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Shaking Bed And Swinging Board


AS I said in the last story, there is a young girl who is haunting the present house I am staying fortunately for me four other people who have stayed at the house said they have seen her so I wasn't just imagining her. Since my last post she hasn't thrown anything across my room but recently some strange things happen while I'm lying in bed.

Firstly sometimes my blankets move every so slightly when I'm laying still like something is touching them. Sometimes I feel that is was just me but other times not so much. Then came the bed shaking now this is not exactly like scary sharp movements like someone is picking up the mattress. It feels like someone is almost rocking my bed gently and it only happens for a little bit then it stops. It has happened four times in the last month. Sometimes when I'm sitting down watching TV my legs from the knees down get cold. Now as it is winter in Australia I usually wouldn't think much of it except it happened when I was sitting not two feet away from a heater. Sometimes I get the feeling like someone is rubbing my legs and my fingers. In fact right now I just had something touch my left thumb like they were stroking it. Also things have been going missing. A friend of the family had her 2 year old daughter come along with her favourite dancing Barbie doll. It disappeared while she was here. Clothes and money have gone too and no one can find them. My mum says it's the house which had bad karma even though she believes me. My father is a lot more skeptical about it saying there is no such thing as ghost.

Moving on from the house I was on a close shift not 2 weeks ago when my manager who was the only other person in store with me looked to the back of the store with wide eyes. When I noticed her look I took a quick look at what she was looking at. At the back of the store is a door and hanging above that door is a board hanging from a hook. What we were looking at was his board which was swinging pretty fast like someone had just pushed it. I went down the back to check it out, despite the manger saying not to. I thought it was just a breeze that had caught it or maybe, pretty unlikely someone hade broke into the store. So I grabbed the board and stopped it from swinging and went on a hunt to find this cause. To my surprise there was nobody in store and there wasn't a breeze. A lot freaked out I went back to the front to finish my duty when not 10 minutes later the manger was looking in the same spot. The board had starting swinging again worse than before. We both agreed not to look at the back and at the board for the rest of the night.

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beau (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-12)
what you must be goin throw is horrebel the same things are happing to me 😐 I not 😜 you so I know what it feels like
Miss_laura (9 stories) (60 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
I do wish to coexist with her cept we are moving again in 2 weeks. If I'm lucky she will come with me I enjoy her company despite the taking of things. Plus I have set up a bunch of stuffed animals for her to play with
ohitsjustademon (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
Hey nice story I'm also from Australia. Just wondering where your from and would love to chat to you. Send me an email elf_and_his_zippo ( [at] ) hotmail dot com
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
A friend of mine has a little girl spirit in her home. She will sit on the bed, stroke your arm, and sometimes play with your hair. Lately she has taken to leaving with my friend's visitors, playing at their homes and then returning. I think your little girl was just looking for attention, and now that you have acknowledged her, she considers you a playmate. If you need her to leave, that can be accomplished. But I suspect she would rather not. My friend has set up a few toys and dolls for her little spirit, and many times there is evidence they have been played with. If you mean to coexist, find some things she will enjoy that will preoccupy her. If you talk to her as you would a living child, and make some rules she must follow in exchange for the toys, she will likely abide. But remember kids are kids... She will test the limits on occasion.


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