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Pelatiah in Pearl Mystery
Oh, I love how this has developed after a few days!
I never thought about the sneaky thing.

I'm missing two pieces of jewelry right now. One, a gold Krugerand on a chain, was likely absconded with by a house cleaner I'd hired before a party one time. This is entirely my fault, I'd forgotten I still had it in a drawer and should've known.

The other is a cool, silver braided bracelet, thick, that had been my mom's. I wore it every day and since the beginning of covid haven't been able to find it. No one was in my house... This is the intriguing one. Is there a message? I've torn the place apart, my closet, everything. If they (ghosts) can take something, where does it go?

If you decide to sneak those pearls in, let us know how it goes. I'm somewhat relieved to hear that your family gives you grief about the paranormal stuff too. I was teased even on Mother's Day about my stuff. It comes much easier sitting at a brewery among the loved ones though...
RCRuskin in Pearl Mystery
[at] tweed:

RC looks around carefully, to the left, the right, sees the coast is clear so walks in to write something down, and gets bumped into on his way. He drops his coffee and some papers. "Oh. Excuse me."

Tweed in Pearl Mystery
RCRuskin, we seem to be posting at the same time these days! That might just be what I'll be doing, sneaking them in somehow. Haha I just realised I don't know where her jewellery box is, her side of the room has always been a total mess. Well, I'll work something out if that's the best course of action.
Rajine in Pearl Mystery
Telling your stepmum about the pearls and how you ended up with it might just create a new issue, V had a reason why she put the pearls in your jewelry box, it might not be clear as to why though. Perhaps you can just sneak it in your stepmum's room without her noticing like [at] RCRuskin suggested.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
Bit of a general update. I've been talking to a couple of old friends from England about this. One pointed out how you never hear of family heirlooms being returned by supernatural means ending up in the wrong place. She said why would my stepmum's mum put pearls in a kids jewellery box? She thinks it was put there by someone else, not V and that it's unrelated. Which really got me thinking surely V would have given me a dream or two by now.

The other friend said if he was a ghost and a family member didn't believe in ghosts that he'd have fun trying to prove them wrong. (Hey, I would too) We then started talking about a theory of supernatural laws, like what kind of rules must ghosts abide by when communicating with the living. Is there such a moral code that ghosts must not mess with the beliefs of the living.

Val, being sneaky feels like the logical way to go with this. Today I asked for whoever is behind this to give me a sign/dream/something and I'll go from there.

Lady Glow, yep it's a sensitive situation that's for sure. Really don't want to open some door I can't close again. Will be awaiting some sign before I proceed any further. So many years have passed now. Can't say I expect to get a sign anytime soon.

Man, this whole thing is an embarrassing mess. I really must NOT hastily submit things to this site on the day of a *perceived* epiphany. Sorry YGS community!
RCRuskin in Pearl Mystery
After not consciously thinking about this for a day, and believing that stepmum should have the pearls, I think the best thing to do is to sneak the pearls into stepmum's jewelry box right on top.
lady-glow in Pearl Mystery
Hi Tweed.

Interesting experience... I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your case. This seems like one of those situations in which a solution may end up creating a new problem.

Good luck solving this mystery!
Hello ghostsarecool.

Passing away is part of being human, as natural and unavoidable as breathing. It always hurts to say goodbye to a loved one, but it's reassuring to know that their departed loved ones will be waiting to welcome them to the other side.

Enjoy every opportunity you can spend with your grandfather, those memories will keep you strong in the future.
I need to say that less than a year after this experience, my grandpa had a heart attack. He didn't die, but obviously it was a pretty serious thing, because like I said, he is in his late 80s. So yeah. If I get a visit from any other family members, I'm going to be nervous, because it seems like they only visit me to tell me something bad's going to happen.
valkricry in Pearl Mystery
Tweed, no sweat. Trust me, I've written/read far far saltier. 😆
If your heart tells you the pearls are meant for stepmum then they probably are. I suppose you could ask for a sign from V on what you should do. But then I gather you aren't on 'speaking' terms?
Why not just be sneaky? I think, sometimes, that's permissible. If they still have family gatherings, simply take the pearls with you and deposit them somewhere stepmum will 'find' them. (More than just you has been in the house, that way.) Then stepmum has to figure out the who, why, where they came from.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
RCRuskin, I've been wondering how to go about finding who, where, why these pearls. I don't think anyone would be down with being finger printed lol. I mean I haven't really touched or disturbed the pearls much over the years. It would be an ideal solution. Maybe not probable, but an ideal solution none the less lol.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
"... With two many details." <---- Look at me typing too late LOL

Pelatiah, for me this is a question of how to best broach the subject with my stepmum. If doing nothing at all turns out to be best, it will be for self preservation reasons, not to keep the pearls for myself. The subjects of me + supernatural + stepmum + dad = Nasty personal attacks with no resolution. These days I have limited contact with them because of this. I don't bring these topics up in their presence, not anymore at least, but they do, it's triangulating and toxic.
I don't want this to come across as 'Aww, poor Tweed', and please don't feel sorry for me, because I'm at peace with this now. I don't have kids and even if I did giving something that was potentially not mine seems icky.
There are two ghosts in my life who I have flipped the bird at over the years. This one V and the other is one of my grandmothers, I love them dearly but yeah. Both women come from generations/beliefs that families stick together no matter what. I'm of the belief that if something's toxic and can't be changed, don't put up with it. I can feel both these women disapproving of my choices. That's okay, it's a generational thing. I think these women come to me sometimes because they've worked out I receive their messages. Then they get shirty if I don't pass things on and the cycle continues.
If these are my stepmum's pearls I think I'll have to lie, lie and stand by my lie. Something like "I picked these up at an op shop years ago but never wear them. Do you want them?"

Val THANK YOU for deleting *that sentence*! Usually I type things up over a few days and delete off topic crap as I read things back but last night I went for it hammer and tong... And well you saw the salty result. I woke up today and was like "no, no, NOO I said that 😳!"
So thanks for removing it and I'm really sorry you had to read it!

For everyone else there was one sentence you need not read. Not my finest moment I can tell you.
RCRuskin in Pearl Mystery
Well, first thing I would do would be to confirm whose pearls these were. I'm not sure how to do that without revealing that you have the pearls.

And being good at math, I worked out the problem for you. The answer is 32,915. 😁
Pelatiah in Pearl Mystery
Sounds like something that would happen in my family. The women in my family are all about the jewelry and I never was (I'm a woman despite my screen name). If you have daughters who like the pearls, I'd just keep them and not say anything and pass them down to them when you go. If not, I think you should show your step mom and ask her if they're the ones she's been talking about. Be honest with her and offer them. You'll sleep better. That's just my advice, but then as I said, I'm not to into jewelry.
Guy123, Thanks for your reply. The time I was last in a room with a ceiling fan, it wobbled so much I thought it was going to come off and hit me in the nose.
I googled ankle chains and saw some with bells and charms. They would make a nose for sure, lol. They seem to be fashionable in Asia.
Thanks for sharing.
Hi CrimsonTopaz,

Firstly, it's not only the 5th floor but the entire apartment was abandoned for 5 years until few bachelors moved in without knowing the history. The ball bouncing noise, the sound heard is like ball bouncing, may not be ball at all!

Secondly, yes, dogs can go to any floor via staircase. IF humans are not saying, I am happy at least dogs are staying Lol

Regarding ankle chains, again, the sound heard is like ankle chain. I had several other experiences back in US as well, I used to hear the similar sound when spirit walks, although it's not common in US girls wearing ankle chains. So, based on your spiritual levels, you get to experience different behavior
Hi Rajine,

One thing to notice is that the buildings in India are made of concrete and bricks. If the ceiling is made of concrete, how can the ball bouncing be heard by the person staying below? So, the noise heard (like bouncing ball) can be only heard if someone playing in ceiling upside down.

See, it's difficult to assume things and what's been experienced can be just co-relate IF others have similar experiences.
Hi Tweed,

My friend enquired with 2~3 Neighbours who informed about the history of the apartment and incident. Since the incident happened 5 years ago, there is no other proof. Another proof is that the entire apartment was abandoned (at the center of the city) and my personal experience. There seems no vengeance event there BUT my experience in United States was different though.
Hi valkricry,

Yes, it's very much possible to die by hanging over a ceiling fan (merely not a ceiling fan, but the steel hook on which ceiling fan was mounted). In India the ceilings are made of concrete and hooks are casted into it. During my childhood age, near my house, I saw a women died of hanging and body was still yet to be released from rope
Tweed in Love You Boy
MaybeADreamer, so nice to see you around!

No doubt my boy is having loads of fun running around wild and free. Such a great pal, just the best.

Love and hugs to you too ❤
Just a random evil spirit? They can take all forms. Or the crematorial ground had some such spirit.
MaybeADreamer in Love You Boy
Aw Tweed, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Our fur babies are so important to us.

At least you got to give Leo lots of love & care whilst he was with you. I'm sure he is thankful to have had you by his side when he needed you.
Remember he is now over the rainbow bridge running wild & free!

Sending you hugs at this sad time xxxx

Val those are some alarming statistics. 😟
Yesterday I was looking at how ceiling fans are secured and had my doubts about the strength of the screws used to attach the fan part. Mostly American websites and some Australian. There's a lot of cheap crap on the market in our countries. But it would make sense that hot places like India would use stronger, better quality fans.
Hi Tweed, I was of the same doubt as you about ceiling fans. I'm pretty sure my own wouldn't support a body's weight. However according to the National Library of Medicine, "The suicide mortality of hanging by ceiling fan has been rarely studied and reported. Limited evidence suggests that a household ceiling fan is a standard device used for hanging in dwellings of some countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) of WHO (i.e. Pakistan and Bahrain) [22]. In some countries, for example Bahrain, India and Pakistan, suicide by ceiling fan is reported to be one of the most common methods of hanging [22,23,24]. Some studies have reported that the proportion of hanging by ceiling fan in India is 10% and more common among females than males [24]; whereas, in the United States - where ligature point is recorded for only about one-third of hanging suicides - hanging by ceiling fan is reported to be relatively uncommon [21]."
Hello again lady-Glow, I was going to let this slip by however it was probably too much of a coincidence not to share it here with you, perhaps to point out a parallel in your own account. Last week, maybe around 7 days ago, I had a dream where a receptionist from a doctor's practice I was due to visit tomorrow morning, contacted me to cancel the appointment.

Sure enough this morning. The receptionist contacted me and did exactly that. Now the reason she gave me in the dream and the actual reason for cancelling were different which is not the first time over the years this has happened. It's why in your own account, I have made the leap in referring it to precognition of sorts even though the clarity was not as straightforward as you having more insight into the details of his passing.

Regards Daz
Hi Guy,

Thanks for sharing your friend's experience.
Who informed your friend about the ceiling fan and how did they know it was true? I ask because I'm finding it hard to believe a ceiling fan could take the weight of a person. Does anyone know about the woman who lived there? I feel sorry for her if she'd been roaming the premises in anguish. It would be chilling to find out the history of where you lived. But the woman's spirit didn't do anything awful to either of you, so she can't have been evil.
Hi CrimsonTopaz.

Don't worry about votes, personally, I prefer to read other posters' feedback over getting upvoted.

You know, I'm assuming that "ankle chains" are a delicate piece of jewelry with little bells that make a pleasant sound at each step of the wearer, but then, what if the OP means more like the sound of shackles?

Thanks for your feedback. In my opinion, some of your sentences are not too clear and are open to the readers free interpretation.

Fortunately, the comment section offers the opportunity to discuss those points that might be confusing either in the narrative or to the audience.

CrimsonTopaz has a point, "How on earth do dogs get to the 5th floor, up and down getting food etc and knowing to go back to the same *house* above you?"

If those dogs were able to climb the stairs, - or, take the elevator? - to the 4th floor, wouldn't it be possible for someone to be squatting in that apartment. Perhaps the dogs were someone's pets.
Just because the house looked empty and neglected when you went to see, wasn't proof that other living being other than the dogs was not using the place.

"If there is a presence of a spirits I could hear the noise of ankle chain as if its walking."

Correct me if I'm wrong but, by this, do you mean that, if you hear the sound of anklets it is because a spirit is around?
If so, how can you tell the difference between the "sound of a spirit" and the sound of a girl passing by wearing anklets?

I have always lived in single family homes, but know people living in brick and concrete apartments, that always complain about noisy neighbours, regardless if they live upstairs, downstairs or adjacent to their own homes.

When I read about you "felt like someone is walking outside my house, I heard the sound from an ankle chain.", my mind's eye pictured a person walking on a hallway, and wonder if one of the people living next to you could have been the one wearing anklets.

My point is, if you don't add enough information to your story, the readers will start asking questions, please be patient.
It's a common believe among many that people who commit suicide become earth bound spirits, so I can't say that I'm surprised that the apartment would be haunted.

When you say plastic balls, do you mean soccer, tennis or volleyballs? Because those types of hard plastic balls can actually make a loud noise, depending on how hard it is thrown around, unless the dogs were playing ball, dogs fidgeting around has a distinctly different sound, I would know, as I'm typing this my dog is scratching and fidgeting around in my room.
Hi lady-glow,

Thanks for your comment and insight. Supernatural experiences differ person to person. If there is a presence of a spirits I could hear the noise of ankle chain as if its walking. I have also seen black shadow passing through rooms. In fact, my son can see faces and complete image. So, after repeat incidents in my life, I am sure about what I was hearing

I was staying in 3rd floor and the abandoned portion was on 4th floor, could have been spelled out clear in my story. Behind my apartment, it was a vacant land for 300 meters. How could a person walk in an open land that I could hear in 3rd floor? Certainly, ankle chains are not under for dogs in India. The building walls are of bricks, so scratching noise is not possible to hear.

5 years ago each house in that apartment was occupied with families, who are all owners. The incident happened (women suicided) in an apartment (3rd floor) where I later stayed as a tenant.

To the surprise, no rituals were done to get rid of it and we landed over there. Its unfortunate though

Yes, I could manage the situation in India with my prayers, but when I moved to US, the story was different. My prayers weren't strong enough to get rid of it
Guy123, It doesn't take much to confuse me, but house on 4th floor has been abandoned for 5 years, with sounds of a bouncing plastic ball that turns out to be dogs? Plastic balls don't make a very loud noise, so you must have good hearing. How on earth do dogs get to the 5th floor, up and down getting food etc and knowing to go back to the same *house* above you?
Chains on ankles? Like in a haunted house movie? I've never seen ankle chains on animals but Val did explain recently on another OP's story all about them. *Thanks Val*.
I believe you and understand that you meant to type 5th floor not 4th and that your sayings in India like, *he got chilled hands*, are different to ours in Australia. I guess you mean a *shiver down his spine*.
I notice from your profile you've been on YGS for years, and I respect your extensive member presence. Thanks for sharing.
(Lovely LG and Tweed, I'm blocked from upping your karma points. I've over voted you both, AGAIN. Lol)

*I wonder if he tried to communicate with someone else at the moment of his passing.*

I guess I'll never know.
Hi aussiedaz.

It's always good to 'see' you around. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

Yup... I imagine my relatives got tired of hearing SV's stories and, knowing myself, I would have told him that I doubted his feats... I guess I did tell him at the end.

I never told anyone other than my Mother about SV's visitation... I wonder if he tried to
Hi guy123.

I got confused with some points of your narrative.

" I felt like someone is walking outside my house, I heard the sound from an ankle chain... After a few days, I heard the noise of a kid playing ball in the house above my house (4th floor). It's like plastic ball bouncing and rolling. Next day, I went to 4th floor to check on it, guess what? That house was abandoned for past 5 years. It's old, dusty and a couple of dogs stayed there."

So, if you're living on the 4th floor, - doesn't this mean that the floor above would have to be the 5th?

Have you considered the possibility of the dogs making noise and you mistaken it for a bounding ball? Maybe hitting the floor when wagging it's tail or scratching?

Is it a common practice in India to put anklets on dogs? - Not too long ago there was a story mentioning a dog wearing anklets. Would it be possible that someone had put an anklet on one of the dogs and that's what you heard?

"The entire apartment was fully occupied. The women stayed in that house suicided (committed suicide) by hanging herself on a ceiling fan. After that incident, there seems disturbances to all other houses, and everyone left their own houses leaving the entire apartment abandoned for 5 years.

Are you talking about the woman sharing the apartment with several other roommates, or about all the units in the building being rented?

It's common for spirits to remain attached to the places that were important during their life and/or at the moment of their passing.
I find it a bit unusual for the spirit of this unfortunate woman to haunt a building of, based on your narrative, at least 5 storeys, but even more unusual for almost all the inhabitants to vacate the building without doing anything to try to send this spirit to the other side.
It seems like Indian people are very resourceful when it comes to deal with spirits and getting rid of them.

"I was un-affected because of my daily prayers. Well, with this experience, I was ready to experience more!"

I'm sorry to know that your prayers didn't protect you and your child from being attacked in your previous story.

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed in Love You Boy
Thanks Cantunseeit, it's easy to care more for animals than people these days. Ideally caring would be equal among our own species and others, alas humans kind of suck, like a lot.

Crimson, thanks for the love. ❤ Leo was/is a little man in a furry suit.
Oh geez, gosh and darn. I heard Jonathan Ross say that about his cat like twenty years ago or something and it I thought it was sweet. But now furry culture is a thing. (Hey, I don't judge!) But that sentence can take on a whole new meaning now LOL.
Armisteadge, Welcome. I'm not sure why my sister SWS didn't leave a comment on here. She has had such a ridiculous amounts of visits from a ghost who did a little more than your ghost.
From what she says, not only is it very real but when she woke up she used to feel like she was brain washed into waiting for another visit.
My sister is not having issues with the ghost these days. She does a cleansing that was recommended to her by a member here and it works. (She does the cleansing fortnightly).
Don't be fooled by the gently touches. My sister had a lot of fake emotions forced on her and as soon as she told the ghost to leave, he visited less and the cleansing kept him away.
CrimsonTopaz in Love You Boy
Tweed, you have my most sincere condolences. Furbabies are close to us, it's like they are little humans.
So many lovely messages here. I've been sniffling reading them. I'm sure Leo will come by and visit you from time to time.
I'm sending you positive energy and hugs.
CantunSEEit74 in Love You Boy
Hi Tweed sorry for your loss you sound like an excellent cat mom. Seems like Leo found his happy life and health with you two. I care more for animals than people these days. Thanks for sharing!
Tweed in Love You Boy
BaiAnina, that's a beautiful concept and it makes sense. I've often wondered about animals and their spirituality. Leo has had an invisible playmate from time to time. But a few weeks ago he followed something invisible up the hall and I wondered if it was a spirit guide come to look after him. It was sweet.
Thank you for your kind words. ❤

Pelatiah, you're so lucky getting that picture! I know what you mean I sometimes feel like my childhood dog is with me, no matter where I am. Sometimes it just feels like she's there. I'm going to say hello the next time I get that feeling, provided I'm not in a public place when it happens lol.

Lost Voyage thank you sooo soo much for sharing that! I'm sorry if was hard to retell. I've read your comment a couple of times and the similarities are quite astonishing. It must have been the same with you and Prissy that you were meant to find each other. That's how it felt with Leo. They really do adopt us. I was always more of a dog person too. Later the next day when I felt Leo was no longer in the house I could see him in my mind's eye running amok around the neighbourhood. It didn't sound strange to me when you felt Prissy jumping around your place. A new sense of freedom for sure.

Val, lol I keep getting gremlins every time I try to sign in on my phone, go figure.
I wondered that too about the white stuff being the veil or something related. I'm glad I was able to be with him in that moment. In some ways I think animals are more prepared for this kind of thing than we clumsy human animals are.

Thanks Maelstrom having pets is such a bittersweet rollercoaster. But thankfully more sweet I think.
Maelstrom in Love You Boy
My condolences to you Tweed.

No stories or anything. I wouldn't be able to finish...
valkricry in Love You Boy
Dearest Tweed,
Gremlins keep eating my posts. This is the third time I've attempted commenting to you.🤔
First, I am terribly sorry about Leo. But, I believe the best anyone of us can hope for is going knowing we are/were loved, and I'm sure Leo knew that. You were there for him. There's no way that you failed him.
Animals always seem to know when their time is drawing to a close. There's many examples of this in nature.
I've no idea on what the white stuff was... Perhaps it was only the veil as he passed through.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Love You Boy
Hello Tweed, I'm so sorry for your loss, and you are right, grieving a pet can be the same as grieving a human, they are family in so many ways. The bond definitely transcends what we consider death.

I firmly believe it is our pets who adopt us, not the other way around. I admit I hesitated at reading your story because it stirred up my own memories, grieving can take time for sure.

I will share only a bit here, because it feels important to know that you're not alone (though I know you know that) and because it's your story and I don't want to hijack your thread. It's also because it's something I don't really like to talk about.

I was never a cat person per say, dogs were more my thing. This particular cat came from Chicago, quite a distance away and when I heard the adoption ad on the radio, something really got my attention there. I promised myself I would only go to look, but ended up bringing her home. Her name was Prissy and that cat had quite the personality! She didn't like to let me out of her sight.

She lived to be about 12, she had always had issues, from I believe prior to my adopting her, but the vets could never really figure it out. In those final days by the time I realized something was really wrong, it was too late. She had lost weight in too short a time. The night she passed, like you, I sat up with her. I held her when it was comfortable and she would look intently over my shoulder at someone I couldn't see. The strange thing was, is I got the strongest feeling that whoever it was, wasn't there for Prissy, but for me. My cat knew where she was going. I encouraged her to let go, that I would be fine. Finally late that night, I also got the mental impression, a voice, and a strong feeling from her that she wanted to be alone. She was curled up in her little cat box where she slept and I didn't want her to be cold so I covered her up some with one of my favorite old shirts, so in effect she wasn't truly alone.

I knew in the morning she would be gone. The bizarre thing was is that in my mind's eye, I could literally see her bouncing all over the place, on top of the fridge and cabinets, darting around and playing. I knew she was free. To this day I can sometimes fancy I see her shadow under the door in the utility room where she slept.

In reading your story, it brought me back to that night almost 7 years ago. There were some similarities to me at least of that last night in what happened from your story. To me, she became a guardian angel for me, much as she looked after me in life.

Thanks for sharing!
Pelatiah in Love You Boy
Tweed, that you were able to see the "white" stuff is truly exceptional, especially in the midst of your emotion! You did the very best with him, never doubt yourself and what a fun life he had.

I had a dog, Ranger, who we saved from the pound in 1988. He was with me through my husband's brain cancer, five years, and my first two children. He was a good dog. He died peacefully (thanks to the vet who came to our home to euthanize) at age 17 1/2. Now, almost 20 years later and in a different home, I'm convinced I can feel him in the yard with me and my two border collies when I'm working/planting, etc. To the point I even called out his name one time, the feeling was just strong! Then I took a photo last summer of my house... The collies like to sit in my bedroom window and watch me swim my laps in the neighborhood pool, which is just next door, maybe 25 yards away. My window (fortunately and unfortunately sometimes) overlooks the action. When I did a close up of the shot of my dogs, there was Ranger, sitting right next to them in a ghostly form... And in that area the wall is angled in so there's no actual room for a dog to sit there. It was just his reflection in the window! (also, a woman's face, looks like my Nanny, in a window pane above). We all know your little guy is still with you, but sorry you had to go through that last night.
BaiAnina in Love You Boy
My heart is broken, just so you know:')
I have two lovely boys of my own and I could never imagine how it must feel to lose them. But you know what they say, animals have an unfortunately shorter lifespan than their human kin as they're angels lent to us by heaven.

The white ectoplasm that covered him reminded me of a concept here in my country, where departed souls appear before their dying loved ones to take them home. Maybe it was Leo's guardian angel, or his long-gone mama cat. If his meows the day after were any indication, I think that means that his "coach" had successfully fetched him and he's on his way to the rainbow bridge.

Hugs to you, Tweed. May your grieving heart find peace ❤
Tweed in Love You Boy
Thanks everyone, (( ((big hugs)) ) ) to you all.

RCRuskin, thanks for the nice words. You're right, none of us can do 100% what we want. I'm apparently banned from voting you up at the moment as well.

I don't think the debate about animals having souls needs to be had. 😉 I'm sure Leo heard me, apparently hearing is the last or one of the senses to 'go'. I don't think animal spirits 'move on' immediately. I've had plenty of ghostly cat experiences in my childhood to indicate otherwise. Plus I think the animals would like to stick around the humans they've bonded with.

In the moments after the white mass I had the impression Leo had fallen asleep. That is to say, I believe his body had reached the point of no return during/after that white mass, the moment of clinical 'death'. But that Leo's soul was still 'there' in his bed and had gone to 'sleep'. Perhaps because of a traumatic death. Or exhaustion from being in a failing body. Or maybe part of some spiritual healing process, don't know.
I felt his presence in that spot until about midday the next day. Then I 'felt' he was happy and healthy somewhere near by. I think he may have been exploring the neighbourhood without a harness lol.

Manafon, pets always break our hearts it's true. That's interesting your Maine Coon did a loud meow thing, that sound is really something else. 😳

I'm sure The Funny will make himself known around here soon too. It was him meowing, I mean I could say it was a dream, but really I think it was him.

I agree animals, like humans, can stick around/ come back to visit whenever they want. When I told Leo to go towards the light it was more a symbolic gesture. Because I didn't want him to think he had to 'stay here' and wait for me to give him something to make him better. I wasn't telling him to 'go to the other side and don't come back' LOL. I think animals are acutely aware of their own mortality for more than we give them credit. Leo was/is a very insightful cat. I'm confident he's adjusting beautifully to his new way of exisiting.

Hi SWS, I'm doing okay now. I've really been grieving behind the scenes as it were for about two months now. I feel the worst of it has passed. Now that it's happened it's pangs of grief here and there, especially around feed times. Thanks for your encouragement. Give your dog a cuddle for me!

Rajine, we're lucky to live in a time where our pets are recognised as part of the family. Generations previous had less accepting attitudes towards pets. Grieving a pet can be exactly the same as grieving a person. I think about pets from my childhood at times too. We never forget them and I think that's a good thing. ❤
Rajine in Love You Boy
Pets really do become like family, I know what it feels like to lose pets, even though years have went by, I find myself thinking about my previous pets much like I do the people who have passed.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest) in Love You Boy
Hello Tweed,

I hope you're ok. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my little companion dog.

I'm so sorry for you loss Tweed. My thoughts are with you.

Best wishes,
Manafon1 in Love You Boy
Hi Tweed--Really sorry to hear about the passing of your buddy. I've gone through that many times myself and had a Maine Coon that did that super loud meowing thing before she died. I do think that, like some people, cats' spirits can stick around for a bit. I know I've mentioned on YGS before about a customer's cat named Isabelle that I heard meowing loud and strong on 8 separate occasions, starting a couple of weeks after her death. I think she wanted to say goodbye to her "mom and dad," but they were out of town, and I was the one who was there instead to hear it.

I think the meow you heard after Leo passed was him checking in. If you haven't heard it since this account was posted, The Funny sounds like the kind of guy who might stop in to meow again.
RCRuskin in Love You Boy
May his Memory be Eternal.

Scholars and theologians debate whether animals do have souls/spirits, and if so would they be resurrected at the last days? I like to think they do, and would be. I do not think it is the same kind of soul humans have... Or are supposed to have. Some humans really leave me wondering.

"I kept talking to him a bit, incase he was still in there somewhere." I did extensive research on this, and it helps to be in a city where there exists one of the world's leading teaching/research hospitals, though it is a human hospital. From a biological standpoint, life is just an interconnected web of chemical reactions, and researchers have detected evidence of these reactions continuing for up to 12 hours after "death." (Being the moment when someone is declared to be dead.)

So, from a purely biological point of view, Leopold The Funny Duke of Watford, did here you for certain. From a spiritual point of view, I don't know. I haven't gotten to that state yet. But why would his soul/spirit move on immediately? And from your reports of his meowing the next day, I don't think he left immediately.

I do not think you failed him. You did the best you were able to. Not one of us can do 100% of what we want to; we depend on others to make up the difference. I think the most important thing about the time of death is that we should not hasten it, nor should we delay it. We should try to always be ready for it.
Tweed in Love You Boy
Lady Glow I'm sorry for the loss of your cats too. It sucks so much!

Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot and I'm still banned from upvoting you lol.
lady-glow in Love You Boy
Loved, not "oved"! Blame it on my teary eyes!

I had to put down two of my cats in the last two's such a sad thing to go through.
lady-glow in Love You Boy
WAAHH!... Tissue warning!

Hi Tweed.

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure Leo is thankful for the chance to be oved again you gave him.
Having to say goodbye to our fur-babies is not easy.

Don't feel bad for not going to the vet sooner... Perhaps there you wouldn't have been able to witness this interesting mass hovering over Leo... One last present for you.

Thank you for sharing this lovely and bittersweet story with us.
Hi lady-Glow,

I do believe it was a precognition of sorts and feeling his presence the next day, was a kind of double down to make sure you worked out it was him saying goodbye. I'm Not sure who or what was behind the nightmare, however, when we dream I believe we are in a state of consciousness that is not bounded by time, so perhaps it was your own intuition picking up on the bad news that followed.

His family found him snobbish and uppish and you found him pleasant and entertaining? Reading between the lines, I wouldn't have called it a lie but rather an exaggeration of his own account in earnest to have a response. I think most of we males, who think we have a sense of humour do tend to bend a story to get a reaction. You were younger and probably responding with glee on your face and he was probably feeding off the interaction... And perhaps those family members who though he was snobbish were having second thoughts? Anyway,

Thanks for sharing your account.

Regards daz
Reading your reply to Rajine and Tweed gave me another thought.

"Perhaps that's the reason why this premonition was presented as an unmistakable symbol: the Grim Reaper, but without showing me who's life was going to end."

In your report of events, you said, "There were several closed doors on both sides of the aisle, except for one door to my left that was slightly open. As I approached it, I saw two little lights floating against a black background, and a skeletal hand beckoning me through the crack between the door and the wall. Although I didn't see any facial features, I knew it had to be a skeleton, the vibe it game me was negative and, in my dream, I recoiled at its sight and walked as close as possible to the wall on the right side."

And you did not go into the room, which is probably a smart move, but if you had gone in, what would you have seen? We shall never know, unless we manage to get into the alternate universe where you entered the room. 😁
Hi there Amirstrange and welcome.

I agree with Lost Voyage and don't have much to add. But I wanted to really highlight and make you super aware of the fatigue you're feeling. Anything that leaves you depleted is a bad sign.

I'm a whatever floats your boat kind of person. So if someone has a relationship with a ghost I say good for them. BUT if someone has bouts of fatigue directly after an encounter defiantly take notice. There's a chance the entity isn't loving, but something quite negative. Follow Lost Voyage's advice about cleansing.

You said this has been happening for twenty years. Has there been any changes in your life recently? Or do you have any theories on why this is escalating now?

Thanks for sharing.
Lady Glow, I can't upvote you at the moment. But I remember that Dollar Shop encounter. Some premonitions are so weird, 'like what the heck did I need to know that for?' I think you're right about the reason for your dream about SV being the darkest.
I can be quite the dumbo at the best of times. I just now realised the significance of date this happened being SV's daughter's birthday. My god that's rough.🙁That poor girl.
AussieRedDog in The Priest
To answer some of the questions-one was about how my great uncle Father M knew about this 'ghost' I can only assume that he knew about the story or heard a similar story. Number two, this was a Catholic Church not a Church of England, big difference. Number three, the young priest, the ghost, was in love with a nun (or so the story goes) and being a priest, you are meant to be celebrant (which is stupid for they certainly like young altar boys), number four I don't know if the priest crossed over or not for I wasn't there to witness it nor was my late uncle. My uncle didn't go back to that church. If he did, well he didn't tell me. Hope this answered all the questions. Thanks for all comments though.
Hi CrimsonTopaz.

I mentally talked to SV during his wake and funeral, apologising for my petty thoughts at the moment of his last visit. I'm sure he heard me and understood that I held nothing against him.

Yes, it was and still must be terrible for SV's daughter to have her birthday on the same day that her father passed away. She had turned 14 YO that day.

In Mexico, a girl's 15th birthday is a reason for a great celebration. When my little cousin turn 15, there was a big family reunion and party. When the time for speeches came, it was mentioned that that same day was SV's first passing anniversary... It was a very sad moment and, I'm sure, there was not a dry set of eyes among the guests, but I'm equally sure that her father was there in spirit celebrating life.

Thanks for reading my story.
Rajine and Tweed.

I have always thought that this was a premonition of SV's passing. Although this hasn't been the only time I have known of a person's death through a dream, this has been, so far, the darkest dream of all.

I think it had to do with the fact that, in previous precognitive dreams, the person's end was impending and expected to happen at any time, but SV was very young, in his early 40's and still with a life ahead of him.

Perhaps that's the reason why this premonition was presented as an unmistakable symbol: the Grim Reaper, but without showing me who's life was going to end.

I don't know if it's good or bad, but, though I occasionally have precognitive dreams, they tend to be random, about irrelevant events and out of context, and usually of events that have happened or will happen in close proximity to the day I have the dream.

In a dream, I have "lived" the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, and the Haiti earthquake in 2010... And even read an unpublished story in YGS, even commenting about having read it before!

Tweed and RCRuskin.

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I had never considered the possibility of SV feeling a bit guilt-ridden by his little lies, but it makes sense, perhaps he realised that I would have cared as much as I did for him even if he had not been always a hero in his stories.
Plina88 in Night Gown
I know its creepy but man, she was probably appearing to you because she needed help. Could've gone in the day too. It makes me sad for her but totally understand the fright it must have had on you.
Hey AussieRedDog what a crazy story and such fascinating folklore ties it has as well! I would have freaked out lol I'm new to the site and feel like I've found a gold mine of stories. I also run a tiktok and podcast about scary stories. I would love to chat more about yours if you're interested in sharing. Hope its ok to ask here. Not trying to be annoying. Thank you again
PS: LG, It's very sad he didn't make it to his daughter's birthday. May he RIP.
Lovely Ladyglow, I think you'll get another chance to tell him what you want and find peace in doing so. What you feel and say will still reach him. I believe our word's and feelings are past on. Don't feel bad, you didn't know. You are obviously very physic to have had that feeling the same time of his passing. Thats a gift to be treasured.
Hello amirstrange, and welcome to YGS!

I too wonder what it is you've been experiencing these last couple of decades, were the experiences similar to what's been going on the last few days or different? I would need some more information on your history of paranormal encounters?

Going off this series of recent incidents alone, it sounds like the beginning stages of an incubus/succubus encounter. What you describe including the feelings of being weak and drained also support this. There are several stories on this site of such encounters which will give you some insight on these types of supernatural experiences.

If it's advice you're looking for, I would look at getting a cleansing or clearing from either a professional or through rituals you can perform yourself. There are some suggested on this very site and I can try to link you to some if you like. You may want to look into protecting yourself as well, with tools like prayer and surrounding yourself in white light, depending on your own belief system.

What I can say, is you want to put a stop to this now, before it goes any further. Encounters with these types of entities/beings can be almost impossible to free oneself from if that's indeed what it is. They develop a sort of symbiotic interpersonal relationship that becomes increasingly difficult to sever the connection to once it becomes routine. The origins of such beings/entities is unknown, they seem elusive in trying to discover their true nature, but there are many theories.

This site has a wealth of knowledge from other people's encounters and stories regarding their own experiences with the same entities, which you may find resonate with what you're experiencing as well as tools to deal with it from rituals/routines for protection and clearing/cleansing. I hope it helps! Good Luck!
You say that you experienced for the past two decades, I'm not sure what to tell you exactly but maybe you should seek help from someone who will be able to shed some light on this matter, it could be a priest, a psychic/clairvoyant.
I wonder what that dream meant 🤔 and what would have happened had you followed that skeleton... But I'd like to believe that nightmare and your relatives passing have no connection, I feel it's far to "evil" for lack of a better word for it to be connected, whether as a premonition or otherwise...
Awww thanks BaiAnina,☺️little point in being connected through an Internet forum if we don't all share our cultures and points of view. Personally I believe in all gods and entities from all religions and walks of life, even though I'm not that religious myself. I believe they are all 'there' somewhere, somehow in their realms. That there's a reason for worship and ritual beyond this physical world.
Don't feel bad Lady Glow. If he hadn't been an embellisher in life there'd be no reason for your mind to go in that direction. Every choice we make will denote how we're remembered, no one's an exception to that little reality. He may have even realised you'd started seeing through his white lies. Perhaps you sensed that from him in that moment on that day.
He sounds like a good fun guy who'd be great to work with. May he Rest In Peace.

Your nightmare sounds very vivid and disturbing, you described it really well. Something about you moving down the aisle seems to point to an experience you had to go through at that time. Or at least that's how I'd interpret that one 'moving down the aisle' detail. Or I'm talking complete bollocks, also possible. Do you often have precognitive dreams?

Thanks for sharing. Experiences like these really prove we're connected to friends and family in ways we don't fully understand yet.
May his Memory be Eternal.


So you suspect your cousin's husband of lying, and you get a visitation from him after he died and all you could think about was a lie he told. Was he expressing some remorse, or were you just being suspicious?

We may never know.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Chapel (tuklong)
Hello XKY_LARQ, great story, thanks for sharing!

This does open up an interesting discussion on many levels and though I cannot comment much regarding the inquiries on culture (which hopefully the OP will enlighten us on) I can offer some thoughts on the third eye from my own experience and those I've encountered and perhaps it will help.

What I convey here, many may be familiar with, others not so much, take with it what you will.

The 3rd eye is part of the chakra system, the 6th in fact, below the crown chakra. It is always open, all chakras are, in fact the energy of the chakra's are constantly moving in a rotating motion. The 3rd eye is part of our intuitive guidance system, and opens us up to other planes of consciousness and existence. We've all had gut feelings at times in our lives, whether we listen to them or not. If this chakra was closed that wouldn't be happening.

Now that being said, the chakra's can become blocked or out of alignment which cause issues. For instance someone may have seen a ghost that scared them as a child and decided they weren't going to see one ever again and effectively block that ability. It's also why children can so easily see ghosts and spirits, passed loved ones etc. That chakra is wide open for them, at least until adults who know better tell them it's not real or it's just their imagination. Then they begin to shut those abilities down, and by the time they become adults they are deprived of gifts and abilities that would make it much easier to navigate this sometimes crazy world we live in. It's like navigating a vast wasteland without a GPS for lack of a better description.

When people talk about 'opening' the third eye they're referring to actually awakening it. Though it's always open, it's quite another thing to start working with that energy, than just getting intuitive hits occasionally and seeing ghosts/spirits. To awaken it, is part of spiritual evolution, and there are so many things you can do when you learn to work with that energy and take charge of it. I won't go into the details but it can easily be searched online.

It's also quite possible that being around Mika could have helped with that awakening. Energy workers and spiritual healers can awaken another person's third eye, they do it all the time. It's all just working with energy again. However the people I speak of do it consciously and with the person's (they're working on) permission. My guess is that Mika has those gifts more naturally and is doing it on an unconscious level without realizing it or at least not fully. Merely being in her vibrational energy field could do the trick since she seems more attuned to the paranormal.

Again, I can't say much about the culture, although I do find it fascinating. So many stories from that part of the world contain so many similarities in sightings of these otherworldly beings. The entity the OP describes is very similar in many ways to other people's descriptions and stories. Many seem to be in some kind of human form, but there are things definitely off about their appearance such as the decaying face and the manner in which they move. Almost like an entity trying to copy a human being but not paying enough attention to detail, or perhaps it's done with intent?

Either way it could well have been the 3rd eye that warned them of danger and that's why they felt the need to run, because of intuition. As the 3rd eye is awakened further, intuition grows stronger and is no longer a whisper.

Hopefully this contributes to the understanding of what the OP was referring to (at least from what I interpreted) in regards to the 3rd eye and those gifts. The rest are pieces that only the OP can place in this story for us as well as to confirm if I am on track with what I gathered from this experience and what they were trying to convey.
BaiAnina in Chapel (tuklong)
[at] Tweed

That's a very insightful way to open a discussion, I want to give you infinite upvotes for that. 💖

I'm from the Philippines, although I might have grown up in a different province from OP. Some aspects of our shared beliefs are actually different per region, just as we have different dialects! The only insight I could give with regards to the "transfer" is that either Mika came from a family or a line with that much spiritual power or OP is an exceptionally sensitive empath of some sorts, or both. This part of our culture actually predates colonization which was when Christianity was introduced to us. It hasn't actually vanished but instead integrated, which is why there are some shamans/folk healers here who also "borrow" power from the Holy Trinity.

I'd love to know more from OP if they'd permit. This part of our culture is complex but it is interesting nonetheless. The paranormal stuff shared among the Southeast Asian countries are really something~ thank you for being this interested and being kind about it!
GingerRead in In Spirit
Pelatiah, that's really interesting. A similar incident happened involving my grandfather. If I remembered correctly, a family picture was taken the day my parents were married in 1984. The photo depicted an odd, white mist surrounding my grandfather's face. He passed away in the summer of 1987.

CrimsonTopaz, thank you! I definitely agree.
Do you perhaps know how long that shrine has been around? Maybe if you ask around you might get answers if others apart from you and your friends experienced this.
Hi all,

I tend not to comment on things I don't understand. With this narrative I suspect there's a piece missing. A cultural piece of the puzzle that could explain the OP's point of view. It would be great if some members from the Philippines could chime in. Because I can only offer a westerner's perspective.

From my westerner's view for this to work there'd have to be some kind of psychic link established between Mika and XKY. Even after this, if XKY had his or her third eye opened from their meeting with Mika it would be fleeting. As in, a brief energy transference between two souls which ended after they parted. XKY stated Mika had a reputation, for what isn't entirely clear. But if Mika had a reputation for being psychic this *could* have subconsciously anticipated XKY to receive any energy Mika was giving off, and there's your link. Any life long ability to see ghosts thereafter would be XKY's own abilities in my opinion. As in XKY had an epiphany which altered his or her world view, after meeting Mika and seeing the man.

Again I would love to hear from some locals on this because mine is a western point of view. Perhaps the man they saw is relevant in some way.

I noticed the karma police have been at it in this thread.🙄Here's hoping someone can shed some light on the culture of the location.
BaiAnina in Chapel (tuklong)
Mika sounds like an interesting person. Do you think she's from a shaman family by any chance?

Based on Lady-Glow's question I'd like to know; the whole time you've had your third eye, did you ever experience spirits that were as intense as the child from your other stories? I have a feeling that the paranormal activities are a lot more intense in the province.

Not going to lie, you had me at decaying old man in a barong. I would have shat myself on the spot. Ghosts in traditional clothing really hit different.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)
" Probably he was just trying to clean the eye gunk from your third eye in order to talk to someone!"

By this I mean to say that spirits are aware when someone is a sensitive and, potentially, can hear them and help them. So, it's not a surprise if the super black kid was trying to get your attention... Even though your third eye and/or you were too slow to acknowledge their efforts.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

I'm trying to understand the connection between both of your stories.

If your third eye got open in January 2009 and since then you "started to see and hear things that aren't usual to ordinary people."

How come you seem not to have had a clue about the black kid being a paranormal entity, even though in the course of a month or so, you were getting bruises on your legs every single night, and dreamed with this kid. If, after all, your eye had been open for almost a decade?

"They said that if Mika sees things and she's with you, there's a strong chance that your third eye will be open."

Who says that? Do you know of any other people who has been transformed by her?

I don't know... I find the idea of "the gift" passing from one person to another one/s as if it were a disease a bit ludicrous. Sensitiveness is not contagious.

Anyway, although I'm seating on the fence, I think this story opens the door to what could be an interesting discussion.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

"this is a low quality comment"

Is that so? May I ask why?

Is it for me choosing the expression "eye gunk" or for the contents of my comment?

If the former, don't forget that English is not my first language and I'll be always at disadvantage when it comes to the use of colloquial language. This is the first time I have been in need to use an English word for what I have always known like "chinguiñas" or "lagañas", so I just googled it... And choose a word that thought suitable.

If the latter, well, I guess you would have to elaborate why you think I have said something wrong... But no hurt feelings if you don't.
CantunSEEit74 in Chapel (tuklong)
Wow lady glow this is a low quality comment.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This event dates back to 23 February 2001.

We had a strange experience in our home which in spite of our best attempts still defies explanation.

My wife had booked dental appointments in Poynton, Cheshire, UK, for 10:30 that morning. We left the house at approximately 10:15, having all used the bathroom immediately prior to our departure. All appeared to be normal.

After having visited the dentist my wife and daughter went shopping. I returned home in the other car as I was due at work a couple of hours later.

We owned a three-bedroomed house and used one of the bedrooms as an office/study. This bedroom was located opposite the bathroom across a short landing area. I sat down in front of the computer in the office to 'surf the net' prior to starting work. After a few minutes I was aware of a dripping sound coming from the direction of the bathroom. You tend to get used to the sounds in your own home, but this sound was not usual. I left the computer and walked into the bathroom. I was concerned to find a pool of water (approximately 75 cm long by 30 cm wide) on the carpet, level with the top of the carpet pile. The water tank was located in the roof space close to, but not directly above, the bathroom ceiling. My first thought was that this tank had overflowed so I checked the bathroom and main bedroom ceilings for any sign of a leak - both were dry. I then went into the loft space but there was no sign of an overflow, no dripping water, and no water on the ceiling plasterboard nor between the roof trusses.

There was a radiator in the bathroom adjacent to the wetted carpet - but again no sign of a leak and no 'trail' of water between the radiator and the pool of water on the carpet. Immediately under the pool of water was an access panel to the heating pipework which ran from the airing cupboard in the bathroom to the rest of the house. I lifted the carpet - the floor was dry. The carpet had a rubberised backing, so I did not expect water to travel upwards through this membrane, however I was concerned that there was a leak somewhere in the heating system even though the water on the floor was cold. There was no leak evident in the bathroom, airing cupboard or under the floor.

By now I had to leave for work. I left a message for my wife to telephone a heating engineer to carry out a more detailed check of the plumbing and heating installation.

When I returned home in the evening the engineer confirmed that there were no leaks in the system, and he was at a loss to explain the occurrence. I should also state that in my professional capacity as a chartered surveyor with over twenty-five years' experience in the construction industry at the time I could not explain the mystery either.

The obvious answer was that our daughter, who was twelve years old at the time, had carried out a practical joke. She has always denied this. There was no real motive for her to pour out the water, nor had she the time - we all visited the bathroom prior to leaving for the dentist within seconds of each other. Also, she knew that she would have been in trouble if she had spilled the water! Although not impossible, it is highly improbable that she was the instigator of the situation. Anyway, I distinctly heard dripping when I had returned home. It was this dripping noise which drew me to the bathroom in the first place. But there could not have been any dripping as nothing was leaking.

In all my years working in the construction industry I cannot explain the situation. I obtained an independent professional opinion from the heating engineer, and he could not explain the mystery either.

A few months later I attended an interview for another job. I had to stay in a hotel overnight. I packed my suitcase and departed on the three-hour drive to the hotel. When I opened my suitcase in my hotel room, I was surprised to find that there was water in the suitcase. Strangely only my underwear and socks were wet. No other clothes in the suitcase were affected, even though next to the wet garments.

I checked the boot of my car but there was no sign of water in the car.

I must admit this could have been a practical joke, although neither my wife nor my daughter admitted to it. If you knew them, you would know that was not the kind of childish joke they would play - particularly when they knew I had an important appointment the next day and nowhere to dry my clothes.

This is the only strange, unexplained, event I have ever had in my life and now some twenty-two years later I am no closer to finding out what the cause of the water was.

However, what I do know now which I didn't know then is that I am not the only one to have had an experience like this!
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

No wonder the black kid from your previous story was so aggressive towards you... Probably he was just trying to clean the eye gunk from your third eye in order to talk to someone!

About this story, I think spirits show themselves to whom they want to see them. It's not unusual for not sensitive people to see ghosts when in the company of a sensitive, or see nothing.

I have never known of anyone's third eye being open the way you described in this narrative, in my opinion, this is an ability that either one is born with, or takes a lot of effort to acquire.
Now I'm curious and waiting for the insight of other posters.
My condolences to you and your family.

I remember the day my dad died, it's something you will never forget but I believe that our loved ones that have passed on are always with us, I also take comfort in the fact that they are free from the pain and suffering of their earthly bodies and are perfect again, I hope that you to will take comfort in this thought as well.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room

"They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them."

They aren't living there anymore. They just use the house to get money out of it. For rent house.

"My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs"

- He said that sometimes he hear someone is playing upstairs. That's his mom and dad's room.

Yeah. That's right.
CrimsonTopaz in The Day My Father Died
phear_xiong, I commented that *My heart is hollow*, That means my heart is heavy and I relate to your experience. There are different meanings to that phrase so I thought I'd just say what I meant. Be brave and strong phear_xiong.
P.S. I am wondering if you ever found his tie? It's been more than a year, and we are still finding odds and ends of dad's stuff.
May his Memory be Eternal.

I had a similar experience last year when my dad died, involving the elevator door in the apartment building starting to close and then opening again as if someone walked in. And one time the emergency call button was pressed though I was alone in the elevator and not near the control panel.

I do believe our deceased loved ones do check in on us.
CrimsonTopaz in The Day My Father Died
phear_xiong, My heart is hollow and eyes full of tears. You have retold your father's death with so much emotion, and heartfelt words that express your family's love and dedication to making sure your father was dressed as he wished. May his dear soul RIP.
I know first hand how hard it is to lose a parent/s. It doesn't get easier, but time does help with the sorrow as that sorrow changes to memories that bring happiness of having being so lucky to have such a proud, dignified man as your father. Thank you for sharing your experience. Take care and everytime you feel your father is near, tell him to RIP and go to the light.
Phear, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience.

There are similar encounters on here of departed loved ones visiting their family. Doorbells and door knocking is something of a theme. Your father sounds like a very determined man who reached out to his family. As gut wrenching as it is it's also beautiful that you and your family knew it was him. Some would've brushed it off as a faulty doorbell.

Thanks again for sharing. Love to you and yours.
lady-glow in Small Room

Thanks for the additional information, I'm glad to know that no one else has been attacked as violently as you were.

There's something I don't understand about your comments:

"They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them."

" My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs"

I understand that English isn't your first language, - you did a great job writing this submission-, but I think that the previous comments contradict each other, it's not clear to me if your relatives still live in the house or not.

Regardless, it seems like the activity is not terrible, except for your own experience.

Are you aware of any deadly fire happening in the vicinity of the house?

Even though the house was blessed, it may be necessary to repeat the blessing several times in order to clean the premises of any negative energy.
I'm sorry for your loss, may your father rest in peace.

Even if his last goodbye made his family cry, it was a way for him to let all of you know that death is not the end.

Thanks for sharing this bittersweet experience with us.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room
TravisCannabis, My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs. Like I said the floor in that room is wooden that's why you can hear if someone is walking around.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room
Do you know the history of the house and the land where it is standing?

- No, we don't. My Aunt just bought it tru investing.

"a super black kid that was staring at me near the mannequin with little red eyes."

- he's a real kid I think. It just he's skin is so black like charcoal. And he's a bit curly too. I think he died in fire.

What happened before and after you moved out of the room? Were there any disturbances when the room wasn't in use?

- some of the family member says that there's also creepy in the left room. But my cousin who is using that room doesn't feel anything.

Was the activity limited only to that room? I know your grandmother experienced the washroom door opening on her but, other than that, did anyone witness any other disturbances?

- I think the room, upstairs. I once cleaned the bathroom there, and you could feel something was off. I can hear someone walking. The floor in that room upstairs is wooden, which is why you can hear if someone is walking towards you or around the room.

Do your family still live in this house? Have they experienced any other activity?
- They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them.

They did bless the house. My Aunt's husband is a Pastor. I believe they can feel it too but they just ignore it.
lady-glow in The Priest wrong for not understanding that, by mentioning the 30's, you didn't mean to say that the events happened within this period, but years or even decades later.

Thanks for clarifying.
Hello Rajine, yes, it's a shame that there were no emails or texting back then. Hopefully they ended up reuniting on the other side!
CrimsonTopaz in The Priest
Aussie Red Dog, I'm sorry to hear Father M is no longer around, may he RIP.
It would have been good to know more. Hopefully the nun and Sean are together in the afterlife.
CrimsonTopaz in Small Room
Lovely Ladyglow, Time for some doughnuts. Lol
XKY-LARQ, I have read a fair amount from Amchi86 recently and I think I went into autopilot and presumed I was still reading Amchi86's experiences.
Hopefully you'll get some answers.
Amchi86, I hope you also work things out.
Ladyglow, I want doughnuts, I want doughnuts, I want doughnuts, lol.
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Hi AussieRedDog,

This is a very fascinating encounter for your uncle. You wouldn't by chance know anything about the church it occurred in? I wondered if the history of the church had anything to do with what your uncle saw that night, in light of Ireland's recent history at that time... Or maybe I just watch too much Ken Loach, also a possibility lol.

Thanks for sharing.

Lady Glow, I did some mental gymnastics with the dates of this last night when I read it. But was too tired to wrap my mind around it. I have a couple of Irish friends and both are super open minded. This is just the kind of story they'd retell from their family. I think it's an Irish thing. 😉
AussieRedDog in The Priest
Lady Glow, thank you for the feed back. Now, even though in '37 Ireland was named Ireland, but those in the North until the late sixties, still called the Republic the Free State, which what it was. My uncle was the one who told me this story. I'm only the messenger, re telling the tale the way he told me and I heard this in 1994. My uncle did run away when he was around fifteen to become a priest. How did Father M know about this, I have really no idea. He might have heard a story similar to this one, who knows, the man been dead for now fifty years. Again, I'm only the messenger.
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Thanks for clarifying the meaning of "super black", I hope someone can explained the difference between a "grand pooja" and a pooja from the other story.


"I thought I was reading one of Amchi86's experiences".
LOL... I can't stop laughing!
Thank goodness it's not the case!

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