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Sleeping-with-steve in Bathing Princess
Hello Bart43,

Are you able to find out from neighbours who still live in the area if there were any deaths or drownings in well?

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Cuddlebear in Kitten Ghost

An intriguing tale... Have you recently lost a cat/kitten? My wife believes we are visited from time to time by one of our former cats.

In any event this certainly seems to have been a beneficial experience. Pets are said to improve our health and help us lead better lives.
LuciaJacinta in Grocery Store Ghost?
I really liked this one. I laughed at the onions. I think they were just there and easy for ghostie to throw. Could be a relative or something/one else. I have heard a few stories where people actually died in a store for one reason or another. Maybe you are a magnet to those that pass over.
I'm sorry for your loss. I think I've seen lines like that on vcr tapes too. It could've dust or static or a plausible reason. But, that doesn't mean that your husband wasn't using that to communicate with you. Spirits generally like to use electronic items to speak to loved ones when they can. The vcr tape might have been the opportunity for him to get his message across. Although, I don't know if he needs SOS. Was he a believer in the afterlife and a soul? Was a believer in a God or religion? If he was, maybe he'd like you to pray for the repose of his soul... Not sure what you believe but this is a pretty common thing in some religions. If you aren't a believer in stuff like that, maybe just visit his grave with some flowers and an offering of good intentions.

I really enjoyed this story and your other one too.
Hello Sunshinemilia,
This is, without a doubt, the saddest thing I have ever read on this site! It reminded me too, of friends who were expecting twin boys about 15 or 16 years ago, but when the big day came, there was only one live birth and the other was stillborn.
I can't even begin to imagine how that must have felt, but at least they got to hold the little body and tell him how much he was loved. They also named him and found a place in a beautiful and peaceful garden of remembrance, which was solely for children. They visit often with their other two children to spend time with their son and often take a picnic. Then when the boys birthday comes around, there's always a special cake with both their names on it.
I'm so very sorry your parents naver got the chance to do any of these things. The doctor's motives for not telling them of their unborn child may have been good, but they were wrong. Your parents should have been told, then maybe they could've done something for their lost little one. They are not to blame for not knowing, but now that they do, would they not consider doing helping her now?
You say your fear is 'letting her into your lives', but isn't she already there? She's been wandering around 'literally' like a little lost soul searching for her family, when what she needs is to be at peace.
Biblio is right! This child needs to be acknowledged by your family and given a name of her very own.
Maybe your parents would consider making a small plot on your land or garden for her and plant a tree or a pretty bush, with a little plaque with her name on it. Somewhere you could talk to her or lay flowers on her/your birthday and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you never saw her again!
PS...She hasn't got 'your face' btw, she has her very own which looks exactly like yours, because she's your twin sister! Best wishes to you and your family!
Gh0st_Knight in Not Your Average Ghost
[at] Anno_Domini Yes I'm aware and hope it is that but is it not strange that no one else have discovered it yet? The game has a large fan base and many people have found so many things but no one has discovered this, me and my brother are the only ones who had. I have done some research and still no one has owned up to it. My brother says there is hidden code in the room. Hopefully we find out about it.
Gh0st_Knight in Not Your Average Ghost
[at] Bibliothecarius Yes this is the same house, that would make sense that this is a prank. There are hidden secrets and glitches in games called "Eater Eggs" that the programmer puts into the game, we thought and my brother believes it to be that but it seems incredible and well done and no one else has witnessed it. If it's a spiritual entity, it's something that wants to make us believe it's imaginary or have a realistic explanation. I'm going to try to investigate.
HawaiiFemme in The Night Gown
Hello Dar77. Thanks for your story.
What town did that happen in?
This is very sad but good story.

I am so sorry for your loss. Your dad must've been an awesome dad.

God bless and take care! ❤ ❤ ❤
It sounds like a lower tier demon to me. Feeding off of fear. Try to get some holy water and white rubbed sage to purify and cleanse the house. It is feeding on y'alls fear.
I am so sorry for you loss. Wherever she is right now for sure she's happy and fine.

We have a same experience. It was also in the province of batangas.

Were she wearing black or just normal clothes? 🤔
This may sound creepy to you but I have had paranormal experience in my childhood and my mother put a goats head beside my pillow and left it there for a whole night and I was sleeping, in the morning the head was heavier... These demons have telepathic power by which they control our brains cuz they know that brain is the part which controls our entire body so they paralyzed it for few minutes or secs to make us feel helpless and to annoy us... So you need to give them someone else's head so they can leave yours, obviously we cannot give any humans head so take a goats head which is not damaged in any way, perfectly normal, put it on your pillow side and try to sleep then in the morning take the head and throw it somewhere far away from your home and make sure that the place you throw it at, no people are living there, a place where crows and eagles could bite into the head would be ideal. That's the instant and final cure to get rid of any demons you want to get rid off.
Burn sage in all the rooms in your home and perform a cleansing ritual
Weird. Reading this, I've re-envisioned what I've seen in dreams. I like climbing the ladder and escaping to a "secret" room where mostly only kids can go. Makes me feel like a kid too. And the fact it's somewhat forbidden makes it even better. So secluded, so quiet. Better when closed entirely. So uh, I decided to dig into this story and... I have familial connections. I don't know what to make of it but that's interesting, indeed. A quick googling shows the obvious familial ties but uhm, the O'Haras too, yes?
The comments below are wonderful, and I'd heed their wisdom. Personally, while I may not know about such particular curses, I'd say that a great way to clear oil is acids. I'd sweep the whole home, especially the entryway where there are smear marks. Then I'd douse the most seemingly affected areas with vinegar or lemon. Acids are great for breaking down oils. They also have the added bonus of denaturing proteins, sometimes those which are toxic or allergenic. The downside of any detox process is that for the next day or two you may feel *worse* than you did before. Sometimes you feel worse before you get better. So I can only imagine why opening all the windows made things worse. I'd be attacking *all* openings of the home with a spritz-bottle of vinegar. I suggest contacting a friend with an excellent sense of smell who can determine which areas of the house were attacked. Get friends with good eyes too. I'd scour the whole place and scrub and air things out. Expect to feel crummy for a good week but that combined with the spiritual defenses, I bet you can overcome this. (I'm realizing of course you're not there, physically, but these can be suggestions for your family who are there.) Best of wishes for you all. I believe in you.
I've spent the past 10 years fretting over air flow due to health reasons, and read much literature regarding how CO2 toxicity & low frequency sounds can induce panic attacks and feelings of being 'haunted'. My interpretation of these experiences is that, while it feels scary, perhaps, if there is a spirit, that spirit is trying to protect you from something. Perhaps your bedroom is not a safe place to sleep right now, due to air quality, vibrations, and/or sounds (esp considering that wiring is new and may not be entirely kosher with the original housing layout). Bear in mind that renovations often mean new fumes as well as some potential run-ins with uh, 'compatibility'. If it were me, I'd probably open up everything, and just slowly ease each door slightly closed bit by bit. Probably get some plants, open some windows, get some UV light in there. Old houses really need UV light to kill off mildew and mold and such. It seems a little odd to me that you feel the need to close every door. I close certain doors in my house because certain rooms need to off-gas a bit before I can really handle them flowing through my regular living space. What's going on in this house that you feel like you have to shut spaces off? Why does this spirit feel like that's the wrong thing to do? If I were a spirit, I'd be freaking the eff out someone wanted to obsessively latch everything closed. The new installations need to off-gas, even (especially) if they're walled in. Let some light in, get some plants, burn some (unscented) candles, open some windows, and play some nice music. Those are my suggestions. Just get a nice happy healthy vibe in there. 😊
Hi Didos89!

I am so sorry about what is happening to you and to your family. I am no expert. But I tell you what...

There's no more powerful than the love of god and the faith that you have for it. This may not be helping you but setting up a security camera around the house will be definitely a great idea to capture who could be doing it.

The more you seek god the harder the situation is going to be. DO NOT GIVE UP! Tell whoever is doing that that you ain't scared nor backing down. Like literally! Because the more you let them see you're givin' up is the more they get stronger. BE POSITIVE! Get in the house shout at those whoever is doing it. Make your family member feel light and positive through prayers.

Do not let them take over your family nor your house. Let them outta your place and your life and to your family.

I am from the Philippines. If only you could lemme know perhaps send me some pictures of what you have taken I would highly appreciate it

Dingding111517 [at]
Piscesian in The First 3 Nights
Thank you so much, sorry for the late reply, I haven't check into this site for a while. Banana trees in indonesia said to be the home of pocong or the shroud ghost and kuntilanak (Malaysian knows it as pontianak, kind of like sadako but instead of crawling, she is floating) I think south east asia is loaded with urban legends and ghost encounter stories is pretty common as well (and terrifying😅)
sushantkar in Strange Phenomenon?
Hello Farah!

First of all my condolences for your loss. May she rest in peace.
My father died of cancer in 2007. Prior to his death, he used to tell us that he could see his dad and mother and sometimes he said that they are sitting beside him. He also says that soon he will depart and we must not feel sorrow. I know how it's feel seeing your dearest fall apart and you could not do much. It is not only frustrating but also heartbreaking.
Be happy and always keep good memories of her.

Eerie69 in He Lost His Head
This is definitely scary! Feel sorry about what happened to your eldest son and happy for you guys that things just went back to normal after moving out.

Just a quick question, do you have any idea as to how old the piece of wood your ex husband got?

Or, do you think it has to do something with the old tenant there or perhaps the owner? Please shoot me an email for information.

Dingding111517 [at]

I would highly appreciate it ❤
Unexplained in He Lost His Head
Just one question. Did your son ever explain how 'George' was able to speak to your son while headless?
Unexplained in He Lost His Head
Excellent story, well written and very atmospheric. I wonder what happened to 'George'?
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
also sort of an update I could just be overreacting: we don't usually talk about this subject out loud in my house especially not at night but 2 nights ago my boyfriend and I were speaking about her over the phone, he kept referring to the other spirits as well. He was encouraging me to write about the other spirits and encounters in my house. I started to feel uneasy and scared and I told him we shouldn't be talking about it. As if on queue my brothers came running to my room asking if I "heard it". I didn't hear anything and probably either could be that I don't have their gifts or because I'm very Hard of Hearing. They heard someone knocking on their window. My dad came into the living room and said he heard it on his window as well. He went into the backyard with his gun to make sure it wasn't someone outside, no one was there. I'm afraid, maybe it wasn't my twin it could have been a couple other ones, but I think something wants us to let it in.
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] BeautInside when I saw her she appeared to me as a shadow, sometimes I wonder if I ever saw her face and maybe over time I suppressed the memory, I was terrified. As soon as she disappeared into the bathroom I would wake my mom up and beg her to hold me while I slept. My niece wasn't afraid, she seemed angry actually. Like she couldn't believe this girl had the audacity to look like me. I don't think she knows that what she's seeing are spirits. No one has ever talked to her about them and she's never even seen a ghost on tv. When she sees something bad she says it's a monster and the others she thinks are just people that no one else sees.
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] anno_domini that's exactly how my dad feels. I understand where that feeling and thought process comes from as those exact thoughts are always in the back of my head. My fear is finally allowing her to enter our lives in some way and then accidentally letting something else in.
Jaxxxanator in Old Home
Thankfully the house seems to be "friendly" overall with the happenings going on, though it is a bit concerning how an entity is responding to the baby. Perhaps cleanisng or getting the house blessed could ease the problem? My concern is that with time it will manifest physically in different ways and perhaps be harmful, particularly to the baby's energy as he grows up.
BeautInside in She Has My Face
Hi Anno_Domini,

Those are interesting points, but for what I can understand "fake Emmy" has been around for several years and hasn't create any havoc, which in my opinion doesn't match with any demon's behaviour (unless this is a very patient one). On the contrary, her interactions with Emilia and her family seem to me very benevolent. She didn't try to scare anyone, she just seems lost and out of place. It's natural to fear what we don't know, and what we don't understand, so being afraid of any interaction looks natural to me. Especially, if someone had a negative experience in the past.

It looks like "fake Emily" is trying to belong, if she really was Emilia's twin she should actually belong to that family, she probably feels it too... She didn't make it to this realm, even though she was a still-born, an inoccent soul, it's still a soul. Maybe she didn't cross to the other side because she couldn't let go that sense of belonging, and "grew up" mimicking Emily's growth.

You pointed out some interesting questions undoubtedly, but for me it lacks the havoc a demon is due to cause. In so many years, that entity has shown nothing but a benevolent behaviour. I know they can be deceiving, but somehow over years it would have to lose its patience. 😉

[at] Sunshinemilia, I'd trully appreciate if you could reply to the following questions:
1) when you first saw "fake Emmy", do you remember the feeling it gave you? Fear, confusion, sadness...?
2) When your niece told you about her, did she look scared?

Usually the feeling it gives is half way to understand the nature of the entity. But this is just my opinion. 😊

Looking forward to hear from you. ❤
lady-glow in She Has My Face

Those are some interesting points though, - do you think a demon would be fine wearing a cross or any other religious symbol as part of their attire?

As for using speech as a means of communication, it has been discussed that often spirits 'talk' through telepathy, hence skipping the need of learning to talk as a living child would.

In my opinion, some spirits are unable to leave this realm either because the person isn't aware of their own death or because they are afraid of what might be waiting for them at the other side.
Hi ColdSoul,

I was inspired by your story and shared a summary of it in my channel.
Thank you for sharing!
Anno_Domini in She Has My Face
Hi sunshinemilia,

I tend to take the side of your family on this, that interaction with "it" should not be sought nor encouraged.

I do not believe that "spirits" of people come / stay back in our realm, but let's say that they do.

1. Who has been clothing her? Where did she get her clothes from like the cross she was wearing?

2. Why does she age in tandem with you? Usually you read in stories that such "spirits" stay the age that the pass on, so how does she age in tandem?

3. Who taught her how to talk? I don't think any child has learnt to talk on their own. Ever. Yet she talked to your brother.

4. From your account, you seem to be the target of its attention. It first appeared to you when you were 6, and then to others around you when you didn't acknowledge its presence.

I do not believe that ghost of the deceased stay in our realm. This is a demon which wants to make contact with you, and I would advise against it (pls see my profile for my thoughts). This is probably a demon who is using the excuse of your vanishing twin (as lady-glow mentioned) to interact with you or your family. Instead, if you are religious, rebuke it in the Lord's name. If you're not your best option would be to seek help from your local pastor or priest, especially if the activity escalates.
Hi MrsRamsay,

Vertical / horizontal & diagonal lines across your screen can occur due to framerate mismatches. IIRC back in the old days the frame rates for home videos weere about 25-30 frames per second (fps). Modern phone cameras go all the way up to 60 fps, maybe more. When you are taking a video of a panning scene, these frames display lines due to the different frequencies of the TV and the mobile phone that is capturing the video. There may be further visual artifacts depending on whether your tape was recorded in PAL or NTSC format. Also videos taken at different times will display different artifacts because the mismatches will occur on different frames (due to the different times you start your phone's video.

To summarise, I think that what you have witnessed is natural phenomena, and the rest of it is pareidolia, where our brains try to make sense of random patterns. I'm glad that your family has old video to remember him by.
Anno_Domini in Not Your Average Ghost
Hi Gh0st_Knight,

Many programmers include "Easter Eggs" into their code, sort of like a secret way to sign off. You could have inadvertently discovered one. No biggie.

ErickYanez in He Lost His Head
Hi there!

Chilling story! Hopefully George has found his head already...

My name is Erick Yáñez, I'm a reporter from Mexico City. I work for a podcast produced by the WNYC (New York's Public Radio) called Spooked, which is also a spinoff from the award winning show 'Snap Judgement'. It's a show about paranormal experiences in the voices of the people who lived them. This is the link of the show:

I'm wondering; would you be interested to chat with me via skype, hangouts or phone so I can get to know the details of the story and evaluate if it's a good fit for our third season?

Thanks in advance!
lady-glow in She Has My Face
sunshinemilia - thanks for replying and for the additional information.

I'm not surprised if your father and siblings are afraid of their abilities, not all people with sensitivity to the paranormal are ready to embrace their skills and to make them part of their daily life. Unfortunately for them, spirits will always feel attracted to them 'thinking' that they can help them with they unresolved issues.

If your family decide never to establish contact with the paranormal, I hope they learn to protect themselves from the draining effects of those spirits.

Since it seems like your family wouldn't come together to talk to your sister, perhaps your mother and you can talk to her even if you can't see her.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Bibliothecarius in She Has My Face
Greetings, again, sunshinemilia.

I read your response to lady-glow; it has me somewhat concerned.

I feel sorry for your dad, as "his abilities have scared him since he was young." I know what that can feel like. I have been scared by one of my own abilities as recently as four years ago; however, disliking some of the sensations and data my mind can discover through whatever bizarre process it uses doesn't mean I can ignore the entirety of my brain. I embrace the fear & the uncertainty because *sometimes* they're simply a part of getting the insights and the knowledge that is revealed to me.

Yes, there are scary spirits and entities at work in the world; however, an overwhelming number of spiritual entities are either good or completely indifferent. Good spirits (whether they are angels, guardians, guides, elementals, pranksters, or protective loved ones) and indifferent ones (usually residual hauntings that are engrossed in tasks or behaviors from their lifetime, or perhaps sentient entities that are simply doing their own thing and really can't be bothered with living people) make up the bulk of haunting phenomena.

Certainly, living people may react with shock or fear to any entity, but that's the reaction of the living person to unexpected or inexplicable circumstances; that's *not* the fault of the spirit.

When people "shut off" their natural gifts, that can create a spiritual pressure, like water held back by a dam. If more that one family member is suppressing their psychic abilities, and they're sharing a house, that's a whole heck of a lot of unused energy just sitting there. No wonder "things follow and feed off of members of my family and their energy." It's entirely possible that "fake Emmy" is simply using a portion of that untapped potential to manifest herself as she believes herself (with some justification) to be a part of the family.

Honestly, the policy of ignoring "fake Emmy" to the point of iron-clad resistance to acknowledging her at all probably *should* have generated angry & negative behavior. The fact that the worst thing she's done is wake people up when she's lonely would indicate that she is --as you suggested--"innocent."

When it comes to discovering your twin's identity, your dad "begged me not to, because when you seek something out you might actually find it." This doesn't mean that ignoring it will make it go away; finding out what is going on is the reason some of us have these gifts in the first place. I believe that, given sufficient time and evidence, science will be able to discern the nature of these "gifts." (I suspect that it's something to do with the human brain's electrical energy interacting with quantum fields to a greater or a lesser degree, but that's *only* a theory.) If your family is religious in some way --I infer this from your belief in Heaven-- then ignoring these gifts is just squandering the very tools that can be used to determine what is happening and why.

I apologize if this seemed a bit "preachy" (from an agnostic, no less!), but it is a self-defeating exercise to ignore the tools available while waiting for the problem to solve itself.

Take care.

Sincere best wishes,
lady-glow in Glowing Blue Eyes
Without additional information, it is difficult to know what this entity could have been, though the fact that you felt it was a dog and that it wasn't there for you makes me wonder if it was a departed family pet still following its usual routine sleeping by its masters' side.

Did you ever discuss this experience with your friends? Perhaps they have encounter this presence and know what it is.

Looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Welcome to YGS.
Crase098 in Bravery
[at] Fuchsia - oh really I never went back after my ojt hahaha

[at] Majarlika012 - I was not aware of the said shoot out but a friend of mine shared a lot of ghost exp inside STI COLLEGE building 😨 😨
I think I can crop the photo so it doesn't reveal my kids (they would probably not want to see themselves on a paranormal website, no offense, YGS!) I'll try to submit a couple. I don't really think the items that came off the shelves were significant, just maybe the time and place (and my quiet surroundings) were right. You know they say that time between sleep and wake is right for discerning "things" and perhaps that zombie way moms feel when they've already been to the store three times that week and now here they are again and just, ZZZZZ ZZZZ... Might be one of those between sleep/waking moments! I had not thought of that. Other paranormal times for me have been when I am painting a room, concentrating on writing (I'm a former columnist), at Civil War battlefields, at an ATM machine (the night my husband died) and through other, unexpected media type situations. I hope I'll be able to write some more down. I've thought about writing a book! But I'm most interested to hear what people here think. They/you seem to know much more about these things. Thank you for your sympathies...I've had some wonderful people in my life and miss them thoroughly, but I've always somehow known they are with me at various times. I feel that way about ancestors as well (I'm a huge Ancestry nut).
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lady-glow
Thank you so much for your insight. I don't believe she mimics my clothes, always a dress of some sort. I suppose my niece must have spoken to her and realized she was not speaking to me. She is very calm about the things she sees. My parents have not given her a name, my dad tries to pretend she doesn't exist when he can (his abilities have scared him since he was young and that's how he copes). Everyone (except my niece) is afraid of their abilities like my father so every experience they have with spirits is unwanted and they refuse to seek them or engage contact with them. A group effort to help her is sort of impossible, my father and my brothers and sister believe that speaking to her/them is the worst thing you can do, that by engaging it will make the activity worse and more frequent. My mother and I have always been curious as to what would keep her here? We believe in a heaven and we don't understand why an unborn baby that is innocent would still be tethered to this earth?
Bibliothecarius in Not Your Average Ghost
Greetings, Gh0st Knight.

I will not pretend to have a great understanding of the technology in modern video gaming. When I was a teen, I only had the NES, but I did play the original Resident Evil on my friend's better system. Of course, it's been so long that I don't remember what his system was; however, I do recall being impressed that Resident Evil was one of the games that gets inside your head while you are playing it.

Should I presume that this took place in the same home as your other experiences, or had you moved house? In "Ghostly Voice Saying My Brother's Name" (story=26523) you note "my mom has said whenever she was alone in the room she felt eyes upon her" and in "Little Girl's Voice Comforting Me" (story=26555) you stated that "I suddenly heard a voice of a young girl either a child or someone youthful, crystal clear and real as day say my name." Whatever is in that house, or looking after your family, knows your name and your brother's name; primarily, it has interacted with you both on a caring, friendly basis.

If your narrative of events is accurate (I'm rather skeptical of *technology* to begin with), I do have a potential explanation of *how* the image manifested. Spiritual energy has been documented interfering with lights, heat, and other sources of energy. Each pixel on the screen is, in effect, a miniature light source following the instructions from the console; if this is the same haunting phenomenon in your home, there's a chance that it interfered with the pixels on the screen to generate the image of reaching arms in much the same manner as you might use one hand to make shadow-puppets with a torch projecting a light on a wall.

In this case, the "hand" would need to rest on -or in- the image to dim sufficient pixels to create the shadowy image, but this is only my conjecture into *how* such a thing may be accomplished; I can only hazard a guess that the entity overheard your conversation and decided to join in by playing a prank.

MrsRizzo2429 in The "boogieman"
I enjoyed reading your story! I hope you will keep us updated if anything else happens. It sounds creepy and I wonder why it told you to get out. It seems nice to some people and it seems like it wants to scare others.

Sincerely mrs rizzo
Ravishingroxy in Strange Phenomenon?
I am so sorry for your loss. Hope you find a way to celebrate her life and love and find peace in knowing that she will never stop loving you or watching over you. Moms are such a blessing, always. Godspeed, my friend!. ❤ ❤
Thank you for your replies. To those that have suggested, I have considered getting a symbol of protection as well as attempting to bless the house in which it first happened. Oddly enough there was already a small bottle of holy water in one of the cabinets from a previous tenant, go figure. I also used salt along doorways and entrances for awhile after just because I was willing to try anything.

As far as why I was drawn to it, I have always loved the image and when I eventually dove deeper into its origins I felt that it was a great illustration of what it means to be human, being bound by the moon and stars, the struggle of self versus those around me, a sort of yin yang if you will. Also the expression in the eyes has always hit me for some reason.

" in one hand it holds the sun, in the other the moon, joined to it by chains. This virile head is a beautiful allegory which attributes to thought alone, the first and creative cause. The head here represents mind, and the female body matter. The stars, bound to the human form and directed by that nature of which intelligence is the head, have also a sublime significance."

Sure it may come off a little silly to others and I can't deny that there may have been some act of rebellion going on. I do admire the 7 tenets of the church of satanism but have never previously dabbled in the occult. I do agree that it's possible that the negative imagery could invite evil whether I asked for it or not, Certainly a bit naive on my part if so but I'm hoping I'm not damned for eternity for it.
BeautInside in She Has My Face
Hi SunshineEmilia,

Please allow me to quote the following part ""He said a girl that looked exactly like me, he thought it was me, shook him awake saying TJ wake up! Please wake up! TJ!" He was angry of course and yelled at her "get out of my room!" He said "I" got sad and slowly walked up the stairs...". If this was a dark entity it would get angry, vengeful or both, instead of sad.

It breaks my heart just to think that someone can be that lonely, I am very sorry for your mother's loss but it seems a loss for all of your close family too... This might be somethig you weren't counting on, but there's something that needs to be done. Biblio is right, you should address your twin, give her own name, treat her as family and try to explain what happened o her and why not everyone is capable of aknowledge her. I don't think ignoring her is the best decision, she's lonely and that attitude towards someone, even for a wondering soul, could be a nightmare.

Please take care and keep us posted. ❤
WisconsinLady in Grocery Store Ghost?
I meant to say earlier that I'm sorry to hear that you've lost so many loved ones.
I also had unexplainable occurrences at my wedding. I'd love to see your pictures, but understand if you don't want to share them for privacy reasons. That would be a wonderful story for this site. It's very cute that her veil landed in her sister's fiance's lap... A sign of approval maybe? ❤ 😁
I was thinking about the specific food at the store that moves on you... Are these anyone's favorite foods? They could be showing you they're with you by picking things they like, maybe?
Great questions, WL. Yes, I have felt things both at home and elsewhere. Once at home, I know this will sound weird, I was writing at my computer, bright daylight, and the ceiling fan in the adjacent living room started making some noise... Sort of a fluttering that it has never made before or since. It was enough that I stopped what I was doing to stare at it and the whole room felt weird. At my eldest daughter's wedding, which was held outdoors on a perfectly still evening, I noticed the birds stopped singing and things got extremely quiet. The minister had been droning just a bit about something and the moment was just before the vows were going to be said. I'm sitting in the front row and sort of above the bride and groom...well, it wasn't really a mist, but something different in the air that I felt caused the birds to stop singing. Then the bride's veil blew way up and seemed to hang in the air before blowing completely off and landing in the lap of her sister's soon-to-be fiance. The part I need to tell is, my daughter and I had a slight disagreement over wearing the veil. She did not want one, but I thought her dress and the occasion really called for one. At the moment that veil popped up, all I could think was... My mom, her grandmother (who spoiled her like crazy before passing away in 2013) would be saying, "Look, here, she wore the veil down the aisle for you and now we can just take it off!" Smething else: while getting hair and makeup done, the bridesmaids wee drinking champagne. At some point, a champagne glass fell over on the nightstand where no one was near. The girls sort of laughed about it and continued... Probably a half hour later, I was waiting my turn for makeup and all of a sudden the same champagne glass goes flying off the nightstand (they had stood it up in the middle, making sure it wouldn't fall again). It shattered on the floor and a bridesmaid and I looked at each other and went, "Whoa, did you see that?" Then another one matter of factly brings a broom and cleans it up, and all go on their merry way to the ceremony. I swear, in the professional wedding photos we have multiple shots (second by second) of the bride's veil, and I can see multiple paranormal-looking faces... My mom IN the veil and my late husband in the air. I've pointed it out to family, and they do see it but they don't really THINK about it like I do. Sorry again for the length, but I DO feel them a lot. I just feel sometimes that it's because I really want to. But we are not supposed to, so I think the way it works is the idea of it becomes fuzzy for some people and they forget, while others of us can't seem to let it go.
WisconsinLady in Grocery Store Ghost?
Did you ever go grocery shopping with one of your deceased loved ones a lot? My grandma was great at picking out fruit, and I wouldn't be surprised if she rolled the right peaches at me someday! ❤
Do you ever feel an energy around you before it happens? Maybe the energy of the land helps your loved ones connect with you easier at the store. Or perhaps you're experiencing things at home as well, but in a house with other people around, you don't notice things like you do when you're alone at the store?
Bibliothecarius in She Has My Face
Greetings, sunshinemilia; welcome to YGS.

I'd like to quote one of lady-glow's points and build upon it: "Based on your narrative, it doesn't seem like your twin means any harm to anyone..." From your description, I suspect that the entity is your deceased twin; those who can see her have limited, almost one-sided interactions with her. My concern is that your brother's (understandable) comments were of outright rejection.

Though your young cousin is able to distinguish between you and "the fake Emmy," ignoring her completely may be the wrong approach, here. I think that "the fake Emmy," more than anything, feels lonely.

She doesn't even have her own identity as an individual; she has to "borrow" your name and be in places that you *could* be -within reason- but not while you're there. This brings us to another of lady-glow's salient questions: "Have your parents given a name to their daughter after learning of her existence?" Perhaps it would be good for your whole family to sit down and try to talk to her. As several family members apparently have parapsychological gifts, they could simply ask her to join you all; now that you all know she is there, there's no reason for her to be shy, nor for her to hide.

While it is reasonable to fear the unknown, your concern that "I am afraid she is not who we assume her to be" is not justified by the details you have provided here. She has had ample opportunity to scare, assault, and bewilder your family members, yet she has done *only* the third of these. She attended your young cousin's birthday party, for goodness' sake! That's not an evil entity, merely a lonely one.

Please, let us know how you are proceeding with this unusual circumstance.

Sleeping-with-steve in She Has My Face
Hello SunshineEmilia,

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your twin sister at birth. Your poor mum must be devasated, especially considering the doctors didn't tell her at the time.

Your twin is obviously in between here and the after life. As Lady-Glow says, 'Perhaps it's time to ask for religious help or try to cleanse, bless, and shield the house.

One of YGS's members ROOKDYGIN has a cleansing ritual on his profile page. I use it every fortnight. Not only is my home really clean, but it's also fragrant too from the sandlewood and sage.

Here's Rookdygin's profile page:


Please keep us posted on what happens.

Your twin obviously needs comforting and is trying to tell you something. Maybe ask her what she wants. 😕

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
lady-glow in She Has My Face
Emilia - welcome to YGS.
In my opinion, what your mother experienced was not stillbirth but a vanishing twin. Regardless, I imagine it was shocking for the family to learn that they had lost a baby.

For what you say, this spirit has aged in parallel to you. Does she mimic your clothes too?

It seems like she has been a constant presence over the years but, to be honest, there's something I don't understand about your story, IF "Many in my family have the gift to see those on the other side", have they the ability to discern when they are seeing 'the other you'?

"there's a girl and she has your name and your face with long black hair"
Does this mean that your niece has talked to the spirit?
Have your parents given a name to their daughter after learning of her existence?
Perhaps acknowledging like an untimely lost member of the family could help her to find peace.

Based on your narrative, it doesn't seem like your twin means any harm to anyone but, have anyone tried to communicate with her and help her to either cross over or to understand the reasons that are holding her to this plane?

"things follow and feed off of members of my family and their energy."

If sensitivity to the paranormal runs in the family and they are aware of it, have anyone felt curious about learning ways to protect themselves and their ménage?

Knowledge is power. I don't share the opinion of not investigating what these 'many spirits in your house' might be or might want as long as no one interacts with them, but if they are draining the energy of the living, some measures should have been taken a long time ago.

Perhaps is time to ask for religious help or try to cleanse/bless/shield the house and protect its inhabitants.
BeautInside in Oppressive Atmosphere
Hi Biblio,

I really did enjoyed reading this experience, beutifully written and detailed. It feels like a place filled with sadness, anger and suffering, so many losses that even Nature could feel it...
Thank you for sharing! ❤
Hi there!

Great stories kamalei, thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

My name is Erick Yáñez, I'm a reporter from Mexico City. I work for a podcast produced by the WNYC (New York's Public Radio) called Spooked, which is also a spinoff from the award winning show 'Snap Judgement'. It's a show about paranormal experiences in the voices of the people who lived them. This is the link of the show:

I'm wondering; would you be interested to chat with me via skype, hangouts or phone so I can get to know the details of the story and evaluate if it's a good fit for our third season?

I'm leaving Spooked's webpage here so you can check it out.

Thanks in advance!
Biblio, it seems like all the pain and sorrow trapped in that place has built a dome or 'bubble' of despair around it, like the perpetual winter over the Selfish Giant's garden.

I hope light has entered that spot surrounded by such magnificent landscape.

Thanks for sharing.
It makes me wonder if all those occasions in which you weren't able to open the door, the lady was fixing the bed and making the room presentable.

Nice pictures!

Thanks for sharing.
Haven in Mirror
Hi, Lazer.

It seems you feel what you have been experiencing is caused by the mirror in your room, is that right? Have you tried removing the mirror to see if things stop? Did your wife purchase the mirror recently? Is it an old mirror or is it new?
Hi, Breroh

From what I understood of your story, you are not the only one that has seen this entity, is that correct? You say that it often makes people faint, or like they are being controlled, how exactly are they being controlled? Can you give some examples? Your house is located around spiritual healers who have dabbled in black magic? Can you explain that as well? Giving some details would really be helpful in trying to help you understand what's in your house.

lady-glow in The Night Gown
Has the empty lot been developed during the 20 or more years since you had this experience? If so, do you know if they found any human remains in the area.

It must have been frustrating for the girl to know that someone could see her but did nothing to help her, no wonder she was acting with such persistence.

"I pushed a big armoire in front of the window so as to block her from peeking in the window." were a strong 16 y/o!
It is so wonderful hearing of parents who are so open and understanding about this sort of thing with their kids! Bravo! 🖤

Have you looked into the history of the home? It may give you some insight into precisely what you may be dealing with. Perhaps someone bedridden had once occupied that room - by the smell, someone who may not have been very well tended.
LuciaJacinta in The Night Gown
This is a really good story. But I don't understand as to why you never called the police or at least anonymously called. Or told someone else so they could report this. The poor girl is bothering you because she wanted help. Was her body ever recovered by anyone?
I'm leaning towards elemental here. Usually such entities are fairly ambivalent towards humans, though. Perhaps their apparent aggression was reactionary. Maybe they were still upset over the construction of the home? Was there any construction/development going on nearby?

There's a series of books cowritten by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter called the "Long Earth" about the effect on society in the face of a discovery that enables anyone to travel between practically infinite dimensions. Along the way, it is discovered that there have been beings with this capability all along explaining sitings of many entities considered cryptids or simply mythological until then. They actually come upon at least one entity that seems very much like what you have described. Granted, this is fiction, but Pratchett always drew very heavily from folk lore. It may be an interesting read for you:-)
Given the architecture manifesting facial features and the "now what do we have here" - my brain has decided that your home was haunted by a troop of Dickensian actors!

Joking aside, it does sound like you had a rather curious bunch - they sound inquisitive more than anything else. You mentioned that your parents had many experiences - if any of them were in the home or even experiences that happened away from the home but during the time you all lived there - that might help us get a better picture of what may have been afoot.
Good heavens, I should have thought of that! Good call, Biblio! I love words but they can be fiddly things to the working memory sometimes!
Hi there -
So sorry to hear about your situation! I would guess in this type of situation It would be better to avoid assumptions and to contact a highly professional reader/spiritual worker. I personally have some expierence with these people: (
I myself are quite sceptical myslef, but I originally come from culture where these things are quite acknowledged.
Hi Didos89, first of all I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy which is happening write now, I do hope you will find a good priest or a medium to get ride of the bad entity,

But I strongly suggest you to make your family move out of that place first, but do that silently and do the spiritual cleaning form the new place.
Filmbuff1234 in The Creature And The Man
I'm definitely asking her next time I see her. It will probably be next week though.
Hi Didos,

I am sorry to hear about your predicament, and I was going to reserve comment, but your update reminded me of something which happened to the mother of an ex-member of my cell (bible study) group, Aunty "SH". SH is a middle-aged lady with a daughter who's in her 20s. SH started having cancer (nasal if I remember correctly) a couple of years back, was treated and cancer went into remission. Unfortunately, the cancer came back about middle of last year (2018), and progressed until she had to be warded. She shared this story ith out cell group in Dec 2018 on my first visit there (we joined a new group).

While in the hospital, SH was in a shared ward (I can't remember 4 or 6 beds). Even with her deteriorating condition, she was upbeat as her faith in the Lord is strong, and even made friends with her ward-mates.

While the other beds in the ward had transient occupants, one bed next to hers had a lady who was warded for deteriorating health due to unexplained circumstances (doctors were not able to find a medical cause). Over the course of the next day or 2, Aunty SH found out that that woman was being terrorised by a demon (likely "sent" from a curse) and was absolutely terrified of falling asleep as the demon would terrorise her in her dreams. IIRC it also manifested in her home but would only disturb / appear to her and no-one else. She kept hearing voices (threats) and was also tormented physically when awake and felt its presence and literally was scared that she would die in her sleep, so she went for many days without sleeping.

Aunty SH shared the gospel with her and explained that Jesus will be able to help her, and prayed with her and for her over the course of the next few days. Gradually, the demon's attacks diminished and ceased altogether. Aunty SH also recommended a church near the victim's home which someone Aunty SH knew attended.

Amazingly, during Aunty SH's stay at the hospital, her own cancer started to go into remission too, and she was discharged soon after. When she related this to us, she was still wearing a headscarf as she was recovering from her chemo ordeal. Actually she didn't even plan to come to the cell group and share her story but it was the first time since she was warded that she was able to take a walk a couple of blocks (aided by her daughter) to my cell group leader's home as she recovered and we happened to meet at his house on that day (she didn't stay for the study). I believe that God put her there to minister to and pray for the victim of oppression and lead her to Him.

My advise to you is to find a pastor or a priest who will be able to help you, and I will be praying for you.
Hi, Augusta:

It's called a "hasp," just like the loop on a padlock.

The padlock's loop can be called a "shackle," too. However, many people don't want to be shackled into a room; for those who do, I figure that's their business...

The only thing I can add here is with regard to the lack of reporting do to a fear of scaring off business. I live in the vicinity of two large tourist attractions (Colonial Williamsburg and Virginia Beach) and know police officers in each city. It has come up in conversations with both sets of officers that far more crime goes on in each location than has ever or will ever be reported to the media because it's bad for business. CW is actually a powerful enough force on its own to even have swayed the system its favor on a few notable occasions.

So I can see how it may not be only the time that has prevented even a major incident from popping up in the media and why the hotel would be unwilling to allow paranormal investigations.

And one last thing regarding locks - I have never been to India and know absolutely nothing about the doors there but in hotels in the states, the doors do have multiple locks some whose positions could be very easily discerned from across a room - take door chains, dead bolts and those U-shaped bar things (no idea what the name for them is) for example.
freakedoutfreddy in The Creature And The Man
Dude, your grandma is a psychic, she should know what to do. Have you asked for her help? 🤔 🙄
GreenWitchx3 in My Mother's Doppelganger
I worship and study a less traditional set of beliefs. What you saw may have not been a doppleganger but something similar-
Called "Vardøger"
Something that originated long before even the vikings but became popular in Norse Mythology. What you saw differed from a doppleganger because a doppleganger is typically considered to be an omen or warning of something to come. Vardøger is like a phantom double, who will be seen doing its doubles task right before the person does it. Its a doppleganger with a less sinister connotation. Similar to the Egyptians belief- "Ka" which was also similar to the very modern term-doppledanger; but also slightly different. Ka was basically the soul (or magical piece of the human- as they believed magic was everywhere) and simply could be seen on its own doing a mindless task before the human double actually did this task. Much like what you saw. Not exactly an omen but the soul doing somthing spiritually before it actually happends. Not necessarily a warning or an omen. Just your spirit or a spirit double projecting a bit ahead of you.
Possibly your moms spirit wished she was in a sexier red nightgown or that's what was more aligned with her spirit. Was no warning, obviously if nothing happened two years later.

Souls and spirits are tricky and your very fortunate to have an eye witness account of such an ancient believe!

I hope this helped. If your confused or if I didn't word it to make sense, google egyptian ka or Scandinavian folklore Vardøger.

Blessed be. ❤
Bibliothecarius in Bruises After Dream
Greetings, Vixenne,

As you have received bruises, clearly *something* happened to you while you were asleep. While I am not disagreeing with your hypothesis, I'm going to suggest an alternate explanation as a note of caution. You were asleep when your arms were grabbed. Is it possible that your dream incorporated the real sensation of being restrained (even if it is a malicious spirit)?

I am not suggesting your event was perfectly natural, as Augusta and others have had similar experiences; I'm honestly expecting you to explain why my suggestion is wrong, thus giving us a more-precise sense of your traumatic experience.

freakedoutfreddy in The Banshee
That was an impaired person that one of your neighbors let into their house before the police arrived... I think. 😉 🤔 😁
I have had a similar experience, Vixenne. I'll spare you a full retelling here as it can be found in my account "Coming to Say Goodbye." It has only happened to me that one time but it was enough to convince me at least that such things are possible.

If I were you, I would have a sit down with a medium and see if he or she can give you some insight. Perhaps there is a spirit attached to you for some reason - perhaps this is some sort of warning. Either way, it could be helpful to have their input. Just be aware that some mediums are more gifted than others.

Afterwards, it may be a good idea to perform a cleansing on yourself or receive a blessing according to your beliefs just to clear the air so to speak.
I am playing gradual catch-up here on the site as the summer has been a bit hectic. I can but second the advice already given - go for the cleansing, honor your brother's memory the way *you* (and you alone) see fit (he was *your* brother and it is your feelings about him that are the most important here, not H's), keep your belongings and keep an open mind. It seems as though you are definitely handling this well.

I second Dennis's assertion that your taste in music, movies and memorabilia will not cause an infestation of negative entities. Granted, I went through a jag of watching every paranormal show (not the ghost hunter variety) that I could track down and when I wasn't watching, I was reading such accounts. And when I couldn't find any such content, I was watching Law and Order SVU. I did notice that the atmosphere in my home grew a bit weird, there was an uptick in activity and I was always on alert. However, I firmly believe that sort of effect is caused more by the energy such an overwhelming volume of gloomy to downright violent programming evoked in me rather than any energy it carried on its own. And, to be fair, I was consuming a ridiculously large amount of this stuff practically round the clock.

In the same way that I believe my OD'ing on the aforesaid programming effected my emotional state, which in turn effected the energies and subsequently entities in my home - I think H's stress levels could be having a similar effect in your home. It may not be your home that is haunted but him - the negative energy he is putting off could be attracting a curious (or other) entity to him. It could even be that it is your brother checking on him on your behalf.

Let us know how things have gone with the cleansing 🖤
ruiallen_guarte in At The Kids' Camp
I think it would be good if you conduct a worship and prayer
dedicated specifically for cleansing the place. As I read in a book, evil spirits tend to stay over grounds where sin has been committed. Pray all over the place that the Spirit of the Lord be the one to dwell in every corner of the church, all over the land. And it would be better if everyone would refrain from telling those kinds of stories about the church. As it is the spirit of fear that is being magnified and it does not glorify God.
Upvote for you, Biblio, though it won't let me. *cry* So glad there are knowledgeable people on this site.
Greetings, Didos.

As an English teacher, I shall state that you have good writing skills. Of course, as with any writing, there were a few tiny mistakes but *nothing* that was confusing. You explained your situation clearly and you described the events well. You would earn an "A+" in my class.

Breaking knot-worked spells is *usually* as straightforward as untying the knots. When the knots were being tied, the spell-caster focused his or her anger/jealousy/hatred upon the intended victim/victims; untying the knots *should* release the negative emotions from the curse and reduce its power. [Note: I'm working form a familiarity with European traditions, mostly Anglo-Celtic. The pig is an unclean animal in Islam, so there may be more cleansing work or blessings to be performed after the knots have been untied.]

Was there anything written on the paper in which the knot was found (like your cousin's name or her boyfriend's name)? Sometimes the curse is written onto a piece of paper in invisible ink, such as lemon juice, which can only be seen when held close to a source of heat and light, such as a candle flame.

Provided that the knot-casting curse is done in a similar manner to the old European ones, the magic would involve tying other items into the knots, too. Debris from the dirt around the property, such as feathers or dead grass stalks, are common, as are items that are connected to the intended victims. These "connected" items may be thread from a garment, fingernail clippings, a lose hair, an earring, etc., that will focus the curse through belief in traditional "sympathetic magic."

If the knot has been destroyed (burned or thrown away), that's a normal reaction to finding one, but it is not the same as undoing the spell. If no-one wants to go through the nastiness of untying it, running water, such as a stream or a river, would be a good place to dispose of the item; running water is used to wash away physical dirt and unclean spiritual energy. If it has been destroyed already, then your family will have to work against the spell's effects as each one occurs.

To help remove the curse's effects from family members, there are blessed herbs and oils that can be added to a regular shower or bath; these include rue, salt, sage, and frankincense. Using them while praying, thinking positive thoughts, deliberately rejecting the curse, etc., is one traditional, non-confrontational way to reduce the strength of the magic. Given your additional information about the increasing strength of the experiences, I'd recommend that this be followed by another ritual cleansing of the entire house.

It is my experience that the evil intentions of human beings that need to be removed so your family can be strong together to eliminate the problem. While the person whom you suspect is responsible is a family member, this will cause a great deal of tension. Either she is responsible and will deny it, or she is not responsible and will deny it. Either way, having arguments between family members will increase the negative atmosphere in the house and provide fuel for the unpleasantness to continue. Your cousin's unhappiness will be the most difficult part of dealing with these horrible events.

Take care,
Maybe consider going to a priest, pastor or spiritual leader of some kind to get your tattoo blessed. This will further enhance the good intentions of your tattoo. Also maybe consider adding another positive symbol within or next to your tattoo. You have so many negative memories associated with your tattoo in its current state, so adding positivity to it as a way of refreshing your energy might be good. I'd do that after getting it blessed.
You should also talk to a therapist about your cancer diagnosis and changes in your mental state since then. Just talking about your emotions with someone can help lift negative energy. ❤
Hi again, Didos.

I'm not surprised it made things worse. As I, think, I reported elsewhere, I'm also dealing with my own demons. They get angry when we seek God's protection.

Do not give up. Do not give in.
Hello RCRuskin,

Thank you so much for your message. I sent this "story" two weeks ago. Since then there happened more things. And my mother is scared out of her mind. She watches my cousin at night how she wakes up crying. The girl is nearly flying from sleep and starts praying like she was mad and looks around, scared as hell. Since one week, she keeps all lights on when she goes to sleep. Now my mother found many blue bruises all over her body and asked her about them. Yesterday, she confessed to my mother that she feels someone at night, very close to her, touching her everywhere and hurting her. At first she can't fight back, can't move. Then she gets up, and still feels the presence very close to her. That she can't sleep anymore and that she is scared from the house. Even though she is scared, she doesn't want to leave the house.
The case with pig hair/oil is usually some sort of a "sacrifice" to those demonic "djinns". If they accept the sacrifice, they do their job.

The day the hoca came, I told my mother that she should opem ALL doors and windows. She did that. Later I asked her how the blessed house felt like. Has it become lighter? Free? She told me, that she feels like everyone is more aggressive than before. That alone told me that the hoca's prayers were useless. I told my mother that she should take someone to the house who does the Turkish "lead melting" ritual. At least once a week for a month or two. But they are waiting on us to arrive there to do that. The ritual usually help expelling evil spirits and curses. Since I too am experiencing "strange things", I think my cousin is waiting for me to talk and look for help. And I want to be prepared for everything. I want to protect my family. *sigh*
Rooks ritual has been made, somewhat similarly. But it got worse... As you can see above.
If there are djinns involved and priests (usually useless) prayers make it worse, I feel like this is a bad omen...
I don't know...
Is this more like the sigil symbol or is this a very large full head/image. I also had no idea what this was so I googled it. Images can be very complex or simple like a small circle. So I'm wondering how elaborate?

Im also wondering how you even know of this symbol? Were you exposed to Satanism? Maybe through a relative of friend? It just seems the type of thing that people get when they dabble in particular things. Not mearly I liked it. There are lots of fun pretty or meaningful tattoos but this seems a bit intense in the imagery.

Also, are you on medicines for the cancer? Could it be a side effect of what you are taking? Or even just the stress of the situation. What did they say at the hospital?

I believe you saw what you saw. I'm just looking for reasons as to why you saw these things.

You could see about having it removed I guess if you think it's connected. But I'd try keeping it covered maybe first? Set your mind on positive things and reject all darkness in all forms to help bring you peace in your life.

I've never heard of the pig's hair knot curse before, so my ability to assist will be limited.

My first advice would be to contact an Imam or Hoca, which you report you have already done. As my parish priest once said: there are no long distance priests, so I would encourage you, and anyone facing such situations, to seek help from someone who knows you, knows your area, and who knows what you're dealing with. Allah istekli ise you will get the help you need. (Yeah, Google Translate, and I hope that's correct. I have no way of knowing:)

Https://, one of our users Rookdygin, has a procedure on his profile that may help. Discuss it with the Hoca first, of course, to make any corrections that are appropriate.
Fuchsia in Bravery
I used to work in that building and the corridor where the elevators where would almost always suddenly smell of candle smoke.
Bastet, I've never thought about it that way, but I really like the concept. That actually makes a lot of sense, maybe to prepare you for a future event, which would make sense why it happened when I was so young.
Fuchsia in Did He Find Me?
Maybe he is reaching out to you for help with something. Not everyone can see them and they always know who can see them. Just my thought. 😉
Thank you for your response lady-glow. I know that we are not the first people to live in our home but we have been in the home for almost 20 years which is my whole life. There is land near my home that is Native American burial grounds that had been discovered when new homes were being built. They built over it and then got in a lot of trouble but that was almost 10 years ago and our house was built in the 60's.

We did have little things happen in between the 10 years TLG left. The fire alarms would chime whenever my dad went out of town. They would go off at 2 am. My bed would shake every once in a while. My dog would bark at the corner of the room and then run out barking. So there have been little things.

When OG was used it was with 2 of my former friends and we asked if anything was here to harm me. The reason was my things in the morning would be in new places like my watch would be moved from my desk to the dresser and it wasn't like I forgot to put them in there places. I did the same routine every night. In the beginning we were in the game room because I felt as if it was safe. We couldn't get anything from the OG. We decided to move to my room and we properly opened and closed the board while not using our real names. The room was dark and the questions were very simple and did not provoke anything until we asked what do you want to do. The board responded "Hang". The other ghosts we could tell were fight for control because it would start to make sense then it would start new sentences and words then it all stopped.

I remember her name its Michelle. She kept saying hang and wouldn't give us a date when she died and she only wanted to know when I would die. We got scared and said goodbye.

When my room was professionally cleansed it was done by a remote cleansing. The woman is a shaman and is able to come to homes upon request or can remotely do it by telling her everything you know about your place and the exact location. My family has a very large amount of trust in this woman and I do to because I know she has helped many people.

To be frank I am not going to let someone else stay in my room. Whatever it is I don't want it to harm someone else. I feel like it is attached to me. The only reason it doesn't go in the game room is because my dad. His memories and good energy is stored there I think. It doesn't like my dad so it stays away. Also I don't think it is scared of faith. I wear the Lords Prayer on my neck everyday 24/7. The cross doesn't affect it anymore. Its not religious its just evil.
That farm is tribe called bhanbhi
They moved to another place । Two families are fight for that farm
I enjoyed your spooky story! Sounds like a beautiful region.

It's good to know that your house's activity has settled down after the cleansing. However, am I right in thinking that *only* the doors have stopped moving? If there are remaining footsteps, hisses, low-flying paintings, etc., there is a need for you to take care of more issues. Cleansings usually remove *negative* activity and spirits of evil intention; positive/harmless spirits are usually unaffected.

If there is still unpleasant activity or a negative atmosphere, you'll need to repeat the cleansing ritual. Like getting ketchup out of a white shirt, you sometimes need to give everything a second go-around. If the doors have stopped but the other activity has increased to compensate, then you'll be safest by going through a second time.

HOWEVER, if the doors & such have stopped and you don't have any *negative* experiences, then you may wish to try just talking to the spirit (s) present. I do NOT mean a ouija board; I mean that you can stand in the middle of the house, speak aloud about your plans to buy the house and to move in, and that you'd like to feel safe there. Good spirits may remain and --as long as they don't bother you or the cat-- you're willing to share the house with them.

Caution: you may feel stupid having the above conversation with an apparently-empty house, but don't let that stop you. If there are harmless residual or sentient spirits, they'd like the reassurance you don't intend to get them exorcized. People are usually nervous before a big change; harmless dead people are still people, so they need to be treated as such. Take care.


I apologize for the mistyped date the house was built in spring 1904 and is the oldest on my town. It is not divided into apartments but kept as a single family home which I rent alone.

I have had a friend come in to do a cleansing ritual on the house since this and the only difference was that the doors to the rooms stopped randomly opening.
Hi Fralto welcome to YGS.

I would like to tag on to LuciaJacinta's suggestion in the first post and say that you would do well to visit a Christian church if you're Christian (actually also even if you are not) and seek help from the pastor / priest there. I believe that options 1 and 3 that Biblio listed are both the possibilities here.
Darkangel73 in The "boogieman"
I remember working in a nursing home, years back. It was a strange experience. I believe that those residents see things, because some are closer to the veil of the spirit world. We had a lady who worked 3rd with myself, and three other ladies. She saw black shadows... Each time after she would see one of those shadows a resident would pass away. Always in 3's too. One other time I was working on C hall with mostly residents who couldn't dress themselves or were bed ridden. The light went off on one of the residents, I went to check thinking she was awake and needed something. NOPE. She was out cold. Then a man passed away, that very next night his light kept going off. And what was messed up the door was locked. So Boone could go into that room.
Gave you a plus, thumbs up Biblio but I had to giggle at your number 2 on the bigots, racists etc...haha. Yeah that could be. I think there are all sorts of once living people, bad ones, sad ones, regular ones, even good ones who just get lost or mad that they are dead and try to get attention for help or comfort... I guess I'll find out one day when I go to the other side who's behind the naughty stuff...

But that's an interesting fact about the oldest house there. Interesting. Maybe OP got some info mixed up.

I'm also wondering about the people in the shared house. Did they ever experience anything? Do they know anything more as to why? Is there place remodeled too?
No I। Didn't told at home because abhimanyu also not believe s me
Her face I didn't saw properly bbut she was white not black...
majarlika012 in Bravery
Oh, I knew that building. I believe it was the same building where a shootout happened way back in September 2013.

Is there any other incident of spirit manifestations happened after that?
kuwentoPH in Sundo / Fetch
Hi Spikiwee,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am wondering if you'll let me borrow it and read it in my youtube channel? Thank you.
Hi Wysteria1,

I got very interested about your story because one my listeners shared a very similar one in my youtube channel.
I am hoping you'll allow me to read your story in my channel and I would be honored to tag you in the credits. Thank you in advance.
Greeting, Fralto, and welcome to YGS.

Before I offer any guesses as to what is going on, would you mind confirming the age of the house? Presuming that your statement that it is a "115-year-old house" is correct, it was built in 1904. The *oldest* house in Nebraska was built in 1830.

The level of activity you describe is far beyond an "acceptable" quirk of living in an older home. Is your friend, from whom you rent the home, aware of the peculiar behavior & terrifying phenomena? Do you know any of the history of the home? City records can be very useful in discovering the history of a property (particularly land registry and property tax records).

I have read/seen/heard of similar levels of activity with two types of supernatural behavior: 1) poltergeist phenomena caused by repressed trauma [I do not think this is it]; 2) properties haunted by bigots, racists, and similarly self-righteous, antiquated moralists. I'm drawn to the second of these options, but I'm in Connecticut and working only from your descriptions. I suppose, given your profession, that *if* you have a magical practitioner detained in your facility who does not like you, then it *could* be a deliberately focused curse --but that feels like a long-shot to me.

I'm going to suggest a spiritual cleansing of the property; if the house is sub-divided into more than one apartment, or there are areas you cannot access, you're going to need to bring your friend in on this, too.

The redoubtable Rook has a cleansing ritual on his homepage, and I'll add a copy of it to the bottom of this message. It works with (or independently of) any religious belief system. It does take 3 days, but opening the windows in summer won't attract undue attention from neighbors, etc.

Take care to protect yourself from this harassment.


******Rook's Cleansing********

Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
Goggzy, I'm not sure if you'll see this anytime soon, as I see its now been 2 month's since you last asked your question, but incase you do read this, I'd say knocking the house down is probably a really good idea at this point. I know the fear of doing this could perhaps let whatever there free to roam wherever it pleases, but honestly I don't believe that to be the case. It seems whatever is there, is tied there, and with the house being destroyed, I believe it will still be trapped to that same spot. So I wouldn't recommend letting anyone rebuild on that property. I have watched paranormal documentaries on some very haunted locations, and had came across one where a home had so much bad connected to it, to the point where all the locals, and even police and fire department claimed this home to be haunted by something very evil (it was believed to be demonic). The police had so many reports involved with that home, and the residents that had lived there. To the town, it was clear the home had something evil in it, so it was finally demolished a few years ago. I could be wrong, but I just don't feel that knocking down the home is like opening the top to a jar, that will let out whatever is inside. I believe how we see what we see through our eyes, and what the other side sees on their side, are 2 different realities. So you can tear down the walls you see, but their walls will still be there. Hopefully that makes sense. But that's my opinion on it, whatever it's worth. Has any other changes happened since you last commented? Have you already decided to knock the place down, or have already? Hope to hear back from you soon 😊

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