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Guess Who's Back


As a common courtesy to new readers and those not familiar with my stories, this is an account of the three spirits in my home, Gran (my mom's mother), Charlie (a friend of mine) and Kiddo (a little boy who died being burned to death on the property). And the person who has made my interactions possible, my medium friend Tim, and his wife, Elaine.

Referring to my story "a shove in the right direction" I had experienced miscommunication in the message my gran had carried over to me on my birthday, or, perhaps its more fair to say, I misinterpreted her message. As luck would have it, I realized the guy I was seeing was not who he appeared to be, and the relationship came to a grinding halt. After he was gone I started realizing that I had no contact with any of the spirits in my home. The day I realized what this guy was up to, I had been standing in my kitchen in front of the sink washing glasses for my mother's 50th Birthday party (I know, a lot of birthdays close together) and I had such an immense feeling of foreboding, such a horrible knot in my stomach that I couldn't keep my hands from shaking and I dropped 3 glasses. Miraculously, not one chipped or broke.

By the 18th of April I was flustered and feeling very alone. I also had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to get Tim and Elaine in my home. So I sent Tim a message and asked him if they were busy that weekend, and he immediately said they weren't and would love to come visit. My thought was, even though this break had occurred between Tim and the spirits, just maybe, if he was there, someone could break through. I desperately needed to know where they all were. That Sunday, the 20th of April, was a very dreary, cold day. It suited my mood perfectly. Tim and Elaine were both in very high spirits and I couldn't help but notice how in love they seemed to be. Compared to the turmoil they had been going through, this was wonderful.

Elaine and I sat in the kitchen and I told her about everything that had been going on. And she also voiced that maybe one of the spirits could break through while Tim was there. As the afternoon wore on, Tim would pop into the kitchen every now and then to ask for coffee, and then we'd chat with him for a few minutes before he walked out again.

At one point, I asked him if he felt anyone in the house, just testing the waters. He smiled and said "Kiddo's been sitting by the treadmill for a while now. He'd love to play with the boys, but he's afraid". Yes! Contact! Then, as he left the room, Elaine suddenly put her palm to her forehead and said she had a strange headache, Tim answered that someone was trying to communicate, she just had to let them get through. We both immediately knew this was Gran. The headache would come and go for most of the late afternoon, and by the time we were finished with dinner and sitting in the lounge, Gran eventually broke through.

Elaine was sitting to my right, and Tim to her right, and we were talking about how upset Gran had been with my aunt when we were in Mozambique in December, and then Elaine looked at someone in front of her and went "Okay Gran, yes, I know you still have a problem with that closet". She said it was like she could feel Gran's face inches from hers and she was desperately indicating that closet in Mozambique. This had been a very prominent thing that particular night. Then I felt my right side tingle and I knew Gran had come to sit down next to me.

Suddenly, Elaine gave a little yell, and her face went pale. She said "someone's sitting on my lap!" in a high pitched, hysterical voice. Tim looked at her and said "Relax, it's just Kiddo." And she paled even more and said "But, Timmy, this weight does NOT feel like a five year old. This child is too heavy." Tim smiled that knowing smile and said "It's still the same entity, but he appears older now. Around 10 or 11 years old." This was strange, now I started to wonder how old he was when he died. The longer he sat there, the more flustered Elaine became. She said she literally could not move her leg, as he seemed to be favouring her right knee.

After begging Tim to help, he sighed and said "Kiddo, you're hurting Aunty Elaine." She told us that he moved forward slightly, stopped for a second, and then was gone altogether. She said while he was sitting there she could feel him lean to the left, over her lap, as if reaching out to me. I noted that I would have been overwhelmed myself had he done that to me, and yet I wondered why he hadn't touched me. Tim said it was because he could still feel my pain, whether it be physical or emotional, and the little guy didn't want to do anything to add to it. Heart warming, to say the least.

Now we had made contact with two, but Charlie remained elusive. I had not felt him since my birthday, and that really scared me. So I said, out loud, that I still wanted to know where Charlie was. Tim looked at me and said "Follow me, he's been in the kitchen the entire day." And he led me to the sink in the kitchen. The exact spot where I had been standing the day of my mom's party, washing the glasses. So Charlie had been there, pushing me to realize what was going on. The moment I walked up to the sink I had tingles from head to toe, I could feel Charlie. Elaine stood to my left and said she felt nothing, so I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her directly in front of me. The moment I did that she said "I can't move my legs!" Dear Charlie, forever a prankster, took that moment to sit down on top of her feet, immobilizing her.

It seemed both he and Kiddo wanted to see what reaction they could get out of her that night. I was elated. The feeling of being so alone was gone, and my home felt right again. After Charlie released Elaine, we went back to the lounge and this time, everyone was there with us. We started talking about the events that had led us there, and Tim suddenly had a strange expression on his face. Elaine said something and he replied with something odd, and I said to her, that's Charlie talking.

So I addressed him, and asked him why he had not been with me on my birthday. And he replied simply "Because HE was already in your life."

I asked him why they pulled away from me when he came in, and he said "We were pushed away, we didn't do it willingly".

I said to Elaine that I was astonished that a person of flesh and bone could be such a negative force, that he could drive good spirits away from the ones they were protecting, yet, when the dark entity was in the house, neither Gran nor Charlie gave him an inch, they fought him all the way. Charlie piped up and said that the guy was black (I assumed he referred to his aura). And I asked Charlie why Gran would tell me to grab that opportunity if he was so bad. Charlie answered "Gran told you to start living and to take opportunities as they come. She DIDN'T say you should take the very first one that presented itself". OOPS! Human error, I'm sorry.

Elaine took the opportunity to talk about guys and relationships, and Charlie once again said to me "The right guy is coming, just be patient."

I made a joke and said that if I had known how things would have turned out, I would have told Charlie about the crush I had on him since I was 16, instead of only telling him after he died. Then Charlie said something that I had never expected. He said "Don't kid yourself, the bond that you and I had was never just a little crush. It went deeper than that." Ok, Superman, this is the kind of revelation I would have enjoyed when you were still flesh and blood, learning that he had loved me like that and never being able to do anything about it, now that sucks. And yet, I was happy that he had told me. I could stop wondering why he was with me now, when he could have been anywhere else, it makes a lot more sense to me now.

After he had told me this I was a little stunned, and he and Elaine took to one of their favourite past times, it seems, making wise-mouth and sarcastic cracks at each other. She said to me that she loved that she felt ok doing this with him, because she knew he'd give her great comebacks and they both knew it was just for fun. She also admitted she'd never do that with Gran. I wouldn't either. At one point Charlie said something to her and her comeback included me, but in the context of his "Girlfriend" and he actually had no response. We had a good giggle at that. At one point I said to her she has to remember Charlie is a big guy, he had been a gym fanatic and half the time didn't realize the strength he had. I told her that we had been playing around one night and we had put our palms together and laced our fingers and he squeezed his fingers together, with mine in between. He hadn't meant to use too much force, and I never told him that it had hurt, but the next day my fingers were bruised.

As I said that Tim suddenly sat forward and started rubbing his eyes. He said "Charlie's gone, and he was really depro when he left now". I asked him why and he said "Because he hurt your fingers, he never meant to hurt you." I was in tears, I told them that, to me, this wasn't him hurting me. This was me walking around with something that was Charlie (albeit only for a few days). Kind of like how a soldier takes pride in war wounds.

After their visit my hair is often touched again, I am not alone in my car (Charlie), and when I'm in my bathroom and I leave the door partially open, like when I go in to brush my teeth, the door will slowly edge all the way open. Hi Gran. When I get up out of bed I regularly catch the sound of the mattress relaxing like someone else has just gotten up (that's Gran too). And one evening last week, I was sitting in the lounge watching TV, my boys were in bed already, and I had the sudden feeling that a little body had climbed onto my lap. But I didn't feel pinned down or restrained in any way, it was like one of my boys had come to sit on my lap, resting his head on my chest. And he stayed until I said I was going to bed.

Interestingly, one of my friends told me she gets hot and cold spots in my house. I have never felt that. I know when someone touches me, because my skin gets tingly, but it's never hot or cold to me. Tim says it might be because I am so connected with the three of them. Whatever the reason or explanation, I'm just glad things are.

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Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-25)
I know. I was thinking that same thing this very morning haha! 😉 ❤
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-25)
Having shared our experiences with each other on a very personal basis, we both know how badly this affected us. What is so strange to me, looking back, our experiences with the men in question, happened at the same time, roundabout. Gets you thinking my friend...
Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-25)

Its amazing how a guy can pull us completely away from our spiritual entities that we lose 'touch' with them, yet it was those exact entities that made us realise we need to drop-kick those f#*!ers because they're no good for us. We went through a tough time but we came to our senses and walked away stronger.

I always love your stories!

I want more!

allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-25)
Such a touching story. I have no words. Wish I had at least one such loving, guardian angel in my life! You really are one blessed person triden07! I'm making this story one among my list of favourites.
vm (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-23)
Its really interesting to live with 3 entities around you. And the best part is they never want to hurt you. Got a very nice as well as a spooky feeling together.
Hope to hear more from u
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
Sorry guys, I see I made an error, it was Saturday, 20th April, not Sunday.

Dear calkricry,
You know, life has taught me a few very valuable lessons. The guy was a mistake, no doubt about it, but in going through that experience I came to realize how very important the spirits in my life have become to me. A year ago I would have been so freaked out about knowing that I was surrounded by ghosts, now they are a part of my life. You take the good with the bad, and hope that the good is what strengthens you and helps your learn.
valkricry (49 stories) (3265 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
Dear Triden,
I'm sitting here wondering what to say, or rather how to say it. First it sucks that that guy wasn't who/what he seemed, but good that you found out in time. And it is wonderful to hear that Gran, Charlie, and Kiddo are all back. 😊

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