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Fenrispro in Catlike Humanoid
I believe in fae like beings and greek myths. The new series by netflix Blood of Zeus.
Since u had watched the Avatar movie your mind may have panicked at the moment?
Hello CaitlinMirren and welcome to YGS,

It seems like you have more going on in your environment than Sleep Paralysis; but I think that it would be helpful to you if you would keep a detailed journal of your dreams and patterns upon waking. Acknowledging certain patterns could possibly give you strength or peace of mind. Dreamland is an extremely wacky place on its own. It is also the time where you are most vulnerable to anything around you too.

It will be okay if you can remember that anything that attacks you in this way is not strong enough to attack you in the light of day. If there is an entity messing around with you while you are asleep, I don't think it's confident enough to face a strong individual.

I wish you good luck and peace.

- Maria
YOU MUST OWN YOUR SPACE.DON'T BE SCARED. LAUGH and say GOT NO TIME FOR YOUR SHXT. IF you don't stand up it will only get stronger. A 14 year old spirit can get in your dreams. Try telling it, were sleeping tonight go tip some cows or something tonight, we don't want you around, If your not going to be nice. NOTICE IT, TELL IT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. BE FIRM. IM sorry for you but leave us alone. ITS in your house, Write down what you feel put it on refrigerator door he will see it. RISE OR FALL. They don't have to be demons to possess mind bending skills. I send you peace love and courage.
Hi Lady-Glow. Thank you for the comments and the welcome! I have not looked into the alleged murder. It was mentioned by the owner of the hotel. I also remember her saying that they were trying to find records to see if it was true. It used to be a bank decades ago. Van Horn was essentially a ghost town (no pun intended) and the hotel was the only business open at the time.

I figured if people enjoy reading such accounts, they might like to listen to them with a soundtrack and SFX. Coming from the ad world I've learned that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. It's been a blast putting it together!

Take care!
The_Morrighan in The Uninvited Passenger
Aedeboni, with all due respect I believe the OP was inviting questions about the paranormal experience itself and not about his personal life. Remember that this site is called Your Ghost Stories not True Marriage Missteps.

These events were meant only for your ears. Have you tried to confirm if the murder is a fact or only a rumor?

Nice publicity strategy... Not sure if it helps to attract new customers or to scare away potential ones. I wonder if Zak Bagans has heard about this place.

Welcome to YGS. Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Good Ghost
Welcome to YGS.

Hi jhollowell.

This is very interesting. It's hard to say who or what this figure was without knowing the history of the place but, since you mentioned it was an old, it wouldn't be a surprise if it has seen its share of events with the potential of leaving an everlasting energy trapped within its walls.

Perhaps a previous resident used to pray on that spot during their life and was just doing the same, minus a physical body.
If this is the only activity you and your family witnessed, it seems like it wasn't negative nor was trying to harm anyone, though I imagine it was frightening to see something like that, specially for a young kid.

Thanks for sharing.
Well, it's a genuine question/concern and OP did state he's open to all questions. Seems like fair game to me.
Hey Mr Riggs,

Hope you are feeling OK and are busy working on "Part 2" of your experience.

To me, YGS has been a place to read people's extraordinary experiences and sometimes some outrageous stories. Questions will always be asked and advice given to those in need.

I believe that passing judgement is risky on any site where reliance is solely on the written word. There will always be areas where OP's may not want to venture or what seems to be clear, will be misunderstood by members of the audience.

Sometimes all is not what it seems.

I agree with "The Morrighan", about focusing on the entirety of the experience and also apologies for using your account to jump on the soap box.

Hope to hear from you soon Mr Riggs.
The_Morrighan in The Uninvited Passenger
Aedeboni, you slate members of this site for being judgemental and 'snippy' but then tar yourself with the same brush. In this instance perhaps divorce wasn't an option for the OP due to religious reasons or other personal beliefs. Regardless I don't see that your comments were particularly germane to the account. My apologies to the OP for this brief hijack.
This is such a depressing story. So am I reading this correctly that your marriage is horrific, you've been miserable for 50 years, and you were cheating? Why not divorce?
aedeboni in Night Knocker
Personally I think this was a great story, and that we should be welcoming to people like OP and happy that they take the time to post here. This site wouldn't exist without them.
aedeboni in Night Knocker
She definitely didn't open the door; I thought that much was clear. People should really read more carefully before making snippy comments about "plot holes".

All the mean, accusatory comments on this site are such a turn off for someone who just wants to enjoy reading the stories. That's something I've wanted to say for ages but I never bother commenting.
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
It's a shame what happened here. It's not easy for some of us to tell our stories. I will not answer any questions on this story. Your Posters own it now. I thank REAL GHOST STORIES for letting me get my true stories out. Peace and love to all.
aussiedaz in I Am Not Insane
Hi Sane,

You should watch Russel Crowe in a beautiful mind,
Normal people can have hallucinations it's when they control your life and you become paranoid is where they usually break down mentally and need medication and family support.

You probably should take the advice of your friends and start a dialogue with a doctor who can keep an eye on your progress.

My own theory as to what causes these hallucinations? Our universe at it's base is energy where consciousness is fundamental to our physical reality... We construct our reality through the processes of our minds and project what we see with in the walls of our brains.

Our eyes only see light and nothing else most people don't know this... So there for, if you have some sort a chemical imbalance with the neurons of your brain it may be distorting your reality where you are having these experiences and interactions otherwise living a normal life where others aspects are fine and grounded.

The_Morrighan in Elephant
Hello Tweed and Bibliothecarius,

Thank you both for your responses. Elephant was a nice gentlemen in life and I think you're both right that he is in death.

Tweed, you're absolutely correct. I'm not a Christian but my Mum used to say 'there but by the grace of God go we'. It does sum it up; due to my own break up of an abusive marriage and all it entailed I ended up living rough four years ago. Thankfully only for a week but it was a harsh lesson. It's why I volunteer now.

A postscript to this narrative is that I bought a bunch of flowers and a miniature whisky yesterday and popped them in the shop front where he passed.

Bibliothecarius in Elephant
Greetings, Morrighan.

Tweed's reaction is right: a residual haunting would be caught up in its own affairs. Elephant interacted with *you* deliberately. My guess is that he was expressing gratitude and support for your work.

Tweed in Elephant
Morrighan, thank you for sharing.

It sounds like Elephant wanted you to know you're still in his thoughts and to show his gratitude from the other side. He may even be looking out for others who find themselves in similar positions.

It's hard for many to imagine but all of us are mere circumstances away from being homeless. None are immune to the possibility. I have heard it said some people are so overwhelmed for what ever reasons they simply can't pick themselves up. Or that some go through periods of flip flop, reverting back to destitution for whatever reasons. None of us can know what's behind a person.

I'd like to think Elephant finds comfort in your glimpsing him that day. Perhaps he understands that you'd be cool with him showing up like that. This doesn't sound much like a residual in my opinion. I hope he's at peace wherever he is, he sounds like a cool guy.

Thanks again for sharing.
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
AH! I see what you did there, lady-glow! Interesting. However, not done with edit profile function. (You are WAY too smart of a cookie! And, YES, I had missed that! Lol) Just goes to show, nobody knows everything.😊 Least of all me.
lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue

Not trying to be argumentative, but I remember that one time some one had to changed their birth date. Sorry, I'm not good with words but I had to try it to be sure and now...I'm a teenager!

He Turned Into Light

By lady-glow Add lady-glow to your favorite people
(13 stories) (2740 posts) (the author is a teenager)
Date: 2020-10-19

I'll change this back to normal in a few days.
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
I'm curious, when you say,"... My old boss and spoiled son on same street," is that your old boss's son?
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
Ok, guys - you can't change your date of birth through your profile.
One scenario I can well imagine is submitted the event when still 60 (middle age), turned 61 (senior) week or so after publishing. Personally, I don't think it's much of a deal, especially when one takes into consideration 'senior citizen' usually means 65 or better, but then you have places that at 55 they figure senior discount... 🤔 Anyway, point being YOU can't change your age. We assume folks know their own birthday, and got it right.
aussiedaz in The Pool Incident

Don't take it the wrong way mate, when you stated:

Many believe that we're just not supposed to know certain things from this side. Lord knows it doesn't stop us wanting to know.

I couldn't agree more with you, my remark was with intent to support your post. I won't let it go Tweed, I need to know as much as I can, however the more I know, is the less I know or something like that.

lady-glow in No Eyes All Tongue
Tweed (and all).

Yes, I noticed that, before PoliexterLy commented, the OP was a middle age adult.
I think it is possible to change ones age by using the "edit profile" option offered somewhere in the menu.

... Either that or the OP turned 60 after the above mentioned comment?... No, wouldn't be that, he clearly says to be "over 60 years old"...
Maybe we can put it down to the full moon but as of right now I'm reading it says senior adult at the top of this. Didn't notice what it said before. Can you change your date of birth on here? 🤔 second time in a row I've used that emoji lol.
Daz I don't know why you've addressed me like that at the end of that comment. But I liked your comment to Jess, so ah, okay. 🤔
valkricry in No Eyes All Tongue
Actually, our age group is selected by the system based on the birthdates we supply.
To help with the age categories, I have copied Martin's explanation.

"The age categories are pretty broad, I didn't want to be overly specific for privacy reasons:

20 or less = teenager
20 - 40 = young adult
40 - 60 = middle age adult
60 or more = senior adult"

Hope that helps!
aussiedaz in The Pool Incident
Hi Jess, " But why would her great grandmother lock us out"?...

Answer: Because poor old grandma has been waiting for a sign for 8 years with no luck Jess that is why.

Jess, when we cross over from the earth matrix and leave our avatars behind it's not that easy to come back to our loved ones and leave them messages, if it were, you'd be hearing screams in the neighbourhood 24/7 from an avalanche of paranormal activity, if I were the great grandmother I'd be doing the same thing.

Locking the door was additional information to help grandma realise and believe her mother came through, it wasn't intended to be taken any other way or to frighten you guys.

I was fortunate enough to talk to my mother after she crossed over on the 5th of may a few years back. At the end of that conversation she said to me, Darren, it's my birthday:)

Here's the deal, it wasn't her birthday or at least her earth birthday, she was letting me know through those final three words she is happy after a 8 month horrible experience with cancer.

Hi Tweed, and yes, I believe we come into the earth matrix with total amnesia, otherwise there'd be no point being here if we knew what the gig was about prior, furthermore I also believe our ghostie friends who are talented enough to come through are limited by perhaps spiritual laws not to give too much away... Lol

Disclaimer, My opinion and beliefs may or may not be correct? Take them with a pinch of salt.

I don't believe I'm suffering any mental conditions at the time of posting my response?

Regards Daz
PoliexterLy in No Eyes All Tongue
Just a question! You're 60 but how come on here you put you're a middle aged adult? Just something I'm curious about 😊
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Tweed At the time of these happenings I felt lucky to have experienced these lost souls. Now being over 60 years old and wording these experiences I feel pressure in my chest for a couple days, so I am getting the mind benders out fairly quick. Thanks for reading.
Hi Jess, it's too often that paranormal encounters leave us with more questions than answers. I want to know every why and how too, like I could crack some secret code. Many believe that we're just not supposed to know certain things from this side. Lord knows it doesn't stop us wanting to know.

I hope that woman got to experience the orb eventually. Maybe it was floating around erratically trying to find her.

Thanks for sharing your experiences I'm enjoying them.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Tweed Maybe Medium thought I was being reckless, she said more and I told her more than in this story. She Probably tells most the same thing. I still giggled and laughed when I Noticed or heard something. Motorcycle guy, that never crossed my mind. But he had that look. Thanks for reading.
Hi MrsRamsay, that iPhone live thing is so annoying. At least someone's found a good use for it! Well things are definitely busy around yours. Does that plate mean anything special to anyone? Maybe someone was trying to send a clumsy message using its significance.
Any chance you could upload your pics and audio somewhere?

Our place gets a bit odd on New Years. I think distant firecrackers must rouse the ghosties. Did you have any fireworks around your area on the 4th of July?
Hi Outofmirror, Ghosts definitely watch TV and the like. Most regulars on this site will agree. I'm fascinated that colour is very vivid for you with your encounters. I think sometimes paranormal experiences can come through our strongest supernatural senses, for you it seems colour is coming through especially strong. Interesting stuff.

I hope you get to a place where you can feel okay discussing these things. I'm sorry it's become stressful. This experience would stress me out too. It's cool to take a break, there's no rush or pressure.

Melda I forgot all about that experience you linked to, wow blast from the past!
Outofthemirror, I have to show this to my husband because this ghost matches his appearance right down to the dirty hands and leather! So I'm thinking your curly long haired hot dude might have worked with motorbikes as mine does. Just a thought.

Sorry the medium took the fun out of ghosts for you. We as much as high five ours and don't have an issue. I've never been superstitious about mirrors but there's enough encounters on here to suggest it's a 'thing' lol. I do disagree strongly with the medium that most ghost encounters happen at night. I think they happen any old time. Maybe people just notice stuff more at night.

Thanks for sharing your cool experiences I'm enjoying them all.
Bibliothecarius in The Demon
Greetings, Jess.

It can be deeply frustrating to have a friend or a family member witness supernatural events, and then deny the paranormal nature of the experience. My brother, for example, witnessed the scariest event of my childhood alongside me, but does not believe in ghosts.

From your descriptions of Miles' behavior later in his life & his need to be surrounded by large crowds of friends, it sounds to me as though he's trying very hard to block out something he does not want to face. Don't get me wrong: some people really are just that sociable & love being surrounded by their friends 24/7. It seemed to me that his being part of a crowd and his claim that he had a demon *not* a ghost, when taken in conjunction with his later rejection of ghost phenomena, suggest that he was trying very hard *not* to deal with some underlying issue.

By the way, I do not believe that Miles' experiences were demonic in nature. Demonic entities take on a great many forms to deceive people; however, many of them choose to communicate in Latin or Hebrew in addition to other languages. There is no letter "j" in Latin nor in Hebrew; these languages use "I" and "Y" respectively. The odds are against a demon choosing a name with a "J" to identify itself, but a deceased person could have the name quite naturally.

Don't get too caught up in getting the chronology of your experiences absolutely perfect, as we sometimes forget minor experiences until circumstances remind us of them.

I adore you... Thank you! As I said, it's been a long time since I've been on here. I'd be lying if I said I can completely remember the tone and the personality of the site. I remember a lot of intelligent people who brought up some great points on the stories I'd read, and who offered a different view on the experience itself.

I can't recall having read those guidelines, and if I did, it was years ago. I'll definitely be more careful how I go about it. Thank you again!
Jessbcr25 in The Demon
And he loved being around as many people as possible. His little gingerbread home was so much smaller than that trailer and he'd fit 20 or less of us in there. Much more social than I would ever want to be...
Jessbcr25 in The Demon
Hi lady glow! And I'm assuming because it was the middle of the night. Again, just assuming. At that age when I was living with my dad a year before that, I wasn't allowed to come home at an hour like that my dad made me come home before 10 or the next day. But as for my friend, I'm not sure. I do remember he didn't have the best relationship with his grandpa. But other than that that's a great question...
Thank you lady-glow. Glad to be here.

My mother and second aunt did inherit to an extent as they would go on to experience a couple of minor incidents later on in life. But my youngest aunt, who was the youngest girl in the family, would suffer the most. So much so that she was hospitalised and was on the verge of psychiatric treatment. The entire family has gone through major ordeals.

But the one who takes the cake is my younger sister. Forget the dead, even the living souls are attracted to her. She is a magnet for all things suffering. The latest incident was kind of severe which happened during a vacation in Goa, and let's just say the ministry of two states in India got involved to have her back home safely.

With regards to your second question, no object would be moved. It was only the sound. Things would be exactly where they were left the previous night. Also, there would be stomping on the timber-framed roof late in the nights - this I missed mentioning earlier. Those sounds were attributed to monkeys. As you can see, the family was hell bent on finding a logical explanation/reason to every incident that occured.

I remember the house being cleansed several times over the years. This was done much later though. I was probably in my late childhood by then, but I don't recall it vividly. By then it was an established fact that the place is haunted and everybody accepted it. From what I remember, that entire hillside was a burial ground for WW2 soldiers etc., hence those activities. The well was said to be the epicentre of all activities in the house.
Not sure about it being malignant but the family never prospered. Money was always a shortage. Though they were all well-educated with degrees, they remained underachievers. As long as they were in the house, they were affected physically, psychologically, emotionally. They would not have enough, there was always a shortage somehow.
Agree about parents opening up. My mother now is open with my sister about all these experiences and supports her in every way possible. I would reckon back in the day, my grandmother thought that if she doesn't talk about it, she can miraculously shield her children. Or put them out of harm's way just by choosing to ignore the presence. Funnily enough, grandma would hesitate to tell me these stories even when I was older. I would probe and ask her so many questions just to pull these stories out of her. She had passed away a couple of years ago and will forever remain an enigma to me.
outofthemirror (guest) in Black Clouds Showing Off
MrsRamsay. Tough answer, so many moving strands going every which way, controlled chaos. Black grays, dark black grays, blackest black. When I noticed it, I was reading it was at my knee and black strait up. The top of it was forward a little and had like 3 whitish grey like bangs off the top of it hanging kind of forward then turned. If I was standing I would have bolted out of there and missed this meeting, then maybe thinking it was a bad thing. Beautiful in its movements, colors changing in these movements. I hope this helps.
Feel like I'm spilling my guts here Lady-glow however in the interest of adding some additional information to perhaps confirm the forces of fate. Before I met my wife I was in a relationship where we tried to have children with no success over a 12 month period. My ex ended up marrying a few years later where she had 3 children to another man.

My wife was previously married for 7 years and same deal with her, no children. When we got together she fell pregnant with in 6 months and we had 3 children with in 4 years so yes.

That's why I was so interested in asking you if your new relationship was a big turning point. I do believe our lives are pre planned, not always does it go to plan?... For my wife and I, if one of us had a child with someone else we wouldn't be where we are now I have no doubt.


Wow... Someone or something was working really hard to make the two of you meet each other! This is fascinating.
lady-glow in The Demon
Do you know why Miles and his girlfriend didn't go to his grandparents place instead to drive all the way to the overcrowded trailer?
Hello wabisabi.

Welcome to YGS.
Your Grandmother was a strong an courageous woman. I imagine she had little time and energy to deal with spirits trying to get her attention.

Do you know how many of her children inherited her sensitivity? I imagine that her house was a magnet for spirits in need of help if they knew more than one person in that household was able to sense them.

The nights your mother heard someone getting water from the well, - would they find the buckets full of water the next morning or was only the sound of someone operating the well but without actually doing it? Have you considered the possibility of an elemental spirit of water causing the activity? This disturbances, in my opinion, though unnerving don't look malignant.

I'm not sure if not discussing the strange occurrences with her children was the best thing to do, perhaps working like a family would have helped to set some boundaries to what the spirits were allowed to do. Though nothing can be changed about the past, a lesson should be learned from it, perhaps being more open about these family abilities with the new generations would make them easier for them to deal with them.

Thanks for sharing this fascinating story with us, I hope to hear more from you.
Although I appreciate your enthusiasm for getting permissions to use stories, you do need to be careful not to 'spam' the site (saying the same thing over and over like an advert), don't forget to comment on the story itself.
Also, you might add about your YouTube channel on your profile, I notice your email is on there. Then after you comment on the story, you could add that you'd be interested in using to please see profile for contact info.
Our Contact page has information about using the stories and getting permission, if you haven't already read it.
Super interesting. I like your attitude, haha, "Not going down there."

Don't you think we run into things here and there, but it's only certain people who are paying attention?

Coming out from the area next to the toilet is a bit close though... When you say "beautiful in its own way" can you be more specific?
Hey everyone, thank you so much for the thoughtful comments. My apologies for the super delayed response. I've had a rather chaotic month, to say the least, and this was one thing I just kept forgetting to check.

Tweed - I'm really happy to hear you appreciated my puppet people encounter. That was honestly such a defining moment in my life and it wasn't super easy to share for obvious reasons. You folks were the first people other than my cousin and my shrink that I actually told about it.

LightMight - Yes, it is quite a heavy story once you have all the pieces. I know it left me pretty emotionally punch-drunk when I finally put it all together. If I was going to share it anywhere though, I'm glad it was on here.

And, oh yeah. I'm certain Katrina left behind more than its fair share of ghosts. As if this whole area wasn't already haunted enough...

VeronicaMarie - I haven't lived in that building in a long time, but there weren't any other sightings of her to my knowledge.

But yeah, I also feel like she reached out to me because I was someone who could and would care enough to take the time to tell her story. Honestly, now I feel kind'a bad for taking so long to share it 😕
Hey there!

We're a brother/sister team of creators of a small, brand-new YouTube channel called "The Dark End of the Street." We do true crime stories mostly, but with sprinklings of the occult, paranormal and various other horror experiences, so long as they're true. We also read creepy/scary stories, and are hoping to eventually have them submitted directly to us. Since we're so new and unknown though, we need content to post and somewhere to start!

We've just read your post entitled "Be Aware, Pray For... Who?" and greatly enjoyed its entertainment value. (Though we're definitely glad you're safe and made it out of the situation unharmed!) We're messaging to ask your permission to use your story in one of our upcoming YT posts.

May we have your permission to narrate your "Be Aware, Pray For... Who?" story, as well as any other Your Ghost Stories posts that you've authored, in a future YouTube video (s)?

Thank you so much for your time!

Jill and Ronnie
PBnJilly in Back Again
Hey there!

We're a brother/sister team of creators of a small, brand-new YouTube channel called "The Dark End of the Street." We do true crime stories mostly, but with sprinklings of the occult, paranormal and various other horror experiences, so long as they're true. We also read creepy/scary stories, and are hoping to eventually have them submitted directly to us. Since we're so new and unknown though, we need content to post and somewhere to start!

We've just read your post entitled "Back Again" and greatly enjoyed its entertainment value. We're messaging to ask your permission to use your story in one of our upcoming YT posts.

May we have your permission to narrate your "Back Again" story, as well as any other Your Ghost Stories posts that you've authored, in a future YouTube video (s)?

Thank you so much for your time!

Jill and Ronnie
Hey there!

We're a brother/sister team of creators of a small, brand-new YouTube channel called "The Dark End of the Street." We do true crime stories mostly, but with sprinklings of the occult, paranormal and various other horror experiences, so long as they're true. We also read creepy/scary stories, and are hoping to eventually have them submitted directly to us. Since we're so new and unknown though, we need content to post and somewhere to start!

We've just read your post entitled "Lady In Black At The End Of My Bed" and greatly enjoyed its entertainment value. (Though we're definitely glad you're safe and made it out of the situation unharmed!) We're messaging to ask your permission to use your story in one of our upcoming YT posts.

May we have your permission to narrate your "Lady In Black At The End Of My Bed" story, as well as any other Your Ghost Stories posts that you've authored, in a future YouTube video (s)?

Thank you so much for your time!

Jill and Ronnie

Thank you so very much! I worry about getting some of the permissions, as there are users who don't come here anymore, or check their account, or have their email listed. Their stories are SOOO good though, and that's the shame of it!

I'm doing well though, love. How are you? We've just been trying to ride out this whole pandemic thing and praying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you're well and life is in a good place for you!

Again, thank you so much for your permission! It means the world right now! I'll definitely let you know when we're up and running.

Sending love and light,
PB n Jilly
DarriuxDarkk in Freaky Experience

I've read your story and though I have questions I think I just want to point out that the author stated he was 11 years old when this event happened. Maybe he had a little bit different notion of the events that transpired that day?

Maybe the adults might have experienced or remembered that event a little bit differently?

Thanks and God bless.
Would my life had been the same if I hadn't gone to work that time to La Paz? I don't know. Perhaps I would had met my now husband seating at my side in an airplane?

I can't let this go Lady-glow without sharing my own sliding door moment with my own wife of 29 years and what seems to be the unknown forces of our universe that bring fate together... Before my wife and I met roughly around 1989, I was pondering on only two date lines that would see me out on the seas for a 7 day Cruise to Fiji and surrounding islands.

These two date lines were concurrent, little did I know at the time my future wife selected the other date of which I was tossing up on taking.

Both of us had been in long term relationships that didn't work out anyway,

I met my wife about 9 months after these two cruises ended funny thing is, both of us have a photo in a frame, same size, shot basically in the same place only just on a different timeline of about 7 days.

So more than likely your gut feeling about the airplane probably would have happened?... I feel about 60 percent confident JR was really letting you know he helped you for a reason coming from a deeper place, he may have had a six sense or something? Anyway, thank you for sharing your story and sharing some insight on your own personal situation. Yes it's not all about love, light and smelling roses, we grow from all the other potions of life that make us human.

Regards Daz
Oh. My. Gosh! How the heck are you?
Many of us have our emails posted on our profiles, and that's about the extent we have for a 'connect with the writer' thing.
THANK you for seeking permission to use my stories! It should be alright. Let me know when you've the channel up and running.:)
Hey Val,
It's been forever since I've been on here and I'm glad to see some new posts from some of my favorite posters since the last time I was on. I looked for a way to message you privately, but I don't believe this site has that.

Anyways, the purpose of my contacting you is to ask if my YouTube channel may narrate in videos some of your stories posted on this site. I love so many of these stories and often ones from other websites too, but sometimes I'd rather have them read to me than read them myself. However, I'd never want to do this without the blessing of and permission by the author. I'd credit you for the story or leave it anonymous, it's up to you.

My brother and I are just starting our YouTube channel and I'll be honest, we don't even have more than a trailer of what's to come posted on it yet. It's going to be a mix of all true topics like crime cases, narrated "scary" stories covering a variety of topics, and videos on other spooky/horror content like the occult and paranormal. That's a little about us, so you'll know what your work would be featured in.

Either way, thank you for your time and thank you for so many stories from you that I have enjoyed reading over the years.
Hello aussiedaz.

"perhaps JR may be a part of your immediate soul group? Or perhaps one of the many cluster groups we work with...
JR may have agreed to help you meet this man"

That is a very interesting point of view, it would explain a deeper connection between us that the one we developed in this life.
Perhaps this was his way to tell me that he cared for the outcome of the adventure I was starting.

"was this new relationship a sizeable turning point in your life?'

You bet! - I left behind not only my family and my friends, but most of the things that defined me at that point in my life. My life as an immigrant has been mostly good, more ups than downs; with many challenges that have been, at the same time, a chance for growing like a person.
Would my life had been the same if I hadn't gone to work that time to La Paz? I don't know. Perhaps I would had met my now husband seating at my side in an airplane.

Regardless if JR had anything to do with the path I followed in life, I think he cared for me more than I realized.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Actually, I was talking about finding an explanation (the truth about) to the daylight at 3:00 am thing... LOL

It seems like you have encountered some aggressive spirits.
Hi lady-glow,

I may have thought it was just a dream based on your response to Manafon describing it as being "dull and heavy" however the light you saw perhaps lends a clue to it being a little more than meets the inner eye.

I do remember in one of my physical dream sates or what Edgar Cayce refers to as in a "state of super consciousness" I meet with my father of whom I asked a few questions to validate my account (just in case I was having a schizohrenia episode) lol... This dream was crazy in the sense of alertness, visual perception and detail I do believe I was on the other side with him... He actually started our conversation out by saying "you did it son" anyway, at the end of my experience, (with note to memory on the answers my father gave me) there was a bright ball of light that basically chased me out of there.

So yes, I feel there is a little more to it by the way your account ended, who knows perhaps JR may be a part of your immediate soul group? Or perhaps one of the many cluster groups we work with according to the work of Michael Newton (journey of the souls).

JR may have agreed to help you meet this man you are now married to I'd assume? And then perhaps JR decided to check out via the next exit point from the earth matrix, out of curiosity was this new relationship a sizeable turning point in your life? Family, change of location etc? If you don't mind me asking.

Regards Daz
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Indian
Hello Augusta, that theory actually makes sense. I remember reading a really great ghost story that took place at the latter part of the depression and in it, the author mentioned moving in during the summer where they were busy outside much of the time. So even though the events she described were ongoing, she ventured a guess that it was because they were so busy, especially during the day that they may have at first not noticed them. The events she described mostly took place in the afternoon and evening/night as well. It seems well documented that many spirits (not all) attempt to invoke fear in people, and the greater the fear it seems the more manifestations. They seem to feed off the energy and fear being a lower vibration is probably a better match for them as many did not die under the best of circumstances and seem to exist at a lower frequency/vibration than we do, at least the earthbound ones for sure. The vibration difference may also explain why some people hear whispers and snippets of conversation when no one is visibly there but can't make out clearly what is being said, even if they're close to where they believe it's coming from. Interesting stuff, thanks for getting back to me, you've given me more to think about!
AugustaM in My Indian
Hey, Lost Voyage - no I never felt a thing during the day either inside the house or outside; only at night. My theory is that spirits need a certain amount of dedicated energy to manifest to a level where we can perceive them (whether visually or through our other senses) but there is too much "white noise" to overcome in the daytime; it would take just too much energy to overcome it. And I sort of suspect that the older a human spirit gets, the less energy it can marshal at one time so it's more likely to only be able to manifest in the evening. But these are just my own hair brained theories:-)
outofthemirror (guest) in Doesn't Like Me Smoking
Lady-glow Maybe 4 years. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THROUGH TO THE TRUTH. WOW I'm not here to judge peoples experiences. I don't have that good of an imagination to think this crap up. I feel those that don't go to the light are wandering the neighborhood bored stuck in the drama on there side, hoping to find someone to notice them. I had some get my attention, I would point and laugh at them and say I can see you and after a while they seem to show off for me, Those spirits probably miss me.
I really don't like early mourning happenings. One night something pulling on blanket at end of bed woke me as my toes were being smashed down, It really hurt Christmas lights slightly lit up bedroom. Happened to wife once before this, We filmed 2 nights hoping to catch something. Peace.
valkricry - thank you for clarifying, I had to ask what I did because, from my point of view, the way it is just doesn't make sense. Sorry about that.

Outofthemirror (Mr & Mrs)
I hope there are not hurt feelings after my questioning, some times the only way to get to the truth is through probing and poking...

Still, I hope you can answer my last question since it is about the story:
"Do you remember how long had passed since his death and the events in your narrative?"

Thanks again.
Actually, the error about the daylight basement is my fault. I misread what outofthemirror had written, and did not know there is what is known as a 'DAYLIGHT BASEMENT', I wrongly assumed he meant 'day light'. Since nothing was said about turning on lights, I made the wrong call as it were. Sorry for the confusion.
outofthemirror (guest) in Doesn't Like Me Smoking
LADYGLO My wife had me proofread her part. I typed they clean up my typing to the end. From this day forward if questions are not about the soul of the story I will not respond. When I read these amazing stories on this site if I don't understand something I don't bother them I go to next story.PEACE.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Mrsramsay with all my going backwards Mirror guy had brown eyes. I can't believe I erased that. Thanks for asking about information about this man. He did not look at me only strait ahead slightly down then back up strait ahead. EMOTIONLESS. I hardly never used master bathroom and rarely walked in front of these mirrors. I try not to use the word PORTAL but my house came alive after I installed the mirrored doors. I was home all day not a trespasser. I repeated here the mediums thoughts. I type now my way. I want to use the least amount of words and get to the point. I drew this man stripes and all. He came through a solid mirrored door, I inspected inside of closet full of girl stuff, shoes long dress stuff don't know how he got thru. I think I answered your questions. PEACE
Yes like MrsRamsey stated, I'm so glad you stopped smoking. I had a similar experience with alcohol on one occasion. I do also remember on this other occasion (relating to smoking) I felt this urge to ask my brother to quit the habit. I do believe someone on the other side was mediating that vibe to me of which I took aboard however at that time, we weren't on good talking terms so you can imagine how hard it would be to call him out of the blue and say "hey you need to stop smoking."

I let it go for a few months and to my surprise when I finally did catch up with my brother, he told me he quit smoking. It has now been 7 years for him... Only last weekend we went away together where we talked about him giving up the cancer sticks and the vibes I were getting from somewhere else to encourage him to stop.

Anyway, keep it up mate, there's perhaps a bigger reason why they have given you a nudge?... You probably need to figure that one out?... Our lives are mapped out, that little thing called free will and temptation, can steer us of the path.

Regards Daz
Mrs. Outofthemirror.

Thanks for answering/clarifying my question.

It wasn't my intention to offend anyone, I only wanted to know if there was an explanation for this, in my opinion, discrepancy. I'm sure the moderator/editor to this story will provide us with their feedback.

I know there are mistakes in my writing BUT more than karma, it's because English is not my mother tongue. I'm not trying to use this like a justification, I know that oftentimes my words seem edgier and rougher than intended. Like you have mentioned before, I'm very observant and, on top of that, I'm a very inquisitive person and like to ask questions about the things I don't understand. I hope this is not a problem for you or your husband.

Thanks for your kind reply.
Hi there, Mrs. Ramsay here and I'm a writer and editor who has truly enjoyed your stories. Just imagine if you could type 70 wpm, haha, you'd be prolific! Your wife must be a gem to type for you! Thank her for us, please.

This mirror story is quite helpful to me. I never really heard about opposing mirrors (have not been a big reader on the topic) but it makes perfect sense to me. I always was inherently nervous about two opposing mirrors and did not know why! Maybe it's that thing where the image seems to go back and forth to infinity and beyond.

In my bathroom I have two huge wall mirrors on a right angle, and sometimes the opposing shower door makes me nervous, never knew why and I'm NOT a nervous person. I took some photos once in there and my mom's face was in the mirror but I lost the photo when my computer died!

It seems like you knew immediately that the guy in your hall was a spirit even though he seemed solid. Did you ever think: intruder!? Can you describe his eyes at all? Did he look at you at all? Interesting that you recall his clothing so well. And, how did you know about the perfume? I'm guessing the medium told you that. Hmmm... So, so interesting. Thanks for sharing.
outofthemirror (guest) in Doesn't Like Me Smoking
Lady-Glow: (Wife talking here, but Dave has been typing his own stories). Thank you for bringing that up. My husband brought this up to me early this morning, that whoever posted his story had changed it to state it that way. He said that his story said he went down INTO THE DAYLIGHT BASEMENT, and also looked up at the ceiling in the fishing room for any damage because noise was so loud, but that part was also removed. Sorry about that, but it was supposed to say DAYLIGHT BASEMENT (he had to turn lights on to look for damage around 3am) not placing blame. They clean up my typing and thanks for that.
I see you also have typing errors. Were only human. KARMA

"About 3 am one mourning drinking coffee... Go down stairs there's some daylight in the basement,"

3 am is kind of too early for sunrise, isn't it? - Not being a nitpick, only asking out of curiosity.


It seems like your neighbor really cared for you during his life and was trying to prevent you from any of the many harmful effects of cigarettes.
Do you remember how long had passed since his death and the events in your narrative?

Thanks for sharing.
I think this is one of the most fun stories here. And it shows us the paranormal is all around us, all the time. We just don't realize it. But for you to go immediately to the thought of your neighbor makes such sense. It's an intuition thing, and some of us have it and some do not I guess.

So glad you quit smoking. Mom died of lung cancer and it was rough. She "quit" also, but snuck them for years and it got her.
Yesterday, my dog started barking in our family room, looking up at the window to the backyard (that faces the pool pump area). She was intently barking at nothing. There were no birds, squirrels or anything. I took a few photos and videos and finally closed the shutters (that had been wide open). It was just before dusk, but bright outside.

When I listen to the videos, I hear growling, and cannot tell if it's my dog, I thought she was just barking with no growl and have hardly ever heard her growl, she's a goofball border collie. I'm going to have to listen to it some more. Something was weird though, and that was a first. We are re-modeling our kitchen right now and this comes just after (about a week ago) a plate on my fireplace mantle (that is on a plate holder, securely sitting on the mantle) fell down while we were in the room. On that day, my son and I were sitting here and he looks up at the fireplace a split second before the plate sort of gently twisted and sat itself down on the mantle. I saw him look up, then heard the plate. Something caused him to look over there (it's on the wall perpendicular to our tv wall). The small, 5 inch antique plate could not have fallen (been there 8 years) and he says it just laid itself down. I will admit, the next day I talked to the air, specifying the names of the people who used to live here (who by all accounts were awesome and loved this home) and told them our renovations will be finished soon, they had to be done since things were falling apart, and that it was all going to be beautiful and they should try and go to wherever they are supposed to be and not worry about the house, that we will take good care of it. I don't feel like the barking yesterday was necessarily connected to the plate thing.
outofthemirror (guest) in Mirror Ghost?
NishaBoo1 Great story. Great wording. You see black figure so soon. I would have asked about the spirit. They were probably laughing driving away. Thanks for sharing.
outofthemirror (guest) in Mirror
Hi lazar Any experiences lately. Do you still have mirror. Do you look for them in the mirror.Thanx
Sceptic-Ari in Scratched By A Ghost
Dear blossom,
খুব গুলবাজি হচ্চে 😜
Thanks for sharing your experience. Must have been a scary one in such a tender age!
If possible, please share the location or area, where your paternal house is/was.

চালিয়ে যাও।

outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Bibliothecarius. We agree. I have 2 already sent and waiting. My worst and best. I have stopped for now. Thanks for your support.
Bibliothecarius in No Eyes All Tongue
Greetings, outofthemirror.

I've been enjoying reading your narratives that you've posted thus far.

Revisiting events from your past can be upsetting; you note that "I have a lot of stress last two days from bringing up these experiences." I would respectfully recommend that you take a day or two before typing out the next events you wish to submit for publication. I don't want you to stop, by any means, but it may be best for your stress level to take a breather.

Reflect upon your experiences that you have shared to date, consider how they affected you at the time & how you feel about them now, and talk them over with your wife. That may give you a little more time to see how these events have shaped you but don't need to define you. After a little rest for mental perspective, you may feel refreshed when continuing to submit your fascinating experiences.

We're pretty open-minded about reading others' experiences on YGS, as most of us are aware that our own experiences may make us sound nuts to disbelieving family or friends.

Your stories are safe with us, here.

outofthemirror--No worries. When you "put yourself out there" to share a paranormal account it can be a bit intense but I think you will find a great open minded community at YGS. As for a lie detector test, I have other things I like to spend cash on 😉. Thanks for sharing your accounts.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Manafon1 Sorry for getting snippy. Wife did not want to type the way it was written we were going at it. She reads points out all my mistakes as she is reading, there already posted. My wife is laughing at me because Manafon1 even found more that my wife missed and I am ripping off the bandages of these old wounds that really have never healed and even now stressed for putting these stories out there. Hate was the wrong word. If you have doubt's, you can pay for lie detector test.I'm not kidding.
outofthemirror (guest) in No Eyes All Tongue
Melda. Thanks for your comments. Mine were written down many years ago. I would be moving, going through boxes and find my journal start reading and realize how crazy those happenings were and I wish others new. My mother always said, you will go to hell faster for lying than you will for stealing. I'm not a liar, no time for it. This site is getting my stories not all, If they don't print them so be it. 2 pictures, turn cool pix 10 on snap pic if orbs snap again little movement as possible not to alarm orbs that are watching tv. 1st shot amazing orbs 7 8 inches round over 10 of them they have mass inside. 2nd shot 2 seconds later only one. NOT DUST I had only one small wall heater in living room kitchen area. In one shot there were over 8 large orbs stacked out in front of and some above my tv when I snapped. They were watching a ghost show on the travel channel. I was debunking. Hard to believe but they watch TV IN MY OPINION. I have a lot of stress last two days from bringing up these experiences.
outofthemirror - Well, if I'd experienced anything like this I would have been absolutely terrified 😨 This guy could have prettied himself up a bit before you saw him, especially if he was there in a protective capacity!

Besides being totally gobsmacked by your experience, I honestly don't know what to make of it. What I do know is that some really inexplicable things do happen and no, your everyday person in the street won't believe a word of it. Even one of my own children laughs at me!

So the reason you took two pics every morning is secret? Okay.

Here's a link to a story which I think you might find interesting. I know it's rather long but persevere because I believe that it's worth reading. Some of the comments are also interesting and some of them also provide links.

I'll be following this.

Regards, Melda
The_Morrighan in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Out of the mirror - First of all I'd like to say that I've enjoyed reading your accounts. Secondly I'd just like to say that nobody has been offering you 'hate'. I've lurked on this site for several years now and 99% of posters receive questions and comments on their narratives and this is so that other YGS members can better understand the sequence of events and context. You haven't been singled out and you're not being 'picked on'. It would be a shame if you left this site over a misconception.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hi Jubeele, thanks for reading and commenting on my stories. I no longer live in the area but continue to visit my parents once a year for the holidays. As a foot note to the story, a few years back I was mysteriously drawn back to the house and took some exterior digital photos of it. After I got back home I shared them with a friend who lives about an hour away. She claims to have seen the outline of a woman in one of the windows in the photos. I couldn't really make it out, but it peaked her own curiosity. She's spiritual and somewhat psychic and open to paranormal phenomenon. However within a day she contacted me a bit perturbed by some recent events. She informed me she had a dream where the 'woman', the one from the picture and apparently the ghost everyone in my story 'encountered' in some form or fashion, came after her, trying to ask for something. My friend got a terrible feeling about whatever this woman was asking from her, although she couldn't recall the actual request. She got an 'impression' from the 'woman' that the reason her face couldn't be seen because in life she had disfigured it, she apparently went insane and murdered the man that was seen lying down, possibly the same one my brother saw. He was a drunk and when passed out, she killed him. Also she told me that the reason no one could track anything down about any of this is because the woman doesn't want to be found out, she doesn't want the truth revealed. Now this can be taken with a grain of salt of course, there is no way to prove or disprove any of it. It is what she had in a psychic vision/dream but felt that the woman was dangerous/dark and wanted nothing more to do with it, it scared her bad enough that she warned me to stop looking into it as well, nothing good would come of it. She said though the woman was anchored to that old house, she could travel, and from my youth had somehow connected to me. My friend performed a protection ritual for herself and me, and then refused to speak of it anymore. I think it kind of strained the friendship. However what was really strange was that after the ritual, my dreams about the place stopped. Really strange stuff. As to the history of the area, it had been a base camp for fugitives and bandits because of the river. It had a fort at one time that had been attacked and burned, a popular resident in the 1800's had been shot and killed and the case had never been solved. Another individual had just disappeared and all kinds of stories went around about that, also in the 1800's, a body was never found. Needless to say, it's got a colorful history, not all of it bad, but since it was founded in pioneering times, it had its fair share of negative events. So as you mentioned, maybe not so much the house but the area draws negativity to it. It certainly has its fair share of paranormal events!
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Manafon1 I am thankful to finally have a place to unload these happenings, I word them the best I can, If any of these happenings help even one person then it was worth it. Clouds that do no harm to mirror people that want to be seen. Probably typo's in next two stories already sent. When stories are in I'm gone. I noticed some ask and seem to make your story all about there thinking.
outofthemirror--There's no hate coming from me. I was merely asking for clarification on a few points. Everyone who posts accounts on YGS are asked questions. We can only understand through communication.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
WENT BACK INTO ROOM AND NOTICED WHERE HE HAD, HAD, IS MISSING. The word had. My wife also noticed it. He showed himself for seconds and never seen again. Sent him to light. My dog was female sorry. I know there's thousands of day sightings. I proof read all these happenings 20 times at least I'm not that good. Don't dismiss happenings. There will be more, try to control the hate. My typing, I was going to put BE KIND AT END. Good mindset. I've seen. I know I'm going to get beat up by some from my happenings, but they happened. And my wording may not be the best.
outofthemirror--I know you type slowly but both of your latest narratives jump from thought to thought in a manner that sometimes makes them difficult to follow. When you retuned to the room how long did the apparition remain standing in the air purifier? When you left for work was the apparition still visible? Did your wife see it and if so what was her reaction? I can't imagine she wouldn't have been thrilled to be left alone with a ghost who was digging her perfume. Did the medium you contact send the spirit of the guy to the light or the spirit of your deceased dog?

These are a few questions that came to mind reading this particular account. Also don't agree with the medium's opinion that apparitions mostly appear at night as there are thousands of well documented daylight sightings.

You describe some freaky stuff to be sure but you seem to take it in your stride which a good mindset to have.

That OB episode with the cat was amazing, as was the sensation of being in two places at the same time. Your family has a remarkable gift. The only other time I had experienced something similar was during a guided transcendental meditation workshop, where I went a bit too deep and felt myself 'floating' among the stars in the night sky for a few moments. It was strange, but quite liberating.

I suspect that the recent activity, particularly in the kitchen, was likely Aunty May letting me know she was there. Perhaps her intent was to have me convey to my mother, and the rest of the family, that all was well with her and thus be comforted.

Thank you for coming by to read my account and sharing your thoughts with us.
i know situations like this can be very freighting and surprising. I also do agree with many comments it could be just crossed communication.
This happened to me in fact but in a different way. I was using my amplifier to play my guitar outside and the all of a sudden I heard a woman's voice play through the amplifier.

"well that's not suppose to happen" I though but then I figured it was some radio station.

But has any other creepy things happened in your work place before? Or this is the first time?
As a home grown member of western society, I find this recounting unsettling. In the U.S., ghost month would pass largely unnoticed outside of Asian communities. Our western views of life, death and the hereafter generally differ from those found in the orient. What is disturbing is that the eastern beliefs may be correct, and we have been wrong, thereby creating many aggrieved spirits. The American saying "You only hurt the ones you love." may be more correct than we know.

Your encounter with the cat sounds like an out of body (oob) experience. These were common in my family and I know first hand that oobs are real and not particularly extraordinary. That you were relaxed and dozing (in and out) is the perfect state for a spontaneous oob. I love them as they show us that we are not our body and that our body is not us.

The young woman in the white blouse sounds like a typical ghost sighting, though it could be an imprint created by means or reason unknown. Given it was ghost month I'll go with conventional eastern wisdom.

The goings-on in the kitchen seem to indicate you had company which, frankly, is not too uncommon. After my mother passed she could be heard handling silverware at the kitchen sink. That was a common sound in our house when she was alive, and she seemed to spend a lot of time at it, as though she enjoyed it. That you were being shown you had a companion seems to indicate a friendly presence.

My vote is for Aunt May, sandalwood and all. After all, being dead is just a long term out of body experience. And who needs a body just to stop by and lend a hand in the kitchen?
RC Ruskin, that thing you said about things happening...that's happened to me a ton. While working on Ancestry... I will be focussed on one particular time period and place, for example the Revolutionary war in New Jersey. The next thing I know, there's a show on tv focussing on that time and place. It's a neat little synchronicity that's occurred more than a couple times.
outofthemirror - Thanks for commenting.
Yes that was one very strange morning!

Thanks for your good wishes; I virtually live in Fort Knox now 🙄

Regards, Melda
lady-glow - My little Beetle was green and didn't have a name as far as I can remember.

What I felt in the car wasn't frightening at all and I mostly felt it when I was driving alone after dark. The "feeling" came from the back seat right behind me (right-hand drive in South Africa). Maybe someone looking after me? I like to think so but I don't know.

I sold the car to a woman who lent it to her brother and he wrote it off. I was really upset!

Regards, Melda

I hope the uninvited companion in your VW wasn't of the unnerving kind. Do you know if it stayed there after you sold it?
My first car was a white VW Beetle and I called it "Cacheton" (big cheeks).

Nice to 'see' you around and to read your always informative comments... Which I have been unable to upvote for a while.
Hello outofthemirror.

This is a fascinating experience, I'm not sure if the apparition got into your vehicle or not but, if some new unexplained activity was triggered after this event, then it would be possible that he was the cause.
It was nice that you tried to find him, perhaps he appreciated your gesture of concern for his welfare.

These encounters with ghosts at the side of the road can have different outcomes, it's common for people to report someone getting into their car and acting odd, but not odd enough as to consider them a spirit, only to find out that they have vanished once they reached their destination.

There's an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" that talks about numerous encounters of taxi drivers in a city in Japan, with ghosts asking to be driven to several destinations; the spirits are people who died during a tsunami.

In my opinion, your ghost was just doing his own thing and you happened to be there at the right time... Or was it at the wrong time?

Looking forward to read your other stories.
outofthemirror (guest) in Mystifying Morning
Melda The light is a Brain Teaser. The bin and things moving would make me worry a bit. Glad your still here after robbery. I send you Peace Love and courage.
outofthemirror (guest) in Young Man On Guard Rail
Melda. There was a Ghost show that had a bad spirit stuck in the car. Crazy stuff. I have submitted 3 more happenings from this home. I word them the best I can as it happened. So many happenings. I would take a lie detector test on all. This happened and must have happened to others. Getting these out is a cleansing for me. I don't know if they will print NO EYES ALL TONGUE. This one brought back some stress. Do you have a happening in here. Have a good day
outofthemirror - I hope others comment soon. I personally would love to hear opinions on this incident and I'm sure the OP would as well.

Oh my, that wouldn't be the first ghostie to hitch a ride! He probably didn't but I'm reminded of the time when I bought my first Volkswagen Beetle, which was by no means new. I often felt that I wasn't alone in that little car. I was 18/19 at the time and sold it when I turned 21 and decided to do some travelling.

Regards, Melda
Hi XBFalcon, I enjoyed your ghost tales a lot, but what I really loved was the detecting terms. I've been detecting religiously for 11 years and I've heard fossick before, but "stickybeak" cracked me up, I love it, thanks mate!
Australians are so much more fun than most Americans.

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