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October 2011

This is an update on Dylan (D) dreams, again.

At this point (Fall 2011) he had now been dead for more than a year and it has been more than 5 months since I'd had a dream about Dylan. I now feel comfortable using his first name online as a few people in my hometown now know about the dreams and if more find out, its not as fresh. A guy from my graduating class and I had been getting really close and becoming really great friends. Over fall break I was sitting with him at his work. His job was the night shift at the lake, taking people out to their boats and this time of year he mostly sat in the cabin alone because most people are finished boating for the season.

Anyway, the conversation turned to the paranormal and he had very many of his own experiences. I don't want to share his story, because it isn't mine and I don't believe its my place to tell. However, we talked about our deceased classmate, Dylan. The one that had visited me in my dreams. My friend, started talking about Dylan's girlfriend, Sara. Shortly after Dylan died she had dreams about him, very similar to the ones I did. In fact, they had one detail that I hadn't shared with anyone. My friend told me that when Dylan would come to Sara, he had first started wearing dark colors but towards the end, he was wearing bright, extremely vibrant colors. This is something I hadn't shared with anyone (even you guys! Sorry!) but other people knew... It was really strange. And my friend's face when I told him was a mixture of fear and sadness. But more things had happened to Sara, he would change the ringtones on her phone or flip the radio station in her car to match the ringtone. It made me feel better knowing he went to her before me.

July 2012 Latest Dream of Dylan

This has been my most recent dream

I've now had to stop referring to my dreams about Dylan as "last" because each time I think its the last one, he comes back another time. This time it was kind of important. Again, I realize that this site is not about dream interpretation and I do not believe that these are just dreams and considering the fact that Dylan warned me before my grandmother died and another person (his girlfriend of 2 years) has had similar dreams, I am firm in my stance that these are real paranormal experiences. Add that to the fact I usually get sleep paralysis from these dreams.

Anyway, I was staying over at my current boyfriend's house. His name is Zach. We went to sleep pretty late that night but nothing out of the ordinary had happened. His house has some interesting things happen in it as well but nothing happened that night. In this dream I was standing in the funeral home where Dylan, Ray (the other guy that was killed in the crash) and my step-grandma's (the one whose death Dylan warned me about) funerals were all held. It's the only one in my small town. Keep in mind I didn't get to attend Dylan and Ray's funerals. But in the dream, I was standing next to Dylan's casket, and he was standing next to me. He was wearing a black suit (I have no idea what he was actually buried in) and he turned to me as we were standing next to the casket and said "I miss Earth. I miss it very much. Thats why I wanted a second viewing." He continued talking but the only word I kept hearing him repeat was Earth.

Then people from our class came in and stood next to the casket, which Dylan was clearly in and were all crying. But Dylan was standing next to me as well, I'm assuming the one standing next to me was his ghost as no one else, except a friend of mine, Nicki, saw him. (She has prophetic dreams which is why I think she was present in this one.) The significant thing was that the driver of the car Dustin, was there. He's been in jail since the accident.

I woke up, drove to work and nothing else out of the ordinary happened. I mean its become normal to have these dreams, as normal as dreaming about a dead person can be, right? Once I got to work I saw on Facebook that the driver of the car had been released from jail. I literally almost broke down, again, something I knew before I knew.

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shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
Like I said before, I wasn't close with Dylan and our families were friends when we were very young. I know that most of Dustin and Dylan's mutual friends are very forgiving and do a lot of things with Dustin now that he's out of jail. As for the family... I don't know. I know Dylan's father has struggled with this. Even though its a small town, people are hush hush about personal things... If I knew, I'd be more than willing to share. However, I do not know how Dustin feels and if he's changed any of his old ways.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)

I agree with you on that. Many of my paranormal experiences have started with a loved one getting in contact with me though the dreams and most of the time it's though my maternal grandmother. Like Miracles said, I guess it is easier when we are not to busy with our everyday life but also easier on us mentally because we won't be to scary to really read into the message. Dylan was just letting you know that Dustin was out of jail.

Just out of curiosity, I know you mentioned in your initial story about Dylan, you said that you weren't close with all three of the guys but I do have to ask. Since the accident, have you and / or the people who are consider family and friends of Dylan and Ray forgiven Dustin and does he feel remorse for his actions. If it's too personal, you don't have to answer. The reason why I asked is because to me, I know my grandmother has moved on but comes back to guide me ways words can't express. But could those feelings of anger and regret and not being able to forgive be actually holding Dylan back? I also asking this based on the fact that in your dream, Dylan mentioned that he missed being on earth.
shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
I do think Dylan was telling me about Dustin's release. But I think he's sort of become a warning sign for me as opposed to being really stuck here... He isn't in my dreams nightly... Believe me I have plenty worse ones.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
shamby - maybe Dylan was trying to prepare you for finding out Dustin was released from jail by showing you in your dream.

I believe we can receive messages in our dreams and sometimes that's the easiest place to reach us, when we aren't so busy with life.

Thanks for sharing this with us 😊
Michore (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
its really sad actually, I know a little about dreams and visions... Dying in a dream represents a new life, and because he keeps himself on earth he refuses to move on. People getting dreams like this, it isn't normal, there is a reason behind this.

I'll look more into your other dreams and maybe I can figure out what's really going on.

But just tell him whenever you get the chance that living a life where you only view other but that your not part of will only bring sadness, suffering and confusion. Everybody want's him to be at peace, its part of life to move on (even after death), everyone will eventually die. Death happens, its part of life, so he should just rest and wait until everyone reconciles

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