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MoonFall in The Black Temple
Jai Shree Hanuman (Praise Lord Hanuman) you guys made it out of there safely! I enjoyed the story immensely! Stories of black magic and such are scary and God only knows what may have happened during that time! Your story kept me on the edge of my seat always wondering what would happen next! Keep writing and sharing your experiences.
Siddhakaruvurar in Shadow Figure In Dorm Room
Can anybody enlighten me about ouija board, as far as I have heard there are little truth and lots of myth about Ouija boards.

Help me with this.

The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Hello BrendaDances, so moving away from the room worked, that's great news! I had a feeling based on your story that this disturbance was focused on the bedroom. I'm not sure why that's the case, but you mentioned that you also are using the cleansing ritual. Now you know where to focus it. I would use it in the entire house of course but put extra effort into your bedroom. Camping out in the living room for the weekend is an excellent idea and the time away and rest will allow you to reconnect with one another and as a family. It will also give you the space to continue to research and come up with a plan of action. You may consider contacting a reputable medium (do your research on this one) or contacting a clergyman at the church. I know you don't subscribe to religion, but many of them will help whether you are of their faith or not, and it could actually be the solution. These are only suggestions, do what feels comfortable to you and please keep us apprised of your progress!
Good for you girl. Keep doing what you're doing as you build Faith. Thanks for keeping us posted.
BrendaDances - Thanks for the details on what's worked and hasn't for you. Sounds like you're determined and really doing what you've got to do. I applaud you for dealing with this as you have. It's a crazy story and I'm glad you found people on here who listened and genuinely seemed to want to help you.
What has and has not worked

Firmly addressing it and telling it to go - it just seems to increase its activity on him making him loose it faster.

Envisioning a white shield or ball of light to push it away. I have done that with no effect. Husband quickly looses focus due to the feeling and is simply fighting not to climax.

Praying really didn't seem to have an effect but I don't really consider myself religious so that could have been self defeated.

Holding his hand and simply trying to express my love and support ended up making his climaxes feel all the more devastating to witness.

Vacating the room and house blessing and positive family energy - So far so good. I have hopes for this one being the key to start defeating this.

Salt- I realized we have a Himalaya salt lamp given as a wedding present and its still in its box in the garage. Gonna dig it out today and put it in the room. I am hoping both the salt and the fact is was a wedding gift have an effect. A catholic friend is also bringing us a vial of holy water from their priest.
BrendaDances - I'm curious as to whether or not you tried any of the cleansing or self protection practices mentioned by other posters; and if so which ones? I think it would be helpful to know what has been productive in your efforts to deal with this Succubus; or whatever it is.

Has just sleeping outside the room with the fam, creating some positive bonding time, been the remedy?

Looking forward to an update. Best wishes and way to go on taking back what's your's!
BrendaDances, great to know! ❤

I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family. Wish you all the best!

Please keep us updated 😊
We had a living room camp out with daughter even put up her pup tent and got our sleeping bags and did smores on the stove.

No disturbances. Best night of sleep I have had in weeks. We are going to camp out through the weekend then I will try a night in the room alone.

So far so good.
LightMight in Ghost Spoke To My Mum
User3246, I really enjoyed your story, and I can empathize with your situation you've dealt with at home. I agree, to some extent, with what the previous poster said about this sounding like a residual haunting (in regard to the footsteps and voices).

As far as the moving objects go, I do think that there's a good possibility that you've also had some intelligent haunting going on in that home. Did you ever feel like someone, or some thing was trying to get your attention? Also, you mentioned your younger siblings; it makes me wonder if the activity ramped up during the time that there was a lot of youthful energy in your house?

Sometimes living in an active home, whether we are comfortable with it or not, can cause tension and anxiety. You mentioned in your post that you would be only half surprised if you were to see someone standing in that room that you feel uneasy in. It sounds like you are picking up on something; possibly leftover negative energy from the past, or maybe even a spirit?

Take Care, LightMight
[at] Ladyglow

May your grandpa rest in peace.

According to our tradition if a person commits suicide their soul gets trapped in this earthly world and until the time reaches (the time originally assigned by god for His/her death) they will have to stay here.

But still opinion differs.

May your grandpa rest in peace
Brenda, GOOD, I'm glad you laughed about the Bible there. Hey, how many stories have you heard about a pocket Bible saving a soldier's life in a war? There's gotta be something to those stories!

Laughter seems to be something all evil wants to see disappear! Just look at the state of our world right now. There is a battle going on between good and evil right now, and I know I sound like a church lady, which I am not; however, I am a Christian and I have experienced things related to my faith that only give me greater faith. You might not want to hear this, but I'm going to say it: Jesus loves you even more because you have not had a chance to discover Him yet. He won't let you go, all you have to do is ask. And you can even ask if you don't quite believe, I think that is something important for you to know. Please know, I'm not trying to push you to be a Christian, but to let you know there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. If I were you, I'd ask humbly for help from Jesus, Buhdda, and whomever else I could think of, without hesitation or shame. But like you said, think good, think light, think love. Not the opposite. Not jealousy but Empathy. If you think your husband isn't strong enough to resist, then YOU give him that strength. I think marriage is all about that. When one of you is weak, you have the other to lean on and gain strength from. My husband and I have our worst days when both of us are feeling down at the same time (very rare).

Mostly, ya'll go out and do some fun things as a family! Go be together! The Lost Voyage put it so much better than I did (haha, so much for me being a writer). Remember your marriage vows together. Perhaps there's a reason they are written as they are! "What God has joined together, let no one put asunder." (or is it no man? Anyway). Yeah girl, CLAIM your man back from whatever weird stuff this is. Keep that California sun shining in. Clean that house, bring in flowers and brightness, but be strong and confident way down deep in your soul. Heck, play some Christian music. That might just drive whatever it is away, and lift you up at the same time. (ps, I don't know anything about Christian music... I suppose you could also play some Red Hot Chili Peppers, just DANCE with your family and feel the love!) Not trying to minimize the problem, but none of these ideas costs anything. And please let us know how things are going. We care from afar. That was the thing that I appreciated about this site. These people are mostly very good. God Bless You and your Family!
You could leave a glass of sea salt or Himalayan salt under your bed. Also clean under the bed, if you have an "under the bed", I know not beds are the same. If you cannot, just leave it somewhere in the room. Believe. Faith. Sage. Repeat.
Hey all, I just read this story. I am just a little bit worried that what you and your husband are experiencing is of demonic in nature. By doing this to your husband, it is creating a negative energy or emotions in the house which it feeds more into it. I know you have said you are not religious by nature but I think having a little bit of faith on something good or higher power or God may help.

I have been exposed to some supernatural entities myself when I was younger. Having a blessed cross necklace with me helped a lot, even just for a sense of security that someone is protecting you at least.

Hope everything will be ok for you and God bless.
Lost: I would try that but it puts my daughter closest to the disturbance then... Not a risk I am comfortable taking. Would just having my husband sleep out in the livingroom work? I could stay in our bed.

As for salt, we have carpeting, don't think that would work well.

I really wish there was a way to direct message some of you. I have questions I want to ask and things I would say but we have to keep this very PG friendly and it prevents me from speaking more freely. Speaking here is hard for me as I know anyone can see this. I also get that DMing a person with a story as sketchy as this would make me think twice too. It's really a make do solution to a horrible problem. Thank you all for putting up with us. We are trying the house blessing now. All the windows are open and the closet is blocked open so the sunlight can reach into a a little.
blancdada in Who Was 'that'?
t_bev> No, none of the faculty and teachers (they also asked some guards) but none of them have had any experiences in doppelgangers before. It was quiet a buzz that time, because we don't know what it was or what does it mean to see one.

I see. So it was trying to lure me in I guess, or show me something. Because when that time happened the Principal's office was unlocked, which is a really big deal since all offices are supposed to be locked every night.
blancdada - So nobody in the building had any odd experiences ever or specifically no doppelganger experiences?

From what I've read, granted I'm certainly not an expert in any way, doppelgangers can do both. As in not interacting with anyone, just following a certain pattern, as well as interact or luring. I will say most of what I've read has shown them only interacting as far as eye contact, but not with words.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Hello BrendaDances, if you cannot leave the house, then try sleeping in a different room of the house, preferably as far away from your bedroom as you can. From rereading your story it seems as if whatever this is, it's centered on the bedroom, the closet door, the shadows, maybe it's confined to this room? If it works you'll both be able to take charge of the situation. I've also read that making a ring of salt around your sleeping area may help as well, though you'd have to check what works for you. I'd try both. Lastly based on your last comment, reestablishing intimacy may help you both if you're able. Getting the connection back and reigniting that love between you may weaken this things ability to take advantage of him, trust your feelings.
MsRamsey: Thank you for the clarification it made so much more sense to me when put that way. I did chuckle over the image of a bible over his privates. To be honest I have been so caught up in reacting that I never even considered being intimate for us. As far as everyone telling me I need to believe in something, that is a very hard pill to swallow for an atheist but... Well, look at where I am now... I never would have believed this to be real until I saw it. I am trying to believe and be full of goodness. It's difficult but I will keep trying. Thank you for caring.
Hi bro is this story happened in area nearby Sunderban. If yes please reply or call me
FarEndofSpectrum - I can only imagine that a place with a history like what you described would almost HAVE to have some sort of residual haunting if not an outright black energy.

Looking forward to reading more of your experiences!
ScoobieGang - No, she passed a few years ago now. I had tried asking her about it a few times but she literally wouldn't say a word; just wave her hand as if shooing a fly. My Grandpa wouldn't talk about it either but he really didn't talk much in general.

I did talk to my Uncle about it later on; he was much more open. I plan on adding what he's said, mostly regarding his room, in another story about that house.
Hey again. NO, not a threesome! I'm saying IGNORE whatever is NOT in your dimension. Don't let it have power over your lives. I'm a little more concerned about your daughter anywhere near this situation... But, maybe the two of you can take the initiative before it starts again so that energy can't even be tapped by whatever is doing it. (in other words, you should get there first, perhaps). Seems your husband should be taking more initiative though too, to stop the weird pattern of this. You know, he could wear some PANTS to bed, lay on his stomach. Put a Bible on his privates. There are many things you guys can try that would be better than what you describe. After all, this might be something, but it's NOT in our world and should be strongly told to go back where it came from. Not just by you but by him. The sexual aspect of it is just a distraction from what it is really up to. Think of it that way. And don't let it get any satisfaction, whatever that means (physical or mental). Being jealous and scared seems to debase or diminish your power and that's what you want to avoid. Please imagine me saying this with empathy. One of the first things I learned as a kid about the spiritual world: evil is attracted to a vacuum. If you can fill your souls with goodness and good things, it's much easier to keep the bad things at bay, and I think that includes just luck or karma or whatever.
ScoobieGang in At Gigi's House
Is GiGi still alive? If so, perhaps she'd be more willing to discuss the goings on now that you're an adult.
I just saw this and can't help sharing it to you. I hope your problem with that entity stops immediately.

Hi BrendaDances,

I'm really sorry to hear about the things that is happening to you and your husband right now. And I really hope that it will go away soon.

I heard a similar story like this from one of my acquaintances in my hometown, and the solution they come up with is that they slept on the living room after it happened 3 days straight and after they come back to their room after another 3 days and it happened again, they called in a priest and fully blessed the house. They said it never happened again.

I really hope that it will soon come to an end and the entity will go away and never come back. Because both of you are going to be exhausted and mentally stressed if this goes on. I couldn't imagine how scared you are right now, I'm going to go into a panic state if that happened to me and my husband.

Wish you all the best and to your husband as well. Be strong! Stay strong!

Pinksweety> I like your advice to get a pet! They have a different view in the world so they do help. ❤
Thanks for sharing a good story FarEndofSpectrum 😊

I believe what you saw was a Siren (Sirena in Hispanic and Tagalog) because of the facts that it was, and near, the water and she was singing at night.

Sirens are usually mythological creatures and are always there in most countries folklore, I wouldn't be surprised that your country has that too. And it was partly amazing and REALLY scary that you happen to encounter one.

Hope you share more stories in the future. ❤
May I know the name of the Hotel you were staying at? It's fine if you don't want to reveal it for privacy purposes. Thank you.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

It seems as if a lot of lore are global. Sirens are quite similar to these as well.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Woman On The Bow

Perhaps it preys on us.

And thank you for enjoying it and telling me what you think.
And I really forgot to mention... Keep a pet dog or a cat in your home... I'm sure they can sense paranormal better than us humans... Dogs will bark at the closet when it opens or whine indicating a paranormal presence. Cats stare and their hair raises on their back
BrendaDances:Even the shadows dat you saw in the house are paranormal by nature. You should see a priest or some spiritual wiseman and discuss this with him before it's too late. The everyday thing mite exhaust your husband.
Plz do let us know about how you are dealing with it at the present. Keep us updated. I think u shud find the history of the house, incase the previous residents died by sum accident or some occult activities were being carried out. The cupboard opening by itself is self explanatory that there is a haunting
Thank you, OCGirl, for the kind words and condolences.
Much appreciated 😊 LightMight
MrsRamsay, I agree with you, I was very fortunate to have one last glimpse of Shandy.
I'm glad you enjoyed reading about him ❤ LightMight
LightMight in At Gigi's House
hey t_bev, I think we need a sequel soon (part 2!)

Regarding your question about getting used to living in an active house, tbh I've lived in a few since I was very young. I guess you could say that I've accepted being 'sensitive' (that's half the battle). Also, it really depends on the amount of activity in a home and whether it seems agressive, or not. If I can peacefully co-exist with whatever lives in my home, then I have no problem doing so. If I begin to feel threatened, I've learned to become proactive: break out the candles, sea salt, and prayers for a spirtual cleansing. I do a cleansing once a month now just to keep things copacetic, and it seems to have made a big difference in our home.

Looking forward to reading more from you 😉, LightMight
Yes. Let him try to fight it himself first. And at the same time pray to your guides. You can just guides. You don't need to know about them. I pray to my maternal grandfather all the time, yet I've never met him. Just BELIEVE there is a higher power that can protect you. It is within yourself. Just pray to your guides, spark that Light inside yourself.
Like Mrs. Ramsey suggests with the believing, but in your case, just believe in guides then. Don't question what they look like or who they are. Start off when you're feeling relaxed by sitting straight, take a few deep breaths, and even say out loud, "i humbly ask my spirit guides to protect me and my family. I demand all evil to leave this house at once. Only the Light and Love msines through this home. I am grateful for my ancestors and guides."...something like that. It is to help manifest the positive energy and also give permission to your guides. Maybe because you lacked faith, you thought many things were impossible. Now you know... Anything is possible. Even the power you have to rid this thing is possible. Make husband read all this, I hope. He needs to do the same. If there's a time to start having faith, it's now.😉
Each time he feels the static, start to pray.
All the best ❤
I just want to say to all of you Thank you... I do not so feel absolutely alone now.
Wow that's a lot to absorb.
MsRamsay: Are you saying make it a 3 some and join them and compete for his attention? I am trying to wrap my head around that...

Notjustme: I see you saying to try to go two different ways here and I am a little confused. 1. I could give into me discomfort and anger a bit and put the resisting of this on him and leave him to fight it? Make it about if he wants me he will resist it?

2. Is to invoke my ancestors... God I wish I knew more about them I know I am Irish my mom is from Killarney Your saying pray to her to help me maybe? I will get sage. There is a new age place I have seen in Newport Beach. I could get some there maybe?

I will try the sage and maybe asking my moms spirit for help. I will let you know what happens Just have to get through tonight so I can get these things.
Also, if u choose to be next to him, then pray. I know you're not religious but what have you got to lose now. Just try. Pray to your ancestors. Ask them to protect you, ask them to send you Light. You don't know your power until you try. I hope after this, you will find some faith jn something. Because if there evil, you best believe there is GOOD, and vice versa. But Light always wins. Mind over matter. Believe Light and Love is with you. You have guides. Believe it so they can help. You have to open for them. He opened to something bad, now you have counter that, with something way more bad [at] ss. And tell him same. It's a demon, not human. Tell him maybe it's even a guy demon. No one said it had to be a woman. 🤔
What a sweet & touching story. My condolences on the loss of your husband & Shandy. ❤
Too addition, sorry... None of that matters if HE doesn't genuinely want to get rid of it. It is selfish and stupid.
Tell he needs to get it together tonight. Tell him it is up to him, not you. Maybe he should do some research on what succubus demons can do. He has to think for his family and his own soul. I wonder with you there, adding fear, would make it harder for him or not. I mean, could you possibly let him try on his own first and see how it goes? During a nap or something. I feel for you. It is his Will. He needs to have the WILL to take back his soul and protect it. Good luck. I'll keep check back this thread.
I don't come on here much any more. Guess we can call it fate I read your story and hopefully am able to help out.
Try buying sage. Online or in store. Sage your house. Clean the house. Clutter and mess, not good for mind. Open windows, let light into the home. Love it. Take it back. Put courage into it, no fear. Just FAITH ❤
It happens when he is JUST about to fall asleep. Many encounters with the supernatural happens for people when they are just about to fall asleep. It because you're entering that place.
So before bed, tell him to be ready. As soon as he starts feeling the static, the presence, shout at it in his head to go away. And do the ball of light exercise. I think it is all up to him because it attaching to him. So he must try his best to not give in to the lust. It is not human.

You don't need to be religious to have faith. Have faith you have ancestors, and spirit guides. They will help, just believe and call on them. When I pray, I don't specifically pray to any God. I believe there is truth to all religions. So I pray to the universe, my ancestors, and my guides. Try it tonight and tell husband he has to believe as well. Nothing of this means sh! T if you guys don't have faith when you try to get rid of it. It can sense your fears and your courage.
Hi dear. I am so sorry for your situation and my heart goes out. I'm somewhat speechless, but I think you should not be passive. He is your husband. When your husband is aroused, YOU are the one with him, right? I don't know if this is dumb or what, but what if you just ignored whatever in the spiritual realm and did what you would normally do when noticing similar, um, characteristics. That would take NO FEAR for sure. OK, maybe I'm nuts. But there would be nothing to be jealous of, if you seized the moment.

Sorry. If ya'll want to yell at me, that would be ok. I don't know anything about this subject, I just know I wouldn't let some invisible NOTHING control my husband, influence my husband or whatever you want to call it. You know, turn on the lights and take back your man! It couldn't hurt, right? I do know if it was me, I would be praying first for protection, but I do think you should believe in God or Jesus when you pray. But I would not want to try and tell you that, so please excuse that. I do believe that God will protect us from all things if we just ask.
Oh, what a really beautiful story, thank you! I needed that today. We all have such a heartfelt feelings for our dogs, and you were so lucky to see Shandy at the door like that! Really great story.
NotJustMe: We will try the cleansing that Meida posted. I hope it will work. I really wish we had someone close that knew how to come in and fix all this. We are not very religious... So I wound't know any clergy to seek aid from. Maybe that's why its picked my husband.

It's hard to be a team with him when I feel so useless and am forced to watch him succumb to this almost every night. Part of me is so jealous I want to just leave him, thinking if he really loved me then this thing couldn't effect him like it does. Another part of me wants to offer to take his place but then the fear sets in that if it spread to me, it could spread to my daughter.

How can I find the faith to fight this when he gives into it? I wish I had the strength to face it and push it out of my house but its like it doesn't even care than I exist.
I think you both need to form a team and realize this thing is evil and not good. It is already affecting the energy in the household. If it continues, it will only gets stronger. Fear feeds it. Try to do what I suggested because it really worked for my friend. She has 3 kids now and haven't had an experience with that thing any more. It was with her for years.
He will be tired, his attitude could change. After all, it is an entity connecting with him from another realm or frequency,
If you will. Bc it is messing with the soul and body. It is all connected.
blancdada in Who Was 'that'?
Hi t_bev!

First of all, I want to thank you for reading my story. 😊

I also tried to do a research about doppelganger before, but I wasn't quiet sure if it was it, because I never saw its face or did it interact with me. After what happened, I tried asking around and my previous co-teachers and faculty members never heard of the same thing that had happened in all their years there.

If on just a gut instinct, it might be a spirit I believe. Because if it was a warp in time, I don't think my previous Principal would wear a purple polo shirt because he hates it. But I can never be sure.

Does doppelganger act that way? Or they also try to lure some people?
blancdada in The Black Temple
Seriously, your stories are amazing! I can't stop reading all of it in just a day!

Please keep on sharing your stories with us! 😊
LittleSakura - Really glad that I could put forth the story in an engaging way. Will keep up posting further experiences very soon. I hope to see you back with your warm reviews and comments. God bless you too. ❤
blancdada in At Gigi's House
t_bev, Yes! Please do a part 2! 😊

I would definitely love to read that! I shall wait for you to share it to us. Thank you ❤
t_bev - Your feedback means a lot and surely does encourage a novice writer like me to write and share even more. Glad that I could spook you with my story! ❤
Lost Voyager: No we have not been able with Covid to go anywhere else. So far my daughter is blissfully unaware of everything that is happening. I am at my wits end... And feeling horribly jealous though I know its not his fault. Its just... God. Well I think its self explanatory.

Media: Thank you for your comments... Its hard to strike a balance between describing what is happening and it not having it sounding like a p0rn story. Its still going on and I am not sure what resources we have around us. My husband fights the feelings every night... We hold hands while it happens but in the end he looses and I feel horrible watching him give in... As for the land I think it was just county land prior to this. So I am not sure what to do here.

NotJustme: Your saying this is going take my husband if we can't stop this thing? What do you mean "Drain his Soul"?

I am scared of this thing... It does not seem to listen to me or care that I am there. It just seduces him night after night with me watching... I know I should not be mad at my husband but a small part is... I know it feels better than I can ever make him feel... He has admitted that. Not sure what to do.
I wish I have a friend who would also want to offer visiting their ancestral haunted house with them. 😊
LightMight - I also wonder if the activity had become so common place that she just accepted it. My Uncle was around 17 at the time and my Grandpa was a semi driver and rarely there during the week. Long story short, GiGi and Uncle did have a tough relationship with little backup from Grandpa. I'm not sure if that atmosphere can make activity worse?

As an adult I've never lived in a place that had any sort of long term paranormal resident; how long did it take you to get used to your "active" house?
blancdada - It was eventful! Maybe I will have to do a Part 2? 😁

What's crazy is that from the time I was 0-6, my family lived in a house with an entity. But she was very nice and not at all like what I experienced at GiGi's house.
I do hope someone has some insight on what you experienced. I've seen so many doppelganger and "glitch in the matrix" stories that I find fascinating. I've also heard stories of spirits with not great intentions taking on the features of household members and interacting with them.

If you were speaking just on gut instinct; do you think your experience was a sort of warp in time scenario or a spirit?
Hi, I am new here but I love to read stories of you all. And hey, u really explained it so well, I loved it and really looking forward to more stories of you.
God bless u!
blancdada in A Knock On The Door
I only came here to read the story because of the recent comments. Thank goodness I found a treasure! ❤

The story was absolutely amazing. The way it was written and carefully described, it was wonderful for me. I have read too many stories and this is one of my favorites now!

Thank you very much for sharing such a great experience. I know it is really frightening if you are on the side of experiencing it first hand, I felt it like I was there observing too, and I can't muster any words after reading it through.

I'll read all your other posted stories here.

Once again, thank you sanjubhat. 😊
LightMight in At Gigi's House
t_bev, I have no doubt after reading your story, that there was probably a whole lot more going on at GiGi's house than she was willing to share with you at such a young age - yikes! I know from personal experience, that it's easy to grow complacent after living in an 'active' house. Maybe GiGi and your uncle seemed nonchalent because the activity was so common at their home?

Sounds like there were a few tell-tale signs of poltergeist activity happening there. Do you think this had anything to do with your Uncle and his age?

I really enjoyed your recount - great story, LightMight
blancdada in At Gigi's House
Hi t_bev!

It seems, based from the story, that you had a very eventful and interesting childhood memory in that house. I am really interested on knowing some more of the things that had happen.

It is a good thing that nobody was gravely injured, except from your fingers, on the happenings that had occurred in that house.

The story is well written and thanks for the funny side note. ❤
LFrog and Boo Boo Whoo, both of you mentioned one of my all time favorite poems ~ 'Rainbow Bridge'. Sounds like a beautiful place to call home 😉

Thank you for the kindly comments ❤ LightMight
BojanTheGoTFan84 in Eerie Wail In The Graveyard

Anything is possible, but I have a strong belief in such things, either way that is not an experience that I would like to go through ever again, no matter if it was a wild feline like a linx, as Jubeele mentioned, or a woman's ghost...
TrueCrimeFan in A Knock On The Door
Wow, you're back! I made an account just to let you know your stories are the best. It's really unexpected to see someone come back after nearly a decade. Please don't do AFK again.
This is commonly known as a succubus. (when happens to male) The more he enjoys it and subconsciously allows it to do what it is doing, in time, it will drain his soul. It can manipulate feelings. Even make him feel loved in time.
This happened to a someone I know. I told her the same thing and it worked. She had something similar attached to her for years. It got aggressive over time and she would even hear it breathe and snicker.
Tell hubs when he starts to feel the static, and the tingling, DEMAND it to leave right away. Envision, literally, a ball of light in your head as you tell this thing to go away. Tell it, it has "no power or right here and it must leave". Please give it a try. To fight something, first believe you have more power over it. It helped my friend get rid of her Incubus. I would cleanse the house also with sage, or rook's way. But nothing works unless you believe in it when you're doing.

Also, I suggest have faith in something. I don't care if it's an avocado, have faith there is a higher power. All I know is fear feeds anything. Tell husband to stop allowing it. Try. Have to try to resist.
All the best.
It's so well written that I could frame the Happenings In my Mind the way it has been Narrated & Looking forward to read more from You.
Hashirama_Senju - I'm glad you liked it. It's good to know that you are from Odisha as well and that you're familiar with Haadabai. Will surely post other experiences of mine very soon. Looking forward to your support and love for my posts.
TravisCannabis in Eerie Wail In The Graveyard
I don't know man, I think the previous poster is up to something, it could have been an animal calling for its mate or one being killed. 🤔 😕
This is so scary! 😨 That ghost is a pervert and evil. I hope you can get rid of it. ❤ ❤
boo_boo_whoo in One Last Walk For Shandy
Oh this is so sweet and sad. I think Shandy is happy and healthy living in rainbow bridge. I love your story. ❤ ❤
Welcome to YGS.


Have you heard about SLIders or electric people? Do you think the following article would describe you?:


In my opinion and based on the information provided by your narrative, you might be a psychic and the shadows might be earthbound spirits trying to get your attention. Although you don't seem to be afraid of them, I would suggest for you to learn ways to protect yourself before communicating with them in case you came across a nasty one.

Have you tried to talk to the shadows telling them something like "I'm aware of your presence and it's time for you to move to the light"?
In my own experience, when a departed person has a message to say, many times they do it through a dream but since you "can feel their presence mentally and physically", then you may be able to communicate with them telepathically. Just remember to learn to protect yourself in case you come across a nasty spirit.

Perhaps a bit of digging would reveal that you are not the only one whiting your family whom has been having this kind of experiences.

Thanks for sharing.
What a beautiful, albeit bittersweet, story of love and loss. I am sorry for your back to back losses but it keeps my heart warm to think that your husband and Shandy are together once again. It sounds like maybe they met over that Rainbow Bridge. I hope one day I get to meet again all the fantastic, loving animals I have been blessed to care for when it's my time and I hope you are able to do the same!
Welcome to YGS.


You had a precognitive dream. Though your dream was lacking more details/information, was enough for you to recognize its meaning at the right moment.

Was this the only time you had this kind of dream?
I believe that there is someone or something always looking after us who, to some degree, has the ability to let us know of an impending danger. You were lucky to listen to your gut and not to the sly man asking for your father.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome LightMight! ❤

Regards, blancdada.
Blancdada, thank you for the posititve sentiments ~ and welcome to YGS 😉
Yes, I agree with you, I feel that I've learned a life lesson here: that not everything that involves someone's passing equates to gloom & doom.

Take Care ❤ LightMight
Natasha175 - This was a really well written story. I'd never heard of being "born under the Raksha Ganaya" so I took some time to look that up. I can see how you would believe you personally are unable to see paranormal activities based on the info I found. Interesting to think about how much astrology can hinder or help in these situations. Thanks for sharing!
dontbeme - This was a really well written story. The details had me feeling there with you every step of the way. Terrifying.
Hashirama_Senju in An Unconventional Goddess
The story is really spooky and it's very well written. I'm from Odisha too and therefore I've heard of hadabai and can totally relate to your story. Looking forward to read more of your engaging tales. ❤
BojanTheGoTFan84 in Eerie Wail In The Graveyard
Good day to you, Jubeele!
Yes, I was muttering in my sleep that night because I had nightmares. I hope you will not
Be offended if I do not hear how lynx sounds, just in case. I mean, it is quite enough for me
That I still think about that wail sometimes, I really don't need to hear it again in case it
Sounds the same. Goodbye for now and you also stay safe and well!
BrendaDances - Wow. When reading this I couldn't help but think of the similarities between our ages and length of marriages; and I can't even begin to think of how I would handle this situation if it were me. I sincerely hope you're able to perform the cleansing rituals and that they work. I don't know much about the subject, but so many on this site do, and I hope their knowledge not only helps you through this, but provides comfort.
I just want to say that I'm sorry for hearing that your husband and also your dog passed away. I am praying for their eternal peace.

This is absolutely a wonderful story you had shared to us. Definitely an eye-opener that not all deaths are hard and heavy to accept. Shandy just showed you how happy he was before leaving.

Have a wonderful life LightMight! ❤
Hi Bojan

That must have been a frightening experience for you. It could even have given you an uneasy night when you went back, hence the muttering in your sleep, possibly from bad dreams?

I've known a number of people from Yugoslavia, who remember the days before the breakup into different republics. Their stories always made me wish to visit that part of the world. I know that the Eurasian lynx are found in the wild there. Twenty years ago, there would have been even more abundant wildlife in the forest near the graveyard. Is it possible that you could have heard the cry of a lynx? If you listen to the link below, they can sound remarkably like a wailing woman. Quite unnerving, especially in the vicinity of a graveyard.

You said that your cousin's grandma had been "sounding rather calm" at the time. Could it be something she had heard before? But if she did not tell everyone to run away, she must have felt there was nothing to worry about.

Perhaps the main thing to remember is that no one was hurt and you all came home safely. Stay safe and be well.

To terranigma- thank you for that insight. I have only seen human shadow figures. And none with red eyes, thankfully.
To Kindly refrain and MrsRamsay - Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. Actually, I am not Norwegian at all. But my husband and daughter are. 😊
Maria -
Thank you for taking the time to read it. Glad you enjoyed it. It is definitely something I will never forget.
RCRuskin, thank you for your gracious prayer and thoughts. I find solace in the whole idea of there being a very good possibility that Shandy and my husband are keeping eachother company. Writing about this experience has brought me some peace...

Best Wishes, LightMight
I'm going to go out on a limb here and quote a wise man I know: There are no long distance priests. While I do think the cleansing ritual on Rook's profile is a good idea, it is only a start.

Please know that your husband is not cheating on you, in the usual sense anyway. Someone with deep spiritual wisdom must interview your husband, your daughter, and yourself, and investigate the history of the house, the land and the neighborhood.

Something out of the ordinary is going on here.
First off, I'm going to add a prayer for LightMight, may your husband, and your dog's, Memories be Eternal.

And also, I think you do know what that was about. "Right at that moment, it occurred to me that maybe Shandy might have been letting me know that he was finally feeling better."

Melda: we can never know the grief another human being feels, so, I fully agree with you that we cannot know what an animal feels. And they do feel. (Seriously, anyone who thinks animals don't feel pain probably has no sense of pain themselves, given how the feeling of pain is essential for survival!)
BrendaDances - I agree with the previous poster regarding the cleansing. Here is a link to a very good method which has been used by a number of members on this site: https://www.yourghoststories.com/user-profile.php?user=8155

Do you have any idea what the land was used for in the past, before the construction of houses and whatever else is built there now? It might have a bearing on what is happening in your house.

You tried to remove anything that was too graphic? Whew, I was reading this with my hand over my face and peeping through my fingers! I'm pleased you removed the "too graphic" parts or my rather old but nevertheless very open-minded brain would have gone into lockdown with the rest of the world.

Please try to control the anger and jealousy you are experiencing. The succubus is feeding off of that and is doing its best to nurture the negativity you are exuding. It's tormenting you too and is very pleased with itself.

Unless your husband specifically summoned this succubus, it really isn't his fault. It's not as though you found him in a dark corner somewhere with a Dolly Parton lookalike. The two of you should work together to get rid of this evil entity.

A cleansing is of the utmost importance and not only once, there need to be follow-ups.

I wish you well and just remember that you can return to normal but it is going to take some work on your part.

Regards, Melda
I agree with you, VeronicaMarie, I think Melda nailed it!

There are so many interesting stories here: some are tear jerkers; some are eerie and mysterious, and then there's the super-creepy stories (the kind you wished you hadn't read before bedtime! 😲)...

Thank you for the condolences, LightMight
Hi LuciaJacinta,

I can relate to your story in more ways than one; I was a child dealing with the paranormal at a young age, then I became the parent of a child experiencing the paranormal.

I applaud you for giving your daughter reassurance, and making her feel secure while she shares her experiences with you. She's fortunate to have a parent that she can confide in, and that she feels comforted by.

I agree with a lot of the previous posts here. With that being said, maybe your daughter can start keeping an open journal of each & every experience she has had since moving into this home? It could help document the current events, and possibly help you determine if this is old 'replay', or if these are more recent events going on...

Best Wishes, Light Might
VeronicaMarie in One Last Walk For Shandy
LightMight, I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband and Shandy. That is one of the most amazing stories I've read. I love what Melda said about your husband waiting for him on the other side of the door. I really think she's absolutely right. Now I have to go find some Kleenex to dry my eyes.
t_bev, I appreciate your thoughtful comment 😉

I sense that there's a silver lining in some of the recent loss I've had. What I've experienced so far, regarding loved ones & pets, it's heartening to see that there's the possibilty of experiencing further happiness beyond this realm.

May your senior pup continue to lead a long and cherished life.

Take Care, Light Might
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Husband And The Ghost?
BrendaDances, sorry to hear that you're going through this traumatic event. I have read of many instances of these type encounters, but yours is a rare experience for someone to actually be a witness to one. You stated that these events began when you moved into this new home. Have you and your husband tried to stay elsewhere for a night or two to see if situation occurs outside the home. That would help you isolate whether the home is the cause and if so I would recommend a thorough cleansing. There are some solid cleansing rituals recommended on this site. That would be the place to start and then If it happens outside the home then it may have firmly attached itself to your husband and he may need to participate in a personal cleansing ritual. Are you and your husband the only ones in the home to experience anything or has your daughter noticed anything unusual similar to the shadows you saw in the early days of your stay?
Melda- thanks for all the information! Having not grown up with any sort of religious background, I'm woefully uneducated about the subject.
LightMight- I'm so sorry for your loss of partner and furry best friend. This was such a sweet story though. It gives me hope that my own senior pup will get to "see the light" for lack of better words, and that he'll be back to the healthy active boy he used to be. Thank you for writing this.
Thank you Melda, for your kind words, and sincere post.

I'm so sorry that you went through such physical pain once your mother had passed. I can now completely understand what people mean by 'heartache'- it's a deep, overwhelming ache in the center of your being.

I have to admit, your message left me misty-eyed because I was thinking along the same lines as you described between master and loving pet. Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to be greeted by loved ones and friends once we pass from this existence? I'm on board with that idea!

Many Thanks ❤ Light Might
LightMight - Condolences on the loss of your husband as well as that of Shandy.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Shandy missed your husband terribly. Many people underestimate the emotional turmoil that pets can experience. I think Shandy's love for your husband could have been so strong that it might even have exacerbated his underlying illness.

I found my mother's death very painful. The pain actually became physical, I was ill. People might say I can't compare what I felt to what an animal felt. Why not? Love is love, animal or human, and in both the depth can vary.

What you experienced is indescribably touching. How wonderful to see your beloved Shandy happy and excited just one last time. Perhaps his beloved friend and master was waiting for him at the door and took him for that final walk. I know that sounds fanciful but I'm sticking with it because it could have happened and the very idea of it makes me feel good!

Don't be surprised if you notice signs of Shandy's presence occasionally. My passed pets have visited me, so I know it happens.

Regards, Melda
Hi boo_boo_whoo,

Thank You very much for reading my experience and for your comment.

I too think that it was lucky to start with a friendly ghost. However after that I was not very lucky I think 😢

Anyway I can't blame my parents for not believing me after I tried to convince them that a crow snatched away my report card when coming home from school 😉 (It happened several weeks before this encounter)
Thank You again for reading.

Good luck
Sasana ❤

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