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lady-glow I actually didn't like to eat back then so I was very weak and had very little energy so there are times where I couldn't really move. I didn't attend class that day and there were lights from outside the building so that's how I could see the woman's face. And unfortunately, the girls just throw their pads around the bathroom and it never gets cleaned up and the girls all goes downstairs where they get checked to see if they actually have their periods. I'm sorry for the confusion and I hope I answered your questions.
Sorry I didn't mean cows but crows... But I wanted share about the cow road in texas so you can check it out... That is actually pretty cool and I have seen something similar before... Such a cool experience.
This a very interesting story and I hope you keep all of us posted if anything else happens. I would der if it's a doplanger sorry if my spelling is wrong. I wish you the best and thank you for sharing your story.
8-bitDemigod in Ghosts In The G.i. Lab
I forgot an incident that happened about a year and a half ago. It was such an innocuous event that it slipped my mind. Me and Wade were hanging out on the second floor employee elevator landing just talking, trying to figure out what we were going to do that night when one of the elevator doors opens by itself. That alone isn't weird, people hit the wrong button all the time, what was weird is the fact that the chime that dings when the elevator reaches the floor didn't ding first, the door just opened, stayed open for about a minute, then closed. We just kind of looked at each other and laughed it off, but that always stuck with me as odd.
Awaliyas or Friends of God or Saints and martyrs in Islam are believed to be alive in their graves, their bodies remain intact, they don't decompose, even their shrouds are preserved, they are known to pray in their graves that's what Muslims believe.

"I was extremely sick that it was hard for me to move around... Teachers didn't believe when students were sick most of the time"

How sick were you and what were your symptoms? I know kids can be sneaky but, surely, some illnesses can not be faked nor hidden. Besides, for safety reasons and in order to prevent the spread of any contagious disease, the school should take the due precautions when one student is sick, or so I assume.

Did you attend class during the day or did you stay in bed all day? If the former, didn't the teacher/s notice your state?, if the latter, didn't anyone notice your absence?

Did you have a fever? Could the lady-in-need-of-a-dentist, or the whole episode, have been a hallucination? If the lights were off, how did you manage to see the color of the woman's teeth?

According to "Islamic Perspective on Menstruation" (

"A woman who is in her monthly cycle cannot:

1. Perform the five prescribed prayers (Salat al Fard) (prayers missed due to menstruation do not have to be made up) "

Why would the girls in their period would have to go to prayer instead of being excused?

I find the plot of your story too questionable, specially the part where "that bathroom tends to be littered with pads"... I hope you mean the pads were in trashcans and not on the floor, I would expect any girl to be more discreet and considerate toward the people around her when disposing of her soiled feminine napkins.
Hi Orchidea - Is this your previous story?


In my opinion, this was just a nightmare and, perhaps, you scratched yourself during/before your sleep.

It would be a good idea to keep a journal of these dreams and see if they follow a pattern. Try to register if they happen after you read/watch spooky information or when you're going through a stressful situation.
If too frequent, perhaps you should consider going to a sleep clinic.
CASPR2015 in Spirits Follow Me
Hello Hailey. My name is Christina, and I believe I may be able to provide some answers to you. But first, can I just ask how old you were when your mother reportedly used the Ouija board?
CASPR2015 in More Happenings
Hello Jake. My name is Christina, and I believe I can help you. I am a Celtic Eclectic Wiccan and paranormal researcher. If you are still looking for advice on this, seeking answers or help, feel free to email me, and we can discuss in a more private setting.
hi Bibliothecarius thanks for that I did check and no one has never heard of him but still checking still know a lot of staff from that time but I can back up the storys as I did most night time work the one with lift in I used sit up there for hours and heared things and the smell too as security I was on my own a lot
silverknight in Spirits Follow Me
Hello Haileyh252. First of all thank you for sharing your story here. I am no pro, just an avid reader of these kind of stories. I will try to share my thoughts about your situation. Wow there are lots of details here so let's start with the nightmare. Science first then. My question may sound dumb but I will ask anyway. Do you eat snacks when nearing bedtime? If yes then it can lead to nightmares. Now for the supernatural. When you wake from your nightmares, do you wake up with cold sweat and the feeling of like being struck by a defibrillator during CPR? If yes then most probably those dreams aren't just random friendly harmless ones.

You mentioned when you were young you kept asking your folks about ghosts. I think you may have a slightly developed sixth sense or third eye compared to the average person, thus making you feel it.

The issue with the house that your parents said they bought new is that we don't know what was there or what happened there long ago. Long ago as in 50 years or more prior to your house getting built there. There could still be some residual negative energy there due to the history of that place.

That witch you mentioned somehow bothers me because it is recurring and at the same time your sister experienced it too. Therefore it leads me to think it's not some random thing. The odds that you two having exact nightmare is very slim under normal circumstances.

Now to the ouija board. Sorry if I sound like ranting here but since you have mentioned it, I will say what I think of it. I don't know why, but maybe I am a weakling but I would never ever have anything to do with it. What I find surprising is that it is being easily sold around toy shops in your country. Is it because you are in the United States and being a free and liberal country, this thing is readily available and not prohibited. It's just like giving kids a gun, albeit a spiritual one. But we as humans or not just body, we got soul too. The board won't mess your body like a physical gun but it will mess your soul. Many people seem to think what could go wrong with an ouija board, it's harmless, those spirit stuff are just made up. This is the problem, the arrogance (sorry for the lack of a better word) toward treating it leads to contempt. These spirits when called upon may feel offended that they are being toyed with and therefore try to cause harm to show their anger for being disrespected.

The bottle hitting your step dad can be seen from two sides. First, it's just plain coincidence and nothing more. Second is it seems like the spirit trying to answer back at his 'challenge' statement. To do a test if the second view is correct, one can try issuing more challenges but it would be really unwise to do so as you wouldn't know if it can get worse. I feel that respect is important as there are beings that existed way before we do and we not seeing them does not equate to they aren't present.

Now on to the hospital incident. This again shows you got stronger sixth sense than the average person. Maybe the soul of your boyfriend's cousin felt that you were the easiest one to send a message through and therefore you heard the words of regret in your mind. When my grandmother on dad's side died, friends came to the wake. One person in particular frozed on the doorstep to the chapel. We were puzzled why he seemed pale and didn't proceed to enter the chapel. Later on he said he saw my grandma's soul walking around her own coffin.

Now for some help. How about carrying a pack of sea salt or rock salt in your pocket all the time. Try placing bowls of it also inside the house, especially the areas where you sense the most negative feeling. Lastly, I don't know your religion but I think regular prayer would help. I have read from fellow members here about another member named Rookdyjin. Try to look up his profile in this site. There are methods of cleansing mentioned in detail. I think it would greatly help you as those methods are very similar to what I have read and heard in my country. What I want to say is if it works in different countries then probably it's not BS haha.

Lastly, if you got time, please share more of your stories with us. Peace. 😊
Hi, Haileyh252

What made you ask your parents if you had ghosts in your house? You say that was the first sign something was wrong.

I honestly cannot associate having nightmares with being haunted. People have them all the time, especially children. There seems to be something really terrifying about closets. Closets and under the bed are the first things parents check when reassuring their children there are no ghosts or monsters lurking. I think a lot of our fears manifest in dreams.

When you saw the shadow, could it have been coming from the outside of the house? I know I have scared myself silly with shadows that are cast by cars passing by or people passing by.

The incident with the bottle thrown is weird and scary.

How old were you when your mom 'played' with the Ouija board? You say you are "sensitive", is it because of the experiences in this story?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to better understand why you would think spirits follow you.

Sleeping-with-steve in A Visit By A Strange Woman
Hello SilverKnight,

Point taken. Only those who were there, really know I guess. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Hello Sleeping-with-steve and RSAChick, you both have valid points in this situation. The problem with things like this is that there are real paranormal events at times but there are also imagined ones. I am believer but I do keep an open mind to keep me from being disillusioned. This reminds of me the problem Catholic priests who deal with exorcism encounters. To distinguish if the victim is indeed possessed or just plain mentally ill.

Sometimes people mistake an occurrence as supernatural related or even fake it to gain something out of it. It sort of reminds me of those many Scooby-Doo cartoon episodes where it always ends up a fake ghost or monster.

Now with respect to oohfreaky's story which is a personal experience, I am leaning towards believing that what she and her cousin saw was a genuine ghost or one of those tormented souls. What happened that time is really beyond normal.
Sleeping-with-steve in A Visit By A Strange Woman
Hello RSAChick,

I didn't see that until you pointed it out, but yes it looks like the image changes at the very end. It's hard to make out what's going on when you watch it several times.

Thanks again.

Best wishes

😘 ❀ 😘
vulcan10 in Outside The Window
I don't live to far from tulsa. I grew up in a house that many things would happen. But I got used to them and didn't pay them no mind. They didn't seem evil just curious or went about their business. What part of tulsa was it in?
I'm no expert but super sceptic.
So, I agree with the video expert - blurring.

See the image 'change' to the male as the bike exits the frame.
I don't know if I'd believe in this "guides" stuff. Somewhere along the line people who probably aren't well in the head start spewing stuff then others just follow along. Your dream may have been a premonition. Seeing other human like beings in those I have no idea about and no one else does either because we the living are not specialist on this area. Never will be. And by the way, humans do not become angels. Never have, never will. Two separate things! I hope your husband gets better. I have taken bp meds for at least 22 years now. I never have them effect me like that. Never once. I have heard that if it's not the correct one or his body interracts with it in a bad way he should try another one. But what he experiences seems extreme. What if he passed out at work? Hope he doesn't do anything that would get him hurt because of that. I'd look into a change of medication. I also walk every day. Have been for years. I do about 6 miles a day now and don't usually need my meds anymore. Also lost weight because of it and changed my diet. Hope the best for ya'll but don't buy into any nonsense.
Haven in Long Trip
Well, you were right about something, Mohammed. This does sound fake...;
Sleeping-with-steve in A Visit By A Strange Woman
Hello Silvernight and RSAChick,

I just watched the clips and looked at the photos on the links. It's clear a woman was on the back of the bike. Very scary ineed.😱

Thank you for posting the links.

😘 ❀ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in A Visit By A Strange Woman
Hello RSAChick,

Thank you for replying so quickly. I really appreciate you posting that Link. I'll check it out it out now.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
To RSAChick, nice find on the english article and video. About the date stamp, it seems to be correct as that incident happened Feb. 10, 2019. I found another video from a local tv program featuring this incident too.

Here is the link:

There seems to be no clear conclusion at the end of the segment. It only gave the two sides of what people think. One side is the grandfather and local residents saying the white lady was a common sighting in that area. Paranormal expert saying that he senses an entity living in the abandoned house on that part of the road. Lastly a video expert saying the lady looking figure riding in the back of the motorcycle in the video could possibly be just the blurring of motion only.
Here is the english article:

And a link to the clip on YouTube:
Yes that song was composed by Henry viii and became one of the most popular classical songs of all time. He'd make a fortune in royalties these days;-D Great story!
Sleeping-with-steve in A Visit By A Strange Woman
Hello OoohFreaky & RSAChick,

Can you post a link to your YouTube video please. I did several searches and couldn't find any clips.

I enjoyed reading your post.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
That's very interesting! Even more interesting than my story, I think.
That reminds me of another possibly paranormal incident surrounding this property. When I was about 3, my friend next door (also 3) and I had an imaginary friend we called something like "Beh-Geiss" or "Beh-Geist." I think geist is Dutch for ghost.
Hi Tweed.
Thank you, yes I hope someday I see somthing like that
I did not see color just pure white
ghostlovertejas in Building Full Of Ghosts
Hi sheetal can you please let me know details of the place as I stay in Nilgiris
building in kalyan and never heard about this incident though I have experienced some unusual activities myself in the building so that would help me out with an explanation. 😲 😲
silverknight in Motorcycle Accident
Hello Pasindu. Sorry for the untimely lost of your friend. Just like what majarlika012 mentioned, your story rings familiar to what happened in the Philippines weeks ago. Motorcycle accident involving a rider and his passenger both male and CCTV footage showed a white lady sitting behind the driver right before impact. Driver died on the spot but the passenger survived.

There could be other non paranormal causes for this accident prone area as RSAChick mentioned. It could be the road design flaw or lack of lighting since that accident happened at night. But there is also the paranormal twist, since you mentioned in the past a couple died there and accidents and death started to happen regularly. Some cultures believe that the soul of the dead is trapped in that spot and can only move on or be free if someone new takes his/her place.
All the time that I keept mentioning my grand dad I actually meant my great grand father. He was the father of my grandma.
that's what I was thinking too. I've had similarly vivid dreams coming off this medication, but this is the first time it felt and sounded like someone in the room.
Hi Everyone,

Sorry, been busy a bit and could not reply you all, Shan was informed by Police that there is CCTV footage of the accident. Then only he told me to take him there to check it by our self's.
Police told its just an accident and nothing much.
The Area is Matthegoda near the filling station there is a concrete light post.
There is nothing on internet to search for regarding the accidents of that place. But if anyone can go there I'm sure the filling station workers will tell about the accidents.

Thank you all for your comments!
Ambrotos in Co-passenger
Why didn't you show him his number in your received calls list? Please don't tell me now that it disappeared automatically.
Interesting experience, some of my ancestors were Dutch settlers in the NY area before the US existed.
Thanks for the link, silverknight.

Apologies to oohfreaky that we are having another discussion in your story's comments.
My comment may be removed if the mods decide to do so.

I found an english version article and the video on YouTube.
Seems to me that it could actually be the driver of the motorcycle that is seen in the video. The quality is poor so it looks like a creepy woman but actually it may just be the slightly distorted image of the driver.

Also, the date stamp on the video doesn't make sense.
Donald_Trumpet in Long Trip
It hurts giving this story the benefit of the doubt. πŸ˜•
But it made me laugh. 😁 😁
Hi Pasindu, this is not a boring story!

Others here have mentioned the previous accidents' footage - how come you did not ask to see the footage as proof of the shop owner's claims?
And can you go back and see or even get the footage?

There could be other than paranormal reasons for someone to look behind them - a loud sudden sound for example.
Ladyglow is right - the police should be involved to investigate the cause of these many deaths.
Hi Maisiemoo, your story is well written. I enjoyed reading this. The babies' clothes in the walls is a sad and creepy thing. I never knew this was a custom. Does anyone know if this was unique to the UK?

Maisiemoo, can you recall if the music was a voice humming, or an instrument/s?
Your theory of it being a lullaby would make sense to me if it was a voice. Perhaps a residual haunting of a mom singing to her baby at the same time each night. However, your sadness on the last night might indicate more than just residual energy.

Do you perhaps know how old the house is?
Greensleeves is a folk song from the 1580s and already well known in the 1600s. So this haunting could be from hundreds of years ago.

Interesting story, thanks.
majarlika012 in Motorcycle Accident
Pasindu, I've heard similar stories but happened here in the Philippines. Nice story.
majarlika012 in Trolled By A Ghost?
The whispering itself is scare especially if you there's no one else but you in a room. But this one, I think I'd blame the alcohol and you mentioned that you haven't had a good sleep for days, right?
Hi Sushantkar,

Thanks for reading my story. I have heard about chudail, I have spent a part of my life in North too... They both are same or different I really don't know, I thought mohinis are like succubs but are human spirit... I don't know the history of the house, I use to think the entity was responsible for the house owners issue.
vulcan10 in Grandpa's Camera
This story is interesting. But I'm curious about the film. If I came across older undeveloped film especially from a relative, the first thing I would do would be to find someone to develope it. And I don't care what I had going on with my life I'd make time to do that. Just sayin.
lady-glow in Motorcycle Accident
I don't know if things are done differently in your country but, wouldn't it make more sense for the shop owner to provide the video to the police to be used by their forensic team?

I agree with the previous poster, it would be interesting to review whatever recorded history of the accidents that have taken place in that location. Is there a chance to find the news reports in the internet?
If, I have to believe your story, then you would have to believe that a giant cockroach once swallowed-up the entire city of New York. 😁 😁
sunsetsister in The Man Is Back
I, like so many people have taken quite an interest in the power that you believe the bible is having over this situation. I am not going to confirm nor deny that it is working for you. Right or wrong, here are my thoughts. I am an empath. Although I feel that I have created enough barriers in my mind that I often have to be pretty dialed in unless it takes me by surprise or is a small thing. My point really is about barriers. You have created a talisman of sorts by setting stock in your bible and potentially for this reason nothing occurs whilst it is near you or because of the strength you believe it has, you don't see or hear anything.
We do this with many things. A baseball bat by the bed for protection for instance. If someone surprises you or comes with a gun the bat is rendered fairly useless BUT it makes you feel better just by having it there. You feel secure knowing that you have a weapon there and you sleep soundly. This could be a very similar thing. The power of the mind is pretty spectacular.

My next point I wanted to raise. At times in my life when things are particularly hectic or negative things happen, I find that I am far more susceptible to the paranormal than at other times. Particularly if I hold anger over something or am grievously upset. It harms your defenses and it also attracts negative energy. I would suggest that your girlfriend very much needs to seek out ways to try and resolve things that have happened in the past. Much of the time we all feel that we can get through these things by ourselves and I am sure that she has excellent coping mechanisms but unresolved issues can fester and could be an attractant.
Wishing you all the best:)
year_long_summer - Thanks for your much appreciated comment 😊

I did mention another incident re Vic but haven't shared it as it seemed a little too personal. It centres around a rather heated argument between my husband and myself; no screaming, shouting, use of profanities etc but I felt that perhaps it might be like airing the dirty laundry.

However I would love to meet a couple who doesn't have rather heated arguments at times, so I think that I might share that experience soon. Thanks for jogging my memory!

Regards, Melda
Can someone share the pictures of the graveyard? Because Google said to their amazement, their satellite camera got switched off automatically when they tried to take pictures of the graveyard.
Ambrotos in Pakyong
I want to ask one question here. Some of the spirits they just appear and disappear and don't harm anyone. What if we try to communicate when they show up?😜😜😜
countrybamagirl5 in Watchers "fallen Angel's"
Love the story& it's simple and very real.
I personally believe in ghosts and in paranormal activity
countrybamagirl5 in Watchers "fallen Angel's"
I believe that the experience is very real & things like this really do happen!
freakedoutfreddy in Motorcycle Accident
Could you post where those accidents have happened? I don't want to drive that road ever in my life, and I'm curious to know how many people have lost their lives there, link? 😜

Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle

The renaming of Salem Village has become an opportunity for Salem Town to cash in on the name's creepy/sinister associations. My wife bought me an excellent brocade coat with pewter buttons when we were there. (Hey, Tweed: does that count as "Goth"? Probably not. πŸ˜‰) The irony being that we passed the Visitor Information Center when a flat-bed trailer had been set up as a stage, with (well-intentioned) Christians decrying the celebration of "evil" over the speakers; I asked my wife, "Don't they realize that their opinions are what caused the fuss in the first place?" She called me a "menace" and dragged me about a 1/4 mile by my elbow so I wouldn't rile up the crowd.

The village, later town, of Danvers continued to have a powerful effect on American culture. Danvers State Hospital (a hulking Kirkbride structure) scared the hell out of Bob Kane, who paired the building with the name of H.P. Lovecraft's imagined Cape Cod town to create one of my favorite fictional locations: Arkham Asylum. When the old Danvers State Hospital was shut down to be renovated into apartments, an independent thriller/horror movie called "Session 9" was filmed there.

While I usually don't care for David Caruso as an actor, he really is great as the crew chief performing asbestos removal. The creepiest part is that the audio recordings played in the film were actual patient interviews found on-site. If you & Mrs. CB are in the mood for a movie night, I do recommend giving it a viewing.

IceMom in Courtner Road
"Old man Cortner" (at least spell it right please) was my great uncle. I spent time in that house as a child. He never did any of these things. His wife died of dementia, and all his children were alive when he passed and attended his funeral. Good grief. Stay off drugs.
year_long_summer in His Name Is Vic
First of all, Melda, I applaud your ability to relate your stories. You give enough detail so that one feels as if one were there with the young you, shrieking bloody murder at the visitation from the balcony in your sister's room, or facing the gentle, harmless spirit of Vic and his desire to find some way out of the loop he was stuck in.
In the latter tale, you alluded to a tale that you would save for another date -
"So this is where I reach the end of life with Vic. There was in fact another incident but that can be told separately. I'm not sure that the culprit was Vic on that occasion."
- and I wonder if any of these other tales are that one?
sushantkar in Long Trip
Look like a super C grade movie with rotting end. Spoiled my evening.
I don't know what you experienced but I can surely state that you all were out of your minds.
Love to visit Salem! Frankly I found that "secret" passage (in The House of Seven Gables), confining shall we say?

We stayed three or four nights at a "haunted" B & B. Other than creaking pipes and a rather large and less than stealthy cat I heard nothing in the night. However most of the guests shared their haunted experiences in the morning over coffee and muffins. For the most part I wrote off their tales as the cat moving around - like I said less than stealthy. I saw, and see, no reason to bust their ghosts.

I have to say that I was far more impressed by the Maritime History than the witch history (which actually happened in what is now Danvers). The Derby House and the Bowditch House were really impressive to me, however I was a qualified navigator in the CG so Bowditch was really big in my life.
_Wraith_ in Long Trip
Dude, I think you should stop smoking weed!LOL!ROFL! Seriously This story was tripping.
RSAChick in Long Trip
I have often seen photos of funny road signs from around the world. I would really like to see a photo of this one: " If you find any unusual creatures, please don't turn back or react to them. Beware of supernatural activities".

Mohammed, can you provide such a photo?
I cannot find anything on the internet of such a sign existing.
Would be interesting to see.
Had to go back to the house today after what I thought was a break in, a neighbour called about the large shed in the backs door being open. Will I was definitely surprised to find a dead body in the house looked like they pulled off one off the boards covering a downstairs window. The police are obviously having to investigate this so cannot divulge to much info.
freakedoutfreddy in Long Trip
No offense bro, this looks more like tall tales than a long trip. 😁 😁 😁
Wow? I've searched for pictures of this graveyard and what can I say? Just wow. It is beautiful.
majarlika012 in Long Trip
I was searching if there are any similar stories posted online about a route from Nanded going to Hyderabad. I found none. I also searched what area is 25 km distance from Nanded. I found Kharadi, Dighi, Hinjewadi Phase 1 Road. I am not from India so I am not really familiar with these places. I am just assuming from the facts that maybe it happened from one of these routes. I actually remember Jeepers Creepers from this story though it was more morbid haha. Kidding aside, if it was REALLY a true story, if I were you, I don't know what I would do. Also, I agree with lady-glow. It was weird that a signage was posted after all the things you've experienced. Was there scarier experience after you saw the post? I'm quite skeptical though. Was there any other people with similar stories/experiences in that place? Lastly, how did you get out from that road?
have you tried asking for a house blessing? Or tried cleansing as others havee suggested in most of the stories here?
Miracles51031 in Pillow Talk
Jubilee and Rex-T - You may remember I live in a mobile home; exterior is vinyl siding but has aluminum ductwork, straps to tie it down, etc. There is nothing else under except ground.

My bed has a wood frame with steel rails and wooden slats. The floor is covered with laminate flooring. I'm trying to think if there is anything that could create these sounds or be a conduit and I am coming up with nothing, which is why I appreciate and consider all theories.

I've been sitting here trying to figure out if the ductwork to my floor vent could be a conductor but I don't think it is. πŸ€” The head of my bed is approximately 20' from the floor vent and the ductwork ends at the vent. I can understand the vent could be the explanation for the buzzing sound when my bed is against my windows, which is about 3' from the vent but not for the past umpteen months.

Yes, Rex, the music and pillow talk take place in the same home. I'm open to all suggestions and am trying them, debunking possibilities when I can. After reading through my Journal, I realize these happen during the night as well as morning. I think only once was I not fully awake when this has happened. Fully awake to me is when I am conscious of what is going on around me and have been at least for several minutes.

I'm getting ready to submit another along this same line. It being just a little different πŸ˜‰
With all due respect,
The first thing that came to my mind while reading this submission was like, "What happens when someone tries to connects their fantasy with real life", We find something like this.

"Suddenly the weather changed, the wind got a little weird" if someone visited to J&K they would know that due to the mountainous area and high altitude, sudden and rapid changes in weather are quite natural and oftenly reported.

"Nobody knew where the group of crows came from. Those crows were flying just above the graveyard. They made a circle around it in the sky, I tried to click that picture but to our amazement, everyone phone got switched off automatically", may be the crows were summoned by Saroman that is why all the mobiles goes disfuntional.
Surprisingly, an account created 10th of this month put comment just to authenticate that "he" also visited that place where the bural ground was, is quite strange and I must say what a coincidence.

sushantkar in The Women In White
Hello Cthulhu, Your submission was well narrated. From the authors belonging from down south often wrote about Mohini. I belong from Northern part of the country where we generally use the term "Chudail" whose meaning in english is Witch. What I have found (which could be wrong) that Mohini, Chudail are synonyms of Witch. Characteristics of Mohini or Chudail are almost the same. They both are elusive and have power to lure their victims into wilderness and kill by deception.
However, as much as I have read about Mohini, they do not inhabit/haunt a particular place. Rather than they rome in the wilderness where she haunt people who are traveling either alone or are separated from their group (as said in the tales or folklores).

I think there must have been an accident between that woman and her husband who lived separated, whose direct or indirect relationship must have been related to sighting of Mohini.
Have you tried to dig some history of that place?

Miracles51031 in Pillow Talk
CuriousDee - LOL at times I think we all sound a bit like a loon even though we know we're not 😜

This is why I started my Journal almost 20 years ago. Putting in writing things that I couldn't explain or understand has helped me, even though there are still things I can't explain. Sharing them on YGS and with friends made here has certainly helped ease the "Oh My God! I'm crazy!" feeling. I honestly like knowing other people, like you, share similar experiences.

I need to keep better track of the time I hear the noises versus the last time I remember being awake.
Miracles51031 in Pillow Talk
DandK - no, I don't wear jewelry to bed and don't own a watch. I don't even wear earrings anymore.

The only thing that could possibly account for a strange noise by my bed would be my cell phone but I always turn the notification and call ringers off. I hate being disturbed by notifications when I'm sleeping LOL But I don't think my phone is the culprit because it hasn't always been on the nightstand by my bed. My phone's location is determined by the arrangement of my furniture and sometimes my bed and nightstand aren't side by side. I've also upgraded my phone several times since the first time I remember hearing something from under my pillow.

Thank you for your thoughts 😊
Miracles51031 in Pillow Talk
I am so sorry. I didn't realize I hadn't responded to many of you. I will do that ASAP.
majarlika012 in Pssst! I Heard It Too!
Donald_Trumpet, It's voice is far from the sound of a bug;) it's really a very clear voice of a person.
not_ready - what flying cows are you talking about?!?!? The OP never mentions any cows in her narrative.

Crow: "any of various large usually entirely glossy black passerine birds (family Corvidae and especially genus Corvus) "

Cow: "a domestic bovine animal regardless of sex or age."

...but then, if you don't seem to know the difference between "there" and "they're"...

Maggirockz - long time no see.

"this graveyard is of Muslim's and they are loyal to their prayers, so loyal that even death can't stop them."

I'm not sure what to make of these words, was the man implying that the birds were the spirits of the people buried in that cemetery?

According to the Muslim view of afterlife, only the spirits of people who died like martyrs go directly to heaven, and the rest have to stay by their bodies until the day of resurrection. I really don't know if spirits taking the shape of animals befits the Islamic beliefs.

I find the article in the following link very interesting:


Personally, I think it would be interesting to spend more days there and see if the crows behave the same way always during prayer time.

Regardless of this being a paranormal event or not, it sounds like an interesting event to witness.

Thanks for sharing.
Toyatoyang in The Little School Boy
Hi majarlika012. The place is in SJDM. Near the Cathedral. 😊

Hi, Nectarvore. Yes, that what I was thinking too. As an older sister to a young boy, that what I was really hoping too.

Hello lady-glow and RCRuskin. I want to feel sorry that I was not able to speak to him or what not. I just hope, if he really isn't a living person, his soul is now resting in peace. 😟
Toyatoyang in Silhouette
Hi guys!

Sorry as I was away for a while. The name of the school is our Lady of Fatima University, Lagro campus in QC.

As for the history, my apologies, but I know nothing about when, how it was built or what used to be standing in the location. But what I am sure of is a lady is roaming the corridor in the 7th floor. 😊

I did return to Canada after coming home and being with my family for a few weeks and farewelling my grandfather. I stayed in Canada a further two years, my parents visiting me there the following year and the year after that I made the final trip home to Australia after the breakdown of my relationship. In fact I know now in my heart that I was always supposed to come home for good when I did as I was home a few months later when my Nan passed. I was supposed to be home for that.
I have now lived back home in Australia for 7 years, I have a son who is 5 and have just this week finished building a house of my own with my partner. We have a good life here but I will always be at home in Canada just as much as I am here. I can't wait to take my family and show them all of the beautiful places I visited and lived in.
HAhahahahah Flaying cows... Here in Texas we have a ghost road of cows. People often get into many accidents thinking there alive...
Hi Alya,

Because of your age it sounds like you've got some poltergeist activity going on. Unfortunately it's common during adolescence. You can calm it down with a cleansing routine of your choosing.

Here's one pasted from one of our members profile page. Many people use this method. You can make it your own, or do exactly as it is. It will give you an idea of how cleansing and shielding works.


"Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.) "
Hi Chuckz,

This is great, adding to it faves. Love hearing about stuff like this. Could you make out any colour in his white mist?

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing.
the22centuryboi in Seeing Black Shadows
I second RANDYM. In showbiz, people get paid to keep an audience hooked on. Rather there are many times where the GAC can be seen over reacting or blowing things out of proportion. I basically find that these shows are really good for entertainment but they mislead people. I couldn't agree more with what RANDYM said about the mocking of the Holy Trinity. Anyway that being said, let me try to help you in some way. I did read the activity has stopped. Has the activity ceased since then? One way to make sure it is not people or an animal is to use chalk dust or talcum powder or even corn flour in the suspected areas. This not only helps isolate false positives but also shows the path taken by whatever it was. Just an idea that works. Let me know if indeed the incidents have stopped.
the22centuryboi in The Djinn
Nice story Aisyah. I have heard about Djinns a lot in my town in India. It is said that girls shouldnt go out in the night with the hair let loose. It seems Djinns like girls with hair let loose. Though I don't belong to that religion, nor do I practise a religion as such, could you shed some light on the Djinns?

I also want to thank all the other members who commented. It is always good to have knowledge shared like this. It helps a lot of people judge for themselves what is right or wrong. Thanks all.
the22centuryboi in Shadows On Sentosa
Thanks a ton, Jubeele. Its amazing that there are so many of the haunts I never heard about. Certainly one place I felt creepy was the overhead walkway over PIE leading to Tampines. Gave me goosebumps always if I crossed it at night. I heard from some locals that there was a suicide there. I did search for any article pointing to the suicide but found none. It maybe my acrophobia as well.

Glad you enjoyed reading my account. Strong emotions do seem to leave a lingering imprint behind. I've felt sadness in other battlefields before. The strongest impression I had was at Drumossie Moor, Scotland, where the Battle of Culloden took place in 1746. I generally avoid such places now. Too much anger, fear and sadness for me. 😒

Sentosa Island is worth a visit for its various activities. I've been to a few chalets there in the past and they did feel slightly "off". I thought at the time it was because they were old colonial buildings with rising damp issues or bad airflow. I wonder if my family and I had sensed the shadowy memory of a soldier, keeping guard at his last post? I think the beach on Sentosa might be worth a visit; Operation Sook Ching could have left some strong impressions.

I've compiled for you a list of the better-known haunted locations in Singapore. I've felt fine with most of them. A few did feel quite creepy or it could just be my imagination; I didn't stick around to find out. 😨

I've added this because it has the additional stories behind the hauntings at MRT stations. Could be urban myths. But you never know...

Do let us know if you encounter anything interesting. 😊
Hello Thirteenstars15,

Nice story. It has been seen that psychic abilities like other abilities run in families. Maybe one day, when we understand the DNA further we would be able to answer why it is so. I am sorry to hear that your sister attempted suicide. Entities are drawn to emotions and I am sure your sister must have had a lot of emotions going through her mind when she attempted suicide. So that may answer why the entity was seen and felt by your sister only. And in cases, it maybe something that binds your sister with the entity. Maybe the entity was from somebody who committed suicide and repented later. In a way, the entity maybe fulfilling its task on earth. Some of the questions I have though. Why did the helper invite in the entity? How was the entity not malicious? Was it invited with a malicious intent? I am not sure you got all the answers from your aunt. And I am glad your sister is getting better. Do reply when you have the time. Cheers.
the22centuryboi in The Children At Cairnhill
Hello Jubeele,

Again, like the way you weave history in your story. It would be a pleasure maybe some day if we could share a cup of coffee over stories like these. I am not a major history buff in terms of dates but stories like these have always caught my fantasy. And as I said in my comment for your other story, imprints of certain memories on time are the most common type of haunting. But considering the children responded to your uncle and gave a strange look back, I wonder is it is just an imprint. I am sure there must some of the people who lived back in the day and died, but are not aware they were dead. Souls do feel trapped in such situations. And death was so unpredictable back in the day. It was really nice to read another of your stories. Cheers.
the22centuryboi in Shadows On Sentosa
Hello Jubeele,

From my experience of places of war, there are strong human emotions left behind in such places. Just like a graveyard is creepy with all the emotions that mourners feel out there. Sometimes, these emotions can be strong enough to leave a trace behind. So this is imprinted on time like on a cassette tape, replaying over and over again. It is accentuated if the place is close to water. I liked your story as it talks a lot about the history of the place. I am making a list of haunted places I want to visit in Singapore. This one would certainly make the cut. But I am sure this place has been replaced by some other structure. Its a pity that many a times buildings with historic significance have to be replaced. My two cents though. Nicely worded and good flow in your narrative.

I had the same situation but with three black figure of white glowing eyes in a sleep paralysis, but only one hovered over me. I thought I was the only one, no one could explain it to me.

Shadows tend to be attracted by the living's aura or blood, since they're not fully living, they say.
morbiddaisies in Evil In The Store Room
[at] Lady-Glow Thank you for the welcome.

I have other stories about this property that I will upload soon. There's a couple more to tell.

I'm not sure if they ever got the place blessed or had done anything with it. I know that they did get a local priest to pray over the house and the property but that's about it.

[at] Meldel - Nigel, Johannesburg.
alshaad in Trapped 2
To be true to you, there are much details which I do not know myself and it was a very long time...
But what I can tell is that a friend found her because that as much I know. Both of my paternal grandparents passed away years ago and all these details went with them. Being from a Christian family, I think that God has everything planned for us.
Hello salsapicante. Thank you for sharing your story here. Did your dogs behaved strangely during this incident or past days prior to this? Like what lady-glow mentioned, animals will most likely sense the presence of something supernatural before we do.
hi! I'm from jammu... And I have also visited paddri with my family... And I have seen that graveyard what you are talking about... But when I was there that time there were no prayers going on so I didn't experience anything like that! But I remember it was quite different because there were no boundaries! It was nice to read your experience that also where I have visited! 😁 so I can relate to your story quite a littleπŸ™Œ
Hi Salsapicante,

I wondered if this dinner table near your bed, or perhaps a wall mirror, might have reflected an image, and you thought it was something else.

Having a disturbing night, fighting with your pillow, may have confused your thinking, momentarily. Then confusion, in what you thought you saw.

I am curious, and I have a question. What made you write and publish this quick event, just thirty minutes after it happened. Are you a regular reader of YGS? If not, how did you find us so quickly. We welcome you to YGS, what ever the case.

I agree with Lady-glow, keeping a journal is beneficial, where you can later look and compare events.

Asleep that's a good question you asked I will answer it later as my board exams are on full swing.
Hello salsapicante and welcome to YGS.

It's hard to know what this was based on the little information provided in your narrative.

You think you "see/hear things" but, is it because you live in a haunted place or because you are a sensitive?
This information would be important to determine if what you saw was you having an out of body experience, or if something else "copied" your appearance.

Animals are known to be more sensitive than humans when it comes to the paranormal, but it seems than your dogs didn't notice anything strange.

Even if you're sure you were awake, this could had been an image produce by the hypnogenic state of your mind.

It would be a good idea to start a journal of these experiences and to perform a cleansing/blessing of your place.
lady-glow in Long Trip
Oh my... Where should I start?

"On one particular point, we noticed a dark glowing thing (or you can call it as a creature)."
Could you be more specific about this "thing"? Are you sure it wasn't some sort of artifact reflecting the light from the car?

"He pointed his finger somewhere inside the jungle... It was a tall creature on huge flames and dancing across the streets."


An area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation, typically in the tropics.

If that area was a jungle, there shouldn't be any streets; if there were streets, it was not a jungle.
Anyway, I'm glad the fire-creature didn't start a forest fire.

" If you find any unusual creatures, please don't turn back or react to them. Beware of supernatural activities".

Are you suggesting that the sign is placed at the end of the road and not at the entrance, or do you mean it gets worse on the stretch of the road after the board?
If the former, someone should post a warning sign before entering the road, if the latter - Wow, it's hard to imagine anything scarier than the 'encounters' on the first part of the road.

I don't know, it seems that people in that area either is nowhere to be seen when in need, or they show up just to scare whoever might be around.

"This might sound weird or fake but" - is it true?
sn-e-ha in The Riddled Hill
Hey can you specify exactly what place is this? (Even I'm from mumbai)
That's creepy at least That ghost have a strange sense of humor I love the username and story to 😨
Bibliothecarius in Biblio At Warwick Castle
Hi, Cuddlebear!

Don't apologize for being late to the party; it's still an open discussion, and I regularly check up on my last 20 posts or so.

The funny thing about this experience is that I saw this sparkly object drifting in my peripheral vision, looked up at it (yes, "up" because five feet *was* upwards for me until middle school). It wasn't slow, but not particularly brisk, either. (It moved across the room about the speed I'd use if I don't want to do a job but I've mustered up the determination to get it done.)

At that point, I had absolutely no idea that this could be a ghost manifestation, nor an orb phenomenon. It was something drifting across the room and I wondered where it was going. It wasn't until it reacted to my following it by shooting off upward & backward through the closed glass window that I realized that there was anything odd about it. I'd wanted to see what it was, but my pursuit of it essentially ended any possibility of finding out.

The windows, as I recall them, didn't shine directly into the middle of the room, rather they were all slightly off to the sides of the room in angled niches because of the thickness of the tower walls. I don't think it was a natural object reflecting direct sunlight because of the electric/metallic look of the thing.

Like you, I have gone to a couple of famed haunted sites to seek out any supernatural creepiness. My wife accompanied me on a late-afternoon tour of The House of Seven Gables in Salem, MA, on Halloween, and the scariest thing that happened was a rather stout man got a bit stuck going up the "secret" staircase from the parlor. Four or five years later, we did the "Ghost Tour" at the Mark Twain house in Hartford; that house is stunning! However, despite the dimmed lighting for "atmosphere," nothing triggered my senses/shields. Hell, I'd have loved to interact with the ghost of one of his cats, but nothing happened.

The oddest things seem to happen when I'm least expecting them. If you've not read "My Parents' Second House," I spent a week sleeping next to haunted woodland in a boy scout camp, with no creepy events, then got terrified by poltergeist-type phenomenon after I got back home. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it; weird stuff just happens.

Donald_Trumpet in The Nursing Lady Part 2
Kiddo, this was an entertaining read though, to be honest, I doubt it really happened. Nice try. 😜
That's weird. Where did this happen? I'd like to read about the history and traditions of that place. I think India is a country with a very reach culture.
Donald_Trumpet in Scary Events
Who lives there now? You could ask if unexplained things have happen to them.
Donald_Trumpet in Graduating Ghost
I'm glad the ghost girl walks the hallways of the school, it would be scary to see her attending class.
Nice read.

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