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I did not mean the clothing, I mean looking like the person. Someone "a young guy in his teens with long blonde hair"?
The same thing happened to me the other day, I've had these voices in my ear over the years, but the most recent one happened last week, but it always happens as I'm drifting of to sleep, that moment where you not awake but not quite asleep either, and still are aware of everything happening around you, I've learned to ignore it by now and roll on my side and fall asleep πŸ˜… couple of times I felt a hand brush against my face as well but I don't let it get to me or at least try not to.
Animals can see things that we cannot, it's tragic that your neighbor felt that the only way was suicide, he must have been close to your'll, if your'll saw his spirit after he shot himself.
I've had my fair share of shadow people over the years, I've come to the conclusion that they are just spirits passing by, luckily for you, when you moved whatever was in your old residence didn't follow, I suppose the hippie ghost was attached to the area and hadn't moved on, but hopefully he has by now.
Actually this event happened in 1980... So I guess me using the term dude would be appropriate... Because that's what I remember telling my brother at the time...
To answer the other question No I can't remember ever having any friends in high school wearing a tie die shirt... It was my brother who saw the apparition that described the shirt as a tie die looking shirt.
[at] Keeperofpeace64
A "tie-dyed" shirt could easily be from the 60's as well. It does sound like the neighbor has/ had it right. I'm in favor of Hans Holzer's method of helping ghosts via a trance medium, it's the only way he thought it was possible to "get through" to a ghost.
"Dude!"... OK. That is too 1980s to be a 1960s era Hippie.:)

At the time this event happened, did you have any friends or classmates that could have fit that description? I ask not because I disbelieve, but wondering why your brother thought the hippie was a friend of yours.
Hello, I'm a little late commenting, but your story and experience really spoke to me. I'm old enough to be your mom -- I have two daughters your age -- and I lost my dad at age 7 (in Vietnam) and my daughters lost their dad when they were toddlers (cancer). I was a widow at 32. I can't imagine the car accident and the trauma to your family, but I'm even more astounded at your calmly relating the story of how your dad came by, talked to you and then the part about putting on his black suit! I had dreams a lot as a kid about meeting my dad at the airport and running to him for a huge hug. I would always be crying when I woke up and I always thought it was just a dream, but nowdays, after having other interesting experiences, believe it was truly his way of visiting me and reassuring me. I do believe our loved ones "watch over us" and let us know in various ways that they are (if we are paying attention). I try to honor those I love who've passed by living my very best life. Remember, they would not want you to be sad, but to live FOR THEM, and have the most fullfilling life possible. My decisions in life have been guided by the question: What would make my dad proud of me? Because I do think he's seen it all! Please take care and thank you for sharing your experience.
Brew Singh... In your whole narration... I guess the most important thing was the beer and the ice box... Were the spirits after them?
Rajine - Yea for real! It's definitely crazy how it all happened...

I mean... The light was off the whole time. I got up and used the bathroom a little after I woke up. A whole hour passes by before I had to use the bathroom again, so why all of a sudden this light is on now? If it was some random electrical malfunction in the light, it had all the time beforehand to randomly turn on and could've been on the whole night.

It definitely points to the reasoning that something was lurking around the first time, saw that I was up and decided to mess with me.

It does seem as if it chose "ME" for some reason and not my father.
Hi Dee-J

Most definitely, perhaps for some cosmic reason it revealed itself to you, whatever that may be, but luckily nothing bad happened.
Rajine - I was thinking along those same lines for the same reason.

Whatever it was, I hope it was just passing through and had no other intentions.

It definitely wanted to either play a prank or make its presence known though.

I think if it was malevolent there would've been more activity.
It maybe could have been a passing, random spirit that could have followed your'll and the reason why I think this is, the other days you were there nothing out of the ordinary happened.
I have to say that there are some slight details that I intentionally left out because I didn't know if it was all just my mind running away with me or if it was actually something to it.

But the part in the story where I mentioned that when I was walking past the kitchen area heading to my room, the "eerie sensation " that I mentioned was also coupled with the feeling of being followed.

And when I got in the bedroom the fear was so strong that I felt like whatever it was went into the bedroom with me, and it's like I could "hear" silent shouts imprinted in my mind saying something like "I don't want you here". But the sensation didn't last but a few minutes.

There was a little LED lamp that I had on the entire time during my stay during the night time, otherwise the room would've been too dark as small as it was and despite it having a window.

As I was laying there trying to doze off I was kind of expecting something creepy to happen, like this light also turning off by itself or something but it never did.

Again, the reason why I omitted these smaller details was because I was already on edge and I know that fear can sometimes cause you to think things that aren't actually there.

I wanted to present this incident as rational as possible without trying to sensationalize anything.
RCRuskin- Greetings! How are you doing?

I am glad that I already had my phone in hand at the time, as I was originally headed to the bathroom (I just have a weird habit of always taking my phone to the bathroom with me)

I started recording while I was standing at the door. The dark parts were as I was walking away from the room, dkwn the short hall (you could probably see a short piece of the bathroom in the video) and into the living room where my father was.

The very last part in the video shows me turning around from standing next to the couch where my father was sleeping to look back at the room.

It was at this point where I was going to attempt to wake him up and also right before I started hearing that female voice-like sound coming from the room. That sound was so faint that I wasn't even sure if I had actually heard it or if it was just my ears playing tricks on me.
Thanks for sharing the video. It helps. It is also kind of dark in spots so hard for me to see.
Twilight1011 in Finding Their Way Home
I'm so sorry to hear about your feathered baby's πŸ˜₯ My heart really goes out to you, in this time. I have duckies, that I love, as their my babies. I know the pain you're experiencing now, as I've lost some of my ducks, over the past few years, since having them, since ducklings. It's very painful to experience the loss of a pet, that you love so much. For me, it felt like I lost a family member, and having to begin each morning, seeing the one's you just lost, is so heartbreaking. It took me awhile to get use too, and even longer, to finally be able to talk about them, without breaking into tears. I do free range though, for the most part, with my ducks. It wasn't easy for me to do, but I know it makes them happy, to be able to roam around our place, throughout the day. We live in the woods, and despite my neighbors not being as lucky, for the most part, my ducks have done very well with free range. My only problem with it, is when they ventured to where they shouldn't have (too far from me to run and help, if needed). Fortunately they're not bad about doing so now. But when it starts to get dark, I always put them up in their homes, as they wait by their doors, for me to do so ☺ After losing 3 of my baby's, I finally decided to get us a Great Pyrenees dog, to help keep my other baby's safe. They're known as a Guardian dog breed, that help watch over & protect your live stock and other animals. I'm also a clairsentient, and knew all 3 time's, when I noticed 1 of my ducks weren't with the other's, and didn't come when I called, that they were gone. I could feel it. I lost 2 of my Drake's, to what I believe was a poisonous snake bite, as we found them in the woods, dead, with nothing appearing to look wrong with them, and 1, to what I can only assume was a hawk, as we never found any trace of her. To make that even worse on me, I had saved that particular duck before, from a hawk, that already had its tallens in her wings/side. Luckily I was outside when this was happening, and heard my ducks freak out, running and flapping their wings (they aren't the type that can fly), as they ran towards me, and me knowing they only react like that, when something is trying to harm them, I immediately jump up and scream out really loud lol, (I think that was my reflex reaction, in hopes to scare off whatever it was) and looked where my ducks were running from, to see a hawk ontop of my favorite ducky, so I ran to her, chasing off the hawk. She was very traumatized afterwards, as it took almost the whole day, before she was able to snap out of it, and just go about her day. Her injuries weren't bad at least, but she wasn't able to spread her wings for awhile, until the puncture wounds healed. For me to have saved her then, and to not the last time (because she wondered beyond, where she should have), was very painful to accept. All I could think is the horrific death she must of had, and most likely was very terrified, hoping I again, would save her πŸ˜₯ I apologize to go into so much of that, I just wanted to say, that you're not alone, when it comes to having such a deep connection to your pets. I hope you can find peace soon, and just know, that they had a very good life, that a lot of other chickens or ducks, don't really get to have, and even more so, I truly believe that they all were very much aware, of how much they were loved by us! I was able to eventually find peace in that thought. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and again, I send my deepest condolences.
[at] Rajine The place is indeed beautiful, there are even more heart wrenching stories from the hills that are straight out spine chilling.

Would recommend you to checkout the story of Baralacha La (High altitude mountain pass) - this happened to some of the Indian Army soldiers, there is a museum at that place that is evidence of this traumatic event.

You can also research about the Ghost of Gata Loops - another real life haunting experienced by thousands in India.
[at] Linjahaha - No idea what could have led to this haunting, as many people that I asked replied in a rude manner as if they did not want to be a part of that conversation or a conversation on this subject.

I'll keep looking for more information on this.

Apparently, as I keep giving these instances much thought - recently, all the wall clocks at my home (recently shifted, another place in Chandigarh) stopped at 2:00 AM and as I could relate it to the hospital haunting timing - it was scary. Felt like I've been visited whoever used to stay here, spiritual tenant verification.
Thanks all, this is a great amount of detail to process. Looking forward to research further on the technical points mentioned in some of the comment.

Happy to know such instances are not hauntings, helps me break a barrier in booking heritage hotels in future.

Glad I decided to post it here, widens my perspective beyond imagination (or beyond AI ever could).
Hi, again, brewsingh: I agree with the other previous commenters in that this sounds more like something residual gathered from energy stored up from hundreds of peoples emotions over the many years. The building, itself, is like a tape-recorder of sorts. It's called the stone-tape theory, & this incident seems in all respects to bear it out. All the previous strong energy from previous guests/individuals over the many years has been gathered, & harnessed within the walls of the building itself. Oops! I hope I haven't lost you here as I'm trying to explain it as best I can.
Parapsychologists theorize that certain properties within structures are able to absorb, & harness energy, or very strong emotions given off into the atmosphere. Hence, those structures replay those events back not unlike a tape-recorder.
I hope this 'possible' explanation might enlighten you, or help you understand what 'possibly' occurred that night.
As such it's not really an intelligent haunting, but merely events replaying themselves over, & over again. It wasn't even remotely aware of you, & your girlfriend. Therefore, it wasn't something personal directed specifically [at] either of you. I agree that the hotel staff was all too aware of it, but refused to contribute any information for fear of it hurting their business.
I hope I don't sound too technical, but this is the way it was explained in several books I've read on paranormal accounts.
It was, however, another terrific read. Right next to your haunted hospital posting. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Take Care! 😊 😁
PS. Shimla is a very beautiful place, my grandfather went on vacation there back in 98, however this was during the snow season, we're from South Africa, and I remember looking at the pictures he took of the vacation spots he was at and thinking how beautiful it is.
It's clear from the behavior of the hotel staff they know this is something that happens regularly, and since you mentioned the long history of the hotel, my guess would be that it's been happening for a very long time.
Seems to me like that person who committed suicide is still around, luckily you and your friends did not open or look through any windows that night or I don't know what any of your'll would have encountered.
I can't imagine how it must have felt for you, and the others in the hospital are so used to it like it's the most common and natural thing to experience, but I wonder if it's a resident spirit or something more.
Pets do become part of the family and there's always that special bond, I do hope you find the remaining chickens.
brewsingh, I whole-heartedly agree with L.V... Something very traumatic must have occurred for this incident to keep happening [at] the same time night after night. Some COULD be residual, & some could be intelligent. It's hard to determine [at] this point.
I have worked in more than 1 haunted hospital myself. However, nothing to the extent that you reported in your account. I confess I could not be so indifferent to that particular event happening every night. I would seek employment elsewhere, lol! However, this was a very frightening, &, yet fascinating read. Let us know if you learn anything new about that hospital!

The Best to You! 😁 😁
Hello brewsingh, a great story, I can understand how unnerving it must have been for you and I give you a great deal of credit for being able to maintain employment in such a place.

I too would be curious of the history of the place. Since the phenomenon occurred at the same time every night, something rather traumatic had to have happened in the past that is being replayed at that time. How much is actual haunting, and how much is residual, I'm not sure. I'd definitely need to know more to even have a shot at determining that.

The fact you had the thought of a possible fire (I wonder if it was even your thought, or if you picked up something more) and even the incident with the patient and cigarette, make me wonder if it was a fire in the past. Perhaps patients were trapped in their rooms and unable to flee the fire? They banged on the doors for help. Something that emotional and traumatic could definitely leave an imprint!

The responses of the staff involved, is not surprising. As in any kind of traumatic event, it's a kind of coping mechanism, an admission that it's going on, yet trying not to give it any attention, on some level makes it more bearable, perhaps gives them some feeling of control over the situation.

In either case, if you research the hospital's past, that could yield your answer. Thanks for sharing!
Hello brewsignh, what a fascinating encounter and well written too!

My thoughts on this, starting with the hotel employee's responses, were of course that they knew more than they were telling. The manager's response in particular seemed to be well rehearsed in advance, like he was reading from a practiced script. I also found it strange that they would give you the entire top floor to yourselves, I mean he explained why, but his explanation doesn't sit well with me. Behind it all I'm sure was to keep the place's reputation and ability to attract business intact, but I'm never in agreement with hiding any paranormal facts from anyone for any reason.

That being said, the experience itself, I don't believe was truly paranormal in the traditional sense. Ghost activity typically builds up in fits and starts as they gather energy from the people and environment and peaks at some intervals (sightings, noises, objects moving), before falling back some. It's unusual for the activity you described to have gone on from what I'm assuming was non stop all night. The energy they would have had to amass to generate that kind of activity would fuel a small power plant.

I believe what you witnessed, was a gap or veil in between realities/time. You heard echoes of the past, furniture being moved and activity in the adjacent rooms by hundreds of people over the course of more than a century or so, judging by the age of the buildings you described. The same with the hotel garden. You heard like one era in time being laid over another, literally dozens if not more people, enjoying the garden at all times of day and night over the course of many years. Yes the veil was thin enough where the vibrational echo could cause your chandelier to sway.

What causes it? Good question, the answers have to do more in the area of quantum mechanics/physics, but India is highly spiritual and has an interesting past. We may never fully explain it, at least not with our current level of understanding, but nonetheless you were obviously witness to a truly remarkable event. Nothing dangerous or harmful, neither of you seemed to pick up on any ill intent, and didn't describe any such feelings. Usually any malevolent spirits invoke such feelings in people. You just seemed discombobulated from the experience which is to be expected of course!

A thoroughly enjoyable read, thanks for sharing!
brewsingh, This is a fantastic account. Albeit frightening, & I give you a lot of credit for coping with it.
Did anyone ever reveal what could be behind all the door banging? Does anyone even remotely know the history of the place? There 'has' to be a reason behind that haunting. I assure you that it is a haunting, but caused by what? That's my question.
If you ever learn anything in relation to this incident please post it here. I, for one, would be most interested in reading about it. Very good read!

The Best to You! 😁 😁
Jubeele--So great to hear from you! You bring up many interesting possibilities and avenues. I did think that what we were hearing might be a prankster, but now believe it is connected to the upheaval of a major move to another state we're starting to plan, as well as some general anxiety and tension related to that, work etc.

After returning home after two nights away yesterday, I had a full night of pillow tapping. Like one other incident, it perfectly mirrors Mrs. Manafon's breathing, starting and ending EXACTLY with each breath.

Like Rex telling your farting refrigerator to stop making its weird noises, I have spoken to whatever is bugging us but with no positive results. As an aside, soon after we moved into this place, and after everything was given a clean bill of health, our water heater caught fire and then flooded the unit below us. Like you, I wonder if we missed some warning.

I am becoming convinced that the odd tapping and clicking we've been hearing is related to our pending move and the stress associated with it, among other anxiety-triggering things. Thanks so much for your very considered comment. All the best to you and Rex.
GingerRead in Sisters Forever
Rajine: She came across it very randomly in a paper roll of coins. It was a very uplifting moment for her.
Rajine in Sisters Forever
That seems like a very, to the point sign, if there ever was one, do you know how your grandmother came about having that coin?
I read all your stories, very interesting life you have had. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for saving lives too!

This is really odd - it's pillow talk on another level. But I wonder at the timing of it. Why has it started now? Has it taken all this while for enough energy to gather critical mass in order to manifest? Any particular issue bothering you and Mrs. Manafon, close family or friend? Is it the anniversary of a significant event?

If the tapping was confined to your home, I'd suggest that it could be a warning that something needs attention in the place, since you also had rapping in the walls. Rex and I had the water heater explode last year and it flooded out all of downstairs. I now wonder if we overlooked any warnings that we got.

Some time ago, we were constantly hearing taps on the glass door downstairs and the ac unit upstairs, rapping on the wooden shutters, clicking of the kettle switch, and clacking from the fridge. There have also been sounds of something falling onto the kitchen floor, but nothing was there. We have ruled out temperature changes, activity from the neighbours, and even bought a new kettle. But the noises continued.

Once, the fridge even began to make these loud flatulent noises. It was weird and I thought it was quite funny. But Rex got irritated and growled: 'Will you stop playing with the fridge?' The farting noises stopped in the next instant. Followed by a softer clack. To date, we still have the same fridge and thankfully, it has not fallen apart.

After a few years of these antics, I met a medium and a few Gifted friends who confirmed that a friendly prankster visits us. She had been a childhood friend of someone we knew. Once we began acknowledging her, the frequency of the tapping and other sounds lessened. We still sense her presence around on occasion, checking in on us. I've felt the back of my head tapped or hair tugged in the car, with the window shut and all. These days, she feels more like a spirit guardian, following us everywhere.

Now that you've heard the tapping away from home, I think you've got someone trying to make contact. Doesn't seem to be hostile, or you'd be getting that run-for the-hills feeling. But hopefully, acknowledgement and acceptance will help, and you'll find a way to establish boundaries, so that you and Mrs. Manafon can get a good night's sleep.

All the best to both of you. Take care of yourselves.
Hi KenS80--There doesn't seem to be a particular pattern, but that said, there are threes in there. Two nights ago I again heard the pillow tapping, but it was bursts of multiple taps. However, there was also a new sound added. It was what sounded like a metallic squeaking, almost like hearing just snippets of a squeaky bicycle wheel.

I have been away from home for the last two nights, and last night (Monday), I heard the faint tapping. It was single taps, quite weak. What's interesting is that it was the first time I'd heard the sound away from my house. As my wife told me, maybe it's me that's haunted. Maybe she's on to something.
GingerRead in Sisters Forever
RCRuskin: It easily could have been coincidental. At the same time, I wouldn't want to rule out any other possibilities either.
Sounds like an attempt to communicate with you Manafon1.

If It is three short taps followed by three long taps, and then three short taps again, it is possibly a SOS of some kind?

Try and keep a record of the taps and then you can decode it.


RCRuskin in Sisters Forever
An intriguing coincidence. If it was just a coincidence. Hm.
Hey! I love horror stories. I have my own real life paranormal story. If anyone wants to share his/her real paranormal story please mail me at:thesupernatural43 [at]

Hi Rajine--I missed your comment. Sorry about that! My wife and I don't feel whatever it is is necessarily harmful or menacing either. It's just an extremely odd ongoing phenomenon. Thanks for your comment.

CantunSEEit74--I remember your experiences with the mirrored hallway. That was some wild stuff! To answer your questions, the sound isn't coming from the closet or mirror. We do have an antique mirror in the room, but we've had it for many years, and nothing seems to be attached to it. Still, I might try moving it from the room if the activity spikes again. The sounds we've heard only happen in our room and never on the couch or other locations. Last night (Saturday), I didn't hear anything, but I believe my wife did. To be honest, I'm sort of getting used to it, but I would still be happy for it to stop. Thanks for checking in again.
I will admit I purchased most of my equipment for the mirrored hallway and after setting up camera and leaving the room with it pointing at the opening of the master mirrored hallway, I asked myself, am I really prepared for what this floor squeaker looks like. After 2 hours of filming, I stopped it and never filmed again. I felt I should not give it any attention at that time. I moved thinking I was leaving them behind. NOPE but I have had some great visitations, once I realized they were not threatening and just wanted to be noticed. I really do not like bedroom visitations. Do you think it is coming from a closet or a mirror does it happen napping on the couch or only at night in your bed. I have no mirrors in my bedroom now. I have checked everything we have with my ROOK. Mirrors are portals.
Bro, I don't know about the cat maybe it heard something outside. Please tell me your son has taken videos of all those demons and skin walkers. 😜
Hi Redbaron432--Thanks for your interesting reply. Wow, you've been hearing this nearly your whole life! I'm curious if your girlfriend has heard the sound as well? For the first time, just last night (Thursday into early Friday morning), I heard a clicking sound in my ear facing the ceiling on four separate occasions. The first time I heard it I felt an intense chill down my back. It sounded like it was coming from three or so inches from my ear. My wife told me she heard it on and off all night long. She usually hears this sound as opposed to the tapping I initially was hearing. We've had some anxiety related to our business lately, and I wonder if the spiking of these sounds has something to do with that. Do you find the activity increases when you're under stress or experiencing anxiety? Thanks again for sharing your experience.

DarriuxDarkk--More happened just last night (see my reply to Redbaron above). There has been no consistency with the taps or clicks coming in threes. Last night, they came in various numerical bursts, so I don't believe that has any particular significance. I do have to state that it's annoying and sometimes a bit eerie, but so far it hasn't escalated to anything like Redbaron has experienced and I hope it subsides so we can get some better sleep!
That is scary for me if I were to experience that. The knock of threes usually have a paranormal significance. It's like an omen from what I read about. Is there anything more that happened? This is quite intriguing.
Thabk god I'm not the only one. So to make short this has happened my whole life started when I was a kid. So as a kid iwould hear the tapping in my pillow and ignore it and move into another position so the tapping would stop ot I couldn't hear it. But one time I decided to keep listening and it got louder and louder then eventually something pulled my sheets off from me. So I never listened again. Well recently keep in mind this has happened my whole life I'm 31 m. I was asleep at my girlfriends and well heard the tapping and was kind of just to tired to move positions or just kind of forgot not sure what came over me and the tapping got louder and louder then something starts thumping my pillow right beneath my ear inside my pillow. So I react pick the pillow up slam it. Odd I think cuz maybe it was a mouse but I'm like it's fine since nothing paranormal happened must be been a mouse we have them occasionally. We'll trying to go back to bed and finally about to hit sleep and I'm sleeping on my arm as to not hear the tapping in the pillow and my arm gets jerked/pulled from under my head. I also brush it off. Try not to show it I'm scared. Well that's my story and I've always felt maybe something is attached to me tbh believ it or not not sure. Always have had bad sleeping. Always have had night terrors with the hag on my chest since my mid 20s if it wasn't that it's the tapping if it's not either then I wake up at 3am the so called witching hour with the feeling like someone is watching me. Lately I've been trying to give my life more and more to god sleeping with a bible and crosses helps. Sometimes I'm almost to say being tested? I'll feel something on my bed heavy so I pray and pray for God and jesus protection rebuke the evil. Is it in my head don't know to be honest... I don't think soo wearing crosses and praying amd reading the bible seems to help praying for God's armor also helps but like I said sometimes I'm tested in my faith I don't know? I try to look at it from both views scientific and religion I believe both can go hand and hand. Thanks to whoever reads this never really shared like this before...
To Rajine, I do have a roommate, but I'm not sure if he's experienced anything strange. However, some of the occupants in my apartment had some experiences of their own in this very apartment. But that's another story that'll take hours of typing to explain
Perhaps it's a spirit trying to get your attention for some reason πŸ€”, personally I haven't experienced that so it's hard to say exactly what it could be, but from what I have read, it doesn't seem to be menacing or harmful. I'd like to read about your other experiences as well.
Hi CantunSEEit74--Great to hear from you. I still remain a few inches above the grass πŸ˜‰. Your idea of recording questions put to whatever it is is a good one. At present I am hesitant to do that for concern it might actually increase the activity. My plans to be out of town for four days were canceled, and the last two nights have been mostly paranormal-free except for a couple of wall knocks. However, if the activity returns, I will definitely consider the recording option.

Hi Linjahaha--I did once hear a voice coming from between a pillow and my wife's head. That was jarring! Yes, I believe the room and indeed the whole house is haunted. This recent activity seems like it might have been facilitated by some anxiety my wife was experiencing. I'm starting to think that her anxiety was either picked up on by a spirit in the house or is/was a type of poltergeist-like activity, at least partially created by my wife. I do know a bit of the history of the place. The condo unit directly below me has had paranormal activity. The last tenant was a sensitive, and she had seen on multiple occasions the apparition of a prior owner who died in the unit. I do consider it possible that he wanders up to our condo once in a while. Who knows, maybe it's him. Thanks for your input!

RCRuskin, This particular activity is specific to our house. My wife and I have experienced other paranormal activity in other locations, but not this tapping. Great question, though - thanks for your thoughts.
From my days doing tech support, I know that if a customer has a problem with just 1 computer, or just 1 TV set, then whatever is wrong is specific to that device, or perhaps its location in the house. If 2 or more devices are affected, then the problem is at the junction common to both/all those devices.

I am curious to know if this phenomenon follows you. And hope you have a good vacation/trip.
Manafron, Welcome back. I have heard of people actually hearing voices coming from their pillows, but the tapping could be a form of communication also. If you wife hears it, too, then it's definitely not an inner ear problem.
I'm sure getting out of town will be helpful. Do you suppose it's the ROOM that is haunted? Have you ever had cause to research the history of your home? Might be a good idea to do so. An interesting read, & I hope you get some resolution with it!

The Best to You! 😊 😊
I noticed you had not commented for a while, glad you're still above the grass. Even though I personally have not experienced this, I would tell it I am going to record you and ask if you need help. Why are you here. Tell me your name. Letting it talk will give you a direction good or bad. Hard to find a free physic medium. Glad You're OK Good luck with your tapper.
Hey Burtchik!

I think your story was very interesting and quite mysterious as well. I'd like to share this small piece of information that seems to be similar to what happened to your mother. I think the light that was following her was actually an angel. These lights have also appeared in my father's home back in the 70s. According to some of my grandparents who lived there said that late at night they could see a pitch black thing flashing past in midnight and a bright white light chasing behind it. It's is usually known that mysterious white lights represent angels who are trying to protect someone while a black light is often known to be harmful, something that of a demon. So, after reading your story I am very surprised because the light didn't go away until your mother came back home. This is a strong indication that the light was an angel trying to protect her since there are multiple beings lurking in the forests as well as oceans.
This story was fascinating and very unusual. I, too, believe the child had been murdered by her parents - or possibly, by the 'boyfriend' of the mother of the child. (That happens frequently, here, in the US.) The child's body might be buried nearby. Yes, please get someone to investigate the property's records as well as the possibility this act happened in the not-so-distant past. The drowning could have been an accident, but by from your story, it is a haunted person/child who needs to cross over.
Hey tiktokangelscpt!

I just wanted to give an plain answer to your story regarding the following incidents. See, paranormal things are not always caused by undeparted spirits. Most of the times, it is actually a jinn that does these things. Now, I can't justify the number of jinns in your house, neither can I tell whether they're harmful or not. I highly suggest inviting a religious figure, depending on the religion you follow. However, I would like to give you some examples.

If the jinns residing in your house are good, they're probably just playing with you or maybe because they have a connection with this particular house. It may be that it is their property and they don't want anyone else living beside them.
On the other hand, if it is a bad jinn then I would suggest immediate excorcism. Bad jinns mean nothing but harm to good people. They're often refered to as demons as well, as they worship satan. So I just want to wish you and your family luck. Please make sure to keep your house clean, and make a religious figure check your house.

Hello tiktokangelscpt, interesting story, thanks for sharing.

I had a question, I'm hoping you can clarify for me. When you mention your son seeing skinwalkers, could you provide more information? Are they the same as what The Navajo Indians refer to as skinwalkers here in North America?

I ask because I'm only aware that skinwalker is a Navajo Indian term, specific to that culture, so I'm curious of what the version is in South Africa? Are they essentially the same? What is their origin? I'm well aware that similar beings with some sort of shape shifting ability exist in different areas of the world like the Philippines and I have a natural curiosity about your corner of the planet.

I'm always interested in how these supernatural beings/entities are perceived in different cultures, so I appreciate the input!
mikemelda65 in The Painting
If that painting is still around, send it to me in Missouri, so I can observe it.
Hi, I know it's been a long time since any activity on this post. I really enjoyed your experiences at the LEC. Both times were very creepy it seemed! You gave so much detail that I literally pictured myself in your shoes during the entire read!

The parts about the office chair was absolutely freaky! The fact that you heard it on the immediate other side of the fallen lockers but upon further investigation didn't see anything, coupled with the fact that you then heard it all the way in another room and actually seen it there knocked over was just... Honestly I really don't have any words to describe that but CRAZY. I can only imagine what you were thinking at the time.

Then when you saw the folding chair sitting there upon leaving! Man!

But despite those particular events that were outright scary, the part that intrigued me the most was that mysterious rattling sound you heard while upstairs. Hearing it slowly approach you and then got louder as it was right up on you but suddenly stopped as you were about to leave... Yet no one in sight.

I usually don't jump to conclusions but the fact that neither of you heard any footsteps or saw any signs of anyone lurking around strongly suggest of paranormal activity. If there were vagrants there messing around with you, you would've DEFINITELY at least heard footsteps.

That's some pretty freaky stuff.
No, we don't have a forum or chat. Sometimes someone will ask something on their own page (Comment section of one of their own stories) to keep from hijacking a thread.
Sorry... Thus is just a question, but is there any place on this site to chat together about things without it being in an "experience" comment section?
Thanks for reading and commenting. It was a truly beautiful house.
Instead of living in fear and your children being scared most of the time, why don't you do a cleansing or get someone like a priest in the religion you followed to bless the place?
Do you by any chance have a roommate? And if so has the roommate or anyone else in your dorm experienced this as well?
CanUseeit: Thank you, very much, for reading my account, & for your comments. I appreciate the encouragement. I appreciate the air-hug, too.
Yes! Everything that happened on that particular excursion were, indeed, the warning signs that Bill was a mistake. A monumental mistake, but live, & learn. Sometimes it takes getting the stuffing knocked out of us to get our attention. Thus turning us around for the better. Thank you so much for reading!

The Very Best to You! πŸ˜† 😁
Hello Chantelle - Glad to hear your son is in remission, all the best
It is quite funny, and yes, the spirits were being helpful! Having said that, I probably would have freaked out too with the chairs being pulled up like that.:)
Now that you mentioned it lwgrn4real66, there was this one time I actually decided to investigate something else. There was also this distinct metal clanking that happens every night. No one knows exactly who or why this kept happening but me and my friend decided to poke around and look for things. So perhaps I should keep any sort of creepy incident to my self and cease from looking from looking into it too much TwT
MrW.: I agree! It could've been a prank. Not to mention, others told you stories, & possibly planted the idea in your mind of a ghost.
Always try to 'find' a rational causation before assuming something to be paranormal. Just a little advice, but it's a good read nonetheless!

Good Luck! 😊 😊
lwgrn4real66 in Vacation Went Wrong
Sorry for your loss. 😟 I saw my dad's doppelganger one night while staying at his house that night. In less than one year, he died. Strange about your uncle... What you saw.
Sounds like your dad was letting you know everything would be fine and he's at peace.
Last thing, if you're doing seances, that probably wasn't your aunt. πŸ˜•
Oh, doing seances will draw more entities or possibly some things a lot worse! Stop the seances unless you want to end up tormented forever or be possessed, or both! 😁 I'm just sayin'!
I have to agree with RCRuskin. I don't think it'd be a coworker. At least not a nice one! Sounds like something more.
Hopefully just a dorm "prank". Even though some schools and colleges are haunted. In colleges, seems likely to be be more haunted in the theaters than the dorms though. Best thing, ignore it! Don't "look for it" or you'll probably find it!
If your son is seeing all these demons and skinwalkers, I think it's more than "bad vibes"! But what, I wish I could tell you.

The daughter, could be a demon or really evil spirit causing those types of dreams. My suggestion, move if you can. If it follows you again, you'll need a demonologist to try to get rid of the stuff.
If you saw your aunt, hopefully it was her and not a doppelganger. I'd think more it is your aunt checking up on you. Protecting you. No one REALLY knows what or who is out there! Be careful.
lwgrn4real66 in Toilet Terror
Good thing you moved! Hopefully nothing followed you to your new home. I'm sure if it did,you'd know by now. If nothing seems to have followed you... Great!😁 😁
lwgrn4real66 in Drain Chaser
You seem pretty brave! If something were stomping behind me, running after me as I'm running, that water bottle WOULD NOT have been picked up by me on the way by!

I would have just had to go thirsty all night! I've had a lot of crazy experiences, but nothing ever chased me. Believe me, the ones I had, I just took them as they came. But getting chased...!

Couldn't have been good. Might not be the boy. Some haunt not meaning to scare you but the spirit is trying to let you know what happened to them and possibly where their body is.

Also, could be a soul collector staying around that area collecting souls as the people are killed.

I would like to think more the boy. You know what really happened and I don't mean you can't tell people about your experience, but unless you really want to "dig into it", when I go to that area again, or even in your house since it happened outside your door basically, I wouldn't be looking for something else to happen. I think, if you look for something enough, you'll find it. And it may not be good. Ignore it. Unless you want to face it! Take care. If you need us, we're here! 😁
Heya guys, it's been like, 3 years since I've last visited this website but I'm here to try and answer some of the replies that were on my story.

So first of all, no I'm no longer studying in SK Pajar Sejingkat anymore. I was in Highschool when I first posted this story. Currently I'm studying un Unimas, a local university, and I've got a lot of ghost stories to share from there if you guys are interested

There was this comment from Jubilee saying "From what I remember, a surau is an assembly building for Islamic studies or prayers. It is rather surprising that those boys were allowed to play "haunted games" at a place of religious learning." We were at the surau yes but the surau itself is just a small space for Muslim students like us to pray and do other Islamic activities. SK Pajar Sejingkat is not a religious school, it's just your typical Malaysian elementary school. The Surau is mainly for Muslims. Also the incident happened in classroom premises that happened to be just in front of the Surau. Just needed to clear that up

And there's questions from Lady-Glow, I'm going to try and answer certain questions here just to clarify some things

So first off, it happened during class hours but at the time I believe the class where the incident did occured had no active teacher at the time. Think it was because most of the teachers on that day were pretty occupied with something else. We were just as surprised as well but I do believe that some teachers from other classes did came I just forgot to mention it.

Second, I'm not exactly sure what game they were playing. All I know is that it requires the participants of the game to cut their fingers and drip blood on a single coin. At least that's what I heard from the school authorities at the time.

Third, I think at the time of writing this story, I was referring to the students getting posessed. Sometime after the incident, multiple people, students and teachers were acting in a state of histeria, wailing non stop and acting crazy with some even harming others. They were different students basically acting erratic at times so it's pretty hard to tell if they're pretending or not. I just assumed it was real because it was all mentioned during the special assembly when they were warning us about these games.

Forth, there has been rumours about other incidents happening before, mostly cause people kept saying that the school is haunted. I can't really confirm it tho since most of these are mainly just rumours.

And lastly, again I'm no longer a student there. Even at the time when I was posting this story back 3 years ago

I hope these are enough for those asking the question, thanks again for all the lovely comments over the past few years, I wish I was around to check them out <3
Arturo in Richard
Very well written indeed! Hope Richard has found peace and moved on 😊
TheTruthIsOutThere133 in Spirit At Child Care Center
πŸ€” That's really weird. I have also had experiences like that. Maybe it was one of your coworkers, or it really was your work grandma or the baby you lost due to SIDS.
Perhaps she's still around the place that was close to her heart, she must have been really attached to that place and the people there.

So your former coworker is one who plays pranks? They can be good and fun, like knocking a wreath down. They can also be mean and destructive, like throwing a child proof gate across the room. Now, I wasn't there myself, so I don't know what kind of force the gate was thrown with, so maybe it isn't as bad as I think. But I'm not certain that the ghost in the daycare center is your coworker.
lady-glow in Toilet Terror
Plagiarism or trying to get people's attention on a forgotten story?

Fineandmellow, good observation.

So many things happened there. I can only count on what I truly experienced. But my niece told me so mm e of her experiences before I ever told her I had any, and few were very similar. Similar enough to believe her about some of her experiences, if not all. What I experienced, very few "seemed" to be related possibly to each other. That's why it was so crazy! You'll definitely need to see my next experiences I'm going to write. Maybe tomorrow. Not sure. I just fell down some bug rocks when walking down the dam at Lake Texoma dam to fish. I got pretty cut up and bruised up but my leg is killing me so I'll probably go get it checked out tomorrow. So depends on that when I get to do my next writing. It's some of the last things I experienced there.
CantumSEEit74 and Rajine. Thank you both for y'alls input and read! My next experience I'm going to publish has a lot more about more crazy crap at the camper inside and out.

CantunSEEit74, I've only seen one (1) shadow figure at the lake I'm at now. It was behind me. I heard twigs snapping about 25 feet behind me. I looked...nothing! I heard it again, I saw a full shadow literally all on the ground, of a person running away from where I heard the twigs snappng, behind my garage. I was at the corner of the rear of my house and rear of my garage which were next to each other. About 12 feet 12 feet apart. I saw this run the length. Of my garage and disappear. There was no lighting for a shadow to even be there. But the swirling ones where I used to! The camper only had a small window above the shower and I had it covered with cardboard but it'd still happen. If you never saw "your shadows" again, it stopped for a reason. You'd KNOW if it was explainable or not. I'm sure you were seeing something. Alot of these things don't make sense. I know you know!
Linjahaha in Drain Chaser
Tiktokangel: I agree with Rajine that is a horrific account involving that murder, & quite sad also.
It sounds like more than a residual haunting though if you were being chased. It's like there's more to the story than what you've been told. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. You escaped, & are unharmed. Shaken, but unharmed. I hope you do not reside there anymore, but if you do learn anything new we'd like to read a post about it on here. This was a scary account, but I hope you're doing alright!

Best Regards! 😊 😊
fineandmellow in Toilet Terror
I am always fascinated by toilet related paranormal stories because I've had one myself... But umm, this exact story has already been published on this site in 2021 - pretty much word for word. Same goes for another one of your stories, about the drain. Did you maybe forget you already posted them under another username a couple years back? 😁
The_familiar in Clicking Noises
Hey I can assure you that what you are experiencing is in fact a spirit or spirits trying to communicate with you. Don't worry there is nothing to be afraid of. Have you tried talking to them? I think you would be very surprised at the reaction you received as I have been communicating with the spirits in my house for years now and I would class them as friends. After all everyone needs company and I'm sure they would appreciate it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Just as Valkricry said. But I will do it in the comment section when there is related or if there are questions about them πŸ˜‰

No worries 😊
I have been here long enough to obey the rules 😁 just tap me on my shoulder if I am going too far
Thank you so much. In 1995 I was 6 years old I can close my eyes and relive the accident and to the point where I can feel it still too. I was told that my dad had died and quite honestly I remember hating God for taking my dad away from us. I was angry for many years with him.
Rajine, the problem with Blosomes posting about the incidents he's heard about, is we would not be able to publish stories of that sort. They do not meet the 'real personal ghost story' requirement. However, if he wants to mention them in comments he can.
tiktokangelscpt in Toilet Terror
Oh yes I do agree, it reminds me of that show a haunting. Now that is full on evil. 😜
Wow I sure am thankful most of my visitations were 6 seconds or less your many voices visitations can mentally drain a person. Glad your off that property.
I had shadows driving me crazy, strait in front of my recliner is front door landing, a pillar separating sitting front room and the Livingroom opening so it's almost a 4 ft opening as soon as you come in front door a 5 ft long big skylight is in ceiling above front door opening sheet rocked 5 ft up to the roof. I had to dismiss all the shadows at this pillar even full moon nights a bird could throw shadows on wall flying buy but we both would say did you see that. We could only see doorknob from our seats I thought spirits were constantly coming in by the shadows moving by.
To the right of my recliner is main living room around 22+ ft to fireplace set in the corner and 10 ft wall with 2 windows and a glass door. The fireplace is angled in corner with glass front, and I would be watching Tv and yorkie next to me, I would catch movement out of the corner of my eye and look to see nothing. This went on for months and one night it seemed over 7 times I snapped my head sideways like something was doing jumping jacks just out of view trying to get my attention, drapes are closed and white. I am very mad now and had enough. I tell myself I am going to open my eyes as wide as I can and hope I see the little shiat that finally got my goat in the corner of my eye, I see movement and I open my eyes like never before and NOTHING, I slowly look over there NOTHING. From that day I have seen no shadows nothing at front door and no jumping jack next to fireplace wall. Was my mind playing tricks on me, I thought maybe I had an oddity in my right eye corner. All I know is since opening my eyes extra wide I have seen no shadows and it's been over 2 years now. Hope you did not bring any shadows to your new home. Good Luck out there.
Rajine in Toilet Terror
Things like that are bound to happen when you live over a place that once held so much of death.
The place that you lived at seems to be a very haunted place, with so many incidents happening, perhaps the history of the area will be able to shed some light on those incidents.
Maybe you can post some of incidents you've heard about sometime, I'd love to read about them, I'm sure a lot of people would.
Well just like the famous forest of death "Aokihara Jukai" there are lots of unknown cases too and lots of urban legends.
Linjahaha in House Haunts 2
Hey, Tweed, it's good to hear from you again. I enjoy your stories, & your comments.
I agree with the others that it appears to be rather benign, but do show respect to it. Let it know you're taking care of the place the best that you can, & hope they approve.
If you have no problem living with it. Fine. However, if it were me, I'd, politely, ask it to move on to be with those that love them. Go to a place where they can be happy forever. However, you handle it is, of course, your personal business, but I just thought I'd throw this out for you. It was an enjoyable read!

Take Care! ❀ 😁
lwgrn4real66 in The Changes In Me
People always have acquaintances, that call themselves "friends". But please don't take this wrong, but no matter where a person is, where they come from, no matter how much money they have or don't have, what they own or don't own, any person is extremely lucky to find a "true" friend for life. Not just talking about husband and wife.

I still haven't found that. But this isn't about me. Seems when times get rough and you really need a friend to help you, no matter physical or mental, or relationship venting, or whatever, the so called friends are the one's usually ALAYWAYS, EVERY TIME, too busy to help you when you're at your worst.

Just call a friend a couple different times to do something physical or mental to help you like clean something or whatever, and the one who shows up could be or turn into that "true" friend.

And return the favors when they really need you. Everyone does get busy, but NOT every time you need them. Of course, that works both ways. I'm sure you know already.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.

Just be careful who you trust for anything. But don't let that control your life. To find true friend (s), you'll have to take chances. There will be ups and downs. Just be careful.

And your gift, if they don't understand, it's because they've never had an experience like you've had.

If they call you "crazy", or make fun of you, and definitely not willing to try to understand your side of your experience (s), ditch 'em!

Whenever you help, or give someone something, never expect anything in return from them. But when and if you need them for anything, and they're ALWAYS BUSY EVERY TIME, it will hurt, but that's the only way to know who's just using you or who's really a true friend. Good luck in all you do! It's all about chances. Just be careful of the ones you take.

And you're not crazy. We, the people people on this site, know you're not. Your gift, I've heard a lot of people say it's not a gift, it's a curse. If you wish to pursue it, use it only for the good and you'll be fine.

If you find evil, stay away from it. Don't "look" for it. As always, if you ever need your "family" on this site, we're always here for you!

Hey, just another of my. 00001 cents worth of lip! Lol 😁

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