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[at] Unforgiven1 Thank you for your comment and insight! I have definitely gained a new perspective on dreaming and will be looking / examining them closely from here on out. As I always tell my boyfriend, the human body is a strange place - I say that whenever we have a zit or a random ache somewhere. The human mind seems to be even stranger and more true, if that makes any sense.
[at] MrsRamsay Thank you so much for your kind words and also for sharing your story. It's really comforting to know that these experiences happen often and if taken seriously by the recipient, can yield some very powerful messages. I'm sorry about the loss of your cousin as well. I hope you were able to work through it and find some closure. It seems that our cousin is busy giving all of us different messages & tbh they're not very comforting. It seems he was tormented in his last days on this earth by dark/ negative forces. We are all coping as best as we can and I am trying every night to guide him to cross over via prayer. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my story. I truly appreciate it!
Hi the_0lympians! Also wow yeah that sounds really creepy, I've researched a lot into what these black figures could be and to me it seems a lot like they're shadow people, and there's theories that it could be a spirit trying to manifest but hasn't got enough energy to take a proper form. I've never seen it again thankfully, because I honestly don't know how I would react to it right now but a few years back I had my first sleep paralysis episode and the same thing I saw as a kid was there and I don't know if it was there simply because in a way it was traumatic for me or if it was something else.
the_0lympians in The Cheeky Ghosts.
The side story was very sweet and I am sorry for the loss of your rabbit. I know personally how it feels because I used to have this cat (I had grown up with him ever since I was a newborn) and his name was Luke Skywalker (My dad is a Star Wars Geek I am currently sitting in a room full of Star Wars junk) and October of 2019 he apparently had heart problems and he had to be put down I cried for a week. 😭 😭 😭
it seems that there was a paranormal being there he probably was asking you to be a bit more quiet

The ghost king πŸ‘»πŸ€΄
Nico di Angelo
I have two cats (Sadie Annabeth Kane and Maxwell Silverhammer Kane) and Max has been really jumpy he sometimes will run for no reason or jump at a wall. I know cats and think you should know that that is not normal cat behavior and advise your brother to take his cat to the Vet and see if that is why (Not that I am a non-believer of Ghosts it is just that I hate it when a cat is harmed or scared my Ghosts).πŸˆπŸ‘»πŸ‘»
This is creepy. But this story also reminds me of a story my sister told me;
She said she was in our parents room (We help look after our baby brother) to grab something and she looked into the window and instead of seeing herself she saw black figure with glowing red eyes.
😨 😨
Sleeping-with-steve in Happened Again
Hello Haven,

I'm so sorry to hear you have been feeling at a low eb.

When you said you were depressed, alone, have anxiety and had been crying, I wanted to give you a virtual hug.

The entity in your room sounds like a caring soul who is trying to comfort you. Has the entity been back? It would be interesting to find out who this entity is. πŸ€”

I hope you are feeling a bit happier.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in I Believe Her
Hello Haven,

I haven't seen you about in a little while. I hope you are keeping well.

I know this post is a year old, but for some unknown reason, I didn't see it when it was listed. πŸ™„

I couldn't help but feel sad and got glassy eyed reading how Gloria's mother treated her. Gloria went through so much growing up. Even when no one else would take her mother in, she stepped up and housed her. That says a lot about her character.

I'm sure her mother felt remorse when she realised Gloria was kind enough to look after her, yet she still harboured anger towards her. Once again, that's very sad.

Do you know how they are both getting on these days?

Anyway, thank for posting this experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀
Msrevs80, I am really sorry for your loss and I hope you are doing OK. I believe you are able to connect to others through dreams. You should continue to follow your insights and intuition. Thanks for posting.
JoJorocks in A Sister's Love
Hi ntzehn

This is more sad and touching, than scary.
So sorry for your lost. Hope your sister is well now in heaven
ntzehn in A Sister's Love
Thank you Mrs. Ramsay for your kind words. And I agree that polio was bad and took both young and old alike.

Thank you for saying that it's a beautiful story. I always thought it was one.
ntzehn in A Sister's Love
Thank you lady glow, I also thought it bittersweet. I was thrilled to think that my mom's sister was still looking after her.
Macknorton in The Cheeky Ghosts.
Hi Occulting_ - I feel you make some very valid points. To expand on your point about spirits using energy to "manifest", I have read what I believe to be a very authentic description about this kind of thing.

Apparently in rooms where psychic circles are regularly held for the purpose of mediums channeling spirits or just controlled seances, material objects in the room, such as the curtains, for example, often wear out more quickly than usual as the spirits use aspects of these materials to assist them with their materializations.

I have no idea about the actual science behind this but you're probably on the right path about electrical energy. I've also heard that water can be a conduit / assist with manifestations as well.

Hopefully other people on this site will also add their knowledge / experience / theories regarding this matter of energy requirements.


MrsRamsay in A Sister's Love
This is one of the most beautiful "ghost" stories I've ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing, I believe every word.

Polio back then was so awful, some of my friends and I were just talking about that the other day... It was indescriminate... It took young people as well as old. Yes, I agree, you might have an angel! Your mom sure did.
Hi and so sorry for your loss. Covid seems to be a pretty good excuse for lots of things these days, but we won't go there...

Your intuition is so very strong, and you definitely had this one figured out. I had a cousin (also involved in some shady things, also much loved when we were younger) die mysteriously over a dozen years ago, and on the morning of his death, had a dream so strange and upsetting that I immediately called my deployed husband half way around the world to tell him about it. I mostly remember sitting on the side of my bed, shaking. Then got the phone call later that he died. Then a story. Then, over the years, the real story. Your situation is so similar.

I have also been warned in dreams about other certain family members. While it could just be our intuition telling us in a dream, I haven't ruled out that other family who've passed could come around to warn us. In my case, I felt I knew the person warning me, but could not pin it down...

I mainly wanted to say, trust your instincts. Also, writing the dream stuff down (I also use notes on my phone, which sits next to my bed) is good, because if you go back to sleep you will often lose the details. It's so sad to think that at 38, things had gotten so bad. But it has been such a tough year for people, so in retrospect, maybe it really was covid... A contributing factor. But his soul wanted to set the record straight with you. That's something special for you to hold onto. Sincerely, Mrs. R
occulting_ in The Cheeky Ghosts.
Hello RoseyWren!

These are just some theories of mine about why the spirit could have done what they did it's totally fine if you or no one believes these are true - they are theories after all.

Firstly, I think spirits mess around with electricals because maybe they think they could use the energy from that to move things about or be more 'powerful' like how with a sΓ©ance you join hands to muster up energy for the spirits to use to interact.

Secondly, I think spirits LOVE to mess around to gain people's attention, I don't know if maybe it gives them some kind of energy or they just really want to be acknowledged or maybe even just do it for fun and laughs.

Those are my theories on what happened, thanks for reading.

unforgiven1 in Red Eyed Children
JojoRocks, the only scary thing about this story is your pedophilia. Please leave children alone. A 10-11 year old is not a "younger woman", it is a child.
She basically just doing that, standing under the street light trying to stop a car or motorbike rider.
It was said that she got killed while trying to leave her husband's house; I read in the newspaper back then that her husband hacked the back of her head from behind when she was stepping out from the house. I guess in her ghostly form she still thinking that she is going home, that's why she always appeared with suitcases and trying to stop car or motorbike rider.
No one knows why she took these people into the cemetery.
lady-glow in Red Eyed Children

I hope you are not lowering the bar on the material published in your podcast for the sake of sensationalism.

Just my humble opinion.
lady-glow in Red Eyed Children
I just hope these "red eyed children" are a new breed of Philippine mythological beings that feed on the genitalia of sexual predators.

I know that the age of consent in the Philippines has been 12 until recently, but that is not excuse for adults to go after children, probably without even asking themselves if the minors appreciate their advances or if they even understand the perversity of their intentions.
Miracles51031 in Red Eyed Children
JoJorocks - you have definitely stirred up reactions to your narrative. I am in agreement with our members who are more concerned, and sickened to be quite honest, with your pedophilia tendencies.

There is no excuse for being attracted to little girls. Certainly not "boys will be boys" or your comment to Seemayadav "normally boys have crushes.πŸ˜‚" Normally boys have crushes on girls. Not 24 year old men having crushes on 10-11 year old little girls. And it seems as if, at 26, you still find little girls attractive. That is not a crush, that is wrong. Just plain wrong.

I am having a very hard time believing your story.

There are many comments I want to make regarding your interest in little girls but my comments would not be polite and would probably need to be deleted.
No jojorocks,

Not every male, will understand how it feels to have a crush on a 10-11 year old kid. I am a male I have a daughter and it makes me feel ill in my stomach even to read things like this.

I think the scariest part of your story was not the girl's blood red eyes but was your inclination to children.

I must admit I also find your older sister's reaction odd. Knowing that her brother is into children and doing nothing about it is also wrong.

I think before things go all wrong in your life the best thing to do for you is to ask some serious help. Mind that a 26 years old adult approaching a 10 year old girl wrongly may have legal and social consequences.

Just keep that in mind and get some help.
BatCatOwl in Red Eyed Children
Hi JoJoRocks,

Thank you. You definitely will be credited - JoJoRocks from the Philippines. Is that cool?
I'll let you know when your story will be on the podcast.
Sublimefeline in Refuse To Move On
I wondered about that too Rajine, but this spirit is VERY possessive of her hotel. When they replaced all the original sinks, baths, showers & faucets she made them ALL run full force on and off for a week or two. She gets angry when an antique piece of furniture is replaced (not sure exactly what she does). I've had a demon in my house and this was NOT that.

Thanks for your input.:)
Sublimefeline in Refuse To Move On
Hi MackNorton, You make a lot of sense. I got the impression from the desk clerk I spoke with that they'd rather me be hush hush about it as not to scare other guests.

Since it was my experiences were violent, I agree that warning people is prudent.

It was The Hood River Hotel and the ghost's name is Ola Bell. We stayed there 9/2017 & 9/2019

Thank you very much!
TravisCannabis in Red Eyed Children
You were ogling a 10-11 year old girl? That's frigging wrong man! 😠 🀬
lady-glow in Red Eyed Children

Thanks for your reply and for the additional information.

"I didn't heard any sobs from her the moment she entered the bus."

Even if the girl wasn't crying at the moment she got into the bus, her eyes would have been red if she had cried earlier, and there's no way to know if there was an underlying health issue that made her eyes go red.

I imagine a group of girls as large and with the peculiar physical appearance as the ones you describe wouldn't go unnoticed by the inhabitants of the area, regardless if the kids were human or not
Have you heard any rumours of some other people seen the girls?

I don't know if you have noticed that most of the comments on this thread show a degree of concern for the attention you were paying to such a young girl, this is because in our culture a man behaving like this could get in a lot of trouble.

It's a good thing that your country is changing the laws to protect children from predatory adults.
seemayadav in Red Eyed Children
She is just 11 years old
Even you chase her?
Any how I don't like such people
JoJorocks in Red Eyed Children
Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments and feedbacks. Sorry if I replied to all of you late. Ok here's my reply

BatCatowl- sure you can. Just don't forget to give credits although I will never tell my real name for the sake of my privacy. Unfortunately, no one seems to notice them. This happened when the bus arrives in small town.

Bibliothecarius- I'm 26 years old now. 24 at that time when it happened.

Macknorton- it's ok. I respect your opinion. When the bus driver didn't ask her for money, that remains a mystery for me. I look at the time on my phone and it's quarter to ten in the evening. As for the girls in the fields, I assumed their ages due to their sizes.

Lady-glow- I didn't heard any sobs from her the moment she entered the bus. Unfortunately in the road where the field is located, the lampposts where far away from each other. So you could still hardly see in the dark. Trust me their eyes are glowing red in the dark that the first thing came to your mind is a newly smeared iron.

Seemayadav- hello, are you a male or female? If your a male, you will understand how I feels.πŸ˜‚ normally boys have crushes.πŸ˜‚

Sleeping-with-steve- I don't think they're stray children because they wore normal and neat clothing. And almost majority of them looked foreign based on the color of their hair and skin. Also I googled runaways and missing foreign children in the place and found nothing.

Rajine- as far as I remember, there are no houses in the field were those children stood. Ok, may you tell me what's the title of your story where you have the same incident.
Oh wow! Hi everyone - what a great welcome back! Thank you for all the responses! I do have an update for this story: sadly it was confirmed that my cousin did commit suicide. Not sure exactly what the method was, but judging from the dream, maybe pills or something. He basically told one of his ex wives that he was about to do it and to call his dad to his current apartment.
Another update is that this cousins mother (my aunt) basically forbid anyone to attend the funeral. Not that we could have travelled there anyways due to covid. She did not attend his funeral. I've been a little sick since finding out earlier today about the suicide.
I appreciate everyone's insight on this and it feels extremely validating for me to have you reinforce my gut feelings.

[at] Biblio - that was a nice suggestion on the wording and I will take it into consideration, I don't think I ever get the wording right and I just haven't had it in me to respond. Thank you for your condolences.

[at] lady-glow thanks for the condolences. I am trying to work my way through his death - as for the cousin I am going to trust my gut (& dreams) and stay away.

[at] Macknorton - thank you for sharing that story about Dennis. You said my story resonated with you, but your experience made me remember something else my cousin said. He said they didn't check him properly, something about it being too late because they didn't check something or they came too late. I am sorry for your loss of Dennis - I take comfort in knowing there is an afterlife waiting for us even though we may not be aware of what exactly it is. I do believe my cousin was clearing up his cause of death to me - that was a week ago and I just found out today they he committed suicide.

[at] the_lost_voyage_11 - thanks for your words and advice! I did get a lot of great advice here - the other cousin that I haven't talked to, I am definitely staying away as per the dreams suggestion lol.

[at] sleeping-with-steve - you bring up some valid points. The open casket and family members going up to it was my first obvious clue that it wasn't a covid death, but I guess my first clue should have been the dream. Thank you so much for your kind words.
Hello MsRevz80,

I'm so sorry for your loss. Just like some other members, I think something else was the cause of your cousin's death and his family want to preserve his worth.

The open casket in itself indicates it was not a covid19 death. Covid19 is highly contagious and health professionals wouldn't put others in a situation where the virus could be spread.

When my brother died, they told us we couldn't have an open casket because of the time frame between death and the funeral. He died as a result of his life support being turned off and there was no risk of spreading a virus and yet the open casket was not an option.

Your other cousin wanting to chat is normal to a certain degree but considering contact has been lacking prior to your cousin's death, it sounds a bit suss.

When my brother died, one of his daughters told me to talk to my siblings to find comfort. She was overwhelmed and didn't want to talk at all. I wasn't offended. I understood that she needed time to adjust and mourn for her-dad/my-brother without the burden of comforting others when she couldn't comfort herself.

Dreams are very powerful, and like Biblio says, 'There's a distinct clue that there is more substance to the events or messages you receive in your dreams'.
Please keep us posted.

Best wishes,
Hello MsRevz80, thanks for sharing your story here and I'm sorry about your loss. I'll be brief, there's something about your narrative and the way you relayed it, the way these events unfolded that gives me a strong impression these are more than dreams and you should follow your intuition here. You've been given great advice from the previous posters so there's not much to add, but I will say I agree with Macknorton, that the family, to save face may have covered up the true cause of death of your cousin. This makes sense also in regards to what you revealed about him having a mysterious and possibly shady life as you put it. I'm also not sure of the relation of the other cousin you were warned about, to the one that died, but if they're all connected closely, one side of the family, then perhaps that 'mysterious and shady' kind of life may extend to them and could be what you are being warned about? Good luck and take care!
Hi MrsRevz80

Thanks for sharing.

Your experience resonates with me and it brought up the memory of an experience I had when I was 11 years old. My family had moved from Wellington (New Zealand) down to Timaru in the South Island. We had a dog called "Dennis" (I know, right?πŸ™„) whom I loved very much.

Anyway, one day after school my parents told me that Dennis had been hit by a car, and that he hadn't suffered etc etc...

I was devastated and cried and cried. Anyway that night, I had an extremely vivid dream (which I can still "see" clear as day even now) in which Dennis was in a large fenced off enclosure and was barking and barking for me. Then the dream ended. It made no sense.

Thirty years later my brother told me that whilst we were living in Timaru, he had come home early from school and had found my Mother sobbing at the kitchen table. She was crying and saying that she "was a murderer". It turned out that Dennis had been running riot in the houses and gardens on our street (our section was unfenced) and such was the volume of complaints, my parents decided to have Dennis euthanized.

Suddenly that dream made complete sense to me. Dennis at that time was, no doubt, not yet dead and I was able to connect with him one last time before he was put down.

So my point is that in extreme circumstances, it appears that we are able to connect to others in our "dream states" to glean important information.

Perhaps your cousins family thought your cousin had committed suicide and that stigma was too much to deal with, so they decided to put Covid as the cause of death, and your cousin wanted to clear that up?

Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Hello MsRevz80.

I'm sorry for your loss.

My first thought while reading the part about the open casket wake for a person who succumbed to covid was "no way!".
I totally agree with you on not believing that covid was the cause of your cousin's death.

And I agree with the advice given by Biblio, better not to talk to your cousin, she might be trying to get close to you for some reason different than been helpful.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in A Sister's Love
Welcome to YGS.

This is such a bittersweet experience. I'm sure your mother's sister was always by her side taking care of her. You may have a godmother in heaven.

Thanks for sharing.
Greetings, MsRevz80, and welcome back to the conversations.

First, my condolences on the death of your cousin.

I am a believer in precognitive dreaming, as I've had multiple experiences with this phenomenon. The sense that you are having a significant experience beyond the normal 'relaxed' state of dreaming is a distinct clue that there is more substance to the events or messages you receive.

I'd suggest that you very politely refuse your cousin's offer to talk, as you're going through a lot at the moment. Thank her for thinking of you, but right now is not a good time for you. Perhaps suggest that you are relying upon old friends for conversation & comfort at the moment, that you appreciate her concern, and that you hope that she is coping with her suffering, too.

Take care,
What a sad and tragic tale. I am curious if she is actively malicious or just mildly misbehaving.

Normally, and I'm just comparing this story to the Vanishing Hitchhiker because it most resembles that narrative, when picked up the lady asks to be taken to her parents' house, disappearing from the vehicle during travel.

Why does this lady take the drivers into the cemetery?
From your narrative I gather that this girl jumped of into a field, are there any houses around to say maybe she lives nearby or is it just a vast field with nothing else in sight? People in deserted and vacant areas always creeps me out, I mean why would a group of youngsters stand on an open field in the middle of the night? Unless they are ghosts or up to no good. I've had a similar experience in a bus with a lady who looked nothing like her reflection on a bus window (you can read it in one of my stories I posted here) , but this is a really scary incident nonetheless.
Sleeping-with-steve in Red Eyed Children
Hello JoJoRocks,

I was really concerned for the child when I was reading your post. Children shouldn't be on their own especially not at that hour.

My first thought about the child's red eyes, was she had been crying and perhaps she ran away after being told off by her parents. Who knows, maybe she was arguing with her siblings and her parents stepped in and told off all the children.

The other children that she met up with who also had red eyes...? Maybe they were also crying and scared. Perhaps they were all lost. I have no idea, but those children obviously needed help. I hope they are ok and that someone helped them get home.

I didn't get a feeling of the children being paranormal.

I really hope they are ok. My prayers go out to all those lost, hungry children and may God watch over each and every one them and keep them safe.

seemayadav in Red Eyed Children
I don't like people who chase girls, this is not good at all,, 😟
lady-glow in Red Eyed Children
How do you know the girl didn't suffer of conjunctivitis or had been crying before boarding the bus?
Were there any street lights on the field or did the girls' eyes glow in the dark? Otherwise, in my opinion, it would have been very hard to see the eyes of all those girls in the dark.

Who knows what you saw that night... Perhaps someone is selling girls creepy-red contact lenses as a tool to deflect men's unwanted attention.
Macknorton in Red Eyed Children
Hi Jojorocks.

Thanks for taking the time to post your event. Look, I'll cut straight to the chase; this, to me, reads like something out of a Stephen King novel, or some other kind of horror / supernatural genre.

Although you haven't made any attempt to rationalize, or try to explain, what you think you saw, I think it would be safe to rule out spirits / ghosts.

Why to I think that? Because of several reasons, such as; since when do ghosts bother catching a bus, let alone ride public transport? Also, if this was a ghost / spirit, how did she pay for the ride? I don't believe a bus driver would let anyone on without paying, regardless of how "real" they appeared to be.

And how on earth do you remember it was "quarter to ten" and what is the significance, if any, of that time?

Plus, if you research well documented / studied ghost sightings, they simply don't seem to have the energy to manifest for vast periods of time, nor to be seen by multiple (or more importantly, credible) witnesses.

As for the last "scene" (where you seem to have had plenty of time to ascertain the age span of the group of red-eyed, soft toy clutching individuals as the bus pulls away), that is where it gets very "B grade horror movie" for me, personally.

So, in my opinion, definitely not ghosts / spirits. My conclusion is either some kind of Halloween prank where people got dressed up and decided to freak other people out, or this is an exercise in creative writing, which this site was, from the last time I checked, created for the purposes of true ghost sightings or encounters.

Other, more easily excitable, individuals who peruse this site will no doubt disagree with my position, which is their right. However, remember it's also my right to put forth my opinion, which I always try to back up with reason and logic.


Bibliothecarius in Red Eyed Children
Greetings, JoJorocks.

I realize that there are many diverse cultures represented here on YGS, and that each of those cultures has its own set of standards for "normal" behavior. Something about this narrative disturbs me, though. What is your age, please? (You don't have to be precise, just a general idea is fine.)

I have the idea that the girl from your story was a revenant of some description: the Filipino abat, awok, or gabunan come to mind. However, these predatory spirits are most often solitary, and don't usually show up in large numbers unless they're harbingers of some future danger.

Perhaps your sister's warning was the message they had for you.

BatCatOwl in Red Eyed Children
Hi JoJorocks,

This story is creeeeeeepy. It reminds of the stories about Black-Eyed Children. Did this take place in a small town or in a city? Did anyone else notice the girls congregating in the field? Did she have pupils in her eyes? That's frightening and strange that no else noticed her or the other girls. Can I tell your story on my podcast? You will be credited of course as JoJoRocks or your real name if desired.

Lastly, have you been on that bus route since that incident? Thank you for sharing.
mayank_holmes in Something That Followed?
Hi BatCatOwl,

Thanks for reading. No, me or my mother didn't feel any temperature drop in the bedroom that night. I only felt it on the road.
Hey... That was a good story... Hope will listen more of them (only if you have encountered any more such incidents) I'm a fellow hyderabadi here
MelissaLundquist in Ghost Spoke To My Mum
To me it sounds like there is A poltergeist or two in your home a ghost that loves to play tricks
The thing that gives me the most concern is this statement here: "I'm hoping I can learn something valuable from all this in spite of the occasional downturns." I feel like the OP is so invested in being taken seriously that he has possibly glossed over the negative parts of this relationship. It seems as though everyone here is taking this very seriously so perhaps the OP might be comfortable enough now to let us in a little more. Could you tell us about these downturns?
Maybe the ghost is trying to keep him safe - in both instances when he's started up screaming you have been asleep, maybe he stopped breathing and the ghost just did whatever it could think of to snap him out of it and get your attention?
Hi, [at] RoseyWren,

Enjoyed the story, thank you for sharing. Definitely very, very odd, indeed. The fact that the story involved a pet creeped me out even more, for this reason:

Since I've been married (21 years), my wife and I have had two Boxer dogs, the first one was named Mingus, and the current one is Rufus. Of all the pseudonymous "names" you could have given your brothers, you gave them these two! Definitely spooky.

Both of my Boxers have been especially sensitive to paranormal/ghosts/etc, as many animals can be. Boxers are especially known (and prized) for their fearless loyalty to their owners, and ours have been no exception.

My Rufus, in particular, has been "following" something around the ceiling in the den of our house, cautiously, and sometimes he will come and stand between me and the "thing" he is watching, either protecting me or making himself feel safer, much like your brother's cat.

Being a musician, my Boxers were named for musicians (Charles) Mingus and Rufus (Thomas). Are you familiar with these two, or did you simply grab names out of the air? Very interesting!

Thanks again for sharing your stories. I've enjoyed reading them. Be well.

I don't believe they have a newspaper but I do know there is a magazine. I'm sure you know full well bases are most likely haunted, regardless of location
Great stories, all that you've posted. I imagine living in Great Britain with its thousands of years of history keeps people who can sense things pretty busy!

I woke up to a firetruck in my daughter's closet one time, just making all kinds of noise. It freaked me out, my husband had recently passed away. Turned it off. A few weeks later, cleaning out her closet, I was going to take the batteries out so it wouldn't happen again, and there were no batteries in it! Your story caused THAT memory to surface, haha. Thanks!
Does the Air Base have a newspaper? You could check out whether anyone was hit by a car at that intersection possibly? It might help answer at least that one.

The figure by the Redbox thing is weird and spooky, as is the guy just standing outside in that cul de sac. I'm a military daughter and wife and don't doubt at all that you've seen things on base. Many of us have had the most intense moments of our lives on a base, also the happiest, so it makes sense that there would be lots of energies!
MrsRamsay in Almost Missed Them
A stick figure with a black skull looking at you while sauntering through the vaulted family room. The body language must've not been a threat, though the description of it is interesting. Was it flesh looking, or wood looking (you compared it to a broom)? Was the body black as well?

That's totally compelling. And I love your reaction!

Have you always seen things, or is this new for you? Any idea why now? If you have an intuitive theory, I would go with that.
Macknorton in The Cheeky Ghosts.
Hi RoseyWren

Thanks for sharing these other experiences - I have enjoyed reading them all. It's interesting how these particular occurrences are kind of annoying, attention-seeking type pranks.

I wonder why a spirit would want to turn on those kettles, or unplug the vacuum and switch off the socket, other than just to either annoy someone or to maybe make their presence felt? It's a mystery why they do these seemingly banal things.

It's interesting regarding the child that was apparently tragically killed on the road. There's the possibility that she wasn't aware she had died and is "trapped" in the house and area, or she passed over to "the other side" and occasionally returns to visit and cause mischief. Or, there's simply an altogether entirely different spirit manifesting it's energy there.


Bibliothecarius in Beside Me
Greetings, meinmein.

You state, "I don't know what it is again T.T." What does "T.T." mean in this context? I am confused.

Thank you. I will check it out.
I am a worry by nature and this has me beside myself with worry
I don't know if I'm allowed to post links here but this is where I saw those documentaries when I was still young.


I tried to look for that specific segment of the white lady doppleganger but I can't sort it through their archives, maybe you can?

Thank you and God Bless.

Thank you for your knowledge.
I can only hope that the first scenario is the one that meets this encounter.
If you can remember thw name of the documentary, I would love to check it out.
Thank you again
Sleeping-with-steve in A Series Of Creepy Events
Hello Rajine,

These occurrences sound very spooky. I'd definitely be scared.

What are the reoccurring dreams your mum has? (I hope you don't mind me asking) The reason I'm asking is because I have reoccurring dreams too. I'd be interested to see if there's a connection with my dreams and my previous unwanted visits from a spirit. (I'll need to research that and do some googling)

I don't know much about dark ball shadows, but perhaps it's a small animal spirit like Melda says.

With the heavy hand, I have had an experience where my hand was flung forcefully when I was sleeping. I posted that experience. If you have time to read it, maybe you may get some answers from the members comments.

I hope you find out what's going. Please keep us posted, and thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in The Thing In The Back Bedroom
Thank you for your reply. I meant to say, 'your youngest has your ability to see spirits', not your eldest. Please keep us posted.

Best wishes
There are numerous theories regarding dopplegangers that I know of. I want to share some that I personally know.

1.) They say that dopplegangers are people's counterpart on a parallel Universe where at some point interacted between Universes.

2. In some cultures, they believe that they are elemental spirits that copy that person's face with an intent to play tricks on people who sees them.

3. Also some believes that they are an omen. I saw this documentation where much like YGS, they share true to life experience with ghosts and paranormal. There was this lady walking on their neighborhood and saw her friend dressed all in white, walking as well in front of her. This friend of hers is alive by the way at that time. She tries to catch the attention of her friend when suddenly her friend vanished into thin air. The next few weeks her friend passed away. I don't know if what she saw was in connection to her friend's death like an omen, but it looks that way.

Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

I am mystified and fascinated by it as well. I will definitely try the salt also. Thank you for your input. I have read so many things and it is much to take in. Which is why I turned to my fellow believers
Hello sleeping-with-steve and Rajine, I haven't tried a cleansing, I think my stubborn dad would sense I was up to something and stop me πŸ˜† I still see my dad often, he's my "support bubble" during the lockdowns, but more often at my house. As long as I stay downstairs at his house I'm okay,
As far as I'm aware my dad bought direct from previous tenants and they were a lovely old couple. Think they were the only previous tenants. There's no attic above the back bedroom either. I've searched for years for information on the house and nothing has come up for it. My dad's owned it 31 years now so before the days of online lol.

I'm glad I've never seen it, just feeling it is bad enough, I dread to think what my daughter saw. My eldest hasn't seen/felt it which is good.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Beside Me
Hello meinmein, thanks for sharing your experience! Your profile lists you as being a teenager so perhaps your experience could be connected to poltergeist activity as well. As some of the previous posters mentioned it could be easily combined with your fear and imagination as well which provided the' fuel'. As far as the app causing it, the app is a tool. Much like a Ouija board. The board itself is harmless, a 'game' as it were mass produced by a major manufacturer. It only becomes dangerous as it were based on the intent of its users. The users intend to use the board to connect to the spiritual realm, and then it becomes the tool for opening a portal. If you go through most stories regarding Ouija board experiences, the majority of them involve a bunch of teenagers using the board for communication. Since poltergeist encounters and experiences are usually linked to teenagers, it's likely this much energy can be harnessed to open portals and even for the spirits that communicate via the board, to use the energy manifested to 'make things happen' or give the board users a 'sign' that a spirit is present. Spirits and demons or whatever entities are present in theory could tap that much energy present to do whatever they want since the users intend to contact and gain proof of the spiritual realm, they are basically offering these entities their energy to utilize. Point being that the app could have attracted something just as a Ouija board as been know to make an unhaunted house haunted. Not the app itself mind you but the intent and energy behind its use. You have to be careful when inquiring about ghosts and such, you never know what you can encounter. It's why amateur ghost hunters sometimes end up having something follow them home if they're not prepared and use the proper protocols to protect themselves from such encounters. A tool's use is only determined by the person who wields it, whether it's used for something good, or something harmful. You can only be as careful as you can be, good luck!
Doppelganger incidents have always fascinated me simply because it's supposed to be a "spirit" of a living person, I've experienced a few of these myself, I've not been able to find exactly why this phenomenon occurs though, because it's various reasons. Apart from smudging with sage also keep course salt in your room (anywhere is fine) in a little container or a cup, that helps with negative energies.
I agree with [at] Sleeping-with-steve,in my hindu custom whenever we move in to a new place we always start with a cleansing and thanksgiving ritual, houses carry a lot of residual energy left by previous owners (negative energy that is perfect for dark enough to invite evil entities), maybe even someone died in the house and it could be a spirit that lingers around that specific spot, explanations are endless, another thing we believe is that children can sense certain things that adults cannot because they are innocent and pure souls, but it seems that dad doesn't believe in what you or your kids experienced so it may be hard to get him to do a cleansing, but I wish you and your kids all the best and protection.
Rajine in Beside Me
Our mind is a powerful thing, and when we focus on our fears it's like we giving it power to manifest into something bigger, more realistic, I always try to find a logical explanation first before I conclude to certain things being paranormal, I've also learned that it is only during our fear that we truly realize how strong we are, that's why we must never show fear in any circumstance, it's not easy but we just have to try.
I believe that something definitely followed you home. But I'm glad that nothing since has happened, best thing to do is pray for protection at all times.
Sometimes Earth bound spirits stay back because they weren't ready to move on or they have unfinished business, never got to live life to the fullest, but eventually they do move on, I just feel that maybe it's not a spirit that walked this earth but rather a demonic force that's taken place of the spirit, but that's just my opinion, I'm glad that nothing serious happened to you.
Macknorton in Refuse To Move On
Hi Sublimefeline

Thanks for sharing. This was quite the experience you had there!

You wrote; "...I did not name the Hotel to give them a break from people coming there just to see the ghost. When we went to this place I was unaware it was haunted..."

Looking at those links that Lady-glow supplied, it would appear that the owners would prefer people knowing, or at least, believing the Hood River Hotel was haunted, rather than having anonymity.

It appears to be a way of attracting ghost hunters / thrill seekers which, in turn, would generate business / revenue for the owners.

In terms of your point about ghost stories can be enjoyed without knowing exactly where and whom it's about, my opinion on that is if it's a genuine experience then why not share those details?

Providing actual details of the location and time of a paranormal encounter (especially one of the intensity, length and the incredible caliber of the "physical" interaction during yours) helps to verify the experience. Especially in a public space such as a hotel where your experiences could be corroborated by others who stayed there.

One could also argue that because your experience included a violent assault on your person, whereby you were being choked, you may have a responsibility to warn other people NOT to stay at that particular Hotel, for their own personal safety?

At the end of the day, aren't we all just trying to better understand what lies on the other side of the veil? So why not share as much information as possible so that we can all try and increase our knowledge. That's my 10 cents worth.


Macknorton in Beside Me
Hi Meinmein

I share Lady-glow's sentiments here.

You deleted the app. That's the best part of your experience in my opinion.

That app sounds like one of those Total CR ones. You know, those Cr App's? There's so many of them.πŸ€”


Sublimefeline in Refuse To Move On
I PURPOSELY gave the hotel anonymity. But, yes it's The Hood River Inn.

I did not name the Hotel to give them a break from people coming there just to see the ghost. When we went to this place I was unaware it was haunted.

I believe a ghost story can be read and appreciated without knowing exactly where it is and whom it's about.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Thing In The Back Bedroom
Hello RoseyWren,

Your post kept me interested until the end.

I don't think you should stop visiting your dad. I understand you fear the presence of whatever is occupying the back bedroom, however, your dad must love your visits and must love seeing you and his grandchildren.

Have you tried doing a cleansing? There's a great method for cleansing on this site. It's on a member's profile page. His name is Rookdygin. I use it to keep away unwelcome spirits. My home smells fresh and a calming soothing essence surrounds my home after I finish.

I'd be interested to know what the presence is. Have you seen an image of whatever is occupying the back bedroom? Have you checked if there's something in the loft directly above that room?

Your eldest daughter seems to have your ability to see this '?' whatever it is. If she's frightened, it must be a negative presence.

Please keep us posted on what is happening and welcome to 'Your ghost Stories'πŸ‘». You'll find a lot of great support and help from members here, I know I have.

lady-glow in Refuse To Move On
Welcome to YGS.

I assume you are talking about the same "Hood River Hotel" as in the following links:




Although the previous articles report experiences similar to yours, the character of the resident ghost, Ola Bell (Jane), seems to differ from one article to the next and she's been described from "making guests feel welcome" to something more sinister and unwelcoming.

Knowing your own abilities, I hope you take the due precautions and have learnt to protect yourself before entering any place with a known history of paranormal activity.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Beside Me
Never underestimate the power of suggestion.

Hello meinmein and welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative to back the idea of a ghostly presence in your room. Paranormal activity doesn't go from zero to one hundred without a reason. If there were no disturbances before you used the app, using it wouldn't trigger the activity and then turn it off once you deleted it... Just like a light switch.

Thanks for sharing.
Sublimefeline in We Helped Her Move On
Hi Eternal Lotus, I'm glad this went so well for you. How kind of you and your brother to help her that way. I know from past experience that pendulums can bring forth dark, negative forces. Because, who is answering you? Good for you that it turned out well. Please be very very careful with it. Take Good Care! Sublimefeline
Sorry for the late response. I am going to try to answer all the questions.

I did ask my husband if he had any kind of dream that night as he does remember them. He said yes but it was nothing related to out of body experience, he said we were at a car show (which we have show cars and attend them often so nothing out of the norm).

I definitely have never experienced anything like this.

When I feel the presence of someone standing over me and I feel that it is a loved one, I believe it is just them visiting me. When I feel fear, I feel it is something evil. That night I did not feel anything from the entity, the fear was from seeing the unknown. I had a very strong connection with my Gramma growing up. When I need advice, I talk to her. I ask her to answer a specific question by in a sign, and every time the question I asked is "yes", I smell her perfume. It is an old time perfume that not many women where any more if at all. My Gramma used to tell me that when I was younger I talked to the old ones. My oldest son has also had encounters with spirits, as I have shared one of his experiences.

I have always felt this shaky light leg feeling from as far back as I remember. The road to go to and from my Grammas house has a HUGE drop off with no guide rails back then and I would get that feeling going past that area. I guess it is what I feel like on an amusement park ride when it is very tall. I am not afraid of heights but it is that same sensation. So I doubt it is Restless Leg.

As far as the history of the house. It is relatively newer. 1993. And no history in the home itself that would indicate any beings haunting or anything.

I do get bad feelings before things happen to people I care about. Whether big or small. I never can pin point whom it will happen to but I know something is going to happen. A little less than a month before my mom passed I had the worst feeling I carried with me for a good week. It passed but then she went into the hospital and never came back out.

I have never been one to do drugs or drink for that matter. I have never suffered from delusions. I have never seen spirits or entities that I can say matched this.

I think I have covered all questions. I appreciate the input and will always read and take in more.

Mack, thank you for sharing your experience!

Lady-Glow and LightMight Thank you for your input also.
meinmein in The Strange Night
The alexa device experience is terrifying. And the whole experience is a clear evidence that something is really happening. If it is just possible, just in case it happens again, is it possible to know what the ghost will ask to the alexa device? Thank you for sharing your story!
meinmein in Almost Missed Them
I love how you talked to the spirit XD. Your second story is terrifying for me if I am the one to see it. Thanks for sharing.
Sorry for the late reply, thank you very much mrsramsay ❀
Hi JoJo, four years living there, it only happened to us once, I am not sure about other hostellers. But we often hear heavy running footsteps running across the hallway, it is more active during midnight and the Hungry Ghost Month. I have a friend who was living alone at the end of the hallway that time experienced a whole other thing. One night, she was talking on the phone with her friend until late night, and while they were talking, she heard a girl's voice humming a song, and it happened for only a few second. Both she and her friend (in the phone) heard it. She told me that she might have been a passer by 😐
Bethany, I know it has been years since you posted these photos, but I'd love to talk more about them with you. Hopefully you get this message! I have some images I'd like to compare to yours and a story that goes along with one.
Hi there Piperasc,

I really like the theories that Macknorton and Ladyglow have mentioned earlier; very interesting thoughts!

Maybe you've had a precognitive vision of your husband? Have you ever spoke with your husband about what you experienced? Have you considered keeping a journal?

Along the same subject of what Ladyglow was mentioning; I'm wondering if he had any memory of a dream around the same time, or
memory of an OBE around the same time, that would correspond to the vision you've had of him sitting on the edge of the bed?
Hello Piperasc.

Reading your description regarding your "legs get shaky and light" makes me wonder if this could be "restless leg syndrome", although you mention sensing a presence when this happens, it wouldn't hurt to visit a physician specialized on sleep disorders and ensure that this is not a health related issue.

I suffer of RLS and, though innocuous, can be annoying. Practicing some yoga or gentle stretches before bed has been very helpful for me.

In my opinion, it's possible that what you saw that night was your husband having an out of body experience.
Does he frequently seem to know places which he has never been to? Does he remember his dreams? Has he mentioned flying during his dreams?

His consciousness might be "leaving" his physical body and he's unaware of having such ability.

When you sense the presence of a loved one, do you think there's a intent for their visitation? Have they delivered a message?

It doesn't seem like any of these presences are negative except for the one that makes you feel fearful, though it is not clear if you feel this way because the presence is evil or due to it not being supposed to be there.

What do you know about the history and background of your house? Do you consider yourself to be a sensitive?

Sorry for the questioning, I find your experience fascinating and intriguing but, in my opinion, it would be helpful if you could elaborate and provide a more detailed narrative.

Thanks for sharing
Hi Piperasc

Thanks for sharing.

In terms of the feeling of someone standing over you, you mention that you can sense it's a family member, but sometimes its a feeling of fear. Is that fear you are feeling because you are picking up an unpleasant vibe from the presence? Or is the fear emanating from you because you sense someone standing over you and you have no idea who it might be?

Regarding this apparent doppelganger of your husband; what was he wearing when you saw him? Was he appearing in his pyjamas, singlet, t-shirt, nothing at all? Was he appearing physically as he was in bed?

There's a theory that sleep serves two purposes; one purpose is to rest our physical bodies, and the second purpose is that during sleep our spirits / souls leave our bodies and head into the spirit realms where we will naturally gravitate to in preparation for our larger life ahead of us on "the other side". This makes perfect sense to me. Nature is very efficient.

Apparently we can't recall much, if any of these visits as our larger consciousness is only expressing a small part of our spirits through our puny brains so it doesn't all "fit" back in.

So my point is this; you may have seen your husband's spirit in-between either leaving his body or coming back into it. Was there an emotion or vibe from the apparition?

However, there's another possibility and I was motivated to offer some advice to you after an experience I had this very morning.

I was getting ready for work and as I walked past my 14 year old son's bedroom, I glanced in and saw him standing in his room in his school uniform, facing me. Nothing unusual in that, however, as I then walked straight down to use the toilet, it was occupied (light was on, door was locked). My wife was in the bathroom next door, my daughter in her room across from the bathroom and my eldest son was still asleep in his room. This accounted for all members of my family.

Naturally, this perplexed me as to who was in the toilet, so I knocked and my 14 year old son, who I had just "seen" in his room responded with a firm "No!", as in "occupied!". So basically I had a fully fledged hallucination of my 14 year old son standing in his room. I am not prone to hallucinations AT ALL, I'm not on medication, nor drugs. I just can't explain it.

My 14 year old looked fully formed, flesh and blood, real as life when I glanced in his well-lit room. So since I have just experienced what I can only describe as an vivid hallucination, I suggest the very real possibility also, that you maybe saw something that wasn't there?

Anyway, it's an interesting experience you had and sorry if I've hijacked it with my experience, but I felt that maybe these points might help you in some way understand it?


MrsRamsay in First Story
Hi there, fun stories!
Have you asked your renter if he/she ever got any feelings or saw anything unusual in your basement? I'd be interested in knowing.

Also, we moved into our home about 8 years ago. It's a 30 year old, very beautiful place and we know from neighbors how meticulous the former (only) owners were about it. They were both very loved, one of the original couples here in the neighborhood, and I've felt them since moving in. I try to do things here that I think they would like, and it was really sad for me the day I removed all the custom window treatments. Without knowing, I just knew how proud Florence had been about those curtains, and I apologized quietly as I removed them, even explaining (as silly as I felt) that it just wasn't my style and I hoped she might enjoy something new. Sounds silly, I know. I also believe that whoever is here sometimes cooks. In various videos I've made, there is the sound of the gas range clicking (you know the sound made when someone starts a gas burner?) when it was NOT clicking in real time, only on the video! I also had the refridgerator dinging (except the door was never opened) in the middle of the night. Sounds like your previous owners care about your little guy. Thanks for sharing your stories!
HawaiiFemme in Screamed Awake
Which town and island was that? I'm from Oahu.

Sounds like the death may have been a murdered woman and her dog is still keeping her company.
DarriuxDarkk in Kahlua's Story
Awe, when I read your story I immediately thought of my two pet doggies and want to cuddle them. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kahlua seems to love you very much that even in spirit world she never forgets her family, that's probably why she manifested to you.

Thank you for sharing, God Bless.

Hello, I just have a few questions.

I know for you the entity seems good in a way. Have you ever experienced anything negative at some point from her manifestation? Maybe not for you, how about on other people or your surroundings?

There are just certain entities that are good on masking it's true nature especially to the ones they are attached to.

Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

Oh, good to hear that. I could imagine the feeling of "not being able to breathe and move a lot" in your own place. Sometimes even if there aren't really furniture removed, I feel good without the negative vibes. Yeah, I heard about the new strain of COVID. It's known here in my country as UK variant. Will include you in my prayers. ❀
Hi Shiz98

Thanks for sharing. Interesting.

In terms of what you experienced, I'm sure you have read about NDE's or "Near Death Experiences"?

These are events whereby individuals who suffer some kind of physical, life-threatening trauma or event, report to "leave" their body and experience a wide range, but often very similar, experiences.

People in medical emergencies or events often report suddenly being outside of their body, often up on the ceiling, or above their physical body observing doctors or others working on them, trying to resuscitate or "save" their lives.

These individuals are able to, once returned to their physical bodies, describe in detail things the medical teams were saying, as well as being able to describe in detail the particular specialized medical tools used on them. Often these people have their eyes taped shut, or are considered "dead".

My point is that there is some very powerful arguments and "evidence" that our minds, consciousness, souls seem to be able to survive and be fully operational outside of our physical bodies. That information is undoubtedly possibly patently obvious to those on this "Ghost" site! πŸ˜†

So for you to find yourself floating above your body is not so unusual. I'm surprised you described this event as "quite scary" as your mind should have been quite removed from the electrical temporary sack of portable meat we call our bodies that you saw on the bed.

I had a similar and weird experience about 30 years ago in Melbourne, Australia one night. I remember walking out of my bedroom in the middle of the night, but I was aware I wasn't asleep, but I certainly didn't feel awake. I walked through the hallway and looked into my flat mate's room. He was asleep and I vividly remember his quilt (or doona if your Australian) was glowing intensely white. This kind of freaked me out more so I turned and hurried back towards my room.

I got about 5 feet away from my doorway and that's where the experience stopped. I don't recall entering my room, or seeing my body asleep etc. However, when I awoke that morning, I had a strange but distinctive "jolting" feeling a few times. I have since learned that can be an after-effect of astral travelling.

In hindsight I believe I was astral travelling, or that my consciousness had left my body and it was "walking" around my flat. I definitely wasn't dreaming, or having a lucid dream. What annoys me about that experience is that I didn't get to see my body in my bed to fully verify it. So I guess some doubt lingers as to what, exactly, it was that I experienced that night.

Your experience resonated with me as it's an interesting phenomenon in terms of confirming existence outside of our physical bodies, and an experience I can relate to.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and apologies if I'm rambling on (again).


MysticFrance, "The past year was really tough for everyone." Amen to that. This new strain of Covid seems to be making sure that '21 won't be much better; at least not for awhile. (My state is severely impacted.)
Personally though, I'm doing better. Still waiting on furniture-the upside to that is the lack of it sure makes the rooms feel more spacious. πŸ˜‰ The over all feel to the apartment has changed; much lighter, and calmer, and that old rabbit hole is getting shallower all the time.
Hi Val. I hope you are much better now. Thanks for sharing this story. The past year was really tough for everyone. Take care x
Hello CosmicEnigma,

Thank you so much for sharing your intimate experiences with Olivia in such way that it wasn't explicit, but detailed enough enabling me to comprehend that you have deep feelings for her. I'd like to say she has those feelings for you, however, I don't know who she is, what she is, what she really wants, or why she is spending all this time with you.

I have a post on this site explaining an experience of mine with a ghost called Steven. I have finally managed to keep him away. Thanks to members on here, their valuable support suggestions, and lots of perseverance. I can sleep well at night again.

I use a method of cleansing every fortnight. The instructions are on a respected members profile page. Rookdygin has the cleansing method in detail on his profile page and I recommend you give it a go.

I know you feel confident and close to Olivia, but she's a spirit and not alive. I'm sure she's everything you want in a girlfriend. In her own little way she may be showing you the joys of being with someone. However, someone very special is out there. Where, when and how you'll meet her is unknown. But I'm a true believer in romance and love. If you help Olivia go to the light and wish her happiness, you in return will find the same happiness.

I have told Steven the ghost on many occasions that he needs to go to the light. I think he's finally done that. I'm crossing my fingers. 🀞

You sound like a very caring person with lots of love to share. Now that you are socialising, I feel confident you will find Miss Right.

I hope you find the strength to help Olivia find the light.

I wish you well.
Hi Tweed, you're right. I had experiences with the plastic sounds too. For me it sounded like rustling around of plastic grocery bags. It always happened early morning and right next to my bed. Yet with nothing around that would make that sound! It's so weird. πŸ€”
Hello CosmicEnigma, don't be disheartened, remember you are the one who's experienced this phenomena, you are the only one who can make that decision as to what it was/is. No one else was there and we can all offer advice and resources but you make that choice ultimately. We are here to help and a lot of good information has been presented. Hopefully you check out the links I provided and they will validate some of what you've been through as well as give you more insight as to what you may be dealing with.

Manafon, you have brought up many credible points and presented some long standing and ongoing research that backs it up. However this research and these studies deal with ghosts and spirits. If what the OP is dealing with is indeed a succubus, that's a different matter entirely. There's not really a hot bed of research on these entities and no agreement on what they are, many classify them as a demons or beings that were never human to begin with. As such, I felt it maybe more pertinent to look into encounters that others have had so that CosmicEnigma can find some common ground to begin to relate to his experience. I do appreciate your perspective as we do need to see all sides of this situation, that's always the best way to be open to all possibilities.

CosmicEnigma, best of luck to you, I know you will get through this and figure it out!
All good my friend - these are difficult times that we live in right now.

Staying positive can be challenging at the best of times, let alone dealing with a global pandemic and all the uncertainty and worry that brings.

Remember to every day count all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for and hold them close to your heart.


Macknorton--I get what you are saying. I have been dealing with some unrelated drama lately that has go me all spun up over the slightest things. I know what you where trying to do. I want to get some valuable and real ideas shown out there even though the term 'real' here seems to be up for interpretation. I value the input, was just in a bit of a dark space earlier, I'm over it now.

Search this site: