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chumamesha777 in Unknown Maid's Room
Hi BaiAnina,

Thank you for reading my story, but hey, that would be a good idea. We are about to create a youtube channel regarding paranormal activity and we'll definitely visit the house again.

God bless ❤
Hello Chumamesha777, thank you for sharing your story.

That was creepy indeed...
Seeing as it was a rental house, it must've had some sort of history to it. Sounds like one of your classic residual hauntings to me. Did you ever ask your landlord about the history of the house? You might want to look into that. For fun, perhaps, since you don't live there anymore anyway 😆

That said, it seems like the old maid still dutifully looks after the house long after she passed. Maybe she wasn't even a maid, but someone who lived in that house way before you did and loved a clean and orderly home. It doesn't sound like a malevolent entity to me.

Ha ha, no worries over typos! I'm looking forward to your footage! I'll be checking back over the next few days for your link. Thanks for sharing it with us over here at YGS!
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
Sorry, wanted to correct, LadyDarke, realized I swapped the D and A on accident
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] LdayDarke

Sure thing! I've got a couple days off after I get off work tonight, and I'll find the video and share a link over for the investigation from my youtube channel.

I hope you update us again if your wife sees something when the dog alerts her! I agree with you that, for whatever reason, pets do seem more attuned. Have you heard of PetFluent buttons? They're like speech therapy buttons that you program with a word, but sized down for paws. Some people have done a lot in training their cats and dogs to communicate with them; there's a woman with a dog named Bunny who has taught I think about 200 words now, and they can talk about abstract concepts like Bunny's dreams. Here's her youtube channel: -->

As you have a puppy which is prime age for learning anything, including speech buttons, you could start training him if you have the time and inclination, and perhaps one day be able to ask your pup what he sees.

I've been trying to train my cats but haven't got far. One of my girls drags one button on top of the other and sometimes presses it with that, but not her paw. >.< They know they should press the button to get a treat and paw at it, but I can't get them to press it. Anyway, I had my one kitty and I was giving her a treat. The treat drawer was open with the button underneath it; it is the bottom drawer, so neither she nor I could reach the button, it was covered. All of a sudden, my cat got so startled she fell over sideways, her feet skidding out and kicking her treats all about, all the while with her head twisted the other direction to look under the drawer, then she went scrabbling up and rocketed out of the room. A moment later, the button said, "Treat." I did feel the electricity and static you get around a spirit low down at floor-pet-level, but I didn't see anything or pick up a strong sense of anything. I think it was just one of the cats I glimpse around.


I'd love to see the footage you took in the Old Jail! If you can post more of it beyond just the tiny clip of the footsteps and growl without doxxing yourself, I'd be interested to see your adventures exploring the cells.

Thanks for the additional detail! It was all a good read.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] LadyDarke,

I'd love to go into further detail.

The cells were not that big in solitary and death row, like big enough to fit a couple beds and have maybe enough room to take like two steps to the back of the cell and two steps to each side if even that much.

And then in the solitary cell there wasn't even a bed, it was just concrete all the way around and that was it, and probably a lil over 6 feet deep, and about 6 feet wide with a metal door.

Being there in the dark and no one really alone definitely felt eerie. It's like you could feel something is there, just out of sight ready to pounce at a moments notice.

When it came to the sound of footsteps it only lasted a second or two. And tried to recreate my footsteps to see if I made the noise, but nothing ended up recreating it.

What made it creepier is it sounded like someone that may have had their ankles chained up, dragging/shuffling their feet, which makes me wonder if it was possibly a spirit.

I'll have to grab the link for the video and put it up for others to watch. I had my friend there with me, but I know when I heard the shuffling, I was by the one cell by myself, and he was off in another cell, as we decided to split up at times to see if we'd capture anything that way.
ladydarke I told the wife to look with him from now on when he pops his head up. Yorke would do the same thing. We both watched new pup staring up at something in the hall and he was slowly walking backwards focused on whatever it was and has happened a couple times. Are dogs natural Energy detectors. Thanks for your comments gives me more to think about.

It's nice that the dog saw it too! It's quite validating to get confirmation on a sighting - and the confirmation means just as much coming from a non-human. I see cats that vanish the way you see mice. I hear a lot in paranormal circles about how once you have one experience, you've sort of 'unlocked' that set of experiences and continue to have them. Like, people that see bigfoot continue to have sightings. People that have seen a ghost often continue to have other sightings. So maybe people that see spirit mice, or cats, continue to see more mice or cats?

I was so sorry to read about your yorkie in the post below this one. It's going on a year, isn't it? Perhaps you are more open at this time hoping for a visitation, and thus are more aware of the mice as well. If this is on your mind, perhaps an animal psychic could help with communication.

An upside of your situation is that at least ghost mice don't poop in the cupboards.


Very cool! I've been to the Old Jail in Saint Augustine a few times as part of the Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour - which I highly recommend if you're in the area. I've never picked up anything paranormal while there, but there's a big group that goes in, and a guide who plays the character of Charlie, he did a great job hamming it up and acting scary by disappearing into the dark and reappearing slamming into bars! But, all told, way too raucous an event for ghost hunting. This event didn't explore, either - just went in through a door by the kitchens and up to one room with a long table that was surrounded by cells. It's neat that you got to explore the whole place, including solitary. I understand that the prisoners on death row there had to build their own gallows, too, though the tour guide said that the life expectancy for anyone sentenced there was only about four years due to the horrific conditions; like even for the time, deliberately cruel conditions. That sheriff was a torturer and a monster, truly the worst criminal was running the jail.

Several years ago, I went on a ghost tour in the old state penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO, more like yours where the group got to see the whole place, though nobody had investigation equipment beyond cameras. Solitary was active there, too; I picked up on spirits of a flamboyant homosexual man there as well as patrolling, bulldog-like man. In one of the cell blocks, I picked up on a spirit under one of the beds whom the guide confirmed had previously grabbed the leg of a boy on the tour from under the bed; I strongly felt he'd hung himself, though the door thresholds were so low I didn't see how. The guide said some prisoners managed it, though; they'd slump down with their legs sprawling on the floor and just not stand up to save themselves. I have a photo from there of a pale translucent hand on my shoulder from one spirit I had felt crawling up my back and holding onto my shoulders; I carried him out of the prison because even a life sentence ends. We got to see the execution room and I even sat in the electric chair. There was nothing there, quietest place in the jail. I think the prisoners had all made their peace by the time they reached the execution chamber. They'd had years to get ready for it, seen a priest, chosen their last meal. They were packed up to go and it didn't seem to me that anybody had left any baggage behind in the chamber.

Saint Augustine is famed as the Oldest City in America and has so much history. It's exciting you got the opportunity to investigate there, and came away with some EVPs too! I was really interested to hear about your explorations in the deeps of the Old Jail beyond the surface entry point included on my tour. Would you care to go into more detail about hearing the footsteps that later showed up on your recording? That was like the creepiest part and you just skimmed over it! And of course inquiring minds want to know if you knew where all the fleshy feet that could have been shuffling were at the time, and all the juicy details about sitting alone (?) in the dark (?) listening and filming. Can you describe the solitary/death row cells and cell block? How big were they, what were the conditions like, were there windows?

Thanks for sharing. I quite enjoyed reading your experience.

Update-Myself and our puppy are reclined on the couch pup's head facing large living room when pup quickly raises his head and I look, and we are both watching another ghost mouse in the middle of the room running to the kitchen opening. I have caught quick glimpses of them, but this was about 5 feet of running then vanished. Still creeps me out.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Ladyglow,Thank you for lovely message. You have a very kind heart. Your words of condolences are much appreciated. My sister is very upset as she was the closest to my mum and hopefully in time our tears will ease and our smiles will increase when we look back on all the beautiful memories.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Devil In The Bathroom
That was quite the interesting read, and definitely enjoyed the detail provided in it.

Has the spirit reappeared at all at a later time with a similar description or is that the one and only time you've seen it? Also, did anything else happen in the house that day?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in Was It Really Me?
Sounds like the possibility of a Doppelganger, however, the main question I am wondering is, did the crying disappear when the spirit disappear, or were you still hearing the crying after?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in Neighbor's White Lady
Like Lady-glow mentioned, I am curious on if it was possible that it could have been your neighbor, did the features match your neighbor at all? (Hair color, length, etc) or any reason your neighbor would have been at that spot during that time of day?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in A Creepy Creature
This was quite interesting to read about in your story. One thing I am wondering about is if your area may have some cryptids tied to it that may explain what the creature could possibly be? (like how there is the mothman, the jersey devil, etc).

Overall was pretty interesting to read about and definitely wondering what that creature could be.

I offer my deepest condolences to you and your family for the loss of your mother, may her memory live on forever.
An interesting and touching experience.

I'm interested to see your painting of a daisy as well, mostly because it reminded me of the song by Jud Strunk that involved a death. Https:// (And if that doesn't work, just search for 'daisy a day' in whatever platform you use for music. I'm sure Alexa knows.)

If you could post a link to the image on facebook, or if you have a deviantart account, not that you are a deviant, that's just the name of the website, you could post it there and give us a link? Thanks! 😁
Hi Piperasc

Just like you I also believe that loved ones who've passed on are always around us even though we can't see them anymore and they will give us little signs now and then or when we are at our lowest, to show us that they are still around and guiding us and giving us strength when we need it, all we have to do is open ourselves up to experience it.
iamestee, My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your mother. May she rest in peace. My mother passed away very recently and my family are devastated as you must be. Something I'm finding that helps me right now through these days of grief - that may help you, is to look at my mum's photo and tell her things I didn't get around to saying. It's a very powerful connection that has helped your grandma come to visit your mother. They must have been really close.
Thank you for sharing your situation.
Hi Rajine,

I guess you're right. The people we love who already passed away does wait for us on the other side and some of them do go back to fetch us as we travel back in God's arms.

Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to me.
Hi lady-glow,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it! 😊

According to my aunt (my mom's oldest sister), my grandma's favorite daughter is my mom so I guess that's one of the reasons why she visited my mom on her wake. Maybe see wanted to see her physical body lying in the coffin before they reunite in heaven since the last time she saw my mom is before she died in 198x (sorry I forgot the exact year).

Yup, I actually took the coins and placed it in my mom's purse that I kept when she died. The coins have different production year (around 2000-2014) which I think doesn't have any significance in both of them. Yes, my father-in-law and cousin does believe in the afterlife. Maybe you're right about my grandma's intention.

Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to me.
Hi iamestee

As lady-glow mentioned it's believed that loved ones who've passed on wait on the other side for people who are or recently passed on, I believe this as well having had experiences myself or people around me telling me about their own experiences.
Welcome to YGS.

I find your experience puzzling and fascinating.

It is widely believed that a person's loved ones and ancestors are waiting for them at the moment of their passing; hence, your story makes me wonder the reason that would make your grandmother come to the - funeral home?
Were the coins still there by the time you and your husband arrived? Did you keep them? Were all of the coins minted the same year? If so, was this year of any significance either for your mother and/or your grandmother?
Do your father-in-law and cousin believe in the afterlife? Perhaps Grandma's intention was to show them that death is not the end.

I imagine how unnerving most have been for everyone to know that a long departed mother would come to see her daughter on her wake, and only hope they are together and happy again. May their souls rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Heavqn

By the way you reacted I'm assuming that this woman wasn't someone you recognized, maybe it was a visitor? 🤔 That lady sounds like something out of The Grudge.
Welcome to YGS.

Would it be possible that the lady was your neighbor after taking a shower in such a hot day?
The_Dark_Soul in The Girl Under The Tree
Thank you for this suggestion, itsdan4u.
Yeah, I'm planning to start this as soon as possible. ❤
DexterGregory in My Husband And The Ghost?
I have been dealing with this since I was a young boy. I am much older now. It comes and goes, usually just after I have fallen asleep, it feels so real, so physical. My ladyfriend has noticed to same things you mentioned, sheets moving up and down, rhythm strokes, slow rides, etc. My hands nowhere near my private area. It has never bothered me, sometimes I think whoever it is doesn't want me to have relations with whoever I am with. It comes more often now than before. We have watch a shadow leave the room a few times. Yes it has basically ruining our sex lives. Most of the time I think it is my ladyfriend is feeling frisky, but when I reach over she is facing away from me asleep. So then everything stops, and I rollover and go back to sleep.
[at] RCRuskin I don't think it was a dream/sleep paralysis because other family members have also heard/seen similar things in that house. I did try looking up the history, but there was nothing. I will try looking it up again. Thanks for your input!:)
Hi yaheeyahaa

From your story I take it that your family and friends have witnessed something or the other, do you perhaps know the history of the house? That might give you a clue whether anything happened there to suggest that your house is haunted.
Welcome, yaheeyahaa, to YGS.

Definitely a frightening thing to experience at any age. It sounds, to me, more like sleep paralysis or a hypnagogic experience. Which is not to say that it was not a ghost or haunting, just that I think it being a wakeful dream is more likely.

Thank you for sharing.
Dear Dirtyjerzambeez, Wow... It sounds like you definately saw Scott Tyler. Scott & I went to high school together (Class of '79 & we were friends (He played my 'dad' [at] my 'Mock Wedding lol). Scott was about 5'10, chunky & he had wavy auburn red hair (Styled like Danny Partridge) & he loved his Rugby shirts & he was one funny guy. We were all shocked when we found out he was the guy in the Rolling Thunder accident. I do have a few pictures of him - But I have no clue how to post them!
This, is a great True Paranormal experience. Thank you for sharing it. 👻p
Hi Lost_Voyage_11,

Sorry for the late reply, the signal is not good in my husband's hometown. I spent my rest days and vacation days there and just got back here in the city.

Are you at all familiar with the land the houses were built on? It would be good to research the history of the property as best you can to see if anything ever happened there? - Not really familiar, but I am hearing hearsay but not proof of what really happen so it is not really valid for me.

If this entity actually interacted with you then it's not a residual haunting. A residual would be unable to actually interact with it's environment, it would be akin to a film playing over and over again. Since you only mentioned the encounter in your room only once, it doesn't sound residual, but I'm unclear on if she actually responded or reacted when you informed her that she was frightening you? - She tried to talk, then I tried to talk then she disappeared after sobbing for a few minutes. Like frustrated about what I said I guess.

Especially since others have seen this entity and you mentioned your family demolished the houses due to neighbors complaints. Were the complaints of supernatural origin, or something more physical, like the houses being an eyesore for instance? Perhaps the answers lie in your next story which I look forward to reading? - Some yes like they are seeing people inside but when they check it further there's none. There are times they can see that woman and they thought it was me, since I use to have a very long hair. My half brother is also our neighbors and they also mentioned that they are seeing things there which they cannot explain until we decided to demolished it instead. Well my family did. I was working in Manila when they decided do it so I can no longer protest. I like that place even if there are a lot of creepy things in there. As for Shaman or manggagamot as they call it, I am really not a big fan. I will write my story about it soon.
I have to agree with the others; after exhausting the obvious, what's left seems to be clearly Paranormal Activity, especially in a hotel that's famed for it.

Lucky you, experiencing the trip of a lifetime! The Hollywood Roosevelt is a beautiful hotel from what I've seen on television and spending time exploring L.A. Is always fun. I'm glad you had a nice trip with a side of ghostly activity!
Hello rebycedaj, a fascinating yet unnerving encounter to say the least, thanks for sharing!

Are you at all familiar with the land the houses were built on? It would be good to research the history of the property as best you can to see if anything ever happened there?

If this entity actually interacted with you then it's not a residual haunting. A residual would be unable to actually interact with it's environment, it would be akin to a film playing over and over again. Since you only mentioned the encounter in your room only once, it doesn't sound residual, but I'm unclear on if she actually responded or reacted when you informed her that she was frightening you?

I'm not really familiar with your countries customs/beliefs, but from what I've read from other posters in that region, it seems steeped in superstition and a belief in the supernatural. As such, even though you don't believe anyone would listen to you, it seems that they would. I think your country has shamans, or people that specifically deal with the paranormal, mentioned by other posters, who could help. Especially since others have seen this entity and you mentioned your family demolished the houses due to neighbors complaints. Were the complaints of supernatural origin, or something more physical, like the houses being an eyesore for instance? Perhaps the answers lie in your next story which I look forward to reading?

I think you could seek help for whatever this entity is on your property, and at least find out what it is and provide help if it does indeed need assistance. Hopefully this helps! Good luck!
Hi Rajine,

Thank you for your comment. That is also my initial guess. But given the fact that I am not an expert on this there is also a big possibility that it is residual as what lady-glow suggested. If she is not, then I hope she found peace.
Hi rebycedaj

Maybe it's a spirit of a woman who had something happen to her in that house and she now just wants to be able to move on.
Hi Wandering24Fox

Are you sure that they were just ornamental? Perhaps they served some other purpose.

It's crazy but I just finished watching all of the Annabelle movies and just got me wondering 😅...
Thank you for your comment lady-glow. For my family there are moments they think they experience something unexplanable. Like missing items in the house for example or wierd feeling of being watch but nothing visual. For the houses it is 2 separate houses but few meters from each other, the bamboo house I believe was built 1st then the L shaped house. Both are demolished now.

I agree with you on this "
In my opinion, the first thing would be to determine if you're dealing with an intelligent haunting or with a residual one. As for you trying to help, unless you research for ways to protect and prepare yourself; perhaps it would be better to ask for the help of a religious leader or a reputable psychic" however going back, as a child I always thought that no one will take me seriously especially if I talk about this type of thing so I failed to ask help. There are lot of thing that had happenned on that land even before we decided to demolish the houses and I will share it here as soon as I have it ready. Sorry for typos I am using my phone right now
Maybe they were cremation urns for dogs, or memorial items?
How did they look like?
Hi rebycedaj.

It is not clear to me if the bamboo and the "L" shaped houses were built on the same lot, or if they're in different locations.

If the former, I would think that the ghost is attached to the land and not much would be accomplished on terms of helping her to cross over by demolishing the building. Although, it seems to me, your family has kept it like a rental property, right?

It's interesting that no one else in your family would see her, but other inhabitants of the premises witness her presence, perhaps you are more sensitive than your siblings and your parents.

"Thinking of this I just hope I have the courage to help her, what do you think? What would you do if you are in my position?"

In my opinion, the first thing would be to determine if you're dealing with an intelligent haunting or with a residual one. As for you trying to help, unless you research for ways to protect and prepare yourself; perhaps it would be better to ask for the help of a religious leader or a reputable psychic.

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience with us.
I relate to the cat part. I feel a cat lay across my feet here in our new home. The owners before us had a cat with kidney failure that crawled under the house to pass away... I swear I feel it but not much anymore. I 100% believe you hear these random noises and aren't from medication making you think you do. The only thing that made me think twice was the dripping noises but the others had me spooked!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Annoying Phantom Cats
Hello PaulCratin, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing! It is interesting, you say you see these things in your peripheral vision, yet when these bites and sensations are occurring you don't see anything directly?

I am in agreement with the others on this one, I think it would be wise to get checked out medically to be safe. The fact that these encounters as uncomfortable as they are, cease when you sleep makes me think it may be something more physical.

You can always have a just a candid discussion with your Dr during an exam, you don't have to tell him what you've seen in your peripheral vision, or what you think it is in paranormal terms, just tell him you are having sensations on your legs that feel like somethings crawling on you and sensations akin to being bitten with the associated pain. I highly doubt they're going to think you're ready for the rubber room if you stick to what's going on physically. As it's been stated so well in other replies, there are biological reactions that produce these effects as well.

I'm not saying it's not supernatural/paranormal, but my feeling is there's a physical component to this that needs to be addressed and hopefully will resolve the problem. Good Luck!
I stay in Mulund only and Nahur is close to us, so I am pretty much aware of this fact 😊
Hi Raveyhope - Just happen to start reading stories here again. I had an almost similar experience just like yours, but it was inside our office. The fog was just in specific spots, then it moves as well from one spot to another, sometimes it stays to people or group of people. One time I noticed it moved to one of my colleagues and she started feeling scared she claims someone touched her, from her back to her thighs, to her shoulder. I was a bit scared since she looks like she is about to get possess. Note: this person didn't see the fog. I honestly don't know what it was. Apologies for my English, not a native speaker.
Yeah I believe you, my mom worked as an engraver for the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY and she saw lots of ships come home all messed up and the poor sailors all wounded bad.
She had lots of tales of haunted ships and places around the yards.
CantunSEEit74 in Annoying Phantom Cats
Hi Paul Ghost Adventures Season 23 episode 1 in Big, California. Their equipment caught stick figures of very small creatures at his knee and one on his back at the same time biting, scratching him They talked to it and recorded a couple responses in English, but this episode goes sideways and needs a priest. I hope you're not in the area of a native American massacre, or burial ground. They come in all shapes and sizes. Have you thought about asking it questions and recording it. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
goblinkwain in Corner Creeper
Hello! I know it has been some years since you posted, but I love your story, and wanted to see if I could have your permission to read it on a podcast I am working on. If you like you can contact me at my gmail which is the same as my username. Take care!
robmkivseries70 in Annoying Phantom Cats
Good Day,
I'm not a DR, nor do I play one on TV. I'd call this something similar to "restless legs" syndrome and would guess, as the others have said, there is a physiological cause. I have has some luck with a warm bath and gentle hamstring stretches. Good luck with this.
Mental health treatment has come a long way from when we were kids. Generally you don't get 'locked up' unless they think you're a danger to yourself or others. Would you be sent for a psych evaluation? Possibly. But not until after your doctor had looked for other medical reasons.
There could be something on your nerves - your actual nerves, causing the crawling and biting sensation. Neuropathy comes to mind, but no way could I say for sure. I agree with the others that a doctor visit is in order. The point is, what you're experiencing may not be paranormal at all, but early symptoms of a medical disorder. And by not having it checked out, you're doing yourself a disservice.
And from the way you describe your experiences it does not seem friendly at all.
Hi PaulCratin

If there's no logical or medical reason for you experiencing this then I would assume that it could possibly be supernatural, I cannot really comment on your medical conditions, however I have had my fair share of unexplainable incidents and if it is indeed supernatural, I can't imagine that those "cats" as you call it may just be spirits of cats, sometimes something much more malevolent can impersonate.
As a reader who grew up the same country as OP, I'd like to provide some context.

The belief in witch doctors here is so prevalent. Common folk would sometimes rather run to them than to medical professionals and I think it's a detrimental, outdated cultural thing that needs to be addressed. That said, not everyone has or had had access to doctors and hospitals. Healthcare here has been hugely neglected. Additionally, we are a country that still believes in superstitions these days, even more so during decades past which could explain why OP's mom had gone through what she did. Even the notion of abortion is taboo and most can only get one through under the table and, honestly, dangerous means. Witch doctors (manggagamot) and witches (mangkukulam, mambabarang, etc.) are also a thing here, which is why the house where OP's mom slept over at makes sense to me. I won't even get started how mental health is treated here. If some countries are less than progressive, I can attest that we are a further ten steps back.

Having said that, OP, I think what your mother went through was some serious psychological issue. Whether or not it was the work of the devil, I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I would also assume that following your birth, she experienced post partum which has been brushed off.

I think it's unfair for your father and everyone else around you to predetermine your past simply for being an "oopsie baby" and the medical issues your mother went through. I don't think you're the son of a demon. Everyone is capable of evil, and despite having those thoughts, you're still here doing good. So, I hope you'll always choose to do good.

I'm an empath myself, and I must admit that it gets so tiring and difficult at times (what more you, for your profession). Please take care of yourself. Despite the archaic beliefs of this country, we do have therapists who can help you heal from your childhood traumas. Probably, demons manifest in such ways, and let's not let it win.

Peace be with you, brother. ❤
PaulCratin in Annoying Phantom Cats
Thank you for your thoughtful reply. At this moment I am sitting at my desk in a totally different room reading your reply. I feel the cats as I am writing this comment. No bites yet! I will
Tell my doctor. Thanks. Paul
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Paul.

In my opinion, it's important to talk to your doctor about these events before considering them paranormal in nature.
Although the members of the forum may give you some advice, no one knows your health condition well enough as to say if these events are a side effect of a medication/substance you may be taking, or the result of a physiological imbalance.

There's no mention in your narrative if your encounters with the phantom cats have happened in the same house or at different locations.
Would it be possible that a previous pet has been visiting you?
Have you noticed if the presence of the cats, and the crawlies, follows a pattern or if it associated to some external factors?

It's always a good idea to keep a journal with the purpose of registering any events that may be increasing or triggering these episodes.

In my opinion, at this moment it's more important to get a clean bill of health and leave the paranormal for later. Though, perhaps, after talking to your doctor, you may consider asking for the help of a religious leader or a well reputed spiritual healer.

Thanks for sharing.
The same exact thing just happened to me. I was sitting at my desk then suddenly there was something that looked almost like lightning, or some really skinny and tall ghost.

Right after I felt really weird, like another comment said, every cell in my body was humming at the same frequency. Almost as if something had entered inside my body, or I had gotten shocked. I also noticed a weird smell, but I don't know how to describe it.

I guess for now we won't know what it is. But I do know, it definitely wasn't lightning, I don't think anything malfunctioned. Maybe it was paranormal, who knows.
Hi, Hello, what's up Lady-glow. Funny you may not like what I wrote yet you kept reading it. But all the same you have a fun dear.
Rajine, thanks for your kind comments. Maybe the excitement did help him to leave faster but I doubt it. He was very sick for a long time, when its your time you go no matter what your doing.
Hi all I just strayed in room 502 on the 800 block of Toulouse not to long ago. One of the nights I was woken up at 04:00ish and it felt like I was being held down and I was fully a wake. I could move my head and legs but could not get up. This continued for almost 30 seconds until got got mad and said aloud fk off you mfer and then I was able to get up! Sleep paralysis? Maybe, just weird. I have never had anything like that happen... Anyway just my two cents. The hotel was great and ill defiantly stay there again.
Thank you Rajine. It was rough that first year. Especially that first Christmas.
sushantkar in Room 244
Dear JCCT, Do you think any story that you will create in the future can be trusted?
Before doing anything one should introspect. A mistake made for the sake of entertainment is called a sin.

Hi Mark0477

I am really sorry about your mum, but I do believe that she is in a better place now, you're pastor was right to say that you should keep God close to your heart, also having positive thoughts makes it harder for negative beings to get to you.
Hi HauntedJurist but I am going to agree with [at] lady-glow here, some things does sound a bit outrageous.

However I do believe that people can possess the ability to be empaths, as for you being a killer, I guess it depends on nature vs nurture, do you feel like you have killer tendencies? You could be anything you want to if you choose it.
Correction to my previous comment:

"30% of pregnancies end up as spontaneous miscarriage within 30 weeks of conception,"

It should say "within 30 days or conception".
Welcome to YGS.

I find your story interesting and fascinating though, at the same time, quite questionable, and by this I don't mean I don't believe it, but there are some points that, personally, I have difficulty taking like solid facts.

Your case confirms that, just because a baby isn't wanted nor planned, doesn't mean that they can't be loved, and your mother really loved you even before you're born.

"Her friend's house is famous for supernatural occurrences and miscarriages. Two of my mother's friends miscarried in the house"

Do you know how far in their pregnancies were your mother's friends? How far was her own pregnancy?

According to medical statistics, roughly a 30% of pregnancies end up as spontaneous miscarriage within 30 weeks of conception, and this rate decreases as the pregnancy progress.
In my opinion, it's not conclusive if those women lost their babies just because they were staying in that house.

Would it be possible that unborn you got relaxed and slept like a baby after the soothing massage?
Do you know if your mother asked her friend why she massaged her belly? Did she ever ask her other friends if they received a belly massage from that friend before having their own miscarriages?
As I said before, it's hard to say if there's a link between the woman/house and the miscarriages.

" Her friend suggested going to a "manggagamot" (a healer of some sort that has some sort of supernatural power) "

I prefer using the word "ability" over "power", and am a bit skeptical of people who claim such abilities. I don't mean that some people have many kinds of different gifts but, unfortunately, there are many more than prey on the desperation, the trust, and the ignorance of others, and take advantage as an easy way to get some cash.

"She told my mother that I already don't have a heart beat, and I am dead."

Did she use an stethoscope or some other method to hear your heart beat?
If resuscitating a person were as easy as using "water, candles, some plants, chanting, and prayers", the business of funeral homes would have disappeared a long time ago.

Childbirth and childcare are a draining and stressful experience, perhaps your mother had a hypnopompic hallucination ("are hallucinations that occur as you are waking up in the morning and in a state that falls somewhere between dreaming and being fully awake") due to the tension of just having a baby.

"my father once told me that I killed a kitten while playing with it"

Did he elaborate more on the circumstances? There's a big difference between what a child out of innocence and without knowing the possible consequences of their actions, and doing it intentionally and in purpose.

As for having destructive thoughts, I think every single person goes through such situations, but the important part is to know the difference between wrong and right, and being aware of the consequences of our choices and actions.

As for the fortune tellers, just remember Buddha's words:

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."

Thanks for sharing.
Rajine, going back to what you asked if I asked my mom about astral projection, I never did, no. It never dawned on me. I think it was around 2015 when I became aware of it. I of course seen the movie "Insidious," and ironically after that, I kept hearing the phrase "astral projection" about four times. Then I was curious. I then put two and two together, realized that was what my mother was doing.

Astral projection is a Middle Eastern practice, at least that was what I thought. My mother was Christian. I think she did it as an escape from her depression. This was in 1983. Depression beat the odds for my mother in 1998.

I am a Christian, and have some curiousity about astral projection since 2016. I also have an interest in meditation as well. I talked to my pastor about my curiosity on astral projection. He did not contest it. All he said was Keep God close to your heart and keep positive thoughts.
I heard that before. That's definitely a possibility. I know people who have it stronger than I do. In fact someone who I work with says that she often times seen ghosts in the restroom. I think each person has different levels.
okay. I have a couple of observations here.
When u click a photo, you either catch something or you dont. There is nothing in between. A phone is a digital device. I have never and I don't think I would ever, come across a case where the phone shows you something unusual in an image a moment and shows up normal right the next. I don't think that can happen.
Secondly, cold grasps for one, mind takeover to abuse for another and manifesting in her true form to stand outside of the window being the third, don't you think its a kind of busy night for the maid?
Thirdly, if something wrong of sexual nature happens to someone the incident would mostly be suppressed. The possibility is even more so for a man (who was actually involved in the mess) while telling his son. I don't think the son would have known such details from his father.
Lastly, read in your comments, this dude was 1 year old, 25 years back. What studies were you 26 year olds were doing?
Just curious, no offense meant.
sundar kand bro.
Just do it religiously. It will save you not just from this problem but many other that may befall...
itsdan4u in A Creepy Creature
theres overwhelming documentation about transdimensional creatures. My guess would be the same since I have read/ heard very similar incidences before
Paul1, from the Comments Guidelines: "... It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact."
Get a CATHOLIC PRIEST to exercise you house its Satan! Truth is ONLY a Catholic Priest can get rid of these things. The Evil Demons hate Catholic Priests cause they represent Christ. They have no power more powerful than Jesus and Mary and Joseph.
I heard in the Next Life if your full of goodness you glow, the more good you were the more you glow. Maybe Billy was very good.
The Place is haunted dude! Get Holy Water from a Catholic Church and bless the place. If you feel like Consecrate it to St. Joseph the worker, he's the Terror of Demons. All will be well then.
Unexplained in The Man On The Roof
That was a touching story, ARD. Nice one! Thanks for posting.
Oh say a Rosary or light a candle in a Catholic Church and say some prayers for the souls in Purgatory and she will find the light and go away.
Hi Mark0477

Have you spoken to your mum about the astral projection that you saw? Her saying that she knew what was going on just got me more curious.

We all know a sixth sense, some people are able to experience supernatural stuff more intensely than others, I think that you may be one of those people.
Hi again CarmenXerxes

It's really tragic when someone decides to end their life, I also hope that those spirits find peace, but when someone takes their own life it causes a negative impact in the surrounding which is where other negative entities can dwell, that's just my opinion anyway.
Maybe speak to other family members about what you experienced and see if they have experienced the same, getting into witchcraft in my opinion isn't a good idea.
Hi CarmenXerxes

It's normal to be skeptical about certain things that seem outrageous, I have always tried to see logic or reasonable explanations for the same, but I've come to realize that there is a whole different world out there that involves supernatural, both benevolent and malevolent

What is "Holy Watch"?!?!?

I suppose you mean holy water, right?
You should follow your own advice and bless your phone with holy water, and take it to a priest to be exorcised to get rid of the demon acting through its autocorrect.
Get a Priest, some spirits are following you. Bless yourself with Holy Watch blessed by a Catholic Priest and Say Rosaries for the holy souls in purgatory. They will leave.
Thats so sweet, the sweetest ghost story ever. A priest told me once that some times a soul has to do some thing before it can go to Heaven and if you see one pray for the souls in Purgatory and it will find the light and leave. Trying praying some Hail Mary's for him.
Jcct in Room 244
I am sorry lady-glow and Valcricry, I won't do it furthermore.
lady-glow in Room 244

If your sole purpose is getting some attention as a writer, there are many other forums in the internet intended for fictional stories that would be more suitable for you.

There's nothing you can do to fix this story... Not to restore the credibility on any further creations of your keyboard.
Jcct in Room 244
OK, at first sorry for my late comment. What U guys think that this story is a scam, yes. Yes but not completely. I saw that girl. But bury it was fake. Why fake news here? Because I thought that everyone was getting bored from my story, so I thought it would be better If I give a fake information, the bury, then people will comment on my post. I'm sorry fort that, Valcricry, Lagy-glow, Arunbabu and more. I saw the girl, and the girl was nobody but was my friend. Was, because she died in Kolkata 2017 Jan-5th,due to a car blast. Why she came to me, that's unknown. And yeah this one is true. I am sorry, I apologize and won't ever write any scam.
The_Dark_Soul in The Girl Under The Tree
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11 and Rajine, Warm Greetings...

Am so sorry for the late reply... Please don't mind.

I don't remember that much now, but I still remember that it was just a kind of smile you give when you meet someone or when you're about to greet someone.

3 months ago, I did a ritual in a temple. Just to keep me and my mom-dad safe from anything negative. To be honest, I didn't even remember about that girl the days before going to the temple for worship, and even the days after.

Now I experience a light atmosphere around me and even the room where I sleep and stay has also become quite pleasant.

From these signs, I conclude that the problem is solved - at least for now! Let's hope for the best in the future.

Lastly, thank you so much for your concern. I'm honored and I appreciate it.

Take Care!
Lady-glow and Valkricry,

You guys are legends. Many thanks 😊
ladyglow- YAY for the good guys! At least the situation is corrected.😁
Cosmos and Valkricry.

I saw the -7 rating after Cosmos brought it to attention and did my part to change what I consider an unfair overuse of the karma system... Guess I'm not the only one thinking this way.
Thanks Valkricry for looking into the error from the technical possibilities perspective. Yesterday I noticed that my comment was hidden due to low rating and it was showing -7 karma points.

I guess it's all changed now. Once again many thanks 🙏🏼
Cosmos - I don't see any negatives for you. Must've been a glitch or something...
Wow -7, not so sure if I deserve that. Just asked a few questions, and agreed with Tweed's comment.
May his Memory be Eternal.

Yes. There is another world. As he was dying, my dad gave us explicit instructions regarding things and the one we did not follow was his insistence there be no memorial meal. Dad was convinced he was hated, but quite the opposite was true.

Though we did not have the mob that your family had when we did hold his memorial dinner.
CantunSEEit74 in There Is Another World
Aliens are only spirits that are not good but they are not from any planets, that's something people made up to explain them. I am also educated in certain fields that take into account the reality of God and the heavenly courts. I felt the need to comment for all readers. About 100 people started to walk in. Your mother had no idea, was your father living a double life. I would have let him eat that roll. Your educated Proof read your next story.
Hi Paul1

I'm sorry for your loss and I do believe that miracles do happen, and I'm sure your dad is in a better, peaceful place now and I have to agree with you on the ouija board thing.

But don't you think perhaps all that excitement must have caused something?
HunterJack in 2pm Terror
May be you had sleep paralysis. Did you enquired about the place you and your family living. Is anything happens in that place?

With Respect Arunbabu [at] Hunterjack
"The hospital called us two hours later and told us he passed away but we knew it all ready for some reason."

I wonder if the reason was because your father passed away in the presence of your family?

"My two brothers were there, my sister stayed home. My mother was with us and we were having fun hugging and playing games with my dad to make him laugh... Then he fell backwards on his bad and was dead the second he fell back. The nurse rushed us out of the room and called code blue. My family and I knew he was gone..."

I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry but, in my opinion, your story is utterly confusing and hard to read.

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