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Welcome to YGS Bjonestown 😊 I'm glad you shared your experience with us. After reading about your experience, I decided to look a little more into the Baphomet symbol. I've seen that symbol before, but never knew its name, but after reading up on it, my best guess is that perhaps the symbol itself is more of a bad omen, or something along those lines, that has attracted some pretty nasty energy, maybe even demonic in nature, as the symbol has been said to be worshipped by devil worshippers. Not implying that you yourself are one, but I am curious what this symbol meant to you exactly, as you said "you always liked it, and subscribed to the meaning of dualism, and always took it as the most pure embodiment of the human condition"? From what I read, it didn't seem that the symbol was necessarily a bad symbol, so that's why I ask what it means to you. I don't want to come off like I think the symbol is bad, and only devil worshippers use it. I know very little of this symbol, other than the little bit I read up on it, so I'm sure you have more knowledge on it. But with that said, and just taking a guess as to what I believe could be a possibility on what's happened, is if any bad was ever used through this symbol, perhaps it can draw evil towards it, especially if the negative energy can see a vulnerable person, meaning your illness could have been seen as you being vulnerable. It's just a theory though, so I could be way off, and my apologies if I came off rude or offensive in my comment, as I was not trying to be. If something negative was drawn to you though, you could look into getting yourself and even home cleansed, as their is a respected member on this site that has a cleansing ritual on his page here, that no religion is required. Or if you want to involve religion, you could talk to a priest to see if an exorcism is necessary, but that's only if that's apart of your beliefs, as I know we all have different kinds, and whatever yours is, is your business and right. I hope that I was helpful to you in some way, and really hope that I didn't cause any confusion or offense in what I've said. I want you to feel comfortable to share your experiences on this site, and ask for help when needed, as that's what we're here for. Hope to hear back from you soon 😊
Sleeping-with-steve in An Evil Presence Outside
Hello Twighlight,

Here are a couple of links to get you started so you can research into your family history. Have fun. It's really fascinating when the results surface. I enjoyed researching my family, however I didn't complete my research. I got distracted by spirit research. Lol. 😲



Keep me posted on your progress. The system still won't let me up vote you because I voted up all your other comments. 😒

Best wishes,
😘 ❀
Sometimes remodeling stirs up some bad "juju". Once things get put back in order it may calm down. Reclaim the house as your own. Recite a house blessing prayer. Bless your doorways and make it be known this is your space now. If you believe in a religion, ask your minister or priest to give your home a blessing.

In the meantime, one advice I was given was that if you are at "war" over your new turf, don't let them claim the space and push you out. As hard as it is, I'd try to stick it out and not leave unless you have to. It's trying to scare you away. Stand your ground as your own. If you need help claiming it, ask for help from friends, family or church etc. Fill the house with your stuff, your music, your presence.

Hopefully it leaves or learns to live peacefully.
I am so sorry for your loss of your mother. May she rest in peace.
I think Dennis makes some excellent points about ridding oneself of such things and I also think Ayush may have a point. The belief that cleansings won't necessarily have any effect on benign entities has been asserted many times since I joined this forum and, from my personal experiences, I think there may be some truth to it. Even though my first thought when I read this experience tended towards a conclusion of "early stage demonic interaction," the fact still remains that after all this time, no threat has been felt by the OP. Its a head scratcher!

Since no solace seems to be forthcoming from the OPs entreaties to mainstream religious personnel, maybe more local traditional/folk methods might be investigated. Certainly, the OP would be better equipped to seek out such methods than me from thousands of miles and cultures away. I do believe, however, that the key to any method is your belief in it, in the higher power/powers it calls on and, last but not least, in *yourself*.

Never forget the strength within you.
I've heard of an account (mind you, it could have been on a TV show πŸ™Š but still a decent notion) where a woman found herself in a similar situation where the home was haunted by a fairly benign little girl (who may actually have passed in a very similar fashion if I remember correctly). In order to keep her from mischief and making off with things, she bought her a few toys of her own, placed them in a designated spot and explained to her that they were hers and that she was to play with them but leave other things alone. It seems like a reasonable idea to me, anyway ☺
MrsRizzo2429 in Aunt Linda's House
Hey there,
I am really glad you shared this story it is heart warming and nice to read.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Hey Miranda, no worries on the karma points, I try not to pay attention to them anymore, since someone seems to get their kicks on taking a lot of different people on here away, just because they can. If whoever was doing it because they honestly did not agree with the person, to the point you think they are just wrong in what they said, then I can understand that being why you down vote, but I've seen that's not really the case most of the time on here. I've seen my karma points down voted to things that I didn't feel was offensive, as I'm pretty much neutral on what I respond to on this site. But anyways, not trying to get into all that, I really appreciate the link you sent, and after reading it, I looked more into the Waxhaw tribe, which from what I read, is now extinct as a tribe now, but is also most likely the indians that lived on our land, as the county's listed to what was theirs, is where I live. Now if only I could figure out how to research my family's land. I don't know if it's even possible, or if it held anything worth mentioning to where there is any records of what use to be on our land, but if there is, I wish I was able to find out. But that's where I come to a dead end, as I don't know what to do to find out about that πŸ˜•
Hi All,
The table tipping, in a crude way, works in the same manner as a Ouija Board. You can decide where that energy comes from. 😁 There is some information that would suggest this is a Quantum Mechanical effect; though, it doesn't reduce the mystery of what happened. In any case, an interesting account and as the OP said, the information was accurate. I remember an account in a book, forgot the title, where a group of people made up a fictional ghost and got a table to react.
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Well, we did have a women pass away in the same room as the women who seen "the boogieman" 3 days prior to this happening... Lots of the residents called her a man because of her short hair. I just wanted to give a quick update, the night after this happened after I typed all this up and posted it, the women who I called "Pam" was yelling out the residents name whom passed away 4 days before. (The one I just mentioned above.) Pam never knew the womens name and always called her "that boy" so it was very odd for her to call out her name in the middle of the night.
English is not his native language. The story was scary though. You gotta give him a credit, come on! He did his best to tell a story for us!

I bet he's a kid.

Thureos, how come you're so rude? I bet you're the aswang?
😜 😜 😜
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Hello Twighlight,

I found this about your home town.

Hope it's helpful. I found it very interesting.


Best wishes,
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Sleeping-with-steve in An Evil Presence Outside
Hello Twighlight,

Thanks for your reply. I can't wait to read about your daughters experiences when you get time.

I tried to give you another karma point but it said,'please vote for someone else'. I guess because I up voted all your other comments. Lol. 😊

Best wishes,
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lilpeachyghost in Levitating Spoon
AugustaM, good call, I hadn't thought of that before! They really don't seem to want to cause harm, just like playing tricks and being mischievous I guess.

I remember one time my mum was looking for her necklace. We looked all around her dressing table, removed everything from the top of it, emptied her jewelry boxes and makeup bag and even moved the dressing table out and looked around and underneath on the floor. It was nowhere to be found, anywhere. A few weeks later, my mum shifted one of her jewelry boxes out to dust and it was right there. She said she'd silently asked whoever had it to please give it back and it turned up within 24 hours.

Another time I was looking for my tv remote. I shook the bed covers and blankets and everything because I remember last having it on the bed with me. It ended up being underneath my blanket that was at the bottom of my bed but I opened it up and shook it so... It should have fallen out, no?

Lots of strange little things happen like this in our house. They're more annoying than frightening though. πŸ˜†
AugustaM in Levitating Spoon
Perhaps you have elementals of some sort and not ghosts at all. The tricks they seem to be playing lead me to lean in that direction.
lilpeachyghost in My Mother's Doppelganger
Unintentional astral projection from your mum? Wouldn't explain the red nightgown though I suppose.
Raseco62 in The "boogieman"
Although some of these aging individuals are having medical difficulty. It doesn't mean that the clergy shouldn't pay them an essential visit.

Perhaps, their last rights are important.

It's always best if one if this patient sees a "scary" ghostly entity to practice daily Christian repentance with or without a clergy.

I understand it's easier to refute my inclination of daily repentance. However, it a critical role in our Christian faith and it's truly best to depart our Earthly Realm with repentance to our Lord God Jesus Christ.

I am a powerful intuitive with crucial insights into the supernatural. Our Earthly realm is one of God's realms and it's obvious that we are accountable regardless of our age, for instance, for misdeeds, for the mishap and for any form of havoc we caused against another individual.

It's my experience if a person is visited by a malevolent entity, other than a departed loved one, it's an obvious time for repentance and confession to the Christian clergy or a Catholic priest.

You don't know everyone backgrounds history of their true individuality, and therefore we shouldn't judge, but you can assist an individual who is in need of repentance--call their family clergy for assistance.

It's also a possibility that a departed (apparition) loved one was trying to ask the elderly in section AL to repent because of the obvious malevolent entity was presented that night. This is a reason for the high numbers of ghostly apparitions activity.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Mrs.Ramsey, thank you for that bit of information, I feel like I remember hearing that my town did have a battle on it, but I don't really remember what all I was told, because honestly you'd think my school would have educated us on our towns history, but my constant wondering mind didn't help back then 😳 if you know where I can look online under, to learn more on our history here, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not that great at looking up certain things online, and last I tried to look, I just came across the debate of whether or not Andrew Jackson was really born here, or SC, as where I live near Waxhaw, we have a museum on him, claiming his birth, while SC wants to claim otherwise, so goes on the debate of it. I'm very much interested in learning more now on my towns history, as I believe one should know what all they can learn of their home town.
bandet888 in The Banshee
Hello Iman. You left out one detail. What happened with the woman when the police arrived?
Hi Biblio, I'm new to this site and enthralled by the stories. Wanted to share with you that a similar "feeling" permeates many of the locations in my neck of the woods, which is near Marietta, Georgia and also the site of multiple Civil War battlefields, skirmishes and lots of death. The Union Army, about 130, 000 total, was mired in the muddy, heavily wooded proximity for almost a month of rainy days before the decisive battle that was a precursor for the Battle for Atlanta and Sherman's final march to the sea. There is a particular monument here, called the Illinois Monument, commemorating more than 3,000 souls who fell in a frontal, uphill assault on heavily fortified rebel lines. Today it's a national park in the midst of heavy suburbs, and many thousands of visitors per year drop in. Living here for 30 years, I've sort of accidentally compiled experiences that seem very similar to what you describe, especially at the Dead Angle (site of the Illinois monument). I've also heard disembodied voices in the area during off times and have EVPs, which I'll write about later here. Growing up, I always thought during my many visits to various battlefields that it's our (military family's) reverence for the fallen soldiers and history that accounted for the atmospheric type changes in certain places, but after decades and finally accumulating many "experiences" I realize it's much more than sheer awe at the history. I can't even imagine a holocaust site, and frankly not certain I would want to visit one. Yes, I have also had empathetic-type experiences, and I don't really like those at all! As a mother, I think your mom was absolutely right in not wanting to linger there. Sincerely, Mrs. Ramsay
Hello, what an interesting story. When I was reading the comments, I saw that you live near Waxhaw, and it immediately rang a bell. Not sure if it's the North Carolina one, but I'm a real history buff and the Battle of Waxhaws was a Revolutionary War massacre that occurred a little south of the actual current town of Waxhaw. The Battle at Cowpens was also not too far away. It would be definitely worth googling your town/area to see if perhaps it could be relevant. Be safe.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Hey Mirada 😁 I know its been awhile since I last talked to you about this experience. The reason for me not mentioning what my daughter experienced last year, is because I feel it's best to just make it its on story. Otherwise this one would have been even longer, plus I don't believe whatever my daughter has mentioned seeing, is what I felt terrified over that night. But I'm still very curious as to what she is seeing. I might write that experience next, before I forget too much of the details. As for me not always being scared here, I wouldn't exactly say I'm not, as I may be a grown woman now, but I'm still very much afraid of the dark. When I was very little (I'd say around 8 and under), I use to believe that if I stayed in the dark (like when I would try to go to bed at night), if I couldn't see what I felt was there, then it couldn't see me either. But unfortunately I learned that's not the case, and after having so many scary things I couldn't rationalize at such a young age, I grew more afraid of the dark, and needed to have some kind of light on for comfort. So it's not that I'm not afraid of this place at night time, but after living here my whole life, I just got use to it, and have my little ways of helping me feel a little safer when I do have to be outside at night, like having the porch light on, and flashlight in hand 😁 as well as staying close to the front door. I think a lot of my courage comes from my kid's though, as I really don't want them seeing me be so afraid of the dark, and try my best to put on a brave face.
Sleeping-with-steve in An Evil Presence Outside
Hello Twighlight,

I was anxiously awaiting this post. We talked about it in detail once and I really wanted to know more.

I don't know how you don't get scared 'every' night living where you live. I know I couldn't live anywhere like that. 😨

It's a very scary ordeal you and your husband went through.

I remember you telling me that your little daughter also felt a presence outside.

There's obviously something out there, but what? It hasn't caused you and your family harm so far and hopefully won't ever get any closer than the porch. Perhaps it is your guardian looking out for you because you live so far away from everything.

I really enjoyed reading this post and your other post Twighlight. It had me on the edge of my seat too like Biblio.

Stay safe,
😘 ❀ 😘
i have heard that some people that have died will do the same things what he or she ocurr at the time they die. They will do it again and again at the sane place and same time that they die. 😨 😨
Cuddlebear in The "boogieman"
Po5itive ~
First I'd like to commend you on the care you seem to take with your patients. My wife is a volunteer coordinator for Hospice locally and I do seasonal work with facilities such as yours around the holidays as Father Christmas. Thank you for your important work.

I hope your patients are left in peace by whatever/whoever it is and look forward to reading more about your experiences in the future.
I visited Tombstone many years ago, before it became a Haunted Location, then it was just the site of the famous shootout. I was 14 or so, so it was in the mid 1970's. I had a mug of sarsaparilla in the Birdcage.

Your visit sounds a lot creepier than mine. Hope you had good time.
Bibliothecarius in Oppressive Atmosphere
I'm glad you found it useful, LuciaJacinta.

The land -along with the monument- is now in a different country; you have no idea how thrilled I was to *find* the right spot on Google Maps!
Twilight1011 in The "boogieman"
I love that you seem understanding, and respectful towards your patients, as they do need amazing people to be such great caregivers to them, especially given how their lifestyle is for them. As for your situation at work, I don't think your thought on bringing up your experiences with your new coworker, is off. I've learned how just speaking of the paranormal side, can give out energy to let them be more known. But whether or not that's what happened, either way it still seems that something is obviously there, and letting itself be known. I wouldn't say that it's exactly a malevolent spirit at this point, as from what you've said about it so far, it hasn't seemed to cause any harm, other than just scaring a few of your patients. Which don't get me wrong, isn't nice, but it may not mean to scare them, but just rather wanting their attention. I think LuciaJucinta question on asking if any male has recently past away there, is a good question, as maybe it could be someone that stayed there in life, and knew the patients you said that are claiming to see him. Hopefully whatever, or whoever it is, isn't meaning any harm, and doesn't get worse, to where you can possibly figure out what you're actually dealing with. Thank you for sharing your experience with us 😊 I really enjoyed reading about it, and hope things don't get worse by your next update on what's going on at your work place.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
LuciaJucinta, I really do believe my opinion on what I feel outside at night, is possibly Indian related. It seems to make more sense for it to be, going on how I feel, and given the fact that as far as any knowledge on my family's history of their land, nothing else really makes sense. But then again, I could be way off, as I can only assume right now, until I do finally learn some facts about our lands history. As for the scratch, I wasn't sure if I should have even mentioned it really, as I didn't really think it was from that evil presence I felt that night, but still wonder if it was some how related with what I feel outside. Perhaps less sinister, and more so on just wanting its presence to be known or something πŸ˜• I just thought it was odd how it happened twice, seeming to be around the same time as the month before (when I got the first scratch). Even with how it felt, I remember hearing other people describe a scratch they got from something paranormal, like how mine felt before I noticed having it. It was definitely a unique feeling. But if what I do have outside is of the past Indian tribes, I can't help but wonder with them most likely being spiritual people, would nature spirits like fairies and goblins etc, be such a far fetch to wonder if they could have had anything to do with my odd scratches, that funny enough looked as if a kitten scratched me? Maybe I'm just thinking way too much into it, and most likely am way off on what it really was, but I have the tendency to think a lot about everything that starts up my curiosity, so I get pretty caught up in my many possibilities πŸ˜† So anyone that thinks I'm thinking way too much into it, I'm up for any thoughts ya'll may have on it, as mine are obviously getting out there.
LuciaJacinta in An Evil Presence Outside
A lot of times when you ask paranormal researchers to help out cases, they try to distinguish if entities belong to the land or do they belong to the house. Could possibly be that this entity only belonged to the land... Perhaps prior to the building of the home. I think it's plausible that the previous suggestion of an Indian tribe could be legitimate. If spirits are invited IN that's another matter. Clearly you signaled that this thing was not welcomed to come inside.

I'd like to hear if it ever does make itself known within the house.

The car scratch thing... Honestly could be from another source...I'd keep notes going forward when and where you notice it.
LuciaJacinta in Oppressive Atmosphere
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I did open the link. It looks like a peaceful yet somber spot.
LuciaJacinta in Old Home
That's a nice gift of a house. Maybe they knew it was active and saw an opportunity to get out? Yes, I admit that is very creepy seeing yourself as a child. Really gives me the chills. And the smoke alarms going off is a new one too. Never heard of that.
LuciaJacinta in The "boogieman"
Wow, really great story. I've worked in similar places and had weird stuff occur to me as well.

Sometimes I do think talking about them brings them on to be more active.

Did any men recently die? Could it have been the spirit of a recently deceased male resident?
Oh my god! It just like that some people outside the bedroom but there should be no one, I think that some people may be die in that house and it do not want anyone to stay in its bedroom. 😨 😨
😲 😲 The lady must be the died master of that myatery farm and she did not want any body else to getinto her own farm! 😨
Bastet in Old Home
Seeing younger version of yourself - is quite unique and creepy!
Few years back I used to have similar experiences. I used to see and hear things but couldn't utter a word. I had read somewhere a solution on this, I tried and was pretty successful.

1) Before sleeping pray to whomsoever you pray to.

2) Then close your eyes and imagine a thik wall surrounding you and no one needs can enter that. Do it for couple of minutes. No doubt you will get distracted initially but try it every day.

3) Even after doing this you encounter it again. Stay calm pray and try imaging a white light coming out from your plexus and defending you and creating a protective circle for you and try snapping out of the state.

WisconsinLady in The "boogieman"
How is everyone doing? Have your residents been able to sleep well since this happened? I hope so! ❀
Eerie69 in I Am Thirsty
Hello AugustaM!

When you say hukloban, you're right. It's kind of look like a witch. Or some say 'BRUHA'.

Believe me, it's different. She looks like a local type of woman but sinister If I may add πŸ€”

Until this day, it still gives me a goosebumps whenever I go to the kitchen alone at night. Still wondering what is that for.

But I actually asked Go about it and even tried ask permission if we could make contact with the entity. Still in progress. I'll let you know on this site once I got the vlog about it.

Thank you for reading my story though ❀
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Lealeigh, that's interesting you feel the same around your wooded area as well, and as far as my knowledge on our history around here (not my lands history, as I'm still unaware of it, but the city I live in), we also had Indians live around here, and I've felt that with that said, they most likely lived on my family's property, because we have found arrow heads in our yards. I'm not 100% on what Indians lived out here exactly, but I live next to a very small town called Waxhaw, and it was known to be the home of the Waxhaw indians, and I think some of the Catawba tribe lived around here as well. So the best I can think of, is the feeling of being watched all around our woods at night, is possibly by indians that may have lived out here. I think it makes a lot of sense if my opinion is correct. To them, we would be on their land, and they would most likely be watching us, wondering what we're doing here.
Thank you for sharing - I loved reading this! I also tend to agree with your explanation of emotional imprint.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Biblio, I never thought about that possibly being why it didn't come inside πŸ˜• it's definitely a good theory, I just wish I was able to know the real answers. But as far as me seeming calm afterwards, it's not like I was feeling confident enough to want to go back outside, and I think it was awhile later before I would go back out at night by myself. I felt fine inside though like I said, and was already use to feeling uncomfortable outside at night alone. I still don't really stand far from our doorway, while outside alone at night. I've noticed how I feel the most uncomfortable outside at night, is when I'm alone. Almost like whatever I feel that watches me at a distance, chooses to mess with me when it sees I'm alone. I just hope whatever it is, doesn't feel the need to want to do that again, as it was very terrifying to experience something like that.
I have to say, I love watching horror movies - I find them amusing and not scary at all! I usually watch them before bed, But after reading your story, my friend, I was sleeping with lights on! Living in a semi haunted house before myself, I can well imagine all what you went thru. Similar as you, I never thought the activity was harmful, but the experience is still terrifying! Thank you for sharing. ❀
Hi there Mrs Ramsey and many thanks for your taking the time to comment. I know of no significance in the colour brown to my family. It is the "brown clothing" angle which led me to connect these two stories. However in British folklore there is a spirit called a "brownie" that lives in hearths of old houses and is generally helpful. In Welsh it's called something like a bwllcha or something almost equally unpronounceable. The brownie is similar to what J. K. Rowling called 'House elves' in her massively over rated novels. They were rarely seen but would clean and tidy houses (oh!If only!) overnight as long as they were fed a bowl of milk. I found the whole atmosphere very spooky at the time and hence scary, but I can't pin it down to anything particularly unpleasant going on. I was a very young 14 year old and not very happy in my school, but who is?

A few years ago in a Readers Digest book called "Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain" on p 403, "Death Flowers of the Mines"it talks about spirits that haunt the Welsh mining communities and of a harbinger of disaster where the colliery was filled with "sweet rose like perfume" - a perfect description of what I smelled. Whilst I don't recall any tragedy affecting my family in the immediate aftermath, within a decade both my parents died rather unpleasantly but I think I'd be stretching a point to say that it could be pointing to that! As I said, my Great grandfather was Welsh, and although illegitimate had some kind of connection to mining. His son was the individual away on deployment in the first part.

My sister definitely felt the presence she sensed to be sinister rather than helpful.
Well...Sounds like something nasty looking for another victim. Given you've felt watched before, it may be stalking you, and only that one time did it try to do something... And I believe we don't need to know what that something was... It is clearly harmful, and I believe you'll need some sort of spiritual protection for you and your family, just to be on the safer side of things, though even that is not a 100% guarantee that "it" will stay away, but more than likely its going to be enough.
Dennis191 in Levitating Spoon
Well, I would still be careful, as certain beings may be trying everything to trick you for the opportunity to have someone to feed on, not really sure if that is the case here, but maybe a cleansing is in order and will put things in order.:)
lilpeachyghost in Levitating Spoon
Dennis191, it doesn't do anything else. Things just move or disappear and then randomly turn up either exactly where we left them or in a place we know we wouldn't have put them. Like say a bracelet in a kitchen drawer. Nothing is malicious or threatening and I've never felt uneasy or scared living here despite unexplained events and paranormal happenings. I have seen figures but again, they are non threatening and I feel curious towards them rather than frightened by them.
I forgot to add that I have never felt this about any other place I've lived. My cat always seems to be afraid there. We're visiting my mother far away right now and my cat seems like a new man, so to speak.
I completely agree with Biblio in that your intentions go a long way in setting up boundaries.
jahnviamz95 in A Hand In The Depths
Azrael X
Please tell which place in Kerala this happened. Because even I am from Kerala. Just eager to know.
Hello Twilight,
This story unnerved me as well. I have felt this exact thing where I live in Georgia. I also live in a heavily wooded area. After some digging I found that my area used to belong to Creek Indians and that the US government "acquired" it from them sometime in the 1800s. There was a fire in 1881 that burned the whole town to the ground and it remained a burned out shell of a town for thirty years. They rebuilt the railroads in the area and the town recovered.
I thought that during the time it was empty it was attractive to negative spirits maybe.
Hi Urbancohort1. I'm brand new here, but felt up to a comment. Being a military daughter as well as wife, and having lived in many base quarters (housing), your description of your grandmother's setup sounded familiar. But also, the fact that an unexplained person/entity in brown was witnessed at the two locations decades apart reminded me of something in my life, which I've come to believe is likely an angel (as opposed to an ancestor or some random manifestation). Is there anything significant to you or your dad about the "dressed in brown" thing? The "person" who visited me decades apart was dressed in a military uniform, which has great significance to me. Other than your sister being creeped out by her experience, did anyone feel threatened, or, what was the general feeling? Was anything going on at the time of the events? What comes to mind to me is that the man in brown might've been checking up on your grandma and father while your grandfather was away/deployed... But anything similar at the next occasion? I sort of think that, while some events are random mysteries, many times if you just think about your initial gut reaction, or your rationalizations, you might be close to an understanding. I think it's significant that you connected the dots between your grandmother's story and what happened with you and your sis! That many years between visits is interesting.
Bibliothecarius in Shook From My Bed
Hi, Rhino:

Sorry for not checking back with you sooner; hope your situation has continued to improve.

At a guess, I think that the fascinating rose rock was a "thank you" gift from the little girl who plays on the porch. That's a good sign! Even if everything with the negative spirit had not yet been fixed, you clearly made sufficient positive headway to impress her into expressing gratitude.

You should be made aware that cleansing a house is most effective when given a little "top up" of positivity every so often.

On that point, be thoughtful about the possessions you bring into the new house; don't move in anything from your past that reminds you of seriously negative emotions, such as disappointment, shame, anger, or fear. Don't put such items in the house "out of sight" in the cellar or the attic, either; their mere presence will remind you of the negative feelings at unexpected times.

I am writing out the above paragraph with a specific purpose. Negative emotions, no matter how well hidden, will work against the positive home atmosphere you're working to create. You do not want any negative entity to ride that emotion back into your home; even hiding the negative stuff in the attic, for example, creates a negative space in which it can try to hide until it has gained enough strength to reassert itself as a serious problem.

When it comes to any furniture or decorations that act as painful reminders of the past, I'm not suggesting that they have any intrinsic evil in them; I'm stating that you may need to make peace with your own past experiences and to let them go. There's a *huge* difference between 'moving forward' and self-inflicted martyrdom. Learn from whatever happened, but don't keep stuff around that makes you feel like you're hitting yourself over the head with any mistakes in the past. If you do have such items around --and most of us do-- this is a good time to drop them off at the "Goodwill," or "Big Brothers, Big Sisters." I'm suggesting this so you may take the tax-deduction receipt, but not profit directly from selling the items. I concede that my advice probably sounds a touch superstitious, but I don't think that a direct financial profit from any item that induces a negative emotional state will feel particularly good to you, either.

If I've crossed a line and offended you, I do sincerely apologize. My comments are directed toward helping you start a new chapter of your life with a positive environment.

Stay strong, Rhino.

That's creepy and what kind of friend is that who does that to someone? πŸ˜• 😨
Bibliothecarius in An Evil Presence Outside
Greetings, Twilight.

While you had a deeply-unnerving experience, here, I'd like to point out a positive aspect of your instinctive reactions. You asked yourself, "how exactly do I think locking a door is seriously going to keep out whatever is outside that I can't see?" That's a sensible point to raise, in most circumstances, however, you were focused on a specific goal; your*intention* was that it remain outside of your home.

As with many spiritual Rituals or psychic Defenses (even straying into the metaphysics of Prayer and the accoutrements of Magic), it is YOUR intention that is paramount. Even though "that thought scared me" your focus on trying to get the door shut and locked to keep it out was sufficient willpower to prevent it from entering. This would explain why you "did feel safe inside. I hoped whatever was outside, was not coming inside." Hang on to such hopes, Twilight, as they're the stuff that spiritual defenses are made of.

You know, I think I'll add this to my favorites, as I was on the edge of my seat reading it! I think I would have shouted for help to get the door locked instead of going to bed; you remained relatively calm, compared to the fear I felt merely reading the description. πŸ˜‰

Sounds like a very violent banshee I thought they were supposed to warn of death not cause it. πŸ˜• πŸ€” ❀
Thank you for sharing - I loved reading this, it is unique! I just shared bit similar experience about Kitten Ghost - a quite absurd one, seemingly doesn't make sense, could not possibly happen. I tend to think that maybe somebody (from the spirit world, or a spiritual guide if you wish) wanted to create experience to shatter your perception of reality, to question what is real (as I felt after the experience of the Kitten Ghost). πŸ€”
LuciaJacinta in Spirit Of Roo
I reread your other stories in addition to this one. I do think you are sensitive to the supernatural realm. Could also be you have guiding forces that follow you. (Saying this after reflecting on the three faces above your grandma's bed in the other earlier entry you submitted. Could be family spirits that guide.) It/they could have have taken the form of Roo to bring you comfort since Roo was a source of comfort to you. Makes sense they would appear as something familiar and comforting to you in order to bring you peace.

My best friend had a Roo who was a dog. Cute name.

Poor Roo, rest in peace.
L_Melb in The Banshee
I may be wrong but apart from never hearing of such an "interactive" banshee, I thought they were usually associated with particular families and isn't an awful cry/howl usually obligatory?. Sorry if I'm repeating others as I haven't read the comments yet. Not really sure what to say but I know what I'm thinking... 😢
RCRuskin in The Banshee
I am inclined to agree with you, Zaruje, about the original author not participating in the discussion. This story, and a few other recent posts, seem to be submissions from trolls rather than actual experiences of the sort we come here to read and discuss.
hmbeck09 in Roseman Bridge
That's my hometown! ❀ ❀ ❀ 😁 😁 😁 I have heard stories about Roseman but I have never experienced anything!
Filmbuff1234 in The Banshee
In most variations of the banshee legend, they are wailing and the washing bloodstained clothes of people about to die in the woods. I haven't heard of them entering houses either. I agree with everyone else - it probably isn't a banshee. But I have 2 theories though - if it was a spirit it might have been a murdered woman who tried to get help but no one helped her and the death the next day was a coincidence. My second is it is some other sort of entity warning of death. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.
valkricry in The Banshee
Like most of you, I have my doubts if this woman was indeed a banshee. According to many dusty old tombs of lore, the banshee is best known for her wailing or keening. It's said this cry can be heard for miles, and quite chilling to hear. Some narratives described glass windows breaking when the high notes of the plaintive cry were struck.
As for speaking, there are a few accounts where the banshee has spoken out to tell who would die and how, but not in one is there mention of them being violent or even mischievous. And the lady in this story seems quite vocal and unhinged.
Zaruje in The Banshee
I think the author won't participate in this discussion. Are banshees suppose to be rude? Maybe it was an actual human being you've encountered. Anyways, who knows.
Bibliothecarius in The Banshee
[Ha! πŸ˜† RC, that's priceless. With Iman here explaining what a Banshee is and -Hana- explaining who can see ghosts (Lady In The Mall), there must have been some sort early rush for the full moon on June 16.]

Greetings, Iman,

All Celtic peoples of the British Isles have similar legends on this point: the Irish Banshee, the Scottish Nigheag na h-Γ th, and (as I discovered while looking up the spelling of the Scottish one) the Welsh Cyhyraeth. While it is possible to sneak up on *one* of the Scottish ones (there are several different types) to discover one's fate, the Irish Banshee is a creature of Wild Magic (as in Nature, not Chaos). They are fleeting & ethereal; terrifying in their lack of physical substance and their predictions of death. My Irish mythology references are at school, so I can't verify this immediately, but I can't recall any description of Banshees interacting with ordinary human beings in the familiar legends. Speaking to other supernatural creatures, yes; to ordinary people, no.

The Banshee's distant wailing and keening is described as "bone-chilling" in several accounts. There are descendants of the great Irish & Scottish families who have claimed to hear their respective families' Banshees in both Canada and the United States. Again, though, in the distance or around the perimeter of the family property, *not* banging on the windows or doors.

The woman you encountered sounds terrifying, I grant you. I, too, would have called the police out of concern for my welfare. (Did she shout at you in an Irish accent?) Calling the emergency services because she claimed "I'm hurt. I need help" was the ONLY smart option for you to take, and I fully support your having done the right thing; however, I'm still having trouble seeing how this was a supernatural interaction, rather than a terrifying person who may have been 1) mentally unbalanced, 2) drunk, 3) genuinely injured, or 4) attempting to gain entry into your home through deceit.

If there are some apparently-minor details that you have left out of your initial story, I'd like to know what they were. Here on YGS, we try to apply logic & common sense first, to rule out unsettling but natural events. After we clear that hurdle, intuition, guesses, and investigative conversations take place. We do this habitually, and I know that at least one of my experiences was far less traumatic after one of the Moderators asked me a perfectly sensible and straightforward question.

I look forward to your responses to the questions RC, lady-glow, & I have about this event.

I can't offer an explanation either as it only happened once. I feel like maybe this was a glimpse of a different mom, maybe from an alternate universe or something like that because the pattern is there. My mom was coming from the kitchen, just like every night, but things were off just a little bit. The red nightgown and her not acknowledging me as she walked by. Whatever it may have been, thank you for the comment.
Hi, LuciaJacinta.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

I believe in demonic entities as well. I have been witness to some very scary stuff. I've been around two different people that were possessed. I don't know if it's just my luck but I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will be sharing those experiences with you all next.

Yes, you are correct about a mother's love being very powerful. I hope my love and prayers keep my children safe from any kind of evil. I'm lucky to have my mother still with me, there are times that I have gotten out of some pretty sticky situations and I know that my mother's prayers for my protection has a lot to do with it, it's like I can feel it.
RCRuskin in The Banshee
I almost said the same thing, Lady Glow:) Where was the wailing? I've heard of a banshee's curse, but not a cursing banshee before.
Katiebug in Elizabeth
LuciaJacinta, Thank you for your comment - I'm glad you like the stories. As for your question:

I think it had something to do with the family itself. The wall we found the death certificate in was also a wall in which we discovered a nearly destroyed fireplace. The fireplace looked as though it had caught fire and partially burned the walls around it. Someone had tried to fill in the space inside the fireplace before boarding it over; there were clothes, shoes, toys, papers of all sorts. We believe they hadn't realized they were throwing in the death certificate as well. But it's also where we recovered a few family photos as well, so they may have known what they were throwing away.
lady-glow in The Banshee
That woman was too interactive and rude for a banshee.

I second RCRuskin's question about the police findings.
Thank you Rhino ~ I'm a CG vet but worked with navy personnel as a contractor up until 13 years ago. So I'm not totally up an modern uniforms...
RCRuskin in The Banshee
Hello, Iman. I hope you're doing well after this experience.

So many questions, but I'll start with this one: What did the police find when they arrived?
I saw my wife out of her body a couple of times over the years and on one of those occasions she had some vivid memories that almost validated that particular account beyond a shadow of a doubt. It doesn't surprise me that you can't recollect being out of your body with your boyfriend picking up on your energy with clarity.

Here's my crackpot theory as to why, for what it's worth. Our universe is a field of energy and as spiritual beings having a physical experience inside a sub set within a greater reality, we enter into the earth Matrix from birth with a certain amount of spiritual energy usually by design.

Some souls enter into the body with sub 40 percent levels of energy, these folk are the type of people who go through life and never experience the paranormal "period" and we do need these group of souls to keep us all sane and grounded within a world that needs a balance of cosmic energy to keep it with in it's perspective of what it is. " The School of Hard Knocks for dummies with total amnesia."

Other souls enter into the Matrix using 70 percent levels of energy which generally allows them to see and hear all the spooky stuff like most of the good folk here do on YGS.

And then you have those souls who enter into the Matrix using 90 percent of their spiritual energy... These folks are generally clairvoyant and see the paranormal straight up and remember all detail with clarity. My guess is, you are one of these souls who entered into the world limited with spiritual energy and recall to experience what ever it is you need to experience.

Your boyfriend IMO is more psychic than you are and probably needs to read between the lines. Perhaps he saw you crying out of body because of the situation he now finds himself in. Perhaps it's another? Most likely you two probably have some lessons to learn like most of us do. Don't be put off by his account, use it as a wake up call to change the situation you and him now find yourself in.

Regards Aussie
Please forgive my slow reply. I would go back, even though it is scary. Next time I will bring at least tobacco and spirits for the souls of the departed. I hope you get to visit the Caribbean again. I found my old phone with the pics from that trip.

From what it sounds you and I were standing very near the same place at Annaberg, I was maybe in the space above where you were at. We were on an open coral stone floor attached left of a space with one wall on the side facing the hill, and a round hole or window at the peak of that wall. I also visited in 2017.

The sugar mill on anoher (cinnamon?) plantation there also had horrible feelings. We accidentally got some very odd photos at that place. Those were the only sugar mills I visited.

Best of Luck in Your Travels
Bettina Marie
Hey Rook,
Just to say I hope you're well and it's nice to see you back!
Charlotte-rsa in A Ghost Sleeps Inside Me
Rich - Please keep us regularly updated- this is very interesting!
Yup definitely a bug, it should be fixed now, thanks for the notification zaruje & valkricry πŸ™
AugustaM in I Am Thirsty
I tried looking for a creature out of local lore that would fit the description of a sinister looking thirsty old woman with blood lust in her eyes and didn't find much (perhaps someone with a better handle on local traditions would have better luck). This is the best I could find:

HUKLOBAN - (Tagalog) A witch who could kill anyone simply by pointing a finger at him and without using any potion. It could destroy a house by merely saying so. The Hukloban appear as a very old, crooked woman.

AugustaM in A Ride To Remember
This topic of ghost riders and the deadly havoc they seem to foreshadow or create has come up before and quite recently too in an account from Sri Lanka. Here is a link:

Perhaps there may be some answers for you there, Eerie.
I'll second all de-stinkifying suggestions! I collect and sell vintage clothes and have come up against many an unholy stench while doing so! The options they suggested are amongst the very best! Also try emptying the closet, putting some very cheap vodka in a bottle and spraying the living daylights out of the whole thing (ceiling too) and letting it dry with the doors open. Vodka is an excellent deodorizer. And I apologize in advance if mentioning such things offends any sensibilities but adding feminine wash products like summer's eve in a 1:1 mix with the vodka also works wonders! Then make sure you spray down everything and let it dry in the sun before replacing it into the closet.

In case you may be dealing with something less straightforward than natural (though tenacious) stench, while the closet is empty, place a stick of lit incense on (a plenty wide and plenty sturdy) plate with intent. Say what you mean for it to do before putting it down. Tell anything negative that it is not welcome and must leave etc. Then plop the incense down (well away from walls and door for safety) and close the doors. That's my best suggestion, anyway πŸ€“such methods have seemed to work fairly well in my 1925 apartment next to the mass grave πŸ–€
There really is nothing you can do at this time. I'll need to turn this over to the site admin, as it's a technical problem with the site. Some glitch or something. Try not to worry much over it. A favorite poster list is just that; a list to make it easier for you to follow posters you've enjoyed. I'm sure Martin will get to it as soon as he can. Thanks for alerting us to the problem. 😊
NitroFuel765 in The Invisible Fiend
Hi SassyCat

Yeah, I do still believe in ghosts and it did give me a spiritual awakening although It was kind of frustrating that nobody seemed to believe me. Mostly I am just happy that I encountered a good entity rather than a malevolent demon 😁.
Eerie69 in Grandma Knows
That was very moving. I am sorry for your loss. I totally can feel you. My grandmother thought I was the worst grandson she ever had, but when the time that she is about to live, I was the only one there with her and she can't even remember my name ❀
Valkricry I already did that and was just redirected to an error 404. What do I need to do now?
Hi Letchen, thanks for your feedback. I was surprised at how freely our guide spoke of the hauntings. I remember the people working the bar there were quite open about it as well. I kind of wish I had had more time in the area to maybe have more experiences.
oraclemache in I Think I Got Possesed
A true DID is not as common as one might think, and would require severe abuse to occurred to the child during the formation of the personality. Do you remember anything at all? I see that you wrote this in 2016 but I am going to write you anyway on the off chance you see it. There are different degrees of disassociation. For the type that you transitions like this, would mean you had suffered some severe trauma in the formative years of your mind. I am not a physician, and you should not take my advice over one. I am only going to give you my thoughts based off of my own experience. I had something like you describe occur, except no one was around, so I don't know what I was doing for 5 hours. I worried that I had DID just like you. I think your channeling. Your waking up, in theory, and a hijacker took advantage of your newly aware abilities, and your guard being down. That is a theory. Again, I am not a doctor and you should get checked out to be sure. If you do not have DID which I doubt, maybe consider you are a gifted medium.
Hi James,
What an interesting story and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Native man held a grudge against the whites. I think your idea of going back to leave flowers at the gate would be a wonderful gesture and perhaps show that not all the white people were bad! Thank you for sharing your story and please let us know if you do decide to make that trip! ((HUGS))
I have two thoughts on this I'd like to share. First, if it gives you comfort for your Grandfather checking in on you when you were having a trying day, then appreciate the positive that the after thought gave you.

Second, what you described as "fatigues" may have been current issue, Navy Work Utilities type II (Urban) or similar brand new issue type III These are tan and green mottled blob type patterned. (Cuddle bear was right about fleet personnel wearing the camo blue) The type II & III are worn by Navy expeditionary forces, like SEALS. They are sometimes tasked with things like making a site survey for executive protection details in advance of a VIP visit, and to determine if the route they are planning to use or a place for a meeting has issues like vacant buildings in an industrial area.
Hope this helps, only you know what you felt😎
At the top of the page, you'll see Account|Profile| Log Out. Select Account. Click Edit Profile. There you'll see all the different sections, including one for editing your favorite posters, you simply select from a drop down list then click delete.
Hope this helps you.
LuciaJacinta in Dream Home Nightmare
I'm so sorry for the losses of your children OP and JoJo.

❀ ❀
LuciaJacinta in Shook From My Bed
That's very interesting. I'm not sure if it's related though... I would think the ashes were probably scattered over a favorite place, ocean, park etc... But now you have the residue of the person/s in the box not attached to their ashes. I'd think burying the boxes would be a good thing. I'm not sure where I'd bury them though.

Try to find out more about the names on the boxes. Were they like first and last names or just like a first name. Don't rule out it could be a pet cremated too. I have know lots of people that cremate pets.
LightMight in Mini-tornado
Well Ruskin, that never even occurred to me! And yeah, that could definitely be another possibility; that maybe they weren't related to one another at all? πŸ€”
Recently I went on a tangent reading about energy vortexes and portals, thinking maybe it had something to do with the energy in that particular area which I once lived? I didn't really fine anything definitive yet...
Hi Crazypaws. Thanks for your interesting account. They may not admit it yet many South African people have some really strange beliefs. Your guide was not lying when he spoke of hauntings in the area. Witchcraft is widely practiced. I actually worked with a lady who proudly stated that she had just qualified as "a witch". There is also a river that runs in that area. Certain people will not dare enter that river as they believe spirits of the dead stay in the water and once in, you do not come out. Strange but true.
I had a red arm came out from under the bed and infinitely stretch as its arm kept getting longer and longer I tried to run away but time slowed and I wasn't making any progress until I finally snapped out of it.
Do you have a history of sleepwalking?
Do you like to read/watch any material that could make you have violent dreams?
Is there any kind of paranormal activity at the apartment/building?

If this happens again, it would be a good idea to start a journal of the events and to get a medical evaluation in case there's an underlying health issue.
Interesting! Thanks for sharing, it helps a lot. So it's unlikely that this was Grandpa, but still strange.
First a quote, then questions...

"Most of us have experienced mild dissociation, which is like daydreaming or getting lost in the moment while working on a project. However, dissociative identity disorder is a severe form of dissociation, a mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Dissociative identity disorder is thought to stem from a combination of factors that may include trauma experienced by the person with the disorder. The dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism -- the person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self."

So have you experienced any 'long term' situations where 'escaping' need (s/ed) to be mental/emotional rather than physical? Or a sudden 'traumatic experience' that still traumatizes you? DID is hard to diagnose. If something like this applies then it may be DID. If not then there are other questions, questions like... Do you know the history of the Location of the Apartments you are staying in, in particular, the one your Family is in? Have there been any other 'paranormal' occurrences in this apartment or around the Family/ yourself? I ask because it is 'rare' for an individual's first experience to be 'Possession'. Not impossible, but rare indeed. Another possibility is this... Are you sensitive?
If so then perhaps you were 'open' to the spirit world and a spirit did indeed slip in. Especially if you are sensitive and are unaware of your abilities.

Please let us know...


RCRuskin in Mini-tornado
Here I am, a bit bored, rain falling outside, and I thought I'd catch up on comments, and something just occurred to me. We're assuming that the thing you saw at work and the thing at home are the same entity. It is also possible, they are two entities of the same sort and there is no connection between them, other than both being witnessed by you.
Hi again, James. Again, I must say I am far from an expert on this but while looking up other things, I learned that Manitoulan Island is named after the Manitou, what Native Americans call any spirit but most especially the Great Spirit. So I find it interesting that you saw a Native American spirit on an island named after Native American Spirits.
I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. I am completely incapable of dealing with that sort of loss as well. I hope your little girl carries on strong for many years to come! Have you thought about getting her a new companion? It may do you both a lot of good. ❀

I am glad you were able to reconnect with him - that must be such a comfort to know he is ok and happy! My grandfather was able to reach through and give me that sort of absolution when my beloved cat died - I wrote about it in "Peanut and Pa".

Give your baby a kiss for me!
Yow I just accidentally added you as my fav poster on accident. How do I undo this? Mods please help me. It's not that I don't like you or anything, it's just because I clicked it on accident. Mods please help me

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