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Right let's clear this up once and for all shall we? We actually can clear this up. Seriously.
If this is an honest submission it can be easily proved, or at least some of it can.

Where's the photo of this tombstone?
What's the name on the tombstone?
What years did the neighbour work on and live at this property?

While I'm at it why are so many nonsensical comments getting upvoted lately while so many attempts to keep this site honest are being frowned upon?

I think Aliendewd and I are reading this through British eyes. It's extremely hard for us to imagine just buying a property like the one described. So it's even harder to accept it, true or not. Details are often glossed over on this site due to fear or embarrassment or forgetfulness, it's understandable. But this OP feels different, this feels too familiar unfortunately to long running sagas we've seen on this site before. Sagas that end up breaking people's hearts and faith because they trusted a catfish on a paranormal website.

I don't know if this is true or not, actually I don't care either way. What I care about is that I've been right about catfish before on this site and said nothing because it was the minority opinion. And that time was the worst, many people left after that. These days I like to be on record by saying 'I don't agree with this' even if it's the unpopular thing to do. (It always is πŸ™„) Or, if I don't have anything to back it up I won't comment at all.

But here we have a submission which is so easily proved to have *some* truth to it with some photos of a tombstone on someones property. From there we can allay our doubts with online records and databases, some good old fashioned sleuthing.
But I don't believe any of that will happen with this particular OP.

The thing some of you need to understand is that I want to be wrong! Prove me wrong. People like Aliendewd and myself we're not villains, it's just an inconvenient truth.

The paranormal is too important a subject to be put at risk of with more doubt, ridicule and disbelief by the ego and anger of time wasters.
Sleeping-with-steve in My Indian
Hello AugustaM,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. More so, I found your reply to Lady-Glow, Melda, Rex-T, and Tweed informative.

Like Rex-T said, here in Australia our indigenous have so much respect for their land and people. We have to understand they were here before settlers and respect them in return, which we do.

Your Native American spirit has obviously made Anne's home his home and see's it as being his land still. Anne doesn't seem to mind so it seems to work for both of them.

I would be scared out of my socks sleeping in that spare room. As much as I've become braver in my old age when I see a spirit, I still have moments when I get scared.

Has Anne tried asking her Native American spirit how she can help him? Or maybe guide him to the next realm?

Thanks again for sharing your experience, it's very well expressed and detailed.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
Hi LFrog, my heart goes out to Jade and her sister, and all victims of such horrific abuse. I'm glad that they found the strength to get away and hope that they've now found healing for themselves.

It certainly seems to me that there was a benign presence in the house. I got the impression that the loudness of the music from the radio was a warning for you to be on your guard in the place. Just as the swinging door was to get your attention. Spirits can try to influence, but have no control over an individual's free will, be it for good or evil. While this entity did not have the power to stop the abuse, it is likely that she did what she could to comfort them.

The scent of lavender does suggest to me of an older woman, or someone from a period when lavender was more widely used as a fragrance. Lavender is associated with healing, both in symbolism and its usage in aromatherapy infusions. Perhaps that was the message for Jade, as well as a kindly greeting to you. For healing.

Hi LFrog,

I do feel 'protected' these days. As if some loving presence comes around once in a while to watch over us. Perhaps even more than one spirit guardian, because they sometimes have a different 'feel'. These visitations are truly comforting and a blessing in our time of need.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and taking the time to read my account. Our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

You make some good points. I don't know if this one is some of your best work:

"I've just noticed too, she's allegedly middle aged, so her Son must be mid-late 20's max yet he can afford to buy this old (19th Century by the sound of it) Mansion with all this land around it, so it's going to be a few Million Dollars... A 20 something able to afford a multi million dollar home? Doesn't add up. I have a Cousin who's around my age (mid 40's) who's worked in banking since he was 16 and reached a high level by his late 20's and is only recently (last 4 or 5 years) been able to afford a property worth millions."

When YGS members submit a story, there is a very rough estimate of their age group. I got this chart from the profile of one of the mods, Miracles51031:

20 or less = teenager
20 - 40 = young adult
40 - 60 = middle age adult
60 or more = senior adult"

My point is that my mother, who is 59, is still considered "middle aged" by the site - were she to have a profile. And I am 39, so far... I am not so much younger than your rich cousin.

And if the issue about old houses and property size still irks you, consider that most of Michigan isn't suffering from high land value.

I am not trying to be mean; but I don't really see any problems with this story. It is vague on some points, I agree - but you should see how vague MY first attempt at a story was on this site.

- Maria
LightMight in My Indian
Thank you for the fascinating history lesson, Augusta πŸ˜‰ keep us posted if anything new transpires on Anne's property!
AugustaM in My Indian
Thanks for providing that blurb, LightMight, I tried posting a link to an article so folks could read up but it was too long. It's easy to take a thing for granted or as "common knowledge" when you grow up around it:-)
LadyMonticello in Man In The Driveway
This is Michigan, we do not have Mansions & Castles. Ha ha ha I had a good chuckle at your response my son could not afford such a home.
Well your home is your Castle. It's really just a ranch home single story. Here is a picture of the Tombstone. I thought it odd the neighbor knew about the tombstone, as well. She claims to have rented the one side of the home, while a student at MSU.
Fenrispro in Haunted Loft
They were cats making the loft sounds? But you didn write it in?
LightMight in My Indian
Some Native American groups sent their sons to be educated in Williamsburg because they wanted to maintain good relations with the colony. Through the deerskin trade, the English colonists provided them with weapons, cloth, and other goods and materials that the Indians could not make themselves. The Indians wanted envoys who could speak English and understand the colonists' culture. Initially, many of the students at William & Mary's Indian School were purchased from frontier traders, or sent to Williamsburg as diplomatic hostages to ensure peace with potentially hostile tribes.

The Virginia colonists tried several strategies for recruiting Indian boys. Governor Nicholson instructed colonists who traded with Indian tribes to look for suitable Indian students. Later, Virginia officials negotiating treaties with Indian tribes such as the Tuscarora, Chickahominy and Catawba tried to convince the native leaders to send boys to the school. Students came from both local "tributary" tribes - such as the Pamunkey, Chickahominy, and Nansemond who lived fairly close to Williamsburg and paid tribute to the colony - and more distant tribes, including the Catawba in North Carolina, the Cherokee in the southern Appalachian mountains, and the Delaware and Wyandot of the Ohio River Valley. Enrollment reached a height of 24 students in 1712, but declined to eight in 1754 and stayed at about that level until the school closed.
Jubeele, first of all, I am very sorry for your loss. This year has been so hard on us all and losing loved ones during a pandemic just makes it all that much more awful. I am glad that they were able to at least Zoom your Auntie's funeral so everyone could attend around the world.

I find the idea of being visited by our loved ones after they've passed to be comforting. It's nice to know that they are saying their one final goodbye before moving on. At the same time, it gives you a sense of being looked over, as well. Protected, if you will. It sounds to me like that's exactly what happened to you. May she continue to watch over you.
Lealeigh in My Indian
Hi Augusta!

Great story. You write very well. I grew up in the woods in North Georgia and, in and around my town, there were a few burial mounds from Creek Indian tribes. These were discovered as the town grew and trees were cut down. About twenty years ago, they built a Super Wal-Mart and found a mound. Hundreds of people in the area protested its destruction and what ended up happening was that the developers of the lot built a white fence around it and erected a memorial plaque to tell people what was there. The mound is in between the Wal-Mart parking-lot and the bank.

I'm rambling. I grew up there before the town became a city. As a young teenager, I used to walk to my friend's house alone and I usually heard footsteps with me. It was almost always day-time when I walked. Hearing footsteps in the day was enough to ensure that I always left my friend's house before dusk.

In my feelings, I always connected the footsteps with a Native American - even though it was before they started finding mounds in the area. I don't think I ever felt like anything was going to "get" me; but it was watchful.

I can relate to your story - thank you for sharing it.

- Maria

Also, I think that artists are like beacons in the night to spirits. Maybe spirits hang around where their activities can be noticed. Artists see the world in many different ways.
AugustaM in My Indian
Lady-glow - thank heavens, NO! Ha ha ha definitely NOT stick lol oh boy, the very idea of operating a stick shift on a healthy slope is probably more frightening to me than the resident ghost ever was πŸ˜† I do hope the man is not troubled as well... He frightens but doesn't threaten so at least, I don't suppose he is angry or vengeful.

Rex-T - I have heard that Anne's (adult) daughter isn't super keen on staying in that room. I don't know off the top of my head whether any other men have been interfered with on their stays.

Melda - Yup, having seen a full bodied apparition traipsing through the woods likely would have scared me off for good or at least had me dialing 911! And don't worry, your questions are in no way silly!
I get what you mean by his possibly having felt insulted by my closing the window - that makes sense. Maybe he was "showing me" that a mere window was no barrier to him.
I am assuming that the Native American on her property was inhumed sometime between 1607 (Jamestown's founding when the English landed there) and 1780 (when the Indian school closed and capital moved to Richmond). Jamestown served as the first capitol then in 1699, Williamsburg was made the capitol with one of the more established "roads" in the colony going between the two of them. Constructed to face this road in 1700 was an Indian School located on the campus of William and Mary. The school took in male students from many regions including individuals from the Nottoway, the Cherokee, the Delaware, Nansemond, Meherrin, Tuscarora, Tutelo, Saponi, Weyanock, Pamunkey and many others. Her home is right along that road between the two colonial capitols. Given that location, it is possible that a displaced Native American man could be there do to a connection with the school.
However, Native American presence in the area didn't begin in 1607, of course - their villages, hunting grounds, trade routes, contested territories etc were spread across the area since time immemorial and her "roommate" could just as easily have dated from that time.
Footwear for Native Americans in the region was typically soft soled - made from materials like tanned leather. The footsteps were over grass littered with crunchy leaves, mulch, gravel and wooden decking.
I think he may well guard the little gully.

Tweed - that is quite a coincidence! Maybe the creative energy of artists attracts entities?
And yes, the circling behavior was a bit off putting but perhaps, he didn't mean it that way?
I wish I had more information on the experiences of other men in the space but she doesn't have many male guests to stay.

Something else possibly of note is the presence of running water - given that the house is in a fully within a mile or so of the river, there is a little creek at the bottom. In addition, she has more trouble than anyone I know with burst pipes, water leaks and flooding from interior sources.
LightMight in My Indian
Hi Augusta,

Great story! I had a little chuckle when I first started reading your story because it reminded me of something my mother would say whenever she heard the term Indian being used as a reference to her heritage. She knew there was no harm meant in the word, but she would smile cheekily and say, " Why do they call me indian, I wasn't born in India" - she had a funny way of pointing things out to people...

Regarding the information that the psychic told your friend about a Native American being buried on the property, and assuming that this spirit was one in the same, I wonder if the spirit was once a Native American slave? Maybe he was enslaved on the property, or possibly he escaped to the wooded land nearby? It wasn't unheard of for tribes to trade slaves with european colonists, and other tribes - sadly, it was a custom used back in early America. By mentioning this, I am not trying to offend any particular race of people, I'm just stating facts based on American history...

Do you know if your friend has researched much about her property or surrounding area?

Thanks, LightMight
Bibliothecarius in Spitting Phenomenon And More
Greetings, Maryann, and welcome to YGS.

The first thought I had upon reading your description of the physical manifestation was "ectoplasm." However, I thought that substance was limited to Mediums of the Spiritualist Movement. I've never heard of ectoplasm being used as a form of attack. Your age at the time of the event may be indicative of poltergeist phenomena, especially since you "went on to have other unexplainable experiences in my childhood house for several years." I'm looking forward to reading more of your experiences, as they have the potential to add clarification to this one.

Sleeping-with-steve in Black Mass
Hello Twighlight1011,
This post was definitely worth waiting for.
I was scared reading it. I wouldn't have coped if I was in the room. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat.😟
I'm glad both you and your hubby saw the black mass. Sometimes having someone involved who has witnessed what happened, helps figure out what's going on. (ie: Two heads are better than one) πŸ€”
I have also seen a black mass in my room late at night around bedtime. I have always put it down to seeing things from being over tired. I guess I say that because the truth would be frightening. It's obviously something paranormal. Good or bad, only you will be able to figure that out. No one came to harm thank goodness.
I love what Lady-Glow said, about not coming back to hurt you, your loved ones and the ducks. Sweet that she included the ducks. Are the ducks broody? Are they sitting on eggs? This is the season when they get clucky. (Spring here)
I also found Jubeele's comment interesting. I have no idea about, 'Feng Shui', but I have been told that placement of your bed can cause good or bad sleep nights depending on where your bed is place. Something else I need to read up on.

I found this link for you.
There's a bit of reading, and various comments that might be useful in coming up with what's going on.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
Maryann, that mirror thing really disturbed me. Never heard anything like it. Trying to keep this PG, my mind went straight to 'nonce'. Moving on.

People hearing their name called is pretty common. It's cool you had someone else hear it too. The lady sounds like a nice presence, I also wondered if she was the same who called your name.

Would you mind sharing the experience your parents checked the lower level for?
Did your parents ever mention having experiences in the house?

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed in Black Mass
Hi Twilight,

This doesn't sound good, whatever it is. Consider starting a journal about these specific occurrences. Backdating anything your hubby can remember. Hopefully with a timeline in front of you a clearer picture will emerge. Other than that keep cleansed. I don't think I'd place too much importance on the nightmare, that seems like a distraction in my opinion.

Use this experience as a lesson, if something feels off take it seriously. At least through this you've proven to yourself your senses aren't letting you down. Just to be on the safe side give the duck pen the once over, make sure nothing can bust in, particularly from digging underneath. I say that in case your nightmare was actually a premonition, just cover all bases is what I mean.
Tweed in My Indian
Forgot to ask, do you know if men who stay there get more of a hard time? Wonder if gender is important to this spirit for some reason. Or maybe your poor husband just got on his nerves lol.
Tweed in My Indian
Augusta, this really struck a chord. I used to study still life and my teacher had a ghost hang out in her spare room too, doing pretty much the same stuff as this one did, minus the taps and outside activity. I never stayed at her home but I got to know her family pretty well, we remained friends for years, her ghostie didn't like anyone staying in her spare room either. Maybe there's something to be said for sniffing too much paint, really brings out the protective spirits!

The circling/closing in, finally inside the room, reminded me of predatory behaviour, as in an ambush hunter exercising stealth before the strike. Yet here the behaviour seemed cautious, curious, not necessarily threatening. Although I'd have been too afraid to sleep in that room! Very interesting spirit by the sounds of it.
Had the same thoughts as Melda regarding him taking on some kind of guardian role for that area.

Thanks for sharing. Artists be haunted! 😳
Jubeele in Black Mass
Hi Twilight, good to hear from you. I wonder if the black mass was something feeding off fear and negativity. First from your husband, then from yourself. I don't know if it caused your nightmare, or the dream was due to general anxiety during these uncertain times for your family, and those under your protection. But that entity certainly made full use of the opportunity and could perhaps be prolonging the bad dream for its benefit.

I recently had a bad dream that someone grabbed my left foot and woke up to see a small black mass by the side of the bed. I said I wanted it gone and the glass door downstairs gave two cracks. It then disappeared. Rex woke up at the sound of the glass crackling, because it was so loud. My foot was still hurting for several minutes afterwards and it was slightly swollen, and a small bruise was on the right foot. Weird.

In case you're interested, Feng Shui practice advises that if the bed is aligned with the door, it means to be out of the "commanding position", or the ideal spot to receive positive energy. There is also the belief that qi or life force energy comes in through the door, and thus onto the bed. If the bed is in line with the door, that could result in too much qi coming in, which is not very restful for the body. But if it's not possible to move the bed, there is the option to place a piece of furniture like a bookcase, screen or curtain to partially obscure the bed from the door. Or maybe a hanging crystal between the ceiling and the door?

Hope these ideas help or at least provide some interesting reading. Take care of yourselves.
Hi Fenris, things are pretty much under control in Australia for now. Godwilling, it stays that way. I've no idea what it was that disturbed me. Maybe it was just something passing through? I'm very thankful that Someone watches over us, be it a divine Power, spirit guardian or loved ones come back to help us.

My great-grandmother was a village headwoman in Thailand and was believed to have had knowledge of spiritual things. The gift seems to run in my father's side of the family. Grandma, my aunts, uncle, cousins, my younger sister, as well as my parents have all experienced some strange happenings. When I was much younger, I prayed very hard not to see anything scary and then, stopped having these experiences for years. But I started to have terrible migraines. A coincidence or a consequence?

Now that I'm older, I've come to accept that this extra sense is part of me, a gift from God, the Powers-That-Be. It is not something to be feared, but to be respected and used wisely. These days, I rarely suffer from migraines.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself." - Franklin. D. Roosevelt
Maryann - You say you heard a hissing sound and then saw something coming from your bed, touch your hair and then this horrible glob landed splat on your mirror. Did you see the spit flying over from that distance? Did you have to clean it off or did it dissipate on its own?

I doubt whether the lady entity was guilty of the mirror incident. From what you described she seems benign. When you saw her and heard your name being called were you frightened? I can understand that you would have been very taken aback and nervous but if those events didn't terrify you, it's likely that she might have been trying to attract attention and had some link to the house or the land.

Regards, Melda
Melda in My Indian
Augusta - Certainly enough to scare the living daylights out of anybody.

Considering the fact that you always felt uneasy when walking to and from your car, If you had seen the spirit of this man watching you, do you think you would have returned to Anne's house?

Then the footsteps progressing to inside the room? That is scary stuff, way too close! Outside is one thing but inside will definitely press my adrenaline and fear buttons! Perhaps he felt insulted when you closed the window πŸ˜•. After all, that bedroom was one of his "hang-out" areas.

Do you have any idea when this Native American man would have joined the tribe which inhabited the area at the time? I realise we would be talking many, many years back. Anne's house obviously stands in close vicinity to where this tribe once lived and as you mentioned this man was buried on her property, probably along with a number of others.

If I ask questions which come across as ignorant, please exercise a little patience. Being South African and never having researched the indigenous tribes of America, I have limited knowledge on the subject.

As far as hearing the footsteps is concerned, did you hear these on a porch, grass, leaves - or which surface would he have been treading? As far as my limited knowledge goes he probably would not have been wearing boots or shoes - or is it possible that he did?

I think there's a likelihood that he became a self-appointed guardian of the portion of land which includes Anne's house. Just a thought.

Your poor unsuspecting husband, off he went without an inkling of the entertainment awaiting him!

A very interesting account Augusta.

Regards, Melda

Perhaps sister's D stern attitude was her way of guarding a very sensitive hearth and the result of training and professionalism, even if not evident, the situation your family was going through touched her deeply. It's possible that her presence in your dream was the last thought she had about your family before passing away.

You are right, I meant to say "fuzzy" wrong.

Thanks for reading my story and for your interesting input.
Rex-T in My Indian

Firstly, I've got to tell you that after driving for 40 years, the prospect of backing up or down any kind of driveway still scares the daylights out of me.

Your friend's explanation of the Native American's fate filled me with sadness. To meet your end in a strange land, far from family and one's own people is bad enough, but to then be stuck walking this land in the afterlife is difficult to comprehend.

Our own indigenous people have ties to their land - they are the land and the land is them. If the Native Americans have similar links... Well this is sad indeed. I'm hoping that one day his spirit can be released and find peace.

Interesting that your hubby received, what appears to be more "attention". I wonder if everyone that stays in the spare room gets a visit.

Stay safe.

lady-glow in My Indian
I hope your car wasn't stick shift!

Hi Augusta.

Fascinating and very well written experience. The spirit behaved like a real gentleman by "not" disturbing the lady's sleep but being more active when your husband spent the night there.
Such a mysterious presence, hopefully not a troubled one.

Thanks for sharing this great story with us.
Hi Maryann73,

I was wondering about the large mirror in your bedroom, the one you witnessed phlegmy spit dripping down, after the thing hit it. Did your family own the dresser/mirror, or did it come with the house? There are people who believe that mirrors can act as portals for spirits who choose to travel between dimensions (you may want to check out more about 'The Portal Theory' online). I'm also wondering if anyone had used the mirror for scrying, prior to you having it in your bedroom? Not that scrying would necessarily have a negative impact on your entire house, but it may have something to do with that thing you felt in your bedroom that hit the mirror. I also realize that Catholics don't practice scrying, but maybe someone did in the past such as a previous owner?

Thank you for sharing your story, LightMight
lady-glow in Black Mass
Why did this story have to be published in Halloween night?

Hello Twilight.

I think you are right about this mass feeding off the distress of your sleep. Sorry for not remembering if you have mentioned any other activity happening in your room but, do you keep any religious/protective objects in it? Have you cleansed/blessed your room?

"I could feel that whatever was there, was at the foot of my bed, which is in front of my bedroom door."

According to Feng Shui, a bed facing the bedroom door isn't the best placement, perhaps rearranging the furniture could help?

I have no idea what this mass could be but it doesn't sound cuddly nor friendly... I hope it never comes back neither hurts you or your loved ones, including your ducks.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.

I find it fascinating when spirits are able to materialize objects out of nowhere. I wonder why your ghost didn't present you with something nicer, like a penny or a feather, instead of such a gross thing.

What do you know about the history of the house? Had it belonged to your family for more than one generation? If so, do you think this woman could be one of your ancestors?

It seems like the activity was constant and not only directed to you but, do you know if your parents ever saw this lady or experienced any other disturbances or were you children the only ones witnessing the activity?

I hope you can share more of your experiences with us.
Twilight1011 in He Brought Her To Me
Hey Suzy2, thank you for choosing to share your experience about your mother here with us. My condolences go out to you for your mother's passing. I know what you mean when you say how her passing was a blessing, due to her being in the late stages of dementia. As sad as it is, no one truly can fully understand why that is so, until they have personally experienced a loved one with that. My grandfather has dementia, and just this past summer, my who I rather not refer to as my so called family, all decided they rather not be the ones that cared for their own father during this difficult time he needed them the most, and after the neglect they had with even looking after him, as he then lived alone, and needed someone to be there full time, to make sure he was ok (he had multiple falls while home alone), DSS ended up getting involved, and despite given my so called family the opportunity to finally step up and help care for him, still all refused. So now he is in assistant living for dementia, and sadly has just gotten worse since living there (I know there's no coming back from dementia, and that it only gets worse, but I'm meaning his mind has went faster, then when he was at his home, where he was familiar with his surroundings, and routines). Before he was taken away, you could still talk to him, where he knew what you were talking about, and still have small conversations with him, where he didn't forget what he was talking about. But now he is unable to carry a conversation, and seems to be living in an earlier life of his, as he has talked like he was back in the army etc. He has gotten confused over who his daughters are, and other family, but with the visits I have had with him since living there, he at least seems to still remember who I am. I dread the day when he doesn't even recognize me though. Every visit I've had with him, he has had a big smile on his face to see me, and always ends up in tears whenever I have to leave. It's so heartbreaking to walk away when he gets upset like that. I'm only able to visit him through a window (meaning I have to sit outside a window to talk to him, with the window being slightly raised). He is constantly distracted by his surroundings, and can never get out what he is wanting to say, or forgets he was trying to say something. But with that said, it just dawned on me the other night, how despite all that, he still seems to know when I leave, that he won't see me until I come back to visit him, and that he is not at his home now, because he didn't start getting upset like that when I left, until he has been there (he didn't get upset like this, whenever I would leave from visiting him at his house). Sorry to go on so much about this, it's just that your submission really hits me, and made me think of my situation right now. Knowing how my grandfather had said he was ready to go back in 2014, when he had started showing the first signs of dementia, and then after losing his wife back in 2017, making him really wanting to go, and when DSS got involved with him, saying how they were going to take him from his home, he's just been waiting for when he can finally just be at peace, and be back with his wife again. So knowing how he feels, and seeing him slowly lose his memory, to where he is no longer even the man he was, makes me not understand why he has to continue, to keep living a life that he no longer wants to live. I wish I knew why this is happening to him, as it feels like he is being punished for something. I'm sorry to have written so much now, as I don't want to take away from your experience. I'm just glad that your mother no longer has to endure this lifestyle anymore, as I wish it on no one. She is finally able to be at peace now, that I only wish my grandfather could have.
The_Morrighan in Experience Explanation
If you're absolutely set on using a Ouija board please remember to treat every spirit with respect but most importantly, at the end, shut the session down properly. I like to thank the entities, declare the sΓ©ance over and say 'goodbye' but you'll find your own formula.

That said I'd recommend that you don't use a Ouija tbh: they're dangerous gateways and, as others have said, you should NEVER use them when you're impaired as you'd be a sitting duck.

LightMight in Charlotte
What time is it when a ghost haunts your house?

Time to get a new house!

Happy Halloween Folks ❀
The_Morrighan in Charlotte
Fenris, I don't believe that all ghosts are afraid of the sun. I believe that we're conditioned to seek them in the dark and therefore, subconsciously, open ourselves up to spiritual encounters more then. Who's to say that the chap we walk past on the street every morning isn't a ghostie? I doubt there's anything in the ghosts, ghouls and long leggity beasties handbook that says they can only manifest at night.
Fenrispro in Charlotte
Huh do u mean 11pm? How can ghost be around in the morning? Theyre afraid of sun
The_Morrighan in The Friendly Old Lady
Also, thank you to everyone who commented on my post. I'm so very sorry it's taken me two years to reply!

To answer a wee handful of the questions:

The incident took place late morning in the bright sunshine.

I knew the lady in question well and had done since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Biblio: my accent is more RP too if I'm honest but when I'm relaxed (or have had a glass of wine lol) the 'lanky' comes out a bit. 😜

Jubeele: I never did connect with her grandson, drat it! πŸ™„

Ghostpost: you're entitled to your opinion but having read your accounts I'd just like to say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. How's the weather under your bridge BTW? 😁
The_Morrighan in The Friendly Old Lady
Jubeele, thank you for such kind feedback! I've had a long break from this site due to work, family, etc but you've given me the courage to perhaps share a few more of my experiences x
Hi Jubelee Thank u for replying. The covid is under control here in Sg, some places opening up. Are u still in Aussie? I heard its bad.
Cant stand old Gen, my old man has Ocd... Hauntings are scary but the way he keeps stuff is also hazardous

Omg so it could be some of those old spirits who disturbed u? Some people told me if have the psychic ability its possible to close the third eye, have u thought of finding a holy priest or someone?
Aliendewd in Man In The Driveway
I agree. Once more there are glaring holes.
Why, when the neighbour told her the 'marble step' was a tombstone did she not question it further? I know i'd be asking how she knew that for one thing.
Also, this seems to be the only marble step amongst others, suggesting there is at least two steps... So why? I mean why is there a marble step, but the other (s) are stone. That alone would raise my suspicion without anyone pointing it out to me.
Then she glosses over points...'I started to hear noises in the basement. I went outside to my car which was a walk in pitch black. I got in my car and saw that the light in the other side of house had gone on. I decided not to investigate and left.'... Now I presume she heard the noise in the basement and left the house because of them... Those noises could've been anything. Rodents, a stray cat, snakes. Surely you don't just leave a house as soon as you hear a noise?...
I love then she goes on to say 'the house is beginning to feel like their home', but then almost immediately states that her Daughter-in-Law wants to move... So it can't be feeling too much like a home then! And I don't know how snakes could be a bad sign (presumably she's meaning 'evil sign')...
I've just noticed too, she's allegedly middle aged, so her Son must be mid-late 20's max yet he can afford to buy this old (19th Century by the sound of it) Mansion with all this land around it, so it's going to be a few Million Dollars... A 20 something able to afford a multi million dollar home? Doesn't add up. I have a Cousin who's around my age (mid 40's) who's worked in banking since he was 16 and reached a high level by his late 20's and is only recently (last 4 or 5 years) been able to afford a property worth millions.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a sceptic here, but her stories make very little sense and have more holes than a block of Swiss Cheese.
The_Morrighan in Happened Again
How lovely that someone from the 'other side' is caring for you still. On a non paranormal note I hope that things improve for you soon and I'm sending love and light your way.
Blessings. X.
The_Morrighan in The Heart Of The Matter
Fascinating and beautifully written; thank you.

I wonder if perhaps there was once a statue where you saw the rain outlining a 'monolith'?
The_Morrighan in Scratched By A Ghost
Hello and thank you for sharing this encounter. I do have one thought - I wonder if an entity had temporarily attached itself to you (almost as though a bungee cord stretched from where the incident took place, to your home thus allowing attachment for a while before it was 'pinged' back) and scratched you at your home several days after the wedding. You wouldn't necessarily have felt it happening. I say this as incidences of strange scratches appearing without pain are well documented.

All the best.
Morrighan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Being a small rural village where everyone knew everything about everyone else, it was unlikely to have been a mistaken identity. Your Uncle would have immediately known if there was another woman in the village called Agnes, or if the details did not match what he knew of her.

There have been a number of accounts on YGS where members have experienced seemingly innocuous events, only to later realise that it was something out of the ordinary. Agnes was a friendly visitation and probably enjoyed chatting with someone who could see her.
P.S. Did you ever get in touch with Agnes' grandson (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)? πŸ˜‰
Hi Morrighan,

Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm glad you enjoyed my account. English isn't really my first language, but I think I'm now better at it than my mother tongue, which is funny. 😊

How lovely for your Mum and yourself to feel your Dad's presence, watching over you. These loving bonds do reach us from time to time. Take care and be well.
DarriuxDarkk in A Scary Ghost Appeared
(Sometimes, just using the word, "God"...will cause them to retreat.)

I want to point out that I agree on this based from true experience of mine. When I was young, back on high school and college days, I was kind of weird in a sense that I experienced multiple apparition or sightings drawn towards me. There is one experience when I was doing clinicals on a psych ward and we had to live on a very old dormitory that had a huge acacia tree at the back of the boys dorm room, there was an evil entity that shown itself to me while we were sleeping and I just made mention of Jesus Christ or God's name and it vanished quickly like they are afraid of the word just like that. I guess with God's name hold power in itself.

Thank you an God bless.
LightMight in Man In The Driveway

I liked what one poster mentioned about looking into the VFW, or American Legion for further information about the deceased - smart idea. Another thought too, you may want to check out the following: your local library archival records, or the Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) in your state.

Good Luck, LightMight
The_Morrighan in My Path Has Begun
As a Wiccan I too have an altar and follow my own path but it concerns me that you feel that your children shouldn't go near it. My children play with my crystals and 'gew-gaws' and will watch me when I'm working at it. Please remember that whilst a burgeoning awakening is an amazing, spiritual experience the energy you produce and channel at this time can attract 'spiritual vampires' and they aren't always easy to recognise. Keep some selenite and a bowl of salt around to absorb negativity and cleanse regularly in whichever manner best suits your personal path.

Have a wonderful Samhain and blessed be.
The_Morrighan in Little Man In Front Yard
I must admit that as I read this wonderful narrative I found the Fae (fairy folk) coming to mind. Unlike the Cottingley Fairies or Tinkerbell the Fae aren't always tiny and can show themselves in many guises. Like humans they can be benign or malignant but it sounds as though your experience was positive. It's often worthwhile to leave out small offerings for them particularly on festivals such as Hallowe'en (Samhain).

Blessed be.
Well that was quite a true story! You are the queen of writing! I think I may be a little bit psychic myself but I have never tried to hone my gift. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
Your account made me cry ❀️ It reminded me of one of my favorite movies "What Dreams May Come" - in it, heaven looks like what you make of it... Their heaven looking like that special home makes perfect sense to me.

Though it's nothing in comparison to losing one's mother - I lost my beloved cat, Peanut a few years back and it was the absolute worst day of my life until that time. Though I've had little experiences here and there since then hinting of her, there's been nothing concrete as I would've hoped for and nothing like the sign my mom received in "Peanut and Pa" and I've wanted so desperately to hold her again. That was until a couple weeks ago when I had a dream wherein my husband and I kept coming home to find our front door ajar - we puzzled and puzzled over it as each time we swore to one another that it had been locked - the third time it happened (still the same dream), I rushed inside desperately worried about Peanut even though I knew perfectly well even in that state that Peanut was gone, beyond worry or harm and it was my new babies (Vera and Chablis) that I should be worrying about. I rushed into the guest room and on the top bunk, there was a bump under the covers (just where Peanut liked to sleep), I threw them back and there *she* was! My baby, my Peanut (crying now)! I scooped her up and held her to me - I could feel her warm little body, hear her purr and even smell her - it was my girl!❀️ I hated waking up!

Love is stronger even than death.
Sleeping-with-steve in Memory Lane
Hello Twilight1011,
I got your email and replied a few days ago. Ask your hubby to check.
I can't wait to read about your new experience. I'll be looking out for your post.

Best wishes,
AugustaM in I Am Not Insane
*Note: I am aware that the OP deleted their account. But... Just in case...*

I do agree that what the OP describes does resemble some accounts of schizophrenia- however, he/she is a bit young for the age of onset of this disease (typically from 18 to the early 20s) but stranger things have happened. The potential for this to be some sort of petit mal seizure makes good sense as well. All this to say, I think the recommendation for a discussion with parents and a medical professional is a very good one...and, given what I recall of being 13 was also probably part of what prompted the decision to delete the account.

Truly, no one here is trying to dismiss this story out of hand - simply get to the bottom of what is really going on be it paranormal or physical - particularly since, for all we know, we really are dealing with a troubled young kid. That in mind, I do hope they do return. ❀
Thank you all for your comments!

Rex-T, I can assure you that the laid back Aussie attitude is a relatively accurate stereotype. Most of the time it's just too hot and humid to kick up much of a fuss, even over something as outlandish a ghost sighting. I'm not sure whether or not it's the locations or some special talent I have, I'm pretty sceptical of a lot of "woo-woo" stuff but at the same time I've experienced a lot of weird stuff in my short time. I'll likely expand on that in a later post.

As for the username, when I first made my account I was the proud owner of a '74 XB Falcon ute that unfortunately was a bit too much of a project for a 17 year old on an after school supermarket job budget. Hopefully it'll pop up on eBay again and I'll be able to buy it back. And yes, I'll definitely be on the look out for snakes!

Tweed, I've noticed the same thing. I've been to a few places that are reputedly extremely haunted and not seen, felt or heard a thing out of the ordinary but I've seen some very odd things in the most mundane of places, especially in old factories, warehouses and sheds.

I've seen The Detectorists pop up on my recommendations on streaming services but never got around to watching it, I'll get there eventually though.

DarkStar, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my experiences! My 'Strayan accent is a bit off thanks to my English mother, but it still sneaks in every now and again.

To answer your question, "bits" was the best word I could think of to try and keep my story fairly family friendly. A family friend of ours was a crewman in the Royal Tank Regiment late in WWII and told me that in the unfortunate event a crew member were wounded or killed in the confines of a tank often the best they could do was wash it out with a bucket of hot water and rag before it was pressed back into service. It probably wasn't as big an issue in Europe, where repair shops were nearby and the climate is relatively mild.
AugustaM in Night Knocker
"As I reached for the door handle to throw open the door, the hair on my neck went up. I felt a cold chill go over me and a sudden feeling of doom. I pulled my hand away from the door handle and up to the door shade to peer out into the night."

From the way I read it, she never did open the door. And I can speak to mothers and neighbors showing up at inopportune moments - sometimes you just don't want to get caught in a towel and if that means an unannounced guest gets inconvenienced for a few minutes for having inconvenienced you, no injustice there.

Frankly, even if she did step out on the porch, I can muster a decent amount bravado there in the false sense of security of the porch lights' glow and proximity to my own threshold but not necessarily enough to venture one step beyond that if faced with something frightening.
Hi Jubeele,

I just wanted to say how beautiful and well written your account is and thank you for sharing it.

Since the current crisis has started both my Mum and I have sensed the spirit of my Dad around much more and we think he's checking in on us and making sure that we're safe.

It's always comforting to know that love and familial bonds continue after passing.

Blessed be.
NorthCoastie19 in Man In The Driveway
A WWI tombstone could be made out of anything if it was a private purchase by the family - the official military tombstones in US Miltary cemeteries (such as Arlington National Cemetery) are in fact made out of white marble (

Another suggestion to the OP is to go to and do a search for the name on the tombstone to see what comes up. Just seems very odd, and horribly disrespectful, that someone would use a tombstone as a porch step.
I would imagine a WWI tombstone to be made of stone, limestone perhaps? Not white marble, that would be commemorative, surely. Either way grave robbing is highly illegal.
The way the neighbour just says 'flip the marble step it's a tombstone' how did the neighbour know? Did they dump the marble tombstone themselves? I'd be calling the cops or sherif whomever you call for things like this. But wait... Oh it's Halloween! That explains it.

Honestly, the YGS community is growing more gullible by the day.
I'm sure the OP will rationalise or ignore my post but this whole thing, like his/her last one, feels like one of them Hallmark productions.

Your adopted name takes me back to the days of a young Mad Max, his black XB Falcon Pursuit Special and his trusty blue heeler.

My dad didn't talk about "The War", but he did mention "Those Yanks" and their knack for getting whatever they needed. He also told me that they would always be there beside you when things got tough.

Reading your experiences and particularly your reactions reminds me of the (supposedly) laid back Aussie attitude when facing extraordinary situations... "Yeah, don't worry mate, they're harmless".

You've left me to ponder (once again) whether most old buildings or sites attract their fair share of spirits/echoes from the past or it is you and your ability that draws them out.

It is also possible that your relaxed attitude may help them feel comfortable too, rather than scare them off with a big hullabaloo.

I hope one day that you can tell us the story behind picking XBFALCON74 as your name, considering that being listed as a "young adult" could put your birthday around 1974 or later.

Anyway, stay safe and keep an eye out for those snakes, especially brown snakes and taipans.

Twilight1011 in Memory Lane
Hey Miandra, and to whoever else who may care to know 😜 I finally submitted a new experience of mine, so y'all can read whenever it comes on here. I had said that I would let you know, when I did submit it, since I have talked some about it on here previously, and said I would share it soon. Hope it's ok, I don't feel that it is that scary or anything, but it was definitely freaky to have experienced.
Twilight1011 in Memory Lane
Hey Miandra, I sent you an email the other day, and wanted to make sure if I sent it to you or not? Just wanting to know if I got the right email? Hope all is going good your way 😊
Thank you all for responding.
My mom's dementia was in it's final stages and she wouldn't have known me. Pretty sure she didn't know who I was the last time I saw her which was back in November. Her passing was a blessing for sure.
I have no doubt that my parents are together now. That dream felt so "normal" if you will, watching them drive. My parents did everything together.
Mrs Ramsay, my parents were so connected to that Lake house. They actually built it together. The roof was put on and the outside shell. They installed electrical, plumbing, furnace, bathroom, kitchen, etc. I believe that's why they brought me there in my dream.
I have also dreamed of my 1st house as you say. It's like I'm suddenly there as if it's any other day and I realize that it's not mine anymore and start to panic about the new owners coming back. This dream has happened at least 3 times. Who the h*ll knows what that means! I also dream about the house I grew up in. Countless dreams I've had. When the house was up for sale I was able to go through it and since then, I hardly dream about it anymore.
NorthCoastie19 in Man In The Driveway
Hello: I am very interested about this tombstone... Perhaps there is a grave somewhere on the property that corresponds and the tombstone has been removed causing the spirit concern? I would contact the local VFW or American Legion and tell about it. At the very least they might be able to help you find information on this person. If you have a WWI vet's grave somewhere on your property an the marker has been displaced, grave lost as a result etc., that is a pretty big deal - newsworthy.
AugustaM in My Path Has Begun
When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, Christianity uses altars, rituals, metaphorical sacrifice, amulets and charms too. It's all semantics. Religions around the world have spent countless amounts of time and energy flinging doom, gloom and the devil at other religions while holding their own ways up as the only path to salvation - when the fact is at their most basic levels, they functionally have more in common than they would ever dare admit.

Just because a thought process is different from our own doesn't make it wrong, crazy or of the devil.

I have an altar in my home and practice rituals as does a neighbor in my building. My nieces split time living with me and she has a child of her own. None of the children have been negatively impacted by the "alternative" religious practices of the adults around them; no more than a child is harmed when taken to church with their parents. On a practical level, most adults with children in the home know of at least one place where they don't want the children to go - say a sewing room, for example where all your tools and cut pieces are laid out "just so" and little hands would doubtless lay ruin to the order in no time - the same goes for a space where the most important things have been "laid out" and put in place metaphysically in addition to carefully arranged altars.

I remember when I was a kid, I could never go into my mom's room when she wasn't in it - it wasn't because there was any sort of a rule against it or ghost in there or even anything non-Christian going on (she's a lapsed Catholic with atheistic leanings), it's just that the space was so very much her own that it just didn't feel right being in there without her.

I'm not sure about the specifics of your beliefs and practices, spiritwaiting, but perhaps you have attracted an entity whose identity could be explained by the teachings of your belief system. A Christian might say demon - someone with more pagan leanings might say a brownie - another might caution that it is a djinn - each with their own reasonings and implications. Without knowing much about your belief system (and I'm not saying you are under any expectation to reveal those beliefs here) it's hard to really say.

Did you get any particular feelings when you heard it scampering about? Did the crystal seem to need "recharging" when you found it on the floor? Did you sense any lingering energy on it?

As yet, the voices haven't come across with anything threatening to say and the activity has been only inquisitive - moreover, you seem to have a good handle on the practices you carry out in your own home and a sense of well-being. Whereas I can't tell you WHAT you may have on your hands, I do get the feeling that you have a good head on your shoulders and are approaching this with the necessary caution and respect.
Hi XBFalcon,

Thanks for sharing your cool experiences thanks also for all the research!

There's something about warehouses and mobile homes they seem to be the location of many vivid and active hauntings. That doesn't have much to do with your experience but it's a detail that jumped out. Wish we understood more about how the heck ghosts do what they do and if a building's shape/materials/whatever played a part in making things possible or more likely to happen.

You're lucky to work with open minded people and share the experiences with them!

Btw do you watch Detectorists?
First of all, you write beautifully- your account was a joy to read!

It would be interesting to find our more about the way the bus wrecked - by the way that three tires were salvaged while one was left shredded in place makes me suspect that a tire blow out could be a likely enough possibility. Perhaps ask around to see if anyone has any recollection of the incident? Maybe there is a reason why it's been left in place. Did it appear to be an older bus or something more modern?

Eeek! The threat of snakes would've definitely kept me from that particular adventure!
LadyMonticello in Man In The Driveway
The snake was tan in color. In Michigan the only poisonous snake we have is Rattler and it was NOT a rattler. The snakes are mostly gone now or at least I do not see them anymore. I dress appropriately when walking around the property (snake boots).
8-bitDemigod in The Heart Of The Matter
Hmmmmm, that's some seriously creepy stuff. I would ask around about the bus. Who owned it, how it got where it is, etc. The locals seem to be aware that there's *something* out in that area to be wary of, maybe they can shed some light on it. Trust your insticts though. If you start to feel like pursuing these answers may lead to something dangerous then don't feel bad about abandoning the search.
Hello, DarriuxDarkk,

Thank you for responding to my post.

I don't know of a way to accurately describe the pressure or radiating force I experienced. At one point I was pushed to get my attention. I was physically touched by a non-physical invisible something. There was an abrupt force that moved my upper body forward. That was minor and totally different from the energy this "something" radiated or projected. I do not understand why the woman in the car with me could be unaware of what was happening. I can only conclude that the supernatural remains beyond our understanding while we nibble at its edges as we seek to learn more about it.

What makes this so troubling for me is simple - Why me? Of the millions enduring marital hardship or failure, why bother with me? Preventing the marriage was absolutely the goal. It it became clear someone was trying to protect me from myself, though I only learned that after the marriage.

I was in Damascus, Syria many years ago meeting with a very talented psychic. She struggled with the reading, then said "You have 3 children but you are not married, how can this be?" Two, I said. "No, 3. One you don't know about. But you are not married. I don't understand."

I can only say that my personal circumstances were so bad that I never committed to being married, though I was legally bound. How bad can it be? I used to walk to work during artillery bombardments. My employees told me it was too dangerous to do that. I countered with, "It's okay, I'm married.

Is my marriage okay? Absolutely not. Part 2 of my story will tell much more and help make sense out of what I presented in part 1.

Thank you for your comment. I'm relieved to know someone felt something when entities were invoved.

I'm sorry for your loss and that covid prevented you from seeing your mom. That must've been so hard for you. My heartfelt sympathy.

When you mentioned the lake house I just got chills. I firmly believe my mom and step dad (mom passed away in 2013, step dad in 2006) are somehow in the afterlife at their lake house!

I can't even say why, but have had dreams of them up there and it's "our" lake house, but not quite... Just different. Every time I have the dream, maybe 3-4 times now, I'm there, but all of a sudden I realize I'm NOT supposed to be there and I need to get everything together and leave before "the new owners" show up and discover me there. I'm not sure if it's more about my parents being there or the fact we sold the house. But maybe there is something to the idea that we "retire" to our dream place?
MrsRamsay in Man In The Driveway
Question "what kind of snakes were they?" made me smile. You're such a southerner! Snake, no prob, what kind? Copperhead, kill it. Any other kind: yay, a snake!
MrsRamsay in Man In The Driveway
Hi Lady M. What an exciting time for your son and daughter in law and how lucky they are to have your help!

First, you mention the neglect and the tall grass, ideal for snakes. You could look at the bright side: where there are snakes there probably aren't any vermin (mice/rats)!

The tombstone step is strange. You should talk again to the neighbor, why I wonder didn't she tell you the background story to it? It IS possible that it was made but never used... If you go on you can usually find records, and I would try and do that at least to start.

The man you both saw and the lights: It's possible they were apparitions, but maybe he was just checking you guys out. I moved into a much loved home where the older couple had passed away. It didn't even register when we bought the home, but when I moved in with my two toddlers (while husband was in Afghanistan) it just FELT like maybe I wasn't alone. And I had lived alone for a long time, rarely been nervous about it. I certainly didn't peer too intently into the dark and empty family room before I got my furniture! It just felt like I would see something. And we had lights flick on or turn off when we walked into this one hall or master bath. That little bell on the refridgerator that dings if it's left open would start dinging the minute I got into bed (this happened for weeks, and I finally dug out the instruction book from a basement file left behind to see why else the dinger would be happening, never did find a reason, but then it just stopped!). The gas stove light clicker sometimes still goes off for no reason (I have to check and check it to make sure no gas is escaping).

Now, after 8 years here, I'm remodeling the kitchen and we're down to the bare bones (tiling the floor tomorrow!). We removed two Roman columns that the previous owner had erected between the kitchen and the family room. I will admit I sort of "explained" to thin air the day before we started that the kitchen was REALLY in need of renovation, and promised that we wouldn't be touching it except -- everything was falling apart. I promised (to the air) that it would be just a few weeks of inconvenience and then it would be beautiful and we'll "all be in it together." Sort of laughed at myself. But the evening that those columns came down, my son and I were sitting in the family room (he's 15). I noticed him look up at the fireplace mantle and in the next second, an antique plate that's been in a stand up there for 8 years just sort of fell over gently. The first thought I had was, "Florence (former owner) is letting me know that she knows about the columns." My son immediately said, "MOM, a GHOST!" Teasing me. I asked him why he looked up there BEFORE the plate went over and he said he didn't know. In any case, I'm just sharing this because, until something is really SCARY, well, try not to be scared. (However, way out in the country, I would not go investigate things alone, you never know! Glad they have a big dog) Best of luck to your kids. Please let us know how things are going with the house!
Hi LadyMonticello,

It's very sad that the tombstone was being used as a step. Who knows where the tombstone is supposed to be; but he will probably be happy if it is no longer being used as a step. It makes you wonder why someone would even use something like that - maybe it's just something that goes over my head.

What kind of snakes were they?

- Maria
Hello XBF, welcome back to YGS!

I really enjoyed reading this account of your more recent experiences. I appreciate your writing skills, with hardly any detectable 'Stralian accent (just kidding; I'm from Kentucky, and our accent is hard to miss). And I've always liked the Aussie way of speaking, along with the amazing (and often impenetrable) slang terms.

A slightly squeamish question concerning your description about the "bits" left over from when the tank crews did field cleaning of their damaged tanks... I immediately wondered about what this term referred to. If they tank crew members, I could definitely see how the cleaning area might accumulate some sort of residual energy, unpleasant as this might sound.

In any event, welcome back, and please post more of your experiences on the site!

Hi Tweed,

My apologies for the late response! Been very busy this week!

What's crazy about that situation was that I wasn't expecting it to happen at all. I have read plenty of stories about a person's untimely death and also viewed their obituaries while feeling a bit sorry for them but that's where it ended. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and I didn't expect it to.

But this time was the first time a spirit actually tried to manifest while I was reading about them. I think that tells me that this particular spirit was REALLY trying to reach out to someone and is not at rest.

I think that was a good way to look at it when you mentioned that maybe Rusty didn't like being the subject of a ghost hunt. Spirits were once people too. They are not just some dumb "side attractions" void of any feelings. So what you said could've very well been a factor, who knows?

I also agree that there isn't really any info on who Rusty was as a person. Not even so much as a photo is available on any of his obituaries. So as far as who he actually was in life is left to those who actually knew him personally.

But apparently his spirit wants to let those who show some interest in him feel the pain he was suffering up to his final moments here on earth.

Since then I have spoke to Rusty (with confidence that he was around listening, as spirits are always around) and related to him that his suffering is understandable and that he doesn't need to carry the burden of guilt with him for eternity. I assured him that he is in a better place with no suffering and that he should move on to the light so that he will be at peace. I really hope he has finally found it ❀
By the way, when you mentioned details that were "fussy" (fuzzy?)... That's the way I describe things in my life that happen that are of a spiritual nature. I have decided, based on nothing scientific what so ever, that dreams or waking incidents or just the act of putting two and two together, connecting dots about the spiritual world and its effect on our lives are by their nature fuzzy. Someone once told me that it says in the Bible that the world beyond the veil is not supposed to be of our focus, that we're to focus on LIFE, and I just wonder if that's why the fuzziness surrounding some of these incidents or if it's just us getting older. Anyway, I started keeping a journal and a photograph file for when this kind of stuff pops up.
Your story struck a cord with me, LG.
My late husband spent the last 3-4 months of his life at a Catholic nun-run hospice. He had brain cancer and we just could not take care of him at home any more, we had two young kids, toddlers, and his situation had become pretty bad. There were nuns assigned to their patients, and his nun was Sister Depores, I suppose not her real name, but her nun name (I'm Methodist, so don't quite get all that). Anyway, Sister D. Was older and stern, and a complete professional when it came to his care. I spent almost every day with him and got to know her just peripherally, and am certain we were discussed by her and all the nuns as we were 32 years old, a younger family going through a lot. She ministered to my husband though, not me, so was distant. As he got closer to death, she presented my two little ones with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that she had sewed, homemade, beautiful and truly a wonderful gesture. The kids loved them and they've been special to us for over two decades, a reminder of Sister D. And her special care.

One night over a decade ago, I had a dream that I had come out of a classroom in my old middle school and standing there by the lockers was Sister D. She didn't talk to me, I didn't see the details of her face, just knew it was her. It was really vivid and I have no idea why I dreamed of her after something like 12 years.

I pondered it and wondered if she had passed away, and if so, why would I dream about her? This seems similar to your situation. I cannot say for sure (this is the part I hesitate to write) but think I called the hospice after that dream to find out about her. It's very fuzzy, and I'm not sure why, but was I told she had passed on? I don't remember if I had THOUGHT about calling, or I actually did call... Life was very busy back then). It's a mystery, but maybe it has something to do with... When someone in life touches your soul and makes an impression.? Thanks for the story, I enjoyed it. Mrs. R.
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi Tweed
Haha, yeah possums can be rowdy buggers. They sound so creepy and they love running across roofs. Mum doesn't think it was possums though but I guess you had to be there to know. She just felt that something wasn't right there and wanted to make themselves known.
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi AugustaM
I asked my parents and they describe a pan toilet as like a toilet seat with a steel drum inclosed underneath. It had a door in the back of it and every Friday a guy would come and remove the waste. He would then dispose of it at the sewage farm. My parents hated it but the house still had it because it wasn't connected to the town sewer. My Dads parents were promised that the line would be connected but it wasn't until the early nineties. They only got a flushing toilet then. (They were too cheap to buy a septic tank).
When they told me about it I thought it was gross! Lol.
Sleeping-with-steve in My Cousin Attended Her Own Funeral
Hello Oceana,
It was a mistake. You've told everyone and it wasn't intentional, so don't lose sleep over it. Life is so precious and it's not worth being sad about things that can't be changed. All you can do is move forward and continue to be forthright and honest.
Best wishes,
SWS. 😘
LightMight in Night Knocker
Thanks for coming here and filling us in with some of the back history about your story; it explained a lot. Also, it's good to read that everything worked out well for your family.
Take Care, LightMight
LadyMonticello in Night Knocker
At that time I could not afford to move. If I was renting it would have been different but I own this place. I work in the big city & crowded places. When I'm home it's very peaceful here & quiet. If it had not stopped I would have moved. But my Corgis and I are happy here.
I'm 27. Sophie is mid 20s and my other cousin was late teens.
I know it was confusing and I can't undo the past, but if I could I would.
Sleeping-with-steve in My Cousin Attended Her Own Funeral
Hello Oceana,
Thanks for coming back and clearing things up. I read the comments in the other threads, and both you and Sophiethunder have had to do a lot of explaining after you both used the same PC and logged in as the wrong person, which confused members. Thus, planting doubt about who you are and that you may possibly be the same person. This must be hard on you along with the death of your 'other' cousin.
Everyone deserves a chance to makes things right. I read in one of the threads how sorry you were that you logged in as your cousin.
I truly feel bad for everything you are going through with the loss of your 'other' cousin.
I hope things improve for you.

You say you are not a child. Do you mind if I ask how old you are, how old is Sophiethunder, and how old was your 'other' cousin?

Best wishes,
No, Sophie isn't dead, one of my other cousins is. And this is the story of when I saw her at her own funeral.
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Somehow I know that feeling of energy pressure you described. I've felt that kind of sensation on apparitions or places with strong energy imprint. I'm curious though, why did the entity try to stop you on your wedding? After so many years do you have any inclination as to why that happened? Is your marriage ok?
The story is literally about how your cousin is dead. Then, now in your last comment you said she isn't and that she's fine...

This is so ridiculous and a waste of everyones time. πŸ™„
Haha I looked up pan toilet too. I think it's one of those hole in the floor squatting affairs. But I don't understand why a home in Australia would have one on account of being an old home. That's very random indeed.

SammyToucan, you've probably thought of this but possums make the most ridiculous bangs trying to muscle their way into a new home. If your mum hadn't lived in an older home before she probably never encountered an alpha male possum posing as a drunk wrestler. I grew up old homes and all of them had possum problems. Like extreme loud banging in the wee hours. Including dropping from great heights, like chimneys, onto the roof. Must be a dominance ritual, they're bloody wrestlers I tells ya.
Got a funny feeling you'll disagree, but I really think this was a rowdy possum. πŸ™„
Whatever...can we just move on?

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13... That should do.
But Oceana... You literally said it was sophie that-
Ok never mind
I tell you what's really happening.
Sophie and I are different people, just the same family. We were raised together. Everyone seems to have this crazy delusion that we are the same person. I don't mind that, people have a right to their own opinion.
It's insane how one mistake can make everyone question things and no matter how much I protest, nothing will ever change.
Sophie left because she knew people linked us together, and with her gone, maybe someone would finally think of us as seperate people.
Sophiethunder1 wasn't my cousin. She seemed to think she could pretend to be her and then accuse me of stuff that never happened. I never killed her off, because she's not dead, she's fine.
Any more questions?
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Ok this has little to do with the main thrust of this account but I can't help it, I'm stuck on it and can't get past it - what's a pan toilet? I googled it and couldn't get anywhere and I just can't take being stumped!
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Hello Melda,
I can't go through all the comments today, but I will this week. Thank you for the information.

Lady-Glow, I was confused after seeing sophiethunders' comment saying that she's alive and presumed it was an impostor after reading Oceana's reply, and so I left a second message.

All too complicated, but you and Melda have helped make some sense of this.

PS: Oceana, You have help here at YGS when you are ready to talk about what's actually happening. Help is given to everyone without bias but you have to be forthright and honest.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀ 😘

"Think of it this way if a child was standing in front of you would you say this to them? If the answer is no, then don't post it."

When my children were little and told me something too fantastic, I used to coax them into telling me the truth by saying "that's great, now please tell me what really happened". They grew up knowing that I would listen to them but wouldn't be misled... Specially if/when a pile of evidence was pointing against their fantasy.

Peace to all.
TravisCannabis & Others who are confused.

Look in the directory for stories listed under countries and go to England. There you will find Sophiethunder, who deleted her account. You will find her stories. Make sure to read the comments. There are members of this site who believe that sophiethunder and Oceana are the same person. I myself am strongly convinced that they are.

By the way, I don't think that Oceana is a child. I have reasons for saying that but over the past year or two I've had a number of spats with the "duo" and don't intend to continue it here.

So Travis, light a doobie and if you have the time, do the research.

Regards, Melda
WTF? So who's saying that she's still alive? I'm confused. Is the site being haunted? πŸ˜• 😁
I need a doobie to help me understand this crap. Lol. 😁
Sleeping-with-steve in My Cousin Attended Her Own Funeral
Hello Oceana,
It's a good thing that you haven't seen her in a while. Hopefully that means she has moved on.

I know this must be a difficult time for you. If I can share this, my only comfort based from my loss of my dad and brother, and that is, remember all the happy times. Remember everything that you both did that was fun and remember how much you both cared for each other.

Be brave Oceana. My thoughts are with you.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
Who's a child?
I'm not.
I never said anything happened on this site. I never used this sites name.
I put this on here to tell my experience of my cousin's passing and I don't want to say which cousin. I want to keep that to myself.
Anyway, I haven't seen her in ages now, so she's probably moved on.
Hola OCGirl,

How awesome it must be to know that your mother is still there to sooth and offer you comfort. I wish I knew who looks after me. My mother is still with me, I didn't really know my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandmother was really not a fan of mine LOL. But, I am sure that someone does look over me.

Thanks for reading.
Just posting this in case the OP is reading or maybe will in the future when they're older.

There's a type of epilepsy which can produce strange hallucinations. I don't know the specifics of what it's like only that it doesn't include seizures. Not saying I think the OP has this. But if the OP is struggling for a diagnosis, either now or in time, there's another possibility to check off the list.

It also could be paranormal, and for that I'd suggest getting help from either people here or someone you feel comfortable opening up to.

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