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lady-glow in A Dark Entity
As RCRuskin, I wonder why she didn't call, or went to, one of the many family members living nearby.
I recall reading in one of your previous stories that your grandmother lives next door.

Was this the only time a spirit mimicked one member of your family?
Hi MrsRamsay

I've been playing the drums now for about 35 years (and I'm getting REALLY tired!😜) so I have a mild form of tinnitus; which is a medical condition caused (usually) when your ears get damaged from loud noise over a period of time. It's a constant ringing, or low level shrill pitch / hissing effect which is generally more noticeable when it's quiet. I've learned to live with it.

Personally, I've noticed that when I get stressed out, or overly anxious, the tinnitus / ringing sound increases 10 fold until I can calm myself down. Not sure what the science is behind that.

So I guess my point is (I do get to them eventually) that ringing in the ears is not necessarily anything to do with spirit / ghost activity or interaction. Not to say that it ISN'T, but there are more down to earth, rational, medically-based explanations for ringing in your ears. As is the seat belt mechanism, which could have just glitched out.

I guess no one can say for sure, but I tend to err on the side of non-paranormal with events like these.

Thanks for sharing, I found it to be an interesting account.


Glad to be able to share here. I'm a busy mom with two kids still at home and lots going on, but these experiences seem more and more as I age gracefully, haha.

Thank you guys for your comments. Observant people aren't nuts, we're just watchers I guess... And noters. And I'm also a documenter. Not yet sure what's in it for me:) but happy this website is here.
I also have experienced vibrant bright colors. In the spirit world it seems we can conjure colored hair and clothing, why not be able to manipulate the atmosphere around us outdoors. I feel anything is possible once we shed this limiting flesh vessel. We now live in kind of a commercial area and noticed we have constant ringing in our heads and its very annoying to me when its quiet, like right this moment typing. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜‰
Lemon and Lime go well together. Chocolate and peanut butter even more so, so why not ear ringing and seatbelt malfunctions? Aside from the latter 2 being unpleasant in the extreme. These two things are less pleasant together, though.

Two accidents within a few hundred yards of each other, some years in time separate them, but both were fatal, and this is where your seatbelt pendulum malfunctions. (sudden acceleration or deceleration causes the pendulum to go out of vertical and tighten up to prevent injuries) If it is a coincidence, it is an amazing one. Would guardian angels grab onto the metaphorical roll bar on our behalf?

I know what my answer is.
RCRuskin in A Dark Entity
Congrats to your racing friend, ScareTale.

I can relate to being in Wisconsin but needing to be in SC. I'm on the east coast and somehow, I've been tasked with helping a specific drug addict who happens to live in California. Not sure how to help from so far away. So it brings up the question: was there anyone who lived closer, aside from yourselves, your sister could call? I think it is nice when neighbors help out neighbors.
When an account is deleted, all their user activities is also erased from the site, except for the content of their comments and stories, now associated to an unregistered guest account. This is to avoid having big chunks of content disappear when someone goes away, where many conversations would stop making sense. But the voting records is gone and if they upvoted someone a lot, this could translate into a score drop for that person. Now, karma isn't terribly important, we don't use it for ordering stories, for example, like other sites. Popularity shouldn't be a factor when we want to assist someone. It does serve as a form of community moderation, however, making it easier and quicker to hide comments that are offensive or spammy. And yes, it does bring a certain bragging rights when soneone consult your profile page, but that's only as important as you personally make it out to be. The community badges like "honorable poster" are based on the total number of comments, so it's more an indicator of how active you are on the site. In the end, it's just there to make it obvious to others if you're a newbie or a veteran that contributed a lot when they read your feedback. If you're trying to crack that karma algorithm, just know that I'm not some engineer with a doctorate working at Google or Microsoft, so it's not complex πŸ˜‚
LightMight in Witch's Cackle?
Hello Scaretale,

Sounds like you live on an active piece of property; have you ever considered using any investigative camera gear that might help you better document and understand the activity in your family home? Not sure if you'd be willing to invest any sort of money into gear like that, but it might be interesting to see what you could ascertain from video with audio?
The difficult thing about trying to catch any type of disembodied voices and poltergeist activity on video is that you can't set your watch by it - in other words, it's usually random activity that happens unexpectedly.

I was wondering if you or anyone in your family has brought any of the native artifacts into your home?

Thanks for sharing with us!
lady-glow in Witch's Cackle?
"I've also asked how they know it was a witch. They just say that because it matched what you would hear in a horror movie."

How many actresses playing a witch roll in horror movies do you think are real, professional witches? (Kidding)

Hi ScareTale.

Please do not take my apparent skepticism like denying your mother and sister's experience. In my opinion, your story lacks enough detail as to confirm or debunk the nature and the source of the cackling sound.

Do you know if the window in the room where your mother was was open? 50 yards is not really a significant distance when it comes to the range sound waves can travel through still air.

I imagine how scary it must have been for all of them to hear this unexplained and creepy sound but, if this had happened to me, my first priority would have been to look for any, and all, possible mundane explanation/s before reaching the "it's a witch" conclusion... Even if it sounds like what they show on TV.

I'm not claiming to be on the right, this is only my humble and honest opinion.
LFrogs1386 and lady-glow,

I do believe there is a portal of some kind. I'm not sure if this is a natural phenomenon or what, but we have a field right through the woods that has always had a cold spot. I first discovered it years ago during mid-summer. The spot is approximately 3 feet in diameter and is so cold you can see your breath when standing in it. If anyone knows any thing natural that may cause this please let me know.
ScareTale in Witch's Cackle?
I agree that people mistake animals as something more. If you've ever heard a rabbit scream, it's a horrible sound. I brought up the fact that they could've heard a screech owl but they both say they know what screech owls sound like and that's not what they heard. On the flip side though, I don't know how they both could have heard an animal sound like it was in both the house and playhouse with them being so far apart.
I've also asked how they know it was a witch. They just say that because it matched what you would hear in a horror movie.

I'll definitely give your story a read. Sounds interesting.
I don't know which would be scarier, hearing a disembodied scream or disembodied laugh!
ScareTale That is great. I love hearing that the deceased has come to make contact. It makes us feel a comfort to know that they are still here, and to actually have an "interaction" with a loved one is just a peace that can not be explained. Thank you for sharing your dad's experience. 😁
Rajine in Witch's Cackle?
Hi ScareTale

Anyone would be creeped out hearing a frightening laugh, my mother had also experienced something similar to this year's ago however it wasn't a laugh it was a creepy scream, I posted it here some time ago, she maintains that there's no way any type of animal would sound like that.
I can't give up my meat, but I did have to gulp my way through my roast chook dinner that night. I understand your pain. My folks had/mum still does have chooks running a muck in the the back garden. They do what they please out there. Days gone by, one of my brother's use to visit and chooks used to go missing and a couple of days later he'd bring mum a chook curry or soy and honey chicken. πŸ€”
(Need I say, I wouldn't touch those dishes)
I don't know how you do it.
lovebugs16 in Red Eyed Children
[at] sacul001

I'm from the PH and pedophilia isn't and will never be a part of our culture.

[at] JoJoRocks

I'm very concerned about how you see this lil' girl. Maybe she knew that you have pedophilia tendencies. Good thing she scared you off. Your story is very disturbing.
Hi there SpookyONE69,

By the term "huddle" my guess is you're working in BPO industry?

Anyway, I find it odd that your computer's camera was able to see the area under the table where your computer is seated.

You mentioned that you deleted the photo from your phone's gallery and your co worker did the same. Have you tried to check your conversation history with your co worker? I'm pretty sure it's still there. Also, there's this phone feature in every phone's gallery called "recently deleted photos" where you can find- of course, your recently deleted photos. Have you checked it there?

I'll wait for your response ❀️
😭😭😭 Thanks LadyGlow, I needed a laugh! (I just found out I'm only allowed a maximum of 3 emoji's too! (sad face emoji, sad face emoji))

There's ways to get around these draconian rules! Lol!
Hi Macknorton.

With the price of meats nowadays, I may be cutting down on the amount of meats I consume.

I have done it before but noticed that the skin on the corners of my mouth got dry and cracked open... Annoying and a bit painful.

I don't know why this happened, but the sores healed as soon as I ate meat again.

I might be more of a Neanderthal than you.
Sorry to eavesdrop on this thread - but did you know that all the protein that is found in meat comes from plants? That's where animals get their protein from. So why don't we cut out the middle animal and get our protein directly from the source = plants?

I've been vegetarian for about 23 years now and am trying to be vegan (no dairy) but it's quite difficult, especially living in New Zealand that is saturated with cows, and dairy products.

Right, I've put my soap box away. I hope this doesn't trigger a huge debate.😊



I hope reading my stories didn't turned you into a vegetarian... As sorry as I feel for the animals that have to die in order to provide for my animal protein requirements, I'm not ready to give up meats.

Thanks for reading this one and my uncle's story, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

lady-glow in Witch's Cackle?
Have you considered the possibility of the cackle being nothing else than the call of a night bird like an owl or some other animal?

Night time, silence, echo... Too many factors to take into consideration, besides, who says that witches cannot have a pretty laugh?

Nice read, thanks for sharing.
Kittens, it sounds as if your mom didn't want to scare you with those stories about the previous tenant and the "door to nowhere". Now that you're moving, she figures it's no harm to tell you about it, I am assuming. And it sounds like she believes in the supernatural, too, so I am glad she doesn't just dismiss your feelings and experiences as a kid with a wild imagination. It's good to be validated by your mom, even as you try to debunk these things.

Good luck with your move and I hope the new house is much quieter! 😁
It sure does sound like some kind of a portal was opened in your home if you're seeing different spirits come through and then never to be seen again.

That is a fascinating subject to me. What are these portals for? Just for the Dead to pass on to another life? Or heaven or whatever religion dictates the afterlife should be? And why are there portals in some places and not others?

I am very much looking forward to your next story!
LFrog1386 in Man In The Driveway
It is entirely possible that this gravestone was replaced with a newer one and this was repurposed as a step. I know my uncle John died only months after coming home from WWII in a car accident. My brother John was named for him. When the cemetery decided to replace Uncle John's headstone with a flat one (they do this to conserve space), my dad took the original one home and kept it in our garage. He jokingly told my brother he could use it when he died; just update the dates! My brother was not amused...

Suffice to say I think the information CharlesS provided was great; coupled with the suggestion to go to your local VFW or American Legion post for help in finding the family, there is a real chance you could return the stone to them if they want it.
CrimsonTopaz in My Odd Uncle
Very sad to hear you lost your Bueli so young.
In the old days, our elder folk seemed to treat us younger ones completely differently to how we treat our kids these days. Our kids are definitely seen and totally spoilt nowadays.
Thanks for sharing your memories.
By the way, I was hesitant eating the roast chook just now, after reading about Jon the rooster.
I'm all choked up. Jon the rooster and 'mi sombra' have left me all teary, that I couldn't bring myself to read about your cat. Maybe after dinner.
I read a couple of your situations and loved them.
I'm very sorry about Jon and Buddy. I'm heart is breaking reading how you little kids went without diner not wanting to eat your treasured Jon.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful memories.
Meanwhile our roast dinner is minutes off being cooked and I'm having second thoughts and might just have the baked vegetables.
:- (
Sorry to use your column. I wasn't sure where to reply to LadyGlow.
Nice story, thanks for the read.
Thanks for your reply. Peace to you too.
Don't believe all the BS coming your way. (That will become relevant soon enough)
ISP addresses tell many stories and the people, they know who they are can BS all they want. The truth lays in Martin's skill and IT qualifications. (He will track 'em down for sure)
All that cr&p aside, l have been reading some of your situations and really love the ones I've read so far.
I will comment as soon as my sister and I finish dinner.
She's at my place, she's actually going through Rookys ritual for cleaning. She's showing me what she does based on what Rookys methods are. Phew a lot of work eh?
Time to chow down in koala country as soon as it's cooked. Dinner is in the oven roasting.
Hello Lealeigh.

Great to "see" you around.
I'll contact you ASAP.
8-bitDemigod in Voice On Tape
[at] Macknorton

I was thinking more along the lines of whenever a ghost "speaks", for lack of a better term, they emit a small burst of energy similar to an EMP. So like how our voices vibrate the air and in turn those vibrations are translated to the tape via the recorder, a ghost's "voice" would be directly recorded. It could explain why we can't hear them since our hearing is based on interpreting sound waves and not magnetic pulses, but they can be recorded.

Of course this is all just speculation. There's still so much we don't know about ghosts to draw any kind of conclusion to.
Oh my God, and the various people who "like" me...

Lady-glow. Please send me an email. I am doing great down here in the sweltering June.
Just my two cents.
Would it be possible that there's a portal somewhere in your house and the disturbances are the transient spirits passing by?
ScareTale in The Radio
Yes, one night in 2012 it was just me, my dad and little brother home. Around 1am, I decide that since its so quite and not many people were there I'd do an EVP session.
I managed to get some low quality voices. The clearest one was in response to a question about a cat we had. She'd sit in the kitchen almost every night and meow like she would if someone was talking to her and be looking up.
I asked, "Are you the one Doodle (the cat) talks to at night.
And I get the response, "Doodle, she's nice" in a little girls voice. The next day, I let my mom and sister listen at different times with out telling them what I thought I heard and they hear the exact same thing.
Also there's a point in the recording that you her me sigh, right before you hear the sigh that same voice says what sounds like "Todd".
I know there's debate about dark entities using child like voices. But we have confirmed that in the early 1900s A little girl did in fact drown in the creek behind the house. My mom, dad and big sister have all seen her too. I've only heard her. Once on the EVP and another time when I made a joke to my nephew and a little girl giggled.
Hey Valkricry and Arose,
I agree with both of you, I believe that spirits don't have to confine themselves to just the location they died. I only brought up that no one had died in the house in response to Rajine's wandering about all the people that could've passed on in the house through out its long history.
That said, as I mentioned to Rajine my great grandfather fought in World War 1 and we still have the jacket of his uniform that still has blood stains from fallen soldiers on it. I'm not entirely sure but a part of me believes that maybe that could be a reason for some (definitely not all) of the the happenings in the home.
I've been of the opinion for years that the home may be a kind of way station of sorts for departing spirits because we constantly have new apparitions appear only to never see them again, and that's been going on for years.
I'm with Aros on this. I don't believe that a spirit must have perished in a particular place to haunt/visit it. There are many stories that deal with people who died on foreign soil 'coming home',
As well as others who died elsewhere other than the house.
I also think that sometimes a passing spirit just gets 'curious' and stops in from time to time.
Kittens, that's pretty wild about your apartment. You definitely sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and you also know how to have some fun with goo (that's what my daughter calls it). Wish I could tell you how much glitter and glue she had stashed in her bedroom awhile ago.

Good luck to you and your mom in your new place. Be careful and stay sassy!
Macknorton in Voice On Tape
Hi 8-bitDemigod

Quite possibly the method. But even if that was to be true, can you imagine the intricate process of imprinting recognisable "speech" onto that tape, which I assume would be moving at the time?

Maybe once you know how to do it, it could be a walk in the park, as the saying goes?


Hi there ScareTale,

My first instinct was "Hmmm, 16-year-old home alone." That's a nice recipe for poltergeist activity as I have come to learn teenagers make fine manifestations for that type of activity without realizing they are the cause.

But then you mentioned how old the house was and while nobody died there, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that a family member is trying to get your attention. I don't think a spirit has to pass in the house they grew up in to still have an attachment to the home. Anyhow, food for thought and thank you for sharing!
Rajine in The Radio
Yes that's also a possibility so far have you been able to make contact with any spirits?
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello ScareTale,

Thanks for commenting on my post. Yes, it was strange at the time and now I try and recall what exactly happened and if I was in some sort of dreamlike state.

With your tablet, the same happens with my phone. If I'm on a call, the warmth or size of my ear ends calls or starts new calls. (so annonying eh?)

I'd love to hear more about your experience. Have you considered submitting it?

Thanks for your response,
😘 ❀
Im on your thought plain, 'it doesn't make the comment any better. (It is impressive though when the points are high😳)
Multiple fake IDs is just not right, it's obsessive infact. Specially when that member has so much time on their hands to dedicate themselves to increasing their points as if it would better their self worth. You know what I'd say to them?, 'Cookoo'!
Valkricry, you are extremely wise.
When you delete all the fake IDs, I reckon the original ID should have those fake points removed.
Hey sleeping-with-steve

I've been reading this whole karma thing. I'm new here, just stared yesterday, so I don't really get what the systems for and as such shouldn't comment about it.
But I did want to confirm what you said about accidentally hitting the down vote.
I myself use a Fire HD10 tablet that has a VERY sensitive screen and am constantly hitting things I didn't mean to. There's been times I didn't even make full contact with the screen and it clicked something.

That being said though, It doesn't sound to me to be the entire case here, maybe a very small fraction, but definitely not the whole picture. But it could also be a glitch with the site.

Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers being so new and giving my two cents

Also, nice story. It's a strange one, but I know where your coming from. I've also been touched while in bed. I've had what feels like someone shaking you awake by the shoulder only to have no one there. And yes, try not to get lazy with the cleansing, my dads Native American so I've seen what happens plenty of times when you let up on doing it. Be safe out there.
KittenscanFly2 in Whispers And Jingles
Ok so, my mom just told me now, after living here for like a year, that there was a man slowly going crazy in our rental before us. Wow. This man slowly started taking apart the bathroom. Completely. The neighbor told the landlord that he might be unwell. So after he stopped paying rent, he had to be evicted. I have no idea if he's still alive or not, but I found that very suspicious. And now, my mom is telling me that there used to be a door in the basement. The door didn't lead anywhere, just to a wall, so the land lord removed it. I have no idea why my mom didn't tell me this earlier. But wow.
KittenscanFly2 in Whispers And Jingles
MrsRamsay, don't worry, "I am as dead on the outside as I am inside. RIP 2020" would be considered internet humor, it can be sort of dark. And I found it interesting that you saw a shadow appear next to my elbow. I do agree that if this spirit is a little girl, they would want to be a part of whatever me and my cousin were doing. And my mom has given me the clear for posting YouTube videos. I know how to be safe from people on the internet. The internet can be a dangerous place.

Jubeele, The only other person in the house was my mom, and she was in the bedroom. It's interesting that my pet cat moved when the voice was heard. The place that I'm staying at is actually a rental. So I'll ask about past renters and owners to the land lord. Me and my mom actually have recently bought a house, and will be moving out soon. (I wonder what spirits could be in our new house!). I do live in a strange neighborhood, so it could be likely that someone started ringing chimes. Thanks for the links.

Rajine, it is only me and my mother living here. I'll definitely search around to see who used to live in this place before me.

I'll keep you all updated on what I find.
Just my 2 cents worth (and maybe a penny for inflation); personally I've never paid karma points much mind, unless a comment garnered many. Even if a poster's profile has a gazillion points, it doesn't make their comments any 'better', nor does it 'impress' me, and I really doubt it carries that much weight with anyone else either.
If it truly is being done by someone I feel horrible for them. What a sad, boring life they must lead to have nothing better to do.
There is another possibility I've not seen anyone mention; a glitch in the voting program. What ever the problem is; multiple accounts, glitch, or karma ghosty, I'm sure Martin will get it sorted.
I have had this experience, and I remember feeling as if information was being either downloaded into me, or uploaded from me.
8-bitDemigod in Voice On Tape
[at] Macknorton

From what I understand ghosts are considered to be residual elecromagnetic energies and since cassettes use magnetic tape to record maybe the ghosts don't have to produce an actual sound to record, just a direct imprint on the strip?
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Rex-T,

Since all this talk of fake ID's, I thought it was time to research a few things in that sector. I won't keep posting about it however, no point. Frauds will be frauds and usually just find another way to get what they want.

Martin is quite capable of identifying who is who and who is giving karma points to whom. ISP addresses are marvelous way to link each ID to another.

If you ask me, it's time to give this person/s less attention. She/he isn't as clever as he/she thinks.

Best wishes to you and Jubeele. Stay warm and safe.
😘 ❀
The Karma Patrol,

How the "scales of karma" swing in different directions. Back in early 2018, I developed an interest in finding out who or what was causing a similar variation in negative karma points.

I had a good idea of how the karma points worked and, like lady-glow, came to the conclusion the maths said that there were multiple accounts involved and the points were always disappearing over a two hour period.

Eminent posters on this site advised me not to "stress out" about these instances and, like karma always does, balance would be restored - "each comment would stand upon its merits".

Of course, my colleagues were correct, that's why they're eminent posters.

Actually, I'll let you in on a little secret. The amount of time and energy that I put into tracking these points was probably nothing compared to setting up fake accounts and submitting inane comments.

Does make me wonder if the eternal mischief maker has returned. Is there another LOKI movie coming out soon?

Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello MackNorton,

Yeah, I get the message often to vote for someone else. 🀣Lol

I thoroughly enjoy your feed back and comments. I have been in stitches often reading your comments. You have a great sense of humour.

Thanks for your response.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀
Sleeping-With-Steve - FYI; I just GENUINELY up-voted your comment from MY sole profile!😁

PS: I often can't up vote LadyGlow because I'm always trying to but I'm advised to "vote for someone else" or in other words: "get out of your comfort zone mate!"! Maybe I need a few new, bogus accounts! πŸ€”
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Lady-Glow,

I can vouch for my sister and I. We do up-vote karma arrows once we read a comment so we know which comments we have read and to thank the members for there views. So between my sister and I, your karma along with others go up by whatever amount on that day.

With ssexxyca's account, I can't remember that, it is possible when your finger is close to the down arrow, down-votes occur. (Moderator- Miracles once told me to increase the page size, and I do 90% of the time) I have down-voted as a result of the arrow being tiny on my phone and if I'm tired laying in bed, I might press the wrong arrow. (Then the phone usually drops on my face because I'm half asleep and I correct my vote)

With increased points of large amounts, my guess is multiple FAKE ID's that have been opened precisely for that outcome.

If you notice, as my sister has pointed out:
1: Several new accounts recently.
2: Some new accounts reach the allocated 10 comments, along with 1 week timeframe before being allowed vote.
3: Small comments are posted just to get to minimum of 10 comments with little or no substance and then they vote, vote, vote until they achieve what they set out to.

I'm not accusing Lealeigh of this, I'm just saying there are a lot of new members doing this for whatever their reason and then they lay dormant in the system.

Anyway, you are a true detective. I've always said that. I admire you greatly despite not hitting it off with you to start with. Now that I know what I know and having read as much as I have, I really do respect your opinions as I do other members here on YGS.

Hugs to you Gloria
PS: I thought I'd bring this comment to my thread.
Moderators, If this comment is not appropriate, forgive me.
😘 ❀
Macknorton in Voice On Tape
Hi ScareTale

Thanks for sharing that experience. Well written.

I recall the days of tapes and tape recorders. Seems like a loooong time ago now, however I still vividly recall capturing the sounds of a couple of mating Brontosauruses. No I'm not THAT old, it was probably some sabre-tooth tigers getting frisky actually...

This idea that spirits can somehow "record" themselves onto tape and other, more recent innovations, such as EVP, is fascinating.

I mean, what are the mechanics in being able to do that? First of all, they would have to either produce a sound wave, or vibration in the atmosphere that our ears couldn't hear, but an old tape recorder mic and tape could pick up. Or, they somehow create and then transfer that "sound" directly onto the tape itself. I mean, really? It just seems so incredibly complex and therefore unlikely.

However, there seems to be a plethora of genuine voices captured by these devices. It kind of does my head in πŸ˜•. We know so little...

Again, thanks for sharing.

Oh, and big ups to LadyGlow's thorough investigations into the weird and wild world of out of control karma points up and down voting. Intriguing indeed...πŸ€”

So, if anyone is thinking of voting me up, please don't, just donate my karma points to your favorite local charity.

Alternatively, just sit on them until after the next big plague that nearly devastates humanity when they can be used as currency.

Regards, and peace to all,

ScareTale in The Radio
Honestly, the feeling I got at the time wasn't so much they wanted to listen to music as it was they just wanted to communicate with me. I'm the only person in that house that's ever made the effort to make contact and didn't say "screw this I'm out". My whole family has told me that the energy feels much happier when I'm there.
Hey [at] Rajine
The house is full of spirits. My great grandfather actually built it by hand after he returned home from the first world war. My grand father, his brother and sister were all born in that house. Only 3 families have lived in it. First my great grandfather, then he rented it to a couple for 4 years before my dad moved in back in the 70s. No [human] deaths have occurred in the home. I actually just submitted a story my mom told me I could tell, in it I do leave a little history of the land it's built on. Hopefully it gets published.
Also in regards to my voice story, I've talked to my dad about it and he said the voice I described soundS like his grandfathers (my great grandfathers) voice
ScareTale in Voice On Tape
Hey [at] lady-glow
You asked if the tape was used and I can say that the tape was brand new. My mom had bought a 3 pack from Wal-Mart along side the recorder. I had even opened that tape my self. So no chance of cross contamination.

Hello [at] Rajine
I actually texted her and got permission to start sharing her experiences as well. Now that I'm older and she sees how serious I am about the paranormal, she's finally started to open up to me about some things. And a few of them are quite terrifying.
Rajine in The Radio
You are right that does seem like a funny experience, perhaps whatever or whomever that spirit was, just wanted to listen to some music.
lady-glow in Voice On Tape
Welcome to YGS.

Hi ScareTale.

My first thought while reading the part with the voice was if the tape was new or if it had been used before and then "cleaned up" by recording silence. I remember doing exactly this!

But if there was some paranormal activity going on in the house, chances are that you got an EVP.

I think your mother's experiences are necessary to get a better idea of what was going on in your house.
Was she the target of the activity or did any other family member experience anything out of the ordinary?

Good read, thanks for sharing.
Hi again ScareTale

This was creepier than your previous story that I read also gives me a bit more clarity since you say that your house was built in 1918, over a century ago, imagine how many people lived and passed on there, surely it could be an accumulation of spirits.

Again your mums response really intrigues me, because usually disbelieving people would just brush it off as an active imagination, whereas your mum seems like she definitely believes you but whatever she experienced has really disturbed her to the point where she won't talk about it or even acknowledge it.
Rajine in Voice On Tape
Hi ScareTale

Ahhh yes the good old days, I'm pretty sure that you weren't the only one who played around with cassette tapes and recording funny voices and having a good laugh about it, back then I remember taping songs and listening to them over and over again just to write down the lyrics, oh and not to mention the wait for your favorite song to play on the radio in order to tape it and also the radio Dj talking over the song whilst you are trying to record it πŸ˜†, how easy it is now to just download lyrics and music.

It's amazing that you managed to record a supernatural voice that clearly on a tape voice recorder considering that people use much more high tech stuff, judging by your mom's reaction I'm sure she knew what it was and just didn't want to scare you, but please ask mom if she would share her experiences I'm sure that everyone would love to read them.
Hello CrimsonTopaz.

Thank you for the points, though your voting doesn't explain the exaggerated amount of voting that has been happening in recent times.

I remember Miandra mentioning some time ago, that the YGS system is programmed for a daily vote limit. I'm a very inquisitive person and had to see by myself, yes, the maximum number of votes allowed in a day is 50.
At this point I don't know how many of those 50 chances can be used to vote for only one person before getting the "please vote for somebody else" message... 2, 3 times?

Although I have no idea how many times one is able to vote for the same poster within those 50 votes, I'm sure its impossible to use it to vote 14, 20-something or even more times.

I have been observing and taking notes - yes, taking notes!- for few weeks. Let me share some of my findings:

- To begin with, the activity usually happens overnight, at least for me.

- My total karma has grown fast and furiously, (by 16 points since yesterday).

- There seems to be more than one account/person doing the activity.

- Some times they over do the up-voting, some other times the down-voting.

- Lealeigh seems to be the main target of this voting, though it has been directed to some other members.

- The night of June 6, Lealeigh's total karma was 1414 points

- The morning of June 7 her total was 1642 points... 1642, meaning that she got up-voted 228 times!?!?! - There's no way only one person/account can perform such a marvelous feat!
And this is only the last unexplained increase, on a previous occasion it went from 1097 to 1179 in only one night.

I'm not complaining neither forbidding people to vote, specially if they consider a comment to be worthy of acknowledgment, either positive or negative but, please don't down-vote just for the fun of it, like in the following example:

"ssexyca-104...months ago (2021-02-05)
Hi JoJo, four years living there, it only happened to us once, I am not sure about other hostellers. But we often hear heavy running footsteps running across the hallway, it is more active during midnight and the Hungry Ghost Month. I have a friend who was living alone at the end of the hallway that time experienced a whole other thing. One night, she was talking on the phone with her friend until late night, and while they were talking, she heard a girl's voice humming a song, and it happened for only a few second. Both she and her friend (in the phone) heard it. She told me that she might have been a passer by 😐"

The previous comment went from +4 to -11 in only one night, I voted it up once since then.

I don't know how many people are involved on this situation, but I'm sure that more than one account has to be casting all these votes.

Like I have said, I'm not asking anyone to stop voting neither pointing fingers at anyone in particular, just don't take it like a sport you have to excel at, nor use it like a revenge for whatever ill-defined reasons you might have.

Moderators, my apologies for this rant. Please delete if not appropriate.

Peace to all
ScareTale in The Witches Cackle
Dang, I literally just submitted a story of something similar that happened to my mom and sister. This gave me chills because of the similarities.
ScareTale in My Mom Let Me Know!
It's hard losing someone. And I love hearing stories like this.

That said, my dad had something like that happen to him. My dads Native American and as such is very involved in Native things. He became very close friends with another Native many years ago.
In 2007 his friend had a massive heart attack. Being Native they held a ceremony to honor his life. My dad put on his regalia but couldn't find what's called a medicine pouch that his friend had given him. It made my dad sad he'd lost it. The next morning he found the pouch sitting on his nightstand next to the bed. It made my dad very happy, not because he had his pouch but because he knew his friend had taken it and done that as one last joke and to tell him he was ok
ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
re: Lilcat21310
I'd guess she was 20's to early 30's. Short hair. Plain clothing. There wasn't anything that stood out as being possessed. My first guess would have been mental illness if it weren't for her seeming to read my thoughts. What did stand out to me was that she was expressionless, staring off into space and muttering/babbling when I glanced at her.
Hi BiancaB,
I've always believed cats could see spirits, this story gives me more proof. Also I'm sorry for the passing of your great aunt. I actually had a cat pass away a year ago and my family believes her spirit roams are house.

I agree with you that she wanted to see you even if you couldn't see her. I don't have anymore conclusions besides your great aunt wanted to visit you,
Lilcat21310 in Lady On The Bus
Hi butterfly chaser,
Honestly I'm I bit confused like you are. I feel more towards her being possessed. I do kind of agree with bibliothecarius. But I'm aiming for possessed.
I'd like some clarification of the details about her including:
-Approximate age (best guess)
-What type of outfit she was wearing
-What did she look like overall

I really don't want to make a statement with out the info I listed above.

Hope you get to the bottom of this,
I've been upping your points galore and Melda, TRex, Jubeele, Valkricry and a few others. My sister told me to read all your situations and not just members from koala country. So I'm doing that, with great joy I might add. I understand your comment completely. This site is so helpfuul especially for new members like me in finding solutions to situations of the paranormal kind.
I know that points aren't what this site is all about and I don't even give my sister points just because she's family. If I read her replies I do give her points just like I do everyone else's replies.
You have always come across as fair and investigative with your replies. You're very straight forward and I enjoy reading your comments along with Melda, TRex, Jubeele, MacNorton, Rajine- my friend, RCRuskin, MrsRamsey and many others for that very reason.
Bibliography along with Valkricry, AussieGaz and few others are incredibly informative with their replies too and make me think of so much more than I normally would. Those are my reasons for upping the points. I believe the members here are amazing. I'm certainly not saying that the members I've mentioned are the only members that have credibility, I'm mentioning these members as these are the replies I've read to date over the past 2 years and mainly since becoming a member.
(Leighlea, excuse me for using your thread to reply to LadyGlow on a topic that has no relevance to your story).
PS: Congratulations to Meghan, Prince Harry and little Archie on the new addition to your family with baby Lilly Beth.
Anno_Domini in We Call Him Steven
Hi Mel-D72, I'm pretty sure that those 2 glowing shapes are the result of lens flare (I have a background in image editing). There are 2 sources of light (2 bulbs?) behind your daughter. You can also see evidence of the 2 sources of light in the 2 shadows on the floor by the door frame and below the chair. The fringing around the green glows (refraction of the 2 light sources) are also another phenomenon of lens flares.
Thanks for the interesting story. Guam does seem mysterious, especially because it's that island Congress is afraid will tip over one day!

Seriously though, my husband was stationed on Oahu as a Marine when younger, and he said he would have the most amazing feelings as he traveled throughout the island.

Come to find out (when I started doing our ancestry six or so years back) that he's descended from the old kings and queens of Hawaii... Had a NUMBER of them going all the way back in his tree, and even a family legend that the shark is the family's totem. His 6th great grandfather was the 23rd king of Maui and a number of them were on the losing side during the big battle at the Pali cliffs (and went over the cliffs). I feel like his ancestors (and all of ours too) influenced him when he was there. When I told him that his gg grandfather owned most of Waikiki beach and his great grandfather used to sit on his family porch and save the American sailors who would be trying to surf (and got in trouble) he stopped in his tracks. Apparently one day he had an experience in the water (even as a good swimmer) and felt as though someone "assisted" him in getting to shore. I think everywhere is filled with spirit, but exotic places seem so much more... Exotic. Thanks for your story.
Matilda sounds like IsabelleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I'd like to say I'm 95% sure that these experiences are from my cat Widget, are house is over 30 years old and as far as I'm concerned no one that has ever lived in my house passed away.
If I do have any more info I will do I part two like a said😐.
Hi Lilcat21310

Incidents involving spirits of animals have always fascinated me, it's good to know that perhaps Widget is still around your'll doing what she would have done when she was alive.
Hi BiancaB

Firstly I'd like to offer my condolences on the passing of your aunt

I believe that your aunt did see you one last time, was she close to you and your mom?
The videos were gone. Sayang. πŸ™„ must be really spooky if it was experienced by kids. Salamat.
Pinaynay in Baguio Hauntings
That is right, its always feel safe to stay in one room when everybody is feeling strange. Salamat.
I love your story, uncle cyril was a good hearted man and I believe he only wanted to show himself to you. Pray for him. God bless his soul.
Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. I felt the love within your family and the voice in your head that you experience, it happened to me too after the burial of my father but it was his thought (not really voice) my father sent message through thoughts. May your step mom rest in God's care.
Sorry about the double comment... I guess it's time for me to stop staring at the screen. LOL.
To whoever is upvoting Lealeigh's comments.

I know she deserves all the positive points in the world, and I would love if she could be active again but, don't you think that voting over 200 times in a row for her is a bit too much?

Please don't take it the wrong way but, in my opinion, by doing all this voting you are sending the message that "karma points" are a highly coveted commodity thus missing the purpose of this forum: to discuss and to exchange ideas, experiences and trying to understand the paranormal.

I know that these times are strange and people are getting creative finding ways to amuse themselves, but this shouldn't have a detrimental effect on ones health... All this staring at the computer screen cannot be good for your eyes.

Best regards.
To whoever is upvoting Lealeigh's comments.

I know she deserves all the positive points in the world, and I would love if she could be active again but, don't you think that voting over 200 times in a row for her is a bit too much?

Please don't take it the wrong way but, in my opinion, by doing all this voting you are sending the message that "karma points" are a highly coveted commodity thus missing the purpose of this forum: to discuss and to exchange ideas, experiences and trying to understand the paranormal.

I know that these times are strange and people are getting creative finding ways to amuse themselves, but this shouldn't have a
Detrimental effect on one's health... All this staring at the computer screen cannot be good for your eyes.

Best regards.
Cats. Polarizing little so-and-so's aren't they? People either love 'em or hate 'em.😾

I have a cat called Matilda. I've never known anything so fickle. One minute she's purring against my leg (her food bowl's full, so WTF? I'm instantly suspicious and on edge) next minute she's sprinting away from me, terrified, as if I'm a stranger in the house. One minute she's lying down letting me scratch her belly, purring away, then suddenly all four claws and her teeth are embedded deep in my hand.

For weeks on end she will sit, early morning, outside my eldest sons' room, meowing pitifully to be let in, which I do, then a couple of weeks later it be my other sons' door. A few weeks later it will be my daughters' room and around and around it goes, so on and so forth. What the actual hell?

Anyway, enough cat-chat. Thanks for sharing, for me it's really hard to say if those occurrences are the spirit of your deceased cat, or another human spirit in your house messing with your stuff or just weird unexplainable coincidences that having nothing to do with ghosts at all.

But give me a dog any day! 😊


ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
Where the lady was on the bus, I forgot to add that detail, but she was standing in the aisle next to my seat facing backwards. If she was looking at me at the time she spoke, she would have had a good view of my face.
If it got kitty's approval, then it was a good energy.

Did aunt Lorraine and the cat know each other? If so, did they like each other?

I agree with you, it seems like your aunt went to see you that night.

Thanks for sharing.
Piscesian in The Twin Sister
Hi Rajine,
Talking about Jinn, I read somewhere (I kind of forget but I think It was words by a muslim clergy) that Jinns are like human, there are the bad one and the good one. So there are those who likes to disturb human and there are those who arent. There's this story of a friend of mine, he is a mountain hiker. Once he told me, he went on a hike and he got lost. He didn't bring enough water because it was supposed to be a short hike. And he is familiar with the trek since he went on hiking on that same trek several times. That day, he strangely lost his way and he suddenly didn't recognize the trek. And when he was almost giving up, this man in white robe appears and waved at my friend, asked my friend to follow him. My friend instinctively followed him which lead him to a familiar trek and then the man disappeared. That's when he realized that the old man is the kind Jinn. And the one who got him lost, was the evil one (there's this kind of Jinn known as Oyot Mimang, by the mountain hikers in my area, Oyot is Javanese for Roots; it's kind of strange hanging root and when you happen to touch or see it, it will make you lost your way) this is just one example.
ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
When I heard voices, my cat would look in the direction of those voices. I still don't have an explanation of how that could happen.
ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
Most of the time I do figure my thoughts come from my own mind. I just don't like when some of my thoughts are mean, and some clash with my values. I try to rebuke those thoughts, but they are persistent sometimes.
Macknorton in Lady On The Bus
Hi ButterflyChaser,

My advice for you, for what it's worth, would be to assume that all your thoughts are bubbling up from YOUR consciousness. Who knows exactly where the source of all the thoughts comes from?

Yes sometimes we have strange or disturbing thoughts but these can be acknowledged for what they are, dismissed and sent on their way, thank you very much.

However, if you are finding that you are having more of these distressing or disturbing thoughts than you can cope with, then I suggest medical assistance / advice.

However, before resorting to "pills" etc, may I suggest, from personal experience, meditation as a great tool. It helps to still, and calm all that random, often unwanted and useless activity of an over-active mind.

I wouldn't trouble yourself worrying if people can read your mind, or whether thoughts are being put into your mind from an outside source. That's a rabbit-hole that you can go down and never find anything tangible.

Fill yourself with positive energy, fear not and know that you are protected at all times when your motive is good.


ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
Let's say I am not crazy and if some people can really read minds, how do I block it? I like to keep an active thought stream in my head. Some thoughts are intrusive, but others I may be puzzling on deeper things, like concerns for humanity and sensitive topics. Dislike for political sides, etc. Stuff that I really don't want to have invaded.
ButterflyChaser in Lady On The Bus
Thank you for all your replies. I had at first thought it was in my head, but it was real. When I saw her her mouth was moving. My eye may have twitched a little and my mouth might have hid a grimace.

I did end up with different experiences but not the same as this lady.

I did go through a period of hearing voices but this was not like that, nor did I have such a thing happen before 2018 and then it stopped and happened again in 2019 before stopping again. I don't think that discredits this story. It does add a layer.

I have seen a psychiatrist and taking meds just in case.
I just looked again. How many locks are on that door? Why? The locks are bothering me more than the face!
Just popped back in to check if lajuanita has replied to any of these comments, and the OP has not yet replied.

But then I looked at the two photos again, and it is very hard to compare images that, while they may be of the same door, really don't have anything else in common.

Mrs. Ramsay, your comment makes me wonder if there is a poster behind the door.
To me it doesn't quite look like a reflection. It looks like something on the other side of the glass looking out. The head and body size reminds me of the depictions of aliens or "greys" as they're refered to. Very interesting, especially with that heavy looking padlock hanging from the door. Makes me wonder what's back there.
Travis, I think you may have got your wires crossed there my friend.

There's two separate instances the author is writing about.

1."One night, we had those shades that when you pull them, they roll up because we were in the process of ordering new ones. One night, in my room while I was asleep, they suddenly popped up."

2. "I was taking a bath and I always shut the door but when I was drying off, I saw it was locked, which I didn't do. I got locked in the bathroom and we had to call the landlord because my parents couldn't get me out."


That's pretty creepy, having to deal with hauntings at the same time as having to deal with such strong emotions surrounding your son's treatment for cancer. I sincerely hope he continues to do well and that he gets a full get-out-of-cancer-free card in 6 months time. ❀
MrsRamsay, I hope you are well. Positive feedback-this story has 2 dreams in it. I know this is not a dream site, but thought butthead orb guy was pertinent to our story and hope no one gets irritated with us going off-script of YGS. We moved from mirror home early 2014 and have since lived in 5 different places. We have sold a couple of homes and bought a couple. Not bragging, the moving around might cause some confusion with my stories. We bought a view lot, had custom home built, and lived in it for 2 1/2 years. Due to Covid concerns, we sold it in Summer of 2020, bought this smaller home with RV parking and now I'm retired. We have our first garden growing, have made our front and back yards our oasis of flowers, with bird feeders, and watching the squirrels, pigeons, and a mouse picking up what's fallen is entertaining. If we have a nightmare we make sure to talk about it right then, so in the morning we can remember the visit. I love the orb with arm around you. In my opinion, in death you go outwards not upwards. I have 1 last story left and I will be current. I finally filled in the Bio on this site. Take care! Wife edited.
Chaningham91 in Haunted Children's Ward
Thankyou everyone for your comments. 😊

Macknorton... I have had similar experiences before.
When I was younger, I used to see a man & woman stood staring at me all the time. No expression on their faces & always in the same place against a wall. They were always together. I never saw the man without the woman & vice versa. They never gave me a bad vibe either.
As I grew older I've heard voices, had things moved. Heard footsteps. Just subtle things really, but whoever they are they're making them selfs known lol.
There are loads more but I'd be here all day πŸ˜†
I just realized something after I posted. I have a photo of a man's face in an orb. Am pretty certain it's my deceased husband who was tagging along for our tour of the Marine Corps Museum when it first opened in Virginia. We stopped to take a family photo outside and I remember initially being so disappointed that the photo turned out so blurry. A couple years later, when I realized I could see paranormal type things in photos, I saw the orb resting on my head (which I initially thought was a twinkling light of the building behind me) and a partially formed arm sort of around my neck. If you look real close, you can see the face in the orb. Not scary though, just a loved one.
Oh my, you ask for positive feedback? I always enjoy your posts (edited by your kind wife).

I'm laughing in delight at specifically two points in your story yet cringing at the rest, it's really scary. First, trying not to get a song stuck in your head just cracked me up. When I wake at night to use the bathroom (sometimes a couple times if I couldn't hydrate until evening, tmi, sorry) I almost always have some random song in my head. I think I count it as a blessing though. Because if I focus on that, I can't notice other things. Like orbs. Or men's faces in orbs. OMG, scary. And the dreams, yes, scary too. I have told my husband I think that the songs in my head at night is a coping method I've had since young, same as when I wake up at night I rarely look around or even up, I look down while walking to the bathroom and try not to see. I'm 60 and never even realized I do that until just a few years ago.

Oh, the second funny thing: eye booger. If the bad man ever attempts to scare either of you again, you should call him out as an "eye booger." Tell him to get away from you, please, he should not be there. Good luck with your insomnia, in all seriousness. I have also had similar dreams, mostly when I started living in this house, never really before. It gets scary when your kid tells you about a dream that is almost the same. I still have not figured out what to do about these strange dreams, which are very infrequent, so am looking forward to reading the advice you get. PS is this a different house than the one with the mirrors? I might've missed that part.
Hi Chantelle

Thanks for posting these experiences, and good to hear your son is on the upward path to recovery. You write very well so I was able to immerse myself in this hospital, and your experiences.

One of the questions that often arises for me, when examining spirit / ghost interactions, is WHY do they do what they do?

The humming lullaby could well have been a "residual haunting"; that is when an event (often traumatic, but not always) is somehow imprinted in the ether around us and gets replayed to, or experienced by, a flesh and blood human. However, it could also have been a spirit deciding to hum a lullaby in your vicinity, but why?

The flushing toilets and tap turning trick is one that seems to be a relatively common theme in supernatural encounters. If taken for granted that it must require a lot of energy, skill, determination for spirits to interact with this material plane, then then for me the question again arises; why? Why would a spirit go to the trouble of turning on taps, and flushing toilets for another persons benefit?

Surely if they wanted to scare someone, they could do a good old fashioned materialization, or hurl objects around. Flushing a crapper is a bit...well, lame? I agree that the subsequent whispering in your ear is turning it up to another level though. If this spirits desire was to simply frighten you then, well done you invisible a-hole!πŸ™„

My questions don't require answers; I'm merely expressing equal parts of puzzlement and wonder at this kind of phenomenon that we currently Earth-bound humans struggle to understand the mechanics of.

Have you ever had any other kind of psychic experiences/ interactions prior to this hospital stay?


Also just wanted to add, your writing is very mature for your age, congratulations on that. You must be a very good student!
Hi Kittens,
As a mom of a girl about your age, I understand how boring this year has been and wanted to say congrats on your creativity. I watched a lot of your You Tube and had an observation and a question.

First, at about 5:15 on the video, a message "I am as dead on the outside as I am inside. RIP 2020" comes on the screen. Since you've inserted other cute fonted writing in your video, I'm assuming that is your work also. What does it mean? It's a little spooky to me because it doesn't match what you and your friend are doing at all!? Frankly, it seems like a bit of a cry for help, or intentionally trying to be scary despite your activity. I don't mean to put intent in for you, just relaying how it impressed me when I saw it. Can you explain?

Second, I was trying to replicate something I saw at the 8:52ish mark, but was unable to. When I slowed down your video, to half motion and then even slower, there is an anomaly sort of forming on the wall just behind your right elbow. First it looks like a blur coming and going, barely. Then it looks like the shadow of your elbow when it pops up, but I cannot seem to find the same thing anywhere else in the video, even though your elbow pops up a lot. One can see your vague shadow on that wall when you move throughout the video, but it's a much lighter brown vs. This short black shadow figure. Because you have on a black sweater, it really does look like the shadow of your elbow, until you play it back very slowly and you see it pops up and then back down BEFORE your elbow goes back down. I don't know what it is, but the pretty colored glitter slime you were making was probably very intriguing, especially if it's a little girl.

If I were you though, I would not acknowledge it in any way. I hope at your age, you will tell your mom if you haven't already and be careful posting videos of yourself on line. I do not think you should be concerned, but just do not engage.

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