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I obviously made mistakes in the story that I'm too dumb to realize. So I'll clarify somethings:
1. I just now realized that I mixed up the year on the notebook. It was meant to say 2009 but since the notebook was so old and had be torn most of the info was gone (Guess I didn't care for it all that much). In the notebook The date said 2017 (I'm not sure why) and my dumb self though that was the right year (The days are probably wrong as well).
2. I never mentioned the school cause I wasn't sure what it was. I lived in Springfield, Ohio at the time and I think the school was called Rockway? I could be wrong but that is my best guess.

Sorry for the inconvenience for my stupidity.
P.S.: Lady Glow, the site still won't let me upvote you. So please consider your upvotes to be 2 higher than they are. Also stop being sensible so I don't have to upvote you. 😁
DarkDaisy, hope you get a reasonably comprehensive medical exam. I should do the same since there are genetic diseases prevalent in my family tree. Just to make sure.

2009 as a year is more consistent with the chronology you established, but I am still a bi skeptical. Either way, thank you for sharing.
I'm not nitpicking your story and comments but...

"these are things I've noticed at my school that I kept a notebook"

"I just realized I got the year wrong, I think this happened in 2009? I'm not sure"

Didn't you write down the date when recording these...experiences?

I like your writing style, but inconsistencies like these make the reader wonder if this is a piece of fiction that doesn't belong into this forum which is meant for REAL ghost stories.
DarkDaisy_13 in School's Hell
I've had my fair share of haunted schools, my family has moved multiple times and some of the schools I've gone to creep me out.
Something probably is wrong with my brain, I kind of have short-term memory loss but I can remember almost all the details of a week.
Sorry I just realized I got the year wrong, I think this happened in 2009? I'm not sure
Hi DarkDaisy_13

For some reason schools tend to have a creepy aura, I have also related a few school experiences I've had on this site, and I've come across many here too and heard about experiences from family and friends.
I have to agree with RCRuskin... Not a good idea to forget the name of ones elementary, or any other, school one has attended.
You will always need to include it in your resume!
I'm confused about your age and the time frame for these experiences.

"basically back when I was around 8 I had lots of paranormal experiences at my Elementary school"

According to your profile, you were born on "February 13, 2001", yet all the events that you have narrated in this story happened during the year 2017, meaning that your age was 16, - were you attending elementary school at age 16?
Fort Stanwix. Francis Bellamy. These are two of the elementary schools I attended 50 years ago. I'm not saying your experiences are falsehoods, but that you can't remember something from 4 years ago gives indications other parts of your memory may not be so good.
Theomniscient in The Entity Recurs
Well we haven't shared this incident with our family members and I think that's something was just related to that place. Hope that entities soul rest in peace ✌️
Hi Rajine,

Yes my family has experienced multiple things and at this point I don't think were dealing with 1 spirit.
Yesterday, Sophia reported a child's laughter coming from the window in the dining room. Now I explained hearing a woman scream "help" in the story so I wonder why there was a child's laughter?
We're possibly dealing with two ghosts but I don't want to jump to conclusions yet. Definitely not when me and Alexa noticed that shadow figure.
Hi Panini18

Loved ones who have passed on are always around us even though we can't see them, I'm sure your housemaid was there to say goodbye and that she'll always be around.
Hi DarkDaisy_13

The description of the woods by your house sounds really beautiful, reminds me of a incident that read years ago on this site, do you or your family still experience unusual things around the house? And has this happened prior to you and your sister going to the woods?

If I were you I'd try to research more on the history of the house and surrounding area, my guess is that maybe something happened in those woods or maybe whatever you and your family experienced has something to do with the house.
Hi again Theomniscient

Did you or your friend talk to anyone else about this, maybe family members, I'm sure they would know more about it, perhaps whatever it was could have been attached to the house, maybe find out more on the history of the place, hopefully that should give you a answer.
I guess he wanted to do your dishes?πŸ€”
But the boy was cute, and definitely not a treat of any kinda.
Hi DarkDaisy_13,

Your uncle must have loved you too. I wish ate Saling also said goodbye to me. Eventhough I was 9 years younger than my cousin, I don't get scared that easily.
Panini18 in Doll Clowns
Hi Bibliothecarius,

You may be right about how they might change appearances to whomever they show themselves to. Fortunately, that was the last time I saw something peculiar.
Oml this must have been terrifying. I gotta say I'd possibly just be scared to figure out about this woman! But she meant no harm (besides the experiences I deal with), so that's good right? But still have to admit that after that night I would be scared to death.
DarkDaisy_13 in Got What I Deserved
Gotta admit that prank was kind of funny but did get you back, my house is haunted (something I mentioned in my story) so this wouldn't surprise me. But funny story.

A few days ago just for fun I randomly asked the lights in the living room to turn on if there's a ghost. Get this, they turned on! I was so shocked that day I didn't know what to say.
DarkDaisy_13 in Housemaid's Last Goodbye
Aww this was sweet, I remember when my great uncle died and I swear I saw him in my room the next day. Its good to know She wanted to say her Last good byes to your cousin.
GMPembo in The Cooker
I actually looked to find the house where all this happened many years later.
I believe the street was partially demolished to build a car park.
I'm mistaken how long we were there.
My mother's recollection is hazy now, alas but she said "We were only there a few days, I used to get up and go over to the cooker and show you, look see, there's no one there".
It's difficult for me to recollect, it really was just a short horrific interlude in a generally happy childhood.
MrsRamsay We seem to have similar sightings. I would like to ask you a few questions off site. E mail me if interested. No worries if you don't.
Theomniscient in What Was It Really?
Yeah you are right it's holy abode of guru Dattatreya. But as our house owner hasn't performed it's pooja for long time it was began to diseased like it's leaves began to fell it's trunk began to get rotten. Soon I am going to post a part two, of it. Well it was last encounter with that thing and after that second incident everything ended completely. May be that thing has just went away bcz, I just don't feel anything or may be I have loosed my pshycic site with the course of time. And it seems like it would be a mystery for rest of my life if you guys can figure out what that entity would be plzz feel free to share it. May be, she had something to say which I wasn't able to figure out.
LightMight in Could She Be Me?
Hi Cherubim,

Thank you for your thoughts on my last story I posted - I apologize for not replying sooner (work has kept me very busy lately!). Yes, I've often had the feeling, or have speculated, that beings from other dimensions can coexist and share the same spaces we occupy. Regarding any recent activity at my house: I'm happy to report there's been no new incidents since I've done a spiritual house cleansing with help from a colleague of mine. Not really sure if the house cleansing was the real reason behind why the strange happenings stopped, but things seem to have quieted down since then...

Liz and I remain friends, but I've learned to keep anything 'paranormal' to myself. Much like you, I've experienced losing a few friends because of my views, but then that's why I appreciate places like YGS & other sites so much - sharing anonymously has its benefits 😁

Take Care ❀
Audumber tree is the abode of Adiguru Dattatreya and a very sacred tree. If you have seen Guru Dattatreya's pic he is surrounded by four dogs. And those dogs only protected you in your dream. And speciality of Audumber tree is that it grows on its own.
Darkangel73 in Ghost In Our Home
Hello RKirby, that was a crazy story. I don't doubt that Murfreesboro is full of history and spirits. I hope that you have a good supposed system, for your traumatic experiences. Much love. Respect. ❀
Theomniscient in What Was It Really?
Well audumbar trees are considered to be very sacred as the owner of that house use to do regular Pooja of it in the beginning but suddenly they Stopped doing it. And later on no one took care of that trees pooja. May be I have some connection but I don't feel anything now
BaiAnina in The Cooker
That was absolutely terrifying. You'd think it was the stuff of movies, but no. It was of good fortune that you were not harmed and then lived to tell the tale. As with everyone here, I also agree that it might have been a malevolent entity. I feel like only such things are capable of what it had done--not residual ghosts.

I would have loved to know the history of that place and why they had kept the cooker. Thank you for sharing! ❀
Hi Theomniscient

I think you may have a entity attached to you, also it's not good to have trees growing right at the entrance of your house as far as I know.
Hi cantunSEEit74

Very interesting incident you experienced, I wonder what it could have been πŸ€”
Rajine in The Cooker
Hi GMPembo

That is downright creepy whatever it was is definitely haunting that room, perhaps if you know more about the history of that place it would shed some light on what you experienced. I feel that it's rather the place where the activity usually takes place rather than the cooker itself.
RCRuskin I found hole outside behind siding and filled with foam. Nothing in live trap yet. PIXIE I do feel what ever it was has something to do with my neighbor. Spirit showing off? Family ashes on the mantel? He is X MICRON.

MrsRamsey I lived in a mouse infested single wide mobil 1986 woods and water in Olympia. Mice would come from behind wall heater almost in the middle of my living room and run over to dog food bowl and grab a big piece of dog food and try to run back but it can't see where its going. It would have to set it down look around and try again going in circles and I would laugh my azz off drinking beer and enjoying the show. Sometimes they would just drop it and give up and run back to the heater, I never bothered the mice. I have lots of funny mice stories. There was no wind this day no background noise to speak of. Looking over there all the time now.
Isn't it interesting that you happened to be talking about MICE when you see the anomaly? Wonder what that means in light of your mouse with the shield thing? Is there anything else about mice that sticks in your memory? Going way back?

The shimmery thing... I think only you see it. When you started describing it, I was relating because that's what I saw at my daughter's wedding just before her veil was blown up and removed in front of 200 people... Did the air get real quiet or did you notice? The fact that it actually moved in between the two of you WHILE in conversation is wild. I don't think you could make that up if you tried (not that I think you've made up ANY of your stories).

You have a gift. And I think the more you see weird things, the more you recognize them. That's been happening to me as I get older also. I'm now 60. Don't want to think what I'll be seeing when I'm 80!
As regards mice: I definitely concur that we need a more humane way to trap and release. Far away from my home... The mice I had to deal with the last few years seemed to know that sticky thing that the apartment manager put down was Bad. Likewise the snap trap which also caught nothing though it was put in the spot the mouse went most often. Nimble little thing.

Now as far as that weird pixelated shimmery thing. Sounds to me like it was some kind of "alien" tech, in the sense that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I wonder if any of your neighbors work for some R&D think tank type place?
Yes, as annoying as mice can be, there are much more humane ways of trapping them without pain or injury, and then relocating them to a better/more natural environment. They don't deserve this kind of lazy, inhumane treatment...
Theomniscient in What Was It Really?
Yeah that entity was approaching me as soon as she asked me my name the dogs began to bark
Welcome to YGS.

Fever dreams are trippy to be sure. I just want to be sure of a detail. In your dream, you were approached by this spooky figure that asked your name and then dogs barked at it in your dream?

Aros in The Cooker
Wow that was a very chilling account. I'm so glad your mother returned before you too became one of her trapped children. I also agree with RCRuskin that this lady is likely not so human but perhaps demonic. Thank you for sharing.
Softie - I feel ya. Not a good way to expire. To be thrown away still alive stuck to that trap is kind of cruel.
Poor little mouse... I hate those sticky traps that kill animals slowly!😠 😭
Bibliothecarius in Doll Clowns
Greetings, Panini18.

You may be interested in reading the story "Puppet People" by Clarence:

There does seem to be a correlation between your cotton doll entities and his peculiar visitors. At the time, I speculated that there are beings that can *appear* to be harmless, but with sinister motives and actions that go beyond the superficial physical looks. The advantage to such an appearance is that describing it to an adult would render the child's fear reaction disproportionate to the details. I suspect that such creatures would look very different to any adult who saw them.

RCRuskin in The Cooker
Dr. Peter Venkman: Generally you don't see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.

Quote from Ghostbusters, 1984. No offense was intended but when I first read what happened, it did not strike me as what one usually sees happening with a stove.

I have certainly known mean spirited mother types, so behaviorally, it seems like a thing that could happen. But my intuition and bias thinks that this entity is less human.

Still an interesting experience and thank you for sharing.
Hi Brenda,

I wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing now?
Is this still bothering you?
If I can offer any help or support if you still need it?
I have a few idea's that you could try.

I tried to send you an email but it bounced back and would not send.

I live in Australia and have had some experiences not unlike yours.

Do you have an email I can contact you?

Best wishes
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Ghost In Our Home
Hello RKirby, what a fascinating account, thank you for sharing it with this community and welcome to YGS! I do enjoy stories where background research was done to really bring things together. That being said, I am sorry for what you had to go through, alone in many situations, and to be have to have gone through such a violent and intrusive experience, I cannot imagine what it was like. To have lost your home and worse to have your relationship strained to the breaking point and possibly irreparable damage done to your ability to communicate and trust one another. Sharing such a harrowing and intimate account takes great courage as well, so I applaud you for that.

I can offer my own thoughts and observations with some questions as well, for me to better understand what occurred. I believe your account and don't doubt what happened, there are some interesting things to consider in regards to what was uncovered in the spiritual research portion and I believe there's more to what happened than meets the eye.

What were your initial feelings about the house, what drew you to it? The bedroom and bathroom where the attacks took place, where were they situated? The aforementioned closed off upstairs, or the downstairs, and in the new or old section of the house? You mentioned that Alan had stated you pushed for the purchase more than he did and it obviously was a financial strain. Living only a few hours from where this story took place, I can indeed corroborate the abundance of wildlife in the area. I have deer going through my back yard all the time, a possum living under the house, a raccoon perusing my backyard as well as numerous squirrels and birds always about, so for your yard to have NO wildlife whatsoever is indeed highly unusual. Animals are very attuned to energy and spiritual presences especially, so for them to avoid the place like the plague is an obvious indication something was seriously amiss. It's also more than such one rogue spirit that could cause this, and you stated only 2 ghosts were found, even though several people had been murdered on the property.

The furniture blocking the door could be explained easily enough, kids performing the kinds of rituals you described could have blocked it off, to ensure privacy, they probably got in and out as your husband and Scott did, maybe more easily as they were younger and smaller.

Some things don't add up and it's not your personal account that's brings it up. As sensitive as Scott is, he should have been able to 'feel' how evil this spirit was if the animals could sense it and steer clear, then it should have stood out. The reason it didn't is as you said your self, Scott would sense the presence and it would disappear, meaning it could conceal itself and its energy. It also didn't like Scott when he tried to interrogate it, and I believe it's because it's not as it appears, not the boy who seemed to have committed the evil acts. I think it knew that Scott might figure out its true identity.

I believe there is a far more evil spirit involved in this, probably brought about by the early sΓ©ances by the earlier family and the rituals performed by the cult groups after it was abandoned. The site itself drew those kinds of people and interactions to it, so its spiritual energy roots may go back much further, and may have influenced the events the night of the murders and fires.

If the boy is still there, he isn't acting alone. It may not be him though, what's happened doesn't match a typical haunting. Whatever spirits/ghosts Scott and Leigh contacted may not have been honest about their identities; evil spirits lie in Ouija board sessions all the time.

My reasoning behind this is; 'normal' ghosts (if there is such a thing as normal paranormal) usually seem to draw energy from their environment to even partially manifest and to interact with their environment (which is limited) This entity that attacked you seemed capable of so much more than an ordinary ghost. It drew far more energy, to sustain a prolonged physical attack on you as well as leave some kind of evidence behind of its presence. It had to exert energy to keep your husband unconscious and I suspect was actually drawing much of the energy it needed from him to attack you which is another reason you couldn't wake him up. It was able to turn you and your husband against each other, which it drew energy from as well as the fear it inspired in you. From the bizarre and unusual glare your husband gave you as well as his Jekyll/Hyde transformation after he left the place, it sounds at least like partial possession. This may be what happened to the boy as well.

Ghosts act after death much with the same personalities they had when alive. From your account, the boy only turned evil in the 24 hours or less prior to his death unless he had some previous history of deviant behavior. It seems highly unlikely his parents or the guards would have left him alone to spend time with the prisoners. It also seems unlikely that they could've turned the boy to a life of crime in such a short period of time, since all this took place in less than a full day. Perhaps the prisoners brought some sort of dark entity with them as they had committed a similar crime with another family. I tend to agree with MrsRamsay on many of these same points she made and more.

I don't believe it was the boy that attacked you, (something obviously did, no doubt) or if it was he got quite a supernatural upgrade after he died. If it was him, he had a lot of help. I don't doubt your account or what happened, but I do question the identity of your attacker and the evil set loose on the property. It doesn't add up as to why only the boy and his mother are the only ones left behind out of all the people that died that night. There is also the bizarre obsession this 'thing' had with your wedding rings, hiding them, and then playing with them during the attacks. I also wonder if your intuition regarding not taking that door down may have provided some protection. Perhaps the door provided a sort of barrier, as it seems things picked up after you opened it. It may have had to do with the rituals performed in the house when it was abandoned. I'd hate to think of what would have happened had you removed the door completely.

In either case, at least you're out of there and safe. Perhaps time will heal the wounds between you and your husband. Did Alan ever tell you of anything he experienced while living there after he became more 'himself' after leaving the home? I'm not sure if any of this helps, I apologize for the length of the comment as well, but there's so much to unpack here, it's hard to narrow it down. I look forward to hearing more from you.
Rajine in A Doppelganger
I've always been fascinated by doppelganger's mainly because of the fact that it's a "spirit" of a living person it's a phenomenon that I really haven't found any definitive answer to.

A incident regarding a doppelganger also happened at my house years ago and was experienced by my cousin's, I've posted it on here a while ago.
Hi Jennifer40

I'm sure that must have creeped you out and I'm pretty sure that if you told your friends they probably wouldn't believe you because of the prank previously, this incident you experienced reminds me of something that happened while I was at my brother's house some time ago.

I had spent the weekend at my brother's house and one night while everyone was asleep I go to the kitchen for something to drink and my brother has this wine and champagne glass rack from which you can hang the glasses from the slots on it when I notice the glasses behind me make a noise when I turn around expecting to see someone behind me all I see is the glasses moving on the rack like as if someone had moved it, when I go to check and see if anyone was in fact awake, everyone was fast asleep.
Rajine in Doll Clowns
Hi again Panini18

Yes that is usually what happens when you are a kid πŸ˜† especially when you try to tell someone elder and they just brush it off like it's nothing.
SOS_Paranormal in The Sailor And His Wife
Hi, would you be happy for me to retell and publish your story anonymously to my YouTube channel and podcast?
Panini18 in Doll Clowns
Hi Rajine!

Everytime I experienced something out of the ordinary I usually tell it to my aunt and cousin. But since I was still too young back then they wouldn't believe me and would just say I was just dreaming or it was just my imagination. However, when I was about to enter grade school, my cousin did experience something paranormal. My cousin's story would be my next post.
I have had experience with the Green mist as a child from the Chicago area myself. It would be in my dreams. This green mist would always come to get me. I would often sleep with my parents or next to them on the floor and it would still come for me. I would say between 4-8 years old this happened. I was very scared. I haven't seen it for a very long time close to 40 years now.

Rajine in Doll Clowns
Hi Panini18

I wonder what it could have been πŸ€”. Have you spoken to your cousin about this maybe your cousin might have also experienced something out of the ordinary.
Mweat in Exit 40
At the time, we thought nothing of it. I believed at the time, he died in Albuquerque. I believed the others believed that also.
On the return trip to California, our little "Caravan" did make an intentional stop there.
We all bowed our heads and paused a moment. Afterwards, we all looked up and around.
Thats when it really set in. It actually put a place to an event. And there was where I coasted off the freeway.
I try to look at things scientifically, but this was the only place on the trip that there was any problem, either way.
Out of the thousands of exits we past on the trip, we all came to a unplanned stop here.
[at] Alenasiouxlee thank you so much for reading and supporting me. Yes, I'm making time to write more of my experiences. Stay tuned
[at] TheSweetDevil23 no problem, I'm glad you are curious and want to more. We believe this spirit was living in a tree that is in the middle of our courtyard and is attached to our house as well.
For now, I heard there's only one entity and yes she does give signs of being around in the daytime as well.
Thank You for all the replies, it has happened on one other occasion, and I found myself at my Parents house in the middle of the night (I wasn't living there at the time and certainly shouldn't have been there at that time of night) on this occasion I attempted to stamp my foot on the ground to get their attention, but again I was unable to due to only being able to move very slowly, as though a force was stopping me.
Then I was home again and awake.
Val, thank you.:)

Also, in Latin it is falsum excitatio which is not all that impressive, I think.

As long as one of these false awakening doesn't involve going to the bathroom and doing ones business...then, it could become a rude awakening.
Rc, it's called false awakening. No kidding, that's the 'technical' term for it.πŸ€” It's probably sad that the name for something that doesn't look like it's Latin or made up from left over scrabble tiles, and is LOGICAL makes me so happy...
Psst...thanks for letting me learn something new!
I too have often dreamed of waking up and starting to do stuff, and then waking up. It is so disorienting. It is probably not ghostly but it sure is spooky. I wonder what the name for this experience is.

I don't think it is lucid dreaming. I've had dreams where I know I am dreaming. This is more that one dreams they are awake, which is just weird to say.
Ironaldkdkwdok23 in 2pm Terror
Are there any mythos in India related to the spirit? I really want to know.
Hi Emilieoxox

I always say that our loved ones are always around us even though we can't see them, they will give us many signs to show that they are around.

As for your second incident it could be astral projection or maybe even lucid dreaming, have you had any more of this experience?
Rajine in Exit 40
Hi Mweat

I don't think it's a coincidence, especially since that's the spot where he passed on, condolences to you and your family, may he rest in peace.
Panini18 in Weird Silhouette
Hi Rajine!

It was quite scary, fortunately, this was the first and last time I saw the gorilla-like silhouette. However, my second experience was also weird and scary but different than this one. Wait for my second story to get published. Thanks for reading!
lady-glow in Little Boy Spirit
Just out of curiosity:

Have you tried to take pictures and/or record the times when your little one seems to be playing with Jamie?
Oftentimes technology captures things that go unnoticed by our senses.
Hello Emilieoxox.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandparents.

I agree with the idea of this dream being a visitation from your grandparents, and a way to let you know that they are together and watching over you.

I'm puzzled about your second story, specially since you seem to have experienced an episode of sleep paralyses within your dream.

LFrog1386 in Little Boy Spirit
I definitely agree it was more about making sure your boys were okay. Your brain was absolutely still trying to process what you had seen. Your first instinct as a mother is to protect your little ones. Although, having said that, why didn't you check on your daughter since it came from her room? πŸ˜†
LFrog1386 in Exit 40
Thats a really awesome story. I hope it somehow brought peace to you, knowing your dad was there, even if in spirit. May he rest in peace. ❀
MrsRamsay (guest) in Exit 40
YES. Now THAT is what I call a message from your dad!
You didn't say his name, but I'd like to give him a big thumbs up for communicating with you all.

I say all the time, if I die and am able to somehow communicate, I'm going to say something important, or give information... Something tangible if possible. Pretty impressive.
RCRuskin in Exit 40
Well, given that it happened, I'd say 100% chance?:)

May his Memory be Eternal.
Piperasc in Exit 40
Thanks for sharing your story. For sure your dad had a hand in bringing you to the place he passed. I am glad you got a sign from him.
SOS_Paranormal in One Year Later
Hi, would you be happy for me to retell and publish your story anonymously to my YouTube channel and podcast?
Emilieoxox in Little Boy Spirit
Yeah I know for certain it was no dream, I was definitely awake.
I did question afterwards why on earth I checked on the boys after common sense had kicked in and I realized it can't have been one of them as it WAS just legs.

I think it's an instant reaction as a Mum, something's amiss, what to do first? Check on the most important things - my kids.
I think it's just that reassurance that they're ok when something bizarre happens, even though realistically you KNOW they're fine, you just have to make sure.
Thank You for the feedback.

It was very close to the cemetery, only a fence separated the bottom end of the cemetery and the school grounds,
The school was demolished and rebuilt in the same location in the years after I left but I haven't been back to see if it's still as close to the cemetery as it was when I was there, though I assume it is.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Little Boy Spirit
Your comment about seeing just the legs, yet you checked on your kids anyway, was really interesting to me.

When we see something that doesn't add up to what we know is reality, it takes our critical thinking skills longer to catch up. Also, as moms, of course we're going to immediately go to our kids. I'm guessing you did all this in the moment, and then your brain started rolling over what had happened.

I'm interested in this because I think it makes a difference in whether people can or do see paranormal things, or whether they somehow remain in the state of denial. Many people would've chalked the legs up to a dream and gone back to bed.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Ghost In Our Home
This story was so compelling, and yet it bothers me because I'm not sure you got the true details. Let's look at geography.
Mufreesboro is SE of Nashville, with your location 14 miles further east and north of Murfreesboro. The crime the soldiers did was to a family SW of Nashville. They were arrested "immediately" which leads me to believe they were arrested SW of Nashville. So imagine the area is a round clock face. Nashville in the middle, the soldiers' crime at about 7 and your home at about the 3 or 4. So why would they have to travel through or near your home in Murfreesboro to get to Nashville? I'm not in any way trying to discredit your story, just not sure the soldier story stacks up, unless there was a newspaper article? I know Scott was likely tempted to fill in the blanks, with the "empath" also, but sometimes one fact overlooked changes a whole story. The date and weather information makes total sense, as Murfreesboro was fought the very beginning of January.

As a southerner, I'll concede that a Tennessee family in the dead of winter might offer or be coerced to offer their barn (NE of Murfreesboro) to some yankees and their fellow yankee prisoners who maybe got lost and went way out of their way, but it's much harder to imagine that the Tennessee son, not already in the rebel army, would be "hanging out with" enemy soldiers on the eve of an action. Or want to leave with the enemy or, even more awful, that he somehow raped and killed his own mother. Why would the son not be trying to protect his mother? From the Yankees? In any case, your narrative was truly interesting and entertaining, and reminds us that there was a whole lot of evil and likely good during those times. Civil war is a special kind of evil. Amazing the house sat empty all those years! And I truly wonder where the "no wildlife" thing plays in. Thanks for considering.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Ghost In Our Home
Hey, RKirby,
You had so much amazing detail in your story it was fascinating, and the house itself sounds so interesting. Couple of quick questions:

1. When did you notice the wildlife thing? Before you bought, or later? Just curious.

2. How did you get that level of detail on the history of the home and the events that happened just before the battle at Murfreesboro? I'm especially interested in the speculation of how/why Hiram may have killed and raped his mother? That's a pretty unusual crime. Also, I have to mention this... And I may be way wrong, but I cannot imagine a Tennesee boy of battle age 1. Not being at the fight and 2. Planning to run off with a couple of Yankee prisoners after setting them free.

And this isn't a question, but I wonder how the desk and rugs ended up barring the door to the upstairs and why. Guess we'll never know.

Thanks for anything more you can add. I'm also in an historic area and believe my home is visited now and then by some spirits in what look to be those pillbox soldier's hats. My dog will even bark at them. They don't seem to be in the house though, just outside.

A chilling story. The most interesting detail is: "we physically felt him barge by our shoulders". This seems to be in keeping with some of the details we hear about ghosts/apparitions/spirits. Thanks for sharing the experience.
Hi Panini18

I'm sure that for a kid aged around 4 or 5 years old it must have been a scary experience, I've had my fair share of shadow people luckily for me I was older and on a few occasions I was alone when I experienced it, I posted about it some time ago on this site.

Have you experienced this again as you got older or was it just a once of thing?
Hi again Emilieoxox

I must say that is a freaky incident and luckily you wasn't the only one to have experienced that, I cannot begin to imagine what else must be happening in the school since you mention that it's built near and possibly over a cemetery.
Hi Emilieoxox

It's such a tragic back story about Jamie I do hope that he's able to move on instead of being stuck here.
Hi Nashra_Pervez

Spirits usually can mimic people's voices, I've experienced disembodied voices myself a lot, especially when I was alone at first it was creepy but I got used to it and eventually it stopped, I read somewhere some time ago that if you hear someone call out to you let them call your name 3 times before you answer because spirits can't call someone more than twice, I'm not sure how true this is though.
Hi RKirby

Do you think possibly it could be a demonic presence rather than a spirit of someone who was once human? The reason I ask is because generally spirits of people who have passed aren't so malevolent in the sense that they would sexually assault someone, spirits can and will scare someone but not in a intimate way, and demonic entities are known to mimic or pretend.
Hi ghostsarecool

I really enjoyed reading your incident, makes me think about the loved ones I unfortunately lost, but not in a bad way rather a happy and a little sad, I really do believe that the people who we loved and lost are always around us even though we can't see them, always guiding always protecting us, and I agree when you say that your grandma wanted to see your mom.
Hi dhariniraman

I always advise people to look for a logical explanation for something first and go the supernatural/spiritual route as the very last option.

I'm sure what you experienced must've been terrifying, but over thinking about it will just be frustrating to you.
[at] Valkricry

I've had the same thing happen where I got a call on my cell phone from my own number. While that's not anything paranormal the dog's reaction is kind of odd.
Spiritual_Beleiver in Lady Ghost Or Dog Ghost
Hi Bajrang,

Madhubani is my in laws place, may I know the name of the village in madhubani? I'm from Majora, near Rajnagar.
Leonard1986 in At the Alamo
It's possible it could have been a spirit of Davy Crockett πŸ€”
Emilieoxox in The Boarding House
Hi there, sorry I'm a little late to the party here.
I was just wondering, have you considered finding out any significant history of the area as well as the building?
Sometimes a haunting of a building can be connected to the land and surrounding area rather than the building itself, so it's definitely worth looking into that too if you haven't already.
Fascinating story.
Jennifer40 in 2pm Terror
Wow, that sounds terrifying! Glad that you and your Mom were okay. ❀

RCRuskin in Ghost In Our Home
Hi, RKirby. Welcome to YGS.

Please forgive the skeptic in me as I say that finding such a large property so located without even birds on it is rather odd.

But the oddest thing to me is the trapped souls. Not that this can't happen, but the scifi geek in me, reading this experience, is reminded of an episode of a TV show. Wolf in the Fold, a season 2 episode of Star Trek (the original one), involves a spirit that feeds of the negative energy from murder. This entity, within the episode, is considered to be responsible for many serial murders on many planets, including those of Jack the Ripper. (Even a quote from the episode, said by Spock: "women are more easily and more deeply terrified, generating more sheer horror than the male of the species." Of course this was 1960s US, but that still may not be an excuse for such an opinion.)

But to your experience, I think it is more likely that this entity haunting the house is more a demon then the ghost (s) of three rapists and a rape victim. But this is just my opinion.

Hope you are doing better these day.
hello ghostsarecool!

That's such a touching and lovely story ❀ I wouldn't want to think any visits from my grandma is foreboding as well but perhaps it is a reminder from her to cherish your family while you're able. I think grandparents are very special indeed, so shower them with attention, love and affection while you can. I'd like to think it's also a reminder from your grandma that she will always watch over your family, even from beyond 😊 ❀
DarkCloudVA in Anger Of A Dark Entity
Alittle late here... But better late than never I guess
I know a lot of you are confused by the aura, And trust me, even years later I still am
[at] Aporetic You say this account seems familar, As in you've heard it before or something simmlar?
[at] RCRuskin It was the cemetary at first. The Mausoleum itself didn't really have any feeling until we got there and stayed abit
[at] Valikiricry Honestly me neither. I do like that explanation you gave out though. Sounds very plausible.
I feel like what I saw couldve been a demon as well
Emilieoxox in Little Boy Spirit
Thank You for your comment.
As far as I'm aware Jamie has never reacted to my greetings, so he could very well be a residual haunting rather than intelligent.
However, having said that, my youngest son (who is Autistic and cannot speak) often seems as though he is actually playing with Jamie. Following him and laughing etc.

I will attempt to help him move on though, just incase he is intelligent and somehow stuck here.

Thank You again.
lady-glow in The Voice Changer
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Nashra.

I imagine that this was an unnerving experience though, in my opinion, not necessarily a paranormal encounter.
It's normal to feel disoriented when waking up in the middle of the night, and so is hearing voices and sounds as you're falling asleep or waking up.

If this experience hasn't happened again, there's no reason to be afraid of something that happened just once.

Thanks for sharing
lady-glow in Little Boy Spirit
Welcome to YGS.

This is such a sad, though fascinating experience.
Although I'm not sure if you are dealing with a residual or an intelligent haunting, in my opinion, this is not a negative spirit.

If the former, it's possible that what you see is just an imprint of what used to be Jamie's routine during his life, if the latter, he probably hasn't moved on because he doesn't know where to go.

Has the little ghost ever reacted to your greetings? Has he tried to interact on any way with your children?
Have you tried blessing/cleansing your place with the intent of helping this little spirit to move to the next plane?

Even if the spirit is not bothering you, perhaps it's time to help him move to where he belongs. You may want to ask for the help of a religious person of your faith, or try to do it on your own telling him that it's time to go to the light where his loved ones are waiting for him.

Thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed listening to your stories and your grammar is good. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you stay safe.

No one who is alive really knows why things happen from the other side but I have had similar things happen to me when I was in great depression and stress.

I think that dark or evil things can use us as like a battery and drain our power. They feed off of bad emotions, sadness, pain hate etc.

I used to be followed by shadow people but now I have not seen one in about 3 years now.

I think they left when I confronted them, I swore at them and told them to go away and that I was not scared of them any more and that they have no power over me and no right to be in my personal space. Once I did that they went away.

Hope you can do the same and find peace. Well wishes 😊

P.S: Evil things hate light. Let as much light into your life as possible and this can help I believe.
When my father was dying, a tenant of my mother told her that she saw my father sitting in the rocking chair outside the house. She even said hello and goodevening to him. But my daddy was very weak already and it was impossible for him to stand and walk... After that incident maybe 2 days after, he passed away. I still miss him everyday. ❀
Sorrry for taking so long to get back to you ifihadyoux I can't believe it has been seven years wow! From what I can recall I am pretty sure that I was awake because I was moving my eyes around looking at the room and the TV and I think my head and neck to but I can not recall that? They say in sleep paralysis that they can move their eyes and look around the room to so you might be right maybe I was asleep?

But when the lightning force thing hit it was so powerful and shook me and scared me so much I am sure if I had been asleep it would have woken me up from sleep.

Also my room shared a wall with our garage I don't know if that is relevant to the occurrence but me and my brother were scared to go in there and I used to think that there was a ghost in there but it might have been my twelve year old mind making stuff up?

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