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The Spirit Who Needed My Hairdryer


We've been in Germany now for almost a year. When we got here last July we were told that there would be a six month wait for base housing so we decided to look off base in the various villages surrounding Ramstein and Vogelweh. We came out here to Wallhalben and took the second house we looked at. It's really nice and spacious. With more room than we would ever have on base. Too good to give up even when the housing office called us three months after we moved in to offer us a house on base. We were settled and happy with the way things were going.

I began to notice a few noise's here and there and my husband heard them too from time to time so I didn't really give it much thought. But that changed one afternoon while I was home alone. My kids were at school and my husband was at work. We didn't have our dog yet she was going to be shipped to us in a few weeks at this point. I had been downstairs digging through some of our rubber maid containers trying to find some photos, and things got moved around a little bit. I found what I needed and headed back upstairs to the office to work on my last assignment for my photography class. I guess it was an hour or so since I had been down there when I heard what sounded like one of the container's shift. We have them stacked up under the stairs since we don't have closets to store stuff in. I stopped typing when I heard the noise and I waited for a few second's before I started up again. I figured I'd go down there and straighten up what had fallen when I was done.

I didn't think about it too much until I heard this noise like a radio set on a station with nothing but static. At that moment my heart started pounding and fear set in. I headed out of the office to go down the stairs and as I got about halfway down I felt a cold chill shoot down my spine. I realized that the noise I heard was my hairdryer that had fallen to the floor and then had been switched on.

Now there is NO WAY that it could've fallen on its own not to mention turn on. In our master bathroom we have a bar with four hooks on it to hang things from on the right side of the sink. On the left side of the sink is the outlet. I always hang my hairdryer on one of the hooks and run the cord under the sink (there are no cabinets under the sink) to plug it into the outlet on the left side. It was no different on this particular day.

I just stood there for a few second's scared stiff staring at the hairdryer and thinking about how much I didn't want to touch it but I knew I had to switch it off. I finally gathered up enough nerve to pick it up and switch it off, and I didn't even hang it back up, I just laid it back down in the floor and ran back upstairs. I figured I'd just let my husband put it up when he came home.

When he got home I told him what had happened, and he smiled and said are you sure that it was hung up the right way? I hadn't even used it that day because I had washed my hair the night before and just pulled it up into a ponytail so I wouldn't have to mess with it. I knew without a doubt that it was hung up right. He headed downstairs, I only went halfway down, because honestly I didn't want to see it, or touch it. He checked it over and made sure that there wasn't anything that could've caused it to "malfunction" and then just kind of scratched his head for a minute. He knew that something had to make it fall and turn on, and with all the experiences I've had he realized that this was just another thing to add to our ever growing list of unexplained events.

Needless to say I didn't use my hairdryer for several days, and having real curly hair and not blow drying it you can imagine how it looked after letting it air dry. But I didn't care I just didn't want to touch it. It really freaked me out.

Nothing like that has happened since, but we do hear noises like someone messing with the dishes if there are any in the sink, and what sounds like things being dropped on the floor in other rooms. I know there is something here it may very well be who or whatever it is that has seemed to follow me around all these years. I guess it just wanted to get my attention. How else could I explain it?

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taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-01)
liked this one just goes to show even spirits hate bad hair days 😆
Sorry, its late!
genji123 (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
please help me guys iv been hearing seeing and feeling woman with a white dress she said one timne I was in my car clearly... Ill kill you... So I went outside of my car and sold it to somebody rdvdfv sorry guys I heard something it made me mess up my typing I gotta fix that but I'm going outside that's what I do until my wife and kids come home not to mention I have a german sheperd ill just walk her instead! 😨
rhondaskppr (2 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-28)
Wow...if that would have happened to me, I don't think I would have went back up stairs. In my house sometimes I will see something in the corner of my eye and if it scares me or gives me a bad feeling I will leave or find something to do outside like walk the dog or something... (if nobodys home with me) great story!
L0VEPiNK07 (1 stories) (47 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-09)
I hear dishes rattling in our sink sometimes, too. And in my bathroom, it sounds like someone dropping something or knocking something off the counter onto the floor, but nothing is ever out of place. I guess as long as it doesn't hurt you, there's nothing to worry about.
sanpom73tooble (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-26)
ghostreasercher0100. You spelt researcher wrong. You spelt it reasercher, its suposed to be researcher. And I'm not saying that a ghost didn't do that... Wich I'm betting one did. But there are ways it could have fell. At my house, we hang our blowdryier on a hook to. Sometimes, the cord or something can be hanging, and if you look at it... It won't look like it was moving. But it might have been, and then all of a sudden fell... Then along the way it could have got a switch hit. Well, I hope your okay
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-24)
WEird. It seems like all of these spirits are of intelligience. Ones that you can get rid of if you wanted. Unless you like the Company:). ❤ Jasmin
shobha (35 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-12)
when we were living in a place called Bredby in the UK, we experienced a few weird things-a vacuum cleaner would get switched on by itself, abroom would fall out of acloset-the door to this closet would first open and then the broom would fall to the floor. That place was part of a hospital where my grand father was a doctor. It was only years later that we were told that a lot of other people had similar experiences. It gives me the creeps when I think about that place even now-incidentally, the place once belonged to a guy named Lord Carnavon-a famous Egyptologist-who died under mysterious circumstances a short while after he entered the pyramid which housed the remains of King Tot
AuroraRosa (2 stories) (55 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-12)
I've had the washing machine turn on for no reason, but like you I have no logical explenation apart from something that wanted to make its presence known
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-11)
I remember about hairdryer when I was in my 20 so somthing and I hear my dyer made a nosise I gone to see what going on and it laid on the counter and made a noise so I turn off and curious as I was.
ghostreasercher0100 (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-11)
that story was kind of similar to an event that happened to me. My little sister's easter basket was sitting on a shelf, waiting for easter. I was about five feet away from it (surfing the internet) when all of a sudden it just fell off the counter. When I went over there, I suddenly felt really cold. There was nothing that could have caused it to fall over.
ghostreasercher 😊

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