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I don't believe what you saw was a lady in mourning. Large, or 'big' hats weren't in fashion until the early 1900's, and by then black was the color for mourning. And then there's her smiling and waving - no 'decent' Victorian would do that at a funeral. Funerals were very somber times (widows were expected to mourn the loss of a husband for about 2 years, whereas a widower 3-6 months).
Traditionally, the widow might ride atop the hearse, next to the driver, or walk with the other mourners behind. However they would not walk in front of the carriage.
You did not give a description of the carriage, so it may well not been a hearse at all.
The white dress, with a 'big hat' (assume you meant a broad brim hat) and her cheerfulness suggests more of someone attending a party or some other gay affair. Did you happen to take in more details about her? Like approximate age?
Montfort? Do you have French ancestry? How mysterious!

I don't believe it is likely that any of my ancestors were at Alamo, as far as I know, the first ones moved to North America post-WWII, but settled in Calgary and New Jersey, and I myself have never lived in the US, only visited.
The morning of my dream I had to catch a plane to Scotland, though, and I was properly on edge expecting the plane to go down or something, because the dream felt so apocalyptic with all that darkness, but save for some turbulence it was all OK. 😃
Suppose she smiled because, wherever she was, she saw you and thought she caught a glimpse of her deceased husband? Probably not likely, but I find this thought quite sweet and comforting!
Hi Sjn85

Were you the only one who saw that? You didn't mention if your friends saw what you saw, I just read another story on here that said that intoxicated people are more prone to supernatural encounters, although I'm not sure (no offense).
You mentioned that those types of processions are for funerals, you would think that the lady would be a bit more... Sombre 🤔
The fact that you were a bit high and in a sleepy state due to the codeine, I would surmise your brain pattern was in a semi-rem state which for most is stage one of light sleep. As you were able to push yourself to stay awake you most likely hovered in and out up and over the new year.

I think I did the same thing when I was a young lad except for mine, the only experience I ended up with was a spinning

I don't want to jump on the obvious and suggest it was a hallucination because some of the chemicals we take can interfere with our perceptions and that is what most will think. I would be inclined to go with your intuition on this one as what you witnessed was a glimpse of another time period.

Our reality is one big old ball of energy known as the Higgs field. Our brains are receivers of that inherited frequency field, your state of reception for the 10 seconds was like a dial on a radio transmitter jammed between two stations.

Just my thoughts, thank you for sharing.

Regards Daz

Thanks for the comment Matrix. I was telling my friend this story for the first time yesterday and he believes that the woman could actually see me and waved and was wondering what I was also.
Yes, I wanted to be honest and also let people kind of feel what bodily state I was in. I forgot to mention I have never hallucinated from weed and alcohol.
I agree that the the beer and other things made me open to another realm in way.
Hello Sjn85,
I appreciate your honesty about being inebriated when this happened. It was quite a profound experience, and I wonder if your altered state allowed you to get a glimpse into the "unknown", and somehow allowed you to see this apparition or whatever it was.

"She smiled and waved"; this is an interesting detail, maybe she was waving at the line of mourners who would have lined the route.
Take care.
FineandMellow, I only went back on Memorial day, which is end of May, detailed below. And it was only after submitting this story that I realized I have two possible messages, which is still freaking me out a little bit. Maybe I should say I'm more in awe. Because if it's true that our ancestors or any spirit can communicate with us like this -- I mean, we see it in movies all the time -- how amazing it is & how it changes how I see the world. I think of all the decisions I've made as a widowed mom of two, for example. Was I hearing from their father all along & never realized it? Or can our grandparents truly give us advice after they've left?

Your Alamo word is compelling! Does that mean you have an ancestor who was there? Was it shortly after you moved to the USA?

I also once woke up to the word "Montfort" for which there are a few different possibilities. Thanks so much for your comments!
Hello again The_Lost_Voyage

I think the question is, can a house, block of land and even an area carry a negative density that can be manipulated by other energies/history or intelligent forces over a substantial amount of time? I was pondering on that thought whilst reading your story. There were probably some horrific incidents that occurred in the house and on the land over the last few hundred years and right at the end, you'd probably clarified my suspicion to some degree. I think the house probably has a mind of its own along the lines of a poltergeist. Mix that up with a malicious spirit and it's an Amityville horror all over again probably far worse. Interestingly on a side note with the Amity house, George Lutz reported back yonder having an account with the Old Hag, which was not in the movie. I believe he saw his wife look like she was really, really old or was it in the movie?

Anyway,I can testify to how scary that little number is, I had my own Old Hag account back in the 80's and with no exaggeration, the account is heart attack material, probably the most confronting experience I have ever had when it comes down to holding your nerve. Here's the relevant point. I have always suspected something within the house I was staying in (back in the 80s) manipulated my mind to a point where it staged the house or shifted my mind into a physical reality of which I was clueless to the deception. At the time, the reality I was in seemed real, my then-girlfriend rolled over in bed presenting herself as the old hag.No, it was more than just a bad hair day and running makeup, this was something out of a horror movie, good grief it still gives me chills thinking about it.

Perhaps this family who fled the place experienced something similar. Back in that day, you wouldn't openly talk about it because they would probably lock you up and treat you for psychosis. Thinking about it now, it's probably why I stayed quiet for decades, you really want to put it behind you and move on. When you think about living in a universe of energy with consciousness being fundamental to our reality, I don't think it's an exaggeration to speculate about a home, block, or area having it's own capability to haunt who it likes.

Regards Daz
Hello again aussiedaz, again I believe you're right, it was probably more connected to my friend. If you get a moment, I'd like to hear your thoughts also on the story I posted "The Old Family Hill" That one got to me really thinking over the Christmas break, and in retelling the story it of course created more questions than answers. I'm looking at some theories, but would enjoy hearing what your take on the whole thing is. I'm hoping to gain another perspective on the situation and see if it resonates with my feelings. Always good to hear from you!
Hi there,

That must have been terrifying, make no mistake, that was a demon, not an angel, you can't sommon angels, it's impossible, angels do not have free will, that was a jinn (genie)
Pelatiah what a fascinating account, especially because the word came to you in an archaic spelling form. No way that is a coincidence! Have you visited the grave since, or are you planning on visiting regularly?

I also had an experience, years ago, where I heard a word in my dreams that was unknown to me. In my dream I saw darkness and then a ray/flash of bright white light accompanied by a whisper and me being startled awake. The word was "Alamo"! English is not my first language and as someone from Central/Eastern Europe, at the time I knew nothing about the history of Texas, so I had no clue what culture or language the word could be from, it sounded rather exotic to me. Then I did some googling and am still quite puzzled from where it came to me?! I knew about some basic US history like the Civil War, Great Depression, Civil Rights movement... We don't live in a cave, but I am fairly certain I never knew the word Alamo. I can see absolutely no personal connection, like you could find with yours. Apparently Alamo is also a car rental company in the States? Go figure. 😆

To MasterTomog - I also studied Latin in college, and Dominus does mean 'master' but is often used also as 'Lord' - meaning God. God's Fire puts things in a new perspective, doesn't it. Eek.
The_Dark_Soul in That Strange Feeling
Hello Rajine,

First of all, Thank you for appreciating my English 😁.

Now coming to your questions:-

1) No. Actually, while getting into the auto-rickshaw I had my earphones in my ears as I was heavily invested in the news updates of the Russia - Ukraine war. This is the reason why I couldn't pay much attention to my surroundings at that time.

2) Yeah, It was when I got off the auto-rickshaw and was paying the driver.

3) Yeah, I think I did. But, am also not quite sure about them being related to any paranormal kind of stuff.

I'll keep you guys updated.
Hey all. FYI, I do a lot of research on places, mostly for my ancestry research. If you know the county & google the name of it with history ("Fulton County, GA history" for example) -- depending on when it was settled, there are almost always entire books written on them. On the east coast, you can almost always find them going back to the earliest colonial times. Early Americans were good about writing the histories, including the names of the first settlers & lots of interesting details about their lives. Indian wars, massacres, first settlers, even including where they came from... It's all there. You can also google the place with "historic society" after & usually there will be a website with a phone number for the historian.
Late to this interesting story, I was prompted to read some of yours by your kind comments on my recent one...

You mention the quickness of the approach of this peripheral man...

One of the things I've noticed when viewing "paranormal" videos, or even listening to EVPs, is that whatever plane these spirits are on causes them to move much faster than us & when they speak in evp's it's not always in the same timing or cadence as us.

I think if you were really lonely at the job, you likely wouldn't "manufacture" some fast guy... Maybe a slow-talking girl? There's a joke somewhere in that...
OMG, this was a fast post, as I only sent it last evening, thanks! I'm so intrigued by everyone's comments.

I'll dive just a bit deeper if I may. (I was afraid the story would get boring).

My gratitude for this ancestor & the level of respect is quite high. He had a wife & two children -- I have his photo, found on the Ancestry website, posted by other descendents -- & left everything to march hundreds of miles, slogging through the south in the worst of hot, wet, summer conditions. He made it through all the battles pre-Atlanta, which were near where I live in the suburbs/outskirts back then & they were horrifying. If spirits can know what we're thinking, then he knows how much I revere what he sacrificed. Also, we are a USMC family (I married two Marines, not at the same time, haha) so I'm quite patriotic & made sure to update him, as crazy as it sounds, that their side won the war & that even though I'm now a southerner, well, you know, I'm from the midwest actually... That all was well with the country (haha, technically, notwithstanding today's politics). Anyway, yes, I actually talk to people at their gravesites, even though I don't believe they're really THERE per se. On Memorial day last May, there was a big ceremony there, put on by the town. I printed & laminated my Ancestry entry for him, which includes his photo, & layed it by his grave with a bunch of lavender in a ribbon from my yard for visitors to see. Sort of a posey thing... Reminded me of his time period. Even though the cemetery includes guys from as late as Vietnam, it's mostly Civil War & I wanted to personalize my uncle's Civil War grave for the patriots & history buffs who passed by that day. I am not certain when the "ook sein pon" message was in my dreams, but I'm wondering if it was after that visit.

One thing that has been consistent with any communication or paranormal incidents I've had is that during & afterwords it's all very fuzzy. If I remember or start thinking seriously about it, it's LATER. If I put two & two together, it's LATER. It's not like it ever slaps me in the face, nothing scary (so far thankfully).

Master T, if I'd had your dream I'd have been scared sheetless!

Rajine, I do feel a bond with this ancestor. No one should die alone & though he died following in the footsteps of his grandfather, as a soldier, he was still a young man far from home.

Val, I LOVE your theory & would love the endearment.

Kindly, I appreciate the dutch also. I tried that also (as many of my ancestors were also dutch & intermarried & I believe spoke a mix for many generations. Their home was upstate NY, Palatines with some refugees during the Am Rev of original New Amsterdam dutch ----- Manhattan & Staten Island -- who fled when the Brits landed. (kids are all, "MOM! SO BORING" but it fascinates me).

Looking at the message in the context of my 2nd visit to his grave though, perhaps he was trying to tell me he saw me, or he sees me or he saw my "signal" to him (maybe the card/lavender I left). How cool would that be?!Again, I really appreciate your theories! Thank you so much!
Hi The_Dark_Soul

Firstly,your English is excellent, when you got in the auto rickshaw did feel anyone get in? Or was it just when you jumped off to walk home?
Also have you experienced anything strange after this incident?

On a lighter note, perhaps this female spirit likes you😅
Hello Pelatiah, I know your ancestor was German and not Dutch but there are similarities between the two languages. In the past there may have been more (or less) similarity, depending on the regional dialect spoken.

I speak Dutch so let me confuse the issue further with a Dutch spin on things.

"Ook" means - also or - too.
"Sein" means - signal
or since the proffessor was swapping letters earlier
"Zein" means - too see.
"Pond" means simply - pound, as in unit of measure of mass.

I am not sure if that means anything to you. Perhaps there is an archaic German translation for "pond" that works with the other two Dutch words. Perhaps none of it works at all, but there it is for your consideration.

I dream in foreign languages. Not ALL the time, but often enough. Generally it's in Spanish, which makes sense to me as I live in a highly Hispanic area and hear it often. But sometimes...I'll have phrases or words in languages I don't often hear. Sometimes it's what I've termed 'alien speak' because I can't identify it at all.
The thing with translating unfamiliar words we've heard is we tend to spell phonetically and that can throw us way off.
The only 'pond' I know in German is the physics term for 1 gram of mass weight. Which makes no sense... Unless he was using 'Pond' as an endearment, then it would be kin to saying, "Be ok, little one." But that's a stretch.
Actually, yes!

It's a story that I'll share more in detail at some point, but I had a really creepy dream like that...

There was a ghostly woman floating down a staircase, she had red eyes, and looked like a burn victim. She pointed straight at me and started repeating the words "Fata Mortuum Ignis Domine!"

So, ok, that's Latin, but I've been puzzling over it for years, because the sentence didn't make much sense... Then again, most Latin doesn't to me. It's a language I never got into, even though I had a good teacher and passed the class in college. But anyway, I knew the word "Ignis" means fire... And that "Mortuum" had to do with death... I could've possibly guessed that "Fata" means fate, even though I never learned it... But "Domine"? That means "master", and I'd never heard it or learned it anywhere. Whatever the sentence is supposed to mean, that combination of words... It just probably wasn't a good thing being said, to say the least.
Hi Pelatiah

This is very interesting, I personally haven't had an experience like this, but I'm sure some of the other readers may have and can shed more light on this for you, having said that,I'm am going assume that it's probably messages from your ancestor who you visited, perhaps visiting his grave sort of created a bond of sorts?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Old Family Hill
Hello again RC, you just gave me another idea. I have another cousin back home who's an area historian. He was familiar with the goings on at North Street, and though I haven't spoken with him in years, if I can get in touch with him, he may be able to help me. If nothing else I can get the history on the vicinity. Any kind of history may provide a clue. I appreciate your comments/idea!
Reading your comment gave me an idea. Why not ask for the story as part of your family's history? May not work, but could try, I suppose.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Old Family Hill
Hello Rajine, I believe you hit the nail on the head so to speak. You just voiced my own thoughts about this situation. I too had that impression that there's something far more malevolent and dangerous on that hill. Something that can mimic other spirits to mask itself. That came through to me strongly that evening. I appreciate you validating and confirming what I felt. I'll keep you posted if I find out anything else. Telling the story has rekindled my own curiosity.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Old Family Hill
It's true RC, there isn't much to go on in trying to figure the whole situation out. It's one of the main reasons I held off on the story for so long. I would have liked to provide more information but as you know everyone that experienced the initial event has been tight lipped about what occurred, it must have been quite traumatic. Since some of the children from back then are still alive, perhaps one day, someone will let slip something that will be useful in putting the pieces together. I doubt drinking would have opened that Pandora's box, as it's a small town and many gatherings have taken place over the years where alcohol flowed and still nothing came out of this family. Believe me I asked, I had so many questions myself. What I'm curious about is what took place on that piece of land and surrounding forest?
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

From what little I gathered from your story, it seems like the spirit of a previous owner that doesn't want to let go of his property, I stand to be corrected.

But what if it's something else, more sinister that's taken place of that man, or is pretending to be? While spirits may have a certain attachment to people or material things, I highly doubt that a spirit would be so malevolent enough to scare people into silence.
Well ghosts are an explanation of what happens/happened, but usually, some of us do try to find more rational and natural explanations before considering anything above or outside of nature. Sadly, there is not much to go on here, considering those who experienced the initial event never talked about it. Makes me wish someone got them just drunk enough to start talking about what happened. Oh well.
The_Lost_Voyage_11, What caused it? If we could figure that one out mate, we'd probably be nominated for a Nobel prize in theoretical physics. But seriously, I do suspect there are reality shifts going on all the time and if you are in the corner of all those theoretical physicists who believe we are living in a simulation including Elon Musk, who has openly stated his belief, (The chances of this reality being the base reality are one in a billion)... Then perhaps what you experienced was an actual glitch in the Matrix?... I also believe the biggest clue to this phenomenon (apart from accounts like yours) is the Mandela Effect... Both my wife and I can remember way too many changes to this reality that are just more than a bad memory or coincidence, along with many others in the thousands. B,T,W, the most notable one for mine, is the Ford logo, which of now has a pigtail in the F and the O looks more like a U...when I have always remembered it based on Henry Ford's signature?

I also suspect there are some entities on the other side who can push us into a reality shift, you may be onto to something there and often we hear about people who survived a car crash as if by some miracle right?...and as I stated via a hunch in my last post, this whole exercise may have something more to do with your friend, you may have been pulled along for the ride? Just a gut feeling.

Anyway, I hope your xmas and new year were a good one, it's always good to hear from you, cheers again my friend.

Regards Daz
Hello aussiedaz, I apologize for the delay in response. I'm just now beginning to get caught up from the holidays. It was a great time, but such a whirlwind!

I appreciate your thoughts and I would say "By jove, I think you've got it!" In all seriousness, what you've put forth does resonate and I believe explains a lot! If we both were caught between universes for that brief period of time, then it would make sense as to why we couldn't really hear anything and it seemed as if we were looking at the world through a perpetual fog or some kind of veil. Our senses weren't trained or designed to process that kind of information. That would indicate why our minds/brains sent a signal to us that something was off and created the anxiety aspect.

The question remains is what caused it? The entity or being we believe was there, or some other agent? I've said before, that I believe ghosts exist on more than one plane of reality. We're centered here because our bodies and minds focus our consciousness on this plane. (I believe like a rubber band, it's what caused our bodies to snap back as it were to this plane of existence, rather than be lost in the other) Ghosts no longer have bodies, so they're not anchored here, but seem to drift back and forth. Perhaps this entity/spirit/being generated enough of a field around itself that we were both caught in it and were even able to slip between those planes? Then it must have been generating some serious energies to accomplish that for sure! Maybe ghosts in and of themselves are walking portals, able to move between the planes if it wasn't a field they create?

You've definitely given me something to think about! I'm sure you're aware of the stories and encounters of people that seem to lose distance/space but not time? They travel hundreds of miles in a period of perhaps 20 minutes and are unable to account for it? That didn't happen in my case, but I wonder if such a field as I've suggested could cause such a thing? Ghosts seem to exist outside of the field of space and time after all?

Anyways you've given me some things to ponder on, good to hear from you and I hope your holidays were joyful!
CrimsonTopaz in Where Did He Go?
Lady glow, thanks for your reply, and thank you for the lovely wishes for 2023. I hope you and your family have a bright 2023 filled with joy and happiness. X
Manafon1 in Where Did He Go?
Hi lady-glow--I commented on this story when it was published but had a similar experience a few years ago that was somewhat similar. I was backing out of a driveway onto a busy two-lane road, looking over my shoulder, and stopped as a thirty-ish woman approached along the sidewalk to my left. The house next door had a medium-sized tree near the sidewalk, and I saw the woman obscured by the tree at the moment I turned my head back to look at my rearview mirror to wait for her to pass. After a couple of seconds, when she didn't appear, I looked back at the sidewalk and realized the woman had vanished.

Like the man you saw, the woman was there one moment and gone the next. There was nowhere for her to go--she seemed to vanish while passing the tree. It was only later, as I thought about it, that I realized the woman's clothes seemed "outdated." She wore a long corduroy jacket and a scarf on her head which was much more common in the 1960s and 70s. I can't be positive she was a ghost, but like the guy you witnessed, there didn't seem like a lot of options for where she could have gone. She was beelining on a course that should've taken her directly behind my car on a busy street and then wasn't there. Like your experience, it wasn't scary, just intriguing. I'm glad your account popped up again, as it brought this incident to my mind.
lady-glow in Where Did He Go?
Hello CrimsonTopaz.

"Do you think the hiker was hit by the bus"
Not likely, because he wasn't close to the bus at any time. When I saw him, he came out from a cluster of trees several meters away from the road, then he ran towards the bus following a diagonal trajectory but still far from the vehicle and behind it.

Many times I have wondered if he just stopped before reaching the bus and blended again into the forest, though it was evident that he wanted to board the bus. I know it's not like I saw him vanishing in thin air, but it was very strange the way he was there and then, few seconds later, he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2023.
CrimsonTopaz in Where Did He Go?
Lady glow, Do you think the hiker was hit by the bus and that's why you all had to change buses and couldn't see him anymore?. This was a suspenseful situation. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing it lovely lady. X
Yes! There were 'many' times that we had where we would suddenly feel angry, or aggressive. We would fight for no reason [at] all.
Then the moment we left the house. Like for a trip to the store, or to go visiting. We would feel 'completely' different. We could never understand why we were fighting in the first place, & the warm, loving feelings would return.
However, the moment we got back home, we would feel extreme unease, or anxiety. Like I told you in a previous message. Even our poor dog was affected by all this. She was specially trained to be a guard, & attack dog. However, the incident with the walking footsteps overhead while I was reading in the living room, had the dog a shaking, nervous wreck. This dog was a German Shepard/Collie mix, & normally not fearful of anything. However, 'that' incident had her with her head buried in my lap, & trembling.
By the way. You mentioned a cabinet with antique dolls, & other items. Are you aware of the fact that even 'items' can be haunted with energy of the previous owners for whatever reasons they may have? Possibly there was residual energy attached to 1, or more of the items in the cabinet. Just giving you something to consider here.
It's good that your family is long out of there. Did you ever learn any history of the house? I'm quite sure that the house had an interesting history.
I don't suppose you could learn 'anything' now. Having been out for several years. It 'might' be very enlightening if you ever get the chance to do so though.

Like I said [at] the onset of this discussion. It's a fascinating read!
GauthamDevara in The Last Assignment
Valkicry, I do understand that you must do your due diligence before removing the post.

The facts though are plain to see. The stories have been posted years apart and its not the first time that the author has done it. The last three posts have been lifted from different sites, posted by different contributors.

Also, would he be changing the verbage of the original stories and why would he be changing the locations and the names of the characters from the original stories if he was indeed the original contributor?

I hope you conclude your investigations quickly, because this is seriously affecting the credibility of this site.
KweenKleokatra in Adler Woman
Peaceful Greetings:

I know this is very late, but does anyone have any further information on this story? It'd be appreciated!
CrimsonTopaz in One Strange Night
Ahill1003, I'm catching up on as many story's posted on here as I can and came by yours. Sounds like a good one for you to share on your next camping trip by the open fire late at night. Very strange night for you indeed. Thanks for sharing your situation.
No this was a different route than the previous one. I travel by this one because it takes me less time to commute to work.
Hi rahul_shelar16

Is this the same route you travel on daily? Maybe what you saw was a random spirit.
Hi virulentpeach

Experiences like that would creep me right out of there, apart from the nightmare that Tim had, did he or anyone else ever talk about their experiences in that house.
[at] Linjahaha:

That's exactly the same feeling I had in this home. It was the worst out of all the places I've been where I sensed presences, in terms of the unrelenting feeling of being followed or watched.

Did you ever have any good times in your home that you were describing where you didn't feel anxious or on edge? Or did that feeling enter your thoughts every second where you could not ever let your guard down?
Yes! We 'all' had the 'feeling' that we were being watched, or that something, or someone, was behind, or near us.
The friends that would come over would later confide to us that they felt somewhat uncomfortable [at] certain times.
We heard our names called. We were touched with no one else near us. Since you read my story I'm 'sure' you read how it affected our dog.
The poor dog was terrified. She wasn't the only one.
It even took the pooch a while to settle down to normalcy after we finally moved out of that awful house.
I thoroughly understand what you experienced, & how it made you feel. However, try to understand that you 'are not' crazy when you experience these things. You yourself simply are more attuned to the paranormal. Do not fear it. Simply accept that you 'have' that ability, & deal with it on 'that' basis.
It took me a while to accept it in my case, but now I simply have a healthy respect, & an open mind in regard to these subjects.

Very best of Luck, &
Happy New Year!
Pelatiah in Missed Dinner
Very late with this comment, am enjoying your stories years later. This one is really good for its paranormal content, for the friendship of course. I am sorry for your loss. The ability to know for sure that you SAW her... In a mini van no less... KNOWING the time line of her illness allows you to definitively know something paranormal was happening. My many experiences are arguably not that certain... Noises, photos, intuition, a voice in my head, even a phone call. All, it can be argued, might've been me being mistaken. But you cannot mistake literally walking over to her car "to the open window..." Very cool & very sweet as well that she looked so good & came to see you.
[at] RCRuskin:

I searched the address and was unable to find anything. I suspect if it happened it was a very long time ago. But I just thought there were so many fire-related coincidences to rule out that there was some connection.

My guess is the following, though I have no proof of this:

1. At some point, at least 20 years ago if not much longer, there was a fire in the house which at the very least led someone to be trapped in either the kitchen or the living room, and at worst case scenario, someone died.

2. As a result of this, for added safety, a second door was added into the house, hence the two doors placed directly side by side leading to neighboring rooms inside.

3. One of the original owners is haunting the home and trying to make it known to present day inhabitants what they had experienced in the home.
A very interesting situation. Thank you for sharing.
Lady glow, I laughed when I read your comment about a fever usually follows sightings in India. (Love your sense of humour)
I do hear people sometimes break out in a cold sweat. Maybe that's what our Indian YGS members associate with fever?
Question: did you ever check through newspaper archives or fire department logs to see if anyone was ever called to the address?
I saw the reflection in my bike mirror that the road was empty. Other than that, I did not look back
The place where my friend encountered his incident is around 8 km away.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Hi Lost Voyage, always enjoy your comments also. This time, I got chills reading your thoughts.

I realize that when I took my daughters to NYC in June of 2001 & the entire tour bus (double decker) stopped so most of them could go up into the WTC to Windows on the World, I told my kids with barely a thought that they're "terrorist targets & we're not going up." I was a 38 year old mom at that time & we were there for a daughter's dance thing. On 9-11 I was not surprised. But it seems sort of narcissistic to think my intuition or whatever is different. I like to think I'm observant & also have a wealth of trivia knowledge from being a former journalist.

(On that same trip in 2001 I took a photo of the stage at Radio City Music Hall &there's a huge orb right up there with the dancers!)

But also, that day last Sept. At the soccer game when I Googled & found the location of the wreckage... At the time seemed wild to me. I had done lots of reading by that time... Never saw that until we were probably sitting right on top of it. I'll update you all with anything related. Thank you all so much for your thoughts.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in What Lies Beneath
Hello Pelatiah, fascinating experience, thank you for sharing it.

I have a few thoughts, but to answer one of your questions, yes I believe a phone recording, even an iphone can pick up sounds and events not on the normal spectrum of sound and sight we're familiar with.

Something or someone is trying to get your attention regarding the crash. I don't believe you hitting the record button was an accident, anymore than the intrusive thoughts that occured to you during the soccer game that directed you toward the crash were yours. Those thoughts from what you described seemed to have another source. Then there was the woman's voice seeming to direct you.

I would venture a guess that you seem to have a telepathic bond with at least one of the victims of the crash, as freaky as it sounds, the entangled way you seem to being led towards some truth.

I am in agreement that there is some lack in the investigation, how could engines fail after taking in that much water, and both of them? I'm not an expert in aviation tech but those engines have to be exposed to water constantly being at different altitudes. Unless they landed in a lake and the engines were submerged, I can't imagine they would be literally drowned in water?

Most of the time these investigations are quick and not very thorough. I believe the companies want to limit their liability, and if a scapegoat or a vague explanation can be found, they're likely to be substituted for the truth, money has a way of talking. I have a feeling the truth of what really happened in that crash has been covered up.

The sounds you heard on the recording, I won't go into the specifics of why and how you heard the engines as they had already failed (supposedly, again we don't really know how it all went down) But when a significantly emotional event happens, such as the civil war battles and even a huge tragedy such as the aircraft crash, I believe it ripples across the timeline, so to speak, both past and present.

People had premonition dreams before 9/11 as well as the Titanic sinking. These occurred before the actual events. Many others still see battles taking place on civil war battlefields and assume they are seeing a residual effect. However what if they are actually seeing the battle being played out across the timeline? There was a measured spike in the magnetic field on the earth measured during the 9/11 event.

I believe that the significant emotional outpouring and the effect on the magnetic field on the area can create a rift of sorts where we can peer through the veil of 'time' as we perceive it, if that makes sense, I can certainly elaborate. We're not really seeing ghosts at that point. Those people in their final moments before the crash were most likely terrified and so many of them together!

The area was already soaked in tragedy with the events of the civil war a century before the crash. Like attracts like and perhaps the energy vortex left behind from those battles almost guaranteed the crash that happened in that area. It certainly would explain why some haunted houses seem to have multiple tragedies (murder/suicides, etc) over the years.

Hopefully this sheds some light on your experience without going too far down the rabbit hole. I do believe something or someone is trying to direct you to the truth of what happened on that day so long ago. Perhaps they won't feel vindicated or able to move on from this plane of existence until it's resolved?

One other note on what you mentioned about the person hearing nothing in an EVP that you clearly know was there. Not everyone hears the same thing in EVP's or sees the same thing in photos taken of ghosts etc. Some of it is their level of belief, some of it I think is how the spirit/entity chooses to show itself. I've come to understand they can show themselves either through sight or sound to specific people while ignoring others. There have been people in the same room when a ghost manifests (in stories on this site alone) where the people involved don't see or feel or hear the same thing. That's what makes witness corroboration difficult with the supernatural. If they show themselves to whom they want in a physical (so to speak) encounter, why couldn't they do it on a medium such as a recording or a photo? Food for thought!

Good luck and thanks again for sharing!
Clarification: they moved in winter of 2003, and to me at that age the time period between then to summer 2004 didn't feel long because I didn't realize people rented homes and assumed like my family, everyone moved in and stayed in the same home for years.
I did not realize there were comments here I had not answered so I am going to answer them all here!

[at] Rajine: I did mention it to the landlord and they laughed it off. The home switched owners in the time I was there. The first did believe the home was haunted and attributed the activity to being stirred up by renovations, but the renovations were completed many years ago when local colleges began being built in the area. My belief is the haunting was merely the accumulation of years of energy and people coming and going, and looking back on my experiences there, most of the experiences did not feel threatening.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: Originally when the home was built, there was one front door which opened into a foyer, with the stairs going upstairs on the right and curving upward, a door to the immediate left leading into the front parlor, and the hallway going under the stairs leading to two doors, one to the left leading into the living room and the other leading into the dining room. Today, there is a partition wall separating the stairs from the hallway, and the hallway has been split into two closets, the front parlor converted into the bedroom I lived in in THIS story, the dining room converted into the bedroom I lived in in the first installment of this story, and a second front door added to separate upstairs from downstairs. Does this make sense? And I agree with you, the activity in the home was likely stirred up due to these renovations. Many of the noises I heard indicated that there were residual hauntings corresponding to the prior placement of walls, staircases, etc. And not those of the modern day.

[at] LightMight: I suspect the cinnamon smell was residual, but I remember mostly smelling it in the bedroom I lived in in year 3, the former front parlor of the home.

[at] BeagleMom: we DID have a plumbing issue once which led to the upstairs shower leaking into the downstairs but this was the fault of the tenants because someone was stupid and would always shower with the curtain on the outside of the tub... This was not the fault of the spirits and I am sure they were just as unhappy as I was about the leaking roof!

[at] Galistas: I have to find them again. The home has been sold since.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Hi MK1,
My brother lives & works in Huntsville, love your area.
I went back this evening & re-listened to the video recording over & over. It's possible that it could be a heavy equipment sound, but I'd pick jet engine cycling over the bulldozer type noise if given a choice. There are some unintelligible voices & also a kind of electronic sound I can't describe as the volume reaches its peak. I have heard the electronic sound before somewhere. Then something I'd somehow missed... As the plane sound stops, I take my finger off the camera lense, stop walking & take video of the area I stop at. And it gets quiet, just like I remember on the walk. Not sure why I stopped there. A coincidence? Was I subconsciously trying to listen? The whole thing is weird. Your theory is good though... Thanks for the thoughts & Happy New Year!
[at] Linjahaha: I have read your story and found it fascinating! Did you also get that persistent feeling of being watched and like things were hiding in the corners, ready to jump out from behind doors and when turning corners? This was a persistent feeling that I felt as well as everyone who went into this home *except* my stepdad.
Hi, [at] Pelatiah...

Your story is chilling.

I am somewhat familiar with the details of that plane crash detailed in your account. That particular flight had its final stopover in Huntsville, Alabama (my hometown) before it continued on the routine flight to Atlanta, that was anything but routine.

I was 10 years of age when it happened, and some members of our city were actually among the passengers killed on the fateful flight, so I remember vivid details of the news coverage of the event, both through news film and still photos.

A glance back at photos of the crash scene depict several heavy backhoes, dump trucks and the like, no doubt carting away some of the wreckage after being examined by the NTSB and local authorities to determine the cause of the crash.

I wonder if the airplane sounds you were hearing (despite your beloved late husband's line of work and familiarity with the sound of certain aircraft) were those of the heavy machinery transporting the pieces of the fuselage down into the landfill site, no doubt with some spirits attached to that plane along with it?

Just as I feel that spirits can attach themselves to pieces of furniture, dolls, paintings, etc., I can't help thinking that at least a few of the unfortunate 63 people who died on that flight may have not moved on to the next world, and remain attached to that airplane, buried beneath a placid city park?

Do you feel that what you heard might be from the heavy machinery that transported the wreckage, and the woman a passenger whose soul remains with the twisted aluminum that remained?

Thank you for sharing that story. It is absolutely fascinating. Be well.
Hi, V-Peach,
I find your story extremely interesting. Especially since I, too, lived in a very haunted house myself. Check out my story "The House on Erie Street" if you want to compare notes.
As for your cat. I've studied parapsychology for many years, & animals are acutely aware of things 'we' cannot see/hear. Their senses are far more heightened than ours.
Don't get me wrong. I do not go ghost-hunting, or 'anything' like that. It is not a spectator sport. Ghosts do not 'perform' for us. One should respect, & be aware of them in the event they 'do' sense them.
I have had many paranormal experiences. I seem to agree with you that the house was haunted. However, look [at] the history of the place. There may have been quite a bit of residual energy there, & it was drawing off of you, & anyone else's energy.
It would be interesting if you learned more definite history of the place.
It was a fascinating read. Thank you, & best wishes!
CrimsonTopaz in Big Noise In Scarborough
Star trek (not star streak) I missed that error. Sry folks.
CrimsonTopaz in Big Noise In Scarborough
Squeez-A-Snak, I'm not sure if you're still replying to comments, but have you figured out what's making the noise. Could it be possible that the neighbours were moving things around and dropped something. (I can't remember what the star streak transporter sounds like without googling - but I do enjoy watching the odd star trek movie.)
I enjoyed reading about your situation and thanks for sharing.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Hi Rajine,
It seems like the gates sort of opened for me after my mom died in 2013, though I'd been noting things for 20 years prior (since husband died in 1993).

Fortunately, I've not had the scary experiences some people here have had. But then, when I wake up at night I refuse to look around, just sort of look down or close my eyes (yes, all the way to the bathroom before). I also remember being afraid to look into the heavy woods when I was a kid, especially at Ft. Benning, GA (same as Lalee commented once). Also remember when I was very little having loud talking in my head sometimes at night, as though a tv set was on. I would visualize the horizontal line (like we used to have on the old televisions) and pretend to turn the tv OFF to make it quiet. Is that strange or what?
The_Dark_Soul in The Last Assignment
Hmm... It's nice but very "Aahat" kind of story. I hope next time it will be a better one.

Till then guys, y'all can read my story. I can't guarantee whether it is Unique or not... But at least it's true!

Thank you
❤ ❤ ❤
Hello virulentpeach.

It must have been unnerving to be in that house, specially for a little kid.

In my opinion, some of the events you have narrated are not conclusive to say they were paranormal. For instance, the cat acting weird, as any cat owner surely could testify, its not odd for these animals to have fits, get puffy, walk funny, run fast, etc. For no apparent reason. How can anyone be sure that the cat never ever entered that room during the last year the family lived in that home? Perhaps when everyone was out, or during the night?

By this I'm not trying to imply that there wasn't something in the house, but it's hard to imagine that the family could be aware of the cat's whereabouts 24/7.

The other event I would take with a grain of salt would be the stuck door. Lets keep in mind that this was a very old house and, over the years, there must have been some structural settlement or swelling of the wood due to moisture, or other mundane possibilities that may have affected the door and/or the air pressure inside the crawlspace making it hard to open the door.

As for the plate, based on the information provided by your narrative, it's hard to say what could have happened not knowing if something else was placed on it, or if it was a piece that in the past was only ornamental or used constantly.

"One day he sat in his upstairs room asking any spirits to reveal themselves, but nothing did."

Well...not even Zac Bagans gets an answer from spirits every time he calls for a proof of their presence!

I'm puzzled about your following statement:

"I never actually saw any entities which implies to me that they were not malevolent"

Do you think that only malevolent entities manifest in a physical form? I'm asking because in your previous story, "Little Ghost Girl Trapped In My Friend's Apartment", your friend had a visual of a spirit she considers to be a protector against the malevolent energy residing in that place.


"...To my great surprise, she has actually SEEN the image of a spirit belonging to a girl with that exact description, at night, peeking her head out from around the bathroom door and walking up and down the hall, disappearing into thin air if you see her for too long"

I know that my following question is not about this story but, is there any update about your previous story? Is the old lady still in the hospital or has she recovered and gone back to the apartment?

Thanks for sharing.
[at] Rajine: It is interesting you ask about the ex-wife's experiences. She absolutely had experiences in the home which were discussed somewhat in my first installment to this story. She used to hear footsteps upstairs when no one was home, and would hear a sound that resembled a marble or a coin rolling down the stairs, and one time a coin actually did roll down the stairs and she has no idea how, why, or where it came from because she was the only one home. She also expressed the general sensation that others had: feeling like there were unseen entities lurking in the corners, feeling like she was constantly being watched, etc.

I never actually saw any entities which implies to me that they were not malevolent, although there was a rumor that in the early 1900s, a woman was pushed down the stairs in the home by an abusive husband and died, so I wonder if her entity is the one haunting the home. The husband, according to legend did not die in the home.

My personal feeling is that these entities were not malevolent but that due to how old the house was and how much happened there, likely good and bad like anywhere else, the home just absorbed a lot of the residual energy, though I do think there are intelligent hauntings there also.

I visited the home one more time around 2017 when there was an open house tour when it was on the market and I still felt the presences but it didn't feel so heavy and oppressive. When I was younger, I always felt that the home felt dark even when it was light inside, but the renovations done recently alleviated some, but not all of that feeling.
Hi virulentpeach

It must have been nerve wrecking for you and your step brother to have had to go through that, your step dad isn't as sensitive as you two so he seems to be able to brush his incidents off easily, but a house that old, as I'm sure many will agree, definitely has its share of stories to tell, along with the ghosts of the past, literally and figuratively.

From your narrative, while being scared, you didn't mention feeling anything else from these experiences, such as malevolence or any indicator that whatever is there meant to be harmful and dangerous or just wanted to make itself known or just wanted to scare everyone for no reason. Also what was your step-dad's wife's take on the whole situation (assuming she did experience anything) I wonder if that house still exists and if so, is anyone living in it.
Hi Pelatiah

I feel that you are sensitive to the spirit world and that could be a reason why you encountered this incident.
valkricry in Wth Case Files
I hope Santa is good to you,
Krampus stays from your door,
And that the New Year
Brings what you wish for,
With just a pinch more.

Merry Christmas, all!
Hey all, this is Mrs. Ramsay coming back as Pelatiah (computer issues, then needed to drop the Ramsay, sorry. They are both my ancestors).

My soccer field story, to my knowlege, never got published. Strange, but maybe something violated the rules or maybe the powers that be thought it was paradoliea or whatever. Not sure.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
I always appreciate your thoughtful observations & agree with you about the engine noise! (my late husband was a naval aviator). The recording does sound like the engines are surging (cycling?) higher & then lower, and it gets super loud -- I almost forgot while listening that in reality I was walking in a park that appeared quiet except for some distant "kids playing" noises. But perhaps going through the storm, this is what the engines sounded like before going out... I read that the NTSB said it was actually a torrential rain that got into the engines & was previously thought that these particular dc-9 jet engines could withstand all that water. After this crash, that was all changed along with procedures for storms.

I have considered whether what I'm hearing is ambient sound that for some reason I never noticed while walking. Having lived around airfields all my life (dad also an Army helicopter pilot) I tend to look up when something flies over, but again, all seemed quiet except for two cars that passed me. I will go back & make sure I hear specifically the two vehicles AS WELL AS the other noises.

My EVP attempts are more spontaneous than true ghost hunters, who plan for the quiet & also ask questions. I think I'm chicken when it comes to this... But I suppose I can try again next time I'm there. The woman's whisper was not scary. I'll let ya'll know if anything else happens & thank you for helping me think of ways to understand. That IS what I'm doing here -- trying to understand the things I've seen & heard.
Bibliothecarius in What Lies Beneath
Greetings, Pelatiah.

In answer to one of your questions, I believe that, to some extent, spirits are able to hear thoughts. There are many narratives on this site in which spirits react to deliberate, focused thoughts (e.g.: prayer) even when the person involved finds himself/herself incapable of physical speech. Potentially, this could account for the EVP responding to your focused intent upon locating the fuselage of the plane. I'd recommend revisiting the path you had taken and trying to capture further EVPs by asking questions (aloud or silently). The spirit may appreciate your concern.

One point is nagging at me, though. If the DC-9 lost both of its engines in a storm, why would your recording include the sound of the plane's engines? After flameout, each engine shouldn't be making any noise. This makes me wonder if the FAA investigation was not completely transparent in their findings. However, if one engine had been functioning, there wouldn't have been any need to make the emergency landing on a rural roadway. Additionally, once the pilots had committed to landing the plane in the emergency, they probably wouldn't have been still trying to restart the engines as they focused their attention on maintaining a stable descent path. If anyone has a more detailed knowledge of airplanes than I, answers to these questions would be appreciated.

That is absolutely...freaky. Very odd indeed.

With it being so long ago I know you will never get any answers, but it would be interesting to know what those neighbors experienced and if they knew any possible history behind it, like if anyone died around the property for example.

Strangely enough, things like that fascinate me because of the odd nature of it.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Rajine, I suppose what hit me the most when I was listening at home & thought I heard the plane engine getting very loud, was that this could be the "residual" sounds that so many paranormal experts talk about.

I sort of believe that these sounds are all around us, as are spirits & maybe it's atmospheric or maybe coincidence when our awareness collides. Sometimes I think maybe I just want to believe & it's my imagination, but I'm a person really grounded in reality & haven't gone looking for it but have stumbled upon it over many years.
valkricry in The Last Assignment
GauthamDevara, do you know for a fact that the OP and the author of this are NOT one and the same? Neither do I, so it is under investigation. This is why we prefer to receive unique TRUE stories.
GauthamDevara in The Last Assignment
Now that we know where this guy lfted this story now can we please remove the post from YGS. We look to visit this site to read real experiences from contributors. Or at least have them use their imagination to come up with their own stories. This guy is an embarrassment.

Hi Pelatiah

This is a very strange and interesting incident that you experienced, the voice of the woman you heard could have been one of the victims I suppose, but what's strange is hearing the airplane, spirits communicate, not machinery, as far as I know.
RCRuskin in What Lies Beneath
[at] Valkricry, thank you for the article.

[at] Pelatiah, I have listened to many EVPs, including one from my coworker who claimed her apartment was haunted. Sometimes I can hear what is claimed, sometimes I don't. In the case of my coworker, she asked the specter "what do you want?" She heard "solace"; I heard "souls". So maybe one of us was mishearing. Given the history of the place with numerous murders and suicides, I am inclined to think my interpretation was the correct one, but I also never investigated it personally. There are some entities I never want to encounter in the first place.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Val, I spoke with the author of that article yesterday before sitting down to write my post. He was very gracious, and said he'd been unable to determine where on the acreage the fuselage was buried. I was frank with him & told him about the evp (but not the sounds of the plane on my video). The last time I shared an audio recording of an evp at a battlefield, a few years back, the historian told me he could not hear anything. It was quite embarassing when it was clear as a bell to me. (I also posted the story called "Them Soldiers Is dead"). If one is a skeptic, I think they can't hear maybe. Or maybe they will hear initially, but then their brain chooses not to retain (?) or, it's just silly to some.

Pretty sure I'll keep making inquiries though. It's a big site, with multiple soccer fields, a playground & outbuildings, just next door to the county animal shelter. It's a pretty happy place, with lots of smiling children, families & activity, but when all are gone it has a lonely & isolated feel. Glad for the happy hours & hope the spirits can somehow feel them. Not sure how it works, AT ALL.
valkricry in What Lies Beneath
Here's an article that pertains to this account:
RCRuskin in What Lies Beneath
Can an iPhone pick up sounds in the environment? I think they can. Sounds that are 40 plus years ago? Well, I have a hypothesis that suggests they probably can but I'm not entirely convinced.

Would be interesting to go to the historical society to ask for maps of where the wreckage was buried relative to where things are now.
Hi Dreambird,

I really enjoyed reading your experience and can understand you being scared. I hope I Can ease your mind somewhat.

I do feel that you were visited by an Angel, Archangel or a high level spirit guide. I have had many experiences with Angels and very high level spirit guides. Typically, when you see sparkles or lights like sparklers that is a sign of an Angel. Even the Archangels are known by the color lights shown.

It is also not unusual to feel a heavy presence in the room like you are having trouble breathing or feeling a strong pressure in the air when you are visited by a spirit. For instance, I have had experiences with Archangels visiting me and my main spirit guide who is Jesus Christ being nearby, that I can tell you that the atmospheric pressure does increase making it difficult to breathe. I am sure you were in the company of an Angel or spirit guide.

Also, in regards to feeling the cold touch, I experienced similar when I have been hugged by 2 spirits, the spirit of a man that was murdered that came to me for help and my husband who died this year trying to comfort me. Even if you can't see them, you actually feel a chill when they hug you because they draw energy from the atmosphere to be able to do some of these things.

The last item I wanted to touch on is the purple mark left on your back where you were touched. Purple is the sign of God and or a higher level spirit and I think that mark was left for you so that you knew you were touched by someone from God! I find that truly beautiful that they were trying to ease your mind. I hope some of this info helps explain some of what you experienced and that you realize that you were blessed with a good visitation and you need not remain in fear of it. Be happy because you were truly blessed!
Ah, I commented on your other story asking you about angels then found this story--hmmm, about angels! I remember how big they were in around 1994, as my husband had just passed & I was very into the idea of them.

I was painting my guest room a couple years back, around this time of year, listening to Christmas music on the Alexa. I was contemplating things (like the angel I've since decided or suspect watches over me). I asked out loud, "Are you with me, Angel?" I was literally on a ladder... All of a sudden the song from "Mame" came on, the lyrics of which say,"I need a little angel, sitting on my shoulder... I need a little Christmas now." It was STUNNING how that song was apparently playing & the timing of that line was like an answer. It was a huge moment for me. I had to climb down. Then of course you question whether you really heard it. But I think you go with your first intuition.

Someone brave might google that name you got, but caution is a good thing when we don't understand what we're dealing with, imo.
I did not mean to smile at your story about running upstairs, but it reminded me of going to my grandparents' house as a child. They kept the case of soda pop at the bottom of the stairs & around a corner & none of us kids wanted to be the last person to pick their bottle because then we'd be the last one up the stairs. THAT was terrifying. But I had no idea why. After I started believing more in spirits (in my mid-fifties, recently) I realized my great grandfather had lived down there in the last days of his life... Before I was born. Maybe it was him! Anyway, in my ancestry research I ran across a history book by one Jeptha Simms: "The History of Schoharie County & the Border Wars." You might be into it... Written in 1840, the writing style is beautiful. It's online also, just google.
Your story is compelling & I'm so sorry for your loss. As I read from the bottom up the comments your word "guardian" jumped out at me. I am a believer in that, call it an angel, whatever... And experienced a visit from such during the time I was losing my husband to brain cancer. I thought my visitor was a real guy too, but realized later there was no way. Might you remember if there was any sense of security he gave you? You mention that it was like he was "staring off into the distance"--as if keeping watch?

You also don't mention your age. But you don't think it might be a younger version of your partner? Maybe before he went into the military & cut his hair?
Hey Dreambird.

That definitely sounded like an interesting experience... Perhaps it really was an angel. I firmly believe that not all overwhelming feelings of fear are... A bad thing, essentially. After all, in Christianity, the angels of the old texts would say "be not afraid". And it's probably for good reason. If it left you alone after and never came back, I highly doubt it was something malevolent. ❤
Hi DreamBird

I'm not sure what you summoned, but I do believe that there are higher beings out there that watch and protect us, angels or guardians, I'm not sure.

You mentioned that you felt fear, it's natural to feel that way when you are dealing with the unknown, but I feel that whatever you encountered wasn't malevolent, if it was, it would have done more than just give you a creepy vibe and a mark on your back.
Hi Cole_Harris

I wonder what this particular spirit wants to tell you.

Do you know why exactly the native American people avoid the area, like the real reason why it's cursed? I suppose that they would know more about the ancient history regarding the area.

P.S good luck with the remaining work that needs to be done.
Hi Manafon1,
Thanks for your comments. I wasn't sure if this story would be published or not where it had to do with angels. I've wondered if the popping sounds have something to do with a change in the air due to something being nearby. Anyway, that is a really neat encounter you had by your teacher's visit. I had one recently from my partner who passed from an accident this past May. I heard his voice as clear as day. I'm happy for these experiences.

I don't remember much of the actually conversation I was writing down. I do recall it being somewhat playful sounding and what got me was everything rhymed! I am no poet so it was like automatic writing. The name that it gave me, and I will never forget this, is Mandrol. I had a hard time writing it out because it still makes me uncomfortable.

I was told by someone at some point that the mark in between my shoulder blades was from the tip of a wing touching me. I have no idea really.

Thanks again for commenting!

Hi Dreambird--Your account was most interesting. I don't know exactly what you were making contact with, but you were doing a good job! I wanted to comment because of the popping noise you noted. Several years ago, a teacher and mentor of mine passed away. She was like another mother to me, and one day, as I sat reading in my living room, the cord for the blinds of my sliding door started swinging wildly, like someone was trying to get my attention. I stood up and walked towards it, and as I did so, the couch I had been sitting on started making these loud popping sounds.

I knew instantly that it was my teacher paying me a visit. In your case, it definitely seems like a spirit was paying you a visit, but as you didn't have a feeling for who or what it might be, it overwhelmed you. I'm curious if you remember any of the things you wrote down and what the name was. Whatever was there really wanted you to know it wasn't your imagination and the purple bruise seems to confirm that. That it didn't harm you seems to suggest whatever was there was benevolent but your reaction is completely understandable. Thanks for sharing your very interesting account.
Huh...interesting and thanks for the speedy reply! Obviously your area has a lot of violent death associated with it but have you ever noticed a correlation between your family heirlooms and the hauntings? I know you've had some experiences in your basement where the heirlooms are stored so I'm just wondering if one of the spirits could possibly be a past family member trying to reach you.

Have you ever tried contacting these spirits, even just verbally? I'd be curious to know if you have and ever got a response.

Thanks again for the quick reply!
Thanks Rajine, I'll be busy over the next few weeks with holiday stuff but keep your eyes open, I may be able to sneak one in. I did think of another story I can share as well that is short and sweet, bittter sweet, but I'm not sure if it really fits in with what they're looking for on this site. I'll have to read the guidelines again before I try to submit it.
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hello T_L_V.

Wow, you must be looking forward to Christmas this year old mate, three years is a long time. I feel with both are on the same page when it comes to consciousness and how it interacts with the physical. If you haven't researched Donald Hoffman, you'll find him quite interesting on the topic, the man is a genius.

The link I provided in my last post probably doesn't hit the point as well as the one below. Stafford Betty on Thinking allowed with Jeffery Mishlove. It runs for 5 minutes and hit's the nail on the head... There is an extended link of 27 minutes.

May you and your family have a wonderful xmas and ne year, take care mate.

Amon. I live in a smallish town just north of Schenectady. Like you read on my profile the area played a pretty major part in American history.

Most of the spirits in my house don't necessarily feel like they're mean. They're just type that want to be acknowledged and then left alone. My family has a lot of antiques and family heirlooms in our basement. So any time we have to go down there, it's like we're entering "their space."

I've also been doing some more research. I've discovered that the local Native American tribes avoided the area as much as possible. Because they believed it was cursed. There are even reports of a "Nessie" like creature living in our local lake, with reported sightings as recent as the 90s.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Physical Duality?
Hello aussiedaz, you present some really interesting information and though I know we could really dive down a rabbit hole on this one, I did want to share a few thoughts on what you said, food for thought, as many times for me to put it down in writing helps me articulate the information coming through!

I do agree and feel that consciousness, whatever it is we are, actually expresses itself through our minds and bodies. Much like a radio station, the radio itself doesn't play the music, it receives it and expresses it via the speakers and to that end whatever station we dial it too.

There are theories that have been put forth that our memories and personality aren't fully encoded in our brains but actually somewhere else. This would explain why people who have near death experiences/OBE's and are for all intents and purposes dead, including brain death, can have total recall of what they saw outside their bodies including in some cases seeing the Dr's and nurses working over them and describing what they wore and said in great detail. If they we were brain dead, then the brain shouldn't be able to store that kind of memory, it certainly wouldn't be a priority even if there were minimal brain activity.

There's also the case of ghosts for instance, those manifestations which are not residual. The ghost does after death what they did in life, yet where are they drawing on that memory? They have no physical mind/brain to recall that information from? It's got to be coming from somewhere? I believe of course ghosts operate on more than one plane of reality, since they are in essence between realms. Many of them are able to interact with live people and with the same personality they had in life. There may also be energetic pathways they are following, sort of the same way a residual experience recurs. Those however would be deep discussions (though fun)

I guess in essence and for fun, you could say if this is true, our memories and experiences are stored and backed up in 'the cloud' (wherever that is) and that probably ties into the Akashic Records.

Anyhoo, didn't mean to wander off topic, (as fun as it was!) but thought I would share my thoughts on that. I will definitely check the link out and your other posts. I've been trying to make last minute arrangements to spend time with family back home for the first time in 3 years.

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season my friend!
Hi Cole,
That sounds absolutely terrifying! Just the fact that you could first sense a presence and then when you actually heard the voice it was like the grand finale of the whole encounter. I would have run too! Thanks for sharing!

Rajine in Possible Demon
Hi again amon

I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences.
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
SWS, Thank you for your kind words, may you and your family have a wonderful Xmas and a terrific new year, all the best my friend.

Best Wishes.

Sleeping-with-steve in Channel Surfing Or Poltergeist?
Hello everyone,

I just want to extend my good wishes to all members for the holiday season.

I feel so grateful to have found this site. My friendships with members here bond further and have helped me get stronger over the years.

Best wishes,
SWS 🎄🎅
Sleeping-with-steve in Physical Duality?
Hello AussieDaz,

I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to reply to you. I've been a little slow on the take the past few months and hardly jump online.

You know, when I read your comments, I learn so much from you. You open my eyes to many interesting and wonderful topics, like life duality, alternative universes and OBE's. I don't know how I'd be if in your situation. Lucky you are grounded and have a lovely supportive wife who understands and who is also intrigued.

Thank you for your reply Daz. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

Best wishes,
SWS 🎄🎅
Hi Cole, I completely understand if you don't want to share this information but if you do I'd be curious to know what town you live in or are near. I grew up in NY (Westchester) until I was 8 and all of my family is/was scattered around the NE. I was also a history major in college (Russian history) but love reading about American history, especially the Revolutionary War, Native American battles, Civil War and the American West.

I read your bio and it sounds like you live in a very cool house and in an interesting area! When I was younger I always wanted to live in a haunted house but now I'm not so sure. I think I may be a little intimidated and uncomfortable.

Have you ever tried contacting any of these spirits whether it be verbally, EVP's, notes, flashlight, etc? If so, did you ever get a response?

I'm sure it's scary no matter what but do they seem threatening? I apologize if you've already answered these questions, I've just started reading one of your other stories.

THERE IT IS! Thank you so much! I searched high and low for it. I knew it was either another story I read, or a t.v. Show I watched. 😁
Lol, lady-glow! I've been a long time lurker and I believe I've seen your name come up on several replies, great to get a personal welcoming from you! I listen to mostly all genres of music now, heavy metal is still one of the main styles but there are even so many different genres of metal that I don't know them all. I like everything from Fleetwood Mac (RIP Christine Mcvie) to Willie Nelson to dragging my wife to see Adele. I just happened to be in a dark phase of my life at that point plus being a rebellious teenager who wanted to experiment with the paranormal didn't mix well.

Your idea of a spirit guide or guardian angel sounds much more comforting to me then my interpretation. I do like to think there are things like that out there watching over us and I never thought of what I saw that way.

Thanks for your interpretation/opinion of what it may have been, that definitely makes me rethink the entire encounter. I'll be sure to read the other story shortly, thanks for the link!
Thanks for the reply Manafon, I don't disagree with you. If you read my little bio, I'm agnostic one day and atheist the next, lol. So that kind of makes it hard to completely believe in demons. Although, that experience is one of the primary reasons I'm still on the fence. It could have been a spirit as you described or a demon in human form. I don't claim to know, I just leaned towards demon since I happened to be praying to Satan at the time.

Anyways, glad to have met you and thanks for your feedback! Keep an eye out for my Quija stories, I'll try to get to them in the next week or two. I'm about to take a mini vacation and stay at one of the most alleged haunted hotels in TX even though nothing happened last time I was there.

In the meantime, take care.

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