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Fnaffan_jaylen in Goodbye To A Princess
I was crying all of the first part of the story, I'm sorry you lost such an amazing friend.

It's safe to say that Miriam wanted to just be with you, Rex and Dean. Which explains lots of the second part with the perfume smell and callings that I believe are from Miriam trying to get in contact with you. Don't forget the picture Dean showed with her sitting on the chair where Rex put the urn.

I'm glad that Miriam has possibly been with you watching over,
I find this very creepy. I'm not sure what to say besides do some research on the house you guys stayed at.😕

Sorry I can't be a better help,
occulting_ in Do I Help The Spirit?
I think you should help her, first get some evidence so maybe attempt to dig up where she says her body is and if you see something there stop and then show your family. I don't think its some spooky demon trying to for some reason posses you, it could be a real spirit asking for help and also if you do look into the houses history or past and can't find anyone called Carol connected to the place it doesn't instantly mean that she's a demon, spirits are always wondering around us in places they have never been or have no record of being when alive. And this is just my own personal opinion which I haven't seen on this website before but ouija boards aren't as dangerous as people try to make them out to be, you cannot talk to a demon or get possessed by the devil (you can however make yourself think you are which for me is backed up by how usually possessions only happen to religious people).

Before the ouija board was called that it was called a Spirit board, a board to communicate with the dead not otherworldly entities like demons. The worst that can happen is you piss off a spirit or a poltergeist so badly it decides to stick around and scare you as much as it can, and if that does happen it doesn't matter what you do with the oujia board you used to talk or contact it with but it's usually an easy thing to deal with.

Also, I've said this before but a lot of spirits do lie either because they think it's fun or it's so they can get something out of the session, that's why you shouldn't always trust them but when it's something that's like this it's just making me think why not look? Sure it'll be scary if there is a body there but you would have helped a spirit.
I know this story is from ages ago but I want to give my two cents here, in my experiences with ouija boards and spirits they love a laugh, so it was probably just a spirit joking around, to me I'll never understand if it was a demon why it would wait to mess with you when you use a wooden board game especially since they're supposed to be powerful. It could have been a spirit trying to lighten the mood or they just wanted a good old laugh.
Hiya [at] Rajine!

I'm glad you liked it, and that's perfectly fine, we all like different things it took me a lot to get to the stage where I wouldn't be terrified of using an ouija board simply because so many people would say how dangerous it was or how they ended up getting possessed by the devil himself but that was before I searched like a mad man through everything online about ouija boards to research it.
Hiya [at] Cherubim!

For me I believe that yes, spirits/entities can pretend to be a loved one that's why whenever you use an ouija board you shouldn't trust completely who you're talking to and take what you get from the session with a grain of salt, for me how I found out if it was her I asked the spirit questions only she would know and she got them all right and what she said it was exactly like something she would say. I like to think the spirits that come through with ouija boards are already around us, and it would make sense to me at least that a loved one who passed on has decided to either visit you or watch over you and stick around. I also like to use tarot cards before and after to make sure I'm not being lied to and it's not let me down so far.
SalixArbuscula in The House On The Corner

Thanks for sharing! I love these little 'weird in the everyday' stories. It doesn't have to be the witching hour to be genuinely creepy!

Interesting how you saw something that your sister did not. Are you the observant one of the pair? I know if your sister is anything like mine (frequently oblivious), I would have assumed that she just missed the woman entirely, that the lady was a much more precise irrigator than I had first suspected and just popped inside at some point during our approach. Is it possible that the house being on a corner lent itself to a tricky perspective?

Another question: What did the dog think? Did he/she react at any point as if there were someone (or something) there? I know of few dogs that will pass a neighbor/squirrel/leaf without ensuring they have been thoroughly stared at, at least.
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs! They indeed gave me some answers to some of the questions that went through my mind for the past decade.
Secondly, after the internship got over, when I went back to Delhi, my birth city, I remember pulling out some articles from the Internet about the hotel incident. I did it during my 6th semester so it was already more than a year from the time my internship got over. Well well! I got indeed surprised that the room number of that suite was mentioned which usually is not a normal or right thing to do reveal the guestroom number on news.
But being a local newspaper of Agra, I assume they don't follow such protocols and mentioned how initially the case which everyone thought was a suicide case, turned out to be murder after a long investigation. The couple were not bigwigs as you thought, but they were indeed an Indian couple who came from abroad to attend that corporate event. From what I gather from this news, they have to be rich, if not some famous couple to get such highly priced room.
While writing this experience, I forgot to mention this plus it was already getting quite lengthy so It skipped my mind while editing it to add this piece of information.
Again thanks a lot for reviewing my story and giving some time out of your busy schedule to read it. Looking forward to get more reviews from you for my other experiences which I am going to recount in few days! Stay safe and healthy...:)
Hi TheSweetDevil23,

Thank you for your kind words. It has been sad and difficult for everyone, but we're doing our best to help one another through this period, despite being in lockdown. We're comforted by the thought that our loved ones who have crossed are still with us in spirit, as well as in our hearts and memories. Best wishes to you and your loved ones too.
Cherubim in Ghost Mimic Voices
Wow Vewilliams, sounds like you have some sort of poltergeist going on there?! Wonder WHY it's happening now after living there for 4 years? In any case, sounds like you should have a cleansing done. I've only sagged before, but there's this "Rooks Cleansing, or Cleaning" I've heard about here. I've forgotten the person's name that submitted it, but I'm sure you can look it up. Healing prayers sent for you and your family. ❤
I'm sorry Chadwik for the abuse you suffered growing up, I can relate. I think that leaves us vulnerable to the wrong kinds of energies sometimes. I'm glad you were able to change the destructive path you were on. You've been through a lot!

There's so much going on in this story, it's so intense. 😟 That really got to me how you paid $200 dollars to someone and then had to have your place cleansed again, you were saying it was to make sure all was well. This other man didn't charge you like the woman did. That's good.

I'm glad your dog wasn't hurt, that IS so scary how each kennel door was open?! Do you still have all those dogs, especially the Pitt Bull that has attacked your dog? Just curious why you keep that one?

In the end I believe love concurs hate, I'm glad you gave your life to the Lord and pray. I'm also glad you have a loving wife by your side as well. Healing prayers sent your way. ❤
That's nice that your grandma came through. I've heard how people can be tricked in to believing they are speaking to loved ones. It makes sense that lonely souls would come through, but I'm still reluctant to use one because of the stigma attached to them. I'm glad your experience was a positive one. Thanks for sharing your story. ❤
Cherubim in Man Of The House
Namara, you were saying he knew your family was falling apart and may be trying to warn. You were the only one who could see him so what do you think the warning was, and did you tell the rest of your family? I too experience my things disappearing and reappearing in odd places I'd never put them in. So you're not alone there! I'm glad he wasn't an evil entity and hope all is well with you and your family now. ❤
TheSweetDevil23 in Goodbye To A Princess
That was one of the most beautifully handled sensitive reccount I had come across on this site. My condolences and wishes for praying for the peace of your friend's soul are there with you.
It reminds me of how my mother felt her father's presence around her after he passed away. She was going through so much yet dealt with it so gracefully.
I always believe that the ones who cross the rainbow bridge, never truely leave us. Their connection is there with us all the time.
To Rajine

We also thought the same that the door would kneel in time. My friend, before this just like me was a skeptic. Even after incident, we were hesitant to believe in it. But those inhumane screams were just too much to bear for us. I remember next morning she said that not to tell about this to our 3rd roomie. That girl was already going through a tough phase as she just came back from the tehrvi of her father.
On top of it, even before this incident, I already had a close encounter by myself with this entity in that home. I will talk about it in another chapter.
The reason I felt that it was the same negative energy is because it always made me feel the same. The psychological and spiritual effect on me was the same. It was angry about something and always came close to me and approached me the same way. I used to end up with this crashing pain in the centre of my forehead and it always blew this soft air either into my ears, neck and came close to hurt me in that hotel suite by strangling me. I feel it latched onto me after that hostel incidences.
I could be wrong. It could be another entity. Let me know what you think. There could be other explanations as well.
As for the house's history, we were already beyond the point to just leave the home behind especially me and my friend. Yamini never felt anything though she did realised there was something weird about the home. So we never had the inclination to search its history. Whenever we tried to ask anything more about it to the landlord, he just used to get mean and rude to us. So even we dropped the matter. Plus we were ready to leave the place in few days. I was just an intern right. So I knew that I will be leaving this place in few days.
baguettewithaconscious in Touches And Things Happening Around Me
Hi Rajine
I'm glad to know you been experiencing something similar. It makes me feel more content, haha.
baguettewithaconscious in Touches And Things Happening Around Me
Thanks for the response! I will definitely make sure to establish some sort of boundaries so I'm not uncomfortable. I've recently been looking into different cleansing rituals just in case. Positive affirmations seem to help me a lot if I get too frightened, so I've been doing that. Everything you have said has been helpful so I really appreciate it!
Hello TheSweetDevil23, another fascinating encounter, thanks for sharing! This one sounds different than the one you encountered before, and the fact that other people verified hauntings in that room prior to you being there pretty much confirms it. I am wondering about the couple that stayed in that room? Usually (but not always) pretty prominent and important guests stay in upper echelon suites like the Presidential suite. What do you know about that couple, was it a politician, someone famous, an important businessman? The event they attended sounded important. The reason I ask, is the death kind of sounds fishy. There were already rumors of domestic abuse, and then the concluding investigation finds it a case of suicide. I would suspect if the husband for whatever reason got violent he may have killed her and if he was a bigwig of some type, it could have easily been covered up, rather than have a scandal, especially if he was wealthy. An unjustified and equally unresolved murder could make any left over spirit angry. That would explain many of the feelings you and the others encountered in that room.

The staff could have resolved it by calling in some kind of spiritualist to send the spirit on its way and clear the room, so they wouldn't necessarily have to stop renting the room out and lose any money. From what you said, the room remained unoccupied for periods of time, so it wouldn't have been too difficult to carry this out without arousing suspicion.

I'm unsure if this ghost/entity attached to you, it's possible, maybe for the mere fact you are sensitive and knew of and acknowledged it's presence. Maybe they thought you could help them. To have been possibly murdered, have it covered up, and then try to get someone's attention, especially enduring the loneliness of not having that many people really be able to acknowledge it, not everyone could see it, and the room spent a lot of time unoccupied.

I'm sure it's not the same thing from your first story, but I'll have to look into your next submission to determine if there's any chance it's still connected to you. If you feel it is, I would wager you're right. Good luck and I'll look forward to reviewing your next story!
Hi TheSweetDevil23

That certainly is the making of a horror movie, I was expecting the door to come crashing in at one point, what I would really like to know is the history of that house you and your friends stayed in, and why do you feel that whatever you experienced in the hotel suite followed?
Hi Baguettewithaconscious

I've experienced a few physical touches and it freaked me out and like you I've only experienced it at night when I am in bed, I believe that whatever it is, is trying to communicate with you for some reason.
Hi occulting_

I must say that in most of the ouija board experiences that I've read on YGS this is the most pleasant one, it's heart-warming to know that one can still communicate with loved ones that have passed on, I however wouldn't really try the ouija board route. But nonetheless thank you for sharing your experience with us.
Hi Vewilliams

Welcome, growing up I've also experienced disembodied voices I've posted a few some times back, it always baffled me as to what sort of or rather type of haunting this could be, eventually I just chalked it up to a random spirit that can mimic voices.

I believe that a home cleansing ritual may provide relief to your experience.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Ghost Mimic Voices
Hi Vewilliams, thanks for sharing your experience and welcome to YGS! There are many stories on here where some type of spirit has mimicked others voices whom live in the same house (or not) I'm not really sure if they get some kind of kick out of this (ghost sense of humor) or if they are just vying for attention. That seems to make sense, if we think our loved ones are in danger, we are far more likely to respond than we would to something unexplained (which many would run in the other direction from, rather than pay it some attention).

Since you mentioned your oldest is 12, right on the verge of adolescence, the type of age that is linked to poltergeist type activity, it's possible this 'entity' is tapping that energy to manifest the voices. That's why it suddenly seems to be happening now. I'm not entirely sure about the earlier instance you mentioned, it seems to be a one off incident, but could be the same entity. Have you noticed anything else, seen anything, any objects moving? The urgency in the voices suggests it wants attention.

I would definitely try the sage. There's also a cleansing ritual on this site you may find beneficial. See how these work. As frustrating as it is, until it's cleared up don't take the voices for granted, you never know when it really could be one of your kids.

Hopefully this may provide some perspective on your experience. Good luck!
Hello baguettewithaconscious, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing your experience! I understand these encounters can be unnerving and even with what you left unsaid, embarrassing. No need to elaborate, I understand, and know what you're alluding to.

It sounds like you're sensitive to the paranormal for sure. Some of what you described in terms of the lights and objects moving could be attributed to poltergeist type activity, you're at the right age for it.

As far as the touches, etc, and the electrical kind of feeling you're experiencing, that could be something quite different, since you mentioned sleep paralysis and the lights as well. I've read many similar stories on here and there were a few posters in the past that seemed to have far more extensive knowledge on these types of encounters. Have you seen anything at all?

From what I understand and have observed, ghosts/spirits have the ability to manipulate electrical energy, thus the lights flickering. Our bodies are essentially a biological electrical system/circuit, so it's not a stretch that they can mimic touch in this way, since our sensations of touch are driven by electrical impulses that travel along our nervous systems. I believe too that this can relate to instances of sleep paralysis, where the bodies temporary 'paralysis' is due to a ghost/entity interfering in the bodies nervous system responses. It's possible whatever you're dealing with may also be utilizing the electromagnetic energy of your body in adolescence to cause the poltergeist activity, manipulate it and causing objects to move.

It may be a form of communication, but I would advise drawing some boundaries, especially if it's uncomfortable for you and you're concerned. There seems to be some universal laws in terms of contact between ghosts/spirits and humans they are obliged to abide by, though this isn't always as effective as it could be.

You can try talking to 'it' tell it what is acceptable and what is not. You mentioned you weren't all that religious any more, do you have any beliefs? If so I could suggest prayers. You could try a cleansing ritual, I can help link you with one on this site that many swear by and is not connected to any religion. There are other helpful methods I could suggest, just ask if you need clarification.

It doesn't sound dangerous or harmful, but you need to be careful because a two way attachment can form and it can cause disruptions in other areas of your life. Being sensitive it would be good to reign in your energy as you develop your gifts rather that let other spiritual 'guests' use your energy for their own purposes of manifestation.

Hopefully this is helpful and gives you more perspective on the situation. Feel free to ask if you need any clarity. Good luck!
TheSweetDevil23 in Spooky Taj
I know it has been years since this spooky encounter with some jinn had been experienced by the writer. Although it wasn't mentioned clearly that it was a jinn but as pointed our by previous commenters and as there are some hints about it being a jinn...
Also the mosque inside the Taj Mahal Complex is on the west side and doesn't have a name. Its opposite to the Mihman Khana which used to have visitors commemorate the first few death anniversaries of Mumtaj Mahal. I am more aware of that mossque as I had lived in Agra briefly and went to the mosque in Taj M Complex multiple times at day time. It gave me creeps even during daytime... 😨
TheSweetDevil23 in That Sound
Wow! This was quite an unnerving experience especially that incident of your uncle's at the haunted hotel. It just gave me goosebumps right now at this hour of night. 😨
pratanubanerjee in The Riverside Ghost
Riverside Ghost is an extraordinary story. You are a brilliant writer. Your words have touched my heart. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
This paranormal story is really beautiful. I love the way you have expressed yourself. Your style of writing is excellent.
This is really amazing ghost story. Thank you for sharing the lovely story.
at RogueDawg
Thank you for reading my story. I always thought something got attached to me in those two years.

At The_Lost_Voyage_11
I never thought of it in that way! A good point of residual energy being around there. I had published my 2nd encounter. Thank you for reading my story.

At TheSweetDevil23
Wow... That's another way to look at it. I guess pretty much everyone pointed out the same in the comments. I always thought there was an energy around me.
To Rajine

Well the thing is that they cannot stop giving that room right. It brings business. Being the highest priced room, Hotels usually don't stop selling the room whenever they get business and usually these largest suites don't get guests on daily basis. This presidential suite, due to the same reason was usually empty for days or sometimes even weeks. So I am sure even though there were complaints, it wouldn't have been everyday. Plus these incidents along with mine happened a decade ago. So I guess it must have stopped now. But you are right though. I feel I was in the wrong place totally at wrong moment. I never though something of this sort would happen during daytime.
Cherubim in This Is Real
Hahaha! 😊 Thanks for the warning about "Morbid Angel" Manafon1. Your very kind comment truly lifted my spirits. Much love and light sent your way. ❤
It's such an old house, perhaps the man you saw in the bathroom died there? With you feeling so paranoid it sounds like negative energies might be around. Have a cleansing done, smudging the place with the windows open helping the negative energy to leave. God bless you, healing hugs sent your way.
Manafon1 in This Is Real
No worries Cherubim! I understand that other paranormal websites aren't always as friendly as YGS. As an aside, unless you're into the REALLY heavy stuff, I'd steer clear of Morbid Angel 😉
Hello AugustaM. ❤ It's wonderful that you have a neighbor like Em to go to for such incidents! I remember those old metal fans and must say you are lucky you didn't lose your thumb! I'm glad the smudging helped and Mann is on the mend. I've noticed too that when we are feeling unsure and vulnerable these entities can "get to us" even more, creating such havoc! May you walk in the light always.
Cherubim in This Is Real
Thanks for clearing that up for me Manafon1, I have never heard of that band and took what Tweed said the wrong way. I am prepared for feedback on all my stories, or I would have the ability to respond turned off. I too enjoy the light hearted bantering that happens on this website. It takes me a while to know how to take someone's comments since I really don't know anyone that well. I stopped sharing my stories on other websites because of the negativity I've received in the past. Pardon my defensiveness, I'll work on that. I again read through all the comments and did find where you shared a similar incident, I apologize. I've had a rough couple of years and didn't mean to be rude to anyone here. ❤
As someone who's had some pretty weird stuff happen (and posted about it here on YGS), this story sounds very Netflix "Ghost story"-ish.
No offence meant.

I don't quite follow how the incident 25yrs ago (or maybe 6yrs ago?) that led to a girl hanging herself, would remain a secret for such a long, or not so long, time.
Did Ronnie never go to the farmhouse before this night? If nobody lived there for 25, or 6, years, sure the place would be in disrepair?
Manafon1 in This Is Real
Cherubim--I was lightheartedly responding to Tweed mentioning Morbid Angel--I'm a fan of that band. The term, "spat the dummy at me" that Tweed used is in reference to your your early, defensive response to her original reply. When you submit an account to YGS you should be prepared for members to give their advice and suggestions. This includes other possible explanations than a paranormal one for what you experienced.

Quite often, fresh perspectives can help a person to look at a situation in a new light. Tweed's initial comment was friendly and helpful--your response, like your latest comment, was defensive. If you look at the earlier comments, you'll see that I had shared a similar incident to what you describe in your account. Aussiedaz and I went back and forth discussing elements of your story in a sincere and polite manner.

I would strongly suggest you read those earlier comments. I made no joke about you or your account. Just about any random account you could choose on YGS will have comments that often include little asides and bits of levity. This springs naturally from the friendly rapport most members share.
[at] TheSweetDevil23

I liked the detailed description of the incidents. You should try writing professionally, if you're not already. You have a good hand.

I'm glad that you managed to escape with mere scratches (pun intended). Some people are prone to attract these energies towards themselves and it seems you are one those people. Please don't take me in a wrong sense. Hope you always stay hale and hearty. Thank you.
Hi TheSweetDevil23

Sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if other workers in that hotel say it's haunted and that a death occurred in that specific room and even guests complain about that room, why aren't the hotel managers and owners not doing anything to solve the problem?
That's chilling how Collin was looking for that boy? Maybe he lived there before? And getting hit with the concrete?! 😳 I'd do Rook's cleansing too. I have it copied, but have never used it. I just pray a lot. Great story, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're okay! ❤
I swear I saw a similar story on TV not long ago! 😁 Like on the show I saw... I bet that guy never pees in the cemetery again!
I don't understand these kinds of "happenings?!" 😳 A friend of mine died a few years ago. I went to the cemetery with my boyfriend to visit her grave, it was under a huge oak tree. Months later we went back and her grave had been moved a few yards away? I told my boyfriend how odd I thought that was, and had never known of a persons grave site being moved before? He didn't know what I was talking about, he said it had always been there?!
Cherubim in This Is Real
I've been away such a long time and regret to say I've had some serious family issues. I was reading through the comments on this story and got lost for a while!

Tweed--What do you mean "spat the dummy at me?" I called that paranormal group by the way and they did come over. What are you saying by adding "crank up Morbid Angel?" Well I'm glad you've "moved on!"

Manafon 1 -- I'm sorry you think my story is a joke for you and Tweed to laugh at. Good to know you have moved on with him.

Miracles51031--The investigation was very uneventful to say the least. Two guys along with two girls showed up after canceling the first time. The one girl tried to do what the first ladies found when they came to my house, but she didn't know how to use the EVP? 😲 They sat up cameras all though the house and garage, then asked if anyone would like to speak. We sat on the couch a few hours talking about past experiences I've had and they left. One of the guys wanted the picture of my arm that was burned. I don't know why, but I gave it to him. I personally thought they had more experience than they did. They do have a website, I can't remember the name of it now and wasn't interested in following them. On a happier note, I'd like to add that I haven't been stabbed or burned lately. I still have random happenings that I have learned to accept and live with. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on this story. I hope I never experience anything like it again!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Faceless With Stripe Dress
Hello ssexyca, thank you for sharing your intriguing experience. Perhaps it was just a passerby, but of a spiritual sense and not so much of a flesh and blood person. There is the possibility that it was a real person, perhaps wearing a hood, or perhaps had wet hair covering part of their face, and your grandma, being in shock just may not have gotten as clear a look at their face due to the suddenness of the situation.

I'm not as inclined towards the latter as your grandma clearly took in the figures height as well as the color and decoration of the clothing, it doesn't make as much sense that she failed to catch the details of this figures face.

There are many tales of these faceless figures, my family actually had an apparition like this haunt their home for many years. It's not clear why the face cannot be seen, but there are some plausible theories. In my families case, a medium stated that the ghost did not want to be identified, she had disfigured herself in life and afterwards kept her face in shadow to add to the fear her appearance brought and to ensure her identity was kept secret, she obviously did not want help. I cannot confirm this was the case but will offer it up here. We know in ghost stories of past loved ones, some appear looking younger than in life and in clothes they loved, so if they can alter their appearance, it's reasonable to assume they can hide their face or other body features, for any reason they deem it to do so.

The other reason, is the same theory behind shadow beings. Many believe that we can only see them as shadows because they cannot fully manifest. Entities/ghosts with no face could be the same thing, just not enough energy to fully manifest. Faces have many details to them so it may take more energy. They could also be undecided in how they want to look. I mean many people don't like the way they look while alive, and since their personality is pretty much the same after they pass, they don't like the way they look afterwards, perhaps even to the point of shame, and may not expend the energy to make their face visible.

It's most curious but perhaps it's something more to think about in terms of your 'visitors' appearance. I look forward to hearing of any more of your encounters your share. Good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Spooky Incidences In My College
Hi TheSweetDevil23, great story and fascinating encounter, thanks for sharing! I'm curious, you state that the institute and it's surroundings are not haunted, how are you so sure? I know you said this facility is rather new, but the land itself could hold some kind of residual energy or something could have happened on it prior to this school being there. I'd be curious to hear about your other encounters, you mention that they don't take place at this same hostel, but if it all started here, perhaps something has attached itself to you. I'm hoping this isn't the case but anything is possible. You may be just quite sensitive to these kinds of things, despite your skepticism. Good luck!
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings again The_Lost_Voyage_11,

I'm thinking about sleeping in another room, yes. I hope it's the room and not me. Depending on how things go, few changes might be made in our living accommodation.

Interesting theory about 1 trying to warn about the other. Indeed a very interesting theory. Thank you for your insights once again.
It is an honest mistake to have jumbled up the dates. I sincerely apologize. I seem to have given some wrong info in the comments. I did cross check with other friends before I started to write up this story. And as per Ronny and his parents allowing us to that farmhouse evenn with its grim history, is due to the tantrik who had blessed the house. Also, like some of you people asked, going out during the high peak of covid- i'd like to mention that I live in a state where the covid cases did not rise until September 2020 and back again in March 2021. Thank you all for your valuable comments.

This reminded me of my own experience with a dark entity way back on highschool. Back then my friends and I tried to do witchcraft just for fun without really thinking of the consequences. To make story short, I kept waking up at exactly 3am on three consecutive nights with the unnerving feeling of someone or something standing at the foot of my bed. That was the time when I got myself a cross necklace which was blessed with holy water. Ever since I kept wearing the necklace and if I feel like there is something dark that I feel near me, I always say "JESUS CHRIST's" name and it helped.

I'm just sharing just in case if this comment helps.

Be safe and God Bless.

omerblink in Scary Ghost Call
Zarfishan this could be these new dial tones things which people applying on their calls. I heard so many funny dial tones so I'm sure there will be horror dial tones as well. 🤔
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Activities In My Apartment
Hello GhoulofTheWorld, by all means if you can get a reputable person involved such as a priest or medium, that would be helpful. Have you tried also to sleep in another room, most of this activity seems to be centered in your room? At least until you can get this matter resolved? I'm also beginning to wonder about something based on your comment about there being more than one entity involved. It could be possible that the one trying to get your attention could actually be trying to warn you about the more harmful entity. Especially since it seems to be determined to attract your attention specifically. Good luck!
Hi ssexyca

I've read and experienced the faceless person and I still don't know what to make of it, is it a random spirit? Or a demon? Or an alien 🤷‍♂️
That must have been unnerving for your grandma.
Hi TheSweetDevil23

That's a very baffling and creepy experience you had, do you think maybe it was a random spirit or something?
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings again The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Thank you for your insights, you've definitely provided me with some interesting information. I'm very grateful for that. I had definitely not heard of the old hag. Learned something new.

About laying ground rules, I did, even though I'm struggling with accepting this, I have to acknowledge when things seem really off. So, I did acknowledge it and set rules. So far, that doesn't seem to be working. I'm starting to think it's taunting me. I heard these things can attach and now I'm questioning whether it's attached to the room or me.

I'm actually thinking about getting a priest or someone similar involved. It's getting a bit out of hand with now mysterious bruises just appearing on me even when I have a clean bill of health and never harmed myself accidentally.

Once again, thank you very much for your insights and very interesting explanations. I appreciate it.
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

IMO you add some really useful ideas and comments but, my God, it's hard to read when it's not broken up into paragraphs. 😆

Are you able to please paragraph your posts?


The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Activities In My Apartment
GhoulofTheWorld, you are most welcome. That's what this community is for, to share experiences, offer insights and possible explanations and to share safe space with others who have had similar encounters. I'm glad I was able to help. It is more than possible you are dealing with more than one entity. As far as the attention, it may actually be easier for an entity to get attention from someone who's skeptical than from someone who just readily accepts and believes. This is primarily because a skeptic will ask questions and try to validate their experience one way or the other which gives attention to the experience and the entity as opposed to someone who just accepts the situation, because for an accepting individual who believes in the paranormal, it's just like taking the experience for granted and as we all do, when something is taken for granted we don't really pay much attention to it unless it does something threatening. Sleep paralysis has not been truly tied to the paranormal, the effects have always been chalked up to the whole experience. On the physical side, sleep paralysis is typically described as the mind coming awake before the body can regain it's physical capacity for movement. The body is essentially paralyzed during our sleep states in order to prevent the body from acting out our dreams. The mind comes to first and their for some reason there is a delay in the 'paralysis' of the body wearing off so the person can move. Seeing entities, feeling someone sitting on the chest, shadows, feeling an ominous presence etc are all supposed to be a side effect of the sleep paralysis. Somehow it's thought that the mind manufactures things in this state, though it's unclear why, if the mind is fully active but the body is not, why would people report these things. If the body is truly paralyzed in the sleep state as is suggested, why do people toss and turn at night in their sleep, Why do people thrash in their sleep during nightmares? People have wild visions during the day using their imaginations, they don't act them out, so why would they need to be protected from acting them out at night, Then there's sleepwalkers. I could go on and on, but you get the point, there are some problems with the simple explanation of sleep paralysis. As I mentioned before, ghosts/spirits are able to intervene in electrical environments. They do it all the time, turning lights on and off for example, Some people even seem capable of this feat. Our bodies are essentially electrical conduits and batteries for lack of a better word to ghosts and entities. If they draw energy from our forms to manifest and to interact in our world, then they can interfere in the electrical functioning of our bodies including our bodies nervous system and physical responses, essentially hijacking them. Whether they do this on purpose, interfering in our bodies, causing temporary paralysis and then able to manifest and torment us, or if it's a side affect of drawing the energy from our forms to manifest and as they do so, it disables our bodies temporarily from moving is a point of conjecture. I find it more than coincidental that as many people awaken in this state of paralysis, they feel presences and see entities or shadows, as if the ghost or entity is actually there drawing the energy to manifest and by the person waking up, the cycle is interrupted. When the person regains control of the body, the entities typically depart. This kind of dovetails with the older tales of what they call 'The Old Hag' experience, the precursor to the modern day scientific explanation of sleep paralysis. Those tales were that this 'spirit' would sit on a persons chest, suffocating them, essentially drawing their breath out of them, in effect sucking their life force out. Not too far from off from my explanation. My feeling is that sleep paralysis is way more than a physical/biological experience, my theory is that there is definitely a supernatural element to it, but again that's my theory. Quantum physics can go pretty far in these fields, but traditional science which requires hard evidence and experiments are much harder to conduct in these areas. You said you have acknowledged these entities but have you tried to lay down some ground rules? You could tell them that you don't mind sharing space with them but not to bother your guests or interfere in your sleep. Have them try other ways to communicate if they need something. Perhaps set out a pen and paper at night, some people have had some interesting results from this kind of experiment. I'm not sure if you have any spiritual or religious beliefs, so I can only suggest if you do, you can call on guides and angels for protection, but again only if it fits within your beliefs. You can try putting a ring of salt around the perimeter of the room or bed, this offers protection and there are many instructions online. Another member, Rook on this very site has a very thorough cleansing ritual which many have found helpful, I can try and link it for you if you'd like. I do know, that sometimes a cleansing ritual often has to be performed many times to get rid of stronger entities/ghost. Unfortunately it's not a one and done solution. Hopefully I haven't rambled on too long here and you find this information and explanations helpful. There are several options for you to regain your space and protect yourself and your guests, and these are just a few. Good luck!
What you came across was a demon, if you fully commit yourself to God and denounce the works of the devil I promise you these things will go away, satan has no power over God and cannot harm those who have Gods spirit.
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Thank you very much for the explanation! It has helped me understand somethings, learn new things. I was actually thinking I must be losing my mind. The one point I want to focus on, among others, is that I also believe that it probably wants me to pay attention. Some of my mates did point that out when I shared about the experiences to them. Anytime some time passes and I've forgotten about "its" existence, it seems to start doing its things. The moment I realize something is amiss and start paying attention, things stop. This cycle alone has been driving me crazy.

Now, about it not being threatening. I have mixed feelings about it. Either there's more than one thing at play here or it's just trying to mess with me. I don't feel threatened all the time, but, there are certain times when I feel like I need to deal with it. More than threatened it's like that feeling you get when you know you have work to do but just can't be bothered about it. Could it be that more things are at play here? Would a non threatening entity bother you with sleep paralysis and nightmares. I've woken up twice with bruises on my legs. None of which have explanations. I'm concerned about my guests being bothered by sleep paralysis and rarely by bad dreams. I don't want guests to have to deal with these issues. Also, as I mentioned before, the activities seem more deliberate this time. I have acknowledged its presence already. I have tried cleansing too. I don't believe it's leaving anytime soon though.

About using ouija boards, I have already learned my lesson about not using it, whether real or fake. I would not use it for anything.

Once again, thank you very much, definitely does help me realize and accept it more easily. I was struggling a little with accepting these activities and was starting to doubt that I may be going insane. Thank you very much, it definitely explains a lot!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Activities In My Apartment
Hello GhoulofTheWorld, great story, thank you for sharing and welcome to YGS. I understand your frustration at having these experiences, but rest assured healthy skepticism, is a great perspective with which to consider these events. The fact that you are here and questioning these things at least means you have a somewhat open mind which is also a good thing for unraveling these mysteries. I know you had questioned as to why these things took a little time to begin manifesting. It's a theory that ghosts/spirits actually need to draw energy in order to manifest, to be seen, to interact physically on this dimensional plane. Typically they draw energy from people and electricity. We are essentially electrical beings so it makes sense. It also makes sense that one of your early encounters involved your electricity being messed with. Why it took some time for these manifestations to take place is essentially when you moved into this location, it took time for the entities to draw enough energy from you and the others in order to show itself. My feeling is something wants attention and these 'interactions' are the attempt to garner that attention. I've come across many of these stories and encounters where people move into a new place and usually the first few weeks or months are pretty peaceful, sometimes with just brief things occurring, perhaps shadows or a floor creaking, maybe an object being moved, light stuff. Then suddenly it seems to pick up or start occurring. The entities gather energy and then being utilizing it to interact with this world, whether they show themselves or start manipulating objects. Your skepticism, which is great, (it's not a judgement) plays into this, because 'it' seems to want to prove its existence. The incident with the water indicates that because it cannot be rationally explained, The electrical switch, possibly, just a memory lapse, someone could try to rationalize that incident away. However because you just left the sink and the fact that water ended up on the floor in a way that shouldn't be possible, to me seems pretty deliberate and focused on you. As if it knew and had to challenge you in a way that you couldn't merely reason it away. It doesn't seem to be harmful, it's up to you now whether you want to interact with it, or try another cleansing to remove it from your space. You could try talking to the presence, create boundaries if it's bothering you. Spirits and ghosts are supposed to respect those boundaries, especially if it's bothering you. You seem more perplexed by these circumstances and the fact they don't fit into the natural order or things as it were, more than anything. If you choose to interact, just be careful, don't use divination tools like a Ouija board, because if not experienced, it could make things worse. I could elaborate if you need and I'm hoping these explanations provide some insight and answer some of your questions, certainly shift your perspective and add to it. Your skepticism is healthy and asking questions if the best way to get to the root of the situation and find out what is paranormal and what is not. Good luck!
MrsRamsay in Dorm Ghost
Little late to this party, but I also attended UGA and lived in Myers, not Brumby, though have stayed in Brumby. I was there in the early 80s and perhaps things have changed but there was NO smoking of any kind in the dorms back then. I mean, you'd get kicked out so fast...

I do remember the shower curtains and you're right, they were awful.

Perhaps Tracy just wanted to join you guys in Athens?
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings again Rajine, (some updates down below)

The house that our apartment is in, did exist before we moved in. It doesn't have a very long history though. I couldn't really tell how old it is though. Still, not that old and also well taken care of. No history of ill happenings.

I really can't think of a trigger other than the day where I perhaps thought of something but dropped it before it even became a comprehensible thought. I don't believe I've done anything that may have offended it, especially when we moved in. I'm confused about it.

Something interesting seems to be happening currently, I seem to have developed a very light bruise on my left leg. I had one on the other leg some days/weeks ago, in the inner thigh area, I think. I didn't do anything to cause it, neither did I pay attention to it. I haven't done anything to cause this one either but, well here it is.

We got a little surprise last night as well. The bedroom door was closed. I have a guest currently, sharing the room with me. They were asleep and I was just working on my laptop and listening to some videos (for background noise). All of a sudden, the door banged really loudly, pushed against its ill fitted frame. My guest woke up surprised and confused. I too was stunned, but after staring for a bit, we both ignored it and they went back to sleep while I continued my work. Now, because it's ill fitted, and also there's a hallway (I guess), every night after I close the door, almost always at or a few minutes after 11, the door lightly pushes against the frame, producing a soft thud. I'm confused as to whether it did that before or not but my parent did change it a little to make it more better fit for the frame. That may have started that soft pushing/thud noise. Last night's was a little too hard though. It had already done it's usual routine of light thud. After a few minutes, it banged really loudly. There was no wind (I was sitting right in front of the open window with my back to the door), no bad weather. It hasn't done that even during bad weathers so, it confuses me for sure. I can't blame it on the neighbors either cause it was my door. Now, people tell me to ignore it but, I don't believe that is going to do any good.

I am very confused and a little concerned as to whatever is happening.
Hi GhoulofTheWorld

My guess is that it could be a random wandering spirit (I'm assuming) or perhaps something followed you or someone at home (again just a wild guess) as you say that your home is relatively new so I suppose there isn't much history on the house to suggest it was there from before you moved in.

Or perhaps, and I'm just thinking out aloud, that maybe whatever it is has always been in your home but is just presenting itself to you now, sort of like a trigger or awakening 🤷‍♂️

Apart from you has any other family member experienced anything unusual?
DarriuxDarkk in Maasthi In The Forest
First of all Welcome to YGS KaushikBhandary.

Anyway thank you for sharing your story. I am intrigued by other cultures and beliefs on spirits or entities. Can you explain more about what is a Maasthi? I'm genuinely curious.

Thank you and God Bless.

GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings Rajine,

Thank you for your insight. Many suggested that I do a cleansing. My family in order to ease my sleep paralysis,mainly,did do somethings. So far, it hasn't worked, not as well as we had hoped it would. Also, I guess that being a skeptic doesn't help. I know something is amiss but I can't help but question it. Also, I heard that when you do any cleansing ritual, you need to have faith in it, otherwise it doesn't work? Well, being a skeptic and seeing as the 1st one didn't work, I don't know what else to do. Also, its origin has been puzzling me. Where did it even come from? Why did it start after a month?

Nonetheless, I will try and search for them here and hope for the best. Thank you.
Hi SleepDemons

That definitely sounds creepy, like something out of a horror movie, I think you should also wear a clear quartz crystal apart from the cleansing rituals, clear quartz is good for attracting positive energy.
Hi GhoulofTheWorld

I'd suggest you should do a home cleansing ritual, it will help with whatever you are experiencing, if you are willing to, there's plenty of great methods to use from this site.
valkricry in Harbinger Of Death
Let's see if I can help clear a few things up here. DISCLAIMER: This is all US based, things might be a tad different in other countries.
First, the 'within 3 days' seems to be a very common time frame of things taking place with omens. I've heard it used quite often.

Now for some things that seem to be causing confusion;
*FACT: Crime scene cleanup takes place AFTER the body has been removed and all forensic evidence has been collected. Now who gets to clean up the blood? Up until the 1990s friends and family of the deceased. Even now it's up to them to contact cleaners who specialize in such things, or tackle the job themselves. Seeing that this took place in 2008 in a poor district and in the open, I can see that it's feasible school staff were doing cleanup. As far as having students involved... Well shame on the grownups!
*FACT: They haven't outlined bodies with chalk for quite some time. Now days it's not done, with improved crime scene investigation techniques and technologies, the risk of contaminating the scene is a bit too big. Instead, some markers (flags or little signs) are used to mark various evidences. And, of course, investigators take a lot of pictures with the body in place. But Hollywood does love that trope.
As far as the rest of the 'facts' in the story, let's remember it is based on a 13 year old memory of what was then a 10/11 year old CHILD. Kid's process things differently than adults, but it is that processing that becomes our memory. Much of what is told to us or overheard, as a kid becomes part of the 'facts'.
Let's take this: "smashing her head repeatedly until it turned into a mixture of blood, hair and brain matter." Umm... OK. A bit of biological fact here: a simple fracture to the skull takes about 16 pounds of force (assuming adult bone) but to fully crush a skull to the extent described would take approximately 1,200 pounds. More than likely brain matter wasn't really involved; at least not beyond a bit clinging to the rock itself, which is doubtful. * Fun gory fact: dried brain matter looks a bit like oatmeal and becomes hard like cement. The average person would not know what they were looking at.*
Now, let's play fair here; LMS never said all of that was laying about, she only mentions blood and "there were a lot of hairs (others were even gathered into wet clumps)." The problem with that is A) we don't know that it was the victim's and B) was it actually human hair or just things that appeared to be hair? I don't expect her to know. I do know though, especially if I look at things through my kid eyes, KNOWING there'd been a murder, and that there was blood, any dark, wet spot is going to translate as blood in my brain. So, let's say some water was spilt on the porch making that area dark and wet, to my kid brain that's another puddle of blood. Especially, if I don't go right up to it. Fact is, most of the blood would have been found where the victim met their ending. That's where it'd pool.
Hopefully this helps some.
Not even the official self-appointed defender of Indian questionable-stories of the forum could deny that this "real enperience" makes no sense.
gypsyking410 in The Cursed Farmhouse
"July 10th, 2020. I was out with my friends for a simple get away from all the studies and work and home chores. We decided to travel to my friend"

Covid19 first wave was still at its peak in India during that time brother, how did you manage to meet up with friends and go out?

Maybe diff rules in your state? 😆 😊
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings Macknorton,

Regarding my location, I must say, I just chose it as I don't wish to give away my real location. I'm glad you found something new though. Apologies about the location confusion.

With sleep paralysis, the guests will dream of either being dragged or pulled somewhere or of someone sitting on top of them. With me however, I just find myself unable to move. I neither see nor hear anything. I just feel like either someone is already there or is about to get there, wherever 'there' may be.

The kitchen faucets, I'm ready to blame it on the about to be old parts that we replaced a few days after the incident. I still don't get the wet floor though. About the switch, it was a new one when we moved in and it's a short round one so, it doesn't get stuck. It was completely turned off when I went to bed. So, it still puzzles me.

Thank you again.
Mental Imagery. When I feel a presence is trying to communicate I often get Imagery in my mind, usually but not always images of decaying dead animals or images of blood soaked bodies unrecognizable from disfigurement. Sometimes I get images of an incident like a father killing his family and hanging himself (old house I lived in) another time I got images for a week of a car wreck and a young woman walking around looking confused then seeing her family bury her. Sometimes I can interpret this as attempt to communicate, I often try to reply with imaging a positive image in return. Or imaging clouds opening and showing a path to go to the light.

Passing through me; when I was 11 I went through a major surgery to fix a birth defect known as Pectus Excavation. After surgery I was given Morphine for pain, turned out I'm allergic and my heart stopped. I felt myself looking down at my body from the top corner of the room. It was very bright with white light but o saw my parents crying in the room holding each other and the Dr's performing CPR. I turned to look over my shoulder and heard a voice, the only thing I could hear, say not yet. I then woke up gasped and looked up again not down. I went into a coma for 2 weeks after. During this coma I had one long dream of being in the clouds where I felt safe and happy. Since I came out of my coma I've had the ability to feel energy enter my then I can feel the energy lift out of me through my eyes or most often a long exhale. The older I've gotten the more this happened, images, heavy feeling, exhale weightless feeling, deep rest. Now I have learned to shut off allowing every spirit or energy or whatever it is. Especially with this new entity. It's energy is heavier than any before and the images I get are like nothing I've experienced before. Animal combinations, and I will not allow it in.

Sorry for the book... Deep question!
Hi GhoulOfThe World,

First of all, thanks I've learned something! I had no idea Andorra was a country. That's really cool; squeezed in between France and Spain.

Secondly, I have been on the receiving end of a very nasty sleep paralysis / spirit attack many years ago in Melbourne, Australia, so these really grab my interest.

Can you provide any more details regarding what people experience with these sleep paralysis incidents in terms of physical sensations / mental imagery / "vibes" of a presence etc?

Has anyone else in your family felt, seen, sensed, or heard anything that is unexplainable?

With regard to the taps; that does seem to be a fairly common "trick" spirits pull; they turn on taps. God only knows why, haven't they got anything better to do?

The light switch could possibly be explained by you having not fully turned it into the "OFF" position, and it flicked back by itself onto the "ON" position? I don't know; you would know the mechanics of that switch better than anybody, to understand if that was possible?


Hi SleepDemons

Thanks for posting.

Are you able to please elaborate on your comment: "...I learned to communicate with mental imagery and found if I allowed the spirits to pass through me they could finally rest..."

How did you learn to communicate with "mental imagery" and what do mean by "spirits passing through you?"


lady-glow in Harbinger Of Death

I'm starting to think that there's a barrier language when trying to communicate with you. By this I'm not judging nor being critical of your command of the English language which, in my opinion, is excellent.

English isn't my mother tongue either and, quite often, I find it challenging to make my point across, therefore making easy for me to relate to the frustration you must feel at all the questions regarding the events described in your story.

Add to this the diverse cultural backgrounds of the members of the forum and, understandably, people are bound to have doubts about events for which there's no equivalent within every individual's personal experience.

I notice that you seem to get offended and react in an aggressive or defensive way not called for by the queries addressed to you.

You should keep in mind that the only thing the readers have to understand your story is the information provided by your narrative... Or the lack of information.

Try to think not like the author, but like a reader, of your story and see what has been fed to you:

A black lady witnessed by several people, a violent murder that was solved within hours by a corrupt and poorly equipped police force that, on top, didn't follow the more basic steps to preserve the integrity of the crime scene.

I know that all these happened a long time ago, and that you were little and some details may have been forgotten, and that some things might be done differently in your country but, - is it really that difficult to see that it's hard to take some of the "facts" you are presenting at face value?

All the questions have been asked trying to understand better the parts of your story that make no sense to the reader.

"Regarding this: "Not to mention the fact that they worked carefully enough as not to disturb the sleep of the people leaving across the street."

"When you wrote this, didn't you ever try to think that the police wouldn't be there if no one called for them"

Why such an aggressive answer? - Obviously, if the police went was because, somehow, they knew their presence was required but, wasn't there any loud sirens, vices, screaming, etc.? Didn't the bystanders and passerby make more noise than usual in the morning? What about all the water splashing and the brooms sweeping the ground? Wasn't all that loud enough as to attract your or your parents attention before you went outside heading to the school?

It seems difficult for you to accept that your story has several questionable points but, please, do not try to blame it on the readers if some aspects are unclear and difficult to understand.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
GhoulofTheWorld in Activities In My Apartment
Greetings, thank you for your reply.

Yes, if I have guests sharing room with me, they will have sleep paralysis but, I will not. There are sometimes though when they will be spared and I will get it but, most of the time, if I'm sharing the room, my guests will get it. Once or twice, depending on the duration of their stay.

After having this for 2 years (almost 3 now) straight, I'm a little frustrated.
Greetings, Ghoul of the World. Some things to think about here, but I want to ask for clarification, because my caffeine has not yet kicked in:

Your guests get sleep paralysis but you do not. Is that a correct statement?
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello Lady-Glow,

I know you're being satirical, but I guess you missed the point with regards to what the teacher said. It's very clear that the concern was related with the students and not those other aspects that you've mentioned in your comment. Should I remind you about the police not cleaning the blood themselves?

Anyway, let's move on to the topic of how "the police force did such an awesome job".

First of all, their scope of investigation is already narrowed down. It's a small place. Most of the people grew up there, and so, it's very likely for them to know every single person residing in the area. And also, gossiping is like a prevalent disease there. Probably, a lot of people already know about the womans affair. Therefore, questioning them and gathering information wouldn't be as complicated then.

Now if you're swiftly provided with the statements, descriptions, coupled with the obtained evidence. Wouldn't it help greatly in connecting all the dots that will eventually lead to identifying the criminal?

Not to mention, there might also be some other "possible" scenarios such as not needing to catch the murderer, because the murderer himself surrendered to the police.

So with that, it'd certainly be inevitable that "finding the motive of the homicide and pinning the details of the events" will be done in a short period of time.

Just know that some of the customs and methods doesn't always follow those of what you are used to nor even the most standard practice in your country. So it's really important to try to keep an open mind to understand certain things.

Regarding this: "Not to mention the fact that they worked carefully enough as not to disturb the sleep of the people leaving across the street."

-When you wrote this, didn't you ever try to think that the police wouldn't be there if no one called for them.

For all I know there might've been a great disturbance, and maybe, just maybe, I'm the only one who's asleep and was unaware.

And lastly, I'd like to clarify that what I wrote in my account is based solely on my own point of view. Where I only included the things that I have personally experienced. So please do understand that I couldn't just carelessly incorporate some other details (which I know little about) into the story. Hope you understand.

I also noticed the same thing which lady-glow did.
The incident took place in Dec. 2015 as per the story, and in comments you told it was nearly 25 years back.
Seems like this is a story involving time travel and Ronny was from future. 😆

Please get your facts straight.
I wanted to read your stories, so it took me a little longer to reply to your last post here.

First, I appreciated all of your stories going back to 2015. You have a very distinct writing style and I'm as interested in what you don't say directly as in what you do! At first I wondered if you were native American (as you mention your culture here), and was going to ask directly and then thought, "No, go look at her profile." Which I rarely do, only because of time constraints. Anyway, I'm interested to see you're from Latvia, which seems a mysterious and interesting country. I had a high school lab partner once in Georgia (Atlanta) and his family was from Latvia, a paler kid you never did see (not even me, I'm of Norwegian background). (just remembering the kid:)

Anyway, I get and enjoy your writing. You're thinking on different levels and it shows in your writing; it's unique.

Wanted to comment on something you said in your story about the guy you saw who sort of disappeared from view as you walked one day (not my story, but yours)! You mentioned how sort of fuzzy the memory was. I don't want to go back and get your direct words or I'll lose my place. But please know your description was very similar to the way I've tried to describe some of my experiences. I can only say what I feel... I don't KNOW much about this (don't even do much reading about it and trying not to copy anything like a movie I might once have seen, and I admit to being an X-Files fan). But a very devout Christian friend once told me that somewhere in the Bible it says the veil between worlds (my words) isn't to be played with (my words again) or intentionally crossed (I would have no idea, I'd never even contemplated it before our conversation). But to my point, her comment made me think that's why, whenever something unusual happens to me regarding my dead family or friends or in general (I've had quite a few experiences), it is ALMOST ALWAYS VERY FUZZY later, or I'll even forget it completely for years, only to remember later. Or I look back and think, WHY did I not ask this or do that? And I assume that's why people say to keep a journal. So it's interesting to see your similar memory in that story from I think 2017. Anyway, thanks for your post. It's much appreciated. Go Latvia! Mrs. R.
hauntedtravelslive in Night Security
I'd like to ask permission to use this story on my podcast, I am featuring tales from Security professionals this week. Thank you
Macknorton in Harbinger Of Death

Thanks for your response.

The last contribution I will make with this story is that Lady-glow made some, I thought, really good points regarding the outstanding late-night Police work.

Welcome to an Internet Forum.😊


_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello Mack,

When something unusual happens, of course you're bound to commit it to memory. I don't know if it's normal or not but I just automatically register the details of an event specially when it's fear inducing and humiliating for me. I could even remember many details when I was still in kindergarten, how much more when the said event happened in 5th grade.

Just so you know, the school is called Quezon Central Elementary School Bukidnon. Feel free to search it on the web, and when you do see the pictures of how it looks like, just remember that it was taken Recently, and those paints and decors where all new. So imagine what it looked like 13 years ago. If you've seen the pictures then you'll know that conducting an investigation just like in the movies is simply impossible. This was in a rural area, not in the city. I have also mentioned before that the adults at that time said that there was corruption in the police department, so I doubt that they could hire a detective.

Ever heard of "Superstitious Beliefs"? Well, that two words were the reason why my parents cautioned me and said that someone will have an accident. Most countries have that two words, doesn't your country have it? A lot of Filipinos have strong superstitious beliefs specially those of the older generation.

You can't just say "So your parents both predicted that a murder would take place in 3 days at the school? That's highly unusual, and would put them as prime suspects, if I was a detective working on the case." without knowing anything. If you were a detective at that time, then you're probably not a good one. As you easily jump into conclusion and assume without looking at any evidence. That's why a lot of innocent people are wrongly put to jail because of careless assumptions.

"But the aspect that I really struggle with is the sight of teachers and students cleaning up what appears to be a brutal murder scene." -Then I think you grew up privileged enough not to encounter these circumstances, good for you. But for me, anything can happen.

That event might be disturbing and hard for you to believe. I can totally understand that. Sometimes, a person needs to personally experience something in order to fully understand it. To put it into perspective, I myself might not understand how those children in the war zone or those thrown into the battlefield survive. So it's acceptable to be skeptical, I won't argue with you in this aspect.

In explanation when you wrote: "I personally find it hard to believe that this murder wouldn't have been in the papers, on the news, and that the victim wouldn't have been identified."

-First of all, majority of the people in Bukidnon lived below poverty line back then. Which means most people could not afford to buy newspaper, they would rather use their hard-earned money to put food on the table than use it for something that could not be eaten. So the newspaper industry became nonfunctional. Second, I have mentioned it before that news in the countryside or in the rural areas could hardly reach the capital. The TV news station is only in Manila so the news were mostly focused in there too. Third, I have also mentioned this before that I'm not certain that the event might have been broadcasted or not in a local radio station because we don't own a radio back then. And lastly, I was 10 at that time. I find it a bit inappropriate for my age to express or have an interest about a crime. So I didn't gave it any other thoughts. It's definitely my shortcoming, I just didn't really know it was that important.

You also wrote: "To me, as you had it in you to provide incredible details in your story about things such as checking your temperature, how you moved your hand on your neck, where you were looking...etc,"

-Oh then why wouldn't I be able to provide those details? It's not something that I need to research or ask others about in order for me to know. It happened to me, isn't that enough reason for me to be able to provide the details.

Here's the rest: "so why expend a bit more energy to validate this account with some information around the school, and the victim?"

-Frankly, I would if I could. But being an ordinary citizen I don't have such authority to barge in a municipality building just because I would like to know the history of the place. In your country it might be possible, I guess it's pretty easy for you to go to a local library do a little reading and search about the annals of the place. But a library? What's that? Our school doesn't even have enough books for their students to use and we even have to share it with others. How about the annals? Well, if there ever was one I'm quite sure it couldn't be accessed publicly. With this, how do you expect me to acquire valid information about the history of the school? Besides, I transferred to that school in 4th grade. I have spent only a year there before the incident happened.

You might also be wondering why I didn't know the name of the victim. Well it's simply because I don't want to know. It's better for me that way, at least I won't be haunted by the fact that I know someone who died in such a brutal way.

Please also know that I truly tried not to take offense, but being indirectly perceived as someone untrue is just too much. Hope you understand.

lady-glow in Harbinger Of Death
"They talked about why the victim was murdered... They also talked about how the police were so irresponsible in doing their job"

You have to be kidding! If anything, the police force did an awesome job by removing the victim's corpse, finding the motive of the homicide, pinning the details of the events and even determining the murder weapon... All of these within the short period between the time you went to sleep the previous night and the time you went to school the following morning!

Not to mention the fact that they worked carefully enough as not to disturb the sleep of the people leaving across the street.

If they were able to convict the murderer even after the crime scene was so severely disturbed by washing off the evidence, perhaps it's because they had already gathered all the necessary information.

Impressive work, if I may say. Not impressed knowing that the rumors about the dead teacher may be untrue.


"One such evening, in the month of December of 2015"

"the incident had taken place nearly 25 years back when Ronny was probably 1 or 2 years old"

2015 + 25 = 2040

Am I missing something or your math is a bit off?

I think you should definitely submit a follow up to this story with a second one - it makes for a good read and it's certainly unusual! While your story supplied us with great detail on several of the distressing incidents, I don't believe everything that transpired can neccessarily be attibuted to your past dark practices. With that being said, I do think that we can directly influence our environment by our actions, mindset and attitude, but there are life events that happen which are beyond our control.

I do hope life continues to go well for you; it sounds like you've chose a beautiful spot to carve out a good future for yourself. I plan on leaving the lower 48 (Washington) in a few years, to make my permanent home in Southeast AK. - I have a small place on Pennock Island, with plenty of blackberry bushes for those bears 😁

I, too, have been a bit quieter on YGS for the last few months; it's good to see you back.

While this was clearly a negative entity that was maliciously following you through your journey, I'm relieved it wasn't anything stronger (e.g.: demonic) in nature.

I was going to write out a whole paragraph of details, here, but I'm going to agree with the additional comment you made: "whatever you do, do it with intent." Your willpower is a protective force that should not be dismissed.

Also, while learning to parallel park, I used my mum's Volvo to completely remove the rear bumper from my father's Toyota.

Hi lady-glow - haha, I'd prefer the elephants any day over the spirit. And yeah, we went out when there were no restrictions of covid 19. Also, you're very correct about Ronny's dad and his friends, shiat of people. Thank you for the comment.
[at] Rajine the story is sad and tragic indeed, and yes we too hope that her soul rests in peace.
Macknorton Hey! Please do not be sorry for the questions you asked, they are perfectly legit. First answer is that Ronny was actually not aware of the seriousness of the hauntings happening in the house as he hadn't visited the place for such a long time. And second answer is that the incident had taken place nearly 25 years back when Ronny was probably 1 or 2 years old, and his dad tried to sell the place after the incident but couldn't do so. As he explained on the call is that he was quite sure that the house was fine after so many years and that we would all just be fine. Third, we are all adults, so we didn't adult supervision and the house was the safest because it was blessed by a tantrik so that the spirit could not enter the lines of the house. I hope I answered all your questions. Please lemme know if there's anything else I can help you with! 😊
Augusta, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Probably should have explained why I put help in quotes. I don't think events were assisted by any entity. I think they were guided and intended by that thing.

And yes. Be purposeful.
I imagine that the herd of wandering elephants wasn't the only danger around the cursed farmhouse... I bet a cloud of covid viruses was floating around the place too.

You're so lucky by being allowed social gatherings during those times!

That poor woman didn't deserve be treated like that. Roony's father is a man without honour and his friends a pile of stinky dung.

I like butter chicken and naan bread.
Macknorton in The Cursed Farmhouse
Hi Dontbeme,

Thanks for sharing this epic tale. I have a couple of questions, if you wouldn't mind clarifying some things?

You wrote: "July 10th, 2020. I was out with my friends for a simple get away from all the studies and work and home chores. We decided to travel to my friend, Ronny's farm house where we all could spend a good, peaceful and fun night. It was a lot of 7 people including me and everyone thought that this was a good idea..."

If this place was so haunted, and Ronny knew all about it's dark and violent history, why did he think it was "a good idea" to spend the night there?

After all, he did know, as you wrote: "...That's when he (Ronny) told us that everything that was happening in and about the house was because of their maid. Or to be more precise, dead maid..."

And in terms of having to spend the night there, you wrote:"...he told us that we couldn't leave the house right then as it was too dangerous to drive through the forest so late in the evening and that his father had mentioned that the house was the safest for us until tomorrow morning..."

Why did Ronny's Father think it was too dangerous for all of you to be driving home in the early evening, but perfectly safe for you all to be spending the night, without adult supervision, in a remote and deserted farm house that Ronny's father knew was haunted and not safe for people to be in? After all, he had tried to sell it due to the "hauntings" going on inside. 😕

Sorry for my questions, but to me there's a lot of illogical decisions being made by some of the people in the story.


I realize that I scanned the last sentence of my response too quickly and it doesn't make sense. It should read: The take-away for me is that whatever you do, do it with intent and do not shy from it even if the going gets tough - believe in yourself for self-doubt will weaken your defenses.
RC - I completely understand your skepticism, I think I would feel the same just reading such an account but I think you would have had to be there to have really gotten the (oppressive) feel of it - it was truly awful. I have never felt so utterly dominated in my life - even when I was in an abusive relationship with a flesh and blood human being. And there were other little things that I forgot to include like the fact that while we were conducting the ritual, we couldn't light ANYTHING - we went through three lighters and I tried match after match - she had to go downstairs to her place, light a candle there and bring it up. (As time goes by, I may remember more but the whole thing was so traumatic that I find that my memories are a bit spotty - littler more solid than the fragments of a dream.)

Coincidence is one thing but *some* things, I feel, are simply too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence... Then if take away for me is that whatever you do, do it with intent and do not shy from it even if the going gets tough - believe in yourself for self-doubt will weaken your defenses.
This was taken 9 years ago, but I saw the comment from today and dropped in to read your story.

I clearly see a woman sort of at the top of the door, looking to the right. I clipped the photo, put it into "paint" and enlarged it, then lightened it and also clicked on the clarity button, which I needed to do in order to distinguish between your reflection and the anomaly. Am I right that your reflection is closer to the top, where the flash from the camera is located? You are not the white faced, long haired chick in the white nightgown/dress, are you? Cause she's there!

I have found that some people just can't see these things, and mostly it's because they don't want to see. But some of us cannot not see. I think after a point, it's useless to try not to.
Twilight1011 in Black Mass
Hey again 😊 I apologize for not getting on this site as often as I was. I feel bad to see questions from y'all, that were at this point, asked so long ago now. There has just been so much going on in my life lately, where I can't seem to keep up with everything I want too. But I have missed being on here, reading about all of y'alls experiences, and writing to each other about it. To finally comment back to AugustaM, that's awesome to know that you've had ducks before. They really are amazing animals to have as pets. I also didn't realize just how smart they really are, until having them. I think they have a few dog like traits aswell, like how mine love to follow me around, or go on walks down our driveway etc, and how if they hear me on the porch messing with some kind of a plastic bag, that makes that crinkling noise, they all get so excited and run over to me, expecting to be given their treats (dried mealworms). They'll even quack at me, to say when they want food lol. They aren't bad about being noisy, so I'm able to know what they're wanting, or trying to say, whenever they do quack. Luckily since this experience, I haven't had anything else really happen. Which just makes me wonder more on what it even meant, or was trying to do then 🤔. Everything is still going good with my duckies though, so I don't feel that they're in any harm's way right now. Oh, I did end up rearranging our bedroom after sharing this experience. We didn't have really that many ways to arrange thing's in our small room, but luckily was able to figure out a way that I believe helped the energy in our room. The first night we had moved everything around, I could notice a lighter feel in our room. I told my husband that I felt that it was definitely a good change we made, and hoped it would help. The first few nights weren't so great for my husband though. He said he kept feeling something watching, and messing with him at night, when he would try to go to sleep (during this time, I personally felt fine, and had no problems getting to sleep). He said he kept seeing a dark shadow figure moving around our door area. It then dawned on me, after I was trying to think of why he's still experiencing this, after we moved our room around. The big mirror I think I mentioned in this story, that we had facing our bed before, I had moved to the same wall the head of our bed was on, but at the end/corner of the wall, which I had my daughters headboard, of her bed, infront of that mirror now. It was mostly covered, but still wasn't fully covered. It was facing towards the door of our room. Just to make this detail clear, the mirror did not face the doorway head on, it faced it from the side, but if you're in the doorway, you would look to your right at the mirror (not sure if that detail is important). So my theory was thinking that with the mirror even being partially exposed to the doorway like it was, that it could still be causing some kind of portal or whatever. My husband had said (this was said before he even realized that's where I had put the mirror at) that the shadow figure would seem to be coming and going from the mirror and doorway direction. I planned to cover the mirror up after we moved our room around, but didn't get to it yet, so I went ahead and covered it up after thinking that's what the problem was, and since then, he was able to sleep better. Now don't get me wrong, moving our room around did help some, but it's not like it stopped all the activity all together though. We still witness shadow figures moving around our room and house etc, along with other activities. We didn't expect to have everything stop after doing that anyways, but it at least helped the energy change in our room. After noticing the paranormal world since I was very little, at this point, I doubt I'd know how to feel if it ever just stopped happening around me now. I'm just use to having activity happen wherever I live. As long as nothing actually attacks, or harms me or my family, I'm fine to just live with it. We've gotten pretty good at not paying it much attention for the most part, so we don't increase any activity.
Hi Chadwik

I believe that everyone's soul can be saved should they want it, I'm glad that you are taking the right steps to finding the light and also to heal emotionally and mentally, a positive mindset will attract light and good energy to you.
Hi dontbeme

This is quite a tragic and sad story. I hope her soul finds some peace.
Chadwik, I just want to thank you for sharing your story and to tell you that I admire you for coming through what sounds like a horrendous childhood. I'm so glad you found a wife who's a good, kind person and wish you both long and happy lives. Blessings.

PS, I'm a mom and believe that people who've had awful childhoods do get a chance, if they are willing to rise above things and do the work necessary, to have a "do-over" in the form of your own kids.

I know I should be commenting on the supernatural aspects of your story, but that's some scary stuff. Continue on your path and keep talking to God!
Hi AugustaM

I'm glad that things are back to normal it's good that you performed a ritual and a smudging, that will give you peace of mind.

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