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Hi Linjahaha!

I'm a quiet but avid reader of this site and rarely comment, but have to say that your story completely resonates with me, as I and a friend had a very similar and frightening experience. Like yours, it was in the summer of '68 and involved two bored 14/15 year old girls on a very wet afternoon, an improvised ouija board and a bedroom in my aunt's house (which was originally part of an 18th century water-mill). It started well, but let's just say it took a turn which scared us both into never doing it again. It wasn't as dramatic as your experience, in that we saw nothing and were not physically touched, but we knew what was happening was really not good.

As you say, a lesson learned. Thanks for sharing this.
BitterSweet78801 in The Door Bell
I completely agree with your comments. My apologies for the late reply.

I live in a small neighbor hood. I live in a dead end road. We only have two houses at the end of this road. It's very rare that people will walk by our house, since it is a dead end road. We have the typical garbage truck, and we also have an occasional neighbor across the road that walks there dog across the empty lot in front of my and my neighbors house. We don't have much kids in this neighborhood.

I don't sense a negative energy. My dogs and I heard the front door ring again today. I hear it and they bark. I never thought about the wiring to the door bell. I'll have to look into it.
I suppose if you go looking, you might just find more than you bargained for, that being said, it's a very scary incident you went through, but with age and experience comes wisdom.
Rajine in The Door Bell
Hi Bittersweet78801

If it was a resident spirit or the previous owner that passed away peacefully at home, I don't think it would need to ring the bell because it would probably be in the house already.
I've had many unfortunate incidents where I've heard voices call my name, disembodied voices always creeps me out, but in our belief whatever calls out to you is rarely good, so best just ignore it, also we believe that if you hear your name being called out you shouldn't answer back loudly, rather ask the people around you if they called for you.
Hi, Ladyglow, & RC: You 'both' have valid points in what you say. My being slightly psychic may have attracted something 'other' than what we anticipated.
Lady: I never even thought that just 'maybe' the hard poke in my ribs was a possible attention-getter to make me back off from what we were doing in the first place. It 'got' my attention.
As far as I know, my cousins never reported anything unusual [at] their house afterwards. At any rate. I just quit doing that kind of thing all together. Like I said. A lesson learned the hard way, but I 'learned' it!
Thank you so much for your thought provoking comments! 😜 😁
Very true that, "the best lessons learned are those that we learn the hard way," but one must first be capable of learning. I know, and know of, many people who would put their hands on hot stoves, realize that caused a burn, but would still later on put their hands on hot stoves. It makes no sense to reasonable people like us... 😁

My brother and I, back in the 1970s, fooled around with similar things, with remarkably similar results: something coming up the stairs with heavy boots, looking in my room and then my brother's room (or the other way around). One night, my brother spoke to the darkness, commanding it to go away. It shoved his bed and from what my brother told me, it dove out the window, moving the curtains. But it was winter in upstate New York, so of course our windows were closed because of the cold outside.
RCRuskin in The Door Bell
So many possibilities. My first thought would be to get someone to look at the wiring for both doorbells. They may actually be powered and you not know, in which case, this is likely a case of "ding dong ditch" or some other childish game.

There are other possibilities, of course.
lady-glow in The Door Bell
Hello BitterSweet.

I wonder what would it happen if both doorbells were permanently removed. Also, in my opinion, it's difficult to know what is going on without more information about the particulars of your house.

Is it a single family home? Attached? Detached? Is it on a busy street? Etc.
Would it be possible that the sound of the bell is coming from a neighboring house?
Perhaps your dogs are reacting to something more mundane. Do they do anything else other than barking? Do they growl or act afraid or aggressive?

From my perspective, the fact that the previous owner died at the premises doesn't necessarily mean that her spirit hasn't crossed over, though I don't discard the possibility of her visiting every now and then the place she used to call home. But then, why would she feel the need to ring the bell instead of just wander into her familiar surroundings?
Never mind... I guess seeing a spirit in the middle of your home would be more disturbing than hearing the doorbell ring!

Whatever or whoever is ringing the doorbell, doesn't seem to have bad intentions other than getting your attention.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Linjahaha.

This is a fascinating experience.

I imagine that, with you being "slightly psychic" would have been enough to attract some response from the other side, regardless if it was from the summoned spirits or from something else.

Personally, I think that spirits that are not earthbound are less likely to be summoned at command, specially if they are at peace. Perhaps whoever came to you were not King Tut nor Mr. Lincoln but something else pretending to be them.

I wonder if the pocking fingers belonged to a guardian desperately trying to stop the sΓ©ance before it went too far.

I'm glad nothing negative made itself at home at your place and/or at your cousins' home.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you LostVoyage: I have learned a lot over the years by making mistakes. You hopefully gain insight, & wisdom, & try not to make them again.
I think that what happened those couple times that whatever we contacted was making us acutely aware not to bother them. I definitely 'got' the message.
When you're a kid you want to experiment & are intrigued by what happens. However, like I stated in the story, what 'we' thought was cool, turned around to bite us.
I am still intrigued, & fascinated by the paranormal, but I draw the line in some areas. Just to be on the safe side, LOL!

Thanks for your comments- πŸ˜‰ 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Get Frightened-learn A Lesson
Hello Linjahaha, great story, thanks for sharing!

Seances are a bit like Ouija boards, they seem to have the power to open a doorway and unfortunately, if the participants don't know what they're doing and don't close the door, then it remains open.

It's true we learn from experience; I'm assuming you had no further incidents as a result of the seance? If so that's lucky, I've heard of perfectly normal households becoming 'haunted' after a Ouija or Seance session, often only one bad session!

I remember when I was a kid, I had read in a book that you could summon a ghost by walking backward around a grave backwards 12 times, or something like that. I can't recall specifically, only that my brother and I decided to try it for fun. The day was partially overcast but as he rounded a grave we had selected on the 6th circuit, a storm blew in from seemingly nowhere and got intense pretty fast, interrupting our experiment, and frankly looking back on it, I'm glad it did! We never tried again for sure!

Kids are curious, we as adults know better of course, but mostly through experience. As we age, we also learn to trust our intuition better which helps tremendously!

I know it was a scary experience, and am also glad nothing too serious came of it, but try not to be so hard on yourself, whether you knew better or not, experience can be the best teacher, greater wisdom comes from that! It may have kept you out of far more dangerous situations down the road! I'm glad you relayed your experience, who knows it may help some of our younger members from engaging in something similar!
It is always great reading new paranormal tales of sorts Linjahaha.

I very much look forward to seeing your next tale.

α•• (Β°_Β°) α•—
Dear KenS80: Thank you for reading & enjoying my account. Yes, it was a 'very' unpleasant, & unnerving experience for all of us [at] that time. Believe you me.
We never could find anything out about the house. Except that it was an old farmhouse once, & well over a hundred years old when we were living there.
Sorry, but when we got out, we never looked back. To this day I won't even drive by it. It was sold & turned into a Church. However, I just stay completely away from it. Can you blame me?
I have recently submitted another paranormal account that happened when I was a kid in 1968. I hope you enjoy that one when it's posted also! Thanks, again for reading- πŸ˜‰ 😁
I must say, this was a very fascinating read Linjahaha.

I haven't quite read all the feedback here, but it sounds like a really negative experience and one that I am sure you are pleased to be rid of.

I do hope to see more on this, in terms of what happened next.

KenS80 in The Door Bell
They say our pets sense ghosts before we do.

That is why they are able to warn us of negative energy before we sense it. I'm not too sure why that is, but it is a good thing.

Interesting topic BitterSweet and hopefully one that will sort itself out.


Goodness gracious me. This is some tale or sorts JoJo.

I think I'd want to see footage before commenting on the grounds I may incriminate myself or disbelief.

α•• (Β°_Β°) α•—
Crimson-By all means, keep the posts coming. I really do enjoy reading them.
I, also appreciate any/all comments, or insights I receive from you, & others. I hope my comments are, likewise, helpful to you, & others.
Does your sister know anything about the history of her home? It may help in a resolution!

Take care! 😊 😊
BitterSweet78801 in Menacing Voice Calling My Name
Hi OrganisedChaos,

My sister and I have experienced our names being called when we were younger. We used to hear our mother's voice call our names out, but when we would run to her she would say she didn't call us.

There was this onetime where we had a voice call out our names. It was more of a melody... From our left to our right. It called out my sister name and then from our left to our right it called my nickname. This one was a bit taunting. I wrote a brief story about it called, " Don't call my Name".

Don't miss hearing those voices though.
BitterSweet78801 in The Other Twin
Its been years that a family, friend or I have seen "My Other Twin". The last time happened to be was when I deployed in Kuwait. My roommate happened to see it.

Well fast forward to last night or should I say this morning. My daughter came to my room and said, "Mom, I just seen a ghost". I turned and told her, do you want me to sleep in your room? She said, yeah. She is 14 and a bit melodramatic. I grabbed my phone and blanket and fell back asleep in her room. No questions asked.

This morning, I told her that her ghost was probably a shadow that formed when a car passed by. She said, "no, it wasn't a shadow mom. She looked like a person. She had your skin tone and had long black hair. She was wearing a pink dress. She was not walking, but floating from the restroom to River's (dog's) room. She looked a lot like you".

I texted my sister this morning about it. She come over right after work to explain to my daughter that she had seen her too.
OrganisedChaos, Sorry to hear your little one is unwell. Hopefully the virus will run its course and she'll be back on her feet before you know it.
I have a link for you that you may find interesting.
Sometimes it helps to do a cleansing ritual, or praying in your church of belief.
Linjahaha, funny you should say you were drained when you were there and revitalised when you left there. That's how I feel when I visit my sister's place. The place is definitely harbouring something. She continues to do a regular cleansing which seems to work, but I still sense something when I visit her.
I suppose I could write about that. Thanks for reading my post and replying.
mighty_light in The Burns' Ranch
[at] The_Lost_Voyage

Wow, you've really thought it through. It does seem interesting how the hauntings kept escalating the more Troyarn went out that night culminating into the spirit/entity walking down the basement stairs.

I hope we can hear more about this place in future posts and if possible get an update from Troyarn.

Welcome to YGS.

This is a puzzling situation. In my own experience, I have heard my name called two times during my life, the first time I heard my eldest brother's voice; later that day talking about this, he mentioned to have be talking about me with one of his friends around the time I heard his voice.

The second time was the morning after my Mother's passing, I was asleep in her bedroom and woke up hearing her voice calling my name.

My experiences can not be compared to yours, since I knew exactly whose voices I heard.

Is this the first time you experienced something abnormal in the house you currently live?
Can you think of anyone holding a grudge on you that may have died recently?

Personally, I think it is hard to say with certainty who or what this voice belongs to, but I'm glad you didn't try to see who was calling your name. Hopefully it's a random event that won't happen again.

Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

Thanks for sharing.
Crimson Topaz,
You sound like you had a very open-minded Mom. That's good that she discussed those topics with you.
My late husband's Mom was, likewise, very open-minded also. Of course, being psychic herself helped her to realize those possibilities [at] an early age. She was Catholic, & in the time period she grew up in (i.e., the Depression), the Church didn't recognize a lot of the paranormal. They refused to even discuss it. At least that's what she told me. It was a different time. I always thought that if one believes in the Holy Ghost, then why not believe in ghosts per se. Not like I'm pushing religion on you. I'm merely making a statement.
My late husband was psychic as well. Him, & I constantly read each other's minds. It amazed us early on, but we became accustomed to it after the first few months. It even amused us. Of course, that could also be an indication of how close we were.
However, being psychic was also fodder for whatever was in that house. It drew on us.
Frequently we felt so drained when we were there. Once we left the house for any period of time we'd feel different. We would feel rejuvenated, & our moods would improve.
I have actually still tried to learn about the place's history. With no success. Maybe it's best that we never learned.
I suppose it will always remain a mystery in that respect. Maybe, it's better that way.
I have enjoyed reading 'your' accounts also. I hope you post some more soon. Best Regards! 😊 😁
Linjahaha, funny you should mention UFOs. I just finished watching a movie called *The recalls*, starring Wesley Snipes. It was quite good, and it certainly made me open my mind to the possibilities of what could be out there.
Thank you for recommending the Hans Holtzer book. I will definitely look into that as soon as I get a moment free.
You mentioned back in the 50s and 60s people didn't talk about the paranormal. My mum talked about spirits openly. So I grew up believing in life after passing. May she RIP.
I can't seem to give you karma upvotes. I think I have voted for you often. I'll have to wait and try again.
Crimson Topaz, We never did find out too much about 'that' house! As far as the Church that is there now, we never went back.
Once we got out of there it took us almost a full year to recover from that experience. We wouldn't even drive by the place.
I hope the religious influence has had a positive impact, but I'm too traumatized to go back to inquire. Some things are better left alone.
I hate to sound like a nervous Nelly, but after 4 years in that house I guess just maybe I am. Sorry.
I'm glad that you read my account. I really enjoy these discussions as I learn some new things from them by reading the comments.
I love reading all the various accounts on this site. Back in the 50's, & 60's-I know I'm dating myself-many people were intimidated, or afraid to discuss paranormal experiences for fear of ridicule, or being looked at askance.
Now, I have noticed that a lot more people are coming forward, & opening their minds up to the possibility of the paranormal. They, now, seem to realize that there 'are' things in this world that 'are' going on around us. Even if 'we' can't see them.
I even believe in UFO's. My cousin, & I saw one many, many years ago. Of course 'that' is a story for another time. My opinion is that if 'we' are 'all' there is, then it's an awful waste of Space. I got that line from a movie, but I tend to agree with it.
I do not go on ghost hunts. Nor will I ever engage in one of those. I don't believe that the spirits 'want' to perform for our entertainment. I believe in respecting them. They will reach out to those that are sensitive, or those that once were close to them if the need dictates it. They have free-will choice in that realm like they did in the flesh. Of course, this is an opinion that I share with the famous Parapsychologist, Hans Holzer.
If you get the chance to read some of his material, I strongly suggest you do so. His books enabled me to understand so much about the paranormal. He approached the subject with an open-minded rationale combined with scientific observations.
Thank you, & Lost Voyage for your insight, & comments. I enjoy reading them! πŸ˜‰ 😊
Heather79 in He Will Suffer
Sorry to ruin the fun, but the allreds family was huge, a white husband and wife adopted something like 18 African American children. I grew up and went to school with many of them. The house was round, but definitely not the story you're telling. Grew up in Herriman
Thank you Lost Voyage for remembering my story. I, also, wish to thank you very much for your insight, & comments.
I, too, am well aware of the effect that electrical energy can have in paranormal occurrences. I used to read the books of a famous parapsychologist by the name of Hans Holzer. He, likewise, made mention of how spirits can draw on energy. Whether it be from 'us' or the environment. Such as electrical sources.
I agree, also, that whatever was in 'that' house was not friendly in the least. It wanted us out, & it won. Sometimes just leaving is the best avenue to pursue.
I have always been a very rational, & analytical women. I've never been the hysterical type. I approach everything in a calm, & sensible manner before coming to any type of resolution.
My husband, & mother-in-law were both psychic. My mother-in-law was born with a veil over her face (a fibrous membrane easily peeled off the baby.). The belief was that being born with a veil over you face gives one the gift of 2nd sight. She read tea-leaves with astonishing results. Trust me. I saw her do it many times.
Whatever was in that house was beyond 'all' of us to cope with. I'm, somewhat, glad that you 'can' identify. I believe that we both came out of our experiences with a better understanding of the unseen universe around us.
Thank you again for your comments. I appreciate them! 😜 😊
Linjahaha in A Haunted Afternoon
Hello Troja, Please send in another one of your stories. I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Honest!
I hope you got the chance to read my story about the house on Erie Road. I would welcome any comments you might have.
Have a great one! 😜 😁
Hello Linjahaha, it's quite amazing how having such a large quantity of electricity nearby can affect things.

I know in one of my stories, there had at one point been a lot of electrical power run into an abandoned building I had been drawn too. However that building was of a high vibration, almost like a portal with a lot of good energy. It recharged me and my camera! I also seemed to gain time considering how long I had been in there. So it seems that such power can be used by both negative and positive entities for sure.

I'm wondering too, if your 'guest' was so confined to that one portion of the attic, that it wasn't drawing the energy it needed to reach out to different areas of the house and plague you and your family, in an effort to force you out. Certainly the power plant would have sufficient energy for this to be accomplished.

In many ways it sounds like the inverse of the place in my story, a negative portal. I think this would explain why it could seem to move or transport solid objects around, inside a portal space this could be possible. Space and time in such places doesn't operate by the same laws of physics as our natural world. The Bermuda Triangle would be a perfect example of this.

The other events you describe seem to support this, bugs and water appearing out of now where as well as the voices and touches, this house seemed to be out of sync with the rest of the world.

As I mentioned, I experienced a positive gate, yet the building had no remarkable history. I would expect to encounter what I experienced in a church or a temple, not an abandoned building out in the country. Like your story however, there is an electrical substation not a mile away and this particular building had a lot of electrical running through it in it's prime. In fact it had all kinds of fuse boxes on the wall and in a nearby building.

The links in the stories seem to be the electricity. I'm not sure of your beliefs, and I wouldn't want to encroach, but from my experience and what you went through in this house, it would seem beings/spirits can harness electrical energy of a great supply to manifest in whatever way they want. Like I said, it almost seems as if the house in your story seemed like some sort of negative portal. People talk of similar gates being opened in Ouija board sessions and seances and who knows what can come through.

In either case, it's good you got out and I'm glad you were finally able to share your experiences, as unpleasant as they were. I'm not sure if I was able to provide an explanation that helps you at all, it delves down some rabbit holes, but it sure gave me a few things to ponder!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello again Linjahaha, so glad you enjoyed and commented on the second part of the story!

I agree about a reputable psychic and may do something like that in the future. I come across a lot of fascinating people with incredible talents, so who knows! A good psychic doesn't necessarily have to be onsite to get a read on a place. It helps a great deal of course if they have full access to a home or building but just as you noted these places give off an energy signatures and a unique vibration. It's how people can walk past a haunted house and it feels spooky, they don't have to go inside to know it. All a person has to do is tap into the home's energy and it contains a lot of information. They generally can see a photo of the place or know the location and do it like that. It's kind of how remote viewing works.

For some psychics it's easier that way, when they are onsite, they can get overwhelmed and the only escape is to leave the house. Those that tap into a haunted home from a distance can 'cut the cord' anytime. Many people do distance clearings on houses in a similar pattern and I'm sure you've heard of people doing long distance healing and Reiki sessions in a similar manner. Of course, some believe, some don't but there's a lot of evidence and information out there supporting it, and it all works in a similar fashion. People can be like radio antenna's and we can pick up frequencies from far away and close by (like walking into a room and 'knowing' people have been fighting in there recently) It's all energy!

If I had my way and I could gain possession of the house, I would have someone immediately excavate the crawlspace beneath the place as I have a strong feeling it would yield some answers.

My brother still lives in the area and has some good connections, if anything is found, he'll be one of the first to know and since he and I always have been fascinated with the house and it's history, I know he'll let me know immediately and then I can and will post an update!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hello Linjahaha, thanks for reading my story and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I do remember your story, I'll have to revisit it. Living in a haunted house can be rather traumatic and everyone has different ways of coping. In your case leaving was the best option. I know for my cousin's they had no choice but to stay on North Street and I think they sort of developed a coping mechanism to the bizarre events that took place there. Like my cousin's nonchalant reaction to the man at the end of our bed that woke my brother up. He made it sound as if seeing a ghost was an everyday and rather normal occurrence!

As you'll find out in part 2 as well as the comments, I did do rather extensive research on the house and area and haven't found anything conclusive. I remember even going through the microfiche in the town library to see if there were any articles that may relate to what happened, but nothing came of it.

I believe you're spot on about the man, if he was an alcoholic, his behavior makes sense and of course it goes without saying that he goes on doing it with no complete awareness of his activities or state of being. Now the woman, I'm not sure about, I feel there's more to her appearances and how she shows up than meets the eye. There's a mystery there for sure.

I will check out part 2 and see if there's anything there you've posted that I can comment on. For what it's worth, and I know it was hard for you to write about and relive the experiences on Erie Road, I am glad you did post it for those of us in the community to read.
Indeed, white saris appear to be the norm for Indian ghost women. Not a good indicator of identity.
InTheNight in I Saw It Again!
It sounds like Nightmare the creature, sitting and pressing on peoples' chests. I don't understand why it looked like him though, that isn't normal.
Linjahaha, The craziest thing, I started reading this and realised I've read it before. I actually thought I left a message, but as per usual, I must have fallen asleep without publishing my comment. I do remember googling the area to find out about the area and even tried to see if I could locate the Power station on Google maps in hope of figuring out where the church would be today before commenting. It all came back as I started reading this evening. Reading this second time round made it clear that you made the right decision to leave.
All that aside, I enjoyed your post and I'm glad your safe now.
Have you heard back from the church? Have there been any more paranormal activities?
I'm back Lost Voyage! I enjoyed reading Part 2 just a few minutes ago.
I tend to agree with the comments from Jubilee. If you can ever find out about the 'area' itself that may be a contributing factor.
I agree that the Lady is tied to the house itself. If you couldn't see her face that may be because she didn't 'want' to be recognized.
Or was fearful that she 'would' be recognized.
I think a really reputable psychic could help to sort things out. Of course they would have to granted access to the place to fully investigate. That is a moot question at this point.
I agree, also, that a place absorbs energies, & emotions within it's structure. That is referred to as the 'stone tape theory'.
Certain elements in the structures are capable of absorbing our outward energies, & emotions whether negative, or positive. Those energies are then 'played back' or reproduced when the atmosphere is right for it. Not unlike a tape recording. Only it's a visual recording that can be viewed by multiple witnesses that may be of a sensitive nature.
I'd be very curious to know if you 'do' learn anything else about the house. If you do, please post it here. I know I'm not the only one that would be interested in reading it!

Again, all the very best-L.J.H. 😊 😁
Hello Lost Voyage, I'm so glad that you were inspired to post your story about the North Street house.
My late husband, & I lived for almost 4 years is a terribly haunted old Farm house that was converted into up, & down apartments. I wrote about it on here-The House on Erie Road.
It took me almost 40 years to write about it because we were, literally, 'driven' out of that awful place. We left a vapor stream behind us when we left. It took us almost a full year to get over what happened to us there.
The lady you mention in your story doesn't seem to be hostile. She seems like a former owner to me. That's just my opinion of course.
Have you tried to research the complete history of the house before it came into your family? You just 'might' get some answers there.
As for the sleeping man. If he was an alcoholic, he may not even 'know' he's no longer living. If he passed in an altered state of consciousness that just 'may' be possible.
I, definitely, look forward to reading Part 2!

All the best 😊 😊
Hi Manila78 Told by your aunt decades ago. Some families just have bad luck. Lady glo mentioned maybe a curse and you just have to hope not. Some families just are not healthy or lucky. Being told decades ago did you find yourself trying to fill your bucket list early, taking risks, hitting on the hottest chicks, driving 100 mph. Do you now think they lived their natural lives. Hey, you're still here to tell your story and I wish you the best. Thanks for sharing and good luck out there.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Burns' Ranch
That is an interesting observation mighty_light, I echo it.

I wonder troyarn, if with all the other entities/spirits you encountered on that particular stay at the Burns Ranch, the phone call that evening was from some sort of benevolent guardian?

Whatever/whomever was impersonating My Burns that night, knew about the coming storm and whatever was going to accompany the storm as well. Something/someone chose to disguise themselves as Mr Burns knowing you would listen, especially to the owner of the property. They were trying to warn you, and look out for you.

Perhaps this same entity/being was attempting to protect you and the property from whatever was trying to visit? The phone ringing consistently through the night and especially after the first encounter at the bridge, may have been warnings about it, following that first call.

Whatever was trying to get to the ranch, obviously couldn't the first time, "it" was stopped just inside the bridge. The second time "it" made it over the bridge and attempted to approach the house, but disappeared before it could get to the main driveway. The third time "it" made it to the house BUT was unable to use the main entry, the back door. "It" was forced to use the front door, and the desperation reflected in the pounding on the door, echoed "its" frustration at trying to get into the place. It's possible when you opened the door, you may have granted access to something that accelerated the haunting. It seems from what you relayed that things were creepy but tame before that, in contrast to what followed and seemed to magnify that stormy night and beyond.

Perhaps this same guardian may have been responsible for turning the Virgin Mary statue towards the entrance of the storm shelter after Robert was locked in. Maybe not to watch his struggle but to watch over him, when you consider what Mary represents. This being may have provided an energetic release on what was holding the door shut, which enabled Robert to force it open and escape.

It's possible too, that it may have been the same figure you saw in the window when you drove up that first day.

When I look at it from that perspective, it does seem as if you had something watching out for you and the Burns, amidst all the unsettling events that occurred. Food for thought my friend! I can't wait for your new submissions and the possible sequel to this one!
Hello! This is an absolute longshot, but...
My co-host and I are writing a book about haunted Ypsilanti. We would love to chat with you! We're working on EMU, and would love to use your story in the book. Our email is contacthauntedmitten [at]

Thank you so much!
Did anyone try to answer the door when the knocks happened? An interesting story though.
lady-glow in Weird Experience
Hello MidnightRain.

Ever since I read your story, I have been thinking about the "rubbing their hair with a towel loudly" sound and now I wonder if this was the sound of static.

If so, it is common to report this kind of sound during a paranormal encounter, oftentimes accompanied with drop in the temperature and an overall feeling of uneasiness and being watched.
Do you remember experiencing any or all of the above when you're on the stairs that day?

The following link shows a variety of static sounds, perhaps one of them is similar to the noise you heard that day.


Then, I guess, it's possible that an spirit was trying to manifest to you and your friend.

Awaiting for your feedback and, once again, thanks for sharing.
Hi Manila78

There's a belief that death usually comes in three's, coincidentally it's happened plenty of times in my family as well, I've been through a similar experience which I posted on here a few years back although the three knocks occurred after my grandfather passed away.
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Manila 78.

It must be unnerving knowing that a family member is going to die soon, it's strange than only the person who's going to die doesn't hear the knocking.

Do your family discuss this knocking with the person that doesn't hear it? If so, does the affected party get prepared for their imminent fate?

I'm not sure if having this omen is a good or a bad thing. In the one hand it allows the family to get somehow ready for an upcoming loss, but then, I imagine, it must be sad to know that a loved one will be gone soon.

What makes you think that your male relatives are affected by a curse and not that all those deaths are a strange coincidence?
Are you aware of someone in the past willing to hurt the men of your family and actually putting a curse on them?

I mean, it's really strange that so many men have passed away still at young age, but it would be important to consider if there were any other factors like health issues, high risk activities, congenital illnesses, a difficult childhood, and others that may have had an impact on their deaths.
I really would like for these events to be a rare coincidence instead of a curse, and hopefully more of your male relatives can live long and healthy lives surpassing their 60's... And if it were a curse, hopefully it has waned over time and passing generations.

Thanks for sharing.
PS: I hit publish instead of edit: Oops.

I also wanted to finish my comment with: A part 2 to this post would be so good, ie: A current investigative post, delving into what happened back then when you looked after the Burns Ranch, and who that lady was on the spiral staircase, who the heavy footsteps belonged to, and why were there lights in the forest.

Hope to hear more,
Miandra G.
Hello Troyarn,

This was such a scary experience. I personally would have left the first night without trying to see who was in the forest.

Doors banging, foot steps, voices calling out, 'hey', and not to mention the figure in the window on your first day, would have been more than I could handle.

You have an incredible writing ability. The way you describe your memory of events step by step had me looking for popcorn and a cosy blanket. I was hooked until the end and loved every single detail.

I can't wait to read more of your posts Troyarn. You're a talented writer and I can't wait for your new posts to be published.

PS: The_Lost_Voyage11,
Thank you for recommending this post. I loved it. I've added it into my favorites.
mighty_light in The Burns' Ranch
This has got to be the scariest story I've read here on YGS.

After realizing the car had disappeared in the small forest, I would not have gone out a second time.

I wonder, would the hauntings not have occurred had you not opened the front door after dark. Seems like the ghost in the phone call gave you fair warning not to let "anyone" in and keep the doors locked.
lady-glow in Shadow Wolf Problem

Not meaning to answer for the OP but, since they haven't been active for the last 7 years, it's very unlikely that you'll reach them.

First of all, I'm sorry for your loss.

It is difficult to give an opinion based on the little information you have provided, but perhaps some questions may help you to have a better perspective of what happened to your sister and what you are going through now.

Do you know if your sister suffered form depression? Was she been bullied at school?
Do you know if the friends that "played" the OB with her experienced anything unusual after using the board?
Did they have the sleepover at your mother's place?

What about your mother's house, are you aware of any paranormal activity taken place before/after your sister used the Ouija board?

Given their age, I'm afraid they didn't close the session properly and may have open a door for something negative and nasty.
Depending on where they held the session, they probably awoke something that had been dormant at your mother's place OR whatever they may have contacted followed your sister.

Oftentimes negative energies prey on the more vulnerable, and a person's weak health can make them less resistant to the attack of a negative entity.

I don't know if your family follows any religion, though I wouldn't be surprised if they chose to stop believing after going through such a sad experience. But all religions have ways to deal with paranormal entities.
Perhaps it's time to ask for religious help.

I would suggest to start by cleansing/blessing your house according to your personal beliefs, there are some methods that don't involve religion at all.
Perhaps you would like to try the method described in the following link, you just have to read a bit until finding "Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding..."


Also, bad spirits feed on negative emotions, I know it is easier told than done, but try to stay strong and positive. Don't be afraid and trust that there're angels looking after you and you are covered by the light and love of Divinity, you just need to summon them and learn to trust them.

Sending you light and prayers.

Please keep us posted.
Also she was 12 years old and the same things are beginning to happen to a friend of mine that I'm around quite often. I'm scared.
Can I have your contact info? I'm dealing with what I believe to be the same problem. My sister committed suicide 3 years ago and she had told me she was seeing shadows after her and some friends played with ouija board at a sleepover. 3 weeks later she hung herself with a pair of leggings. I wasn't living at the same hosue but I moved back In my moms a little over a year ago and it's really getting to me. I've had super lice in my room and I can't get rid of it and I feel as if it's this thing is taunting me. I see all of the same things. Her room she died in is beside me my room too. I can't get a job. Constantly sick. I'm just struggling so bad I don't know what to do.

"The Philippines has some of the harshest Drug laws. Just sayin"

Indeed, though those laws haven't stopped nor prevented the use of drugs and all the problems related to it, as shown in the following articles.





Also, going back to the things I find questionable about this narrative, is the way the policeman's indifference at encountering these three amigos with such a plethora of animals in the cemetery if, after all, they were doing something against the animal welfare and protection laws.

"Republic Act No. 8485 - Animal Welfare Act of 1998

The Animal Welfare Act of 1998 is a significant law in the Philippines that aims to protect the welfare of animals. It prohibits acts of cruelty towards animals, such as maltreatment, torture, killing, and neglect. The law also regulates the sale, transport, and handling of animals to ensure their welfare. Violators of this law may face penalties, including fines and imprisonment."


I guess we'll never know the reason why this officer didn't mind to just let them go that easily, or what happened... Or if this really happened.

I'm ready to leave this thread of comments, unless the OP comes back with additional information... Or in case I find any information about the number or animals allowed in a multifamily complex in the Philippines.

Hopefully any other member/s from the Philippines can shed some light on the above points.
Frankly, I come here to be entertained, enthralled and sometimes amused. Some of the stories here are very creepy and others are maybe unintentionally funny. Either way, I'm entertained so I'm not complaining. Just my two cents.
OK, folks. This is directly from Comments Guidelines: "... If you disagree with the authenticity and the veracity of a story, you can express your opinion, as long as it is respectful ("I have an another theory for what happened", "I do not believe this to be true because...", etc). However, you cannot be abusive toward the author ("your story is lame", "you're a liar", "you're wasting our time", etc)."
Also from the Guidelines: "If you are the author of a story, please be aware that users of our site, many from different backgrounds and cultures, will provide feedback to your story and you may not personally agree with all of their comments. However, it is the nature of the web to have debates with very different opinions, and although you may be the only person who truly knows what happened in your story, you should not take it personally when some users disagrees or ask for additional information, but understand that it is part of normal discussions where people exchange ideas."
So let's be mindful and play nice.
CantunSEEit74 in Pets Seeing Ghosts Part 2
mighty_light I was thinking the same thing, your 1 through 6 is very good and without sharp negativity and stomping them into the deck. We have all read crazy false stories on this site and some very uplifting visitations. This site is not about the 15 or so posters that are here weekly or monthly. Imagine the Thousands of people that wish they knew about this site and to know they are not alone, and they cannot share their spirit crossing without being judged. Lady G you commented first, The Philippines has some of the harshest Drug laws. Just sayin
I've been a long-time lurker of this site but just recently joined.
I understand the diverse perspective and reasoning of the old-timey members here. They want to preserve the integrity of real ghost stories.

On the other hand, writing can be hard. The stories we submit are a part of us and when we submit them, we make ourselves vulnerable to the scrutiny of other people. I think for most people, the last thing they'd want is to be accused of making things up for clout. That's why I've mostly put off joining until now, coz my story may not sound real enough or scary enough to be posted.

If a story is too well written, people get suspicious of authors getting creative and practicing their literary skills.
If it's badly written, people would think the author has let their imagination run away with them in a ludicrous made-up scenario.

Sometimes life can be stranger than fiction, even more so with the added possibility of the supernatural. There may be outrageous stories out there that could possibly be truth or at least a version of truth from someone's perspective. Our perception of realities may differ.

I wish there was a way to let others down easy and let them know how people are on the fence with their stories. Currently, the best-known way is to engage in comments and ask/provide clarification and details. Even then things could get heated.

How 'about we add a meter to our comments then?

6 terrifying
5 spooky
4 heart-warming
3 neutral
2 wacky
1 batsh*t crazy
You need new friends and new hobbies because this doesn't seem like normal behavior...
I'm sorry to say this and I'm sure others may not agree or like what I'm about to write but, you and your group of friends are just plain weird, I mean what sort of sadistic people take a whole range of land and aquatic animals to a cemetery, I honestly stopped reading until you mentioned taking those animals to a cemetery πŸ˜‘, come to think of it I'm actually not sorry.
In English there's a saying "you're only as good as the company you keep" it means who you choose to hang around with reflects something about who you truly are, for good or bad.

So, personally I hope this is a work of fiction because I hate mistreatment of animals. But, having been wrong on here before about the legitimacy of accounts, I feel accusing an innocent person of lying is far worse than giving a liar the benefit of the doubt. To me the worst case scenario of this is that it's true, and, if so, I wanted to be very clear to the OP that treating animals in such a way doesn't go down so well and urged them to seek better friends in a round about way. And, you know, report any suffering.

I only really come down on people if I can prove that they're lying. Proving this is time consuming, and I'd rather watch a horror movie. If people choose to believe something that is clearly fiction it's not my problem. Blunt but true. Also I ask a lot of questions without asking any questions πŸ˜‰. But I will never again call someone a liar unless I can prove it in some way.

Tonight I'm going to rewatch episode five (I think it is) of Haunting of Hill House, the ep in the funeral home with all the long one takes. It's awesome. I wish every horror could be as atmospheric and subtle as this... And that's my way of inspiring y'all to support the arts not the trolls, should you believe there are any around! 😲
CantunSeeIt, LadyGlow, RCRuskin, JoJo, Bibliothecarus, and anyone else who wants to join in,
CantunSeeIt, LadyGlow is so articulate in putting her message across. She's straight to the point, and an impeccable debunker of posts published here that she finds necessary to debunk. It's fair to say that comes from her length of time and dedication to this forum. I personally think kindness is one thing, and finding the truth/debunking is another. There's only one way to find the truth/debunk and that's get more information from the OP. (Sometimes more than one comment is necessary)
RCRuskin, I agree, Bibliothecarus and LadyGlow are very wise. I don't see their comments as mocking or poking fun at the OP. Many members have found this whole situation a bit of a chuckle. That doesn't mean we aren't trying to understand the poster's friend's experiment.
I have a great deal of respect for so many members here, like Tweed, Bibliothecarus, Lovely LadyGlow, AussieDaz, Val, theLostVoyage, Rajine, and yourself RC. Too many to list in fact. The respect comes from these member's continued dedication to this site, welcoming new members, supporting new members, and trying to give them the encouragement they need to become stronger, and in some cases debunk posts that may not have the clarity needed for members to offer support or advice.
JoJo, please keep us posted on the progress of your friend's experiment.

I have been debating if it would be best to reply to you or if I should just let it go... But I was taught that it's rude not to respond to someone addressing me, so here goes my answer.

If I were one to care for what others think about me, I would prefer to be called "toxic" over being considered naΓ―ve and gullible.

"We must hope that they read the TRUE GHOST STORIES only, on this site before entering their story."

I have been a member of the forum for over 12 years and, unfortunately had to learn the hard way that, when it comes to questionable stories, it's better to err on the side of caution than to wow them. I used to think that if a story was accepted and published, it meant that it was real and true, but there have been some dubious stories in which even the authors have admitted to submit works of fiction.

If you are reading this comment and care to look through some of these examples, here are the links. There should be more, but some have been removed at some point.




On top of that, some times people have plagiarized the work of others, like this prolific poster whom copied at least 3 stories from somewhere else and had the nerve to defend "his" work with tooth, fang and claw. Unfortunately I can't provide the links to all three of them because two of them have been removed.


As yourself, I have learn a lot reading not only stories but the opinion of other posters, and am very fond of the forum. I like the way it connects people from all over the world and opens a window to other cultures and sets of beliefs.

"I feel this site should have 1 post per poster and stop the gang up effect. 3 4 5 comments from one poster are too much."

I respect your opinion but consider it not a good idea, let's keep in mind that these discussions are an exchange of ideas that can change with every single input, in my opinion, it would be unfair and damaging to forbid people to speak their mind... One wouldn't do such a thing at a gathering, public forums like this are non physical gatherings.

Not trying to explain nor justify myself, but my mind forms something like a movie when I read, that's why I ask so many questions, otherwise there'd be a hole in those images.

So, I guess it's in my DNA to ask questions and it's not going to change... Couple it with my flawed, broken English and, what you think to be toxic comments is the only way I can express my ideas.

I've written this comment in the most respectful way, hopefully you don't find it offensive as when I wished you a happy birthday.

That is, of course, if you decided to read it.
Cantunseeit, I'm glad you came back.
I get a bit uptight about stories that are just teen dreams. They make the cut while I've had a couple with real photos not published, not sure why.

In the end though, I think we can all agree that the petting zoo in the cemetery was an amusing visual. I still blink blink when I think about your little mouse pushing the shield, yet I realize that we TRULY don't know much about how it all works, even when we think we do.
CantunSEEit74 in Pets Seeing Ghosts Part 2
Lady G This is a worldwide public site. We must hope that they read the TRUE GHOST STORIES only, on this site before entering their story. I am not here to throw grenades at anyone as I quit this site as being very mad at Lady G. I am glad I came back, and I have learned quite a bit from posters. I feel this site should have 1 post per poster and stop the gang up effect. 3 4 5 comments from one poster are too much. What if this happened, we were not there. I will never call anyone a liar on this site, I watched a full-grown man walk out of my mirror and I have to live with that, and it is not believable to the average person. Try to be a little less toxic on your comments.
To Tweed: I have a couple ideas who the spirit might be. It sometimes feels like an older relative like a grandma or aunt. However, my friend also had a miscarriage of a baby. This baby was probably about 6-7 months when she miscarried her. She has some belongings of the baby (a picture an artist drew and a couple other momentos in the room that is in the area the spirit stays). I have wondered if it could be this girl. The baby's ashes are buried with her grandfather I believe. My friend also said that this baby had to go. She wasn't meant to be on earth because if she had been on earth, her son wouldn't be on earth. Her son has had some important "missions" that he's filled. So sometimes I wonder if it is this "older" sister coming to check up on her younger brother. I tried to get my friend to come and feel the air where the spirit was. The air was slightly colder. I hoped she might get a "feeling." However, she just watched me probably hoping I would figure out who it was. The spirit was giving me vibes that she was a little bothered I was waving through her, and then she just outright disappeared. It is not unusual for her to disappear when I visit though. A lot of times I feel her when I go visit, and then I feel her disappear or I flat ignore her hoping she won't know that I know she is there.
ghostsarecool in Grandma Came To Visit Me
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh before I even read the rest of your story I have to comment on your visitation dream. I've never had one, but my dad has. After my grandma died, my dad had visitation dreams about her. He was at his aunt's house with a couple of my aunts playing cards, and that went on for a couple dreams, and the third dream, my grandma kept telling my dad that she had to go. He said that he knew and that he was ok with it, and that was the last dream he ever had like that. He had a really hard time accepting her death, and these dreams helped him accept it.
[at] Rajine in response to "Denny's daughters had that room and I always worried what they were doing" my friend felt like the daughters had a bad energy and could have been doing something to invite more negativity into the house. As it turns out, (these girls are now in their young 20's) one girl is sweet and visits often hangs out, has a great relationship with both her dad and her step-mom (my friend). The other daughter has completely turned her back on them all and basically says she has no family. She denounced the religion which for their family is a big deal. She has also told her dad she will have no relationship with him unless he gets rid of the step mom. This hurts my friend a lot as she did think of this person as a daughter and talks about doing her laundry, her hair, and thinking of her as one of her own. So there is obviously some kind of not good energy when it comes to the one daughter.
Hello everyone.

Although I agree that this story is funny, I question if it is REAL.

I guess it's up to each individual to decide their own reaction, may it be applauding it, or joking about it, or mocking it, or trying to debunk it, even playing dumb and pretend to believe it... Whatever.

Some time ago, this story would have called for the Miss Demeanor bus and the biggest BS blanket ever used, or for an army of protective tooth brushes and kilometres of dental floss.

Sadly, nowadays no one seems to remember those old days and the community seems to be, if not tolerant to stories like this one, at least less willing to discuss the red flags of an obviously made up narrative.

Personally, I would like to honour the "REAL-ness" of the forum... But that's just me.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that found humor in this story. The mental picture in my mind of all those animals, plus a plant no less, in a cemetery, was better than anything I've seen on TV. 😳 😲 😁
JoJo, personally I'd have to give Matt's experiment a fail. There doesn't seem to be any controls in place for one thing. In general animals react to many different stimuli. It is well documented that animals can set each other off as well. Ever notice how one tiny yapping dog can set ALL the dogs in the neighborhood to barking? What is he comparing their various reactions to? Were they accustomed to this cemetery? Acclimated to being tied? To you and Al? Just way too many variables to be of any use as an 'experiment'- and a few too many 'subjects' as well. Also I don't understand why he was not documenting the 'experiment'.
If he had been then the animals' reactions and the spirits you say you saw would have been caught on tape. Instead you have a failed experiment.
CantunSEEit74 in Pets Seeing Ghosts Part 2
I also read this and wrote down about 7 questions I wanted to ask yesterday but just could not do it. Very funny stuff, if all of this group was a Ghost hunting show I would probably watch it. I think the Chicken on a leash got me.
There is much weirdness to this account, outside of the paranormal events in the cemetery.

However much I agree with some of the thoughts expressed by Lady Glow, Bibliothecarius, and CrimsonTopaz, I find the comments to be rather childish and mocking, quite the opposite of what I expect to read from these wise and kind posters.
You said, *'Matt took his Husky, his pet cat, his Rabbit, his goat. His turtle, his chicken. Four of his fish (koi, silver dollar, Arowana and goldfish, his tarantula, his giant snail and a philodendron, the only ones he never brought is his two other cats, his four other dogs, his ducks and shrimps (they were in a separate aquarium with his fishes) because they no longer fit inside his van.'* Why couldn't the shrimp go with the koi? They'd be able to fit in the van that way.
Biblio and LadyGlow, the plant is one thing, but what about the poor shrimp missing out. Lol
JoJo, I can't stop thinking about all these animals, fish, snails, goat and spiders being hurled around a cemetery.
(I feel sorry for them)
:⁠'⁠ (
Next time you do this experiment can you please please please take a picture.
lady-glow in Weird Experience
Hello MidnightRain.

I don't know if you have read any other stories and threads of comments on this forum. Perhaps you have already noticed that, in many instances, people's advice is to look for any possible logical explanations to an unexplained event... Unexplained not always equals unexplainable.

In my opinion, there are many factors you girls didn't seem to have consider, perhaps due to your age, or your belief that the hostel was haunted; making you assume that the noise you heard had to be a ghost and nothing else.

"a senior jumped from the school building when I was in Ukg. From then most people consider that building very haunted."

Did this person jump from the building where you heard the sound?
If so, did someone else reported hearing the same kind of noise in the same spot?

We should keep in mind that ghosts tend to remain trapped/attached to the places where they died or that were important to them during their life.

"There were many stories which were going around during that time"

Were these stories consistent or were they only rumours made up by students in order to impress their classmates?

As an example, I remember that the gym at my elementary school was rumoured to be haunted by the spirits of the children that the principal had killed by hanging.
The principal was a sweet lady, though a bit strict.

Since you didn't mention it in your narrative, I don't know when these events happened, neither if you would be able to go back to that place and do a deeper investigation of the happenings over the years. Perhaps asking questions to the people who have been working there.

Once again, even though I understand your fear, I'm not convinced you had a paranormal encounter, in my opinion, more information is necessary in order to reach any conclusion.

With all the animals Noah was transporting in his ark, I'm starting to think the OP saw the philodendron, but Noah's intention was to see if the aphids infesting the plant would react to the ghosts.

NOT Noah's ark... Matt's van!
Bibliothecarius in Pets Seeing Ghosts Part 2
It's been 24 hours since I read this story. I'm having trouble getting the image of ghost hunting with a philodendron out of my head. That is outright hilarious to me.

MidnightRain in Weird Experience
There were many students in our hostel but in the building where their was a bathroom only 4 of us were present their as most them had already taken a shower and went to hostel or to study in a classroom. Two of my friends were showering whereas me and my friend were on the staircase to go the hostel during which we experienced something weird and questionable.
Hello Monty_Singh,

It says you'll participate but you haven't replied to members comments yet. Hopefully you're ok.

If you do come back to read the comments, maybe you can let us know how things are going. Did the old woman follow you to your next job?

The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Hair-raising Office Encounter
Hi mighty_light, to answer your question, yes, some entities seem to feed off from stress just as they do fear.

There are countless stories of entities/spirits on this site alone that seem to induce fear and stress and use it to more fully manifest. They create a lot of stress, stress that has caused divorces and breakups and has torn families apart. If you think about it, stress and fear are closely related. If a person's stressed about money, they worry about it and worry is fear, they're fearful of the situation and what it could lead to. So you're right, ghosts can use fear to manifest more fully and interact physically with their environment like raising your hair (literally)!

I believe you're also spot on with being distracted by your work which led to you ignoring the subtle energy build up your friends reacted to. We tend to get easily engrossed in projects/tasks and can be oblivious to everything from hunger to the need for sleep, to the detriment of everything going on around us. Ghosts as a general rule don't like to be ignored, some go to great lengths to get attention as in your case.

It's always good to be present to our surroundings, especially if you're sensitive in any way to the supernatural! Good luck!
Hello mighty_light, I'm glad you resonate with the story I was trying to relay.

I too have heard and read many similar stories, some even on this site and many have given me goosebumps because of the eerie similarities. I don't really like to speak of the story I told him at any length because of what happened, but I will say this: At the moment of the man's death, colleagues saw him clearly miles away where he shouldn't have been and because of this, noted the time, which was permanently fixed on the man's smashed watch, damaged in the incident that took his life. Something like that is hard to argue, though my friend did indeed try. What frustrated me the most, was of all the paranormal encounters this friend had, and yet he still insisted on everything being logical and rational!

I have heard of the potential to disrupt such events, that's a fascinating story. Essentially, I had read about a nurse who had admitted a patient who had been wounded in a fight. The wound wasn't serious, so she took him down to be imaged for any possible internal imjuries. Her patient was in good spirits and as she passed a crash cart and a Dr on duty, reality seemed to blur around her and she had a terrifying vision. She saw her patient dying on the exam table, the tech useless at helping her and as she tried to revive him, she couldn't get the equipment she needed or a Dr and subsequently the patient died of an undiagnosed wound. When she returned to the real world as it were, she took the crash cart and asked the Dr to be on standby. Then as they began imaging the patient, her vision became reality. However because she had the crash cart and the Dr on standby, she saved the young man's life, so it turned out differently than she had seen. Perhaps if it's not a person's time, an intervention is possible!

Food for thought, thanks for commenting! I always enjoy the additional insight!
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11

I can't help but get intrigued by the story you were trying to relay to your friend. I have heard similar stories like that coming from my old relatives back when I was little and we used to take summer vacations at my late grandparent's home. As what usually happens in family reunions, there's always the story telling sessions.

One common story they share often involves unexpectedly seeing or meeting a distant friend/relative somewhere in town or along the road before turning a corner. They look normal but there's that feeling that something's off.

When they greet the person, they just get a soft grin in response, nothing verbal and the person proceeds walking away leaving an awkward encounter. Later, they get the news that the person they met has already passed on around the same time they supposedly met.

Older folks say it's a death omen and that these doubles show up in time when the actual person is at death's door. They advise one way to counter it is to slap the double in the arms or shoulder as if to make them snap out of that strange reverie and prevent death. But I've never heard someone successfully do that approach.

This was prevalent in rural and farming towns where telephones were rare and in a time before cellphones. It could be attributed to bad recollection of events though or just coincidence.

It just struck me that you have a similar story so there may be something to it after all.

"This is actually my friend's paranormal experiment."

And I'm inclined to think that this narrative is your own experiment at trying to get some attention from this community.
Just my honest opinion.

"here in our country it's ok to own multiple animals as long as you won't mistreat them or you can manage them."

I guess that would be easy to accept as long as the setting is a rural place with plenty of room for the animals to move freely BUT, - in an apartment building?!?!?

I imagine there has to be some sort of restrictions and regulations as for the number and the kind of pets allowed in a multifamily complex.
It's hard to imagine any of the other tenants not complaining about the noise and the stench that all those animals most cause.

"He had warned us that from 11PM until 4:30AM, if we saw the green lizard at the terrarium in his living room looking at the direction of kitchen, don't look up or we'll regret it"

How is it possible to see the direction the lizard's looking at in the dark? Is this a kind of laser-ray-casting eyes mutant lizard or Al can see in the dark like a cat? Did he turn on the light or how did he know what direction the lizard was looking at?

Where were all those animals sleeping? It seems like Noah's apartment is only a one bedroom unit so, what was the reaction of the rest of the animals?

I could go on an on listing all the things that don't make sense in your narrative, but don't want to give you ideas for further comments trying to patch all the holes and lack of information and details in this nonsensical concoction of words.

The only thing I have to add would be... Though there's not bull s*** in this story, there's plenty of animal feces, crap, and body waste that make it unworthy of this site.

Hasta la vista.
I just want to say that's some super creative ghost hunting.

I bet that guy's even more fun at a party!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hi mighty_light, I will respond to your comments on the second part too, and I appreciate your interest!

I believe that the woman seen rummaging in the trunk is the same one my dad saw, but I can't definitely confirm it. It was dark at night when my aunt saw her, and my uncle was startled and didn't get a really good look at her before she vanished. The problem with her ghost is she was mostly seen at night and in the dark and at a distance (when she was glimpsed during the day) at least until my dad's encounter.

Their behavior is definitely curious. The man, my understanding is (from what the psychic told me) was an alcoholic. That might explain his bizarre behavior of laying down and seeming to pass out on the floors in various rooms. The woman, does seem to have a prominent presence in the place, mostly upstairs where most of the sightings occurred. Besides the creepy bathroom, there were the house cleaning noises downstairs, the man (from the other story) and the noises on the stairs.

BTW, in my second story, the man my brother saw may well have been the same man seen lying on the floors. My brother saw him clearly, but when my cousins witnessed the man laying down, it was fairly dark in those rooms, so they didn't get such a good look.

Anyways, you'll see the research I attempted on the place in the second story, and I'll leave comments on that as well!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello mighty-light, thanks for reading my stories and commenting!

Some of went on in that house I'm sure could have been residual. The incident with the man and the stairs, I feel that was more of an intelligent haunting. Yes, he did follow the original stair case up to the second floor as he did in life, but he also interacted with my brother, purposely waking him up, before he did it. He probably wanted to know who my brother was and what he was doing in what he considered his house!

That is an interesting theory about the incidents happening during the depression, if they happened as the psychic described them. It would make sense and would place the events approx a decade before my Great Aunt took possession of the house.

I know it freaked my dad out pretty bad, to see someone with no face, I probably would have responded much the same way, and I may have, if it happened, I can't recall it. Trauma can do that, to protect an individual. Some ghosts, it's thought, can hide their faces, if they don't want to be recognized, so whether she does it on purpose or because of a physical disfigurement, I can't say for sure.

You are correct too, it's possible one of the previous occupants could have returned to haunt the place after they died, if they had a particular attachment to it.

I did review the survey results from earlier in the 20th century, around the 20's at the historical society and was able to view the house design back then. It appeared pretty much as it was when my aunt had it and up through the renovations. Whoever haunts the place is familiar with the original layout, and I wonder if anything there could provide a clue. I wish I still access with my cousins, so we could compare notes and it might help us figure out some parts of the haunting, like the common areas the ghosts were seen in.

You raise some interesting points/theories that certainly add to the mystery. Rest assured if anything else comes up, I'll post it as an update. Though I no longer live in that area, my brother still does and is well connected with the community, if anything comes to light, he'll let me know.
JoJorocks, I have no right to chuckle reading about all the animals and insects you all took to the cemetery. I just wasn't expecting to read about your friends experiment involving so many creatures big and small.
When I read about your hanging, grey bat-lady, I nearly choked on my grapes.
Please except my apologies. I saw the humourous side of this story and commented accordingly.
Once again, maybe another member might shine some light on this
Tweed here in our country it's ok to own multiple animals as long as you won't mistreat them or you can manage them. Well my friend actually attempted to film a video of his experiment but unfortunately as what I stated, we're interrupted by a patrolling policeman.

Crimsontopaz ok I respected on how you react. Whether you get scared or laughed. This is actually my friend's paranormal experiment.
Hello thanks for your comments

Lady-glow it was a philodendron plant. I knew because of it's appearance. My cousin from the third story also have loads of them.

RCRuskin I want to ask him that question too. I know plants are living creatures but how the heck we can realize if they're seeing ghosts. The only Matt's animal that seems to never react to ghosts is the giant land snail. The Tarantula also freaks out. This gives me an idea that even bugs can tell whether the people they're seeing are living or dead
JoJorocks, I just looked at your profile.
I thought I should read the first part of this?
S t o r y!
I read the story and comments on your *red eyed children* before reading the first part to this one and just decided I'd called it a night and pass on your s-t-o-r-i-e-s.
Hopefully other members can help you out with this, because I have absolutely no idea where to start with even trying to help.
JoJorocks, Seriously?
I'm sorry, I don't want to come across as rude, but it sounds a bit like*🎢 old MacDonald's farm* EIEIO, and on that farm he had a dog, EIEIO, here a dog, there a goat, here a snail, there tarantular. Old MacDonald had lizard EIEIO. 🎢.
I haven't laughed this much in ages.
I can't imagine anyone taking a Zoo of animals, fish, insects, and plants anywhere in a herd like that, let alone to a cemetery. Lol. (No wonder the policeman wanted to lock you all up).
Wow ok. In Australia it's more or less illegal to own that many different animals at one time. I'm guessing the animals' welfare isn't, or wasn't on that night, top priority. Sorry to say I found it hard to focus on the timeline of your narrative because I was too distracted by all these animals freaking out in a cemetery. I'm not in any way superstitious about cemeteries either. Normally I'd ask for any video to be uploaded, but this isn't something I'd want to watch.

Spanish soldiers and upside down pale ladies aside, I'm guessing these animals are reacting to more than just the paranormal around them whether they're at home or on location. Perhaps it's a culture thing, but I'd be looking to distance myself from an animal hoarder.

Commence downvoting I guess.
So many questions. I think I'll start with just one:

Why did he bring his philodendron?

And follow up: What reaction was expected from the philodendron?
Hello again The_Lost_Voyage_11,

I just finished reading part 1 and commented before reading part 2. Of course you searched for the history. It's too bad there wasn't much record of it though. The ghosts seems to follow the path of the original staircase. Does that make it more of a residual haunting than an intelligent one?

I keep imagining the faceless woman and I don't know which would be worse and scarier, seeing her actual face or just that empty void of a face.

I understand there were no recorded deaths in that house, but is it possible that previous occupants who died elsewhere must have gone back to haunt their favorite area in that house?

If unrecorded deaths did occur, perhaps it was during the great depression? I'd imagine a mother suddenly plunged into poverty and great despair would be driven mad enough to consider drowning her children in a bath tub.
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Such a fascinating story. The house seems to be very active with these ghosts. I'm assuming the faceless woman is the same one that keeps rummaging in the trunk, and then another male ghost who's a chronic sleeper. I'm curious as to their behavior especially the faceless woman. What is she looking for and why does she act like she owns the place? Seeing her float up the staircase must have been terrifying.

Did you happen to find out the history of the place before your great Aunt bought it? The monkey paws and mummified hand seems like great mystery to me.
Are you sure the plant was a Philodendron and not a Cannabis sativa or, perhaps, magic mushrooms?

So many questions about this story...
Hello [at] Miandra,

My mother called my sister and I banshee's when we argued. (She'd
say: You're both screaming like a pair of banshee's)

I can imagine. I have three nieces (my sister's kids) and I've seen them act as such when they were little:)

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the late reply. I've been quite busy of late.

[at] MiaG

I guess war brings out the worst for everyone. Proper burials would've been rare in those tumultuous times under oppressive occupation.

Thank you for your kind words. I feel blessed to have made such good friends in my previous company.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11

That is quite an interesting point. It bothers me, though, that I was not able to pick up on that night's general vibe where others did albeit subtly. Perhaps I was too engrossed thinking about my delayed report and other backlogs. Do you think negative feelings like stress might have exacerbated the entity and given it more power?

[at] BaiAnina

The place is quite convenient and cozy really if you don't think about the past hauntings πŸ˜‰. Yes, maybe the spirits we're giving us a "gentle" reminder that they're the ones haunting the place, not us.

I think Clark Air Base had it worse in WW2. I haven't seen old pictures of Cebu airport being bombed.

WW2 related haunted spots in Cebu would be Cebu Normal University and University of the Philippines which were both used by occupying Japanese forces as headquarters. The halls of those educational institutions have witnessed lots of torture and executions (decapitations being the favored form) done by Japanese forces.
Troja68 in Barstow Dream
MiaG- Wow! Thanks so much for the information. I've been trying to find the word for that for a long time.
Although I haven't written much about it, this phenomenon happens quite frequently to me.
Hi there πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Thank you for sharing your story. I also find drying hair with a towel loudly interesting but what's more interesting is that the number of people staying at the hostel.
Because you initially said that " During those days all the bathrooms used to be pack as there were only 4 bathrooms (2 For girls and 2 for boys). There were so many students in our hostel".
Then confirmed that by saying " There were so many students in our hostel". After reading these statements I get the impression that the place is full of people.

However, after reading the full story and your comment I discovered that there were no one else other than 4 of you.

So the question is, are there many people staying at the hostel, or is it only 4 or you?

Anyways, thank you for the post.

Best wishes

MidnightRain in Weird Experience
Actually, I am really sorry for this misunderstanding. It wasn't washing their hair loudly but their was a sound of drying out hair with a towel and just a very loud noise of rubbing the hair with a towel. NO there was nobody expect 4 of us. I heard that sound in the staircase like someone was standing in a stair and just rubbing their hair with a towel loudly. Two of our friend were showering. Their was none.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hello MiaG, thanks for reading my story and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A spiral staircase in the kitchen, that must have been interesting, at least you could clearly see who was coming down the stairs! It does sound similar as wherever my grandparents lived and were, it was always a gathering place for sure! A great many relatives spent some time on North Street, which is why there's so many stories and consequently why I look forward to the family reunions on my Dad's side of the family (I love my mom's side too) but I really enjoy the ghost stories my dad's side passes around! I do have some good memories of North Street, as I was a teen when I discovered it's supernatural side.

BTW, if you found this story intriguing, you and your sister should check out Troyarn's story "The Burns Ranch". His experiences there also include a spiral staircase! It's a really good read that I highly recommend. That story alone is one of the reasons I posted my own encounters/connection with North Street! You'll have to let me know what you think of the 2nd part to the story!

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