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Glaziola-Nacht (you play Poke-man at night?)

I am deeply troubled by the actions of your classmate Jason. I'm and atheist and grew up in a very Christian community. As an athlete in HS school we had team prayers. As a coach my team asked if they could hold team prayers and I said yes. I've never been "hurt" or felt uncomfortable around people praying. My philosophy is "whatever gets you through the night".
Nightbreed ~ The loss of a sibling is very hard, you never really get over it.

Please let us know how this turns out. Wishing you the very best
majarlika012 in Baguio Hauntings
When we went to Baguio during the Panagbenga Festival, I was really looking forward to experience scary moments. But, I felt none. We stayed in a transient house inside the Teacher's Camp. We, in fact, went out at night and visit the Laperal's White House but we found none. Though Baguio is still the coziest place for me. Warm people, cold climate.
Greetings, Glaziola-Nacht, and welcome to YGS.

I have yet to see the D.C. Holocaust Museum; however I have been to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. The exhibit that had the most immediate emotional effect on me happened to be the display of shoes within a glass coffin set into the floor. They were so damned *ordinary* looking; every day objects that were taken off of Jewish corpses. I had to sit down for a while, there, just staring at the shoes and feeling overwhelmed with hopeless loss. (I still don't know if that was a natural or a supernatural experience, but --in this case--I don't think that matters.)

Physical reactions to super-emotional stimuli, such as you describe here, tend to occur to people with innate psychic/spiritual tendencies. Your prayer, which was interrupted rudely, is a perfectly normal way to set up some protection around yourself before going through an emotional experience. Jesus told his disciples, "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;" (John 14:16, KJV) the new "Comforter" generally being understood to mean The Holy Spirit (read the entire fourteenth chapter of John for greater context). You were praying and seeking comfort that would help you to get through the emotionally moving and upsetting historical displays; that is EXACTLY what you needed to do. Your instincts were right; if you have to pray in silence to avoid calling the attention of bullies to your prayers, do that.

While I am agnostic, I'm going to disagree *slightly* and as politely as possible with lady-glow's statement, "I highly doubt that our good Lord Jesus would have inflicted such a cruel and painful test on you." I will stress that I agree with her next statement, "it's more likely that you had an empathic connection with the spirit of a victim of the Holocaust." However, religious peoples of many faiths have suffered and died for their beliefs; that's how canonizing Catholic saints began.

Bibliothecarius in Unexplained Phenomenons
Greetings, again, reneemarie:

Did you follow up with RSAChick's suggestion of cleansing your home? If so, how did the cleansing work out for you?

Have the closet light and the attic noises escalated, or have they remained at approximately the same level?

Have you seen the bird-like entity (or any other entity) again? I was concerned that this entity may have been monitoring you, or spying on you, because it had been commanded to do so by someone/something else. Do you know anyone who is involved in (or obsessed with) ideas of the occult & paranormal? I don't mean wiccans, witches, or tarot-card readers; I mean someone who seems to be drawn toward the creepier side of power & manipulation. Such a person may not be immediately obvious to you as "sinister," but would probably be a person whose behavior makes you consistently uncomfortable whenever you interact with him or her.

Spirits, such as the bird-like entity, would normally be called "fae," "fairy," or "elemental" in nature; usually they observe the balance of nature in a specific area of wildlife and work to protect it. *Presuming* that my initial guess was correct, then the power-seeking person in question has essentially "kidnapped" a minor spirit of some kind and is making it watch you. I do KNOW how damned odd this sounds, which is why I gave it a week or two before returning to give you my suspicion.

When they're alone in nature, these innocent supernatural entities can also occur around sites of great power or significance, such as a spiritual portal --an idea that I still have some lingering doubts about, I admit--or a holy site. Presuming that there is no such portal in your apartment (nothing in your narrative suggests that), then I suspect you may have upset a person who fits the description above.

I do hope that my ideas were clear, here, and that I didn't type something that upset you or caused you any grief.

Please let us know how you are getting along.

Haven in Checking Us
Hi, Mijuki23.

Looks like your father-in-law paid a visit. Have you asked your mother-in-law if she's ever heard anything?

Thanks for sharing.
I suffer from regular sleep paralysis. It used to be absolutely terrifying but I have had it so much that I've been able to train myself how to react to it when it occurs. When I have it, I focus on wiggling my left elbow. I also remind myself that I am experiencing sleep paralysis. Since I've started doing this, I no longer see scary things and I'm able to snap myself out of the episode fairly quickly. I don't know if this technique will work for you but I recommend trying to find ways to pull yourself out. It gets easier with time and now my sleep paralysis is just a nuisance.
MrsRizzo2429 in On-the-job Training
Thank you for sharing your story! Very creepy experience. Have a great day!
Gayatrishiva in Possession Of My Brother
mostly in india I have seen these pose [at] ed people it takes over immediately I have seen my aunt got possessed and the effect was seen within 3 or 4 days in full swing. But in west iam seeing different trend.
LOL...Cool story JB! Mrs. Smith sounds like a really lovely lady! Thank you for sharing!
freakedoutfreddy in Blue Pale Figure
Dude, that sounds like a a bash... Nobody sent the 5 year-old birthday boy to bed before midnight! 🤔 😁
Hello Glaziola - though I believe that a collection of so many objects from such a tragic and shameful period as the Holocaust would likely have a lot of negative energy and even one or more restless spirit/s attached to them, I highly doubt that our good Lord Jesus would have inflicted such a cruel and painful test on you. In my opinion, it's more likely that you had an empathic connection with the spirit of a victim of the Holocaust.

"I didn't feel right, so I took out my rosary and started to pray for protection"

Do you usually pray when you don't feel right?
What made you think that it was necessary to ask for divine protection at that moment? Did you feel threatened or in danger?
What made you decide that the lightheadedness and pain you felt were not a medical condition?
Please don't think that I am being critical of your actions, I only want to understand the reason behind your need for praying.

I feel like giving Jason a good smack on the head for his intolerance though, sometimes, it's better to keep ones beliefs private... I would have used my fingers instead of the beads of a rosary. 😜

Anyway, I'm glad that your discomfort stopped after exiting that area of the museum.
chloe26 in Baguio Hauntings
Hello, Kababayan! Thank you for sharing your story. I don't know what it is about Baguio but I've always felt uneasy staying there. We also stayed at a transient house near the grotto once and just like you and your group, we had a hard time sleeping too - this considering that the place we were at was really cozy plus the Baguio climate. I didn't experience the "tummy touching" and didn't see anything worth noting though, just experienced the heavy eerie feeling.
Hi, Zetroc.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Seeing your brother's doppelganger twice seems scary. Your second experience does not seem to be paranormal. It seems as if you were just dreaming. There has been times when I wake up with a soar throat because I dream I've been screaming or yelling. Or I'll wake up and there are tears on my face and pillow because I've been crying in my dream. I have dreamt that I get hit on a certain area of my body and when I wake that area is sore. I once had a dream that I was holding on to something really tight and when I woke I was clenching my sheets. A friend of mine told me she had a dream she had fallen off a cliff and when she hit the ground she woke up on the floor in her bedroom.
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
AugustaM, with some of the residents I believe that is likely the case, with those in advanced states of dementia they may believe they are hallucinating or may not even be able to perceive what was happening, this to me, is a lot of why management disbelief in anything happening exists
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Junglecat, to my knowledge no one ever tried anything but it may have occurred when I was not on shift, though as far as I am aware management always scoffed at the idea that anything was occurring
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Oraclemache, the lady who appeared 10 cm from my face was certainly confronting but I never really let the situations get to me, though the last one with the figure that disappeared after watching me from the fire door, that made me finish my paperwork extra quick and go around to the A wing nurses station and stay with the staff there for about 10 minutes
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Jelly91, it was almost a change of underwear I'll freely admit that
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
Haven, yes my previous place of employment was an aged care facility where I encountered many people passing. There was also a cemetery directly across the street, so that may explain some of the spirits, and I am unsure what was at the site previously as I cannot find anything online but may be looking in the wrong places, it was only the fact that 3 different people described her so similarly that sparked anything off for me
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
LuciaJacinta, I was more upset by the being that was at my house in my other posting, he scared me
Tbeartuff in Spirited Workplace
RSAChick, room 7 was always fun, never knew what or who to expect
Hi Littleboxes,

So if I understand correctly, the lighting in the entire room would change but apart from that and the presence of the boxes, it was essentially the same room, correct?

I don't know what the creatures were but you may have seen something. As we age, the way our minds processes information changes so this could account for why you did not continue to see them as you aged. To be honest, it didn't seem to be a friendly interaction anyway and leaving it in your rearview was for the best.
The container was simply just tupperware. Sorry for responding really late I honestly thought my story wouldn't get published because how bizarre it is. Haha
Thanks to Biblio for passing the link.

I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to normal and Frosty is up to the normal husky shenanigans of demanding treats. Stay safe, friend.
Interesting. It is common to hear accounts of such things being seen on stairs.
Also I believe there is folklore on "between spaces" but I am unclear on it's basis as everything is between something in some way.

Also took, not meaning to digress but what method do you employ to achieve OBE and what's your success rate like? I've not had any luck in that area
In response to Rook's questions about stairways, doorways, and windows being areas in which spirits can manifest... I have noticed that my experiences with seeing full apparitions have occurred in doorways or on stairways. I wonder if it is because these are places of entry or exit or, as others have said, places of transition. It would seem "natural," since we use these to enter/exit/move between rooms and floors, that the spiritual realm may use these areas in the same way.
Bibliothecarius in Ghostly Apparitions
Greetings, zetroc.

In your story, you wrote, "I saw my brother's doppelgänger 3x." You describe "after I opened our gate I bumped into my brother" (that's 1), then "immediately saw my brother entering our dirty kitchen's bathroom" (that's 2), and you inform us "I saw my brother right there playing with our PS2" so you "told my brother about what happened." I understood this to be your real-life brother, relaxing by playing a video game, to whom you told the story of what you'd seen. This, however, leaves out doppelgänger 3. Was the version in your room was doppelgänger number three? If not, where was the third sighting?

I am genuinely confused by this.

The second point of confusion is your reaction to seeing the second apparition was that you "already knew that this is a doppelgänger case..." How did you know this? How did you know this was not your brother who had been in the kitchen and suddenly needed to relieve himself? There must be a point of clarification that you did not include in your story. How would your brother have reacted if he had genuinely entered that bathroom & you burst in to turn off the faucet and the light in pursuit of a doppelgänger? If my little brother had done that to me, I would have been **furious** with him!

Please clarify these details, as I hate when descriptions of settings and behavior give me an incomplete mental picture. Usually, as I read, I can "see" what is being described; in each of the above paragraphs, there are blank spaces in my mind where the details should be.

Hi Lady glow, just to anecdotally chip in

"I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation."

I had such a situation on a recent business trip. The room they gave me had a lock malfunction so the key wouldn't work. Rather than giving me another room, the concierge gave me a screwdriver and a butter knife and left me to it
TLB, I find your experience to be really interesting, and given the age you said you were able to see these curious creatures at, and the age you say you were no longer able to see them at, makes me wonder if there's a reason why that is. Like with the paranormal world, it's said that children of a young age are more acceptable to see spirits that older people are unable to, unless they have the gift to. I've read other accounts that have talked about the in betweeners, that is said to be seen in doorways etc. It's supposedly like a portal to their world I think. Not implying that that's what you saw, but just that with that said, I believe there's a lot more to our world, than what we can see. I believe there's other worlds that are around us, but we're blinded to see it. So maybe what you saw is what people grow to be blinded to as they get older, from what we're told is real, and what's not. Perhaps at that time, those little people you saw allowed you to see them for the time being, until you reached a certain age. These are just some ideas I have, so don't take this as me claiming to be certain of it. But like I said, I really do believe there's more to our world then we can see and know, so I don't dismiss the oddities that happens as not being real, or just an active imagination. You never know what's right in front us, that we're just too blind to see. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I hope to hear back from you soon 😊
I often try to keep myself away from commenting on those stories / experiences which are written by juvenile writers. Mainly because of the stories written by them often do not have any sence and they are far from realities.
The word paranormal itself is not only a serious subject, but it's interpretation requires a specially contemplative mind that can distinguish between real and paradoxical worlds. Juvenile mind doesn't have that contemplative compatibility, sence and strength. Unless the person is god gifted.
The author probably does not understand the seriousness of ygs. It is not merely a medium to publish literary articles. This is a platform through which the world maintains the spirit of a global family, while sharing their experiences on the supernatural subject, also helps the peoples in need.

This is so Scaring
Did u faced any paranormal activity ever? 😨
Hello Lady Glow. Thank you for reading my story. When I saw an apparition of my brother when I was a teenager, it was like he didn't changed at all. His clothes at that time, as far as I can remember, was still the same clothes he wore when we had the accident.

As for my parents, I never inquired nor asked them about my brother. Maybe we were both trying not to talk about it.

Best regards
Another thing, couldn't your uncle just simply unlocked the door from the inside as most locks you don't need a key for the inside, however some do. In any case the lock would have to be working which it couldn't have been since you said your uncle broke it. Did your uncle repair the lock after he broke it but still decided to leave it unlocked after it got repaired?
May I ask one question? How did the door lock itself if your uncle had broken the lock to get in? Did the lock repair itself?
Great story. It sounds like Derek was a good man in life and remains a good man in the spirit world.
Bibliothecarius in I Don't Believe, He Does

First, my condolences on the loss of your brother. Family can be a difficult topic at the best of times, so thank you for being clear about that relationship as a factor in your response.

It appears to me that you're taking the best parts of the advice given by each of us. I do hope that this brings about positive growth and openness between you and H. It can be frightening to open up to another person when trying to explain how having paranormal abilities of some kind has affected your life or why it is proving difficult in the present. Taking H seriously on this point will build great trust.

A tip of my hat to you.

Your story does not suprise in the least bit. No doubt the Roman Coliseum has a ton of residual spiritual energy. Being a child, I see how you were lightening rod to spirtual energy that day. From my own experiences and people I talk to who believe, I found the majority of us had experiences when we were young, usually before age 15 or so. I had so many experiences when I was kid, but I gave up telling my parents or siblings because, "You we're imagining things" or "You had a bad dream". Or "You didn't see that". It is a good thing people are more open these days because I never discount a story involving the other side.
That's quite similar to my own first series of experiences. You can find them through my profile.
The feeling you describe in your second paragraph - I know exactly what you mean.

Read ing your account was actually a little triggering for me:)
First of all, I want to thank you guys for the advice you've presented me. My goal is always to try and understand/work with others, not judge them or prove anything, so I do try to be as open-minded as is possible.

Cuddlebear- I think the way you described your relationship with your wife probably comes closest to my relationship with H. I want very much to preserve our relationship, and I'd have no problem with carrying out a cleansing.

Dennis191- Let me just compliment you on your taste in music, first of all. But you also made me consider a few reasons why H might be specifically uncomfortable with my music collection.

Bibliothecarius- I was worried that H was trying to manipulate our shared space too at first. Since I submitted my story, H and I have talked about the specifics of what freaks him out. H's mom and mine are friends, and before we were introduced, H met my big brother, who he always felt uneasy around. My brother was a troubled man who could be unpredictable and toxic at times. He died last April of a drug overdose. So he was still alive before H moved in. At the time I wasn't speaking to my brother, because he had become too chaotic of an element in my life.

It wasn't always this way; as a teenager I spent a lot of time with my brother, who introduced me to a lot of the music I love, and a lot of my favorite movies. He loved Metallica, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, and most of all Iron Maiden. Number of the Beast was his favorite album. It's mine now, and I suppose I feel connected to him through that. I also have two of his favorite movie posters, Scarface and The Shining prominently displayed. It's my way of remembering the good times, and honoring his memory.

H confessed to me that it is these three items that frighten him, because he believes my brother's spirit is attached to them. He worries that the shadow person he's seen is my brother, and like I mentioned, my brother made him uneasy in life. H is concerned that my brother is a negative presence, because of the way things ended. H has indicated that he would feel better if I did perform a cleansing ritual. So thank you for informing me about Rook's ritual, I plan to try it.

While I doubt that my brother's spirit is actually here (if there is an afterlife, I like to think he's moved on from his corporeal troubles), maybe it would be cathartic to cleanse the apartment, to just say "I know you tried, and I forgive you. And you don't have to worry, H is a good man." to my brother. It won't hurt me to do this, and H seems to think it could help take care of whatever is happening. I'm just hopeful that it will make H feel more secure living here. I'll update you all about how this goes.
Chesscat, that was a great story. Can I ask, was your haunted house old, and what area of the UK was it in? It's strange how you didn't feel afraid despite how creepy the experience was, but for me that just makes it more credible. I have only seen a ghost once, I think, but strangely I only felt puzzled. My husband has seen a few but just brushes them off. If they don't mean any harm what's the point of being scared?
That's creepy, at least, nothing bad happened to any of you.

Have you asked your uncle who owns the house if they've had the same experiences before or after you visited them?
Bibliothecarius in I Don't Believe, He Does
Greetings, nightbreed, and welcome to YGS.

I'm glad that your skepticism is right out in front of your narrative, yet you chose to ask us to help you work out H's issue.

When I was younger, I desperately wanted someone to convince me that the supernatural didn't exist and that my intuitions, visions, precognitions, postcognitions, and ghost experiences were all imaginary. I prefer the certainty of facts, data, documentation, and logic, but I've adapted to paranormal events and the peculiar abilities that continue to be part of my life.

If, for example, I were to feel uneasy in a location, I'd rule out sensible options first. Some spooky, uncomfortable feelings can be dealt with by purchasing a dehumidifier; sinister scraping sounds may be caused by squirrels invading the attic. When an event that is not attributable to commonplace causes, it *still* can be narrowed down (with some accuracy) to general causes...

If everything was fine until --for example-- you purchased a dybbuk box on eBay, then everything went 'Poltergeist' (1982) in your home, you'd have a good reason to see if the situation improves when you remove the dybbuk box. For H to assert that *all* of the memorabilia, albums, and movies you have collected are the cause of his issue with the shadow entity is a sweeping accusation without foundation. That's akin to knowing that you can get a dvd of 'Poltergeist' from Barnes & Noble, so you're going to solve your problem by committing felony arson at that bookstore.

H knew your collection existed before he moved in. He did not have a problem when he was sleeping in the apartment intermittently; it is now that he resides in the apartment that someone/something has become more interested in him. *Whatever* it is that he has seen may not be harmful or evil in any way; it may just be curious! One of my high school teachers lived in a haunted house; because he was old and couldn't negotiate the staircase easily, he had rooms on the 2nd floor that he did not use. Every year, some "problem child" would get kicked out of his or her home, and "Mr. Mac" would let them move into one of his upstairs rooms without cost until they got themselves sorted out. Many of these students saw the Civil War soldier if they moved in for longer than a week because it wanted to know who the student was. Mr. Mac only glimpsed it once, in his late-sixties or early-seventies, despite having been born & raised in that house. Human spirits are still very human; curiosity is a normal mindset. Just because it has a shadowy appearance, it doesn't mean it was inherently evil.

If H had a straightforward accusation to level at a *specific* piece of memorabilia (e.g.: "I feel like your autographed 18-inch "Pinhead" figurine is watching me"), that would be a point to negotiate. Stating that *all* of your stuff has to go is not a reasonable reaction to his issue; it sounds more like emotional blackmail and a passive-aggressive effort to establish control over your shared environment.

My wife trusts my abilities & intuitions (which is surprisingly reassuring), but she's only ever watched 'The Exorcist' and 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' with me. She doesn't care for horror films in general, but both of these films depict the Catholic church (to which she belongs) in a positive manner. She had no ill effects from watching them; she suffered no crisis of faith nor paranoid delusions; she watched them & discussed them with me. Basically, I had to promise that *if* I thought something remotely like either of these movie plots was happening in our lives, I'd tell her *immediately.*

My only request of my wife was that we not display her small collection of porcelain dolls in a prominent location because dolls have always creeped me out. I'm aware that's childish, but we all have hangups that deserve respect and accommodation.

Do not throw out your stuff; instead, use Rook's cleansing to alleviate H's stress. This cleansing leaves room for positive spirits to remain while banishing those of negative intent. I've copied his ritual from his homepage, and I'm including it as the post-script to this somewhat rambling post.


Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
Twilight1011 in My Mamaws Goodbye
Ms_st0308, thank you. I'm also sorry to hear about your loss. It being a little past a year now, I know how fresh it can still all seem, especially if you allow yourself to fall into the thoughts of what you were going through this time last year, during that hard time. Well that's what I did, and do, that's why I mentioned it. But I agree, I do feel that my Mamaw is still around me, not as a loss spirit or anything, but just looking over me as she would in life, now in death. It does give me a sense of peace too. I'm glad you got to have a relationship like how mine was with my Mamaw, with your Poppa. It's truly a bond that can never be broken, even in death.
No problem, I found them interesting and well written.

3 axis detectors are basically the ones that detect in 3D, while single axis detectors will detect in the direction the device is pointed at.
Hello Dennis,

First thank you for taking the time to read my experiences and to leave a comment.

I always try to elicit a response from the other side. I am wired that way. Curiousity killed the cat would be an ideal phrase if anything were to happen to me while I went snooping.

I am also glad that you read my previous post. I don't know whether it was a possession attempt gone wrong or not. I actually didn't have any other effects of using the Ouija board that day apart from the ones I mentioned in the previous post. Regarding the animals being more sensitive to the supernatural maybe due to the fact that they have such good ears. Maybe it takes effort for an entity to show itself either by an apparition or by sounds. Maybe sounds are easier to make. Just a thought.

I understand the questions you raise about using a mobile phone app to read emf and the app I used maybe flawed. I agree with your views on apps on mobile phones for measuring EMF. I don't condone anybody to go and start using such apps or even search for entities without knowledge. If anybody wants to do that then use an actual physical EMF meter than a mobile phone app.

The EMF meter is calibrated to read significant changes. The human body doesn't have enough EMF for the device to pick it up. The human body emits EMF at the rate where the meter wouldn't be able to pick it up. Just another thought. I am not sure what 3 axis detectors are really, but will try to do some research on that. I do agree that the ideal way to do an EMF sweep would be with the power cut off.

Thanks for the best wish, Dennis. I hope the same for you too. And if I didn't worry about these things too much, I guess I would have some thing else to worry about. Human beings are like that.


A very interesting account. To me the concept of a "spell" is quite a varied one. To me such processes are really about giving energy to an intention. My view is that the mechanics of the process, the ingredients and words spoken etc are simply to facilitate that and do not themselves have significant bearing.
However, anytime you play with energy, you do risk something you don't want taking an interest.

Personally, I was terrified of all things supernatural for most of my life (having had some truly terrifying experiences). But about two and a half years or so ago I encountered a situation that required me to get stuck in and deal with such a situation. So I began studying all I could and got stuff done. Then I began considering other practical applications for such practices.
What would commonly be termed "spells" do feature in this. I use quotation marks to reiterate that I see them as processes of applying energy to intent, rather than as procedures that have innate power.
I do not call myself an expert, but I do believe that you need to take protective precautions first and cleansing precautions after. These processes are also (in my view) rooted in energising intent.

As I say, I am no expert. I have only been actively and deliberately practising for about two and a half years.
My guess is its about the abode not you if it stopped when you relocated
2nd1st in Shape-shifter
Thanks for your account. Not intending any disrespect, but to enable a better understanding of the situation, could you give us some more detail on the distances at which you saw her when you saw her as young and the distance when you saw her as old? Could you also give some detail on lighting conditions? I don't doubt your sincerity, I just think we need to consider mundane possibilities too
So was the face on the wall inset into it? Protruding from it? Two or three dimensional? Did it show movement? Sorry for all the questions
Whatdoido in Bruises After Dream
I don't know much about the paranormal but I was wondering if the dream was qualitatively different to normal? Like did you experience other sensory stimuli in the dream differently to normal? Ie brighter colors, more clear sounds etc

Thank you so much. I see now. It makes sense. And yeah it might be different for other people.

I did try to talk to it. But after it was already there. I read this on the internet that you should talk and try to find out what it wants. And it replies by speaking in your head or something. But I never used any ouija boards or any methods like that. I just spoke normally and asked what it wanted. However, I got no response. No voices in my head. Nothing like that. Some said on the web that if it's a spirit of a deceased loved one then it might try to contact or speak to you. But none of it ever happened. So I don't know how much of me speaking to it prompted it to stay.

I'm the owner of this place but I don't live alone. I don't know if everyone living here should participate or not. And I've never really tried to call an outside help as I was unsure. I did everything to get rid of it all on my own.

I'll try whatever you have mentioned or listed so thank you so much once again. I'm really grateful for your help and advice
valkricry in Bruises After Dream
Vix, It may take awhile for the pictures to show up. If you're anxious you can post them to a photo sharing site, and then share the link.
Not to get too personal, but is it possible that someone in the household grabbed your wrists? Or that in the days prior a friend did? And the bruises have just begun to show?
Twilight1011 in Where Does It Go?
Dennis191, I'm not sure if I'm causing any kind of confusion, but as far as me interacting with anything around me, I never have given it any attention, or tried to have any kind of communication with them. I just ignore them, and because of that, I believe it's helped in not giving them any kind of strength from me.
Edit: I know what I've said about the music for fact because I do listen to WELL over 50 bands ranging from pink Floyd to Mayhem and everything in between, and also play a lot of the music I listen to... So yeah, 'tallica, maiden, priest, dio, sabbath, saxon, mayhem, Kreator, gnr, acdc, Green day, sex pistols, mötley crüe, skidrow, Billy idol, sabaton, children of bodom, angel dust, rhapsody of fire, nightwish, helloween, offspring, pink Floyd, deep purple, nirvana, sound garden, megadeth, tyrant, warrant, overkill, rotting christ, Slayer, cannibal corpse, Rob zombie, tdwp, White snake, manson, Ruthless, Ossian, Pokolgép, tankcsapda, burning witches, morbid angel, five finger death punch, manowar, kárpátia, zztop, twisted sister, quiet riot, David Lee Roth, van Hallen, fear factory, korn, Devildriver, blind guardian, blind saviour, heavylution, sanctuary, stratovarious, Death, grim reaper, pantera, lordi, disturbed, avenged sevenfold, motörhead, lamb of God, burzum, behemoth, amon amaranth, and probably a hundred more, point being I've been listening to all sorts of rock and metal since the age of 11, and no demon came to claim my soul yet, I've even smoked weed a few times, did all the teenager things, had fun with boys and girls, and just really lived life in general... Every aspect of it. And point being I don't see how that could invite things like that. It's all there in the world, for the reason that it was all invented and made or discovered for mankind. As it shows from the list I've been actively listening to everything from classic Rock through hard Rock power and speed and heavy metal to black and death and thrash and nu and metalcore and only god knows what I haven't, attended 24 live shows, so... I am not seeing any music bringing closer evil things from beyond 🤗
I stopped reading when movies and music was mentioned as a possible cause *eye roll* if any sort of music would be favored by evil forces, then it's the modern rap and such for they have nothing to say and so make the listener dumb since all they say is you need sex and drugs *eye roll* but even that couldn't be proven to be more or less attractive to evil forces, but I figured that'd be the best bet, since most real metal songs have meaning and something to say. That all being said to enlighten anyone still caught up in the urban myth that metal is satanic, now let's move onto the movies...
I've never even heard of a single real case where something started as a result of watching a movie or having signed posters, and even if this was the case with you, then the dark figure wouldn't target your boy but you, and since it doesn't make Any sense otherwise, please stop making real music and musicians look bad, as they are in no way responsible for whatever you're experiencing.

Now to dealing with evil things, I've read a few comments mentioning a member called Rook, he's got a cleansing ritual detailed on his "about me" sect. Seems to make sense. Best of luck to you
Nightbreed ~ Welcome to the site!

I empathize with you. My wife is a devout believer, I consider myself a sceptic with an open mind. I have seen and experienced things I can neither explain nor understand but I remain hesitant about assigning these experiences to the realm of the "Supernatural".

That said I do have a couple of suggestions for you. "Reasoning" with H will not work; you two have vastly different reference points so what you find "reasonable" he will not and vice versa. So I urge you to proceed as if H is correct. That leaves you with three alternatives:

1). End the relationship.

2). Divest yourself of your memorabilia.

3). Cleanse your apartment and your memorabilia.

Under the assumption that the first two alternatives are not viable go with the last. Cleansing, as used here, means to perform certain rituals to remove bad energy from people, places, or things. Whether you believe in this or not it is entirely probable that H does. Whether this cleansing actually does something or just seems to do something doesn't really matter as long it provides the results that you desire, that is that H notices a change. Now as to the type of cleansing you have several options but consider first how religious H is. If H is very religious you may want to bring in the appropriate clergy person to perform the ritual. On the other hand, if H is more on the spiritual side there are several cleansing rituals you can find on this site; hopefully some of the other posters can you lead you to them.

Should the cleansing not work, then you will need to address either of the first two alternatives and I hope it does not come to that. Though my wife and I differ on so many things our lives have been enriched by being together these thirty years. Granted some compromises have been made by both of us.

I wish you and H the best of luck with this problem. I also urge you to keep an open mind... There are more things in heaven and Earth Nightbreed, than are dreamt of in your philosophy...
Hi thelittleboxes, I had the experience of regularly seeing someone in the corner when I was little (3 years and younger). I don't recall what they were, only the stories my mom tells about me pointing to the corner, crying hysterically, and saying she was going to hurt 'him' when she vacuumed there.
Hi, West.

It is a fallacy that a death must occur in a house/location for it to be haunted. Some say that spirits are attracted to places or things they loved in life, so if there is anything "pre-owned" in your house, this might be the cause of the haunting. That a death by drowning occurred in the lake near your house might make it attractive to dead people as well. In which case it is not your house that would be haunted but that lake. And then some ghost spotted a nearby house and got curious...

This is only a guess, but I am supposing that the boy who drowned, seeing as how you share interest in a sport, wanted to play.

Or, it might have just been a hypnogogic experience, a sort of wakeful sleep or sleepy wakefulness.
Sleep paralysis can become worse with high stress, poor or irregular sleeping habits. Is your dad usually up at 2 or 3 in the morning on electronics or watching TV? I am curious if this might be disrupting your rem cycles. I would try some meditation before bed, it did wonders for me, maybe try to increase your water intake throughout the day to see if that will help you not wake up for a drink. Just a couple suggestions, hopefully it will help. Best wishes for you and your dad!
Hello again!

Ayush - sorry to bother you but, could you ask your uncle if he still remembers the conversation he had with the person attending the front desk that night?

I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation.

Also, it would be helpful to know the circumstances of the tourists' deaths. Do you know if they committed suicide or if it was a murder/suicide case, or if someone else enter their room and kill them, or if all of them perished from illness or some other unfortunate event like carbon monoxide poisoning (to say something)?

I'm asking because, based on your narrative, it seems like your uncle had a visitation from a group of tugs during his dreams rather that witnessing the final moments of some unlucky casualty/es.
If this was a residual haunting, what your uncle seems to have encounter in his dreams was a violent confrontation/homicide more than seeing the last moments of one or more victims.
Do you know if any 'bad guys' died in the room

Are the events in the following link by any chance related to your uncle's experience?

I submitted pictures of my arms, I'm not sure why they weren't added.
crazypaws - that sure sounds like something a guardian angel would do.

Fascinating experience, thanks for sharing it with us and welcome to YGS.
Hello Ayush - to be honest, there are few points I don't understand about your story and would appreciate if you could clarify them.

So, your uncle and a group of friends/colleagues were taking a training course at one of the hotels of a chain for which they would later work, - right?

"the room which was given to my uncle was locked from outside and nobody had any information about the keys of that room. However, my uncle managed to break the lock and finally entered the room."

Is that an acceptable behavior, to vandalize the property of ones potential employers and still expect to be hired?
If nobody knew where the key was, why would they send a guest to such room?

"One of his colleague friend told him that this was an abandoned room and was locked from long time"

How did this guy knew such information? I mean, IF "this is a haunted room where a group of tourists died a month ago", was your uncle able to corroborate if this crime really happen? Do you think one month can be considered a "long time"?

I wouldn't be surprised if the hotel began renting the room after being the scene of a gruesome and gory crime, business is business and life goes on; but based on your narrative it seems like this particular hotel had stopped renting the room ("this was an abandoned room").

When your uncle entered the room, was it in disarray and still showing evidence of the crime or was it clean?

My point is, I find these events contradictory and confusing: the room was known to be haunted and had been closed?abandoned, there was no key to be found but they placed your uncle there.

Anyway, I'm glad your uncle didn't get hurt during this ordeal.
Hello 👻 thank you for reading my true ghost stories and yes as I was growing up it was scary for me at that time and yes I still hear things in my bedroom and does not bother me any more but I can never close my curtains as things do happen when I do, so I always leave them open to let some light in.

lady-glow in My Guardian Angel?
Welcome to YGS.

Kai046 - first of all, I'm sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how difficult it must had been for your family to keep going after such a tragic and untimely loss.

It is wonderful to know that our loved ones do not completely leave us after their passing. I'm sure your brother has been beside you during the good times and the bad ones too. Love doesn't end with death.

When you saw him like a teenager, - had he aged too or did he look like he did at the time of his passing?
Do you know if your parents have experienced any visitations by your brother?

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience with us.
Well, I've done some reading, and I have to admit I dived into a few stories, I am not going to list them here as I personally don't know how much credit can be given to them, as none have any evidence, or at least the outlines of logical behavior, or some details that'd point to the victim being partly responsible for the events, were cut out, such as returning to their board game to play with the big scary demons...*eye roll* anyhow There seem to be other stories about "it" following them from one place to another (assuming they have successfully attached themselves to the victim) so moving never helped them, there was one where they have thought they got rid of it, and within a few months, and other stories weeks later it returned and it was a greater headache of getting rid of it again. Some said that with outside help, as soon as the person who had the intent to help you leaves, that opens the door for them again... However that doesn't seem to make any sense here, because I do believe you have every intention on getting rid of it... So it should at the very least react to something. Next up, there were thel fanatics of certain religions that claimed it didn't work because the victim wasn't of a specific religion. I believe that makes no sense either, because there are claims from both religious groups about successfully ridding others/themselves from things like that. So results, and the methods of getting them just don't add up to point to a single thing missing from your description, unless you have attempted to talk to it, or invite it in some way before it came back, which would explain why it lives there freely... Another thing they've mentioned is that you have to be the owner of the place in order to be capable of getting rid of it, or let the owner know, and maybe ask them to participate, or just have their consent on getting rid of it.

Also try burning sage, and put an unbroken line of salt under the entry points to your apartment/house/room.
Some people say putting up a mirror facing the door will prevent evil things from getting in because they don't like their own reflection.
Finally local tradition says put a broom with its handle on the ground (so basically upside down) in one of the corners and you should be fine, or you can always use thyme to ward off evil things. Hope this helps.
Hey Anno_Domini

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

I should have explained it more clearly but anyway now... Sexual desire has never been my weakness. I have other weaknesses but not this. Definitely not. So I think "it" was the cause for this arousal. Otherwise I'd never felt it at random moments.

I thought it's an incubus but I've read other incubi experiences here on this site and nothing happened to me like that. Never did I feel the touch of something heavy nor felt something on my bare skin. Always only on top of my clothing or my blanket. Again, the touches are just slightly heavier than a feather touch. Never went beyond that.

So I had doubts again that it might not be an incubus too.

I wanted to see it because I wanted to know what exactly it is. I read incubus is usually black. And I even saw the previous ghost which was a woman. I wanted to see this one for my better understanding and to get help.
I heard usually ghosts show themselves. You at least catch glimpses at the corner of your eye. But nothing like that happened.

A relationship with it is the last thing I'd want right now. I just hate it. I just want it to go away at this moment. I feel like I've had enough. I get so frustrated and tired sometimes because it bothers me so much. At times, I haven't had sleep for like days and nights and I know very well what happens with an incubus or a succubus relationship and I wouldn't want that at all.

That's why it's so surprising on why it doesn't go away or gets affected. I've never seen anything like this before.

Unfortunately that pastor has no experiences and so do the other local pastors I know. There are ones who have lots of experience and deal with these but they are abroad right now. Like all of them I know. So it's an unfortunate situation.

Thank you for the advice once again. I'll try it. I'm trying my best. I'll do check out your profile.

Btw... I'm curious... What makes you think that there's more than one denon in my case? Because honestly I have no idea
Dennis191 in Where Does It Go?
Well, that clarifies some things. Still, I think you should be careful though. Best wishes.
Hey Caz

Thank you so much. Your advice was really helpful and I'm definitely willing to try that prayer. I really hope it works for me. Thank you once again.

I thought such things only happened in movies. Even if it were true. I have no idea. Thank you once again. Will be looking forward to your updates
Twilight1011 in Where Does It Go?
Dennis191, I understand what you mean on being fooled over things like this, as to whether or not it's something good or bad that's doing it. As for my situation, I honestly believe (and have also been told by a medium) that I draw spirits to me. So I've never felt alone in any of the places that I've ever lived, or stayed at. Which maybe everywhere I go, may already just have residing spirits, I don't really know. I just know that wherever I've stayed, I've always felt watched, and that something is always around, keeping its distance from me. Since this has been happening my whole life, I'm pretty much use to it, and I'm able to ignore it for the most part, as long as I'm not alone. It seems when I'm by myself, I allow myself to be more aware of my surroundings, and start to freak myself out over it, verses when I'm not alone, I'm able to just ignore it, or not even notice it. Now as for what I believe is in our home, also known as my childhood home, I feel that it's not just 1 or 2 spirits. I feel there's most likely more than I know, and have wondered about it. I actually have some more experiences I want to share, especially one on something very dark and what I believe to be evil outside in our woods, that at times has came onto our porch. I still don't believe the one hiding my stuff is bad, and thankfully nothing has tried to harm us in our home, so that's another reason why I believe as far as our actual household, there's nothing to really fear in it, just a few scares here and there, from when you notice things.
Sleep paralysis isn't paranormal as far as I know, at least the majority of the cases it isn't. Weed... Well given that there's different kinds of it, I couldn't rule it out, I do know it never caused me to have an episode of sleep paralysis, or hallucinations, or anything other than a good time, and the later emptying of the fridge... (lol) but I am not completely certain that this in particular is anything paranormal, because most things described here fit in the commonly experienced things during sleep paralysis, the only seemingly unnatural thing mentioned here is the feeling of an alien presence, and so it'd make sense to say that perhaps it was that womans presence you felt... I don't know, good story though.
Dennis191 in Demonic Encounter?
Scary? Yeah, but what is it with people and urban myths like 3 am, orb photos, emf meters and such?...

Nonetheless street lights flickering/dimming/turning off is 99,99% of the time has nothing to do with spirits, ours tend to do that when it gets dark, as the sensors that turn them on sometimes do "their thing" and a few seconds later it all goes back to normal. Sometimes they even light up earlier than usual.
So that said... Let's say it was really an evil spirit? Then what? What did it want? And if it was aware that you had protection, why would it still chase after you? I mean it is only logical that it'd pick a time when you'd be more vulnerable to its influences, and if it was really so powerful, a simple chase down the streets wouldn't cut it, it'd probably do some nasty things... However there's a chance it really was something otherwordly... I'll leave that for you to decide.

As far as my readings and all sorts of research got me, they always want something, they don't just pop up at random people's, and maybe spook around for a few nights and then leave... But ay, I'm nowhere near an expert on anything related to these things so... The story was thrilling so cheers.
Dennis191 in Where Does It Go?
So the presence feels unfamiliar? I mean like any random stranger you'd see outside? For some reason whenever I hear or read about something moving and hiding things I have a yellow caution flag coming up, adding to that is the fact that you're feeling watched and seeing things. However most cases like this usually turn out to be harmless and are usually resolved easily, but there's that painful fact that since you cannot see what the being really is, and you can only speculate about what it wants based on the things you experience, or by communicating with it which is still dangerous if not done correctly (seems to me from the sheer number of horror stories of people not knowing what they're doing) so I'd be really careful with it. Given that some of these things can fool your senses and appear to be someone and even sound and act like the person... However your gut feeling should be reliable in most cases as the creepy crawlies seem to be followed around by intense negative feelings regardless of their appearance, but I've read cases where they even managed to fool people's instincts... You know when you walk into a place or meet a person and you feel like something is really wrong or just feel an overwhelming dread. Etc etc

Anyway I hope it wasn't a harmful one. Best wishes.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it a lot! You wrote it Nicely. That house sounds very scary wow! I hope you will share more when you feel ready:) please keep us posted if anything paranormal happens even outside of that house. All the best. Mrs R
I also wondered about the dog. Do you think the dog is evil and working with the aswang?
Breaghboo in York Ghost Story
Majarlika, if you Google 35 Stonegate, York you will find some information about it, but as I said it has now closed as a haunted tourist attraction and is now a shop. There are lots of ghost tours to be found in York though.

Cuddles, thanks for your comment. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a technophobe and don't really understand it! All I can tell you is the photos were taken on a digital camera (this would have been maybe 7 or 8 years ago) and we think all the other photos taken in that house remained on the camera. We only took the one other photo in that room, as I said in my story, and it turned out normal and stayed on the camera.
I hate to say this because I wouldn't want this to discount anything I've shared on this site in the past few years...but, I have experimented with marijuana a handful of times as an adult. With that being said, there was one time when I had a really strange experience that has some similarities to your account. I was wide awake and aware of my surroundings, but I was also very aware of "being" in my great grandmother's home. Almost as if my body was split between two places, but I was actively aware of being present in both. Also, my great grandmother has been dead for about 10 years and her home, though still standing, is very old and would be unsafe to go into now.

I wonder if this may be what you could have experienced? Maybe a joining of two realities or an awareness of two different places or times? I hope I'm explaining that in a way that makes sense.
ms_st0308 in My Mamaws Goodbye
I'm so sorry for your loss. My Poppa died May 17, 2018, and he and I had the kind of relationship you described with your Mamaw. I also call my grandmother Mamaw and she and I are very close too.☺️ I truly believe that our loved ones still visit us and check on us. I know you are thankful for your Mamaw's visit to you that night.
ms_st0308 in Where Does It Go?
I wonder about this too. When my sister and I were kids, small items used to go missing all the time (lip gloss, chapstick, eye shadow). We would look for it everywhere and would finally just give up on ever finding it again. Within about 2-3 months, we would find these things. They would either be laying under my sister's bed in the very middle of the floor or in the very center of an inflatable chair in her room. Her room was the only place any missing items would turn up, and they would only be found in one of those two places.
MusingsGrace in Impeccable Foretelling
First off, you seem too inexperienced to use this tool; it's like letting a child use a power tool with no prior experience. As everyone has already stated, you do not seem at all prepared for this: stay away. I know it's been a few years, but def stay away.

Second, that seems like a hell of an age gap, especially if she's 24 at the time: people's brains don't finish developing until they're 25 or so. When you're older, like both in your 30s+ (like now) it could be more appropriate. It simply doesn't seem fair to pass harsh judgement on someone who is also a parent and seems to be having a tough time, and is just doing her best. I'm not saying who you should date, I'm just saying that whatever issues she has please have empathy for. Plus I've known people to make stuff up; it takes two to make an issue, and I always take anything anyone says about a past relationship, especially if it's not their own, with grains of salt. It's the game telephone but with more personal information that's harder to share and many more reasons to paint yourself in a good light. You always want to make it seem like it's not your fault, and if there are kids involved and she still has custody, that speaks to her character more than anyone else's.

Third: if you want to have kids, why would you judge someone else who has kids? That seems unfair, and you might not have been the only one who dodged a bullet here. Plus the older you get the less likely that is: I hope you've matured a bit since writing this. Maybe the ouija thought y'all deserved each other, or maybe it was just messing with you since you were so inexperienced, or maybe, just maybe your paths will cross again in future when you're both ready for each other.

Either way, keep away from the ouija. Doesn't seem to be doing you any favors: what would your reaction to her have been if you hadn't used the ouija? Would she seem like someone you wanted to date? It just seems like this ouija is clouding your ability to find happiness, and if you're turning to a oujia to find happiness your looking for it in the wrong places. I hope you find happiness, and a partner you can respect and love who gives you the same back. But you're probs not going to find that in a ouija.
I'm not convinced of what type the entity it is: it could be a spirit or someone still alive (but who and why?), it could be a collection of negativity banded together (it hisses and stuff like that), I guess it could be a demon (but has it spoken?). Anything that resists sage is problematic, and bite marks especially are concerning. If it is a more human spirit, do you have a list of suspects, living or dead? Were there some relatives or someone close to your family that held a grudge against you? It could be a coworker or neighbor or even someone from church (grudges aren't logical): think outside the box. If it's targeting your daughter, at her age she's basically a battery for a spirit, and watching you suffer could be a bonus meal. Who do you know that could be capable of such animosity?

It could have also attached itself to your daughter already, and if this is true it sounded like it has. The time specific nature makes me wonder, if it isn't a specific spirit you know it probably is from there. So beyond the bite marks: what happened at 5:18 am? I'm going to say what any good historian would say: research the land. Look at the deeds, look at any and all availble records in your town, go to your local historical society, look at census and federal records. It could be attached to the land, and if your house is newer there could've been buildings on that land before your house was built. You can't protect your child from something you don't understand.

About your daughter's projection: how often does this occur? When? Is it related to any specific emotional state, thought process, memory, etc? If this isn't a hoax, regardless of the reality of this situation I'd get her a therapist if you can afford it: this is difficult to process, and the better she processes this event, the less of a meal she is. It's negativity that often supplies a force like this, and the less negativity she can offer the better (it is hard if you're 13, I know, but that could be why this is so intense). If this is true and your find your way back, I'd start keeping a logbook that states time, location (including the room it's in), and event. You can also try to take pictures when this occurs: sometimes you can see things with a camera that your eye will miss.

Do you have any animals? They almost pick up on things you don't, so observe them and include them in the logbook. If this is real, I hope you take me up on some of this advice, and know that you don't have to answer any questions that you don't want to, they're more of a prompt to help get you thinking. I would continue any and all prayer rituals, and maybe even try calling on an ancestor or two that you know would have your back. If this being is going to attack, up your defense. Best.
Greensleves is also a melody that is used in one of my favorite Christmas Carols. Keep in mind that on average 1/2 of all children wouldn't make it to adulthood, so likely there were many kids who died there and potentially had their belongings stuffed in the walls (clothes are good insulation and can be a painful reminder of what is lost/can have deadly virus/bacteria living in them). We are lucky to live in the modern era with medicine, but literally 1/2 of all kids died by adulthood, so don't get too caught up in an unwed mother's home theory as it could've been any mother, wed or not. It doesn't seem malevolent, and it doesn't appear to be the Fae. The Fae are a complicated pool of beings, but one of their uniting features is the use of music to lure one away (sometimes they walk you to death, sometimes they take you, sometimes they need a referee or something similar... Like I said, their motives are complex). But least it's not obviously negative!

Many melodies were co-opted into lullabies and it's possible that this tune turned drinking song turned Christmas carol became a lullaby for a family that lived there: people are individuals, and they use what they have, and even melodies can become a tool, and if it was a song that reminded a mother of what she had lost and was a way she was allowed to engage, she could've sung it after the death (s) as a way to commemorate her dear heart.

Remember there's no Facebook and most couldn't read or write, so things like Greensleves could take on more meaning than the historical record would show, allowing one to access memory (sensory patterns help us remember). Someone could've even made up their own verses, as is so common in folk music; just think about Scarborough Fair or Black is a Color or any ballad at all. They became ballads cuz people kept making new verses up.

Note on the history: Greensleves is attributed to King Henry VIII, that is true, and he was an accomplished musician. It is debated as to whether he invented it or whether he took it off of someone else as musicians often do (would you say no to him given his history of violence?) but he popularized it most certainly. It was a drinking song, and a Christmas carol (what child is this/laid to rest/on Mary's lap is sleeping/etc). To me, the Christmas carol verses seem especially relevant to your tale; I sing what child is this every year at Christmas time, and I don't live in 1580. Also, by 1580 Elizabeth I was Queen and Henry VIII died in 1547... Just pointing that out. And yeah, its popularity remains to this day (the fact that you recognized the tune shows that it can't be used as a reliable dating tool at all, anyone could know that tune between the 16th century and now). It's played every Christmas, and was sung in nearly every pub for centuries. It's too popular to use as a dating tool, but it shows how someone felt, and that is important.

In terms of the Egyptians, actually that was a very unusual practice found in one city that existed for maybe 100 years or so during an intermediate period, and was REALLY not common. They buried their dead in the walls and floor, but it was short lived. It only happened in one town in the northwest that I know of. I took a college course on Ancient Egyptians and I have a degree in history, and the expert I knew emphasized how strange and rare of a practice that was, and how creepy it probably seemed to most Egyptians, as most would NEVER do that at ANY other point in time. By and large they buried their dead in graveyards, not walls or floors (FYI they often had dirt floors and could've accidentally built on top of a graveyard, that happens to this day, and that's a much more plausible explanation than the one you were previously given their known burial practices, poor or rich). That specific city is actually a possible site of the Jewish people in Egypt, and it's fall closely resembles the story of Jericho, though it is quite unknown and quite mysterious. Also, the "Egyptians" were a very diverse and dynamic culture that evolved and changed over thousands of years; we are closer to Cleopatra than she was to the beginning of the old kingdom. They had multiple ethnic groups, Pharohs of every color and culture... Just some food for thought.

They're not anymore cohesive than London is today; yeah it might have a culture right now, but during Shakespeare's time that culture was super violent, and Shakespeare himself was arraigned in court on charges he threatened someone within an inch of his life. Marlow died in a fight, and oddly enough it wasn't uncommon for playwrights, but you wouldn't extrapolate that to London today: violence ain't as prevalent there now as it once was, nor would assume that your playwrights double as violent and potentially murderous, plus today there are multiple cultures (would you conflate a cockney and a posh statesman?). I just want y'all to think critically and dynamically, not generalize based on 100 years out of a 3000 year history. That's just silly: how would you feel if someone 5000 years from now conflated you, puritans, and William the conquerer? That approach doesn't make sense.

My take on this is it was a lullaby a mother sang to commemorate the dead she had lost, children or otherwise, and that sentiment attaches itself to the closest emotional object available: the clothes in the wall, ones she would've probably made by hand, then used as she cared for the child, then hurt to look at it once the person the gift was for left. When I make things I get attached, objects can hold memories for people without the paranormal entering the situation, and it could ache to even see it on a new child: what if you lose them too? I wonder if there are bones in the wall; unlike ancient Egyptians this was a more common practice in England/English cultures and I can think of two recorded instances offhand from England that involve dead in the walls, though I would hesitate to call it common, it is more common than one would realize.

Also, it is playing at 3 am, which we think of as the witching hour, but on farms you get up between 4-5 am on average. Could this have been a socially acceptable time to mourn alone for a grieving mother? Could she have take the clothes out of the wall, then cried alone and put them back so no one would know? If the house is made of stone or brick or even wood that is possible; it's made out of plaster or something similar it's unlikely that's the case.

Conversely, what if mother died, and is attached to the objects she created and the house she lived in, doesn't realize time has moved on and is trying to sing her loved ones back to sleep with a familiar tune? Or wake them up with a familiar tune? It could go either and even both ways: mother and child often died together, be it childbirth, plague or abuse. Just like you have a phone alarm (or radio alarm) that play music, it could've been used as a way to rouse someone from slumber peacefully. So many possibilities, and without hard evidence they just multiply. Any other evidence appear? I'm super curious. Was there anything in the walls? Or could it have rotted away, leaving only an attached memory?
MusingsGrace in I Bought A Haunted House
I love my kitties, and totally understand that sentiment. The reason I value them so intensely is partly that as a child they protected me from malevolent spirits, and I think there is some message in there, though what message I can't be sure. Was kiba protecting y'all and needed to be gotten out of the way? Was it just kiba's time? It's not possible for me to say. What happened to that third cat? Has he/she come back? Your gut telling you it was unsafe is also an important instinct. I think the fact that your 2/3 cats were initially so upset by the house is telling; cats are territorial, so why didn't they take that territory? Why didn't they pee all over it? I know that's gross, but it is relevant as that's part of how they claim territory, so why didn't they claim the new house?

The whatever standing atop of kiba's death site almost seems like a taunt to me, and that is serious. The black masses themselves are concerning. What's more, all souls, kids or not, need to move on. In many religions, this life is thought of as the true death, and holding onto it unnecessarily is unhealthy. Helping a child to move on isn't hurting them, it's assisting them in a way they can't do themselves. The next life isn't something to be feared; I've been a lucid dreamer all my life and have experienced blindness, and I've seen how the next step looked to me and some others. It is not something to be feared (unless you're bad) and sending an innocent there isn't cruelty, it's kindness. To be at peace is a gift, and giving that gift to a child who has lost all close kin (assuming it's a more antiquated ghost) is love. It's what I'd want for any child of mine if they passed: I'd want them to have a helping hand and to move beyond this veil of tears.

If they don't accept that, then they are more likely using the ruse of an innocent to get something from you, and my tag team theory becomes more relevant. I appreciate you sharing kiba's experience as it gives more context to the situation; for me it causes an alarm. I meant to ask this yesterday, but have you seen the little girl or only heard her? What clothes was she wearing? I understand your husband is more of a skeptic, but given the level of activity it isn't my concern: these beings could be avoiding him on purpose to keep you there as long as possible.

If you extend the tag team theory to the members of your household and think of them in terms of biological analogies, i.e. Predator-prey, and assume normal behavioral patterns apply (i.e. Sociopathy, narcissism, empathy, apathy, etc) then analyze the situation as rationally as possible. What does poltergeist activity feed? Why and how does it play into your daily life? Why would it appear to you and one of your children but not the other people in your family? If the child is good and leaves, what else could happen? If the child refuses to move on, is there a rational/reasonable reason why they would do so? And on a serious note, that mass taunting you on a death site drew you out of your house in the dark and you knew it was potential danger and you seem quite rational and sane; how would that play out if it happened to other members of your family? Was it the same son who has experienced this event that discovered kiba? You don't have to answer those questions to me or anyone, just think about them and how/if they apply.

I understand this is traumatic; I know mega trauma, and have never lived without the paranormal and/or death entering the situation (not in a single house I've lived in, and it's been about 8 thus far). I know how icky this feels, and I know when you're in danger from things you can't see it feels a bit crazy, and it feels better to ignore than understand/engage (that can be a valid survival strategy but it doesn't seem to work here). The poltergeist activity/energy manifestation does worry me, especially with a middle schooler, and I'm glad you're looking into cleansings.

If you want to know more about the land (and you might need to to effectively cleanse) then look up the deeds, go to the local historical society: not everything is on Wikipedia or google. I'm sure your town kept some kind of records, and sites like keep those records, and can also be used when all googles fail. You can also look into census records: someone could've disappeared from the household and not have been reported as missing, especially if the parent was responsible (accident or abuse, both would've been hard to say for that individual). Records also get lost in fires and floods, so federal records can help fill in the blanks.

Last question: is it possible that kiba was being fed off of, and was too lethargic to get out of the way? Cats don't take humanoid forms generally, and that piece of the puzzle is a point of concern. Kiba could've been a warm up; what is next? I hope I'm wrong about that, really I do, but after watching my own cat battle a demon I've stopped ruling things out. Please note I ask questions not to get answers but to help you think rationally, and they're more like a prompt than something I need an answer to: to me these are questions you might need to answer before being able to fully deal with these situations in order to protect your family. My priority is your safety and the safety of your family, be they furry or humans, it's why my concern on this site isn't people making things up but people who genuinely need help.

A warning: beings that are negative don't want to be cleansed, they don't want to leave, and no matter how necessary a cleansing if it's not done effectively can irritate a spirit, so if you struggle with it find someone with more experience. I mean, from a spirits perspective it's a pendulum that swung too quick, and it can be thought of as addictive behavior: an addict can struggle to be clean even if it's what they need. Just things to think about, no requirements to respond in one fashion or another. Do what's right for you and those you love.
Westerners aren't familiar with stories like these, but in Asia, it's quite common, does not happen all the time, but there are several stories.

In Japan, they have stories like these as well, called kamikakushi or spirited away.

Maybe, just maybe, that is what happened to some of the people that disappeared in national parks in the US, without any trace, that were never been found, they've been "spirited away".
Cuddlebear in York Ghost Story
Breaghboo ~ Welcome and thanks for this interesting encounter. I know of some - computers/data storage devices - that are able to segregate bad memory locations. I wonder if that is what could have happened to your missing photo. Another question I have is do you know how many pictures you took in that room? If so do you have a missing picture or a "fixed" image.

Being an old school photo buff (one who learned on film) I have got into the habit of keeping track of the photos I shoot. I realize that most people don't do this anymore. Just curious...
Cuddlebear in Lost Love
This is truly a heartbreaking tale. I hope you find happiness. As to your experience, I hope it brings you peace.
Cool story! I've heard a lot of stories about aswangs, not sure if I would believe them, but I also don't want to encounter one.
You're special cat is awesome, she should have kittens that should inherit whatever talent she has.
Bloody hell... It's scary as poop.

What sort of revenge does it want?... Now the growling in the hotel room...that's definitely not good! As for some of it, it sounds like sleep paralysis with one exception... There was no paralysis here, and of course the events at the stairs couldn't have been, as you were awake. So, just thinking that it could have been the same entity you saw when you were younger, but then again I could be wrong. Not letting you get away... I've heard a story from a classmate who had something similar happen to him on his way home, but we didn't believe him as he was scared of everything in the
It might have been completely natural that you couldn't move, as a lot of people have different reactions to terrifying events, and what could be more terrifying than a being you don't know anything about, and on top of that it can seemingly just appear and disappear where and whenever it wants. Was there any further communication coming your way or did it all stop since then. I don't know about the orb... I do know pictures of them aren't depicting ghosts, just out of focus dust or other stuff... Anyways this was a thrilling ride
Some people deal with things that do not fit into their image of the world as simply denying it... I know I have, all until I just realized there's really no point in denying things that happened right in front of my nose... Well not literally but you get the point. Before things started happening to me, I never wanted to believe in ghosts and such, again I say I didn't want to, but somewhere I just thought that, hey... I don't just believe any ol' spooky tale, but I will believe my own senses... So anyway... Did they share what those spirits have done? Any sort of interaction, such as speech, written messages, something?
It does sound really really creepy though...
Dennis191 in Witching Hour
Well... I think it's not strange for kids to have shared dreams, or even do astral projection just as naturally as we breath, because some research and claims (unfortunately in paranormal stuff that's what you're stuck with most of the time) say that it is a lot easier for kids to do that than it is for adults, for reasons still debated, while some others think that this is not the case, I think there's the possibility that I might have done it as a kid before, but that's just a big if. Anyways, interesting story.
Whatever caused this... Well let's just say I wouldn't like to meet it in person.
Well, that in my book is too much information to be considered as an accidental guess. Mind boggling things there are in this world. A good story here.
Filmbuff1234 in Ghosts Watching Over Us
It could just be your dad watching out for you. I'm sorry for your loss. Possibly you could get a paranormal expert near you to check out what's happening if you don't feel safe.
Hi CamillaHenriksen,

I really enjoyed reading about your account of your childhood home. I think it's fascinating that not only did you, your family and friends have this experience of seeing a young girl, but that people from your town could validate what you were seeing!

On a positive note, it seems as though this girl who has made her presence known to your family since 2000, doesn't pose a threat to anyone. Do you feel that this young girl is possibly looking for help, or do you feel that she remains at your home because she is comfortable there? 🤔
RCRuskin in Lost Love
😨 😠 😭

I am so sorry for your loss. May his Memory be Eternal.
Well it has to be someone's phone...
Or (joke warning)
The last conversation was ended with slamming the phone down in rage, and it was never used again and so the rage remained with the phone, and you've been hearing the ringing as a sinister reminder of that last conversation... *as the phone sits covered in dust someplace, laughing or better said ringing in its evil voice.* 🤣 okay I am sorry if that was a bit much, but I could not resist. On the serious note, it does seem to be weird that no one else noticed the ringing.
That's 45 minutes of sobbing and wailing...
It's a bit odd though.
This is... Sad and shocking to say the least.
It does look controversial, just like Analise Michelle's case, the German girl who was believed to be possessed by the church and believed to be mentally ill by doctors and such... Unfortunately, they never proved it to be this or that, and even more unfortunate that she died too. So now we have the question... Did anyone ever even considered that even if the poor girl was really ill (probably not that bad though) some nasty spirit simply added to her suffering? Or that the spiritual oppression led to the later mental conditions? And it might have just left after it broke her spirit onto another victim... I think this to be possible, as many mentally ill describe seeing similar things that others cannot see, yes it could be explained that they have a similar imagination about what these things would look like, or maybe there really are nasty beings out there targeting people who have mental issues that probably wouldn't get so bad that they'd kill themselves. Either way... I'm sorry for your loss. It's a tragic end whatever the cause was
I do want to know about the second incident which happened in your hometown.

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