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MrsRamsay, there are certainly some parallels to my wife's occurrence, with yours, though my wife does not often remember her dreams (I do mine).

Our house also does not appear to be haunted but we have had a few transitory visits from unknown entities over the years and also from recently passed loved ones.

Coincidentally my great great great grand mother is from Norway.
Just an update. The Catholic Church has since abolished the concept that babies are born in a state of venial sin. Thank heaven for that.
t_bev - What an extremely interesting (and nerve wracking) place of employment. As much as I enjoyed reading about your experiences at the theatre, would I want to work there? Actually, I might!

I was raised Catholic and was educated at a convent for most of my schooling, so I know a fair amount about purgatory and the associated venial sin. I would suggest that you google both - there's a lot of literature out there.

We were always told that a baby who dies before being baptised will not go straight to heaven but will reside in purgatory for a while before being allowed into heaven. This is also why babies are supposed to be baptised when they are a few weeks old because it is believed that they have been born in a state of venial sin. Baptism ensures that they are in a state of grace and are worthy of entering the Pearly Gates.

As you continue through life obviously you notch up a few sins. For most of us these will not be mind blowing but when you shed your earthly shell you have to atone for them nonetheless. Enter purgatory! If you're a murderer or have committed heinous crimes, enter hell!

I have my own opinion on the above but won't go into it here.

But to finally answer your question, I understand why you were told that the footprints were left by a soul in purgatory. I personally am wary of using that word. As a youngster I used to picture these poor innocent babes hanging between heaven and hell. "Mr so and so was a drinker so he'll be going to purgatory."

My opinion is that the prints were possibly left by a spirit which for some reason is stuck on this earth and has not yet been able to cross over, or perhaps at this stage does not want to cross over.

Regards, Melda
To Kindly refrain: When I first moved into my current house, about 8 years ago, I had a dream like I'd never had before. It was a guy, a monsterous, evil guy, trying to get in my front door. I had gotten there just before he did and locked it and was yelling, "NO WAY are you getting in." And I woke up just shaking.

I've never had the dream again, but I think I can say it was the first in a series of somewhat disturbing dreams and visuals I had while sleeping here that I just refuse to attribute to my brain. My dreams are often vivid, but normally not scary. I rarely watch violent television. Every now and then I'll wake up with these bad things -- usually quick, ugly images -- and just say the Lord's Prayer and tell myself, NO WAY. It is worth noting that, while I don't think my house is haunted, I do sense visits from dead loved ones and my dogs are scared to death to go outside in our backyard at night. We were possibly a Civil War encampment at one time, so there could be stuff lingering "out there."

To Unforgiven: My great grandmother was from Norway, by the way, and I just love being 22 percent Norwegian! Waking up to what you did must've been incredible, but to notice a reaction like that is even more crazy. "Shoulders went up"... I'm not sure I would recognize the shoulders of a shadow man going up! So you were really reading his body language and that probably helped you determine he wasn't dangerous (thus you could go back to sleep). Thank you for sharing your story.
blancdada in The Black Lady
I just read this story and I suddenly remember something similar like this happened to us when my grandmother to my father side died too. I was still a kid back then so I vaguely remember all the details, but I am sure that my older cousins did witness the same thing. We had a 1 week burial for our grandmother in Batangas, on the last day we played tong-its and one of my older cousin went inside the house and started calling us all inside. Then she mentioned that there was a black lady outside with us. Do you think its something related in our Philippine folklore or something?
AugustaM - Since the building is historic, it's on a few different tours in the area. So we had to collect and learn a lot about it's history for those tours. (Something I thoroughly enjoyed!) We have a great Historical Society in town and they were the best at getting us info.
Also, since the building was rebuilt/remodeled so many times, they were invaluable at getting us old pics of it to try and figure out what we were looking at after tearing down walls and such.
As far as it being near any bodies of water, no it isn't. There's a mostly dried up creek the next block over but that's about it. I hadn't heard of the triage thing before; based on when it was built and used it's possible it was used like that at some point so now I'm on a mission to find out and I'll let you know!😁
When talking about the foot prints once, someone of the Catholic faith told me that was a sign of someone in Purgatory. I've never heard that before or since, I'm not religious, and I don't really study the paranormal so... Not sure where their theory on that came from. Anyone else heard that before?
MrsRamsay - I loved working there. Sadly working for a non-profit isn't really the best way to pay your bills so after 2yrs I moved on. I worked there 2018- the beginning of this year.
The building itself was fantastic. Especially when doing renovations; we would knock down walls to find rooms and cubbies and balconies; it was awesome. At one point we found a legit tunnel that went in a sort of U shape throughout the basements and under stage area!
Out of curiosity, what was the theater that you saw the faces in the pics?
It might be a good idea to do a personal cleansing - if something is attached to you, that ought to take care of it. Do a bit of googling and find a method that sits well with your personal beliefs and keep in mind that it may require going through the process a few times to work properly. Don't give up, you can lick this thing!
The ghost of vaudeville ❀ for some reason, it strikes me as rather wistful and sweet - just a tendency to romanticize, I guess! It might be interesting to poke around old newspapers during the period when that theater was in it's heyday, you might uncover some rather interesting acts and maybe gain some ideas regarding the haunting. The muddy foot prints are intriguing- is the building near any body of water? I have heard of large buildings like theaters being used as emergency triage sites during floods or boating disasters - perhaps something of the kind happened in this situation. πŸ€”
Wow, old theaters are amazing. So many places to hide. So much energy and excitement when people are watching a good movie (too bad they're not making many of those these days).

I heard about an old theater in Ohio or somewhere in the midwest, and went to look it up online. When I pulled up the wikipedia article, I immediately recognized faces in the windows of the theater. I snipped it, blew up the images and have it saved. Lots of faces. I wonder why nobody seems to have noticed them or maybe they did and put up the photo anyway. Thanks for sharing your story.
Triskaideka in The Woman On The Bow
Reminds me of rusalka (Slavic) or nΓΈkke (Danish). I think the water spirit who sings and drowns people is... Well, seems to be lore for it all over the world. Wish I remembered some others. The water spirit who sings to lure then drown people seems to exist everywhere.
Hello Lealeigh.

My wife experienced the shadow man only the one night and she did not write down any of the details.

When I said that she made sure the windows were secure, this was also part of the same dream.

To her it was a bad but very real feeling dream. It was only later, when we realized that the shadow man (sometimes with red eyes) was reported by many others as well, that additional gravity was placed on the event.

My wife does not recall many of her dreams but I do recall many of mine. I do not journal them as they are usually just inane curiosities.
t_bev in I Saw It Too
Fantastic read! Was this the only unexplained experience you've had at that house? I'd be interested to know.
The "vengeful" stare gave me goosebumps. Creepy. Great read though!

Was this experienced by your wife only that night?

I have been documenting my own dreams (and anyone else who will talk to me about their's) since 2009 in various handwritten journals - with early morning illustrations. Well, your wife's dream seems like it really wasn't one because she ran around the house making sure the windows were locked. The fact that you and your wife were not acquainted with "shadow people" is another thing that is curious.

As much as I dislike derailing the subject in unforgiven1's narrative, I wonder what your wife would say if she would put her experience into her own words. Did she write it down after it happened to her?

- Maria
Since a red eyed shadow person was mentioned by terranigma I thought I would throw this into the mix.

At least 20 years ago, before my wife or I had ever heard of a shadow person, my wife had a strange and unsettling dream.

A red eyed shadow man was wanting to get into the house. It was at the front door and asking my wife to let it in. When my wife's instincts told her this was a bad idea, she told it that it was not allowed in. It then began many attempts at subtle persuasion to be let in but my wife was firm that it was not allowed in.

The shadow man became enraged and charged the door, which my wife quickly shut, and then attempted to get into any door or window that might be open. My wife ran to the different windows and made sure they were shut as this thing tried them all.

Although this presented as a dream I wonder if this was actually an entity's attempt at trying to gain entry into her life or our home. Again, neither of us had ever heard of a shadow man at that time.

As a side note, my wife was experiencing frequent out of body experiences around the same time period of this occurrence.
dontbeme in Night At The Hotel
Greetings Rose97, coins are also used to ward in evil by hanging them in the place of dark rituals and also by registering them with blood and sindur before such hanging. It could DEFINITELY be an unholy place which had a past of such activities. Or it might be that, something bad has happened there with someone, which might in a way be related to that coin or coins in general. Only if someone knew the past behind the hotel!
Hell FarEndofSpectrum,

I agree that this doesn't seem like some residual haunting; the whole act of the singing before rolling over the side seems purposeful and an attempt to entice you away from the others and to the edge of the boat.

With that said, I really enjoyed the story. It's believable and full of details without seeming over-embellished. Great read!

I agree that the entity or entities have really done nothing threatening, more just startling. I think you are probably right about it being a side effect. It's weird when the feeling of fear comes over you. It comes out of no where and is overwhelming. The first time it happened to me I was at the projector as it was going through previews. I had this sort of weight come down on me and my heart started pounding. I was looking down at the controls and I knew if I looked up towards the door I would see it. (At this point I hadn't seen it in my office door yet) I kept staring at the controls until the feeling went away. It once happened to me and 2 others when we were back stage setting up for a show. Long story short we all just froze simultaneously until the feeling went away. Since I'd had this feeling more than once before at that point I asked them if they felt it too; which they did. One was an employee and another was tech for the show and hadn't ever been in the building before.

The Vaudeville shows were traveling variety shows more or less. I'm not sure about any magic acts, but I know actors would travel into town for shows there. The apartment area was said to have been built because people of color and women actors were looked down on and sometimes had a hard time finding accommodations in town; so they were put up in the apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

As far as the haunting rumors, they began while it was a chain cinema. Past employees who have come to tour the building have mentioned occurrences going back to the late 70's; but any current rumors are squashed quickly. As I said in the OP, the reputation of the building and the non-profit that runs it is very important to the current owners.
I am not sure but maybe the shadow people can be like people I mean benevolent and malevolent. I have seen human shadow people, some with glowing red eyes, some child size and some even dog and cat size and one time I even saw one the size of a mouse whoosh across the floor:)
You are right Lealeigh, sorry for the late response. Good advice 😊
It's interesting that the vibes you feel are scary or uncomfortable, since nothing this apparition has done could be construed as threatening. It makes me wonder if it's just a normal side effect of a haunting.

If anything, the spirit might be annoying, causing more work for you and your employees, but it doesn't appear to be threatening.

Regardless, I know for a fact that I would have had a severe case of the Goosebumps myself! Thanks for sharing your story; it was well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 😊
A few more things that I'd like to mention:

*As far as I know, evil spirits after knowing that you've started doing serious remedies to ward them off, by all means, will try to stop you from doing them.

*They can do almost anything or everything to stop you from getting rid of them. (Sometimes unimaginable)

*You must be very cautious and highly determined about successfully completing whichever remedy you choose to start.

*Maybe that could also be the reason why you weren't successful in getting rid of this thing even after trying white/golden light remedy.

*This evil spirit will give you depressive thoughts and intentions. Don't get distracted.
If everything you told here is 100% true according to you, I don't think it could be a psychic ability. In fact, it's this evil spirit (or demon) that's trying to take possession over you. Hearing voices constantly inside your head (which you don't want to) is not at all fine. This so called "James" isn't James in the first place. Let me tell you, all his predictions about you and your life were to increase your fear. The more you get scared, the more you'll get vulnerable for possession. We know that "curiosity is the key to learning" But, in this case, your curiosity about ouija seance became the key to the door of dark and evil entities or energies. If you tried "almost everything" to get rid of this thing but in vain, then I can assume that you're definitely not doing any remedy in a proper way., or even if you are doing, then maybe you are not doing them consistently enough to ward off this evil thing from your life. Because, you have to have patience and faith for any remedy to work. So don't lose hope, Keep doing whichever remedy you're currently doing. And if, you lost hope in everything, (you shouldn't but if you notice that you're growing more vulnerable for this evil entity) I highly advice you to recite HANUMAN CHALISA everyday in the morning after taking bath for 41 days. Make sure you are reciting Hanuman chalisa written by TULSIDAS (original version of HANUMAN CHALISA). Make sure you don't skip even a single day within these 41 days without reciting HANUMAN CHALISA. Have faith in Lord hanuman as he is the SUPREME DESTROYER OF EVIL. This remedy is highly safe and extremely effective. Either you are a theist or atheist, it doesn't matter. This will work for sure 100%, whichever religion in this world you belong to, or even if you don't follow any religion, it doesn't matter., you can definitely follow this remedy. And after these 41 days, you will surely notice miraculous good changes in your life, you will be totally free from all kinds of negative entities or energies. You will have all the happiness and good health.


In case you are unable to recite (pronounce, I suppose) you can even listen to someone else who is reciting HANUMAN CHALISA. Listening helps too. MAKE SURE you're doing this every morning after taking bath. And if you want to know the meaning of the verses in HANUMAN CHALISA, you can just google "hanuman chalisa" And refer to it's wikipedia page. [ (HANUMAN CHALISA is even very much effective in healing all kinds of illness) ]

*Please be consistent enough for the results to show, don't skip between these 41 days.

*Many people notice good change even before these 41 days, but doing it for 41 days can not only help ward off evil but can also change your whole life in a positive way.

PATIENCE AND FAITH in yourself and in God are so important.

Interesting. Did the actors do magic shows? Could they have dabbled I'm black magic perhaps leaving something behind? Were there travelling shows there or just locals?

I've heard of a place that is in Ohio that is a haunted theatre... How long has the hauntings been known?
Hi [at] rookdygin

I did end the session but maybe that wasn't enough. Maybe I should have actually destroyed the board but I can't do anything about that now unfortunately.

I figured that might be the case. I will repeat it as needed but if I get to a point where I have already performed the ritual several times and I don't notice a difference, should I continue? Or would I most likely have to investigate other methods?

To answer your question, like I've said before, there was no other reason behind me using the board except for pure curiosity and skepticism. I didn't think it was a big deal to be using it alone and no one that I knew of would want to join in anyway. I was exploring the idea of the paranormal and other things that people believed in. I was pretty much on the verge of becoming atheist at the time. I didn't believe in anything and though I always respected people's beliefs, I didn't think what they believed in was real. I am a very logical thinker and a total realist. All of what I believed in was science-based like the big bang theory for example. But when science exists but people still continue to believe in other ideas, I wanted to find out why that's happening and if those ideas actually exist. And well, here I am now. I still don't know what I believe in but this whole experience has shaken me up a lot.

Sorry for the tangent but that's my reason. I hope that answered your question!

Also, there was something else that I have been investigating for a while that I wanted to mention. Is this possibly a psychic ability? My main focus is just trying to get to the point where I don't hear him anymore. Though I'd like for him to be gone completely, even if he still hangs around, it's a lot better than being constantly pestered. However, I have not been able to figure out how to stop hearing him and why I am still hearing him after all this time. Also, through my research I have exhibited other psychic abilities besides possibly having clairaudience. I'm still unsure though so I thought I'd mention it.

Thank you for your reply and I hope you have a good day!
Hi Karma,

I enjoyed reading your story, but what caught my attention the most was something you wrote toward the end, "I have had many ghost and spirit encounters but this one scares me the most..."

Have you done any type of research into the subject of paranormal sensitivity? If not, it's really something you should consider reading about because it might give you a different perspective on what is happening around you.

Also, I really like what the previous poster suggested, try to speak with an adult and ask for help - someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with.
Take Care πŸ˜‰

The theatre was the actor's prize. It's said that he always told his mother he would build a theatre in his backyard and he kind of really did. The most damaging fire was in 1918, and the building went into disrepair until 1940 when it was opened as a cinema. The actor himself died in 1930 at the age of 61, but I don't know what the cause was.

I agree with you that it could be anyone. The man who reopened it in 1940 is another local star who made the building his prize. In fact it's been said this man haunts another building in town!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for the comments!
Hello unforgiven1,

I think that your instincts were good. The shadow in your bedroom was probably attracted or watching over you for good reasons. It didn't continue to show up over and over again once it was shown that you could see it. Also, your cat didn't become frightened or angry; only curious.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it.

- Maria
I enjoyed reading your story because the ghost was nice and not frightening. It sucks when parents don't believe their children. 😒
boo_boo_whoo in Daytime Dark Shadow
Oh, that's scary! I wouldn't like to experience something like that. 😨
Hello t_bev and welcome to YGS,

I love old theatres even though they give me the creeps. I was wondering if you ever tried researching the life of the vaudeville actor who built the theatre. Did he die in an untimely way or was he still connected with the theatre after he sold it? How long ago was it that he died?

It is my opinion that lost spirits are attracted to places that have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by disaster. I lived in a town in North Georgia for many years that was destroyed by a fire in 1881. It was rebuilt after the railroad was built in the area. I grew up in that town in the 80's and early 90's and I always felt I was being watched. I've never felt that way anywhere else.

Perhaps it is not the vaudeville actor that inhabits your theatre; it could be anyone.

Thank you for sharing your experience working in the theatre! I enjoyed reading it.

- Maria
beautifulalabamadisaster - I don't believe that what you experienced was sleep paralysis. If you could actually see the entity and understand what it was saying to you, plus you could move, in my humble opinion that throws sleep paralysis out the window. I would be interested to know whether you actually heard these words being said or whether it was telepathic.

I'm a little uncertain about this but I'm sure other posters will be more au fait with the type of app you used to "track ghosts" as you say, for fun. I do feel that it's possible that you inadvertently summoned a negative entity which followed you home.

Did you have marks on your neck, or anywhere else on your body, after this attack?

Scary indeed!

Regards, Melda
Welcome to YGS.

Itz Karma.

In my opinion, your narrative is lacking information as to sustain the theory of the school being haunted.

To begin with, what do you exactly mean by "in the house was a murderer".

Learn to pronounce
A person who commits murder; a killer."

Do you mean a criminal had lived in the house and died at some point? Or do you mean one of the inhabitants at the time was convicted for murder and was living there after ending his sentence?
Have you researched if these rumors are true? Nowadays it would be easy to find some information in the internet by only typing the house address.

"One day when we were all looking out the window the sensor light turned on over by the house which we believed was haunted."

I assume that if the sensor light was functioning, that means that someone was living in the house. Are you sure they didn't have pets? Perhaps a small animal activated the sensor but it wasn't visible from the school?

"So we set up a test we did everything to prove there was a ghost but nothing happened we were frustrated!"

What kind of test/s did you do? Was the school empty when you performed the test?

Are you sure the shadow wasn't a reflection or something else that, given your age and your conviction about the rumors being true, you assumed to be a paranormal entity without first considering/looking for any logical explanation?

"But when I always sit down to my homeroom in my high school I hear the breathing of a man or a boy which is weird I'm in a ALL GIRL SCHOOL..."

Are you always seated at the same spot? Would it be possible that what you heard is the sound of an electric device or something else? Have you asked if any of your classmates has heard the breathing?
Personally, I don't believe that the sound of a person's breathing is an accurate way to tell their gender, specially the ones from people with respiratory and wight problems.

I don't get if the shadow from your infant school and the one from high school are the same.

Do you see the shadow only at school? Is it bothering you in any way?

If the school is haunted, it might not be up to you to solve the problem, but if the ghost is following you and trying to get your attention, then it would be a good idea to talk to an adult or a religious leader of your faith and ask for help.

Keep us posted.
Hey Rick,
A really interesting experience. Thank you, for sharing.
Child apparitions just seem spookier to me.

Blessed be
dz_123 in Itchy The Ghost
i am from algeria to and I hear the same things and more like footsteps, bangs, cunshots, and more. So this story is very relatable. And you have great english.
Rick, thank you for responding; your response adds yet another interesting detail to this experience: "She said it in rather a proper way, unlike the way a young child would put it now."

Understanding the world of ghosts is still elusive and may remain so for quite some time. I will certainly remember this one.
FarEndofSpectrum in Black Mass And Mimic
There is a concept where I come from that's called a Nishi. A Nishi mimics the voice of your loved one and calls your name. If you answer it, you have brought from small misfortune, to certain death to yourself. A Nishi only calls at night. It cannot say your name thrice. So if you wait for them to call your name thrice and then answer, you should be safe from a Nishi.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

I suppose. Most of the people I've asked have told me different things. The most popular answer is that it was a djinn.

My father and mother are both from Rajbari, Faridpur.
Wow, the sound of the woman screaming would've had me "noping" right out of their with cartoon-worthy haste! If I were your sister, I'd want to do some research on that property!
BojanTheGoTFan84 in They Heard My Words

A very interesting story, I'll say... The part when you mentioned talking to a one-eyed man Made me immediately think of Odin Alfodur, the chief Norse god (I am an Asatruar). Skal!
hey anis. I making the voice video for your STORY. I will give u the link later ehh
Rick, whenever I've had strange experiences, it's like there is something fuzzy around the edges that prevents me from fully realizing it's maybe not of this world. But when I think back on things later, and connect the dots, I realize how strange some of them have been. I had a friend once tell me that in Christianity there are a number of Bible verses that warn against trying to see beyond the veil or into the other realm. I couldn't quote them, but have wondered if maybe that's part of why we are so often late to the party when it comes to the realization that we've witnessed something strange. No coat, freezing night, out there alone, sure, why not?:) Until you're like, wait a minute!
Spirit waiting, I was very relaxed. Thank you for your comment! I feel like this is a very good possibility. I was not scared, just amazed.
Hi lady-glow,

Thank You very much for reading my experience and for your comment. Yes you are absolutely correct. My father would definitely dismiss it as a hallucination. Even today he pretend that I never had such an experience. However thankfully I can still remember it.

And Grandfather Cyril was a really good man as you said. But my father, uncles and aunt were not very close to him during his last days. But this incident proved me that love doesn't expire due to the distance between the loved ones. Thank You again for reading.

Good luck to you
Sasana ❀
Sorry it took me so long to respond. My parents actually grew up in a town several hours from where we currently live. And we don't really know anything about ancestors. All that we know is that they came from Scotland, Ireland, and France. Also, the only David in my family (to my knowledge), was alive at the time. And a year or two older then me.
virulentpeach in I Don't Like That House
Question about the shadow and the bells. Was it a shadow in the reflection of the glass of the cupboard, or was it a shadow that was like a person was standing in front of the cupboard who was obscured? What did the bells sound like -- like a dinner bell? Like a clock? Or church bells?

I was hoping for a more detailed description of that all to try to make sense of it.
My father built my home, so there were no previous owners of the house, and I have no way of contacting whoever owned the land prior to us. I would really love to know though!
My sister says she has heard noises coming from her bathroom but Lady Bird (her dog) has never growled at it before.
LFrog1386 in Tall Shadowy Figure
It could be a former inhabitant still keeping an eye on his home. It might be worth some digging to find out if someone has passed away on that property or not. Even if someone has not, if a previous owner died while owning the house, they could come back to haunt it. But as boo_boo_whoo pointed out, it doesn't seem to be harmful so that's some good news, at least.
I must say, if the dogs are growling and barking at it, I'm not sticking around to find out what it is. Animals know things. 😳
Hey ZeppelinChriss, I just saw your response to my comments on your truck story so I came here to check this one out. That is truly some mind-blowing stuff that you had happen!

And yeah, it sounds like you get the better end of the deal, getting a truck with a friendly, helpful spirit and not a house and farm with something that doesn't want you there.

You've got my curiosity up now, I want to see a picture of that truck! What is the make and model and year of it, if you don't mind me asking?
boo_boo_whoo in Tall Shadowy Figure
That is very scary, though it doesn't seem like the shadow figure wants to harm you. 😊 ❀
Matrix899,I agree, it was an odd combination of details, but I guess each experience is kind of its own thing. She was about 30 feet away when she spoke. She said it in rather a proper way, unlike the way a young child would put it now.
MrsRamsay,no,she was not wearing a coat. She had on a white, or very light colored dress that reached to her ankles. I realize my description of her is very cliche'd,but she was just as I described her. Looking back on it now, I can't help but wonder why we got as far as the end of the driveway before deciding to find out what was up with her. We were just dumb teenagers, I guess!
Hello Art3mis.

It seems like the ghost was curious about the person invading their turf. Do you know if your sister has heard this noise coming from the bathroom?

Anyway, at least the ghost is a good listener and went to fool around somewhere else in the house.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Sasanaa.

This was such a fascinating encounter and you did a great job narrating it in English.

In my opinion, Cyril choose to stop by your house to meet you and to leave a message for you father instead of doing it personally, perhaps he didn't want to take the chance of scaring him and risk that your father would try to reason the "impossibility" of such an encounter.
I think that nothing can prevent the spirit of a freshly departed person from finding a loved one once they are free from the restrictions of their physical body.

Cyril sounds like a wonderful person.
Welcome top YGS and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Could be a water spirit or some suicide / drowning case.
Not some residual haunting as Sasanaa has suggested.

They are vengeful.

These occurrence are pretty common in Bengali countryside. I heard so many incidents from my parents.

Father side is from Dhaka and mother side is from Barisal (undivided India), so that would explain it to you.

Hi Rickthomas. Very curious to know what the little girl was wearing, if you remember. You said it was very cold. Just find myself wondering if ghosts wear coats!?

If you don't think she was, that leads me to this: were you and your friends cognizant that something was a little bit "off"? If she was there on a cold, late, dark Sunday night WITH a coat, I suppose it would be natural to think her dad was in the gym. Not so sure what I would've thought if she had no coat. My experience, which is very limited (and I've never seen an apparition) is that when supernatural things occur, we think back on them later and realize we knew something was "off" but at the time it seemed normal... Or for some reason, it's all just a little bit fuzzy. Thanks for sharing this interesting story!
Sleeping-with-steve in Courtner Road
Hello SeekInShadows,

Looks like the member who posted this 'story' has deleted the account.

When I saw your comment, I did a bit of googling and found this.

(Nothing else closely relevant)

I've noticed a couple of the comments on this thread are from members who have only made one comment and then disappeared like this OP. (Craigery, Justus, jmclink, chelcw06, and Soph1213) I've also noticed the style of writing of those one off comments to be similar in style to the OPπŸ€”

Keep us posted if you find what you are looking for.

Best wishes,
seekinshadows in Courtner Road
I am seeking information regarding the Cortner location. Does anyone know when the Cortner's lived there? Does anyone know when the house was burned down? Hopefully someone who sees this message with have some answers.
snowflakes211 in My Cat Is Acting Strange
Whenever your cat displays such behaviour, pet him some and let him know you are there while letting know the entity that it's not acceptable for anyone or anything to harm the residents of the house including the cat. Say it out loud if necessary. And keep an eye out on your cat. Animals need to be calmed when witnessing something supernatural or otherwise which made them panic. Let them know you are there for them
Wow, just wow. First to the OP... DO NOT GIVE UP... This is just what 'James' wants. So never give up.

Do you remember if you closed you last session with the board? Just because the board is gone does not mean that the 'connection' that was created between you, the board and the spirit was closed.

My method can take some time to work...it's not a 'one and done' type ritual. But if the connection created by using the board is not closed them 'James' will keep returning. Biblio and the others have given some great advice. I recommend that while you are preforming the cleansing ritual... Just before you begin to visualize 'sweeping' the negative things out, go to the location that you used the board the most and visualize a door closing and locking. Hold that image in your mind for a few minutes and then complete the cleansing. I repeat you may have to preform the cleansing repeatedly before you feel a difference. But if you combine it with things others have suggested you can get through this.

May I ask why you chose to use the board alone? Really think about this question... Because that is, in my opinion, the hardest and most risky way of contacting the otherside.


Thank you for posting this story, I find the details to be very interesting, she remained visible for a long time it seems, and she spoke to you; and you could all see her... Until she disappeared. This seems to be an unusual combination of details.

The details leave you scratching your head; I guess some ghosts can seem very much like the living.

Approximately how far away was she from you when she spoke?

Thanks again for posting.
The rope swing was put there during the time I attended grades 1-8 there.That's one thing I forgot to mention. This swing sat almost 4 feet off the ground, and this was a very young girl we saw. I would have been hard pressed to get up in that swing!
The school house itself was a farmhouse to begin with and it was built around 1900 or so. There was a family named Adkins who lived in the house and had relatives living all through the nearby hollow. There was a website dealing with hauntings around my hometown of Jellico several years ago and I read an account on it about a little girl named Elizabeth Adkins who lived in the hollow I mentioned and died around the age of 9.She was reported to be seen around that area. Whether that was her I saw or not, I don't know, but the description given on that website matched what we saw. I know several people who absolutely refuse to be in that gym alone because of strange noises and feeling like someone is standing near them when no one is there.
Neat story, I'd be interested in any history of the rope swing and if it was connected, property wise, to an older, near by school property.
That is very scary! 😨
My friends like to play ouija board and have been asking me to join them but I don't want to. I don't want a ghost following me.
It seems like someone had a set of ghostly keys to open the gym.

Hello rickthomas.

Welcome to YGS.
Do you know the history of the building before it was turned into a school?
Perhaps an inhabitant from a bygone era is still lingering around the place that used to be their home.

It doesn't seem like the girl meant to harm you and your friends, but I imagine how creepy it must have been to see her vanish before your eyes.

Do you know if anyone else has reported seeing her wandering on the school grounds?

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience.
Hi jubeele

Yeah, that is basically an exact description of the spirit I saw! Thanks for helping with this. And yes, it didn't make any threatening movement and was just watching. Thanks.
Hi Edp445,

A friend of mine dreamed that a girl he once knew came to see him after she had passed away, accompanied by a huge dark wolf with glowing blue eyes. The spirit wolf was intimidating and he felt it was of great power. When he woke, he still had the sensation of being watched. Being of Cherokee descent and the girl was part-Choctaw, he believed that she had come with one of their Great Spirits to see if he was worthy for the path ahead of him, and that the black wolf was a messenger with a warning, or to tell him a lesson in life was about to be revealed. He went on to join the military and served his country for many years.

I think the main thing was that the wolf did not make any threatening moves. It just watched you. Was is evaluating you, seeing what mettle you were made of? Tracking how you were doing in life?

Whether the wolf spirit was a dream, vision or visitation, perhaps it was giving you a message to:
- Not be afraid of the unknown
- Grab hold of opportunities that come your way
- Be strong and fearless as the wolf, facing up to whatever lies ahead.

As the Bene Gesserit say: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
― Frank Herbert, Dune
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow
Hello Sasanaa

Yes, it was an extremely puzzling experience for me. Experiences of the paranormal variety typically tends to be puzzling. And I prefer to thank the boatman in regard of his actions. I had offered him extra money after the tour, but he refused to accept. Some people, I guess.
boo_boo_whoo in Ghost In A Hotel
That was scary! Why didn't you keep your suitcase in your room? That seems inconvenient. 😊 ❀ ❀
i like your story take care of cat from malaysia I also have cat πŸ€”
My mum says the voice was similar to an urgent whisper and definitely a child/ young persons voice, I personally think she only heard it as my sisters voice because she believed that's who was standing there and so would've just assumed any childlike voice to be coming from my sister.
The stone tape theory does sound kind of similar to what happened- we always found it strange that it happened in the part of the house that only our family had ever lived in. My siblings basically described the lady as being all in blue, I've had one friend mention she thought there was a blue light moving around the room my siblings say they seen this blue lady in but we never took her too seriously (I don't know if we ever told her about the "blue lady" or not). My gran also thought the description matched her mother's appearance but to be honest it was just a generic old lady description. I've always felt uneasy about that room, I never liked being in it at night or alone,I'd leave it as soon as my friends went home or my siblings went upstairs. Sometimes there's a feeling about it that if I were to walk around the door and look into the room someone would be stood there- it's the most convincing thing that despite knowing nobody would be in the room I'd still only be half surprised if someone walked out of it.
Hi FarEndofSpectrum,

That must be a puzzling experience for you. May be it is something like a residual haunting. Thank God that the boatman saved you from going near that woman.
Thank You for sharing your experience.
Good luck to you ❀
sonel4ever_05 in The Poke
Hi, another Filipino here. Your story seems to fit the aswang folklore which is common in provinces, so I just wanted to ask: are you sure your grandmother asked you to use onion on your window or was it actually garlic? Following the aswang lore, I thought garlic would have been the more likely suggestion.

Also, it's been a year and I'm curious if you followed your grandmother's advice and if the hauntings have stopped. Your story was quite a nice read, though, and my father had a similar experience when he was sick.
Have you ever heard of the stone tape theory? To me the old woman telling the children (your siblings) to go to their room in the same way, while looking and acting exactly the same sounds like a residual or "recorded" haunting. As for the voice, did it sound to your mom like your sisters voice, or was the voice different/unfamiliar?

Not sure if this means anything, but my parents said that they have seen me sleepwalking before. Apparently when we were at a hotel once in Florida, my dad heard the door opening and caught me sleepwalking out of our room in the hotel. He had to put a chair in front of the hallway so if I try's to walk out I couldn't. The scary thing is how I unlocked the door and opened it though. The night this story happened, my mom caught me sleepwalking down the stairs.
Hi lady-glow

Yes, this happed during the night from July 26-27. I have had this dream before, about 6-7 times counting this time since I was little, but I never really considered that it may be some sort of spirit. It was the last I time that I had this dream that I did the recording which was around 1-1 1/2 months ago. The last time the attic was checked was a couple months ago. There was nothing in it, but the guy that came put bait for mice just in case. I checked today and there was nothing in the trap.
[at] Melda


I have tried to push through and work to test and find different solutions for a long time. Of course because of that, I am going to be exhausted from it all. I'm also dealing with a lot of other stuff in my personal life on top of this hot mess (Including my father's death). Therefore, I'm not giving up so easily. I feel like giving up right now because I have yet to find a solution. Though it may not seem like I've taken a lot of action towards this situation, trust me I have. I did list a few things I've tried, but keep in mind, those are not all of my attempts.

I realize that I'm probably going to sound like a negative Nancy sometimes but please just disregard it. I haven't been given a lot of reason for hope so I'm not going to be very optimistic. Though I'd like to be and I do try, it's very difficult to maintain a positive mindset. This situation has taken a serious toll on me.

Of course I don't! That's why I said that. If someone else was in my shoes and told me this story, I'd have a hard time believing them myself. That's what I'm worried about.

Like I said before, I will try Rook's method. I won't totally dismiss it and I truly hope it helps.

Thank you and I hope you have a good week.
msecrose - You want to live a normal life and yet you speak of giving up, so easily and so quickly, when you can in fact rid yourself of this controlling entity plus others who are making your life difficult.

Of course not everybody will believe your situation. Do you expect them to? You have been talking to people who have never had a supernatural experience and are, in fact, totally closed to the supernatural. Don't discuss these things with them.

I have a son who thinks that I have the most incredible imagination, have the weirdest dreams and I hate to think this but he probably also thinks that I make things up for his entertainment. He finds it all extremely amusing.

You can be an atheist and still use Rook's cleansing method. Many people on this site have used it successfully. I used it in my daughter's previous home. You can call on good spirits, guardian spirits, to assist you, everything positive. Just believe in what you are doing.

Please at least give it a try. The link to Rookdygin's profile page is attached. Just scroll down the page and you'll find it. I sincerely hope you are going to fight this negative entity and wish you the best. Https://www.yourghoststories.com/user-profile.php?user=8155

Regards, Melda
[at] RCRuskin

I thought I was prepared but I guess I wasn't. I think I was prepared for something else, but whatever this spirit is, I was defintely not prepared for it.

I don't have any trinkets that are connected to him so I think we are good there. Unfortunately, I doubt Rook's ritual will work. Though I think that might be helpful in other situations, this one is a little different. I'll still try it though.
The thing about that is, I don't have a religion nor have I for the past few years. I have never dealt with a problem like this before nor I have I ever seeked out guidance from such people for anything else. I don't know how to reach such religious figures, especially since we are still on lock down. Also, a worry of mine that I've had this entire time is, who would believe me and would they think I'm absolutely out of my mind? I'm lucky you guys even give me the time of day.

I'm starting to wonder if I should give up at this point. I'm so tired of there being no solutions or people not giving a crap that I'm going through this. (That doesn't include you guys by the way. You guys are literally the only ones who have tried to help me and I appreciate it.) I'm also just exhausted of just having to live my life like this for the past (almost) year. It's unreal that I have to pretend to everyone else that everything is okay and that I have to act like normal.
I told that I won't participate in the discussion but I would like to answer your quesions
lady-glow in Ghost In A Hotel
I have some questions about your experiences, but I guess there's no point to ask after knowing that you won't participate on the discussion.
Huh... I got confused.


Welcome to YGS.

I'm struggling to understand the time frame of your experience. To begin with, you say that "Last night was REALLY creepy"; I'm guessing that all this happened during the night from July 26 to 27, and you wrote and submitted the current narrative some time on July 27 before going to sleep, right?

Then, when did you "tried recording my sleep one night, but I never looked at the footage because on the chance that there was something there".

Do you mean this has been a recurrent dream since you were little?
Have the attic been checked to be sure that no animals like mice or bats have gotten into it?

After the above questions, I agree with Lealeigh's advice.
Hi Edp445 and welcome to YGS,

There are only two things that I can suggest to you:

1. Watch the recording that you made of yourself sleeping. If there was something there, you need to know. It will be worse for you to be unprepared.

2. Try to keep a dream journal. Just the act of writing down what you remember triggers something in your brain. If you have nightmares often, confronting them is the first step in overcoming them.

You are stronger than whatever this is; you can know this from the simple fact that you are only bothered at night, in your sleep, when you are vulnerable. I used a dream journal for many years and it has been a long time since I have had a nightmare.

- Maria
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow
Excuse me, dear readers. I have made a mistake (that I missed during the spell checking). The depth of the haor isn't twenty meters to more than a hundred. It's two feet to more than a hundred. The water lands are usually very shallow. Thank you.
My first encounter with a ghost occurred in orientation. Sitting in the middle of my Mom and girlfriend. I distinctly remember two quick tugging pulls on my ear lobe. To the effect that I asked my Mom on that side if she tugged my ear. She said no; it was apparent she was listening to the guide. I turned to my girlfriend on the other side and asked her if she reached around and pull my ear as a joke. She said "Why would I do that?". I was so perplexed that I turned to the lady behind me and asked her if she pulled my ear. She answered that she was not in the habit of pulling strangers ears. I was not yet sure of what had happened. Https://www.theartsofentertainment.com/my-first-encounter-with-a-ghost-occurred-in-orientation/
Hi Seekings,
I enjoyed reading your experience. It was really interesting. I think whoever that entity was he/she meant no harm.
Good luck to you. ❀
Hi DSSM1975,
Your experience really touched my heart. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.
May momma's soul be at peace!
All the best for you.
Hi Melda my mum lives with me, so it's just the two of us.
My mum does say that she has this regular reoccurring dream that creeps her out, but other than that, nothing.
I'm not sure what to think about that black shadow thing, I suppose it could be an animal spirit, but that's the first time I saw it
My dogs only bark and go crazy when someone or another animal lingers by the front gate or gets in the yard other than that they quite relaxed.
Rajine - I recall that you mentioned previously that you had moved away from the family property which appeared to be a rather active supernatural hot spot.

Are you living on your own now or do you share your home with family members or friends? If you do live with family or friends, have they experienced anything similar to what you have described?

It seems that something is trying to attract your attention. A clammy hand on your face by an unseen entity doesn't appear to have much of a logical explanation.

I had a cat which I had to have put down almost two years ago due to an incurable illness and a few months ago I saw what I am convinced was this cat, dashing through my sliding door, past two dogs. I won't go into detail about that but it's possible that the black furry ball you saw could have been the ghost of a cat or other animal.

I know only from my own experience that the dogs I've owned have barked at disturbances and howled when they were locked out of the house for some reason and were stressed or lonely. It only takes one dog to set the rest off, including other dogs in the neighbourhood. There could be more reasons for the howling but I would be inclined to look for logical explanations for that.

The crying baby? I have no idea. I have often read about this occurrence but have personally never experienced it.

Let's see what the others have to say!

Regards, Melda
Hi, Darkscapez...

Wow, not sure what to make of this, but it must have been so distressing and disorienting. What I try to do first for myself is rule out things. Like the possibility of a little girl outside your window, though at that hour of the night, it doesn't seem likely. Is your house very close to your next door neighbor's, or quite far apart?

With the intense crying, I'm wondering if you're picking up on some sad event from the past. Do you happen to know what was on the property before your house was built? Thanks for sharing this intriguing story. (And blow a kiss to Ireland for me. My dad was from Tipperary and a big chunk of my heart still beats for lovely Ireland).
FarEndofSpectrum in Child's Giggle In My Bedroom
Hello, darkscapez

Consult a doctor, please. What you just described closely resembles a dacrystic seizure, minus the giggling child, of course. I'd truly suggest going to a doctor as a dacrystic seizure can be a symptom for further health complications.

If it really isn't a health problem (which is verifiable only by a doctor), then I suggest you go to your room and announce that whatever else is residing there may go away. I do not think you should ask it's names or whereabouts. You do know that's not actually a little girl, right?
Hi, msecrose. This year has been full of suck, so can't blame you much for having a non-working brain. Mine sure doesn't seem to be working within acceptable tolerances right now... πŸ˜•

I have to agree with Biblio all the way. I had suspicions once I read the word Ouija. Those things are not always bad, but going in unprepared is just asking for difficulty.

My advice generally is what Biblio said: get rid of the things, follow Rook's ritual, and also seek out a priest, imam, rabbi, minister or other appropriate person who is local to you to deal with these things.
Lord help me, I guess I'm just not having a good day. I made another mistake.
*the major incident with my hair happened 3 years before I wrote the story. Not 3 years ago.

I swear school has fried my brain!
[at] bibliothecarius

I just reread my last story and I realized made a mistake in my first reply to you. Those tugs happened often but in phases for a few years. However, the major one that that happened (the one about a single strand of hair being broken off), went down 3 years ago. Never has my hair broke off like that again, however, the tugs that went through phases continued even after I wrote that story. That was really the only time the tugs ever got 'bad' though. Other than that, they didn't seem malicious and it was never to a point where it was super painful. They were usually very light and very brief.
I just wanted to clarify so there wasn't any confusion:)
[at] bibliothecarius

Hi Biblio, thank you for your reply.

Actually, when I posted that story, I never read the comments. I had kind of forgotten that I wrote something here and then a year later I read the comments when I remembered. I wasn't really concerned, I just thought it was an interesting story to share. When I wrote that, it had been 3 years since the incident occurred and I had never had an experience like that since. If it would have happened again or I had another weird experience, I most likely would have come back here at some point and tried Rook's method though.
The white light trick I was referring to was one where you imagine a white or golden protective light around you by the way (Sorry for not being more specific!). I'm not sure if Rook does something similar? I only read through maybe half of his method.

I sighed when I read your comment about my story sounding like a teen horror movie. I've said in the past that my life feels like some kind of wacked out horror movie myself. Life has dealt me with a lot of... Odd cards for lack of a better analogy. Odd cards I never knew could even exist.
I should have stated this in my story that the reason I wanted to try out the board wasn't only to contact something. I'm not a very religious or spiritual person and I'm not going to lie, I thought the board was kind of a joke. Out of pure curiosity, I just wanted to see if I could even get the panclette to move.
I tried to be as prepared as possible to protect myself, in case this was a way to contact the other side. Though I wasn't religious, I'm wasn't completely ignorant to the fact that things like this are possible. I did close every session on the board with a goodbye, as I remember that being a huge rule.
The main reason why this spirit was able to trick me so well is that weirdly, he knew what I was thinking. I didn't catch onto that at first, especially since I never saw anywhere saying that spirits can read your mind or something.
Before I knew it was all a trick, he would predict things to try and convince me he was something else. There was a few times he was spot on with something and it confused me so much. During this time, I was breaking out really bad and I couldn't figure out why. He told me it was a vitamin that I had been taking for a few months that was the problem. Just to see if he was right, I went off of it and sure enough my acne cleared up. It wasn't a necessary vitamin either so I had no issues stopping it. Then a second, more weird incident happened. All of a sudden I started developing really debilitating leg pains. So much that I could barely get out of bed. He told me that one of my medications was the cause of it (he told me the exact medication as well). I go to the doctor and they couldn't figure out why it was happening. The doctor then suggested the idea of taking me off the exact medication that 'James' had talked about, just to see if that was the issue. Of course, I didn't mention to the doctor about the whole 'James' thing though. Within a few days after stopping the medication, my leg pains went away. This was a medication I had been on for almost 2 years! I didn't think that it was the cause since the leg pains were so sudden but he was right. Had it not been for these incidents (A few more happened that weren't as extreme but still weird), I probably would have figured it out he was lying to me sooner. I still can't figure out to this day how he knew and it bugs me a lot.
Actually, I've been in counseling even before all of this happened (For about 2 years). I also did grief counseling and visited my psychiatrist of 4 years. Like I said before, using the board was out of pure curiosity. I didn't really intend for all of this to happen nor did I want it to blow up like it did. Some of the things that were happening I thought were kind of cool but for the most I part I was really scared and really confused. I've tried to reach out for help before MANY times (Even while I was being tricked I was reaching out for help) however, no one seemed to care or even respond.
Also, this entire time ALL of this has been going on, I've been trying to find ways that might help me get rid of him. I can't tell you how many times I have saged my apartment. I even did a ritual that involves putting black salt around the perimeter of the apartment, I even tried some Feng Shui, prayers such as Archangel Michael's prayer, even praying just in general, and meditation. Nothing has worked. I still hear him, in fact he laughs at the things I've done to rid him. I have told him straight up to leave but he thinks it's entertaining to harass me so he stays. He's very stubborn and has a very weird personality.

Thank you for reading. I'm sure this all sounds very strange but I appreciate that you would at least respond.

Have a good one

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