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Rajine in Baldur
Firstly I am sorry for your loss [at] redwolf it's never easy losing a pet that is like your family, but I believe that every living thing has a soul and when they time is up they cross over and guide and watch over us be it people or pets.

And secondly why do random comments have the word clown replacing some of the words? I've noticed this often today. 🙄
tace in Baldur
I am so sorry for your loss. So hard to lose a fur friend.
Thank you for telling me about why a dog buries it's head in your lap. I always thought Rocky does it to get a good smell. LOL 😁 I am watching him closely now... Checking him to see if it's something more. ❤
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
I forgot about the clowns on April Fools day. What an awesome surprise. I saw the words "purple pants" somewhere too. ❤

Did you know that when you actually type the new words they turn into more words.

I want to see if they go further - bear with me...

Purple Pants
Twilight1011 in It Comes At Night
Hey Haven, it's been awhile since I've responded to one of your stories. I haven't been on this site as often, so I'm trying to catch up now. After reading this last experience of yours, it in some ways reminds me of what's been going on in my room, and home. I really just need to submit that experience, as it's quite a bit to tell, but the way you described that shadow figure moving, as if ducking or being sucked up, makes me think of how they seem to move around here, as if trying to hide from our site. It can be unnerving at times for sure. Apparently this new year has seemed to have brought more activity, which I'll be writing soon about. The solid feeling one you mention sounds creepy, and makes me curious as to why it felt solid 🤔
Maybe I am missing something in my history here, but, in my defense, I did do a bit of googling to verify - whereas there is some evidence of Cherokee presence in Virginia, by the time of the passage of the Indian Removal Act, it doesn't seem like they were still in the region. All maps and documents I could find on the "Trail of Tears" don't place any of the multiple routes' starting points further North than North Carolina. Weber City, Virginia is near the boarder between the states to be sure but doesn't seem to be "on the trail." No matter what I search, I can't seem to find any reference placing any root of the trail squarely in Virginia.


There was, however, a great deal of raiding back and forth between white settlers and Native American groups during the early period of white encroachment into the area.

With regards to the antiquity of "the finger" it does seem to have a long and storied history dating back at least to the 16th C. So it does seem at least possible that a spirit of the past may have picked it up somewhere.


The group at the table seems to have maintained a materialized state for a quite long period of time. That's quite remarkable and, from what I have read, highly unusual. It seems to me that it would have taken them a great deal of energy to have maintained that state for that long - I wonder if there is something on the property acting as a power source.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gretel And Moe
oh that's why, I thought it was 31st of march, my digital clock is wrong,
firestar - Today is 1 April. This happens every year on this day. By tomorrow everything will be back to normal.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gretel And Moe
what's going on? Almost everyones comments say clowns, is the website hacked? Even my bio says it, no I don't mean clowened or purple pants. But the hacker will pay
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Katie My Dear With The Bow Come Home
funny, the cat is way too adorable, your comment just had me laughing so hard that you were corrected by your 18 year old XD
Tweed in The Stones 2
I wouldn't swim in any river this time of year, wetsuit or no.

As for the stones, I read the first part to this when it was posted and it makes zero sense. I'm not an expert on gemstones but I know a bit, and this is like so far out there I can't guess what belief system or even superstition it's based on.

I'm just going to type words cause it's totes April first and I'm curious what key words are programmed for the lols
Rook's cleansing method
Bell Witch
Ouija board
Grim reaper

Wow that's a lot
lady-glow in The Stones 2

The haunted stones are stunningly stoned!

I wonder if the rocks were holding hands and dancing in a haunted circle at the bottom of the river.

Spirits, ghosts and goblins... Take the coronavirus away.
VeronicaMarie in A Ghost I Can't Escape
I can't judge if your clown is true or not, since I've only ever had a handful of experiences that I can't explain and that haunt my memory forever after. And each time there has really been only one thing odd that happened, not a whole passel of them all at once. But... Stranger things have happened. Probably.

Regards, and hoping you decide to trade in your clown car,
Candy Linda Vista
Melda in The Stones 2
😜 😊 🙄 April Fool's Day and the clowns will be running riot! Keep them rolling! Check your comment lady-glow.

Regards, Melda
You have a point as it is I've been up since 1am downloading movies and reading through stories here, and I've been hearing this rooster going at it since 3:50am,that's why I am wondering how great grandma woke up,

In my opinion, the problem with your narrative is that the "vivid imagery" is leaning toward fantastic and, at some points, nonsensical.

I really will appreciate if you can clarify the part where:

"Lucas grabbed the paper in the bowl- it was ice cold. Seconds before, it had been burning violently"

I know I have already asked this but, didn't the paper burn under the fire?!?

I'm sure that the opinion of all the people who have read your story could change IF you answer our questions and can shed light on our doubts.

Thanks in advance.

You ask a good question because, to my limited knowledge, roosters usually start crowing at first light. In my mother's neighborhood, however, there is a rooster who crows all hours of the day and night. We don't know what his problem is (and he is a bit irritating as he is very close to her house). His is probably an isolated behavior. Just thought that I would add my two cents.

- Maria
I can imagine how unnerving that must have been for your great grandmother, but at 2am did she hear the rooster crow or did she wake up on her own? Because as far as I know roosters usually start crowing from around 4am onwards.
To all those who think my story is fake because it's too 'cinematic', should I have written it poorly so that you all would believe me? An experience being written with vivid imagery and formatting doesn't make it any less real. A knack for writing true experiences doesn't negate the experiences.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar, I feel like an idiot 😜 I was telling my 18-yr-old about your profile name and that I mentioned I knew who firestar is. He looked at me and said, "Mom, you mean Starfire?" Yeah, I'm embarrassed LOL

Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled Firestar. If it's the cat, I understand. That cat is gorgeous 😊 ❤
lady-glow in Baldur

I'm sorry for your loss.

I have no idea about the meaning of all that activity but am glad to know that you didn't get badly hurt... Other than your heart, because a pet's death is a very painful experience.

A big hug for you.
lady-glow in The Stones 2

There's a first part to this story in which the OP explains her initial experience with the stones, you can read it in the following link:



I have to agree with MrsRamsay, there are some holes in your narrative.

I'm curious to know why Oceana assumed that the stones were the ones causing the disturbances if, after all, her house seems to be a hub of paranormal activity.


Did you guys bury the stones in Eddison's house that is only steps away from Oceana's? If so, what made you think that it would be safe to keep them that close?

What river are you talking about?
WolfOfTheNight in The Black Dog With Red Eyes
I can say. Around midnight about two weeks ago, I woke up sensing another presence in my room. I got out of bed and found a black wolf sitting next to the door. I stood about a foot from it and we just stared at each other. It was actually the same size as me just by sitting. The eyes are something that I can't forget though... Ruby red eyes that almost glowed. I'm pretty sure that was probably due to the light from the porch shining through my window. Even so, the wolf showed no sign of wanting to harm me in its features. It only have me a protected feeling, almost assuring in a way.
MrsRamsay in The Stones 2
Hey there from ATL.
Where I come from, even if a river is just 4 feet deep (probably the minimum depth to swim) you can't pick out certain stones from a swimming position, there is just too much current and it's too muddy. I am concerned about Oceana swimming in a river, seems dangerous. But those must've been some bright and beautiful stones. So what did they look like?

What was your experience with the stones? I think you forgot to tell us.

I'm a teacher and if you were my student I would tell you that there are some big holes in your essay. Perhaps you were more focussed on the friend. Was he cute? Thanks for replying!
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Katie My Dear With The Bow Come Home
that's something I have no idea of, I did ask the shelter how they got the photo but they didn't answer
I agree with Maria, and am so glad that you all were able to live with the incidents and you weren't too afraid. Perhaps some acceptance of the situation and the fact that nobody reacted with anger or fear kept things... Liveable. No pun intended. Sometimes just nature takes its course.
sophiethunder in The Stones 2
Rivers do not freeze in my part of the country. Oceana swims in a wetsuit which keeps her warm-ish. The stones were scattered.It's pretty deep and doesn't have much of a current. The water is clear until you kick the sand from the bottom.
Anyway, the stones are safe in the ground and shouldn't hurt anyone anymore.
Perhaps that means that your attention is what they want. Maybe try an EVP session next time you start seeing them to see what you get. Based on what you may collect that way, you may get a better idea of their intentions.
[at] melda my uncles are in their own world I'm not sure if they know or just being ignorant, I guess the reason why it happened because of jealousy
Melda in Alcatraz
akaiser - "Hey there"! 😊 What you heard was for your ears only. This guy obviously picked up on your vibes and liked you. Doesn't it make you wonder why he was imprisoned there? Perhaps a likeable, friendly meanie? I know that's an oxymoron but people can be complicated.

I think that was a good experience. I understand that you would have preferred a little more but that's enough to be going on with!

Regards, Melda
Rajine - What a truly horrible experience. Besides the wife and her mother, did your uncles turn on your family as well? Do you have any idea why this happened?

I know that there is a lot of witchcraft in Africa and obviously also in the rest of the world.

This is a subject which scares the living daylights out of me because how do you deal with something you don't understand? Perhaps some people do know how to deal with it but me... No.

I'm pleased to hear that life is better for you now.

Regards, Melda
Melda in Attachment
anijavesrever - How sad that your mother passed away after giving birth to you. Devastating for your entire family and mostly for you.

Did your father marry again and if so, was your step-mother close to you, or were you raised by grandparents or relatives? I'm not trying to delve into your personal life but I think it might have a bearing on why this spirit was visiting you.

From my own perspective, if I had died giving birth to one of my children I would like to think that I would have been able to watch over them, to be there when they were sad but also to share the happy times.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing your shadow again. Perhaps it's your mom, perhaps not but I believe that when you need someone around, during happy or difficult phases during your life, your shadow will once again appear.

Regards, Melda
Melda in His Bite
Jessenia - Not the kind of thing a good entity would do. Whatever it was, it went out of its way to frighten you and of course it succeeded. I'd have been pretty nervous myself and that's putting it mildly!

I've read about and heard of people being physically harmed by supernatural entities but fortunately have never experienced it personally.

It seems that this was a one-off experience. Did you mention this incident to the landlord and if so, what was the response?

Regards, Melda
Hi [at] pinksweety Vermilion and turmeric aren't considered negative because those are the signs of mother goddess, but I stand to be corrected.
Thanks to all who responded, I feel a whole lot better now 😊 I hate the thought of being responsible for somebody closing his/her account.

Regards, Melda
I dreamt of vermilion & turmeric powder being kept in our bedroom. Is it black magic? Please answer. Also der used to be untold tensions in the house. Most of us being silent & not speaking to each other.
lady-glow in The Stones 2
Melda - I'm seating on the fence on this one, though, for once, I would like to read Sophie's feedback before deciding what side to jump.

I have a hunch that I'm going to follow you...
Melda in The Stones 2
sophiethunder - Oh wow, what a coincidence! Everybody is welcome to bounce me off the ceiling and down vote me as much as they please. I'm not falling for this one.

Regards, Melda
Melda in Baldur
Redwolf - Condolences on Baldur's passing. I know that the death of a pet is extremely painful and one certainly doesn't get over it in a jiffy. Our pets live on in our memory bank of passed loved ones.

How old was Baldur? Did he have a history of heart disease or any other illness?

My personal opinion is that the entity you were seeing was there to warn you that Baldur was about to take his final journey. You couldn't possibly have known that.

Perhaps your grandfather or your father-in-law were there to help you when you fell but the other entity was there for Baldur. Just my take on it.

Regards, Melda
ccmerlin--Speaking strictly only of my own paranormal encounters, each one has seemed to have had a consciousness behind it engaging my attention. There also does seem to be the possibility that an apparition seen multiple times repeating the same actions might be a mere fragment of a larger portion of a spirit's transmitted thought that, coming from a place (the afterlife) where time is no longer a consideration, simply seems like repetition when it might be part of a thought we are not able to fully comprehend.

I don't believe we are supposed to be able to fully unlock what lies on "the other side" and telepathic communications from the deceased might often not seem logical to us but very well could to the spirit transmitting it!

As to your specific case, I definitely believe you projected a sympathetic vibe that might've attracted the spirit to you. This often seems to occur in many case studies I've read in psychical literature. Who knows, maybe simply that you communicated with this spirit was enough to "help" him.
ccmerlin - If you read my first comment to you, you will see that I said that this priest was obviously not residual as he spoke to you. Believe it or not, there are residual apparitions.

I do believe that your kind gesture caused him to react to you. You say you couldn't help this priest. Well no, you absolutely couldn't help him because he's on his own mission and probably doesn't want people to confront him.

It was very brave and kind of you to stop and offer assistance.

Regards, Melda
valkricry in Baldur
Hey Red, long time. 😊
Sorry to hear about Baldur. I have this really odd thought, mostly because of the timing of his parting. Have you not thought that perhaps Baldur 'traded' his life for yours? There are tales of such things, granted they're usually humans offering Death the trade, but why wouldn't a loyal dog if given the chance?
Something doesn't make sense to me. Where did the shelter get a picture of your 19 year old cat?
Manafon1 and Melda -
I've been thinking about this "residual" stuff a lot, and I feel pretty strongly that there is no such thing. I believe if they are showing themselves at all that they are still active in this world but won't waste their energy to communicate with most even if they can.
I'm not sure but I'm thinking the compassionate and empathetic energy I was putting out might have energized the conversation.
Because of other experiences I'm realizing I have some sort of ability to communicate but not sure how useful it is - I didn't seem to help this priest.
Hello taintedrose and welcome to YGS,

I'm glad that you tried to find out more about the history of the property. Many members of this site suggest it. Untimely deaths were much more common in centuries past and your sense that it is a child's spirit, on the property, is probably correct.

The poor thing seems like it is doing what a small child will - playing harmless games with people.

Maybe someone will help the child to pass on. I imagine that the spirit of a child does not comprehend the subject of death and needs guidance. It makes me feel sad. From what I am reading, I think that the child just wanted to be with someone.

- Maria
Kayleh, just wanted to say that the title of your post is so moving and poignant. Every time I see it, it pulls at my heart in a way that I don't usually feel from just a title. Sending you hugs and healing thoughts.
VeronicaMarie in The Stones 2
Ladyglow, the story about your friend's wedding band is making my heart thump. I can't even imagine how stunned she must have felt when she saw it there. That's the kind of story that really should have been printed in a newspaper or something, as an incredible human interest piece. I always try to look for the rational... Or even just incredible coincidence... Side first, but in this case, I can't make that fit. Something else must have been going on here. It's mind-blowing. Thanks so much for sharing that.
It's probably for the best that you all left the issue behind at the old house. A confrontation might have brought on a retaliation. As it is now, the woman who buried that disturbing object doesn't know that she was found out.

I wonder who or what supplied the hair...ew! Best not to know, I guess.

It's always disturbing to me when I hear about people at odds with other members of their family. I don't know but I think the actions of this woman stem from jealousy.

Cutting ties was the best thing to do.
lady-glow in The Stones 2

Yes, knowing the history of the stones is a must.

The inquisitive and skeptic part of me would like to know the name and location of the river in which these events took place. I don't know if rivers freeze during the winter in the UK, if not, I'm not sure if the water temperature would be warm enough for a person to swim without getting hypothermia.
Is this a river with strong currents? Is it deep? Are the waters clear or are they full of debris washed away from the melting snow? Did Oceana find all the stones together or were they spread over the bottom of the river?

But then, it comes to my mind what happened to some friends a few years ago.
They are a married couple living year round at a lake-shore complex with a private beach. "Y", the wife, lost her wedding band at the beach one day during the fall, they looked all over the place but couldn't find it.
The lake freezes during the winter, and the water rises with the spring; the beach is full of tourists in the summer with kids building sand castles and people doing all kind of water sports, and a cleaning crew raking the sand constantly.

Incredibly, Y found her wedding band one day the next Autumn, it was sticking out on the same sand that they had looked through the previous year and on one spot that would have be impossible to miss by any of the many people coming to the beach in the summer.

Was this pure coincidence or, somehow, the ring was meant to go back to its rightful owner?

About the stones, I wonder if they were stolen from someone/somewhere who held them dear and now they are just trying to get back to where they belong, like the items in the following article:




(I had to cut the link in 3 parts to be accepted by the system)

Whatever it is, I think burying the stones is not going to solve the problem.
Hi lealeigh

I did find something wrapped up in a red piece of cloth, limes with needles poked through it, a ball of hair roughly the size of a golf ball by our front door. We chose not to confront anyone, until we moved out and when we did we cut all ties with that part of the family.
RCRuskin in The Stones 2
+1 upvote for Lady Glow.

There is something messed up about those stones.
Well written Daz! I feel so blessed to be open enough to receive these dreams from my sister and dad. Thank you for your response.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Katie My Dear With The Bow Come Home
i really don't know, but I did post it on facebook on twitter, it kept getting shared so someone who works there could of saw it, but that possibility is low
lady-glow in The Stones 2

I wonder if a psychic would be able to read the stones, even if they are buried and, perhaps, advice of a better way of disposal.
Bibliothecarius in Alcatraz
Greetings, akaiser, and welcome to YGS.

I tend to believe that Alcatraz would have a vested interest in *not* scaring the guests deliberately. Anyone with a heart condition or an anxiety disorder would be justified in suing the Alcatraz National Park for reckless endangerment if the voice phenomena were demonstrably a hoax to boost tour tickets sales. God forbid such a prank be played on an impressionable child; that would be a lawsuit of epic proportions!

As for the greetings being similar or identical, that's just human nature. The majority of responses to narratives that I type begin with the salutation "Greetings," even if the story has been posted by a long-time member. As much of the daily cleaning of the prison was carried out by "Trusty" inmates, it's not hard to imagine a spirit armed with a phantom mop or broom whispering a friendly "Hey there" to visitors (as my research indicates they were forbidden to speak!).

I think, overall, you got lucky!


Did you find any objects buried under the flowers? What did your uncle's wife's mother say when she was confronted?

Your statement here stands out to me:

"It's amazing how we tend to block out the negative events in our lives and lock it up in some dark recess of our minds"

I believe blocking out negativity to be a survival mechanism that people have developed over the ages. It is maybe supposed to help us accept things we can't change but who knows.

I am glad that things have improved for your family now that you have moved.

- Maria
RCRuskin in The Stones 2
Makes me wonder about the history of these stones even more.
Disturbing. I didn't make it all the way through to be honest.

Just a word of advice: NEVER taunt spirits. Especially the evil, demonic ones. They will hurt you.
Lealeigh in Baldur
Jeez... I meant to say "RedWolf". I would like to say that my phone auto corrected me but that was 100% user error.
Lealeigh in Baldur

Your story breaks my heart. You are right, your husband should have brought Baldur to the vet so he wouldn't have had to suffer. I feel bad for your husband too because I get the idea that he probably felt terrible about it.

Rest in Peace, Baldur

If you are convinced that the entity failed to get you and then turned against your beloved pet... I would tend to think that it wants an emotional reaction to sustain itself in some way. I think that it might not be gone for good and if it is strong enough to kill your dog, it is strong enough to necessitate having support from a spiritual leader.

You were right to begin your story with a "tissue warning".

- Maria
Lealeigh in The Stones 2
Wow. I'm glad Eddison has a spare house in case one of them gets ruined by the stones!
Just a thought - maybe the young man wasn't possessed by a demon but a spirit. From what I've read, demonic possession seems to be the more complex and difficult to sort of the two while a spirit can seemingly pop in and out of a human host at will. Perhaps when you travelled too far away from the building that was its "home" the spirit no longer had the power it needed to maintain its hold on him and departed back to its base.

And if it was a demon, perhaps not all demons possess the same strength. Maybe some are weaker and therefore easier to rid oneself of than others.
I know what you and your mom mean about the lost infant growing up in its visitations. I miscarried in 2007 - I hadn't even told the father I was pregnant, we were already going our separate ways at the time. After I lost the baby I started seeing her in my dreams. Even if from afar it's still something at least to be able to see her grow up. Ten years later, I was having a deep conversation with the father as our relationship had grown and transformed into a friendship - I told him about our baby. There was a long silence, then he just whispered "So that's who that is." She had been coming to him in his dreams too all along and he had never quite known who she was! I burst into tears.

I agree whole heartedly that our ancestors are out there looking out for us ❤
I am torn - I live in Virginia also, have worked several historic sites, grew up in the reenacting community and for my husband into it... Between personal experiences and things heard around campfires, I have no doubt that many of our historic sites are haunted; especially places where so much anguish and fear were expended. That all makes this encounter very likely in my book but I do wonder if, perhaps, some of the details may have been enhanced. I agree with SDS that the overall feel is a bit too cinematic for my complete credulity.
lady-glow in Face On A Wall
Welcome to YGS.

Hello Melvin.

Was this the only time Miranda saw the apparition? Could you elaborate more about the scratches on her hands? Were these on her palms or on the back of her hands?

In my opinion, there's not enough information on your narrative as to know if your sister had a nightmare or a vivid dream and scratched herself during her sleep, or if this was really a paranormal encounter.

I hope you got great marks on your mathematics test.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.
lady-glow in The Stones 2
Knowing how sneaky they are, you should have locked the stones into a metal box before burying them and, as an extra precaution, covered the spot under a slab of concrete.

I hope no ants, dog, or any other animal digs them out of the grave.

Did the gems scream when buried?
VeronicaMarie in Attachment
This is a very intriguing story! The voice calling your name on two occasions really makes me wonder if maybe it was your mom. And something about you not seeing the shadow for a while, and then seeing it briefly after you told your sisters about it seems significant.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing story.
VeronicaMarie in Gretel And Moe
Aw, Maine coons are wonderful. So fluffy and lovable. So amazing that he can open doors! Lucy was a Siamese mix, lilac point/tabby, and so beautiful and loving. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Maria, and take good care.
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe

Thank you for reading my story and for your comforting words. The worst pain came from guilt - that just a simple action could have changed everything. It took me a long time to accept that what had happened had nothing to do with me being a bad person - or negligent (which was what I couldn't live with).

In the aftermath of the assassination of JFK, his widow, Jackie, endlessly replayed the event in her mind to the point where she was becoming physically ill. She said that she blamed herself for not recognizing the sound of the first bullet for what it was (forgive me for using this tragedy as an example - many people will probably resent my comparing the Kennedy Assassination to my own past grief; but there it is anyway).

My cat has the same bad habit of going into the dryer for a nap, that Lucy had, and I have had a phobia or paranoia when it comes to that for years. Freya looks cute while sitting in there but it puts me into panic mode.

Cats are unfortunately attracted to all kinds of "caves"; be they dryers, cardboard boxes or whatever.

I named my cat "Freya Viking Goddess" the first moment that I saw how he looked (at little more than a month old) and was told, at that time, that he was a girl. He was so fluffy that I couldn't see that he was a boy. When he was old enough to go to his first vet appointment, I was notified of his correct gender... He was already responding to the name Freya so I left it that way. He's a proud looking Maine Coon Cat, so I think the name fits him. He will be ten years old in May. Maines get really big and he can open doors in the house.

What kind of cat was Lucy?

Rest in Peace, Lucy.

- Maria
Me and my Dad have encountered this spirit. Me more so then my dad. My dad has seen him twice while I have seen him or them I guess? I saw them 3 times. When my dad saw him he was like 8 and he had sleep paralyzes but awake and his mom had to get a priest to help him and it worked but he was stuck like that for 45 hours.

The last time he saw them was when he was like in his early 20's and I saw just a baby. And the same thing happened he got sleep paralyzes and they were on top of him which scared him sooo much! He woke up a few minutes later but not without seeing a young boy in the corner looking down.

I saw them when I was 8 I was walking past a small library room in the house I was at but it was only briefly and I thought nothing of it. But I saw him again when I was 11 behind me at night and then they vanished. And again I though nothing of it.

But then I saw them again when I was 14 and when I saw him I just... Stood their looking at it but... Not with fear but with an emotion I don't understand. And i'm not much older then the last I was them but not many people in my family believes me. Which I can understand but still they can at least fake that they do.

I have always seem, heard, and feel thing I don't understand and other can't do. Me and my dad have a power mine which to my understanding is stronger than his but it still is weak as I get older but it can never go away. And it seems genetic so if I ever have a child it might have this power too. But my older brother doesn't have it so it might skip a generation.
Hi there, interesting story. I had just a couple thoughts.

First, I am left wondering if the "flipping off" hand signal would be something a woman of the 1800s or even early 1900s would do or know about? Serious question. Interesting though, that you saw that.

While I was reading about him getting sick, it occurred to me that perhaps the entities might have been Godly people, and had somehow made him sick BECAUSE he went up there with the wrong Bible, you know, perhaps they were offended. But then you said the gal flipped you off and the brother was a satanist. Shot that theory right down!

Do you know what occurred that prompted your husband to take the trouble to find a Satanic bible and possibly cause issues that might/could endanger his children or family? I know this is not your responsibility, but wonder if that was out of character for him? Those things aren't easy to find, I'm sure.

I am relieved for you, that it all turned out ok, and hope you were able to protect your kids from the stuff in the house. I hope you understand my concern for the kids, and hope they are all right and perhaps you were able to shelter them from all this. There is so much anxiety among kids today (I'm a teacher). Other-worldly stuff, while intriguing on a computer screen, can really add to the stress of real life if it makes kids feel unsafe.

I plan to go check out that episode, thank you for sharing... Well written!
VeronicaMarie in Gretel And Moe
Oh Maria sweetie, I am so so sorry for what you went through. My heart goes out to you. This past November I lost my beloved kitty Lucy, and this one was my fault. I did not know she had climbed into the dryer when I turned it on, and the guilt tortures me so, because I knew she had a habit of climbing into the dryer, but never thought to check. Just sharing this to let you know you are not alone. My gut feeling is that you really did hear what you heard, that it wasn't your mind playing tricks on you, as the psychiatrist said.

I am so glad you have your Freya Viking Goddess. Now *that* is a great cat's name! 😊
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar, how did the shelter know Katie had passed? You said she had been with you since 2000. That's a long time for a shelter to stay in touch with someone who adopted an animal.
VeronicaMarie in Transforming Shadows
So interesting, blckwdnsdy, and definitely not sleep deprivation in your case, like it could have been in mine. And intriguing that since you've started to think about them more, they seem to be getting more pronounced and becoming less dark. This is just a gut feeling, and not based on knowledge or experience, but I get the sense that your previous feeling of not being frightened by them is correct. I like to think that maybe they're just looking out for you, and your recent focus on them is making them less shadowy and lighter. Thank you for sharing this, and keep us posted!
Greetings, Wickedscissors17, and welcome to YGS.

I believe your assessment of the situation that "We feel like it's the land and it has a permanent stain that will never be lifted" is correct. The Trail of Tears was a horrific point in American history, and the event caused trauma and upheaval to tens of thousands of Native American families, even before there were deaths along the route.

Anton LeVey's "The Satanic Bible" was pubished in 1969, so your husband's reading and mocking it aloud wouldn't have had a direct effect upon the souls of Native Americans, etc., but it most certainly could have been a conduit for the Landlady's *brother* to latch on to. If the deceased brother used LeVey's book, he may have summoned an evil entity, or he may have reawakened something that had been drawn to the Native Americans' collective suffering over a century earlier. Either way, your husband's attempts to mock whatever was present were ill-conceived.

For you to have witnessed the three spirits loitering in the back garden of the neighboring house, it's my guess --and only a guess-- that they were *not* being controlled by an evil spirit. However, I'm curious about their behavior. Did anyone stay in one place to watch them (e.g.: the dining room window) while you attempted to see them from the front and back porches? The reason I ask is to find out if the spirits reacted to your appearing in different locations; that is did they turn to see what you were doing? Did they see you on your back porch, even though you could not see them from that location?

Your narrative gives us much to ponder and I thank you for submitting it to YGS.

Hello again.

"I waved at the people sitting there and they waved back. I did this frequently throughout the night, until finally around 4 am the blonde female flipped me off. At around 6:00 they disappeared"

Did you see them vanishing before your eyes or did they disappear/walk away during the time between two of your visits to the window?
Whatever the answer, it seems like you didn't get a good sleep that night and your constant spying annoyed the creepy trio, regardless if they were dead or alive.
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
Hello Kayleh,

It's okay now. I was upset for a long time because I felt that they died because I was neglectful. It took me a while to understand that it wasn't my fault. It happened almost twelve years ago.

I believed that one or both of my cat's spirits were hanging around me until the time when I wasn't a wreck anymore. I stopped hearing the obvious sounds of "cat activity" when I was better. I don't believe that hearing this activity was all in my head.

As for the dog, Roxy, my sister said that the dog was found in the immediate vicinity, in the house, and that it had aggression issues due to the abusive environment that it lived in before my sister rescued her. We're pretty sure it was Roxy. I don't really blame the dog - there is no point.

Thank you for reading my story and for your kind comment.

- Maria
blckwdnsdy in Transforming Shadows
Hello, VeronicaMarie

I have seen shadows at the corner of my eyes for a long time. Sometimes I was on the verge of drifting off to sleep, sometimes I was laying in bed, sometimes while performing chores or walking around the house, sometimes when reading or doing literally anything else. I have seen them when I was tired, as well while I was energetic and fully awake. So, for me at least, being tired or sleep-deprived wasn't a factor influencing their sightings.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gretel And Moe
i am soo soo sorry for this terrible loss, but maybe, just maybe [highly unlikely] it wasn't the dog

I really appreciate your input and that from any other member familiar with the Indian culture, it helps to overcome the blind spots I might have of such an exotic country.

Nice to see you around.
Welcome to YGS.


I have some questions about your story.

Do you know how long the neighbouring house had been vacant before you moved to your place? Is it normal for that area to have functioning electricity on empty houses?

Would it be possible that some trespassers/homeless people were taking shelter in the house during the BIG NIGHT?

In my opinion, whoever they were, they seemed to be very aware of your presence and even interacted with you.

Did you ever have a chance to talk to any of the people living next door about their experiences and yours? Do you know if any of them saw the apparitions you witnessed?

Since she wasn't shy regarding to what happened to her brother, do you know if the landlady informed her tenants about his lifestyle and suicide?

Sorry about all the questions, I'm only curious to know if you were able to compare notes with some other witnesses.

I'm sorry you had to go through all those events but I'm glad that, at the end, everything worked for the best.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Wickedscissors17 and welcome to YGS,

I am sorry you guys had so much trouble. Did you guys, at least, get rid of the Satanic Bible? I'm pretty naive as far as the subject goes; but I see your husband's episode next door with the Satanic Bible as an unnecessary challenge.

Now that I got that statement out of my system... I'll have to check that show out, just to see what "The Devil's Nest" looks like. I had to laugh when you said the blonde lady eventually decided to flip you off.

Thank you for submitting your story. I am glad that things worked out and your family is back together.

- Maria
VeronicaMarie in Transforming Shadows
Hi, blckwdnsdy...

I've never been too sure what those peripheral vision dark shadows mean. They haven't happened to me very much, so I'm no expert at all, but just wanted to put something out there. I started seeing them when I was a new mom, and only at the doorway to my baby's bedroom. Years later my sis told me that she had the same experience as a brand new mom, and always wondered if it was our deceased dad checking on his new grandson. The reason I'm prefacing my answer with my experience is because the practical side of me thinks that maybe sleep deprivation could have been at play with both my sister and me. So wanted to start by asking you, if you tend to see them mainly when you're overtired?
RogueDawg in Wedding Couple
Thanks for sharing your experience.

A serious tragedy stuck your family. First your parents and then you too getting hospitalised.

Frankly, I had some doubts about a few things mentioned in your narrative.

Expertly, lady-glow pointed them right out to which you too elegantly replied. So, thank you for that.

However, still I trying hard to wrap my head around your tale 😉. Finding it to be a bit difficult task.

When you stopped at the toll plaza, how did you finally pay the toll? With the coins? If you crashed into the barrier and you said they fined you 1500 INR and you were asked to present yourself at the police interrogation, didn't they find out that your driver's licence or the permit was not in order and that you were also under age? Didn't they outright seize your vehicle?

Huff! I don't mean to be too critical, but this just feels a little too hard to swallow.

I do like the way you've narrated your story. Thank

BTW, I am from Mumbai too.
RogueDawg in Weird Incident
I agree with silverthane61's comment.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.

Nice narration btw. Thanks for sharing.
I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for your family to cope with the loss. May your cousin's soul rest in peace.
WontTellYouMyName in Hide Wherever You Can the risk of sounding rude, I'm not buying this. Sorry!
Sceptic-Ari in The Goddess Of The Inn
Dear socracy5,
Even I am as confused as lady-glow about you, all because of your changing status 🤔

Dear lady-glow,
Don't worry about accusations. I got your back 😊


Even though your sister was on medication during her final days, her clarity of description relating to her ability to communicate with your grandmother is IMO, a classic case of terminal lucidity.

There are many examples of terminal lucidity however when spirit decides to reach out to their loved ones, there are no medical conditions, drugs, or barriers that are able stop spirit from expressing those final messages, even though on other occasions the medication affected her in different ways.

You must complete your journey? Reading between the lines here your sister's journey was completed (as sad as that was in the moment of time back then) however, take heart in knowing she crossed over fully prepared and gave you a gift of hope via some messages before she left.

I believe, based on my own experiences and research, we do enter into the earth matrix with a preset task to accomplish certain goals and assignments on our path of greater enlightenment

There is an order here? Yes I also believe that to be the case,
If we had full recall of who we truly are it would defeat the purpose of being here.

Regards Daz
WontTellYouMyName in Haunted Attic And Possession?
Hi Socracy5,

That was a pretty interesting story. I just have a couple questions and I hope you'd be so kind as to answer them, to help me understand your experience better.

1- "He had a usually dark vibe surrounding him all the time. He stopped eating much and used to ask Neena for comb and other weird stuffs like baby food, rattle, toys and sometime her clothes." Was all this a gradual shift in behaviour or extremely sudden? I bet its strange to ask your friend's girlfriend for her clothes.

2- "I felt terribly nauseous but still managed to open the door to see him talking to the wall all by himself. We were really terrified to see him in such a state. When he noticed us he started behaving like a crazy maniac throwing stuffs at us to go away. He was screaming at the top of his lungs to go away." Just wanted to probe a bit, you mentioned the room had a negative vibe and that you were made to leave immediately the first time you tried to enter, however, what was it like the second time you tried to make your way into the room to get your friend to leave? And what was the room like? What was his behaviour like? I just want to know if there were telltale signs of possesion. Like your talking in tongues, twitching of the body, extreme aggression, aversion to religious paraphernalia, etc.

I know these are a lot of questions but they would help clear thigs out.

And Lady-glow,

I'm from India, and don't even for a second worry about being accused of not believing an "indian" story. I know the story and the comment you were referring to and to be honest it was a bit of a stretch, the story I mean. Cheers!
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe

Don't worry. This experience did not change my opinion of dogs. I love all animals and the feeling that remains from this experience is that I am very sad for "Roxy", the dog who killed my cats.

My sister rescued Roxy and was trying to rehabilitate her with a loving home; but Roxy's past was very troubled. It hurts me to think of what kind of abuse was given to her to make her the way that she was.

Eventually, my sister brought Roxy to her father-in-law and she lived there in peace until she died of natural causes, about two years ago. Her behavior was much different with her being the only animal at the new house.

Thank you for your kind comments!

- Maria
I'm 31 & single... My dad visits me in my dreams & last time he told me dat I will get married.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Clothes Pegs
i'm so so sorry for this sad loss of yours, I indeed think it was truly your grandmother, maybe to say an final good bye or watch over you, it is very nice she came to your bedroom. I bet she's very proud of you
Thank you all for responding! It's given me so much comfort over the years to have these dreams/visitations.
Lady-glow, I've heard the same thing about leaving this world alone and it scared me, but I agree with you, we do not go alone through the veil. Bottom line, I guess we'll find out when it's our time. My dad and I used to debate/discuss the after life. There are so many different beliefs, what if, whatever you think it's going to be, that's what it will be for you?
Fenrispro - hello and thank you for reading my experience and for giving your input as well. It is a good thought, cleansing the area. I will say that it was so long ago and I have not returned there since then. I did nothing! However through the years it has always been on my mind and I have wondered what ever came of the little girl and whether or not anyone else has had a run in with her.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Odd Gifts And Vanishing Items
that is wonderful you found all that, you should thank them, it is very kind of them
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Red Eyes!
the average height for an female is 5 foot and 6 foot for an male, so that WAS NOT human, I am quite doubtful that these things are real but... Maybe it was an werewolf! But then again... It might have been an owl or bird, but why were the eyes red? But it also might have been an bike light, or car light, maybe the mothman? God knows what it was, ever heard of the pigman? It might have been that! [XD I read way too much forfolk] but the must likely reason is it was an demon but it was flying, hope this comment helps
It's always a good idea to find out about the history of a place before exploring it, u never know what lurks in abandoned buildings, now that u are aware that another spiritual world exists, and like the other commentors said, it's good to go prepared with some sort of protection, maybe even a protective prayer.
I firmly believe that when someone does have to die family members who have already departed come to help in the transition.

When my aunt had passed away a few years earlier my cousin had a dream that our grandmother was there talking to my aunt and my aunt had said that she doesn't know why she's so sick like this, and my grandmother replied, saying that my aunt must not worry and that she's here to take her away.

That morning we had woken up early with the intention of spending the entire day at the hospital with my aunt, and my cousin was relating the dream she had to us when at exactly 8am we received the call that our aunt had passed away.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Katie My Dear With The Bow Come Home
UPDATE: i've finally found out where it came from, the shelter she came from did the note, and my brother done the present, I am very glad I know where it came from. Although half of me is a bit mad about not being told, the shelter said there was an spelling mistake, the //i shall see you tonight// was the mistake. The appearances are still happening except now they are lasting longer, oh and yes it is the part of my country

Thanks for replying.

I'm going straight to the point.

Even though the paranormal world isn't written in stone, there are some aspects to it that tend to follow a certain pattern.

Could you be more specific about the time period within which Raghu got possessed? Did it happen almost instantly or was it a gradual process?

What about the stolen stuff? Did you recovered it or was it gone for good? If found, was it amongst Raghu's belongings?

Did Raghu manage to find a job or did he spend all the time locked in the attic?
If the former, did his demeanour change during the time he was out of the house?
If the latter, would it be possible that he was taking the stuff and hiding it?

I find it odd that the possession, if that's what really happened, would end only by physically distancing Raghu from the house and by him throwing up.

Are you sure Raghu wasn't exposed to some harmful factor, like an electromagnetic field or a toxic gas, that could have affected his behaviour and was present only in the attic of the house? That could explain you feeling nauseous when going upstairs.

Furthermore, a possession as severe as the one you have described in your narrative would have required of a much more drastic treatment, something like a full-blown exorcism or, at least, some prayers like reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, or some other religious ritual in order to free the person from whatever negative energy that was controlling them.

As a side note, the movie "The Exorcist" would have been very short and not as scary if Linda Blair had been cured after emptying her stomach of that awful green vomit! (kidding).

I don't know if you see my point, I'm not blaming you if no throughout paranormal investigation mas done before assuming that Raghu was possessed, or if an underlying health factor coupled with one, or more, external element/s made him act so out of character but, in my opinion, there are some aspects on your story that need more details and additional information.

Lastly, did the rickshaw driver take you guys (forcibly) to the police station or did the police come to pick you up?
Were all of you able to find jobs an, if so, did you abandon them just like that, without a proper notice to your bosses? What about your salaries and any chance to use those companies as a reference for any future job?

I have no rift about Indian stories, I'm only curious and ask a lot of questions.

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