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I like how you said:

"And when it comes to shadows, well, they don't exist without light."

My thoughts exactly.
silverthane61 in Apparition Souvenir
Bravo! I applaud your bravery in how you reacted to the entity. I have read about other people yelling at the entity to leave in a commanding voice without fear and it working. You did not yell, but you were firm and not scared. I believe you took away the spirit's source of power: your fear. I do not have any similar episodes in my history of paranormal accounts, but if something like that ever occurs to me, I hope to be able to copy your example.
I have read that mirrors do function as a portal of sorts. I have read about dozens of experiments by paranormal-interested scientists (and bored teens) that have involved mirrors. Some of the results gained were truly fascinating. Given all of that, I have never been able to sleep in a room where I can see my reflection in a mirror as I lay to go to sleep. Either I move the furniture, do not go to sleep, or leave the room. Mirrors at night have always creeped me out!
Very interesting! I assume things like this have never happened to you in the past. I am also assuming that you have lived in the same place for a long time. Given these assumptions, then I would guess that either you brought something (like some kind of artifact, or gift) into your home or that you attracted something to you while you were away from your house. It seems too spontaneous to me to have it linked to your domicile.
I have never saged or cleansed a home, so I have no advice to offer. You apparently have no fear or stress over these incidents. Maybe letting "sleeping dogs lie" would not be a bad idea. Cleansing a home is still the decision of the homeowners - put some thought into it.
silverthane61 in Playful Coexistence
If the paranormal occurrences have ceased, it does not necessarily mean that you will never have another one. Keep your eyes open. I am sure something will happen that you can share with us here.
Tweed in Furry Face
I have an update to this whole hearing animals in English embarrassment.

The other night hubby and I were watching a French movie, (oh la la), it was in French, no English. I can understand broken French but I'm not exactly fluent. You can guess where this is going, right. Well, apparently it's not just flipping animal calls, I started hearing the film dialogue in English. It sounded like the actors were switching to English sporadically. It switched from French to English for about ten seconds every five minutes or so, trippy. But here's the kicker, I could actually feel it happening. It felt directly connected to my limited understanding of French, combined with glancing down at the subtitles, this definitely kicked it into action.

I'd not seen the film before so the dialogue was fresh to me. Also if I saw the actors mouths move synced to their dialogue while I was hearing English, it seemed to break the spell. Charlotte Rampling was in this film, I'm used to hearing her in English, she sounded the same speaking English, but she was speaking French in the film. Hope that made sense. Anyhoo that suggests to me when this happens I'm hearing how a person/animal feels in them self. Hope that also makes sense.
Side note, since people ask of eye colors and feelings, I think it's important to clarify now that seemingly friendly beings can be perfectly evil, whilst the scary ones can be perfectly well-intended. This applies to real life, still breathing humans, as well as many other creatures. Personally, I am creeped out by light blue or gray eyes, despite or because of the traits of a line of my family. And when it comes to shadows, well, they don't exist without light. I think your sis and friends were lucky to be so free. I'm glad you didn't witness worse. Sounds like this was a long time ago and not such a major event. Thank you for the story. Anything happen since then?
Mulder, thanks for sharing. I hope you join the site again and comment, or share more experiences. Haven't got anything to add that hasn't already been covered, but I enjoyed reading your experience.
I think that you may be one of those people who have been blessed (or cursed) with the ability to "sense" beings in another realm. People in that category often "see" things when they are in a group of people, but no one else seems to notice what that person is seeing. You may also be attuned to seeing past images, or residual events. You are the person to have in a group that goes ghost-hunting. Just my opinion.
I absolutely, positively believe that the messages of the deceased, angels, and other inter-dimensional beings manifest themselves in intuitions, "gut" feelings, insights, and premonitions. You can continue to be rational if you want - that is okay. But I believe you were contacted in exactly the way that you suspect.
Witchcraft curse or possession indeed. Was it one or the other? My personal belief is that the two are related. Where does the witch get the power to curse? Who answers her call? I do not truly know. Possessions usually occur after a period of oppression - this seems to be what happened to the girl before she reputedly became possessed. If she was possessed, then I believe that it was very unlikely that a priest's blessing would have been enough. Also, if she was in fact possessed, then it is my opinion that the prayers of the faithful were more instrumental in relieving her of her distress.
silverthane61 in My Stalker's Ghost
What is worse than having to deal with a stalker? It would be having to deal with his ghost! That is doubly creepy. I do not think that is what it was. You mentioned seeing the hooded man before your stalker killed himself. Based on that, I think this entity is something different entirely. I am happy to assume that this entity has stopped stalking you. My guess is that after being "seen" by more people than just you, it gave up on stalking you. Just my guess.
I'm so glad that you're safe now! That's truly terrifying. What precautions did you use to protect yourselves?
Do not call a spirit medium again. As you have experienced, it will further intensify your situation. Call a Priest, have him over to exorcise (bless) your house, and you will be okay!

Demons understand authority, and Jesus is King. Also, pray the Rosary! The demonic can make your life a living hell if you don't practice spiritual warfare or pray regularly. The Divine Mercy chaplet is an alternative, if you are very worried about the 'Hail Mary' prayer.
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar in Gizzy
this was an lovely story, (I know this story is old but wanted to comment anyway) my brother has an female cat called giz, (her original name was gizmo but when she was adopted she was renamed giz) she is an savage tabby-type cat, she turns 20 this year, this story just reminds of her alot, this is one of my fav storys,

I guess you could say I live in a pretty historic area, but not anywhere near the scale of somewhere like Columbia or Charleston. I live in Travelers Rest which is a small town at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. We were established as a rest area for people traveling to North Carolina and vice versa.

From what little I've read of the history apparently TR had a few native American tribes living there at one point. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything of note that happened in the area unlike Charleston and such. The nearby larger city of Greenville would be where most activity would have been.

I do believe the neighborhood I live in is one of the oldest, though I can't find any history on it in particular (not that I've invested much manpower in that area aside from a quick Google search...)

I appreciate your concern about the Ouija board, but for me it's a bit of an exciting prospect. If things do increase from what few events that have happened, then it would be a clear indicator that the paranormal does exist.

I hope you and your family also stay safe during this pandemic.
lady-glow in Be Killed Or Fight

Not meaning to be blasphemous but, it seems like aswangs have more abilities than Jesus Christ Himself.
Mhannerism in Be Killed Or Fight
to lady-glow:

I just logged in, and skimming through my comments on my profile and saw this. I just found the answer (last year) as to why aswangs can't be caught.
I have read an encounter in a Filipino page/forum. But I wanted to be very certain and detailed with my answer so I decided to find that post for half an hour but unfortunately, I couldn't find it. They can make an illusion. IIRC, the sender was separated from his friends because they were all chased by an aswang, (because one of his friends provoked the head of aswangs in a small village because they wouldn't let them pass through.
The place was a shortcut connecting city to another city but rarely anyone uses it because, aswangs) there was a tricycle approaching but he didn't see it because aswang made him not see it even though he was looking straight whilst running. If I'm making any sense? So, they let the tricycle hit him. You'd think that the tricycle driver would know what was happening, right? Well, no. (I forgot what was the aswangs excuse to the driver, I'm sorry. But the driver had no idea that he was talking to an aswang)
Aswangs even helped lift the sender into the tricycle to get him to the hospital. I wish I could send you the link to the story but I really couldn't find it. In the end, they resolved it, talk through it.
Without finding the actual post, this is as far as I can get.
Katie212 (guest) in Voice On A Toy Phone
Veronica all I can say is Wow. It's an incredible feeling when something unexplainable happens and you feel like you are alone and nobody believes you. I believe you.

Your event triggered a memory of an experience I had back in 2016. I was an Armed Security Officer at a historical haunted hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC, and my husband and I rotated shifts. I'll write about that event, but I wanted to say the telephone in a closed-down tiki bar hut kept calling the front desk who in return radioed me to check it out. I was night duty nobody was in there but the phone kept calling out to the front desk at the hotel. She said someone was talking to her but it was distorted.

I'll say your event had me frightened. I really am glad for this website allows everyone to speak about things that have happened to them, even as a child, when most adults ignore our words and we are forced to deal with it alone. Thank you for sharing this.
Hey, such an interesting story!
Are you in a historic district in South Carolina?

I'm no expert at all, and will defer to others who've answered you, but perhaps you should re-think the Ouija thing? I'm just thinking from everything I've seen, that kind of thing usually makes things worse?

Sorry about the Comic Con/Corona thing. Stay safe out there! This too shall pass.
What a wonderful gift! I absolutely believe in this, and have had it happen to me on more than one occasion.

My Dad was killed in Vietnam when I was a girl. We never got the reunion, but in my dreams, at least a dozen times growing up, I ran to him and he enveloped me in his arms and I just cried while he told me everything was ok. I would wake up crying. The emotional impact of these kinds of dreams is very, very real.

When my cousin died, I woke up dreaming of him laying in a bed that was made out of metal. My impression is, lots of things were rusty around him. He looked at me and said, "Everything is going to be all right now." My late husband was in the doorway, just...waiting. I woke up and was so profoundly moved with emotion I called my boyfriend overseas to tell him about the dream. I went to work, it was an extraordinarily dreary day (I remember thinking), and when I got home there was a message on my answering machine that my cousin had died. In his garage. He was laying on a rusty metal can (one of those big popcorn containers). I didn't find out about the can until about ten years later, but it explained my impression that things were "rusty"! I don't consider myself to have abilities, I just think over the years you cannot help but note and listen!
AugustaM in 50 King Street
I just googled his work and, at least from my humble opinion, I see a great deal of dark heavy energy in it. The brush strokes seem brutalist and even pallet is not joyful or vibrant but somber and subdued. Could be that a certain degree of energy followed that family around.
AugustaM in 50 King Street
Wow! That left me wanting more! So much more! I want to know the mystery behind that furniture! Mr. Gatch MUST have been holding out on you! There just had to have been more to it than that! It sounds as though a real tragedy surrounded those pieces! Items that had been in the family that long may well STILL be in that family - I know it would be completely out of the blue but in this era of social media, it might be possible, Phillip, to reach out to a member of the surviving family. If nothing else, were I his descendant, I would be interested in adding a story like that to my family compendium! But it is always possible that you may be able to gain a few answers... Something like (free at most libraries) would be helpful - not only could it help you find descendants but depending on how far up the tree you are able to go, it might answer all the questions for you without need of contacting any family members.
Melda in Spirit Wind
Silverthane- I overlooked this experience of yours for some reason.

I understand how this could have been a rather nerve wracking experience for two teenagers. At least you had the comfort of knowing that Steve's dad was waiting for you, even though he fell asleep.

I can think of two ways in which I would probably have reacted; being a typical teenage girl I would either have got the giggles (which I sometimes did in church, for the silliest of reasons) to the great annoyance of the nuns, or; I would have sent up a very heartfelt prayer to St Michael to protect me from the evil "thing" which kept extinguishing the candles!

Regards, Melda
VeronicaMarie in Spirit Wind
silverthane, this story is amazing. I'm so glad that Katie responded to it today, so it showed up, as I hadn't seen it before. So many conflicting things in my mind. On the one hand, I can understand Steve's dad coming to that conclusion, but my own impression is that wasn't the reason. Because I personally think that it was wonderful that two teenagers would have gone into the church to pray in the first place, and why would God have been picky about how long they prayed? I like to think that far from being anything critical, it was simply a message of acknowledging and appreciating your being there. Not every teenager would be willing to get up in the dark of night to go and pray in a church.
Katie212 (guest) in Spirit Wind
Wow, I got chills. Thanks for sharing this. I can relate to your story and agree with your thoughts.

If we can stop and listen we will hear the voice of reason and guidance.
Katie212 (guest) in Our Apartment
Alina5 and Silverthane61,

Hello to both of you and thank you for your input. I truly saw the hole growing bigger and I never saw it again, but I am constantly being bothered by cold touches and someone watching me. I don't have a vivd imagination, I truly believe in all things, but I sometimes wonder is there something wrong with me? What am I to do? I also feel like if I were to move forward and study more magic and push my protection rituals further that I may go into a place that I shouldn't, but a part of me kind of wants to. I want to understand what is happening to me, and why I have contact with different spirits, events, every where we move something new happens. I am tired of it and do not want to get into trouble.

Our house is usually quiet unless someone is doing something. It is possible that this is a one time event and could even have been an artificial sound. All I know is what I thought it sounded like when I heard it. I just wish things were more consistent when something happens so it's not always guess work if it's legit.
Interesting story. I am not as well versed on the subject of dreams as is Lealeigh, but I have read a lot about astral projection. Your story definitely appears to be an out-of-body episode replete with the feeling of weightlessness and the perception of a weight on your chest. Astral projectors also seem to feel emotions a lot better - or stronger - than in their physical selves. I don't know, but it was a fascinating story, nevertheless.
I wonder if this was less of a ghost and more of a humanoid who could make itself invisible. After all, you did feel its physical presence when it ran by you. The rest of the descriptions of its appearance and activities do seem rather odd - more like a confused ghost than anything else. Very creepy!
silverthane61 in Who's She!
Amazing story! I did not understand the reference to "class 5", but besides that I was enthralled with your description of the entity moving like a monkey, sounding like a cat, looking like a woman and disappearing like a ghost. In the Middle East, one might think this creature a Jinn. Do you think it was a Rakshasa?
silverthane61 in 50 King Street
I must say that this was a marvelously written narrative. I read it and was surprised by how long it was because I had finished it without realizing that. The problem with seeing the paranormal is exacerbated whenever you share a space with a hardened skeptic. I have to say that I was surprised at how well the skeptic respected your side of the events. Those type of skeptics seem to be the hardest hit whenever they are presented with a truly unsolvable story of the paranormal type.
silverthane61 in My Dead Friend Visited Me
It is my opinion that we can access other dimensions of existence through our dreams. I really want to believe (somehow I do) that your friend contacted you in your dream. I have had dreams about deceased friends and relatives. Somehow, I feel that this is a "safer" way to communicate with the deceased rather than through ghostly visitations or other methods.
silverthane61 in Our Apartment
Wow!! I am also a "cradle-catholic', but I have never had to cleanse a room. You have cleansed a home - or rather, your faith has cleansed the home. I really want to believe that, if not for the possibility that I may have to do the same in the future. Good post!
silverthane61 in Groans At My Bedroom Door
I wonder if this was a one-time incident. Also, the timing is interesting - you say it occurred at 10-20 minute intervals until stopping at around 5:30. That almost makes it appear mechanical, though I highly doubt it was that. Does your house emit "old-house" noises like creaks or groans? If we can rule out all the normal possibilities, I guess we are left with the paranormal ones.
I experienced something similar before: My old school has a custom of sending Yr 4s to Ilam Hall every year for a three day two night residential.
The first night in our dorms I heard knocking- it was short like two or three knocks then silence. This kept happening. At first I thought it was the teacher reminding us to actually sleep because we were seriously loud- but then I got irritated that we were quiet already and still they knocked. Even when everyone was asleep, there were still knocks. I have trouble sleeping immediately so I was the only one awake (yes I prodded my friend multiple times to check).
A knock again. This really annoyed me because having a teacher burst in is surprising. Another flipping knock. At the brink of losing it- I solved it by opening the dorm door- there were no knocks after.
The next morning everyone was talking about the mysterious knocks throughout the night. Asking around showed that everyone experienced it. I totally forgot I heard any (they were too annoying and I was sleepy). Later most of the year made a big topic of it and the teachers said it was people walking down the corridor that did it.
The knocking happened the next night as well- people in my dorm didn't let me open the door when I explained what I did.
Most of that night we were too loud to hear anything- but other people did.
We tried knocking on the dorm door with our knuckles but it was too high-pitched to sound like the mysterious knocking. We (kids) asked if there were any building going on but they weren't. When the residential finished, some of us researched about it and came across rumours that claimed Ilam Hall was haunted but had no details.
I'm sorry I don't remember much- it happened many many years ago and it was as a periodical craze to a Year four- like a quick fashion.
Megan_21 in A Phantom Cat
I'm new to this site. And I know this was written a while ago. But I've been trying to dig up some lore and legends about phantom cats. A few nights ago I felt a cat lay on my feet and I asked my partner who it was... They said none of the cats are there and thought I was going crazy. My partner and I have 5 cats. And every time I've closed them all out I have felt what feels like a cat either playing in my blanket, walking alongside me, or laying at my feet. And last night I felt the cat walking next to me. Indents from the paws on the bed, the fur for the belly/side of cat move down my arm... But when I looked to pet the cat... Nothing was there... No cats where in my room last night. And that SAME night I saw what looked like a black kitten. Roughly the size of a 4 or 5 month old kitten. But it's black with yellow eyes and a white spot on its chest. So you're not alone on this one.
To me it sounds like the house was, at least on that occasion, visited by the spirit of a "hobo" (as in the migrant workers of the depression era and of several previous periods of economic decline: - it certainly would explain his appearance and the bundle he carried. How long has the house been there? Perhaps it was a home that once provided refuge for people like him and he was just looking for a place to rest for a while - or maybe he left something behind when he stayed there and was looking about for it - or took a shining to someone in the family that lived there... Or perhaps, as in life, his spirit constantly wanders.
Since you don't seem to feel threatened by the events, why not try the most low key remedy first: house rules. Before the household goes to bed, stand in each room where there is activity and verbally lay down the law (ex: I understand you are here and we can coexist so long as you understand this is my home now and follow the rules. First, no keeping my son up at night. Second, no messing with me while I sleep. Third, leave my niece alone... Thank you). In my experience, they take reminding now and then but it does help keep a lid on things so to speak. If activity pipes up, lay down the law again. Believe in yourself and your dominion over your own home and surroundings.

If it isn't against your beliefs, bring out any photos of late loved ones or religious items and place them in the rooms with the most activity asking for their respective protection over those in the space.
Manafon1 in 50 King Street
phillipkafka--I could nicely visualize your account. The incidents you describe fall in line with many case studies I've read over the years and as alarming as they can be when they occur there is something both satisfying and intriguing to note that spirits freak people out over time in a uniform manner!

When you were living in the apartment the activity seemed to focus on you and I was curious to know if you've had other paranormal experiences throughout your life? It strikes me as interesting that Jerry never experienced anything freaky there.

On a sidenote, I really dig the art of Lee Gatch.
Update: Again thank you all for your responses and stories of your own! My daughter is now 3 and really talking astronomically better than she was in October/November. She has stopped reporting of the visits, but I've asked her about "Nanna" and "Big Pop Pop" since. She says she remembers them visiting her in her room but doesn't see them anymore. She also somehow knows a lot about Big Pop Pop... For example my grandma and grandpa had a cabin and we have a picture of them at their camp on our wall. You can't tell it is a cabin from the picture - just looks like them on a porch of any normal house. Maggie pointed to the picture the other day and said "That's Big Pop Pop at camp, he loves his camp!"...
phillipkafka - Perhaps I didn't fully answer your question about commenting on members' profile pages. If you want to read their stories, go to the profile page and click on the title of the story which you would like to read. Then you can read their experience and comment if you choose to.

The way I understood you was that you wanted to comment on their profile pages. As I say, Perhaps I misunderstood.

Regards, Melda
phillipkafka - As nice as Lee Gatch might have been, he'd have had very little gratitude from me for leaving that furniture in the apartment.

Did you realise from the first paranormal experience you had that spirits were attached to the furniture? I know you say that Jerry talked you into logical thinking but one can only think logically up to a point - I mean, the image of a dead woman in rippling water on a chest?

Did the man dressing in front of the mirror actually look like Jerry or did you simply assume that it was Jerry? His reaction when he came towards you and disappeared when Jerry arrived on the scene, seems almost torturous. I get the impression that he was unhappy about something in his life which has carried over to the afterlife. He might have been residual but if so, why did he attempt to make some form of appeal to you?

George Washington's Manhattan Wartime Headquarters: don't totally discard that - it might have played a part in some of the less scary incidents which would have been a whisper in the wind compared with the big stuff!

Did the lady die at sea? Maybe. Lee didn't say, maybe he didn't know.

I wouldn't be surprised if his daughter requested a transfer to escape that spooky apartment. Placing myself in her situation, I certainly would have done so. Let Dad hang onto his scary antiques but I'm done, not even living in the same town, I'm out

Lee should have told you about the furniture. He should have moved it out before you moved in because he knew what you would be living with. Yes, probably a very nice man but nonetheless I would not have been happy with him, especially after he confessed that the whole shebang was haunted! I hope he got rid of that furniture in an appropriate manner.

Brian reading his obituary, no coincidence. You were meant to learn that Lee Gatch had passed away. May he rest in peace.

Regards, Melda
jeysiiiiiiii - seregirl is no longer a member of this site so you won't receive a response.

Why don't you post your own experience? I'm sure we would all like to read it and give you our opinions.

Regards, Melda
Hello Mulder182,

Strange! I have been coming across these incidents of other-worldly creatures being noticed in farm areas on various web forums. No idea where's this going.

In this case, it is difficult to comprehend the true intentions of this entity wheather it was malevolent or not. I am interested in learning the aftermath of this incident.

Have you discussed this event with your family?
Or perhaps your friend's family?

Was it a frequent thing they observe in the household?

Was the farm an active site of hauntings?

To be honest, rather than any explanation I'm having a marathon of questions in my head. It was indeed scary to observe an entity walking through the house and specifically passing by you.

"The only thing to our left is the living room where my brother and his friend was sleeping. Whatever it was, it was standing at top of them while they slept"

How could you assume that the entity did that?
Did your brother or his friend discussed anything on this matter?

I hope you reply to the queries providing a little insight on this.

If you're wishing for an logical explanation I'll suggest you to wait for the responses of fellow posters who are I believe more capable than me in this case.

I, myself am interested in how others see this matter.

Take care

Alina5 in Our Apartment
Hello Katie212,

Hope you're doing well. It was certainly not at all pleasent to find yourself in the midst of such disturbing paranormal sessions at a tender age. I can't imagine the trauma this experience have prepatuated in your mind.

"As I stared at it, it grew bigger as a black hole under the bed"

This is the first time I've came across the existence of such a thing. This quite sparked an interest in me to learn more.

However, these words of yours have stood out the most to me.

"It happened to me and since then I have experienced more paranormal events that made me question "why me"

Certainly this question had striked every single person who had an unpleasant experience with the paranormal. It hits straight at home.

I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing.

Katie212 (guest) in Our Apartment
Hi VeronicaMarie - My mum adopted me and I learned later on about her past and the things she went through, but I didn't tell her because she isn't Catholic and didn't believe in any religion. Perhaps it was triggered by her. I did mention her "sleep walking " in my room, she didn't recall it.

Hi Lady-Glow - Sorry about my lack of information. This was a prewar apartment in NYC, and we hadn't lived there long before this started. I agree with you about my puberty perhaps triggering it, and the different religious people I met and that I too harboured anger for being adopted so, I think I may have been an open invitation for something to latch on. I don't know.

I loved her very much and am truly grateful that she took me in, and miss her dearly as she has passed on.

Thank you for your input have a pleasant evening.
Katie212 (guest) in Attachment
I am sorry about your mum, but I feel like perhaps this is your mum watching over you. You haven't mentioned anything negative about your experiences, nor that you were involved with conjuring anything.
I would like to add that my husband sometimes smells his Grandmother's perfume or cooking smells in our home. She passed away a long time ago and in another state, but he feels that she is also watching over him too perhaps like your mum.
Please be careful about going to a medium, my opinion only, but sometimes bad spirits attach to good ones we want to communicate with. It's a territory to tread carefully on.
I am now learnng about witchcraft and it's scary and fun at the same time. I also need to be careful about what I do but thank you for sharing your experience.
lady-glow in Who's She!

Do you think that throwing rocks at it would be enough to scare away a demon?

In my opinion, even IF the woman was a spirit, there isn't enough evidence pointing to her being a malevolent one.


No one is denying your uncle's experience, but it is important to always try to find any possible logical explanations for an event before assuming that it is paranormal.

It would be a good idea if you include as much information as possible in your future submissions, that way the reader will have a better understanding of the narrative.

My apologies if this sounds blunt, but you have gone from "I need help with what I have experienced" to "Other assumptions you made is not correct".

People are trying to help you, you know?
LFrog1386 in Who's She!
So Satyabrata2009, is the image of a lady perched in branches (or nearby) over a graveyard something rooted in local folklore as an evil or troublesome spirit? It sounds like maybe your uncle knew she was supernatural based on stories from your area or culture. Is that the case?
LFrog1386 in 50 King Street
Phillip, your story telling is excellent-I can see why you are a writer. I honestly think that maybe Lee said he didn't have room for the furniture (and quite possibly, he didn't) at his place because he knew the pieces have hauntings attached to them. But it's very interesting how different the hauntings are, from a woman's face seemingly underwater to the ghost of a man getting dressed in fancy attire. I propose they are unrelated hauntings, attached to separate pieces of furniture.

If there was a drowning aboard the ship, perhaps the owner of the chest was the one who drowned? She also may have died aboard ship from illness or injury and they consecrated her body to the ocean. Or perhaps didn't consecrate it, and therefore created a spirit not at rest. Either way, if there was a death on board crossing the Atlantic, that would have been how a body was disposed of. It's not like they carried ice to keep bodies in storage until they could be buried on land.

The other haunting of the man getting dressed could have been residual and attached to the mirror and dresser. A man could very well have owned it just after the Revolutionary War era, as the chest came over in the late 18th c. From what you were told. The haunting could have taken place here in America, after its arrival on US shores.

Thankfully, neither seemed to have any dangerous intent, although I am quite sure I would have been unnerved by it, nonetheless. I wonder who got the pieces after Lee passed away? Hopefully someone that can appreciate their history. 😁
jeysiiiiiiiii in The Screaming Woman
we had the same kind of dream but I experienced it almost 3 years ago and different place. I was trying to forget it cause that really messed me up but I saw a post about the same ghost that I saw in my dream and I just really want to know the reason why I had that dream so I search and found your story
Satyabrata2009 in Who's She!
Hello Alina5,

Thanks a lot for going through my narratives. I will try to explain few things, which I hope will sort things out.

The lady kind of thing is not a human for sure because at 4:00 am in the morning during winters it's like completely dark (That's why my uncle used his torch) and back side of that building is closer to that open graveyard which is separated by the boundary wall of our colony. So thinking about anybody at that time to sit over branches is not feasible, especially a lady.

To your second query, when uncle heard those noises he followed that and found it's from that entity away from 8-10 meters, which is not far from him. That's why out of fear he threw stones before that figure could have done any wrong to him.

Other assumptions you made is not correct because incidents like this is not new to us. Few more I will share later.

phillipkafka in 50 King Street

Thank you for your answer to my comments question. Hope you had a good dinner.
phillipkafka - You can't post on members' profile pages, you don't have access. Besides, we're all interested in reading everyone's opinions.

What a time you had in that apartment!

I'll comment further tomorrow but off to cook supper now, early evening in South Africa. At this stage I'm simply commenting on your question about the profile page.

Regards, Melda
phillipkafka in 50 King Street
Does anyone know how I may answer a comment on the commentator's page?
phillipkafka in 50 King Street
Lealeigh: Brian announcing Lee's death was one of those amazing coincidences. Carl Jung wrote about these sort of coincidences. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

I'm a big fan of Kafka's, and that's why I used his name. My name is Phillip Frey.
phillipkafka in 50 King Street
Alina5. Lee Gatch didn't want to move the furniture to his place in NJ and have to make room for it. A matter of convenience. I don't know what he did with it after he'd picked it up at the end. There is a Lee Gatch painting at NY's Museum of Modern Art.

I went to your page and could not find how to place this comment on it. And could not find out how to read your story.

Not that you would do it, but if you want to see more about me:
Hello Newintown,

I had done my major in psychology and even often a times a professor in our thesis lab had discussed with us this theory that whenever we have a dream regarding our deceased loved ones, somehow their soul is in our close proximity which sends us altered vibration which impacts our dreams. He was a very spiritual person and according to him the bond which a person shares in the living world transforms as energy in its soul form which it uses to communicate with the living. It's a fun theory not an obvious one to rely on. It was long time ago, but I still believe his words are true.

I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing.

May God bless you!

Alina5 in 50 King Street
Hello Phillipkafka,

Very well-written Sir. Aside from acting I believe you should try your hand in writing.
I still couldn't make out for what reason he rented you out the furnitures for the time being. He presumably had a generous character or it might be that he wanted to verify whether these paranormal activities are happening to others or not. But it's only my saying.
Nevertheless, condolences on your loss.

Hoping you a great career ahead!

Alina5 in Who's She!
Hello Satyabrata2009,

Hope you're having a great time. I'm not trying to deny your uncle's instincts in paranormal.

However, there is not enough information in your narrative to prove the experience as a staunch paranormal one.

That lady can be a human being.
It maybe is weird for a woman to be sitting on a branch so early in the morning but it can be if she's dealing with some mental disorders.
The crying of the baby can be from one of the neighborhood buildings. The noises of the cats can be from the stray cats which you can generally find roaming anywhere.

These are pretty well explananable to an extent. This is only my belief but I stand to be corrected. I hope you reply to this providing a little more insight.

Wish you the best!

Satyabrata2009 in Who's She!
Hi, Thanks for reading my story.
I think near by areas were graveyards and our colony is near to that location, we heard many incidents like this before but when it happened with my uncle, is a kind of eye opener for us.

My uncle got scared as I have mentioned that lady kind of thing is creating some kind of eerie noises like a cat does, so to move that thing creating any kind of trouble to him, he threw stones.

Hope it will help you.

I'm not sure how old the house is though we moved there in '88 when I was 5 so it was probably built in the late 70s early 80s. Part of me thinks there may have been a two story house on that property since our house is only one of a handful of single story houses in our whole neighborhood. That might explain the footsteps since there could have been another floor there at one time.

It does sound like whatever this is it wants attention, whether for good or for ill I don't know. I've been thinking about maybe trying to contact it and even though I've been unsuccessful making a Ouija board, I have been successful in making a "Luigi" board. Maybe I can use that to communicate.

I had thought about asking my mom again about anything she may have experienced, though you might be right that she won't tell.

I generally intend to go to Comicon in costume, but since I've never made a costume before and I'm very undecisive about what I want to dress as, I typically just procrastinate until it's too late and don't make anything. Maybe this rescheduling is a blessing in disguise, telling me to get off my butt and make something already.
VeronicaMarie in Our Apartment
Hi, Katie...

Did you ever tell your mother about her showing up in your room, and about what happened in her room that night you were watching TV? I'm wondering if something was going on with her at that time, that you were picking up on. Very intriguing story.
Newintown - Every now and then we meet very special people. I think of it as bonding of the souls. They aren't always relatives, neither are they always people we have known for a lifetime.

I'll probably be bashed by a few people for what I am now about to say: You were probably very close to this person in a previous lifetime. I have had more than one unforgettable experience in that regard, which obviously I can't go into here.

Of course it's just as possible that this friend of yours has decided to "hang around" for a while because you wish he were still here and you need his presence and his caring.

Very realistic dream and very interesting.

Regards, Melda
Hello 8-bitDemigod,

I think your experience was worth submitting! I read the story "My Parent's House" a while ago, when you submitted it, but have just now re-read it so I could get a complete picture in my mind of the activity in your house.

It is obvious to me that the groaning noise that you heard is connected to the figures that your father has seen in the hallway. Your mom is not forthcoming with any of the experiences that she may have had, if any, and it probably won't change. She has admitted that your father tells her about seeing things. I wonder if the sounds you heard as a child, of people walking on the roof, has any connection to the dread you felt when you had to put the Christmas Decorations in the attic (I am talking about this story and the previous one, if anyone wonders what I am talking about).

How old is your house? I don't know what I think it really is but I usually try to understand strange behaviors that are thought to be paranormal phenomena in this way: I remember the ways that living people try to get attention.

Sometimes when my mother is in a foul mood she creates this exaggerated cough. It sounds like Hell and I know it's not a real one because when she's genuinely sick it sounds different. She stops acting when she gets the attention of someone. I think the groaning noise is like this. "Someone" maybe wants to be acknowledged. This is only my personal crack pot theory; but I think it might explain the lights turning on in the house when you were a kid. One light shining in a dark house is something that couldn't have failed to be noticed by your family when you all returned home.

As it is with many living people, most annoying behavior can be found to be rooted in a need or want for attention - in my opinion.


Irrelevant question:

You had planned on going to comicon before Covid 19 came along and ruined all of our lives... Were you going in costume? If so, what were you going as?

- Maria
I wanted to add that I worked that Tuesday night and when I got home Wednesday morning around 6:40am the hallway was pitch black. Normally I could see dim light from outside through my parents window at the end of the hall, but not this time. Even the small lamps left on in the kitchen didn't cast any ambient light into the hall. I had to use my phone light to make sure I didn't trip over anything when I hotfooted to my room.

I don't have spectacular night vision, but I've never had trouble seeing down the hall any other time due to any ambient light that may be on. This time I could see anything.
Maria-what you do for work is very healing. For others and for yourself. I think that it is a wonderful calling and hope it continues to uplift and inspire you, as well as helping other people overcome whatever traumas caused them to use drugs and alcohol as an escape. It's not uncommon at all to find that many of those people were abused as children, one way or another, as I am sure you know.

Looks like we come here to exorcise more than one kind of demon! Be well and I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

Interesting to note you felt intense and emotional, I do suspect there is a connection between you and this lady you saw during this state of super consciousness.

Maybe from a past life? Or perhaps she's in your soul group? I feel your experience was induced by spirit in a forum that was easier for you two to meet.

The last time this happened to me I actually called them out for what it was. The lady in my dream owned up about being one of my spirit guides... So perhaps the lady in your dream is yours?

They are always with us and often do interact through our dreams!

Regards Daz
Lealeigh in 50 King Street
Hello phillipkafka and welcome to YGS,

I really enjoyed your story! I am sorry that Lee died. He seemed like a nice fellow - leaving irreplaceable family furniture to the mercy of two young men was pretty generous of him. He was probably a very good judge of character and knew that you guys wouldn't destroy his furniture. Did you ever find out why Brian announced Lee's death in the obituaries?

I like your screen name. Are you also a fan of Franz Kafka, or is that your last name?

- Maria
Hi Newintown--I believe you were indeed visited by your friend in your dream. A visitation dream leaves a permanent impression that a "normal" dream simply doesn't.

My mom visited me in a dream soon after she died. Unlike a typical dream, I could feel the breeze, felt her hugging me, could feel her when I hugged her back and the colors of the world around us were vibrant and clear. Like you, I can't remember the conversation I had with her but know it centered around comforting me with the knowledge she would remain always somewhere near.

Your friend proved he's just that by paying you such a special visit, one in which you were actually communicating with him. As anyone who has a visitation dream knows, the only thing it has in common with a standard dream is that you're asleep when it occurs. Upon awakening though, unlike a mere dream, the visitation dream will remain as vivid as the night the dreamer dreamed it. Thanks for sharing your uplifting account.
Hello jadeeee and welcome to YGS,

That was a very curious experience that you had. I have years of experience with my own lucid dreams and sleep paralysis. I keep a dream journal and document them. The only person I talk to, who is remotely interested in the subject, is my father. He says that he thinks that having these experiences frequently is the sign of a "youthful brain" - whether the person having them is youthful or not.

I get the impression, from your choice of words, that you are familiar with these types of dreams. I think that spirits are able to reach us in dreams and they may be even more able to reach us during intense lucid dreams - when the mind has more awareness. I assume that you couldn't recognize the woman.

After you saw the woman, did you return to your position in the room? Or did the dream fade away without a definite endpoint?

I always have found it fascinating that the majority of my lucid dreams have involved the bathroom... The bathroom is the most important room in any home - in my opinion. Maybe that's all it is and has no greater psychological meaning. I have also noticed that it is much easier to have one of these dreams while I am taking a nap in the middle of the day.

I think, if this experience was a combination of dreaming and meeting a spirit, then you still should not fear that this woman is a real spirit in your home. If she really is there, she did not seem to be threatening. If she was a figment of your mind asleep, she may have been someone that you knew as a child. Every so often, I will suddenly dream of a person that I haven't even thought of in twenty or thirty years.

It is really hard for me to think that the woman was only in your mind though. If you ever see her in a dream again, try to remember to ask her who she is. If she is a spirit, who has found a way to reach you in this way, then there is definitely a reason.

- Maria
VeronicaMarie in My Dead Friend Visited Me
Newintown, I've heard that visitation dreams like the one you had have something very different about them, compared to regular dreams. They don't become hazy over time, for one thing. And there's a normalcy in them that is often lacking in regular dreams. Coupled with your shoulder being jostled and the TV turning itself off, I really do feel that your friend actually visited you. I am so glad that happened for you. But also so very sorry for your loss.
lady-glow in Our Apartment
Welcome to YGS.

Those were some unnerving experiences. Do you remember if a family member or acquaintance passed away around that time and could have been trying to get your attention?

Based on the little information in your narrative, it is my opinion that you are sensitive to paranormal presences, perhaps this ability got triggered during puberty and that's why you regularly experience the supernatural. Or, perhaps, you frequently find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But you are a strong person and your faith helped to put an end to the activity at your place. Perhaps you should cleanse or bless any new place before you move in and perform some protective ritual regularly to keep any possible negative energies away.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Welcome to YGS.


This is a fascinating experience. Visitations from our departed loved ones during a dream are very common; I'm glad you didn't try to 'reason' against your feelings and discarded this wonderful encounter as only a dream.
In my opinion, turning off the TV was his way to tell you that he really was present at your place.

You are blessed having a friend like him.
lady-glow in Who's She!
Who wouldn't jump like a monkey when somebody is throwing rocks at them?


Welcome to YGS.

Although I imagine seen the lady must have been scary for your uncle, in my opinion, that wasn't enough a reason to react the way he did.

Do I think the lady was a spirit? I don't know for sure, it is possible she was one given the fact that the place was used for cremations though, in my opinion, she could have been only a woman that couldn't sleep that night or was out looking for flowers just like your uncle.

Do you know if any of the neighbors ever reported seen her?

What kind of help do you need/want from this forum if, after all, this encounter happened to your uncle 25 years ago? Has this affected you in any way?

Thanks for sharing.
VeronicaMarie in Whispers I Can't Explain
Thank you so much, Tweed, for your insights which make sense to me. (Also, thank you for not thinking I've lost my mind. 😊)
Tweed in Furry Face
I just creeped myself out, sorry people.

Been at home too long.
Tweed in Furry Face
Mike Strong you are so amazing if I weren't married, I totally would. Please regale me with more random links from other sites. 😜 ❀ 😘
MikeStrong--So if one's dad is a ghost are the children half ghost on the father's side? And to think I thought being 12% Baltic was interesting 😜
Veronica, I think this makes a lot of sense because praying the Rosary looks meditative, I've never done it, but imagine the similarities are there. People meditate to receive answers/insights as well as to relax, and people pray for the same reasons. So maybe you picked up on what was ahead, pre-prayer. Like a prayer in reverse, hmm that's got me stumped. Anyway the dates match up, at the time you experienced this the virus was out, but not all over the news/world. So a heads up premonition sounds like a fair assessment.

Plus, and this is just a personal thing, but when a thought nags away at you I believe there's always a justified reason for it.
CORRECTION: and they were married for 12 years WITHOUT her knowing her husband WAS a ghost
Lady Glow, let no add more concerns to already coronavirus concerns that has gripped the world. If you find that odd, I apologize. I just want everyone that these stories about dead people existing is real. In a crowd of 200 there are possibly 30 to 40 dead people among. Some are the ones you have known for years. In one village, a woman married a man and even had 3 children with the man and they were married for 12 years with her knowing her husband is a ghost until the woman started forcing the man to take her to his village and that is where everything happened and man disappeared. A lot of people don't believe stories on yourghoststories are true, some feels it is made up, nooo it is not. It is widely everywhere.
WHAT THE...?!?!?


What is the purpose of posting a story from another forum like a comment without any explanation?

It would be a good idea for you to read the comments guidelines section of the site.

As a sidenote, - is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that a comment of this nature has been upvoted 3 times?
en_chuu - Just because this is your last story to publish, I hope that you are still going to remain on this site and comment on other people's experiences. Please don't do a disappearing act, we've grown fond of you!

You'd be surprised how often it happens that somehow you close yourself off to the paranormal and then out of the blue it once again knocks you over the head. This happened to me. I purposely tried to shut myself off but... Well, after a few years I was right back where I started.

I find it rather amusing that you felt as though you were intruding on the light ball, as though you were invading its space. I've never seen a single ball but I have, on a number of occasions, seen smaller orange balls (about the size of a tennis ball). There must have been about ten of them but they were moving and connecting with with one another and then pulling apart again. This was at my bathroom window. Orbs and lights fascinate me. I've never fully understood their purpose

I've never witnessed shadow beings. The ones you saw were so small. I wonder what they were.

Certainly some weird activity going on in that house.

And oh, before I forget, I look forward to your next encounter when it happens 😊

Regards, Melda
VeronicaMarie in Whispers I Can't Explain
A weird thought about this has been persisting for me lately. Just a little background so this will make some sense. I was raised Catholic, and as many Catholics here will know, in times of stress it's common to pray the Rosary.Β  So with all this virus stuff, and worries about my loved ones, for the past couple of weeks I've recently started praying the Rosary when I'm in bed at night. Whispering it audibly, which I don't normally do when praying.Β And frequently falling asleep in the middle of it, as the Rosary is quite a long repetitive prayer.

The weird thought that came to me was, 'Wait a sec... Was it *me* who I heard whispering and then sleeping that night?Β  Like some sort of foreshadowing of nights to come?' Because there's a certain agitation in my nighttime Rosary whispering, because I am anxiously praying for my loved ones to stay healthy. And some agitation was what I think I heard in the whispers in my story. I may have simply gone completely bonkers, because it's not like I recognized my own voice at the time, only that it was a woman, but this odd wondering is still going on. Partly because there was nobody whispering back to that woman's voice; it was just her.

Thanks for reading this, and for any insights you might have.
Hello blckwdnsdy,

Thank you for taking an interest. I've tried to research about the apartment further to find out about this incident but I was not lucky enough to figure out something. I believe your explanation is probably the accurate according and makes sense of all. I appreciate your thoughts and I've most certainly tried to keep strength a lot of times after this occurence. And I believe I'm recovering a lot since then.

Thank you~
Hello Lfrog1386,

Your words are very kind in my regard. A big thanks for your dearly concern. I'm recovering from my trauma and it's a lot better now atleast. I'm trying to keep myself preoccupied in my married life and not giving this incident much thought.

I still don't know what was that. I wish I had a little extra details to convey to the readers or probably have explained it better and I apologise for that.

Thank you so much for your insight~
Hello VeronicaMarie,

I'm still sceptical of what I've seen that night. Some posters might say that I've had a mere hallucination because of my past trauma but I still suspect how is it possible that my friend and myself had the same illusion. Thank you for your words of consolation. Certainly you don't know how comforting your words are. Thank you for approaching my story and giving your opinion in regard.
Hello Maria,

I certainly recalled hearing footsteps from a distance but the area around my house had a specifically narrow paths between the houses enough for a slim guy to fit in. I believed when I turned around he used to sneak into one of them, but it's hard to understand in which one. I'm a scardey cat so I never bothered going back and looking through as I felt I would be in a greater danger if he attacked me somehow. And it proved to be advantageous to him.

Thank you~
I wish someone can a make horror short film about this story, but not in modern scary type of horror film. Which they tried to fool pepole with the help of lot of jumpscare and so on. I want this story to be shown as first perspective view which would be more scary. 😊
Hola ladyglow!

This will be the 3rd time I type a response to your comment. I don't know why but when I am going to hit preview or submit my comments disappear. Let me try again.

I don't know why this was done to her. I remember hearing that it was because of a male that wanted her attention. Not sure if he is the one who did this to her or it was another woman out of jealousy.

Also not sure what helped her. If it was the priests's blessings and prayers or the brujo.

I spoke to my mother recently and she remembers exactly what I do. To your point, she did tell me that she remembers the family being opposed to bringing the brujo in, the family being very religious and close to their catholic faith. I guess at the end they just wanted to help their daughter and tried everything.

It is so scary to know and have seen myself what harm can be done to a person.

Stay safe.
Hi Spockie,

I'm sure the family tried going to the doctor first. They had to tie her up so she wouldn't hurt herself or others. If these were episodes of schizophrenia then they were temporary because she got better without medical intervention.
Hola Haven.

What a terrifying experience. It's sad to think that someone could resort to witchcraft to hurt the girl.

Do you know if this happened because the guy wanted her to "love" him or if he did it in revenge for her rejection?

It is puzzling that the activity wouldn't stop after the blessings, it's scary to think that, in some instances, religion doesn't seem to offer enough protection during trying times.
Also, I wonder if this case would have been considered suitable to ask for an exorcism.
I'm glad the priest didn't oppose to the brujo's help, in my opinion, sometimes is more effective when people from different faiths work together to solve a problem instead of fighting over whose faith is "the right one".

What unforgettable holidays!
Oh, my gosh. What if that poor child was having episodes of schizophrenia? They had her tied up! Tied up! Did anybody even try to get her to a doctor for evaluation? I hope she is alright today.
I'm super late to the party! I live in Lincroft on the reservoir. I am curious where your old house was... You had to have known one of the Guinessey's if you lived in that area during that era... Please message me back! Also google North American phalanx... It might explain your family's experiences
I'm super late to the party! I live in Lincroft on the reservoir. I am curious where your old house was... You had to have known one of the Guinessey's if you lived in that area during that era... Please message me back!
The heat you mention is what caught my attention. Most often when you hear of physical contact with a spirit, it's a cold sensation. However, the two times that I have had physical contact with a spirit - once hands on either side of my face and the other an arm around my torso (both completely non sexual) - the feeling was warm/hot! I'm not quite sure what this means but I have never come away with a feeling of negativity - quite the opposite, in fact, each left behind a feeling of wellbeing and peace.

Please, as Ladyglow suggested, we would love to have more information to learn more about your experiences.

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