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Bibliothecarius in Observed On A Crosswalk
Greetings, all. Some responses are in order, and I'll put a few of them together here.

MrsRamsay: My wife slowed down the car *because* there was something on the crosswalk. She said that was her natural reaction to something being there, even though it was not tall enough to be a person (adult or teen out alone around dusk). The slowing of the car was what brought it to my attention.

CrimsonTopaz: Thanks for finding Rajine's story of a similar mist/fog apparition taking a geometrical shape. At least we're not alone in seeing something this peculiar.

Lady-glow: Thank you for reading. Even though it was mist in an unusual shape, it "felt" like an entity to me, which was pretty strange. Usually I get the mental impression of the entity, but no visual data. I had the sense that it was young and female, but I have nothing to substantiate that other than my instinct.

Sleeping-with-steve: Thanks for reading this tale. As I just mentioned to lady-glow, it did "feel" like an individual to me, even though it did not look like one.

Best to all,
Hi, Biblio! Your description puts me in mind of a story I read a long time ago. It may have been a Ray Bradbury short, but I won't swear to it. Anyway, that was pretty much the way he describes the alien made portals for interdimensional travel. Not saying that's what you saw, only the description, at least in my memory is similar. Which makes me wonder if he somewhat shared your experience at some point.
Personally, I've only seen one transparent object, which I described as a soap bubble. Outside of being very translucent, I don't think there's any commonality.
On the bright side - you have a witness, so not your imagination:)
lady-glow in We Had A Room-ma
Congratulations on your marriage.

What an unnerving way for you and your husband to start your life as a married couple!
I'm glad the dishonest landlord gave you back the money for the deposit.

In my opinion, the spirit wasn't trying to harm you, but I understand your decision for moving out of the place. Hopefully some future tenant will help this spirit to move on and move out of that house.

Thanks for sharing.
According to her profile DarkDaisy will be taking a break from YGS for awhile. So don't hold your breaths waiting for an answer.
From my point of view, it would be better if Sophie/Sophia never read this story... She might feel offended by the way you have described her: "about 14 years old almost 15... (If you spent a day with her not knowing her age you'd think she was 10 or something) "

I don't know if you're talking about her physical appearance, or if it is her personality but, either way, she may not like it. Specially since she's supposed to be 18 years old.

Why do I keep putting the wrong stuff. Her age is 18 now why do I put 14 years old?."

It's hard to answer such a question without pondering if you have been honest when presenting these facts.
Sleeping-with-steve in Observed On A Crosswalk
Hello Biblio,

What a fascinating experience.

I don't have much to offer in terms of help or ideas of what it could have been. (Sorry) πŸ˜•

I just wanted to say I have heard this happen before to others. Rajine mentions something similar in his post as per the link my sister, (CrimsonTopaz) has shared.

Please keep us posted if you solve this mystery.

Best wishes,
SWS/Miandra 😘
Hi Biblio.

Intriguing experience, I have no idea what could it have been, but enjoyed reading your experience.

Thanks for sharing.
CrimsonTopaz in Observed On A Crosswalk
I found it Bibliothecarius.
Here's the link.
CrimsonTopaz in Observed On A Crosswalk
Excuse my absent writing skills. Being in the English department, you probably notice good writing skills in the first instance.
All that aside, I've being reading situations on here for about 2 years. I do remember someone putting up a situation about a fog hovering above their vehicle and the fog was no where else.
I have looked high and low and can't find who put that up on here. To begin with I thought it was Aussie Daz. I looked at his profile page and his situations and unless I missed it, it doesn't seem to be him. I'm sure my sister commented on that thread. I looked at her profile and the same thing, no sign of that situation.
I'll keep looking. Knowing me, I probably commented on the thread so I'll look at my comments too.
I really enjoyed reading about this situation you and your wife experienced.
Thank you sharing.
Hello aussiedaz, yes, it's been a while for sure, good to hear from you. The slow motion effect you mention is fascinating, I remember years ago witnessing an accident, an older couple wandering out into a lane and getting hit by another car (everyone was ok, no fatalities) while I and another friend were driving by and the whole thing went into slow motion, I can remember seeing the front headlights and grill being literally shattered and I could swear I saw the individual pieces scattering into the air and seeing all the spots they landed in on the road, it was the most bizarre experience!

As an aside, the consciousness existing outside the mind/body and the experiments you mentioned, perhaps that could explain premonitions/intuitive guidance and maybe even things like the Mandela effect. We 'receive' from whatever sources, constantly, like a radio tower, taking in multiple broadcasts. A lot of it, unless we become more aware gets lost in the 'signal noise' if that makes sense. As far as the Mandela effect or premonitions that maybe don't happen, like some of Da Vinci's, could be the mind including the 'unused portions' of the brain tuning into other realities/time lines etc and introducing that information into our consciousness.

Anyways good stuff for sure, thanks for sharing, I truly enjoy these thought provoking conversations with you! Hope you and yours have a great holiday season!

Sleeping-with-steve, good to hear from you and I appreciate the kind words!

CantunSEEit, great story, I appreciate your sharing and sorry if I hijacked your thread a little, but it led into some interesting thoughts relating to these types of encounters!

Glad tidings for a joyous holiday season however you all celebrate it.
rahul_shelar16 in 2pm Terror
Man, what your mother explained was scary as hell. Maybe you just experienced sleep paralysis
Bibliothecarius in Observed On A Crosswalk
Greetings Mrs. Ramsay.

I, too, had the sense that the shape I saw was an entity, even though it was not particularly anthropomorphic. I'm pleased that your mother was able to attend your daughter's wedding and that you witnessed her presence.

For me, the fact that the shape was more geometrical in nature was the really unusual part. When I sense spirits without physically seeing them, I can tell where they are, how tall they are (or if they are standing/crouching), and which direction they are facing. This shape looked almost like a placeholder for the entity I was sensing.

My hometown is one of the older ones in the Farmington River Valley of Connecticut. A friend of mine keeps telling me that I have to visit the cemetery in the center of town to see the older graves at the top of the hill. It's on my never-ending "to do" list!

I'll have to ask my wife later about why she slowed down to begin with and I'll get back to you on that.

MrsRamsay (guest) in Observed On A Crosswalk
So interesting that you discerned this, and that your wife noticed something also, even while she was driving. I wonder if she has an idea what caused her to slow down? Perhaps just an intuitive sense that you both got at the same time?

I believe I've sensed if not quite seen something similar a few times. Honestly, it's the kind of thing that can easily go unnoticed. I am always wondering if my writer's imagination or my love of history causes me to go here.

My eldest daughter got married in 2017 and it was a late April, southern garden wedding at an antebellum mansion built in 1840. She walked down the aisle at 7:30 pm, but in the first five minutes I realized the minister had probably never done a wedding before as he was talking about his own baldness. Sitting in the front row in the midst of thinking, "Wow, this is one of the worst wedding officiants I've ever heard..." things all of a sudden got very heavy and quiet (my perception) -- enough that I became aware of "something going on." While the minister's droning kept on and as he finished up, I became distracted and noticed some kind of mist, barely perceptable, up in the air just in front of me and to the right, above and in front of the couple who were about to say their actual vows. It caused me to actually LOOK UP instead of at my daughter. All of a sudden, her long veil blows up and sort of hangs in the air before being pulled off and flying towards us in the front row! Just then (at the strange time of 7:40ish) the bells at the Baptist church next door rang twice, though no one else seems to remember that fact except me. Of course, everyone got a good laugh, but I knew EXACTLY what had happened. (and I'm sorry for the long story, when all you wondered is have we seen a mist thing). My mom had died in 2013 after being very, very close to my daughters growing up. At the same time, my daughter had initially not wanted to wear a veil with her dress, which became a little contentious between us in the weeks before her date. A week before the wedding, she finally caved... Called me and said, "Ok mom, I'll go with a veil." So the night of her wedding, we of course made certain that veil was ON her head, with at least 3 combs holding it into her expensive hairstyle. BUT... When that veil flew off in a wind that didn't really move anything else around her, I knew immediately that was MOM, and she was saying to me, "OK Laura, she wore the veil down the aisle and throughout the weird minister's commentary, and now she gets to take it off!" Mom always spoiled her. She was always the Good Cop and I was always the Bad Cop, if you follow...

But that's just one of the places I've noticed a slight mist. Which by the way you can vaguely see in the wedding photos taken from two angles. I can see clearly where the lace of the veil comes up to a point in mid air, while it's still attached to my daughter's head. And there is a mist there, as though a hand but not in the shape of a hand. The actual "mist" to me is more of a difference in the air itself and shows as a slightly lighter spot in the photos.

Not sure exactly what CT town you're in, but I have a lot of ancestors who founded some of those old towns there almost 400 years ago. The history in and near them is riveting to me, and I cannot wait until I can visit (never been north of NYC). The amazing history of the Old Connecticut Path and the Puritan settlers who followed it to adventure in the New World really stirs the imagination, especially if half your family tree is made up of those families! Thanks for your interesting story!
Bibliothecarius in Observed On A Crosswalk
Greetings, RC!

No, it was not a foggy evening, nor was it raining, which is part of the reason we were surprised to see this manifestation "standing" upright in the crosswalk. Sorry I didn't make that clear in the original narrative.

As for the "adult enough to concede" statement, that's something I've had to come to realize the long way around, and it's something that I occasionally need to remind myself, too!

Biblio, I can only say that I personally have not seen such a thing before. At least, not that I'm aware of.

Also: "I'm adult enough to concede". This really jumped out at me. Dealing with dad's cancer, and his attitude, plus some other things I could mention but won't, I really wish people would understand: Our choices/actions have consequences. And because we choose what we did, the consequences are our responsibility. No blaming someone else.

But back to being on topic, a pyramid or cone shaped mist? Was it a foggy commute that evening?
I would suggest this to you, just as others have; write your story out either in Word or on paper, then re-read it. It might be helpful to have your sister or a friend proof read it for you as well. That way you might catch some of these bothersome math/date problems before they make your story look sketchy. This isn't some race, nor is there a deadline to get your stories out there, so take your time with them.
Hi there Anno-Domini,

Not this againπŸ˜”.

Why do I keep putting the wrong stuff. Her age is 18 now why do I put 14 years old?. I don't know
I'm not sure why, but I think this young lady is actually someone a lot older pretending to be 20. It reads like a person trying to get into the mind of a 20 year old. In some places the spelling and grammar are pretty good, but then it changes back to the 'young person' spelling and grammar.

I'm not debunking any of your experiences, they could well be true. I have to admit that I've had paranormal experiences that no one would believe 😳

I just find it very hard to believe what you are saying because of the inconsistencies in your stories - dates wrong, can't remember the name of your first school, things happening when you were a child, presumably living in Ohio, but you then tell us it happened three weeks before you left for Virginia!
This is just my opinion, there is a chance that my opinions are wrong, in which case I will happily apologise to you, but I strongly suspect that I'm right.
Be lucky
Anno_Domini in Harassed By Spirit?
Hi Ribs1993 I just got down to reading your story. I think there are bad spirits which were disturbing you (hopefully not anymore). You can view my profile for a deeper explanation into my understanding of this. I would recommend that you reach out to a church nearby (if you are in a city like Jarkata it shouldn't be too hard to find one) to help you with this if it is still an issue. Do update us please.
I am at a total loss as to why people continue to 'play' the Ouija Board 'game'. It's not a game at all. Not only can the 'players' be harmed (some possibly permanently mentally harmed) but the so called 'good' or 'nice' spirits/ghosts who are strongly attracted to the possibility of being able to tell their story to someone and to let someone know the reason they are earthbound, could also be harmed. I personally know of a 'good' spirit who has been held against their will by a 'bad' spirit, and can be harmed if the 'bad' spirit is so inclined, purely for trying to talk to someone - who might, just might, have the ability to help them cross over to wherever spirits go. Sermon over!

I have a 'poltergeist' who we call Charlie, who has followed me the length of Great Britain - from London to Kent, to the West Midlands and now to the northern most island off of Scotland. What I'm trying to say is that yes, a spirit can follow you. I have to say though, that the only cases of spirits following is where there has been a strong family connection. Charlie has been with my family for at least 5 generations, so seems to be firmly attached to my family. I really don't think that the 'Sadie Girl' will have followed you if she was something that was called up - this is assuming she is what she claims to be and not something horrible masquerading as a 'nice' spirit. But, don't panic as I find it very unlikely that if it was something malicious it wouldn't have done something to show it's 'true colours' between you summoning it 10 years ago and now.

I must say that I'm surprised that you don't remember the name of your elementary school - which I assume is the same as our primary schools in the UK. I remember the name of mine as well as my teachers names - and I'm, I presume, quite a bit older than you! I have to be honest with you DarkDaisy, I have some doubts about your account. I'm not sure if you've forgotten some of the events or got them mixed up with something you've read or seen in a film. Why would you not remember the name of your first school if you only moved away 3 weeks before you wrote your account and, had many paranormal experiences there? Why would Faith be asked to 'do the drawing' for the Ouija Board? What made you think that doing a 'figure of eight' movement with the planchet five times would summon a spirit? I also don't understand why you would think that a fleeting interaction with a spirit would compel it to move with you from Ohio to Virginia, which I think is quite a distance.

I'm not trying to be mean to you, before anyone jumps on me for being horrible and sharing my views! I just find your account very strange. Please remember that this is just my opinion based on many years (my whole life lol) of interaction with various spirits and ghosts.

Be lucky.
Dark Daisy13
You are not dumb and asking us to forgive your stupidity is sad because you are not stupid. We all make mistakes and think one thing and type another. There's nothing wrong with innocent typos.
I used to rush through my typing when I was younger and made plenty of mistakes. YGS isn't about correcting your typing, but having said that, Lady Glow found a few things that needed clarification, that's fair. CantunSEEit74 suggest that practicing before printing helps. I totally agree, weather that be in a word document that you can go back and forth to or a note book.
All in all, you have nothing to be worried about. You explained what happened, and I was spooked by your experiences.
Thank you for sharing and chin up.
Correction to my previous comment;

This puts your age at 20 as of today, while your sister ("Sophia" in your profile but "Sophie" here?) should be about 18, however "Sophie"'s age is 14-15 here even though there's a 2-year gap in between the both of you?
Hi DD...

I initially thought the nitpicking on your other story was a little overboard... But;

In your profile you state "On February 13, 2001 my mom gave birth to me and my twin sister, Alexa. Two years later Sophia was born."

This puts your age at 21 as of today, while your sister ("Sophia" in your profile but "Sophie" here?) should be about 19, however "Sophie"'s age is 14-15 here even though there's a 2-year gap in between the both of you?

I'm quite confused.

Also lady-glow,
My sister's name it Sophia we just call her Sophie.
Hi there Rajine,

Maddie hasn't experienced anything until this day and I'm not sure why
Hi again DarkDaisy_13

Firstly I'm glad that your first ouija board experience was pleasant, some of the other stories I read on here about ouija board experiences are terrifying, as for me personally I have not and will never be tempted to try it, who knows what we can unleash in doing so, I've also come across stories like yours where negative entities come through and pretend to be good, so I won't take that chance.

I'm curious about Sadie though I wonder if she's a resident spirit and how did she pass on? And is she still in your friends house?
Bibliothecarius, thanks for the notification, but for an individual story, the author (or friends) should contact the other web sites. I only intervene when another web site copies our content in bulk, otherwise I would spend all my days on it. Also, I cannot always be 100% sure the author didn't simply publish it in other places.
Thanks Biblio, I've notified Martin. And I need 50 characters to post. So I guess I'll just add some dribble...
Hello TLV,SWS, it's been a while between drinks, I hope all is well with both of you.

Yes, I too have studied some of these experiments TLV, I do concur with your own summary. The most profound experiment in my opinion, of which supports the duality of the mind (where the brain is receiving a signal) was on the BBC several years ago.

They basically wired up the brain of 1000 subjects with a little toy stick in both hands and then asked them (on the count of every six seconds) to make a random choice of squeezing the left hand or right hand in sequence to a bell.

As the subject awaited their random choice (without fail) the observers knew which hand they were going to squeeze 100 percent of the time prior to the subject making it... Of which probably indicates, the brain is receiving a message and acting out the direction.

They didn't offer any explanation and as we know science rarely explains the reason beyond something they can't measure.

On a side note: The Orch Orr theory suggests we have 40 conscious moments per second that give us the illusion of motion. When I hit a tree head-on at 45 mph back when Adam was a boy... The car I was travelling in, went into slow motion and apparently, many people have experienced the same phenomena Michael Jordan being the most famous one when playing basketball?

I do theorize, (for what it is worth) between the six-second delay experiment, along with the duality of consciousness, receptor theory and Orch orr theory tied in with the account of going into slow motion it just may be conclusive evidence consciousness exists outside our bodies and that it alone is solely fundamental to our reality.

Throw in the double-slit experiment as the icing (another mystery science can't explain) I don't need anymore convincing it makes sense to me.

Anyway, food for thought mate and I always enjoy reading your angle on these types of conversations.

Regards Daz
This story has been plagiarized onto the following websites:
Https:// -posted by "Debi"
Https:// -posted by "Lon Strickler"

Both copies of the story were posted on April 22, 2019, about a year-and-a-half after Emma posted it here.

Strangely, in each case, the copied narrative includes EmmalineTexas' signoff "ETX," though that is not included on YGS.

The narrative has made it onto the "Paranormal Rising" channel on Youtube, as one of the stories included on this video, dated August 18, 2021:

I was listening to the video when I knew I'd read the story here, before.

Thanks for looking into this,
Hello CantunSEEit74,

I really loved this post. Thank you for sharing it with us on YGS.

Hello Aussie Daz and The_Lost_Voyage_11,

The two of you have really fascinating information on this thread. I love reading and learning from your comments.

Best wishes,

It's ever so possible something else is haunting me but there's so much to take in it gets complicated when you really think about it.

A little girl went missing in the woods? A little girl possibly haunting my home? What are the odds.

Obviously if you try and do any research on missing cases in Richmond, Virginia about a little girl going missing in a forest. Nothing shows up.

My neighbor never said when exactly but based on what I know this girl could've gone missing years ago.

Now I know the idea of it being the "sadie girl" is pretty out there but I got no other good leads. Also I have no clue if she was lying or not but we all know based on her laughing she had to be around 7.

I'm probably going to do an Ouija board session later some day to see if I can communicate with the sprit, try and give you guys more information.
To aussiedaz, interesting information (as always) regarding our cells acting as receptors and it makes sense, just as our cells are receptors for anything that happens within the body, signals from nerves etc, it seems they could pick up from outside sources as well. Your theory about something interfering with the transmission as it were, such as outside energy, is akin to the moon passing in front of the sun and causing an eclipse, the light is dimmed and affected for sure. Many scientists are really behind the idea that our mind itself is merely a transmitter like a radio which can receive multiple broadcasts. Our minds are just receivers of our consciousness, in effect more proof that the consciousness exists outside the body, and how it can remain behind when the body and mind cease to function including near death experiences. This of course could explain possession as well. Cases of people doing things that are so unlike them, like extreme rage, are situations attributed to the person being hijacked by the collective unconscious, the field where all human thoughts and emotions, including the thoughts that seem to constantly replay in our minds, seems to coalesce. This argues that our entire body and mind are essentially just receptor/receivers. There's been study into this and our telomeres, and the so called unused portions of our brain that some tend to believe are actually communicating and receiving information from other planes of existence. Interesting stuff for sure!
Well, the math did confuse me, Lady-Glow, so I chose to focus on the possibly ghostly aspects.

Working telephone tech support for a certain cell phone and internet service provider has exposed me to folks who, honestly, I'm surprised they survived to adulthood. So I try not to let some things get in the way of doing what I came here for.
"sorry for the math I'm terrible at it"

You're not kidding... Though, from my point of view and not necessarily disagreeing with RCRuskin, the flaws in your math make this story look a tad confusing.

To answer your question: "Who thinks this entity could be the little girl Sadie?"

Let's see... This happened "In the summer of 2011". Based on your previous stories and comments, I understand that you were still living in Ohio, and you moved to Virginia not too long ago, right?

Date: 2021-11-09
Country: United States
State: Virginia
Paranormal Category: Haunted Places

So basically back when I was around 8 I had lots of paranormal experiences at my Elementary school... I forgot the name of the school because that was back when I was living in Ohio and I have moved to Virginia about 3 weeks ago"

I don't think Sadie would have gone all the way from Ohio to Virginia. We have to keep in mind that earthbound spirits tend to remain trapped within the time and the circumstances of the moment they got separated of their physical body, and some times they are not even aware that they have died.

This last part makes me wonder if "Sadie" was being honest by telling you when she passed away.

The normal course of events after a person has passed away, is for their soul to move on, not staying on this plane like ghosts.

From one of your comments in your red crayon story, dated November 22, 2021:

"Hi there Rajine,

I don't know the inter history behind the house but it has something to do with a little girl going missing in the woods behind are house and she seemed to be forgotten. (My neighbor told me) "

Did the neighbor mention how long ago this girl went missing?
1998 isn't really too long ago, I'm sure that any entry to missing children in the internet would yield a long list of names and cases. Besides, if a little girl went missing, this not necessarily would mean that she was murdered and her spirit has been following hikers to their home. It could be a case of parental kidnapping.
And again, IF there's a ghost involved, what are the chances of it being summoned to Ohio through an OB session performed by three little girls roughly 10 years ago?

...slim chance, if I may say.

I know this didn't happen in the house you're living now, but perhaps it's time to have it blessed/cleansed either by yourself or asking for the help of a religious person of your faith, and help crossing over any earthbound spirits that might be there.

P.S. Since I'm in asking mode, is your little sister name Sophie or Sophia? I have seen you using both names when referring to her.

Thanks for sharing.
aussiedaz and CrimsonTopaz Thanks for your comments. I feel I am only an Experiencer as it seemed I was looking in the right place at the right time. I have never really felt anything before a sighting but maybe they hit on my receptors to signal me to be aware. I really feel good now about the receptors theory and maybe I have not walked by or missed many other sightings. I am here to learn, and this is a step forward. Thanks, and Good Luck out there.
Aussie Daz
I understand now. That makes sense. Really interesting reply. I enjoy different interpretations of our experiences. Mainly experiences with ghost. Maybe we see or feel their presence when they block or interact with those receptors? Very interesting indeed.
Thank you.

Im not very sure why Faith was scared of ghosts, and I don't think Maddie knew either. Mainly because Faith was the person who didn't want to tell anything she found "personal" not even us.

Now yes Maddie is Christian. But a priest never came to bless her house as far as I know.
Her family wasn't that religious but they sometimes would go to church on Sundays.

Oooh yes ghostly laughter is the creepiest!
I remember when we heard it we all freaked out but didn't scream, just really scared. (Faith literally got so scared she had scooted closer to me)

Hope this solves your questions! (also sorry for the math I'm terrible at it)
Hello CrismonTopaz,

'if an energy of consciousness gets into our own space of consciousness we can transcribe the sensation physically and that feeling can feel quite uncomfortable'. * * * *
How is it uncomfortable?

From memory, it was Bruce Lipton (bioloigist) who claims we have 56 trillion cells with their own unique receptors of which are picking up a signal from somewhere? In he's words, physically we are like moon rovers picking up a signal from earth.

Basically, there is a duality between the self and the higher existing in unison.

For mine, this would explain how we survive death right? Mind doesn't belong to body, body belongs to mind? When your moon rover blows an engine it's game over on the moon where the hangover begins on earth (via his analogy)?

To answer your question, if we are picking up a signal from another dimension or spirit world as Bruce Lipton believes and then some other field of energy gets in between the transmission or your own energy field.

Perhaps it's the clashing of energy that interrupts those 56 trillion cells on the macroscopic level (physicality) leaving you with the sensation of feeling uncomfortable? It's actually hard to put words to the actual sensation however, it's not a nice feeling and it makes me wonder if this also explains possession? Another energy fighting for control of those cells and mind does that make sense?

Regards Daz
Hi, Dark Daisy.

Another interesting experience, though also rather mundane. And there may be some problems with the math, but I'd rather focus on the ghostly aspects in my comments.

Faith, first, however. Things we're afraid of usually have a reason behind that fear. It isn't always rational, but in my case, I apparently had a possibly dramatic experience with a high place as a toddler, and today, I am scared of heights. I think Faith is right in being timid around ghostly things, but it was certainly nice of her to agree to your game. Though perhaps it was just an example of the Abilene Paradox,

Ghostly laughter is the scariest thing. Not ghostly, but I had an interview with a store in a mall once, had to get there about 7 AM for said interview when the mall was basically empty. And walking through the empty mall and then hearing a recorded laugh from some child's ride thing... Yeah. Freaked me out and that was explainable.

And as for the Ouija Board itself, which sometimes is alleged to be a portal that allows demons and other malicious entities in, rather lucky that did not happen. As you recall, were Maggie's parents particularly religious, the sort of family would regularly have their priest/minister come around to pray and bless the house?
Aussie Daz
Hey there fellow Australian. I loved your comment. I laughed my head off reading about you fighting of the orb with your pillow and pulling muscles. Lol.
I'm interested to know more about * * * *
'if an energy of consciousness gets into our own space of consciousness we can transcribe the sensation physically and that feeling can feel quite uncomfortable'. * * * *
How is it uncomfortable?
CantUnseeit, I'm sorry to use your thread to communicate with Daz. I'm not sure where else to respond to his comment.
Maybe Martin can help you get back into your original profile or maybe combine both new and old.
You have so many situations on your old profile it seems a Shame to leave it dormant. I've enjoyed reading your situations and added a couple to re-read.
Your wife must be enjoying editing your work. I find you both have much to tell.
Thank you for sharing.
To everyone that read this please let me explain something I have just found out!

According to the information we found on the little girl Sadie and what we know about the entity in our home. Who thinks this entity could be the little girl Sadie?

I know it's a while guess but all the information lead to this, even the odd laughter.

The year our house was built was 1976. The difference is just over 7 years.
Thank you for your comments and sorry for the delay in relying. At the beginning of the year I relocated to one of the UK's remote islands, and internet connection can be intermittent at times.
Cantun - I'm not sure about the ring finger thing as I have a condition which affects connective tissue so all my joints are very flexible, and I don't have bumpy palms or soles. In answer to your question, I don't remember the teddy bear thing talking to me with it's mouth, but I don't remember it talking directly to my mind, either. I just know that it talked to me and wanted to play with me. About Charlie - I think he travelled up with us, maybe in my car or in the van my husband was driving lol! Things started 'moving' within a day of us arriving here.
Ragine - I too believe that everyone is born with psychic ability, but I also believe that the vast amount of individuals block it out. If you look at the stories on this site many of them took place in the contributor's childhood rather than once they were adults.
Jubeele - I firmly believe that had I not had Granny X's protection my life would have gone in a very different direction! With adult hindsight, I think that the teddy demon believed that as I had called it into this world I was it's property, something that still terrifies me to this day.
I am extremely lucky to have been born into such an open minded family. My dad had no psychic abilities at all and wasn't sure about mine until Granny X told me something about his childhood which I passed on to him. He went very pale and never questioned mine or my mother's abilities after this - I think he was a little upset that I couldn't forecast the winning combination for the football pools, though! I still have two of the teddies I always slept with as a child - I have always thought of them as protecting me whilst I sleep, and they still sit in my bedroom (on a shelf nowadays, though) and maybe are still protecting me a bit. I think we have to consider the possibility that some toys ARE imbued with qualities that protect children, and this theory would also explain why children get very attached to some toys.
With regards to the teddy things strange attributes, I think that at first I was so enthralled by the appearance of a giant teddy bear with such pretty curly fur that I really didn't notice it's not so nice attributes. The funny thing is that I don't remember being scared of it until I noticed the finger and toe nails, but by that point Granny X was with me and maybe she explained to me that it was not a nice teddy but a bad teddy - who knows! I don't remember whether I noticed the claws or the snout/nose and teeth before or after Granny X came to my rescue. She thinks that is funny and makes her sound like the cavalry in a western movie!
My husband is also gifted - he's a healer and senses things but very rarely sees anything. He was a bit shocked to hear me and my mum openly discussing something that I'd seen recently, but he said that the shock soon turned to relief when he realised that he was joining a family of psychics and could talk to other gifted people.

Thank you all for the interest in my story.
Hi DarkDaisy_13

Definitely looking forward to reading you and your family's experiences.
Hi there Rajine,

I don't know the inter history behind the house but it has something to do with a little girl going missing in the woods behind are house and she seemed to be forgotten. (My neighbor told me)

My family have so many stories to share! I'll probably get around to making a story on their encounters too. Probably around December 5 in case any other things happen.

Also I don't think the entity is just targeting me. According to some of the stories my family as shared it seems to be the entity is attracted to only people alone. Are family as much more stories of them being alone then anything.
But I think their main target is me and Alexa since we technically lead it to our house.

We don't know what we're dealing with yet but we all think it's a little girl possibly around 7 years old.
I'll try my best to give new details.
Rajine in Unexplainable!
Hi Parvathi_p

You didn't mention if the windows were open, if so maybe a breeze could have moved the curtain, but if I had to guess and say that it was indeed a supernatural occurrence I'd have to go with it being a random spirit, assuming that prior to this there was no past encountersπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.
Hi DarkDaisy_13

I feel that you will be able to get more information about this once you start looking into the history of your house, also you could ask family members if they experienced anything out of the ordinary, I wonder why this entity is revealing itself and targeting you?
Hi Randall

I'm really curious to know more about this spirit you encountered, definitely an interesting encounter you had have you spoken to other family members about it?
Any updates? Are you still messing around with these types of things?

Hope all is well.

DarkDaisy_13 in Unexplainable!
Hi there Parvathi_p,

Welcome to YGS

This story is quite interesting and I'm glad you shared it here.

Do you mind if I clarify a couple things with you?

1. At the time the curtains were moving was there anything else odd happening at the time?

2. What did the shadow look like? If you can get any details on it that would help

3. Did the shadow give you a bad vibe? Did you feel safe around it?

I'm not going to jump to conclusions at this time. I want to get a better understanding of what's happening first before I give you any type of advice.
lady-glow in Unexplainable!
Welcome to YGS.

Hello parvathi_p.

My first thought about your experience was if you're sure the shadow wasn't some kind of reflection, but the "strong feeling of being watched" is a telltale of a spirit's presence.

Did your mother get to see the shadow too? Did you experience anything unusual around that time or was this the only unexplainable incident taking place since then?

In my opinion, it's hard to say who/what this shadow was, but it seems that it didn't mean any harm. I'm inclined to think that it could have been a relative or a close friend whom have recently passed away and stopped by to say their final goodbyes.
Do you know of any one close to you or your family that died around the time you had this experience?

Thanks for sharing.

Your account is interesting and thought provoking.

Thanks for sharing your experience and ideas on the subject, I enjoyed reading it. Ideas like your can contribute to understanding this vastly mysterious subject.

Hi DarkDaisy_13,

Unfortunately, I never got to know the subdivision's history. I was too young to even bother knowing about it. But I do know that the subdivision existed for a long time. I just don't know for how long though.

A lot happened in that city we used to live in though during world war 2 since it's where the US airbase is located, until now. Our subdivision is close to the airbase (Clark Airbase), so maybe a lot of killings happened in our area during WWII which is why there are a lot of hauntings in our town.

Also, Clark Airbase is quite a famous spot for ghost hunters and paranormal experts. Try searching that up.
Hi Rajine,

Yeah, maybe it did want my attention. However, that was the last time I felt something inside the house. My next story would be about things that happened outside the house.
Hi there MrWafirius,

I've tried the Ouija Board multiple times and have gotten some positive responses and a couple of negative ones.

I don't think it's obvious to most that when playing an Ouija board, not always will a negative sprit come.

I wonder if your still attending this school?
Thanks for sharing
I know this is an older story but WOW, that sounds absolutely terrifying. Especially the part where whatever it was crouched down in the backyard. Do you have any updates?
Oh my gosh this is so sad I can't take it😭. It's must have been devastating to understand what happened to the little girl😒.
Darkangel73 in Ghost Buildings
Hello Tigerfeet, this is interesting. I guess the fact you can she buildings from the past, is cool. The fact that no one else sees them, is typical for someone who is on the medium spectrum. That gift could really come in handy, like the guy from ghost whisper who could hear ghosts, but couldn't see them, Melinda could see and hear them.πŸ‘
DarkDaisy_13 in A Crayon From Nowhere
Hi there panini,

Another interesting story to share again.

I experienced something earlier with a red crayon (that'll hopefully get published soon) but this seems like I different type of situation.

It's obvious something threw the crayon. Since in the story you mentioned that if someone threw the crayon from the door you'd be able to see there shadow stretch to your vanity.

By what's been happening in this house leads me to believe obviously there's some time of strange history behind it.

Have you ever did research on the house? That's probably the best thing to do.

Hopefully this helps you get a better understanding
Rajine - Hi how are you?

The place is definitely creepy. The whole community that the area is in actually feels "off" in a sick creepy sort of way. It's just a small little community out in the middle of nowhere. Not so assuming in the day time but gets worse at night.

MANY people have claimed to seen the Bingham Light. It's a very popular phenomena in my region. I've heard about it since I was around 10 years old.

The way it was told to me I had imagined it as being some light on a pole out in the middle of a field with a long defunct railroad crossing somewhere in the background, and the light would come off the pole and chase you down. Hearing people talk and telling their stories will have you believing all kind of stuff.

But I found out that the light is quite different than most people have told it...
I know this was 14 years ago but I think I know what you did to anger that sprit.

I could be wrong but I think that some ghosts don't like to get asked what happened before they died.
Hi there BaiAnina,

Gotta admit I'd be more annoyed then scared! I mean maybe it was your grandpa wanting you to go to sleepπŸ€”. But hopefully that sprit wasn't your grandpa you cussed at. Also sorry for your loss of him.
Hi tigerfeet

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experience and would have liked it to go on even longer. What a richly diverse heritage you have!

It is a wonderful blessing to have a family that accepts your gift, provides sage advice and shielding from harm. I think that in your innocence and youth, as well as the power of belief, you did call attention to yourself. But the entity that came to you was not what it pretended to be, and harboured less than honourable intentions. You saw it initially as a large white teddy bear, because I think that was how you summoned it and it was obliged to assume the semblance of that form.

What I find interesting is that you gradually detected more and more unteddylike details, like the "long snout like a nose", "abnormally long and very sharp teeth", glowing red eyes, "large curly horns", "long and sharp finger nails". It was clearly unable to hide its true nature from you, nor could it simply take you away without your consent. Perhaps your innocence was a form of protection in itself. And you had Granny X.

The gift in my family came from my paternal grandmother, and is shared by several members in the clan. As a child, I lined my plushie toys along the outer edge of my bunk bed, appointing them my guardians against the odd shadows that moved when the lights were off. I prayed every night for protection and courage, and those furry friends became like talismans for my young self. I collect teddy bears to this day. 😊

It's great that you've passed on the gift and the guidance to your daughter. I know that family members do return to see us and occasionally stay for a visit. When I inexplicably smell vanilla at our place, I sense a loving presence and the thought would come of Nanna, my husband's grandmother, who liked to bake.

Thanks for sharing this memory with us. I look forward to hearing more from you.
I don't care if you think I'm 12 and this is fiction. Believe what you want to believe😐.
DarkDaisy_13 in Shadow's In A Hurry
Hi panini,
Now like lady-glow had mentioned about the, "pepper ghost effect". The chances of that being the case could be around a 50% chance maybe 10% at the least.
You've experienced all sorts of things and it seems like the people in your house may have experienced some as well.
I won't jump to conclusions yet, but if I'm correct that was most likely a shadow figure.
Hi tigerfeet

Definitely a riveting read, we all have a sixth sense or spiritual eye just that only a special select few of us are able to use it.
To be able to summon up a play friend or anything is really quite amazing. Your story telling is fluid, and you have a great memory. It's kind of funny that that Demon just couldn't help itself but put on a Gruesome face for such a young child to try to win you over and possibly hurt you. Got to love Granny X. I wanted to ask, was it actually talking through all those teeth or was he using telepathy, do you remember. I have 3 of your bloods and must ask, do you have the Viking Ring Finger bend down problem or the palm or feet bumps. Mine started 5 years ago. Prevalent on my Mother's side. Hope Charlie made it there. Looking forward to your next story.
Hi BaiAnina

I believe that our loved ones never really leave, they always watch over us.
Hi Dee-J

The way you describe the place has the makings for a horror movie, do you know if anyone else has experienced the same or similar to you?
Hi Panini18

I've had my fair share of shadow people, looked directly at a few, that and disembodied voices, I thought I was going crazy at one point.
Hi Cherubim

Aunt Cora's birthday falls on the 13th of August the same day my mother passed away what a coincidence? And yes, like your friend, I too believe everything happens for a reason or at least the structure of our lives do perhaps with the exception of Murphy's law of which can throw some folk a little off course, and even then, there are lessons to be learned down that road.

We are all connected? There are some really solid theories and experiments pointing toward consciousness as being fundamental to our existence and if that is true, then perhaps "consciousness" is the one entity that connects us all?

Perhaps we are living in a sub-set created by consciousness?

Perhaps the sensation of separation and free will is part of the evolution of consciousness?

Einstein hypothesized there is no time, past present and future are all concurrent so maybe the reason behind consciousness and everything happening for a reason is just a part of the process of consciousness on the road to greater enlightenment or something like that?

Anyway, thank you for sharing!

Regards Daz
Rex-T in Exit 40
Gidday Mweat,

A little late to the party, but your experience has relevance to my father's passing, so I thought I'd drop you a line.

From what you have stated, I believe the odds are very good that you, your brother and sisters were destined to spend some time where your father died.

Just goes to show that encounters with passed loved ones do not have to be "spooky" or "scary" and, in fact, can be beneficial.

My father died of a heart attack while warming the car up (something that had to be done in the 1970's), in preparation for our return trip home, from holidays.

A few years later, I believe that he may have helped me safely navigate through an incident with a broken windscreen on the same stretch of highway that he was about to drive home on before his heart attack.

Even though you guys were unaware of the significance of Exit 40, I'm sure that was his chance to say farewell.

DarriuxDarkk in Exit 40
I live in Texas in a small town. Once my husband and I were travelling on a highway towards Lubbock at early morning. I remember we pass through this long stretched highway with nothing at the sides but windmills and empty land or maybe farmlands, I couldn't really tell because it was dark and the moon was illuminating our surroundings that's why I could tell there were windmills. I saw a man walking in a middle of a field at an ungodly hour like he is just making a stroll. I don't think it is supernatural but it is really weird seeing someone up and about around 2 or 3am in the middle of no where. I just had to comment because you mentioned Texas.

Thank you for sharing your story, I bet your Dad was happy to see his family all together. May he rest in peace. God bless.
Sorry, old dude... But the price house was a little further down the river or is it up river...anyways. The Price house was at the end of Laird Ave. In the cul de sac. It was pink and as far as I know remained that colour until, whenever it was torn down. It was bought by and he was probably the Price families lawyer in town, William 'Bill' Hall and Mary his wife. I don't remember how many children they had. What can add though is Bill would ever year and it's actually tomorrow American Thanksgiving, he would invite quite a few well know people from town and pay for everything and go to the Detroit Lions vs. Whoever; 50yard line seats, breakfast before and dinner after. Well one of the years I went in my uncle's place, Vincent P. Was right there next to Bill. And spent the weekend in his old summer house.
Hello lady-glow,

Your opinion is possible if our house was actually open. When I mean open, "not gated" and surrounded by the neighbor's walls. Here in the Philippines, all houses in a subdivision are close to one another and are only separated by walls and gates.

The only way you'll see a "reflection" from the outside is when you're at the garage. Also, the sunlight was coming from the west side window if you're standing in the kitchen area. Outside that window has a small space for the barbecue grill which is against the neighbor's wall. Also, the window is quite high, if you peek inside the kitchen from that window, only your shoulders and up would be seen from the inside.

Additionally, I did mention that this happened around 3-4 pm, therefore, the sun's light isn't as strong as around 11 am-2 pm. In my previous story "Doll Clowns", I mentioned that my room, my cousin's room, and the stock room all face the kitchen area. Mine was at the middle part of the house.

My room's window also faces a neighbor's wall so reflection from a person isn't possible. My room's door from the kitchen window is around 7-8 meters apart. So, the only way someone's shadow would be seen inside my room is if they actually passed by the room's door.

I would want to show a picture of how the house looks like inside, but we have left that house 11 years ago. I do have some old pictures, but it doesn't capture the whole area.

I just hope this cleared your doubts.
lady-glow in Shadow's In A Hurry
Hi Panini:

Another interesting experience, though, in my opinion, not necessarily a paranormal one.

"During the day, all the room's doors, including the stock room are open for good ventilation throughout the house."

Perhaps this shadow was nothing else than a reflection from the street or from a neighboring house, accidentally producing what is known like "Pepper's ghost effect".


Given your age at the time, it would have been easy for you to assume that this was a paranormal encounter instead of looking for more logical explanation/s other than asking if the housemaid had entered the house.

I'm not saying that this is what happened, but only suggesting another possibility to take into consideration.

Thanks for sharing.
People are funny creatures. You can send them an email with a list of questions to answer, and get the answer to only 1 question because they don't pay attention.

I'm guilty of this myself. I received a 99% score on this statewide very comprehensive mathematics exam because this 1 question required writing down 2 things, and I forgot to write the second thing on the answer sheet. I noted it on my scrap worksheet provided so the grader knew I had the answer; I just didn't put it where it counted.

For all I know, my high school math teacher is still using me as a bad example. 😁

Lately, we've had many alleged experiences posted to this site. I say alleged because many of them come from misunderstandings of how the human eye actually works; it's like a camera, we're told, but it isn't. Or a misunderstanding how human memory works.

This is why having a journal, and not just for ghostly experiences, is so important. "I wrote it down so I don't have to remember." Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

So, what should happen here? Someone submits an experience, the mods do whatever they do and then approve it for publication. We read it, notice odd or interesting things, ask for clarification. Or for the OP to write down the second part of the answer so we can get a better understanding.

And we do.

But after a certain number of 'pointing things out' or 'asking for clarification', it ceases to be about gathering information. For example, look at the comments from How we're trying to comprehend how a well decayed skeleton could still be 'articulated'. Apparently, we ended up 'attacking' the OP even though this was not our intention.

For me, there are enough discrepancies with this posting for me to have serious doubts about its truth value. Personally, I have no doubt that DarkDaisy experienced *something*, but I disagree with the interpretation of it as being ghostly. Further, I think it will be hard to attain any deeper understanding of this experience by further questions.

I do have further questions about this, and other stories, but they are more questions for the mods than the posters.
TheSweetDevil23 in Hallucinations Or Illusion
Sounds like a typical sleep paralysis attack to me. Next time when you go to bed, keep a sharp object under your pillow or even better, keep any iron object beneath that pillow if you take one. Also if you do not have something like that, I do not know if you are religious or not, just speak some words of prayer to whatever god you believe in. It helps a lot.

Someone here in comments mentioned about Journal. You can try to write one. I did and it helped a lot. When you put your feelings, thoughts, dreams or goals in words, it helps you to make sense out of it and get you out of that irritated and frustration zone. It helps to vent out even if its in the form of a pen and paper.
Hi Panini18

Sounds to me like it could have been a playful spirit πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ since you were the only one inside and the crayon was thrown with a force, maybe it wanted to get your attention.

I've recently come to realize that most elders tell kids that if they experience anything, "it's just their imagination" not because they don't believe the kids but rather they don't want them to get scared and upset.

Hi, nice to see you around.

Although I could understand, to some degree, forgetting the name of a school, the part that is beyond my comprehension, is that the OP would write down their experiences in a journal and date them in a day in the future.

Isn't the point of a journal/diary to register events when they took place? A "what" and a "when"?

I have been keeping a journal of dreams for several years, any entry is registered under the date from the previous night to the following day, then I write down whatever I remember to have dreamt.

To say something:

"November 20 to 21, 2021

I went on a date with Pierce Brosnan. We had lobster for supper. I was wearing a strapless, flowing blue dress..."

Would it make sense to date this entry "November 20 to 21, 2035"?
Should I expect from everyone not to question the accuracy of my memoirs if they're to be dated years after they were supposed to have happened?

In DarkDaisy's own words: "It was meant to say 2009... In the notebook The date said 2017... (The days are probably wrong as well)."

Are we, as readers, not supposed to point out neither question such discrepancies?
Should a person ignore these dubious facts and assume that the paranormal events within the story really did happen?

My apologies to the OP and to the rest of the community if my words have been harsh but, in my opinion, in order to give any advice or further discuss this story, the OP must first explain the disparity of the dates in her journal, in a satisfactory way.

Thanks to all.

P.S.: I wish I had dreamt with Pierce Brosnan!
Hi all! I think we should probably cut the author a little slack. In their bio they mention that they moved around a lot throughout Ohio and Kentucky during their school years. Having cousins whose father was in the military (5 kids, all born in different states lol) I can understand how one could forget the name of a school.

Interesting experiences, DarkDaisy
Kindly tell me your email add para masend ko sayo yung tagalog version 😁 or just email me here, zarujaz1994 [at]

If wala po akong mareceive na email from you, then this is understood that your permission includes my tagalog version of your story 😁
Ofc panini. That is why I'm asking for your permission 😁. Other podcasters would just grab your story and that's the end of it. Not me 😁
Hi lady-glow!

Or it could also come from my set of crayons since I had a lot of broken crayons inside that built-in cabinet. The weird thing was that the broken scarlet crayon still looked new.

All the broken crayons I had collected in a pencil case were dirtied and old because of all the random colors. Paranormal things are really unexplainable πŸ˜†.
Hello Zaruje,

Thank you, that seems nice, yes you could use my story for your podcast. But I would like a link for it so that I could also hear it. And just make sure to mention my account name for copyright.

I wonder if, somewhere, there was a someone whose scarlet crayon disappeared mysteriously.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Stevep74

I would have not spent even one night in a place like that, your experience sounds scary and sad at the same time, I have to agree with [at] Lady-glow perhaps if you know the history of that room it would shed some light on what you experienced, but from your narrative I can guess that it could be a spirit of someone who was depressed and suicidal.
Hi Limey

There are very few incidents that are friendly and it's nice to know that despite all the bad there's a few good spirits out there, I've had my fair share of sleep paralysis however I never experienced any entity near me, I believe that our sixth or intuitive sense knows when something is good or bad.
Rajine in Daring Entity
Hi SaveWater

I believe that what your uncle saw was what is known among Indians and people of Indian origin as a churail, I've heard a few incidents from my mum about how my grandfather and uncle experienced something similar except the lady did not speak and whatever it was would always stand at the same spot.
Hi ClutchCain

I'm not sure exactly what it is however I feel that just burning sage won't be sufficient, I feel that I feel that you should do a home cleansing ritual or maybe get someone who has experience in the spiritual field to do a walk over at your home, they might be able to give you a better understanding of what it is, also there's plenty of good home cleansing rituals on this site.

Also you might want to wear a protective crystal or something that provides a good energy for you.
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
[at] Ryanlesner111,

Hey, I'm sorry it took me this long to reply. I've forgotten about these things. It's somewhere deep in my memories, locked away, to not be remembered unless required. I changed rooms. I no longer use that room. So, I'm doing better. Things have settled down. Thank you for the information though.
Thank you lady-glow. I'm not sure if our consciousness never sleeps, but I think the bigger questions are who or what were they, and why were they there? And did they do what they came for? And will they be back? To your second point, I believe that it's our vomero-nasal organ (I'm not sure of the spelling) that provides us with our sixth sense. To me, another interesting subject.
Pinoy here. I would love to read your story sa podcast na ginagawa ko sa youtube. If ok lang sayo, contact me through my email add, zarujaz1994 [at]

Hope to hear from you
Pinoy here. I'm starting a podcast sa youtube and was wondering if pwede kong basahin ang kwento mo for my playlist of real horror stories. If ok sayo, contact me at this email, zarujaz1994 [at]

Thank you and hope to hear from you 😁

I would love to use your story for my podcast. So if you don't mind and if you would give your permission, I would translate this to tagalog and read for my podcast 😁
lady-glow in Warwick University
Welcome to YGS.

Wow, what an unnerving experience!

" It was a feeling of desperation and depression that felt off the scale intense."

I wonder if this entity was trying to communicate the feelings they had at some point while staying in that room. I know it is a long shot, but it makes me think of a person contemplating suicide.

Knowing the history of the place and, particularly of that room, could shed some light about the nature of this energy.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in They're Friendly
Hi Limey.

Interesting experience. I guess our consciousness never sleeps and that's why you were able to sense the nature of those shadows, almost like the way one can decide if a person is "good" or "bad" at a first impression.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Dark I would suggest you write your stories on paper first. Then I hope you can find someone to proof read it for you. I have had a pile of eraser dust after every story. I never typed until finding YGS, and my wife pointed out I type stupid? I check this site every day and I don't have to ridicule I just go to the next story... Why haven't they offered to help your story telling, instead of HIGH FIVING EACH OTHER over your YOUNG writing skills. Your next one will be easy reading. Good Luck Out There.
Lady-Glow, while I do agree that parts of this story are problematic, I also think we've reached the point of picking nits rather than reasonably discussing the narrative for being a credible experience.

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