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sophiethunder1 (guest) in My Cousin Attended Her Own Funeral
I kept thinking about making this account or not but I had to because I want everyone to know! Oceana you told me to close my account and that's it but I didn't think you would kill me off and say that I was going mad! Now I'm upset because you're telling all these people things that I didn't even go through. I thought we were in this together but now I see we're not: (I didn't commit suicide, I am alive and well. Reading these comments just made me feel like I had to say these things
Hi Clarence,

There's something to be said about people from the Gulf Coast; they're warm and gracious, but they can be tough as nails and stubborn as hell when it comes to hurricanes. My grandmother was from New Orleans, so consequently we traveled from our home in Pensacola along the I-10 quite often to visit with her and family in Red Stick. Back in the day when I lived there, most people just hunkered down and waited out the hurricanes instead of evacuating, which is just a bit crazy when I think about it now. I have vivid memories of our living room furniture floating around in our kitchen in a couple feet of dirty flood water, and finding dead animals all over our property, that weren't ours. Otherwise, I loved living there and still enjoy visiting because it's such a unique place...

Fifteen years ago wasn't that far in the past, and to be honest, my heart sank while I read your story. Being homeless w/children and facing a hurricane, with no where to go must've been totally horrifying. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if there are many stories out there that bear a resemblance to yours due to the sheer fact that so many lives were lost during Katrina. Long Live New Orleans.
Tweed, that's OK. I just realised that it says I am a Young Adult on here, I'm flattered as I am 33, 34 next June!

I've been a long time reader of this site but haven't gotten round to posting. When I had to go into isolation for two weeks I shared my stories on Facebook as a way to pass the time. My friends suggested I share them so I have, but I do understand what you mean.
TravisCannabis in The Man In The Bird Hide
Man your lucky that the ghost was there to watch a birdie and not to show his birdie. 😁
That sounds like a perfect place for a junkie house, wonder why it's empty. 🤔 😜
Clarence, soon as I read your name I was like 'no way' you're the puppet people guy. Can't tell you how glad I was that you posted that experience.

But onto this one, I wonder what your dog was growling at specifically. Like what can they sense that we miss? Your normally relaxed pooch knew the moment before anything was obvious. I wonder if dogs can smell paranormal things. Hope that woman is in a peaceful place now. With these kinds of experiences I feel more for the tormented soul than the poor people who experience it, no offence lol!

Thanks for sharing.
Am I the only person who was concerned when reading this?

Spiritwaiting, so umm well sorry to crash the party but anything that takes a crystal (or anything) from an alter isn't exactly good news, unless I'm missing something... Maybe a detail?

Also you better believe people are going to want you to upload those vids/audio/anything. Ah, yeah... Are you the same person that has a pit bull in a cage? Don't know why that suddenly popped in... So just like don't do that ya know?

There's something disconcerting about this whole thing, the way it's worded reminds me of some kind of mania, sorry to be a negative Nancy. Hope all is well. 😳
Aliendewd, I love reading your accounts, thanks for sharing these two.

I think your aunt is lucky to have experienced the old market, experiences like that are really special. Wish we knew how/why they occur when they do.

As for the other residual, it's a shame nasty people leave behind vivid recordings. Unfortunately there's a few similar accounts on here describing similar things.

I'd love to have been there when she was hanging out washing though, that sounds amazing.
Bro, I wonder if my mom would believe that a spirit's the one talking when I cuss. 🤔 😁
Cool story. ❤
Greetings, Sherm.

I'm with Tweed on this, as my first thought was "mediumship."

I've had answers to questions pop into my head, sometimes in other people's voices. I've also had totally unplanned statements come out of my mouth and turn out to be true. I just put them down to quirks in my perception of time/mind and accept them as rare and peculiar events.

To be completely honest, I'd never even thought of writing them down for YGS, as they happen too randomly for me to make them into a coherent narrative.

You're not alone in this, Sherm, though I feel I've not provided much by way of reassuring explanation.

Whodat in Don't Let It In
Okay so we can rule out noises from the attic then, since there is no attic. With all the strange stuff happening, I'm sure there's more to it than physical phenomena. I thought I'd throw that out there just in case.
What is the genunine point in not replying?
What is the point in sharing if you don't want to reply to questions?
Great. Another one.

I have to admit that reading the author's expectations isn't the first thing I do - even though I should; because knowing that they will not say anything back to me will add an important dimension to their story. Plus, I feel like an idiot who is asking questions to an actual brick wall.

I just can't understand doing these two things at the same time:

Taking time to write and not wanting to talk about your experience with people who you will never run into. It's almost like they are using us to get anonymous feedback on their writing skills.

- Maria
LightMight in Happened Again
Hi Haven,

Unfortunately, I think a lot of us are dealing with increased stressors (anxiety, depression, fatigue, health issues) due to the ongoing tension from Covid. You're definitely not alone, we're all feeling the pressure to some degree or another now. Somehow we'll all get through this and life will improve, hopefully sooner than later...

It's quite possible that you may have two different spirits, or entities, visiting your home. Currently, I have a very similar circumstance happening at my house. In my particular situation I feel that one spirit has been attached to my house long before my family moved in, and the other is more recent as of this last summer (I believe it's a family member who has passed away this year). I've also had the 'soothing' feeling come over me when I tried to take a nap one afternoon, after a chaotic day at work. It felt exactly like someone was gently rubbing my shoulder and back as if they were comforting me. Like you, I wasn't scared, but it definitely surprised me because I knew I was home by myself that afternoon. Usually when I feel a bit creeped out, I'll do a routine light cleansing in my home (something I highly suggest btw), but that experience didn't call for that...

Have you ever considered asking the entity that visits you, if it wanted, or needed something? Or maybe even asking who it is exactly? I would only suggest asking questions when you feel comfortable enough and in a safe space at home. My last question is; does your son have any similar experiences like yours?

Lastly I agree, I think your cat has sensed something, whether it's an earthquake or spirit energy, animals are definitely in-tune to their surroundings.

Wishing you well, LightMight
Melda, I remember your account of what happened at your childhood home, involving some form of shetani or malevolent entity. That was really frightening - no wonder you still have nightmares about it. When I woke up from the dream of my childhood home, it was creepy to find that figure next to the bed. Thank God, someone was looking after me.

It's true that some of these traditions and beliefs have rubbed-off on me. Rex has pointed out that I insist that we wash our feet after being outdoors. Apart from the hygiene aspect, it is a water cleansing ritual meant to wash away the trail and deter any wandering spirit from following us home.

During the Ghost Month, my traditional-minded Mum would remind us of the taboos to observe: 😨

Aunty May was more modern in her thinking. Decades ago, when I split from my ex, she said: "My dear, a woman must always make sure to have Vitamin M." She meant money and the importance of being financially secure to be truly independent. No playing helpless damsel or waiting to be rescued. It was empowering. We were very blessed to have known Aunty May. 😘
Indeed I hope it has moved on.

As for the question about the haunting and how famous it is. Apparently it is VERY famous but I had never been so up until two years ago I had no idea about any of this. It was even featured on Ghost Adventures. So I definitely didn't think it was a ghost when I first saw her but instinctively knew when I did hear the story who I had seen.
We call her the white lady because she wears a white flapper dress it was an old party dress. And she does look like a totally normal person which always caught me off guard.

Either way I can almost guarantee a Part II eventually. Things have escalated and there are now her AND a male spirit we know of. But I'm waiting to see how things play out before making Part II.
lady-glow - I've noticed that you're around less often. I understand that - every now and then I disappear as well! I hope you're safe and happy.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - In and around the Ghost Month, The King of Hell! You might not have had that belief system but you were part of an environment which strongly believed it. It isn't impossible that it might still have a "rub-off" effect on you.

I think what you experienced might very well have been real because there was physical evidence.

To this day I still have dreams about my childhood home and there is always a ghost or two involved. I must admit though that those are just dreams, probably because of the trauma of the hauntings I experienced there.

Oh Aunty May! I commiserate with you. She will never leave you and your family. And there she was "helping" in the kitchen because she knew that you would sense her. Lucky you!

I love your comment about her and Uncle Graeme enjoying tea with scones and chocolate muffins.

Regards, Melda

Yikes...I have been away from the site or, better said, visiting irregularly, that I forgot to check the OP's expectations!

Let's hope that they change their mind and answer our questions. my opinion, this story is lacking a conclusion.
It sounds like a helpful spirit. Are there any CCTV cameras in the store? If so, are you aware if any activity has been captured in camera?

Just imagine if one night the store got broken into and the ghost scared the bejesus out of the rober!

Anyway, I like visiting dollar stores because I always end buying something interesting even if I don't need it... I guess someone else really enjoys staying there.

Thanks for sharing.
Lealeigh and lady-glow - Did you notice that plume has chosen not to participate in the discussion? I hope he/she reconsiders.

Regards, Melda
And then...what?

Hi plume.

Welcome to YGS.
Did you and/or your flatmate see the woman again? Were there any other disturbances?
Was her clothing dated or contemporary?

Given the history of the place, this woman could be an earthbound spirit or a previous resident of the place that, perhaps just like you, was surprised to see some one invading her space.

Are you aware of any female relative, either yours or your flatmate's, passing away around that time?

I enjoyed reading your story and am curious to know if you experienced ay other unexplained event at that place.

Thanks for sharing.
SWS - You're right about the shiver, Miandra. I actually went cold when I read the email. My first reaction was that it was all a mistake. Aunty May was supposed be around for many more years and live to a 100! Their eldest sister, from the First Wife, made it to 99... But it's a reminder to make the most of the moments you have with loved ones. Especially in these uncertain times. Rex and I hope you're keeping safe and staying well in your neck of the woods. Thank you for your kind words.

Helvetica - I think all of us would have our share of love and loss. I do believe it was Aunty May. It felt like her, as if she was standing there, smiling at me. In much the same way as your mother knew it was grandma when she smelled the carnations. It was lovely, knowing that loved ones came to say goodbye. Thank you for joining YGS to share your experience and kind thoughts.

Lady-glow - Sandalwood is one of my favourite scents too. Along with frankincense, it's something I would use in cleansing. Heaven would come with packets of chocolate Tim Tams that never run out. Aunty May would be there, sipping Chinese tea and telling stories of her days working at the university in Hong Kong, her travels around the world and Uncle Graeme's exploits. He was a retired major from the British army. I can visualize Uncle Graeme and Aunty May enjoying cups of tea together, with buttered scones and chocolate muffins. Thanks for coming by.
Hi Jubeele.

I'm sorry for your loss.

It seems like Aunt May stopped by to say her goodbyes and to let you know that she's at peace.
Sandalwood has such a calming and relaxing aroma that, I'm sure, heaven smells of sandalwood and chocolate muffins.

Nice to hear from you, thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Back Again
Hello Navya.

Reincarnation is a very interesting topic and there are some books and studies documenting several cases of people who remember a previous life, including some in which the person was born with marks resembling wounds on places where they report getting hurt or even being what caused their death.

I'm curious to know if your relatives had any recollection of their previous life or seemed to recognize places and people they had never seen before.

Thanks for sharing.
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi Whodat.
My Mum says the noise came from the walls not the roof and it was very loud and made things shake. Plus the house has no attic as most houses in Australia don't. It does have two chimneys in which one was used while the other was covered up. These chimneys were on the other side of the house from their room though. There was of coarse noises from being an old house, my Mum also grew up in an old house therefore she has expereienced the shifting from temperature changes in houses and normal age so she knows what these noises sound like. But this banging was very loud and purposeful. My Mum was very sceptical of the paranormal but there was just so much stuff that happened in that house that had no reasonable explanation.
Hello plume and welcome to YGS,

A long time ago, on one of those television shows about haunted places, someone was trying to understand why their brand new home was haunted. Apart from the fact that their particular activity might have been tied to the land that was there before the house, it was also suggested to them that the large lake very near to their house was attracting the activity.

It was a really long time ago that I saw this show; but I think the idea is that bodies of water share some spiritual properties with mirrors - and mirrors can be gateways.

My point is that some people believe large bodies of water, such as the Pacific Ocean near the townhouse in Newcastle, could be an ingredient in paranormal activity. I don't know if I am completely "sold" on this idea; but it is interesting.

I have two questions:

1. Do you know how old the house was?

2. After the lady was gone, did you notice if there was clothing all over the floor - or the cellophane wrapper?

- Maria
Hi Jubeele,

First of all this is my virgin post, I read your story and had to write. The first part was very interesting, however it was the second part that rang a bell with me. I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your Aunt May, she sounds like a wonderful person. I also believe that it was she who visited you. Scents are an important part of our lives and can trigger good and bad memories. I remember my mother telling me that after her grandma died my mom was alone in her childhood home and suddenly she was over whelmed be the scent of carrnations, her grandma's favorite flower. My mom "knew" it was her beloved grandma. I love the scent of sandlewood and think this would be a lovely way for your Aunt to say a final goodbye.


No, the property owner never disclosed anything to us about the property being haunted. We did end up finding a cocaine/crack pipe, stuffed back behind our water heater in the rental... So it's obvious that unsavory characters lived there before us.

And unfortunately I don't know who any of the previous tenants (before us) were... So I was never able to ask anyone if they had experienced things.
Hi Sherm,

Never had this happen but it sounds like you could be experiencing what some mediums can do. Allowing a spirit to enter their consciousness and speak through them. You indicate that you're religious so I recommend asking your god/gods for protection if you want to pursue this. I'd caution against allowing anyone through for obvious reasons.
Also, and I don't mean to diminish what you're going through, but one must consider stress as a contributing factor.

Stay strong.
wrh1969 in Taotaomona Ghost
I had a experience with the Taotaomona myself. It is serious! They can do many things to scare you.
Ugh, that's one creepy incident. Umm so I don't want to make it worse but I'm going to, I think. The branch snapping behind, could it be something else was there behind you?
Old branches, on some trees, start making cracks around the time they drop, could be days before or even minutes. So I'm also wondering if you were maybe scared away for a good reason.

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing how skeptics have their mind changed. But I'm sorry it was with a creepy experience.
Thanks for clearing that up Jon, and the extra info. Have admit I tend to read things with an overly skeptic opinion around Halloween. It's the time this site gets hit with a fair amount of teen fiction. Sorry I did read this yesterday and think it was teen BS, but after another read it makes sense. 🙄
Sleeping-with-steve in It Wasn't A Dream
Hello Maverick_30,
That's such an erie experience. I believe you didn't dream when you say you didn't.
From what I have read, dreams can also be a way of communication.
I'm glad you have made peace with him.
He's lost more than shampoo and conditioner. He's lost his life. What he did was wrong. I guess he knew that and came to apologise and say goodbye.
Try not to let it eat away at you for telling him to leave.
Most people do the same even when the spirit hasn't stolen something. I know, I do. I'm always telling my pesty spirit to rack-off.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in Of Sandalwood And The Ghost Month
Hello Jubeele,
I'm so sorry for your loss. Covid19 makes it difficult on so many levels.
It must be hard not being able to go to your Aunty Mays funeral. Your Aunty May obviously loved you dearly and couldn't leave without saying goodbye to you.
Such a sad post. I felt a shiver down my back towards the end when I read how you got an email from your cousin in Singapore telling you what happened.
My thoughts are with you Jubeele.😭
Best wishes to you and Rex-T. 😘
Tweed, yes lots of the houses in Leamington have basements. Leamington is a regency town that grew quickly in the victorian times. Most of the houses on Russell Terrace have basements as they were originally large villas close to Jephson Gardens which is the local park locals used to promenade in. The part of the house I lived in once it was split apart was originally the large sitting room.
Hello, Thank You for the feedback so far. Just to clarify, it was not Alistair Crowley who lived in the house, but a man who knew him when he was in Leamington.
Rex - Wish you could have seen the bottles moving. Maybe Someone was giving a newbie spirit a lesson, along the lines: "This is how you do it. Now, you try." Which would explain the second display of moving bottles. That was the impression that came to me.

Aunty May was a force to be reckoned with. Fiercely independent, at a time when women were expected to be meek and demure. I can just see her rearranging the whole kitchen until things were to her satisfaction! The Hungry Ghost Festival celebrates filial piety, and paying our respects to family and those who have gone before.

Val - Aunty May would have visited the temple on certain occasions in the past. She and Mum shared the same mother, both from the Second Wife. Their family hierarchy was traditional, almost feudal. Think of the Chinese classic 'Dream of the Red Chamber', Houloumeng 红楼梦. Grandmother followed Buddhist/Taoist beliefs. I remember she had a family altar with joss sticks. Sandalwood reminds me of departed family and loved ones, and paying our respects to them.

With all the travel restrictions in place, we couldn't even attend her funeral and that was really hard. But the family managed to get the service Zoomed across the world to the rest of the clan. Like Aunty May, we found a way to visit and pay our respects.

Ruskin - Brother 'Brat', you'd have enjoyed talking to Aunty May. She lived through 'interesting' times of tumultuous change: Singapore under colonial rule, WWII and the Occupation, the Handover of Hong Kong and the more recent demonstrations.

The Ghost Month is the seventh Lunar month, usually between August and September. In the Northern Hemisphere, this would be the end of summer and the start of autumn or fall. I've read about the ancient Celtic concept that spirits could slip through 'betwixt and between', and there are various thresholds in space and time. I've wondered if these festivals marked some threshold during periods of seasonal change. The end of summer, start of autumn and preparing for winter. Thus, the barriers between worlds are thinner at such times, allowing for otherworldly events to occur. But under certain circumstances and only to a few?

Whodat in Don't Let It In
Of course I have no idea what happened to your mother in this instance because I obviously wasn't there. However, I live in an old house, built in 1890, and I've heard similar, unexplained sudden loud sounds in my house, and I found a physical, natural cause for them. About a year after I moved in, I would be startled these loud crashes seemingly coming from the attic, which is huge, but I couldn't tell for sure. I would sometimes hear one bang and sometimes two or three, spaced a few seconds apart. They happened while I was alone at home, so I didn't say anything to anyone about them. Well, when the weather finally cooled down, I ventured into the attic to hide some Christmas presents and figured out the source of the bangs. You see, the inside of my house was modernized by the previous owners. The sheetrock I see on the ceiling is not the original ceiling. The original ceiling is wood and is about five feet above the new one. Also, no fireplace chimneys are visible inside the house and none stick out of the roof. Imagine my surprise then, that when I went into the attic, I saw the remains of three big brick chimneys up there. They were falling apart, and bricks were lying all around on top of the old, wooden ceiling - the one I can't see from inside the house. Apparently, as the old mortar deteriorates and the temperature cycles from hot to cold in the attic, the old chimneys are falling down brick by brick (or sometimes by clusters of bricks) and when the bricks fall onto the wood, they make a very loud and frightening sound. I'm not saying this is what happened in your mum's case, but sometimes sounds are caused by perfectly natural, explainable phenomena.
Interesting. And reading this story, I was thinking 'I should share this with my honorary sister'... Well, OK then!

So many cultures have traditions about the dead visiting the world of the living at this time of year. I wonder what happened so many millennia ago when humanity was still a young species on this planet; what was witnessed?
Curious, did Aunty May burn sandalwood perhaps?
With the timing of everything, it certainly seems as if it could have been her paying a visit.
Sounds like a place with a lot of history attached to it. I would say however Satanism isn't this evil thing people make it out to be. Satanist merely worship Satan as Christians worship God, so I wouldn't think the place having had a Satanist live there would make the place haunted.
The dog going nuts and chasing something into a corner which turns out to at one point been a door is interesting and seems fairly common with hauntings.
As for the 'new' owners of the building not renovating the cellar/basement area of the building, that's normal in areas prone to flooding or high water tables, it would prove far too costly to properly seal and water proof basement areas. I used to live in Perth on a Georgian Crescent in close proximity to the Tay. I always fancied living in the basement flats, but due to the high water table and the likely hood of the Tay flooding these apartments were left empty.
LightMight in Nursery Haunting
Hi Lorenzo,

Your story is definitely creepy 😳 Kudos for volunteering at a childrens nursery, and for having the nerves of steel to stick with it!
I had a few strange experiences with my own child's baby monitor with some really weird noises taking place while he napped; I stopped using it after that. Maybe, whatever spirit or energy was there in the storage room w/the baby you cared for, liked playing around with the monitor and the dummy? Or perhaps it didn't like either of them? Either way, it doesn't sound as if it caused anyone harm, maybe it just wanted a little attention?
I really enjoyed your story, LightMight
I don't think Alister Crowley having lived in a dwelling at some point would've made any paranormal waves since most of his colourful antics were carried out all over Europe. I think if someone chose to ignore the rising damp situation in the basement, that's stupidity on their part... Do they even have basements in Warwickshire? Or do you think Crowley knocked one in as a teenager?

Anywhoo, Happy Halloween!
Hi Lorenzo,

I don't think a place necessarily has to have a dramatic history to be haunted. Maybe there's just bad energy in the place and it attracts paranormal riffraff.
Think you did the best thing in ignoring it, distracting yourself with youtube. Because if paranormal riffraff is what you were dealing with you better believe they love being noticed, anything for a reaction. Kinda like little naughty children in a way, ironic really.

Thanks for sharing. Pity you couldn't have a proper chat with coworkers about it.
Hi DarkSoul,

Maybe it's Ms R who pulled the stuff out in preparation. Sorta letting you know she drops by sometimes.
When you hear something dropping does it sound like the same kind of object or are they different sounds?

I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing.
Jubeele and All,

I've got to say that Aunty May was a beautiful person and very forthright in her views.

Although I missed the rearrangement of bottles and containers on our kitchen bench, I laughed when picturing Aunty May pushing her diminutive frame to the front of the bench and putting "things" in their right place.

I've heard that the Hungry Ghost Month can also be a time of reconciliation with those that have passed.

Thank you for your reply to my first story. I often wonder if the lady I saw was the midwife from the story of Littlecote House featured on Strange But True that I posted.

Gertrude was certainly a piece of work, so it's no surprise she didn't check her tyres!
I am a little confused, how do you know it wasn't a real person?
I wonder if perhaps these were residual hauntings that eventually dissipated as time went on. Either that or if they were intelligent hauntings, perhaps your family's positive energy laid them to rest?
Maverick_30 in It Wasn't A Dream
Thanks for all the replies, I only just noticed them.

Lady-glow I agree I think he was trying to apologise or make peace with me as we got along really well and it all came from no where that he left the way he did.

Jubeele I think we are at such an open place when we sleep it's a perfect opportunity to connect with our past loved ones, your story about your father is touching. I'm intrigued about the orange peel incident.
I remember waking up feeling like he had actually been there and how strong it was that it was a real encounter.

Maria I have seen the movie but never made the comparison before, maybe the writers of The Sixth Sense have had first hand experience in the area.

VeronicaMarie very insightful, he definitely was on a bit of a self destructive mission. He had had a few fits while staying with me and I think he knew it could be the last time with each one. He had that live fast die young mentality because I felt he had those close calls. I felt a bit guilty after I heard he passed because maybe if I had dealt with the theft better he may have come back for his medication.

I do talk with him from time to time when I'm by myself and have apologised for what happened. I've made my peace with it all in my own way and just hope he was around to hear my apology.

Thanks for your replies
LightMight in The Walker Ames House
Hi divinemsjunebug, and welcome,

I think it's great you went from open-minded skeptic to having a profound experience that turned you toward believing some things paranormal. I do hope you come back to share more of the unusual experiences you've had and findings you've uncovered as an investigator!
WisconsinLady in Charlotte
The fact that you're in bed at 11:00 am is undoubtedly the reason this has occurred. Charlotte was probably a morning person and is irritated by our kind. I got your back on this one.
I promise this was a real comment; none of this is fake. (I'm throwin' down semicolons like a bad girl.)
VeronicaMarie in It Wasn't A Dream
Maverick, I find it so strange that he left his medication behind (in an odd place) and then died two weeks later. And that he'd basically disappeared for three weeks before. I wonder if he'd been in some sort of self-destructive state. A thought that came to mind was to have you say out loud to him that it's okay and that you forgive him. You may well have already done that, but if not, it might give you additional peace.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing story.
Lealeigh in It Wasn't A Dream
Hello Maverick_30,

This is a touching story. I think your friend felt bad about stealing from you and vanishing before he died. His regret was so strong that going back to your house was the first thing he wanted to do. He couldn't communicate to you so he came to you while you were asleep.

Forgive me for making a silly comparison from the movies; but do you remember "The Sixth Sense" and how Bruce Willis was finally able to talk to his wife while she was asleep?

I'm really glad I read your story.

- Maria
Hello JonLS87,

I'm glad that your tantrum worked and you all were okay. There were few times that I remember trying to use a tantrum as a means to an end - and they never worked.

I went to a house for a picnic once that you have just reminded me of. I was about ten years old and my grandfather worked for a car dealership. The owner was having a big gathering for Easter at his house in Helen, Georgia. One of his family members showed us a secret passage in his house; a staircase behind a panel in a bedroom closet. It led to a furnished apartment with its own bathroom and kitchen. I was fascinated by that for years - I drew hundreds of designs for houses on graph paper in the years after it.

- Maria
MrsRamsay - Thanks for reading.

After all the positive comments I have received, I am inclined to agree that something, or someone, out there is keeping an eye on us. My husband and I are both senior citizens and living on a property which is far too big for us to control and maintain. We raised three children in this house but they now all have families of their own and haven't lived here for years. We're constantly nagged by the kids to get rid of the place and buy something small in a security village. Covid-19 hasn't had a positive effect on the property market in South Africa nor, I imagine, in many other parts of the world.

To be very truthful, I didn't find the early morning events scary at all. I was confused, curious and almost in disbelief. Even the rubbish bin falling out didn't scare me. I got a fright because it happened right behind me and was very loud. That was obviously paranormal, which is why I disconnected myself from the interior of my house for an hour or two at a time. If anybody or anything was interested, they'd have found me on the verandah anyway but whoever was behind it had fulfilled the purpose of the visit. (Except of course I didn't get it!)

By the way, it isn't that unusual for me to be up at 04:00 in the morning. I've always had a bit of an insomnia problem and it also goes back to the time when I often did overnight work from home. Fortunately I've retired now 😊

Regards, Melda
Seekings in Care Home Ghosts
Hello JonLS87,

I found your experiences interesting and a reminder of when I worked in a care home. I had a few experiences there (though I never saw anything) which I'm thinking of writing about. Also interesting that children from the former building on the site seemed to want to explore the new one.
Drivers like Gertrude give a bad reputation to all women... To think that she didn't realize that something was wrong with her car tires!


Welcome to YGS.
Those sure are some unnerving experiences. I wonder what event kept the energy of the old woman attached to this plane and if she usually tells such disturbing information to any other children.

Thanks for sharing.
Maverick, your account resonated with me. After my father passed, Mum felt so betrayed by his infidelities that she got rid of everything that once belonged to him. When she saw him in her dreams, she told him to leave. Which he did, apart from an incident with an orange peel. But the strange coincidence is that I started seeing him in my dreams after that.

I think that the dream you had was a true visitation. Perhaps you called to him through the strength of your emotions and the weight of unresolved issues. In your hurt and anger, you sent him away. But it is what it is. At the time, you needed to close a chapter on something that carried a lot of pain for you.

The "white glowing light" does seem to indicate to me that a spirit was present at your place. I've experienced odd clicking sounds, glass crackling and wooden frames creaking that could not be explained away by temperature changes or mechanical reasons. What is significant is that the noises and door slamming all stopped after you told him to leave.

Like lady-glow, I think your friend came back to tell you he was sorry. But the main thing is that you have made your peace. Perhaps you can say a prayer or express a wish for him to be at peace too. It does not matter whatever religion you believe in, or not at all. What matters is the will and the intent. As long as the feeling comes from the heart, I'm sure the good wishes will reach him.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
lady-glow in It Wasn't A Dream
Hello Maverick.

This is such a touching experience. Yes, you had a visitation dream and, in my opinion, all the activity was your friend trying to get your attention. Perhaps he was full of regret after stealing your stuff and was trying to apologize for his actions.

Rest in peace.

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing this interesting experience with us.
You know who had large hands, with long, boney fingers? E.T. - just sayin'...
If you ever return to Galloway Forest Park for camping, please consider taking a trail camera, or some type of recording device (s) to place inside and outside your tent. Would be cool if you could capture something!
LightMight in Care Home Ghosts
You've definitely had some remarkable care home experiences; sounds like a mixed bag of emotions and a lot activity going on in those places.
I work in private home care for end of life stage clients, and I can appreciate and completely relate to your story. I've had a few chilling and some uplifting happenings take place during several of my shifts. I suppose these types of experiences in EoLC just come with the territory... Sounds like Gordon cared enough about you to let you know that it was his time to move on ❤

I honestly don't know what it was. I've wondered from time to time over the last few weeks what would have happened had I opened my eyes? What would I have seen? I just literally felt no need to, and that's what pushes me to the belief this was some kind of guardian angel or some other entity looking to help.
I had been thinking of my Mum the weeks leading upto my trip as it was the 19th anniversary of her passing on the 18th August and I have wondered if perhaps it was her. The thing which puts me off that is that I recall the general size of the hand felt quite large and the fingers felt long and boney (my Mum was a wee woman 5'3" with wee hands).
I agree totally, this light may well have been one of the many satellites, however, as I said in my previous comment, it was unidentifiable (whatever it was) and was therefor a UFO.
I've seen many odd lights in the sky over the years. My Dad, who's a retired Policeman has told me many stories of when he was out on Nightshift and seeing many strange things from triangular light formations buzzing around the night sky, leaving formation, regrouping then setting off over head at great speed (always in the southern sky oddly enough) to phantom horsemen galloping down quiet country roads, Roman Soldiers marching in formation through fields, ball lightening or even the sound of knights duelling in a field where boulders known as the 'clanking stains' stand.
It's a mysterious world in which we live. I do however draw the line at such things as Vampires and Werewolves. I can't for the life of me get with that at all.
Mrs Ramsay,
You think your dreams are bad? You should enter my head. Mine are bad.
I stopped logging on for a few weeks because I had a similar feeling last time I was writing to Brenda.

It bothered me enough to get some distance, but I just wanted to stop by and see if you were ok Brenda. Sorry to hear about the latest.
Thank you for sharing your family stories with us, and I'm sorry for your losses. I've had similar things happen and it has made me understand my loved ones are here for me. I'm sure your sister watches out for you and is very proud of you!
Your story has some significance for me. I intentionally have stayed off this site since having some uncomfortable feelings associated with one of the ongoing stories recently and was actually somewhat spooked. But today, rainy day, so here I am.

On the morning of the day you posted this, I woke after having a dream that I was CONVINCED was real. I had seen a brief headline about a young mom who had been missing, and they found her body. That night I dreamed with such clarity about a girl who was driving and stopped to help someone who claimed to need help. All I could see was this unusual way he put her arm in some kind of arm lock so he could control her and march her away. Thankfully, I woke up before it went any farther, but the brief and shocking violence was BAM, in my dream. I had NO IDEA where that came from in my head, as I'm a very peaceful mom and don't watch a lot of violent shows, etc.

Question for you: Is that story a famous one where you live, so you KNEW the little girl you were seeing was a spirit? Did you research it? I have no way of proving to myself, let alone others, that my dream was anything. But I sincerely feel it was about this missing Georgia mother that I only vaguely heard a headline on. (and I still wonder if and how just that brief bit of news could've inspired such a vivid dream for me).
Fun story. I have a dumb question.

Is the "white lady" a lady who is dressed all in white, or glowing, or just a racially white lady? I started wondering halfway through your story and now it's driving me crazy that I don't know!

In EITHER case, it's super interesting. Does she look like a ghost would look, or like a normal lady? I wonder why she's hanging around?
MrsRamsay in Mystifying Morning
Considering the two crimes you mention (including your scary experience), I think the light you saw is a sign that someone is protecting you or at least watching over you during this higher crime moment in your block's history. And the trash bin was also for you, so you would know "they" are there for you. It seems obvious, but that's not to diminish how it all made you feel. Four am can be a scary time to be awake and alone, the last thing you need is some weird, alien light freaking you out!
Hi Wispo,
I'm not an expert at all, and personally would stay far away from a Ouija board. Just wanted to comment that your experiences after drinking sort of opened your eyes to this topic, and perhaps, before jumping on the Ouija, you should just live your life with your eyes wide open, looking for proof that way. For example, since I started really believing in the spiritual world, I look much more carefully at all my photos, and have found two or three that show obvious irregularities. I've started keeping a file (haha, called X-Files!) on my computer where I put strange finds. You'd be surprised how fast you start noticing them. And it's good to have them in one place. Also, document strange things that happen to you, or strange dreams. All of these things might take patience, but it's the better way to go, imo. Messing with things we don't understand is probably not that smart. Living life with all the passion and joy possible, while noting the spiritual world safely, might be the more productive way to go. Don't force it, have patience. That's my advice, good luck and God bless you.
Hi Alicerp,
Such an interesting story! I never really knew what an empath was until I started reading here at this website maybe a year or so ago. One reason I started seeking out more information are some experiences I've had at the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, a national park just NW of Atlanta.

I never thought twice about some of the feelings I've had since childhood in various places, until I started really noting the presence of the spiritual world through other situations, specifically I've had a lot of people in my family pass away and I feel they've contacted me at various times. It's like you don't get it at first, and then the more and more you notice things are "weird" the more you start getting it... Bit by bit like a snowball builds if you never literally came face to face with a ghost, but just had these "things" happen over years... Things that suggest a spiritual experience.

Anyway, as a kid moving around on Army bases, many of them historic, I had "feelings" and was scared on many instances, and that was just never my personality. For example, at Ft. Sill, OK, we visited the jail cell that once held Geronimo. I remember, 50 years ago, it was almost a panicky feeling I had as I walked in. Even though there was a mannequin and really beautiful examples of Indian handiwork like a headdress, clothing and moccasins (which I was REALLY into back then), I could NOT stay and look at them, despite my interest and curiosity. I had to get OUT of there! I know my parents thought it was the mannequin and small, dark cell that scared me, but it was the unfamiliar feeling INSIDE me that scared me!

As I got older I never thought much about any of that, just thought I had a good intuition about places. Driving through small towns, etc. Atchison, KS was a town we drove through a lot on our way to our grandparents' house, and I remember being scared to death of that little town, even though we just drove right through and never stopped. It's been only recently getting attention as a very haunted place... Which now makes perfect sense to me.

But the real experiences I've had are at the battlefield. I used to be a runner and there are ten miles of trails there, but I never felt good about running there, always mighty uncomfortable despite the serenity and great trail conditions. I would NEVER go alone. Then a couple years ago, my son and I sort of accidentally got some amazing EVPs (I wrote the story but not sure how to actually find the link). At some point, my husband and I were out to dinner one night near there and, after a couple glasses of wine, decided to stop by and take another look at the Illinois Monument, which is where I made my recording. He's a huge skeptic. Anyway, it was dusk, and there were a lot of people there walking. We sat on a bench and nothing seemed amiss, though I felt something touch my hair from behind (didn't realize at the time it was a touch, I thought it was a bug). We walked down the hill and stood there. Husband thought he smelled "wet canvas tents" (he's a Marine). I didn't smell anything, and not sure I'd recognize it anyway even though I was a Girl Scout Leader, haha. But then he'd had enough and decided to walk up the hill, while I stayed behind for a moment of quiet. Then, walking back up the hill (called the Dead Angle, where more than 3,000 Yankees died in a forlorn hope assault against heavily entrenched Confederates) I started to get REALLY out of breath. Ok, I kept walking, thinking "wow, how out of shape have I gotten?!" But then my anxiety went through the roof, my heart started pounding and I was so out of breath, I had to stop and lean on a post. The feeling almost knocked me to my knees, and it was almost exactly the spot that is described as where so many men lost their lives, almost at the very top, yet where the gunfire was the thickest. It took me a few minutes to recover and make my way down the path to the parking lot where my husband was waiting for me. I wish to this day he had seen me, because he sort of looks at me like I'm nuts when I describe it. But I feel somewhat like I bet you would feel during such an assault.

I went back a few months later when I heard there was going to be a guided walking tour. Went on it and never felt a thing, except the normal level of empathy. I still don't know what to do with this, so thank you for writing your story and inviting us to comment. It's nice not to feel like the only one who's experienced this! All the best.
Thanks, Tweed! I do try to make things as real as possible, which for me translates into 'details'. The site is always growing, be it a new game, or fresh stories (Twisted Tombstones). 😊
Oceana in Charlotte
How do you know she's staring at you when she hasn't got eyes?
Val I bloody love you! This must be new, I don't remember these games. Can you please take up architecture and build all these stupid boring modern homes out of existence? You have a real good eye for detail.

I'm going back to explore this manor more 🎃
Rex-T in Charlotte
Hello BraelynMarie,

In these times of COVID-19, I'm glad that Charlotte observed a proper social distance from you.

I'm perplexed about a few aspects of your story and it appears I'm in good company on this one. So, without repeating other YGS member's questions, here goes...

Have you been in this house for a while or have you just moved in? Have you or your sister done something noteworthy recently that may have brought you to Chalotte's attention? Is being in bed at 11:00am in the morning a regular occurrence, or a once off event?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to figure out the origins of Charlotte. Has she been waiting at the house for somebody to turn up, or is she some conscience induced apparition?

At this point in time I'm hearing (not seeing) the engine of the Miss Demeanor firing up, so I'm hoping that you can find the time to clarify a few points.

lady-glow in Charlotte
Hi Jubeele.

Good to know that I'm not the only one thinking about the infamously handy toothbrush after reading this story.
Jubeele in Charlotte
I'm curious about the following details:

* "She had no eyes or a nose, she only had a mouth." What did the rest of her face look like? All white, black, brown, yellow or pink? Did she wear a balaclava?

* What else happened with your sister's experiences with Charlotte? Did she remember any more details, apart from: "...she told me she see's her all the time in mirrors and stuff like that."

* "...we tried calling her through a mirror." Why did you use a mirror? What sort of mirror did you use and where did you try that? Was it during the day or night?

* "...just starred at us and laughed and told us that her job was to hurt bad kids." Did you feel threatened by her words? How can you be sure if she did NOT put your sister or you in the "bad kids" category?

* "Every now and then I'll see her from the corner of my eye or hear her laugh." Maybe you should keep a detailed journal on your continued sightings of Charlotte?

* Just my impression, but your story reads rather cheerful and upbeat. How did you feel about the incidences? Weren't you frightened at all?

* Did either of you tell your parents? What did they say or do about it? If not, any reason why not?

* What is the history of your house? Were there any deaths in the house or within the vicinity, involving a six or seven-year-old Caucasian female child?

* Does the name Charlotte have any significance to yourself or the family?

Details, details, we need more details please. Such are the bulwarks that go towards the creation of a story. Let's hope Charlotte does not intend to indulge herself on that alarming penchant for hurting "bad kids". Best be armed with more details. Just in case. Do stay safe everyone.

As an aside, I am reminded of another interesting story on YGS: 'The Bloody Girl'.

Maybe Charlotte knows Mary? Never underestimate the value of a good toothbrush.
lady-glow in Charlotte
Oh...she starred at you with eyes as beautiful as the stars twinkling on the sky...
valkricry in Charlotte
Curious, if she had no eyes, how did she stare at you?
"So we tried calling her through a mirror and it worked, but she just starred at us..."
Let's try that link again: 👻😱
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And more!

*posted with permission of the webmaster* Thanks, Martin!
Well, I guess if you've ruled out cryptids, body tremors (sleep apnea or meds., etc.), and lucid dreaming, you're left with something inexplicable and puzzling still. I tend to like the extraterrestrial idea, but it could've been a guardian spirit intervening after all...
freakedoutfreddy in Charlotte
Dude, I read your story to my nephew like a cautionary tale, now he's laughing in front of the mirror calling Charlotte, he says ain't no true. 🤔 😁 😁
DarkStar in Mystifying Morning
Melda, I for one look forward to reading about that event you mentioned. Please post it if you are so inclined...

TravisCannabis in My Closest Encounter
I don't know man, sometimes I think religions don't know the truth and teach things that may not be real. 🙄
But it's good to believe in something, just saying. 😜
TravisCannabis in Charlotte
Are you a naughty girl? If not, then your safe from Charlotte, but never call bloody Mary, that chick is mean. 😨
Aliendewd--Really enjoyed your account. The theory that the "spirit" was shaking you to possibly prevent you from choking seems like a good one. You asked in a follow-up comment if anyone else has ever seen a moving light in the sky in one of the "dark sky" areas of the UK and indeed my wife and I did on a visit to England back in 2000. We had rented a car (birth in fire driving for a guy from America) and were driving through Dorset in the south west of England and we stopped for a couple of days in a little village called Melbury Bubb. We were out one night staring at the most incredible night sky we'd ever seen. The Milky way spread out before us, when we both noticed a bright fast moving light that seemed incredibly high and made no sound. Like your light it moved east to west.

Whatever it was was unidentified to us but I've since come to think it quite possible that it was a satellite. There are at least 1,700 floating around above the Earth (almost certainly far more) and it seems likely we were seeing one of them. Then again, it could have been a visitor from another world. I'll never know but I lean towards a man made satellite.

We do have a 'wild man' legend here in Scotland 'Am Fear Liath Mor' (In Gaelic), which is said to haunt Ben Macdui in the Cairngorms which is quite a bit further north than where I was.
I also have to say reading your initial comment regarding a Sasquatch in Scotland I had to use our friendly neighbourhood google, out of curiosity and there is a guy who claims to have found a 14" footprint in the Dumfries and Galloway Forest Park. He also claims to have taken a photo of this 'creature' though of course no such photo is attached to his story.

I would say whatever happened, there would've been no way for someone to physically be in the tent with me without them literally being on top of me (it was a small '2 man' tent. Really more a 1 man in truth.) No, this was almost as though the hand had reached through the material of the tarp and the tent. The rustling as this 'entity' (for want of a better word) moved off once I was clearly in a safe sleeping position was localised to the area directly behind me.
I really don't know if others have experienced anything similar in the area, that's partially why I posted this story, and given the specific site I pitched at. I'm curious if anyone has experienced anything at Loch Doon or Galloway Forest Park as a whole.
As I mentioned at the start of my story, it's one of the few 'dark sky' areas in the country and on a clear night the skies are stunning, you can see the Milky Way, it's that clear. There was one occasion I was there with a friend and we're sitting out talking and inevitably the conversation turned to 'UFOs' and 'Aliens' generally. She said she didn't believe in UFOs or Aliens. Now it was a crystal clear night (end of August), i've looked up and here's a bright light in the sky heading East to West and this thing was moving. I pointed it out to her and asked her what it was? It wasn't an airplane, it was going way too fast. It wasn't ISS (as I checked on my phone where it was at that time and it was over Russia somewhere). It wasn't a Meteor, there was no tail. It was a singular white light, bright, and clearly exceptionally high, moving fast.
Now i'm not saying that what it was was Extra-Terrestrial, but it was Unidentifiable and was therefor a UFO.
Perhaps this entity was an extra terrestrial, perhaps not. I don't know, but I would be very interested to know if people have had similar happenings while camping there or even camping in general.
Does Sasquatch (Bigfoot) live in Scotland too? 🤔 I know they famously research Nessy there...
You've had a very interesting and mysterious experience, Aliendewd! Do you know if anyone else experienced anything similar or strange in that particular area?
Fascinating story and also hearing about the lady who drowned her kids... If that was the case - would the lady ghost be more sad or angry... And would there be children ghosts as well?

Maybe one day when you drive by again you could stop and enquire? Although I don't think everyone gets excited when questioned about paranormal activity:)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage - Wow - Can you imagine seeing a woman without a face! Off the the next story! 😊
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi virulentpeach,
Yes, the man in the story that my Mum moved in with is my Dad. No, I wasn't the child that was born in this story, that's my older sister. I was born a year later.
DarkStar - Thanks for reading. No this wasn't Vic's style at all. Vic was a closet ghost, my husband's closet ghost! (I mean that literally, not in the gender sense 😁) He did a few other mischievous ghostie things as well, but mostly in the bedroom area.

Although I'm now reminded of something else which happened in the house and that was in the kitchen and bathroom. I've never related that event here but perhaps I should. I think that Vic was the culprit there.

Regards, Melda
virulentpeach in Don't Let It In
For clarification, is the man in the story whom she moved in with, your father? And were you the child who was born in this story?
That's wonderful news that you have a healer working with you, dido 😊
I've always felt that positive thoughts and prayers (no matter what religion or belief system is followed) can help reinforce a successful outcome ~ so, I'm sending you positive thoughts and a prayer that everything within your home be restored to good health and lasting harmony ❤
DarkStar in Mystifying Morning
I agree with Rex-T; perhaps your friend/entity (friendity?) Vic paid you a visit. Otherwise, I've no idee at all...

Best regards,

Dear Brenda,
Sad to hear about what your family has been through even sadder to read that Hubby left...

From your last post you are smudging etc but still the entity is attacking you. Is the pagan group not assisting you anymore?

I know you said that you rebelled against Christianity but what is the next move to combat this evil? Would turning to God or Jesus not be an option now?

I am not Christian but what about Reciting St Patricks breastplate prayer daily for your and your daughter?

Anyway its just a suggestion because it really seems that things are getting worse and you aren't getting much help.

Saying a prayer for you and your daughter right now. Stay strong!
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your comments.

[at] The Lost Voyage, Light Might, Biblio

I heard from the neighbours that the previous owner lived a very private life although he was a bit of a drunk at night as they would hear him sitting by the pool in the late hours of the night talking to himself... (could be talking to entities they couldn't see or hear) He was ill at some point and I wonder if he had gotten ill again but I guess we will never know...

[at] Darriux,
Having the "pups"around make everything better. Even when our baby sleeps there is always at least one pup that sleeps on the bed with her which gives me some peace of mind. They are extremely protective, however I get super freaked out when I see them wake up at 2/3am and they are watching something that I can't see...

After I posted this story I had been lighting incense (Lobaan* special incense that cleanses and removes evil and spirits - much like sage and frankincense). We had may 2 or 3 days with nothing weird but then I would see at the corner of my eye a child or person walk past or be standing at the passage door just to look up and find nothing. Recently Hubby started feeling ill and the atmosphere in the house became very dull. He went to see our GP who is also a friend and reiki/spiritual healer. Our GP told him its not a physical illness but rather spiritual turmoil in the house and could envision two entities in the house. Since our GP isn't actively practicing the healing etc anymore he directed us to a spiritual/holistic healer to assist us. Turns out there are two spirits (Not the previous owner) which are trapped in this house. We are in the process of finding out what they want and trying to get them to move on... Praying it all gets resolved soon...

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