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A Loving Father


Greetings All.

Sorry for the long story, but there is a lot to tell.

It's been quite some time since I last posted an experience on YGS but I've got some interesting (and heart warming) experiences to share.

At the time of my last posts, a friend, Nathaniel (or Nate for short) and I had started investigating paranormal occurrences. Many times we were able to rule out the paranormal and found a rational and reasonable explanation for what they were experiencing.

However, there was one investigation that was quite freaky but extremely emotional. This took place last year (September 2016).

I have received their permission to post their story, but they asked me to not give their true names for privacy reasons.

We were called by a young woman, Aska, and her mother, Mary-Anne, that were quite perturbed by what was happening in their newly purchased home.

To give some back story, they had recently moved house as Mary-Anne's husband and Aska's stepfather, Carl, had passed away in his bed. He had been suffering from cancer for quite some time and unfortunately the cancer eventually won the battle, but Aska was away from home at the time. They had lived in their previous home for many years and the house held many happy memories for them, but the death of Carl was a heavy blow and they felt they just couldn't stay in the same house anymore.

A few weeks after they relocated to the new house, Aska started experiencing strange things. As she described it, it started with small things like a novelty pen, her locket containing a family picture that she kept on a jewelry stand next to her bed, a book etc. Were disappearing from where she had put them, only to be found later in her mother's room under the bed. At first she though it may have been the dog as he liked to chew things, but none of the items showed any signs of being chewed or bore any teeth marks of any kind.

Over time things progressed to cupboards in the kitchen opening on their own, the microwave would switch on by itself, the fridge door would open and close by itself, but the single occurrence that made her call us was when she was woken up in the dead of night by someone calling her name. She told us that as she sat up and was just about to call out to her mother, her bedroom door closed of its own accord and her room went totally dark. Her curtains were quite thick and blocked all light from the street lamps. She got out of bed to close her window, thinking that a breeze must have caused the door to close but the window was closed. She turned around to open her bedroom door, and standing by the door was a figure. She screamed as loud as she could, thinking that there was an intruder in her room. Mary-Anne told us she woke up hearing her daughter scream and ran to her room, opened the door and saw Aska standing in the corner of her room holding her hockey stick as if she was going to hit someone with it. It was a day or so later that she got hold of our number and called us out.

We conducted the per-investigation interviews, where all of the above was told to us, and began setting up for the night's investigation. Our equipment was as follows:

2 x Motion sensors

1 x EMF meter

1 x REM Pod

1 x Full spectrum Camera

1 x Night vision recorder

1 x Digital recorder

I must just say that at no point during the investigation did I feel any negative or dark energy in the house.

We set up the motion sensor in the kitchen and the REM Pod on the kitchen counter (far enough away from any electrical outlets or appliances that could cause interference). Nate was taking pictures in Mary-Anne's room while Aska and I made our way to her room to set up the second motion sensor. We had just finished when all of a sudden the motion sensor in the kitchen went off. Nate came out of Mary-Anne's room and we all walked hesitantly towards the kitchen. Again the motion sensor chimed, and this time it carried on for about 2 minutes. Aska was a little scared at this point and grabbed my arm. As soon as she grabbed my arm, the motion sensor stopped and the REM Pod (which was closer to us) started lighting up and beeping. The REM Pod went nuts for about 30 seconds and then suddenly stopped. Nate was so excited by what was happening that he accidentally dropped the camera. Luckily nothing looked broken and it seemed to work fine.

I was also pretty thrilled that we were getting such an intense response but Aska was totally freaked. She asked if we would stand outside with her while she had a smoke to calm down so I went with her out the back and had a smoke. Nate went to Aska's room to conduct an EVP session. Aska and I went back inside and as soon as we did, the motion sensor in her room went off which caused us both to jump a little. We heard Nate call out that it was just him but we had to come see what was happening. Both Aska and I headed to her room and there was Nate, standing at the foot of Aska's bed, with the EMF meter going nuts. His breath was misting as he exhaled. I ran to get the Night vision camera and as I walked into the room, the screen went blank. Whatever was in the room with Nate had drained the batteries! I took out a new set and inserted them, switched the camera on and the batteries drained almost instantly. Aska grabbed my arm again and the EMF meter immediately stopped and again the sensor in the kitchen went off. We headed to the kitchen and what we found made Aska almost faint. Her locket containing the picture of her, her mother and her stepdad was lying on the counter, the chain circling the motion sensor, the locket open. At this point, I started to guess at what was going on. We made sure Aska was ok and that she was willing to try something. Nate stood on the far side of the counter recording. Aska and I stood where the motion sensor and locket were, making sure not to be in line of sight of the sensor. I asked the entity if it was with us, but got no response. I then asked her to take my arm again. As soon as she did, the sensor went off. I prompted her to ask some questions. She asked the usual questions and got a beep here and there. I then asked her to say her Stepdad's name, and the sensor went off continuously for about a minute.

She immediately started crying. She told me that she felt like she was being hugged and she could smell his cologne.

We sat there on the kitchen floor for probably 30 minutes until she eventually looked at me and said that she couldn't smell his cologne anymore and the feeling of being hugged had gone.

We tried to get further responses throughout the house but got nothing. All activity had stopped. We pieced together that the bed her mother still used was the same bed that Carl had passed away in and the items that were found under the bed were always found on the side that he slept. He had given her the locket a few months before he died to remember him by. Although he was her stepdad, he had raised her since she was 2 and doted on her as if she were his own child. He also loved to cook which, I think, is why so much happened in the kitchen. Apparently, he also didn't like the idea of her dating, which is probably why every time she grabbed my arm something would happen.

Since then, she has reported that every now and then she will catch a whiff of his cologne in the kitchen but there have been no further occurrences since that night.

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Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-25)
You're welcome.
I'm continuously baffled by the way some spirits choose to interact and why. There are many, seemingly genuine, accounts of recently departed spirits appearing to loved ones in full form, accompanied with an intense feeling of love and wellbeing. No confusion, no fear, just an absolute 100% clear message that they are ok and still around.
I also wonder about the required energy - skill - effort required by those in spirit to move material objects around compared to a full blown pictorial manifestation.
Surely, if the motive was to reassure your loved ones that you are around and care about them, the "best" method would to appear at an appropriate time?
I had a very vivid dream a few years ago about my Grandmother who had passed away a couple of months earlier. I won't bore you with the details other than she was clearly letting me know she was ok. It was SO intense and vivid that it was more than a dream, if you know what I mean. I felt totally at peace with that knowledge that was passed onto me.
Do any other members have an opinion on this matter?
Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-22)
Hi there Macknorton,

You make an interesting point.

I took the disappearing items as being his way of trying to let her know he was around as most of the items that were moved to the spot under the bed were given to her by him.

1) the locket was his parting gift
2) the novelty pen was a random little gift from one of his trips
3) the book was from his collection that she kept as a keepsake.

There were a few items that, according to her, held no meaning between them though.

I also thought the shadow figure was the one thing that did not fit, but summed it up to another attempt at communicating but I could be wrong. It wasn't until that incident that she actually got scared. Up until then, she was just puzzled.

Thanks for the alternative take on it.

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-21)
Hi Nephylim
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences in such lucid detail. I enjoyed it.

My thoughts that sprang to mind were that there was another spirit (s) in that house, then the stepfather made his presence felt with the hug and cologne smell.

The reason I came to that idea was that Aska was clearly frightened by the occurrences and I wonder would that have been the step fathers intention? If he did, in fact, love her and doted on her then I don't understand the items disappearing, the shadowy figure appearing etc. These actions would be more of an annoyance and instill fear rather than give comfort and closure?

Anyway, that's my 10 cents worth, for what it's worth.


Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-21)
Hi BeautInside,

Thanks for reading my post.

I got the sense that he was quite protective too 😊

According to Mary-Anne, he had reached acceptance by the time he passed.

The activity was definitely more focused on Aska than Mary-Anne.

Aska was not present when he passed and she took that quite hard. My gut tells me that it was more to ensure her that he was ok and to give her the closure of a "goodbye" than anything else.

As no further activity has been reported (I check on her from time to time) apart from the occasional smell of his cologne in the kitchen, I think he has passed on peacefully.
I also think that the occasional smell of his cologne could either be residual or just her. It was a very powerful experience afterall.

BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-21)
Hi Nephylim,

That was one overprotective father 😊

I very much enjoyed reading your account, thank you for sharing! You were very precise, and I think the father wanted to show that he is still looking after them. Probably the activity decreased because he made his point...

Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-21)
Hi Melda,

Thank you for taking the time to read my account of the investigation.
For me, it is a toss up between the bed and the locket. I lean more towards the locket as that was a very personal gift he gave her before passing which had a very strong emotional attachment and as the locket mysteriously moved from her bedroom (I did not mention that during the interview, she had shown us the locket on the jewelry stand in her room) to the kitchen.

As to the location, we are in Cape Town.

No, we did not charge a cent. It was not about money but rather seeking answers to our own questions and experiences and helping whomever we could along the way.
Unfortunately we are no longer investigating as a group due to a dark entity that latched on to Nate during our last investigation and he chose to stop investigating for the sake of his family.

Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-21)
Nephylim - I found this a very interesting and well written account.

Possibly the loving father was attached to the bed but isn't it equally possible that he was not ready to let go at the time and followed them? I've been told by members here that I would be able to "haunt" my sceptical, paranormally insensitive son in Canada 😆 even if I don't visit him in life!

I think these are things we'll have answers to once we join the spirit world.

I would be interested to know as a fellow Safrican living in Pretoria, are you prepared to tell me in which town/city or even province this incident occurred? I promise I have absolutely no interest in, or intention to go hunting these people down. I have had, and on occasion still do have, enough of my own inexplicable events to keep me occupied 😊

Also, do you charge clients for your assistance? You don't have to answer any of my questions, I am merely curious as to how these investigations "work" in SA.

Regards, Melda

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