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Oh, 😨 I'd be so paranoid to see a hand print on the wall in the bathroom! I wonder how old the apartment is and if there had been any renovations done? You were saying that you've had a lot of strange things happen there. Fascinating!
Dar77 in Bonanza
Cuddlebear- hello and thank you for reading and for your input as well. Like I said in my story I never did figure out how to operate the DVR, nor did I have the desire to do so. The device just sat there unused and the ONLY person to ever touch it was the satellite installer when he hooked it up. One day I noticed a red light on it and eventually pushed play. I full heartily feel it was my Father trying to warn me of my current health conditions.
Dar77 in Bonanza
Sleeping with steve- hi and thank you for reading and for your input, it means a lot to me πŸ€— I strongly feel it was my Dad trying to warn me of my current health conditions and I have to admit it was sort of comforting to know he is still watching over me. Thanks for the heartfelt wishes
silverthane61 in Mireille's Daffodils
This story is reminiscent of the many graveyard maidens that haunt many cemeteries in the US - the most famous of which is the white lady of Chicago. What makes this one different is the personal interaction that you shared with the deceased. Indeed, RIP Mireille.
Really enjoyed this story. I'm fascinated by phone calls from the other side.
silverthane61 in The Soldiers' Wing
Good story! I believe that you and your "third-eye" friends may be picking up residuals. I may have read it wrong, but your haunt does not seem like an intelligent haunt. Rather, it seems that you are sensing the emotional residue from times past. Some individuals are gifted in this, being able to "sense or see" what many of us cannot.
Kindly_refrain in My Grandpa Is Still Awesome
For a few years after my mother died, my sister would get strange calls on days of family importance.

The phone would ring shorter than normal and the caller ID did not show who was calling.

When my sister picked up the phone the person sounded like our mother but the sound was not clear.

Interesting to me, like in this account, it sounded like there was a party going on in the background in every one of these calls.
Cuddlebear in Bonanza
Dar77 ~

This is an intriguing story and very sweet. I am very Sorry to read about your health issues, I wish you well.

While it is possible that just by "playing around" with a DVR you could "accidentally" record something it is stretching credulity to suppose you could accidentally record something pertinent to your condition, especially for a show you are unfamiliar with. If you could come up with the name of either the actor who played the father of the daughter you could likely find the episode in question.

As a child I remember Bonanza, it was cancelled when I was 13 (I just did the research). Back then TV was a lot more limited than it is now.
Well, lady-glow, T-Rex has been visiting Fergie and Melda. They're getting him to use his pointy sharp teeth to chomp on bad people for them. Not surprisingly, he's put on a fair bit of weight. But he can swim alongside the Crimson Dread when we go hunting for pirate treasure. Or be our bouncer at Val's Trespauze Manor. I hear there be haunted mines, witches, zombies and skeletons ahoy there. You can wear your glow-in-the dark onesie. 😘

Ruskin, I'll never go clubbing without my 'bratty' brother. 😜 Besides, you'll be mixing the drinks.

Manafon, don't forget you're the DJ. Please bring your vintage vinyls. πŸ˜†
Rex, your point about the "The Boys' Club" makes sense. Many of the war veterans would have grown up in a generation where men were not supposed to talk about their feelings, let alone admit to any weaknesses. PSTD was also known as "shell shock" or "combat stress".

If certain individuals had been attached to the club as their 'second home', they might have lingered on after death. The renovations and strangers moving around their once-peaceful domain would surely have irritated them.

When I felt myself surrounded by unseen people downstairs, I got the distinct impression that I was intruding. That was why I took care to be polite and explain what I was doing there. I definitely got the urge to "go away"! 😲


I'm really glad that my experiences have helped you. I think that a lot of spirits who are attached to people like to be treated with kindness and respect and, in my experience, this has (nearly) always helped me to get items returned more quickly than when I've lost my temper with Charlie.

Persevere with your house spirit - you might be surprised at the results 😊

Thank you for your comments, Silver and Biblio. I like the idea of Charlie being a brownie or a hobgoblin. I have, on occasion, wondered if he is a sprite of some kind, but brownie or hobgoblin have never been high on my radar - I always associate them with country cottages, farm houses, etc., definitely not with an early Victorian house in south west London (Battersea)! Putting my history degree to some use (at last!), I realised that if people moved from agrarian life styles to urban living it makes sense that their 'folk tales' would come with them and, as we know, the majority of folk tales have a sound basis of truth. I think Charlie is happy with us, and I hope he goes on to live with my daughter when I've gone. He seems to prefer females to males - my Great Aunt, my mother and now me!

I often talk to Charlie, telling him family news and such like. When I told him last year that my mum has had to go into a care home due to her dementia, he went very quiet for about 3 months. Then I found my mum's music box in the fridge, so I new he was back 😊.

Silver, in my experience hauntings are as rare in the UK as they are anywhere. Some of the pubs and manor houses/castles/etc. Cultivate the idea that they are haunted for purely commercial reasons. There are genuine hauntings in these types of places. I think that many of these are well documented and in some cases there is photographic and/or audio evidence of the spirits. After Biblio's comments, I wonder if any of these spirits are in fact nature sprites? Hmmmm - more food for thought for me!

I do have more stories to tell both of my childhood and now that I'm adult as well as things that happened to my family. Some are scary, some are sad and others are just plain funny!

Thank you all for your comments - they are much appreciated.😊
RCRuskin in The Soldiers' Wing
If we're going to the club, mind if I come along?

Also, going to hunt up those photos and take another look at them. And I swear I will get the measurements for you today!
Hi Manafon

That was so bizarre about the blurry photos in Arizona, especially when I asked about that odd-looking woman walking past you. Weirder still was that neither you or Mrs Manafon actually noticed her in the photo until I mentioned it. Like a "do-not-see-me" deflection was at work. Ooo, goosebumps!

We had enough natural light in the office, which should have negated the pall of fluorescent lighting. But now that I think about it, the people most affected by negativity were sitting farthest from the windows and closest to entrance to the staircase leading downstairs. Their general discontent and malice might not be such a coincidence after all. πŸ€”
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Thanks to Martin for allowing me to post this!
lady-glow in The Soldiers' Wing

Of course!
I really miss TyrACMEsaurus Rex and his pointy, sharp teeth.
Hello All,

Long-time no speak.

My impression of these spirits/echoes stems from my father's behavior. He was a veteran of the Second World War and would not talk of his experiences to the family or his work colleagues. He would, however, spend time at "The Boys Club" with his other mates, particularly on ANZAC day.

I used to ask mum where dad was going, and she would tell me that he was seeing his war buddies. He would generally come back in a good mood and once told us kids of a funny story, while serving in Papua New Guinea.

With what I now know, I am assuming that a lot of the "War Vets" from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam suffered from what we now know and recognize as PTSD and their coping mechanism was to go somewhere quiet where they could talk about their experiences over a few beers.

This meant that strangers entering their quiet space were generally not welcome and hence a possible link to the negative energy experienced by Jubeele and her work colleagues.

Anyway, I'm glad Jubeele is now out of that environment, both for her sake and to maintain a place for souls that desire some peace.

PS lady-glow, can I bring T-Rex with us?

DragonLuvrD in Grandma's Visit?
I believe it was a baseline Checkerspot, it had a yellowish edge along the wings.

I was also raised by my Grandmother, from the time I was 7 to adulthood she has been my grandmother/Mother. It certainly makes for a unique bond, doesn't it?
lady-glow in The Soldiers' Wing
Jubeele - my ghost hunting kit is getting dusty and rusty, though the BS detector has gone off several times during the past few months... I think it's time to bring those ACME things out! 😊
Are you by any chance the same author (Robin15) from "Living in a Haunted Convent"?

Honeybird, I apologize for what I'm going to say but, - do you realize how contradictory your last comment and narrative are?

"He told me that as he was walking home he saw a dark figure on the roof"


"He didn't think it was something until I told him what I saw. The thing was almost the same but white."

So, was it dark or was it white? It cannot be both.

I find it odd that a cat wouldn't try to get away from a threatening presence.

I hope you understand that I'm not being critical, but your story is kind of... Questionable?
Manafon1 in The Soldiers' Wing
Hi Jubeele--It was great to finally read an account of your one time workplace. I remember closely looking at the photos you sent and the strange blurry quality to some of them. I believe I sent you some similar photos that I took at an allegedly haunted hotel in Jerome, Arizona. In both cases it seems possible that the cause of the blurriness was paranormal as opposed to an auto-focus issue as some images were affected while others, taken at the same time in the same location mere moments apart, weren't. At least that's how my Arizona photos were. Only certain images of the hotel interior were blurred in unusual ways. All other photos from the trip taken with the same camera were unaffected.

Seems likely you were just extra sensitive to spirits still hanging about the place or to imprints of the buildings former uses that might somehow have saturated the atmosphere. That atmosphere might have affected the other employees by making them cranky and short tempered. It's possible that some of the unpleasantness was caused by, or exacerbated by the lighting used in the building. I worked at a newspaper office that had horrendous fluorescent lighting that severely messed with my head. I'd feel by turns claustrophobic, nervous and depressed under that type of light. Like you, I didn't work there long. Whatever it was that might've been there in "The Soldier's Wing", it seems that you made the right decision to leave.
That would have been so scary to experience that as a child and not have anyone believe you. Great story, thank you for sharing 😊
Hola lady-glow

[cluck, cluck] Did someone say "chicken"? πŸ” That would be me. But if you're coming with me, I can get out the old ghost-hunting kit in time for Halloween. We'll have to remember the Acme roadrunner shoes, the thermos of Bloody Marys and the sharpened toothbrushes. πŸ‘»

I did feel thick waves of negativity from a few people, who seemed to be walking around the office under a dark cloud. The mood in the place would go sour when they walked in. I couldn't understand at the time why they got so angry. Maybe one person was having personal issues that spilled over into the workplace. But three and spreading to more? Incidentally, I wasn't the only one who ended up resigning within the space of a year in that place. Scary stuff.

Speaking of scary, have you seen this short film: "Haunted Boy"? 😨
Hi Ruskin, my Honorary Brother 'Brat'

Those were the same photos and I did include them with my submission. I've emailed Martin if he can upload them for us. To be honest, I couldn't make out anything out of the ordinary in them.

But my Romani friend, who has often surprised me with his observations, saw shadows of people about the sofa lounge. He also had an impression of glass partitions in the photos. Rex remembers the club from years ago, when the gaming room used to be sectioned off from the rest of the floor by glass panels.

It's true that some departed spirits can be quite persistent and have nasty dispositions. They can also exert undue influence on the living if we're not careful.

P.S. For those who are interested, Π‘Ρ€Π°Ρ‚ (pronounced "brat") means brother in Russian. πŸ˜€
My only neighbour is an old priest that can barely walk and a school. I am sure that the thing saw was a shadow person as a month later I was outside collecting my cat when I saw another one crouching on the ground facing the house with his hands on his face. This encounter of the shadow person was much bigger than the last one when it was crouching. (I don't want to know how big it was.)

When I was collecting my cat he was scared of something and the atmosphere was very off. As we live in a slightly hunted Convent all the Nuns were very active that day too. I thought nothing of it until I connected the dots after I saw it.

I know it was not a stranger as it was too big and why the hell would someone walk on holy ground at high anyway.

My brother thought nothing of it as he thought it was just a light coming from my room. He didn't think it was something until I told him what I saw. The thing was almost the same but white.

I did look for the piece of metal the next day but it was completely gone. There was no way that the piece of metal fell and I am sure it was not there before as it was in a bush against the window point to the inside of the veranda.

Warming honeybird
Oh no tigerfeet, 😊 NEVER feel sorry for your ramblings, I've enjoyed reading every word and love that feeling of nostalgia as well. I had another incident and took your advice by asking nicely for my missing item to PLEASE be returned. I was irritated at first but then remained calm. The next morning when I was doing my laundry I found my money at the bottom of the laundry basket! 😲 😁 That's the first time I've had something "returned" so quickly. Thank you for sharing, you've been a comfort and great help. ❀
WOW! 😨 I don't think I would have slept all night if I saw some entity explode like that, especially thinking it was my daughter. I'm glad the girls were okay and you too. Do you know any history about the house? I lived in military housing too, it's not a happy place to be. I would see an apparition of a little girl and her dog in my bedroom. Seems there are lots of hauntings around military bases. Looking forward to your next story about this incident.
OMG, 😒 Those onions are making me tear up too! I believe Wolf was there for Denis. Your story really tugged on my heart strings. I love how that little red bow lifted off the branches to reassure Denis and finally make a believer out of him. God bless you, I'm so sorry for your loss, but no one will ever take away your memories. ❀
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
Hi cobraknights007,
Thank you for the information and for reading my story!
Since then I have adopted a cat who I named:
Freya Viking Goddess

He's a boy but they told me he was a girl. By the time I found out different it was too late. He had fully embraced the name, Freya.

The house where I got him wasn't a good place. The lady of the house said she was going to take all the kittens to the animal shelter. They weren't even quite old enough to be separated from their mother.

So, I took all of the kittens and found homes for them among my family and friends. When I brought Freya home he was jumpy and had a broken tail.

That was nine years ago and these days Freya is a happy and well adjusted little man.

I cannot abide abuse against any animal.

Once again, thank you for reading my story, Maria ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Haunted Cabin In Pigeon Forge, Tn
Hello Mrs Page,

You should post your experience here so that members can visit your thread and help you with their suggestions.

I understand how terrifying it must be for you. I felt the same way when I first experienced spirits visiting me.

They mostly need help moving on or have a message for you. In my case I have a stubborn spirit who doesn't know the meaning of NO.

I've been using Rookdygins cleansing method since joining this site with much success, recommended to me by Dee a lovely member here. All the members here are lovely and have a fountain of ideas to rid spirits. Secret being diligence. Don't stop, keep using the method. I find when I stop, my stubborn spirit returns. πŸ˜•

Here's Rookdygins profile page. On his first page in his Bio you will find his cleansing method. A lot of members here swear by it. When you finish, your home smells lovely and not to mention your home will be really clean.


Keep us posted.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Your story is very sad but uplifting at the same time.

Thank You for sharing it!

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
Bibliothecarius in Home Alone And Never Again
Greetings, honeybird22, and welcome to YGS.

The astonishing, *positive* part of the phenomenon you described is that it was all occurring *outside* your house. Certainly, these shadow-people have gotten uncomfortably close to the house's windows and skylights, but I don't think I've ever read an account in which shadow entities were being kept out of a house without some prior experience and/or intervention on the part of the inhabitants. Your family's religious practices (if any), close-knit relationships (if applicable), or normal behaviors *may* be protecting you from much worse phenomena. Most shadow-figure encounters occur when these entities have already entered the home (or other building), causing a great deal of fear.

I remember being a teen who was happy to see his family go on excursions so they'd leave me the hell alone. As an adult, I miss my wife's presence when she's out for coffee with a friend for more than an hour, so that's a situation that can change under the right circumstances. It's not that you don't love them, it's simply feeling constrained by your family's near-constant presence that can drive you up the wall.

Do you have a next-door neighbor whom you trust? For example, when your family are out and you think you see something, is there someone you can call to ask, "I thought I saw someone behind our houses; could you check out your window?" This way you may be able to get independent verification of the presence, so you don't look like someone who regularly "wastes police time" when you get a little jumpy. Having a corroborating witness, even to a shadowy presence lurking about, will lend credence to your reporting unusual movement behind the house.

I'm with lady-glow and Lealeigh on calling the police when you are troubled by these entities, but I'm suggesting that you take an extra precaution that will prevent them from reacting along the lines "oh, it's just that nervous kid again."

Take care of yourself (including *not* going outside alone & vulnerable when you suspect the entities are nearby), honeybird.

lady-glow in My Eyes Don't Lie
Welcome to YGS.

John - in my opinion. This entity seems to be benign and, possibly, unaware that it is unnecessary for them to remain on this plane. Perhaps talking to them in a respectful way and explaining that its okay for them to move on and join their loved ones could help the spirit/s to cross over. It would be better not to talk to them.
Have you tried blessing or cleansing the place in accordance with your personal beliefs or asking for the help of a religious leader?

Keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing.
I agree that it's a good idea to call the police when something like that happens. It's better to err on the side of caution.

On a lighter note, I can relate to the feeling of freedom that you described having when the house is empty of people.

When I was a teenage I used to go in the den with the stereo loud and practice, what I called, my "dance moves".πŸ˜†

If anybody came home unexpectedly, I would just act like I was stretching or something.

Nowadays, I wear headphones and don't care how crazy I look in front of my loved ones or neighbors.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
lady-glow in The Soldiers' Wing
Hello Jubeele - that place sounds like the dream of every ghost hunter... And a nightmare for any ordinary featherless chicken.

Perhaps the ghosts were creating and feeding off on all that animosity. A good thing that you stopped working there.

Nice to see you around.
Thanks for sharing. ❀

Did Mireille go from her grave to that spot on the road? Or did she hitch a ride in your car? Or was she in both places at the same time, though her thoughts at the dip in the road seem to be her thoughts at the moment of death?

As she has shed this mortal coil, I believe she is no longer bound by time and space constraints as we are.
RCRuskin in The Soldiers' Wing
Hi, Honorary Sister!

The photos you mention here, were they the ones you sent to me?

And sometimes, I think the dead can get quite pushy with us living folks. 😁
I been trying to research this stuff. I just stayed in a cabin on a mountain right above Pigeon Forge, TN. IT sounds very similar to the one [at] snowboarder300 stayed in. I have been on the fence about paranormal activity. Wasn't sure if it was really real. I have never experienced it before. But last week while I was in the cabin I saw an old man standing in my room. I also heard footsteps in front of the bed like someone was pacing back and forth but I saw no one. There was more paranormal activity that went on. I'm trying to make sense of all this and figure out what was going on and why this happened to me! Someone help! I'm actually terrified. 😨
Sleeping-with-steve in Bonanza
Hello Dar77,

What a coincidence. I just finished watching ' First born', an episode of Bonanza and by chance came across your post.

I have every episode of Bonanza recorded. It brings back fond memories of my father who always watched the series. I remember sitting in the lounge room trying to figure out what the program was about. Now as an adult I completely understand each episode has family values or life lessons and wholesome viewing.

I often read posts here, I up vote the member and move on to the next post. After reading your post I felt like you father is obviously around trying to communicate with you.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
"You have now successfully walked around the downstairs" should be "... Around the downstairs bathroom." Cut and paste is my enemy.

My detailed description will help in future stories, I promise. I hope you don't mind how long it was! ❀
So your brother "saw a dark figure on the roof peering into my bedroom skylight."

Was the figure similar to the ones you saw?
Did he shout at the figure? Did he or anyone else call the police to report the intruder?
Have you asked around the neighborhood if anyone else has seen these figures?
Have you seen them again?
Did you look for the piece of metal the next day? Are you sure it wasn't there before you noticed it? Are you sure it didn't fall down under its own weight?

If you ever see some stranger/s roaming around your place, the best thing to do is to lock up all the doors and windows, and call the police.

Thanks for sharing.
Dar77 in Bonanza
Luciajacinta- I am aware that bonanza is available for viewing on certain channels, but like I had stated I never figured out how to use the device and we had satellite dish. Unless the DVR could somehow set itself up and record a partial episode that had some relation to myself than I honestly feel my Father was trying to communicate with me. I didn't share my story in order to ask whether or not someone believed me, I don't need validation. I merely wanted to share what happened 😁
Dar77 in Bonanza
Lunahenry- thank you for explaining that to me, makes perfect sense πŸ€—
Dar77 in Bonanza
MrsRamsay- hi and thank you for taking the time to read and share your input 😁 I highly believe it was my Dad trying to communicate and thank you for the get well wishes tooπŸ€—
Bibliothecarius in Friendly Little Charlie
Greetings, tigerfeet, and welcome back!

Just a point of clarification for you, initially. You noted that, "He doesn't get more active when there are arguments or upsets in the house, nor did his antics increase when I hit puberty or when my children did." The reason that the maturation process triggers increases in poltergeist phenomena is that much of the activity is *generated* by the suppressed mood swings of young teens. This, in my view, rules out Charlie's being a poltergeist manifestation. Poltergeists express frustration, anger, and much more negative emotions than you have described.

As Charlie has been active with your family for several generations, and has decided that you are his close friend, I'm going to suggest two possibilities: either a spirit with a strong personality or a brownie. Charlie may be a deceased individual who has formed a good relationship with your family, through decades of positive and humorous interaction. You've taken his pranks in good sport, and he's been helpful or contrite when you decide he's crossed a significant line. Brownies, my second guess, are helpful house-spirits of British lore (one of our regular contributors, Tweed, has one in her home); they are associated with keeping houses tidy, whereas the closely-related "Hobgoblin" spirits are known for playing pranks in good fun.

I suspect that your entity *may* be a Hobgoblin, as this would account for his mischievous sense of humor, but I wouldn't rule out a young boy's spirit.

I enjoyed your crisp writing style as you delved into key moments over several decades, introducing each with a succinct contextual comment. I do hope that you have more to share with us in future.

silverthane61 in Friendly Little Charlie
Tigerfeet, I have read that most of the manors, pubs, and inns in England have their very own local haunts. In this, you are certainly proof of that. Like children, you cannot choose your parents - and as earth-dwellers, we cannot choose our ghosts. So it is certainly refreshing to read about one family who actually gets along with their haunt. Poltergeists are often person-specific - in that, I mean that wherever the person goes, the poltergeist goes. But yours seems to have been there long before you came along. Good tale!
LuciaJacinta in Bonanza
Mrs Ramsey, one of the local cable channels has Bonanza on regularly, MeTV, I think the Inspire channel has it on too... I watch episodes all the time with my elderly clients in my home health job. They are quite good shows actually. I think it could randomly record an episode if you accidentally set it for a channel and a time period, but I agree, it has eerie coincidence with the sick daughter. If it brings you comfort, no harm in thinking it could be from your dad:)
That is odd MrsRamsey, because for some reason I'd held back offering Journey of the Souls on my initial post and I don't really know why? Perhaps a coincidence? Or perhaps not? Anyway, you are right about life being too short and overthinking these possibilities can consume you in more ways than one (cough,cough)...I'm a life after death information junkie who probably should get a life πŸ˜† anyway,

I hope you enjoy the read and yes, Michael Newton took a risk speaking out on his research in the process of putting his credibility on the line... I'm sure his motive wasn't about making a few bucks out of a couple of books.

Regards Daz!
cobraknights007 in Gretel And Moe
Many city and town chapters, of the Animal Rescue League (the A.R.L.), have adoption programs for different kinds of pets. They often cost very little, and are sometimes even free.
I am a Utah teacher. In a town with a small base. There are some freaky schools around here. It is my policy to teach in the newer ones, but I'd never turn down a job in an older one. I have only had a few experiences in Utah that are explainable. Your story was very interesting and I really enjoyed it! I actually went hunting in one of the oldest schools in a nearby town. I would love to know other stories from the school your mom had been in.
silverthane61 The weather and terrain there was horrible. I think there probably were a lot of "haunts" in the area and there is so much history there. If you visited there, I am guessing you might have been assigned to "the box" which was the training area?
Hi Lealeigh, Sarom is a dress our elderly locals (male Sri lankans) mostly wear. It's a waist to your feet long cloth which is been stitched from both sides where you have to get in from the top or bottom.
Hi Pasindu,
Good story but I have one question. What is a sarom? I tried looking it up on Google but the results from the search aren't giving me a clear picture of what the garment may look like.

Honestly, in my part of the world, the search results keep bringing me reviews of a local restaurant.

I'm imagining it to be a long, flowing garment.

Sorry for the rambling comment. I'm not so good at brevity. 😁

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
Lunahenry in Bonanza
bittersweet because:
Bitter: you are sick again.
Sweet: that your father is still with you to comfort you.
Wow, I had some time off this weekend and went to the links Daz provided, and was quite interested to hear everything! How about this? Right after I'd posted the comment asking if I should be reading something, I saw an ad for the book, "Journey of Souls" on this website, sort of off to the right side. I had clicked on it and read a good many of the Amazon reviews on the book. Days later, I got your comment, so was familiar with the hypnotist and his research. I think I was somewhat skeptical after reading the reviews, but when I watched his You Tube videos (your link) I had a completely different feeling. Credible is the best word I can think of. My mind is open. I won't dwell too long there though, too much life to be lived without constant thoughts of death and the potential after or between lives. Does anyone else have a strange push/pull thing going on with this kind of thing? I'm fascinated, but then I think, "Get back to LIFE!" I'm a busy mom, so perhaps that's part of it, but I also KNOW that all my dead people (don't know what else to call them: husband, mom, dad, grandparents, fun aunts...) want me to do great things in this life. I FEEL that! Almost every day! PS, I'm a teacher and a writer -- a journalist, not a fiction writer -- and inspiration comes to me that's NOT based in pure talent... I feel that too. Another story for another day! I do thank you all very much for the links and info. Headed now to read the pdf doc that was linked. Be well!
MrsRamsay in Bonanza
Me too, healing prayers!
I absolutely believe this was paranormal/supernatural/your dad! When was the last time any of us saw ANY kind of re-run of Bonanza? I find this absolutely believable and wonderful and hope you're feeling better soon.
Thank you for the followup, Lea. I am a trained librarian, though not currently working in libraries. I suspect that a previous resident of the property had a son named Mark. And I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

"My treasures are within." Sign on the Columbus Ohio Public Library.
Aliceinlamplight in Prairie House In Rockford, Il
CCKitty, thank you for updating your story with a new photo - it meant that I was given the gift of reading a fascinating story that I hadn't previously come across on YGS! What an absolutely beautiful house. It does have a certain 'feel' to it, even looking at it on GoogleMaps. By the way, I do love the fact that simply by travelling around the corner on GoogleMaps, it transports me between seasons, giving a far more autumnal view of side the house facing 1st St, in comparison to the summer view afforded by the Prairie St photography! I don't really have any other thoughts to add, apart from repeating that the house is so beautiful. I love old houses and even more so, old houses with a history to them, which this one clearly has in spades. Even if it is a bit creepy, it does add a level of interest to the property beyond its good looks. The house I am living in at the moment is 110 years old, which is fairly old in Australian terms. We have a resident spirit, but it is kind and good-natured, so we all reside here happily together. I sometimes wonder if that is part of what attracted me to this house in the first place.
Bibliothecarius in The Fate Of A Beautiful Soul
Greetings, Nalchen, it has been a while!

When a person with some skill in prediction, foresight, or prophecy definitely sees/knows there will be an event in the future, that event will occur. I've lately read accounts, some on YGS, that suggest the impact of the events may be diminished, but the event does occur to some degree. Given your assertions about your mother's capacity to predict the future with some accuracy, then she did know your father's death was imminent.

That said, his future death also may have been obvious to the spirit of the misguided girl who committed suicide. No one knows what she was thinking or why, but there is a precedent for people who are approaching the ends of their lives suddenly becoming more attuned to supernatural presences and experiences. I'd guess that this phenomenon may work both ways, allowing the supernatural to recognize those who will be joining them in whatever afterlife awaits. (I wonder if they could hitch-hike a ride to the afterlife if they missed their own opportunity at their time of death?)

It was unfortunate that your mother spent years blaming herself for not detaining your father & keeping him at home that day. I'm glad she helped many others, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it after seeing ill omens in her cards, especially as she undertook this reading in reaction to the dream in which your dad had *already seen* what was going to happen to him later in the day.

Knowing/seeing/glimpsing the future can be a difficult experience. On several occasions, I have taken definite steps to prevent events I have predicted; none of these precautions has worked. In order to see the future, the future must be there to be seen; perhaps extra precautions may reduce the consequences, but they will not magically prevent it from happening.

You have my sincere condolences on the loss of your mother, Nalchen. It is good that you got to spend time with her; I hope that her sharing her burden of unwarranted guilt with you gave her some measure of peace, too.

I go past that well twice during my afternoon walk. Whenever I go over there and look at it I get that dwarf from the movie "Labyrinth" in my head. He says:
"This is an Oubliette... The Labyrinth's full of them!"
Ha πŸ˜†
At the Library a local historian helped me look up the history of our property.

In 1838 this property and the surrounding land belonged to General DeLoach. He sold it after the Civil War to Ashley Lawson. Lawson's children died young and are buried here somewhere. He and his wife are buried with them but they both died much later.

There was a farm house, farm buildings and housing for slaves. The DeLoach family had slaves but the Lawson family farm appears to have been a small affair. These buildings were destroyed to make room for the railroad tracks.

The railroad came through here in the late 1880s. To be honest, I'd like to go back to the library when I have another entirely free day. It was bewildering until I got help from an extremely informed library employee.

I had to go to the Valdosta library because the little one in this town isn't open on the weekends. It's not far to Valdosta and my mother wanted to go and check out some audio books.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
Hi Cherubim

Thank you for your comments. Charlie can be extremely vexing at times! Last year I was trying to wrap up last minute presents - ok, so don't judge me I was trying to wrap ALL the presents I had for family and friends - on Christmas Eve. First the tape vanished, found it in the shower in our en suite. That delayed me for about 10 minutes, as I had other tape that I could use! This seemed to really set him off, but to be honest, I think he loves Christmas as much as I do. When I took the new roll of tape back to my bedroom to continue wrapping, the roll of wrapping paper was gone. I checked in the dog's bed, where she stashes anything 'interesting' that she finds laying about (the dog is only just over 2 so not responsible for any of the previous loses!), but it wasn't there. I went downstairs and got another roll of paper, and when I got back upstairs it was in the middle of the bed. To stop any more loses I tucked the scissors in my pocket, but when I went to use them, they'd gone. I found them at the same time that I found the missing tape - both happily living in the shower tray!

For all his mischievous ways, I really can't imagine life without him. I thought I'd lost him on my last move, and was really thrilled when the mischief started again, so we knew he was back! I really want him to come with us when we move - I really miss the little bugger when he's not around. We have always assumed that he's a small boy, not sure why, but I guess we'll never know - and I definitely do not want to stress him (do spirits feel stress?) by asking him to reveal himself or anything like that. Guess we're just a little bit sentimental:)

We've never seen him, and definitely never seen anything move - I have cats and a dog, and they are the only one's that seem to be aware when he is around, but don't react aggressively or scared - they just watch something make it's way around the room and settle back down to sleep when it seems to have gone.

Sorry, I've been rambling on, but to tell the truth, it's kind of nostalgic thinking back to all the things he's moved or hidden over the years. I just realised that Charlie is probably well over 100 years old as a spirit - my great aunt owned the house from some time in the 1920s and Charlie was already in residence when they moved in.

Don't be scared of your resident friend or angry with him/her - if Charlie takes something important (like my garter on the morning of my wedding to my 2nd husband) I just ask him nicely, tell him that what he's taken is very important and say please can I have it back. My garter came back about 10 minutes later, laying in the middle of the fridge!
Thanks for providing that link for the photo. A long time ago when I read your story, I attempted to guess which house it was on Google Street View.
I was looking at the right house but I was just lucky.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
Flamaboar1712 in Play And Drown
My Grandma's town also has a lake known for killing people. It is situated on the the top of a hill which has 7 houses (all of which are abandoned). The scary thing is that the hill is just 40 metres from my grandma's home. At least two people drown in there every year.
CCKitty - Wow I can feel the vibes in that house and the surrounding property just by looking at the photograph. No wonder it was such a scary place to live. But then on the other side of the coin, brand new homes can be twice as scary to live in!

Regards, Melda
My old link to a photo is not working so here is a new link.

Also in a newspaper article about the house - a man who lived there experienced the same things we did, but with one extra feature. He got a phone call in the middle of the night. When he answered it there was no sound for many seconds, and then an old woman's voice asked, "Am I dead?"
Dar77 in Bonanza
Hi Cherubim πŸ€— thanks once again for reading and for your thoughful input 😌 I really do believe it was him and it is comforting in knowing that he is still here. Can I ask why my story is bittersweet for you? Thank you for your kind words and prayers ❀
Thank you very much for sharing your story. You've helped me more than you will ever know! I could have easily written this story as well, all these things happen to me too! I thank you because maybe I'm not as understanding as you are. 😐 I usually get frustrated or upset when my things vanish and show up months, even years later! I have no history or know anything about WHY these things happen to me? But from now on I will have more patience. ❀ Great story, I hope Charlie goes with you when you move again. πŸ˜‰
Cherubim in Bonanza
Oh how bittersweet this was for me to read. I believe he was there with you through the DVR and recorded Bonanza for you. 😊 He's still looking out for you. I'm also sending healing prayers your way. ❀ God bless you.
I meant to say that I also thought it odd that a child was asking about my stepfather. Which is why I added the part to him about my mom being his wife. I didn't actually say he was my stepfather.

The whole situation with that child is confusing to me. I mentioned it to my stepfather and he thought it was very odd.

My stepfather made phone calls to some of our neighbors but we still don't know who that child was.
Hi RCRuskin,

Yes, the part of the field where I met the boy is our property. The entire conversation took place right outside our back door. The boy was about five feet away from me while I was talking to him.

It was my biological grandfather in the dream. My mother told me later that day, August 4th, was his birthday.

I'm not proud of myself, but I didn't know that. I had a vague idea of him having been a Leo but it's because I'm a Leo and I tend to remember who else is a Leo.

The house that was there looks to me like it was razed to the ground. Not much is left. I do know that there used to be cotton here. After that, they switched to tobacco but that was still very long ago. There are young looking pine trees that have taken over much of this ruin. The house ruins are just outside of our property line.

Now that you mention the library, that would be an excellent place to go. I have nothing going on tomorrow. I'll take a ride to the library on my bicycle around lunchtime and see what I can find.

I'll comment back with whatever I turn up.

Thank You for reading - Maria ❀
OK. Maybe I missed this story when it was posted, but I'm on a sort of mission to read every experience on this site. Got a ways to go since I'm not... Well, I do other things and sometimes I get distracted.

3:30 AM? Some attach significance to that time but I'm not entirely sure it has any significance. Lately, I've been woken at 3 AM-ish, to a mouse playing basketball. We found a mouse in the apartment, and so late at night, many sounds are magnified. Still not sure why it sounds like someone dribbling a basketball though. πŸ™„

First question: the field where you met the boy looking for Mark, is that your property, or outside the property lines? (Also, it seems odd to me that the boy knew Mark was your stepfather; I don't think you mentioned that to him and he replied 'no, Mark is a... Boy'.

Second question: You mention a dream with your grandfather in it, and also mention your grandparents divorced some decades ago. Did you know your biological grandfather? If so, follow up question, was the man in your dream your biological grandfather or your 'raised me' grandfather? (Hope you know what I mean there.)

Third question: what can be known about the house that used to be there? When did it burn down, assuming that is what happened? Who lived in it? If there's a town, or county, historical society, they might have some information. Also, looking at google maps, I see there's a library in town. Are they old newspapers on microfilm that might show a history?

I am very curious right now, but as I said elsewhere, this is something I'm not too keen on finding out about.:)
New developments in the backyard:
The other day something threw a rock at me at 11:30 am. I wasn't doing much besides just standing around.

The rock struck me just under my left collar bone. I looked around. My backyard is a very large field with tall grass growing in the areas that aren't on our property. It doesn't seem tall enough to hide anyone.

I looked around for a while and no one ever showed up.

Two hours later I saw a little boy wandering around in the backyard. I went outside but I didn't see him once I was out there. I sat down at the garden table.

Before a minute had elapsed, the little boy rounded the corner of the house. He never paid me any attention and kept staring at the ground.

He was wandering around in the most random directions. I asked him if he was okay and if he needed any help.

He asked me where Mark was. Mark is the name of my stepfather. I said that Mark went to the store with my mother, his wife.

The little boy said: No. Mark is a little boy that he plays with in that field.

That remark took me by surprise. I'm looking for a job but I'm here all the time and I don't remember ever seeing children playing in the backyard.

I asked him where he was from and he immediately ran away. Never looked at me once during the entire exchange.

This house is only two years old and my parents are the first people to live here. My stepfather has said that he has heard someone saying his name in the backyard. He heard this shortly after midnight.

Maybe someone named Mark used to live in the house that used to be close by. I don't know what to make of it.
RCRuskin - hello and thank you for your concern, I appreciate it. I am currently working on a cleansing ritual I was kindly bestowed on this site. You are absolutely correct in that we shouldn't toy with communicating with spirits, but I wanted to contact my father. Believe me I have learned my lesson.
Lealeigh in Something Demonic
Hi RCRuskin,
I submitted a story called "Walking in the Dark". It is the beginning of the activity I mentioned.


Since I submitted that story, things have escalated. My mother will no longer go outside after dark without a chaperone.

I added some more information in the comments of that story.
I now think that it is the ghost of a child.

I would appreciate any input - Maria ❀
RCRuskin in Something Demonic
Hi, again. I've been rereading this event for a few days now, and looking at the comments. While I too am curious to communicate with those on 'the other side', I am too nervous that I might get something I don't want to talk with. Your experiences, both DAR and LeaLeigh, have me concerned. If possible, Lea, could you submit your experience as an actual story for this site?

I pray for the safety of both of you, and myself.
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
I'm good at making things out of clay. I bought the oven bake clay at Hobby Lobby.
The statues are the size of a salt shaker. Throughout all of my moving around, I have always had them. Now they are in the bathroom on the counter.

Thank You for reading my story! - Maria ❀
Bibliothecarius in Lifted In My Sleep
Greetings, Beenie.

How well-lit is your bedroom? I recall your sleeping with the light on for a month after the apparition in your previous narrative; sleeping with a night-light or a nearby lamp would be a perfectly normal way to deal with residual fears from that encounter. I'm asking this because I wanted to know if the light level in your room was increased, normal, or reduced on the night of the event when compared to your *usual* sleeping environment.

Lealeigh- spirits seem harmless enough, but when we use things like spirit boxes or ouija boards we are allowing more to come through. I wish I hadn't messed with the box myself, but I was hoping to talk with my Dad. I suppose I just need to give up on that idea and try to fix the mess I've made here.
Cheribum- thanks for reading and for your input. Spirit boxes are not a good idea, and I now regret having used one here. I fully intend on trying the cleansing ritual I was given on here and hope like hell it does the trick! I will let everyone know how it turns out. And thank you for your concernπŸ€—
Aussiedaz- hello and thank you for reading and sharing your input. I would find some comfort in thinking that these patterns of 3 could be just my Dad or someone I knew that passed, but for now I am. Going to treat it as something negative and give the cleansing ritual a go. When the caressing happened I was fully awake. Again thank you for your suggestions.
Twilight1011- thank you so very much for the cleansing ritual, I will give it a go immediately! I will let you know how it turns out.
aussiedaz in Something Demonic
Hi Dar77

There would be 100's of accounts on this website where authors have reported accounts involving three knocks.

I have had personal positive experiences with 3 knocks when communicating with loved ones who have gone home or crossed over back to the land of love.

There seems to be a blanket systematic rule of three knocks from those on the other side when trying to reach out and let who ever know they are there.

Not to say a mischievous lost soul may be annoying you for other reasons by doing the same thing.

Often they don't know how much it frightens the living or sometimes they do? However they can usually read your thoughts if the intent is a good one.

Next time when you hear it, you can try communicating with it as I have on occasions to a point of even working out what they were trying to tell me.

The other account of feeling something caress you may be something else, it's not necessarily related to the three knocks if your senses have been heightened with an ounce of fearful expectation and you're on the borderland of falling or waking up out of sleep.

Regards Daz!
Cherubim in Gretel And Moe
Oh Lealeigh, this is so sad and I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved cats! 😒 I think they were there to cheer you up and remind you nothing really dies. I love how you made little statues of your cats. They know you love them too. That's wonderful that your heart is big enough to adopt a new cat. ❀ Thank you for sharing.
Cherubim in Something Demonic
I'd be concerned as well, especially when the dogs are afraid. I'd take the advice given here for the cleansing ritual, I'd like to know about it too. My friend had a spirit box and used it at my house. When she asked who was here "something" started cussing her out?! 😨 We were shocked. Now after reading your story too I'm convinced I don't want one. Thank you for sharing your story, please keep us updated and stay safe. ❀
Cherubim in Serenading Guitar
No, it was more crinkly like cellophane. Strange, but at the time I knew a lot of musicians and would sometimes get invited to private parties to listen to them play their guitars and other instruments. I LOVE music and we'd have sing a longs. I like what you said about it's solely for the listener. For the most part I was a lonely teenager. Thank you for your comment. ❀
Lealeigh in Something Demonic
There's no way I'm going to try to speak to whatever is outside.

Yesterday, something threw a rock at me. I was walking through a big field behind my house.

It was 11:30 am. I didn't see anyone and it's a really big area.

It could have been a little kid playing "guerrilla warfare" laying down in the grass but I stayed for a while and no one appeared.

I have to think that if it was a child, they would have reacted in some way because they actually struck me with the rock.

I'll take your advice on not messing around with a Spirit Box. I wouldn't want anything to feel welcome enough to continue playing games with me. - Maria ❀
Twilight1011 in Something Demonic
Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
β˜† Here's the cleansing ritual from Rookdygins profile on here, if you would like to try it. I hope this will help you, and I look forward to hearing any updates. Good luck!
Silverthane61- hi again and thanks for reading and giving your input, it is appreciated. I believe what you say to be true about the 3 attacks and I think it would be at the infestation & oppression part now. I am at a loss as to what to do because I have no religion. I have been researching on the different ways of ridding/cleansing a house or person of such things, and yes it seems religion is the most effective way. Seems I have my work and research cut out for me. Thanks again
Lealeigh- thanks again for reading another one of my stories and I don't think your question is dumb, not everyone knows of spirit boxes. It is a device that sort resembles an older radio with the dials and stations on, I personally would connect pieces of crystals and copper wire to it to draw a stronger connection (I learned this from a guy that makes his own spirit boxes) and you just talk to them and find the setting using the dials to communicate with them. Takes a lot of time and patience. Also they're not cheap, but if you're intrested in communicating with spirits it is one way of doing so. But I don't suggest it.
silverthane61 in Gretel And Moe
My pleasure, Lealeigh! I sent you a story of my pet via email. I hope it makes you feel better about the loss of your cats.
silverthane61 in Serenading Guitar
I immediately thought of a guitar player I once knew that would put in a stick of gum just before playing his guitar. I wonder if the sound of the wrapper was something like that? Ethereal melodies are often meant solely for the listener.
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
Hi silverthane61,
Yes, I didn't even try to mention to my doctor that I thought it was their actual spirits who were conducting their usual cat business.

I didn't want to get that look from him. I did consider what he said and I know he meant well.

I felt better after I made the little statues and I felt like I had something to apologize to. Like a focal point.

Two years later I adopted another cat who runs this whole house and it's people. Named Freya Viking Goddess.

Thank You for reading my story, Maria ❀
Lealeigh in Grandma's Visit?
Hi DragonLuvrD!
That's wonderful that she sent you a butterfly! Do you know what kind it was?

About fifteen years ago my father told me he had a dream. Before he went to sleep he had prayed to God for a sign of his existence.

During the night he had a dream that God approached him and told him not to be afraid. He opened his hand and there was a Monarch Butterfly in his hand.

The next morning when my dad was drinking his coffee he turned on the news and there was a Monarch Butterfly. The first thing he saw.

He lives in Arizona and I think the news was talking about their seasonal migrations but it still counts. I love butterflies.

Also, I was very close to my Grandmother too. She was the one who raised me through my late childhood and teen years. She died in 2016.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
silverthane61 in Gretel And Moe
I have a story where my childhood dog appeared to me and saved my life from my being impaled by a falling tree, so yes, I do believe in the phenomena. However, as to your Psychiatrist, I know he meant well, but I am of the opinion that such individuals do not put much stock in the paranormal. My wife still has dreams of her beloved German Shepherd who had passed away. I hope you find peace.
silverthane61 in Grandma's Visit?
Though I do not know your gender, I have always believed that there exists a special bond between a grandmother and her grandson. I am sorry for your loss and happy that you have found a way to stay in touch with your Grandmother.
Lealeigh in Something Demonic
Hi Dar77!
This might be seen as a dumb or naive question:
What is a Spirit Box? I looked it up on Google but the results were vague. I was wondering how you were using it to receive words.
I'm only curious. I surely do not want to talk to whatever is wandering around outside of my house.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
silverthane61 in Something Demonic
Infestation, Oppression, then Possession are the three stages of demonic attack against individuals. If this is what is happening to you, then you have to act quick. The best way that I have read to dispel evil spirits is through a battery of prayer, cleansings, and blessings by an individual strong in faith. I hesitate to use the "e" word (exorcisms), because no one has been possessed. There may be other methods of addressing the alleged haunts, but I do not know enough about them to talk about them here. Please, keep us updated.
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
Hello Aliceinlamplight,
I think so too. I think they knew I needed that because it was so abrupt and I needed to say goodbye.
Thank you for reading my story. I'm happy that your beloved dalmatian was able to tell you she was feeling well again.

Best Wishes, Maria ❀
Aliceinlamplight in Gretel And Moe
I believe that our pets do visit us after they have passed. My husband and I had to bid farewell to our very elderly Dalmatian nearly 7 years ago, as at 17 years of age, she no longer had a good quality of life, losing her ability to walk. It was a very devastating time for us. During the months that followed her passing, at different times, one or the other of us would hear the very distinctive sound of her claws tapping on our timber floors as if she were walking around. This was a sound that was very familiar in our household while she was still alive and in better health. I believe it was her paying us a visit from time to time and letting us know that she was able to walk again now. Perhaps your cats were sharing a similar message with you - shooting past your legs to let you know they are now both okay. 😊

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