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Lealeigh in Edith's House

I'm really glad you liked my story. I've never thought that she had as dire a problem with hoarding as her daughters make it sound.

She actually knows where to find certain things and she has EVERYTHING. It's like an old general store in there. Her daughters make it sound as if the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane is down there in the basement.

I wonder about the nightlights and what you said about how you, yourself, have a fondness for them. I wonder what that means because I love to speculate on details.

I know hoarders somewhere else in Georgia who keep a computerized inventory and other ones in Alabama that keep all of their things in an old airplane hangar.

Thank you for leaving such an interesting comment and I am relieved that I haven't accidentally offended you.

- Maria
Hello... So recently I was also played with weird unexplained happenings and sounds and ghosts. But I also heard the faint sound of bells, and went outside to investigate, and saw a black shadow figure fly across the sky. The next day, I saw the same or maybe the same shadow figure speed past me in my yard.
Lol, I got zozo on the other end of the ouijaboard many times, only to discover he utters total nonsense all the time. I do want to say that all the poltergeist activity stopped after the last time I encountered him, so that's a plus I guess
WisconsinLady in Edith's House
Thanks for sharing your experience!
I don't have much more to add paranormal-wise, because there are great comments here already. But I'd like to say that I very much appreciate how respectful you and the YGS community have been towards hoarding disorder in this story and comments. I've inherited hoarding disorder from one side of my family. It's great to see a community that is respectful towards this issue finally.
I'd also like to add, night lights! YES! I too have invested a small fortune in night lights. It has me thinking if this comes along with the mental illness (es?) I share with Edith some how. The people I know with hoarding disorder love night lights. I'm weirdly fascinated by this. Lol
Much love to you and your family. ❀
Hi, Jellyjally! Welcome to YGS! Thanks for sharing this! I'm glad you feel comfortable sharing your experience here. I've lost/misplaced several videos and images over the years. It's very frustrating!
If you would like, I could send you a Python script to run on your computer to help you find it. It's not a virus script, because I hate mean people and wouldn't know how to write anything malicious anyway. I've written computer code that searches specific folders or drives on my computer to locate files. You can search for specific file names, dates (which is harder if the date was modified), and/or file types. Then it spits out a text file of the file location of everything it finds that matches what your looking for. If you want to try to locate your video on your computer, I can send you this code. It's a simple Python code that you'd have full control of. Learning how to code is a good thing for college/jobs, too! ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral
Hello again AussieDaz,

You have explained that so well, that even I understand what you're trying to explain.

What would I say to my 5 ear self? I'd start by saying that life is wonderful and make the most of it. Don't automatically trust people. They need to earn that trust. I'd continie, love is magical when you are lucky enough to find the right person. As for childbirth, get an epidural! Lol.
Seriously, I spoke to my children like they were my equal and still give them that same respect, within reason of course. I kept it PG. πŸ‘§πŸ‘§

You are right, it's hard knowing how Information is too much information and you just have to be guided by common sense.

Thank you for your response.

I hope you are safe and out of the fire danger.

I'm located on the East coast and we are fine here. My heart goes out to our farmers, fire fighters, and those who have lost their homes.😭

Best wishes,
Hi sant22 I'm fine now but I m really sorry I won't be able to provide you with information of house because people still live there and I don't want to infringe their privacy
Hey silverthane61 actually I m really unaware that whether the house was cursed or not but people residing nearby said that the place we lived on was having a triangular cut which is considered to be not good place for living as it might have some evil forces (sorry I m not good at describing places)
Hey [at] lealeigh sorry for replying late as I was busy in my exams actually after shifting from that place I never tried to look back as it was horrifying experience for me but I get to know about few instances that people still living there are suffering from health problems and various other problems
aussiedaz in Edith's House

In Michael Newton's second book destiny of the soul, he talks about the technique's the soul use's to comfort their loved one and by the sound of it, he never gave up on his beloved sweat heart Edith, good to hear... When you have a chance watch this link of Michael Newton explaining a few things on the after life, this guy is the real deal...

A must watch duration around 40 min...

Regards Daz

It is hard to fathom how our higher self may be a multi personality spiritual entity absorbing your individual experience (ego) and other (ego's) over many lives on it's road to greater enlightenment, I'll make this analogy... Imagine if the 5 year old you
(in duality) was standing before you right now? How would you explain who you are? Imagine trying to explain child birth, love and everything else?... The five year old you wouldn't be able to process it all?

Imagine when it was time to say goodbye to the five year old you?... When realising you are too evolved to let this five year old you steer ''the ship of wisdom'' a progress in work that has probably taken you many century's to evolve to...well, to your higher self, the adult you, is like the five year old child when trying to make sense or understand the bigger picture of what we are doing here, you'll understand more when that time comes and most likely, you and your children will plan a return somewhere down the track... You will be connected to them no doubt about that... Would I want to be aussiedaz forever? ''Oh please no'' I think it's my turn to come back as a rock star who lives past 50 y/o...lmao

They do have a sense of humour over there.

Regards Daz
Lealeigh in Edith's House

I believe you are right! My mother's aunt was completely distraught (my mother and grandmother were there at the time to be there for Edith. Most of my family comes from Dalton or the corresponding corner of Alabama and my grandmother was still living in Dalton in 1970); he must have been very determined to comfort her at that time.

Something he was able to do must have gotten through to Edith because she said that she knew he was around.

When you said: "not all can receive these types of paranormal interferences" it reminds me of something about my family that I was told of long ago:

When my grandmother (Edith's younger sister) was born, she had a very thin layer of skin covering her entire face; it was easily swept away. In the old days in the South (maybe elsewhere) they called such a thing a "veil". The superstition was that a person born with a veil was born with sight beyond natural ability. The veil was a sign that the person could see the truth in things without the aid of their eyes.

My grandmother's sister and brother were born without this and maybe that's why Edith couldn't see anything in a conventional way like my mother did. Maybe, my grandmother passed a kind of gift to my mother.

Thank you for your insight into my great uncle's actions! It makes me a little sad to think he was so desperate to comfort Edith. By all accounts, they loved each other very dearly.

Thank you, also, for reading my story!

* Unrelated Note:

I am going to check out more videos with Bruce Lipton, if you think that would be a good direction to go in; he resonated well with me. I also enjoyed the lecture of Leonard Susskind.

- Maria
aussiedaz in Edith's House

Yes, I had a couple of aunt Edith's in my family who had no concept of healthy height, weight relationship when it came to cooking up a meal for their guest.

It may be possible the dead uncle wanted your mother to tell her aunt he was OK based on this assumption. Our departed loved ones are always desperate enough to push message's through via any channels they see possible.

Smelling the flowers and her uncle looking down the hallway was probably a metaphor your great uncle was hoping your mother would interpret... Flowers are generally symbols of expressing love, smelling the flowers was a hint your great uncle manipulated the wave energy field to trigger the scent to a point it woke your mother up. He probably tried the same with Edith however not all can receive these types of paranormal interference's.

Your mother seeing him looking down the hallway, was most likely his way of translating they are for Edith... The window or... Mirror of time in this account was only brief, he probably knew in advance how your mother would react.

Regards Daz
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral
Hello AussieDaz,

OMG! I know I've said this before, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and comments.

I learn so much from your knowledge.

I laughed my head off at your last sentence.🀣 'Please give me a rest and half a century to get over this life and haunt a few bank managers and politicians who annoyed me along the'

As for me, I'd wouldn't to come back as anyone else other than myself.πŸ’œ I love my children and family and wouldn't trade that to be a millionaire or popstar.

Thanks for such a good read. I'm going to Google the names you've quoted and click on the link you provided. You've gone to so much trouble and you always do. I'm not going to waste your efforts.πŸ€—

Best wishes,
Hi Caz

I guess on this website we need to be mindful of other religious beliefs systems before going down that road of what created us, so I'll try very carefully not offend anyone's belief system here by making this statement... ''that my own conclusions and theories are exactly that''.

There are probably three or four different possibilities behind the fundamental nature of our existence. People laughed at Elon Musk when he made a serious comment in regards to our universe being an computer simulation perhaps created by an advanced human civilisation many millions if not billions of linear years ago.

The notion was actually brought up in 1977 by a science fiction writer Phillip K dick, who actually lived a very paranormal life making the claim that he was visited by an extraterrestrial of human nature who told him his movies are not that for away from the truth. Here's the 4 minute link of Phillip back in 1976, you'll actually witness a person trying not to laugh at him, however he was very serious about what he is claiming...

Then you have the respectable Nick Bostrom, who presented the simulation argument and then there are many other clever philosophers and physicist making the same claims due mainly to the facts that at the core of our universe, information are in bits of 1'and 0's and it also appears via the double slit experiment, microscopical atoms collapse into a wave function when not being observed, would that be typical of some super quantum computer simulation that triggered off a big bang creating the physical illusion of our reality?

Nick Bostrom simulation arguement...

I can't rule it out, that once upon a time there may have been a base reality where matter was actually matter and not atoms acting all weird and mystical where perhaps a civilisation... To keep itself from going extinct, created some sort of the Matrix we are living in being the result of some sophisticated quantum computing by technology not yet discovered? Although the A.I enthusiast are quite positive the potential is with in the next 100 years or so.

Then you have the research of Michael Newton of which I have an abundance of respect for. The spiritual realm basically had no beginning it always existed in a realm that makes quantum mechanics seem extremely finite as to the science behind it's existence... Each of us are basically children of light born from the God source and no, you don't need two to tango lol... Apparently there is a section in the after life where new souls actually have a beginning, if this is true, then one could subscribe to the notion of a creator however not a grey bearded man sitting on a throne IMO.

As spiritual beings we all have different gifts and some of those gifts involve the ability of flying to uninhabitable planets and creating physical life according to Dr Newtons research and Yes, if you think we are alone, you need to be informed that with in our galaxy, we have about 39 million planet earths of which our galaxy is like a grain of sand at the beach, compared to the total number of galaxies in our universe.

Alan Watts once quoted, Imagine living a life as a king doing all things you can ever imagine possible. Imagine if you lived many lives doing other things, would you want to try something different? There is a button in front of you and if you press it, you'll go to sleep for about 80 years always knowing when that dream was over, you'll end up back where you began and that 80 years of joy or hell was like one nights sleep to a being who is eternal?

I'm reasonably confident our universe was no random act of a natural phenomenon, we are not alone and their are dimensions all around us. Although I detest the notion of coming back to the earth matrix and doing it again...''PLEASE NO''...I however do surmise we exist in duality of the Matrix as spiritual beings... And when we wake up after death we return home to where we truly belong and the ultimate decision will be up to the higher evolution of my own being... I do believe there is a life between lives and perhaps our earth ego continues on for a period of time however in the end we surrender it to the realisation we are something more greater than a famous pop star and what might that be?

What would it look like to never be angry again period? How wise and enlightened would one need to be to have total control over negative feelings?. Maybe the Earth Matrix is designed exactly for that? To teach us lessons, can I forgive others? Can I live in the moment? Can I forgive myself? Karma is not about revenge, perhaps we bring it on ourselves to experience perspective?... What would it feel like to be a spiritual being who has lived a thousand lives, would you want to be a pop star in every life? How enlightened would that soul be, I believe this is what drives us to come back and do it again?'s all about spiritual growth in a place where shiat happens, however please give me a rest and half a century to get over this life and haunt a few bank managers and politicians who annoyed me along the

Regards Daz.
Lealeigh in Edith's House
Hello lady-glow!

Edith used to say that she felt his presence around the house. That is all she will say about it and usually diverts the conversation into the happy times when he was still alive.

His death came very suddenly during the night and it changed her emotionally (I know that, if I were Edith, I would have been devastated).

I think that the reason he is there is because anyone can see that her hoarding is closely related to her emotional state. If, for some reason, she were able to move on from his death, I think he wouldn't have felt the need to stay.

All three of Edith's children were by her first husband and that might be another reason that he stayed.

Her grand daughter who is two years younger than me has said that she hears foot steps that travel around the first floor every now and then when it is nighttime or quiet during the day.

I like to think that the real reason that her current husband lives in his own house is because the spirit of her first husband sees him for what he is and doesn't want him there. I could publish a quarterly newsletter on the "doings" of her current husband.

This will be going slightly off of the point: last September, I was standing there "admiring" a couch pillow that's shaped like a pineapple. After we left, I looked in the back seat of the car and the pineapple pillow was behind my seat on the floorboard. I called and he said: "That's one less thing that I have to look at."

We were already past Atlanta when I discovered it; she said that I could keep it.

Thank you for reading my story. I am very glad you enjoyed it and happy to have your thoughtful comments, as always.

- Maria
lady-glow in Edith's House
Hello Lealeigh.

I really enjoyed reading your experience though, I imagine, neither you nor your mother found anything enjoyable about these encounters with Edith's first husband. I wonder if he is worried about her hoarding.

The third husband sounds like and obnoxious old man, it's better for him to stay away at his own castle.

Do you know if Edith has seen her first husband or heard his footsteps?

Thanks for sharing this funny and well written story.
lady-glow in A Burning Sensation
Will humans ever learn to be tolerant?

Jynxer - that was an interesting story. What can you tell us about the history of the building where the college is at?
Do you know what other ghosts your friend used to see?
Is there a reason for the nun to be earthbound to the library? I think it was kind of mean on her part to burn your arm.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Daz,
I've known about this matrix for some years now, but it's rarely talked about, so I was delighted to see you had mentioned 'the Earth matrix' in some of your comments on people's stories. I've watched the links you've posted with interest and the scientists have done a great job in showing us and explaining how it all works, so thank you for posting them.
However, what people don't know is 'Why are we living in a matrix when we have been led to believe all our lives that God made the planet Earth?' I believe I know something about this, but I'd appreciate your thoughts. I have to go now, but hopefully I'll have time to get back to you tomorrow! Thanks again!
Hello, Jelly.

Is there any chance you could post this video or at least link us to it, please?

Lealeigh in Edith's House

Thank you for reading my story! Your suggestion about sleeping in the bathtub would have been better than what I did! I wish I would have thought of it.

I always thought that Edith's second husband built the addition so that he could have "his turf". Maybe, he saw or sensed her first husband; maybe, he sensed nothing but just felt creepy about sleeping in the bedroom where her first husband died.

It's clear to me too that hoarding was a reaction that she had in her grief. Her eldest daughter comes in there and tries to help with moving things out of the house but her mother feels like everything is either a "treasure" or is something that will be needed later.

You're not even joking about her current husband being absent. There are so many ways that's true. I don't mind saying it because he's actually pretty mean. He makes jokes at Edith's expense because she's almost deaf and he thinks he is getting away with it. Then, when he's tired of social interaction, he blasts the television so loud that there can't be any talking done by anyone.

Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment!

- Maria
Thanks for your comment. As to whom or which ghost haunts it I don't know. Maybe more than one spirit. I too had heard the White House is very "active." See my new post.
Best Wishes for the New Year.
Melda in Edith's House
Lealeigh - Your aunt seems to be a very interesting lady. She certainly has guts to marry again at the age of 85 πŸ˜†.

Firstly, I can understand why your mom hid under the covers. She must have got the fright of her life and her legs probably wouldn't have carried her out of that room. Luckily I've never had the misfortune to see any ghostly faces throughout the years that I've been peering into mirrors. Seeing a ghost standing somewhere in a room I can handle but in a mirror? I honestly don't know how I'd react to that.

However we had a rather noisy mirror in the bathroom of my childhood home. We refer to it as the "singing mirror" although it didn't actually sing. It was on a chain above the washbasin and it used to sway from side to side and make a noise similar to the sound when you rub your finger round the top of a glass, that sort of "zinging" noise if you know what I mean. I always thought my dad (who passed away at the age of 46) was doing this to attract attention but it could have been one of a number of ghosts who haunted that house. After a while it actually didn't bother me much, I somehow brushed it off. I must say though, it scared the living daylights out of a few other people, including my mother.

Perhaps your aunt's first husband is looking after her. He might feel that he was meant to be her one and only and doesn't like the thought of being replaced, especially by an octogenarian who's more absent than present! (Sorry, that's a joke) Then again, it's also possible that her first husband decided that his replacement was doing a good job and he decided to bow out and hubby number two took over the vigil. Who knows for sure?

Perhaps Edith tends to hoard a bit because she finds it comforting to have things around her. She lost her first two husbands when they were relatively young and she must have been sad and lonely. It could also be the reason she married a third time, that feeling of having and belonging.

Sleep on an uncomfortable, decorative couch and being paid a visit by an unseen house guest? I might have settled myself in the bath with blankets and a pillow and prayed that nobody appeared in the mirror.

Thanks for an entertaining story 😊

Regards, Melda
Sorry, I meant to say that I visited The Hermitage separately during the fifth grade. It was a family trip to Tennessee.

I went to Washington with a bunch of kids on a separate trip.

- Maria
Hello reality1000 and welcome to YGS,

I feel similar feelings about the ghosts of slaves as I do about the ghosts of native americans. In the last several hundred years we, in America, have done wrong to these people and I would imagine that what ghost remain are not content; at least not content with us, if it's possible to have a preference when you're a ghost.

Maybe, it was one of Ol' Hickory's slaves that startled you or maybe, his wife tending to the fireplace.

I've always heard that Andrew Jackson haunts The White House and he, supposedly, has company with a few others. They say his ghost swears...

I visited The White House, The Hermitage, Monticello, Arlington and a bunch of other places when I was in the fifth grade. It was during George Bush Sr.'s administration in the early 90's.

- Maria
Hello Jynxer,

I like your story but I feel bad for your friend. What a bunch of jerks people are in school!

I had trouble making friends in school. I learned to be quiet when I was a little kid. I think that I used to say unusual things to other kids but I never got beat up; they just called me "that weird girl" and I felt alienated to the point where I actually preferred it.

I am glad that you were friends with that kid.

- Maria
DarriuxDarkk in Foot Steps In The Icu
We have the same notions of associating black shadows to grim reapers. However ever since I've been reading on this site, I've read about shadow people which are entirely different entities to grim reapers as they say. I loved reading your story by the way, I bet that doctor was like immune to all these paranormal experiencesπŸ˜‚.

When Michael Tablot wrote his book the Holographic Universe back in the 90's, mainstream science never gave it a first glance let alone took it serious until another brilliant Standford professor in Leonard Susskind entered the arena with his own mathematical hypotheses on an Holographic Universe, so great was his work and his battle with Stephen Hawkins who had his own Black hole theory, the winner was Susskind... Hawkins in the end conceded to the work of Susskind of which is a pretty big deal in the world of these geniuses.

Basically Susskind is making the same claim as Tablot in regards to our Universe being Holographic however he precisely structured in the mathematics to his theory. According to Susskind, Black Holes are two dimensional projecting our 3 dimensional existence into it's reality... If you were in a spaceship and fell into a black hole basically you would as be flat as an 2 dimensional object... Reminds me of the movie, interstellar.

Leonard Susskind lecturing on his Holographic theory

Susskind has a stack of scientific awards that basically validates the genius he is.

I believe a huge part of the awakening is the realisation of who you really are and what you are doing here... All of the information is out there to absorb. It may take you years to find it providing you can keep yourself interested enough to take the time of processing it... I have been researching for around 10 years and I'm still finding new material. Sometimes the more you know is the less you
Hello, I like your name and it's interesting for you to have chosen that name and thinking about your job. That's wonderful.
That had to be a very remarkable experience. One thing I have taken away from every haunting I have heard that involved dead Indians is you don't want to make them mad. Sounds like he gave you a warning. I think I wouldn't hunt there any more. But I bet if you went and planted a few trees, they would not harm you and you might see your friend again.

From my own experiences and research, there seems to be two types of OBE's...type A, is where the experience has full recall for the individual having the account such as Michael Tablot and myself... I have left my body many times over the last few decades and I always remember every detail of the account.

Type B, are those who have accounts they can't quite remember in detail however they do remember something?... As you stated, it felt like a dream to you right?... A few years ago, I saw my wife leave her body as she laid next to me in our bed, she only hovered just above her body staring straight at me, I asked her to get back into her body.

A few hours later when she came back from the toilet, I asked her if she remembered any thing strange? And she said yes...she'd remembered floating out of her body and hearing my voice, however she couldn't recall herself looking directly at me,btw, near to validation for me, however not quite conclusive beyond all doubt,hmm... If only right?

Here's my own theory as to why both of you didn't quite have the same detail as the observers of your account... As Bruce Lipton pointed out, we are all little mini me earth rovers receiving a signal most likely from our higher selves in the 5th dimension as
our physical self, is the little player carrying the world on it's shoulders making ends meat day in day out.

I do surmise we don't enter into these realms with all of our energy at any given time? Why? Because it would probably make us all too psychic and defeat the purpose of being here to experience and grow. IMO, A psychic may transfer energy into the earth body around 85 percent thus giving them the ability to communicate with those on the other side and we see a few them around the joint.

Other folk transfer in with about 40 percent of spiritual energy of which basically keeps them asleep for their ride and those peeps, are usually your hard core materialist, sceptical of anything that seems to exist outside their objective reality and wouldn't see a ghost ever, not always the case, however we do need a balance to keep this physical illusion functional.

Perhaps the reason some folk can't remember all details of an OBE or they do have some vague recollection of it might come down to the energy transfer between the two dimensions at any given time. I believe I was looking directly at my wife's soul however in duality her physical consciousness couldn't quite grasp the whole ordeal and remembered it differently and this may be the same for you Maria.

You'd remembered it as a dream at the time your mother saw it differently, keep up the good work staying off the smokes, you go girl, running out of time I may come back and say some more later.

Regards Daz

I have notes going in all directions and I don't really know where to begin. I'll focus on the interview with Michael Talbot.

It is very exciting to me that a scientist who (in my opinion) seems to be respected and logical speaks the way that he does about ideas that are not taken seriously by mainstream. I am talking about what he said about his out of body experiences. His account of leaving his body and finding his neighbor's library book is very much like some experiences that I have had. A few months ago, I submitted a story to YGS, without really thinking that it was purely psychic phenomena and it was not accepted. I will try my best to paraphrase it here:

I am a runner; it seems to be an effective form of exercise for me but I really wish I had easy access to a swimming pool because I hate running. This is a terrible place for running, this town; it's conditions have made a, somewhat, negative impression upon me.

Early one morning, my mother saw me running up the street. I ran past her in the driveway and when she came inside, she saw me sitting at the table outside. She started playing a game on her tablet. After some amount of time, she realized that I never came inside. She walked into my bedroom and found me deeply asleep and I was wearing different clothes (pajamas).

After I sat up in my bed, I remembered that my last dream was of me running up the street and I wrote it in my dream diary. She saw me outside and it was a surreal experience for her. This is not the only time that this has happened with me.

The thing that Michael Talbot said about the laboratory rats seems like it should somehow apply here (I think) because the tests showed that their memories of running the maze were not stored in any particular area of the brain. This might be another one of my "associations" but, whatever the case, I am not "too good" to compare my own brain to that of a rat. This association seems to parallel what Talbot was saying about the universe being catalogued within each of our minds.

I would also like to say something about placebos. His account of the man who, unknowingly, was the cure of his own tumors by virtue of his strong belief that he was taking a miracle medication is a very familiar notion to me. I have worked in various pharmacies for the last twenty years; there's no way of knowing how many cases that I have been personally involved with that have been amazing cases of mind over "matter".

More than anything in all of the things you have said here or in all of the links you have provided to me has been more affirming to the case that "there is no matter" than what I already knew of the placebo effect as a cold hard fact. It makes me think that, since I do know that modern science has accepted the placebo effect, that they also will be soon willing to concede to more. I had never before even thought of placebos in this way. It's something like an awakening.

He also mentioned that his childhood home was a place of strong Poltergeist activity. In the summer of last year that was also the case in my house; the associations that can be made here have put my experiences in this house into a comfortable perspective.

Also in a comfortable perspective now is my earlier troubles with the thought of oblivion; one of the first things that I ever said to you was that "I can't understand 'nothing'". I feel better now that I am in the process of banishing my fear or aversion to the thought of "nothing". Thank you.

- Maria

* Two unrelated side notes:

* 1.Β  I haven't started smoking again; I won't. This house, however, is really trying my patience. Both, my mother and stepfather, are retired and never go anywhere; they live in a perpetual state of "cabin fever". I think that they actually LIKE b***hing at each other for anything. It's always been like this; they need hobbies that happen away from each other for part of the day. It didn't really bother me until I stopped smoking; I used to have patience for this. In fact, I have had to watch all of these videos and make comments while sitting in the backyard. I'm not really complaining; this is just another case of going from Point A to Point B.

* 2. Jeffrey Mishlove looks like Bob Odenkirk but with different hair.
Logan134 in Boy Scout Lane
Hey EarthboundAngel

I am doing a urban legends project for school and was hoping I could get the footage if you still have it
8-bitDemigod in Dead Or A (stra) Live!

I was thinking something along the lines that the emotional state was so strong that it caused a temporary physical overlap whereas the other you manifested into our realm through the dream connection.

You said you went to sleep before the event happened, my theory implies that while in the dream state you temporarily inhabit the body of the other you for the duration of the "dream", that's why you can see and feel everything they do but can't affect your surroundings. Kind of like a possesion. So maybe when you possesed the other you this time the connection was so strong it pulled them here and once you were aware of what was happening the you that's in this realm experienced a waking dream, but since there was still a connection it caused the dual perceptions.

Honestly I don't really know, I'm just spitballing, but it is fun theorycrafting.
it may not necessarily be a ghost but I'm not saying it cannot be one... Because it you were alone and sleeping along with your cousin it may be someone was spying on you or your in danger physically since that voice chased you from your grand parents house until your house... How can a ghost type on a keyboard and how will he...I'm scared cause ghosts can also fall in love with a human and it's kind of dangerous please do tell your parents and be careful
khushireina in Three Knocks
i enjoyed it... But hey I guess I have read that it should be knocked less than 3 or more than 3 because if someone calls out yoour name 3 times or knock 3 times it's a ghost...spirit...proven in conjuring 😨 πŸ€” πŸ˜•
Lealeigh in The Mountain

Yes, the thing that still makes me curious (though I should wonder about other things) is: what the heck were all of those shoes doing there?

"The Mountain" was at least four feet from the ground to it's summit. I have not gained an inch in height since then and I am 5'3; the shoes came up almost to my shoulders. That's a serious amount of shoes.

The shoes gave me a problem because I am something of an introvert and I make associations where there might not be any. I thought, at the time, that there was some kind of compelling mystery behind their existence.

This is going to seem ridiculous but I'll just "say" it. I thought it was some kind of elaborate gangland scenario; I thought that they were the shoes of victims (hey, I was fifteen). They were all men's shoes.

Nowadays, if I were to see the same shoes, I would just see them for what they were and not try to apply some greater meaning.

Yes, Cherubim, experiences in my childhood have made me stronger. I had a difficult childhood but, then again, childhood is a difficult school for all who pass through it.

Thank you very much for reading my story; the period of my life that this story takes place in was a very personal turning point for me.

- Maria

I watched the first link already and he is right: just making your bed first thing in the morning can be all it takes to start for yourself a chain reaction; such a small action can change your mind for the rest of the day!

I came back home ten minutes ago and walked in my bedroom and there it was: my bed in perfectly diagonal disarray. Kind of a mild disappointment but it will be different tomorrow.

As for the smoking: I am at two successful days. I will not fail this. I have never even made a New Year's resolution ever in my life before now because I don't swear oaths or promises lightly.

I won't smoke again. I want to stay healthy; my parents practically cough up a lung each evening and it's very sad to me. I want them to feel better and I dare to think that I may be some kind of good influence upon them. Also, I'm tired of smelling like an ash tray. People in the world notice that kind of thing and make judgments accordingly.

Thank you for the link to that motivational speech. It does apply to the world around me!

- Maria

Also, after I left my house earlier I bought some nicotine patches; if they are helping me then I don't think that I want to know what it's like without them!
Thanks for the reply, friendlyclown.

LuciaJacinta's heartbreaking experience is exactly the sort of event that I am going to caution you about.

The examples of infant or baby hauntings that spring to mind do not have the same manner of temporality that is possible for a youthful-through-mature spirit. That is to say that baby spirits seem to remain baby spirits, with the exceptions of twins who grow and mature at the same rate as the living sibling. As your sister did not have a living twin, I harbor serious reservations about the activity in your home.

The well-intentioned adults may tell you that your sister is looking after you, but provoking your fear to get you to respond does *not* sound like the protective role of an elder sibling. Mimicking your mother so you are tempted to enter a different room sounds downright *wrong* to me.

I strongly suspect that an entity has been feeding off of the pain in your family, and that anyone who has interacted with the entity has tried to pass it off with a semi-credible self-delusion. It is very easy to lie to ourselves when we don't want the harsh truth to be our reality. I recommend that you begin to pray within your religious tradition to limit the activity of this potentially-parasitic entity and to banish it from your home.

After I end this message, I'm going to include a house-cleansing ritual, written by esteemed YGS member Rook, that will *not* conflict with any religious belief or practice. Rook happens to be a minister of Christian faith, but members from assorted belief systems and cultures have found it helpful in dealing with negative entities. I do hope it provides you with a starting point to find some peace in your home.


* * * * *
Rook's recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)

Good luck with giving up the smokes, hang in there and stay strong, I'm convinced both of my parents lives were cut short due to the fact they both were heavy smokers. Ironically, I'd only watched this inspirational link this morning to help me on my own new years resolution... It may inspire you as well?


''My new year resolution'' is to find the peace with in and to let go of all fears, pretty much as Bruce and Tom were discussing... Working as an Union official in a big city, one has to deal with a lot of fear at any given time. Btw,
Imagine if you were able to conquer anger?
Imagine if you were able to conquer jealously or envy?
Imagine if you were able to conquer the fear of failing?
These emotions are just fear based and created with in ones own mind so imagine what it would it look like to master them all? In a first step, if you conquer the habit of smoking you have kicked a goal.

Here is a short link on quantum entanglement you'll may find this more interesting than the double slit experiment...

Michael Tablot wrote a book in the 90's called ''Holographic Universe'' it sold many copies from memory?... With in this interview, he gives an account of himself astral projecting of which you may also find interesting.


Regards Daz
Very interesting read. The last entry was two years ago and it's shame that the author did not answer any of the questions about the

At the end story about the corpses and the cannibals sounded far fetched though.

Anyways, what I truly enjoyed the most was the comments and the intelligent questioning.
I kind of feel like a chump. Lookin more at the picture, it's awfully suspicious that the shadow-being appears to be wearing pants and a sweatshirt very similar to the guy there.

I obviously want to believe this is real, but I failed to realize how convincing some of these "ghost apps" can be. It is not unreasonable that there is an app with some kind of algorithm that can superimpose a double of someone, distort it, and preserve the grain so that it looks authentic. No offense, just healthy skepticism:)

It makes me smile to think of how you and your coworker were laughing and scared at the same time. I have been like that a lot of times. That experience must have been a good bonding moment between you and your coworker!

I work in a hospital; in the pharmacy and I don't go a lot of other places. I worked in a retail pharmacy for many years and had constant interactions with the public. I, for one, would really like to read your account of the ghost who acts like a nurse if you write it.

I hope you have many blessings this New Year!

- Maria

One of my favorite movies is "Donnie Darko". There is a part of the movie where a teacher is trying to get her class to recognize the difference between actions that are made from fear from actions that are made from love. I wasn't able to like that particular character in the movie but I completely embraced that idea; the idea that the root of any action must come from one of the two is still obvious to me.

I like the way that Bruce Lipton talks. I would think that he is very good at speaking to people at the layman's level because he is good at making comfortable analogies. I think his way of speaking bridges the gaps in the comprehension of general audiences; an example of that would be his "olive sandwich on rye bread".

In fact, I am pretty sure that I have seen him and heard him speak before; he seems familiar to me.

I made notes. I always take notes and read them later; whether it's a documentary that I'm interested in or whatever. One wall of my closet, before I moved to South Georgia, was predominantly black and white in it's color scheme for all of the composition notebooks. In a notebook from two years ago, I was fascinated with "pareidolia". I feel that the phenomena of pareidolia fits in nicely with the fear/love idea.

I have notes from watching these videos and would like to keep talking but I have to go to work. I wanted to let you know that you were right; that interview was more than interesting to me.

I quit smoking for New Year's and have been a grouch for the last thirty nine hours (even in my dreams) but after I finished watching that interview, I felt better.

- Maria
hello Maria,

Happy New Year! Sorry for the late reply... No, we were not trying to block the ghost with the hospital bed, what we did was we went into the cubicle, since the bed was at the center we had to push it to the wall despite it being heavy (and the wheels were also locked by the way) just for us (if ever) we could have encountered the ghost to appear at the front instead of having it on our back hahahah every time I remember our experience I can't help but really laugh...

the resident doctor was just confused on why we were so noisy screaming in horror and at the same time laughing... When we told her what happened she did not have any reaction because it had always been happening there.

"I think of hospitals as very fertile ground for paranormal activity. " re- Yes, it is. As I've mentioned every time there was someone who was about to die, I would know that it is almost his time because I would see shadows from time to time that would visit that pt. Also, there is this ghost who pretends to be a nurse, who from time to time removes pt's IV or give medication. I just hope I can put into words some of my experience, maybe one day if I would have enough time then:)
Thank you so much for showing interest on my post:)
Biblio, thank you for the comment. I'd say my sister was about 12 months old when she died. I was not alive. She died at my grandparent's house, but we buried her in a nearby cemetery which makes me wonder if she followed us.
Hi Dazed,
How are you? Its been a month since you have posted this. Did the cleansing works?
Hoping that you are doing alright having this kind of incident.

Also, praying for your safety and may Angels guide you on those bad spirits.
FreshEyes in Cadet's Lady
Hello, I actually believe you. If you say that you are muscular and considering your situation that you only laid eyes on several women. Maybe the woman was trying to lure you or deceive you in following her. 😟

Just saying that maybe that is what it is.
Greetings, John.

Thank you for your clarifications & responses to my earlier observations and questions. Thanks, also, to TommyJoe for explaining the "umbrella-rod" effect, as I can indeed see that the rods in question extend not only to your friend, but also to the lower *left* side of the photo also, lending credence to the statement that they are digital artifacts. The apparent rods seem to be an effect of the camera focusing upon your friend rather than anything else.

Sorry for double-dipping, but I forgot something. A poster mentioned "umbrella-shaped rods" in the shadow when you raise the brightness. I noticed this too. Raising the contrast, an odd series of curved lines become visible not just on the shadow-form, but in the entire bottom-right area of the picture - you can see them extend into the person's lower body before fading away.

What that is, I don't know, but it affects that entire area, not just the shadow-thing. It is some kind of digital artifact, not something physical that was in front of the camera./
Hi JohnBurve45, happy new year and thanks for sharing this interesting story. I've worked with Photoshop for many years and I think I can offer a few thoughts about the photograph.

In my humble opinion, this is a very interesting image that defies easy explanation. See yes, if I wanted to fake this with photoshop, then I COULD do it. But given the subtleties of the image, it would take someone with a fairly sophisticated level of knowledge or talent to do it. And I have a difficult time believing that anyone would take the time and energy to do that.

1) this was probably taken in a dark room, and your phone had to compensate by upping the ASA/CCD sensitivity/whatever. That's why it's grainy when you zoom in anywhere.

So if someone just plopped a shadow shape on a layer on top of an original photo of your friend and just put a blur filter on it, it'd stick out like a sore thumb because the shadow would have no grain. More interestingly, the pattern of the grain here is identical to that of the rest of the image.

To get this effect artificially, you'd have to start with a grain-free shot of your friend (which would need better light), and then adding a grain filter with the shadow image afterwards. I doubt you went to all that trouble.

2) the general outline of the shadow-thing is complex, moving through different levels of opacity seemingly at random. Graphic designers can and do create similar effects from scratch, but it is difficult to do without it looking artificial. This, IMHO, doesn't look artificial. And again, I doubt a pro graphic designer was hired to make this.

3) it's very hard to think this is a shadow since it absolutely does not conform to the floor, wall, and pipes behind it

4) the only other explanation I can think of is some kind of glitch in your phone that made a double of your friend's legs, made them black, distorted them, and placed them next to him.

My pet theory is that it's a bona fide manifestation of some discarnate consciousness attracted to the negative energy of that place, judging by the graffiti.

Anyone with more experience in digital imaging, feel free to critique. Thanks for your time.
Bibliothecarius in Timmy My Poltergeist
Greetings, Timmymypoltergeist:

The YGS website lists you as a teenager. Your narrative states that you are living in your family home. That seems entirely reasonable.

When you state, "Timmy has only been here for about 2 months and hasn't caused that much trouble except for not letting anyone sleep," and "he is very active at night," I can't help wondering: what do your adult parent, parents, or guardians make of the sleep-disruptive behavior of an intangible spirit?

You state that you've decided which spirits can stay because they're relatively "good," but what steps are your parents/guardians taking? Poltergeist activity is a bit like rodent activity; once you notice it, you take steps to eliminate it.

While I don't wish to jump to conclusions, here, I'm going to sit on the fence until you've had a chance to explain yourself by responding to lady-glow's questions and, I hope, mine.

Best wishes from the fence,

When you have a chance to watch this interview with Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell, you'll find it even more interesting than the interview with Donald Hoffman.

Bruce Lipton has been a biologist for 45 years, one of the first ever to work on cloning stem cells. In this interview, you'll hear how he went from being a Strict materialist reductionist even to a point of lecturing it to his students... To having an epiphany when realising the complexities and nature of our 56 trillion cells that make us human of which according to him, are just receptors picking up an external frequency inside the matrix.

Tom Campbell was a Nasa physicist who wrote a book called ''My Big Toe''. He basically lectures all over the U.S.A, his hypothesise is based on the premise we are all living inside a virtual reality,'' growing up as he puts it''.

Both of these gentlemen offer an intriguing insight to our existence, worth watching.


Yes, I'll come back to you if I find anything worth noting and thank you for your kind words.

We have at times had items go missing, especially things that are sentimental or valuable, they eventually turn up where we left them but have previously looked repeatedly or in a completely different spot where we wouldn't ever put the item in the first place. So yes, it could be a trickster. Although it's a very rare occurrence so would it be a trickster passing through or the same one coming back every now and again just to mess with us?
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral
Hello AussieDaz,

Thanks for coming back with all that information. It's very sad to think that little child ghost had a poorpers burial.πŸ˜ͺ

If you do get around to investigate it further, I'd be interested in reading more. I love your posts.πŸ–ŠοΈ

Best wishes,

Hoffman is great, he realises the importance of bridging mathematics to the realm of consciousness whilst maintaining his credibility... I could write a book on consciousness however it wouldn't be taken serious... When people like Hoffman,Lanza, Tom Campbell and co put their reputation on the line it makes a huge difference to our evolution.

Happy New Year to you too Lealeigh and I hope the awakening you're seeking in 2020 comes into fruition.

Cheers Daz!

I have to say that I'm really impressed with the things that Donald David Hoffman said in that interview!

I really like where he went when he was talking about infinite consciousness. It's about an hour and a half until midnight here in Georgia and I have promised to "party down" with my elders on the patio. I have more to say on consciousness in the near future.

I hope 2020 brings that "perfect vision" that I was hinting about the other day; for you and for everyone else on YGS.

Happy New Year to you!

- Maria

We should ask ourselves these questions when drawing down on our own conclusions?

What is the science behind the spiritual realm?

How do we see ghost wearing clothes, holding objects, fighting battles... Ghost planes, ghost cars etc? If we accept the spiritual realm is not physical?

How do we even dream, what to heck is going on there? Some of these dreams can turn into a physical reality and yes, I have had a few of them?

What's the deal with a Poltergeist? How does a home come to life and start haunting it's occupants? And then we just brush it off to a couple of angry young teenagers feeling hormonal and not ask the question Why?

Where did we come from?

Is our reality by design?

Do the facts around these scientific experiments give us some deeper insight to the mystery of our existence?

IMO>>Consciousness has to be fundamental in all dimensions for anything that appears to be physical... In some near death cases they talk about seeing beautiful fields and flowers. How are they seeing and feeling those flowers in the spiritual realm if some form of physical construction is not coming from their minds?

String theory suggest there are 11 dimensions, I believe consciousnesses is fundamental in all dimensions and necessary for the illusion of separation via physicality for any entity interaction.

I'll probably flunk science myself here answering your question on what is Reempe? They used to think an atom acted on its own, however each atom has it's own disposition of electron with empty space in between... So the orbital is referred to as Reempe, however I may be wrong. You may need to post the link to let me look at it in context.

I'm also convinced not everyone can wake up to the truth otherwise what's the point of being here,I'm not saying I have all the answers however it's almost an obsession of mine to figure it out.

Regards Daz

51 years ago to be exact and I can still remember the account reasonably well. Actually quite a number of times over the years, since publishing this account, I have been back to the same spot and pondered on that event back in 68.

Although it has never crossed my mind to try and locate the exact headstone of which this small being, child stood? Interesting enough, not far from where I stood or close by under a tree, lays the burial ground of a small infant.

It may have been a paupers funeral because it just seemed to be done so cheap and out of zoned to the rest of the community. Do I believe it's related to my account? Probably not, however, next time I'm out there... Out of curiosity, I might read the names of those in the vicinity of where I believe it hid.That's a good point you have made and warrants investigation however, my intuition leads me to conclude with a little more wisdom 10 years down the road, it was deliberately trying to stay out of sight, because it knew I could see it. Fear and the way I reacted was not an unexpected reaction for a three year old child.

Hi Curious Dee

A few days after my father died I went down to see my mother obviously concerned for her well been just like any child would. We sat down around 10 am sharing a cup of coffee and grieving over our loss when she said something to me of which immediately drew me back to this account I posted here.

She said: A strange thing happened last night, I was laying in bed, just wanting to die knowing that your father is not with us anymore. (she loved him that much Dee)...when suddenly, I felt this presence of undesirable warmth and love just surround me and fill my heart with joy.

I am paraphrasing the actual words here because I did write about this in one of the other stories. However you grasp my point.

Who or whatever these angelic beings are they do watch over us and reach out if need be, my mother was not a religious person so I don't put it down to her imagination, the similarity to my own account is uncanny... There are some amazing tapestry's of unconditional loving energies out there in the astral... It's happened to me a few times over the years, although I have never had a near death experience, I do resonate with the common description of unconditional love they feel when crossing over usually going over a life review before being chased out of paradise and sent back to the grind. Lol

Happy New Year to you all.

Regards Daz
The touching is strange. This apparition seemed to get the message when you began to swing on him, he left. I wonder if he used to live there? I'm sure someone has died where we are right now. It also fascinates me how some people see apparitions while others never do. Thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in The Trail Runner
I started to pray for that man immediately when I read his soul was trapped. We probably don't have to be scared when we see apparitions like this, but it's not normal for us and hard not to. If he doesn't get justice in this life, I'm sure he will in the next. ❀ It was nice of you to pray for him too. Thank you for your story.
Cherubim in The Mountain
How strange to see all those shoes there? Even stranger that someone yelled out "Stop!" It sounds like you were being warned. I'm glad your dad wasn't as angry as you thought, and you got to talk to your mom. It sounds like your trials have made you a stronger person. ❀ Thank you for sharing your story.
WOW! 😳 What a story! It's too bad they didn't have a camera with them. I'm glad no one was harmed. Thank you for sharing this fascinating story. ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral
Hello AussieDaz and Curious Dee,

It's been such a long time since I've seen you on YGS CuriousDee. I hope you are well and Happy New Year.πŸ™‹

AussieDaz, I would like to know more about the child ghost who tilted his head and looked at you. Do you think he was trying to draw your attention to the toomb stone he was standing behind? (It was a long time ago and you probably don't remember but I thought I would ask anyway) πŸ€”

You were lucky the light bulb didn't break on you. The glass is fine and causes intense damage when it contacts the body. The cuts are fine and glass goes in deep.πŸ€•

I'm glad you are ok.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I hope you aren't in the fire zones. Happy New Year.

Best wishes,
Hi Aussiedaz!

I haven't been on YGS in quite awhile, and a dear friend recently suggested I read your experience. First, thank you for sharing ❀ The child at your grandfather's funeral does sound unnerving, but based on a previous comment may have a deeper meaning (I look forward to reading about that).

Your guardian angel experience reminds me of astral projection or OBE. I've experienced it and the way you describe the feeling are very similar. I also wrote about an encounter my son had years ago with what I believe was a guardian angel too.

Very interesting read, I look forward to reading more. Thanks again

LuciaJacinta in Musical Ghost
I enjoyed your story. Your fiction writing sounds intriguing. Love to read it as well. I have no explanation for your experience but it definitely sounds otherworldly.
Kairavi_utsav in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
This is not something I have ever read or heard from anyone. I can't really say what it was but I saw that you guys were talking about another dimension/parallel universe something. As far as I have known/read about it, if there's actually another universe and people living like us, they have an existance of their own (they may look like us, have a voicd like us or even live like us but exists on their own) just like two different people living on this planet. For example, we both are infront of each other and if I m having some pain in my body, you can't really feel that pain of mine physically in your body. Same with another universe's person. Here, you could feel that other body of yours too. If what I know about another dimension is true, then that's not the case in your experience. One can travel to another dimension and see/meet people or their own version too but can not actually live/feel within their body. So its possible that that's not the case here.
(This is totally the information that I have and what I have read. Please correct me in this 'another universe' theory if I m wrong. I am willing to know the truth/various opinions.)
And btw, the narration is too good! ☺️
Hi all,

2020 is only 2 hours away, so we are sending out best wishes to our YGS family. Let us pray for a peaceful and prosperous New Year and may most of your resolutions come true... Well, the good ones anyway.

We will also be praying for rain and keeping our communities safe from bush fires.

Jubeele and Rex-T
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] 8-bitDemigod

Thanks for your thoughts. Your theory makes sense when we consider the concept of multiverse and infinite earths. And as far as dreams are concerned, the theory works. However, this was no dream, as I was experiencing both the bodies at the same time, and both of them existed in my universe (the one in which I was asleep on my bed). So can't say if this fits the bill, but interesting theory and I am willing to discuss more about it, given a chance.

Thanks for taking the time to read. 😊
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Happy New Year Melda, and thank you.

Your son must love it there on the coast. It's a lovely spot.πŸ–οΈ

Yes, the fireworks have been cancelled because of high temperatures. Today it was 46 degrees in Penrith and will be 43 there on Saturday.

The poor farmers are struggling. Their calves and lambs are unable to get milk from their mothers and are skin and bones and die.πŸ„πŸ‘ It brakes my heart when I see the images on the news. I donate money when I can to various causes and pray the farmers get rain. We are on water restrictions because our drinking water dams are down to 38%. β›²

Anyway, I don't mean to burden you or other members with negative things happening here.

Please enjoy your New Years Eve

Best wishes,

I really think watching A case against reality with Donald Hoffman might help you grasp it a little easier.

A case against reality:

''Even if I convince myself that the granite counter-top in the kitchen only exists in my mind, banging my head against it would be enough to remind me that its hardness is much more than just my imagination.''

Oxygen alone won't hurt you, nor will hydrogen, however, combined together they turn into H2 water of which can kill you, especially if you can't swim... Consciousness is fundamental to our existence along with the base atoms of our reality combined together they create objects that can hurt you just like a granite top kitchen. With in the Matrix the granite top kitchen holds it's suspended presence in the space time continuum through the macroscopic processes of physicality, however, our eyes only pick up on the light it transmit to our brains. Our brain deciphers the colours etc.

Granted it's very hard to process when Newtonian principles will put a fool in a coffin if they start thinking they are just a figment of the universe's imagination, then again, in my opinion a poltergeist with in a home where we see objects flying all over the joint may lends a clue as to how the mind interacts with objects and emotions when things go pair shape

All the best for 2020 to you too lady-glow!

Regards Daz
Miandra - Happy New Year to you too.

I assume the cancellation of the fireworks is due to drought and fires which have been plaguing Australia.

My son and his family have been living in Australia (Newcastle) for a year now and he said the situation has been pretty bad.

I too wish the members of YGS a prosperous 2020 😊

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
πŸŽ‡ Happy New Year Everyone, πŸŽ†

Most of our cities have cancelled the annual Fireworks.πŸ”₯

I'll be watching fireworks from around the world on TV this year.

Enjoy your night
Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in Timmy My Poltergeist
Hello TimmyMyPoltergeist,

Lady-Glow has so many valid points. In fact, her full comment is valid.

She came up with a good idea of removing the cabinet doors. I back that idea.πŸšͺ

Please reply so we know what's happening.πŸ“©

More information please!?!?!?

Hello Timmymypoltergeist.

I agree with Miandra's comment and have some observations of my own.

"before you say something about how you can't see ghosts"

I have to disagree with this statement, just read some of the many stories in this forum and you'll be surprised of all the people that have experienced seen a ghost; some like partial apparitions, others that look like a living person, and some others like shadows, mist, orbs, etc. The point is, YES, sometimes ghosts are visible.

"Timmy acts like a 6 year old little boy"

Believe me, some grownup men never stop acting like little boys, besides, he could be looking for something like an ethereal bottle of spirits or a set of ghostly keys.

"hasn't caused that much trouble except for not letting anyone sleep"

Be careful, sleep deprivation can cause many physical health problems and affects a person's mental abilities. The best thing you can do is to get rid of him or to get rid of the cabinets doors, hence of all the nightly disturbances.

Poltergeist activity is not always attributed to spirits, it can be built up negative energy from a person, specially teenagers.
I imagine your sister must be around your age, right? Perhaps you both are the cause of these new disturbances and, eventually, they will fade away.

"For people that say I need to get rid of the ghosts, trust me I tried, but it didn't work."

What have your parents done about it? I'm surprised that you portray yourself like the one deciding what to do about the ghosts staying at your place instead of your parents trying to solve the problem and protecting their children.

"are the only ones I let in because they don't cause trouble."

Do you mean you invited them to move into your house or did they knock at your house asking to enter?

Wouldn't this contradict your first statement: "They have been with me my entire life"

Surely you don't mean that you let them in when you were a baby, do you?

I will appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for sharing all those links, I will read/watch them little by little.

At this point, I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that "everything we see and experience right now, your body the walls, the ceilings of this room are an active process occurring in your mind, everything you think is out there is a construct happening with in your mind there is no out there'' (: Robert Lanza"

Even if I convince myself that the granite counter-top in the kitchen only exists in my mind, banging my head against it would be enough to remind me that its hardness is much more than just my imagination.

In the meanwhile, I'll need to dust off all those scientific terms that made suffer so much during my university science classes... What the heck is a reempe?

Wishing you a wonderful 2020.

Best regards.

Yes, no one yet has resolved the connection between observation and the rise of matter via the double slit experiment, however quantum mechanics (Phones, Computers,TV's etc) were basically born from the mathematical equations that have transpired through the study of it's probabilities.

The problem is, we have been stuck in a paradigm for about 300 years where science has been built on the premise that only ''materialism'' is at the foundation of our universe. However, in the last two decades they have made some progress and the idea of an objective reality, within the time space continuum, is dying a slow death of a thousand knives.

The Higgs Boson doesn't really offer us much in the sense of understanding reality, it takes a very small step in understanding the beginning of a material universe, even with the Higgs Boson it was created by smashing particles of out of nothing? It may one day lend us some knowledge in creating our own parallel universe once our technology peaks to a point where that action may be possible?.

If you have some time watch this link with David Hoffman talking about the case against reality,you'll find it really, really interesting, he is once scientist attempting to build mathematics on consciousness to a point it will explain the after life... He is a professor of cognitive science who works at the University of California. A pioneer willing to take that step in explaining the unknown.

A case against reality...

If consciousness rises from matter or directly from the brain, it's game over for an afterlife in my view, it has to be the other way around. In drawing my own conclusions, along with my own paranormal experiences... Mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind, it's like you are in a virtual reality playing a game, when your character dies, you the player don't...dying is like waking up from a dream and after a while in the spiritual realm you get over the dream pretty quick.

Regards Daz

My last comment makes me think that we're all part of a collective that creates matter for ourselves; not that we really know that we're doing it.

I'm not trying to say anything blasphemous here but maybe God isn't what many people think he is. Maybe he has a lot to do with us or even is us.

I may be making strange associations here and that notion wouldn't be new to me. My mind thrives on making strange associations.

- Maria

I've watched the Double Slit Experiment video a couple of times (I also laughed at the end because the notion was funny). Now I understand what you meant in the past when you made a reference to "wave function" before The Big Bang.

The atoms that everything is comprised of were acting randomly before then because they were not being observed? I agree with your question: Why does it matter whether or not the atoms are being observed? It makes me think about how some people only work while they're being watched. I guess that's why Jim Al-Khalili said that there's a Nobel Prize waiting for the person who finds an answer to that question; no one has an answer yet.

It makes me want to think that each atom that becomes part of a construct has an awareness of being watched or they are governed by something that puts them together. Is the Higgs Boson supposed to be the "glue" that holds things together? Do they call it "The God Particle" for that reason?

I guess it seems good (or efficient) to think that things only exist because we're here to see it. If I keep thinking about it, I will find myself caught between two mirrors, reflecting each other; we're here because someone is watching us and so on.

Am I beginning to understand what you were saying when you said that there is no "matter"?

- Maria

Also, thank you for the link to the book, "Journey of Souls". I have already begun reading it.
Cool stories. And it's a good thing these entities, doesn't cause any harm on anyone.
Sleeping-with-steve in Timmy My Poltergeist
Hi TimmyMyPoltergeist,

Your post is fascinating. How long have you lived in your current home? Do you know why there are so many ghosts? What happened in that house to cause so many spirits to be trapped?πŸ‘»

You said, 'The ghosts that are currently in my home are the only ones I let in because they don't cause trouble.'. Why is it that you can block out the ghosts you don't want but don't know how to get rid of the one's that are there?πŸ€”

There's a member here called Rookdygin. He has a proven Cleansing ritual on his profile page. I use it and so do many members with great success.

Timmy sounds a bit needy
Have you tried asking him what he wants and perhaps guiding him to the light?

Thank you for sharing your post. I hope you can manage to rid your home of all your ghosts. Sounds like they need to move on into the next realm.

You've come to the right place. I have had so much help and support from YGS members and you will also get help and support here.πŸ€—

Keep us updated.

Best wishes,
I had something like this happen to me one summer when I was a kid. I must have been fairly young as I don't remember much about the incident but I do recall it happening. I also remember that a few nights AFTER it happened, I was watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (a spooky show for young audiences on Nickelodeon in the 90's - it usually scared me silly but I was a huge fan) and it happened to be about a murderous invisible ghost... In a swimming pool... Pretty sure I freaked right out over that one!

One thing is for sure, you can absolutely tell the difference between slamming into a concrete wall or floor and a human body in a pool (or anywhere else).
Hello Bibliothecarius,

Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to address some of the questions you had to help with your analysis. First and foremost there were no windows in the location of where the photo was taken. There were some functioning lights in the basement since it is still patrolled at times by security. However, only some lights were on in the basement, not all of them. Also when I took the picture, I was up against a wall so there was no light source that was behind me that could have caused a shadow-like appearance. Plus if it were my shadow the light source would have had to be directly behind and above me to make it smaller than my friend since my friend and I are the same height. Hopefully, these answers help with some of the questions you had! I really appreciate all the support and let me know if you have any other questions!

All the best,
Hey! This is interesting:-) A friend of mine just told me this Friday, that her daughter (2 year old) is having hours long conversations when she should be sleeping. I heard it also when I was there. So I told her to set up a camera. This morning she sent me some of the videos. The moment there are malfunctions in the sound of the video, you can see like a small orb flying around. It doesn't look like dust or anything. But the girl isn't scared (yet?), so we hope it's one of her deceased relatives, if it indeed is a spirit. I want to find out more about this, and who it might be. But I don't want to scare the mommy or annoy the spirit. So I still have some searching to do:-)

You proved my point beautifully. Thank you.

James Bond

Your father is correct...''time does not exist in the way we know it'' and I believe Albert Einsteins theory of relativity has been proven to support his claim a couple of times:

''Einstein meant that time is relative and flexible, and the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion. So, reality is ultimately timeless. This sounds pretty bizarre from the viewpoint of classical physics, but from the view of consciousness and spiritually, it fits perfectly''

They fixed two clocks to the exact time and sent one on a plane around the world and when it came back there was a time variation between the two clocks, so basically it's all about motion that presents the illusion of time thus as his theory states... The Orch orr theory basically states our lives are like a movie film where we have about 40 conscious moments per second creating the illusion of time being the present moment.

So when you hear reports of those who have had a near death experience claim they seen their lives flash before there eyes? Literally they are watching back their own life movie in the next realm.

Another detail of the near death experience, is the euphoric amount of unconditional love they feel on the other side, so intense it is, they don't want to come back.

That feeling you felt on the day you had this conversation with your father, was the extension of that love transcending through our dimension into the core of your soul... So what or who was behind it?

Perhaps your spirit guide? Perhaps an angelic being/holy ghost?
Some entity of light and love was reassuring you,you'll be ok... After all, we are in a pretty tough school of knocks in the Earth matrix, these beings watch our back and often do reach out and comfort us.

It's great that you feel the need to reach out and seek any information to help you on your own path ''so why do we subject ourselves to the physicality if we are unconditional loving spiritual beings?'' in a nutshell, it's because we can and we seek contrast to the all perfect realm of the God source.

If you are in a white room, with white walls roof and white floor, how do you know what the opposite is until you experience the dark?

Anyway, start of with the double slit experiment and watch it over and over if need be. How to heck does observation play a key role in conforming matter?, keep in mind 99 percent of the universe is made up of atoms, however during this experiment they collapse into a wave function of energy when not being observed.

Double slit experiment:

Come back with any question on this experiment if you don't quite grasp it... Let me make the analogy relating to water.

A water molecule has three atoms: two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom. That's why water is sometimes referred to as H2O. A single drop of water contains billions of water molecules.

Water needs both types of atoms to be water otherwise it's just hydrogen or oxygen, our reality needs observation to conform in to a macroscopic material world otherwise it's a wave function of empty space.

Consciousness is fundamental to our existence, that feeling you felt on that day is really in a sense the only thing that is real, we have 56 trillion cells with their own antenna's picking up the spiritual realm where are real home is... We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

The best book I can recommend to read is journey of the souls, Michael Newton pretty much gets it right in my opinion.

Journey of the Soul:

Regards Daz

You said that anyone with questions could feel free to ask them on one of your stories. I have questions but I first wanted to make a comment on this experience of yours.

I have also felt this kind of warm reassurance that you describe. Mine came from a discussion that I had with my father. Around the time that I was twenty years old, I was worried about what we should expect to experience when we pass on. There was one statement that he made about time not existing in the way that we know it; before that, I could not imagine a thing that didn't have a beginning somewhere in time. Whatever he said (I have not since been able to recall his exact words) had a great effect; his statement broke through my hard headed impression of things and I felt like there was nothing at all to fear.

I can't remember what he said but I can remember the warm feeling exactly as it was, even now. I thought that the feeling had more to do with a connection to God than anything else. I haven't been afraid of meeting whatever is to come since then.

Before your last comment, I had actually heard of Robert Lanza before. I had heard about his career in stem cell research. I'm still reading things but I was wondering if you knew of a good place for an amateur to start off. I have worked in a pharmacy for many years and a lot of my other ideas have been pushed into a dark corner of my mind; covered in cobwebs.

- Maria
Please can I ask you to respond to this post Yuki.

So by your name I'm going to guess your female.

We obviously need a little more information but it seems like he has a crush on you.
EverSooCreepy in The Hall Of Horror
Can I narrate this story? This is great stuff I am always looking for the really creepy ones and this one got me! Not to make light of the situation of course...

I'm not sure the New York Times would acknowledge Yoda however yes, on the microscopic level of our reality, they can't find a spec of matter. It's why CERN built that 27klm Hadron Collider smashing atoms looking for what they called the ''God Particle''.

The list of credentials with a scientific background supporting Robert Lanza's view ''we construct reality with in our minds'' is very long... Dating back to Neil Bhor and the Copenhagen interpretation of 1929 from memory.

Lady Glow... The facts are out there for those interested in uncovering the truth please do your own research and let me know your take on it?... Look up the double slit experiment and have a look at the facts around intangible particles and their ability to communicate beyond the speed of light... It will blow your mind, once you grasp their implications.

O>P Sorry for hijacking your wall, my apology. Anyone wishing to discuss or debate the topic can jump onto one of my stories, I'm only too pleased to go further in depth with further questions if any. Our universe is not what it seems, in layman's terms Albert Einstein called it spooky action at a distance, he also said: ''anyone who studies the law of the universe understands their is a spiritual element built with in it''. Atlas the thousands of accounts posted on YGS.

Regards Daz
Hello Aella,

I've read your account a few times and I still have the same question hovering in my mind. Were you and your coworker trying to block a ghost with the hospital bed?

You did, subsequently, say that the notion of doing that was funny and I agree; it is funny.

What did the resident doctor have to say about everything? I'm putting this story into my favorites. I think of hospitals as very fertile ground for paranormal activity. Death is a normal daily occurrence in a large hospital. I think that the living put off a lot of energy from their emotions in such a place and, maybe, it gets trapped there.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

- Maria
Jabond99 you are right, She eclipses anything I've experienced but I hope she may shed some light on the mystery.
DirtCreature (guest) in I Think I Saw An Angel
The thing that can be said about all experiences on here is that there is no way to know what you saw was real. Childhood hallucinations are very common and can be extremely vivid. So you can live your life excepting it was a strange and scary experience and move on or you can take this as the start of going down your spiritual journey and forming your own ideas about life. I chose to ignore it all because it didn't impact my life significantly to see all the things I did. But the choice is yours. It's all about how you feel.
DirtCreature (guest) in I Think I Saw An Angel
At jabond. I am not a teenager. I am a 21 year old woman. And even if I was a teenager I don't understand why that would make my personal perspective not worthy. Being older doesn't make you somehow gain insight. I'm just another dumb primate wandering this putrid planet. My perspective on life shouldn't be forced away because it's not positive. It's not like only teenagers can be pessimistic about things. I have a lot of things in my life to be grateful for. That still doesn't change how I feel about existence in general being an absurd and strange thing. I don't know how I'll feel in 10 or 30 years. Maybe I'll be a catholic or a Wiccan or feel life is even more odd. But that doesn't matter.

I expect that my feelings will be different after I die. I believe that my comprehension is limited in the form that I inhabit now.

I used to worry about "forever" when I was younger and had more time to make myself upset. It doesn't look the same now that I'm thinking about it again years later.

I didn't really say all that I could say on the subject in my earlier comment. I could go on "forever" in that arena. Sorry for the play on words.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in I Think I Saw An Angel
Greetings, todoroki.

When you described "a streak of disturbing existentialism," my first thought was "Nietzsche?"

Not all existentialist thought is limited to philosophical navel-gazing; Jean-Paul Sartre, SΓΈren Kierkegaard, and Simone de Beauvoir all tend to be far more optimistic about the potential for human growth and betterment, in my estimation.

While DirtCreature (yay! DC's back!) and Leighlea raise significant points about existence, I'm going to disagree with Leighlea as politely as possible, because she states, "I think a person might go mad if they went on forever." Imagine going on forever and making new discoveries and understandings of supernovae, the Fibonacci sequence, subatomic pockets of quantum energy, tree growth, cloud formation, planetary orbits, etc., etc., etc. All it would take to enjoy eternity would be to experience everything with a sense of wonder and beauty; I wouldn't want all the answers at once in a divine revelation, just a hint as to where I should start...

"I am, and always will be, the optimist: the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams" -The Doctor.

Now, to the 'angel.' From your description of her appearance, her failure to threaten you, her disappearance after you fled in surprise, your apparition or angel doesn't seem to have had any malicious intention toward you. Perhaps she was just curious about you, then she left feeling guilty that you were alarmed by her appearance.

Sorry, it seems my comment was for DirtCreature's comment, not your posting.

"I think life in general is such an absurd and upsetting thing". I am a bit troubled to read this, but then I looked and saw (the author is a teenager).

At risk of sounding like the old fart, I would suggest that you hold off on that proclamation for just a little bit more. I have always considered myself "a road less traveled" sort of person and I can say that my perspective on life in general is a bit different from your statement. I would suggest you will also gain some perspective (and some seasoning) in time. Your experience with the lady (or angel, or ghost, or...) is only an initial step on the road that will allow you to make such a statement (or repudiate that statement entirely!)

But again, having two teenagers in my house right now, I wonder why I am writing this at all as the likelihood of it being listened to is not very high at all...

James Bond

In one of the comments below, you say that you have not told your story to your grandmother. I will second the suggestion that you do so. Further, I would suggest that if you haven't done so, let her open up to you on all the things she may have experienced. Seems you may have access to someone that may be able to explain many things. Do so now, one never knows how long a treasure like her will remain with you.

James Bond
Ok so after reviewing all the video footage we found some mist like anomalies. Also on thermal we caught a weird shaped humanoid (this could be a real person) outside the house seemed like 1 arm was dragging across the ground weird yes angle doesn't help though.

We have decided to let the family know our findings and we did delete all audio it's just too tainted.

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