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Come Here, Ruby


I live in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada with my boyfriend, Graham and our 2 German Shepherds Maggie and Saxon. We also have an American Pit Bull/German Shepherd cross named Riley who I have nicknamed Ruby.

Our home was built in 1870 and we have been living here for approximately 1½ years. I have had a few strange experiences in this house. The first incident occurred one day last year when I was home alone, except for my three dogs, and I heard the toilet upstairs flush on its own.

The strangest experience happened just last week when I awoke during the night and was looking around my bedroom. The moonlight was shining through my window and I could see my dog Ruby's silhouette as she slept peacefully at the foot of my bed.

As I watched Ruby sleep, I clearly heard a woman's voice calling out from the upstairs hallway directly outside my bedroom door. The sound of the voice was sweet and gentle, "Come here, Ruby". Ruby heard it too because she suddenly awoke and quickly raised her head. I saw her ears go up and I could feel her tail wagging against my leg as she looked into the hallway. I silently watched her for a moment before she slowly lowered her head and went back to sleep.

I'm not sure what to make of this experience because, according to the research I have completed on this house, the previous owners were of French Canadian descent. If so, who is the English speaking woman who called my dog Ruby in the middle of the night?

Has anyone had a similar experience with their pet (s)?

GSD Lady

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Kest (12 stories) (55 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-27)
Your dog didn't seem to be bothered by the experience, which I find reassuring. I have just started writing on here, and I have an experience with a dog we had that didn't have a good experience with a ghost or spirit. I think I would also feel like the spirit wasn't harmful toward you if your dog had positive feelings.
Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-30)
You know, I have heard stories of pets being tormented by malevolent spirits, but I am just so joyed to think of a spirit longing for the companionship of a pet!

I presume your home must be an older home, hopefully it will be blessed with a kind spirit to help you and your family look over the place! Please keep us posted on your findings, I am quite curious to hear if you are able to identify the spirit!

Happy New Year!~~Antu
GSDLady (8 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-30)
Hi Antu,

Thank you for your comment.

To answer your question regarding her accent, she definitely spoke with a Central Canadian English accent and not a British accent.

I have recently discovered some of the first settlers in this area were English-speaking families. As a result, there is a definite possibility it may be one of the former ladies of this house who hasn't left and apparently has taken a shine to my dog, "Ruby".

I intend to do more research on this house to determine who the previous owners were and I will continue to post any new paranormal experiences which may occur in the future.


GSD Lady
Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-30)
What a cool story GSDLady, thanks for sharing!

When you mention an English Lady, are you saying she had a British Accent? Or could it have been the previous owner speaking in English, knowing your family spoke English and probably the only way Ruby would respond?

Either way, I'm so glad to know I'll still be able to enjoy pets in the afterlife!


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