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We've Come To Say We're Fine


My grandparents from my father's side died a year before I was born and those from my mother's side died about 4 years ago. My father's dad was a soldier and even though I never knew him, I always had an interest in his life as I have a huge interest in military stuff.

I used to ask dad loads of questions about him and to a certain extent I becoming obsessed. Time passed and I got older and this curiosity failed by time. A year after my mum's parents, who died only 6 months apart died I was talking to a friend of mine and the subject was about the military. Suddenly he started asking me stuff about my grand dad and I thought that he was asking me about the one who was a soldier.

At a certain point he seemed to be starring and crying but he kept asking me questions such as, did he smoke, how tall was he? Did he have this or that? What did he used to wear? Funnily enough my answer didn't match his. He than told me that he was seeing a dark man with piercing blue eyes smiling at him and there was a lady with him and they were both telling him to tell me that they are fine and they were smiling.

After I evaluated the description of the two people in front of him, I realized that he was talking about my mother's parents. The ones that had just passed away. I was very close to my grand ma. Two days later my friend and I met again and I took a photograph of both my grandparents and he pointed out that who he was were the ones I suspected.

I was stunned by this revelation as this guy never believed in spirits and moreover he didn't even know any of my family, even more my grandparents. This is the best gift I could have got from my grandparents. A signal through my friend that they were fine. But I still can't understand why they chose this person to be their communicator, their bridge.

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dainehehe94 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
i think your grandparents just want your friend to believe in ghost because you told in the story that your friend don't believe in ghost... 😕
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-08-03)
The hardest question to answer is "why". Often times, we never GET the answer to that. I am not trying to seem unfeeling, or as I have no curious brain wave in my entire head, but sometimes is it simply better to accept the gift, and not think twice on the Why of it.
With that said, I have often wondered why certain people receive the sight, and those who yearn for it seem to not be able to be in possession of it. I also find it extremely interesting that the skeptics that get a "hit" seem to be profoundly moved by the experience, and those who have hungered for it seem non-plussed by the experience. It really makes no sense if you step back and look in.
I do believe that we are all born with The Gift. I believe there is something in our genetic make up that causes some of us to NOT lose sight in the onslaught of denial that is circling in the world, and also causes others to let it drop to the wayside while they perfect OTHER gifts received at birth. In essence, I believe that we chose which gifts that we want to keep, and "give back" the ones that we see no use for.
I would like to add that I am not The Great Spirit, and these are just some of my beliefs as they pertain to me.
But sometimes: Just accept The Gift of communication from your Grandparents. Try NOT to worry about the Why. What a beautiful gift for them to pass on to you, especially through a skeptic friend.
Thank you.
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-03)
In my opinion, each person that is living is guided and protected by those in the past that have died, but still love the living person. I am so glad you got to hear from them, contact from those who have passed doesn't happen often, as it takes a lot of concentrated energy to be able to contact the living. Not to mention, finding the most receptive living person to make contact with and then picking just the right time...

Your friend must have been surprised with this contact! Usually people who don't believe in this have a hard time having confidence in their perceptions, he too must have found it difficult to confess what he was experiencing. I'm so glad he did!
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-08-02)
Thank you osyka for sharing this story with us, it was delightful. Sometimes it's not necessary to understand the why, just accept it for what it was- a final goodbye from someone who loved you and a reassurance that they are fine. Take Care.

rstahley (3 stories) (102 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
I really like this story. How is your friend doing? I bet it really shook him up.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
What a beautiful and wonderful story! It made me tear thinking that your grand parents cared so much they wanted you to know they see you, know how you are and that they are fine.

Thanks for sharing!
God Bless!
Dan (1 stories) (51 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
That was a lovely story. What a brilliant present from your Grand parents. Maybe they sent the message through your friend because an encounter with you would be difficult or would make them sad. Also they may have sent the message through your friend because he took an intrest in your family. Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing your story.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
This was a touching story. I realy enjoyed it. In fact I am putting it into my favourites. I to believe that there is no better presnet then the one you recieved fromn your grandparents. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
Quite often, I wonder too osyka why this particular person or why at that particular time or even why some communication is achieved the hard way when there's a shorter path to be taken. I suppose until we cross, we will never know with absolute conviction-we can only speculate.

Is it because a direct communication with you might have been too stressful? Maybe you would have believed the message to be nothing more than wishful thinking or you weren't that 'sensitive' to perceive the visitation or was it that coming from someone who's not a 'believer would have been more 'believable' to you and at the same time, a new beginning towards a new 'faith' for him as well?

Who can really tell?
ailya (2 stories) (22 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-30)
Hello! What a great story you have here! Firstly, I am sorry to hear about the deaths of you Grandparents. It is always very sad to loose people close to you, and to loose two in a span of 6 months must've been very hard. I believe that they chose your friend because perhaps he had more of a sensitivity to the paranormal than you do, and they wanted to choose someone who is close to you. Thank you for sharing!

Blessed be.
Sunsetdream711 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-30)
Wow, what an amazing story! Loved ones for some reason seem to pick and choose who they want to relay thier messages, something I don't think anyone can really fathom. Sometimes I think those who have passed choose * a friend* to relay messages and such because they may be the only ones close enough to you to be strong enough at this point in time to do so. A friend of mine had a friend who died in a car accident a few years ago and the man who passed came through her own b/f at the time to tell her things. And her b/f didn't believe in the spiritual world either! Wierd how things work sometimes!

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