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Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
Sorry if I hurt your all people's feelings. Really sorry. This won't take place never ever again.
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
Cantun, please don't think this way and get angry for no fault of mine. We have a huge family background both from my mother's and father's side, so let me clear this fact. So don't feel angry at me, just clarifying my comment. Take care. May God bless you and your near ones.
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
I have many uncles and aunts my dear friend, both from my mother's and father's side, since they both have a huge family background. Sorry if you mistaken me. Will answer all your questions
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
Ok I am sorry. Ask me now. I am free. Sorry if I hurt your feelings
CantunSEEit74 in Back From The Dead
At the rate you are going you're going to need your own website and you should not give answers to stories that are not yours. Usually if you call out the Yarn spinners they will stop and go away but you will not stop. You cannot believe everything your told let alone put them on this site. I really want to know how many relatives you have so if you have 6 aunts and 6 uncles each will have 6 stories. So 12 relatives X 6 stories from each relative let's see now 12 x 6 is way too many secondhand stories that you will also be commenting on and you were not there to witness and we haven't even mentioned all the second cousins. I feel they should not print another of your fabrications unless you're in the story. At least it will be coming straight from the horse's mouth. Ok I am done BITXHING.
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
Yes rcruskin you can. But I will reply to them, only when I get time as currently I am busy with work. You can just make a list of all your questions, rather than asking one by one. It would be better for you and me, so I can answer them in one go, whenever I find time from my work. Take care. May God bless you and your family always. Bye for now.
RCRuskin in Back From The Dead
I can quite agree with the stay away from social media attitude. And I am on some [un]social media...

Would it be possible, with permission from you and your uncle obviously, for me to ask some questions and he answers?
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
Sorry friends my uncle always keeps away from social media. And can I say something if you don't mind Mr poliexterly
It is not like that as if I have a answer for everything, I have just spoken the entire story as it happened with him and his friends. Please don't misunderstand me. I have spoken what is the truth.
TravisCannabis in Back From The Dead
Really dude, don't your uncle know there's social media? πŸ€” πŸ™„
PoliexterLy in Back From The Dead
My friend Amchi, you always seem to have a convenient answer to everything. Even if it's not the most convincing
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
See, my uncle left this area where we stay and now stays far away from here. I don't know much more about the above mentioned question, I only have the information which he told me and I don't know about other things. Just want to know reader's opinion on this story, based on the story I have written.
CantunSEEit74 in Back From The Dead
Amchi is this uncle still alive. How long was dead body at morgue, did they clean him after he relieved himself of solids and fluids when we pass, no body bag? Was ambulance refrigerated, did they mummify him so he could lay around the house I know some religions burn their dead, and some push them into the river. If uncle has passed than you cannot answer these.
RCRuskin in Back From The Dead
It is a thing I say often, and I say it again here. I want to know more. I want to hear so much more of the background on this case, and then I want to ask a lot of questions.
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
My uncle and his friends were going to the same place where they were supposed to deliver the dead body, he says when they were nearing the place, some ten fifteen minutes prior to their respective destination, the body started making movements. Before that every thing was going finely and my uncle and his friends were happily talking with each other.
Amchi1986 in Back From The Dead
My dear lady glow, he was not the driver of the ambulance. And even if he he and his friends had really had lots of alcohol, until this date he and his friends still clearly remember the face of that dead man so freshly as if he was related to them and can describe it so clearly that they can even tell a sketch artist and get it finely done.
lady-glow in Back From The Dead
Also, I find this part confusing:

"were on their way to deliver the dead body to its destination, when suddenly it started making movements by itself!"

"Stop your ambulance here. I want to visit my home."

Did the man ask them to stop at the same address they were meant to deliver the body, or were these two different places?
lady-glow in Back From The Dead
It was very unprofessional on their part to drink during work hours, and very irresponsible to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Perhaps they hallucinated the event, perhaps the spirit of the man really asked to stop at their relatives' place. One thing is for sure, the involvement of alcohol gives the whole experience some degree of questionability.

I hope your uncle decided to make better choices as for when and where to drink alcohol.
CantunSEEit74 in Room 113
Ragine Will never really know, but what a great place to be a wandering spirit always somebody new renting a room. Most people are not into ghosts, or the likes and the staff probably keep spirit stuff quite. It is too far a drive to take my equipment and try to communicate with it and it may not show at that room. Tomorrow is Christmas and I will be using my rem-pod and SBox and see if my Mom stops by. Her b day was oct 3 and myself and wife got great and quick and crackling responses on rem-pod asking her questions and wishing her a happy b day. And I will ask if any other friends are visiting. She passed in 1999. Happy holidays to all.
Rajine in Room 113
Perhaps it must have been a passing spirit, since you mention that the bed is very secure and various people never heard of or experienced anything out of the ordinary in that room (they could be lying, I'm assuming but if not then, oh well...πŸ€”) or what if it was something that followed your'll and spent the night...😳
This has helped me, thank you! I've saved and read your story many times. Bless you, hon!
CantunSEEit74 in Room 113
RC Thats what I mean NO box spring only big mattress and springs 4 inches long holding 1/2 inch metal bands corner to corner and length wise like the old-style hospital frames you see laying around on ghost hunting shows. A very smart idea for hotels one less thing to break and replace and it was a firm mattress, and I woke feeling great. A physic told me always go with your gut instinct. I say it was a spirit visitation. Could you imagine a 200 room motel all with this bed system and 200 people mulling around check-out counter every morning complaining their mattress is ALIVE.
RCRuskin in Room 113
Being you are a metal fabricator, you do know more about this stuff than I do. I only took a course back in middle school, sometime in the last millennium. Just want to ask if you checked under the box spring?
CantunSEEit74 in Room 113
Yes it is kind of a head scratcher. And I must apologize it was May not March and puppy was 8 months old. I should pay better attention to my wife on times and dates.
AussieReddog, this sounds like a possible residual haunting. I'm no expert, but I'm aware of such things. Yet, the little boy 'seems' to be an intelligent haunt. Like he wants his story told.
Apparently, you are not the only person that has seen this. Have you learned anything else about the area itself?
This was a very interesting read. Thank you!

All the Best! 😁 😁
Linjahaha in Room 113
Cantuseeit, I have never 'heard' of such a thing. Except, of course, in a haunted room.
Did you ever 'hear' anything about it's past. Like something terrible happening there, etc.?
If you're a metal fabricator you should 'know' what can, & cannot happen with something like that.
I wish I had an answer for you, but this has me scratching my head!

Take Care! 😲 😲
Hi anjarey

Animals are known to see what we cannot, also they great at sniffing out the good vs bad guys (alive and otherwise) so as long as you have doggys approval I think it's all good.
Hi AussieRedDog

I previously just finished a tragic story regarding a child spirit and now I read yours πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ, it's quite sad especially since it could have been prevented if the driver wasn't drunk, I think this kid is still looking for his way home.
It's kind of tragic especially since the spirit is a child, I hope this child spirit eventually moves on to somewhere beautiful.
CrimsonTopaz in Playful Resident
That's really scary.
Thanks for the translation.
Hi KnightRaven,

Thanks for sharing this and it's great your wife was able to get some answers. Can relate to how you describe seeing the woman half with your eyes and half with your mind. Total mind bender and all the more bizarre that you were able to get a confirmation about the woman's history there.

I'd guess that plumbing was already dodgy before you moved in. But you may have guessed correctly that the woman was readying for a shower or bath. Perhaps the plumbing in your time was compromised because of whatever plumbing was there in her time. I mean as in a cheap, shoddy patch up job somewhere down the line that people were putting up with years later. In all the time I've been here I've never heard of exorcising a toilet, that was quite a surprise!

Thanks for sharing and please post anything if you find out more. Very interesting experience, it sounds like a nice community too.
robmkivseries70 in Back To Where I Am
Ask your sister if she was thinking about the snacking whilst at work, that could explain the Doppelganger that you saw.
nesty_khuletz in Playful Resident
I am sorry for the confusing statement at the end.

What I mean in "Yung nag pepest control nga kahapon huminto sa ginagawa dahil daw dun sa tumatakbong bata." is, since we are conducting company's pest control program every first Monday of the month, one of those staffs from the pest control services who conducts routine walk-through around plant (who happened to have open third eye also), told us he stopped spraying because he saw a child running.
nesty_khuletz in Playful Resident
Hello lady_glow, thanks for reading.

Actually there is one reported death, but of an adult man, who fell and suffocated. We do not know if a child died there, but we sure are aware that before the company grounds were built it was an open grassy area.

Actually we do not know if a yearly mass offering for different celebratory occasions has helped these spirits.
CrimsonTopaz in Playful Resident
Nesty Khuletz,
I don't understand the paragraph at the end of your story. Philippines, I presume. I don't know why this spirit is playing near your computer only that the spirit is trying to tell you something. Maybe, somehow guide you to a link, news story, or article that associates with what happened.
Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin in Playful Resident
Uh... What? Google translate reports "Those who did pest control yesterday stopped what they were doing because of the running child."
lady-glow in Playful Resident
In my opinion, the spirit could be a little kid that didn't know where to go after their passing, perhaps even unaware of their death.

Do you know the history of the building? Perhaps it has served different purposes in the past and the ghost is a previous resident trapped or attached to the place.

Do you know if someone has ever tried to help him to move on? It's possible that the only thing he needs to move on is a little push on the right direction.

Thanks for sharing.
[at] Rajine yea that's what i'm thinking as well and like I said, my dog seems to like whoever is playing with her... She doesn't like everyone.

[at] Linjahaha Merry Christmas to you! I'm happy that so far we didn't get chased out or something.
KnightRaven in The Haunting On Midway
Sure, go ahead. When you're done send me a link to the video. 😊
Hello HiloHaole,

This is such a sad out come.

How long did it take to track down the family.

My thoughts go out to them. It must be very heart breaking to find out their infant was put in a bag under a tree to be forgotten.

Thank goodness you persevered and found the poor little girl, may she RIP.

Best wishes, M.G
It seems that both the lady who passed away and dog has an attachment to the house, but it's good that you don't get a menacing feeling from your experiences, I suppose she's just making sure that her house is in good hands and will probably leave in time.
valkricry in Love You Boy
Hi Tweed! Just thought I'd let you know that link does work as is. It's good to 'see' you!
Tweed in Love You Boy
Thought the good folks of YGS may find this interesting. It's the origins of The Rainbow Bridge. It's quite the eventful journey. With one beautiful woman behind it all.

Https:// -bridge-the-true-story-behind-historys-most-influential-piece-of-animal-mourning-literature/


By sheer coincidence I found this not long after my cat passed away. Became randomly interested in whatever may be behind The Rainbow Bridge verse, so went a-searchin'. Oddly enough the truth behind it all had just been unearthed as it were. Cool beans. Kept meaning to post it here, but I guess better late than never. Sorry if someone's already posted this somewhere

(Oops no, link drama ensues. You'll have to remove the space between 'rainbow -bridge' in the link. YGS wouldn't let me post the long link)
😲 I remember you, Roylynx or something like that! I only recognised who you were because of Henrique! It's nice to see you around here again!

Sorry I don't have anything to add to your experience here that hasn't already been covered by others. Just wanted to say hi more than anything. I like RC's time slip theory, good idea to be aware of your sister eating rice snacks.
Hi RussLesco,

Was Trooper a bloodhound by chance? Apparently bloodhounds have a ramped up sense of smell compared to other dog breeds. Maybe this is true for all dogs in the hound family. Anywhoo it might explain why Trooper was tetchy about the room. I'd be willing to bet it was something paranormal he was picking up on. Dogs love exploring they don't just not enter a room without a very good reason.
SpookyGrrl in Night Knocker
Hi, LadyMonticello! I have a podcast in which I narrate ghost stories to music and special effects. I know it's been a few years since you posted this so hopefully you will see my message. I'd love to showcase your knocking ghost story. Let me know!:) ❀
robmkivseries70 in The Lime Tree
Well written story, sometimes the recovery is enough. Did the manifestations, smells, visual and humming go away after the recovery?
isaacjerome in The Haunting On Midway
hey can I use this story for my video I will give you credits 😲
Anjarey, this is an interesting account that you have. I'm glad, for your sake, that you aren't having difficulties, or feeling uneasy.
My late husband, & I lived in a very haunted house almost 50 years ago now. It was a very traumatic time period for us. We ended up being chased out, & never went back. Sometimes it's just better to get out all together. That's exactly what we did.
As long as you have no issues with it, just maybe you 'can' cohabitate. Good luck to you, & it was an interesting read!

By the way-
Have a great Christmas! 😊 😁
TravisCannabis in The Unholy Night
Jeez bro! That's exactly what the other dude means. U have written a lot of stories but only a few have happened to you. πŸ™„ 😁
AnonMirrorBoard in Disturbing Audio Evidence

Boston and its greater area have such an insane amount of history! What's funny to me though is that lately (I could be wrong, just an observation), that the metro west/ Wistahhhhh areas are busy and more active. Not that I have an actual clue as to why. We fully intend on revisiting locations we've tried before with our newer method. My partner is absolutely something of a spiritual empath whereas I'm just a grunt lol. These small towns go unrecognized but have deep stories, it's intriguing!
Very interesting story! I grew up in the Boston area and with all that history, there's bound to be ghosts everywhere. There is a really creepy old cemetery in Marlboro, MA called the Goodale Cemetery. It is a small family plot located oddly enough, in a modern residential area. Might be worth investigating. If I remember correctly, the headstones are from the 17 & 1800s. I had a strange experience there while walking by one night in the late 1990s. Thanks for your account! It's always fascinating to hear things caught on a recording.

BeingStupid_666 in The Evil Ghostly Dog
Hi Amchi
Is This the Same dog which acted with Jackie Shroff in the 90s 😐
BeingStupid_666 in The Haunted Jungle
Hi Amchi
Is it possible that Spirit can't see through BLACk tints
Will They require a GPRS to reach a Destination? πŸ€”
Amchi1986 in The Unholy Night
I have written two to
Three stories on my experience. Just check them out. Don't jump to conclusions without reading all my stories.
The man in the top hat sounds ominous, what if he is not the spirit of someone deceased but something else instead?
Pelatiah, a chandelier in the bathroom? That must be one elegant bath. (My baths can be best described as 'functional'πŸ˜† So you might detect a wee note of envy there.)
I agree with you though. It certainly sounds to me that GVC8's seemed friendly.
Of course, as RC points out, there could be other explanations.
CantunSEEit74 in The Unholy Night
Amchi1986 You have 15 stories on this site and 10 of them are other peoples stories. Please bring your own experiences to the table.Itttssstttooommuucchh.
blosomes in Back To Where I Am
CoddyG πŸ€”
What reaction are you expecting?

Emm... Think back of this story it sure is odd 😳
Pelatiah in Supervising Ghost
Tigerfeet, I LOVE your story! First, I love the location and am about to go to a map to see where you might be. I've always wanted to travel to your area (I'm in Georgia, USA) and love the history of your country as well, going back to the Vikings! What a place!

Second, we share similar stories of previous owners... I just finished writing a comment on another story describing my former owner (you can see on the "Electrical Disturbances..." story).

When we re-did our entire kitchen, gutting it completely and starting over in 2020, I had the sense we were being monitored as well! Florence, our previous owner, was quite the Italian cook, and I've also felt her presence in the kitchen. I'm amazed you could see your lady and a bit jealous... Or maybe not:)

One of the things we did when renovating was to remove some decorative columns from the area between the kitchen and family room. They were a bit outdated and I wanted more wall there to put benches on. The day we removed them, I explained to Florence why... I was a bit worried because SHE designed the family room addition with them... That evening my teenage son and I were watching tv and all of a sudden, one of the majolica plates on my mantle slowly turned a quarter turn off it's stand and laid itself down on the mantle. It didn't break, it didn't fly off or fall. Just laid itself down. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but my son was looking right at it before it moved (maybe sensed something). I said, "What just happened?" and he said, "It was a ghost mom..." (The fam always teases me). But I took that as an OK on the columns. So glad your lady can visit you. I'm not sure they can't come back, even after "moving on." Pretty sure they have free will to come back... I am visited by lots of my dead people (sounds so weird, sorry).
GVC8, I'm agreeing with Manafon here, I think it was supernatural.
My first experience with light was upon moving into my current home 12 years ago. The lady who owned my home, Florence, was known for her hospitality and people in the neighborhood loved her. She had passed away about six months before I moved in. I moved in while my husband was serving in Afghanistan, a tough move as we'd been in our previous home ten years (lots of stuff) and I had two toddlers in tow. When I first got here I had a distinct impression of the former owner, her name was Florence. She was a gen. Older than me, but we share a love of gardening, parties and decorating our home. She was from New Jersey and a big patriot and lover of things Americana. From her estate sale, I bought some pewter plates with scenes of the American Revolution as well as a large eagle wall hanging, and was thrilled to have them stay here at the home she loved. Anyway, I digress, but the first thing I did after purchasing the home was to bring some lamps and I cleaned the bathroom chandelier, which was quite dirty. I was compelled to clean it, even with all the other tasks ahead of me, I just couldn't wait, and had the thought, "Florence, I bet you wanted to clean this fixture for awhile, but I know you were sick..." Looking back, I'm not sure that was MY thought! Anyway, the lights would flicker, specifically the front hall light leading to the master bedroom, and sometimes it would be turned on. Later, I coincidentally found that one of my friends had also been friends with Florence, and used to take her to doctor appointments in her last months. I had her over to see the house and the changes I made, and she told me then that Florence always kept that front hall light on for security! The master bathroom lights, six ceiling lights, would also turn on and off at various times, nothing wrong with the electric. And the refridge would ding at me the minute I got into bed, as if open, but it wasn't. Many evenings I would be working in the kitchen and I never felt comfortable looking into the empty family room (sort of open to the kitchen and sort of cavernous as I was waiting for the furniture to be delivered and there were just boxes piled up). I just didn't look (and now, 12 years later, I often capture orbs and rods and "happenings" in here, unexplained, on my iphone).

The other thing, sorry for the book, my mom died ten years ago and I would go to her house in the weeks following to clean and organize for the estate sale. One day I went over and turned off the porch light, wanting to switch it up in case anyone was watching the house. I went inside, did my stuff and took a small side table that she'd left to me... After I got it into the car and was backing out of the driveway, the same porch light that I KNEW I switched off was not only turned back on, but it was glowing with an intensity that seemed supernatural! The sun was out that day, but as I backed out of the driveway I saw it, knew it was unusually bright and thought about it all the way home, certain I had NOT turned it back on.

When I got back to my house, I was shuffling in the door with the table, talking to my dogs as they met me... "Look what I got from Nonny's house!..." and as I walked the small table back to the family room where it was to live, a lamp in that room (another of my inheritances from her, a significant little blue lamp that she knew I always loved) was turned on and shining brightly. That lamp NEVER goes on in the daytime, as my home is quite bright with tons of windows. I was so surprised and just knew that was Mom. I know she saw me getting that little table at her house and was with me when I brought it home. Mom was the type who had lots of great stuff in her beautiful home, it meant a lot to her, and she had already labeled things with our names "for when I die" she'd say. I never knew before then that spirits could manipulate lights, had never even thought about it. I've learned a LOT since then. You were brave in that little guest house in the pitch dark. Perhaps the spirit was trying to give you a night light?! I get the sense that it was friendly.
sushantkar in The Unholy Night
Hi Dear Amchi1986,

Hope you are doing good!

I have had quite a few paranormal experiences in my life so far, but none of them were as long as this. Most of these events only last for a few moments.
No paranormal entity has enough energy to sustain its form (whatever it may be) for such a long time. Since all of these entities are made up of some kind of energy/energies, they need fule to maintain their shape and form to travel, to communicate and even in cases if they want to possess someone they requires to save their energy to do so.
I am not denying your experience, but I do not want to coincide with it either.

tigerfeet in Supervising Ghost
Thank you for your comments.

We think we're very lucky to have such a wonderful lady living with us. From talking to people who knew her when she was alive, she was a much loved lady locally - no one we've talked to has had anything even slightly 'bad' to say about her.

We've recently found out that she was the second owner of our home, inheriting it from her father. So far she appears to approve of the modernisation of her home - she even seems to like the colours we've chosen!

Last week, when we got up, both of the oven doors were slightly ajar even though I knew they were closed the night before. I think she really likes my new cooker! I often feel her around when I'm cooking - particularly if I'm making something a bit 'exotic' like an Indian or Chinese meal. It feels almost as if she's interested in learning how to cook something a little different to what she used to make - but maybe I'm imagining this part!

I think she might stay with us until we've finally finished the modernisation and decorating of our (and her) home.
I have a few acquaintances who I chat with online from Mumbai Amchi1986. So I understand your way of expressing your take of sorts.

Apart from couple of typing mistakes with time (am/pm) and the use of your cultural speak you have expressed your take of events quite well indeed.

Understandably it may be confusing for some members who aren't used to your way of communication, but I do get what you are trying to say.

One thing I am a bit confused about, is why this ghost hung around for so long before getting scared and disappearing. Your uncle put the religious necklace as soon as he saw this ghost, right?

I do hope you and your family are safe now Amchi1986.


◝⁠ (⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠) β β—œ
Can I say something, if you don't mind you tried to interfere with the nature and it's forces which could prove dangerous to your and your's friends lives, despite you all knowing the fact that the bungalow was haunted. May be the girl's ghost was kind to you all, I don't understand the exact reason. Some things don't have any explanation in the supernatural world. May God be with you all always. Take care.
lady-glow in The Unholy Night
"My nephew did wake up and started crying, but none of everyone in my house saw the shadow except me"

I'm afraid you are mistaking not only both your nephews, but your own stories too... There's no shadow in this story. LOL.
lady-glow in The Unholy Night
"I am always ready to answer anyone's doubts."

Perhaps it would be a good idea to go back to all of your stories and reply all the unanswered questions you may have missed to read.

Hi Amchi.

I have been reading some articles about possession by devi. There's a lot of interesting information on this subject, from the ones that look at it from an skeptical angle, like in the following link:


To others with a more faithful approach. The latter seem to agree on these phenomena taking place during some sort of festivity, specially throughout Navratri.

"In India during Navratri many people got possessed by Devi this happens specially during the first and the last day of the Festival... The worshipper of Nanda Devi goes in trance during Aartis... But now in todays period many peoples performs fake acting of this ritual to gather publicity..."


Although I wasn't able to read everything there's to read, the data seems to point that once the goddess leaves the body of a person, leaves it for good and said person goes back to their normal self.

My point is, why would a woman and her child be protected from negative entities when she's not possessed?

Thanks for your feedback.
Amchi1986 in The Unholy Night
My nephew did wake up and started crying, but none of everyone in my house saw the shadow except me
Hi GVC8-- I really enjoyed your intriguing account. I have had similar experiences involving different paranormal light anomalies. One of the most dramatic was in a very haunted apartment I lived in back in the 90s. A blue spinning luminescent light moved and seemingly "splatted" onto the wall next to my side of the bed. It glowed and seemed sentient, but when I put the light on, it was gone.

In another incident, two bluish orbs of light flashed from different parts of a room I was in. In that instance, I believe it was a communication from my deceased parents, as I had been discussing them with my wife.

Your "pulsing" lamp incident reminded me of a house my wife and I were staying at when suddenly multiple lights in the room--recessed ceiling lights, lamps--began dimming and brightening. I don't believe it was a power surge, as all the other lights in the house that were on didn't exhibit this phenomenon. That house had a lot of other paranormal incidents and that's why I felt it, too, was paranormal.

That's why I believe the electrical disturbances you experienced were likely paranormal. Sadly, it's usually impossible to ascertain who might be attempting these "communications." Suffice it to say that I usually find it just kind of cool that spirits occasionally try to make their presence known by light. It seems you had a spirit or spirits who were stopping in to let you know they were there.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Supernatural entities have to been known to affect electricity, but what's fascinating is that this is the first story I've read that mentions ley lines.
From the way you describe her, she seems to be a wonderful woman even in the afterlife, I suppose she just wants to stick around for a while just to make sure her home is in good hands.
Hi Amchi1986

That must have been unnerving, but I have to agree with some of the commentors, howcome the baby didn't get up, or the wife, a lot of supernatural beings take human form I believe.
Thank you for your comment. I would love to be able to tell you more but that is all that happened. The first two happenings I explained away... The third was unsettling as I couldn't explain it. I wish I knew if it was communication & what the message was!
It might be attempts at communication.

It might be energy surges.

It might be curious spirits wondering about this technology.

It might be waking dreams.

I would love more data.:)
Linjahaha in Supervising Ghost
tigerfeet, I agree with Spockie. This 'is' a beautiful story. It seems she's just interested to see how you're taking care of her former home. It wouldn't hurt to 'talk' to her to let her know how much you love her house, & want to take care of it like she once did. She 'would' hear you. Apparently, she 'is' aware of you if she smiled at you.
You're lucky to have such a good, gentle spirit there. My late hubby, & I weren't so fortunate many years ago. We were chase out by the residing whatever that was there. It took us close to a year to readjust to relative normalcy once we got out of there.
I'm glad that you're coming along with the house, & that 'she' seems to be pleased with all your efforts. Very good read, here!

All the Best! ❀ 😁
tigerfeet in Supervising Ghost
RC Ruskin - I would really like her to help with the housework! But, failing that we've made it clear to her that she is more than welcome to stay with us for as long as wants to - if that is what she wants.

Our resident spirit, Charlie, doesn't seem to mind sharing the supernatural limelight with her either, which is brilliant as he can be a bit of a bugger when new spirits come to stay with us.
Oh, gosh. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful spirit. Who wouldn't enjoy sharing their space with her?
tigerfeet in Supervising Ghost
As she was really fond of her birds, I think she was a bit dubious at first about our four cats. Luckily all of our cats are either too lazy and well fed to hunt birds or just a bit too thick to manage a hunt. Whichever the answer, no birds have been bought in and given as presents for us dim humans. I think that she's accepted the cats - they've stopped sitting up from a dead sleep and watching something move around the kitchen or sitting room!

I suspect she will stay with her beloved house and garden until we've finished the repairs, updates and decorating and all the little jobs that need doing in the garden.
lady-glow in Supervising Ghost
It seems like she just wants to see what you are doing to her beloved house and approves of the changes.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin in Supervising Ghost
Well, yes, she should move on to her current post-life life. But she seems harmless enough, so maybe she could stay and help dust or something. 😁
Amchi1986 in The Unholy Night
See ladyglow the main thing here is I am always ready to answer anyone's doubts. I am telling here, that my uncle had this horrible incident many years back. I don't understand about the origin of devi or goddess coming in one's body, but I have read somewhere that goddess comes in woman's body and it predicts everything accurately, except for life and death, which is in God's hands. It is said in our hindu religion that in any woman's body where devi i. E arrives, no supernatural or paranormal force can affect her nor her child.
lady-glow in The Unholy Night

I concur with your way of thinking though, in my opinion, 2 hours still sounds a little too long for the events described in the narrative.

Personally, I would like to know more about the "his wife used to have devi (a form of goddess) coming in her body on some auspicious occasions" part, and if at the time of this encounter she was under the influence of this divine being.

Like most of the previous stories from this poster, he's retelling someone else's experience, something that he didn't witness, and seemingly without taking the time to ask for more details and without providing other useful information to bridge the cultural differences between his beliefs and those of the readers'.

I have several questions about this story, unfortunately I have seen in the past that the OP is not one for answering questions even though he has agreed to participate in the discussion.

Rant over.

Mods, please delete if inappropriate.
valkricry in The Unholy Night
I guess this is where I differ than many others. Because of this sentence, " As soon as dawn rose, he drove his car madly though the jungle..." I assumed the P.M. Was a typo, and should have been A.M. Making the ordeal 2 hours long.
RCRuskin in The Unholy Night
MythBelieve: there are many things in "real life" that do not make sense. But "real life" is in many ways entirely nonsensible. So I for one believe that Amchi is telling us what happened exactly as he recalls it happening. Like Travis in his comment, I find it a bit hard to believe that the baby did not awake during the night and cry from hunger, but maybe the baby had a big meal before the trip? I don't know.

As is usual with these stories, I'm wanting to know more. Ghost videos? I want more angles! I want better resolution video or photos! Where was everyone in relation to the strange event? Can't really get these answers now, so many years after the experience. Heck, can't even get them 5 seconds after the experience unless there were multiple cameras already taking video/pictures.

Amchi, I am glad your uncle and his family were unharmed.
Amchi1986 in The Unholy Night
My dear mythbelieve I have told only what we have experienced in life and all my stories are cent per cent true. If you think that they don't make sense, it's your wish
MythBelieve in The Unholy Night
Your entire family seem to experience some form of ghost and many of the stories don't make any sense
TravisCannabis in The Unholy Night
It makes no sense bro... Didn't your aunt have to feed the baby at least once during the 15 hours the ghost was there? πŸ€”
As if! 😁 😁
I really enjoy the moral to this story. *Don't take what's not yours* Too many people think it's ok to help themselves in similar situations.
Thanks for sharing.
[at] Rajine...Yeah... It may... But I really suspect that hotel too...
Hello Kent! Thanks for commenting again!
I was just wondering why would you run away from calm spirits 😁
No worries!
Arh yes Blosomes, I do believe I meant red and not blue.

Well spotted.
Lady Glow, wow there's a lot of questions I have to answer. All I know about the hairbrush was yes the ghost was attached to it, why? I have no idea but she was. How it got in the wardrobe, well, maybe Mary placed it there, again I am only the messenger, so to speak. I always found the story damned creepy anyway. The hairbrush was something, I believe, that reminded her of her late mother. I've my late mother's hairbrush, though I got no hair to brush anyway but it's memento I suppose? About the quilt, I would've burnt it.
Fantastic story... I was in middle school in the 70s (we used to call it Jr. High too) and I can just imagine how fun that trip was! Nice writing.

Love the comments here as well. I'm in Atlanta, GA and we have many battlefields here. I live in a neighborhood in the suburbs that was the location of one of Sherman's field hospitals and the home they used is still standing, with it's backyard backing up to the homes across the street from me. The young girls who live there have mentioned to me that they see ghosts regularly there, and I'm fairly convinced my yard hosts some of them every now and then. Like you I've always had a fair interest in ghost stuff... Shows like the Twilight Zone, the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, etc. Probably primed the pump, but I'm a regular suburban mom, former journalist and military wife, husband is a retired Marine. The event that caused me to REALLY believe happened a few years ago on a nearby battlefield. Https://
Thank you for the story!
Pelatiah in Tap On The Leg?
Here it is, months later and I haven't been to this site in a long time. Isn't it wild that I completely forgot about this incident until I was reminded about it just now, here?

I find that when things are "paranormal" they get very fuzzy, which is why I recommend writing them down.
bryandavid019 in Houses Are Evil Too
[at] Rajine... The house did have an influence on us and our lives... Until now we think about it and it gives us chills... I tried finding out what was there in the room but whenever I went into the room... I used to feel so so so cold I used to go all numb and my head would just start paining. Also on the roof we tried finding out... But the landlord always had it locked... There was a room on the roof that used to stay locked. And landlords would often visit the room on the roof at night only... We were so scared to go even on the roof.
Hello lady-glow!
Hmm... πŸ€”
Well I am not familiar with that yet... And I will not get one not because of the anti comments of the device... Just being myself πŸ™„ lol

Sure I will do more research especially while I am still having my life on the land itself!

Hello sir! Hmm... I will not run if it is blue... But I might be worried if it is red for awhile 😨
I can not say I am familiar with the device your friend uses Blosomes, but I do know all about chilling eerie feelings. I would run away if the light was blue indicating spirits. That is for sure.

Good luck,
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Our Haunted First Apartment
Hello Linjahaha, I had a note to add to your last comment, it is true about the free will aspect and spirits can remain behind for sure, and they are also bound to unwritten rules as well. Some are harder to manage than others, but there are many if you tell them to leave you alone or back off, they have to honor that. It's why we can banish them and send them away if they become a nuisance to the living, this dimension we're in is primarily for those in physical bodies. I'm not sure what these 'rules' are that spirits have to follow and as I said not all of them seem to 'obey' easily, but nonetheless there is something to it.

As humans become attached to places in life, they do so in the afterlife too. There have been countless times, I have read stories where in bad storms, residents were warned to evacuate and many refused to leave their homes. They paid the price with their lives when those homes were destroyed, so it definitely makes sense that ghosts would refuse to leave too, even though it would be the logical thing to do! Lack of common sense doesn't seem to shift when a person passes on in some cases!
Lost V., & Rajine, I always appreciate your comments, & do agree.
This haunting wasn't a problematical one. It just startled us a bit until we realized 'what' was taking place.
As for sister Doris looking so real & solid. Well, there could be 2 possible explanations for that. 1: her personal will & determination to continue serving others, or 2: coupled 'with' the personal will she was able to manifest enough ectoplasm to appear solid, instead of ethereal.
As you know, ectoplasm is the solid manifestation of the spirit form. Like I mentioned, these are 'possible' explanations. They aren't written in stone. In the field of parapsychology we can only come up with 'possible' explanations to a degree.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the account, & Thank you both!

All the Very Best! 😁 😁
Rajine, that's a huge possibility. After all, the unwed mothers' home was located in back of the hospital.
She kind of frightened Trish when she first saw her, & startled 'me' when she brought down the case of paper towels. I think she was trapped, or confused, & no doubt lonely wondering 'why' she was there. I didn't 'see' her, but I felt her there.
Once I explained to Trish the possible reason for the ghost's presence, she felt rather sorry for her, as did I.
At any rate it was an intelligent haunting. She 'knew' about 'us', & helped us with our search by finding, for us, exactly what we needed. Didn't seem to hear, or see her too much after that episode. Maybe we helped her to move on!

Thank you, & all the best!
😊 😊
I do believe that there's a supernatural world out there that we barely know anything about, Sister Doris seems like she was a very dedicated and helpful person, so much so, that she couldn't move on it seems.

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