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Lost Voyage, it's the little things. Well, in your case a large building and surrounding area. But still, those little vibes that draw people in, glad you listened. Sounds like a very magical place. I'd love to see some of those photos/videos, regardless of if they show anything or not.

My guess is you were drawn in just to experience the beauty which no doubt recharged you somehow (and your camera!). Where most would just see a disused construction, nothing more, others receive the true nature of a place. I like to think these kinds of high energy locations/portals are a magnet to the right kinds of souls. I think you were meant to enter on the days that you did. I don't know why. But the way you tell it indicates you were attuned to whatever was guiding you.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
RC, it would be great if they did put things back where found. Sometimes, they do, but I wonder if when it's put in an odd place, if perhaps that's part of 'proving' they really do exist. For example if the ironing board had been back where it belonged, I'd wonder how the heck I over looked it, but this way - much harder to explain with logic. Sorry to hear you're suffering too!

Rajine, you're quite right, we seem to have many 'visitors' here. But given the age of the house, it doesn't surprise me. The bulk of the house dates back to 1875, with parts of it predating that. That's at least 148 years old, so it's laid witness to a great many events. The reason I say 'visitors' is they seem to come and go. Or perhaps there's times they just go quiet? Perhaps moving from my apartment to say the basement? Once upon a time this as a single family home, so who's to say?

Tweed, not a clue as to who was behind the ironing board. There is a theory that things go missing because the planes of existence have intersected, 'tipping' as it were our stuff onto another plane. Then when the planes intersect again, item returned. Only the connection might be at another point. Makes as much sense as anything else I've heard.
Here in the Midwest, we can't seem to decide what season we're in. Might be in the 90s or the 40s (Fahrenheit) sometimes within the same day. We've had air alert days that stretch out for weeks at a time. Your mask theory is interesting.
Beautiful story. I am sorry she scared you. There is so much beyond our everyday world
It works just fine for me, CCKitty.:)

And now I need to pad this message out to meet some arbitrary minimum?
Val, an ironing board of all things! 😳 Do you have any idea who's behind that? I would be very annoyed if this were me. I mean nearly tripping over it, no thanks. I think you should let whoever this is know how dangerous their little party trick was. Heaven forbid it should have an encore.

There's a phenomenon called exploding head syndrome. It more or less means when someone hears something loud in their dream that typically wakes them. But I don't see why it can't be paranormal. I mean if it quacks like a duck, right. Our dreams are so powerful. When we're physically uncomfortable our dreams will mirror this, the same as emotional discomfort. So drowning with severe sinus congestion would seem pretty textbook. Scary as hell, but 'normal' all the same. The voice, who knows. I'd like to think it was one of your friendlies.

The allergy thing is rough. My allergies went bonkers last spring too. I have a theory that while masking up for covid our immune systems had it easy and let their guard down a bit. So now that things have been slowly returning to 'normal' our immunes are going 'oh no, it's pollen again'. But you guys have it even worse with all the air pollution from the fires. Can't imagine how horrid that must be. 😕
I think you might have a resident spirit, but it's annoying when random things you have go missing and end up in the strangest of places.
Let's see if this image will come thru...
When ghosts and spirits borrow things, they should learn to put them back where they belong.

As to the dream of drowning, I had a similar dream earlier this year, under pretty much the same circumstances. Bad allergies, felt like I was drowning. I did not have anyone call my name, I just suddenly woke up.

I have one more thing to say and it is not appropriate for this forum, but it has to do with the way plants reproduce, and why does my nose have to be involved in this?
Hi pastryguy

Some bonds are so great that even in the afterlife people still hold on.
Hi Michael

I suppose sometimes we just have to leave certain things as it is, who knows what we can be inviting in our lives, thankfully nothing bad happened, have you had any other experiences after the sleep walking incident?
Hi Rattler27

I've had plenty of sleep paralysis experiences over the years, even then I still have no idea why it occurs, as much research as I have done I'm not able to find anything definitive, but when it does I usually just say a prayer, the last time I did have sleep paralysis, which was quite recent, was actually very terrifying.

But from reading your story and reply, I feel that there's a supernatural connection as to why you suddenly had experienced sleep paralysis and you and your coworkers constantly feel drained and tired.
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments!

Lady-Glow, it was the only time I saw her that way, and I didn't sense her presence after that.

Hi Pastryguy,

I know it was super scary at the time but I hope you're now glad it happened. This is a very sweet encounter. Sounds like Edie cared very much for those little ones. She probably left through the closet door simply because it was an easy way to exit, perhaps to minimise any fear she was creating.

Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this.
Hi MichaelMorris,

While reading your experience I found myself thinking 'skeptics be damned'. There's a lot of really horrible scary experiences on this site. But the vast majority involve a slow build up of activity with no risk to life or limb. Thankfully experiences like this are on the rare side.

Thanks for sharing.
What Lady Glow said.

But I also wonder something. We hear many tales of ghosts in old buildings that have been remodeled, and they walk through walls that were once doors or halls. But here we have Aunt Edith, recently deceased, walking through a place she knew in life was not a passageway of any sort.

Very curious.
Welcome to YGS.

What a fascinating experience! Edith sounds like a loving and dedicated mother.

I wonder if you were the only one seeing Edith, or if the baby saw her too. I agree with you, she must have been there checking on the children.

Was this the only time you saw her? Did you ever sense her presence even without seeing her?

Thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Māori Tapu In The Far North
Hello MichaelMorris771, interesting and creepy encounter, thanks for sharing.

There is little doubt in my mind that everything occurred just as you stated. You actually relayed the encounter very thoroughly!

My take on it, is sometimes the interest in something alone, the intention can create a sort of energetic connection if you will. So even though the two of you didn't find the physical location of the cave, your desire to do so was enough for the Māori tapu to establish a connection through time and space to you. Especially as powerful an effect as the cave and the story alone seemed to have on people with what you shared.

Perhaps even in the sleep state you may have astral traveled to the cave or at least the space the Māori tapu inhabits and a connection was established. As you were coming out of that state, the Māori tapu, may have been able to still influence you until you fully came to your senses.

I share this, because I had something related happen, where my brother and a friend wanted to visit a haunted family property and I inadvertently established an energetic connection with the place, even though I had never been there before physically! I knew it was bad and we were to stay away for everyone's safety! A teen girl that was with us at the time had the same connection, although she saw more than I did. You can find the story in my profile if interested.

Either way, good story, and maybe this helps some with what happened. At least you'll be safer in the future, good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Bad Dream Or Sleep Paralysis?
Hello Rattler, interesting encounter, thanks for sharing!

I will offer my take on what happened, perhaps it will help.

I don't believe anything followed you home from the job site, however, something of a strong and negative spiritual nature was spiritually and psychically attacking you and your colleagues at the home you were working on. Such constant assault on a person can leave them quite vulnerable to other negative entities floating around out there, just looking for someone who's compromised in such a fashion. That is what I believe found you in your home.

Many believe that a person's soul leaves their body at night to astral travel while the body sleeps. Most don't remember any of it except what they can recall in what seems like dreams.

When the person's soul starts to renter and reintegrate with the body, the first areas it lights up are the head/mind and heart, since these are the main seats of consciousness within the body. Sometimes during this process, a person can start to wake up before the soul completely comes back into the body. The person seems paralyzed because they cannot move, but that's because they are not completely back in their body yet, so their motor functions are still offline for the most part. Then of course panic ensues and fear actually halts the soul embodiment and slows down the person completely coming back into the body.

While this is going on, a person can hear voices, see shadows and entities etc, because they are still partially outside the body, their astral body psychic senses are still active, so they are still attune to what our natural senses can't pick up. It's also why when a person comes completely back into the body, they can suddenly move and the voices, shadows/entities vanish instantly.

An entity passing through could easily take advantage of such a situation, with you being energetically drained. In fact if you read many cases of sleep paralysis (not all) the person is exhausted. It used the electricity in your TV to manifest itself and inspire fear in you. This in effect delayed you coming back into your body fully and it fed of the energy of your fear.

Luckily your grandfather was watching out for you and when he touched and spoke to you, it was from a place of love, which cancelled the fear, pulled you back into your body and ended the paralysis and the visitation as well. The entity left because, well there was no more fuel to be had. It's good to know there are always loved ones and guides in many forms watching out for us! Fortunately too for you and your co-workers that your boss pulled you off that job!

That is what I feel transpired, take with it what you will, perhaps it will resonate. To answer your question, no it wasn't a bad dream, you were very conscious of what was happening. Just remember if anything like that occurs again, you can always call upon you grandfather or angels or guides (depending on your belief structure) for help. Many stories on here state that alone instantly ends the episode. Good Luck!
MichaelMorris771 in Māori Tapu In The Far North
Interesting comment, and yes, it does appear as if Māori tapu are real. The NZ Māori supposedly migrated from Hawai'i and are related to native Hawai'ans and Taiwanese. We never actually reached the cave, so I can't comment on what it looks like or even whether it really exists.

If you do decide to come to NZ, let me know on this site, and I will give you my contact details.
I believe you. I think that's the stuff of a good horror movie and the perfect supernatural type experience from the standpoint of... Thousand years rituals and beliefs that still hold today are usually there for a reason!

My husband is of Maori ancestry (we live in Atlanta, Georgia but his ancestry is Hawaiian royalty and over half of his DNA matches on Ancestry are NZ Maoris). He grew up a typical California surfer guy, joined the Marines and never knew this about himself or his heritage, but it was all discovered when he was in his 50s. He talks about various incidents from when he lived in Hawaii that he shrugged off at the time (early 1980s)... Things like scuba diving with buddies where sharks started to attack but then simply turned away at the last minute, or feelings of unexplained adreneline, fear, release and more when standing at the areas of historic relevence (I've never been to Hawaii, but I know Nu'uanu was one of the sites, I got a book on it to research after he told me some of his stories). He's not one to be superstitious or even that into ancestors (like me) and he truly had no idea of his lineage until I uncovered it. One day we are going to go there and hopefully to NZ also. I will be interested to see his reactions. Glad your door was locked that night... You never mentioned much about the cave itself, can you elaborate?

With all due respect but, if you read this in the same book that says that "The ghost cat of Nabeshima" was a historic REAL event and not a fictional story, in my opinion, it would be a good idea to refrain from taking too seriously any other information it provides.

The scariest monsters are the ones we create in our minds.

Hi Rajine.

I know this is a rather old post, but an interesting one.

It's possible that the first instance was related to your grandfather, perhaps he missed your presence at his memorial service.

There seems to be a plethora of beliefs about hearing a set of three knocks on a door; including spirits trying to get access to a house, or just trying to get attention from the living.
I suppose that whatever it was in both of your experiences, didn't mean any harm neither announced anything bad to come in the near future... Superstition got the best of your mother.

Thanks for sharing.
Rajni listening three knocks on the door means the arrival of evil (I have read this in a book on the supernatural, many years back). You should have chosen not to open the door. The three knocks means the arrival of "satan" Or evil on the door and it can be harmful to human lives. Please do not repeat this mistake ever again in life or you could put your and your people's life in a grave danger. Take care. May God be with you and your family.
Hi sorry I haven't replied puttinging in over 100 hours a week doesn't leave much free time.

At the jobsite up until the boss pulled out for unspecified reasons with very limited progress. The entire crew 5 people in total went through a bit of a change at the job site.

We're usually a pretty active and lively bunch but anytime we worked at that house it was like someone threw our energy switch in reverse more than once we noticed a colleague sleeping on the job and others no matter how much coffee they drank seemed entirely drained.

As stated were lively we like to make jokes and safely play around while working but at that jobsite we were basically all on our last legs soon as we stepped in.

No one specifically stated anything odd but sum seemed paranoid I'd walk in another room where a colleague was and they seemed scared/ paranoid and ask if we were watching them.

I have no idea why the tv was left on rather if it was left on by the entity or by my grand father but and this is a tough southern man saying. I did not sleep in that room for almost a month I was so scared.
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter

My mom loved Jesus and God. She loved reading her Bible before she went blind. She would repeat scripture etc. She wasn't extremely religious, but she grew up in church etc.

I wasn't the religious daughter, but wanted to make sure her passing was as easy as possible for her, so for the first time I prayed to whom she believed in. And asked her spirt family and team to help her.

She's been around to check in all of us. Especially when I talk to my baby about her. It's very peaceful.
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter
I agree. She was a very independent woman. The accepting help from anyone was definitely something she did not like to receive whether big or small. She has many loved ones, guardians etc over there that I believe are helping with her transition. I've asked mine as well.

It was extremely painful to watch her drown in her pain. We tried repeatedly we just couldn't here on this plane.

I believe this was one her many lessons she was supposed to overcome this lifetime, but it had just too strong of a hold on her.
Hi Rattler,

Trust your gut. To me it sounds like something horrible followed you home from the worksite that day. So many empaths run into something like this at some point or another. Reading experiences like yours makes me think some negative entities get off on scaring empaths. There's an energy transference theory about this where a negative entity will gain energy/power from the fear they generate. I hope having this experience hasn't put you off your abilities.

When I first joined this site there were a lot of experiences explained away by means of sleep paralysis. But I tend to think sleep paralysis encounters can be just as paranormal as any other encounter. It seems like a pretty easy way in for entities, both good and bad, to interact with us while we're in that state. What matters most is how you felt at the time, trust that.

Wish I knew what the significance of the tv turning on was, that's fascinating. Maybe your granddad did it as a way of confirming to you he was there.

Really sounds like your granddad had your back that day. Did you sense any mood changes in your home in the days after this happened? Don't know why I want to ask that, just curious.

Thanks for sharing.
Spirit22, I'm sorry you went through this. I know how gut wrenching it is to want to help someone that can't or won't accept help. You really have to walk away sometimes and it can be the hardest thing in the world. That message from one of your helpers no doubt tells you all you need to know.
It may sound like a lame consolation and I hesitate to suggest it but if you feel it's safe you could ask your mother's helpers/guardians/loved ones to look out for her on the other side. This may be a healthier approach. Parents can feel like failures accepting help from their children. This could be a part of the push back. Big emphasis on 'part' of the push back, it sounds like there's a good deal better left to those higher up, so to speak. I don't believe in hierarchy but more experienced beings.

Thanks for sharing. Hope she's at peace now.
Very sad to hear this, Spirit. May her Memory be Eternal.

There is a Gospel lesson where Jesus asks the person, "Do you want to be healed?" Not sure if it was because of the attachment, or because of the emotional trauma your mom grew up with, but seems the answer here was no. And if I am right in this, then the comment by your assistant "it is not safe" indicates that something was fighting back, but you already knew that.

Sometimes, we are up against things that are more powerful than what we can bring to the struggle.
Hi guy123,
Thank you for sharing your experience.

If I may ask, why did the woman commit suicide?
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter

Unfortunately she recently passed. My sister's and I tried relentlessly to get her help. We tried therapist, psychologist to help her. She just wouldn't allow anyone in.

We even tried getting the state involved, she was legally blind 100% in both eyes. Due to a suicide attempt years ago.

She had her fair share of issues, all rooting from her childhood. Thus the reason I wanted her to work through, and start the process of healing.

I really do believe she had an attachment and it was taking her life from her.
I see no reason why this has to be an exclusive or situation. Sleep paralysis -or- nightmare? It could have been both.

So here's what I think happened:

1. Something at the construction site attached itself to you.
2. That something did haunting things in your house, turning on the TV specifically.
3. Something woke you from your dream state, hence the inability to move since the human brain switches off motor responses during dreams normally.

So, I'm going with yes. It is sleep paralysis and a bad dream.
Well, Spirit2022, you answered my second question already. Or else we're just thinking alike.

I also believe she had an attachment, or at least one as a result of her childhood emotional, physical, or whatever trauma. I would suggest she speak with a mental health professional, psychologist preferably since they cannot directly prescribe medication for issues. Working through the trauma and resolving it would help her much more.

So on to my third question: is your mother still among the living?
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter

At that time I knew it meant, whatever had a hold on her was too strong for me at that time. That she had a lot of healing to do. And what I believe was some sort of attachment.
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter

This experience took place a little over 8 years ago. I apologize for not stating that in the experience.

I have been working on my meditation, healing and other works since then.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Spirit2022 in Meditation Encounter

To answer your question, yes she knew I was trying to help her heal from her childhood. Or at least lead her in the right direction.

Thank you for asking
Hi Rattler and welcome to YGS.

The fact that the TV was on makes me think that this wasn't an episode of sleep paralysis, we should keep in mind that spirits can affect electronic gadgets.

It is well documented that renovations to a building can trigger paranormal activity, since you don't mention having visited the building before the renovations had started, it's hard to say if it "felt heavy and almost depressing". Though I suppose, this could have been different for different people.
Did any of your coworkers feel the same vibe as you?

When spirits are present, it's not unusual to "see" them during our sleep, almost like if dreams opened a portal to another dimension, add to the equation the fact of being an empath and, in my opinion, it's possible that something follow you from that place and your grandfather came to help you.

Even if there was not a negative presence involved, perhaps your grandfather came to help you ending the sleep paralysis, something not nice to experience.
I think your GP has been keeping a loving eye on you.

Thanks for sharing.
What do you think that could have meant? Perhaps you should seek out someone who is more experienced.
Interesting experience. I have many questions. Let's start with: did your mother know you were trying to do this for her?
I left you a reply on my thread H2olily.

This story also seems to be a bit of a mystery.

Did you ever find out why that room was so cold.

Be interesting to know what happened there.

Hope to hear back from you,

I read your story and see a slight similarity H2olily.

However, in my situation, there was not a breeze, it was just a cold eerie feeling. It is somewhat difficult explaining other than, I felt a chill and felt like rugging up. It didn't matter how warm it was outside.

As soon as my partner returned, I felt quite warm and the cold feeling lifted.

I appreciate you reading my unsolved tale of sorts.

Update I have since cleansed my home, revamped my protections in and outside. Have been resolving a lot of family matters as of lately and yes I rested plenty before my son arrived. I definitely made sure I was taking care of myself mentally and physically for my sake and the babies.

I haven't had any further experiences with whatever it was. As Tweed put it could have been something letting me know, there are things I need to take care. Whether internally or externally.
Which was a very good point.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment. It has helped a bunch.


First Thank you for reading my experience. You make a very good point. It may very well be some things I may have needed to resolve. And have been in the midst of dealing with a lot of personal family matters. Not with my husband etc, but my late mother and late Step-dad and extended family. A lot has been going on in the 3 years.

Again great point!
Sounds very similar to an account I posted years ago, The Cold Bedroom. As I recall, the room I stayed in remained very cool, almost chilly, slight breezy, very sunny. Felt peaceful, though. The friend I stayed with turns out to not have been such a nice person.
Clever-Arafat in A Demonic Encounter?
It's a sleep paralysis, I can confirm as it happened to me too!
Clever-Arafat in Kid Playing With Ghost
I read a story, it took place in America. The story was similar as the kids were twins but at night they were saying that an 'Old Man' is disturbing them... Like it's same here the old man...
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11 [at] Twilight1011

Thank you both for your advise.

What I feel happened was that a passing entity just thought it would have some fun with me for a while.

We have a concept of this in my religion we call it "Ifrit"

So I started to recite the last two chapters of the Quran and the verse of the "footstool" and it has completely stopped now. The two chapters were revealed specifically for the very reason of seeking refuge from the devil and presences of entities. I don't feel anything lurking or any presence or anything. The entity realized that its no use staying here as there is no "cooked food" to be eaten so it has moved on. I even waited for it to see what would happen but nothing. It has totally gone.

I will update you all if something changes
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Tweed, always love what you have to say here, thanks for the kind words and affirmation!

Hope everyone is having a nice, long weekend!
Pelatiah, Far out and Wow, what an experience!

Lost Voyage summed up what I was thinking when I read this. I believe people literally walk into a paranormal 'perfect storm' sometimes. The date being Sept 11 could be part of the messages, as in there are similarities to Sept 11 2001 and this in April 1977. I don't know what those similarities would be, perhaps it's merely 'plane disaster'. I tend to think messages from the other side are far more literal and direct than we realise. It's that our physical world day to day responsibilities make these messages seem cryptic. Also if all paranormal experiences were cut and dried we wouldn't gain any wisdom from the journey of working them out, and working them out can be a very beautiful process.

It's great reading the comments here from folks in the know about planes. (I'm totally clueless there!) I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist but in recent decades, particularly with the internet, stories about coverups with financial incentives are a dime a dozen. Many turn into the basis of movies/shows these days.

Once a journalist always a journalist. You probably give off an energy signature that's compatible with this type of past event. Like a lock and a key. You and the location probably unlocked each other on that day. Perfect storm. It wouldn't surprise me if you had a connection to at least one of the people involved.

You asked if an iPhone can pick up sounds from the past. I don't know, but I suspect here it's a case of when there's a will there's a way. Something about that day, you were meant to receive these messages.
Can a spirit know what you are thinking? Yes, I believe that. Though, not all spirits and not all the time. My theory is if a spirit tries hard enough or someone is naturally a strong sender, or if there's a preexisting psychic link like with loved ones for example, or a familiar location.
My guess is the woman whispering 'this way, THIS way' was a sentient spirit, not an echo from the past, as the other sounds seem to be. If she was a sentient spirit she may have assumed you could see/hear her because she likely knew you were receiving 'something' pertaining to the event in that moment.

As for people hearing things in EVPs and others not. Well, sometimes I think people don't want to have their beliefs challenged so their mind won't 'go there'. There's this dude in England called Derren Brown. He's an illusionist, I like him. But he's what I like to think of as an 'evangelist atheist'. He's a good guy and a great entertainer. His heart is in the right place. But he doesn't half want to convert everyone to believe in nothing but the physical world. He had a hard time with the church growing up. Many years ago Derren did a documentary about all things esoteric. He followed some spiritual people around, documenting what they did and politely disagreeing with what they believed was happening. One of the people in his documentary was a paranormal investigator. This guy had a big library of EVPs, videos and photos. He was showing Derren his best and most blatant EVP's etc in his collection. The voices in these EVP's were SO OBVIOUS. I mean REALLY obvious. But Derren said he couldn't hear them. So the guy would play another equally clear as day EVP. Derren couldn't hear it. Then the guy showed him some spirits on film. Also incredibly obvious, but Derren said he couldn't see anything. This was the first time I'd seen EVPs in action so I was really impressed and equally dumbfounded that Derren couldn't hear a thing.

That was ten years ago or more. I've since seen this psychology play out with family members and have concluded that once the mind is made up about the concept of existence, it's incredibly hard to change. We're emotional beings. Derren having bad experiences with the church may have a subconscious armour around these kinds of subjects. I suspect it's this way with many 'evangelist atheists/non believers'.

(You linked this in one of your recent comments to me and I've been waiting for when I had more time to read and comment!)
Thanks itdan4u. Some people have a tendency to joke regarding the other world, happy you took me seriously. My uncle and aunt (my mother's sister) had brought the flat. Thank you for your good hearted support regarding my story.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
CrimsonT, haha glad this has been amusing.
I tend to look at things in a pretty spiritual (some would say 'airheaded' way). Looking for the hidden meanings behind things, if there are any to find. When I found the pearl I took it as an inner awakening, or sign thereof. It's a super tiny sphere, the kind of size jewellery makers use as a frame around a bigger jewel, I'd say it's not worth much, or anything. But it's special to me. I started using it in spells. It's too tiny to carry on me but I think of it as a good luck charm.
When it happened I read about the odds and found a woman in (I think) Florida who also found a pearl in a tin of oysters. Plus theories from boffins that pearls shouldn't occur in tinned oysters at all. Guess we can blow a raspberry at them.
SDS! It's so nice to see you around again! Welcome back.

The ceiling fan thing I've been thinking about a lot since learning about it.😟 Very sad/disturbing.

Anyway, I'm really just commenting now to say hi and good to have you back!
itsdan4u in The Passerby Ghost
no such evidence Aamchi.
It also depends upon the type of ghost/ spirit/ entity.
Sometimes some entities associate their fear with the element that killed them in the first place.
This entity that you mentioned seems mythical and not a ghost of a dead person to me. Thats the best I know about this.
Hope this helps.
Just dropped in and read your story.
I sense a few possibilities in your case-
1. The "owner" of the land from the past tend to linger around the properties unless they are demolished. They tend to hang around the houses which are built on their land. One such unhappy soul might have been making its presence felt. It could also be agitated due to either the construction or the fact that someone of a different lineage living there.
2. Someone else buried in the land got disturbed and letting it know.
3. The house stands directly in the travel path of some moving entity.
4. Someone from the house carried it from somewhere and it entered the house
5. Certain trees are homes to certain forces. If any such tree was cut, any old ritualistic stone moved etc.
6. Could be a case of black magic.

Glad that you guys moved out and are safe.

As far as the jokes regarding the dog and the anklet are concerned, please ignore them. Some people just cannot fathom the world of bizarre.
Hello amirstrange, I appreciate the background info and updates you've provided.

You've received a lot of good advice and feedback on this experience.

Based on the info you provided on how much of this started for you a couple of decades ago, it sounds as if you might be dealing with more than one entity but it's possible there's something 'lurking' as you mentioned that's keeping a door open for this activity.

You mentioned how the night you saw the black shadow and your brother and his friends had a Ouija board session. Inexperienced as they were, they gave your name to the entity they contacted, (which may or may not have been the source of the shadow) I wonder if somehow this created a connection to you and the entity at that moment, like a door. Many speak of the Ouija board sessions opening a door or portal, and perhaps they opened one within or around you.

This entity may have been with you all this time and sometimes is more apparent than others, but 'it' could be acting like a door or focal point for these other entities to come and go. That's my general feeling.

The entities involved may feed off your problems, fear, loneliness etc, which may explain how they interact with you. Being single wouldn't invite some of the encounters you mention, but being lonely, that's another matter entirely. The encounters you've described seem to range though in how they are carried out, leading me to believe there may be more than one involved. There could still be just one in charge though.

I stand by what I said, I would cleanse the home and yourself. Rook's method was linked in one of the comments, that's a good one. If you have some sort of spiritual master or guide on this side, you may wish to consult, it sounds like you may need some help in severing the connection.

It's your life and you have the power to take it back! Good Luck!
Amirstrange, I'm glad to hear that you've had success in saying your prayers, to help make whatever is bothering you, stop. The power of God is what I believe to be the most effective. I see you mentioned that you had a spiritual master that had helped you in the past. That sounds really interesting. Have you been looking around for anyone that may be able to help you now, with what's going on, since you've posted this experience? I know it would be nice to be able to see your spiritual master again, in regards of this, but I see you had said that was in Jordan, so obviously it wouldn't be so easy to try and have another visit with him, but maybe there's someone else closer by to you, that could be of help as well 😕 Also, how has the activity been recently? I know by talking about it, or making arrangements to find help in getting rid of it, can result in it acting out more, as it tries to put up a fight, for you not to make it go away. But you're the one that has the power, to make it no longer have such control over you. I hope to hear back soon, that you were able to be successful in getting rid of it, and can finally get your life back to normal. Again, best wishes!
CrimsonTopaz in Pearl Mystery
Tweed, I'm glad you've put up an update on this mystery. I've been following this and admittedly enjoyed the humour, wit, and banter, and kept coming back for more.
Wow, you found a pink pearl in a tin of John West oysters. Did you ever have it set into a pendant or ring?
I agree with a lot of what's said here by our knowledgeable members. Don't involve kids in your quest to find out what's going on. Keep the kids away from the paranormal activities.
SDS! Lovely to see you again. Yes, it has been a long time. I hope all is well for you.
Hi Guy,

I have read your narrative. I have been away from this Site for a very long time and when I saw that there was a narrative from India, I got interested and gone through it. But, I feel that there was nothing extraordinary or negative or violent attack except sounds of ankle chain and a sighting or two by your friend, who occupied after you. But, there were no other incidents other than that. Then why the other occupants vacated the apartments. Strange and intriguing. I think you have not done any investigation about it and only your friend did.

Val, Hi, how do you do? Yes. Hanging is one of the common forms of suicide and hanging from ceiling fan and especially women than men are on the higher side in India. Before I read your post, I wanted to reply to Tweed, which you did perfectly. Thanks.

Guy, I would like to read your other narratives and comment further.

Regards and respects to you and to Val.

valkricry in Pearl Mystery
Correct, Tweed, Mods do not post the pictures. We do not have that ability. "Please send any photos by attachment to the email confirmation you will receive after submitting your story (no common camera orbs or any obvious cases of pareidolia please, it needs to be really out of the ordinary) " from the contact page. It's also in the notice of publication we send, I believe. You'd be surprised how many don't do this.
I will say this, it can take a long while for Martin to add the pictures. I know verifying copyright is part of the process, but beyond that... And I can't speak for Martin on this.
Pelatiah, I've no idea the why your stories were rejected, but you should have been given a reason as to why in the rejection form.
You can always resubmit you know. 😉
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
Bit of an update to this. It's looking a lot like these pearls belonged to my great aunt D. Pretty sure I got the sign I asked for last night, was a doozy. But I need to quiz more family about some details to be sure, will do on the weekend. If these are my great aunt's pearls then this goes right back to when I was about ten, predating the pearls showing up. Regardless of what further digging will turn up. Will submit what happened last night some time soon. There's too much context to explain and would be way too long winded for the comment section.

Pelatiah, I'm sorry you've had some bad experiences on the site. The photo submission process here is pathetic at best. People use photo hosting websites instead. I don't think the mods can post the photos it has to be done by whoever runs the site. (At least I think that's the issue)
I'm glad you've returned. It's important for us open minded folk not to feel alone and isolated. I think YGS provides a sense of normalcy to a lot of people. Even the ones who have never posted, I suspect there's quite a few.
[at] Twilight1011

Thank you for your input.

I had a really bad migraine last night due to exercising my neck. (tension headache) I still have it as I write now.
Last night I was dreading it coming as I wanted rest and sleep. Thank God it never came. I feel it didn't want to hurt me or something or the fact that I was in pain would not let me be in that twilight state where they always seem to come in.

Also you mentioned something interesting about something else lurking around. Interestingly when I was in Jordan getting treated for the first bout of severe attacks back in 2006 my spiritual master told me that once a person is under attack they are open and weak. Thereby any passing entity can come and go as it pleases and that is what you repeatedly experiences when I said something leaves me and then enters me again.

Yes I do turn to faith and ask God for help against it and repeat my prayers when I sleep. I find once I have prayed it doesn't show up and if I miss the prayers it shows up.

Interestingly when I had the huge decade long attacks from 2 decades ago I would have vivid dreams of always being attacked by dogs and being bitten again and again on my hands. I never get these dreams anymore. And I think what you said about this entity seeing an opportunity as I am in a weak and lonely state makes sense.
After reading your account and the comments, my best guess to your question in regards of "why is it doing this now, when nothing has changed recently in your life", could possibly be because you're just at a vulnerable time in your life right now, as you said that you're single, and have been for some years now, making me wonder if that's what it likes to find in a person it chooses, because it makes it easier for it to manipulate you more. Also, despite you believing that your past experience over the 2 decades you've mentioned, not being connected with this experience, again, it makes me wonder if that's really the case, because I've known that from opening those types of doors (Ouija board use), you never really know what all might have came through the door at that time. What you experienced afterwards, might have been something that wanted to make itself known, while something else could have decided to wait for a better time frame to present itself, like what you're experiencing now. Or maybe the other thing has made it to where other thing's are attracting to you. These are just theories though, and what I thought could be some possibilities, but as for any advice, I agree what the others on here have suggested, which is to do a cleansing, and whatever other rituals you may feel more comfortable with trying etc. We like to cleanse our home every so often, mainly when the activity around here makes it very noticeable. Another suggestion, but this depends on your kind of faith I suppose, but my husband had bought a viking bracelet, that has sigils engraved all over it, that's supposed to protect him against certain thing's that may mean him harm. He's still of the Christian faith, but like me, we don't like to limit what all we believe may also be real, as these thing's were believed by many people at one point in history. But my husband had been having sleep paralysis for year's, with nothing really seeming to help rid him of it, until he got more into his viking stuff, and learned about their beliefs etc. So he decided to get the bracelet, with the protective sigils engraved on it, and was shocked to discover how affective it seemed to work for him with that problem. He's still had dark visitors come to him in his dreams, but noticed that they didn't seem to like him wearing his bracelet, and at one point, one had even tried to trick him to taking it off, and he woke up with his hand on his bracelet, with it halfway removed. He has also noticed that he can no longer be paralyzed anymore in his dream, and can fight back now. Again, I'm not mentioning this to have you try it, I only wanted to relay what has helped my husband with these types of things. You should only do what you are comfortable with, as your faith with whatever you choose, is really what helps give it power in helping you to rid what's causing you problems. I wish you the very best of luck, and would like to add that despite not fully understanding how sage works with these type of negative energy etc, it's still an amazing tool to use in these situations, as personally I couldn't imagine not ever using it. It helps in so many different ways, which is why I have started growing it myself now, so I can have plenty to use for whatever I may need it for. I hope to hear that you're able to find something or someone that is able to help you with this, and it be successful. Thank you for sharing your experience, and again, I wish you the very best of luck!
If you feel paralysed I would definitely suggest what you are experiencing falls under the umbrella of sleep paralysis complicated by an intelligent haunting. From memory, the last time I felt paralysed, I woke up with the sensation of someone strangling me at the same time breaking out into a huge laughter.

As soon as I laughed it disappeared that's how I concluded it as being my imagination the amount of please help me stories I could have shared here are twice as many as the ones I have posted. Some very smart theoretical physicists would proclaim our actual physical reality is built on the back of our imagination, it's why IMO, these accounts feel so real. Consciousness is fundamental in our waking and sleeping state if we give it power based on emotions or fear?... It will take control and change up what we experience in real-time.

It's not to say there are not other beings in other dimensions of consciousness who take the opportunity to interact with us on a sexual nature. But that is usually with permission or for other reasons we may be unaware of. You will know what I mean if ever you experience one of them.
[at] aussiedaz

When this is happening I am paralyzed and cannot fight it off.
The intensity is not as intense as others have said. Yet it has started to get more intense with each visitation. However I cannot say I felt any hands or anything other than some force heavy over me and concentrated over my mid area. I.e groin. I am still very much open to the idea that it could all be my imagination and I hope to God that it is.
I did not feel tired after last nights episode. I will keep everyone informed about whatever happens and I hope that nothing further happens as I do not like to be used in this way. Last night I tried to fight it off but when one is paralyzed its not easy.
Hello amistrange, you are not alone with these types of accounts, I probably go back around four decades and I'm sure a couple of members here reading this would be nodding their heads with their own accounts albeit maybe not as willing as I am to unpack some of your experiences because they are personal and can have an impact on your life for the worse if you let them.

With the sheet being pulled down by 5cm? That does seem to qualify as an intelligent haunting however, it may not be related to a sexual visitation via a separate entity.

There are several types of sensual experiences we have most of them fall under the umbrella of sleep paralysis even though the subject may not feel paralysed and has some type of arousal.

The one detail you are leaving out that makes me think you are dealing with your own imagination complicated by perhaps a trickster or malicious ghost is the lack of description relating to the intensity.

Most people who describe the real Mc koy talk about the level of intensity involved by the interaction and it is quite potent and addictive. I believe I have experienced both. One relating to my imagination and the other being the real Mc Koy.

The real Mc Koy? Perhaps as many as 10 times over the last 10 years.

My imagination, good lawd perhaps 100 times over 40 years. The pineal gland is the culprit that brings to life an act of feeling touched or aroused usually as a result of a bunch of variables.

In regards to feeling weak. See your doctor and have a look at your diet etc. Do you suffer from Insomnia? That plays havoc with the Pineal gland.

Regards Daz
Sleeping-with-steve (guest) in Pearl Mystery
Hello Tweed,

I'm curious to know if there's been any more updates on the pearl necklace.

Yeah, sneaking them back to where they may or may not originate is easier said than done.

Reflecting back to my youth, I was honest, kind, caring, and loving, but always had my eyes on mums jewellery box and all the lovely sets of necklaces and earrings she had. Mostly dress jewellery that dad gave her over the years, some genuine items and some handed down from her mum.

Long story short, I'd be suspect number one if mum misplaced any of her jewellery because I'd always be standing there in a look of awe, frozen and mouth lowered as she gently moved pieces deciding what to wear out. Thinking back now it was funny. Mum used to say, 'you'll have to wait until your older before you can wear them incase you lose them'.

Well, finally aged 15 mum gave me a gold necklace with a gold cross. My sister was given one years prior, when she was in her late teens. Hers went missing. Lost, gone, vanished, who knows, and all eyes were on me. Not in a serious way, more because I was known for always standing around mums dressing table watching her putting on her jewellery when she was going out to family occasions.

Your post still leaves me wondering where the pearl necklace came from. I Look forward to knowing what happens next.

Best wishes,
Amirstrange, You ask, 'How could sage - a herb - purge a spirit'.
In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy. That's the simple explanation.
Hesitating to jump in here because I don't know that much other than my own instincts, but I am a mom of four and can relate there.

Someone -- a Biblical scholar -- once told me that you should not seek out communication with the other world, which I know many people here might not agree with. But I believe you ESPECIALLY should not seek to communicate when you have children in the home. It's one thing to suspect activity, but then to strive to communicate to me seems like it would open more doors in an area we really know nothing about, so why chance it? When I have had activity in my home or have seen things elsewhere that I know aren't within our norms, I document but do not seek. I'll leave the seeking for those who are braver, who don't have kids, who are up for the adventure or... The consequences. Having a three month old and opening lines of communication with something or someone unknown just seems scary to this mom. Respectfully. I believe we're surrounded by spiritual energies. Whenever I see in a photo some type of anamoly, there are always OTHER partially formed anamolies clinging on if you will. I see this a lot, not only on websites or whatever, but in my own photos. So I agree with lady glow, who is always a voice of wisdom. Good luck to you and congrats on the baby!
Pelatiah in Pearl Mystery
Tweed, I was Mrs. Ramsay and posted a bunch about my late first husband, Scott. Then I went through a spate of submitting other things, even with photos, that were never posted. At the same time, all these stories about people's dreams were posted (most of them seemingly teenagers from India) and I got a little irritated, I ADMIT IT, that my 60 year old, mature, believable, photo-included stories were not published. Plus I'm a former journalist so I don't think it was the writing... So I closed my account one day, probably just having a bad day and feeling guilty for spending too much time on my strange -- whatever this is called, hobby. Well, then I discovered the plane that crashed buried in my kid's soccer park and had to come back and write about it. Https://

So when I came back, I had to use a new name. My OTHER hobby (that I also get teased about) is ancestry, so Pelatiah is an ancestor of mine who was killed in a massacre at Cherry Valley, PA during the American Revolution. I just love the name, even though it's a guy and I'm now a 61 year old with 4 kids. Enough about me... I just enjoy everyone's kind comments here when people are looking for answers or even just affirmation. Glad you solved the pearl mystery at least partially.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest) in Arm Around My Neck And Bed Sheets Pulled
Hello Amirstrange,

Here's the link to a member here on YGS, Rookdygin. He has the method of how to cleanse on his profile page half way down his BIO. He gives you a 3 day step by step, easy to follow ritual. It works. Believe and keep us posted.


Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve (guest) in Arm Around My Neck And Bed Sheets Pulled
Hello Amirstrange,

I don't have all the answers for you, all I know is if you believe, then it works.

If you have a faith you can lean on to help you, that would be a great idea too.

Try what you believe in, because it will be worth it.

I found peace again after ridding my visitor.

I don't think your crazy. I have experienced similar events.

Best wishes,
[at] Sleeping-with-steve

Thank you for the response. I will take your heed.

Right a quick update.

Last night it was intense. I know for sure it was lurking and waiting for me. I came over me in the same way multiple times last night and was more forceful this time an I even felt some slight negative intent. I force my eyes open and see nothing and the feeling subsides. I fight it off but I cant. It lurked towards the ceiling and each time I slept on my side nothing but as soon as I was on my back it came over me and started its forceful grinding. How stupid I sound saying this! I am not crazy I know what I felt and what's been happening these last two weeks. Today I am not drained at all and I clearly remember how many times it came last night and my sleep was disturbed. I set a voice recorder on that catches all sounds and I caught nothing at all. I don't understand the cleaning rituals. How could sage - a herb - purge a spirit. I work nights so when I sleep during the day I am fine but on my days off I sleep during the night and now for the last two nights its been here. I don't know why just out of the blue nothing has changed in my life and this is happening.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest) in Arm Around My Neck And Bed Sheets Pulled
Hello Amirstrange,

First I want to start with saying, I read your post, and your comment with the new inclusions of events.

I also read all the replies, which hopefully you have taken the advice given onboard.

I remember all the help and support I got from YGS members with a very similar situation.

After many cleansing rituals, I finally got rid of the stubborn spirit who continuously visited me.

I'd like to reinforce, you need to do a thorough cleansing. You need to be vigilant and continuously do the cleansing until this negative visitor leaves. I say negative visitor because everytime you are left drained and despite you wanting and at the same time not wanting IT'S visits, IT feels encouraged to return.

IT'S not male or female, it's an IT in my opinion. IT will manipulate you to desire IT, so that you want IT to return. Repeatedly taking and using your energy in the process.

I was like you, convinced it was nice, romantic, and I felt flattered by the attention. Reality is that my visitor and yours are much the same. They get what they want and go, lurking for an opportunity to visit again.

Once you wake up from the false picture of perfect they create, you realise they are evil, bad, and very dangerous in my opinion because they can emotionally make us want them and want them to return.

I guess that's it in a nutshell.

Do the cleansing, keep doing it and believe in the cleansing.

Best wishes,

PS: Crimson, I read this post but just didn't know where to start with commenting.
Thank you for everyone replies.

Just to update everyone. Nothing happened for the next week until a few days ago. I was sleeping on my back when the same feeling of heaviness and tightness came over me. I felt something soft move up my bed again and at the same time instantly felt a soft sensation against my cheek. It was obvious that something was laying over me. The touch (cheek to cheek) was so gentle with no malice involved. The next part I am embarrassed to write about. I can only describe it as frotting. I literally and clearly felt pressure move down and up over my groin area this happened about 4 times and I had an erection. I am not making this up I cannot believe what the hell happened. Suddenly my alarm for morning prayer went of 04:15 and it all ended and I got up as usual.

This event is in no way connected to my back story which I mentioned when I said 2 decades.

Let me explain. Since the age of 18 ME and a couple of friends were lurking around the grounds of ab abandoned house in a forest. A black shadow was seen and around the same time my brother and his friends did the Ouija board in my house. This was way back in 1995. They mentioned my name to the spirit or entity that moved the glass just to see if it worked or not. Anyway I suffered 2 huge night terrors and ever since then I have felt jumpy, senses things around me and strange noises have been heard in our house that only some of us could hear. I would sleep with the light on ever since. There was running up and down the stairs, unaccounted bangs and a few times a week I would get pushed down on my bed and I could literally feel something with great pressure and force leave my body, I would stay paralysis and it would return after some moments. One day I opened my eyes and I saw a black shape hover over my head for a while. Anyway this entering and exiting is something that still happens from time to time but it never scares me as I've grown used to it over the last two decades. I went through a stage where it literally controlled my thoughts and I had huge problems sleeping sometimes days on end. In 2006 things got so bad that I went to Jordan to see a holy man who the minute I came in front of I started to breathe heavy and he shouted at the entity to leave and it did but not completely. It still comes and goes and I feel it always towards my feet area as when I mention it I get tingling in that area. It does noting else now and no banging no noises noting except silence in our house since then. Only sometimes during sleep paralysis do I have the same fear that people describe that someone is in the room standing there etc. Like I said for the most part its a feeling without fear.

But...This new experience that I have had I have never had in my life before and it is totally disconnected with my much older experience that is a part of my life. This is something new (the older experience never leaves me drained.) Its as if whatever resides in me leaves for a while and comes back and has now been weakened and cannot harm me anymore. (I feel it in my ankles as I write this- Please don't think I am crazy) This new entity whoever it is just came out of the blue. Nothing changed in my life, I didn't do anything new or dabbled with noting I am a boring single person that goes to work and comes home. True I am lonely at the moment but I have been single and lonely for years. I don't believe its connected with this. Something just decided that it wants some fun with me and I want it to stop and continue also. But the for the next two days as I feel drained I don't wish for it to happen again.

So far I have had only three encounters and its blatantly sexual now. I do not know who or what, male or female it is. I don't see anything but just feel gentle touches.
valkricry in Pearl Mystery
Well, mystery solved 😊 Kinda - lol No worries, I quite agree that sneaking them back could be really...awkward. Easy to say, a lot harder to do.
Still you gotta wonder - where'd they come from?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Pearl Mystery
No worries Tweed, I didn't think your story was a mess, I just wanted to be sure you figured it all out before you tried to return something I didn't feel you needed to return. Writing out the story, no matter what state you were in, I think helped bring the missing puzzle pieces together to help resolve this mystery for you. I believe everything happens for a reason and has it's place.

As an adjunct to your story, years ago when I was rather young and naive, I worked at a large store while in college. One day I found a $100 bill right in my path, what a find! However I tried to do the quote unquote 'right thing' and so I turned it into the cash office thinking someone may have lost it and would reclaim it. Well they didn't, and nothing was ever said to me, it was merely folded into the store's profits.

Moral of the story (and I still kick myself for it) was someone was looking out for me and left that money for me, and I just gave it away! I mean it was right there directly in my path in an open area of the store, and I was the one who found it. I'm a lot more open minded about such divine gifts now!

Thanks for updating us on the outcome of the mystery! Someone may have gotten away with it, if not for us meddling kids! Scooby Doo!
I'm wondering if perhaps much of what you hear/see comes through shared apartment walls. For instance the kitchen cabinet slamming, could it be the cabinet next door?
The closet door opening, vibrations from another apartment or even heavy trucks passing?
I know my own does this. NOT all the time. This is the first time in 20 years I've been here we have angsty teen downstairs. Every time he slams his bedroom door, my closet pops open. It was a bit unnerving at first, because his slam sounds like it's behind my closet door, and then my door flies open like someone shoved it hard, due to the vibrations traveling up the walls and floor.
Just a thought there. New places always take a bit of adjustment.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
Pelatiah, you're the mystery guess who in my mind! When I came back here after a long break I read someone say they used to be Mrs Ramsey, but I couldn't remember which new (to me) name said it. So cool beans, I'll remember now lol.

Lost Voyage, god damn you're wise. Thanks for your common sense logic. I'm sorry you read this mess of a write up. There's couple of days every month where logic goes out the window and I turn into a bull in a china shop. That is I get latched onto an idea (without thinking it through) and am convinced it's reality. Some call it PMS I call it BS.

Anywhoo, the moral being I really should have watched a movie the night I sent this into the site. Because now I have an update (from level headed me). Was talking to a friend of the family about these pearls, indirectly, the topic of the sister in law from hell came up, that was my in. Anyway we got to talking about the pearls. V's necklace was natural pearls with a victorian clasp. The pearls I have are cultured with a standard clasp. Turns out they're not V's pearls. See now, level headed me would've waited for that little nugget before submitting. Nevermind.
This is a massive load off my mind though. Because sneaking pearls into my parents room, or anywhere in their house, is kind of cute on an Internet forum. But actually doing it? Not so cute!

I agree our loved ones on the other side see a much bigger picture than we do here and V is definitely the kind of soul to not mince words. I don't know what V's wishes were regarding the pearls. I was surprised to learn about them, because I knew V as a casual dresser who didn't wear jewellery. It's possible they were passed down in my stepmum's family. But I'm just guessing.

This whole thing came about because some people at work were talking about Nicola Tesla, actually they were being vulgar about his pigeon. I didn't say anything but I like Nicola Tesla and I nearly spoke up about his pearl aversion (don't know why but he hated pearls). Then I decided it was best not to feed the haters (the man's mind is amazing he doesn't deserve to be the topic of slander). Later that night I went off on a mental tangent about the pearls from my childhood and bam made the connection to my stepmum's sister in law.

On a somewhat unrelated note would you believe it, I found a damned pearl in an oyster over a year ago. Still got it, pretty pink thing it is, nearly broke my jaw. Flippin John West tinned oysters, never again!
[At] lady-Glow Here is my reply to your questions:

Question 1: How long have you been living in this house? 

Answer 1: We moved to La Vista Apartments on January 3, 2023, so we have only been here a few months.

Question 2: Is there a history of previous paranormal events during the time you have been there, or has the birth of your baby triggered the activity?

Answer 2: In the months my family has been living here, there has always seemed to be activity in the kitchen. We can always hear some kind of noise. For example, my two boys and my daughter, along with my sister, were sitting on the couch at a distance of 20 feet from the kitchen, and they told me they all heard a cabinet door slam shut. When they told me, I went and opened all cabinets and checked if any would slam shut maybe because of a slight angle, but none of the 9 cabinet doors in the kitchen have any slant, and none, even if slightly pushed, get enough force to slam and sound loud enough to match what they had all heard in the kitchen. Another odd moment that we had was a few days ago, while my son was asleep. We decided to go to the kitchen real quick to make a sandwich, and my wife was making us coffee. At the same time, we used our phone's Xfinity app to see our camera in the room to see Jasper while he slept. When we left the room, we left the door slightly open. In the middle of lunch preparation, we heard our room door completely close, like if someone pushed it shut. I said right away to my wife, "Hey, babe, that sounded like someone pushed the door close. We left it open." She said yes. We heard the door even louder because we had the phone app monitor on. So I went to the room immediately to check it out and check on my son; he was still asleep peacefully. I tried recreating the door being shut if it was the wind or I pushed the door slightly, and it wouldn't close because it needed enough pressure to close, so in conclusion, someone actually has to apply force to shut the door; it was not due to open windows. That has only happened once, and that was maybe a week ago, around 5/14/2023. Prior to this and after the fact, we have sometimes heard noises here and there, always in the kitchen.

Question 3: Do you come from a family of "sensitives"?

ANSWER: I myself am very sensitive; I can feel my surroundings' energies. I simply have to put my attention on sense and go into what seems like spider-sense mode. 
As an example, of my awareness, I was standing in the doorway of my shed using my phone when I had this thought come to my head: "If I look up, I will probably see a spider coming down." I looked up, and yes, there was a spider coming down right above me, like a brown recluse or a wolf spider. I am not sure, but it was coming straight down like I had imagined it prior to it happening.
Another example, was one day, while I was meditating in my back yard, when a friend came over and said, "Let me show you a song I made when I was 17 with this home-girl of mine." I said, "Okay, show me." As soon as he played the song, I had this strong urge to cry, as if the frequencies in the music made me do it. I wept like, "Hu,Hu,Hu," and tears came out of my eyes. I could not control this happening; it was the first time ever. It was crazy. So I am very sensitive, aware of my surroundings, and intuitive.

Alexander Sanchez
Thank you, [at] Valkricy. I'd upvote you but apparently you make too much sense.
To help with the age categories, I have copied Martin's explanation.

"The age categories are pretty broad, I didn't want to be overly specific for privacy reasons:

20 or less = teenager
20 - 40 = young adult
40 - 60 = middle age adult
60 or more = senior adult"

TranscendingTales, you can update your information by going to the top right-hand corner, where you see your user name, and click 'account'. There's not much you can do about how old Martin lists you as though. Lol You have your birthdate listed on your profile, so... People can do the math if so inclined.
Lady Glow, thank you for the cleaning advice. I'll continue reading the material and do the cleanse tomorrow. Thank you, everybody, for your messages as well. I'll keep you posted if something out of the ordinary occurs again. I terminated communication as suggested.
Hi, I don't understand the age question. I just created that user name and hope it isn't already in use by another member. My name is Alexander Sanchez. I am 34 years old; my baby Jasper is 3 months old tomorrow, the 22nd; my wife is 30, my adolescent boys are 14 and 16, and my daughter is 12 years old. My wife and I had children when we were young. Hopefully, this answers some of the questions. Where do I update my information?
Hi RCRuskin.

Not meaning to answer for the mods, but the topic of the age groups has been brought before and "young adult" goes from 20 to 40 years of age, thus it's possible for someone under/close to the age of 40 to have teenaged children... Specially if they had kids at a young age.

I agree with you, there are some holes in this story, hopefully the OP participates in the discussion as he said he'd do.
Hi, Transcending Tales. Very interesting experience you shared here.

But I really have questions for the organizers and mods of this site regarding these events. Mr. TT is listed as a "young adult" which usually means someone from about 18, give or take a bit, to maybe 25 at the upper limit. Yet Mr. TT has at least one teenage child. Now technically, teenage starts at 13 though in practice some folks are not called teens until they are at least 14. But in either case, and using the most extreme upper limit for young adult, this means that the first child born would have happened when the poster was 12.

There is a lot here that does not really add up.
If you feel something is wrong, I think you should trust your instinct, we all have a sixth sense and I believe that it gets stronger when our children are involved in any possible form of harm, there may be good and bad entities but the only way you will know is if you speak to someone who has experience with the supernatural.

But from what I've read about your story, there's too many creepy incidents happening around you and your son, has anyone else experienced this? Your wife and teenage child?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Pearl Mystery
Hello Tweed, I should have read and posted to you last week when your story came online, but let's say its been a busy month!

Some of what you said in talking to your friends in England is the same thing that occurs here to me.

I don't believe or feel that if those are the missing pearls in question that they were given to you either by mistake or in an attempt to make sure they got to your stepmum. It feels like they were meant to go to you, that's my sense for what it's worth.

As you mentioned, if you were meant to give them to your stepmum, then V would have given you signs or dreams or something. Plus, if she had the supernatural ability to move them, why give them to you, she could just as easily given them to your stepmum in much the same manner without causing family drama of you trying to give them to your stepmum? Once they pass, they can see quite a bit more than we can, and despite your stepmum being a non believer, there are ways V could have found to get them to her.

I know you mentioned in your story that your stepmum wanted these pearls and that others in the family wanted her to have them as well, but was that V's wishes as well, did she make it clear that your stepmum was the one to have this treasure? No will of course creates quite a problem for sure.

If you could locate a good medium or someone skilled in psychometry, it would benefit you. Without telling them anything about the object they could give you information on its origins and the energy of it's owner. That could help you determine whether the pearls are the ones in question and maybe why you have them? I also believe that would put your mind at ease with this current dilemma.

I agree with you fully that you need more information to make an informed decision here, maybe this will help, but I think those pearls, whatever their origin, were given to you for a reason other than what you think. There's more to this mystery than meets the eye!
This is my house, I live here now! I would love to talk with you and learn more about your experience!
Hi Alexander, and welcome to YGS.

First of all, congratulations on the birth of your son.

I find your story very intriguing and a little disturbing, and would like to ask few questions:

- How long have you been living in this house?
- Is there a history of previous paranormal events during the time you have been there, or the birth of your baby has triggered the activity?
- Do you come from a family of "sensitives"?

Although I have never tried the application you're using, in my opinion, it's not a good idea to utilize it without taking some sort of protection in case you're dealing with something negative.
I don't know if you have taken any safety measures, but there's no mention of it in your narrative.

To be honest, I have no idea about the nature of the activity playing at your place, nor of the accuracy of this technology but, perhaps it would be better to stop any further contact with whatever is there, and to set some boundaries as for what it is allowed to do...ASAP.

I would suggest to perform a cleansing /blessing of your place according to your personal beliefs, or try the cleansing method explained in the following link, which is reported to send away any negative presence but not affecting positive ones (you'll have to do some reading to find the cleansing method):


I see some Spanish words amongst the answers you got, and your last name is Spanish too, which makes me think that, perhaps, an ancestor may be visiting your baby, or there might be more than one presence around him. It's a long shot, but - who knows?

Take care and keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing.
KenS80 in Love You Boy
Haha, totally agree there Tweed. Being a Leo myself, I know all about being attention grabbing.

Leo sounds like he suited that name. Poor little guy. (+_+)
Tweed in Love You Boy
Don't worry about it Ken, it's cool. Leo was always a big fan of attention so I'm sure he'll approve. 😉
Hi Rob, I like Hans Holzer too.

From a case study point of view a noticeable decline in activity from V happened at the time of V's husband's passing. Her husband was her emotional rock in life. After his passing any activity from her came in short strong bursts. Instead of long drawn out events, like the scissors. I'd like to think this means she has found, or is in the process of finding some emotional stability on the other side and no longer feels a need to dwell in the physical realm as much as before. I know she knows how to visit me if she wishes. That's fine by me, she's a really cool woman, but slightly annoying at times lol.
robmkivseries70 in Ghost With A Mental Illness
[at] Tweed,
I'm a fan of Hans Holzer's work, in which by definition, a ghost is a person's spirit that didn't cross over properly due to some trauma on passing. Most haunting activity, according to Holzer, is an "attention getter". Those with out psychological problems go on to an after life. Carrying the process further, all past life stuff would get "erased" during the reincarnation process. Sometimes this is not a perfect process, as we know. HTH
KenS80 in Love You Boy
I am really sorry Tweed. I did not read this before commenting on the other post about Leo. Had I have known, I would have passed on my condolences during such a difficult time. May Leo's memories fill your heart forever.

I got all choked up reading this and truly felt for Leo and more so for you having to see him pass. I consider myself a bit of an owl, wise not big eyed and feathery:-) and yet missed this completely.


I hope Leo is at peace.
Tweed in Leo The Lion
Hi Ken, aww it was nice to reread this. There was a time when we first named Leo I would call him Steveo, just for giggles.

Leo passed away a couple of weeks ago, total downer.

He was such a brilliant friend. Truly a great cat.
KenS80 in Leo The Lion
I was amused Tweed with your calling out SpongeBob, and other kids choice names to the cat. Leo sounds perfect and matches my star sign so I approve. (+_+)
This post caught my eye when I clicked through looking for a post to read. I'm glad I read this. Your sense of humour is enlightening to say the least.
Pelatiah in Pearl Mystery
Tweed, thanks for the synopsis, it's SO interesting. I've had such different experiences and the jewelry thing wasn't really on my radar and I must've missed those stories (only been here the last couple years, formerly Mrs. Ramsay).

Good luck with the pearls, keep us updated.
Tweed in Pearl Mystery
Pelatiah, the topic of where things go has been discussed at length on here. No one really has an answer, though the notion is fascinating. I think it was Miracles who had some money vanish from her hand while she was holding it (!). She either felt it vanish or saw it vanish, don't recall. But that was pretty amazing.
Another member 'lost' a piece of jewellery only to find it sewed into the hem or collar of a shirt or blouse she was wearing. This member examined the clothing every which way and could find no holes or anything for the item to slip into. I can't remember how long the piece had been missing.
I've had a pack of tarot cards appear and reappear at various points over the years.
I think it was Val who had a pack of cards appear or vanish in a drawer.

Then there's the mystery of when ghosties move items around the home. How is it all done?
A member Red Wolf had a reoccuring issue with a credit card that kept disappearing and reappearing on a bench. I think she thought it was her father in law behind it.

If you think the bracelet is the work of a ghost you could try what Red Wolf did, she more or less yelled at the ghost and before long her card would appear again. Your family might give you crap for it, but hey, if it works! As far as prickly family members go I think the supernatural being real is a mighty inconvienece to a lot of people. 😉

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