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This is a non fictional story that took place in the country during the summer when my mother was just sixteen years old. (Now, seventy years old.) She decided to walk to the store and buy some groceries as a favor for her mother.

Well, on her way back home it was just almost dark outside. She started walking on the dirt road and within a short time; this man came up walking beside my mother. He was friendly and said," Well, hello there." "What's your name?"

My mother responded and said,"Hi" and, she told him her name. He told her his name, too. He then asked her," What are you doing walking alone at this hour?" "I'm just walking back home." She said." Aren't you scared to walk alone in the dark?" He asked her."Not, really but, I would rather have someone to walk along with me." She said. He then, offered to carry my mother's bag of groceries for her.

He walked with my mother until she got home. They had talked to each other while walking. When they both reached the end of her parents drive way he passed her back her groceries. Apparently, her own mother had just looked out the window and she saw her daughter and this man there and suddenly, he just vanished! My mother had turned her head away for a mere second when this occurred. She never really thought much about how he was gone so fast.

When she came inside the house her mother questioned her about that man. She also told her that she saw him vanish into thin air! "All I know is that his name was Daniel O'Brian and he's friendly and carried my groceries for me and walked me home." my mother said.

Not long after that, her mother was visiting some friends she hadn't seen in awhile. She had told them about this and mentioned his name and they knew who he was! He was good friends with them and he had been killed in a terrible car crash twenty five years before. He was a very friendly man and had been seen by others sometimes, walking that road.

My mother realized she had been talking to an actual ghost! She still remembers this and never forgot that experience. This was a true encounter of the paranormal.

Thanks, for reading.

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Nephele (3 stories) (101 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-29)
That's awesome!
Great story!
I still wonder how they get to where they need to be though...
Ha I would be scared he would attack me or something or steal my groceries! Dx

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