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My Father's Hometown 2: The 7:00 Pm Habit


I will tell you the hauntings that only occurred every 7:00 pm in the evening. (Read my first story "My Father's Hometown" where I described and told the features of the house.)

The first was when my father was the one who accompanied us. This was happen when the country was in rainy season, between the months of July to November.

We have household chores that we used to do before the night comes. One of them was to close the window so that mosquitoes or other insects can't come inside the house especially ants with wings that always flew near the light.

We had already finished our dinner about 10 minutes before 7:00 pm and we all gathering in our living room to watch TV. We were enjoying watching then suddenly on the second floor, there was a mild noise. It was as if someone from the window that faces the backyard came inside and walked. We all panicked and looked at each other, then my father stood and went upstairs. When he came back he told to us it was just a cat and he asked who didn't closed the window (that particular window).

The second one was one or two weeks after the first incident happened. My father was still there. Same time, same place and same thing that we do. We were seriously watching at maybe 7:05 pm that time when the noise interrupt us. My father told me to check upstairs if we didn't closed the window. I followed my father even though there was a doubt, "What if...?" When I was on the top part of the stairs I can see clearly the window wide open even though the lights was off and I could hear the cat walking near the door so I saw it. It was just the cat. I went inside the room, open the lights and closed the window. Whew!

On the third incident, my father already left us 4 alone. I was the one who closed the window upstairs and ensures that all of the windows were closed. And there it is. Same time, same place and same thing that we do. We were watching and this time with some of our neighbors accompanied us to watch on TV. It was 7:00 pm already when something again landed on the wooden second floor and this time walked like it was inspecting the room then walked again in the middle where the door of the divider of the room was and stopped. So the only boy of 4, it was me, stood and went upstairs to check. I was confident that time because the lights were on and I knew that all of the windows were closed. I was expecting the cat on the middle of the room but when I was at the door, I didn't see anything. I saw the window was partially opened that cat could get in. I looked up to the divider if the cat had jumped there but nothing. I checked under our beds if the cat ran and hid. But I saw nothing. Then I went in the middle where the "it" stopped to look the possible exits but I can't find it. Then I went down confused and scared. Then I told them that I saw nothing. We just stared each other and thinking what was that.

On the fourth time, we were busy doing our chores and the 7:00 pm habit happened again. But this time it's different because the one who landed on the floor was the same weight of a human. When that thing landed the floor, we all stopped what we were doing. That thing walked to the door and stopped. We all looked at the floor above and we followed the footsteps. Then that thing continued to walk to the terrace until it stopped on the knee wall of the terrace. We were waiting if that thing will jumped on the ground but nothing happened. And my elder sister decided to go upstairs to check. When she came back, she told us that no one was there.

On the fifth time, again it's like a human. The thing walked from that window like he was inspecting the room and stopped in the middle of the first part of the room. Then continued walking to the door of the divider and stopped. And continuous walked until the thing reached the big old mirror in the middle of the jalousie window and stopped. We waited again if that thing will walked back to the door but it did not. Downstairs, we all remembered that the mirror was facing the door of the divider directly and facing that window. And that window was facing the back part of the house which some trees were there. And also the door in the terrace was facing the other window on the other side of the room. It was like the second floor have a portal that like a crucifix. What do you think?

That haunting happened again and again. When my mother was there and that habit happened again. But this time my mother was confused and even though we all hearing the footsteps, we just continued what we were doing. My mother asked us what that was. My elder sister told her that we were not the only occupants of the house and we got used to it that thing was there living with us.

Thanks for reading.

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unknownymous05 (12 stories) (16 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-18)
Hi Melda and Twilight,

Thanks for reading. Yes, we aren't living the house a decade ago and the house had been destroyed by a super typhoon. It didn't harm us that time and actually we tried to end it if it was just a cat but when we went up we lost the footsteps.

Twilight1011 (9 stories) (320 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-18)
Unknownymous5, I take that you and your family no longer live in this home now? If so, did this continue to happen until ya'll moved? How long did this go on for, like weeks, months, or years? I'm curious as to what could have been doing this each night 😕 luckily it didn't seem to really cause any problems, or bother anyone throughout the home. But it still makes you wonder what it was doing. I stayed at a friend's home where we were all sitting down stairs in the living room, and heard footsteps start from the middle of the room I stayed in there, that was right above us in the living room, and we all heard it walk out my room, and go down stairs, where we saw nothing as we all heard it hit the landing of the stairs, and continued to walk down the hall, and out the door (even making the sound of the door opening and closing). It was just so crazy how it sounded just like a real person would, that would be walking around, going down stairs etc. But my friend who lived there, is a beaken to spirits, so she constantly has spirits around her. I have that experience on here, under the name "living with a light house", if you're interested in reading it. I enjoyed reading about your experience, and thank you for sharing it with us 😊
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-18)
unknownymous - You do not have to accept the presence of this spirit if you don't want it around.

You can always consult one of your spiritual leaders, a priest of your specific religion, and take the necessary steps to have this entity removed.

I am always wary about giving advice to people who are not of the western culture because I have learned that the culture which we embrace plays a large part in our spiritual lives.

Hopefully somebody from the Philippines will respond to you.

However, this sounds to me like an entity which you could encounter anywhere in the world. Having said that, a blessing/cleansing might send this entity to wherever it belongs.

Regards, Melda

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