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My Own Ouija Board Experience


My Own Ouija Board Experience May 2012

I've told you experiences from my stepdad's Ouija. Here's one of my own.

In December 2011 my stepmom died. She basically went to sleep and never woke up. Doctors later confirmed it was a brain aneurism and no one could have done anything to save her. She was the third family member of mine to die in one year. It was particularly hard on my dad, who was out of town on business when it happened. He said it was the worst phone call he'd ever gotten. My brother and I went to the funeral which was held in West Virginia, although they lived in North Carolina and tried our best to be there for our dad and our step siblings.

Fast forward to May 2012, I had just gotten out of school and finished dealing with the happenings in my dorm room (read my other story, Room 358). One night we were having a few people over at my boyfriend's (Zach) mom's house. We were all sitting around the campfire when Zach, who was sitting next to me, types out on his phone a text to his mom that said, "Shelby has never played with a Ouija Board, we should get ours out." and before he sent it he had me read it. Right before he hit the send button, his mom called him over to her chair. She whispers something to him that I couldn't hear and I'm pretty sure no one else did either. He looks up from their conversation looking a little scared. Cheryl (his mother) had asked him if he wanted to get the Ouija board out when she called him over, and he had never sent the text message. We all kind of brushed it off and laughed about it but decided to get the board out anyway.

Now the house that my boyfriend and his family live in is haunted; however, I believe none of the spirits there were present at the board that night. Zach, his mom Cheryl, her boyfriend, Myke, and Zach's two sisters, Kayla (16) and Elizabeth (8) all live there. I'm pretty sure that all of them have had experiences. Zach says he thinks two adult ghosts live there and that they like to play pranks, usually really harmless things like moving game console controllers in place of where Zach's boots usually go, flipping the fan around or unplugging the TV. There is a weird handprint type smudge that Cheryl can't paint over, it always returns.

So we got the board out and left the lights on because I was very nervous. Kayla, Zach, Cheryl and I were going to play. Trent (Zach's buddy) and Myke were going to watch, Elizabeth was elsewhere that night. A few months back Zach had told me a story that his mom had been followed by a demon since she was 18 because of a Ouija board incident. She didn't know that I knew and Kayla had never heard the story either.

So the planchette started to circle and Cheryl took the reins and asked the questions. She first asked who was there, it immediately spelled D...E...M...O...N. My heart was literally in my throat but I refused to show fear. Cheryl made it clear she had dealt with it before, took a very stern tone and asked what it wanted. It spelled her name. She told it that it could never have her again and she had gotten rid of it once for her family. It then spelled Zach, she told it no again, it then spelled Kayla, again she said no. She told it it couldn't have anyone in her family. Finally it spelled my name, not Myke, the love of her life, but me. Cheryl started to get mad I think, she said "No, Shelby is mine too. You CAN NOT have her." It spelled out "Zach's." She told it that she knew I was Zach's but explained to it that I was her family too.

It left us alone for a bit but whatever else we talked to made no sense, just random nonsense not really spelling out anything. Then the demon came back. We literally had the same conversation but only got about halfway through it because Myke heard and took the cross off of the wall and put it next to the board. The planchette pulled hard to goodbye.

Cheryl then told Kayla and me about her experience when she was 18. The basics were that she and friends were playing with a board and the demon said it wanted her, so she said, "Well I'm right here, take me." That was bad news bears as it has stuck with her since then. She told us one night she thought it possessed her or "something" and it took four grown men to hold her back from beating someone senseless. She's a VERY small lady. It also comes out when she drinks Jack and coke. So she stays away.

So we played again, keeping the cross next to us. The board told us that it wouldn't talk to us because Zach was in the room and it didn't like him and it didn't like boys. I thought that was really odd. Then we finally asked if anyone had a message for us. It went to yes. Then Cheryl asked who, it spelled out my name. We asked who it was from and it spelled my stepmom's name. I broke down and cried. No one knew about Deb other than Zach and he wasn't even touching the board at that time. It told me she was safe and happy. That's all I could ask for.

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shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-19)
I don't know. She owns one and keeps it in the house... She had said she always argues with it every time she touches the board. But whenever a cross is placed near the board it jerks to goodbye.
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-08-18)
I'm shocked that Rook didn't get on to you about the words, 'playing with an ouija board'. He really dislikes that, haha.

I'm with galleygal, why would she get the ouija board out after being followed by a demon half her life. I hope she doesn't think she can control who a demon haunts. That was a really bad move on her part.

JS aka Brandon
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
[at] shamby - I have demon that comes out when I drink whiskey, too 😊. Seriously, this sounds like a happy ouija experience; I'm glad your stepmom is safe.

A question: why would Cheryl get on the ouija again after her prior experience? I'm guessing that was one bad experience amongst many?

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