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A Touch On The Face


It started last night, (10/26/08), when my friend Chad* and I were watching TV in his room. It had been awhile since I had seen my best friend, let alone come over to his house and hang out. My friend lives in Long Beach and I've been to his house many times before. I have felt a presence in his home always, but nothing like what had happened last night. I usually get the feeling of someone watching me, but never have I seen anything unusual. Just felt it.

We were playing some video games when we decided that we were both hungry. Chad had some leftover pizza that he had offered to heat up, and I humbly obliged to his offer. He went to the kitchen to make the pizza, and I was sitting on his bed. All of a sudden, it felt like someone, or something fell onto the bed. Like hitting it softly, but hard enough to make the bed shake a little bit. I didn't pay much attention to it and continued playing the video game that was on.

He came back and everything was fine.

After awhile we had decided that only one piece of pizza wasn't cutting it, so Chad got up to go back into the kitchen to make another pizza, and I was alone in the room again. Then, it felt like someone or something had fallen onto the bed again, making the same noise and the bed to shake and this time it grabbed my attention! I looked over (to the right) but didn't see anything. The room felt like the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, and the window was for sure closed!

Then I heard a rustling sound, like a plastic sack at the end of the bed. Once I heard that, I looked back over to the right because I could feel someone standing there, when all of a sudden it felt as if someone sat down! I know this sounds crazy but it happened right before my eyes! It seriously looked like someone sat down! I got out of there so fast and jumped on Chad as I started explaining what I had just experienced.

He believed me but couldn't really do much but not leave my side for the rest of the night.

Later on, things quieted down and we were watching Robot Chicken. But as time crept on, I couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't just the two of us in the room anymore. I kept feeling cold spots come and go right in front of my face. I usually just brush it off as my breath cooling my face, but this was different. It was almost like someone was waving their fingers in front of my face. Then, there is absolutely no mistaking this, someone's finger touched my face from the middle of my brow, all the way down to my lips, then it made a circle like a spiraling motion around my lips. It didn't frighten me, but it sure gave me the creeps!

I honestly don't know what happened at Chad's house, but I know for a fact that no hair or dust or anything out of nothing can make it feel like something is touching my face and lips! However, I feel like the presence has gotten stronger and it likes to play tricks on you!

Thanks for reading my story, any comments would be great!

*name has been changed

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MeganDear26 (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-28)
Some times I feel tingling touch on my face or hands Arms when I sleep I feel someone is stroking my face I feel light cold breeze gently on my face nothing harmful I something it's my guardian angel touching my face lettin me know it's here 😊
Kdurango (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-20)
I have had a similar experience. I do believe you when you say you felt the presence on the bed. What it all means, I don't know, as I said, I have a similar story and will share it with you soon.
blued1 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-06)
I never try to question or speak with anything that has drawn my attention. It is dangerous. I believe that when you die, that's it, untl the Messiah resurects you during his rule. The Bible tells us that the dead know nothing. Neither love or hate. They are conscious of nothing! So this should alleviate our fears there.

I don't think that the spirit harmless. I believe it's intention was to scare you! These are fallen angels, they know that they only have a little time, before they are destroyed. They are cruel, cowards.

There is always a reason you feel this. You are more sensitive to this, as I am. I don't know why I am, but I look for a reason or an object. I too have felt like someone was watching me, at someone's home. I know by sleeping in a home, by mself, whether there is a spirit or not.

I'm surprised you weren't frightened. I sure am! I didn't know that they could actually touch you, until one night I woke up and drank some water and sat on my bed for a little while with the light one. I was laying down though. Something patted me down, like a cop would do. First the shoulders, then the hips and then the thighs. Nothing sexual, just pat, pat, pat. I ran downstairs and slept in the living room, where my Mom always sleeps. I have never been so frightened. I knew that I didn't dream it! I felt it and never want to feel it again! It turned out that several items I had in my house, I believe, were infected with evil spirits. The items were from one dead husband who was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol, that had died. All his stuff, I believe was infected, like I said earlier. I burned most of the things from him. I had gol necklace that caused trouble for me. It went to one daughter's house. Her boyfriend woke up in cold sweats that were caused by some dream. My mother had necklace in a Bible and had horrible nightmares. The thing then went to the daughter (child of the deceased), who took it intoher apartment and her boyfriend had dreams and found out she had necklace, and made her take it down to the car. It was finally melted down. Not to be recirculated, where it would cause more trble.
Shia453 (2 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-05)
Ah, sorry. I just caught what you said about it following you. I revise my comment about "next time you go to Chad's house."
Shia453 (2 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-05)
This ghost sounds like someone who was just trying to get your attention and contact you. Perhaps a little mischievous, but mostly someone who's trying to get noticed for some reason. Considering its actions, it seems like it knew that you could sense it.

During your story, I was trying to imagine what someone in the ghost's position would probably be doing. When it sat next to you, my first impression was that it seems like someone who wanted to talk, waiting until you didn't have other company to approach you.

The part when you were watching Robot Chicken was especially amusing. I'm imagining someone standing in front of you and waving his hand in front of your face, "Helloooo~ Anyone home?" and then touching your face, "I'm right hee~eere! Are you going to pay attention to me now? How about now?"

Maybe if you try to communicate with it the next time you go to Chad's, even ask it (politely) to stop frightening you, it might help. This sounds like someone who's trying very hard to be acknowledged.
ElinaIoneki822 (9 stories) (29 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-02)
Thank you all for your comments! Basically this was the first time I've ever made contact with the spirit in his home. I have always felt a presence but never had it touched me. For some reason tho, this thing has been following me! Ever since that day, I have had many encounters! I do not feel threatened, but I think it has the hots for me! I will submit another story to tell you of my accounts!

Thanks for the support!
Elina ❤
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-31)
ElinaIoneki822, hi;

Enjoyed your story. Seems your friend has a playful spirit aboard.
What do you think could be the cause of the incident you describe here? I haven't read your accounts all the way yet, but your info about your own home shows a lot of paranormal activity. Any idea why?

The touch you describe is familiar to me by a similar experience last month wherein a spirit who answers to a name started at the nape of my neck and slowly drew a fingered line straight down my spine after I had mentally asked for that as a sign of different spirit's presence.
But the feeling was one of warmth and as if a thin layer of air covering my back was being gently split as the finger slid downward.
Sometimes, too, a light spattering of energy can be applied to the skin in swirl motion, resembling light static electricity as it moves upon the skin.
This kind of effect is another manifestation of a spirit's bioelectricity at work.
Jfreekao (3 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-31)
Hrm... Sounds like a spirit just has the hots for you. Either way, it's nothing to worry about. Maybe it's a poltergeist or who just feels like you're a good subject for its pranks. Who knows. Has anything like that ever happened to your friend? If so, then you should have him tell the ghost to go away and leave him alone. If it's just you, then you should do that.
kcampbell (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-31)
oh yaeh I missed the part that said if it still, I for got to put there after still and before i. Sorry about that.
kcampbell (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-31)
it wouldn't creep me out that for sure, if it happen to me I would say "hey can you stop, please?" and if it still I would talk to it and see if it talk to me. ❤
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-31)
Was this a one of incident? I ask becasue the sentenace on your last paragraph reads "I feel like the presence has gotten stronger and it likes to play tricks on you!" Have you had anymore occurances?
nmg5789 (2 stories) (48 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-30)
that is really really creepy! Id be so scared I don't think I could ever be alone in his house again! I have never felt a presence around me or felt touched me anything but I would be terrified if it ever happened to me! You're so brave!
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-30)
It's true, some Ghosts will travel on through, and maybe it's just a one time thing at Chads. I wouldn't be concerned because it doesn't appear to be a threatening entity. Just a memory you will carry all your life... I have had my hair touched, my face covered in whisper cold kisses, and the back of my neck covered with an icy hand. These were all one time experiences.Blessings, Ghostseer
whitefang557 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-30)
😐 well I can't say much but your not alone that's for sure. Yep. Lots of people go through the same or somewhat different experience as you. I know. 😐

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