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Awoken in The Wind Spoke

I died when I was very very young. And before you ask, yeah I saw a light, actually more than one. But that may have been because I was being rushed down a hospital hallway when they rammed the needle in my heart that brought me back. It's my earliest childhood memory.

Incidentally, I posted the wind story because it seemed one of the less bizarre, the wind felt thick that night, and I saw a... Something... After finishing work late in Bowler, WI.

What started as a vague search for wind related paranormal sightings got me to this site, and here we are.

And again before you ask what I saw, it was a little kid in black and white clothes. Crossed the street in front of my truck, and so I ignored it per my personal "no witnesses rule" and then he crossed the road again going back the other way. But it wasn't a kid. It was something else.
Looked like a kid.
Wasn't a kid.
Made my skin crawl, and honestly there isn't much that disturbs me to that extent anymore.
It wasn't a kid. And I'm not interested in knowing more about it then that.
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
Hey MrsR,

What can I say? Told ya. Lol.

Honestly, I've met maybe a half dozen in my life that could hear "it" or "feel" it... Whatever. I never ask if someone hears or feels something, just like I didn't tell my brother I heard the wind call my name. Too many wannabe snowflakes out there. Anyone who really experiences this stuff can tell you it's not exciting or entertaining, and after awhile, it's not even scary. Mostly it's just very inconvenient.

I would say "Ignore it and don't drift too hard when the wind is thick," but that's from a guy who spent his life trying to shut the sounds and voices out. The idea of listening more closely is like considering sticking my hand in an unknown animal hole I found in the yard.

I prefer to simply keep my fingers and avoid attention.:)

Thanks for commenting.
Also just to add up since I can't edit my previous posts. Some Aswangs also tend to stay on the roof of their targetted preys. They make some noises on the roof as well like walking on it or if they are Manananggals, they have half upper body with bat wings so some flapping of wings can be heard on the roof as well.

There seem to have some similarities on that, I just noticed.

Thanks and God bless.
Lealeigh in Animal Guardians

It warms my heart that you have such compassion for an animal when you had never seen it before in your life.
It shows that you have wonderful character. ❤

- Maria
I saw your post, thank you for enlightening me. I always welcome new informations.

I'm just curious though if these creatures can be categorize to some Philippines version of "aswangs". They are what we call human looking people on daytime but can shapeshift into something else during the night to prey on people's entrails or organs. They can have claws too but I don't know about lizard skins. They can however be beast-like and has superhuman strength as what you described like jumping with extraordinary feats.
Templar1179 in Military Ghost Story
Oye Veigh! That's just downright creepy! I got rid of my ouija board after someone or something came into my room and chased me out of the house after seeing the shadow from the lamp in my room going down the wall.
My response was meant for DarruiuxDarkk and not ManInBlue--Ooops.
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
I appreciate the interest guys and gals, and I'm touched, as well. I have looked around at different literature at times over the years to try to understand exactly why I am the way I am, that these sorts of things seem to happen around me, or those who happen to be near me when I drift or when the wind is thick.
I will share some other stories certainly. They may be entertaining for some, and if they are of use to others in making them feel less alone, I'm happy to share.

And as far as my theories, some of those theories are what kept me from digging to deep for answers, or from sharing overmuch - well that and thinking maybe I'm crazy.

It's difficult to explain, but the best way I can describe it is a "thickening" in the drift when I start showing too much interest, or overstating.

During the day that's fine, but I would like to sleep occasionally. The voices were bad enough, but the bed didn't stop shaking every week or so until I was around twenty. (And I'm not being figurative. That one I had multiple witnesses. Used to scare the crap out of my cousin and guests) :)

Oh, I suppose this might relevant. My niece and my eldest daughter seem to share this curse. My sister called me t have me talk to her daughter when she started talking to people who weren't there when the furniture started moving. That was a kid's birthday party a lot of people won't be forgetting.
Templar1179 in Animal Guardians
No, I never met the cat before. I also believe that Shorty did come back to thank me. My friend does too. Thank you for reading my story.😺
ManInBlue--I've never seen Spring heeled Jack but from what I've read it's sounds like what you described. According to reports of the creature, it did have clawed hands. All the reports I've ever read of Spring heeled Jack took place in the UK.

Most online sources state that sightings of the creature died down by 1880 but I remember reading an article in Fortean Times some years ago that detailed more recent reports from the 1950s.

There are many articles of Spring heeled Jack online you can read. There are many theories on what the creature was, running the gamut from a ghost to a prankster aristocrat. I've never heard of reports from Canada or Kenya but I'm no expert on the subject.
Ha, I bet my comment would be deleted if I wrote all the bad names starting with the letter "D" that I gave to this joke of a man.

Rikke - perhaps IE wasn't fully aware of her passing and was only observing the stranger in her place. I'm sure that your dream was more than just a dream, in my opinion it was a spiritual encounter with the previous tenant.

I'm sorry that you had to go through such a bad experience, but it's good to know that you were not alone and that all this made you stronger.

MIB - did the entity leave any tracks on the snow? If so, what was their shape and where did they go?
What's a spring heeled jack. That's fairly new to me. I can google it but I want to hear on people who encountered this creature first.

Also based from the description is it possible that he is human just sort of deformed? I don't know. I like to hear more of this being. Thank you.
GreenGhost1985 in My Ghostly Guardian Pt 2
I really love this. I'm very new to this site. I just found it a month ago. This is going in my Favorites!
ManInBlue--The creature you're referring to isn't Jumping Jack but Spring Heeled Jack, the legend of which dates back to the late 1830s.
That would have freaked me out. Do you remember any more details like was it wearing clothes and did it look yo ung or old?
silverthane61 in Stairway Chills
If (big if - I do not mean to scare) this is a preternatural entity, then they seem to delight in the chaos created by isolating one person out of a family to appear to. This, of course, leads to the other members of the family accusing the perceiver of being crazy, lying, etc. These entities seem to feed off the arguments created by families in flux.
Ghosts/Demons can haunt (attach to) buildings, businesses, land, items and people. They haunt buildings no matter if there's a person present or not. Once a person living shows up the activity can increase because you're in their home. 😳.
The worst thing you can do is fear a shadow person. They eat fear and negative emotions. To get rid of it you need to not fear it for a start. Also try to be as happy and positive as you can be. If you do not feed it, it will go.
JuggaloJohn (guest) in Ghosts Come & Go
🤔 I am glad I don't have the board anymore and that no unwanted spirits came due to it. The ghosts I have are all playful and Casper like, lol. Thank you for your comments, I love hearing and reading them.
JuggaloJohn (guest) in Ghostly Coincidence?
I truly believe it was your dad saying hello. Our loved ones who pass, love to play. They move things around and turn on lamps to say, "I'm here". A true delight to know that your father is there with you all. You could try setting up a camcorder to see if you can capture anything moving. Try talking to him maybe he can turn it on/off as a yes/no questions. It worked for me using the flashlight trick.
terranigma in The Red Eyed Shadow
It seems what you have is a shadow person. I am not exactly sure what they are but they are leaches and feed off your negative emotions. They hate light and sunlight. If you and your sister want them to go you have to not fear them and you will cut off it's food supply and it will leave.

Also when you cleanse a house you should start from one end to the other getting in all the corners yes but also in every cupboard/wardrobe ect. And when you do it, say "I cleanse this house of all negativity and darkness let in love and light.
JuggaloJohn (guest) in The Little Girl In The Garden
You've witnessed a ghost. Very similar to the one I saw on Christmas eve as a child. There was no legs or feet from the knee area down and I also remember it like it was yesterday. This wasn't a residual ghost from what you described. You're very lucky to have witnessed her. I love your story, thanks for sharing.
I am posting a description of the man I saw on the roof that day.

What I saw that day was what looked like a man.
This man was dressed in pants with a shirt, he was wearing a trench coat that went as far down as the knee.

The trench coat had large buttons in the front, of which non were done up.

This is the strange part, this man's face looked like snake skin. His hands had large claws at least 3 inches long.

The man's eyes appeard to be normal.
There is a similar creature that is recorded in police records in London England.

The events of this creature happened in the 1950. The creature was some times refered to as "jumping Jack".

This jumping Jack got the name due to its ability to jump from roof top to roof top when police were in presute of it.
I am struck between believing your sightings were residual haunts or intelligent haunts. Both girls definitely reacted to your looking straight at them, but I wonder if the 2nd sighting may have been an action that occurred when the apparition was alive.

"Break a leg" 😆
That strikes me as very funny even if it wasn't about good luck.

Laugh out Loud ❤ ❤ ❤
- Maria
silverthane61 in The Wind Spoke
Your brief death may have "lifted the veil" from your perceptions of life. It has happened to others - people who suddenly find out they have a 6th sense after suffering a death, NDE, or other similar fate. I do not see anything wrong with not believing in ghosts, but still keeping an open mind concerning paranormal events.
silverthane61 in Ghosts Come & Go
Any type of scrying activity - whether it be a Ouija, spirit board, or any other type of device used for communicating with other dimensions has the potential for bringing in unwanted guests. However, I am happy that you rid yourself of that board.
I have always wondered if ghosts haunt locations such as homes or businesses, or whether they haunt people. If they haunt buildings, then nothing and nobody is hurt if there is no one around to witness the haunts. Or do they appear as soon as somebody mortal enters a certain area?
This home certainly has a lot of reasons for being haunted because of all of the deaths that have occurred there.
Thank you ❤
The dog was and is still the hardest part. At least I know he really loves her and she loves her house and garden.
I actually did bring whatever it was with me as I mentioned in my answer to lealeigh - it disappeared after I moved again.
The years in that relationship made me a lot more sure of myself, I know now that I am much stronger than I ever believed.
Thank you for commenting 😊
Was this creature human, or was it a non-human humanoid? Does this creature have a name in your culture? Can this entity be harmed by physical weapons? This is so intriguing and I have so many questions!
Hi majarlika
Luckily I had some strong support and a place to go - I very much appreciate this as I know many are not as lucky. I honestly hope no one tries to tame him, though I do hope he will have a good life after all.

I have considered it being adrenaline and as there's some "foggy" time that is possible. Initially I believed I hit him with my elbow. But it would be the wrong angle - I can't put my elbow that far back and it wouldve been my weaker side too...

Thank you for your good wishes ❤
I am so sorry for what you had to endure, and I feel bad that you had to leave behind the dog and the friendly "protector" that lived with you in your old home. However, you have an experience that no one can take from you and it has made you stronger.
majarlika012 in A Lady In White At Home
Hello Zaruje and Aella9114,
I think I remember that documentary. If my memory serves me right, covering a mirror with white cloth means trapping the spirit from wandering to and fro 2 different dimension. The mirror became a portal to spirits that's what feng shui suggests. So bale, by doing so, it means closing the door of the portal. Hope that helps.
Hi Eerie69,

Of course I must know. I'm a Filipino myself:) So, I assumed there's really no concrete reason why she appeared to you, Natuwa lang talaga sya:)

[at] RSAChick, here in the PH, we have a culture to call all elders/seniors "grandma, grandpa" even if they're not part of the clan. It is a form of respect to senior citizens:) hope that helps with regards your confusion.
This has been a very funny page, I may say. I find the comments worth reading than the story itself. Sorry not sorry. 😜 Now, I am looking forward for more stories you will publish - not that they're scary at all but, I want to know how you will write next. Will there be improvements? Will it be more coherent? Will it still be fantasy-like?

Just one serious question, are you, the least, trying to be like R.L. Stein? I guess I have to encourage you to enroll in a creative writing workshop. You have the potential. You just have to be focused more on details so you will not confuse your readers.

Break a leg! 😊
Hi Rikke,

I never understand boys who use their strength to abuse girls like us. I believe that a real man has this high respect for women. I'm kind of feminist haha. But then, I admire your courage to leave that man. I wish he finds someone who can tame him or else he will surely rot in jail for physical abuse.

Regarding the incident, I am thinking that maybe, the strength came from your adrenaline power. That power which manifests when in danger (example, an real incident when a house was caught on fire and the lady was able to bring the 7 cubic feet refrigerator outside. But when fire was out, she cannot even lift it). But who knows? The important thing is, you're grateful for that something who helped you live.

I am glad you are okay now. Hopefully, you find a guy who will love you and understand you despite all flaws.

God bless and long live ladies:)

I've read both your stories and I agree that both are a little bit too fantastic and difficult to follow.

As you are only reading, may I suggest that you steer clear of the secret herbs and spices before attempting to write either non-fiction or fiction.

Also, I know why you weren't catching any fish. Try baiting your hook and not your rod.

Bring your matress and not even an offer of a Vegemite Sandwich? No Aussie hospitality at all.

I"m off to the park to sit on the blanket and eat some pot stickers.

Scarey Halloween.

jabond99 in The Old Farmhouse

It may be time for Sassy to take a drive to Arizona with the elder Ms. Sassy's ashes. Even if that doesn't stop the creepy feeling in the basement, 13 years is a long time.

James Bond
jabond99 in The Wind Spoke
Hello Awoken,

Your narrative has interested me greatly. I am hardly an expert, so take this with a grain of salt.

It seems as if you have had to deal with this talent or ability all by yourself without guidance from others that may have similar skills. It seems that you have had to deal with this through some trying circumstances (real-life related, not ghostly related). As such, you have formed by yourself certain theories and thoughts to justify the odd things happening around you. I am curious if you ever spoke with someone that shares the same sensitive skills you seem to have, and perhaps they could guide you to a better understanding of your gift. Perhaps you could seek answers from an empath.

Your description of "drifting" seems to me to be very close to the description of those that reach certain plains of meditation. Perhaps you can easily achieve a higher state of meditation than most, and maybe you could seek answers from someone skilled in meditation.

Please consider to post other stories, because I find this one fascinating.

James Bond
Yes my cat has reacted to things! Looking all around the room starring off. He's never really been scared of anything. But one night he was feeling very uncomfortable like something was touching him/annoying him. I simply asked for whatever it was to leave him alone you are not welcome to mess with my animals like that. Whatever it was left him alone and he relaxed.
Hi Maria ❤
As time passes I only become more convinced leaving was the right thing to do. He is a troubled man but that is no excuse for the things he did. I hope youll feel the same and have a great life without that kind of b*llshiat - no matter of troubledness is an excuse for such bad behaviour.
I miss that dog every day though - she will always be in my heart.

I do believe whatever it was cared about me, I wonder what it was - my granma, the former tenant or some kind of poltergeist (so my own energy really). I invited it with me when I moved and my friend I moved in with "met" it too - she said "hello Rikkes granma" and heard like a loud buzzing sound that made her feel like she was being thoroughly checked out. "It" disappeared when I moved back to live with my parents but they have their own resident ghost - it might not like company 😂 Or there was just no reason for it to keep watching over me...

Rikke is my real name - a very common name here. I have been told it means something like rich or victorious in battle.

Best of luck to you too
Rikke ❤
MrsRamsay in The Wind Spoke
Hey there! I was reading with interest and not really planning to comment tonight, but thought I'd mention to you that I've heard my ceiling fan change somehow before. I was quietly working on my computer one morning and in the "zone" of work, concentrating, when I noticed it. First couldn't figure out what seemed different, then realized it was the fan... Something off about it. I thought, either I'm going a little weird or... There is actually something happening. I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned the fan at your church.

In the last comment, I meant to say "25 years". Forgive me, it's almost bedtime. 😜

I smoked pot when I was fourteen years old. I thought I had grown too big fit through the doors of my house.

After my friend shoved me out of the front door, I noticed that the pine trees around my house were tall and otherworldly.

I quickly decided that I wasn't going to be a pot smoker in life. Never touched it again.

It's been 35 years and I never imagined I would have a reason to recount this experience.

I hope this is helpful, Maria ❤
I've heard it said that our pets can greet us when we "cross over" to the other side. I have three kids and two of them were born 11 months apart. Your story really tugged on my heart strings. ❤ Thank you for sharing it.
Oh! 😳 That would creep me out so much. I love how it left when your brother said "we are God's children" ❤ That's really all I know to do (pray) when I get paranormal visitors. It's almost Halloween again, I love this time of year and wish I had a pumpkin to give you.
Great story.
Oh my goodness, I'd be feeling like your mother in wanting to leave as soon as possible! 😢 I always feel other people's sadness right away and would cry if I went there. I too grew up in a military family and lost an uncle to the Korean war that I never got to meet. I watched "Schindler's List" and was devastated, I can't watch these movies about the Holocaust without becoming upset. I've experienced what I call "dead air" twice before. One was in my first memory of having a paranormal experience as a child. I saw a little girl in my bedroom with a dog TWICE dancing around, but there was no sound. Then when I was around 19 years old a few of us decided to see what this UFO thing at "Area 51" was all about, so we drove out there. It was summer time and it was also dark. On the way there you could hear crickets and feel the night air. When we pulled up to the gated fence that said "KEEP OUT" we couldn't hear one sound. 😨 The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife! There was four of us just standing around in silence peering through the fence. Finally one of the guys said, "this is creepy" and we all jumped back in the car and sped off into the night never returning again.

Haha! Sorry, but I just had to laugh about the local mechanic cycling out to your van to pick up that part to be fixed. 😜 Then he cycled all the way back, at least he could fix it. Wonderful story, thanks for the links.
Hearing the voice of Miss Demeanour, Fruity Tanglin comes by with a platter of pot stickers and her special dipping sauce. Sitting on the blanket provided by Puff, the strains of 'Moondance' by Van Morrison fills the air. There's a large thermos of Bloody Marys to ward off bad spirits and plenty of toothbrushes for all.

Beware of bad spirits, particularly the alcoholic kind. They can also cause you to have bad trips and falls... 😉
Yes Biblio, I believe there is something to the knot theory as it does make sense "mathematically," but these knots where unbelievable! I only wish I had taken a picture of how badly they were tangled so you could understand. 😐 I was worried too when I realized "it's" still with me, but I pray all the time and it does help me. Thank you for your care and concern.

I don't sleep in my chains anymore either RCRuskin because I toss and turn a lot as well. 😊 I DO thank you for reminding me of the knot theory, I really had forgotten about that and wish it were as simple as that.
Hi Rikke,

I got out of an abusive relationship earlier this year. Never allow yourself to regret leaving. He may have had some good qualities but you weren't right for each other.

I'm sorry that you had to move across the country to get away. He clearly wasn't going to leave you alone if your word that it was over was not enough.

I don't think the elderly woman meant to upset you. Even if she wasn't your grandmother, I think she cared about your well being.

On an unrelated note: I like the name "Rikke". It is the name of a character in a video game that I spent WAY too much time playing in my early thirties. The character was a strong minded woman.

Thank you for sharing and good luck in the future, Maria ❤
Hi ManInBlue,

Did you get a good look at it's facial features? Did it look human at all?

If you describe it in a specific way, the description may help to jog someone's memory if it has been seen before.

What happened to the people who came out of their houses unarmed?

Thank you for sharing, Maria ❤
Lealeigh in Animal Guardians
Hi Templar1179,

I also think that Shorty came back to convey his gratitude. Were you very familiar with the cat? I can't tell from your story. I assumed that you were because you knew his name.

A long time ago, both of my cats were killed and I am convinced that they remained with me until I was feeling okay. I submitted a story about it.

I am very sorry for the loss of your horse. It is so painful to watch a beloved pet or companion suffer. I think Aztec is a very good name for a horse.

Thank you for sharing, Maria ❤
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
My first "Supernatural" experience I guess, that I can remember anyway (not counting dying- which was sort of anti climactic honestly) was actually when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I'm not positive about my age then but I know I hadn't started kindergarten so I couldn't have been six years old. I was resting my head on my grandmother's lap during a church sermon and thinking about puppies (drifting) when I had a strange and detailed vision of an old man at the end of the pew being asked to pray for the congregation and then keeling over. That woke me up a bit - and I remember thinking that was weird because the pastor never asked someone to pray for the congregation, and I had no idea who the old guy was.
But guess what?
Right before the sermon ended the vision played out exactly as I saw it. Scared me a lot. And for a long time as a child I wondered if I had somehow wished or prayed the guy dead on accident. (Keep in mind I'm a little kid at this point so logic wasn't really my strong point)

So how does that tie into the wind from my previous story you ask?
As I was laying in my grandmother's lap drifting I was watching the fans on the ceiling. They look huge in my memory but probably aren't as big in reality. And as I thought about puppies I was listening to the strange swish swish of the air in the fans. It was almost like a song to me, and seemed to change if I really listened closely in the drift.
Another neat little tidbit, I didn't even realize there was an old man at the end of the pew until he stood up to pray. I was looking at the fans when I saw the vision, and he was on the far end. I never noticed him until after he stood up because all the adults in the pew blocked my line of site.
There have been other things - lots of other things really.
But like I said in my story, if I didn't see it hear it with someone else, as far as I was concerned it wasn't real. But I did have a few witnessed by others - which left me feeling very vindicated for about two minutes - and then really disturbed because it left me wondering how many other things I experienced were more real than I thought.
Oh little side note. I had a picture of a "ghost" a couple years ago I took in a graveyard where I was taking my lunch in broad daylight. I actually only took it to see if it would show up on camera and forgot about it for nearly a year until I was browsing my pics one night with some friends.
Yeah - it was a dang smoke man kneeling at a grave stone in broad daylight. Lol. Go figure. Wish I still had that phone
Hello from a military wife! Your story has me in goose bumps on a bright and sunny morning, thanks for posting it. (and thanks for your service, my dad was a helo pilot in the ARA, KIA Vietnam). Sounds once again like the Ouija board started a whole mess of trouble (or at least that's what all the ghost shows talk about). I wanted to focus for a moment on Hawaii and the area you walked at... I've personally never been to Hawaii. My husband was stationed there in the 80s at Kaneohe Bay. I started getting into genealogy a couple years ago, however, and have had to read TONS of stuff on Hawaii, because my husband (unknown until just recently) is Hawaiian ali'i or royalty. His sixth great grandfather was King Kahekele, 23rd king of Maui. And on his other "side" is a connection to many other royals. When I started explaining to him about his ancestry and their ties to the islands, his first reaction was that when he was stationed there he would be going about his business (sometimes in a helicopter) and would find himself feeling STRONGLY about a place (he couldn't even describe it initially). At the time he didn't have a clue as to his feelings (like, do Marines HAVE feelings, haha) or his ancestry, but when I told him, his first reaction was, "This makes SO much sense now." He is a complete skeptic of the paranormal, by the way. I learned that his ancestors believed their totem animal was a shark, something about one of the babies in their line turning into one, and he related how, while diving with buddies, he was approached from behind by a great white and his buddies later told him they saw it and thought he was a gonner, but then it inexplicably turned away when it got close... Anyway, back to you. Perhaps you and your wife ran across a heiau, a holy/sacred site? Or a wahi pana (same kind of thing). I've read that the area around Barber's point is believed to be an ancient stepping off point to the spirit world, but I tried looking it up and cannot find details. Perhaps you, being new to the area at the time, stumbled on such a heiau and mistook it for a WWII-era thing, or perhaps our lovely military just put their thing right on top of an important spiritual site. In any case, I'm so glad things got better and bravo to you for not backing down or falling apart when faced with the unknown. The noises though... I suppose that's when you KNOW something is off balance. And nobody else heard them?
Hi Tim et al, from three years later. Tim, I find your story to be one of my favorites on this site. The fact that you didn't feel anything malevolent tells me it was likely a friendly spirit... When you thanked nobody in particular after taking the photo, I think your subconscious knew there was someone TO thank! Whomever is buried there obviously got visited and must be a special person to have a whole pile of pennies, which also makes me believe he/she would have a sense of humor and maybe even a sense of welcome and would want you to see him in your photo! As for the deleting... When we first see things that make no sense or make us uncomfortable, we tend to want to dismiss them. Your friend succumbed to that and I understand. Somewhere in one of my old computers I have a photo of a ghost dog in my daughter's college rental attic (they'd been hearing noises and were checking it out). The photo was so uncomfortable to me, I didn't file it the way I normally do and now have no idea where it lives. Plus, you all never knew there would one day be an opportunity to share or post the photo and... Not everybody wants to be famous! Thanks for the interesting story and the heads up on an interesting old cemetery!
Hi jabond99,
The blow dryer is also called a hair dryer and the power source is a 110 outlet.

Not completely sure why the ashes are still in the house. I believe her mom wanted her ashes scattered in Arizona but no one's been out there to take care of it.

I received my Aunt's ashes after she passed and I did NOT hold on to them very long. I took them somewhere peaceful where I know she would want to be.

Thank you for your comment.
Thank you so much for the information. Have u also heard or experienced about ghost talking and crying?

Thank you so much
Puff Bayram climbs into the drivers chair and turns the key. The engine of the physicdelic double decker bus roars to life. He let's it idle for a few minutes while he checks the snack, drink and BS Blankie stocks (topped off as always 😉) He returns to the driver's seat and heads to the picnic area, there he turns up the sound systems, tosses a Large BS Blankie and Puts up a sign, complete with ballons,

'Troll Patrol gathering here. Pot luck for dinner. Snacks and drinks provided.'

Puff Bayram (aka Room Dygin)
Hi Lealeigh,
The blow dryer/hair dryer is an older one but it's electric and was plugged in to the wall.

I would probably look in the room under the stairs as long as it was during the day and I wasn't alone. Lol

Sassy is also my friends nick name. She's VERY Sassy, in a good way.

Thanks for your comments Maria!
Hello lady-glow,

No, the house wasn't built by Sassy's family and I don't believe any other disturbances occurred while her mom was alive. I believe her mom was a tough woman. She raised 4 kids pretty much on her own so life wasn't easy. I never met her but wish I had.
My opinion, for what it's worth, her mom's ashes being there are not an issue. I don't think it's her in that house either.
I did a cleansing of the house after the blow dryer incident and so far, so good.
Thanks for your comments.
silverthane61 in Animal Guardians
My wife lost a beloved German Shepherd named Sasha. She was devastated. Shortly after Sasha's death, my wife had a dream of her Sasha coming to her and staring lovingly into her eyes. It is my wish that we are reunited with our pets after we die.
silverthane61 in Military Ghost Story
Your story brings back many memories that my family and I had while stationed at Schofield Barracks. Your description of Barber's Point was particularly interesting as I had spent time there walking that very same area. We were unfortunate enough to share a haunted four-plex with 3 other families. It seems Hawaii has a lot of paranormal energy!
jabond99 in The Old Farmhouse
Hello Suzy2,

I would like to ask for a bit of clarification on the "blow dryer". Is that a hair dryer? If so, what is the power source for the hair dryer? Was it plugged into a socket even though it was inside the drawer? Was it battery operated?

Separately, is there a reason that the mother's ashes are left inside the uninhabited house? I find that rather strange and am just curious why the family would choose to deal with her earthly remains like that. I guess I have heard of people holding on to ashes for a long time.
Good morning! Thank you for your kind words. I suppose, compared to some, we've been through a lot, but my thoughts have always been something like, "Everyone goes through bad stuff... Just at different times in their lives." My "losses" are part of who I am and I value and treasure every single day of this life, and try to live it the best I can in honor of the ones I love who can't be here with me. Thanks for saying hi, Maria (Lealeigh). Wis.Lady, it truly never occurred to me before that this might be my dad! When I was young I would have these dreams -- rarely -- that he came home and I would run to him and he'd just hug me and tell me things were all right. I would wake up crying. But they seemed to stop as I got older. I haven't really felt him over these last couple decades, so it's intriguing to think that might be the way he gets in touch:) I did have a couple interesting moments when I first got the Internet... Times when somehow in "surfing" I ended up (for example) on his unit's home page, randomly and all of a sudden realizing that I was staring at a photo of him and his co-pilot on the page! I remember thinking, HOW THE HECK did I go from searching a recipe to a helicopter unit's memories of Vietnam?! I remember signing the guest book and almost immediately had an e-mail back from a guy who knew and flew with Dad, resulting in a long relationship with the men he knew in the 1960s. The world works in such mysterious ways, and that's one reason I believe I am accompanied and maybe even guided by those I've loved. That belief inspires me every day and is probably one of the reasons I ended up here. I live a very full and busy life and most people would never guess I believe in the paranormal, in fact those I mention things to are usually shocked that I would "go there." Sometimes I do doubt though... Like maybe I've seen way too many movies and my imagination has just been working overtime... But I don't think so.
Thanks, Biblio. I guess mathematicians are not a very imaginative bunch, are they? 😁

Anyway, not saying that is why the chains were knotted, Cherubim, only that it is an explanation. The chain on my cross gets knotted when I sleep because I get so much exercise, tossing and turning during the night.
annie16 in The Wind Spoke
Welcome to YGS Awoken. Just curious. You spoke about "squatting" and "we wandered the streets until dawn". Did you not have a home?

Now, it is quite well known that some people do experience the "paranormal" after a near death experience (NDE) but I find your encounters being linked to the wind, quite unique. Would you mind writing about more of your experiences? Or, is it just always you name being called.
DarriuxDarkk in Military Ghost Story
Hi thank you for posting you story. The one thing that got to me was when you fearlessly confronted the entity and shouted " you are not welcome here, you dead, now get out!"

I used to believe and still does that expelling an entity is somewhat connected to your emotions and if for someone like me who believes in God, strong faith helps too.

I said that because I have this one experience where I was in our ancestral house back in the Philippines. There was this one time that I felt there was something wrong in the house when I felt a sinister presence when I was alone at that time (I usually feel things or presence but not really see entities out right). I was scared yes but I had a cross necklace that time and I held it in my hands while gathering the courage to speak on that entity saying "Get out! In the name of Jesus Christ! Get out of this house."

Immediately after saying that, even that slightest feeling of fear was gone and replaced with sense of security while holding my cross necklace. I never felt that sinister presence at our house again.

I think what I'm saying is that I love how you confronted that entity that was obviously malicious and without fear you expect expelled it from your home. I just love that feeling of sense of security afterwards.

Thanks again for sharing. God bless.

First, I'd like to thank your husband, father, and all your military family members for their service. God bless you and your family for all your family has endured and all the sacrifices you all have made for our country. Also, thank you for your service as a child and spouse of military members. Your service at home must be filled with such moments of worry and grief that I can't understand. You are a strong woman!

This is what I was thinking about your awesome Green Beret guardian: Perhaps your Green Beret guardian is your father? He might come around when you need extra support or comfort. Or he may want to check in to make sure you're okay. He might not look like himself when you see him, because that would be startling, especially when you were a child at the store.
He could also be an angel/spirit guide that takes the form of a Green Beret, since you find comfort and strength in them.
WisconsinLady in Stairway Chills
Do you happen to see the shadow from only your right side, by chance? That's a dead (pun intended) giveaway that it's probably electrical/EMF.

There are studies involving applying electrical impulses to the brain (modern day, not horrible asylum experiments), that show some interesting affects. The patients felt someone behind them to the right (when no one was there), and they also experienced seeing figures out of the corner of their right eye. I know this was done on people with epilepsy, but I think there were studies done on people without epilepsy. I need to find these studies now and refresh myself on this topic.
WisconsinLady in Stairway Chills
Hi, Joshseesghosts!
Welcome to YGS and thanks for submitting your experience!

I believe the scared/uneasy feeling most people get on stairs is residual energy from the years of people traveling the same pathway. I experience that at my parents' 110 year old house. HOWEVER, this isn't quite the same, because of the shadow, obviously.

I'll have to think about this more, but here's a thought and question for now:
Perhaps it's an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) situation. If there's issues with the electrical causing high EMF in the hallway, staircase, living room, kitchen, or adjacent rooms, you could be more sensitive to it than the rest of your family. For example: old wiring, appliances, electrical boxes, outside electrical fences, outside powerlines, and even copper pipes (wiring might even be grounded to them) could cause high EMF around the house in certain spots. Basement electrical could create high EMF upstairs, too.

High EMF is scientifically shown to cause feelings of unease, hallucinations, headaches, etc. Could this be a possibility? You could purchase an EMF detector and see, if you think it's a possibility.
High EMF might also create conditions conducive for spirits to manifest. That's not something scientifically proven, but as a scientist, I believe that's possible.

If it's a high EMF electrical issue, fixing it will cause your problem to go away.
I had the same experience. When I was a little I would hear digging sounds outside our house but in the morning would find nothing. Our house is close to the road so I may understand that maybe there was maintenance road work being done but it went on for a while and like I said there was nothing to find.

I also had an experience where I could hear the faintest sound of a clock at night. I could hear the second hand tick and this would drive me nuts and sleepless at night. This happened in another house while I was on vacation.

Now that I'm older I really never figured it out what those sounds were and their causes.
Let me guess... Your mother was the first one getting out of the house running faster than anyone else... All this after falling off the stairs?!?!
Oh, yeah... I bet she landed on the mattress! 😁
Once again, Fishallmighty has delivered a mighty fishy story!

I'm ready to call the BS blanket on this and any other future postings from this fishy.

Who cares for some pumpkin in piloncillo and authentic Mexican 'pan de muerto' (dead one's bread)?

Once again, you've selected " I will read the comments but I won't participate in the discussion." I presume this is because you are incapable of arranging your memories of events into a coherent or plausible story.

"He" (presumably, 'he' = your 'father's mate,' because nothing in the intervening paragraph would make sense in this context) "had been partying with mates on a binge for 4 nights straight" and "the kids wouldn't leave the room." Which individual had scared the kids: their drunken father, "the spirit living upstairs," "the bad spirit," or *all three* of them? How does an adult go on a 4-day bender with his own kids in the house? Was alcohol the strongest substance consumed, or should we presume crack cocaine was involved?

Who overturned & broke the furniture? The drunk, the drunk's guests, the kids (this would explain why they were hiding from their father), the "upstairs" spirit, or the "bad spirit"? You present the data in a muddled fashion, so it is unclear why the kids are unwilling to leave whichever room they are in (you haven't specified).

Why in the hell was your mother helping them "carrying a mattress down the stairs" in the first place? They were going to visit you for a few days, so they needed to bring their own furniture along, too? Not the most glowing example of Aussie hospitality, is it?

You realize, by this point, that the radio is not the only one laughing at you?

Where's the Miss Demeanor? Rook? Fire up the engine! I've got Halloween party snacks in plastic pumpkins for everyone.

Bibliothecarius in Our New Scary House Part 2
Hi, Cherubim:

RC's mathematical find actually is called "Knot Theory." Fine when written, but ridiculous to say out loud: "I specialize in Knot Theory." It is a relatively new branch of Topology, which studies the way geometric shapes retain specific properties despite continuous deforming, turning, twisting, stretching, etc.

I learned about Topology back when my wife and I were only dating; she took me to see her friend's project at her college's annual science fair. You remember the nerds who built volcanoes in 5th or 6th grade? They become damned *terrifying* when they have access to multi-million dollar science lab facilities.

Sorry, hoping to help and got a bit carried away. I, too, am looking forward to the next installment of your narrative! Quite frankly, the idea that it moved with you is worrying the hell out of me!

Lealeigh in The Old Farmhouse
I meant to say "Hi"
Sorry. My fingernails are too long to type. 😜 and I can't find my stylus.
Lealeigh in The Old Farmhouse
Ho Suzy2,

Was the hair dryer one of those old ones? I was reading the directions on a bottle of butane once and it said it could be used to refill a number of appliances. I've never seen one.

Knowing myself, I probably would have had to look in that room. Afraid or not. Just to put my mind at rest.

My ex husband's eleven year old niece is called "Sassy". It's her nick name. She lives up to it.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
I do too lady-glow, 😨 I never know what's going to happen next?! Thank you for taking the time to read.

I finally put small nails in my bedroom wall and hung many of my necklaces there Lealeigh, it seems to have solved the problem. The paranormal investigation is a story in itself, I'll have to write about that soon. Thank your for your interest. 😉

That's fascinating RCRuskin about the knots. I'll never buy into the notion that these knots were caused by walking across the floor. 😜 But thank you for sharing that and reading my story. I'll never understand why the pins were sticking straight up except to hurt me.
I don't know if what your seeing is real or not based on the story as it stands. That being said; I feel like there are certain facts that could help everyone get a better sense of your experience.
1. What did you feel each time?
2. What time if the day was it?
3. What were you thinking about in those moments.
I guess what I'm asking in short is: Was it just the visual cues that brought these things to your attention or was there something more?
I guess I'm looking for some sort of commonality to tie it all together - a feeling, a smell, a taste in the air... I don't know. I just get the sense there is more to it. Maybe something you didn't notice that chains it all together.
I hope for your sake it isn't real. Forwent sound like friendly visitations to me but I'm no expert.
I'm curious if your cat reacted in any way. Cats seem to always have a "sight beyond sight" if you don't mind an 80's cartoon quote. Did your feline friend ever act strangely around you when you had that feeling you weren't alone?
lady-glow in The Old Farmhouse
Suzy2 - that basement sounds quite scary!

Was the house built by Sassy's family? If so, do you know if any disturbances were reported before Sassy's mother's passing? Was the lady's character friendly or bitter?

In my opinion, a mother's spirit wouldn't scare the daylights out of any of her children... Not so sure about an in-law, tho.

I don't know if having someone's ashes at home would prevent the said person from moving on, I think only the people with unfinished businesses are the only ones that have trouble going to the other plane.

Perhaps the family could try blessing or cleansing the house.
lady-glow in Creepy Afternoon
Welcome to YGS.

Were the owners of the house visiting London or do they moved there permanently? Have you asked if anyone in the family has seen the white lady?
Do you know if your mother recognized the white lady as a departed family member?

In my opinion, there's not enough information in your story as to conclude if this white lady opened the door, perhaps she's some sort of guardian of the house and was curious about the strangers staying there during the masters' absence... It's hard to say.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Your English is very good!
Lealeigh in Ghosts Come & Go
Hi JuggaloJohn,

I'm with you on the Ouija Board. It's good that thing went with her. 😜

When I was in my early twenties, I lived in a place that, it seemed to me, was extremely active. I basically lived with headphones on and music up loud.

It was the house of my mother's third husband. I was not sorry to move out.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi MrsRamsay,

I think you're right about the connection.

I have read your other stories about your late husband, Scott. I've never commented before but I am very sorry for your loss.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi Akkikad,

I have never heard that people born on Wednesday are more receptive to spirits. I have heard they are restless. I am no kind of expert, though.

Thank you for sharing, Maria ❤
Cherubim - that ghost sounds like a real pain on the neck!
As much as I enjoy reading about your experiences, I wish this could be the last one of them... It must be terrible not to be able to put a stop to these shenanigans.
Hi Cherubim,

The thing with the pins is really strange!

For some reason, I like finding a big ball of tangled up jewelry. It's like a puzzle. My mother hands me a ball of tangled up necklaces every now and then.

What happened with the paranormal investigation?

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi, Akkikad.

I have seen ghosts in many places of worship. I even submitted an experience I had in a church. Just my opinion, but these are places where we interface with the spiritual realm, so it seems likely to me that spirits would come through this way.

Hopefully, they will be good spirits.
Hi, Cherubim. I'm seeing a long list of new stories, going to be looking for the next part of this one.

Just an observation: I happened upon a new branch of mathematics recently, though I cannot recall what it is called. But it deals with the knots that spontaneously appear in earbud and earphone cords, necklace chains, hangers on a rod... The knots can spontaneously appear with minor vibrations, such as walking across a floor.


The pins being uncapped and pointy side up... I haven't seen any math to explain that.

P.S. I hate math.:)
Interesting account.

I am referring to the encounter in your last paragraph: "When she saw me she was shocked, like I caught her off guard." So, we have a situation where you are both shocked to see each other.

I cannot help speculating that this may be some type of time anomaly, two different periods in time somehow coming into momentary contact. If this is so then this could help explain many apparitions.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi there. Would like to speak with you about your experience. Could you please contact me?
I don't know the exact amount of food... May be she wasn't correct as you mentioned... But people use to carry extra food during long journey's...
karine in Medieval Hotel
Loved this story. Would you be interested in speaking with me for a TV show?
Thanks very much.
wishfulthings in Wandering Soul
Hi priya-, Yes I have heard of that also. My fore-parents are from India and I have visited India already. I find that many of the practices there are similar to the ones we have in Guyana as our ancestors brought the same beliefs with them.
I usually go out with my hair open and wet as well but never experience anything like that.

Thanks for reading my story!
priya- in Wandering Soul
Interesting story.
Even in India, in our community its believed that lady with open hairs especially wet open hairs attracts unwelcome energy, so we are always advised not to wander outside home until wet hairs dry and in case of emergency hairs must be pinned. Just for curiosity I experimented myself by going out with wet hairs right after bath (to buy grocery and to visit at friend's) but nothing happened.
Perhaps time and location also matters.
Londonuser in Shadow Of The Living?
Thank you for all the comments. I was fully asleep when my mum thought I was standing next to her. I only awoke when she called my name.

These shadows have only been seen in my mums room. I wasn't scared when I saw the shadow of my mum when a few years ago but for some reason I was scared this time. It doesn't go away when you see it or talk to it. But it doesn't respond.

The atmosphere in the room is just dark. I can't say I noticed it to be colder or warmer.

My parents have lived there for 18 years.

I couldn't make out words for the whispering and didn't thinking sounded like her. My mum said it must be her. I don't know of the shadow has been seen when I'm not there.

Funnily my niece and nephew used to talk about a man on the ceiling when they were younger.

Should I be worried?
Maggie, I think placing her ashes under the rose bush a magnificent idea.
May her Memory be Eternal.

That is a very good question, Lady May-Not:) A couple of them, in fact.

Only you can answer the question on feeling guilty. Been spending the last many minutes trying to find the Psalm this is from, but maybe it isn't? Anyhow, a prayer you might say:

Blessed is the way in which you shall walk today, O soul, for a place of rest is prepared for you.
Bibliothecarius in I Saw A Witch And A Goat Man
Greetings, Fishallmighty.

I hope you pushed the "I won't participate in the discussion" button *accidentally* and will reply to my questions about your experience.

I'm afraid I've never smoked pot (nor consumed any other illegal narcotics). I have to take daily medications to prevent my brain from naturally duplicating the desired effects. However, at 16 years of age I was well into my exploration of American microbrews and Scottish single-malts, so I have a general sense of your condition in this setting.

I had to look up the effects of marijuana on "WebMD" which listed 2 relevant facts about people who were tested after "heavy" pot usage: 1) [it can] heighten their senses (colors might seem brighter and sounds might seem louder) and 2) they had fewer connections in parts of the brain linked to alertness, learning, and memory, and tests show lower IQ scores in some people. I do not see how THC would cause you to hallucinate in the same manner as LSD, or entrance you like PCP.

[General request to YGSers: If anyone *has* hallucinated because of pot, please respond to this post to let me know that it is *possible.*]

Your suggestion that your altered state of consciousness may discredit your narrative is peculiar, then, as pot makes the individual *more* aware of the exact nature of his/her surroundings at that time, not less; additionally, the impressions formed under such circumstances are less likely to remain with you than "unaffected" experiences.

Did anyone else in your group see: 1) the three individuals, 2) the woman's mirror, 3) the peculiar man shouting for your attention, or 4) his transformation into a satyr?

Did you discuss the events with any of your friends after that night?

Thanks for clearing up some of my confusion;

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