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Amchi1986 in The Entity Recurs
i think that it was an evil and harmful spirit... Thankfully your friend was saved from it, thanks to god. And yes I agree with rajine, you should enquire about that place and it's surroundings and know the history of that place or even call a priest and conduct a sacred ceremony by pleasing the god to remove any negative energy from your home, least this evil thing harms others from your family or even your friends in future. Take care. May god be with you and your closed ones always
CrimsonTopaz in Waiting For The Deceased
Blosomes, Tanaka-son came to say goodbye. May he RIP. Very sad for his daughter who is on her own now. Is she old enough to live without her parents or did she have to go to stay with a family member?
CrimsonTopaz in Mom... Please Let Me Go
Lovely Lady, I have no idea how I missed this post of yours.
Oh my goodness. Your poor dear grandmother must have suffered so much pain. My heart goes out to her and to you for being strong enough to share what happened to your grandmother.
My sincere condolences go out to you and your family. Such a sad, sad, post. It's heart breaking to read.:- (
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Naughty Ghost Child?
Hello MsTea, interesting experience, I appreciate your sharing. I know it can be rather disconcerting to say the least to stay in a place with such unnerving activity.

In regards to your inquiry regarding a cleansing, there is one posted on this site by a user, it has been used by many who swear by it.


Partway down into their profile you should see "Rooks Cleansing and Shielding Method" or something like that which gives detailed directions on this process, perhaps it will help you find peace! Good Luck!
Kuya! Grabe naman yan! Ok ka lang? Also ok lang ba if I told your story on my channel? Gumawa ako ng story telling channel eh, sorry I couldn't Private message you about this! 😨
Hi blosomes: I agree. It is just possible that the meeting was, in fact, the last thought in his mind. When he passed so suddenly, & unexpectedly the shock blotted out the accident, & he was inclined to his usual routine for a brief period.
When the secretary showed up to announce the sad news 'that' may have 'snapped' him out of it to the realization that he was no longer in his physical body. Just 'my' input here mind you.
Have you, or the others, noticed his presence in any other way since then? Please let us know. This was a short account, but a 'very' good read nonetheless. Thanks for submitting it!

Take Care! 😊 😊
I was good friends with your cousin Talicia, I was hit really hard by her death because she was my spiritual rock in school. I still feel her presence often. And I still think about he regularly. ❀
sudabi777 in One Last Class
Hello Lady-glow and MsTea,

Lady-glow, thank you for the clarification. I am now starting to understand the difference between unfinished and sinister spirit.

MsTea, Thank you for reading my story. Yeah, he is so dedicated and Yes, luckily, the 3 of us passed. We now employees.

God bless and more power to this site ❀
To tell you all the truth we had two terraces in our building, one which was purchased in the year 1984 and a huge flat was built there in place of it. Yes he jumped from the third floor, where the new buyers who brought that plot and a flat was constructed there. Our's is an four floor building.
GingerRead in A Misty Memory
Rajine: I've always felt the same way. Though in this instance, it may be something perfectly rational, I don't want to rule out the possibility of other forces at work.
On that old terrace that peter jumped from, and you mentioned building, was this an apartment with many floors. Do you know what floor peter jumped from. Did he jump from the 3rd floor, 10th floor, 1st floor? Thanx
Hi lady-glow!
Yea, now that you said so it will be strange to smell the person before the door will open, but it was that "normal" that no one noticed the oddness of that.
And yes, he was definitely there I can tell though there is no prove 😒
Thanks for the warm welcome 😊... I hope they're good interesting.

...and, yes, that's the general belief. That they are resting in the spiritual realm and come awake for certain tasks they need to carry out or be carried out by their relatives.

Some spirits may linger a bit longer in our realm, after death, before going to rest.

So, just like we dream of our ancestors coming to us in dreams, they are probably dreaming of this physical realm and can see everything that is happening, therefore waking up to protect us or whatever the case may be, then going back to sleep.

Restless spirits are the ones that can't find rest and are what we call ghosts.
Hi Lady-Glow,

In all fairness, they're not so bad. The husband has had a difficult childhood, growing up in the streets, so he tries his best to be a good dad. Sometimes, his demons catch up with him, am afraid.

Will ask about any activity happening prior, but yes, I do think he left spirits behind when he moved. Shadows whizzing past and eerie feelings like you're not alone.

We burnt sage when we first moved in, but I won't lie, an not delegant when it comes to these things. Most of my encounters have been harmless, so never felt a need to do anything. I have noticed that when I pray over the water I use to mop, the feelings and dreams go away, but there are times when am in a rush and forget. The night always reminds me.

If there a cleansing you know of that can help get rid of these things, please do share. Willing to try anything, but we are looking to move.
Yes the police questioned everyone in our entire building and everyone staying around us regarding his suicide. Yes, I have forgotten to mention the right things in both the stories with the same name Peter (although both the men had different surnames and were different individuals. I was not even born during that time, but people who stay around us and used to stay (I mean, now they have left our area) have said and even told me, that there was a huge enquiry by the law in our building, our surrounding area and all people were questioned thoroughly and deeply regarding peter's suicide (although he was falsely accused of fraud by some cunning people) which he had never commited. He was a simple, straight, honest and an innocent family person like everyone around us. Yes, everyone around us and in our building were deeply interrogated regarding his suicide, as people say to me by the law. That's all lady glow.
Hi MsTea.

I'm sorry to hear that you not only have to deal with troublesome living neighbours, but with disembodied pranksters too.

If the previous tenant was into black magic, he may have invited some unwanted guest into the complex.
Do you know if there was any activity before he moved into the area?

Have you tried blessing or cleansing the apartment?

Thanks for sharing.
Hi blosomes.

The first thing that would had made me think that something was off, would have been to "smelled his cigarette smoked body odor" even behind a closed door.

I guess he was thinking about that meeting just before his passing.

Thanks for sharing

Welcome to YGS.

I have read all your comments and find them very interesting. It's not the first time I have read about human grief holding back the spirit of a departed loved one.

As for the idea of spirits entering a "sleeping" state after passing away, how would one explain the well documented and numerous cases of visitations, warnings and encounters that many people have experienced with the 'dead' even years after their passing?
Would this mean that they 'awake' for a limited period of time?

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Personally, I don't see any "typing mistake" in your other story. The real problem is that, put together, your stories make no sense.

How can you explain the fact that your father would "had never believed in the supernatural" around 30 years ago, if 15 years prior to the "event (that) completely changed his view", he had experienced a paranormal encounter with the spirit of his friend and some other strange events?
Was it denial? Was it amnesia? Or, dread to think, you got keyboard-happy and didn't bother to check if both stories were coherent?

And, since I got keyboard-happy asking questions, would you mind to explain what happened after Peter jumped from the terrace? Did your family have to deal with the law? After all, they would have been the last ones to see Peter alive.
It's also believed in our culture that when you grieve too much, you prevent the spirit from Resting In Peace, because they're not really dead, only sleeping.

Hopefully she's sleeping in your grandma's arms now.
I second the sleep paralysis.

I have suffered different types; from just not being able to move, to feeling like there is someone in the room with me, to feeling like am literally being attacked.

...Or, it could be something more sinister that wanted you to give up your soul.
Any weird occurances just before this experience?

Keep a diary next to your bed, so when things like this happen you write them down immediately. That could help.

P.s - when sleep paralysis hits me, I often pray, and if that doesn't work, I swear the beaver out of whatever is attacking me... Or, you could just relax, control your breathing and ride the wave.
Fellow South African here, hello.

It's loadshedding until 12, so am binge reading people's posts.

I feel, as humans we focus so much on religion, we forget The Ultimate Creator is a spiritual entity and not a religious being. Not trying to take away anything from the different religions. I was raised Christian, but prefer to call myself spiritual nowadays. To me, religion is only about how we must lead our lives and conduct ourselves on this earth. Everyone has their own ideas, none being wrong or better than others. The difference is intention and interpretation.

I feel all religions hold a piece of a puzzle and if they all came together, instead of trying to prove which is better, we'd have all the pieces put together and then, maybe we could answer the origin of life, man and our purpose, etc.

Sorry, know am 'gaaning aan' (rambling), but I feel God reached out to you in a way you could recognize it's Him and be comfortable with the most.

What a blessing. Glad all worked out for your family.
Not trying to dismiss you or anything, but doubt it was a demon. Most likely a ghost.

Demons tend to do more than peek behind bathroom doors. They prefer possession, if you know what I mean.

Ask your sibling, maybe they too saw something and that's why they asked; what did you see?

P.s, that must've been the shorted pee you've ever taken. Lol. I know I would've been pushing like I was giving birthπŸ˜†
Clearly, it's a nurse who passed away a long time ago (hence the different uniform). Maybe she passed tragically and is still holding on to that anger.

Have you tried doing some research into old staff members who might've passed on the job or met a tragic end? Would be interesting to know what you find.

Did the old man and the other patient live long after encountering her? What were both patients suffering from? Could give us insight as to why she appeared only to them.

Was also confused when I first read this second post, but caught on.

Do some digging and please let us know what you find. Also curious since she felt the need to hurt you.
Hi Sudabi,

Also new here. I find your encounter so touching.

Everyone has already answered what I wanted to say, but would also like to add that maybe your teacher wanted to show his appreciation for the thank you dinner you had all planned for him. He clearly was a dedicated teacher, coming in even when he was sick, so it only makes sense he would want to attend his last supper, even if it was in spiritual form.

Hope you guys passed & made him proud.

Thanks for that one.
Sorry I apologize for my typing mistake in the story previously written. I am a busy person, so typing error took place in the previous story. I should have written this story before. Sorry for the typing errors in the previously written story. Sorry readers.
You posted this story which was 29 year old incident and the person was Peter

"The Dead Friend That My Father Saw on 2022-10-30

Friends the story which I am going to tell you is about a very horrifying experience my father had about twenty nine years back."

It ended with the below mentioned line

" He had never believed in the supernatural, but this event completely changed his view. After this incident he started reciting god books and going to the temple to pray."

And this current story's incident happened 45 years back, just saying... Did he forget about this incident after everything was normal 45 years back
Phoenix07 in Haunted Tv
Hi Linjahaha and thanks for welcoming me to YGS. I completely agree with you that the TV should have been switched off. Still, the TV was on until we slept at around 12 am and I am not aware when the TV must have been switched off because when my friend woke me, the TV was off.

Hi Rajine, after this incident I told many of my friends about this who have stayed here but none of them have stayed in the cottage we were staying. Also, none of them have experienced anything like this.
So, I definitely feel that there was something there.
Rajine in Haunted Tv
That is strange, overall that entire hotel seems creepy let alone the room you and your friends stayed in, dirty pool, dark passageway, I've never come across a hotel that switches off certain lights at night (passages, reception, outside, etc.) πŸ€” you also mentioned that there wasn't many guests, so I think that there's definitely something the hotel manager knows, but is not saying.
Rajine in One Last Class
Hi and welcome

I think your teacher just wanted to see the school and students for one last time, I don't think it's malevolent or demonic, just a dedicated teacher up until the final moment.
lady-glow in One Last Class
Hi sudabi.

"if it was evil, is necessary for them to have blood on their faces or something?"

That's a good question, and one with more than one answer, specially since there's nothing written on stone about the paranormal.

Spirits tend to stay trapped within the circumstances and place of their passing. The spirit of a person whom died under a violent event, could make itself present looking the same way they did at the moment of dying, specially if they are not aware of their death.

On the other hand, an evil spirit could 'mimic' or 'copy' whatever and whoever's appearance in order to deceive people and use them.

It is not uncommon for people reporting seeing the spirit of a recently deceased relative looking as the solid, normal person they were in life. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe that spirits "shouldn't" come to us after some one has died.

You may not agree with me, but I think you and your classmates were very fortunate having this encounter that, though unnerving, would have not been scary if the dean had not told you about the professor's death.
Perhaps that was the purpose of his visit... His last lesson, to tell his class that death is not the end.
sudabi777 in One Last Class
Hello Lady-glow,

Thank you for reading my story. Appreciated that much. That was my colleague keeps on telling me. 'The unfinished business'.

I was thinking, if it was evil, is necessary for them to have blood on their faces or something?

Thank you.
Linjahaha in One Last Class
Sudabi777, I tend to agree with lady-glow, & Sash. He, possibly, was just continuing to do his regular duties. However, I 'think' once he realized he was, no longer, in the flesh, that is why he smiled, & waved to all of you.
I find it rather touching that he came to say one last goodbye to his students. I think it was a friendly visitation, & 'all' of you witnessed it. Therefore, you certainly were 'not' imagining what you saw. Good read!

All the Best! 😁 😁
Linjahaha in Haunted Tv
Phoenix: I, likewise, welcome you to YGS. This 'is' an interesting story. Technically, by all accounts, when the 'plug' was pulled, that 'should' have completely killed the power to the TV.
My late husband worked on electronics, & 1 & 1 is 'still' 2, as far as I'm concerned. The TV should have been fully disconnected from the power source.
Spirits draw from electrical energy. Whether it be like 'us', which is bio-electrical, or regular electrical power. It sounds, to me anyway, like something was there attempting to get your attention.
If you 'learn' anything else about the site, please, let us know!

Welcome Again! 😊 😊
My father has many Christian friends, who stay in our area. Now most of them have left and gone to goa, many have died. Yes what you said is truth, my father has many (not much to mention) friends by the name of Peter. He committed suicide by jumping to death from our building's terrace.
Phoenix07 in Haunted Tv
Hi lady-glow, thanks for welcoming.

We were getting goosebumps a couple of times and now that you mention it the adjoining room's temperature was a bit colder than the room we were staying in.

Yes, the phone was working properly because we had ordered water bottles and extra toiletries.

Yes, the bed was King size otherwise all 4 of us would not have been able to fit.

The TV was very heavy and as it was our first overnight trip without any adults with us, we were scared that we don't damage the stuff.
Hi and welcome.

That defiintely was not a bad spirit.
He came to say his last goodgbyes to you all.
Is the name 'Peter' common in India?
How many friends named 'Peter' has your father have?
Why was Peter at your father's house when he jumped to his death?
lady-glow in Haunted Tv
Welcome to YGS.

A possible explanation could be that the energy stored in the TV's capacitor/s allowed it to keep on playing until it wore out.

What else do you remember about that night?
Aside from the collective stress, did you and your friends sense any telltale signs of paranormal activity such as change of the temperature, lights flickering, hair raising or other events suggesting the presence of a spirit?
Are you sure the phone was working properly before these events?

I hope the beds in the room were king size!
I think I would have moved to the adjacent room or, at least, moved the TV.
lady-glow in One Last Class
Welcome to YGS.

Hi sudabi777.

This is a fascinating experience, I'm sure the teacher loved his job in life.

As for your questions, in my opinion, if his passing was sudden, either he may have not been aware of his death and went to fulfill his duty, or he may had been thinking of the class he wouldn't be able to give.
I guess it could be called 'an unfinished business', though not to the point to keep him attached forever to this plane of existence.

"What sort of energy was that?"
"Was that a spirit? Was it bad or evil?"

Since his death had happened recently, this energy was his consciousness minus a physical body, possibly still unaware of his new condition and still thinking of the petty routines of his daily life.

He didn't mean any harm, I suppose this was his way of telling the class that he wouldn't be able to teach the last lesson.

Thanks for sharing.
Spooderman in The Flash
[at] Rajine

What you're saying is actually something I'll need to do a research on. I'm guessing it's just a random Jinn, with its own unique presence. But I really don't know why it was there. Thanks for letting me know 😊
Spooderman in The Flash
[at] lady-glow,

Hey there, everything is good now by the grace of God. And what you said may be right. But just somehow, I had a feeling that whatever I saw was not my aunt rather something else. I felt like, even if my aunt was roaming around us, she already said goodbye to me before that incident took place. I just had a feeling, that this could absolutely not be her, since I believe in the fact that angels and souls that have departed to heaven are fully white. But this one was different. But I really do appreciate your suggestions:)) ❀
Good morning All

I am so sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for all the comments.
[at] Rajine thank you and you are right. Gods accepts us for who we are. I have been advised by many that I have a calling as many say. But I leave my life in the hands of God as only he knows best.

[at] lady-glow - Just to let you know my mum died a believer and I will post her experience as well when I have the time. She was still a Hindu but she so believed.

[at] Twilight1011 - Thank you for sharing yes, I do believe in spirit guides, and you don't have to worry as you are not disrespecting me or my faith in any way.

Guys Thank you for sharing your positive and beautiful insight

Much Appreciated

Sash B
Twilight1011 in Reality Or Dreams?
That's really interesting, and I can't help but wonder if what you had saw, was possibly a spirit guide or Guardian angel of yours πŸ˜• I'm not sure if your religion, has something similar of that nature, but that's what I know them to be referred as. It's believed that everyone has their own spirit guides etc, to help guide them when needed, and will help whenever called upon. It's also believed that they can look however they want, or possibly even how you would want them to, or feel more comfortable with. Not saying this is the case for you, and I apologize if it's somehow against your religion, to even consider that possibility, as I mean no disrespect towards yours, or any other religion, in suggesting it. But whatever it was, it sounds like it has good intentions, for helping you and your husband at least. I believe it was real though, for what it's worth, whatever "it" may be. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I hope my suggestion is of help in some way 😊
There's no harm in respecting different faiths and believing in them, as I myself have prayed in churches many times, I'm also a South African of Indian heritage and follow Hinduism, you don't have to convert to believe.
I suppose Peter decided to move on eventually, it's tragic that people sometimes feel the need to commit suicide, I can't imagine how desperate and alone they must feel to do something like that.
lady-glow in Reality Or Dreams?
Hello SashB.

This is a fascinating experience.
Personally, I consider all religions to be good in essence, but negative when followers become fanatic and narrow-minded.

Not judging your mother's teachings since, after all, a person's beliefs are a reflection of their circumstances and their upbringing but, in my opinion, the symbolism/message of your dream may have been to be more accepting towards others than what you were expected to be.

At the end, I think that Divinity is the same regardless of whatever name people call it, and it's willing to help anyone that prays with faith and an open heart.

"And Jesus told the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."" Luke 7:50

Thanks for sharing.
Scratches on you by any entities is never good. That implies to me that it is a malevolent spirit. I've had numerous encounters in the nursing home and I've shared it here as well but I've never experienced being attacked by an entity. I suggest some protection to be with you at all times for example a holy crucifix if you're religious, anything that will help you. God bless.
Rajine in A Misty Memory
Sometimes the signs are there, it's just at that moment we don't realize it, but later on when we think back in retrospect we come to realize that there were indeed these little signs of warning, I've been through many myself over the years.
That definitely is strange, when you say black do you mean the color or the race?
From what I've read, you've only seen him at specific places, I wonder if there's a connection, especially since you hadn't seen him at the house on base.
Berggraf38: Thank you for your input. I agree that it was just a trick of perspective after all. Although it gave me pause at the time.
Thanks to all of you who helped figure out this interesting anomaly for me!

All the Best! 😊 😊
Berggraf38 in Fascinated And Shook
Hi Linjahaha,

Over 20 years ago when I was living in California, I was in a truck as a passenger driving by LAX and saw a full-sized airliner about 200 meters away, about to land (maybe 100 ft up), It looked like it was hovering in the air, motionless. As I drove by (at highway speed) I kept staring at it, and it just seemed to be stuck in the same spot in the sky. I was able to keep it in view for maybe 20 or 30 seconds. It was quite surprising and unbelievable to try to comprehend.
I've thought about it a lot and I think it's like CantunSEEit74 says, they are just so big that even though they land at well over 100mph (airspeed), that is relatively slow looking for something that huge. Planes tend to land into the wind as well, so if you have a headwind, it can reduce the speed even more.
I think the angle you see it from can make a big difference too. It's a bizarre visual effect for sure.
Hi Mbcmsj6.

I find both your experiences unnerving and fascinating, in my opinion, the way you have described the events is a bit confusing though. I'm not playing grammar police here, but I had to re-read both of your narratives trying to understand the time frame.

"So tonight, about 45 minutes or so ago, I was in a residents room..."

"This happened shortly after my last post. I no longer work there."

And from your first story: "This was about 4 years ago, I no longer work there."

My first thought after reading your story was that it had happened the night of 2024-02-07, not about 4 years ago.

Anyway, I hope this spirit has stopped disturbing the residents and the employees of that nursing home.

Thanks for sharing.
I always wondered, if maybe I upset it the 1st time? (In the first room?) And she didn't like me telling her to them alone. I know each time I'd go in that room after the scratches, I'd get this really strong feeling of being watched. I kept feeling an uneasy sensation in my stomach that it was peeking out of the bathroom or from behind his chair that was facing his bed.
Usually those scratches aren't a good sign, myself and people close to me experienced the same thing, so after doing a little research I found out that usually angry and malevolent entities leave their "mark" on someone, always in the form of three long scratches, in your earlier post this entity didn't seem to be aggressive πŸ€”
I'm sure your grandma must have been very happy that all of your'll were there at her house, she probably wanted to spend some time amongst everyone for a while.
CrimsonTopaz in The Weeping Woman!
harshmakwana2001, Those bungalows sound great. In Australia we call Halls lounge rooms. It sure would be nice to have 2 where I live. If only.
I know from previous snippets I've read online, not here but just random places here and there, that a spirit holding feet is symbolic. I can't remember exactly what it means. It may not have any relevance to your story but I thought I'd mention that. You can always research that online if you want to know more.
The spirit crying, and coming back could indicate her need to be noticed or acknowledged. She may have been trying to tell your father something.
Encourage her to go to the light and find peace as Lovely Lady has suggested.
What did the shadow do when you passed it to use the bathroom?
Rajine: Thank you for reading, & your comment. I always like hearing from you, & the others!

Take Care Always! 😜 😊
Rajine: Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go into my purse to grab my little trac phone to take a pic., but I was in moving traffic when the light changed.
However, what lady-glow sent me makes immense sense as to 'what' I may have really seen. You ought to watch the videos she sent me. Seriously, I feel rather sheepish now for assuming that it was paranormal, but I never profess to be faultless. It struck me as highly unnerving at the time, but after settling down, & observing those videos, I realize that it was probably a trick of perspective.
Thanks to all of you for trying to help me figure this out!

Best to All! 😁 😁
It could have been a passing spirit, or a resident one, but from reading your story, doesn't seem to be angry, vengeful or malevolent.
That's a feel good story for me personally, and I do believe that they are always around you, guiding you when you need it most.
It would have been amazing if we could see what you have seen, I've come across a few witness accounts of similar incidents throughout the years, but it's hard to determine exactly what it could have been.
I have a mirror on my desk directly opposite my bed, it's 02:25am here and as I'm typing this I'm looking at the mirror πŸ˜…, I don't really believe that mirror by the bed being dangerous, but if you choose to believe it, you are giving it the power to be true (not just with mirrors but stuff in general) that's why I chose to focus on only positive stuff.

Regarding the shadow, it could probably be a spirit, but that's still creepy nonetheless.
Hi Harsh

I agree with [at] lady-glow, but I guess there must be a reason that only your dad has seen her, also the time frame is quite far apart, so I guess she doesn't seem like a vengeful spirit.
I find the following video interesting and well explained.

CantUSEEit: Nope! I've never been on a plane. I rode a helicopter once up to the faces of Mt. Rushmore. The moment 'it' went up my stomach went down. After that, I was cured of flying. Sorry.
However, I thank all of you for the possible explanations. It was just so weird not to hear the familiar jet sound, & see it not moving. At least, that was how it appeared. Thank you!

Take care! 😜 😜
Hello! I was there at
Bout 2 1/2 years. A lot of encounters. I'll share what I remember
. But, as far as I know the facility was built about 2-4 years before I started. It was a new place. So I'm unaware of the foundation it was built on. We opened windows anytime someone passed. But, I've had a lot I've experienced in that place. I wish I still worked there. But, I don't. I'm in a different place now. I only have a weird feeling in the employee rooms. Not the rest of the building. I'll look up your posts! Thank you! 😊
Mbcmsj6: Interesting account. Very interesting. I, too, work in a senior healthcare facility. If you get a chance read my post about it.
This sounds like a ghost visitation, but of whom? Do you know any historical background on the facility? It might behoove you to look into it. You 'may' get some idea as to what might have happened there in the past.
Again, very good read. Thanks!

All the Best! 😁 😁
Twilight 1011: I'm glad if my account touched, or inspired you in any way. Yes, I often feel the presence of my husband, or her whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, or depressed. Especially, I feel John. Him, & were exceptionally close, & so very much alike.
I sometimes hear Mary, in my mind, giving me helpful advice gleaned from her years-82 of them-of wisdom.
I don't expect anyone to think, or believe, as "I" do, but I find great comfort in knowing that 'they' are in a beautiful, & much better place, but 'do' pay us special visits in 'our' times of need.
I, likewise, am sorry for the loss of 'your' special mother-in-law, but am glad that you have a wonderful husband, now, after your rotten 1st marriage. I, likewise, had a terrible 1st marriage, & was so Blessed to meet John. We share 'that' in common.
Thank you for reading, & your kind comments!

Blessings to You! ❀ 😊
Twilight1011 in My Amazing Mother-in-law
Linjahaha, I really enjoyed reading your account. When I saw the name of your title for it, I just had to read. It made me think of my mother in-law. She passed away this past September πŸ˜₯ very unexpectedly 😣 I would always refer to her as my beautiful, amazing, mother in-law ❀ I knew I was very blessed to have her in my life, and loved the time I got to spend with her. After my horrible first marriage, to an abusive, narcissist, who's mother was just as bad, it felt so amazing to be with my husband now, and to have a mother in-law that I truly love & cared for. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost more, than just your mother in-law though. My heart goes out to you. I've been able to connect with my mother in-law, from the other side at least, by using special Oracle cards I purchased after her death, that was specifically for communicationg with the other side etc, and I can feel her presence around me at times as well, making it feel good to know she's still with me. I might submit a story about her sometime soon, sharing what I've experienced of her. But I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
CantunSEEit74 in Fascinated And Shook
Linjahaha I lived above the Boise airport runway 4 years ago now and almost every morning the huge Fed Ex planes would come in from my left past the front of our home and far to my right is a runway and I could see the tires on the runway. These large lumbering monsters sometimes seemed stopped in midair, and I wondered why they don't just fall out of the sky. The engine noise and wash are blowing out the back, so they were very quiet throttling down coming in for the landing and watching them come in with my neighbors standing outside we were really in awe. There is a Navy plane here and it is the biggest plane I have ever seen and very slow in the sky. We hear wing brakes all day and night being 3 miles away from airport now. Have you been on a plane where it seemed they completely stopped when circling before descending to land I have?. Thats when I feel like I am going to throw up. 😟
I have heard and seen other reports of this phenomenon. But until yours, it seemed no one else noticed the weirdness going on.
Alright! I may need your help again πŸ˜†

Yes, I have been here quite long enough 😁
And yes everyone here is very very helpful and curious about every event of each stories πŸ˜‰
lady-glow, Thank you for that video. Far out! However, I didn't 'hear' any jet noise-which I'm quite accustomed to hearing, living not too far from a major airport. Also, it wasn't too windy of a day. Of course, the wind on the ground is minimal compared to what the wind must be [at] a higher elevation. That would make sense in that respect.
You gave me something to ponder about, so thank you very much for your helpful input!

All the Very Best! πŸ€” 😊

I'm sorry for your loss.

There's so much pain and negative emotions taking place in hospitals, not to mention the people who passed away by surprised and may be trapped in there unaware that their time to leave has come.

Not all spirits mean to harm the living, though it's always unnerving to see someone that 'should not' be there.
There's not enough evidence as to jump to the "it's a demon" conclusion... It may have been a resident spirit and an over reactive imagination.
lady-glow in The Weeping Woman!
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Harsh.

It's hard to say who this woman was and what is keeping her attached to the land, though she doesn't seem to mean any harm. As for why only your father has seen her, perhaps he reminds her of someone she met in her life, or she wanted to show him the existence of the paranormal world. It seems like he has changed his mind after the second encounter.

It may be a good idea to perform more cleansing rituals, even better to do something for this spirit to find peace.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Linjahaha.

Interesting experience. Perhaps you should check YouTube for "hovering airplane", there are many videos of people reporting seeing something similar and, with some luck, there may be some explanation for this phenomena.

Look at this one, in which the wind affects the movement of the plane.


Thanks for sharing.
I wish I could have asked my grandmom more details. But, unfortunately she is no more 😒. However, I can tell you room details as its a very famous hospital (my cousin sister is a doctor and she worked for few years in the same hospital). I think the room was less than 100sqfeet since this was in 1960s.
It was a single room with single door where single bed was attached. Just in front of the door the bed was placed. (saying this perspective from a person who is inside the room) I remembered vaguely that se mentioned the hand was coming from the door... (Outside the door there was a huge hallway) it felt like the hand was coming from a distance. She only saw the hand no body no face nothing...
Also, my cousin used to tell me that she use to see figures having no legs & arms just floating around during night time. She is also a firm believer of god (datta maharaj) & keeps chanting his name. Thank you for your interest in my story LagyGlow:) ❀
Hi Priyu.

I'm glad you're going to participate in the discussion.

It is well documented that during sleep people are open to interaction with the paranormal realm. I'm not denying that what your grandmother saw was a supernatural being, though I would like, if possible, know a little more about the setting of this encounter.

"a red colored hand is coming to snatch the baby... Its hand was long as a 10-15 foot -building."

I have a very vivid imagination and what I picture is this hand taking pretty much the whole space of the room.
Would you be able to describe the dimensions of the room? Do you know if there were any other patients in there and if so, if anyone else saw the hand or reported any other unusual event?

Like I have mentioned before, I'm not denying your grandmother having a paranormal encounter, but perhaps it happened during a dream.

As for the dog, I have many times dreamed about being attacked by malevolent spirits and, being a catholic, I repeat: "in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord I command you to leave", and either wake up or the nightmare stops or, should I say "the encounter stops"?
So, I'm sure the dog was protecting her.

I'll appreciate any additional context you could add to your narrative.
I doubt if it was a nightmare... As I mentioned the hospital was haunted so she did had a paranormal experience.
Lots of traditions around the world portray dogs as guardians of various places, people, etc.
Even in dreams, if a dog appears in one, it's either guiding or guarding, so I think that whatever that hand was, that puppy that your gran saw and felt was possibly there to protect her and your aunt.
blosomes: I enjoyed your account, but am fascinated with the responses that you've gotten.
I agree with lady-glow, & Val that there 'could' be a scientific explanation to what occurred. I, also, try to rationalize something before I 'accept' it as something paranormal. I, like you, don't 'want' any unexpected visitors, lol!
However, the explanations that you got 'do' make sense. I, also, have a winter coat for sub-zero temperatures. Would you believe that I feel a weight on my back when I bend over too? It's even felt so heavy that it gave me some back pain, & at my age "I" don't need 'that'.
I did enjoy the story, & 'you' had questions, & this site is for people trying to figure out what happened to them. The bulk of the people on this site are truly serious, & interested in discussing these subjects openly to try, & help each other understand what they've experienced. I've read some very intelligent, & sensible comments on this site. I'm glad if they helped you!

All the Best! πŸ˜† 😊
Roy, I'm happy to have been of help. And YES the atmosphere of a place can really mess with us!
Well that make sense then 😲
Perhaps this experience that I have may not be super nature at all but just the place πŸ˜•
But I am glad because I don't want extra neighbors around me lol
Hello GVC8, well, I would say someone wanted to contact you or at least have some fun with you during those days. Someone who had gone a time ago and who knows under what circumstances.
I had seen what you described as a fluffy bright small blub, and also the flashes of bright ice bluish light over the tree and the neighbor's house and it was several months after my brother died. I suppose he wanted to give a sign to me that he was still there watching over me. I have also experienced a lot of extraordinary things and guess what, they are all somehow connected with light, street lights, electrical lights in my house, and lamps. I guess that our energy that continues beyond our physical world is the most similar to light unless it's not light itself. Just wanted to say you're not going nuts, there are a lot of people who have witnessed more or less the same occurrences...
Given the size of that hand, I doubt there would have been enough space to fit the mass of that entity in the room!

Perhaps your grandmother had a nightmare and the dog came to save her from such a bad dream.

Thanks for sharing.
"The fog... I don't know how to explain, but it was not of the coldness, I mean I know it will steam up a bit during cold weather but not really fogging up like if I have just took the bombilla out of a fridge during a hot day... Or is that what you mean?" Yes, it is. Only compounded by the elements you were in. I imagine that straw as well as the cup were quite cold from the ride. Colder than the -5c, experienced when standing still, because of the windchill caused by being in motion (the wind rushing past you). Even inside a saddlebag, the cup and straw would have been well beyond freezing.
Maybe you have a point here... I was leaning at the side of the side-car side while resting... Yea, maybe it was my coat...

The fog... I don't know how to explain, but it was not of the coldness, I mean I know it will steam up a bit during cold weather but not really fogging up like if I have just took the bombilla out of a fridge during a hot day... Or is that what you mean?
Roy, a thought just popped into my head about the weight on your's cold, I assume you were wearing a heavy coat?
And were you, perhaps, squatted down during the making/drinking of your matΓ©? Were you near a campfire of some sort?
Bare with me here.
I have a heavy coat that's great for our subzero temps; the only problem I've noticed is that sometimes, especially if squatted down doing something, the weight of the coat will shift and it can feel as if something is on my back. This might be an explanation for you too.
As far as the fogging, if near heat, in the cold, it can produce a fog effect, as the cold surrounding air collides with the warmed air. Is it possible, that your bombilla (assuming one of the newer steel ones) as well as your cup, were cold enough from the ride, that between the hot water and fire heat, reflected this?
blosomes in Back To Where I Am
Hi! Thanks for commenting and sorry for my ver late reply 😐
She works in a dinning place and needed to taste test sometimes... Perhaps she did not get a chance to do any taste test during that night? πŸ˜†

Sorry for my really late reply...
Yes, I am Roy! I do not know happened but I think I deleted my old account... Should I post a story about that? Just joking 😁
Thanks for commenting! And hello again
Hello Valkricry!
Wow! That's a bull's eye 😳
Yes, it is URAL and they seemed to have this winter ride every year, for me this time is first and the last time perhaps... Frost bites are irritating and it hurts.

Yes, I did a more scientific research and perhaps the sound wave theory is right 😊 we constantly learn new stuff here really.

The weight on my back... Is perhaps... Tiredness? So far I am good and I don't hear any of the members during that day having odd events πŸ€”
Are you by chance talking of the URAL motorcycles?
For those who are Celsius impaired: -5c = 23F, that's darn chilly!
Lady-glow does have a point about sound waves. You can hear someone from 360 meters away (about 1,180 feet) and in the cold even farther. Then you have to take into consideration the terrain (mountainous it can echo around for quite the distance) and the atmosphere, it might even travel 10 miles! Or so I've been told.
But the weight on your back...hmmmmm
Wandering: This is a head-scratcher. I agree with Rajine. Possibly you, & the other passengers were to ones 'passing by' 'her' area.
Maybe something tragic happened to her who knows how long ago, & she is confused, & trapped in 'that' particular area. Thanks for the read. It's a good one!

Take Care! πŸ˜† 😊
Hello lady-glow!
Hmm... πŸ€” Interesting fact...

Oh, yes I do remember the temperature,
It was -5℃, and yes, all these side-car owners are crazy enough to ride in the breeze! (I know, crazy... I swear I will not want to go anymore lol)

Hmm... If you say a cold spirit is coming around and wanted to share my drink... I am willing to give it some warmth... 😒

Hey Rajine!
What an observation 😳
Maybe that is why that place is known to be haunted.

Well, I did not feel any vibe... I think the spirits felt that following us will not do any benefits lol
As close as I am to Iowa (Missouri), I'd loved to had got them just so I could observe them. If by chance they show up again, I'll take them.
lady-glow in The Flash
Hi Spooderman.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I really don't know what Muslims believe it happens to a persons soul and consciousness after death. In my own experience and within my own set of beliefs, I wouldn't discard the possibility of this flash being your aunt coming to say goodbye.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi blosomes.

A possible logical explanation for the whispering could be that sound waves travel longer distances in colder temperatures. Perhaps what you heard was a conversation taking place some where not too close to your location, hence making it difficult to make the words with clarity?

Do you know what the temperature was at that moment? Although I supposed it couldn't be below freezing if you were able to ride a bike.
And of course this wouldn't explain the weight on your back... So, maybe a cold spirit was trying to warm up drinking some of your mate.

Thanks for sharing this puzzling experience.
Hi Wandering24fox

It could be a passing spirit, or we're you and the bus gang the ones passing by...πŸ€”... I'd say that you and the others were the ones passing by and you happened to come across the resident ghost of that specific area.

Have you spoken to anyone with you that day to confirm what you experienced? Someone is bound to know something.

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