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Why Me? Why Now?


It was the summer of 1991. I was dating a woman named Cary, with whom I had graduated high school. She was living in her family home that her father owned in the woods of a small town in upstate New York. The house was a huge three-story, A-frame structure built around a massive double sided chimney that opened into fireplaces in two rooms of each of the three floors. Although the first floor was finished, the second and third floors still had plywood flooring and unpainted sheetrock.

Her parents had started building the home several years before, but about 18 months prior, her mother had fallen ill. As it turns out, her mother was misdiagnosed by their family doctor, who treated her for about 9 months for some ailment other than the aggressive cancer that was taking over her body. By the time the doctor figured out that the volleyball-sized "cyst" on her shoulder was cancer, it was too late; and she was dead in about three months.

Cary and her mother were extremely close, and she did all she could to help and take care of her father after her mother's death. Prior to us becoming reacquainted earlier in the year, I had not seen Cary since high school, but coincidentally, I had been to her family's home and actually met her parents who were at a party their son was having, a couple years before. Her mother was very friendly and I spoke with her for quite some time. I mentioned to her that I had graduated with her daughter and we talked about several of our classmates that she was familiar with. After that party, I never saw Cary's mother alive again.

Since only the first floor of the A-frame was finished, Cary had set up her bedroom in the back of the house behind the fireplace and stairway that ran through the center of the house. Cary had a love for animals; her family had always had pets which at the time included two dogs and a rabbit. The rabbit was housebroken, but it also was allowed to go in and out of the house at will.

On several occasions, Cary and I both would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of their younger dog, Butch, barking and running back and forth on the third floor playing with a ball. If you are a person who has ever had a very special dog that you will never forget in your life, Butch was that dog for me. The third floor was unfinished; there were some construction materials and personal items stored there, but for the most part was one big open racetrack for Butch to run around the stairway and chimney that ran through the center of the house. Although Butch was young and energetic and loved attention, he usually relaxed most of the time waiting for someone to prompt him to play ball.

One night while staying at the house, I awoke to a noise in the attached garage. The garage was closed but far from secure, and it sounded as if an animal had gotten in. I could hear scratching and shuffling around and presumed it was the family's pet rabbit. I got out of bed and looked at the clock radio, it was just past 2 AM. I walked to the door, and after trying two or three of the eight switches on the wall by the garage door, I turned on the light to the garage, opened the door and looked out. The doorway to the garage was positioned at the base of the stairway to the second floor. When the light came on, the noise stopped, and whatever was in the garage did not show itself. I stood there for several minutes waiting for the rabbit to hop out of its hiding place, but whatever was making the noise chose not to reveal itself. I turned off the light with the switch my hand had been on for the past few minutes, and closed the door.

As I turned to return to bed, I saw a human figure at the top of the stairs. Although the house was dark, the moonlight shining in the second floor glass doorways to the balcony silhouetted the solid figure perfectly. I could tell from the profile that it was a young to middle-aged woman, and as my mind acknowledged this, the figure turned to face me. Not knowing who this was or why this person was in the house, I began fumbling through the row of light switches, never taking my eye off of this person. Although I was not looking at the switches, I had both hands on the switch plate systematically flipping each switch because I knew one of them lit the stairway. I tried all eight and none of them worked. But I had spent a lot of time in the house over the past several weeks and had used one of the switches to light the stairway in the past.

I began flipping the switches again and again as I stared at this figure and this figure appeared to stare back at me. The figure raised its arms slightly as if to steady itself and shifted forward as if it was about to descend the stairway toward me. Just as my panicked mind acknowledged this, the light in the hallway came on... I had finally found the right switch. In the blinding light of the stairway stood...nothing. I stood at the bottom of the stairway for several minutes looking up the stairs as if I were in a trance. I stood that way until a whispered voice said to me, "What are you doing?" was Cary, although I did not realize it when it was happening, I had turned on all of the lights in the downstairs of the house and the light had woken her up. I do not know how long it actually took for me to answer her, but it seemed like a long time. I finally told her that I had heard something in the garage and had hit the wrong switch by accident.

I turned off all of the lights except for the stairway light and returned to bed. I lay awake the rest of the night watching and listening, but nothing else happened. The next morning I told Cary about what had happened to me. Although she said, "It was probably my mother"; I do not think that she believed that it really was. But I know it was. I had met her mother; and at a distance of about fifteen feet, she was unmistakable, even in the dark.

For the next week, Butch played ball upstairs with someone every night, usually between two and three o'clock. Neither Cary nor I ever suggested going upstairs when we would hear him play.

As is the case with many relationships between young adults, as time went by we realized we had less in common than we originally thought; and after a few months the relationship ended. To this day I do not know what Cary's mother wanted to tell me, or wanted me to know. I did my best to take care of her through what was obviously a difficult time in her life, and if that is what her mother wanted from me, I feel I did the best that I could. I do not know if she in some way made me receptive to spirits from that point on, or if seeing a spirit for myself just made me open my eyes wider; but I have had multiple paranormal experiences since. It is a mystery to me, that if I had this ability all along, why it took me 25 years to figure it out.

About a year later, I got a call from Cary. She had since moved from her parents' house and was living in a small apartment in town. An angry neighbor had taken exception to either her, or her dog, and had poisoned Butch. I helped her take him to the veterinarian to be cremated.

Through my experiences with spirits in my life, I have come to understand more about myself and the world than I would have without their impact. Although their message is never clear, I know they come to us for a reason. By helping those who have passed, I hope to help those who are alive to enjoy their lives to the fullest by ridding their lives of supernatural interferences. For others, I want to help them to feel the comfort that those they have loved watch over them, sometimes from beyond, and sometimes by their side.

And in my mind's heaven, Butch is still running laps around the fireplace, and Cary's mother never gets tired of throwing that ball...

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geet10 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-24)
Hello, I know I'm late. But I just read this heart warming narrative of yours. Thank you for sharing! May God bless those departed souls...
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-12)
A very well-written, heart warming story! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Warm Regards,
TheJokesonu (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-21)
you write very well. Love to read your pieces. Regards,
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-13)
My first thought was because of how nice you were to your former girlfriend's mother when she was alive and also how you cared for her daughter after she passed away. Personally, I think it was her way of saying thank you but like you said, we may never know.

I think everyone has the ability to see the paranormal, some more than others. But most people shut it out for some reason or another and you of all people should know one of them is being fear and the other being corrupted by nonsense. I think your former girlfriend's mother showed herself to you as your first experience is because you were pure at heart without any ulterior motives.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-01)
PS: I am on a strict diet now; only one LouSlips per day! I am sure, too much would be disasterous to my health, especially at my age. (Laughs up sleeve) I shall have another dose tomorrow! 😉
I love your stories! (So chilling)
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-01)
Gee LouSlips, Being relatively new to this site, I can only echo the other posters sentiments. You write superbly, sweeping the reader along with you, to the last word. It is such a pleasure to read a well told tale, even if it a bitter-sweet one. It's 'hats off' to you, my man! (Nods sagely) 😊
Thank you so much for sharing.
Kuhlmad (3 stories) (57 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-17)
Incredible story, you write very well. I have realized when I read your stories I get sucked right in and I develop pictures in my head to go along with the story. This is a really sad story, but thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed reading it.
quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
😆 LMFAO! By the way, nice date to write a scary story... Very unique.

quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
OMG! This is a tragic story... And then at one point I almost was one of those people talking to the screen saying, "USE YOUR WHOLE HAND AND SWITCH ON ALL OF THEM!" 😨
I think my eyeballs were as big as scaucers. 😆

DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-06)
Beautifully written, I felt like I was right there at the bottom of the stairs trying in vain to find the right switch. Your description of Butch reminds me of one of my own dogs. Fetch Rocky! Gooood Doooogggggie!😉
Pendragon (6 stories) (296 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-23)
It's sad that her mom had a tumor, and that the doctors had not figured that out sooner (I imagine it had been there for a looong time. Tumors generally take a while that big. Stupid doctors.) I think, when/if I see a full-bodied apperition, I may faint from shock.

And it's very sad what happened to Butch! I recently had something similar happen to my dogs. One minute they were fine, and we had to put them outside, and the next, they came in and and hour later, the two of them were vomiting and had explosive dirreah (sp) all over the house. We went outside and hunted high and low for what it could have been - Had to have been one of the neighbour kids mad that our dogs and our neighbour's dogs "talk" with eachother, and they must have thrown some chocolate in our yard. Our neighbour's dogs were violently ill as well. Luckily, we got them to a vet in time, still scary as heck.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-07-23)
This a very sweet, very touching story. Sad and tragic what happened to Butch, that part is just... Makes me want to cry.
XDeMoNiCX_XAnGeL (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-01)
scary but not all spirits are bad maybe this thought just popped on my head if there is a heaven a hell and a purgatory then maybe spirits are the purgatory because they can't decide for these people who died got killed to go to heaven or hell but this thought just randomly popped in my head this story is very good 😕
RoseVelvet (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-27)
I can only agree with the other comments!
Wonderfully told! I'm wondering myself what would have happened if you hadn't switched on the light...
flamewithin (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-26)
what a sweet exsperence. Maybe she wanted you to know she was still there looking out for her, just like you were.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-25)
LouSlips, echoing the previous posters, I'd also like to thank you for the intriguing story you have shared with us but also for the message you're trying to communicate through it.

It's been a while since I last read such a beautiful account!
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-25)
As everyone else had already told I will say it again, a very well written story. It has been a while since I have read a story and found myself there, feeling, seeing what you were. I look forward to your next submission.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-23)
LouSlips, I have to add my voice to the growing chorus. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is a delight to read a thought-provoking, engaging, well written account. I look forward to you sharing your other experiences with us, too. Thanks.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-22)
I must agree with the others, what a wonderful story. I think you should also put your mind to easel, it sounds as if you did exactly what Carys mother would have wanted, helped Cary and her family through a very difficult time. I hope she has no crossed over to be with our Lord at peace.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us ans I am also looking forward to reading about your other experiences.

God Bless!
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-22)
No, hobbyholly. That is a chapter long since closed. I'm glad you enjoyed the writing.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-21)
Very lovely story

It's refreshing to come across something like this on the site these days. Do you keep in touch with Cary still?
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-21)
Thank you all for your compliments. With any luck, my future submissions will not disappoint.

God Bless
celtcharm (29 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-20)
Hello LouSlips, I have to agree with everyone, what a well written experience. Very touching for me as well since I'm an extreme dog lover and hope the dogs that I've lost over the years are having a good time until I'm reunited with them again! Thanks for shareing! Peace, Celtcharm 😊
UnknownKarmic (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-20)
Thank you LouSlips... I agree with Rossimac... Very well written...

It's stories like your that make this a great site.
Rossimac (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-20)
Easily one of the better written pieces I've read on the site! Your description was vivid and put me right in that stairway with you. Makes me wonder what the figure would have done had you not flipped on the light...

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