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[at] Cups Hi, sorry for the confusion, when the dogs were barking I saw the apparition. It was a shadowy figure, only the part below the torso. And yeah an hour ago I did see a man passing by but the dogs didn't bark at him. I've been really paranoid ever since!
Well it sounds like a type of poltergeist to me. I think that because you were saying an electrical problem would happen when arguing. I've personally had one incident. I had a serious injury and was in a wheelchair for about 5 months. It was late at night and I had just transferred myself out of the chair onto the couch. I suddenly realized I didn't turn off the lamp and was so bummed out because it was so hard for me to get up and down. My boyfriend was asleep and I wished so much someone could help me when the lamp just turned off?! 😲 It's never done that before or since then. I couldn't believe it.
Yes, I agree! 😲 If your brother appeared like that then I believe too that you were definitely being protected. I saw my brother who has since passed in a dream. ❤ Thank you for your encouraging story that loved ones DO see and watch over us. And thanks for making me think of my own brother.
Such a fascinating story. The old south does have such history! I'm form North Carolina and love to visit the graveyards out there. I believe something was protecting the graveyard too. Thank you for the links to your story and sharing it. ❤ How lucky that you had a chance to go back there.
Thank you Lealeigh. Yes, I'm not on a roller coaster of emotions like I was before. I instantly felt better when we left! I had so many crazy incidents in that house. 😆

Oh how I wished I could have chuckled to valkricry, I think I was in shock for days after discovering that. My boyfriend was never a "believer" but that house changed him too. Yeah, I'd have been really happy if what ever was there would have helped me clean more and been friendlier. 😜 Thank you all so much for taking time to read my story.

I know Cups...I'm STILL waiting for certain items to just be sitting on a table top somewhere?! Strange how things we really like will come up missing. 😐
Cherubim in Serenading Guitar
There are musicians in my family. I don't know a lot about the history of my ancestors like so many do. I was apprehensive the whole time this strange melody was being played. I'd love to know more about the song! I knew nothing of the neighborhood at that time in California. ❤ Thank you AugustaM for taking the time to read my story.
SoniaMary0023 in The Pressure
[at] lady-glow I have smudged my home using white sage and sweet grass. I don't think this is the entity that haunted me before, these ones I'm having currently are new to me.

About 20 minutes ago I also felt my bed dip, nothing else though...

I have encounters a lot and I try my best to ignore them. I hope the entity from my first encounter doesn't ever come back because that's what truly had me scared.
lady-glow in The Pressure
SoniaMarie - I'm sorry to hear what you are going through but, have you put into practice any of the advice given to you in your previous stories? If so, has it have any effect on your situation?

Have you cleansed your house at all? Is your friend from the previous story/es still helping you? Do you think this could be the 'white demon's' doing or something else?

Your last experienced was posted around one year ago, any feedback about what has happened during that time would be appreciated, I don't know if this means that the activity stopped after you put into practice some of the advice given to you, or if nothing else has happened in between and you didn't see the need to do anything or, even worse, if this is 'happening' only because Halloween is around the corner...

"Any input is greatly appreciated. I might not find answers but knowing someone is there reading and giving me advice helps a bunch."

In my opinion, what YOU do is more important than the advice given to you and any input FROM YOU to us will be greatly appreciated.
Oh, Val! I always love your writing style, and as usual this was fun to read. The door outline from another lifetime is intriguing for sure. 😨
Thanks for sharing, Cherubim! I just loved reading this... Can't wait for the next installment. I've encountered missing items turning up in odd places also... Still waiting to find a beloved paring knife! 🤔
I'm sorry for your loss.

Not meaning to question your experience but, - do you know the kind and life cycle of the butterflies you saw? If they were monarch butterflies it is possible that they were starting their migration and that would explain their presence and number at that moment.

Http:// Gclid=CjwKCAjw5_DsBRBPEiwAIEDRW7btlh_zbpi08iUnE39nMIHl479il5orgBAt3e6CvZSW-i6ZOsdzzRoCO0cQAvD_BwE
Sorry, I had to brake the link for the site to read it.

Do you know if butterflies were of a high significance for both your aunt and great-grandma?

"when the anniversary of her death rolls around all of a sudden there will be a bunch of butterflies."

Please let me make clear that I'm not denying your experience but, in my opinion, it would be important to consider the possibility that the presence of the butterflies was just a common happening of the area and the season when you saw them. Now, if this event occurs during the winter months...then...I really would have to agree it is something paranormal.

Nevertheless, I really believe that your relatives were hanging around during their funeral, possibly saying goodbye to their loved ones.

Thanks for sharing.
Forgive me, Cherubim, but I did chuckle when you found the pan in the broiler, because you know that sort of thing happens to me and it made me feel a little less weird that it happens to someone else too!
At least it was clean! I guess be thankful for small things.
I'm confused also - are you referring to the fellow you'd seen passing in the street earlier?
SoniaMary0023 in The Pressure
[at] RCRuskin I don't know anyone if my son really is opened to spirits, and I'll definitely talk to my doctor because it was only one side of my face. Thank you for your input, I'm also aware of rooks cleansing ritual! When nobody's home I'm definitely going to do his cleansing ritual

I'm sorry that you had to go through such feelings while you lived there. Do you feel better now that you've moved?

It did make me smile about the chili peppers in the jacket. Also, the egg sandwich making because I love egg sandwiches.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Lealeigh in Gretel And Moe
Hi terranigma,

It struck my heart when you said: "I can't even afford to kill my cat".

A friend of mine had a cat named "Mouse". He was a "Havana Brown", he said. The same thing you described happening to Mishy also happened to Mouse. It's terribly painful to go through. The veterinarian told my friend that blockage can happen if you frequently change brands of cat food.

I wish my friend had heard of that because it broke his heart. I haven't spoken to him in years because he's something of a drifter.

I always remember what the vet said about the food. I wonder if my cat ever gets tired of the same thing. He doesn't look like it.

I think Mishy stayed by you after he passed until he felt that you were okay.

Thank you for reading my story, Maria ❤
I don't get it:

"It was around 2:45 in the morning when I heard the dogs barking continuously"

"If it was a human, why didn't the dogs bark at it?"

So, - did the dogs bark or not? 🤔
Hi, Dill.

Aside: Dill is one of the more interesting characters in To Kill a Mockingbird.

BS or not BS? I'm not going to weigh in on that debate.

You feel that this might be your grandfather but it is not behaving like your grandfather would. I'm sure he became angry previously. Is this how he behaved when angry? If not, then I'm inclined to say it is not your grandfather. If it is not, then clearly it is not friendly. I would recommend doing as much of Rook's cleansing ritual as you can,
RCRuskin in The Pressure
I just had an interesting encounter with the health care industry this morning. Though what made it interesting was not anything with me; that was straightforward. It was hearing another patient and her issue, and how the doctors responded...

And the reason I bring this up is that you mentioned how marijuana has two opposing effects, good and bad. Friends of mine, through church, a husband and wife, are both pharmacists. And they agree: whatever the medication, it is nothing but side effects, just have to pick what you want to be the primary effect. So, it helps you sleep, and also makes you more vulnerable, so you have to find the minimal dosage to allow sleep so as to prevent that other stuff. 🤔

From what I've learned, reading from the expert experiences of the other, wiser, users of this site, the gift of being open to spirits is not an easy gift even for adults; and traumatic for children as you yourself point out. It would be helpful for your son to work with someone who can train this gift and how to deal with its effects.

As for your experiences, beyond what I already said, my first thoughts went to some neurological event. A seizure or stroke perhaps, very mild obviously. I'd recommend speaking with a healthcare professional, just in case. Also, Rook has a great cleansing ritual on his profile.
terranigma in Gretel And Moe
Awe I am sorry for your loss. When am animal dies it feels like a piece of your heart breaks away and dies... But I take comfort knowing that while they were alive they had the best of care and were well loved and spoiled.

When I had to get my cat Mishy put down because of a blockage in his urinary tract I was inconsolable. I am a tall 6ft 1 man who is built like a brick house and when I was at the vet standing at the front desk the lady asked me how I'd like to pay for my cats euthanasia. I cryed loudly "I can't even afford to kill my cat!" I did not have much money back then but luckily I qualified for a thing called vet pay we have in Australia where they loan you credit for vet bills.

I was happy he was not in pain any more but every night I would cry and just as I would be falling asleep it would feel like a cat jumping on my bed like Mishy did to snuggle up to sleep. He was all black when he was alive and all through the house I would see a black shadow the size of a cat running around the house. Sometimes in my half awake half asleep moments it felt like I was petting him, I could even feel his thick soft fur with my fingers and hand. But as soon as I stopped crying he went away and I've not seen him or felt him again.
Hello. May I call you Leanna?

First off, always good to know the history of a place. You can see my story, After hours at the library, for more. (

A spiritually wise and astute person local to you, if you can find someone, would be my first suggestion. They can best help you deal with the issues.

Second best option is the procedure on Rook's page, A short way down, you'll come upon 'Recipe for a home cleansing'. Ideally, that will help.
Do you know anything about the history of the house? I wonder if you might find some interesting anecdotes if you were to inquire about the house's past residents.
Oof! I call BS on this one. I wrote fairly well at 14, but not like this, and the lack of follow up, plus an "age blunder" are really something. Sorry to be a jerk but it's a bit smelly.

Hiii! I'm baaack! ❤
Jubeele - My computer finally packed up completely shortly after my last email to you. A friend has hooked me up to a laptop, which is why I have only just seen your new submission.

I remember seeing the photographs which you sent me of your old work place and that I did notice some oddities on the photos. It must have been rather grueling at times working under those conditions. I can understand why there would have been some negativity in that office space, flaring tempers and misunderstandings.

Good thing you aren't there anymore!

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-steve in Channel Surfing Or Poltergeist?

You are such a wise sage. Thank you for getting back to me.

I tend to agree with you. A prankster spirit or young spirit who enjoys playing tricks.

Yes, I agree about the spirits getting through when it's time to re-cleanse.

Once a fortnight is my time frame at the moment. If I leave it longer I have unusual things happen and spirits like Steven return. 😨

Thank you again Rex-T.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Rookdygin- hello and thank you for your enormous help! So far it still seems to be very effective, but if it does return I will definitely do it again. I also think I will do like you do and do the cleansing a couple times a year for good measure. Once again thank you so much!
Goggzy- well hopefully they can have it down asap! I will keep you in my thoughts
Dar77 in Bonanza
Berggraf38- hi and thank you for reading and for sharing your own experience. It didn't sound silly to me, magoo was obviously a connection you two had when he was alive and it was his way of reaching out to you in the after life. I think it's very cool 😁 knowing that our house oved ones are still watching over us is comforting.
Yes, these problems did start when we moved into the house and I have seen a change in my wife's behavior as there is total Division within my house among family members. She's very compulsive about the house and how it should look. Don't touch this, don't touch that. It feels like I am living in a museum sometimes 😜
AugustaM in Serenading Guitar
I remember my first camping trip where after a utterly sleepless first night of stormy weather and sounds that to my child's mind could not possibly have been anything other than the approaching footsteps of large hairy bloodthirsty beasts - I dreaded the prospect of nightfall on the second night. When at length I may my head on the pillow, soft guitar music started up. I have no reason to believe that the serenader was anything other than a completely mortal being in the next camp site but -just the same- he kept the music up all night and just knowing by its sound that somebody was out there let me rest soundly - I know what comfort such music can bring.

Your experience is fascinating - do you have any late musicians in your family? Do you know the history of your home/neighborhood? This fellow sounds like he has a story to tell.

Cuddlebear was going down a similar track with the suggestion to adjust the angle of your TV. R.F.I. Stands for Radio Frequency Interference and in simple terms, means that a powerful signal from a facility like a radio or TV station, is interfering with certain electrical appliances.

If this was the cause of your TV's problem, the interference would have probably turned your recording into "white noise" or static.

Your situation is starting to take on the hallmarks of a prankster entity - changing TV channels, hiding things (like your sandals), etc.

Wonder if your cleansing ritual causes this spirit to "vacate the premises", only to return later when "the coast is clear".

Keep up the good work.
I know this post is 3 years ago but if you have seen a shadow person in a trench coat and a wide brimmed hat, he is called The Hat Man.

I know the hat man, he has been in my family for years watching over me since I was a baby, he I the person who guards the gate of the shadow realm and to also make sure you are using your gift correctly and for good not for evil.

If he notices you using your gifts for a evil purpose he will attack you, other wise he will just stand there, in a way he is like your teacher he will be there to watch over you for the rest of your life.

He will feed off you past so he knows what you have been through as to see how much of the power he should give you and allow you to see as much as you are allowed to see because of your past, if he thinks you are going to use the gift for good and to help him get rid of the evil entity's then he would have given you the power to see him and others at a young age.

As I know he is watching over me he is the only entity that I call upon when I notice something strange within the spirit realm. He has helped me ward off evil beings from time to time and in favor all I do is pour him a drink of what ever I'm drinking to always let him know I appreciate his help and the more he helps the more he gets to drink. (he does like whiskey and rum)
Hi Rook,

I'm not offended. I welcome your perspective. I feel bewildered and uprooted where I am now.

The place where I was living before I left my husband was a terribly negative place. He was a terribly negative person. He's mentally abusive to everyone he's around. Do you think I brought some of that atmosphere with me? I have tried for months to have a better attitude.

I questioned my mother when she came in and she said she wasn't talking to anyone outside. Her bedroom is far from where she was outside.

I don't know what to say about my stepfather. He's stubborn and paranoid about people looking in the house. He's been that way since I met him. He lives with a back injury that he got serving in the Navy during the 70s. All he does usually is watch Netflix and MSNBC.

He and my mom have a cabin fever thing going on here. They're both retired and keep getting on each other's nerves. She's a recovering alcoholic and is nearly as negative as my ex husband. This situation isn't ideal but my mom is here to help me and I'm grateful.

I'm trying to get my vital records back in order so I can get my life back together. My ex burned all of my medical records and my wallet before I left. Our breakup was acrimonious to say it in the nicest possible way.
Sleeping-with-steve in Channel Surfing Or Poltergeist?
Hello Rex-T,

How are you? I hope you and Jubeele are well.

What's R.F.I.?

Yes the recording was perfect. Nothing in the background. No radio sounds or voices in the background.

It was the voices of the people on celebrity big brother that I was hearing but the TV was black and off and yet I could hear them chatting. When I watched the recording it was exactly what I heard. Same American voices.

I noticed Rookdygin is back. I've read his recent comments. I have been doing his cleansing ritual fortnightly. I had a lazy lapse and quickly started doing it fortnightly again after I felt my hand move one night and it woke me up.

Thank you so much for popping by.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘 😕
Hi Miandra,

Like you, I still have a look to see how things are going, when I can. I also saw the negative point but right before my eyes it just disappeared It was miraculous! 😲

So, did the recording come out OK with no radio voices?

If the recording is good, I think the R.F.I. Theory is not stacking up.

I also noticed that Rook is back in town, so how is your cleansing going?

rookdygin in Walking In The Dark
Following up on the other replies you have made... That just loaded up from me (after I had posted my comment I may add) The voice you heard from your mom's closet... Is there any way she could have heard you ask your question and could it have been her answering you from outside? Or is her room simply to far away from where she was gardening for her to have noticed/heard you?

Things moving/disappearing/reappearing someplace else may be paranormal and yet have nothing to do with other activity in your home... Based on the information you shared concerning your personal life/state of mind, that type of activity could be a poltergeist manifestation from your sub-conscience...

Just a thought or two...


rookdygin in Walking In The Dark

Thank you for the feedback... "a medium sized rock or even a piece of broken concrete." rules out 'birdstrike' 😉.

You mentioned this your Mom addressing something unseen 'rather rudely' in the yard. This 'interaction' with a possible spirit could have caused a connection to form and it followed her into the house. Is the activity happening inside the house happening around/to her for the most part or does it seem more like just an 'uptick' in activity in general all around the house?

Not to pry but is there a reason that your stepfather does not like to open the windows/blinds? Is this a 'new' development or is it something he has always done (or because of something that happened while in the service)? If it is a 'new' thing it 'may' be related to whatever is happening in/around the house.

Apologies upfront if my questions seem 'prying' or offend you in any way. Just trying to assess what may be happening in the home and whom it may be affecting.


I just remembered that my mother and stepfather are going to Florida in a couple of weeks. I can do a cleansing then.

I won't have time while my stepfather is seeing his VA doctor.

The strange things in the house I mentioned are two kinds of things. One is that items move around on the shelves and countertops. I haven't seen them move but they do. I don't really care much, apart from the fact that sometimes it's irritating to have to look for things all of the time. This has been going on for close to a month.

Another thing that happened once is alarming to me. I was alone in the house last week. My mom was outside pulling up weeds. I heard someone in her room and I saw the light go off in her room.

I went in there and asked: "Mom, are you in here?"

I immediately heard her voice behind her closed closet door. It said: "No."

I backed out of her room and down the hall. Then she came in the back door and washed her hands at the sink. She said she was outside.
Sleeping-with-steve in Channel Surfing Or Poltergeist?
'Chanel surfing or poltergeist. Update:

Last night I programmed my TV to record celebrity big brother (USA). I turned the TV off and went to bed because the program was due to start at 11:45pm 06th October 2019.

My TV records onto a USB whiles its on or off after I program it.

At 11:45pm I heard what sounded like a radio. I had no idea where the sound was coming from. It wasn't loud.

I got up and looked out the bedroom window and there wasn't a car down there.

I then went into the lounge room and the TV was off, completely black but the the recording light flashed blue and red which was normal. BUT what wasn't normal was the sound was the voices of the people on celebrity big brother. The screen was black and off and yet the voices came through like it was on. That is definitely not what happens. If my TV records when its turned off, it records in an off position and no sound can be heard until you play back the recording when you turn the TV back on again.

Anyway, that's an update. Who knows what happened last night.

Also, someone has been taking away my karma votes and in one case here put me in negative for a reply to 'MysticFrance' which was a completely nice reply. I know we aren't suppose to worry about our karma points, but they do lift members spirits and for that reason I up vote EVERY single comment I read here. If the comment is negative. I just move past it. I'm on here daily and sometimes twice a day and read all the posts and comments. I learn from what I read. I don't post comments on posts all time because most of the members here know a lot more than I do and offer great support. Regardless, I still enjoy the posts on YGS and reading them. So who is mean enough to down vote me and in some cases other members leaving replys on my threads? Hmmmmm, I don't know. 😕

I look forward to any feed back.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Hi Rook,

The boy I spoke with didn't come any closer than five feet from me. He kept looking at the ground but I got a decent look at his face. I haven't seen him since. My stepfather thinks he has seen him but he only has had my description to go on.

Our back yard doesn't have a fence. Our house is out of the way and none of our closest neighbors have children. It was a surprise to see the boy. He looked to be about ten years old.

I found the rock. I saw it flying the split second before it hit me. It looks like a medium sized rock or even a piece of broken concrete. I still have it sitting on the grill outside.

I have an idea. My mom is convinced that something is outside too. She has been talking to it, rudely. Using profanity and everything. I only noticed she was doing this about a week ago. Strange things have been happening inside the house lately. I think it may have something to do with her carrying on a dialogue with it.

I suggested to her that the next time she feels the urge to talk to it maybe she could tell it to go to the light. Maybe empathy would work better than anger.

I plan to cleanse the house with sage the next time my stepfather goes to his next doctor's appointment at the VA Clinic. He won't let anyone open the blinds or windows around here.

My marriage of ten years ended in May this year and I have been here trying to get my life back on track. I don't want to get on his nerves, but someone needs to open some windows around here.

Thank you for reading. I'm a good one for rambling.

- Maria
rookdygin in Walking In The Dark
Odd question... The boy you spoke with... Did he come any closer than 5 feet to you, or did he remain 5 feet (or just a bit further) away?

Have you seen this boy since you spoke with him, anywhere about the neighborhood? Or was this a 'one-off' encounter in your yard? Additionally, is your yard open or fenced in? If fenced in would it be easy for the 'boy' to get into your yard?

Out of curiosity, did you find the rock that hit you? If so how big and what kind of rock was it. I ask because if you did not find it then it could have been something dropped by a bird and have nothing to do with anything else... Just wondering.

Thanks for sharing and the updates.


rookdygin in Something Demonic

I have been following this experience sense it posted and I am happy that the cleansing has worked. I am also glad you are 'keeping a weather eye out' to see if the activity starts to pick up again.

The cleansing is not a one (1) and done 'ritual'. I myself perform it within my home at least twice (2) a year with 're-applications' as necessary. I also 'shield' my property, out to the property lines.

Shields/Protective's come in various forms... I can provide you with how I do mine or you can ask around or perform a wee bit of internet research a find something you are comfortable with.

Thank you for sharing your experience and I am glad you found some help. Please ask any questions you may have. I will do my best to answer them.


Hey Larry

I don't really want to pry too much but can I ask did the problems in your marriage start before or after you moved into the house. I had relationship issues after buying a house that was definitely haunted luckily after getting away from that house things have got back too normal.

Another question did anyone's behaviour or personality change since being in the house.
Wow,I can relate to your fathers account in more ways than one because I had the same dream and chose to stay.

I believe we all have a few exit points here in the earth matrix and we are often given an opportunity to leave if we want or an opportunity to stay.

Like me, I believe your father was given a choice to stay or go probably the young lass he picked up 6 weeks earlier was probably a part of this not in a negative way at all, he may know her from one of his past lives and she may have helped him make his decision by bringing the dream to him however it was your fathers choice to leave? Believe me when I say this, going home when your time is up is a beautiful transition only those left behind grieve and suffer your father chose to go home because his mission was over.

In my own dream, I saw my death in a vehicle accident on the way home from work, the dream gave me chills it was so real and lucid, I do know how your dad felt waking up, I also knew the street and suburb and avoided the street the very next day.

Sadly, the accident still happened on the day I avoided the road and a person died I actually wrote about it here on a sister site a few years back.

I was later told in a dream by my spirit guide I would live to 77, so still another couple of decades for me however there won't be no dodging bullets when my time comes around the next time.

Thank you for sharing.

Regards Daz
Berggraf38 in 'my House Is Haunted'
Wow, that is interesting. When I was 6 or 7, I saw what looked like a little blond child's face or head floating above my bed looking at me right as I opened my eyes and jumped out of bed for school. I looked back and nothing was there. Disembodied spirits defying time and space and looking around at our time on the continuum?
Berggraf38 in Bonanza
And I didn't write "I believe this was your dad" as validation I know you don't need that, I was just impressed by how he contacted you.
Berggraf38 in Bonanza
I believe that this was your dad. My dad also seemed to contact me in several ways after he passed. The first one sounds silly, but it was a cartoon on Youtube. My daughter and I were looking for cartoons to watch 6 days after he passed and immediately Mr. Magoo popped into my mind. It seemed odd to me because we had seen a bunch on youtube about a year and a half previously and I hadn't thought of Magoo at all since then (even though we watch a lot of cartoons). When I searched, one I had never seen in the results was the first up. It starts by showing Magoo go into an Army base called "Wide Sands Missile Base" and getting saluted by a military policeman while driving in.
Here is what makes this too uncanny to be coincidence- I moved back from Washington State to New Mexico and took a job at White Sands Missile Range to be closer to my dad, but he passed 6 days before I started the job (As I wrote above, this happened 6 days AFTER he passed.) Also, my dad had been a sergeant in the military police at White Sands for 3 years when I was a kid! I printed out a screen shot of the saluting MP and have it hung up in my room.
Phone calls from the other side have always interested me too. My grandpa (my mother's dad) passed away unexpectedly too. I think I was around 5 or 6 and he might have been 62 also. He had a massive heart attack but right before it, my aunt had asked him, "Dad, are you ok?" and he had said, "I'm going to be ok now." Then boom massive heart attack and dead. Well, my grandpa loved the phone. My mom complained for a long time of getting phone calls, but they were in her dreams. He was always on the other end, and talking too fast for her to understand what he was saying. I think it was his way of reaching out to her. All of this happened back in the late 80's and the last time I asked her when she'd gotten a call she said she hadn't gotten one in a long while. So he must have stopped calling.

Your story was wonderfully written by the way!
AugustaM I don't think it was my child's astral projection. Simply because I remember it being smaller than she was and that was one of the things that bothered me. Not only that but it didn't "feel" like her presence. The other thing is that I encountered another one of those blowing apart apparitions in that house again that I have yet to write about.
Biblio, you are right about the nuns and I remember the night I first saw the shadow person I went to be with just a sheet and in the morning I found I was somehow tucked up in a blanket the is in the bottom drawer of my cupboard.

I asked if anyone from my family put the blanket on me but they all said no. I do think that the nuns are protecting us and looking over us.
Hi terranigma,
Your mother is right, I believe. It doesn't seem like a good idea to talk casually about spirits. Especially if they may be in the vicinity and you can't do anything to move them along to the other side.

When my mother thinks something paranormal is happening around her, she starts talking to it rudely. For the life of me, I don't know why she thinks that will help anything.

I usually ask her: "Did you tell it to go into the light, and you know, be with their loved ones?"

Like I've said somewhere else: I'm in a transitional phase in my life and don't provide much criticism.

On another note: I think nurses are wonderful people. Angels maybe. If you follow your mother's lead in this you will find an inner peace that is hard to find elsewhere.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi Kiddino,
That is strange about your living conditions. It makes me think there is some serious negative energy.

It seems like a good thing to me that things between you and your wife haven't come to the point that a wall was built.

Walls are oppressive. I have lately gone through a divorce. I have to say that this has been the most depressing year of my life but it's getting better and will be better.

I hope your situation finds a happy conclusion.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi SolitudeBluebell,
Who was it that told your family that an elderly man had perhaps died in the house?
Maybe you could look up previous owners of the property. I have lately been doing that same thing for my own house. Another member of this site suggested I go to the library. I have had a number of questions answered by doing so.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hello NightlyEclipse,
I've always thought there was something beautiful and spiritual about butterflies.
Sometimes, I have dreams about them.
I'm sorry for your loss. Thank You for sharing.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hello! Was searching for more stories like this, sorry all that you been thru. Just had same issue with my 18 year son I went to pick him up from work and he told me of a little girl in white coming past the counter where only employees go. He said that NO ONE else noticed her but him cause he looked at everyone (in a busy and dangerous area for a child) he said he didn't say Anything to her (he noticed her but she didn't notice him) he turned around and went to wk then looked again and she was gone. Later that night he was taken to ER at 3am due to him and 3 others going off a embankment... They could of all died. He was the only one without a seltbelt on and got a chest contusion due to the car rolling dwn a mountain. We Thank God They are ok, but I still believe it had something to do with him being defiant (cause I warned him 2 wks ago that evil was trying to kill him and not to go out that night). Based on all other stories I feel She is a Warning!

Thank you. Sadly they need my signature at certain points making just leaving the place impossible. Once the house is completely demolished it will be getting fenced off and left unused.
Goggzy, my heart goes out to you 😕 that had to be extremely difficult! Glad to hear you are no longer suffering. If I were you I would stay far away from that site. I will keep you I'm my thoughts and wish you the best of luck
I tried getting psychiatric and had to see neurologists as I was so sure something was wrong with my brain wether it be mental illness or a brain disease.

At one point I was 100% sure I was starting to have a schizophrenic break.

I tried everything up to and including exorcisms luckily the house that caused the issue is in process of being destroyed.

All I ever deal with now is things I either bring home with me from other cases or from that site. Even now if I go back to that house (Site) I still don't feel like me.

I don't really suffer anything now and I'm way more careful now than I ever was.
Gogzzy- I am sorry to hear of what you are dealing with right now. You say you got some help on this site, did you try the cleansing ritual disclosed in the comments? It really seemed to work for me, perhaps it could also work for you. Apparently several others also had similar problems and used the same cleansing and they too had success with it. I highly suggest you give it a try! As for the oppression you mentioned I believe I was afflicted with a such thing myself, I thought I was losing my mind! I even sought out mental help and medication for it. The medication bit was short lived as they had me taking some strong pills and I was passing out at all hours of the day and pretty much in a vegetable state. I took myself off of the pills and then reached out to this group and like I said did the cleansing and so far so good (knock on wood)
Valkricry- I completely understand, I wouldn't want people romping around my property either. As far as the spirit/spirits clinging to the property, who's to say who or what they are. But I imagine they are negative in nature, given the houses unfortunate past... What we know of anyway, a gang rape, mental breakdowns, 2 falls on the front stairs resulting in 2 individuals life altercations and attempted suicide. I feel that there had been something already residing there before the Grandma, Aunt & Uncle purchased it in the 50's. And more than likely the 3 of them having been so tied to it and suffering such anguish while living there, may also reside there now as well. But who am I to assume what is really there. Thanks for you input though, it was an interesting theory none the less.
RCRuskin- thank you for looking into the property. I had forgotten just how small the place was! And you're right they are asking a bit much for it. Fortunately I only paid $98.00 a month in rent, of course that was in 1997-1999. I see that it is no longer on the market, but I wonder if anyone is living in it now. Thanks again
Bibliothecarius in Home Alone And Never Again

I can't believe I didn't see it before: I feel like a complete muttonheaded dolt! You're robin's sister, meaning you've got THE NUNS! That's whey the shadows weren't able to enter your home! The Nuns, though deceased, are still Nuns!

Operating on the presumption that a majority of them were devout women of God who became Nuns because of sincerely-held religious convictions, everything falls into place! Their residual presences, and sentient ones, are regularly patrolling the inside of your home, making it difficult for a negative entity to remain in the house for very long at all. Lingering outside & pacing about would be one way to wait until your house's guardian spirits were occupied elsewhere before the shadow entities could enter.

Feeling a bit thick,
Dar, sorry but I deleted your postings with the full address in them. Owners sometimes take umbrage to unwanted attention, and even though it seems to be unoccupied, we don't want to send a bunch of wanna-be ghost hunters their way, just like we don't want to jeopardize anyone's privacy.

Having said all that, I am truly sorry for what you went through/are going through. Since things quieted down after your Uncle came back to live, I can't help but feel perhaps it is/was your Aunt haunting the place. I am not saying she caused your fall, with it being icy and all, that could have been just one of those things. Some stairs are just death traps, I swear!
As you said the rape had unhinged her mind, but in three years nothing truly evil occurred, it sounds more like an attempt to make you leave. Perhaps she felt some how threatened, and with his return it was, "Oh, so they're ok."
Augusta, that is pretty much what I am thinking too. Something evil here, but what attracted it?

Here is a listing for the property, based on the address DAR provided:

Having looked at it in google maps, I wouldn't even pay $500 in rent for it, and that is not including the apparent haunting.

Yeah I had a lot of emotional issues while dealing with my attachment. This is usually classes as oppression, you could read my story but I'd rather you don't, this is due to you being smart enough to ask for help and the people here giving it. I was offered lots of help on this site but I wanted to prove 100% what I was dealing with as demonic and I admit I screwed up I should have took others advice maybe would be different.
Bibliothecarius in Lifted In My Sleep

I honestly had hoped that your answer would be "no difference." This would have convinced me to join those who suggested sleep paralysis caused your peculiar experience.

I like straightforward, reasonable explanations for peoples' unusual experiences; I do not like to be an alarmist who leaps to the worst possible explanation as the likely cause. That said, I suspect that your levitation, paralysis, and subsequent sensations may have been consistent with an attack by a negative entity.

I don't want to give you the impression that this event was demonic, for example, as there are a great many other potential spiritual encounters with negative associations. It may have been an encounter with the spirit of an angry deceased person, even the a manifestation of an unpleasant astral projector's willpower, but the diminished light and your sensation of being pushed around indicate that this was a deliberate attack of some kind. Manifestation of that level of willpower can require the use of localized available energy, hence the diminished light phenomenon.

As I look over your responses and clarifications, I think that there may have been someone with a personal score to settle who retaliated against you with a negative spiritual attack.

I want to stress that this is speculation on my part, but it is consistent with the details you have provided. You may want to consider positive meditation techniques, prayer, or a spiritual cleansing ritual to prevent accumulation of negative thoughts & experiences that may allow someone/something to reach out in a similar manner in future.

Just an odd suggestion, I know, but it would be a positive spiritual action for you to take that would also function as a deterrent to any similar experiences in future.

Take care,
Goggzy - hello again and thanks for reading and for your input. After performing a cleansing ritual given to me on here, I have not had any more problems. So far it seems to have done the trick! It did seem too easy and so I keep watching and waiting for some signs that it has returned, but so far so good. You asked if it affected others in the home and I would have to say yes, I myself had been struggling emotionally a lot and there had seemed to be an abnormal amount of illogical tension going on. However since the cleansing, that seemed to dissipate.
MississippiPearl in Mireille's Daffodils
Something like that happened to my boyfriend and I in Two Harbors, MN. It wasn't quite as intense as your experience, but the the perfume smell. Thanks for sharing. It was good for her and your cousin that you were there as a mediator.
Greetings Biblio,

The previous experience was a long time ago - maybe 10 years, in a different home. So I no longer sleep with the light on, not for a long time.

Normally the light is off but the blinds are up and my room fills with street light. I live in London and there is a building overlooking my window that's lit-up brightly 24hours. Bright enough to see in my room, but not as bright as a night light, if that makes sense. I choose normally not to put the blinds down. When I woke up, it did seem darker than usual.
When I go back to the previous house now, to stay with family, i'm literally plunged in darkness and nothing happens.

What makes you ask?

I hope this is over for you. I have had my own dealings with something demonic unlike you I wasn't smart enough to deal with it before it got abusive (which will end up happening with demonic hauntings). I don't say this too scare you as it sounds like it's over. Obviously there's still a chance the spirit that was there was demonic. Can I ask if anyone's attitude or personality changed in the house during the events and if so if they are adults.
Hey Dar. I don't think you were on the site last time I was on so welcome to YGS.

Do you currently live at or own this address or know if someone does. I could look into the address but won't post information publicly if you don't own it or live there.
Welcome to YGS John.

I agree with Glow I don't think the spirit/s are anything bad. I have a question though do you think this has been one spirit or multiple who could be just passing through.

I also believe you to be somewhat sensitive to spirits.
Thank You Twillight for your reply. So much has happened in personal life that I haven't been on house is in process of being destroyed this will take awhile due to certain issues that comes with old buildings.
Hi again,
I'll be very honest with you. My friend was very nervous and slightly worried over the "See you soon" part!
Sometimes when he is sick he refers back to that part of the message too lol 😂
He thinks it was just a figure of speech, it seemed like the party was in full swing and she was being called back to participate so she quickly ended the conversation and said that phrase like you would if you were still living.
I like to tell him that she may have also said that to him to let him know that a mothers love for her child doesn't just cease because your body dies, but it transcends and she no doubt checks in on him from time to time.

Also I remember reading somewhere over the years that when you die you no longer feel the constraints of time. So whilst a lifetime on earth may feel like an eternity to us, in the afterlife it is just a mere moment 😊
Thank you for your comments!

I hope there is someone out there who will find hope and inspiration in this story.

Death is not the end; it's the beginning of something else...

If you never saw the child again do you think your daughter could have accidentally astrally projected herself? That may also explain the odd feeling as, being her mother, you are acutely tuned to being in her presence but all of it not whatever shade of it manages to escape during a projection experience.

Or perhaps it was a non-human entity (and I don't necessarily mean evil) that took a non-threatening form to introduce itself to you.
Sounds to me as though there is something very insidious and evil in that house. It doesn't seem to go in for the corny special effects but just swoop right in for the kill. That's very frightening and I am glad you are away from there though my heart goes out to you for your continued trials and pain! I wonder if "it" was tied to the land before the house was even built as it would seem to me that evil like that would have to distill itself over decades - do you know anything of the history of the area or are you willing to give out the name of the neighborhood?

Mireille hitched a ride in the car when we passed the dip in the road where her accident occurred.

About one year later, I asked my cousin if he would drive by there again but he refused because he was still freaked out by that incident. I hope she has crossed over.

Yes, you are correct, hard for people to understand why these human emotions don't transcend and act out in the spiritual realm.

It's very hard for monkey's to understand quantum mechanics and I feel it's just as hard for humans to understand how it works in these other dimensions when it comes to the science of the spiritual realm and comprehending the nature of feelings as like jealousy, hate, greed and the greater objective behind them... For example:Imagine conquering jealousy here on earth? How would that feel? Imagine conquering the rest of them how wise would one be?

The spiritual realm is a place of unconditional love and compassion and in a sense too perfect and a tad boring I believe thus why we enter in with a cosmic transducer/ total amnesia... So we can run around for 70 or 80 years playing fight or flight like headless chooks worrying about the world caving in and how we pay the next bill, lmao... Anyway, other cool aspects of the after life to my understanding.

We can appear 18 or 80 if we choose to, I was lucky enough to see both of my parents after they died looking much younger, my father looked about 21 and my mother 40.

If we see our loved ones looking younger it is generally a good sign they made it through the light and into a higher place of rest.

Lost or trapped souls generally look the same age as when they died and even with trapped souls their is still room for growth, Our spiritual self allows our ego to play out as long as it needs to that's why some hauntings are more more malicious than others in my view.

Einstein once quoted, If you can imagine a 5 year old boy in a library stacked to the rafters with books this is how much we know about who we are and why we are here.

We are smart enough to work out something or someone put the books there however understanding everything there is to know about the rest is near impossible.

Regards Daz!
Twilight1011- I am happy to report that I followed the cleansing to a T and since then I've noticed that there have been no more disturbances. So for now it seems that it worked and I cannot thank you enough, you are a life saver. I also wanted to add that for good measure I have even smudged my home as well. It has been so nice not hearing or feeling those things anymore. Hopefully it is a permanent riddance! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🤗
Mrs.Ramsay, I believe there is no jealousy in the afterlife. You will see your loved ones.
Maggie_may not, I don't believe your beloved beagle is in the hands of the entity. And your doggy gave up her life to protect you. She's in Heaven.
Kest- I left out that the classroom doors which Mr. Dad saw the kid use (and both teachers heard slam) were all properly locked when he and Mr. Otherguy checked, before and after. They had to call the principle and search the whole school to find "the kid" who they took to be a real child hiding. Whole place was locked, and they found no kid. Oh my heck.
Apologies to Mr. Dad for me leaving out that part of his story, Bettina
Kest-you have some brass tacks to go hunting in a creepy old Utah school. I would tour each building before accepting a job if most old schoolhouses have nasty lurker energies like what I feel there. Even newer schools feel like that to me sometimes, but not when I was elementary age...

It is so pretty, butUtah has always given me the willies. Am fascinated from an architecture & historical perspective, then beyond horrified by my personal perspective. I cannot explain most of what happens in Utah either. Please be safe. Please also share your school hunt or other Utah adventures with us, if you like. I will look forward to your stories,

The specific incidents at my mom's school:
My mom said she had " always felt Something there and never went in the tunnels". She said she would not be in the school after nine or let "the Something" bother her or her library. She specifically said the custodial staff had heard voices, seen things moving, doors shutting, etc in the tunnels, The staffroom usd to be there. But bosses told them "not to go in tunnels after enough weird scary stuff happened."
I had no idea there were tunnels. The town is very small but the nearby base is huge, so the maybe the tunnels are also emergency shelters? The staff was very close knit, and Mom did not disbelieve their stories.

She said her colleagues had had many experiences of people slamming doors, running through the school and over the roof that they had always thought were pranking kids until the district installed security cameras. The campus was built onto a very low slope, so it was pretty easy to get on the roof, but no one shows on the tapes.

The teacher's son said he himself as a student had heard children laughing and other people had heard and seen kids when the school was empty of real children. He also told me students try not to use that boys' bathroom. The kid was like 15 when I met him. I had not told my mom or him anything I felt or was scared of. He was just being chatty and friendly. He was nice when he saw how freaked out I was. My mom laughed at me lol but the kid did not. If I had seen or heard a ghost I would have be screaming in a straight line all the way back to Oregon, mom in tow.
He also told me his dad and another male teacher were there alone one night, after a band concert or something. When last student had gone they both heard and saw a kid running in another wing. They split up to catch them, and Mr. Dad saw a kid open and go through a a door between classrooms, and heard them slam the door exiting to hallway where Mr. Otherguy was. When Mr. Dad got to that hallway, Mr. Otherguy was there. He had not seen anyone or anything but he heard the doors slamming and kids laughing as they ran by him.

I would have quit on the spot. Also probably moved away. Thank you for your nice comment.
Best of Luck
Cherubim I think I would have to research the land in order to find out anything. I asked around, and there were people who had lived in that area their whole lives yet knew nothing really. The house we lived in was not that old. It had been built in 1982. The person we bought it from had owned it since it had been built. The houses all around us were pretty close to the same style as ours. It was just a small fairly new little development in the area.
Bibliothecarius in Friendly Little Charlie
Hi, tigerfeet:

As an English teacher with an interest in history, I love teaching folklore, folk tales, and urban legends. Sure, the more modern "urban legends" derive from a variety of factors, but folklore is among them.

As for a Brownie or Hobgoblin living in Battersea, I'd like to note that the realm of Fae & Faerie stories often suggests that they have an expanded idea of time when compared to the realms of men. Certainly, Greater Metropolitan London has absorbed hundreds of hamlets, villages, towns, and the occasional city (knowing stare toward Westminster Abbey).

The original construction of St. Martin in the Fields was built *in fields* a statue mile west-south-west of the Roman wall around London, marking the halfway-point between Westminster and London (for non-Brits: the rebuilt structure on the same site now overlooks Trafalgar Square).

Greenhithe was a dock on the Thames in the countryside; Erith fields have always been open space; until 1850, only 300 people lived in South Battersea & Wandsworth; Battersea Park started as market gardens built on reclaimed marshland; Covent Garden was Westminster's "convent garden"; and Stockwell started as expansive manor house pasturelands around a well near a tree stump (or "stock"). Moving briskly along, Clapham Common was literally a common grazing-ground for animals; and Lambeth was docks named after the lambs seen there. North, there's Spitalfields, where produce for Our Lady of Bethlehem Hospital (or 'Bedlam') was grown; Hampstead Heath... I've got the feeling I've covered the point: most of Greater Metropolitan London was agrarian in form and function. Just because more houses were put up in the area over the last 500 years, it doesn't mean that the sprites of yore left; they may have done the simplest possible thing and adapted to the new structures.

Though I'm very fond of my hometown, Leicester, I've always been fascinated by the history of London... I suppose that's obvious.

I'm glad Charlie is now in the Midlands with you. If you have the chance to visit Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill, it's really lovely as the bracken turns red this time of year.

Twilight1011 in My Eyes Don't Lie
Welcome to YGS Juggalo John, MWCL 😊 I'd like to hear more about the story on the flashlight trick. I've seen on TV how it's done, but to try it in real life, I don't know how I'd feel or what I'd do if I witnessed seeing one used in person. But it definitely would be an amazing experience. From what all you've said, it sounds like you're sensitive to the other side, to where you're more aware of it. I too have been the same since I was very little. It can get creepy at times, especially if you're alone, but I have to admit it's pretty awesome to experience or witness certain things that you're normally told isn't real. I'd love to hear more about your other experiences, and hope you'll be up for sharing more soon.

Grandpa would never break a promise to my sister. No matter what. The interesting thing about my older sister... When my sister was a little, little kid, she looked exactly like my mom's twin, Ginny, before Ginny passed at 4 years old. She was so similar to Ginny that it creeped the extended family out quite a bit. My Grandpa never got to see Ginny become 5 and he died right before my sister turned 5. I never realized that until my sister mentioned it right after I submitted this story. There are so many similarities between the two of them. I think there's a special connection between my Grandpa and my sister, and I wonder if its got something to do with Ginny.

I just love prepositions and commas! Can't get enough! Lol I'm glad the house description was clear. It'll be important later, since other events happened in different places in the house. The layout is important when I tried to debunk something that happened last summer. I'll share that story soon! Thanks for reading my story!
Thanks for reading my story and sharing your friend's story. I'm sorry your friend's mom passed, but I'm glad she reached out to him. Thank you for sharing my story with him, too. I hope it helps him even more a little bit. I don't mean this next question to be rude at all, but I'm curious... What did your friend think when she said she would see him soon? I wonder what "soon" means for people who have passed. I'm glad that it seems like basically everyone who passes is having a great time!
Amazing. I too have seen people near death talking and interacting with something unseen.
silverthane61 in My Eyes Don't Lie
These type of haunts usually go one of two ways: They either fade and flare over time becoming less and less active or they presage the beginnings of a true infestation-getting more serious over time. I hope this is the former.
I can definitely see your house in my mind's eye. I really enjoyed your story - lengthy world of bountiful prepositions and misplaced commas aside (-:
Some promises survive even death, it seems!
Very poignant story. Perhaps your deceased boyfriend will watch over you the same way his friend watched over him.
Hi, your grandpaw is definitely awesome! 😊

My friends mom passed away in 2016. A few weeks later he had a particularly stressful work related day. He went to bed in a terrible mood. He told me that as he was finally starting to relax he heard his deceased mother talk to him.

She called him by his name twice to get his attention, then she spoke to him and reassured him in a happy and upbeat way that everything would be fine and not to worry and that she would see him soon. The funny thing is he said that she sounded as if she was in the middle of the most amazing New Years Eve party, that wherever she was there was lots of people, music, chatter and merriment around her.

Your story about the phonecall reminded me of this!

I can't wait to tell him your story. It seems like wherever we go in the afterlife there is one amazing welcome home party lol 😊

P.s my friend isn't one to believe in the paranormal but that experience changed him.
lady-glow I am the elder sister of robin15. Sorry if my comment was bad but I have a slight problem with my words and sometimes I can't see my mistakes.

We think the thing my brother saw was something different and my cat he ran inside and hid underneath my bed until twelve o'clock at night and didn't want to go out a four am when he usually wants to go out.

I ask my brother the other night what colour it was and he said it was white.
Kindly_refrain, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I'm glad she is still trying to keep a connection with your family after she passed.
I've had a few people tell me about dreams where they are talking to deceased loved ones, and it's always at a bar/tavern or party. Maybe it's not just a Wisconsin thing, though? Seriously, there are more bars than churches and banks combined here (Lol)! I've been wondering for awhile about this bar and party thing, though. Really interesting.

LuciaJacinta, thank you for reading my story! The phone calls were definitely weird. My grandma never talked about ghosts, except for those phone calls and the footsteps.

Biblio, if I may call you that, thanks! You aren't the first person to consider me an odd duck! I had a steady diet of Lucille Ball, Mel Brooks, and the like growing up. My dad and sister are also record breaking-ly sarcastic and hilarious. My mom is also hilarious, but most of that is unintentional. If I wasn't odd, I would have been a little weird. 🤔 ❤
Bibliothecarius in My Grandpa Is Still Awesome
Greetings, WisconsinLady.

Your narrative voice is both clear and amusing.

I'm going to take the liberty of proclaiming you a particularly odd duck, then I'll add this tale to my 'favorites.'

Hi silverthane

That's certainly true. Most of the activity seem to be residual hauntings, echoes of people who once were around. Though I wonder if a few could be more active than others?

My family on my father's side have always have been sensitive to the spirits. My great-grandmother was a village headwoman in Thailand. I think she was some kind of high priestess or Wisewoman. The gift could have come from her. It isn't always a comfortable thing. But we were all taught to be respectful, firm in our resolve and careful. Good advice for any situation.

Thanks for reading my account. Glad you enjoyed it. 😊

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