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My sister's reaction? She knows her house is haunted. She told me she's seen and experienced things there before. An don't try to "Shrink" what I experienced. And veering to new territory rapidly? Guess you're just a skeptical. Who knows why these things make or don't make sense. But, Rhanks gor your input! Follow my other experiences I've had. All I know is what happened to me. I don't go off anyone else's experiences. Please let me know where you saw the experiences you're insinuating I copied. Thank You!
TheNewBritishMan in Graveyard And Bike
Hello there SJn85
Could you have inadvertently engaged the brake before you considered going into the graveyard?

Good story, I'm just a bit of a skeptic.
Many of the accounts on this site have similar themes to each other. Yours certainly has a few of those elements but then veers to new territory rapidly.

Wow! Very strange.

You say that your sister was present in her house at the time. You did not, however, mention her reaction. Was her experience the same as yours while in her house?

I am looking forward to your other accounts.
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, though unnerving, none of your experiences seem to be harmful or negative, perhaps one, or more, resident/s from the past are only following the routine they used to do while still alive.

Does your cat react to the activity?
Do you think any of these presences are trying to communicate with you?

Have you performed a blessing or a cleansing of your room/apartment?
I'm not sure if it would be possible or if you would be allowed to bless the whole hotel, but it would be worth to protect your living quarters, either by yourself or asking for religious help.

Thanks for sharing.
lwgrn4real66 in Haunted Encounter
I truly believe, "if you look for it,you'll find it"! I've had many, what I call "unexplained experiences" off and on through the years. No demons. Nothing ever tried to hurt me. But all of my unexplained experiences, I've NEVER, EVER messed with any of it! Meaning, what happened,happened. I never pursued any of it. I couldn't tell anyone what's out there, I just know what I've experienced.
lwgrn4real66 in Wth Case Files 2
Yes. Alot of experiences are overlooked due to being so unexplainable. You realize even though it may have seemed so real, and then you realized it wasn't. They're easy to get blown off... At the time!
lwgrn4real66 in Wth Case Files 2
I've been told by a true Christian man once that there are three "plains" that exist. We're on one of them, and he didn't say what was on the other two "plains" but he did say he had learned through studying the Bible that those 3 "plains" shouldn't be "mixing", but they are. Don't get me lying! I don't know!
lwgrn4real66 in Rum Runners Torment
God has a reason for everything. I've had many unexplained experiences before through the years. But I've been no saint along the way! Recently, with me, I'd get over one bad thing, and three more would happen. I got so tired of such bad "karma or bad luck", so tired of it! I'm not sure if any of it had to do with any of my experiences or if something could have been or still could be attached to me. But, like you, I just Recently gave my life to God and my bad luck and bad karma changed immediately! God bless you and your family...
I met my dad's doppelganger in the house one night walking passed me. No talking. No eye contact either. Strange! He had been in the restroom the whole time.
How's it going? You're not crazy or even just imagining those activities. I'm not sure if the meds are adding to it or not. I don't think they really would be. My experiences were weird also but some of them seemed to relate to stories or shows I've seen before. Just bits and pieces though. Some making perfect sense but still unexplainable. I'm not getting on one of my experiences I had, but in one of them, I would hear what sounded like people whispering outside at my camper windows and the sounds of knives scraping the windows at the same time while totally awake at night while watchingtv or whatever. Anyways, that's another story. I'm not sure why, who, or what any of my unexplained experiences were but it happened. So don't talk about meds or being crazy or whatever! I'm not sure what all is out there or why. Not sure I really "want" to either! All I KNOW FOR SURE THAT'S THERE, IS WHAT I EXPERIENCED! So, if I were you, sounds like yours was weird enough. Mine was. So I truly think you just had true unexplained experiences. GO WITH THAT. GOOD LUCK! Nothing ever tried to hurt me ever but if it does, I'll look for help for sure! You'd the same bro!
Hey Starbird,

I just wanted to let you know, that after reading your story and analysing all the comments, whoever it is, means no 'direct' harm. In my opinion, it may be a jinn or even an angel. I have had angel encounters in my life a few times but since this one has 'red eyes' i'm doubt it of being an angel. All I want to say is that you probably did something which hurt the being with the red eyes. In my religion, we believe that there are both bad and good Jinns. However, if we throw random stuff in random places, they could get hurt as they are unseen. It doesn't matter whether the Jinn is good or bad; if they get hurt they might want to take revenge or at least just let you know that you did something wrong. In order to avoid hurting someone, me and other people of my religion (muslims) just recite the phrase, "In the name of God" before pouring or throwing something somewhere, especially if it's outside the home.
There's nothing to be worried about but it would be great if you could ring up someone who knows about these unseen beings. Like, someone who can sense their presence and tell you about what it is actually there for.
However, the places that you're seeing this being might just indicate that this particular thing may be a bit harmful even if it can't directly get in contact with you. Notice too, that it is always outside your house, which may mean that your house is guarded by angels which is why it can never get inside. Also, please stay alert of the different smells you can sense around your house, especially outside. Although, it's better not to spend time outside the house during evening and the after hours. So I would highly suggest contacting some religious personnel who could help you further with this situation. As for now, stay safe.
Hi, Starbird: The whistling MIGHT be a bird, or even an animal. I know for a fact that chipmunks make a whistling sound to alert to danger, or to call to their young. However, the perpetual knocking has me perplexed. Hopefully nothing more than that comes of it. Good luck!

All the
Best! πŸ€” 😊
I've experienced the knocking on the doors a couple of times, and my stupid self opened it both times only to see nobody/nothing at all, this happened over a decade ago so thankfully I'm still fine and nothing bad has come of those incidents, I know it can be unnerving.

How best can you describe the whistling sounds you hear? Would you say that it belongs to a person or animal, the history of your house and general area might hopefully give you some insight. But like the other commenter's the whistling could be a bird.
Starbird, I wonder if the whistling you heard may have been a bird? I looked online, and it said that Maine has a number of birds that sound like a human whistling.
Even so, that doesn't explain the knocking.
Is the knocking on the screen door or on the door itself?
You might consider getting a house blessing done, in accordance of whatever faith you follow. Side note, even if you aren't a member of their church, most will still do this, and there usually isn't any charge for it.
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
Rajine, not sure that 'grand' is how I would describe this house. More like farm or working class. Unlike what you see in the movies and on TV, not all Victorians have the large rooms, and sweeping staircases. There are a number of Victorian homes nearby. And some are very fancy, with gingerbread trim, turrets, and stained glass windows. Not to mention two sets of stairs, the more sweeping 'family' stairs at the front of the house, and the steeper, narrower servant stairs at the back - hidden from company.
I too wonder what these walls would say if they could talk. Most of them are still the original plaster and lathe, so they'd have witnessed a lot.
I should have skipped going outside to watch the eclipse myself. I live near the southeastern edge of totality in upstate New York. 100% overcast but I did catch a glimpse through a brief break in the clouds 15 seconds before totality.

But to the point of your experience, I read from many sources that animals would behave weirdly during totality. So how did things go for you during and after the eclipse? Did anything else weird happen?
Hey Rajine!
I don't really know πŸ˜•
But there is an urban legend that he was a victim in a gang fight and was shot by the police when he was trying to help an old man just passing by... I don't know if that is true or if that gang fight ever happened πŸ€”
After reading what you have written, maybe the family shouls consider some form of spiritual assistance. A prayer or a cleansing. I pray all works out for you and your family
Being a Victorian house over a century old, one can imagine how grand it must look, not to mention the amount of history it has, If only the walls could talk, I'd wonder what they would say.

Like you I also have what I call the "wtf moments" πŸ˜…
The illogical incidents could be resident spirits or passing by spirits or both, but at least they seem harmless and not menacing.
Hi again blosomes

I can imagine how strange it is to see him, definitely would creep me out as well, also I wonder what's the connection between him and the mall since he's only seen there...
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
That's an interesting thought. I don't think pipes leave puddles of nicotine/tar, but would phantom ones? I don't know the history of these cabinets. They're rather newish. A contractor buddy of the landlord did a reno and installed these here. So, 'used' but new to me. Got some really nice counter tops too. This was 2 or 3 years ago now. But you bring up an interesting thought; could these cabinets and fixtures have brough their own spirits with them? Possible, right?
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
Twilight - ectoplasm, can't say I've ever heard of it actually being found. I know, back in the day it was thought to be a substance that supposedly exuded from the body of spiritualists. Here's a very short, but interesting article on it:
I, myself, don't believe that all spirits are necessarily anchored to a particular place or item or even that they can't cross over. Although I'm sure it is the case for some. Perhaps the ones who pop up here, lived here at some point. Sure would be interesting if one that could speak would hang around long enough for a conversation.
Val, these be some WTH moments indeed. Don't think I'd be as calm as you if I opened my eyes to a stranger, even a polite one!
The sticky weird substance I thought might be something from the pipe smoker. Maybe where someone used to stash their pipe. Kinda sucks if you have to clean up after ghosts lol.

I'm really glad you compile these moments because it just goes to show how odd paranormal happenings can be and it's the oddness that so often leads to them being dismissed.
What a coincidence 😳
Since blue is not a natural color and in some culture it is supposed to be... Very holy? Ah... No, I don't know lol
I asked one of my local friends here they said the Ryokan I stayed was actually quite new but the location there used to be a dairy farm πŸ€”? Now, I don't think this information will have something to do with the boy...
Linjahaha in Historic Haunt
Tweed, Thanks for sending the link for the virtual tour. However, there are some items they didn't show. Like the display cases with the mannequins wearing the clothing, & the other artifacts. Maybe they rearranged them. I assure you those things were out when I worked there, but the State is running the show now as opposed to the historical society.
To everyone else: I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post, & even got a little history lesson in the deal. Like my former history teacher, Mrs. Kaji, would say-"How do you know where you GOING, until you know where you've BEEN?". She was a good teacher. Thanks to all for reading!

The Very Best! ❀ 😁
Twilight1011 in Wth Case Files 2
From the mystery substance, you found in your kitchen cabinet, I couldn't help but have ecto-plasam (I think that's how it's spelled πŸ˜…) cross my mind, but aside from seeing that type of thing in ghost movie's & show's, I don't know how real it is, in the real world, as to being a sign of the paranormal πŸ˜• but I still wanted to mention. From what you said about having ghost, that just pass through your home, verses lives in your home, made me wonder if that's possibly some of our experiences in our home, that I haven't really considered before. I'm possibly believing we have a few ghost in our house, when in reality, I may have less, as the other's could just be popping in, every now and then. I can't believe I never considered that theory before πŸ˜… Thanks for adding more to your WTH File's, as I enjoy reading your updates, about the odd activity you have around your home.
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
No, RC, since 2020 there's been only me here. So when something is wonky, or weird and I can't contribute the cause to me or the cat... Gotta wonder.
RCRuskin in Wth Case Files 2
Just want to be sure but you don't have any roommates other than your elderly feline companion?

Certainly weird events to make you take notice. But the fisherman makes me wonder, how many timeslips might be ghost stories from the other time period?:)
Yes. That is one way to do rhymes.:)

You mention a mask with a blue feather in your house growing up as just decoration. But now I wonder more about the mask. But the mask, and probably some of the people who could shed light on it are no longer among the living, so answers are not likely.

And as I type this, a blue baseball cap sitting on the filing cabinet next to me fell off. Hm.
Hey Rajine!
Hmm... Not in my memories... But I did see him often back when I was in Brazil but never out of Brazil... Also he only appears at the shopping mall I always go... It feels really strange to see him around me πŸ˜•
"bound to have some residual energy replying itself"

It should be 'replaying itself'.
Rajine in Historic Haunt
Hi Linjahaha

This definitely qualifes for being creepy, seems like the spirits you encountered are earth bound due to their mortal attachments.
Rajine in Linkwood House
Hi and welcome K8lyn003

I know how hard it is when you experience something that defies all sense of reasoning and logic and when you try to tell someone about it they think you going crazy.

I have to agree with your mum, sometimes the more you pay attention to paranormal stuff, the more it will happen, I must say though, that your experiences are quite scary.
Hi blosomes

Has he presented himself or have you seen him prior to this incident? If no then I think he did go all the way to see/visit you.
Leeannheffernan in The Lore Of Texas Road
Hey old dude. I am wondering which side of the bridge you walked along to find the Alter stone.

Great writing!
Hey Twilight!
Thanks for sharing that! I do have Japanese blood in me, my father half Japanese half South American Tribal, my mother half Japanese half Taiwanese Tribal, so not too much of political problems (yup, no worries) am I a full Japanese then? Lol
Well my family did not really had a strong bond in Japan, when I first went to the immigration they didn't even know where my roots in Japan was (well it was obvious because my grandfather's side moved to Brazil like in Meiji Era, don't know about my mother's side... Probable much more complicated?) yea, we all had most of our life out of Japan...
Some reason I had chance to work here and here's my second life in Hokkaido. πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, well I am sure that the " boy" was just trying to help and do no harm. The thing is I am not sure that if I am seeing the same being, he actually talked to the staff there so... I am really not sure πŸ€”
Welcome to YGS.

Hi love_ducks.

I can't help but to feel disturbed at the fact that your parents didn't rush your sister to the hospital or call an ambulance after she had stopped breathing. Was this an isolated incident or does your sister suffer of a chronic condition that causes frequent episodes of apnea and they are used to help her regularly?

Regardless of the answer, I wouldn't discard the possibility of your astral body warning your father of the danger whilst your physical body was resting rather than a ghost mimicking you in order to help.

Did your dog react in any aggressive way when your father took him to check the rooms after the sound of footsteps?
A house that old is bound to have some residual energy replying itself between its walls and, perhaps, those footsteps are just echoes from the past but not exactly mean that a ghost was walking around.

Other than your dad getting "thrown with his chair across the living room", the activity doesn't seem to be threatening. Did he get hurt?

The spirits staring at your closet and then disappearing makes me wonder if there's a portal in your room and you either are just witnessing these spirits go through or you might be a sensitive.

Have your family asked for any religious help or tried to perform a blessing or cleansing of the house? Now that you are older you could discuss this with your family and work together toward looking a solution to stop this situation.

In the meanwhile, you can pray and ask these entities to respect your space and to stop scaring you. I know seeing these apparitions must be unnerving, but they don't seem to be trying to harm you.

Thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Historic Haunt
Another fascinating read Linjahaha, I enjoyed the history as much as I did the ghost encounters!

It sounds like you could easily slip back into this job as a tour guide at this place without needing any kind of refresher! I believe being a tour guide is much smoother and fun for people who really have an interest in the history of the place for sure! I've always thought it would be a blast to be a tour guide for the Titanic Museum on the other other side of the state, as I wouldn't really need any prep for that 😁

I enjoyed the bizarre encounters you relayed, especially the sighting in the study, I can only imagine you sighting a ghost in such a casual setting, as lounging in a favorite chair reading a good book! Tots normal!

Still amazes me what the older homes had. (I enjoy Victorian architecture as well, and also always loved the houses with towers on the side!) Nowadays you rarely find a home with a parlor anymore, unless it's historic!

All in all an incredible experience, so glad you shared!
Hi Brooke.

I have few, or maybe several, questions about your story.

"it walked weird, like as if it had more than one pair of legs but was trying to hide it to appear like it only had 2 pairs of legs"

Were the entity's four legs positioned like those of a quadruped, or were they lined up side by side facing forwards or one behind the other?

"his gatekeeper came back to him and my dad said he felt like his gatekeeper was limping"

Could you elaborate more about the previous statement? I'm asking because, in my opinion, if these beings had a confrontation it would have been in an energetic level rather than a physical one, hence my trouble understanding a spirit sustaining any kind of injuries.

"he felt like he needed to go back to the theater to retrieve his guides"

What would he had done in order to remove them from the place? I mean, it's not like one could grab a spirit by the ear or the arm and pull it away. Wouldn't it had been enough to invoke/call them for them to get out of the theater?

"This creature has been in your house, it has seen your children, and when you go back home you'll find that your oven is switched on because of it."

Did your father sense that something was off at home after the visit of this entity? He seems to be blessed with the help and protection of numerous positive spirits but, did any of them alert him of this negative intruder visiting his and your home?

"John, I can't leave this attic. There's spirits of kids in here and they're begging us to please not go. They're terrified."

Was your father aware of the presence of these spirits in the attic before the guest medium's visit? If so, have they tried to communicate with your father before?

What do you know about the history of the theater? Is there a motive that justifies the presence of the kids' spirits in this place?
Let's keep in mind that ghosts tend to stay attached to places where they experienced some traumatic event. Do you know if this theater was something like an orphanage or boarding school where children may have died in the past specially in a violent way?

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to stop the psychic nights and wait to see if the activity escalates or diminishes. Which makes me wonder if there's a link between these sessions and any increase on the frequency and intensity of the activity.

Have any one tried to leave a recording device during the nights when there's no one in the theater? Perhaps some EVP's could be capture and help to get a better picture of whatever happens when no one is watching.

Lastly, I agree with the previous posters advice, don't face this situation alone... Your father is a medium, not an exorcist.
Twilight1011 in Linkwood House
Welcome to YGS ☺ I don't mean this to come off wrong, but having to read your experience, with you calling your grandmother, mom, really started to confuse me, in certain parts of your experience. It's probably just me though. I know you said before hand, that you was going to call your grandmother mom, yet my brain refused to accept that apparently πŸ˜… but I still understood what you was saying. Anyways, I agree with Tweed, on having a woman, performing some ritual, that you saw dancing around at the foot of your bed. When you described it, it made me think of the women in New Orleans, back in our history (maybe even still today as well), that did voodoo and whatever else, that involved rituals being performed, through dance movements. I'm not very educated in that stuff, so I apologize if I said anything wrong, in my description. But it sounds like a good bit of activity happening there. I had similar, but not as many, experiences like some of what you said, at my grandparents house as well. I haven't fully decided yet, if I believe it to be anything negative, at my grandparents home, but at least nothing seemed to harm anyone there. Like Tweed was also saying to you, I too believe from what you said about yourself, that you have special abilities, like of an empath, among other things. I consider myself an empath/clairsentient, as I've been experiencing the paranormal world since childhood, not understanding why I seemed to be so different from everyone else around me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, as I really enjoyed reading about it. Oh, and I'm very happy to hear your dad denied you, to be able to use a Ouiji board, inside the home! That most definitely would have possibly made things much worse there.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Linkwood House
Hello K8lyn003, what a fascinating series of encounters, thanks for sharing! It sounds like your childhood was certainly spiritually active.

You have a gift, no doubt, and it can seem a bit much when one isn't trained in how to use it, it can be downright overwhelming.

I believe the term Tweed was looking for is Tulpa, which is when a thought form is heavily believed in, it can become real and take on a life of it's own. I'm not sure if this is what Alesha was or not. I also agree with Tweed on the tear you saw on that doll, I know it freaked you out, but I don't feel it was meant to, it was almost the same reaction a child would have when they get hurt.

Your stories remind me so much of my grandfather's old place which I posted about. They did play with a Ouija board there and it wasn't good, so I would heavily advise against that. If you're truly curious, beyond the history you already relayed you could research further back. There are also reputed psychics and mediums/groups that could tune in and share what they pick up on as well from the place. Like remote viewing, some don't even have to physically be at the location. I would do your due diligence and research as well if you utilize one's services in that capacity.

Either way it was an interesting read, I enjoyed the encounters you shared and wish you good luck!
I bet being able to live in Japan, and just have that whole scenery view of it all, is breathtaking πŸ˜„ I would love to go there someday, as my grandmother, who I was very close with (she was like my 2nd mother, helping raise me as a child πŸ₯°), was Japanese, and had lived in Okinawa, before she meet my grandfather, when he was serving in the army. She was truly an amazing woman, and growing up around her, helped me see her Japanese side, making me love how it's culture seemed to be. With my grandmother being Japanese, and my grandfather American, that made my mother and her sister's, half Japanese, so then that makes me a quarter, ☺ and I truly cherish having apart of me. I do have family of my grandmother, that are living in Japan, and even had a cousin that decided to move there, when he turned 21 years old, and has been living there ever since, making a new life for himself there. Sorry to go on about all this, as it's not about your experience, I just wanted to say how much I admire, where you're living at right now. As for your experience though, I think it's amazing to have someone on the spiritual side, that's helping you, and looking out for you. I'm not sure if it's a spirit, or a Guardian, but whatever it is, I believe it means you no harm, and is only there to help you out, when needed. I think if you feel a connection, with it being the boy in the blue jacket, to trust your instinct. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and I hope you figure out soon, who you believe it to be.
Linjahaha in Historic Haunt
Crimson, & Tweed: Thank you for enjoying the post. I, personally,
DID ENJOY working there.
It, literally, brought history to life in a whole new perspective.
The history books, back then, were rather boring, but BEING there, & touching those gorgeous gowns that Mrs. Garfield wore, touching the furniture, & actually feeling the atmosphere brought them to life. I loved the dinnerware, also, in the dining room. Beautiful Wedgewood, & Cloisenne China adorning the grand dining table, & cabinets. Wow!
That dinner bell was the only rub when little kids of the touring families began banging on it. Ouch!
I'm glad that I worked there It was truly a fascinating experience. If you have teenagers, encourage them to work as a tour guide in an historic setting. It's a terrific learning experience, & a great way to encounter people from, possibly, all over the world. I met families from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Japan, & China. Just to mention a few. It's something that they won't forget. I sure didn't. Thank you so much for reading!

The Best
As always!
😁 😁
Hi RCRuskin!
Thanks for commenting! Don't worry about the rhyme, I know it was time. (Is it how you do rhyme?)
Well, I kind of agree on that this is just one-off events, true. I will need to be more aware of things around me first of all because reading my stories in my old account I seemed to have became "a boring person". Need to change that then I might see what really is going on around me.

Hello Tweed!
Blue... Not really,, but thinking of the tribal stuff from my grandma, I do remember a bluish feathered mask on the wall at the house where I used to grow up... Sorry not a person though. That mask seemed just to be a decoration in my knowledge.
Oh yes, everything was fine I was worried that they might take some of my money out but thinking again... I don't carry any cash with me because I am a beeper lol
robmkivseries70 in Gaping Black Holes For Eyes
[at] Different444,
I have a bit of a different take. The missing eyes would seem to be related to the ability of the ghost to appear. IIRC all your ghosts' were children. E.g. Sometimes people report a pair of legs walking around a 'haunted' location. Since you are/ were able to see the ghosts it would seem that you have some level of MEDIUMISTIC talent. The thing with the eyes, as black holes, is not really unusual. Whether it is related to your particular gift or a short coming of the ghost's abiltiy to appear I have no idea.

True ghosts, according to Hans Holzer, are entities who for some reason are stuck, "between worlds" in their location for some traumatic reason related to their passing. HTH
Oh man dream job sign me up! For anyone curious check it out (remove spaces if need be)


Thanks for sharing Linjahaha, this was a real joy to read!
Oh, I forgot to touch on Alesha. If she was an imaginary friend I believe it's possible to create some kind of 'being' just by putting time and energy into it. Some schools of thought term this a 'thought form' or a erg its like 1am here and I can't think of the other term for it. Well anyway, this might explain why Alesha disappeared when you stopped paying her attention. Or she may have been a once living soul. Either way it doesn't sound like she ever meant any harm.
Hi K8lyn003, thanks for sharing your vivid encounters. Not sure what your personal spiritual beliefs are but if you believe in psychic abilities it seems like you have them. These abilities can be hereditary and there are details in your narrative which suggest your mother shared this ability. Her seeing your father when he wasn't home could be her psychic link to your father, at least in that moment. Likewise your apologising to the doll and seeing a tear. Although it was frightening I felt a strong pang of bitter sweetness as I read that part and I find it very beautiful. I still talk to (so called) inanimate objects and always will. I also like to thank busted objects for their service before I throw them away. It's a nice way to be I think.

I'm not sure how you'd feel about being termed a 'sensitive' or an 'empath' or 'psychic' but sometimes putting a name to something can be liberating. I guess what I'm trying to say is not all unexplained encounters are evil. That said, trust your feeling about the home. If it feels depressive to you, trust that. I'm not anti ouija boards but I think using one in that house, with those depressive vibes, well not the best idea in the world.

I'm at a complete loss as to what the woman figure was doing at the end of the bed. I wondered if it wasn't some kind of tribal ritual, that's the only thing I could think of to explain the way she moved about. Fascinating stuff. But not so much when you're trying to get to sleep!

Thanks for sharing all these encounters, I've really enjoyed reading them. This site is a great place to share and exchange ideas about weird and wacky experiences so you've come to the right place, welcome!
CrimsonTopaz in Historic Haunt
What a learning experience it was reading this story.
You have so much knowledge on this museum, I reckon you can go back and pick up where you left off.
Sounds like some kind of guardian if the boy is paranormal. Does blue hold any significance for you? Was everything still in your wallet? Would there be any security footage of the front desk area where your wallet was handed in? I ask a lot of questions!

Very interesting experience blosomes!
Please keep us posted so we can figure out if the Boy in Blue followed you. (Did not mean for that to rhyme. Anyhow...)

One-off events don't convince me much. However, this did happen as you say. So it must be the boy came to at least visit you.
Freakyfilespodcast in Grandmotherly Touch
Hi we loved this story I was very close with my Nan. Do you mind if we share your story on our podcast? We would obviously credit you
Freakyfilespodcast in The Lady On The Abandoned Road!
Hey this literally sent shivers down my spine, would you mind if we featured your story in our podcast?
Freakyfilespodcast in What Is This Entity?
This is a really interesting read. Would you mind if we told your story on our podcast?
lol Lady Glow well I may have an update already.

Replying on phone sorry if this turns out unreadable
I've been streaming movies on the SBS on demand thing we have here. Last night and the night before there was a loud beep through the speakers while the film was playing. Both nights it happened once during both films. Movie sounds still present but a loud beeeeeep for about two seconds over the top, kind of drowning out the film sound.
Tuesday I watched Fargo (original movie) no beep.
Also Tuesday watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape. No beep.
Wednesday Kill Bill vol 1 one loud beep.
Thursday Kill Bill vol 2 another loud beep.
Tonight I didn't stream anything. Not because of beeps just wanted to sort through some books instead. If anyone in Aussie is streaming Kill Bill on SBS and recieving a loud beep please let me know. Otherwise maybe someone's trying to say hello. Don't know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.
lady-glow in New Home New Haunts
Hi Tweed.

Don't take me wrong, but I hope your house is haunted, that way we will be reading more of your always interesting, entertaining, well written and wonderful experiences!

Perhaps the spirit was aware of your sensitivity from the very first time you enter their space and was trying to get your attention.

Great read. Thanks for sharing.
I'm a little bit confused. First you say the knocking came from outside your window, but then you say, "Beside the window, or rather, a little in front of it, was a girl with long, dripping wet, black hair cascading down her face and body, basically hiding all of her from how long it was. She was wearing this worn-out white dress that ended on the floor." If she was outside your window tapping, how did you see how long her dress was? Am I missing something?
Sign Me Up: Did that ever happen before? You mentioned that your family has been going there for 5 years now. It seems rather strange that this would occur now, & not previously.
I agree with Rajine that it could've been a passing spirit. I hope that you do not encounter it again. If you do, try to remain a little calmer. I know. Easier said than done. Let it know that you are not a threat to it, but would prefer it go away to it's loved ones that are waiting for it. Gently persuade it. I'm not guaranteeing this will resolve it, but sometimes, a gentle persuasion is what it may need to hear. She may have been confused, or even asking for help. Who knows!
Good post, & I hope we've been even a little bit helpful!

Take Care!
😊 😁
Can't, the best answer I can give you is I'm really not sure. It all depends on the encounter and the elements surrounding it. Strictly speaking, is it a ghost story? Probably not. But does it fall under the category of paranormal? Absolutely. I say send it on in, and I'll see if it works?
CantunSEEit74 in Ironing Board & Drowning
Val Are UFO stories accepted. Under spiritual encounter?XOXOXOXOXOXO
Hello Granpaul,

Scary stuff.

Limey has some good questions.

Are you still around? It's been a few weeks since this post was published, but I was wondering what's going on there now with the new residents.

Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha in New Home New Haunts
Hi, Tweed, Linjahaha here! I enjoyed your narrative, & am glad, for your sake, that it appears to be harmless. Hope it stays that way for you.
I'm glad that you read my account about the new rental house with a ghost. The landlord never acknowledged to the young couple that there was any paranormal activity going on, but I believe that he was well aware of it to begin with. The rent was extremely reasonable for such a lovely house. That was the initial warning sign. Caveat emptor-Buyer beware. A truer word was never spoke. However, it did all work for for them in the long run. I really hope that all goes very well for you in your new home. Please, keep us posted. Once again, a good read!

Take Care! πŸ˜† 😁
Hi StarBird,

Sorry this is happening it sounds very creepy. However these red eyed beings have been freaking people out for years and years. Honestly if you click around on this site you're bound to find loads of other experiences similar to yours. Good news is nothing bad ever happens to the people experiencing them. They seem to want to observe but that's all. Personally I feel they're nature spirits, some kind of guardian of wooded areas. You'd be surprised how often people see them in rural or garden settings. Most of the time people call them shadow entities or shadow beings or shadow people. They're often reported as tall, with long 'shadowed' bodies and red glowing eyes. I saw something like this a few years ago I would describe what I saw as having a dark 'smoke' like body and slightly glowing red eyes, not super bright like others have described. This entity was inside my home. But I wasn't freaked out. (I'm a bit of an oddball like that.) What was curious about my encounter was the face of the being started to morph into that of old teacher. Said teacher passed away about a year after my encounter. My feeling about that was this entity was trying to tell me this person was ill and that I should contact them before its too late. But I made that connection years after the fact. I believe the entity entered my home because it was aware I talk to the trees it was connected to. (I'm an oddball remember)

I don't know what the entity in your area is up to but maybe it mimics your movements because its curious you can see it. I got the impression from my experience that eye contact is their strongest form of communication with us. As Twilight says as long as you're cool with nature your red eyed being should be cool with you.
I suppose even resident spirits are concerned about who will be roommates with them, from the looks of it πŸ˜…, but I'm glad that everything seems to be calming down.
Hi Sign_Me_up

Have you ever experienced anything after this incident? If not then perhaps it was a passing spirit, certain entities feed of people's fear, as hard as it is in such situations, try not to show fear.
Hi H0ph4t,

Sounds like some kind of thought-form, not a nice one though. I got the impression it saying 'GET THEM OUT' was this thing begging your dad to get the spirits doing the banging out, not that it was doing the banging itself. Trust your father's instincts about this entity. Whoever was doing the banging might have been attempting to get rid of the thing your dad saw.
Keep yourselves and your home cleansed and shielded. The theatre, being a large venue filled with many different energies, will be harder to cleanse and shield by yourselves. I suggest your family get as many open minded folk as you can muster to do a group cleansing of the theatre. It sounds like this entity has been dwelling for a while so you might need to do a few group cleansings to disperse the negativity and restore calm. Make a note of the date this happened. It might be activated or stronger at this time of year. It would be great if your father could communicate with the children spirits. But perhaps right now isn't the best time to do this. Sorry this has happened, don't let it get in the way of your youth theatre school, that sounds like a heap of fun!
Rajine, definitely a bit more than I bargained for lol. I think they're pretty harmless whoever they are. Things seem a lot more settled so far, paranormal speaking at least. These ghost/s might have been concerned about who was going to be living here and decided to act up.

Twilight, I love the thought of someone sighing because they were fed up I wouldn't take them seriously lol that's a really cool theory and makes a lot of sense. It's very possible they were trying to warn me of a couple of serious faults with the place. Which brings me to an update of sorts. This week it rained really hard here and the freaking roof leaked all over my recording equipment. To say I'm angry is putting it mildly. I put the estate agent on blast for this. The other little chestnut unearthed was when the electrician said the place has no darn safety switch. Which the estate agent said they hadn't received the report for. Estate agent put on blast for a second time. Safety switch was installed today and the roof is being fixed as soon as the weather dries up. I can't believe the landlady and her family who lived here before me didn't know about the leak because it's HUGE. All the rain from the other day has pealed off what looks like a cheap patch job of wallpaper over old water marks. It leaked from the light bulb, the roof and the wall in one room creating a pond on the floor. Unfortunately I didn't know until after it had been raining super hard for about six hours on my desk with my expensive kit on it. Such is the state of renting in these modern times. A lot of sharks out there. Ghosts I don't mind. It's the living I can do without. On a lighter note it's really cool to be here again. So maybe said ghost/s were trying to warn me of the faults? Don't know, that'd be nice though.
AussieRedDog: Wow! This is a good account of a spirit that is probably completely unaware that he is 1-not living, & 2-going on with a routine that was significant to him when he was around.
There is a 3rd, & 4th possibility: 3-It is a residual haunting just playing out like a loop on a tape recorder, or 4-He may be hoping someone will figure out who killed him to give him some justice.
Nothing etched in stone here, but just some possibilities to consider. It's interesting what you discovered regarding the event that took place there in the past. Quite interesting that you learned some background about the area.
This was a very interesting read, & I love your Aussie slang. Honest!

Take Care! 😊 😁
Native Americans in your area have all the answers to your outside visitor. But you have to do the footwork. Some worry about attachment just by mentioning its name. Good luck
StarBird, it sounds like what you experience within your home, isn't related to what is going on outside of your home (which again, is like my experience, as we have activity in our home as well, but it's not what I experienced, the night I encountered what was outside our house). I'm still going to lean more onto it possibly being something elemental, that you're experiencing outside. I don't really know what all attracts something of that nature, to our yard, but I have a pretty good idea what attracted mine, at the time I experienced it. Have you done anything outside, that may be something that isn't exactly respectful towards nature or something? For me, as silly as it sounds, the only thing I knew I was doing then, that might have angered an elemental, was me hating all the spider's we have around our house, to where I would go out my way, just to destroy their webs etc, and I'm ashamed to admit now, I was really enjoying doing so, to where I would make a game of it, and like I said, was destroying one's that weren't even in my way. Without going into further details on my part, I realize now how childish it was of me, to behave that way towards nature, and I'd say I definitely learned my lesson, as what all happened to me during that time, made it very clear that something wasn't happy with me, and how I was treating spider's. Now I am very respectful of nature, even if I am afraid of some of it. Once I realized the problem though, and apologized, it stopped, and I no longer experienced any of what I had, afterwards. I still feel thing's outside some night's, watching from our woods, but nothing like I did the night I ran in fear, into my house, with who I believe was my spirit guide, screaming in my head, to run now. Sorry for such a lengthy comment, but like I was saying, if you possibly have offended something, it might be causing your siting outside, otherwise, I don't know what else may cause an elemental, to show itself, and keep trying to scare you like it has. Then again, it could also be something else entirely, I'm just suggesting this as 1 of many possibilities.
To Twilight1011, yes I've always heard stuff in the house, since I was like a little child. Footsteps up and down the hallway, tapping on the walls, footsteps in our attic which is the weirdest one since we have no flooring up there, it's jut insulation and beams, and the only way into it is like a tiny hole about a foot wide by maybe a foot and a half long?

You just push up on the board and it pops open and you crawl in, no one goes up there though because it USED to be in a closet before the home was remodeled years ago. Now it's literally just right above the tv in what's now the living room.

The noises INSIDE the house don't bother me, they never really have. I could just literally ask it to stop and it will, it's the stuff OUTSIDE the house that freaks me out. Mainly again, those red eyes.

To Rajine, we aren't getting another dog. Our last dog passed last winter and he got sick out of nowhere and just... It was a horrible experience, nothing we did seemed to help him and the day we went to take him to the vet, he had already passed sometime earlier that night before morning so we... Don't really want to get another dog after that.

To CantunSEEit74, we don't get deer in our yard. Turkeys? Yea, had some out back the other week even. Deer? No, not in the yard. We have an apple tree on the property, if they want apples, they are more than welcome to help themselves. I don't mess with Native American anything. My grandad on my dads side said we had Blackfoot Indian way back in our family line, but it was all word of mouth so we have no idea if it's true or not. I went digging for info a number of years ago to see if it was true, didn't have the best time with that so yea no, I don't mess with that stuff anymore.
StarBird, welcome to YGS ☺ As for my opinion of your experience, I couldn't help but think of a somewhat, similar experience I had posted here, called "An evil presence outside". Which I've come to believe was a type of elemental. It makes me wonder if that's possibly what you're experiencing as well. With what I've read so far, that you've mentioned of this, I'm a little confused on this detail, so are you saying that you're also experiencing thing's inside of your home, as well as outside, or is it just outside that's the problem?
Twilight1011 in New Home New Haunts
I can't help but wonder, if the possible sigh, you might have heard, when trying to leave your new home, after you was going through it, and had heard the bangs, if you had actually indeed heard a sigh, that wasn't from you, I'm curious if it was whatever is there, either getting upset that they had failed to get your attention the way they were wanting, or if it was a possible warning of some kind, that a ghost may have been trying to warn you of. I think it's possibly more of my first thought, of it trying to get your attention for whatever reason, verses a warning, well, I hope at least. From what you described so far, it hasn't came off negative really, so it's possible it may have just been excited to have new people moving in, and wanting some attention. I'm very interested in learning how your new home goes for you, and can't wait to be updated on it. I'm happy you were able to find somewhere in your hometown area, to live, within the time frame you had though. Thank you for sharing your new experience in your new home, and hopefully with any updates you may have, it'll be more of the harmless nature, and nothing too negative.
It seems these visitations happened on the same property. If this is true, I would put apples on the back side of the trees 9 ft up where red eyes see's first. A peace offering and if it eats apples praying will probably not help if it is born from the land or a native spirit. A piece of twine jammed through an apple with a screwdriver and just knotted a few times will be an easy pull down. I have seen deer standing on their back legs head in the apple tree so 9 ft is safe. At 5 ft you need a ladder. Could be an ugly bigfoot cousin.
Hi StarBird

Take it from me, if you've read any of my stories on here, praying might feel like it's not working, but trust me it is, I know it's hard but don't show fear, it's easy for people to give advice, but only few of us have been through crazy incidents to know exactly what it feels like, as long as you have faith nothing bad will happen to you, I suggest that you get another dog as well.
I did that the first time? Told my gran back then and she gave me a bottle of holy water and told me to put it on the corners of each window and door and pray and yea, I did but I'd still hear stuff.

I don't look out the windows once it's dark out. I will go out of my way to turn my head AWAY from the window, even if the blinds are down and closed. No matter where in the house you are, if it's dark out, I feel watched. I don't really think praying has done much, as much as I hate to say that. I even tried using sage to smudge the house at one point a few years back, because I always hear stuff. I just got used to it after awhile.

It feels worse now, because I don't have a dog anymore. I just got fish. I don't really have a dog that can lay on my bed and alert me if something happens or if it hears something like my last dog used to do.
Please. By any chance, can you PM me the name of the Lodging house?
Maybe, Rajine, explains why he still rides towards town, maybe it was the anniversary of his demise, I really have no idea.
I say as long as it's not inside the house you don't have to worry, as much as you can, avoid being out late, anything with red eyes in my opinion is demonic and malevolent and trying to take it head on is not the best idea, what I suggest is cover the windows that has no blinds or shades and pray as much and as often as you can.
That is indeed horrifying, reminds me of a similar incident I posted years ago on here, it could be a doppelganger or it could be a spirit that took on your grandfathers form.
Hi AussieRedDog

I suppose he must be still attached to the gold, his unfinished business, he must be very dedicated to finding gold, so much so that his spirit is still around over a generation later.
Hi again

As I mentioned in your previous story, praying is powerful, I know it is hard, but try not to show fear, as you mentioned the house being built in the 1800s, one can imagine the amount of supernatural activity that's going on there, I wonder though if it's resident spirits or just passing one's, given the long history of the place it's a wonder exactly how many people must have passed away in there.
It's definitely unnerving to have to go through that, from what I've read I'm assuming that this happens every night, do you get any sort of bad or good vibe from these entities?

The best thing you can do is pray, there's nothing more powerful than prayer, now that your dad believes you I think it's a good thing, so maybe talk to him about it and see what he has to say about it.

What you've described definitely does not seem like it was once human, often times malevolent entities try to pretend or mimic spirits or ghosts.

It's not wise to face whatever it is without proper preparation and planning, it shouldn't be faced alone, but with a group of people who have experience with this type of thing.
Hi Tweed

It seems like you got a bit more than you bargained for with said resident ghost/s.
So far it seems harmless, hopefully with time it'll cease completely, but a good regular cleansing now and then should help.
Tweed, & LostVoyage: I THANK YOU both for reading my post, & for your-as always-very thoughtful input.
I agree with this young couples' decision, & especially since they had an infant to protect. Leaving was the BEST option.
My hubby, mother-in-law, & I didn't have any children to worry about but things were indeed escalating to a dangerous level in that horrendous house. However, the landlord was always there with his hand out for the rent. The skunk.
Not all landlords are like that. I've encountered a couple that were VERY decent, & honest. They also took care of any repairs that were reported to them. They were one in a million.
Sometimes it's just too difficult to find out anything about the reason behind a specific haunting. The history of the house/site.
Sometimes all you can do is run, & resume your life elsewhere that is void of a haunt. That's what WE did, & that's what my sister's friends did also. Thank you so much for reading, & your comments!

The Very Best
To Both of You! 😁 😁
I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has the backbone to apologise CantunSEEit74. Bravo. Your comment to Amchi1986 is very encouraging and it would be so pleasant to see more encouragement coming from those of us who can speak fluent English.

I watch many shows and documentaries on various countries too CantunSEEit74. I do agree with what you say. I also speak to many people online from India and other countries too, and I feel completely sure we can all learn and support each other more.

I enjoy your stories Amchi1986. Persevere and keep your stories coming.

Cheers, Kent
valkricry in The Dancer
Happy April Fools to you too, Tweed. And of course that is not enough characters...
Spirit bugs has never crossed my mind and I try to get them outside if it's possible. WOW
Tweed in The Dancer
I just saw a ghost do a cartwheel. πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Happy April Fools everyone.
Just a quick note for Cantunseeit, I've seen a spider apparition after squashing one. So your mice and deer hunter musings are definitely food for thought!
Hi Garm,

Although understandably terrifying it sounds like the black panther wasn't intending to hurt you. A living black panther wouldn't muck around with furniture, (sorry to be graphic here), they go for the skull first if they can and then its lights out. Super stealthy and efficient. If this spirit was in 'hunt' mode you wouldn't have known it was there. Chewing on the end of the bed seems more like a playful gesture to me, like a dog. Not saying you saw a dog, I believe you saw exactly what you describe, but the behaviour reminded me of a dog being cheeky. You mentioned you liked to prop your feet up on the foot board. Perhaps this spirt had observed you doing this before maybe even thought the foot board was a hinderance for you. I had similar thoughts about this entity as Lady Glow, some kind of spirit animal guide or something along those lines.

It clearly had a profound impact whatever it was. Although it was terrifying nothing bad seemed to come of it and in this way I hope you're glad of the unique experience. Well, as glad as anyone can be of a harrowing unexplainable moment.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with black panthers, had an imaginary black panther 'pet'. So my inner child was pretty stoked to read your experience. Don't know how I would've reacted to such a moment though, eek!

Thanks for sharing, you wrote this really well too, heaps of detail, love it!
Hi Tweed, you are right, this is the realm of physical beings and everyone has a right to their home. It's also true that everyone has the right to feel safe in their homes as well and unfortunately our dimension crosses another spiritual plane wherein we have a limited understanding of how it works.

Most ghosts and spirits have to honor our boundaries through some sort of unseen spiritual contract, like when we tell them not to scare us or set some kind of house rules as to their 'appearances'. That being said, there is a class or class of entities that don't seem be bound to these agreements as it were, such as in this story. The hauntings seem to start off 'normal' enough (or routine maybe is a better word) but begin to escalate and when 'it' becomes physically aggressive, a strategic retreat is usually the best option.

In these cases, usually 'it' wants the human occupants out and demonstrates its power in increasingly alarming ways. In many instances the occupants fight back, after all, like you said, it's their home. However like fighting with someone, it just escalates and the entitiy becomes bolder. After all, you can't slap a restraining order on it, or have the police come and arrest it, and unfortunately the ghostbusters aren't in our reality to trap it. I believe the angrier the human occupants get, it works like kinetic energy and the entity can feed off it and become more aggressive.

These hauntings have common threads, and the occupants usually end up fleeing after a final terrifying scare. They usually never return, sometimes even to retrieve their belongings and never find out what 'it' was. Ironically they usually don't want to know or care to find out. It's sad, and it's happened a lot over the years. Sometimes others move into the same house and the haunting doesn't repeat itself which leads to even more questions as to what it was.

Anyways, I had just read another story (not on here) that prompted me to comment on your post because it was eerily similar to this story and others. A couple driven from their dream home, determined to fight for it, yet when 'it' split a solid table down the middle from where it was wedged under a locked door, they knew it was time to leave.

Your comments were food for thought and really made me think of the bizarre similarities in these hauntings and even the house you and your husband were forced to abandon Linjahaha. I'm more curious as what these things are and how they come to be here at all.

Anyways good to hear from you Tweed and hopefully you don't mind my musings on your story/post/comments Linjahaha, but I believe it relevant and it got me curious.
Hi Linjahaha,

It's always fascinated me the laws around homes and the paranormal in America. I think it's really cool, even if some landlords stick their fingers in their ears and go 'la la la'. Such laws would never exist in Australia, too many skeptics. I feel bad for the couple and wish they'd have stayed to defend their home. This is the realm of the living after all, no soul has the right to rip a home away. But being so exhausted by everything and with a kiddy to protect I can understand why they fled. On the flip side maybe the couple wound up where they were supposed to be in some cosmic way. I was just submitting a rental related haunting to the site and the title of this caught my attention in an amusing way. But I didn't expect it to be such a seriously awful haunting. Sorry for the people who endured it. Thanks for sharing.
Hi, I just joined this group and this is my first post. Yes, I've seen the mist. As I was watching TV in the evening I was facing the hall coming into the living room when I saw a shadow materialize into a tall shape with a curve on the side. It appeared to walk toward the living room until it was almost to my side. At that point it dissipated. My son died 5 months ago (54) and I believe it to be him. He was that tall. At the place it disappeared there was a desk with his urn and pictures on it. This was actually the 4th paranormal experience related to his death but I'll save those stories for another time. I just wanted to comment on your grey mist. This one did not have a shape of a human but I could tell it was walking, not just gliding. It certainly seemed intelligent, and I hope it was my son. It was my first impression that it was. My only other experience with a grey mist appearing to me was my grandmother, dead 6 months, many years ago. I knew it was her even though she appeared as a shape of a person with no discernable features. It appeared she wore a cloak, like a monk's cloak. Your story is so interesting. I have read that spirits like to interact with people, and it seems that's what yours did by causing the car to slow down for the crosswalk.
CantunSEEit74 in Back From The Dead
Amchi1986 I must say I am very disappointed in myself for my comments on your story Amchi86. I hope you can forgive me. I know that English is not everyone's first language and I send all of you respect on that added learning curve. I must say I really enjoy the many shows showing India and the ancient stone buildings and Temples. You live in an amazing place, and I hope your life is good. I must remember the story, language transfer into English is probably a challenge. I only speak English and my wife corrects me often. Don't give up just take your time when telling your story. Your story on this site may outlive you, make sure it is well written for years to come. Take care.
Hi, Bergraf: I'm sorry if I confuse people with the quote '' marks. I'll explain. I just use them to call attention to a specific instance, or thing.
If it seems perplexing, I'll discontinue using them,& instead use capital letters to hi-lite something specific if it makes it easier for everyone.
However, I am VERY GLAD that you enjoy reading the accounts. I assure you they ARE true accounts. Thank you so much for reading, & commenting!

Wishing the Best! ❀ 😁
I always enjoy your stories Linjahaha, they are some of the best on this site.
I hope I don't sound like a smart-ass, but I'm just curious, I've wanted to ask for a long while- What's up with the 'quote' marks around random words? πŸ€”
Interesting story, and very well written 😊 thanks for sharing it.
Hello [at] phoenix07

Thanks for your concern, yeah I did really well in my exams and thanks for understanding too😊

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