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First of all I'm really sorry for your daughter. She must have been very close to u being the first child. The first child is always fragile; its nature's law... Yes... The white lady was warning u...She could sense the danger that was about to come... A similar incident happened with me before my daddy passed away... A jingling sound could be heard by the bedroom window where I used to sleep. Then gradually I used to wake up at midnight as the jingling used to happen right beside my bed! Later on I found out it was the local holy spirit who was warning me about my daddy's death.
WisconsinLady in Edith's House
Oh, man. Have I got some stellar flashlights!
And the sticky push lights for all your dark spaces! (And extra Command strips, just in case they need extra stick!) Thanks for the flashlight reminder, Biblio! And I've been creeping on the lamp section of the Homesense store nearby.
I like your theory about night lights being because we look out for our loved ones and the future! I think that's very true. I also think it has to do with feeling energy. I've always had a weird understanding about energy (except for during my EM fields physics class in college. That energy... Not as understandable. 😁) I find comfort in light, but I don't necessarily fear the dark. I did 3rd shift security for a bit, and can say my love of light isn't born out of a fear of darkness. Light just "feels right" in many circumstances.

A nice man on a ghost show once said, "The greatest light is merciful love." Another great light is also the glow from 4 night lights in my current view.

I, too, can't watch the news sometimes, because it's too upsetting. This Edith lady is alright in my book. ❀ Or maybe I _AM_ Edith messing with you because you think my beloved mirror walkway is dated and jarring at times.
But seriously, much love to her, you and this comment thread.

Sidenote: I typed this in the loving glow of my phone at 3 am. It might be incoherent and rambling. 😘 ❀

Our departed loved ones are always desperate enough to reach out which ever way they can, IMO, the extra weight was Grandpa's way of coming through to let your family know he is ok... It may also be a metaphor in the sense that he is sorry for leaving extra pressure on his family for making the choices he made?.

95 percent of suicides usually wake up on the other side with that ''oh no why did I do that for'', however even so, they are usually comforted by other loved ones and sometimes even re energised if their spiritual self needs the boost.

5 percent of suicides are pre planned before birth, an elderly old person tired of living may fit under that umbrella if they have reached a certain stage of their journey and wish the curtain would fall... We usually pick a few exit points pre birth, although the burden of weight was left on his family to carry... (pardon the pun) the next exit point strategy for grand dad, may have been a lot tougher to bear.

Thank you for sharing,

Regards Daz

"at least it'll be a story your kids can tell their kids when they put you in "a home" someday"

I read both of your comments without mishap but, when I got to that part, it was so funny and unexpected that I spilled some of my ice water. Good night. πŸ˜†

- Maria
mel8763, I appreciate your kind words.

I guess the most difficult part for a survivor is to wonder for the rest of their life if they could have done more to prevent a loved one from committing suicide. It is a very traumatic experience.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my experience.
Hi MT. I'm pretty sure I don't know half as much about ghosts or the paranormal as I know about the Mohawk Valley. It's one of the areas I've been studying for six years since I discovered that my ancestors lived and fought there in the 1700s, especially during the Revolutionary War. Can you be more specific about where you lived, and perhaps I can find some information for you?

The cleansing and shielding ritual was developed by rookdygin. I have used it myself and found it to be effective. This is his profile:



Let us know if you decide to use it.

I will also paste it here:

Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
Haven thank you for your words. Everyone seems to say the same about my folks and about him, I thank God at this moment we are states apart. I am so glad that my folks are still looking out for me.
MrsRamsey Thank you for your wise words as far as the creepy in-law.
I also had a dream about my sister, it was creepy. She stood there staring at me. I couldn't over the feeling that something was wrong. She gave me one of those creepy smiles before running at me. Gave me shivers for a while that I couldn't go over to her house for months.
AugustaM, Thank you for words. I am glad you shared your story of a creepy in-law. My sister has asked me several times in the past to try to get to know him but it always ends up bad. I love my sister but I can't deal with him. I always feel like I'm walking on egg shells around him. I will trust my dreams and what my folks are trying to tell me.
I'm followed by something too. 😳 Sounds like you need a cleansing. I've tried saging, but it didn't work for me. At the top of the page there is also "Directories" where you can find paranormal investigators. I've a called a few numbers but no one has called me back. There's also something called "Rook's Cleansing Method" that many members use here. I forget the name of the member that has that posted. I hope someone sees this and can be of further help.
Lady-glow, very sorry you and your family went through this. I think it WAS your grandpa communicating with your mother. Suicide has got to be hard on the survivors. I'm so sorry for your and your family's pain.
Akkikad in Revenge Attempt
After reading your stories one by one I am feeling they are not real. I don't think anyone will keep on chazing behind something that is for sure dangerous, that too one experience after another.
majarlika012 in Musical Ghost
Hello friendlyclown:)
I wish you are indeed friendly hehehe.

BTW, your last statement made me a bit skeptic of the authenticity of this story. When you said:
"I am also a writer of short horror/ghost stories and I wonder if my believing in the paranormal has something to do with this. No one else in my family believes in ghosts."

1. How sure that this story is not a part of your creative mind being a writer of ghost stories?
2. "I can't be sure if I was awake or not" what if you were really half dreaming and your senses were playing tricks in your head?

However, I am not totally invalidating that it was indeed paranormal.
1. Did anyone in your family experience as such, if it's really a paranormal incident?
2. Was there any other incident similar to this?
3. Was your baby grand piano bought as brand new or second hand?
4. Do you have a cctv so you can check if indeed someone or something might cause those piano keys sounds?

Looking forward to your reply:) Cheers!
Adding to my previous comment, you could try using candles and/or incense set with intentions (what you want the candles or incense to help with). My go to is candles. Spiritual stores have candles with certain herbs and such added, and they come with intention suggestions. You could also go to any store for colored candles. Black candles are used for protection. Any black candle works. My candle came with the words to say out loud: "From east, south, west, and north; above and below; I am protected." They use a semi-colon, so it must be true. I'd throw in something about removing negativity from your house and replacing it with love and happiness. Yellow candles are for happiness. Mine says "God within, awaken and fill me with bliss, joy, and happiness." Perhaps get your family together when you set the candle intention and light the candle (s) together.
And if this doesn't help, at least it'll be a story your kids can tell their kids when they put you in "a home" someday.

Side note: when I was pulling out my candle intention papers (they come with every candle and I save them all) from my "already used jar" to dictate to you, all I was pulling out was the yellow happiness papers. It felt like my candle papers were trying to tell me to heavily suggest yellow candles to you. It was a little weird and creepy. Or just the laws of probability.

Restating: not saying you are a bad person or created only negativity. I just think any strong emotion can accumulate over time in some instances. ❀
majarlika012 in Scary Ghost Call
It happened to me before. Seems like a technical problem - telcomm issues. Usually happens when there's a weather disturbance wherein cables, phone lines, signals were being disrupted. But, I do not invalid your claim that this might be a paranormal experience.
I guess all you can do is observe. Does it happen when there's no weather disturbance? Is there anyone you know who experienced the same? Try to make a call if another extreme weather occurred and see if a suspected "ghostly" happens again.

Hi, Joe! Thanks for sharing your story. I think all the comments so far are very good and informative. I'm going to throw in a different suggestion, just for additional options for you:
I believe that strong emotions and energy in a location can accumulate over time into form and eventually entities. I would consult someone who knows reiki and see what they suggest. If your house has seen intense emotion (like divorce and family change), having someone push out any past negativity to replace with good energy might be a good step. I'm not saying you've created a bad environment, btw! The energy flow in your house might just need a tune up. ❀
(I think my words make sense here... πŸ€”)
majarlika012 in Cadet's Lady
Hello Leodac,
I agree with lady-glow. If I were the lady and come across guys whom I felt uncomfortable and scared, I would definitely run away from suspected danger.
You should have asked the residents perhaps, or anyone if they knew any paranormal sightings in the area, if there's any.
Lastly, if there really is a paranormal phenomenon in the area, I guess it's just to teach you, guys, a lesson to always respect women - whatever look a woman has.
AugustaM in My Three Hauntings
Hah! I do the same thing in my apartment! Living next to the mass grave, we do get visitors (not many of late, though, which is odd in and of itself) and my most effective way of managing them is just to let'em have it - firmly remind them of our house rules. Sure they'll "forget" sometimes or we'll get someone new but I just remind them again and activity goes right back down. We co-exist rather peacefully.
AugustaM in Ghostly Voices
My mother and I have been down the road with nasty extended family - my father's father (I refrain from using any more familial terms where that side of the family is concerned) was nothing but a dirty old tyrant. He would molest my mother in front of me (I would have been less than 11 as we hardly saw him after the divorce) AND my father - and my father did nothing. She didn't know what to do because he was family - she tried out every self blame tactic she possibly could to attempt to normalize the situation. But she finally came to the realization that, no - it wasn't her being paranoid, or inviting a situation or anything of the sort - he was a bad person, in-law or not. Family status doesn't necessarily make someone a good person. Trust your gut and don't let their status guilt you into a negative situation.
AugustaM in I Believe Her
The human mind is a fascinating thing - no less when it begins to unravel with age and illness. My mother was a nurse for over forty years specializing in geriatrics. In that capacity, she cared for many patients afflicted with dementia and Alzheimer's. Hallucinations are within the realm of possibilities with both afflictions and the fact that it happens mainly at night follows right along with "sundowners syndrome." However, that doesn't necessarily mean, I don't think, that everything every such patient sees must be so. After all, patients in that situation are much closer to the veil than their caretakers - might that not give at least some of them an increased ability to see (and hear) spirits?

I don't know what Carmen and Gloria's beliefs are but a cleansing might help Gloria get some sleep. If such a procedure might rile Carmen, do it when she is at an appointment. Then, depending on what her beliefs are, perhaps a few meaningful symbols or images placed in her room might help "seal the deal" so to speak.
AugustaM in Scary Ghost Call
Were you physically in the same place when you made both calls? Or even close? If so, it could be something tied to that area - perhaps something tragic happened there.
I don't doubt that your home is haunted but you may want to have the attic checked for squirrels etc - that could account for the cats behavior. We had a bat in our attic once and you should have seen the way the cats carried on on the floor below! You could even put a camera up there yourself - there is a free app called "Alfred" that allows you to slave two devices together (I use an old cell phone with my current cell phone) making one into a security camera and the other into a viewer - even in the dark it does pretty well!:)
Lealeigh in Ghostly Voices

Don't beat yourself up over having to put your mother in assisted living. You know that even though she made you promise, she forgives you. The whole business of dying looks like nothing to be upset about where she is now.

I agree with everyone else who posted; trust your instincts. They are there for a reason.

It's terrible for me to read about the relationship that you have with your sister. I feel bad for you that you don't have friendship with her.

My sister has gone through so many things with me during the childhood years; if I can't trust her, I can trust no one.

- Maria
MrsRamsay in Ghostly Voices
Adove, Hello. Your story makes a lot of sense to me. Less than a year after my mom passed away in 2013, I feel as though I got a phone call from her on my birthday! Like you, I'll talk to my loved ones every now and then. I was sitting in our bright family room on a winter evening while my husband and two kids were outside shooting off a couple leftover fireworks from the New Year celebration. It was about 7:30 pm and the phone rang. The ID on the television said, "CVS Pharmacy," not surprising since my older kids, just out of college and on their own, had been sick. I immediately guessed it was one of them, perhaps needing money for some cold medicine.

I picked up the phone and said, "Hello, who is this?"
I heard a faint, "Mom! Mom!"
Me: "Who IS this?" (both girls sound alike sometimes) I could not figure out why she didn't say her name and sounded so faint.
Caller: "Mom!"
All of a sudden the call just stopped, not even sure how I knew, and I realized it was NEITHER of my girls calling out to me over the phone; it was Mom, answering my question, "who is this?"! I stood there shocked and wondering how I was going to tell my husband without sounding crazy. The funny thing is, I went to my caller ID and called back the number. It SAID it was to the CVS pharmacy in a small town about 150 miles from where I live, the same town where my parents used to own a lake house (so a significant place), however, neither the store nor the pharmacy was open when I called the number, it was just a recording. And that doesn't make sense either, in early evening on a weekday. It remains a mystery, but my point is, I believe if you FEEL like it's your mom communicating with you, I think it could very well be.

Also, similarly to your creepy person, I also had a bad relationship with one of my sisters and shortly after Mom died I dreamed that someone (probably my sister) had come up behind me in bed, sort of over my shoulder, with the intent to do harm. In my dream I couldn't move at all, and I tried and tried to move or scream. For the first time ever, I came awake in a sort of half yell, just scared to death. It was morning and light already but I was absolutely shaking. Not like me AT ALL. Ever! All that day, I really felt it was Mom trying to warn me to stay away from my sis. She had never been violent, but Mom's death sort of pushed her over some cliff, she was acting so weird and taking all that grief out on me. I felt it was better to be safe than sorry, and have stayed away from her to this day. Sadly. So maybe try and trust your instincts on this one and best of luck to you!
Hi mangadanga,
I liked all your stories and they are very well written.
But bhanamathi is the term used form of black magic and generally carried out in north Karnataka region and I belong to north Karnataka. It is very famous and way dangerous. One of neighbourhood friends I used to play with in childhood was the victim but his family saved him. I think I should write about it.
Sleeping-with-steve in Edith's House
Hello Lady-Glow and LeighLea,

I just tried to vote on LeighLea's comments directed at me and it said, 'please vote for someone else' again.

Lady-Glow I was able to vote up all your comments and everyone else.

I had to look up 'modus operandi'. I had no idea what it meant. πŸ€”

At the end of the day, I love reading the comments on YGS. So many interesting posts. Keep the posts comming.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
lady-glow in Edith's House

I have been paying close attention to this karma-war, whoever is doing it doesn't say anything, or so they think. I wonder if they realize that their own actions have exposed their modus operandi making them easy to counterattack... The lone fool is against the community.


You are a great contributor and your comments are always informative, helpful and respectful, not to mention funny and clear. People like you make this site amazing.
Lealeigh in Edith's House

Edith is nice; she cares about what happens to everyone and all of their pets - even strangers. She gets upset when she watches the news.

She use to be an elementary school teacher.

I'm glad you're planning on being grumpy. I'm grumpy now but I mean well. They said that the china hutch is under a painter's drop cloth; it should be okay. I have the feeling that the basement is one of those areas on Earth that's been sitting in it's own air supply for a while; like an unexplored Egyptian tomb.

- Maria
lady-glow in Edith's House

I bet that china hutch is lovely, antique pieces of furniture were built to last and are a great addition to any decor. I'm sure it has survived all those years hidden in the basement.

I imagine visiting Edith's house as a kid was fascinating for you, she sounds like a lovable lady... I think I'll be a grumpy grandma.
Hello Piscesian,

I've read your story a couple of times and I have thought about it.

I'm not so sure that the child spirit really is the ghost of a real child. I think it shows itself in that way as a manipulation.

My "belief" about children is that, when they die, their spirits find themselves less attached to this world than do adults when they die. I think this because of all the accounts of children who see ghosts and other anomalies when older people cannot. They are closer to the dawn of their consciousness and do not linger in the physical world for a long time after they die. I think there are exceptions to this when there is a death that is very traumatic.

Let me get to my point quickly: the ghost child is probably not a child. It has been in the school for some time in that shape. People have seemed to accept it as a child but I don't think it is one.

He seems happy to remain there and my thoughts of ghost children is that they are more likely to feel lost, sad or in need of guidance.

Most of my ideas about the emotions and motivations of ghosts come from years of watching the emotions and motivations of the living. Your interpretation could be the correct one.

Thank you for sharing your story and take care!

- Maria
Lealeigh in Edith's House

Thank you for reading my story. When I was a little kid, I loved going to Edith's house.

I used to play in the hallway where all the mirrors reflect each other. I used to drag chairs and boxes and other random stuff because I though that seeing them reflected forever was the coolest thing in the world.

My mom used to get angry but Edith said it was cute and I could haul anything I wanted around her house.

As an adult, seeing yourself reflected forever can be kind of jarring. The mirrors were Edith's attempt of 1970's chic.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Edith's House

I'm sorry, I need to sort out my email. It's full of Pizza Hut ads, Elder Scrolls Online stuff and stuff. I'll write you back.
Lealeigh in Edith's House

Thanks but I don't care about karma points anymore. I don't even look at them. They don't seem to convey a clear picture of how helpful a person either is or is trying to be.

- Maria
Sleeping-with-steve in Edith's House
Hello LeighLea,

You emailed me and said 'I appreciate that you are helping me out with karma points'. To be honest I up vote everyone's comments unless the comment is mean or unhelpful.

When you first started commenting on YGS I voted you up 160 times. 2 weeks ago you had 150 points and now have 414 points. You have a lot of friends voting you up and you will no doubt get the status you want before long.

I'm sure my emails aren't getting to you. The first email was about (Don't focus on your karma points, they will come and go). My 2nd email was basically letting you know sometimes I get a message saying,' please vote for someone else'.πŸ€”

You have comments on just about every thread. Before long you will own YGS shares lol.🀣

Anyway, I just thought I'd reply to you here because my server is out of data until I recharge.

Your post on Edith was interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,
Hi Lady-glow,

No I haven't talked to them about it, my grandfather died last year, and I don't want my grandmother to feel uncomfortable about me living there, she's 90 now so i'm not going to make her feel unease.

I do know that this house was previously owned by my grandmother's mother, she had a hatstore here. My grandparents broke it down and put this house instead.

And yes, I have thought about it being residual, because of the bouncy-ball.

I wanted to try to make contact a few times already, but every time I chicken out:') I'm really not scared in my house now, and I want to keep it that way:-)
Hi, adove.

If it's not your parents responding to your question then it is your subconscious. Either way, your ex sounds like trouble, you should stay away from him.

I agree with Biblio, there is something off about this guy. I don't think it's a coincidence that now that your parents are gone he wants to start communicating again. He is up to no good.
aussiedaz in Was It Her Spirit?

Yes,I have read many accounts of people surviving near fatal accidents and then coming back more psychic than they were before especially if there was any head trauma?.

Some folk have come back and found themselves musical or artistic geniuses, it vary's from person to person. Perhaps the microtubules are altered to a point where the person alters their consciousness enough to be this different person with different abilities? I do remember this one account where a man became a full on psychic to a point he gave professional readings.

Regards Daz
Augusta - Gran was going to get that message through loud and clear, by hook or by crook!

I know that you must be going through a terrible time because of your mother's condition. I understand it only too well.

Bear in mind that the sooner any sort of problem is discovered, the easier it is to fix. This is true in many aspects of our lives.

I am sending good vibes and thoughts your way for your mother and for you.

Regards, Melda
Melda in Edith's House
Lealeigh - I hope you do eventually inherit the China hutch but please give it a good cleansing. It might need a good cleaning as well as it seems to have been buried in the basement for ages!

My husband is a hoarder as well. I get rid of everything I don't need, so I suppose it balances things a bit.

Unfortunately I can't vote for you at present 😐

Regards, Melda
Joe - I don't have personal experience with shadow people, so I only know what I have heard and what I have read on this site and the general consensus seems to be that they are not harmful. You seem to be convinced that they are benign and therefore I tend to believe you.

However, just because you have become accustomed to them and are not frightened does not mean that other members of your family or friends will not fear them. Even if I had harmless shadow people in my home, I would definitely not want them swirling around me. That would be extremely disconcerting and yes, I would do my utmost to be free of them. They do not belong in your home.

I believe you have at least one other entity in your home which caused your dish to explode and pulled the covers off the children. I consider those acts to be aggressive.

I don't think you want your children to dig their heels in and tell their mom that they don't want to visit their dad anymore because he has ghosts in his house.

Just ponder on it.

Regards, Melda
poopsie298 in Was It Her Spirit?
I really appreciate the comments! I do have a question... It it possible, after experiencing that, that it may have opened up a channel (s) to a spiritual world (I think that sounds very odd, but I don't know how else to word it)?

I have had a few moments over the last few years that have caused me to question my sanity. I am pretty sure I know what I have seen (in my peripheral) and what I have sensed and felt, but having no one to discuss it with makes it seem improbable.
Bibliothecarius in Ghostly Voices
Greetings, adove.

He "would get creepy," "We would get in fights," and "he would get nasty and rude."

"Is this my folks warning me to stay clear of the creepy in-law?" Yes.

Your parents either suspected or knew information about your in-law that they did not share with you but it motivated them to protect you. They're still protecting you.

The descriptions you gave of this relative felt cold and dark to me as I read them the first time; I'm getting goosebumps focusing on writing about him in this message. Something about this man is much worse than you know.

You do not want an open line of communication with this man.

Take care of yourself,
I live in the heart of St. Louis Mo. City, there are no Panthers or Jaguars were I live. My other four dogs were no where in site of this animal I saw. They were on the second and third floors, and there was no reaction from my dogs. Yes, the lights were on. This animal was walking past the door leading into the kitchen on the first floor. I was only a few feet away from it walking down what use to be the servants steps that lead into the kitchen. It startled me since at the time I thought a large stray dog had got into the house. I thought one of my sons had left the kitchen door open, but that wasn't the case. This animal was sleek black, built just like a large cat. Panther or Jaguar. I'm not sure since I am not familiar with large cats. The tail was so long, and I could see the proportions of this animal which were sleek and defined. I wasn't afraid, just startled to see it. I walked at fast as I could down the few steps, but as I neared the doorway it had already passed by leading into the dining room, when I got to the doorway I looked into the dining room and it was just gone, vanished. I haven't seen it since. I'm just amazed that it was pure solid,, not see through at all. I am still stumped by this cat animal and it's meaning. Yes I have Native American roots, my great grandmother was full blood Creek Indian. My great Aunt told me her mother was full blood Cherokee. I remember seeing a picture of her, she was so beautiful with just a simple animal hide dress with fringe, moccasins, a braid going down her back with a single feather in her hair. Thank you for your comments. Marla

After doing some research, like you I am not entirely convinced that my situation fits the mold of what would be considered classic "shadow people". These shadows in my house are not shy, at all, in fact quite the opposite. They almost seem curious. They do not disappear when they are noticed and they don't seem to be in any particular hurry getting to where they are going. Like I said before, it's like watching a lava lamp made out of pitch black glide around the room. That being said... I have the entire house to myself tomorrow, as the kids will be in school, and my girlfriend has work. I just may try and sweep some of this activity away. I'll keep you posted.

It's hard to add anything of value to Lealeigh's comment. In my opinion, you can not take chances to 'analyze' them (for lack of a better term) when they are already bothering the children and doing things potentially dangerous.
Just imagine another glass dish exploding when someone is around!

If you are fine keeping them around, it would be a good idea to lay some rules about what is allowed and what is off limits.
Perhaps you should consider asking for the help or a medium or a psychic to communicate with them. Just don't trust anyone, there are many charlatans trying to make an easy buck.
I feel like I should add that I don't know what I think shadow people really are. Like you, I don't believe that they are ghosts or demons. There may be many different kinds of things that look like shadows to us.

The one that I saw years ago didn't have any discernable features either. It was just like a black shape cut out of matter. It was the middle of the day when I saw it.

It was there for a full second and then it was gone; it didn't fade away or even move away.

- Maria

I, for one, think that your situation is already escalating. Many of the accounts that I have read of shadow people say that they are something that generally avoid being seen; they are often seen in the corner of your eye. I have seen one once in my life and "he" either didn't know he had been seen or wasn't interested in me. Either way, he was gone right away and I never saw him again.

The ones in your house are aggressively interacting with you. They behave in a way that demands a reaction from you and are possibly feeding off of your reactions. It is almost certain that they won't stop without being forced to.

It really bothers me the way you describe these things getting in your face. I consider it quite a bold action. As far as pulling the blankets off of the children, well, that seems kind of traumatic for them.

The shielding and cleansing method that Melda provided the link for, I have used myself and I can tell you that things are much "cleaner" in my environment.

Let us know if you decide to do it.

- Maria
[at] Lealeigh- Hello, and thank you! First, I do not own an aquarium, typically I do sleep with a fan on in my bedroom, but doubt its auditory pareidolia due to the fact that I've not experienced it prior to this and have been sleeping with background noise for years due to tinnitus.

[at] Melda- Thank you very much for the link, I have studied it extensively and may very well give it a try if thing continue to progress the way they have been

[at] Lady-Glow- I can't help but want to try to explain it, it's just in my nature to try to understand it. To quote one of my favorite authors "Knowledge counters fear, it always has."

As for questions you all seemed to have, the children have mentioned that while they are going to sleep they have experienced things as well. Only my girlfriends two youngest, who share a room. They claim that their covers are being pulled off the bed, and hearing voices having conversations. The conversations are probably my TV (they go to bed early and we are up for quite some time) the covers thing I cannot explain. I do go into the room and check and have never seen or heard anything to see give me pause in the room. Other than mentioning that in passing, and when doing so did not seem upset in the slightest, they seem completely unaffected.

Since first writing this, I have not been awoken by conversation or heard footsteps. I have seen the shadows moving in the room, but again, nothing I was horribly alarmed about. The only "new" thing is now myself and my girlfriend hear what sounds like someone moving something around in the next room, like knocking or banging. Typically in the kitchen, when we are in the living room and only at night.

I do have questions for you all. You all seem to be in agreement that I should be attempting to force these shadows out of my home. Why do you feel that way? Is there a precedence in shadows being malevolent or harmful?

Thank you all for your kind words, and advice! I look forward to hearing more from you!
Bibliothecarius in Meeting Ghost Of Live Person
Greetings, nightrider66, and welcome to YGS.

I've read of several cases in which a living person has experienced a great tragedy and has unintentionally left a psychic imprint on the environment where he or she attempted to come to terms with his or her loss. These "imprint" events are very similar to residual hauntings, though, in that they do not interact with others; their concern is their own deep emotional upheaval. Using these data as a starting point, it would not make sense for the individual you saw to be spectral in nature, unless he'd been through some trauma in the vicinity of your old home. It seems to run counter to the apparition's interactions with other spirits.

My more positive thought is that you may have had a "time slip" or "dimensional" experience, in which you saw the living man interacting with others in an ordinary manner, despite whatever distance may have been between you at that time.

If there are valid reasons for rejecting my suggestions, please let us know. I'm curious about this event.

Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Silverthane61.

I also agree that this is something malignant. I think they are taking advantage of the fact that nobody believes Carmen, they think it's part of her illness. I probably would have thought the same thing if it wasn't for what I saw and heard.

I'm sorry to hear you had to experience first hand what that terrible disease does to a person. At first, I thought Alzheimer's just meant people forgot familiar faces, I have since learned different. I pray I never have to go through that was a loved one. It's almost like losing that person twice.

Thanks for your comment.
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Maria.

You are correct in that Gloria is a wonderful human being. She has been through so much tough things in her life it is a wonder she is not bitter, jaded or broken. She is kind, considerate and so forgiving.

I also believe your grandmother when she said her mother was there with her. I have been told of people who see family members on their deathbed. The interesting thing with Carmen is that she claims to see her dead husband, Gloria's father, but instead of this bringing her peace she curses him and starts insulting Gloria about her "good for nothing father" bothering her. Her husband is just as forgiving as Gloria because Carmen made his life hell when he was alive, I don't understand why he would come back to try to help her cross over.
Haven in I Believe Her
Hi, Cherubin.

Yes, it is strange that Gloria doesn't see anything. In fact, Carmen has woken her in the middle of the night claiming there's a little girl under her bead. Gloria goes in the bedroom turns on the light and "humors" her mom by searching under the bed. She then turns and tells her mom "see there's nothing there". Carmen will point and say "she's right there, get here out". Gloria of course does not see anything. I think the idea of a little girl ghost freaks me out more than anything I've ever seen.
Hi, nightrider66.

Is it possible that who you saw outside your window was actually the same person that was at the party? What made you think you were seeing a ghost? Is it because the only way you could see him was through the binoculars?
Lealeigh in Edith's House

I have another thing to add:

I think that I want the china hutch now but I suspect that I won't even see it while Edith is still alive. When she is gone one day, I think it will hurt me too much to see it. I'll probably just let Rebecca have it.

She will take good care of it.

It's so nice to hear from you!

The candle moved in diagonal away and to the right side from where Mom was, and stopped close to the couch.

I have never thought too much about this, but your idea makes me wonder if this was Grandpa's way to say "Hey, I'm here and came to visit" and sat down on the couch.
Mom didn't feel any sorrow or negative energy during this event.

"Perhaps feeling the extra weight was symbolic of an unburdening of perceived mortal sins, from heavy (earthly matter, a troubled mind) to lighter (forgiveness, love)."

Your words make sense, I really hope that religious service helped to free his tormented soul of whatever negative feelings he might have had. I hope he is at peace.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Lealeigh in Edith's House

That's really what is in the back of Edith's daughter "Rebecca's" mind. She says to us that she doesn't want to have to deal with all of it later; she doesn't say this to her mother.

Her mother is about to turn ninety and I can't bear the thought of her being harrassed this late in the game.

I am like you, maybe, in that I tend to be continuously streamlining my things; clutter in my area makes me nervous.

It takes all kinds to have a happy world (such as it is).

I do have one concern about Edith's fabled basement: There is a very old and beautiful (I've seen a picure of it when it was upstairs) antique china hutch down there. It is mahogany, I've been told and Edith said that I could have it as soon as that was a possibility. It's been in our family since my family settled down in Alabama before The Civil War. I hope that it isn't damaged.

I honestly don't know if I would even have the nerve to move such a thing upstairs - much less USE it.

- Maria
lady-glow in A Burning Sensation

My apologies for my last comment, I realize that it came like I'm making fun of your words but that's not the case... My mind is in a constant dialog finding ways to make me laugh.

It is sad that your friend died at a young age. Not meaning to pry, but I'm curious about your following statement:

" I told him not to show himself from me because he know how coward I am."

Did you have a chance to be with him when his end was nearing or did you ask him this through a thought or a prayer?

You see, not all visitations are meant to be a scary event, oftentimes people react with fear because not everybody think that the spirit of a loved one is the same as they were in life except that now they don't have a body.

Anyway, I'm sure he enjoyed your friendship.
Lealeigh in Edith's House

I have been saved at the eleventh hour many times by the virtue of people and their collections. Like I said to WisconsinLady: We wouldn't know what to do without you!

I was injured running down one of these decomposing country roads this last Christmas Eve during the day; my Stepfather went directly into one of his hoards and came out of the shadows with a heating pad made especially for a leg; it even had a hand held controller so I didn't have to get up at all.

I could walk without trouble two days later; I still can't run.

And you're not kidding about flashlights. My stepfather has ever variety of light imaginable. He buys a new gadget from Amazon every week and can't pass one of those Goodwill stores without a nervous tic.

If it's an electrical cord, he's got it.

Thank you for reading my story and keep up the collection!

- Maria
silverthane61 in Scary Ghost Call
I honestly cannot give you any explanation to this event. It could even have a technical reason involving the crossover of other phone lines - but I do not know. I do know that I have personally experienced "ghostly" phone calls from people who flat out deny that they made the call. Maybe your experience was paranormal. If so, chalk it up to experience and keep your "ears" open for any further, similar occurrences.
lady-glow in Edith's House

I have being pondering about your following statement:

"She actually knows where to find certain things and she has EVERYTHING. It's like an old general store in there. Her daughters make it sound as if the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane is down there in the basement."

To some extent, I can relate to your cousins point of view. My husband is a "collector" and, like Edith, he knows where every and each one of his possessions is, the problem is to get to them.

I have always say, half joking and half seriously, that I want to die before him because I don't want to deal with the difficult task of getting rid of all his treasures.
He has the idea that they will sell in a state sale, neither my children nor me are so sure of that.

I don't like to worry about the future, in the meanwhile, I just try to keep his stuff out of my yoga room and the living spaces in the house.

...and yes, there are all sorts of flashlights, lanterns, light bulbs and other sources of light scattered around the house.
silverthane61 in Wandering Soul
Why do creepy events occur while we take a shower? We are at our most vulnerable state and it does not matter if it happens in the daytime or at night! I certainly do not want any of my deceased relatives visiting me in the shower. I wish you the best on your event. I hope it was your grandmother.
silverthane61 in Second Time, Second House
Something does appear to be following you, and I am sure that you know that if this true, then moving is not going to get rid of the presence. If you are being followed or if something has attached itself to you, then you might have to seek out the services of a spiritual healer. If this is something else, then maybe someone on this site can offer you better advice than I can. I hope you find relief.
lady-glow in Wandering Soul
Welcome to YGS.


I'm sorry for your loss. Though a loved one passing is always a sad event, in my opinion, dying at ones home and surrounded by ones family is much better than expiring in a hospital.

Was your grandmother wearing white at her burial?

Even though you didn't see any features of this woman other than her dress, if your gut feeling tells you it was your grandma you can be certain it was her, perhaps still taking care of you.

Looking forwards to read more of your experiences.
silverthane61 in I Believe Her
Ditto for what Cherubim wrote. I have read that malignant spirits often disguise themselves as little children or ghostly animals. I tend to believe that she saw the same thing that you did. Furthermore, I believe that she is seeing everything that she claims. I have lived with 3 individuals that have lived through the onset of Alzheimer's until their end, mentally, as babies. I never witnessed any of them claiming to see something that was not there. However, I understand that not all cases of this disease are identical in nature, but I still do believe her.
Bibliothecarius in Edith's House
Greetings, Lealeigh.

I have up-voted several of the earlier comments (but I can't upvote lady-glow at the moment) as they make the points I would make; however, I'd like to chime in on the "hoarding" issue. I, too, have multiple "collections" that occupy substantial sections of the basement, garage, loft, attic, my study, and the living room.

I was surprised by the number of fellow hoarders who buy many night-lights, as I've only ever owned 3 of them, but my subconscious pointed out that I have a surprising number of flashlights, penlights, and laser-pointers scattered about the house, on my key-ring, and in the car, in addition to a pocket-sized MagLight in my bathrobe pocket.

This brings me to the crucial issue, your statement: "Every person with a hoarding disorder that I have ever met gets that way because they are trying to be helpful. They care about what is to come in the future and know that as soon as they throw a particular item away it will be needed by someone."

THANK YOU! I *finally* understand why I do this! I honestly love being helpful & I enjoy surprising people by having the very thing they need to borrow or to keep.

A grateful tip of my fedora to you, Lealeigh.

Hello SDB1987.

Welcome to YGS.

Have you talked to your grandparents about these events?
Based on your narrative, this presence doesn't seem to be negative, have you considered the possibility of it would it being residual energy left by your grandparents daily routines?

Anyway, thanks for the interesting read. I'm glad you are comfortable sharing your space with whatever or whoever is there.
Forget about trying to explain the phenomena, the activity taking place at your house has escalated too much for comfort.

Joe - I agree with the previous posters, it's time to put to stop to these disturbances before they get worse.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Hi Goggzy thank you for your post and updating everyone. It's such a scary situation that you experienced. Wishing you quick recoveries for the remaining injuries.

You said that " These cameras have caught a few weird currently still unexplained events.". Would you be able to share some of that footage with us?

Thank you in advance and wishing you a better year in 2020.

Best regards

I don't think it's the house but you - any cleansing would have to be done on you not the structure. If you are concerned about throwing off the balance in your home (which makes perfect sense to me) then you can do it away from the home someplace meaningful to you - anything from a friend'a house/backyard to a special place in nature.
We've probably read some of the same material. I came by some of this information because I am very interested in the lives of the presidents (whether I liked them personally, or not) and interested in whatever happened in any country during the era of "Industrialization".

I have read that Michelle Obama disliked living in The White House mostly because it was built on slave labor.

- Maria
RCRuskin in Ghostly Voices
I'm with Miracles and Silverthane.

But if you do choose to attempt contact with creepy relative, I advise to have a mediator present who can quickly get people out of the danger zone.
Lealeigh in I Believe Her

First of all, I consider your friend, Gloria, to be a wonderful human being. It seems that I have heard many accounts about people who were abused by their parents; they end up being the one who is so good of heart that they take care of their parent when no one else will.

My Grandmother was kind of like this with my mother all of her life. She held my mother's older sister up on an imaginary pedestal and acted as if she could do no wrong. My mother was my Grandmother's nurse and constant companion during her final illness.

My Grandmother also had dementia that she suffered along with her terminal illness; she was always convinced of bizarre household conspiracies. I was there the night that she died and she told us that her long departed mother was in her room, holding her hand all night. I believe that was true.

I agree with Cherubim in that the child spirit is only a child because it chooses that form. I think that Gloria does not see it because "it" knows that Gloria is sound of mind and can get rid of it. It chooses to harass Carmen because Carmen is most likely not to be believed.

That's just my opinion. Anything that bothers a sick woman in her bed is bad news. Child or not.

Thank you for sharing this because I feel some kinship with the situation.

- Maria
silverthane61 in My Three Hauntings
I would not be surprised to learn whether or not you possessed any latent psychic abilities. You not only seem to be able to sense the paranormal, but also seem to be able to interact with it.
Regarding your visit to the White House, there are many reported and well-known ghost stories regarding it. Abraham Lincoln (coincidentally, my 5th cousin 5 times removed per Wikitree) seems most active there.
There is a ghost story supposedly reported by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He was a guest at the White House on many occasions and even for extended periods of time. After a bath, cigar in mouth, he walked into an adjoining bedroom - and saw Lincoln at the fireplace. Churchill said, "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage." He reported that Lincoln smiled softly and then vanished. It is said that Mr. Churchill refused to sleep in those particular rooms (It is said that the encounter was in the Rose Suite) after that.
In 1942, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands answered a knock at her bedroom door of while staying at the White House. She reportedly found Lincoln standing there in his coat and top hat, and she fainted dead away.
Others too are said to have seen Lincoln while at the White House including Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover.
Supposedly, First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson had encounters. Presidential children Susan Ford and Maureen Reagan as well. Maureen Reagan and her husband too saw Lincoln at the fireplace in the Lincoln Bedroom, which was actually NEVER Lincoln's Bedroom but even much more importantly used by him as a personal office (think Oval Office importance) and therefore even more so a place of many of his major decisions of tantamount importance in American History and including those of life or death for thousands. It's where he signed the, very historic, Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863.
Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration's staff claimed they saw him. His personal valet, who was terrified, is said to have ran screaming from the White House.
Even more recently, the Obamas are reported to have heard strange, unexplained, noises (that said, all homes tend to settle, and make odd noises, not to mention those hundreds of years old).
Miracles51031 in Ghostly Voices
adove - I agree with silverthane. I think you know the answer to your question about the creepy in-law, especially considering your parents acted as a buffer when they were alive. Personally, I would not engage in any type of communication with the creepy in-law.
Cherubim in I Believe Her
That is strange that her daughter has never heard anything. Then again, some people are just more "in tune" with the paranormal than others. I'd be careful if I were you, because maybe it's not really a little girl at all. 😳
silverthane61 in Ghostly Voices
I am not sure whether I would take another person's advice who is not directly involved with the people - in this case, your in-law - in your story. I am honored that you have asked us for our opinion, but I honestly cannot answer your question based on the information that you have offered. Secretly, I think you already know, or suspect, the answer to your question.
I have family legends similar to the white lady of your story. However, our family ghost is similar to a banshee. It appears before a family member dies. Not every one in the family is privy to its appearance, but it is very similar to what you described in your story.

Your story breaks my heart. I am very sorry for your loss. I have heard of this White Lady in very vague terms. Frankly, I had a bad feeling when you first started to describe the troubles of your eldest daughter. I will pray for you and your family. I may not know what it is like to lose a child that I have known (I have had a few miscarriages and have accepted that I will never have children) but I know what it feels like to be uprooted and have my heart ripped out at the same time.

Once again, I am sorry for your loss.

- Maria
Never done a cleansing on the house. I'd like to keep whatever light and good energy/spirits that are already there and always thought a cleansing would rid the house of both good and bad; and I don't particularly want to accidentally make things worse or wake anything up that's laid dormant.
Joe - Living under those conditions can be extremely unpleasant.

I always worry about the children and the effect this has on them. Living in a haunted house was terrifying to me as a child and it didn't help being told that I was having nightmares or simply dreaming. I knew I wasn't.

Please do try to send these entities on their way, not only for the sake of you and your partner but especially for the children. I have added a link for a house cleansing by a highly respected member of this site, Rook. You can also approach a priest, minister, pastor, if you prefer. There are a number of cleansing methods but do have a look at the link below.


Regards, Melda
Lealeigh in Always At Bedtime

That's incredible! Please take care of yourself. I am praying for you and your mother.

- Maria
AugustaM in Always At Bedtime
Ok this is odd... As of this past summer, I have been put on a 6 month rotation for mammos and MRIs as I am a very high risk case for potentially developing breast cancer - it's not something I talk about much and haven't talked about it at ALL in the last month or so because I haven't wanted to think about it in the midst of everything else going on (my mother is in stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and it is breaking me) but it has been heavily on my mind for the last week as I need to schedule an MRI for this month and have been dragging my heels about it BIG TIME. So this morning I have been catching up on stories here and thinking all the while how quiet things have been around my apartment on the paranormal front when I would have expected all the emotions generated from the situation with my mom to have caused an uptick in activity- maybe they're leaving me alone for this... Though I might have invited the distraction. Also as I have been reading, the fact that the same rather politically charged ad has popped up on every page has been causing minor annoyance. Then just after I had paused to think on how quiet things have been - not even a word from my late grandparents who typically start sending signs at times like these - I clicked to the next page and an all new banner ad, which I have never seen before pops up that says "DON'T PUT OFF YOUR MRI!" I know phones listen but I haven't spoken about it or typed about it or done any googling about it. And targeted advertising usually shows you ads for things in your market - an MRI clinic on the other side of the country (the phone number on the ad is a California area code, I am in VA) certainly doesn't qualify. The moment I saw the ad, my grandmother's name and face popped strongly into my mind. Message received, Jane!
Hello Joe and welcome to YGS,

Wow! That's very unnerving! They are showing aggressive behavior for shadow people and it goes without saying that those guys need to hit the road. Your intentions go along way in setting boundaries with anything, living or otherwise.

Do they also bother the children?

I do have an idea about the voices. Do you have an aquarium in your house? Years ago, I lived in a house with a long fresh water aquarium and for weeks I would hear what sounded like conversation at the end of my house between a man and a woman. I only heard this when the door to my bedroom was shut. I came to realize (or convince myself) that it was the sound of the pump and the action of the water; the sound waves were being echoed by the long hallway at the other end of the house. When we sold the tank to a friend, we no longer heard voices.

Just a shot in the dark; I don't know yet whether you have an aquarium...

- Maria
My guess is you had an inquisitive shadow person passing through. From what I have read, it would seem as though not all entities are tied to a specific locale but are instead able to roam more or less as they please - especially shadow people it seems. Though many experiences of shadow people are accompanied by feelings of fear, that also doesn't seem to be a constant across the board.
Lealeigh in Edith's House
Silverthane is back!

Yes, Dalton and it's immediate areas are the "Carpet Capitol of the World". Not that it has the slightest bit to do with anything...

I cannot tolerate being able to see a mirror from my bed and it's been that way since my mother told me about seeing her uncle in that one. I don't even have one in my bedroom but that has more to do with not bringing the one that I had when I moved last year. If I did bring it, it would be hanging in the closet.

I treated my experience with the footsteps in much the same way that I treat any other event that's completely out of my control; without hysterics of any kind. It's one of my few great qualities. The music helped and God only knows what racket I was listening to on my headphones eighteen years ago!

I am happy that you liked my story! Thank you for reading it.

- Maria
silverthane61 in Edith's House
Very good story and well-written! To this day, I am bothered by the reflection of a mirror at night as well as any closet or other door that is left ajar. I cannot rest until I close the door all the way. I make sure that all mirrors are facing away from my bed. Dalton is just a few minutes away from where I used to live in Calhoun and I know the place well. There is a unique sound that boots make on a hardwood floor that is unmistakable and I know that sound well. You must have nerves of steel!
Hey Lady Glow,

Perhaps feeling the extra weight was symbolic of an unburdening of perceived mortal sins, from heavy (earthly matter, a troubled mind) to lighter (forgiveness, love). Not knowing his beliefs it's hard to understand why it occurred, but it seems darn important that it did.

Also, do you know the direction the candle slid in? Was it toward or away from your mother, or toward an object? I don't know if there would be any significance in the direction. Maybe he was simply doing it to say 'Hi'.

Hearing about suicide leaves me speechless. I'm sorry you and your family went through this.
Tweed in Fairy Lights
Hey Val,

Do you remember if these lights had any colour to them? Only the light things we saw a few years back were yellowish, wondered if they were the same kind of entity.
Glad you shared this!
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral
Hello Lady-Glow,

The snow would definitely help. It will melt like AussieDaz says into much needed water.β›²

I agree, this thread is very interesting.

Thank you for the links AussieDaz. Very interesting indeed.

Goodnight from Australia🐨 πŸ›Œ πŸ’€
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghostly Experience At Funeral

I'm so glad to hear you're safe. Hopefully your fire fighting family members are safe. The little bit of drizzle we had today is helping in a small way.

Hide and I always got spotted because I picked the same spot to hide every time. A lack of imagination I guess. πŸ›οΈ

'What would I say to my higher self'? I would say, 'As much as you care for every living soul, you can't save the world'. I try and help all the wildlife here. So many beautiful birds and possums. Just recently a small dog needed my help. I'm going to adopt him as soon as he gets all his inoculations and as soon as his holding period has expired with the RSPCA. He's just the cutest little fellow.

Anyway, time for cup of tea.🍡

Best wishes,
😘 ❀

I should add, it's not an easy question to answer and by no means am I trying to deflate your last post, you seem like a wonderful caring mother if the god source was a gender it would no doubt be more like a woman due to the undeniable love women have for their children... For mine, it wouldn't be easy letting go of the self and resigning yourself to something greater... As a five year old and adult, I would probably play hide and go seek lol!

Regards Daz
SWS, We have a home in Sydney and one on the Central Coast fortunately for us both of our houses are fine, however we do have family fighting the fires down in the danger zone, so far all is good with them.

What would you say to your higher self if it asked you to let go of your ego so it can move onto another adventure?


The snow would be nice... We could convert it into water lol

Regards Daz
lady-glow in A Burning Sensation
I'm sorry for your loss.


"he past away last year 2016"

Is this a typo or have you been using the same calendar for the last 4 years?
Hello everybody.

I wish I could send some snow to Australia... I'm sure 70 cm would be more helpful there than they are where I live!

There was a power outage that lasted 3...yes, 3 days! I have a lot of catching up to do, specially digging out some things from under the snow. I'm visiting YGS during my brakes and following this interesting thread.

Lealeigh in Edith's House

I have been thinking about the nightlights and I have the beginnings of an idea:

Every person with a hoarding disorder that I have ever met gets that way because they are trying to be helpful. They care about what is to come in the future and know that as soon as they throw a particular item away it will be needed by someone.

The nightlights are just another manifestation of you (and Edith) wishing to be helpful to your loved ones. Do not think it goes unnoticed! They wouldn't know what to do without you!

- Maria
This is creepy because it twists something so ordinary. But that consideration at the end makes it positively chilling! It sounds to me like you may be haunted - have you ever tried any charms/crystals/amulets/saints medals etc? Cleansing according to your own beliefs? A blessing, even? Depending on your beliefs, even a psychic or medium may have advice to give.
[at] leahleigh,

Thank you for your sympathy. He's used to it and experienced a lot bullying but don't worry he's in a better place now, he past away last year 2016 and I told him not to show himself from me because he know how coward I am.
[at] lady-glow

It was at cldh school in tarlac. It is a school and a hospital.

He see's a lot of ghost, l like white ladies, Japanese soldiers etc.

I don't know why she's in the library... I hope her spirit rest.

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