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Hi again Rachel9997

We all have an innate sixth sense, not many may be aware of it but it's what generally warns us about creepy situations and danger and I think this was one of those times where the sixth sense kicked in.
Hi Rajine,

No, no one really bothered to ask about the history. I think we all just kind of wound up ignoring the incident and chalking it up to our imaginations playing tricks on us. But in retrospect, it may have been a good idea to try to find out in case there was actually something there.
DragonWolf in The Temple Entity
Hi TravisCannabis,

Your comment is interesting cause the fact is Kerala's ruling party is a communist party, most supporters of the party, especially in my hometown are huge atheists, My own grandpa was one of them and was a staunch atheist. When things started happening due to the temple most of them said that it is better to be an atheist than worshipping a god that hurts you.
DragonWolf in The Temple Entity
Hi Kesnitt95,

I agree, I don't usually go to the temples unless I feel a calling from the god, which is quite rare. I hope someone solves these issues, temples are meant to be a refuge.
DragonWolf in The Temple Entity
Thank you for the warm welcome Lady- Glow

I will try to answer your questions the best way I can

- Do you mean that "Family A" moved into/bought the land in which "Family B" used to live?

Yes. Family A brought the land from Family B decades ago.

- Does the temple stand on the land of "Family A"? If so, are there any young women whom have being affected by these events?

Yes, the temple was erected right in from of their house just 10 feet away. I really don't know much about that family. It wasn't just women who faced issues in that house, men, children everyone in the family suffered some kind of misfortune.

- Did the circumstances of both families improve after building the temple?

Sadly no, I hear they are still having problems and maintaining the temple too is becoming harder.

- How long ago was the temple built and how many girls have been affected ever since?

I think its been about 13 years give or take. I know of 4 girls, there could be more

Its really strange that this should happen, strangely not all girls have been affected, just a few.
DragonWolf in The Temple Entity
Hi Rajine,
This did not happen in a village, the place I have mentioned is more modern than that. So there are no village heads or elders. There are political figures and members of panchayat who did raise concerns. But you have to understand a lot of people around this part are either atheists for political reasons or just too rational.
Hi Rachel9997

I think whatever it was is attached to that room, did anyone speak to the hotel manager or staff to find out what happened in that room?
Hi lady-glow,

C and D did mention these things along with that immediate feeling that something was wrong with this particular room as opposed to the rest of the hotel, I may have inadvertently left that out. I agreed at the time that it wouldn't have been enough to claim that it was haunted but as soon as I entered, something was just off.

The AC was not running; that was one of the first things that C and D checked.
To my knowledge, they did tell their parents about the physical issues and just dismissed the odd feeling as their imaginations, though I think they did complain to the hotel about the smell and temperature as well. Since we were only in that city for three days before visiting another, they just waited until our last day.

A didn't have any solid explanation she could put into words I can only tell you what I noticed about her which was that she looked into the room once and just looked freaked out by it.

Interesting take on the time thing; you're probably right.

I think I would consider A to be sensitive. She always seems to be aware of things that the rest of us aren't, including if there is a strange presence around that the rest of us don't pick up on. It's never been anything too significant; this was the most outward sign of it.
It does seem strange that I couldn't associate any energy with the figure; I'm not really sure why which is why I said that that makes me question if it was even really there.
Kesnitt95 in The Temple Entity
This is crazy. Till now I thought that evil entities couldn't dare to play games in the temple space. This incident of yours proved me wrong.

What I think is, it will take time for the negative energy to fade away. It depends on how many generations have suffered there. May be some souls aren't freed yet. The energy of negative activities or experiences is still stuck there, so the place isn't psychically clean.

It is best not to go there for now.
[at] Rajine
Thanks for reading. I'm also of the same opinion. It was probably a teasing rather than a menacing entity but who knows what would have happened if my mother-in-law went closer.
Anyhow I have more stories to share but I'm a busy man. Hopefully will post more of such experiences sometime in future.

[at] lady-glow

Thanks for reading. Yes I suppose. We mostly imagine wandering spirits to be malevolent and threatening but I think manier times they are strongly territorial, not likely any sort of intrusion.
It was a long time back and tourism in those areas have become more organized and sophisticated with proper reservations and tourism support. And with the increase of urbanization in Northern areas of Pakistan, such experiences are far less likely to occur nowadays.
Hi Rachel.

I bet this was a very fun and memorable trip.

I have few questions about some points of your story and will appreciate your feedback.

"Friend C immediately told us that she thought their room was haunted and Friend D agreed."

Did they mention what made them think that the room was haunted, aside the temperature and the musty smell? In my opinion, these findings would have been enough to say that there was something wrong with the room, but not sufficient to be certain that it was haunted.

Was the AC running? I know that in some hotels the cleaning staff like to crank the AC to polar temperatures while they are working in the rooms.
Did your friends informe their parents about this? Did they complain to the hotel front desk about the problems?

"Friend A refused to walk into the room at all."
Did A explain why she didn't want to enter the room?

"I woke up to shuffling at around 2:00am (which seems to be common time for me to wake up in the middle of the night for some reason"

Personally, I wouldn't give this too much of a meaning on this particular night considering the fact that you were several time zones away from home and probably your body had still to adjust to the time difference. I'm not denying the possibility of something waking you up, I'm only trying to keep in mind that this could have a more logical explanation.

You describe A like having an uncanny intuition but, do you consider her to be a sensitive? Did you tell her about the figure behind the curtain?
I'm curious that you wouldn't associate any energy to this figure, but she seemed to feel threatened by something in the room.

"Every time we walked up the stairs in the lobby, I felt we were being followed."
Who knows? Perhaps a spirit fell under the spell of your youthful and cheerful group of friends.

Thanks for sharing.
TravisCannabis in The Temple Entity
That was intense man... Being an atheist seems better than worshipping a god like that one! 😨 😁
Rachel9997 in An Old Parsi Hotel
Hi Asleep,

I agree with lady-glow. This definitely sounds like a sleep paralysis situation in which someone may have tried to communicate with you. It could have been one of the initial settlers. Like Rajine said, they may not have moved on yet. Especially since you mention they were fleeing persecution; I imagine there was a lot of anger and fear there that the person might not have let go of.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Temple Entity
Welcome to YGS.

I have some questions about your narrative.

- Do you mean that "Family A" moved into/bought the land in which "Family B" used to live?
- Does the temple stand on the land of "Family A"? If so, are there any young women whom have being affected by these events?
- Did the circumstances of both families improve after building the temple?
- How long ago was the temple built and how many girls have been affected ever since?

After reading your story, I'm surprised that no one seems to have forbidden young women and girls the access to such a place...
lady-glow in An Old Parsi Hotel
Hi Asleep.

Sorry if my question wasn't clear enough. What I mean is if you remember having a dream that could be considered a visitation just before waking up that night, as in someone trying to give you a message while you were asleep, or having a nightmare.
[Lady-glow] I was not dreaming. I saw a black figure in the balcony, which made me believe that the room was haunted. My wife won't tell me, but she also felt weird in that room.
And, definitely it was a sleep paralysis.
lady-glow in An Old Parsi Hotel
Welcome to YGS.

Your experience fits the description of sleep paralysis. A normal stage during which the body gets paralyzed in order to avoid moving during our sleep, it's not uncommon for the brain to wake up before the body and the person is unable to move for some time, sometimes even experiencing hallucinations.

Since you have been reading stories in this forum for some time, you must have read some about this topic.

Also, during sleep, a person may be open to the spirit realm and dreams can be a way of communicating with a spirit.

Do you remember if/what you were dreaming before opening your eyes?

Perhaps you only experienced an episode of sleep paralysis... Perhaps it was more than that.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Asleep

Definitely a interesting and creepy experience for you, I can only imagine how old that building must be, I suppose someone or something has an attachment to that place and has not moved on yet.
Hi DragonWolf

I find it hard to believe that with all that happening no one can find answers as to why or what it is, where are the village heads and what were the elders doing when all this happened?
Well, at least the spirit had the decency of giving your MIL her purse back.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Kids Of Ghosts
Welcome to YGS.

This is quite an interesting set of experiences, although, in my opinion, it would be difficult to "know the truth about them", but I'm sure you'll get some good feedback from the members of this forum.

I have some questions about your narrative, if you don't mind.

First of all, I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Was he your maternal or paternal grandfather?
If he was your mother's father, perhaps this side of your family could be sensitive to the paranormal realm.
Also, another thing to consider is if he was taking medications that could produce hallucinations as a side effect and the kids he saw were nothing else than that.

Also, the stress you were going through would have been enough to distract you from your studies.

As Rajine, I too am curious to know why your dad thinks that your mother attracts spirits?

"... My grandfather got sick again. He was taken to hospital and passed away at night. He believed in ghosts and spirits a lot. I guess he used to communicate with them when he was a young adult."

Was he living in the same house? Would it be possible that he opened a door for those spirits in the past?

I understand that you have moved to the USA. Not meaning to pry in your private life, so you don't have to answer my following questions but, are your parents still together and do you still live with them? If so, is there any paranormal activity in your new house?

At this point and based in your narrative, it's hard to determine if the house you're living in in Pakistan was haunted due to one, or more, members of the family, had attracted the spirits or if the entities were attached to the place.

Regardless, it seems like the activity was unnerving but not malicious. I hope you are free of it.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Khan_M

Those are really one of the most beautiful places to visit, perhaps your mother in law encountered a random spirit.
Rajine in Kids Of Ghosts
Hi Butterflyy

Firstly I'd like to ask, why would your dad think that your mum is summoning demons and attracting spirits?

Also maybe if you researched the history of the house you would get some answers.
Hi reneemarie29

I think possibly something could be following you, maybe get someone who can do a walk through at your home and see from there, as you mentioned that in the beginning of moving to your new home you haven't experienced any paranormal activity.
Hi Iggypop. It wasn't the price house. I did have a friend who lived in the price house for a while. He was a sinasac. Not sure if he was a foster or it was a family house? I'm not totally sure of his relationship with the house or the owners but he lived there for a while in the early 90s. The house I was at was a blue house kitty corner to the park (toddy jones) I think is the parks name. On the river side.

I'm in agreement with what Rajine and Lost Voyage outline in their comments; it does seem like there was a variety of paranormal energy going on in that house most likely due to a century of tenants/owners and remodeling...

Something that caught my attention in your story was the short paragraph where you mentioned the regular smell of cinnamon. I'm not sure if you were aware of this, but some people will burn cinnamon to help cleanse an area of negative energy ~ cinnamon can be used for protection also. I wonder if a former tenant/owner used cinnamon to cleanse that particular floor?

I enjoyed reading your story!
Hello Virulentpeach, thanks for updating the story of your experiences in this home, I remember your first stories of the house and it's bizarre set up, but wanted to refresh it to get a better perspective.

I think you're right on about the ghosts/spirits there being upset about the renovations. From reviewing your stories and what you found out about its original design from the landlord, it sounds to me like the place was for lack of a better word 'butchered' to create a living space that could be rented out to college kids who needed a place to stay. The closet with the window that opened from your room and the living room was a prime example. I'd be curious as to what this area was used for originally, but obviously it wasn't a closet space. It seems as if they just made up space as they thought they needed it without much thought. Some of the changes didn't make sense to me, and seemed like whoever did it was in a hurry and just cut corners where they could to basically make some profit without putting much time and effort into renovating the house decently. Then again, if it was to be rented out on a rotating basis to an influx of people, then they may not have wanted to sink too much money into the project because the repairs and upkeep would have cost some money through the years as well. Whatever was haunting that house, if it was a former owner/tenant who had stayed in a once proud and noble Victorian home and had to watch as it was basically gutted and pieced together into a bunch of apartments and rented out to 'strangers' who came and went like it was Grand Central Station, (from the ghosts' perspective) I can see why they would be upset.

There is another possibility to what you and the others experienced. Some form of poltergeist energy. Usually this is attributed to teenagers, and I'm not sure of the ages of the various roommates you've had in the few years you stayed there, but being college age, I can guess. It has been noted in some cases poltergeist phenomenon can occur prior to becoming a full blown teenager and in other cases up to age 20 and beyond. Pair this with all the life changes going on and the ensuing turmoil, the stress of college studies, leaving home for the first time, finding jobs, etc, it could all combine to cause a hotbed of poltergeist activity.

It seems a mix, some of what you experienced was residual, the footsteps in some areas. Some of it seemed intelligent, like the doors being cracked, the footsteps stopping at the door, cracking the door, but not entering the room or when it locked your room mate in the basement. Poltergeists may account for the rest of it, all that loose energy being harnessed, to move objects, cause noises with no source, classic poltergeist activity you could say.

Although you weren't present during the roommates experience with the 'smoke detector' noise, you had already had your own encounter with this phenomenon and so had a few other roommates you mentioned. The boy you saw one night, the one that disappeared after storming into your room, did he look modern, or was his fashion of dress older? I do find your fascination with that staircase leading up to the apartment you had on the second floor rather intriguing as I too had something like this develop for a house in my family that was haunted, so I can relate.

Is the house still used the same way, still rented out to college students, or does it have another use? If you could find out anything about the family (s) who stayed there before it was renovated into a college apartment house, it may provide further clues. I can speculate as I have here as to the nature of the haunting, but not the identity, though I am still curious about the person/entity you did see that one night. Anyways hopefully this helped some, it was good hearing from you again and good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Rocking Swing
Hello LuckySOB, great story and thanks for sharing. The 'moving stick' you saw was intriguing, I wonder if it was paranormal or something natural. We have an insect around here, oversized that actually looks like a small stick, but it's not, however it doesn't move anywhere near as fast as you describe.

I believe you are spot on about the swing. From most of the stories and encounters I've read about, 3 seems to be the magic number. 3 knocks, 3 raps, lights flickering 3 times, just as your swing moved 3 times. It seems to almost be a universal spirit contact number. If your neighbor was the first to pop into your head, go with that, first instinct is usually right!
But yes, I still own the guitar but no, I haven't heard the guitar music anymore.

I don't remember if it was putting it in the attic that stopped the music, or if the music stopped before that or only some time after.o
Of course the car sounds were passing cars. However, most of the music wasn't the kind of music people play in their cars. Ar the guitar noises were too consistent for a passing car anyway.
Hi InTheNight

Maybe it was a passing spirit, do you still have that guitar?

Also was your room situated near a road perhaps, if so that might be a reason you could hear passing cars and music. It also would be a good idea to research the history of the house.
Welcome to YGS.

I wonder if the warning was meant for you, or if it is part of a memory kept at that place. Perhaps the match-lighting gentleman said those words to someone during a bygone battle.

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience.
Agreed. Hopefully there will come a time when they finally find peace.
I don't believe in projecting, but it COULD be that. Other possibilities are doppelgänger or etiäinen.

Etiäinen isn't as much of an entity as it's a reflection of future you/announcement of your arrival that comes and does things before you cone and do them.

Doppelgänger on the other hand, I think varies by interpration. It can be some kind of a reflection of you, or an entity that impersonates you. In some stories they're dangerous.
InTheNight in 2pm Terror
Pressing on peoples' chest, on the basis of what i've read, seems pretty universal among evil entities. Usually it happens at night, though, and I haven't heard of other people seeing them.
InTheNight in Black Mass And Mimic
It could be an etiäinen. That doesn't explain the shadow, though.

How long did it take for you/B to come home after B/you had heard the voice?
Where was the woman when your grandmother first saw it? In the yard? Did she see it through the door or the window?

Am I misunderstanding, or was the woman somebody your grandmother knew, and who should be dead?
Well, I wouldn't tell people if it looked like they didn't see it, because I don't want to make myself look crazy.
InTheNight in She Has My Face
A doppelgänger? (see wikipedia. The Ä is important)

I've heard some stories where they'll try to kill or otherwise take the place of the person they look like.

However i'm more curious about how didn't the doctors tell your mother they noticed another fetus/baby in ultrasound or something, even before they found out it was stillborn. That might sound minor, but it's also a big question you shouldn't overlook.
Hi Lenape_Woman68

Definitely a creepy incident it would make anyone run and not look back, Gettysburg definitely is a very active ghost site.

At least this ghost was kind enough to let you know you in the wrong place. 😁
Hi Virulentpeach

Definitely sounds like a house with multiple ghosts, I can imagine since it's quite a old house many people have lived and passed away there. Did you ever bring this up with the owners? They would be able to shed some light on the happenings of that house.
Hi Lenape_Woman68,

Welcome to YGS!

Gettysburg is certainly a paranormal activity hotbed. This almost sounds like a sort of time slip situation like you were in that space somewhere between the time of the battle and the year you were actually there.

Very creepy story; you are brave to have gone back to that place a second time. Thanks for sharing your story! 😁
I think the orbs are the spirits of the soldiers who died there so long ago. I've read that some believe that because they died so suddenly/violently, the soldiers don't realize that they are dead.
Rachel9997 in The Rocking Swing
Such a big movement like you described with the swing can certainly be a way for a spirit to get your attention. If you were very close to your neighbor, it could absolutely be her. I would try to communicate with it, taking the proper precautions of course, if you really think it might be her. Best of luck if you do try! 😁
CantunSEEit74 in The Rocking Swing
Crazy interesting stick encounter, that is off the hook. We have looked at Lowe's swings and are not easily moved 3 feet back and forth. Do you sit in swing often or do you avoid it. I would definitely be talking around the swing as if I were talking to my passed elderly neighbor or when sitting in the swing. Reminding her of her kindness and her impact on you. That spirit really needed your attention. If this is my past neighbor please move the swing. If you lived in my home please move the swing. If you are related to me please move the swing. I would have to find out good or bad.
LuckySOB in The Rocking Swing
There was no breeze on either day and as hard as the swing moved it would have had to have been very strong winds. It was as if someone had stood next to the swing and started moving it back and forth about 3 feet in each direction. It did it about 3 times and just stopped. It was hard to keep from showing how startled I really was!
Hi LuckySOB

Do you think perhaps that stick thing could be some sort of creature? The swing incident is intriguing, I'm assuming that there wasn't a breeze or it wasn't windy when you experienced that?
GingerRead in The Rocking Swing
Hello and thank you for your interest in my story. I hope to do the same when I visit the Catacombs in Paris!
This story is absolutely chilling to me. Very similar to my experiences in an apartment I stayed in when I was in college. By any chance do you have any photos of this house? I have tried reconstructing an image of it in my mind and would love to see if it is similar to what I envision. Is your family still there or did they finally get sick of the haunting?
Hi GingerRead! Thanks for your story! There is a very old cemetery deep in the woods about a mile from my house. I saw it during the day and there's a huge statue of a man named Lorenzo de Zavalla on a horse. Google his name and you'll see he was a part of Texas gaining independence from Mexico.Anyway,I was creeped out during the day but hope I can muster the courage to go one night and bring a camera and EVP recorder.
TWEED it's so good to see you on here!I've been absent from the site for several years. I was Curly_1Lack but I forgot that user name so now I'm LuckySOB. Looking forward to your great stories and valuable input!
Rajine it's great too hear from you again!I've been absent for several years and forgot my old user name (I just found it I was Curly_1Lack).Anyway,I look forward to great stories and your valued input!
LuckySOB in Pets Seeing Ghosts
Hey Ladyglow! Lady glow!I'm back on here after a few years absence. I used to be Curly_1Lack but forgot the name until I got back on here lol.Anyway,I saw your comment and wanted to tell you its great to see you on here and look forward to your valued input!
InTheNight in A Dark Entity
[at] Scaretale and yeah, i'm from Finland (though i'm mostly karelian). I read about paranormal phenomena as a child and not much since, but I remember a lot.
InTheNight in A Dark Entity
I've got some hindsight that could tie the door opening and the apparent etiäinen together.

I'm propably overthinking this, but the entity could've been planning to attack the sister but then retreated. In some stories the doppelgänger can try to take the original person's place.
And yes, that family still lives there. I really wonder why because to me they must have had way more paranormal experiences than what I know, judging by how strong that spirit it there. If it was me, I would've sold that house so fast lol. Or at least made an effort to do some sort of blessing/cleansing prayer etc.
Hi all.

I don't think we could ever substantiate rumours of that nature, unless we are witness to those evil acts taking place, which if of course not possible unless we are in that home when it is taking place.

But there is plenty of reason to believe that it is true.

My aunt who lived there who is the mother of those cousins passed on at just 55 years old. She was unnaturally sick for a long time. I think 55 is quite a young age.

I have another aunt who had a similar experience when staying over at that house. She went to the bathroom at night for a midnight pee break. She saw a male shadow on the bathroom door and thought that it was a male family member... But it turned out that it wasn't. She did not share too many details about it but she was really traumatized by that experience. I think that it did that to her to scare her. Or to make its presence known to her.

I don't have any contact with those family members for years as their behavior is not suitable to being around. I find them jealous vindictive and feel like they will use whatever evil powers they have on others to benefit themselves with no conscious.

I believe in God and God alone. I will not associate myself with something that makes me feel uncomfortable just for the sake of family.

I personally believe in distancing ourselves from the occult or any thing spooky for lack of a better word. These things can just cause an unnecessary nuisance in our lives.

Reading your story and comment I'm really shocked at the lengths some people will go to gain wealth, I think it's a good idea that you and your family cut all contact with these people, unfortunately we can choose our friends but not our family.

I'm just wondering if you or your sisters eventually did tell your parents about your experience? I can imagine what large family gatherings are like with those family members around (assuming they are invited)
Hello RS and thanks for sharing your story! Plenty of people have these kinds of encounters, this site alone is full of them. Some people have worse encounters, some rather light. You are not alone.

Is that family still living in the same home as when you stayed with them? You mentioned hearing rumors about the family, were any of them substantiated or were they all just that, stories?

I think what you girls experienced that night was purposely trying to scare you. Some darker spirits actually try to elicit fear from those they encounter and feed off from it. Fear is a strong energy and those entities with malicious or evil intentions resonate with that kind of energy, rather than a higher vibration like love. It sounds like your other cousin had a similar encounter that same night, but since she didn't seem to be bothered that much by it, it was more of an annoyance to her, then it might have targeted you and your sisters, since it didn't get what it wanted from your cousin.

There could be something in that house that is influencing the family's behavior, that's why I wonder if they still live there. I would definitely honor your feelings, if it doesn't feel right then by all means, steer clear of that side of the family.

Hopefully this helps, Good Luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Visit From Two Legs
Hello RavenRain, thanks for sharing your interesting account. I've long been a proponent for believing that yes a ghost can not appear fully if they have not harnessed enough energy from the environment around them, either from other people or the immediate area, such as the cold spots people feel in the air or flickering electricity. Usually in cases like that, though they appear as a shadow or quite transparent, not just half of a person or like an arm or hand or something. The legs you saw, did they appear quite solid or were they transparent/see through?

My feeling though about this, is that the manifestation was more deliberate. By that I mean, just as ghosts sometimes cannot fully manifest due to a lack of energy, they can also choose to appear in a way they want to. The ghost that haunted my family home, could be seen quite clearly, people who saw her could describe the color and style of her dress, and the pin she wore, narrowing down a time period, but no one could see her face, even in the light of day. There was just a dark spot where her face should be. One of the psychics who investigated, told me she did not want her face to be seen, and that's why she appeared that way. If that's true, it would be just like when a robber shows up at a bank or house wearing a ski mask. It's as simple as they don't want to be identified. In my family's case, we never did find out who she was, record searches indicated the house had been rented out several times, but most of the women researched as having lived there, all moved out and lived on, dying in other places mostly of natural causes.

From your story, especially the uneasy feelings in areas of the house, the cats reactions and even the mysterious writings your friend discovered, sort of point to a ghost/spirit with a darker intent than merely wanting attention. I believe he/it appeared to you purposely as just a pair of legs, not because it didn't have enough energy to manifest, but so you not only wouldn't be able to identify him and also to elicit the very response you had, that ill at ease feeling. Some ghosts seem to purposely try to scare people, they seem to live off that fear, and it actually seems to fuel them, giving them more energy to manifest a haunting. There are many stories on this site that seem to support this.

By all means research should be done, but you may not find out much as this entity doesn't seem to want to be discovered. Depending on the circumstances of how it came to be there, that information may not be that visible. Some owners try to cover things up if it's not to their benefit. Not necessarily your friend but prior tenants/owners. I hope you can find something that would reveal some information behind your experience.

The only other thing I can offer about this, and I'm not sure if you will find it helpful, is that in my family's haunting, psychics believed that she went insane, and harmed her family. The research didn't turn up anything having taken place there, but it was curious we found it had only a few owners, a few wealthy men who owned this house in a small town. If indeed he rented to a family and someone went crazy and there was murder and insanity involved, it could have been quite the scandal and easily covered up in that era. Something like that could hurt a man's reputation as well as hurt any future profit he could make from his investment. Since my family owned it from the mid 1940's onto almost the turn of the last century, whatever happened took place in a time where that sort of thing would be easy to cover up. Now I can't prove it, despite all the investigating I did and the people I involved. I bring it up because it seems relevant, something about your story reminds me of it all and is tickling the back of my mind. Perhaps whoever it is you saw, maybe they went crazy in that house, the writings on the wall, the fact your friend said they made no sense, could be the ravings of a lunatic. Whether he hurt someone else or killed himself, I don't know, or what else he may have been involved in. Depending on the time period it happened in, it could have been embarrassing and something that could have been hidden away in history. Nowadays that stuff is too hard to cover up, but in earlier times, way too easy, especially in small towns and rural areas.

Anyways I've rambled on long enough, I'm not sure if it helps at all, I sort of follow my intuition on these things, but it does make me think. Good Luck!
Hi Limey. I agree woth you regarding half Spirits not uncommon. I have seen many proven documentaries where half Spirits have appeared. Be it top half as you mentioned, lower or even a foot, head, hands, it is a bizzare sight. I'm not aware if my friend reserched the history. Yes, he did invite a Medium. I'm the Medium. But I think this site indicated that Mediums/Psychics need to post elsewhere. Being new here I'm trying to learn the rules and respect them. Theres more to this story and my experiences but I wasn't quite clear as to where I could post as a Medium if you will.
Hes never seen the legs no. He has only sensed a negative being in his home.
I agree with you as well regarding the basement. Thank you.
Rachel9997. I do feel the same in regards to a low energy being unable to manifest. My friend did not go into detail regarding the writing. He just indicated it made no sense. Thank you.
Hi lady-glow. It was a bit unnerving yes. I'm used to seeing Spirits from time to time but there's something a bit morbid if you will about seeing parts of a body. I think you're correct though regarding the inability to manifest as a whole due to low energy. Thank you.
Hi Rajine. Thats what I told him as well. He should check the history. I'm not sure if hes done so. As for the writing, he didn't go into details but indicated there was no sense in it.
Reading this again atm ❤
Still my favorite story here since 2012. ❤
Dear lady-glow.

Thank you for your comment.

I tried to keep my story brief, but let me add on some details.

My sisters told me not to speak about the encounter with anyone, especially with those cousins and also to hide it from our parents. We decided to just cut our stay short and ask our parents to take us home early.

I was the youngest so I listened to my sisters.

The next morning when we met with one of my cousins in their living room area, she complained that the devil was dancing on her roof all night. Those were her actual words. She did not seem very spooked and said it in a way which implied that they are used to it.

A few years on, we heard plenty of rumours about those cousins of mine.

Some of them being:

That they have dabbled in the occult in order to gain more wealth.

That they have used the occult to kill their mother (my aunt) in order to gain her wealth in inheritance.

That a cousin of mine who lived there at the time allows her young daughter who was a little girl at rhe the time (younger than me) get raped every night by a spirit in exchange for wealth in that house.

That family went from being nice to us to really horrible to us in a matter of a few years. Not by any of our actions. We were told that they are very envious of my sisters and I as we grew up.

That is why I chose to completely cut all contact. I am still scared from all that I have known and felt and I do not want to be close to all of that stuff.

I don't wish anyone bad at all, but I would rather be completely away from all of that stuff as much as I can as I used to be scared as a child that whatever it was that we had in that room would follow me home and worry me there.

I hope this answers your questions.
Very interesting story; both incidents sound frightening.
Welcome to YGS.

Hello KS.

In my opinion, it's difficult to answer your questions based on the little information provided by your narrative.

"Why do we have these encounters, and others don't?"

I'm not sure if by the above sentence you're implying that you and your sisters had more than one experience of this nature, and if you asked other people if they had encounter this entity.
Did you talk to your cousin about this spirit? If such was the case, what did s/he say?

Are you aware if your cousin and their family were already dabbling in the occult when you girls were there?
Did they ever mention their home being haunted?
How long have they lived there?

I know you were very young when this happened and, probably, discussing the paranormal with adults would have been out of the question, but perhaps now you have learnt more about your relatives' life style.

I would consider one of two possibilities:

If they were already dealing with the occult, that they attracted a negative presence to their home and this entity was either curious about you and your sisters, or making sure to make its presence known to you.

Or the house was occupied by this presence before they moved in and it influenced your relatives behavior. Perhaps they began trying to communicate with it, and things escalated after that.

All the above it's just my opinion.

Praying for them and sending them light wouldn't hurt your relatives, even if you don't keep in touch any more. It's hard to say if they are in such situation by choice or if they are victims or something sinister.

Thanks for sharing.
ghostsarecool in Got What I Deserved
I did pretty much the same thing when I was in middle school. My best friend's house was supposedly haunted. I never experienced anything there, but she said it was and I had no reason not to believe her. Anyway, so one day she had a bunch of people over for a sleepover and I think she said that one day the closet in the bathroom opened on its own. Well that gave me an idea. I went to the bathroom at one point, and right after I washed my hands, I opened that closet door. Then I went out of the bathroom and waited for someone to notice that the door was open. Obviously someone eventually did, and I was quietly giggling to myself when I saw all my friends freaking out. I did it again a couple hours later, and then again a couple hours after that. I think at this point people caught on that it was me, but I don't think they said anything to me about it. So then I just stopped doing it when I realized no one was freaking out anymore. It was pretty fun, I'll admit that lol.
ghostsarecool in Spirits Are Very Real
I love books that do that! You get so involved in the story that you're reading that you completely forget the outside world exists. Harry Potter does that for me ❤
[at] LFrog1386 I didn't get a girlfriend in 2021 however I did research and to some cultures knocking on wood can be done to stop something from happening after it is said. So if it was an entity maybe they didn't want me to get a girlfriend? Or they wished for it to happen to show good luck and it hopes I'll get one. I'll keep everyone posted if any other weird and paranormal things do happen again.
Hi RavenRain

I think your friend should investigate the history of the house, I'm sure your friend will be able to get answers, as for the writing on the walls, was it legible?
Welcome to YGS.

That sure was an unnerving sight to witness.

I agree with the previous posters about looking into the history of the house, perhaps knowing the identity of this person could help understanding the reasons that have prevented him for crossing over.

I'm not sure if a spirit's "age" prevents them from manifesting into a full form, or if they choose how to show themselves. It has been suggested in many previous stories that when this happens it's because the spirit lacks enough energy to take a full form.

Whatever the case, it sounds like something not nice to see.

Thanks for sharing.
Rachel9997 in A Visit From Two Legs
The legs may be a newer spirit that doesn't yet have the capability of taking full form.

I agree with Limey that looking at the house's history may be helpful. Does your friend remember what the writings said?
Hi RavenRain: I have so many questions. But first an observation; the appearance of half a person during hauntings is not uncommon. But why? What does it signify? (A relative of mine has witnessed the top half of a person going up a stairway). But some questions; has your friend looked into the history of the house? Has he had a medium or a psychic visit the house? Has he spoken about the house to his neighbours? How long has he lived there? Has he seen the legs?
The most chilling part of your story to me is the fact that he feels uneasy in his own basement. That's a bad sign.
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11,

First of all, thank you for your insight.

Secondly, I have thought about trying to communicate with the entity, but I worry that I will not be able to do it safely. Even with precautions, nothing is really guaranteed. I will seriously consider attempting communication thought after reading your comment.
Hello Rachel9997, thanks for updating your ongoing experiences. It does indeed seem to be a form of communication. I know in my case, most dreams I do not remember. However dreams I have that I deem 'visitation' dreams I remember quite clearly. These types or dreams involve people in them that are usually still alive, although I have had a few where the people are deceased. Since people can astral journey and travel when they sleep this makes sense. I believe that those people alive or otherwise are actually visiting with me and appearing in my dreams. In those cases it's not quite the same as a regular dream, in fact we may be together on an entirely different astral plane altogether and not in a typical dream state. That maybe why even though it seems like a dream, it's not and maybe that's why I remember them more clearly.

This is of course my opinion, but it explains things at least for me. Perhaps this entity is attempting to communicate by the air breezes in the physical world and also in your sleep. I'm not entirely sure what the things you see in your dreams mean, as this entity seems to be using this dream like state to try to talk with you, but maybe the images are imperfect, and jumbled. Since the images and symbols are being directed by a supernatural force and not a typical dream, trying to find meaning in regular dream interpretation books and resources won't get you very far. Maybe like someone learning to write, it will get clearer as this 'being' for lack of a better term gets more 'practice' with this type of communication. Your experience is a bit different because you have a level of control in this state that most people do not.

I would try to make sure you ask for protection as you sleep, according to what you believe, this may also help. In the waking world, try talking with it. If you can find a safe way to meet this entity halfway in terms of communication you may get somewhere. Just be careful, I wouldn't attempt divining tools of any kind, but talking with it and remaining curious and open in your dreams albeit with protective measures may prove to be enough.

Rajine may also be onto something with things that need to be deciphered or resolved in our dreams as to being another reason why we remember them. That dovetails with the visitation dreams, since people or possibly entity's as may be your case, appear in our dreams to begin with, usually to communicate something, even if it's as simple as they care and miss us. Just as our minds in waking life puzzle over things that don't add up and love a good mystery, they may tend to hold onto and mull over things that happen in our sleep as well.

Hopefully this helps and adds some perspective to your situation. Good Luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Little Old Church In The Bush
Hello AussieRedDog, thanks for sharing an interesting account. I have to agree with RCRuskin on this one, it seems like a timeslip of some kind but one that seems to me that was supernaturally directed. By that I mean rather than a random timeslip, you were taken back to a time after the incident at the church to see what had happened after the fact and see the graves when they were newer, again to direct you to what had happened. The singing seems to confirm it. It's as if the souls of those children wanted someone to 'witness' their presence, know they had existed. In a place like that, where grief and suffering and tragedy had taken place, coupled with the highly spiritual aspect of a church and all that goes with it, it seems the perfect place for something like what you experienced to take place.

When you there the first time, you mentioned you could smell burnt wood but didn't see any. Did you see any other indications that a fire had taken place there? When you returned you said the church was gone, was there any indication it ever existed, any remains of a foundation for instance? What about the graveyard, even though the headstones were worn down, you're sure it's the same one from before?

I don't doubt your story, so I hope you don't misread the questioning, and I find the experience fascinating, I would just like to know more. You could have been transported back to the actual incident, or even a time before, when the church was still in use, yet something took you back to that era in time, that's what's got my interest!

Wow that's interesting! My experience didn't have a gnome feeling to it. This thing appeared or "teleported" instead of walking like the thing your friend described. So weird, I haven't found a similar experience on here yet...
Rachel9997 in A Weird Breeze Of Air
I'm about 4 years late to this, but I agree with AugustaM. It sounds like your grandfather is visiting, and you don't have anything to worry about. Actually, I've recently experienced a similar phenomenon. I keep feeling cold breezes inside my house. A few months ago, I began wearing a pair of my deceased grandmother's earrings which is when the breeze thing started happening. It has woken my up in the middle of the night, but one night actually seemed to help me fall asleep. It was being really annoying a few nights ago actually and I asked what I'm assuming to be my grandmother to please let me sleep. Sure enough, it went away, and I was able to go right to sleep. I hope this helps reassure you and not freak you out. 😊
This is happening with me a lot... And Mt family is really stressed... Can someone please help
Dear Berggraf38,
It took me forever to fall back asleep actually. I was too afraid to turn back over though, so I stayed facing the wall all night long

What you describe sounds similar to a person with progeria - including the "Roman nose" that you refer to in your comment. Progeria kids are tiny and do look a bit otherworldly. They often wear hats or caps because they are bald, and the various diseases that tend to accompany the condition are often painful, which might account for the "unhappy stare". They die young, which is also tragic.
However, it is possible to have a good life with progeria, as Sam Berns (who lived with the condition and passed away at the age of 17) demonstrates in this beautiful inspirational TEDx-talk:
DragonLadyYT (guest) in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
Wow, it's been a while since I made this post and I honestly forgot about it existing.

I'd like to update that I've given up all hope of ever seeing the bracelet again. It's obviously been years since I posted this here, and I was never able to find it.

I still feel that same sense of inevitable loss and despair as when it first went missing, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it.

I'd love to extend a loving thank you to all those that offered their help and advice. It warms my heart that so many people cared enough to warn me against potential dangers.

May your Gods treat you as you have treated others, and blessed be.
Wow, as someone with chronic insomnia, I'm envious that some people can simply go back to sleep right after seeing a ghost next to them.
I get nervous about the slightest things in life and couldn't sleep a lot of the time even if someone bashed me over the head with a baseball bat!
Hi KennethWeeks,

I see why people are thinking it's a finger in the photo, and I'm wondering if that's the object we're supposed to be looking at. I see a face in the second photo sort of between the wooden beams not all the way in the bottom left corner and agree with MrsRamsay. Definitely looks ghostly.
EL_Aey_Night1986 in The Unknown Entity
Hello. Its' been 2 and half years since I last posted a story. I almost lost my password because it had been 2 and half years also since I last logged-in to this website. I am working on my new short horror story and it will be posted here soon. I hope everyone is okay in-spite of this difficult times due to COVID19 pandemic. I hope everyone is safe and recovering. Cheers!
cool story! Didn't understand quite all the aussie slang but I loved reading your account 😁
Five years later, I respectfully disagree, dirt creature. I see the face of an African American boy and it looks ghostly to me. I think you got something... A curious ghost popping up to see what you were up to there!
Hi Rachel9997

I believe that dreams we remember after waking up has somebmeaning that we have to decipher and that there's a reason why we remember it even after we wake up, as compared to other dreams that we forget or vaguely remember once we awaken.

Your story particularly hits home because I suffer from insomnia and in the few and rare occasions that that I actually manage to get some sleep, I suddenly wake up around 2 to 2:30am I'm not sure why that specific time though, even if I'm absolutely tired my sleep will break around that time.
Hi GingerRead,

Your account reminds me of an incident which happened one night / early morning when I was a teen and snuck out of the house to join friends from the neighbourhood for a chat and supper at the nearby park. We were sitting around, chatting, drinking, cooking instant noodles over a solid fuel folding stove fire when out of the blue a large bush (more of a manicured hedge) not 5 meters from us shook VERY violently for perhaps about 5 seconds.

The best way I can describe it is, it was as though there were 2 cats fighting inside the bush, except there was absolutely no noise at all apart from the rustling of twigs and leaves.

The bush was standing on its own, there were no trees or other bushes next to it. We stared at the bush for a couple of minutes, expecting animals of some sort to exit or at least appear but the bush stood as silent as a tombstone. For the rest of the night we kept a wary eye on it but nothing else happened.

Welcome to YGS... You're a bloody good story-teller. Hope to read more of your contributions!
Hi AussieRedDog,

I've believed for a while that supernatural events can overlap with space-time disruptions. That's what this sounds like. The church disappearing and the headstones fading indicates some sort of rapid passage of time to me. I have no developed explanation as to how this would happen in that particular spot, but I definitely think you encountered some sort of space-time anomaly along with a ghostly encounter.

Really interesting story!
OddTonicSociety in The Picture Frame
Any chance you'd share the YouTube link? That just seems so intriguing!
u in Malaysia Once I wake up in middle of night I saw man dress like doctor he was too short for human look like white man he put pillow to my head then I got angry take off pillow from head he was too short 4 feet tall still don't know what it was Europe Man wain for you replay
TheSweetDevil23 in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi Meteoravishal Thank you for reading my experiences and for your review. Happy New Year to you too. Take care.
Lady Glow, thanks for the input but I'm only going by what I witnessed and read... Maybe the year was misinformed but what I can say that I saw and entered a church, heard singing and even smelt burnt wood. Those bushfires you mentioned were in Victoria. I don't live anywhere near Victoria, I'm more closer to the QLD border than anywhere else. I did some research while in the Historical Society and came across a few old newspaper articles dating back to the 20's and that was how I came across the little old church bushfire story. I've witnessed the big bushfires up here in 2019/2020 so the area I was in was touched by the fires (maybe that what happened to bush church, burnt down during the fires, didn't think of that) thanks for your input, hope what I wrote sort of explains
"I found out a bit later that a church back in the 1920s was destroyed by bushfire. Inside the church a Sunday school was happening. No one survived..."

Could you be more specific about the source of this information?

A quick google search has led me to the following article in Wikipedia:


Which "is a list of specific seasons of bushfires in Australia including some significant bushfire events from each season. Events are listed if they cause fatalities, destroy houses, or burn more than 100, 000 hectares (250,000 acres) of land."

Although the lists dates back to the 1800's, there's no mention of any children dying in a church during the 1925-26 Victorian bushfire season, the reported closest date to 1920.

"A series of major bushfires occurred between 26 January and 10 March 1926... A total of 60 people were killed...

On 14 February, later referred to as Black Sunday... In the Warburton area, 31 deaths were recorded including 14 at Wooley's Mill in Gilderoy, 6 at Big Pats Creek and 2 at Powelltown.[2] Other affected settlements included Noojee, Erica and Kinglake, where St Mary's Church and Thompson's Hotel were amongst the buildings destroyed.[3][4]"

Do you think this tragedy happened at St Mary's Church? Although the article seems to suggest that the church burnt down but doesn't mention if there were any deaths.

I'll appreciate your feedback.

It's always interesting to know the facts backing up a paranormal experience... And I don't believe everything I read in Wikipedia and in the internet.
Rachel9997 in The Picture Frame
Hi Curlygirly,

Let me just start by saying that I'm glad you and your family were able to find somewhere peaceful where you're happy.

It's interesting that you say seeing this picture turned around "felt dark." Talking with people and reading this sight, I'm learning that how you feel about a paranormal experience can say a lot about the nature of the situation.

The part about the dreams is interesting too. I've usually just dismissed dreams as being crazy movies our brains put together that don't really mean anything, but recently I've begun to pay more attention after I started noticing paranormal activity in my own house and since I'm prone to lucid dreaming. If you are comfortable and able, could you shed some light on the nature of these dreams?
Hi Pumpkin,

I've recently been experiencing something similar. I notice that whatever it is that's been hanging out in my house has grown to come to me at specific times. Did you ever notice these things happening at a particular time of day?

It's possible that this could be a previous homeowner just kind of chilling in the house and making sure your family was doing well. Are there any records you could look at to get information on previous occupants?

Search this site: