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That's scary. Do things fall from their place in the garage or do they don't fall but you hear noise? Have you checked for vermin living in the garage?
Oh, this is so scary! I like watching horror movies but not before going to bed because they give me nightmares.😱
What show did you watch?

S&s ❀
Sorry pal, I have to agree with the part about the rickshaw is kind of sketchy, and the lovebirds not wanting privacy, nah! 😜
TravisCannabis in Mysterious Singer
IDK if it's okay to comment on this old story but I was ROFLMAO reading all the comments. You people are hilarious! πŸ˜†
Hello SophieThunder. I would like you to dig up those stones before mailing them to me, I'll pay you $20 to cover P&P; thank you.
Hello SophieThunder. I liked both parts 1 & 2 of your story regarding the stones you bought. However, as another commentator stated, I too find it hard to believe how Oceana was able to spot the stones on the river-bed, considering that river waters are always a filthy colour, besides it would have been next to impossible for Oceana to keep her eyes open when submerged.
Hello ishan,

Regarding "Did you ask any other of your friends whether any of your other friends experience any thing that night?" Well, the others were my cousin sisters and no, none of them had any of such experiences.

Regarding, " Your friend who lives there told she also had same nightmare. Did she say anything like the voices she used to hear outside her room were same or different from the voices in the dream?" I too thought of that initially but she doubts that they were the same but we agreed on the same thing that whatever lingers in her house is somehow connected to what we saw in the dream. As I mentioned earlier, I am not in touch with her at the time.

Regarding, "Did you ever had any experience other than the event you described, or was it the standalone event? I'm asking this because if it was only a standalone event and your never experienced any other paranormal/ abnormal/ unexplained event, why only experienced this?" The thing is I am a very spiritual person and a sensitive one too if that matters. Paranormal has attracted to me since I was a child... There are many other standalone experiences I've had other the one mentioned here. I will be sharing them soon. Regards...Orora.
Hello Rajine,

I hope things are better for you now.

There are people that practice magic some use it for good others for bad things depends on the person.
There is no such things as black magic or white magic this was invented.
The phrase white magick was invited during the time of the witch hunt so that the "white witches" could get away with it.

Both white or black magick comes from the same source it's just how is being used that matters.

A powerful healer can also be a powerful Destroyer.
And someone who is a casts powerful dark arts can be a powerful healer.

If you still haveing trouble here is a great video with 3 exercises to protect your self. The last exercise is great to stop someone who is useing psychic attack.
Hello Lauren. Judging from the information you have posted, you sound as though you enjoy those encounters. Anyhow, what I find hard to believe is that I have been led to believe that all life's pleasures ie sex, food, alcohol, and drugs can only be experienced and enjoyed if one has a physical body; and that when one dies, one's soul exits it's physical body to become a disembodied spirit until it is given a new body to reincarnate into.
Alina5 in Our Discovery
I'm refraining from commenting since I realised the O/P had already deleted her account for reasons unknown. I believe she won't be able to participate in the discussion or most possibly answer the queries regarding her account. Hopefully, she receive certain insights she requires for this event and her previous narrative "Spirit that find us". Anyways, I hope things are going well for her.

God Bless!

FART-EXTERMINATOR in Can It Be An Incubus?
Hello Madam. Mind you, your use of the English language is very good, so don't worry about that. I found your real-life experiences with the paranormal interesting; kind of reminded me of the original (1984) A Nightmare On Elm Street movie; if you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend that you watch it, you might find the female lead character Nancy Thompson inspiring when it comes to you dealing with your Freddy Krueger.
Coh123 (guest) in The Men In The Trench Coats
The working Irish republican brotherhood were hitmen. They assasinated RIC police
Hi Alina5,
The line she mentioned in the story and you also quoted
"The thing was that there was this backside doorway opposite to me which had no door"
I find it to be a bit discomforting and odd rather than viewing it from a dangerous point of view.
Why I'm saying this is because OP mentioned her friend has a house and they belong to upper higher class so mostly it'll be a two story independent house rather than a apartment. So, staircase would be opening inside the house at ground floor, where her grandparents would be living. Just my two cents.

[at] Orora:
Hey Orora. Hope you're doing well. Welcome to YGS.
It was a very scary story indeed. It must have been very brave on your part to have such a nightmare, and not wake up all others. If I would've been in your place, I would've done that in the first place and ran from there.
I have few questions if you can answer:

> Did you ask any other of your friends whether any of your other friends experience any thing that night?

> Your friend who lives there told she also had same nightmare. Did she say anything like the voices she used to hear outside her room were same or different from the voices in the dream?

> Did you ever had any experience other than the event you described, or was it the standalone event? I'm asking this because if it was only a standalone event and your never experienced any other paranormal/ abnormal/ unexplained event, why only experienced this?

Looking forward for your reply.

God bless you.

Hello silverthane61,

Thanks for reading my experience and extending your well wishes. Have a great day ahead!

Hello Lealeigh,
The friend in the question here luckily does not live in that house anymore. She stays abroad for further studies. But per knowledge, her parents and grandparents still do live in that house.

Hello Alina5
Thanks for reading my experience; I won't call it a story because this really did happen to me.

Regarding, "That night I had a dream I was wandering around some big open ground,"

"Did the open ground resembled much to the area surrounding the house?"

I must say that I do not remember the area-wise details of the ground in that nightmare, as everything happened so fast. But, looking back, I must note that the sinister surroundings of that place gave me the same feeling of discomfort which I experienced as soon as I entered her house. Regards...Orora.
Hello Chin2Raval,
Thanks for reading my experience. I am not in much contact with this friend of mine as she stays abroad these days for further studies. I did however, tell her to narrate this whole ordeal to her parents to which she denied, as her mother once dismissed her by saying she might be hallucinating. Overall, this family belongs to a higher upper class. They do not even have a puja ghar in their home, which most of us Hindus have. Not that this is any of my business, but these folks were surely not the one's to believe these occurrences. I hope my friend is doing well these days. Regards, Orora 😊
Dear Orora99,

Welcome to YGS!

First of all I am glad that all girls were safe.
Your naration is great and I loved and Enjoyed the story very much.

Ok so coming to the point...

When your friend had this dream and you asked her to keep photo of Lord Hanuman, It was a great call. Really appreciate that.

As you both got the same dream about Black Magic Ceremony, I understand what you have been through. And also in dream you took lord's name. Trust me same thing happens with me whenever I get these kind of dreams.

It simply means that we are still connected with the Higher Order.

See, if that place was supposed to use for the Black Magic and Ceremony, ofcourse there will be these kind of neusance will pop up.

I believe your friend cannot change the house just like that, but she can atlead create a barrier for safety.

Ask her to keep the atmosphere clean and positive with frangrence sticks, holy chants and hyms. As we are from India we know the power of Mantras. So keep the Hanuman Chalisa Played on over the 24hrs Loop Mode on those little Mantra Machines.

Also do chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra and Gayatri Mantra.

If possible ask your friend to go for Bhoomi Poojan to clean the ground or any other necessary holy rituals.

Again there is no power is greater than God.

So, please be safe and believe in his powers.

Other Views, Opinions, Comments are Heartly Welcome Always Welcome

God Bless!

Thank You
Maria, you are so right about me not wanting to mislead myself. And your message and the way you took time to think about it really touched my heart, and helped me see that maybe it's okay to simply believe in a sign, instead of the constant second-guessing that I tend to do. Thank you so so much.

And silverthane and Aline, thank you so much too for your kindness and insights. I would like to be able to fully accept things as signs for myself, the way I can for other people. And your comments make me think that really is possible.
Hello VeronicaMarie,

Hope you're doing well. I've always enjoyed reading your accounts. Most of them have a pleasing positive vibe to them, which often makes my day.

"If coincidences happen much then it is destiny"

This is one heck of a dialogue my husband teases me with. But I believe it stands true in your case. Coincidence or not it was something soothing especially for you dealing with anxiety issues at that time.

Certain things happen when we expect them the least. At least it was a worthy experience to browse for wallet.

Thanks for sharing

Have a good day/night

Hello Katie 212,

Well, I will agree with Silverthane61 on this matter, it is quite a blessing as well as a curse to have this 'special ability'.

I will say rather than trying to cleanse each and every entity witnessed, it is better to have a good understanding of their nature. Some spirits can be malevolent like the scartching one you've described above. They need to be distanced.

However, many households have such entities which are bounded to it for ages and are least affected by any tenants. They exist in the same household but in their own dimensions.

Other spirits roam around the house and generally don't mean a harm unless you bother them. So, it's better to understand the nature of the one you're dealing with. It'll ease you regarding "how shall we deal with this".

Forced removal of certain entities causing no harm can drive them hostile towards you. So I don't believe it is the proper method to deal with such things.

Regardlessly, you're entitled to do what suits you the best as we still maybe are unaware of the true state of affairs.

Hello Orona,

It was a terrifying experience indeed, atleast the one to have when you've decided to enjoy the night out.

"The thing was that there was this backside doorway opposite to me which had no door"

So, I assume that with the small bulb lit you could atleast visualise a rather small portion of the backyard as well. I don't believe it is safe to not have a door to a bedroom subjected to the house's open ground. Rather than paranormal activities your friend's house can be prone to burgalry and stuff.

"That night I had a dream I was wandering around some big open ground,"

Did the open ground resembled much to the area surrounding the house?

Since, you've stated that her house was probably used for black magic and such dark crafts then, it is not wrong to admit that the negative energies still persist there and your friend's bedroom is a hot spot area for their activities because of the " no door"

I don't presume it as a real entity but the persistence of energies trying to make the image of the existence of one. If there were to be such entity present they would have probably tried to cause some harm.

However, my judgement lacks surety. Don't take my word for it.

Overall interesting read.

Thanks for sharing

Someone once said, "there are no such things as coincidences." I do not know who said it and I personally don't know if I agree with the statement. But in this case, it makes more sense that the purse was put there for a specific reason. If the owner came by and retrieved it, or if it was taken in some other way, that does not in any way detract from the fact that you were, indeed, comforted by it. And isn't it just a much more wonderful world when we accept that things like that could happen?
silverthane61 in Our Discovery
I am amazed at people who have the backbone to face a haunt squarely and tell it to stop. I am equally amazed by how many times it works! Good for you! I admit that I do not think I would have the fortitude to face haunts even though I have stared death in the face on many occasions. You play it down in your narrative, but you appear to be very courageous.
silverthane61 in Spirits That Find Us
I believe that people blessed (or cursed) with extra-sensory gifts tend to attract paranormal energies. Anything that scratches or uses fear to empower itself I personally believe is a dark entity - not a human spirit. However, you seem to be attracting both entities and human spirits. Of course, it could also be a big coincidence - it is possible. Have spirits followed either of you before you met or when you were kids? If not, then hopefully it is a coincidence that you just picked homes with energies attached to them. I would not throw away the possibility, though, that you might attract them. If so, continue to do what you do - it seems to work for you.
I believe that inimical spirits often attempt to violate our souls through our dreams. Where they get the power and will to do such a thing has always made me wonder. Your instincts of not allowing such a thing to happen again by not going back to that room are probably founded in good sense. I agree with it.
Hello VeronicaMarie,

I think that it would be an amazing coincidence that the little brocade purse was lodged in your flower box at that specific time, if I were you. Too amazing. Perhaps you are right about it being a sign.

- You were trying to calm yourself down by looking at the same kind of purse online.

- Anxiety took over and you gave up trying to feel better.

- When you left, you saw the brocade purse.

You should not feel silly about thinking that you can overcome your anxiety. That is the road to self defeat. If seeing the purse was enough to comfort you, then I think it is a sign. The part of you that tries to pick apart this experience with logic is probably just a natural reaction. When a "message" comes in this way, you want to know that it is real; and that you are not misleading yourself.

I think it is too much of a coincidence.

- Maria
Hello Orora and welcome to YGS,

I can agree with your apprehension about sleeping in a room that was set up in that way. A staircase, in the room, that leads to another apartment (though it belonged to your friend's grandparents) would make me feel like I was trying to sleep in a place that was "exposed".

I don't know what to say about you and your friend both having the same nightmare - on different nights, in the same house; but I would like to point a wonderful detail out (it is wonderful to me, at least). Many times, in dreams, things happen because we expect them to and many people persist in having terrifying nightmares because they are fearful of worst case scenarios and may be pessimistic people in waking life. I think that a beautiful thing that shines out in your dream is your faith. You chanted the name of Lord Hanuman and everything was okay.

Does your friend still live in the house?

- Maria
wickedsunny2009 in Haunted Stall
Your English seems to be pretty good for a person who studied until 5th standard and when you write something in Tamil make sure you translate it so others know what it mean
Sorry Fin, I need to clarify something.

Greenwitchx3, are you charging money for the guidance you offer?
I'm naturally a cynical person and I've noticed a pattern in your postings in that you offer help, which is great. But normally on this forum help is given/suggested within the comment, and not withheld. If help is withheld it's for reasons of sensitive subject matter, privacy concerns etc, and taken via email at the OP's request.
I like a lot of what you've said to people, so I hope you're not using this forum to bolster calls to a hotline (I remember the phone number debacle), as doing so would be in poor taste and reflect horribly on this website as a whole.

(I decided not to post this query on one of my own posts lest this be successfully ignored, and an actual business/scam. Perhaps replying on on one of my posts would be a nice place to discuss this without clogging the comments of this new experience.)
Hi. I am happy this is a positive experience for you. I am also a pagan and I would possibly try to help your friend cross over and cleanse the space. Not to be rid of him but because he needs to cross over and continue his journey. I can help you and guide you through that. Blessed be.
Just because a website is "free" doesn't mean you can be lazy with the content you post. We are fortunate to have this free forum to discuss these kinds of experiences- we should act like it. I am also responding from my phone - proofreading is no problem even on an itty bitty screen.

There are a few issues with the way this experience has devolved since is original posting. With regard to the wild life, I have family that lives in and around the same region. They have all kinds of wildlife just like Lealeigh and Ladyglow pointed out - I get pictures almost weekly in my email of what's roaming through their back yard this time. Sometimes too, an animal winds up in a place it doesn't belong - god knows, I live in urban south eastern Virginia and we get coyotes and foxes too! Even a rabbit can scream bloody murder if it's threatened enough... Or being eaten by a predator - something as mundane as a stray cat or owl could manage that. I've been around big loud trucks before too - and, yes, you could hear those animal noises over their racket.

As for the fog, none of the meteorological conditions you mentioned really have anything to do with fog formation. It's to do with air humidity and rapid relative temperature change. It can behave quite oddly all on its own.

I think the others have asked some very relevant questions regarding the doppelgΓ€nger (s), the curious leniency of "easyforcheez2's" employer, the unusual degree of secrecy around an otherwise well tended and fully staffed cemetery etc. No one has said "I don't believe it" - they are asking probing questions in order to help inform an explanation for what occurred. However, you seem to feel that you have already exhausted all logical explanations - indicating that you have basically made up your mind about what you believe went on that night and unless anyone's explanation is concurrent with your own, it is disregarded.
Wow, I find myself disappointed in the entire forum on this one.

Finny, as your father seems to know what's going on, and your family are experienced with these things, I didn't sense any danger while reading your narrative. Of course ouija boards are to be taken with caution and I assumed that's what you're doing.
I got the impression the anger you felt towards your mother had nothing to do with this ghost but was connected to something in the past which was/is playing on your subconscious.
If you remind the ghost of a wartime friend it may be more about your personality rather than appearance. If it's related to your appearance, if you have a lot of piercings for example, this may remind the ghost of early prosthetics, ww2 (early) plastic surgery. Or any tattoos or piercings may remind the ghost of some scarring his friend had.

As for the ouija board, well, my husband collects them, and we use one sometimes. We always cleanse and protect the board before and after, close the session etc. We've never had anything bad happen that was connected to the ouija. I spend time on this forum telling inexperienced people to leave it alone. But that said, as long as someone knows what they're doing, I personally don't have any objections to ouija board use. But I think most people on this forum have simply never encountered a good use for the bloody thing.
(Just calling it as I see it folks)

If you like his company that's great. But I'd like to suggest making some clear boundaries. Lonely ghosts can get very needy and it's important you both benefit from one another. Don't let it get one sided.
Hi Melda well my grandad and his 5 other brothers all bought plots of land on the road which is a dead end, gradually 4 of the brothers sold their plots of land for some reason or the other, my grandads brother that got murdered was the first to build his house and everyone lived on the property, two families in the main building, my grandfather lived in the garage with my grandmother while he built his house next door, eventually my dad got married and he and my mum moved into the basement below the garage, the remaining three brothers moved elsewhere.

As far as I know there wasn't any cleansing ritual done, both the houses (grandad and his late brother) are right in the end bordering the wooded area, who knows maybe long before it became an urban area people were buried there, thankfully none of the incidents were menacing, but really creepy except for my mum seeing her dad.
Hi Ahleypo,

My condolences for your loss, I'm sorry this is the reason for your first posting here.

I don't doubt for a second these were the will of Ronald.

Regarding the dime, there's an experience by KindlyRefrain which features a coin. At least one of the commenters mentions similar phenomena:
It's interesting that this is documented as a common method of communication.

There are times on here when I believe an OP is overreacting to TV malfunctioning. But this ain't one of them. You know your TV and how everything is supposed to run. But more importantly the timing of everything you describe points to one culprit. I say treasure it. I think playing with the TV would be the easiest way to get our attention, makes sense.
Well, to be honest, I was not encouraged by the fact that you are both involved in commenting - and you are both named "easyforcheez".

You are "both" hung up on the same irrelevant details - such as the kind of truck that you guys drove on your cruise through town. You "both" made the same defensive comments about how this is a free website and that you wouldn't pay to have an editor on staff.

I am not trying to be mean; but this is not my first rodeo. I think the two of you are the same person.

As far as getting answers is concerned, I am not sure that anyone gets "answers" that are written in stone when you are dealing with the paranormal. People have given you what they have for beliefs and those beliefs are based upon their experience. I am sorry that this is not what you were looking for.

Pax Vobiscum.
[at] Miracles51031, this is a complicated story that we tried to condense as much as possible. And quite frankly you don't have to believe it either, we've been trying to find answers for years and we saw many people getting insight on this site. Unfortunately we are in the same exact spot! We won't stop looking for answers, but it's disheartening to have no answers what so ever. There have been more events that have happened and we do plan on sharing them in the future. However, if we keep getting comments related to "I don't believe it" we'll probably stop. As mentioned earlier we have exhausted all logical explanations for what happened.

To point out the smartphone punctuation issue, it's a dumb "smart phone", it's a miracle that you can even get periods here and there, plus she was using speak to text which often doesn't work well anyways. We didn't think so many people would comment purely on punctuation and grammar instead of the story itself.
Badgers_Absinthe in Glowing Red Eyes Staring At Me
Very interesting.
Could say I have a memory when I was very young. Maybe 3 or 4 years old. It was very late and my father was working at desk in our home. I'm the living room, and I looked out the window because there were two large, very large eyes (and just completely bright or illuminating red light. No eye ball or anything, the same color and brightness of red) seemingly just fixed on my position. And what is weird, from what others have written, was That I also was not scared or frightened. I figure, now I would be screaming out of my mind. But no. It stared, and I just stared back, maybe in curiosity, but I don't think I had time to consider that. I remembering turning towards my father to tell him and then it was gone.
Hello asires.

Thanks for your feedback, though I got confused with your following statements:

"but I still did not tell it to my family because they will freak out and I know how scared they are of ghosts."

"Some of my family members have also experienced a few as well, but different kinds of unexplainable creatures though. I discussed it with them but they always tell me it's just my imagination maybe."

Did you talk to your family about this particular encounter or did you not?
If more of your family members have witnessed some activity, why wouldn't believe you? Was it for the unusual appearance of the entity or because the family, as a whole, were more comfortable denying the activity happening in the house instead of trying to fight back and regaining their home.
What other kinds of creatures did they see? I know that Filipinos believe in a plethora of weird beings, were any of these "unexplainable creatures" seen at your place?

Could you describe the entity to more detail?

At first you say that:

"It was all white, like a huge spider and a human figure at the same time, both of her hands and legs on the floor, crawling backward swiftly, her hair was also long following her own figure."

And then:

"The body was just on the ground but the hair was following"

Do you mean it was on her hands and knees, or was it bent backward? Like the people in any of the following links, albeit backwards:





Okay... The second one is very creepy.

Sorry for all the questions, I'm only trying to have a better idea of whatever you saw that day.

It's difficult to say what was going on without knowing the history of the place and more details about your family's and your own encounters.

If the house is still own by your family and someone is planning to move back in the future, it would be a good idea to perform a blessing or a cleansing before living in it again.
Myst - yes, thanks for the correction. That is indeed what I meant (-:
Hello sds,

Thanks for your questions and feedback! Appreciate it.
This incident happened so many years ago. I live in Japan now and our house is in the Philippines so currently, no one is living there, the last time that someone lived there was 3 years ago.

The body was just on the ground but the hair was following, as I can remember it from my memory...

I was so scared so I ran downstairs and started to text my friends because I was anxious. I got so traumatized didn't know what to do. 😨
Hi, Alina5!

Thank you for your questions!

I also experienced a few encounters in this household. Some of my family members have also experienced a few as well, but different kinds of unexplainable creatures though. I discussed it with them but they always tell me it's just my imagination maybe.

I haven't seen a similar, so I didn't have any idea what it is. What kind of horror-thriller characters have you seen or imagined?

I'm interested to know about it more! Thanks for responding!
Hello, lady-glow!

It was actually the first time that I encountered this apparition, I meant to say that I ran downstairs quickly and texted my friends for comfort because I was having anxiety. I have no idea about the history of the house but I am interested to know about it! All I know is that when we moved there, it was already built. Thanks for your feedback! 😨
Hi FinnyFinn, welcome to YGS. Due to my bad experience (and of others), I have been advising people that it is better that we avoid using Ouija Board. Because we don't know what is on the other side of the realm. And as Alina asked you, please do tell when you started seeing the entity, before or after your use of OB. Further, you don't know if it is the same entity that communicated with you through OB.

And the spirits that initially communicate with you nicely need not necessarily be good. They may be malicious also.

As lady-glow advised, try to take some expert's help to ward-off the entity. I think it is not what it portrays itself to you. I find something sinister about it.

Again please don't use OB and communicate with this or any other spirit.

Regards and respects to you.

Rajine - I get the impression that a number of family members lived on your grandfather's property. If so, did each family have a separate dwelling or were all of you under one roof?

I'm asking this because I wonder why the aunt would have felt compelled to bury your uncle's bloody clothes under a tree on your grandfather's property. Has any form of religious or cleansing ritual ever been performed at that spot?

Unexplained white mists seem to be quite a frequent occurrence. I have never heard of anybody coming to any harm when experiencing them but I do believe that this often is associated with the paranormal.

It could be that the whole area where the house is built, which includes the wooded area, could be haunted. This might even include an elemental. Just a thought. I'm assuming that the area where the house is situated was at some stage part of the woods.

I empathise with your mother and the "peeping tom" incident! Years ago when I lived in a different house in a different town, my resident ghost decided that I shouldn't take a bath without closing the curtains and promptly pulled the curtains closed. I hopped out of that bath at the speed of light!

Perhaps the voice from the woods came from an entity which knew that you and your cousin were leaving and wanted to let you know that they were aware of that. Who knows, a farewell of sorts?

Your mom seeing her dad is a good thing. Perhaps he wanted to hang around for a while in the form of caretaker.

Interesting events but fortunately none of them appear to be malevolent.

Regards, Melda
[at] silverthane my grandparents were the first to move to the area and build in the 80s prior to that it was just vacant land, the blood clothes could be a reason for that dense white mist by the tree but the other incidents I'm not sure about, but if u have to go there at night it looks like a haunted house you can actually feel the darkness that surrounds that place
[at] alina the area that I live in is evenly populated, it couldn't have been someone else because the voice came from the bush/wood area and its an inhabited area, as far as I know that place wasn't a burial ground, I'm not sure why my dad's aunt buried blood stained clothes on the property, usually people burn it or throw it away but after the death of her husband she wasn't in her normal senses. When I did ask my mum about the mist she's very sure of what she saw even after all these years it's like it happened yesterday to her and she still maintains that it was hovering by the tree, I'm not sure if it was related to my dad's uncle's murder but after he died that house and yard has a very weird vibe and it's been sold but whoever lives there seems to run into a problem.
Yes! I'm honestly happy to see that someone else has had an experience where something has copied the appearance of a family member. It has happened to me at least twice in my home. I actually never knew so many people have interacted with these "doppelgangers". I know it can be pretty scary when something can actually take the appearance of someone you love. Thanks so much for sharing!

Silverthane- Did you mean "The Dead Files? " Sometimes over the top, but interesting.
Jaxrox41310 in Haunting Here In Maine
Hi Lightkeeper! Fellow Mainer here! I hope you eventually share more of your paranormal experiences. They are quite intriguing and I always love to hear stories that take place here in Maine. Would love to hear some of your dada stories as well! 😁
I do surmise you witnessed a trapped soul of an individual unable to cross over into the light, the action of her carrying out a human spider was probably seeded by her own subconscious when she was alive in the physical matrix, she probably had a fear of spiders?... Basically, she may not realise she has died and in that state of being her inner fear was reflected into your realm of observation.

Regards Daz
There is a frame of reference in your story involving Wicca that confuses me. I do not understand the reference to Hercules. Is it relevant to this story? If it is, then please explain it so I can digest the rest of this story.
Pinksweety in Voice Of My Dad
Not at all... Its not the imagination... I myself have experienced such a incident. One Sunday afternoon I was dozing off for my nap after lunch wen I heard my daddy's voice call out to me Sonu sonu'which is my pet name. Again second time in the afternoon he appeared in my dream in our hall. My daddy passed away due to a sudden demise & it really affected my life in a horrible way. He passed away in our home on the sofa maybe so he mostly appears in the hall only.
I lost my father in 2014. He visits me in dreams. I know he is still wit us. May god rest his soul in peace.
Very interesting story. I don't see any cause for alarm or mental illness based on what you wrote. I do hope you both enjoy one another for whatever it's worth! Thanks for sharing:)
silverthane61 in The Dream
You have a loving mother and anyone would be blessed to have a mother that would make the same sacrifice that yours did. I hope that the next time that you see her, it would be under better circumstances.
silverthane61 in Voice Of My Dad
I dream about my Dad all the time. I do believe that dead relatives are able to communicate with you through dreams, though I have never heard a passed loved one talk to me. My relatives have seen full-bodied, solid figures of loved ones, but no communication ever took place other than a smile.
Wow! Those kinds of creatures are usually only seen in the movies and horror shows! I recall a similar creature described in the show "The Dead Zone" where a psychic and a retired New York City policeman work together to solve ghost encounters. It was creepy and I do not wish this type of haunt on anyone!
I think back to all the times I found a dime in the middle of nowhere - it has happened to me a lot! I have never heard about spirits leaving behind dimes to let you know that they are thinking about you, but now I have a new frame of reference to tuck into my bag of memories. I really like that thought.
I gather that you stayed huddled in that closet for an hour listening to that bloody boy giggle? You might have been paralyzed with fear, but I think a "fight or flight" reflex may have kicked in. I agree with the others in that being in that room for an hour with that boy doesn't seem long enough to have your parents think about calling the police - unless you were in there a long time before that boy appeared. Strange.
I cannot add much to the comments that have already been written. But there is an old saying that goes, "places are not haunted, people are haunted". I don't know if I believe that but maybe someone in your family brought the haunts with them to your home.
You definitely live in an active area, though it might be argued that the paranormal events that you have witnessed are all a result of past family members. I do not know if burning bloody clothes might have had an affect in giving energy for an apparition to appear, but I know nothing about that. In any case, it was a very interesting read.
Nice story! I doubt it was an ordinary cat because it wanted to get u in trouble, or it was a vision of some kind.
I recognize that this is an older post but sometimes folks find these posts in search of help with more contemporary problems. My comment goes to any such readers.

If you see what you believe to be an entity when in a wakeful state and decide to seek medical help, both sleep doctors and psychiatrists (who are both MDs and PhDs) will ask one question: "Do you hear voices?" If your answer is "no", you will be removed from candidacy for schizophrenia. If yes, you may need further questioning. I can't say for certain what would happen in the latter instance but they aren't going to lock you up because you heard a voice. Thus, if you *do hear voices*, whether in your head or otherwise, do yourself a favor and see a qualified specialist. I am not procluding the possibility of demonic oppression in all such cases, since we know demons can make a person sick. I am saying that if you recognize symptoms of mental illness in yourself, make your life easier and address that head- on, immediately. The days of being too embarrassed to see a doctor are long over.
Alina5 in The Dream
Hello Shrikant,

My condolences on your loss.
I'm actually baffled by your narrative. This is the first time I have heard of the existence of such a thing. However, very beautiful indeed. Parents are the wonderful gift given to us by God. They love us, guide us, care for us and protect us in need. Your mother have sacrificed herself to protect you from the befalling danger. It indicates the depth of her love for you.

It was a beautiful narrative. Thanks for sharing.

Hello asires85, Alina summarized the questions. Please do respond. Do you still live in the same house? If so, after so many years, you can discuss with your family members.

If you aren't living in the same house, that is also a reason to discuss with them.

And if the ghost was crawling back, then how the hair would follow it? It should be reverse right.

I am on the fence on this narrative. Because as lady-glow said people, who are scared, generally would run and not text friends.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello FinnyFin,

I respect your emotions. But I'll suggest unless you figure out the true intentions of this entity or even any entity, you should maintain distance.

I would like to ask a few questions regarding the Soviet entity.

Did you see him in the mirror before communicating with it through Ouija board or after doing so?

If you did before, then are you sure the entity which you saw and the one you're communicating with are the same?

I'm actually not in favour of communicating with any creature of the other world via Ouija Board without the supervision of an expert. But since you already did...
I'll now say only my understanding of the situation.

"As soon as my mom came to visit me I felt mad at her which never happened. After she left, I gently felt a hand hugging my waist like a hug, I freaked out"

Ok, so I believe whatever this entity was, it didn't wanted your mom to stay with you, and since you have said that never meant to happen, the entity somehow took a toll on your emotions causing you to be mad at her. It makes me suspect the intention of this entity further.

You know, spirits are generally tricksters, they try to make you feel ease in their presence to get a proper hold of your mental state. That's how possession works. I have read this thing in an article.

"Vladim is sitting across me watching me with a bit of disappointment"

This sounds to me a little shady of your best friend. He does not seem to like the fact that you're sharing things regarding him.

I hope he don't cause you any harm because of this.

It's a humble request since most of the comments are not favouring this entity I would appreciate if you can possibly reply to these comments far from the vicinity of your best friend.

Hello asires85,

Well, there is certainly not enough information in your narrative to deduct the true intention of this entity.

I'm not positive of providing an explanation unless you answer a few of the following queries:

Was this your first paranormal encounter in the household?

Is your household prone to such activities?

Has any other family member witnessed this entity described by you?

Lastly, have you researched the background of your house?

I believe you should discuss this event with your parents hopefully, they can be more insightful on this matter.

On this context, I don't want to be rude or deny your encounter in any way so please don't misunderstand,

Have you watched any horror movies portraying such back crawling ghosts before this incident?

Honestly, it can be a situation of post-hand delirium, trust me I have also been paranoid sometimes after watching these horror thrillers.

Thanks for sharing.


Irrelevant topic: Lady-glow your comment about the yogis cracked me up. Haha
Hello Ashley,

My condolences on your loss. In a previous comment I have addressed as to how our deceased loved ones never fails to ease our dilemma in difficult times.

I believe I came across another one like that. I am mostly intrigued by such stories, a pleasent one. It sometimes makes me feel emotional as despite of not being present with us physically they shower us with their guidance and love, which is beyond the physical touch. They just never leave our side.

I also tend to reflect on the relationships I have neglected being busy in my day-to-day life and certainly this conscience hits me to correct my mistake.

I enjoyed reading your account. Thanks for sharing.

Hello friendlyclown,

I have nothing much to add to the previous comments, and can only repeat the same thing.

Well, since you could smell the stained blood in the house then whatever "bloody incident" took place seems fairly recent else old blood stains profoundly give off a strong decaying smell which is suffocating enough to stay.

Did you ever tried to find answer to this?

Any murder took place in the area or in the guest house to be in particular?

I believe John probably had some idea since he knew the place was haunted.

Hope you reply to the queries providing a little insight on this matter.

Hello Rajine,

Hope you're doing well. It was nice to learn more of your encounters. I believe every single person have their fair share of encounters some have it surprisingly pleasent and some have it drastically unpleasant. It reveals us the ever mysterious nature of the other side.

The propelling mist in the first encounter is rather strange. Did you ever find out any details regarding that?

Was it related to the murder of your father's uncle?

In a lot of South-asian cultures there is a belief of trees having the capability to hold spirits in them. In my country this is very strongly believed that banyan and mango trees can attract evil spirits.

Regarding your second encounter,

Why your aunt had buried those blood stained clothes near the bathroom? I don't know but I find this odd as to why a person would bury the clothes of a dead individual near their house's proximity.

Was the place used as a burial ground before?

The third incident was a pleasing one indeed. Our deceased loved ones never fail to ease our concerns during the difficult times. Well, probably he actually came to guide and protect you.

Your personal experience sounds scary.

"So, both of us went back of the house, which connects the woods/bush area and started burning stuffs like old papers and other sorts of junk."

Were the woods dense and supposedly inhabitable?

Did you lived in a evenly populated neighborhood or was the area sparse?

Can't it be someone from the nearby area?

Nevertheless, I'm glad for your safety.

Thanks for sharing.

Ashley, I am so so sorry for your loss. Finding the dime in the bag when you absolutely know it wasn't there, if that's not a sign from him, I don't know what is. Especially because of the timing. A bag that you haven't touched in months, you happen to open it because you were talking about it today, and finding a dime that shouldn't be there. I truly believe your brother was letting you know he's okay and still with you. Thank you for sharing this, and take good care.
VeronicaMarie in Voice Of My Dad
Hi asires,

Like Maria said, I really feel that you are hearing your dad speaking to you, to reassure you that he is fine. I don't feel like this is your imagination. The way you described his voice as being directly in your ear, it sounds completely real and not an illusion, and not just part of waking up from a dream. I am so sorry for your loss, but feel uplifted that your dear dad's spirit is very much still with you.
Interesting story. You said the presence was speaking in Russian. Do you know what it was saying? You said you've seen a figure in a uniform. You know it's a Soviet uniform? I'm assuming you mean from WWII, as Finland was part of the Russian Empire until 1917. There really was no cohesive uniform during the Civil War from 1917 to the late 1920's...

It definitely sounds dark and I agree with lady-glow, don't encourage interactions.
I completely disagree with your father's advice and with trying to communicate with Vladim via OB, you don't know if he is something else with intentions darker than friendship.

Even if he seems nice, he doesn't belong in this plane and shouldn't be allowed to control your life.

You should consider telling him to leave you alone and to ask for religious help sending him away.
Was this the only time you saw this apparition? One thing is for sure, most people would have left the spot running as fast as their legs would allow them instead of taking the time to text all their friends.

What do you know about the history of the house? Being that flexible is the dream of all yogis and contortionists.

Thanks for sharing.
Not meaning to be critical but some points of your narrative are highly questionable.

Like Lealeigh, I don't understand why your parents were ready to call the police if, it seems, it haven't been that long since you had been "missing".

Didn't they question your cousins about the last time and place where you had been seen?
Didn't George mention his dare?
Didn't some one suggest to organize a party and go looking for you?

You were lucky not only because you didn't get hurt after entering a place in such state of decay, but for surviving such a long and terrifying encounter without getting a heart attack.

I will appreciate your feedback.
Lealeigh in Voice Of My Dad
Hello asires85 and welcome to YGS,

I am very sorry that you lost your father in this way. It is so tragic. To answer your question, I will tell you about my mother's experience. She was in a very similar position: caring for her dying mother (my grandmother).

In 2016, my grandmother died from complications from COPD. There are times in the night, even now, that my mother hears her mother calling her. It might be that my mother has a kind of post traumatic stress disorder - the voice of my grandmother, when my mother hears it, is always frantic and troubled.

I think it is different for you. Your father sounds well to you; he doesn't sound like he is weak and dying. I think that you are hearing him in reality and he is trying to get your attention. I think he wants you to feel better and know that he no longer suffers.

- Maria
Hello Ashley and welcome to YGS,

Maybe your brother was trying to find you something better to watch... A man after my own heart ❀

I truly believe that when you speak to a loved one, who has passed, with one hundred percent of your heart, they will hear you. I am very sorry that you lost your brother. Speak to him and he will hear you. It will help.

Rest in Peace Ronald

- Maria
Hello friendlyclown,

You were lucky not to fall through when you were running back down the stairs.

I was wondering: why were your parents already on the point of calling the police when you ran in the house? Were you gone for a long time?

- Maria
Hello Rat_Queen,

I agree with Biblio. You should find out what was on your property in the past if you think the phenomena was there before your family moved in. You could go to the library - the people in the library are usually trained to do all sorts of digging.

I was also wondering if you still have the security camera recordings. Usually, I believe orbs to be light reflecting on dust particles; but if they are truly "glowing" that would be something else.

And finally: I like your screen name. I don't know why it makes me smile.

- Maria
Greetings, Rat_Queen, and welcome to YGS.

There are a wide variety of haunting phenomena; just because you're experiencing it in your parents' home doesn't mean that the building itself is haunted. I'll list common alternatives for you to get a clear picture:
1. Whatever was there before your house --an older house, a barn, a vacant lot-- may have been haunted, and your home is now in that location, so the spirit interacts with it.
2. You have an item, such as an antique or family heirloom, that has a spirit attached to it.
3. A person in your family had a spiritual attachment that followed them home; spirits like this are often like stray animals, desperate for attention.

I think that options 1 and 2 are the most likely, as the first phenomenon was a regularly-repeated pattern, while the second one occurred in the same area. Looking into the history of the land and/or any old furniture you own would probably be the best way to track down the origins of the ghost activity in your home.

TravisCannabis in My Dead Friend Visited Me
My condolences for your loss. So wonderful to see your buddy again. My grandma always said that death people come to visit through our dreams. So sad your friend died 😭 😭
TravisCannabis in The Giant Pig In The Woods
I don't know man. If I ever travel to the Philippines after this f***ing pandemic is over I would be afraid of eating pork
If you are a witch, why not try a finding spell? Ask a practitioner with experience and they should be able to help you in this - no assistance from a nuisance spirit required. You could also try speaking with a medium for help - if anyone is going to contact and interrogate a spirit, let it be them.

In my opinion, the simplest thing to do would be to just meditate and ask for help from your spirit guides (not the baddie you banished). If there are any other items of yours from which you sense a certain power or connection, have them on or around you while you do to help focus your intent.
Sorry mate, imo there's no evidence to think that was a ghost. I would have gone there to investigate what was going on.
That's horrid, not all pit bulls would become like that. Perhaps something evil took over the dog
Omg why did u all keep using the Ouija board? The spirits will never be kind! Unlocking the gateway to hell!
Fenrispro in Calls By The River
I pity those restless souls, yea its spooky but it was because the burial rites hadn been given to them. 😐 Have priests being called to help them cross over? Thank u for the history
I'm a bit confused were you going to your mother's house or back to your dormitory? Because on the last line u wrote went out to university gates?
Lealeigh in Twist And Slam
Thank you for the extra information. I have always heard that renovations can wake up paranormal activity in a location. It seems reasonable to think that, at least, the intense feeling of being watched had something to do with the changes that were made to the house.
Mango2Mango in Twist And Slam
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the comments, here are my replies:

[at] Lealeigh
Before we moved there, the house was never empty. When I was living in the first house, another family lived there but I never heard anything from them. Soon after they left, my parents quickly bought the house and renovated it a bit before we moved.

My parents are strict and very private so I never know what's on their mind about this house, my father is a very busy man and rarely stay at home, so I can understand why he didn't know what happened inside and my mom maybe knew something but choose to just ignore it...

[at] Alina5
I do curious about my old neighbourhood but I never try to search any background about it.
When I re-visited my old house and talked to one of my neighbour, He said that this neighbourhood was very old and on the past, it used to be dark and quiet here but he didn't mention any details afterward.

Personally I don't think it is connected to the previous one because I can feel that it was two different entity...

[at] Melda
You are still very lucky that your Mother admit it. Even until now if I talk about this to my mom, she still insist nothing had happened and I was just paranoid πŸ˜•

I don't think my parents blessed that scary house... Maybe because it was never empty before and just recently used...

Yes I do relieved that my parents blessed the new house, but if she really take it seriously, why did she keep denying my story?

[at] Silverthane61
In here we never mention anything about paranormal when we advertise a house because obviously it will affect the sales and paranormal event are considered as private matters. The only way to know is to ask around or rely on your feelings. As for me, nobody mention anything about the house not even the previous family.

But what would you do if one day you find a perfect house but then told that it was haunted?
I will definitely search for the other house hahaha
Hello silverthane61,

Thank you for your interest. On this matter, I myself am confused and would appreciate if you'll wait for the publication of part-2 of it, which maybe can make up for the lack of details.

Thank you~
8-bitDemigod in Ghost Stole My Bracelet

As the others have said, attempting to summon a spirit of any kind would potentially cause more harm than good.

My thoughts are if you can sense the bracelet's need of you then maybe you can use that feeling to locate it. Move around your house focusing on that need and hone in on where the feeling is strongest. Just a thought.
Hannah, your profile states you're an eclectic/hereditary witch, which means you were born into a family that practices witchcraft, or at the very least are being taught by an older witch. Have you consulted them about this?
I am not trying to be insulting or condescending, but the mere fact that you come asking for spells for protection, tells me you are not proficient enough at the craft to attempt any summoning, you still lack the strength/knowledge needed to exercise control over whatever may come through - if anything. If push came to shove, I have grave concerns that you would be able to protect yourself or anyone in your family or send it back. Invited spirits are much harder to banish then one would think.
I would suggest an alternative to locate your bracelet, such as scrying, or a location/ revealing spell. However, if the bracelet is as connected to you as you think, a simple calling out to it may suffice. Of course, sometimes with majickal items, once they have done their duty (so to speak) they simply vanish, as they are no longer needed.
You are very observant and analytical. I think it was an exceptionally sharp observation concerning the time of the incidents as well as the link to your friend. I only have one theory and it involves your friend. Maybe the entity does not like the subject of religion and/or is somehow linked to your friend. It is a weak theory and requires much more information to prove or disprove. In the interim, I suggest you share these observations with your mate. Good luck with your actions.
silverthane61 in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
I think asking an entity to return - for any reason - is a bad idea. Not only are you re-opening a door that you had to close earlier, but something else may arrive with any summoning ritual. That is just me, though. I hope you stay safe in this endeavor.
silverthane61 in Twist And Slam
You lived through a very scary event when you were little. Here in the U.S., there are many places that require the people selling a home to mention any shortcomings of the house being sold - to include ghostly activity. I am wondering if your parents had to mention the haunts when they moved. However, the regulations concerned with selling homes may be different where you are. I am glad you and your sister survived.
Alina, thanks for the reply. So you are in Delhi, Rohini Sector. I know some incidents that happened to my friends, who are near R.K. Puram area.

I have gone through your profile and I also hope that you would be performing rituals as per our Hindu customs and would be off from this entity.

Keep us informed of the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

Jessenia in His Bite
Hey silverthane61,

Luckily it was a one time thing. So I guess I can say I'm lucky. Not sure what would have happened if I had not moved my hand away on time, or had decided to brave the night. I think the fact that I left as soon as it happened must have caused it to leave me alone as I'm "no fun" but that's just a presumption.

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