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valkricry in Wedding Couple
Bodi-Gundamma, please post in English so that all may benefit.
Bodi-Gundamma, please post in English, so everyone can understand you.
Crazypawz, where I live we have experienced similar feelings. First it was just something I felt on this one road near our neighborhood, somewhat deserted, a bridge over a creek. Then my husband mentioned it to me probably a couple years' later, so I did some research. Turns out a Civil War skirmish took place there at the bridge (when it was the old bridge) and men died. It's interesting that you both got "the feeling" even while driving in your car! Thank you for sharing.
Also, thank you for the Bible reference. I am a Christian and I do believe in God and the afterlife in heaven. Or wherever. I was sort of a party girl in my youth, and not a weekly church goer, but my family going WAY back has always been faithful (ancestors started the Seventh Day Baptist church in America, gotta honor all that, for sure). I don't have great Bible knowledge, however.

I definitely believe there is a plan for us all, and I believe that in times when loved ones are nearing death, EVERYTHING spriritual is magnified. I believe that's when messages to me have come loud and clear, not with one loved one, but with multiples. I've actually thought about writing a book.
LuciaJacinta, I had the same question as you and specifically asked my daughter about it, because Mom had planned to drive with her a few hours away to see my brother over the daughter's spring break. When she got sick they obviously didn't go. But they were scheduled to be back long before it turned out she died. I just cannot figure out what it meant, however, Mom was the kind of person who used to sit at her desk and doodle in the margins of her calendar or a piece of paper. I've wondered if she somehow DOODLED it without realizing, prior to her getting sick. I've also wondered if something like that could somehow get written AFTER she died. She used to tell me -- because of what we went through during my husband's lengthy illness -- that she "wasn't going to do that" to me, meaning linger a long time. The way it went, she was helping me with my Girl Scout troop crafts and such just after Christmas, she got sick with what she thought was a flu-type illness and after a week or so was getting worse. She was diagnosed with lung, liver and spine cancer (she was definitely the type not to want to go to the doc, and I think knew something was wrong but still didn't go). Within a week of diagnoses, she was on heavy medications and sleeping constantly. Six days later, she passed away. So, yeah, she didn't linger. It was like she made up her mind and just went, within three weeks of being just vibrant (but slowing down, aged 78). But she never had a chance, after her diagnoses, to sit down at her calendar. I also smelled her perfume, as did my brother and other family for monthes after she died. One day, shortly after the funeral, I was cleaning out her house and knew I'd turned off all the outdoor lights when I came in. As I left, they were on again and glowing SO brightly. I noticed them as I left the driveway and it immediately felt like a message. Another day, I took this small side table she'd wanted me to have. Got it home, was carrying it into my family room, talking to my dogs about it (yeah, I do that) and as I walked into the room, another item she had left me, a favorite lamp of both of ours, was glowing brightly as I entered the room. I KNOW I had not turned it on! This kind of stuff happened all the time for awhile. She knew I believed in this, as I had told her all the stuff about my husband.
Many orbs go by in front of us invisibly. Some orbs are unseen but able to be seen through a video-camera. Still others are bright enough to be seen as small, floating points of white light. A very few are seen as large and colorful, encompassing all colors of the rainbow. You certainly seem to have been blessed with a rare sighting!
finchbear in The Bold Ghost
You're probably remembering the crosses from church Kitcait121. They look like the crosses they pass out in churches for Palm Sunday. Scary experience!
Kitcait121 in The Bold Ghost
several other things happened to me at this place. At times you could hear a full conversation between a man and a woman. Loud enough we could hear them through the walls. You could never make out what was being said and upon investigation there would be nobody there. It was to the point my boyfriend slept with one of those weighted baseball bats beside the bed. We thought these were real people, that's how loud this was. You could hear the construction equipment move in the basement below us almost every single night. Nothing was ever stolen and always in the same place when we entered the rooms the noise was coming from. Was also grabbed on the back of my neck while hiding under covers. Got so cold once saw my breath in my bedroom after losing power randomly... In July, WHILE WATCHING STEVEN KING "ROSE RED"! LOL anyways tons of weird stuff there.
Kitcait121 in The Bold Ghost
Hi rsachick, thanks for reading and commenting. To answer your questions, I did a Google search just to see if I could find out a specific name and it looked like what is called an African palm cross so you can see what I'm talking about. And three maybe four were found in total. And I had seen something similar before when I was young but I can't place the memory, possibly at church?
Bodi-Gundamma in The Lady By The River
Tuki milo kananta? Rupella youpre werthsfa gulappo chebniytu?
Bodi-Gundamma in Wedding Couple
Jagsulike mundetsre routibha pakadiyat! Polikku toyuilo kaaki purra trembiku
RSAChick in The Bold Ghost
Hi Kitcait121, very scary experience!

I have some questions about the paper crosses. What did they look like exactly? Have you seen anything like these before? How many crosses?
Hi crazypawz, very interesting that you both had this feeling of dread.
I do not know the history of the area, but reading up a bit on the towns on that route there seems to have been some conflict beween natives and settlers, as well as slavery (Indian and African on the cotton farms).
That could result in residual bad energy?
Thanks for the reply, violet_sunrise. I can picture the building from your description and I get a very heavy feeling from it.

Hope you have more stories to share! I enjoy your writing style.
Hi Val,
I've just read all of your stories, yes, all 45 of them over the last two days and more than a few brought me to tears. Please don't ever think you are not special. Not only are you extremely couragious, but you also have a lovely sense of humour and a great generosity of heart! In fact, you are one of the nicest people I have never had the good fortune to meet. Bless you! ((Big Hugs))
PS...You're a great writer too!
LuciaJacinta in Paranormal And Pregnant
This is really neat.

I too once while living in an active house received weird texts from friends that never sent them or my phone sent weird texts to them that I never sent. I tried to reason it by saying it was a glitch in the phone or I bumped it accidentally. But, they were just odd texts that really seemed otherworldly.

It would be nice to name her after Elizabeth. It has lots of cute nicknames. But, if you don't that's ok. Maybe Elizabeth could be middle name? In naming my children, I really loved certain names but for whatever reason, it's like they named themselves. I kept getting signs that their names should be something else. Like, a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile called me and said they had a dream my child was named "name"...or I kept seeing the same name over and over again in different ways. Finally, I gave up my choices and just relented to what I felt what I was called to name them.

But, I will say, I'd give it a lot of thought. If you feel like it's a bad sign, or bad omen then don't pick it. But, If it brings you peace then I'd consider it.

Anyway, is this a house that someone else died in? Could the white haired lady be another person previously associated with the land or home?
I would love to read newer stories from you, ghostseer. Please write some more soon. I'm sure you have had more stories to share with everyone.
This is an awesome story. I believe you are very blessed for this.
I think Elizabeth is a beautiful, regal name. I also think it will make your husband and his grandmother happy if you guys named your little girl after her. Maybe add a second name to Elizabeth to make it modern. Congratulations, you guys! ❤
Thanks for the feedback. I really like the idea of a tree in her memory. My husband is obsessed with trees so I think it's very fitting.
Hey Arieson13. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post. I got on here after a good year+ break and am glad to see people still post on here. Was the unknown figure you would see in your old house the same red guy or something different/multiple figures? Have you ever had a conversation with it as you got older or called it out? Also, when was your last non-dream encounter with it? Not to discredit any dreams you've had involving it or anything similiar. I'm a big fan of dreams and do believe they can have a real connection with the physical world. Sorry, I have more questions than answers lol. I would think anything wanting to attach itself to you would be negative, but maybe it's a protector or guardian angel although that seems highly unlikely. If you would like it out of your life I would pray to God. Not sure of your religious beliefs but one thing I know in this ever so darkening world is that Christ is the way. If you ask and mean it with all the fiber of your being, God will answer.
Hi Smartini13!
I don't think that the entity (the late grandmother) wants to hurt you and your husband in any ways. She must be, like any other grandparents, happy to learn that a little one will be added to the family. I do suggest that you don"t take it too seriously because I know (not an expert tho) when someone is pregnant, it becomes dangerous when the mother to be is experiencing or having too much stress.

Congratulations on having a baby and thanks for sharing!

Z ❤ ❤ ❤
WisconsinLady in Paranormal And Pregnant
Thank you for sharing your story. ❤
As an acknowledgment of love and remembrance, you could plant a tree in your yard to honor her. It could even be near a playset for your kids, so she will feel remembered and remain included in your family's life.
Would you be willing to answer some questions about your story?
Otherwise, the only thing I have to say is that there's few holes in it.

... Just my opinion. 😜
Hello RSAChick, thank you for taking your time to read it, I appreciate that!

I'm afraid I don't have the picture of it, today the internet maps might provide adequate image even for such an obscure location, but I'd rather not disclose the coordinates this way for privacy reasons. Thank you for understanding. In the future, though, I might take a picture of it myself, if I have one, I'll let you know!

I'll try to describe it in more detail - as this is actually a modern, cheap building, it makes heavy use of outdoor plastic panels, so the beige stripes I'm talking about are in fact made of this material - they aren't painted right on concrete walls or something similar that you might expect from an older building. It's just colored plastic coverage, the palette is coincidentally pretty close to the colors used by this site's design, but maybe slightly more washed out shades. It's very far from what a rainbow looks like, that's for sure! I hope that makes sense and helps you at least imagine the place's looks more easily.

Iridescent Building is also covered with various ad banners promoting some services, and I think there was also a stereotypical "happy family" photo above the entrance, but it's not there anymore. Right behind the building there's an apartment complex the construction of which was stalled for many years, leaving behind some rather creepy ruins, but it's been finished and modernized relatively recently.

Oh yes, I think it's wise to stay out of trouble if the inner voice tells us to back away...
Since I submitted my story I have found things in the tall grass and at the edge of the woods that indicate that a house or building used to be here.
I found a cistern, brick front porch steps and random masonry.
The town is called Hahira.
I have only lived here for three months. My parents have lived here a year and a half.
For some reason there is a mountain of old mattresses 500 yards beyond our property line. I don't walk there because of snakes or worse.
I've been thinking, there aren't many things that are more personal than someone's bed. Very old furniture gives me the creeps even at the best of times.
I wish someone would do something about the mattresses. I'm at a transition point in my life so I don't provide much criticism and my parents don't care because they think it's funny.
Maybe it is.
AugustaM in Odd Energy
That does sounds like a decent dose of stressors. Your elemental theory may hold water! And, good news is, there are traditional folk methods of dealing with them so there is hope of attaining a bit of peace in your home ☺

Here is a link to a podcast episode with a pretty decent discussion of elementals, their varieties etc that might give you a bit of insight into what you could be dealing with:

This is a blog entry regarding fairies and various folks experiences with them - if you search the page for the term "tingling" it will take you to an entry where that 'symptom' was associated with a fairy experience.

Here is a link to a decent list of folk remedies for such things - simple items from the household or garden that can be used for protection etc:

Here is a great PDF book on the subject:

And just to make sure our bases are covered - I am not a doctor but I do need to mention neuropathy ( It can be brought on by stress (it's happened to me before). So a quick chat with a doctor might not be a bad idea just to rule that out. I deal with anxiety and depression too- I was turned into an herb called ashwaganda by a friend with the same issues and it has done a lot of good for me - maybe ask your doctor (because, I'll stress again, I'm definitely NOT one) about that too if you are so inclined.

Sorry to throw a bunch of reading at you but I do hope it helps!
LuciaJacinta in The Man Made Of Light
After reading your story, rjsmith, (the Light Man), I immediately thought of this past story by Emmeline. But, I didn't want to bump it up. But, since you did, I agree there are some similar elements. Neat, hunh? Wonder if they are the same man?

I don't know if there any more on here. I think I'll go back and look.

This story sticks in my mind a lot.
If you believe in the Bible, Matthew 22 answers that concerning the woman with seven husbands. There is no marriage as we know it in Heaven. But, rather a different state of being. (Just including this if you want a source to refer to.)

If you don't believe in that, just believing in love makes sense. Love doesn't die. Love is eternal. The love your 1st husband and you shared can not end, nor the 2nd husband. Yes you will all be together in love along with all your loved ones.

Of course, this goes along with believing in an afterlife and all that goes along with it.

#2...really neat that "not here" was written on the calendar. That gives me shivers. There had to be a reason why she wrote that. Did she have any vacation plans or places she was supposed to be?
Hi violet_sunrise, I very much enjoyed your story.

I know you do not want to share the name of your settlement, but I am curious to see what this building looks like.

If you feel comfortable with sharing a link to an image of the building, that would be great! But I understand if you don't want to.

Avoid the places exuding bad energy if you can!
silverthane61 in Walking In The Dark
Wow! Your story is certainly more interesting and complicated than at first read!

That's an interesting concept from the Romans mate, I'll share my own crackpot theory based on experience and research. Mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind Quantum mechanics lends a clue to the relationship between the observer and what creates reality. Short version: we exist in a wave field of energy known as the Higgs field and according to Bruce Lipton (Biologist) we have 56 trillions cells each with their own antenna's most likely picking up a signal from somewhere?

That somewhere in my view is the 4th or 5th dimension of whence we truly reside, this material reality known as 3D land is only a sub set to a greater reality one of which pertains it's own science of physics, basically we are in the hard school of knocks called the Earth Matrix and when Einstein made that famous quote "spooky action at a distance"he was basically acknowledging the spiritual element tucked into the layers of our universe. Anyway, back to the crackpot theory of mine, our spiritual higher self implants enough energy into the consciousness of it's chosen vessel during the pregnancy process usually during the first three months however never to a point of full spiritual incarnation?... By cosmic design, we need to function and develop the human mind/consciousness/ego with the higherself taking the back seat so the residing host can full-fill it's mission on the greater walk of enlightenment or something like that. Lol

Those people who are full on psychic are probably walking the thin line between co existing in two dimensions because of the meshing of minds and levels of energies they invested right at the beginning of the incarnation exercise. Most others just invest lower amounts of energy to keep our reality grounded, most of these folk are your hardcore materialist who don't experience nothing paranormal in life and usually laugh at the notion of anything outside of their normal day to day routine and then you have the other group, those folk who incarnate with enough spiritual energy to achieve outcomes like Astral projection, basic paranormal communication and picking up spiritual vibes of past. What we picked up on in my view, were the vibes of spiritual emotions transcending across the fabric of space and time from lives lived in the past.

That's my explanation for what it is worth.

Regards Daz
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
I'm sure you know what you're talking about. I meant not funny to a terrified 4 year old in 1960.
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
Thank you for your comments and questions.

Let me clarify my typo correction comment... Light Man did move right to left during my brother's sighting as during my sighting. By right to left I meant relative to my brother's vantage point. In both instances, we were looking at a window where Light Man stood slightly to the right side before moving leftward across the window. Sorry about the confusion.

Regarding my fear and subsequent reactions... I was terrified by "it" and by the strangeness of the event. To awaken and face something like this right outside a screenless window at 4 years of age shocked and momentarily stunned me. But as he moved away, my fear eased ever so slightly and I wanted to make sure he really was going away. I was mesmerized by his unusual gait which held my attention until he disappeared around the corner of the house.

I don't know the age of the dwelling back then, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an old house. It was very small, cheaply made, and a few years after we moved out it was torn down. I remember this because we drove past it many times while going to visit our grandparents. There were no military bases or police academies in the area. Drawing from my knowledge of family history, I know of only one relative who had served in the military prior to the event. A male, my mother's 1st cousin who was captured during the Korean war and presumed dead. His remains were finally returned to his family in 2017. It was a major event in my hometown as he was honored by a parade and military burial. I had forgotten about this until you triggered the memory with your questions.

Light Man was empty handed and hatless when we saw him. No raincoat.
AugustaM in Light Man
Fact - they were a thing by 69 but not so much before. There were comedians in the 40s and 50s who made fun of Nazis and the goose step maneuver is very reminiscent of them.
Hello everyone, thanks for reading my story, I'm glad you found it interesting!

I do believe there are many haunted places or just spots of intense, concentrated psychic energy here in Russia. Our country's history is full of troubles and suffering, unfortunately. I think there's a lot of similar traces left by restless souls, especially in small settlements like ours. Lately I'm very concerned that people became very insensitive to the supernatural, always adhering to the technocratic kind of thinking and considering magic and related concepts only in context of popular entertainment. As a result, many important things go unnoticed as our life goes by...

MrsRamsay, I think this kind of experiences indicates that we do have a very different perception of the world when we are younger. We are not easily fooled by the imposed standards at this age, including concept of physical beauty. I believe that kids tend to have a very strong spiritual vision due to this, they sort of "pierce" this superficial veil we live in. As for intuition, I'm very fascinated with this power of the human mind. My mother has very strong intuition, she can even have premonitions sometimes, and I always appreciate her "seer's advice". Oftentimes it turned to be true and helped us both to avoid trouble. Intuition is wonderful, I do agree that it might be one of those mysterious aspects of our nature that were designed to warn us of danger.

Bibliothecarius, thank you for the deep theoretical interpretation of my and L's encounter. I've heard a few things about infrasound before, and I actually do have a mild interest in acoustics, so I would say it might be possible that sound vibrations, among other things, were responsible for my uneasiness. My settlement was actually founded around a railway station that is still active, but I'd say it isn't close enough to Iridescent. But, as you say, even the trucks in regular road traffic nearby can contribute to it. Usually, whenever I feel there's something wrong about the place, I reflect on my emotional state to find out what's causing it. I try to keep an open-minded approach, thus I like to learn some facts about the location before drawing conclusions, and in case with Iridescent, it made sense to me that my experience could link with its history. Thank you for the advice, it sounds quite useful, I'll try that next time I find myself in a similar situation. I support the idea that there's more than one way to perceive the world, I do believe that people shouldn't feel reserved about things irrational and mysterious, and it's great that this site encourages this point of view, while also letting people share their stories!
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
That is a funny thought in 2019, not so in 1960 😊...
Bibliothecarius in Light Man
Greetings, rjsmith, and welcome to YGS.

My initial reaction to your description was that you may have seen a residual haunting. However, I've had to revise that thought, as the correction in your first reply indicates your brother saw the man marching in the *opposite* direction to the event you had witnessed. While your reaction was to call for your mother in fear, I'd suggest that you would have been entirely unwilling to stick your head out of the window to see where he went if the apparition *itself* frightened you. Am I correct in presuming that your fear was predicated upon the strangeness of the event?

As Augusta suggested, my mind went to a military Parade Ground, too. Do you have any idea how old your parents' house was when you were raised there? Had there been a military base in town (e.g.: a boot camp for WWII, since decommissioned), or -perhaps- a State Trooper school/academy? For someone to march around your property, apparently as a guardian spirit, should be reassuring; however, marching is not required of those who are not in official uniforms. If there is not a connection to the location specifically, I wonder if your parents or your grandparents had a male relative who died at a comparatively young age, especially during or soon after military service?

I get the feeling that I'm worrying at a loose thread, here; something about your description of his marching is at odds with his formal, *civilian* attire.

Please let me know if he was he wearing a hat, carrying a briefcase, or had a raincoat with him. He may not have had any of these items, but it would help to rule out a notion or two that I've not described here.

Hi Aussie,

No, August holds no specific significance for my family *that I know of* - and these events occurred in May. I know what you mean by "cosmic amnesia" and I completely agree. The Romans believed that once your soul had been judged, you were given to drink from one of two rivers. For those passing on to Elysium (and all eventually would in their way of viewing things), it was from the River of Lethe, which made you forget all that had come before. But I feel as though, for some of us, when we were given the cup, perhaps a few drops from the other river were left therein causing us to remember a bit more than perhaps we should. Sometimes I do feel very strongly as though I am experiencing emotions left over from another life - it's very confusing and often leaves me feeling rather helpless as I have no means to resolve them.
Greetings, violet_sunrise, and welcome.

I'm going to agree with MrsRamsay's response; sometimes there are multiple facts that we only notice subconsciously. If enough of those facts are present, we begin to feel uncomfortable, even though we've not got a clear idea of what is making us feel like something is not right.

Narrow hallways compress sound and make people feel somewhat trapped, but that would only apply to the *Iridescent* building, not to the other locations. Waves of infra-sound, meaning sounds so deep that we cannot hear them, may also be a factor; we can *feel* the sound passing through a structure & through our bodies, and it seems strange because our brain is telling us that there is a sound but our ears tell us there is not. This would most likely occur if construction work was being performed, if there is a nearby road with heavy trucks, or if a freight train runs on a track close to the building.

These points are not an effort to dismiss your account; they are *possible* causes for you to determine why they explain --or do not explain-- your experience. If they are not possible (for example, the train track is on the other side of town), please let us know.

The truth may be, as L said, you "can sense these things." Sometimes, our awareness within a place is the residual strong feelings, good or bad, left by other people. Have you tried sitting in different locations around town to see how you feel in those places? Obviously, do *not* go to the cafe filled with alcoholics & thugs! Go to different places, sit down by yourself and try to relax your mind. How does each place "feel" to you while you sit there? Try doing this in buildings and outdoors. Some places may seem more comfortable than others. If being there for 5-10 minutes does not feel particularly different, move on to another place.

There are many of us here on YGS who have different "abilities," "senses," or "intuitions." I can tell you that the feelings we pay attention to do get stronger over time. This is not something to fear; it is a different way of learning about the world around us.

I did enjoy reading your experience. I look forward to reading more from you.

AugustaM in Light Man
Wow not even a military uniform - how curious! This sounds ridiculous but maybe the chap was a fan of Monty Python in life and thought such a stunt would come off as funny and not frighten you!
I agree. I think it was something trying to get close to me while I was already upset.
Several hours after I submitted this story, I found out from my mother that it was his birthday.
I don't know what it means. I still don't think it was him.
My elderly stepfather was up late smoking outside a week ago on the back porch and he heard a young woman's voice say his name three times fast:
"Mark Mark Mark"
In an excited way. There was nothing around and all the lights were on outside. Now he smokes out front.
I go on walks during the day. In the tall grass by the edge of the woods I found an old well. Quite close to where I heard footsteps. It has wooden boards covering the hole and some more boards marking the area around. That's a good thing because they are so old and weathered that they would definitely not withstand the weight of even a small child.
The land this house was built on was part of a vast cotton plantation during the 1800s, according to the internet.
I am with ladyglow - maybe it was someone in need of help. But if not, maybe the spectral guardians of the cemetery were displeased with your using a grave site as the butt of your mischief. You may have meant no harm but its not exactly the *most* respectful reason for visiting a grave.
rjsmith33122 in The Man Made Of Light

I just read your story and if you're still keeping tabs, I wanted to thank you for sharing.

I accept your account of what happened. I just posted my own light man story which took place in the summer of 1960. I KNOW what I saw was real, that what my brother saw was real. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if someone doesn't believe our story, that's fine. I was within 6 feet of our light man on a clear night 59 years ago. I wish I could say how comforting the encounter was as did your son, but I was one terrified 4 year old! I do believe, after all these years, that our light man was there as a protector, a guardian, although I don't understand why he was there that particular night and why we were allowed to see him.

Thanks again!
MrsRamsay in Light Man
I'm going to go out on a limb here, but based on what the others have said as well as my own experiences... I'm a 58 year old woman, a journalist and regular mom in the American south. I'm also a genealogist and a good researcher, which has nothing to do with this topic, yet somehow I think it does. I do think we have guardians! My own daughter, now 12, had a dream a couple years ago during the week before she was going to be baptized (we usually baptize as babies in our faith, but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan got in the way of this one)... She was having some rough dreams and in one a "bad man" was chasing her. Someone she identified as my late (first) husband (not her father) and his "team" came around the corner in a big truck, according to her dream, and fought with the bad man and made him leave. Then the man looked at her and said, "You don't know me, but I know all about you." I do believe we have protectors and I do believe in spriritual warfare. I used to sit in church and listen to stories of spiritual warfare and could not relate, but life has taught me that these stories we hear in church don't come from NOWHERE. A bright sentry was keeping you safe, imo. The way you and your brother discovered it years later seems also to lend lots of credibility. I also believe spiritual things like this are sort of fuzzy to the living, as if we're not supposed to remember. Thank you for sharing!
Hello from the U.S.! I've always been intrigued by your country and your story is so interesting! I have always felt certain places were strange to me as well, since I was a small girl. I suppose we all do this based on first impressions, but some of my most memorable negative places were actually very pretty places, which made no sense. My daughter also, when she was small, would tell me not to drive down certain streets. I would ask why and she would say, "These houses are dirty" when in fact there was nothing about them that looked "dirty." Some kind of an imprint perhaps, just the remains of a feeling? Perhaps its a way our intuition keeps us safe?
Thanks for the warm wishes here. I felt safe sharing, like you all wouldn't judge, and I appreciate it so much. Two quick questions, would love your thoughts: 1. How do you all think it works after we all die? Are you with your first husband or second or both? I sometimes believe we'll ALL be together, and that's one reason I ended up with my current husband... I feel like there's no jealousy in the afterlife, only compatibility/love with those souls you're supposed to be with. 2. Forgot to mention, a few months after Mom died, I was going through her paperwork and looking at her calendar (a real old fashioned paper one!). On the day she died, she had written in her own handwriting, "Not here." What do you all think about THAT? It will remain my biggest mystery!
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
AugustaM, the suit he was wearing was a typical suit, something that I would have worn to work or for a job interview. I didn't see his footwear. But his rigid posture was definitely military-like and the goose-stepping scary to me because I'd never seen anything like this before. My head, initially laying against the window sill (no window screen) was only about 6 feet from where he stood so I got a really good look at him. He struck me as being very cleancut and his features and posture were those of a youngish man 25-35 years old. It's been 59 years and I still see him very clearly in my mind.
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
Thanks for the quick feedback. Let me quickly point out a typo in the description of my brother's sighting-Light Man was initially standing to the right of the open window before he moved to his left.

WisconsinLady, it did feel like he was there for a specific purpose. We've wondered about why we actually saw him, was it intentional or just a random occurrence. We were young and innocent and had no idea as to the extreme hardships which lay ahead for both of us. We are persons of faith and throughout my life this incident has reinforced my belief that there is more to this life than meets the eye.
AugustaM in Light Man
Did either one of you notice any details of what he was wearing that might give some insight into what era he might have come from? The way you describe his posture and movements, he seemed to be marching in a military review.
Hi Mmj and welcome to YGS!
I can understand how scary that must have been for you, as the same thing happened to my older sister, when she was employed as a residential nurse in a nursing home. On her afternoon off, she would cycle into the village to meet up with her friends and often didn't head home until after dark. One night as she was cycling home through a wooded area, she heard this terrible screaming and shrieking coming from the woods. It scared her so much, she nearly fell off her bike! She wasn't far from the home, so she peddled as fast as she could, then when she arrived, she leapt off her bike, leaving it on the ground, before rushing inside and shouting to the staff on duty to call the police immediately, as some poor woman was being murdered in the woods! She couldn't believe it when the two staff on duty just looked at each other and burst out laughing! LOL... They then explained to her that these screams are always heard at this time of year, 'during the mating season of the fox'! I had to check on the net to be sure, but apparently the Red Fox is pretty common in Pakistan, so Lady-Glow was right and you need never be afraid if you hear that sound in the graveyard again!
I just hope it wasn't a real person in trouble and in need of help...
Alliejade, thanks I am glad you liked it & thank you for checking it out.
When I got to the part where your husband died when your daughters were 2 and 4, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.
I know he did all these things to show you he is always with you, and at the end of your long life and your daughter's long lives, you will reunite with him and know he was with you all along.
My Dad gave us some amazing displays after he passed away to show us that he's with us.
I always imagine the illusion of everyday life falling away at the end and all our loved ones standing there with big smiles, laughing even that we ever thought they were really gone.
alliejade in Busted Headstone
Really nice story! Thanks for sharing. I was intrigued the whole time.
WisconsinLady in Light Man
And thank you for sharing! I'm glad you and your brother shared your stories with each other. ❤
WisconsinLady in Light Man
I believe this could be a guardian of some kind. White light is largely associated with good entities and energies. He seemed to be taking his guard shift very seriously. He could have been watching over you both.
In Pakistan, there aren't much nocturnal animals and I know the sound of each of them. This sound was human like it was made from the sound of an injured woman. I should described in the story what the shrieking actually sounded like.

We were there at 8pm or 9pm at the cemetery and I was advised by everyone that never to visit cemetery at night. In our faith there is no concept of ghost or spirit but there is a belief of supernatural beings called Jins.

I was taught at school that Jins are being that cannot be seen and they dwell in desolate places like cemetery or abandoned building or trees. Here's another fun fact, we were always advised by our elders, parents and teachers to never sleep next to a tree.
Hi Val,
You may well not attribute these things to something special about yourself and others may indeed try to rationalise their similar events into normalcy, perhaps because they're a wee bit scared, but the fact is that most people don't have these 'events' at all!
LOL...yes of course I've mislaid stuff lots of times in my life, but having thought about it, I don't remember ever finding it in a weird place where I couldn't have left it or lost it myself, like down the side of my chair or something! Neither have I ever found it lying out in plain sight in a place I've just looked.
You say you might not mind a second chance to show what you've learned, but you are obviously more 'spiritually aware' than I am and that's the difference. I believe the reason for that is you are an older spirit and have reincarnated more times than I have! Perhaps, many more times!
I honestly believe my young sister who was extremely psychic, was a very old soul and suspect my mother was too, but not as old as my sister who I believe was commonly known as 'a ghost magnet' and lived a lot of her life in fear, until she at last got help.
As for you, I definately think 'someone has your back'!

""What was that loud shrieking noise and who was making it? Was it trying to warn or scare us?"

Mmj: welcome to YGS.

Perhaps it was not a 'who' but a 'what' shrieking in the night. Have you considered the possibility of a nocturnal animal scared at you and Omar's presence?

I imagine how frightening it must have been to hear such an unexpected sound in the middle of the night, specially in a cemetery, but let's not forget how creative ones mind can become in the darkness.

I'm not discarding the possibility of a spirit protecting their turf but, based on your narrative, the only thing we can do is to wonder what was in there that night.

It was very nice from Omar to pray for the people buried there.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Caz, I don't attribute these things to anything 'special' about myself, but rather tend to think other's rationalize their events into normalcy. Not that every miss placed item is to be blamed on the paranormal. Have you never misplaced something (where the heck did I put my ___) only to find it either someplace weird or where you looked before?
When my kids were around, it was a lot easier to blame them, or that I was tired or stressed. Heck, even the dog made a great scapegoat. But when you've no one to blame, except yourself, it gets a lot harder. Sure I could shove it off on the roommate, but what about the years prior, when I lived alone? I'd like to also note here, there seems to be a different 'feel' to a 'returned' or 'gift' then when it's been simply misplaced, or walked in (say on the bottom of a shoe or dropped from a visitor). It never last long, just a very slight tingle or vibration. Of course that could be just my imagination generated by the shock/puzzlement of it being.
Your idea of reincarnation, might be correct. Personally, I've never wrapped my head fully around the concept. On one hand, I do like the idea of being given another chance at showing I've learned and become a better human through this life, on the other I'm like, "Gads, once was enough!"
Lucia, hello!
Although your idea of a human agent is logical it just doesn't wash, mostly because of our set up. I live in a second story walk up apartment. The main door is always locked, even when we're home. I'm up very steep NOISEY stairs, behind another locked door. There's no evidence of a break in and only my jewel box went missing. Also, during the time of it's return I was at home on vacay from work.
I just can't imagine anyone willing to pick 2 locks and risk jail to return it. Not to mention, other really expensive items were in plain view, this entire time span. (I admit it, my place is somewhat of a museum - except for the furniture -gads that needs replacing big time! 😆) Having said that, I will say, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that if my flatmate had a hand in it, he could have gotten it back from 'Charles' and hidden it there. However, none of his 'tells' played out. He's mentally around an immature 14, and can not hide feelings well, or secrets. He would have been hinting at me to research the closet, or would have 'found' the box for me.
During the 3 months I was off, we had 0 visitors.
My kitty is an indoor beasty. So if he had carted the carrot coin into the tub, it would have been from within the apartment confines. As I mentioned, we hadn't had carrots in months, and this would not only take my cleaning into question, but it did look awfully fresh. Even if he had, where'd he get it from? Good point though!
Honestly it's because of the simpler, weirder 'gifts' I wonder if ghosties had a had in the return of my jewel box.
Biblio, interesting, very interesting.
You're remark about about " To the layman, of any culture, the spirit would simply appear to be "Native American," " (ok, the double quotation mark at the end looks odd, but not sure how else to punctuate that. 😆) has merit. Just yesterday the guy across the street referred to the downstairs tenant as 'an Oriental lady', which is correct, more specific would be Korean, but being unversed in the differences he simply used the larger grouping. For this to apply to spectral meetings as well, seems highly logical. However, what about within that particular group? Would not one member of a particular grouping recognize another member of the same grouping as 'antiquated' for lack of a better term? Or 'not of this time'?
I'm not sure, Edgar Cayce's projecting himself (astral time travel?) back in time is the same as spectral visitations, but it does fit neatly with the theory that from the paranormal's point of view that time has no meaning as we know it. For example to a ghostie from 1819, 2019 is still 1819. In a time slip from the aforementioned time, the same applies. Somehow for a brief moment 2019 becomes 1819.
Perhaps the planes are more like tectonic plates, not merely stacked one above the other, but moving. I believe the accepted number of planes is 7 (in Buddhism it's 31), with the planes not really 'places' but existing around us all the time. I read somewhere that a galaxy is a series of 49 interpenetrating spheres of matter from all 49 planes, and that a solar system is a series of 7 interpenetrating spheres of matter from 7 planes, and it's all created with the same 3 atoms. It was also suggested that each of the 7 planes has 7 subplanes. If we take that as a given, then why wouldn't the same chord in a different octave play out? [" Cross-dimensional physics would require that aspects the superstructure of the multiverse (called 'branes') be in harmony with one another. This would be a bit like playing the three major chords of C# Major (C#M, F#M, & G#M) in two different octaves simultaneously. This harmony, or quantum resonance, *theoretically* would allow for some interactivity, such as transmission of information, between the two branes."] After all at its base there is the same 3 atoms, which may or may not be vibrating at the same speed. (Gads, I'm making my own head hurt, and I hope this is making some kind of sense.)
If we use the ripple effect illustration, and combine it with the tectonic (moving) planes theory and place ourselves 'sandwiched' as it were on a somewhat middle plane (higher being future, lower being past) of course some of the vibrations (or spirits) are going to be of a diminished presence on our plane. That is not to say they don't exist but rather go undetected. Maybe the last time you tripped over 'nothing' it was actually something you just couldn't see. Hmmmm... However add in atmospheric conditions and our own 'vibration' or mind set in the moment, and voila! We see it. Only to later lose it.
I would love to hear your further thoughts on this matter.
AugustaM in Cross Necklace
I have had items that return to me and some that I have never been able to hold onto - its a strange thing and I do think there is something unexplained at work. However, as the chain had come loose several times beforehand, could be in the case of this last disappearance that the necklace simply required a new more sturdy clasp and the unexplained was not at involved.
Oh my goodness Biblio! Your brain must be a biological computer! Actually, I think all brains are biological computers, but yours is much better tuned than most! I've read your comment several times and can't claim to understand most of it, but I think I've just about got the gist, so want to add my tuppence worth to the conversation. Don't worry though. If any tinfoil hat is required...I'm sure it'll be just my size!
I do know that things (including people) can mysteriously and perhaps accidentally get transferred from one place to another, so that could be an example of what you were saying. In fact I remember reading a story some years ago, telling how a foreign soldier in uniform suddenly found himself on the street of a strange city which turned out to be over a thousand miles away from where he'd been walking!
However, I think what happened to Val is totally different altogether. Her precious items may well have been transported accidentaly, but I believe the return of them was no accident. Someone had taken great care to keep them all together and even managed to find a box for the purpose.
Also, I do wonder why things like that only seem to happen to certain people. Maybe those who have psychic abilities? I have none, so these things never happen to me and nor do they happen to most 'ordinary' people I know!
PS...I may not have psychic abilities, but I have had several experiences over the last few years or so, courtesy of my psychic sister. The reason I've never written about them on here, is simply because I felt that even though I was involved, they weren't really my stories to tell.

OK! The other thing I want to talk about is why nobody ever seems to see spirits from centuries way back, such as cavemen ect?
Could it simply be they have long since reincarnated?
As far as Native Americans are concerned, they've always held a special place in my heart, because I've always felt they have a better understanding of Nature and the conciousness of 'all living things', even down to a blade of grass and I believe they are the most 'Spiritually aware' race on the planet.
Could it be they are more often seen because they've managed to 'avoid the light' and therefore avoided reincarnation?
Could it be a possibility that the Charles Manson guy broke in and took the jewelry box then brought it back with the cigar box? Or another person?

The carrot could be from the cat. Maybe Kitty dug it out of somewhere, carried it for awhile and dropped it in there?

I think the simple things are weirder like the sand lines and the colored glass. I totally believe those are otherworldly gifts but for what reason? Those are things that don't make sense which equals freaky. I'd be more freaked by lines of sand than a cigar box myself because I would reason the box's placement somehow but the sand...that's just weird.

Now, the theory of why don't we see ghosts from the early ages more often is one I pondered often too. I really don't know. I guess they get reabsorbed into the atmosphere somehow over time.
Tasfia_Farah in Strange Phenomenon?
[at] sushantkar
I know how it feels to lose one's own parents. Don't fret over it. I hope and pray that he is at a better place now. But unfortunately I didn't have any chance to spend any moments with my Mom during her last moments. She had lost consciousness 12 hours before she died.
Though it was saddening, I felt at peace. Because she died with a smile on her face which indicates that she's in heaven or is supposed to go to heaven.
May you and your family be blessed and have peaceful life ahead.
Tasfia_Farah in Strange Phenomenon?
[at] Ravishingroxy
Thank you so much. I know Moms are the best in the world. I'll never forget the things she (my Mom) did for me as long as she was with me. May you and your family be blessed.
Hi AugustaM

Wow, what a well written story one of which I can relate to from my own personal experience. Question first up, does August hold a very significant time of the year relating to birth,deaths, marriages in your family tree? It does for me. My great,great,great grandmother was on one of the first few free settler ships that came here to Australia from England in 1803. Her name was Sarah and she was married to a convict in 1822 at a church in Windsor Sydney that still stands today. A couple of years ago I found the graveyard where Sarah was buried in 1878 alongside 5 other family members... I too was overcome by a deep spiritual feeling I could not explain however it felt like I was there before?...BTW, I was fortunate enough to capture her ghostly imagine inside her headstone of which was pretty neat and cool, I really enjoyed the way you started your story up with your own philosophy: "" I believe that we walk between the siren songs of two influences in our lives - one from our soul that has seen many lives before and the other from our blood that speaks with the voices of our ancestors"' yes that is ever so true. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience bind by a duality sprinkled with cosmic amnesia, it has to be that way otherwise we would all go around the twist trying to deal with the emotions of a current life on top of other lives with full recall struth, one wouldn't know if they were Martha or Arthur however, not to say deep from a place with in, those sentimental nostalgic feelings from the past can't find there way to the surface in one way or another? Anyway, it felt like that for mine.

Thank you for sharing such an meaningful well written account.

Val, once again, I find myself taking the time to ponder your provocative supernatural suggestions.

"The other thing I wonder about is why we never hear about specters from the really far past. America's seem to start around Pilgrims... I assume the American Indian had ancestors which would pre-date any white settlers, but I've yet to hear of anyone bumping into one." While it is possible for the spirits of Native American people to remain coherent entities for extended periods, I suspect it would take an individual well-versed in the *specific* cultural behaviors, attire, and rituals of that spirit's tribal or national history to pin down how long the spirit has lingered in this world. To the layman, of any culture, the spirit would simply appear to be "Native American."

"...with England going further back (assumably because it's historically older)." The relevant ghost narrative I recall best was of a fellow working on an evening shift watching a division of Roman Soldiers walking below the level of the floor/road, and his surprise that very few of the men were clean-shaven as depicted in art, film, etc. It was later revealed by historians that inhabitants of lands conquered by Rome were permitted to grow their beards even during their military service, as their cultures viewed beards as proof of adulthood.

"However we don't seem to hear about Biblical figures or cavepeople, from the modern observer of the paranormal." I recall reading that the mystic Edgar Cayce once pushed himself to see how far back in time he could project himself, and that he claimed to have met individuals who had low, ridged foreheads and wide-spaced eyes who were frankly shocked to see him. (I don't have the exact source on this to hand, but it should be possible to look it up online.)

To find say a flint arrowhead, or something like that within the confines of my space, would really freak me out. So then, am I to assume only certain planes can converge with other planes?" I think that this juncture would be a good time to include time-slip phenomena as a related topic, as the basic event is similar to the your questioning the spirits' limited temporal range. Cross-dimensional physics would require that aspects the superstructure of the multiverse (called 'branes') be in harmony with one another. This would be a bit like playing the three major chords of C# Major (C#M, F#M, & G#M) in two different octaves simultaneously. This harmony, or quantum resonance, *theoretically* would allow for some interactivity, such as transmission of information, between the two branes. Before anyone writes this off as a theory requiring me to construct an aluminum foil hat, there are FOUR documented regions of the universe with the wrong stellar distribution in them because our universe's expansion collided with (or bounced off of) four other universes, which shifted the matter *inside* our universe like ripples bouncing off the side of a swimming pool. These other universes wouldn't even need to be "parallel universes" to our own, but they've left evidence of their existence in the data we can observe.

Alternate universes, such as the classic idea of each choice making new potential universes diverging from the shared history, can't be divided into merely Universe A and Universe B; each decision has a range of alternative outcomes, including some of those differences being minor enough to allow some matter/energy feedback or interactivity on the quantum level. It's not matter and energy being created or destroyed [thereby undermining E=mc2]; rather, it's like the electron/slit experiment in which a single electron passes through both the left and right slits in a sheet of cardboard and leaving two simultaneous though separated impacts upon the target. Paradimensional flow between synchronous universes, then, requires that matter and energy at the most miniscule known levels be in a multitude of potential states simultaneously. This would, then, permit people to have knowledge of events in so-called "alternative" realities, potentially even having solid objects "slip" from one to another & back, because when investigated as to whether or not the quantum-level physics supports Universe A or Universe B as the objective "reality," the answer would be "yes," just as it would be for all of the possible iterations between A and B. Quantum state phenomena do not adhere to Newtonian physics, to perceived temporal progression, or even to atomic differentiation (i.e.; quantum entanglement would not be limited to both entangled particles being housed within the same probability stream).

Good lord, Val! See what you've made me do? Yikes!

This barrage of brainstorming has been a lot of fun; it also suggest that the short answer to your question would be "provided they're close enough, then yes."

I'm going to reheat my now-chilled coffee & give this some further thought.

Hey silverthane61,
No the haunts didn't follow me or any of my family members who lived in that house, however we have had new experiences with spirits in the house we live in now. And yes, all of the hauntings have been on the friendly side but as I said in the story, the spirit in my sisters room seemed unfriendly but never cause harm. Thank you for commenting!
Dwright0508, sorry to hear of the loss of your child. I can only imagine how difficult that must be. I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing. I too had a run in with a little girl in a white nightgown when I was 16. At first she was harmless enough and only appeared a couple times, after that she became sort of hostile and physical with me. I still have a scar from where she scratched me in my sleep. Be very careful with this girl, you never know what her intentions are. Best of luck to you
LuciaJacinta, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Having lived through both experiences, I can say that each remain disturbing for me, as well as the other ones I've shared. Between me & you I am always afraid that when I'm in bed at night I'm going to see something standing in my room. As far as the little girl goes, I just simply do not look out windows. Sad really, but I'm just thankful I am able to share these things with you.
LuciaJacinta in Busted Headstone
Wow. Great story. I was reading this and got to the end before I realized who wrote this. Another very interesting tale Dar77. "The night gown" is still to me the creepiest. But, this one is pretty scary too.
CreoleEmpath in My "two" Sons

Correct. My real son was the boy on the sofa. The "spirit" ran up the stairs.
Aw, 'tis a shame you didn't engage. Sounds like the ghost just wanted someone to play with! ❤
When I was very young, some family friends and their children, whom I thought of as cousins, came over to visit. The kids whom I considered cousins and I sat in my room and discussed ghosts. Up to that point, I'd never feared the dark, anything under my bed, anything in my closet, nothing at all. But one of them decided there was something evil in my closet. Discussing it amongst ourselves, we decided that if our ages added up to a number higher than the age of the entity, then we were stronger. Kid logic. Heh. Anyway, after they left, I was scared of my closet in the dark. But after so many weeks of being afraid of my closet I got fed up. It felt so silly, so made up. My bed was, at the time, across the room from it. I slept with my head basically facing opposite that same closet. So I got up in a rush, went to the closet, and threw open the door. Immediately I was greeting by a huge growl. I couldn't even describe it. It was nothing I'd heard before. I threw the door back closed and right back to my bed. Now, as an adult, I've considered that maaaybe I heard my dad snoring super loudly through the vent that was immediately above the closet. Poor timing, I suppose. But what didn't help my horrible now entrenched fear was that my mother later disclosed to me, she'd done a layout of this old house when we first moved in. Between my bedroom and theirs was enough space for "three coffins", her words. Completely inaccessible. That house has at least two or three attics also inaccessible. To this day, none of us has any idea what lies in that space. All this to say, I guess, that I believe you about the growl. I don't know what it was, whether imagination or some thing. Something else I have encountered is sleep paralysis - where like I can't move or see things in my half-sleep stupor. I suggest googling that. As the years have rolled by I'm less fearful of that stage of sleep and it's actually become more of a real life sounds work their way into dreams experience rather than an I see things when opening my eyes and can't move thing. I think seeking spiritual and psychological guidance will help immensely. Best of luck to you and yours.
Melda in Passerby
Eerie - Please forgive me if I sound rather stupid but I'm a bit confused about something.

Are you saying that the dog turned into a log after the shooting or that the dog disappeared and everybody was shooting at a log?

Perhaps I'm slower than usual today.

Regards, Melda
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Brother freakedoutfreddy
I also can't imagine my life without set of wheels
But things got more complicated day by day
Karla in Odd Energy
I loved your response. It is hard to say if a big event happened at the time this energy entered my home since my family is known for our anxiety there is a list of things. My 25 year old son lost his job, my youngest daughter started college 1,000 miles away and I was so worried about her and missed her so deeply that my heart hurt every day. She herself suffers from anxiety and depression at times. The energy in our home is definitely not negative or dark but constant and annoying. It doesn't let us sleep, it doesn't follow instructions or commands. I have been told that it is not human but an elemental spirit. I am starting to be believe this because I have bought a couple night vision cameras and have seen multiple (at least 5) orbs in my bed room at the same time.
Bibliothecarius in Watching Us Sleep
Greetings, SilenceRecited.

First, it's a positive note that you did not feel any anger, animosity, or "bad energy" from the shadow figure at that time.

That said, shadow figures can be divided into several groups: indifferent, good, and bad. Though few people have claimed to see large numbers of shadow figures, those who do make the claim suggest that the majority of the shadows are minding their own business & ignoring us. There are even fewer people who claim to have interacted with good/positive shadow figures, but they do make that claim. The majority of shadow interactions tend to be accompanied by negative descriptions, fear, etc. Some people who've seen the "indifferent" shadow figures state that if they stare too long and get the attention of a shadow, their reactions to the living person tend to be hostile.

While it is possible, given the above statements, that there was nothing amiss in what you experienced that night, the shadow person may have noticed your wakefulness, and is now beginning to behave in an negative manner. This concerns me because you "are expecting our first child."

Please consider the details in the moment you were "woken up to the feeling of being pushed." It's not unusual for people to make some last twitches while all of the muscles are relaxing for sleep. My wife does this pretty regularly while I'm still reading to the end of a chapter of my book. This behavior has *never* woken her up; it has startled me to being fully awake on a few occasions, but not very often. From my own experience, that reaction feels more like a relaxing shudder. You state that you felt "pushed." Where was the sensation: legs, arms, shoulders, neck, head, back, torso, belly...?

I would recommend that you perform a cleansing ritual to move the spirit out of your home. I'll post the one from Rook's home page at the bottom of this comment. It can be done with or without a religious ritual, depending upon your personal affiliations & beliefs. If you are a religious person, it couldn't hurt for you to get a minister of your faith to perform a blessing so you'll be less anxious about the arrival of your first child.

While the age-old claim of "eating for two" when pregnant is not exactly true, you do have to think about being **protective** for two for the next couple of decades.

Please let us know how you get on.


*****Rook's Cleansing Method*****

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
RCRuskin in My "two" Sons
Hi, CreoleEmpath.

So, would I be correct in thinking the doppel went upstairs and not your son?
What a wonderful story Mrs. Ramsay and it's us who should be thanking you for sharing it with us. I felt very sorry that you lost your first husband Scott, but as it turns out, you haven't really lost him at all and apparently, he's still looking after all of you! I'm so sorry you lost your mum, but I've no doubt she'll be well and happy where she is now. I've lost two of my younger siblings within weeks of each other this year and that was pretty devastating, but they've both been back to let us know they are still around and that's made all the difference!
silverthane61 in My "two" Sons
There exists plenty of material concerning the existence of doppelgangers. You may be able to read or view some case files after a short perusal of the internet. Your case seems to fit in this category. If it is a case for doppelgangers, then you may experience a episode like this at a later date.
A heart warming tale. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sorry for your loss, but gratified that you and your daughters were able to move along and find another worthy man.
First of all I want to say, sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your touching story, I really enjoyed it and how neat that your Dad was able to stop by to see his granddaughter.
Dar77 in Passerby
Hahaha, what a funny story 😊 it's funny what tricks our eyes and minds can play on us! Thanks for sharing
CreoleEmpath in My "two" Sons
I personally can say that the energy in the house DID shift AFTER I gave birth to my son in 2010. Not anything overbearing, but I've heard a female voice in his room and AFTER THIS LAST OCCURRENCE my daughter stated that she has seen my son's "twin" for many years.

An older neighbor I've helped in the past mentioned things being moved in his home, but he lived alone (has since passed).

Yes, I did speak with my son after seeing him still sitting there.
silverthane61 in Walking In The Dark
I have heard that preternatural spirits often take the form of an acquaintance in order to fool the person into allowing it to come closer to you. These acquaintances are not always close to the person in real life. I hope you are able to effectively deal with any future occurrences.
silverthane61 in My Old House Was Haunted
Fascinating! Do these haunts continue to follow you? I presume most of these hauntings have been on the friendly side.
silverthane61 in Was This An Attack?
I have not felt that type of attack. Your description is very indicative of a preternatural presence attempting to possess you. I hope you continue to have success fighting it off. Hopefully, you will not again have another attack.
RCRuskin in My "two" Sons
This is me, before my morning cup of coffee. (I only just got out of the shower and decided to check... Heh, tmi, sorry.)

Want to make sure I understand:

You were talking with your family about a topic you did not care for your son to hear at that time. You saw him get up and go upstairs, then you saw him still sitting there.

I'm not sure which is the 'hallucination' for want of a better word. Did you converse with your son after finding he was still present, or did he fade away to reveal he was a ghost/spirit/something else?
Melda! So lovely to 'see' you! I agree, missing items seem to arrive in their own time, NOT when we're looking for them. I do hope your watch shows back up.
Hi Biblio!
I've no idea what we'd call such an event, but to me it makes some sense. Especially with some of the odd 'gifts' I've received over the years.Note: I only listed some of what has been found within the parameters of my apartment, what one could term a controlled space. The odds of someone having lost or dropped these items is very, very slim.
The other thing I wonder about is why we never hear about specters from the really far past. America's seem to start around Pilgrims, with England going further back (assumably because it's historically older). However we don't seem to hear about Biblical figures or cavepeople, from the modern observer of the paranormal. I assume the American Indian had ancestors which would pre-date any white settlers, but I've yet to hear of anyone bumping into one. To find say a flint arrowhead, or something like that within the confines of my space, would really freak me out. So then, am I to assume only certain planes can converge with other planes? Hmmm...
lady-glow, I too wonder 'what would a ghost want/do with that?' Do the spirits of different generations/nationalities gather together and have spectral show and tells, or something? Do spirits know they're dead - in the sense we think of as dead? Or are they still living life as they know it? Hmmmm...
freakedoutfreddy in Wedding Couple
dude, I cannot imagine life without my set of wheels, even if ain't no Lambo! 😁
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Freakedoutfreddy brother
The reason is after I started back driving again
Thing's got more complicated and series of events happened which I will describe later in my stories
And finally I stopped driving
freakedoutfreddy in Wedding Couple
I don't know bro but I'm confused about "I was hospitalized for next 14 days and decided never to drive alone" and "After this incident I stopped driving." 🤔
Val - That is so interesting! I find this subject fascinating as I have also had a number of similar experiences.

I won't go through my whole list of disappearing and reappearing items but at the moment I am begging for my gold watch to be returned. It isn't something I wear every day so I keep it in a certain space in my dressing table.

What I have discovered is that when you search for these items you normally don't find them. They have a tendency to turn up at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place!

As I said, fascinating stuff.

Regards, Melda
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Yes when I got frightened they left and I saw both of them in a bus with a smile on their faces waving hands and saying goodbye

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