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Well, no more known mice anyway. ๐Ÿ˜

I wonder what the shield was to protect the mouse from.

Macknorton, the church I belong to teaches every living thing has a soul, but a human soul has an extra piece to it. This is metaphysics I'm not to clear on.

I think, however, we would need a ghostly/spiritual microscope to see a ghost germ.:)
CrimsonTopaz in A Figure On The Toilet
It's not unknown to see a figure lurking, then when you turn back and do a double take, it's gone.
I thought I saw a deleted account not long ago with that name? I must be losing my marbles. You put together a very detailed reply, more than I have coming to mind to help InTheNight. I do have a small suggestion for you gingerbug, please get a fan or windows put in. You can't keep sweltering in those hot conditions.
CrimsonTopaz in Goodbye To A Princess
Jubele and TRex,
I'm sending my deepest condolences to you both and Dean.
Reading this was hard. I felt so saddened by what poor Miriam went through.
RIP Miriam. Hugs and well wishes to you and your husband. You are both very caring people.

I gotta admit, the title of your story was like, the freshest click-bait ever! I was thinking; "Wow! I HAVE to read this one!"

You may be the first person EVER to ever see a phantom / ghostly mouse! ๐Ÿญ

I wonder: how small can something be to produce a spirit? Could we feasibly see phantom fleas? Ticks? Ants? Ghostly microbes?

If something is "alive" and has a consciousness, does it automatically mean it exists in spirit once it's physical body dies? It's a very interesting idea.

Thanks for sharing, your post has got me thinking again...๐Ÿค”


Hei hei, InTheNight!

Greetings from Latvia!

I really enjoyed your story and also the dream you related. It was also peculiar because I had never read or heard about ghosts using the facilities:)

I am no ghost expert but I wanted to offer a few thoughts I had while reading your account if that is okay with you.

They will probably not contribute to explanation but they might be useful, who knows, for you to understand better what you are dealing with.

Firstly, if you think about, ghost or no ghost, using the WC is a specific activity.

If it is not some 'record' of a past event when someone who previously lived there was using he loo and somehow you happened to tap into that moment in the history of the house without there being any spirit at all... If it is not the case, then you should consider that the spirit apparently feels at home... In your home. Or they are claiming their territory.

I mean, for example, many people feel shy using the facilities when they are simply visiting. There are individuals who would rather prefer 'holding it' until they got to their own place.

Using the facilities (assuming that ghosts do not suffer bladder issues and do not drink too much to 'hold it in') can be a particular statement.

It could even mean, as I said, a certain claim to territory because I do not really see any other reason why a spirit might want to perform one of the 'p's.

That said, from your account I do not feel any malevolent antagonism.

What I sense is actually playing around, imitating perhaps your routines.

That is especially true with the sound of the guitar being played which also tells me that the spirit is aware of your presence and is 'getting to know' either your family and your lifestyle of the general lifestyle of humans these days.

Because it can be that the spirit has been awakened for some reason and time has elapsed since its last experience with the humankind and its chattels.

Accordingly, the spirit might be tempted to try out the modern instruments and facilities.

When you mentioned the sauna being in poor state and the WW2 and the horseshoes, it made me assume it could be an old enough property for the previous owners (if any) to have had their WC outside - without lights and proper seats to enjoy.

You can also try to think if the process of visiting the WC is... A ceremony in itself in your family that might attract the spirit's fancies as a homely and comforting thing to do.

It sounds weird but many people have magazines in the WC and they can spend more time than necessary in there reading or thinking about something and it becomes a sort of those cosy places much like the kitchen.

If the spirit is too shy to hang out and try your living room things, the WC might appeal as the more private place.

When you were writing about your dream, it appeared to me that it was sent to you to offer some relief even.

I might be misreading it all, of course, but you wrote it was sweltering and you were dreaming of winter afterwards.

I was confused though because the way you described the figure in the WC (as not resembling your father or brothers who are of the male gender) - did not correlate with the girl you saw in the dream.

Of course, they might not be related experiences. It just left me wondering.

When reading about the girl and the dream as such, I felt as if someone was concerned about you. About your current physical discomfort (the heat and the exhaustion and the lack of appetite) but maybe also about some larger issues.

For some reason, when you wrote she said, 'come outside, it's warm in there', it seemed to me as if the invitation held both a threat and actual caring.

As if she wanted for you to go to her world where it was cooler (more comfortable) and where you could enjoy the childhood activities and lack of care... But also that she knew you should refuse because her world is the world of the winter (and death) and therefore she was trying to make you scared so that you did not follow.

I feel like she wanted to state that it was nice where she was and maybe even easier than where you are - but she also applied the typical scary dreamstuff (inability to move and the slow gliding towards you) for you to stay where you are.

For some reason, I feel like she was as afraid of you as you were of her and that she allowed you to visit the world she used to inhabit as a child. And that she used the fear that lies between the worlds of the dead and the living so that the living were afraid to die thus keeping themselves alive.

Those are my impressions.

Toivo etta ne ovat hyodyllisia (I hope they are useful).
Hi Miandra,

Dean's doing his best. He's taken to counting the days since she's been gone. Told me that he hopes to feel more 'normal' after a few thousand days or more... We've got a few other neighbours doing what they can for him too. Everyone's checking on him regularly and keeping him involved with the community. It's good to look out for each other.

Our best to you and Faye too.
Hi Melda,

We do miss Miriam very much. She made things better just by being around. Dean threw a birthday lunch on her behalf soon after the funeral, while his son and daughter-in-law were still in town. He had a portrait-sized photo of Miriam at one end of the long table at the bistro. It was as if she was there and we were toasting her. At one point, I felt a gentle warmth, like someone had given me a quick hug. I only had a sip of champagne at the time, so it wasn't just an alcohol glow. Curious, but comforting.

Great to have you back on YGS. I hope you've got everything sorted out in your new place. Our best wishes to you and the family.
ScareTale in A Dark Entity
Hey InTheNight
That's an interesting story.
Also you mentioned the Etiรคinen. Is it safe to assume you're from Finland? If so that's awesome. Finland is one of my favorite countries. A lot of the music I listen to is from there. Nightwish and Poets Of The Fall are two of favorite bands. Sorry, I know that's not paranormal related.

Yes, almost all of my experiences have happened in my parents home.

Lady-glow and Rajine.
I don't why she chose to stay in the house. It was late and my grandparents were the type to go to bed at 8:30pm. I don't know if she feared making them mad by waking them or what. She's also very stubborn, so that could have played a part ๐Ÿ˜†
Hey lady-glow

My mom didn't see anything. She did ask, "what was that about?" right before my brother said something. Her only response to what my bro said was, "As long as it leaves me alone, I'm good". Which has kind of turned into her catch phrase when I talk about things I've seen. ๐Ÿ˜†
After that night my sister and I saw it, we've never seen it again. My brother's since moved back out, but the family's sorta distanced ourselves from him because of things he's doing. So I haven't bothered asking him about it.
But as you, Rajine and JoJorocks said, I'm of the opinion it's attached to him.
ScareTale in Numerous Happenings
That may be. My mother grew up experiencing things. My big sister for some reason seems to draw things to her. I myself am strongly intuitive.
Yeah, the Hat Man thing is creepy to think about. When I first heard of it, I got chills when people described exactly what my family had described.

We've smudged the house a few times, but never kept up with it. My sister and I want to do it again, but my dad had throat surgery a while back due to cancer. He now has a tracheostomy tube to breath and smoke bothers him.
Is there another method you would recommend?
Sleeping-with-steve in Goodbye To A Princess
Hello Jubeele and Rex,

I hope you're both doing ok as can be expected.

I can't bare to see people in pain especially people like Mirium who fell and ended up in a coma as a result.

I feel for Dean, who must be at a loss without his beloved.

You are both very thoughtful, caring people looking Dean.

Best wishes,
Jubeele - What a beautiful and touching story.

Of course Miriam made her presence known, just to let you know that although she wasn't physically present, she was certainly with you in spirit. Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a "Miriam' as a friend and I'm sure you miss her terribly.

I'm happy that you and Rex are there for Dean.

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-Steve - Oh no, I didn't mean to make you cry. Miriam wouldn't have wanted a fuss. She did her best to prepare Dean and all of us for when she was gone; that was the sort of person she was. In all those months, as she grew weaker and the pain got worse, she kept smiling and I never heard her complain. She taught us what it meant to be strong.

There are times, I can imagine Miriam smiling brightly and telling us: "All the hard work's been done, we're almost there."

RCRuskin - It was odd. I can still remember the image of that woman. But I didn't connect any dots until I looked at the wedding photos again. When Miriam was going through chemo, she lost so much weight and became very fragile. Like she was made of glass, almost 'transparent'. Just like that seeing that woman in the carpark. It might be I had a glimpse into the future of how she would appear.

Rajine - Some days, I still find myself thinking: "I must check on Miriam and see how she's doing today." Then, I remind myself that she's gone. But it might be that she's not really gone after all. It's comforting to think that somewhere, somehow, she still brightens the place with her beautiful smile.

Thank you everyone for all your kind words.
lady-glow - Miriam was such a beautiful person. She had this special glow about her that came from the heart. We were blessed to have known her.

(Btw, you're the inspiration for a wisewoman in my latest teddy bear adventure story: Abuela Gloria ๐Ÿ˜˜)

Manafon - Being a sensitive is a double-edged sword. That grief was really overwhelming and a bit scary. The last time I felt such heart-pain was when my father passed away. But I knew it was someone else's anguish. Rex was quite alarmed to see me suddenly so upset.

I think it's because we've known her for all these years, that it could have formed a connection between us. But not something I expected at all.

Valkricry - I was inclined to explain the incidents away as they happened. But months later, when I sat down and reviewed my journal, and thought about all of them, they were hard to ignore. Which proves the importance of keeping a journal...

You could be right about Miriam wanting us to keep an eye on Dean. Last week, it was past 11pm when we were woken up by a call from him. Dean had fallen on the floor and couldn't get up on his own. There were other neighbours nearby, but we were the ones he felt comfortable enough to ask for help. Fortunately, he was alright and apart from a bruised pride, nothing else was hurt. We're currently setting up a network of neighbours to be on hand for him.
I wonder why ghosts/ spirits or other entities like to stay in the corners? Whoever it was may she/he finds peace... Thanks for sharing.
Hi InTheNight

I think maybe you should find out more about the history of the house, is this the first time you experiencing this or were there any other incidents over the years?

Also ask your family if they have also experienced anything out of the ordinary.
Hi kaushik

I've noticed that spirits like hanging out in dark wooded areas, I've never heard about the urinating part but I know fire keeps away unwanted spirits from attaching itself to someone.
Hi Jubeele

Condolences on the loss of your friend, I'm certain that she will always be around the people she cared about and will let them know in some subtle way that she's around.
Hi Rosama45

That's a very peculiar and interesting incident you experienced, I have to agree with the others and say that perhaps what you experienced was astral projection.
gingerbug (guest) in The House On The Corner
Dear Rosama45,

I agree with lady-glow that it could be an astral projection or perhaps some other type of apparition which perhaps resembled your neighbour (the way many people who fit into the same age/social group might resemble each other because they are prone to wearing the same type of clothes etc.).

I want to, however, offer another theory.

In my experience, I have come to believe that we possess more than one body.

This is backed up, I think, by some religious beliefs and practices which even offer the count to our bodies.

So at some point I started wondering if some of our bodies could die before the others.

That would mean that your neighbour can be quite alive but dead also.

She would be alive physically but some part of her would have deceased.

So she would be resting at home while the part of her which has passed on (maybe still attached to the physical body) keeps with its routines - because it does not realize it is dead or simply passes its time until the rest of the individual joins it someday (hopefully, in many many many years).

Maybe there is even some system where that body can re-enter the living state (that this type of death is not necessarily final or permanent).

I was led to these thoughts because I have met some people who change profoundly over time and it appears as if a part to their identity is lost.

They have suffered no neural damage or trauma but they function quite differently as if some part of the information they once had - has been lost.

As if they cannot remember it because it belongs with some other type of processing. And then they are suddenly recovered.

But that's a theory.
Sleeping-with-steve in Maasthi In The Forest
Hello KaushikBhandary,

I really enjoy hearing about different types of encounters, this one was especially intriguing. I've never heard of a Maasthi, 'wandering spirit'. I googled it and all that came up was a movie entitled, 'Maasthi Gudi'. ๐Ÿ˜•

Regardless, you covered what it was and that it followed your grandfather. He must have been really scared. I wouldn't take my clothes of though, I'd just run.

I would enjoy reading more of your families experiences. Please submit more when you have time.

Thank you for sharing this post with us.

LadyGlow, I have used up my votes for you and can't vote for you until I vote for a few other members. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Best wishes,
May Miriam's Memory be Eternal.

And now that you mention it, it probably was her ghost in the carpark that you saw. I do not believe that ghosts, the spirits of our deceased family, friends, even pets and animals, are not bound by the limits of time and space.
Sleeping-with-steve in Goodbye To A Princess
Hello Jubeele,

Oh my goodness. I sobbed through the first half of your post and when I finally settled down and continued reading, I couldn't stop.

I'm so sorry that you and Rex have lost such a dear friend.

My thoughts are with you at this time.

Best wishes,
Im sorry for your mother there were lots of same cases here in our country, can't see the deceased love one bec of covid issues, truly very sad. May her soul rest in Gods care now. Amazing story about the necklace. Thank you.
I recall you telling me of this when it happened. You're right separately nothing too odd; but together in sequence?
In my mind, I think Miriam wanted to be sure you'd be there for Dean.
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Rosama45.

This is a very interesting experience. In my opinion, what you saw could have been the astral projection of your neighbor; her ethereal form doing something that she wasn't able to do in her physical body at that moment.
Who knows, perhaps she was taking a nap and dreaming that she was watering her yard.

Did the vision resemble the neighbor lady?

Thanks for sharing this intriguing and fascinating experience.
Hi Jubeele--Once again you present a compelling and sensitively written account. So many of the incidents you describe are straight out of "paranormal 101" that it seems almost certain that's exactly what they were.

I was particularly interested in the overwhelming sense of grief that overcame you which caused you to cry uncontrollably. I had a similar sense of emotion assail me when what I believe to have been the spirit of my departed mother paid me a visit. Whether you were somehow sensing Dean's grief or picking up a telepathic message from Miriam, your sensitivity provided a beacon that allowed the intense emotion to be conveyed.
Hello Jubeele.

Thanks for sharing this sad, yet sweet experience of friendship and love. I'm certain that Miriam was thinking about you at the moment of her passing and went to see you one more time.

I'm sorry for the loss of such a nice friend.
It's possible that the Maasthi thought that your grandfather was a crazy and, perhaps, addicted man and didn't want to get close to him... I'm of the opinion that, when it comes to people, the living are usually more dangerous than the dead ones.

Hi Kaushik.

Welcome to YGS.

This is an interesting belief but, are Maasthi dangerous or innocuous spirits? Is it necessary to be aggressive towards them? What if the spirit wandering that stretch of the road is only a lost soul in need of help finding it's way to the next plane of existence?

Do you know what a guru or any other spiritual leader would do if informed that a maasthi is haunting a place? Is there another way to remove them from this realm, other than urinating and removing ones clothes? Are women expected to act the same way as men in the presence of these spirits? What about praying, would it help?

Do people behave the same way in larger cities? If the answer is yes, wouldn't they be accused of indecent exposure? If so, would any charges be dropped as soon as the individual says that they were acting like that because a maasthi was after them?

I hope you don't mind all my questions, I find your account fascinating and intriguing, not only the paranormal part but the cultural background too.

Thanks for sharing.
I forgot to mention:

When I fell asleep after this, I dreamed that it was winter (I think). Initially I was at our family yard, but the woods looked different. I went sledding or something for a while and I was about to go back inside, but decided to have one last slide to a different direction in the field, where the view from the house is blocked by trees.

I don't know how was I supposedly moving at that point, but sliding isn't supposed to work on an even surface, but dream logic. Anyway, I was moving forwards at an even pace, lying down or something. The forest's edge was just a few meters away. I noticed somebody walking in the forest paraller to me but in the opposite direction. I initially didn't mind, but fir some reason I stopped and did a double take. The person then suddendly stopped walking snd turned towards me, closer than first seemed. It was a dark-haired person i'm sure was a woman or a girl. She started walking towards me slowly, and her face barely or at all moved when she said "come outside, it's warm in there" or something similiar. Typical to a nightmare, I either couldn't move at all or could only move really slowly as she advanced towards me. I don't remember if it cut off at thst or if I just didn't process/remember the rest.

The next night was normal and I didn't remember any dreams.

It's been almost uninhabitable in there for at least a week, with temperatures going as high as 35 celsius (and the heat lingering inside at 30 or 31 even as the outside cools down). Our old house has no air conditioning and my room is upstairs right beneath the metal roof and it's so hot that I can't extert myself at all without getting faint or nauseous, i'm so exhausted that I can barely chew and swallow my food (and even remotely warm foods are an absolute no), and I sweat even in the cellar stairs (not that I could spend days in the sauna - it's always been slimy and full of bugs).

These horrible conditions could be the cause of the nightmare.
MrsRamsay, my niece was around 13 years old when this accident occurred, she was around 19 years old on the night she had shared her account with me in the presence of her mother. I should probably state for the record, I don't think she referred to them as ghost hence why I stated previously forces from the spiritual realm perhaps they were guardian angels? Next time I see her I might ask a few more questions anyway, if I never get around to sharing my wife's account I'll share it here seeming your own account is basically of similar nature.

Keep in mind, my wife and her sister are twins. We don't know how far apart these two accounts occurred however, it probably was in the same year? My wife was driving along a straight stretch in a suburb of Sydney at around 45 mph when something caught her attention to her left hand side. It may have been for a few long seconds however when she straightened her head back up looking in a forward direction to her dismay there was a car stationary at a set of lights only a few feet in front maybe just 3 feet of her vehicle, with no possible time to hit the brakes or swerve away she suddenly saw a flash of light.

In that moment of seeing the light and feeling some what in a comatose state of mind, she saw herself being loaded into an ambulance and god bless her soul, even thought about how she was going to pick me up from a work function after she dropped me off at only half an hour before. With all of all the things that would go through your mind right, she worried about picking me up?

Then suddenly in an instance, she found herself in the lane next to the car she should have hit unscathed and slightly confused about what had just happened? The person in the other car had there head looking straight ahead and from memory the lane my wife was in was a bus lane or a lane you don't normally pull up in... My wife had told me this story over and over for several years. Finding out years later my wife's sister had a similar account only reconfirms my feelings they are both looked after.

After sharing more in your response relating to your father I'm believing now the tightening of the seat belt was some type of personal warning to take care, I am stating the obvious.lol

With the ringing in the ears, my wife does experience it on and off, I'm not sure if it all related but who knows?

Regards Daz
Hi In the Night, I happened to see your comment today even though I wasn't really looking for it.

Yes, you're right about the phrase used. The voice itself is a young boy's voice, unmistakeable, and I get the feeling when listening to the recording that he's talking to me but somewhere else in the recording he's also talking to others, but we just can't make it out.

Apparently at the time of the battle, the population west of the battlefield was quite scarce, just a few families spread around with homes miles away from each other. Today it's a very dense suburb of Atlanta, middle class, with subdivisions. Yet not quite as dense as the eastern part of the county. I've tried looking at old maps and know basically where the homesteads are and have tried to locate them in relation to modern landmarks, thinking I would one day write an article for my local paper. Since the battle there at the Dead Angle happened and Sherman's army would go on after that to occupy Marietta, I think most of the civilians in the town were fleeing the opposite direction and would not have witnessed the carnage at the battlefield. But it's occurred to me that in an attempt to clean up the battlefield and bury the bodies, the soldiers might have tried to hire locals to assist. I don't know... It's possible I can find some books on it at the local library, as there's not as much on the internet as you would expect. That Primary Source history is difficult to find. Thanks for reading. It reminds me that the anniversary of the battle is upcoming. And we've just had the same kind of two day rains that the soldiers experienced, with the sun coming out and MAN it's HOT out there. Sticky, humid, like a sauna. I cannot imagine marching through this stuff let alone fighting a horrible battle. And sacrificing for a purpose that is being denied in today's political climate. How sad.
Hi all, I'm really appreciating your comments, primarily because this is one of those things that can just slip by us, but in reality is probably pretty significant. Daz, I'd like to hear more about your story... How old was your niece when she saw the entities in the vehicle?

I'm a Christian, and do have great faith and also believe in angels. I suspect my own has appeared to me twice in my life. Hard to be be brief but will try. My dad was an Army officer, a pilot killed in Vietnam. When I was a kid, shortly after Dad died and I'd been having a hard time (I was 8) I saw a guy standing in the aisle of the local commissary (grocery store). Mom had sent me 'round the corner into that aisle and it was just the one guy standing there, but I stopped. At the time I remember the feeling of awe because he was a "green beret" soldier, but more than that, a great feeling of good and calm came over me when he smiled at me. I thought I'd forgotten about it over the years... Then I saw the same guy 25 years later, during the darkest days of my husband's terminal illness, when all hope for a normal life was lost and I was despondent. A guy showed up at my MOTHER's back door one weekend day when I was over there with my baby. I answered the door and he asked for my husband. In the moment, I didn't question that the man had no vehicle, he was dressed in full Army uniform with a Special Forces beret (it was during Desert Storm, 1992 time period, and my husband was a Marine). Typical clean cut younger guy. I told him my husband was at our home, not there, and didn't ask him ONE question (unlike me). He might have replied, "Ok thank you" or he might not have spoken, it's very fuzzy. He never introduced himself, it was all very brief. And then I just closed the door and reported to my parents that it was "nothing, just someone looking for" my husband. Over a decade later, I was telling the story to my new husband and as I told him about the guy at Mom's back door, I flashed on the commissary incident and realized, same guy! I did have a fascination with angels at some point just after my husband died, but always imagined them as pretty, you know, girls... I still never put it together with the Green Beret guy who I'd seen at least twice at terrible times in my life.

Green Beret/special forces people were always hero types for me, growing up as an Army brat. I knew they did special stuff, and we used to listen to that record in the 1960s all the time. Another interesting note: on the day of my mom's funeral just a couple years ago, my brother, who was leading the procession from the funeral home to the cemetary, jumped out of his vehicle at the last minute before the procession began and gestured to me in the car behind. He'd turned on his radio and the song "Ballad of the Green Beret" was playing! His immediate reaction was that it was a signal sent that Mom was already in good hands (Dad). He told me recently he'd forgotten that.

Anyway, perhaps the angels make the sky more blue when a good person passes. Maybe they do appear to kids in the aisles of grocery stores, just to pass along some peace. And if they do that, I can certainly imagine them holding and protecting people in a car crash!
Hello Mrs Ramsay,

I personally know of four accounts relating to cars and accidents or near accidents of which I'm convinced the people where guided through the event and psychically helped most likely by forces from the spiritual realm. I think the best one to share was the account that happened to my sister in law.

My sister in law and her two children slid of the road and down a steep embankment on a country road where the car actually rolled over and over upside down several times before it stopped at the bottom a total write off. Upon having a conversation years later with my niece and my sister law discussing my wife's own weird account my niece confined in me on what she remembered.

As the car was flipping over everything slowed down into slow motion. My niece's eyes were wide open, my nephew and he's mothers eyes were shut tight. Okay, here's where it gets interesting, my niece remembers seeing several ghost inside and outside the car protecting them as they rolled over from being injured. She could see their arms holding their heads. Limbs etc. Amazingly they all walked away from the accident without any injuries bar some minor abrasions, anyway, I'm thinking there may be a little more to your own account then you may realise? Perhaps you were meant to slow down your car for a reason or some future decision that may have not been in your best interest? If not on that day maybe another? My wife had an account of which is next level intervention if what I'd suspected is correct, perhaps I'll share it here one day, both of them are twins and both had similar accounts probably around the same time.

Thank you for sharing!

Fascinating story MrsRamsay, thanks for sharing. I have read many stories involving sightings of ghosts at the site of many automobile fatalities, but this is amazing that you've experienced something physically interacting with you, your seatbelt in this case. Perhaps one of the previous victims trying to prevent another fatality. Though you saw nothing coming, neither did that teacher apparently, it's astounding how vehicles appear sometimes so quickly and cause an accident. Are you aware of any other deaths in this particular area? What about the kids who hit the teacher, you mentioned it was a head on collision, but they all survived? Perhaps she wasn't wearing her seatbelt? The ringing you mentioned is interesting but more common nowadays. I too have experienced it a lot lately. I was never exposed to very loud sounds for any duration, only intermittently, so it's not tinnitus. It comes on at odd times, is never the same and is short lived. It could be a form of communication, I've read that in higher realms like angels, actually when they speak to us, have to adjust the frequency of their voice which is higher than our vibrational frequency, the result, the ringing sound we pick up on, which is actually a vibrational frequency. In hindsight, that's what mine sounds like, the frequency when it starts is loud and noticeable, but then dials back becoming quieter. However unlike tuning in a radio station I don't suddenly hear a 'voice'. If it's a form of communication, I'm not sure how it works, maybe just to let us know they're there? Many more people are reporting this ringing in the ears as well as many other bizarre symptoms. Another school of thought on this and depending on what belief system you subscribe to, is the ear ringing and other physical symptoms are what they call ascension symptoms. The earth is supposedly crossing from a 3D existence into 5D, a higher frequency and as such our physical bodies and the planet itself are having to make constant adjustments and upgrades to exist in this new environment. These symptoms are a result of that transition, kind of like the growing pains we experience as our bodies develop from childhood into adolescence. The plain fact is, that many people are experiencing a wide variety of these symptoms and especially the ear ringing and are being medically examined, the Dr's finding no physical cause or explanation. It is rather fascinating, but again, not to infringe on anyone's beliefs, it is an explanation that is being offered. I enjoyed your story and am looking forward to hearing more from you.
I also live in finland.

Our house is otherwise normal, but when I need to go into the cellar sauna because our shower is in there, I get paranoid about the two other doors on the hallway before the dressing room door. The left one is two rooms of wood storage, and the right one has the heating room, beyond which is a storage space and the house's backdoor. They're often open and it gives me paranoia. I also have a weird feeling of not being alone whenever I close my eyes in the shower, which I obviously need to keep doing or i'll get soap into my eyes.

Then there's the attic. We have 3 attics in a rintamamiestalo, one up at the top where nobody goes, and two side attics that go through the whole story in both directions in the opposite sides of the house. The right one is accessed through the level at the top of the stairs that, due to the story's blueprint, forms a triangle with the doors of my room and my brothers' room. The left one is accessed through my room. I also have another door, which leads to a really small room i'm using as a personal storage. There's nothing weird about them per se, but due to my paranoia attacks i've put furniture in front of them (and in front of my closet). The attic itself is normal and I can see all the way to the house's outer wall at the other side. On the right, there is a shelf which obscures the other end of the house, which is only meters away from the door. You can still go in there, but I never have and mom says there's nothing in there. However, she also says that she's scared to go in there and it has always given her an intense, unexplained feeling of dread.
InTheNight in Tall Man
Maybe he was somebody who died while crossing that road. Given that he turned to look at people, he's propably not a residue.
It' gotta be a Doppelgรคnger or an Etiรคinen. Check wikipedia.
InTheNight in The Patient
What happened in the nightmares you were having? Was the girl in them, or were they different dreams?
InTheNight in Menacing Entity
Husband's experience in the bed sounds like sleep paralysis. Everything else, though...
InTheNight in Soviet Sanitarium
Was the man also standing there when you were running away, or had he dissappeared?
The "them soldiers" line reminds me of the way southeners speak in fiction. The "is dead" part is grammatically weird, but "them X" is an expression i've read often. Maybe the voice was a confederate.
Given his behavior and the opinions of other people around there, do not let Vladim know about the comments. However, a russian guy who died in ww2 understanding english seems unlikely. Still you should be careful.

Is your house near any area where there was a big battle or something else significant? How do you communicate with Vladim, do you know russian? Have you identified the rank of the uniform? Did he talk about when or how he died, was it against Finns or against Germans?

You should be careful about him. He seems like he's being possessive about you. Staring and stalking doesn't sound very friendly, and the possibility that he was the one trying to drive a wedge between you and your mother. There's also the fact that he's a soviet (and over seven feet is a very unnatural height).

Somebody here suggested that he might be tricking you and/or trying to possess you. Does he have other physical resemblance to you beside hair color? In what way is he touching you? Does he spend all day staring at you?

If I was being stalked and touched by a russkie ghost, i'd get somebody to get rid of him.
I do not believe in gods either. However, I aknowledge it when I or other people see things (the fact that something like that happens does not in any way prove that gods exist, after all).

Did the man cause any feelings? If you felt scared, paranoid, hard to breather or something, it was propably not benevolent. Did it look like it was actively stalking you or was it just there?
InTheNight in A Dark Entity
The latter thing about seeing something that looks like your sister and then dissappears sounds like a generic Doppelgรคnger or Etiรคinen from my people's mythology (both have english wikipedia pages. The ร„ is important).

I have frequent experiences with Etiรคinens. When i'm alone in my upstairs room and my parents (and/or brothers, but they aren't required) are away, I often hear car in our driveway (sounds different from a car just passing in the road in front of our house), and the distinctive sound of our front door being opened. However, our dog won't bark (usually barks at everything, especially for my mother. Separation anxiety) and our door is locked when they're away. I think I only hear it when i'm upstairs.
KaushikBhandary in The Black Temple
Hey loved the story, can you tell where exactly is this place? I stay in Mangalore kind of close to Shimoga. Do you mind sharing me the location of this place?
LFrog1386 in Numerous Happenings
I am curious if mediumship runs in your family. It seems like you are all sensitive to one degree or another.

Suffice to say, the Hat Man is pretty terrifying. He could be a harbinger of deaths already predestined or he could be coming to take people. The latter is too frightening to contemplate for very long.
Most systems come with anti virus/firewalls these days. You don't need to do anything, it just runs in the background, scanning for viruses, spyware, harmful intruders, unknown entries into your systems ports potentially trying to hack your system. If you do want to know who is sending messages or identify their ISPs, you go into the firewall components and a whole list of information is there to view from what was blocked as potentially harmful to ISP incoming that has made contact. Have a look through your antivirus/firewall settings and you'll see what I mean. I love IT. I enjoy the internet and with that comes the need to protect your system so you don't get nasty people trying to hack or launch spyware through emails.
Anyway, you can try demo versions or freeware by doing an online search.
Hi Scaretale

You said that your brother also saw that too in his Girlfriend's house. Maybe it was a sort of an entity attached to your brother.
CrimsonTopaz - I am so technologically-challenged I wouldn't even know how to use a firewall like that if I had it. (I barely understand how a firewall works LOL). But darn, that knowledge would definitely come in handy. ๐Ÿ˜
SWS - nope, no thread for general topics. If unrelated conversation becomes too distracting, we will request it be moved to one of "our" own experiences.

Thank you and I'm glad I stopped by too. Good to see you again. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hi ScareTale

Did your family ever try doing a house cleansing ritual, if it's something that you would consider there's plenty of great methods to use from this site.
Hi ScareTale

I wonder what it could be, as you say that your brother see this figure while living with his ex, there could be a possibility that it followed him, you also say that you and your sister feels like it's a female, perhaps it could be a woman that attached itself to your brother
Hi Chaningham91

I'm glad to hear that your son is at home, I have to agree with the others and say that what you experienced was your guardian angel reassuring you that everything will be okay
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Miracles,

Good to see you.

There isn't a thread for general topics. (Or is there?๐Ÿค”) I never know where to reply when I have something to comment that's unrelated to a post.

I don't see it as hijacking my thread. I'm glad you stopped by.

Best wishes,
I have a great firewall and it tells me everything from ISP addresses, to blocking hackers and spyware.
Beauty of technology. So you are 100% right when you say, *And then we have those who believe they are fooling everyone, not realizing they really aren't*.
CrimsonTopaz - this is by no means something new. Unfortunately, multiple IDs (storytellers) have been active as long as this site has. There have been some who gave up after being outted and dropped off site. Others keep recycling themselves, hoping to stay ahead of those of us who remain watchful. And then we have others who believe they are fooling everyone, not realizing they really aren't.

As for the points, as long as people don't take the karma point system seriously it is useful. Comments that don't meet guidelines for us (Mods) to delete, eventually end up hidden.

SWS - sorry for hijacking the comment section of your experience. And thank you for the mention. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Thankyou for your comments.
A guardian angel is definetly the vibe I got from her.
A very calming experience at a extremely difficult time in my life.
My son is in remission & is months away from officially ending treatment now. He's become a very happy & caring 5 year old. ๐Ÿ˜Š
What was your mother's reaction, - if not to the sight of the apparition, - to your reaction? Didn't she ask why you were acting like that?
Did she hear your brother's input?

Is there a second part to this story? Is the apparition still gliding around the house or is it gone for good?

If the latter, did it happen randomly or did it get some help to cross over? Or, perhaps, your brother moved out and the spirit followed him again?
You were given a rare gift to hear and see your guardian angel. She came to you to let you know you never walk alone even if it feels like you do. Thank you for sharing and I pray for your son and you to get through this.
In my opinion, this presence seems to be your guardian angel or a protective spirit of some sort.
You're very fortunate to have seen them. A constant proof that you are not alone through the difficult experience of your son's illness.

Fascinating story. Thanks for sharing.
Lots of valuable points in your reply.
Multiple ID's = storyteller
Single ID = real experiences
I myself have my opinion and formulated a list of fakes. They are very sad as you say and are making a mockery of genuine people looking at seeking help for their paranormal occurrences.
Now that members are aware to stay alert and keep an eye out for these frauds, hopefully less fakes will be posting 2 liner comments and disappear after 10 comments into the abyss where they hide but vote vote vote for their original ID.
I believe the points system should go, however, many members with thousands and thousands of points would be prosecuted at the expense of the fakes. That isn't fair at all.
The fakes know who they are and some members are figuring out who they are too.
As many of our members have said, karma points really are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They don't make one person anymore important than another. Living your online life based on karma points is actually pretty sad.

Multiple accounts, however, is a completely different situation. When a member has multiple accounts, it invalidates everything they have every posted: experiences as well as comments. How can a person who is basically lying about who they are be trusted? Just my opinion.
Hi Mrs Ramsey

Not that you mention it, a few experiences that I've had especially during the day, I remember it being bright and airy, like I'm seeing the usual things around me in a new sort of brilliant light and I'd feel like there was this buzzing sort of electric charge all around.

Back at home here we had a road similar to this where at the same spot there was always an accident either involving a driver or pedestrian which always ended tragically, it became a regular problem, to the point where traffic lights and speed humps were installed, a lot of people in the community believed that the spirits who passed on there were still hanging around that spot, I believe that the people organized a prayer around that spot in the hopes to calm down whatever could have been there, this happened when I was younger maybe around 9 or 10, reading your experience just brought up that memories which I vaguely remember, I'll have to ask my mum about more details as she will know more about it.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Martin,

You say you're not an Engineer with a doctorate working at Google or Microsoft. You are far closer to being that than me, that's for sure.

Thank you for clearing up those aspects.

I agree, karma is lovely to have but it's only as valuable as the individual makes it to be.

Best wishes,
Rajine in A Dark Entity
Hi ScareTale

Really creepy experience your sister had, of I was her I'd have run out of there as fast as I can.
TheWiggler in Hush
Oh yes! Definitely some weird things happen after you leave that place. Went in 2015 and pretty much had the same experiences in my little apartment. Grew up in Green River and had some friends from hs check it out. Heard some pretty crazy stories and took evp and maybe a camcorder if I remember right. But the things they experienced was way worse just because they did some stupid ritual. They destroyed the evidence after it got worse at home for them.
Macknorton in A Dark Entity
Hi ScareTale

Did all your posted stories occur in the same house?


lady-glow in A Dark Entity
As RCRuskin, I wonder why she didn't call, or went to, one of the many family members living nearby.
I recall reading in one of your previous stories that your grandmother lives next door.

Was this the only time a spirit mimicked one member of your family?
Hi MrsRamsay

I've been playing the drums now for about 35 years (and I'm getting REALLY tired!๐Ÿ˜œ) so I have a mild form of tinnitus; which is a medical condition caused (usually) when your ears get damaged from loud noise over a period of time. It's a constant ringing, or low level shrill pitch / hissing effect which is generally more noticeable when it's quiet. I've learned to live with it.

Personally, I've noticed that when I get stressed out, or overly anxious, the tinnitus / ringing sound increases 10 fold until I can calm myself down. Not sure what the science is behind that.

So I guess my point is (I do get to them eventually) that ringing in the ears is not necessarily anything to do with spirit / ghost activity or interaction. Not to say that it ISN'T, but there are more down to earth, rational, medically-based explanations for ringing in your ears. As is the seat belt mechanism, which could have just glitched out.

I guess no one can say for sure, but I tend to err on the side of non-paranormal with events like these.

Thanks for sharing, I found it to be an interesting account.


Glad to be able to share here. I'm a busy mom with two kids still at home and lots going on, but these experiences seem more and more as I age gracefully, haha.

Thank you guys for your comments. Observant people aren't nuts, we're just watchers I guess... And noters. And I'm also a documenter. Not yet sure what's in it for me:) but happy this website is here.
I also have experienced vibrant bright colors. In the spirit world it seems we can conjure colored hair and clothing, why not be able to manipulate the atmosphere around us outdoors. I feel anything is possible once we shed this limiting flesh vessel. We now live in kind of a commercial area and noticed we have constant ringing in our heads and its very annoying to me when its quiet, like right this moment typing. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Lemon and Lime go well together. Chocolate and peanut butter even more so, so why not ear ringing and seatbelt malfunctions? Aside from the latter 2 being unpleasant in the extreme. These two things are less pleasant together, though.

Two accidents within a few hundred yards of each other, some years in time separate them, but both were fatal, and this is where your seatbelt pendulum malfunctions. (sudden acceleration or deceleration causes the pendulum to go out of vertical and tighten up to prevent injuries) If it is a coincidence, it is an amazing one. Would guardian angels grab onto the metaphorical roll bar on our behalf?

I know what my answer is.
RCRuskin in A Dark Entity
Congrats to your racing friend, ScareTale.

I can relate to being in Wisconsin but needing to be in SC. I'm on the east coast and somehow, I've been tasked with helping a specific drug addict who happens to live in California. Not sure how to help from so far away. So it brings up the question: was there anyone who lived closer, aside from yourselves, your sister could call? I think it is nice when neighbors help out neighbors.
When an account is deleted, all their user activities is also erased from the site, except for the content of their comments and stories, now associated to an unregistered guest account. This is to avoid having big chunks of content disappear when someone goes away, where many conversations would stop making sense. But the voting records is gone and if they upvoted someone a lot, this could translate into a score drop for that person. Now, karma isn't terribly important, we don't use it for ordering stories, for example, like other sites. Popularity shouldn't be a factor when we want to assist someone. It does serve as a form of community moderation, however, making it easier and quicker to hide comments that are offensive or spammy. And yes, it does bring a certain bragging rights when soneone consult your profile page, but that's only as important as you personally make it out to be. The community badges like "honorable poster" are based on the total number of comments, so it's more an indicator of how active you are on the site. In the end, it's just there to make it obvious to others if you're a newbie or a veteran that contributed a lot when they read your feedback. If you're trying to crack that karma algorithm, just know that I'm not some engineer with a doctorate working at Google or Microsoft, so it's not complex ๐Ÿ˜‚
LightMight in Witch's Cackle?
Hello Scaretale,

Sounds like you live on an active piece of property; have you ever considered using any investigative camera gear that might help you better document and understand the activity in your family home? Not sure if you'd be willing to invest any sort of money into gear like that, but it might be interesting to see what you could ascertain from video with audio?
The difficult thing about trying to catch any type of disembodied voices and poltergeist activity on video is that you can't set your watch by it - in other words, it's usually random activity that happens unexpectedly.

I was wondering if you or anyone in your family has brought any of the native artifacts into your home?

Thanks for sharing with us!
lady-glow in Witch's Cackle?
"I've also asked how they know it was a witch. They just say that because it matched what you would hear in a horror movie."

How many actresses playing a witch roll in horror movies do you think are real, professional witches? (Kidding)

Hi ScareTale.

Please do not take my apparent skepticism like denying your mother and sister's experience. In my opinion, your story lacks enough detail as to confirm or debunk the nature and the source of the cackling sound.

Do you know if the window in the room where your mother was was open? 50 yards is not really a significant distance when it comes to the range sound waves can travel through still air.

I imagine how scary it must have been for all of them to hear this unexplained and creepy sound but, if this had happened to me, my first priority would have been to look for any, and all, possible mundane explanation/s before reaching the "it's a witch" conclusion... Even if it sounds like what they show on TV.

I'm not claiming to be on the right, this is only my humble and honest opinion.
LFrogs1386 and lady-glow,

I do believe there is a portal of some kind. I'm not sure if this is a natural phenomenon or what, but we have a field right through the woods that has always had a cold spot. I first discovered it years ago during mid-summer. The spot is approximately 3 feet in diameter and is so cold you can see your breath when standing in it. If anyone knows any thing natural that may cause this please let me know.
ScareTale in Witch's Cackle?
I agree that people mistake animals as something more. If you've ever heard a rabbit scream, it's a horrible sound. I brought up the fact that they could've heard a screech owl but they both say they know what screech owls sound like and that's not what they heard. On the flip side though, I don't know how they both could have heard an animal sound like it was in both the house and playhouse with them being so far apart.
I've also asked how they know it was a witch. They just say that because it matched what you would hear in a horror movie.

I'll definitely give your story a read. Sounds interesting.
I don't know which would be scarier, hearing a disembodied scream or disembodied laugh!
ScareTale That is great. I love hearing that the deceased has come to make contact. It makes us feel a comfort to know that they are still here, and to actually have an "interaction" with a loved one is just a peace that can not be explained. Thank you for sharing your dad's experience. ๐Ÿ˜
Rajine in Witch's Cackle?
Hi ScareTale

Anyone would be creeped out hearing a frightening laugh, my mother had also experienced something similar to this year's ago however it wasn't a laugh it was a creepy scream, I posted it here some time ago, she maintains that there's no way any type of animal would sound like that.
I can't give up my meat, but I did have to gulp my way through my roast chook dinner that night. I understand your pain. My folks had/mum still does have chooks running a muck in the the back garden. They do what they please out there. Days gone by, one of my brother's use to visit and chooks used to go missing and a couple of days later he'd bring mum a chook curry or soy and honey chicken. ๐Ÿค”
(Need I say, I wouldn't touch those dishes)
I don't know how you do it.
lovebugs16 in Red Eyed Children
[at] sacul001

I'm from the PH and pedophilia isn't and will never be a part of our culture.

[at] JoJoRocks

I'm very concerned about how you see this lil' girl. Maybe she knew that you have pedophilia tendencies. Good thing she scared you off. Your story is very disturbing.
Hi there SpookyONE69,

By the term "huddle" my guess is you're working in BPO industry?

Anyway, I find it odd that your computer's camera was able to see the area under the table where your computer is seated.

You mentioned that you deleted the photo from your phone's gallery and your co worker did the same. Have you tried to check your conversation history with your co worker? I'm pretty sure it's still there. Also, there's this phone feature in every phone's gallery called "recently deleted photos" where you can find- of course, your recently deleted photos. Have you checked it there?

I'll wait for your response โค๏ธ
๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ Thanks LadyGlow, I needed a laugh! (I just found out I'm only allowed a maximum of 3 emoji's too! (sad face emoji, sad face emoji))

There's ways to get around these draconian rules! Lol!
Hi Macknorton.

With the price of meats nowadays, I may be cutting down on the amount of meats I consume.

I have done it before but noticed that the skin on the corners of my mouth got dry and cracked open... Annoying and a bit painful.

I don't know why this happened, but the sores healed as soon as I ate meat again.

I might be more of a Neanderthal than you.
Sorry to eavesdrop on this thread - but did you know that all the protein that is found in meat comes from plants? That's where animals get their protein from. So why don't we cut out the middle animal and get our protein directly from the source = plants?

I've been vegetarian for about 23 years now and am trying to be vegan (no dairy) but it's quite difficult, especially living in New Zealand that is saturated with cows, and dairy products.

Right, I've put my soap box away. I hope this doesn't trigger a huge debate.๐Ÿ˜Š



I hope reading my stories didn't turned you into a vegetarian... As sorry as I feel for the animals that have to die in order to provide for my animal protein requirements, I'm not ready to give up meats.

Thanks for reading this one and my uncle's story, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

lady-glow in Witch's Cackle?
Have you considered the possibility of the cackle being nothing else than the call of a night bird like an owl or some other animal?

Night time, silence, echo... Too many factors to take into consideration, besides, who says that witches cannot have a pretty laugh?

Nice read, thanks for sharing.
Kittens, it sounds as if your mom didn't want to scare you with those stories about the previous tenant and the "door to nowhere". Now that you're moving, she figures it's no harm to tell you about it, I am assuming. And it sounds like she believes in the supernatural, too, so I am glad she doesn't just dismiss your feelings and experiences as a kid with a wild imagination. It's good to be validated by your mom, even as you try to debunk these things.

Good luck with your move and I hope the new house is much quieter! ๐Ÿ˜
It sure does sound like some kind of a portal was opened in your home if you're seeing different spirits come through and then never to be seen again.

That is a fascinating subject to me. What are these portals for? Just for the Dead to pass on to another life? Or heaven or whatever religion dictates the afterlife should be? And why are there portals in some places and not others?

I am very much looking forward to your next story!
LFrog1386 in Man In The Driveway
It is entirely possible that this gravestone was replaced with a newer one and this was repurposed as a step. I know my uncle John died only months after coming home from WWII in a car accident. My brother John was named for him. When the cemetery decided to replace Uncle John's headstone with a flat one (they do this to conserve space), my dad took the original one home and kept it in our garage. He jokingly told my brother he could use it when he died; just update the dates! My brother was not amused...

Suffice to say I think the information CharlesS provided was great; coupled with the suggestion to go to your local VFW or American Legion post for help in finding the family, there is a real chance you could return the stone to them if they want it.
CrimsonTopaz in My Odd Uncle
Very sad to hear you lost your Bueli so young.
In the old days, our elder folk seemed to treat us younger ones completely differently to how we treat our kids these days. Our kids are definitely seen and totally spoilt nowadays.
Thanks for sharing your memories.
By the way, I was hesitant eating the roast chook just now, after reading about Jon the rooster.
I'm all choked up. Jon the rooster and 'mi sombra' have left me all teary, that I couldn't bring myself to read about your cat. Maybe after dinner.
I read a couple of your situations and loved them.
I'm very sorry about Jon and Buddy. I'm heart is breaking reading how you little kids went without diner not wanting to eat your treasured Jon.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful memories.
Meanwhile our roast dinner is minutes off being cooked and I'm having second thoughts and might just have the baked vegetables.
:- (
Sorry to use your column. I wasn't sure where to reply to LadyGlow.
Nice story, thanks for the read.
Thanks for your reply. Peace to you too.
Don't believe all the BS coming your way. (That will become relevant soon enough)
ISP addresses tell many stories and the people, they know who they are can BS all they want. The truth lays in Martin's skill and IT qualifications. (He will track 'em down for sure)
All that cr&p aside, l have been reading some of your situations and really love the ones I've read so far.
I will comment as soon as my sister and I finish dinner.
She's at my place, she's actually going through Rookys ritual for cleaning. She's showing me what she does based on what Rookys methods are. Phew a lot of work eh?
Time to chow down in koala country as soon as it's cooked. Dinner is in the oven roasting.
Hello Lealeigh.

Great to "see" you around.
I'll contact you ASAP.
8-bitDemigod in Voice On Tape
[at] Macknorton

I was thinking more along the lines of whenever a ghost "speaks", for lack of a better term, they emit a small burst of energy similar to an EMP. So like how our voices vibrate the air and in turn those vibrations are translated to the tape via the recorder, a ghost's "voice" would be directly recorded. It could explain why we can't hear them since our hearing is based on interpreting sound waves and not magnetic pulses, but they can be recorded.

Of course this is all just speculation. There's still so much we don't know about ghosts to draw any kind of conclusion to.
Oh my God, and the various people who "like" me...

Lady-glow. Please send me an email. I am doing great down here in the sweltering June.
Just my two cents.
Would it be possible that there's a portal somewhere in your house and the disturbances are the transient spirits passing by?

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