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The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello matrix899 and thanks for commenting. It does make me wonder how all of this seems more intense at night. I mused on this in another comment I made about how our natural fears seem greater at night and since some of these entities feed off that fear and use the energy to manifest, maybe that's why it's heavier at night, more pronounced and more often than not more sightings take place at night! From what you described about your family keeping to the lower level of the home and abruptly leaving, they must have felt that heavy energy as well. Some people feel it but in no way can they rationally explain it. It's kind of like anxiety and most people want to get away from that feeling! Of course with everything going on in the world now, escaping anxiety isn't as easy as abandoning a 'haunted' house! I agree with you that a house can probably absorb emotions, especially intense ones and can retain 'residual' memories of certain events. Any ghosts or entities left behind probably only fuel this 'collective' memory, kind of like keeping it alive in another space that is parallel to the present time/space of the same home!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
BojanTheGoTFan84, thanks for commenting. This are some interesting lyrics you've shared, thanks! They in turn remind me of another place I knew as a child where people would feel that intense anxiety and of being watched as soon as night fell. It was eerie during the day some, but boy was the effect amplified as soon as darkness came. It makes you think for sure! I wonder if darkness and night play with some of our more primitive emotions of fear, and if theory holds true, some entities and ghosts thrive off our fear, then it would explain why so many more seem to be seen at night?
Marykori in Evil Force

Thats why grahpravesh pooja is always first thing to do.

Not just only the time you entering first time in house but these holy rituals should be part of daily lives

Such evil forces not only can weaken mentally but also cause physical harm if not pacified proper way
We are working with remote help and yesterday we contacted a local group for assistance.

This thing has done ALLOT of damage to my family and I am not sure what the outcome will be but now I have some help.
Hi, as per vastu shastra, mirror can emit positive or negative energies depending upon thr positions, in any case it should not reflect bed, I would rather cover the mirror if position can't be changed
Marykori in The Black Temple
Hanuman Chalisa saved you guys, this prayer can control evil any kind its proven

Got goosebumps while reading this incident, but I would like to ask you that how you can be ensured about if your uncles grandmother was right and didn't try to influence taking yourself into her spiritual belief?
I'm confused by the mixed 'types' of hauntings you're reporting. On the one hand, the haunting seems to be intelligent in that the spirits interact with the living, e.g. The way the straighten up and turn away when seen or when the man would move from room to room and lie down again. On the other hand, the hauntings also seem to be residual, like when the man went up the stairs that weren't there anymore. I always thought they were one or the other.
DaughterofDarkness in An Apparition In The Bathroom
Hi, Cunobelinus83 -

I have a narration channel on YouTube where I narrate people's real life ghostly tales. I would love permission to use your story.

I would give you onscreen credit (or you can choose to remain anonymous) and link back to the page on this website page.

Here is a link to my channel if you'd like to check it out before giving me an answer www.youtube.com/c/daughterofdarkness

You may email me at DaughterofDarkness_Stories [at] Protonmail.com

Please let me know!
Daughter of Darkness
DaughterofDarkness in The New Bride
Hi Rose97!

I have a narration channel on YouTube where I narrate people's real life ghostly tales. I would love permission to use your story.

I would give you onscreen credit (or you can choose to remain anonymous) and link back to the page on this website page.

Here is a link to my channel if you'd like to check it out before giving me an answer www.youtube.com/c/daughterofdarkness

You may email me at DaughterofDarkness_Stories [at] Protonmail.com

Please let me know!
Daughter of Darkness

PS - for some reason the ampersand symbol comes out like this [at]!
DaughterofDarkness in Ghost Spoke To My Mum
Hey User3246!

I have a narration channel on YouTube where I narrate people's real life ghostly tales. I would love permission to use your story.

I would give you onscreen credit (or you can choose to remain anonymous) and link back to the page on this website page.

Here is a link to my channel if you'd like to check it out before giving me an answer www.youtube.com/c/daughterofdarkness

You may email me at DaughterofDarkness_Stories [at] Protonmail.com

Please let me know!
Daughter of Darkness
majarlika012 in Pssst! I Heard It Too!
Hi Cherubim, I am not sure. But, I heard from my cousin (mother's side) who claimed to have a third eye, when she was still living with us here in our house, she often sees 2 women (an old woman which resembles my great great grandma from my father's side & a child which we do not have any idea who she was) standing at our kitchen which is beside the comfort room
I enjoyed reading the first 'House on North Street' so much, that I had to come back for part 2!

What I found most compelling about your story was the fact that two different remains (hands) were found during remodeling/demolition work in that home, by different relatives of yours. I completely agree that a murder could've quite easily been covered up back in the 1800's and early last century. Back in the early 1900's, forensic crime investigation in America was in its infancy. Fingerprint identification, photographs, and trace evidence weren't widely used during that time to solve most crimes. Missing persons cases weren't skillfully investigated. Can you imagine how easy it would've been for someone to cover up a murder back in those days? 😲 Maybe it was the wealthy homeowner who committed the crime, and used his property to cover it up with?

Thank you for sharing another terrific story about your family home!
LightMight, now that you've mentioned it there did seem to be more activity when my siblings and I were all 16 and younger- I've never actually thought about it like that, but having said that I was also home alone a lot more from the ages of 13-18 so maybe I was just more aware of things/didn't have someone else to blame the noise on.
It feels more as though you're being watched or there's someone always just out of sight more than they want your attention. When I was younger my mum used to just tell me to tell them to go away because they were scaring me out loud and usually the feeling would pass, I haven't done that for years though.

It's strange of all the rooms I feel uneasy in it's the one that's the newest- the ground it was built on used to be my favourite part of the garden, it wasn't until we built onto the house I started feeling uneasy on that ground. It's a room I would have sleepovers in, friends would hang out in and when I was older most party activity would be in there so it should be a happy room that I associate with friends and stuff but for whatever reason it's always been a room that doesn't sit right with me and I rarely stay in it alone past dark.
It feels like there's maybe a few different things/beings/energies in the house; one that's responsible for the footsteps, one that seems to like throwing things, the lady with the blue hair/whatever is in the new room and then possibly a child which is what spoke to my mother.
BojanTheGoTFan84 in The House On North Street 2
Creepy, yet interesting, the 2nd part of your story surely does not lack suspense as well...
BojanTheGoTFan84 in The House On North Street
This story is really interesting and scary, the part where your cousin saw a woman
floating up the stairs towards him really made me shiver a bit, and the part where
you describe how your aunt saw someone standing over her in the darkness in the
middle of the night, screamed and turned the light on reminded me of the lyrics
'When the light begins to change
I sometimes feel a little strange
A little anxious when it's dark
Fear of the dark
Fear of the dark
I have a constant fear that something's always near
Fear of the dark
Fear of the dark
I have a phobia that someone's always there
Have you run your fingers down the wall
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
When you're searching for the light?
Sometimes when you're scared to take a look
At the corner of the room
You've sensed that something's watching you'
From the song 'Fear of the Dark' by the British heavy metal band 'Iron Maiden'
From their 1992 album of the same name. I cannot wait to read part 2 of your story,
I'll tell you my impressions when I finish reading...
Hello Lost Voyage,

Thanks for posting your story, it made me remember the house I occupied briefly (three weeks) with my ex-wife and her parents. After our house burned down due to an unfortunate accident, we got this house to rent and moved in.

This was about 40 years ago, but I remember this house clearly, because it was the strangest house I have ever lived in. This was a two level house, and there was a very heavy feeling throughout the 2nd level of the house. The "heavy feeling" felt like an "unseen presence", and the feeling got worse at the top of the stairs leading down to the first level; the same feeling was evident in the shower.

It was actually a frightening experience for me to go into the shower at night, so I only showered during daylight hours, but the "heavy feeling' was still evident during the day. One day I opened all the windows in the hope that this would make the house feel better. But it did not work.

This house was rented by my father-in-law after his house burned as mentioned, and he abandoned the rental after three weeks without explaining why; but I noticed that they spent all the daylight hours in the lower level and went upstairs only at night to sleep.

At the time I had not given any thought to the paranormal, and did not understand why this house felt the way it did; but after thinking about it over the years, I now think that something awful probably happened in that house on the second level. I guess houses can retain memories or impressions of events that occur within its walls.

Again, thanks for sharing the stories about the house on North Street.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hi t_bev and thanks for commenting. I stayed there a lot as a kid and never heard anything, most of these stories came out after my great aunt moved out but my aunt & uncle and cousins still lived there. More stories surfaced after it was sold and everybody was out. Almost every family reunion now, somebody invariably brings it up. The only thing that bothered me really as a kid that I remember was this weird carved coconut head in the back porch that really creeped me out for some reason. My grandpa tried to help me get over that fear and I don't know what happened to that coconut?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Ghost @ Matheran?
I'm sure the horses did pick up on something. It was also interesting that most of the people with horses were reluctant to take you. I wonder if anything else besides Louisa could have happened there, have you asked any more about the local history there? You also said your parents gave you an earful after you related your tale, what did they tell you exactly?
Hailing from mumbai, I felt more nostalgic than creepy... For being visited matheran twice... Oh god I so miss going to hill stations during monsoons 😭
Your mind like your house is your property. Just like it's your responsibility to keep the house clean, it's your responsibility to keep your mind calm. No human or spirit can annoy you if you decide not to be annoyed. Be calm. Let the negativity in your life and thought's go. He might be real but he definitely isn't all powerfull to destroy you or anyone. He's just a tricking lying spirit. That's all. Stop believing him or even reacting to him.
Hello Kliah03,
Can you submit that suspicious photo on YGS?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 - Great story! It seems like there were so many encounters with so many different people; did the family talk much about what was happening while living in the house or more after?

Now I'm heading on to part 2! 😁
Hi Dontbeme! Most unusual and uncommon experience you have shared with us. As like your Grandmother, you have also a very good ability of narration. I have added your experience into my fav list cause I had never heard of such thing before and it was a unique experience to add into my knowledge.

FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

In Bangladesh, every supernatural incident is attributed to a djinn. We do have our own folklores and mythical creatures; and they are well known and popular. But they're all considered either myths or djinns in various shapes.

I can tell it was wearing a Saree from the fact that portion of it ran down from its shoulders. I don't know for sure what it was wearing.
TravisCannabis in The Wendigo
Dude, I know what you are talking about... Went to the same place and saw a wendigo family, I even got a video with a drone but the bastard dad wendigo jumped and ate my friggin drone and video camera! 😭

This is 100 percent true without over-exaggeration. 😁 😁
I would like to expand on what VeronicaMarie said and suggest you research the property your house resides on. Lots of verified hauntings are attached to the land rather than the house. If your land had a house on it previously or belonged to a much larger parcel of land owned by a bygone farmer then the haunting could be from that old house or tied to that old farmer.

Also, while I do not know what a dacrystic seizure is, it wouldn't hurt to make sure you're physically sound on the off chance it is something that serious.
The house is new construction with no history. The land was unincorporated. I know in the early 1800 it was Indian land, after that it was part of Rancho until after the end of the Mexican American war. Then the land changes hands a few time and becomes unincorporated in the 1920's

Also the night I slept in the room I dreamed of woman before everything happened. She was small with long straight black hair. Very beautiful I can't remember her words it was more feel. Warm and comforting I remember her playing with my hair.

It could just be a dream but I don't know.
GSDLady - This was a well written and touching story. I love how confident you were in Denis having someone to help guide the way at the end; and I have to believe that your confidence helped him in coping with death. ❤

It actually depends, I would also believe it was a djinn if it was the one often in your country. I'm just basing my opinion that it was a siren because she sings and she was in the water, and they are actually common. 😊

Usually Sirens are depicted not wearing anything on top and they have long hair, and by the way, I don't know what a saree is, I had it looked up in google. Sorry about that.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Dog Man On The Porch

Dog people appear often and all over the world. They've been alongside human race for longer than most supernatural folklore. Every culture has a dog headed human creature.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Dog Man On The Porch

I do not know. I, personally, have always felt comfort in the presence of fire. Even before I encountered something significantly paranormal. Perhaps I was seeking comfort. Perhaps I wanted a flamethrower. I was seven.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Dog Man On The Porch

Yes, that house was quite a bad space. That place was also a torture chamber of sorts. A portion of it was blown up by the Freedom fighters when it was reconquered by us. That part of the house was renovated.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

No, this happened near sylhet. My other incident happened near sundarbans.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

Most people I know told me it was a djinn. Maybe it was a siren. Do sirens wear saree?
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What about the history of the house? You didn't say anything about it. Did you enquire with previous tenants?
Hi Brenda, I have already sent you a mail. Do check in your free time. By the way are you aware of Lord Hanuman? The hindu Monkey God? Well, I suggest you first do little surfing on net to know about him and ghosts... Then download the Hanuman Chalisa and recite it loudly... Mind you it's in awadhi language... So it will take some time for you to learn it... Do it with full devotion by bringing a picture of Hanumanji in your mind... It will surely help... Jus read it loudly when that incident happens... One on one... Write it down on a page and read loudly... It will work
In terms of pets and allergies, there are breeds of both dogs and cats that are hypoallergenic- such as poodles. All breeds have rescues, I recommend contacting one and chatting with them about it.

As for having a belief in something to combat this thing, it doesn't have to be Jesus or god or necessarily Christian in nature. There are many paths to divinity and all have their merits. I am a pagan and my firmest belief is that if there is anyone out there looking out for me, it is less likely to be a deity than one of my own ancestors. I have had experiences enough to solidify my belief that my maternal grandparents and great grandfather are definitely keeping an eye on me and my mother. You need to pick your own path and not feel constrained by mainstream culture - I figure you can still sort of maintain a mostly atheist stance *and* call on ancestors to protect you if that sits well in your mind. It is belief that gives any method of dealing with this sort of thing it's "teeth."

As crazy as it sounds, maybe look into tantric (ummm) "relations" (trying to stay PG) with your husband. Without going into too much adult detail, it does rather make the act a ritual in and of itself, which may be a power worth igniting at this point in time. Show this entity that the bond between the two of you is in no way weakened by its tawdry advances.

Also, consider placing "talismans" of your own around the space - souvenirs from good times, pieces that were given to you or made for you with love, images of loved ones both here today and those who have passed on - things that bring you joy and happy memories. Play music that makes you smile - sing and dance along. Have friends over for game nights (COVID permitting). Fill your home with joy and laughter.

I recommend this site all the time but it's a good one so here I go again - it's a pretty decent compendium for folk remedies for this sort of thing and many of its suggestions are quite simple; things like placing a dish of white vinegar in the effected space (in your case, the closet) and allowing it to evaporate (we use this method in our kitchen as we have a little lady there who likes us and our cats just fine but tends to like to scare guests).


Most of all, stay strong, show this thing who is boss, be kind to each other and never go to bed angry.
Tabbs - If the actual experience was only half as scary as your telling of it... I wouldn't have looked either.
My daughter has asthma and is very allergic to dogs and cats. She can't even handle a hamster in the house with out it triggering an exacerbation.

Yes it went after me but I am reluctant to say the details here. We are suppose to keep this very non-explicit and I am not sure how to explain it all with out pushing that to the edge. It's also rather embarrassing. That is the limiting factor here that at times is very frustrating since details and thoughts could be important. It's part of why I put my email in my profile so I could talk unhindered if someone needed more detail.

Suffice it to say I kind of went in with the attitude and intent I was challenging it to try something and it did... And I was not equal to the task.
LuciaJacinta - I just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you're so open with your kids. It seems so easy to want to deny things happening in an effort to protect your kids from further fear of the unknown; but typically that means you dismiss what they're seeing/feeling. Whether intentional or not.
priya - It looks like there are instructions on how to remove a favorite story/poster in the comments of this post. Did those instructions change? I don't have any listed favorites so I'm just curious if the instructions are still accurate.

Also, I agree with the points system on not just comments but the posts themselves. Makes sense. Especially for someone like me who is rather new to the site and spends a lot of time going down the rabbit hole here.
Was about to add this to my favorite stories but as a habit I also read comments to know investigators' insights and now I'm feeling very sad that this story is not true at all! 😟
Request to website developers - please provide one new option to remove from favorites stories. Also please provide one new option to post negative rating to story itself so that when negative points go beyond certain limit then story should get auto-deleted...
Because reading false information on such good platform is not good. It creates wrong impression.

Yes the merciful power awaits, the soul has to seek the almighty. He is ready to help in someway or other.

Many souls the spirit try to communicate with their loved ones about their and seek their help to go the other side (by means of some rituals)
These dog human mix entities are really creepy. They seem to appear often either in a more human like form or a more dog like form.
We all have an idea of what torture you are going through. But we also need to know what is happening at the present. My heart really goes out to you during this tough time. As I have told you before why are you hesitating to bring a dog as a pet in your home? I'm sure it will help
Brenda, are you trying to say that it attacked you also? Please tell us in detail. I'm really interested to know what happened.
Quick question... Why would you "turn up all the stoves"? I don't understand the significance or relation to the story.
Maybe I was too Brave. It went after me. I don't know how to express what I experienced here, but I am no longer in any way blaming husband... I think we need a priest or something. I will talk to my fiend that got us the Holy Water. Really not feeling very comfortable talking about this here. It just feels so much more personal now.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 - Thank you for the kind remarks!

It's so interesting to me that people can become used to, or at least accepting of, activity in their homes. I've only lived in one truly haunted place, and I was quite young at the time, so I was accepting of it then. Same thing with GiGi's house I guess.
LuciaJacinta - I don't remember anything happening in the new house. They downsized to a mobile home across town and though we continued to be watched by GiGi for a few more years; there was nothing notable at the new place.
ThirteenStars15 in Is This Sleep Paralysis?
Weird coming back here after so many years to comment on my old post...

But recently I found out about 'False Awakening'
And I realise that maybe all these while I was having 'False Awakening' with Sleep Paralysis.

Recently had another attack when I slept over at my friend's house... Then I was googling again about it and found a more accurate and precise symptom of what I had.
Brenda, you're brave af. See? You got this. Please keep us updated
Last 2 nights in the living room camping have been quiet. I am going to try tonight to sleep alone in our room while he stays with our daughter. We have the salt lamp on now on my side table.
Greetings, Mrs. Ramsay!

Like you, I am fascinated by etymology. I have bookmarked multiple etymology and vocabulary websites on my computer!

I think I'm on the correct path, here, but I may be mistaken. The prefix "se-" means to distinguish, set apart (e.g.: secret, separate) from the Latin root (se-/sed-) meaning "set aside, set apart." In this way, it is not only "to bless" in German, but I *think* that this root means "to distinguish with a blessing."

It is phenomenal that you are dreaming in foreign languages & getting wonderfully positive messages!

Best, as always,
I expect there are different types of shadow beings. I have come in contact with a few. One startled and scared me some and the other one did not. I got a little bit of a feeling from one as I came close to it, but the other one I did not get a feeling from even though it was close to me at one point. I would guess there are different kinds.
I think this is fascinating. You only saw her the one time? Is this a place you could visit again? Even more interesting is that others saw her too.
Sorry, just getting back to my comments after insane busyness. I have tried to research the hospital to find out more history on it, but was never able to really find anything. I do know it was not the oldest hospital in town. There were 2 other hospitals (one that is used for offices and businesses and insanely fascinating) and one that was in operation (Catholic owned) but has since moved to more of a day type facility. I talked to my cousin about the hospital because she works there, but she doesn't know much about it. She told me the morgue is just the creepiest place in her opinion. What I do know is the maternity floor was not always the maternity floor. I tried to find out if it was ever used for psychiatric care or anything like that, but I couldn't find out. The problem is that that particular hospital is always being added on to. It seems that all information just wants to talk about the "new" and not talk about the old. I'd probably have to take my daughter "Jacey" back in there and I have a feeling if she and I were left alone we'd pick up some pretty good stuff. I thought she had lost her "sights" in 2nd grade but she didn't. What she did is she learned what was being seen by others and what was not. Honestly I don't know if I would want to be in a hospital with her because I'd also be a little afraid of what we might pick up. She's been a difficult teen, but I have noticed that when combined she and I have some encounters. She sees more, I hear more. We have encountered a few things in our new house. I thought our new house had no activity. However, it has activity that is just "passing through" and then leaves. Thanks for all the well wishes and I am pretty much completely recovered. ❤
Just reading on the site today and ended up here, at the post I wrote a year ago. It seems like I need to write something else that happened last weekend. It just seems to fit. Sunday morning, early, like 5am, I wake with this word in my head. It's a weird word, FEGNET, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. I go to the restroom, word still in my head. Lay back down and decide to write the word into my phone and go back to sleep. When I wake up around 8:30, I get coffee and have to look at my phone to remember the strange word (I am a writer and teacher, so into vocab. This would not be unusual for me to look up a word I hear...it's just that it came to me in sleep! That is strange).

The word isn't existing per se, that I can find a meaning for. Google directs me to something about the translation of the Bible in German by Martin Luther (but it's not clear how fegnet is related). There is an old WWII post card image that's actually a prayer for German soldiers in Africa, that uses the word. I put the entire phrase into the translator, since fegnet itself isn't showing a result. The entire line of the poem indicates the word (being used in the prayer) means something like "blessed" in German. I end up on a U. Of Michigan website that talks about German words that are not translatable to English on their own (kesunteight, farfugnugen, etc) and wonder if that's not the case. There is contact information for an expert. I write to him. He replies that the ff beginning of the word ffegnet (as I am seeing it written in the postcard prayer) is really what the letter "S" looks like in the old, Germanic script (that they used in the Bible translation, for example). So the word I'm actually referring to (because I don't recognize that about the German script) is SEGNET. Which means "BLESSED."

So this means, I am dreaming the word blessed, IN GERMAN, and when I go to write it, because I don't understand about the script, I come up with FEGNET. All I know is, I have a LOT of German Ancestors. And I get the feeling I was hearing from them that morning. How cool is that?!
how can he see a spirit or ghost? Is he a spirit medium or not a spirit medium
Brenda, I think you're getting some good advice here, pick and choose as you will! Your story is so fantastic, but we are taking it seriously and you need to know you are not alone in your discomfort!

I keep getting the vibe that this thing is NOT a HER. So I think you need to stop personifying it! You're onto something about the Himilayan salt thing being a wedding gift, and the campout in the living room was a GREAT idea! I think the key to shutting this thing out is to continue the family circle strengthening. But also, the idea to go into that closet and really open it up is something I like. It caused me to wonder if there is anything in there that might have some bad energy? Maybe a really good cleaning, even (this might sound weird) emptying it all out, getting a can of white paint and having the paint blessed by a priest (do priests do that, I'm Methodist?) Then paint that closet together while asking for the armor of God's protection. I can't reiterate enough, Jesus and God do not discriminate based on your views at this moment in time. You are still a child of God and Jesus (if you are a Christian, you believe this) gave his life FOR you, unconditionally. All you need to do is ask for help. I realize this sounds like I'm a church lady. I can assure you I rarely go to church. But so many things in my lifetime have led me specifically to my beliefs. Spiritual things that can only be attributed to a higher power. And there is a reason, in my faith, we are told to ask for the protection of God's Angels when spiritual warfare is involved. You are in the midst of such warfare, and should use the tools we've been given as humans. If you are honest about it being hard to believe, that's ok. If you aren't even ready to believe, that's ok too. He will still help you! That's what's cool about Jesus. He can wait until you are ready. I AM sorry for this somewhat preaching here and hope I have not offended anyone. I'm a beginner chearleader for my faith and usually don't talk about it.
Seekings in At Gigi's House
Hi t_bev,

I really like how you write your stories in such a lively and engaging style and I found them both very interesting. (The goose comment made me laugh as well! 😆) You seem to have more stories to tell and we'd all like you to share them... ❤
Siddhakaruvurar & blancdada.

Although I agree with the following statement:

"Ouija boards serves as a gate through the living and the dead. It should be used with precaution and with proper knowledge", I don't think that it is necessary for a medium to be present during an OB session.

"the moment you allow yourself to use it, you allow spirits to manipulate/enter your body too."

Actually, the Ouija board is only a tool to communicate with spirits and, like any other tool, it is important to know the proper way to use it. Any user should keep in mind that they could establish contact with a spirit that they didn't summoned and could be a nasty energy pretending to be someone else.

As far as I know, not every single person using the OB is at risk of being possessed by a spirit; what it is more likely to happen is for the spirit trying to gain the person's trust and grooming them before taking control of them. But a person with the right knowledge will know when to stop contact with an unwelcome entity.

"usage and how it works depends on what board you use. For example, Ouija board that uses a coin is different with a Ouija board that uses glass"

Actually, the above factors do not affect the purpose of a Ouija board (communicating with spirits), even the planchettes or pointers of commercial and mass produced versions of OB may differ from one brand to the other without affecting its performance.

In my opinion, it's better to leave the departed ones alone and treat them with the due respect, there's no need to disturb their rest.

It seems like the OP learned the lesson the hard way.

That is an interesting and comforting belief. Though it is difficult to be certain of what is awaiting at the other side of the veil for the souls of the people that take their own life, I trust that a merciful higher power will welcome them at some point.

Thanks for reading my story and for your kind words.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Brendadances, this entity/spirit or whatever it is seems puzzling. Typically a 'succubus' if that's indeed what it is, attaches itself to a male, this seems to be the case in everything I've read including first hand encounters. This entity, whatever it is, however seems to be confined to the bedroom and the focal point seems to be the closet. Moreover it's rare that a 3rd party witnesses the 'activities' between a succubus and it's male partner. I don't believe this is what it appears to be. If you and your husband are comfortable with it, I'd search the closet throughly together and in broad daylight. Prop the door wide open, flood the room with daylight and prop the bedroom door open. Take note of feelings while you're in there, but see if there's anything unusual in there. I can't tell you what you're looking for, just look for anything out of the ordinary, a hidden panel, anything on the walls, anything done in there to cover something up like an opening or something. I would also take the cleansing rituals in there afterward and then extend them out into the bedroom. You had mentioned in a post after this weekend trying to stay the night in your bedroom alone if things went well, I would advise against this, if your encounter in the closet is any indication of what this thing is capable of. I wouldn't let anyone stay in that room until it is purged of this force completely. Stay strong and please keep us apprised of your progress! Good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in At Gigi's House
Great story t_bev! I actually enjoyed both of your stories and the way you told them and looking forward to more! As to your inquiry to another poster in regards to getting used to a spirit/ghost I think it depends. In my family, there was a home my relatives lived in and not much was said about what went on there during that time, only after the house was sold did people really start talking. After hearing many of the encounters, I began to wonder if some people go into a kind of shock or numbing out during what to most people would consider traumatic experiences, a sort of coping mechanism to help deal with the situation as it were. My one cousin actually told my brother during an actual experience that it was a common occurrence! I've read that in traumatic situations this is how people try to cope with things that they feel they have no control over. It has to be really rough for people who have supernatural encounters which fall outside their belief systems! I think this would explain a lot of the stories where parents dismiss kids talking about ghosts and then years later after moving out and on they admit their own encounters in the same house! For others, if the ghost is benign or friendly then people may more readily accept them, especially kids. Children don't have the rigid beliefs and judgements many adults come to have and are closer to the 'veil' as it were just coming into this world, so it's easier for them to accept. As far as your uncle, I agree with a previous poster, the mess in his room could be poltergeist activity considering his age. Some part of him may have resented being nagged about cleaning his room and it becomes the perfect energy storm to create the kind of mess you all observed! In any case I look forward to hear what he has to say and your next installment!
Ok I agree with the previous poster. Why not just be intimate with him right before bed so that it would be less likely to occur again do soon. And agree with Mrs Ramsey, if you see it aroused, jump on him. Not a three some but it would you with your husband. Pay that thing no mind.

You may not believe in religion but you believe in LOVE and that is something. Love is a power. Guard that love, protect it. Spend time in date nights and rekindling the sparks. Make your love strong.

I also would watch your words if you address it. You said to "go somewhere else"--- my immediate thought was the somewhere else could be your daughter's room. Be careful how you phrase things.

There are probably paranormal investigation teams in the area that are *neutral" in beliefs. They might help.
LuciaJacinta in At Gigi's House
That is so freaky about the bedroom. Did anything happen in their new house?
I like the idea of beating the succubus to the punch. Rekindle that flame and take care of him first. Unless he has an extremely short refractory period, the succubus will likely be left unsatisfied, then hopefully move on. But I also know that maybe it won't matter. Sleeping in another room sounds like a good idea as well. And if worse comes to worse - well, there is ancient garb one might wear to prevent solidification in the first place. I want to pretend I'm being coy but honestly I don't remember what those things are called. It's a chastity guarding thing. So I'd make sure his climax occurred soon before bed then strap him up with a chastity guarder. Then do the other stuff too, salt, candles, prayer, etc.
BrendaDances: I think the house cleaning has been effective in getting rid of it... Do keep on doing it on a regular basis. It really helps.
Siddhakaruvurar in Shadow Figure In Dorm Room
Hi blancdada, thanks for the reply I'm from India where Ouija boards are I think not that common in usage
Sure your answer did help me.
You are right to trust your instincts because things communicate telepathically. They know what you fear most, which is losing your husband to this. They can sense what is going through your mind. So if that happens again, I know fear is the first thing you will feel, but then think of your family. Build the courage and shout at it in your head. Say go away in the name of Jesus. Or Light if you can't bring yourself to do it. You have to stay strong and have faith. Like someone mentioned below, just because Jesus or Buddha, etc isn't your usual go-to...doesn't mean they won't help.
Please, for the sake of your family, just try it. Maybe really get a blessed bible and leave it in your bedroom. Or even tell husband to wear a cross. This is coming from a non Christian but always felt Jesus had my back. It is now a spiritual battle. But know YOU are in control because IT is coming into YOUR world, so get your faith together and continue doing what you're doing. 🙏
Last night was quiet and peaceful. My husband went to work this morning, so I went to do laundry and gathered clothes from the hamper by the closet. The door was open as usual and I felt the odd feeling of someone standing very close to me. I went to put something in the closet and the door closed behind me and left me in pitch darkness. I was started and turned to open the door but it was like I was disoriented and all I felt clothing when I reached out.

I felt very afraid. I called out to my daughter but she didn't hear me. Then I had all these odd flashes in my mind, memories of watching my husband loose his control and climax. I could actually smell it. Then I could see the light under the door of the closet and was able to get out.

I am telling my self the windows where open so a breeze could have closed the door, and the memories where just me panicking, and I had dirty laundry in my arms so that could have been the smell, but my fear keeps saying it was her telling me she was still there and he belonged to her.

I am not going in there again alone until my husband is home.
Hi LaurenNH13,
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. And it is really great to know that nothing serious had happened to you (I should say, worse, because seeing a shadow and having a sick feeling is already bad) and it has gone after a week when you touched the cross. Because, based from what I know, after the 7th day and you loose your energy, the spirit or entity can/will overtake your body.
Please do not attempt to get into Ouija boards again. 😊

Siddhakaruvurar, Ouija boards serves as a gate through the living and the dead. It should be used with precaution and with proper knowledge, it is best if a medium is present. Because the moment you allow yourself to use it, you allow spirits to manipulate/enter your body too. But usage and how it works depends on what board you use. For example, Ouija board that uses a coin is different with a Ouija board that uses glass. And also it depends on your culture too and your reasons, just look up "Kokkuri-San" or "Mr. Kokkuri" it is a type of Ouija board that summons a fox spirit or yokai instead of human/evil spirits.
I hope it helps your question. 😊

Regards, Blancdada.
BrendaDances:I would like to know about the closet. Does it still open by itself? Have you observed recently? Try bringing a dog in your home and make him to sniff around the closet and under your cot/bed.
Siddhakaruvurar in A Surprise Call
I am not a skeptic, but I would like to know whether you checked what number the call came from.

Yes I do have heard of final goodbyes, but something as long as telephone conversation I haven't heard of, guess you had a very strong bond with your grandpa.

Let him rest in peace.
Manish_8 - Hey Manish. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story throughout. But everything that happened would have sent chills down your spine. I shall pray that no one goes through the ordeal I went through. But thanks for spending your valuable time reading this story and reviewing it as well. I'm obliged. ❤
MoonFall in The Black Temple
Jai Shree Hanuman (Praise Lord Hanuman) you guys made it out of there safely! I enjoyed the story immensely! Stories of black magic and such are scary and God only knows what may have happened during that time! Your story kept me on the edge of my seat always wondering what would happen next! Keep writing and sharing your experiences.
Siddhakaruvurar in Shadow Figure In Dorm Room
Can anybody enlighten me about ouija board, as far as I have heard there are little truth and lots of myth about Ouija boards.

Help me with this.

The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Hello BrendaDances, so moving away from the room worked, that's great news! I had a feeling based on your story that this disturbance was focused on the bedroom. I'm not sure why that's the case, but you mentioned that you also are using the cleansing ritual. Now you know where to focus it. I would use it in the entire house of course but put extra effort into your bedroom. Camping out in the living room for the weekend is an excellent idea and the time away and rest will allow you to reconnect with one another and as a family. It will also give you the space to continue to research and come up with a plan of action. You may consider contacting a reputable medium (do your research on this one) or contacting a clergyman at the church. I know you don't subscribe to religion, but many of them will help whether you are of their faith or not, and it could actually be the solution. These are only suggestions, do what feels comfortable to you and please keep us apprised of your progress!
Good for you girl. Keep doing what you're doing as you build Faith. Thanks for keeping us posted.
BrendaDances - Thanks for the details on what's worked and hasn't for you. Sounds like you're determined and really doing what you've got to do. I applaud you for dealing with this as you have. It's a crazy story and I'm glad you found people on here who listened and genuinely seemed to want to help you.
What has and has not worked

Firmly addressing it and telling it to go - it just seems to increase its activity on him making him loose it faster.

Envisioning a white shield or ball of light to push it away. I have done that with no effect. Husband quickly looses focus due to the feeling and is simply fighting not to climax.

Praying really didn't seem to have an effect but I don't really consider myself religious so that could have been self defeated.

Holding his hand and simply trying to express my love and support ended up making his climaxes feel all the more devastating to witness.

Vacating the room and house blessing and positive family energy - So far so good. I have hopes for this one being the key to start defeating this.

Salt- I realized we have a Himalaya salt lamp given as a wedding present and its still in its box in the garage. Gonna dig it out today and put it in the room. I am hoping both the salt and the fact is was a wedding gift have an effect. A catholic friend is also bringing us a vial of holy water from their priest.
BrendaDances - I'm curious as to whether or not you tried any of the cleansing or self protection practices mentioned by other posters; and if so which ones? I think it would be helpful to know what has been productive in your efforts to deal with this Succubus; or whatever it is.

Has just sleeping outside the room with the fam, creating some positive bonding time, been the remedy?

Looking forward to an update. Best wishes and way to go on taking back what's your's!
BrendaDances, great to know! ❤

I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family. Wish you all the best!

Please keep us updated 😊
We had a living room camp out with daughter even put up her pup tent and got our sleeping bags and did smores on the stove.

No disturbances. Best night of sleep I have had in weeks. We are going to camp out through the weekend then I will try a night in the room alone.

So far so good.
LightMight in Ghost Spoke To My Mum
User3246, I really enjoyed your story, and I can empathize with your situation you've dealt with at home. I agree, to some extent, with what the previous poster said about this sounding like a residual haunting (in regard to the footsteps and voices).

As far as the moving objects go, I do think that there's a good possibility that you've also had some intelligent haunting going on in that home. Did you ever feel like someone, or some thing was trying to get your attention? Also, you mentioned your younger siblings; it makes me wonder if the activity ramped up during the time that there was a lot of youthful energy in your house?

Sometimes living in an active home, whether we are comfortable with it or not, can cause tension and anxiety. You mentioned in your post that you would be only half surprised if you were to see someone standing in that room that you feel uneasy in. It sounds like you are picking up on something; possibly leftover negative energy from the past, or maybe even a spirit?

Take Care, LightMight
[at] Ladyglow

May your grandpa rest in peace.

According to our tradition if a person commits suicide their soul gets trapped in this earthly world and until the time reaches (the time originally assigned by god for His/her death) they will have to stay here.

But still opinion differs.

May your grandpa rest in peace
Brenda, GOOD, I'm glad you laughed about the Bible there. Hey, how many stories have you heard about a pocket Bible saving a soldier's life in a war? There's gotta be something to those stories!

Laughter seems to be something all evil wants to see disappear! Just look at the state of our world right now. There is a battle going on between good and evil right now, and I know I sound like a church lady, which I am not; however, I am a Christian and I have experienced things related to my faith that only give me greater faith. You might not want to hear this, but I'm going to say it: Jesus loves you even more because you have not had a chance to discover Him yet. He won't let you go, all you have to do is ask. And you can even ask if you don't quite believe, I think that is something important for you to know. Please know, I'm not trying to push you to be a Christian, but to let you know there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. If I were you, I'd ask humbly for help from Jesus, Buhdda, and whomever else I could think of, without hesitation or shame. But like you said, think good, think light, think love. Not the opposite. Not jealousy but Empathy. If you think your husband isn't strong enough to resist, then YOU give him that strength. I think marriage is all about that. When one of you is weak, you have the other to lean on and gain strength from. My husband and I have our worst days when both of us are feeling down at the same time (very rare).

Mostly, ya'll go out and do some fun things as a family! Go be together! The Lost Voyage put it so much better than I did (haha, so much for me being a writer). Remember your marriage vows together. Perhaps there's a reason they are written as they are! "What God has joined together, let no one put asunder." (or is it no man? Anyway). Yeah girl, CLAIM your man back from whatever weird stuff this is. Keep that California sun shining in. Clean that house, bring in flowers and brightness, but be strong and confident way down deep in your soul. Heck, play some Christian music. That might just drive whatever it is away, and lift you up at the same time. (ps, I don't know anything about Christian music... I suppose you could also play some Red Hot Chili Peppers, just DANCE with your family and feel the love!) Not trying to minimize the problem, but none of these ideas costs anything. And please let us know how things are going. We care from afar. That was the thing that I appreciated about this site. These people are mostly very good. God Bless You and your Family!
You could leave a glass of sea salt or Himalayan salt under your bed. Also clean under the bed, if you have an "under the bed", I know not beds are the same. If you cannot, just leave it somewhere in the room. Believe. Faith. Sage. Repeat.
Hey all, I just read this story. I am just a little bit worried that what you and your husband are experiencing is of demonic in nature. By doing this to your husband, it is creating a negative energy or emotions in the house which it feeds more into it. I know you have said you are not religious by nature but I think having a little bit of faith on something good or higher power or God may help.

I have been exposed to some supernatural entities myself when I was younger. Having a blessed cross necklace with me helped a lot, even just for a sense of security that someone is protecting you at least.

Hope everything will be ok for you and God bless.
Lost: I would try that but it puts my daughter closest to the disturbance then... Not a risk I am comfortable taking. Would just having my husband sleep out in the livingroom work? I could stay in our bed.

As for salt, we have carpeting, don't think that would work well.

I really wish there was a way to direct message some of you. I have questions I want to ask and things I would say but we have to keep this very PG friendly and it prevents me from speaking more freely. Speaking here is hard for me as I know anyone can see this. I also get that DMing a person with a story as sketchy as this would make me think twice too. It's really a make do solution to a horrible problem. Thank you all for putting up with us. We are trying the house blessing now. All the windows are open and the closet is blocked open so the sunlight can reach into a a little.
blancdada in Who Was 'that'?
t_bev> No, none of the faculty and teachers (they also asked some guards) but none of them have had any experiences in doppelgangers before. It was quiet a buzz that time, because we don't know what it was or what does it mean to see one.

I see. So it was trying to lure me in I guess, or show me something. Because when that time happened the Principal's office was unlocked, which is a really big deal since all offices are supposed to be locked every night.
blancdada - So nobody in the building had any odd experiences ever or specifically no doppelganger experiences?

From what I've read, granted I'm certainly not an expert in any way, doppelgangers can do both. As in not interacting with anyone, just following a certain pattern, as well as interact or luring. I will say most of what I've read has shown them only interacting as far as eye contact, but not with words.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Hello BrendaDances, if you cannot leave the house, then try sleeping in a different room of the house, preferably as far away from your bedroom as you can. From rereading your story it seems as if whatever this is, it's centered on the bedroom, the closet door, the shadows, maybe it's confined to this room? If it works you'll both be able to take charge of the situation. I've also read that making a ring of salt around your sleeping area may help as well, though you'd have to check what works for you. I'd try both. Lastly based on your last comment, reestablishing intimacy may help you both if you're able. Getting the connection back and reigniting that love between you may weaken this things ability to take advantage of him, trust your feelings.
MsRamsey: Thank you for the clarification it made so much more sense to me when put that way. I did chuckle over the image of a bible over his privates. To be honest I have been so caught up in reacting that I never even considered being intimate for us. As far as everyone telling me I need to believe in something, that is a very hard pill to swallow for an atheist but... Well, look at where I am now... I never would have believed this to be real until I saw it. I am trying to believe and be full of goodness. It's difficult but I will keep trying. Thank you for caring.
Hi bro is this story happened in area nearby Sunderban. If yes please reply or call me
FarEndofSpectrum - I can only imagine that a place with a history like what you described would almost HAVE to have some sort of residual haunting if not an outright black energy.

Looking forward to reading more of your experiences!
ScoobieGang - No, she passed a few years ago now. I had tried asking her about it a few times but she literally wouldn't say a word; just wave her hand as if shooing a fly. My Grandpa wouldn't talk about it either but he really didn't talk much in general.

I did talk to my Uncle about it later on; he was much more open. I plan on adding what he's said, mostly regarding his room, in another story about that house.

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