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Rkpatton, I'm curious what other stories you have. Can you post one?

A comment about another comment on this story...I've always wondered if those of us that are afraid of being grabbed in bed (feet, hands, any part hanging off the bed) are afraid because of unconscious memories from when we were babies and everyone grabbed us at the feet or hands while we were in the crib or stroller.
Hello Junglecat,

I tried searching for that story but couldn't find it. Could you please share the link in the comments here? It is more like the entity is using my dog against me.

Thank you for reading my stories. More than stories, these are experiences and I have tried to pen them down as clear as I remember them. I appreciate you taking the time to read my stories and commenting on them.

It certainly is hard work. The aircon must be on 24/7 or they sweat so much and the sweat lead to awful odour. I did try giving a bath to Frosty in the balcony. But he would roll in the dirt and get dirty again. And it solved just one of the issues. Drying him is still a huge task. So nowadays I give him a bath in the bathroom but not in the tub. Not that I don't struggle but he feels a bit better being on solid ground rather than in a tub.

As I said in the previous comments to AD and Jubeele, I am planning to sage the place and maybe observe Frosty as well. Will keep you guys updated on comments.

Once again thanks for the comment.
freakedoutfreddy in St. Elmo's Fire
No freaking way brotha! Did you really took off your clothes in a public place? If you're afraid of them fires why don't you always dress with your clothes inside out? Would it work? 😁 😁
Hi, Sokol

Were you the only person out that night? Was there any other witnesses? Do you remember what the reasoning behind turning your clothes inside out is?
Hi, Aikia

I agree with Lady-glow. I found your story hard to follow. Maybe it's because you give too many details that do not seem to be relevant to the story. I'm lost as to what you're trying to get at with the drive-way and the pool they had for six months. What was the deal with painting the mirrors?

So, Rose was your aunt and Mary was your mother? How is it that you ended up living alone with your great-grandparents? Did your parents just leave you there?

I'm sorry, I mean no disrespect, but I found your story to be all over the place.
Haven in Tore Us Apart
Hi, Raseco62.

I'm not sure why I have experienced paranormal activity most of my life. I have been told many different theories. Sometimes without asking. I have been approached several times by random people that ask me if I want to know why I see the things I do. I have to say that you are the first to tell me about existing in a higher dimensional plain.

As far as my ex goes, not sure what kind of attachment he had. What I am sure of is that there was no abuse towards me, at least not the physical. The worse we did to each other was fight all the time and make each other miserable for 3 years. BUT, what you said about my ancestors not liking him reminds me of an incident that happened (not related to this story). A few months ago, I was dating this guy, he seemed really nice at first. He went with me to my mom's house and was helping with some handy work. We had been painting the house all day, my kids and I went to pick something up to eat, he stayed in the house finishing up. When we got back he was sitting on the front porch, white as a... Well, ghost. Apparently he was in the living room painting when a heavy stereo speaker "flew" at him and almost struck him. He refused to go back inside the house. A few weeks later I found out from a friend that knew his ex-wife that he was a real piece of work. I was already getting some bad vibes so I immediately stopped seeing him. Seems like something in my house did not like him.

Thank you for your advice.
Haven in Tore Us Apart
Hola Lady, gracias por comentar.

My ex's personality changed dramatically during those three years after we married. He was so angry all the time, he always seemed irritated and on edge. I remember one morning I woke up and he was standing by the closet taking clothes out of the hangers. I asked him a simple "what are you doing?", within seconds he grabbed a bunch of plastic hangers and turned around and threw them at me. I had just enough time to cover my face with the blanket or he would have really hurt me. He walked up to me and was really angry and was trying to pull the blanket from my face. My kids walked in at that point and he stopped. He then asked us if we were hungry and if we wanted to go out for breakfast. I think his actions scared him as much as they scared me, we talked and that is when we decided to separate. He moved out that day.

We had very little contact after that day, we talked a few times and he seemed to be doing good. My children have not seen their father in 3 years even though we lived in the same city. He only speaks to my youngest daughter through FaceBook and not so often. My daughter asked him why he doesn't reach out to her siblings, he says he's afraid to. I took that to mean he feels guilty for not staying in touch with them, he doesn't want to feel rejected by them. He re-married and has a 7 month old daughter so I guess he's doing okay.

De nuevo, gracias por leer my experiencia y comentar.
Haven in Tore Us Apart
Hi, Caz

I have wondered the same thing. It was also suggested by several people from our congregation. Things started happening immediately after he got involved with the Church, our relationship went sour as soon as we decided to have a religious ceremony.

Thank you for reading!
Haven in Tore Us Apart
Hi, RCRuskin

Yes, what you say makes sense and does help.

I remember feeling like a heavy weight had been lifted when we separated. A family member asked my oldest daughter if she wished her parents got back together. Her answer was no. She said she liked that I looked happier and younger now that I wasn't living with her father.

Thanks for reading!
I did the unthinkable and finished reading this story to the end... I find it hard to follow and got confused about some of its 'facts'.

"Opal...passed of old age in 2002"

"I lived in the house from the time I was born, in 1989."

"Opal died when I was nine." seems like your math isn't helping to make your story credible.πŸ€”

You and your family were lucky that Social Services didn't deprive your ageing grandparents of your care, being so young it must have been hard for you too juggle such a demanding responsibility with school and being a kid.
When I was about a 6 year old girl visiting my Grandma, my Grandma, my older sister and myself were on the bed. A hand reached out from under the bed. I know it was real because my Grandma and older sister also saw it. There were other terrifying experiences in this same house.
Raseco62 in Tore Us Apart
Obviously, your intuitive to ghostly apparition which means that your actually existing in a dimensional plain usually higher than most people and that's a realistic reason why you been experiencing the paranormal occurrences, for so many years.

However, this means that you, your house (Family members) and inhabitable locations (home) basically has attachments to the supernatural and therefore everyone in your household can or will experience similar paranormal experiences.

It also sounds like these apparitions experiences are your departed elders (uncle, aunts or other family members). These apparitions appear to be benevolent except your ex-Spouse he was attechef with a malevolent ghostly apparition because unfortunately he has a questionable behavioral or a reputable (wife abuse) characteristics that was detested by these ghostly apparitions that perhaps reside and care about you.

It's apparent that your husband was dealing with a critical and troublesome conviction arriving from a past crucial and questionable incident and joining the Catholic Church and perhaps repentance was the best answer for him, regardless of his paranormal ghostly attached apparition circumstances - it a big red flags.

My recommendation is always repent during your daily prayers and you should never feel that you need to step away from our Lord God Jesus Christ or your catholic faith, and asked your household to practice daily repentance including your immediate love ones - reminder paranormal apparition attachments usually means that someone close you, yourself and your past history needs to brain storm and try to findout who in your immediate life has a questionable reputation character that warrant you to experience these ongoing paranormal occurrences - perhaps someone you grew up with. Paranormal attachments are no laughing matter.

Also, contact a medium for assistance and asked them to communicate with the existing ghostly apparition attached to you and your home and get as much answers to there paranormal attachments. If it's not anyone you know or care to have in your home. Therefore, have the medium ask them to leave you, your family and home alone. Your welcome to politely say "leave us alone".

I am a powerful intuitive (medium) that has a supernatural empowerment to assist individuals with their paranormal circumstances - however, some individuals paranormal occurrences are warranted and there very little anyone can assist with. Always ask these attached individuals to repent daily and get assistance from their church clergy. Their family and friends should pray for them and see if they need any assistance with mental health services.
lady-glow in Tore Us Apart
Hola Haven - your experience makes me wonder if a parasitic/symbiotic entity was feeding from your ex-husband's energy and saw religion as a threat to end its free-loading days. One not bad enough as to take completely over him, but not ready to cross over and face whatever they think it's waiting for them at the other side of the veil.

Did your ex's personality change during those three years, if so, did he go back to his normal self after the separation?
Is he still religious?

Intriguing and interesting, as all of your experiences.
lady-glow in Sleeping Terror

I'm a bit puzzled with your questions if, after all, as a kid you were "used to the feelings and seeing of entities as long as they were nice."

What did you feel/sense when 'encountering' this man?
Was it common for you, as a child, to have out of body experiences? If so, were you aware of what was going on and of the difference between astral projection and OBO?

Anyway, it seems like something good came after this experience. Thanks for sharing.
O...K...A...Y - I couldn't keep on reading after the following statements:

"this was the late forties, no later than 47 if my math is right"
" and by the time she had 911 on the phone, he'd drowned."

In November 1967, the FCC met with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) to find a means of establishing a universal emergency number that could be implemented quickly. In 1968, AT&T announced that it would establish the digits 9-1-1 (nine-one-one) as the emergency code throughout the United States."


I will appreciate if you clarify the previous part before giving any opinion.
lady-glow in St. Elmo's Fire
Huh... How was the weather like that night?

"St. Elmo's Fire is a weather phenomenon involving a gap in electrical charge."


It's hard to tell what would had been more shocking for any bystander, if the sight of the phenomenon or you undressing, turning your clothes inside out, and then getting dressed again after mooning them.

It's hard to say what you saw but, perhaps, what you believe to be a Santelmo is not what you think.

Thanks for sharing.
Here is member rookdygin's profile page:

Look for his home cleansing / shielding on his bio.
Hi reneemarie, I don't think the entities you saw were your grandfather. I think he came to your thoughts at a time when you were exhausted and vulnerable, to comfort and protect you.
What do you think?

Perhaps it's time to do a cleansing of your room and apartment?
Hi Haven,
I really haven't a clue, but these are my thoughts. You lived happily together for 12 years and then your partner suddenly went totally overboard with the religeous thing. This might sound crazy, but I was wondering if because of that, something like maybe a poltergeist had attached itself to him. That might at least explain why everything calmed down after he left!
RCRuskin in Tore Us Apart
Hi, Haven.

This is disturbing on so many levels. Yet it also matches my experiences exactly with what happens when The Deceiver, the Father of Lies, tries to destroy something: a family, a person's life, etc.

Yet also, it need not be something that so overtly comes from 'him'. Many years ago, decades even, a lady joined our parish, and her then boyfriend also converted, they wed, had children, and we became good friends until they moved away. He worked as an electrician. A few years after this, just before I started grad school, she came back and looked years younger than I remember he looking when she married her now ex-husband.

Marriage may be an ideal estate, but it does not always follow that a given marriage is a true blessing.

Hope this rambling, incoherent message helps.
Hello Jubeele,

Been ok. But I have given an account about what is going on in my previous comment.

How have you been? I can't agree more with the Umbrella. I think we both have the wrong vibes with umbrella. I don't complain though. Getting drenched in the rain is sure a welcome break from the heat.
Curiously enough, I felt she did give a weird smile. I can't really put it in words. It left me amused. I did get a feeling she was 'testing' me rather reading me. Like she could read my thoughts. Though I would say I had to get that glimpse of her on the bridge. Something inside me says so. I believe the link you sent talks about the PIE bridge in Eunos. I have tried searching for the incident on the Tampines bridge but haven't come up with one. Let me know if you do get any links pointing to the same.

I would not say it wasn't the alcohol's effect, but I wonder what happened to my phone. I have heard there are places of high magnetic flux that could drain devices of their battery. But this was a malfunction which never happened again.

The painting is just some bamboo stems. Cant be sure. Could be sugarcane too. I have never touched that painting ever. It has been as it is since I moved in. How do I upload a picture of the painting here?

I am planning to do a cleansing on my own. It is something I learnt when I was very young where I use sage and use mental visualization to do the cleansing.

I hope Frosty changes soon. This time his bite has incapacitated me. I am literally limping.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate you reading my story.
Dear 22C B,

I read a story on an associated site linked above entitled "paintings can be portals". The author accounts similar health conditions brought on when her husband brought home a pre-owned painting. In your instance, the thing using the portal may have turned it's focus from the dog to you. It hasn't left the building if the painting is still there. You can find that story under "spiritual experiences". Your other stories are spooky too.

How is it to have a snow dog in Singapore? Mine looks at me sideways if I take her south of the 45th parallel. It might be easier to hook Frosty up outside and bathe him with the hose that the gardeners use at your apartment building, if there is any gardening there- kind of like you would a car. At least it will save your tub drain from clogging if that option is available.
Hello AD,

Thanks for reading the story. I always see that when I take an umbrella it never rains. Kind of defeats the entire purpose of taking an umbrella. But I do agree it does pour here in Singapore. I don't know what is wrong with the painting. But I never had anything happen before I got Frosty in the house. Wonder if spirits get agitated with animals. I don't know for sure. Just last week, frosty left puncture marks on my feet. Though they werent very serious, they have handicapped me and I am walking with a limp as it was in between the 2nd and 3rd toe and it did swell up. Wonder what is happening. I am thinking of using sage in the house. Any pointers as to where I can find sage in Singapore?
majarlika012 in Believer
Wow! How I wish, with the current set up of Justice System in the Philippines, there are people who can see ghosts of the victims who could help in solving the cases.
I'll be there too, but probably singing "Jesus' brother Bob." So, it'll be easy to meet up.

Now, back to this ghostly experience.
Bibliothecarius in The Rabbit In The Back Seat

I'll be the guy in the coaster line singing Jimmy Buffet's "A Pirate Looks at Forty." πŸ˜†

whitesheet in Max And His Goodbye
mmm...i had an ex boyfriend... We remained good friends... He died in a car accident.
I was in england and he was living in the usa, so I couldn't go to the funeral, but, on the day, I was feeling a bit miserable about it and decided to snap myself out of it by playing some cheery music.
I switched on the machine to put on some music to find that a radio broadcast was coming through the speakers.
Someone just said..."he was 27 years old and died in a car accident"...then it went off.

It never picked up radio again... And hadnt done before

Ive written this off as a coincidence... But it makes you wonder.

My friend was, of course 27
whitesheet in My Ongoing Story
hello...this was fascinating... Glad life is looking up and hope it continues to get better.

I don't have any explanation for the stuff that has happened to me.
Ive been lucky because I have only had one frightening incident.

But after many years I have come to a kind of acceptance.
Im pretty sure there won't be an explanation in my lifetime, but there must be one... Either scientific or religious... Or religion may be some kind of science. I really don't know-

My husband was a total sceptic when we met and hes only had one experience in the 40 years since, but it was so undeniable that hes changed his mind.

Just take comfort from the fact that we must be tuning into some kind of phenomenon... In the same way that some people can judge people more accurately after one meeting than other people can
Biblio and Trentinray, I did not intend to 'cast aspersions' on anyone about when they had children. But something about the age groups on this site seems off to me.:)

And, yes, Biblio, like the ocean, I have many secrets.:)

As for furriness, RCRuskin, my nom-de-digital-life started out as Roller Coaster Raccoon. So if you and I happen to be at an amusement park at the same time, you'll know where to look for me. 😊
I think the site puts the young adult status tell your 40. I have a twenty year old and I'm still listed as a young adult. Of course now when it changes everyone will know I turned 40 😭 lol
Bibliothecarius in The Rabbit In The Back Seat
Oraclemache: I hope you don't mind an interruption from me as I address one or two points RC raised.

I'm a "middle aged" adult by the YGS reckoning, which is fine by me; my dad always said I was born middle-aged. My mother turned 20 two months after she gave birth to my little brother. He now would qualify as "middle-aged" and he has 3 boys under the age of 6. I remember in high school, at least 3 girls in my class had to arrange baby-sitters for their children during Senior year final exams; at our 20th Class Reunion, one of these women (roughly 37 or 38 years old) had to leave about half-way through dinner, as she had to babysit her grandson while her daughter worked the night-shift. I currently have a couple of students in their early teens whose fathers are in their late sixties or early seventies, though their mothers are somewhat younger (mid 40s-to early-50s).

I am not passing judgement upon any of these persons --with the exception of my own parents-- as life has a habit of upending people's plans. The apparent age discrepancy in this tale is, from my perspective, the least-troublesome detail.

This was just a quick thought. I sincerely hope I did not offend anyone, especially RC, whose comments and translations of my rapid-fire thoughts have proven invaluable in the past.

As for the other points RC raised, I'm conflicted about them, too.

(Sidebar: you helped a *professional* furry build some costumes? You're a dark horse --metaphorically speaking-- aren't you! 😜)

That was a well-written account, very similar in some ways to an experience I had. How old was the house where you grew up? Might be worth finding out what may have been on the site where your childhood home was built. The clothing you described should guide you in your search. Local records might contain something.
I will admit to being confused by many points in this narrative. So confused am I, in fact, that I don't even know where to begin with questions.

There is also the fact you're listed as a 'young adult' but you also speak of your teenage son. That just doesn't seem to fit, and no offense is meant against you or this website that hosts us. 😁

Though not mentioned in the title, I immediately got the impression of a black rabbit character involved and flashbacked to the novel Watership Down. The rabbits' deity of death as presented in that novel is named the Black Rabbit of Inle. Thus came my first impression from reading of your son's experience. So far as I know, real rabbits do not have their own deities and modes of worship, but then I never asked any rabbits about this.

My second thoughts on this experience involve furries, a weird subculture, sometimes counterculture, involving a fondness for animals with human characteristics, either in shape, or intelligence, or some other aspect. (As an aside, Richard Adams, author of Watership Down wrote two other novels with animals as main characters: Traveller, the US Civil War as experienced by Robert E. Lee's horse, and The Plague Dogs, about some animals in a science laboratory, and VERY disturbing. If you can, read the British edition as the US one is too watered down.)

Back to the point: among furries, there is a group called fursuitors who make some very realistic looking costumes. I recently saw a dragon's head with the smoke unit from either a model railroad locomotive or an ecig device, and lcd screens for eyes that can blink and look around. So, I thought, this black human-rabbit is with these two other guys, they might be furries. Real-eyes can be explained easily by the tech some folks use to make fursuits. I once shared an apartment with someone who did this as a side job and helped him build a few suits.

So, as it came time to leave this Rave, these two men, or was it three (two men and a rabbit or three men one in a costume) asked for a ride. I assume they gave directions and your son drove to the indicated address. What stands out most to me at this point is a lack of description where the passengers were found to have vanished.

Because at this point, comes immediately to mind.
Zaruje in Believer
Hi Lady!

Nope I don't think so. I do know is that she's a member of the prosecutor's office and files about the crime wouLd be just given to her then the normal process would follow.

The difference about this case tho is that the driver fled from the scene so they do a kind of man hunt operation?

Thankfully the driver was caught, was put into trial and was locked away

Thanks for reading!
I wouldn't say that it's the grim reaper. Usually these "grim reapers" are angels who help people on the verge of death/who are already dead, cross over. Azrael aka the angel of death, is the one most commonly seen but it's thought that he's not the only one who comes every time.

Whatever you're seeing is probably just attached to you for some reason. If it's not doing anything bad such as hurting you or those around you, you're fine.
It sounds like an incubus to me and that is definitely not something that needs to stick around. Sometimes if you address it out loud that it needs to leave and isn't welcome to return, it will, but I have heard of times where this can anger it. I would say it's better to try.
lady-glow in Believer
Wow... This is very interesting!
My guess is that the boy wanted justice to be done and knew it would be achieved through your mother's work.

Was your mother go present at the scene of the accident during the forensic investigation?

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, your story is lacking more information in order to understand what is happening at your place.

What do you know about the history of the place an the land it is built on? Are you the first owners/tenants of the place or was someone else living there before you moved in?

Where there any more disturbances during the ten years between TLG's departure and the current activity?
Can you think of a reason that could have triggered/invited these three spirits to the house?

"I was able to find this out was the clichΓ© Ouija Board... We talked to him"

Beside you, who is 'we'?
Was this the only time someone used the OB in the house? Was the session properly performed and closed?
How can you be sure that you communicated with three spirits and not only with one pretending to be the other two too?
Do you remember the questions asked to this woman during the OB session?

Would it be possible that you are scratching yourself during your sleep?
Is there something special in the game room that could be preventing you from having nightmares when you sleep there?

"I got my room professionally cleansed."

Could you elaborate more about the person/s performing the cleansing? Are they a team of paranormal investigators? Oftentimes these groups include some sort of psychic that would have been able to sense/communicate with the 'resident' spirit and know the reason preventing them from leaving this plane and why they are hurting you.

If sage and cleansing has worked, keep on doing it though, doing it with faith tends to work better.

Is there any activity during the days you aren't there? Has anyone else tried to sleep in your room? If so, did they experience anything?
Greetings, Peregrine, and welcome to YGS,

You thought you saw your girlfriend. Your son sees an old lady. Your "girlfriend she said she saw her grandmother here." You suspect that the "old lady" and "your girlfriend's grandmother" are the same person. Have you shown your son a photo of your girlfriend's grandmother to confirm/deny this hypothesis? All you have is a guess you *hope* is right.

When pursuing the glimpsed individual, "I wanted... Just to get out of my apartment and not go back in." This is called a "gut reaction." On YGS, most of our regulars --especially those whose information has proven helpful to me over the years-- agree: trust your instincts. Human beings have a "fight or flight" response for a reason; something seems "off" so you avoid it & any potential danger. You experienced a moment of this, but you brushed it aside.

I do not care to speculate without sufficient data; however, the data in your narrative could be interpreted as one entity using familiar faces as a useful camouflage. You wouldn't question your girlfriend as a danger; your son may see an old woman as harmless; and your girlfriend would perceive her grandmother as a guardian spirit.

I do not wish to cause you alarm, here; I'm presenting a different interpretation of the descriptions you provided.

You girlfriend's grandmother may indeed have travelled to observe you, in the role of a protective spirit, to ensure that you are a good person to be with her granddaughter. The dead who are aware of their status have been known to visit places of significance to their families to check up on them, even if the deceased had never been to that place while alive. (I know of one that took off on its own vacation, post mortem, but that's not my story to tell.)

Should your son recognize a photo of your girlfriend's grandmother as his visitor, then you've got a lot less to worry about! Deal with that *first.*

Cold spots & inexplicable drafts are more common when an entity is drawing energy away from a location in order to interact (appear, influence people, move objects, etc.). As you'd already observed the motion of the entity, it seem odd to me that your chill occurred *after* you pursued it down the hallway.

Something is not right, here.

IntuitiveStarfish-oh my can you set a scene... I felt like I was there. Theatre stories are my favorite, thank you.
Side note while I was waiting for this to be published I got my room professionally cleansed. My dad also put a cross in my room because I got more cuts. This time it was five all next to each other. They were bleeding slightly and not on my face or neck but on the side of my upper thigh almost butt. The cleansing seemed to partly work because nothing happened for about a week. (These cuts happened after the professional cleansed my room.) My dad also has sage my room and told whatever is to leave. So far his words towards it have helped. Also he doesn't believe in the paranormal at all so he must be startled since he went in to sage my room.
I read this a bit ago but forgot about it. But it definitely was a story that stuck with me right away.

We moved to a house that had spirits of a negative sort. We talked to a few paranormal groups and what was proposed was that these spirits had been calling us to come to this location. They knew of us for a long time... What would be termed "familial spirits". By a series of choices we ended up at this house but it's like they were waiting for us for a long time.
I will propose the same scenario to you. For whatever reason a particular spirit/s called you to this location.

But you see, you have to question why they/he/she would want you there?

Perhaps it may not be a good reason so be careful. What leads me to say this is your attachment to it/him. It doesn't sound healthy. I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear but this situation does happen.

It also may not be the actual person. The actual person may be at eternal rest. What it may be is the spirit/s that followed this person around.

A positive guardian spirit would just guide you but not allow an unhealthy attachment. Wanting to fuse spirits together is not good.
It sounds to me as though you have been practical and reasonably cautious so far. I know it is natural for folks to be afraid of the unknown and as I will not contest that there likely are very bad things out there, I quite firmly believe there are a good deal of very positive ones as well. Folks are always eager to believe in guardian angels - I am far more comfortable believing in guardian spirits of former mortal beings. Just because this entity does not claim to be an angel does not make him a demon.

I'd say keep being cautious but carry on. If you want to take additional precautions, there are plenty of simple things you can do from salt to various house plants - and things as easy as maintaining strong connections with positive influences in your life (from hobbies you pursue with others to regular dinner "dates" with friends) and peppering your personal space with things that bring you joy (photographs of loved ones, souvenirs from happy times etc). Positive energy can only do you good in every aspect of your life. Also keep in mind that cleansings are traditionally thought to only effect negative entities so that's yet another option.
Wow, your account really got to me! I have experienced something very similar before. According to my hobbled together way of viewing the world (not trying to push this on anyone, just explain where I'm coming from if I can πŸ€”) I think we are "called to" by the past/the "other side" in several different ways. First through our blood heritage, then from past lives and then from the deep sympathies wrought in us by either of the above and/or our own life experiences. For some, one calling or another may be stronger - while others may consciously feel little to nothing at all. So that's my perspective - given that, though my family heritage is very strongly Scotts-Irish and French, I have always had a bone-deep attraction to ancient Rome. During one of my first visits as a child of 11, the center of the Colosseum was still accessible via wooden walkways. My father had disappeared somewhere but I wasn't worried as I had never felt alone or frightened in that part of the city - more like I was invisible to the other people walking around while seen by *other* eyes. I wandered in a bit of a daze out into the middle of the walkway across what would have been the arena floor. When I reached the center, I stopped dead and the hot Mediterranean summer afternoon suddenly terribly felt cold. I could hear a roaring noise in my ears like thousands of voices in tumult. I felt large strong hands on my shoulders - they gripped me firmly but not painfully - as a voice spoke in my head beseaching me to go from that place and never return, that I should not be there, that they would always miss me but that they didn't want me to see them that way in that awful place of death. I felt physically sick with dread and grief. I quickly did as I was told but it was several hours before I was fully back to myself.

In my line of thinking you were either reached via the empathy you felt or possibly a past life. I hope for the dead that being able to vent and share their emotions has at least some measure of the catharsis it holds for the living.

As the ballad was one of my favorites growing up in spite of its sadness, I'm posting a link to the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot. Https://
Maybe, if the opportunity presents itself, visit the house. It might be an enlightening experience. I have visited old family sites in the South when I have had the chance and the feelings I have received there have been incredible... Like walking into a crowded room where everyone knows of you and is eager to see you - I can feel them there and feel their eyes on me (not in a creepy way) even though I have never been able to see them. Fortunately, I have always been alone in these instances as I talk to them too, telling them about my life etc and I would probably look like a mad woman to any passersby!
Anno I don't know if I should be offended or what by your comment. Seeing that you're not even from the Philippines I assume you know a lot about our culture and history (sarcasm).

Come to my place and I'll probably show you the difference of a "babaylan" from a "quack doctor" yup we don't call them "witch doctor" sorry to dissapoint you there and I'll maybe give you a quick tour 😁

Jubeele in Ghost Short Film
When I was little, I used to sneak a peek behind the sofa in the living room at Grandma's place as the grownups watched the old black-and-white Pontianak movies. Her house also came with its resident spirits who were very territorial and protective of her.

Was that your only attempt in the genre? It would be interesting if you could do a reshoot at the same locations. But because you had all that trouble, you might wish to cleanse before you go to each place, ask for blessings or protection, and then cleanse again afterwards to ensure you aren't 'followed' or have picked up an 'attachment'. Whatever cleansing ritual you choose to use will have to be relevant to your personal beliefs in order to be effective.

Under the circumstances, you might wish to ask for "Permission" though. It is always advisable to be polite when entering someone else's domain.

What sort of "Shaman" did you see? My relatives in Malaysia would have called on a traditional medicine practitioner like a bomoh for healing and protection against sorcery, rather than a pawang who deals more with rituals involving nature, weather and animals. Did the Shaman give you something to protect your friends as well as yourself?

Do take care and all the best to you.
LuciaJacinta in Unexplained Phenomenons
Idea: could the infamous hat man be the same one you saw as a teenager? Perhaps he's been there all along just waiting and watching?

I agree the bird is very new to me in a sighting. I find it really interesting. Was it a crow? Or just a small black sparrow?
Hi PJ,

How have you been? Anno_Domini is right about the umbrella. For some reason, whenever I carry an umbrella in Singapore, I won't get rained on but the one time I forget, it will be a drenching in a monsoonal downpour! πŸ™„

When that woman smiled at you, was it a friendly look, amused or mischievous? Did you get the feeling she was 'testing' you, to see how you would behave? This thought came to me: maybe it's because you were polite to her so you were able to cross that bridge relatively unscathed, by following after her.

It doesn't get cold in Singapore, even when it rains; that gust of "cold wind" is rather odd. I wonder if some people find it hard crossing the bridge because of the negative energies from all the suicides. There have been a number of distressing accounts about the 'suicide bridge' in Tampines, along the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway). I found a few references online to an incident in 2016:

Bedok Reservoir has its own dark history of suicides and untimely deaths. Not sure if you were being held down and stopped from leaving, or whether it was the beer making you sluggish. But alcohol can have a limiting effect on our faculties and inhibitions, making us more vulnerable. Glad you made it safely home.

About Frosty and the painting, perhaps it smelled 'bad' to the dog. Something it had been in contact with. Just curious, what does the painting look like? Since you can't get rid of it, you might want to take the precaution of getting it out of the house. Or maybe get the real estate agent to return it to the landlord. You might wish to have a cleansing done on the place as well?

Hope Frosty continues to get better and things will improve for you too. Be safe and well. 😊
reneemarie29 in Unexplained Phenomenons
Thank you all for your comments! I have responded individually by putting your username next to the response as I can't seem to find a way to comment on each of your posts one at a time.

Silverthane61: I've considered purchasing a camera and placing it in the bedroom to capture things over night. I've also thought about downloading a sleep recording app to see if there are any noises I may be able to capture, though most of the things that have happened have been visual. I'll try to update when anything arises.

Filmbuff1234: That is an interesting question that I hadn't considered. I don't believe it was, however, because the figure was a few inches shorter than my grandfather and to me didn't feel like him (if that makes sense?). The only thing I happened to correlate with him was the bird because he came to mind out of nowhere after seeing it. It's not that I don't think about him, but I don't very often. I wonder if birds have any significance with loved ones lost.

Bibliothecarius: Now that I think about it, I don't recall hearing the thuds from above and the light being on in the closet until after the light in the hallway stopped turning on. This is an interesting thought. As for the size of the bird, I wouldn't put it at much larger than a blue jay, thought it didn't have a long tail. I hope this was helpful.

Robmkivseries70: I may invest in a camera. As silly as it sounds, I'm almost afraid at what I might find. My home is my sanctuary and part of me would like to ignore the sightings and noises so I don't disturb the peace I feel when I'm here; however, I would like to get some clarity on the happenings and what they might mean or find out what has been lingering.

My friends and I used to do table tapping when we were pre-teen and teenagers. It worked, but nothing as dramatic as what you experienced.
robmkivseries70 in Unexplained Phenomenons
Good Day,
I'd like to recommend a camera, a baby monitor for example. It would be interesting to see what's going on while you sleep.
BettinaMarie in Kid In The Hall
Sherm784 I love your stories-and how you carefully share the viewpoint when you saw this. I am sure your connections to your city help you be open to its past.
All I know about your office neighborhood is what I have read in histories of organized Labour. Child Labour under most horrible conditions led to hard-won reforms, but until then, little kids as young as six worked in mines and factories from dusk until dawn. Child Labour was common, everywhere, but especially on the looms in the Garment District. Much like today's unregulated garment industry, conditions for children were often fatal. Gross industrial exposure and accidents, not just fatigue and abuse, were standard. It is probable that the child you saw died in that very spot.
I agree with the other responders who wonder that shifting of tenants might rouse or expose spririts usually hidden. As always, thank you for sharing.

In Peace. Bettina
I love all of your stories:) with that kind of "gift", I hope that you will be able to help more people.:) God bless!
Hi the22centuryboi,

Take it from a born-and-bred Singaporean (Jubeele would agree with me on this too I'm sure), always, always carry an umbrella with you. I have one in my work bag as I type this.

It's true, Bedok has had quite a number of suicides in the last 1 or 2 decades, especially at the reservoir.

Also there are a number of reasons I can think of that would cause your dog's unease, there is a varied culture of spirit / idol-worship (kumanthong, toyols, etc) that is quite prevalent here, originating from neighbouring countries. I believe some of these idols have spirits / demons attached to them. Perhaps your landlord / neighbour above / below you is dabbling in these dark arts.
Anno_Domini in Demonic Possession
Hi wysteria1,

I'm not sure what's the deal with all the skepticism here, the "supernatural phenomenon" which happen during actual exorcisms, levitation, eye rolling, objects moving etc are par for the course. These have been even documented by Vatican-appointed exorcists in their books and memoirs. I'm not saying that your account is true, but one cannot simply discount it either on those claims alone. Lucia, these possessions happen anywhere and everywhere, just that they are not well publicised... You can imagine the shame and ostracism that it would bring to the victims and their families. My church actually sponsors a pastor-turned missionary who works in Davao, Mindanao relatively close to your location.

Another thing is the Catholic church lacks church-appointed exorcists in general (not sure of the Philippines in particular), another documented fact. As such, the priest calling upon inexperienced laypeople for help and not following "proper procedure", especially when a person is having an episode, is not unheard of. Philippines culture has a lot of animist beliefs mixed with Catholicism, and visiting the local witch doctor (babaylan) is still something many rural people do.

If indeed true, I pray that that poor girl is improving and that the demon terrorising her has released its grip on her, God-willing.
Thanks Roxy and Biblio for reading my story. Unfortunately, I can't get rid of the painting as it belongs to the owner of my place. I plan to put the painting in the attic kind of storage place. Do let me know if you liked the way I have narrated the incidents.
Bibliothecarius in Unexplained Phenomenons
Greetings, reneemarie.

While you've clearly thought through the potential for sleepwalking & removed that as a potential cause, I'm not entirely comfortable with dismissing the manifestations as simple hypnopompic hallucinations. The key issue about hallucinations is that they often have details that appeal to a range of senses, seldom sight alone; you had been asleep, you were "woken abruptly by a soft sound," **then** you located the potential spirit/intruder/whatever visually, and it vanished when you turned on the lights. People are more likely to incorporate external sound stimuli into their dreams, with peculiar dream-logic justify them, than they are to wake from their dreams because of a dream-based sound.

Looking at the broad view of your experiences, did the "thuds in the (attic) space" and finding your "closet light on" randomly begin/increase as the light switch phenomenon in the hallway diminished? When a specifically repeated behavior doesn't elicit the desired response, people and spirits alike have a habit of trying a new tactic to get someone to react.

I'm most curious about the "bird" entity. I do have a theory or two knocking about in my brain, but I need to ask, first: what size was it? (a sparrow, a blue jay, a chicken?) I don't imagine it was a phantom ostrich or anything, but I'd like to have a firm sense of scale before going off in potentially-wrong directions.

Sleeping-with-steve in The Girl On Our Staircase
Hello Memo_1981,

Your daughter was saying, 'didi over there', meaning elder sister. Does that mean you had another child who passed away?

Interesting short post. I wanted to know more. Like who the girl was that you saw, how she died, and what she was trying to tell you.

Maybe the answers might be at your local library on microfiche.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Greetings, 22C.B.

I'm in agreement with Roxy on this; why do you still have the painting in your home? I wouldn't recommend destroying it or anything extreme, but you could donate it to a charity shop or something. If it has been upsetting Frosty on a regular basis, that's sufficient motive for getting rid of it.

I had a beautiful, self-centered, and unhinged Siberian Husky for over a decade; she was fun and lovable, but my god was that animal stupid. You've got a Husky with a great personality given the description, and to protect his personality from any supernatural interference or toxic chemicals in the painting, you need it to go **now.**

Get rid of the painting! Dont keep it with you. If the spirit is attached to it, it will move with itπŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„
Ravishingroxy in The Girl On Our Staircase
Where in navi mumbai? I stsy in nm too... So I am curious. Was it a duplex apartment in a building, or a row house?
Starr347 ~ Greetings and welcome!

Table Tipping (or turning or tapping or...) is a very old device used by mediums who have largely been debunked. Many scientists believe that this can be caused by involuntary muscular movements by the participants. Many magicians have demonstrated a variety of ways that this can be faked. And it has been fooling people for a long time, at least two hundred years.

Granted I wasn't there so I can't say for certain, but if an illusionist can create the effect, I tend to believe this was not a supernatural event. Also given that there seems to be lingering effect.
There are stories of spirits attaching themselves to objects - possibly what's happened here.
Filmbuff1234 in Unexplained Phenomenons
Interesting experience. The silhouette of the man you saw - did he look like your grandfather?
PoliexterLy in Church Happenings
Since this church seems to be a hot spot for paranormal activity, it would be a good idea to talk about its history.
Having worked for Colonial Williamsburg for a decade, I can say with absolute certitude that the overwhelming majority of ghost sitings by *guests* can be 100% attributed to bored costumed employees getting a few laughs. However, the employees themselves often have experiences of their own and when someone knows a locale or building as intimately as those staff members do - it is incredibly obvious when something is abnormal.

That said, there are some effects, which are either darn difficult or prohibitively expensive to achieve. I don't know what Dover Castle's finances are but most museums I have worked for don't have money to waste. A hologram generator can't be cheap and from what I have seen of them, there is little likelihood of an adult mistaking the image for the real thing.

P.S. Nectaravore (sorry if I spelled that wrong - I shouldn't have waited until the preview page to add this in) - I second your comment whole heartedly!
silverthane61 in The Girl On Our Staircase
Perhaps the entity chose not to reveal itself to your wife. Maybe your wife did not possess the innate psychic ability to "see" the entity, whereas you and your daughter did. Who knows? In any case, I am happy to hear that your life turned around after you left the apartment.
I believe (these are just my personal beliefs - I would never argue that my perspective is the be all to end all) that the spirits of our ancestors and perhaps even some of the more salient beings we have known in past lives are constantly around us - so according to my views (absolutely not trying to prothletize here), your upset galvanized one of them enough to put voice to their concerns. I rather like your grandmother's theory as well - it seems just as likely to me.
Table-tipping goes back a long time and has recently lost its popularity among the paranormal research community. All I can say is anything that reacts violently to the presence or contact with a religious item or artifact cannot possibly be benign.
I think that your experience is interesting and I wonder who it could be as well. Maybe a sprit guide?
silverthane61 in Unexplained Phenomenons
Well written, Reneemarie. Your logical attempt to debunk the minor incidents with your sleepwalking episodes does not explain your visual sightings. I do think that the figure with a hat might have been a residual waking dream-hallucination. The bird entity is unique, however. Separately, each incident is explainable, taken together, it does seem to paint a minor paranormal event. You seem to be the only one experiencing these events. Maybe you should invest in a camera to record your apartment while you sleep to see if you can capture more evidence on tape.
Thanks for your response Whitesheet. I never felt I was a full blown sensitive. The incidents I experienced were always unexpected and spontaneous, like the Fitzgerald exhibit. I have visited the battlefields at Gettysburg, Antietem, Bull Run, and Vicksburg. I have also visited Savannah, Georgia a number of times. Each one of these locations was full of death and destruction but I never experienced one paranormal incident at any of these places. I never sought spirits in the form of a ghost hunt or seance either.
With that said, my first incident occurred when I was five. Once a year, my family would tend to the graves of my grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents by cleaning up the gravesites and planting flowers. One year, I wandered over to a fresh grave, still covered with flowers and a few teddy bears. I was suddenly overwelmed with sadness and grief and cried uncontrollably. I fell to the ground in the fetal position while my family ran over to me. My dad tried to calm me but to no avail. He picked me up and carried me to the back seat of our station wagon. I eventually came around but I was emotionally and mentally drained. In the days that followed, my parents pressed me as to what happened but I was too young to comprehend why I had a breakdown and could not explain anything.
I later learned the grave was of a young boy whom was hit by a car and died just a few days before. It was not until I was older did I realize I experienced all the sadness that surrounded the boy's death. At the time, I was too young to comprehend death and the residual sadness, but it hit me like a tidal wave that day. Keeping with family tradition, I still visit the cemetery and the boy's grave but never experienced anything close like that day when I was five.
Superhero in Ghost Short Film
Hey Lucia

I also got the same feeling. Whenever I hear the name "Raadhana", character name of the ghost, I feel kind of scary
Superhero in Ghost Short Film
Hey Miandra, its really spooky to read that article! By the way thanks for sharing it! Cheers mate
Hi Starr347, I don't know what you were dealing with but I did experience something similar a few years back. As far as I was told it is aptly and simply called table tipping.
Here is a link to my encounter with the phenomenon, on this site,
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghost Short Film
Hello Caz & Superhero,

I found this article online about deaths that occurred during horror movie sets.


I enjoyed your post, very interesting reading. Thank you.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Temilicious in Night Security
Finally, a ghost story.

Hi Marine,

There's something about Philippines' ghost stories that just fascinates me. I like this encounter- it's pretty straight forward though- you saw a ghost. Maybe that particular office used to be a platform n the apparition is merely boarding a train- who knows.

Did you feel a cold spot, breeze, anything, when you were standing in front of it?

It really would be cool to see the video, but understand if you can't because it's company property.

Thanks for sharing.

Blessings from S.A.
hi james f,

Ive only had one frightening experience and that was in the witchcraft museum in boscastle, cornwall, england in the 1980s.

I wasn't bothered about going in, as id never really taking witchcraft seriously... But it was a wet day, so in we went.

My experience was similar to yours... I thought I was coming down with some kind of stomach bug.

More than that... I got the feeling that I shouldnt be there in the sense that it was wrong to be there... I just had to leave, but then I felt better

I knew that boscastle had been one of the centres of witchcraft in cornwall, but I have since found out that many sensitives can't stand to be in the town, let alone the museum... Luckily I was ok when I was outside... I have got a friend who iis very sensitive to locations... For example we once visited someone we didn't know very well and, when she touched the front door she recoiled in horror as she felt a burning sensation and felt almost choked by the smell of smoke... It was only later that we learned that there had been a big, fatal fire on the site.

Have you ever had these kind of experiences before... Mine at the museum was the only time
You're right Lucia! Poltergeist was one. There were a lot of deaths around that movie. I also remember reading about another movie where strange, scary things happened during filming. Sorry I can't remember the name, but I do remember it was one of the old Dracula movies that was being filmed in an old church in London!

I got the order of your stories messed up but I think you can still follow. I was referring to both the first and the early morning story where it was trying to scare you.
Hi Stubborn,

Interesting read. For what it's worth, you don't have to be Christian to recognize demons. They have them in a lot of faiths (though apparently not yours?) The idea of demons came to Christianity from more ancient regional faiths of the era. Or your flatmate could be really mean and playing tricks on you but I'm leaning away from that.

The entity hasn't hurt you but the fact that it wanted to scare you in the first story is troublesome. There may be more than one because the lights came on when you wanted them, which suggests benevolence and that is quite different than you otherwise report. The bathroom incident is again different in that the entity seems like a trickster in that particular case.

You could check the cleansing rituals on this site and see if they differ from what you have already performed. The sage one is under articles and Rook's is under his bio. I think he spells his handle rookdyjinn. That might dispense with your unwanted houseguests.
[at] silverthane61
Thanks so much for the reply! I am only 21 and very healthy -- I have never had any heart conditions. I do however have anxiety which sometimes causes tightness/pain in my chest.
Part of me wonders though if I had thought myself very hard into a death like situation and if this happened to result in a guardian angel visiting me! (?) Who knows!
Thanks again:D
I only ponder about this because it is intriguing (that I've ready about this a little)...but what if this entity or being of a sort is indeed part of a past life? What if he IS trying to help you? ***Not saying AT ALL that you should venture into trying any more communication***, but it is interesting to think about and try to understand...

The Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls books by Michael Newton came to mind when I got to the part in your story where you say he told you "his name and quite a bit about who he supposedly was." and that he "claimed to be someone from one of [your] past lives that was very similar to this one in which [you] committed suicide at the age of 17. He implied that he was trying to help [you]."

In the books, it is discussed (and found through hypnosis - not sure how much to trust in that line of work and am a skeptic of all sorts but do not limit my imagination) about how we ourselves put our souls through these lives / experiences in order to teach ourselves a well-needed lesson or to gain experience in order to become more enlightened and for the soul come to a certain realization or point of purity, something like that... So in many of these cases some of these people claim to have "decided" to stay on Earth as ghosts either because they aren't ready to move on, they want to help others with grieving or dealing with certain things or because they want to experience this (some have said they stay as ghost for the fun of it)'s very fascinating to read!

I just wonder if this is one of those spirits or if this thing isn't meant to be negative. Just my thought on this story.

Still, I understand how scary this can be (even though I've never experienced anything myself). Anything not of this world can be concerning more than or before it can be exciting when we don't know what it is that we're dealing with... I hope all is well with you and that things don't get out of hand! <3
Hi Dude,
It's me again. I've just read this story recommended by Biblio this morning and it was both thrilling and chilling. Your talent with the descriptive is so awesome, I felt I was watching a movie rather than reading a narrative and again, even felt I was 'in it' at times. You seem to have the ability to transport the reader into another time and place and that's a rare thing! Very few professional authors can do that for me!
When you described the dungeon, with the claw marks and shredded bedding, I thought I'd sussed what had gone on. LOL... I thought the old guy was a werewolf who the crusty old caretaker had to lock up for a few days each month, but turns out the story was much sadder than that!

You're a very brave man to do what you did and a great writer too. I reckon if you could write fiction, you'd make a fortune!
Thanks Biblio... See you on October 31st! 😜
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
i think most of us have more encounters than we realise.

For example, back in the 1980s I was with my boyfriend in the lobby of an expensive hotel in devon, england, where wed gone for a meal... Those were the days.

I saw a girl aged about 14 in a long white dress with a flower in her hair.

As the hotel hosted wedding parties, I assumed she was a bridesmaid from a wedding where the bride had worn an old fashioned wedding dress.

My boyfriend couldn't see her at all

If id have been on my own or hadnt thought to mention it, id have never doubted my original assumption
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
just to clarify...

In the cases I have been able to research, it seems that the figures probably do have some connection to the sites... But it can often date to way back when.

Ive always been fascinated by the question as to whether there are haunted sites or sensitive people or both.

Ive been to dozens of historic sites with strong records of haunting and never experienced a thing.

And then one day I'm just somewhere mundane and not thinking about anything in particular... And pow
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
hi sherm,
What an interesting story.
I recognise this as the kind of thing that happens to me.
I used to think that I had imagined something... But then I thought of how to test it.
I know that this wasn't the time or place, but if you see something that looks a bit out of place... An example with me was 2 old men in a crowded student bar... Keep your gaze fixed on them and mention them to someone youre with out of the corner of your mouth.
In my experience the figures don't disappear and the other person can tell you if they can see them too.

Whenever I have turned my head to tell someone, theyve always disappeared when I look back
LuciaJacinta in Ghost Short Film
I don't know... Could be. I just looked up something of this nature the other day about movies that are cursed. You could Google them if you want. Just movies that had a lot of bad stuff happening after or before they were released.
LuciaJacinta in Church Happenings
Chuckling at everyone's responses. I don't know, maybe I'm gullible but I can see this happening. I have known a few odd things like this to happen in churches.
LuciaJacinta in Demonic Possession
Ok, I don't discount your story because in the Philippines I could see this happening. In America, I don't think it would have all happened like that. But, it's possible due to the cultural difference this occurred.

I do though in general believe in demonic possession and exorcism.

The priest could have already done all the necessary steps but just told the altar boys. I could see that. How old were you guys?
Temilicious in Church Happenings's small things that make me doubt a post, like you said you "carried" your friend out of the sacristy, yet you were found huddled inside a closet in that very sacristy.

I know when writing we tend to leave out details because they are familiar to us, forgetting the reader is in the blank.

Maybe you can clarify that part.

Thanks for replying.
Thanks for that Biblio! I'm working my way through them all, along with all the comments, so it's taking some time, but I'll read that one next. Talking of comments... I always like to vote up what I see as good comments, but when I come to yours, I'm being told told to 'vote for someone else'! Hmmm... I don't understand that at all! πŸ™„
Bibliothecarius in Ouija Board From Hell
I recommend you read old_dude's "The Doctor's Dungeon" ( I like to revisit it around Hallowe'en.
freakedoutfreddy in Demonic Possession
No freaking way bro, at least the girl didn't puke pea soup like Linda Blair in the Exorcist! 😁 😁
freakedoutfreddy in Church Happenings
Dude... What happened after you and your friend got out of the closet? 😁
google clifton hall nottingham uk.

I have some friends who went to the school that used to be there and they swear blind they experienced incidents.

Obviously I wasn't there but I firmly believe they believe they experienced things
Hi Dude,
WOW... You are some story teller! You had me right from the start, but when you were in that pitch black room trying to figure out where the light switch was, I swear to God it felt like I was standing beside you and when you ran through that door, I was right on your heels, running as fast as my wee legs could carry me...LOL!
I've been on a Ouija board 3 or maybe 4 times and luckily never had anything bad happen, but I was young and didn't know the dangers back then. I've learned a fair bit though over the years and have no intention of ever doing it again. I couldn't figure out how I'd missed this story, but it turns out I joined YGS just over a month after yourself. I've probably read some of your other stories, but I intend to read them all again anyway and I've added you to my favourite posters list.
I have to say a big 'Thank You' to RSAChick for pointing me in the right direction this morning!
Oh...I do remember something my brother-in-law told me, many, many years ago. He was a career soldier and was on an unaccompanied posting at the time.Can't remember where, but somewhere fairly remote. The guys were a bit bored, so someone suggested doing a Ouija board. I think they made their own and used a tumbler as a planchette. Anyway... I don't know what came through at the start, but at some point, the tumbler seemed to be pointing out random letters that didn't seem to mean anything. Till the guy in charge of writing them down suddenly realised it was saying the Lord's Prayer... Only it was saying it 'backwords'! 😟 They were all so scared when they realised what was happening and one guy burst into tears and another passed out completely and had to be carted out to the sick bay!LOL...That'd be enough to put anyone off for life eh! 😜
Bibliothecarius in Ouija Board From Hell
Greetings, old_dude.

A film-maker may have used your story for some background ideas (setting, consequences, etc.) when fleshing out the script. As I was re-reading it (about the 4th or 5th time since I joined), I realized how fast-paced and tightly-written it is. I'm not sure you'd have grounds to press a lawsuit for copyright infringement --quite a few details overlap with other people's experiences-- but you certainly should be flattered that this may have been one of the stories that sparked the imaginations of the script writer, director, etc. There's no need to "fancy up the writings" when the story is this compelling.

Aaah, old_dude! You have returned!
I am hoping for more stories from you, please?

Which movie are you talking about?

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