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CrimsonTopaz in A Haunted Afternoon
Troja68, I thought I put a small reply up last night...Val? Was it deleted because it didn't relate to the post? I was tired and may not have clicked publish.
I thought I replied and said yeah boomerangs take a real talent and I gave up after two attempts.
Do you have any updates to this Troja68? I'd be interested to read more.
CrimsonTopaz-Thanks for commenting! Not to be stereotypical, but I've got a few boomerangs I've been trying to get to come back to me. It's only happened once, but the sun was in my eyes and it smacked me in the head (I still count that as a win).
Although the last house my parents lived in had a basement creepier than anything I've seen in a horror film, this one is nice.
Like I said, a complete bedroom and an entertainment room with the works.
Sadly the dog passed away last year but even though he was basically blind, before passing he would go to the kitchen and look into the utility room.
The thing is, he wasn't scared or alarmed, but had the look he got whenever someone he really liked came home.
I like to think he saw loved ones on the other side waiting for him.
TravisCannabis in The Last Visitor
Nice read dude. Good to know that not all ghosts are scary and say boo! 😜
CrimsonTopaz in The Last Visitor
What a lovely experience you've had - being able to witness one of your Nana's true love's. I say true love's because I have a feeling that man could have been the love of her life or at least she was his and that's why he visited. He must have been waiting for the service to finish so he could show her the way to the light.
May they both RIP.
CrimsonTopaz in A Haunted Afternoon
I always think of the Wizard of Oz when Kansas is mentioned. (Great movie)
We don't have basements or lofts in Australia and from what I've seen on TV, in America - it's quite common. You won't catch me in either place as I fear both. Not sure why, but maybe the association of bad things lurking or happening in them. I must watch too much crime investigation shows.
Your dog has picked up on the presence too. Apparently animals usually sense things like that. I look forward to reading any updates. Thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it.
Tweed in T-hill Light
Hi Weirdchick, this was great to read, thanks for sharing.

There's a lot of reports like this the world over. No one knows why these light balls seem to like forested areas or otherwise remote locations but they do seem to show up in these places. There's loads of theories about what they are from orbs to extra terrestrials and they always seem highly aware of their surroundings. Probably the best thing about these light beings is the amount of reported encounters including the odd video floating around.

Sounds like a heck of an atmospheric evening. Wyoming sounds gorgeous too.
RCRuskin in T-hill Light
My first thought was a lantern. That is a ball-ish shaped light source. But moving too fast for someone walking. Are there bicycle lights like that?... A brief glance through's listing and I see a lot of flashlight shaped devices, but no lanterns.
Rajine in T-hill Light
Hi Weirdchick97

It's hard to say exactly what that could have been, but I believe that we all have a sixth sense that warns us and guides.
Rajine, that's a really beautiful thought about her husband being around to help her cross over. I can't vote for you at the moment, but I really like that idea!

Bianca, I hope you can identify him from the photos. I had the fortune of identifying a spirit from a photo a few years ago and it was an awesome confirmation moment. I think whoever this man was must have been close to your nana during her life. ❤
Troja68, that is interesting you were waiting for a guitar!
It's probably best to do a cleansing when you can, to be on the safe side, since it scared you.
Look forward to reading your other encounters.
Thanks very much for reading!

Rajine- I never thought about a passing spirit. And I am more susceptible than my family to the paranormal (none of them have even one story to share).
I have many more (and scarier) stories, but this is the latest.
Lady-glow- well, the ghost made sure I got what I was waiting for. And I didn't even need to sign for it! The driver just banged on the door and hurried back to his van in a huff, leaving my package on the porch.
Tweed- maybe it was a past resident. I've asked around and all anyone knows is that the school principal lived there in the 1960's.
I have a friend well versed in cleansing and will do that when she's available.
Funny you should mention musical tastes since it was a guitar I was waiting for!

Again, thanks for your input!
aussiedaz in Gary
DragonStorm80: Yes, we loonies do miss you, you were one of the most liked in our group for so many reasons, your sense of humour was unlike none. I'm glad my wife and I were able to meet with you a few years back on the night we all did karaoke. It was such a special memory of mine albeit with too many beverages under my belt, I don't sound as good as what I'd remembered on the night when I watch the

Sadly missed and not forgotten,

your friend Darren.
zzsgranny in Gary
DragonStorm: I haven't been on here in ages and I really don't know what drew me here today. I read a few comments and then got to wondering whether you decided to scrap your profile. I'm glad you didn't. I guess I was hoping for some of your tom-foolery to lighten my mood. Maybe a supernatural voodoo bat-sh!t crazy witchy cat-lady kind of sign. I dunno.

Every day your name pops up in my Facebook memories. We Loonies miss you. I miss you. I want you to know that I cherish the time and messages and memes and memories we shared here, on Facebook and in life. I love you. ❤
Hi Troja68

Maybe what you've experienced were passing spirits, I think maybe you are more susceptible to the paranormal then your family, since you say that no one else experienced it.
Hi BiancaB

Perhaps it was your great grans second husband paying his last respects, or waiting to help your great gran cross over...
Rajine in Jinn's Block
From what I've heard, djinns or jinn are made from smoke and fire and while there are some that are good most are suspect and they do grant you your wants, but it comes at a twisted price.
Disturbing the saints final resting place definitely angered him it seems.
BiancaB in The Last Visitor
After remembering the experience and writing about it today, I spoke to my Dad. He always knew nana's second husband as his Pop, and when I asked him to describe him to me, this man fits the description. I'm going to try and track down some photos and look for myself.
Hi Troja68,

This would have scared me witless. Glad you had the dog for company. It's funny how these things can happen and then everything goes back to normal. Never know, maybe your visitor really didn't want you to miss the delivery. That voice though eek, massive nope! 😲

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in A Haunted Afternoon
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Troja68.

The noise episode must have been unnerving!
Perhaps a previous resident of the house was/is curious about you. Although it doesn't seem to be a negative presence, it wouldn't hurt to get the house blessed according to your parents personal beliefs, or cleansed with the intention of sending this presence to the light.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. At least they have a good musical taste... It would be awful if they liked rap!
Hi Bianca,

It really seems like this spirit was indeed there for your great grandmother's service. I would try to identify him too.
Due to a family business I grew up around a lot of funeral homes. Yet I found them the least supernaturally active places. Weird. 🤔
lady-glow in The Last Visitor
Hi BiancaB.

Have you had a chance to corroborate if this gentleman was your nana's second husband. Like, perhaps, finding an old picture of him in a photo album?

It is a reassurance knowing that our departed loved ones are not gone forever.

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience.
Amchi1986 in Ghost Calling Name
There have been accidents and incidents, when people who died in an accident or tragedy, returned back from the unknown, since their spirits died a violent death and many of their wishes remained unfulfilled. I have read in some book, that the thing exists and it is absolutely true as our reflection in the mirror. Since he was very familiar with your friend, she had nothing to fear, but since it was a ghost she should have kept two feet distance from the ghost, as no one can trust any supernatural being. Take care. May God be with you and your family.
Hello Tweed

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really feeling much better since I have posted this story. The understanding, care and support I received here has helped me a lot and has given me strength to continue doing cleansing rituals and whatever other things I can.

As you have mentioned the people here don't judge me otherwise except a few most other people just try to make me believe that whatever happened has some practical explanation and has nothing to do with paranormal.

I am really happy that I decided to share my experience here. I am so thankful to you all and will definitely ask for help if needed.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
RCRuskin, I'm so glad you've explained that. There's nothing worse than not being able to solve a rhyme. Lol
PS: sorry I have put this comment here, I wasn't sure where to post it.
CrimsonTopaz in Jinn in Childhood
Dahnxi, You've probably stopped checking for messages - I was going to suggest that Bhoothunter read this story and some other old posts on Jinns, as they may have similarities and be of help.
Bhoothunter you've left suddenly so there's no point in me suggesting that.
Lovely LadyGlow, yippe - I can finally vote for you and Tweed again. This system is far too clever for me. I have no idea how the point system works, but regardless, I can vote again.
CrimsonTopaz in Jinn's Block
Bhoothunter, has left the building. I wonder if he's hanging out with Elvis. (RIP Elvis, love your music)

Lovely LadyGlow, I didn't realise until you said. Hmmmm - oh well, that happens. Lol
lady-glow in Jinn's Block
He's gone!?!?...Why?

Don't worry about the karma points... It suffices to know that I'm not the only one interested in watching any possible material gathered by the OP during their investigation.

But they have decided to close their account... I wonder why...
RCRuskin in Jinn's Block
[at] BhootHunter, apologies for the tangent here.

[at] CrimsonTopaz: I said that meaning a much older definition of rhyming where it is the start of the word, not the ending, that is the part that rhymes. So it comes from my fondness for Roller Coasters, and also Raccoons, the fuzzy trash bandits, which I then made an official French/English Canadian name for.
Kudos to you for a well written post about your experience, keep up the good work and maybe you can publish a book about your ghost hunting stories and experiences.

Coming to your story, I don't think the peer baba (Sufi saints spirit) slapped your colleague, rather it was a mureed (follower) Muslim Jinn or
Jinns of the Saint who vist the grave or mazar to pay his/their respects. Sufi Saints are known to have followers amongst Muslim Jinns like they have amongst humans.
The renovation of the bungalow probably blocked the way or path of the Jinn /Jinms to the grave of the saint and that's what angered them.

A similar story about a family who unknowingly moved to a bungalow which was haunted by Jinns was aired on Zee TV India in one of their episode of Fear Files. The plot was that the family bought me bungalow at very cheap price, but was troubled by unseen beings as soon as they occupied the place, on further investigation a Imam (cleric) from a near by mosque told them to leave the property immediately as that the home was infested with Jinns and they were angry because they used to visit a peer baba (Sufi Saint) grave in the mountains just behind the newly constructed bungalow, the house was blocking the pathway of the Jinns to the Saints grave and hence they were troubling the residents of the bungalow.
CrimsonTopaz in Jinn's Block
RCRuskin, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wonders off from link to link. Lol
Your bio says your origins rhyme with your name - foolishly I entered that into google - The most peculiar page came up - listing some not so nice words but nothing that could be a place of origin. So once again, off I go from click to link etc. My memory is terrible and I couldn't remember what the purpose of my search was. I still have no idea what place of origin could rhyme with Ruskin. Lol
Bhoothunter I'm off on yet another tangent on your thread. One thousand pardens.
Whiles I'm here again - which type of Jinn do you think it was? Apparently there are different one's.
RCRuskin in Jinn's Block
[at] CrimsonTopaz, I go on long wikiwalks too. 😁

Another thing about ghost hunts, and one I really wish I could do stuff about, but there are usually not enough people to cover all possible angles of the investigation at the time. Would that people could have been in both buildings at once.
CrimsonTopaz in Jinn's Block
My favourite people Lovely LadyGlow and Talented Tweed. (I wish I understood music notes Tweed) Once again I can't vote for either of you. For how long-who knows. (One thousand votes to you both)
Bhoothunter, sorry this is a PS: to my previous comment. Please pardon my hijacking.
CrimsonTopaz in Jinn's Block
Bhoothunter, I just got a bit sidetracked reading about Jinns.
It was so interesting that I clicked on just about every link before realising I needed to get back here to write my comment. Lol
I'm also keen to see photos or videos, especially after reading about these creatures. Apparently there a various kinds and devil was included in this link and they called him Ilbis. As the story goes, Ilbis was raised by angels but became demonic when he refused to bow to Adam and god. (Something like that-better read the link for a more accurate story on that)
I can't imagine how terrifying that must be for you - investigating all these strange activities.
Keep safe.
Tweed in Jinn's Block
Hi again BhootHunter, I just read your other entry.

Do you have a YouTube for what you do? Could you share your findings with us?
Jinn's are endlessly fascinating and, from what I've read, quite rare to encounter. It would be great to have some photos/footage of what you found. You can leave links in the comments.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi BhootHunter and welcome,

Sorry your buddy was hurt. For what it's worth I've read a couple of occasions on here where people have been slapped by spirits.
Do people in your country use the paranormal to help their property dispute cases often? That's really disappointing if it's a common thing.
It's good this has an outcome everyone can be happy about.

Thanks for sharing.
Janicenf in Nagging Old Lady
Hi Monty,

Great story. I am a researcher for a paranormal podcast and would love to pitch this story. Any way I can reach you? I can be reached on jjlaba86 [at]
lady-glow in Jinn's Block
What did the jinn do to prevent the building process to continue?
Did you record anything with the camcorder? If so, would you mind to share it with us?

"I saw human footprints and then cat paw prints on the dusty floor! This was a clear indication of a jinn's presence that shape-shifted to cats."

Would it be possible that a squatter and a colony of feral cats had been roaming the buildings?
Did you take pictures of these prints?

Do you keep a journal of your investigations?
Not being critical but, in my opinion, your narrative is all over the place, lacks continuity and is poorly detailed.

Thanks for sharing.
I have got to say this was a fascinating read Lost Voyage.

I too would be interested in viewing the images when you get a moment to publish them.

ᕕ (°_°) ᕗ
You must be familiar with the elements of the architecture B.Hunter. Your recollection as told above sounds like someone who is known to that niche.

I have experienced chills and as eerie as those times were, I am glad I was not slapped.

Good read, cheers.

BhootHunter (guest) in A Slap From The Unseen
[at] ladyglow spirits aren't vengeful but here, it was like a sufi spirit, but not exactly a one. They tend to cause minor harm when disturbed.

[at] RCRuskin - I agree with your words. Many paranormal hunting shows are shiatty & staged for TRP. What they show is sheer baffoonery.
[at] Lady-Glow, well, there was the time when Saint Nicholas, patron of sailors and children, and bringer of gifts on Christmas Eve, punched out a bishop over a disagreement, so while such behavior is not expected, I'm also not entirely surprised.

[at] BhootHunter, also welcome to YGS. One thing I've noticed in those ghost hunting shows, which like most so-called reality shows, is that they stage things for dramatic purposes, including provoking spirits. The thing about this that bothers me is that the ghost hunters, such as you and myself, do not live in the space and thus rarely have to deal with direct consequences of our actions.

In this case, however, we seem to have a reasonable and understanding spirit who just got a little pissed off about being boxed in. This reminds me of many people I know, thanks to recent years. 😠
Slapping people isn't what one would expect from any saint.
Was this the only time the spirit attacked someone physically?

Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.

It's so nice to "see" you around. Welcome back.

You have said exactly what I think about this story... And pretty much what I think about all the stories of this particular poster.

I'm really sorry you're going through this. Your anger at God is natural and most likely part of your grieving process. I'm sure any God will forgive you for that. I wouldn't want to speculate on what this could be. Trust how it makes you feel.

You said this in the comments:

"The problem is that whenever things get better I start believing that it's my mind playing games and stop doing anything about it."

I can relate to this. Years ago I went through a difficult haunting. When I felt like things were better I'd stop the rituals I was doing to prevent it and it would come back. Once I'd ruled out any other causes and really believed for certain I was dealing with a supernatural force I was able to focus on getting rid of it. One of the worst parts about dealing with a negative force is the uncertainty. I believe these negative forces make use of our uncertainties and insecurities, it's how they maintain their grip on us.

As for what to do, stay strong. You said this in your narrative:

"Although I'm better now, I can't keep on doing cleansing rituals throughout my life."

That's what my attitude was like. I don't do rituals in the same way that I used to. But that time has changed the way I view cleansing rituals. Getting rid of this is a process. For now I would suggest keep doing what works and it will get better. I believe the worst of this is over for you because you've identified the cause. If you're feeling weak and just want to talk. Please feel free to comment on the site. Having a support network is important and you won't be judged by the regulars on this forum.

Quite difficult to say that it was a paranormal sighting or otherwise. The barking of dog might be for seeing something unusual and it is not necessary that it could be paranormal. As far as the dream is concerned, generally we do get dreams like this once you keep on thinking about something before you go to bed.

It could be that the shadows might be of three persons standing.

But difficult to classify it as paranormal. It might be but without further information or inputs, it is not possible to brand it as paranormal.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Rajine

You understood my emotions in a way most people haven't. I understand you must have gone through the same phase of losing a loved one. I have realised the same thing about life that it is fragile. One day you have someone and the next day there is no trace of him.

My husband also lost his mother but he handled it in a better way than me or maybe because he was there with her all the time and did everything he could do but I couldn't be there with my father. I went there briefly but had to come back to look after my son and to set things in the new city and had planned to go back to look after him during my son's vacation but I lost him before that. All I could do for him was to pray.

Yes most of the priests have turned healing someone a money making business. That's why I don't trust them unless someone close recommends.
I know what you mean, there's lots of people who have spiritual gifts out there, that have the power and ability to help, but they use it as a money making scheme and turn it into a business, only a few genuine people don't put money before prayer.
Hi again MPS

I know what you mean when you lose a loved one, it's a dark and terrible road to go through, it took me a long time to come to the realization that life is momentary, fleeting, and that the only sure thing in life is that it's going to end some day, for all of us, we are here only here for a certain amount of time.
Lots of people say that time heals all wounds, but I don't think that's true, it just makes it less painful as time moves forward. Personally for me, the only thing that got me through all the dark and crazy times is my faith and belief that there is a higher power out there.
Hello Rajine

We had consulted a priest in Varanasi when my husband came back but he didn't look trustworthy and we felt he was money-oriented so we didn't pursue him. After we shifted, we don't know many people here and we are not that comfortable disclosing this matter to anyone. The priest who had given us holy oil and water lives in a different city and we have lost contact with him.

We did some remedy by consulting online priests which were general remedies to remove negativity and I am using the holy oil and water everyday which seems very effective.

I seriously wanted to talk to some priest but didn't know where to go and whom to contact that's why I posted my story here in hope of getting some help here which I am getting.

About the prayer part, you have rightly pointed out that the prayer should be regular. I am doing it regularly but there was a period after my father's passing when I was completely disillusioned with God for not saving him and had stopped praying completely for around 2 months I think, and although I pray regularly now still I have this complaint in the back of my mind. I think I need to develop more faith.

Thank you so much for your insight into this matter. I will try to find the contact details of my previous priest.
Amchi1986, Dear oh dear, you certainly have had your fair share of run-ins with the other side.
The only thing I can think of if the images at the window weren't banditry of nature is maybe they were as you thought - some sort of evil.
Try cleansing yourself and where you stay with a ritual for removing negativity.
There are many methods if you search on the internet or have a look at the one my sister uses from a member here called Rookdygin.
Hi Amchi1986

I've experienced this myself many times, before a major religious festival,it's like whatever evil there is out there is trying to mock or challenge your beliefs, only the strength of your faith will give you peace of mind to ignore things like that and focus on God when you go through something like that.

From what I've read, it seems that the issues started after your mother in law passed away, you've mentioned praying, prayer should be constant, but have you actually spoken to a learned priest about your issues? If not then I suggest you do, immediately, then you might get a clear answer and a way forward.
Hello CrimsonTopaz

Thank you for your support. It really means a lot.

I am quite better now but sometimes I really wonder why it happened to me and my family. I pray to God regularly but why is it not enough.
As you suggested I will now regularly be doing the rituals without fail. I have developed this tendency to associate even a minor negative thing in my life to something supernatural. I will try to get rid of this tendency and think and be positive.
Hello RCRuskin

As you have suggested I will perform Puja as soon as possible. The problem is that whenever things get better I start believing that it's my mind playing games and stop doing anything about it.

And thank you so much for your concern, it's really comforting.
blosomes in Native Spirits?
Well indeed nature could be creepy and scary... But after knowing it could do no more harm you kind of relax on the situation, that's what is happening to me right now lol
Hello all. [at] Valkaricry
That's crazy! But glad to hear that you got that mess up out of your lungs. Whomever yelled you awake thumbs up to them!
CrimsonTopaz in Nagging Old Lady
MontySingh, Yuk, yuk, yuk. Way too much information in your story. I kind of felt a bit queasy reading parts.
Regardless, I'll respond to your story for one reason only and that is to say, *Try and get sleep at home so you are energetic when you're at work*.
I don't know why the spirit of the old lady visited you, maybe to warn you that your boss was looking for you? Lol
MPS I'm so sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time. It must be difficult for you with everything going on in your life right now.
You seem to be doing all the right things. You've done the cleansing, you've seen the Puja, prayed to your god Hanumanji, and used holy oil and water. At the end of the day - none of this is your fault. Try to focus on your family and positive things. Keep using the methods you are using and hopefully the negative influence will go.
You're doing well, keep strong.
Hi. Well, the uncomforting answer is that you may never go back to the previous normal you enjoyed. Whatever it is that has affected your family will leave scars. Hopefully, they will heal.

I do not know what you must do to be rid of this thing forever, but assuming the puja helped your FIL, I would suggest starting with that.
valkricry in Native Spirits?
Dust Devils are a 100% natural and occur the world over. They're little tornadoes more or less. Some call them whirlwinds.
They can be eerie as all get out. The first one I remember seeing was at the age of 6 or 7 on the school playground. It was very small and involved a handful of leaves. These leaves seemed to magically rise and 'dance' in a circle just an inch or so above the ground for a minute or two. But some I've seen since were not so enchanting.
Just because something is 'scientific and logical' doesn't mean it can't scare/startle the daylights out of you.
Rajine, sorry it have been very late since you commented in this story here 😭
Perhaps so...
I went to that camping site again this time letting the owner know that I was staying over again. I brought some "bad corns" back for my chicken this time, just letting him know that I am a normal costumer after all lol
I did have experience again. I heard again foot steps and cling clings from nowhere... Indeed the spirts are still not rested well after that many years 😢
blosomes in Native Spirits?
Hey Valkricry! Nice seeing your comments!
A dust devil 🤔
Is it natural at all? Like some what just like a tornado forming?
It's hard to describe with words... It gave me a chill for a second as I have said in the story, it just seemed like something is forming then gave up for some reason 😳
But a dust devil seems more scientific and logical. Maybe I will just think that is just mother nature passing by.
valkricry in Native Spirits?
"The cloud of dust was kind of like a small tornado 🤔 like the size of a young child?" This makes me wonder if what you witnessed was, what we call locally a Dust Devil. They come in a variety of sizes, I've seen some less than a foot tall, and others are huge - over 1000 feet. It is an upward spiraling, dust filled vortex of air - like a small tornado!
ajonverge in Hard Letting Go!
Hello folks,

It has been a while right. Cannot say I have not missed you.

Strange how a lot of these experiences have died down in my life since I thought to get myself together for the last few years.

Nevertheless, I did experience something a couple of months ago.

I was on my way back home in my cab around 5 minutes away from my home where a 3 way junction falls.

I remember mom telling me to be aware abt these intersections as most people in India place their ritualistic stuff amidst these intersections to ward off evils.

Neway I was tired from work sitting next to the driver in the cab getting to that intersection.

Out of the blue around 1:30 at night an entity wearing sorta burqa walks in front of our car and long flowing hear is visible right outside the windscreen. The skin seemed white.

I am looking at it right in the eye and it looks at me with a devilish smile and starts walking right in front of our cab.

I look toward the driver and he instantaneously swerves the car on the wrong side of the road to avoid this person and keeps stepping up on gas.

I wish I had looked back but I did not for some reason I could not comprehend.

I keep thinking about it as I take the same road almost every night back home.

But I still wonder why I encountered this person. I do not know if this was a prank or something real but it was super creepy to say the least. That evil smile and that visual lock in is something I will always remember. Wonder what would have happened if we stopped to interact with that entity.

I went back during the day and asked the locals about whether they have had this experience or any knowledge of it but I didn't get any insights on this.
blosomes in Native Spirits?
Oh Rajine, I missed your comment.
Well it will be my 2nd year here the next month.
Other than the "creepy closet" that I had in my attic it is my first experience, it's not affecting me negatively nor positively yet... And I hope this will remain the way it is... 😳
blosomes in Native Spirits?
Hi Tweed! Thank you for your comment!
The chickens are alright the hen even laid some eggs this morning 😉
The cloud of dust was kind of like a small tornado 🤔 like the size of a young child? It did not feel like Aleshanee, just my sense. Aleshanee died of a cat flu 😢
I keep having dreams about Aleshanee, since it is a different topic I will just keep it for myself, the messages is quite strong though.
haha Rajine, I was thinking the same about this manager!

Monty, I'm glad you're out of that place now. Those working conditions sound unbearable.
The angry lady in the bathroom maybe showed herself because she felt you were disrespecting the place where she passed away.
It's funny to get a power nap on the loo, I mean if you can do it why not. But I'm glad you're out of that place. Bad management and yeah, super toxic.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Blosomes,

It's a really good sign if your chickens aren't distressed. Animals will become anxious when their environment doesn't feel right.
Sorry about your cat. 😕 How big was the cloud of dust? Could it have been cat sized? There was an experience on here years back about a couple who saw a strange cloud in their home not long after their cat passed away. They thought it was their cat paying them a visit because the cloud moved through where the cat did while alive.

Thanks for sharing.
Your manager needs to get a life or a partner, your manager sounds too wound up.

The old lady must have been a very strict, no nonsense type of woman when she was alive...
Rajine in Native Spirits?
Is this the first incident you experienced? And how long have you been staying there?

Perhaps everyone can live in harmony. Especially if it's not affecting you in a negative way.
Dimitry02, I'm glad you have found a religion that helps you.
blosomes in Native Spirits?
Thank you for your comment Ruskin!
Indeed sir, I thought only time could tell I had moved to this place for almost one year, things seems OK so far but it seemed that things is used to this newbee here, and wanted to show up recently.🤔
I will be updating them by writing stories here 😉
CrimsonTopaz Thank you for the advice, I went from hating god to praying 3 times a day and wearing Christian signs so they would help me battle bad things. Well, my grandma loved me so much but she was a very evil person and liked by everyone. Some liked her very much some hated her too much. She was good but very destructive for our family and my parents marriage because she hated my mother more than anyone and she would give everything to my aunt, my father's sister and she would never give anything to my father just because of my mother. She was rich but because of hate, she would give everything to her daughter which is even more evil and selfish than my grandma. It is not nice to talk this way, she raised me and loved me but because of her, my parents were constantly arguing about money. My life changed for the better after her death and I think everything bad disappeared after she died. My mother thinks that she was connected with Woodo or some evil black magic who knows... The good thing is that I become a good Christian believing in god and respecting my lord Jesus Christ.
RCRuskin in Native Spirits?
I think only time will tell whether there will be more activity or not. So long as your chickens do not show signs of distress, then things ought to be mostly okay, I think.
Sorry to hear about the frightening experience but it is also heart-warming knowing that we in fact survive physical death. The last thing she wanted to do was scare you but at the same time her love for her child (ren) was too much of a pull not to check in on them. Thank you for sharing!
I appreciate the comments!

Tweed: I agree, there was an 'energetic invite' if you will on the occasions I went it. Though I have no idea why, I am grateful for the experience because it was amazing! There was definitely a vibrational match. I will try to share the photos, I don't know yet whether anything revealed itself on the images I took, but nonetheless, maybe some of what I experienced can be relayed through them.

RCRuskin: I will get some replacement batteries as soon as I can and download the video's and photo's from the camera. Like you, I'd like to see what I may have captured beyond the standard photo's if anything. I know camera's can see or pick up on what the naked eye cannot. I'm also careful as well, I won't enter the place again without an 'invitation' which is what I believe happened on the other instances I went in. I have a sense this place is not just something I can go through any time I want, so I'll honor that for sure.

Rajine: Good point, I was thinking that myself, these type of places are important and I believe they exist to bring more of that high vibration spiritual energy onto this plane, I certainly felt it. It may also have to do with the huge amounts of electricity that went into the place as well.

Thanks again for your comments and I will do what I can to try and share the photos when I can.
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

It seems that not all supernatural incidents are bad in nature, in a world full of negativity I feel places like this exist to inspire hope, it may be a portal or it maybe be inhabited by lots of positive "beings and energies, but I think it's there for a reason.
If it is still on.
Then I would suggest placing an Idol or photo of Lord hanuman and Play "Hanuman Chalisa for few day's".
Avoid non veg food.
I can assure you it will help.
I am so curious now to see those photos. Please share them as soon as you are able.

I'd advise general caution regarding certain things though.
Lost Voyage, it's the little things. Well, in your case a large building and surrounding area. But still, those little vibes that draw people in, glad you listened. Sounds like a very magical place. I'd love to see some of those photos/videos, regardless of if they show anything or not.

My guess is you were drawn in just to experience the beauty which no doubt recharged you somehow (and your camera!). Where most would just see a disused construction, nothing more, others receive the true nature of a place. I like to think these kinds of high energy locations/portals are a magnet to the right kinds of souls. I think you were meant to enter on the days that you did. I don't know why. But the way you tell it indicates you were attuned to whatever was guiding you.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
RC, it would be great if they did put things back where found. Sometimes, they do, but I wonder if when it's put in an odd place, if perhaps that's part of 'proving' they really do exist. For example if the ironing board had been back where it belonged, I'd wonder how the heck I over looked it, but this way - much harder to explain with logic. Sorry to hear you're suffering too!

Rajine, you're quite right, we seem to have many 'visitors' here. But given the age of the house, it doesn't surprise me. The bulk of the house dates back to 1875, with parts of it predating that. That's at least 148 years old, so it's laid witness to a great many events. The reason I say 'visitors' is they seem to come and go. Or perhaps there's times they just go quiet? Perhaps moving from my apartment to say the basement? Once upon a time this as a single family home, so who's to say?

Tweed, not a clue as to who was behind the ironing board. There is a theory that things go missing because the planes of existence have intersected, 'tipping' as it were our stuff onto another plane. Then when the planes intersect again, item returned. Only the connection might be at another point. Makes as much sense as anything else I've heard.
Here in the Midwest, we can't seem to decide what season we're in. Might be in the 90s or the 40s (Fahrenheit) sometimes within the same day. We've had air alert days that stretch out for weeks at a time. Your mask theory is interesting.
Beautiful story. I am sorry she scared you. There is so much beyond our everyday world
It works just fine for me, CCKitty.:)

And now I need to pad this message out to meet some arbitrary minimum?
Val, an ironing board of all things! 😳 Do you have any idea who's behind that? I would be very annoyed if this were me. I mean nearly tripping over it, no thanks. I think you should let whoever this is know how dangerous their little party trick was. Heaven forbid it should have an encore.

There's a phenomenon called exploding head syndrome. It more or less means when someone hears something loud in their dream that typically wakes them. But I don't see why it can't be paranormal. I mean if it quacks like a duck, right. Our dreams are so powerful. When we're physically uncomfortable our dreams will mirror this, the same as emotional discomfort. So drowning with severe sinus congestion would seem pretty textbook. Scary as hell, but 'normal' all the same. The voice, who knows. I'd like to think it was one of your friendlies.

The allergy thing is rough. My allergies went bonkers last spring too. I have a theory that while masking up for covid our immune systems had it easy and let their guard down a bit. So now that things have been slowly returning to 'normal' our immunes are going 'oh no, it's pollen again'. But you guys have it even worse with all the air pollution from the fires. Can't imagine how horrid that must be. 😕
I think you might have a resident spirit, but it's annoying when random things you have go missing and end up in the strangest of places.
Let's see if this image will come thru...
When ghosts and spirits borrow things, they should learn to put them back where they belong.

As to the dream of drowning, I had a similar dream earlier this year, under pretty much the same circumstances. Bad allergies, felt like I was drowning. I did not have anyone call my name, I just suddenly woke up.

I have one more thing to say and it is not appropriate for this forum, but it has to do with the way plants reproduce, and why does my nose have to be involved in this?
Hi pastryguy

Some bonds are so great that even in the afterlife people still hold on.
Hi Michael

I suppose sometimes we just have to leave certain things as it is, who knows what we can be inviting in our lives, thankfully nothing bad happened, have you had any other experiences after the sleep walking incident?
Hi Rattler27

I've had plenty of sleep paralysis experiences over the years, even then I still have no idea why it occurs, as much research as I have done I'm not able to find anything definitive, but when it does I usually just say a prayer, the last time I did have sleep paralysis, which was quite recent, was actually very terrifying.

But from reading your story and reply, I feel that there's a supernatural connection as to why you suddenly had experienced sleep paralysis and you and your coworkers constantly feel drained and tired.
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments!

Lady-Glow, it was the only time I saw her that way, and I didn't sense her presence after that.

Hi Pastryguy,

I know it was super scary at the time but I hope you're now glad it happened. This is a very sweet encounter. Sounds like Edie cared very much for those little ones. She probably left through the closet door simply because it was an easy way to exit, perhaps to minimise any fear she was creating.

Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this.
Hi MichaelMorris,

While reading your experience I found myself thinking 'skeptics be damned'. There's a lot of really horrible scary experiences on this site. But the vast majority involve a slow build up of activity with no risk to life or limb. Thankfully experiences like this are on the rare side.

Thanks for sharing.
What Lady Glow said.

But I also wonder something. We hear many tales of ghosts in old buildings that have been remodeled, and they walk through walls that were once doors or halls. But here we have Aunt Edith, recently deceased, walking through a place she knew in life was not a passageway of any sort.

Very curious.
Welcome to YGS.

What a fascinating experience! Edith sounds like a loving and dedicated mother.

I wonder if you were the only one seeing Edith, or if the baby saw her too. I agree with you, she must have been there checking on the children.

Was this the only time you saw her? Did you ever sense her presence even without seeing her?

Thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Māori Tapu In The Far North
Hello MichaelMorris771, interesting and creepy encounter, thanks for sharing.

There is little doubt in my mind that everything occurred just as you stated. You actually relayed the encounter very thoroughly!

My take on it, is sometimes the interest in something alone, the intention can create a sort of energetic connection if you will. So even though the two of you didn't find the physical location of the cave, your desire to do so was enough for the Māori tapu to establish a connection through time and space to you. Especially as powerful an effect as the cave and the story alone seemed to have on people with what you shared.

Perhaps even in the sleep state you may have astral traveled to the cave or at least the space the Māori tapu inhabits and a connection was established. As you were coming out of that state, the Māori tapu, may have been able to still influence you until you fully came to your senses.

I share this, because I had something related happen, where my brother and a friend wanted to visit a haunted family property and I inadvertently established an energetic connection with the place, even though I had never been there before physically! I knew it was bad and we were to stay away for everyone's safety! A teen girl that was with us at the time had the same connection, although she saw more than I did. You can find the story in my profile if interested.

Either way, good story, and maybe this helps some with what happened. At least you'll be safer in the future, good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Bad Dream Or Sleep Paralysis?
Hello Rattler, interesting encounter, thanks for sharing!

I will offer my take on what happened, perhaps it will help.

I don't believe anything followed you home from the job site, however, something of a strong and negative spiritual nature was spiritually and psychically attacking you and your colleagues at the home you were working on. Such constant assault on a person can leave them quite vulnerable to other negative entities floating around out there, just looking for someone who's compromised in such a fashion. That is what I believe found you in your home.

Many believe that a person's soul leaves their body at night to astral travel while the body sleeps. Most don't remember any of it except what they can recall in what seems like dreams.

When the person's soul starts to renter and reintegrate with the body, the first areas it lights up are the head/mind and heart, since these are the main seats of consciousness within the body. Sometimes during this process, a person can start to wake up before the soul completely comes back into the body. The person seems paralyzed because they cannot move, but that's because they are not completely back in their body yet, so their motor functions are still offline for the most part. Then of course panic ensues and fear actually halts the soul embodiment and slows down the person completely coming back into the body.

While this is going on, a person can hear voices, see shadows and entities etc, because they are still partially outside the body, their astral body psychic senses are still active, so they are still attune to what our natural senses can't pick up. It's also why when a person comes completely back into the body, they can suddenly move and the voices, shadows/entities vanish instantly.

An entity passing through could easily take advantage of such a situation, with you being energetically drained. In fact if you read many cases of sleep paralysis (not all) the person is exhausted. It used the electricity in your TV to manifest itself and inspire fear in you. This in effect delayed you coming back into your body fully and it fed of the energy of your fear.

Luckily your grandfather was watching out for you and when he touched and spoke to you, it was from a place of love, which cancelled the fear, pulled you back into your body and ended the paralysis and the visitation as well. The entity left because, well there was no more fuel to be had. It's good to know there are always loved ones and guides in many forms watching out for us! Fortunately too for you and your co-workers that your boss pulled you off that job!

That is what I feel transpired, take with it what you will, perhaps it will resonate. To answer your question, no it wasn't a bad dream, you were very conscious of what was happening. Just remember if anything like that occurs again, you can always call upon you grandfather or angels or guides (depending on your belief structure) for help. Many stories on here state that alone instantly ends the episode. Good Luck!
MichaelMorris771 in Māori Tapu In The Far North
Interesting comment, and yes, it does appear as if Māori tapu are real. The NZ Māori supposedly migrated from Hawai'i and are related to native Hawai'ans and Taiwanese. We never actually reached the cave, so I can't comment on what it looks like or even whether it really exists.

If you do decide to come to NZ, let me know on this site, and I will give you my contact details.
I believe you. I think that's the stuff of a good horror movie and the perfect supernatural type experience from the standpoint of... Thousand years rituals and beliefs that still hold today are usually there for a reason!

My husband is of Maori ancestry (we live in Atlanta, Georgia but his ancestry is Hawaiian royalty and over half of his DNA matches on Ancestry are NZ Maoris). He grew up a typical California surfer guy, joined the Marines and never knew this about himself or his heritage, but it was all discovered when he was in his 50s. He talks about various incidents from when he lived in Hawaii that he shrugged off at the time (early 1980s)... Things like scuba diving with buddies where sharks started to attack but then simply turned away at the last minute, or feelings of unexplained adreneline, fear, release and more when standing at the areas of historic relevence (I've never been to Hawaii, but I know Nu'uanu was one of the sites, I got a book on it to research after he told me some of his stories). He's not one to be superstitious or even that into ancestors (like me) and he truly had no idea of his lineage until I uncovered it. One day we are going to go there and hopefully to NZ also. I will be interested to see his reactions. Glad your door was locked that night... You never mentioned much about the cave itself, can you elaborate?

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