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Return Of The Friendly Ghost


It had been a few days and things were finally quiet. I was able to just live my life forgetting about the touch on my face that so freaked me out! Until one night, whilst I was at my home.


It was my parent's' 25th wedding anniversary on October 28th, and my dad surprised my mom with a lovely getaway at a Marriott Hotel in Hollywood, Ca. He took her to see a sitcom being taped at Warner Brothers studio (I do not remember the name of the show, sorry!). I thought it was such a neat thing they were doing.

I didn't really think much to find someone to stay at my house with me, since my mom didn't like me being home alone. I am almost 21 years old, but that doesn't mean my parents like it when I'm all by myself and vulnerable. So anyway, my parents leave and I come home from work at around 6:30pm. I have my friend come over, but since she had to go home at 11, that meant that my time alone was creeping up on me.

I decided to stay out in my living room, watching the taped shows my dad and I always enjoy together, when all of a sudden I hear something. Now, my house doesn't really make that much noise all the time so hearing something like that kind of freaked me out a little.

So I get up and investigate the kitchen area. Nothing. I check the dining room. Nothing. When I walk back through the hallway to the living room, it's almost as if I walked into a wall of coldness! Like a freezer almost. It gave me the chills all the way to my spine and I ran and jumped back on the couch.

Not two seconds later, I started to feel all the energy drain from my body, starting with my legs. And all of a sudden it seriously felt like someone walked up to me and sat on the couch and put their hand on my thigh! I could literally sense where it was, but I couldn't see anything. It was the weirdest thing! Then, I bolt out of that room so fast that I left everything on. The lights, the TV, my cell phone. You would think that running would keep you safe when you feel in danger... Not in this case!

I didn't make it that far when I heard my name being called from the living room... That's when I felt like I had to get the hell out of my house! So I ran outside and I couldn't go back in for about 45 minutes. I don't know my neighbors and I didn't have my phone on me so I had to walk around and calm myself down by myself. Being outside felt a lot better than being inside for some reason.

Once I was able to go back inside I just turned everything off and grabbed my phone and ran back into my room and locked the door! I had to keep all the lights on but I was able to fall asleep.

Whatever it was that was at Chad's house, I think has been following me ever since. There is so much more that's been happening to me that I haven't even begun to include in this story. But I think I might have some kind of stalker on my hands. Or maybe just a friendly ghost, who likes me, I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to maybe make this thing go away? As much "fun" as you might think we could be having, it's annoying and very scary to encounter this stuff, especially when you're alone!

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kioko (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-20)
the touching part I could be ok with but while running you hear your name being called, DANG! IM SPRINTING OUT OF THERE!XDDD
Evarin (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-09)
I do agree as well. If you feel that you are getting over the initial fright then try talking with this spirit. Before you resort to other means of communication (Ouija board etc) I would try talking directly to him. It seems that he is strong enough to project his voice so you have a good chance to hear him physically or through a recording device. Good luck and let us know of the outcome! 😁
Shia453 (2 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-07)
I'm not very knowledgeable on communication with spirits, but this one sounds strong and certainly eager enough to talk. Perhaps even asking him to speak directly would work - he can say your name, so maybe he can say more. You could also use recording devices to try to catch his words.

Otherwise, there are the communication methods that Hollywood has also bastardized. A Ouija board (even a homemade one), a pendulum, or asking the spirit to answer questions by tapping on a wall, moving a glass on a table, or some such. I sound silly even suggesting these things...that's just how commercial they've become.
ElinaIoneki822 (9 stories) (29 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-06)
Thank you all for your comments, it's much appreciated! However, I think I am starting to get over the fact that I have someone attached to me. I want to accept it and I want to embrace it. This guy spirit attached to me does seem like all he wants is my attention, so maybe I should? Do you have any suggetions on how I can go about doing so?

Elina ❤
Shia453 (2 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-06)
I agree that, as I said in your first story about this ghost, you could try asking it to leave you alone. You don't necessarily need to be forceful at first, though. Think of it as talking to a stranger; it couldn't hurt to be considerate at first. After all, aren't you usually more inclined to agree with someone when they're being polite?

Though, I have to disagree with ghostseer. Just because a spirit is bugging you doesn't mean that you have to immediately vanquish it to the depths of hell. If he's still around, then maybe it means that he needs something before he moves on. Maybe he wants attention, or someone to understand him and help him reconcile with something.

In any case, what he really seems to want is your attention. I understand that it's frightening, but maybe if you try to communicate with him, you could learn what he wants. If you really want him to stay away, you could use any variety of those ancient methods that Hollywood has bastardized:

Circles of salt (I recommend kosher salt since it has less impurities), incense, protective charms and amulets, St. John's Wart. You can research various methods. It just seems cruel to me that this guy is trying so hard to talk to you and you just keep shoving him away. I know vice versa can be said, but I believe that spirits who remain here on earth have some trauma that they need to get over.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-06)
I agree with Jackets, tell it to leave you alone. If it is evil, say, " By the power and the Glory of Jesus Christ, leave!, you have not been invited into this home, and you are not welcome here ". Using the words, Jesus Christ... Is like pouring salt on an open wound. If it is evil-it will go away, maybe not forever, but maybe for quite a while., you can repeat this with incense, and light a white candle (not evil... It just stands for purity/cleansing). Learn to pray if you are not so inclined. There is a lot of power in prayer...Blessings, Ghostseer,, check out my questions and answers page for more help.
Jackets (3 stories) (71 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-06)
Have you told this ghost to leave you alone in a loud, strong voice? I am not suggesting that you scream at it like you are in an arguement, but forcefully tell it that it is not welcomed and that it needs to go for good. Being that this ghost does not seem to be trying to scare you, that may be all that you need to do to stop these encounters.

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