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Thanks for your response Whitesheet. I never felt I was a full blown sensitive. The incidents I experienced were always unexpected and spontaneous, like the Fitzgerald exhibit. I have visited the battlefields at Gettysburg, Antietem, Bull Run, and Vicksburg. I have also visited Savannah, Georgia a number of times. Each one of these locations was full of death and destruction but I never experienced one paranormal incident at any of these places. I never sought spirits in the form of a ghost hunt or seance either.
With that said, my first incident occurred when I was five. Once a year, my family would tend to the graves of my grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents by cleaning up the gravesites and planting flowers. One year, I wandered over to a fresh grave, still covered with flowers and a few teddy bears. I was suddenly overwelmed with sadness and grief and cried uncontrollably. I fell to the ground in the fetal position while my family ran over to me. My dad tried to calm me but to no avail. He picked me up and carried me to the back seat of our station wagon. I eventually came around but I was emotionally and mentally drained. In the days that followed, my parents pressed me as to what happened but I was too young to comprehend why I had a breakdown and could not explain anything.
I later learned the grave was of a young boy whom was hit by a car and died just a few days before. It was not until I was older did I realize I experienced all the sadness that surrounded the boy's death. At the time, I was too young to comprehend death and the residual sadness, but it hit me like a tidal wave that day. Keeping with family tradition, I still visit the cemetery and the boy's grave but never experienced anything close like that day when I was five.
Superhero in Ghost Short Film
Hey Lucia

I also got the same feeling. Whenever I hear the name "Raadhana", character name of the ghost, I feel kind of scary
Superhero in Ghost Short Film
Hey Miandra, its really spooky to read that article! By the way thanks for sharing it! Cheers mate
Hi Starr347, I don't know what you were dealing with but I did experience something similar a few years back. As far as I was told it is aptly and simply called table tipping.
Here is a link to my encounter with the phenomenon, on this site,
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghost Short Film
Hello Caz & Superhero,

I found this article online about deaths that occurred during horror movie sets.


I enjoyed your post, very interesting reading. Thank you.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Temilicious in Night Security
Finally, a ghost story.

Hi Marine,

There's something about Philippines' ghost stories that just fascinates me. I like this encounter- it's pretty straight forward though- you saw a ghost. Maybe that particular office used to be a platform n the apparition is merely boarding a train- who knows.

Did you feel a cold spot, breeze, anything, when you were standing in front of it?

It really would be cool to see the video, but understand if you can't because it's company property.

Thanks for sharing.

Blessings from S.A.
hi james f,

Ive only had one frightening experience and that was in the witchcraft museum in boscastle, cornwall, england in the 1980s.

I wasn't bothered about going in, as id never really taking witchcraft seriously... But it was a wet day, so in we went.

My experience was similar to yours... I thought I was coming down with some kind of stomach bug.

More than that... I got the feeling that I shouldnt be there in the sense that it was wrong to be there... I just had to leave, but then I felt better

I knew that boscastle had been one of the centres of witchcraft in cornwall, but I have since found out that many sensitives can't stand to be in the town, let alone the museum... Luckily I was ok when I was outside... I have got a friend who iis very sensitive to locations... For example we once visited someone we didn't know very well and, when she touched the front door she recoiled in horror as she felt a burning sensation and felt almost choked by the smell of smoke... It was only later that we learned that there had been a big, fatal fire on the site.

Have you ever had these kind of experiences before... Mine at the museum was the only time
You're right Lucia! Poltergeist was one. There were a lot of deaths around that movie. I also remember reading about another movie where strange, scary things happened during filming. Sorry I can't remember the name, but I do remember it was one of the old Dracula movies that was being filmed in an old church in London!

I got the order of your stories messed up but I think you can still follow. I was referring to both the first and the early morning story where it was trying to scare you.
Hi Stubborn,

Interesting read. For what it's worth, you don't have to be Christian to recognize demons. They have them in a lot of faiths (though apparently not yours?) The idea of demons came to Christianity from more ancient regional faiths of the era. Or your flatmate could be really mean and playing tricks on you but I'm leaning away from that.

The entity hasn't hurt you but the fact that it wanted to scare you in the first story is troublesome. There may be more than one because the lights came on when you wanted them, which suggests benevolence and that is quite different than you otherwise report. The bathroom incident is again different in that the entity seems like a trickster in that particular case.

You could check the cleansing rituals on this site and see if they differ from what you have already performed. The sage one is under articles and Rook's is under his bio. I think he spells his handle rookdyjinn. That might dispense with your unwanted houseguests.
[at] silverthane61
Thanks so much for the reply! I am only 21 and very healthy -- I have never had any heart conditions. I do however have anxiety which sometimes causes tightness/pain in my chest.
Part of me wonders though if I had thought myself very hard into a death like situation and if this happened to result in a guardian angel visiting me! (?) Who knows!
Thanks again:D
I only ponder about this because it is intriguing (that I've ready about this a little)...but what if this entity or being of a sort is indeed part of a past life? What if he IS trying to help you? ***Not saying AT ALL that you should venture into trying any more communication***, but it is interesting to think about and try to understand...

The Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls books by Michael Newton came to mind when I got to the part in your story where you say he told you "his name and quite a bit about who he supposedly was." and that he "claimed to be someone from one of [your] past lives that was very similar to this one in which [you] committed suicide at the age of 17. He implied that he was trying to help [you]."

In the books, it is discussed (and found through hypnosis - not sure how much to trust in that line of work and am a skeptic of all sorts but do not limit my imagination) about how we ourselves put our souls through these lives / experiences in order to teach ourselves a well-needed lesson or to gain experience in order to become more enlightened and for the soul come to a certain realization or point of purity, something like that... So in many of these cases some of these people claim to have "decided" to stay on Earth as ghosts either because they aren't ready to move on, they want to help others with grieving or dealing with certain things or because they want to experience this (some have said they stay as ghost for the fun of it)'s very fascinating to read!

I just wonder if this is one of those spirits or if this thing isn't meant to be negative. Just my thought on this story.

Still, I understand how scary this can be (even though I've never experienced anything myself). Anything not of this world can be concerning more than or before it can be exciting when we don't know what it is that we're dealing with... I hope all is well with you and that things don't get out of hand! <3
Hi Dude,
It's me again. I've just read this story recommended by Biblio this morning and it was both thrilling and chilling. Your talent with the descriptive is so awesome, I felt I was watching a movie rather than reading a narrative and again, even felt I was 'in it' at times. You seem to have the ability to transport the reader into another time and place and that's a rare thing! Very few professional authors can do that for me!
When you described the dungeon, with the claw marks and shredded bedding, I thought I'd sussed what had gone on. LOL... I thought the old guy was a werewolf who the crusty old caretaker had to lock up for a few days each month, but turns out the story was much sadder than that!

You're a very brave man to do what you did and a great writer too. I reckon if you could write fiction, you'd make a fortune!
Thanks Biblio... See you on October 31st! 😜
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
i think most of us have more encounters than we realise.

For example, back in the 1980s I was with my boyfriend in the lobby of an expensive hotel in devon, england, where wed gone for a meal... Those were the days.

I saw a girl aged about 14 in a long white dress with a flower in her hair.

As the hotel hosted wedding parties, I assumed she was a bridesmaid from a wedding where the bride had worn an old fashioned wedding dress.

My boyfriend couldn't see her at all

If id have been on my own or hadnt thought to mention it, id have never doubted my original assumption
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
just to clarify...

In the cases I have been able to research, it seems that the figures probably do have some connection to the sites... But it can often date to way back when.

Ive always been fascinated by the question as to whether there are haunted sites or sensitive people or both.

Ive been to dozens of historic sites with strong records of haunting and never experienced a thing.

And then one day I'm just somewhere mundane and not thinking about anything in particular... And pow
whitesheet in Kid In The Hall
hi sherm,
What an interesting story.
I recognise this as the kind of thing that happens to me.
I used to think that I had imagined something... But then I thought of how to test it.
I know that this wasn't the time or place, but if you see something that looks a bit out of place... An example with me was 2 old men in a crowded student bar... Keep your gaze fixed on them and mention them to someone youre with out of the corner of your mouth.
In my experience the figures don't disappear and the other person can tell you if they can see them too.

Whenever I have turned my head to tell someone, theyve always disappeared when I look back
LuciaJacinta in Ghost Short Film
I don't know... Could be. I just looked up something of this nature the other day about movies that are cursed. You could Google them if you want. Just movies that had a lot of bad stuff happening after or before they were released.
LuciaJacinta in Church Happenings
Chuckling at everyone's responses. I don't know, maybe I'm gullible but I can see this happening. I have known a few odd things like this to happen in churches.
LuciaJacinta in Demonic Possession
Ok, I don't discount your story because in the Philippines I could see this happening. In America, I don't think it would have all happened like that. But, it's possible due to the cultural difference this occurred.

I do though in general believe in demonic possession and exorcism.

The priest could have already done all the necessary steps but just told the altar boys. I could see that. How old were you guys?
Temilicious in Church Happenings's small things that make me doubt a post, like you said you "carried" your friend out of the sacristy, yet you were found huddled inside a closet in that very sacristy.

I know when writing we tend to leave out details because they are familiar to us, forgetting the reader is in the blank.

Maybe you can clarify that part.

Thanks for replying.
Thanks for that Biblio! I'm working my way through them all, along with all the comments, so it's taking some time, but I'll read that one next. Talking of comments... I always like to vote up what I see as good comments, but when I come to yours, I'm being told told to 'vote for someone else'! Hmmm... I don't understand that at all! 🙄
Bibliothecarius in Ouija Board From Hell
I recommend you read old_dude's "The Doctor's Dungeon" ( I like to revisit it around Hallowe'en.
freakedoutfreddy in Demonic Possession
No freaking way bro, at least the girl didn't puke pea soup like Linda Blair in the Exorcist! 😁 😁
freakedoutfreddy in Church Happenings
Dude... What happened after you and your friend got out of the closet? 😁
google clifton hall nottingham uk.

I have some friends who went to the school that used to be there and they swear blind they experienced incidents.

Obviously I wasn't there but I firmly believe they believe they experienced things
Hi Dude,
WOW... You are some story teller! You had me right from the start, but when you were in that pitch black room trying to figure out where the light switch was, I swear to God it felt like I was standing beside you and when you ran through that door, I was right on your heels, running as fast as my wee legs could carry me...LOL!
I've been on a Ouija board 3 or maybe 4 times and luckily never had anything bad happen, but I was young and didn't know the dangers back then. I've learned a fair bit though over the years and have no intention of ever doing it again. I couldn't figure out how I'd missed this story, but it turns out I joined YGS just over a month after yourself. I've probably read some of your other stories, but I intend to read them all again anyway and I've added you to my favourite posters list.
I have to say a big 'Thank You' to RSAChick for pointing me in the right direction this morning!
Oh...I do remember something my brother-in-law told me, many, many years ago. He was a career soldier and was on an unaccompanied posting at the time.Can't remember where, but somewhere fairly remote. The guys were a bit bored, so someone suggested doing a Ouija board. I think they made their own and used a tumbler as a planchette. Anyway... I don't know what came through at the start, but at some point, the tumbler seemed to be pointing out random letters that didn't seem to mean anything. Till the guy in charge of writing them down suddenly realised it was saying the Lord's Prayer... Only it was saying it 'backwords'! 😟 They were all so scared when they realised what was happening and one guy burst into tears and another passed out completely and had to be carted out to the sick bay!LOL...That'd be enough to put anyone off for life eh! 😜
Bibliothecarius in Ouija Board From Hell
Greetings, old_dude.

A film-maker may have used your story for some background ideas (setting, consequences, etc.) when fleshing out the script. As I was re-reading it (about the 4th or 5th time since I joined), I realized how fast-paced and tightly-written it is. I'm not sure you'd have grounds to press a lawsuit for copyright infringement --quite a few details overlap with other people's experiences-- but you certainly should be flattered that this may have been one of the stories that sparked the imaginations of the script writer, director, etc. There's no need to "fancy up the writings" when the story is this compelling.

Aaah, old_dude! You have returned!
I am hoping for more stories from you, please?

Which movie are you talking about?
wysteria1 in Church Happenings

On the contrary, I'm actually quite the opposite of what you think. I'm quite a well known basketball player in my area, an altar server for 9 years, and I take a jog almost every day.

Still, thanks for the compliment.

Peace out, w1
lady-glow in Demonic Possession
Wysteria1- as if all the dramatic special effects like levitation, the girl's white eyes, and the priest asking a trio of young men that have nothing else to do other than hanging around the parish, help him to perform an exorcism weren't enough red flags for doubting your story, you had to top it with "I missed it out on the story".

I doubt, or, better said, I don't believe, that the priest would have accepted to go ahead with the exorcism without a medical assessment of the patient's mental health.

"we were young and stupid back then"
Things haven't changed at all in such a short time, just saying. 😉
Temilicious in Church Happenings

I think you're a very bored individual.
I suggest you get off the computer & take a walk to the park or something.

No offense intended.

God bless.
Temilicious in Demonic Possession
Jeepers, I haven't been on here in a while now n when I come back I am greeted with such.

...young and stupid back then.

This incident happened last September.#shrugs

Everyone else's pretty much covered all my questions.

Why do I feel like you're the same person who pasted about your "grandfather's neighbours"?

Anyway, thanks for the post.
notjustme in Demonic Possession
Hello Wysteria1

I find it hard to believe a priest would bring two inexperienced people to perform an exorcism. It is incredibly dangerous and can do more harm than good. You and your friends could have been hurt or possessed yourselves. I have a few questions of my own...

During the entire exorcism, was she still floating?

Also, what else did the priest do in that hour?

At any time during this exorcism, did she look at you or any of your friends, or say anything to you guys?

Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing back.
You need to believe in God and I encourage you to read about Islam. Thank you for sharing your story.
You have been through a lot thank you for sharing your stories and stay strong.
quakebox in School's Hell
I believe you and I don't know why those folks make fun of your story if they don't believe why they are here.
Doors opening after being locked are particularly curious when someone sees the knob turned by nobody-at-all. Otherwise, it could be that the latch didn't catch. But funerals are odd events. I have sensed the decesed at his/ her own funeral out of the blue and for no reason at all- and not at any other time after their passing.

So if you have a strong feeling that your loved one was there, that might be sufficient evidence for paranormal activity in light of the situation.

Wow. Good story. I used to do work in Indonesia 25 years ago and recall how quickly dirt roads would wash out. Maybe the god of young partying men wanted these guys to get inside and be safe. We are all a bit reckless at that age. Something tells me they probably took note.

I'm glad to hear that the black mist didn't enter your home. It might have slammed into the window by accident. I've seen black misty-looking things moving very quickly but they always had a shape to them and I was sure that if they stopped, I would have been able to focus to identify them. That seems to differ from yours.

You might have let the top hat guy in by accident. He sounds like he could be a ghost. I don't know if they just walk through walls into any closed building. I've never heard of that.


Your story definitely warrants it's own thread, copied over from a Word edit for spelling. It doesn't relate closely enough to this one to be posted here. We would all like to see your accompanying photo.
wysteria1 in Demonic Possession
Hey Z

I know. We didn't know about about any other to do lists before the actual exorcism happens. All we know is that we were young and stupid back then so a trip to a secluded area for an exorcism sparked the adventurer in all of us.

Also, the priest asked us directly so we had to go.

As for how horrifying it was, dude you have no idea how terrible it is to watch.

Oo nga pala, nangyari ito sa Carmen, Agusan del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines.

Peace out

wysteria1 in Demonic Possession

Oh wow. I recently realized I missed it out on the story. The girl's family was very poor and could only afford to take the kid to a quack doctor (they mentioned it to us since arriving at the scene). As for getting permission from a local bishop, we did not know about that at all. We just knew he needed our help with something.

As for the audience, our priest politely asked them to leave and were ushered out by family members. And yes, she was still having episodes in the L300 on the way to the cathedral. And yes, we thought about the dangers of driving her there, especially in her situation.

When we got her to the cathedral, we were told to wait outside. We never got to see what happened to the girl, since the bishop's driver came and took us all home.

I just realized, I missed a lot of details to this story. Thanks for the feedback Lady
there is a new movie with a scene really similar to this it was shot very closely to my experience really freaky!
Hi there! Fellow pinoy here.

I thought when someone is "possesed" there's a long to do list before an actual priest came in to perform an exorcism like investigation to prove he/she is in fact possesed and not because that person is just having seizure or something else.

And was it safe that it was you guys who helped the priest and not a fellow priest do the exorcism?

Anyways, it must have been traumatizing to witnessed that.

I look forward to your answers and out of curiosity, saan po ito sa Pinas nangyari?

Thank you!

Peace Z...
lady-glow in Demonic Possession

A few odd points about your story:

First of all, a priest wouldn't perform an 'emergency' exorcism without a previous medical evaluation of the patient, and then he would have to get the permission of the local bishop.

Secondly, he wouldn't bring just anyone to help him knowing the possibility of exposing someone else to possession.
Did he allow the audience to witness the freak Show or did he ask them to leave?

Why was it necessary to take the girl to the Cathedral?
If, like you say, "she was still having episodes of it while inside the L300." - wasn't it dangerous to drive such a long way risking that she could have overpowered you all and cause an accident?

Did you see what happened to the girl at the cathedral and after her stay there?

Is there a second part to this story?

I'll appreciate your feedback.
Thought of asking the landlords for a rough history check about the place? I think that would help
robmkivseries70 in Witching Hour
How nice to back from holiday and find a new group of stories. Thanks Filmbuff
I had something like this in my old apartment that was blatantly haunted. One morning my gorgeous new rug had a perfect square of liquid around it with about a dry inch gap between the water and the rug, despite this gap, it had been thoroughly soaked on one side. My boyfriend said it smelt like old ale but not like anything he knew. I'm ashamed to say I cried as I thought it was ruined but I eventually got it dry. How the water stayed in a perfect square I'll never know. It was just one of many destructive incidents in that place. Not good for you but I'm glad it wasn't just me with a ghost liquid issue!
LuciaJacinta in I Saw Ghosts As A Child
Interesting experience. Did anything happen to you as an adult? It were all your experiences when you were young?
AT1984 ~ Salutations!

As a vet and military contractor I've heard many stories of sightings on bases, though I've not spent much time on Army bases, mostly Navy and Coast Guard. Most of the stores I've heard echo yours, in that was a sighting with little or no interaction with the object.

I can't help but wonder if Silverthane is on to something.

Thank you for sharing.
silverthane61 in I Saw Ghosts As A Child
Great story! I have the humble opinion that residual haunts are imprints made into the fabric of space-time that can be accessed or energized by a gifted human being. By "gifted", I mean one who has a better than normal psychic gift. But then, this is only my opinion not backed up by facts. I envy your experience!
I am a tad late to this party but I, perhaps, can help you out. There is no witch statue in Salem, there is a statue of a man that looks very much like a witch, hat included. The statue is of Roger Conant, the founder of Salem and Danvers, perhaps other localities as well. Conant died in 1679 so he would have had very little to do with the trials of 1692.

The Cuddlewife and I spent about a week in Salem investigating the maritime history of the area. She thought the Statue of Mr. Conant was a witch too.

The Statue was executed by Henry Hudson Kitson in 1905.
I'm going to open up and talk about my experience in the little town house I moved into. That Sunday I was up late unpacking boxes and just excited. And then Hurd my sons blinds bang around. It honestly sounded like someone was braking in. So I opened the front door and no one was there. Confused, and still trying to figure out what that was I walked into my sons room and found his blinds bent. Seeing that definitely scared me a bit. But I brushed that night and moved on to the next night. Months living there now I witnessed more activity happening. Foot steps would appear in my hall way at 3 in the morning. I was always woke up at 3 in the morning too. And I found that to be really wierd too sense I've never done that, waking up at the same time every night. I Hurd tapping on my walls, I at this point just new something was wrong. Because this isn't normal the way I felt being in my home wasn't normal at all. So I started reaserching on how to get what was ever in my home OUT! And I new it was a bad energy because I was always afraid and my daughter would never sleep in her room. She was terrified so I started taking pictures everywhere in my home at the time it would start. And caught a picture of a demonic figure standing what looks to be very tall standing in the corner trying to hide in her room. The picture that I took startled me to the point that I new what I had to do was call a priest or a pastor and have my home blessed. After that I wouldn't stay at my house unless I had a friend or my sister come over. I was too scared I would sleep with my Bible ever night because I was so scared. Then one night again, I woke up and seen this black shadow that looked like a human form crawl coming out of my living room it past my bedroom door back into the hallway. After seeing that. I was in complete shock because now I seen it with my own two eyes and I wasn't asleep. Another night had past and I then had one of my friends come over. Well she slept with me to try and comfort me. And it turned very very creepy. I woke up at the same time again 3:00 and woke up to her awake just staring at me and she wasn't even blinking I asked her why are you awake and just staring at me like that lol she didn't say a word. She then placed her hand on my chest and I instantly fell asleep. So the next morning came and I asked her hey do you remember last night when you woke up and was just staring at me. She looked at me confused and said Brittany I never woke up last night, so I don't know what your talking about. She didn't remember any of it. So I then Called my pastor from my church and he prayed for me and my house and I broke down and prayed too I was crying out. And demanding it to leave! And after that I had one thing happen to me and it was when I was asleep I felt something like come out of me. It felt kind of like a volt. It's hard to explain but after that nothing else happened. It's like it all stopped and went away. And I felt happy and so relieved.
I went through Benning for Infantry Basic and Advanced in 1983, I also went back to Benning in 1985. I am familiar with the Harmony Church area and believe me, your tale is not the only strange one that I have heard and personally witnessed. I imagine the spirits of soldiers long gone often stray back to the places that they have spent may sweat and blood stained days in training. Thanks for your service and good tale!
silverthane61 in Entities
I am a Filipino-American and grew up listening to my Mom and her friends talk about the Aswang and the Wak-Wak. The material that you shared concerning these creatures is the same as the material my Filipino relatives have shared with me. Some of her friends have even had encounters of these creatures at night and say that they have heard the distinct "wak-wak" sound of their approach. Whether this was a vocal sound or the sound of the beating of their wings, they could not be sure, because they did not stick around in the area to find out. I, for one, believe in the veracity of your story. Good tale!
This is certainly odd... You say the door opened after being locked? That and the chills that you experienced certainly seems to point to something extraordinary. The fact that only you experienced chills lends some credibility to this occurrence being paranormal.
Water appearing mysteriously is certainly a cause for paranormal concern. However, I note that it occurs in your kitchen. Just playing Devil's advocate, could it be possible that someone else is causing the puddles? I know that you have probably ruled this possibility out, but sometimes the best solution to a problem often becomes the simplest one. I hope that you are able to reconcile this quandary.
Minnesota girl 97, you wrote a very compelling story! Could it be that you may have been close to suffering a heart attack or some other health emergency? This, in turn, summoned a guardian spirit to come and heal you, or prevent you from suffering a major health issue? Maybe you saw your guardian angel! Just a thought...
Hi, Floor guy.

What I'm going to say will sound like I'm calling you stupid. That is how it sounds in my head, but it is not my intention.

Water flows downhill. Many other things do as well. So, if you see a puddle in grid D-7 on the floor, just as an example, our tendency is to look in the immediate space around grid D-7. However, if you take a bunch of BBs, pour them onto random spots in the room, you will find they flow towards the low spot, which ends up being grid D-7. So you know how to start seriously looking around for pipes and plumbing fixtures, and leaks in places no one suspects but where they happen anyway: windows. It may be necessary to open some walls or even hire an expert to find leaks.

Aside: I moved into an apartment and on move-in inspection day pointed out a damp spot in the ceiling. Landlord made not to address it. Whatever was done happened while I was at work so I come home to no damp spot. Yay. About 2 weeks later, it is back. I report it, it gets fixed (or so I think) but returns soon after. Lather. Rinse. Repeat until I contacted a lawyer and following his advice wrote out a formal maintenance request noting I am retaining a copy for my records since this water stain in the ceiling is so frequent. I gave it to the landlord's secretary along with my rent check in person one day instead of mailing it in. There followed a conversation with The Boss of the company that owned the building who admitted not understanding my concerns. "There is no plumbing near there." I replied, "If that is so, we have a serious issue with the building because I'm in the basement and this spot is entirely interior to the unit. The water has to come from somewhere."

Next day, when I got home from work, I saw a hole cut in the ceiling where the stain appeared. It turned out to be a sewer line.

Relevance to your experience: leave no stone unturned.

As for the statue, I can only conclude it was an art critic turned ghost. If it happened only once, I don't think it was a poltergeist, but keep us posted, please.
I've only experienced random unexplained puddle of water once and it was in a perfect circle in the middle of the room and for love nor money I could not find where it had come from. We'd had no rain and the roof on the kitchen was fairy new and had been replaced within the last two years or so. Hasn't happened since either so it's definitely not a leak.
lilpeachyghost in Phantom Phone Ringing
Still experiencing it but not as often. I still can't find the source but I've chalked it up to a neighbor, possibly hard-of-hearing who has the volume on their landline phone up high and the ring tone on it set the same as an old one for, I don't know, nostalgia? I can't see it being paranormal anymore, it's been going on for far too long now.
oraclemache that sounds like a really good idea. I'd definitely feel better if I understood more about my experiences and I know there are several other people out there that feel like they need help too. I haven't seen the black mist since then - still no idea what it could be. Thank you.
hi filmbuff1234,
You are a sesative in my opinion, but I imagine you have already gathered that for yourself.
The mist when I have ran into a black mist, I would recommend just steering clear of it. I would not acknowledge or make attempts to interact with it. I do not know what it is exactly.
I am thinking of creating something on the internet for young sensatives such as yourself. A place to be able to talk to those that might understand what is happening to them. Mentors will be available like myself, and those of your own age, to be able to vent to about things your other friends might not understand.
It is an idea I am throwing around. What do you think?
Superhero in Ghost Short Film
HELLO Majarlika012, yes I'm a filmmaker now, currently doing shortfilms and Mv Only:) I was studied at Ipoh and finished my course around 2016.

I think it's probably best just to knock the house down, although if I do I think it will release whatever is in it.

I'll ask everyone on here what there opinion is now. What do others think are the correct actions.

I have kind off got pissed off with the house just give up with it now takes up too much time and energy and it's not worth it.
I loved your story. I also believe that sometimes what we see is from another dimension, or another time. Or maybe even happening same time, but in a different frequency? Like deja vu. I get it so much now, I am starting to wonder how many times have I lived this life? 🤔

Anyways. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
Greetings, Floorguy, and welcome to YGS.

While I acknowledge that the flying statuette is indicative of a presence, I'm going to ask the most basic question first. Do you run a dehumidifier in your apartment? If the last incident with water was during the early-autumn humidity, and the most recent is in the more-humid air of late spring, it's *possible* that the water is condensing and collecting in very cool areas of the flooring. I know from your narrative that you're the expert in this area, so I apologize if that seems like a stupid question & observation, but sometimes we can't see what is in front of our own faces...

As for poltergeist activity, it's often generated by people under stress; are you and your girlfriend getting enough daylight in your apartment? If it has tiny windows, it can become upsetting and depressing. Logically, you may both be thinking "we're saving up our money for x,y, & z," but your limbic system is feeling gloomy and dissatisfied. Now, if you're in a walk-out apartment with large, well-lit sliding glass doors, this guess on my part will not have been helpful, though it is in your interest for us to eliminate the obvious first.

Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for sharing. I don't think you are hallucinating. Seems your place has some interesting stuff going on there.
majarlika012 in Ghost Short Film
Are you somewhat a local film director? I've heard similar stories of multi-media students filming a short horror movie and experiencing paranormal. But I haven't watched any work of those.
oraclemache in Dream Home Nightmare
lucia, my son that died never lived in that house. He lived with his dad and came for visitations. His contact ws limited. He was 13 at the time we moved in. His brothers 5 and 15 and I was pregnate with baby girl. My boy was 17 when he passed.
Yes it was a rental. No the new renters are not complaining of any issues.
The theory I am considering at this time, is that maybe there was a vortex in the nursury. We saw many different spirits. It felt like they were passing through that they were not connected to the location. My daughter would complain "they" won't quit talking so I can sleep. I think that one or all of my kids or possibly myself who knows, was like a flash light in the dark. Drew them in like months to a flame. She or he may have also created poltergiest activirty unknowingly. However in that process with this vortex access to the sensative, it drew something not human. And it attached to us. That is my theory. That she or he functionsed as a battery. No battery present now so no activity. As you can see I have obssessed over this for some time. I have read and read everything I can find. Any info you have to add is appreciataed and never judged. Thank you
sherm784 in Kid In The Hall
Thanks to all for the great feedback. I'll be in touch with CinnamonChillz about the podcast, that sounds like a great way for people to share stories in an organic and welcoming environment!

RE; RCRuskin that's a good question. As far as I know it was always an office park, but it was more of a garment and clothing production district after the war.
This was the first shipwreck museum I visited. After my experience, I googled the museum and learned the building is highly active. I have had my share of paranormal experiences in my life but I always viewed each experience with skepticism first. I never believed in spirit attachment of physical items but this time I truly believe I that is what I experienced while viewing the items recovered from the lifeboat. The sensations and emotions I felt were not controlled by me, they just happened.
valkricry in Fairy Lights
Mrs. Rizzo, thank you very much for reading and commenting.:)
Hi AT1984, that was a great story.
Interesting to note that if you search 'Benning' on this site how many other stories come up. Ranging from footsteps, doors opening and closing, apparitions and even a shadow figure harming a baby.

Fort Benning seems like a paranormal hotspot. Nothing similar to your experience, though.
Hoping that someone who has also seen the old man, finds this story!
Hi AT... And welcome to YGS! While I can't claim to know anything about the Harmony Church area of Fort Benning, I sincerely hope someone who does will come along soon for you! In the meantime, I hope you'll read lots of real fascinating true stories just like your own on here, while you are waiting. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Dear niki14, kudos to you. You were truly brave and clever enough. I truly appreciate your presence of mind. You know, even I feel that sometimes we encounter such weird energies even during our residence in crowded areas. God knows, why they try to target innocent people. But still, we should always believe in God. May almighty grant you all the courage and blessings. Love from tilott.
Hello Mrs Rizzo2429,

I haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are well. I just love reading your posts, so I read them again.

You are very expressive in the way you talk about your experiences.📝

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
And I'm commenting, to let you know that I want to know more. What was on the base prior to the army?

And more importantly, from an air force brat: THANK YOU for your service. 😁
SassyCat in The Red Lily
Which area of Mumbai was this? I'll stay clear of it when monsoon arrives again.
You're lucky to have encountered such a benevolent entity. I'm glad that you started believing at an early age, it must have changed your way of looking at life.
notjustme in Mum Says Goodbye
Hi Ray.

Yes I believe your mother came to say goodbye. I have had a few of these encounters with my beloved passed ones. Usually within three days of their passing. Glad you got a chance to feel her and say goodbye. I believe she is always with you and your siblings as well. There will be more times to come when you will just KNOW, that it is her helping you 😘

Haileyh252 in Spirits Follow Me

No she actually shot him. And no I never felt my childhood was unstable. My parents got along very well for my sake and they divorced when I was like 2 so it was normal to me. Not that my family life has anything to do with these stories. Also, the same thing happened to my sister before our home lives were unstable
MrsRizzo2429 in Fairy Lights
Thank you for sharing your story it made me smile. I thought you wrote you experience very nicely:)
I enjoy reading about the fae.
wysteria1 in Entities

Yes. Aswangs can be many things. Others can detach their upper bodies from the rest and grow bat wings. These are called "manananggals" (the "remover" if translated loosely). Others can also shape-shift, usually into a very large dog or a very large pig.

All of them have one in common though. According to local legend, every aswang applies a special oil on their bodies and that enables them to have supernatural powers.

As for the victims, though. They usually prey on pregnant women and young or unborn children. They also prey on local livestock such as goat and chicken.

As for the woman in my story, I didn't have a clear view of her face since it was a dimly lit area and she was standing away from the curve so it was impossible for me to shine my motorcycle light on her.

As for them being immortal, they basically are (according to legend anyway) but this isn't always the case. One alleged aswang can die if they have someone to pass the their powers to, be it a relative or friend. Secondly, aswangs are hurt by salt and garlic and most pregnant women in our area used to put garlic on their windows and salt on their roofs.

Lastly, they can be killed by having certain weapons enchanted by a witch doctor or blessed by a priest. The most common is the tail of the stingray, a long bamboo spear. But, to kill a manananggal, you'd have to find it's lower body half and put salt or ash on it so it won't be able to reattach itself and will eventually fade when sunrise comes.

Luckily, there has never been news about a child or a pregnant woman dying due to aswang attacks here in our area, though you'd be very unlucky to be living next a pregnant lady and hear the "wak-wak-wak-wak" sound, hence the name.

Thanks for reading my story ❤
Zaruje in Entities

Yup that's a great way to escape haha. I don't know why but when this story was told to us by my parents when we were still young, there were no questions asked. Like I said, it's a great way to scare children from going outside the house.

I think you're refering to a "manananggal". Creatures that detach their lower body. I think, when people found out or suspected someone of being an "aswang", the most common thing they do is lynch that person (sad). It's barbaric I know.

About the autopsy, I'm not so sure.

Hahaha I'm not the one who should answer your questions but since I'm also living in the Philippines, so why not hahaha 😁

Z ❤ ❤ ❤
msforgetmenott in Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit
Hello JamesF,

I remember when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down, the whole Country made the song that told of the disaster, a No. 1 hit (Gordon Lightfoot). Not long ago we watched a short show on the History channel that had real video of the captain and crew of the other ship that was following so close, during that horrible storm. It was said they were there, right in their view, but in the next minute, they were not.

Any event that brutal, many young crew members, and the experienced, life loss that brutal, has to leave some type of imprint.

While I have never been to the museum you speak of, I have been to other exhibits and places, where I simply had to wait outside for the others I had come with.

I believe when unfinished with life and gone too soon, there are times when something is left behind. Perhaps, if you are sensitive to this and saddened by it, then somehow they will know, and be modestly grateful.

Where in India this happened? Is it still happening? Did you speak to RIMMI on this?

DO share your rest of the experience.
lady-glow in Mum Says Goodbye
This is such a sad and touching story!

Ray1 - I'm sorry for your loss.

39 YO is such a young age to pass away! I wonder if your Mother was subconsciously aware of the time when she would die. There are definitely so many mysterious things in this world.

In my opinion, your Mother came to see you in spiritual form, and was still around during the preparations for her funeral and, like a good mother, she reminded you that it was time to pinch in with the house chores.

More than saying goodbye, she was letting you know that nothing changed with her passing. I wouldn't be surprised if she was there mingling with her family and friends.
Have you talked to your sisters about this experience? Perhaps they, too, had a visitation from your Mom.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Entities
Zaruje - you can call me not only skeptical but cynical.

" There's even a story back in my home town where they captured a large black dog rumored to be an aswang (these entities can shape shift into animals) and tied it to a pole. The authorities were shocked the following morning when they discovered that the dog was gone and was replaced by a naked man tied to the pole."

I wonder why the aswang/dog/man didn't morph himself into a small animal like a cat or a rat that could have easily escaped the rope or whatever they used to tide him to the pole, thus avoiding to disclose his identity.

Wisteria1 - welcome to YGS.

I'm sorry for your loss.

This is not the first time I read about this creatures, please correct me if I'm wrong but, - aren't aswangs/wakwaks supposed to detach their lower body and spread some sort of magical oil to preserve it from drying out, and then hide it somewhere safe during the time they go looking for food? And not only that, but during the day they look like normal persons with nothing that gives away their darker side.

At this time and age, I wouldn't discard the possibility of someone trying to play a practical joke on you while some one else was taking a video of your reaction.

Do you know if it is customary to perform an autopsy to the bodies of children suspected to have died because of an aswang?
Are these entities equally common in the big cities as in rural areas?
Was the woman a local? Did you see/hear her flying?
Do you know how many kids in the area have died under those circumstances?
What happens to someone suspected and discovered to be an aswang? Do they have to face criminal charges?
Do they die or are they eternal?
Do newspapers report any deaths by aswang?

'If I didn't like both of these answers I'd run for the hills, and further away than upstate New York'. I love that you made that comment. I burst out laughing. Not because I'm being insensitive but because I'd do the same. Run for the hills.

Hi Nylaca,
It must be a very scary experience to live. 😨 I do a cleansing routine once a fortnight. It's working. From time to time a spirit breaks through, but 90% of time I keep them away with the ritual. You'll find it on Rookdygins profile page. A lot of members have cleansed their homes with much success.


Keep us posted.
Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Entities

I like how parents 'kept the kids off the streets in the wee hours.'

Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,

😘 ❤ 😘
wysteria1 in Entities
Hey there. I've heard that news once. It even got posted on Facebook, if I'm not mistaken.
Zaruje in Entities
Hi! I live in Luzon and we also call them "aswang or wakwak". There's even a story back in my home town where they captured a large black dog rumored to be an aswang (these entities can shape shift into animals) and tied it to a pole. The authorities were shocked the following morning when they discovered that the dog was gone and was replaced by a naked man tied to the pole. I never really asked if this was true but it's still a great way to scare children from roaming the streets at the wee hours of night.

Thanks for sharing!

Z ❤ ❤ ❤
Nylaca ~ Greetings and welcome!

As to matters of the Paranormal I am far from an expert, several of the people who have posted on this thread have far more experience than I - and they are telling you this is not a good thing. I'd listen. The very least I would do was determine a way I could verify this entity is who it claims to be, and if it is, I'd sit down and attempt to figure what it wants from me. If I didn't like both of these answers I'd run for the hills, and further away than upstate New York.

When I say the following I am not in anyway intending to say I don't believe you - but to quote a wise man I know "I've seen this movie and it doesn't end well..."

Peace and good luck
JamesF ~ Welcome to YGS!

As a veteran of the USCG I have a deep interest in attending museums that feature shipwrecks. I've been to the Great Lakes museum as well as many others. I don't know whether you experienced "ghosts" or just had a great deal of empathy the men who were lost. Have you attended other shipwreck museums? If so did you have the same experience there? Was it just the Fitzgerald's property that effected you?

I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy your visit there, it is a worthwhile location with lots of information as I recall. Her (EF) Bell is there as I remember.
Junglecat ~ Thank for responding and I'm gratified that you enjoyed the story. I have a great deal of experience working with electronic systems and some with security devices. Most motion detectors work on IR, if it was linked to the visible spectrum an intruder could, as you mention, wear camouflage and avoid detection. A reasonable guess but one I find somewhat wanting.

Biblio ~ Dude! You make me feel like I'm back in Physics 450 at NIU - and that confused me greatly!

In the observable world classical physics works very well and there is no need for quantum explanations. Quantum effects come into play when things are VERY big, VERY small, or VERY fast, otherwise classical physics (and a classical understanding of time) function very well. That said I don't KNOW that quantum effects are strictly not observable in the "common" world. However it does seem to be the case that they are rarely (effectively never) seen in the observable world.

Could things like time delineation account for doppelgangers, repetitive ghosts, and/or precognition? Perhaps but we have not reproduced these effects in controlled circumstances without attaining VERY high speeds. So to make the assumption that it does seems, at least to me, to be a very great leap of faith. Again is it possible that ghosts are not spirits of the departed as much as they may be glimpses into another time - this may explain why some ghosts don't know they are dead. Perhaps, I don't know.

Do you know if Tilley makes tinfoil fedoras? If so perhaps we should each order one...

Warm Regard The Cuddlebear...
Junglecat in Christmas At Dad's

Its quite interesting to learn about the Jinn. Actually, Judaism and ancient Babylonians independently made demons out of "hairy beings" or "wild ones" (seirim). Christianity may or may not have been independent of Judaism in its original position on seirim. I posted a reference to an academic paper on this subject in reply to your question about how satyrs/ faun became conflated with demons on my other post. I think you will be interested.

Your comment about the Jinn and Fae have me wondering if these entities were originally characterized as demons [spoiler warning: not generally the fire and brimstone type] *exactly because* they don't play by the same rules, and by what was a highly suspicious population. This would be very much like how a dog and cat would regard each other if unfamiliar with the other species.

Succubus and her little pal could have stayed in the house for all I care if she would have been respectful. But alas, she doesn't play that way. I'm sure she felt disturbed when I came in, much like I would feel disturbed if I broke into your home and was living there while you were away for the winter and then you returned. Luckily for me, I don't live in empty houses and just get to sort out this one, lol.

Seems to me that a cleaning is on the agenda first and foremost for my next visit.

You ask an excellent and I offer, an important question. After my experience at my dad's house which you read about, I also questioned my own bias in this regard. After all, the second creature there, which I had guessed to be either a faun or small satyr was quite benign. I discovered that many translations of the Hebrew and Christian bible equate satyrs specifically with demons. This was news to me because I tend to use my NIV version that does not use the word satyr but satyr is in many other versions in that context as is "wild ones". Because ultimately, there isn't much difference in actual meaning of the various translations once understood, this required deeper digging. I found an excellent scholarly paper that specifically looked at the demonology of fauns, satyrs & incubi in particular called "how the devil got his hooves and horns" using a cross section but primarily Jewish scholarly text. It examines the question from all angles. Just google it and it will be your top hits. If you're not in the mood for homework. My take from this is that these are always demons but not necessarily the "fire and brimstone" sort. That said, a stag isn't a demon and I wouldn't want one running loose in my father's house and very much stand by my decision to ask them to leave.

My dog did not revere any of the entities she met. She was confused by the succubus because she could not see her. She wanted to chase the second creature. I held her back to give it a chance to leave the house. Afterward, she asked to go out and would not reenter the house. There was a genuine fear there. As for the creature in the hotel room, she knew that she had been beaten by a larger, stronger creature (which she did see) without even firing a shot and there is nothing she could do about it. Like I said, she is very smart. She was fine to stay after it left however, because unlike the creature in the house, once it left, it was gone.

The entities do not continue to visit me. I have not been visited since the hotel room in January (although I must confess that I feared that I would be). The better question is why was I attacked by this creature exactly one week after an attack from another entity? And so far away from the other attack? Just chance? Dumb luck? I don't tend to believe in those but it seems to be over now.

I did visit my doctor upon my return. Everything is as it always was and not for alarm. But to be certain, these entities were not trying to warn me, unless you count the noisemaking starting day one in dad's house, most likely intended to scare me. In reflection, it seems more like they were trying to get rid of me. The last one did try to kill me, after all. Now, this does fit my definition of pure evil but yours might be more specific.

I know the drug that your friend takes. She might eschew her side effects by reducing the dose 25%. That worked for me when I did take it. I do not take it anymore. There is no reason for any migraineur to subject themselves to those side effects. The drug doesn't warrant them.
It's like... I am more affected on the break-up. Haha!
Anyways, thank you for sharing your story. 😊
Zaruje in Jeepney Ride
Your friend must be everybody's friend because they told this story countless of times.
Hi! Not to sound doubtful, but there are no rattlesnakes in the Philippines

Saan po ito sa Marikina?

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