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Rajine in Clap?!
Hi 00786

Perhaps it was your grandfather, giving you a sign to say goodbye and that he'll still be around and that you shouldn't be sad.
Rajine in The Old Nun
Hi AussieRedDog

She must be a really dedicated person to still be around a hundred years later, the things that you and your friend experienced in the school happened during the weekend when no one was around and everything was quiet, has this sort of thing happened after that first time, say when the school was in full attendance?
Thank you for you comment sir.
Yes, maybe it is a guardian angel!
I have forgotten that this is a new account... 😕

Well, in my other account I think I have written a few stories about a heroic ghost phantom boy in that same shopping mall.
It might be him but until now I am not sure 🤔

A guardian angel perhaps? Or a guardian spirit of some kind is my guess. I too would rather see a ghost than see a ghost being made.
Wow, what a relief!

You know what? I used to work in a haunted building. We used to have night shifts (grave yard shift?) but nobody really wanted to stay until midnight...

I used to go for night shift, but the managers will not arrange me into that shift since really no one wants to stay until midnight for some reason. 🙄

I did some research and found out that the location where the building is used to be a ghettos where many crimes happened... Hmm 🤔

I was told once by a young building manager (cleaner) that he will see shady people at the basement floor during around 2:00 to 3:00 morning (or midnight) eerie... 😨
I am kind of late for my comments but this made me cry 😭
I remember when my grandfather died my grandmother use to say that she dreamed about grandfather but did not know how to communicate with him even he was right in front of her 🤔
That does not seem to be the matter at all for your case of you Senhora Lady-Glow.

Remember I used to write about encounters with my old house cat, Aurora back in Brazil? Not now a days but years ago, I used to dream of her whenever I feel sad, and you know how house cats can be so touching sometimes as if they know we feel sad and wanted to make us smile? That's what she will do most of the time in my dream.

I am sure you know, a person will just act like the person him/her self in our dreams too. Sir JR might be worried about you right until you told him that you don't need him anymore, he respects you and so he went along. Just my thoughts 😉

Interesting encounter 😲

As Rajine commented, try to do some research and you might find something interesting!

And as a ex-ghost walker too, I recommend doing research yourself to make your tour much more interesting in the future 😉
blosomes in Mystifying Morning
Meu amigo!
Something is protecting you in this case!
Like many had commented, the light 😳
It really is an experience all people who meditates or an exportin such will really experience. 😉
I am sorry to be using this space for a hello board but hey 😁
I am good got too much to tell you guys/gals 😉

Oh am I glad to see you around! 😭
I miss my days in Brazil already lol
Roy! Welcome back!
Where you been? Whatcha doing? Questions, questions... And - virtual hugs hello!

Welcome back.

blosomes in The Old Nun
Ah...seeing people from the past...
Not me but back in Brazil my father used to see old solders marching in an evening beach nearby and always would say that my grandpa was there too 😕 Really? But now, I kind of want to believe in that. 😐

Wow 😨
What an experience 😲
Very informative! 😁

Ghost tours now a days are made for real people like you!
Good luck!

Hello, just a random guy passing by.

Well, this sure is interesting, did you not do a research on old news and so?

The company can hide lots of things behind you, so it will be the best to do some research before entry 😉

Ryujin ❤
Hello! Guys and gals!
I am back with a different account!
I don't know what happened to my account but this story seems to be the last one I submitted? 😭
I am alive and I am now away from my home back to where my great grannies are lol

Em...I hope someone will remember me here 🙄
nesty_khuletz in They're Just Guiding Us
Hi ParanormalInvestigator19,

Unfortunately I have not known the full history of the place aside that I have been told the death of the former owners there, and it has been long abandoned before take over of the new owner.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Shadow Man In The Fedora
DreamBird, first off I am so sorry for your loss and what you are experiencing with your father, it sounds like a trying time for you for sure.

I am aware of the back alleys you speak of, they exist in Tucson as well, so it provides a good mental image.

I don't believe you have anything to worry about. Your gut feeling about the entity/being you saw was correct, the behavior of your little protector (dog) verifies that. Animals can read energy and intention very clearly even from a non corporeal form.

Often when a person is experiencing negative emotions to an extreme, such as in your case, it can attract other entities/spirits that function at a similar vibration, like attracts like and they feed off it. In many cases they can exacerbate the emotions, make them worse to keep the cycle going. I think this was something passing through that sensed the strong emotions you were experiencing and stopped to check it out. It obviously kept its distance from the house and did not want to be detected by you, thus its sudden disappearance when you spotted it.

You need time and space to process the grief/sadness/loss and other emotions you're going through, it's a lot for a person to go through. My hope is that you're not doing it alone and that you have some sort of support from family and friends? It would be prudent to protect yourself and call upon a spiritual support as well, according to your beliefs, whether its prayers, sage burning (there's a wonderful place in Sedona that sells a sage spray) or a myriad of other ways to keep these types of entities from attaching or prowling around as you definitely don't need them hanging around your space.

This could continue to happen in other ways as you're going through all this, and you have a bunch of tools you can use to ensure you don't keep receiving unwanted guests and visitors. Hopefully this helps and good luck!
Hello Rajine,

You're absolutely right on that point. Safe to say, I was a little headstrong having grown up with that sort of thing occurring with some frequency. This particular set of events was about 13 years ago now, had forgotten to add a time-frame. These days, if I attempt to communicate, it's nowhere near as carefree. Fortunately/unfortunately many times I don't really do it actively.

Short situation was visiting a friend for the first time ever. I saw a shadow of someone down their hall. I asked if they'd had that sort of trouble before. When they said no, it left to their bathroom. Within three days, he told me they had to cleanse their bathroom mirror as a presence had taken residence in it. Until, I'd come around there'd been no issues.
However I am glad that you and your friends weren't affected negatively from your encounters and that nothing attached itself to you'll.
Hi Skadus

I think it's safe to say that we should never attempt to "provoke" any type of supernatural activity, it's not even safe for people who have had years of experience dealing with the supernatural let alone first attempts. There's no knowing what we inviting or letting out into our lives.
Hi MsRevz80

Condolences on the loss of your cousin, I'd like to think that wherever he is, he's happy and at peace. It's never easy losing a loved one but all we can do is remember the good times we shared with our loved ones.
The pandemic was stressful all around. From the forced isolation to this political issue and that one.

Certainly, one could die from covid because of having the disease, but it is, in my opinion anyway, also a death from covid because of the distress of forced isolation. A phone call or video chat is no substitute for face to face interaction but it is better than nothing.

And I don't mean to inflict guilt on anyone by saying this.

The song was probably just a coincidence, but your thinking of your cousin was not.
Hi Rajine, I told my mother and she did a small ritual yesterday and today I feel much better, the heaviness of some sort has ended. Also, I am sleeping in my parent's room for the last 3 days so feeling okay in my sleep as well.
AussieRedDog in The Old Packing Shed
Paranormalinvestigator19, mate I thought I had that story up but I didn't. I will relate that story soon but yea it was imprint of the violence that occurred there, and it is the same throughout Australian history of massacres of the Indigenous, same in America with the Native Americans. These ghosts who my mate and I heard were residue of the past... It was freaky to hear...
ParanormalInvestigator19 in They're Just Guiding Us
Aside from the history of the old couple that died on the premises was there any other recorded deaths at the building?

Also I do feel as though the spirits were almost acting as guardians in a sense, like they were hanging around and seeing what was going on in the area, and how it was being used in current times.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Old Packing Shed
Unfortunately, like Rajine had said, tragedies like that tend to leave a mark on the world, an imprint on the energy sorta speak.

Also led me to another question, with other times of hanging out with your friend, you mentioned having an experience with something called "the nun" was this on the same property that his father owned or somewhere else?

Was a pleasure to read the story.
Sleeping-with-steve in Shadow Man In The Fedora
Hello DreamBird,

My sincere condolences go out to you.

It's a very difficult time that doesn't get easier but hopefully progresses to beautiful memories that will fill your heart with warmth.

I don't know much about the shadow man wearing a hat. You will find YGS members have so much to share. It's a great community, and hopefully you'll get an idea of who it was, why he came, and if it means something, from these forums.

Sorry I can't be of help, but I just want to reach out and say, 'be strong'. It's difficult, but in time the memories will help you heal.

Best wishes,
Hi Aslipablo

After reading your previous incidents and this one I must say that I think something definitely follows you, it's hard to say whether it's trying to tell you something or is just following you for more malevolent reasons, but I think you should seek help from someone who'll be able to shed more light on what you are experiencing.
Hello. I seen "The Hatman", when I was 15 or 16. I think these entities come around when one is in negative circumstances. I was dealing with a lot of issues at that time. I can't say, I want that experience again.
A new update- My used pens (5 to be precise) were lying on the floor yesterday (they are kept on a shelf) when I had gone to the washroom for 10-15 minutes. It was around 1 am, came back and said a god's mantra and put the pens on the lower rack of the shelf so they don't topple. Guess what-

Sat at my table to read a book and in front of me, only one pen just toppled down from the lower rack like something took it and thrown it there. If it had fallen too close from the shelf I would have understood it was my wrong placing but this was further away than a pen would fall. I was scared but kept my cool. I will attach a picture if something again happens but in the story format.
valkricry in Wth Case Files
00786, thank you for your kind comment. Things have been quiet here for the most part. Still the occasional WTH, but nothing big. Which I'm totally ok with.😆
Hi Rajine,
You are absolutely right. I don't think I will ever get over losing him, or the way he was lost, but I'm learning to move forward (and take him with me).

I seem to recall seeing something similar as a child but I don't think it was the same being. It definitely didn't feel right or good seeing this thing. It could be possibly that my grief attracted it. I prayed for protection after that night and nothing so far, has been out of the ordinary (thankfully).

Hi DreamBird

It's never easy losing a loved one, no matter how much time goes by that emptyness will always remain, however we learn to move ahead.

Was this the first time you saw something like that? I'm not sure what it was but if you didn't get a good vibe from it then it might not be a loved one, we all have a primal instinct that helps us determine whether something is good or not.
I've read all your stories and each one of them is so nicely written and everything is explained in detail. My favourite one was that possession of the hand it gave me goosebumps and I'm so sorry about every dear one you lost during the tears but that's what's called "life".So now I'll have to look for some other lovely writers until you post new stories. Take care ❤️
RCRuskin, thank you.

The only image that comes to mind is a picture I have of my great-grandfather. I didn't think of this until later. He is pictured wearing a fedora and would be about the same height as the shadow man. A message possibly?

I definitely did not get good vibes from this thing. My mother asked me if it could possibly be my deceased love. I don't think he would show up and scare me or the dog. Surely the dog would have recognized him. My partner was also shorter in stature than the shadow. So I suppose I don't know definitively. Thanks for reading and commenting!
May the Memory of the love of your life be Eternal.

I have just one question regarding the hat apparently being worn. Do any of the people you mentioned own a fedora, or do they have a connection with someone known to?

BettinaMarie in Annoying Phantom Cats
Welcome and thank you for posting. I hope you have access to a decent health care provider. Neuropathy is no joke. Do go see a doctor if possible, and never change up med or dosages without a pharmacy approval.

I have never had " bites" but I used to see phantom cats sometimes, out of the corner of my eye. I am fascinated that other people have seen them too. I never " felt" only "saw" them.

It was weird to admit to an eye doctor that I had been seeing cats -but I did. He was kind enough to do a normal exam, to verify that what I "saw" was not my eyes playing tricks.
If someone reacts judgementally they are probably not a very competent pro, keep asking until you find an answer. There is no shame in asking your primary health person for a referral to a general sort of counseling, and you don't have to say why you'd like a counselor. If you have a rabbi or someone spiritual you know, they might offer some decent perspective or advise.

You could maybe frame the question as if you were describing a dream, if you are shy to admit you "see" things while awake. Finding out it was not my actually my eyes failing, really put my mind better somehow. I also have not seen any cats since then, so for me it may have been some kind of projection? They never touched or scared me but was very odd to see. I am very unconventional person, so I geuss I just ignore mean opinions. If you are scared or hurting, I don't think it matters what anyone what anyone thinks of you to ask around and get help.

I still don't know why phantom cat sightings happens but if they or the peripheral creepiecrawls ever actually bit or threatened me... I would be telling them off. Like very loudly and plainly state your claim and purpose. "This is my body, you cannot touch me" or " Get Out of My Home- You are not ever welcome". Or both. Do not bargain, do not be afraid.

I am a however, a little superstitious and would hesitate to name a questionable form, even if it reminded me of a bygone pet or anxious house elf. If it were more pesky than frightening, you might placate it-

Sometimes putting out a little milk and sweets overnight will settle pestering sprites. In old times you would also leave the door unlatched that night, but maybe a safer modern variation would be to stand in the open doorway a moment and focus on ending the annoyance.

Or-spill a bowl of lentils and leaving it so, is an old fashioned overnight way to distract bored spirits, who are said to be unable to resist the task of returning them to bowl. I read this method in a book about medieval carpentry.

Would a spirit cat would probably be more distracted by the bowl left very near the table edge, all the better to swipe off? I am a dog person, I don't know.

In any case, declaring my space and self off limits has always lended me courage even if I may be imagining the unseen threat. You are brave to write and share this phantom biter cat experience. I really hope you find relief. I am sure you have what it takes to reclaim your rest and peace of mind.

As always I appreciate everyone's kind comments and the top-notch Mods at YGS.

Best of Luck

Bettina Marie
Firstreader in Was He A Ghost?
Brother, we believe in you.
Some of this stuff happens all the time. And I can garantee that's not by accident. You got something special, as the delivery guy had too.
nesty_khuletz in They're Just Guiding Us
Hi Rajine,

Yes. Most of the workers assigned on night shift told me they've seen some spirits just having their time within the plant premises. No one encountered this old lady maybe because employees other than authorized are not allowed to use the 3rd floor office. I don't feel her presence in any other floors.

I've got this thinking that it is frequented by ghosts because it has long been abandoned building before its re-development.
Hi nesty_khuletz

It seems like the spirit you encountered was a good on and maybe even attached to that place. Apart from you has anyone else seen anything?
Hi Rajine, It was the first time I visited the place, but next month I have to go again and will be staying for 2-3 weeks for some work. I had only one conversation with the caretaker and he hesitatingly admitted it and also said that I should light the incense sticks every day and in front of the deity (kept in a different room) in the evening (a ritual done every day in Hindu homes and temples after sunset). So I guess I will figure out what happened that day and if there is something there I would have to arrange something else. (p.s.- caretaker is employed recently (6-7 months I guess) by my uncle who bought the flat from the previous owner who left from India a long time ago, so he knows less about the place)
Hi AussieRedDog

Tragedy like that unfortunately leaves its mark on the world and it will echo through out time, because of the violent nature and untimely deaths.
Hi Aslipablo

You mentioned that you stay in this place whenever you are in the city, has anything like this happened previously? It may be either something followed you or the caretaker is not being open about the place you staying.
Hi Cole_Harris

That is indeed strange experiences, I can imagine the older the house the more the history, did you ever discuss this with your family and see if they also experienced anything like you have?
Hi Dergato

Sometimes it's not the building, but rather the land that could be haunted, from your narrative It seems that only you experienced this.
Hi Belros79

The supernatural world isn't as veiled as we might think, did you trying talking to anyone at the hotel regarding the incident you and your girlfriend experienced?
Years ago me and my girlfriend rented a house in Droylesden, manchester England, we lived there for about 3 years, some of the stuff that went on in that house was so insane it gives me the chills now many years later. Things started disappearing in the house only to turn up weeks later in the original spot where they went missing from so we knew something strange was going on. About two years into residing at the property I came out of the front room to go upstairs and at the top of the stairs is what I can only describe as a black figure, it has head legs arms everything but all completely black, the strange thing was the light in the hall was off but I could still see this really black figure. I thought it was a burglar and ran at it to punch it only to find my fist swinging through thin air, I switched the light on and nothing was there it proper freaked me out. A few weeks later after the dark figure incident other strange things started to happen. Someone had bought us an old radio the type that you have to turn the dial to get the sound up you can feel it click on as you turn the dial but it's a Manual action to get the thing to work, it turned on by itself full blast, when we checked it there wasn't even any batteries in it so double freaked out. The last straw came when me and my girl were settling down for the night in bed and I heard a loud angry voice day "get out", I actually though I was hearing things or someone was messing about so I didn't mention it to my partner until the following morning when I asked if she had heard anything strange the night before she said yes I heard " get out", we packed our shiat and left the following week, I never believed in any of this stuff until I saw it with my own eyes, now many years later I still remember the time in that house and all I can say is there is some stuff in this world that we will never be able to explain but if it looks like evil, sounds like evil smells like evil then it's probably evil.
Hi paranormalinvestigator 19 the reason I asked the caretaker is that I want to cancel out any possibility that I brought an entity with me (read my last experience in this forum) or am susceptible to such things.
00786 in Night Horror
The_Lost_Voyage_11: thank you so much for reading my story and for the detailed comment. It really lifted my concerns and I think you're right that if it had the potential to harm me it would have done it in the first place. I have always had very weird dreams and night experiences since childhood but I'm completely new to these dreams (or whatever you call them) which can really be called as sleep paralysis so I really needed more information about it. This really helped thank you 😊
ParanormalInvestigator19 in A Scare In The Empty Flat
That would definitely be a type of situation that I feel like could be pretty alarming if not expected when staying somewhere.

One thing I am a little curious about, because I see in your comment that you mentioned the caretaker admitting that he felt a presence there, and wanted to ask if you have felt a presence there yourself while staying there?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] ladydarke

Thank you, I will definitely hit them up and see if they are interested in taking a look and you're welcome.

The main thing I felt when I heard the feet shuffling along was more of a surprise, or caught off guard feeling, because I wasn't expecting it. At the same time a little bit after when we started to ask questions I did feel goosebumps coming over me like a hair raising type sensation but that was about it.

I also, if all goes according to plan, in the next month or two, want to try and re-investigate and see if I can gather more information, and want to try and see if I can get new evidence from that location.
Hi, lady glow, I actually asked the caretaker but he too was baffled by what I saw. Though he hesitatingly admitted that he has felt a presence there and does not stay inside alone at night (which is now kind of scary for me).
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. This story reminded me one time when my aunt was pregnant and we were very poor at that time, our roof was made out of leaves and shiat and sometimes at night, we would hear very weird sounds and shiat. My aunt would say it's possibly a "tiktik"

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. That was really strange. Kapres are known to tease or play pranks on people. But I think they are one of the less harmful creatures the philippines has.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Yohanchan_MCT in Kapre?
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. My guess is that it is a Kapre cause you mentioned humming, usually kapres are just chill or like to make fun and tease people.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Yohanchan_MCT in Baguio Hauntings
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. I am filipino, I have never been to Baguio before but one day I would like to visit there, I have read a couple of scary stories. I think it would be a great experience checking scary places in there.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. I think I would shiat my pants though if that happened to me cause that's just insane.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! YAY! Thank you for replying and for letting me use your story. I really appreciate it. I will put in the title, your handle and direct link to the story in the description of the video! I will send you a link once its out so you can check it.:) Here is my email so you can send me your insta, creepysister31 [at]

Here's the link to my channel, its new but I hope you like it.

Take good care always!
Hello Nicole and thanks for sharing! It's always nice to run into a fellow up state New Yorker or at least former in my case, though I still enjoy visiting family back there.

Your description of the area you grew up in sounds much like mine, a very old settlement that had once been attacked, in our case a fort, people had been captured and driven out and fires had been set. It was also rich in native american history.

I digress though, onto your story. Ironically it sounds as if there were 2 alternate versions of your house entered through the sewing room in your dreams. First off, in reality, this entryway, could there have really been a doorway there (beyond the closet opening) that may have been walled off to conceal something? The first all white house (replica), you mentioned being curious and wanting to explore, but how else did you feel? Did you feel at all at home or safe, or being watched and uncomfortable (before the look of it changed)?

Ironically the second home in your dreams almost feels like something out of Silent Hill, the decay and sinister feel to it. There's something about that room, the closet in particular, that's being hidden. Something that drew you in and relates to the dreams you have. It quite literally could be an astral doorway, but something must have created it?

Do you know any more about the house, and its history? Any deaths, anything about the previous occupants? There's something to your dreams and the sewing closet, but I would need more information as its not clear, but I feel you experienced something significant for sure.

I'm glad to hear you aren't having those kinds of dreams anymore. I know for years afterward I would have bizarre dreams about our family home and its haunting, until a few years back when I did something about it. The dreams are still a mystery as is what happened there.

I look forward to hearing more of your stories/experiences!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Night Horror
Hello 00786, thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure it was an unnerving encounter to say the least for you.

There are many theories regarding the phenomenon known as sleep paralysis, including the popular scientific one regarding our bodies being paralyzed in our sleep to keep us from hurting ourselves, but there are things that don't add up about this nor explain a person's experiences.

From what I've researched and spoken to others regarding sleep paralysis, what I believe is it's the phenomenon of your astral body/spirit attempting to reenter your body after astral traveling. At night while we sleep our spirit roams free visiting other places/times as well as other planes of existence. We do this in what's referred to as an astral body, some people refer to it as out of body experiences. We don't usually remember any of it, but our dreams can sometimes be fragments of these journeys.

Sometimes as the astral body (which looks pretty much the same as the physical one) reenters the physical body, it doesn't always go smoothly. Sometimes the mind awakens before the transition is complete and you're sort of half in half out. It appears you're paralyzed because you cannot move, but that's not really the case, you just don't have full possession of your physical form and its faculties yet so it appears as paralysis. It looks like you're in your body, but in truth everything isn't 'reconnected' for lack of a better term. People feel odd sensations due to this and they can see and hear things normal people can't because they are still partially in that astral body. Since the astral body can travel to other places/times/dimensions, it is also capable of seeing being/spirits/entities not of our world and hear them as well.

As the mind is awake and doesn't comprehend what's going on, of course fear is the end result and this actually blocks the integration of the body and astral body, the process is halted and it can feel like an eternity. Some people actually fall asleep or pass out, it's the only way to complete the circuit in some cases and get the person back in their body, a sort of fail safe. Some people in your case recite religious phrases and prayers and this helps to, because as the fear dissipates then the integration can continue and as soon as the astral form is back in the body, then the visions and voices disappear and the person can move again.

As to the being you saw and the accompanying voices, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If that entity was out to harm you, it had it's chance. I think it was more curious, observing what you were going through and the fact you could see it as well. That's what I pick up on anyways.

If this is only your second sleep paralysis episode, it doesn't seem a frequent thing, but you can always pray for protection before you sleep and practice other modalities if they're comfortable for you and your belief system. There are space clearings you can do, sage will help, some put a ring of salt around your bed, there are things you can do if you feel you need to. I don't feel there is any danger and it seems you didn't either until you read that other story. It inspired fear, but this being you encountered doesn't seem to give off that air, only curiosity, I think if it had ill intentions, it would have done more than just watch you.

As always trust yourself, do what is right for you, hopefully this helps and Good Luck!
"If anyone would help me to understand if they know anything about this."

Have you asked your uncle if he experienced anything unexplained during the time he lived in the flat?
I think he is more likely to know the answer than any of the members of the forum.

Perhaps you could perform a cleansing/blessing of the place according to your personal beliefs.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Panini18

Are the Kapre known to enter houses? I only have a small amount of knowledge of Philippine mythology through my wife.
I never saw anyone else. It was just me and the feeling of being followed/hunted.

So I don't personally know of any paranormal groups in Saint Augustine proper that might have interest or expertise directly regarding the Old Jail, but I do know of one in Jacksonville, which is about 45 minutes drive north.


You might check in and see if they'd be willing to have a look at your orb footage. I don't know if they've ever investigated the Old Jail, but they are locals and you might pique their interest in order to get their time going over the footage. Also, I don't know how expert they are in photography, but, yeah, that's all I got.

I really agree with you about the shuffling noise, with the caveat that I wasn't there and am going by the details you provide. If it wasn't you doing it, then it sounded way too loud and close to be Mike or echoes of someone even farther away. Did you feel anything when you heard it? Temperature difference, static tingle in the area, even just an extra strong creepy or watched feeling? I'm thinking not or probably you would have said so already.

It sounds like quite an active night/location with so many people experiencing something.

I appreciate that you patiently answered all my questions! Thanks.
Hello Yohanchan_MCT!

I'm glad that you liked my story. Yes you can use this story for your Youtube Channel. You can just plug-in my IG account for credits. Just mention your email here so that I can send it to you.

Also, you can drop down your Youtube channel here so that I can also hear it and your other videos. I'm also interested to hear more paranormal stories from fellow Filipinos.

Best of luck! 😉
Logged into here after remembering my love and fondness for this site as a teen, and remembered how I had meant to post more but never got the time to. But, after finding this post I figured I'd comment and update the void on the fact that I am now 24 and still, in fact, not with them yet lol.
I've had many "backrooms" dreams in my life. At least once, I recall having a "backroads" dream like that. So imagine driving around trying to find a place where all the roads are exactly alike.

Closets are great liminal spaces, spaces that are at the border between spaces. They aren't part of the room itself, but they aren't a room to themselves. Attics and basements are very similar, so it really should not be a surprise that attics and basements become "haunted". The second staircase you describe sounds very much like a servants' staircase. It has a lot to do with how maids and butlers can just seemingly appear, and these are also the "secret passages" in many gothic tales. And they also make great liminal spaces.:)

I find these non-space spaces so intriguing, especially in this experience you shared.
Alright, I was wondering, because I was thinking maybe something could have happened that may have fed into the energy of what was going on that could have led to the changes in the dreams.

Have you ever spotted another person in these dreams or have you always been the only person exploring in the dreams?
To my knowledge, there was no major changes in my life, when these dreams were occurring.
Hi there I hope you get notifications for this or just check in regular... The reason I found your post is because of what I seen on Ghost adventures: house calls. Watch the full episode if you wish it was very interesting to all of your comment with the clicking (getting louder also), and the black shadow mass. But if were you I would skip into 32. 20

Heres the link to watch it:-
ParanormalInvestigator19 in Was He A Ghost?
That must have been quite a shocker to witness, however at the same time, like others have said, I do believe that he wasn't aware of his passing yet before carrying out the remainder of the task at hand at the time of his passing.

I think it also does go to show that you never know when death's embrace will come for us. Could be today, tomorrow, weeks from now or years from now. There's just no way for us to know for sure.

Also wanted to say Welcome to the Site!
That was really interesting to read through, I was curious though, when you mention these dreams about exploring and how it seemed to change over time, do you remember any major events or changes in life that may have some sort of connection to causing these dreams to happen? Or were they consistent? Or was it more of a random or sporadic time when these dreams would occur?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail

Thank you for the input, I have not thought about having a paranormal investigation group look at the footage, and will research into that to have them take a look at it.

I know when I asked that I thought I had seen someone walk through, or felt like someone had walked through the door, and was thinking that someone was there.

When I heard them say did you see that, I wasn't sure what had prompted that at the time, though I know a few people were experiencing other things as well, such as one group mentioning seeing cold spots, and others mentioning hearing things come across spirit boxes.

I do know that when I head the feet shuffling, to me it sounded like it came from inside the cell in front of me, along the wall, but had asked Mike about if he had shuffled his feet, due to the fact that I wasn't sure if there was a chance that it could have echoed, though I feel personally that if it echoed from him, I would have heard the noise behind myself as well, and tested with my own feet to recreate the sound, and couldn't seem to replicate it.

I do apologize for the late reply, works been keeping me busy, and I do appreciate the comment, will definitely look a little deeper into some of the possibilities and questions you posed.
valkricry in Unknown Maid's Room
Hi Chumamesha,
The word you are looking for is enthusiast. I think that counts for something. Just be careful. And no matter what anyone else says, if things get too intense or you start getting really bad vibes, it's ok to just nope yourself right on out of there.

I saw an orb just like you describe years ago. My sister witnessed it too. We were looking out the window after dark when we saw what looked like a motorcycle headlight go flashing down a lane way with some old trailers on our property. There was one man staying there who helped my dad with work, and who owned a motorcycle, so we thought it was him at first - except there was no sound. Motorcycles are loud. It was going too fast not to be motorized, so we agreed it couldn't be a bicycle light and didn't know what else it could have been. We ran out to investigate, ran down the trailer row, saw and heard nothing, so looked around a bit and were standing behind the old barn when we saw a glowing, basketball sized globe of light come swooping over the top of the barn - still going quickly, like maybe 10 km in speed, the same as the light going up the lane. It descended from the height of the barn roof, passed over our heads, and flew away towards our house. We ran after it, but couldn't keep up, so I hollered, "Wait, come back!" And it did. It stopped, swung back around, came back to us, and hovered over our heads. Not knowing what else to do, I said, "Take us to your leader!" In response, it went flashing away even faster than before, off over the field behind our house and away into the distance and was gone.

Because it responded to me, I am certain this orb had intelligent direction. I agree that the only possible thing that could come close is ball lightning, but it wasn't it. There was no ozone smell, no static in the air, no electric crackle, no sound at all. It was also a stable light source; uniform shape, uniform brightness. Also ball lightning doesn't respond to verbal directives.

I don't know what it was either. I wish I'd had something better to say than take us to your leader. My sister is in denial and now says this was a firefly, and gets nonplussed when I ask how many fireflies she's seen the size of her head. Anyway, solidarity! I'm at least one other person who's seen what you've seen, even if I can't tell you what it was.
00786 in Night Horror
Thanks for reading my story Rajine, yeah you're right not just my mother but my siblings also have had some personal encounters but none of them had this kind of experience and we all know that there's something in our house but it has never harmed any of us. My mother once told me that my elder brother and I used to have sleep paralysis from our childhood. I do remember those dreams and I'll share some of them in one of my stories inshallah soon.
Rajine in Night Horror
Hi 00786

I guess if your mum believes you then perhaps something could be in the house and she might have had her own experiences, try speaking to other family members at home and see if they also experienced anything out of the ordinary.
Hi Akin

Orbs have been known to be associated with ghosts and ghostly activity, I remember once a friend of mine sent me a video of the place he was visiting during his vacation and it was at night and in front of him this orb comes moving past, stops in front of him, does a U-turn and goes away, it's hard to explain the size of it but it wasn't small, but big enough to notice and it wasn't moving slowly but not very fast either, and had a light green tinge, strangely enough, during making the video he hadn't noticed it but when I told him to watch the video for the orb he could see it very clearly.
chumamesha777 in Unknown Maid's Room
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Good observation. Thank you for reading my story.

There's a lot of questions we weren't able to ask the care taker, even the care taker wasn't aware about the happenings. I honestly forgot to ask the question if there were really a room on that spot but good question though.

We will definitely give update here regarding the investigation. We are not professionals but I am not sure if this is the right term to place it 'enthursiast'

Thank you.
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
BaiAnina in Was He A Ghost?
This feels like a morbid reminder of our own mortality, and that food delivery people like him (rest his soul) risk their lives everyday for our convenience and to feed themselves and their family. We shouldn't take their service for granted.

It must have been a shock to you, but thank you for sharing all the same. Do keep the guy in your prayers too 😢
Please write more stories. I really enjoyed reading your story:)
It could have been an out of body experience.

Hi Marsoplis and welcome

That is really a strange experience, do think it might have been streetlight from outside or something that cast a shadow on the ceiling? Sometimes there's a reasonable explanation for what we might feel is supernatural, also having mentioned being a easily frightened kid, fear gets the best of us and as a kid sometimes it can go on overdrive.
Jam91191 in 15 Church Close
Sorry for the years late reply it had a very large garden. An l shape lounge. The stairs were just to the left or the front door, and branched out left and right at the top of the stairs. This house was haunted and the people who bought from us now rent the house and have tried to sell many times! It was semidetached. If you want pictures messa he me privately. It also had steps up to the front door. And a crazy paved driveway
Also from what I've read, you seemed alert, could it be perhaps your medication could have played a part in your experience?
Hi ghost_fan

That is indeed strange, more so that whatever it was knew your name, when she was doing her check up did you have any sort of conversation with her? And did you get any sort of response or vibe from her, to suggest that something wasn't right with the situation?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Was He A Ghost?
Hello MohammedAhmed, thanks for sharing!

I certainly understand your reluctance to share this story, to many it can seem hard to believe, however as you said you are in good company here.

I have heard of stories like this before, the accident claimed the deliveryman's life so quickly he did not process what had happened, did not know he had died and so he continued with the task at hand before his unfortunate end. His delivery to you was the last thing on his mind and his spirit/ghost obtained an imprint of the injury, that's why he showed up confused and with a visible injury.

Death as sudden as his is like trying to process a trauma, many people have trouble that are alive dealing with something like this, like when a relative dies just after you leave their house, you can't believe it, it's no different for a ghost/spirit that was once human. His behavior, being confused, not only as a result of the head injury he must have suffered but not understanding why his new form couldn't hold onto something physical anymore such as your food order. He had just passed and took enough energy with him in the process in order to appear as a physical entity even though he wasn't anymore.

I understand it was disturbing, it would be to me as well, such is our lives here on this 3D plane of existence when it crosses that of another entirely different dimension, which as you can see from the scores of stories posted on this site alone, happens quite often.

You are with friends here, good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Unknown Maid's Room
Hello Chumamesha777, thanks for sharing! It sounds like an interesting series of encounters for sure, and has me wondering about who she is.

To answer your question, I am also in agreement that this sounds like a residual haunting, especially since she didn't seem to acknowledge you in any way. However the nature of the encounters may suggest something more than a residual haunting.

If you saw her going into some sort of room beneath the stairs, then there must have one time been a room or a closet in that location. When you spoke with the landlord you stated they were confused about the happenings, but did you ask specifically if there was ever a room or any kind beneath the stairs?

The key to all this and what tickles my mind is the so called room beneath the stairs, both times you saw her she was either coming or going from this location. If it's not residual then it's almost like she was revealing the previous existence of this room? Why?

To me I wonder also why this room no longer exists, if it was torn out or walled over, again why? Was it to cover something up? After all it makes no logical sense to just cover up a room that could be used unless it was to hide something or the room had been damaged badly or some such reason?

The history would be helpful, but may not be easy to find if something's being covered up here. If you could get your hands on the original blueprints/floorplans of the place depending in the age, that may reveal more if you can actually locate this room.

The only other questions I have for you, is was she dressed like maid, or did you assume because she was cleaning that she was a maid? What she was wearing, did you notice if the clothes were modern, or more dated? That may also reveal a time period for you to look into.

Anyways great story, I'll be curious as to what you turn up! Good Luck!
CrimsonTopaz in Was He A Ghost?
Mohammed, This is such a sad situation. The poor guy. I've heard there are many accidents in India, especially with motorcycles. The traffic is hectic from what I've seen on TV. His spirit must not have realised he died back the scene of impact. This is truly a very sad situation. May he RIP. Thank you for telling us about your vision.

Thank you for sharing your footage! I watched it a few times. Those orbs! Hm. There is a lot of reflective surfaces all around; flat white walls in a small space, darkened window glass, glass display covers, glass lamps and cabinets. There's also a lot of shifting, uncertain light; I guess it's the flashlight causing shifts and shadows and pixelation. The orbs do seem to move independently of camera motion, which should rule out reflections in the lens. They move through open space rather than across surfaces and in some pretty deliberate directions. There was at least three times when you talked about the sheriff that the cropped up as well. I guess dust or bugs would be the only possible debunks; I don't know much about photography so I don't know what hallmarks to rule in or out bugs or dust either. Is there any possibility of running the footage by a sister investigator group that might have the expertise to rule on bugs or dust? Maybe a photography professor (is that a thing?) could be asked to look at it?

The shuffling noise was loud! On the one hand your buddy Mike didn't seem to be able to say whether or not he was for sure moving exactly when you heard it - sounded like he couldn't pinpoint the moment in order to account for his feet. And, as valkricry says, there is a lot of people and ambient noise. Still, that shuffle was _loud_. If the footage is accurate, it sounded like it was right there in front of you.

At 3:26 you ask, "Did someone just come in through the door?" What prompted that? Did you see or sense something? You - or at least the camera - had been looking at the door for a few seconds before you said that.

At around 4:15 there are some other people going woooooah in the background and it sounds like one of them says "Did you saw (sic) that?" Do you have any idea what was going on over there?

So I seldom see much in the way of spirits, but I am kind of energy sensitive. I tried to tune into your video to see if I could pick up on anything across the time and distance. Didn't get anything from the orbs themselves. The cell you were in around the 6:30 mark had an anxious feel to it, though that was the room with the effigy in the bed so maybe it was just the accumulated energy of jump scares.:D If you are able to go to the Old Jail after hours, when it's quieter, I hope you share your findings with us here.

I've been to the Old Jail several times, but only on the Ghosts and Gravestones Trolly Tour with its brief visit, so I really appreciated the look you gave us at the cells and staff areas of the prison. It's an interesting place. The cells are awful. Incarceration would have been horrible.
Such a nice story thanks for sharing. Do you know anything more about shadow figures. I used to see some irregular figures at night as a child but I'm not sure what we're they actually
chumamesha777 in Unknown Maid's Room
Hello Rajine,

Thank you for reading my story. Honestly, I just had a conversation with our landlord about the house. They have no idea as to why there's an incident or happenings such as like that.

We will get to find that out. We'll have youtube videos for that.

Stay safe.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] Valkricry

Yeah, the main thing I was caught off guard with was the foot shuffling noise along with the orbs.

I know sometimes dust and bugs can appear like orbs, however with the ones I saw, I didn't see them carry any characteristics of dust or bugs, and was wondering if you may agree on that? Mostly cause I don't have as much experience with orbs on camera and willing to accept any sort of outside opinion on that.

I do know, and agree with you about some noises possibly being contamination, and have been thinking about seeing if there's a way I can get back to do one without as many people present.
Interesting video, but keep in mind, since the site was active at the time (others walking round, etc.) some of your sounds MIGHT be caused by contamination. Echoes and reverb caused by others. Doesn't explain those orbs though...
Hi Rajine

I only know that the house was old and used for some commercial purpose like office or storage because the electricity bill was generated for a commercial unit and not a residential one.

I did not experience anything after that as I installed a Hindu deity in the gallery post that. However Now I look back to that day it was not the house but something from the outside that followed as none of my friends experienced anything ever too.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] LadyDarke

Here is the link to the video however keep in mind it's one of the first times I did an investigation so I do apologize if the video or editing isn't the best.

[at] Aslipablo

I never assume that spirits only communicate in English, so I also attempt to keep an eye out for other methods they want to show themselves i.e. Orbs, knocks, feet steps, knocking, etc.

[at] Rajine

At the old jail they do have records of executions that took place, and had the prisoners build their own gallows. One such prisoner, they approved an experiment to see if he could still recognize and respond when asked questions after he was hanged.
ladydarke in Was He A Ghost?
"He died on the spot." This entire story depends on the delivery of those four words, "died on the spot," and especially on the timing of that line, doesn't it?

Reminds me of some other zingers like,

"Humans can lick hands too!"

"But we don't have a clown statue."

And of course the classic,

"Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"
Rajine in Was He A Ghost?
And yes I am absolutely very sure what you saw was in fact a ghost...
Rajine in Was He A Ghost?
Hi MohammedAhmed

I feel kind of bad for that delivery guy, but there has been known cases where people have seen people who have died and only found out later that the person has been dead for hours if not days.

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