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My Psychic Grandma


Before I start this story, I would like to say that my Grandma in this account is in fact my stepmum mum - so I am not related to her by blood.

My Grandma is definitely a psychic and there are 5 things she told me I remember most.

The first was when my stepmum was little she and her parents went to church with this old lady (I can't remember her name) every Sunday. One day, My Grandma said they weren't going to church today. She said she had a strange dream the previous night in which the old lady died. This was in fact true - a stroke I think.

This happened again years later. My Grandma dreamt of my Grandpa's work colleague dying in an accident. This also came true. She had a final premonition with her brother who passed away (I can't remember from what).

My Grandma and Grandpa also had this friend who went through some very personal problems, of which I do not know of. They went out for dinner with their friend and dropped him off home. He then killed himself by overdosing on pills. My Grandparents were devastated by this and she was worried that she did anything to upset her friend. At that moment, she smelt her friend's favourite cologne.

Finally, my grandparents, who previously lived up in Scotland, moved down to Kent, England near us. My Grandma says a spirit of an old lady lives in the house. I asked how she knows this - and she says she can just feel it. She also said she wakes up to the smell of perfume (that she doesn't use) in the mornings.

I really do believe my Grandma is psychic. She is religious, has strong morals and is definitely not a liar.

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majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)
I had a dream just a week ago that my tooth went missing. I told that to my mother when I woke up the next day. There is a superstition that when you dreamed of a tooth missing there is someone from your circle (family or friends) who will die or experience a tragedy. After a few hours, while at work, my mama phoned me saying that her aunt (sister of her mom) died. That event doesn't make me a psychic, right?:)
Filmbuff1234 (13 stories) (33 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)
That's an interesting opinion lady-glow. I don't know if all things happen for a reason or if premonitions are just a way of saying goodbye but it is entirely possible.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)
In my opinion, having precognitive dreams and premonitions doesn't necessarily mean that a person is a psychic, neither that the said person is expected to do anything to prevent or stop their dreams from happening.

Personally, I find this topic as puzzling as fascinating. I compare these dreams to an antenna receiving, perhaps, the last thought that a dying person had about the dreamer.

I have had this kind of dreams many times during my life. The ones that shocked me the most were my dreams about the tsunami in Indonesia (2004), and the earthquake in Haiti (2010), several precognitive dreams about family members and friends, and even untrascendental snippets of news that I have later heard/watched in the news.

It's never easy to accept the death of a loved one but, perhaps, the purpose of this kind of dream is to prepare a person for an inevitable event, after all, these dreams hardly provide enough information as to make possible to stop their outcome.

There are some instances where some people have decided not to board a plane/bus/train based upon a premonition, but that didn't stop a tragedy from happening to the rest of the passengers boarding those vehicles. Does this mean that those people are pshychics or that they were not supposed to die that day?
Filmbuff1234 (13 stories) (33 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-03)
Haven, I can get why it's perceived as a gift, but when my Grandma's had these dreams it's too late. She can't do anything that can stop it which is what I find puzzling - what's the point of these premonitions. Your dreams do sound odd, although not that uncommon among 'gifted or cursed' people.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-02)
Hi, Filmbuff.

I believe your grandma, there are some people that have this ability. I believe it to be both a gift and a curse. I wouldn't want to know when my friends and family are going to die. I myself have had weird dreams that do not make sense to me until after something happens then I start remembering dreams and feelings I've had that are related to things that have happened. A few weeks ago I had a dream that my uncle came to visit me, in my dream we spoke of random things, I don't even remember what. I had that dream two nights in a row, I didn't think anything of it. On June 19th (a couple of days after my last dream) my cousin called me to tell me that my uncle had passed away suddenly. I have not told any family member about this, I really don't remember there being any kind of message. To me it was just a random dream, I had not seen my uncle in a while, I didn't even know he was ill. This has me just a little freaked out but I don't think I could handle having a dream where I know someone is going to die. That is just too scary, I don't know how psychics handle knowing these things.

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