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The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Shadow Dog With Red Eyes
Hello ketchup65625, interesting story, thanks for sharing.

Whatever you encountered that night, if it made that kind of imprint on your memory, then it was something out of the ordinary. I myself don't really have many early memories, especially at that age, but our minds are capable of imprinting strong memories of anything it considers traumatic and has a tendency of replaying said events if it cannot truly comprehend what happened or is unable resolve it.

If you never encountered anything like it again, especially in that room, then it most likely was some kind of visitor. It didn't harm you (other than scaring you) and from what I can pluck from your tale, seems to have just been observing you. People often think that if it's a dark shadow and has glowing red eyes, then it must be evil, and we don't necessarily know if that's true. The shadow appearance could be because it was dark in your room and as for the eyes, it could be natural for whatever this being/entity was.

As for remembering faces in dreams and what babies dream and imagine, there are lots of things happening while we dream. Many say our souls and spirits wander free (astral travel) while we we sleep and what the soul/spirit sees are interpreted by the mind as dreams. If that's the case you could easily see faces that you may have never seen in waking reality, including relatives that may have passed on before you were born. It depends on what your beliefs are, what you are open to and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. There is so much we don't understand about what we term reality, and logic is a tool used for dealing with only a small part of reality or more specifically what we perceive readily with our 5 senses and label reality.

My feeling is that whatever it was you encountered that night, was not out to get you or harm you, it was observing or watching for whatever reason, maybe for nothing more than plain old fashioned curiosity. Maybe it had never encountered someone so young, like a small child before. Children can also more readily access and see the spirit world, than an adult seems able. I think we get told it's 'our imagination' so much we start to believe it. If whatever this being/entity was had more ill intent, you would have seen or sensed it a lot more than the single encounter. Hopefully this helps, good luck!

I mentioned it to my mom the morning after, but all she said was "that's weird." to be fair, my mom is young for her generation so I'm not sure if she would have been out playing as much with the kids when she was young. I'll try to bring it up to some of the older people when I see them next! That's a really good idea!


It was just regular ice cream music if that makes sense? I believe it was turkey in the straw (a pretty common truck music) but much slower than it should have been/would be regularly.

I'll try to dig a little more into the history of the area! Maybe there was a neighborhood there before my community's houses were built?

Thank you!
Welcome to YGS.

Hi ketchup.

In my opinion, a "normal baby imagination" wouldn't make such a lasting impact in the memory of such a young child.

It's hard to say if what you saw was the reflection of the lights of a passing car and your childish imagination tried to understand and explain it with the limited resources of your age, or if something else was in your room. Let's keep in mind that children are not yet programed into questioning the paranormal.

"there's the old internet 'fact' about only being able to dream of faces you've seen before, not being able to create new faces."

In own experience, this is not necessarily true, because I have seen people in my dreams only to meet them later in real life.

Although you are asking for "Possibly a different shadow creature with glowing red eyes", and just as a side note, one of my uncles used to talk about waking up and seen a hairy hand trying to touch him when he was a baby, he would cry until his mother (my Grandmother) would come to his side and the hand would disappear.
This happened in the early 1930's so, definitely, no TV shows to blame.
So, who knows? Perhaps there are some entities that enjoy showing themselves to little kids?

Did you or any of your family members ever experience anything unusual in that particular room or in the house in general?

It's hard to tell fi the discomfort you still feel when using that room is a consequence of what you remember, or if something may be lurking in there.
Perhaps you could perform a blessing or cleansing of the room according to your personal beliefs with the intention of removing any negative energy that might be present in there.

Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.

This is an interesting experience. It is known that renovations to a house can trigger paranormal activity, perhaps it's the way departed residents of a place are making known their disapproval to the changes made to "their" home without asking for their opinion.
Do you know if someone passed away in the house?

"When we walked across the bathroom threshold on the main floor, we would often hear what we called the "Star Trek" noise. It sounded a bit like the transporter from the original TV series."

Did you feel anything while hearing the noise? It is common for people to report a staticky sound during a paranormal encounter.

Perhaps some lost souls moved from the cemetery to your place, maybe a previous resident was trying to get your attention, regardless, I'm sure your wife wasn't the only one having a laugh watching you walk on the same spot over and over again.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in One Strange Night

I wonder if the neighbor heard the loud noises coming from his shed, and if he wondered what the heck were you guys doing at his shed in the middle of the night, leaving the evidence of a trail of footprints on the knee high snow.

I think the tools were having a rough party, though I don't understand the need for turning on the light if they're eyeless?

I know you have decided not to read the comments to your story, but I have to say that it makes a nice Halloween tale.
Hi Amchi1986

If it was me I'd probably be out of there the moment I saw the door opening by itself, I suppose Peter's soul found it hard to move on, or probably his soul was waiting to see your dad for one last time and stuck around...
Honestly, I can see how something like that would cause someone to find religion! I always say I would be excited to experience the paranormal but the truth is, if something like that happened, I would have been as petrified as your father was.
I woke up this morning and my alarm clock was behind exactly one hour than my other clocks. For the last couple days, I have been dreaming about my dead friends. This really freaked me out. I have been trying to find an answer for this but have come up with nothing.
Darkangel73 in Lost In My Room
Hey Twilight1011, I am a fellow North Carolinan. That's a story that would freak me out too.
Thanks for that info, Rajine. I find the stories (probably not the correct term to use) behind different deities very interesting.
Perhaps. I have had more recent experiences than this one, I'm just giving pausing so I'm not posting multiple articles in succession. I can write you a message detailing what I've seen If you want me to.
Mrs. Ramsay/Pelatiah here. I've misplaced your email, so if you still have mine, drop me a note & I'll send you the photos. Upon blowing up the portions of the photos where I noticed something, I saw at least 3-4 possible faces, one of which was really obvious, a real person. One looked a little bit like a monster, so not sure if that was paraoleia or whatever it's called. I'm skeptical once the pixels get really large. Has anyone else noticed faces?
Sorry my bad, but I believe that the image of ganpati is protecting the entrance of your house.

[at] valkicry, ganpati is the remover of obstacles, but he can also create obstacles as well, he is also a protector, that is why lots of homes will have him at the entrance.
Rajine in Scary Night
We all have a guiding force around us, it's good to know that there's not just only evil in the world, but a lot of good too.
Hi Servant

I have posted a few of my experiences on here and I will be posting more in time to come, there's so many I don't know where to start πŸ˜…
Rajine in Scary Afternoon

I suppose if nothing bad happened that entity could have been a old resident, or a passing harmless spirit...
Hi blosomes

I suppose those spirits died an untimely death and can't move on.
Rajine in A Shapeshifter
Hi again no_name_face

Babies can sense when evil is around, and I believe that the reason why certain types of entities are attracted to children is that they are still innocent and pure and these entities try to take over them at a young age.
If it was supernatural activity, then I guess it could have just been a passing spirit.
Yes rajine. He suddenly disappeared. I still remember his face.
Hi carcinoKat

That is so many levels of creepy, apart from the kids, have you ever brought it up with any of the adults? Maybe one of them also heard the ice-cream truck music, I wonder what that could have been though...
Hi Amchi1986

I am not sure what that was or could be, were you the only one who saw this person? Maybe if other people saw him you might get answers.
Hey Cantunseeit, this is actually Mrs. Ramsay (I had quit the site but re-joined under this name, an ancestor's name).

I clearly see the orbs, & they look like orbs to me, but I also took some screen shots & blew them up & played with clarity & light. I see faces, more than one. Watch your email, I'm going to send them back to you. Your previous description of the mirrors in the hallway were spot on. Just now seeing this story for the first time, must've missed it before. Mrs. R.
[at] carcinoKat,
Way interesting, was the tune a copy of anything recognizable? If it was 'other worldly' (It sure sounds like it was.) I wonder how or why it showed up in your neighborhood. It would seem like there had to have been an ice cream truck there in the past.
No vehicles at all, it was just the music! And if it was playing on a boat or something on the lake, we would have still heard a boat motor.
It would also scare me, even at the ripe old age I am now.

So a minute after the music stopped playing, did you and your friends see or hear any approaching vehicles of any sort?
I have had experiences before this too with the supernatural which I have mentioned previously.
No I was watching it from the open window in front of my house. I felt something wrong with the person.
Are you trying to say that the "tall, dusky and of strong built" man was a ghost? If that the case, what makes you think so? Did your friend see the man too?

I don't understand how you knew the man's religion just by looking as his attire. I'm aware that some Christian groups dress in specific ways, like Mennonites and Amish people but, usually, most Christians don't stick to an specific dress code.
Of course, I'm talking about the people I know, it could be different in India.

Still, there's a big difference between clothes from the late 40's to what people wore during the 60's, as seen in the following video:


Even so, in my opinion, the man could have been a person who, for whatever reason, wasn't dressed in the latest fashion and style.

"his evil face smiling (at me) in a insulting manner and wickedly" could have been consequence of an addiction or mental problems.
It's obvious that your gut feeling told you that you shouldn't trust this man, but this equally applies for the living.

Personally, I'm not sure this was a paranormal encounter.

As for the second part of your story, and making it clear that I'm not an expert on the field, but, in my opinion, it would be important to look, and discard, the possibility of you having a panic attack before jumping to the conclusion that "something evil and bad is following me and it wanted to harm" you.
If this isn't the only time you have had this kind of experience, perhaps it would be a good idea to consult a therapist.

"I felt it follow me but I kept remembering god and whatever it was it went away after waiting for a long time."

How did you know it had left if, after all, it was something invisible and stayed out of the building? Were you "watching" it from a window? Is your apartment/house at ground level?

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the update cant! Even though the orbs were debunked, it's good to hear you got some closure.
PenOrSaber in Windy City Haunting
There are quite a few hotels in America that claim, an even base their business on "hauntings". Some people even claim to have seen ghosts on site. One famous one is the Stanley hotel in Colorodo. I personally haven't been to such hotels, but once I'm old enough to drive, I plan to take a friend of mine to one. I suggest you look into the history of the hotel. Especially if it was a hotel that claims to have spitits, you should look online to see if others have had similiar experiences at the hotel.
UPDATE Orbs Debunked. Not Paranormal. I am a member of a local paranormal group and they offered to look at members paranormal pictures and I sent these two pictures in. Thats not my floor squeaker but possibly a bug blown up by my defective flash. 14 crazy orb pictures and camera going in the trash now. I am happy I finally know the truth. Thanks, and Happy Holidays
Hi Belros79 - Would you be willing to share the name of the hotel? I had an encounter back in 2009 at a hotel on Michigan Avenue near Grant Park. I have been a lurker on this site for a few years and I'm always looking to see if anyone else had an experience at the same hotel. I have been meaning to post my own story and I will try to do that in the near future. Thank you. 😁
lady-glow in The Woman I Saw
Hello again, Amchi.

In my opinion, it's very difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to explain what is wrong in that garden. There's not enough information in your narrative to reach any accurate conclusion.

You could start by researching if what people say are facts or only unfound rumours and urban legends. There has to be, somewhere, a recorded history of the area.

You have stablished that your "father has lived here for almost seventy five years." and he "says that there were huge ponds and lakes there".

Did he see the lakes and knows what happened to them? Did they dry out by natural causes or as a result of a man-made project? Does he remember if a woman that resembles the one you saw ever lived in the area during the time he has lived there?

Are you aware that some environmental factors, like electromagnetic radiation, pollution, etc., can affect people's mood? Would it be possible that, what you call "negative energy in the garden" is not necessarily paranormal, but the effect of exposure to something mundane?

As I have already said, it's hard to know what may be wrong in the garden without knowing anything about it. You are welcome to share your experiences in this forum, but keep in mind that when it comes to the paranormal, there's nothing written in rock and we are here not always to find answers, but to be heard and to know that we are not alone nor crazy after experiencing something unexplained.
Amchi1986 in The Woman I Saw
Some people in my area say that there was a graveyard of Christian people but my father says that there were huge ponds and lakes there. Even I have felt some negative energy in the garden. Many people who are known to me have also felt the same thing. I think something is abnormal and wrong in the garden which is in front of my house. Someone please explain.
PenOrSaber in The Woman I Saw
Is there any 'History' in that particular area that you saw the old woman? Perhaps if you looked into it more you could find out exactly who or what that woman was. πŸ€”
Pretty great story, and very well told. Thanks for sharing, and happy halloween!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Woman I Saw
Hello Amchi, thank you for sharing your experience.

First and foremost, remember we can offer opinions and beliefs about what you encountered, but you were there, so you know what you experienced. If you believe it was supernatural, then trust that.

People may laugh or disbelief your stories, but the truth is, many times that's just a coping mechanism, it unnerves more people than care to admit it, that ghosts and spirits don't compute and to have something like that in our world, something that cannot be controlled or understood, frightens people. If your car makes funny noises or doesn't run right, then you take it to a mechanic, diagnose the issue and have it corrected. When you see people, that are there one minute, and not the next, walking through walls, or hearing noises with no audible source like foot steps, that's an altogether different proposition. Unlike the movies we can't just call the Ghostbusters and have them clean it up for us. There are techniques and people who can assist in these matters but again, it's not as straightforward. Laughter can conceal fear, so if it helps, it's not personal, the laughter helps people deal with something they can't and don't wish to deal with. It's almost like they think, if they don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist and won't bother them.

You're in the right place to share your encounters, people here who are open minded and have a healthy dose of skepticism, but have their own experiences to share as well.

There are many stories on this very site of people who fall ill, particularly with fevers after a supernatural encounter, so that further indicates what you saw was real. As to who she was, I cannot say, some theories have already been proposed for you by other posters. Some ghosts do like to inspire fear in people, they seem to get a kick out of it and draw strength or energy from it. If a person was mean spirited in life, then they can carry that same personality into the afterlife. The only difference is they're not held accountable for it like they were in life.

You're in good company here. If others in your immediate circle don't care to hear your stories or would rather ridicule you in order to feel better about the matter themselves, then you know there are places like these to discuss such matters. Good Luck!
Hello BrokenDreamer, great story, thanks for sharing, perfect for this time of year!

I assume from what you said that your mother has never spoken about what she encountered in the bushes that day? Her reaction when you pointed out the man and the fact that she screamed as something or someone burst from the bushes indicates that she encountered something, but did she see exactly what you saw? What about your dad? You were sent to fetch him and obviously he sold the house with your mother later that year, but has he ever said anything about that day? How did the people that showed up at the house find out about the incident if your mom didn't want to talk about it? Did anyone else in the area ever mention seeing anything similar? Do you have any information on the history of the property or area?

I'm not doubting the authenticity of your story, on the contrary I find it fascinating, but need more information before I could really render an opinion on what occurred.

Ironically before I got to the end of your story, at the point you mentioned seeing the shadow with bat wings, that was my first thought as well, the creature called the Creeper in the Jeeper's Creeper's movies, prior to reading that you saw those movies later in life.

Is there such a being as "the Creeper"? Perhaps, something like it, but the exact fictional character I doubt it. Usually though just as legends and rumors have some basis in fact, some very creative people in Hollywood could draw their inspiration from such stories. The Native Americans believe in shapeshifters, for some it's part of their culture, and there are stories on this very site about them. I believe it's the Philippines, that also have legends/stories about shapeshifters, both consist of a cross between man and beast. There were the stories for years on the Jersey Devil in NJ and there were many sightings, although the description varied somewhat.

The character known as the Creeper in the movies, the origin or exact nature of this being was never made known, but it was hinted at in the films and by it's creator that it may have once been human and fell under some kind of curse. The 4th movie was supposed to reveal all, but whether that ever happens remains to be seen. As to what you saw, ghosts have been know to alter their appearance, but since it interacted physically with it's environment by bursting through the bushes, it may have been something more.

It seems that if it was some sort of shapeshifter, or being in the category of the Jersey Devil (something more than a ghost) then more people in the area surely would have reported encounters. If it was some sort of spirit/ghost bound to the property though, then the reports would only have been localized to the home and land.

I'm not sure if this has helped, but I would be curious for sure on what more you can tell us about the event, and if there were others by other people in the area. Good Luck!
Interested to read this account as I worked at South London Hospital Path Lab from 1965 - 1973. A very spooky place. Some mornings, when we unlocked the lab, we would find the heavy chests of drawers pulled out and moved around the lab. Sometimes you would be quietly working and feel you were not alone. I would just get up and go into another room. Once a heavy bottle of sulphuric acid leapt into the air in front of me and crashed onto the bench. We all felt the building had a presence.
I lived there until I was nine years old. I, infact, didn't think that it was a ghost at first. I don't remember experiencing anything else after this event. When I lived there we used a ghost tracker, but I can't find the one we used and determine if the things we saw on it were legit. It took a suggestion from a family friend to make me even consider that it might have been a ghost. πŸ€”
Hi PenOrSaber

At that age kids tend to get creeped out by a lot of things, I'm not sure what it was that you experienced, how long have you lived in that house and did not experience anything else other than this incident?
PenOrSaber in The Woman I Saw
One thing is something I heard that I can't explain (not something another person told me). It might have been a child, but I doubt it. The other thing I saw was a figure I saw when I was waiting for the school bus.
valkricry in The Woman I Saw
If you think what you saw was supernatural/paranormal then you may submit. But things such as UFOs, aliens, Big Foot, etc. Will be rejected.
PenOrSaber in The Woman I Saw
I'm sorry this comment isn't related to the above story, but is this a place to post GHOST sighting or UNEXPLAINED sightings? I saw something that I'm not exactly sure what it was.
FearMeNot3000, you are apparently not contributing further info to this story, but perhaps you may see these comments and change your mind or perhaps members can enlighten me on why would anyone go in for a shower without a towel or bathrobe and who got you the towel before you got dressed and if it was your sister then why didn't you ask her about the lights then.
I'm sure I've missed something. Regardless, it must have been a little scary.
Ladyglow, I'd like to find cash around my place too. Wouldn't that be nice.
My dear friend it was not an idol it was a image of ganpati hung on the front of the wall of our house.
It's safe to say that I'm assuming that you are the only one who has experienced stuff in your home? Since you not answering questions I'll leave it at that.
Amchi1986 in The Woman I Saw
U said that it was just a lady whom I saw was just a crazy lady but when I looked back there was nothing on that bench... She was laughing at me madly as if she had seen someone whom she could poke fun at and insult. Explain me regard this.
Hi BrokenDreamer

The way you described your old house is like the perfect setting for a horror movie, I'm not sure what it was that you and your mom experienced but if I'd been through that I'd also be gone without a second thought, given your mom's reaction, she's clearly spooked out about it after all these years, but only she will be able to shed more light on that day.
Rajine in The Woman I Saw
Reminds me of the time I saw this creepy looking woman while I was out, I remember looking at her hands and it actually looked like witches claws you see in movies long ugly looking nails and all, here in South Africa we have a lot of shaman type people who believe in and practice witchcraft and voodoo, it's become a sort of business as well, so that's what I thought when I saw her, maybe the lady you saw was just a lady who looks crazy.
Hi Rocco1

I've had plenty of those graveyard dreams myself, not really sure what to make of it, but I wouldn't pay much attention to it, it is just a nightmare, but as lady-glow said you can always say a prayer before you go to sleep, personally that has helped me.
Hi Amchi1986

Perhaps the idol at your door was preventing something bad from entering your house.
I'm going to start thinking that my house was formerly a bank... With some luck, money will start appearing everywhere.

FearMeNot, I have some questions about your story, but feel discouraged to ask knowing that you've decided not to participate in the discussion.
Now that you're grown, will your mom talk about it?
The fact that she saw & was out there when you ran is a good thing. I'm assuming she was ok after?

Pretty compelling, but then you were only 6!
Amchi1986 in The Woman I Saw
Yes I still live in that house. My father has lived here for almost seventy five years. I told few of my friends but no one believed me. They all laughed at me. But what I have seen was hundred percent true. I am waiting for other people's comments on this story. Please do reply.
lady-glow in The Woman I Saw
Hello Amchi.

I'm puzzled about your following statement:

"before that I never used to think that something exists beyond our imagination which does exist".

If, after all, you and your family seemed to have accepted the experience in your previous story, which took place few years earlier, as something supernatural in nature.

"a story that took place at my home in the year 1997... My father suggested to my mother to remove the image but my mother stopped him from doing so by telling him that something bad and evil had arrived at our place but our pet dog and the image of Ganpati had scared the evil thing from causing harm to all of us."

As for this story, it's hard to say what or who that lady was based on the little information provided by your narrative.

It seems like your gut feeling warned you against approaching her, though, in my opinion, this doesn't necessarily mean that she was trying to harm you, even if she was a ghost.

Knowing the history of the place always helps when it comes to understand the presence of spirits on certain locations. It's common for spirits to stay attached to places that were important to them during their life, or to the place they died, specially if it happened unexpectedly and/or in a violent way.

Do you still live in that house? Have your family lived in the area for a long time? It's possible that some other people have seen this woman over the years.

Perhaps the lady used to seat on that bench to feed the birds and talked to passerby kids during her life, and what you saw was a residual image of a bygone time.

You may not agree with me, but having a paranormal encounter is a fascinating experience, and proof that there's something else waiting after we leave this world.
Thanks people for sharing your view. But for the first time in my life I felt scared in my life. Earlier nothing troubled me and I never believed in the supernatural. My pet dog is now dead. He died back in 2010. My father is absolutely healthy and alive. He is seventy five now. There are some objects that are haunted. I faced some other strange events in my life which I will discuss later. And other thing to add I never felt scared of the image of ganpati before this strange and unexplained event which made me believe that beyond our human imagination that exists a dark world of unknown secrets.
Oddityuniversal in The Ghost Who We Upset
Hello Rajine
Thank you for commenting. I am not sure why I have the ability to connect with spirits and also have some psychic abilities. I did have a Great Aunt that claimed she could interact with spirits. She would read tea leaves and coffee grounds and tell the future. Her deceased 11 year old son would often visit her at night she often said. She was an odd type of person that strongly believed in everything supernatural. She named her dog Ouija. My Mom could use a Ouija board by herself and receive answers to questions without the need of other hands on the planchette. It was something I never will forget. It was so mesmerizing to see her do this that I couldn't believe that she was controlling the board by herself. So I suppose that what I have is genetic. I was hearing spirit voices at the age of five. During the year of 2020 during the pandemic my spirituality increased to the point that everything was happening at once. I have others say the same that have the abilities I do.
I find it odd that a picture of Ganpati would strike fear. He is also known as Ganesha, who clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life. For those unfamiliar, the elephant headed Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. He's the god of beginnings. (If I'm wrong then someone please correct me.)
So then why would it make you afraid? I am not doubting you, I have a theory:
In any religion, holy/blessed objects are believed to repel/ward off evil. A depiction of a deity would be considered holy, no?
What if the image absorbed the bad spirit? And what you are sensing is that? (I think lady-glow suggested the same.)
What happened to the image? It's quite possible that your father's illness was unrelated.
no_name_face in A Shapeshifter
Hey Rajine,

Thankfully, I have never experienced these events. I believe that in our nation, the term "Aswang" refers to shape-shifters, weredogs, ghouls, etc.

I think it was born out of Philippines folklore.

It's possible that these evil entities are doing something specifically to unnerve the babies, or perhaps babies can sense evil when it's present.
No nothing happened to my dog and my father is yet alive. Yes you both may be true. 😊
Wow! Your story was published immediately after submitted.

Welcome to YGS.

Before assuming that the man was a ghost, you should consider the possibility of his presence being a hypnagogic hallucination. Also, if you have read/watched/talked about anything that may have induced such a nightmare.

In my opinion, it's too premature to worry about having the same dream again but, before going to bed you could talk to whoever may be around and ask them not to disturb your sleep and surround them with thoughts of love and light.

If you practice any religion, say a prayer for your own protection during the night, and another one for the rest of earthbound souls.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Welcome to YGS.

As The_Lost_Voyage, I too wonder, what happened to your father? I hope he recovered from his illness and, eventually, went back home.

In my opinion, no one would be able to explain what it all was about that night at your place, we only can guess and suggest possible scenarios according to our own experiences and beliefs.

Potentially, the dog could have been barking at something natural it heard on the vicinity/outside of the direction of the picture.
Did anything happen to the dog? In my country, Mexico, there's a belief that animals and plants can "absorb" any ill willed intentions directed to their owners.

Does any other image of Ganpati have the same effect on you? Were the rest of your family afraid of the image before/after this incident?
Perhaps something evil got trapped into the picture... Perhaps you were, and are still, overthinking a series of events not related to each other. It's hard to know what really happened not being there and after one quarter of a century has passed.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Amchi1986 welcome and thanks for sharing your story!

What ended up happening to your dad after he fell ill?

The picture, did it bother you looking at it prior to that night, or was it just after? Based on your dog's and dad's reaction there was probably something more to it.

My grandmother too owned a portrait of a distant relative, a stern looking woman, and the picture gave me the creeps. It almost seemed as if she was looking at me, her eyes following me around the room, I hated that portrait. Others in my family echoed that sentiment and for a time after my grandmother passed it was stored in our basement, I made sure it was hidden. In the end my aunt took it, she wanted it, and she could have it with my blessing for sure. At the present I'm not sure where it is.

I'm not sure about it, but many others have also submitted stories about pictures with similar experiences, many on this very site and and if you read some of them, perhaps they will provide more insight. Good Luck!
Hi again Oddityuniversal

I just wanted to find out if anyone else in your family has this ability, I find it very fascinating and what I've learned is that most of the time, having a gift like this is generational and is usually passed down much like genetics.

It's a bit amazing and scary at the same time to be able to communicate with spirits and you are absolutely right that respect is very important, apart from souls of people who have passed on, have you ever experienced anything else?
Oddityuniversal in The Ghost Who We Upset
Thank you for your comment Rajine. The spirits seem to be attracted by me. I have had many experiences where some come to me confused and ask me questions such as where am I? I can feel their nervousness and fear through their words they say. I first tell them that they have died and afterwards tell them to look for a light in the distance to go to. Almost all of them stop in a little while and say "I have to go now." I have always assumed that I have shown them the way. Those are the wandering ones that don't realize they have passed because they died quickly. One told me of his last moment he remembered where he had a bottle of beer in his hand before he crashed his pickup. It is very strange for me personally to have this ability of mine. I refuse to show fear of them in order to be able to communicate with them. It's best that way. Respect is an essential part of this too as long as I don't sense an evil presence. Spiritual knowledge helps me also. I receive that through different ways by reading books and even watching different videos.
Hi Oddityuniversal

I firmly believe that we all to a certain level have a sixth sense or intuition, it's strong in some, much like with you, where you able to feel, sense, smell and communicate with spirits.

I also believe that spirits are earth bound because they have unfinished business or are attached to someone or something and they're lives ended before their intended time or possibly just waiting for someone to help them move on.
Rajine in A Shapeshifter
Hi no_name_face

I'm sure that must have been a horrible experience for everyone involved, was it an aswang or a shape-shifter? Or are they both the same thing? And if you can explain what exactly is an aswang and how did it come into creation, cultures around the world say that babies and children under 13 can sense out worldly things.
[at] RCRuskin, on the tooic regarding looking at possible John Doe's chart on said room 113 through the computer can be very tough especially with regards to HIPPA. Your user id gets flagged by the IT if keep on searching for names especially if are deceased. I work in the hospital and one time I kept searching for my own medical records on the computer and I got a verbal warning the next day because I was supposed to go through medical records if I wanted to know my chart, with that being said, it is much harder and troublesome if you search for other people on your computer database that are not part of your care.

Anyway in regards to the story, I just want to say that it's like in every hospital experiences, the ghostly paranormal ones will always be a part of it.

It brings back memories for me way back 2020 at the height of pandemic when I worked in the Covid ICU and people died left and right almost like 5 deaths in one shift. The overwhelming heavy aura was palpable in the air especially me being empathic by nature, it was really hard for me.
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
The Lost Voyage 11, to answer your question about whether or not we have cleansed our room, yes we have, as well as the entire house. My mom's room always feeling the worst of the rooms here, which I've come to believe that is because of all the pain she has endured throughout the year's, especially when losing my dad (her husband), and then my brother, I would be more surprised if her room didn't have such a negative feel to it. Even when I was little, and would take my nightly baths in her room, I always felt watched from her bed, that was at the end of her little hallway like area in her room, that goes to her walk in closet, bathroom sink, and then the small bathroom with just a bathtub and toilet. It creeped me out so much, I remember constantly having to keep an eye in that area, to where having to lay back and wash my hair, was a constant race, to hurry up and have my view back on that area lol. But anyways, my belief is with my mom always holding her emotions in around anyone, her room is the one place she can let it out at, and because of this, it would fill her room with all that pain she felt, trapping it in her walls, as our emotions and energy we all carry, absorb into the walls of our home etc. My husband and kid's all feel uncomfortable to be in her room as well. I swear there was this one time, I think last year actually, while walking out of her room, feeling uncomfortable as usual, and watched, as I went to shut her door behind me, it slammed shut! I knew I didn't slam it. She has stuff hanging on the other side of her bedroom door knob, that already makes it difficult to turn the knob to begin with, so when I go to shut her door, I just slightly pull it, which normally will make it shut, but not completely, as the piece that sticks out of a door handle, needs to have you turn the door knob fully, and then pull shut, for a complete close of the door. But with my mom having stuff on the other side of the knob as I said, I don't ever twist the knob when I walk out, I'll just pull it, and let it stay cracked. So with that all said, it's a little more work/effort needed to fully close this door, yet with me not giving it any of that lol it still slammed shut, as though something really didn't want me in there. I haven't had that happen again since either, so like I was saying, I know I couldn't have accidentally slammed it myself that night. There's just no way. With all this and many other's said, is why I've tried to make it a regular thing to do around here, when it comes to cleansing our house. We'll normally do it when thing's are getting very active around here, which normally helps calm it down again for awhile. Oddly, my mom doesn't notice anything out the ordinary here, despite sleeping in the worst feeling room. She has said how she wishes she could experience thing's of the paranormal, but from what I can tell, I'm pretty sure I got my intuitive, and empath gifts, from my dad's side of the family. His side has spoken about their paranormal happenings they've witnessed, but my mom's side doesn't believe in any of it. I'm surprised my mom does lol but glad. Sorry to start up other happenings on my comment, it's hard not to mention some of the things I've experienced living here.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lost In My Room
Hello again Twighlight1011. Have you done anything to bless of cleanse your bedroom? Remember, such a ritual will only drive out negative spirts or presences, it will not affect your father, if he still visits, but it could clear other unwanted 'visitors' from your room.

Trust your gut, if it tells you that what happened to you was of a paranormal origin, then go with it. You were there, you are the best judge of that situation. Just because there are medical explanations or diagnosis for sleep issues doesn't mean that's all there is to it, there's still so much we don't understand. Your friend is right, because you can see/sense spirits and ghosts, like a moth to a flame they will drawn to you, good and bad, because you can acknowledge their presence. Being an Empath also adds complexity to the issue.

From what you've revealed about your past in the comments, situations like what you've experienced and been through, they can also create an environment for some not so nice things to enter into your life. However because you're in a better place right now, they aren't able to bother you near as much. I also suspect that your father may still be watching out for you as well and may be running interference.

I have seen a few of your stories in the past, I may revisit them and others, perhaps it will help me provide a deeper perspective for you. What is obvious is you have a gift. If you learn just a few techniques, to create some boundaries, you will find it will help so you don't have to deal with the unwanted guests who occasionally drop by. I will say this, you have a good level of self awareness which can serve you well with those kinds of gifts, good luck!
virulentpeach I just read the story you recommend it is bizarre how her feelings in the home were so similar to mine. I didn't experience shadows, growling or whispers, but that feeling that there were spirits everywhere overwhelmed me the entire time I was in the home.
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
The Lost Voyage 11, I can't be completely sure what exactly I experienced in my room during those childhood year's, but all I can say, is that it wasn't out the ordinary for me to have something happen to me, while in my room. To answer your question, yes, it is the room that I had wrote about, that my husband and I are now having to sleep in together. As far as my intuition goes about this experience, I truly believe that it was something of the paranormal, that affected me back then those night's. It's just a really strong feeling I have, and have had, when it comes to remembering that night especially. I could still be wrong of course, but when it comes to my instincts, I've never really been wrong about them, given my empath ability I learned I have. I think for the most part of what I would experience in this room as a child, was my dad making his frequent night visits with me, as he had passed away before I was born. But I can't say that it was always him that I would feel in my room. Our house was built by my father back in 1986, on my family's property, that my grandparents bought back in the 60's I think (mid to late). Where our house sits, was once nothing but woods, until it was built. So we're surrounded by trees. I've always wondered if what else is here, was from the land, or if attracted by me or something, as I've been told by a friend of mine that is a medium, that I seem to attract spirits as well, wherever I may go. So no matter where I've lived at, I've always felt a presence there. At least here, I can feel somewhat comfortable knowing my dad is amongst the presence I feel. I've written other submissions on here, that has been about some of my other experiences I've had here, if you care to read as well? Which are titled, "Something Dark", "An evil presence outside", "Black mass", "Where does it go", "Normal SP, or something more", and "My Mamaws goodbye".
virulentpeach in The House In Pennsylvania
Look up a story on this site "The House With a Million Eyes" also from Pennsylvania. It sounds exactly like this house.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lost In My Room
Hello Twighlight1011, am I to understand that you and your husband are sleeping in the same room now that you had these childhood experiences in? Are some of the sleep disturbances you reported him having, did they occur in this same room?

If he's also having sleep issues in the same room then that could be more validation that there is a supernatural component to it. I originally believed it was confusion arousal as I stated before, because the symptoms you described were similar, especially the time/space distortion. Confusion arousal in in the same category of sleep issues as sleepwalking, in fact the two can be linked. You can easily look it up, but I can link an article if that's your preference.

With what you've revealed though, it brought back a memory or something I can relate to. I believe spirits/ghosts can cause some form of sleep issues in people because I've experienced it. Perhaps they are able to do it by drawing energy from us, as they do from the environment to manifest, and in taking energy from us while we sleep, they disrupt our bodies natural rhythm.

My experience was when I was a young adult, my first apartment. It was old, and I loved it, but there was something strange about the bedroom. The closet in particular was freezing and it had a hole on the inside of the door (not visible from the outside) as if someone had punched it from the inside. I didn't store much in that closet and it was close enough to the bed that I felt uncomfortable for some reason trying to sleep at night and it seemed to emanate from the closet.

One morning I remember waking up at an odd angle, I was sleeping in the middle of the bed but sprawled out from side to side, a position and place in the bed I NEVER sleep in. For some reason I couldn't wake up fully, I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. I wasn't paralyzed but I was too groggy to summon up the strength to move. To say it was a struggle to wake up is an understatement! I later found out it was prolonged sleep inertia. I have never experienced it before or since. I had bizarre vivid dreams of a river of some kind. Finally I managed to push myself awake and stumble from bed and found out that it was the middle of the afternoon now! It was disconcerting to say the least.

After that and due to some unexplained anxiety experienced in that room, I started sleeping in the living room for the remainder of my time there. I had no further issues but for some unconscious reason, started to steer clear of that room and any business I had in there I conducted quickly. Years later I still dream about that room. I found out from a psychic friend later that a young boy whom drowned was connected to that room, and the sleep episode was an attempt to communicate with me about his fate. That would explain the river. I couldn't validate the story or his identity because the house had passed through so many hands over the years and it was very old.

If true, than spirits/ghosts can affect our sleep patterns and cause things like sleepwalking if only temporarily. I'm not entirely sure how, other than what I've proposed, but something similar may have happened to you and also to your husband if his sleep disturbances occurred in the same room. I only know I couldn't explain why I felt about that bedroom the way I did, nor have I ever had any kind of experience like that before or since, but it's freaky not being able to wake up!

As an aside I do seem to recall having something like what you mentioned, a dim memory of being a child and waking up in the middle of my room, and nothing was where it should have been, the only difference was I had a dim/dull nightlight which didn't provide much of a glow at all. It's a distant memory and one I can't quite get to, but I believe it's why I was drawn to your story. Anyways hope it helps, good luck!
virulentpeach in Lost In My Room
Sounds to me like a good example of the corkscrew theory of time. For a moment there was an overlap with past times where the room may have been arranged differently and there was a lapse with the time period. Your mother coming into the room brought it back to the present somehow. It's like you were transported back in time for a moment.
I have visited the old jail also. But a day tour but yes there are very strong presence there.
On a side note, if you are looking for a great place to do the paranormal investigation, treat yourself to the MAY-STRINGER house in Brooksville, FL.
I was there earlier this year. I am going to submit a story but there is a lot of energy and presence there. I will tell you the attic was the heaviest activity while I was there.
wayseeker89 in The Forgotten Twin
Sad and scary but touching, thanks for sharing.

Praying for Adelita's soul ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in Lost In My Room
Hello Twighlight1011,

Our messages are probably best conversed through email because we both enjoy a good old chat. Lol.

You're very fortunate to have empath abilities and even more fortunate having the strength to keep positive and use all your life lessons to better your marriage and life. I'm a true believer that when you keep giving, it comes back in abundance. Stay strong my YGS friend. My thoughts are with you and your family and I sincerely hope you get all those great things in life you're hoping for. I have no doubt you will.

No bruises on my noses, lol, just tired eyes from lack of sleep the past few months.

Stay well and happy,
SWS πŸŒžβ˜€οΈβ˜ΊοΈ
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
I do want to say this, in regards of writing about parts of my childhood, that I don't like to mention it to get any sympathy or attention etc. I believe everyone has experienced pain at some point in their lives, that's really heartbreaking to hear. I know as for mine, not everyone had to experience such pain, at such a young age though. It's something that I've had to carry with me my whole life, and still something I struggle with to this day, but instead of choosing to let it keep me down, I like to think that it's what helped me become who I am today. Even when as a teenager, when I got with my now ex husband. He would abuse me mentally and physically, to where I started to believe what he would tell me, about no one ever wanting me, and him being the only "man" that ever would be with me etc. It took almost 10 years of my life, to finally get the strength to leave him, taking my 2 son's I had by him, with me. I ended up having to see a psychiatrist afterwards, to get me in a better place with myself, and understanding of why I was the way I was then. It helped me become a better me for it, and a better wife to my husband now. I chose to look at all my past painful experiences, as lessons I needed to learn, to show me what I didn't want, and how I needed to be, to be a better me. I feel that I've become a very caring and understanding person, because of it now. I'm able to understand people better, and why they are the way they are. Then again, I've also learned that I'm what you would call an empath, which was something I learned about myself a few years ago. I never understood why I felt so much more than other's, or why I wasn't able to be in large crowds, without causing me anxiety from it. In the past, when I would tell people what I was feeling, or thinking, they thought I had to be a witch or something lol with how accurate they said I was, with what I felt about other's etc. I do need to learn how to control my ability though, as I'm pretty much a sponge around other's, to where their moods affects mine. Before I let this get any longer than it already is lol, I'll go ahead and wrap this up, and just say that I'm really happy with who I've become as an adult, and truly believe if I hadn't went through what I have, I wouldn't be who I am now, so for all the pain I had to endure growing up, I'm grateful it helped me look at, and feel life more differently than other's. Now if life would just stop putting me and my husband through so many tests and trials, and just allow us to get where we've been wanting for so long now, in our lives!
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
Sleeping with Steve, hey, I have read what you had sent me on the sleep walking, and for the most part, I already knew about some of it, but was not aware that children could experience it for a period of time, before eventually growing out of it. I'm not really sure where exactly I fit under that category of it, because I had only experienced it 3 times, that I'm actually aware of that is. But to see where it said how some children can stop experiencing it, by the time of puberty, if I'm remembering correctly, I'm pretty sure that's when it would have stopped for me, which was sometime in the 4th grade. So that's interesting to know. I really appreciate you sending me the link about it 😊 I hope that your face is feeling better lol and not all bruised up? I think we've all been there, when we're doing some late night reading on our phones, not being very smart about how we choose to hold our phones over our face while we read, to where we allow it to fall and hit our face, if we start to dose off, or get clumsy lol yet we'll still do it lol
Sleeping-with-steve in Lost In My Room
PS Twilight1011,

My mobile has dropped on my face a couple of times during my previous reply to you. Lol. I doze off and the phone drops. Hopefully I don't get a bruised nose. Lol. 🀭🀣

Anyway, did you manage to read that link I post for you in my first reply?

It's worth a read and may help give you a bit of new insight into your sleep walking.

Take care my YGS friend,
Sleeping-with-steve in Lost In My Room
Hello Twilight1011,

Your mother was so brave enduring so much hardship and you were loaded with so much burden and lost so much of your childhood as a result. I don't have enough words to express how sorry I am that you had to live through pain and suffering. Your brother, may he RIP, was the bravest of all people I've heard about. No one should have to go through so much pain and suffering. It breaks my heart, it really does that you, your brother and mum went through as much as you did.

It's 3am here and my eyes are half closed. I just wanted to reply and let you know my thoughts go out to you.

Your YGS friend,
Thank you for replying blosomes!

I couldn't resist, the history nerd in me had to read up about the Boshin War πŸ˜†

So that happened in Hokkaido, correct? If it's the tail end of the Boshin War then that must be the Battle of Hakodate. The shogunate side lost, and in such a case, it's understandable why the place would be haunted by the fallen. It was their final stronghold after all. I would've been mortified in your place, but also very honored to be there since it marked a massive turning point in Japan's history.

I happen to have visited several old battlefields in my travels there. I could confirm that the energy in such places are heavy and poignant. Almost makes me wonder how on earth you managed to stay the night! πŸ˜†
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
Oh, and 1 more thing I wanted to mention, though it's not about this submission, my husband has finally joined this site, after all these years of me telling him about other's experiences on here, and is under the name, "Batrav". I just wanted to let whoever may care to know, and hopefully he'll get around to writing some of his experiences on here soon 😊
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
Sleeping with Steve, I know it's been awhile since I've been on here. I hate that I allowed so much time to go by, before coming back to this site. I have made some occasional drop ins here and there, but wasn't able to really get involved in a conversation of topic. But I'm very happy to hear from you again 😊 with how much I already write in my submissions on here, I didn't want to write more details, that may not really have importance to it, but I guess I can say it here. Like I had said, my father had passed away before I was born, or even knew about me, in a car wreck. My mother found out she was pregnant with me, after his funeral. Not long after I was born, maybe a few year's, my mom learned that my brother had a rare disease that apparently only children can get. I've asked her the name of it numerous of times over the years, but can never remember it, with how long it is. But to my understanding, it had something to do with his immune system, making him get sick very easily, and to where he could only eat certain foods as well etc. My whole childhood pretty much, was watching him slowly over the years, decline in health, and was a frequent visitor to the hospital, to where it felt like another home for me as a child, since we were there so much. His disease eventually had him having to be hooked up to IV'S all the time (even a feeding tube hooked to his stomach), and with everything he had to take, it became more than what my mom could possibly handle, without the help of her parents, eventually having to take him in their home. This was my childhood though, and despite me knowing that my brother wasn't like other's, and could some day die, it was what was normal for me to witness. My family (meaning my grandfather that helped care for my brother, and most of my aunt's), weren't very nice to me, to where they made our family get togethers, really hard on me, for whatever their reasons were to not like me. So needless to say, my childhood was definitely not an easy one. I constantly felt alone, and pushed to the side (but I understand now why that had to be), so as for me going through a lot in that room of mine, I'd say it got a lot of negative vibes from me, through my childhood. It wasn't until I was in the 6th grade, that my brother had passed away, making a part of me break, as well as my mother. Not long afterwards, I was able to move into his old room at my mom's house. Where though I still had thing's happen in it, paranormal wise, it wasn't what I had experienced in my old room. After reading the opinions said on here in regards of my experience, I can see that what happened, could have been brought on by natural causes, but I hate I can't really know for sure. It felt very much real, and with what else I would experience in that room, I don't think that I can say that there's a reasonable explanation for those. Like the feeling of being watched by my bedside, or feeling someone in the dark, sit at the foot of my bed, as I could feel the pressure of my mattress sink down. I had an uncle (my dad's younger brother) tell me that he believed it was most likely my dad visiting me, and that I shouldn't be afraid of him, but if it made me uncomfortable, then I should tell him this. Which I finally did one night, and never felt that happen again since. So I find some comfort in thinking it was him visiting me then, watching over me in death, as he could not in life. It helped me find peace that he had to know about me, despite him passing away before either of my parents knew of me. Something else I wanted to add, I've been staying in this old room of mine again, with my husband, for the past 6 years now, and luckily have not had any sleep walking episodes in it 😁 but we have experienced other things happening in there, as I've mentioned before in other submissions. My husband especially, as he has experienced more than I have, and even darker thing's as well. The difference with me being in this room now, is before I use to lay in bed alone, feeling so alone, and wishing to have someone there with me. So to have my husband by my side now, it does give me comfort and a sense of security, that helps me to feel safe. Maybe that could be why I'm not as bothered by being in this room now. Well I've went and wrote yet another book on here lol, so hopefully that all helps give everyone an idea, of how I had felt as a child, in this room of mine.
Sleeping-with-steve in Lost In My Room
Hello Rajine,

I've voted you up a lot and the system says, please vote for someone else. I'm sorry I can't vote on your comment.


When you have a chance, (I know you are always busy with your family, but that article is definitely worth a read).

SWS 🧑☺️
Sleeping-with-steve in Lost In My Room
Hello Twighlight1011,

It's so good to see you back online.

I'm so sorry you lost your brother and father. I had a heavy heart reading that your father past away before your birth. Your mum sounds amazing and has done an amazing job raising you all on her own.

I found a link that explains sleep walking and have included it in this reply to you.


It says in that article above that fear can be why some people sleep walk, as well anxiety, and medication.

The article is an interesting read. You said you were afraid in that room, that could why you started sleep walking.?

Hi rebycedaj,

I just wanted to check where are you from? You've written in hiligaynon so I'm just wondering if you're from Negros.

I like the story btw. I'm lucky I don't see these kind of stuff throughout my entire life. I'd be freaking out for sure if that happens to me.
A very interesting story GhostGal, and one that has a nice ring of truth to it. Supernatural events in hospitals tend to be easily believable for me, and the same with funeral homes. It seems unnatural to me for nurses, doctors and funeral directors to be making up stories like this. I have a good story about a funeral home that I'll post.
I have several thoughts on this. It's long winded, so please hear me out before responding to anything.:)

First off, there is a stigma attached to prisoners/convicted criminals. It seems we get very defensive and on edge just knowing someone of this sort is around. And it seems, generally, we are equally alarmed by all criminals, though the threat is not necessarily equal. Someone who murders in a fit of rage is a different sort than a serial killer, just as an example.

Knowing that there's a wing of the hospital specifically to house and treat prison inmates would certainly creep me out all by itself. So, maybe this is all it is.

Except for that whistling. It might be some non-ghostly thing, just wind blowing over a window, or through a microscopic, or at least very tiny, crack. It is still unnerving but if it ends up being a specific song or melody, well, it is harder to say "it's just the wind" in that case. But either way, it still creeps me out.

Do you recall if there was a specific melody or tune to the whistling, or was it just random whistling?

And now the incident in empty room 113. You say there's no way to check, and I think there might be but it is not an easy way, given how everything is computerized these days and thanks to various HIPAA laws, or is it HIPPA? Well, either way, thanks to laws and regulations, we can't just look up John Doe's medical records to see if he was put in room 113. We need to have some recognizable need to know, and then we can put in a request for someone to find the backup tape for the dates when John Doe was in room 113, load it into a computer, search for the record, print it out, etc.

I'm quite certain, however, that at some point in the history of the hospital, some patient was in room 113, and that patient died there. As Rajine pointed out: people die in hospitals. It probably was not recent, however. Or maybe the pandemic? I don't know, but I'm sure someone died there.

"This was the topic of the night, since it amped us all up." So now the whole staff is on edge and twitchy, but not from anything specific. Or rather, it is from a bunch of little things, things experienced by everyone but not all at this specific moment, just over time. So we have a bunch of nervous, jumpy energy bouncing among us and just getting us all more on edge, more jumpy, nervous, etc.

All this creates a spooky experience. But this all happened 7 years ago and though I have many questions to ask and be answered, such as whether it was a tune being whistled, I don't think any answers can be found at this late date.
Hi GhostGal10001

Hospitals tend to have a lot of ghostly activity because of the number of people that pass away there, some with unfinished business and some who unfortunately died before their time.
whatsthestoryghost in My Haunted Hospital Experience
There is something about hospitals, especially any variation of the number 13. I knew a girl and a guy (years apart) who were both treated for Cancer in room 13 in a hospital here in Ireland. Both recovered but neither ever said there was a malevolent spirit but they could always sense something. But the nurses, god the nurses had some stories about that room. It was like a clean room. Through one door, gown up, wash hands and then through another door and I swear I always sensed someone in that room while I sat with my friend. It was mad.
BojanTheGoTFan84 in The Barn Haunt
I copied the words and pasted it through Google Translator, and it is indeed in Latin, translated to English it means 'You are not expected here.' What if the dog-shape is a spirit of a possible farmhand who could have perhaps died a violent death on the farm terrain, or maybe your grandmother isn't the first owner, so the previous owner might be trying to chase her away (if that is the case here) so to stop 'messing up' (in that spirit's opinion) with their former farm?
valkricry in Wth Case Files
Hey, everybody! Just wanted to let you all know you're invited to our Halloween Bash [at] Investigate the haunted mansion, explore the abandoned Loss Mine in complete darkness, hunt pirate treasure (beware the zombies!) and other haunted adventures as well. It's a spooktacular event! Open 24/7. Recommended for pcs and laptops with a mouse.
Many thanks to our webmaster for granting permission to extend the invite!
[at] Twilight1011 & Batrav

Sorry for the late reply.

I'll have to check out your stories, that sounds interesting and terrifying at the same time. I'm interested in that shielding bracelette though.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lost In My Room
Hello Twilight1011, interesting experience, thanks for sharing!

Sleepwalking can be a tricky thing, it can be brought on by anxiety and stress and you mentioned closing your door to feel a little safer from what you felt coming from the hallway. So I take it you may not have felt truly safe in the room where these episodes originated?

The closest thing I could find regarding what happened to you is something called confusional arousal. It's a state that can be linked to sleepwalking whereupon a person wakes up and is in a disoriented state, sometimes for upwards of 10 minutes. You appear to be partially awake, but you are confused and disoriented to time and space. It seems to be common in children and they outgrow it. I know this only happened a few times to you and is linked to this room you stayed in and not all the symptoms relate. For instance most who have it don't retain any memory of the episodes. However like anything else there maybe different varieties and it might explain it.

If you were under some stress and anxiety it might have induced these episodes of sleepwalking coupled with what's termed as confusional arousal. Perhaps when you switched rooms, you felt safer, more secure and the episodes stopped?

I'm a believer in the supernatural for sure, and that may have been a component to it, but I also know there's much in the physical realm that may seem as out of the ordinary but is not. From what I understand the disorientation in the aforementioned state could explain why nothing in those rooms was where it should be, time and space were out of whack for you. Also if you were only partially awake (though I'm sure it felt like you were wide awake) perhaps that's why you felt that wood shelf or whatever it was, it was part of the dream/sleep environment you were half in and half out of. Some kind of state where you are only partially awake would throw off the sense of time and space as well. I know for me, I've had dreams I've woken up from and I can still see the dream imagery while i"m waking up until it fades and my room comes into focus, it's been a while but while that is amazing it is also at the same time confusing for sure!

Like I said, sleepwalking can be a tricky thing, my grandmother used to sleepwalk, and she would leave the house at times. Be thankful you stayed in your room, my grandmother once woke up in the cemetery!

You were there and the only one that can resonate or not with what I've shared, that's my feeling about the experience, perhaps it will help.
iv experience many of these, most nights I can't get out of them as if I am stuck, I'm fighting to wake up screaming and trying my best to move to where I can feel my wife beside me, but she doesn't feel me. But luckily she wakes up hearing me. She said I sound like more of a low moaning sound, but in the moment I am screaming as loud as I can. Twilight1011 is my wife and she had told some of my stories. I had an episode last night seeing a white translucent figure, I wasn't wearing my relic and I got stuck screaming and fighting to get up, my wife wakes up smacking me awake. Glad she got to hear me in time because the figure was getting closer to me... I will keep my bracelet on from now on. It has protected me and has even giving me the power to fight back.

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