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Gran Breaks Through


To all readers who are not familiar with my experiences, I live in a house occupied by 8 souls. Four of which are flesh and blood, i.e. My twin boys, my mother and myself. The other four are three loved ones who passed on and came back to serve as guardians to us, both my grandmothers and my very dear friend, Charlie; while the fourth is a little boy named Adam, who burned to death in the house and is subsequently bound to the ground. My group of best friends are Jay, who is a sensitive but on a much higher level than me because he can perceive the spirits on most levels except full communication. Elaine who is like me, although a bit more open as my Gran (mom's mom) tends to communicate through her. And then there is Tim, who is Elaine\'s husband, and a full-on medium. The three of them are my "go-to" group whenever something spooky happens.

On a weekend in July this year, I had all 3 of my friends over for a visit. We had decided to make homemade pizzas, and, to make the night more special, my little sister, T, and her husband joined us as well. Now, my sister has been scared about the fact that there are spirits with us. Until she learned that our Father's mother, Grandma Mary, had joined the ranks earlier this year. She was the only gran we knew, and we loved her so much. Since then T is very focused on trying to communicate with her.

As we were sitting in the kitchen, Tim was busy rolling out the dough; T, Elaine and I were busy with the meats and cheeses etc. T then decided to ask Tim some questions. He obliged without hesitation. She started by stating that she had brought a bag of clothes that she was giving away, told Elaine that they could take what they wanted. Then she added that she had included a pair of Grandma Mary's pyjamas. And she was actually feeling guilty about giving them away. So she was wondering how Granny felt about it. Tim stopped rolling, looked up and said to her; "You already have your answer." The uncertainty was Granny, not happy that her granddaughter was giving something of hers away. T immediately walked to the lounge to go and get the pyjamas from the bag. She was gone a minute or two and when she came back there was disbelief on her face. She told us that the pyjamas were not in the bag. We all smiled and told her to go check at home.

Then she told us that both she and her husband had an experience of having a sudden whiff of a floral scent envelop them for a few seconds. This immediately made me smile, that is how Granny made herself known to Elaine and myself. Tim then proceeded to ask T some questions. He asked her where there was a fan, in her house, that wasn't working properly. She stood there thinking, not sure. She went through the rooms in her house in her mind, but came up short for a while. We let her mull things over, and she asked Tim if it had to be a fan particularly. She said she had a fan in their room, but it is winter, after all, it is not being used. Then Tim said the picture is insistent. It\'s a fan that will work, then stop, then start again, and they have been thinking about getting it replaced. Then the penny dropped (and T almost dropped to the floor). She said "That's the extractor fan in my kitchen! We had talked about replacing it on Thursday!" Tim looked up at her and said "Hallo my girl."

T was in tears. Granny Mary was with her. And it didn't scare her one bit.

Side note: T checked her closet when she got home that night. Granny's pyjamas were there;)

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triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-13)
Hi val; swim
I loved sharing an experience like this with her. She had such a bond with Granny Mary, and getting to experience her like I do, is something wonderful. At least there is someone she really feels she can connect with. And, knowing my Gran, she's loving the connection as well.
valkricry (48 stories) (3243 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-08-11)
Triden, this made me smile. Perhaps T won't be so 'spooked' anymore about the spirits in your home.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-11)
Triden, I just love your stories. They're sweet but it's safe to drink a glass of wine while reading them, and you only need the one tissue! You're really blessed.

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