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Took More than Bargained For


This story I feel might somewhat tie into the previous story that I posted which told of an experience while living with my father. There was old abandoned house almost right across the street from ours. You could tell that it had been involved in a fire at one point. Being young teenagers with nothing better to do, my friend from up the street and I would go over there and climb up in to the house. Everything was still in the place, like somebody had just up and left. We would walk through the house (dumb because it was listed condemned) none-the-less we would look through things. There were boxes of really interesting books and literature. This was not smart I know, but I took a few boxes home with me. I went through some of the boxes and forgot about them for a little while. In the meantime, the house was leveled and set for redevelopment.

After a few months my friend and I were bored and came across the boxes that I had taken form the house. In one of the boxes we discovered a mans birth and death certificate along with other achievements such as his pilots license and other family heirlooms. We both looked at each other and both pretty much said the same thing, "oh crap!" We knew at this point about the woman who had committed suicide in the home prior to us moving in but after discovering the objects in the box we thought that maybe this man was in my house too!

I was going to take the boxes back and burry them in the ground where the house had stood but before I could, my dad made a dump run one day and had taken all the boxes with him and chucked them.

Every time we would walk by that lot there was a very very noticeable drop in temp. Again being dumb we took a Ouija board to the lot to try and communicate with the man to apologize. (I would never ever use one now because I know the dangers) So, myself, my buddy from up the road and his brother, tried to contact him. We had a candle burning in a long cylinder glass next to us. While talking with the Ouija we kept getting the messages 'GO DIE' 'DIE ON THE SABBATH'. When we asked its name, it kept saying VEC and VOR. Then all of a sudden the flame from the candle which originally was a good 5 inches down into the glass shot up about 2 or 3 inches out of the glass.

We decided to call it quits at that point but before we left the lot my friends brother was asking me what the guy looked like and began describing what he said there was a man in the tree watching us with pure hatred in his eyes. He described to me the man that I had seen in the boxes from the property. He had not seen the pictures. We definitely booked it out of there quick!

To this day I don't know if it was the woman haunting my house or if I allowed the man in or if either one were to blame?

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scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-10)
i agree with whitebuffalo it sounds more like he's frustrated with you more than anything. If he isn't bothering you anymore I wouldn't worry about it, if he is I would try appologizing about the stuff you took and you didn't know your dad was going to take it all to the dump.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-03)
See, now that makes sense to me, Brian, about it being your room, I mean. I could not figure out the whole scene that was going through my mind, but felt that the door in the middle of a wall was a central location (for lack of a better phrase).
I can almost identify with this old man, though. It feels more like he is frustrated than angry, you know, with that growl thing going on. I am definitely at a loss though, as I can not tell if it is frustration with "life" or if it was a life frustration. I know, hard to understand, but I wonder if the frustration was something he lived with, or if it is the result of his "life impairment" 😉
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-27)

I mis-read your comment about the anger coming from a room in middle of wall. Actually, the biggest closet out of the three rooms was in my dads room which is also the only one right in the middle of the wall, in between the bathroom and entrance to the room. That room used to be my room when we first moved in. I was always uneasy with sleeping with that closet door open. This was even before I found out the history of the house. It is no surprise to me that I ever did feel negative things their because my parents had just divorced, I left my mom to stay with my dad, started new school, and self medicated quite a bit, severely depressed obviously, suppressing my emotions. So I'm sure anything negative was certainly even more so attracted to me at that point.
Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-27)
Im sure anything of value was taken out of the house at the time of the fire by whomever was next of kin. So what you took was not the same as stealing because I'm sure all that was left was just getting thrown out anyway. Now the spirit may not think of it like that. He may not even realize he's dead (being he died in his sleep) and can not undertand what's happening to him. You did the right thing by expressing your apology.Let's hope this spirit is the undertanding type or at least the type that will move on to the Light. You may have to be the one to inform him. Good luck.
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-27)
It is all quite strange. Whats really weird is, after we moved out the house sat vacant. My moms husband actually bought the house and re-did the inside to bring everything up to date to matc hthe market trend. He offered to do a rent to own deal for my wife and I. While deciding this my wife, who I never really went into MUCH detail about the house with (meaning haunting) felt uneasy about it the whole time. She told me she had a dream of the address '1320' flashing red over and over again and felt very negative about it. That was the address which she did not know until I verified to her that it was. That was more than enough for me to make up my mind and say thanks but no thanks. Always trust your inner voice.
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-27)
His obituary was in one of the boxes. Although he did not die in the fire, he did die in his sleep in that house. I do not believe he followed me. And yes, I did apologize in the house to the man. That room in the middle of the wall was my sisters. Hers was in the middle of mine and my dads. Thank you all again for the awesome feedback and thanks for believing my story.

To answer another question, I found this site one night at work... On a slow night. I love telling my stories to people and was so pleased to find a mature night to publish them on.
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-26)
Taking anything that is not ours, bugs us. But taking something from one who has died makes it worse. And I agree with some of the others taking the boxs just meant you invited the owner to come along too.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-26)
I tell you what, we learn quickly from our past mistakes, do we not? When we are young and impulsive, some of the things we do in our innocence of the situation DO come back to haunt us. (Pun intended, Hun. 😉)
Here is what I think, for what it is worth. You had a very unhappy house wife in that house. She was not an unhappy wife, or mother, but was unhappy in the home. I think the negative energy was already in the home when she joined it while moving in. Unfortunately for that whole situation, she could not handle the thought that everyone thought her crazy to begin with, and even was on medications for a mental problem of sorts. When she took her on life, possibly in your father's closet, she felt she had no other way out. This "thing" (that she felt was inside of her) would not release its hold on her and the only course of action that she knew at the time was to end it all before "it" could tear her apart, literally.
This man that followed you home has no tolerance for young punk kids trespassing and even less of a tolerance for those who will not leave well enough alone. He left in a hurry, yes, but those are STILL his personal effects. He was cranky and cantankerous in life and remains so in the afterlife. He appears to express his displeasure with a type of ggggrrrr! Of frustration. Which seems to grow louder the more the "rrr" stretches out. You can physically FEEL the anger radiating out from a corner of a room that has a door right smack dab in the middle of the wall. (was this your room or your sisters?)
I do not want to stretch this out too long. I am available by e-mail as you well know 😉. But I must say I am very glad you are no longer there.
Thank you.
FUNNYLAUGH (23 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-26)
I think it was probably the man who was haunting you, because you took his box !
but don't be scared, he WONT come back!

xxx good look!

❤ 😆 😆
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-26)
Hey BriFischer05,
I have, like most people on this site, been interested in the spiritual and even wondered how it would be to summon up the spirits but, as I heard from a trustworthy sourse when you decide to do that, it's best to have someone with experience with you and so, I haven't tried it but once. They usually call upon a spirit-guardian and say a prayer so that this guardian stays on your side and doesn't turn against you at the end. To my understanding, they call upon an unborn spirit, or demon as they call it and then they attempt to call upon the other spirit to ask it questions and so on. My point is, and it goes to all of you guys who use the ouija board, be very very careful! It's not something you should be messing with unless, of course, you know exactly what you're doing. The most difficult task though, afterwards is, to successfully send back the guardian who can easily refuse and then you have a much stronger spirit to deal with.
Take care.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-25)
Hello Brian. I also am going along with what Kim has stated in her comment to you. Sounds like he was possibly the one growling in your ear because he was angry at you for taking his personal belongings from his home and even coming into his home uninvited for that matter.

Shelby ❤
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-25)
Hello Brian. I will have to agree with Kim. I believe that I would try to apologise to the man as Kim has suggested and if that didn`t work I would take steps to expel his presence from the house. Good Luck.

KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-25)
I think you had both. The woman and the man. I thought there was 2 upon reading yur last story. Now, from your description of events, it explains why the one is so angry. Do you know if he perished in the fire at the home? Do you know if anyone did? That may be a key to having him rest in peace. I would apologize, out loud. Obviously, if he can make you hear him, he can hear you. Tell him you are sorry for taking those things and for not treating them with respect. Tell him to cross over and find peace.

Keep us posted,
God Bless!
sw33t (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-25)
well in my culture(hmong)believe that once you bring some thing in your house that dosent belong to you and you found it somewhere mean that you invited a person in too like what you say, but base on what you found in the house you took it home without asking for it, which mean that the ghost who the box belong to came in side your house and stay with you becasue you invited the ghost in that what my culture believe in 😐

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