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Hi valkricry, Our home was built in 2004 in a new development neighborhood. We are original owners and to my knowledge there was never anything here before but woods. There are historic towns nearby but this particular plot of land was just dense woods to my knowledge. "Carol" has a bit of back story. When my daughter was around 4 or 5 years old she started talking about her. Through the years she has described her as blonde, older teenager and friendly. Recently we we conducting a dowsing rod session and picked up some strong energies. At one point I asked if "Carol" was really my sister D'Lea and I got a strong YES from the rods.

It would make sense that my sister would be a guardian angel to my daughter. She would have been the world's greatest aunt to her, I know it. However, I am not sure if it was another spirit just saying what he thought I wanted to hear? We have deduced that there is a teenage boy that hangs around our house. So far he seems friendly and harmless. My daughter says she has seen him in her dreams and she doesn't feel afraid of him but I am curious why he is hanging around our house. So far we have figured out he lived not too far away, and committed suicide. Anyways, that's a story for another time... As far as Carol goes the verdict is still out and I will add a more comprehensive Carol story here in the coming days/weeks.

The_Lost_Voyage_11, I certainly agree on your points... We have it hard enough just living our regular mundane every day lives let alone evolved wisdom of our true natures. Although I am quite convinced many many people we have labeled "schizophrenic" and other mental disorders are people that happen to be very much in tune with other beings/dimensions/realities. It's not all just "in their heads" as it were.
aussiedaz, I'll send over an email as soon as I get a little freed up. That is interesting about sleeping when we get back to the other side. My understanding is that we don't need to do many of the things there that we do here, sleep, eat, intimacy (to put it mildly) but we can do those things, we just don't need to. For purposes of 're-acclimating' as it were to being back 'home' it makes perfect sense we might continue to live life there as we did here. I do believe from an experience I had and from some independent research that people who have had a rather traumatic life or experiences go through a healing phase when they go back, and some of that may be about 'living' in a way congruent with the things they did in life, so it's not such a shock to the system. On your comment as to why some may still dream on the other side, it may be as you said, it may be a reason or catalyst to some hauntings, but it may be too that's how we have the visitations we have of our loved ones in dreams, they may dream too in order to connect with us in that way, if that makes sense. We know here on this plane of existence that many times, someone pops into our heads and a moment later they call, it turns out they were thinking of us, so it's not a far stretch to imagine that our passed loved ones may also be dreaming of us and show up in our dreams too. Many of these dreams have them in familiar surroundings, sometimes the past and they seem delighted to see us, but not always in a way where it seems they are purposely visiting us, more like, how nice to run into you here, like when we see someone we know at the store, but didn't plan on running into, Hopefully I've articulated that well without going too far off the beaten track. Also perhaps many of the 'hauntings' we see, especially the residual ones may actually be a glimpse of life in these other dimensions, like the vibration that holds them apart weakens, much like they say the veil between the physical and spiritual realms weakens at certain times of year? More to ponder, all good stuff!
Hello Aros, I think you definitely hit the nail on the head with why we don't 'remember' who we are or where we come from when we arrive on this plane of existence. I mean we have enough trouble (overwhelm) dealing with our daily tasks, our responsibilities and expectations, maintenance from day to day living, and all the electromagnetic stuff from wi-if, and cell towers etc, to try and add all the spiritual realities, it's too much! I also believe though that 'amnesia' gives us a unique perspective of reality and life that cannot be gained anywhere else. The only real drawback is that souls that pass from life, cling to that, without that 'memory' they are afraid to move back to the 'other side' and can be stranded here for some time. All good stuff, fascinating to ponder!
Hi LightMight

Definitely sounds like freaky stuff is happening in your home, here I've had a similar incident where I heard my neighbors daughter's voice crystal clear, but the weird part is that it happened around 3am (im a hopeless insomniac) I brought this up with my neighbor and she also confirmed that she heard my voice or what sounded like me calling by her front door around 6am so when she opened the door thinking it was me, she sees no one there, we have this belief that spirits can mimick voices of people around us, but what's baffling is it usually occurs at odd hours, however your experience is different because whatever is in your home has now taken a visible form, I suggest you get a clairvoyant to do a walk over around your home, it might give you insight to what's happening. It could be a doppelganger I'm assuming, do you get a menacing or malevolent vibe from your experiences?

Thank you for sharing your story and please keep us updated on your situation.
Ooers, Aros! I meant to comment on this earlier. Full bodied apparitions are not as uncommon as we think (or so I believe) for that very reason; "It was as real-looking, as solid as any family member walking in our home."
I'm curious as to whether you've done any research into your home and this 'Carol'?
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theisland, considering this account is 10 years old, it's no surprise that the picture links no longer work. But maybe someone out there does have the pics...
Thank you The_Lost_Voyage_11, yet more insightful thoughts to ponder! I have long been fascinated with the concept of our true selves being multidimensional in nature. I often think one of the many reasons we are hit with amnesia as Souls reincarnating into our next life is because the human brain simply can't handle such astounding truths of our existence, i.e. "The Bigger Picture". I once had a "dream" I woke up and began telling the person I was with about this "dream" I had and began describing my life! So to this version of myself, the "dream" I was telling was not a dream at all but my life as I know it!

Upon waking (this version of me in this life), I immediately felt that I had just gotten a glimpse of one of my other parallel selves and for a moment there was a bit of a peek behind the curtain of sorts. How can we quantify that we are merely one of countless versions of ourselves, living countless parallel lives in countless parallel dimensions? Rabbit hole indeed!

Thanks for the great feedback and thoughts!
Hi seemayadav, I am not really sure who this person is or was? Like mentioned it came across to me looking like my daughter but admittedly I didn't get any real good look of the face or anything... I sensed blonde hair, around the same size of my daughter and was wearing a white shirt. If I knew in that precise moment (the total time I saw it from when it first appeared to my vantage point to the time it walked into the bathroom was perhaps 2 seconds, maybe a touch more) I was looking at something extraordinary and not just my daughter going to the bathroom I certainly would have focused and scanned everything I could to get as much detail possible.

So many possible explanations, many which have been illustrated beautifully here by others commenting. Maybe one day I will have some kind of answer? Thanks for your comments!
theisland in Freaky Fishing Trip [at] N08/7941702780/in/photostream/
theisland in Freaky Fishing Trip
Does anyone have the actual pictures shown? I know this place and would like to see the pictures now.
TLV 11, If you can send me an email, I'll share it with you too mate, not a problem.

Interesting thoughts on the purpose of sleeping, apparently when we cross over in transitional phase (according to my own research)... We still continue to have sleeping spells, where we rest and have dreams.

We don't have to have dreams in the after life, my guess is it's might help us adjust to our new surroundings and it probably soothes our souls with nostalgic memories of our life just lived? Perhaps the catalyst to some hauntings occur through the dreams of those on the other side rehabilitating their lives once lived?

BravelyKegger in Collection Of Hauntings
It's likely his possessions somehow kept a door open to the spirit realm.
Hi Aros, great story, thanks for sharing! Talk about going down the rabbit hole with the ensuing discussion. I agree with Lightmight, it could have been an astral projection of your daughter and perhaps as you said, the ghost she sees, "Carol'. Maybe it wasn't any of these, but a 'time slip' or viewing briefly another dimension of reality where your daughter did get up to use the bathroom, there are many possibilities here. To what aussiedaz mentioned with living in different realities, or the multiverse as it were, being possible with one soul, this could be possible with what they term as bilocation, being able to be in two places at once. My understanding is angels can do this, particularly archangel Michael. It would make sense, he is considered one of the leading angels and is called upon all over the world in any given second by thousands (if not more) people for help. To be able to assist in that fashion he would have to be capable of bilocating. If our vibration is the only thing that separates us from these multidimensions, then we would only have to shift it to shift dimensions, in theory, where we reside in this multidimensional universe in any given moment is based on what life choices we make, and subsequently where our attention is focused. The story is, if we can conceive of or imagine it. It already exists on some level of reality and the so called law of attraction is just aligning with the frequency of what we imagine or dream of, a new career, relationship, money, etc. Kind of like changing a radio station, don't want to listen to country, then you want to switch to rock, maybe you have a tune come into your head, you imagine listening it it and change the station and voila, you've now 'tuned' to the frequency of that you want to listen to. This is an oversimplified version of how we exist on this multidimensional plane. Now in regard to what you said about how solid this 'person' looked, this dovetails with my comment on your other story. It's amazing how solid any of them can look and how many times in our life we may come across people, perhaps in a store, or in the park, and we may actually be looking at a ghost, but they appear solid enough to fool our eyes, but maybe not our other senses. I believe how solid they appear and how much they can interact with the immediate environment, ie pick up or move objects is actually a feature linked to how much energy they've absorbed from the environment and people around them, the more energy the more solid they become. This is how we perceive cold spots around us or see interruptions int the flow of electricity, when they draw this power to manifest. There's certainly enough evidence to support this. Anyways, this could get too much into an in depth discussion on quantum physics, so,I'll leave it at that, a few more points to ponder as to what you saw and how it could be. I look forward to reading more from you!
Hello again Aros, your story sure has sparked some interesting conversations! I agree with Macknorton's outlook on the functions that sleep serves, with one addition. I do believe our spirit/soul roams as it were while we sleep for various reasons, but I believe the primary one is that it's kind of like a reconnection, a recharging if you will. Much like we plug in our iPads or phones to recharge them, I believe our spirit/soul does the same, after all we are considered spirit having a human experience, to make sure we don't 'lose' ourselves too much in this 'adventure', our souls need to reconnect with its true nature. Without our constant 'presence' at night, it leaves our minds and brains free to download and process everything it's taken in during our waking hours much like you said Aros. As far as the astral journeys everyone's shared, especially traveling through solid matter and interacting with physical matter here on this plane, all fascinating stuff! It's got to be similar to what we've read in many ghost stories, they too seem to pass through solid walls, although in many cases we usually find out there was a doorway in the area we see them pass through at some point in the past. Makes one wonder what 'version' of the house on what plane of existence they are interacting with, but that would open up another discussion, best to stay on topic. They also maneuver objects all the time, making things like keys and jewelry disappear for any length of time to pictures floating in the air, and it goes on. I liken it to the fact that they are much closer to this plane of existence than their true essence, after all, they may have passed, but they remain behind for some reason or another attached to their former life, former home and former possessions. Their vibration as it were then is much more closely aligned to this physical plane. I think the same is true of some of these astral journeys/projections, we leave our bodies but are still connected to them and to this dimension, so we are able to interact more with those bodies and physical objects in the environment. We should also be able to shift our vibration as we're caught between two worlds making it so we can pass through solid matter but be aware of its existence/presence as it were, pick your term, we can feel it and sense it. It's a theory or mine, but seems to be solidly backed up by many of the stories, research and personal stories I've come across and a strong intuitive feeling. The interesting thing about ghosts appearing solid has made me wonder many times, how often when I see people on the street or in a store, how many I come across that may not even be of our world, especially when they seem to disappear a little too fast.
Aussiedaz, if you don't mind, I'd like to collect your email address as well, to interact more, I find your theories and the information you share thoroughly fascinating and thought provoking, much in line with the stuff I'm discovering, and would enjoy exchanging information if you're up for it. I like you would be glad to temporarily put up my email address for any who want to further discuss anything of this nature. I realize I may have drifted off topic, but everything we've all shared as related to Aros's experience has provided information to truly ponder as to the nature of our supernatural interactions and what they may mean, I believe the true nature of what this site and forum was intended for.
aussiedaz I have your email and sent you a message. I added my email to my profile as well for now, and probably will take it down as well after some time.
I suppose that whatever it was, maybe the doctor's spirit, was probably attached to his belongings, certain things and objects are like conduits for evil entities to gain access to our world, especially since he may have killed his wife.
Buttercup4 if you still get these, did it ever go away? Did you make it? My daughter has talked of a red man since she was 2. From 2-4 she'd talk about it and now she is dreaming of him again. She's 9 now. She said the red man would take her away in the woods. Please help if you can. I do think she might be slightly tuned into the other side. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
Aros, If you go into view profile on my account page you should find my email address, i'll leave it up for a day or two before removing it... I may not respond straight away as I do have a few things on this weekend but mate, I"m happy to share it with you, because we both pretty much see all this stuff from the same angle.

Regards Daz
Sounds like your grandmother wisely gave the 'doctor' the boot after she did a little spiritual house cleansing - clearing out clutter is usually one of the first steps, when you want to get rid of negative energy 😉
BravelyKegger in Collection Of Hauntings
Everything but the floating heads, the orbs, and bed shaking happened across the street, everything else happened there. I think once the doctors stuff was thrown away all of the hauntings went away, our neighbors living there now never mentioned anything weird happening.
Macknorton I completely agree that sleep has two primary functions: Rest and rejuvenation of our physical bodies and Soul travelling into the Astral. I don't think every dream is astral projection... Sometimes our subconscious simply needs to process the day-to-day activities of our conscious minds. But in many instances I do feel we are traveling to other dimensions, times, and even popping into our parallel lives that are all happening in the NOW moment.

The thought about how we ourselves may be appearing as ghosts to others depending on where we are is a thought I have pondered as well and it's highly likely the case. I suspect if we were to be given the key to all knowledge of Who We Are it would be nothing short of extraordinary and profound beyond anything our human brains can even begin to quantify.

Aussiedaz, I would love to hear your story sometime, offline perhaps, not sure how best to facilitate that. Are there PM's through these network of sites?
Do you know
Who was she?
May be you know her
Any way thanks for sharing
Hi Aros, what's probably important to clarify about this account of mine in the sense of claiming It may have had an OBE expereince and the difference from an actual OBE according to my own expereinces in the past comes down to this.

I have had several OBE's at my home over the last 30 years, where I have left my body and move around my home or travel out and above including cieling height looking back at my body with full visual and alertness of everything that's going on around me 100 percent.

The noteable difference on this account of which happened around 530 in the morning, as my son was moving around our kitchen getting ready for work with me basically being awake in my bed "thinking to myself", why are you so noisy son is this... As I was pulled from my body, I couldn't see anything at all? Nothing, the only thing I could hear was this distinct humming noise?...Even though I'm assuming I went through the cieling and roof (the part I need to clarify) I never had any feelings at all of going through something solid (period) or seeing the actual ceiling in tranistion? The only time my eyesight came back to me was when I'd descended into the craft. At that point, I was in pyhiscal form fully alert 100 percent totally detached from where I just was... (thinking out loud about how noisy my son was)

I'll leave it up to the mods if they think it's ok to go into the next 5 minutes or so? There are a couple of members here who have known me for a decent amount of years, who are probably reading this, even my wife follows my post here at YGS... So I really have nothing to gain by going into what happened except probably give them a laugh,lol...and... I do respect there are rules here. This topic is not the normal type of material shared at YGS...however, if it's ok I'll share it!

Hi Aros

Yes it's very interesting. I'm convinced lucid dreams are us becoming "conscious" when we are outside of our physical body.

There's a theory that I lean towards, that you and others may have heard or believe, that sleep serves two purposes; one is to rest the physical body and the second is that during sleep, our spirits / souls gravitate towards the spirit realms that we will one day inhabit once "death" arrives, in order to be prepared for that eventual existence. Makes perfect sense really...

So I believe we could feasibly get up to all sorts of actual adventures in our sleep state, and occasionally we "wake up" during them.

The particular aspect of my experience that interests me is that I was able to fly through the wall, which suggests I was in spirit form, in a spiritual realm, yet I was "vibrating" at a higher/ finer rate than the building's form that I passed through.

So I probably appeared to be a "ghost" to my pursuers. It's bizarre to consider that we could appear to be ghosts too, depending on which plane we are manifesting on...🤔
Hi and welcome BravelyKegger

Those are some really creepy incidents your grandmother and mother experienced, I must say it's good she decided to move, you did mention that your grandmother lived across the street so I'm assuming she used to be your opposite neighbor, do you still live opposite her old house? And if so do you know if the same things are happening to the new owners?

Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
Hi BravelyKegger,

Did these unsettling events, that happened to your grandmother, all take place within that same house that the doctor once lived in? I'm just wondering about the two incidents (man laughing in attic and floating head of man) being connected to the same location - if this was the same house, maybe it was the doctor trying to intimidate her?
After what she went through, I don't blame her for selling the place!
Hi Mack, I definitely believe our flying dreams are actual astral adventures and we are indeed flying out of body. It always feels so natural when it's happening like "Hey, I've done this before!" Unfortunately there's also low level entities in these realms and it sounds like you may have been experiencing some of them. I think the fascination for me when I "feel" the sensation of materials as I pass through them is being out of the physical I wouldn't expect to feel anything physical but that's not the case at all. I've gripped many objects in the OBE state that have felt every bit as solid and real as in my daily waking life. I even touched my own physical face once as I lay there in bed "asleep" while I was outside of myself. Talk about a trip!

Aussie, would love to hear about that 5 minutes of experience sometime!
What I will add to the mix without sharing my account in full... It started out being pulled from my bed and through the ceiling and then the roof, at the same time as hearing this strange humming noise, after that I had full on cognitive physical experience of which was quite insane of which probably lasted up to 5 minutes or more?... It was the part where I went through the ceiling, researching other accounts and a couple other small details that made me conclude if it wasn't type of hallucination, it was an astral abduction, had my wife awoken, I have no doubt she would have seen me next to her. I can understand how some folk can't put it together about being out of body. I may have said this before, the reason they do it this way is not to frighten the individual to death.
I had a weird experience when smoking weed once, I had gotten out of my jeep I liked to smoke in and decided to look at the clouds because when you are high things tend to change shapes. I saw in the middle a demon and all around him was screaming people being thrown into hell, to me it was extremely real although I knew it was likely just my mind playing tricks, its possible the same happened to you to.
BravelyKegger in Haunted Ring
thank you guys for all your comments!, personally I am a christian and believe in demons and not ghosts, but I find it interesting how the salt managed to repel the spirit for good.
It always makes me sad to hear of lost spirits "haunting" a location but especially children. It's good she is communicating with you and I do so hope you are able to have someone move her on in September. How frightening it must be as a child spirit to not be able to move on or communicate with most living people passing through.

I can see why some don't find the photos you submitted as anything really definitive but they have that look of authenticity to them as I myself have captured similar light anomalies through the years. And as a graphic designer by profession for decades I know how easy it is to fake a photo but these look nothing other than authentic photographs of some kind of energy disturbance.

As for hauntings in general I prescribe to the theory that there are several components that are involved whether a spirit remains earthbound or move into the Light to return HOME. Each of us has a vibratory imprint that has a signature frequency to it that you can't hide from. Our thoughts (negative or positive) manifest this vibration accordingly and often this seems to be the reason why some spirits stay earthbound. Perhaps they died suddenly and tragically and either don't even know they are physically dead or can't get past the notion. This alone would cause turmoil, frustration and even anger and sadness, both of which as I understand, are heavy cloaks that make it difficult to move onward.

Others simply loved their home, their loved ones or their lives so they choose to remain in and around these locations where they felt loved and comfortable.

Still, I think the vast majority do see that glorious Light and loved ones waiting for us so it's an easy transition back to where we all come from. But certainly I think each passing is as individual and unique as the person themselves. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope she returns HOME!
Wow folks, some great insight here, and yes aussiedaz, mind-blown indeed! Rajine I think I thought it could be my daughter projecting (consciously or unconsciously) because it was the same size and shape of her. However, she has seen spirits growing up and one of them who she calls "Carol" appears to her as a teenager with blonde hair (same as my daughter). Maybe "Carol" made herself appear to me? As outlined in these recent comments the possibilities are diverse and titillating to say the least.

LightMight, I definitely agree i.e. Some are "naturals" more attuned to projection, not unlike how some are more "psychic" than others through genetics, life path and other factors, even though everyone has intuitive abilities on some level. It's very similar to exercise. The more you work a muscle the more developed it becomes. (I've kind of forgotten the concept of working out, a story for another time, lol)...

Aussiedaz and LightMight, some excellent food for thought on String Theory/Multiverse concepts and the DMT topic as well. Inherently fascinating! I have read a bit on each subject but I would certainly like to research more as I think they all play a role in our paranormal experiences.

Always appreciate the comments and thoughts, some great stuff here!
Well, there is also medical research that has taken place in the last 30 years or so, regarding a connection between naturally produced chemicals in our bodies and the possibility of spiritual or supernatural experiences we seem to have. Specifically researchers zeroed in on Seratonin and endogenous Dimethyltriptamine and how they effect our moods and behaviors - taking a special interest in how they influence the way our brains perceive visions. A little backstory on endogenous Dimethyltriptamine, also known as naturally occurring DMT, it is found in mammals and various plants. It has also been used as a drug in chemical form derived from plants and is known for it's psychedelic effects (much like magic shrooms and LSD) - in other words, people use it for experimentation, spiritual awakenings, some cultural traditional ceremonies, and for recreational use.

What we know for certain is that Seratonin affects our moods and levels of conciousness, while endogenous Dimethyltriptamine affects our visual perception, and also how we perceive things. Some people believe that DMT within our bodies, is responsible for connecting us to our higher selves and allows us to experience insights from spiritual and otherwordly beings - btw, this is all subjective information at this point. Some very open minded researchers also think that endogenous DMT, along with Serotonin allows us to experience such a relaxed state of being that we can have access to communication with alien life forms and human spirits. We do know that endogenous DMT does have a direct effect on the way our brain takes in light, affecting on our vision. This is where it gets interesting; researchers believe DMT made naturally in our bodies is thought to produce vivid dreams, trance-like states of conciousness, hallucinations and some psychiatric conditions. There are some medical and scientific researchers out there who suspect that Endogenous DMT influences periods of hightened awareness, spiritual growth, and psychic abilities. Currently there are a few medical scientists trying to prove the connection between Seratonin/Melatonin, endogenous DMT and the effects on our bodies during physical hormonal changes that happen over our lifetime - basically they're trying to draw conclusions between 'how' and 'if' chemical changes in our brains, and changing hormone levels directly impact our ability to sense higher awareness, or not...

So, that leaves us to wonder how exactly we process and come to understand our ability to see or experience things we might consider paranormal or supernatural?
Hi Aros, These types of accounts have happened to both my wife and I a few times over the last couple of decades and I often do wonder what the science is behind them? If we look at string theory for example (with some serious mathematical equations behind it and a few well known respected theoretical physicist.) String theory suggest we apparently exist concurrently in many universes broken apart by many decisions we make in the present moment, as like in that movie Sliding doors.

Your daughter probably did make a decision to get out of bed and walk into the bathroom in one multi universe, however in yours, she stayed in bed as your 7 billion, billion, billion atoms stayed grounded in the same one as your daughter in bed... As a matter of fact, our eyes only have the capacity to filter light radiating from the higgs field (nothing else)... What you may have seen filtering down to the visual cortex were the transition of atoms fluctuating between two universe's separated minutely by a frequency of 0.1 to the 100 or whatever? However, if this is correct, then it leads us to another question right?

How does this fit in with the one over soul?

It may be the case on this road to enlightenment, we not only grow from our choices and decisions here, but more broadly from all choices made possible to us at any given time of day, place, etc throughout many universes.Wow, does that blow your mind apart? On a side note, I have had a few precognition's of possible choices throughout my life and actually acted on changes with in my movements to avoid certain outcomes of which I'm certain was going to take me too far of my path? Anyway, more food for thought?

Regards Daz.
I was the only one that had seen it and I told my sister about before
Hey Aros,

Okay, so since I'm not an expert on the subject of astral projection/travel, I'm going to explain what I know from my personal point of view and understanding of the subject.

To begin with, I feel that some people are able to astral project and travel without any formal training. In other words, I believe that some are 'naturals' at it, where others need a bit more practice - perhaps this is what happened with your daughter, maybe she's a natural? It is possible to astral project/travel while being in a wakeful state. I've experienced this on a few occasions, but one of my first experiences was when I was 13 years old and recovering from an illness in bed. I was able to 'travel' through my home and outside into the garden to see my mother, and I later found out that she sensed me needing her help. Some people refer to this as an OBE. I also feel that when we are in a very relaxed state, yet awake, some of us are able to move about using our astral body (which could happen spontaneously, without any forethought).

For those of us who have heightened sensitivity and some psychic awareness (or openness), I believe it's possible that we can feel and sometimes see people astral projecting/traveling - maybe you have this ability? As you know, there are those who are tuned into higher vibrational frequencies. Some say, that what we perceive as ghostly apparitions, or the feeling of a presence, might actually be living people who are astral traveling or having an out of body experience. And then there are those who can 'see dead people', but that's a whole different story for another day, lol!

I'm not inferring, or trying to conclude that astral projection took place with your daughter's situation, but it might be a possibility.
Hi Aros

Yours and Lost Voyage's comments on vibrations and the possibility of passing through matter etc, caught my eye, and reminded me of an experience I had along those lines which you may find interesting.

About 25 years ago, I had an extremely vivid "lucid dream" experience (which I can STILL see in my minds eye as if it happened yesterday.

In this experience I was flying around (no plane, just flying; Superman-styles) above a strange city of small-ish square shaped buildings and I remember that was suddenly being chased by these two malevolent figures wearing strange masks. They wanted to harm me. I was pretty scared and so I was doing all the loops, twists and turns that I could muster to get away from them.

The aspect of this experience (which I don't feel it was a dream - I believe it was more like an astral trip type of thing) was that in my haste to out fly these two beings, I ended up flying THROUGH a wall and I distinctly recall feeling the coldness and slight dampness of the wall material as I passed through it, which really surprised me for some reason.

Anyway, I woke up not long after I flew through this wall, and felt very unsettled and not myself for the remainder of the day.


Hi Aros

Yet another exciting incident you have, I must say that it's very similar to one of my own stories I posted here regarding a doppelganger of sorts.

I've also seen solid white apparitions walk right past me, right in front of my eyes it definitely was a WTH moment I just penned it down to being a passing spirit, but you do mention that you think it could be your daughter's doppelganger, I must ask, what makes you think so?
Hi Lonergirl

Reading your story reminds me of something similar I've experienced as a kid, perhaps I'll write about it soon, but the gist of it for now is that I always was creeped out by a corner of our back yard growing up, not really sure why but I could play anywhere except for that particular area.

You did mention in your narrative "The only spot in the house that was cold was the basement, so that is where we had to sleep for a few days" I'm assuming you weren't alone in the basement when you had your experience, did anyone experience this or did you talk to someone about it?
That's cool. Maybe the yin and Yang twins got detached and were looking for each other? 🤔
Has anyone else seen them?
[at] mitch2021,
I like the idea of putting the/ a camera inside the safe as well.
Thanks LightMight, yes indeed it was very cool but I have so many questions? Who is it? Why or how were they able to project a full physical presence? If my daughter were asleep I might of wrote it off as an astral projection but she was wide awake when I went in her room. Life is full of mystery!
Welcome to the club and congrats, Aros 😁

Pretty cool experience, right? It can be a little startling and fascinationg too!

From my own experience, I think that sometimes what I've seen at home with my own child, would be called astral projection - but that doesn't mean other people haven't experienced a doppleganger within their home.
Obsi, what you're describing is quite natural for an empath. We're known to be great listeners, and compassionate. Because we feel things deeper then most we naturally want to heal that pain in others. Of course on some level you realize we are NOT responsible for their situation, and sometimes there isn't anything we can do but listen. Reaching out to someone when you know they aren't ok is 100% right in my book. If nothing else at least they know they aren't alone.
Valkicry I spoke with my aunt today shes an empath as well she gave me a white quartz crystal and said I should carry it and when feel overwhelmed try visualizing emotions other than my own as a storm cloud and that cloud being sucked into the crystal also I don't have any as you named energy vampires personally prefer avoiding those people I do have a question though I'm not sure if its ability related or not but I'm a pseudo brother/ father figure for many of my friends and family members and I feel a I guess obligation or like its my job to take care of those around me especially when they arent okay so I'll either talk to them so they can vent or do something goofy to make them laugh
Thank you The_Lost_Voyage_11 for your comments. I definitely agree about vibration/frequency being the key to the ability to shift through time and space and physical matter. One of my most favorite things to do when I am having a conscious OBE is to walk/float/fly through windows/walls/doors. There's an actual sensation to it. I can "feel" the slight resistance of the materials which always fascinates me. In one OBE I recall floating through my bedroom ceiling into the attic and out the roof. While doing this, I recall vividly passing through all the materials (dry wall, lumber, insulation, etc)...It was quite extraordinary.

What I would love is to be able to do it AT WILL. Imagine sitting somewhere, bored, and deciding, "I want to leave my body" and bam, out you go off to whatever adventure awaits.
Obsi (yep, shortening your nic - hope that's ok.),
While being an empath can be a good thing, it can also be very draining, and because of that you need to develop boundaries and methods of shielding yourself. You also need to watch out for certain types of people I call emotional vampires, because they will wreck you. In general these folks are constant complainers, drama queens, failing to see the good in life, and narcissists.
You mention others in your family also being empaths, if at all possible you might want to talk to them and see how they handle it. There are shielding methods you can employ, but they are not one size fits all. Some will work better than others for you, or, like myself, you might need to tailor/ tweak it to your personal vibration.
Many imagine themselves being surrounded by a white light, others have a special amulet or charm, still others use a mantra.
I'm inclosing an url you may find informative:
I'm sorry you have to mask your emotions around your dad - but remember; that does not mean they are not valid.
8-bitDemigod in The Lady In The Room
I hope that wasn't a portend about your sister-in-law.

You should ask your wife and in-laws about whether or not this is a regular occurrence.

I hope your sister-in-lanw gets better soon.
LFrog1386 in The 4th Floor
Clearly the author is not interested in actually participating or I'm sure we would have heard from him by now.

I am with Lady Glow; if he was backpacking through Canada and was not a resident, he could not be hired legitimately. It would have had to have been off the books. I ran into it as a trucker's wife. I was allowed to be in the country with my husband as he unloaded our truck but I was barred from actually helping him since that would be considered working and I was not an actual employee of the company.
I think it makes for a fun, spooky story with a great punchline but probably not much more than that.
Hi Obsidianblade, great story, thanks for sharing! In regards to your empathic ability, it might help, if when you feel emotions that may at times be difficult for you to handle, one good trick is to ask "is this mine?" This single question I find breaks the focus and the intensity diminishes if it's not your own emotion. There are other things you can do to release the emotions, rather than internalizing them, but asking this question is usually enough to shift your awareness and the emotion loses its intensity and strength. If it's not yours anyways, there's nothing to fuel it from within. I believe we're all empathic to some degree, but some seem more so than others due to skills learned in childhood. For instance if a person was abused, they tune their feelings more outward towards other people more for survival. If they can feel/sense more what another person is going through that might abuse them, then they can try to appease the other person and avoid the abuse. If this skill isn't 'unlearned' or shifted into adulthood then a person can be pretty sensitive and pick up on the world around them, physical and spiritual more than your average joe. With emotions running rampant within the current world situation this can be pretty overwhelming! Good luck to you and I look forward to reading more of your experiences.
Hello I'm sorry for the late reply but I have been working 12+ hours a day for a few days and this honestly slipped my mind

Ladyglow that was the only experience with the cabinet however a few years ago my mother was putting my niece to sleep with her the master bathroom light was on and she said she saw a shadow figure open and dart out the master bathroom and then master bedroom door also I have researched the home where I felt sick and no strange deaths to report

Also a issue I have is do to how I was raised the standard boys arent allowed to have emotions so any emotions my own or someone else I internalize so with my ability it's a bit difficult to handle at times more than others
Hey, good morning. One thing I do in the middle of the night when I get up... I look at the floor as I walk to the bathroom. I realized later in life (when I moved into my current home where the previous owners had died... And I found it uncomfortable to look from the kitchen into my empty family room while waiting for furniture)... That it's actually something I started doing as a child, though I don't remember anything specific happening. I will also wake with a song in my head, which I've decided is also protection. I definitely dream and hear/see messages at night while sleeping (I'm just a normal mom, promise, not weird). But if you refuse the messages, very few get through I think. I also avoid talking about the paranormal openly, because it draws things I think... It's rare for me to visit battlefields since the time a couple years ago when I felt the breathlessness and anxiety -- and I mean FEAR and the feeling of my heart beating out of my chest -- the last time I walked up the hill at a local Civil War field of battle. Every now and then, while working in my yard, I've felt something unusual and literally will speak out loud, kindly for example, and tell whatever that it's NOT OK to make me feel like my leg hurts or my shoulder hurts. At first, I thought it was just me getting older, but I realized we live in the former "yard" of a Civil War field hospital. The small, antebellum home is located a short distance down the street from our modern subdivision house, and we're near the creek where no doubt many of Sherman's men camped for a month just before and after the battle for Kennesaw Mountain. I know my dogs see things, and I've captured things on camera/video, including my Grandfather, dead since 1993 but I think he comes around for protection and also to check on us! (Last photo I had was him in a sliver of light in a family Easter photo! I had been thinking about him that day because of the Easter picnics we had when I was a kid, and later on after seeing the photo, my question was, "Did he appear because I was thinking about him, or was I thinking about him because I somehow felt him there?" In any case, I think we all have a little of this "gift" but it's what we do and how we live with it. I'm inspired by the people here who feel/see more than me, yet have dealt with it their entire lives. Good luck!
Hi Aros, great story, and fascinating connection between this account and what you experienced as a child. Your last comment on being able to transition in astral form (spirit/soul) or the technology existing for us to move around through walls etc utilizing the physical form actually points to other existing accounts that relate to this phenomenon. Other stories have encounters of people encountering 'beings' not necessarily ghosts, being in a location further away and then suddenly being literally in their faces within mere seconds. The accounts also indicate that the being they see isn't 'clear'. Now this isn't the same as walking through walls, but to move that fast, and not clear, indicates they are operating at a different vibration frequency. Since we all are energy vibrating at frequencies that make us appear 'solid', then if our vibrational frequency were shifted (raised or lowered) out of phase with what we perceive as solid reality, then we could probably literally walk through solid objects such as walls without leaving our bodies. If this we're true then since time and space as we perceive it could similarly be transversed and that could explain the 'instant' connection between your memory of the hand that held yours as a child and the similar experience you had later in life. We could take it further down the rabbit hole as it were, but that may drift too far off topic and for this forum, so I'll leave it at that, another possible perspective on the relation between your two experiences. Fascinating stuff for sure, thanks for sharing!
Please read this original poster. There are connections to your experience and mine that I cannot ignore. I am a college student that was told to read an article specifically about Hoodoo in Annapolis VA! Archeologist have found many remnant of Hoodoo there. I just read the article tonight and it made me think of my experience with that same figure, which lead to your post about Annapolis! It spoke to me telepathically. In 2013 I slept in the basement of my uncles house. I slept in a room in the back of the basement. I always left the door open into the rest of the basement. One night I was in bed and I suddenly woke up and there was that same figure in my doorway. The encounter was quick and I was not really scared. It said to me telepathically (no voice but I can directly quote)."I am Apollo. Leave this door closed at night." It then approached my bed and disappeared. I turned on the light and closed the door. I stayed up that whole night. I am shocked of the coincidence of you saying you saw it in Annapolis, and contacted a Hoodoo Dr and I just read this article in school about Hoodoo in Annapolis. I looked up the figure description because that article reminded me of my experience and found this site and the first thing I read is about Annapolis! Also this figure was was seen in a famous photo. Look up the specter at Newby Church. All of this makes me feel so alienated as no one believes me when I say these strange things happened to me and all too coincidental coincidences". Something real is going on.
robmkivseries70 in Ghost At The Internet Shop
It has long been that only some people can see, have the sensitivity, to see the paranormal. If this apparition is only being seen by a few people it lends some credence to your experience. As above, she could be real. A long running video camera might provide some useful information and might tend to prove the theory one way or the other.
Hi Obsidianblade,

You're empathic, I don't think you'll be able to completely shut off your intuitive thoughts - it kind of works as an early warning system, so why not take advantage of that? You can either choose to ignore the thoughts and feelings, or you can work on how to develop them. There's a whole bunch of reading material out there (and audio books); try checking out Beginners Guide to Empathic Development. I'm in agreement with the other comments here.
lady-glow in Wth Case Files
Hi Val.

Someone has been spicing up your days. The bubble sounds magical, the kitty sweet.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.

Hello Obsidianblade.

You have shared some interesting experiences, I hope there will be more submissions in the future to understand a little better what you have been through during your life.

Was your childhood home haunted? Was that the only time you witnessed the cabinet door moving on it's own? Did any other family member experience/witness this kind of disturbance?

In my opinion, what you experienced at the shed could have been not a paranormal encounter, though I'm glad you kids got out of there. I don't even want to think what could had happened if a living person with not very sweet intentions could have done to you!
Perhaps even an animal could have been regarding both of you as that day's meal.

Regardless, I'm glad you trusted your gut feeling and didn't go inside the shed.

Have you researched the history of the area where those three houses were built and the history of each house?
Since you are an empath, someone could have been trying to tell you about something that happened to them and, perhaps, even cost them their life (gas poisoning?).

I don't know if you are a religious person, if so, perhaps you could ask to a religious leader for a prayer/medal or other means of protection. Or check on line for other options like mudras, crystals and amulets.


I know it's not always possible to turn away from a friend's problems but, perhaps you should try to count to one million in your head as a way to not listening to what they say while crying on your shoulder?

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Obsidianblade

Seems like you have had quite a few experiences, I'd like to read more of them, you mentioned that you have emphatic abilities so you are more open to supernatural experiences
valkricry in Wth Case Files
Hi, Seemayadav, yes, currently I live alone. Have been for over a year now. This house is 2 apartments, an upper and a lower, I have the 2nd story one.

Rajine, my cat is 16 years old. He likes to eat and laze about. Being at the back of my shoulder at the time, I can't be 100% sure he had no reaction, but I could feel the pressure of his body against me, and he seemed cool with our invisible bed partner. I took it to mean 'nothing bad here'. Now, I don't know if it's some kind of senility he has, but he sometimes acts as if interacting with a playmate. Could be he just gets a sudden burst of energy, and starts racing about tripping over his own feet. 🤔

LightMight, personally I think an ability like telekinesis (controlled of course) would be awesome! Would make things like Spring cleaning a lot easier. Lol
seemayadav in Wth Case Files
Thanks for sharing with us this is strange
You lives alone?
In your house?
I don't know why you're so up in arms against ladyglow? They've always struck me as being entirely rational. Just because they are trying to debunk rather than scream "omg ghost" doesn't mean they are being rude. That is what this forum is about and what you signed up for when you selected the "I need help" option.

Now I'm not going to dismiss everything out of hand but I WILL be attempting to debunk if possible the things you saw. It may not help you but if someone else has a similar experience in the future and stumbles across my comment it may help THEM.

I agree with LadyGlow that that was a very sick pigeon. You said it looked "perfect" which I assume you're meaning as "healthy" however, healthy pigeons are diurnal (day birds) and would be roosting at that time of night. They are also known to carry many diseases and I would wager they can catch quite a few that would make them act not normal without affecting their overall "healthy" appearance.

As to the intense feeling. It was the middle of the night, you were just passing a cemetary, is it possible you both were psyching yourselves and each other out? I mean I know I've been freaked the heck out over nothing in my own home for no reason other than I was watching some ghost clips on youtube. (A normal settling creak or a soda bottle near me making a popping noise as the room warms/cools are the usual culprits there.)

The shadow in the car I have no concrete idea about. Though it could be possible you saw an ordinary shadow and due to the fact you were talking about the previous time you were scared you again psyched yourself out. This could also explain the uneasiness you experienced on the ride home. Even if I had proof that my house/car isn't haunted if I think I saw a spirit I'd be pretty freaked out.

That said if you truly want to make sure you've not picked up an attachment I'd suggest looking up a cleansing ritual. Normally I'd suggest Rook's but I'm not entirely sure how that would work for a vehicle. If you happen to see a similar pigeon again try checking back later to see if you can see a corpse there or not. That would help determine if it was sick or possessed/not of this plane of existence.
LightMight in Wth Case Files
Darn it, I was really hoping that we were going to get a backstory on your Superhuman abilities 😁 but I guess the ghosties prevail in this case
valkricry in Wth Case Files
Hi, guys! Thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully I can answer your questions.
I've lived in this apartment for 18 years. It's an old Victorian from the 1830s, so I've never been really surprised over the unexpected 'visitor'.
There's times the place is very active, and there's times it's all quite 'normal'. In general I don't find it alarming; perplexing, sometimes frustrating, but nothing malicious.
Although, there does seem to be an argument for telekinesis in my family (see the Aunt Sylvia's Computer Pranks entries) I don't believe it to be one of my gifts.
There didn't seem to be an agenda to the radio listening. It was more like someone channel surfing and pausing now and then. Maybe a bit of 'what's this button do?'
It's possible the ghostly kitty is my passed cat that died here, but current cat seems ok with it.
The soap bubble really was something to see. Wish I had recorded it, but I was too busy gawking to even think of trying.
Rajine in Wth Case Files
Hi Valkicry

Quite a few random experiences there, seems like you have a ghost cat there with you, you did mention that you have a cat as well, I wonder if she has been acting strangely as animals tend to when there are other presence's around.
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Jubeele in Wth Case Files
Hi Val,

You had visitors!😲 Maybe the renovations stirred up dormant spirits, along with the emotional upheavals everywhere. I do like the unseen help. It's as if a group of ghosties had gotten together, teaming up to do something for you. Like the time you found your jewellery box, along with a number of extras.

The radio is fascinating. Is it a particular station or music genre that it prefers? I have this image of someone doing the housework and listening to music.

I wonder if the cat was a previous fur baby, come back for a visit? 😊
Interesting WTH moments for sure valkricry. I was just going to post thoughts of PK/Telekinesis but LightMight beat me to it. I concur with that commentary overall. I have yet to have the pleasure of diving into your other experiences so I would just ask if you have ever been told that you have that ability? Of course it could be an intelligent discarnate consciousness as well. The soap bubble would have been neat to behold!
aussiedaz you could be correct...It's highly possible and perhaps probable I was taken out of my body and transported... I just don't have conscious recollection of that other than the experience itself of reliving the incident (not as a memory but as if I was in that moment/space/time again).

I most definitely agree that NHI (Non Human Intelligences) are using our astral bodies far more than physical bodies. While both do occur, I would think it's like 80/20% or even more favoring the astral body. Hints of this are when people claim they moved through their closed bedroom window/door/walls with no effort. Granted, I believe NHI have the technology to manipulate our physical form to do that too but I would venture to believe it's most likely our subtle energy bodies doing the travelling while a witness would still see the person in their bed asleep.

Good stuff!
LightMight in Wth Case Files
Hello Valkricy,

Hmm, as far as the movements with objects, sounds like maybe some spontaneous PK/telekinesis manifesting? Interesting place you live in, have you lived there very long? Anybody in your home have psychic abilities? Your cat experience was certainly interesting - could it be residual energy maybe?

In college I shared a rental home with quite a few roommates, that place had poltergeist type activity happen often, mostly electrical disturbances. We had a 'communal' portable CD player/ radio/ alarm clock that would turn itself on and off, and sometimes switch stations. It was definitely freaky, but we never felt any negative vibe there. We chalked it up to a lot of youthful energy at the time, but then we later found out there was a suicide on the property - not sure if that had anything to do with it...

Anyway, very curious happenings you've got going on there!

Yes, things gone missing (and reappearing), electrical appliances with (what seems like) a mind of their own and an extra cat!

Seems like you have someone else staying at your place - and they've brought their cat with them. Sounds like attention seeking to me. At least your boarder is making themselves useful. Perhaps you could ask them to make you lunch... But not a bacon sandwich.

The bubble's movement is definitely WTH. Reminds me of some published accounts of UFO sightings. 😳

Interesting Times indeed, honorary brother-in-law.

RCRuskin in Wth Case Files
Hi, Val. Some interesting experiences here. And we do seem to have been whacked with the 'may you live in interesting times' curse.:P

But I only came here to say I have learned of two new kinds of ghosts this month. Floor Squeakers and WTHs.
seemayadav in Hunchback Ghost (s)
Amezing experience
This is your first experience?
After that did you faced any other incident
Aros, many years ago, I do recall this account where someone held my hand, as I laid awake in my bed and pulled my light body out into the Astral plane, the experience lasted for about 50 seconds and I knew who this person was... (human)

This lawyer from Canada wrote a booked titled Dancing on a Stamp. In the book, I'm pretty sure from memory he too was held by his hand and pulled out into the Astral realm by his spirit guide where he went on to have some amazing experiences as presented in his book.

I have this theory of which has some minor support. I believe ET Abduct humans via their light bodies around 90 percent of the time,why?... To the abductee, they wouldn't know the difference and apparently, it less traumatic and easier to handle for the individual as unlike Travis Walton for example of whom claimed was taken lot, stock and barrel or the married couple from their car in England, Betty and Barney anyway, onto your account,

When this being held your hand, I'm pretty sure you too were taken out of your body into the field of consciousness via the light body and transported back to a time when you were a child?... The surgical glove part is interesting? It may mean a couple of things? I would believe your hunch about it being non human is pretty much correct.

I'm trying to dance around my own other account of which I won't share in detail without giving up too much. The only point i'll make is this... My account felt like it was physical contact however, after decades of OBE's, I was able to conclude it happened out of body? After all, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience the vessel is just that,...anyway, food for thought mate.

That's an interesting thought to be sure... Not that I am in any rush to shed my physical shell but when that time comes I am looking forward to jumping into the light and saying "AH YES I REMEMBER!"
Eh, I'd like to think they'd be slightly amused, maybe a bit flattered - sortof like having a kid named after you. Let's push the envelope a bit farther - what if when those who typed your nic AROS, it was actually their guide acknowledging your guide? Of course that's assuming higher 'beings', for want of better terminology, recognize each other.
Hello Rajine,

We're Christians. We don't have that kind of rituals. Hehe. But for sure, I'll find a way to have it recorded.

Thank you for reading my story.
valkricry now wouldn't that be a kicker? What if this whole time I adopted the name AROS meanwhile my spirit guide is rolling his or her eyes. LOL!
Aros, don't know if you know, or if this will actually fit, but concerning your handle here's a few tidbits:
"...the word "AROS" in huge, red block letters in my mind's eye..." It's said that often this is how we learn the name of our spirit guide, it will just appear to us.
Aros is also a Norse name meaning from the mouth of the river.
Like I said, not sure if these are 'pieces' you can use/have meaning for you - but it's what popped into my head while having coffee this AM - and you're the only Aros I know, so there ya go.
Always good food for thought aussiedaz. The thing that is hard for some folks to understand is that our Souls don't have egos. Only we do as humans. Souls don't look at trouble and strife like we do. For instance, we as humans might look at a gorgeous human being who is a celebrity and appears to have it all. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect wealth and life.

The Soul, on the other hand, looks at the challenges that "perfect" life may present. How many times have we heard celebrities admit break downs, drug addiction, that in fact their "Fairy Tale" lives were anything but?

If you are a human being walking this earth, you have lessons to learn. You have trauma and hardship to endure no matter what it looks like to the outside looking in. Whether you have Down Syndrome or some incredibly debilitating illness or affliction or if you are the most wealthy and privileged person on the planet, you are here to learn lessons for your Soul's growth.


So when people say to me, "Man, I wish I were them." I am always saying "You have no idea what it is like to walk in their shoes."

And that goes for any living human being walking the planet no matter their life circumstances.
Aros, yes,...we would like to see ourselves as all love and light and someone important or a super hero as opposed to a villain however, the truth may be, we come back to experience the opposite for a reason.

If a soul did something bad like murder, it may choose to come back and experienced what it's like to be murdered? sounds insane to try and grasp why a soul would choose to do it. But as we both agree, there seems to be some greater enlightenment to be gained by having both perspectives.

Dr Brian Weiss,... He's most famous client was Catherine and I like what she said about her day out at the races where she basically knew the results to the program...

I think from memory she was with her father and they won a large sum of money... She insisted that it should be donated to charity because in a sense, her gift was not to be used for profit, I was only going over this with another member here recently.

Karma is not about revenge,it's about growth. If we do something bad in one life, chances are we'll come back in another and experience the opposite. If I wrote down a list of all the flaws I have, no matter how basic they are and then ask myself what have you learned from them and can you find the peace with in? Example...Anger,Jealousy,Envy,hate, etc etc.

My answer would be, I do acknowledge when my flaws are present and I do often reflect on them and own up to others if need be... But can I say, I'll never allow myself to be angry or jealous again? The answer is no... And this is what I think the whole deal is about us being's about conquering all of your fears and then finding that inner peace where the soul finds itself in a place of fulfilment.
aussiedaz I couldn't agree more on the reincarnation topic. The truth is, when we tap into our past lives, we were likely simple humans living simple lives. People want to think they might have been Cleopatra or some famous person but the truth is, we have mostly experienced lives as commoners living normal lives for the time period. Dr. Brian Weiss has some excellent case histories from patients who lived lives as both male and female, from murderers and rapists to decent people trying to live good lives. What I have derived from it all is that our Soul craves diversity in human experience. Nothing beats direct experience whether it is the good, the bad or the ugly.

I have limited experience with my past lives but I did take a past life course and my best friend and I walked into a class and the teacher (a highly attuned medium) and she instantly said "Oh! You two have had many lives together!" We didn't need to be told that as we knew it the moment we met (in this life). I had two dreams with him and I that I believe were past life memories. One, we were wearing German soldier uniforms trying to cross a river as stealthily as possible. Interesting aside, my best friend had a German soldier helmet in his bedroom growing up and we both have a strong connection to WWII.

Another "dream" we were walking down a dirt road... Dressed in what I would imagine to be late 1800's early 1900's attire. We had fishing poles as if we were headed to or coming from fishing. I remember he was my older brother who I looked up to very, very much. From the moment we met in this life we referred to each other as "Brother" and still do to this day. In face we always say "My Brother From Another Mother."

In another past life memory (this was from an exercise/meditation I did in that past life class) I saw myself as this Ghandi-looking old fellow, complete with walking stick and robe. Sitting on a hill somewhere meditating. Seemed like a nice enlightened life. I was content.
Aros, Yes, if you ever make your way down to Aus, who knows. Perhaps we could catch up in the outback and put another shrimp on the barbie and run over some of our deeper thoughts on the greater meaning to it all.

The council of light, the wise ones, in Michael Newtons two books, Journey of the Souls and Destiny of the Soul he talks about them to great depth... Apparently, our Souls are neither male or female according to his work and the wise ones pretty much appear in the spiritual realm as genderless... Such is the level of their enlightenment and spiritual development.

IMO< These are types of pondering questions (who are we) truth seekers dwell over when trying to formulate a conclusion that best makes sense based on all of the evidence and even ones own experiences, if you can validate them as authentic paranormal accounts, As why I'm tough on ruling in every visual, dream,UfO,ghostie etc, etc without the clincher. Off topic,

I have been meaning to have a past life regression and may do so at some further point however sometime ago, perhaps 6 or 7 years ago... I did attempt to imagine who I was in the previous life and what I came up with was a woman who died in the 1920's...I had nothing else to go on except my intuition of which once and a while turns out a heads up.

Recently this year, My brother had found pictures of our ancestors who lived around that time. One of the relations was a woman who looked a lot like myself, she actually died in the 1920's. My Wife, Brother and a couple of others who have seen her picture and all say she looks like me.

Obviously not conclusive evidence that's who I was however, there may be something more to it and I guess one day I'll know that for sure? B.t.w, I would have preferred it to be some macho male warrior, but isn't that part an ego wish and typical of a bloke?...anyway, If we are to buy into reincarnation as being a tool for growth and I do, then it makes perfect sense to me, we would mix up our gender to obtain more experience and enlightenment and greater wisdom. I was once told I have lived 55 lives, these wise ones have lived a thousand, so like yourself, I'm not the chosen one neither, I may be full of it,lmao...i like to think I have a good sense of humour.

Anyway, questions, lead too more questions, I can't remember the quote exactly however, it goes something like this... The more I learn the less I know. Lol
[at] valkricry, completely understood, no worries there. ETs and ghosts are two very different topics for sure. The topic "Non Human Entities" made me feel comfortable enough sharing the story as it didn't seem to fit anywhere else on this or the other sites.

I love that term "Council of Light". I'm not so convinced I am one of the "chosen ones" for such contact from highly evolved spiritual beings but it's a nice thought! LOL! Then again, stranger things have happened I suppose and my spiritual awakening back in 1993 was quite extraordinary to be perfectly honest.

I struggle today to live up to the level of purity of thought and deed that derives from higher consciousness. My humanness gets in the way, but I do love a good challenge and constantly try to get there.

[at] aussiedaz we sound like kindred spirits pun intended, lol. I bet we could have some great convo sitting around the fire on a star-littered evening. I too have had many many dreams that I know were more than just "dreams". Being aboard craft and intelligence that was much advanced beyond my own. I often wonder how many of those dreams were tapping into simply a past or future memory on my Soul's time stream... After all, once our Souls travel at night, they are not bound by the illusions of time and space like we are during our conscious "waking hours".
Aros, I can understand where valcricry is coming from as she stated, these types of discussion are ok once in a blue's just the flood gate of submissions of which when it becomes a nuisance to sort out for the mods, seeming it's primarily for ghost stories.

Mt Rainier rings a bell on my own road of researching?... I'm pretty sure it's one of those UFO hot spots?

Apparently, ET have mastered the science of consciousness of which a number of theoretical physicist proclaim is fundamental to our reality and within my own conclusions when drawing down on the nature of reality. It's well documented we do experience accounts such as precognition's and premonitions and when doing experiments such as the double slit experiment, where results demonstrate time can travel backwards, not to forget all that jazz with intangible particles... It doesn't surprise me at all for an advanced civilisation to transport you back to your childhood would by like water of a ducks back for the big boys.

We both have a similar belief system, of which I enjoy when having conversation of such nature and all round relating to spiritualism.

I somehow don't think aussiedaz is my spiritual name,lmao...however, I do fully agree we you, that we do have a some other name when we return home and Aros, is probably yours.

Anyway, I'll I share this with you here, as I said in my last post, I did have this insane account of which may have been an hallucination, I won't share that one.

On this other time and this one would probably fall under remote viewing and would be allowed at least on a YGS sister site, if not val, just delete my comment, I won't be

I do remember laying in bed in the middle of the day, where I closed my eyes and had a visual, let's call it a precognition of some type?... This visual may have been many years in the future or many years ago in the past and again, I won't rule it out as my own imagination, because that too is possible?

It lasted for about 30 seconds, I was inside something I can only refer to as a flying object, it may have been a plane? The only thing I could see, was the outside of what ever it was I were in.

Let me call it a plane? This plane tilted to the right and when it did, at the time I saw some structures of what seemed to be buildings of some sort?... At the base of these buildings were dense forest and mountains of land and hills all around.

It was the reason that led me to conclude it wasn't earth, because we don't have any structures of such nature growing directly out of dense forest that I'm aware of, it may have been planet green peace for all I know, lol...anyway, this account was probably a type of remote viewing/precognition that I'd stumbled into by fluke, using the tools of the mind and the platform within the field of consciousness. Or like yourself, it may have been something showed to me by some other being for what ever reason. It was one a several accounts that lead up to the most profound one, so yes.

If you put yourself out there seeking interaction they will sometimes entertain the request if they think you are spiritually advanced enough to handle them... As grounded as we all may think we are, knowing you're are in the presence of ET can freak you out as much as sleep paralysis can.

Oh, Aros, I fear you misunderstood my intent. Pursue away! At least on this thread - I personally find it fascinating. I'm just trying to deflect future hurt feelings when someone submits how they chased Bigfoot from their picnic with toothbrushes and we pass with a hard no.
My understanding is the White Brotherhood are said to be perfected beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans. Karl von Eckartshausen (1752-1803) in his book The Cloud upon the Sanctuary called this body of mystics, who remained active after their physical deaths on earth, the Council of Light. Very interesting.
Hi Aussiedaz,

Twain once penned truth is stranger than fiction. It most certainly is. Out of respect for valkricry's comments I will refrain indulging the topic much further (although I bet a website dedicated to ET/UFO/Bigfoot/cryptoids to this network of sites would do well), but AROS could very well be my name from another lifetime. I hope to find out one day!
Before we start getting a flood of ET/UFO/Bigfoot/cryptoid type submissions, I just want to point out that as a rule we do not publish those, we're about GHOSTS, after all. This account was an exception due to the fact that it is in direct correlation with Aros' childhood experience.
Hi Markle

Do you think perhaps this spirit attached itself to you? As for it being hunched it's hard to say why it appears to you that way.
Hi Aros, I have researched this topic for over a decade and have had my own experiences of which I have only shared with my family and a couple of friends. On this one particular account, I was either having the most unbelievable illusion that was created by my own mind, or I was actually aboard a craft? I'm still split in the middle trying to figure it out what it was exactly? Anyway,

The evidence that is available for research on this topic is unbelievably in huge volumes. A citizens hearing on disclosure in 2013 from memory is the most compelling in my view.

Under oath, in front of eight ex senators from the capitol, 500 witnesses most of them from the military over a week put forward evidence of which the eight senators all concurred in it's findings were damning in favour of the phenomenon being validated and a cover up of mass proportion. You'd think we were all in a science fiction movie?... If people only knew the truth about who we are, who they are and what's really going on. Full disclosure will happen one day however, I think most of the baby boomers will be long gone. Our young primitive civilisation is probably not ready for it.

As for Aros? Yes, that may be a name for you to remember? We don't only reincarnate in the earth realm, there are billions of different earth like planets and probably 100's of other civilisation that exist amongst the multi verse, it's probably too complex for our basic human minds to comprehend and most people here will dismiss what I'm saying as another tin foil hat nutter or what ever. Anyway,

Thank you for sharing, you may not have too many others joining in on the topic, I actually enjoy meeting others not afraid to put their account out there.

Kudos for that mate.

Regards Daz
lady-glow in Hunchback Ghost (s)
Hi Markle.

What you were seeing wasn't the physical but a spiritual manifestation of the gentlemen, perhaps they left this plane carrying an overwhelming emotional weight that still is too heavy on the other side of the veil.

Interesting experiences.

Thanks for sharing.

I meant to add this tidbit to my earlier comment, in regard to your vision of AROS spelled out in red block letters, that actually sounds a lot like a Psychic Flash. I've always been under the assumption that these are signs to pay attention to...

Yeah, I definitely agree and think it's very possible that we've borrowed some of our ideas from non-human technology - when you think about it, we're in the fourth generation of Stealth aircraft technology 😲 pretty incredible advancement in a relatively short period of history (supposedly the idea was conceived around the late 1970's). Yet, no matter how far we've come in advanced sciences, there are still things in our world that can't be explained by mainstream science...

There are some alien theories out there proposing that aliens are spiritual beings sent to watch over us and guide us; others believe that aliens can be both angelic or demonic entities - it's a rabbit hole that anyone can easily get lost in if they were to delve deeper into that subject!

Anyway, thank you for your terrific story and thought provoking posts!
LightMight, love the story about the UFO sightings! It is in fact completely interesting it occurred around a military base for sure. I think there are two possible explanations and both could be true depending on the case. One, alien/ET spacecraft are often seen around military bases due to their curiosity in our advancements in technology and warfare, especially where nuclear weapons are involved.

Two, secret elements of our military/government are testing advanced aircraft based off of reverse engineering of actual Non Human technology. In fact, I personally believe this is what makes up the majority of sightings these days.

As for AROS, I love the acronym angle. I truly never thought about that. Here's a little fact that I think is interesting. When AROS came to me in my mind's eye originally back in 1997, I never mentioned the all caps aspect to people. I always wrote "Aros" never "AROS" even though that is how it was first introduced to me.

Over the years, no matter what forum I am on, be it a Seahawks fan forum (diehard Seahawks fan here) or metaphysical forum or even other types of forums, I am always surprised how most will address me with all caps, i.e. "AROS". Even when I never type my handle in caps, strangers do. It's a weird little synchronistic thing I've noticed now for years. Why are they - with zero stakes in the game - compelled to type AROS and not Aros?

Maybe it's nothing but I have always found that odd. Thank you for your comments and story!
Hello Aros,

Pretty amazing story you've shared here! Along the lines of what Rajine mentioned- maybe this entity is trying to convey to you that it has been, and will continue to be, in your life intermittently. Do you think that AROS could be an acronym? Is it possible that maybe this entity is trying to prepare you for future visits?

The Pacific Northwest certainly doesn't suffer from a lack of UFO sightings, especially throughout the Cascade Mountains. Many years ago, I dated a young man (I'll refer to as Jay), who was from the Port Orchard area, just off of Puget Sound. I recall several conversations he and his brother had about their childhood experiences with seeing lights and possibly some type of craft over their parent's property. The sightings took place when they were camped out at night, on the back half of the acreage. He described the lights as being in a type of formation in the sky, over the water and then disappearing very quickly. Another story he spoke of happened on one occasion in the middle of the night, the boys decided to make a trek back to their house for a few items - upon exiting the tent both of them saw what he described as a hexagonal shaped object floating above the wooded area they were camping near. At that point, they didn't know what they were looking at, but apparently it scared them so badly that they made a beeline to the house and didn't return to the tent. After days of persistently discussing the strange, floating object they witnessed above the property, Jay's mother decided to separate the boys and have them draw what they saw that night. Supposedly, once they finished the drawings, their mother was surprised to see how similar the drawings were to one another. Sometime shortly after, the boys wanted to try their luck at another campout in the tent, they had become obsessed with the idea of possibly having another experience with the floating thing! Their mother, who was totally against the idea, wouldn't discuss it any further. So they decided to ask their father, who was a no-nonsense Bremerton naval man, for permission - his answer was an unyielding 'No'. Jay did mention that he thought that his parents might have believed the boys, but due to their personal beliefs, he doubted his parents would ever accept the idea of strange lights and a possible UFO sighting around their home...
I find it interesting that this happened near a naval base.
Sleeping-with-steve in Soviet Sanitarium

Yeah, I read it too. You weren't imaging it. It was funny eh? 🤣

Best wishes,
Hi spookyONE69

Better to be prepared for the next time 😁 but you if you feel creeped out by it you can always do a house cleansing ritual.
Hi Aros

Yes that's true sometimes memories are locked away in the mind for years and anything can trigger remembering them, could be a smell or a particular voice, a song, something someone says etc.
Thanks for posting and keep sharing your stories with us.
Hello Rajine,

Oh. Tell me about it. Until now, it's still mysterious to me. But whenever I felt something weird, I have my phone and my camera ready to have it covered I will someday share it here
Hello Lady-Glow

I'd like to keep it anonymous 😊

I asked her if she still have it, unfortunately she told me she deleted it after sending it to me.

It was very down right chilling.
That's so scary! I don't understand what makes you think that the pigeon was evil. 🤔

[at] freakedoutFredy. SPOOKane WA 😆

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