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Sorry for the late response. I am going to try to answer all the questions.

I did ask my husband if he had any kind of dream that night as he does remember them. He said yes but it was nothing related to out of body experience, he said we were at a car show (which we have show cars and attend them often so nothing out of the norm).

I definitely have never experienced anything like this.

When I feel the presence of someone standing over me and I feel that it is a loved one, I believe it is just them visiting me. When I feel fear, I feel it is something evil. That night I did not feel anything from the entity, the fear was from seeing the unknown. I had a very strong connection with my Gramma growing up. When I need advice, I talk to her. I ask her to answer a specific question by in a sign, and every time the question I asked is "yes", I smell her perfume. It is an old time perfume that not many women where any more if at all. My Gramma used to tell me that when I was younger I talked to the old ones. My oldest son has also had encounters with spirits, as I have shared one of his experiences.

I have always felt this shaky light leg feeling from as far back as I remember. The road to go to and from my Grammas house has a HUGE drop off with no guide rails back then and I would get that feeling going past that area. I guess it is what I feel like on an amusement park ride when it is very tall. I am not afraid of heights but it is that same sensation. So I doubt it is Restless Leg.

As far as the history of the house. It is relatively newer. 1993. And no history in the home itself that would indicate any beings haunting or anything.

I do get bad feelings before things happen to people I care about. Whether big or small. I never can pin point whom it will happen to but I know something is going to happen. A little less than a month before my mom passed I had the worst feeling I carried with me for a good week. It passed but then she went into the hospital and never came back out.

I have never been one to do drugs or drink for that matter. I have never suffered from delusions. I have never seen spirits or entities that I can say matched this.

I think I have covered all questions. I appreciate the input and will always read and take in more.

Mack, thank you for sharing your experience!

Lady-Glow and LightMight Thank you for your input also.
meinmein in The Strange Night
The alexa device experience is terrifying. And the whole experience is a clear evidence that something is really happening. If it is just possible, just in case it happens again, is it possible to know what the ghost will ask to the alexa device? Thank you for sharing your story!
meinmein in Almost Missed Them
I love how you talked to the spirit XD. Your second story is terrifying for me if I am the one to see it. Thanks for sharing.
Sorry for the late reply, thank you very much mrsramsay ❤
Hi JoJo, four years living there, it only happened to us once, I am not sure about other hostellers. But we often hear heavy running footsteps running across the hallway, it is more active during midnight and the Hungry Ghost Month. I have a friend who was living alone at the end of the hallway that time experienced a whole other thing. One night, she was talking on the phone with her friend until late night, and while they were talking, she heard a girl's voice humming a song, and it happened for only a few second. Both she and her friend (in the phone) heard it. She told me that she might have been a passer by 😐
Bethany, I know it has been years since you posted these photos, but I'd love to talk more about them with you. Hopefully you get this message! I have some images I'd like to compare to yours and a story that goes along with one.
Hi there Piperasc,

I really like the theories that Macknorton and Ladyglow have mentioned earlier; very interesting thoughts!

Maybe you've had a precognitive vision of your husband? Have you ever spoke with your husband about what you experienced? Have you considered keeping a journal?

Along the same subject of what Ladyglow was mentioning; I'm wondering if he had any memory of a dream around the same time, or
memory of an OBE around the same time, that would correspond to the vision you've had of him sitting on the edge of the bed?
Hello Piperasc.

Reading your description regarding your "legs get shaky and light" makes me wonder if this could be "restless leg syndrome", although you mention sensing a presence when this happens, it wouldn't hurt to visit a physician specialized on sleep disorders and ensure that this is not a health related issue.

I suffer of RLS and, though innocuous, can be annoying. Practicing some yoga or gentle stretches before bed has been very helpful for me.

In my opinion, it's possible that what you saw that night was your husband having an out of body experience.
Does he frequently seem to know places which he has never been to? Does he remember his dreams? Has he mentioned flying during his dreams?

His consciousness might be "leaving" his physical body and he's unaware of having such ability.

When you sense the presence of a loved one, do you think there's a intent for their visitation? Have they delivered a message?

It doesn't seem like any of these presences are negative except for the one that makes you feel fearful, though it is not clear if you feel this way because the presence is evil or due to it not being supposed to be there.

What do you know about the history and background of your house? Do you consider yourself to be a sensitive?

Sorry for the questioning, I find your experience fascinating and intriguing but, in my opinion, it would be helpful if you could elaborate and provide a more detailed narrative.

Thanks for sharing
Hi Piperasc

Thanks for sharing.

In terms of the feeling of someone standing over you, you mention that you can sense it's a family member, but sometimes its a feeling of fear. Is that fear you are feeling because you are picking up an unpleasant vibe from the presence? Or is the fear emanating from you because you sense someone standing over you and you have no idea who it might be?

Regarding this apparent doppelganger of your husband; what was he wearing when you saw him? Was he appearing in his pyjamas, singlet, t-shirt, nothing at all? Was he appearing physically as he was in bed?

There's a theory that sleep serves two purposes; one purpose is to rest our physical bodies, and the second purpose is that during sleep our spirits / souls leave our bodies and head into the spirit realms where we will naturally gravitate to in preparation for our larger life ahead of us on "the other side". This makes perfect sense to me. Nature is very efficient.

Apparently we can't recall much, if any of these visits as our larger consciousness is only expressing a small part of our spirits through our puny brains so it doesn't all "fit" back in.

So my point is this; you may have seen your husband's spirit in-between either leaving his body or coming back into it. Was there an emotion or vibe from the apparition?

However, there's another possibility and I was motivated to offer some advice to you after an experience I had this very morning.

I was getting ready for work and as I walked past my 14 year old son's bedroom, I glanced in and saw him standing in his room in his school uniform, facing me. Nothing unusual in that, however, as I then walked straight down to use the toilet, it was occupied (light was on, door was locked). My wife was in the bathroom next door, my daughter in her room across from the bathroom and my eldest son was still asleep in his room. This accounted for all members of my family.

Naturally, this perplexed me as to who was in the toilet, so I knocked and my 14 year old son, who I had just "seen" in his room responded with a firm "No!", as in "occupied!". So basically I had a fully fledged hallucination of my 14 year old son standing in his room. I am not prone to hallucinations AT ALL, I'm not on medication, nor drugs. I just can't explain it.

My 14 year old looked fully formed, flesh and blood, real as life when I glanced in his well-lit room. So since I have just experienced what I can only describe as an vivid hallucination, I suggest the very real possibility also, that you maybe saw something that wasn't there?

Anyway, it's an interesting experience you had and sorry if I've hijacked it with my experience, but I felt that maybe these points might help you in some way understand it?


MrsRamsay in First Story
Hi there, fun stories!
Have you asked your renter if he/she ever got any feelings or saw anything unusual in your basement? I'd be interested in knowing.

Also, we moved into our home about 8 years ago. It's a 30 year old, very beautiful place and we know from neighbors how meticulous the former (only) owners were about it. They were both very loved, one of the original couples here in the neighborhood, and I've felt them since moving in. I try to do things here that I think they would like, and it was really sad for me the day I removed all the custom window treatments. Without knowing, I just knew how proud Florence had been about those curtains, and I apologized quietly as I removed them, even explaining (as silly as I felt) that it just wasn't my style and I hoped she might enjoy something new. Sounds silly, I know. I also believe that whoever is here sometimes cooks. In various videos I've made, there is the sound of the gas range clicking (you know the sound made when someone starts a gas burner?) when it was NOT clicking in real time, only on the video! I also had the refridgerator dinging (except the door was never opened) in the middle of the night. Sounds like your previous owners care about your little guy. Thanks for sharing your stories!
HawaiiFemme in Screamed Awake
Which town and island was that? I'm from Oahu.

Sounds like the death may have been a murdered woman and her dog is still keeping her company.
DarriuxDarkk in Kahlua's Story
Awe, when I read your story I immediately thought of my two pet doggies and want to cuddle them. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kahlua seems to love you very much that even in spirit world she never forgets her family, that's probably why she manifested to you.

Thank you for sharing, God Bless.

Hello, I just have a few questions.

I know for you the entity seems good in a way. Have you ever experienced anything negative at some point from her manifestation? Maybe not for you, how about on other people or your surroundings?

There are just certain entities that are good on masking it's true nature especially to the ones they are attached to.

Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

Oh, good to hear that. I could imagine the feeling of "not being able to breathe and move a lot" in your own place. Sometimes even if there aren't really furniture removed, I feel good without the negative vibes. Yeah, I heard about the new strain of COVID. It's known here in my country as UK variant. Will include you in my prayers. ❤
Hi Shiz98

Thanks for sharing. Interesting.

In terms of what you experienced, I'm sure you have read about NDE's or "Near Death Experiences"?

These are events whereby individuals who suffer some kind of physical, life-threatening trauma or event, report to "leave" their body and experience a wide range, but often very similar, experiences.

People in medical emergencies or events often report suddenly being outside of their body, often up on the ceiling, or above their physical body observing doctors or others working on them, trying to resuscitate or "save" their lives.

These individuals are able to, once returned to their physical bodies, describe in detail things the medical teams were saying, as well as being able to describe in detail the particular specialized medical tools used on them. Often these people have their eyes taped shut, or are considered "dead".

My point is that there is some very powerful arguments and "evidence" that our minds, consciousness, souls seem to be able to survive and be fully operational outside of our physical bodies. That information is undoubtedly possibly patently obvious to those on this "Ghost" site! 😆

So for you to find yourself floating above your body is not so unusual. I'm surprised you described this event as "quite scary" as your mind should have been quite removed from the electrical temporary sack of portable meat we call our bodies that you saw on the bed.

I had a similar and weird experience about 30 years ago in Melbourne, Australia one night. I remember walking out of my bedroom in the middle of the night, but I was aware I wasn't asleep, but I certainly didn't feel awake. I walked through the hallway and looked into my flat mate's room. He was asleep and I vividly remember his quilt (or doona if your Australian) was glowing intensely white. This kind of freaked me out more so I turned and hurried back towards my room.

I got about 5 feet away from my doorway and that's where the experience stopped. I don't recall entering my room, or seeing my body asleep etc. However, when I awoke that morning, I had a strange but distinctive "jolting" feeling a few times. I have since learned that can be an after-effect of astral travelling.

In hindsight I believe I was astral travelling, or that my consciousness had left my body and it was "walking" around my flat. I definitely wasn't dreaming, or having a lucid dream. What annoys me about that experience is that I didn't get to see my body in my bed to fully verify it. So I guess some doubt lingers as to what, exactly, it was that I experienced that night.

Your experience resonated with me as it's an interesting phenomenon in terms of confirming existence outside of our physical bodies, and an experience I can relate to.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and apologies if I'm rambling on (again).


MysticFrance, "The past year was really tough for everyone." Amen to that. This new strain of Covid seems to be making sure that '21 won't be much better; at least not for awhile. (My state is severely impacted.)
Personally though, I'm doing better. Still waiting on furniture-the upside to that is the lack of it sure makes the rooms feel more spacious. 😉 The over all feel to the apartment has changed; much lighter, and calmer, and that old rabbit hole is getting shallower all the time.
Hi Val. I hope you are much better now. Thanks for sharing this story. The past year was really tough for everyone. Take care x
Hello CosmicEnigma,

Thank you so much for sharing your intimate experiences with Olivia in such way that it wasn't explicit, but detailed enough enabling me to comprehend that you have deep feelings for her. I'd like to say she has those feelings for you, however, I don't know who she is, what she is, what she really wants, or why she is spending all this time with you.

I have a post on this site explaining an experience of mine with a ghost called Steven. I have finally managed to keep him away. Thanks to members on here, their valuable support suggestions, and lots of perseverance. I can sleep well at night again.

I use a method of cleansing every fortnight. The instructions are on a respected members profile page. Rookdygin has the cleansing method in detail on his profile page and I recommend you give it a go.

I know you feel confident and close to Olivia, but she's a spirit and not alive. I'm sure she's everything you want in a girlfriend. In her own little way she may be showing you the joys of being with someone. However, someone very special is out there. Where, when and how you'll meet her is unknown. But I'm a true believer in romance and love. If you help Olivia go to the light and wish her happiness, you in return will find the same happiness.

I have told Steven the ghost on many occasions that he needs to go to the light. I think he's finally done that. I'm crossing my fingers. 🤞

You sound like a very caring person with lots of love to share. Now that you are socialising, I feel confident you will find Miss Right.

I hope you find the strength to help Olivia find the light.

I wish you well.
Hi Tweed, you're right. I had experiences with the plastic sounds too. For me it sounded like rustling around of plastic grocery bags. It always happened early morning and right next to my bed. Yet with nothing around that would make that sound! It's so weird. 🤔
Hello CosmicEnigma, don't be disheartened, remember you are the one who's experienced this phenomena, you are the only one who can make that decision as to what it was/is. No one else was there and we can all offer advice and resources but you make that choice ultimately. We are here to help and a lot of good information has been presented. Hopefully you check out the links I provided and they will validate some of what you've been through as well as give you more insight as to what you may be dealing with.

Manafon, you have brought up many credible points and presented some long standing and ongoing research that backs it up. However this research and these studies deal with ghosts and spirits. If what the OP is dealing with is indeed a succubus, that's a different matter entirely. There's not really a hot bed of research on these entities and no agreement on what they are, many classify them as a demons or beings that were never human to begin with. As such, I felt it maybe more pertinent to look into encounters that others have had so that CosmicEnigma can find some common ground to begin to relate to his experience. I do appreciate your perspective as we do need to see all sides of this situation, that's always the best way to be open to all possibilities.

CosmicEnigma, best of luck to you, I know you will get through this and figure it out!
All good my friend - these are difficult times that we live in right now.

Staying positive can be challenging at the best of times, let alone dealing with a global pandemic and all the uncertainty and worry that brings.

Remember to every day count all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for and hold them close to your heart.


Macknorton--I get what you are saying. I have been dealing with some unrelated drama lately that has go me all spun up over the slightest things. I know what you where trying to do. I want to get some valuable and real ideas shown out there even though the term 'real' here seems to be up for interpretation. I value the input, was just in a bit of a dark space earlier, I'm over it now.
CosmicEnigma - please don't feel disheartened if you don't get the reaction that you were hoping for. Healthy, respectful debate is a good thing - imagine how boring life would be if we all agreed on everything.

Plus when flesh and blood people are trying to understand the huge mystery that is the Afterlife and how it impinges on us, we really don't know a lot so we throw ideas and opinions around.

If I can add another point to consider and that is that in my opinion, Spirits, (ghosts) poltergeists and all these phenomena that we are struggling to understand, surely are all subject to the same laws of Nature that we are in this physical realm.

These same unchanging laws (some call them scientific laws) that govern our physical world (gravity is a great example of a natural law) MUST govern the spirit realm. Those passed over are ALL subject to the same, but largely unknown to us, laws.

If I could respectfully elaborate on Manafon1's point, which was in all the studies that have gone on with spirit manifestations, they all seem to follow a very set pattern, as these spirits appear to have consistent limitations in terms of the type and amount of interaction that they can achieve. Correct me if I'm off track Manafon1.

For example, knocking noises, rapping, bangs, puddles of water, object flying around. Some brief visual manifestations, whispers, grunts etc. This appears to be what has been consistently recorded and is probably because it is the most "easily" mustered phenomenon by these random entities.

Now I'm not saying you didn't believe you had these experiences, my point was that if you truly did, then this prolonged and detailed interaction with a spirit would fly in the face of a hundred years of carefully carried out research. So that's where this thread has it's arcs and tangents, I guess.

And finally, if you feel disheartened by any of my opinions, please don't be, that is not my intention.

Best of luck to you.


No worries here 😁

I liked what Lost_Voyage mentioned," if you don't feel any negative vibes from her, no bad experiences, follow your gut.". Everyone offered good advice in this thread. As long as no one is getting hurt, what really matters is that you are feeling safe and well.
CosmicEnigma and LightMight--Please discuss your thoughts freely. I was merely putting in my two cents. I certainly don't want to cause anyone to leave the site, so as I've said my piece, I will respectfully bow out of the ongoing discussion. Best of luck.
LightMight--Sorry, I didn't mean you. You're fine. I just got a little disheartened from some other people (not naming anyone). It is hard to talk about, and I've been pretty down in the dumps lately. I realize this is something not everyone is agreeing on, and not everyone has to agree. It's hard for me not to feel a bit alone out there, especially in these difficult times. Don't take it personally I'm just dealing with a lot right now. 😁
Please don't delete anything! Ok, well, this got confused obvi... No offense to anyone, esp. The OP (CosmicEnigma). What I meant was, I don't think this was something made up, but something that you have obviously experienced on a personal level ~ something very real to you. It's something that we should have respect for, like any other story here that is perceivable.
Manafon, yes, I get what you are saying. But, just understand that even though there is objective information and research, doesn't mean that this information pretains to the situation for the OP.
LightMight--Thanks for that dude. But this is already hard enough to discuss. Maybe I came to the wrong place. Maybe I should delete and start over, or I don't know, find another site. Maybe I should not talk at all, and bottle it all up. Maybe I don't deserve it. Thanks anyway for trying to help but I think this might have been a mistake. I'm sorry.
Manafon1--I understand where you are coming from, I'm just not that good about writing a story on this and I wanted somewhere to express what I considered to already iffy subject matter. If I can't express my thoughts here, I can't express them many other places either. Not just that, I added details in to try to make it clear of what I was experiencing. I know everyone doesn't have to agree on the same things, and that's ok. If I were a better writer, I might be able to write in a much more competent manner that may make things make sense in some ways, but I can't make someone believe what someone else has not experienced. I hope I didn't come across as defensive/reactive here. I'm just not great at expressing something not everyone does experience. I guess I'm a god-awful communicator, I don't know.
Hi LightMight--It's the OP who suggested possible mental impairment when he wrote, "...I've had to take a hiatus due to mental and sexual health problems." As I wrote to The Lost Voyage, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I felt it important to bring up that the cumulative body of research concerning the interaction between apparitions and living people is almost always of a fleeting nature.

I can certainly respect that the experience CosmicEnigma has detailed is real to them but as we don't live in a vacuum, it makes sense to include what the consensus on paranormal interaction is amongst psychical researchers. After all, this research has been collected to help further our knowledge. Just because someone believes they experienced something does not mean they actually did. There can be other factors that should be explored. My personal opinion is that something else is at play here. I can respect that the OP is convinced they experienced something but this site exists to open up a respectful dialogue.
I think here, we're getting subjective issues. The OP is feeling/sensing/ interpreting a presence very real to them ~ an experience real to the OP. This is something we need to respect.

Just because we haven't experienced something like this, doesn't mean we need to point out that there might be some mental impairment.
The Lost Voyage--I agree that mental issues and drug usage do not necessarily preclude the potential for experiencing the paranormal but it definitely makes it more difficult to separate a legitimate paranormal experience from one that might be completely psychological. Of course existence itself is "incredible" but as parapsychology has struggled mightily against "mainstream" science for decades even with experiments that can produce quantifiable, repeatable results under controlled scientific conditions, convincing the skeptical to also accept those potential paranormal experiences of those with mental issues and those under the influence of mind altering drugs becomes a tricky road to navigate.

As Macknorton pointed out, a main issue with this case, beyond the possible mental one, is that cases of prolonged interaction with a ghost simply do not exist in the vast archives of serious paranormal case studies. Often communication is symbolic--a scent associated with a deceased person, a pertinent item appearing where it couldn't have moved itself and so on. Groups like the Society of Psychical Research, who have been painstakingly conducting investigations and compiling case studies for roughly 140 years, shows that nearly all credible instances of a person interacting with a ghost last no more than minutes (maximum) and sometimes only seconds. It seems the energy needed to manifest allows for only brief encounters, and if words are heard while witnessing an apparition, they too are brief. If it was easy for a spirit to visit and chat with us, there would be A LOT more evidence of just that reported but that isn't the case. There are rare cases (like the Cheltenham ghost) where an apparition has been seen for up to nearly 45 minutes but it didn't converse or make the moves on anyone either. It was simply standing and moved quickly away, disappearing when approached.

That's something extremely important to consider as well when reading an account like CosmicEnigma's--apparitions are nearly always prone to move away from a living person if approached as opposed to moving towards them, much less touching them, and even more extremely, having sex with them.

I'm a very open minded person and if you read my accounts you'll see I'm one who has experienced his fair share of paranormal occurrences, but I think it makes sense to be critical of reports of such prolonged spiritual interaction involving multiple phenomenon occurring for unusually long periods of time. Would a spirit use its energy to have, "long and detailed conversations on all sorts of things," engage in sex with a person or to remind that person to do things like brush their teeth? If we're to look at the compiled research, the answer would be "no."

You are, of course, welcome to your opinion but I thought it important to bring up the gathered evidence from many decades on this subject that contradicts what CosmicEnigma has outlined. The collected evidence of nearly a hundred and fifty years would almost certainly have provided something similar to the above account but it hasn't. When confronted by such a fact, I think it makes sense to err on the side of caution and consider that this case might have another cause.
Hello CosmicEnigma, and not a problem. As a side note to the comments, I believe that any psychological/mental issues as well as drugs basically lower a persons 'shield' be it beliefs or protection of any kind making them more susceptible to paranormal and psychological phenomenon. Far too many times people's stories are instantly dismissed when drugs or alcohol are involved or the person has some mental issue, as if that's indeed the culprit. There are many stories, one involving a woman who was sensitive to ghosts and energy who was in the presence of a mental health patient and they both saw the same thing, in fact he acted to protect her. There are others where in a group of people, a couple were under the influence of alcohol and the others weren't, yet they all had the same experience. My point being, these things can make you more sensitive to these phenomenon, but do not automatically assume they are a projection of it and that your experience isn't valid.

I have located some stories, this one has similar elements, but what's even more important is to take your time and read all the comments following the story, they are very insightful and include a discussion of what these beings are as well as personal accounts.


This second one is from a former member of this site who also went under the name succubussed, he no longer participates in the forum but nevertheless provided first hand information and interacted with others who had questions about these beings and a lot of stuff was discussed which I'm hoping will aid you, be sure to also read through the comments.


Good luck to you and I hope it helps!
Hi Mayank,

That is a very odd set of experiences; two seemingly paranormal events with a possible connection. Did you or your Mom ever feel a temperature drop in the house? Specifically, when your Mom had her experience in bed? Quite often, people will feel a temperature change in the environment when a spirit or ghost manifests. Usually, the temperature drops but maybe not as drastic as what you and your friends felt on the road.

Fascinating story!
unforgiven1--wasn't my intention. Need to work on how I come off, I could have just been direct without seeming rude. My bad.

**thanks for giving a more detailed description in the reply though
CosmicEnigma- Not really sure why you gave a defensive reply to me when I only asked for clarification and didn't pass any judgment. Well anyway, thanks for giving a more detailed description though in the reply though.
I would bet she must've been your lover in a past life/lives. Maybe a twin flame or karmic partner? Sometimes souls in a soul group can split up while some incarnate in the 3D and then others remain discarnate in the spirit world. A lot of times the ones that remain discarnate will act as a spirit guide for their loved ones in the 3D.
Hi CosmicEnigma

Good thing the website allowed to post incubus/succubus stories, because I saw that this website will never let anyone posts such stories again.

My question is have you tried consulting your family priest about the true nature of this spirit. If it is truely have good intentions on you. In this way you will know if the spirit is truely good or just have a purposes at the expense of you.
Hi, The_Lost_Voyage_11--Thanks for the warm reply and I have indeed been trying to reintegrate into society and a lot of my 'health' issues had largely to do with huge waves of depression I get from time to time, but I am getting better and getting out there. While I want to address this talking point that it may be misleading to some, I want to express that to me it's been a very real part of my world, but still I have to admit, I'm ignorant of a lot. I'd really like to explore some of those links you offered if you don't mind. It'll help me find some perspective in this crazy time and either help me to handle it better or at the very least stop thinking I'm the only one. Thanks so much and god bless 😁 😊
Hi CosmicEnigma

Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences and ask for some feedback, which you can either take on board or reject as your reason sees fit.

Personally, I'm very skeptical of all these so-called sexual encounters with spirits.

Here's why (please bear with me); from my own experiences and a lot of research, it seems to ME that for a spirit / ghost to be able to "physically" interact with us, they need to lower their rate of vibration and we have to raise ours. The theory behind this is that the reason we can't usually see or interact with spirits is that our physical plane of matter is vibrating at a slower / lower rate than spirit, which is higher, finer, more subtle, etc.

Therefore to me, the idea of a prolonged "physical" encounter with a spirit whereby one can feel it's "body" on theirs would take a lot of effort and skill on the spirits part and a subtle but deliberate effort on ones own body and mind.

I personally had what I call an attack one night whereby a spirit was impressing / forcing (NOT sexually) itself on me, I couldn't see it but it was there, however it seemed to run out of energy after a few terrifying seconds, never to return. It ran out of puff. But it terrified me, so mission accomplished maybe?

I also believe in medium ship whereby some people have gifts whereby they can communicate with spirits, most often by receiving images or words mentally. Mediums (genuine ones) themselves will tell you how difficult it can be to "tune in" to the spirits frequency hence why so many messages are short or cryptic. It's NOT like picking up a phone, or texting.

So my point is that what you are describing, sounds highly unusual for someone who has "...relatively limited interactions with spirits." For you to suddenly have a spiritual companion, by merely trying to "open your third eye" one night seems unlikely, in my opinion.

I also believe that spirits are simply ordinary people like you or me who have passed over. If that's true, then it raises the question here: why would a stranger in spirit want to suddenly have a "sexual" encounter with a person not deceased? If spirit people are "bad" and want to hurt or upset you, they will. If spirit people are "good" and care about you, they will guide you, or fill you with a sense of love, or care or warmth. I personally don't see the point of spirits spending so much effort and energy in manifesting to have a "romp" with someone on another plane of existence.

On Earth long distance relationships are very difficult, and often don't work out. If these Earthly long distance relationships are so difficult, imagine how difficult an inter-dimensional relationship would be. Imagine the misunderstandings!

Anyway, as per usual, I've rambled on enough, apologies. But my feeling is akin to Manafon1; in my humble opinion, it sounds like maybe more like this Olivia may exist more in your mind than anywhere else. I'm not sure, we can only speculate, but that's my 10 cents worth, for what it's worth.


Hey, unforgiven1--I do not mean she is 'physically' there I know better than that. I mean I feel a presence around me, I see 'flashes', i.e. A visual representation of her, hear her voice mentioning things, most of which pertain to the situation more often than not. Other people do not see her, no. I have also felt sensations such as a hand grasping mine, but only for about a second or so. I do not want to sound like I'm delusional and I admitted here, misleadingly, that I have suffered from psychological issues, most of which pertain to depression, though that statement in of itself can warrant any reader to assume these events are imagined in some way. Make up your own mind, but it's real to me and I have read other peoples' stories as similar to mine, which inspired me to write about it. I just wanted to present to a (hopefully) mature audience and find some valuable feedback. Sorry for the long post, maybe I overreacted here.
Hi CosmicEnigma- when you say that Olivia has taken walks with you, watches you read, has detailed conversations with you etc, do you mean she's physically there? Or do you just hear her/ sense her? Can anyone else see her? I just need a more detailed explanation to understand what is going on. Thanks.
CosmicEnigma--I think it would be important to know what the mental health problems you reference were. It might be best to consult a mental health professional before convincing yourself what you've experienced is paranormal. This site is of course an open minded forum, and a welcoming one, but what you describe suggests very strongly that your issues might be the result of internal problems as opposed to paranormal ones.

I believe that everyone who uses this site should employ caution when reading any account, and even more so when possible mental health issues are involved. At the end of the day, we're all essentially strangers to each other here.
Hello CosmicEnigma, thanks for sharing your story! Due to its deeply personal nature I know it must be challenging talking about this, but you are among friends here. It doesn't sound like a negative experience, but there isn't a lot known about these particular entities, other than experiences relayed in stories such as yours. There are a few members, from years ago on this forum that are no longer active as far as I can tell that had personal 'relationships; with entities like these. Their experiences weren't negative either, but it was mentioned that these 'entities' wouldn't reveal much about themselves and have not even told the truth at all times. More so the encounters could become addictive and interfere with normal 'relations' with those of flesh and blood. I myself have not experienced anything like this but have known others who were and their experiences were not good, it ended up turning their lives upside down in a bad way which even today is not resolved. In this case much like yours, the 'entities' revealed themselves at a turbulent time in their lives when things were unsettled, under the guise of helping out. Now I'm not saying this is what's going on, I'm presenting both sides of the coin based on what I know. You had mentioned having difficulty with relationships with real humans, and some mental health problems. It sounds like this created an opportunity alongside opening yourself up to the paranormal, for some kind of 'companion; to enter your life. While she may helping you, you have to keep it in perspective that your ability to have a healthy relationship with a human being is at risk. She seems to be helping you, have you asked her about who she is, why she's there, anything about her history? I know from what I've read these 'entities' don't typically like to reveal much about who/what they really are, or if they are even appearing in their true form? This is going to come down to a personal decision for you, if you don't feel any negative vibes from her, no bad experiences, follow your gut. Be aware though you need real friendships and it seems you want a real relationship with a person as well, and you want to be open to that. If you'd like I can link you to the experiences/stories of other members like I've mentioned and perhaps that would help you? Just be careful, continue reintegrating yourself back into society and this may resolve itself. Until then, you've got a unique supernatural experience, that not everyone has had,
Hello srinivas,

Goat that talks? That's somewhat kind of a mythical creature than a ghost.

I heard that your country have loads of mythical creatures. Same here in the Philippines. And ours and yours almost have similarities! 😱😱😱
JoJorocks in The Woman On My Bed

Hello fellow Filipino member. Agree with what others said. This is something to be an evil. You said that when you first saw that hag, she took the guise of mama Mary. Then you saw that her eyes suddenly became red. That's the saying of "maging mga demonyo ay nag aanyong Santo"
😨 😨 😨

Agree with lady-glow, you should make an investigation, like checking the phone lines if it is functioning properly or the surrounding era for possible source of noise.
JoJorocks in The Demon
Hello Jess
I have a question on you. Regards on your friend got bitten. Do you have pets at that time when he got bitten. Have you tried checking it to the doctor?
Another thing is you mentioned that Miles forgotten all his experience, since it's so traumatic, maybe he deliberately tries to erase those things from his memory.
The_Morrighan in My Husband And The Ghost?
Brenda Dances,
I believe that initially you experienced 'something' but reading through your comments the tale seems to be disintegrating into a hollywood-esque script. Obviously you're seeking attention or validation for reasons unknown to us, but might I suggest that some very human 'talking therapies' might be the way forward?
Morri. 🤔
The_Morrighan in My Husband And The Ghost?
Alex_Beast, I have to point out that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I know many practitioners of various esoteria and they would all tell you not to mess with demons of any kind, incubi and succubi included.
Black mass that suddenly shapes into human outline? Maybe what you're encountering are shadow creatures. I heard that creatures like that are non human entities. Although they're not necessarily evil but have emotions just like us.
Hi, may I ask if you asked the rest of people in dorm if it is also happening to them. 🙄 🙄 Sorry if I was a bit skeptical to this.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hi Fenrispro, I've only read a few of the earlier books of 'True Singapore Ghost Stories' from Russell Lee. The original came out in 1989. But I've heard spooky tales like that from family and friends in Singapore over the years. Some of them might even be actual accounts - who knows? - but others are likely just meant to be enjoyed by the campfire.
"I have hope that it will be over soon, come this dark moon."

Yep, Macknorton, as a writer (not of fiction, but of journalism) I am going to agree with your assessment of the situation. The quote above struck me as strange when it was written, but the petering out of the plot line here tells me she wrote herself into a corner and simply had no way out.

Great job, Brenda, hope it got you off. Hahaha... Gotta admire your creativity during quarrantine! Just remember that little tale of the boy who cried wolf.
MrsRamsay in Kahlua's Story
What a great affirmation for you both, and that you were both able to see her was just super. Because you can talk about it and sort it out together!

Your experience with Word is so interesting, and I do NOT think a glitch. I'm a writer (journalist) and have had things happen a lot that were NOT normal on my computer. Exceedingly strange and having lots of consequences, in fact. So, go with your intuition and know that as soon as you appealed to heaven in your communication, something happened! Thanks for sharing this!
RCRuskin in Kahlua's Story
2020 sucked right down to the very end, didn't it.

Kahlua's mom, you and your husband's experience seeing the dog reminds me very much of a haunting in Pennsylvania, details escape me right now. I'm sure I'll remember about 2 AM. 😁

And Word. Yeah. Typical computer behavior there.:)
[at] Kristie I may never know. I live an hour away from that house now and haven't seen it in 5 years now. I talk to the daughter here and there but I don't know if I should bring it up and possibly cause her grief. She's already dealing with a lot.
Hi Brenda

Well, I've read all the comments and re-read this tale and personally speaking, this whole thing reeks of fiction. Very well written fiction though, in my opinion, so well done.

Your story, and it's many twists and turns, has a lot of dramatic elements that has drawn many people in. It's a winning combination ghosts, sex, jealousy, cheating, divorce, etc etc.

Please don't be offended, if my opinion even means ANYTHING to you (most probably not) but sorry I just don't buy it, it simply doesn't ring true to me.

But clearly a lot of people on this site here do believe you, and have invested a lot of their time and energy in wanting to assist you, so each to their own right?

Best of luck.


I personally believe that the ghost you saw walk into the bathroom was one of your great grandparents, however, there could also be some negative entity in the home as well which would explain the shift in the mood of the new tenants.

As an experienced Wiccan, I recommend that the new tenants sage their home. Maybe once you feel comfortable having that conversation with them you could suggest it.

Bibliothecarius in My Husband And The Ghost?
Greetings, BrendaDances:

I'm sorry to read that your marriage has dissolved. Entities such as Incubi and Succubi are parasites; they rely upon human weakness in order to drain energy from their victims.

Have you thought about what you will do when it turns its attention to your daughter?

Renewing your efforts to banish it from your life might prove more successful when you consider that your husband was not the only relationship you might lose.


I was never able to free myself of it but I have learned to live with it. My husband is gone now and the frequency of attacks has fallen off but still happen more than once a week.

If and when I find a way to end this I will pass on to you all what I have learned. I guess from everyone I have talked to there is no easy fix here once it's under your skin. If you want the feelings at all you can't really stop it from coming back.
your feelings are valid. It was a bloody war where men died or where wounded. These guys where tired, sick, hungry and perhaps a long way from home away from their families. The strain of war is a high emotionally driven effect that can leave emotional prints.
Kahluas-Mom in Kahlua's Story
Lady-glow, I believe Kahlua is doing exactly what she always did. That visitation proved that life and love goes on.
Kahluas-Mom in Kahlua's Story
Hi Melda, Kahlua was 14 years and 4 months old. She was a bossy firecracker. I miss her hitting my leg and getting huffy with me if I ignored her. At first she was diagnosed with severe pancreatites and possible cure, but she was so sick and in so much pain. We visited her after 2 days in the hospital and it was so sad. They wanted to put a feeding tube down her tiny nose and up her pain meds again. We cried so hard when we saw her. We couldn't let her suffer anymore. We found out she was full of cancer 8 days after we put her to sleep. That call was bittersweet because we did the right thing, but she was suffering longer than we knew. I love her so much.
Kahluas-Mom - I love hearing about animals appearing after death. I've had a few similar experiences and it is so heartwarming!

In my opinion she was there to ease your grief and make you realise that she is in fact still around. Try not to feel guilty, you did what you had to do for her. A pity it had to happen on New Year's Eve, especially after the dreadful year we've all had.

If you don't mind my asking, how old was Kahlua and did she have an incurable disease? I had to put one of my dogs down due to cancer when she was 14 years old. And yes she has put in a few appearances since then but more audible than visual.

Strange thing about the letter. Perhaps you were just meant to get it off your chest as part of the healing process? After that it was "out there". I'm not sure how to put that but I think you'll get the gist.

You'll probably feel her presence, or see her, or hear her every now and then. I hope you do!

Regards, Melda
It may have been my great grandmother as she used that bathroom the most before she passed.

I only saw it walk in that bathroom and not back out. So I honestly don't know what it was.

I do have a bad issue with being in between sleep a lot. Meaning I'm asleep but I'm fully aware of what is going on around me. So I may have dreamed it but I'm fully not sure on that one. It's also the only time I had ever seen anything in that house. I'll never know now that the house has switched hands.
Hi rolltide,

In regard to the figure you saw walk into the bathroom; if you can rule out the possibility of insomnia (or sleep deprivation) causing any type of hallucinations, then you're left to wonder 'what was I seeing?'. Do you think it's residual energy left over from a family member who once lived in the house? Or do you feel that it could've been someone closely attached to your grandmother, maybe keeping an eye on things? Did you get any certain feeling when you saw this figure? If you feel that it could be a family member, would you feel comfortable asking him/her a few questions, such as inquiring about who they are, or why they have been visiting? I suppose the best course of action is trust your gut instinct with this situation; it is your family's home and you don't want to ruffle any feathers for the living or otherwise...

Regarding the other family who have moved in, I don't see any harm in being genuinely friendly and asking them how they are doing? But I would let them bring up the subject of any unusual activity, because it may make things more awkward than need be if you were to say something randomly.
lady-glow in Kahlua's Story
Welcome to YGS.

What a shocking and bittersweet encounter. It seems like, except for not having a physical body, nothing has changed for Kahlua and she's still around doing her own thing and showing her humans that she's fine.

Thanks for sharing this lovely experience.
An update for this is coming. With a second ghost and even more spooky activity, especially the last three or four days have been active as hell.
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lealeigh hi:) I haven't come back to this website for quite sometime as seeing so many people respond to my story inspired me to continue writing my experiences on other platforms (in more poetic ways I didn't think this site would appreciate much). I'm sure you had no intention of disrespect with your comment, but I do want to say that no this isn't a story from somewhere else. I know it's important to be skeptical when it comes to hearing about the supernatural but I was quite young when I wrote this, it took me a long time to work up the courage as my family pushed for these things to never be mentioned, and seeing so many people try to pick apart my experiences that have left me traumatized and terrified of even seeing my own reflection or being in a dark room when I genuinely just wanted answers or help felt very upsetting and is also another reason I stopped coming to this website. I moved out and felt safe but current events have brought me back home and I was reminded again of this website. I will be adding that Anne rice book to my reading list:)
Fenrispro in That's Not My Dog
Oh what is a baby blue Bel-Air? Having a black dog that large seemed scary
Fenrispro in The Spirit House
Hi Jubilee have u read the True Sing ghost stories? 😁 Now I'm reading the series over again, there is a recent book 26 out too! By russell Lee, it was popular with primary kids of my batch
Hi M00nchxld

Thanks for posting your experience. Are you able to please put some aspect of these events into a context that might, hopefully, fill in some gaps and answer some questions for me?

When your friend let you in and then your friend; "...told me that there is something weird going on in her house...", did you press your friend for any more information? Such as "What are you talking about? What do you mean "weird"?

Personally, that would have been my first question. But, we are all different, right?

When the bathroom door slammed shut you wrote: "...I told her that the bathroom door slammed out of nowhere. "A lot of things happen around here, but the bathroom door never slams shut," she said looking at me worried.

Are you able to elaborate as to why a slamming door would worry her, when in her words she said " a lot things happen around here..." At that point, I wonder, did you feel the need to maybe ask her what, exactly, she kept referring to?

When the hangers started moving, apparently by some unseen force, which made you both "kind of run" out of the room, I assume that event was of a different nature compared to the other things that were happening in her house?

Even at that point, as she puts her sneakers on, it seems she wasn't discussing with you at all, any of these events, or linking them to previous events that she has alluded to that very morning.

You wrote that later that year she told you "something followed her sister home". This just raises more questions for me. How did she know something followed her sister home? Was her sister psychic? Was your friend psychic? Why did your friend wait so long to give you that information?

You also wrote: "...I have always been able to see ghosts, and my 8th grade year (this is in 2017), I seem to be able feel them around me, and connect to their energy..." This would suggest that you have exceptional psychic abilities and would be a fantastic medium.

However, this seems to contradict not only your hysterical reaction (screaming) and you wanting to flee. I would have thought you would have "sensed" either the residual, or who, or what, the energy / spirit was as soon as you entered this house (as entering this house wasn't the first time I imagine?)

I also wonder did your friend know about your psychic abilities? She would have been asking you a lot about the "weird" things going on if she had, I would have thought.

I apologise for all these questions but I'm a relatively down-to-earth, rational individual (I believe) therefore when what I'm reading doesn't seem to "make sense", I try to find out more information to fill the gaps, in order to perhaps offer meaningful, relevant advice.


Something about this thing following your friend's sister doesn't sound like friend or family. Sounds anything but. They may want to consider a cleansing and you may want to put up a wall as was suggested because this thing knew you could sense it and because you felt unsafe also leads to further feeling like it's not friendly in the least.
Hi everyone. I keep forgetting I've posted here as life is keeping me busy. I have caught myself telling the presence that I'm not amused and to knock it off. As of right now I haven't had too many incidents since.

I do have one more story that I was reminded of a little bit ago and I will get around to posting it soon.

I appreciate all of your comments and will take into consideration the cleansing idea. Our current home is a mobile home and is a 1998 so I have no history on it before we bought it. I also do not have information on our last one as it was purchased with the land my boyfriend's dad bought in 2001. Seeing as my experiences date before we even got together, I'm assuming I'm the magnet and not the land or homes. It does not happen often since I have become an adult but it appears to be stronger when it finally does. As if the presences are frustrated?

I'm going to ask my dad if he or my sisters have ever had anything like this happen as I have noticed it could be a familial thing in some cases.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Strange Night
Hi Jb66, great story, thanks for sharing! How long have you been hearing this creaking before this incident? The timing is unusual I admit, you say this happens every other night? Your fear of the dark, does it have some connection to something that happened in the past in this home? I ask because when I was younger I had a similar fear, not now, but then and it was because of something I encountered. As far as the Alexa device, that's not necessarily an indicator of the haunting itself. Don't get me wrong, I believe your story and am not trying to discredit it, but that piece may not be connected to the other events, Mine has gone off on her own occasionally as well, when no one has spoke, saying the same thing, "Hmm, I'm not to sure about that" she sometimes responds if someone on TV says something close to her name or her name is mentioned while she's playing music from the very station she's playing. Sometimes though, it can be dead quiet and I'll only be a few feet away reading and she says something. Not often but it does happen. A curious phenomenon, one I can't explain, but no one has activated her at those moments. Hopefully that helps with that part of it. At least with your mother sharing these experiences with you, it must be validating! I look forward to hearing more from you!
WarlockMagicSpells in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
This is would definitely worry me. Go online and buy some white sage. Burn it in every room of your home around sunset, especially the baby room. That will help decrease spiritual activity.

High Priest
Freddy, maybe you are right.
It was pretty weird though.
Maybe I'm just being too overprotective.
[at] aussiedaz Greetings Daz, I'm starting to believe too. I looked into metaphysics and some strange things have happened to me recently that I rather keep private for now but I do believe that something was communicating to me. I thought it was something natural but the knocks clearly replicated that of a human knocking. I'll update the story if and when a similar haunting happens.
freakedoutfreddy in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
[at] Ocean.
I think valkricry is right, after all you say the baby stuff was yours, then it must be old. Maybe the baby slept pressing his hand under his cheek thus making the red mark and you thought some body had slapped him. 🤔
Ghost knight,

From my experience and research, our thoughts are not as private as we think they are, some theoretical physicist are claiming we live in a thought based universe and some studies on telepathy are basically proving we have a tool with in our minds capable of extracting information?

I once lived in a home for 29 years where on many occasions some spirits would communicate to me through knocking on the wall however, it's usually three knocks for some reason?... When you jumped up after two, I'd say it probably still does vindicate an intelligent haunting rather than the moisture expending in the timber of which can be a logical explanation involving measurable physics?

Sometimes I would ask through my thoughts for three knocks and they would respond tic for tac. Often when something tragic was going to happened... Like a loss of a friend or relative, the knocks on the walls would be pretty intense for a couple of days prior of which was always a concern, that had me in a silent panic wondering who it was.

Regards Daz!
Oceana, personally I don't trust baby monitors very much. If you have one of those newer ones that record, you might review the footage for clues. With the older ones (audio only) it's like short-wave, you can pick up all kinds of stuff not even in the room with the child, by the same token not hear more subtle sounds. How noisy can a mobile be? Those dangly bits are usually fairly light, and could have easily 'bounced' as they struck ground.
I'm sure, as a mom you know babies can scream a blue streak for multiple reasons, and sometimes that reason is only known to them. (Back in the day, diaper pins springing open and sticking them, was often the answer, or a super stubborn burp.) As for the red mark on his cheek - there can be several explanations depending on baby's age.
You might cleanse his room and the nursery just for peace of mind if nothing else.
Ghost Knight, I'm posting simply to suggest the knocking may not have been connected with your thinking. That it maybe just timed that way in the moment. If you notice a pattern with activity and your thinking, well keeping an open mind, I guess it's possible your ghost friend has magic 8 ball qualities. Jokes aside, I do think that's possible, just more probable to be a coincidence in my opinion.

You may consider keeping a journal of activity in the room or house. A pattern will no doubt emerge if there's someone trying to communicate through knocking.

As for hearing the voice when you're dozing off, I've had that too at times. I think it can be the product of dreaming a lot of the time. But I've had a few times which I think were in fact a ghost communicating. Point being you'll have to be your own judge at that. A journal can help there too.

Thanks for sharing, hope you keep us posted.
I didn't take any photo's of the handprint.
It was a tiny handprint.
My boyfriend is a very deep sleeper and doesn't sleepwalk.
Obviously I have been keeping my son with me a lot. He's been sleeping in the cot in my room so I can keep an eye on him.
TravisCannabis in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
Are u sure your boyfriend don't sleepwalk and he's the one braking the mobile and slapping the poor babe with his tiny hand? You'd have kicked his arse for not waking up when the baby was crying. 😠 😁 😜
mayank_holmes in Something That Followed?
Thanks for reading [at] macnorton. Since I don't know any genuine paranormal expert, I couldn't figure out what the entity was. I thought about a few times. From the blanket incident, it seems the entity could be of a dead homeless man who was still roaming around the road and wanted some comfort in the harsh cold. (Don't know if souls can feel cold temperature)
Sleeping-with-steve in Is A Ghost After Our Son?
Hello Oceana,
Congratulations on the arrival of your bubs.
You poor thing, it can't be easy on you having to nurture a little bubs, keep him safe, and ensure he won't come to harm. You must be overjoyed with your little bubs and at the same time concerned that there's a possibility of paranormal activity in your home.
Cleanse your home Oceana. You have made the right decision to keep your little bubs in your room until you know it's safe to take him back to the nursery.
Please update us on what's happening.

Best wishes,
TravisCannabis in Something That Followed?
Idk bro... What if the sparkling sand was gold powder? 🤔
You snooze you loose. 😜
Hi Mayank

Thanks for taking the time to post your story. Yikes!😲

What conclusions have you drawn from this experience?


Hi Oceana

Thanks for sharing. You must be worried.

Have you or any others in that residence experienced any activity that can't be explained, or 100% ruled out as "normal"?

Has anyone experienced a "feeling" of something "off" or malevolent in that residence?

One aspect that you could clarify if possible; for a definite hand slap (hand print) to appear on a small baby's face, it must be a very small imprint? Did you take any photos of it?

Or was the mark a generalized red area? I ask because if you were spooked by the mobile being on the floor and attributed that to spiritual activity, then you may have then attributed the redness on your son's cheek and your child's distress to a malevolent spirit attack.

May I ask how old your son is? Is he teething? There may be another explanation for a baby's distress and red cheeks.

Sorry for all the questions but I try to steer people into a more "normal" less worrying / frightening explanation as we often just default to "evil ghosts".


Melda - Hi there, thanks for your comment and yes I do agree with you that some spirits seek attention and joy, after all they were once human too. Ahahaha I have more stories regarding to odd sounds or voices that I can only hear, stay tuned:)

DaveM - Thanks for your feedback Dave! It's good to know what you are feeling when you are reading my story. Hopefully my story gives you goosebumps hehe! Stay tuned for more:D
Hi MrsRamsay,
Thank you for the kind words ❤ Our stories sound very similar; both of us have dealt with losing a spouse while raising kids, and both us are renovating 1990's kitchens. I've kept the same electrician and handyman hired on for all of the latest remodeling that needs to be done in my kitchen, and both men agree that my house has "attitude"! We've run into several setbacks and weird little glitches since work has started...

You, and the OP, will have to keep us updated if any new activity crops up at home - meanwhile, good luck and stay safe 😊
Hi Lightmight. I just wanted to offer my condolences on your loss. My first husband passed away at age 33 and I raised two daughters alone until they were almost out of high school (and then remarried). It's a tough thing, and I'm really sorry to hear about it. Your story is super interesting... The house sounds pretty super though. Many good thoughts and prayers from Georgia!
[at] LFrog1386 Hi there, this happened last year in 2020 haha I write this comment on January 17th 2021. I'll tell you if it happens but I won't get my hopes up. It's certainly very strange.
So? Did you find a girlfriend that year? 😁 It could be something affirming your thoughts and letting you know it heard your wish.
Thanks ssexyca, I really enjoyed this story, so compelling and well-written! Your opening pulled me in: I could see the room, the semi-bunks and Dia turning off the lights. I could hear the BANG, BANG, BANG! On the door. My favorite part is the four of you silent, looking at each other in the semi-darkness, lit only by your phones.
...And your ending! It left me with a chill and a gripping question: Why do some hear the knocks, and some don't? Perfect!
I would like to add a tidbit about house cleansings for the OP: something to keep in mind is that you may need to make this a weekly routine depending on the severity of the negative energy you're dealing with. House cleansings aren't just performed for clearing away spirits, they're also very useful if you need to clear away any general bad vibes (or negative energy left over from the living). You might want to search up a few different ways to spiritually house cleanse before choosing a particular one that you like (there are several online options). Keep in mind that you don't neccessarily need to be a religious type to conduct a house cleansing, but you do need to have a firm belief in what you are saying and doing during the cleansing. It is your family's home, and by the sounds of it your family has spent plenty of time at this house and money, right now is a good time to stake your claim on this property.

Speaking from personal experience, routine house cleansings can often make a noticeable difference. About three years ago, I purchased an old 'historic' home w/my late husband. Within a week of moving in to the house I noticed odd, unexplainable activity. It was small stuff at first, but then the activity became more apparent over the following months while we updated certain areas of the house. To make a long story short, both my husband and I decided to conduct weekly cleansings (we used sacred white sage candles and salt during the first few cleansings). We found that these cleansing made an enormous difference in the activity and overall vibe in the house, so we continued this routine up until last Spring. After my husband passed away, I became so busy with work, raising my children, and going back to school that I stopped the weekly cleansings altogether - I simply became too overwhelmed with so many things going on.

Fast forward to a month ago, I decided to hire an electrician to work on the third floor of my home because we were having issues with the lighting (flickering lights and dimming). About a week later the electrician had everything running smoothly again, and during the afternoon on the day he finished I went into one of the rooms to thank him as he was packing up. Within a few minutes of our conversation, the ceiling lighting fixture went completely dark (turned off). The electrician looks at me and says, "Hmm, let me go check something out". He then walks over toward the switch plate for the light, and as he does this the only door into the room slams shut so hard that the windows rattled and the floor shook - It startled both of us! This old wooden door slammed shut so hard that the latch went past the strike plate, lodging the latch into the wooden door jamb. How the door slammed shut with such an extreme force was puzzling to both us for a few reasons: no one else was home at the time; no other doors or windows were open, and there didn't really seem to be an obvious answer as to why this happened? I'm not saying this was 'paranormal activity' taking place, but the timing was certainly odd. After that recent experience, I've gladly decided to go back to my routine weekly cleansings 😊
I too experienced this recently, I had a dream of a painting with lovers kissing posted on instagram. When I looked at the art account to check it, I couldn't find it, I was confused. Months later I seen the painting that was posted by the artist after we had a falling out, even the comments were the same from the dream. She recently went into a relationship and painted the pic of her and her boyfriend. I feel it is destiny to see these things and have deja vu with them. I was told to pay attention to them, eventually the lovers broke up and I would later fall in love with this woman.

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