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LightMight in He Brought Her To Me
What a beautiful dream you had 😭 Your dad must've felt that you needed to see your mother at least one more time. I feel the same, that visitation dreams are a powerful reminder of just how close we remain to people we've cherished and loved even after they've passed from this life.
OCGirl in Happened Again
Hola Haven

Thank you for sharing your story. I have also experienced the touch of a loving & unknown hand. On one birthday a few years ago I was awake in bed but just laying on my side when I felt this soft touch rub my leg, like you said, in a soothing way. My first thought was it's my mother because that's how she used to wake me when I was a child. ❤
Hi Baikeru,

I really enjoyed reading your latest story 😁 Welcome back

Fortunately nothing has followed you home! Dealing with a haunted workplace is a bit less stressful than having to deal with a haunted home, don't you think? Luckily you had a co-worker with you when most of the activity took place, still that had to be really unnerving to experience...

I once worked at an old hunting lodge, that had an attached restaurant, which was very 'active'. It had a reputation among the employees as being haunted; the owners were well aware of the activity too. As a closing manager, it was my duty to make sure the place was secure once everyone had gone home. On many occasions while closing up, I witnessed silverware, plates, and canned goods falling off shelves, lights turning back on, and doors swinging open by themselves. For my own sanity I would try to rationalize the activity, but after awhile it got to be pretty obvious it was something uncanny and creepy...

Most stores and restaurants usually have so much foot traffic and human activity happening on a daily basis - do you feel that the activity you experienced was residual, or do you think that it was intelligent? Some of the activity you described, such as the door opening and the alarm going off, does sounds as though 'something' was pranking you, or trying to get your attention. Do you know about any of the history regarding the land where these businesses are located?
Hi Dee J,

I admire the amount of thought you've been putting into the how and why of it all. Pretty much agree with Lost Voyage and yourself. I've never had it happen on this intense level, really glad of that though, doesn't sound fun! Well done to you for taking control of the situation.

I read the post you mentioned and did some reading about Rusty. While I was reading the other post about the ghost hunt I wondered if Rusty didn't appreciate being the subject of a ghost hunt. I mean, just seems a bit too soon to be treating the school as an attraction. So maybe the guy in the other post received a bit of outrage mixed in with everything else Rusty experienced in that spot. Maybe some of that got mixed with what you experienced too.

There's not a great deal of info on Rusty the person, at least I could only find records of what happened and obituaries. So it's hard to build a picture of who the young man was/is. But I can't imagine any heartbroken young person wanting to scare people, not really. I'd guess it's the only way he knows to communicate what he probably wished he could have whilst living. Guess the best way to help a tormented soul would be with forgiveness from those he needs it from. But since that's pretty unattainable for random people who didn't know him, the next best thing is probably to send him back positive thoughts/feelings if/when you ever feel overwhelmed by him again.

Thanks for sharing.
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11 - Thank you for the comment! I am glad you took interest in my little encounter!

I agree that you don't really "NEED" seances and such to interact with spirits, but I think that those are mere tools to help "FOCUS" the connection and interaction more. Just like how you can say a prayer without any tools but lighting a candle while doing so helps focus the prayer more. I think it's basically the same concept.

It is quite spooky yet amazing to know that spirits are always around us but everything in the universe is like a big spectrum of energy. In the physical realm we are bound by time and space but that doesn't exist on the spiritual plane.

That said, spirits often pick out people who resonate with or are most open to their energy at a given point for whatever reason.

I think looking at it from a universe perspective helps us understand why spirits often try to attach themselves or reach out to certain people. It can be scary to experience that because we have a natural fear of the "unknown" but I think in due time as our information evolves we will come to openly accept the spiritual realm more when we realize that it is just two realms intertwined!
Sleeping-with-steve in Memory Lane
Hello Twilight1011,
I'm sorry that you have been having migraines. I have never experienced them myself but have heard it can be unbearable. You should visit the doctors. Sometimes stress can cause headaches and you sound like you are going through a busy time and perhaps you are stressed. I'm not a doctor and have no idea what could be wrong or what you need to do other than perhaps some meditation. I have heard that it can help with tension.
I can't wait to read your next post and what your hubby is going through. There was a time when your child spirit only visited you when your hubby left the room and now your hubby has paranormal visits too. It's a difficult situation for both of you.
I use Rookdygins cleansing method regularly. I find if I slack off, then I get visits or have strange dreams.
Thanks for getting back to me about your house guest, the child spirit. Poor thing must be very lost and looking for comfort.

Try and get some timeout for you Twilight1011.
Best wishes,
Miandra 😘 ❤
Lealeigh & Valkricry.

Sharing my experience and reading all the comments, made me remember and ponder about some details that got fussy after all these years.

To begin with, I should explain what made JR say that he had helped me finding a husband:

As I have mentioned, the company's central office was located in Mexico City, they sold clinical analyzers. There was a tech team that included several engineers in charge of installing and servicing the products; and a group of biochemists that would provide training to the customers at their own workplace. I was part of the latter.
The satellite offices were ran by a small team of engineers, when necessary, they would request the help of one of the biochemists, which meant this position involved traveling frequently.
So, he needed help one day and I was sent to help him.

"Did the two of you talk about your beliefs in the afterlife?"

Not really, but he mentioned a previous marriage that ended badly (his ex tried to stab him while he was asleep).

In retrospective, I imagine he might have felt a bit "responsible" for me meeting the man that would become my husband, perhaps he considered that I was marrying too soon and was trying to protect or prevent me from taking such an important step in my life without knowing enough of the person for whom I was ready to leave everything behind.

If such was the case, I hope that wherever he is, he is aware that the last 25 years of my life have been good.
Congratulations, Unquiet. You are the first author on YGS to scare me with a story. Many of the recountings here tell of friendly or neutral encounters, or even pleasant visits from the dead. The horrific stories can captivate and ensnare a reader but have not terrorized my soul. Now, I see more clearly. A shared experience drives the spearpoint home, and the memories emerge afresh like blood from a wound.

You have brought to mind, to the forefront of my mind, an experience that utterly terrified me when it happened. Now, 60 years later, the fear has returned, though, thankfully, not the paralyzing terror.

I remember resorting to silent prayer, though I do not recall what my mind spoke. I remember praying with the covers over my face, yet I do not recall how I managed that. I think it was just before I bolted to my mother's bed.

There was no temperature change that I recall, though at night the uninsulated room would quickly cool. This happened in Michigan and nights range from cool in summer to intolerable in winter.

Whatever raised that much fear in me was not benign. Beyond that, I have no idea who or what it was. I hope to never encounter it again. Having my memory refreshed is quite enough.

And the occult? Sometimes I think it chooses us rather than the other way around. Perhaps we had a passing encounter with one of its emissaries.

Twilight1011 in Memory Lane
Hey Miandra, it has definitely been crazy around here, I just can't seem to catch up on everything. Then on top of it all, I keep getting bad headaches, and the other day I got a bad migraine (which I never get) that really put me down for 2 days. I know this isn't the place for talk about our personal life problems like that, so I'll just leave it at that. I'll try to get my husband to help me send you an email tonight. As for your question about my submission I've been wanting to post here, unfortunately I still haven't been able to get around to posting it, but I'll do my best to try and get that done within the next week, so you and others can finally read it. As far as the child spirit, I haven't felt it recently, but my husband has been having something messing with him lately, that has become a frequent problem. I hate that whatever it is, keeps targeting him the way it has. It's weird how it only seems to mess with him though. I couldn't imagine having the experiences he has had happening lately, to me. It would have me terrified. I'll probably write about his experience too, in hopes that someone may know what to do, or why it is targeting him. I'll let you know soon when I get those experiences posted here. Hope all is well your way 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Rusty Trying To Reach Me?
Dee-J, great story, thanks for sharing! I agree with you about being able to draw a spirit in and interact with them so easily, and you don't need seances and Ouija boards to do it! I too had an encounter similar to yours years ago and I was merely sharing a ghost story with a skeptical friend, when events began to unfold much like your story. I will have to get around writing about it on here, but it is nice to know I'm not the only one to experience this kind of thing. Sufficed to say I'm cautious now even when I read ghost stories or speak of them. Again, I enjoyed reading about your encounter, perhaps we'll hear more if anything else happens!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in He Brought Her To Me
This was an touching account Suzy2, thank you for sharing it with us. It is always a wonderful validation that life goes on after we leave this physical plane and we are never truly separated from our loved ones. They are a-lot closer than we think.
Dear MrRiggs,

Your story did a satisfying job of describing the intensity of fear I felt that night, very similar situations indeed (however I was too chicken to get up and run).

Your "studying and assessing" comment adds quite a new level of horror to ponder. Whatever "it" was that visited was not benign, even the dog agreed. And it never progressed beyond the fear/ temperature change, so maybe it was assessing (shivers).

I've heard that when you look into the abyss, it looks back - I sometimes wonder if my interest in the paranormal was a beacon of sorts and the abyss took an interest (I don't engage in the occult, I just read a lot).

Here's to hoping that our dark visitors found us unworthy and returned from whence they came.

Lady-glow, how bitter sweet! This particular comment of yours; "
To be honest, I think we didn't have the time to develop a real friendship," grabbed my attention. Friendship status, like love isn't always equal. It's feasible he felt much closer to you then you to he. There's really no 'time limit' to it. Perhaps he really did love you, but not in the romantic sense.
That light sounds incredible.
Sometimes spirits that occupy an area just do not like visitors.
RCRuskin in I Am Not Insane
[at] Lady-Glow, I'm going to just guess here but we aren't giving him the help he wants, just the questions and issues that need to be answered.
Hi Salix, no it wasn't the Gap. That place has quite a reputation though. Newcastle is a big town / small city of its own a few hours north of Sydney with some cliffy parts along the coast that are maybe 10-15 storeys high.

You may be right, it could have simply been a spooky message to clean my room! All I can say is the experience was profoundly real, from the multiple sounds I heard a number of minutes before the sighting (when I suspected nothing unusual) to the unforgettable chilling look on her blank face staring right back at me when I confronted her.

I can add one more thing... My flatmate who saw the ghost on the second night had apparently had seen a particular ghost before as a child on a regular basis. Bear in mind that he saw something in the same part of the house the night after my experience, before he even knew of my experience... When he reported that he saw a dark figure go past the door in the mirror while he was shaving he was then told of my experience and replied "Oh no not again!". He went on to explain that as a child he would sleep in his father's room and they would regularly have a ghost visitor, an old lady from what I recall, and she would stand at the end of their bed. He mentioned that she made regular appearances so often that they gave her a name. As far as I know this occurred until his father passed away a few years later.

I've heard a few accounts of ghosts standing at the end of people's beds over the years or even sitting on the end of their bed. It seems to be a common location for these 'visitations' or whatever you might call them.

To reiterate, there we 2 individual sightings of a figure in black two nights in a row in the same part of the house and neither of us knew of each other's experiences until later. The very moment this connection was made and we spoke about it out loud in the house on the third night, the bathroom door violently slammed shut upstairs in the dark and there was no one up there. The door that slammed shut was the bathroom where my flatmate saw the dark figure walk past the door in the mirror, which was only a few steps away from my room.
Mr Riggs - Thanks for reading and commenting.

I cannot accurately describe the light. It definitely was not what you would describe as full daylight. The best I can come up with is similar to early dawn when the sun has just started to rise and your surroundings become visible. However that isn't quite how it was and in fact it's difficult for me to liken it unto anything other than light, which it was! It's one of those scenarios where you actually had to be there.

Only my courtyard and outbuildings were visible and the light seemed to somehow reflect into the kitchen. All the other rooms were in total darkness, including the garden, front, back and side.

Nobody who wasn't present on the property that early morning could possibly have seen that light. This is quite a big property, 1985 square metres to be exact. The courtyard area is walled off with high gates on each side. Not even the street lights reach there. Anyone passing by would not have been able to see that area, light or no light.

I have to admit that I didn't get it although "I saw the light". (One of my favourite songs, sorry, I just had to say it!) I still really wish that I'd had the courage to open that back door. I so nearly did but my fear of scary humans prevented me.

Thanks to so many positive comments I now do believe that we are being protected. I spend quite a lot of time talking, in my mind, to whom I hope is a guardian spirit, or any good caretakers out there, and ask to keep us from harm in this house.

Why am I not surprised about what you told me about the witch doctor in Africa? Not all witch doctors are fake but unfortunately many of them are. Well I'm happy to hear that a good man was protected.

As far as the rubbish bin is concerned - well that was just the cherry on the cake. I was deep in thought when it happened so I probably jumped a foot high. No it didn't scare me, I recognised it for what it was and tried to connect it to the earlier event. After that I decided just to let it be. (Why are all these songs springing to mind? "Let it be"- Beatles, love it!)

I've had supernatural experiences since childhood and since life has gone on I can honestly say that our everyday spirit (that sounds as though their presence means nothing and isn't what I mean) doesn't bother me too much. I have in fact recounted a number of these events on YGS but still have a few up my sleeve.

I look forward to hearing from you again Mr Riggs -

Regards, Melda
I and my wife had a similar kind of experience tonight. Same dream same time... Someone tried to overpower us. She also had sleep paralysis!
Hi Melda.

I would imagine the time period she witnessed would have been 1700's, judging on her description of the dress of those she saw.
I gave perhaps a deeper insight into the history of the Houstoun Estate than was necessary but I felt the general history of the area was of some relevance, but yeah, certainly mid 1700's I would suggest.
Uphall in the 1950's-60's was a quiet village, so I wouldn't imagine many people would have been around the area at the time of her sighting. The area of Millbank is on the extreme West End of the village, beyond these houses is the Golf Course which is in the grounds of the old Houstoun Estate (and surrounds the grounds of Houstoun House itself), beyond that is a series of small holdings and then the village of Dechmont which lies a mile down the road from Uphall.
I would certainly say my Aunt had something, she saw several 'spirits' through her years (I think I touch on one of them in my Dechmont Haunting stories). Indeed many members of my family have experienced 'hauntings'. My Dad who was a Police Officer from the 60's through until the late 80's has experienced many things both while on duty and also in Civilian life, my sister too who oddly wasn't really a believer in paranormal despite what I experienced as a child had her own experiences while working in Milan as a Nanny. My late Mum also saw things particularly while in Dechmont. Various Cousins, Aunts and Uncles too.
The second story there was certainly one which disturbed me, as I touched on in a previous comment particularly with what I experienced in Dechmont as a small boy. The Cupboard thing seems a very common thread through many hauntings, it's that claustrophobia thing really, isn't it? Certainly I can recall my utter fear of the cupboard under the stairs in Dechmont, it was panic I felt. It wasn't helped that this cupboard was directly opposite the Livingroom door, so the thing was unavoidable.
Hearing the footsteps though takes it to another level. I've certainly never experienced a haunting where I hear footsteps, i've verbally interacted with spirits which is a very odd feeling I have to admit, but disembodied footsteps somehow seems far more sinister.
lady-glow in I Am Not Insane
The OP has decided to delete their account... I wonder why since they seem in need of help.

This is as odd a story as I have ever heard told. Not that I discount it, not at all. But it is difficult to wrap your head and hands around.

Starting at the beginning, I wonder if your awakening was not your usual insomnia. Could it be you were meant to see and experience these things? I think that is a possibility. Life does not happen in a vacuum, and there is such a thing as cause and effect. We may be looking at an intentional communication. Then the question would be by whom and why.

In the U.S. We have a slang term - Do you see the light? It is a way of asking if you understand. Put another way, do you "get" it. A person may also say "I've seen the light." That could be a religious reference or a statement made following solving a difficult problem. No matter the use, it means they have been illuminated or enlightened.

Perhaps the purpose of the light was to get your attention. The trash bin may have been the message. You may have a presence. It would seem, if that is the case, that it is beneficial and protective. After your armed robbery experience you have likely been the subject of much prayer. Perhaps this is message sent, message received and responded to.

There is a documented case in Africa about missionary doctors annoying a witch doctor through their medical success. Tribesmen were sent at night to kill the missionaries. The attempt failed because angels stood guard. Not only were the angels large and armed, they cast an unnatural light into the darkness.

Unnatural, no, let's say supernatural light, is commonplace in matters of Divinity.

Bringing us back to earth, could anyone else have seen this light? Perhaps a neighbor or early morning tradesperson. Maybe a patrolling policeman was passing by. And, did the light have a color or tint? Was it steady or did it flicker? Did it seem a natural light, perhaps like daylight?

Your moving rubbish bin is not so unnatural as we tend to think. Jubeele recently had objects move on her kitchen counter. I had the locked front door of my home slam open, startling all in the house. That was caused by the ghost of a teenage girl who once lived there. Your self-propelled bin seems the ideal way of getting the attention of the lady if the house. Message sent, message delivered.

There, now you have some additional thoughts to consider. They are only speculation and of no more merit (or less, I hope) than your other responses. This encounter does not strike me as a negative experience. In fact, you may have a friend keeping you company.
DarriuxDarkk in I Am Not Insane
Hi, I just want to ask a few questions if you can answer them for me.

1. Have you experienced any auditory hallucinations when you see these figures?

2. Have you experienced any tingling sensations, paralysis, or any tactile stimulations aside from seeing them?

3. I know you said it only happens every so often like twice a week, would you be able to tell me when you first started seeing these figures? If you see these figures, what were you doing or state of mind prior to seeing them? Were you like emotionally stressed, sad, excited?

I don't want to dismiss it as a real supernatural phenomenon but before doing so, we want to make sure you are ok because I am nurse and had experience with some patients with schizophrenia, they can be managed but without seeking professional help, it can get worse.

In regards to it being a supernatural phenomenon, When you said that these figures manifests themselves on broad daylight even showing behind your teachers, do you see if the teacher is somewhat bothered by it even by the slightest? I ask this because normally on any apparitions there is always an energy imprint left behind and sensed by normal people to a degree. Psychics are more in tuned to these energies so they see and sense them better than most people do, however it doesn't mean that normal average people can't. That is why there are some people even the skeptics, when showed with enough energy imprint from these apparitions can still experience a supernatural phenomenon themselves. They might dismiss it as a figment of their imagination or rationalize it but they still experienced it none the less.

If your shadowy human-bunny figures only manifests to you and other people in the room can't sense a little bit of presence, it is quite concerning.

Although I won't dismiss the fact that there might be some beings on the higher level of existence that most of us can't really interact or sense them at all and you might just be really gifted to sense or see those higher beings of existence.

Such higher beings are angels, I believe on them. As there are demons I believe there are angels as well.

Thank you and God bless.
Hi Lady-glow,

I enjoyed reading this. What happened to JR is sad but this didn't leave me feeling sad because he went gracefully into the light.

You have said that you weren't close enough as friends to warrant a visitation after he was killed; but you said this:

"At the end of the day, we spent the afternoon talking about everything while seated on a bench facing the ocean."

Did the two of you talk about your beliefs in the afterlife? If you did, maybe he was just trying to confirm your beliefs by visiting you.

My dad and I have talked many times about death to the point that I am sure that, whichever one of us dies first, one of us will visit the other.

- Maria


My paternal grandmother's first two names are Maria Gloria. I was named after her.
Hello, plume.

This is certainly a striking experience. You did not mention any activity before or after these few happenings; are you sure you don't recall any, either in your flat or in your area/neighborhood? And is there any more to what you learned about the 'suicide cliff'? I found this: (Sydney) but nothing else. Is this it, or was there something more local?

It seems odd (in my admittedly limited experience) to have such an acute manifestation with so few precursors or 'aftershocks', as it were. I don't mean to sound doubtful. It just strikes me as peculiar and I wonder if it is because you (and therefore we) don't have the full story.

It's awful that you were frightened but I actually found myself having a bit of a giggle over this- an older, unsmiling woman in black shuffling through your clothes and trash put me in the mind of a disgruntled housekeeper or motherly sort making known her displeasure at your "typical messy guy's room". Did you keep it any cleaner afterwards?
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Hey Melda,
Yes, It maybe possible that he remember about the incident.

But talking to him is impossible as I said his mother doesn't allow him to talk to anyone in our family and also he and his family are not close to us anymore as they used to be when I was a kid.

I would rather investigate about that area myself if I go there.
Wow...I've got chills down my spine. To have her actually lock eyes with you and point towards the lake...eesh. It's like she just needed to let someone know what happened to her. That poor woman. I'm really curious to know if other people have seen her, or if she only appeared to you, because you're a writer, and she knew you'd be able to tell her story. Thanks for sharing that fascinating and poignant experience.
BlossomLily - It is very possible that your cousin does remember the incident but, like you, thought that he wouldn't be believed.

Take a long shot and ask him!

Regards, Melda
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Yes, I didn't had any proof at that time as the scratches didn't appeared immediately, so I thought it was foolish to discuss this incident with anyone.
It is up to you to believe this or not, I do not force anyone to believe my experience.

I never went to Calcutta again to attend any other wedding or event after my Uncle's wedding. So, it's been 12 years since I went there.

Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to discuss this with my little cousin as his mother didn't allowed him to talk to anyone in our family for whatever reasons. I never talked even on phone with my cousin in these 12 years after coming back from Uncle's wedding. He is 18 now and he probably won't remember that incident I am guessing as he was too young and he has changed a lot too in personality as I got to hear about him from other relatives and cousins.

When I strain my memory back to that incident, I remember more of it like, I remember my two brothers who were on front chattering, they said that they felt someone touching them. And they thought It was my little cousin as he was behind them with me. But I did not see my little cousin touching them. I don't remember exactly whether they were pushed or not.

I think the area/alley was haunted as I did overheard my relatives talking about the area/alley because they asked my cousin's dad of where he took us for a walk, and he told them about (this particular area, I don't remember the name), and they were talking about how haunted that area is.

If I ever go to Calcutta again I would definitely inquire about this alley/area and will update my experience.
lady-glow - Perhaps JR did visit his wife in her dreams which might have distressed her deeply. Your reaction then might caused him to realise that it was time to move on. I hope this happened and that his soul is now at peace and where it belongs.

Well met G-L-O-R-I-A! I thought this might be your name. My godmother had the same name and was also often called Glo, except by my mother who always called people by their full name.

Look after yourself LG...

Regards, Melda
meinmein in I Am Not Insane
That is different:o. Never heard or saw creatures like that. Though I also experienced that, saw a shadow and I forgot, then suddenly remember that after. But they are not following me. I don't know what you mean "at night", do you mean, they followed you in your house?

I just see shadows without faces... Though I will not be surprised if those really exist, because I once saw something unexplainable chuchuqamiqmim1w8j2iaji2ma.
Humans have visible shape, but she, she's kind of blurry. Her face is blurry, saw no eyes, just skin color and hair and white dress, and something is in her head, maybe it is a veil.
I know very well everyone in our house. And we have a gate, so others can't easily enter without permission. And the thing is, she doen't have a face. I am very scared that I didn't check it out if it is a person. I also told that to my family, and they will let me know if somebody came to visit, but no one.

If someone has not experienced this for themselves, they may not actually understand how utterly terrifying it can be.

During the pleasant days of Spring and Fall I spent a lot if time in our large unfinished attic. It was the ideal place for a boy to read comic books, day dream or just nap in the old feather bed with down filled pillows. There was no quieter or peaceful place in our house.

One afternoon I fell asleep in the old bed. It was so restful and safe. "Conking out" is a good way to describe it.

I awoke after dark and was instantly intensely fearful. I was petrified as I felt the presence of evil. Though I could see nothing in the dark, I could feel it, what ever it was, watching me. Now, as an adult, I'd say studying and assessing is a better description.

I can't say if I was experiencing sleep paralysis or not. I was awake, terrified with fear, and wanted to run down the stairs to escape. I was just too afraid to do it. Petrified with fear seems an accurate description of my state. I breathed in silent, shallow micro-gasps, afraid it would hear me.

Finally I could stand it no more. I sprang from the bed and went down the 8 or 9 stairs with the speed if a sprinter, barely touching them on the way down. I ran into my mothers bedroom, jumped into her bed with her, and hid behind her. She thought me daft. I think I was 14 at the time.

What a few paragraphs can never convey is the intensity of the fear that travels to your very core. In that moment in time there is only you, and terror so intense that the mind can conceive of nothing else, that your reality is only primal fear and your involuntary responses to it.

I wish that on no one. That was me almost 60 years and the memory is indelibly stained into my being.

So, Unquiet, you have touched a nerve. That you referred to your fear as "extreme" is something I understand. Let's hope we don't encounter that kind of experience a second time. Once was quite enough.
Well, Unquiet, thank you for your kind remarks.

If YGS is to have credibility we can only write about real world experiences. Fiction benefits no one. Many people pass through life without ever having a paranormal experience. Some of us have just a few encounters. Others, for whatever reason, have had more.

My personal library of experiences seemed quite modest and of little interest. A bit of memory sifting revealed more possible encounters than I initially thought, though they are still quite small in number. My future submissions regarding ghosts will be minimal out if simple honesty.

I can say I'm a bit of an odd duck. I have clear pre-birth memories and remember the process of entering my embryonic body. I inherited a minor amount of my mother's substantial psychic ability. It has always been totally uncontrollable. I've also had at least a half-dozen out of body experiences and twice experienced remote viewing.

There are 3 experiences that are the crown jewels of my personal paranormal history. The most significant was a near death (like) experience that lasted 35 - 40 minutes, the second was an out-of-body experience so unbelievable I won't post it here, and the third is this story of my pre-marital encounter with an entity unknown.

If you find reading about this experience spellbinding, I wish you could have been the one in the driver's seat when this took place. "Spellbinding" is an excellent descriptive term that fit my behavior in the encounter. "Taken in" has been the memory that stuck with me all these years. I assure you, it was not a presence that could be ignored.

Any knack I have with the written word is not of my my own making. During my near death experience I was told it was a gift to be used for good. I misused it and that was key in my being "taken back," which was a most unpleasant experience. I was scared then and I'm still scared. The prudent will be on good terms with Divinity, the imprudent will regret their behavior.

If it interests you, watch for my telling of the dream that followed my wedding, and of what followed. The big picture should make more sense than the encounter told by itself.

Thank you for your comments, Unquiet. With a screen name like that I'll be watching for you.
Thank you for your comments. My daughter doesn't live with me; she was just visiting. I don't have any lights on a timer or via the Alexa. We haven't noticed anything else unusual; however this housing development was built on a car race track. According to the builder supervisor, there was a death during one of the races. That's all I know. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

"I was just scared and felt stupid to discuss this incident, as I didn't had any proof at that time to present them that I was scratched by demonic entity."

So far, you have no proof that this was a "demonic entity", please do not think that I discarding your experience but, in my opinion, it's too premature to assume that what you encounter was a demon.

Have you tried talking to your little cousin about that day? I supposed that, if he too was scratched, his mother would have noticed the marks while giving him a bath. It's possible that he still remembers an event that shocking.

Do your relatives still live in that area? Do you know if they have heard of other people experiencing similar encounters in that alley? I'm sure the inhabitants of the alley would be talking about these encounters.

Now that you are older, this might be the right time to do some research on that alley and find out if there's an explanation for your experience.
lady-glow in I Am Not Insane
Hello Sane.

I agree with the previous posters' suggestion about talking to your parents and consulting a doctor.

Those figures sound like a disturbing sight but, do you know if any other family member has witnessed them? Have you considered the possibility of your parents using religion as a way to cop with something they do not understand nor they wished to face?
Can you think of some event that might have triggered the activity, like using a Ouija board?

It puzzles me that they seem to follow you around but they haven't tried to communicate with you.

Talk to your parents, they might get upset but they love you and will help.
lady-glow in Charlotte

Thanks for admitting without fuss that your story "makes absolutely no sense at all."

I hope the night you submitted this story you were not only surfing the internet out of boredom and ignored the:

"Submit Your Real Ghost Experience!" at the top of the submission screen.

Other than that, I will suggest for you to read the comments and answer our questions as honestly as possible. This forum is not about writing fiction to make people soil their pants but about REAL paranormal experiences.
Hello Tweed.

"Sometimes acquaintances can have a profound role in our lives without us realising it"

I suppose not all friendships/relationships are always equally balanced, perhaps the short and infrequent time JR and I spend together were enough for him to know me deeply but I didn't registered much about him. I guess his reasons for contacting me will always be a mystery.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Hi Miandra.

JR being in love with me is an interesting perspective though, in my opinion, not a likely one. In the first place, he was married and his family was very important to him, secondly, our personalities were too different to be compatible beyond casual interaction.
But I agree with you, I'm sure he was happy for me and because he "helped me to find a husband".

Best regards.

I'm sorry for your loss. It is very comforting to think that our loved ones stop by one more time to let us know that everything will be fine after they have taken the next step on their journey.
Do they really do it?... I don't know for sure, but the peace one feels after those "visits" is better and more effective than several sessions at the therapist's office.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Hi Melda.

Ha ha, yes that was a memorable trip... On so many levels!

I wonder if JR visited some one else other than me, I think his wife would have been the one letting him go. Unfortunately I didn't have a way to know if he showed himself to her... Nor if she would have been open to his efforts to contact.

Although I'm not
"five feet four
From her head to the ground"

And I would never
"Come around here
Just about midnight"

Yes, my "name is G-L-0-R-I-A
Hello Jubeele.

"My impression is that he came back to help you deal with losing a friend."

To be honest, I think we didn't have the time to develop a real friendship. We would see each other for not more than five times a year and always within a work related situation. Except for those two evenings talking by the sea, we were always surrounded by coworkers.

Your words make me wonder if, on a subconscious level, I cared for him more than I was aware of and his death affected me more than what I realized it did.

Always good to hear from you.
sane_psychopath (guest) in I Am Not Insane

1: You didn't read it properly... I said it was like; I forgot it straight after then remember it later. Like those dreams, ya know?

2: Its NOTHING like The Silence from Doctor Who...

Thanks for reading my story. I would say that all my dreams of JR felt different to my typical dreams. Although not frequently, sometimes I have dreams with my dead relatives but never before or after JR I have been aware that we were not on the same side of the veil.
These dreams are mostly family gatherings attended by the dead and the living ones, merry affairs in which I never think on the 'impossibility' of the departed ones mingling with the rest of us.

All the dreams involving JR were gloomy, in dull colours and felt heavy and slow. I really don't recall feeling any weight or warmth coming from his hand, but I will never forget that light.

You are right, swimming with seals was great, specially when a curious pup would come close to the people.
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Hey Melda, thanks for your comment.
Actually to this date I am also confused as to why the scratches appeared later, or perhaps, I was so busy into my uncle's wedding that I didn't noticed it? But I believe that the scratches appeared a few days after the incident.

But Also, when we came back from alley I did examined my back to see if something was there or not because of the burning sensation I still had a little bit after coming back, but my back was plain and normal, No sign of scratches, so it is possible that the scratches appeared later. And I felt kind of relieved that nothing happened and it was probably my imagination. But I have to say that the burning sensation was very very strong.

Yes, I didn't shared this story with anyone as I thought no one would believe in it, and adults would probably brush it off as kid's imagination. I didn't discussed this with my cousin since he was much younger than me and also was quite scared himself.

Although My family is a huge believer in spirits and ghosts and they themselves has experienced a lot of paranormal activity, but I was just scared and felt stupid to discuss this incident, as I didn't had any proof at that time to present them that I was scratched by demonic entity.

I also noticed that when we were walking in that alley, my cousin was frightened and was begging his dad to pick him up in his arms, but his dad refused.
BraelynnMarie in Charlotte
Okay I apologize for all the confusion, it was really late when I wrote this, so that's why it makes absolutely no sense at all.
~Braelynn Marie
Dear MrRiggs,

Rarely does one come across such spellbinding prose. I have enjoyed your stories immensely; after reading this one I quickly devoured the others.

The insight behind your experiences is heartfelt.

Glad to hear of your recovery. I hope to read more of your submissions should you choose to share.

Thank you.
DarriuxDarkk in Night Knocker
"As we spoke behind me I heard the sound of my hall closet door handle turning ever so slowly and I turned to see it swing open. I screamed so loud that my mother yelled is someone killing you."

I'm sorry I laughed at this, I know I shouldn't but your mom sounds comedic on my head reading this. No disrespect intended by that and seems like I would love to hang around with your mom, she seems nice and funny.

Anyway when you said that you felt a sudden sense of impending doom before you open that door, it was probably good that you followed that instinct. If you felt it as evil, it probably is.

I'm sensing that entity might have come from the forest near your house. What it was, we will never know but I'm leaning towards an elemental. Elementals can be good or bad, whatever it was might have malicious intent towards your home.

I'm curious though what was the significance of the three loud banging knocks if it were just to enter your home by opening your closet like that. It is as if, it just wants to made it presence known to you, not really asking permission to go inside like other entities do.
Melda in Night Knocker
LightMight - Yes you're right. I tend to be far more disappointed with those who undertake to participate and then leave everybody hanging 😕

Regards, Melda
LightMight in Night Knocker
Hi Melda,
I do hope you're right about that, although I find that more often than not, even the authors who say that they'll participate, actually don't answer for whatever reason. It's their option to opt out, or in ~ I guess we'll have to just wait and see...
LightMight in Happened Again
After reading a few of your previous stories, and perusing the comments, I can understand why you wouldn't want to further upset the apple cart by trying to communicate with whatever visits your home. It does sound like you naturally draw energies to you, much like many of us here. Ultimately, it's your home and you have to live there; trust your instincts always...

Take Care, LightMight
Melda in Night Knocker
LightMight - Although on occasion we find that people choose not to participate in a discussion, sometimes they do in fact change their minds. I think some people are just nervous about having to respond to too many questions.

Hopefully LadyMonticello will have a change of heart.

Regards, Melda
LightMight in Night Knocker
It's a shame the author of this story has chose not to 'participate in the discussion', because I had a few question about her home too...

Living alone in a home at a remote location and having to confront unexplained knocking and a closet door opening by itself sounds completely unnerving. I don't blame her for leaving that night... 😳
Oceana in I Am Not Insane
You forget the shadows exist after they are gone?
1. How can you remember to write it on here?
2. Sounds like the silence from Doctor Who.
Hi Callum,

Thanks for sharing this interesting encounter. I don't mean to trivialise things but be glad your dog heard it too. In an event like that sometimes an animal's reaction will serve as confirmation we did indeed experience what just happened.

I grew up in an open minded home and can imagine your friend not giving a hoot about what you were describing to her. Unfortunately when paranormal topics are normal for someone they really don't care about anyone waking them up because they're frightened to the core. Know that doesn't exactly help now but maybe it'll put her demeanour into context.
BlossomLily - It is such a well documented fact that people do get scratched by unfriendly spirits that I definitely will not discount your experience.

It is also very interesting that you were the only female present, although both you and your male cousin were pushed. It's a pity that you didn't confide in each other about how it affected both of you. Then again you were very young and it's easier to say that you tripped over our own feet rather than try to explain that something otherworldly gave you a shove!

You say you felt that you were being pushed and I tend to believe you. I also believe the burning sensation that you felt and this is said to be quite painful.

The one thing that does perplex me (as lady-glow has mentioned) is why it took you a few days to see the scratches. When you talk about a few days, that indicates more than two. Perhaps you can explain that?

Regards, Melda
Lady Glow, thanks for sharing this experience with us.

Sometimes acquaintances can have a profound role in our lives without us realising it. Maybe JR, from the other side, has an awareness that we here aren't privileged to. Might explain his showing up in your dreams, especially the final dream, which sounded amazing by the way. Definitely sounds like a visitation dream.
If the other dreams were visitations or not, really can't say. If they weren't you could have been sensing his presence which, coupled with grief, instigated those first few dreams.

But overall it sounds to me like he became aware of some bigger picture and wanted you to know.

Beautiful stuff!
Bibliothecarius in Night Knocker
Greetings, LadyMonticello, and welcome to YGS.

I suspect that this was a wandering spirit looking for an easy target, rather than a full-on haunting of your property. The fact that it got into your home despite your leaving the door closed is certainly troubling. You were right to trust your instincts and call for help.

Prior to this event, had you experienced any unusual activity in that house? Was this a one-time-only event?

Sleeping-with-steve in He Turned Into Light
Hello Lady-Glow,
When I started reading your post, I felt like JR was the man you would marry. You both talked and shared valuable time together which no doubt made both of you happy.

When you said you met a Canadian guy and he was the one, I almost felt JR's heart drop. I know he was happy for you, but, do you think he was in love with you and tried to tell you by visiting you in your dreams. 🤔
It was such a romantic but sad experience. I felt very sorry for you finding out that JR was in an accident.

My condolences to you and everyone who knew and loved JR. I hope time has helped you with the loss of JR.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❤
sane_psycopath - Why have you chosen this name for yourself? It leads one to suspect that you question your own sanity. I realise that you're a teenager and perhaps don't fully comprehend that even if your profile name is a misnomer, it may cause readers to suspect that all is not well with you.

Firstly I would suggest that you discuss these events with your parents. Secondly I would suggest that you consult a therapist.

By saying the above I'm not suggesting that you are not experiencing this phenomenon but if one of my children had been subjected to these rather chilling experiences, I would want to know.

Regards, Melda
RCRuskin in I Am Not Insane
Hi, Sane Psychopath.

Curious experiences, and my first thought was a type of schizophrenia. We often recommend consulting a physician just to rule out physical causes.

Question about those bunnies messing with stuff on your desk. Have you seen the stuff moved around the next day? Would be helpful to test this by taking a photo before and then after you see the figures just as a check against remembering where things were.
Hey guys I'm new to this site.

I wanted to share my story somewhere after all these years and decided not to engage any further because there's really not much more to say after I laid it all out in detail, but I'm happy to answer any questions. It must be frustrating when people wish not to engage so my apologies.

There were no other sightings after that.

I can't recall much detail of her dress sorry.

The townhouse wasn't that old... Probably constructed in the 60-70s.

Yes Maria, there actually were clothes on my floor. Typical messy guy's room I suppose... And I didn't actually notice the plastic wrapper until I turned the light on after the event happened.

I had only been at the house for around 6 months but my flatmates had been there for few years and said they experienced nothing like that before.

I can't comment about the proximity to the water, but I was later told there had been a number of suicides over the years from a high cliff close to where I lived at the time.

I'll check in later to answer any further questions.
Aliendewd - What your aunt witnessed as a market place is truly amazing. I wonder what caused that time slip? Do you have an approximate time frame when the marketplace might have been there?

I know in your comment you mentioned the 11th century and then also 1598. I'm thinking of tricorn hats, flowing dresses and bonnets and so on. Your aunt was truly honoured to have been a witness to something so extraordinary!

What about normal everyday inhabitants (in our time frame) who might have been in that location when your aunt witnessed this event. I wonder whether they noticed absolutely nothing and simply proceeded with their everyday activities. What is your take on that?

The second part of your aunt's experience isn't quite as pleasant. It seems she is psychically gifted and could separate a residual occurrence from a real live haunting. That would have scared seven kinds of hell out of most people!

Regards, Melda

Your experience struck a chord with me.

I will always remember being informed of my brother's passing and feeling like I was coming apart at the seams. I was descending into a dark hole and suddenly felt a warm glow envelop me and I was back in my living room thinking that my brother's suffering was now over.

The link in our experiences is wondering whether this was a visit or did some kind of coping mechanism take over? Unfortunately, no wisdom or insights on this question. I just don't know.

On another tack, when I was young, I went surfing with seals on a desert reef break in South Australia. If I had known then about the link between seals and great white sharks... Oh well, the silly things you do when you're young and immortally stupid.

lady-glow - In one of your previous submissions you mentioned how you met your husband. As far as I remember you decided to go awol (not on the job) and was it ever well worth it!

I believe that your dreams were more than just dreams. Perhaps JR was still hanging around in case you needed him; perhaps he wasn't quite sure whether it was time for him to leave. He obviously cared for you very much and wanted to be certain that you could cope very well without his presence. On the other hand, it is equally possible that he wanted to remain close to you for a while because he wanted to spend time with you, for his own reasons.

Once you told him that it was unsettling for you when he invaded your dreams he promptly moved on. Mission fulfilled.

Now I have an inkling where the name lady-glow comes from. I don't suppose you'll be more forthcoming with the name "Glo"? No, I thought not 😆

Regards, Melda
lady-glow, this was bitter-sweet. I've known colleagues who died untimely and the shock of the loss invariably left holes in the workplace. In those days, there was no grief-counselling and sometimes, we weren't even allowed time off from work to attend the funeral.

My impression is that he came back to help you deal with losing a friend. He was already in the next room, in another realm. Maybe it was not so much a half-open door, but a door half-closed. He was waiting for you to accept the fleeting nature of life. You were waking up tired and upset, until you decided to let him go.

I think his turning into white light was some form of transfiguration as he moved on, much like others have described during similar encounters. It is significant that you felt a sense of peace and woke up feeling good about it.

When you mentioned: "other times it was me who had died and he was still alive", I'm reminded of the movie, "Sixth Sense", where the protagonist was the one who had died. Or a glitch in the matrix and he had gone ahead into an alternate universe, leaving the rest of us behind.

You've given me food for thought. Thanks for sharing this memory with us.
Hi callum21--The one aspect in your account that really sticks out is that your friend didn't hear what you describe as incredibly loud banging and scratching on the doors. There are many reports in psychical literature that describe extremely loud sounds that aren't heard by anyone else except the targeted person, sometimes just mere steps away. This facet suggests a possible telepathic element is at play.

It's interesting that your dog heard the sounds as well but your friend heard nothing. Paranormal activity can be maddeningly selective! Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.
lady-glow--Really enjoyed reading your thought provoking account. It does seem quite likely that JR simply wanted to wish you well and to let you know you had affected his life in a positive way.

I was curious to know if the final dream you had of JR felt different from a typical dream? Did you feel his hand when you took his? Did your surroundings seem tangible like that of waking life? Were colors noticeable and vibrant? If so, I'd say JR did indeed pay you a visitation dream. Your description of the light that accompanied his disintegration certainly seems to have stuck with you--which makes sense as it must have been quite beautiful.

On another note, it must have been wild to swim with seals!
Hi DarkSoul,

Have you ever checked the store cameras? It sounds like Ms R is just trying to help. You should try talking to her and telling her that she needs to move on. Hopefully Ms K gets used to the activity and doesn't run off scared.

Thanks for sharing ❤
I have had an experience like yours once. I kept praying the same prayer to God almost every day, and one day, an answer came to me. I didn't hear an audible voice; it was more like a thought came into my head all at once that wasn't my own. It's hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean. Don't worry - this virus panic will soon be a just a bad memory and we can go back to our normal lives again. I'm looking forward to 2021 and I bet you are too.
Sleeping-with-steve in Memory Lane
Hello Twilight1011,

Thanks for letting me know. I can only imagine how busy you are with your little one's.

I read comments on YGS almost every day and I will see any messages you direct to me here, so it's ok. (We can't have general chit-chats here though. This site is just for comments relating to posts) Speaking of posts, have you started typing your new ghost 👻 experience yet? I can't wait to read it.

Have you had any further visits from the child ghost? Has anything else happened?

Chat soon.
Best wishes from Australia, Miandra.😘 ❤
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Thanks lady-glow for reading my story.

!) This happened when I was 11 years old and now I am 23 years old. So when I discovered the scratches it was dried not fresh. I have no Idea whether my cousin (boy) was scratched or not. I am guessing probably not. Never asked him or anyone regarding this.

2) I was pushed like it was out of balance yes. My uncle did asked when I was pushed, as I looked back to see who pushed me then he did asked 'what happened', but I said Nothing as I didn't see anyone and I thought I probably tripped from stones on floor. So he has no Idea what happened with me and I never told this incident to anyone except my mom.

3) I never played outside with anyone, nor when I was at my uncle's wedding nor in Delhi. So I am confident about it. The scratches were long and looked like someone with sharp nails has done it.

4) After coming back from wedding a few days later only I noticed but the scratches were there completely visible, not hazy but dried. But what about the burning sensation? I got pushed two times and got two burning sensation each time of push.
History is a passion of mine so when she first told me of the market event (easily 30-35 years ago now) I was absolutely blown away. I knew Uphall had a long history, but I didn't know how long (I now know an inhabited settlement has been there since the 11th Century). It seemed an odd place for a market but there's the nearby Houstoun House (now a McDonald Hotel) which was built in 1598 and has housed Mary Queen of Scots. The Tower House was built by Sir John Shairp and remained in the family until the 1940's.
The Mill would've been part of the old Houstoun Estate which was owned by the Shairp family. The settlement of 'Strathbrock' (meaning valley of the badger) as 'Uphall' was known then was owned by the Douglas family and would've been seen at that point in time as a separate settlement to Houstoun and so would've perhaps had it's own Market place.

The other experience did always disturb me, particularly when compared to my own experiences in Dechmont when I was a wee boy. There certainly seems to be something disturbing about cupboards, even in childrens literature... Harry Potter for example!
MrRiggs - That was rather strange about the watch, phone calls, among other incidents. You've received your share of messages. But then again, I believe that love finds a way to reach us from beyond the Veil. One of my favourite quotes goes: "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." - Rabindranath Tagore

When the time comes to put out my lamp, I hope to greet the dawn with no regrets but light in my heart, and be met by loved ones who have gone before to brighten the way.

Melda - Oh yes, I now tell my niece what Aunty May taught us - the value of Vitamins. 😊 One of my fondest memories is sharing a pot of jasmine tea with her over exotic dim sum delicacies, at her favourite Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. The scent of sandalwood now holds extra special significance for me.
Twilight1011 in Memory Lane
Hey Miandra, I'm sorry I haven't gotten to emailing you yet, I've been so busy, and keep meaning to ask my husband to log me onto his email account to message you there. I seem to have trouble logging onto his email through my phone. I'm really not great at using anything technology, even when it comes to using email 😕 I use to be able to use my email years ago, on my old phone, but after having trouble with that email account, I haven't been able to figure out how to use my husband's through my new phone. So I wanted to at least message you here to let you know that I'm sorry for taking so long to email you, and that I will try to send you one soon. Hope all is well for you 😊 hopefully you'll see this message.
Hello RCRuskin,

Thank you for commenting. I find your remarks helpful. I now realize this story must be told in 3 parts, though the last 2 may be written and published together.

The dream must be told. I was shown and told the consequences of my actions. The imagery was symbolic and very clear. What followed in life is exactly what I was shown.

But the story and the dream may not be fully appreciated without examples of what followed. I will do that with care as spouse bashing is inappropriate and classless. I will use tact while telling the truth.

This reminds me of a childhood experience. I was not much beyond being a toddler. I had been warned not to touch or put my hand in the toaster. The warm orange glow was too inviting to resist and I did put my hand in the toaster. Sometimes we just don't listen and the consequences can be substantial.

Feel free to ask your questions. I put myself in the limelight of a public forum, then opened a can of worms. I will answer questions to the best of my ability, and without insult or ill will.

Thank you. Fifty years is a long time. I'm so old my kids are getting gray hair, middle age spread and are becoming bad tempered. Mine is a life lived and nothing can change that. I don't mind talking about what has happened or my few paranormal experiences. My life is coming to a close and I can feel it, though I don't mind. All that's left is twerking class and learning to shuffle dance so I can be in Youtube videos.

blancdada in Who Was 'that'?
LFrog1386, thank you very much for reading this. About what you said, its kind of interesting and scary. I sure hope I don't experience it again 😆
Hi, LightMight.

Yes, I agree, it seemed like two different entities. It has been sugggested to me before that I talk to the spirits that visit me and ask if they need or want something, I've never felt comfortable doing that. I feel like it would just be inviting them to visit. 😕 My son has never said anything to me about any experience he's had. My youngest daughter on the other hand literally got spooked out of the house and went to live with my mom and sister.

Thanks for your comments, take care.
Bibliothecarius in Toatoamona Experience
Greetings, whr1969.

Thanks for sharing this, as I realized that there's a fair amount of information about Guam that I don't know. I started looking into the details of your narrative.

I was curious about the nature of the tree you mention; it's a Pacific Banyan (Ficus Prolixa) tree. The description "Toatoamona" literally means "the people of before," or "the ancestral spirits." Perhaps if someone had taken the time to explain the meaning of the tree's name, you'd have been a smidge more cautious about letting your dog pee on it. 😉

Lady-Glow, I guess you have to stop speaking sense since I am still, after a long time of not upvoting you, unable to upvote you. 🤔 I am just guessing, but if the dog really had to go...

WRH, for me the appeal of scary movies is the same appeal as roller coasters. Approaching and experiencing a fearful experience and coming out unharmed at the end gives a great feeling of relief, almost euphoria. Although there was this one coaster I rode that is probably in Hell's amusement park now. It was torn down a decade or so ago. Raging Wolf Bobs at Geuga Lake in Ohio.

Question: how long from when Mr. Weiner started urinating until he turned tail and ran home?
Glad to hear of your recovery, Mr. Riggs. And also thank you for your service to our country.

This is a fascinating experience, and it leaves me with just one question. But I also recognize the answer is not my business. 😁

Congratulations, too, on 50 years of being wed. It takes work to make it that long, as you know.
While I can offer nothing regarding sheet-tugging spirits, I am familiar with spiritual visitations.

I just noticed how difficult it is to write about this. It is one thing to provide input, it becomes quite another when remembering our dead loved ones.

There is no doubt in my mind that Aunt May stopped by. Visitations are relatively common place. Leaving or providing scents is a well recognized method of communication used by the dead. Another is stopping watches or other time pieces.

I often spoke to my cousin's husband about my near death (like) experience. He was polite but wasn't buying it. His time came and he passed with his eldest son at his side. The young man recorded the exact time of his passing and I soon learned the details. Later, I found my battery powered wristwatch stopped at the exact time of his death. Though we were not close, it was his way if showing me dead is not really dead. He made it from a hospital in Dayton, Ohio to my home in rural Kentucky to leave his calling card. Once out of body, distance is meaningless.

Scarier is that I saw that watch just a few days ago and it was running just fine. It had been stopped for 4 or 5 years. That seems a little spooky. Maybe my clock is ticking...

A couple of years ago I smelled my father's scent. It was a mixture of residual cigarette smoke and after shave. He was a very unpleasant man and this minor encounter was a bit unnerving. It may have come about because I had begun praying for the welfare if his soul.

My dead mother kissed my wife on the forehead the night after she died. We were sleeping in her bed at the time. That certainly got my wife's attention. I could hear the fear in her voice.

A friend has twice received telephone calls from the dead that were unintelligible.

The dead are not nearly so dead as we tend to think when we stand at their graveside. Theirs is just a long-term out of body experience as we wait for what comes next.

That your beloved Aunt May stopped by just after passing is no surprise. Love triumphs over the grave. She stopped in to show you all is well. How gracious a gift to show you that you need not grieve too deeply.

Condolences over the passing over the loss of your loved one. But let your hear be not troubled. The dead are not nearly as dead as we seem to think.

You always "crack me up." It is so good to hear from you again.

As Dracula said to Dr. Van Helsing, "You are very wise for someone who has not lived even a single lifetime." You have quite the gift.

Yes, your point of view makes sense, though arriving at your appointed destination that way is likely going to be painful.

I should point out that my marriage is only a vehicle to help tell this story (I dislike calling personal encounters stories). My wife and I are almost reduced to "filler" characters cast in the role of partners in an unfulfilled marriage.

The real centerpiece is the entity, and the who, what, why and how this happened. There were billions of people upon the earth when this encounter occurred. Why bother with me, and who did the bothering? I can only conclude someone knows who we (all) are and what we are doing. But caring enough to provide a warning and to interfere in a person's life? There is the story.

I'm the dummy who was headed in the wrong direction. Apparently the dumber the dolt the bigger the thump. I was being thrown a lifeline and didn't grab it. How dumb is that?

When I submit the contents of the dream I had as a Part 2, I think some questions may be answered, some aspects of this story made more clear.

Had I been warned in a dream I don't know what I would have done. I have received informative dreams before so that would not be new. Perhaps I would have stalled for time.

What I can tell you is that once the marriage was set in motion, I was not going to back out for the reasons I described. It would have been too hard on her and her family. I would, and did, bite the bullet and soldier on.

The invisible rucksack is still there, though I have grown accustomed to the load. Harder to deal with was the discovery that marriage meant the loss of personal freedom. The loss if freedom ultimately meant a loss of dignity. A man without dignity loses his self-respect. Without self-respect life is only a toiling grind, even if you are king. I'd rather be dead than live life like that. I managed to find alternatives over the years. Now the boneyard beckons and some day I should get some answers. Time will tell.

Thank you for the welcome.

Yours is a pretty good assessment overall. I have no real idea what this creature was, though I do have a guess, and only a guess. That guess didn't even exist until after I submitted this story. Then it dawned on me. Based on a near death experience I had in 1989, it could have been an angel. The ones I saw were quite large, were powerful and completely business-like. And being a messenger is one of their historic roles. Still, I do not actually know what this being was.

The actual experience, or encounter, is difficult to put into words. I was driving on the Interstate on my way to getting married and only had 48 hours to make this work. That time line included getting back to my military unit. An instant later there was something in the car that announced its presence by radiating an unfamiliar and potent energy. It is one thing to write about it, it was quite another to experience it.

I don't know that I have ever believed in guardian angels or spirits, though I do not doubt the possibility. I never gave it much thought. But that another type of spirit or being exists that can communicate with humans I have no doubt.

Pulling off the road never occurred to me and it was not mentioned or suggested. I was just responding to input, like a boxer taking a flurry of jabs. I was so busy dealing with what was happening that I have no recollection of thinking. The entity had the initiative and I was trying to deal with it.

No, I don't beat myself, or her, up. We met by accident shortly before my 23rd birthday. I had been 23 for a week the day we married. And yes, I was an infantry soldier, and could have been sent to Vietnam. Infantry soldiers during wartime tend not to take the long view or do the brightest things. Two brothers in my unit rode their G.I. Air mattress's through a dam on a river just for fun. They lived but were pretty beat up by the experience. We were all paratroopers, and risk takers by nature. That behavior didn't always pan out.

Something is watching us, or at least was watching me, and then acted to intercede in my life. There you have the crux of this story and my reason for writing it. The files of YGS likely contain thousands of accounts of ghost sitings or encounters. We read them, consider them, comment on them and move on. Something getting in your head and giving directives is quite another matter. And here we are...

Thank you for commenting Rex-T. It is good to hear from you.

Hello Jubeele,

That this was an otherworldly force there is no doubt. Hearing that from you means my job is done. All I wanted to convey, even to just one person, is that "otherworldly" intervention in our lives is possible. I experienced it, therefore I know.

As always, you offer sage wisdom and healing, two marvelous gifts. Thank you.

One if the reasons I wrote this was to learn how others interpret this experience. I have a single point of view. After 50 years I know it well. But there are other vantage points and those views and opinions may be helpful, as yours is.

Thank you for commenting.

Geez... I know of many irresponsible dog owners that should come across one of those trees.

Hello whr1969.

The way your dog reacted was strange but, if something was in the tree, wouldn't it have prevented the dog from getting close and doing his business?

I'm not sure if the weight on your chest was sleep paralysis or if it was an upset spirit but am glad to know that you were able to break out of it after a short time.

Guam sounds like land full of mystery.

Thanks for sharing.
I didn't either and I find it hurtful and rude.
There is no need for it.
Welcome to YGS.

How many days had passed since the incident at the alley and the day you discovered the scratches on your back? Where the scratches fresh or were already dried and forming a scab? Do you know if your cousin got scratched too?

Hi BlossomLily.

I imagine how unnerving it most have been to be pushed by an unseen force, I'm curious about your uncle's reaction when this happened. Didn't he asked if you were okay? Were you kids pushed to the point of loosing your balance or was it more of a touch?

Would it be possible that you got the scratches while playing or doing something else? I am asking this because, in my opinion, it's odd that you had not noticed the marks on your back before going back to Delhi. Based on your narrative, it seems like several days had passed and, surely, you must have showered and changed clothes few times before seen the scratches.

Is your little cousin a boy or a girl? If a girl, perhaps the ghost disapproved of little girls being outside at that time in the evening.

Thanks for sharing.
Wow... Didn't see that coming.
I must say that there's always something happening in yourghoststories 😆
Jubeele - Thanks for the link to the ghost month taboos, really interesting.

Haha, Vitamin M, Aunty May certainly knew on which side the bread needs to be buttered 😆

Regards, Melda
Mr Riggs - Wonderful to hear from you again. Before I even started reading I knew that this was going to be interesting.

I'm totally amazed by your experience. You received a very powerful message indeed and your refusal to conform goes to show that often when reaching a crossroad in our lives we persist in following our chosen direction and are not easily deterred. We are all human and cannot always be expected to foresee the unfortunate outcome of our decisions.

If we choose the wrong direction, well then we have to learn alternative life lessons. That's my belief, anyway. I always hope that somehow we are re-routed and join up with the route we should have followed in the first place. I don't know whether all of that makes sense 😕

You had a dream about what you had done to yourself and the horror was about to begin? On your wedding night? I feel sad for you and your bride because she must surely have sensed that something was amiss. On the other hand I also feel relief for most people who don't know what horrors lie in store for them.

What a pity you didn't have a dream a few nights prior to the wedding showing you why you were making a bad decision, instead of this entity trying to dissuade you at the very last minute. Bad timing! No, nobody would have believed you if you had claimed that a ghost had told you not to marry her, especially on the way to the wedding! Besides leaving your prospective bride feeling totally devastated, you would have found it very difficult to live with yourself and would also not have known whether you had made the correct decision.

I sincerely hope that the weight of the 60lb rucksack grew lighter with time.

Regards, Melda
Marykori in Back Again
Reincarnation is truth, modern science can't understand because of thr limited knowledge
I think many people are experiencing a form of spiritual awakening during this trying time. I know I have, I am more in tune with my thoughts and I've experienced lots of moments where I am in tune with my thoughts. I wonder whether this is a type of mediumship or not.
Welcome back to YGS MrRiggs,

I wish we could be discussing a more pleasant experience but such is life.

OK, my take on this entity is that it is not your spirit guardian. As you have stated, it tried to bully you into turning from your chosen path. If it knew you, it would have known that the "strong arm" tactic would have the opposite effect.

It occurred to me that this spirit would have served you both better by influencing you to pull into the turnaround lane, stop and have one last discussion with your future wife before your marriage.

Hey, don't beat yourself up!

You were 22 years old, living in extraordinary times with short life expectancies; especially if doing a tour in Vietnam was in your horoscope.

Like you, if these entities derive amusement from watching us, that's ok by me, but crossing the threshold leads to consequences that can be read right here on YGS.

Lealeigh, I'm reminded of the following quote on the sense of smell Fergie left me on one of my accounts, 'Disturbed By The Spirits':
"Of all of the five senses which we humans are blessed with, the sense of smell is perhaps the most spontaneous. It is also the most strongly connected of the senses to the areas of the brain that process memory, meaning that even the smallest whiff of a smell that you had previously connected to a certain place can bring you back to that place in mere moments..."

I've wondered why that shadow thing was messing with my feet. Maybe it was trying to drag me off but the bed, but I was too heavy! I did feel a sense of malice and mischief, and it was something unwelcome. Keeping a journal about these incidents has made me more aware of spirit guardians. It has been interesting to note the things that have happened. Once, I'd discount them as mere coincidences, but there have been so many of them. Even Rex now admits that Someone watches over us.

I feel blessed to have this experience with Aunty May and that I could share it on YGS. Glad you enjoyed it.
Hi MrRiggs,

I feel that the entity was some otherworldly force that wanted to save both of you from sorrow. If you could have been intended to travel another path, by the same token, perhaps she was meant for another life as well? After all, both your lives were affected. But as much it was your decision to disregard the message, it was hers to travel in the car with you. It was a joint decision, with a shared responsibility for whatever befell you.

Fifty years is a lifetime to hold on to memories that clearly bring you a lot of pain and regret, so much so that you call it "horror". But if by relating this experience you are finally starting to heal, then I wish you well in continuing on that journey. It is like the body getting of a scab, so that the new skin underneath can breathe.

I believe that a Higher Power, God or some Divine Presence sends us messages from time to time. You had a dramatic interaction because it was a life-changing moment. But at other times, it could be a still small voice, a niggling doubt to lead us back on track, or a gentle reminder. Too often, we will disregard these subtle nudges, call it our conscience, imagination or just a coincidence.

That recent tick infection was alarming and a close call. You have been a blessing and a chance to begin a new chapter in your life. Each day is precious. We should all make the most of our days to leave a positive legacy and make the world a brighter place. Especially in these troubled times.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us on YGS.
I've got a friend who lives a few streets from another haunted Dollar shop in Texas. The manager and workers have felt touches on their head, shoulder, back or arm. They would hear children playing with the toys in the storeroom, but when they went to investigate, no one was there. The security cameras and motion sensors in the office at the back would go red when activated, then green, red and green. Like something was there and gone again. I've seen the video clip from the security camera where some boxes fell from the shelves to the middle of the floor. There was no one near it and they looked as if they were properly stacked.

Sometime last year, my friend offered to cleanse the place for them. He walked into the storeroom and introduced them to his spirit guardian, whom he has always felt with him. Then he left the room, but he had the impression his spirit guardian simply said to all the ghosts: "You do realise that you're all DEAD?" And she moved them all along. When he went back to the store a few days later, the manager told him that all noises and activity had stopped.

There could be some interesting footage from your security cameras. It doesn't sound as if the spirits in your shop mean any harm. They could just be seeking attention or some acknowledgement of their presence. Perhaps they just need to be told they can move on to the next plane of existence.
Hi Jubeele!

It is uplifting that your Aunty May came to visit you. I always wonder how there are many times that scents can accompany an encounter. It's like physical matter is being added; because, as I understand the sense of smell, small particles of matter are collected when we breathe and then are interpreted by our brain. Weird.

It's curious to me that both of your feet were affected. I wonder why that thing was in your room. I think your dream came to you because that thing was messing with your right foot too and it only woke you up after it grabbed your left foot.

This is a cool story. I'm glad there was someone there to protect you.

- Maria
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