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Tweed in Furry Face
Hi Lealeigh,

I had a look at that Zelda character out of curiosity, it kind of was slightly like that, only more cat or ferret like and super furry. I wish I got a longer look at it. All I remember is long fur, teeth and a tongue. It could well be an animal spirit, maybe a really fluffy cat.

"I don't have kids either so fully growing up hasn't been a top priority." This made me laugh a lot. On the contrary I feel more mature than some of my parent friends.

As for cats misbehaving, they're nocturnal and no amount of encouragement will change it. Try tiring him out by getting him worked up for about 20 mins, then top it off with a feed. It satisfies their nocturnal hunting urges. At least that's the idea. Leo was a nightmare before we got him into a routine.
Lealeigh in Furry Face
Hello Tweed,

I think the creature is probably harmless; Leo is the king of your castle, in his own mind, and I think he'd create a big ruckus if it was harmful.

I don't know what I think it was; whether it was the spirit of a real cat or something else like an animal. I think that it is more interested in interacting with your cat. It seems to be afraid of you or surprised that you could see it.

You're lucky that you have a cat that will sleep during the night. My cat, Freya, carries on a lot of destruction during the night. Last night, he went into my closet and pulled a bunch of my clothes off of the hangers. He is tall on his hind legs and he knows how to use the door knob. I found a cat toy in my shoe, also.

I had to smile when you said that the creature looked as if his face was a tribal mask. I had this picture in my mind of this character in a Nintendo N64 game: "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".

I don't have kids either so fully growing up hasn't been a top priority.

Thanks for sharing this. I hope it really is an animal spirit.

- Maria
Tweed in This Is Real
Hi Cherubim,

Wow that's a lot of weird. I guess suggesting hot water bottles or electric blankets is out of the question. I don't know much about shingles, just that if you'v had them you can experience random sensations here and there which can be quite painful. But that's not going to make you bleed!

I don't know the source of this, but according to some, likely hippies, hearing bells is supposed to be your spirituality calling to you. If that's true don't see why it wouldn't be a warning of some sort.

Do you shield yourself against bad energy/entities? I never used to until my mid 30s when I had some paranormal trouble. Honestly thought all that cleansing stuff was for prats. If you've got something not nice brewing, and it's the patience go the distance, you owe it to yourself to cover all bases, including a GP checkup. You may have thin skin, which can cause a person to bleed randomly, without them knowing.

Bells ringing and a burn, seem linked if there's no physical causes.
Hi Tweed,Lealeigh.

Wow,I thought I was alone, it's good to hear there are others out there who do the same, I don't feel that crazy after all 😊

Hi, yes, that type of "empathic" senses of hearing/feeling/ethereal Emotion is and can be quite over whelming and very "sensitive", hence what your "gift" is essentially termed. I also have had this gift all my life since after being around 2 or 3 years old. All feelings, emotions, and extra sensitivities affect you differently than most people, because you feel and sense them more UP close and personal. I do also. If you want to look up and learn more about these "gifts" of yours, try searching the internet, books or videos on "empathic or empaths, Sensitives, (we are very different than mediums or channelers) we EXPERIENCE life events and environments more personally-- as well as learning to Fully embrace How God and Mother Fate created us to be. Also, a good technique to 'ground' yourself to your gifts (if that is the path you decide to choose?) is to learn self meditation techniques using calming music or sounds. As well as to learn to know more about your body and how sensitive it responds to your 'gut' instincts about various people, places, and events. Your personal 'gut' instincts are normally right on the money when it comes to making the correct choices for you and your situation and circumstances at the moment you have a decision to make. Good luck. And Stay Safe. 😉 😉 😉

I don't think Casey will read my comment either but here it is anyway:

I looked up "Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital" in Hollister, California. It does not appear to be abandoned. Maybe, Casey was mistaken.

- Maria
Hello 21914,

Not sure if you will read this but just wanted to remind it's been five and a half years.
Did you by any chance managed to upload that record?


Hello Daz, Lady-glow and Tweed,

Nope, I'm not afraid of Sleep Paralysis either. It actually doesn't happen enough. This is going to sound childish, maybe, but I am stuck in a very repetitive routine in my life. Same stuff; different day.

I have had sleep paralysis so many times in my life that I know exactly what's going on. If I can go back into the dream without waking up, I can use the sleep paralysis to "fly away" from all of this for a few minutes.

It usually vastly improves my attitude during the day.

- Maria
Hi Kris,

I'm more concerned the young girl may be talking about a living person, not a ghost. She may have a ghost with whom she communicates, or maybe an imaginary friend who's not a ghost. This would explain some of her behaviour in your company. But this hitting might be something else altogether.
Paranormal or not, it's still disturbing. Please talk with your parents about what the girl said, and/or find a way to ask this girl more questions.

This could all be very innocent and nothing to worry about. But in the event it's not, best to cover all bases.
Hi Ladyglow and Daz,

Just chiming in about SP, I thought I was the only one here who actually enjoyed it. Great to know there are others. It hardly ever happens to me but when it does I find it fascinating. Stuck between dream world and physical world, champion.

Reverse psychology with a true passion of will, I'm with you all the way on that one ladyGlow, btw, interesting account, animals do cross over and stay very connected to their loved ones, I would probably suspect your spirit guide may have lend a hand in helping Tom find his way into your situation on all off those accounts?... Nice story, my beloved little Jack Russel passed away a few years back, I'm not as lucky as you, however, my spirit guide has informed me, our little Ruby is safe and in the hands of my departed loved ones.

I do consider my bouts of S.P as a blessing because they have offered me so much enlightenment in the sense of how to handled fear.

I used to wish them upon myself, basically for the desire of research, so you are not alone with your remark, although for different reasons as to why... I have no doubt fear alone, is the subliminal factor that instigates Sleep paralysis on most accounts. If you can train yourself to let go of the fear it vanishes instantly.

I do feel sorry for so many folk here who don't understand how easy it is to overcome S.P, especially when you have the tools to train your thought processes differently. Even more sorry when they go down the road of believing their under attack from a demon. If one believes in demons, they'll believe in the one, don't give those accounts any oxygen!

Regards Daz

Thanks for answering my questions. It seems to me that many things you say reflect my beliefs and way of thinking though, I have to admit, I'm really bad at putting my thoughts into words.

Your post about overcoming sleep paralysis by not fearing it is very interesting; in my opinion, fear is an obstacle when it comes to learning something new.

Through my life, I have experienced SP enough times as to know that it will pass after a short time, if I remember correctly, the events I narrate in this current post were the last time I had one episode of SP. Since then, I have been almost yearning to wake up in an immobilized condition in the hopes to see if my cat will come to save me again!

I wonder if I'm the only one who longs to have one of these terrifying experiences.
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton

2000 subjects under hypnosis over a span of many years have reported to mr Newton we all reincarnate in soul groups ranging from 5 to 25. There are other cluster groups we work with however, keeping it brief as requested!

Regards daz
lady-glow in She Has My Face

I'm going to move my answer to one of my stories.


It has been around six months since your story was posted, you got sound advice and suggestions but, have you put any of these to practice? If so, did it have any effect on your situation?
Bibliothecarius in She Has My Face
Greetings, sunshinemilia.

I hope you don't mind my asking aussiedaz to clarify his information in one of his responses to you.

Aussiedaz, you stated in your post on January 18th that: "You and your sister belong to the same soul group. Soul groups range from 5 to 25 souls, often they plan to come into the earth matrix together." I have no fundamental disagreement with your spiritual beliefs nor with your asserting data from your research. However, I've only previously heard assertions of groups of two or three souls that choose simultaneous incarnation within our world. Would you mind giving a brief description of where you got the higher numbers from? (I'm grading Midterm Exams, so "brief" is a serious request.)

aussiedaz in She Has My Face

Coincidentally,A lady posted her account in a facebook group of around 73, 000 members of which in my view was a classic case of The Old Hag Syndrome. I won't leave any names here if the mods decide to delete this post I'll understand.

(Person A)
About a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night... I have a surge protector with things plugged into it... I looked at the cord and honest to God I could see the electricity pulsing through the cord... It was lit up... Just the cord... Then last night I opened my eyes to see these 2 claw like appendages above my face as I was sleeping on my back... They diappeared as I opened my eyes, caught a glimpse... Freaked me out... What is going on... This is no joke.

My response
Old hag syndrome, you are not alone... It probably falls under sleep paralysis however sometimes you can interact with it on what seems to be a waking environment... My episode goes back to 1984, hold your nerve and show no fear the illusion disappears with in a heart beat.

Person 2...response to my remark.

That's a very interesting comment, many years ago I had very similar experiences and when frozen with fear it lasted longer and more frequent but as my resolve and curiosity to try and approach it (paralyzed physically) it would distance itself and when I finally found the strength to overcome the paralysis, these events never happened again!

[at] LadyGlow and O.P
It's encouraging to hear another person out there overcome sleep paralysis via letting go of the fear. The first step in overcoming negative energy is not to fear it. The second step is turning a negative experience into a positive. My grandmother used to say to me, I felt bad about not owning a pair of shoes until I saw a man with no feet.

The O.P has two choices, she can believe something evil and negative is out to get her or she can choose to believing it's her loving twin sister reaching out from another dimension or universe. We are all at the centre of our own universe as consciousness creators we create our own reality.

Take your pick Emilia.

Regards Daz
donna, I want a permission to upload this story can you please give me a reply by the way I know its been 12 years
Tweed in Chalk Man

Can't recall ever noticing a green tinge to any naturally occurring light. But what you described might be it. The difference that's hard for me to pinpoint about that particular light, it's sort of cyan with less blue, so that would amplify the greens to the eye. Having said that I wouldn't think to describe it as green.
I didn't see the sky that day, or in that moment at least, because the veranda had a long roof which blocked it. But at other times over the years, when that light occurs, there's always thick clouds, a mixture of dark and white clouds, which dapple together and the light is darkly luminescent, with no shadows. In photography there's a lighting style high key, it's like that, but it hardly occurs in nature. Or around the home for that matter.

I've never seen green in a stormy sky before, only a touch of green in vivid sunsets. What you describe in your area sounds mad cool, if it wasn't for the tornado warnings, that would seriously freak me out!
Hello Tweed

I read your story a while back and again just now. Still gives me the heebee geebees because interestingly enough I still get scared in the dark easily! The idea that perhaps something tried communicating something to me and being called by my fears is very intriguing. Perhaps a message got lost in the panic little me felt haha. I am glad to have seen these things because in my mind there is a chance that they were proof of the beyond.
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

- the spirits know the OP's relatives can see them and are trying to get their attention and asking for help?

Possibly, One night a few years back, a woman with long black hair sat on my bed and ran a knife through my chest, I actually felt the blade go in, was this woman trying to feed of my energy and send me bonka's? Or turn me into a psychic hypochondriac on medication?,as it turned out she was murdered in a park not far from where I lived, she was after my help... Sometimes spirit may be miss interpreted as negative entities when in fact, they are lost and need help.

If I lived in a 'haunted' place, my first idea would be to send those spirits to the light (wherever the light is) but, in your opinion, would this be the right thing to do and would it be even possible?...

It may be possible, however time don't work the same over there as it does here. Some new souls are a little loss on their way back home and refuse to see the light... There are even lessons in that... Their higher self will remain in the back seat and let it play out however, when they are ready, they'll let go, or they'll allow their spirit guide in to take them home... A 100 years here may only feel like a week over there...however, some peeps do have a skill at moving them on.

If, like you say, there are multiple universes meshing together, how could one know if the 'entities' showing up on ones universe are innocuous and it's okay to allow them there, or if they are dangerous and should be removed from ones space?

I don't believe they are dangerous, there seems to be some sort of spiritual law that doesn't allow outside entities to cross a certain line (albeit some documented possessions) otherwise we'd be living in hell and half of the good folk here wouldn't see another sunset, I have had some extremely terrifying accounts of which in hindsight, has taught me a few things about facing my fears... I have conquered sleep paralysis through the power of the mind always see the positive, the glass is half full.

And, if it is necessary to get rid of a negative energy, where do they go? Is there a universe for all the things 'negative", or is 'negative' only one shade of an absolute total?

Probably nowhere, the ying yang philosophy suggest you need both forces to keep nature balanced? May have a point.

Regards Daz
lady-glow in She Has My Face
Hello aussiedaz.

I'm interested on knowing your opinion about the following part of this story:

"Many in my family have the gift to see those on the other side... Things follow and feed off of members of my family and their energy... (there a many spirits in my house) ".

My "traditional" way of thinking makes me wonder if:

- the spirits know the OP's relatives can see them and are trying to get their attention and asking for help
- there is a portal in the house

If I lived in a 'haunted' place, my first idea would be to send those spirits to the light (wherever the light is) but, in your opinion, would this be the right thing to do and would it be even possible?
If, like you say, there are multiple universes meshing together, how could one know if the 'entities' showing up on ones universe are innocuous and it's okay to allow them there, or if they are dangerous and should be removed from ones space?

And, if it is necessary to get rid of a negative energy, where do they go? Is there a universe for all the things 'negative", or is 'negative' only one shade of an absolute total?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
lady-glow in She Has My Face

You are right, I don't "know more about someone's birth than that person and their doctors" and the only thing I have to base my opinion upon, is the narrative I'm reading.
It's not easy to trust narratives with discrepancies and contradictions.

" I was supposed to be a twin. The doctors never told my mother and she never saw it in any ultrasound"

"She didn't go to the doctor until her NEXT ultrasound and either then or shortly after they induced her and I was born very very early"

"from what I can tell my parents were not big on ultrasound so I assume before I was born was the only time they had gotten one"

I don't expect you to agree with me but, have you noticed that first you seem to suggest that there was more than just one ultrasound to later say that it might have been only one?

According to the following article

"some babies pass meconium while still in the womb during late pregnancy." (Please notice LATE pregnancy)

But you were "born very very early because (this is embarrassing) while in the womb I was about to make a bowel movement "

From the same article:

"Babies are more likely to pass meconium when:

They've had a long or hard delivery.
They are born past their due date.
The mother has a health problem, like diabetes or high blood pressure.
The mother smoked or used drugs during the pregnancy.
They didn't grow well before birth."

Interestingly, though there's information about detection of meconium-stained amniotic fluid through ultrasound, this diagnosis is done only AFTER the baby's body waste has already reached the fluid, unlike your situation.

"when she was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with me my father threw her over a desk and she began to bleed heavily"

I don't know if, (forgive me for the word I'm going to use but, in my opinion, that's the only way to call it), the abuse of your father upon your mother could have caused some complications like you almost soiling the amniotic fluid while still in the womb, but I will appreciate if you can direct me to any article supporting the facts you have presented in your narrative and comments.

I guess your story is a good example of the importance of getting prenatal care during pregnancy, even if the doctors looking after your mother might have been... Shady.

My apologies if my comment took the sunshine away from your screen name... I didn't mean to turn you into a snowflake.

aussiedaz in She Has My Face
When you go down the rabbit hole it will open your mind up to a lot of possibilities Emilia. The truth is stranger than a science fiction movie, you just need to brush aside the disinformation, keep an opened mind and apply logic.

Another possibility? You and your sister belong to the same soul group. Soul groups range from 5 to 25 souls, often they plan to come into the earth matrix together. The bond between you two may be the force behind what you and your family are experiencing now. Consciousness is fundamental to our existence the power of love, mind, memories and emotions can transcend through the fabric of space and time... Life is an illusion, love is real, your sister may be reaching out to you on a subliminal level.

sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] aussiedaz I never considered this! But that makes a lot of sense and would answer so many questions! I'm really open to possibilities of everything and I think more research on that possibility just might satiate my curiosity and ease my fear:) thank you so much
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

I don't believe it's an evil entity out for revenge so nothing to worry about there, more than likely it's bouts of two universe's randomly meshing together where your twin sister appears to be living out her life like nothing ever happened.

String theory was pulled together by some extremely intelligent theoretical physicist who put forward a mathematical hypothesis that suggest not only do we exist in this reality, we exist in many realities all with slight variations.

The hypothesis and some of those variations suggest you may live in one universe however due to Murphy's law you don't live in another.
The fate of your twin sister was to exist as planned before her birth, her soul continues on in one reality where as in this reality, something went wrong and you guys seemed to be haunted by the law of string theory and her interaction of existence? Btw, The doctor never told your mother about your sister? I wonder why?

Anyway, I have personally witnessed the meshing of two universes in the presence of my son where this car came into our reality and vanished just as quick. Furthermore, there is a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect of which I believe is the holy grail of evidence suggesting multiple universes can mesh together permanently... Just watch Tom Cruise dance without glasses? Typically by human nature, the sceptics put it down to a bad memory (baloney)... So these nerds with high I'Q's are on the mark in my view when it comes down to the fundamental principles of string theory.

If you came face to face in this reality... Your twin sister will talk to you with a life time of shared memories it won't seem out of the norm for her... In her reality you exist!.

Regards Daz
I loved your story as it was well-written and your description of your grandmother painted a clear picture of what kind of lady she was. As for the way you grieve, I think it's the best way, to tell stories of the loved one that has passed on and keep their memory alive. Humor is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. I know I want people to tell funny (even embarassing) stories about me when I die and get a good laugh out of them. If they do, then I've done my job. 😊
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lealeigh Thank you! Your comments were very respectful and well worded:)
Lealeigh in She Has My Face

That's cool. I was just slightly put off by the idea that malpractice was more rampant back then. I work in the pharmacy at a hospital; I see doctors and nurses all the time and I believe that the majority of them have their hearts in the right place and are professional. I have been working in pharmacies for your whole life but it doesn't really matter; I am not an expert on the motivations of everyone out there.

Thank you for responding to my comment.

- Maria
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] freakedoutfreddy when I first posted this I hadn't written for a long time so I understand this story is very messy and not well written but:) I've been writing and practicing everyday since and I've gotten a little better (not much) but I've got a lot of years to keep trying. I will admit I'm bad at just about every hobby I have but the point of a hobby isn't to be good just to like what you're doing:)
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lealeigh yeah that is weird? When I first posted the story it said teenager and i'm most definitely STILL a teenager:) I'm not twenty until august, I guess the website is getting a head start but thank you for calling that to attention! I hadn't realized it changed
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lady-glow ma'am google is free and literally one search will tell you that meconium sometimes happens in the womb, which was ALMOST my case and it can become toxic and block airways and cause complications during birth. I was in NICU and had to be tube fed and had tubes in my ears because I was so premature. It may come as a shock to you, but you're not a genius and most likely not a medical professional so perhaps research something before being blatantly offensive and rude. Rule of thumb for the future, maybe don't assume you know more about someone's birth than that person and their doctors.
sourball in Unexpected Wake Up

I hoped that was the case too. I have been wondering if that was the case, it was my first time to experience that and I truly thank God that it didn't happen again, even during at my lowest and vulnerable state.

Thank you for reading my story and commenting.
sourball in Unexpected Wake Up
majarlika012 and lady-glow

Thank you for commenting. Sleep paralysis; I've wondered about that so many times after that incident.

And yes, after that time my brother was fed up with it and decided to act on it, one night he went to our extended kitchen and challenged them, cursing them for what happened and to stop scaring me and face him instead. He waited that night and when he was about to sleep he started to hear loud bangs of doors and windows, chairs being draged on the floor from our extended kitchen, that went on for hours.

As I remember during a festival a priest went to our house and did a blessing, but that didn't help much. Lessen a bit but never really got rid of them.

Thank you for reading.
Lealeigh in Chalk Man
Hello Tweed,

I read this story of yours before I registered on this site. You linked it on Metzalnawa's story in the comments. I really like stories where entities are fascinated by children's toys! I also couldn't help but notice that we are the same age - not that it has anything to do with my comment.

I want to ask you about what you remember of the the strange color of the sky after the storm. Where I live, during stormy weather, there is sometimes a green tint mixed with a strange looking brightness; it is also mixed with an uneven pattern of overcast. It usually happens at times when the weather service warns us of possible tornados in the area. Was there any green in the sky that you remember?

I really enjoyed this story. It is in my favorites.

- Maria
Please do not fret about your English - I understood perfectly what you were saying. As to your first paranormal incident, I want to say it was residual - if it weren't for the fact that it ended abruptly when you opened the door. Residuals will not do that, so it hints at intelligence. Otherwise, the only other possibility might be that you heard a neighbor's conversations. However, I do not know how close you lived to others at the reported time of your incident.
silverthane61 in Unexpected Wake Up
I hope this was an incident of being in a "dream-awake" stage. People can experience this condition without being subject to normal sleep paralysis. In this case, you can often experience vivid audial-visual illusions. If this was not such an incident, then your faith must be strong as witnessed by the effectiveness of your prayer.
silverthane61 in Her Creepy Smile- 2
This does provide some closure to the story that you posted earlier concerning this incident. I choose to believe that she appeared to you to give you her thanks for being nice to her father.
Hi Metzalnawa,

Thanks for sharing, I'm very interested in the manner of light these golf ball things emitted as I saw a figure glowing dimly once. I wrote about it here:

I don't wish to blow my own trumpet linking like that, but you seemed curious in similar experiences. Can't say mine was that similar to yours but the style of light might be. I didn't experience a feeling of it being inside my thought space afterwards, except for naturally thinking it over of course. The infinity feeling you described is so curious. I can't relate to that with the figure I saw. But for you this feeling has profoundly stuck in your memory. Perhaps it's the hippy in me but it sounds like whatever those balls of light were they conveyed a strong universal message. I wonder if your concern over Chucky and Gremlins somehow drew them to you, the light balls I mean, not Chucky and pals.

I know it was terrifying at the time but I hope you're now glad you had this odd experience.
Hi Jelly,

I was going to suggest fog/mist as a physical cause, then remembered you were there during summer. So there goes that theory.

I captured a ghost in a photo during a brief time of being a nonbeliever. I deleted the picture on purpose and have regretted it ever since. At leat you didn't do anything as dumb as that. I'm not big on conspiracy theories but it does seem the ethereal have a hand in what physical evidence we're allowed to share amongst ourselves. Ghosts be sneaky.

I can't say this with great confidence however, this obsession you had as a 7 year old and your fear of death may have had something to do with the way you died in a previous life? This Angel who appeared to you, might have being your spirit guide offering you some encouragement?

Ian Stevenson (psychiatrist) did some excellent work in regards to his case study of children and their accounts of reincarnation over a span of 20 years in several country's where he concluded the phenomenon was valid enough to put his reputation behind it based on an element of testimony he just found impossible to be anything else. The study started out as a scientific debunking exercise however ended an extremely interesting case study of 2000 children of which those in the field today, acknowledge as near fact.

I watched a few of these accounts on line and generally when there was any sort of trauma in the way the child died previously, often they would return carrying symptoms of the pre life incident,fear,anxiety and just maybe, this was the catalyst that sparked you into 101 questions for mum and not necessarily an account of existentialism?

Apparently, according to Michael Newton's research, we have choices on the other side to come back and finish our mission or face our fears, we also have the choice to reincarnate onto other planets with full recall of all previous lives and there is around 39 million of them in our galaxy alone, of which I believe through an account of remote viewing, I was privileged enough to have a bo peep and that experience was quite interesting either that or it was my imagination?. Anyway, hanging around the spiritual realm growing a beard that will hit the floor might just be a tad too boring and take eternity to complete thus the motivation why we do it all again for the rest of the hipsters? Btw,

I do wonder if your mother remembered you saying anything else around that time unusual?

Anyway, just to offer something a little different from previous post. Reincarnation sucks, no thank you I'd prefer to lay on a beach and chill out listening to rhythm and blues, however through the work of Ian Stevenson, Michael newton and many others, It's a done deal, however I'm choosing a more peaceful planet where people actually get along instead of trying to kill each other over spilled milk. 😐

Regards Daz
I am so sorry for all the pain and loss you have suffered. I hope you are able to eventually find peace. It does seems like the white lady may have been trying to warn you of your daughter's impending death. Sadly, with opioid/heroin addiction, death is too frequently the only way out. I hope she found peace at last, too.
Lealeigh in The Mountain

Thanks but I'm not worried about karma points anymore. I don't care where they go. I don't even care if they go into the negatives. I was only angry a couple months ago because I was worried that other people would think that I was not trying to be helpful.

I have decided that karma points were a rookie concern of mine. I don't ever look at anyone's karma points so why should I think that I might be judged on mine?

I don't.

I'm going to distance myself from this karma point subject. It takes away from the value of the comment section.

I wish I was at the beach right now.

- Maria
Sleeping-with-steve in The Mountain
Hello LeighLea,

Jubelee gave me some great self cleansing information. It has kept me strong and confident. I didn't know about the ocean.🏖️

I'm always at the beach because I live on the coast and love the fresh air. I get a cappuccino and head to different beaches near me every day.☕

I just up voted you again. I've decided that I will keep up voting you until your stats make it to the thousands. My new motto... Take Marias karma points into the thousands. 😉 Lol.

Best wishes,
This is interesting since it's the twist ending to the Thai movie Shutter (also a US remake). Either the concept of literally having a spirit on your back for a wrongdoing is a common belief in that area (Laos and Thailand) or the author saw the movie and incorporated it into her story. Either way, it's a great metaphorical analogy for guilt weighing one down.
WontTellYouMyName in Her Creepy Smile- 2
Sounds spooky. Could you please post the picture you clicked of her?
Lealeigh in The Mountain

Months ago, Rook said that the beach is another good place to go if you want to do a personal cleansing of your negative energy; if you get in the water, Mother Earth can help to pull the negativity out. I can't find the place where he said it.

So, you may have something there. Every time I have gone to the beach, I have felt better.

Thank you for your confidence! It was in August that I decided that I would quit on New Year's Day. My stepfather has COPD and my mother has Bronchitis that keeps recurring; it's really scary and I don't want to be sick all of the time like they are.

- Maria
majarlika012 in Unexpected Wake Up
I agree with lady-glow. That could be sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is when, during waking up or falling asleep, a person is aware but unable to move or speak. During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear. Lack of sleep or a shifting sleep schedule can also cause sleep paralysis.

Was there any incident after that?
Hi Ynah05! Welcome to YGS. Your story is fine though with some grammatical concerns, but it is still comprehensible.

I have a few questions, if you don't mind.

1. How many rooms were there in your house? Were they close to each other?
-I am thinking that maybe, if your room and the room of your parents and siblings were beside each other, then you probably heard them talking when they're inside their room.

2. How many minutes did it take when you peed and opened the door to see if they're in the living room?
-again, my theory is that you probably heard them, right, but while you're peeing, they turned off the tv and got inside their room.

I am not sure if the fact that you can walk through a dark street alone is good or bad. You see, there are some dangers. You might not see paranormal beings but you might encounter bad people.

Your safety is still more important than the thrill paranormal things can give you. 😉
lady-glow in Her Creepy Smile- 2
"As soon as I crossed him, my friend with whom I spoke, called me to my mobile and said he is the father of Ishiatha "

How did your friend see that you had crossed Ishiatha's dad? Was she watching while you were walking home or was she spying on you from her window with a pair of binoculars? Or, perhaps, she saw you encounter the man using a crystal ball? (Just kidding!)

I'm a little confused about the timeline of the events, I understand that you saw Ishiatha at the stadium BEFORE your encounter with her father, - right?

Are you suggesting that her interaction with you was based on an event that would happen in the future?

"I saw this uncle whom I meet every day at Stadium during my night walk"

"On this specific day, the stadium was eerily silent and there was no one when I went there at 10 pm"

" Did she meet me to say thanks for been there for her dad on that night or is she upset with me for meeting her dad (or else why to give a creepy smile)?"

Wouldn't it make more sense to think that that night she might had been looking for her father at the stadium but he wasn't there due, perhaps, to his distress after the death of his daughter?

I have asked before if you could share her pictures with us, to which you answered "Sure, I will share it", could you take a picture of her (obituary) poster and share it too?
lady-glow in The Mountain
Kudos to you. The first step is always the hardest one to take.

You CAN do it!
Sleeping-with-steve in The Mountain
Congratulations LeighLea on giving up smoking.

Think of the money you are saving and how much better your health will be.

I gave up too and the first week was difficult. I just went out for a drive to the beach and had a cappuccino and tried not to think about it.

I up voted you and would up vote you several more times just for giving up smoking. 😉

Well done Maria.
lady-glow in Unexpected Wake Up
Hello sourball.

What you experienced could be sleep paralysis, a normal reaction of the brain in which a person's body is immobilized in order to prevent them from acting their dreams, it is common to hallucinate during this asleep-awake stage.

Have the disturbances increased after that day?

Perhaps performing a cleansing/blessing of the house according to your religious beliefs could help to stop the activity.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for coming back with this information. I really feel terrible for Ishiatha's father! I hope he will be better soon.

- Maria
Lealeigh in The Mountain
Hello YGS,

On New Year's Day, I quit smoking. My anxiety level is out of this world but I am still going strong at fifteen days. This is very difficult; my stepfather thinks it's really funny to blow smoke in my face.

I learned a new word:


I will now quote myself:
"Quitting smoking is not Hell but it is under the suzerainty of Hell."

I have posted this on YGS because there are several members on this site that knew of my New Year's resolution to quit smoking. If I make it to February, hopefully, I won't be thinking about it anymore and I will make no announcement.
Miracles51031 in She Has My Face
Lealeigh - you are very close on the ages designated as Young Adult. From our Site Administrator, this is the breakdown:

"The age categories are pretty broad, I didn't want to be overly specific for privacy reasons:

20 or less = teenager
20 - 40 = young adult
40 - 60 = middle age adult
60 or more = senior adult"
Hey AugustaM! Ah I'm going to try that! Thanks!:-)

This weekend was again a bit more active (sounds) and the cats were following something again:-) I'm so curious about these things, but I do get scared easily, haha!

I am assuming that you are "graydimensions", the writer of this story.

I saw all of your comments before I went to work and, now that I am back, I guess I will say the same thing that I thought earlier:

The impression that I get from the comments, that were made six years ago, and the writing style of the narrative itself make me think that this story is just a rehashing of a locally known tragedy.

You say that you were present during an investigation of this house; how formal was this investigation? You didn't go into very great detail. I would like to have read more on YOUR experiences investigating the Sparks' House; this website is called "" and I would have more of an emotional involvement in the story if there were more details about what you have felt in that location.

Maybe, since you are "back", you could provide more details about the paranormal anomalies that go on with the house.

The final thing that I will ask about is actually the detail that made me curious about all of this in the first place. Ten hours ago, you made a series of comments responding to people. You responded to a user named "aura_reader". You said:

"I don't like narcissist either... No deception or out of line perspective upon critisism taken."

Does that mean that you're not offended?

If you should happen to respond to me, please do it in the language style that you use in the real world.

JellyBean12 in My Neighbor's House

There are more stories for me to tell. I just don't have the facts straight yet. I'm working on writing it down. But I do need some time to get it together. There more coming and also I will tell some stuff about Mrs.Linda's husband house too. 🤔
freakedoutfreddy in She Has My Face
No offense dude, find a new hobby your writing skills suck. 😜 😁 😁
angel_from_heaven, nice selectiveand creative username. 🙂 But yeah. Thank you.
aura_reader, I don't like narcissist either... No deception or out of line perspective upon critisism taken. 🤔
ashleycook and ncfirefighter854 thank you for sharing. Nice to see locals here! ❤️
nightsky424 and whitebuffalo, no internet research needed for the facts of the original post, witnesses, testimonies. Local witnesses, family and friends are enough evidence pertaining to the post. Thanks to the folks who submitted newspaper clippings. 🙂
Casparks10 Thank you for sharing. ❤️
Zzsgranny mod, Thank you for sharing. ❤️
Lealeigh in She Has My Face

The site has designated your profile as belonging to a "young adult". You have to have been born between 1981 and 2001.

It seems kind of cynical to say that there were more quacks in the medical profession just because it was in the past. Trust me, I know cynical. Hell, it wasn't THAT long ago.

I don't really mean any offense.

- Maria
I would like to thank everyone for your comments on this submission. My apologies for the delay in answering sooner. I actually just read the comments today. Yes it's been a long time since no reply. I've been dealing with the loss of two brothers and personal health issues since this story was published. The information here is based on my nephews close friendship with the family. He's from Avery County and knew details about this incident. Some of you wish to believe that this story was fabricated or blown out of proportion. Well you are wrong, however it's your opinion. You may believe what you wish. I've been to the house along with my nephew. It's quite amped up with energy there. I wouldn't go back. My nephew has spent quite a bit of time listening to the elder friend, family tell the facts of the story as well as time inside the Andrew Sparks house. 🙂
Lealeigh in I Believe Her

I think the tactics they both used against your friend are a form of controlling her; they both wanted to scar her in the same way because it would limit her options in the world.

Inside of their minds they felt secure that they would never be left alone in the world if Gloria felt like she wouldn't be accepted anywhere else.

I think that's why I said that I could never forgive such a thing; that kind of abuse has it's roots in something very sick.

I had a very close friend in my twenties that was in a relationship with a guy who did the same thing; he pulled her hair out by the roots. I feel like I did what I legally could for her; he would never strike me when I got between them. He went to jail a bunch of times but she would always end up with him again.

In the end, their relationship ended when he went to prison for some other great, lumbering character flaw. He's still there, as far as I know.

I am glad that your friend got away.

- Maria
lady-glow in She Has My Face

Has anyone else's BS detector gone off?!?!?

"they induced her and I was born very very early because (this is embarrassing) while in the womb I was about to make a bowel movement and they had to get me out before I did or I would have died in there too."

Sunshinemilia... Are you aware that, during gestation, babies feed and eliminate body waste through the umbilical cord?
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Maria.

I don't know why but I am unable to vote you up. It tells me to vote for someone else.

Gloria has scars in her head from when her mom's ring cut her skin. When Gloria was 17 years old she moved in with a guy that physically, and emotionally abused her. She stayed with him for 3 years until the guy's own sister helped her move out. She has a spot on her head where hair won't grow from when this guy literally pulled her hair out. It is so unbelievable that this guy and her mother both used the same methods to abuse her. According to Gloria, both always liked to hit her with stuff on the head. They would both tie her up so you wouldn't run away and they both liked telling her that she was worthless and that she would be better off dead. To me, it seems worse when this abuse comes from your own mother. What amazes me the most, is how can someone that has endured so much in her life be such a kind, thoughtful and generous person? My friend Gloria is one of the most kind people I know. She's been through so much, she deserves to be rewarded.
Thank you for all of your input and comments in regard to this, it's very interesting to read all of your knowledge on this! And apologies for not replying sooner.

MusingsGrace you make some very interesting points, one including the fact that people would sing this song at pubs. I decided to do a little research on the property to understand it's history. I found out that before farmers lived there, it was a pub where many workers and people would pass. It was directly next to a canal so it had a lot of traffic come it's way.

In regards to any more information I can give, here goes:

The music - it was definitely instrumental. Like a violin or something similar. It was faint but loud enough if that makes any sense!

The house - it was built in the 1700s after further research.

The history - my grandmother had only lived there for 10 years before her passing. Before her were apparently farmers. Again I think I need to do a little more probing with family to see if they recall anything that sticks out to them.

Location - based near the River Severn in Gloucestershire, England.

I do hope this helps somewhat! I'll come back with anything else I find.
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] Breaghboo we live in a small city in the south and at the time of my birth it was even smaller than now. Doctors here, while most are very amazing and would never intentionally commit malpractice, there are a good chunk of doctors that are very... Shady. (many been caught practicing while on drugs or lying to patients.) I suppose I should have elaborated on the circumstances of my/our birth. My mother was quick to believe the medical records because when she was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with me my father threw her over a desk and she began to bleed heavily. She didn't go to the doctor until her next ultrasound and either then or shortly after they induced her and I was born very very early because (this is embarrassing) while in the womb I was about to make a bowel movement and they had to get me out before I did or I would have died in there too. I wonder why they never saw another on the ultrasound but it's not unheard of for them to be missed but from what I can tell my parents were not big on ultrasound so I assume before I was born was the only time they had gotten one. However, even on the chance that the medical records are wrong I still have the question of what the heck is that thing that's been in my house pretending to be me?
Lealeigh in I Believe Her

"Gloria has scars on her head from where her mom used to hit her with a ring she wore on her finger."

I am happy that you say that Gloria isn't beaten down by years of abuse. I am not sure if I would be able to care so much for a person if they left scars on my face; scars that are still visible decades later.

This might be vanity talking but if I still had scars from being routinely cut in the face by someone's (diamond?) ring, I believe that I would wash my hands of the situation. I have never been accused of being "too nice".

I believe that your friend, Gloria, will be rewarded eventually for her forgiveness.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in I Believe Her
Greetings, Haven:

Thanks for your informative & detailed response.

When you described that some of Gloria's siblings used to intercede on her behalf, I felt a rush of joy: "Aha! There *is* hope for some stable sibling friendships in Gloria's life!" Knowing that even a couple of them are willing to sympathize with Gloria means that some of my more dire fears are unjustified.

Staring fixedly at that silver lining,
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, LuciaJacinta.

I can't wait to read your story about your patient with dementia.

Thank you.
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Biblio.

Don't mind hurting my feelings, I know you would not do it on purpose or to be mean, and I appreciate and value your opinion and advise.

Gloria's siblings often tell her they don't know how she can be taking care of their mother after all she put her through. Often times it was the siblings that would intercede on Gloria's behalf when she was being punished. They tell her they remember her mother leaving her bloodied and bruised from the beatings. Carmen had seven children, three from a previous marriage and 4 from Gloria's biological father. Most of her siblings tell Gloria to put their mother in a nursing home, one of them begs her to keep her and then there is the one that threatens Gloria with never "forgiving" her if she puts their mother away. None of them offer to help. Gloria has scars on her head from where her mom used to hit her with a ring she wore on her finger. Just recently, Gloria saw the ring in her mom's jewelry box and she went and pawned it. Gloria told me about it and was happy she was able to get rid of it. It amazes me how Gloria can tell me all of these horrible memories she has without breaking down. I consider myself a strong person and often times I end up in tears when she talks about her childhood.

I think, as does Gloria, that when Carmen passes the relationship between the siblings is going to be a lot worse than it is now. Carmen has accused Gloria of stealing from her and there are some family members (nieces and nephews included) that believe this is true and have told Gloria that she will get nothing form her mother's will.

Gloria's father was a very kind man. He married Carmen with 3 young children and cared and loved them as his own. Gloria tells me that Carmen was very mean to him as well. Carmen would punish Gloria and would send her to bed without dinner, when her dad got home he would hide parts of his own meal and sneak them up to her room when Carmen wasn't watching. Gloria said he preferred giving her part of his dinner than to have to argue and fight with Carmen.

I knew that Carmen would often complain about seeing and hearing people but I had not heard a description of the people until after I saw what I saw. I do not want to add to Gloria's stress so I have not told her what I heard and saw. In fact, I never tell anyone about the things I see, I don't want to come off as crazy or WORSE, a liar. The YGS community is pretty much the only people I can talk to about what has happened to me.

I really like reading your comments, even when not addressed to me, they have been very helpful. Thank you!
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Daz.

No apology needed, I know exactly what you are talking about. I have also heard about people getting better, almost miraculously, only to pass away days later. Your theory is very interesting and makes sense to me. I hope Carmen does try and make amends with Gloria before she passes, for both their sakes.

I will definitely keep you updated.

Haven in I Believe Her
Hi Tweed,

I believe Carmen was talking at the time. When I heard the giggling and I saw something run past the door I looked over at both Gloria and Carmen to see their reaction. They just carried on as if nothing. You are right about the child seeming to have been spoiled, she likes to run and hide from Carmen. I thought maybe she just wanted to play but what you say about this being a game to her sounds like it could be true. How creepy...
Hello shootingstargirl120,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I must admit that the locking incident quite interesting.

What I also found more interesting is that there is actually a university teaching a ghost hunting program. Would you be able to share the name of the university with us, please? I really would like to read the program outline.

In addition, your comments also stated that "I was mearly taking photos at a place my professor would by I could truly be doing the class work". Thinking that someone actually wrote a dissertation on ghost hunting and convinced his committee about his findings and got a PhD on that?

Last but not the least, I hope that you have managed to quit smoking. *Ducking here - because like fallenangel I don't think smoking in front an infant is the most the most responsible thing to do (even if you take all the precautions).

Anyways, apologies in advance if I ever upset you. Once again thank you for the story.
The little synchronicities in our lives that occur every so often give many of us hope and faith that there is more after death. In this case, I do believe your mother - or at least your guardian angel - was indeed giving you messages from beyond the veil.
Tiffanykelda in Ghostly Voices
I honestly believe that your parents are letting you know they are there. When my mum passed 18 months ago I would hear her call my name. I also would get little signs that at first I thought was down to my desire to speak with her and my imagination. I have also had trouble with relations that great a lot of negativity around me and in my life. I used to withdraw from them but me being me would then feel guilty, combative or like I was causing the issue. After my mum passed I found that whenever this person would try and get in contact with me my phone would simply not answer their call. I would be pressing the green phone icon and it just wouldn't accept. Sometimes when it did all I got was phone interference but when I had calls from other people immediately after there would be nothing wrong with my call. Withdrawing from this person has been nothing but a blessing in my personal situation. I do think that they help us put boundaries in place or protect us from negative influences. I obviously cannot say, not knowing the situation, if it is right to stay away from this person or even if it is possible, just that I relate to everything you have posted. For me personally it was a blessing. I am so sorry for loss but I truly believe the ones we love never really leave us and these things that happen are their way of letting us know they are there still looking out for us. ❤ ❤
Dear Silverthane61, Yes, I also believe something may have attached itself to me. I've done a lot of reading since the last episode. My girlfriend has mentioned healers. Maybe I need to look into this. The bad luck I've had these last 2 years is unbelievable, to say the least. And I am a logger, been working in the Mohawk valley. Wondering, as the bad luck all started on this one job, but has gone with me to 2 other jobs. And it's not just at work. The bad luck is every part of my life except, the only good thing has been, I met my girlfriend during the 2 years Hence, the only good luck in those 2 yrs
Dear Cherubim, I've also tried saging myself and the entire second house to no effect. No longer live at either place so can't get investigators in, but thanks for input.
Dear Lealeigh, I've done self cleansing with a burn stick of Sage but didn't seem to work. Thanks for the insight and will try this.
MrsRamsay, I'll be up in Frankfort today and will give you the exact address of the first apartment where it all began. But the second place where it breathed in my ear was Old Creek Rd, which is St Rt 168. The 911 address is 2374 St Rt 168 Mohawk. Something else I forgot to mention, there was a small room under stairs to upper apartment in the first place. I put a twin bed in there. I slept there just one night. I woke several times having same dream. Couldn't remember dream except Indians, it had something to do with Indians. It was a nightmare actually, I woke terrified 2 or 3 times over. Seemed like I was having same dream over n over. I never slept in that room again.
Lealeigh in I Believe Her

I cannot up-vote your comment enough. Especially this part:

"I'll tell you now: *when* Carmen dies, Gloria's going to be the most heartbroken of the kids but she'll get the least appreciation in Carmen's will."

It is so sad to me. You are probably right. I hope her siblings have their hearts in the right place.

- Maria
Lealeigh in My Three Hauntings
Hello Vickie and welcome to YGS,

I was wondering about something; I apologize, in advance, if I am mistaken with what I know of the Civil War. I didn't think that any battles took place as far north as Connecticut. Are you sure that you didn't mean to say that you lived near battle sites from "The Revolutionary War"?

I wish that I wasn't a "nit picker" but it hurts the front of my forehead to not "say" anything.

I am glad that you were able to work things out with your husband. As long as you're both happy and no one feels disrespected, I'm all for it. Even though it hurts me to hear about how many broken homes there are everywhere, it's worse for children to grow up in a place with unresolved tension; I would know.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in I Believe Her
Greetings, Haven.

I believe Gloria, too.

I've been letting your narrative simmer in the back of my mind for the last few days. I wrote the first paragraph of a reply to you when it was initially published, 6 days ago, but thought that I could be stirring up trouble where reassurance and kindness were more necessary. You know me by now; I'm much better at facts & phenomena than people's feelings.

I deleted my initial response because I did not want to cause you any upset. However, the response won't go away & it has been nagging at me since I deleted it. That usually means I have to swallow my reservations and plunge into the discussion with a sense of trepidation.

Gloria's relationship with her mother is an unhealthy one. Abuse and criticism are all she's ever known from Carmen, so Gloria's tolerating more of the familiar unkindness she knew as a child. Though this is damaging, it's damage she is telling herself she can handle because she has carried the burden before. I recognize emotional endurance & defense walls when I read them. --Interesting that, now they're all grown, the other kids don't want to deal with the real face of the mother who loved them as kids; they're even ok with Gloria being made to carry their share of the burden.--

I'll tell you now: *when* Carmen dies, Gloria's going to be the most heartbroken of the kids but she'll get the least appreciation in Carmen's will. Gloria's siblings may go along with this, too, as leaving Gloria out was normal for them in the past & in the present, so the future won't change their dynamic *unless* one or two siblings have reached out to build better relationships with Gloria without Carmen as a factor.

Now, to the more paranormal aspects of this narrative.

In your response to Cherubim, you stated: " to see her dead husband, Gloria's father,...she curses him and starts insulting Gloria about her 'good for nothing father' bothering her. Her husband is just as forgiving as Gloria because Carmen made his life hell when he was alive, I don't understand why he would come back to try to help her cross over." Carmen's husband is there because he's filled with the same mercy one finds in the truly kind or in the unexpectedly forgiven. He still loves her and can see past her flaws to the soul that is lashing out in pain (mostly at Gloria). I suspect he can see the scars from whoever abused Carmen earlier in life that make her aggressive and unpleasant now. (I'll add that I think he's a hell of a lot kinder than I am.)

Oddly, I got the most negative reaction from the spirit of the girl "about 5 years old, with a blue dress and ponytails," who "stands by her bed and just stares at her. Carmen asks her who she is and what she wants, the little girl just giggles. When Carmen gets up and tries to come close to her, the little girl runs and hides behind a chair or goes in the closet, all the while laughing." I do not believe that this entity is kind *at all.* I agree with Leighlea, "It chooses to harass Carmen because Carmen is most likely not to be believed."

Your witness of the event "I saw something run across the bedroom" and "it was something with blue clothes" appears to corroborate the details of Carmen's claims, though your anticipation of the spirit's appearance wearing "a blue dress and ponytails," may have shaped your perception of her to some degree. I think it wanted you to mention its presence to further unsettle Gloria; if Gloria has a breakdown due to stress & exhaustion, she's another potential target for harassment.

The lack of internal logic that "there is a man that she knows was hired by Gloria to kill her, this man tells her that he wants her dead." If Gloria hired a hitman, why would he just appear & try to scare Carmen to death with verbal threats? I'm inclined to agree with "that it is part of Carmen's dementia."

There's more to discuss, but it's late, so I'll leave it there for now.

aussiedaz in I Believe Her

Looking over my last post I may have come across a little insensitive to the health status of Carmen, that was not my intention assuming her end may be near. ''apology there''.

I stand by the research that suggest people close to death do have increase levels of paranormal activity, however, this may not be the case with Carmen.

I would probably keep a diary of things Carmen said and asked her if she knew their names?, the end may be a long way off however, when they talk about their spouses and parents visiting, that may be a sign things are getting worse. Gloria seems like a great, kind forgiving daughter for looking after her mother, bless her heart!

Regards Daz
Cherubim in Ghostly Voices
Oh wow! I do believe both of your parents are warning you. I'd stay away from the creepy in law. I don't think it's weird that you talk to your folks, I do it from time to time too. It brings me comfort. If you are hearing them say "yes," I'd listen. ❤ I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless and thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in My Three Hauntings
After I moved in next to a graveyard I started having happenings too. It's amazing to me how children can see what we don't. 😳 I commend you for yelling at that entity to never scare your grandson again! It's a blessing you never heard from it again too. I think you may have also experienced sleep paralysis when that book was thrown to wake you up. I've had it happen, but not that intense! I believe something saved you as well. That's creepy how someone hung their self in the cell and you sensed it. Fascinating story, thank you for sharing.
WOW, that is strange! 😳 Maybe it's a kind of premonition. Or maybe it's a real man, did you try to talk to him? I would have ran up and told him all you've said here to see what he thought. Thank you for sharing this interesting story.
Cherubim in Musical Ghost
Maybe by sharing stories it makes what ever entities around you more active. Since you can't be sure if it was a dream or real, it could have been a dream. Strange about the blinking lights though. I would have pulled the covers over my head too! 😨 Thank you for sharing your story.
Tiffanykelda, thank you for taking the time to read my story. ❤ It truly is a wonderful feeling when someone else can relate to what we are sharing! I'm so sorry you lost your mother, but I believe we will all be together again in a much better place. So now you can let your ex know you've met someone else with a similar experience!
Lealeigh in Wandering Soul

I believe, if you have the feeling that it is your Grandmother and if nothing else happens to change that feeling, then it's good for you to think that. It's comforting to think of a recently deceased family member, taking a last look before they leave this world.

In 2016, my Grandmother died, after years of illness. During the last months of her illness, she never wanted her bedroom door closed; from her bed, with the door open, she had a good view of most of the living areas of the house. It was comforting for her to know which areas of the house we were in; if she needed anything, she knew where we were.

After she died, my mother, my aunt and I all lived in the house for a short while. It was almost a month and we were taking care of whatever loose ends existed with the house (my aunt was selling it).

For some reason, each one of us felt more comfortable with my Grandmother's bedroom door closed. Maybe for my mother and aunt, it was because my Grandmother died in that room; I never asked them why they wanted it closed. For my part, it was because of my cat. While my Grandmother was living, she would never allow my cat in her room (my cat has a strange and endearing habit - when someone is sick, he is compelled to always lay at the foot of their bed; it always seems like he wants to protect them).

After she died, my cat had this incredible attraction to her bedroom. I felt like it was wrong, somehow, for him to be in there because he looked as if he were taking advantage of the situation.

Whenever any of us closed the door, there would be a brief waiting period and the door would swing back open. There was no exception; whenever I was the one to see it happen, I would also hear the door knob turn.

I think, that if you feel that it is your Grandmother, then it is okay to do so.

Thank you for sharing your story!

- Maria
This makes me miss my purebred Siberian husky, desperately. My mom got her when she was pregnant with me, as a puppy. Her name was Tanya. We literally grew up together. Until I was in fifth grade. From the time I was in the womb. She had one blue eye, and one brown eye. She was a special girl. Very special. Dogs are the best.
I have my English black lab Liza, here with me today. Sometimes I feel like we don't even deserve their pure and sacred souls. Anyone who doesn't treasure all animals, is someone I know I'll personally never trust. LOL
Yikes. Snakes aren't slimy, but that's horrifying, nonetheless. There's tales of these monstrous sized snakes. That's so scary.
aussiedaz in I Believe Her
There is a phenomenon I only stumbled onto a couple of years ago, of which I found to be valid especially when I had listened to the phenomenon through the eyes of some nurses and doctors. Apparently, there have been people with Alzheimer's and dementia who have basically lost all knowledge for months or even years who have regained 100 percent of their memory just before they died.

Sometimes it's about a week away from dying that these people regain full memory of and their loved ones (who btw) think it's some sort of miracle of which sadly ends with the person passing away... It can be a week before, however generally it is with in the last 24 hours of their life and as I said, I have listened to a few doctors and researchers talk about the phenomenon, so I'm satisfied something really strange is going on? Although the high priest of our scientific community won't give it the time of day in the sense of trying to explain how the friggen brain could recover the way it does?...anyway that's another topic,

This one poor lass, who was born a deaf mute and basically institutionalised her entire life with nothing more than medically assistance to keep her alive... 24 hours or maybe less before she died she was basically sitting on her bed singing and talking to the doctors like nothing was wrong... The doctors were stumped?

Theory: mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind... The body is an avatar and perhaps when the spiritual self is ready to leave the earth Matrix (in these rare case's)... It doesn't matter how chemically broken down the brain is their spirit basically just comes through and communicate's as if everything were fine and if you believe in an after life, is this phenomenon circumstantial evidence of how consciousness exist outside the brain and not a by product of the neurons and micro tubules as some hard core materialist assume it is? Btw... No one knows? Science is only based on what they can measure.

This phenomenon doesn't happen to often Haven, however if it does with Carmen, you'll know the end is near. Carmen may try and make it up with Gloria before she goes that would not surprise me.btw,

If it does occur please let me know, I'm still researching these types of accounts they are extremely interesting. The account may be an hallucination, however the research shows that when people are dying... The level of paranormal activity does start to increase.

Regards Daz
LuciaJacinta in I Believe Her
I have a very similar story about a patient I had with dementia. I need to write it out and submit it.

Totally believe the story.
Hi Pooja,

How was aura when that lady was present and after she went? Was it same or different?

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