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My History Teacher's Stories


Just to clarify, at the end of term, our history teacher told us some of his paranormal experiences, I shall tell these stories as if I was him so I'll be using I instead of he.

Brother's Ghost

My brother got a motorbike for his 18th birthday, he was riding it about a week after he had bought it and he ended up having a collision with a lorry and went into hospital. He died a couple of days later.

A few years later, me and my girlfriend (who is now my wife) were going down to her mum's house for tea, we were waiting for them to get home as they were running late, all of a sudden the car went freezing cold and I could see my breath, I looked up to see a motorbike kind of hovering above the ground coming right towards us.

We were both terrified, we thought it was going to hit us, when all of a sudden it disappeared. (by the way it was my brother's birthday.)

Haunted New House

When I bought my first house with my wife, it had a basement with a big old fashioned fire place which we used as a living room. We were downstairs and my wife was making sandwiches and I went to the toilet, whilst I was using the toilet, I saw a figure in the bath, but I could only see half of it, I quickly turned my head towards the bath and then laughed because it was my shirt which was drying out.

I went downstairs and my wife asked me who I was talking to whilst in the bathroom, when I said no one, she said that she definitely heard me talking to someone with a harsh voice that sounded slightly demonic.

I went downstairs and started to read my newspaper, when suddenly my wife shrieked, I ran into the kitchen and asked her what was wrong, she told me that it had just felt like someone had dragged a sharp knife down her back but there was no mark!

We got a new house a few years later and we had a bad slug problem, since it was summer, they slithered under the door into the kitchen.

One night, I awoke to an extremely loud heartbeat-like noise, I went downstairs in a trance-like state, without turning any of the lights on and every time I got closer to the kitchen, the noise got louder and louder, until I got into the kitchen and flicked on the lights, the noise then stopped and I saw a big brown slug in the middle of the kitchen which was too big for it to have slip under the door, I threw it in the bin and went back to bed.

I went next door the next day and my neighbor told me that last night, their daughter who was staying over downstairs suddenly started screaming and the lights turned on and off all on their own the exact same time as my experience.

Just remember these aren't my stories so don't criticize me if you don't believe them.

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KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-03)
why wouldn't we believe them? Your professor obviously felt the need to tell his stories, so he spoke to his class. That is no different that posting to this sight or telling a group of frineds and/or family. I have been burdened with some of these 'happening' and just the relief to get it out, to tell someone , to unburden yourself can be a tremendous weight off, even if some do not believe you.

God Bless!
jeya (4 stories) (30 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-12)
wow... Just your professors luck ey? Well those are quite the experiences. I don't know if this will make any sense but I heard that people are kind of like a radio... You know how your kind of browsing through on a radio an you can't quite get some stations as well as others? Well that's how people are. Many of us may experience many ghostly encounters through out our lives and these encounters will always be wherever we are or where ever we go. Some of us just have a stronger station than others.
anyways I hope all goes well with your profesor and you as well.
good luck

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