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Lealeigh in The Victorian Home

I have to smile. My grandmother would also do gardening and light yard work, in full makeup, in her nice clothes (she didn't have clothes in any other condition) and nylons in the blazing hot sun.

I always wanted to say to my grandmother: "That makeup must be some space age material!"

I am glad that your father made a full recovery! ❤

- Maria
Thank you all for comments, and opinions

VeronicaMarie- A while after this incident, I did research the history of the hotel. Apparently, in 1885, several children did die in a fire there. I believe that's why everyone reports hearing the giggling. I definitely believe them all, now that I know I have heard it for myself.

I have heard of many residual haunts, and it would make sense in this case. Also, would make sense because so many other people have heard the same thing, basically just like a replay.

Again, thank you for your opinions!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and give me advice! Now to answer your questions.

Lealeigh_ Yes! I did look under the bed, there was no visible sign of anything at all.
My dad did make a full recovery, and he is perfectly healthy and happy now! 😊 Yes, my mom does put makeup on before work, she also puts on fancy clothes as well.
Bibliothecarius_ From what he described, he only "felt" her from behind. She usually hugs him from behind all the time, so that's why he believed that it was her.

Alina5- It was most definitely coming from under the bed. As if someone was knocking right beneath the bed. I have lived in the house for a long time, and I have never heard any creaking sounds on my floor before. It definitely wasn't coming from the stairs, or a door because the sound was much to close to my bed.

My dad didn't specifically "see" my mom hugging him from behind, but more "felt" her. She always hugs him from behind so that is why he believed that it was her behind him. He just felt a pressure as if arms were wrapped around him.

I appreciate your comments, and opinions on my experiences, and I hope I was able to fulfill your questions.

I almost forgot I was reading a paranormal experience. The description of that part of Russia is well done and I honestly could read more about it. Always creepy to read about disembodied children voices though.
Fenrispro in Who Came To My Aid?
I like your nickname Isolde:) there's a charac in Dragonage too
blckwdnsdy in He Died In This House
Hello 😊

I definetely believe in the theory which holds that some chategories of people could me more open to such experiences or even the unconscious agent based on some repressed feelings.

On the other hand, those who died a sudden or violent death are known to come back. Maybe, though, it's something else. No matter the cause, I am completely against physical contact.

I will be happy to read the next narratives you submit because more information would give us more possible explanation of what the things you experienced are.

Until then, take great care ❤
Pascalkings30 in My 1st Experience
I strongly believe that the entity was only meant for him, I mean why haven't the entity disturbed you before and after the incident, anyway you have to be more sensitive and less attached to the house.
Could be that your friend is trying to get a message to you and is becoming frustrated that you aren't getting it and you are picking up on that frustration. Maybe try making a circle of salt around you and meditating to see what comes through- the salt should keep anything bad from you but if it's your friend, they should be able to get their message to you just fine. It may not work on the first go but keep trying and believe in yourself and your connection with your friend - focus on that love as you meditate to guide you.
AugustaM in The Victorian Home
Hi JB66 - I don't get the feeling that the entities in your home are malicious - they seem to go about their own business for the most part and their only interactions with the family seem, by my read, benign or positive; even the throwing of the plate had a positive outcome.

As for the hug and the stroke - first thing, strokes are the body's little time bombs... Yes certain factors can increase their likelihood in some patients but they can also occur seemingly out of the blue to otherwise reasonably healthy young people (my best friend in elementary school had been a promising soccer player then one day had a massive stroke - she was 8) - the way I see it, if he was leaving for work, then I assume he was standing when the event occurred - patients can often fall and cause lethal damage by striking something with their head as they do during strokes, seizures, heart attacks etc - my thought is that the spirit wrapped itself around him to prevent that from happening.

One of the things that really makes me thing "this one is positive" is the opening salvo -the penny- finding coins here and there or having them drop/materialize out of nowhere is a fairly well known paranormal event, which is typically regarded as a good message (often seen as a message of affection and care from a deceased loved one). I posted a couple of links below to articles on the subject - neither, I'm afraid, from the best of sites as I only had time for a quick google but they'll serve to give the broad strokes.


Oh I see u have stories in diff countries HK and even Sg? Did u migrate for work?

That's quite creepy to see the ghost in daytime! Coz being yin they can't possibly survive when the sun is up. Could it be residual?
have u watched the Exorcist meter? Its about kenneth ma investigating the paranormal in HK, very nice. I'm christian but I'm alw apprehensive during Ghost month 😟
piscesrising_ in He Died In This House
Sorry it's taken me a while to reply everyone!

Alina, hi! This was my first experience in this particular room. I do not believe this entity was trying to cause harm, as nothing similar has ever happened to anyone else in this house. I don't feel a negative or malevolent energy in this home, it feels very welcoming. And thank you for your response! I will be posting more experiences soon.

Silver, hello! Thank you for your response. I had never heard girls reaching puberty can be affected more by poltergeist activity. That is certainly interesting. It was an isolated incident thankfully.

Pink, hey! I do believe that our loved ones will visit us from time to time after they pass. I am no expert on the paranormal, but I think that it's a possibility it could be your dad. I'm sorry for your loss and am sending you love and well wishes. ❤

SDS, hi! Thank you for your response. After I had calmed down and gotten some sleep, I had also considered that something in my physical environment Could have caused this sensation. But I feel as if the force behind the pull was too intense to have been something material. I appreciate your insight! I will be posting more of my experiences in this house soon!
Lealeigh in The Giggling Girls
Alina5 and SDS,

I agree that there are a lot of stories about haunted hotels in this country. Though, I have read many stories about haunted hotels all across the globe.

My opinion is that people are constantly going in and out of these locations every day. People with all kinds of intentions and emotional "baggage". People and their emotions are very energetic and perhaps these energies get left behind and are combined with the energies that concurrent visitors to hotels bring.

Another idea that I have is that a small percentage of people go to hotels and commit crimes - especially in the past. It is also common for people to die of natural causes, while travelling. If there is anything left of these crimes or natural deaths, they might be considered "intelligent haunts".

I believe, for the most part, that hotels behave like sponges. They absorb the many different energies from a constantly changing cast of characters. Maybe, what many people consider to be "haunts" are just poltergeist phenomena.

Though, I agree with Silverthane on this particular account about the giggling girls in the hallway. This one is probably a residual haunt.

- Maria
Pinksweety, better you write down your experiences and submit it. After it gets published, we will definitely help.

It is not proper to discuss it in this narrative.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Jb66, you needn't share the name of the hotel but it would be worthwhile to check the facts as Veronica suggested. Even now it is possible if you want to find out.

Alina, I also share your views about so many hotels in US having been associated with hauntings.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello piscesrising_, welcome to YGS. Just because someone died in the house after an accident doesn't mean that there has to be paranormal activity. It could be something else also.

I am not sounding skeptical but it is always better to rule out mundane possibilities before turning our eyes to paranormal. It might have been quite long time before this happened but still why you didn't think at least next day if there is a possibility of your hair getting stuck in a hook or any object in the cot or near to it, so that when you turn in your sleep, it might have caused you pain and you might have thought that somebody was pulling your hair. Just a theory.

But I would like to hear your other experiences in that house. And it might be as silverthane has surmised.

Still quite difficult to assume either way due to lack of further information.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Madalyn! I've browsed this site for years (2014 is the earliest I can remember but I swear I was on here as a kid too... Can't remember. 27 now) but never made an account. I finally made one so I could comment on your post and say thank you for sharing. Fascinating story, and I hope one day you can find out more info on some of these more hostile, specific entities.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello PinkSweety,

I brought you to one of my threads because I didn't want to hijack the other OP's thread.

I feel for you going through these unexplained experiences. I understand how frightened you must be or perhaps your not and just want to know more and if it's your dad so you can reach out to him.

The best way to get help is to submit your experiences. If your post gets published, you will be in good hands here on YGS. The members here will help you through your experiences and offer you help, and support.

Hold tight. In the meantime, read other stories similar to your own and the comments, but in order to get feedback to your situation, submit your story.

Best wishes,
Pinksweety in He Died In This House
I read your story. Actually I have something similar to share. I live in a flat & my dad passed away in it in 2014. He had a sudden heart attack. Now recently I get nightmares about my mom nd sis. Also when in deep sleep I have felt someone touching my feet or patting or heavy breathing beside my bed or sighing/ moaning. Please help. Could it be my dad?
blckwdnsdy in My 1st Experience

I see two possibilities.

The first one, like the two previous comments said, is that he has something attached to him. This can be researched based on his past experiences, if he had any.

The second one is that your house has some sort of attachement. There are various theories that hold that a person who has what we like to call "The sixth sense" can tune in better. That means that he may have been the only one who caught a glimpse of what resides in your home. Maybe the energy it has is to weak to be perceived by others.

These are things that may be investigated based on his past experiences, like I said. I would be really curios if he had any such encounters in the past. It would be a good idea to ask him.

Keep us updated and take great care.
silverthane61 in He Died In This House
A lot of girls who reach the age of puberty begin experiencing poltergeistic occurrences. Some of them are more violent than others. Although the jury is still out as to whether the girls cause such activity or attract such activity - or even if there is any such connection - such events are still debated. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident. Please let us know if any such encounters continue.
Hello Piscesrising,

It really was a strange encounter. Since the house already have a haunted history, this probably came as something expected.

Was this your first experience in the room?

Or have you experienced anything prior to this as well?

Do you believe any of the entities occupying the house are somewhat malevolent?

Considering your encounter, it is difficult to interpret wheather the spirit was only messing or was trying to cause harm. But I'm glad you chosed to get out of the room.

Looking forward to hear more of your experiences

Hello Jb66,

Interesting! This is not the first time I've came across the tales of haunted hotels in the U.S. Apart from this website the other web forums do have a noticably large number of them. I am not trying to come up as offensive but Why do most of hotels in the U.S are supposedly haunted? It is more of a question than opinion. Some of the hotels have their stories of tragedies where others have such unexplainable encounters. People do really have to search the paranormal history of hotels in the first instance before considering to check in.

I never meant to be offensive with my question therefore, I request members to take it in a light tone.

Hello Raider143,

Silverthane61 had already spoken out my mind. Thank you for that. If you never had any kind of experiences post this one of your friend, then I will assume that your household is not in the occupation of this entity.

Regarding your friend it will better to ask him about his previous paranormal encounter history to reveal more of this so assumed "attached" entity.

If you ever feel the need of an efficient, inexpensive, effective, religion-free cleansing method I will recommend you to check out the profile of one of the most reputed members of YGS "rookdygin". Even though I never had applied it personally but the reviews of other members regarding this ritual is positive that it certainly works.

On a second thought, it could be that this entity was probably passing by the household and was somehow attracted to your friend on the context if he never had any encounters before.

Only citing the possible explanations.

Thanks for sharing.

silverthane61 in The Giggling Girls
Is it okay to mention the name of the hotel? I am unsure of the legal ramifications of doing this, but it seems like the many tales of similar hauntings of famous hotels in the US. I suspect that you experienced a residual haunt.
I have often said that gut feelings are almost always spot on. Does this seem like something your friend would do, and if so, why? You have admitted that you have had many instances in the past. "Places aren't haunted, people are". This saying exists simply because if there is no one around to witness the haunt, then it goes unnoticed. So you may or may not have an entity attached to you. Anyway, I think you are wise to question these occurrences. You know your friend the best, so continue to question and be critical.
Hello Jb66,

Based upon your narrative I solely presume that rather than a single entity there are "entities" inhabiting your household.

Likewise Lealeigh I am also curious regarding whether you checked under the bed after this penny incident.

"I hear a thump in my bed and creaking noises when nobody is in the room"

Did the thumping sound like something jumping on the bed or was it from underneath?

Since, your house dates back to the 1800s and is fairly old,
Do you believe any of the doors or the staircases creates this creaking noise?

The experience with your parents was certainly an aggressive one.

Probably any of the spirits just wanted them to stop arguing?

But my thoughts drastically changed after reading the particular incident regarding your father.

Was the apparition seen by your father similar to the one seen by your sister? A doppelganger?

I do have a curious mind regarding the child spirit as to why she was running away, was it because of your mother or something else in the house.

But without any clarification I'll certainly not be jumping into conclusions.

Awaiting your response.

silverthane61 in My 1st Experience
I would ask if this person has had other prior or similar encounters. It may be that this individual has an entity that has attached itself to him - and him only. That being said, if this is true, then your home may still be inviolate. If not, I would refer you to the many cleansing rituals that you can find on this website.
silverthane61 in The Victorian Home
Very well presented. I believe you. You have had a rich history of paranormal encounters, and it seems that you are due for a lot more. I think that pressure during and before a stroke is common - even the feeling of being hugged. I hope it was not caused by a deviant entity. Of course, the entity may have been warning your Dad in its own way, and that is a comforting thought.
Bibliothecarius in The Victorian Home
Greetings, Jb66, and welcome to YGS.

I read your well-paced and absorbing descriptions of the phenomena I simply felt that I believe in the sincerity of your writing. You write well & you present your experiences without trying to make them into something over-dramatic.

I'd just like to clear up just one point of your description of your father's stroke. You wrote that he "thought my mom was hugging him from behind," but later you describe that "he thought he saw my mom before his stroke happened." Did your father feel the pressure of being hugged and *presume* that it was your mother expressing affection, or did he physically see an apparition that merely *seemed* to be your mother?

Your response to this will clarify which of my trains of thought may prove to be helpful to you.

I am with AugustaM, I would also love to see the photos you have. If nothing else but to see this beauty left untouched for almost a century. I am somewhat surprised the station has never been looted all those years. The brass candlesticks alone are worth quite a bit of money.

Do you think it's never been looted because of its remote location or do you think most visitors also believe that stealing anything from a haunted location could come back to bite them later?

Whatever the case, I really enjoyed your story. The details were amazing and did indeed paint a vivid portrait of the station.
VeronicaMarie in The Giggling Girls
Hi, Jb66,

A very interesting story, and the memory of it wouldn't likely diminish over time. Inexplicable events like this tend to stay with us. I was wondering if you ever researched the history of the hotel? I think that's what I would do first, to see if I could verify for starters if there ever was a fire in the hotel. I might also consider the possibility of two little girls who weren't staying upstairs, but were running around exploring the hotel. It would be interesting to know the name of the hotel, but only if you are comfortable sharing it.
Hello nillabean and welcome to YGS,

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I agree that the ways that you feel that you are being contacted are not harmful. They seem to be just trying to get your attention.

If you are unsure whether these contacts are coming from your friend, you could try speaking out loud and addressing your friend by name. That way, if it is something else trying to get your attention, it will be clear that you are not speaking to "it" and are speaking to your friend.

Whatever it is trying to contact you, I think that you must have feelings of having things that were left unsaid between you and your friend. Talking will help you.

- Maria
nillabean, first off, I want to say how terribly sorry I am for the loss of your friend, especially at such a young age.

One of the first things that came to my mind was to ask you if your friend tended to be a practical joker, like he liked to tease you in fun, and things like that. I think that came to mind because of the way your closet doors both flew open, startling you. Also, you said that odd things have been going on for a while, some of them after he died. When these other things happened, did you associate any of them with this same friend?
Lealeigh in The Victorian Home
Hello Jb66,

The experience with the penny is interesting. If it were me, I wouldn't have been able to resist looking under the bed to see if there was anything to be seen.

Did you do that?

You said: "My mom and dad have always tended to argue a lot."

I know, from experience, that when there is constant emotional turmoil, in a location, unexplained phenomena sometimes happen. I don't know if it always comes from the energy being expended by the living or if it might be a response (or complaint) by unseen entities. It could be both. I think that, in the case of the flying plate, it has everything to do with the fighting that goes on between your parents.

Did your father make a full recovery?

Does your mother really put on makeup before she does yard work?

- Maria
flyguy in Demonic Voice?
Hi [at] wrh1969

During this experience, did you get a bad sensation and feel the energy around you getting condensed or heavy?

Have you experienced anything similar since then and/or recently?


John Fly
I would LOVE to see the pictures even just to see what the building looked like! I am a sucker for old buildings and that one sounds gorgeous!
Hi Alina

I liked your narrative. But honestly I don't look for logic when I read about such incidents. A thing which might seem subtle at first could become really troublesome. You can read my story ' my sister's hauntings' on this site but due to the grace of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj not only did her hauntings stop but she got married too. That thing had told her very clearly that she would stay with my sister always but could withstand the power of Swamiji. I am a follower of Guru Dattatreya and associated with Swami Samarth Seva marg. You can get in touch with Rohini kendra and take seva (means some pooja) from there. Often when vastu of house is improper such things occur too. You can download Shree Swami charitra saramrit from kindle and start reading 3 chapters per day and 11 mala of Shree Swami samarth mantra (mantra is Shree Swami samarth). Slowly you will see things improving. There is no bigger power than Guru Dattatreya whose third incarnation is Shree Swami Samarth. And anyone can visit his kendra. There is no restriction of age, gender, religion. Keep safe. Shree Swami Samarth
Hello LeaLeigh,

We must have both been typing the same advice at the same time.

Lol. 😆
Hello xXLizuXx,

The comment you have posted asking for advice is on a very old post.

If you want help, the best way to get that is to submit your experiences. If your post gets published, YGS members will welcome you and offer you help and suggestions on how to deal with your purple rabbit, cat, upright, shadow thing with a horror movie smile. 😨

I hope to see your post in the near future.

Best wishes,

This story that you're commenting on was written eight years ago. If you are trying to find help for what you have experienced, then it might be better if you wrote and submitted your account. People who go to this site tend to keep up with new stories as they come in; but it's a stretch to hope that you might get help from entering a conversation that ended eight years ago.

Wishing you the best of luck,

- Maria
So, last night I ended up experiencing what you did I was in my room and I usually have bad spirits I'm my closet since I get sad and other stuff plus that's where I go when kids get sad and usually when ever I just walk past it I get bad vibes, well last night I had a "dream" about my closest where I got such bad vibes that I had to check it out, but when I looked I saw that my shadow was a rabbit but it's had a body of a cat yet it was standing like us humans do it was slightly purple and black and it had the face of what you described I got scared so I froze but I started coming near me so I ran and as I was running down stairs I looked back and I had a smile on it face like something you would see in a horror movie, well I turned back around and kept running and all I could hear in my head was "run from the rabbit man" over and over or "don't let him take you away" then I hid under my mom's bed and at first I tried waking her up but she wouldn't move so I felt it walking closer so I closed my eyes but it grabbed me and started dragging me while it was smiling so I bit it and kicked it and it dropped me and faded away then I woke up but I couldn't move my body since I was so scared... But in all honesty I don't think it was a dream and it was like what you mentioned but if it's what I think it could be then I don't know what to do about it...
Hei, the stories I posted on this site contain some SP episodes so I feel you.

I generally have it while sleeping alone. After a long period of time, I discovered that my unconscious fear was fueling it.

You can see and hear a lot of things, there are times when you are desperate, trying to discern if it is real or not. Let me tell you most times it is not real. I know how convincing it can be but this is one of its side effects. You can have SP episodes one after another. There were nights when I had 6 or 7 episodes per night. Sleeping alone, it became customary to have them 2-3 times a week. Sleeping with my boyfriend, I had them twice in 6 months. This is proof of the fear-induced theory.

There aren't a lot of things to do in order to avoid them. Stay calm and positive. It is just a sleeping disorder and that's it. I am telling you this from the perspective of someone who dealt a lot with it.
You mentioned your cat was on your lap when you had one of the experiences -was wondering if the cat reacted in any way as animals are said to be sensitive to many paranormal occurrences...
Fenrispro - I can't help but notice that you often comment on stories which were published years ago. Of course there's nothing wrong with that but the chances that you are going to get a response are almost zero (unless it's somebody who is still very active on the forum).

If you do comment on old posts it might be a good idea to address the author directly by mentioning their name at the beginning of your comment, such as "hello (so and so) ".

Please don't think that I'm trying to interfere and no, I am not a moderator but I often see your comments and feel that you are wasting your time by commenting on these old stories.

I'm only trying to be helpful but of course you are free to do as you wish.

Regards, Melda
wickedsunny2009 in The Lady Ghost On Farm
I like the way you said humanless area 😁 between good story
wickedsunny2009 in The Lady Ghost On Farm
I like the way you said humanless farm 😁 between good story
Hello Madz,

"I have a mirror inside my cupboard door which I now close before going to sleep"

In your account, you've mentioned that you never experienced any haunt from these spirits later on.

Do you believe it was because you chosed to keep the cupboard door closed?

Had the cupboard or the mirror inside ever served as a portal in any of the haunts?

I am asking since I observed before citing any of these three haunts above you've mentioned this statement

"My cupboard door was open"

This kind of creates an impression in my mind that the encounters only occured in the presence of that door being opened.

Along with Silverthane61, I'm also interested in learning more of your encounters.

Based on your current narrative it is difficult to deduct the source behind these happenings. Hopefully, your further experiences can clarify it well.

It was a relief to know that none of these were supposedly "negative" since, it is not something a 11-year child should go through.

Thanks for sharing.

silverthane61 in A Ghostly Fortnight
That was the last time that you were visited by these spirits, I understand. You did also state that you have had the occasional haunt where you see or hear things. I am interested in the other haunts that you have had in the intervening years since.
Omg better to move away from there, or get an expert to make it cross over. Some have Diy the rituals, when comes to such things better to consult experts
Hi Empress,

Don't have much in the way of explanation but jewellery removal whilst asleep gets reported on here with a fair bit of frequency. So guess we can label it 'a thing' lol.
I remember someone freaking out about having their hoop earrings removed or tampered with or something while they were asleep. Someone else lost a necklace which turned up somewhere weird.

Where abouts in the UK are you? Thought crossed my mind you may live in an old pirate hangout. Now that I type that it just sounds silly. But anyway they used to take jewellery from rich corpses to wear or sell on.

Other than that are the rings, or could they be, offensive to an old timey mind? You might share your space with a stuffy soul.

Or maybe someone thinks they're too tight and you should give your finger a rest from them.

What are the origins of these rings? Were they a gift, are they significant in some way? Perhaps their removal is more symbolic, that's something only you could know.

Thanks for sharing, hope it doesn't happen again.
Me too I love animals, though parents dun allow pets after my dog passed. I saw your stories were grouped under vietnam but u move to canada? Why did the iguana pass on?
Sleeping-with-steve in Continuous Sleeping Paralysis?
Hello Svishal121,

Yes, lots of members on YGS have similar experiences as you and have posted them here. I have enjoyed reading their posts and am still mulling through them.

I'm one of those people who have SP issues often. I used to get scared, however I'm learning to adjust. 

When I was a little girl and experienced my first SP, I was in a state of shock and froze. Finally, I crawled out of my room and into mum and dad's bed and told them what happened.

The next morning we got a call from the UK saying my uncle passed away a few hours ago. What I saw in my room was my uncle by my door. He was clear as day wearing a dark blue/navy suit. 

Lucky I told my parents or no one would believe that I saw him.

I've been using a highly respected YGS member, Rookdygin's cleansing ritual frequently. It has eased the SP/spirit occurances.

There's so much more of my stuff I can ramble on about but I won't because this comment is about helping you, if I can. The YGS members will definitely help you if my small contribution isn't enough.

Wisconsin Lady said in her comment, 'Maybe try switching your bed to a new place in your room'. I've been told that before too. Very wise suggestion from Wisconsin Lady. 

Also LeaLeigh recommends keeping a dream journal. That's sound advice too. 

Silverthane61, you have put a lot of research into your comment. I'm intrigued. 🤔 Thanks.

RCRuskin, I'm scared. I couldn't handle some of the experiences you've had. I'm going to read some of your posts now to learn more. 😳

All in all Svishal121, you have some of the best comments directed your way, giving you several options on how to deal with your dilemma. 

Here's Rookdygin's profile page where you will find his Cleansing Ritual method. It seems like an effort when you read it, but once you get started, it's great. Your home will feel fresh and clean and smell amazing when you finish.

Rookdygin's profile page:

My small contribution is:
Force yourself to move your toes or fingers. Once you learn to do that, you'll be able to wake yourself up.

I hope you are able to work through this and look forward to hearing back on how the many suggestions are working for you.

Best wishes,
I meant to say "Hello svishal" my phone auto corrected me. I'm sorry!
Hello a visual,

I have sleep paralysis several times a year. I am 39 so it is not always something that is suffered by children and teenagers. I have found that keeping a dream journal is helpful to me. It doesn't stop me from having sleep paralysis altogether; but I am no longer frightened of whatever I see, feel or hear while the episode is going on.

Keeping a dream journal might be helpful to you. You can document the things that happen to you during sleep paralysis. Also, you can document the conditions of your room at the time of these episodes.

For example: I have found that I have all of my sleep paralysis episodes when there is light in my room. I don't have them in the dark. I also only have these episodes when I am alone. I am more likely to have sleep paralysis when I wake several times in the night.

I hope this is helpful to you.

- Maria
silverthane61 in Radio And Cry
Radio sounds can be transmitted through many means, from the surface of a still lake to the metal in the fillings of your teeth. I have picked up anomalous radio signals in a totally quiet house when I could not locate the source though I never suspected anything paranormal. I think the radio signal, though odd, could likely be explained by regular means. The crying might be different. You said the electricity was off so maybe you heard someone's crying outside your apartment that was somehow being transmitted through some audial phenomena in your home - sort of like finding the "sweet spot" in an auditorium or music hall where someone whispering on stage 100 yards away can be clearly heard. This is just my 2 cent's worth.
silverthane61 in Evil Force
All of my questions and confusions have already been asked and mentioned, so I will not repeat them. I will only write that I believe in the power of spiritual cleansing when done competently. I am glad that you seem to have the haunts under control.
I experienced sleep paralysis often as a pre-teen, I experienced it so much that I researched it totally on my own by getting help from the city librarian. I found out that the body produces an enzyme that paralyzes the body so that when you dream, you do not act out in body movements while you sleep. If your dream causes you to wake up, or if you wake suddenly from dream state, the enzyme is still active in your body. Once you are awake, it takes approximately 2-5 minutes for the enzyme to dissolve. During this time, you are susceptible to dream-state phenomenon like hearing things, feeling things, seeing things, even smelling things!
However, the last part of your story is interesting. You were able to move your head to see the little boy, so I do not think you were paralyzed and you may not have been in a dream state. Also, you said that you do not experience paralysis when you are not alone. This sounds like it may have a paranormal aspect to it.
I love hearing about classic English haunts! It seems every castle in Europe has one. Your haunts seemed to be harmless and I daresay if I ever became "used" to living with a haunt (I am not), I would definitely pick the ones described by you. Great post!
silverthane61 in A Mother's Final Goodbye
I think it was spiritual. Your Mom came to visit you in spirit and you were granted the gift of speech solely for the visit. This was a heartwarming event.
Thank you so much, blckwdnsdy and Logan.

Blckwdnsdy, you are so sweet to be concerned about my anxiety. I am doing better than I was back then. I figure that 'we all got something,' and mine is being a neurotic. 😁
I think cleansing your home or a room is all about your intentions, and it can be based on your personal beliefs. I have used oil over my doors and windows on two separate occasions in our apartment. I'm a Christian so I prayed over the oil first then prayed out loud while I placed the oil on my doors and windows.

As far as things getting worse... I guess it depends on what is there and how strong of an attachment it has. In my experience, I had to use the oil on two separate occasions and I had to walk through our home praying pretty regularly over the course of a couple of months.
blckwdnsdy in Demonic Voice?

You initially described a series of activities. I strongly believe that a person will experience things attracted by the energy it transmits. Those activities can not be cathegorized, in my opinion as either positive or negative so I don't think they represent a relevant factor in what you saw. What I think, though, is that perhaps your superficiality attracted something. Perhaps as a sign to pull you back towards peace.

I heard of many cases in which entities manifested without being provoked, so I don't think this is a relevant factor either. The fear of such entities may explain the incident. There is a saying, that you can evade what you fear. I think that, at that point, you entered a weak state of consciousness which enabled the spirit to manifest. You weren't thinking of something supernatural and yet you got a strange feeling when you entered the room. I think you senced the presence.

This kinf of visions may be merely ways of manifesting. A visual apparition is not necessary. It can manifest at a mental, thelepatical state. That you prayed and felt better may somehow validate the nature of your experience.

Of course, doubts can rise from the fact that you were drunk and I think that this state was a relevant one even if what you experiences what real or just a merely mental replay of the scene.
Hello 😊

I strongly believe that our lost loved ones or even different energies or entities can give us signs from time to time. I came to the conclusion that nothing can be named "coincidence". The Universe is givin us signs and whether we believe in them or not, they still exist.

I know that it is quite customary for spirits to leave these kind of signs in some parts of the world and I do not think that this lore just rose out of nowhere. I strongly think it is based on the true nature of survival after death.

I find this story magical event though I am sad when I read about someone's problems. I hope you are ok now.

Thank you for sharing this experience.
Hi, robmkivseries70

I do not think it was an out of body experience. I have never had one, no from what I know, but I have read a lot of things about this kind of experience and the things I felt were much different from the things felt by those who described having an out-of-body experience.

Thank you for the comment.
Hi, SVishal. Hope you're well.

Sleep paralysis, in addition to any other things it can be, is a documented medical condition. When we sleep, we dream. Everyone does, but not everyone remembers dreams in the morning. (Aside: in fact, remembering your dreams in the morning may be a bad thing since it happens more often when you wake frequently during the night.) Among dreams I remember having, details include:

- putting parts of a snowmobile onto a kayak to get to church
- taking a bus trip from the US to Europe (yes, riding a bus across the ocean) and my friend getting murdered and dismembered
- taking a walking tour of a dam; seemed to be Hoover Dam

Now, if I acted out any of these things, the results would be bad. So, as a survival mechanism, it evolved that the motor neurons get shut off during sleep. In some people, it seems these neurons do not get shut off, and they sleepwalk.

Now, I am not saying this explains your situation, but this does answer your question about how people can get it repeatedly and recover from it. Or, at least, that is the purpose of my response. More information can be found in many scholarly journals.

Hi, Overlord. (Joke: Are you an evil or good one?)

Since this took place about 20 years ago, I think it unlikely you could answer any of the good questions that have been asked. A very interesting story, however. Whether ghostly or not, it is definitely not a normal, everyday event.:)
Hi [at] EllyDreams

This is very interesting.

This sounds like you could be dealing with a lost soul or even some demonic activity.

When you encountered this woman for the first and second times, did the energy at the time around you give you a bad sensation and ever feel like it was getting heavy or condensed?

Also, When you wake up from those nightmares does the energy around you feel off as well or give off a similar sensation is the above is the case?

Thank you

John Fly
Tweed in Radio And Cry
Hi Mango,

The radio you heard may have been received by a downpipe or something. As weird as that sounds. When the Berlin Wall was still up people on one side could listen to music/radio which was banned by putting their ears up to pipes, fridges, stoves. I'm oversimplifying it but the good people of the east side figured ways of tuning in with foil and pipes and whatever else. Pretty ingenious. So maybe your home became the ideal receiver during that storm. I agree with WisconsinLady's water theory. Sound can pierce through steel at an alarming rate too. Lots of elements at play here to suggest your scary evening may not have been threatening at all. The crying sound could have been static.

You haven't said anything has happened before or since this evening. So I think it's safe to say if it happens again, give a high five to physics. You can use paper cups or toilet rolls to amplify the sound. If it happens again take a paper/plastic cup or cardboard tube and drag it around your walls, or downpipes you could maybe pinpoint the source.
Satyabrata2009 in Who's She!
Hi TravisCannabis,
I am sure your aunt is more talented, hope she knew how to disappear too...😝
Sorry for commenting again so soon. My sister just sent me another message.

Quoting my sister:

"Also, I only get it when I'm sleeping alone. And it can get super creepy. If your brain can produce piss your pants nightmares, imagine how bad it could freak you out if it ALSO made you think you were awake?"

I apologize for my sister's language. Lol. I love her, even if I have to constantly apologize when I speak of her. Lol ❤
Hi svishal121,

I shared your experience with my sister, because she has sleep paralysis a lot. She said what you experience is very common. Do you normally sleep on your back? That seems to be a trigger for many people. If you do, try sleeping on your side or stomach and see if that helps.
Do you have lights or sound in the room while you're trying to fall asleep? Like a tv or fan? I've experienced sleep paralysis when my TV and lights are on.
Maybe try switching your bed to a new place in your room.
Let me know if anything here helps or if it doesnt.
Have you ever talked with a sleep specialist?
I wish you the best! Keep us updated! ❤
lady-glow in Evil Force
I don't understand why Indian ghosts, specially those of women, always seem to be so angry and revengeful towards inocente people.

This is more a question than an opinion; I guess the proximity of the house to the cremation ground could be atractive to lost souls but, - isn't it customary to pray or perform any funeral rites before a body is cremated?
If so, - Wouldn't that be enough to prevent any spirit with unfinished business from haunting the living? Why do spirits would haunt a place that had no meaning nor importance to them when still inhabiting the mortal realm?

Do you know if some relative of your coworker passed away around that time?
Although, thinking about it, I don't see why a caring relative would have mistreated him that way, perhaps he offended and hurt a woman and her spirit was trying to get even before moving on.

And why are you asking for help for something that, it seems, you were not hurt and was resolved ever since?

Thanks for sharing.
Alina5 in Radio And Cry
Hello Mango2Mango,

Yeah, very strange indeed. Are your neighborhood houses close to each other? Do you think probably the sound had echoed from somewhere? Since, during lightning and Thunderstorms the electronic devices have a credibly high frequency capturing potential. But it's true that doesn't explain the weeping noise.

The entity seemed to have a good taste of music. Don't know why it weeped though. Was it that impressed with Bebe Rexha? Sorry, for a lame joke.

Anyways, I will suggest you to wait for the response of fellow posters who I know can provide better insight than me.

Alina5 in Evil Force
Hello Satyabrata2009,

I hope you're friend must've recovered from his injuries although I'm pretty sure that the trauma of this event is probably insatiable for him.

I wonder why this entity (s) had attacked your friend among all the people?

Did the cleansing done by the spiritual team had any impact?

Have any other tenants experienced anything similar to yours?

Cemeteries do have a history of being unusually eerie for a good reason.

Hello Andrew Dexter,

Interesting! Even though you've explained the origins of the few of the paranormal entities occupying the villa. It still doesn't connect as to why Mr&Mrs.Kimmiett returned to the place after they died?

Even if the return of Mrs. Kimmiett 's spirit to the house is explainable on the grounds that she returned mourning over her baby. It somehow doesn't makes sense to me. If she were that obsessed with her child then she shouldn't have left the house in the first place, even if she left then she must be occassionally paying visits by the time she were alive and not on a sudden instance like this. Same goes for Mr. Kimmiett

I can't help but wonder there are certain forces in the house which are attracting these spirits there not allowing them to move on. Just my opinion.

Have any tenants tried to perform any cleansing ritual to ward off these entities? If so have they met with any results?

Have these entities ever tried to communicate with the tenants? Or harmed anyone?

The villa seems to be one heck of a paranormal hotspot ground.

Thanks for sharing

Hello Overlordundead,

What a fascinating experience! A mother visiting her child the one last time when she realises she can no longer be able to nurture her baby, hold her in her arms and sing the lullabies. Indeed heart-breaking.

You mentioned you were talking in fluent English

Do you think it was because of the influence of your mother?

Rather than verbal it felt more to me like an emotional conversation.

Maybe your mother helped you to convey the things you possibly couldn't have as a toddler.

Nevertheless, truly a heartfelt narrative.

VeronicaMarie in A Mother's Final Goodbye
Hi, Overlordundead...

This is an amazing story, and it also brought tears to my eyes. I feel like your mom really did come to say goodbye to you. When you say the conversation felt cold, did you feel physically cold, as if the temperature in the room had dropped?

I am so sorry that you lost your mom when you were so little, but it really seems like she was letting you know that she would always be with you. Thank you for sharing this very moving story.
WisconsinLady in Radio And Cry
Hi Mango2Mango,
I enjoy your writing style. Thank you for sharing another experience with us.

Could this have been the sounds of a neighbor? Were windows open in your living room? Sound can travel very well through certain building materials. It can also bounce off of water and travel longer distances than you'd think. I work with sound waves and other types of waves as a geophysicist. It's fascinating.

I find it interesting that power outages were a part of your paranormal experiences at your other home. Do you think there's a connection at this house? Even though it was caused by a storm this time, perhaps the power outage gave this entity the right environment to manifest? That seems opposite than what I would normally expect, since spirits seem to need energy more often to manifest than the opposite.
Also, perhaps the storm provided the right environment for the entity/spirit. That's lots of natural energy. Is there an uptick in paranormal experiences for you during storms? ❤
Although it is scary, it doesn't seem harmful. If you hear crying or other distressed sounds again, perhaps try praying for the spirit. Maybe they just need help moving on. ❤
creeps_peeps in Haunted Closet
sds: The camera is dead and lost.
I never told my mom or stepdad.
Hello adove, thanks for the response. I asked the time because I was thinking wildly if it could be residual haunting. But I don't think so now.

That was quite an experience you had and a strange one. And I forgot to mention one aspect in my last comment. You said that your sister told that if they say to this shadow to go away and not to disturb them, it did vanish. It wasn't harmful anyway.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello EnglishEmpath, thank you for the reply. I don't think you need to worry about contacting the spirit. Because if they are malicious, they would have shown it by now. But if you don't want to contact, you needn't.

And it is not that difficult or scary to speak to them either.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello creeps_peeps, thanks for your reply. I asked if you have discussed with your mom and stepdad because it happened in their place in Alaskan island right? You have said in your narrative itself that your stepmom wasn't believing you having paranormal experience.

Regards and respects to you.

Lealeigh in Haunted Closet
I'm confused with your last comment...

Is the camera lost or are the batteries dead? Is the camera lost WITH dead batteries? What's up?
creeps_peeps in Haunted Closet
sds: Well... I lost the camera. I've gone through a sporadic period of time where I was obsessed with cameras. I think the photos themselves are lost. It was when I was thirteen, so long ago, and things from long ago - in my world - often get lost. Also, the batteries are dead and we don't have a proper charger.

No, I never told anyone about the sightings. I'd stopped because it just seemed null and void to tell my family. During the time I would tell them, they would usually not believe me, especially my stepmom and my dad. But I went searching for spirits with my siblings' and their friends (there is more details in "Navy Blue Paint").

The house was fairly old. It had cobwebs everywhere and had a serious horsefly problem. It was moderately cared for until my stepdad and my mom moved out about four years ago.
Oh Mimi, I am so so sorry. Losing a beloved pet tears your heart out. Sending you hugs and healing thoughts. ❤
EnglishEmpath in Time To Finally Tell All
Thank you melda! And SDS I believe the little girl loves being around the children in our family and maybe she followed us because of that? The medium my mum saw said she believed the old man was her grandad and from the quick glimps I had (I have submitted another story which mentions this) he was a very tall man and my great grandad was a very tall man so I'm literally just guessing but would be nice if there was a family connection. Honestly I am content with how things are at the moment and I worry if I try and contact them then I may invite something else here which could disturb them because I am not experienced in contacting spirits. The last thing I want to do is upset them, they have been around for so long. Thank you for reading my first story!
Tweed what you said is very interesting and I have started to read up on more sighting of this type. My sister and I never talked about hauntings of any kind. I have had many experiences in my lifetime of the paranormal that my siblings never knew of. Only in the last five years did I start to tell them bout them. Most were dismissed, others I were told that they were something else or my imagination and easily explained away.
sds I only saw it at night between 11pm and 2am more or less. Many times I was at her place during the day and neither saw nor heard anything. I asked my sister if she saw it any other times beside when I saw it but she refused to talk about it. As for who staying there now I don't know.
Alina5 As far as I know there were no deaths or suicides in the apartment. I did ask my sister at the time if the landlord told her that there was anything strange about the place such as noises or smells but she said no. Once my sister moved the place was not rented. The reason is unknown.
Thank you for sharing your story. My girl, Dolly, died on Sunday just four days ago and I am sick with grief. It's stories like this that grant me a bit of reprieve. Mimi~ 😭
Maria There was never anything out of place when I heard the noises and went to look.
Geese? Sorry, I just saw my comment in the preview thingum and geese have nothing to do with anything, I was trying to say 'geeze' but got autocorrected. How disruptive.
Hi Ghosts4ever,

If this was a ghost I think it has a good sense of humour. Seriously if I could pull that prank I would, bet it scores big bragging rights in the hereafter. Phones randomly stuff up so bonus points for a built in haunting cover. Pretty much the ultimate haunting cover up for the modernist ghost. Reminds me of this book with the justifiable long title Good Omens - The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch.

Well, I just read this comment back and it sounds like I'm taking the mick. But I'm not, that's what I thought while reading your narrative. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this immensely!
Hi [at] Empress-Solomon

Interesting exerience.

Did your 3 stack rings feel different after your 2 year old game them back to you like the felt off or weird?

Setting up a camera seems like a good idea so I say go for it!

John Fly
Hi Adove, geese this was an event and a half!

Really glad you shared this as shadow apparitions are an interest. Because of that I'm focused intently on the cigarette burning red/normal compared to the rest of his form. As for him having great strength to manifest all that he did, I agree with this, but would like to add my opinion: when the ghost of a human chooses to materialise it may take less energy to show up as dark/shadow only verses full coloured/detailed apparition. This is my opinion only based on what I believe is a pattern of similarities with other experiences shared on here. It also may explain his ability to manifest smell as well as appearance.
As scary as he was I think he was actually answering your unasked question of 'what's the smell?' Also get the impression he was probably doing the dishes, or used to around that time.

Did you and your sister talk about ghosts before this happened? Sometimes it can be hard to bring up the paranormal as a talking point, that may have been part of her reluctance to tell you about their haunting.

Thanks for sharing, hope you're now glad to have had this pretty scary but also very interesting experience.
Hello [at] Jonte35

In the midst of these attacks, do you feel that the energy around you gives you a bad sensation and/or make you feel scared? Does it feel heavy on you also?

Also, are these experiences still ongoing?

Thank you,

John Fly
Hello Mimi_mi, I agree with others. Better do talk to your parents. And it is good that you are not scared. That is a good part. Secondly, it could be sleep paralysis or a vivid dream where you would be able to move. So it is better to rule out the sleep/dream disorder before turning towards paranormal.

Please discuss with your parents, try to have a session with a sleep therapist.

Also try to change the place and position of your bed, if you haven't tried already.

After having tried seeing sleep therapist and other suggestions given by me and others, if it still persists, better try cleansing.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello EllyDreams, welcome to YGS.

It is better to do cleansing. From what you have narrated, I feel it is a negative entity and both you sisters feel the same way.

Why don't you please try to visit the profile page of Rookdygin, one of the experienced posters in this site and try to do the cleansing as he has mentioned. I have suggested it to many of my friends to ward-off negative entities and energies and it helped. But you have to do it for sometime periodically to get results.

Please do try and inform the developments. And another advise. Please be bold and ask your sister to courageous too. Because negative entities will embolden themselves if you get scared and they will draw up and drain you off all your energies.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi EnglishEmpath, welcome to YGS and would like to read your other experiences also.

As far as this little girl's presence, perhaps in her life in this planet, she might have been fond of kids.

You said that you have two spirits that live with you and even after you have changed your house, they still follow you.

You said that don't know anything about them but how did you know that the man could be your great granddad.

Well, they could be protective but from your narrative, I get the opinion that they aren't harmful but could be two spirits though attached to you, weren't able to go to light. If they are struck here, well try to have a contact with them. Perhaps you could try to guide towards light. Just my thinking.

Regards and respects to you.


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