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The Henderson House and Kitty Phantoms


After events in my previous story, "Strange Things Happened in That House" things were pretty quiet for a while, having moved to a few different locations in Pennsylvania. There was one instance of being at my parents' friends' house and chasing the smell of perfume around the room, but nothing else eventful for three or four years.

The day came when my family moved to Henderson, North Carolina, and boy was that a culture shock! None the less, it was a good neighborhood with lots of friendly kids who came to play with my sister and me, as soon as word got out we were there.

A few weeks passed when my dad's temper seemed to rise to a peak and boil over. He had always been short tempered and quick with a curse word or two, but this was complete madness, almost as if he were possessed, which I believe he might have been after what I experienced.

I was about ten or eleven years old when I started having dreams about the small creek and woods in our back yard. I was always looking for something that was just beyond my vision. Then I dreamt of digging bones up in the back yard. My sister and I tried upon waking, but of course we got in a bit of trouble with mom, and I couldn't dig beyond about a foot in that thick red clay anyway.

Then came the episodes of blacking out while writing or doing homework. I would kind of come to and there would be a page full of curse words and black scribbles, and I didn't remember doing it. It would really tick me off sometimes as I would do it right over my homework.

One day, I felt the funny feeling I would get before one of these episodes, and I fought it. I couldn't stop it, but it was like I was watching myself and felt pure evil emanating in the room. I would have high tailed it out of there if I could have.

One time, after we had gotten a cat, it happened while she was in the room with me, and she scratched me in the face. I did other things in this evil state, but they are too embarrassing to list. Lets just say, I know I was possessed.

We all really hated living in that house, besides having good neighborhood friends. Mom even made the comment a few times that there was something evil there. So, we moved to another haunted location fifteen minutes south in a small town called Oxford. But that move and the experiences in that house will have to wait for a later date as it is a large portion of my life, and thus a long tale.

Skipping ahead to this past February, for my second experience, I had some strange and one sad experience. I live with my boyfriend in an old apartment house, also haunted. It was the week of Valentines Day, and I kept thinking I saw a few of my cats that have passed since living here. Out of the corner of my eye I would see Lynk, a very light colored tabby, slinking around. Lynk passed from feline leukemia in 2006.

One day I walked into my kitchen an there on my stove for a split second was Metallica, my old black cat, who was hit by a car in 2002. Every day up until Valentines Day, I saw these two slinking around my house. Sometimes I would feel a cat rub my leg, and see one of them for a split second, and poof they were gone!

There was even one night when all three of my living cats were outside, and I felt the presence of Keedon curl up between me and Jeff as she used to do when she lived with us. This happens from time to time. Keedon I raised from bottle as her mother died delivering, and I gave her to my parents in 2001, as they spoiled her on canned fish. A much better kitty life than I could afford. Keedon was very sick and put to sleep last year. Feline leukemia strikes again, and she was even vaccinated for it.

Well, Valentines Day comes, and something feels off all day. I am out to a maternity appointment, then shopping, and getting prescriptions, just totally busy all day. When finally I am done, I am driving my mother's car back to her and for some strange reason blurt out to myself, "No dead kitties today!" I thought "That's weird. Why would I just say that?" It was like tourettes or something.

So I returned my mom's car and my little brother took me home helping me with my parcels. He left to go home, and I began making a nice Valentines' dinner for my Jeffery. Well I had just barely gotten the groceries away and the chicken in the roaster when my little brother came running back into the kitchen.

"Um Steph, are all your cats in the house?" he asked very concerned. My heart sank. I had only seen Mr Pooh and Puck. I ran to the back door and called out for Muffin and she never came. She always came to my calling. I knew then and cursed out loud.

My little brother Eric tried to reassure me by saying that the cat in the road looked too big to be Muffin, but I knew it was her. I gave him a hug and he left. I finished getting my bird into the oven, and tried calling Muffin again.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, and went to where he said he saw her. Sure enough it was Miss Muffin. Thank God, it appeared other drivers avoided her body as she was very clean. She took a good blow to the head, but wasn't gross or anything. I stood there for a minute in the middle of the road in shock. Then I realized, people drive on roads and I should move! I pulled her out of the road and speed walked back home bawling. (My animals are like people and family! Plus I am pregnant and everything makes me cry right now!)

I cried well after Jeff got home. At one point my mother came bursting through the door knowing what had happened, and worried I was alone. Her and Jeff put Muffin in a nice box.

We buried her that night in my parents' yard next to the flowery bush near Keedon's grave. Muffin's son Gage witnessed the burial from afar. My mom said maybe it was coincidence, but she told Gage his mother had died and a little tear ran down his kitty nose.

I know she died an instant death and felt no pain. I also think it was something unavoidable considering the phantom kitties that roamed my house before hand. It was as if they showed up to take her, or maybe even let me know it would be alright.

Stranger still, I had a dream that my deceased PapPap (grandpa) came to see how I was faring, and Miss Muffin was with him.

Well that's all I have for tonight kiddies. I will be back with many more tales some other time. I hope y'all enjoyed, and thanks for reading.

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Brownie09 (6 stories) (293 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-14)
I really enjoyed your story, but it was sad, I believe that your cats came around to let you know that something was going to happen to one of your cats and they were just coming around to let you know that you didn't have to worry that she was going to be with them and she would be happy, as the dream with your grandpa and Muffin I believe that he was just letting you know that, you didn't have to worry that Muffin was with him and she knows that you will always love her and she will always be with you, and that everytime you look at her kitten, you will be able to see how much Muffin loved you.
I myself believe that animals are more than pets that they are more like family and that they will forever be with you no matter what.
THanks again for sharing your story. 😊 *Vicki* ❤
JadedDragon (1 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-10)
They were letting you know it was alright, and your grandfather was checking on you, and wanting you to know Muffin was safely with him and your other loved one (human and Animal) I had this happen with my dog Freckles, a cocker spaniel I had grownig up, he had to be put down at five due to illness. Afterwards I'd dream of him in a beautiful yard and he was so happy, he'd wagged at me, like saying everything is ok now, I'm okay now and I still love you, don't be sad I'm gone... It was a very sad and beautiful dream, but the "phantom" pet on the bed is something that has happened for a long time since Freckles passed, it seemed to alternate between Him, midget (a mini schnawser (sp?) we had to put to sleep also, and various cats. I think they come back to comfort you, to say they are still here and still devoted. Some my not even be pets from this lifetime. Anything is possible, I am strating to believe that.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-10)
Wow I really liked your story. I am sorry for you that your cat died. This was a sad story. But I hope things calm down for you. I know how hared it must have been on you. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-06)
My condolences it's so hard when we lose a pet. To me, to honor their memory give another rescued pet a good home. I have 3 cats all were rescue cats. I had to have 2 dogs put down from old age and the one visited once and not again but the other one hung around for 3 years. I now have cats and it won't surprise me if in the future when the eldest is gone (she's 12) I will feel her walking across the tops of our pillows. I would like to think they could visit us on this side and I do hope we get to see them again on the otherside.
ozone_baby (2 stories) (28 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-06)
Hi Steph
I believe your deceased kitties were coming around just to check on you, not to take muffin. I think our pets miss us not just the other way around.
We recently lost our beloved cat Mr. Frick. He had been sick for about 3 months then one day after letting him out to use the bathroom (he preferred this than the litter box lol) he just didn't come home. We believe he just went off to pass peacefully, as some animals do. It has been a month now. For the past 2 weeks our 8 year old insists he sees Frick sometimes at the edge of the woods just looking at the house. He could not be mistaken for another cat he was almost 20 pounds and had some very distict markings.
Sorry to take up so much space, just wanted to let you know that I believe your kitties just miss you as much as you miss them.
Terryberry (guest)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
I am sorry to hear about your kitties, I know how you feel. My kitty Cheech died in september because our neighbors left antifreeze out. I see him all the time around the house and yard and one of my brothers friends even saw him recently and thought he was just some random cat we neglected because no one was paying attention to him.
Very sad story but it was still really interesting. 😊
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
The houses I have lived in being haunted, only two were in the beginning. There was a good four years without any real event... Besides the perfume thing at someones' house.
As for ghosts following me, nah, these are definitely very different hauntings, and they feel like very different people. I have always been kind of sensitive to ghosts, and so is my mom. I do sometimes think though, that I am attracted to haunted places. I do have a love of old over new when it comes to places. The longer the history of a place, the more I love it.
After Henderson I have lived in three locations, my parents, a house across town where a guy was murdered in over a drug deal gone awry, and now my oooold, old, old apartment that dates back to Civil War times. All three haunted. All three are very different hauntings too. The last place I worked was haunted as well, and things happened there well before my showing up. I even have a picture of spirits in that place. Those are all different stories to be told though.
And Kiptere... I'd like to see you post some stories. It seems that you have nothing but snide remarks on other posters here. Most people don't take kindly to trolling so watch what you say.
As to the rest of you, thanks for your comments! I hope you will enjoy what I have in store next! 😉
Jennifer40 (20 stories) (202 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
Hi Stephani,
I'm so sorry to hear about your kitties! I also believe that they move on to a better place as well.

One thing that struck me was that when I was growing up I also had bouts of black-outs. One time I punched a neighbor child. I don't remember doing this but the kid was crying and everyone else around me insisted they had seen me do it. This happened a few more times but I guess I just grew out of it.

Congrats on your upcoming baby!

Jennifer ❤
Brookie17 (1 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
I kind of agree with Kip. Seems like the houses aren't haunted, but that there are ghosts following you where ever you go. Look into that more, don't want to scare you or anything.
PanasonicYouth (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
Kiptere, there is always something to be said for the saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say...".

If you don't like a story, don't read it, it's that simple really.
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
Thanks and yes I was sad for a while too. I barely had Muffin two years, and was really looking forward to a good future with her. Since Muffin's death, I have started a kind of kitty curfew, only letting the boys out when traffic is slow. They hate it! It is hard to keep a cat in this neighborhood. I live on a busy street and feline leukemia runs rampant here. Vaccines are only 80% effective against it, and they don't tell ya' in a cat's older age they are more prone to fall in that 20th percentile of contracting the virus. Keedon managed to stay alive nine years... Strange nine lives, nine years.
I know my animals are all in their version of heaven. I feel when I dream about them, and loved ones passed, it might really be them telling me it's alright, or maybe just even checkin' up on me.
I am glad you enjoyed, I will be posting again soon. 😁 ❤
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-05)
Hi Stephani 😊

That was one more story I really enjoyed although I was deeply saddened. I had a cat for 14 years and ever since she died, I may foster cats but I then find a nice family to adopt them. I don't think I have gotten over losing that cat yet and unfortunately I now have 4 dogs so, it's kind of a problem. Anyway, I'm absolutely convinced that animals do go to a better place very much like humans do and I suspect they always manage to find a way to visit back and reassure us about their love. I also suspect that what caused you to say "no dead cats today" was no accident.

I will be anticipating your next story.

Take care
Tammy 😊 ❤

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