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The Night We Visited Hyde Town Hall


The haunted Hyde Town hall was built in 1885 by Mr. J W Beaumont and it certainly was built to impress! The building is huge with so many areas to explore each being completely different in its own unique way. Hyde Town Hall even boasts its own war memorial to the great war of 1914-1918.

Paranormal activity is a common feature at the town hall, there are many recorded sightings of oddly dressed people walking around the building, dressed in clothes from a time gone by, and reports of soldiers from the Great War spotted in the building too. We were so excited at the prospect of a ghost hunt at this renowned haunted location.

It didn't take long after a cup of tea for the activity to commence, in the first vigil in the Registry room of the hall the group were calling out for spirit communication when the flowers that were in the room suddenly began to sway to and fro, we checked for any draughts around the vicinity of the vase holding the flowers, however we did not notice any breeze whatsoever, even when Rosey sat near the flowers there was no other breeze and the flowers never swayed again.

Also in the room Stuart noticed the silhouette of a first world war soldier stood by the fireplace, the group asked out for confirmation and the group heard tapping emanating from the direction of the fireplace. The group asked for further spirit communication and were astounded when the flowers began to sway yet again, Rosey immediately said that there was no breeze near her at all.

The strangest incident of the night was when the group were calling out for ghostly sign when the glass panelled door to the room suddenly opened and a man's clearly appeared at the glass and then disappeared. We ran straight to the door to investigate and found no one there at all, we then asked the security guard who was watching television if he had left the room recently, he confirmed that he had not left his room all night. The group had all seen this mysterious face look at them, we then described how we all felt and the feeling was that it must have been one of the spectral populous of Hyde Town Hall.

At the end of the night we had gathered more than enough evidence to say that Hyde Town hall definitely needed further investigation at a later date.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-06)
I second asad123. I look always look forward to your stories.
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-06)
Interesting story. Was there any records that you guys checked that would have led to the identification of any spirits that may have haunted that area, or that may have occupied that area during its history?

asad123 (2 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-06)
Keep going Simple, I really Like your stories!



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