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Hello Sophiethunder,

I apologise but without learning any history or the name of the house being rented for a family situated in an isolated area in the countryside, without having any proper information regarding the location of travel or adhering to any safety means on a vacation of a specifically large number of people seems to be an immature decision.

You agreed on this place only on the words of your neighbour? Seems extremely illegitimate.

Your neighbour do seems to be knowledgeable on the context of the place but that doesn't mean it is a safer option to rely on their words without any proper research.

What if your mother's instinct of a potential burgalry were true?

I'm wondering why you encounter the paranormal in all dubious situations.

Since your neighbours sounds familiar with the place have they ever stayed in the house? Or had similar experiences to yours?

I believe you need to have a talk with your neighbours after this.

I believe the entity you observed is any sense neither following you nor it seems to be attached. As if the entity were to be attached to you then it makes no sense as to why it will show up after an interval of 10 long years.

I rather have this instinct that you probably are experiencing a spiritual awakening and are developing sensitivity to the paranormal energies surrounding you. However, you last experience seems extremely odd.

Disappearing call history? I've never heard of anything like this before.

Are you sure your mobile is not having any technical issues?

Have you asked your roommate wheather she had called you that night?

I never thought spirits can interfere with people's call logs.

If you somehow feel that any entity seemed to have attached itself to you in any ways the only suggestion is performing a cleansing ritual as recommended by Silverthane61.

Wishing you the best

VeronicaMarie in Little Girl Following Me
Hi, Sier...

Thinking back to your childhood and when you first sensed this, do you remember if there had been a death of a little girl at that time who you were acquainted with? A family member, classmate, or someone like that? It's interesting that there have been years in between these experiences. Which made me wonder about the possibility of you having been aware of a little girl's death back then, that maybe sometimes still comes to your mind, causing a manifestation of her at that time. Certainly doesn't sound like anything malevolent, but someone/something that just quietly shows up on a rare occasion to be with you for a little while. Really interesting story, and thanks for sharing it.
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
Hi Ladyglow
They didn't put it on the internet. I believe they wanted to get reviews before they put it on the internet for fear of a bad reputation.

I don't know how good Eddison is. I too thought the same as you, but didn't want to interrogate him.

I have asked the neighbour and he was quite concerned why I wanted to know all this information.

I originally said that I was just interested. Then I said that my friend asked me where I went. I would've just told him the truth, but there's got to be a reason he's so secretive in the first place, and he might've been a bit upset if I told him I was putting it on a ghost site.
Anyway, but he just told me to tell my friend to come to him if they wanted the address.
He is so secretive, it's suspicious.

With regards to the road, I'll have to ask my dad, as he was driving, and had the directions, which were handwritten by my neighbour.

Also, Why is my narrative iffy? I genuinely just want to make sure you understand my experience.
This is a weird one for sure. I read it two weeks ago but keep thinking of it so, I'll leave a comment. I think it was real. The nun just probably went unnoticed, it could have been a situation where the baby was being given up for adoption and maybe an unsavory situation that produced the child with someone acting quickly to keep things hush hush. She could have come from a distance to go to a home to pick up a newborn in a private adoption.
My personal opinion is that loved ones when they visit don't produce feelings of fear or coldness but rather happiness and warm... Perfect love casts out fear.

If your experiences are fearful they might not be from wholesome sources.

I've had good experiences with the departed and negative experiences with "others".

Your soul tends to recognize things for what they are. If your family members visit you, you will know. If the experiences give you unsettled emotions acknowledge that and block the negative energy by your belief system i.e. Prayers etc.
Sophie, once again, the additional information provided to your already iffy narrative makes it even more questionable.

"I don't know what to search for to find it. I don't think it's on the internet because I got told about it through word of mouth."

This is not the 18th Century, if the owners have decided to list the house as an Airbnb they need to promote it through the modern world means, the INTERNET.

Even if the property seats on an unnamed street, the road leading to it has to have some sort of number or way of identification. Have you checked on Google maps?

If Eddison is such an accomplished dancer, it makes no sense that he would "demanded to know who had pushed him in the middle of his seven-spin pirouette."
Surely he would have been spotting while spinning and would have noticed if someone else had been in the room with him.

Perhaps you could ask your neighbor to ask his friend to ask the owners for more information about the house.
Thats so horrifying! Anything that scares animals is definitely sinister and evil
sophiethunder (guest) in A Big Family Holiday
Hi Lealeigh
I discovered the house when my neighbour told me about it.
He overheard me discussing the price of the original holiday home with my mum and later told me about a cheaper home that he knew of.
It does have a number, but no street name. It was in the countryside, so no street, just a number.
My neighbour gave me directions on how to get there.
I don't know what to search for to find it. I don't think it's on the internet because I got told about it through word of mouth.

Nothing has followed us and we had a big discussion about the holiday when we got together round mum's. Oceana reckons she heard a dog one night, barking it's head off, but couldn't find it when she looked out of the window. She thinks it's paranormal, I think it was a passing dog.

Unfortunately, I didn't. I have tried phoning them since, but all they're interested in is my custom. As soon as I say I'm not looking to go on holiday, they hang up. Recently, they don't pick up at all, so I deleted it from my phone. My neighbour knew about it through his friend, and knew directions through his friend. I'm not sure it's find-able or bookable, unless you are told about it.
VeronicaMarie in A Big Family Holiday
Very odd goings-on, Sophie. (But can't think of a more beautiful place to have a holiday than gorgeous Devon.)
When you talked to the owners on the phone, did you ask them for the address of the house so you could research it more? Or maybe whoever made the reservation for the house has those details, because it would be interesting to know the history of the house or of the area itself.
silverthane61 in Mysterious Ball Of Light
I think you may have had an encounter with something paranormal. I do not know the source, however. I have read many stories of similar encounters presaging either an abduction scenario or a continuation of further paranormal activities. Please continue to be alert. I have read that even the simple act of sleeping with the lights on often prevents this type of event from reoccurring. Please be cognizant of the time in case of future events.
silverthane61 in Little Girl Following Me
If you want it to stop, then I would cleanse your living space by either enlisting the help of a spiritual leader (priest, minister, medium, etc), or I would attempt to perform the specific cleansing ritual endorsed and created by a senior member of this site (ie. Rookdygin). This ritual has had great success as witnessed by many of the stories on this site. Just search his name on this site and you will find the ritual. It is very involved, so plan for more than one day of action of you do plan to do this.
silverthane61 in A Big Family Holiday
Welcome back, Sophiethunder! I must say that you have a knack for getting into situations that include paranormal incidents. But I must admit that I enjoy reading about your encounters. Hopefully, nothing followed your party home. Did you discuss your encounters with any of your family in the time after you got home?
Dark entities feed on fear and strife. They grow on fear so they can cause strife to break up families. I do not know if these haunts are figments of your imagination or not. You obviously have a strong will and can control your fear. I would continue to treat these occurrences as if they were real. I do not think that preparing for the worst and steeling yourself against these haunts will hurt anything if they are not real - but then again, I am not a psychologist. This is just my opinion. I apologize if I cannot give you any more advice, but I would like to say that you are already ahead in the game simply because of your ability to starve potential dark entities of the "fear-food" that they crave.
Hello Sophie,

I am confused. You all made plans to spend time in the house and went there - but later in your story, you said that the house didn't have a name or number. I am assuming that you meant it didn't have a street number. How did you find this place? How did you know that it was available to stay in?

Since then, have you been able to find anything online about its history? I am pleased to see that Oceana and Eddison are still within your circle.

- Maria
LuciaJacinta in Playing Wolf Wolf
I like your story and your description. It seems believable enough as I also used to make up games like this. The part that seems weird is that it was 3am when you got home? How late were playing? What time did you start walking the friends home? Why didn't they stay the night instead if it was that late? Why didn't you stay at their house overnight. I myself have to get up early for work but if my kids, even teenagers needed a ride at 3am I would tell them to just stay overnight. So, that part is strange... But I like your story otherwise.
Hi everyone sorry it took so long to come back. I honestly forgot my login details and had to dig through old stories to find my posts 😭.
Well, sometimes even the most difficult problems have a simple solution. I have a seen a miracle happen when a family member of mine faced such problem. It was an advice from a sadguru. He said in difficult times if one gets up early in the morning 5:00am, has a bath and lights a lamp in front of God before sunrise in your home, all such problems will be taken care of, there is no one greater than God. I think you might be able to try it and find peace in your life. If possible do read hanuman chalisa in the morning after lighting the lamp or just meditate in front of God. It is quite simple but powerful. Hope you find it helpful.
I'm so sorry that you had to go through this as a child. I had to put up with similar issues like you did as a little boy, (except the paranormal things). Your story brought up a lot of bad memories that I didn't realise would effect me like they did. But thanks for posting your story I did like reading it. Best of luck in the future and may you be blessed. Take care. From Darren.
I truly enjoyed reading your story. I can tell it pains you to discuss it, and I'm sorry for your experiences in that house.

I really get angry when little kids get "picked on" by these things. I am also somewhat in awe of your experience.

Thanks again for sharing. All my very best to you today and always!
Thank you for your comments. Yeah the place certainly was beautiful but so glad we didn't get it now.
I'll write about the old truck sometime soon. It's a lovely old girl but man it's freaky energy will creep some out. It doesn't bother me. Ghosts really don't. Never have. As I've lived in haunted places.
Thanks for reading.
If you have any questions. Let me know.
ZeppelinChriss ❤
What a great story! I can just picture the farm and house, etc. And the fact you were messing around but then were perceptive enough to think that someone was irritated with you when the doors moved. I'm super interested to read more about the truck! Thanks so much for sharing. Guess you were lucky not to get the house!
Wil1974, a very eerie story. I think one of the reasons some people might have doubts is that your first few paragraphs are directly taken from It doesn't mean necessarily that your own experience wasn't real, but I think it's more helpful to only use your own words (except, of course, when you're quoting people). It is an interesting story, nonetheless. Did your Sgt. Bill ever elaborate more on what he'd seen?
Tweed, I agree a virus is more likely. I've read the book"Good Omens" multiple times, and it still cracks me up.
Everything seemed real, the fire, the sounds, I could smell the fire.
When I moved into my house a few years ago, we had similar things happen. One night my daughter screamed from upstairs. Her bathtub water was on full force and she could not get it to go off, even when we kept turning it (lefty lucy, righty tighty) it never changed and we struggled with it until the tub was almost full. Then, suddenly, it went off. I pretended it was no big deal, but it was really weird. Her toilet also flushed by itself, all the time. OR I would find it filled with #2 and not flushed and she SWORE it was not her. She is a really good girl and I believed her. I just kept thinking it was water pressure or something, but the plumbers I would ask explained that we have some pressure thing that prevents either pressure high enough to turn a faucet on or that would allow stuff to back up into an upstairs toilet. These events started tapering off and finally went away, but then other things happened that make me believe it had something to do with the older couple who owned the house before us (and both died while owners, but not in the house). This is probably not helpful, but what I mean to say is, you should sort of shrug this off, even while you might NOTE, just don't make a big deal out of it and it might go away.
Hi Lealeigh,
It was a very scary thing, but one of the few that I have had. I am a magnet for this stuff. I didn't really want to walk them home either, but if I didn't they would have gotten into a lot of trouble too. So I walked them home.
Hi Matrix899,
It was extremely scary. I could not talk it over with them because they really wanted nothing to do with me after that. I may have gotten a couple words but that was all.
Hi Lady-Glow,
Yes a block was 4 miles around so I had to walk them home 2 miles and back by myself 2 miles. I remember wanting to run the whole way, but I didn't.
Hi Alina5, Where I lived in Mich we were 2.5 hours away from everything. The only thing bad near us was the skunks.
Silverthane61 That is very interesting. I wonder where they have been seen. I have never heard of anything like that before.
sds in Evil Force
Hello Satyabrata2009, in our Hindu customs, we do perform Grahapravesh and doing certain rituals and homams before moving into a new house or apartment. The reason behind such rituals is that any negative entity or evil spirit would be warded off. As you have stated in the last paragraph of your narrative, it was not done and no sooner than it was done, the activities stopped.

I feel that your friend was more receptive to spirits. The fall could have been that your friend was afraid and was running at speed in the stairs. When you climb the stairs at good speed and you slip one of the steps, you will fall down and it would feel like somebody has pulled you. But, it is good that he has recovered. It is a good thing that the ceremony and rituals were done so that no other incidents took place.

Please do respond to other questions.

Lady-glow, I don't know how you got the impression that our Indian ghosts, especially women, are angry and vengeful. Perhaps you have read or here in this site, the narratives relate to such angry and vengeful entities or ghosts or spirits. But, I have had benign experiences too. That I have written in one of my narratives.

Regards and respects to both of you.

Hi Alina

Vastu point was one of the possibilities that struck me because I feel that we should directly not jump to any serious conclusions. And yes vastu pooja are different and with small changes vastu can be corrected. On your last post I had read that you stay somewhere near rohini and I had suggested that you might connect with someone from rohini kendra of Swami seva marg. As you said that this entity is draining your energy then that is definitely some negative energy as sometimes presence of any supernatural entity doesn't bother us. Is it likely that some one introduced this thing into your lives? I remember when my sister was in college hostel she once saw some one running across the corridor and she thought it was her friend but when she ran behind her there was no one. If cleansing has removed the energy completely then nothing like it but if still it comes back then do look at the solutions provided by me... Take care...
Hello Nikachi,

Thank you for your input.

You see, the uncertainty still prevails as to why these events took place on a drastic instance. Even if I conclude this entire thing as "vastu dosh", it doesn't satisfy me. Please do correct me if I'm wrong but vastu dosh issues requires a specially performed puja (ritual) and don't budge from a normal cleansing or shielding which I performed. I respect your faith as well as have absolute belief in your personalised experience.
If I believe the things are being out of order again I'll definitely try your method of placing Swami Samarth Maharaj's picture as protection.

Thank you for your dearly concern

Hello Silverthane61,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

I think your words do have a point. These events did used to consume a lot of my energies being a regular occurrence. I was constantly restless filled with anxiety of what will happen next. Probably these entities derive their energy from my emotions to continue their effect in the household.
I also feel cleansing is the best possible thing I have done in such a situation.

Thank you~
Hello there. Fellow Pinoy here.

I would agree with Alina regarding the wall fans. It is possible for the screws to be loosed by just the mere force or pressure of the motor and blades. It actually happens in construction sites where I was the Project Engineer. And another cause is faulty installation because as what you had said, the fan was hanging from the wall.

And about the lights turning on and off, I would say it's a normal thing to have brown outs in the Philippines specially in the province.

Base from what you had submitted, you were not scared or anything, I would recommend not thinking much about it and just cherish your recollection memories. Recollection are supposed to be happy moments based from my own recollection back in highschool 😁
Hi Alina

I went through your last post as well and commented there too. Good that you got cleansing done. As I had written in my comment on your last post that sometimes vastu of the house is also to blame. I would again suggest that if you have a temple in your house then place a picture of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. As it's my first hand experience where all measures to drive away a negative force away from my sister failed to give any permanent result it was only Swami Maharaj who gave a permanent solution. Rest all upto your faith.
Greetings, Elessarfl, and welcome to YGS.

My first question for you is simply for background data: was your father a war veteran? Like many of the prior commentators, I suspect his use of intravenous drugs drew negative/demonic energy to your home. People do not wake up one morning and decide to be horrible people; either your father couldn't live with the knowledge of some action/consequence in his past, or he couldn't bear the strain of his life in the present. I'm not trying to be judgmental here; I'm looking for a greater context for your experiences.

Having the three funeral homes on your street would also be a draw for people's sorrow, frustration, even anger, on a regular basis; your father's drug usage may have attracted a disproportionate quantity of negative energy against that environment. I'll admit that I didn't used to think that funeral homes were haunted, as the spirits of the deceased would have departed before the body arrived for embalming, etc.; however, reading several YGS narratives by staff at funeral homes has changed my mind on this point. There are hundreds of people per month entering those facilities with sorrow and pain which can attract & feed negative energies/spirits. Once there, they may have been drawn to your home, because I agree with Lealeigh's assessment of drug use: "All methods are damaging and negative but it is my opinion that needle use is the 'darkest' negativity."

As Alina pointed out, I also felt that your being lifted down the stairs & placed gently at the bottom was not in keeping with a negative entity's actions. Instead of shoving you down the stairs, it was deliberate and careful in its treatment of you. I know, from personal experience, that this behavior can be easily mis-read as threatening ( I spent years believing that two separate behaviors by spirits in my home were by a single entity until one of our mods, Val, suggested it was two separate phenomena.

I've never run into a force-field strong enough to stop me, though I've felt some that have made me decide that I should go in a different direction. Your getting "paused" in the middle of your room must have been terrifying as a young teen.

Thanks for sharing your account with us; as you can see, you've provoked a lot of thought and discussion.

Aqueousdissolution in Multiple Spirits Around The House
Hello to all, everything has been resolved after the ritual on the full moon... There is still residual energy but that's much better than before obviously.

I've read the comments and noticed there was a lot of confusion with the way I wrote things.

Now I am a writer and felt that due to the stress I did not apply my abilities as well as I could but have just re-read my entry and see only point blank writing? Simple and coherent other than the fact I did not divulge the fact that partner is aGender and I refer to them as they/them...

But other than that yes the demons are gone, the other one which I cannot spell as it was only said to me and do not wish to bastardise native language, has moved on also.

The reason the one with the white outline appeared was due to the fact that my daughter went to a cemetery with me and did not visit any family.

My daughter is aboriginal and her grandfather helped me ID the one I was most concerned about (the white outline) and it just needed to Time and recognition.

With hope the rest of what happened will dissipate with Time also and we can move on.

I did not expect it to take so long to be approved and posted but now that I know I will refrain from doing so when it comes to urgent things as all I need to do now is re-cleanse and move on.

Thank you all for your comments and help.

I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to reading and perhaps writing more as I do have other experiences along with tales from family members.
Hi Spooky,
You've already had some very good advice from the other posters, so I've nothing much to add to that. However, what I do want to warn you about, is the use of LED lighting. It's extremely bad for your eyesight and can destroy the retinas. I know how difficult it can be to find much else these days, so please use it sparingly and as dim as possible. When I want to read my book in bed at night, my good old fashioned torch does the job admirably! 😊
Oh...There is something else that could help if you're ever afraid. It's easy to do and doesn't take long.
Whenever I feel scared, I put up a psychic shield. I close my eyes and imagine I'm standing inside a large bubble, which is filled with bright light. The light can be white or blue, or even a mixture of both, making it bluish white. I 'see' this in my minds eye and at this point, I like to say a short prayer (to whoever), asking to 'please keep me safe from all negative entities and energies'! When I've finished my prayer, I open my eyes... Knowing my shield will remain. Hope this helps and best wishes to you and your family!
These encounters smack of entities that have a lot of power! Not only were they able to produce visual effects (doors closing, full-bodied faces through clear glass, etc), but they were able to produce sound effects also. Given that it was impossible for the doors to move and for someone to see through dusty glass, the fact of the matter is that you did indeed experience this. This type of haunt is very rare - especially considering that it took place during the middle of the day! This event is worth remembering. Please write back about the truck!
Before claiming any event as paranormal it's better to rule out all the mundane possibilities first.

Regarding that electronic fan, Can't it be that the screws of the fan had turned loose and the rotation of its flaps causing a pressure to be built up in the joint region resulting it to untwine? It happens sometimes on the effect of heat or cold solids expand or contract. It is a seasonal factor.

The tripping of the electric meter can be caused due to overload. The fuse is designed in such a way that in case of any overload to protect the appliances from short-circuiting it trips no matter of which material it is made of.
Therefore, any electrical phenomenon is well explananable by the laws of physics. But I'll not dive deep into it.

About the shadow man, unless the auditorium have a haunted history it can be possible that someone had tried to sneak in. Sorry, about this I don't mean to scare you but it can be possible... A potential robbery or something.

Only citing the possible explanations.

silverthane61 in Overnight Recollection
I am wondering if the tall man was a real person and not a specter. I realize that you did not get a good look, but I am also wondering if the fan fell from not being screwed in properly. Did the tall man vanish from sight, or did he just walk away?
silverthane61 in Playing Wolf Wolf
I have the same concerns that have been already mentioned in the previous posts above. That being said, I have to mention a little side info concerning Black Eyed Children (or BEC's). There are some cases that have been reported that are very similar to yours that involve these beings - the only difference being that in a small number of cases the eyes of these small children were either all white or all red. The rest of your story reads like it could have been taken straight out of one of those encounters.
This is a very detailed account of the events that have been happening in your home. I believe the entity was singling you out as a reservoir for extracting energy as your husband did not seem to be experience any emotion-draining events like you. I think that you did exactly the right thing by having your home cleansed. I support your actions and applaud the manner in which you and your husband supported each other during this entire affair.
silverthane61 in Disturbed While Sleeping
I cannot add much more than what Lealeigh or Alina have posted. My only question would be if it was possible that you were until in a dream state. I have had many experiences where I felt a presence in my room before feeling my mattress go down as if a weight was being placed on it. It was a very scary experience. I do not rule out that it may have been me still being in a dream state. I will say that I never had the courage to look at whatever was on my bed like you.
Hello Jubelee,

Yes, the back wall is a few feets away from the well, and I believe being unused for a long time had probably turned it into a creepy thing.

About the cleansing, it was a session of the entire day, consisting of 4 rituals in total along with the chanting of Hanuman chalisa as the basic and a few mantras of Goddess Durga (who is an embodiment of life energy). The chanting of Hanuman chalisa is supposedly done to drive these entities away and the mantras of Goddess Durga serves as a protective shield. Then we have to blow "shankh" which is an instrument used at religious chores to produce enough vibration in the entire house, which is supposed to disturb the energy levels of the entities feeding in the household.
A sentence of the priest stood out the most to me "Hanuman chalisa is effective only because we have the faith in it to be effective". Faith often gives us the courage that's the motive of Hanuman chalisa. It deepens my faith in God's ways and spirituality a lot.

Thank you for your dearly concern.

silverthane61 in Childhood Fears
I note with some interest that you are a middle aged adult. If you are psychic, then your "gift" would have surfaced more times in tour life in my humble opinion. I cannot tell you if you are psychic or whether you have been witnessing paranormal events. That being said, have you had other psychically oriented events?
Hello Jactin,

Don't you think a bunch of kids playing alone in the dead silent night at 2 A.M. Is dangerous no matter in what neighborhood you live in.

It was surprising that your parents allowed you to stay up that late. Let alone staying up, but even permitted you to play outside without any supervision for the kids.

How could your dad not accompany a bunch of kids home when they're literally terrified to the point of crying? And asked you (a kid) to walk them home?

I apologise but that's a logic I can never comprehend.

moon_felicite in Overnight Recollection
The fan was hanging from the wall, and it was only nearly above my batchmate who almost got into an accident, plus we sleep on the floor with our matresses and close to each other. So even if it is dark, they can clearly see it. I'm also "not sure" if the silhouette of a man was a ghost. The back of our covered court was like a forest, but not that big of course. Only few of the workers are left and are arranging seats inside the auditorium. There is also a true story that happened in one of the grade 9 classroom, which was also my classroom last school year. His name was Archie and got into an accident and died at that classroom in which until now he still haunts it, and everywhere in our school. There are still some stories like someone got possessed, a student saw a white lady in a cr, my classmate who has an open third eye and last time saw a floating uniform of a girl getting close to her in a hallway at the 2nd floor and many more.
Hi Alina

I've read both your accounts and thought about them. When you first saw "the white apparition crawling on the outer back wall", did that the part of the wall lead to the backyard? I'm wondering about the well in your backyard, where you saw the "same white figure emerging out of the well". Did you get the well cleansed and blessed? If you still have the holy water from the priest, maybe you can sprinkle a few drops over the bench and the well once in a while.

A few years ago, a Hindu friend, who also lives in Delhi, prayed over us when we were having troubles and recommended a recording of the Hanuman Chalisa mantra to be played several times a day at our place, for at least a week. He said the devotional hymn was to cleanse, strengthen and protect us. Maybe it was my friend's prayers and the power of belief from the person who was chanting, but I felt comforted when I listened to the mantra.

My husband is a skeptic by nature. But with all the things we have experienced over the years, he now admits that certain things defy logic and seem to have no rational explanation. Perhaps it is best to let your husband arrive at his own level of understanding and acceptance. But hopefully, he won't be laughing at you anymore.

I'm glad things have settled down at your house. Just as the physical aspect of housecleaning is necessary, regular cleansing is good for keeping things calm on the spiritual side. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Be safe and take care.
lady-glow in Childhood Fears
Greetings wrh1969.

The experience with the toys was unnerving. Was this the only time something unusual happened in your room? - I hope the answer is yes!

About predicting the phone calls, in my opinion, every person has an almost telepathic connection to the people closest to them that allows us to 'sense' when someone is thinking about us.
Now, if you are able to predict when a scammer is calling you or when somebody you don't even know is calling, then that would be a different thing altogether.

I think every person is a bit of a psychic, but nowadays people are too used to ignore their intuition.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello SpookyTrinidy,

Teenagers and poltergeist activities do have almost a common occurrence together. I don't why but it's being an obvious cliché. Probably the explanation stated by Maria is the one to describe this.

If you do feel an eerie presence of the closet, it is better to get rid of it or in any condition performing a cleansing before any entity manifests itself out of it. Leaving it in the way it is can result in worse consequences at least considering a teenager to go through this.

Talk to your parents properly with much solemnity in your face to convince them to move it. If they disagree I'm afraid you have to take care of it yourself. Please try the recommended Rookdygin's ritual it certainly is very effective. Always remember you have to be courageous in any matter.

You are free to ask any doubts, questions or help on this site. We'll try our best for a solution.

Alina5 in Childhood Fears
Hello wrh1969,

You don't need to worry about laughs. A fabricated story is well identifiable from an original one. A lot of people have posted much bizarre experiences than you. It only enhances the knowledge of the reader as well the poster of the infinite aspects of the paranormal world.

That incident with that is more surprising than scary, why it happened on a sudden instance?

Have you always felt uncomfortable in that room as a kid? Or was it just sudden.

I believe you've already submitted your experience as a teenager in your previous narrative "Demonic voice?" where most of the readers have already provided their insight considering it as a drunk hallucination.

I'm not exactly sure of the calls incident. A psychic ability? Maybe. Probably you're body is in a condition of high alert as a response to the energies you could sense in that room. I couldn't be of much help in this matter hopefully other members will satisfy you on this context.

Welcome to YGS.

"An electric fan almost hit her head while she's asleep. Those who were still awake that time says that the electric fan screws were slowly removing until it almost fell into her. It was like someone was screw driving them"

Was this an standing fan or was it hanging from the ceiling? How far/close were your classmates to the fan? I find it odd that they would be able to see the screws moving if the lights were off.

Are you suggesting that "the silhouette of a tall man was standing in the covered court" was a ghost? If so, what evidence do you have to think that way? Could the man have been a worker or a living person, perhaps messing up with you kids?

All these lights going on and off must have been disturbing but, what do you know about the history of the building where the recollection took place at? Are there any reports about it being haunted? Is there a reason for it to be haunted?

Lastly, the fact that the events happened at 3:00 am is not evidence that this was paranormal in nature.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Playing Wolf Wolf

"One night my friends were over from around the block"

"I caught up to them and still had to walk 2 miles home"

Those blocks sure were HUGE! Are you sure this didn't happen in Texas?
Hello Elessarfl,

These events are quite disturbing for the observation of a young teenage boy or even a pre-teen especially the one of the "lizard man".

The previous posters have striked an interesting point of relating these potentially evil entities to your dad's actions. I do agree that any negative influence can drag the attention of the other. Probably the evil, if any is manifested due to the actions of your dad creating an atmosphere of constant dilemma and other such negative emotional tendencies.

However, I somehow feel that the entity which seemed to have caused the tension is not a single one but rather multiple.
The one freezing you at your spot and the one escalating you down the stairs were opposed in actions. Along with that lizard man spirit witnessed by your brother.

I wonder whether your house serves as a portal for any of the spirits?
Due to the deeds of your abusive father attracting these entities.

Even though the specific reason behind this is under doubt, I am glad you're in a much peaceful place than you were then.

Wish you and your family all God's blessings!

Hello Maria,

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Honestly in this matter I can't comprehend my husband's behaviour. He himself visualised the events and took a keen participation in the ritual but still seems to be confused on this matter. But rather than persuading him anything it's better to leave it at his understanding.

Another thing to add, the readers must be curious regarding my friend as she seemed to be the concerning topic of the previous discussion. I'll say she's doing fine without anything intervening in her normal routine, which is why she refused to participate in the discussion. We decided to move the bench away to place it with the old furnitures, as we thought it might have a roleplay in instigating these events.

I am very satisfied with the cleansing since the activities have subsided a lot. Thank you once again for your thoughtful post.

matrix899 in Playing Wolf Wolf
Hello Jactin,

This was a really frightening experience, thanks for sharing.

Did you ever discuss this event with your friends? Why did they not go close to the boy? What did they feel?

I cannot remember ever reading a story that is similar to this.
Thanks again

That's good to hear. I'm glad you guys are a peaceful family!

There are many people who say that teenagers put off a lot of energy just by growing up. The things that you sense in your surroundings may be a product of this. I don't think burning sage will hurt anything if you want to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your home.

If it seems like your feelings become worse, you could also try a home cleansing method that many members of this site have used (including myself). It was developed by rookdygin, who has been a member of this site since 2008, and it will not interfere with any religious beliefs that you might have:


His cleansing method is about halfway down his profile page that I gave the link to.
SpookyTrinidy in Disturbed While Sleeping
Our house isn't that old seeing it was made in 2006. There's not much history that I could find on it though. Nobody argues in our house except playful bantering.
Hello Alina,

I am glad that your skeptical husband is starting to see things. He may not believe NOW, but, if he keeps seeing unexplainable phenomena for long enough, he may eventually come to the point where he will stop giving you a hard time.

I remember in your last story he said something to you and your friend:

"He laughed at us hysterically saying how us women are gullible to believe in paranormal in this era and educated women are least expected to do it. It hurt my pride and I let it go."

It would be nice if he would take back that statement; but maybe you'll just have to accept his silence on the subject.

I am glad that the cleansing seems to be working to make things peaceful. I hope it stays that way.

It seems to me that you had a mixture of residual and semi-intelligent energies. The ones that were directly interacting with you and your husband seemed unfocused. And undetermined people (living or otherwise) are not difficult to persuade. I think that a cleansing now and then will keep the peace.

Thank you for updating your experiences.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Playing Wolf Wolf
Hello Jactin and welcome to YGS,

I have to say that is really scary! It was good of you to be brave and walk your friends home, knowing you would have to walk home alone. I know what you meant be being afraid of being afraid.

Thank you for submitting your story.

- Maria
Hello SpookyTrinidy and welcome to YGS,

I don't believe there is anything that is specifically in your closet. I believe that you are picking up on a presence or energy and, in fear, you rest your eyes on a source.

People have survived from our hunter/gatherer days by being aware of the shadows and it is ingrained in us - because, in the old days, our enemies and predators watched us from the dark. It is like the way that we will look at patterns in the wallpaper and see faces in the patterns. Those instincts are with us for our protection.

I do think you are sensing something. Do you know how old your house is? Or any history of your nearby surroundings? Does anyone argue or fight in your house?

- Maria
Lealeigh in Childhood Fears
Hi wrh1969,

I used to be able to guess the next song on the radio; but, when the 90's ended, I stopped listening to a literal "radio" (you know the one: visible antenna... Handle on top... Takes "D" batteries) and now I have lost the power of predicting the next song.

I am not really joking - I actually used to be able to do that; but I attribute that phenomena to the nature of radio waves. I haven't ever cared about knowing the reason - and that is more strange to me than predicting songs.

I assume you're talking about today's cellphones, when you talk about predicting callers. Are these people close friends or family? Or are you guessing people that are from your whole spectrum of contacts?

- Maria

PS: I can't stand dolls either.
Hi Elessarfl and welcome to YGS!
I'm sorry to hear you suffered at the hands of such an abusive father and having read your story, it did cross my mind that perhaps the force that held you back from leaving your room was in fact trying to protect you. Are you quite certain this force was evil? I say this because it just seemed odd that you were floated down the stairs and left gently at the bottom. It could be two different entities of course.
I also want to say that I too believe your brother saw a 'lizard man', more commonly known as a 'reptilian'. These are a race of demons who feed on the negative energy of the human race, such as fear, depression, pain etc. Anything negative. It seems likely it could well have been attracted by your father. I think that's far more likely the cause, rather than the funeral homes. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I wish you and your family peace and love!
Hello Elessar and welcome to YGS,

I discovered the writings of Tolkien as a young teenager. I also grew up in the same kind of house.

I am always sorry to hear or read about another person who had to grow up around people who illegally use needles to do drugs. All methods are damaging and negative but it is my opinion that needle use is the "darkest" negativity. It is like desperation.

I am not sure if the funeral homes have anything to do with the activity at your house. I think that it was attracted to your father. Or created by his negativity. There is probably a lot that your father could say about sensing negative energy himself - if he is still alive and if he would admit to it.

I think that, when you grew up and moved on, you probably left the orbit of a lot of disturbing negativity.

- Maria
This is indeed a very scary story! I do not think it had anything to do with the cemeteries. Rather, I feel that there may have been a link between your Father's abusive and self-destructive behavior and the presence of this evil force. Did your family ever break up?
In semi sleep or about to sleep condition lot of things can happen when different nerves get pressed due to problems in spine and central nervous system. Probably you are a student and studying long hours can lead to bad postures. Please check with an orthopedic to see your cervical area is all fine. I use to have all kinds of sensatios when about to fall asleep, including numbness tingling even feeling of body shaking and fuzzy voices in my ears until I found I had slip disc causing my nerves to get pinched in sleep posture, diagnosed by orthopaedic doc. So before being sure it's paranormal activity just rule out some nerve problem.
Hi Cole,
I know this is probably unlikely, but it did cross my mind that this Nun could've been a spirit collecting the spirit of a dead baby to take it 'home'!
AugustaM- I would be very interested to read it, and I definitely will! Thanks for showing me!
MelissaLundquist in The Strange Lamb Doll
This very common with antiques as they might have had many owners who could sti be attached to them. Ghosts or spirts can attach in three ways to objects, places or people. In this case maybe a child passed away while the lamb was theirs and they loved it dearly.
AugustaM in The Victorian Home
Given the lack of entertainment options during the quarantine, I've been reading back through my favorites and came across one from 2017 where the OP's family experienced pennies being thrown at them as well and thought you might be interested to see:
Silthane61 I don't think that could be unfortunately. Due to certain medical issues, it would be life threatening for me to have children.
Cole, do you think it may be possible that you were shown an image of a baby that you may have in your future? Wouldn't that be wild and exciting?

Thanks for the additional information. After visiting your profile we can tell that you witnessed this event during the early 2000's.

A quick google search reveals an extensive history of orphanages run by the church within the New York area though, to be honest, since I didn't read all of the articles, I can't say if any of those orphanages was still running during the early 2000's, hence this is not enough evidence to decide if the nun was a live person or not.

The following link talks about a church run orphanage still functioning during the 1960's and briefly narrates some events that happened there.


Either a living person or a ghost, I think this woman's identity might be registered somewhere in the annals of the history of New York state and she's there waiting for somebody willing to do the detective work necessary to find her.

May I ask to describe to more detail the way she was carrying the child?
I have a very active imagination that tends to feed my mind's eye with rather comical images, and when I read the part where "There was a Nun walking down the sidewalk, holding the lower corners of her apron", what I picture is a nun holding her apron in the same way Cinderella's stepsisters hold their petticoats while the baby's weight makes a dangling ball that swings between the nun's legs at every step. Perhaps what you mean is she was holding the baby on her arms and using her lifted apron as a blanket to cover him?


Regardless is your encounter was paranormal or not, it must have been an interesting thing to see for you at that age.

Once again, thanks for sharing.
I just realized that I left something out of the update I posted in the comments.

I've been thinking about this experience for the past few days. And I think (I'm not sure this actually happened), that I may have suggested that the baby be named David. I think it was after this comment, that she smiled at me and walked away.
Hey there folks! Thanks for all the comments! Just thought I'd clear things up. The one detail I find the strangest is that I was the only one who noticed her. She walked away, but she moved around others instead of others making space for her.

When it comes to her abbot, the closest comparison I can think of is that of a Benedictine Nun.

I don't really speak of paranormal experiences because they seem to be determined to remain skeptics and will dismiss anything I try and say on the matter as soon as I bring it up.

From I can remember my Mother didn't really do anything. I'm not sure if she had lost track of me, like I had hurt and she thought I was still in front of her watching the parade; or if she was so distracted she didn't see what was happening.

From what I can remember the baby was fussing slightly, but wasn't crying outright. You know that stage infants get where they're upset or uncomfortable and are about start screaming.

Sadly that is the extent of my memory, everything else about this incident is blurry. However, I know that there has to be more to this story. My town sits on too much history for this not to be at least slightly paranormal. (If you want to know said history, you can visit my profile page).

Best of luck to all of you in this topsy turvy world! 😁 😘
I do think this was strange - if not paranormal - simply because in a crowd full of adults, not one person seemed to do anything about it. If there were no Catholic institutions nearby, then the sight of a Nun - with or without a baby - would have certainly attracted many eyes. I suspect you saw something that only you were meant to see. There are plenty of stories involving angels who have appeared to take little babies who have died at, before, or soon after birth. In conservative Catholic literature (I am Catholic), angels that appear as people (and not as rays of light or light entities) appear solid and in the flesh.
Cole, is there any remote chance that she might have been carrying around a very lifelike baby doll? Since you were at a very young age, and likely only got a fleeting glance, just wondered if that could be a possibility. Because the way you describe how the nun was acting, it sounds like she quite possibly wasn't mentally all there. Whatever was actually going on, it strikes me as really sad for some reason.
You seem to have done everything - short of an exorcism - that many would have suggested you to do. I am wondering why you thought that one of the entities was not demonic because it was in the only spot that did not have a sigil or glyph. It seems to me that if I were a demon, I would be wherever there were no such protective devices. Why would a demon appear only where you have a protective device? I hope I didn't read this wrongly.
I immediately focused on the fact that these activities only occur whenever you are in close proximity to the haunt. You might be the source of the activity. If you are, then the activity should cease as you grow older - keep track of all future activities and note your location whenever they happen. This experiment only works well if other people are sharing the place with you. If they experience a paranormal event, and you are nowhere near, then you are probably not the source of the activity. Yes, people often theoretically cause their own poltergeistic activities (but not always). If you are not the source, then the activities do seem benign or at worst, harmless.
silverthane61 in Freaked Me Out
I am happy that you moved out! Whenever something paranormal starts interacting with young children, my radar immediately activates - whether or not it turns out to be benign.
silverthane61 in Dark Entities
There are many paranormal research groups, especially around Salt Lake City. You would only have to google them. Be advised that many of these teams are privately funded and paranormal research is a passion that they pursue in addition to having full-time jobs. So don't be too upset if a contribution or fee comes with the service. That being said, there are groups that will come for free, so it behooves you to ask. I gather that you are living in the home that you grew up in. If so, then you have been dealing with these energies for a long while. It is my suspicion that you have grown a thicker skin in the years to help you deal with your haunts. If you wish to cleanse your home, keep in mind the length of time that you have been living with these energies.
While I can't explain the sink outside of wonky water pressure, (though that doesn't explain why it happens only when you're around) I might have an explanation for the plunger (or clogger if you prefer) moving. It could have been caused by condensation from your shower building up under the base and causing it to seem to float on its own due to a slightly uneven floor. You can see this effect if you set a heavily condensating soda on a flat table. Over time the condensation will build up under the bottle and sometimes it'll start sliding on its own.

I agree with your point. However, if the any couple had given up their child for some reason or the other. It is still strange as to why she was carrying the kid in her apron which is probably the most vulnerable form of carrier for the kid. It's like endangering the kid's life knowingly. What if he somehow slipped from her lower gown?

Apart from that the O/P hasn't mentioned anything regarding the boy being alive or dead. How can a new born baby not cry in such an atmosphere? (noise of parade and stuffs). Since infants are more sensitive to noises than adults. It further enhances the mystery surrounding the lady.

Hopefully, the O/P clarifies the doubts.


That's a good point. It is human nature to try to hide crimes while they are being committed. It doesn't make sense for a person to kidnap a baby and NOT go straight into hiding. The behavior of this nun was strange but she wasn't trying to hide anything.

That is an interesting point though, in my opinion, it would make no sense for a kidnapper to expose themselves to any witness, much less to walk through a parade and to show their victim to some one, not even to a little kid. A witness is a witness regardless of their age.

Another possibility would be the nun taking away a baby borned out of wedlock, either because the mother couldn't rise her child or to spare a family the "shame" and "dishonour" that a fatherless child would bring upon them.

A kidnapped baby would have made it to the local news, probably even to national news. Depending on the OP's age at the time of the events, it's possible that an Amber Alert would have been issued. On the other hand, a baby given away for whatever reason wouldn't have stir any of these.


Do you remember the nun's habit? Knowing details like it's colour and style could shed some light to the order this nun belonged and the closest place where she could have lived; from there it would be easy to determine if this place operated like an orphanage.

Something else missing from your narrative is if you saw the nun walking away, though I imagine she did, otherwise you would have said she vanished.

I thank beforehand your feedback.
Hello Cole_Harris,

I do agree with the other posters there is not enough evidence to claim this experience as a staunch paranormal one.

But the thing which I'm internally scared of is

Is it possible you witnessed a forewarned crime?

Aside from unusual it is absurd to carry a baby in the lower gown of apron or any such vulnerable carriers which is only of 2 days. An infant after birth needs utmost care since the organs of the baby are still sensitive to the surroundings. And taking it out in a noisy atmosphere and naked prone to pollution and dust is a threat to its life. It's absolute LUNACY.

I suspect the lady of kidnapping. And worse if she's an infant predator who turns out to be a psychopath. Her behaviour is absolutely abnormal in this case.

Did nobody else witnessed it?

Hopefully, the child is safe and secure to have a bright childhood.

Hello there from Sydney.

I've travelled to Perth on business trips some years ago and my niece went to university in WA. I have a number of fond memories there. While I'm not an expert on our indigenous peoples, we have a few friends with connections to the Land and the Dreamtime. We have heard about the massacres and dark times during the colonial settler days. The pain and grief could have left indelible scars on the Land, creating some restless and unsettled entities.

It might be useful to find out more about the historical background of where you live. Whatever has been happening could entail some spiritual connection to the land, seeing as you feel that "these specific beings are native to Australia". The "white outlines" of shadow figures immediately brought to my mind Aboriginal drawings. There are several indigenous renditions of spirit beings depicted in black, outlined in white chalk. Your shadow people in white outline?

While I'm not a practitioner, my great-grandmother was one back in the days of Siam, and my grandmother and aunts had some knowledge of their own. The affinity is in the blood. It might be that your daughter is showing some sensitivity and has thus attracted attention. Perhaps they are merely curious about her - but it isn't good for her to be frightened like that.

The lack of dreaming from your daughter makes me concerned. I was reminded of stories where spirits steal life forces. I'm also not comfortable about the claw marks on your partners. There are boundaries between the spirit world and our own that should be respected. I know you're a solitary practitioner, but perhaps it might be helpful to seek the opinions of a local traditional tribal elder, spiritual leader or "clever man"?

These are my thoughts and I hope they will help lead you in the right direction to search for answers. Peace and light to you and your own.

Hello SunnySunny,

This activity seems to be the most obvious cliché of most of the paranormal beings. Maybe it's a trend in the other world of scaring humans with this method.

I don't have any sort of logical explanation to define it. Even if we're concluding it on the basis of the water pressure there are numerous debatable terms to debacle it.

Considering the fact, it never happened to you again cites that it possibly isn't a residual haunting.

It can be possible that there indeed were certainly some scientific elements which interfered with your peace or maybe a passing by entity decided to play some tricks on you.

But disturbing you in the bathroom when you're in the most vulnerable state was off.

Overall, interesting read

Thanks for sharing

Alina5 in Freaked Me Out
Hello Tigerlily20,

Seems to be a legitimate reason why the previous tenants had to leave the spaciously "pleasing" apartment. Glad to learn you're unharmed in any case.

Did you ever figure out the possible reason for the apartment being haunted?

It just didn't wanted you to stay and it had done what he wanted.

Have your grandson ever spoke of any interaction with this entity?

The title "freaked me out" is quite apt for this since the series of the events described are indeed freaky.

Looking forward to hear more from you.

Alina5 in Dark Entities
Hello DeathStarK,

It breaks my heart when I learn of such experiences when people find themselves unsafe in their own house. I've been in your shoes and can well relate to your anxiety of such matters.

You've mentioned when you're mother blessed you, the incidents which you experienced as a child seemed to have subsided.

Have you tried cleansing your current house? Especially the basement (which seems to be the core source of the happenings).

Even IF supposedly your house is haunted with the early native inhabitants of the land who've been through exploitation experiencing a tragic death unfortunately there seems to be nothing we can do to fulfill them and can only plead them to move on.

But for some reason I don't believe that's the case.

The only suggestion I can possibly give complying to the situation is performing a cleansing ritual which can be helpful atleast in subsiding these events to an extent. Please check out the profile of rookdygin (a reputed member of YGS) to perform a religion-free, effective, inexpensive ritual.

I am also interested in learning the perspective of the paranormal investigation team (if you're in contact with any).

Keep us updated of the developments.

Hi SunnySunny and welcome to YGS,

I have had many experiences like the one you had with your sink. I had them in the house that I lived in when I was seventeen.

When I was alone in the house, I would sometimes hear the water going full blast, in my mother's bathroom. It wasn't a large house. I would run back there to find that the water was no longer on; but there would be water splashed all over the mirror. I would spend a lot of time afterwards feeling paranoid.

This probably happened about twenty times, while I lived there.

It could have a mundane explanation; but it never happened to anyone else - if it did, no one was good enough to admit it. If it was a spirit who was playing games with me, they got what they wanted - a reaction.

Who wants to be harassed while they are in the bathroom - doing anything?

I wish that I could be more helpful to you.

- Maria
What an uncomfortable and unusual way for carrying a baby.

Even if there were not churches, orphanages or nunneries in the town, the nun could have arrived riding some sort of transportation.

In my opinion, there's a key part of information missing in your narrative, this would be your mother's reaction to the nun.
As a mother, if my child began talking to a stranger on the street I would have approached them in case my child was being pesky or would have ask them who were they talking to if I had seen no one around.
Have you asked your mother if she saw the nun?

It's hard to say if the nun was a person or a spirit.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Aqueous.

Since your story was submitted a while ago, do you have any updates about what happened after performing whatever ritual you were planning to do during May full moon?

Without knowing your beliefs, I have no advice for you though, in my opinion, there's not enough evidence to consider this entity a demon.

Blame it on my bad English but I'm having trouble understanding this part of your narrative:

"I was beginning to project myself unintentionally (this is a frequent occurrence) and my cat appeared out of nowhere next to my body, this didn't faze me at first until I realized that they were in the room with my partner.

I of course confused fell back down and called out to my partner, immediately they were at my side climbing onto my left leg and began to repeatedly kiss my thigh, now they would NEVER do this if I called out"

Do you mean the cat was in an ethereal form whilst it's physical body was at your partner's room? Who was the one climbing on and kissing your leg: the cat or your partner? (Whoever it was, it was nice they did it, but I just don't get who did it)

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Cole_Harris,

The nun doesn't seem strange to me but I guess the new born baby does. I don't feel like this is a supernatural event; but, I think I would still remember this event now, if it had happened to me!

Was there anything unsettling about the nun, other than the baby in her apron?

The more I think about it, the more unusual it is that she would be conveying a new born baby in her apron - through a noisy street filled with parade spectators (not to mention the noisy parade itself).

Well, I don't know if this was paranormal; but it sure is curious! Thank you for sharing this experience - though, I feel more confused than I was when I got here.

- Maria
Greetings, Aqueousdissolution, and welcome to YGS.

While much of your discussion falls under the domain of practitioners of magic, thus would benefit from commentary in kind, I have a question about *where* in Western Australia you may live, as that's nearly 1/3 of the bloody continent! IF you live in proximity to the extensive border with the Northern Territory, I'd be tempted to hazard a guess of "Mokoi." However, if you are closer to Perth, this becomes wildly unlikely. Sadly, my Mythological reference materials are in my classroom, so I can only rely upon whatever comes to hand on the internet at the moment.

Several of our regular contributors are practitioners, so I'll defer to their knowledge & commentary, but this mischievous entity was the first idea that crossed my mind.

Bibliothecarius in The Victorian Home
Hi, JB.

Thanks for answering our questions clearly & thoroughly. I'm going to agree with Augusta's take on the events, here; you've got a couple of entities in the home, but they seem to have positive/good intentions.

Hi, Sunny. Hope you're doing well.

As I mentioned to Jubeelee in an email right about the time all this disease stuff started, I had a similar bathroom sink experience. Dad and I were talking in the living room about something and we heard the water in the master bathroom turn on by itself. At the time, mom was visiting a friend for lunch, so dad and I were the only ones present.

Water pressure is the only logical explanation we can think of.

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