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Hi Melda,

I also think much of what happened goes beyond Poltergeist activity. There were personal interactions. I do think that I was creating some of the problem with my emotional state though. The circumstances that led to my divorce in the Spring of 2019 were beyond reasonable differences - when I moved back in with my parents, I was so furious at my ex-husband that I could almost feel the negative energy radiating out of me.

If I were a lost spirit, I would have seen my energy level, at that time, as a luminous beacon in the dark. So, you are probably right. Maybe something lost was attracted to me because I could help it.

Thank you for reading my story and for your thoughtful perspective!

- Maria

I don't mind if you call me by my screen name or my first name, Maria. Either one is good. I think the activity took a while to build up before all three of us, who were living in the house, were ready to talk to each other about it. Especially my stepfather. I noticed strange things long before I would say anything about them too.

I moved in with them in May 2019 but they (my parents) had only been there since February 2019. It is entirely possible that the activity escalated when I got there because of my emotional state.
Hi VeronicaMarie,

It was extremely confusing for my stepfather's name to come up. Colin insisted that the boy came out of my house.

The little boy who died there was named George Lawson - and I was mistaken about TB. He died of dropsy at the age of 12. The property records show that a house used to be in the immediate area; but it was demolished at the end of the 1800's to make room for the railroad tracks.

The child spirit probably had nothing to do with George. There were many families in the area and "Mark" was common enough of a name.

We didn't go to the cemetery ourselves. The guy at the library showed it to us on Google Maps.

- Maria
Thank you all for responding. Lealeigh, I haven't experienced sleep paralysis to date but I've certainly felt the veil of the "in between" is less solid when I wake during the night and then fall back to sleep. I would also like to mention my mother is in the final stages of dementia. She's completely bed ridden and hospice is involved. My sister is her primary care giver since I live a thousand miles away. I've dreamed a lot about my mom recently and I've heard when someone has dementia or Alzheimer's they are in between our world and the next. In fact, last night I dreamed that she passed and I hope she's getting closer. This is not living!
Hello Nikachi
Its great to hear from another devotee of Swami Maharaj such as yours. I hope you and your sister are doing well due to Swami's grace and protection. Yes, my grandmother had dedicated rest of her life to Swami's teachings and I do to believe that she is happy and at peace in his presence. Shree Swami Samartha
Hello LeaLeigh,

I don't know how I missed this post of yours. 🤔

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to know who was in the closet, who threw the concrete, and who the ghost child is.

Please keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Off it goes to my favourites along with your others. 😉

Best wishes,
Melda in 9 Lives
blckwdnsdy - Cats do have a habit of roaming around and returning and more than likely after a length of time they would have suffered some form of trauma - fear, hunger, being chased by dogs as well as humans and the biggest nightmare of all, invading other cats' territory.

Fortunately none of my cats disappeared for longer than 24 hours but when they returned they were undoubtedly stressed out.

You're right about the NINE LIVES!

How awful for you and your little sister to encounter a dead cat at the park. Perhaps there were a number of wild cats that inhabited that park and what you saw was a look-alike? I can't say but I prefer logical explanations.

Regards, Melda
Lealeigh - This doesn't sound like poltergeist activity to me. I'm no expert but just my humble opinion.

I think that the piece of concrete thrown at you was simply to attract your attention, by whichever spirit was there at the time, perhaps the boy spirit, perhaps not. The impression I get is that there were a few of them hanging around seeking attention.

Also, have you considered that they were using Colin and Mark and therefore indirectly you yourself, to release them from their bond to this realm?

Just a thought. I'm happy that you did the cleansing. Hopefully you assisted them to move on, which is perhaps what they wanted to do all along.

Regards, Melda

I was debating on the conscience wheather I'll call you "Lealeigh" or "Maria", considering it will be a little informal on my side (atleast my belief). But as a genuine compliment you have a quite pleasing name.

Thank you for the reply. Researching the background of the property was a wise decision. The older properties do seemingly have a lot of history attached to them.

However, this one thing which strikes my mind is

Why it all happened on a sudden instance? If the boy had died long ago, assuming the fact it was never witnessed before.

Probably the emotional turmoil in the house had aided this event?

The closest woman don't have any particular reasoning for her apperance but glad everything subsided without any harm.

[at] RCRuskin Hey there, as I mentioned in the story the video got deleted somehow but I will try some way to recover it and make sure to post it here if I do. Thank you.
[at] aussiedaz Hey Daz! Yes I remember the little boy picture you're talking about. I'm not sure if it is legit or not but I hope it is. It might've been related to the little boy somehow, I'm not sure though, the video I took just looked like a white mass. I like to be as skeptical as possible so I didn't really believe I caught a ghost on camera in the beginning. But when I showed it to other people they seemed to believe it was one. I just really wish I still had the video to verify if it was a real ghost or just smth else.
[at] DancingSheDevil yes you can post it on your YouTube channel if you'd like to do so:)
[at] Tweed Thankyou for reading my experience... I understand, it's really frustrating and I wonder what made the video get deleted. It definitely makes me wonder if I did it accidentally or if it was something else...
[at] Cosmos yes definitely! I will try to recover the video anyhow, and if I am able to, I will make sure to post the link here. Thankyou for reading my experience, I know it is super hard to believe specially when I claim to have evidence but don't have anything to show...
Hello kkaelyn1,

I must say it is quite an odd habit of going to a graveyard of all places for a night trip.

I also abide by Maria's questions What did you witnessed on that hill?

An apparation? A solid ghost? A demon? A chainsaw man?

I'm quite curious about that chainsaw noise. Where do you think it came from?

Finally, what did you ask the "spirit board" that it showed "grave yard"

Honestly, you haven't described or even mentioned any ghostly creature here so it 8s indeed difficult to determine what had happened to you in the first place?

Secondly, If a person is terrified of anything then he/she will try to maintain the distance from it in any possible way rather than asking questions about the paranormal through a "spirit board" or " Ouija board" which should not be opened in the condition of a distracted mind. I kind of just can't agree with your logic at all.

[at] MrsRamsay I agree with you! It is super frustrating, I will definitely make sure to make a separate folder and keep checking on it the next time I get a video like that, it has very low chances of happening though...
[at] silverthane61 I understand your point! I like to be skeptical no matter what too. I will try a few things and if I am able to recover the video, I will make sure to post the link.
[at] WisconsinLady Thankyou for your warm welcome! And I'm so sorry for the late reply! I actually took the video on my phone and unfortunately did not save a file on my computer, do you know any other way I could get the deleted video back? I will literally try anything I have to at this point so that people will at least believe me. Thankyou so much, you seem really kind!
Hello Becca4713,

A series of unflinching experiences indeed, the ones to keep you awake all night.

This was in all sense a negative haunting considering how it had occasionally tried to cause harm to your kids, especially your toddler.
I must applaud the fact that you adjusted in that household for 4 years being in the midst of all these unpleasing events. I'm glad you decided to move out of the place.

I'm wondering about a few things:

This haunting seemed more like a residual one. So, I'm assuming you're not the first tenants to experience it.

Did the rental owner ever discussed anything about this house prone to hauntings?

I find it annoying when for a few papers of money people often are ready to risk someone's life.

Have you tried to ask any previous tenants regarding this encounter?

Well, in the last paragraph you've mentioned that your new home is still giving bad vibes. I don't want to jump into conclusions but it can be possible that any entity have attached itself on you. I will suggest you to perform a cleansing ritual, if you can't choose any to begin with please check out the profile of Rookdygin for an effective and efficient ritual.

Fascinating story,Maria. I'm sort of stuck on your stepfather hearing 'Mark,' and the little boy asking where Mark was as well. Seems virtually impossible that Colin could have been talking about your stepdad, since neither of you had ever met the boy before. I keep wondering if there really was a little boy in the area coincidentally named Mark, maybe the little boy who died of tuberculosis. Is there any way to check out where this family was buried? As for the voice in the closet, and the footsteps going into your mom's room... Goosebumps right now! I'm very glad that the cleansing worked, but can't help wondering just who that was in the closet.

I am happy that you enjoy reading the things that I write. The feeling is mutual!

I agree. The child spirit wanted to connect with living people very badly. It resorted to actions that I think a living child would - throwing objects, scaring people in the yard at night. My stepfather is, for some reason, a person that all children like - even though he acts far more elderly than his years.

Whenever I hear about the ghosts of children, I usually think that the spirit is not what it seems. However, in this case, I am inclined to think that it may have been a real child's ghost:

After the situation with Colin and the piece of concrete that hit me in the yard, I went to the library and looked at old property records. In the 1850's a man owned our property as part of a larger plantation. Both his son and daughter died of tuberculosis at young ages and were buried nearby. It may be that his son is a spirit that has stuck around. Maybe he couldn't find his way, since he was a child and may not have understood enough about death to be able to find a connection between death and his own circumstances.

The voice in my mom's closet was not welcome. Everything else that was going on seemed harmless. I ended up having to do Rook's Cleansing by myself because I did not have the support of my parents. They were willing to say that there was something funny going on; but not moved to do anything about it.

I think that the Cleansing was aided by my strong will and ability to set boundaries with people - living or otherwise. Like I said, I am glad that you enjoyed reading my story and for your thoughtful comments!

Hello Lealeigh,

First of all, I'll applaud your detailed writing ability, your descriptive narratives are often my pleasure to read.

You seemed to have been experiencing quite unnerving series of events.

About the child spirit, I could be clearly visualise that it was craving for some human attention in any ways considering how he tried to bother your step-father and that little Collin boy. But the behaviour of this spirit seemed to be likely shady to me. Since it was discussing about your step-father to the child can mean that probably he was quite attracted to him. Probably is legitimate for a child spirit to do. I don't think so.

Before you started interrogating this Collin boy a cement boulder attacked you. Probably the spirit wasn't pretty impressed with the idea or wanted to stop you nonetheless.

The closet incident was quite freaky. I admire your presence of mind and guidance of actions in this matter. Rookdygin's ritual was probably the best possible thing to be done and you're indeed courageous to perform the entire ritual all alone.

Hello EnglishEmpath,

I'll not lie but I was quite eagerly awaiting your posts since your past one. I find it fascinating as to how you had allowed these attached entities to stay and also have quite fun encounter with them.

The little girl entity probably would have been frightened by your son's throw. I'm amazed at her frequent interactions considering how much is she comfortable in your household.

I was quite curious regarding the man spirit but it seems like he's pretty playful in nature. Somewhat these instances are evidence that find themselves quite at ease in your house or probably consider you a family.

Hopefully, your son be able to make amends with the little girl and maybe they can play together sometimes.

Alina5 in The In-between
Hello Suzy,

I find it fascinating concept of "in-between" is more difficult to explain than the incidents which are considered completely paranormal in nature.

In one of my recent encounters, I did witnessed a spirit orb, appearing from a corner and disappearing in thin air. I, myself don't want to consider it as a dream since it was pretty viable in my case that it was not.

In my opinion, there is a time period when we are in the most vulnerable form exposing ourselves to the outside world. It is considered as spiritual awakening or developing the ability to sense the energies surrounding you.

If you want a logical reasoning on this context, many posters might give it as the phenomena of "ball lighting" but I, on my part don't believe any logical explanation would satisfy it.

EXTERMINATOR - I think the OP isn't talking about cleansing the cards of any pathogens and germs, but about negative energy or bad vibration hence requiring a cleansing method that probably would include prayers, sage, incense, sunshine, the light of the full Moon, or other.

Clorox and Mister Clean are strong cleanser, just not intended for this kind of task.

Thanks for the laugh!
Lealeigh in 9 Lives
Hello blckwdnsdy,

If your friend's cat was missing for such a long amount of time, there's no telling what happened to it. I do not doubt that it spent much of its time being in fear - from other animals or moving vehicles or just from being away from comfortable surroundings. Poor little cat, it was a miracle that your friend was able to recover it after so long. Over time, the cat may go back to acting normal.

It's strange that her boyfriend had a dream about the cat coming back. Maybe he was very close to their pet. I have dreams about my cat - constantly. He does all kinds of things in my dreams.

Well, it's a shame that our pets cannot tell us about their feelings or adventures. Your friend's cat probably has a few lives taken away from its standard nine!

Thank you for submitting your story.

- Maria
Hello Jasmine08. That was an interesting experience you shared with us. It is believed that when a soul is close to leaving it's physical body, other spirits and the grim reaper lie in wait, which could explain the entity your grand-dad saw.

Yes. It was a little weird. This experience is why I have recommended Rook's Cleansing many times. It stayed calm in and around the house until March 2020, when I moved to Florida. I hope the next people to live there don't run into any problems.

Thank you for reading my story!
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Clicking Tarot Cards
Hello Ceepsake. Your story about your Tarot cards is interesting; you keep mentioning that you need to cleanse the deck?, have you tried using disinfectant applied to a lint-free cloth?, you will need to do this cleansing to each Tarot card individually using disinfectant.

The radio part though sounds like an episode of celebrity ghost stories, there was an episode I think with Hayley Duff and a radio that did the same thing with the turning on and off it may be on You Tube, or once was, sometimes they block content of shows that are copyrighted.

Anyway, so glad that you got out of that house.
lady-glow in The In-between
Hi Suzy.

That's interesting.
I usually practice yoga before going to bed, during the relaxation period at the end of the session, it's common for me to "see" unusual things like dancing golden trees and exploding lights always in the most vivid colours.
Perhaps that's my in-between?

I think a person's awareness is at its peak during this in-between time.

Was your experience paranormal? I don't know, but it seems like something nice to have seen.

Thanks for sharing.
That. Is. Freaky.

This story is really unnerving buy I'm glad the cleansing methods worked for you.
lady-glow in 9 Lives
"But the cat came back the very next day,
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
But the cat came back; it just couldn't stay away.
Away, away, yea, yea, yea"

Would it be possible that somebody took the dead cat away while you were not watching?

As for your friends cat, perhaps it experienced a somehow traumatic experience during its time away that made it change its behavior.

Once, one of my female cats was gone for a couple of days and when she came back was hiding under the furniture and had a watery discharge coming from her behind, I took her to the vet and was told that it was possible that a tom got romantic with her regardless than she's spayed. She went back to her normal self after few days.

Although I don't discard the possibility of reincarnation, I'm not sure if it is necessary to have a fresh start in a brand new body or if it could happen on an old body, wouldn't that be considered a possession?

Anyway, I hope your friend's cat is doing well.
Lealeigh in Grave Yard Ghost
Hello kkaelyn1 and welcome to YGS,

What did you see up on the hill that frightened you all? Was is the shape of a person or animal? Or, perhaps, a light? How far from the hill-top were you standing when you saw it?

The situation with the car is upsetting and maybe there was energy that could have been associated with the new grave. When you approached the grave, did anyone do any talking that could have provoked a reaction?

As far as the spirit board is concerned - I hope your friend's stepmother wasn't playing a prank on you. That would be mean and irresponsible.

Has anything happened since that night? If not, then that night's events were probably the end of it. You don't need to be afraid. If you still are afraid, maybe it would make you feel better if you came back to the graveyard during the day and left some flowers at that particular grave. Your friend's stepmother did take you guys up there for a scare and it is a little disrespectful to the deceased. Whatever you do, I'm sure that you will be okay.

- Maria
Lealeigh in The In-between
Hello Suzy,

There most definitely is an "in-between". Some people experience Sleep Paralysis during this time - I am one of these people. I actually try to use this in-between sleeping and waking time to my advantage. If I fall back asleep, I have vivid dreams that are unlike my usual variety.

Though you can dream anything imaginable, I am not sure that I would call your experience "just a dream". If there was something or someone reaching out to you, then I am glad that you felt comforted by it. It didn't seem harmful.

- Maria
SpookyTrinidy in Disturbed While Sleeping
I would say it was old hag syndrome if it weren't for the fact that it was the front of somebody laying on me. I didn't see anything odd and I was fully awake. My mother says she will be ordering sage because of other odd things that have happened such as knocking on the walls at 12:00am and off vibes.
Hi Lucia,
Thanks for the comment. The game is a night time game. We never started playing before 10 PM. That night we played until 1 am. That is when we seen the figure. There is no way my friends were going to stay the night. They just wanted to go home. For me I liked their parents but I did not want to stay there either so I walked back home. This way I could sleep in the next day with out any interruptions.
Hi Orora

When I read ' puranpoli' I understood your connection with Swami Maharaj and Maharashtra. Puranpoli is the one which Swami likes a lot. I am from North india but still a devotee of Swami maharaj and associated with dindori seva marg. Due to swami's grace my sister got rid of a very negative energy which would not let her get married and she got married. Swamiji is very powerful and to see him in dreams is really very auspicious. Your granny was very lucky that she had dream about swamiji before her death and swamiji had some provision for her. Sorry for your loss but your granny is in absolutely safest hands. Shree Swami Samarth

Those signs seem odd to me. An encounter with a loved one, shouldn't feel like this. You said about sudden cold and the closet doors. Those don't seem like signs from a loved one to me, they seem to have something else causing them.

Maybe you had an attachement all your life, and being vulnerable at the time of your friend's death, it just got something to feed on.

Take care. I don't think that communicating is a good thing though.
Hello Alina5,
Thank you for reading my experience with such a keen interest. I'm glad you liked it. Also thank you for your references regarding eastern folklore. My grandmother's memories will always be cherished by me and my family. Regards.
Hello Lealeigh,
Thank you reading and liking my experience. I appreciate you extending your condolences. God bless you. Regards.
Hello lady-glow,
Thanks for reading my experience. I will always cherish my grandmother's fond and loving memories. Regards
Hello RCRuskin,
Thank you for reading my experience. I'm glad you liked it. My grandma was indeed a saintly women... She was very kind hearted and would help anyone in distress.
Hello silverthane61,
Thank you very much for reading and liking my experience. What you said is true... There is indeed nothing to fear about death... We only have one thing to remember that the reason we are alive today shows that we died once upon a time and came to being! This is a cycle.
I love stories about haunted hotels...however...has your Employer ever considered letting you stay at a different Hotel? 😁
sophiethunder (guest) in A Ghost In My Kitchen And Bathroom
I've had a bath fill up with no one there. That was pretty weird.
Fenrispro in The Witch
Very vivid account... It must have been horrifying to see those phenomenon. I thought mexicans are mostly catholic? From some shows I saw on tv paranormal witness, there were some using ouija boards. Yea those believe in occult
These are really scary 😨
My school is near the hotel and there are some paranormal activities as well. Not much and not scary at all, but isn't normal at all. In the 3rd floor after 4 o'clock the lamps sometimes just turn off. And sometimes there are footsteps in the restrooms when we're alone. It's kind of scary when no one is there.
LuciaJacinta in A Dark Smokey Wraith!
Interesting, I forgot about the concept of changelings until you brought it up. But the topic is very intriguing to me.
Hello Piscesrising,

As with other similar encounters on this site, the YGS fraternity have put up explanations for your consideration. The Ball Lightning phenomenon holds considerable interest for me and, although it appears to be "explainable", it appears to have properties that are similar to orbs.

What caught my attention was your narrative about experiencing a tingling paralysis, which is very similar to accounts of people coming into contact with ball lightning.

I've attached a link to an extract of an newspaper article recounting events of the 1853 Purple Fire Snowstorm at Bar Harbour in Maine.


The relevant section is titled "Injures but No Deaths".

I am not saying that you were struck or exposed to ball lightning, but it is a fascinating thought (to me) how much the seemingly normal and paranormal have in common.

It is a comforting thought that you were not afraid and have experienced no lasting symptoms.

Take care.

sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
It was £300, or thereabouts
The first house was £700
freakedoutfreddy in A Big Family Holiday
Wow dude, that house is freaking awesome! How much did you pay to stay there and what's the difference with the price for the first house you're going to rent. I bet it was the Buckingham palace. 🤔🤑😁
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
Thanks to SWS and VeronicaMarie for your comments. I was especially intrigued, VeronicaMarie, by your suggestion that perhaps Light Man wasn't a protector but instead on a quest of his own. During my years growing up, before I had ever spoken of what happened to anyone, my young imagination did occasionally entertain thoughts that perhaps Light Man was a life form from another world or a time traveler or just some spiritual being who hung out in a specific geographical area. His aloof demeanor, never looking directly at me, and the manner in which he abruptly matched off left me feeling like he'd been there taking a look at me and then decided to just get going. Over time, I leaned more towards the protector theory which meshed with my religious upbringing. Thanks again for your insightful comments.
My guess is ball lightning. It certainly fits the description and there does not have to be a storm for it to manifest.
I hope everything is better with you

So as I was reading your story and seeing the behavior of this being from the woods as it just watching from outside you intention about inactive Indians it all reminded me of the story I read on a different forum witch is more of occult forum

😳 one of the story is this

I don't want to alarm you but I think that being might be a Skinwalker only that this one is a spirit. I can't find the other story where this person's roommates were attacked by a 3 native indian skinwalkers.

As I was reading your story and you mentioned you lived in a country woods area and the title "evil presence outside" something told me there is a skinwalker in this.

May sound wierd but this is a way how the spirits around me communicated with me.

The best advice I can give is do not make it angry ever and don't feed any attention. Sage and banishment I heard doesn't work on skinwalkers.

I know sounds odd to believe that skinwalkers are real but
We live in a universe with over 100 billion galaxies and each galaxie has over 100 billion planets.
I believe there are more than just Angel's and Demons. The best thing we can do is have an open mind accept that they are real and show respect to any being and stay out of their way if possible and live our own life

Much love
😳 ❤
May her Memory be Eternal.

Your grandmother must have been a saintly lady, for it seems they are the ones blessed with knowing when they shall pass.
Sleeping-with-steve in Light Man
Hello Rjsmith33122,

I'm sorry, I kept saying 'White lady'. I meant LIGHT MAN.

I couldn't help but get a feeling it was a white lady when I was reading your post and it stuck in my head. 🤔

Once again, I apologise for my mistake throughout my comment.

Sleeping-with-steve in Light Man
Hello Rjsmith33122,

I read posts on YGS daily along with comments from YGS members.

I usually vote on the comments and leave without having a say.

I know the many YGS members have so much more knowledge than I do and are able to offer sound advice so I don't usually throw my 2 cents worth in unless something jumps out at me that I'm familiar with.

Your post sent shivers down my spine. I truly affiliated with what you experienced. In my case however the spirit is not a white lady like yours.

Just like you, I can see his features cleary. I also see my surroundings like you did. It feels like I'm awake but I'm frozen and can't move.

I've become strong enough to tell him to get lost, go away, be gone, scoot, whatever comes to my head.

I try to move my arms and sometimes it feels like I have shrugged him off with my arms but the rest of my body is frozen. Other times my entire body is completely frozen.

Enough about my experiences. I thought I'd just give you a snippet of what I've been dealing with before commenting.

I can't explain why sleep paralysis happens, what it means or why these spirits come to some of us and not others. All I know is it is VERY real.

My only suggestion is to read comments and posts on YGS. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn from YGS members. Not only will you get help and support, but you will also learn how to become stronger and fight off your white lady if that's what you wish to do.

Sounds like you like her and want her to stick around. Nothing wrong with that, however, she may be lost. She may need your help getting to the next realm. Perhaps tell her to go to the light IF she ever visits again. A member here on YGS, (Lady-Glow), suggested that to me. It was the last thing I was thinking but it made sense. I told him to go to the light. In my case he comes and goes from wherever he is residing just to annoy me.👻

I hope you find out what this white lady is all about. There's obviously a reason why both you and your brother have both shared her presence.

Best wishes
VeronicaMarie in Light Man
Glad you came back to comment today on this, rjsmith, or I wouldn't have seen this amazing story. It's always so fascinating how decades later, things like this don't ever fade away from our memories.

It was strange when you described what the Light Man looked like, because I suddenly got this very vivid picture in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I've got no psychic abilities whatsoever, yet your description was so detailed that I felt a sense that the Light Man was following some compulsion to make something right, or to find peace about something. Though I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense, since white light doesn't usually conjure up anything distressing.

I've only so far glanced at a few of the comments here, and saw some people saying that maybe he was a protector of you, but oddly enough, my sense was that it wasn't someone who had anything to do with you or your brother at all, but was on his own something.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing story. It's got me curious to look up that area of Louisiana. And I am so sorry that you have had some rough times in the last few months, and hope things are going better for you now.
silverthane61 in A Dark Smokey Wraith!
You have indeed performed some research on both the jinn and changelings. I have nothing to add to your knowledge of the changeling phenomena only to say that the very few stories involving these creatures are hard to prove - especially after they have performed their switch with human babies. I fully support your actions and hope that you do not have any more incidents involving this entity.
You have had an impressively fantastic experience. Thank you so much for sharing this incident with us. May it serve as an example that there is absolutely nothing to fear from death and that whatever awaits us on the other side of the veil is both pleasing and peaceful.
Hello Amena,

It was great to hear more from you. Just a few quick questions to satisfy my curiosity.

Have you ever noticed this creature prior or after this incident?

Is your house prone to the appearance of such entities?

Lastly, do you consider your house as haunted?

I recall in your previous post about a brief discussion on the existence of Jinn. Well, do you believe that your house probably is occupied by one?

Since the entity showed up for a brief interval of time it is quite difficult to comprehend wheather it had any malevolent intentions.

But considering the fact it disappeared as soon as you chanted some holy verses intensifies the doubt of its nature.

It would be interesting to learn other posters' perspective in this matter as to how they view it.

Sorry for not being much of a help. Hopefully, others satisfy you on this context.

Thanks for sharing

Hello 0rora,

What a fascinating experience! You actually experienced a vision of your grandmother's death. I always find it interesting when people experience something which defies the rules of time. Probably serving as as a proof love is the greatest of all powers

Her untimely demise must be a sorrowful event for the family. My condolences on your loss.

In one of my previous posts a fellow YGS member had mentioned the account of Swami Samarth Maharaj, considering how much of a reputed saint he is in the Maharashtra.

But the most interesting part of your narrative was when your Grandmother herself had a dream of her death.

In many East Asian folklores, the boat your grandmother referred to is a boat for souls to cross over the earth to descend towards complete salvation, the river on which the boat floats symbolises the emotional attachment to the material world which it has to detach from in order for salvation. And the fact that Swami Maharaj promised her to join later can mean that she wants to stay and look after her family a bit more before moving on. Very heart-warming indeed.

VeronicaMarie in A Big Family Holiday
Now *that* is a breath-taking house, Sophie! While I haven't yet found any haunted history about that particular house, there is a house fairly nearby called Bitton House, which a group called Haunted Devon have investigated, and which was associated, family-wise, with Canonteign House. Who knows, maybe the ghosts of Bitton House wander over to Canonteign every now and then.
Hello Orora,

Thank you for sharing this touching experience with us. I am very sorry for your loss; but, I am glad that you have such beautiful memories of her to carry with you for your life. I am also glad that she did not seem to fear her death, even though she knew it was coming. May she rest in peace.

- Maria
Hello Orora.

I'm sorry for your loss.

What you had was a precognitive dream letting you know that your grandmother's departure from this plane was coming soon.

In my opinion, one is never really ready when the time comes to face a loved one death regardless of all the warnings one might have gotten.

Cherish your grandmother's memory for all the good times you shared together.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
Thanks to Intermediator and NightlyEclipse for your comments. Sorry I took so long to respond but life has taken a wild and negative turn over the last several months.

Intermediator, I like your observation and comments about sleep paralysis. I was absolutely paralyzed, frozen, could not move. This was the only time in my life 63 years long that I was paralyzed in such a manner. Thank you for your observations!
Wow Sophie! That's a beautiful place. I know this is unrelated to your experience; but, did the interiors of the house look beautiful? I looked up Canonteign after I looked at your link which provided the name of the house.

Very well. Thank you and my apologies.

sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday

That is what I found. Yes it's for sale now, but it has the history of the place underneath.
Well Sophie, this is your opportunity to prove that we are wrong by doubting, or should I say not believing, your stories.

If there's an article about the history of the house in the internet and you were able to read it, then anyone else can read it too.

So, instead of you playing the role of the misunderstood victim, better provide the link and make us shut up our mouth.

Jon Santa is seating on the fence. Can somebody help me to throw the BS blanket on this story?

I agree with you also. I like your suggestion of "Old Hag Syndrome" or Sleep Paralysis. It seems likely that the OP might have experienced this, as she was going in and out of sleep. When I experience Sleep Paralysis, it always happens after I have awoken during the night and when I have a light on in the room.

Also, I read your profile. I always do that when I see a good comment from a name I don't recognize.
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
Hi Melda
What you say is fair enough. I understand that what I write has flaws and isn't very believable because of it. I just have trouble writing the experience. It never comes out the way I intend it to. I'm always either missing things out or mixing them up.

With regards to the authenticity of Oceana and me and her being the same person, I understand why you think that. I understand why you don't trust either of us. That's okay.
Sophiethunder - I apologise for the double "regards" - I only meant it to be "regards Melda". Please don't interpret that as being sarcastic or nasty.

Regards, Melda
SalixArbuscula in Disturbed While Sleeping
Hi, SpookyTrinidy,

I agree with previous comments that say your closet is probably fine. Anything dark or hidden like closets or under the bed, especially in shadow at night, draw the eye and the thoughts and keep them there. Personally, I can't leave windows uncovered when it's night. I find myself staring at them, waiting, expecting something to stare back (nothing ever has, but I still draw the curtains). Giving the closet a good cleaning/airing and covering it at night are great suggestions.

As for the 'something' on your stomach, which seems like the trigger for much increased anxiety, have you ever heard of night hag/old hag syndrome? A little googling should suffice to explain it, if you haven't. It's nothing to be afraid of. Your description reminded me of it, especially a mild occurrence for someone who has never experienced it before. It could very easily have been caused by a disturbance in your sleep, such as your mom coming into your room and changing the lighting, even if this didn't wake you fully.

This being said, if you feel moved to protect yourself in some fashion, then absolutely do so. You are the only one who can know if you feel safe or threatened. Say a little prayer, burn some sage if you like, but be careful what you open yourself up to as you explore this. Make sure any supernatural solutions are well-vetted and won't draw on or attract energies you didn't plan on.
Sophiethunder - I always seem to have a problem with your submissions and it would probably be better for me to just simply ignore and move on.

I still have this doubt about the authenticity of your association with Oceana and cannot shake off the suspicion that you are one and the same person.

Everything that you write seems to have a huge question mark behind it.

And yes, I should probably not respond to you at all on anything you post on this forum.

Well there, hopefully that'll be the end of what I'll ever have to say to you, unless of course I find you more credible in the future. Of course you have nothing to prove to me, the most important thing is that you believe yourself.

Regards, Denise

Regards, Melda
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday

I'm going to do that.


Really? That's what I searched. Anyway it was owned by lots of different people and I'm going to check if it's haunted or not.
AngieJo in Brisk Walker
Hi Tweed,
First time posting on here! I really enjoyed your story. When the man looked at you, did he make eye contact? Was his face normal? Did he usually just look ahead when he was walking, or down at the sidewalk?

Thanks! Angie ❤
Hello Sophie,

I'm glad you finally discovered the whereabouts of this "mysterious house", would you mind if I ask you about the information you've received regarding the house?

Was there any resourceful details of the house being haunted?

I searched the title provided by your previous post on the web "10 bedroom houses in Devon" but couldn't meet with any satisfactory results even after searching numerous sites.

I believe it to be a residual haunting but it depends on the information you have received.

VeronicaMarie in A Big Family Holiday
Sophie, now that you've located the house, it would be interesting to do a search with 'haunted' and the address/name of the house (or the specific location) and see if anything comes up.
LFrog1386 in Spirits Of Okinawa
Fenrispro- old muns storage is short hand for munitions storage as in ammunition, grenades, etc. The author is alluding to deaths occurring on the base due to the munitions stored there- perhaps some young, dumb soldiers playing with things they shouldn't have.
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
Hi Lady-glow
My dad couldn't find the paper, as I suspected he wouldn't. He's always losing things.

But we've had a breakthrough (Me and Carlos)
We wondered why the neighbour was so secretive, and Carlos remembers that his step-dad was like that when he had to move. It was something like a fear of someone bad mouthing the house...
Anyway so I searched 10 bedroom houses in Devon and the house was on the first site I visited. I don't know how long it's been for sale.

It's got the history of the place on the website. It's really old and has had loads of owners. I'm quite happy I've found it.

May I ask if all of you were riding in just one vehicle or more?
If the former, where all the passengers asleep during the trip? Otherwise I find it strange that nobody seems to have even the slightest idea of the house location. If the latter, should I understand that the additional driver/s followed the lead of your father without bothering to know the directions in case they got separated at some point?

After a quick google search, I understand that it's not easy to remember roads that go by names like "A30", "A388" and the likes but, perhaps at least one out of the nine travelers should remember the name of the town where they stopped for a pee brake or to fuel up the car/s.


What about the library where you went to find information? Did you go to the local library at the community closest to the house? If so, it shouldn't be that difficult to pinpoint the location of the place by only tracing your steps from the rental to the library.

Even if your father doesn't remember or can't find the paper with the information, there are enough leads for anyone to work a little and find that elusive house. Just my opinion.
Thanks for all the help.

I believe now completely that it was my grandmother who visited when she died and I think her mocking me was more of a joke. I don't think I was supposed to be upset by it. Overall her visit seemed calm and the way she spoke was oddly normal. Like a see you soon kind of goodbye more than some super emotional goodbye forever. I hope that makes sense.

With the darker stuff, I was concerned that whatever this was fed off my fear and negative feelings. I suppose I had a feeling that it's main objective was to bring me further down.

As for the person on horseback, the place we were living is historically significant and like most places of that nature, has a history both good and bloody. A menacing person on horseback, coming out from behind that exact wall would probably fit perfectly with a residual haunting. I was living there with my ex. It's a strange place which is supposed to be positive and people flock to see it but it always felt so dark and negative to me.
This is a case of what is called "ball lightning" which can occur, and does occur in homes. Sometimes just wanting something to be paranormal doesn't make it so. Please read up on this phenomenon.
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
I have asked him and he is trying to find the sheet of paper.
I will get back to you if he does.
Thank you for all the details, the more information provided, the easier it can be to possibly figure out what you are experiencing.

So, let's start with your grandmother and that 'last visit'. This seems to fall into what is termed as a crisis apparition... Meaning the person 'in distress/passing away' reaches out to loved ones and those that are 'sensitive' feel/see/hear' them one final time. The 'mocking' message was just your tired mind dealing with 'feeling her spirit' at first and once 'contact' was firmly established her 'goodbye and parting wishes' came through. If I understand what you have written, you 'felt' something similar when your mother passed (hope I read that correctly).

If you are sensitive, on top of having mental health issues due to depression (or what ever) as you have noted, it can be very hard to tell actual experiences from mental generations. A journal can go a very long way to helping you sort things out, as well as other folks 'experiencing' what you have, or at least something similar. Do you keep a journal? If not and you decide to make sure you include notes like time of day, weather conditions, your personal mental state and if this 'experience' has happened before... Any and all details about the experience will help you when you attempt to figure out just what happened.

Do you live is the same place as you did with your ex (the building that may give your ID away)? First, what is the history of the location? Do any of the events support the feeling you had of being pursued by someone on a horse when your son was sick? This may have been a residual haunting triggered by your elevated emotional state.

And last but not least, you may be a sensitive and because of this... And your physical/mental condition... Certain types of entities may be attracted to your 'personal energy' or they may just be attracted to you because you are a sensitive because they seek acknowledgement or hope to pass on a message. Again, a journal goes a long way in determining just what, if anything, you may be experiencing.

Please ask any questions you may have and thank you for sharing.


Sophie, I think perhaps you're overlooking the obvious; "my dad would remember..." Why not just ask your dad about the address/name of the place?
Hi Tigerlily20, thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS. It is a good thing that you are out of that apartment now. But, try to do some research about the apartment where you had these experiences, if it is nearby and you can get inputs. If possible, try to contact the persons, who lived before you. It might give you some information.

In our Hindu customs, whenever we move into a house, rental or owned, we do perform some rituals. It is believed that such rituals would drive away the negative energies and entities. Just for information.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello DeathStarK, as Alina suggested please do try out the Cleansing method designed by Rookdygin, one of the very experienced posters of this site. Please do visit his profile page and perform the cleansing. I have suggested to many of the members of this site and to my other friends as well. It will ward-off negative energies and entities.

If you happen to contact any paranormal investigation team and after they visit your place, kindly do share the experiences and their report.

But, don't get scared. Be bold.

Regards and respects to you.

nillabean, I forgot one thing. Kindly do upload the video, which you said recorded having repeated tapping on the windows.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi nillabean, thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS. As silverthane said it is the first gut feeling that is spot on. If you feel his presence and feel that it is not harmful (I don't think it is since you have been experiencing for quite sometime now), then you can have contact. Loved ones would try to make their presence known after they pass on in ways that you would feel them.

You can talk to the entity when you are alone, in a respectful manner that you acknowledge its presence and you can also request that it need not startle you and that in its presence, you feel safe and secure.

I think that way you need not have to be scared and that you won't be scared because of its activities to make you show its presence.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Raider143, welcome to YGS. Thanks for sharing the experience of your friend in your house. I agree with silverthane and Alina and whatever I wanted to say they have stated.

I don't think that anything was attached to your house because had it been, atleast you would have felt it. As Alina said, something might have been passing through your house, it might have disturbed your friend for reasons not known. Perhaps you could have some interaction with your friend. If he is sensitive to paranormal or if he had any other experiences or encounters.

Kindly do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello piscesrising,

Maybe you were right about it being a spirit manifesting itself into the ball of light. It seemed to be a response to the remodeling that was done. I have heard about paranormal activity that coincides with remodeling and renovations - though, I have never experienced this for myself.

I get the feeling, from your descriptions of it and the way that you said it made you feel, that whatever it was had been a peaceful thing that was making its exit.

- Maria
Given your odd sleep patterns and hm, I suspect perhaps sleepwalking and/or narcolepsy... I think your husband is seeing you, and you are hearing yourself and/or him but at distorted times. I may just be ahem, projecting here. But it does strike me that he sees you when you're napping. Glad to hear the ritual has helped thus far. Stress can lead to reduced sleep which can lead to sleep disorders which can then lead to weird spiritual stuff at weird hours and even more stress. Dehydration often messes with my sleep, dreams, and stress. I don't know what triggered this all but I hope you are resting well! ❤️
I suggest following others' advice. But also, as someone who felt creeped out by their own closet when younger - Leave it open during the day, close it before bed. If it doesn't have a door or cover, try hanging a blanket over it. The shadows can mess with our minds, but so can mildew. So air out your things until you need a break from the visual noise. Oh, and get some fresh air and sunlight into your room if you can.
Is your family from the same general area? Got any Davids in your family? It crossed my mind this was someone showing you an ancestor. Not very likely at all - mostly just a fun thought. 🙂
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
I didn't count myself. I'm sorry.
My neighbour heard me in the garden discussing it with my mum, who was also there.
I read the directions but I can't remember them. My dad would remember it because he looked at it a lot more than I did. He had the instructions, so why would we need a GPS?

I don't know why my neighbour is secretive. I would like to be told the name, I would like to do research myself, but he won't tell me.
Maybe his friend doesn't want me knowing... I don't know.
I did point out that the owners would get more money, but he wouldn't tell me.

"Why is my narrative iffy?":

To begin with "There was 8 of us"
1- Mom
2- Dad
3- Skylar (sister)
4- Carlos (boyfriend)
5- Casey (cousin)
6- Oceana (cousin)
7- Eddison (friend)
8- Maci (friend)
9- Sophie (you)

That makes 9, not 8, people. Typo?

Lealeigh has pointed out the confusing part about your party arriving to a house with a number, though on a nameless road/street, by following the directions given to you by your neighbour.

I find this part very hard to follow, so the neighbor "overheard me discussing the price of the original holiday home with my mum and later told me about a cheaper home that he knew of."

In my opinion, in order to do that, your neighbour would have had to know more information about your plans than only the price for your first choice of accommodation, such as your destination, the size of your party and the number of rooms required for your stay.
As an example, if I'm planning to visit Niagara Falls, I wouldn't change my destination to Detroit just because there's a cheaper hotel there.

Then, in order to justify not finding any information about the property in the internet, you go from:

"I don't know what to search for to find it. I don't think it's on the internet because I got told about it through word of mouth"

"They didn't put it on the internet. I believe they wanted to get reviews before they put it on the internet for fear of a bad reputation."

So, have you looked for information but came empty-handed or there's nothing there?

Furthermore, "With regards to the road, I'll have to ask my dad, as he was driving, and had the directions, which were handwritten by my neighbour."

Out of 9 adults, didn't anyone have access to GPS on their phone? Didn't you say that "My neighbour gave me directions on how to get there."? Do you mean he handed you the directions in a sealed envelope, or what?

I find the following part even more confusing:

"I have asked the neighbour and he was quite concerned why I wanted to know all this information.

I originally said that I was just interested. Then I said that my friend asked me where I went... But there's got to be a reason he's so secretive in the first place."

Why would he be concerned and secretive about giving you the same information (address and directions to the Airbnb) that he had previously given you?

"and he might've been a bit upset if I told him I was putting it on a ghost site."

Actually, I don't think anyone is expecting you to share that information, this is more for you to have a point of reference to start researching the history of that house.

Lastly, it seems like your neighbour is not even an acquaintance with the owners of the house but a friend of the owners' friend:

"My neighbour knew about it through his friend, and knew directions through his friend."

Why would he care so much about withholding information that could prevent his friend's friend from making some cash?

I don't exkpect you to agree with me, but the above points are, in my opinion, confusing, vague and even contradictory, making your story hard to follow.
Hello Piscesrising,

Only judging by your description, it satisfies the explanation of what is called a "spirit orb".
I don't have any expertise on this context whatsoever, but it did encounter such thing in my recent encounter, of an electronic bulb like structure appearing from one corner of the room and disappearing in thin air.

A little research on this matter can clarify your doubts well.


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