. She couldn't explain a feeling like that to a bunch of kids, so it was easier not to give a reason and when pressed, give you the reason she gave regarding the street's poor lighting, more logical and definitely more rational. The whole area seems to have absorbed some negative emotions and experiences. Your friend saw a boy, but the foot steps, did they sound like someone your age or an adult? I ask because you mentioned as kids you would have difficulty fending off an adult attacker. It may indicate more than one ghost as well. Great story though, I enjoyed it!
GabriellSelena in The Haunted Church Basement
Thank you guys so much πŸ₯° I didn't think anyone would have read it... I will definitely write some more ❀️
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring
Hi Macknorton,

Yes, apporting is a very fascinating phenomenon, the presentation I'd watched involved a certified scientific based paranormal debunking team of which basically had the green light to scrutinise the seance with all of their technique and resources.

From memory they did this for at least a full week, the most interesting account was when one of the team were invited by spirit to sit at the table where the two mediums where both in a trance.

A crystal object perhaps a couple of sizes up from a marble appeared hovering over the table.

The researcher was asked by spirit to reach out and feel the object. On the first occasion, the object was solid.

On the second occasion the researcher reached out to find the object was completely hollow of any solid mass?

This spirit of whom last lived as a scientist then explained to the researcher, that this is basically how our reality is.

Our reality (in my words) is constructed through the power of consciousness interacting with the tools of the mind and our thought based universe that gives us the macroscopic illusion of solidity.

This spirit talking to the researcher is only pointing out what
Neil Bhor, Robert Lanza, Donald Hoffman and many others are claiming.

Time and Space are just tools of the mind we use to give us the illusion of a physical matrix... Consciousness is not a by product of brain tissue, microtubles and neurons although granted not proven beyond all reasonable doubt?... The double slit experiment in my opinion, is the strongest evidence we have in my view of supporting the claim.

If the brain created consciousness, I doubt there would be an after life at all, we would perish with the body. Terminal lucidity is another phenomenon that goes along way in supporting what I'm surmising.

Macknorton in Haunted Ring
Hi Auzziedaz et al,

I read this thread with interest. The phenomenon of apporting (possibly not the correct term / tense or spelling - sorry) is fascinating isn't it?

I read an interesting account whereby in a carefully controlled sΓ©ance, spirits present were able to not only apport a wide range of items into the room but they were able to pass them (including a large bunch of flowers) directly through, unscathed, the (apparently) solid table in the room. Unfortunately I don't have at hand the specific details of where and when, this occurred.

I did kind of find it amusing as the Spirits were, to me, showing off a bit, but also demonstrating that our "reality" isn't that real after all, but a vibrating, malleable construct that seems to be able to be messed with when you know how.
Thanks Alma - If you are interested; Peter Jacksons house at that time was in Wellington - New Zealand's capital city was pretty cool. From memory I think it was in the suburb of Seatoun or somewhere around that coastal area - I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing this as he's since moved out to the Waiarapa area to some huge walled-off mansion - and frankly, does he troll YGS? If you are reading this, apologies Sir Peter if I have crossed the line!

Anyway, he had a couple of life-sized suits of amour in the large front room area where we entered, and I remember seeing framed pictures of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters from what I assumed were actual stills / drawings from Disney films. There was a very friendly woman there sitting in that room on some stairs with a small child - I now assume she was his current partner Fran Walsh?

Anyway, me and Vince (I'll call him Vince for this story because that was his actual name) went up a tight staircase to the upstairs bathroom where Vince worked his plumbing magic. I waited outside in the hallway and right next to the bathroom was a room with a shelf that had tons of miniature stop-start animation monsters and creatures on it. It was so cool! Anyway it reads like I'm name dropping but anyway, any fans of Peter Jacksons work might enjoy that little vicarious experience.

But back to your other point about why are some people able to sense these unseen environments? I don't have any answers other than perhaps it's the same as why some people have abilities in art, music, sport, mathematics, or mediumship etc? Probably a combination of genetic chance, their spiritual / soul development as well as how much that individual works on developing those abilities and is open to them.

My wife has never had any spirit / ghost experiences so maybe she's not tuned into those very subtle vibrations? Or probably more that she's simply not that interested in that aspect of "otherworldly" Life.

Maybe others with more knowledge on the subject than me on this site have their theories and experiences as to how and why some individuals / empaths are the way they are.

It is fascinating stuff.

Val- I'm certain that man in the car was as dangerous as you suspect he was. The gut feeling tells a lot if one listens. At least you know for sure that death can't separate you from your brother. He will always be there with you and for you. That was such an amazing story!
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring

Tulpa does suggest a being or object can be brought into our reality by spiritual and mental powers... Perhaps those items of bad energy you had were related to the phenomenon?

The other phenomenon worth mentioning here relates to "paranormal Apport" where spiritual beings on the other side can transport items into a room generally where their loved ones are.

I watched a link back yonder where two mediums under scientific control were in a room where articles sometimes dated back 50 years appeared (just dropped into the room?). The sceptics in this link ruled out trickery they even hired a magician to try and replica the event with no success.

In the same link, in a town in Italy from memory? An elderly man who was able to communicate with the spirits via a radio in a room packed with mostly mothers who had lost their children... At one point they were showered by an Apport of items that belonged to their deceased children.

It was Quite pro-founding to watch and hard to believe made up when seeing the joy on the mothers faces when talking about the items that came through?

Anyway, as we live in a what physicist refer to as a mathematical universe of potential energy, I'm wondering if that's another way of saying we live in a universe where anything is possible?

Mack! Do not apologize for telling your story. It was great. It gave me shivers. I think we felt exacly the same thing. Only you had the better sense to the the hell out of Dodge.πŸ˜† It's interesting that your girlfriend didn' feel a thing and you almost bolted out of there. Why are some people more sensetive to theese kind of things? Whats decides who should feel what? It opens up a spectrum of questions really. I was also facinated about the Peter Jackson- story. I would like to get to feel the better side of houses one day. 😊 Thank you for letting me know your story.
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring
On a side note, my son and I saw two people in a ghost car basically disappear in broad daylight, as an observation, when Telly mentions he didn't hear the car pull up, that was something I'd noticed about my own account.

There was no engine or tyre noise.


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