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Miracles51031 in Playful Soul
GingerRead - I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your mom's experience. I hope my kids are as grateful to me for their paranormal lives as you are to your mom and grandmother. 😊
Hi discerninguser:

You're welcome.😊
Thank you for sharing your story!
Miracles51031 in Lady In Blue
imsusan67 - as lady-glow said, welcome to YGS. I was a little confused about one thing you said. "...and when I rubbed my husband's shoulders in the hospital a few days before he died."
lady-glow in Lady In Blue
Welcome to YGS.

What an interesting set of experiences.

At this point, I'm not sure if the lady at the church was a ghost or if it was a residual haunting.

It seems like you didn't register anything odd about her until the moment she disappeared before your eyes. Although, it seems, her attire was dated.

There's a plethora of stories in the forum about encounters involving ghosts that look as solid as living people.

The overlapping hands make me think that you have seen the hands of your spirit guardian.

Thanks for sharing these fascinating experiences.

Welcome to YGS.
Thanks for such interesting, though disturbing, information.


I'm under the impression that you have missed the part of my comment that says: "I do not mean that I doubt your story" and got offended by my questions?

A quick google search took me to the following interesting article:


And that's pretty much all I know about Eunuchs... No harm intended by asking.

"You see, this is not a movie script in which all the questions are neatly answered for the benefit of the audience at the end."

You see, by asking I was hoping that, perhaps, some of my questions could be answered by some traditions and beliefs proper to your culture, things that, as a foreigner, I lack the background to see from your perspective.

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback... Like I said before, neither doubt your experience nor was my intention to offend you.

Let's keep in mind that "Truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged."

I'm questioning, not challenging your narrative.

My ceiling fans strings have been swinging violently back and forth late at night. They are so loud they wake me up because this slam into the ceramic covering the light bulbs. Its only happened three times to me so far. We have been trying everything to figure out what's causing it but still don't know. My family probably wouldn't even have believed me had I not gotten a video of it at 2am.
Hi Rajine, thanks for following my stories. Yes, it's been almost a decade since I wrote on this site. I definitely feel the dog was too scared to walk on the haunted path alone.
Hi CreamTea, that's a very profound observation that you made about life and death. Thanks also for giving a detailed explanation of eunuch prostitutes. I couldn't have said it better myself. 😊
Lady glow,

1) By eunuch, I am referring to a man who has been castrated. I don't mean a homosexual guy.

2) We don't call homosexual men as eunuchs in my culture. That would be really stupid, not to mention offensive.

3) I am not suggesting anything. Why would I do that? I have merely given an account of what I saw and heard.

4) Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask the ghost why he didn't appear under the circumstances of his last moments, why he is killing the animals and birds etc.

5) I really have no way of knowing as to whether he was dead, half-dead, barely alive or badly hurt when his attackers left him, nor do I know if the animals and birds fed on him when he was dead or alive.

6) I don't know who the ghost blames or whether he is taking revenge on the birds and animals.

You see, this is not a movie script in which all the questions are neatly answered for the benefit of the audience at the end.

This is a real life experience and I can only write about what I saw and heard. I can neither speculate nor answer most of the questions that you have posed.
AnotherSecurityGaurd-Welcome to YGS.
Reading this post made me think of the post "Voices In the Factory" shared by Kindly_Refrain. Some of the best stories here are from the night shift.
I have a question about hearing the voices in conversation-did their conversations tone just seem even toned like " accidentally overheard nearby" as it moved or did it shift in tone as if hiding" or "drawing your attention" on purpose?
I have had a few strange experiences hearing invisible conversations. With one exception the voices sounded garbled and indifferent to my own presence. Once it sounded like French, I think. My Spanish is terrible but maybe a translator app could make sense of what you heard, or even if its not english, maybe.

In sharing my experiences on YGS, I found super helpful Mods and healthy perspectives that helped me deal calmly with the idea of hearing invisible voices.

I am still working nights- next door to a scrap yard, so my honest thanks for making sure I am very awake for a while. This post has given me a lot to think on.
Hello AnotherSecurityGuard, what an amazing and humorous story! I enjoyed your take on this experience and your unique storytelling style! What was especially great about this recounting tale, was the hilarious way your mind continued to 'rationalize' the events, even to the point of absurdity. Whether this was an afterthought or actually what was going through your mind at the time, I've known people who tried to logically explain away strange phenomena to the point of pushing the boundaries of fiction. I'm guessing it's a sort of coping mechanism when our sense of reality is challenged.

My distinct impression is whatever was there, was playing with you, messing with you in a way that knew it couldn't be explained away. Your no nonsense approach to life, to your job and your ability to find the true reasons behind the 'hauntings' that the other security guards encountered, many at this same locale, almost seemed the perfect setup for this situation. Almost as if whatever was behind this was purposely trying to prove the existence of another world beyond this one. That's how the story seemed to bear itself out.

I've always enjoyed the experiences relayed by security guards, they come across some interesting situations, and their take on it is pretty straightforward. I believe it's because they are trained to deal with flesh and blood intruders and trespassers, so it makes their bizarre encounters even more relatable in my opinion.

Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed your tale and hope you have more to share! Good Luck!
I may or may not have an explanation for the spinning hands of the clock.
During normal operation, power is released a tick at a time. When something goes wrong - a stripped gear or similar - the power is released in a very short time span, spinning the wheels and hands out of control and results in what you witnessed.
Of course that's assuming the clock was working before hand, and a quartz clock. Sometimes the old windups would tick a bit if shaken or jarred, even if not wound for a long time.
I really did enjoy reading this.
Hi Didos,

I just read your post. Sorry to hear about what you and your family members went through.

It seems like it's been some time since you shared this experience with us, so I was wondering if anything has changed? I hope things have improved and you guys have gotten rid of this curse.

I m curious to know if your family caught the person who orchestrated this evilness?

Any updates? I hope the conditions of your cousin improved and you and your family managed to get rid of this this evil stuff.
MrsRamsay (guest) in The "polterguest"
Liv, thanks so much for the clarification! I had missed the line about how you are almost in high school but... Your writing is so much more mature, even than some of the high school students I used to teach! (That's a compliment). Honestly, when someone says something is "lost to history" I automatically assume they are a grownup, which is MY bad!

Thanks for all that, best wishes to you in 2022!
A somewhat Happy New Year ASG,

Hope you don't mind if I take the liberty of giving you the "nick-name" ASG. No disrespect intended, its just an Aussie habit of shortening names.

I have to admit that its been a long time since I had so much fun reading a YGS story like this one. Yes, there are plenty of security guard stories floating around in the ether but yours is down to earth and somehow, I found myself identifying with your situation.

So, if I admit that I found myself chuckling in some parts, I can assure you that I was not laughing at you - but with you.

Your story has left me wondering why American Pickers don't get assailed by attached spirits. Could it be due to the respect that they treat the items they purchase and restore?


Very funny and well told. I Enjoyed your story and style of telling it.

I have always tried to imagine what is must be like to work as a security guard on night shifts. Doing this in a junk yard must be especially challenging; confronting addicts and would-be thieves late at night? Yes, it sounds like challenging work.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi AnotherSecurityGuard

I must say that you definitely have a knack for storytelling.

I suppose whatever it was certainly had some sort of attachment to those items, but in a way I believe we all have an attachment to certain things especially if it has sentimental value or if we worked hard to get certain things, if we are like this while we are living, what difference would it make to be possessive over something when we are no longer here?
Welcome to YGS.

What a funny writing style you have! I enjoyed reading your story.

It's hard to imagine that anyone could have a sentimental attachment towards such old objects but, I imagine, they were very important to their late owner and s/he was upset seeing their precious possessions at the recycling depot.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you Rajine. Most ghost stories are disturbing, yet the ones involving children are usually the most unnerving.
livthesciencekid in The "polterguest"
Mrs Ramsay:
Hello! I would love to clarify about my age! We purchased the home in 2017 which was the summer of when I was in fourth grade. I was nine years old. That was five years ago, which makes me fourteen now. I am an eighth grader which I wrote at the end of my post that I am almost in high school. Also I have been reading some of the posts on your page! Looking forward to reading more!

Hello! Yes, watching scary movies is so much different from actually living through creepy events. I have tried researching the house, but all I can find is appraisals. I will keep looking and keep you updated! I am glad you are interested in my story!
Hi Pumpkinclaww0940

I've also had a similar experience with the cold hand brushing my face one night, I've seen shadows and heard disembodied voices, but I still don't know what to make of it.
Rajine in Playful Soul
Hi GingerRead

Firstly I'd like to offer condolences on the passing of your mother, I like to believe that people who have passed on are always around us even though we can't see them.

Its quite a tragedy that a young child has passed on and is still around, definitely a very interesting incident your mum experienced.
There are many factual errors in this story.
1. It takes more than 30 minutes from Dadar to Bhayandar. It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
2. There are less than 8 stations, 7 for a fast local train.
3. Last local trains are never empty. They are, on the contrary, crowded. Also, you mentioned that Mira Road came at 12 am, then how did the red sari women boarded at 3 am? It takes 5 minutes from Mira Road to Bhayandar, as you mentioned.
To comment on the story itself:

The badly mutilated crow and the quietly grieving, despondent dog seem, incidentally, to be fitting symbolic representatives of the state of a human soul after such a brutal life and death... The animals that ate this abused and murdered boy may have ingested his unspoken sorrows... Nothing in this world ever disappears entirely... All will out eventually, all must be expressed. That is my belief... Some ghosts are just that: attempts to express something that was too huge (too horrific or too unfathomable) to be communicated fully within the confines of one short life...

I do not mean to say that this explains all ghosts... I think that there are many different explanations depending on the case. But what do others think of this one?

To answer your question about "eunuch prostitutes":
Temple prostitution is still extant in certain regions of India. Poor families, or people who want to strike a bargain with the gods, sell their children to the temples of the goddess Yellamma to become devadasi (temple prostitutes).

Boys are fed alcohol and ritually castrated in a special ceremony. They then become hijras, which are considered a third gender, neither male nor female. They are taught that it is their religious duty to be of sexual service to others.

Girls are taught the same thing. The children are sometimes as young as five or six when they are introduced to this life.

They sing a song:
"Many lie with us, but no one marries us.
Many embrace us, but no one protects us."

So probably, discerninguser is speaking literally.

Sorry for writing so extensively on a topic without a ghost component. (However, spirits of the dark kind that receives energy from the misery of children tend to haunt such temples.)
Hello discerninguser.

It's not clear to me what you mean by "eunuch prostitutes". Are they men whose genitals have been removed or is this an euphemism used in your culture instead of the word "homosexual men"?

I find your experience unnerving and intriguing though, at the same time, I'm struggling to find the logic for these events, and by this I do not mean that I doubt your story, but it's not clear to me if you are suggesting that the spirit of this unfortunate man is responsible for killing all those "dead crows and dogs (are) frequently found in those woods" as a revenge for his death.

Wouldn't it make more sense if the ghost would appear under the circumstances of his last moments? Perhaps screaming and begging for his life to be spared?
Why would he kill the animals if they were not the ones hurting him at the moment of his death? Do you think his attackers mistakenly left him for dead, but he was only badly hurt and the animals fed on his body while still alive, thus him blaming them for his death?

Perhaps the butter-milk vendor leaves the area early to avoid crossing paths with that gang of drug-addicts... Like always, the living are more dangerous than the dead ones.

Thanks for sharing.
Haha, thanks Rajine! It has been a long time since I visited the church, but I plan to visit my old neighbourhood in Baltimore eventually.
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Thanks for your input. You make an interesting point, and I agree that it seems like a poltergeist situation. The timing just seems strange since I had never experienced anything like this beforehand.
Hello Rachel9997, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing! It's an interesting story and it's possible it could be a passed loved one. What occurred to me though, is the age range by your name mentions you're a teenager and you spoke in your story of having been through a lot as well. It's possible that this could be poltergeist activity as it certainly sounds like the kinds of things observed during poltergeist incidents. Even though these things had begun to occur after you obtained your grandmothers ear rings, if it was a somewhat emotional experience for you, that could be what triggered it, the icing on the cake so to speak. Anyways good story, perhaps this offers another perspective, good luck!
Hi MrsRamsay,

Thank you so much for your input! I actually haven't spoken to my mom about this, and my coworker was just as baffled as I was.
I absolutely think you and your mom going through the jewelry is what prompted your visits from Grandma!

I've had things jump off the shelves in grocery stores before, and I do think that's an attention-getter! I also believe our family "visits" us. I actually have a photo taken a few Easters ago of our family get together. That morning I'd been thinking about my Grandfather and how he loved it when the fam did picnics outside, which is what we were doing. It was a strong feeling for me, for Grandpa who died way back in 1993. We took a big family photo that day, and there was a streak of light off to the left and in the light you can clearly see Grandpa's face. He was there! So don't hesitate to believe that your grandma is pleased that you picked her earrings! Things like that are very important to some women and I'm sure she's enjoying seeing you grow into a young woman to be proud of! The doors opening, but more than that... The noise the breakroom floor makes and the fact your colleague heard it too are intriguing things! What does your mom think?
MrsRamsay (guest) in The "polterguest"
I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand. You say you "finalized the sale " of the home in 2017 when you were in fourth grade?

Can you clarify? You are obviously not in 7th grade now.
Hi Rajine,

I haven't felt particularly unsettled or threatened at all during any of these incidents. The first time I felt the "draft" I was startled, but I think that's to be expected. Since then, I definitely have actually noticed feeling calm whenever it happens.
Hi Pilotpaul

Seems like you and your family have quite a lot of ghostly activity going on, it was an interesting read, I suppose your grandmother really didn't want to leave just yet and decided to stick around for a bit.
Hi discerninguser

Been a while since I read a story from you, I think the strangest and perplexing part was the crow coming back to life after the way you described it, animals can see and sense things that we cannot, so I think that dog definitely wanted company to get past that haunted spot.
Hi GingerRead

Usually graveyards will have a lot of ghostly activity but I must say that you are quite brave to venture out alone and at night.
Hi Rachel9997

Maybe it is your grandmother or maybe not, I've read a lot about haunted items but personally haven't experienced it myself, I think how you feel will tell, a calm or malevolent vibe each time you experience something out of the ordinary.
Hi livthesciencekid

I suppose watching horror movies and going living a creepy experience is two different things, I just read a story about a weird apartment and I'll say the same thing as I commented earlier, maybe researching the history of the house with shed light on what you experiencing.
Hi Courtney22

This is definitely a very interesting incident you and your family experienced, maybe if you research the history of the place you would be able to learn more about this apartment and what happened previously.
Animal and bird hauntings are quite scary. Your experience is strange and different.
Hello Mrs Ramsay, it was my grandmother who babysat that night. My mom was asked, but my grandmother went in her place.
valkricry in Haunted Farmhouse
Hi MrsRamsay, I think you missed this line: "Because it was a Friday night and my mother had already made plans with her friends, my grandmother offered to babysit in her place."
I used to be a single mom and can't believe how wonderfully brave you were to take your kids on the adventure to Kentucky! You sound like an intelligent, good, loving mom and I just wanted to say so. I hope you will go back and get your things, and not allow yourself to be scared by something that's not even supposed to be a factor. Don't let it bully you into terror. Do you have anyone who can help you pack or whatever? You have successfully managed two covid years, you can CERTAINLY work your way beyond this weirdness!

Just want to be supportive. Bless you and your kids, keep us updated.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Haunted Farmhouse
Hi GingerRead,
Scary story... As someone who used to babysit a LOT as a teen, I can tell you I'd have been freaked out. She was brave to have stood there with her arms out, it sounds like confrontationally. Good for her.

Only one suggestion: I'm unclear as to who the babysitter was, your mom or your grandma. You first suggest your mom babysat, but twice subsequently said your grandma. It doesn't much matter I suppose, but thought I'd point that out (as an editor). Happy New Year!
I have been encouraging him to leave for over 9 months and sometimes he appears to leave the house for a while, but then returns. Again, it seems that he is very attached to the house and doesn't really know how to go or want to leave. Perhaps, he is still trying to figure it out. I will keep praying.
Hello Rajine!

I don't remember what I was dreaming of and I can't remember if it was a bad dream or not.

Also, for those who don't know, a Kapre is a tree-dwelling creature in Philippine mythology. They are spirits that live and protect the forest or trees they are living in.

As for their appearance, they are said to have pitch-black skin, stand around 7-9 ft tall, are hairy, have red eyes, and smokes tobacco.

Hauntings from Kapres (Giant tree-dwellers), Tikbalang (Has a head of a horse and a body of a man), Dwende (dwarves), especially from Aswangs (shape-shifting ghouls that are once human, just cursed and are passed from generation to generation) and Manananggals (Kind of like a vampire but detaches their torso from their lower body, the upper body has bat-like wings and fly through the night to look for victims) are quite common up to this day in the Philippines.

There are some stories here about aswangs that are quite scary in the "Philippines" section of real ghost stories. Here's one of them:

Hi Panini18

It's hard to say what you experienced, could be a ghost or not but can you remember if you were having a dream before this happened?

Also can you explain what a kapre is.?

Have they ever caught that boys killers? I suppose his spirit will still be around considering how he died. It's sad and tragic.
It sounds like what you experienced could have been sleep paralysis.

Thanks for sharing.
If you plan on using a realtor to sell, you can request that they say that the house is said to be haunted. In some states it's part of the discloser act, but I see New Mexico doesn't have that.
At least your Dad seems to be a nice, if stubborn ghost. Have you tried telling him that it's just ok to let go and rest now? Or (if you're ok with it) that he can come stay with you?
Something else to consider; is it possible that you're holding him here? Not really ready to let him go? It does happen. Love is a very powerful 'glue'.
Yes, he seems to be very attached to the house and I've been talking to him for over 9 months now. I talk to him almost daily at times on the video cameras microphones. Some of them have a light that I turn on at night so that he doesn't have to sit in the dark. He will make clicking or popping noises to let me know he is there at times. In other words, I have some kind of relationship with him still. He doesn't appear to know what to do or how to leave and he really didn't have any belief in the afterlife or anything. So, I believe that he is trapped or stuck in the house that he built. Some over members of the family want to sell the house. But I don't think it's a very good idea to sell a haunted house unless the people buying it knew about it and would be okay with buying a haunted house. These are the reasons that I'm reaching out for help I suppose.
TravisCannabis in The Red Crayon Followed Me?
Dude, my first grade teacher would have made me write 20-2=18 a thousand times or until there's nothing left of that friggin haunted red crayon. 😁 😁
parvathi_p in Unexplainable!
Hi [at] lady-glow

I apologies for the late reply.

No. The moment we entered into my room my mother fell asleep. So she dint witness anything if that sort. It was just be who was wide awake and I knew what I saw.

Thank you so much for your advice.
parvathi_p in Unexplainable!
Hi [at] DarkDaisy_13

I apologies for the late reply.

1) No. I witnessed this right after the sense of being watched (above the window, but I thought it was just a space left by me).

2) It was just for a mere second and all I saw was like a tall human's shadow.

3) NO! I honestly dint feel safe at tat particular moment at all!

And even if I try to consider it was a human, it would be so difficult for a person to even peep through that window as I stay on the first floor. There is no way a person can stand because there is no surface.

I thank you so much for your advice.
parvathi_p in Unexplainable!
Hi Rajine!

I apologies for the late reply.

The windows were open but, as I mentioned the sound I heard was the curtains rings being rubbed against the rod and as my curtains were a thick sheet type a slight wind would not make such an evident noise.

I thank you so much for your advice.
Oh my gosh, this was absolutely terrifying! Has your sister seen anything since?
If you happen to come back and see this comment I'd love an update. Is everything still going well? I certainly hope so! 💕
Hi jimbonumber9

Firstly I'd like to offer my condolences for the loss of your dad, losing a loved one is never easy, and the loss will always remain with you.

I believe that your dad is very attached to the house that he built so that could be a reason why he's still around, instead of doing rituals or other things, did you try talking to him? I think maybe he needs reassurance that his house will be taken care of, also try if you can to find out if he had any unfinished business before he passed, that could work as well. All the best and please keep us posted on the progress.
I think it could be Sadie. The math works out. If there's a way to find out who live in the house when it was first built, that would helpful.

Weird things do happen with Ouija boards. A friend of mine told me a spirit she and her friends spoke with spelled out one of their middle names.

I'm totally new to all of this because I've only recently started hearing stories I actually believe, and yours is fascinating to me.
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I know this is an older post but if you happen to come back to read the comments I'd love to know if you've sensed her yet. I couldn't imagine losing one of my pups like that. 😥
GingerRead in Haunted Farmhouse
Hi Rajine, most likely the former homeowner who refused to allow even death to force him out. That's how powerful emotional and spiritual attachments can truly be.
Hi GingerRead

I'd like to believe that orbs are residual spirits maybe trying to communicate with us or get out attention to help them move on, I really do believe that there's so much more that we don't fully understand.
Hi neveragain101

I know how hard it is to start from scratch, to have your hopes and dreams shattered, that experience you and your family went through really hits close to home, having said that, I really wonder what it was that your'll experienced, perhaps the history of the place would shed some light on what it was.

I really do hope you and your kids are doing much better than previously.
Hi GingerRead

That experience would definitely be enough to make anyone terrified, I wonder what it could have been...
Hi Rajine, glad to meet someone who is as interested with Gettysburg as much as I am! I first became fascinated with this town in the summer of 2003 after I saw a documentary about one particular ghost called the Blue Boy. It really freaked me out as a kid and since then, I've been fascinated with learning more!
Thanks for your commentary on my first story. I would love to hear more about your sightings on battlegrounds during the civil war. I agree about your perspective on history. Theodore Roosevelt once said that history is probably the most important subject we can study. Only by learning from the past can we be better prepared for the future ahead.
meteoravishal in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi, I really like your stories. And well to be honest, its a relief to read a good story written in proper english with no grammatical errors (Or else instead of focussing on the dtory, my mind wanders towards the endless errors, My OCD).
Anyways do keep up the good work... Though I wish you don't get to witness these kind of stuffs again...
A merry Xmas and HNY in advance.
Thanks for your interesting story! I live in an area that's rich in Civil War history, and if you're aware of such things you can't help but realize there is 'something going on."

If you saw drawers opening by themselves, that's something pretty big. It takes some strength to do that! I'm so glad you're into history and wish others would also study the past. Perhaps they wouldn't take our lives so much for granted if they did!
Hi GingerRead

I've read about and have always been intrigued by the battle of Gettysburg, I've read on the history of it and also many scary and crazy incidents that people have experienced on this group, it definitely was a bloodbath back in the days of war, I believe that there's many restless spirits looking for something, to move on but are stuck here.
Hi again Sparkay

Maybe if you researched the history of the place it would help, maybe something happened there that could shed some light on what you and your friend experienced.
Would love an update if you ever happen to come back to this site.
Hi KirbyP. Just wondering if you will be posting more of your stories? This one gave me chills! Looking forward to reading your other stories.:)
Hi 13***15,

Long time no speak. 😊 These are some interesting accounts from your father. During WWII and the Occupation, Singapore went through traumatic times. Have you looked into the history of the areas? Were there any more recent tragic events in the localities?

I did wonder if your father could have seen the reflection of a cloud cover, passing over the hawker centre. Having said that, I have seen odd flashes of light grey and wisps of dark shadow, and they weren't reflections. I would also have that knowing that something Other was there. If your father was certain in his gut that there were Others passing through, well maybe he did sense something...

I'm not sure about the moving planks at the warehouse, especially how they seemed to fade in and out of view. Do you suppose he could have dozed off for a few moments and had a micro-sleep? Or had a remote viewing of newly-invented machinery somewhere? Have you considered lucid dreaming, or a fleeting vision of some kind? Maybe you can ask your relative, the temple medium. She might have a better understanding of spirit lore and such things, considering your family background.

As for sharing about strange happenings, it all depends on the people you're addressing. Usually, I'd ask discreetly, have a feel for how they're going to react. If they are interested or seem fairly calm about it, I would then go into more detail about the experience.

A few years ago, I stayed with one of my cousins on my last visit to Singapore. That side of the family does not sense the spirits. One night, I saw a small Asian boy in the mirror, peeking out from under the bed. There was no one there when I checked. After finding out that my cousin didn't want to hear about anything ghostly, I kept the incident to myself. But I still cleansed the room; opened the window to let in full sun, tidied the cupboards and drawers, swept and mopped the floor under the bed, prayed and asked for blessings. Fingers crossed!

Good to hear from you. Take care and stay safe over there in Singapore.
This is such an interesting story. I hope this woman who was suffering from depression is doing well now. I totally empathize as I am a sufferer of chronic depression my whole life.

It makes me think of when I was in high school, my final year, I was majorly depressed and suicidal and I had seen or hallucinated a small black furry creature in my room, kind of like a cat. I told a boy I liked about it, not expecting judgement, and he told a friend of his about it and it started a rumor I was "crazy and schizophrenic". Very hurtful!

Anyway, I have seen these creatures in times of depression or mental/emotional distress. My heart goes out to all who suffer from depression and mental illness.
Hi Rajine:
I agree with you; I think the graveyard close to the bungalow was the reason why we felt we were being watched. I wonder if there was also an attachment to the bungalow itself - if someone had died in the bungalow and was buried in the graveyard that was basically across the road.
goblinkwain in Forest Encounter
Artickpiggy, I know you probably won't read this, as I am posting 7 years after you published this story... But I felt compelled to comment anyway!

First of all, I loved your story. And this creature you described instantly reminded me of one of my favorite films.

It sounds just like "the forest spirit" from the film Princess Mononoke. If you haven't seen it, its an incredibly beautiful animated film.
In the movie, the forest spirit is a nature god that has a body much like a chamois, but the feet are three-toed bird feet! And the face is flat! Maybe you saw an ancient, elemental forest guardian. You are so lucky!

Just google search "forest spirit princess mononoke". Its a very striking creature. And definitely watch the film!
Take care
Hi, this is the first comment I have made on here; I have always been interested in how Ouija boards work, but I will never try one, based on the things I have heard. The amount of power that an Ouija board has is stunning. I know someone who believes in ghosts, and has a psychic friend, and they both say not to ever use Ouija boards.
We have a creek very near to our house that your writing reminds me of. I wonder if the ghost might be connected to the creek? I've heard that bodies of water can have things attached to them. Or maybe it's an elemental? Whatever the case, I liked your story.
Hi Sparkay

I'd definitely be freaking out if all that had to happen all at once to me, I believe that the graveyard not to far from your residence could be the reason as to why you and your friend felt like your'll were always being watched.
Hi ThirteenStars15

I'm not really sure what it was that your dad experienced but it's fascinating nonetheless.

I usually share what I experienced with people who I know will help me either find a logical explanation or offer advice on supernatural stuff because not everyone believes in it and it's fine because that's their opinion, I believe that you should also talk to people who share your views on this subject.
Idk bro... Maybe the wooden planks thing was a ghost transformer? 🤔
As for asking people if they see what your seeing I'm not sure, maybe first I would investigate in case there's an explanation or if I'm high. 😁
robmkivseries70 in Ghost Mimic Voices
Had the voice thing happen to me. I have the account here titled "10 Years Old and New House" Highlight the link and open it in a new tab.
Searching, it's just down the page! HTH
Panini18 in Haunted Lot
Hello Bibliothecarius,

I'm not sure about people being unaware of Mt. Pinatubo being an active volcano, but my aunt always tells us stories about their experiences when I was younger when it erupted.

And from where our subdivision was, the volcano was only less than an hour away. So our city was the most affected by the aftermath of the volcano's explosion.
Bibliothecarius in Observed On A Crosswalk
Greetings, LightMight.

The idea of an energy vortex or portal never even occurred to me! I've never heard of cone shaped mists seen floating around hospital patients, either, but that just makes your contribution to the discussion all the more interesting.

I agree with your suggestion that we saw the gathering energy of a spirit; the idea that it may have manifested as it did due to an energy vortex would account for how unusual the phenomenon was. While I have had multiple encounters over the years, few of them have been visible to the naked eye.

We've driven this road another eight times since this encounter, and we have not experienced anything like it since.

Bibliothecarius in Observed On A Crosswalk
Greetings Rajine:

I like logical explanations, too, which is why I tried to debunk what I'd seen by scanning the area to see if I was looking at an illusion. If it had been an effect of another car's headlights aimed toward us through trees, for example, it wouldn't have reacted visibly to the headlights of our car. When I discussed it with my wife, I ran through a couple of ideas that *might* have created an illusion, but none of them matched up to the phenomena we'd both seen.

Even though she's more comfortable with the idea that it was an illusion, she was positive enough that there was something on the crosswalk that she slowed the car before I even saw the phenomenon.

Bibliothecarius in Haunted Lot
Greetings, Panini18.

Your response to Rajine and Robertseven interested me, as most people were unaware that Mt. Pinatubo *was* a volcano until the eruption process began in 1991. That eruption was the largest eruption of the 20th century and caused 300 deaths, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, not to mention the deaths due to disease in the refugee camps.

If there was a subdivision, or an evacuation camp, in the area where your home is currently, that could account for some of the activity you've experienced both in and outside of your home. Note that I'm not saying that all of the deceased were in or near your subdivision, but even a small percent of the victims killed by the volcano could lead to residual and intelligent haunting phenomena all over your neighborhood.

Wow! That would have terrified me. Did it leave for good or have you seen it since?
Panini18 in Haunted Lot
Hello Rajine and Robertseven,

That is true, also that subdivision is quite old and has even witnessed the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo back in 1991. But I don't know how far back the subdivision existed.

Also, aside from our house and the house I have mentioned in this story, the house in front of the newly built house was also haunted.
robertseven in We Had A Room-ma
First of all, congratulations on your marriage! I like the way your story flowed - and I almost shuddered thinking about your husband knocking someone out with a bed pole, LOL. You certainly had a bad experience and I'm glad you got your deposit and got out of that place.
robertseven in Haunted Lot
Since you've discovered that the area may have been a battleground and there are abandoned hospitals, it seems to me like you may have encountered an intelligent (as opposed to residual, I mean) haunting. Residuals in such areas are common too, but this one seems intelligent to me. Rajine is correct about the property holding the answers. 😊 I enjoyed reading your story, and I thank you for sharing it.
Also I wanted to mention a weird incident here, I actually wanted to name this post as "We had a Roommate" but due to a sudden glitch on my laptop I couldn't complete typing the word and automatically the post got submitted with the title "We had a Room-ma". I don't know whether it is a coincidence or something else.
robertseven in Hold The Door
I know I know, I'm four years late to the party, but YGS is always teaching me something new. I'd never heard of a "dirty kitchen." As for the door banging, it's not really possible to say why it happened, though things like that do cause one to come close to cardiac arrest. Thanks for sharing this story!
robertseven in We Call Him Steven
I see a ghost cat, but I can't help but think that Anno_Domini is on target. I liked your post, thanks for sharing.
Rajine in Haunted Lot
Hi Panini18

The land a property is built on usually has the answers you looking for.
Wow! How is everything now? I doubt you'll respond as this is an older story but I'd love to an update if possible. I see I'm not the only one who's curious lol.
Panini18 in Haunted Lot
Hello BaiAnina,

I think so too. That subdivision we used to live in is close to the Clark Airbase, and I think our area was one of WWII's battle areas as there were old hospitals around the Clark Airbase.

Those hospitals are all abandoned now and have become a popular area for ghost hunters.
BaiAnina in Haunted Lot
Woah, seems to me like your general area may have some history if it's not just in your house! 😲
Hi Bibliothecarius,

Fascinating story you've shared here, especially since both you and your wife witnessed the same type of sighting in the road!

You mentioned that it 'felt' like a young, female - perhaps it was a wayward spirit revisiting her last place of existence in our realm?

In regard to the cone shaped mist you saw in the road, this may have been an energy vortex, or portal. Supposedly energy vortexes are passages for spirits, and can be cone-shaped. Maybe you were seeing some type of gathering energy (spirit?) just before it started to dissipate?
I've experienced a few cone shaped mist floating around several hospital patients I've visited with while I've been at work. Usually there was a feeling of a calm presence that accompanied the mist, but nothing (unfortunately) that would definitively explain what I was seeing...

Whether it was caused by something natural, or supernatural forces, next time you travel along that road consider recording it on your phone!

Take Care, LightMight
This reminds me of something I've never been able to explain. A few years back I was sleeping on the couch and woke up to a small man in an old looking war uniform. Everything looked normal except for the fact he was maybe 3 ft tall. He didn't look like a small person/dwarf (?) though. And he had a grey-ish cast.
Whatever it was didn't scare me. I felt completely relaxed as a matter of fact. I was so insanely tired I could barely hold my eyes open and fell asleep while he was standing 6ft away from me. As weird as it sounds, I think it made me calmer. Idk, I was just really calm and relaxed in a situation I normally would've been terrified in.

Do you have any updates? Ever find out what those things were?

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