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Donald_Trumpet in Knife Attack
WTF! I never expected to laugh so much reading scary stories. This dude is too much. ROFL 😁 😁 😁
Donald_Trumpet in Pssst! I Heard It Too!
Pssst! Pssst! Don't look.
Idn, I wouldn't like to share the bathroom with anything. Are you sure it's not a bug bugging you? 😜 probably not a case of 'screwy ears'.😊
For ANYONE reading this: I want to stress this, paranormal or NOT, if any 'voice' starts being negative, encouraging you to harm yourself or others, get some professional help. Whether they believe it to be ghostly or that you're crazy, doesn't matter, they will teach you tools to use that are beneficial in either case. This thread is not dealing with those types of voices, but rather why some hear them and some don't.
There is a theory, that I heard many years ago that suggested that words once spoken were recorded by atmospheric particles forever, but mostly remained inaudible to the human ear. I suppose, this might explain residual voices of spirits (there is no scientific reasoning that I know of to back this up, but just for the sake of argument, let's say it's so), but why does it usually sound all warped or staticy? More importantly, what about that voice that sounds right there WITH you?
Atmospheric audio recordings wouldn't explain that, yet many times someone will describe it in the same way; staticy or very faint but definitely heard with the ears and NOT in the head. Of course, hearing voices without ready explanation, could be a sign of a medical or psychological malady, or even simple audio pareidolia. Frankly, hearing voices in general, is not viewed as 'normal'. However, we're dealing with the paranormal, which seems to be anything but normal.
Personally, those I have heard are usually external. Sometimes even full sentences. I'm not always alone when it happens, and often it is crystal clear, but sometimes, it sounds like a radio slightly off station, or a TV with the volume low in another room. I hear it, or the bulk at least, yet no one said it. Sometimes the information received has been very useful, needed in the 'now', so not residual.
In theory, if we accept that spirits reside on another plane as energy, then it would be a given that they vibrate at a different speed then the living. To make this easier to follow, I want you to think of the planes as thin membranes, each vibrating with it's own speed, that sometimes intersect each other, which creates yet another unique vibration.
Now, let's look at how we hear. Sound waves are first collected in the outer visible portion of the ear, these sound waves then are funneled down through the ear canal to the eardrum. As the eardrum vibrates back and forth in time with the waves coming down the ear canal, it creates tiny corresponding motions that move along the three small bones of the middle ear. Its movements cause corresponding wave-like motions inside the cochlea's fluid filled chambers. Each corresponding wave movement of the fluid causes tiny hair-like nerve cells to bend, sending electrical impulses along the auditory nerve to the communication centers of the brain. It's actually your brain that 'hears' translating all these vibrations into recognizable sounds or words.
So, you have a spirit, with its own signature vibration, coming through, possibly multiple planes, each with its own unique vibration being layered upon each other to create yet another vibration, traveling through yet another vibration we call air. Follow so far?
When this cornucopia of vibrations collects within the ear, our brain begins to disassemble all those layers back into their own unique vibrations, and reassemble them into sounds that make some recognizable pattern. However through all the matrixing of the different layers to reach our ears, some become unrecognizable, resulting in 'static'.
Well, it's a theory at any rate...
majarlika012 in Pssst! I Heard It Too!
Jubeele, yeah I agree. There are things that we can't explain and better left alone. They will only give us stress when we keep on investigating more hahaha
Biblio ~ This story kind of makes me jealous.

I've been to a number of "famously haunted" sites in the states and NEVER experienced something I could not explain. I also wish I had access to older structures than we normally have here in the States.

I was curious - could your "electric dandelion seed" have been a bit of feather from either a feather mattress or pillow that was illuminated by sunlight through a window?

Great story, sorry to be a bit behind...
I got a general checkup and she looked into my ears and said everything was fine. I have gotten a hearing test in the past that ended with the doctor stating I have exceptional hearing.

But yeah my primary didn't see anything like wax buildup or sign of infection. Unless I need a more thorough checkup πŸ€”
Welcome back! You have been missed.
First off, you aren't alone when it feels as though this may be the only 'safe' place to discuss the paranormal for you, and being 'stuck' around others who just don't get it. There are a good many members who feel the same way; that no one they know in the 'real' world would understand, or be able to help. I guess the worst part of it is the feeling that you wouldn't be believed anyway, or that they'd think there's something wrong with you. Add social anxiety and...yeah, I understand where you're coming from.
Feel that? You have just received an enormous mental hug from me.
By the way, what did the doctor say about your ears?
Hello Realistic,

Well written again. But just as the skeptic I am, I believe these things can be explained naturally. Imagine, you were the anesthetist and say you just took a liking to a certain patient. Wouldnt you try to keep a tab on that patient and help the patient out?

Secondly, to support the above statement, maybe the anesthetist had prior experience with such cases and when you have the experience and the expertise why not help.

Thirdly, I am not trying to say what happened to you wasn't miraculous, but just trying to make sense of it. Alternative reasoning sometimes gives us an explanation to things we often attribute to the higher power.

That being said, it also can be that there was a guardian angel looking over you through one of the toughest times of your life.

Thank you so much for the experiences you shared with us.
the22centuryboi in The Operation - Coma
Hi Realistic,

I think we all have choice to decide the course of our lives. I have had two near death experiences and the colors of the calming light were different.

The first one was when I had an accident and suffered an head injury. I had lost too much blood. And my parents had difficulty finding blood. That time I believe the light had a silvery tone to it. Shimmering I would say. But it wasn't white, was a mixture of white and grey tones.

The 2nd time was when I fell from the terrace. I went unconscious. And this time it was more like the light protected me. This light was greenish with hues of yellow.

From what I have read, different lights have different qualities. Based on the frequency of vibrating photons, each of the lights serve different purposes. As the masons say 'As above, so below', maybe the various purposes of light are the same above as below.
For eg., they say green light has a cooling effect on your eyes and we all know what blue light does. And don't forget the laser.

Also, a suggestion, please read 'The journey of souls' by Dr. Michael Newton. This book paints a different perspective of the afterlife. I am not telling it is right neither am I discounting it.

Hope I helped you answer some of your questions and hope the book helps answer the rest.

Last but not the least, I like your narrative style of writing. Being a poet and would be novelist, I had to appreciate that.
Hi majarlika, I got a few goosebumps reading this. It reminded me how my sisters and I would sometimes hear our names being called in my childhood home, back in Singapore. Sometimes, it was an insistent: "Oy!" Often, they would sound just like someone else in the family; as if someone was mimicking our voices. My parents had it happen it them too, thinking it was one of us. We would ask each other: "What did you want? Did you call us?" But no, we didn't. Nor was anyone playing tricks - especially not on our parents.

It was a bit spooky if it happened while I was the only one at home. But I learned not to get too bothered by it. We never figured out what it was all about either. πŸ€” The family decided that some things were better left alone.

Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊
Just one issue with the newspaper. If that driver committed suicide in the night, it's impossible for newspaper to cover it in the morning. Can you explain?
I am sorry about that and do not mean to send mixed messages. I have really bad social anxiety even online and get impulsive about running away. I'll just leave this account be for when I need to pop back in.

Thank you all.
DC! You're back!
I was saddened when your status went to "guest" for a while there!
I know that individual YGSers have a range of approaches and experiences, that's part of what makes me feel welcome in this community, too. My statements, feelings, observations, and guesses may not be correct all the time, but I've felt comfortable when being corrected. Sincere contributors with good intentions form a valuable support network for those of us with awareness or perceptions that are mischaracterized, even demonized, by people who lack a frame of reference to understand our situations.
You don't have to be on YGS every day to benefit from stopping by; however, I'd encourage you not to keep "disappearing" completely and then restarting your account. It sends confusing/conflicting messages to those of us who are keen to help, to chat, or to suggest ideas for you to consider...
Glad you're back,
I just wanted to say that this is the only place I can feel comfortable. In the "real" world I feel like I have to hide myself and my paranormal interests. I feel stuck between atheists and religious people. Neither who understand my experiences or questions. Thanks ygs for being a little safe haven.
Years ago I worked for this company that supplied stock and displays to smaller businesses nationwide I believe. We were the central location. We had like 4 different locations they owned only two of which people worked out of. Different stock was kept at all locations. It was friday, and near the end of the day. It was also payday (every two weeks) and I had something planned with another person I worked with that was going to be wicked fun. (don't remember what that was now) anywho... At this second location they assembled a lot of the product if it needed to be assembled, and had a smaller working crew than the main location. It was an old building and only manned down stairs. The upstairs was filled with all sorts of stuff and seldom visited except by me and a few others that did pretty much everything. The mens bathroom was upstairs. To get there you had to take these old squeaky metal stairs up three flights. Big older building. The bathroom was to the right of the stairs and the large rooms we used for storage to the left. About mid way up it was devoid of light. When I reached the top of the stairs (been there before to actually pick up something from up there) I heard a sound like something heavy being scooted across the floor deep inside the main room. It, again was totally devoid of light and without turning one on would be hazardous to your health. Heavy stuff stacked everywhere. I thought... What the bleep! But I went in to the bathroom and turned on the light. There was one urinal and two stalls. One stall didn't have two of the walls and was next to the urinal just standing open. I chose the enclosed one in the corner of the bathroom next to it. I had to do numero dos and was just settled down and singing to myself, happy it was friday and payday when I heard someone shuffle their feet and cough in the open stall next door. Very loud, very noticeable. I could hear their jeans russle as they moved around. I could hear them breath. I said "sorry dude" since I figured my singing bothered them. I started thinking about it. I know that no one was behind me coming up those stairs. I looked back down once at the top. There's no way anyone could have came up without me hearing their feet on those metal rungs plus the metallic screech the stairs made. Plus I'd just sat down. I could still hear him making noise rustling about when I flushed the stool and left. I looked straight ahead because I would pass him setting there leaving (AWKWARD!). No one there. Not a soul. My friend down stairs said no one had followed me up before or afterwards. Hmmmmm...
Hello James,

As Nectavore has highlighted, in Australia, the indigenous tribes have passed on stories, down through the ages, of "Min Min Lights" and similar sightings with other names, well before any European settlement. What makes the Boulia phenomena so unique is that the region is in the heart of the Channel Country in outback Queensland, where flowing water is a rarity for most of the year.

The other occurrences, reported around the world, are usually associated with environments that have abundant amounts of water and organic decay, hence the term "Swamp Gas", referring to methane, phosphorous and spontaneous combustion.

There is no one scientific explanation that proves what these "wil'o-the-wisp's" are, and thus, I believe these lights (or orbs) have different origins, including insects as Augusta and LuciaJacinta have described.

Nectavore's suggestion of ball lightning is "up there" on the list of possibilities. Having witnessed the antics of ball lightning, their different sizes, colors and sounds, it is possible to see a small number floating and bouncing around, all at the one time (like basketballs in a Harlem Globetrotters' Show). Although there are reports of these balls of plasma lasting up to 25 minutes, the "give-away" would be the presence of a severe thunderstorm somewhere close by.

One thing's for sure, whether it be Elementals or one of the above possibilities, they are all part of Nature's "WOW" show. 😲

Welcome to YGS!
What town did these events occur Morbid?
Coming from SA I am interested.
To oohfreaky, first of all sorry for the joke I made about babysitter. I meant no disrespect to anyone. Most likely that spirit is bound to that place. From readings and stories I have heard, those dragging chains seem to be tormented spirits which means bad news.
I understand you were young that time, but your detailing of your story is pretty good. It still gives me chills thinking of that as I type now. Oh, it would be nice too if you still got some other stories to share.

To RSAChick, there seems to be no private messaging feature here so I will just post my reply in this comment. I tried searching for the footage again but unfortunately it's not available anymore. All there is left is the news article. You can lookup the link I will give below in Google and go to video, then you will see the screen cap. I saw the video when it was still available. It looked pretty real since it was a traffic cam raw footage capture. Oh by the way, the news is written in Filipino.

Pasindu in The Chain Sounds
Hay oohfreaky,

Yep, it seams as same but in my case this woman did not do anything except just walk slow motion and fall to the river...

Later I thought she was on a loop like keep on doing the same thing on Fridays.
oohfreaky in The Chain Sounds
I had a similar experience. There was a woman and she had long black hair and she wore a white dress. I also heard chains dragging when she walked. I wrote a story about this and you should check it out if you want.
MysticFrance Hmm... I don't know. She could be a possible victim in WWII
LuciaJacinta I'm so happy that you enjoyed my story! And I also don't know about the chains.
silverknight I had many strange incident and what's even weirder is they only happen when I'm in Indonesia. Also I was six at the time so I might have not had the details exactly accurate but I tried my best to describe the woman as accurately as I could remember.
Pasindu in The Chain Sounds
Hi Biblio,

Well, we HAD to pass exams some how since our parents did not had money for us to spend on our pain education... 😁

I believe the Villagers said no more ghost because of the refining plant sound that makes and all the metal bars and tanks, I have heard that Ghost's don't like Iron... Well we never know. 😲
Hello. I know this is an old story... But I just came across this site. You talked about meditation right? Actually I am Buddhism. And few years ago I joined 1 of the community that asked us to meditating in order to have guide from our own master of heavenly God. I am destined to be disciple of thousand armed buddha. But the thing is, whenever I start to meditate I feel like I cannot concentrate or sometimes I feel scare. I wonder why I got all those feeling? I did not tell anyone about this. Since a lot of fellow reader here are so into meditation, I have to ask guidance from all of you. Thank you very much. I hope you still active in this site. Hehe...
just some correction to my sentences:

Hi Chaos92,

I suggest you find Muslim scholars.
They might be able to help you...
If you can't find any, I believe US has an organization related to Muslims affairs.

Just to be clear here, I am not asking you to become a Muslim...
Instead just asking help from the Muslims in USA and near your neighbours, to solve your ghost problems...
Hi Chaos92,

I suggest you find Muslim scholars.
They might be able to help you...
If you can't find any, I believe US has this organization related to Muslims affairs.

Just to be clear here, I am not asking to become a Muslim...
Instead just asking help from the Muslims in USA...
expathistorical in Leo The Lion
😊 😊 SkogKatt reminds me of my Frankie. Also a little Lion, possibly forest cat, a rescue who jumps if you startle him and absolutely loves fuss and love. Frank didn't come with a ghost though.
Welcome to YGS.

Morbid - that's a very intriguing experience. It is almost like whatever the black blob is, seems to be confined to the area of the store room.
It's sad about the kittens, weird that the mom cats are not repelled by that negative force, it makes me wonder if it's killing them to feed in their energy.

Is there any belief within your culture about bonding/trapping spirits to a place?
In my opinion, if the shed were a portal, there'd be more activity around the property.

Anyway, I imagine seeing something like that has to be scary at any age. I am glad that the activity hasn't escalated and hasn't hurt anyone except for the kittens.

Do you know if your grandparents have blessed the place or asked for any kind of help?

Thanks for sharing.
The Upper Peninsula has plenty of history and is very spiritually active. Wars, shipwrecks, a Native American presence, and the logging industry. The Great Lakes Shipwreck museum on Whitefish Point is very active.
Dear BettinaMarie,

I had a very similar experience in May 2017 on the same island. On that same spot. Back to the ocean. Mill at about 10 o'clock as well as in a tiny cell used to jail those that dared to take a taste.

I have been searching the web for anyone else that had an experience at Annaberg. It's been a nagging thought for almost 2 years! I'm currently planning a trip back to the Carribean and I find myself wanting to go back to the ruins equally as much as I am afraid to go back.

I know nothing of clairaudience, but this seems extremely empathic. Your description of the Rage and pure despair was spot on.

I'm not sure that your ancestry is relevant, although we cannot discount it completely, as I, too have felt overwhelmed with frustration, agony, injustice and despair while standing in that same spot. Stuck and teary eyed while on one of the most glorious vacations of my life. I am of neither Dutch nor African descent. I'm an American of mostly Finnish and Croatian ancestry.

I would welcome an exchange regarding your experience.
Bibliothecarius in The Chain Sounds
Greetings, Pasindu.

The first thought that occurred to me was when I read your statement, "we had only couple of months left for the exam so we waited until we finished it." You had an interesting haunting phenomenon to investigate, but your prioritized your academic responsibilities over the temptation to go ghost hunting. Congratulations on being a sensible student! I do hope you did well on your O-levels (math was never my best subject).

Some restless spirits will linger even when the environment has been changed completely. When the Water Board constructed their water refining plant, resurfaced the roads, etc., they would not have been trying to alleviate the disturbed spirit's trauma; the fact that people said the ghost no longer haunted the area gives me hope that she was able to let go of her horrific death and move on.

Interesting events here, Pasindu; thanks for sharing them with us.

Hi Quantumgirl -

Wow, that is a very scary experience. Thanks for sharing!
James, welcome to YGS 😊 after reading about your experience, I couldn't help but wonder the possibility on if those lights you saw, were some kind of fairy πŸ˜• I'm not sure your beliefs on things like that, but after reading many accounts on this site, as well as some research on them online, I can't help but believe in the possibility of them. It's just my personal opinion though. I'm curious what they actually were. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here.
Twilight1011 in Memory Lane
Thank you Jubeele for the information. I'm very interested in learning about my Japanese side, and wish my Mamaw was more opened in sharing that side with us. I've heard of the Lions you mentioned. I couldn't remember if it was Japanese or Chinese culture, but for some reason, my mom has tiny ones of those. There's 2 lions, I think different from one another, but I forgot what exactly they're supposed to mean. But either way, I doubt my mom getting them had anything to do with what they mean, and probably more so got them just because.
piyuprmr, and all,
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I have worked for several outdoor history museums - yes the grounds may close at a certain hour and yes there is "security" - but given the sprawling nature of these places, there are just too many opportunities for ingress for a typically understaffed security team to effectively patrol, even if they were motivated to do so. There are also often areas outside of that owned by the museum that also qualify as part of the area of interest that can be accessed at about any hour since its public property - folks are likely to be run off by a police officer but only if one happens along.

Granted, that said, I have never been to Gettysburg - maybe they have that place on lock down in the evening but its hard for me to imagine.
Hey James

Beautiful little story.

There are documented cases of lights from all over the world, some places have recurrent activity.

Here in Aus, in a place out west called Boulia, is a phenomenon called the min-min light.
(my fathers friend saw it first hand in the late seventies... It followed his car for half an hour on a deserted stretch of highway. He was never so scared in his life)

There's documentation of this light as far back as pre electricity, our indigenous people spoke of it, it's a long spanning thing, or so I read.

I got a bit fascinated about this light and started researching similar stories from around the world.

Read about the Lonsdale lights, in England, and a similar case in Sweden but I cannot recall the name.

I've wondered whether it could be ball lightning phenomena... I saw something similar once, at night, in the forest...
I don't know if ball lightning is like, tiny, tinkerbell lights, but, it could be.

Bright Blessings.
Breaghboo in The Wrong Path
I know I'm years late to the party but I had to laugh at "long black trench coat like Jack the Ripper wore". No one ever discovered who JtR was and no one knows what he wore 😁. Unless you know something the rest of us don't. Apart from that, scary story though! And I'm sure you would have realised if it was just a trick-or-treater (or "guiser" as we say in Scotland πŸ˜‰) so I'm not surprised you legged it! Glad you escaped.
So creepy! I live in the Philippines and something similar happened in my old university. During our overnight activities, we would hear someone walking with chains on its feet. My former school used to be the headquarters of Japanese soldiers during WWII and people were buried in the site where our library stood now. Maybe the woman was also a victim during the WWII?

Jelly91 in Kittens
Aww I love this story. It is sad that she want to protect you but doesn't know that spirit and human cannot be together. It will drain our energy real fast. She would be peace now knowing that she got a very good and kind grandchild.
I was just wondering, if the little blue man was only about a foot tall, was your mom sitting down? Asking as to get a better understanding of what happened. Was she inside or outside?
Hi oohfreaky, so sorry such a terrifying thing happened to you and your very young cousin.
I must be getting old... But again, as with another recent story, I am wondering what the parents were thinking - in this case leaving a 4 and 6 year old to their own devices.

Silverknight, please send a link to the news article or video of this accident - sounds like an interesting sighting which I would like to read more about.
I read in a tarot card booklet explaining what each card meant that the Reaper card, if not inverted, was a sign of new beginnings. If it's inverted then it stands for loss or death. It's been a while since I read that and I can't find my deck so I'm kind of paraphrasing. As long as you don't feel threatened by it don't worry too much, just be wary of it.
Okk now I get it I was confused thank you so much for explaining me this πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Hello Slyester,

At the top of each comment is a red arrow and green arrow. If you like the comment you press green and if you don't, you press on the red. I use up my daily limit everyday. Lol. I love giving everyone a vote up. I read the comments all the time and really love learning about other members experiences.

I think you need to wait a week before you can start voting.

😘 ❀ 😘
It's not an fiction it's an real story but liked your idea that the bajirao singham should take the charge of police station 😁 😁
Was it really that bad?

"the police wanted to close the case permanently so they kind of forged his original note with other note claiming that he committed suicide due to financial problems."

I'm dumbfounded... The police force in that village has to be very corrupted, lazy and unprofessional for tampering with the evidence of the case in order to close it instead of trying to solve it, even if the suicide note was outrageous.
And then to have the nerve to admit it to an inspector from another district/jurisdiction.

I don't know if they're too honest or if they're too cynical... Or if the incidents in your narrative are fact or fiction.

One thing is for sure, it would be great if Bajirao Singham could take charge of that police station. 😁
sushantkar in Leo The Lion
Good Evening Tweed!

Very touching experience you have shared with us. The experience shared by you gives the imagination power to dive into the sea of ​​thoughts of human emotions, which is very pleasant. You have shared a real treat with us.
Whenever I get an opportunity like this to read a great experience, it helps my mind flowing into the source of those feelings which also helps me relieving all suffering.

Thanks sushantkar for your advice I will not repeat the same mistake again.
Hello Prasad!

It is not good for an author to change or add contradictory statements/informations frequently.
Karma points indicates how much other people agree with your ideology and they shows their gratitude by upvoting that comment/ suggestions.
Your current status shows that you are being down voted so far.

ShellRey, just trying to judge how malicious and destructive "it" is. So far, from the behavior you report, it isn't trying to drive you folks apart. So I see it as being one of two possibilities:

1. It is a relation of yours, such as your grandfather. I rather reject this notion since some experiences, per your comment, happened before he died. Though perhaps it was his doppelganger checking in?

2. Something that shouldn't be in your house at all, something demonic.

There are other possibilities, but those are the two that come to my mind first.
Is there any voting system for the comments and what is the meaning of karma points it shows -9. Guys please give me some guidance I am new to this site
Hello there later my uncle told that that rickshaw driver was the brother of those two sisters and he opposed them from marrying their loved ones. I think he didn't recognized them at the first sight because they were covering their face with pallu but as soon as they got out of rickshaw he still didn't recognized them but when my uncle slightly signalled him he to take a look he was horrified by seeing his two sisters in front of him maybe they were back for revenge as it was the night of amavasya in india it is considered that on this particular night the power of negative energies are strong and later police closed the investigation because they didn't believe on what that drivers had written in his sucide note but the police wanted to close the case permanently so they kind of forged his original note with other note claiming that he committed suicide due to financial problems
Hello sunsetsister. Sorry to know that you did not make it to your grandfather while he was about to pass away. It heartwarming to know that he appeared to you that time for a farewell. He knew you wouldn't make it so that's why he payed you a visit instead in spiritual form. One thing curious thing I notice with people who pass away, they appear in their younger prime years when their soul visits loved ones.
[at] Donald_Trumpet. Thank you, it was really cool. I hope you do one day, it seemed like he didn't even know I was there
AugustaM: I thought it was weird it called me a "young adult" cause I'm almost 31. When I saw the old man and my sister saw me walking toward/up the same set of stairs, I was in high school. When my mother used to come into my room and my brother had his experience thinking I was on top of him at night, I was 28 or 29 and living in my family's house again briefly. I've thought too that maybe it was a poltergeist type situation but there are other things personally and from what my family has told me that doesn't make it at least a 100% fit. Maybe we're all a little sensitive? I plan on sharing another story about my mother which ties into the fact that when I walked into the kitchen one night and knew someone was there, I somehow also knew it was her father who had died I'd have to say probably within the year before that experience. And you're right, there is more research I could do about the property itself because this house being built in the 70s and the one family that lived in it before all still being alive doesn't mean something may not be attached to the land, etc. I also don't know much about doppelgΓ€ngers and I guess always thought that was kind of a silly idea but I'm sharing my experiences on a paranormal right so what right do I have to be close minded? Haha. I'll look into that too!

RCRuskin: nobody has asked me why I didn't do something it seems you're suggesting whatever is looking like me agreed to do. Am I right in thinking that's what you were getting at? As far as I know, every interaction a family member has had with "me" they've told me about: me walking up the stairs and ignoring my sister when I was in another state, my mom hearing me calling for help, my brother thinking I was in his room, etc.
Slyester - are you suggesting that, somehow, someone was aware of the women's identities? How?

Based upon your narrative, the women disappeared when your uncle began praying; the rickshaw driver drove away as fast as Speedy Gonzalez and committed suicide, and your uncle was the only and the last person who saw all of the three individuals involved in these preposterous events.

Nevertheless and with no other witness than your uncle, the police were aware of who the two women were, the way they died and the motive for their deaths. What, did they leave their purses in the rickshaw with a letter telling the driver to ingest poison and their IDs?

What does them commiting suicide have to do with the driver taking his own life? πŸ€”
I'm afraid you have a lot of explaining to do.

Good luck with those exams.
Yes Lucia I called my uncle yesterday he told me that these two women committed suicide these two women were actually cousin sisters and they were not allowed to marry the persons they loved due to this reason they committed suicide
Well, ShellRey, I don't feel I'm expert enough to pronounce anything with authority. But you can identify if from how it behaves. Is anyone in your family asking why you didn't do something you agreed to, just as an example?
That's all very interesting, especially since they close the Battlefield off at 10:00 p.m. And nobody is allowed in there.
Very interesting. I find this so strange. I'm not sure if the women were connected to the suicide but they are definitely intriguing.
I really enjoyed this story. You told it very well. I'm also interested in the use of chains by this spirit. I wonder this spirit had them.
AugustaM in Pitch Black
I still think it *could* have been your grandfather. I don't think he meant to frighten you but that perhaps he just wasn't capable of manifesting to the level that would have allowed you to recognize him - he just wasn't good at it yet - and perhaps he drew closer to you in hopes of making it easier for you to recognize him. On realizing he was only frightening you, he gave up and left leaving the door ajar because he knew you were still scared. I only guess this because something a bit similar happened to me with my late grandmother (I wrote about it in one of my stories) - she never came back after she realized her presence frightened me ❀ to this day, I wonder what might have been had I not been too afraid.
Wow that's a tough one though I have heard of it happening to other people before so you aren't alone. It says you are a young adult but that represents a fairly widd age range - if you don't mind my asking, how old were you when the "doubles" started appearing? If it was during your teens or if you happened to have been going through a lot at the time, it could have been a manifestation of all the angst and emotion of those years being released subconsciously similar to a poltergeist. Or it could be a doppelganger - there are many theories out there as to just what those are - some quite similar to what I have described above.

In addition to the "doubling" phenomenon. I think there is an entity in the home and for no reason that I can't support with any sort of evidence, I get the feeling its a teenage boy, one that was quite troubled in life... But that is just a gut feeling. That doesn't explain the old man but I suppose it could if one entity, a tricky former teen, is responsible for all of the activity, the doubles included.

Maybe do some research on your home and the area in general, something may have stood on that land (or nearby) before the home was built or something may have happened on the land.
Hello oohfreaky. I think that lady was probably the new babysitter trying to put you kids to sleep since it was way past bedtime and you were still playing. Maybe you and your cousin were not listening when she asked you to go to sleep so she had to do it the hard way. 😁 Just kidding hahaha.

Ok time for seriousness now. First of all thanks for sharing your story. That was really scary, specially the smile and head turning. Damn I would have pissed and pooped myself on the spot and then faint if I were in your shoes that time. Glad to know nothing bad occurred to you or your loved ones that time.

What gets me curious is the sound of chains being dragged, moaning, long black hair and white dress. This seems to be a common feature of ghosts or spirits that are seen and usually these points to a bad one. Anyone ever wondered why? It would be nice if someone chimes in as I really am puzzled by this almost uniform theme. To ohhfreaky, I am not doubting you when I wonder about this commonality from sightings, I am just curious. I don't mean to hijack your story with another one but it has some semblance. You see just a day or two ago in my country, a motorcycle accident happened.
The driver died on the spot and the passenger sitting behind survived. The driver and passenger were both men, but something really creepy appeared on the footage of the camera installed to monitor that part of the road. Before the actual crash, the video footage captured the driver riding the motorcycle, but the passenger behind him was a lady in white with long black hair and blurry face. 😨

Ok back to your story, so did you ever had any strange thing happen again there after that incident?
I think your dad sounds great! And had I been one of the scouts on that trip, I would've been over the moon with excitement and nerves! I don't think a little pendulum session conducted by an adult well versed in the practice counts as bad parenting in the least - but maybe my childhood was fast and furious (lol I really don't think so 😁).

Anyway, looking forward to reading more your own and your father's experiences, E6bee.
LuciaJacinta in Pitch Black
I enjoyed your story. Maybe it was some sort of spirit that was attached to your relative and it was looking for a new host to attach to.
[at] RCRuskin any idea why something would be imitating me? Any idea what "creature" would actually do that and why? Actitivy comes and goes and has also been dormant for a while now. It's inconsistent and weird but we've all experienced if for years.
Tweed in Leo The Lion
Breaghboo, sorry I missed your comment somehow! You're right some cats do land on their feet. We're happy he chose us, feel kind of honoured in a way.
Welcome to YGS, or welcome to commenting, I guess!
Tweed in Leo The Lion
Hi MysticFracnce, glad you know the smell I mean. It's hard to describe. Nice to see you're still visiting YGS.

Cuddlebear, I thought of meow too. Maybe there's a secret cat language we humans stumble on occasionally. With the exception of a couple ex boyfriends pets, and living vicariously through family pets over the years, technically Leo is my first pet as an actual adult human person. The other day I forgot to feed him at the regular time. He went bananas at me for about an hour before I realised why. Pet ownership responsibilities, I suck at this! There are days the cosmetics smell person, I'm sure, would not approve.

MaybeADreamer, nice to see you're still around YGS! Makes you wonder how many hauntings could be pet related. A lot of pets out there out living their owners. I'd do the same too.

Val, lol I wish you could feel the weight of them through the screen. Like holding a dog, still can't get used to it. Saying skogkatt is addictive. We call him our Viking warrior now too because he acts like a big tough guy when someone's at the door. Tail swishing side to side "let me at em" attitude. He calms down when it's someone he knows. Maybe this is from living rough. Might have a touch of feral about him. Or maybe it's the breed, or just him being territorial, the way cats are.

Augusta, you and your husband are both weirdos lol!
Seriously though your comment darn near made me well up. The love and loss we experience with pets equals that of people. Absolute fact. I still get teary thinking about our old family cat, the last of the hoard, who passed a couple of years ago. I can't wrap my mind around having an animal destroyed because no one wants it. That will never make sense, there will always be someone out there wanting an animal friend. Bless you for rescuing Peanut. ❀
Donald_Trumpet in Delightful Experience
Wow! That's cool. I would like to witness something like that one day, not scary but hard to explain.

Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hi Alex_Beast,

I don't know anything about reincarnation. I will read about it online. I don't know if Steven is good, bad, or evil, but so far all I have experienced is that he's persistent and leaves when I tell him to.

The cleansing ritual seems to keep him away for a little while. I've noticed just before I refresh the ritual 2 weeks later, he turns up before I refresh the cleansing.

The old scary Hag has not been back since my first cleansing in August 2018. Thank goodness!😡

😘 ❀ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello Everyone,

I woke up in the middle of the night and Steven was sitting at the end of my bed looking towards me.

I wasn't scared. More confused and in disbelief.

I was pretty sleepy but I wasn't sleeping. I looked at my phone by my pillow to see the time. (It said 3.34am 2nd March 2019).

I asked Steven, 'Is your name really Steven'? He didn't reply. I asked again, 'Is your name really Steven'? I asked him that because I wanted to know who he really was. I then asked him, 'Why won't you go to the light'? The answer I sensed was, 'I don't know how'. (It was just what I sensed. I couldn't hear those words but sensed that's why he couldn't go to the other side)

Shortly after that he left. I don't know what he wants. He never hurts me or scares me. I still cleanse the unit every 2 weeks using Rookdygins method, I still have sage on the windows and salt at every entrance. 😦

I had a calming feeling when he left. I just don't understand why he visits and who he is.


😘 ❀
AugustaM in Leo The Lion
Hah! Neither my husband nor I can sleep without at least one of our two cats in the bed! Different strokes:) And if we tried to keep them out of the room, they'd just open the door and waltz right in anyway - terribly clever they are with those little hands in soite if a distinct lack of thumbs;-)

Our last baby, Peanut (its been almost 2 years now and I STILL miss her... And am tearing up as I type this... And just realized I typed 'lost' above not 'last') was in a situation similar to what you describe. Her last three owners had all been elderly - when the first passed, her best friend took her, then when she passed, the ex husband of the first woman took her, then he fell ill and made what he knew would be his last trip to the hospital. He had loved her and meant well but knew little of feline nutrition (her diet consisted of Cheetos and whatever cat food was on sale at Food Lion) and her life with him must have been traumatic as his condition caused him to require frequent calls to emergency services and all those men rushing in at odd hours of the night and his distress must have terrified her. Well when it became clear that he was not coming home, his kids decided they didn't want her and planned to have her destroyed. My mother, his nurse at the assisted living facility, offered to take her but they refused. So we stole her and I never regretted for a moment that we did. She was the sweetest most wonderful creature I have ever had the privilege to have in my life. In the first few months we had her, when I would move quickly to pet her, particularly about the head and face, she would flinch in terror as if I meant to slap her - it absolutely broke my heart to see! I never knew her first 2 owners but if they taught her that, I hope they were ashamed of themselves. After 6 months with us, she never flinched again - she would stick her beautiful little face up towards your hand whenever she saw it coming near her. I think her previous owner came to check on her too - I saw her looking at him a few times in the beginning. ❀
My first thought would be lightening bugs since the altitude you and location describe are perfect for them but being from the South too, I have to say, we've grown up with them and it would be hard to mistake them for anything else after so many years of seeing and catching them. They're also not blue...

So...I'm stumped! Given the region's mad history, ghost lights don't sound far fetched to me. If you give us the name of the lake, maybe some history might be found to shed some light on the situation...
In response to Anno's comment - I do have to put in that there is nothing inherently evil or negative about familiars, spirit guides or fetches - they simply come from belief systems that have been systematically demonised by Christianity.

It sounds to me as though you made for yourself what is called in Buddhist tradition a "tulpa". Have a good Google about and see if what you find doesn't rather click with what you experienced.
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle
Thanks, Val!

In your writing, you may appropriate the term as you see fit!

Your description of fairy lights (in England "Fairy Lights" is a common term for Christmas Tree lights) generated another idea in my mind... In act three of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Oberon greets Puck with the amiable nickname "mad spirit" (III.ii.4), but when Puck describes spirits fearing daylight, Oberon rebukes him "We are spirits of another sort" (III.ii.410), as fairies are *not* limited to the dark in the same manner as evil demons or restless ghosts.

Despite being corrected by Oberon, Puck employs the word "sprite" as he is closing the play. Now, he's using "sprite" to describe the nocturnal ghosts arising from their graves "Now it is the time of night/ That the graves, all gaping wide,/ Every one let's forth his sprite/ In the church-way paths to glide" (V.i.396-399).

Checking my quick references, use of "Sprite" in English started circa A.D.1300, making it about 150 years older than the common usage of "Spirit." Though they have overlapping denotations, "Sprite" retained a more nature/ elemental/ wild connotation than "Spirit," which suggests willpower. (A brief detour for one of my favorite etymologies: "Inspiration" is the Gods or Muses breathing creativity into the minds of men!)

As for my noticing details or phenomena (of this world and others) I'm delighted to state that I've *always* done it. As a child, I always wanted to know "why?" My parents usually put in a fair amount of effort to find the answer for me, as they realized that they didn't know. I simply never grew out of that phase of my intellectual development, as it is a great way to learn new details, facts, theories, and beliefs.

As for the other visitors to the castle, I can't help but think of the late Douglas Adams. In book 3 of his 6-book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series, describes "cloaking fields" for spaceships as being an unwieldy, problematic power-drain: "The Somebody Else's Problem field is much simpler and more effective... (it) relies on people's natural disposition not to see anything they don't want to, weren't expecting, or can't explain." I've seen countless "S.E.P. Field" issues arise and deter the general masses of humanity, so they ignore the problem rather than confront it. While I have plenty of my own blindspots, I've never ignored opportunities to explore something new; it's how I learn.

Best (if somewhat rambling) as always,
valkricry in Leo The Lion
Oh,Tweed,I love this! I googled Norwegian Forest Cats, as I wasn't sure what they look like. Wow! Impressive looking beasties, aren't they? I also like their other name; granskogskatte. I agree skogkatt, feels delightful to say on the tongue. Ha-ha, I said it outloud and Kirby (my furball) just gave me the oddest look. πŸ˜†
It's possible he was hesitant to enter at first, because of a 'trust' issue, couple that with his reaction, and I think you could be on to something.
AugustaM in Graduating Ghost
My first thought was: nun ghost.

But mayhap since no one else has come to that conclusion, I'm way off base. Here in the states, it is somewhat rare that you find a Catholic school that does not or has never had any nuns about but perhaps things are different elsewhere. Have there ever been any nuns associated with the school, church, campus or property at any time? If so, the apparition sure sounds like a nun to me - also supports the "she-ghost" idea.
"Electric dandelion seed", I quite like that description, it puts me in mind of the fairy lights I use to see in my younger days - rather magical and enchanting, not frightening at all. If I ever decide to write about it, I just might borrow that description, if you don't mind, as it conjures (for me at any rate) what I saw best. Until I read your experience I never, ever thought that perhaps they were orbs... Just wee bits of a magical realm I was allowed to see.
As to what you saw? Well, I know insects seldom fly in straight lines, out closed windows, or even sparkle for that matter. It sounds as though you followed it for some distance too. I wonder why no one else noticed? Too absorbed in their gawkings, I suppose, or auto-dismissing it as 'nothing'. I for one, am glad you decided to share this.
AugustaM in Have You Seen Her?
Ugh, all the buses at my old school wreaked of diesel and now, more years on than my vanity will admit, the smell from the school busses is still choking if I perchance am caught driving behind one.

The little girl you described reminded me of... Well me. The bookbags I carried were always a little different - never the standard backpack (much to my chagrin). My favorite dress was just as you describe and at that age my hair was always always always in pigtails (my mom had a thing for them). Odd! ❀
Perhaps there is an elemental lurking about. S
It is generally believed that strong emotions -generally the negative kind or grief- can whip up paranormal activity as can changes to the household (someone moves out or in, somethibg as extensive as a renovation or simple as moving a picture). If you have a good think on it, you may be able to recall something that preceded the activity. Perhaps it's your late grandmother or perhaps something attached to the land. It will be interesting to see if you or your family (if you are comfortable talking with them about this) can remember anything!
Hi, ShellRey.

This is just my opinion, but no, I don't think you are haunting your own house. I think something is imitating you.
I am soon going to publish my own paranormal experience story. But it will take some time
Yes the legs were positioned in such a way that could move in 360' angle but the knees remained in same position they didn't move the remaining part below the knees moved in 360'. And I won't be able to comment constantly in this discussion as my 12th board exams are going on but I will try my best
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle
Greetings, Nectarvore.

Thank you for the lovely compliments!

I remember feeling curious about what it was as I watched it cross the room; however, curiosity is pretty much my default state. Diction with a more magical connotation may be clearer: "entranced" is more accurate than "enchanted." The peculiar part, as far as I remember, is that I felt neither fear nor panic; I wanted to know more about what I could see, but it did not occur to me that this phenomenon might have been dangerous or scary.

I don't recall having been to Berry Pomeroy at all, but that scenario is all too familiar! Everyone else feels unsettled because of what they've read on a plaque or in the guidebook about a room's history, but they have trouble grasping why we react to something ephemeral that no-one else can identify.

I'd have loved an opportunity to have seen your photo... Que sera, sera...

Take care,
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle
Hey, Tweed!

The machine's not letting me upvote you at the moment; I think I've agreed with you too much over the last week or two.

I like your question, "Did you think at the time it was aware you were sussing it?" I don't think it was aware of me until I followed it around the corner to the chair. Before that point, it was drifting in a straight line at a modest pace; the (approx.) five foot height from the floor was consistent, as though the bed's presence was of no consequence. When I saw it floating above the chair, it reacted to me and flew off through the closed window. As it appeared to be drifting and rotating somewhat, it's hard to recall if it revolved in a different manner, but it certainly bolted from stationary to an upward trajectory at great speed, as though I'd startled it.

I've been to Warwick Castle at least a dozen times, as it was a good day trip from Leicester. Only once do I recall enough direct sunlight to make the sundial in the courtyard useful. I took an American friend along with me once, and used the sundial as evidence that Britain does have optimists...

Hello Slyester - I have a few questions about your story:

"he saw that the legs of that 2 womens were in the opposite directions."

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, as far as I know, a sari is a garment that covers a woman's legs. Do you mean your uncle saw only the ladies' feet facing backwards or did he see their knees too?
If the latter, were their legs bent in an abnormal way while they were seated in the rickshaw? Like in their lower legs were pointing upwards or were they positioned in such a way as if they could move in a 360Β° angle? πŸ€”

Ouch...That image makes me cringe!

Do you know if anyone else, specially rickshaw drivers, had reported seen those two women and if so, if anyone else had committed suicide after the encounter?
Are you aware of any violent/tragic historical events that could be causing the paranormal activity?
Could you provide the name of that village?

Anyway, I hope no one else has been hurt after that day.
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle
Hi, lady-glow!

You're bang on target with your assessment. There are well-decorated rooms in the castle containing depictions of historical events with waxworks by Madame Tussauds. However, I have no idea what the castle's trustees were thinking when they installed "special effects" that detract from the calm atmosphere of a quite lovely room.

Thanks for reading.
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle

Thank you for your kind description; it's good to know that my tone is both clear & appreciated.

I concur with your assessment of the melodrama on G.A., but there are plenty of groups and individuals who have observed orb phenomena; some have managed to capture inexplicable responses to orbs by physical objects.

As skeptics, we avoid being gullible. Maintaining a dual mindset of doubt and of wonderment tempers the critical thinking so we question and explore without becoming victims of cynicism.

Best to you,
msforgetmenott in Winking Twinkling Charlie
Hi Rex T,

Thank you for the information, I will read it when I have more time.

In 1995 I took a leave from my job as my Dad took a terrible fall breaking several face bones, his nose and his neck. For several months I was the one that took on all transportation and all that this event caused.

One hospital that one of his Doctor's had his office, happened to be Catholic. One day we could not find a parking spot anywhere, this was big as my Dad had been fitted with a halo for his neck and was in a wheelchair. There were cars taking up space, blocking my ability to move. People were standing all around one side of the hospital, cameras in hand. Quite a crowd gathered, all looking up. It seemed a second floor window had an image of what they thought was an image of Mary. We watched this on the news that night, and read it in the paper the next day.

The window was quietly removed, to many it was upsetting, I was happy as on later visits when I could park easily. The Hospital said, it was caused by moisture building between a double window.

My stress was high, I had enough to deal with at that time. Yet after months, my Dad had a repair (surgery) at age 85, and he was able to get back up on his tractor. It became apparent to all he was slowing down, sadly had this not happened we think he would have lived to 100.

Nice of you to send info,

All detail account in this story is from some my personal experiences and some of what Mrs. Linda has told me about and her children and great grand children has told her about. So you get a little of both.

It did not grow up with Mrs. Linda's two daughter. But I did grow up with her adopted daughter/ grand daughter, adopted son, her grand daughter, grand son, and her great grand childrens.

Obviously, the ghost made the sandwich and bite into it and then left on the counter for Mrs. Linda's (first) husband to see. And not only Mrs. Linda saw it herself because her husband showed it too her. From what she told me all those years when her two daughter was growing up.
I little hard to follow. I don't know about a ghost preparing food. Do they make good sandwiches?

I have been reading stories in this site for a while but this one made me open an account. Although I have read about some cases of in uterus memories, to believe that someone can remember something that happened before they were conceived is too much for me to take.πŸ™„

I hope this poster can pay more attention to their biology class.
Donald_Trumpet in Blues Brother
Amazing story. I think your brother is keeping in touch with his family.

Hey Biblio

I like your story, your style of writing is really concise and intelligent. I've followed your comments on this for a long time, everything you say is very considered. Well thought out.

I'm an Aussie, but when I spent time in the South West of England, I ghost hunted through a few castles.

The one that I felt had the most activity was Berry Pomeroy Castle.

There is a tower called the Green Lady tower, that was supposed to be the place where a lot of manifestations took place (dogs barking at thin air, refusing to enter, sightings of a spectral woman, reports of being pushed on the stairs)

Funny thing was, in that tower, I felt nothing.

I continued my search and when I got to the two dungeons, I had a feeling so overwhelming, so absolutely unpleasant, foreboding, I could not make myself venture down. Into either, there were two.

I took a picture not far from there, and in the stone, in the light, you could see an emaciated woman.
It was subtle, I showed a lot of people, some could see her, some could not. It's like she was part of the stone.

A case of pareidolia?

I'm not sure. All I know is that I felt her presence, regardless of whether the photo was a trick of the light. I lost the photo when my iPad was wiped (my little guy put in the wrong pin six times, which shut it down) ... I was gutted to lose that photo.
After years of hunting hauntings, I finally had something substantial and I lost it.

What did you feel when you saw this will o the wisp thing?

The other odd thing after leaving Berry Pomeroy Castle is I got sick. I slept for almost two days. My partner looked after my son, and had to keep waking me to make me drink water. Possible just long haul flights or a bug I picked up at the airport, but I have no memory of those two days.

Really odd.

The strange thing about the emaciated woman in my photo, was that a woman was kept by her sister, in the castle, hundreds of years ago, and was starved to death. When I did more research, I read she was kept in the dungeons, not in the green lady tower.

I wanted to share this with you, in the vein of castles and photos and things that go bump in the night:)

Bright Blessings.
Breaghboo in Leo The Lion
Hi Tweed. I've been reading on this site for years but first time I've joined and posted a comment. Sounds like Leo decided he wanted a proper home again after sleeping rough for a while and chose you. Cats are smart! A couple of the rescue cats we've had over the years definitely chose us! And how lovely he has a deceased loved one looking after him. Bet she's delighted with where he's ended up too. Some lucky cats do land on their feet!

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