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Question, did you engage him for conversation at the party and ask him if he was in the vicinity of where you saw him on the day your account?

You stated: There were other figures that came up to him and would leave)

Can you describe who or what those figures looked like?

It's not unusual to read or hear about mechanical items enhancing the ability to communicate and capture those on the other side albeit it's the first time I've heard of relating to a magnifying device.

The most famous one relates to an elderly Italian man who has been communicating to those on the other side through an old transistor's an unbelievable experience to witness him and a group of usually grieving mothers talking to their departed loved ones with actual personal apports falling into the room as the exercise takes place.

Your account is a little different due to seeing this man later at a party and the nature of what you'd witnessed,btw, I wouldn't have been able to help myself in knowing who he was.

If he was focused on looking in your direction interacting with these figures? There may be some connection between you and these figures of which perhaps you weren't meant to see... Seeing him at the party may have been no coincidence. We are living in a science fiction movie, there may be a truth behind your account that would not surprise me at all.

Nightrider66 that's an interesting account name (with respect)

Regards Daz

Your comment is very interesting to me:

"maybe the binoculars somehow allowed you to focus these supposed psychic powers of yours"

I like the idea that the binoculars were, in a sense, a "prop". Like in the way that a student in "Hogwart's School of Wizardry" has their own power but their wand helps them to focus it. It is a tool that aids their ability.

Forgive me for the Harry Potter reference.

- Maria
Hello, nightrider66

It seems to me that pretty much all possible explanations for what you've experienced have already been mentioned, well except for two that I can think of. Judging by the fact that you've mentioned having other experiences with seeing ghosts/apparitions, it could be quite possible that you are psychic, possibly precognitive.

This may sound ridiculous, but maybe the binoculars somehow allowed you to focus these supposed psychic powers of yours, thus allowing you to see into the probable future. Or even more ridiculous, these binoculars grant the user an ability to see into the future.

To those suggesting the OP may have confused the apparition she saw for the person at the party, I would ask the OP if at this party there were any other people wearing cowboy attire (or whatever it's callled). If the answer is no, then it's more likely that the apparition she saw was in fact that of the aforementioned guest at the party.
aussiedaz in Showground Road
Hello SWS

2042 is only a probabilistic departure it doesn't mean I can over eat or smoke three bongs a day, tehe, I'll go out with a bang much earlier if I take the message for granted.

Speaking of over eating, I fell asleep at the beach Miranda and woke up to find three young children rolling me into the beach.

I said: what are you doing? of the kids yelled out to his mother... (:Hey mum the whale can talk...doh! πŸ˜†
! Hey! I know what you need to do. In order to get rid of these spirits, you have to *ignore* them. I know its going to be hard but theyre only using you for your energy, that's why you felt extremely tired... Theyre trying to milk your energy since you made some psychological or energetic connection to them... (like praying or meditation, etc). But its okay. Just relax, don't get paranoid... Just turn your thoughts off of them and ignore them. Once you remove your attention from them, don't think about them or anything so they can't connect to your energy. You are in control of your mind and energy, nobody else can technically hurt you unless you are allowing them to. But the thing is, humanity is unaware of this and I don't know everything about this world and I hate to throw religion in this mess and risk losing your trust in all the things I say, but I really do believe religion is a way to prevent people from accessing true spiritality. Everyone has spiritual inclinations but when they do, where do they turn? Not in themselves, to God. When you pray to God, who are you praying to? Who are you connecting your energy with. Not saying it isn't possible or someone didn't create us but please keep that in mind. Anyways, these spirits use our ignorance to their advantage. They hurt you and try to scare you so you will keep your focus on them... Don't let them do that. Relax and ignore. Thats the best advice. When you are feeling drained, you need to clean your energy/aura out. And again, I cannot stress enough and I just want to recap... I know you said you are praying to God but personally I don't think that is a good idea. God isn't cleaning your energy, you are. You don't actually know who you are praying to and when you pray, especially consistently, you are sending your energy out there to connect with a stronger, unknown entities. Be careful what you are doing with your energy. This world is full of people who use others... Like a feeding ground. Theyre all just trying to survive. Dont let them do this at your expense. If you accidentally focus your attention or think about them, just relax and start over again... Like an exercise. Stay positive. So I said you needed to clean your energy/aura... This is how you do it. If you want to control your energy how would you go about doing that? Your imagination. Your intention and your imagination controls your energy. When you want to cleanse your energy, imagine yourself as a bright, white light and feel good while you are doing this. Imagine that everything in your body is feeling clean and light. It actually works. (: good luck and I hope you research more about spirituality, its not bad, its just learning about your own soul. Sending love your way. You are not alone, there are others experiencing this too... Just pull through. ❀
aussiedaz in Furry Face

This cat's inability to keep its original features intact as it bring itself into your realm of awareness is not unexpected nor is it intentional to throw you off... Human spirits can shape shift themselves and often do.

Without reading your other account I am sensing this cat was escorted into your home for it's own reason if none of the other?

New souls who have never had a physical life in the earth Matrix do often visit our earth for education, it may be possible a zoo keeper spirit from the other side is preparing this visitor for a life in the earth Matrix and they chose you and leo to learn from?

Regards Daz
Tweed in Furry Face
Update: Rather remarkably I saw this thing again last night. It was relaxed and resting in front of the fridge. I saw it from the corner of my eye and as I slowly turned to look properly it disappeared. I've seen apparitions that way before, hence turning slowly to soak in as much detail as I can. It does appear very cat like, but the face, or muzzle is longer, like a dog. It's ears are very long too. It's also darker than I thought, darker than Leo. It's a dark mustard colour with black or dark grey stripes. But not like a tabby cat, the stripes are thick and fewer. It has long fur around the neck and shoulders. It looked demonic. I'm rather macabre so I thought it looked cool. A rug near where it was resting had been moved, but that could have been Leo. After this I don't think it's our brownie gone nuts anymore, seems to be some kind of cat entity.

Ladyglow, I don't think it's bad. Or if it's playing up there must be a reason for it. Bet this wouldn't be happening if we didn't have a cat lol.

Daz, after seeing how cat like it is I'm thinking it's got something to do with Leo. Maybe an animal spirit guide entity who looks after cats, I don't know. We believe Leo was 'given' to us by his previous owner in spirit form. I wrote about that in another entry. We haven't had anything to indicate that ghost has been around in maybe a year. Leo may have come from a home with more cats, we don't know. But then this thing didn't look a physical earthly cat breed. It was too otherworldly.

That's interesting about the objects levitating being a group effort. I hadn't thought of that. I figured it must've been something of a telekinetic burst of emotion from the critter. But a tribe is an interesting take. It didn't look like it had a mask on that night, it was it's facial expression that reminded me of a tribal look.

Sleeping, I highly doubt this will turn into anything horrible. I trust as time goes on I'll piece together the why of it all. Glad you enjoyed it!
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road
Hello AuzzieDaz,

Once again I'm stitches.🀣 Your wife running off to the mall with your credit card and the ankle biters whiles you kip is hilarious. (I hope they brought you home something nice too).

2042 is 22 years away and leaves you stacks of time to enjoy many more kips and hopefully still have money in your account to enjoy yourself after your wife goes on her shopping sprees.

Stay well and happy.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Furry Face
Hello Tweed,

I'm not much help in identifying what you saw however, after much googling I found many images of Cat type gargoyles. Most of which had wings. Some had the scary face with open mouth as you described. I think I would have jumped out of my skin if I saw anything like that.

Hopefully the animal spirit remains a playmate for Leo and doesn't end up being something terrible.

I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
In my opinion, especially as a child, because kids are more receptive, an angel or any benevolent entity, should not inspire you fear, should not make you terrified.
I, myself, as a kid, had a pretty messed-up experience, if it would happen to me now, I would yell my heart out, but at that time (I was 5 or 6 years old), I sensed no fear and I communicated with an entity as calmly as I would speak to a friend.
I also heard that many malevolent entities, trying to hide their presence, are disguising themselves, they can even leave a smell of incense in order to fool you.
aussiedaz in Furry Face

Based on you believing it was paranormal, logically one would assume it's a distance spirit friend of Leo's, animals have souls and they do continue on in the after life, just like we do... There are also animal lovers in the spirit world who spend time with these spirit animals and they do help them find there way back to previous owners.

I know you're not keen on reincarnation Tweed (sorry mate) however,I'm wondering if this spirit animal is more connected to you than it is to Leo?

Objects levitating about 5 inches may lend a clue that furry face was not alone on it's adventure through your home, a tribal mask, may also suggest it's related to another time and place,

I may be so off the mark on this one, maybe something different for you to ponder over?

Regards Daz
lady-glow in Furry Face

Thanks for sharing one more of your always fascinating experiences. I have no idea what your little visitor could be, but if Leo is fine around it, then it couldn't be bad, could it?

I hope Furry Face is not making big messes for you to clean.
Thanks for the extra information.

I'm having trouble understanding this paragraph:

"My father also saw the spirit that looked like me a year after my grandmothers experience. In his experience (we were at my other grandmothers house spending the night and he was in a dirty guest room) ((I was asleep on the couch outside of the room)) "

By this do you mean that the mimicking spirit followed your family to your other grandmother's house, or are you suggesting that your other grandmother's house is haunted too and the resident ghost also decided to mimic your appearance?

If the former is the case, are you aware of any other instances in which the ghost followed you/your family to some other place? If the latter, I wonder why he would feel the need to wait until the family got home to type the message on the desktop. Do you think he was worried that the ghost could have been in the car too?

Considering the fact that the activity was already present even before you were born, makes me think that you are not dealing with a doppelganger; whatever brought this ghost to the house must have happened during or before the time Marcy was living there. Perhaps researching the property archives could provide some information about a significant event taking place there before the house became your family's.

I'm curious about something, you have established that the house seemed to be calmer when you were around, nevertheless, it looks like the disturbances didn't diminish with/after your birth (1996), if anything it sounds like they became stronger:

"In 98' my Mom said she started being able to feel the house more. She said it's energy was always off and due to this she had a priest come in and bless the house"

Did the blessing help?

You did pretty well asking the spirit/s to stop bothering your family, specially since you were still a child; it seems like you could be competition for Zac Bagans.;)

I've had a few of these over the years and your mother is absolutely right. If you pay them too much attention you'll probably end up pulling Freddy krueger out of a nightmare and that little creation will be more related to your own doing via sleep paralysis.

In saying that the question remains are they associated to some sort of intelligent haunting? And yes, I do surmise most of them are and no, not all of them are a haunting in my humble opinion... Some of them may be clear interactions of making you aware that they, are trying to reach out to you?... The most intense one I have ever experienced was a plea of help from a woman who was murdered not far from where I live.

Anyway, when we close our eyes at night we put ourselves into a state of non-rem phase where our consciousness slips a little out of the physical realm however not enough that we lose any of our sense's of touch,smell,feel and surrounding awareness... Our ghosite visitors often understand what phase we are in and use the fleeting moment of transition to interact in which ever way they can. It can be malicious, it may even be a prankster ghost, however as I stated, sometimes the account is the only way they can let you know they are reaching out for a reason.

Regards Daz

While I think that telling the spirits in the house that it is "your house" might be effective in calming down the activity, I think that it matters how you say it.

Did your parents not try this themselves? Are you the only one who tries to set boundaries? I'm hardly an expert but I believe that your mother's participation would be most helpful since she is the one who owns the property.

There are a number of different avenues you could take to cleanse the property and yourself of negative energies.

It seems like a shame to me that your mother owns a property that she can neither live at nor make any money off of. Abandoned properties also tend to drag down the attitude in a neighborhood.

A respected and long time member of this community has developed a cleansing and shielding method that can be used without interfering with your religious beliefs, if you have any. I have used it myself and found it to be effective.


It was developed by rookdygin and you will find it halfway down the page of the link that I provided.

I know you said that you would rather have your toes cut off than return to the house but I think it will be okay. You said that you were never very afraid in the first place; maybe a show of backbone will work to your advantage.

You don't seem to have a problem getting people within your family to believe that there's a problem so it's likely that you might have the support of at least one of them. Someone could go with you. Nothing is ever hopeless; not even at the very end.

- Maria
I'm visiting my family today and I am going to type out some of their experiences from the "bad times" in the home. This was a period of time when things started getting physical, angry, and felt as if they were going to harm us at points. I feel as if the stories would interest people.

I wanted to add though. The only huge difference I can truly see between me and my family is that I was never afraid of the spirits in the home. Even as a child when my family would be visibly shaken by things (and I believed they were there) I was never scared of them. I knew at times the spirits were angry, sad, etc as I could feel it, but I never extended fear.

Two examples of me being a dumb child explain this well.

The first is in the other comment previous to this. Essentially my brother sister and I all felt a feeling of unease without previously mentioning it to each other and I walked through the house telling the spirit it wasn't welcome, that it was my house.

The other is this:

One time essentially the whole day there had been non stop activity. My mother tried to nap and something got in the bed with her, a voice yelled at my dad, my little brother saw someone in his room, etc
Minuscule things happened throughout the whole day. By the end of the day my father and mother got in some ridiculous argument and he went to go on a drive. When he got in the car he instantly called my mom telling her "he can't explain why, but we need to leave the house" he essentially ordered us to spend the night somewhere else. I thought this was ridiculous, so as my family packed the car with their night bags I walked through the house speaking out loud to the spirits. I could feel them, but not see or hear anything. I walked throughout our house room for room telling it that I was not afraid of it, that I was tired of its shiat, that either they need to live peacefully with us or leave. Essentially in the form of "This is my house. I do not care if you are here. I am not afraid of you, But you are not going to continue to scare my family or you will not be welcome here." I kept repeating over and over that it was my house. Looking back- this was dumb and someone should have simply told me to shut up faster. I would never challenge a spirit in such a way nowadays

Oddly though after this night we had a grace period of absolutely no activity in the home. No feelings, no shadows, no crashing or voices.

I wonder if me being like "This is MY House" was simple enough to trigger it to mimic me? In a "oh it's youuur house, ok" way?
Of course! I love being able to speak about the house openly. My family is from from different religious backgrounds, but the one thing that is uniform throughout the family is that no one wants to go in the house, talk about it, and such.
But my curiosity is bigger than their fear of the home.

What's been weird to me about this spirit is although it's walk was off and such it looked so close to me in the face. The eyes weren't Mis-aligned, the body looked normal, it had legs and feet when my grandmother saw it. (Shoes on). I always thought it was a doppelgΓ€nger when I was younger due to only having two experiences in the home myself. The rest were all experienced by others and due to this it fit the profile. But something tells me it's not so simple.

These were my two experiences in the home specifically. Everything else is other people's stories:
One time I was babysitting my siblings and felt a strong "I'm not supposed to be here. Something does not want me here." Coming from our extra bedroom that we called "the computer room."
I walked out not mentioning anything to my siblings and was met by my sister in the hall saying that "something was wrong." She pointed at the room and I ushered her to my room. We sat in my room trying to Ignore the feeling, when my brother came in crying saying "they want him to leave." Also mentioning the room without us having said a single word to him. I then, being a dumb kid. Walked through the house saying that "they weren't welcome." That it was "my house." (I really did it for the comfort of my siblings not thinking of angering anything). We then sat outside of our home for 1/2 an hour waiting for my parents to come home because my brother wanted to leave, that terribly.

When they come home they said that we were overreacting and "giving it energy." & they made us come inside.

Another time I was babysitting my younger cousin Megan, laying on the couch. When I looked up from the couch to my left down the hall I saw a person creeping around the bathroom. They were tall and lean and lacked more detail than they contained. Looking more of a shadow person than anything they peered around the corner down the hall towards me. I looked directly at it and it moved quickly to get out of view when I stared at it.

My experiences began more so when I left the house. This is another part to the story- I'm a seasonal worker and I move every 6 months or so. Every time I am about to move my home gets angry and the weeks approaching there are always experiences. My family has no experiences anymore so I believe that these spirits are attached to me and get angry of the energy that has to be used when moving. Something in the way it feels when they present themselves feels as if it's the same.

I just don't believe it's a doppelgΓ€nger, I think that it goes further than that. I haven't explained yet the malice behind it's actions during the few years, but will for the full pictures sake.

As for the house goes it sits absolutely vacant. We didn't want to live in it for many reasons, no family members want to rent it, and we genuinely do not want to rent it out at this point to strangers. The fullest extent I am ever at the house is to check on the property but I never go in. The attic still has some of our childhood belongings, but that's about it other than the keepsakes it's fully vacant. Sitting in the middle of the suburbs completely abandoned. I rather cut my toes off then go in the house alone. I have always had feelings more so then I have ever seen anything and that house feels dark.

I feel as if this thing has some sort of attachment to me for sure, but I just don't think it's a DoppelgΓ€nger in my gut. I was simply having conversation with a friend of mine who is a medium (but we were both rather intoxicated) who mentioned to me the idea of a trickster as well actually. We just never got to fully converse on it again before I moved.

As for my dad he has moved hours away and his condition has definitely improved, but he has severe memory loss from that year. He doesn't remember any of his off the wall behavior (such as literally driving a car into the river). He is now a 'devout Christian' and refuses to talk about 'the demons in the house.' But he very clearly remembers the house.

To Maria: I agree fully the story of the child's laughter followed by an angry male voice sounds so eery & discontent.

To Lucia: Thank you so much, the house in itself has been a huge burden in our lives over the years and it has been wild and rough! I've always wondered the same thing. Why me? I gave the spirits in the house the least attention. I rarely saw things and as a child I was the one who told everyone to not speak about things. (As I felt like talking about the spirits in the house only enticed them more and gave them fear and energy to feed off of.) I essentially took all of their channeled attention away, so why me? It's also been unnerving to know that more than one person has felt the house is only "calm" when I am there. I'm not the most interesting person in the world, I don't have any spiritual gifts, and I can't speak to them. Maybe it simply liked my looks/attitude? I thought it was strange how it's looks aged with me. When it first showed itself it looked as I did at that age. Same with the second and third time (My cousin won't tell me what happened when she saw it mimicking me only that she did, she believes it to be a demon) I don't believe it is though. I need to do more research on Tricksters!
Hello to everyone, [at] silverthane my thoughts exactly, that it's most probably a being that never walked on this earth and I plan on keeping track of everything from now on.

[at] lealeigh I believe that dreams you remember or that causes you to wake up abruptly is some sort of sign or warning, and yes my usual dreams are weird but not menacing or scary, and the insomnia is driving me crazy, it seems about right that with age it gets worse. πŸ™„ I've tried meditation but I cannot seem to sit still for long 😁
LuciaJacinta in Catlike Humanoid
I liked your story.

Are you sure it wasn't a neighbor in a costume? Do you think it was paranormal or real but a unknown forest entity like a yetti/big foot/ etc?
This is very unsettling. My heart goes out to you. I've been through similar situations. I feel so bad for your dad. Especially after reading the comments about him. Sounds like he was traumatized by it all.

As far as you saying it looks exactly like you... Yes it does, but there is always something off. Like the expression in your face, or the fact that it glid across the floor, you see, it's like you but not you completely. Something is different. That's why I don't feel it's a benign doppelganger but a true entity that is a trickster. If it's "you" only all the time... That is scary! Why you? Does it want to get inside your soul? Your mind? Does it want YOU after all these years?

Kind of odd the way so many renters moved in and out over the years. That's not a good sign. All of those families effected so much they want to move. Makes you wonder? I'd look into who this Marcy is who once owned it. Is she alive? Is she Google-able?

So basically, the house is major bad juju.

Are you selling it? Or keeping it in the family? Might of missed that detail. I'd not go there again. I mean it's only happy when it has you... That sounds really creepy. Don't let it own you in any way.
blckwdnsdy in Unexpected Wake Up
I see that you already received comments about sleep paralysis.
I just wanted to state that it can feel so real, it messes with you so bad... There are times when I encounter sleep paralysis 2 or 3 times a week and the things you see and hear make you want to never sleep again. So that could, indeed, be a possibility.
Even though I wish that to be your only event of this kind, in case you encounter it again, do your best to stay calm and slowly move a finger, a leg, anything you can. It will get you past it faster.
This means the is extra pictures in box when you open the box Good. Picture remind the past
the is ghost or demon make by human to stole money like to play ball it called toyol now I m in Malaysia my grandmother 2 sons 2 or 3 age died when she in Tamil nadu India They ghost also play ball may be my grandfather, s old house and yours is same where are you in India
aussiedaz in Showground Road

Yes,the ''empty nest Syndrome''deary me, they are all grown up... However, I do get to see the little ankle bitters once and a while... There I am, telling the grandchildren about the old war stories back in the day only to wake up an hour later to find an empty wallet on the floor, a missing credit card and a note from my wife informing me she's taken the grandchildren to the mall. Doh!

Btw, It's ok to talk to yourself, it's a sign of madness when you start answering yourself back... Who that? It's me, oh ok.

I have been informed the year will be 2042, however I do know that's my probabilistic exist from the big bang we call the Matrix and not a certainty. I have no idea how I'm going to exit the joint, however, I do hope it's after they announce the winner of ''get me out of here I'm a celebrity 2042,haha...I'm also hoping it's a quick exit, I don't fear death however, I'm not keen on

Intuition tells me August.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts,

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in Showground Road

Thank you for your kind words, it's uplifting for me in knowing some folk here appreciate my own perspective and theories. I'm not always right however at the very least, I will offer (with some critical thinking) an explanation I hope gives the author and those following the thread something to think about.

Thank you again,

Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

🀣 Hmmmm, talking to walls on Sundays, screaming at the TV during 'celebrity get me out of here' when the wrong celebrities are booted, talking to plants, have all been done before. I've done a few loopy things myself. Hey, after being locked up in a mental institute anything after that is normal. Lol

Im so glad you are a member here. Your funny, considerate and always offer sound advice. You, Lady-Glow, LeighLea, Jubelee, Rex-T, Biblio, CuriousDee, Tweed, Valcricry, Melda, Twighliggt1011, Rookdygin, Zaruje, Haven, Lucia Jacinda, and Cuddlebear have an amazing intellectual flair that I admire. The advice from all of you and many other members on YGS have helped me tremendously. There's so many members that have been so supportive, the list is endless.

AussieDaz, I can't tell you how much you cheer me up with your humour. It's definitely something I enjoy and look forward to.

I guess your kids have grown up and left home and that's why your walls have the privilege to your banter. It's hard dealing with empty nest syndrome. I'm looking forward to being a grandma and giving lots of hugs and kisses to my grandchildren.

If you lived near by we could have coffee. I can imagine the conversation going for hours. You are very interesting and have so much knowledge.

What do you know about when and how you will cross over. Knowing would scare me. I'd rather be in the dark.

I can finally up vote you again.πŸ‘

LeighLea I've done my dash on you. I've voted you too many times and have to wait a bit.

Thanks for getting back to me AuzzieDaz.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀
Well Oscar Wilde did say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."!
Hello devxxx,

Thank you for coming back so quickly with extra information!

My first question is: What happened to your father? You said that he suffered a psychotic break after a year of living alone in the house, which would have been in 2017.

Has his condition improved since then?

- Maria

PS I don't like the feeling I get from this detail in your comment:
"Her dad one time heard laughter (thinking the kids were home) asked it to be quiet. When a voice replied "You're not my daddy" angry, yelling. (Adult voice not a child's) "

That sounds unnerving.
As for the history of the house as far as I have been told this is it;

It was built in the 50s and
My mom/ her first husband bought it from a woman named Marcy. In 1992'

My mom said that her ex husband would hear little things in the house often, but that was the extent of his stories

Though my older sister at this point in time would often cry about "a person" standing at the door of her bed as she slept. When she got older she started telling more detailed descriptions of a tall man 6'3 ish standing at the foot of her bed in all black, watching her sleep.

My dad moved in 1995 after my mom got divorced.
He said that in the first few years things were simple. One time he heard plates crashing behind his head, he would hear people walking, someone shook his chair.

Though he mentioned how at that point there were a lot of shadows. That you would see "dark places where people should be."

We moved out in 97 but returned shortly after not being able to find someone to rent. (At this point it was just due to my parents not really trying to find a renter.)

In 98' my Mom said she started being able to feel the house more. She said it's energy was always off and due to this she had a priest come in and bless the house. (My dad thought him coming was a crock of shiat)

She said she began hearing crashing sounds more often that were loud enough to startle the animals. Once during this period of time she was standing on a stool and the stool began to "shake roughly"

Fast forward to 2006
We moved due to my dads station getting changed. We got a couple in their 30s Donna & Jay to move in/ rent. & have a pastor bless the house before leaving.
They stayed in the house for 7 months before making complaints to us about "possible intruders" and "neighborhood kids playing pranks." Which consisted of loud sounds, banging on the windows, laughter, and talking. They stayed for a year before moving out.
In the end they asked to break their lease because they 'saw someone in the bathroom.'
My parents let them without trouble.
The house then sat vacant until mid 2007.

We came back and tended to all of the damaged from it sitting for a little while and rented the house out to my dads cousins family
They consisted of a mom and dad & girl around 11 and a boy around 5

This is my cousin I spoke about in my previous comment. They told my dad straight up that it was haunted and they didn't want to rent it any longer. They stayed until 2008 ish
Which is when we moved back into the house & my grandmother had her experience.

2010-12 was another time we didn't live in it. We rented it to a family of 3 a single mother and her kids. She rented the house for 2 years and did not leave suddenly, but spoke with us about hearing voices, people shouting, shadows, and her child having a friend named "jimmy"

2013 is when the experiences in the house began getting angry, more malicious, more physical, and such. I'll detail some of these in another comment to make it more organized.

2016 my mom and dad got a divorce, my dad decided to live in the house and my mom let him (it's hers) he suffered a psychotic break after living in it alone for a year. We don't know if the spirits or the house had anything to do with it, but he spoke about people in the house like they were real. Swore that a man lived in the attic, etc. After the divorce we left the house

The house has been sitting empty for a while now and we have no plans of reoccupying it
Hi all! Thank you for your feedback. I couldn't fit the full story in the initial post.

As for the previous tenants before us there was only one family! Before that it was simply land. We have owned the house since I was child and while we moved away we let people move in. The people that moved in ALWAYS moved out with the same complaints, but we never informed them that at that point my family had heard and seen things in the home. (None had been violent or worrisome at this point)

My cousin was actually one of these family's and I asked her today about her experience in the house. She said her little brother had a 'friend' who was also a little boy that they often heard him talking to. Her dad one time heard laughter (thinking the kids were home) asked it to be quiet. When a voice replied "You're not my daddy" angry, yelling. (Adult voice not a child's)
They often saw appropriations at the foot of their bed & she said their mom thought the house was only calm "When Devin came to visit."

Now aside from talking normally this is weird as shiat to me, because my Aunt stayed with us for a few weeks one time when she was in a car crash and said the same thing. She mentioned that the house was agitated and was only 'nice' when I was there.

My father also saw the spirit that looked like me a year after my grandmothers experience. In his experience (we were at my other grandmothers house spending the night and he was in a dirty guest room) ((I was asleep on the couch outside of the room))

He was asleep in the bed when "I" opened the door. When It opened the door It didn't look at him and stared straight ahead mumbling ever so slightly in the sense of the spirit was simply moving it's lips. It moved forward towards the window not stopping until reaching it and stayed there for a minute or so.

My dad as this was going on realized it was not me when he noticed the swiftness in its gate & remembered the fact the floor was absolutely cluttered hoarder style & I wouldn't be able to walk as such. So he laid down silently watching it. In the end it simply ceased to appear after standing in the window for minutes. The next day he wouldn't speak to me out loud of what happened. I only knew because he typed it out on our desktop and motioned me to read it. Afterwards he told me he never wanted to talk about it again. He didn't look me in the face for weeks.
I couldn't have been but 14 years old this was 2010
You can certainly research Doppelgangers on the world wide web. Your case is not singular and there are actually many reported cases of this phenomena. In your case, I would certainly be on my guard to anything that mimics your person. Once actual sounds start manifesting along with visual sightings then I personally would get a spiritual healer. But that is just me. I hope your doppelganger does not start mimicking your voice as well as your appearance.
Lealeigh in Showground Road

"My old mate Tweed gave me some good advice this week, I need to think about the advice I offer here, apart from talking to myself, my spirit guides and the wall on Sundays, I don't believe I'm suffering any mental illnesses, I hope not."

I hope you're not talking about putting down the bong. That's crazy talk.

Just kidding. I don't do that either.

I find your advice to be very uplifting. Your advice doesn't make me feel any sense of doom. Yours is a good perspective in a community that is full of good perspectives!

- Maria
aussiedaz in Showground Road

I have met my spirit guide's in a state of which Edgar Cayce referred to as super consciousness for brief spells perhaps only a handful of times over a span of around 35 years there may have been a few more... So it's not like, dial a spirit guide and your pizza will be here in 10,no,no on most of those occasions they have given me messages that have come true.

The only pending one is the age of which I will cross over however the way I'm going I may turn up

They are people and no I don't know who they are, I do feel blessed they watch over me and I know they want me to work on my flaws.

I like seeing the karma button pressed up as much as anyone else however feeling rejected is a human flaw, I'm working on recognising my weakness and letting them go. You can't control how people feel about you, you can only control how you feel about yourself.

My old mate Tweed gave me some good advice this week, I need to think about the advice I offer here, apart from talking to myself, my spirit guides and the wall on Sundays, I don't believe I'm suffering any mental illnesses, I hope

However some poor souls that land here on rare occasion are suffering issues we need to take into account.
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

Ooops... πŸ˜‹ Spellcheck corrected my word. 2nd paragraph, 13th line down: 'weeking' should be 'weekly' 😣

😘 ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

We all tend to mumble to ourselves or to our pets, or sing along to music in the car, nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure we would have passed one another. I used to be on the road as a sales representative before getting into PR. I used to drive all over Sydney, Surry Hills, Parramatta, the North Shore and the Northern Beaches. That was my geographic selling zone. I was hardly in the office. The boss used to say, 'get out there and sell, sell, sell'! Most of the representatives would go to Macca's or the pub and just pretend they were out selling. Me? I was actually selling because I needed that job to pay my rent and bills. One representative, let's say her name was Julie, was often seen getting her weeking groceries or seen with her car in her drive way of her home. The boss used to do a 'drive by' which was check to see who was where and what they were doing. Julie was always skiving and always got caught. 🀣 Lol

Do you see your guardian Cleary? What does he/she look like? Is your guardian someone you knew/a deceased family member?

Thanks for your reply Darren. God bless.

😘 ❀ 😘
aussiedaz in Showground Road
Hello SWS

From memory I used Hasting road as my detour home, Hasting is a 3T load limit street my truck was around 4T, often back then you did see council rangers booking trucks over the limit so yes, taking a risk is something you don't do lightly.

It wasn't my time, I was given an opportunity to continue on most likely by my spirit guide who probably assisted me with the precognition.

Small world Miranda, you'd know Showground road isn't generally a busy road. It's probably the only fatal accident I have heard about in 30 years, chances of it all being an coincidence is near nil. I wonder who it was that died in my place? I wish I had investigated it a little further, I should have felt guilty about it however at the time in all honesty, I never thought about it that way.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words and support we have probably driven past each other on some occasions and not even realised it. I drive all over Sydney my brain is a mobile GPS. If you ever see this old dude driving around talking to himself it's probably yours truly.

Regards Daz
matrix899 in Catlike Humanoid
Thank you for sharing this experience. I suspect a lot more people have seen these beings, but we only hear from a few via websites like this one.

You are very lucky to have had this experience.

Thanks again for sharing.

I know that the answer to this question won't be very relevant before I ask it; here it is anyway:

How did the discussions with the previous tenants and the subsequent renters go down?

Actually, Lea, I think the answer to the question will end up being very relevant.

Hi, Dev. Interesting experience. Was this the first time the entity mimicked you, that you know? Something about the "Long long long story short" makes me believe there is much more going on.
silverthane61 in Slapped By An Unseen Hand
I am a little biased when it comes to haunts that become physical. I believe that your own personal space is inviolate and sovereign - especially from uninvited beings from beyond the veil. And that any violation of this space without being invited is an overtly evil act. Just me. I also have been slapped in the back by a unseen force hard enough to leave a mark. It never happened again even though the four-plex that we were living in was supposedly haunted. All I can say is to keep track of your incidents from here on out. Hopefully, yours is also a one-time incident.
silverthane61 in Catlike Humanoid
I always find small humanoids so very fascinating! I have read stories of gnomes, fairies, sprites, dwarves, etc being reported from all over the world. In Hawaii, we called them the Minehune. This is the first I have read of a being resembling what you have described. Some of the scarier aspects I remember about these beings is that they sometimes lure children away to be captured. Leaving out a bowl of cream is supposed to help gain favor among these beings. I enjoyed reading your story.
Hi bluemoon1385 please contact me if you ever check this account again thank you!:) tinasalas1 [at] ❀
Slickchick4419 in George - Our New Roommate
Please contact me at slickchick4419 [at] I know the george you are talking about I used to live there and his name was shaun and he was a very nice man. I believe I know who started that fire and what happened weeks before the fire. I have kept quiet because I didn't want any trouble
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road
Hello AussieDaz,

You are lucky to have been warned not to take Showground Road in your dream and acted on detouring the next day. Most people don't trust their instincts, dreams, gut feelings or sound advice.

I'm so glad you are okay and still round. I love reading your comments. I can't up vote you anymore today. I'm getting the message, 'please vote for someone else' (We only get 5/6 votes per member).πŸ€” I hope that increases in the future.

I know where Castlehill is. I've been there a couple of times, 10 years or so ago. I don't know much about Thornleigh, apart from it being a well sort after area.

I'm in the process of reading your posts. Being an Australian, I'm sure I'll be familiar with the places you write about.

This post is now in my favourites.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘

A static chill? Not exactly, however not a bad description of trying to explain how it feels K,A. You do sense something is not natural about the interfacing of two energy fields that collide together... Almost like the clashing of magnetic energy? If you can imagine what that is like. We have 56 trillion cells in our bodies that all have their own receptors according to biologist Bruce Lipton, so I do theorise if some other energy enters through ones own space those cells that make us physical are thrown into temporary chaos causing enough disruption to disturb you whilst you sleep.

The very last time it happened to me it actually gave me a few heart palpitations thus was the awkwardness of the experience... It was probably the worse I have ever felt it, I'm not going to hang garlic up or sleep with a cross under my pillow however I did mediate a message to my spirit guide to tell who ever it was to you know what.

Regards Daz
Bibliothecarius in Catlike Humanoid
Greetings, Solveig, and welcome to the conversations.

I like your screen-name, and its relevance to your narrative. Did you choose it because of Ibsen or Grieg?

As much of Pennsylvania is mining country, my instincts are are to guess "kobold." Certainly some sort of nature spirit, but the folklore indicates that kobolds are found both in mines *and* in homes. Its proximity to your house is less peculiar than it would be for other nature spirits. If your house is *not* close to the mining industry (I recall driving for about four hours through Pennsylvania's corn fields one summer), then you can rule the kobolds out as a candidate.

Hello devxxx,

I know that the answer to this question won't be very relevant before I ask it; here it is anyway:

How did the discussions with the previous tenants and the subsequent renters go down? Did the previous tenants say something like: "We're getting a new house because there are ghosts in this one." Or was the paranormal activity something that you heard of through word of mouth?

I understand growing up with a Southern Baptist grandmother. My mother's mother was strict and she was "Hell on Wheels" when something wasn't right in her neck of the woods... Or anyone else's neck of the woods, for that matter.

I think your grandmother was possibly being foolish when she demanded that this being show itself to her. I think of this action as picking a fight with this thing. From how you have described it's reaction to her, I would think that it sees what happened as a challenge.

Whatever it is, I believe that it chooses to look like you because she challenged it and it wants to mess with your family further. That's just my opinion.

I agree with Lady-glow; that place needs a good cleansing but more information would be helpful. I would like to know what your father and cousin have seen of this being.

Thank you for sharing your story.

- Maria
Hello Rajine,

Wow, I am assuming that the subject matter of you usual dreams are not like this. I wonder if being attacked in your bed was the cause of this dream. I'm not sure if I think the dream was caused directly by the entity that attacked you.

I know the feeling of lying in bed and waiting for ages to feel tired. I hear this kind of thing only gets worse with age.

I think your mother is right about one part of what she said; the part where speaking of the attacks and making any kind of fuss might encourage more attacks. It is definitely something that does things for a reaction. You can hardly help THINKING about what happened in the days following the attack unless you are very good at something like meditation.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful. This thing seems like it will probably escalate since it's already going after you both. It needs to hit the road.

- Maria
lady-glow in Catlike Humanoid
Welcome to YGS.


I think you would like to read this recently posted story:


There's a link in one of the OP's comments that seems to be similar to what you describe seen.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.


In my opinion, more information about your experience would help not only to paint a better picture about what is going on at your house, but to give you the best advice possible.

It seems like the house has a long history of paranormal activity but, do you know if it is only limited to the ghost mimicking only one specific person of the family living there at any given time or are you aware of any other kind of disturbances?

Do you know what was the use of the land before the house was built or any other important history of the area?

It's hard to say who or what is mimicking your appearance but, perhaps is time to bless/cleanse the house according to your personal beliefs or ask for religious help.

Another thing you can do is to acknowledge the presence of the spirit and ask it to stop scaring the living ones, making a deal allowing it to share your space with it but it has to respect the fact that this is your house and any disturbances are not welcome.

Looking forward to read more of your experiences.
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] aussiedaz

You are indeed a good man, watching over your family like that. I appreciate that, and agree with the thought of not having them freak over something which they haven't experienced.

I have one question though. When these "visitors" walk through you, what kind of sensation do you feel? Your wife was asleep and you got to know that she had been "passed through" too when she moaned. But since you were awake, did you feel some kind of static, or chilly for the short time that they passed through you? I ask because I have had an experience where I thought that a spirit of a little girl had passed through me, and I felt a chilly sensation in the lower half of my body, but not entirely sure. Maybe you can enlighten me on that?

As always, thanks for sharing. 😊
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Lealeigh

"Animals are funny; an astral projection is fine by him as long as breakfast, lunch and dinner times are not disturbed." - This is quite funny and equally true. 😁

Astrals have their own dimension, and that maybe the reason for your "dimness" experience. You did mention that you try this during the day mostly. At night, you have little control over it. Does that mean you have projected an astral self at night as well?

If the guy was in another dimension, and became aware of your "ghostly" presence, he might end up bringing a medium or an Ouija board to communicate. Till then, I would advise that you practice communicating with your thoughts, or develop telekinesis, otherwise how would you be able to move the coin around the board? 😊
Your English is very good and you expressed your encounter well. Did you ever ask your mother and siblings if they were in the living room watching TV at that time? This is so strange. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you are not afraid, you are very brave. ❀
Cherubim in This Is Real
Yes Daz, I would laugh if it all wasn't so serious. 😳 The rabbit hole is very deep indeed!

Manafon1, WOW! Do you still have a scar from the "scoop" they took out of your skin... Who ever "they" are?! I can't imagine that, just like I couldn't believe what was happening to me with all the blood coming out of my leg!

Lady-glow, I sure hope it's not E.T.'s if I'm unable to get rid of it/them. I've been so busy these past few weeks trying to ready myself for this coming Saturday. I sure hope this paranormal group can help as well, thank you. Haha! I had to laugh about Donald Trump trying to build a "space wall" to keep the ET's out!

I will keep you all posted as to what happens when the paranormal team is done. I won't be back on line until afterwards.

It's all so interesting silverthane61, I think we (the baby boomers) will all hear some breaking news about ET's in our life time.

If you don't feel like it's a ghost then perhaps you are living in a home of which already may have had a subdued poltergeist. TV on and off, a glass smashing and faceless blob types of shadows may be the poltergeist trying to align itself with your own thoughts and emotions.

I believe consciousness is fundamental to our reality and we create what we see as we go. On the plank scale of our universe the atoms and the molecules that flow through your home can interact with the atoms and molecules that flow through your mind via the microtubules and synapses that collapse the wave function field transforming some interactions that present themselves as a separate entity.

You did move in at a time when you just separated from your ex, the faceless shadows may be this poltergeist trying to reattach itself to your mindset.

Cleansing rituals can work just from the power of belief you are disconnecting this displaced surge of energy out of your home. It may only work if you really believe it will work.

Regards Daz
Interesting events. Thank you for sharing your experiences. ❀
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the story. It's really interesting. I think the comments so far are quite helpful, especially the rook's cleansing method. Although my wife and I don't experience anything abnormal, we enjoy doing it, and it help us to feel great afterwards.

As for the shadows you mentioned that "they do not disappear when they are noticed", so I was wondering if would that be possible to take a picture of them or perhaps to capture a footage? Have you tried it before?

Thanks once again for sharing your story with us. I hope soon all these stop, so you and your family can have a peaceful life.
aussiedaz in This Is Real

Thank you for an excellent read and synopsis back from 2010, you'd summed it extremely well I can grasp from your background you have a firm undertaking of what's going on at the moment. Even ex personal from the pentagon are now permitted to take evidence to the public and as you so rightly put it, disclosure is happening on the grassroots level and it is a slow burn that will probably end anti climatically.

I hope this analogy serves my take on disclosure and not taken as inappropriate, disclosure is like the whole 9 month birth process of a mother and her baby. You don't go from day one of inception to giving birth to a fully born baby on day ten of the pregnancy, the stress and grieve it would cause the mother would be emotionally unbearable... As too with e.t landing down on your neighbours house in the middle of barbecue tomorrow ''people would freak''... It may take another 50 years in my opinion before we see the future Donald Trump sipping moon juice on the white house lawn with planet folk from x y, or z...the baby boomers will be gone, as too most of generation x...the millenniums will be the ones who will share the days of the old fools who thought earth was flat and pigs flew backwards and beer was the greatest gift man gave to his best friend.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, if you feel like posting another comment please put it on one of my walls as I feel the author here is being a little shunned out of the way on interacting with others on her account.

Regards Daz

All good mate, I understand where you are coming from and you're right, we/I need to be extremely careful not to present a certain narrative based on a passion relating to the ufology culture as I do... No one more than I over the years here [at] ygs has expressed the ability of the mind and what it can do when certain alignments and conditions of consciousness are pull together in a universe that will deliver you what you want on a platter with a side dish of chocolate coated peanuts if you ask for them.

I would go as far to say my own E.T account may well have been a creation of my own mind? Although one particular detail of which was clarified later on leaves me a little on the fence in regards to the source behind it? (jury still out)... I do appreciate Manafon's opened mind relating to the topic however yes, 100 percent agree the ticking clock is a message from his mother and he has a good feel about his own paranormal experiences of which I also appreciate.



I was fortunate enough to see and talk to my mother after she crossed over, other family members have validated a similar account and on some occasions these accounts have transpired in conjunction with more than one family member... My dear old mother bless her heart used to give me signs like your mother does in relation to the ticking clock however, a little different in the sense she would knock on the wall, it was generally her way of reaching out and sometimes I could conclude what she was trying to get through to me.

It may well have been a coincidence the timing (clock ticking) and your conversation with me however, your mother may be trying to get a message across to you and she also probably knows I am translating this information for you right now... As they (spirits) do have the ability to see ahead of our time.

I'm not sure what the message is, pay attention to events around your life right now something might be coming your way or not? From my own experience usually it's afterwards do I have that moment when...oh, that's it, however occasionally I do figure it out before it happens... If I'm off the mark on this one no harm done.

Regards Daz
Hi Jellyjally,

Thank you for posting your story. It sounds like you guys had captured something interesting. Shame that the footage is lost now. I do believe you that what you had captured was something worth to evaluate. Although without seem the actual footage it's hard for others to confirm that it was a ghost.

Usually when I capture an interesting picture or a video I try to rule out all possible scenarios. For instance some sort of curtain movement reflection or a glare of the sun on the window are the sort of things to consider.

Another thing is that the human mind has surely exceptional qualities, on the other hand, it has great flaws that it can be very deceiving at times. I wish you still had the footage so that we could all evaluate and rule out all possibilities.

Last but not the least, poster's engagement is also important. When others try to guesstimate all possibilities, authors input help to interpret the situation better. Let's hope that you revisit your post soon and provide more details about your experience. For sure a mysteriously deleted video from an hard drive and a social media account is an interesting coincidence that many members on YGS would love to investigate the possible reasons for it. However, if the author is not engage they may skip doing that.

Going back to your post, overall I enjoyed reading it. Once again thank you for sharing it with us...
silverthane61 in This Is Real
Aussiedaz, it seems that we see things in a similar light, I have a whole lifetime dedicated to finding the similarities between the occult/paranormal and the subject of UFO's/extraterrestrial -dimensional life. I will not go into any detail, but I will leave you with a synopsis of a paper that I had published back in 2010:
"One topic of discussion in the UFO community revolves around the possible imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence to the world. There are "teasers" from time to time as one pundit or another hypothesizes about a particular event and how that event is just one more brick being laid in the foundation before disclosure becomes reality.
The news is full of examples: The Vatican announces how extraterrestrial life will have no effect upon the faith; prominent politicians make cryptic remarks involving extraterrestrial life, "secret" government files involving UFOs are becoming more prolific, and learned men are becoming more open to the possibility that ET life is visiting this planet.
Add to this mix the action of several disclosure groups--the most prominent being the one organized by Dr. Steven Greer (though his actions are not the only ones extant), and it is easy to surmise that something earth-shattering is just over the horizon.
There is even an underground belief that the ETs have set their own timetable for disclosure, and this supposed date occurs after 2012! Interestingly enough, believers in this action aver that the ETs have already contacted the governments on Earth with this timetable and have given them the option of permitting disclosure before this date!
But are the above arguments really relevant? One only has to do a small bit of surface research to establish the fact that UFO sightings are becoming increasingly common and slowly becoming part of our (and other countries') cultural identity.
With the expansion and explosion of information gathering devices (cell phone cameras, portable digital cameras and video cameras, UFO web sites, etc.,) the common citizen not only has easy access into information on the subject, but also has the capacity to add to the already burgeoning amount of evidence supporting the presence of extraterrestrial visitation.
But again, what does this all mean? Simply this: I submit that if (or when) disclosure occurs, it will be anticlimactic. Disclosure is already happening, but at a grassroots level. Despite the government's churlishness and refusal to share publicly their work on extraterrestrial matters, public dissemination concerning ET matters is occurring nevertheless."
For what it's worth...
aussiedaz--You were just giving your impressions informed by your own experiences and research. There are all kinds of opinions on YGS and as long as they come from an intelligent and sincere place I'll always be willing to take them into consideration.

Yeah, if you come across any pertinent info on scoop marks that heal freakily fast let me know!
Daz, I'm glad you didn't take offence, it was in jest, as well as exasperated.

I read everything before commenting, including the beginning on the other thread. My concern was that you were hastily making a connection between Manafon's ticking clock and alien contact without mulling it over. I understand your passion runs deep for the UFO culture, but as with all passions they can singularise our perspective sometimes.

I do believe in aliens, and that they contact us with varying success. I also believe in mental illness, sexual abuse, trauma, blackouts and long term effects of denial. A traumatised human mind can create its own alien, or ghost fantasy to escape true horror. This happens a heck of a lot, and I mean a heck of a lot. For this reason I exercise caution where giving advice on this site. If I get the impression something stems from delusion I immediately disappear. To continue a paranormal or extra terrestrial dialogue with a delusional mind would be reckless and detrimental. Also it labours needed research into these fields.

I'm not saying you and Manafon are delusional, I don't think that lol. I'm speaking generally. Daz I think you and I are on the same page, but I turn it much slower. Your mind works quickly and your comments flow easily. You are the life of the party. I prefer a dark corner from where to observe and, occasionally speak in a slow, rehearsed manner. In essence I find your style information overload, which I love, but I digest it slower. My comment from yesterday, I understand now, was a little unnecessary. Pass the bong.

(Actually I don't smoke the green, but bongs make me smile.)

If I do come across any information in regards to the circular scoop mark I will come back and let you know.

Regards Daz
Hmm, looks like these shadow beings come in different forms as well. I've noticed that they are often descrbed as taller than average by most people who've claimed to have witnessed them (including myself). I wonder if they are simply using a device to cloak themselves, as some people theorize that they could be aliens such as the greys and reptillians for example.

All good, I don't feel is if though I was only implying it must be E.T? However if I did come across a bit pushy on the topic I do apologise.

Go with your intuition mate, you seem to have a good feel about your experiences.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz--I forgot to add in my last post that the one experience I've had that just might fit into some sort of extraterrestrial explanation was that circular scoop mark on my shoulder that healed weirdly fast. However, I had no other experiences at all in that particular house in the two and half years I lived there.
aussiedaz--The links you provided were interesting but I do lean towards a paranormal explanation with both the ticking sound and the spinning blue thing. The latter incident was just one of a myriad of weird experiences in a building that was extremely haunted. I witnessed a full bodied apparition there and I know of two other people who also witnessed different apparitions there.

It struck me at the time that there were spirits who were reaching deep into their repertoire of tricks to let it be known in no uncertain terms that they were there.

As I wrote in an earlier comment, my mind is open to all kinds of possibilities as to what I've experienced over the years. I just think the cases I've outlined on this site have all been paranormal as opposed to extraterrestrial. It's one of those "gut feeling" kind of things. Like you, I will keep an open mind and will continue to read and listen to whatever crosses my path that might point to some clues about the weirdness of existence.

Maybe I need to pick it up lol, I did suggest it may be a message from his mother 19 hours ago before reading his other story, I'll paste it below.

19 hours ago (:Maybe this is the start to your own awakening (clock ticking) and your spirit guide or mother has led you to this moment, where you make a decision on which path you take?, that may relate to a career change? Location change? Or to perhaps develop a passion to start chasing ''the greater truth''

Which ever one, perhaps something is using your conversation with me as a means of getting a message through to you?... Or perhaps even validating my suspicion of your own possible E.T involvement? 6,1 half a dozen the other there mate, anyway.:)

Tweed,as I stated above previously 19 hours ago the ticking clock may well be a message from his beloved mother, however waking up to seeing skin tissue damage heal unusually quick and a blue circular light spinning over his wife's head may relate to something else?

Not be to argumentative here and please don't think I took your comment personal (I didn't) people do duck for cover on this topic... You may not believe in the UFO culture Tweed and that's fine...However,spinning coloured lights and layers of skin missing that heal extremely quick are a red flag for mine albeit not conclusive... The message from his mother coming through on two occasion's as Manafon responded to my post may also be a coincidence?... I was asked a questioned and offered my best advice based on my own research and experience. ''6,1 half a dozen'' imply's there may be other possible explanations.

Manafon stated on another thread his own UFO investigations will continue, the two links I provided here are accounts form an American historian by the name of Jordan Maxwell who's two friends saw a green light scan the other whilst one of them was paralysed by a red light. The inference to our accounts? Coloured lights hovering over our wives heads are not the outcome from smoking a giant bong old mate, their may have some other reason? I also stated blue may represent the colour of a spirit guide alas leaning back to it being paranormal.

Having an opened mind as I do, I don't rule out anything possible?

Regards Daz
Dear Lealeigh and lady-glow

Many thanks for your comments. I hope both of you have noticed the book's description. It says " it's a book based on my real life story which is horrifying. You will get to know about the ghosts after reading it. It will be very helpful to you as you will enter in their world or rather they will enter in your world".

So, if you are planning to enter into the world of ghosts this book maybe a great resource to take along.

As for the reviews thanks to your comment lady-glow, I have noticed it's link to amazon India and read the reader reviews. I must admit they are funny. This also gave me hope about my future book attempts. My bottom line take away: it actually doesn't matter if the jacket doesn't look that glamorous, write something, and somehow people still purchase it.

Leahleigh you can access it through the below link:


Once again thank you so much for the comments.
Hello Cosmos and lady-glow,

I looked the book's id number up on google. Google has labeled the book as "horror fiction".


Where did you find the review for the book? I must have overlooked it. I like reading reviews of books and movies that don't come from professional critics. This personality trait of mine is the same trait that is responsible for my love of "Fashion Police" at the end of magazines.

- Maria
lady-glow in Seriously Bad Dream
Greetings Cosmos.

Thanks for the link. It was useful to read the intro and reviews to Harsit's book, on the one hand, it makes me want to know more about his haunted life though, on the other hand I got discouraged from reading it.

This is what somebody says:

1.0 out of 5 stars Proofread before publishing
26 August 2019
Format: Paperback
Please get someone to proofread before publishing. Needs a lot of work on the Grammer and spelling. Lost patience to read by the end of the first page. Looks like a literal translation from some language using auto translate.

Since English is my second language, I tend to get confused reading material that is written either in sophisticated terms or using distorted words.'s hard to decide what to do...
Hello lady-glow,

Nice one, your comment about the punctuation made me laugh:)

Like yourself, after reading his comment, the first thing I did was to search for his book. Please see the link below.


Well, the reason you couldn't find his book is because spelling of his name on his below comment is wrong. So, after all, it's not only his punctuation that needs to improve, I guess his spelling needs to be better too.
Instead of Harshiat Goyal, if you type Harshiat Goyal his book pops up immediately.

On the link of his book, this is how Harshiat is described " Author describes his life as a horrified one. He has experienced many horror or paranormal activities near him and with him. He is experiencing this from his childhood".

To be honest, I am intrigued now. I would love to know more about what makes his life this horrified at the age 16.
Incase, you decide to purchase this book please share your critique with us.

Once again many thanks for your comment.

Best wishes,


Put the bong down and read this:

I don't think you understand the gravity of what just transpired 😳

Now I'm using emoticons. God blimey.
Tweed in Furry Face
Thanks everyone for your cool input. I've pored over everything and believe this is possibly our brownie gone rogue. Regretfully we've neglected the little guy for about a year. I found an interesting article which explores the idea of brownies becoming boggarts. If that's true, we've laid the groundwork. Not because we don't love him anymore, it's a mixture of laziness and other priorities.
That article:

I've set our brownie a new task of helping us detangle the cat's fur. Also put some bread and tea in the cupboard for him. Always feel like a fool doing it, but if it keeps the peace, so be it.


Animals must be so more aware of things than us, it's proven time and time again on YGS. Guess they don't call them nature spirits for nothing.

As for being a faerie expert I only know what I've read. Things I experience confuse me more than anything. My elf sightings (mistakingly called it a blue brownie), were the only time I gleaned any real knowledge. That was down to Val for pointing out that it was more likely an elf. Further reading on elves amazed me at all the similarities and accuracies. But the elf aside, everything else tends to confuse me lol.


Jim Henson, what a legend! I fear it's getting harder to find good online info because of Hollywood. I did a generic search for types of fairies and up came all this Pokemon crap. What the heck?! That's when I knew I'd have to put some real time aside to search properly. But Jim Henson was one of the good guys for folklore fiction.


I'm the last person to call a paranormal investigation team over LOL! Just a tad skeptical they'd get the wrong end of the stick lol, or make mountain of a molehill. If I ever let anyone do an investigation it would be someone specialising in fairy folk.
I was set to do nothing and coexist with it. But if it is our brownie gone mad, according to legend at least, putting things right is the best action to take.


I'm the exact opposite, find animalistic spirits far less confronting than humanoid ones. Glad my 'what was that' moments make you smile lol.


Maybe if I'd have known it was not the cat I would have jumped. I'd think I would, but then I've been calm in the face of all kinds of strange. So I guess you can never predict with certainty how you'll react, it's very weird!
lady-glow in Seriously Bad Dream
Hello Harshiatgoyallucifer.

I would like to read your book. What company published it and where could I buy it?
A quick google search didn't show any reference to your book.

With all due respect, I'm surprised that you have already published a book at such young age, kudos to you on that... I hope you used some punctuation marks and better organized paragraphs writing your book.
harshitgoyallucifer in Seriously Bad Dream
Actually I am 16 years old and an author and I too had dreamt such dreams and the way you explained them was making me believe it was real and I am thinking to publish this article in my new book and what you said that you was not be able to get up from sleep was just a sleep paralysis in which a person is not able to move after waking up I too had experienced such things so I am aware of it you may read my story in the book "Journey with a demon by Harshiat Goyal" I had dreamt many dreams in which sometimes my mother tried to kill me or sometime when my father and one dream was so real that in that dream I was killed by my family in the balcony and they dug that place and buried me inside the marbles of balcony half alive and when I woke up and checked that place of balcony I found that that place was knocking like a door of a grave you please read that book. And I feel your dream was interesting to be published in my new book if you allow. 😊
Demon-slayer... I guess ghosts generally target weak minded people and doesn't dare to touch strong minded ones... Since my cousin was weak at that point coz she was scolded by her parents and my grandmother about her alleged relation with a bad guy... She at that point was mentally weak and was attacked my ghost... So ghosts didn't kill her... Her brain did... I don't want to blame something I didn't see...
Hello silverthane61, I guess even ghosts have some preferences about what and whom to haunt... I mean according to the stories I heard and read... Most ghosts haunt a specific place or house and others directly attack humans... For example in my uncle's story his house was haunted... And in that same building many were living but it didn't hurt anyone except the one who live in that specific house... The building in which they were living was housing around 8 families... It's was multi storeyed house... Sadly it's going to be sold at half of its rate due to "ghost"

I found the link of these three people who had this shared experience in Vegas in 1994 if you're interested in watching it.


After you watch the first link have a listen to Jordan Maxwell at the 27 minute and 20 seconds mark some 16 years later talk about the same account where he elaborates on the experience in the motel with his two friends... It runs for about 30 minutes.
Extremely interesting.



On my own path to greater enlightenment in pulling together the ''ultimate truth'' of which btw, I'm not there yet, I do pay very close attention to accounts like your one, Jim Sparks, Cherubim and many others... After a while you do notice a pattern.

It's no coincidence you and I talking and the timing of the clock ticking sound... Figuring it out is half of the battle?...I do remember reading an account of a well known American historian who had an UFO account with two friends somewhere out in the desert of Vegas in the middle of the day where three UFO's hovered over their car in broad daylight.

Later on that night in a Motel of where these three bunked down for the night, one of the group awoke to find their other friend being scanned by some luminant light that hovered over their body... My memory doesn't serve me well right now and I can't remember if it were blue? However, I do remember this historian having a reading some time later where a medium informed him his friend was being scanned by the Pleiadians... Apparently they are our closet neighbours and have watched over us from the beginning.
aussiedaz--It's always satisfying to find similarities between paranormal incidents, quite like the many reports of a strange clock ticking sound. Your the first person on YGS that I can recall stating that they also witnessed a luminescent, spinning object. It's all the more intriguing that we both saw such a thing spinning over our sleeping wives.

I have no idea why it was spinning. Maybe it was doing so to gather energy before attempting to manifest as a full apparition. That particular incident was truly bizarre.

This part of your account is interesting.

''it turned out she was not looking at the wall as I had been but had awoken to see a spinning blue object above her.''

I have seen blue objects gravitate over my bed and my wife Manafon, I believe our spirit guides do present themselves in blue however who really knows what it is... And why is it spinning?

Is it a scan of some form? Anyway, interesting.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz--If someone is attempting to send me a sign from beyond they're going to find out right quick that I'm terrible at interpreting such things. I definitely agree that hearing the ticking sound two nights in a row in-between our discussions isn't a coincidence. Like many others have reported here on YGS, it does seem quite likely that spirits do occasionally take a look at what we're up to over our shoulders. In this recent case, as I was describing the ticking sound, it's possible the spirit thought, "this is just too perfect an opportunity to let pass."

I'll keep my mind open for changes on the horizon and I do have a feeling I know why this spirit has been contacting me. It has to do with a project I've long been toiling on.

Tried to upvote you but was told to vote for someone else. Have a groovy night aussiedaz.

Alarm bell ringing there mate? It happened again when you were responding to me? Is that coincidental, maybe? That's twice now, How about this.

Maybe this is the start to your own awakening (clock ticking) and your spirit guide or mother has led you to this moment, where you make a decision on which path you take?, that may relate to a career change? Location change? Or to perhaps develop a passion to start chasing ''the greater truth''

Which ever one, perhaps something is using your conversation with me as a means of getting a message through to you?... Or perhaps even validating my suspicion of your own possible E.T involvement? 6,1 half a dozen the other there mate, anyway.

Yes, I do believe some of these abductions are staged events,it's the one where you're abducted via the'' light body''are for mine the ones I pay more credence to.

Watch Sirius by Dr Greer on line, you may have to pay for it, it was free a little while ago, it's an eye opener!

Regards Daz
aussiedaz--Well here's something that seems far more than coincidental: just mere minutes after submitting my last comment to you the strange ticking sound once again floated through the room, the same room I have now heard it in before on two occasions. I am presently staying at one of my customer's homes. The first time I heard it was at my house.

Luckily my wife was here again and heard it too. It stopped rather quickly when I stood up and moved towards it. It's certainly strange as it was several months between the first and second times I heard it and now I've heard it sitting in the same chair in the same room two nights in a row! Wild, wild stuff.
Hi aussiedaz--I thought we should move any further discussion to one of my old accounts. Yes, I've had many, many paranormal incidents throughout my life. The account this comment is attached to describes some extremely varied paranormal occurrences at one particularly haunted location I lived at.

When you asked me in one of your earlier posts if I'd "ever had any other weird accounts over the years" I thought you were asking if I'd had any strange events directly related to the "scoop mark" incident only. There wasn't anything else I could remember associated with that incident but my encounters with the paranormal stretch back to my childhood.

As for the ticking sound: I've now heard this unexplained free floating ticking on three occasions, each time sounding subtly different. I am quite convinced from the feelings it seems to impart to me that it is the spirit of my deceased mother making contact with me. There is actually a rather long history of paranormal ticking reported in psychical literature. The earliest report I have come across took place in the 1920s. In that instance the sound preceded a full bodied apparition of a man in a white linen suit, wearing a pith helmet ascending a staircase into a little girl's room before disappearing into a wall! There's a wake up call for you.

At any rate, I do believe in alien abduction scenarios and that you quite possibly went through one yourself. I've often wondered if governments somehow instill in the abductee a certainty they've been abducted by an alien race when in actual fact it's the government using it as a cover to conduct their own nefarious experiments? Whatever is going on it certainly sounds terrifying.

Governments have been known to do bad things to people without their knowledge. For instance when the CIA secretly administered LSD to unsuspecting Americans in the 1950s and 60s. I guess what I'm suggesting is that I wouldn't put it past certain governments to create an elaborate scenario to allow them to perform experiments on further unsuspecting citizens.

Interesting discussion aussiedaz.
aussiedaz in This Is Real

Hearing a ticking clock may be a metaphor for interpretation?
I'm not jumping on the E.T angle however I did ask you a few post back if you have had any other weird accounts over the years...''as I was writing this'' you heard a ticking clock... Hmmm That's interesting Manafon and extra interesting it's not the first time?

Btw, Jim Sparks was the person who offered me an explanation to the jab in the left calf muscle and on one occasion, I'd experienced an abduction myself with full recall Manafon, I'm still trying to figure out if it was real?... My intuition and gut tells me it was, however, I can't rule out other explanations. I have had many paranormal experiences over the years and boy, nothing comes close to that account... Anyway, the jury is still out, talking about jury's.

As an observation, 12 average Joe's, a judge and circumstantial evidence can put away a person in prison for 30 years with the broader public accepting due process and the outcome of the allegation. 500 witnesses under oath on the presence of E.T, 8 congress members unanimously ruling a cover up, not one major media network in the U.S was there to film or report their finding and the broader public? I think people are waiting for Donald Trump and other leaders to announce it on air before we all fully accept their presence. Disclosure has begun, unfortunately it may take another generation to pass by before we all benefit from the greater knowledge our space neighbours have to offer.

Anyway, I do appreciate your input and contribution on the topic we all need to keep an opened mind and filter information with caution and I do apologise to Cherubim for hijacking her thread as Ladyglow pointed out, her own account may be something totally related to the paranormal realm.

Regards Daz
Manafon1 in This Is Real
aussiedaz--I agree that we are not alone in the universe and that "E.T." might be here. I have watched the citizen hearing and understand that there are many who insist we aren't alone and I also believe that governments cover up a great deal of things.

Completely out of the blue as I was writing this, I heard for the third time in the last few years (and the first time with my wife present) a ticking sound, like that of a shelf clock in an otherwise silent room. I've previously heard this ticking sound twice before: the first time it sounded like a wall clock and the second time like a small shelf clock. Both of us stood up to search out causes but as I walked towards the source it moved upwards and stopped. As I walked towards the ticking, I had shivers from head to toe but not of the "scary" variety. It was like an invisible but intense hug. The sound hasn't resumed since I started writing again.

This incident felt "human" and as I felt no sense of alien intrusion, I will assume it was paranormal as opposed to extraterrestrial. In answer to your question, I do concur with the findings of the citizen hearing. I believe in the possibility of alien intervention but I am more committed (because of my own studies and personal experiences over the years) to paranormal interaction. Both, however, are strange and wonderful in their own ways and I hope you understand I am not being in any way argumentative (to remind all the passer byes) but only expressing my opinions.

It's after 2 A.M. As I write this, so I bid all a g'night.
aussiedaz in This Is Real
I should add the same sentiments as you in relation to Jim sparks, although I believe the guy is speaking his truth I don't necessarily take every detail he proclaims as gospel fact... We should always approach information in this field with some caution, however, his story at the least very interesting.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in This Is Real

I would suggest you have a look at a link I left Cherubim further down the thread relating to a Citizen Hearing on disclosure, 500 military and civilian witnesses, including Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, an ex Canadian defence minister plus many excellent researchers before eight ex congress members all under oath of whom all reached an conclusion E.T is here and the government are covering it up.

Jim sparks would not have a look in at these types of hearings however, the point is this... With all the evidence put before the ex congress members do you concur with there findings?

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in This Is Real

Absolutely agree in regards to leaving it to Cherubim,

I have stated a couple of times I do believe I may be off mark on this one, however I am delighted to find out Cherubim study's the Ufology field.

Manafon1 in This Is Real
LOL lady-glow! Ain't it the truth πŸ˜† And a few la, la, la's to hit my minimum word limit...
lady-glow in This Is Real

"One would assume Donald Trump would rank high on the list to receive some of the unpleasant abduction experiences Sparks has endured!"

That's only if he let the E.T's enter the USA without a visa!
lady-glow in This Is Real

That's a fascinating theory though, to be honest, I would very much prefer if Cherubim's experience has a more "traditional" explanation and this is why: if E.T's are involved, I think it would be close to impossible to put an end to these weird attacks... Definitely no cleansing/blessing/exorcism/prayers/smudging etc, would ever have an effect over E.T's technology.

But then, it's not up to me to decide who or what is doing this to the O.P.

Cherubim, I find this thread very interesting and informative, and hope the paranormal group can help.

Thanks for sharing.
Manafon1 in This Is Real
aussiedaz--I watched the multi part lecture by Jim Sparks you left the link for and found him to be lucid and sincere. I am completely open to the idea that there are alien abductions that take place with government involvement. That said, Sparks suggests that the "agenda" of the aliens is to show average humans how they're destroying the planet through a combination (I assume) of both overpopulation and the pollution that increases exponentially with that growth.

One of my biggest "causes" is overpopulation and its negative effects on Earth's fragile ecosystems but it seems a roundabout way for aliens to point out to average humans how pollution is destroying the planet. If aliens really want to give the world a wake up call, it would seem better to start at the top with governments and corporate leaders who make the policies and set the low standards that allow pollution to take a backseat to the bottom line. One would assume Donald Trump would rank high on the list to receive some of the unpleasant abduction experiences Sparks has endured!

The circular "scoop" I received was extremely odd and I have never come up with a good explanation of how it occurred but I can think of no other strange or intense events associated with it (although it was twenty five years ago). I was also a bit unclear about Sparks' assertion that when some people have a paranormal experience that it's often used as a way for extraterrestrials to present themselves. Although it would be impossible to prove, I am quite convinced that when my mother (as an example) has visited me in spirit form that it was indeed her spirit and not an alien masquerading as her.

In my final analysis, I will continue to listen to people like Sparks but will also continue to read the works of parapsychologists and psychical researchers whose field and theoretical works resonate with me and which focus on the frontiers of what it truly means to be human.

Apologies for going a bit of topic from your story Cherubim but I hope it has at least a peripheral bearing on it.

To answer your question: no, I didn't tell my then girlfriend about it I was around 20 years of age and thought it best I just kept it to myself, her previous boyfriend died in a car accident some 18 months prior hence the reference about karma, he did watch over her and with the wisdom of hindsight, I'm fairly sure it was him who paid me a visit for a square up... Or maybe he thought jumping into my body was an opportunity to reach out to his ex? Anyway, doesn't feel nice when another energy try's to enter your space.

Actually on the topic of entering your space, over the last few years when some of these visitors have entered my home sometimes seeking help or just dropping in to say hello, I have felt them walked straight through me... Again, the feeling of another energy entering your space is quite uncomfortable, on this one occasion, not so long ago in the early hours of the morning, I was laying awake when this energy walked straight through me and my wife who moaned from her sleep in the process of who ever it was transgressing across our bed. Is that proof? Certainly very interesting suffice to say. The similarity between the two accounts? Note, for the record, they both yelped, moaned when an energy was in their space one of which was myself in astral form.

I haven't told wife about that particular account thus far, however she often does read what I write here on YGS so chances are she might want to know more about it, (sorry in advance) I do remember keeping a lot of this stuff away from my wife and our children when they were growing up mainly because what's the point of having them freaking out over it.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in This Is Real

Your account sounds identical in the sense of how they try to take human tissue samples without disturbing the environment of the subject too much and apparently, they do have medical and healing techniques that would make our treatments seem primitive.

Jim Sparks has been an abductee for 20 years with full recall, he has been on their crafts where they basically extracted the tar out of his lungs from 20 years of smoking.

I can't quite remember how he explained the procedure never the less it was a pretty quick one. If you can't rule out your account any other way and have no doubt what you saw was actually skin tissue healing extremely quick, I would suspect it may be E.T related.

Did anything else around the time occur to you, that you found strange or ''intense''? We don't talk about the Incubus/Succubus topic here at ygs anymore. What I will put out there for those reading this who may think they have had similar experiences, sometimes you'll feel a tingling sensation around the naval area and sometimes there'll be intense sensations around the genital region of those they interact with. Please be aware, that not all of those accounts are E.T interaction.

Here's a link where Jim Sparks talks about his accounts there are other links of him out there... Jim seems to me like his being honest about his story.


Regards Daz

My cat doesn't do anything. I thought it was strange too. I believe he knows that something is going on when it happens but it doesn't disturb him. I think he recognizes that it is me in both places and, since he is an uncomplicated fellow, it's all the same to him.

He is more bothered when I leave the house and go to work. He hides under my bed when I am gone for a while. (I am very curious about that because it makes me think that someone around here is mean to him when I'm gone.)

Animals are funny; an astral projection is fine by him as long as breakfast, lunch and dinner times are not disturbed.

I don't remember much about the box; I know by his movements that he was carrying something like that. Nothing had clear lines; to be honest, whenever I attempt to astral project, it is never terribly bright in my room because harsh light will ruin the meditation process.

That sense of "dimness" seems always to carry on into wherever I try to go. I think the dim lighting is a condition in my mind that I have to practice "seeing through". That hindrance in my vision continued with me into the kitchen and it is usually bright in there.

One detail that I forgot to tell you is that I always try this during the day. At night, I just go straight to sleep and have little control over anything.

I should try to communicate with whatever that shadow is. Do you know what I think would be really funny?...if that guy was in another dimension and became aware of my presence; if he thought that I was a ghost or something and tried to get a medium or a ouija board to communicate with me!

- Maria
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Lealeigh

You are right. Better to be called crazy than boring. 😁

The journal I keep usually has entries from when I am awake, but for the past few years, I have been very irregular in making entries. I will try to write down the dreams in it, the ones that I remember.

You mentioned that your cat has seen you projecting your astral self before. Did he react the first time you did it in his presence? How was it? I would like to know that if you remember it.

The box that the shadowy man was carrying - was it clear for you to make out that it was a box? Or was it a shadow as well? And when you say gray shapes, do you mean it looks like an abstract art forming the outline of a man? I understand astrals can't talk, but project their thoughts forward to communicate through mental conversation. Did you try that?

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