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I haven't been to the site in a while because I have a lot on my plate at home right now. Though, I did find out a few things regarding my first story posted here "A Haunting Hallway and Paranoia" and (2) the noises in my home at present. You can read my stories "A Haunted Antique Coat Rack?" and "Haunted Antique Coat Rack Part II" if you want to find out what happened on these occurrences.

I would like to point out that my first story was posted on this site in July 2008. To be short, I took a trip up to a Toronto suburb called Mississauga to visit with friends. Their new home ended up being haunted, which they already knew, since having several things happen after they moved in. But, I had forgotten this until after I brought it up to them. So, I wanted to find out a little more history about the area in which they live and this is what I came up with.

The Mississaugas are a sub-tribe of the Anishinaabe First Nations people located in Southern Ontario, Canada, closely related to the Ojibwa. The Anishinaabe people migrated along the shores of Lake Erie to what now is southern Michigan and became "lost" both physically and spiritually. However, the Mississaugas instead migrated along the Credit River. My friends' home is located on the West side of the Credit River.

In 1805, the Mississaugas signed a Treaty known as the Toronto Purchase. It surrendered over 250, 000 acres of land in exchange for 10 shillings. This purchase includes what is today the City of Toronto. It is still subject to ongoing land claims settlement. Another Treaty was signed the day after this one where the Mississaugas surrendered lands from Etobicoke Creek to Burlington Bay, to a depth of 6 miles back from the Lake Ontario shoreline - 85, 000 acres of land in exchange for 1000 pounds currency. Eglinton Avenue marks this 6-mile today in the city of Mississauga as well as one-mile on each side of the Credit River, exactly where my friends' home is located. This was known as the Credit Indian Reserve. The disposition of the Mississauga Indians came due to declining numbers, malnutrition and the loss of their way of life and disease.

To me this almost sounds like they were pushed out of this area by the English from reading this and other historical events. I could not find out if a murder or anything of this nature took place where their house is located, but there was a fire that burned down a huge warehouse/mill in the 1800s and it is not too far from where my friends' home is. David believes that a murder took place on his home site before his home was built. I did ask him if there was an Indian burial ground on his property. He did not know.

I wrote another story not too long ago about noises in my home at present which were disturbing to me since we never had these present before. We actually did not have any noises, and if we did, we didn't hear them or they were not loud at all.

The noises on the windows are still here-a crackling sound where the odd one is very loud. The past couple of weeks, a loud crackling has moved to the foyer at the front door. This is where I placed the coat rack when it was here. This just reappeared again as of late. A tape recorder that I had did not work so I have to get another one and I haven't done this yet!

Next, the large stomp of the staple gun noise is completely gone to this day. After I blessed this house and said a few things in a commanding voice, it has not come back and we are so happy about this!

I get the odd tapping on the front door or different walls in the home when I am sitting alone in an area and my dog is always with me. She hears these noises too. I think those noises are my brother playing around (again) with me because he has made these sounds before. Either my husband is in bed sleeping or hears them and says it is the house settling. So this has been my dilemma!

I am trying to update on these events as they progress. These noises came about after I bought a haunted antique coat rack and finally got rid of it. It is as if it left some residue from it, this is what I believe and after Tammy, "Rhodes68", confirmed that this could be possible, I in fact think this happened.

I am also thinking about taking pictures of the windows at night and maybe I will see something when the tapping noises occur. This is something that I have been playing around with and maybe something will come about this.

This second incident really bothers me because our house has been free of any loud noises and outbursts before I ever brought that coat rack into our home.

Well, glad to say hi to everybody and thanks for reading my update. If anything else occurs and arises in the future, I will definitely let you all know.

Take care of yourselves and thanks for reading.

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Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-15)
Hi lilblackpom
I will help you as much as I can. I will keep an eye out for your email.
lilblackpom (13 stories) (218 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-14)
Thank you everyone for your comments. I appreciate them. Thanks Surya for your knowledge on crystals and what else to do in this case! The noises are really bugging me now. I didn't have them before I brought that darn coat rack into my house. 😐 It has to have something to do with it. Amber still can't find the screws in her van and when it left my house, the claws and screws were all in place, pretty tight. So, I know that the screws aren't in my home. Other then that, it's as if whatever it is, is playing around here. It gets to be annoying especially the crackling on the kitchen door windows. They are french doors that go out to the deck. There isn't even a wind outside to do this. As for the front door, it's kind of loud (again). Chloe my dog even looks at the directions of these noises when they are heard. So, I don't know. Maybe I will buy some crystals or something. I will email Surya about the crystals and see what she has to say. I am going to take pictures around here. What do you think? When a noise is heard or something... Maybe something will show up? 😕 I don't know. I would like this "crap" out of here! Hahaha Sorry, but I am pretty annoyed! Thanks for your input everybody. ❤
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-09)
Hi Jude. So nice of you to share this interesting story with us. I have visited Mississuga not long ago. It is a realy nice place. Brings back a lot of good memories. I'm glad that you do the investigating here. I believe that is a lot of hard work that others wouldn't even want to do. But to understand the paranormal we have to look back in time ion history to understand why these things are going on. I laways say that knowing more won't kill you. But it will help you. Dont get mad if someone doesn't like the story. I realy enjoyed it. Keep doing your great work. I know for a fact that this way we have the chance to understand more about the paranormal. It is people like you that I admire in there searching. It is people like you who have the desire to find answers. And People like you will find the answers. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care (If you ever drive by St. Timothys elementry school on Cliff road wave to that knew building for me)
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-08)
Hi lilblackpom,
I must admit reading your story gave me the willy's not that I have one. But you know what I mean. Just recently I have been hearing tapping on my window, this started straight after the mysterious whatever started sweeping my garden. I now how unsettling it is to hear someone/something tapping / crackling on your window and then the door. I am still unsure about whether this energy was attached to the coat hanger, what I would ask you to do first is have a look to see if the screws from the broken part of the hanger are lying somewhere in your home. There could be a possibility that they got loose and fell and whilst in Amber's car the claw came of. If you do find anything then I am sure you will know what to do.

I do not know how much you believe in crystals but if you would like some protection through crystals I am more than happy to advise you on what you can do using the power of the crystals.

What you can also do is sprinkle some sea salt around your property, outside, also you can get some elder berries, dried, put then in a pouch and hang them above the doors and windows inside. Email me if you wish to know about the crystals. I know not many people believe in Crystals and the power they do have but they work.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-07)
Thank you for taking time to share the results of your detective work and latest events with us, lilblackpom. Despite the negativity and inappropriate comments of some posters, I believe you are going about this the correct way. You are carefully collecting fact and comparing it with your own experiences then considering that against the theories presented by others in this forum like rhodes68. I encourage you to keep us posted on developments in your home and findings in the archives. Reading your stories has definately changed my awareness of coat racks! 😁
Schism (44 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-07)
I disagree with LyssaLuva. I appreciate that you took the time to share a little background on the area so that we get an idea of what sort of land you live on.

If you haven't had any of this activity until you brought the coat rack home, then I would have to assume that whatever came with the coat rack decided to hang around.

This is very scarey and must be annoying for you. I'm so sorry to hear about it.

Have you ever considered having a medium over to your house to see about sending the spirit away? I know you've blessed the house, but I don't believe that blessings work entirely and may only serve to anger the entity.

I would try everything in my power to send this one away, especially because you have a dog. I have a little dog as well and would be devastated if a ghost started doing things to upset/hurt her.

Take care!
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-07)
Welcome back lil and thanks for a great account and the historical background!

You know what, it doesn't matter if there was one specific murder in the area since the history behind it is so rich I'm sure a lot more had taken place. No wonder one can sense the energy that the land still generates.

As for the noises at home, I don't know why but it sounds like it's the same 'thing' manifesting in different ways. Why, obviously to attract attention, to interfere with this side of the world and "mark" its territory. I'm not so sure the noises are irrelevant to the coat rack though. Like I remember saying before whatever was attached to this piece of furniture might have just found a larger space to occupy.

I'll be anticipating more accounts from you but for the time being, don't worry too much since all it does is trying to make its presence known. If I were you, I'd go on with the cleansing and in the meantime pretend I'm not hearing a thing.

Surya, a member on our site can offer you valuable advice on how to use crystals to protect your space. I would listen to what she has to say.

Thank you and keep safe!
LyssaLuva (6 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-07)
This story is more of a kind of history lesson then a story! Next time tell us more about the ghost not the country it dies in~~ 😠

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