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Thank you for setting all of us straight. I have to say that your comment has improved my evening.
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Poltergeist Activity?
I am a Fartologist by profession, 'Fartology' is the scientific study of farts. During my career I have found that 'poltergeist' activity occurs when there is a rapid build-up of flatulence in a single environment, this is the logical explanation for poltergeist activity. I recommend that you open all the windows of your home daily, in doing so 'poltergeist' activity will cease.

The same logical explanation goes for the orbs in photos phenomena, these 'orbs' are nothing more than remenants of dead farts, which remain if you don't open the windows to your home. Therefore no such entities as poltergeists only POLTERFARTS.
Hi VeronicaMarie,

No I don't believe I was sleep-deprived. I was completely coherent and awake while this happened and I would look directly at the figure. I'd had a human shape to it and it was very broad.
Hi Alina5!

I was the only one who encountered anything of the sorts. I mentioned it to the others but they just said that it's weird and nothing happened to them.
I feel like you drove her away from this site. Maybe some others too, but primarily you.
You started on her the moment she submitted this story. First, you told her that she couldn't count. Oh dear, she added up wrong, is that really such a crime.
Then when Melda said she didn't believe it and Sophie said she was alright with that. You came back and said
"playing the role of the misunderstood victim, better provide the link and make us shut up our mouth.
Jon Santa is seating on the fence. Can somebody help me to throw the BS blanket on this story?"
Why is that even needed? It's cruel and unfair.
So you've successfully got the link to the house, what more do you need?
But no, that still isn't good enough for you and you have to go back at her again. Do you like hurting people's feelings? It seems so.
And when Alina5 wanted questions answered after the massive rant of yours, is it any wonder she didn't and just left. How are you supposed to answer something like that?
The reason she didn't want to tell you in the first place was because she wasn't entirely sure it was legal, and you made her anyway.
It's all well saying you don't mean to be rude, but that's not how Sophie saw it and obviously gave up before you ground her down even more.
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in She Frightened Her Away...!
Oh I'm crying! It was nice to dream with your grandma and touch her again. I would like to dream with my Nana Lou. 😢
Not a good story, it seriously lacks details; plus I agree with the first commentator that using a Ouija-Board after such an experience is illogical.
What's the name of your YouTube channel?
I'd like to check it out
What a shame that Sophie has left the sight. I am in agreement with Lorenzo here. I have just read her account and I believe it to be authentic. Her neighbour knowing a Chinese billionaire can be perfectly plausible. Sophie might be from a very affluent part of town with rich neighbours who have access to a Manor House for the weekend. There isn't any concrete evidence to rule it out, just conjecture & speculation. There is a lesson to be learnt here. Let's not assassinate people's narratives and embarrass them enough to drive them away from this site. Apply logic, but also demonstrate some empathy with the author. Well I guess we will never get the full answers now. However good luck Sophie if you are reading this.
This is you're second warning about language.
If you are not mature enough to articulate in a mature fashion, then you're not mature enough for this site. It's really that simple.
By following this course you are risking being banned. I'm being serious.
Lealeigh_ If your talking about the time 3 A.M as well, it' believed that Jesus was crucified at 3 P.M, and exactly 12 hours later, that is at 3 A.M, demonic activities set in. While demons are weakest at 3 P.M, they're strongest at 3 A.M. As Lady-Glow also said, demons are supposed to operate at that hour, apparently to mock the holy trinity where Jesus was crucified 12 hours prior. Also, if you've ever watched as many scary movies as I have, you would notice in all the scary movies like "The Conjuring" and "Amityville" the clock always stops at 3 A.M and everything always goes downhill from there. Kinda silly to go off of a scary movie though, but it's true.

I agree that things do seem to be escalating. I will consider doing a cleansing, especially since something is actually scratching now. Thanks for the suggestion!

MrsRamsay- Wow! Sounds like you have had your share of odd experiences as well. That's actually pretty comforting that your Alexa said that to you. That's also really crazy that your toothbrush kept doing that, especially around an important date like that! I would probably be completely stunned if it happened THAT many times. I definitely agree with you on the whole 3 A.M thing. If paranormal activity really does happen around that time, I don't want to be the one to find out. So I usually just do the same thing you do around that time. It's honestly weird when anything electronic just starts up on it's own.

Yesterday night, my mom told me about an incident with a dart board on our porch, which we've had for years. It kept beeping as if someone was throwing darts at it, and then started speeding up. But someone would have had to physically turn the board on, and it can't make a sound unless it's touched. The day prior to that, we had heard a loud bang while watching T.V on the porch, and went to investigate, but found nothing at all. Makes me think that something or someone had been shuffling around back there in the first place, which is a little un-settling.

If it's any consilation, I believe it.

Lady-Glow, I think you were really harsh and that's why she's gone.

No-one ever believed her... Why would she stick around?

Also I'm sure she's not making it up, maybe she has mental problems, maybe she genuinely thinks she went there. Why would anyone make something up when they know if they lie, they will get roasted for it.
Bibliothecarius in She Frightened Her Away...!

A mere 2 hours ago, Val (one of our Moderators) posted the following in response to an unacceptable message:

Jethala, while it is ok not to believe someone's story, it is not ok to be so darn rude about it. From the Comments Guidelines: "If you disagree with the authenticity and the veracity of a story, you can express your opinion, as long as it is respectful ("I have an another theory for what happened", "I do not believe this to be true because...", etc). However, you cannot be abusive toward the author ("your story is lame", "you're a liar", "you're wasting our time", etc)."

Please identify exactly what part of the narrative you deem incredible & explain why this is your opinion. It is not acceptable for you --nor anyone else-- to make *ad hominem* accusations. Substantiate your claim of disbelief in a civilized manner, please.

Augusta, It's funny you should bring it up at this time, because I just had a very similar conversation with Jubeele about that. She said that spirits like that are very common in the Asian culture, have been for centuries.
I did find this interesting tid-bit on the net:
AugustaM in Haunted Loft
I am assuming that this activity has just started up after ten years of your residency - if that is the case, the activity may have less to do with the house itself and land beneath/around it than the residents and items inside it. In terms of items, have either of you recently brought home anything used or antique? Have any renovations or big changes recently occurred in the home (ie sweeping interior design changes, remodeling a room, additions etc)? On a more personal level, have either of you recently experienced any emotional upsets* (ie a worrying diagnosis, illness or passing of a loved one, big breakup, clinical depression etc - please don't feel like you are expected to answer publicly with any private information these are questions and suggestions purely to hopefully help guide your own personal investigative process)? It has also been posited that the overwhelming changes and angst that come along with puberty and teen years can be enough to whip up or attract poltergeist activity (and you certainly do have a "noisy ghost" on your hands).

All that said, you need to get some sleep so something needs to be done. Think over the questions I and others have posed to you, I recommend writing things down - it often helps gain perspective in your reasoning process. Once you feel like you may have a working theory (mind you, don't feel like you need ALL the answers before you can take any action - a well considered working theory is all you need to start) - you can start considering what action to take. If your beliefs and your auntie are amenable, there is a full house cleansing method available on the member profile of Rookdygin - it has been used by many contributors to this forum and is held in high regard. There are also other methods that can be looked up online including those aimed more at cleansing yourself as opposed to the structure - something along those more personal lines may be beneficial in this situation. I have also included a link below to a page that has plenty of suggestions for handling this type of problem with simple household materials.

Good luck and keep us posted!
So sorry about the scratches. Has your mom tried to say, "Hey, don't touch me!" That just seems to be a place to start, but I don't really know.

Regarding the Alexa, I have two, and really like them, though my understanding is there are privacy issues. I don't know, I figure anyone wanting to listen to my crazy house would probably only last a few seconds. But one day I was painting my bedroom, the last in a series of painting projects I was doing on my days off work. I had some song in my head, the tune anyway, and it was one of those camp songs I used to hear in high school Young Life (so that's sort of a religious Christian club). But I couldn't remember the words to the song, so I casually asked Alexa, "Alexa, what is the song that says..." whatever. I can't even remember now (I'm old, 59, so high school was long ago). I can't tell you exactly how Alexa replied, but it was more along the lines of, "Yes, God does exist and he loves you." Or something not REMOTELY related to the song lyrics I asked for. It was enough to make me stop in my tracks. I had a similar thing related to an angel before also. And YES, it's creepy when things go off in the middle of the night. Last week, on the anniversary of my late husband's death June 26, my current husband's electric toothbrush just started up on its own at 4:03 am, waking me up two nights in a row, and a third time while I was in the shower during the day! WTF?! We actually dumped the toothbrush and I'm getting him a new one. On the off chance the button was messed up. But I don't think it was the button.

FYI, I try not to wake up at 3am, probably the result of me watching too many Ghost Guy shows. But when I do, I usually hide under the covers and don't look around. Why take the chance? And then I try and laugh about it later.
Melda, I agree and deleted.
Jethala, while it is ok not to believe someone's story, it is not ok to be so darn rude about it. From the Comments Guidelines: "If you disagree with the authenticity and the veracity of a story, you can express your opinion, as long as it is respectful ("I have an another theory for what happened", "I do not believe this to be true because...", etc). However, you cannot be abusive toward the author ("your story is lame", "you're a liar", "you're wasting our time", etc)."
First off, let me say that the following thought is not put down in effort to discredit the OP's account - not in the least, I see no reason not to take what the OP has related at face value. I just wonder about the specific appearance of the apparition - young girl, soiled long white dress, face covered with long straggly black hair. She seems to be an entity or entity type as common these days as the seemingly ubiquitous "white lady." The first time I recall any reference to an entity with that specific set of characteristics was in the movie "The Ring." From a sociological standpoint, it would be interesting to assess the frequency of sitings of entities fitting that description before versus after that movie. I don't mean that everyone reporting having seen "her" is necessarily faking - sure some may be but, as for the rest, I wonder if the image created by Hollywood (and reinforced numerous times in film and TV since "The Ring) has informed how we view and perceive the paranormal in these cases - possibly even to the extent that our own psychological constructs have altered the manifestation of these entities. Just a thought!
It's wonderful that you got to see your grandfather, and what a great amount of detail you were able to absorb!

When my ten year old daughter was baptised (we did it later due to her dad being away a lot in the military) it was a fun occasion... We did her 10th birthday party the same day after the church service. As we were leaving the church to go get the Mexican food for the party, she leaned forward in the car and told me that, during the ceremony, when her father and I put our hands on her shoulder (as she was kneeling), she looked up and right behind the minister, she saw her grandmother, who had been gone about 4 years. I believed her immediately! I believe our loved ones can visit us, and even captured a great snapshot of my own grandfather in a streak of light in a photo we took of our family's Easter picnic last year! He's been gone 26 years, but there he was in the photo, clear as a bell! Made me feel good that he could see what a great party I threw! I learned much of it from him... So always honor your people, and do the things you know would make them smile and be proud of you! I believe this is how generations pass on their virtues. Be safe!
Hi, and welcome. What a compelling set of stories! I'm not an expert here at all, just been around a few months, but wanted to share my thoughts. First, believe your kids but don't buy in to their fear, or let them see you be afraid. It's very important to children to know that they're safe, and if you show fear it just adds to an iffy situation. You want them to grow up to be brave and courageous, and to understand that THEY are alive and vital, while (even if we assume this is all true and not fantasies or attention getting things) the other "things" are all past, gone from our world. And not in charge of their wonderful life (that lies ahead!). I don't know if you are religious, but this might be a time to teach them those aspects of your faith that are relevent, and the things your faith says to do when you are afraid. If you are Christian, for example, a Bible verse might be something your kids can hold on to when they are afraid.

Also, I would go with your daughter to the basement when you can, and be there with her. Even if it's not convenient. You need to model fearlessness and set an example. Lead with confidence, and if you feel a touch, I would calmly instruct whomever that touching is definitely OFF LIMITS and NOT OK. I think we too often believe that spirits have bad motives, when maybe they're just trying to get our attention.

As for the younger man who died there, what a tragedy! My first husband died at 32 and I would ask you to understand if in fact he IS there! Perhaps he'll be there to protect. If he was a military reenactor, he was probably a really good guy who honored the ideals of our forefathers and the soldiers who fought for our freedoms and fought to protect people. I'll take that kind of a ghost any day! Just have some empathy... Maybe he just wants to know that his home is ok.
The shadow man looking at the record player is the most compelling. Can dark shadow people be good spirits? Maybe he was reminiscing? As you can see, I'm an optimist. I think respect is one of the most important things, however. When spirits see that you respect the home, it's quite possible they'll stop visiting you! Above all, show your kids that they don't have to be afraid. They've lived through other places and are still here! In fact, they might be able to believe how special it is that they've experienced this's a glimpse into a world few others get to see or experience. Best wishes. Please update us!
Sounds like the entity in your home may be neither good nor bad - a radical neutral. It hasn't done anything truly aggressive and the uneasy feeling could just be a result of the latent predatory (humans are biologically predators) reaction to the sensation of an unknown observer (evolution has left us with some survival instincts that culture has been unable to breed out of us). That sort of awareness doesn't necessarily pick up on the intent of the other merely it's presence and the safest easiest assumption on that level is "threat" - but it's not necessarily as accurate as a closer more aware assessment might be.

That said, have you tried verbally "laying down the law" with your other worldly roomies? Often times it's a simple but effective way of calming activity and maintaining peaceful coexistence; it always works in my home. I have also found that filling the home with keepsakes (ie totems) and images of late loved ones and happy times can help raise the positive energy in the home and invite their comforting presence in. Here is a link to a page with some great suggestions for putting regular household items to use as well: -a little window garden of select plants may do just the job!:-)

P.S. Whatever method you go with, just make sure the materials you use or plants you bring into the home are pet safe (if you have pets) :-)
Jethalal - What a very rude person you are.

(Not enough characters: so rude, arrogant and... I have another word but I don't want my comment deleted.)

Lauren - I'll say what everybody else will, don't mess around with ouija boards. Your words are that you decided to "mess around" with it.

It's equally possible that even if you'd messed around with it in the church garden something malevolent could have attached itself to you.

I won't go anywhere near those things, they're dangerous.

Well now you've learned a valuable lesson and I'm very pleased that you were able to get rid of that negative entity.

Regards, Melda
Hello LaurenNH13,

Well, the obvious reason I could possibly state for the attachment or the entity to show up is not closing the Ouija board properly, which can be concluded by your statement here:

"I don't think we all have move as fast as we did that day to get out of there". Paranormal mishappenings always tend to happen when we don't have the proper knowledge of our doings. It could've have been way worse if any non-human entity had attached itself to you. You can consider it as a sign to not take spiritual mediums in a light tone since it is not a play thing to begin with.

I was wondering in your entire group were you the only one to witness this shadow figure? Did any of your other friends in the group had such similar experiences?

About the cross thing, it doesn't essentially require a person to be religious to experience the power of someone's belief. For example, to experience a positive aura you don't necesserily have to be positive. Maybe the faith and belief of the people attached to the cross had drived the entity away.

Hello laurenNH13,

Such a wonderful experience you had. There's a thing unless an event is experienced well by people, they never tend to believe others not only in the sense of paranormal but in every case. I've been dealing with some active paranormal hauntings in my house recently, let alone any stranger my brother refused to believe my words and provided me all sort of random explanations and mental disorders to debunk the entire event. So, it is better to speak to those who are willing to listen and understand your words rather than arguing with someone who don't.

Probably you received the sign that your grandfather is always there looking after you, which you can consider an achievement of this experience.

Hello LuciaJacinta,

The previous comments are certainly more insightful than I could be considering I have zero expertise on this context whatsoever.

About the incident of the staircase man, I would say "ball lightning" can't be a satisfactory term since it does involve certain electrical short-circuits in that area. Considering any short-circuit in the middle of a staircase without any heavy electrical equipment nearby does seem a bit off to me. Also you have witnessed the same bright light at different time intervals, first one lasting for 5 secs and the other one for 2-3 secs whereas ball lightning is a consistent phenomena and you can observe the source from where it happened after it occurs, which doesn't seem to be in your case.

Regarding the incident with your daughter I support Biblio's statement on this matter. Whatever the entity might be as long as your daughter has a weird feeling about it, it can be potentially harmful. It is better to consult an exorcist or perform a cleansing ritual to somehow subside this event.

I believe there are certain things which we can't debunk no matter how we try and that's when we understand a glimpse of "paranormal" which we "normally" can't explain.

Apologies for the mistake *I wish her to be doing well in time of such crisis*
What a shame! I never intended to justify my words as hurtful neither do I believe Lady-glow had. We were merely trying to have a logical understanding of this entire situation.

I wish to be doing well in the time of such crisis.

Greetings, LuciaJacinta.

I'm going to disagree with Lealeigh's 3rd point as politely as I possibly can. If Sylvie claims she is experiencing paranormal activity --albeit far less traumatically than her previous experiences-- then I would suggest that you take her claims seriously & act upon them as you see fit. It may be that the current entity only requires a stern warning to leave your daughter alone because she finds the interaction upsetting.

Personal perspective time: I spent several years living in a house in which my parents continually told me that my experiences & fears were in my imagination, only to find out decades later that my dad had experienced the same fears in the same damn room. It took me quite some time to get past that dismissal of my fears & my trying to shut down my empathic senses because I wanted to believe that my parents had been telling me the truth, in spite of what I could feel.

Perhaps, in light of my personal experience, I'd err on the side of belief to reassure your daughter. I'm not suggesting you call in an exorcist or anything, as the actions of this basement entity are not overtly threatening. The fact that Sylvie is willing to continue doing laundry alone in the basement shows great strength of character on her part; giving her a little spiritual support would be my recommendation to alleviate her stress and resolve the tension peacefully.


"Why do people think that when things come in "threes" it is a sign of something evil."

It is said that the three is a way in which evil spirits mock the Holy Trinity.
Hi, Lauren,

Did the figure have an outline of a person, or just sort of a shapeless thing? The reason I ask is that my only experience with this sort of thing was frequently seeing something black (in the middle of the day) out of the corner of my eye that appeared for just a split second to be the height of a human. I only saw it in the doorway of my new baby's bedroom. (This was 36 years ago.) I'm on the fence as to whether I was actually seeing something, or if it was sleep deprivation from being a new mom. So I guess I'd start by ruling some things out first. For instance, do you remember if you were very sleep-deprived during the time you saw the figure?
I saw that! What a shame. Talking doesn't really hurt, when it comes down to it.
Lealeigh & Alina5.

Sophiethunder has chosen to close her account... I guess that's her answer to all of our queries.

Wow lady-glow...

You really put this into "context". I'm sure it isn't easy to get the personal phone number of a millionaire who lives in China. But, I've been wrong before... Many times.

I read some of the historical stuff about Canonteign, the day that Sophie put up a link; but my brain has been slowing down this season and I didn't make any connections.

- Maria
Hi Jb66... And the rest of YGS, please excuse this naive question:

Why do people think that when things come in "threes" it is a sign of something evil. Is there a reason besides some kind of vague biblical thing? I don't have much of a religious background so I don't know.

If I am reading your story correctly, your mother is sometimes fully awake when she feels the pain of being scratched. That behavior is no good - no matter how many times she is scratched. I have read all of your stories for YGS and it seems like there is activity there that is escalating. It wouldn't hurt to perform a cleansing of the house. You could try Rook's Cleansing - he has been a member of this site since 2008. I have used his method, in the past, and have found it to be effective:


Unrelated Statement:

I love Alexa. I ask Alexa crazy questions every day. Today, I asked her what her favorite color is. She said: "Ultraviolet... It glows with everything."

- Maria
Hi LuciaJacinta,

I think most shadow people are kind of like blips in our reality - most of the time. If they don't interact then maybe they are not really "here" even though some part of them can be seen. I saw a shadow person, clear as day, when I was seventeen. He didn't interact with me and I never saw it again; but I knew it wasn't my imagination or a trick of the lighting. He was a black silhouette of a man, standing against the bright sunshine coming through the kitchen door window. I'm not an expert, obviously, as I have only ever seen one in my life; but some people talk about these things interacting with them.

About your blinding white light: some people will say it was ball lightning. I don't know if that would be the case with yours. It keeps going in the same place. I would like to think that it had something to do with the previous owner. It seems nice to think that he had a connection with your home - although, I think it would be a little unnerving the see the holes in the wall where the hats used to be.

Your instinct to tell your daughter to ignore what she feels in the basement is probably the right instinct. It doesn't seem to be harmful, if it hasn't scared her away from going into the basement at all. It's hard to say since you have been there less than a year. I hope it is her imagination; but you will do what's right.

Maybe your family is attractive to spirits or energy because you have kids that are going through adolescence.

- Maria
Hi Jethalal, I can't be precise regarding the exact time as it was 28 years ago. What I can say is that it was at sunset time, the month was February, I would say mid Feb. Not sure what day it was. As I don't reside in India not sure what time sundowns are. Maybe you can help deduce the time with information I have supplied? I am curious regarding your query, Why would the exact time be critical? Again this is my lack of understanding of local customs and traditions. I await your response. Thanks
"I had pjs, 5 blankets and pillows all around me but it doesn't matter."

I've experienced Incubus since October 2014. My experience says that spirits can pass through covers or anything that is non-organic (non-living, man-made). They cannot do that once they reach an organic being (flesh). It's got to do with frequency vibration.

Therein lies the difference.

A sex demon can change genders, so the succubus that tucks you in could be the same demon who changes genders and becomes an incubus that starts touching your private area.

Thank you for your resourceful comment in this curious discussion.

In one of my previous comment here, I had addressed Sophie on this matter regarding the contradiction in the information I had recieved and the one she had posted.

I dismissed it considering that I may have searched the wrong thing and didn't wanted to create a ruckus in the comment thread. However, I had came to the same conclusion as Lady-glow on this topic.

Hopefully, Sophie is still active on this website to answer the raised queries.



I have done some google search on this Canonteign house and, honestly, the facts posted on the internet do not seem to match your story.

Although it is true that the house has have numerous owners and inhabitants over several centuries, there is not (recorded) evidence that it has been used like a short term rental, as cited in Wikipedia:

"The old manor house was restored in the 1970s and in November 2015... Was sold to a Chinese investor Liqun Peng[37][38] for £2 million..."

"News reports in January 2020 indicated that the owner had attempted in 2019 to obtain consent from the Dartmoor National Park Authority to turn the property into a holiday let for up to 17 guests on a short term... The application was denied and was modified by the property owner. The revised application was tentatively approved on 16 June 2020 on the basis that the property would not be used as a holiday let until the outdoor swimming pool was "decommissioned and fenced from the application site".[42]"

Refer to the following link for the full article:

According to your narrative, a friend of your neighbor's friend is friends with millionaire Mr Liqun Peng, who happened to entrust his friend to find, not only, random guests to stay at his multi-million pounds residence, but to do it in an unlawful way since his request to turn it into a holiday let was not approved.

Furthermore, you say "I then had the brilliant plan of phoning the owners to see if they had had any weird experiences. They hadn't. I told her what had happened and she just laughed it off."

REALLY?!?! Did you call Mrs Peng to China?!?!?

This is from an article published Jan 12, 2020:

"The impressive Grade I listed stately home is owned by Liqun Peng, who is based in China, and last year, due to him having to spend the majority of his time overseas, put the property on the market for around £4m."


I don't discard the possibility of Mr Peng conducting shady businesses with the help of his friend though, in my opinion, he would be risking too much for too little, considering that the residents in the area would notice if the house is been use for something they oppose.

I have have many doubts about this story from the very first time I read it and am willing for you to prove me wrong by, perhaps, posting some pictures of your stay at this place? You could blur the faces of your friends and family in order protect their privacy. Would it be possible to do it?

Lastly, I'm curious about the house you choose first, if you had to pay 300 pounds to stay at Canonteign, I would really love to see the magnificence and luxury of a place that charges 700 pounds. And, was this per person a day or for the whole group?

Have you found any information about the mansion being haunted? I'm sure that a place that old and with such rich history has high possibilities of being haunted, but I have some doubts about the reliability of your narrative.

I will appreciate your feedback.
Valkicry 100% in agreement with you here. I admit that I should have bitten my lip as well. However can't stand people trolling in general. Hopefully we can move on from this and get back to discussing the topics at hand.
valkricry in Terror At The Lake
Quasar, I deleted your comment as it would not have made sense since I deleted Ambrotos' comment.
[at] Ambrotos, this Corvid virus have you a bit irate or what? You know what you said wasn't very nice.
I will say this to BOTH of you, it's very easy to misread stories and comments. Since this is a global site and we're all human (I think... Might have a few extraterrestrials or ghosties in the mix) every one has a different mastery of the language, let alone different writing abilities, there will be misunderstandings. What was intended as a humorous comment could be read as being snarky, an actual question as nit-picking or baiting. It's human nature to want to push back. But, criminies, isn't there enough ugliness in the outside world without bringing it in here? Are we children squabbling on the playground?
Remember, IF you perceive someone as being mean to you, nothing takes the wind out of them as being twice as nice back.
Hi Lady-Glow, only just noticed the location as Sweden. When I submitted the story it was always down as The UK and London. Both accounts happened at and around the same location. Not sure why it states that. Hope that clears up your question. BTW would love to visit Sweden someday post Covid-19, on my list of places to visit.
What was the man wearing when you saw him? Was he wearing bright colours or all black?

How were his eyes?

I know that this is an old submission and, perhaps, it's too late to comment on it but since you are still an active member of the forum I would like to ask you something that I'm struggling to make sense of.

How come this experience happened in Sweden if it is the second part to your previous story which took place in the UK?


Both of your narratives make it clear that you were at/nearby the university dorm when you first played the OB with your friends and a week later came across the vanishing drunkard.

I don't discard the possibility of this discrepancy being a typo, but find it hard to believe such explanation.
aussiedaz in A Surprise Call

I just shot you off an email mate.


Manafon1 in A Surprise Call
Daz--Thanks for the info. That's some heavy, heavy stuff. I wish I could've written you outside of this forum but understand privacy.

Life is fragile and even if the soul is resilient a sensitive heart sometimes doesn't have the armor to fend off the pain this existence throws at it. At any rate I wish your half sister healing. Of course that's one of the most difficult processes a soul surrounded by flesh experiences.

Best wishes.
Thank you for the replies. I may have to do a cleansing in this house. Before we even bought it and put it on the property, I could swear I could hear someone walking in the front room. What would be the larger guest bedroom. And I would be the only one in there. That room has always felt off to me and for the life of me I don't know why. There are a few things left from previous owner and we are working to clean it out so hopefully it will be better once those objects are removed.

Just not sure why I'm such a draw to the spirit and otherworldly. Will definitely keep you updated.

Again thank you! 😊
aussiedaz in A Surprise Call
Hi Manafon,

I'm happy to hear your reunion was such a blissful one and yes, usually they are wonderful moments of reunion where the family move forward on a positive vibe.

Unfortunately for my mother and sister it wasn't the case, my mother's oldest sister raised her as her own... When my mother ended up marrying my father they confronted my aunt about taking her back apparently she was so attached to my aunt they decided to leave her with them.

I guess that's the resentment my sister found hard to overcome why wouldn't my parents take her in?... As I said life is not perfect, my mother and father thought they were doing the right thing, my uncle and aunt were both quite wealthy and had a very stable home, my parents were only battlers living week to week on an oily rag.

When it all came out there were a few happy moments however not quite the happy ending as like on your own account.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in A Surprise Call
Hi ccmerlin,

That's an interesting observation about the activity increasing over the last day or two, so I'm growing more confident in it being your grandfather validating his presence... You may also receive 3 knocks on the wall if your home is balanced via the energy field for him to take advantage off, so don't be frightened if you do experience these types of accounts.

Forgiving yourself is basically a metaphor for letting go and I think you understood what I meant by saying that and that strong feeling you had of letting go, is so good to hear for your own spiritual health.

Although I am familiar with those TV programmes I don't really watch television however ironically Australian survivor probably resonates with me, I too was abused as a child so letting go of the pain is not an easy thing to do... I do understand the suffering attached with it mate.

I am a big believer in spiritual growth and I>M>O, our whole experience here in the earth matrix is basically designed for it, having the courage and strength to let go of the hurt and pain via forgiving during our journey is the another step to spiritual enlightenment...anyway, Without holding on to a long note in an open forum on such a personal issue, I wish you all the best on your future travels and thank you for sharing.

Regards Daz
VeronicaMarie in A Surprise Call
Mrs. Ramsay, I am fascinated by the face of your grandfather showing up in the picture. Did this just happen this past Easter, a couple of months ago? Talk about mind-blowing!
Lealeigh in A Surprise Call
Hi ccmerlin!

That's amazing! While you were responding to my question about whether you had been visited or contacted by your grandfather, something happened that was along those lines. Maybe, considering the question helped your mind to focus. Maybe an energy or spirit suddenly found it much easier to communicate with you after that. I think that some paranormal events are helped along by our own energy - like it enhances their ability to communicate more clearly, for good and bad intentions alike.

It is obvious to me that you are interacting with something that has good intentions. The fact that you have considered forgiving your father's wife and possibly closing a rift between you and your family can only be good for you. I hope it happens and I hope your father's wife wants to close the rift too.

And I don't mind if you call me Lealeigh or Maria... Lealeigh is my screen name; but, whenever I write a comment, it is usually a long comment. At the end, I feel like I have to sign it like I'm writing a letter - it's some kind of a compulsion with me. Either name is good.

- Maria
Great story I've had many similar "SP" experiences where I can not move or speak and see arms Come from under the bed and wrap around my body. The best advice I can give and what works for me is to remain calm and peaceful. These beings can feed off the adrenaline you release from Fear and use that energy to manifest themselves more intensely. I believe that happens because these beings are Vampiric in nature and are from a separate realm and need the proper energy to manifest into our dimension which comes from our life force
Lorenzo in Haunted Loft
I don't think so.
I have never had a problem like that.

My aunt hasn't noticed anything, but if she has, she wouldn't tell anyone. She's quite reserved.
MrsRamsay in Haunted Loft
Do you live in an area where racoons or other animals can get into the attic? That happens a lot where I live, but usually you hear scratching, rather than thumping. Of course, if they're mating, they chase each other around and it can get a little noisy (did I really just say that?)

Not to minimize. If that's not something your area is known for, sounds like you should start researching the history of the house.

Has your Aunt not heard anything strange before this?
Probably my favorite story of all time, Silverthane, and this is from how many military moves from my childhood through four decades of military quarters. Hawaii especially has a spiritual thing going on, but how many other military couples can relate to your move out prep for that inspection, and how must all of the former inhabitants of your quarters have been able to gather together to assist you guys at the end of what sounds like a fun tour? So many emotions are tied to these historic quarters, and the concept of taking care of each other, perhaps even after death. It wasn't until I started reading on this site that I realized... All those fun times with friends who didn't all live through their entire lives, but killed in action. The comeraderie of fellow soldiers, sailors and Marines through generations... It could almost be made into a movie! And as you're living through it, you're just living LIFE, but later when you look back it gains such a sheen. Maybe difficult to explain to civilians? PS, I'll never forget when my Marine husband taught me how to pull apart our range to clean for inspection... You really get that toothbrush thing going when it comes to moving out! 'Cause you GOTTA GO!
MrsRamsay in A Surprise Call
Hi CCMerlin, loved your story. I too had a birthday call from my mom, though it was over a year after she died. When I answered the house phone (yes, we still have one!) at 7pm, it sounded staticky, and the tv caller ID had come up "CVS Pharmacy" so I just assumed it was one of my college kids needing money for a prescription or something. I asked, "Who is this?" and kept hearing, Mom! Mom!" but was unable to distinguish which of my girls it was. Then like a brick falling on me, I realized it was my dead mom ANSWERING ME! Then the line went dead. When I called back the Caller ID number, it was the CVS pharmacy located in a small town just north of our city where my parents had their lake house (SO STRANGE). The result of which is my theory that perhaps the lake house is like their heaven somehow and that was a hint to me that they're still tied to it! Who knows?!

The other thing I wanted to mention (and I don't know much at all about this stuff compared to anyone here, though trying to learn!) what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that when these supernatural or paranormal or spiritual (whatever you call them) things happen, parts of them can be seared into your mind, but other parts end up being fuzzy, so you second guess yourself, or you don't connect the dots until much later, in some cases years. I guess that's what they talk about as "clarity." I also have Christian friends who have told me that it says in the Bible that we're not really supposed to be reaching through the veil/vale or whatever. I don't know the precise verse or anything, but I figured some of that is reflected in the "fuzzy" memories. We are not intended to know it all, just glimpses. Maybe. Just enough to wonder if we REALLY saw what we think we did.

Last Easter we had the family to a big, outdoor picnic on our patio. I remember thinking at the time how good it was to have everyone together, our married kids back home, some with friends, also a mom and her daughter who had just lost their little boy, it was a real good gathering, JUST LIKE THE ONES MY GRANDPARENTS USED TO HAVE back in the 1960s when I was a kid in Nebraska. We took some photos and, lo and behold, in a streak of light in one of the photos, there is my grandpa's face, no doubt whatsoever! Though sometimes I wonder if I'm a little nutso for always going there, this is undeniable (joining many other undeniable things). The fact that you sort of only remembered the part about you naming your son after your grandfather is probably the thing he somehow emphasized to you as a way of telling you how much that means to him. The part about him already having passed, that's for YOU to dwell upon, but not the main part of the message. It's about your son's name and the honor you gave your grandpa! And did you unconsciously buy a home along the direct route? Hmmm. I bought my husband's cemetery plot and three years later, sitting at his grave, realized that on the street right at that spot in the cemetery, 14 years earlier, he had taught me to drive his stickshift truck and I'd jolted and spilled a drink on him...coincidence? I think not! I believe we're constantly getting messages and thoughts from our loved ones and maybe even our more distant ancestors, in the form of inspiration or even alerts. It's about slowing down to listen to them. All the best!
Manafon1 in A Surprise Call
Hi ccmerlin, I enjoyed reading your latest narrative but hope you don't mind me asking aussiedaz a quick question about something he wrote to you. Daz, you write of your half sister having no idea your mother was her biological mother and that, "she carried a lot of pain for many years and still does... Life is not perfect and she never felt as if she was truly part of our family and still suffers emotionally." As a guy who was adopted himself, my question is simply what was the cause of you half sister's suffering? I was lucky to have met my birth mother for the first time when I was 46 and subsequently to have formed a great relationship with her. I never suffered before that though as I had loving parents. I guess I'm just curious to know what her suffering was caused by?

I've always been grateful to my birth mother for not aborting me and for putting me up for adoption so a great couple could adopt me. Was your sister adopted by someone who was abusive? I apologize in advance if this is too personal but as you have no email listed on your personal page I had no other way of asking you this question.

On another note, I'm really happy ccmerlin has found solace in your words. I really love it when this site can serve such a useful purpose.
sophiethunder (guest) in Year 10 Drama Class
I don't know. We never used it again. I think the year 7's might've used it after we left. I can't imagine a whole studio being left indefinably.
ccmerlin in A Surprise Call
Hi aussiedaz,

Yes, your words are resonating. Yes, I have suffered. I was abused growing up and learned to escape to an altered consciousness often, but I don't think that was the connection. I think it may be something else.
I'm going through something where I live that started when I was responding online here over a day ago.
For background - something here communicated (not even sure if that's the right word) to me about a year ago how to fix a strong energy flow problem in my apartment by placing a mirror in a specific spot. When I described the problem to a Chinese medicine doctor of visitors actually walking into a corner as if it went somewhere she indicated that placing a mirror across from my front door should fix the energy problem. Same spot! I figured that was a good sign and have learned to embrace feelings I get here.
Well yesterday as I responded to Lealeigh's comment here something made a strong effort to be noticed is the best way to describe it reminding me that I had moved into the path of directions I gave my grandfather to my house where I was living at the time of the story, and I got a huge surge of a whole bunch of memories. Today (well, yesterday now I've been up all night) I felt like I was urged to say some peace about the woman my father had married, and that had worked hard to keep us apart after I found him. It was quite a strong feeling of letting go of it.
I don't know how any of this works, but I had an awesome day of going through old memories with something that really seems to care about me so if it/he has reached all the way to Australia to connect somehow then you must be pretty cool and worth it.

On another note with my unusual computer skills I have gotten myself hooked on Australian Survivor and Australian MasterChef all the way from California. Reynold is going to win this one! 😊
aussiedaz in A Surprise Call

"He has your back" thank you for the leg in for the typo,lol... Yes you may be right, it's quite plausible my words are further clarity for ccmerlin... It's not the first time it's happened here at YGS, however I won't go as far to claim it's a practising gift of

Taking it the hardest and by your own omission ccm you are the black sheep in the family? Hmmm, that's interesting.

Can I ask, (you don't need to answer this here) do you suffer emotionally from your disposition among your family origin? Perhaps your grandfather would want me to relay this to you if he is connecting my words to your reality and immediate future and if not, then I do apologise in advance.

Recognise the hurt, own it, forgive yourself before you start forgiving the others.

Anyway mate, whether this makes any sense to you or not, I will share this with you about my own family... I grew up to 20 years of age before I met my half sister who had no idea my mother was her biological mother... My mother gave birth to her when she was just 15 years of age and kept it a secret.

She carried a lot of pain for many years and still does... Life is not perfect and she never felt as if though she was truly a part of our family and still suffers emotionally.

She blamed my mother and I don't blame her for feeling that way. However, for my sister to fully heal she needs to own it and let it go, easy said I know,anyway... I hope if anything I said resonates then perhaps there is some sort of link?... Take care!

Regards daz
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Brother 'Brat', thanks for that snippet of info. Never knew there was a Fanta Strawberry either. 😊

There are beautifully ornate spirit houses in Thailand provided for animal spirits in the garden, due the belief that spirits can exist in all things animate or inanimate. There's a famous one in Bangkok that was built to ward off bad luck, the San Phra Phum, translated as "The Abode of the Land Guardian Angel".

According to the 'Encyclopedia Mythica', if a spirit house is damaged or no longer needed, it cannot be just thrown away. "It must be taken to a suitable location, for example to the foot of a large, venerable banyan tree. After giving the appropriate thanks, it is left there to rest in the company of other spirit houses." Perhaps that was the case with the spirit house from my childhood?

TravisCannabis in Early Morning Jog
Bro please write about the other scary events in your life and come back to clarify the sketchy parts in this story. 😜 😜
Nelson - I think your parents are cool for not allowing you out after eight at night. It shows love, caring and protection of their child. Of course I don't know how old you are.

Jaclin by stating the above to Nelson I do not mean to insinuate that your parents don't care about you. You say that nothing happens in your neighbourhood but something did happen didn't it?

What did your parents say about your rather frightening experience, or didn't you tell them?

Regards, Melda
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Playing Wolf Wolf
Your parents are cool not like mine that don't let me stay out after 8:00pm.
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Year 10 Drama Class
I like it when teachers have a big mouth, one of my teachers was going through a divorce and would spend half of the lesson taking about his *itchy ex-wife. 😁
Hello Sophiethunder,

I always have a curious mind towards your narratives. This incident must've instigated a lot of rumours as happens after any such events in most of the schools.

The ghost probably took much of an interest in your dramas and hence, wanted to reserve a balcony spot to enjoy.

Was the previous drama room abandoned ever since?

Were there any further sightings of this Victorian gentleman in that room? Especially as for your drama teacher who seemed to be the center witness of this entity.

Hello Anis_Far_Min,

I'm actually quite surprised that even with a bunch of 11 year olds screaming, running away and crying, the teachers and the school officials seemed to be unbothered of the entire scene. It kind of justifies Lady-glow and VeronicaMarie's point of this whole set-up being a prank.

Did anyone reported the teachers or any adult present there of this woman?

If it were a prank only for the amusement of kids on their camping, why didn't they reveal it after it was done. There is no point in keeping it a suspense only to encourage the rumours.

How large is the buliding for kids to be able to precisely detect the location of the "so-called ghost"?

You indeed had a strange experience nonetheless.

VeronicaMarie in A Surprise Call
ccmerlin and aussiedaz, maybe I have gone far too woo-woo from endless lockdown, but I was entranced with how aussie said grandfather 'has your back,' and ccmerlin said that was a phrase his grandfather used to use. Almost seemed like there was a psychic connection between you.

And ccmerlin, I went to your story that you recommended. Fascinating stuff. The way you described that priest made me immediately think of Father Junipero Serra. (I went to Catholic school in California, so the missions he founded were a big deal.) So interesting that you saw the priest right after seeing another inexplicable scene.
Hello rolltide8925,

My condolscenes on your loss. Only judging by the description of the events, it creates an impression that probably an entity or entities have attached themselves to you.

Emotional vulnerability of an individual also attracts spirits who are drawn to the energies dread and sorrow. I believe unless you're sure of the entity occupying your previous house is your mother, it is better to not run on the basis of assumptions.
Since, you've mentioned the atmosphere of the house tends to be quite gloomy and "smoky",as far of my knowledge a good entity do not present such kind of atmosphere.

I agree with Biblio that you should perform a cleansing in your current house. If you can't choose one to begin with please try the cleansing method of Rookdygin (a reputed member of YGS) for a religion-free and effective ritual.

ccmerlin in A Surprise Call
Hi Lealeigh,
Or should I address you as Maria?

I thought you might like this: While I was writing my response to you yesterday (addressed to Maria) something interesting happened. I don't want to give too much away yet since I'm still unsure, but let's just say that I've been aware of something here in this place for a couple years, and while I was writing that response something happened that made me realize very suddenly that I had moved into the path of the traveling directions that I had given my grandfather.
Thank you for your question.
ccmerlin in A Surprise Call
Hi VeronicaMarie

I'm realizing the past few years that things that had just seemed a little strange to me through the years were actually some remarkable experiences, and things that I thought were normal were definitely not.
I have had experiences since I was young, but have mostly ignored or forgotten about them, and am now piecing a lot of it together.
If you check out my first story you'll read how I didn't think anything of it for years before realizing. -
I'm hoping to have the story of my childhood "imaginary friend" written soon. Thinking back on some of this stuff can be painful and scary.
Not knowing all about this stuff makes me want to be even more careful when describing it, but I realize now I have something to offer which makes thinking about it a lot easier.
I guess what I'm trying to say in answering you is that for years I would tell people that I had told my grandfather what I named my boy yet forgot about the part that he had already passed because it was something I had learned to ignore and forget,... But things change.
Hello Silverthane61,

I believe we do experience the paranormal in the most unexpected situations. However, our human brain always tries to debunk the things we see or hear. There are people who have the logical sense to comprehend the events as paranormal but hesitate to admit it.

I'm quite concerned for your neighbours since they had experienced certain large-scale events as compared to yours, but glad to learn that none of those were malevolent in any case.

I must agree with Biblio on this matter, it does seemed like you and your wife were able to create an impression on the entities there. They definitely cared to help you out with the cleaning.

Alina5 in A Surprise Call
Hello Ccmerlin,

Such a heart-warming experience indeed. Your narrative reveals us the fact how our loved ones try to communicate with us in amusingly different ways. The phone call is one such example.

These narratives certainly strikes my conscience, after we moved to Delhi the daily hustle bustle of our lives rarely spares me some time to talk to the ones who I love the most (including my parents).

Imagining the fact, someday it'll be a last call or a last visit fills my heart with despair and utmost regret of neglecting these little happy talks of life before.

A beautiful narrative. Thanks for sharing.

ccmerlin in A Surprise Call
Hi aussiedaz,

I missed out on a lot of time with my grandfather, but yes, he had a look, a way he smiled that really let me know he had my back... Plus he'd say that.
He gave me a whole Alaskan salmon once, and smiled saying "I've got your back" in a loving way that's really stuck out in my memory.
I was/am a black sheep in the family.
I lost them for over 20 years growing up, but as an adult found my father and his family again which kind of explains the importance of the name.
When I had missed out so much already losing them again was very difficult so you may be right, but I never really thought about whether I took it harder than others who had more history with him.
He always had a mischievous happiness in him that I think he recognized in me, also.
VeronicaMarie in A Surprise Call
ccmerlin, that is an amazing story. I've always wondered what that feels like, knowing that you spoke to a loved one after they had passed, without knowing it at the time. Is it something that over time you just come to terms with? I've never had anything like that happen, and picture myself walking around forever after with my jaw dropped down to the ground.

Thank you for sharing that uplifting and hope-giving story.
You must've missed the line where Anis says, "I don't believe in those rumours seeing as the ones that spread them had no solid proof but I know what I saw that night with my own eyes." By the way, I'm in shock😳 unlike you to miss anything!😊
aussiedaz in A Surprise Call
Hi ccmerlin,

Your father is correct when it comes to the 'uplift in spirit' during the last hours and even days prior to the crossing over of the soul... I do theorise that spirit exist outside of our physical body and no matter how mentally beaten down or physically limited the vessel is to illness, spirit just steps up to the plate and shines when it comes to the final goodbye as one famous theoretical physicist once quoted... ''Mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind.''

There are many documented cases and studies of people so crippled with sickness doctors are completely baffled as in explaining how they do it anyway,

If he did call you after death that too is a phenomenon that occurs from time to time a very passive interaction to keep you calm... I do sense your granddad reached out to you probably because he knew you would take his passing the hardest? Take comfort in knowing we don't really die, we return home and his has your back.

Regards Daz
"There were exactly 229 students"

I'm sure that there was at least one, if not more, practical joker among that many kids.

Have you checked the history of the place? Was it really built over a burial ground and later a psychiatric institution or are those only rumors?

In my opinion, it's hard to confirm if the woman was a ghost or just someone playing a prank on the students, but doesn't seem like the adults got worried, - could that mean that they were aware of a prank?

Anyway, it seems like you had a memorable time at the camp.
Hi, Anis_Far_Min,

Is it possible that the woman wasn't a ghost, but a woman in costume as part of a joke that was played on you kids, to add to the scary atmosphere of an overnight camp on a night with a reputation for hauntings?
ccmerlin in A Surprise Call
Hi Maria,
Yes, I did feel something weeks later but wasn't sure, and I moved into a bigger house 2 months later that was 45 minutes away, and not sure if that affected anything, but I've since happen to have moved into the path of the directions I gave him;)
Hello Anis_Far_Min and welcome to YGS,

I can't explain your sighting of the woman in a white, blood-stained dress; but, maybe I can suggest something about the eyes. Many birds, such as owls, are said to have eyes that glow a deep red color at night. Many species of rodents do; but, their eyes are usually reddish orange.

I used to live in a house in the woods of North Georgia and red eyes in the dark were extremely unsettling - even after I read up on the large variety of colors that the eyes of creatures have at night.

Hopefully, this is helpful to you.

- Maria
Greetings, Rolltide.

You have my sympathies upon the death of your mother. However, when you experienced spirit activity after her passing, the interactions apparently being her would not be ruled out by her cremation & scattering observance. Several cultures around the world believe that the deceased's spirit will remain for a short time to look after the bereaved family members. In your case, you had great turmoil and emotional upheaval; there is every chance that her spirit lingered to look after you during your sorrow. Turning out the lights behind you would be her small way of taking care of you, despite her inability to interact directly. Take comfort in the idea your mother cared for you longer than you thought possible, especially given the nature of your relationship in your childhood.

As for your current situation, something causing that much discomfort & negativity, along with damaging electrical equipment sounds like a very negative presence. Have you tried to remove the negative energy with a cleansing or smudging ceremony? You should look into shifting this entity from your home as soon as possible.

Lealeigh in A Surprise Call
Hi ccmerlin,

What a wonderful story! I am guessing that he was diabetic. I love reading stories where loved ones call or contact and they sound healthy and happy.

Did you ever get the feeling that he did come to visit you after his death?

- Maria
Greetings, silverthane.

While the spirits were a source of concern during your residence there, they must have appreciated you and your wife; after all, they pitched in with the cleaning.

Great story.

Hi Lorenzo, up until that point I was fine health wise. Regarding hallucinating the whole thing, logically I would put weight behind the possibility. However I wasn't the only one to have seen her. My cousin from the states, the one who pulled me away also saw her. He wasn't as effected as me, I had the greater exposure and eye contact with her. Thinking about it again it was a damn scary sight, especially for a 12 year old.
Hi ccmerlin, (great name btw)
I think it's wonderful you managed to have that chat with your grandfather after he passed. I doubt many people are so blessed! It must've put your mind at rest, to know he's ok in the afterworld. Thank you for sharing it with us!
You say you were feverish after wards. Could this whole thing have been an hallucination due to illness?
You don't necessarly have to have a fever to hallucinate.
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Terror At The Lake
What an awful thing to see I wonder if that monster feeds on the blood of fishes. 🤔
GreenWitch - Thanks so much for your replies, I now have a far better understanding of how your life went in a certain direction from a young age.

What you say is very true, I was raised Christian and by that age, coming from a Catholic home, I knew quite a lot about the religion by the age of 9.

Being cared for by your gran and hearing her beliefs must have been quite fascinating for you. Perhaps even then it made more sense to you than any other religion. In fact it seems to have been your calling in life.

I'm sorry that your mom passed away when you were so young and she must have been rather young too. Absolutely devastating.

I really enjoyed reading your account and as I know very little about witchcraft, it has been quite an eye opener.

Regards, Melda
GreenWitchx3 in They Heard My Words
Melda- I'm not sure what you mean by how diverse but witchcraft can be used for pretty much anything but it isn't like you see in the movies where you say a chant and burn a candle and then boom you wake up the next day to find the love of your life haha. But there is countless forms of witchcraft and I actually teach the history which is important if practicing seidr, I wouldn't practice without at least a brief background as that explains a lot of what your doing and why we do it. I then also do rune, pendulum, tarot readings and teach how to actually practice witchcraft. If anyone has a specific question about witchcraft or paganism I will answer to the best if my ability... While reminding that there is so many different forms of witchcraft... Which I personally call myself a practitioner of Norse Seidr and earth magick (herbs, animal guides, hard to explain but basically anything natural.)
GreenWitchx3 in They Heard My Words
Hi everyone. So my aunt and grandmother are pagan. So I had heard of different pagan things early on and my grandmother used to watch me as my mom was an RN and worked a lot and she would tell me bedtime stories of the gods and goddesses. So I was familiar from as far back as I can's no different than a young child knowing of a christian god or knowing different things in their religion. So I had heard of these things very early and my grandmother would bring me a lot of books on magick and paganism but at the time it was just ghost stories and interesting, but not really anything I practiced as I was to young to practice anything but I did hear about it. What I did that night was actually in a book and I certainly didn't know what I was doing. I actually still have that book if anyone is interested even though now, as I'm more experienced I don't recommend what I did but it was a Anton Lavey book.
I hope that makes sense as to my age. I didn't realize that would sound strange until I came back to these comments? Oh and the aliester crowley was started as a movie that I watched as a kid that sparked my interest which is actually on youtube now for free if anyone wants a link. That was how I heard of him.

I also should mention that when I was twelve 2008, my mother passed away and at that time my faith was how I grieved. I studied nonstop. I learned more in that year than I can possibly explain.

Also, yes Vincent and I speak regularly and he is a close friend. He is a haitian hoodoo priest and I'm not a practitioner of Voodoo or Hoodoo but we do some work together. We talk regularly about what we are working on and what were working on for other people. I do not practice voodoo or in his case-hoodoo. Nothing against his faith, just follow my own set of gods and goddesses.
VeronicaMarie in The House Of Spirit
Ambrotos, I think Ashraf was simply saying that he remembered this site and came back to it, because of having more time to do that, since we're all pretty much stuck at home these days, and unfortunately so many people are finding themselves jobless now as well.
RCRuskin in The Spirit House
Hi again. I got curious about Spirit Houses, did a short wikiwalk,, about Spirit Houses. Lots of interesting stuff out there. But the thing that surprised me most is that in Thailand, Fanta Strawberry is the preferred food/drink gift.
Hi Ambrotos. I don't think you have read my narrative properly. The sun was setting, not sure about you but I can still see pretty well during a setting sun, you can't judge someone else's vision by your own standards, unless you are an optometrist. In that case I apologise and defer to your professional judgment and accept that people's vision is substantially impaired during sunset. By the time we got back to the family and explained everything etc it was dark. Maybe on my next holiday I will take a pair of tactical night vision goggles just in case. Please do me the courtesy of reading the full story before asking rudimentary questions.
Hi, Maria

I felt that pretending to be asleep was the right thing to do. It was the fear that I would open my eyes and I will se something terryfying. I know the feeling of being pinned down, but up until recently, I've never felt like moving or being moved, like in my last two SP episodes. SP is creepy itself, but this feeling... I felt desperate.

I always sleep with something on - the computer, the TV, a lamp. I can't sleep without ambiental light. The thing is I experience those things only when I sleep alone. Sleeping with my boyfriend, it happened once in 8 months. So I consider the chance that, somehow, my subconscious mind is giving me the fear to sleep alone and is thus causing them.

Thank you for your comment.
What's your motive in saying "Its been 11 days since I am at home without a job."?
Ambrotos in Terror At The Lake
If it was dark, how could you see a very odd looking rock from a far?
ZeppelinChris, here's to a fellow patron saint of lost causes ❤️ Thank you for finding things and creatures that are lost, dusting them off and showing them a little love! I love antique/vintage things and an animal lover and it warms my heart to hear of someone rescuing either. It makes perfect sense to me that a former owner could stick with his truck - the car I have is still the first car I ever owned and it means a lot to me, I get it 😊 We adopted our last cat when she was 8 and her previous "dad" -who had passed away in hospital just after he had to surrender her- came with her and checked up on her from time to time (I think until he realized she had me firmly wrapped around her little paw).

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