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DandK--I have a quick addition. In one of your earlier accounts, you mentioned your husband hearing a voice in the middle of the night as he returned to the bedroom saying "What are you doing here?" That isn't too far off from the voice you heard saying, "We're almost done here?" Just an observation I thought I'd mention.
Hi DandK--Great to see you back on YGS! I know you've seen shadowy entities in your house and have heard disembodied voices directed at you before but this one strikes me as particularly odd. Disembodied voices don't always cause concern, but a deep male voice coming from a dark living room would seem to be an instance that would.

What struck me was that you had just woken and were in a mental state that spirits seem to like to take advantage of. Having just woken you were open and receptive to a spirit. That state of sleepiness might have contributed to your lack of concern but I think I would have wanted to check that room before going back to bed. Was there something about the voice that made you not worry about it? I've heard several disembodied voices over the years but the one you describe would have made me want to check that room.
This is just a theory of mine, but I feel like your grandparents must have felt and experienced those too, but never said anything because they wanted to tough it out for you. Still, at least it wasn't anything malevolent that wanted to hurt your family. Perhaps it's the area the house was built in, or the antique furniture. Ghosts love their antique furniture.
Hi GhostGal

I know that it must be frustrating especially when you are a kid and have to experience something like that and no one will believe you, but do you think that it might have been your own fear being projected in to you seeing the devil?
I got chills down my arm imagining the girl in my mind with that handbag in one of her hands... I would have started screaming in fear, waking everyone in my surroundings. Your mum-in-law is really brave.
You're probably right, Rajine! I have. I told both of my grandparents and my mom and none of them ever felt the fear I felt. Just me, my friend, and step-sibling. It's a nice thought to think it was my grandma's mother but I think you nailed it on the head thinking it's something else. Unless I felt just a presence in general all the time and it weirded me out altogether... I have no idea. And thanks for commenting (:
indigomoon694 in The Walker Ames House
Hello I hope this message finds you!
I have live and have lived in a town about 20 minutes outside of Port Gamble but sadly have only drove passed The Walker Ames house and never gone inside but I have lived here since about 5 years old to now (not going to say just for privacy) but as a child I new was very interested in anything that had to do with ghosts and the paranormal. When I was about 8 or 9 we moved into a different house that is right downtown and was built in 1915, I do not live there anymore but live very close buy but my experience there was stuck with me since and I have a really big interest in finding out more about the home or it's history but can't find anything by just searching the address. I have had a reading by a psychic about a year ago and talked about my experience and she shared some really insightful information about what my experience and what I saw could have meant but I still have a lot of unanswered questions, I would like to share my experiences more in detail if you have any resources available because this would be pretty long but I will share the most promanitate experience vaguely, it was the first home that I didn't share a room with my sister and it was our first night staying at the home, we had only stated moving in that day but wanted to stay the night at our new home so I ended up sleeping in my room on just a mattress for that night and don't remember much besides what happened, I myself still try to rationalize this experience by questioning if it was a dream but everything in me feels it was real and I remember my dreams all the time but can say this did not feel anything at all like a dream, I woke up to a girl about my age maybe a little older with long brown hair who was crying and was wearing a long-sleeve white nightgown that had blood on it, I was horrified and absolutely filled with fear and ran into my parents room and told them what happened and fell asleep, I believe we only lived in that house for a year because it was being rented but is currently not anymore. I have not seen anything like that else in the house but was always uneasy and have had multiple times where pigeons have flown into and hit the window when I was home alone I believe 3 times, I have always wondered if there is any known history about the house since it was built in 1915 but have never found anything out. Is there anything I can do? My mom still has contact with the owner but I have never asked nor told her about this experience but would be able to if there was anyway to find anything out is there anyway I can talk to you or someone from The Advanced Ghost hunters of Seattle Tacoma?

Thank you!
I'd be curious to know what the elevator experts have to say as well. Probably will not get a report on that from management, sadly. Oh well.

As regards phone calls from the dead, I would expect it on the home phone, my cell or mom's cell since dad knew these numbers, rather than the elevator's number. I haven't received any mystery calls and neither has the home phone to my knowledge. I'll check mom's cell later today.

To answer now Jubeele and Lady-Glow's question: Why the elevator/significant events in elevators, one does come to mind, but it is silly! Really, really silly. We were on vacation and after seeing the sights in the town we vacationed, dad and I decided to head downtown just for fun. We found a nice, old-style department store and went in, taking the elevator to the topmost floor we could (musical instruments). After looking around, we got into the elevator and went back to the ground floor. And apparently arrived in a totally different store than we had been in. So, we got lost by way of elevator. This would have been 86 or 87, I believe.
Dear Brother

Words aren't enough in times like this. Our heartfelt condolences to you for your loss.

The elevator playing up does sound a bit odd. It's the timing of it. I'm curious if the electrician found a fault with the wiring, sensors or something. Or whether there was no fault found. If it's an intermittent fault, that can be difficult to detect. Did they occur at the same time of the day? Was the weather or temperature the same during those occurrences? I'm wondering if there was a slight crack in the insulating material or seals, and moisture in the air somehow affected the mechanism.

When our friend Miriam passed last year, we experienced a few phantom calls. Her husband, Dean had missed calls on her phone, with no messages left. There are many accounts on YGS of people being contacted by loved ones from beyond the Veil. If the spirit is a form of energy, is it possible that some have discovered how to travel via electrical currents?

But why the elevator? Has your phone received any missed calls from unknown numbers? What about the rest of the family? I did wonder if there was any significance in that it was the emergency call for help. Do you think there was something unsaid, or unresolved with your father? Perhaps it might be a request for an intercessory prayer to ease his way...

Take care and be gentle with yourself. Our loving thoughts and prayers are with you.

I'm sorry for your loss.

It's hard to reach any conclusion without knowing what the "elevators experts" have to say.
Is there any special/significant event that happened to your Father in an elevator?

Regardless, I'm sure he's still looking after you.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin - My sincere condolences on the passing of your father.

Your experience with the elevators does seem quite extraordinary. Have you tried to determine whether other tenants have had any problems with the elevators?

You are still very much in the grieving phase and this could cause you to read more into this event than you normally would. On the other hand, it just might be your dad. I think your own instincts will provide the answer.

Regards, Melda
I agree that one cannot blame meds. For everything like little irregularities. Especially if what happened is recent. If you've been experiencing that ever since you've been on the meds. 'that' may point a finger to them. However, it seems that these things only seem to occur in that one room.
Also, you may be sensitive to a presence there. Has anything like this ever-taken place with you before? Do you know if you're psychic? It's not something that you plan. Some are born with it, & some gain it later in life due to one cause or another.

I wish you the best!
Thank you for reading my story!

I'm glad you had a positive experience when your friends tried it. My grandparents had a good experience with one as well. I never tried it again. It just didn't feel right.

I freaked out and got out of the house. So, technically, I don't think I ended the game. But I made sure to burn the paper that I drew it on soon thereafter. I was pretty lucky that nothing happened afterwards.
Hi, Rajine. Thank you.

To answer your second question, I dwell in an old apartment building in which many people have died, and it is across the street from a cemetery turned into a park: https://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=24238.

This has happened to me in all 3 elevators in the building. I let management know and they agreed a malfunctioning emergency contact system is not good, but I do not know if they contacted the agency responsible for the elevators or not.
Hi RCRuskin

Firstly I'd like to offer my condolences on the passing of your dad, losing someone you care about is never easy.

I just have a two questions:

Is it just one elevator you are talking about?

Also if you don't mind me asking, which building is this elevator in (apartment, hospital)?

Like you I also try to find a reasonable and logical explanation for certain unexplainable moments, if I were to give you a non supernatural explanation regarding the elevator I'd probably go with a malfunction or electrical fault, and I'd ask maintenance to check it out and also ask around if the same thing happened to anyone else in the building.

And if there's no rational explanation I'd say it was supernatural and that it could be your dad giving you a sign to show you he's around.

Have you seen the calendar?
I guess for today your screen name should be "Linja ha ha" 😉
Hi, again, Rajine,
Sorry about the wrong words. I meant 12 year old boy,& thanks for reading my story. I don't know 'what' I was 'thinking' in the last message I responded to.
Hello nisubar, thanks for sharing your interesting story. That is quite a variety of noises you hear in that room for sure, I can imagine it's quite unnerving.

While medication can influence our perception of the events of our lives, if you've been taking these meds for some time and this experience is more of a recent thing, it's not likely they're linked. Of course you should always consult with your doctor to be sure. The fact that from your story, these noises only happen in that one room and at regular intervals should eliminate the possibility of it being the meds as well. The other thing is (and it may sound humorous but it's not meant as such) is that if you're questioning your sanity, then that's a good sign you're still sane. If you were crazy you probably wouldn't know it. You wouldn't have the skills to rationalize or reason with logic if that was the case, and clearly you still have these skills intact.

As an aside you'll find this site is full of stories from people from all walks of life and just like you, they too have questioned their sanity as well, when things happen outside the norm that science and in many cases religion report are impossible.

In your comment you mentioned that someone may have died in the home, that maybe your answer there, if you can research it and verify it. Perhaps the spare bedroom was 'his' room and may have been where he died. That would explain the occurrences and why they are confined to that area of the house. There are various cleansing/clearing rituals you could use (some are referenced on this site) to send this spirit into the light. Hope this helps and good luck!
Hi AussieRedDog

A really touching story, It just goes to show that our loved ones are always around us even though we can't see them anymore.
Hi, Rajine,
I'm sure he was trying to 'maybe' introduce himself to his niece, & possibly give me a message for the rest of the family.
Of course, I'm guessing! After all, he left very suddenly, & violently. It was very unexpected for a 12 year old boy, I'm sure.
I often wonder if he just wanted everyone to know that he's alright where he is now. Like I said, I'll never know for sure!
Thanks for reading my story! Have a good one!
Thanks for the reply. My girlfriend bought the house about a year and a half ago and there was only speculation that the reason it went up for sale is because the husband died here. We never got a solid answer but since all these things are going on it only makes sense.
I read somewhere that playing Bell sounds confuses a spirit. The once, closed door, dark and quiet room now gets a few blasts of bells during the day with the window and curtains wide open...
For those interested, I'll post what happens in the future but I'm back in good standing with my girlfriend for not snoring right now... 😜
Hi Jessbcr25

Did you ever try talking about it with your grandparents? I feel that if it was actually a late family member you wouldn't get spooky vibes at all. Perhaps it was something else.
Hi Linjahaha

I'm sorry about your uncle Billy, perhaps what you experienced was just him making you aware that he was around.
Hi nisubar

My mum is on tramadol and a whole range of other medications due to arthritis and diabetes. It's hard to say if the medication is causing you to experience whatever is happening, since you always wake up from those noises, maybe you should find out the history of the place then you can see from there whether it's supernatural or not.
Hi Cornflower

Well I guess the ouija board got one thing right, however ouija boards are tricky there's no knowing what will happen, you didn't mention ending the game, did you get around to doing it?
I know about sleep paralysis and have experienced it in dreams, but not in a supernatural experience.

My grown son had moved back in to our house, and this was the first night that he came home from work, after midnight.

I was sound asleep (with my 2 big dogs on my bed). As my son walked past my bedroom door, the dogs leapt up and were jumping all over me on the bed, growling, barking and snarling!

In my sleep state I thought I was being attacked by wolves! No matter how I tried and TRIED I could not make a scream come out of my throat! Finally some little gurgling sound came out of me. I have never been so terrified in my life, either before or since!
Hi Cornflower,
I'm definitely not a fan of ouija boards but that sounds like a pretty neat experience. You never know. In junior high I used one with friends at a sleep over. They supposedly contacted my grandfather who passed when I was 5. They asked him if he had any messages for me and it spelled out, 'tell her I miss her.' After hearing about so many bad experiences with the board, I decided to never use one again. Thanks for sharing your story! It looks like we are about the same age.

Berggraf38: who knows,... But I don't think so. I just find it a special, particular experience.

Rajine: My experience was definitely not a classic sleep paralysis experience, but it was interesting non the less. Teh vividness of it was astonishing.
There is a documentary I watched, called The Nightmare (2015), and it's all about sleep paralysis. It also mentions that hat man entity. Perhaps check it out.
I, too, about 8 years ago, worked in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm not mentioning the name of it. There are several in Cleveland, & I don't think they'd appreciate me mentioning the name of the hospital. Might be bad for business, lol!
I worked in the Radiology department for almost 20 years. During that time I heard stories about a ghost in the basement x-ray file room. That was where we stored the older x-ray folders. When they got over 5 years old they were moved to the sub-basement file room. After that they went to a special warehouse for storage.
We still had hard copies of films before we went digital about 4 years years after I started.
I went to the basement file room to pull a basket full of patient film folders for upcoming surgery cases. While I was pulling the folders I was within eye-shot of the desk, computer, & office chair that was right next to a dumb-waiter that we used to send the folders up on. Out of the corner of my eye I heard someone come in. I looked up, & very briefly saw a man with dark hair about 35 years old. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants, & a long white lab-coat with a stethoscope around his neck. I was about to tell him I'd help him in a minute when, right before my eyes, he vanished. He had his hand on the back of the office chair that was in front of the desk area, & I saw the chair spinning around. I know what I saw, but I did not feel frightened by it. I got the impression that he used to work there, & was just curious as to what I was doing.
Possibly, what you saw 'was' a warrior or a former employee just repeating a routine that they were accustomed to. I would delve further into the history of the structure if you wish to learn more. Be respectful of them. After all, they were once in the physical body like we are, too!
I'm glad for you that you got out of that house. Things would have just escalated, believe me. My late husband,& I lived in a haunted house for almost 4 years. Don't ask me how we did it. However, we were finally driven out of there.
That guy came to you at just the right time to let you know what was there, & possibly help you with that knowledge.
Something like that usually changes one's views on the paranormal. It's wonderful that you're someplace much better!
I think in this case you probably saw an animal. Foxes, owls, possums, rats and many other small critters have eyes that glow red in the dark.
Hello again Seeing11, and thank you for providing further detail and answering my questions.

You seem to have a natural gift for connecting with entities/beings and communicating with them. Of course anything in the supernatural/paranormal realm can sense this talent within you and reach out to you. In a way it works similar to a Ouija board which can attract negative or positive spirits. It's something you may want to consider learning more about and honing so you can make sure that all future interactions are only positive and of the light.

My feeling is that this being/entity whatever it is, doesn't have the best intentions. If it was a being of light, it would have no reason to hide anything from you, or to be cryptic in its responses. It reminds me of another class of entities discussed on this forum that also hide their true intentions and identities. They can also manipulate people's energies and emotions and feelings, which may be happening with you. It may explain some of the feelings you've had.

I would be careful and seek some assistance to find out what this being is and possibly remove if it doesn't have your highest and best good in mind. I'm not sure what your belief system is, but you may consider prayer/protection routines before you sleep at night until you can get a handle on whatever is going on. There are many out there to choose from.

My guess is that this being sensed your ability to communicate and interact with entities not of this plane and saw an opportunity. What 'it's' true identity and intentions are may remain a mystery but I don't see it being beneficial to you and would advise caution. Good luck!
notjustme in Bringing Him Home

I wanted to give you an update. I had a girl, and I am convinced she just be my mother reincarnated. 😁
I have so much to write, I just need to gather my sh1t together first.
Will be popping in and out as I have been ❤
notjustme in Kiddo
Dear Lovebugs16

I agree good entities do not have black eyes. This one is messing with you, maybe in the form of a child even. I would suggest doing a simple prayer each morning and each night first. Even if it's not to a religious figure, pray to THE LIGHT.
When we feed something fear, it grows. When we have faith, in ourselves even, it is harder for things to get close.
What if, this caused that child to fall? Just throwing ideas out there.
From my own experiences, I have learned that having faith helps. Doesn't matter what the faith is. Just believe and KNOW this is YOUR realm. And it has no right to be there.

Also doing vision work helps. To protect the home, as you pray to your ancestors or the Light, envision a small light and let that light grow until it is all your mind can see. Then imagine that light cover your entire building. And think "i thank the light and my guides, for protecting my home. Only goodness can come through. All negative entities must leave".

All this is free and harmless to do. The more you believe in your protection, the less I hope you will encounter this. We all have a Light that burns within.
All the best.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11
To answer your question about my lucid dreaming, I really don't do it often, and as far as I can know right now, I haven't gone "fully" lucid in a dream in a long while. It's just something that happens on and off with a degree of randomness to it outside of encounters with this particular being. I've tried developing it as a skill, but it's proven to be very hard for me personally. However, yes, I do become more lucid when this being is involved.

I honestly didn't even consider that becoming more lucid could be that being transporting me to another part of existence. That's super surreal

Anyway, yeah, I decided that I don't quite trust the info that could come through me on this being, because he has been very stubborn and silent any time I've tried to connect with him for answers. Either that, or I get telepathic messages that are very vague or obtuse to what I'm asking. He has kind of a cheeky energy, like he knows he withholds information and it's like a game of cat and mouse.

I don't normally mention that type of stuff in posts because I don't want to be pinned as a fake psychic or someone claiming to have abilities, but, to be honest, I've had very clear conversations and interactions with beings through the mind while conscious so many times that I trust my own feeling on that. But for some reason, all information tied to him is blocked to me - I don't know how but I cannot get anything out of him or anything from myself in regards to him, so, I'd have to find a real medium.

He hasn't given me bad feelings as far as I remember. I was suspicious of the scratch, but I don't know what to make of it currently, so I won't really comment on it. Any time I've met that entity I felt a deep attachment and would always wake up upset because I felt like something was missing, but I digress, my actual interactions with him have all been pretty neutral or just bizarre. I feel comfortable around him, but I'm discomforted by the fact that I don't know anything about that connection or what his intentions are.

Nothing as blatant as the pen stand sliding towards me has happened like that. I used to wake up with my door closed and locked all the time when paranormal activity was more frequent in my house. You'll just have to take my word for it that I've ruled out pets, family, and sleep walking to explain that; it just is was it is. It has happened one time recently as well.
Hello Seeing11, interesting story, thanks for sharing.

Your lucid dreaming, do the only lucid dreams you have involve this entity? If you have other lucid type dreams besides this entity, then you may have a natural talent for that type of dreaming, and if so there are books/courses that can teach you how to hone that gift/skill and take control of your dreams, that in and of itself can be quite valuable.

You mentioned in your comments that when this entity 'enters' your dreamscape, that the lucid dream becomes more lucid. This is most likely because he/it is taking you into another plane of existence, outside the realm of normal dreams. You're sensitive enough to know the difference. I believe something similar happens when our deceased loved ones visit us in dreams, it has the side affect of being easier to recall than normal dreams as well.

My feeling is, that this 'entity' for lack of a better description is not going to reveal much to you about it's origin or why it's connected to you. It might be better if you could consult a reputable psychic medium who's more versed in this. They could tell you far more about what this is all about by reading 'its' energy signature, whether it's been with you longer than this lifetime, it's intent, etc. That's what I'm picking up. Do your research though, don't just connect with the first medium you come across, trust your gut.

You mentioned the digital art pen moving, are there other physical world encounters with this being, besides the dreams? Did this all start with the dream you had when you were sick? If you had a fever that could explain some of the elements of that first dream, but not all. Does he always make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

It doesn't sound like from what you've mentioned that it was ever human, but then again, I'm not sure of that. It's a mystery for sure, and hopefully this helps. If there's anything else you can tell us, please do? Good Luck!
Reading your experience, Seeing11, I do not get the feeling this entity is neutral. There's nothing specific that's making me think it is evil, but that is how I lean.

Try to have as little to do with it as you are able.
Hi Seeing11

It's hard to say whether it's a good entity or a negative one because sometimes the bad ones are good at pretending, have you ever questioned this entity?
^^^ [at] Rachel9997
I haven't been on this site in so long that I don't even remember if there's really a way to reply to comments other than shooting a separate comment, so I hope this reaches - anyway, my lucid dreaming is very inconsistent and I can't actually induce it. It comes on at random times, but I notice that as this entity in particular becomes present, I tend to become more lucid. Just an interesting note.

I've tried inducing lucid dreaming before, but it's not a particular talent or skill of mine, it's really hard. So I can't quite connect with that being in dreams the way I need to in this situation, so I guess conscious communication in the physical is what I have to do.

As for the scratch, I honestly don't know what that could be because the entity himself has felt okay any time I've interacted with him in dreams, so I almost don't want to say it was him, but I know these beings can be tricksters and use manipulation. So it's up in the air on that one until I somehow get out of him what he's actually about, here.

Thanks for the advice, I might try (with caution) to communicate.:)
Hi Seeing11,

I have also had experiences with dreams. Do you ever experience any lucid dreams where you actually have conscious control over yourself? I get these quite often actually and it has helped me to investigate strange happenings in my dreams. If you do experience this, it may be a good idea to try to communicate with whatever this entity is inside your dream which is probably safer that trying to communicate with it outside of your dream. You might be able to find out more about it like what it is where it came from and why it's speaking to you.

If this doesn't work for you, you might be able to try to communicate with it if you see it in the physical world again, but in that case, precautions would need to be taken.

The scratch you woke up with is interesting. This entity doesn't seem to be malicious, but that doesn't seem so consistent with the scratch unless the scratch was nothing more than a message to let you know that it is actually there in the physical world as well. Based on what it said to you when it offered you the vial, I would be careful. The good vibes plus the vial sounds like it may be manipulative. You don't necessarily have any further proof of that though.

Some people say that physical entities contacting us in dreams do so telepathically though I don't really know all of the implications of this.

So basically my advice would be to try to communicate with this entity just to understand it better. It would probably be better to do so in the dreamscape instead of the physical world if you are able.

I know I rambled; I hope this is at least sort of helpful. Thanks for sharing:)
lovebugs16 in Kiddo
[at] Valkricry:

Hi! Yes, I understand and that's completely okay. I admit I didn't really proofread prior to submitting 😂 But again, I promise to write better next time:)

Thanks! ♥️
valkricry in Kiddo
lovebugs, yes the stories are filtered and edited up to a point. But since our editors are humans, a typo or syntax error might slip through. That's one of the reasons the submission guidelines state to write to the best of your ability. Trust me, many do not even proofread prior to submitting and it shows😐 Run on sentences, or (worse in my book) using ellipses (...) as if they are the ONLY punctuation! UGH! I wouldn't mind if used correctly (as you did) but... (😜 See what I did there?) And don't get me started on spelling, or the use of txt talk or symbols instead of typing out the word.
Sorry about the tirade, please don't take it personally. I think I may have read one too many tonight that made my eyes want to bleed. 😉
lovebugs16 in Kiddo
Hi Rachel9997,

Thanks for dropping a comment:) Nope. I never asked around about the kid, though I told this story to our neighbor next door and she has experiences of her own with other entities including the one I recently shared here in the comment section.

I just realized that there are typo errors and I'm really sorry about that. I thought the stories here are being filtered and edited. I believe it affects the quality of the story delivery.I'll write better next time 😉
Linjahaha in Medieval Hotel
This just 'may' be a Residue haunting as 'that' is what it sounds like. It may be that something happened to that woman a long time ago, & it was so painful, & traumatic to that individual that her strongest emotions, or memories are rooted there to be repeated over, & over again. Strong emotions can imprint strong energies in the atmosphere. Go to Gettysburg, PA., & you'll encounter those types of hauntings.
A residue haunting in not actually an intelligent haunting. In other words, the ghost/spirit does not interact with you, or even notice your presence. It similar to that of a tape recording. Excuse me. Similar to a video tape imprinted on the atmosphere. Like a scheduled T.V. Show that is shown on the same day, & at the same time. This kind of incident just repeats itself. Sometimes on the anniversary of the actual event. It never fluctuates, & merely plays over, & over again. I'm not sure how anyone would deal, or remedy something like that. The Ghost Adventures crew would love it, lol!
I enjoyed the story, & maybe you caught something in your photos! 😁
[at] Linjahaha,
An interesting account, WOW! I was intrigued by your mention of the near by power station. I guess there is some thought that a power station or other near by electrical faults can lend energy to a haunting? I was also interested to hear Hans Holzer mentioned, one of his first books was my intro to the paranormal. Thanks for the account, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hi, Linja. I prefer to think of myself as an open minded skeptic. I do not have all the facts. I have a few, but not all of them. 😊

Whatever it was in that house, it seems demonic. Or at least, very unfriendly, argumentative, desiring to drive a wedge between you. It is fortunate you, and your husband and mother in law I assume as well, were able to recover after getting out.

I would be interested in knowing what has happened since the church moved in.
I suppose some histories are meant to stay untold. Maybe there is a compelling reason why people are so hushed about it.

It seemed like a malevolent entity to me if it has managed to get into your head like that. That's super scary! I'm glad you got out before it did any more harm.
I'm glad that you read the account. As for 'learning' any history. We 'tried'. We couldn't get 'any' information out of the landlord. All he was interested in was collecting his rent for that dump. City Hall was of no use either. All we could learn was how old it was, & a couple previous owners. We couldn't even get 'any' history from the old-timers that lived around us.
We never knew 'what' happened there to cause such a haunting, & never will know. I'm just glad that we got out. We were there from 1979-1982, & even 'we' don't know 'how' we endured it. In an apartment, now, & quite happy. Never want to go through anything like 'that' again. I wouldn't even wish that place on my 1st husband, & he was a snake, lol!
Thanks again for your interest!
Hi again stewieguy

I must say that you seem to enjoy going out at night 😅 however seeing that guy in the hat would definitely creep out anyone, from your experience I gather that others have also seen that entity, have you ever spoken to anyone personally about it?
Hi stewieguy

Firstly I'd say that you must have been a really brave kid to play marbles at that part of the night outside. Apart from the glowing red eyes were there any other distinctive features to suggest that it could be a wild animal? Certain animals eyes tend to reflect different colors in the light.
Hi Linjahaha

I know what you mean when you say a certain house can give you the creeps just by looking at the outside of it, I've felt the same way about a house couple of doors away, as a kid whenever we'd drive past it I would just get a scary vibe from it, it really spooked me out although it was a inconspicuous looking place.

I can't imagine to begin what it must have felt like living in your previous house, but perhaps if you know the history of the place you could learn more about it.
Hi Malik96

That is fascinating especially since this ghost or whatever it is takes the form of your cousin, could be a doppelganger or not, it's hard to say.
Hi abyx,

Or maybe it did happen, just in a slightly different alternate version of reality?
I'm with you Caz, and yes, see what you mean. Since I am a military wife and brat, I think the men who fight are often horrified that they find themselves in such a situation. I also believe that since so many are young men who when alive felt INVINCIBLE, they might not realize they're actually dead. So many things we can't know. Thanks for the kind words, I enjoy your comments also. Really enjoy most everyone's insight!
Hey lady-glow, Yes, It had only happened for one day, exactly the day I got back home from my cousins house, Not really sure if the activity stopped at their house because it was not a regular occurance rather a rare one.

As for the logical explanation, At first I was also of the view that its just random stuff but your vehicle breaking down 12 times, all when you are in an area with not a single person around and working again as soon as someone passes through the area?

The bike falling was also opposite to the weight of the bike, meaning it was leaning on the right side and fell on the left which is not possible because of its weight.

The noises are the only things which I believe could be from random stuff.

Though pretty sure it was not malicious, rather just teasing because I was the one calling it out during my stay.

Have not felt anything in my day since then but whenever I go to my cousins house, I get similar dreams with an alternate personality of his sister.
Welcome to YGS.

That's such a random collection of weird and annoying little events. Did all these happen for only one day? Did you ask your cousins if the activity at their place stopped during the time it was affecting you?

In my opinion, if a ghost was causing the disturbances, it didn't seem to have had malicious intentions, or, perhaps, some of the happenings could have a logical explanation.

I hope things have not escalated ever since.

Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha in Someone Comes Home
My late husband,& myself lived in a 100+ year old haunted house in a small town in Ohio. I'm planning on submitting my account soon. I 'always' felt the place was haunted,& when "I" moved in things became much more paranormally active. My husband's Mom was psychic,& so was he. I'm slightly psychic,& 'that' triggered a paranormal flood of activity.
Your niece was smart to leave for the activity only increases the longer one lives there. Trust me! I would know.
However, it doesn't sound like it was a hostile presence. Possibly a residue haunting of someone who once lived there,& they're repeating their daily routine of what they did in life.
You are surely psychic if you sensed it. Thanks for the story as I can identify! 😐
The_ Lost_Voyage_11,
Thanks for the great posting T_L_V! It clarified a lot for me! The very thought that 'souls' would 'choose' to come back and fight all over again in the hope they might win, was absolutely horrendous to me! Good souls deserve to be at peace!
Hi Mrs Ramsay,
I've enjoyed your very interesting comments and don't disagree with anything you've said at all on this subject! I know perfectly well that souls sometimes come back for whatever reason and I look forward to seeing your pics if they get shown. The thing I don't agree with, is the belief that two whole armies of 'souls' would come back to murder each other and suffer all over again! Do you see what I mean?
Hey OP, How are you, Faced kind of a similar situation during my visit to Hunza, had to stay at a hotel in the very low population area, We were 7 men in the room and all of us faced different situations, from screams to seeing a girl near the window, Asking the locald we got the idea that she probably was a girl who was killed for one reason or another as in case of tribal families.
The_Lost_Voyage_11: Thank you for your kind words and input. I enjoy reading about the interpretations of others in regards to the paranormal.
Rajine: Thank you so much! I hope to find out more. It really was a nice party and a great way to celebrate all of my grandmother's contributions!
Hello GingerRead, another great chapter to the experiences your family has has at or near Gettysburg. I always find the sightings and encounters at these battlefield sites intriguing.

I am patiently waiting to read MrsRamsay's recently submitted story, but to add to the comments regarding what phenomenon may be at work surrounding these haunting's as they were, could be another possibility.

While it's entirely possible and probable some ghosts may have remained behind due to the circumstances of their demise and it's true some of it could be residual, it's also quite possible people have been able to look back in time and see the actual battles and the enfolding events around them.

The events of the battles were profoundly emotional, many lost their lives and it was an incredibly charged atmosphere. Science is beginning to come around to the notion that its possible what we conceive of as time, past, present and future is merely separated by vibration. If there was enough energy in the form of such raw emotion at the battles, then it might have been enough to pierce the veil and allow people in the present to 'see' into the past, neither involving ghosts or a residual playback.

I cannot fully comment on MrsRamsay's experience to date as her story is not available (hopefully soon) but what she mentioned about the soldiers appearing to watch the game she was at, well the door swings both ways. If there is a pierce in the veil between what we consider past and present, then those solders could also in theory see into the present and were just as she said, curious about what they were seeing.

When the Titanic sank, there were accounts of people who foretold it either in dreams or visions. The same is true of 9/11. There seems to be some scientific evidence regarding shifts in the earths electromagnetic field on 9/11 as well. Both were polarizing events with a lot of emotion, and loss of life. In the case of 9/11 the entire world was watching what was happening as it unfolded. We have no idea what such outpourings of energy can do. The possibility is though that such strong events could have been picked up by more sensitive people, again 'seeing' through the veil, in those cases the future and not the past.

It adds to the this mystery we call life and is always food for thought, thanks again for another great read GingerRead!
lady-glow: The last time I drove past the area where this building stood, it was gone. It's possible they moved to another location.
Caz: Allow me to elaborate. I meant to say it appears as if they have been condemned. Thereby clarifying these are just my theories and leaving it up to interpretation.
Oh, Caz, I completely forgot to say, my experiences have been on a bright, sunny afternoon as well as a drizzly summer twilight on the battlefield. Last week had been a rainy day that cleared up a few hours before the soccer game. I just submitted that story with photos to the website, so hope they post this one.
Caz, I might have agreed with you at some point, but my own experiences near battlefields of the Civil War point in another direction. First, thanks for the story, Ginger. I would've been so intrigued to hear what your grandma heard!

Caz, just the other evening I was at my daughter's high school soccer game which was taking place just a couple hundred yards from the Dead Angle at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield. I have recordings from that place of a young boy saying, "Them soldiers is dead" which seems to be a response to a question I was asking my own son during a hike up the tragic hill where so many died in 1864. I also have a man's voice saying, "There's something here I don't trust." Which seems to be a Class I EVP (if I have learned anything) although it could be classified as residual by those who like to classify. Then, the other night, I noticed an interesting mist/fog at the far end of daughter's soccer field. It was not acting normally, as it stayed in the tree line and did not seem to gather on the low spot, the field, as normal fog would. There were suggestions of figures in the mist, though I'm the only one who seemed to notice. I took photos, finally, and looked closely the next day. Out of 4-5 photos, I captured what appear to be two figures in Civil War pose, one of whom was crouched and peeking around a tree and a more obvious one of a guy just standing. The figures weren't visible in sequential photos, which rules out it being branches that LOOK like a guy or whatever. My initial thought was, perhaps they are spirits and perhaps intrigued by our young, modern girls playing soccer.:) Why would they not be?! I would love to know if anyone at this high school has seen anything else interesting down near that area, and I happen to know one of the custodians of the school and plan to ask her if she's heard of anything.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Northumberland Heights
I was interested in the place and took a look. The young couple who bought it seem sweet, but it's interesting that there are hardly any photos of the accomodations on the site. I'd sure love to see that view you wrote about. Hope they revamp their website though, as I would hesitate to book with only the stock photos and computer images on the site... Other than the photo of the proprietors, only one seemingly real photo of some round tables that purports to be the restaurant. Not your story but the website makes me think there's a scary movie to be written, given the website and my own imagination. What if my family booked there, sight unseen? And we found your old tv? Yikes.
MrsRamsay (guest) in This Is My Life!
One more quick comment, Plaza.
I am not a big poster on forums, but what I like about this one is that the posters seem to come from all different walks of life and we are all perhaps seeking validation of our own experiences and perhaps theories. Or not theories, maybe suspicions, about what we've experienced. And like you said, we're not trying to convince anyone, but simply discussing. Ya'll are like sitting next to a good listener on an airplane with the occasional really good advice. Plaza, I've never gambled a day (not even a lottery ticket) and can't imagine your life, but I respect the heck out of you/it. Perhaps, just as someone mentioned the feelings you get from people, what I've noticed here are that the majority of posters here seem to be basically good souls, helping and sharing in an area that's not really that accepted, even today. I also liked your description of the tv shows. Who really knows what's real and what's made up drama... Most of us are likely up for a good ghost story, but I do sense we are also discerning. OK, got to meet the builder for my bathroom reno. If my house is haunted by its last owner, now would be the time for her to join me for a complete master bath overhaul. Wish she could contribute to the cost!
Robert, thanks for the super credible story, I like your style. Before reading the comments (a little late, been busy) my first observation was the casual reaction of your ex wife. My theory is that many people do see or hear or sense things, but whatever or however this works is that most live people have a "fuzziness" about them and whatever they saw just bounces off a little bit. Of course, the majority of people barely let the realities of OUR world sink in, so it makes sense that other worlds (or dimensions or whatever you want to call them) barely make a dent, even when people are witnessing things outright. Some of us are more sensitive. I feel the same way about certain places like battlefields and cemeteries. I was at daughter's soccer game last Monday and watched mists and could see figures at the far end of the field (which is just 200 yards from both a cemetery and a civil war killing field). Took some photos and analyzed later and sure enough, soldier figures. I want to post them and do a story but the last two I sent in didn't get posted (not sure why, I even sent photos). Cantunseeit is the real deal too, I think... And I agree that sometimes it's better to pretend you don't see.
Lynn907 in The Hooded Angel
genjigod. I live in Birchwood now, and have for a couple years. In 2012 a little kid died in this home. I have always felt a negative presence and last year I saw this presence in my master bedroom doorway. I have had several negative experiences here. Wondering what history these homes have.
Hmmm very interesting. I'm a first. My first time on here. I come from a family that believes that everything exists for a reason. Until the day I turned 13 I have been able to see dark shadows, spirit's, ghost's, demons and things that I don't describe in details. I just barely got out of the hospital. Long story short my family told me while I was still in the hospital, late at night between midnight and 4 a.m. They can hear my voice from different part's of our home and when I finally got discharged everyone finally got there rest.
Sorry Rajine, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I still feel that these 'replays' are solely down to the atmospheric conditions at the time. Other ghostly battles have been replayed in quite a few different parts of the world, but I seriously doubt they are coming back to win. If there are any winners, it's the bad men sitting well back on top of the hill.
Hi [at] Caz

I don't think that any God would condemn those soldiers, I believe that even in death they have a really strong determination that's what's keeping them here on earth. They have become earth bound because of possible unfinished business, or a will to fight to win, I'd assume that passing so suddenly and tragically is the cause of these soldiers not being able to move on.
Hi GingerRead

Truly an amazing yet eerily creepy experience, I've read a lot of Gettysburg ghostly incidents, that's what actually interested me on researching and learning more about the war that happened there.
It is a tragic incident that took place and unfortunately those lost souls are still here up to this day.

Yeah, us 68 peeps need to stand together! Seriously, thanks for your kind words. Trust me, I wish they weren't authentic, that way I could easily get on with the rest of my life without a care in the world what house I end up in, be it my dads or some old building wifey wants to move to. Also trust me, I would not spend my days typing a load of bollox to try and convince a group of people I will never meet about something that's not happened to me, it's a waste of my time and a waste of your time and for what? Exactly, nothing.
I believe I've been very fortunate to witness both good and bad. I would not change a single thing about the Lisa saga, nothing at all. I still get goosebumps thinking back to some of what happened and how it happened and I can't get over to anyone because I don't have the intelligence to word it perfectly how utter unbelievable some of the things to of happened. I mean, how do I share a conversation I had with someone in my head to any human being, I can't and 100 years ago I would probably of been sent to the loony ward. It's only because I somehow stumbled upon this group that I thought of actually sharing my entire life of what has happened to me. I might of been ridiculed on here, I did not know how my experiences were going to be greeted but it still would not of mattered to me because they are part of my life and I will take it all to my grave. Thankfully, my experiences seems to have touched some of you or you can relate to bits of it. I'm not a writer and if you saw how bad I was at writing after leaving school you'd be shocked to what it is now. In other words, it's only because of wifey, who's helped me with words and grammar and technology with auto correct that I can finally put things into something that's at least readable if not perfect. All your comments help me because it gives me the confidence to maybe share more about my life to other groups. I've been addicted to slot machines for over 40 years and in time I intend to share that story to a gambling forum of some sort.
Ps. It's 3 years in April that I last played a slot machine and if anyone would of ever said I would of gone three years without playing a single slot, I would of laughed at them, such was my addiction. But that's not this group so I shall close now.
Rest assured my friend, it's all absolutely genuine. I wish these lie detectors didn't cost so much, I'd do one and add the transcript to my original post.
Hey peeps,

Finally, I am able to function again after the weekend's unbelievable episode of my chronic pain. It's been many a year since I was that bad.
Having said that and this may be absolutely just pure coincidence, but at my worst which was on Sunday evening, my lower left leg felt like it was on fire. I was lying in bed but kind of sat up, which is my normal position because of the chronic pain and wifey was next to me while we were eating our late meal.
This pain in my lower left leg had now gotten so bad I had to stop eating and I rolled up my pjs on my left leg with wifey asking, what's wrong.
Around my shin was a scratch about 2 inches long, but it was the pain that was the problem, it was horrendous. Wifey asked if I had banged it somewhere but because of the chronic back pain, I had not moved from the sofa bed in at least a couple of hours. Wifey goes to touch it and wow it felt like she had a blow torch on my leg. It was so so sore and she said maybe putting some Savlon cream might help. After she had peeled me back off the ceiling when she applied this cream it did start to ease thank god. Not immediately but gradually and with two hours the pain had stopped altogether.
What's weird is, I had started to watch Paranormal caught on camera for a few weeks and I had seen episodes of people getting scratched and this intense pain they felt afterwards. Of course, like so many of us on here, we don't believe everything we see on Tv and 100% know it's real, right and I don't think for a second my scratch mark and the pain it produced was anything paranormal. Apart from the slipper incident and maybe a couple more instances of things going missing for wifey, anything remotely had happened where we presently live and have done for the last 18 years. This is why I don't believe it's anything like that. I had taken like I explained, quite a few extra breakthrough meds, on top of paracetamol and then some extra long term pain meds. But... What is interesting and you can't know this, but it's been a couple of hours in between that last sentence and I thought, I know I'll have a look at my leg, it's been over a day since it last hurt and guess what? It doesn't look like a scratch at all, but a burn. How weird is that then. I've taken a photo now but just for my self interest. Again, I don't associate that leg pain that felt like it was burning and then it looking like it was a burn a day after with anything paranormal, it takes more than that to convince me.

Right, I'll give some feedback from the replies I've had since I last replied.

The Sweet Devil 23,
Many thanks for reading and sharing your own thoughts. I must admit, it's only very recently I thought of maybe it's something we have yet to discover and like you, this planet is huge and we are literally just seconds in comparison to the age of the Earth for human beings and we can't even unravel the pyramids or other recent events in history, so what are the chances of finding out we share this planet with another dimensional entity. It's only not believable until it's been proven that hmmmm what we dismissed is ermmm actually true. Maybe 'they' find it difficult to try and communicate even with our state of the art electronics or brain power, maybe this is just the start of trying to communicate. Who knows.
Regards your the older you are the less fearful you seem to be. I can relate to that, but regards ghosts, I'm probably scarred for life due to the two instances you mentioned. Even though the little girl laughing I'd probably handle it a bit better now, but only if I heard it again while passing Dots bedroom if the pub was still there of course. It's not like I would spend the night in Dots bed again despite it being a little girl laughing, that's just to far out of my comfort zone. If I drove past the building and just happened to see a little girl say out of a window, that would not freak me out so much now, but if I was offered a ridiculous amount of money to stay a full night within the building, I'd still be poor because I just couldn't do it.
I appreciate the kind words and I just told it exactly how I remembered for everything I experienced. I didn't realise until a lot older, that people just didn't experience what I had, I thought this was the norm to be so afraid of the dark due to what we hear and see. Then again, I was brought up near Oldham just outside of Manchester and those that know their history will know about the Moors murderers and then Dr Harold Shipman in the late 90's.
Hi Ginger Read,
Great story and must've been very interesting for your Grandmother to see. However, I don't really know, but I seriously doubt any of those spirits would be actually present to go through the pain and suffering they'd endured in the past! I'm not sure, but perhaps it's an athmosferic thing that somehow can 'replay' like a video recording at times.
I seriously doubt that any 'good God' would condemn those poor men to re-live all that horror again and again. I hope not anyway!
Hi Zander.

I really would like to know if we are in the same page regarding the meaning of "gifted students".

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, to my knowledge, a gifted student is a kid with an above average IQ. Nevertheless, your narrative seems to suggest that the students, and the teacher, within this group were gifted because they had some psychic abilities.

May I ask what criterion was used to determine you're a GS?

Not being skeptic, just curious.
Hi, Inga! Apologies for the delay! That was so nice of you to send photos! I don't seem to have received them, though, somehow... Do you have a link, maybe, that you could post? Again, appreciate the gesture very much!
Thank you for the wonderful story! Your attention to detail and potential alternate explanations are really nicely explained. Honestly, you could be a writer. Everyone has really liked your story.

If I may, I wanted to mention something to you about the slipper... Algerians count this type of phenomena as something of a regular occurrence and call it "under their hands" (apologies for how unbelievably creepy that sounds.) As you might have guessed, this is their explanation for the inexplicable disappearance of objects which later "return." Someone not of this dimension has hidden them, momentarily, or for a few days, it would seem...

Also, I had a friend who was in the U.S. Air Force at your Rendlesham-Bentwaters base in the later 70s... She and her roommate had all kinds of occurrences of objects disappearing. They were quite good friends but really had no other logical explanation than to blame the other! Later my friend, A, would learn this was one of the classic symptoms of an active location.

In any event, my friend and her roommate decided to ask to be moved to a new room. They were, and the activity stopped! One day my friend was walking across the base and encountered two black American servicewomen. "Hey, didn't you used to be in (such and such) dorm room?" 'Yes, I did' replied my friend. "Oh, that room was haunted as h3ll" one of the black girls replied. My friend felt equally vindicated and terrified...
Thank you for the very interesting story, GingerRead. It sounds like it was a truly enchanted place. Spirits do seem to, on occasion, have the ability to affect electronics - so your television anomaly might well have been just one such instance.
Zander in Table Tipping
Fascinating! And beautifully written, as always. I'm wondering if you have posted an updated link to the photos? I was not able to get the link to work. I'll read all entries and replies carefully in case you have already. Thanks again for a great true tale!
Kindly_refrain ~ thank you for your nice comment. I'm going to read your story at once! Cheers
To the skeptics with inquiries, imagine if you would, Alexander Graham Bell, describing how his invention would make communication across vast distances between people who could not see one another, possible... Surely many "sensible" people laughed at this invention... The telephone.

Inventors are indeed gifted and have the capacity to imagine beyond the ordinary. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" is has even been suggested.
DreamBird in Hotel San Carlos
Hi Rachel,
I did do some research around the time of this incident and the big band director is deceased. I don't remember exactly when the director stayed at the hotel but big band music was popular in the 30s and 40s so most likely that time frame. I don't recall there being an incidents around the director so it very well could have been coincidence. I'm not sure. It was definitely interesting though.

DreamBird in Hotel San Carlos
Hi Rajine,
It's quite possible it is. I guess there was a school house on that location before the hotel was built. There is also an old well in the basement. I haven't seen it but read that somewhere.


Unfortunately, the only person who could have given more information about the protective toothbrush decided not to participate in the discussion about their story... Leaving us wondering if it was effective during their encounter. I offered such advice hoping that someone else can corroborate if it works.
Hello nametrash.

Thanks for your feedback though, in my opinion, a spirit/ghost capable of touching and leaving marks on your body seems more dangerous than one lurking from a corner in a room.
I'm a bit skeptical about kids between 12 and 14 years old, having mastered the knowledge to perform a proper seance.

Also, could you elaborate more about "the legend of the devil throwing a brick from the church"?
Hello GingerRead.

Are you talking about this place?


If so, it is not only still standing, but seems to be a successful place. Perhaps it is possible to learn more about your encounter and the identity of this ghostly lady.

Thanks for sharing.

PS. Sorry if the link doesn't work, I had to delete some characters and words for the system to accept it. I'm sure typing this story's title will lead to several pages regarding this place.
Hey peeps,

Apologies for the lack of response from me to those who have left comments since my last reply, it's not intentional I promise. It's not me to ignore someone who's taken the time to read and reply, but the last few days have been my worst for many a year.
You don't need to read 10, 000 words about my unlucky life since 2008, which is not connected to the paranormal, but I will give you a brief rundown, that way, it should cement to some, that I simply have no motive to write anything random or made up on a site that I didn't know existed some two weeks or so ago. I gain absolutely zero from it. There's no star prize or interview I get for telling a great tale, besides, I've done all that anyway through playing poker for the last 22 yrs.
So basically, I have always been a hard working individual (not counting the job I had on nights at that factory). I had never broke a bone or even had stitches and definitely no operation despite being 41. But I did have an annoying pain in my lower back after moving a pallet in my van that I was delivering in 2006. I was told it would take 18 months to settle and go back to pre 2006. 2 years later and the pain was getting worse and so it was decided I needed to have my last disc removed in my lower back.
I had the op and the moment I came to, I was greeted with an immense pain in my lower back. 13 years later and I still have that same pain. I have been medically retired since 2009, I am very heavily medicated with high dosages of opiates and I spend 23. 5 hours a day lying in bed because over time, I found less was best. Everything and anything as been tried in the last 13 years and still no one knows what this pain is. Without knowing, they can't operate and it's now not practical because of the risk of damaging my spinal cord. No more can be offered in the U.K.
It is what it is and I just have to live with it. But the last 3 days have been really really bad in terms of the pain. The high dosage of opiates didn't touch this flare up and I guess I was close to overdosing with the amount of breakthrough pain meds I've taken over the weekend. But I'm still here, so no harm done I guess.
When I'm not suffering as much I will catch up with the comments. I thought until an hour ago, there were only one 4 o clock...
RobertRII To watch a room going dark thrilling and scarey is this thing going to hurt me all at the same time. This is a great site to unload spirit crossings that most people will never experience or believe really happened. Looking forward for more of your encounters.
CantunSEEit74, my angles watching over me, there are 3.are constant busy. I feel the anguish when I start ignoring the prods, they have been rather testy with me. And yes I 100% respect the unknown, other dimensions and the things that navigate through and between them. Itll bbe another week maybe more by the time I'm actually completely free of it. It enjoys confusion and feeds off of anger so keeping busy and staying calm has been my focus.
Rajine, I have a couple of friends that are helping e albeit distance but its helping and working. This is the first time that the shadow interaction with me actually caught my attention since childhood. I have always caught movement out off to the sides of me and such. Whatever it is my ex-wife believes its transferred houses with her. She has someone working with her to rid herself of it. The shadow people can sometimes startle you, especially like if you are ina rush and round a corner only to walk through one. That's always a little unsettling. The apt I live in, moved in here last august, there's a lady that walks from the front door down the hall into the kitchen and stops. My boss lives downstairs so I asked him does he hear the footsteps he said no. About a wk later his mom came to visit him, I was 90 miles away in wv at the time his mother said it sounded like a herd of elephants going through this apt. The activity sure has picked up around wherenim at, not sure why but yes it has
cantunSEEit74, no the only real movement I watchd was its size, in a matter of ten minutes it grew to near half the room went back away just as fast. There are a few spots in the basement that makes me uneasy, you know something is there, you don't know the exact spot but its there, its wierd. I can't even begin to put a number on the encounters I have had so far in my life. Its hard for me to go into a cemetary or graveyard, the further into one I go the more intense the humming gets, but its more like my ear drums vibrating really hyper fast.
Hi GingerRead

A fascinating incident you experienced, hopefully if u do some research or speak to perhaps a local librarian they might be able to help you in finding our more about this place.
Rachel9997 in Hotel San Carlos
Hi DreamBird,

Interesting that there was a big band director that stayed there. Have you done any other research on the director? Are they deceased? How long ago did they used to stay there? Was there any incident involving them at the hotel?

Just some thoughts. Really interesting experience; thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in This Is My Life!
Hello Plaza, I can offer some insight as to some of your questions regarding your experiences but keep in mind as Val mentioned, we're not experts, we can look at it and respond from what we feel and what we have come to believe.

You had asked why spirits can be able to have intelligence and move objects with no physical form? There are many fascinating studies that have concluded our consciousness is not housed in our minds/bodies, take near death experiences for example, which begin to point to the fact that our bodies are more like vehicles for our consciousness that gets us around here on this dimensional plane. Much like a car is needed to physically transport us from one location to another.

As far as being able to move things, it's all energy. We actually use energy in applied form to open a door, to move a book etc. Spirits, seem to draw the energy they need from the environment around them, hence the cold spots people walk through, a spirit actually draws the energy from the atmosphere and it cools the temperature down. Same thing with flickering electronics, and lights. People have reported cameras and phones going instantly dead despite being fully charged. The spirits take the energy they draw in these ways to manifest in a semi solid form or to interact in the environment, touches or moving objects, or make noise/sounds.

As far as why Lisa didn't scare you, when some of the other encounters did. She had no ill intent toward you. Spirits are much like people. They give off energy. If you've ever been around a bad person, say someone that was out to hurt you, or a thief. They give off a vibe and you feel uncomfortable around them. Maybe they look and act perfectly normal, and you can't put your finger on why they make you uncomfortable, but they do. Later you find out they hurt someone, or robbed someone etc, and then you put the pieces together. It's why dogs bark and growl around bad people and they do the same with spirits, they're just much more sensitive to the vibes being put off by the living or the dead. If you're around someone who loves you and has always been good to you, then you have a positive warm feeling around them, its the vibe they put off.

Hopefully that helps. I have another feeling why you and Lisa connected after her death, but that depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. It sounds like you have immersed yourself in a lot of paranormal research as it were after sharing your story to try and relate what you went through better. Perhaps we've all added to your understanding of the supernatural. Good Luck!
It was a great fascinating absorbing account of your life and paranormal experiences. I am believer of the paranormal and all your encounters seem authentic. I am a 68 born too and that made your story all the more interesting to read.
Hi RobertRII

I must ask was the Black Mass moving within itself like a slow moving Undulating steam cloud, or solid Shade. I have seen 3 broiling Black masses on 3 separate occasions at the or coming from the same wall. I never felt anything from these visitors and one at the end of my shoulder as I was sitting on the toilet. I did not speak to them and if I did I would never challenge or curse at them. Be careful and Respect the Unknown. I hope you and your EX Thank your Guardian Angel and your Spirit guide everyday for Helping you get to this point of this Amazing life. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck out there.

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